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Up'tO-tllte Plutogniphy,
LiirKe Aiiortmont of Bouvonl? Hon*
i'(irOK to 1'lioone from.
Cnr. sixth Bt. Hinl C bei ter field Ave',
SMOKE THE --,—=->,
Impressions Abroad.
tie) adequately learn of the vast-
hes« ot Canada, Itn illimitable
health, and its tlttmetlal* resources,
lhe daily propaganda Ol Dearly six
lllillions o( people, oil** Has to tabu
il Irljf tfcfoss thi' continent, and
g(6$ili|j libit anil tllt'it!, ttlttke a
study di tilings iti generit!. This
requires a gMt tithount d( time)
but even the casual dbServet can
get a -foot! idea in so shUrt it time.
O.ne has but to stop a day in
Wiininijieg to see the multitilde
tthoit is passing through there in a
-search liar ia "homestead." Every
I'iriiiii bo&CS m* share ot human
,i'i ei'jltl (hut lu...'amine from afar to
.-3eilk .their'(oatiunes rn .the glorious
,-.,veut. Tihe iimmensity .of the in-
ifln,> .is astonishing, and it was
ilemijjajd that nt Edmonton those
.•soaking ..homesteads, outside .the
;«iticOa.di)ig ofiioe, iorniod a 'lint'
,'Dverihalf-iiinile long, which was a
/dally 'Occurence.
Land is becoming niorc valuable
.■each Sauccessive day, .mid .to show
fihe great demtnd, homesteads
('nave ilieep broken over 200 miles
,'irp/p.uny railroad.
,'lj|)..'£. P. It 'ie.iBclainiing over
(tWp,Dli|))P*16 ol ai les near -Calgary
|by ifrjgatioji, wl>iah is in .itseil one
,ol tin; greatest engine-tring "feats
vjv.ot .attet-.ptcd ii*. Cuur.cU'., and
.exaeded by few on the coul'tviit.
D M#9)jiui**3;J Why, *)b**re .is
. cngugj: .Jamming implement* o|
.ana-v description pouring into iln-
,utf.th,wesi,. lliait.if [/■oki-n'd by t'lis
, ipt Ip.ad, would put nn.nes beyond
..all J--.-li.-f At Kat Pontage was
.Guij,- ;i train nf perhaps- 50 tars,
-iti.ided ,vwit|t pflrapj|i:r!i4'a foi
,'aiii-hjn..;, ajnl t)i lejqpretssing
,}^i),,'l*;}-.'.entiiit (t)liR, a .trainman
r"W'!;''('' "fr"by, that's nothing,
,'lii;|s ,lby; liii'.l.liuiu-.biad to pass
ph'-'iVlilif-V't-'-' ill  lhe Jatjt ,t*\enty
attract attention, as the eastern
/c'k seen) anxious to learn of the
Fat West.
Ol Bourse Vancouver has established for herself a position amoft^j
the leading cities of the world, liuf
our fair young city ol North Van-)
couver has this yet to do. Burrard
Inlet is famous lor its excellent
harborage, but the general public
call see only one side to the
harbor. Thev do not know that
the north shore presents bettel
opportunities than the shore
opposite. They do nol know that
Im,11 a topographical viewpoint
North Vancouver has few equals
and no superiors. And why?
b'or the simple reason that the
great corporation owning the
breastworks ef Vancouver have
been careful to mention only their
piling ground,
Mrs. C. Livesley and two children, uf Salem, Ore;, are vi
her   parents,   ex-Councillor   and
Mrs. Nye.
ftVf-.ViVYt!i-c .advertising has re-
■'A'il'V'i' lite" il)1*' hftve been
j U'Haiiif-tfJi: ,j;i ..^pounding thu
. uti'vuut.ag.cs «[ tjte northwest
. abri-sfl. Lyin;v ii;.-. mi grant, or
iSOT!sV.*s!}i Ve w<t!' fdnc.JU'.l, and,-
i^jiBttf'fiiB IP sa.V. i*rWilP ,have .1
iilhiH:(j.u|(J-,.l(jipwled|!;. of where they
.atc^jitg.and what tljey are.igpjng
1:ofip.  yigaiji, this is .credited ,id
i*iWVvr.'MP.. ,__.^^_^^_
,pf lhe ag.yj)ls,a|l,p.yifr the wor
^i^i'lars,  (Jlj^l  jf9r  ,s,xp|icitness
^reji^xxe^fi    |T*)H?>,-Wti$ .with
iWSflt?. WfePi-WWUpoWB-W flnW}
..grafts ,a;i(i .eyeprt them tp their
,:iew glomes, imparting much
, K'^rabiejjjfpnuation, is a feature
Weddmg' Bells.
The marriage of A. F. Brown,
Tacoma, and Miss R. IC,  Peacey,
Kegina,  was solemnized yesterday    	
morning in St. J ohm's church byi   The   Horticultural   Association
Rev,   R,   Marsden-   The bride is will open ils annual exhibition on
the third daughter nf j.  Peacey, I its grounds, Twenty-first street and
Regina, where she has  hosts nf Lonsdale avenue, on  Labor day,,
friends   and   acquaintances,' 'with Sept. 3rd,    The show will be held
whom she is very popular,   She is' under canvass, and the tram cars
also a sister to School Trustee \V.  will run up to the grounds,
P, Peacey,  of North  Vancouver, i    „,      ,., ,   ,     ,
. ,     , ,     ,       , . , , (.lia-*. Hates, tile local ntii'tinneer
Willi whom she  has  been   flBI'tHlg       , ,    ,       ,
... ,       . ,„,     ami  furniture dealer,   lias   now a
during   the  past  lew  nays,     lhe ,
'complete stock of furniture, mat-
The British Columbia exhibit at
the Winnipeg Industrial Fair was
a source ol surprise ami admiration
to ibe thousands of visitors, who
in.varibly paused in astonishment.
Fruit aud vegetables were con
vincillgly exhibited, while the
grain and mineral products ranked
Second lo none. All day long
could he seen hundreds clustered
around the railing craning then
necks in an endeavor to see tlie
wonders, and deluging the attendants with a perfect rain ul
questions. Pamphlets ol Vancouver, Victoria, the Okanagun,
and several ambitious Up-COUntlj
towns were at the disposal 0,
everyone. The exhibit was a
most creditable showing.
Influential men -of the big
eastern cities ate flagaf lor iu-
Iu1111alu.n1 concerning I'atlw,,.,
building in tlie west, and Mulish
Columbia. Newspapqr nmi are
noi slow to yet pointers, uiiua.'i,
as evidenced tu Montreal, where
ilm *.». e.itenier was onnged on
several occassions to trace the proposed routi- ol tlie Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway and its terminus
on the map, also the route ol the, j
proposed Vancouver, Westminster
& \ ukon Railway and ils terminus.
The liulkley Valley shared a like
point ol inquiry, as did the Peace
Siver district and the Yellow Head
groom is a prominent builder in
Tacoma. After luncheon at the
residence of Mr. Peacey, Fourth
street, the happy couple left by
the steamer Princess Victoria Iw
Victoria and the Sound cities on
their honeymoon trip. Mr. and
Mrs. Brown will reside at Tacoma.
Tin: Express joins with their many
friends in wishing them long lite
and prosperity,
If "kicking" is one of the things
that makes a j.uli.iss we have two-
legged ones in this town that can
"skin'tn to a frizzle."
Dr. and Mrs. nalby, of Vancouver, have taken tieo. W.
Seymour's camp during the latter's
absence in thu Kootenay.
Contractor McLennen h.ts lin-
ished clearing and grading the Ot
Awn gardens.
tresses,   etc.     Prices   right   and
couriMins treatment.
The family of Chas. Mee, of
Moodyville,   have presented  him
with a beautifully engraved gold
Mr, and Mrs. Bull, Hariot
Bay, paid R. II. Bryce a visit at
the Hotel Thursday evening,
Mr. Bull runs a hotel at Hariot
Hay. ol which we will hav*j something to say next week.
A Midnight Fracas.
There was a lively time on;
board the ss. St. George on the
last trip Wednesday night. On
leaving Vancouver there wcre|
aboard two drunken Indians, who
were very quarrelsome and would
not mind when one of their assoei-
lt was 1eaTti«l on excellent
m, « .... Dominion 4,ut!iBfi|y while al the seat ol
-e^-t,placed at tlie disposal government that the new trans*
continential line, would beyond all
shadow uf a doubt, build to tin
Pacific coast simultaneously with
its ,p(her .divisions: Princi
I'upcrt being the terminus, but in
all probability a branch line would
extend to Burrard inlet, or a
junction would be formed with,tilt
v., W. & Y. with the same end in
that is stijlfmgly commendable in
^.-(ypartjcnhfr, asitnotouly elinn-
pates.cpnge.stjp-i lit,large distribut-
^ng points, ^.utiScquaints the new
.comer with the duties that prove
.30 baffling.tpthc nov[ce.
The tidal wave of prosperit, .that
, lias deluevil l 11/iada in the last
,two.years, has sent happiness and
..plenty into, every home and every
^industry. The dominion as a
4 vhple represents p. huge bee .hive,
vWt)i its jpniates laboring under a
.clear sky gathering the honey from
^he harvest of plenty. A little
judjcipus .advertising will cause
,this great wave of ii'imigration to
.extend to the coast.
As.yet coi)iparatively nothing is
,!tnown by Eastet-ners of British
.Columbia's bountiful resources,
ifor t))e simple reason that ,no
move,of any importance has ever
beep made to acquaint pur eastern
brpt|iers ql this fact. Spine
.questions asked by the Easterner
are ipost absurd and amusing,
.clearly showing that our province
jis about as well known as the
.'.'liiii.'i Mins    Now i1- lhe time to
Fifty dollars reward will be
paid by the undersigned for the
recovery of each or any of the
bodies of Ms. R. H. Bryce, Percy
Chick or Roy Bcnwell, who were
lost in the wreck of SS. Chehalis.
"Real   Estate's" letter will ap-
pi ,t! next week.    No room,
The brick work on the new hotel is now' up to ihe -accoml storey.
Dr. Dyer went over to New-
Westminster yesterday to attend
the meeting oi the Medical Council.
We have been assured that the
■vork on the prise list for the ootn-
iiiR horticultural show will be
pushed forward immediately.
The campers have taken lo
titling Htaikiiian & Ker's "Nemo,"
tlie new breakfast food. It is
cooked and fdready for use.   Time
A rtlQVement is on loot to establish a market lor Canadian grain in
(the Par East It is claimed thai
£S the distance between producer
and consumer is so much shorter,
a wholesale saving will be effected
in the transportation. This would [tells in the morning.
neeessitale the election ot grain
elevators at the western terminus
of the railways. The day is not
far distant when that enterprising
and pushing concern, the Canadian
Northern Kail.vay, will claim North
Vancouver as its .terminus also,
and, as the C. N. R. is a large
competitor in the wheat transportation, the result is obvious. It is
confidently reported that this line
already has preliminary surveyors
at work on their western section
as well as the cast.
B. %
Before our issue next week it is
expi. tetl that the hull of the new
lug will be launched. Also that
the company will begin cop-
si.t-uctin).' Im" other large bouts.
Mrs. C. Bartley and Miss Ot-
liana McCallum, Hamilton street,
Vancouver, spent yesterday after-
linon in tamp, near the Lonsdale
The truilic of late on the Capilano road as far as the dan' has
been very heavy. Consequently
the dust rises in clouds when
teams and pedestatians pass by.
Yesterday morning a parly of
engineers, from Vancouver, went
up to the watershed of Seymoui
creek. ,It is proposed to build a
road from the inlet northward
along the stream twelve miles. A
landing will be built near the
Second narrows The vyqrl lias
ba-.-n started
ates remonstrated with them.
Drunk aud noisy they threatened
some half-a-dozen "thinks," who
ran wildly, with llieir ,pieties Hying behind, bom one cabin to another, shouting: "Indian tllunk
heap   shoot."    In   llu     111
Mister Indian began to ibtise a
young man by the name ol Ham
Mountain, Mountain, though a
small fellow compared with the
Indians, gave them a well -deserved beating. And then they
said that the. would kill him—
that tliey had'a rille, When the
terry landed here the trio hurried
nil the wharl, and laid in wait for
young Mountain, but lie was loo
quick (or them. Just a*, one of
the diunks pit ked up a rock Monti
tain knocked him down, and held
hmi f,i>t lill Constable Dick arrived ami took him to the lockup, The other bad Indian was
hastened away by Ins chum,
Yesterday George August, the
Indian who ran amuck, was fined
by Magistrate Kealy the sum ol
tio ami i.ists or two months in
There was considerable talk that
some one employed on the boat
should have the powers ol a constable for em. rgency cases like
the one above.
