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 Uh* Ixpnaa
There was a lair attendance ol
members at Tuesday night's meeting of tic Hoard of Trade. Vice
president Phillippo presided and
Secretary Irwin was in  liis  place,
Alter reading the minutes, the
sei retary stated thai there was
107 members on the roll and a
balance on hand ol S45.
(iltOl'SE MOUNTAIN   null..
W. E, l-'lnii.eili'lt. Secrctani
Vancouver Board uf Trade, wroti
thanking the Norlh Vancouver
Hoard of Trade Ior the energetic
manner in which it had taken hold
ol the work in connection with the
Grouse mountain trail. From all
accounts to hand it was assured
that a larger travel is anticipated
for this season than ever before,
The secretary stated that the
trail was in good condition.
D. li Diek stated that on his
recent trip to the States of Oregon
ami Washington, he was informed
that the Home telephone systems
were the ones used there—urban
and suburban. In the rural districts the farmers paid $30 to subscribe,, and 25 cents a month there*
alter. In the cities the system is
automatic, which allow millions ol
subscribers llie privileges ol talking to one another. Hut it would
not pay with less than 50,000 subscribers. Mr. Dick also thought
that the rural system would be the
best fur North Vancouver and submitted literature received. Regarding the electric lighting in
Tacoma it cost ***j.*j5 (or ten lights
flat rate, and the electricity was
generated by str,,,,, power.
The question of the lerry service was brought up, when Mr.
Scliullz said that lhe work bad
now passed out ol the hands ol
the committee and v.a J now up to
the municipal council.
Reeve Kealy said for the present
the question must lie quiet.
The matter ol  the proposed
bridge across the Second Narrows
brought up by Mr. Scbultz, who
suggested that the proprietory ol
approaching the provincial government on the matter should be discussed.
Keeve Kealy stated that on the
return ol Mr. Macpherson, M. P.
(rum Ottawa, the municipal coun
cil held a special meeting, at which
he was presenl, when the following
petition was drawn up, and the
municipalities of Burnaby, South
Vancouver and the City of Vancouver were asked lu endorse the
I nti) the Honorable, the Premier anil
Executive Council of the Province af Ihiiiih Columbia:
The/•ettlion of Ihe Recti and Council of Ihe Cor/ioralion of the
District of North I iincohver.
Hi Mm* Showetii   Referring t"
ibe memorial from your petitioners
to   your   honorable  council,  fur-
warded un last, as there
is now a practical assurance that
at an early date construction will
be commenced of a railrway bridge
across Burrard inlet ai the Second
narrows,   your   petitioners   again
earnestly approach you on the subject of having thai bridge made a
combined Irallic and railway bridge.
The attention ol your honorable
council is called to the  following
foc.ts, viz:
1. That local works and undertakings (such as a vehicular traffic
and loot bridge) are exclusively
provincial matters under the
British Nortli American Act, Section 93.    The traffic part ol this
undertaking cannot be spoken ol
as a work " for the general benefit
of Canada," hence it is a provincial work.
2. Should a bridge for railway
purposes only be erected at the
Second narrows, it will monopolize
the only available site acrosss
the narrows, and preclude the
possibility ol a getting a traffic
bridge, except' under conditions
that will involve a prohibitory outlay and be a prejudice to the navigation of the upper reaches of the
inlet, if constructed.
j. That resolutions have been
passed by the City Council of Vancouver, and the councils ol Burnaby and South Vancouver, urging
ih*- construction ol this as a joint
tnllic and railway bridge, and such
a bridge will be almost as valuable
to all these niiinicipalties as it will
be to North Vancouvei".
4. That the Nortli Vancouver
Board of Trade have petitioned
also in support of a joint bridge,
and the work is eagerly desired by
every citizen and elector of this
For these anil other reasons that
might be urged your petitioners
express the earnest hope that your
honorable council will agree either:
(d) To contribute to a railway
company undertaking lo build the
bridge, the sum of $250,000 for
the purpose nl assuring that it be
made a joint vehicular traffic and
railway bridge, or
(/') To take it up as a provincial
undertaking, as was done in the
case ol the Fraser river bridge
and allowing any railway company
the use ol it on caving tollage.
Your petitioners crave the
earliest possible attention to the
matter, and, as in duty bound, thev
will ever pray.
By order of the Council.
Arnoi.h E. Kealv, Keeve.
Ai.tx. Philip, C. M. C.
Mi. Scliullz moved, Mr. Murray
seconded, and it was resolved—
That the Executive ol the North
Vancouver Hoard ul Trade draft a
petition endorsing the action of
the council of North Vancouver
in petitioning the provincial government to assist in the construction of a joint traffic and railway
bridge across (he Second narrows,
and that said executive committee
draw the attention of the government to the importance ol the
early construction ol said bridge.
Alter a lew remarks by the chairman upon the evening's important
work, the meeting adjourned.
The B. C. Electric Railway
Company have placed some 25
poles on Queen street for the street
A   large   number
people visited  North
this week.
il    eastern
J. W. Eva is erecting a residence, near the corner ol Lonsdale avenue, on King slreet.
J. Gibson, ol the News-
Adverliier, is building a residence
on Nye street, near Lonsdale
One million feet of shingles are
being shipped across the inlet by
the Western Corporation this
week They are being brought
down from the mill, 011 Nineteenth
street and Queensbury avenue, on
the B. C. Electric train cars.
The Hag at the municipal hall
has been flying all week, in honor
of the Incorporation of the City of
North Vancouver.
The tally-ho of the Capilano
hotel will meet lhe leny, which
leaves Vancouver city at 9:30 a.m.
Also on Saturdays it will meet the
boat which leaves Vancouver at
6:15 p. 111.
27 nationalities in British Columbia and 53 in Manitoba, it is seen
that the task is no small one. Mr.
Bowen expects to return to North
Vancouver about the end of next
week, and hopes lo give those in
sympathy an opportunity to show
their interest.
Capl. Halchelor. nf Fourth
streei, has returned alter an extended trip around Cape Horn.
Pressure is being brought to
bear on M. S. McDowell, the
popular druggist, to run lor school
trustee. He is au uld teacher,
and certainly would be well qualified to till the position.
Celebration Committee Meet.
The Citizens' Dominion Pay
Celebration committee met Wednesday night. Chairman Phillipeo
presided, and there were only
three absentees.
The letter from Mr. Quin, the
manager of the ferry company, re
subscription to the funds, was referred to the finance committee.
'1 he decoration committee submitted estimates amounting to
$750. '.aiil over, as was alse
those of the aquatic committee,
totalling S350.
R. Chance, chairman ul iln.
music committee, submitted a
most enthusiastic report, to the
effect that all the city bands iu
N'ew Westminster and Vancouver
had been secured lor the day.
The sum o( $350 was placed to
the credit ol the committee.
Those Tall Timbers.
A very esteemable lady passed
away on Sunday morning al the
residence of ller niece, Miss Newman, corner Fifteenth streei and
St. David's avenue. Mis. W, II.
Parr, aged 1.7 years, was ill bul lor
three days, having contracted a
Severe cold, which developed into
pneumonia, 'I'lie late Mrs. Parr
was a native ui Ontario, her rcla*
lives still residing at Elora. ller
husband, who was connected wiib
the publishing firm of D. Apple*
ton it Co., New York, for t lii rty
years, died ai Brooklyn several
years ago, where tliey resided.
