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The Express 1908-09-25

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Is lhat which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
Ntrlh   Vancouver  advertise  in
Phone 80
■   1908
'xe.ulc.f ink style that pleases
and aJ pruts thai are right at
txtmam-      The Express
Aldermen May, Irwin, Crickmay,
Wheeler and Sniith were in attendance at the session of the city
council on Monday evening.
Mayor Kealy occupied   the chair.
Communications were read as
follows: From A. G. Sullivan,
secretary ol the fire department,
requesting a donation of twenty-
live dollars for gymnasium purposes, was referred to the finance
committee upon the suggestion of
Aid. Crickmay, chairman of the
fire and water couiniittee. From
Sistei Mary Amy, principal ol the
Indian hoarding school, requesting that the school beexempt fiom
taxation this year, as in former
years, under the charitable institutions act—granted. From Alexander I'hilip, advising council that
District Councillors McNaught and
Davidson had been appointed a
committee to arrange a basis lor
interchange o( water service between the city and the Lynn Valley water district. Aid. Smith reported that this committee had
conferred with the waterworks
committee and it had been arrang-
e I that each supply thc other with
water, at the rate of ten cents pel
loo feet, aaeh party to collect its
own rates, adjustment to be made
once il three months.   Adopted.
From W. II. Mackey, to thc effect that he had intended building
mi a Int recently purchased on 4th
strut, east, bill having discovered
that the lane is private property,
he would not invest money in
building under such conditions
The mayor explained that the
council had been endeavoring to
have this difficulty overcome. The
deeds fnr the laud had lieen forwarded the owner, but had not yet
been returned. The clerk was instructed to reply accordingly.
Accounts were authorized as follows:—Finance committee, $15 60;
board uf works, It 10.32; water-
in uks, $76.99.
The cleik it.ul minutes ol a
meeting uf the board of works, as
follows:-En*;iiieet's report on im
provements to Lonsdale avenue,
from iist to 23rd sttcet, had been
received and committee recommends lhat wotk be proceeded
with; adopted. A letter liom J.P,
Fell, stating that the owners are
not prepared to clear the easterly
half of Sutherland avenue from
Keith road north, no action taken.
That the offer of J. D. Green-Ar-
mytage, to. provide plank if city
will lay same, for a two-plank
walk along land street to his residence, be accepted. Exception
was taken to this, on the ground
that it was an infraction of the local improvement bylaw; Aid.Crick
may is to consult Mr. Armytagc.
That under clause 14 ol the local
improvement bylaw, a four foot
sidewalk be laid along the north
side of Victoria Gardens; adopted.
Minutes of the waterworks .uin
mittee were read, recommending
that the installation of a pressure
reducing system at 19th street bc
laid over, as the valve is now op
erating satisfactorily, and that a
one-half inch pipe be laid along
Ridgway ave, (rom Keith road to
5th street    Report adopted.
The special committee on a furnace for the city hall, recommended the installation of a Gurney-
11I1I.11 furnace, as per the tender
of Fraser St McNah, adopted.
Alderman Irwin reported that
thc proposed agreement between
the city and the ferry company
had heen (orwarded the company
lor consideration, but no reply is
as yet to hand.
Aid. May brought up the malter
of the proposed new ferry across
the Inlet Irom Brockton Point to
Capilano, as per the proposition ol
Capt. J. A. Cates. Alter considering the matter in all its phases,the
council appointed Aid. Irwin and
Wheeler a committee to cooperate
with thc distiict council committee
and Capt. Cates in furthering thc
In reply to an inquiry by Aid.
Wheeler, with reference to the application for a gas franchise by the
British Canadian Wood l'uip &
Paper Co., it was repotted that
nothing lurther had been heard
from the company.
The treasurer was requested to
provide the chairman ol each com
mittee with a memo from time to
time showing the amount appropriated to his department for the
year and the amount utilized to
date. This had been done regularly, but had been overlooked last
month because of pressure of work
in collecting taxes.
Thc matter ol the petition for a
sub-postoflice on Lonsdale avenue
north was fully discussed and it
was decided that the present needs
of the city would be better served
by a free delivery and postoffice
boxes distributed throughout the
city, and the council intends to petition the postoffice authorities to
that effect. Aid. Smith and Irwin
were appointed a committee to
prepare the petition.
The committee appointed to confer with the district council as to
the arrangement ol financial obligations, reported that they had
met the council and that a proposition had been made which would
be satisfactory to all parties. It
would be known in a few days
whether the plan would be acceptable to the bank.
The need ol installing some additional street lamps throughout
thc city was discussed and the
matter laid over, pending information as to the amount of money
available out of the appropriation
for the several departments.
The report of the court of revision on the Slh street improvements was taken up and action
was deferred to await the outcome
of present negotiations with the
district council and the bank.
Council then went inlo couiniittee ol the whole.
and a tiger for the Bag. Mayor
Kealy followed in a neat speech,
inspired by the immediate item of
the programme. He observed
that it was characteristic of the
Union lack to be at the top. That
Hag had always shown a marked
tendency to be supreme on land
and sea. F'ollowing in the same
vein he relerred to Canada as being the greatest colony ol Great
Britain and at the top in that respect. He counselled the boys
and girls to strive through life for
the highest and best attainment in
every respect. As for North Vancouver city.she would not bc satisfied with becoming anything short
of the largest and wealthiest and
greatest city that it was possible to
create out ol her enviable location
and advantages.
Geo. H. Morden, ol Tun Excress,
in discussing the making of the
flag, observed that while the flag
floating at the masthead was but a
piece of cotton, woven in a few
moments, yet that flag had been
centuries in the making. It was
made not of cotton but ol the
brain and brawn and the blood of
the best specimens of Ihe best
race ol men that the worltl had
ever seen. As the children looked
at it from day to day, they should
bear in mind that it stands hu
British liberty,British institutions,
for the highest and best in nationhood today. The children could
honor the flag by working industriously to fit themselves in the
besl possible manner Ior the discharge of the duties of eitizt nship
and all the responsibilities of practical lile.
Aid. Irwin declared that no
colony more fittingly floated the
Union Jack than did Canada Her
people are loyal citizens ol the
British Empire. Ihere was no
more appropriate place (or thfl nn
furling   and   constant waving of
meeting last week at Elnirne, W.
W. B. Mclnnis being the chief
Hon. William Templeman, minister of mines and inland revenue,
this week received the Liberal
nomination in Victoria.
Owing to the shortness of the
campaign, Sir Wilfrid Laurier will
not be able to come to the coast to
address any public meetings.
Joe Martin has entered the campaign in earnest, having held an
enthusiastic meeting in the city
hall Vancouver, on Tuesday night.
The Liberal organization ol Vancouver has succeeded in getting
newspaper support. The Saturday Sunset people are issuing a
morning daily Ior them, under the
name ol the Pacific Globe. It is
an eight-page paper, well edited,
and carrying a lull telegraph service. The Globe is a very creditable production and is proving ol
Material assistance to tin Liberal
The meeting of local Conservatives, held on Tuesday evening lor
organization purposes, of highly
satisfactory nature from a party
standpoint. The attendance was
excellent, notwithstanding several
counter attractions, and under the
guidance of Ihe chairman, A. R.
Steacey, business was transacted
xpeditiously. The proceedings
throughout were marked by the
utmost harmony and enthusiasm.