Another incident on the trip was
when the deck hand turned on lhe
hose to wash the decks, he accidentally lot the hose wabble libit,
and a few passengers received a
good still shower on the deck below. Altogether the irip was exciting, the moon w,i shining
bright, and the weather was de
The regular meeting -il the
municipal council was held in the
council chambers on Wcdtaasda)
night. There were present A evi
Kealy and Councillors May, Allen,
ami Cornish.   .
Communications from P. Burns
& Co., asking that road be opened
up in mar oi new I.ml.ling, on
Lonsdale avenue. Board ol
Frith & Frith, stating price and
size ot safe naked lor hy the town
clerk, Referred io ic.u to pur
Engineer Balmain reported on
woik on road on First street east,
opposite Lonsdale gardens, The
bridge is unsafe, he said. Bill in
view ol tbe lact that lite li. C.
Elecitiii; will shortly build a new
one the council decided not to
make repairs. Traffic in the
meantime will be directed to
Foutli street.
Rosina Gintzburger, el al„
drawing council's attention to
the tact that Sceniish avenue had
been entirely omitted in the estimates ol proposed street improvements, and asking thai same receive reasonable consideration.
Kobt. J. Fowler wrote asking
that a wagon road he opened up
,,n Delbruck  avenue,     board  ot
Indian Agent McDonald, New
Westminster, wrote stating that
Lhiei Harry hnd been notified regarding the running at large of
bulls, and instiucted lo liave mailers rectified with,mt delay, Filed.
A. F. Iteasley wrote asking tliat
the   alley  iu   lol   E,   block   A
1.uthwmt   cornel Lonsdale  avenue,    board ol Works.
A. F. Beasly wiote stating that
im damage lia.I been done his
Utilise on First Btteet by a blast.
Alter reasonable time he would
place the matter in solicitor's
nands, Clerk to write patties setting oil the blast.
\\.   II.   Wilson, auditor, wiot,
stating thai ilm books were 101
i-i 1 in Jin. iiiat. Filed,
Keeve   Kealy stated   that   tin
nooks Im,I been handed over ti
nr iiewl;.-appointed   lieasun 1   bj
he auditor alter being certified l>.
nni as being correct.   Tn asun 1
Woods had that day laken up Im
I lilies.
Tin-  usual   monthly   account;
.veie reaii and passed
I lie snivelling by-law was n.i.
oul pi, a., I,
Plans "I  sub-division of lots  I
and ij, block 41, h. L, 548, am
■ il 4 and 5, ol 73, ol 54K, were ap-
Mr, Schultz's plan ol sub-dividing lots 1 and 3, and patlsof lots
4 and 5, block 0, |l. L, 548, Wen
Mr. Elder was again heard as to
llu- sub-division of lot 1165, Mat-
1 "i laid ovei lor amendment ol
.   ' eki    * 'tiue Road by law
Mr. Fu.' ia was heard regard
ing plan ol sub division ol lots
625 and AA. at  Deep  Cove,    Rl
i.i it-,1 to n eve and Bolii iter.
Mr. Hop.- was pies, nt and sub
mitted pro] .1 regarding thc di
vision oi the Ki itll road through
district Im 7f,(, winch lie wished to
have completed as soon as possible,   Board of works.
Ri eve reported  tin   completion
iif tin- dam by Mr, Hotting at tin
intake, and payment ol S 0
Councillor Cornish reported ai
rangrmeni made with Contractoi
Snider Signed agrci ment ap
proved bj the 1 ouni il
Councillor  Cornish   ask' 1   Im
time to report regarding im rea
el wages asked [01 bj workmen.
'1 lie reeve appointed Cun, 1II01
Allen in act on tin- finance com
mittee during the absence ol ( oun
cilllot Mordcn.
Moved bj Coiim illoi Allen, se.
iiiialeil by Couni 1II01 May, and re
solved iimt tenders be called lot
thc completion ol the pipe Iini
road, to in- in by thc 15th inst,
Clerk Philip was allowed two
week* holiday, commem ing Aug
Adjourned till following night
The count il mel la 1 night,
Ciuiii ill,,!-,  Allen  and   Motdi :i
were absent,
I notigh 'aii'ii.iiui'", hai ii
obtained to submit the proposed
enabling by-law to raise the sum
oi 1175,000 for improvements the
coucil tb a 'ii. il in suiluiit the same
to a vole 0' the ratepayers on 15th
Also one tc raise *3.>5,coo for the
extension of the waterworks system will be voti 1 on at the same
A lung discussion ensued on lite
submitted plan of a progosed subdivision "I lots 635 and iyit>, gronp-
1, New Westminster district, byn-
alerti'" "11 Peep Cove, Nortli Arm
ol im* inlet, just north ol Rochet
Point Th,- new land act provides*
tli.it ail registered plans must have
streets to navigable waters 600
leel apart
This also involves thc plan of
subdivision of lot 2(15, the Lonsdale estate, west of the Indian
No rction laken in either case.
Council adjourned till Monday,
7:30 p. in.
Church Notices.
Services as usual on Sunday at
11 a. m. ami 7:30 p. m.
Sunday School, 2:30 p. in.
Christian Endeavor on Wednes-
lay, as p. m.
Services in Mooydville school
and Lynn vclley school on Sun-
'u\s at 7:30 p. in.
Everybody welcomed lo all
servii es.
Pastor: Rev, J. I). Gillam, M. A.
ST.   John's   , 111 Rl ii,    cORNatR    or
Sim us.
Sunday, Aug '51b (Sth alter—
Trinity llm.v ciim.mi.niuN, 11:30
Sunday, Aug ,2tb—IIoi.v, t;o.M-
munion, 11:30 a. 111.
Every Sunday—Mattins, 11 a.
in.: evensong, 7:31, p. ni,
Monday. Vigust 6tl|—Evensong
md address (east of Lonsdale
gardens'pier), in Mrs. McKelvie'i
It is hoped to arrange a celebration ol Hon COMMUNION near
thi foreshore, on Sunday, August
the 1 jib ai s a, 111.
Last week a celebration was
held oppositi Lake Beautiful, the
l' nip ii.iiv .ilt.11 b ing set up in the
luor ol a tent, ami the congregation kneeling on pillows on the
in 11 li. The full vestments were
worn by the wisli of the congregation,
l\i port "I the "Ritual Commission'' will appear next week.
The Concert.
On Wednesday evening, under
lhe au |i'■ s o| the North Van-
' V'liliiitei 1 Fire Brigade,
Im aijtab ut provided a particularly
ni> programme ol instrumental
in ! Ma. al si lei turns in Larson's
pavillion. The Manzanillo Mandolin Orchestra was much ap*
prei iati d, while tin Arion Banjo
Trio dieted loud applause, The
quarti ttc 1 om posed ol Messrs.
I' nm 1,    Young,    I In I.i.1,111    and
Tyrant was cxcelh nt, as was also
tin ■ eral vocal selections.
1 A in   to  the  1 aaiinii 1   .iiiui, turns
the atti tula .111 wis lather small
md soim n hat ''1 1 iuraging to ihe
boys, who on this 011 assioil, as in
iln    past,   pies, hit al    helotc    the
ptiblit something very creditable.
Cunningham's orchestra furnished
tin .1   ompaniments,
The  B.   C.    Electric   Railway
Company  Will    begin   operations
next iv, a k 011 tin- new bridge to
be buili on l-'ii.t street, m-ar
Lonsdali . ird 'I lie bridge
will be joxi \t li' 1. and will have
ill Iati i ' 1 lhc tramway,
I lhe toadwaj and ,1 sidewalk,
"0| :i   1    I mod    Pot
iln providing  you   dou'f
XiiliTH V \ N'i AI'V KI! li. A
W'eokl- .\'ow.-|iupor.   i   Pulihsfli'il liy
llll-; KXI'liKSS I'lil.NTI.Vi Company
Suli iii'iptioit "ue Dollar per Veur
Managing lO.litor
\ Ivei'tising Munnger.
I 'ia    Sexton     11.t'll,'     ta    nil     llapert
-.,,,,I,tB'-r- Wonderful Skill „l
ill* Bfllder llllll llif l.r.'iil Slrnln
'   In.'   Ilia   lllllsllc   Well   Mill   il.-nr.
before man ii.nl iliotishl "f tim
law Uio sun- liv liml Used llu' same
Cool, made after tlio buiiio fashion uud
■ an'.', fur in purpose
II ■  :. In ■ -:,'■. iii ilia' I'M:,, lies ol irees
a I lUlltlll   IlltVO ,1 si'a'llle  J.1.1. 0
So ili'i'aa.,! her eggs, Tlie carpenter I	
Ib oi . i1 •• loola which iiaturo bas
■. lier, cuts a round bole, Ibo full
lit . ■ .'i' Inu- body, through Ihlck
.aa: ia!- im.! bo makes a tunnel hy wblcll
■be a',in hnvo a sui'e reii'i'.it in which tu
rear ber young, Tho tumhlebug, with-
mt derrick or machinery, mils over
large musses uf dirt nutiiy times her
»wn weight, uml the BCXton I tie will
ia a Aw hours bury henealli 'in- ground
the carcass of u comparatively large
animal, All these feats require u d,*-
sreo of Instinct which in a reasoning
traturo would be called engineering
•kill, hut none of them is us wonderful as the teals performed by tlie spl-
,l-.r. Ties extraordinary little animal
lias the faculty ,,f propelling ber
threads directly against the wind, nnd
BJ means nf li"r slender cords she can
li >:|i nml suspeud bodies which are
■M.iny times ber „«-n weight,
Borne .".ii* ngo .i paragraph went the
rounds of tlie papers lu which it wm
•aid Hint n spider liml suspended au
unfortunate mouse, raising it from tlie
ground nml leaving it t" perish mlsera
.ii-. between heaven nnd earth, Would
lie philosophers made grent fun of the
statement nnd ridiculed ii unmercifully. I know not bow true II wns, bill I
tiinv tlmt it tu..'lu iir." ia.I'll true,
Koine years ago in the village of Ha-
vunn In ihe Btato of New York it spider
•.mangled n milk snake lu her threads
tad actually raised II some distance
from tho ground, ninl tills, too, iu spite
»f Die struggles of tliu reptile, which
Iran alive.
Hy what process of engineering did
this comparatively small and feeble Insect mcc 1 in overcoming nml lifting
:j Ly mechanical means tho mouse or
the snake'; The solution is easy
enough If We only give the question a
i.'ttle thought,
The spider Is furnished with on» of
■?-.» most eiiieient mechanical Implo-
:u-nts known to engineers—vis, a
itrong elastic thread,  That the thread
Ii strong Is well known,  ind I, there
■tr' few subBtnncoa that will support a
greater strain than Iho silk of tli" silkworm or the spider, cnreful experiment having slmu'ii ih it for . ■ ■   sizes
,.!•■   Bin  llgtllOf tlla'-l' Illaa'I'S (• \ a  |. l||;Ct
of common Irani.   Hut notwithstanding
rs strength tin- spldet i tin..a.; would
b,. useless ns . nieelinnli-iil i
were uol Ar lis cliistl, iy    l he sp ler
ims in, bloeka ,,r pulleys, nnd ' ■
■ ■ it  ot i       -laa- thread lo tl    le up
and run lu d n ul d reelioi s, hut Ilia
ilnstlclty ei' lie' thread  i   lhan
makes up fur tins mil rendei
the llfl   ; of il mut'li heat ler
thnn n uiouso ur ll Kiinkc.   This inny
i a little oxp
l."t ii- i lilld c "i lift
■ nu puittid ivelgbl mi' fu"i high nnd
. ■   ■    i i ii, mile    l ur-
... 'a
,-nlaia1 ia. „f pn ling ■-.* pounds through
'.,i..' I...I v hi 'i iii'"'. hed l.ol these
bands a nttacbed t" n wooden platform mi which stands i pair "f horses
t... j| ■ | 2,)00 pounds, a,i- rather more
tiiuii ai ion, If now ii," 'ini I will uo to
-i- riililier bands
■ Iti) eil.'h   0110   up   ns   it   is
i    , .  . lhan (went} minutes
b- m; i have raised ih" pair of horses
"Ye'ihils see mat tlio elasticity of the
rubber bunds enables the child to divide tbe weight of horses Into 330
pieces of six pounds each, and, at the
rate of » little less than one every
three seconds, he lifts all these separate pieces ono foot, so that Hie child
tnslly lifts this enormous weight.
Each spider's thread nets llko one of
the elastic rubber bands, Lot us suppose Hint tho mouse or snnko weighed
half nu ounce and thnt each thread Is
capablo of supporting a grain and u
half. The spider would liuve to connect
the mouse with the point from which
u wns to be suspended with 1.10
threads, and If tbe little quadruped
was oneo swung off his feet he would
he powerless, Hy pulling successively
mi "iii'li thread, nml shortening it a little, the mouse or Bunko inlghl bo raised
to nny height with n Iho enpneity of
lhe building or structure In which tho
work was limn'. So tlmt to those who
Imvc ridiculed the story wo mny Justly
say, "Thefo nre moro things in heaven
mnl earth than ure dreamed of In your
i    i iphy."
