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 .... '" '"-
Terrible Fatality in Our
[Apologies to the  World, iSy6.
"To be entrusted, under providence, with the care ol Ou young
lives, 'l'u (eel that yuu are responsible for their existence, their
sustenance and iheir bringing up
in the way they should no is a
wonderful, an inspiring, a sobering, and care-involving experience."
So spake Mr. J. J. Woods, of
the treasurer's ulllce stuff of our
neighboring City of Vancouver,
which is sufficiently well-known
to readers ul this tale of a fearful
holacaust involving death nl many
innocents, to need uo further introduction, J. J. works, and eats
his lunch in the great city that demands ils daily grind so much ol
muscle and brain, so much of
thought and care, so much of innil
and toil, so much of self-sacrifice
and devotion to duty that here,
where we come to live, we cannot
help think ul it as else than a
wondrous, monstrous, prosperous
mill-grinding out of human endeavor great achievements that
augur grander possibilities, lint
working ami achieving are parts of
existence nut ul living, ill the true,
broad, heart-touching, mind developing sense. To be a grain in
the hopper uf the mill that grinds
the flour ol future possibilities,
To be a sentinel, self-directing
potentiality, with a right to think,
do and direct llie channels of one's
best self, the part that tends to the
cherishing and caring'for those dependent on our care.is another, so |
1 say that J. J. "lives" in Nortli i
Great is he who makes two
blades ni grass grow where one
grew before. Greater still is he
vim makes two beings live audi
breathe where none lived before, i
When I say greater siill is my
fr an.I, J. J., who by liis acis and
with the )id of I'lilbcr, coal oil,
lime, sulpifur and albumen brought
into . t.isttii. e im living, breathing,
we ilth'producing menbers ol thu
Gallium family.
11 is hours of devotion to duty
ended, J, J. devoted much of hit
time to the care ol these, lie
loved them, Amour who h id had
(ine to care lor, support and
nourish can imagine how much
care and devotion J.J. poured out
over those 60. The lirst thing in
the morning and ihe last thing at
night they had his closest attention,   tin:  thoughts  that   were
borne of  his   deepest   emotions
owed their birth to them.   With ]
his thoughts penetrating the future
and its polentalities as far us the I
mi lid's eye can reach he watched1
them grow and develop,   Did one
fall ill   it   hail  a   wealth  ol  care,
No Highland shepherd   on   the!
hillside ever snuggled his pel lamb
with more tenderness under his
"I'laiilie"  than   did   J.    J.    pet,
coddle and minister to the helpless members oi the family Rasores,
lo whom he stood in  the light of I
a foster  father.   Fond   mothers
who have Inin   transcended   to
Elysian fields by the sight oi the
lirst pearly point in baby's cherry 1
mouth think of the  delights   ol
watching lur the culling nt   the
teeth in a family ol 60.  [By the
way, J. |. was a model in this respect.   He never lorced his friends
with tales of the Gallimc family's
first teeth.]
'J'liink, then, ol the untcllable
feelings of mv triend, J. J., wh* n
he had to stand helplessly by and
sr.- [he im. (ur whom he had
labored so devotedly, burned to
death in one horrible hoi icaust.
[With apologies to Head-writei
Williams, ol the tVews-Ativerlii > j
My type writei fails me, Lei lhe
ri'si In: tolil in lhe words "I |. |.
himself, as he told ii to me, while
with a liearl broken in 60 plai us,
hi' was Irving to force down his
mcridianal sandwich in the a it}
treasurer's office, amid the incessant noise ol the great city,
"You see it was this way, I
had the brooder set up alongsidi
the house, In some way the confounded thing caught lire. The
maid noticed il an I aroused nn .
i jut it out iii time to save the
house, Imi 60 ol the finest live-
week-old chickens were burned to
death, ll was a blamed shame
In two months more they would
have been marketable as broilers,
Hut then Icing mothered  by   a
lumber frame with glazed sides I
they might have grown up and
given me the wooden heart anil
the glassey eye."
There is a wealth of sorrow and
regret in those few simple words.
Speak tenderly ol hi* loss to J. |.
when you see liim, bearing in mind
"Many a word at random spoken
May heal ur wound a heart dial's
Cupid's Capers.
A very pn-tty wedding occured
at the resilience ul the bride's
parents, Mr, and Mrs. Robert
McDowell, Second street, nt 10
a. in., on Wednesday, Miss M.
McDowell, sister tu our local
druggist, was united in marriage
to Mr. T. II. Ingram, formerly of
Croydon, Eng,, Im 1 now account'
ant lor Schoefield & Company,
Vancouver. The ceremony was
performed by Kev. C. C. Owen.
Mr. Miller acted as groomsman,
while Miss Cory Williams was
bridesmaid. After the ceremony
was ever the wedding party and
24 guests did justice to the
marriage feast. The bride received many beautiful and valuable
presents, and takes with her in
her new Vancouver home the best
wishes ul a bust ol friends, Mr,
and Mrs. Ingrain left by ,1 special
launch, which was in readiness at
Larson's landing, to catch the
steamer Princess Victoria, at the
C. P. K. wharf Ar the Capital and
Sound cities. The captain ot the
Victoria ferry boat kindly arranged
things, sn that the newly-wedded
couple went aboard on the outer
side of the steamer, and consequently were unnoticed by the
crowds on the wharf. On their
return Mr. and Mrs. Ingram will
take up their residence at English
bay, Vancouver.
Sawmill Opened.
Box So:ial.
On the eve ol Mr. A. I!. Dip-
lock's departure for England, a
very pleasant and at the same time
important event took place,
namely, the opening ol the saw
mill in disiiiii lot di.|. The mill
wus not expected to start till the
following week, iiiit an extra effort
was  made  so  as  tu   enable    the
popular president of the Western
Corporation to be present when
the lirsi stick oi timber was cut.
Mr. Diplock was asked to go out
to see the mill before he left for
his old home in England and
readily consented to do su. lt is
easier to imagine his surprise than
to describe it when Foreman Sam
Martin told him that he was ready
to commence cutting timber, and
in a few well-chosen words further
requested him to formally open
the concern, Mr, Diplock as-
ti'iiileil the platiorm oi the mill
amidst applause, and thanked his
employees Iur what they had
accomplished. He also said to
tin tn that it was only by all pulling
together as a unit that labor and
capital could achieve success.
With the contents of a bottle of
wine the christening was made
amidst the cheers of all present.
This part of the impromptu
ceremony over, the president
pulled the lever, and another oi
North Vancouver's most promising
industries inaugurated, This was
not all, for the buys Beizcd the
opportunity and presented their
esteemed and honored employer
with a neal souvenir silver match
box. Three rousing cheers and a
tiger were again heartily given,
which were suitably acknowledged
hi the recipient; and a general
handshaking llien took place
among the little baud. Among
those present were: Superintendent 11. C, Wright, G. V.
St'iikif, Postmaster McMillan,
Foreman Sam M irtin, Engineer
l). C i\iald.  I'ir. 111.it]   I   lleiisoii.
  |M, McDonald, Suwyer J.  Blako;
L. 0. L, No. 1840, held a box E, \y,  Knight,  li.  Johnson, A.
social in the Larson pavilion here, Minko, F. Miranda, J.  Newman,
11 i'i''
mi Wednesday evening. Owing
to counter attractions 111- ■ attendance was nol  as  lame  as it
might have been, but vurtheless,
those that atteuded wenl away
well satisfied with the ev. ning's
entertainment Previous to the
auctioneering of the boxes a short
programme was the order, which
did much to get the crowd in good
spirits. The lirst number on the
programme was a selection by the
L, 0. L. band; next came Mr.
Paise with a song; after which Mr,
Quinn evoked much laughter by a
witty Irish recitation, Mr. Tom
Moore, the well-known Irish
comedian and singer, proved himself to he one of the witty class;
Mr. Win. llunl, county grand
masier, was drawn for ,111 address,
but as the programme was rather
lengthy he only said a few words;
Mr. Underwood came next with a
sung, as diil alsu Mr. King; then
again Mr. Mnore was called upon;
Mr. Quinn with another choice
recitation started everyone to
laugh over again, which kept up
till Mr. Paise finished bis comic
The boxes nne then raffled off,
bringing a fair prii e, after which
iln merry gathering partook of the
r. I'rinie, T. Smith and ,t
sentative of Tur Exrui ss,
Ch'..rch Notices.
ST.    aiin's   CHURCH,    CORNER
Second Sunday After Easier
(April acjth)—Holy communion ai
11:30 a. 111.
Third Sunday after Easter
(St. John's Day, May 6th)—Hon
communion ,11 8 a, III.
Sunday School, always at iu
(instead of 1130 p, m. 1.
Mattins at 11;  Evensong,  7:30.
St. I'hilip and St. James. (Ma-
1st)—Evensong at 4,30.
On Monday, April 301I1, at Mrs.
Dougall's, on Sixth sttiet, it is
hoped that Mrs. Owen, of Christ
Chinch, will organize a branch ul
the Woman's Auxiliary iii the
ANDREW * nil
Sill 11 1(1 IN CHURCH
daintii - prepared b\ tho lair young pastor.   I
damsels present.   Mr. Thos, Duke'
"Ho i.iie.i in the capneity ol chaii
man,  while  Mr.   Hunt  acted   as
auctioneer  in   a   waj   that   delighted those present.    I In    as
seinlily broke up in time to 1 ati h
the 11:30 boat.
The servii ea on Sunday will be
of a special nature.   In ihe m irn
111;,   at   11   a.   111.,    a    liaplisin.il
service will be conducted b)  tin
Abelino Savcdra Dead.
On Wednesday morning Abelino
Snvedra, ol Second street, mel
with an accident, which result) d
in In . .la aih in the evening.   The
unfortunate man was eng
bla ting   stumps   in    Ah
park, win n  one ol the  chargus
hung lire, which lie Argot lhat he
had lit, and went oil j list as 111  ap
pro 11 bed it. blowing him in thc air
about ii n feet, and brcaki
left hip,   He was otli 1 wi    badl
injured  internally,   and   suffered
greatly.   Mr,   Hrnssi y, the  	
tractor, Baid that Mr, Savudra
was a good powder mnn, and b • 11
in his ruin's employ for a  loi
time.    Dr.   Dyi was  the  atl'-ndj	
ing physician,   The funeral, which I seize the opportunity, as may
was largely attended, took place observed b*.  lhe  way   ihey   an
thi, afti moon, tarinid
11 the evening, al , |o
p. 111., tin Rev. Di, lb i'I'ili".
superi in ndent of missions (01
liinish Columbia and Alberta, will
prcai h. A large atti ndance is 1 x
pi 1 ti d.