The funeral took place at the
Mountain View Cemetery, the
Rev, Mr. Marsden officiating.
A. H. Mcl'liei'sun, contractor,
makes a specialty ol stair building
and office tilling, Having had a
wide experience in this line he
should get the lion's share nf local
work. His ollice is at lhe corner
ol Lonsdale avenue and the waterfront,
Miss Olga Larson was tendered
a surprise party Wednesday nigh*)
at Hotel North Vancouver by Miss*.
Bissett and her Iriends. The
happy event terminated at midnight, refreshments being served
after the dance.
Gut your holiday decorations at
the Pioneer dry goods store, Lonsdale avenue and Second street.
Order in time.
Mr. (ieorgc Pound, ol the AVtci-
Advertiser, spent a few happy
hours in the new city nn Thursday.
The Lieutenant-Governor  has
giizetted Saturday a public holiday
and therefore Iln- hanks will be
closed 011 the 241)1 and 25th.
Mr. and Mrs. John II. Wrigley,
child and nurse, who are at present
at Victoria, will arrive here on
Sunday, and stop at the Hutel
North Vancouver lor the season.
Mr. Wrigley is the principal owner
of tin steamer Camosun, His
company are building a sister boat
lo be named the Cariboo.
F. B. Warren, Victoria, was
registered at Hotel North Vancouver on Wednesday.
Paul Langley,  engaged  al  tin'
Capilano Mission hauling logs, had
his leg broken iu two plai es on
Wednesday    morning.    Hr.    J.
Scott Conklin, Vancouver, dressed
the unfortunate man's limb.   I
was taken over lo the ciiy hospital
Thursday morning,
tu lier property, .md asking the
I Mrs. Jno.  Bain is spending [a c :il to have ihem cut down,
lew days at Harrison Hot Springs, No notici was taken, .ind in llu
earl) pari "I igo.) .1 sitiiilai n qui st
' was iniul'".   The trees endangi r-
ing other persons' property wen
11 nt down, but tin.- tree 1 specially
Icrn 'I to can still be seen standing  ai  iln   corner   ol   Durham
avenue and Seventeenth street.
1 a,nun."nt unnecessary.
Yours truly.
Wni 1 vm L, Keene,
Tn the Kditorof Tim Kii'ioss:
Sir, Iu your lasl issue I notice
a letter from Mr. J. II. Livingstone re the publication ol
actions ol the council, with reference to Mrs, Alice Hill's communication to the count il re trees
on Mrs. Keene's properly. Iu
which, in the ordinary course ol
events, would have passed without
notice on Iiiy pari, having previous
to 15th ol April made arrangements
lor trees to be cut as soon as men
bad completed similar woik close
by, Hul as comment has been
made I would like to point nut a
parallel case as dealt with by tin-
North Vancouver Council.
Mrs. Hill writes the council
that there are two 1 live) trees
standing on Mrs. Keene's property
apparently dangerous lo her
property. The council advises
Mrs. Hill that Ihey have written
Mrs. Keene, and who is the person
to lake action against il a further
request iii the matter was not
complied with,
Comparisons arc odious, bm in
1 goo Mrs Keene wrote the council
regarding trees (dead) standing
on ihe 111.nl. apparently dangerous
being a male British subject o( the lull
ageol twenty-one years and having been
Inr the three months next preceding
tlic iluy nl his nomination, mnl ia then,
the registered owner In tliu band Regis*
try Office ul real property situated within the City, of the assessed value un the
last revised Municipal Assessment Roll
ol the district, or mi the hut revised
Municipal Assessment Roll for Hchool
purpoioi of District Lot No, 278, of two
hundred and lifiy dollars, or mure, over
and above nny registered charge and being otherwise duly qualified as a voter.
In every Municipal School District
any person being a householder in the
School district and bolng h llritisli sub-
ji-ct uf the full age of L'I years and other*
arise nuallflod tovolo nt' un olectlon ol
8cliool I'rusteenin sucb School district
'hall he eligible in 1 lectetl as a School
Trustee in such Municipal district.
Glvou iiiuler inv hand, at North Van-
comer, mi this H'.'ml dny el May, WW.
Aim. I'iiii.ii*,
Returning Officer.
I'll*   'i|i (||i(| hi.- "        - ..,,
I'aiu'ai,   .
1 thai ii" liousi In 1 ler a.an bo placed
on the Voti:-' Lisi 1. ilm City of the
District Municipality, unless ho or she
shall mnke 11 declaration in terms of the
itatute and deliver the same to the Returning Officer, not later than Friday,
the ,'llst Instant. Declarations can be
made at the Municipal Hall,
Alee, I'hiup,
C. M. C.
given tu the Electors of the
District ul Nurlh Vancouver tlmt 1 ro*
oiilre the presence "i tho sui.l electors al
the Municipal Hull, in thi- City ol
Nortli Vancouver, 011
Saturday, June 8ft, 1907
AT i ■ O'Cl.i'i K NOON
for the purpose ni elect lun 111,0 person io
ropreienl tli un ■ •! lli ■ Muuicliial Coun.
i'ii ns Reeve, in I iwo poraons Irum ench
wa. ' - ali'liiii'il he lhe \a.itr. Vii.ia..liver i iiy 1 ninrniiiiii Acl Atiicnihnenl
Act, 11 "7. to represent theni ns Culiucl •
Kirs, nn! for ilu- purpose ol I'h'i'llliu l"iir
persons i n present theni in lhe Municipal Uoaidoi School l'rn-1'".-. ill place
Hi  i.HII   llli.a ia ll      1.'-   .|..'i|
Thucaudi il' ■ -hull '«■ n*ni hinted In
iviiiiitt: ihe writing sleill b.i niiisurlbml
by two colors of the Mm icb illtj n
propi •■ r and 91 dor, anil diall be delivered to in.- ns Returning Olllcer, at
nny time between Ihe date ol iiii- notice
ninl 2 o'clock p, 111, nl the da; »l the
nomination, nml in theeveni ui a p ill
being necessary, such noil will he opened
en Saturday, tho 8th day ol June, IIRJ7,
Saturday, Juno SUi, 11)07
iiiilu' Muulclpal llnil. in tin- City ul
North Vancouver, and will be kept open
between tlie hours of
!i o'clock 1.1 iiiiiI 7 o'clock P. M. _
"The oiiiililirnliun fur lleevc shall be  ,_   ,   .
ils being » male British subject, and TO BUILDING COMRACTORS.
having t'i'cti for three months next]
receding iln- day ol Ids nomination the
i-glstcrcU owner In iln- Luml Registry
Office of laud ur real property, situate
within ihe Mtinicinalltv, ol the assessed
value on the lasl Municipal Assessment
Roll of live hiiiialrcil dollars ur inure
iver and above anv registered |udgment
ui charge uml being otherwise qualified
aa a vuicr."
"The ipialillcatlona (or Councillor
shall lie Ida being a male llritisli subject,
and having I u Cor iln- three months
nexl preceding tin- dny nl his nomination, the registered owner in ihe I.mnl
Registry Office ui luml ur real property,
situate within the Municipality, ol the
assessed value mi the lul Municipal
Assessment Hull ul two hnndred snd
tilty dollars or more mer mel above uny
registen-il judgment or charge, ur laving
a homesteader, lessee from ihe Crown,
or pre-etnptor who Ims resided within
the Municipality ior the span- uf mie
year or more i> edlatoly preceding the
nomination, uml nhn is assessed fur live
hundred dollars or mure mi the last
Municipal Assessment Hull, nver and
ul-oveiiiiy registered judgim-ni or charge
and being otherwise qualified aa a
"IneuTv Municipal School District
uny person Iwing u h.nist'huliler in the
school district and being a llritisli snb*
ject of the lull ageol 21 years ami otherwise qnsllflod to vote st an election nl
School Trustees in such School Dlstricl
shall Is- eligible in lie elected aa • School
Trustee In such Municipal District."