Wli.it object the spider could hnve
had in his work 1 am unable to Bee. It
n ny hnvo been u drend ol tho harm
wbli h Iho in.iiise or snnko might work
or it tuny hnve been the hope (lint the
decaying rurcoss would nttract tlie*.
niii, ii would furnish f I tor tho engineer, 1 .-iiii vouch fur tho truth of the
snake Btory, however, und Iho object
of this nrtlelo Is to explain nml render
credible a very extraordinary feat of
Insect engineering.
Krn of Acthllii.
The "ern of Actium," adopted during
tho curly days of the Roman empire,
commemorates the grent victory gained
hy Oetnvlus over the troops of Antony
ninl Cleopatra, Jan. 1, H. C. 80, It was
ni'i.'ii u-."i among the Romans both in
writing mnl colloquially, Just ns In
England people speak uf events ns oo-
eurrlng before or after the conquest,
or us persons In this country frequently
ra'fi',- to events ns having happened boforo or after Hie war,
A stnlsht llfo Is the shortest dis-
iiiii'i' between honesty and honor.—
Hniurday Evening Tost.
toii uu .-.
"So your lui-liaii'l has none fishing?"
snld th" neighbor,
"Vi s," answered Mrs. Wise,
"I hope he will catch a nice lot und
'lll'lll 111,llie."
"I don't l.ii'iw whether he will catch
nny or nol. hut he  will bring B e
home. He always takes Ins pocket-
book when he goes fishing,"—Washington star.
Flag   of   the   Campbells   Once   More
Flutters In the Breeze on tho Towar
of Inverary Castle.
Greatly to the satisfaction of a.11 good
, Scotchmen, the nag of the house ol
Campbell, known up in ths north as
"The Galley ot Lome," once more Hatters in Um breeze on Hn: tower of Inverary Castle, showing tlmt tlm
Blrangers have departed from th" ancestral abode of the Dukes of Argyll,
nml Hint lim Campbells have ''nil" 11
their own again, writ,'a th" Marquise
al,, Fontenoy, True, It Is not the Duke
'af Argyll himself who is in reslden -i
there hut Ills yniinulii r brother, Lord
ai. orge Campbell, who ims taken  ivet
. Hn- lease ol Hi" place from Mr. Cress-
well, lis n nt i' iiiiu-. f 'I- Hi,' remainder "f Ilia' fniir years thai It ims M
run. .Mr. Cresswell .via only ' 11 uu-
inns in i;.: iiii af iii" place.   I'n- there
i Is nn old supcrstltl m In s •■.•:..111. in 1
es| Inlly in Hi" r only of Am   . '
til"  ali'.'a't   lillll   III.'  .."."ll..,le".    llf   I    I     ■■
iii-y Cnstlo lu- nits  mi-f..nu:.    ' '   in
| ono who Is ivi n Campbell Cei llnl]
■ii" experiences of the tenants  if ths
pi , -uia'.' the presi nt duke tie   h I
tn l, i || after tho di uh aaf his father,
would seem e, lend e dor to the bI try.
For during tho six years that have
elapsed since then, several lessees havi
succeeded .an,, another, two of them
dying BUddcnly, while a third was overtaken by financial disaster. So wonder,
i therefore, that .Mr. Cresswell has tbeen
Kind to give up the plum.
Inverary Castle aa lt now stinals li
one of the works of the famous architect Adam, who began It In the year
1744 for the third Duke of Argyll, Tha
banks ol the River Amy have, however, been the home of the chiefs of ths
great clan ot Campboll fair moro than
500 years, ami the ruins of the oLl baronial hall, built by the lirst Earl ol
Argyll, ai" still i" bo seen close to ths
present castle, The Inner Is construct.
nl of a sorl of Blato colored sl ine in   .
A. .,     ,      ,       ,., ilnys, wi.j uu exi a da v eve y ton  n
| tho cns:a;:.ii.'ii Btylo, with round tow-
i ers at tie- nudes and surmounted by a
great Bquarc tower in the centre< Ths
great hall ef tha castle, which ;-* beneath tills central tower, is ti.',' 1 with
ancient arnur nml weapons, comprlS'
Ing 100 iniislia'ts which were usi 1
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Lever Brothers Limited, Toronto. Canada i
i in- Korean TJft-er,
Tlie  Miiueliurliiii  rn-  Korean
si, n i* considered the llncst
"Mr. (llilalisiini," she said nfter be
had talked for twenty minutes of ler
trout beauty, "ovcrybody says you uro
sin ii n flatterer."
Mr. Illlhbsuni lifted his blinds depre-
cntitntly and wus about to defend him-
self when she continued:
■ lint 1 bollovo you are a sincere, ear-
nest mm. Pardon me. I Mil 1 Interrupt your remarks)"—Judgo„
A  Vlr.T In IcOlUllda
Two s nui rt young men from London
ou.e ,nni,• upon ii respectable looking
shepherd iu Argylcshlre uud accosted
Inin Willi:
"You hnvo a very tine view here—
you '.in boo ii grent wny."
"I'U ny. .vu ny, U ferry "lent way."
-Ah: Vmi nn, see Amorlce here, I
-I.iiinr Iiinn Ihal."
• IP.w i- Unit}"
"Vu j.-l wait tulc the mists cang
awn' tiinl you'll >"" Hi" iiniii''.'' l'h.l.v
delpliln Ledger,
Out..  ll,-fian„.
"I never wns si, iii,my in my life."
"Wlmt now, Cllthei '/"
"Why, Ueorgo Iind the nudnclty to
say I u-"'l pit'iii "ii my checks, Such a
cnuiird wounded my feelings us tbey
inu'.. never I ii wounded before."
"Urn, ous! It .- a, wonder you did
not burst into tours "
"I WOlllil hive, llllll',', hut-hut 1
was afraid 'he leal I would wash off nil
Ibo i "i'   IIoubIoii I'ost.
Cn urn.,
It Is said that the word "caucus"
originated in Boston in the following
manner: Snmuel Adntns ami about
twenty others, shipbuilders, used to
bold a "caulkers'" meeting regularly
before every election In form plans ns
t'i candidates for ollice; hence arose
tlm ii,nne "caucus."
Chlnose Km.
Tiie Chinese era begins II. C. 2iWT
Willi tlm accession of tlie Emperor
Vii", who lirst ilevi.el a ciileuiliir for
Hi" , hiii'-a'. dividing the year in 'Ml',
, year,
Power *.f llu.l..
Tiie famous tuosqlio of St. Sophia. In
Constantinople, Is always fragrant with
in   the "'lor nf musk und lias heen so ever
1745 by tii,' Campbolls, when "Prince
Charlie," as pretender, had ii', Scotland up in arms. , ,,t" siaia. if I ■, .-
tie slopes down towards Loch Pyne,
since It was built in the ninth century,
the curious thhiu holm: thut nothing is
done I-, keep lt perfumed, The solution of the seeming mystery lies in the
one of the ni's! famous nni beautiful ,,„, „,„ w,„.n lt ffns built, over l.UiiO
of the lochs "f the western H .hands.      ,
The his ory • -f tlic Campbells is tin .        ..,                                  ,
history of Scotland.    No family his B*«d with mortar mixed with musk,
"wme a larger sharo in Hi" imi* and
triumphs ot thai    northern   kingdom The Survivor.
thnn tlie  clan  of  which  MacCallum When the wlfo dies first, tho husbnnd
Moro is the chief,   ll I- owing '. > this   i n  average  survives  nine years,
that the nam" a,r inverary figures si while If tbe husband dies lirst the wife
frequently both nt Scottish history .ml survives eleven vciirs, according to In-
Scottish literature, and It will bo turn- „„.„„,, statistics, slutes an l.ngllsh
Ulnr to every reader of the novels ot
If you're waking In llie morning, call me
early, mother, dour(
For Peanuts Fink ami Spider Urown and
lliickiop will l>o |.ert,
And wa know where tha Ushea BWlffl and
whert thu shade Is cool
And where'i a dandy diving plate b<*sl<H
tha ■wimmlng pool.
I'v» brims the klmllliiKS In, mother, you
wantod me ti) chop;
I've filled the woodbox till the wood Is
npilllng o'or thc top;
I've currifd all thu noises as my father
baih) mo do;
I've mtlkiM tlio rows and slopped the plga
and ted the chickens too.
I've weeded out the onion bed and banked
the celery,
And I've tran.-tplaf.tM cibhaRe plants and
propped the apple tree.
And I have suited nil the sheep and fixed
the chicken coop
AAd run all tlio errands, mother, till I felt
my spirits droop.
Bo, If you're waking early, call me early,
mother, dear,
For I know where ihe graylings play and
Whore tlm pools nre elcnr,
And I've dun all tlio worms I w.int and
cut an alder pole,
And corks will bob tomorrow morn In
that old fishing hole.
-J. M. Lewis in Houston Post,
Waltfjr Scott Burns, too, his been
olmiu.'nt about the <';istlo In his pooms,
though in an unfriendly strain. For
falling to receive proper hospitality on
tim pan ,if ih.' duke nf hia days, when
he visited the castle, h<' revenged him-
Thi-  I n-l   PrfHB  i.nng
Whon w.irs broke nut in which the
English navy liml to tako n groat part
full  crews  were  onco   made  up  hr
self by tli- following wetUknown lines:   means .>f the "press Kane"'- men wore
Whoe'er he W that sojourni hsre, I Betwd im,i lmstU'tI Dboard B,1,P8 nud
I pity much :iis case, made to serve, hut this riistom is now
Uni'.^s h- come to wait upm j obsolete, and the last war whon men
The lord, their god, his grace wore pressed for tlie navy was the tor
There's northing here bu: lU'ii.ind rifle Napoleonic war, ending with Wa-
I'M* terloo, lu 1815.
And Highland cnnU nni hunger; _^_____
If Providence has sent mo h .".
'Twos surely in his anger.
Mri. Jay—Don't yon llml Dr. Kawycr
rutli.T exorbitant in iiii prices?
Mrs. Key-Not nt nil. Why, be fro-
quoutly droiu In to spoiul tlio ovi'iilng
wiib in Riul do.'-'ii't cbargaj a cent,-
\* um .m's Home Companion,
In llir Mi, l	
Wife-Well, Jolin. I don't lee how I
cau suit you. Vou don't like my cook-
lug, ami you havo ooniplalnod of every
Intumuch nn th.- union ot tli" rr-*-
ent Duke of Argyll and of r i
Louise li.i." remained childless, the nest
heir io the dukedom nnd to tho mmy
other dignities miai ostntei is his brother, Lord Archibald Campbell, who,
i.'inK a rich "inn and an onthu i I
Highlander, devoted lo th. mall ton, i
ul    : tii.   a'.,l en .nul traditions ot
*A Strang- Dil-mmi.
A curious contusion of Identity bids   cook 1 liavo hired,  1 can't got ono to
fair  to prevent a young  workglrl ol   suit.
Nol nil HIT Yenr In I'..Ihl,'.,
Thoso who nro cnlllug 1000 an off
year iu politics forget that It will not
only elect 310 members of tho popular
branch of congress nnd legislatures
which will cbooso moro than u dozen
United stales Bonators, but that lt will
elect more lhan two dozen governors.
In most of the twenty-eight states
which choose governors ihis yenr other
stale officers and members of the legislature will be elected, while In somo
stales which do not chouse governors
there will he, as In Missouri, canvasses
for ij-inor stale officers, Most of the
Important states choose governors or
minor officers, or both, in IIhiii, nnd ns
they necompnuy a congressional canvass a great deal of Interest will naturally he aroused In them, and a largo
vote Is certain to lie polled,—St Louis
by local applications, as thoy cannot
reach tin diseased portion of the ear.
Tin re is only one wuy to cure deafness,
and iimt is i>y constitutional remedies.
lia afnesi is caused by mi Inflamed eon-
dltton >af Hie mucous IniiiiK of the Rust-
echlen Tut"'. Winn this tube in Inflamed
liifliuiiiiiiiiiian can be taken out and this
hearing, ami ninn II Is entirely closed,
li'ftfiiass is the result, ami unless the
li,iliiiiiiniiili.il aim lie taken out am) this
tulae restored to Im normal condition,
henrliiH will be destroyed forever; nine
ensis out "f i.n me canned by Catarrh,
which Is nottiliiK lull an InflRnifd con<
ditiaan of the itiiii'nii" surfaces.
We will live (.ine Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafnesslcaused by Catarrh)
tlmt cannot be cured bv Hall's Catarrh
Cure.   H.iiil fa'r clicular- free.
I'. .1  i'IIKNRY * CO., Toledo. O.