Tin ... nn • at Moodyville will
lal' 1  ice, .11 -A" p. in.1 1 1
lo lei all In presi
ni  ihe chiiii ii, on Sixth
Smi'i 1 il 2:30 p, 111.
( Im ii,.  I...! avoi 011 '.'.
ii,l\, at * p, in.
i in nol (orgi t the mas, mci ting
ion lit   l'i, lay),   All tin   ladiesl
and gi tu!' nn n ol the disti 11 an
invited.   Full disi ussion de ired
Pastor: Kev. J. D. G
Valll  I   III   gl I   Dili   1)1    l!"'U       ll
fine l,it . il ' "ii wanl to, Don'l
neglect the opportunity. Work
on your lawn, or in ,1 garden, b ll
tl you tli' line to do th it, 11
walks into the inti 1 nn of Iln
munii ipality, 01 alu ul tin bnr|
Don'l lei tin nn ' ari \ m; sun
light is  '■   id   fi t   you,    Plenlj
So many men say, "] can do it,"
who can't.
As soon as an engagement of
marriage leeks out ull the town
gossips get busy.
We would hate to be a preachei
and have to pleach against a whole
lot of new clothes.
Will Dales goes to Victoria next
Sunday to be absent Irom North
Vancouver two weeks.
Mr. Tiers, wharfinger, has resigned his position, and will go
inlo business here shortly.
Dig improvements are being
madi on Fifteenth street, both on
thi sidewalk anal roadway.
Speaking of Dowie and Gorky:
Are we not all of iis better oil for
not being in the lime light.
Get a man interested in a garden
ami you can always tell where tu
find him after working hours.
The wife and family of Keeve
Ki aly bave returned home alter
\ s ting friends at Portland, Ore.
Wanted.—Board and room bya
young girl, who would assist as
part payment.   Address I'm  Ex-
A North Vancouver woman, wlm
was born in lhe old sod, butters
the bread before putting it on the
The Western Corporation have
finished clearing Seventeenth
street, which is now ready for
"ile denies his reported engagement so empiHitically," said a
North Vancouver g'issip, "that it
must be tin ."
Yuu am either loo nice or too
pleasant lu li" smcer , ur toji 411.II
to i"' politi ; in any event you are
not just right.
Wh, 11 a 111:1:1 tells his "story "
always remember that he   exag-
..'Ml. * ::. aii i iln1. I." isn't f iir
with the other fi ih tv.
Hall  Hi'  WA!    '"I.   'ai   llie    1"..|
■ stale A:u oi Siin .v Williamson,
Vnncouvi r, went up to Crabbi 's
shingle mill 0.1 Tuesday,
The school trustees have succeeded in having several ni v.- di sks
and chairs put in llie school.
The pupils will now have more
Tin' public wouldn't know what
women some men married il it
didn't occasionally see the husbands and their wives together at
Some women tell their husbands
that iln ii "was $4 hats now St.93"
are  simply   "killing"  fur  1 (fei t
same thing about those cigars she
bought ynu.
Complaint is made that a couple
of big rucks, which ale not lar
enough apart to allow ,1 vi hu le lo
pass, on Lonsdale avenue, should
he removed,
A. Alderman, of Vancouvi r. ha*
opened .1 gauit's furnishin | ton in
lhe I hompson bloi k. on Lo 1
avenue. BOOtS and *hu''s nil'
also In  li Hide d
A North Van vci woman has
rcturni d from ,i visa t<> Vani ouver
and brought something (of every
one in  town:    A  pn 11   ol  Ninth
\ .11;: '. 1.1 I  :' ,      ,'
Alt' 1  'i   wm an   In
liouse-i    .mm nd  iln   ,
.    s||i      Ilk. s    III    pi 1
sell 111 ,1 i hail in .m\- l""!ii   ill  the
use 1 nul ad
The Ladies' \id ol St Andrew's
('Mm h  will  ! I li     1	
concert, on Mi
the Pavilion,   A   irge 1111      1 "
Ann ouvi 1   singi 1 .   ■,.. 1    ,1     ;
Would ' mi 1     eve it till
ip p' oplc   but, "A - .1 ie, ii"!  in
North   Vain " it' 1   who   like   in
abu ■■ tie' Iran i' irtnl
which serve il,' in and lhe town
and (iniul 1. 111 whii h He y live,
A 'ui
pany, near tlie wharl,
'i'l' 1   e   1    11 ill 1'.',. I    : nil   :
plants, aii vimm Ironl li,'
Sutton seed      f'hese pla
good, healthy and strong, l'i ices
1 cry reasonable,
A. Zctterman and family have
taken up Mrs. Hums" residence ou
Third street, where tiny will, in
(ut,ne, reside.
A tluck of homing pigeons
belonging to Mount Pleasaut,
Vancouver, were lit loose at the
f    ■ ■ in,. '.I, '
The whistle and . II ul the loco
motive can be heard in North
Vancouver,   It is on the other side
of the inlet, though.
They tell of a girl who visits
North Vancouver twice a year; and
remains six months each lime.
In short, she is here all  the  time.
All the real estate dealers report
business good, and prospci ts ten
bright   for   the   coining    11 ai in
There  is  a  good   demand   (or
Mr. Douglas and family, recent
ly from the United Stains, have
taken up their residenceon r'oiuth
strict, where ihey will reside in
Messrs Geo. Davis and A.
Smiley paid The EXPRESS a call
on Wednesday, They were accompanied by Miss Davis and
Miss Armstrong,
A Chink, who has a piggery,
near lhe Nurlli Arm, reports that
within five days, seven young pigs,
one and two days old, have been
destroyed by rats.
The blasting on First street for
tlie past couple of days made
things lively. Though it gives
"lie such a start, beyond that nothing serious has happened.
A big healthy man was on the
Streets this morning begging. "I
suppose vou think it looks liitiny."
he said to the writer, "to see a big
I healthy man begging," It did look
i funny.
While Messrs. Beverly and
| Wi.;,.: tt- i' j' 1 ising along Lous-
d .;a'   .i.eiiiii ,   li"ai  the  wharf,  un
Monday, a bul et went whizzing
past tlieir heads, fired from an
unknown rifli.
Mr. and Mis. Appletly, ol Vii
tuna, are visiting friends :■• ri foi
a lew da) -• Mi, Appleby leaves
shortly for Hazclton, and will
relum iu the fall, lie purchased
(our lots ou tile Keith road,
If it was not for tin' Ai knowledge, oi Mr. Askew, th.' local
contractor, in blasting stumps and
protecting same, Dirt Campbell,
the barber, would now be shoveling coal with the test ol the  imps.
Tin citizens' im orporation com-
111 it ia, unl am Wi dnesday night
A committee representing the
rural districts was also present,
The only business transacted was
to receive an interim report ol tbe
sub-committee,   'lhe    committee
will meet again in two wetks.
The British Columbia Electric
Railway is pushing mi the work"!
construi tion A the tram Inn with
great rapidity. C. A. Ami' rion,
superintend' nt "I tin' work, is In
, ■ and what he il". not
■ 1." lines is
not tv, ill knowi ' Uf 1 I""
men an   I
On Tm iday i,i 1  North   Van
couver  was  t, iled   hv    Mi,    A
Mill' :i.    1   I:   ton     ;i
It   was hen   looking   ovei   ile
ivitl     t      lu "i'    ■     i|
11     hen       in.,, i., d thai
very indicii
being  1 . :  im'  placi   1
Wi *    11
A    •   ■ ■ 1, ,i,| "
, ',     . ! a ' .
ill.il   le'   :     1  good   tloi'
i,",t ,|." i"i 1 are tin      ihal
. . 1 ,1 A 'i
back ol
I Too 1 peo| ic   tli
1   I hil
doctor to  naki   lli in .11 well at
- vi 1 At n. 1 d 'llu 1.    \ 'thing  in
In linn', ng ot I hiding a  new
■   'ill, 1, v.., ,d' 1   hoi*
mm h il will cosl     11  1
waj "i finding oul utile ■ i I
n pan d, and gel ■■ timates
An an lain 11.  nli" 1
hen ab nits, inl ri n   is lhat a   ,1
gi 111111 ii,,' ,1 hou 11 will < ust ti om
S300 to S350 if a cottage, and from
$250 to S3110 a room if a Iwo-story
house. This rule applies to comparatively plain houses, and includes modern appliances, baths,
Councillor May has one of the
best gardens in the municipality,
il not the best,    It  is a  treat (or
int ni,1 ;;;li itsti ,1 iii gardening to
'' his gooseberry bushes ami fruit
1 rei .
Are Nurlli Vancouver girls more
faithful than the boys? A number
"I young girls, who work in the
city, attended a ball on Wednes-
alay, and a majority of them did
uol arrive home till 3 o'clock a. 111.
111 lhe morning. However, several
of the young men. who arrived nn
ihi' same launch, failed to show
up Inr work at all.
II ymi don't pay your debts the
people in your community will be
familiar with the (act, and call you
.1 dead - beat, Collectors will
■i'i' ad the news about you, and
your reputation will be injured,
livery man should make il a rule
it: pay Ins debts promptly ; if you
.1,1,11' ;,i succeed in life you must
In reliable. A reliable man can
always borrow money or get credit.
There is a dearth of song birds
here. Something should be done
lo tuck the place with them,
line thing worthy uf mention is
the fact lhat the school children,
as well as a good many others,
have very little knowledge of the
different kinds of song birds. An
afternoon every week could bo set
apart in the schools for instruction
111 this subject with great profit to
tlie rising generation and the community.
Things were lively at the
Western Corporation wharf yesterday. Brackman-Ker's tug brought
in a scow-load ol bay and feed, the
tug Sunbury arrived with a scow-
load of sand for the Western
Corporation] the British Columbia
Electric Railway's tug made two
trips—one with a scow loaded
with 40 tons of copper wire, and
llu- other with a scow-load of ties.
Also a boom of logs was towed
111 winch will be used to extend the
The Piiro restaurant, on the
Esplanade, has been opened by
Messrs. Leonhardt & Harrington.
Besides tegular meals, short orders,
31 lied at all times ol the day, will
be made a specialty. The dining-
room can comfortably seat 80
people, Also there are several
bedrooms upstairs (or the accomodation of lhe regular boarders.
Everything will be run on strictly
modern lines, clean and good,
lhe new venture starts out under
very favorable conditions and
should sin lied.
Here's g 1 news for those who
want to live (orever: Judge S. J.