The membership roll was sub-
milled lor signatures and many new
names were added, including several local residents from the Old
Country, who, alter carefully considering the matter, had decided to
ally themselves with the Conservative party of Canada. A campaign
couiniittee, comprising the executive uf the Conservative club, with
the addition of ten members elected
The new Seymour creek bridge, an illustratino of which has been kindly loaned The ExrRF.ss by
the B. C. Mining Exchange, was designed by Donald Cameron, engineer ol the district municipality ol
North Vancouver. The bridge is of the high truss order and will have a span o( 140 feet. The roadway
will be lb feet iu width and the height to the girders will be 17'; feet. Thc roadway will be II feet above
Ihe water. The abutments, the construction of which is now well under way, are of reinforced concrete.
The point at which this fine steel structure will span the stream is about Hoo yards north of Keith road.
On the west side the approaches leave Keith road about aoo yards west of the creek and pass through
Seymour Indian teserve and ihtough district lota 612 and 610. On the east they run through district lot
676, cross the Vancouver pipe line road and join Keith road about Hoo yards east of the creek. The approaches are 21 feet wide and the bridge roadway is reached hy an easy grade. The contract for the
building ol the superstructure has been awarded the M. L. Patterson Co., o( Denver, for whom Langley
& Williams, Vancouver, are local agents.
Flag Raising at the School
A goodly company of citizens
gathered at Chesterfield avenue
school on Monday alternoon, to
participate in what proved to be a
junction ol an exceptionally enjoyable nature. The occasion was
the first raising of the new flag
given the school by the education
department. Chairman Steacey
and the trustee board are to be
congratulated on the appropriate*
ne u and the success ol the proceedings. Thc opportunity to impress elevating and useful lessons
on the minds ol the children was
used by the respective speakers to
the best advanlage.while lhe school
children performed their part oi
thc programme with an efficiency
and an enthusiasm which was
most creditable to both themselves
and their teachers.
The programme was opened by
Chairman Steacey, in a lew well
chosen remarks with reference to
the occasion of the gathering. He
then called upon Kev. J. D. Gillam, who briefly sketched the component features of the British flag
and concluded an apt address hy
observing that the flag stood (or
liberty, justice and religion. The
raising of the flag followed. Thc
honor ol hoisting the ensign had
been decided at the morning session of the school by a popular
vote ol the children, Clara Fogg
and Howard Anih isun being
chosen. As the flag unfurled to
the breeze the children sang "Run
Up the Union Jack, Boys," at the
conclusion ol which the entire
gathering gave three rousing cheers
the flag than over our sihools and! by the meeting (sixteen in all), was
educational institutions.    The flag | appointed.    Immediately   at   the
represents a glorious heritage
handed down Irom our fathers and
it should likewise prove a great
stimulus lor us to strive to measure
up to the privileges, opportunities
and responsibilities that devolve
upon us as its present possessors
and the exponents of all that it
The reciting ol "The I'mou
Jack," at this juncture, by Doris
Anders, was one ol the most stirring items of the programme.
Alexander Philip, in addressing
the assembly, took occasion to
present to the successful division
the flag given by the horticultural
society as a prize for thc best collection ol pressed flowers at thc
recent exhibition. The society
magnanimously presented a flag to
each ol the other divisions of the
school as well. In further speaking to the children, Mr. Philip enlarged effectively on five "K's,"
namely, be eager, be earnest, be
energetic, bc exemplary, and then
you will have a right to expect
prosperity and success for this
life to come.
Rule Britannia was then sung by
Jessie Hunter, Gertrude Coleman,
Gracie Hunter and Lt/./.ie Johan*
son, thc entire school joining in
thc chorus. Alter three hearty
cheers lor Chairman Steacey, and
also lor the teachers, the meeting
was dismissed by singing "God
Save thc King."
close of the general meeting, the
campaign committee convened.
Subcommittees were appointed
and as far as possible every detail
was arranged for a thorough and
and energetic campaign. The
renting ol the store on the Esplanade next the postoffice, recent!]
occupied by Kingsford Smith was
authorized and will be fitted up as
permanent local headquarters. W.
D. Duke will be manager at the
committee rooms, where he will be
found at all times looking alter the
comfort of visitors and ready to be
consulted as to campaign matters.
Political Pointers
The Liberals  held a successful
Government Roads
The government has agreed to
construct the following roads
through the lands to he sold on
Tuesday next, as per advertisement
appearing elsewhere Lot 206,
Burnaby, road running north and
south, the full length of the property; also road running east antl
west between blocks 1,1, 3, and 4,
giving access to practically every
parcel. Norlli Vancouver, roatl
running east and west, full width,
between lots 105H and 1089 on the
west and lots 805 and 1074; also a
toad running north and south, commencing between lots 1050 and
1051 on the south, up to hallway
In tween lots 1094 and 1095 on the
north. Plans and catalogues an
now ready for distribution by thc
auctioneer, J. S. Kankin, 514 Prn-
der St., Vancouver.
Great   sacrifice sale  at  N. V.
Home Furnishes,.
Everything selling at cost at N.
V. Home Furnishers.
The Dominion Express Co. has
lelused the request fqr a branch
office here.
J. R. J. Murray returned Satttr
day from visiting relatives in the
state of Washington.
Mr. Dermott has rented the BCD
house built by A. S. Enimerson and
moved in some days ago.
Last night a number of Vancou
ver Oddfellows came over to assist
the local brethren in degree work.
Mr. and Mrs. James Clark have
removed to Vancouver, for the
winter. They will reside on Hei
mcken street.
Everything selling at cost at N
V. Home Furnishers.
Mr. Dewey is making good progress with his new residence on 4th
street east. The house is now ready
Inr the plasterers.
Aid. Braim returned yesterday
with a party of friends from a bear
hunt up north. They brought
back a big bag of game.
Mr. Nickson is building a house
0114th street, just east ol St. Andrew's avenue, immediately adjoining the Methodist church property.
For Sale—Two lieaters.suitalile
for cither coal or wood. Will be
sohl cheap for cash. . Apply in
mornings at 361 Tenth ave East,
cor. Ridgeway.
Harvest festival services will be
held in St. John's church Sunday.
Special music will be rendered at
each service, under the able ditec*
tion ol Mr. Alexander.
A class of five candidates were
initiated in the third rank of llu*
Knights of Pythias, Tuesday evening. About 50 Vancouvei brethren came over to assist in the work
and a pleasant social time was afterwards spent.
Great sacrifice sale at N. V.
i Home Furnishers.
The visil tn the citv yesterday of
H. Stiketnan, general manager of
the Bank of H.N. A,is expected to
have a very beneficial effect upon
the available financial resources of
thc city. Mr. Stikeman was shown
around by Mayor Kealy. He
spent sometime at the citv hall and
likewise with the local manager,
H. R. Heffell.
Sunday, Oct. 4th, will be a field
day for missions in the local Methodist church. The general board of
missions of the church convenes in
Vancouver on October 5th, when
notable ministers and layman from
thc entire Dominion will lie In
attendance, The deputation to
officiate in this city on Sundav, the
4th, will comprise Rev. R. E.
Breckcn, of Nova Scotia conference,
in thc morning, ami in the evening
Rev. T. C. Buchanan, local superintendent ol missions lor Alberta,
and Rev. Thos. Marshall, local
superintendent of missions for New
Brunswick, Prune Edward Island
and Newfoundland.