SAI   by   Piiigulmia.  75c.
Tulie Hair. Family Pills for cunillpatlon
A Moniiiitln of rich.
Daniel Lumber, lhe "llritisli  nioun
tain oi flesh," weighed 711) pounds, ila
died suddenly lu Loudon ou July 1,
Tin- Meridian Ant.
in the tropica I northern territory of
South Australia travelers need mil early ii compass, The district abounds
with the nesis of llie lllilguotlc, or meridian, nut. The longer axis of thes'i
point due north and south,
I'arle from marrying, says Thn London
Two years ago her ohler sister write
on th-i eve uf her marrlsgo lo the mayor
of her nailvii villaje fair a copy of lur
blrih certificate. Fir smiia rsasun tlni
official tolled to And the entry, and oo-
ordlngly had the extraordinary idea to
Iliislinml (stubbornly)—Toil could If
you went after the right one.
Wlfo—That's nil you know nhout It.
I telegraphed your uiolher yesterday
offering her $10 n week, and she declined to eoine.  Bohemian,
,!l" i'""i   : ' "i"'.'5',1".' Tf'\] sand tha girl the certlfloau of htr young
nirthdays were celebrated as long
ui.-, u. i!.. Hi... .'f I'bnraob,
To Cleanse and
Purify the Blood
A.)d Invigorate the Action of Liver, Kidney
and Bowels. You Must Uso
upon not "ii y to i ilabllsh hi* hes I
quarters ut  Inverary,  whon he sue
c Is lo th.- dukodom, hut lika'Wlso ti
revive nil a'f Its former glorl j -ml
III..Hal or
l.aal'al   A Ta'll i iill Id.   t'i   '.v!l"m   'll''   S ' a'   ll
regiments of tho British army aro In-
deblcd (or tit  r. enl   n  f ihelr dlstlnc-
ir." I. Is nnd t.iri.ins which the War
Department was lent upon abolishing
in 1881, is tai-al.iy the senior parinrr
.unl iiia.aai active managor of Coutts'
er sister, staling that he thoniht  It
w J'lal Jo as well.
Vrrona'. old iinii.nii Theater.
Vcroiin, In Italy, Is now completing
the cxi'iivatlou of its Human theater, a
Tib: girl was married, and now her work which was begun in 1834,   It Is
younger sHter, in her turn, on the e'le Imllt lu a semicircle,   lt dates from
of marriage, bas offered tl.o same cer- uio time of Augustus Caesar anil was
till.u." \, tin Paris ollicials, who en )uv|s],|y decorated with marbles from
verifying the document have discover- Qttm Arr|(,;l UIlJ As|a    jj,, (n(,aU,r
was foriueil of huge steps of granite,
uhovo which wero rows of private
boxes, ono of which stands in Ils original position In excellent preservation
ed I he f,i   .
Josephine Hansen Is now In the position of being unable to marry unless
her sister consents to annul her own
marriage, and by so dolnu place her
banl;, whare both lhe King and queen rul„„ „„ Uu offldal totbt(tl „ ..,,„ nnd with the name uf the owner carved
keep prlvato accounts, and whloh   he      mi    ., on|t Abovo the Hon of prlvato boxes
'     '■ ;■:■, flrrl0,ntr.y   yZ   - "»PJ J f»b«,«- phMw
ago    Previous to A at ho had held a Irvinj'e Cerefulness. wero seated and fioin where Ihey look-
clerkship in a il- in of wine merchants sir Henry Irving was accustomed to c*l down oil to the sla^e or away to the
at Bordeaux, and had aflorwartl    pent vlsu at the home of  Miss  I'rlswell, water Jousts on the river.
four years In a snmllar capacity wilh author of "in the sixties end Beven-	
a tlrm of tci brokers in .Milieu,.- lane, n,.,.•• i„ whloh volume appears the ful-
London, lowing   anecdote: "My  mother often
Dr, .1. D, Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is prepared from drugs known in
in.' profession as thoroughly reliable
for the cure ot cholera, dysentery,
iiinn liiii'ii. griping pains and summer
complaints, it bus been used success-
fully by medical practitioners for u
number of years with gratifying results. If suffering from any summer
complain! It Is Jusi the medicine that
will cure yuu. Try a buttle. It sella
tor:'.', cents,
mc sea is not u.Tinitiii'iii saltiness ut
all depths, for the saltiness sometimes
in.Teases with ils depth.
(Inin. I in,,, Cun.,
The yearly Income Of Herilin Krupp,
i, i.i Archibald's euii f..r everything used lo point out little details that b«j  wbo inherited Uio famous iron works
S .tllsh has    I      i io organise the been overlooked,  I remember one in
so-called     "H ghlnnd     Association,"   The Dells.' which my mother told Mr.
which don [or old  Highland   muslo  Irving un the lirsl night, when he renin, !i a,f the same iv a   • .. El tedd-   turned lo our house to supper. People
f id .1 ei f"i lhe W. Ish folk i mgs, md  who havs .en the play may remember
the movement has a. npllshcd s great ihat Ihs lirst scene li a small inn, and
deal towards reviving lhe old Highland  that there Is supp.ised to have lecn a
spirit l.y • Ires te deep fall of snow. Ths Innkeeper, Hal
Sunllghl Simp Is heller than other
snaps, hut Is besl when used In tho
Sunlight way.       Buy Sunlight Soup
mnl follow directions,
aiRKKIlitf  till- *<r«nc.
immediately nftor the grapes have
blossomed cover tlio bunches with two
or three pound maiilla grocers' hugs,
, accoi'iling lo tho size of Ihe variety.
sing the pun     national airs i      •   ,; ,, (Irving), walked in on that Ant  slslence Is now fully 300,    Tu pro-  This |a pre-emlnontly a fruit garden
i" ancient night in mlinary black boots, with no  tect tho works she has n small nrmy \ nwiliod, although coinmorclal groweri
of 000 I I. aiiiia'.l ami Under Strict  often USO It   It Is the surest nnd often
military discipline,  Sue also has po- j ihe mosl practical way of securing per-
ut Essen, Uerniuny, Is steadily increasing, It having amounted In ll)U,*i to
nhout (5,000,000, Miss Krupp manages ller greal properties wilh remarkable ability, Her business is expanding, ami the number uf those dependent uu her fur employment ami sub-
Overloaded iVomeu,
III Italy the wulueii cany very heavy
hauls (if wood from tho dock to the
uiarkot place. Often these are so
heavy lhat the women look us If tliey
would stagger underneath, Wheu nsk-
ed why ihe timber merchants do nut
keep horses and wagons ti..y will reply; "We ure cheaper than horses.
I'.esiilcs, we have tu earn our llviug us
best we call."
■I'l"    nil 'n'la'll    'a,    lb
Ivor I'lll    'ci only
.a lull
'   U        laalWII  ill   now
.||      III a
til  bill*   Ihey   rngllllil.
i 'a aii ..I the bowel
'   !       Jl   '       |l|    IU      i'l      lllO      111'
in     llmo   ihey
III      '    . '    ' Sill
i' pi el   a in 'imi
rheumntlsm,   luinlingo,   Brlal
■ ■.I "  nppeti  a ■    gnil illuh I
Mr. K ti  Moyor,   Lncnl   I'
'ti'aiiit    Ltiku,   II.C,   Willi's      i ■  n
ipe r.   in   tho   11| hi il loi n
An,."'- lli   ■ ml   Dr. i
it. a..11,i Book wiili It l have used f.i
llol ' a   ■ n    '
ilns fainon    I ...
iliu     failed
'II"    Uill'       I    «    ' |]
l.a-ll.a   ',      lllSI a,   .'       llllll      ll   ' '
a i, ini ■ i, .'     I'llls,    Thi
ti   ni ..v"iii.iii.- •
. dip '■    .    ■ ■       i   Imlil   up   it'*
i ■        ■    ■      Id
'a        a
. .1   I      Uf     111'
' '
■I        Bal
Highland han I  Lord and Lady ,.,,., upon them. My mother spoke of
Archibald ni   I    nl  I peopli   ind ths it, and ifterwarde Mallhlos wore high
opon air perform t ir- black boots, and stood on the mat while
"■I plays *' Co        I ".r ; , a rn,  mow was brushed "if them. Ile
al King ' an .an.ti, uu. , wore, al on*> marks s'ere made as to Mr. Irvlng's at-
' i'inl o ■ i lhe mlnulesl details, and ihls
time, f i ..   .
Lord  m ihlbald   is   a   a it i rl illy was   Hi I as .m Instn	
elovor artist with his brush, and was
nn Intimate fr" nd mnl close a loci ce
of Whistler  Ills only daughter,  Miss
A Long Lived Wb-.il Slack.
IICO  und a  secret service,-Chicago   'ed bundles.  Tie or pin Ihe mouth of
Journal. ,.,:j - ■ p.   j    ,.    j |jjj iIm- img Drmly; leave no opening (0
-"'    A Hot.1 Plr. Alarm. > ■l"1 OTt«r'  ' V I T" '"'"■e,"IT IMe
lower cuiTier of lhc bag, so Unit no
wilier will stay In It.   LoflVfl (lie bag
The Bring of uinroons or small shells
which explode wilh n lollll noise to call
the lire brigade in case of lire has
Elspeth Campboll, an extremely hand*     T'"'r'' '* ' "'"'"' "1"cl1 ln M,Yir- *   eattsei'l complaint III llounslow. Mug-
.. ., iho .,;.., ,, i-n vll '■■" in Bouth Llncolnshlrs, thai is
pi . i ir fr a woman ot being able iwallln« ""'"<y. H has been standing
to play ihe bagpipes,   ller only bra-  ;" !,"• farmyard of Mr. Philip Belby
t'i"-. N'i.i'i Campbell, who has shown
.'- ng li in ngs tow trds Roman Catho-
I,  b is s> fir shown  no sign ol
ih- taj many.
f.r twenty leven years. The grain is
said t. be in ■ * elli nt condition, and
there are many stories ns to why thu
owner has kept It llllaot for so many
years, "ne is tlmt he determined
never t-, s. ll the corn for less than a
certain sum, welch was never olfei.l.
Ravages of Pigs' Fed.
A new light i  thrown on ll   depnpu
Iati n of Ireland h> Judgi   - t
l the Limerick Hi sl ins I
i ■   'a i" and Ihi
m.V Ha' a'            Irl   llll    '■ .   al
a     "Cl  il '   HU'   ;
a      • y at 1
Dill     ll   a     I'll"     II 1   '     11
1 ' . i   a
by    News,
if trade I
, '     I      ' , i l-.iitnacinenl lllnit.
■A'   Vi     I had a iciTiide brittle
"' '- i. II Mne'slu in bofon ihoflnol.
ills,    !    ii   |y neeepleil me
■     ; '   ■'■'    .!'." Voudon;tsayl flow lulu    i
,   , ''■•' "■   "w    Jack Aa a-,s-ai lntl.or.nf.-
'"•    '    "    '  -    »nUl0n' New (irleau, Tltueslieinocre.
I tun  for Him.
Oolro.l lil ilefil ' I hi'iir you nretro.
Ing t" iniirry Mr, (londwlii, Is (here
nny truth In the reporl?
Ml   i1' -    ■:  i -i iai sny nol 11
unless It ■ -l i'l suddenly fail heir lo n
fortune and llien ask mc- -Chicago
land, liming a recent cull the exploding maroons, It Is alleged, caused the
death uf an Infant mul lhe serious Illness uf ii woman from fright, The
authorities, llOWOVor, have decided that
the quick summoning of the lire l.rl-
gade is of nunc Importance than tl o
complaints of the nervous, ami the uso
iif uinroons l< to ba continued,   K.i-
plosive shells nre a novel tiro alarm,
Two tinrtininni... Orders,
The Inclination of lhe Sun FmnclStO
papers uf Hie dny, each ta go tlmlr
competitors on" bottor, is well demonstrated by orders Issued l.y lhe Call
and Chronicle respectively, French nf
tho Chronicle on the Wednesday even-
lug nfler tin* eiirtli'iuuke. "The Chronicle men will meol nl tho Clironlclo b>-
morrow at 1, if ihere is any Chronicle"
M.'Nam.'iii of the Call ordered that,
"Call inen will meet loiuorrow nt the
V mnl .'mi at i. if thero is any tomorrow." Hsu Frauolicg Argonaut, __
*u until the fruit Is ready lo Dick. *
Useful nt all Times.- in winter nr
in sumniii' Parmelee's Vegetable
i'llls will cope with ami overcome unv
Irregularities of tha digestive organ!
which change of diet, chango of residence, or variation of temperature
may bring about They should he always kept nl hand, iiiiii once their
iiiiii'tici.ii action becomes known, no
nno will be without them, There Is
n.itulng nauseating In Ihelr structure,
and the most delicate can use them
As It impressed  III,,,.