I lamia, representing the lecture
hoard ol the Christian Science
church, addressing a large audi-
enie in Menominee, Mich., made
ihe startling prediction that tbe
time was coming win n Christian
S, ii'in.e healers would raise the
dead and perform the works oi
Christ whili am earth. Christ, he
11 rail 1 d the ih ad." and he
1,1 'It'::   should be part oi
:le 1 liii-ti.in doctrine even now,
and In aui < >uu id his belief that
would 1" a time when peopls
Would li'  Ml ed ll":n tl" di id.
Restaurant License.
!Ai    '  I'',   ll'-.ii'i'ss:
Sir,    L11 ro]      i" .1 letter  ap-
I Exi'RI       ,1   l"it
rding iln   licensing
• - 1 ii' Eplanade,
•    1, ,iv,. I,, state thai   the
will  i"   conducted in a
t    alislactoi     way   to    the
iiilillc   1 li'   id' .1 that   l'i', i' bi
::is of tin  place 'i"t   being  in  the
li i' sis nf the  munity
an li,' e.i , ■■ , 1. nn'' il hi' will
■ut milt . all and imped our
■ ■ ■ 1 well as 0111 private
rooms, Wc only wanl fail play
md .1 ■ 1 i.i" deal. Wink wc are
n busim s hei wi inl nd tu do
1. al i'i An nd. I'll.Aim: up the
'" te. ""I  ,il   tie    i"..|a, use   ol   our
" tiloi    : 'i  we l» lieve   that
there is room loi all "I us,
1    1 , 11 ■ 111   roN
Nniili \,i:e"im 1. 11  a, April
and How Sorious Results Can be Avoided
by Uso of
Br. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
, .... I,' in ivl  ell llio
intuit Inn can  lie    verj
. ,ii ■ I tnitl Hi ■'
n . ■ i'ii'.Ii i'liii' ■    '
limits iin.l
llllll!      '
Ini! nui
i a :i ii    ■ " 'i "ill
llll     '
i nf hln     I ami Turpt'i
i litinwi     ■     i     :    ■ " '
means nl ciirlns
, i. mi t     'i
||  inclil
.   ■ i,i.i.
I III'**' I      I     '"■  ,|:"   ;,';
.         ':'l!l   wlilfli
.     full   itomltli
mil has lo lay li) fur tli   1:'
n'  Hi  ' '
I, tv„ can only lu'iP    '■    ' wM'',
inter ol  ■' Him      ' ''   ';:
■a m m      not i in
n| ili'iicnilins mi  !li' ' " l; 1:
lie  li ignlal '' !   '""""' '"
t, imt ■ -rn get-
Kcine    i'l
i • ...     i
iir,   ,i '     i'ln      '       mm    Porl
k> I u H i
.   a .i
Col I,     I.ii       IVlllll'l   I    '
Kll,I   [   | m 101      .1   Wilis
■.   lie client,
\,    j;,.'    I |'|.|ll|l   Into
nn If 1 iilil inn  succeed In
\ frlcnil
Dr, i
nl : i lie
-  ..    . ■ ■     ■
.     I.,'
:       I've wuul    In '"' , '
..   :: I liml ii'" ttsi U Ihls
:.. .;
li is impossible for n tloi i ir lo pre-
.   ii tn,ni leel" ' :.' '    '■" 'real
ii,;.        croup, i "ii."1." ■ whooping
cough, asthma, coughs than
Dr. Am*' - Syrup   a    Lli I   und
25 cents a bi ul all
ii ViM'ii'.ivi'ai: H- <'■
\ Wi-clih N."'*i"l'"'        I'uliliahed bj
,!:. KXl'RKHrf I'ltlNTINUCoiupun)
nn  11 liar por Yi'iu
.    ii; ,11 l:\HTI.KV
V a,. I 'II.! I'lil I 'I'
I. lU'KK'. llll 'NS
\ ,.,"i..!ii: Miuni'T.
I Tin- Sublime- 'I.i.titles iii llii' f.rnntl
Inntiiii ul Ai-l/iiini.
This terrlilc gusli i* moro than 200
tulles lu..: mnl imii't' tlnin n mile deep,
mi'i in ntva i'\i''eil* 2,000 square miles.
l'i mi tlm El T'linr rltu, mi ivlii.'h 1
lo tho gleaming, suow veined
iTn.'s Oll  tllO OppOSllO Slllo Of this stll-
|i-:.'|,iii* cleft tm' dlstiiur*.* is Uilrtem
ui bs Human vision cannot take In
tli" full extent of Hii* wldo pis'i'iint of
terror and glory nor is it with u Iho capacity of words tai Bel forth its over-
[  . ei il ir. The plain "ii Mliieb
l wand Is n iy *•""' feel above sea
!•■■ el, uu 1 here, In n pi i llglous lissure
""Mi.lT!CDCJUlC,y   -gaunt, iihrupt, frightful nud wniulfr-
rilliiSllLilwi'li-'"   r'' ■   'iita A. 'it.'i i*. valleys,
i:: irmoi - r iclts, pro Ipltous crags, t*
,  ,,.  .  ', -,....,. wnrk  *':; "* of mystery 1 forests of g'ooiu,
Expert- in all Kinds of Fronl,-r Work ^ ^ ^ ^^ g( ^
Band Tojethcr lor Imperial ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^
Defense, less How nnd over which llio iluuntleH
iu- .mn   referencei ,,.,^,1,, u::,.:s it< ul,Ward flight i" meet
,,, ii,.. !. i -. i "ii latlon  the sun    VII the forms are here that
.,:i -.[frontier"     i  mil ihal
,   ,   come  Inlo   '
1     *'
.       ,    ,,„!    lllllll      HI      A"
lenifiitt "i I'oluauce
, ■    ■ is tl
.        ttlinA   llllll
Imagination could construct, aud all 1 lie
colors are here llml glow In sunset
sli ".-• I'tir down In Ihe suhtorranoan
vista th" forests sh iw lil." green lawns.
Sol I"** than seven geologic periods in
lhe physical hlsl irj ol lhe planel are
displayed In lhe layers o( llulcd roil
en    its o'.ijeci wiimi) ;■■ uisplayed in the layers or uuicu rocis-
■ ■  ' ■"  ''         "■■" bluck, given, gray, red, brown, blue,
(.ink, oi inge nud nlabasler, ulth uiauy
"     nl :'" li!';""'"     '"" other mingled hues Dial coustltuto the
,"   :  ,.        ' ■       fH        '    '          wltattaj
',.,,.I  ilml    ■    ii. ■"'""' ronl miotis and iinbriikeu, yet
:,'",„■, md    iu       I Ii)   "'crywher rifled wilh lateral fla-
r ,, !    ,,| „|||               .". mired, ll ■■ beds of m au lain streams
ng, hunLlii    ■ I    '          the flood of I      real Colo-
i, who I      " rnd i i rer    The An i'i              nenl
•    i  has nowhere el ■  I   ;   '    " to show
ie with  ihls lu  i my.
id who are i Wmlerln
:    ,
,   ,   ■ 	
II ,ln«ili  11,'tio.
It li in > tl  '" it!
IIUous tl ....
■       ...
■       ... •   i nvi'ry
A < nr.-lul  I   in,.li,Inr.
i The •
i ' :  Aiiy  yearn,
a      a-l-.V a-1,.
■ ,, | | v '
| '
i     i.   i
i     '
■ .
'   ■
' ,
: ' '   tints  nnd
:     .' ' I
,' ''
'    ■
I till' llglll
aa'    a',„,   |  ,
' II
, |     ' '
Hi   t ii      \ Im
.   ii
n Its n
I i'inl   i
Verj I ii'i.iiiil.
t |hro       | it     ||
' II, '  IS il y ■   fl   ll
I        here, Sliill ■   '        ■     '
'    '
A  llni'iii Il.-i.-.-i,,r.
II ' .
» "il |    , el uol
the hack i
i'      ■ '  ■ t points ta llio
"  llll "l |l)  Iho l   I a.;' i
ti        i ii     l'J i      . can bo detected.
■  ' ■ '    '• '
New i- [jiooii.
ll     lhe
til    lii.inaiiallain
I   II . Ill  '
i I Im be prnpv- I In."   th..
Press I vllle, 0
V tollli
11   ''I'll
I'llls lire I Iii,. ||
' ■
Frozen Por Mon tli., CnroaiRei stimd
Alioul Iii Lifelike I'oni-n,
The world's must remarkable game
market is in Fairbanks, Alaska. If
you will tako tho trouble to examine
the Inii'si map of tho vast and valuable
northwest territory purchased by Unfit' Sam from llussln In 1,SU7 you will
Uud Unit Fairbanks Is on the Chelena
••Ivor, in tin1 rich Tniionn district, ol
which it is Hu' thriving metropolis, lt
lie* closo to tint arctic circle nud, In
common wiili other communities In the
valley ol the Vol,  hns an nvorago
moan temperature o( nboul 10 degrees
below zi'i'ai during the months ol November, Doeoiubcr, January, February
mnl March. Al lutomils during the
long winter Benson tiio thermometer
goes ns low us t,"i degrees below tliu
zero mark, bul bucIi nu excess!vo tern-
pernturo Is nol absolutely uecossury for
tin' successful operation of llio Fairbanks gaino  market, nltliough. It Is
ini", th" i uslty of tli" actio cold is
Hi" chief tactor lu establishing nnd
maintaining tho town's claim to distinction iu the item of iis gamo market, it Is almost superfluous to suggest that the market, operating ns it
docs only during Uio whs nnined. Is
spared tbo expense of artificial refrigerating apparatus,
Now hero Is where the novelly begins. Instead of skinning the game nnd
curing up Ibe I'lireiiss ns in tlm ordinary everyday market, the deer, the
inuost1 or the bear, ns tbo ease may be,
Is simply stooil up on the lloor ot Iho
market, which Is located in one of the
principal buildings of the town, and
allowed to freeze solidly, or probably
It has frozen solidly within thirty minutes after it was killed, The low torn-
pcraturo that coutlnunlly prevails permits lli" keeping i>( the game In Ihis
shape for mouths at a stretch, as once
the carcass is frozen tbero is no decay
until Hm freezing weather Is over.
