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North, Vwpohvp, BA. fvmukh hmmy 84, IPU
N»wM? 44
-     ,
ft     Improvement of Street*
A  niost   aggressive  iiumpiiign    nf
stnwt wort in ths dty bm dw ont-
lined bv tj»e boiird of works committee
qf tlm % iiiiiI nme before the coun:
H|| last evening in thu fqrm of recom-
.  I ■     mendnWopt  introduced  by  Pbslfmen
*\ k- J. Henderson. The council unani
mously adopled the report.
; He eajd that in. view ot [be number
ol petitions now oil liln in ilm city
Imll for street improvements it was
roiisiileivil advisable tn deal wilfc the
requests and also
] ||»«o|ved
(I) That having regard to llio ine
lioriani'ii ol insuring the commence-
ment ol street improvements in tho
eity at the oarlicst possible date thp
llunril ol Works committee recommend
■ that  the Council take  the initiative
' ima under the Local Improvoment Suctions
ol the "lliinii'ipal Clauses Act" apd
carry out the lo.lowing works ol local
Improvement i
(a) Grade to permanent grade Iqi
lull width the Esplonado Irom east
aids of Forbes Avenuo lo the cast side
i nl Roger's Avenue, and from the oast
siile of l.iinsiliili' Avenue to the cast
side of St. Patrick's Avenue nnd Cros-
"cent street from the cast side of Ht.
Patrick's Avenue to tlie east side of
St. David's Avenue, nnd construct ID-
inch wooden sidewalks pud curbs  on
'f each side.
(b) tirade lo permanent grade for
. full width First street from east side
of Forties Avenue to cast side of St.
David's Avenue and cnnslrucl 12 imli
1'iiimn'li' walks on each side, pave llic
1 roadway witli wood bloik pavement,
with concrete curbs on each side.
(c) lirmli' tu permanent grade lor
lull width .Second slreet fiom wist
"iiii' of Lonsdale Ave. to east side ol
St. David's Avenne and construct in
loot wooden sidewulks on each side
with 'suitable curbs.
|d| liiiuli' tn permanent grude lor
lull width Lonsdale Avcnuu Irom tlic
water Ironl lo the nortii side ol 1 liu
per Keith lloud, and construct li-foot
concrete wplkr on each aide wilh con-
■ n'li' curb).
(3) And thut the City Knginecr be
instructed to forthwith commence lhe
surveys, taking of lovclf and thc preparation of plain, profiles nnd estimates, etc., und report to the Council
on tho above works ol local improvement.
(8) And thai lhe City Clerk Ihoro-
aller publish lhe necessary stululory
notices in the local newspaper and
give any further noli"' required by
(4) And thut thc City Knginecr und
tlio t'ily Clerk lie authorised lo cugngo
such temporary assistance as they
may require to properly curry out ths
nlim i' instructions and (but a iepa-
t»!■■ »iinnni lie kepi ol such I'xpi'iNi',
and charged up lo the respective
slreet improvements.
Provincial Legislature
nopsis ol Work ol the House 'or tl.e
Express llalli'iy Representative)
Victoria, January ill.—The Dial
week of tlie legislulive session, while
largely devoted to /alk ol a more or
less miiiplimi'iijiii) Liml. has dovelop-
ed a lew points of practical interest.
One ol these was llic proposal of Hr.
Cawley of Chilliwack lo revive tha
.■•lii'iiii' lor a canal botweon I'ill river
and Hurrard Inlet. While -inti an
undertaking may yel bc far in Uiefu-
iurc, ii Is well worth keying In tint.
fill River, si Mr. Cawley poiiyed out,
has a width of ajwut inm feet, und
lbs iuHux Irom so large a ilium ol
fmii water must convert the harboi
ol Vancouver luto a semi-fresh water
body. One effect of (bis would bo to
swsep out the destructive forces of
ths teredo, another would lie to drain
tin tilt meadows and make Ihem all
arable, and still further it would open
an easy channel for the transportation to Vancouver and North Vancouver o! tlie agricultural produce ol Ihe
Fraser Valley and J'itt River distrii ts.
Tbo mailer will be lurtber ventilated
flW) Hr, <>w|*y brings In a resolution Urging tbe Dominion government,
which elonchas jurisdiction ovor those
waters, to lake lhe mailer up.
Mr. C. K. Tisdall ol Vancouver, in
bil speed) on Mie address, pointed out
HiSt as tk)t PtOpk ol Vancouver hud
eulboriwd assistance to the Second
Narrowi bridge, which was really oul
side Hy tily limits, (lie provincial
government might sec fit tp auUioris1'
Hm construction of ttefy bridge, be
twain Westminster Jgnoilna and Fori
Hapwond across tlie Fill river, and
lOvw. tkl fteeet rivet lo eopn~i <bo
l-adacr   district   wjlfc   tijt  cemetery
road lending tfl Vancouver, llolli
these arteries wonld servo yo bring the
fanners of Delta and tbo Frssor Valley into closer touch with their urban
customers on the shores of lliuriird Inlet. Another mutter ol considerable
interest, to both cities was touched
upon both by Mr. Tisdall and Mr.
Watson, end this was the immense
margin botweon tlio coit ol tho pro-
iliii'tion p| coal on Vancouver Island
and tba high priee at which it was
sold on (ho mainland, only 35 miles
•way. In this they aro strongly supported by Dr. Ms|fuiro and jt is quite
posstblp that thp final result will lie
at least an inquiry into this discrepancy.
premier llrliridi', in a two-hour
speech lust Tuesday nftornnon devoted him; a>If chiefly to a vindication of
llio government's land ond railway policies whjch had been attacked by Mr.
Brewster, at onco loader, whip and
henchman ol the Liberal party, llio
1'remier, in a dignified maimer, slmwi d
thut there was little ground lor pessimism in connection with tho settlement of the country, Thc chief difficulty had been hitherto that the Dominion government controlled the land
along Ihu Cl'.lt. nnd E. It N. railways which was most available for
settlement but now that new areas
were being opened up by the construction ol the tirand Trunk Pacific end
Canadian Northern lines the provincial
government would not he found moiling in ils duly.
One of Ihl sensations ol thc week
was furnished by Mr. <lardinu ol Es-
•juiiiiult who eumu out boldly in support ol the government's policy nnd
roundly rated his lollow-Liberil, Mr.
Miai'..iei. lor his strictures. It Is
suid by some that "dawn" is continuing his war against Mr. Teuiphiinan
in ii ji. it li. i fashion.
The Iwo Socialists, as usual, added
■Ili.e to the ilelmI.■. Mr. I'arker Williams was sarcastically poHsimislic ond
Mr. llawthoriilhwuilo was humorously
socialistic. The latter gentleman also
look advantage of Mr. Brewster's desertion by his lormer ally to assort
beyond doubt his position as lender nl
the opposition tliat still remains. II
is lhe privilege of Ihe opposition leader to move nn amendment lo lhc address, but this Mr. Brewster was do-
barred Irom doing ns lie hud no seconder. Mr. ilnwlliorutbwaite promptly jumped into the breucb by moving
a Socialistic amendment wlinli was
seconded by Mr. Williams and though
it went down lo overwhelming defeat,
Mr. Iluwihoriithwnile rose from Us
ruins us lhc undoubted and unchallenged lender ol His Majesty's loyal Opposition.
While lhe week has been one nl talk
ilu. lhan of iu iii.u a iiiiinl'ii ol useful measures huvchecu placid IhIoii'
lhe House. One ol these is a bill ol
Alliirneyllincrnl Dowser lor tbs
stricter regdiation ol auloinolii'rs
Nol only musl every driver ol a motor ear lukc out un annual llll li
lensn, luii he eau only take il on conditions whiili ii nu.-.   his own   far
dom in action ami spml while aiming
at the greatest degree of publii safety.
The uulomohilc is regardid a>i the
lasl comer in lhe world of truffle, and
us such has lo lake ill place.
The Premier has also introduced u
bill providing for greater safely lor
workers iii coal mines, and Hon. Dr
Young has one lo provide lor the -an
iimy iii'l"'' 'ion of logging iooi|m,
sawmills and allied industries so tbat
lhe humanilariun MNl is being kept
well in view. Another bill inlioduawl
by lhc provimial secretary ivi.iul
Ibe lime for selecting the university
endowment lands for ihree years.
There ure also a numlier of miior
amending bills aiml pome old-time lu-
bur measures ol Messrs. Hawthorn-
i lm nil. end William* havelmn rein
The debate on lh. address is n.iw
over; tbe work of lhe aemion i< a ell
in hand and wiUi a good sur.ilu. in
tho treasury there is evcly pro«poct of
smooth soiling and efficient work during tbe five weeks or more Iir wbiib
lhe scesion je yet likely to last.
Scheming  Syitem   Proposed.     Alio  Appointment of
uildlng and Sanitary Inspector.
'I lie following was introduced by Mayor McNeish at laat evening's city
council misting and adopted:
Ountlenion,-l think you will all
agree with' mo tbat wo should to the
best ol our ability, endeavor to (ullll
whatever pledges wo may have given
to tbo ratepayers.
Tbo mutters to which I desjrt to
bring to your notice refer to I
hold ii<iii:.i>, lur the time being, and
tbat iln' City Engineer collect lor Ihu
liilniiiia'iia.ii  ol the Council  and   the
Board   III   llenllh   llll   lllllilllllle   illllii ,1..
to Ihe cost aiid most eUiolcni type n
incinerator suitublo ior installing in in
approved loiniiuu.; within the oity
limits. A
(8) That ilm, Mnl ol Works and
thn Hoard nf Bdnllh jointly confer
und draw up a list ol duties for  lho
(»[ Tbo  collection and hisposnl of  "Hi™  "'  Sanitary  and' Huilding  Jn-
olful and household refuse.
(b) The supervision of house sanitation, sueh us drainage, septic tanks
und plumbing ond the construction of
chimneys in such u manner to ensure
protection Irom fire.
We have now under conalruction a
comprehensive system ol sewers,
wlii. li when completed should placo
tbo city Irom u sanitary point of
view in the front mnl. as a residential
ic i.n It is usual und customary
when sewers ure ready to receive house
drainage lo have ull drainage cornice
lions, sanilury fillings and plumbing
closely and efficiently supervised by
u properly qualified official. In order
ihul these matters may receive tlioro-
ipiisito attention I will with your permission recommend the lollowing resolutions :
(I) Thut the Hoard ol Works and
the lloinil ol Health take joint action
s|iectoi' and bring up to ihe Councii a
recommendation for securing by public
advertisement thu services ol a competent nnd properly qualified ofliuiul in
fill the dual olliee ol Suni I my and
Building Inspector.