Given under my hand, ut North Vancouver, on llu- iini day ol Mny. 180".
,i..l.   WalaillS.
Returning iiilici-r.
lXlil.lt-   NOTICE    IH
"    ;iiaii io the Electors
Tomorrow afternoon, the 14th,
there will be a band concert held
(in the Esplanade, also dancing in
iln' pavilion afternoon and evening.
As ihi". is purely a loi al allait there
ought to In" a uood turnout.
Subscribe lor Tiik Express
Rev, Mr. Bower, the western
secretary ol the Bible Society in
Canada, made a canvass of Nortli
Vancouver on Wednesday, He
found both the hearts and the
purses of nur enlightened coin
iniinity in lhe right place, and
wenl oll considerably cheered bj
ihe rei' |iiii'ii tendered hun. It 1-
the object ol the society to pul lhe
bible within rem h ol every man
in the country, and when it is
noted thai there are no fewer than
North Vancouver,
JI st n/7.
C, May
erection of a Fire Hull lor Muni*
duality of North  Vancouver.  Plans
.unl Specifications to he -.".an nt   Ari-hi-
tect'sollice, tendeus to he ill tlieir huuds
11 nr belore 1Mb ol May, ut l'i noon,
m ipanled by certified cheque for live
per cent, ol amount uf lender, muile
payable to Clerk ol Municipal Council,
us sneuriiy for entering into contract,
The lowest or uny lender imt necessarily
Office;  Molsons   Hank   Chambers,
Vancoiiver, II. 0.
'PI Mil.lis Fill! GRADING ANIi
•**• levelling tli- II. ('. Electric Park,
east ol Alexandra Park, Twsnty*flrst
■treet, Specifications can Ik- seen, either m lhe park or tlie M.c. Electric nl*
lie,-, North Vancouver. Tondors must
be in by 11001, mi
Work io be Dnished by June '.'1st. l*ow-
est or nny lender not necessarily accepted.
II. C. F.i.mraic Itr. t'o.
\k and Stout
In Mottle.,, K«u*a and .|n*"i.
Ihr BoijAl BlCHliiq Co., ltd.
TUX. .1*11.
I the City
of North Vancouver that I require tht
nr mi' of ilie suid  Electors at lhe
Municipal Hull, North Vancouver, <m
Saturday, June Is!, 1907
inr the purpo i olsctlngone person t-
ropr rn ihein in the Municipal Council
sa Mayor, snd sii persons to roprastnl
ihem ai- Aldermen . snd also for the
pnrpo I electing Ihree persons i>
represent Ihem In the CU) Doaid ol
Sel I Trustee*.
Th.« Candidates shall Iw nlnated In
irrithig ih." iuiiiiii! shall be subscribed
he iwo voters ul Uia Municipality as
propose! un.l ii'ler, uml -hall be driller'"! in ma-, the Returning Officer, «i
an) tune between the dalcol this notice
mil Iwo o'clock p. in., ol ll,e day ol lhe
nomination, and In ths event ol » pn'l
being ii nr* such poll mil be opi nni
Saturday, June Mi. 1907
.U..I mil i.e kepi open between the hours
aa!    ' .,'.   . „ |,    |    |||    .,|,.|  |   O'clOCll  |'.  01.
The qualifications i..r Mayor ol llu
I  t) ul  the hr-I ■ .. ;  ahull be Ids
Going a male Brltisl - ibjecl of th" lull
age "f twenty-one years, and having
■ M   loi   tin   thn ••  liim.!1
■ il .■ ij '.; In- nomination,
and Is then iberi li rei ownsr in the
i :.ia I Ri gl r. ";i. '■ "I real property
situated within llu City, oi the assessed
value on tin lasl revised Municipal
\ essmenl H ol ths llatrict, "r a.u
tin last n - "i Municipal Assessment
Roll l"r Sch purposes ol Dlstricl Lot
■.';:;.   nl  iii..   iiiiinlrc.l   dollars,   oi
 I, "c i stnl ab ivs any roglsb n
. i, iff snd being otherwise duly quell.
Di   .. .a rotor
Hie qualifications Im Alderman of the
City ai the :n i ele' lion shall bs his
NOKTIl   ViSiolVKII.  •   ■   •   II. I'
Ollice  titling   und  StSllr building a
Office—Corner i i,*i. ■  ami water*
ironl.   Tel. il.
Palace Hotel
Barber Shop
wilh l» (or
North Vi 11  rnver, B. i'
A      Vl   I   '.'l.'.V      Nl    ..      .       PI   I I'll
$1 ai year,
ie Cil\ ol Ninth
a ,*i     cell
Kn lli'   I 11   ul   I
Soil     .        iver.    I
!  al i :
lily, J
. held ii week
IP lil
L j lii I lull
Tin   Ciii en '   I1 iuion   I 'ay
>   niiiiillcc   inut    on
I'lie loi ill boatini* club will hold
ii   ;aii    in Victoria day,  which
ul struck  the foi-. promi a    to 1 c ..  (jrantl success,
iniliiilti c.. I'hi co1 rs ol tl        ib have I" en
'    u .... i.  . Im igi i| from tl    . .al •■ blue and
a II,     W       Nich "ImiiI.
I .i '■    li     Hartley. 'I   Iv'in
.ii-   \\    I)   11
a   \V   11    Ijiiiiliuiy,   \\
|. Until", |. J. \\
■len, W. H. I",
1 . |iori ' .
\ Smith,   J.     li.
I i . ■  ,    .        1
I .1        S.       M.I V". .       1
.    i ■    ;■ \V.   II
Sicbo l.aili'y,'l
Ni,-. |
: Kc-ily,
ji'"    ■
| N , \\ '"'     ■
; ition, | , |. W. McM '     '
11. I*.  II
a   , i       Ki        i i. J   Phillip,
po,   I'   Larson,   II.   |.  i,)nin.   L,
i       . :   '.'   ■
It    : ■      muni
rcevi    .('.   Mr.
■.ii. and Mr. 1,
\ ■ .i
'  a(".
d    eryl
real c-stiitc,   ivas
:.    Any-
Gn I '
Kcda,   \V,   li,   llunbiiry,    V   A.
iV. J. McMillan.
I'raiisportalioii       \V.  II.  littn
■i , i, 11.   |.  i
1*1       Sti   ^
I'liiiiiii. 11 o, Hartley (i hail
man . li Campbell, 0. J. Phillippo, J. II. Williams, A. Smith.
11   j  I'hillipp ' ;n ti a! iis a hair-
■ \1. S. Mi Dowi 11,  sei ia
tm \.
CJhurch Notice.
"   a in i,. la
', : 11 ll .1  .1
lhe I
p  in,
M    lyvillc si li'Hil ;n
Prayer meeting on Thursday at
The founders ol this journal re M ■ ■''■
; ... ■ It   ■
I |lOSt   tl
. .    ■ pionri LnAim,
Ma v. l'i.
town or til ,
1        1    I".".,
■ I ..." Ill' ll
■     j' iii.    All
while" to " I     : uid dark blue."