Ono may enter the market nnd order
a bear cut out from lirulii, which has
occupied a particular corner in tbo establishment, looking fair all the world
ns If ho were alive, I'or several months,
or n bnuneh of venison from tbo deer
that has heen In another corner for nn
equally long time, or percbanco n choice
cul of the lordly moose or the kingly
caribou thnt has beeu making lifelike
poses lu other sections of the market,
or If It be it mountain sheep or a goat
that the fancy craves tho same opportunity Is offered for selection, Tli" nul-
inals appear just ns they did In life,
mid the person who visits the placo for
tlm lirst lime Is apt to Imiigiiif hln).
self iii ii menagerie rather than u market,
The flavor nnd quality of the game
under siieb conditions ure snld to be
unexcelled, Tbo freezing process and
llie length of time that Is allowed to
i'lnl'-- between tbo killing and eating
of the animal seem to Impart to the
fli'-h ii tenderness nnd a ripeness that
are characteristic,
The market attracts attention to Its
location by placing on tbo sidewalk boforo its door.jusl as'tbo cigar man puis
out Lis wooden Indian, n bear, u moose,
n slug "r SOIIIO ether animal from Ils
slock of trade, Last Benson tlm same
bear was used for tlio purp iso i
day fur live months and wns limn cut
up bun Btenks tli it wero pronounced
11 bo the most delicious Hint had ever
been oaten in a locality ihnt I* famous
fur Iis well flavored bear stc
, ■    mii if.
Quebec Man Cured his Kidneys with
Dodd's Kidney Pills, and His Lumbago Vanished.
t'lieboc, I'. (J.. April 2 — (Special),
,!iilui Bull, n brlcklnyi r, residing al
.,  l.lttlo Chiitupliiln Street, i'iTs city,
11-, ndded liis Kiaieiiieiii to tho greal
mass of proof lliul Lunibttgn Is canst il
.'   disordered   kidneys   und   consu
11,'inlv eiiMh  cun d b)   11" Id's  Kid
I'llls,    Mr, Mall wits:
"I it.,. troubled .villi Luml    n foi
.    .   i i l.l noi work,   l had
ip ni nights in     i " ti n
... ri .'  v..i   limit n,   I read ol
,   i,t    riodd's   Kidney I'llls und
 le up iii) ii,in, iii ir;, tin'in.   After
||] .'    box    I eollld leel llllll see a
n       i i.i, ,■ boxi   cun i me com
I.iimlimn.       like     lllli'iiin "    111,     ' .
'i ei in uiie innil Iii ihe blond, I'lh'
i i  until Bin*  iu ih'' blood If ibe
nro working right,     Dodd's
..iu t hiis innke ilie Kidneys work
Tin-   lloiit-utiiln'.   I'lp.-,
Lovers of niivnl tradition will be
pleased to learn lhat tho British admiralty Iti* ,i;i t decided to restore
something Ihal : ng fallen Inl > disuse, Tin. is tli. boatswain's p pe, to
the Inspiriting Btrnlns of which Bhlp-
board routlno nn* carried out In llio
"M il.its. Borne liim' ago "my lords"
rami lo tbo i n u in that Its retention Mm undesirable, and It was accordingly done nway with, Now, however, lb" oi i Whitehall bavo
changed their minds, nnd llio naval
boatswain Is a happy man again. 1'ipes
nro i"' ng Issued to all seagoing ships,
nud in miction In tlio nrl of s mndliig
Ihein is to i"' systematically given lo
selei led pelty ' Ulcers and boys uf tho
Heel   Wc    duster Onzelto
An lli.'i-nlil.' Will,
A remarkable story i- publl hod of
III ilrlc will l"fi by n wealthy
ta ilium who dlul in r.iiit.  When her
, :,,■ i Iho n Intlves «■ ro Astounded, :        et forth that oui of her
fortune "11,(1001 '   : ' .i
on her fi iii. Tho cxi i ul ii   i i rov-
usly carried oul Hi i nr-
■ ngngeil to
i till iini ilia body, and Iho collln "US
f ,• i.a .i i ini most expi :
l blnlnetl,   Tlio fuiiei.ii v, t
11 Bee    I'ir nn hour the bell* "f St,
p ■ 'iiiiiiii rang,   Itolli Insl lo mid
onl-lila ilie church line wero black
i . ■   ■   ■   ■ i rhci   Iln
n.i, iii'i.iiiy covered it lib rare nud
costly iia.it.i-,
(ir.i-tit.ii-ii Meridian i'"r Prance,
'ii," i: ho tie r ihnt II
Lraiia lopi l'i" tlrecliwli li mel  I in
III i-i. koliliig Ih i" a*i-i    id ■
il ii !■..     mlopl
■ inn.   If Franco should take
eh for her ; i
try would gain eight inliiulos, nnd
1'ri'iii'luin'ii Iii !• ilng tu I! ..■ imi would
mil I bilged to set th  :  ii • lies,
As for Hi" metric system, France hopes
i ■ no o- v I'uglaud bu! America
•ai nd ipi ■
Iir, iitiimai '. Tree,
•    . nil  ',■ hli'h  Mr,   I. .       ' me
i [or hi ■ three . ■■      '■   ■ <
'     In   i i   ■:   ed lhat It
■ heller lo rill II down ninl
l lhe tiuiii. ! mi" lo b" pii I wilh
'                         in I   nil   tin'   spot
'   la   la, II MIL-
i Uulg   . *
Tin- Gnrteri
The garter was ilrst worn by men.
During tho Blxtcenth century it reach.
• I  tho ilinifiisions of a large searf
ni'ouiid tbo leu'.
i'ln. I'm1! Itnut'r..
Tlif pool llogcrs lliul a Vniff sil Slllllll
nud weak lhat, lis Im bad said liim-
sell, be ivns forced A say caustic and
ill nntured things in order lo make
people hear him,
Tin' I'linrnoli ol llu- i:-oitii..
Tlio body of tlio pburnoli A Iho Exodus recovered from bis tomb shows
thnt he must havo licim killed In battle
or nt leust that he died by violence,
fnr bis skull Is cleft ns though by u
blow from :i battlcax,
Kind l.n.ly (vlslllng llie jnili-l Ull-
lerslnnd II tins your love fo loi
thnl hroughl ynu horn?
Jliiijniu  JoltO—Don'l   ynu-i"  In levi
It, ma'am,   lbs Is do las' plai n eart'
lal eiiiiie io if l tviiz looklu' [or ii
|,V l.aa'lll lapl'lti-lltioM, H» Ul")' OOnnOt
li-HPll      tilt'      allHa'liat'll   llialtlalll   Ol   till'    t'lH.
Ihere ii* oniv ons way t" t-ure deafness,
,,!,.! iimt i. by contttliutionsl rt-miillps.
|t...ifriiaH Is rmii'i'tl lay nn Intlmnt.l ,<n-
aliti,aii of the mucous llnlim of llir Eustachian Tubs. Whon ilns tuba l» inllnmrd
Inilammstlon nm n. taken out ami this
hearing, ami when ll l> entirely rinsed.
IVnfneae la the remit, ami unlee. the
iii'tiimnintl'in can tie taken out and thli
tubi restored to Its norninl condition.
hearing will be deatioyed forever: nine
ca^a,. out of ten are cauisd liy Cntsrrhi
ivlileh li nnthlnl hut an Inflamed con-
allti'.n aaf th. miicone purfacei.
\V» will slv« One Hunalreal Hollnra for
anv i-a.e of Peolnee.tcau.ed bv rntmrli)
thnt ennnot l» cured hv Hill's Catarrh
Cine.   Pantl  for clrciilnta face
V. 1. OTENET A CO., Toledo. 0.
Sold  bf  DrililBl.ts.  nr
Tiiln Hall's Fanillv I'lll. for ronallpatlon
,\ nm- ent   si,mie   "i I.I   Mime
L'lning ins I..-.-it unvollod nl Shanghai.
Ilnhy's   i it* n   Tnblel
nul ter little habit i or big i
,. BiilTorliig iiinn nni nt lhe
, nf childhood ii
:  hl.is. will i'i
..... i'.ila| ttill
li  u I
i. on       " M) bub)
A>".   lllll
■      '    ■   !'
Chilli SI       lli.tv   e ,,s
•'I'll,   sl " II     "    ■
I'lli" Tllhli ,* bnt'.'   provi I  II
-■Iiii I."   Sii „ y
1 Is i li
llnl       nun  Tabli' ild
., | .
mi'i ihe iir. William   M    i
,a i cents ii box,
Hen ver, i '
Slii •   S  cu.nui.   sculplor  lo   ilm
oropiy li one Positive Sign of Kidney
Dlieiie.-Ilavi" fou sny nl lliese utinu*-
ilksbls iimie? I'lufiii"-. under ihi "•-
livollen   limbar      Brnolherlni   feeling?
Chunje   of   ih. chord' li i "I Hi" I'llni ?
Bxhtustl in nil, i  li ssl - V'l't m
have there's dropsical tendency nnd ynu
eii-i'ii in t di iii- nu hour in puillnn   our
self   nti.l.'t   the  Kiuat     Buutli    Ann in .in
Kldn.y Cuu.-li
('nunti ■ i uu .illinium, uie   Si*• dish
a.' A'"".  .:i Mollle
I'nrlii ill       II '"I
llllll    III"     liiini''     I'"
!'.       I'lien I
i. Illlcil wlih gloom mil •!
i   .tm tu ui
.      , ■  ;a|.       in-..
,    i|i| in III" ill.sll'ess,    Ii only
,    ,.. mi Blei i"   Ihere would
an fnr a while mul '
p rim Vi  ' labia   I'llls
nui nni only i"    Inu win
li    lift  ilclnll) iimt   'I"
ilu i un i i
In Uu' Itiisslini Internal dlsordi rs 11,
i'n pjuplu were killed   and 10,1!!I In
Minard's Liniment Relieves Ncuralai.i
Population   of  Britain's   Capital   Increased from  1.11-1,644 in   1801
to 0,581,402 in 1901.
Ni'tf York,—The Herald has tho following lu a special from London: Tho
immensity o( London is well illustrated in a review by the London county
council entitle I. "a statistical abstract
Iur London, 1,105." li is uiimzlng picture. The rapid growth of London Is
Bhown lliul in IS01 iln- population wns
1,111,111-11 li had risen In 1901 lo ti,-
BSl,-li)2, nnd these six and n hall' million people live In 92S.008 houses,
Nothing Is inula' Impressive lo tho
vlsllnr In London lhan tbo enormous
volume   of Irnfllc,    Tho   l loiiors'
lu'i'f.Toni'e inr ilu'an locomotion Ib
strikingly India I by the vast 'number ui' trminvnyB and oinulhitsoB, nf
course llio tramway and omnibus Bint-
isilfs iiii nm ml nualoly ropresonl Iho
Iralllc nf ilie presi in day, as bIiicu llio
electric cur tracks hnvo been opened,
Imi ihey nui) bo mentioned fur com-
purl mi wilh New York, There nro
2,100 miles ni tramway linos open, mul
during ilie ye.ir B57.947,S7(1 passengers
wore convoyed, while S8.HC5.211 pu:;-
oiigers Iruvelled on tho two principal
omnibus companies' Ilm s,
Tlie letter.* book siunvs delivered by
iln' piisiiiinn loiters amounting in 10,-
IOS.001 and 2R.3fi-l.nnn lelegrmns were
di'spalehi'il An Interesting Idea of Iho
ililiei'i'iii Bourres of London's wealth
may be gnthcred from lhe groSB minimi nssesspil value of the Incnmo lux
iu 1001, Houses, etc., nmouiiteil lo
i::'1,:,:,:..*:,i; trndes and professions to
$:i71,flli2,050; and lhe profits of public
conipiuiles nnd other Interests nnd
other profits amounted to $717,072,556'
a , iiii.inaia seot.