The city council, sitting as a
court of revision, on Monday 1 u 11-
ing, finally approved of the Kth
street improvements, under the
local improvement bylaw. The
city engineei recommended that
William Morden be allowed the
proportion, plus one-third of the
cost in lieu ol eighty leet of sidewalk recently laid by him, and also
that one-half thc assessment lot
lot nine, which lies llankwisi*, In*
distributed over one-half the Mock,
as per provisionsofthe bylaw. The
city solicitot wrote, advising that
council has no power to exempt
the church ol St. John the Evangelist from the assessment under the
local improvement bylaw, The im
provements were sent up to the
council, wilh the approval of the
court ol revision.
Everything selling at cost at N.
V. Home Furnishers.
"The Telephone Girl" is dt.iw
ing capacity houses al the Gtand,
Vancouver, this week. No pains
or money have been spared by
Manager I., wis to make this | 1 MB
plete ptoiliii lion 111 flVBTJ detail.
Miss Marjon*,* Lake as Estelle and
A. C. Brine as Hans Nix, the
inspector, seem lo lit their parts
exactly Miss Gladys Van as
Beauty was splendid, as was also
Sol. H. Catter as Toots, the mes
mil 1 boj, Mabel Calvert as Mrs.
Htiffingway, and Mr. Harrington as
Dick Marvel. John H. Fielding
and Thos. Holland made their first
appearance with the Lewis St Lake
('ompany and proved clever actor?.
The musical numbers are new and
catchy. Take all in all the production i; fully up to the standard of
the New York companies. The
Lewis and Lake Company have in
preparation, the great sensational
play, "The Devil," for nexl week's
Prospectors and owners of mineral claims will be particularly interested in the new regulations with
respect to the location ol mineral
claims upon lands lying within timber berths. The regulations provide that all such locations shall be
subject to any provincial forestry
regulations as to fires; that if the
miner uses timber from the claim,
he must clear the ground ol all
branches and brush and, in burning
any wasttwood, he must saturate
the ground about the fire with water,
place three men to guard the flamel
and provide suitable appliances for
the purpose; for 60 feet around his
works and operations he must clear
the ground from trees and wood; all
sleam engines must be fitted with
spark arresters kept in good repair;
the regulations must be read and
1 xplained to all men in his employ,
ami the owner must put up bonds
of suitable deno inination to ensure
due observance of the regulations.
J. A. McMillan has received
notification of his appointment to
tin local postmastership. This
announcement will be received with
gratification by the citizens ol
North Vancouver. Mr. McMillan
has always shown a readiness to
meet every reasonable desire upon
thfl part ol the public and an alertness to anticipate those desires
wherever jJbfiii . As deputy
postmaster, he has at all times kept
the accommodation well abreast of
IDC demands; the schedule for the
arrival and departure of mails has
been regulated with a view to the
most effective service, and the internal arrnagements of the office
have been fully up to all that the
revenue would justily. Those occasional instances of individual
dissatisfaction which have arisen
have been decidedly infrequent, as
compared with other offices, and
have always received courteous
consideration followed by sincere
eflort to find a remedy. The consensus of opinion will be that in
Mr. McMillan's appointment thc
1" st has been done in the intereats
uf the citizens.
A large crowd greeted W. W.B.
Mclnnes, the Liberal nominee, at
Larson's pavilion, Monday night.
J. G. Dick occupietl the chair.
Elmer Jones and F. C. Wade preceded the speaker of the evening,
in short, pointed addresses. Mr.
Mclnnes was given a hearty reception and, alter a preliminary statement, eulogizing Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Liberal administration,
he proceeded at once to discuss
Asiatic exclusion, contending that
it was a national question,and that
a man going to Ottawa today
would be able to accomplish much
more than had been possible when
he (Mr. Mclnnes) it signed his
scat ii years ago. He claimed
credit lor the government (or having done a great deal as to Japanese and Hindu immigration. Dis*
■ Ullia| the question ol better
it mis, he took the position that he
would be able to accomplish more
than his opponents, as he would
go to Ottawa as a supporter ol
Sir Wilfrid Laurier. As for local
interests, Mr. Mclnnes saw no
reason why he should not bc able
to bring to Nortli Vancouver, or to
Vam aiitvti, the Canadian Northern
Rail-vat, the G. T. P., the V.W.&
Y., and the Coast-Kootenay road.
In addition, neighboring towns of
less inipoit.ini e are (Siting imposing publii buildingi, and nr. Mc*
j limes formally pledge.1 himself to
si i un* sm h a   building for North
: Vancouver. Thc dredging ol False
- h ek woulilbe pun ei ib al with and
the First Narrows would be
dredge*!. II In* did not accomplish
tli.se things, he counselled the
el.*, lots to cast lum cfl discredited,
but if he did he asked to be given
! credit lor them. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
North Vancouvkr. B* C.
C. E. Kmitiikrinuai.k, (i. 11. Momien,
HaniiKiT.      Ilii-iiienB Mgr.
The Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radius ol tl
blocks ol the office. All outside
this district is placed in the post
Rates of Subscription :
One year •      ti.oo
Six months 50
Three months *       - 25
United States and Foreign, $1.50
per year.
All subscriptions must bc paid in
Any person not receiving tins
paper regularly will please notify
the office. No paper stopped 1111
less notified either by letter or card
Norih Vamcoutu,Sift, 25, 1908
Full particulars of the ferry proposition, made to the district council at its last session, will be lound
in the letter which appears elsewhere in this issue of Tin. Ex-
1'RKss. Ou the lace of it, the proposition is one that will inspire
confidence upon the part ol the
public. The source whence it
emanates gives positive assurance
that what its promoters propose,
they are in position to execute as
to the service itself, while the energetic and straightforward manner
in which they have proceeded, is
at once good and sufficient proof
ol their bona fides.
Of the desirability ol such a
Ierry service Irom the viewpoint of
North Vancouver city and district
there cannot well be any serious
difference of opinion. The possibilities ol Capilano from a residential point of view are well nigh
limitless, The location is excellent, the view is superb, the surroundings are delightful, the climatic conditions are of the best,
even in our favored part of thc
province. With convenient aud
well appointed means ol access
there is every reason to conclude
that Capilano will become proliab
ly the choicest of all cliom ifflfli-
dential sections tributary to Burrard Inlet.
The scenic attractions of the
lamed Capilano valley are such
that the providing ol a ferry service according accommodation on
a par with that to which tourists
are accustomed by railway and
steamship, will greatly increase
the tourist travel to the canyon,
and as this traffic has an aptitude
lor alternate routes, it is tea .una
ble to conclude that it will journey
via the city ol North Vancouver,
either going or coming. The effective advertisement thus gained
by city and district will travel lar
and cannot but return in very tang
ible results sooner or later.
If the city ol North Vancouver
is to overtake her opportunities
and to attain to that proud position to which her enviable location entitles her, then all lines ol
distinction as between city and
district must be obliterated to the
last possible extent in tin thinking
and acting of hrr citizens. The
line that marks out upon the
ground the division of the city
Irom the district,has al>solut.lv 110
existence whatevet in the realm of
the interests of tin community 00
the north side ol Hurrard Inlet.