I in" progiitiiiiiu  ! - .i   i a,,  ..   .
a |   |
i,   '".   '.' '1        md II  Stafford
l's, VV   II :   1.   1 liploi k,
HANK  <>!•' HI
'ITAL, S4,S66,6G6.
Head Ollice in I
ana la, Monln il,
• §2,1+1,333
I, S"i n.i max, General Manag
1; J. lil.MSI.V, Slipt.
iLi inches
i .;  :  .a 111 S    ill    III ilisl      Colllllll     i       \   i.a I'llft,    ( a"   a     a    ,
b-y, K i do, Ros land, Trail iSiih Hrancl , \ in    u
1     ins il 1 laws ni, V. 1.
avlnga Department  Deposits received from $1.1    n    ' rdi
terest at hlqh st current rates snd compounded l  lea a year
e, Cor.Lonsdale Ave 1 [spbinndo, Norlh V,i     i*ir,ll, I'.
pathos i/.i:
I.      I"     .''.,',       .  |  |l     1,111   .
nnu em'   ;' oj /■//.-■■/ -.•/''iiI
'  a '1 ■ |
—Messes,  Bunbury  und   llutli-i       !       \j&
I   Wild  Ursa-    J. J. 11(1 |
II, \\ ■•■ aw;
(4: Tannl il lltirnetl
a    1     I ..      .      a.      ' A.
'       ' '
' /"
will be from I a     ha,hm:
round the powder slip buoy aud
M sun  in ■
lloat  1    I'.   Ui| la.   bow :   j.
(1. Williams: j.  \V. J.  Butler;
W. I'.   Biiiibur;. stroke
B 12 14. 1'. Coi Ii, bow : J.
! ■ 1 ull, :. : A. G S lllivan, 3 1
J   Hi 'v, 1. Stroke,
li al .; II. Woods, bov ; \V.
Sh iv.. 1 -. Dr. Campbell, 3: F, Iv,
Mitch' il. stroke.
liaa.ii j    I', J  C ts, bow 1 W.
I-'. Emery, i . A. Ii Sl , 3: A
I    Ka ;ily, stroke.
The 1 aril"' will In'  l.luHl feet, ill
St. * ieorgt* and St,
Patrii k's .1" -■
SKNIOK    I.I       la' INii
11 I' J. Coutts,mil Dr, Campbell : 1.")  |.   Brown and   A,   G,
Sullivan 1 '3) J. Turnbiill and  1
I   M ■ hc*l     4) \V. II.  Biinbur)
and A   Wo 1 Is ,   5) G.  Williams
fi   F. Dipl
and A. I
! •   ■ ;  '."'.':'.; V'.
Owners lire leqili-sli
mail it lisi with lull and pai
as in prici a- .nal 11 ims.
Wa' ran guaranti e sales if |i right,
ninl  wc   1: "lev.
Givo this your iiiimi diati   attention n you
.' a ill your propi 11* n iiislorinc'ii to cash.
Corner Lonsdale Ave ami I'il'tli St.
TEI.. 18
11    lo   lie
mad'   iu   tin-   ection,    Mr.   I.i tl
tin-., tin ownm nl lot 18,distrii t lot
ling a building.
:   . 1 llii   owners
, distrii 1 lot   1087, close
in   cliaiing   the  same  and
.  1!
1.   ;.. 1   i,.,i, luili    -^
■   ■
Sell Your Real Estate-Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mortgagedi at Good Interest.   .   .
To  See,   il  You  Wish   to Buy   in
North Vancouver.   ^_^_^_^_f_^_\
I'lION'l   li
Xo (wIIi-hh rillllis, Xol'itli - tpples
- 1 'urn -.ln-i olil relii
ii ties ni reus luablc |irlcen. IVrli
Ut Supplit'H, Spraj I'linips, Spraylntt
llnl 11 . 1 hi I lorn 1-. etc, Ol '-I • -
III Iiniii 1 i; -ir-.-ry oil llie 111 It 111 111 Iltl ul
r.riu-ira Columbia.   Catalogue Ir 'i.
VAN! "I \ Kll, II.C.
I', -    li v.ur local liierehiuits '1" uol
bundle my Minis, scud direct,   We pre-
I'.n lllty packit-. assorted variellet "i
'.'allala 11 M'l'dn III live '    III   I'il]""!"-     l'-l' -1
-ia al,- in > ..nr neiiri'Hl |kh*|iiIIIiv d r II ;
Iticnli i-.'i. i.'-i- lor su cents, Trial cul-
When you want
a job of Fainting
or Paper Hanging
or Kalsoniining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Simii !"*iui I i
ii Is   (uin-
i Valley, mid Mr.
 llu r, |
11 NDI KS WW 111).
dm , and with   Mrs.   Louder and|
_W_^_^Lm_—_m_—_M ___
■ • Mi   a 'I
1 !       a
I  "
11 illfii :::':::	
views.    Wc Il0|l
\1   Duval lia
Men's $4 Shoes
H       iall III III rS, 1 llllla 1   ia   ■
doubli . ..SI.OO
\ 1 ! libel
I      lll.l. Ila
Si ■ i
51b 1!    "
'r9rej**^^^^^^^P^' •*'«-*.: /*K»
Tin- liiiilii'sMiilofSl, liidn
h'tslnlrriiiiirliiiri'li,       \WB\)l\ GOODS ISM
.    i'\l".i:
The • '
" 11,- ■ ft-, sir,'" lia
' \\   i   i
turin l^_^_^_^___ Secretary
Moonlight Excursion
We   hnve   ll
Tuesday, May 28, 'U
pleiiscil  I I
I   Hi. *.,Hiin.l.-l.ii. 'ii||u iiill lento S'irlli Vnli
'|'l ... ilh . |,.  in, ,u n-r m I
Mas. II   \. -iim-
Loimel-lo Ave ,   -    N  VANCOUVER
: ' ■   L<» BVJIi I
a a.ll-llll ii-    i 'I   ive I' ill
mve \' ii Mli.NKY,
I'i-in-., in..,   prepared  lor any
sub- house. Estimates furnished
•   B0A11 Oil .Ml I   '
detail, al .i .i 'li""" .
o «t Hit Kon
iConir-.il Till   I.  I'HI
„, iflltllW
n iiiT
lil II INKS     ()Hi SI., Wesl
Rolled Onts
Hay and feed
Ml MM Kb
BEY! »!0
tw    • ■        » -v        *   ma—
Milling €o.
il u     Mid hell, I cal in    ■    ;.
■   ,       ,■
.  . THAI
II . ■
[ III*   lli(l ....       ;
cr ill I
. • ...    , in as l,ol
nl I  ■   .: (iroup
\       '.a   iini, atl'l l'i- '   ' ll ■■ I
||l'|       .'ar. ',,,. I  Ily
,\. M'liviiy,
III i i
IConilnuod from I.nsi Week.l
Henry George wes that rare, peculiar and strange thing—an lion*
1 sl man. Win llu r he bad gi tiius
or not we cannot sny, since genius
has never bei n dulincd twice alike,
' or pul in lhe uli mliic and resolv-
i .1 into its a unstilui it pai s,
All ,ii counts go to show thul
lium vci, childhood I Icnry ' li ■ rge
v. is singu .'i i   din a i .iiii! true.
i: ,.    v. . I
ami  Hn I ■       equal pin
pairlicns, and the li
Uli ul uUuiti;
Th ■ ia gular ;a; uionthly meeting
ol the municipal council was held
on Wednesday night, Reeve
Kealy prci :'ii I, and llipre wi re
presenl Coiuii illors Irwin, Emery,
Jordan and May.
a nil    , Mi", i IONS
From W, II. Pcgrani ft. a/„
petitioning to havi a sidewalk
built on Lonsdale avenue, In twi • \
Pii   ei th     "-ia. mei nth ■ tr ids,
R( Idled I.i I'M 11
11   , • a re I ii i    i      i n i     I
' a
a   " III' li       tO       III.