(1) Thnt the. ('ily Clerk obtain from
■ niii i city uiiinli i|iiiliin'. on llie Dominion or elsewhere, copies nl Regulations that may be in force for
(.ing iu brunch sewers to the property
lino of the lots Irom tho mams.
Thu clerk was instructed lo prepare
the bylaws to coyer tho'palps pp E»-
plumule, l'"ir;.l street Hci-mul street,
Third stroet, Lonsdale Ave. from ''•;i'1
tn 33rd stroet.
Hr. llial. as a dolegato Irom tlig
Hoard ol Trade, appeared before the
Council ns | ires I iiig aid to send a in
legate or delegation to Ottawa lii connection with urging the Dominion government to grunt uid towarda tbu
construction of the Second Narrows
bridge. The Board ol Trado's funds
were limited, he sniil. It was proposed to ask tho cjty and district council to contribute up w|ua| amount.
Mr. W. .1. Irwin, iniul her delegate
liom Iliu Hoard ol Trade also spoke.
Ho said in previous yens the Bourd
hud provjdod tho1 pxponsos to Ottawa
itself. |!)l)() jier .delegate wa^ required and it Ivns iiijviiih'il to mini two
delegates ifl possible. Referred to the
finance cnmniittpp.
His Worship said tlint alter Vancouver hud passed the bylaw now    wan
| the supreme moment to net.
ri'"u' a    The mayor said lhat in future any
Inling modern sani.alion, and il pos- | ||||t  '^r   ()) ^ ,h_   -
sible  obtnili  particulars  ol duties  «    ,., j-   po^w    ^ fo^^i
officials CUJpgtxi ,„ lhat ,lep,.rl.n,;„t ol ;       |() ,)(, ^X, ,Q ^ ^ ^
public work.      , I _i_i i  ii n  ..i.i .i....n.
With reference lo the installation nl
an incinerator, pel sunnily 1 am ol
the opinion tlmt wc may be able, by
properly utilizing n convenient dumping ground, and burning lhe relgso, In
deler llie heavy cost ol providing nn
iiu inei nlor for a year or two, but it
is well to have all the 'inlormiitii u in
relation thereto colluded ns euii'y  as
in providing a suitablo scavengor eort j possibly.
with tlic neeussnry Icomstcr, team nmi ! As time is tlie essuicc of progress in
stabling lor tbe collection of offal und j Ihis year's civic .work I would impress
household refuse, ami the pcrloimnnro ' upon those who compose the Hoard ol
ol other in id'ntnl scavenging wnrk.    ! Works   und tlic   Board of Health    to
i-l Thai the City Engineer npt!>t
to llie Hoard of Health tho lust method of dealing with und disposing ol
the daily collection of offal and house-
tnke prompl action to give effect to
the resolutions which I have the lion
or of submitting to you provided ynu
npprove of them.
Last evening the cily council ox-
pailitiousll bundled „ large docket ol
business, aud amongst the matters
brought up were many important propositions aud recommendations uhiih
will materially eiiliunee the cily'i welfare.
ilil Worship Mayor McNeish and ull
the aldermen were presenl.
Correspondence wus read as lollows;
From C. .1. Pagan, secretary Anti-
Tuberculosis -Society, advising ol tlie
nniuiiil ne a iin. ol the society nnd ID*
lulling lhe uniiuul lee. The Idler wns
Imd on lhe i 'hi
Prom P. 1. Clarke, secretary Bureau
of I'rovincinl liilormaliou, ou licliall
of the linn. <l. II. Tumor, agent-general for B. p. in Ismdon, asking tin
t'ily to furnish him willi ull data in
connection with lhe city's finuncinl position and any other information re
gurdiug the city's debenlurcs. The
clerk wus ni' ii rn I- 'I lo do this.
Prom K. II. l'u nl.■■■in.an. lor lhc
Lonsdale Estate, staling in couiieclion
wilh lhe Ilea na,aa,I |i„rk Ihnt be had
n l.itii Irom <las. I'. Pell who wished
him lo inliniii lhe council that llu
owners ol the pro|ierty have every intention ol granting Ihem a park area
as arranged, but llial it is quite impossible lo complete the Iruiisuclion
until the subdivision has been registered.
Aid. Dick said tlie excuse seemed
veiy slim indeed. The park area could
very easily Iw dorilsd by meets and
bounds and he llioughl Ihal Hr. Pell
nii||hi be advised that when lie park
ire* division leau on.
Aid. Smith .aid the park area wu
originally lil acrei.
Cfiinin drools mado under a now
arrangement Increased it io ovsr 18
acres. Under Ihow circumstances and
Wii llie plan was settled u|on tbe
tfilMir was in a ratbir peculiar position.
Aid. Dick withdrew his objection.
It was iiiei i cd to tbo 1'arks Committee.
Tne mayor said he was strongly In
lavor of keeping lhe matter alive,
From N. V. Clly Hand soliciting financial assistance iu the matter of purchasing uniform, and other band
equipment.      Ihe uniforms bad  been
tunnel in addition lo   the muiii   one
for cede.iiinn Irnvel.
Aid Dick thought it wus strictly n
mutter lor tho City Forrici to dmi|
wilh and he considered lhat il shou'd
be taken up with the Perry Conipuny.
Aid. Henderson suid the idcu was to
approach the Cl'.lt. More tbe plans
lor lhc subwuy were completed, After the plum hud bii'ii passed il
would be no cusy mutter to piule
any chunges llien. He thought having a joint committee Irom iolh the
Hoard nl Trade and Perry Company
it would have more weight.
Jt was referred to lhe Trim.pm in
lion commltlce.
Prom lhe scirctuiy ol lhe Hoard ni
Trade, udvisiug thul lhe |<o ird requested the council1 to consider tin nd-
visubility ol a iniiii lung, a public
weighing si ule near the wliurf. Referred to the Transportation .l'i tninil-
From the Western Engineering to.
asking for fill per cenl. of llfilill ,1 the
payuual for road roller recently ordered Irom ih'in us pm i out net. it
was referred lo the tinunie iinniriltec
to arrange payment.
From F. U. 'Hover, Assl. Man. ll.C.
E.H., noting the fad thai the aty
was about to block pave Lonsdale
Ave. He asked lor '"pn of profiles
and plans and other data in connec
lion to i iialile lhc company lo prepare
for this change. Referred to th.
Hoard of Works.
Pioin I'. A. iill und aSon sluting
thai tliey were gelling out plans lm
a large building on Firsl slreet  ncM
mission when lllc council would di'ii-la
liy resolution il they would be heiinl
or not.
Haaaiial ol Works recommendations:
Re (lie application of Pruser nnd Eraser Co. to liuvu the street opened (o
give access to lol II, block 170, D. L.
1171. ll was reh'Miil lo lhe engineei
lo report.
A claim ol S-'."i mude by F. E.
While for damages dune to his house
through blasting operulioiis curried on
by llie board ol works wus relerrnl lo
the road loieiiiiin to report.
With reference to „ notice Irom 'li
A. .1. (Tircsoser lhat lhe district mu-
nia'ipulily has constructed a sidewalk
from Sutherland Ave. eastwards the
engineer was nuked lo report on tbc
cost of building ti nh '.-.all. on 13th
street from lhe boulevard lo Sulher-
land Ave.
Willi a reference lo u letier Irom
.1. R. J. Murray Ihnt a client was
hindered in building npcrulions al the
i onier ol dlh ami Ridgewny Ave. by
wuler mniling Iioin the slreel across
thc lots. The cugiuecr reported thut
Water does not come Irom the stleel
but a iiuliiriil wuler course, and lhc
clerk was instructed to notify Mr.
Murray accordingly.
Wurd, I'.aiiin. i i, i and von tiracven-
itz applied for a sidewalk on lhe
souih   sitle of filh street west    (rom
I   aa.l   -1,lla        AU'llllO      U    lh    H         of        I'D)
feet, 'lhe committee recommended lh
work lo be done.
With reference to Ihe application ol
Iiie I'uiiudiuu Financiers lor Hie open
ipg and grading of slreets for sidewalks in Iniul ol lols I (o 18, cusl-
eriy purl of block 12, D. L. .VM, thc
engineer mis usked lo report on the
proljuble cost nl tin.' work.   .
The .application ol T. ■)■ Lcourex
thlit the boulevard between l"h nni
I i'uii streets west side on St. Georges
Ave., be clcnied. It wus resolved to
have lhe work done iu due course.
A reqjicst by F. Blow lliul lhe sur-
luce wuler on I ith slnel be utteuded
to uud lliul u large slump standing
on the roadway be removed, was referred to lhe engineer lo seo what
a a.uld be done with the surface water
und report re the removal of the
With leleii'inc lo tbe aiplinill'in ol
llie Seymour Lumber Co. for u grant
of SI.W) towards the expense of building u plunk roud Irom Ihe corner of
Inl. slreet and Williams slreel lo lhe
N.E. comer of ll L. fil6, Hie engineer
was asked lo return to lhe council   u
to the Bunk of Hamilton and   asked | loir ustimute of the cost ol the work.
The initial dence ol the Maple Is-nl
Denting ('Iub held in Ihe Horticultural hall Friday evening was a pronounced success and augurs well for a very
lucccsstul season for tbo newly organ-
itcd club.  Those at tits hud ol j_
lairs bavo adopled strict moesurce to' pun-based from a loenl merchant bul
eiisui i. (be dsmes being clean end up (he finances of Ibe' band were top low
to tbe standard. The attendance Was! to pay (be balance owing. Referred
large lousidering Ibat lillle jflort bad, Ig llie finance commillee.
been made lo advertise lor Uie refios From tbe Hoard of Trade, advising
that it wai not intended to *»lwi»| a reioluliop passed recently to te-
much publicity of It escept though j quest His C;P.B, to consider in con-
till law invitations which wit tent! ttccllon with tbs plans for iheir »ub-
oul. The nest d»noe lakes plans on I way un*r Uu tr»cb at Uio lerry ap-
Fridiy evwing, February M. I proa* ip Vaneouver a more  aballow
Ui bc advi.ud what hud been done n
garding Iheir previous petition foi
block paving the itreel. Il.hnail lo
lhe Board of Work..
Prom .1. C. Hm inei. lei   nnd   ollm
petitioning for a sidewalk on   Mahun
Ave. from ldth street lo Knd  stroi
and WO foci down !Bod.    Beforrcd t
lhe Bosrd of Works.
They also asked lor a street lighl
at tho coiner ol Und and Medion Ave.
Referred to Fire nud Lighl Commillee.