A Scotsman went to nu English r.ico
tncctlug mul boldly slaked n sovereign.
Strangely enough, the horse ho backed
pined u winner, mid he went to the
"liil.ie" to claim his winnings. The
sporting man bcgrudglugly hnnded him
fi sovereigns, lie lunked nt each one
very enrel'iilly boforo placing it in bis
p ii kell k.   'Well." said the "hiiukie,"
whb ii Biuirl, "are you afraid tboy'ro
■oh, no." said tbe Scotsman, "but I
was just looklu1 to rank' sure the bad
viu I gie'd ye wisna among them!"
A Sour Stomach and a 8our Tent
travel hnnii-ln-hnnd and are the p
oui' -a of mental anal phveh-nl wn
Nine hunilrod and nlnety-nlna- limes
a thousand food ferment (Indigestion)
the cauie. Dr. Von Sinn'- Plnonp
Tablet, keep the atomach sweet—aid
testlan—keep   the   nerve   centers   it
alano.d — they're nature'* ranncea
lliaiaal and harmUie.   31 cinm.—II
Shipbuilding Booming.
"Duslncss In nil lines Is booming In
ami aboui Ulnsgow, and moro ospeo
chilly In ihe Bhipbtillding Induslry,"
'inns Bpoko Mr, George It. Mae
keiizle. the Scotch distiller, ul live
Windsor Insl evi nln
"Tbe shipyards ot Glasgow are
taxed in Ihelr ntn aa*; capnclly in order tn turn ent ihe ]i'*:iis within a
specified time,
".Iiisi before coming ovor I saw iho
um lieu BtenniBhlps which tho Fair
in ll* Company are building for tho
i .,'.11.    I enini rs will benl any
thing of llio kin I nlloat, and nro mag
■ut", ml) fltti al up with nil modern
nppllnnces The lirsl trial irlp of
these bniiis will be mnde "ii April 11,
when me I'.iirii'i'l* expi el lo iuive n
illsllngulslifil gutlu ring [rum all ovei
Ureal   Iiiii.iin
I !','     I" '!','■ II
i'n,islam nppl pillion to
tux upon    , ,    rgli    nnd II iln ra h
ti,,.  n liixtitton, lassitude and depn s
.en   .'i     sure lo :'. e i n',    Thes ■
Irouhles,     The
. .. -   aaii nervous
. n l ihc slonniph reus *
' rly.   lu ibis
enlulllii'll   I'lirmi   ■ ■ '     lllllll*   I'llls
will be found n ri euperullve nf nne
orgim   in henlih
i, utii [ eliel iii I,
i'    .
ngs In Purls, litifl
i n i""t; ■ ue I lo A
.Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cub
n Itch on Human or animals cured
n HO minutes by Wolford s Sanitary
otion. It never fails. At all druggists.
The I'liii .I States At dock has
'iini'i, luia ,i.. a iii il," Meilltor-
.iit.' ui and i- mnklng poor llmo.
Minard s Liniment (or sale everywhere
I'nui. nn   I'i'iuA Joseph nf Ansll'in
bns npprnved lhe nppnlntmeni of Clinr-
les l-'iiiii'l* in be ninliiissnilui' [or llio
i    . . States in Austria Hungary.
Quebec Man tells how the Great Consumptive Preventative was
a.i all-round Benefit
Tho oil i, "■' in Richmond
|i ||     ol    Iho   I    , nui' nt    given In ll
mum in lhe employ nf Iimt
Iho iv. tiding "i ilie]
'.. ||     le'tl'll   a   ||K| li
ii . i lor   tu   prevented
mi   i'!"ii iin - Hi" '■"!".
la' ||       1  In "
 I hand :"'
i'llll!'   '■
p I wiling nfler ll
■    ■ ivomuli repalri
ido's pui'' iu*.   Tn the
.rn k.,v ttl.i. "■,. lied lhe door  :
!    ,.   i   •      ,,. |0   Of   He
An   evi n *■ .nn  ni   Inti n io  n "ei
r line t , il i"e of llio
\ n i
i     I,   lie coi
Iini a„ w. • i,
II My wife leek I.a C.riprn* tvlii-n she km
lnOit.ttv.1. *its 1* N. I'ltiuc ofNorlhReld
K^ini, Que,, in nn Interview.   "She gol a
bottle nl lAihini' and alter using it ler a
l.-tv tl.tta she tins quits well. I U»i-k ft reld
and am using il and am getting sll right.
I think Psychine i. ont of Hi" best lonlci
on tin- maiki'l latal.tv."
There you h.tvo lhe Whole m.iltrr in a
nutshell. La lAppr ,-iiul colds are among
tin'inn-! linnet. of consumption,
'1 hi. nun had mie, hi* wile had lhe oilier.
Psychine n..t only cured both bul ii huill
them up 10 that their bodies ure llronR
rnniigli to re* *l disci*". All set'ils el
ri'tiisimipliaiii aic kiiit-d by
Are you a »ucce!J as a bread-
maker > Is your cake and pastry
^complimented by your friends r
If not, whose fault is it—yours
er the miller'i. If you ire successful in other lines, your reputation
u ■ cook is vindicated, and it U
plainly the fault of the Hour,
Look up the good bread nnd
pastry makers of your acquaintance
'-Jul get their flour experience.
You will find that most of them
,<•« using
Royal Household Floor
gladly paving a little mure per barrel
for it and getting for that extra cost
I purer, better flour, I'or bread or
pastry, it has no equal.
Ogilvie'i Royal Household-
repeat the name to your grocer.
[ Ofllhle Floor Mills Co., Ltd.
■' "Ogllvia'i Ilook for a Cook," < n.
.ninn 130 pages of excellent rscljici,
.tune never published belitro, Voul
jrnier can till you how to set It PKElt, i
In Your Leisure Time
If you could start nt once in a business which would adit a good round
sum to your present earnings—without   INVESTING   A   DOLLAR—Wouldn't
you do it?
Well, we are Willing to start you in
n profitable business and we don't ask
you to put up any kind of a dollar.
Our proposition is this:   We   will
ship you the Chatham Incubator and
liroodor, freight prepaid, and
You Pay No Cosh Until
After 1908 Harvest.
Poultry raising pays,
People who tell yew that there is no
money in raltatng chicks may have tried
to make money in the business by using
letting hens as lia Ichors, and they
might as well have tried to locate a
gold mine in ihe cabbage patch. The
business of a hen is—to lay eggs, As
a hatcher and brooder she is outclassed. That's the business of the
Chatham Incubator and Brooder, and
they do it perfectly and successfully.
The poultry business, properly conducted, pay* far better than any other
business for the amount of time and
money Invested,
Thousands of poultry-raisers—men
and women all over Canada and the
United .Si.ites have proved to then
satisfaction that it is profitable to raise
chicks with tlm
No. 1- 60 Ejdi
Ho. J-1M Effl
Ko. I- 243 it_tt
"YonrsUthetir-' Inoubntoi Iha?l
used, iii.it 1 wtili lo slate I Iih.1 M
ohtcki nut (>; M eros. This was mr
flrsi Ut: trulyul"0 per cent, hutch,
lam m .1 pleased wlih my iiinilmtur
anAhmodi .  Tiiog, McNauouton,
Chilli *uiek, 1U."
"My fln-t hat eh emtio niT. I got
170 llneeliieks fimii ll-OeggS.   W Im
con he,a that(»r the lirst trial,antj
ro early In tho fprlntr. I am wel
ploaeed wilh Ineubalor, ami if
could imt K«'t anothor money couu
nut bnvit rrom me. Kveri faruici
should haven KO,8 f'liallwm Ineu
batnr.-F. W, Uimsav, DuuhtIUi,
"The Innnbatnr ynu furiilsbcil me
works oxceodlbgly well, li Ui-aniir
Oper.Hn!, and eiily in't'di itliiml 10
mhi'iti-s attention every day. H.
McGiri-ii:, iluunK JAW( AtUu"
The Chatham Incubator and Brooder
is honestly ConitmcUdi There is no
humbug about it. K very inch of material
is thoroughly tes'ed, the machine ii
built imi nghl principles, the insulation
11 perfect) thermometer reliable, and
tho workmanship the besl.
The ( hailii.ni Incubator and Brooder
is simple a« well as stientilic in cftn-
itructton—a woman or gul canopemti
tb;- machine In tfusir leisure momenti*
Vou pay us no cash until after luoC
Send us your name snd address on
a post card to-day.
We enn supply ynu quickly from our
diitribntinif warohousss nt Cugary, Bran*
don Hetrlna. WlnnlnefT. New \\ vKtmlnt-ter.
B.O.,Montreal,Halifax.ciisthnm, Adilrou
ull ciirreittiuadencu lu CLiithtitu. lli
Tbc Manson Campbell Co.f Umiled
rocturimat CH1TB1U, Om., n:nl Dktiiuit.
Let us quote you prices
on a tiood Funnlnti Mill
or li'xxl Farm Scale.
50c, Per Bottle
Lnrftr .a.-.- tt and tl   all (lru,;icl*tt*a.
DR, T. A. SiOCUM, Limited, Toion'.o.|
"For yean 1 havo been
troubled with Piles, Attuned
I would hnve I" ho down nnu
remain perfectly quiet for
hours, bath attack w.i.iwnrM
thnn ihe Wi, I triod many
Plls nodlclass but pit no
better Ull I used Heta*Rold,
*nd thii riirfl ma prrmn-
nenlly. Thnnl;s to llrin-
Ronl, I am now frcn from ,
ivrrv lympton of Piles,   U
W. Ql lASOIt," AsslltitQt Post
V, it. Qresnwood, Om.