'a   I'l , "i     [111
.   1      ''-I   a  '.
ith   . bronzi
. ., iv i. Hi my G oi .a
i.a ., ai,. ., no ill many ol the moral
traits o1 ii^ Quaker neighbors,
Hi- lather was n clerk in the
custom house, having graduated
Iiniii ,i position as sea captain on
account ol an excess ol caution
and a taste for penmanship. Later
the good man went into the pub
lishing business, backed by the
Episcopal church and issued Sunday school leaflets, sermons and
prayer books, ln lact, he liecame
the official printer ol the denomination. Wilh him was a man
named Applelon, who finally went
over to New York and started in
on his own account, founding the
linn uf 11 Appii'ien & Co., which
Im'," years thereafter was lo publish tn ihe world a book called,
" Progress nnd Poverty."
I'he worthy father ol Henrj
George wns a good churchman,
but not a business man. He
bought the things be ought not
and left unsold the things he
should have worked off. He dial
not know the value ol time, Oilier
people did things while he was
getting ready to commence to begin.
And so the whirligig of time sent
him hack to bis desk at the custom
house, on a salary so modest  that
it  ant poverty,   and  progress
The children oKI enough to
work gol jobs, and Henry of lhe
red hair and (reckles lound a place
as printer's devil at two dollars a
week. College was out ol the
question, and Girard Institute was
regarded as infidelic, However,
cpiscopopogy did not have quite
so strong a holil on this household
as it niii. ba 1. The Gei rgi s believed in fi idoni an 1 took William
Ll '.'1 Gan n's paper, " The
and the mother road it
aloud by the light .'a a penny dip.
N d . aa.i "I Ini la l'i,iii's Cabin,"
und win ii ill i 15G ihe republican
pm a born, iln Georg< lumily,
lather, mother and children all hail
pronotiiii ed * iews on the mbjei t
.i.i :, ir,- ■.aie different
■ 11 . held by the royal
Gi '"I   '  I,
When Hem-.      '■'ai
I   lo pri --' '"a.    a " ■'
 befoi     ll     a
di 1,
::     a
.1.     I*     '       ■
1)11      ' I I. IS   10
iai llu i; . thai i' I ui wast ■ bi
lound on tl bound 11 vavi and
tli    oiling deep,
\ I ■ ■ uti 1 he was back at tin
case, setting type and getting a
man's pay because he was able to
" r,i-.ili" the die," which means
thai he was on familiar terms with
lhe dit tionary and could correct
I'tiini Dr. j. M. t'cai med
.    ■'   Iii   a;:.. 1, reportli Ik
I",,.■ tanks iii ci rt.mi
i 11 alions in lhe munii ipality thai
they wen now in order.   Filed.
From Humphrey Williams ct.
ol, petitioning lor the laying of
water pipes ill the vicinity of
liewicke avenue and Larson road.
Engineer Loutet stated lhat the
pipe bad been ordered, and would
be laid forthwith.
From W. Nicholson-Lailey,
ruad tax collector, reporting
progress.    Filed.
since iis incorporation, and lor a
period held lhe ollice of reeve of
the disttict, And that a copy ol
tins resolution b 1 forwarded to
Mrs. Carroll.''
The three applications [or the
position ol medical health offici 1
and lb 24 applications for the
positiuus of two constables were
referred to the committee "I the
wlwh . Aftei dip h lib rati n
Aribtii I 'a ■ . ■ 1 \ ■ ...; .'. 1 md
Wyngard C, Gladwin i| Kam-
loop    '.' I ' eli ti d 1  ' uistables,
Dl    |.  .'.   ll       '" .   .     1   ,". I ., iiosbii
. ■
!       "        *,-,
,V(|    lealt will      ;
I     .1     i      i.al       < .    . lit,,
S'ewWestii    Herd strict,
'■  ■ " ■
"      . J      I"'   l lOl "'.."..
it i, hloi    ■",. di ;i.. 1 'ot 54^
New  Westminster dis-
'.'i'ii. In i',veen I '. ntj -ihai I street
an i  St,   George's   avenue,   Ac-
Ci pli'il.
Dislriel lot la'oS. group I,
owned by J. Duval. Referred to
nuuiieipal engineer.
Block 172, lot 274, Lonsdale
gardens.    Accepted.
Lots 1 and 2, block 3, district
lot 547, near Larson road. Accepted.
Lots 5 and 0, block 11, district
lot 2023.    Accepted.
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(To bo Continued]
Grading road on Twenty-first
street into li. C. Electric grounds
and horticultural grounds: Askew
& Kennedy, $314; Win. Snider,
*»42y ; Chas. Anderson, S*j15. lt
was decided to call lor new
On motion it was decided to call
lor new tenders, under new specifications, ie proposed new fireball.
Under the head of "good and
welfare" Councillor Irwin moved
•■ That the council hereby lender
their hearty congratulations to
Mrs. ninl Keeve A. E, Kealy, on
the timely and happy arrival ol a
son and heir—the first boy bom in
the City of Nortli Vancouver."
May lllis'native son of the
Golden West, and ol the Ambitious
Citv lie thc source ol great
happiness to his illustrious parents.
Councillor J ordan on seconding
the motion said that North Vancouver had certainly been honored
by the birth of a son mi tin very
day that it was incorporated.
What could be more pleasing than
to hnve siich an occasion honored
by Mrs, Kealy and Reeve Kealv.
1 only hope there will bc nothing
tn retard the aii velopment ol their
son, who, I trust, will I 'How the
splendid example ol Irs lather,
and do as much for Nortli Van-
a uvi 1 .1- Reeve Kealv has done.
I ':;■ ri '. has devi led tim and
money to the interests ol our city,
and .ii; n wc considei what Nortli
Vancouvi 1 was three 01 lour years
a,"a, an.l mi.' rs observe the im 1
■    IS   Ol   tlialay.   We   1,lllll'll
Iiiii be grati [ul i" the re ■<■■ to tl
1 ami",, il,  and '    ii.    ■ ti si 1,    I
think thai nothing w 1 ild i <■ muie
in.mi in "', nate .1 1 uin
iji this happj ei ni."
1       .... 1.
jui '    .   mil  ■
1 ■ . ■ and his  family    1 1,
eli 1 by 1 ui
. ■
. a
"     ' '..        1 .
'..     :■;.   I"
: , im   on
■   .
IN     KM
Movi tl bj Coum illoa Mav.
seconded bj Councilloi Irwin, and
resolved "That this council
heard ol the death ol Dr, J. T.
Carroll with sincere regret, and
desire to place on record an expression of deep sympathy with
his widow and family, Dr.