Those interests are one and indivi
siblc. The highest prosperity ol
every portion of thfl north shore
will bc most ctlei lively promoted
by thc advancement ol the entire
district well abreast Irom Eagle
harbor to Seymour creek. Any
development that bring!advantage
to any portion ol tin I tint must
ol necessity conler corresponding
benefits upon every portion thereof.
Any community such as that
which is destined to occupy tin-
territory known as North Vanum-
ver.lying along an extended waterfront and necessarily restricted as
to depth ol area, will naturally
create lor itsell in the course of
time a focal point, about which Ils
interests will centre ami from
which, in the mam, its operations
will be controlled. At this central
point will bc lound the chief financial, educational, commercial, industrial, social, and civic institutions. The city ol North Vancouver occupies that position geo
graphically, which practically pla
ccs her in the centre ol the distrii I
in which she is located She further finds hersell an incorporated
city, etpiipped with every facility
lor exerting a controlling influence
upon the growth of the surrounding territory, in the formative
stages of the development of that
It is inanifestK wise that the city
should adopt I broad and statesmanlike policy; that she should
lend every assistance to the most
rapid development ol both extremes and every portion of the
district in which she is placed,antl,
at the same tune, so direct the
course oi events that, with the
growth of population and thfl development along all lines of the
district lying beyond hflt immediate bounds, thfl closest possible relationships ate established and
maintained therewith, thus ensuring for Inrself possession of that
which is her rightful heritage, viz.,
the proud" position of the centre ol
tin* financial, educational, commercial, industrial, social,religious
and 1 ivie life ol the populous and
wealthy community which is destined to grace the north shore of
Burrard Inlet. This can be done
—indeed, will be done—but to do
it will require broad niitideilness,
careful planning, constant vigilance ami 11 leeleu energy.
This new ferry proposition is
one ol the many expedients which
are bound to be evolved in the
process of development of affairs.
That it would prove ol very great
advantage to Capilano is undeniable, lis feasibility is the only
point at issue. With regard to the
building and operation of (he boats
that matter is effectively and favor-
orably disposed of by thfl personnel of the promoters. The route
chosen is a short one and at the
same time avoids the necessity of
passing into or through the First
Narrows. The advisability ol allowing ferry traffic across the travelled path of lhe extensive shipping that is bound to develop at
this point in the future has evidently been given adequate consi
deration by the department of ma
rine ami fisheries, as they have already given their assent to the
granting of the franchise. The
chief obstacle to the consummation of the plan lies in the fact
that it contemplates the extension
of thc tramline through a portion
of Stanley Park, an innovation
which the electorate ol Vancouver
has so far refused to sanction. It
remains to be seen whether that
electorate   can   be     induced    to
change its mind, or failing this,
whether any means can be found
of carrying the plan to execution
without the formal sanction of that
electorate. The entire propositi™
is one of exceptional moment, aud
developments will doubtless be
watched by North Vancouver residents with keen interest.
Mr. and Mis. E. McMillan have
the heartfelt sympathy of the entire
community in the bereavement
which they sustained last week, in
the sad accident resulting in the
death of their little daughter, two
years ol age. The funeral was held
Sunday afternoon.
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BLAND'S 1 Hi 11
CADDY, $1.10.
North Vancouver Hospital
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Ciiy patted I' per ilny
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Pioneer Hesident Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., above 2nd Street
at the A. M. Koss Shoe Store.
Mias M  L. (iihhard
tl.fS per day.
P.O. Box 75,     North Vancouver.
Virtli VvMMftf Hardware
Company, lid.
Hardin Tools
inicn Movers
Electrical Fixturts
I'l 11 inhing
Faints and Oils
Ihii Ida's' Hardware
fi 01 Lonsdale k.      leieunone H
1 «■ it
l'llnXK     117,     XnBTII   VaNI'iiI'VBK
"    :il(l2,   Vanc-upvir
Dominion Subsidy
PropOMd North  Vancouver
Terminus of (irand Trunk
Cull nn M or write Inr lull particular-..
Stoney & Co.
Poltiters and
117 Lonsdale Av. Phone B62
I'lanH    and   Specification*    I'rep.iri.i
When Ihmkiniti'f building h't «« gil'1
1111 .•-tiiiinte.
Or I'.O. Bus* ~l. Nnrlh V»!u*nn»rr.
I bill MW
334 Hastings St. W.
Bulbs, Roses, FruitTrees, <fcc
M'll'IU*.  \SD WlOltl
Nurserymen ami   Lantlarane  (ianleiia,
Cor. Hfld and bitistlale Av,*.
North Vancouver.
QardflM laid out,  Orchards  pruned
ami .prayed*    Floral dflfliflN aw nn
short notice.   Order your biilh«, tree-,
r -, etc., (or your Iall planting
inn-leu tilVKN rata.
rAKK MiTICK llml lhe Council ol the
I '.rp'trillion of the Cityol North Vancouver latandi to eonetrad tba Lool
linl.rolelliellt -el Ofli ill lhe Hfluillllc appearing below, ami latanda t" umm tat
Baal rart.or ■ portloa thereof, am the
real property benelltad therein* Irontlnf
or alii-llim* ihereaaii   uml helil liahle lor
iflMMflmanl therefor.
\ -liiii'iiieiit ihowiiig tha landa liable
anil prii|m«ei| lo he .jH't uilli* aHacaactl for
the -anal !iii|irait.*iiii'iit nii'l Iht- muni*- nl
the owner- Ibereof.ao lar at tha Mat
inn I.' ii-ierliiineil from the lust revised
.1--' --nn nl mil ami otherwise, is now
lied ui tht oiliee of the Ammm-bI
Comailtaiontrand li open for inspection
■ lurinc, nlliee hours.
The seheiliile lieloiv alums the tflti-
mated ml "i Um Impranaml sot Ik*
proportion to bt provided oul of the
general taadi ol lb* citv.
A court of revision uill he hel.l in Iht
Cilv Hull,  North   Vancouver,  II.C., on
tha Huh day "i Octobtr, 1MN, al tha
11., 11 r • ■ 1 -" a ii.ek p.iu, for tbt parpoti
of hearing any complaints again-l tht
I'WUmtd .I'-i'-iinenl-', or the niTiiraiy
of tne frontage measurements, or any
othei ..'iiipliiints which thfl persons in*
ten-till detire to malt and which is by
lim iiiitiii'iihle hv (he Court.
A s-essnii'iit Cotninissintii'r.
North Vanciuver, B.C.,
Md Septetnhi'r, 1901
-. 1111.1 ik taraaaaato:
l'|.i|..a«e.l F.stilllllle'l     l-'-tllllllle
Impra.wiin nt (iilal coat  I'ity to pay
Kxteii-inii ol (our foot
■Iditalkon North siilc
of Victoria Part Fast,
a distance i.f llSOIoet. tla,M 122.00
S- It
Ileal Estate and liisiiraiin
Builders and
P. LARSON is   prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And ill kinds of Building
Material in quantities to suit
and at reasonable prioes,
Try getting them from Wood & Son,
Iht Hi-liable antl Practical Shoetnen,
who niedilh' with no other trades.
$10,000  8t0Ck»   to Select From
by Makers Who Stand by Ihem.
MEN'S  $1.75 to $9.00. WOMEN'S $175 to $600.