From N. V. Lumber Co., asking Iht
Council Ul pioii'i ihem lor muteriul
supplied to McDonald, Urowskl A Co.,
sewer contractors,
Aid. Dirk thought as lhc contractors
A .ui'pim uii i my report ol thc origin
eer recommi'iidi'd Ihe grunluig ol Era
scr li Pruser's request, that damages
of iil, asked for by F. E. While be
paid, tliat the request for a sidQwilk
on 13th slieel from Ibe boulevard lo
Sutherland be granted. Tbe wholi;
report was adopted. He reported tliat
Ihe cosl of clearing Ihe right ol way
for .the Canadian Financiers was
about Wl aud that tho request pl F.
Blow wus already attended lo.
In regard to the request ol Uio Soy
imuii I iiiiiii. i Co. for aid ro building
a plank road Aid.' Henderson thought
ibo matter could bo deflt willi mors
iiiiellige/illy   il   tho   applicalion pad
this road was in Hip fifty some com- ,
peusation should bs made.
Aid. Kittson considered thoy should
ba subsidized ip this wiped,
The Msyor rpop(MW<!«4 Hitf the
Board 61 Wot'ks go ovor the ground.
It wss fipolly refprred back to tha
Works eoiiiinilteo fpr u report,
W. p. Williams wroti asking lor the
opening up of Ulltli stroet to lots 88,
30, 31, block 8, fl. J,. MB.
Relerred to the Board'of forks.
From August George and Ambrow
Jolnisou, claiming damage lor alleged
diiiimgi! to their property through
blusting by tho city's work gang.
The mul ler was bold In abeyance un-
til the work was eomploUxta
Aid. Dick stated that the   Haitingi
Shinglo Mfg. Co. had po right-of-way.
through D. r.. W, ht that Jt bsd
Keen 'cancelled six months ago in Hli1
regular way.
A plan ol portion of I). L. MS was
passed, i'lan ol lot 13, block t, D- L.
lilli was relerred back lor re-arrange-
(In the rccommendutiou ol thp mayor it wus resolved to place lull an-
thority in tbo bands ol tbe eity en-
gineer for thu carrying op ol the
works of the several departments com
ing under his supervision. Tbt foreman ol each will have authority to
engage und discburgo mcii und in this
wuy Hie aldermen will be greatly relieved from any responsibility in the
way ol demands being made upon
(To bo continued in Friday's issue)
In a splendidly contested game on
Saturday played on llio Boulevard
l'ark, North Vancouvor administered
tbo first defeat to Vancouver tbat
tbey have sustained in three years, tba
score being 4 to 1. This win now puts
tlie locals at, thu bead ol tho league
with Vancouver seeoud and James
Buy third. In tho event ol Vancouver
defeating alamos Bay, which appears a
certuiuty, North Vancouver will have
to meet them iu u decidiug gamo.
•Sul in day'a contest was a vory g iod
exhibition und well worth going lo
sec. Mul'horson oponod lhc muring
lor tho locals soine ten minutes alter
lho game started. Berwick equallud
soon ulter by scooping in tbe ball
whon tho homo custodian had just
stopped a good shot but lailod to
clear. Not to bu denied Norlb Vancouver retaliated with another liefore
half-lime, Uuwl Cameron scoring when
ilie bull rebounded from the goal post
ufter a shot from the right wiug leaving Ihe hull hmi' score 9 lo 1.
tiivo and lake play followed Uie Ul'
lervul with the boiuo team having
slightly the butler of tbo exehangll
until Mcl'herson with a brilliant run
along the right wing bent three or
lour men nnd scored with a great in-
dividual elloil. He followed lliis up
a little later with an excellent shot
Irom a sharp angle completely best-
ing thu visiting goal-keeper, and putting thu ii- uli of the game beyond
doubt. Time was shortly aftcrwardi
culled. The game through was contested in a good spirit. For Vanoouver Buylield, Underbill, Bbodcs and
Henry were distinctly good and while
all the Norlb Vancouver mon played
ut thu top ol their form Armytoge
and Montgomery were the stars.
Mrs. Verne, of Victoria Park wiM
not receive until tbe lourti Wedoee-
day in February, '
Miss Mabel Markle, daughter ol Mr.
and Mrs. E. Markle of lonedsls Avi.,
left yesterday to take charge ol Uw
Agassi/ ichool lor tbe ensuing tarn.
woro i»d«r bond proper prelection i"™ ro<uil! ,or (Jwr,DfI W itreel town alordod all parties. H wus re-1 'lead oi i.ebsidj/ing a plank road
solved lo notily thc.wrilors Hal it'which would cost considerable lor
was a batter betweon thom and the maintenance, This would Iw cree-Und
contractors, but protection would   be! a bad precodtyt;
givop )| payment Wai pol made fin-
From Uio ri'y enpiDm recommending Hat a bylaw be prepared (o pmvide mm in w*i*>Mon «m m
Aid, flick suggested U)»t, aij the
road bad been already buill that ikj)
mistier be dropped.
A|d. Hiss ond S«j# wore of lhe
opinion Ibat .as i%»t m blocks ,gl
The SS. Norlb Vancouver wbicb bad
ber iificrcabins crpshed in on Uu port
side ihiough I mishap earned by a
collision in Uie log a short while ago,
is practically repaired now wltb Um
cMi'piion of a lillle paint when all
traces ol Uio accident will have vanished. The cost of filing Uu boat
will bo borne almost exclusively by
the insurance company. Ia tbis connection Uie llllf) lerry board are to
bo congratulated on Uis policy wbicb
thoy held on tho boats. Previous to
taking out thc renewal policy which
was done Uie latter psft ot lill) tin
herd .fou|cf not got a poHoy **i
wou)t| pay on an acddepl rciultinf In
damage fell then ♦1800. The new policy , which tbey seournd provided If*
payment 'or itsmtn pp msim hp*
sliftty and in ibjs caae the board ware
lofluneU) in boifffng | pqUty ql Ifo
kind when # Nortb Verier w»»
damaged, tbe axUot ^ wUcb w«
rrrSm} ivn -fflriT wttntt
'•'.J ■■■■■HHIHMHHnHHI
vnn nxpnnm
'Published Tiiss(J(iv» »n4 Fridays by
NbBTH Bhdrji ?ms, l$mm
 -. L_—, —
urns or spgsppiPTiOK
111 IllUllllll, WHI. ■■-—
United Status apd Foreign, tlM) per yusr
Advertising Hates will Iw quoted on application.
TUrnn ninntln, iilto.
The Espruss Is tlevutud In Ibe interests of tba north Shore of Hurrard lnlnt
Wpilnsively.     It constltiilus an utlvurtiuir.g ineilitiin ol oxcuntional tsIiid for
,iniuihing iii u tlioriuigli and uffectlvu mtiinar the population of Nortb Vaneouver
Oity uud liistriet.  Every eflort is made to givu advertisers the most satisfactory
lervicu, ,
All eliapges in contract advertisements should lm In iha priiilurs' liaiuli not
Inter than 111 a.m. Monday and II p.m. Wednesday to snsuro Insertion In the
lollowing issue,
'Kp»th Vancouver,   fl, Q,
J*NUARVtJ4,   1911
a ■__ :7"—.".'   ...-X"
During tlm debate upou the speech
Irtim thu thronu in tho provincial leg-
isluturo lust week two members in tlio
Course 01 alih' speeches referred in pro
11.1i111e.1l turms and at considerable
length, to tho necessity of. following
up (he successlul efforts whereby Victoria has boon rolievoil of the presence
of the Songhees Indian reserve with
; iinilm proceedings upon ha hull nl other
cities throilglioui tlm province which
aie similarly silinilud in this ivspcct.
The prominence thus given tlm mutter
goes to show thut tlui i|Uestioii nl tlui
n'iunution of Indian reserves is now a
live issue in legislative circles antl
that it will uot lie nllowisl to rest
Until somu pei iiiuiunil means of' a
speedy atul equitable solution of> llie
problem is mude availuble wherever it
exists. It is understood thnt u ur
iliin'. have Isin received liom Oltawi
tbat jt is Uiu intention of (lie Dominion government tai bring down legislation this session wlii<1i will provido ih.- iiei'iusury machinery ol which
any muiiicipalily may uvuil ilsclf to
.-""•uia' possession of li..li.ui reserves
lying within its corporate limits, 11
even Iiuiul.ai justice is to lie melnl out
• lo ull municipalities throughout the
Dominion, tlnn legislation along
Uie lines suggested is thu only
solution fair to ull parties. II
au Indian itservu cau be alienated in
favor of Prill'e l(u| .-i 1, if uli India,,
ie .a■"■ cun lie ulieuni.d m fuvor of
Victoria, If lhe Selkirk Indian reserve
in Manitoba can be alienated, then in
equity it is unavoiduble that any Indian reserve nin lie alienated where
good reason vnn lie shown why the
•ume is dusiralih' in ilm int.-irata ol
any muuicipulity.
It is truly admitted ihut iu every
cues in which the ulionution of a reserve ii sought, the rights of thu Indiana ihould bu properly protected
and any l.a. mluiion formiiliiled in this
conni" 1 ion . le.uid umbo udc'iuntc provision in tliis .'.'iod. Al Ihn ■.-nue
time »li'll u minii'ipality deems |lessential to its tlevilopmcnl, to seaure
possession ol 1111 Intliun reserve nnd
wheu that muuicipulity is prepured to
accept any proposition thai a conipe-
' tint board ol judges muy consider fair
and ruusonablu the fuel that il is im
posiible to procure tiie consent ol the
individual Indium resideut upou lho
reserve in question should uol be
sufficient ground for dilcating (bu
w|gh of llie people as expressed by the
municipality isiiicornc^.
Tho pro|'•'!ly  of auy Cunadian cili-
gen or of uny company of a-iii'.ns is
lubjaet Ul eipropiiation ul auy time,
in tbe public inleresls mnl  :xp",piia-
lion jirocoediugs can lie carried   into
uSecl uo matter how slrunuoudy   the
-■ individual owner   or the  majority   ol
U)« members of the company which is
l.i thl owner of Uw properly now   pm
,   titt,    Tho Indian act provides   liow-
aver, Ihul no portion of an Indian ro-
nerve shall be ulienatcd wilhoit    the
•  eonaenCof * majority of tJto heads of
lel/lilic* a'tuully resident  ipou Ibe 10-
aefve,    It is difficult lo uodgrstnud
.   wby Ul* protest ol en, individual   In-
. idea (In certain caaos) or 4 » r.»w
tier ol Indians in oUuir   instances,
should be, all powerful in this coiuicc-
tjon  *WI*  Ike protest  ol  u   fully
..,..,.„ qiwUeW Mm eiimipw bis thm
ot the reepowibilities of tbe notion or
a nutoW at ewk citjaxis ihould
a.  abiolutoly luiii under similar
itiStu, In tin *** rf Ihigov-
armmi,  thai it 4 ih «««#*»
people, the Indians sliouhl lm provided lor in a proper and in a liberal
manner but it is neither nocessury nor
desirable in order to accomplish this
thut Ihp intsrasts of tho citizens ut
lurge should be made to suffer or thut
. peeiul right's shou'd bo conferred upon Ihu Indians relativu to land tenure
wliiili are denied to responsible Canadian citizens.  .