"Wlmt Is reform?" asked lhe Impre-t-
slve speaker.
"Weil," answered Senator Sorghum,
"I don't know exactly what It Is. Imt
It's something we've nil got lo holler
fir whether we want lo or not"-*
Washington Star,
Store Iiinn Four llnndre.1 Words la
Our LmiKunKt- Are ltcliil.il to tlie
linn,I Alone nnd Almost as Hour
Aro llerlved I mm the Head.
Tbo human body-Its limbs, fingers,
toes, inoulb, nose, ears, head aud some
'Of the 'Internal orgnus-bas originated
hundreds, of words. In ouo of tho
large dictionaries moro than 400 are
found related to the hand alone and
almost us many to the head,
Index, liidlcnle, predicate, from a
Greek word I'or linger, mean that
which points out. So oracle ami orator
refer lu what comes out of lhe mouth.
Audience, audible, auscultation, tbo
auditing of accounts, originally nfler a
"hearing" of lhe olflclals, are traceable
lu iliu cur. spirit means tbo breath
ami is also found lu conspire, "to
broatbo togotbor;" Inspire, "to breathe
lu," and even in perspire, "to breathe
1 through."' Impediment Is something
nguinst tin* foot, Ell, the cloth measure, is the length of the forearm, The
hair in capillary attraction means the
power exerted through tbo capillary or
buirlike lubes.
The heart (cordis) Is to be observed
In a cordial, or heartening, drink; a
cordial, or hearty, manner; the core of
nu apple. Dents in wood or melnl get
their nuuie from their resemblance to
tooth marks. The tongue sti'.'ks out lu
several words, like language and linguist.
In some countries anybody may rise
by bis own merits to be somebody,
even to tho "head" of the nation or of
tho church; bo a bend master of a
.School, head a revolution, take up
"arms" and prove to be a capital-
thnt !s, a headmost-soldier and the
'Chief (head) of the a-tuy.
Corporal punishment is bodily punishment; capital punishment is punishment by decapitation, or taking off
the head. A corporal—that Is, a cap-
oral-rUienns the same as captain—that
Is, tho bend of a body of foot soldiers.
A colonel is one who has been crowned. The .commander In chief, or head
commander, compels the chieftains, or
' heiidnieu of the enemy, to capitulate-
that Is, surrender according to an
1 agreement that Is divided Into capltu-
las, or little heads, or chapters.
A heady aud headstrong ruler sometimes makes people wish he was head-
■ less. To make headway against bis
foes lie may have to rush headlong Into
difficulties or take a header Into tbe
unknown sea ot politics. Among some
peoples ono with the big bend Is likely
to lose It. Under somo the headship of
the ship ot state does not make headway against the head winds of events
or around tho "cope," or headland, Just
ahead. He may plunge luto trouble
over head and ears, aud bis opponents
have to put their heads together to
head him off, so ns to prevent a bead-
on collision with another nation. Some
men hate to be treated as deadheads
ot political headquarters or as so many
head of cattle or as mutton heads or
cabbage heads, cabbage Itself bclog
from an old Spanish word meaning
Some men "piny their hnnd" for all
there Is In IL Seine stretch out the
glud hand to every one. Some keep
hand In glove with those engaged In
utidertnnd proceedings us well us with
those who hnve climbed to high plnees
hnnd over hand. When the right man
says "Hands off!" even his right hand
man would not lay hands on what wns
forbidden. The clock hands tell us If
we are beforehand or behindhand,
A bandsomo man originally was one
who Used his hands skillfully ami so
wns graceful and probably, therefore,
good looking. Although every one carries a palm In bis band, people no
longer, wilh palms In their hands, welcome tlieir heroes. One may have bis
linger In too many pies mil tread on
too mnny toes. One's chlrography,
manuscript, handwriting—they are all
one—may be ratter course, but his fine
hand Is detected lu many u public docu-
iiieoi ann m urouso opposition to his
handling tho funds. This might prove
a severe bnndlcap, which was orlglnnl-
ly so called from the jockeys putting
their hands Into n cap and drawing
lots for thc places that their horses
wero to have In tho race. Footstool
mul foot rule sound alike, but In tbo
first foot Is tho literal, In tho second
the figurative, use ot the word.
Though the politician put his best
foot forward ho may find his foothold
gelling Insecure and begin wondering
what's afoot. Ills coachman, mounting the footboard, may bo Insolent; his
footman, contemptuous; his chef, or
betid cook, neglectful. Ho may bo
ridiculed before the footlights ns a
social footpad, living n band to mouth
existence nt the expense of tho taxpayers. While Ihey are Insisting on
ills toeing the mark and he Is bunging
to his poslllon by Iho toe mills, nn tho
saying Is, lie mny well wish ho was
buck on Ills natlvo foothills,
Were he arrested he might ho handcuffed and fetters, or footers, placed
upon his feet, Ho might not even have
an opportunity of making mouths or
showing Ids tooth nt bis enemies. Ho
might In other days lie turned over to
the beadsman, but there would be no
newspaper headlines proclaiming that
fact. Only a small headstone might
leii his fate to the pedestrians, or foot
passengers, going by.
Bays Results are "Truly Wonderful."
Mrs. I. Iluutor, ol
111 niiglan Road, King,
stun, Out,, says:—
"I have suffered with
kidney     and     liver
Which Started Agitation That Eventually Brought About Abolition of
Public Executions.
Charles   Dickens   waa   so   horror-
stricken by the revolting spectacles seen
among the en irmous crowd, gathered
, to witness the hanging of fellow human
trouble   and    ohronlo beings, that he wrote a powerful let-
constipation for some t9r, which was published In The Dia-
was   subject patoh, protesting against public exeou-
bilious| tions   '|'|„, K1.,.;ll novelist's letter Is of
The HelKhl nf SlmnllcltTa
"Awfully simple, Isn't ho?"
"I should say he was. Why, it's an
actual fact that ho played poker with
a stranger on nn ocean liner."
We hnve no right to say tlmt the universe Is governed hy natural laws, lint
only that It Is governed according to
natural laws,—Carpenter.
Are ynu u sufferer with corns?  If
ynu are. gel ll bottle of llnllowny's
Com Cure. It has never been known
lu full.
time. I
to dizziness
Mrs. I, Hunter headache, nervousness,
drowsiness, pubis In the back and sido,
and a tired, weary feeling nearly all
the time.
"I tried almost every medicine, was
treated by doctors and druggists with
Utile or no benefit.
"I tried Dr, Leonharilts Antl-PIll.
and tho results have boon truly won
derful. I am bo much better, Anil
I'lll Ib a most wonderful remedy."
All dealers, or tho Wilsnnt'ylo Co,
Limited, Niagara Falls, out.        noi
particular Interest as It not only gives
a graphic picture of the horrors ol that
scene, but It started thai agitation
which never censed until nineteen years
later, In istis, executions were mi laing-
er carried out In public Charles Dickens wrote;
Mr. Editor,- I was a witness of the
execution al Horscmonger lane, I went
there with Hi" Intention of observing
tho crowd gathered to behold II, and 1
bud exci Hem opportunities of doing -.,
at intervals all through the night, and
continuously from daybreak until after
the s] t.icli' was over.   I d i not   id-
dress ynu mi the subject With any Intention of discussing the abstract
question of capital punishment or any
This Is th« paramount feature of
Free from dust, dirt, and all  foreign substances.
Packets   Only,   40c,   60c,    a nd   60c   per   Ib.
Highest Award    St.  Louis 1904.
At   all   grocer*.
Too Big for the Job.
The neighbors of an old Irishwoman
wore uiieii surprised to Bee her carrying up two lllghls nf stairs the "little     ,
jags   of .'.ml thai cam., to her bock °  ""' wments of lis lonents  ■■
dour every once In a while, knowing 5dV0Jc?tf'   ' s""|,ly ivl8h l' ""'" ","s
t  she had i, big healthy sun living dreadful experience to some Moount for
win, her. one of these neighbors!th? «°™ral g00d'^ ,akln« lJ» J81*1,
happened to call on her just when al •■' iu"1 mo"' P* ••means of advert-
half ton of the black diamonds had 'n* ",' '"! I"'l",i"1"" alvenby Si, 0.
been delivered. Her Bon wns esconcedl ?"?'.'.n. '.I0^1^ .•ai'ssio" ^^arl!al.no."
on an old horse hair covered sni'u, a
cigarette In his mouth and a
sporting pmier In his hands. The old
lady had her buds ready to make thc
numerous trips necessary tu bring It
up to the third lloor.   "Why doesn't
your sun bring up the coal, Mrs. Hooligan'."' he asked, "1 just list him that
mcsi'lf wan day. and he snld he would
do It but he was too big to be after
carrying such small hods ns these be,
Sure and Dlnny Is too big for this
kind of ii job," and the uld lady started
down for her coal.
She—What a pity! The apartment
papa has found us is on the ninth si'
He   When yuu arc there with lue,
darling, it  will he the sunny side
Wiener Witzlilntt.
At the lirst sign of Illness during
Ihe hot weather, give the lillle ones
Baby's own Tablets or in a tew hours
the   trouble  may   be   beyond cur
llahy's Own Tablets is the best medicine In tho world to prevent Bummer complaints If given occasionally
to well children. The prudent mother win not wait till trouble comes-
she will keep her children well
through mi occasional dose of this
medicine, Mrs. Edward Clarke, Mc-
Uregor, Ont, says: "My little girl
suffered from colic and bowel troubles
but Baby's Own Tablets speedily
cured her." And the niolher has tlie
guarantee ot a government analyst
that these Tablets contain no opiate
ur harmful drug. Sold by all medicine dealers i"- hy mall at ll.i cents a
bus from till- Dr. Williams .Medicine
Co., Brockvllle, Out. Keep the Tablets in the house.
Mistress—How could yon be so stop
id as to stand things uu a Froshl-
puiiiteil table?
Servant- Please, ma'am, master justldollai
to give Its support to a measure making
the Inlllctlon of capital punishment a
private solemnity within the prison
walls (with such guarantees for the
last sentence of Iho law being Inexorably and surely administered as should
•be thoroughly satisfactory to the public at large) and of most-earnestly beseeching Sir d. Grey, as a solemn du'y
which he owes to society, and a responsibility which ho cannot forever put'
away, to originate such a legislative
change himself.
I believe that a sight so Inconceivably awful as tho wickedness und lev-
Time Has Tested It.—Time tests' Ity of the Immense crowd collected at
all things, that which is worthy lives, that execution culd be Imagined by no
that which is Inimical to man's wel-l man, and could bo presented In no
fare perishes, Time has proved Dr. I heathen land under lhe sun. The hor-
Thomas' EcleCtrlc Oil. From n few,rors of the gibbet and of the crlnv
thousand bottles In the curly days of | which brought the wretched murderer
its manufacture the demand hns risen
bo that now the production is running
Into hundreds ot thousands of buttles.
What is so eagerly sought for must
be iood.
W. (inyl Ely, nl Buffalo, the president of the American Street Railway
Association, a as talkng nt the convention iu Pliiladelpha about nit.tor-
inen's and conductors1 adventures.
"A conductor came to me with i
smiling lace tlie other day." he said.
"He wanted to tell me what happened
ii.' an incoming car.
It seems that a middle aged woman
und her little sun. a lad of six or set-
on years, got on the cur, and as soon
as tliey were seated the woman took
n half-dollar ont of ber pocket and
handed it to the youngster to pay the
fare with.
''The hoy held the coin in his -mail,
fat hand, and examined it closely mid
"The oonductor appeared for the
fares, and the youngster gave him the
half-dollar with owlish solemnity.
'■The money was pocketed and 4.0
cents in change put in the small, extended hand,
"As soon ns he got this change the
boy lniiglusl. wriggled in his seiu, and
to lt faded In my mind before the aim-
A Brave New Yorker.
A great crowd, eseittsl equally by
clous bearing, looks, and language of surprise au.l admiration, surrounded
the assembled spectators, When I come „ young woman at Sixth avenue and
upon the scene nt midnight, the shrill- Twenty-third street yesterday nfter-
ness of the cries nnd howls that were noon, says the New York World. One
raised from time to time, denoting that licard mel) comments from the shop-
they came from a concourse of girls ,„,,., (ls ;__
put something there.
Mistress (in great wrath) li tlio
master is u liml, then at least he has
the right to he. but you haven't, you
silly girl.—Wiener Salonwitsblatt,
Friend—Why, what an- ynn (loinf-
in the kitchen.'1 Haven't you' uny
Housewife- Certainly, 1ml ilie i- in
her room playing her piano.- Figaro,
.lust mice, after he Int.I been nn the
stand continuously fur many huiirs,
the great financier lust his temper,
und retorted with nn angry answer.
"I'm afraid ynu forgel lhat you arc
a gentleman," observed counsel,
The rebuke struck linine. The witness winced visibly. Hut he was not
Unwilling 1" justify himself.