Carroll took a deep and active
interest in this municipality ever
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Without Damage
to Buildings
Call or Address
Jones Avenue and 14111 St.
Painters and Pai'Kriiangkrs
Mtun. Decorators
Gk.mn-.ks    Glaziers    Shins
On*. 13111 Street,
Our in'ii llul- are la-re;
nur Spring Woollens aro
here, Our store and every,
llilng therein is new, brigfil
nml .'iii'iTinl.  1 mr  prlcos
are 1 .   '
Ptttrioniiu Homi Inilu.lry
; ,      . I, . a 1     ■ I ;
THE   sol IAI.
1 i| I'l I'l  ils,   01 MCI
a I "
II,    1
||l, •        .   1       I
\   a\,  .ll   VI  II,   I     I  .
SMOKB'   """*"
FillTiiT-KiTO'lllll Jllllb'K Villi's
Horse sHoeii-iq a specialty
llu.l.si   CASKS   AI'1'I.V
Sixth Stroel l'i ndet Streol
Nurlli Vaucouvor       Vancoiiver, II. ('.
I:. 11, Taku, Mgr,
Wantfii A boy about 15, to
learn printing Apply " Ext'ESS"
The Greatest Demonstration
of the Year
For Particular*
G. J. Phillippo, Chairman
M. S. McDowell, Secretary
Summer Time Table. 1907
11.00 A. M.
*ii.4.-, "
8.011 "
6.40 "'
0,80 "
10,16 "
11.15 "
12.1--. I', M.
1.15 "
2.15 "
u.l.'. "
1.15 "
5.16 "
11,16 "
.a "
1.I8 "
10.15 "
•11.80 "
'i.l.-i A.M.
10.45  '"
11.4,-1  "
12,16 P.M,
1.45 "
2.46 "
.i.i'. "
1.46  "
I.    la       "
•U.L'IIA. M.
•7.20 "
s.ai "
ii.Od "
!l.4.rl "
•10.45 "
11.45 "
12.46 I'. M.
1,45 "
2.45 "
■1 16
., 15 ■■
■      .'. "'
v   |5 '"
' •"
in 16
Plans, Quantities, I.evali
Superintendence ol Construction
10.15 A.M.
11.15 "
12.16 ,M,
1,16 "
2.15 "
3.16 "
1.16 "
.'a   16 '
(1,16 "
7,16 "
'Phone 3,
North Vani 011 ei   B   C,
u. C. J-ftRiENSEN
'■m!  Inijihi'.'i   nnil   tl. (,  Uu.    %_rytytt
ZZZ__Z_iiS^i^m^^MV. **$tZ.Z '.. ~™
OapjLano Hotel
Everything new nnd modern, affording all the
luxuries ol a metropolitan liosllcry Elevation 500
feet abovi sea level, Ideally situated (or people
wishing im exhiliarating climate, beautiful mountain
scenery and climbing, and good fishing and shooting,
A lew hours Irom the summit ol Mount Crown and
the I.  :i
Tally-ho inerts ca: connecting with 9:15 lerry,
at I- ivicke avenue, returning between G ami 7 p.m.,
calling at tin two canyons and th*- suspension bridge,
allowing time loi inspection.
RATIOS:  &3.50 to $3.00 Per Day
■ PRClAla   HAIKU    T     I'iMU.IM    ANII    Will.tl.AH
Tltl.ltl'HONK      .   NllHTH   VAMOdlVKH.
1'n.ia.a*.  1     In all IU Hranchaa
Minino    l'u, tr and Hydraulic
TiMita    Hardwood. Cudar aind Fir.
Md-Kr.in ion thc CohmC"   »i.
Office I  Flrat St., E. of L-inidala Ava.
Cop»moHT« Ac.
Anton* i-n'lnii ■ rttiHi ami -leicrlj-llrm mi,
qnli-klT lacrlam ...ir "I I.' II Imr tliollltr all
taaara-.it,. at, la |.r'al.al.lj' pi a," Intllt    I , tain a ml it
llnnimrlrtl) r<.inl.laiail,,l. HANDBOOK uu I'aiauu
,.tal Iia a, (fl.ltll -,',' -. Ii.rll   iilliinaa'-a.'a.
]'n(ni,,-. la,...1 Una. it'll   Munii A CO. (•' elTf
"Scicittific jjttierican.
K huniUnmMf Hlm-initM wri-klr.   Until elf-
rulnl 1 f -itt *i-l,*KMrlr*       .-inl      :■*■»■-,
fMf! Imirnionlblt$t Mdbrnll iipwhIniIi-t*.
MUNN & Co.38'8'""-"' New York
Ill-Mil ■ an, ■ ... *X F HI.. W.alalia, I   a,   II. (J. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
[L, s.;
EDWARD Vll., by the Grace nl God, cl the United  Kingdom,   ol
Great Britain and Ireland, and of the llritisli Dominions
Beyond the Seas, Kim;, Defender ol the Faith, Emperor
nl India.
/',' all lo whom these presents shall come- Greeting.
II. A Maclean, VA7TIEREAS ii is provided by chapter
Depul) Attorne) General. '* 35 "I the Statutes ol 1906, being
the " North Vancouvei Cit- Incorporation Act, 1906," us amended by
the ■■ North Vancouver City Incorporation Act Amendment Act, 1907,"
that 11 shall be lawful Im the Lieutenant Governor in Council, forthwith, without requiring lhe inhabitants ol the lands proposed to be incorporated lo observi the provisions "I section t, ol the " Municipali
ties Incorporation Act," as amended, by Letters Patent under the
! b c Seal, tn incorporate, under the said "Municipalities Incorporation Acl into a City the tract of land hereinaftei set out; and that
such Letters Patent shall have the same (orce and effect as Letters
Patent i sued under the provisions and after compliance with all the
: ■: .if the said "Municipalities Incorporation Act"  as bui
ended, save and excepl .1- provided in said  " North Vancouver Cin
rporation Act, 1906," and the said "Nortli Vancouvei City Incorporation Act Amendment Act, 1 ,>
And whereas the Honorable |ami Dunsmimr, Lieutenant-Governor ol our Province ol llritisli Columbia, by and with the advice nl lhe
Executive Council, nuclei and by virtue ol the powers and authorities
conferred upon him by the said Acts, and of all other powers and
authorities Iiiui in that behalf enabling, hath ordered that all lhe
following pieces or parcels ol land, siluale, lying and li inn in the
County ni Vancouver, in the Province ol British Columbia, described
as (ollows ■
Commenoing at a point in Burrard Inlet distant 2,640 leet due
south from the south-west corner post uf Lot 265 : thence due north
2,640 feet to the said south-west corner post of said Lot 265 ; thence
2,640 leet, more or less, to the north-west corner of said lot 265 ;
thenco northerly through Lot 552, 2,640 leet, more 01 less, to the
south-west corner post ol Lot 599; thence easterly ahum the north
boundary ol Lot 552, 2,640 feet, more or less, lo the north east corner
post ol Lot 552 ; thence northerly along the west boundary ol Lot
544, 1,714 feet, more or less, 10 the north-west corner post ol Lot 5.14:
thence easterly along the nortn boundary of Lot 544, 2,(140 feet, more
an less, to ilie north-east corner post ol Lot 544 ; thence easterly alone,
the north boundarj ol Lot 545. 2,640 feet, inure or less, to the northeast 1 ornei post ol Lot 5451 thence easterly along the norlh boundary
ol Lol 546, 2,640 feet, innn ur less, lo the north-east comer post ol
Lot 54b . thence easterly along the north boundary of the north-most
portion of Lot 616, 990 (eel more or less, to the north-east corner ol
-.aiil portion ; thence southerly along the cast boundary of said north-
most portion ol Lot 616, 3.069 feet, more or less, to the south-west
corner ul Lot 2,025 : thence easterly along the north boundary nl the
south mosl portion ol Lot 616, 2,^70 leet, more or less, to the nurlh
east corner of said southmost portion ol Lot 616; thence southed)
along the cast boundary of Lot 616, 2,310 feet, more or less, to the
south-east corner post ol Lot 616 ; thence westerly alone, the south