Boys' Wonders, $1,50 to 2.85.  Girl's Wonders, $1.25 to 2.50
Childs', 35 cents and up*
Sole Agents   Ior   Leckie Boots,    Minister Myles,  Bereslotd,   Miss
Canada, McCready, Williams' Shoe Co., K lioots and Old Country.
Reliable Shot store
Hm I tli nr tu Stettfrti'i llr- reru 8M
Repairing;   Hest of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & 2nd
"They 411 Trade At Home"
Although people come down the hill
il don't say tliey go to Vancouver to
buv (iroceries.     Thev   Never   Pass
Otlii'i'—New Ihnmpaon Blta'k,
I'aii-alule avenue.
li. Milentiiil work a specialty,
p.o. teaM
North Vancouver, B. 0,
,Tn the Citizens of
North Vancouver
We patronize your DOOM
papers with tl I hope thai
vou will patronize us. HI IT
nut unless we can gin |*OH
not only First-Class Piano
Quality, HUT—also Lower
In,, All we ask nl vmi
—and ihis is lur our mutual ifltflfflfltl is thai you
call   and   see   uur
get our pi in I mill Bflfl]
ierni-a. Ken nlli M publish* il a list u( some Two
Dozen ol your Most l'ro
ininent and Well Known
Citizens who have bought
ol us
whu h is only one of the
16 different makes we
carry in stock.
nt oa mii
oo TO
I.ale assist professor,
McGill Unti'crsttx, Montreal
For FiirniliiiT,
House Furnishing ami
at Reasonable  Prices, go to
lhe North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
UlallNK Hl.tli K
I1UK1 notice that William II. Bobflftt,
' of Thunder Pay,occupation rancher,
latandi to apply lor par*flllarfofl to pur-
i Ini.i* the lull..mn*' dtfltfliM laml.:
Commencing at ;i i«>Pt planti'.l ..I the
-i.iitht'ii'.l turner t,( lot Ml ami N.W.
corner "I lot Ml, Iheiue wt*»t (Ocbalnl
more ..r ItM, to I,W. corner ol lot IHI,
■oiith H chaina, eaat 10 chain, more or
leaa, tn wpatern bnniulary ol lol Ml,
north 30 chaina, (o point o( MMM in '-
Per Jaaa Rnranimia, A-jenl
Patetl Sept. (Ith, PKW
bocatetl Sept. 6th, 1K08 Ml'
489441 BmUbi Btntt
liollKRT Maukn'sis, Prop.
I'uii stiii'k ot l'reah ami Cureil Meats
ainl I'l-h kept. Almi Dairy fwtdflfltfl
ami I're.li Vmtablta
ORDERS HKI.IVKHKI) to all parta
o( Ihe valley.
CIVIL   l  M.lM-l* u
tjuanlity Surveyor anil Architeet
Kot'KTII STRKItT, ''0R»«R [aflflflflktU AVI
M U <Hi.iTtMl Ilailv lu
all |Kiris of llir Cilv
Leave Orders at Kxpress Oflice.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H, Walker, ■   Proprietor
For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc., use
Tliia remeily I. nolil umler the
(olltmiua poaitivc iiuaraiiliT.
"Take half a bottle and if not
found siilitfacloit, return Ihe
balance to us and fH youi
money bacb."
25c per bottle
"Tht Dliligiit'i Druggists"
C.r. Cordova aii'll'iiiiiliie Sla.
Vaniiiiiur,   B. ('.
l'rcsli Hnad daily delivered
to all parts ol thc city,
ao loaves for J i
5c. per hmi
iin in i- I        71 Lonsdale Ave
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7lh Streal. Nortli Vancouver
Dimension UwlMC
Finishing Lumher
etc., etc.
Our prices are right.   Let us give
you a figure on your
Lumber bill.
iew wrsthibtb ijuii nvnitt
CPAKK noth'e that r'nneia William
■*■ Caulleilil, of Viini'onver, B.C.,
(ientleniiin, iuteinla to iipply (or per-
tiiinsioii lo lea-e lhe (ollim inn ile-erilH'il
CiiiiinH'iiiiii*; at 11 pott iilanteil at the
South Kaalerly eorner of (ii-.trie( Lot
I Sll, 1,roup 1, New WeKltninster Dia*
triet. tlieiii'e hoiiiIi iilitnn the enat Imhiii*
dary o( l/i( Sll, Qraflfl 1, Ne* Wt'.tniin*
ater Di.trit't, prodacad II eluiina, Ihenee
niial 'M)'2M fliaiii., Iheiiee north .'10de-
Itreea, weal 17.IVJ ehaina ninn* ur IflflUfljB
the iiorlheiiaterly toinerol IHntiiel Lit
447, tlienee souliieaiilerlv. eaaterly anil
niirtheii'lerlv itlonii the northerlv allure
nl lliirriinl Inlet  10 the plaee »l Ih'kui*
ninn utaininir lill uere. mure or leaa.
Daleil'.lilh Aflflflflt, M
m.ir he.ii.th w\mm
cviriMY nmm
PUBLIC NOTICK ia hereby |*iven that
in at'ioraliinie with the proviitioua ol
the I'uhlii* lleallh lly-Uw, ul the City
o( Norlh Vant'onver, the Muiiieipal
Couiii'il luue iiiiilriitleil uilh tbt Meill-
nil Health ntlieer to attend at lhe City
llall. North Vaneiaiiver, on lhe First
Moiiilay nl eiii-li month, at the hour ol
11 o'rloek in the lorenoon, (nr the pur-
pise.if vaeiinatiiia at the exnen-e ol
ihe till,all |mor |»'rannBiaml all otheri
al theirimti tflflflflflfl.
The (alher, mother, or |-eraon havinn
theiiire, inirliire, or eiiatialy of every
eliihl bora in the city, ahall, within
three 111..nlli. alter the birth ol aui'li
child, tako or MM Ifl lie taken, the
1 liihl, to the Metlleal I'rat'titioner, in at-
tentlanceat the almve ap|Hiinteil place.
for the purpoae of Ikmiik vateiniited; un-
leaa llie eliilil haa la-en paevioualy vacei-
naleil liy KM legally t|iialitleil I'racli-
tioner,   ami    Ihe    vaieination   tluly
City Clerk.
North Viuieomer, B.C.,
llth July, 1H08. 21-tl
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown (rom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ih. Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Terminal Steamship Co., Ltd.,
Vancouver, Sept. 8, 1908
Mr. May, the  Reeve and iCounc 1
0 the Municipality and the Cny
of North Vancouver 1
Dear Sir,—It is my intention to
build and operate an up-to-date
ferry boat to cross Ihe first narrows
ol Hurrard Inlet as soon as the
necessary arrangements can I e
made with the B, C. Electric Ry.
Co., and the park commissioners
of the city of Vancouver.
1 enclose herewith a plan showing the proposed route crossing
Stanley park at a very necessary
point, even il there never was a
ferry across Hurrard Inlet. The
proposed line ol tramway will
cross Coal Harbor just west of the
present bridge, following close to
the water pipe line, curving around
the hear pits and swinging into the
narrows side close to where the
Indian house and garden is now
located, and the tram and ferry
depot will be inside of the park
road as shewn on plan, then lore
the tram line will not cross the
main park road at any point.