"Where one Is culled un to forgel
sn many things, nil at once, nno be-
cniiies confused, you know, he stum-
ihouted gleefully:
" 'Oh, ma. he's taken the lni.1 half-
Biliousness Burdens Life—The bilious man Is never a companionable
ninn because his ailment renders him
morose ami gloomy. The complaint
Is nut sn dangerous as it Is disagree-
utile   Yd uu nut 1 suffer from It
win. can procure Parmelee's Vegetable Tills, liy regulating the liver
and obviating Hi*' effects nf bile In
ihe Btomacli they restore men tn
cheerfulness and fu" vigor ul action.
and beya already assembled In the best
places, made my blood run cold. As
the night went on, screeohlng and
touching nnd yelling in strong chorus
of parodies mi negro melodies, with
substitution of "Mrs. Manning" for
"Susanbah," nnd the like, were added
to these, When lhe day dawned, thieves,
low prostitutes, ruffians and vagabonds
of every kind Hocked on to the ground,
with every variety of offensive and
foul behavior. Fightings, fainting!,
whistlings. Imitations Of Punch, brutal
jokes,' tumultuous  demonstrations  ot
indecent delight when swooning women
were dragged out of the crowd by the
police with their dresses disordered,
gavo a new zest to tho general entertainment.
When the sun rose brightly—as lt did
—It glided thousands upon thousands
of  upturned  faces,  so  Inexpressibly
"She i- a herolno."
"How hnvre -he is,"
• She dares to appear iliu-.''
''Thereisno other woman like her."
Only one person, whose elbows were
i.s sharp as her chin, sounded   a   (li--
coilant note,   She   cried,   acidulous-
"Her arms me misshapen,perhaps."
Curious ones, on the Fringe ol tlio
clued, iiskeil each other:—
"Who is slie?   What bus she done'
Why do they acclaim her?"
"Do you not -ee." exultantly shouted a inun, who thrust himself oul of
lhe crowd—"She is the only woman in
New York with nerve
I11114 sleeves."
Sold by all Druggists and General Stores
tad by mall. ,
There can be a difference of npln
Ion  on most subjects, but there Is
odious In their brutal mirth or callous-   only nne opinion as tO the reliability
ness that a man had cause to    feel of  Mother   I.raves'  Worm  ICsl'itiiit:
ashamed of the shape he wore, and to ator.   It is safe. Mire and effectual.
shrink from himself as fashioned In the 	
image of the Devil.    When lhe bw>) .>j*}. husband nnd I had un   nwful
miserable creatures who attracted all quarrel yesterday."
"Then. Manrisio, toi row   I   will
com.' with my wife to see vou both. '
"DelightedI hut look hen-tell your
wife nol fo wear her new diamond ear
rings. 01 my wile will at once "i.m a
"Oh. the mischief! And my wile
was only coming for the purpose nt
showing them nli."- Dinvolo Hum..
Buy  a  High  Grade  Machine and
Save  Expense   for   Repairs
Tho Argyll car Is built by tho Argyll Motors, Ltd., lilasguw, Scotland, the world's greatest
engineering centre, and is acknowledged tu bu the most popular machine lu the llritisli Isles,
lt Is equipped with the Astiir engine.
The Panhartl Is manufactured In Paris, FranOO, and with Its world-wide reputation needs
no Introduction,
The Swift Is made hy Swift slotnrs, Ltd., Cnventry, England, The Ilnn win. are known tho
world nver as manufacturers nf the best bicycle uvor put nn the market They havo put
the same enterprise and stability Intu their automobiles which aro u« near perfect us skill
and machinery can make them,
Our automobile expert, Mr. G. I''. Kerr, of Glasgow, Scotland, will Iw pleased tu explain
all details nf nur cars.
No trouble to take imending purchasers for a demonstration spin.
On view In new garage up lu nine o'clock every evening.
175 McDermot Ave. Bait
Winnipeg, Man,
Toronto Type I'liundry Co., Limited
Automobile Dept.,   H.J. Mnrdic, Mgr.
Sole Canadian Agents for
Swift, Panhard, Minerva, De Dion Bouton
this ghastly sight about them were
turned quivering In the air, there was
no more emotion, no more pity, no mow
thought that two Immortal souls had
gone to Judgment, no ni'.re restraint In
any of lhe previous obscenities than If
the nnmo nf Christ had never been
heard In this world, and there was no Cleveland Leader,
belief among men hut thut they perished like ihe blasts. 1 have seen,
habitually, some of the worst sources
of general contamination and corruption
In this country, and I think there an
not many ph:
chum surprise inc. I mn solemnly con-
vlnoed lhat nothing Ingenuity 0 'Uld devise to be done In Ihls city In the same
1 ipaas of time, could work such ruin
ns ono public execution, and I stand
astounded and appalled by ihe wickedness it cshitilts   I dn not believe thai
"HOW sad.   Whal was II abnilt'.'"
"I found a letter in his pocket written by a woman."
"Mercy! I don't wonder ynu were
"I should say sn. Il was one I'd
given him tn mail   a   week   ugu."—
Wnen Remitting by Poet, use
enough t„ wm, Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Beet and Cheapeet
System   of   Sending   Money  to  sny
Place In the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given a receipt, and ll
order or cheque U LOST or DE9-
IKOVEU, tbe aiuuunt will bo promptly REFUNDED. No red tapo. Fur
lull lnrormatlun and rates call oa
Local Luiaiuu.
"Dn ynu think that absence reall)
makes the hearl grow fonder." Inquired lhe young man who was nol a
fa. thai  Particularly welcoi 'aller.
1   hove   never   given the matter
much consideration." was ihe young
lady's ies|aiiiisa', "Suppose ynu stay
away for liv ur six yeara and wo ii
si e."—Pittsburg Post,
The Rev. Mr. A.
im.an (Inspecting
any community con prosper where such himself In mirror)   * Ai 1..Im.■. 1 don'l
n scene of horror mul demoralisation as fall.*' believe I ought tn wear this wig,
was snooted "iai" Horsemonger lane li looks Ilk.' living a li".
jail, is presented at the very doors "t -Mis. Goodman   niess  yunr  heart,
go„d citizens, nnd Is passed by   un- Avery, don'l hi that trouble you, That
knaiwn or fnrKiitun. Ami when in our »ig will never inui anybody fm mi.'
prayer of thanksgiving f.r the season, moment.—Chicago 'I me.
we are humbly expressing before ''""1
nur desire ta, r"in"ve moral evils from The  wife nf a  fJordon  Highland"!
the land, I would ask your renders to  1 Ived an Invitation tu visit him at
consider whether H Is not a time to t i"   barracks  In   Scotland, and inula
thnl-. -f Ihls one, nud to root ll oul.
I am, sir, your faithful servant,
Devonshire terrace, Tuesday, Nov
1.1, 1619.
wi'h her 'heir six-year-old daughter
Whon ihey arrived ihe husband was
on smitry duty, sn could nol bo ap
preached. The child .ryed her dad I)
with a rather sorrowful imt amasi ai
expression as he passed up mul down
iii,. square shouldering his rille and
wearing n kill  A' and never before
 11  him  thus  an.lied       Prosi Fitly,
with a sulaiiin liK.;, nu her face, lhc
i'liii.1 loudly exclaimed:
"Mammy, wl" 11 daddy ilmls lhe man
Willi   Still"   his   I''"".  '    Will   he   g|\"   III"
■   frock?"   • Philadelphia
Charlai Dickeni on Education.
Hut the Bigwig family broke oul in
to violent fmoily quarrels 1 iti
whal it wns lawful lo loai h 1 1   thi
man's chllalr. n  Borne of Iln (n     t In
slated on such a thing bolng
and   Indispensable   abovo   oil   oi
lli.ncs. and Others a.f Ui.  [;i;ii
1 I .ni such another thing le Ing pr narj
,i„ai   Indispensable   above   a 1   nth ,     ..Vl)1I ,„,,, „„, ,,„ WM „      , ,„,„„„.
h ne-: and ih- Bigwig family, rem In 1   „      ., a    „  K;i|ll h  mJ   wh(( h d
f, ' ms, wrote pamphlets, h. 1 1 un •   ,„,„,„ „,„ ,„„.,,,.,.„
cations, delivered eharges oral >n. and     ..„,.      ,,    ,,„.,, „   d „
J /arWes of discourse, .      threw   ,,,„.     ^ , ,
dirt, exchanged pummcllngs and fel 10   , .    ,,,
gether by the ears In unintelligible inl-   ",' ,.*'",''J   Vl r u" "'    Ul""M'
nia.sity.   Meanwhile this 111,111.  In  his ''" """'
short evening sn.r h—  it hi. lir-H". . .,
saw the demon Ignorance arise there
and lake his children le it-.: Pi "0
Nobody's Story, quoted by Punch.
An Impud.-nl Pauper.
An Inmate of tho Newbury fBorks)
Workhouse, who h is caul -l the H 'nrd
in   l< rable amounl '.f trouble, has
writ!' n u lett'-r lo the King, 1 I I
with the words, "Levi 1 1 aii" Ila has
also s"iit a ("iiiiiiun call m lo Do Pi 'a"
My Hair i
Extra Long
-Peed your hair; nourish ii;
give It swncihing to live on.
Then It uill atop-falling, sod
will grow long and heavy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
hair-fe-od you can buy. Por
60 years It hat bees doing
just what we claim it will do.
It »nf not disappoint you.
■li-*-.*- .a**... a......em*   em .n.i
•Hr.% - ..Ci ll.li Vlpr . "I"'M una. tt tegu
loareaa, US .,-. ai La lourta-an InebM lobf
Hb .MtajS . ntanSM ,.aaH '"tiiaan.i l-alia|
l-maaaa "tl»-ill at. laall "    H la. J   II  H»«.
(Mo-vk, Sprttf.. t.i"
AIm kuolkMinn •/
uiiukv rrrrm-L
Men of Miny  Part-.
Mr. W   A for liven-
tv-elght year* 1 of llury St.
Falmunds, nn I hi       I        al lhe igi
f lovenl-   ■ '■ ■     '     1 nature   l  ml
1 iscoplst, iistrii .in. r  '. ' ill '. flautist, borough auditor, and pn 1 '
tha oheai a.ijb,
k pilis 4
'(Ml,. .— .V
A 1' nam farmer 11*iug near tho
town ol ini a having got himself dis
liked nn account ol hi ■ quarrelsome
habits, th" .eh' 1 ' ' Ided one
nlghl tn cool liim down a bit
At midnight the farmer   wa
turti'ii by a  voice shouting,  "Your
burse Ih lloli ttl"
The Irate farmer hurried on his
clothes, inui. hastening tn the door.
asli.'d. "Which way has I;	
"Toward 11—," repllo 1 one ol lhe
Another offered the loan of n horse
h" bestrode, which offer the sleepy
farmer accepted, Aft"r riding all
night he fniiiui hlmsell al daylight
in m iiiuriilng ihling his nun horse,
The Inspector ol tho English school
sked ihe hoys iii the et hool lac nil
( .111   vmi  take  VOIII
iiiui overcoat
\. -. i|r," bus tho " I"! •■
"Can the laeui inl., In- warm over-
coal "il-'
1V0 iir."
Why not?"
11 .ie wai 1 Hence for a wl Hi
a little boy <poke up,
Cl,■.,-,.   .'   ......
,      ''ale tie  buttons  Hie
W   N   U     No.   594 THE  I.Xl'KKSS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C
Real Estate
We huvai enquiries for good
IJu.'ness and Itesideiitiai
propeiU'. List yours with
lie. We do the business,
Consult us before buying.
Bturta, Solieitor, Kotary, Etc.
TaosiKais lli.i.'K, Ni'iiru VAWovvaa, H. I'.
OSO.K Mc inns s, Nt. A., I. I.. II.i S. I).
BUU'liH. II, A.l A   W.IIlll'tH, II. A.
umM squill & HAKrKit
Barrislem, Miiilors,
n'utaiirs, Kir.
tH.ia'p. ii. N. a. HsaidUm, Vancouw, nnd
Jiini'li'ili llliil'k. Snrlli Vuiculver.
A.&m.th*Co'u    «•A-SiUW
Junction Block
North \aiH-uuvrr.
Rolled Oats
Hay and Feed
B I    J
Milling Co,
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Fine, healthy Tomato ami
Cauliflower Hants, p,rown (nun
Stlttoi'- Seed.*,, always on hand
Real Estate and Insurance
Ynu will llinl II uea'ly to >'(i\ir aily.nl.kb I"
ice in- before oioil*ig III? deal.
StWiW prices, and in same cases
cheaper than city.
..A Lot For Sale..
on Fourth ytrect, between
Chesterfieldag/j jWahon Avenues;
50 feet frontage^ all cleared and
fenced; good locifVjon; SO00 cash,
Apply, J,  WII.KI'.S.