boundary of Lot 616, 3,300 leet, more or less, to the south-west corner
post ul Lot (nd ; thence southerly along the west boundary ol Lol
553, 2,640 leet, mure or less, to llie smith-west comer of Lot 553 ;
thence easterly along lhe south boundary ol Lot 553, 660 feet, more or
less, to the north-east corner post ui Lot 273: thence southerly along
the east boundary of Lot 273, a distance of 1,939.6 feet to the north
boundary uf that part ol said Lot 273 the property ol John Hendry ;
ihonce westerly along the north boundary ul the property of the said
Hendry to the esst boundary ol Lot 274. thence southerly along tin
said east boundary ol Lot 274 to the high-water mark in Burrard
Inlet; thence iu the same line southerly 1.320 leel; and thence
westerly in a itraighl line to the poinl ol 1 ommencement, the saiil trad
of land comprising thc following lots, namely 1—265, 271. 274, 273,
except the portion thereol belonging to |ohn Hendry, the easterly
portion ol I. it 55:, and Lots 54;, 548, 549, 53". 544, 545. 546 ami 6t6
and the Mission Indian Rcservi, all situated in Group One, New
Wcstminstei District, together with the foreshore in front ol the north
shore ol Burrard Inlet as comprised within the laid boundaries ol the
City ol Ninth Vancouver, thc saial tract ol land being shewn on a map
or plan of the said City of North Vancouver, deposited in the Land
Registry Oflici .it the City of Vancouvei and the inhabitants thereol
shall, un, irom and alter iln-date ul these presents, bc incorporated
at a City Municipality under the said Acl and hath made lurther
provision to the tenor and elfect hereinaftei ippcaring.
NOW KNOW YE, that by these presenl   We do hercb)   ordei
and proclaim that the locality hereinbefore   lescribed, and the 111
habitants thereol, shall, on, from and after the late of these pn 1  1
be incorporated as a Cm Municipality, undi 1 and subject to the pi 1
visions of thi   "Municipalities Incorporate   Act,"  ol the   "North
Vancouver Cit) li poration Act, 1906," and ol the "North Van
inver City Incoi Vet Aineiiilmi il '. t, 1907," and undci and
subject to tin provisions hereinafter contaim I or referred to
The said Mm ii ipality hall In called and known b) the name aud
style ol "The Corporal if the Cit) ol North Vancouver."
Tho said Municipality shall comprisi ill those pieci 01 parcels ol
land hi rcii   eloi   de   ril   !
The ( 1 aa: ;i Mayoi md  ;\ Aldernu n, and thc
whole number present at each meeting thereof shall nol I"' less than
I he ; a     :      of it Mnvoi  an I   \
shall be liehl al       M
Saturd iy alter tin
 I the i" ■ pal Hall
11   ■ tor nm
di    , 1 f hours ol i| a. 111
1     ;
Si ,
l'i   lh<
1 ,
',:■I lit   llll
■ I  Ui
Officer in a 1       ml Ciiy,   md
luili.' a  : • *.|itril
The Officer shall
ii-"1 essary I I I    ■ md In  diall, as Iai
is possibli ■ ,    ; 1 ■   ■       ■
lhe pri
I lie pel r ailil clerted  Mayor 1
such  Mun .,     11
male llriti li I : ■ irs, and who
have I een lor tin th nl 1
and are tin 11 the registei the Lai try I ill 11   1
property situ ite I .vithin 11 ■• limit!   d the Cil      the n
the last ie- liinici| si I)
revised Munii ip il A   e   ■     1 Uo I loi rid l.ol
273, of five hundred dollai   01 11 , ovei  1      dm e anj  registered
charge, and who are otherwisi dul) |
Tin- |" rson  qualified to he timiiinati .1 Im uml elected
a:   icli Munii ipality, at lhe in t election,     1         ich pi 1 on  .
male British subjects, ol tin         ige ol twenl     ne veil , ,unl win,
have been (01  thc threi montl    u -.1 pn ediug tin   ! ij oi non
tion    unl   are   then   the   re*;i .:■ n 1    owm 1 .    in    the    I
Re|: try Office,  nl ieal   propi rty,   sil late   within   tl ■
of the Cin of thi    assessed   value,   on   thc   lasl   revised   Mu
cipal   Assessment   Roll   ol   the   District,   air   am   the   lasl   Ri
vised Munn ipal Assessment Roll (or school pur| ol District Loi
273, ul two hundred and fifty dollars ur more, .over and above any
registered charge, and who are otherwise qualified as voters.
The persons entitled to vote lor Mayor and Aldermen at the said lirst
election shall be all persons whose names are, at thedate of the incorporation ol the City, nn the voters' list lor that part of the District Municipality of Nurtli Vancouver included iu the City, and all persons, male
or female, who are British subjects of the full ago of twenty-one years
and arc freeholders, householders for at least six months previous to
such election, pre-emptors or lease-holders for a term of not less than
six months, resident within the snial Municipality.
Until the said City Municipality is divided inlo wards, the Mayor
ami Aldermen shall be elected by those qualified to vote in tlic whole
The Mayor and Aldermen al such first election shall hold office
until his or their successors, or a majority ol their successors, liave
heen sworn in, unless he or they shall die or resign nr become disqualified.
It shall be tin- duty ol the Returning Officer to enter in a book, in
alphabetical order, the names, addresses and occupations of all
persons qualified to vote at said election, and such list shall be the
list ul lhe electors fnr such election,
Before the name ol any person' other than a free-holder, shall be
plai 1 al mi the first voters' list, lie or she shall make and sign a declaration in writing before some person authorized to administer oaths, or
before the Returning Officer, setting forth his ur her name, address,
occupation and qualifications under the said Acts, and shall deliver
the same to the teturning Oilier, and the said list shall be closed on
the day before nomination (lay, and shall then be the voters' list ol
the Municipality for all purposes until another list is prepared in due
Such list and declarations shall he open to inspection hy any
person within lawful hours.
Any person may complain thai Ins name is improperly omitted
from the voters'list, or that any oilier name is improperly inserted
thereon, and may apply to anv Judge of the Supreme or County Court
to have his name inserted thereon or to have any names improperly
inserted thereon struck oll the said list. In such latter case reasonable
notice, to be determined by the Judge applied to, shall be given to
the person whose name is proposed to I"- struck off. The Judge shall
hear and dispose of all such applications in a summary way, and the
Returning Officer shall amend the list in accordance with the Judge's
dei ision.