Legislation ol such a nature us
would protect the interests of municipalities in cases iu which the majority of the residual heads ol families
on any reserve are inclined lo lie intractable or unreasonable, wnu'd meet
tliu cuso while conserving (iiu interests
ol ull patties.   ,    <
- I ha Express is pleased to nun iu'i>'<!
thul a special representative lias li.*n
eugugi.il in tho press gnllery aif the
pioviiniiil legislature from wiiu.-e pei.
a weekly lol ler will lie publish."1 in
each Tuesday etlition giving a synopsis ol the doings in the House il.lriHg
the week. Tin . letters, 'thile laainnili
ing a lull statement ol thu prairecd-
ings will give special ut tout ion 10 mutters pei iniiiine to Biiiiniil liilel and
(he lower mainland, (lur rcpii-ciil"-
live is one ol the ablest and mosl experienced in.mini. of the i-("lt 11 tlie
press gallery and ill pallia "ihlily I Ited
lo deul wilh all mailers irum .1 North
Vuneouver antl Vancouver point of
view. By reading these leltem ngu-
lully our Btibsciiliers will lie ab'.'.' lo
keep ill close touch wilh (lie ptiiftjul-
ings of the House ut the eX|>eiiso ol 11
smiili poi'lion of Iheir lime. Tim lirst
HI    I.-a I aai. Ill      wHI     111!     i a U I.'. I      ! I,        Ull.H lll'l
column of ibis issue.
Id a copper wire M well which is usod
(or telephone purposes e>ltqga|hur. Also lor a portion ol th diitnnes h
tween JUmlonpe ami Njcola copper is
'mad. The rowon why'4h«Wstem is
not nil copper is partly on account of j
the greater cost of the copper and ulso becatmo the iron is not ,w easily
broken when a tree falls across it,
■ HlHllBy SffUl H UIU I'ltlliiuiillilg |"ii»»
lor   twu   sections ol the rirelilt,   via.,
He(% to Nieola apd Hodlsy tohfa-
A good deal ol Ibe lina has lately
been m-poled and tbe inlenlion It tip
go over a considerable edition of it
nest summer aud renew the polos. I
The Royal Bank of Canada
Cnpitnl -■ViUMKH).
Reserves, ^.m-W:
Totul Assets WW
A general bunking liitsiiioss
trans .idi il. .Savings accounts a
specialty. Accoiinti o( firms
und imiii. niinii. "In in.I.       '_
North" Vancouver Branch.
Bank Office in N. V. dull Block
The output ol gold in the Klondyke
region lor the year I'.I 10 umoUntasI to
11,(1)0,000 aceoitling  to figurei    pub
ll   Ii'il    il)    111.'   sllllenielil    of    the     10UI|1'
troller of lllc Yukon, who had luliil it
dl   till!  laalalllaa    paid   by   tile  llilTi-n III
eoinpuliies ,,p.i,1 ton. in Dawson, "he
output over r'u'.t is iinnaiiiiced to ale
1610,000, While individual opmutairs
ure no longer working in .liv Kh.n
dyke, their pluce has been IrxL.'u by
the two big drudging compuiiius v.in ii
buvu operated on the streams which
were turned ovor by pick and ilion)
iu thu curly days of Ihe cam.i's ity*
Two iiniueme drudges havo cul u
..Hath up the Klopdyks rivnr from
Louselowu ut the confluence of the
Klondyke and tbo Yukon as In ns
Beer ('reek. All of tbe oubins vhi'b
once lined Uie bisloric slrenm have
Ii'in lorn down and the gnunh lie-
ncntli ihem dug away . nei senl
through tho dredging madi'iies. ''
big rut has boon mude jp Bonun/u
Creek; and the lown of 'Jrinid poike,
ut the junction ol ISbnutiMi and l'.i
dorado ('reeks, wbicb is built on a
bed ol auriferous gravel, is destinoi
soon to disappear.
Both Uw Yukon Gold and , the.
Treadgold companies are planning
immense operations and wilhin a few
decades practically every stream in
Hie district, will bave been worked
ovor.t /
Thf completion ol a stretch ol gov-/
ernmeot telephone Irom Kamloops UI
Vernon vis Grand Prairie was the last |
link in a drcoit 378 rnjle. long   on
which (hi iii piain offices lor r*l»y
purposes are t&mfAoop*, Vernon, Kelowna, penticton, IWley aad Nicola.
Mosl ol Ihs line was an iron wire
hut km Yarnon to Kalowna there
WANTS you to
know that they
cell the Finest
Quality .Meats at strictly Vancouver Price«,
Free Delivery to all
parti of the city, and
every article is sent out
in the best possible
style. We guarantee
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■       ii .     ti     1
229 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 16
Vs      if   e
Tlm lurgest assortment of Men's Working Sliirls, Ills
ulmling all (lie best wearing matorisla innil   L £
mw, prictts iip ti) |1.25, now   ..    v/h/V
Sniitol) Knit All-wool Unik'rwi'ar. Tliii ie 11 |iiif line
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whiih, ruguliirfl.W) vitluo for 75o po? puit   / JC
Meh'u Fall and Winter Suite, only a few left of those
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113-115 Lonsdale Ave.'
North Vancouver
135 Loiiijilali! Avenue.
Om lira sii, Stones, Cull's mid
('a)la(l CllllllS   etl'   i.l.I'la    III   the
lim "l mati nn l<. Qjve us a dial
sI'icciAMY -scotch i-iks
Queensbury Heights
Twu ur thai' Lots Idl here close lu Keitli lluatl (ium 11511 each,
lliilnll u .hit IH pontile, 'Hliu it. thn aliiaii|ii,ai Im.i nm in Nurlli Vancuuver.
Thirteenth Street
A mod M'axil Iiii lm inu nt,ulli, lew iiiiilu Irum I.ON.SIIAI.E .Ul
Ml'..   I'li.c .-|;Mni   111 nihil, liinuiicc li mnl I'l mulillie.
Western Avenue
•Stunc'ii iiii'in '"'in l.iiibilnlc Avenue Car Tcrminim, 'V) ll liy 162
(eel,   practically  iIciiihI.   Ifr]ee, WNI-I-S canli, pslSBM 6 anil 12 null.
l'lione 7H--.-P. 0. lio> 97
I. O. ()   K.
Nortli Vancuuver l/xlge, No. Mi,
meele every Tlinrtdiiy evening, corner
Ijiiimliile Aveniie and Firel .tract, al
li o'clock. Viaiting brethren cordially
invited to attend. Ira V.. i'ceri, N.
G. 1 lt. K. Uunaldaun, ree. em.; .1. II.
Pilling, ffl„ Fin.-iec.
Va mAls-tl thc buniiicMi nf ayaimfactuici..
Kxifrtiicrre*li4otlicie ivliurrirre tin ...Mm! II
ily . I !■ ivlllg llieir fall-lit liuianl'. Iluliniaalaa]
tyl\X|<il4. Puliiyliialya-tvi'i'l'tc. tlilii/.-.i
, mlcieta. OotUnaatot'e Ki rla.fi cm 01-111. ■
.,'i. »l. M.ili.il*knll'.ii. Ki'K'J., I. » ioi.. Mi.
1.1'- Mliiilii-.!   -"'I W..l.l..,'l..n lilt   11*1
North Shore Locators
When buying in North Vancouver call
. '  and inspect our list of moderate
priced properties.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
The Place Where Everybody Goes/
Gem Theatre
Good Pictures Good Singing
Good Music
••• •••
• •• lie
ill     III
Programme  changed  hlomiay,  Waittaeiay mi  Friday.
Adults 10c ^ttSS*** Cbildren 5c
Qmpbell Realty & Investment Co.
naat Lwadale,
mspHoWfy f. o. ^ox;l4
The Cwh Stores
Staple and Fancy Grocerioi .
Freih and Smoked MeaU  ,
Hume Msdu I'ork i*ft«iiig«,
—per |bi| \k
Coiqed Bee! •   • pep lb 10c,
Japan Rice   -  - 6 Ilm. 25c,
ObivewMurrosladeiit 1
lb. glass jars, eunli   -   I5c u \\
Whole llanis,   per lb. 20c
Hecon   Side,    per   |b. 26c
Fancy Creauwy Butfer iu
14 Ib. boxes    ■   ■   -- (425
Muiii'v ra turned il nut utlifled
Ayrshire Rose Cri'flnieiv
Butter,    •   -    3 lbs. $100
Cheese—Ki nest Ontario.
-2 lbs. 35c
Grime's (iolden A|>|>b'i".
8lh8. fur   -   -   -   -   25c.
-  20c.'
liiinions, per (hi/..
Oatmeal Suit p. 10 bins 25c
Choi«e Mixed Peel, |nr |b.
New Lemon Peel, 2 Ihs. 25c.
New.Oraiige I'eel, *2 |l«.25c
-■* —
Guhl Leaf Unl./)lb"pail,7k
■ .'
1 f
English Worcester SHUce,
jnr bottle   -   -   •   •  10c.
'ost Toasties, per pkge.   10c. /A
^9. J Wheat, per ml, %W>j[      Jf\
Northern  Spy Apples,
box   -----    $1
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Apples,   -   -   per box $|.
Quaker Oats, large pkts  30c
Our Special Blend of Bulk
Tea, 3 Ik for $1.00
,   Pure Castile Soap,
per bar      ■ 25c     ■ , /
Fancy Haiti ns (due ten)
B.C. Sugijr, I8lb. sacks, $100 '
Wt Save You Monty
Hickman &
ts S
^^"      " ,.       my^m_W—_____^km\\\\\sm\m,
\ nm
m mnmwm vmomm, b, a
. Tho in|iftbi|iiulii ol Qruat   liritniii,
iini'. ii'i..luinliiii: the   liuiiinl intent nf
■ tlio natural I'enoiirpou  pl  tlieir  uwn
muni it, ull.l llli'ir lli'a'il to |iil|-a-ll.-iiil:
fruin othor litncl.-i, mnl to lriiiin|iiirl.
lluni ditttpl purls uf  tlm ninth   llio
-(jitcUt pucliau af Uui.  mppliw -M
falllll  llllll  111 vv   lllll I a'lill laa,   llHYII lll.'l!||    UO
iiiiri'i'iiiifiil in overcumiiig tho plitil.■ ■ ■ 1.■ .■.
|iinaiii jn thoir path by iwturp   tlmt
| |l|0y huve iiul unly hud tho uirmiii nf
|iiirrliii.a.iiii'. al| tho foiiil, ruw niutnriiils,
snd maiiuluctiifiKl gnqie Ihey |invo
nrriliail to buy from othor  IuiiiIh  for
< thoir own ctiiimiipption nnd nmiiilun-
nun:,  but  thoy  huvo  been   able   lu
' pronto su much mupliM woiillli thut
ll|oy hm" »ii|i|ilinil nther nuliniiti with
visihlit cnpilul lu thu oxtoiil uf nearly
£3,300,000,000, or approxiniatoly
|1B,OIKI,(II)O,I0I, us atoll us with a largo
iiliiniliil of prii-nle. riipilu1, 8Q Unit thp
totul s|)D) provided is osfimolod to bo
npwmdi at *$opo(i,Q<». 'i'lm ilnys
uf niimclos itrii siipptisod to huvp
piissul, but liiitl iitiyiiiui pri'iliiilnil two
I'.i'ii.'riiiiniiii u|.<i thnt in mil Croat
|)rilnii| wuuld pnsscss this grpftl
wealth i ubroatl, over und ubovo tho
i-naiilv incrputod wpulth uf hor poqplu
.1 ..Imy.!    11;a.  pi'aail|alljfai,    ^Qlllft    hHVII
boon rogurtlod as buyout) tl|p p"-. ibil
ity' of roalUulioii, suld tho editor ol
lhe Statist in u recent |pc|ure.