1   USSndl tail the nnmn florv of Tlefii-Tlnfd,
t ■■■ ;■ ih«ir,'n, .!,a-a i■ ,r i hi-   All drufglstl,
tl nn, or   Tur   Wu*j»i.Iii.i  Co.,   "
Ni.i.j.u» i-'tlli, Uu*.
W    N    U    No.   679 •)
5       —      fe
•a    A Series of Articles Descrlb-     •
• •
a      Ing their Lives, their Aims    -a
* and their Influence. J
i 1_ wi ____nL
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boiling are
things of the past in homes
where Sunlight Soap is used as
Sunlight Soap will not injure
even the daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for this is because
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no iniurious chemicals
— indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removing properties of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
by tho dottier trom whom yam.
buy Htinlltfht Snip It you nud *.
Any i'iiii-i' for complaint, 155
Editor of the Morris Herald,
UnQijtiivooflll.v Independent In tin
polity ntlvocutotl ut nil times, tin1 Morris I I'M niii lots tin' distinction of boing
n cleverly edited newspaper as
well us having possibly thf youngest
editor iu tlit> t'niiiiiliitii Wfst in thf
inanagoriul ohuir.
Recognitor! ns one of tlif besl advertising modiolus in southern Slnni-
toon, tbt* Morris Horald, iin-
dor the managing editorship of Mr.
Albert Konnoll, lias not only becomo u
lucttir ni importance in tlie business
life ot sotitltorn Manitoba, hot also is
11 force in tlif social nml political affairs »l thf provinco, through thf fearlessness, originality, uml ability nl Mr.
l'Vutifl us n writer. .Mr. Fen-
iiT'l wa. horn in 1883 in Birmingham, kaiiglaiul, He began his journal-
istio litf on tlif staff nl thf Binning.
liiini Daily Gasotto nml thoro acquired,
probably, some nf thut thoroughness nf
business method nml iudopoitdonco ol
political thought thut is n distinctive
trait ol the majority of the llritisli
In the year Will Mr, Fennoll, nt-
triiftfil by thf opportunities offered tn
a trained young newspaperman, 11111-
bitlous nml onergotic, came tu Canada
nnil determined upon tlic provinco nl
Manitoba us thf Md nl his efforts,
I'm' shunt three yours Mr. 1'Vnticll
was constantly engaged ns a member
ni tho stalls uf soveml lending westorn
newspapers nml during thut time acquired ai thorough knowledge nt west-
om political, Hocinlj uml business con-
Lasl Soptembcr thf opportunity lor
Individual ontorpriso, 11 situntioit created largoty through his nun efforts,
was givou Mr, Fonnell nml in conjunction with Mr. James Hooper uml n
fow residents ol the town nl Morris,
li<> obtoinod control ut thf Morris
Realising thf opportunities nf a
bright uml enterprising newspaper in
Southern Manitoba, published lit us
favorable a position as Morris, Mr
Fennel! nt ouco saw tn ii thut tit
inechnuicnl necessities ol a first-class
weekly paper were adeiiuiitely supplied
uml that tho job-printing department
was furnished with thf best of type
uml the Intut niaolilnery.
Tbo Munis Herald maintains a
strictly indepeiitlonl course in politics
and is n strong advocale nl independent thought mnl actions uml believes
that thu inn.' is imt iur distant when
much ol tho partisanship, ur "party-
Ism." in politics ttill he done awuy
wilh. anil thnl people ttill think uml
nit according tu their nun individual
Thf Munis Herald believes thnt Independent ami l.nhnr candidates ttill
piny a oonipicuous part in Canadian
politics iu ihi> nenr future. While the
West may hi' rather lull nl newspaper
men, thf Munis Herald is ul the opin*
inn ihnt thoro is always room ut tin1
tup "i 1 In. ladder,
As u loader writer .Mr. Fonnell hn*
gained considerable reputation mul
promlnonco, his scathing mnnnor nl
criticism nml originality nf expression
being uill known in the western news-
papor world,
Mr, Fonnell is no nrdcnl supporter
ami advocate nl manly sports.
Ilf married, in February, 1008, Mlsi
I,. I). Fray, daughtor m Mr, II. .\.
Fray, nl California.
We Trust
If you are suffering from
Impure blood, thin blood, debility, nervousness, exhaustion, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilia you have known
all your life. Your doctor
knowsIt,too. Askhlmaboutlt.
T<ra mini look well »ft«r thi fr-ndltlm. of
-"■tn 'iv.'i if 'i bnwr-li. (Inleii Itmre ti dully
kOtton nt tl'i hdnall, |.niii.ii- i:n (tt.il'ii'» an
Kbmrbad, .-iiii'iiv ii'-'ln'lifi, blllfiumeM, UQ<
im, dyiMMli, mH ti.nt 1 tn n tins tl>" Hmr*
i'i; a. I* li in 'I'll.- IU I"-' work. Arer'l
Hli ""■ Hmi 1 i'i Art ftBMtir, n'i TtftUblr
111* don li "I** r om pill it bultliui.
.: ■ bT J. 6. -7** fo., Iiowill, ■
Alio niDulioturin of
}   mm vkiol
unl I CUBE.
CUIiUIV 1 itiraw.
Drying Milk in Australia.
Australia has adoptod tho system nt
drying milk. Tho milk is dried between stfiiin I'ulh'i's uml suhl us a
powder, from which nothing has been
•Mtnifti'il hut water and to which
mi hint- but water requiros to be ad-
thtl tn make wholesome, clonn, nml
orilo milk. A leading medical officer is reported to have said thut the
adoption of driotl milk nt some asylums for consumptive patients and in
general hospitals bus provon a biiccoss.
in Its Initial stages n cold is u Ineni
nihiium easily dealt with, Bul many
negleci It nnil tlio result is often the
development nf distressing seizures
nf iliu bronchial tubes ami lungs that
render life miserable for the unhappy
victim. As 11 lirst aid there Is noth-
Ing in tho bandy medicine line so
certain in curative rt'sults as
Dickie's Antl-Consurnptlve. Syrup, the
tar-tamed remedy for coughs nml
Two German officers landed near Co-
penhngen after crossing ilm Baltic In
a balloon during a fierce storm.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc,
Indians an' Buttering from hunger
al lake Athabasca owing to the failure
of cariboo.
Buffalo masons visited a Hamilton
lodge uml handed over the "travelling
trowel" that is on Us way around "lie
The tours trickle down from my eyes,
My eyelids uro tiuffy mul roil,
My nose hits Increased In Its si?..,
There's stuffiness all through my head.
Anil 1 burn and I chill;
I'm decldodly 111,
Ah. kerchuo:
Oli, I wish thut I kiiftv what to dol
1 mlslit fill myself with quinine;
Hot wntcr some foltt rocommend.
Anil colli somo think equally line,
While others tor unions contend.
Ami BWlllIng suite tea
Is u great remedy—
Ah. kcrchoo!
Hut I really ilon't know what to do,
I mlttht take n doctor's advice,
Hut nil ot my friends cun prescribe.
They'll all havo mc well In a tries;
1 never did see such tt tribe.
1 don't know what to choose—
Which prescription to use—
Ah, kcrchoo!
il 1 cculd only tell what to do!
-Chicago Now*
Minard's .Liniment .Cures .Dandruff.
A throo days' celebration will he
Imlil 111 Victoria, B.C., In honor ot Victoria day, .May 24,
Have you t Skin Disease?—Tetter, Putt
Rheum, Bcald Head, Itlnvworm, Erzemft,
Ilch. Barber1! Itch, I'fcrrn, lilolclK'tf,
Chronic Eryslpclns, l.lver Spots, Frurlun,
1'sorlsls, or other eruptions of tho akin
—wtist Dr. AKnew's Ointment has dune
for others It cun do for you—cure you.
Olio ujii'llcatlfan gives relief. 35 cents—87
Th- murderers of King Alexander
nml Queen Draga have announced
through n newspaper thai thoy would
in' prepared tn commit another such
action if necessary,
to cu
whom It nine concern! This Is
nli'y tlnn I have used MINARD'S
'iriNT myself ns well us pres
il it in my practice where a llnl-
wns required mnl have never
I 10 gut the desired effect,
C, A. KINO, M. D.
The chief of police was wnlklng abstractedly along ilm streot, thinking of
iliu carnival uf crime nml the necessity
oi doing something to end It,
"Chief," sail a mil. powerfully built
stranger, approaching him, "don'l yuu
want 11 policeman for Borne Bpoclnl service? I'm 1111 old hand nt lhe business."
"i ilu." answered the chief, looking
liim ovor, "Havo you uny testimonials
in siiiiw thm you have hail experience
ns n policeman?"
"No, sir," said Iho other, mochtnlc-
ally swiping 11 banana os Ihey passed
a I'ruii Btand. "Von ttill inn.' in lake
my word fur H."
"You're mi "hi hand nil right," ob.
Bcrved tho chief: "I'll give you atrial."
—Chicago Tribune.
Jlucli distress mnl sickness in children Is caused by worms. Mother
tirnves' Worm Exterminator gives relief by removing the cause, (jive lt
11 trial uud bo convinced.
Fond Memories.
(From "Success Magasine.")
A hard-headed old Pittsburg manufacturer wlm inii'le his fort lino, us he
expresses it, "with his cunt ull." was
Induced liy his daughters to accompany
them to a Wngner concert, the lirst
ho had ever attended, The next day
hi' happoned tn met an acquaintance
who hmi seen him thu night before,
whe asked:
"I suppose yen enjoyed the conceit
lasl night, Mr. Brown "
"Yes; it took 1110 hack to the days
nf my youth," the uhl man said, with
11 reminiscent sigh.
"Aii, summer days in the country,
f.irl in a lawn dross, birds singing, ninl
all that!"'
"Nu. the days when I worked in a
I'oiloi shop in Scranton,"
A l.tninieiii for llie Logger.—Loggers   leal   n   llie  which   exposes  lllelll
lo tunny perils. Wounds, ems uml
bruises cannot altogether li" avoided
In preparing timber for ihe drive ami
lu river work, whore wel nnd cold
combined are nf dally experience,
coughs ami colds ami muscular pains
cnnnol bin ensue. Dr, Thomas Eloc
trio Oil. when applied to Hie Injured
or administered 10 the tilling, works
nil    tin
The Village Swineherd.
In nny Servian village the
u,ie Bwinohord ami he lead*
pigs nl the community, In tho morning he gees tlirumrli the streets lilutt-
itlg liis horn, nml the pigs come oul "I
tt en* own accord nml follow him tu
tin pasture Al night he blinds Ihom
holm* ami thoy disporso to their sties
in tlm snt rdorly manner ns they
I'll"", lhe houses tu which they  helling
'i'lia't   require un   attention uml   110
singling nut.