This is a much needed car service, apart as I said before, from
the ferry scheme, as it will allow
the old and very young people to
cross the park without walking
such a great distance; then North
Vancouver with a tram line to the
proposed lerry could he reached as
quickly from the city of Vancouver,
as 1 might say, Grandview, Fair-
view, Mount Pleasant, Kitsalino,
or any other bordering on the city
limits oi Vancouver; and I am
willing to make an agreement with
property owners of your district to
build an up-to-date double-ended
ferry boat, with sufficient power to
cross from one side of the narrows
to lhe other side in five minutes. I might further state that
the proposed boat will have a
license to carry not less than three
hundred passengers as well as
light rigs, hacks, automobiles; all
heavy drays such as not allowed on
the park road, can go by the present Ierry boat to Nortli Vancouver.
The pmpieed landing lor the
ferry on the north shore ol Burrard
Iulet will be directly across from
the ferry landing on the park side
and that will bring the tram line
close to the east line ol the Capi
lano Indian reserve on Robert
Ward & Co.'a property, which
company have already notified me
that as soon as the necessary facilities are obtained they are quite
ready lo arrange ferry landing and
approach to same.
There is no question in the
minds of many property owners in
the 1 ilv and municipality of North
Vancouver that in a thort time the
tram line will bc extended as lar
west as liagle 11.11 bui, terminus ol
Keith mad in Howe Sound, inasmuch as there it no comparison
with the locations of residential
purposes to that ol Point Grey, at
the north shore has better beaches
and clearer water (or summer resorts, and the distance to the point
mentioned is not greater than that
to Point Grey.
It is not necessary to state that
il this much needed tram and ferry
service is put in operation it will
be the means of settling up this
most beautilul district both east
and west of the lerry landing, and
with extensions ol tram lines to the
Capilano canyon, there will be one
ol the finest places on the coast to
direct tourists and others to, for a
dav's outing or even a lew hours.
It might be said that the ferry
scheme is not feasible across the
narrows on account o( thc strong
current. This, however, is not
true, as on either side where the
proposed landings are to be, there
ii no more current than at Ihe
present wharl and landing in
North Vancouver, and I might aay
furthermore, there ii lets danger
in crossing the narrows in log and
darkneii on account of ihere being
much less traffic than there ii in
the harbor.
When permiision ii granted to
allow a tramline to cross Stanley
Park, I am prepared at once to
enter into a suitable agreement
with your council and other property ownen to build and operate
the lerry boat in a businesslike
I have already applied to the
marine and fisheries department
for a charier to operate the said
lerry, ind have received reply by
letter that there will be no objections to my operating a lerry in
these waters.
I hope you will give your utmost
consideration to the proposed lerry and Iram extensions and persu
ade all property owners to wait on
the Park Commissioners and B. C.
The A. r>1. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver'.* j»i|)ul<» Men's £» Boys'Store
Fall Goods arriving every day, and we are now in a position
to save our customers money on all lines of Hoots and Shoes,
Men's Furnishings, Clothing and Rubber Goods.
BU ■■■
This week we offer the working men a great snap iu heavy working boots, the regular price ia t'.l.bt) a iinir, the Ross price while they
last ie |2.0tl.   V<hi want to come quick aa they will not In-l long.
10 dozen tsiya' solid leather Old Country made laxits, worth $2.50
and S'l.ih a pair, the Rosa price || 60 a pair.
112 pairs men's line Ihngnla Kid shoes, good value at $4.50 11 pair,
the R.m price IH.00 a ujiir.
For your winter underwear, MM direct to ns, we carry a lull line
ol the very heat makers' gootht.the celebrated I'etiniani and Wolaley
makes in ail sines.
We offer over 100 pairs men's |H.00 (weed panla, well mnde and
nicely liiiisliol, nt 12.1)11 a pair.
See our stock ol Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mitts for the fall.
Save your money by coming direct to
The 1.1 ROSS Co., 209 Lonsdale Avenue
j,  7  and   *,  o'clock
Electric Ry. Co., and show theni
the very great need of cars across
that part of Stanley park, as well
as the extension o( tram line west
ol Capilano and to Ierry landing
Irom North Vancouver.
I will thank you very much to
bring lhe matter belore your council as soon as possible; note the
contents in your press then there
will bc no misunderstanding and I
assure you I will carry out my
agreement to the letter.
Hoping that this much needed
service will be looked upon lavor-
able by all concerned.
Thanking you in anticipation,
1 remain, yours respectfully,
Can. J. A. Cates.
The old ferry Surrey, which has
been lying for months at Lonsdale
gardens, has been dismantled ol
lur machinery.
The Seymour Hotel
located on  "irui-mur   Pip*   lltw,
quarlri mill from wharf.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open to the
general public. Good
iccommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections Irom North
Vancouver lor Vehicle!.
X s
we&>*j flu. £*y moM *o*£
/u.^w*j# ait,
&fi*/ -utA. t/fo4fyuUefe*.
~     _Jt69k&.'
(.ail  l.qiiat*-. at*-) X. 0 land  Sarvtiaf
'ratisi Itua
K.llaa.y,, hri.l-ra, IVtier Power., K.ilm.le.,
Sti|H*riiiii*iiati*iii „ til i aaii-iniiiiaiti. M.|,>, Tiiwll*
■IU*., Mining CUfni., Sub*llirl.lon.,eli.
Ill  ll.allli.a 81. «'..
VANl'OUVtlt. n. II
direct Irom the mines.
Plaee your ordera now and
aecure your winter's suppli
Large ahipinenta will arrive
in a lew dava. l'rirea right.
Urge ni|iply ,,f Will III
always on hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
Fm that all cum ol infection.
contagion, or epidemic dix-ane, ol >
character ilangeroiia to nubile health.
mint lie reported to the Medical Health
City Clerk.
City llall, Sorth Vancouver, B.C.
July nth, IH0H. _V
Cor. Lonsdale and Htli St,
fVANft I- lUII. fro**.
All kinds ol Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specially.
Also Butter, Eg-js, and Vegetables.
Our aim i. In pleaae our MfltflflMM aa
In «i««l. and price..    1*1 ■ have your
N.V. fl&H CO.,
The Lounge
Billiard and
Cigar Saloon
Lniiadale Ave       Opp. Ciiy Hall
Here are some of the smoking tobaccos wc carry i
Capstan, I'lavcra. Craven, Harriet, I1D.V., \Villa' Shan, Durham, I .llllllll,   ]'l*ril|ll,*,   I l.||aa||'«,
Kilgciiorih. NvCahin, DII I'l Ileal,
0W KnRlii.il. (lallaher'a, In.lti-h,
Frontier, Sell nl North Carolina,
Old Chum, Mitvucliaiim, Will.'
l.ohl Hake, II C. NH. 1, Mom-'
Three Caatlea, Imperial, Sham-
Wcstoier, Smith'iUlaagoat, Weal*
wanl Ho, Ac.
For  those who chew we
MaVf.lonald'ii, lllaclmiiti h, King'!
Navy, Qflflflfll Saw, Climax, Pay
Roll, Piper, KfliMa,
The Cigarette Smoker can
satisfy his wants. Here are
a few:
Mclachrinn, Neator. Craven,
Ardaah, Cambridge, Mogul, State
Kapreaa, Hold i'lakc, (apian,
Yllata.Cambridge, Mnratl, Mogul.
ami all (lit stock brand.
(im stock of Cigars is by
far the most complete in
Why Nol Buy Your
Smoking Requisites
in North Vancouver.