Thut Crcut Hiiiniii hus bpon ■■" suu-
cesslul is tintluiibtetlly duo to the cu-
lerprise, cpiiriigo, Iiunl work und
thrift of In'i1 pi'.apli' whieh have cutisetl
Ihem lu siivii niuSt^j1 in lho lirst pltuii;
mid in tho Hoctind to uso it wltorevcr
the Iii'iii ri.'Niill,'. were to Mk iililiiin.il
whelher in their own country or jn
u ther lumlii. In fuel, whorovor i upi-
tui hns been urgently needed untl likely tu .,l.i nin p, uiiiiiiil,' employment tho
lliiliiah investor hus been ruutly to find
u |urt(e imit of the sums required.
Bpirititiiiios now rai|wuj^ wprp urapiitly
imedetl, soiiiiitiiiii.'H the production ol
i'mil re.piireil to bo expuuilod, mime-
fillies the cupper supply hull lo be
largely incrtinsotl, Hiuiiotimes tin, ur
nitrate, ur gold, or silver, or Ipud, or
luu, nf rnbbni'i ur oil, ur ulurtriuiJu-
will—in lact, HrJ|H|| ■mpititl wus uvai
utile ftir protbiciiig anylliing thut thn
wurld urgently mpiireil fur ils use.
The result of tliis itttiluilu nf nm investors has been uu int I'uinu nul only
in lho weultli of Hre.il lltiluiii bi'viiinl
thu alii.nnis ol Ihu iiiukI siipguiiie, bul
uu expiiiisiiin iu the pruspel'ily nf the
whole wq'rU nt u rule nntl in a ineus-
iil'u nuver (iruvjously witutssod ur pus-
■iblo. Tho gntUtneJ", the work ne
lumplisheil by tho^ff!yi|Btw's ul Cronl
Hiiinin cunnot fuil m^jiiipress pvory
iiiipuitial person.
Tito  lecturer,  in  weighing  up   Ihu
advantages which hv* nempd.  Imw
Crspt i!riU|t|'l1 policy |)l iiiveiiting
oapital wherever it was 'Urgbfttjy
nceduil, snitl: "In uscurtulplng tlio
lurgp uiniiiuiiii of tupitul tlint Croat
I'.rit.-iin lias supplied to individual pgj-
iumil and liiteign cnuiiliius, ono is
pompullcd tu recognize lho powerful in-
11 mil i-u width (iront lliitnin Ims p}^
<d in diivoluping the   world's natural
, Wllllllllltil-'l.Hill'lHHi'Hi-H-HH
Canadian Financiers, Ltd.
-, , 1
a.a. a  ___.______ea_,____________J_______%m_tim >
LAfeGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot,  Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line. TERms easy
j| 14 Lonsdale Avenue:       -      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.   ji
Telephone 215
Branch Office:
Main Office:
End of Lynn Valley Cariine     j',
632 Granville Sl. Va
Vancouver     ■ •
Foreign Office:   Glasgow, Scotland.
|M^M}»]M|M|M{M{^ja^wJM{HJM{HJMJMJM{HmHJ,^nJHJnJHJHJHJwJMJM|M|M|H] ^-J^-||-|«JWJWJ«J-J^^«J^«J«J«J..J«1«J„|^.^^«[«J.|»J«J«|-J^-I-J.
i •      T"
50 ft. lot near Lonsdale Ave.   Price $2100
Cash $800.       :-:        Balance reasonable.
Qf) LON.HIIAI.K   .H7<;A77<;
Nimm VAMtWVKH, ll.C.
J'/nittt 113. I'. I), fhx p
Martinson & Co.
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
Subdivuion of Portion of Diitrict Lot* 601 and 607, North Vancouver
Municipality.     At Terminus of B. C. Electric Cariine.
i... i'i..... r.,.,
Ulll * PaWlkulaVI
Aiil, To
Phone 62S6. Corner Pender and Seymour Street*, Vancouver.
LOT 18, BLOCK 35, D. L. 550
Adjoining Boulevard, facing South, Cleared and Dry. Splendid view.
Price, $1125. Term*, $400 (tiki balance 6 and 12 month*. Thit U
below preient market value arid will bear itricteit investigation.
Real E»late Agent*.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W„ Vancouver, B, C,
Jjrjlisli Ooliimbiu limm-h Officei):
i l,on8tin\ii Ave., North Vancouver
111 J <J'iverumeiit St., Victoria
BrniiWi Office* in %UfQWl
Merlin, fjiTinaiiy
l.iiiiiiuii. England
Paris, I'Vhiu'L'
iiwnii'i.™ liy supplying titliur uoiintr)uii
fiunly with Iliu finitlii fur ruilwtiy
uoimtriiuriiiii, fur niiiiiiiK, and fnr thu
|i|-oiliii:liuii nf every kiiit) of Htittlfnl
weultli, It in |ip cxiiKguFiitjon ta
nluiii thul   I limit lliituiu'a eiitur|iriite
jn  |lllll.'ill|f  lllll', HII|l|llil'S  111  I1I1W  I'lipilnl
wluii'iivor limy uoiilil Iw iiiuliiaalily
t.'lii|iluyi.'tl hun In a ii mu ol thu I'ti'iit
fm ii1.', whiih hun uiiitli.' fm1 tbu i in'i i'im -
uil |iioii|iui'ily ol thu Iiiiiiiiiii imi! jll
mnilurii limuu."
Thu iif innn tliruully il.iivi'il by   tbo
Hllll     ll      I   la.|l|.a      lla    ill      I tl I.'I I'      i|IM".IIHI'llll.
iiiiiiiiiii now rutiuliuii ii very lni|:i' num,
In Ihu |iiipi<r it in nhiiwn thut thu in-
vunlniuiit of nlmut i-t.,iiii.i:iiii.iinil of
linn li uiipilul up tii Ihu uul of 111(17
in iitliur IuiiiIh fitivit u iliiuut inniniii
uf illil,lllKI,(HII) u yoar to.thin i'ulili-
tl'y, uml it in fuil' lo unmimu tlmt Ihu
lm wt iiii'iii ol nearly x;i,hiiii,iiiiii,iiihi
tivw n return uf about riiiii.iitiii.iwin
u yunr, u mun whiih uuiiiuh to un in
ihu piuiliii.1,' ul llu: I'.iiintrii'H in with li
Wu liu vi; invi'Hluil uiipilul, uiiij lliun
providun un with no iiicoimidurublu
pint of ihu n| i'ii, uf lund uml ruw
in,,i, mil tie aililnin lruin iiIiidiiiI. Hut
ihu Indirect mii.nnui.   uf ihu utipi-
tnl iMi'sliiiiiiln uru ipiilu un import-
Illlt   UK    lllaa   llili. kllllllllllll||l.'H. By
iiiiiiiih uf lhi' inpilnl wliiuh uur InVMt
uiv linn- mip|ilii'd, Ihu .muni.' iiiiiii
in' nn.l India liiivi: nu uruaty tm-
|i.iiiali<il ihuir |iiiailin lium. of fund nnd
IIIW   |lllllr|i,\|a   llllll   llll'l,   IlllVa'   lllld   llll.'
iiii'iiiih iiiii unly uf puyinK ihu ilit.ttunt
ilui' by Iiniii lo lli'i'iil Hiiinin, I ■ ' ul
piialmnlng grt'utly Insriinid «ju.-1>(i-
liaa. uf lliiti-li |/iiiidn. l.'.o I'.-nipi'ily
ul Iiiiiii iliiliiiii.w hirli lum pruvidi'il
ilia' 'ii|iilul, hun lifi'ii nlim.tlulid in
tlin.'u wnyn.
1'W, tin- Minii I iui< c t'[ npitnl lo
Other Iunds hun rtuinud a t'lvnllf"  in-'
aia'IIKI'll   lli'UI.'lllll   fur   Illllilli   j .'.'lla.
Second, Ilm ii mil nun ia ul ihi. In-
'. !■■ I upun Ihu rapital hun im n uhi il
tliuiil Iiii I nin' p i| l'i li in, in k power lllld
llii* ifiviu Iht tlir iiiuunn ul pnying fur
ii lorgu purl uf bur aupplion of fuo'l
nud ruw inutuliuln.
Iliiitl, thu Invcnlniunl ul Hi iiiiii
inpilnl iiliiund bus gtiutly iiiiU'iim'iI
llia< piudiii Iimi ul ntlni1 'nuntiin- und
ui'-in Iiiulli Iliu llli.'nli~ uf Jim■ luiKinv
iiddithnnd i|Uaiilllion uf Htiliuligooda.
Mam uii'i,- iifiur lill yunia. uf large in-
vuiiiiiiint, ihi; world1* iiii'il of Briti«h
itipilnl in greater lluni uvur, mil in
llllll thr ii in ■ mn I ui llrilidi i.ipittil
xtippliiil lu oilier Ititnln iuiu'liuil Dm
iiii|ii.a.ad,nl,'ii liguru ul I'llirviitl.itlN),
wbilu in iliu Iai"l Iiini yuuin il hun
luan il.jri.iiiHi.Dini. The inu'iliuu'il ul
lbi." inw a npitnl awuron lo ibe uaiild
in (.'aii'iul liivli ►uppllcn ul luml lulls
lllll MH   lllllla lllllla,  llllll   ll) 'lll'lll   Itl it -
uin iii pallia iiiiii Ilm iiddilluniil i|Uun-
mi' uf fuaid.-alulin und uf row iimieri*
all iiuhIiiI tu (uiii und ilniin1 tier
growing population   Furlburrou.ro,   it
a lllllll. I    nihil   lilllH.ll-   In  |lUI'li.ISa- I d
diliunnl i|iiiuitilia'- uf Hnluli guudn
bulb by i. .i'liii uf Ihu luuun ul iapi
lul and Ol I boi; iuununcd produttiom.
lu briil. ibelnvetlmi'til olBrilitili cop-
ital wburuver it ' nueiled bringn uU-
viiiiIiiku iu uvuryoiiu.