Bunllghl Soup Is bettor than other
simps, hut   Is In sl  when   USOll  ill  tin
Sunllghl   wny.   Buy   Sunlight   Soup
ml follow directions.
What Makes  You   Despondent" —If"
tin. stomach gons   wrung?    llnvi»   ine
11"! V intlfS   llllltfll   tllaal     mill      llstlCfl?
An- cu threatened with nervous prostration" s-tuiii American Nervine is
nature's cue,'iur, make,   the   stomach
llKlit, Kites a World 'if nerve fairen, keeps
tin- circulation perfect. A regular enn-
Mltutliiii bulkier for rundown people. Un.
lualy SBJ'S! "1 owe my lif. to It."—II
Motor Skiing in Norway,
During th.. ri'i-a-iii winter thc Nm-
tti'Liuns hnve finical the excitement nl
ski running by yoking the runner t"
n motor cycle by a lung lonther strapt
'.fliicli he grnsps with his lelt  hand.
Tm- s| 1 attained is enormous mnl
I gn nt skill is required tn avoid being
j pullotl over, as ihe body is opi 1 '
jinn the foot,   'lim pastime i- growing
] voiy popular.
Symbol of Majesty for Saskatchewan
Legislative Chamber.
'Hie mace for the provincial h'gls-
iniure hns reached   Reglna, and ox-
c is all expectations in iis beauty of
workmanship. It Is strikingly Canadian In design, mul consistently Canadian in lis manufacture, being tho
product ot ihe Insignia Dopnitmoni of
llyrle Bros., Limited, Toronto's lend-|
lm; Jewelers mil goldsmiths, The
richly chased ami heavily nppllqtied
decorations Include such national nnd
Imperial symbols ns ihe maple leaf.
beavi r, whenl sl f. ruse, thistle nnd
nn"" i.     Tne   roil   wlih    iis sur-
mounting crown measures four 1'" I
ol massive bin 1, In n
plllll'll.       'I'll''   te.ll   III    lhe   I,,;,   ol    the
crown Is nn especially claborato nml
beautiful specimen 01' the metal art'
Ulcer's skill,
Wieldors of tho Scissors Hove Bocomo
Groat Lawyers, Inventors and
Writers of Fame.
It has been the delight of the biographers to show how tlm printer's
dovll, tho pmr farm lad, tha street
wall and tha mechanic's lad, havo
struggled onward and upward to distinction.
Apparently thoy have Ignored the
barber biys achievements,
Nevertheless, there mv numerous Instances of barbers who hav become
celebrities In various fields of human
In former times the barber's craft
was dlgntflod with tic tltlo of profi --
Hon, be It Im iwn, It wns cmj aina-al
with tho art '*f surp'ry. In tie. lime
of Henry VIII. a.f England it was sn-
acted that tho barbers aliuuM confine
tifrii-a.lv. st to tbo minor operatl ins ol
blood lotting and drawing teeth, while
tho Burgeons were prohibited from barbery air shaving. Later on—about the
middle nf the eighteenth century—the
two cnllliiRs were entira-ly separate,
The .striped polo In front of shops today Is symbolic of former times, suc-
geatlng tho perloai when th" barber
was ai.*o a Burgeon, ami Indicating ihe
ribbain for bandaging tho arm In bleeding.
lt was long after the vocations became distinct that Edward Burtenshaw
Sugden mso to eminence, Sugden was
the son of a hairdresser In Duke stre'it.
Westminster, and was assistant In the
shop. When ho wns 41 years old he was
mode King's Counsel, and was chosen
a bencher ot Lincoln's Inn. Under tho
first administration of Lord Derby he
was raised to tho peerage as Lord St.
tt gies without saying that there
wero not lucking envious persons to twit
him with his former occupation, and
this story Is told: Once, when address*
Ing a crowd In tha' Interest of his own
candidacy to Parliament, a man called
out to know what soap was worth and
how lather was made.
"I am particularly obliged to that
gentleman for reminding me of my
humble origin," said Sir Edward. "It ts
true that I am a barber's son, and was
once myself a barber. If the gentleman
who so politely reminded me of these
facts had been a barber he shows here
that he would have remained one to the
end of his life."
Then there was Charlea Ahb.-tt, a
barber's son, "a scrubby little lad who
used to wait on his father with razors
and a pewter bowl." Abbott was also
made a pt"'r of England,
An English writer has said of a certain Inventive Englishman: "While his
inventions hav conferred Infinitely
moro real benefit on his own c auntry
than she could have derived from absolute dominion nf Mexico and rem, they
have been universally productive of
wealth and enjoyment,"
This genius wns Sir Richard Ark-
Wrlght, and Ills Inventions were In the
cotton spinning Industry, lie was born
in 1792. turned frun wig-making when
tho trade fell off, became enormously
wealthy, was made a peer and died In
the six! loth year of his age.
English literature has been mats
richer by nt least three barbers
Jeremy Taylor was brought up In his
father's shop at Cambridge, Eng. He
Is perhaps Hie most famous of all tho
barbers, his boons remaining popular
after 250 years. A critic says truthfully
that hts work Is especially literary.
Weighty with argument, his sermons
and books -if devotion are Bttll read
among us for their Bweet and Jeep do-
votlon nni their rapidly fiowlng and
poetlo eleiiuonce Mis most Important
work Is "The Liberty ot Prophesying."
The greatest KtAish naval poet-
Charles Dibdln taking rank as second
—was William Falconer. Ho was a
barber In Edinburgh uml! his p 1 m,
"Tho Shipwreck," not only made him
faiiua'iis, but w an him :i career In the
Royal Navy. This poem, by lhe way,
was based on his own experience.
When yet young lm had a c nee I
take a voyage on aa English vessel
bound for Venice. The ship was ovr-
ial.cn by a dreadful storm off Capo C -
lonna, nnd was wrecked, only three of
the crew being saved, nne of these
was Falconer, and the lin'Menls ot the
voyage and lis disastrous termination
formed tho subject uf his poem,
(strangely enough, the terrors of the
sea, which he sat eloquently desi rlbes,
did not deter him from following It,
and ho was lost In the wreek of another ship a few years later.
Allan Ramsay, tb- A'Ash poet,
who died the y-'nr before th" b rth of
Hums, Is Justly celebrated In the Htcr-
aturo of England, "Th" Gentle Shepherd" Is especially worthy nf remembrance, being a pure, ten.ler and genuine picture if Sa'.eAh life and lovs
among the poor in tho country. 11"
carried on tho Bong of rural llfo ami
love and humor which 3urns p. rfocted.
Allan Ramsay was ut 0110 time a pr*i-
perous wig-maker.
There is aTreat inStore for You
Ceylon Green Tea, because It Is infinitely
superior to the finest Japan Tea.
t-sad    Paokets    Only,    40o,   6O0,   and    60o,    per    tb,   At   all   Qroccn.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1104.
Oddest Patrol Wagon.
Writing nf the loea! patrol waeon, the
r'enung correspondent "f the Btralts
Times, Slngaji ■■.". 1 tys: "I' f r Ib y
calls to niaiial al first s'.cht a four-
wheoled baker's cat t, bar tha fact it is
drawn by about th" sl iweat pair of bul-
looks In tho settli mi nts, Tie re li n 1-
thing grim nt all about It, for It ii
commanded by a -Vipy Malay <• instable perchi 'i en tho b 'X, its roof an 1
sfles are formed ;af white canvas, and
It has no *l■. jr to cIobs ni the back,
but merely nn opening in which another Malay constable half slumbers Two
or throe other constables ride Inside
sluing on thai benches with tho prisoners, wh* seem to be too Btruck wlih
novolty nt tho ride to niaiA any attempt
ir esc i". I rli mid say Hi.'' •
capo from this prison v.m wjuld bu as
«aoy as falling off a log.'
Politeness Overdone.
The thanks ef every II   '. ■■ 1 *a fr.
duo 1.1 the gallant - ti ip-1 a 1
givei her his Beat In th.- cibwded District Railway carriage when ho s"os her
making ib ; ei ite all 1 ; '1 • 1 ki ep her
i-i Iai 1 hi r fi '■'■  ne hi' r     nlry
imel es a little overdone, or ll may
la. that his apparent pollten ivers
a hidden Bern e of I lb rness at having
10 land when I 11 I for a seat.
In any c* remonstrated
the young 1   n       1 he
iv offered fell    ihat   his
reply sl ild have I n . '1 unsaid
"Pray ml •■ it," he bi gged her, Imj ■ a
siva-iy;   "my  legs vou ^r llun
yours,"—Loud jii ChrotllolB,
Unless you aro 70 or 601 Thertl
keep it I But why look old at 36 01 j
40 P Why have an early old agn'B
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Ke-j
newer always restores color to gray I
hair.   Stops falling hair, also.       -
Per tit.   tahlik.r. .nd   iai. ania.-laa  ar. rnaa. I
lil'CSIMIinAM':* I'll     11- i.,r. .iM, t,ni«i. <!
....,•• ■. a. ,   ft. 1- HA.1I A Oll .Kaalian. t* H '
JU.U-V w...--. .am. xnatai.iaii.
a ———— uwttm^m»m~mttHmmmmwtii
Imperial   Maple Syrup
Like at Top
Don't lie awake with 'he remedy at
your elbi w To banish wakefulness, nervous starts, hail dreams—
t" sleep soundly and waken rc-
Pn!.! Evervwhere.    In lioxr< 2i5 rent*.
nnd Counotls *vho own
Munlftlpnl Trii'jili: ,
inliM »\.r«ftum P" M*\
K«i qimntillMof Nn 1':
to 10 ton lul* nt Ui* low t>
tf;b.i,l»iil    A-<iil)
B. SHRAGGE,  « nnlp**.
Ifintii"! r-rVi Hid for Htit- natali, «*i-ri*»u i*n.
buttle*, to* in I lim-** li
l_iko   Thia
%^L fffflU .  *t
_WP   r
Ail .a In al lo nny Gsrmont is a
(l.iui-.iitlin   ol
and ilimil Woar ng Qualities
Wi.en Buying OVERALLS,
find lhat uunh tirllcln boxrt a
liiliol llko ubuvo
l.nlal on Gotllnjj
"Kiny of the Ro»d" Brr.nd
And I .tin' no Oilier
Th" dlrocton "I ll..- GORDON CODALT
-I,'. II D till   public I'll' lilt' puipo*. of
dtveiopment ■•[ tho company's properties,
i limit*'i nun l«   -'f Khani of in.- Troj..
ury Stock ot 11.00 por ihare, payablo at
time ot ml.su Iplltnt.