Hotel f\U|i',Vii Vancouver.
"The Guardian"
Vancouver's Monday Morning Paper
Bright nnd newsy'   .liune, Foreign
ami l.ucal new-, etc., etc
f 8 000
the sum of seventy-five thousand dollars Received lhc assent of the Electors at
fur the purpose of carrying out the! mi Ejection held for the purpose on the
public works after specified,   and   in I      dav of 10011,
supplement of the General Municipal Heeqii-jdered and [finally adopted by
Kuvetiue—It bujiig understood tliat nul the Council, signed I'*' ibe Keeve and
les lhan Twenty-live thousand dollars Clerk and sej-li'i) wiih tlie Corporate
of said Loan tyil'l lie expended outside r-u-jil, till pn the day "f        A.|).
lhe proposed City area. I I'J'.H).
\Vi(iaiic.(,s. uu approximate estimate I  ~
nfthej units required for thc varimis _,__.„_  _._  rI crrnDC
|0;'l^\vurki-iueiili,ii,c,llia»l,ee,i  niiidc  NOTICE   TO   ELECIOHb
1* fheCuiin.''il ami is embodied in said
I'etitinii iisiiillnws:
J, Within llie area proposed to he
embraced in tiie Ciiv of North Van-
Lt)Us.dalt* .'.venue	
First Street ojid 1,'rialce
Second Street        ............
Tliinl Street and (Iri^/go    	
Fourth Street	
Fifth Street ami .('invert	
Sixth Hrecl ami Culvert
Keilh K'-ii'I
Tenth Street.
Thirlel'lllli,      Fourteenth     nud
fifteenth Streets.
Sixteenth    and     Seventeenth
Nineteenth   ami    Tweti'v.-'irst
Streets     '   .
liewicke Avcu.t,ic, I.arsou Hon,',
Taku Nona lhat lhe alinvo is»true
coij.v ot the proposed  By-law,   tt 1	
n...'..li il:,' vole '(tlie Municipality will
,.,,, lie iiiAt: within tin* Municipal Hull
■;' ,,1 \ .nli Vaticuuver, on Wednesday, tl"'
j'l.im l.illidayof Allgusl A. I), IIHKI, lieuveeii
■1  Ac hours of 11 o'clock A.M   and i
lock P.M.
Au:x, I'iiiiif
A M,G. and Uoturidng Officer
1.'iiii 1
i im"
:t, .11 »i
ii in
Million Avenue... ii.'"1
Clieslerlielil Avenue      1,61)1)
St.   Uoorgc's    ami    Durham
St,  Andrew's   and   Wulffsohu
St, David's lllld   SI.   Patrick's
Park Street ami Orescent	
Victoria I'nrk and Honda
Sundry Wurks       	
Total lor Ciiy area.
2, IVItlilli llll! district lyint' .J'-it.-i-i
the propuscd City:
l.ynn Valley Kuiiils. . \ 7,500
New Scv ur Bridge
ami npproiu'.hcs. .     ligllO
QrlJgu    and     Keith
llaillal lilist.    .    .       .        _*,OUQ
Capilano Bridge Approaches.. 2,000
Hope ll'.icl i"  Cupi-
hum     Hi'W
Foothills    Houd    to
Ciipihiiiu     H.000
Keith Road West  1.500     '.', '""!
Pi '.,.;c m,iu 1; is iimimiT ,',j,vcn thnl
he Vote of the Electors nf the |)lstrlcl
AAi  if North Vaiivuiivcr will he taken on
Wednesday, Iln. IMli 4*y "1 August,
.'l.i.iii  A. ()„  I Mil,  lieiwe.ii llie hours of  I)
irt I,,. I; ll,  111   anal ,  u'. Ink p   111   nn
1,111111 i'ie  ".North  Vancouver laiuii By-law
Nn, ;, 1000," ami llltlt wilhin the Municipal llnl . Ni.rih  Viiiicniiver, and thill
Alexander Philip Ims been appointed
Returning Ollifur lo take lhe vute ol
micli Klurtors with llio usual powers in
1,750 ihnt helinlf,
By Order of the Council,
L'.lllII .lllSa,|.,y K. Kkai.y,
1,000 -Ur.x. I'iiii.ii',
Iiiiii' C.M.C.
2,800 — '—~—
uf the Corporation of the Dislriel of
North Vancouver, (rum uny person ur
persons body or hud! porule, who
mny he wi)l)ng i<> n y 1. ,a- • ihe sain
7. Tin* Council may at any time
purchase any Debenture «r Debentures
issued under ihis lly-law, provided
they pay in   addition  to  their   i'ur
a l..;an, a sum or ruins   f njupuy not | villile,'ll prumiilin   or   lioiius   uf   live
exc line in the wl ■ ^i'i,UO0,.iiiid In per cent, 011 such value, ur such less
cause all such sums su raised ur received j sum lis tuny he agreed oil wilh the
1 he 1111I1I intu the Hank uf Urilisli | hulder or hnldurs (hereof, 01 any pari
' llieri'.if, nml all such Debentures su
purchased shall hu forthwith cancelled
nnil destroyed, and no ro-imj.uu ol
Debentures shall bu made iu con-
Bi'ipiencc of such re-purchase.
s. The   deb,   hereby   created   ig   u
linlailiiv ui iliu Mniilclpnlilv ni large,
!). 'I in.- By-law shall Inliu effect on the
lirsl al.U  Ol  'i.'laalai'f. UlOll,
10, This By-'iiw mny be cited fur all
nir,,.... - a- the "Nurlli Vuncuuver
Water Works 1 illy-lnw, No. 2,11100."
I'.... I bv thu Council mi the second
Nurlli America, to the credit ol the
Air|iur:itinii, I'ur (lie purposes mid with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. ll Anil be 1,11 .villi for the Reeve In
cause any number of Debentures to he
intule, executed and issued fur su,cli
stuns lis may be reuulred, mil exceeding
in whole, however, ihe snui uf ♦•-'■'> mm.
No debentures shall he fur u buyer sum
llian tl 000. All such Debentures shiiil
lie sealeal with llie sea! of llul
Corporation, and s|gned by iho Reuyu
mid Clerk.
d  The said Debentiircsshnll bear date I dnv id A.ug|usl, l'.)0ll.
llu- First day ufOctiilier, Ui.'i,, ai.d shall     deceived' llu lisselltoitho Electors at
1)0 made payable in llfty years from
-aid .laic al Nurlli Vancouver, H. A,
nul shall liaveaitii.lical iothep) .1 ouimia
the payment of liitoresi  and  tliu
un I'lc.'L.aii bold lor thnl purpose uu
I'..'     day of        , mini.
Reconsidered by  the Council  and
inlly adopted   digued by lhe  Heave
.icniilures un llie interest Cniipaiiis mat ::iuil   Clerk,    ami   ai-ijeil    with     tl
be cither written, stamped, printed ur
I. The said debentures shall bear
Interest 111 thu rata ni live per cent, per
annum from the date thereof, which
interest shall he paid qttlirlcily Oll lhc
lirst day ol January, April, July ami
October in each and even year during
the existence ol the said belieiitures.
' urporute ; call oil the
A. D   lllllll.
day of
Taki; vnTiti: ih.,i mc alinve is li Irue
copy ol the proposed By-law upon wbi.cb
1*. During llfty years, lhe currency nf lli'u Vute of the Municipality will uu
the Debeulures in be issued under' the laken within the Municipal Hall, .North
aiilliiirity -af tills lly-law. the sum iai  Vn luvur, on Wednesday,   the   l.ilh
01,260shall he raised annually for Ilm day of August, A I)„ luuii, between the
payment of interest on the said Dobcn- hours ol I) o'clock n, m, and 7 o'clock
lures, and the sum of Jli'.'i -bull   be p. Ill, Al.iv. I'iiii.ii',
raiseil annually iur the pay-ucnt ol the j C. M C. 11 nil Itutiirnii'ig Olllcer,
debt, making in all Ibe sum nf ^l,11:> to
be raised iiiinuidly as aforctuid, fi'imc ^oticb IS iiiiiikiiv  iiivks that
0. Fur tim purpose of paying tho said 1 lhe Vote of tlio Electors oi the District
siini.if^l.llo the amount reqiiinil (orU'f Nurlli Vancouver will be taken oli
paving the interest nn llio Debentures Wednesduy, (he 15th day ol Augusi,
tolie issued as aforesaid, and fpr form- '>• D 1000 bet.-veeu the IiourB of I)
Ing tt Sinking liiml to repay tlic suld o'clock a. in and 1 o'clock n. in., o(n tho
Slim nf $25,000, a BpecJnl rati' shall be ANniih Vancu'iver Water Wurks l.nan
assessul. leiieil and collected, iu the By-law, N.o, 2, I0Q0," and thai within
snme manner us the Municipal Taxos | the Mllljlcjpill ll.ill, Nurlli Vuncuuver,
are assessed, levied and collected upon and llutl Alexander Philip has been
md fmni the Ileal property, and upon appuliiteillictiirniug Olllcer t;o take ibo
...       . .       flftv per cent, ol the assessed value of VOlu id an-li eleclors wiih the  usual
Provide to.!'   borrowing |,hl;   rovumunts   within   Iho   sai iters iii Hint i-uliidf. .  •
Townsite, as sluiwti hv (he last roviscd     By,or,duruf tliut.'oiiiicil,
Wlliaill.is,    it    Will    I"'    lli'li—,11 .      tu
raise iiiiuuiillv hy Special Bate lhc s"n
,,i (4,2-15 far the ler I llfty years fyr|
the repajiiniii uf llio said Ann. and f',r'
Intcrcsl thereuii ns her 'inuiler provided,
IViikiikas,  the value of the  wl)v/c
ratenl'l" pru|Hirty in the said Distr;,.;
%l apt VPflf     Cuardiiin Pub. Co. i according to the lust revised Asscssuwu-t
(Viperyeai noil umoiints to »2,422,2io,
Hack lllud, \ .incuver. Wnciuiis. tliuiiggregiiteol D.beniii."
1  1   MAi nt the Municipality (excepl  fur
works ol hand iiiiprovcineiil) including
Districtof North w1,ur,'l,>'ttUt,,orUuJ wtu
Ami Wiiiaici". lu provide (or tbe pay-
rpllfv COCNCII   imite," 'An.ler
*-   wurk of (lean-tai!, wuoblng
Tenders (nr
I grading about Ma'„\»V.vl '''1"' '•'".''
|(o«d in 1.vim Vfrile* "i.i fi" t" -l"''1'
I liCjUiuilS. copy   ui   lvbl(lil,.iLli he lili'l "11
application at the Municipal Hull
1 Sealed tenders marked "T inlcr. fur
1 Pipe Line lined," Willi diilioslls, lllllsl
' lie in at the Municipal Hall not later
than 7.110 p.m. un Wodnclnv, lhe llllll
day of August current.
re****) ^ne^ District of North ^ ;||
.■■'..) H- I Ll
Coruor Lonsdale ,i.id 5th St,,
Nm tli \',ill'.(J'.i' ''.r
Tu KiiitUc tiiiv i'(>r.|„'.,r:ili«it)
of'llu- District t)f Nurlli
\':itic..itivi-f tu ){tx\iv  by
Witv of Iauiu  tlic aSuni
ni ni the interest and ihe creation uf
a Sinking I' I f..r lhe paying nt said
principal sum ol D75,lH)l), it  will  be
ua'essarv lo levy a Special  Annual
Kate of one iind 'three loiirtli Mills on
(In- Dnllar mi the present vitluiiliuli.       i
Tiiiiiiiaiin: tlie lleevc niial Cinilicil of
ill.- r..l'|a..r.lliall|  (if  Ilia'   lAlli.'t   of   Xurlll
Van.oiiyer, ill Council assembled  (villi
ihe n.-i-.'iii nl the Klcelnrs e -.111
Dislriel duly obtained) ciuicl a- loll-iVs,
iiaiicli" Win 11 »s,tl e.C' ni-ell of the Dlstricl
I. ll shall he 1-iufill for llie HceVe of ,.j Snrlli   tiiucuuvivr   Ims   ret'elved   II
the i'a.r|.a.riiii"ii ami llie Clerk nl thi) j IVlJtiuii,lUleiilas loei(cli.igliuturu ami  .
Council, (or the |.iirj"■-- ulnresui.l, in .,..,„A i,y ilmiiwucrsulinure,thun one-1
lii'ii-.m nr ra-c lu nay "in Loan ir  ban in value ui lhe Heal propert)  III-
any |.c,r-,tuii.r persons, laidyor li.  cr- ciinled in the sail T-iwnsili-, lis shown
pniiite, -ilm mny be ivilllug I" ;ei' nice i,j .aid .Mups ii liarsH7.*l,S7ll, 7o0,8UK,
ine same u| ill.- cr. .In ul llie Di lien- mi; andIKI'J,and rcnuestlng them m puss !