In Ihu lliiughlui Slulun uf Ibu I III
pliii und in Ilniin llu' iir.a'-ltni'iil ul
Hrilinli uupilnl bun Inui Miy i'ini;
in Ihu uugregiile il ruinhun tl/iil,-
WfiDD, nl which £t0,OOO.oag hai been
Hupplinl in Ihu prumiil )'Ut. In liar
I In iv Duii/Jilii Sluli.a uf I'unudu,
Au- Iinin in mid innili All ian ih- a
inii'iiil lunt'bun nuiirly CI .lOO^MKI/JQIJ -
a very large num wlnn we ruiulluil
thut lhe Iniiii population of tlu-o
Ibrec   lounlrii*   i»   only   UH.lltW.iMl.
I'nnilllllllillg   Upaall    llHW   gll'Ul    il'V.'ll-
iituliln, Ibu Icu'luri'i iiuiul Ihal, "il.
no tor o» ihu pronp'tily nl Ibn Hrilinli
I'lnpiru in governed by lln' ninounl ul
laipitni wlinli tin Miiiiii-i counlry in
able tu nupply In Ibu mlultiun und lu
India, iln fuliiru espaimiun dn pnpulu
linn and WOiperlly in in>»utrd. N.'.u
ban liii-ul Britain bod ty uiutb uow
capilal arnjloblu for iiivcniiiii'nl in tlir
■ '-Ii'in.- and in India, and uuver ban
•he itipplied money no freely In ihu
ulher iinlionn ol Ibe Kinpiiu nn rhe
lion doue iu the patt lew year*."
'■_\ in (||e home makes an impression on every guest
WIM,  UK  (al.l.Kl)  S'lKATHWlNA
Accipling Ibe iinitiiiia.il to allow
bin niiiiiu lu liu linked willi Hrilinli
Columbia') new provincial pork at
Hulllu'i lobe, which will bu Inmwn ae
Slrntln.aiiii I'inli, l.nrd Hlralhrona
bo> cabled Uie Hon. llr. II. V.. /ouug
tha lollowing:
Hon. II K. Young,
Vour cable menage inlimat'iii/ llinl
the govuMmaot ot Hrltith Cofunw*
ban Ml unide a large area' «ur-
rounding Buttle* lake lor a provincial park, Ibu. adding another charm
to Ine already beautiful and lerUlejl
lund nl Vanni'ivrr, mu) irbii'h they dc-
•ire lo fai'l Stralhcona fork, ^<ceiv-
od. 1 ' w.iuld regard it a. o nignnl
lia.naai in hove my nortie no eeendalti
wilh (he pmk, ond del duejdv grflc
ful lu yum i/nviiiiiiii'iii lm (Irc'grt'»l
kWnoe. and connderatiou in to bon
minii Ma
(Signed) »TBATW»Hi.
mid' vi»it|)|.  li wi^lUa ilie influence u| ijuality
an4 refinement, it dignifie« and dii|inguishes.
yoi) will find a degree of qiislily^jclif^chpi   , •
lhe standard set by expeitj and frjtjci. Thm
we follow pne of lhe grpal pri|)piple» dl the
hnuse of " Birks/' and stand firmly by pur
commercial ambition—quality always.
Bought at MIRKS' is a high recommendation
' for Cut Glass.
■  ,i .   i       ;    ,   """ ...i.i.i,
'       JbVPliLl.liKS
_ a' J •
."  Citing liirueinr      Hastings & Granville 3U.
When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask for' at the right price.
_   Special attention paid to presciiptions and family
Wc carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Sundries.     -   .   -
Telephone L 29      A.,. TVSOn, p„p.      Cor. Lonsdale It 8th
■ ■ I  .'■■■"■■ H
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24 P. O. Box 50
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea       -        -       -      -      -       1.50
5 lbs. of belter Tea 175
5 lbs. ol the best Tea 2.00
Corner l'irst Street and St. Gcoigc
120 Second Street Eatt. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants   ,
Bur in Your Own Tows. your O   at* Sulldlai
Wanted at Once
Listings of Boulevard lots in D. L
550 direct from owners. Immediate results if rightly priced,   '■'■'■   :::
Pierce & Hall
N«t to P»J*ce HotW m, NORTH VANCOUVKR, 8.. C,
Hbp pay W.OO lor rough
Iffiy Imli cleared Lots with
Wtp grass,   Been cu|tjvato
_j W« tha |ieit goad on
• C»r J,(no, Sthool, Church
gilt and telephone.
Pries tm to (100 each. Te
nwntne.  These lots will.lying
Wil.' pruflt on iha amount inv
they are going {pat,
undoing fd>K when w« can it'll yap
out a stone on then), iBvol ai a table
d {or ten years, situated on   Centre
tho North Shore apd pnp hM* ft"!U
and Store; have cjty water,  ejectrii
ims $100 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
at least fn qur eitlmytiop 100 par
euted within iii months, puy   quisle,
P. Q. Box 173 Nortli VAficdiiver
Br* Jit
BqIH Oats Whole Wheat Flour     Pice Flout
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour        Pearl Parley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
Rolled Wheat Rye Flour Canadian Wheat Flakes
Aik your Grocer for ft. £, g, Brand. The Standard of Quality
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
Finest Home Sites on Boulevard
We have lhe uxiltisivo siile ol a mini
ber ol choice :.n i,..,\ lots in llla.i k 'j.'|i|
11. I.. 61.1 Ironting un the (li'und Iiunii"
vard and only one blink bum I.ousdale tramway terminus No biiililiiiu
restrictions. Prices and terms arc
ii:>lii Come and see us regarding
Wc have also an ex.clleiit double
corner on Ihe Grand Boulevard in 1).
le. Md al a bargain price. Choice site
lor large house.
We have one ol tlie fittest lots in
Burrard Townsite near Second Narrowi Bridge at smiii, will soon bc
worth five times that. Easy terms.
How is the time t<j purchase.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
Financial anil insurance Agents,
A. Campbell Hope
358 1st Street East
Phone E112
General Contracting
Excavating,  Cleaving Grading, etc.
Ealimolei Given.
Keitb  Roid, cut ef St. Georg.'t Avenue,   or
P. 0. Bo> 134
[■'■■    '
Rates :   %ijfo   per   and   up.   Special rales to families
and   to regular   boarders    .
SutoND Strkei.   .-.-   NOKTH   VANCOUVER, li. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed toi* 35 passengers
ll.alljl.lllll  V. l.aall
1/00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
i'i 111 p.m.
9.30 aim.
17.00 p.m.
1 v. 1) I..nj I s. a |,l Sunday
l.l ."..,   1 lllaaiain, J
I'll)' FcrrliV  Wlinrl
8.00 a.m.
10.00 a.nt.
12.00 a.m.
14.00 pin,
16.00 p.m
18.00 p.m
ftalurdayi Only  2'i.OQ p.m.
Sunday Schedule If 00 p.m.
"  22.00 p.m.
Binjfle Fve 16c.       Two Tickets 26c.
. Quickest route Irom Norlh Vancouver to the district beyond
Capilano Kiver. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connections, without laii, with the lerry steamers from North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
'.' W MWiual eniigretotioni)! meeting
'of  thi» (.'Qiigreifotinn was held   on
Wednesday livening in the church.   Ill
tlm absence ul (he interim iiwilei'nttir,
Bay. J. W. Woudside, Mr. Q. A. Me-
linin wmi tstklled tp fhe phhj,
'The reports (rum the different prgan-
i.'iitiaiiia!    wpre    liiibmillcil    uml    ani
Imvi Vw».
Leave N. Vai.
'6.10 a.m
"6.45 a.m
l.y, "
7.50   "
I.JO   "
8.50   "
9.15 "
9-tb  "
10- «5   "
lo-tS  '
n.15   "
.     u.45   "
imi P'B
13-45 P-W'
m« ::
1.45   '"•
Mi    '
MS   "
3.15 ;
345   "
fi» "
445   "
i.15 "
545   "
6.45  "
m "
7-45   "
«.!}   "
,     «-45   "
9<S   "
'     4-45   '
n.ttj  "
»-0  "
itj.ifi "      M.45 "
i On SMsdayi
Wtrf ^ff   vfQ^Q'T'fw*        f*}~f9   jP^Wt tS^nrf^
Leave N. Van. '   Leave Van.
*6.2o a.ui. "6,4$ a.m.
'f-io  " '8.00   "
•8.J0  " .'8.50  "
9.20    • 9.45   "
10.15   " 10.45   "
11.J5   " 'M5   "    /
12.15 P'O). U.45 p.m.
115 " 1-45 ". *
2.15 '" 2.45 '(
,   ,3-'5 " 3-45 "    .
4.15 " 4 45 "
5.15 " 5-45 ■"   '
6.15 " 6.45 "
•35 " Ui "
■in " 8-45 "
9.15 " 9 4* '
10.15 " w.45 «
tn.15 " tn.30  "
12.00   ft 12.15    "
12.45 ,"' l-oo
ol to dbmuva wiUbout ootioi.
vm   —*•   anawe^m    n.wvwv   f—flOtW*
prlolly gqmnmri!«| 111 the lollowing
letier fronr the spseiun to the memberi
Aiid adherents, which is printed with
the in '"""111 ciciiiiiicii:
To the Members nnd Adberenti ol St.
Andrew's Church, North Vurwiwvor
Pe»r friends,—We take thin opportunity of the retirement from the pastorate of our congregation ot ltev.
John 1). Gillam, H.A., iho has so
faithfully and loyally minisflered here
during the past six years, to Ilay before you a brief record pf the progress
of the congregation so lar ajr that oan
be shown by statistics,    i ^*
Tho lirst enrollment ol membeats of
the congregation wns made at the
communion in March, 1906, wben nine
names were entered, but a local session wai not constituted till July of
that yoar when Messrs. McBain and
Philip wore elected. Ai the present
time the Congregation hai an enrolled
membership ol 175 and a large mmi
lier of adherents, and tho session consists of Messrs. Geo. Baldwin, H. B.
Howell, (1. A. McBain, B. McMillan,
Alexander Philip and 0. 1. Tolfor.
Tho .Sabbath School was begun in.
1901, belore tho church was erected.
It has now an enrollment of 18 teachers, li'.n scholars and 20 members ol
the Minister'.-. Bible Class.