We are
all thinking
these doyi how
wo aro guing to
keep warm during tin' fall nnd
\\Y have the
solution in
Thirty Different Kinds :
of Heating Stoves |
They are all made by McClary and nothing more need he caul.   We 3?
have them to hum coal and mad, at I combination ol both.   The K
Price I*, from $3.00 to  )30.0o  ami made to Rllit all puraea.   We J>
hnve il modern Tinshop in connection and will no anything (ton tt
putting up your Air Tight to installing u complete Heating and Ven* ^
tilatlng System.   Give ua a call or Ring us up. JJ
Paine & McMillan
~        Corner Lonsdale Ave. and First St. Phone 12 ,
wmmmmm mmmm iWmmmmm^
II AVISO  > 4X101 He
•(1.(0 A.M.
•ti.46 "
H.OO "
8.40 "
H.30 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
1.15 "
:>.](> "
3.15 "
4.16 "
6.15 "
(1.15 "
7.15 "
8 15 "
D.15 "
10.11 "
•11.30 "
11.45 A.M.
lll.l.-i    "
11.45    "
12.4!i P.M.
1.45    "
H.45    "
3.45   "
4.45   "
5.45   "
(1.45   "
•7.20 " 	
UO " 	
9.00 " 	
9.45 " 10.15A.M.
10.45 " 11.16   "
11.46 " I'.Uftl'.M.
12.45 P.M. 1.15   "
1.45 " 2.15 "
246 " 3.16   "
3.46 " 4.16 '•
4.46 " 6.15 "
5.46 " (1.15 "
0.46 " 7.15   "
7.45 " 	
8.46 " 	
9.46 " 	
10.45 " 	
•11.45 " 	
•Sot on Sunday
HIM 11 RMMIlll IIOIII   on  mr COAM
limn: |l.60 I'Klt
S|icri;il Hull's Iii Families und Ki'imlar Knarilrm
llalMiour ferry eonneclion to anil (rom Vancnuver. Hot anil cold
water in every room. Return call bella in every Nflfla* Burlier
ahop in council ii an.
Second iTUR,   *   -   ■   •   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing lorQueer.sburv Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street ami Keith Road as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a. in., 7:45 a. ni., H: 15 a. in., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. in.,
10:10 a.m., Alter 10:25 a. in., cars will leave Oun nsbury awnm,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith lin.iil
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and QflflflltlblirT avenue, Twenty first
slut t and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as follows
6 a. m., 6:55 a. m.,  7:20 a.m.,  8:05   a.  in.,  8:45  a.m., 9:30 a.m.
After 9:30 a. in. cars leave the Kerry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
All boats are met by thc cars.
We anlirit Ihr bu-utir-u of Miniifirlurrro,
ViH*mrrn mnl «t lift* wit > rralif llir «*M«l*i1-
ity <<( hiving tlir 1 r l■ ■■ t bu M triniidrd
liy Kip-rrli. Prfliitiinmya-rlvi.*- Irrf, Chnrr;-**
tiir» le rite. Our Imcfitor'i Advlecr M-nt ti|»in if-
qttfft Mar.on&Mmfm, k^fd., N*wYork Uf«
r,i-'- vifliumi ladVMhiiiiii-i ur  i;*j
General Contractor
Laml Clearing. Slump ami Hock
Wasting. Katra fflffl near hnuaea.
All ilamaitf* maile good.
J111I HI.. \V«a.l ..I Lf.nMdt.laa
I'll   II,,« 11
all kin.l.ol Minimi ami iatiqlll Kiirni-
ture, Store, Ollice, Hunk ami  liar Fix*
turns.   Repairing in all ita brain he..
173 Third St. *., Bn. ItiHltrlf lit ami Lunula!-.
OppoMta School
MAII.OKHKKS given prompt attention
North Vancouver
1 on*. 1. uiasns
Prakrit I or
Cartage, Removals,
Parcel Delivery,
mhmi wkm m
clephone 70,        Night Calls 13
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Uelliilile vari'tii'. at reaaomlile price..
Nn borer.. No -niii' No Kumigatiaaii
lo ilnnnigi*-I." k. No wimlv agein- i*
itnnaai naii Bay .lirei't tflfl get Tree.
,tii*l Mi lliil |row.
FtrtUlairt, !'•" Supplltt,8praji I'uinp.,
Bprailing Malarial, 1 tit Flowtft, Me,
Oh'lcitt   latahlt.heil   liur.ery   "li   tin*
iniiiiiUiiil ol Brltiih Columhia.
Cilllllllglle (ree.
MRSlRilS AND Ml lllllll SIS.
301(1  WnaTMiNBTita   RoAn.
Cor.  Hastings & Homer Sts,
North Vancouver
1051, 1062, 1066, 1067,
1090, 1079, 1096, 1086,
1099, 1098, 1106.
1124, 1125, 1130, 1131,
1133, 1134, 1186, 1136,
1142, 1143, 1144, 1145,
Ulli,  1147, 1148
All Lying Went of the
Lot 217, hiring front-
ag" 011 Hurrard [filet
Lot *J0(i, divided into
"1\ acre parcels.
Lulu Island
Sci'tion-- II, 16, V>. IH
mdV), Block 5, Nortli,
Range •">, Wert, divided
into 40 acre parcels.
Waterfront, Hastinga
90 acres, being portion
ut N'.W. qttlftei of Section II, Township t,
New Wertminetei l'i*-
j en-it. Hiiiiiiici' 1.1 ind
.'! vear-*,   Inlen-t   at 6
piT ('lilt*
Kiiri'iitiilogiteand l'lans
ippl]f   to   the
jinn s. m\\.
'hour 473.     514 l'cntler St.
New Advertisements
Notice to votcm—City
Chta|> riothlnf. rulanl'i
l.a.c!il improvi'tiii'iitD-—City
Aui'tioti Sale—A. M. Ueiittie
lleiilini! stove.—l'liine & Mt'Milhin
Stui'le sunni'itioiis—J. J. McAleece
At coat prices— N. V, Hoinu Kiinii-.lt-
I'.'inmitti'e Itootiis—The Conservative
At thfl teglllu session ot the
diitrict council on Friday tvening
Ittt, tin f were jiresent Count illorfl
McNaufht,    Nye,   RobflOn   ami
DavidtOO,      Keeve May m iiipiei'
the chair.
A letter was reail from Thomas
Shepherd, t ity clerk, to the effect
th.it AM. Irwin, Crickmay and
Braim had been appointed a committee to cooler with the district
council with relerence to the arrangement ol the outstanding indebtedness of the city to tin district. Tins mailer Ml lnken up
hy the above couiniittee anil the
district council in committee ol
the whole. A proposition made
by the city was favorably considered and an amicable adjustment of
difference!, will probable be arrived
A letter from the department of
lands and works asking for plans
ol dams, etc., lor the Lynn Valley
waterworks, previous to dual approval by the department; relerred
to the district engineer.
Ilarrv Holland wrote, claiming
certain allowances lor road work
done by linn in the vicinity of his
property, tliu  engineer tn report
Hon. 1'. J. Fulton, provincial
secretary, wrotfl with reference to
tin I.vim v.ilh-y roatl, to the ellei t
that the government has no available funds for this purpose at
A communication from 1\. Hut*
ilns..ii, k. (', Cialer and C.H. Mils
son was received, requesting the
council to vote a per centage allowance to the B. C. li. Ry. Co.. to
secure the extension ol their electric light wires along Lonsdale
avenue beyond the city limits. Referred to a special committee, consisting of Councillors McNaught
and Davidson to report.