Tne Gordon Ccbalt   Mine,   cntipt.t. of
i ■-: il.a- Cobalt Mln.
mn uivtin-t an i - ne n.n. from .!.■  rowa
famous C ■'■ in.an Town-
',-ii        " line bi'fn smnlctl lit the
;.i".. nt  government,   Tin   proper')   hie
a -ll   a,|  a|    |,!..|    ,l    ll. -.- -   <.f   foUl    I'    t    in
aud the aaeay ^!."t■ - f; -"t
• " l'i J'l" u .1. ll      .1   10 11"   l"ll   Tne
a   a.   may   be »■ i n al lhe i'"ini'.niy'i
The   capital  of   the   Company  li  onlv
r'in.C'a'i.     -i mpany haj no ii..niiei
: n   prof* rrofl stoa ,t   Th- own*
t      'at      Ilia'      lllllll'      IU ". -.-| >t * ,1      H11 „ ' tt    111     fllll
|..lt 11.. t:l   f.i   |)|e   |, I - ,J.« rlli-H
l.t'■■'-. ..anilala-r Iln- Qordon Cobill
properties, one "f the I" hi prospects In
iln. District and many have iica-nat in
iha- Company's shares Tin- property ll
ttiilim ni .-imlil'. <if the fnuiaiiit Hudson
Uav Mln.a and properties.
'11 mpany will cotnm'nci **'"'li at
the mines by Ainu im
TIllM    aalla- U     Will    Hlla'lll)'     t'O     ItHhall»W»
from tin- iniiika-i
l-'aar    prospectus    nnil    ni'Ialla-llUlallS    fof
stock address
Unite ii il i{ VI' lorla ft   Toronte.
W. A. Msrsh, John F. Lenon,
President Secretary.
tail Liicy Returns Portrait.
Ottawa,      Tic   'ail      |a. 11.1 Illlt   aaf      Rl ll
Franklin, which has Jusl bei n returned
■'i iii" |aa opio ni ile L'nltotl 1:'
Enrl iii' y. was taken trom r
l-    Major Aii'li"  In  ITT", nml
Iven i'i Iiii ciiiiiin.ii
i" :. i" n sir Chas, Qroy, I.unl Grey's
■ a-!,, .i'i.' cited
in., in-, i.: iln- |i.   iro,
gnrili al la-,   hm r
a uf him in exlstcm ".   li   I'*''
hung fur i
walls "I i.m I li
:    I
Franklin I ■ .
t l'hllnil '
III exci'llctt.
cy to n 'nn tha' iilclun  lo tlie I
uf the L'nlU'il Stales,
Over a Quarter of a Centnrj
we lime successfully irt'iitcl nervous
diseases CSUSod liy Drink ami Drugs.
f.aaa.tiim curst is our raooi 1 *,'-
spenk truly ami nny tlmt failure to
olitaln a cum by tlm Keeley Treit-
ment Is n (allure nf tli" mini and uul
our methods,   Bend for facta.
Address In cnnlldence
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg,
ha-ilool fortlubcjr
durlnf   Httr'vr ;t.;i tt
tKnuln( HktV
Rttifsibir ttilj «hin/ou wont wslct*
proof oiled -oo'.*, luili .*..■,• * cr '.oris
f .t 'i for til Mndi of wit work.
m oiuum rrvrt cAi-crt m
TtJ»t*«*l*l'H co.iww rotosTO M
W    N    u    No.   5?» Till'   EXPRESS
Real Estate
We liuvi! enquiries for r I
Business uml llesidential
property, List yours ttitli
lis. We iln tho business.
Consult  u> boforu buving,
Junction Block
North \oncouvcr.
Have You Seen This Beauti
Rolled Qi\\s
Haij and Teed
Miiling Co.
I iinili'tl
Harry Miti hell, I cal manager,
Lonsdale Avenue,
Sole \ncnts, for
Sutton & Sons'
f have In en instructed la sell aft w
pieces of 2 and 3 acres at prices which
will insi ' f/o»</j " '  '■;'  \ihdivieU
ing,   ;' ■■■ ''// within ITlh St.
The  North   Vancouver Specialist
101 Cortlii'ii .Street.
Sweet and Delicious,   Try
Them anal I
'.a' c invinced.
ALL I'KU lis,   At
north vmnc:
R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
498 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants. Auditors,     Plumbing and linsmlth-    tlay.Catth ondChlckon
Real Estate Agents. In**. Peed
lumber nml nil Minis o) Building Material. Contractors and Valuators,
**, hove on Immense amount o| Cordwood on homl.  Place your orders with
us for iht winter.
41.2 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
"t «H<M >t ♦■!■♦•! ♦+♦-! «•■' t-ifVii 4 '■< -1 <*•! :♦','! ♦■!•♦ K^K**r*.+:*ilP *
Is :t glorious lii'vi'ii'ii—t|iK*iicliiiij: .'in 1
pal isly in*:,   lli nu lit her ilia it'- nn   il h r
' jllSt US •! lllll       il'  isl ul: A lli::::   \l
E. S.iit
M. S. Williams
N©Ti€i£Districtof Norti1 Concert!
"    Vancouver.
To Pro|)crtij Owners
Formal and Landscape
Gaadening, General
Draughting and
Blue Printing.
io Pi libers,
Same prices, and in sunn < i
Real 1 sidle -ind Insurance
Vo i will find il
anv il< >ii
I Iir (An, i-n reci ntly rendi red
  in St. Andrew's Church, Vancou-
prill.ic    sow i:    l-    IIKIIK11Y U1'   witl) sucl> splendid succiss,
I ■ ' ltl>vi«iull   ul   Will   I l:   (41Va• 11   in   the    PAVILION
II I- I'i   IH   I   ml    Ilia a-t ill llll'   Mlllila' I'.l     ,,-,
oWNI.It'S   UlSlllM*    IU       hall, Nurlli Viuirauver, on Mnndav, tin       «i* Vii IV   niii'l'   OATH  IVSV
DISPOSE OF  LOTS, '"'    '         BIMIPitl   llhM, twill I.1M.
llll' II h.i' Illlt I'UIIIII    .il-r   .n ■ t-i-   I   i, 'mt   p    i.
|;|.ii( KS  ni;   Al Rl   nil. iiin»tHits \- A1   u,,m  '' M'
ARE    REQUESTED   TO      "';->   w mc notlro In wrltii     lal wler the auspices of St. Andrew's
,,.,.,,,      ' rnmi  ilnt, nol Ivm Ui.n.  ,    ,    - , ■ .  .     , ,,
PLACE     SAME     Willi ...       *„, Ladies Aid, North Vancouver.
i.      nm nm .■■     . Iinlertainiiig,    educative    and
t ' \[ '< ■   . |iu d ,unl in
slriiinonts] nioilern voices and
manners, Do not miss ihis musical tn all.
Aa |',inist:  Mr, J. II. Smith
Two typos, from Vancouver, paid organist ol St  Andrew's Church,
Irwin fr Billings
Corner I. msdale and 5th St..
North Vancouvi 1
Ale and SI oul
In  II alll.-       If a I   I""-
ihc Rot-si Brewing Co., 1 Id,
11 1   f.i
Surnn* 11 ' ■ rrfi '  !'-
day, Aural <* .in    D..y t.oytt. Thurb-
• I 1 in
I in I      i     <   : .it today.
Mi '■ I\ I   Peters, of Vn
:   :
II   1 mil   ;i  slot
1   Ui   iiii
liled    In
G. W. llul 1   a
An'1   -A   logs,   which   were
ll   hythe local govi rn
im .1 iiar 1 upon duty,  h,it
lowed into the inli 1 from Si 11.1
hay,    I. ri   now  on   1 ie
tidi    iln     in   charge    ol    \h
Mi Di nnld.
.';     Hi
Hid   l' i'i   .'     '.' :
llli lit   wilh    lhe
lid    1 "  nld [ive Imu nim tj pi 1
cenl  iai   :      ; lurii
ll-,ii! Olli 0 in 1
II. S111.1 M -'., Gi ni ral M 1.1 .'• 1.   1   1
A        IU'1
.1  ■     .:-.,'-:!.
Hi,ma lies in llritisli 1                           ■   1,1
lledley, Kaslti, 1,      md, Ti              Hi
\ ii toria, Duncii             *av       V,T.
Savings Dcpartmi nl    De|    .:   receivi d (i                 rd
Ollk't*, Cor. Lonidals Kiv. and Esplanade, North Vaacouvcr,II, C,
|i   I II      ....
:   '
il    I \    I
I.  I'. La '
11 itel North Vancouver.
1      ■ ire 1
la  ■   '  I    I .at lhe hoti
I '    1 p Mozat.i
: .
!      1 I       laic, Waal
\V. li. Il      , A, 1111 i'i.'' 1
K. C Phi|
,.      "
\1     I*
Mi     II     ■  K :ili,      ':
II \, Yotidall,
R   I., Hi"'.',n, "
1, li, 0. Hn,I.
jas, Heiltlei "
S. Nayolton, "
\   I    I   aa.
■1     Parr,
1    h, Hav   m.
Vancouver, I >• C. +
1 fi-. ' <• ■!-♦ ' ♦'-r>+*tH ♦ : <■ i 0-:-<>Tt>-!-*-i>i-<>-:-+! ♦•:•♦-!•♦■••♦•!■♦•!■.J
J  - f-
1\ Larson, I 'rop.
iN bUiLdiNo ee gUi^e a.Nd Ha^e tHe
connect 0 01JFt Wire Next spring
»*■•''"   1 '. v»W
B.C. Electric Railwa) Co. Ltd,
A. M. BFATTIE--^—~—™~
_____.. "''' Cordova Sreet,   Vancouver, U. C
lll'l  - Iir IHI.VI        ''     ' I   .ill
■ ,        liiiii-i'litilil iiui'd" .1 liiinkrii|ii -i' a Its Im
II' Im  "oirnj of tlm lini'sl Int' "■- nul niti-rl  ml |iri>|ii'rty In N'nrth
\ *''  11 vi '■.   •                    i> If ymi I  ■'.:, nl pli'ltii : at;. [.r.[,. riy in
tills  ,-   un,   lli'tti-.-, lll'V NOW, llml yiUI ttill ka-luili, 1.  ::  ::
A Chance io get Good Tc.i for a Small Price
Threi; Pounds for ©nc Dollar
This is a Hijjh-Grade Ceylon Tea, and is sold in many
places at 50c. per pound
J. \. McWLLAN, the Esj)liinade


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