The revenue of the congregation
Irom tho ordinary collections nml Irom
all sources has been as follows, vii.:
Year Collections Total
1905  8 460.56    »1186.17
1905     761.11     1651.46
11)07   II29.W    1871.32
1008   1296.75    3041.20
1909  ....... 1627.18   : 2878.29
1910   1786.66    3930.50
During  the   past  year   tho  Norlli
Lonsdale coimrcgation hns lieen organ-
i.v.l. Through office-bearers of this
congregation thoy have received proporty to' live value ol M940 lor the
carrying on ol their work nnd under
Mr. Van Muniter that young congregation is doing well.
We  sincerely   trust that  we will all
unite in the heartiest possible way in
taking Iho necessary steps lo 611   the
vacant   pnstrtratc   and   lo carry   forward the work of lho church here.
We are, dear friends,
Yours faillilullv,
BY 01111KB OF Till'. SESSION
IStfa January, 1911.
The lollowing were appointed to the
Board of management: Messrs. A. J.
C, Hiibcrlsiin, A. Wicklni, J. McMillan, J. Cunt, Ira Peers nnd W. C.
Mitchell, and these with Messrs. It. J.
Fowler, .lohn lt. .1. Murray, Hichard
Hutchison ami Wni. Knowles with the
session now constitute thai Board.
In the absence ol the moderator no
slops wire laken towards lilting the
vacant pastorate but it was resolved
that un adjourned meeting would be
hold on Monday evening nest to take
that matter intu consideration.
After Ihe business of the evening wus
transacted the congregation adjourned
lo the basement hull where a number
nl Indies had refreshments ready for
service in the form ol coffee Iind cake.
Wing, Court House, Vuneouver.
SEALED TENUEBS, superscribed
"Tender lor W'ug, Court-house, Vancouver," will be received by tho Hon-
ourublc lho Minister of I'ulili. Works,
up-to alld including Thuriday, the
2nd tlay of February, 1911, lor (be
erection und completion ol au addition to thc court-house at Vancouver.
Il1.1v.111 ■., .-p.. ila.'.aiia.ii.. Contract,
and Forms ol Tcndor may be seen at
the ollice ol tho Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver, B. C, und al
tho Da-pintmeiit ol Public Worm, Parliament Buildingi, Victoria, B. C.
Intending tenderers can, by applying lo the uudcraignod, obiuin one
copy ol tin drawings and om ropy
ol Ihe specihcalions (or the sum "I
twenty liu' 1*25) dollars.
Each lender must bl accompanied by
'an accepted Inuik dj*|U« or eortil rate
ol deposit on a chartered bank ol
Canada, made payable to the Hon.
the Minister ol Public Works, Ior a
sum ."(iiul to five (6) pel: cent, of bia
lender, winch shall be forfeited if tbo
party tendering decline to enter into
contract when called upon lo do 10.
The tiliayiee or arlificatc? ol deposit
of unsuccessful tenderer! will be returned to il"Ni upon the es." ut ion ol
tho contract.
Tho successful tenderer ibidl furniih
u Iumil ol a guarantee company sat
i slu. I my to tho. Minister "f Public
Works, cijuiil to twenty t'») pet cent.
A tlie contract amount, (or Hie due
fulfilment ol Ihe cnnlm11.
Tenders will not be wuiidetod un
lew made out on tite forms supplied,
tigned witli ihe actual signature ol the
tenderer, and enclose! in tlu oovel-
ofei lurninhed.
Tho loweit or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Knginecr.
Dipartment ol Publie Works,
VieUirii, fl. C, ilk ternary, WU-
The wnuul fcport ol J. Lambert
Payne', controller ol railway statistics,
tloliverotl at Ottawa recently bIiows
that the year HUH established-signifi-
sant mark* in railway dwittawwil
and oporatirin lh Canada. Tlio railway miieags ol the Dominion |nprei)i'
Td fl mn m,m in 11)01), tu »l,TH -in
)UI0, nil addition ol 637 miles. 01
this increase 619 miles wero in (he
Wostcm proyinpes. Theso figures do
not include any mileage attached to
the Grand Trunk Pacific, which is qI-
fjcjally fogarded ps "under construction," although over 1,000 miles wtiro
in actual operation during I'.Mii. it
is estimated that IfillO miles of railway were under construction on Juno
30 lust. During the year 79 miles ol
second track nnd 311 miles of yard
tracks and sidings were niadu available, During the year 3111,8)6,271 was
added to capital liability* bringing
tho total up to Kl,410,297,687 ot which
{667,667,887 wus represented in stocks
and »722,740,3IIO in bonds. The actual outstanding liabilily on <ltine 311
last, after eliminating duplication was
'■(innl to 852,361 per mile of line, t'n ■!■
subsidies during the yenr iiinoiiiilci|
to $1,789,724 und bring up Iho total
to $116,932,180 by lhe Dominion, *36,-
838,010 by. tho provinces and »17,9tj3,-
823- by municipalities. In addition
55,2112,321 acres of land hnvo lieon
granted ol which 32,204,328 wore
alienated by tbe Dominion. (Iiiuniil-
tees to Jum.' 30 amounted lo *I27,-
336,357. ■
The public service of Canadian rail
ways wus represented in the carrying
of 36,891,595 passengers and 71,lt>'J,-
866 tons of freight, an increase 61
over 3,221,267 passengers -.and 7,640,-
603 tons ol freight. The average number of passuigein per I rain were 6y
and the average passenger journey1 Wl
mills. An average Ireighl train con
sistcd ul 311 tons and tln^ avcrug.
freight hind was 211 miles. The aver-
ago passenger journey und average
freight lund in Canada are the long,
est in lhe world.
The gross'earnings for 1910 wete
$173,957,217, again of |J8,8$,88I over
1909, an average ol 19.9 per cent. ...
Operating expenses Mounted li
$120,105,400, au ineiviise of (16,806,'
366. Net earnings were $jj3,56n,77<8 01
32.2 per ronl, better thnn lor Ihe pre
ceiling year. Gross earnings wcr.
npiul lo $7,1)31 per mill' uud net emu
ings to $2.11)6. Of the amount ol
euruings $16,1)88,880 fame from pu..
length nnd {117,497,601 from freight
An analysis of operating' expoinc.
showed thnt considerable Inureaaci liml
Imn mnde in muiulciiiinec uf way ami
equipment so Ihut lhe physical Upkeep
ol the railways w.i v'" II maintained.
Six hundred nnd nineteen poMnnl
were I.ili. J in 1910 nud 2139 were in
jtnxd. Of these 621 were killed and
llll injured Irom the movement ol
trains. The killed included 00 passengers and 2U'employeo.. Accident'
al highway crossing" during the yeai
resulted in 63 persons iH'ing killa'd und
61 injured. The 123,763 employed in
volved u wage and salary bill ol*li7,
167,793 as compered with $63,216,662
in I9W.
Milcugo of electric railways grew'
from 989 iu 1908 lo 1018 hf 1910. The
capilal linbilily uicien>eil from *'.H,
804,989 In 1102,044,969. Cross corn-
ings rouched $17,100,789, a bent'ini'iil
ol $2,275,81)3. Net earning! reached
$6,383,276 lor lutes and intercut nta
funded debts. TV electric railways
ol Canada carried 3(10,961,876 poiien-
gors in 1910 und (52,293 ton< of
Ireighl. Employes numbered 11,3'Jti
und the wages bill was $6,316,767. Accident  Idl   lo  till' llaalllil  ,,( lli", |aa.|'hi,|ls
und lliii injury of 2638.
The grain statistics issued by the
department of trade and commerce
show Ihul the t'llal iiuiiiImi of grain
elevators and warehouses Ihroughoul
1'lunula on Augusl 31, 1910, wai I,-
840, wilh u total .Image nipiV-ily of
91,266,100 busliels. Tlie bulk ol the
grain comes thtoUi.'h lhe ilevulors of
(He western grain inspriliou division,
which have increased in number from
623, wilh a total storage capacity of
18,879,352 bushels in 19001 lo 1,820
in 1909-io, with a copodly ol 77,901,
100 bushels, which added to the 2n
eastern transfer elovators wilh a capacity ol 16,306,000 bushels makes lhc
total. Ior Canada I,SIO elevators and
warehouse, and 91,266,100 busheh us
Hormboeing tti Black»milbin|
Kerr & Wallace
Al Ale*. Gib.on'. Old Stud
122 6H) Struct East Norih Vuncuuver
Whop! U7g
Kl auouver Pricei.      Spit Agents lor Norlli Vancouver.
ESPLANADE, nex{ to I  0,
m cirry ca.
Corner Lonsdale and Second,
Phone 255
lock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannelettes sold everywhere 15c. . .
Our pmce this week only   -   -   122C
Hot Points
For the Man
U ci u's a chance to please the
Qnlcr at once a 1910 " HOT
■pen tluys trial, free lor asking.
nia .1- in. and comfort on ironing day.
Qnly iron on market gnaran-
lecd fur two years.
|nvcst now; il will please her.
|VJa ai   clean and  economical.
fry one now and be convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lontdale Avenue.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
(uel and belter baking results.
only does its work BETTER
but AT LESS COST than
other Ranges.. V
We 1 an demonstrate to you
Ibe yliolc Superior Chancellor principal of economy
and efficiency in ten minutea.
Kit not worth that much
ol your lime right now f
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co,
Jhone 56.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
- Ho yon experience difficulty in
handling your own personal finances? Do you not sometimes wish
Ibat you bad a lew dollars in the
Hank to Iall bark upon?
Deposit one dollar in the Hank
ol Hamilton In il.iy ,1 suiiili sum,
lml large enongli lo bear interest;
aud   it will speedily   accumulate
 it, once you have commenced
fo save.
C. G. HEAVEN, Ageni,
Nortb Vancouvor.
Head Ofic*:
af i £i.
m mtm, mm vmmmm, | a
.'Seti-l . .1 ..
*M ll 11 iliil] t#MMHW'H'#H'iW*M
UH. '      . ' '      'I   .1 J '   ..
North VancouvegXiiy
Ute in Blocks 9,9a, 15,15ft, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
'|'   •■   ■ jri !         i-l L..,.' _,
For Pliyu, Price Jjit and-Particulari, apply to
' ■ ' ■        .
_      I    I
ti tr
" ||
::   L-
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
pf fom 1 to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through This Property.
Tta North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co, w. uy.
Corner Pender and Seymour Street*.
•   tf '       Vancouver, B. C.
Phone 6266
'   i   I
■      ,   •
i^H'H<-'H"H"H"l"H mh'fjtl 11 K H-M-l H-H-H-H-W-Hi I ? IIMI 11 HHllHl-H
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
¥OfL 438Ql<UTfc PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
/I nvnnu   ruxt aunt
ASSETS! $94,^00,000
■   .