The Returning Officer shall, on the day n| nomination, at 2 o'clock
I-, h., announce the names of the persons put in nomination in that
behalf as candidates for the offices ol Mayor and Aldermen, as prescribed by the " Municipal Elections Act,"
At the close ol the time lor nominating tlie candidates the Returning Officer shall deliver to even candidate, or agent ol a candidate, applying for the same, a duly certified list ol tin names ol tin
several candidates who shall have been nominated ; and any votes
given .it the election (or any othei candidates than those su nominated
shall lie null ami void,
If, at tbe expiration of the time appointed Inr the election as
aforesaid, no more candidates stand nominated than there are
vai am ies to be filled up, the Reluming Offii 11 shall forthwith declare
the candidates who mav stand nominated to be elected, ami return
their names 10 the Registrar ol the Supreme Court.
No speeches or interruption to the proceedings ol nominating
candidates at the hustings shall be permitted by the Returning Officer
between the reading ol thc notice ol election and the closing ol tin
proceedings on nomination day by the Returning Officer.
If, at the expiration of such time, more candidates stand nominated than then are vacancies to be filled up, the Returning Officei
shall declare thc nanus ul the candidates, and publicly proclaim the
daj previously stated in his proclamation, and the place or places at
which the poll snail be su opened in the Municipality, lor the purpose
nf taking the votes ol lhe electors according 10 law ; and shall then
adjourn the election, and shall take a pull by ballot, and shall cause
tn be posted up notices ol his having granted such poll, indicating the
names, residences, and occupations ol the candidates, so nominated,
in thc nidi -I in v Iiii li they Bhall be printed on the ballot papers, which
until .■> shall, as sunn as possible alter the nomination, be placarded
111 all the places where the pro. Initiation lor the election was posted
If, after the adjournment of an election hj the Returning Officei
loi the purpose ol taking a poll, nne ol the candidates nominated shall
die before the poll has commi need, the Returning Officer shall, upon
being satisfied ol the Iai t ol such death, countermand notice of the
poll, and nil the proceedings with reference lo the election shall bc
commenced afresh : Provided that no fresh nomination shall be
11 11. in tin case ol a candidate who stood nominated at thc nine
ul lhe iniiiili 1111,anal ul lhe pull.
luii'-' ol a poll being held, the candidates (duly qualified) who
shall ohiain the greatest number ol votes shall In Mayoi and Aldermen respectively,
Every person qualified to vote shall have seven voles, being one
Uu 1 ach Alderman to bc eli cted, and one loi Mayor, but he may vote
for any less number than seven i Provided always, that he shall not
cast mon than one voti in favom ol any one candidate, nr vote on
more than one occassion    And in the event ol lhe number ol votes
•  md ia> havi 1" en ■ I'l.il loi an) two 01 more csndidati s, one or
more ol whom, but not all ol such candidates, being bj the state ol
the pol entitli I lo be declared elected, the Returning Officei Bhall,
ti ,... 1! - case ma) be, decidi  which ol tlu
r whom thc votes may be equal shall be elected 1   Pro
tl ■   aid Returning Officer shall not voto excepl in case 0
an' jit;i 1 it\ nl vol - as afon aid.
■   es attendant upon the said election shall l»  borne b)
Tin opening ol the ballot boxes and counting the votes shall be
. . 1 tin ' indidates, il thei attend loi thai purpose,
1 uilicei   iiti 1 the declaration ol thc poll, shall n
papi 1  and 1 oxi ■ until a Clerk shall lie dul   ippoinled,
.    ■  ill,mill ill In. 1 the same
Every pel 1     presented I
elected a Mayoi 01 Udi 1 111
llu li im Im whii ll he hn                 iul. unless 111 tl
„i in ,|i               llu          1' ■ ll) dollars towards llu   tl
1        ,"    in      in, 1 iiii  ■  1 .  'i.ill l vi rahli li; tin   1 Ink ol
.1 |y, --iillllil.il. ■ I   11  »nj   |'l-Ine ol tin   1
An* M a.   r 01 A, li nn.m -hall he   filled   SS
llii   ■ M 11 ii pa Eli' 1 s Ai 1
I'ln first meeting of lhe Council shall Im held on lhe lirsl Wed
i      1  al iln   Municipal Hall aforesaid, sl
ill  Ma.   .III. llli.'ill
I mil provisions 1" ma le bj In law in Ihal behalf, .dl proceed
u ■ ■ 10 the nu'i'lings ol lhe Coum il shall In   held a
a    rdance with the provisions contained in tl Municipa
a.- Vet.' and all the powers, privileges and duties ul tin Mayoi
and (" mcil Bhall I"' tlu   aim is thosi prescribed h) tin m l Vet,
\t tii" first meeting, or as -.nun thercnllci as po u-l
mat el" 1 a ( i,*il„ Treasun r, 1 ollector und Assessor, 01 - n li officei
as they may tleeiti necessary, who shall huhl such officii during llu
il. Council, and leceivosticli remunerali m as lhc Council
may bj b) law appoint,
Is  11 -11 i..w  WTiiKiiu. Wi   havi   caused llu     11
Li itei ■ to I di Patent, and lhe Greal Se il
1 im   ni province i" be hereunto affixi tl    Witni
ih.   11,in,nnil,!,'   |iml-   Div-Mii.    Lieutenant
Ouvi im.1 1,1 Om said I'muii" -■ t British Columbia,
m (in rn',   .1 Victoria, in dm said Province, tl,;
thirteenth da) "l May. one thousand mm hundred
and BCV tnd ui lhe seveiilh veil ul ' hli h'( ign,
li". 1 oiniiiandi
/'/,,, in, iai :.,. in.it.,
North Vancouver
I boliovo that North Vancouver has
1111 immense future, und that there
will be more money made in land
here than in any other section in
British Columbia, I have LOTS
fOR b\ll in all parts of tlu,'
Townsite. if you have LOTS TO
SELL, come to me. I will liml
you [jurcliasers quickly,
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer
is a glorious coverage—quenching and
satisfying. Roinembor there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Beautiful Cleared Lots
$900 each
Modurn llouti  lliiral Stri'i't, nil eoiiveiilcnces, hot mnl cold witter, bittli,
 electric ll|i.it
$1000 cash
The red pity payments,   Half block onit -if LoiiBtliUe
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Owing Ki change ol tlic Ierry time schedule lollowing will
KlK-l   Sl'lill  I
Leaving Queensbury Avenue al 5:30 a. in,, 6:30 a, in., 7:35
and live minutes to ihe hour until 1(1:55 P- m
Leaving Keith Roatl and Forbes Avenue at 6100 a, in.,
; nn. 11. 111., Sia1-;. und J5 minutes past tlic hour
imlil 11..'5 p. in.
Liinshai 1 Avenue
(.111 will run even ji> minutes,
1   All limits arc nni I'v tin- cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Sj.uh per
and up.
Spci ial
ll'illl < lill
I amities
lli Ins
Ferry Service Ivory II,ill Hour to and Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver, P, Larson, Prop.
BUY IT AT McMILLAN'S, and be ready and
He's Coming  Sure.
11..vi ran 1 i.m
AMI I'l-
Sl'iri.ll.   Il.tTKH   Tll
I'.IMIl.lK.-i   AMI
11 IU   ft   * N D BI 9 S,  l» 1 11 |i r I c I 01 ■ I
I lea (iti ihroiighoiil willi
.-(••uin Hol mid cold
wntcr In evory room 1
I'l,,. Lair is I'liniiiliTi'l In
In- ta llnu u any .an llir
Coast, Hi stock 11 roplclo
SicoNU SW.ET,   -   -   -   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C,


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