'icreiiiitiier   llienlinlicd,  ui   the ;,    llvlnw     lo    iiuihorisc    llielli    t"
piiraiinii.'u jiuiii "i uioiiey ii"t ex- l-orru'w the suin of <SJ,00U to ho used fur
 11. iji-ittiiiilc lliesiiinnlSeventy- ti„. |inr|«i.-e ul exteiiding  tlm   "\0r1h
live Tiiiuisiiml linllar-if.o.iKiu. nml t.i Vancouver Wutur Works System, pro-
cause the -nine l" I"' i'laciai in llu' Hani, yi,in._. |i,in, at   Intake,  |ti>sitr.vn|rs and
.,1 I'.riii-li N.,rlli Ainericn I" the credit .1,1111   n.  hvilrunU and purchiajdllg ui
..:' iin- t'nrpiirali.iiildr l||u purjiosi above JViilor-shcd i.aii.ls, and cnrryjng aaiit
thf Sum  of |25jOUO to Assessment Roll nl the   Municlpidily,
ami sliell   rate   may be li.y.'il   by   lhe
lie   Secured    Bv    LoClll General Hate By-law or lly-laws of the
1 municipality,
Spt'ciul Rates Upoji tin'j        b - .——.-—.
IiiiiI l'roimvty  In.cludi.'d
Within th," Houndum's
.of the Town.8irto gf Nortji
Yancoii.vor, us SJw,\vp hy
ilif Nlaps Thereof J-'jled
In the L;,'nd   Registry
Ollice .)t tin;   ' ity   of
V;iiicijU''.'.'i' (Hid N'un.iht'r-
etlb78j «.?.f 7.Mi. 898,1)0"
und \i.''l l!i'S]ii't'tively
AllVall.tl  E. Kc.u.v,
Am \. I'ltil.ti',
C. M ,f.
Will In najd for thc dt{c/:Hir/t nun cn/tcic-
timi of parficf whii ■' ' - ■ '"', it l ■•'ij
advertisini]   si'in*    in   Snrlli    I r/*n meer.
'fjie   XaviIi   Vancouver Sji.-oinlist
Kit Cordovii Mieci.
re Ite.l
i  l.ebentiiic  ll-mb iai the C'or|Kir-
tiiin 10 tlie aniiiiint of ("5,1)00 in tliu
liaciiiiarli reipiircd in uoiiiiectloit thu
U'iikiic.ah, the assessed viibje uf the
■■-Western Ccrbcrationf Ltd,
iibule, may bu i.-s'i"'l by the -ami Keeve |;,.nl Property and InipruvenienU ivith-
niel Clerk iu tiirins uf the Miuicipal | in ||„. prcM'ii't Water Works 'lownsilu,
Clauses Act. hi sums ns may bcreTulrod, ;, rilmg 1,, the lasl revised Assessment
but not for more than ♦1,000each, fclacb ](0|| nf the District, is the sum o]t
iifthesitiil Dulieliturcs shall lie signed by ! (I *)33,u"4,
the 8a,ld lleevu uml Clerk, and tho Clerk iVnxiikAK, tho Assossed Value uf (he
shall attach tlioreiinto the Corporate heal I'ruperty and lmprovoincnls «itb-
Seal iif tlie said Coipnraliuii. in the saial District oi North Vancouver,
jl  The licbcutiirc  Uotids Bhall   bear
','c. .'I .it a rule uol I'M' ling live per
•ii. per annum, payable quarterly on
lim.-1,1 ibe last revised Assessment
Hull, is tli" Mini ni (2,7119,727.
IViikiikas, the Ileal l,ro|*wtj*. situate
,of    Si'Vmifv-livc    'rii'.iU-j'li. I'.r-i aiav- ,,i January, April,'July wltltin the said townsite, aro ,liable at
I nni i,''",,iier: it'll iind every yenr chir- pmient for a local lmprovomi*iit Hate
'.y; CM tii JM/.'/."/.'.v
1TR.0 Rk-nffRANT,
Till' i:sn i.v.i/./:.
snnd   f*s7."i 1)1)11)   Hollars iiw.tlm -{-itrptscy of the mid i»ciieiitnrt--i  for tlin sum of (50,000, borrow
s.UHi   W>,vji)     ■»|.'1' '„r.u    .,'.„,„,. There shull bo nl tacheil ,|10 .North   Vnnconvor  Water  Wurks
Xk aoid Stout
ll, l(",»vt'«,     !.«.{-. '.."I  Inm
lhe l!..",-* it"-""i Co., Ild.
fnr     till*      I'tinil)*--        ,f I'""'" I.'. b.'iitnrel".nd-,l
lor    int.    1 tirpuae    .vjijhv lh„ ,,v.(,v„ Ior ,,.,,.,.,
I'.,. it"' l.'.l.cnture llonds,Coupons signed
unl every pay-
I nioiit of3kqrcsl ihal may Iwc s 'Inc.
( iirryiiip.llit the. pitfujicL.,,1 m.f, fymmte muyl iti.. r wni-
(1 i -tne |.'.l. pritiicl nr llihngrnphetl,
1. flic said llehenluri' I'. I-  n- I"
pri in- pul mi'i in'' real -ball !"• payublo
Wurks After Bpo.cjjjlod,
illid Jli Stl|i|il.'UH':it of
(ieiUTllI   .Ml!llit''i[titl    Ro-
\\ 1 -has, a Petition, ligned hy in-
■a.nier.- .u 1; "te than one-hall In llie
a( the Land ,n ihe Dlstricl . . . .
I'unconver, as *|iown by the iaal re-
■d Assessmenl lloll, has been pre-
I,.mn lly-liiiv, llllll, and a part ol said
I ni,A 1- iiiliie lor the rales levied tinder
a Local Improvement lly-luv, turn Loan
of (2,000.
v. in in.i\ the estimated cost ui tbe
nuld extension work, together with the
|l--t costol the IVater Wurks Bystom
it  the  M ipal   Hull,  Naaitb   Van- does nol uxeced l'u percent, nl  llu
,-ouver   It. 1' . ami ile -iiiii principal   tssessed Vah i tbe Ileal  I'ropcrtv
nun shall bo Hindi* payable by the Cor- 1Ul 1   Impruvcnicnti  within  the  Bald
piiraiii.il at a diiic a't later than lift} i'oivnsiie, and ihutu nro 110 other debts
year-(ruiu the lir-l .Iii(uiilii'al»i, l','l'.;.i |,„ nliicl, (he  Ileal Property (Uld  Iiiiii, There shall he raiseil and lovludlmivenicnli within llie  Townsite  are
aniiuiill.v. I'*'a spcii'l r,it- on       rati    ,.,,i,i,  iur I al Improvements,except
nMe prdperti In the said District, t'"-
-um'I tl.'.i mr lhc purposi "I I i'i ''.'
^mkiic (nml l"r thepuyiuelil 'at tb" (3,1(1
Hm■{'.". ,11 i:|" r.i'i.'ii rt Fitwn,iill iii Nurt'n
*Vancniivi*r \vi* nre pi't'puTutl iyili liver nil Itindii nf
l..r.MIIKK   AND   r.ril.l'IMi   .MATEJilAL  nt
A'aiiAHiye,!' I'ily I'rices.   L'ltl.l and see inr you,r-
4 j Vl',-.
412 Miistinq* Street West, Vancouver, B. €,.
Electric Light
Tlic Poles f.it' ilm distribution ol Ele,cti'ic
House Lighting av now (arriving at our
I'lilevaiil. Prospective customers are
respectfully reejtii'Stetl to file theii
applicati ui ■ loi Eh 1 Iri Light ns Boon as
possible, so that the con -n u* tion ol these
iiiics iii.n   be   111k.il   in   hnnil   at   once.
debentures, ami tllO mill nl A, "car  v .,.   ,,  t,.,,isi(l, and  the   nlip
tlm payment of tho intiircsl al the rate  „],.(, • injntonded to I rented are 1
said l.nniiMif f.'iil.niiiiaii.l (l'.iiimi.
Uiii.nns, the 11 int of debt w,hlch , ,     .. ,,      .     ,
is in.,,, 'itocreate^i. ihe Britisti Columbia Electric Railwdy lo.jLtd,
afprustild. lo become 'In such Doboii'
.ented lu lhe I'liuneil ul tbe sail 1 »iitr 1. '   tnre- iliiriiu! ll"' cu" m 1 'I" "
rcnuestlng thorn to Ititrojluco ami |«n an orjunl annual specinl rale ol I \ Mills
n lly-law, to autliorlss then   .     .1 *
CAPITAL, 14.866,666 RESERVE, la,o«,997
Head Ollice in Canada, Montreal,
H s.::.im'.'.. General ','■-. * ei   | Euisi.v,Supt.o(Branclie«
ei •nh-" m liniaib Caluinbia—^Ashctolt, Cit«eii\vood,
(tualei •..- 1' land. Trail (Siili Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, 1»". 11    ' ul Dawson, V I
baviuijb Pi-partineal   I leposiM received Irom Ji upwards,
01^ tor. tonwlale Ave. and Uplnnade, Nona Vnniouver, B. C.
11 tlie dollar ul Ihe pr-sunl 1     itloit
nr -in b (iiriber or oilier rote .1      ill ' •
Bllfllclltnl fnr III.' Mid |il|'"-'    llllll thill
iii addition lo all rates lu Int levit i and
a'.allected 111 ill" said District diirinii tlic
whole currency nl iif iniil ilchcntures
or any qf thom,
I   il.   ih. A' ainicil may at sny li por-
chase an   of tho I) ntiin 1 Issued
! illlda-r 1i.1l  . (   nn   provided  they   pay,
In addition tn tl|clrpurviiltie,ap*uiiiliiin
or bonus oi 1 ve,,-ei cent, un inch value,
or such I"-- sui, ,.    '' ".  lie .cr I (III
with the lii.l.lei t.', ■ ■ such
l.i'b. nlura- -'•  lalira'll.l '   I    i.i, '   Iti-
; ivltli cancelled ami ilqstn veil   und no
re-issue of Dehenturci sluiil he imide In
,',a|i«ei|iletl, c i.f Hlicll re.pllTI hll-e.
a   7 This Hi-law Bhall'•"!,." Into effect
1 . lirsl da; ofOd
H   Ih - ll) lau   iiaiir hi I r llll
i'lirpai-iias' Tli. Nurlli ... Iver I Dim
II,   i.iu   Sn. 7.  Allll
raised bv the Cmincll on llir  '.'nil
Iai ul liuiist   ( I' I WW
eiieii'l the Nnrib Vancouver IVatoi
Works a'-lem, i" provldou Dam ai thu
li 1.11.1', liesorvoiri and additional
hydrants, and lo purchase Water-, bul
linds, and carry out nny other uurk
r,- mi 1111 connection 'herewith,
(t       ib, alutiti'j   I iif.   years, the
I tie Dl'l till'''- I" lie   i-    led
tiiialii il,.. By-law, ii uill reiiulro tho
sum nl (I.l''" t"b" raiseil annually fnr
Hi ■ payment ol hitort'si m lhe laid
Ilebenluii'S. and alsu 'lie "lllll ul (lllf lu
he rai«e.l annually (ur the paynieiit ol
ihe debt, making Lp all the sum ol
(1,4151 ■ lie raised atmually.
Ami. '.nun:.'..-  tbe.lcbt to Is' bei by
crcniwl s created on the security ol the
Special Kute settled by this lly-law, niltl
ntectl by theijrt'dltll the Mm,, |.
pnl lie
'run. ia.a, tlio Heave and Council ol
(he 1 nrporatlnn "I the Dlstricl ol North
Vancouver iu C iiincll iissomhlcd tuitli
il, ni a.i tl i.Electors ui the Districl
duly obtained) t'lincl a- lollnwi, niiinelv:
1' it '.|,i,ll be lawful lor tho ll".'*.' ,,l
the Miiniiiiui Itytoborroa on Ihecredll |
-- .      a.     in ia.
AM  RFATTIF ____ i)(ll)l'(' ^"^^ AMctionee
1 IYI. PL/\I I IL |(7 Cordovfl Sfeot) Voncouvcr) Bi c
lie sell.-ai i- is or private houso or buys outright all
ciasscs 'ii hoiisohold uoods or bankrupt Hooks fnr cash.
He |ias siunenl tlie line.-l buslllBS! ami i.iilerirunl prupcrly ill .Nortli
Vancouver, Hue him utnucoIf you think of picking up property!!)
lb..- section,   Howise, UUY N'iW, and vou will muke muncy. :: ::
Thf World-renowned Biscuits made by Carr &Co.,
Carlisle, only 25° P" Pound.
J, A. McMIILUN, the E*|)lanad?


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