Capt. j. A. Catey. Vancouver,
submitted in writing .i propOflition
to establish a lerrvservice between
Stanley 1'ark and Capilano, I hfl
letter was accompanied by a plan, i
slinwiiig the routi ,in*l the lot ition
of the l.inilmi's. ( Hie coiiiiuiiiii* ■
cation will  be (oun
this issue of Tin  BxPUII. i    Ri
ferred to a committee, conipused
of Reeve May, and Councillors
McNaught anil Robson, to co-operate with Capt. Cates in furthering the project in every possible
Engineer Cameron reported sat
isfactory progress on the reconstruction of the pier for the Seymour creek bridge.
The contract for the construction
ol the superstructure tor the Seymour creek bridge was awartled to
the M. J. Patterson Co., of Denver, Col., through their representatives, Langley & Williams.
Councillors McNaught and Davidson were appointed a commit-
Ue to cottier with the ciiy council
with resp.ct to thfl rate to be
charted Inr water service beyond
•he city limits. The engineer was
empowered to make all urgent water connection!.
• The clerk reported that tin te
were only two persons who had not
paid their road tax to date and
when these amounts are renin il
the total will be $700.
For Sale
Magoon and Faxtonl
Raspberry Canes, $1.00 per 100
(Cuthbert and Marlborough)
Red and Black Currants, $2.50 a dozen
5 yrs. old (Victoria and Black Maples)
RADERMACHER, Lonsdale 121st St.
A Few Staple Suggestions
For Saturday and following week. At our stun* \mi will liml llu
lest values thai money can buy. Thii is admitted by the most ex
acting ol buyers.
10c white cotton, M in  7 *„i
I'-",, plak and Often llannelettc
42 in circular pilloii cotton	
Ilemtntil cotton sheets, "'.'400 in, pi r pall
H plain Inflating, blenched or anblenenej
l.nrite heiivv linen tOWtll, each.
511 iu iinhli iicheil table linen, l*MKI
■ nl iu bleached table linen, special     	
I.inv.* cot ton liatv, mire, lite each, or ru lur
Mi n'.s 1111 nisbiiHis
Soil bottom .huts, all designs, |l '.' > nml	
White ilrcim shirts, host quilt) 	
Men's wool workini! shirts, best quilt), plain colon ami strip"-
I leii-i* shirt-an.l ilrawers, iiH't-iui        	
Shetland shirts and drawers, all iii'ii	
Penman'! natural m.il shirts mul drawen at	
Stack tubmen socks, 50c, Kit* mul      	
Slrotii! workini socks, 28c and  	
A large supple ol the famou-   llu. k liranil" overalls nml smocks
always hi stock ll tht loWtfltCBl prices
I I   a'lll
Terms, one-fourth cash; balance, (I, 12 nail 18 months
;kith BLOCK loxsdai.f, avk.mk
s.   .
1 p.—~~~~
i,   10
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P.O. mix use.
City Clerk's (llli.*.*.
25th SepleiiilKr, IM
lit niii 1.11 ion of  Persons Infilled to
Vote as MiiiiM h.ii.ti 1 s
111'I'.I, 10 Notice is hereby given Unit
' all persons entitled tii vie ii-
IIiiii-. ha.l.lers and desiring I" hnve llieir
names "ii the Voters' List of lhe t'ily
North Vancoiiver, lor the yenr IM,
limit make mul cnuse to Is* ilelivereil to
lh" City  Clerk, ilurinc lhe  month  1
October neat enmiaf, a itatator} declaration in the (orm prescrils-il In uiw.
Copies o( such declaration! may be obtained mi application tO the Ciiy Clerk
iiF.rlOI.DER8' (JI'AI.IIT*
"lloiiseli.il.l.T." sluiil elleml to ami
ineliltle every person who holds ami is'
cupies a alwelliui!. teiii'tiieiit, lintel or
liiiarilini: lioiise. or any part or partial
of 11 ilwcliiiii!, tenement, hotel,or Ismnl-
laghoflU  within  a municipality, who
hai aaid directly to iht municipality
rates. lux*-"!- mt of nnl leel than Hi"
<H) tlollirs .liiriun"the current year."
Iw where in r,nt City Clerk
Auction Sale
on Tuesday,29th inst.,at 11 a.m.
under instructions from Mrs Richie,
Victoria Park,  Knst. near Lonsdale,
Consisting ul Mime ven line Antique Furniture in Mahogany
and Walnut, EUflge, lliusseK Carpets. Garden Tools. Hunks
and Booltcaae, Crui.ki'ry ami Glassware, Dresser ami Stand,
Sideboard. Elti DUOfl laWfl, Cnairs, Lace Curtains and Winds,
Electrical Engineering Hooks, Old China and Vases, etc., etc.
A. »1. Bl Al III, Auctioneer
VUTICI. 1- herein   (.'ill'll   lllllt I shall.
*•'    mt M lay. lhe I'inl iln;. ol SoveBI-
eer, IW. al Ihe boar ef 10 o clock in lh*
|.*n* .11  al the fm* lliill. Norlh Van.
com. r, lu'., Imlil a Court nl RetrWon,
lor lhe pnrpi-i* "I hearing ami ileter
mining any ami all iilijt-i'liiin. to ihe re*
tentionol any  name or mum- "ll the
reiitterol rotan (or ilm above aaawd
Electoral liistriet.
Dated  at   North   Viiiicoiii'r.   11. C,
Aiiiiust Nth. i"0S.
llegiitrar ol Vfltn
RiiTini'.iul Electoral IHitrirt.
When you Intend building
Conservative Party
North Vancouver
COMMITTEE ROOM8 now open on tlie Keplanade,
west of Lonsdale avenue, in tliu premises  next tin-  pool
oflice, formerly occupied by Kingsford Smith &. Co.
Rooms open throughout the campaign front) a m. to
in |i.m. daily.   Conservative ]iajiurs from all parts of Can*
adl kept on lile.   Informal meeting! and discussion every
W. D. Duke, manager, will be in attendance at all
boVS tO meet visitor! and to give information as to the
voters' lists, elections regulations, and all matters pertain*
ing to the campaign.
.Ml 1-nSSDAI.K Ave
llinnrli tlfltcc, Liiiimltile lit*.,Cil,,.  I'tinnc
Sn m
IflfldQPtrMd .Ui". i'mil '"•' n.i'
WITH l's Knit
133 I1ii.sl.n0ys SU E.    Vancouver
$40,000 STOCK OF
for the
Every dollar's worth of merchandise from wall to wall
and floor to ceiling must be sold out at once.
MEN'S sins
BOYS' sins
Mao's  Wool Tweed Suits, all flood Buys'  Tweed   and  Corduroy  Suits,
Styles, relate |9.00 to |16.00, your Knee Pants Style, values from $2.75
ehoiea      $3.95 up to 94.00, your choice. $1.75
All Men's Ifarnishinga and Under'
wear Less Than Cost
All Boots and Shoes at Less Than
Factory Cost.
COME And get the biggest bargains
v    that bave ever been placed
SAIUKIIAI    withjn lj0ur reactK   (   (   (


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