Sole Aiiuut
i   -i
Atnimaatt »iid Contr.cU drawn        „ . ,_ Gwrr.l
ot every description rnone  13/       C<mv»y»ncii>»
■.    ■■•
Our gigantic January clearance sale commences on SATURDAY MORNING
Money Savers in Every Line
William dick
•The Clothing Man
33 Hastings St. East Vancouver
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when =
'*    Can Supply you with
Houaehold Requiiilea
at a Lower Price ibu alae-
"Smell gtotiti aai Quick Return."
Phone 18-J
ml Cemet (iranrlii, eni Smythe
P|8MIS8Kfl [2km
fff. f^yw hH 'm Satyfdw N
Pfi».' My«F», fw tfwwid t'liJtl *lw#
ppd   MBttHll  ftp  tj)D  ppfSflft  <)(    %|fl
JJers. The m> ye* lieiii'd by Jtcovo
KcNaifght who deeided t|jut_tbp tacts
pt ii»hmit|cd did n^ fionsttyiite n if':
licient i'iiiib* for Illllilli mul ilimiii>-a:,'il
tbo L-burgu. Mmmi's. ljaiu and Mycin
Hwidepli jj| North l.onnluln uiiil
Ibe 4i»pito »ro»o f|M), tbrouifb
flwniphip pl ii alnik or 'out.
|| phofyges proposed by Muyor Murky ol ViplfiFil ftfp edopkd alterations will bo inudu iu the manner in
wbicb ih cflwei) dt'olu witjj tbe pub-
lio affairs ol tbo city. His worship
favori oounuil mootinna bold but oncu
« uioutl), tbe creation ol a board ol
ol worki wbicb "ball be composed oi
tbo bead* pl the various standing
committees and all wurli lu be carried through under tbe direction pf an
administrative cpmmittee of control.
.Methodist church, corner Gib street
ana St. George's Avenue: Services at
11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday sehool
and Bible Class 3.30 p.m. Class meeting ID a.m. Sunday. Prayer meeting
8 p.m. Wednesday. Moodyville. Sunday ichool 11 a.m.
St, Andrew's Presbyterian church,
iiih street: Services al II a.m. and
7.30 p.m. Sunday school 3.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.  Pastor, Uev, J, 1). Gillam, M.A.
Lynu Valley Prcsbyleriuu Church—
—Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. K. Van
Munstcr, M.A., pastor.
J.ynn Va|lcy Methodist Church—Service evory Sunday ovening iu Institute Hall ut 7 o'clock. Chas. Fnl..-
ley, pastor in charge.
Baptist Church-G'or. 6th and St.
George. Services, 11:00 a.m. und 7:30
p.m. Biblo school ut 13 noon. Uev.
p. B. ni.iii.i.'ii.
Nortli    I.aall   ilaal,-    I'l a     111 I ,■, .;,,.    I'||II||-|.
—Worship, Sundays, 7.30 p.m., Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. B. Vuu Munstcr, 11.A., pastor..
St. .lohn the Evangelist, 8th and
13th streets: lloly communion, 8 a.m.
muuiing prayor, 11 a.m.; evening prayer, 7.:m p.m. Un the l'irst Sunday in
tbe month there will bo a second celebration ol tbe holy communion at
11 a.m.   llr. ili , Bev. Hugh 'Hooper.
St. Agnes Church, North Vancouver, 13th streei near Boulevard, Bev.
II. II. Gillies, vicar. Sunday services:
11 a.m., moruiug prayer and icruiuu;
7.30 p.m. ovening prayer and sermon;
3.10 p.m. Sunday School; Holy communion, Ist ana 3rd- Sundays at 11
_ ...'i'...l'
All new house* should be piped for fit it) onjber to wt- tht
bitvyhm^^viftf tW« wn-
venfonce *t a latef <M*
%. V. MOHT, PEAT &
mm co.. mirun,
A. Fa]rRiL)
Qen*wl Contrpctpr
#Mff<t>?M-SS»!*-  An-mtt-hr
ml th yw^MffltWr
Indian Catholic Cliurcli ol St.
Paul's. Mess, 7.30 a.m. Sundavs. Paator, Bev. E. Qeytevin, 0.M.I.V.0,
St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Muhon Avenue. Sundays: Muss 11.00 u.
in., Sunday Schuol, 3.110 p.m. ; Bus-
ury aud benediction, 7.30 p.m.
1'HK.SH   GAME   HiHIJS   FOB    111K
Provincial Game Warden A. jjryOn
Williams «ayi< his deportment is continuing its policy of inlruducing fresh
blood fur llie I'iiaaai aiaiu , |i:u 11 nl-a uud
pruiric chicki'H uf the pruvince. Within lhe pusl Iwo yeurs uboul I,.'.mi
lilia'ii mil- bave been pul uul in Ilm
luwer iiiiiinliii.il und Vancuuver n I.mil
und the guud n-uli ■ in llic improvement ol the quality of lhe birds'havv
nlramiy linn seen. Fur sumo time llie
British Culuinbiu phcusunls had been
deteriorating iu si/c und quulily and
the department found this plan of im-
prpviug the breed an excellent one.
li is likely tbat more pheusnuls will
be brought in this year, although the
object aimed at has been practically
Some partridge were mumi out nl
Agassiz last year und are doing well.
Fifty brace have now been ordered Ior
distribution amoug Ihe native partridge (his season. The partridge in
the province are increasing rapitlly
and it is for thc purpose of huving tlpc
quality pi Hie stock kept up to the
quantity that the game department
is introducing now birds.
1'ruiiic chicken have also been   or
darod Irom  Saakalchowan   to  breed'
with iln- i-iiji'iii-n imv. jn Hi mi li  Columbia,  which  arc spreading  rapidly,.
especially in tho Okanagun Valley.
On account ol the (aet that grout*
are almost impossible 'o secure no-efforts aro being made to bring any at
them ill, eilfcer willow or bluo variody
which aro Iho most common here, line
British Columbia grouse iu any mm
have not shown any signs yet pf materia) deterioration ip quality,.
Mr, Williams says that if the .heavy
snowfall in iho mountains continue*
the eituntion with respect to lho foa-
Ihered game as well as the deer and
wapiti will heroine serious. A heavy
apowlal/ #oul-^ mean a ifarrity of food
end t^e deer etuoftally fpuld!» driv-
ep dpwn |ntp the jflr.or rw«o», where
itey wore m^ro lil^y U> l?ewme lho
prey of other auimaU and less Ukcly
Iff ,pbUin food lo tioix liking.
iBsne'pf tlje British Pol-
umbie Guzotyo cpptftjnB tbo following
iiinioiincDiiiiinUs l
,i Af)Rt)ibtp)ei)ts
■Tp h Ppfsfies I'MbliP-HSny ^fly™-
bijrg, pf CnBtpp; Pleropee Berlini! of
.thn city of Nanaimo, burristpF ((ndso-
|icjior, J. Pi)tterspi) Ucv|in pf ^(>l-
i^ue, ligaC C i ■nil S, Kilin. tn hn
iiicalia-iil hi'iillli ulllci'i- (pr Balfour and
fo h Members pl lho \}tinri Pf
i 'uniiiiiiiiiiuiii.Tii ol I'lilii-c |pr the eii ien
under 'wliiih llieir names appear,
n»we|y: -j
Pity p| Priflco $uportr-4!dprman
,lohi| A. Kirkpalfjck, iplvip M. Stc-
t'ity p| Nolsop-A|i|ermei} Geo. fat-
gunon, Wil'lem U. BosS, If.p.C.M.    ,
City p| VauoollYcf-AldoFluan Thomas Kirbpatfich, Captain Thomae
To bo members ol tho Boord ol Licensing Commissioners for tbo cities
under which Iheir names appear,
City p| Prince Bupcrt-Ald. Vernpr
M. Smith, .Ium. E. Merrylii'ld.
City of Vancouver—Bobcrt. Samuel
l'yke! Frank P. Patterson M.D.C.M.
City of Nelson—Alderman Jam-is A.
Gilker, Pbll|ip Wade.
Noted is tbc registration of Partus
A. J&pptpn o| Windermere, B. 0,, as
o .1. P.
Certificates of incorporation bave
(Seen granted to the following 3, C.
compunies; All Bed Une, -nyit.il,
flD0,l)O0, Arbutus Development Company, capital ll2li,(HK), Colmnliiu En-
cumpment No. 6, J.O.O.F., _ El-Oso
Paving Co., of Hrilinli Culumliii, cup-
iiul $60,0011, Farmsleud I.an.l Co., capital of £10,000, Home Loun mnl Ccu-
trai't Co., capital J300.000, .l.ipnncsc
Moicbiints' Association ol Vaucouvor,
II. C. Okaunguu Beuurd Train Co.,
capital, $76,000, Oliver Scrim Lumber
Cp., capital $100,000, Pearson Ltd.,
cupilul $1,000,000, IM Cliff Brick and
Tilo Co., cupitul $160,000, Summit
Creek Hydraulic Mining Co., capital
, Notice is given ol tho assignment of
Suruh Bruuscombc, dry goods iner-
chuut of Vuneouver und Willium Fish
er, stock broker, also of Vancouver.
Applicuticnrs to lease certain parcels
ul lund near Port Simpson are being
mado by Thos. |,. Fay and P.    Me-
Notices of applications for water records uro made ns lollows: Alberni
Power Co. for a record on -Stumps
river, G. H. Aylard for a record on
Four Nilo creek, Campbell Bivcr Power l'u., fur a record oil Bullies ri
ver, Campbell Lake and Upper Camp-
b'll Lake, Cunadi^n Collieries (Duns-
muir) for a record on Nunaimu
river ond lu^ea 1 and 2, J, L. McKuy
fur u record un Sinclair Creek, Vermillion Creek uud Lillle Vermillion
Licenses have been grunted to Ibe
following cxlrii-pruviiniul companies:
I'.unl.hcud Minos, C H. Weslwoud
M..ii'ii.a. i.iiiii ■ Cu., ('r'uinptun Corsel
l'u., .lames fipberlsoji Co., J. Elkin
k Co., Lu Societo D'Administration
Generulo Parisian Corset Muuufuc-
luring Co., Btopbone Hepner Co.,
Western Stales Life fnsurunee Cu.
THE NATTEB of Ibe Water Act
und Amending Aet and
THE- MATTEB of License No. 42
grunted lo lho Corporulion al tlie
.District of Norlh Vancouver lor
'MO inches of wuter to bo taken
Irum Lynn Crock, dated tho 30th
August, 11104.
NOTICK it iiercby givou thut .the
City of Norlh Vancouver boing the
owner uud licensee under the said li
cense by virtue of the North Vnncouver Cily Incorporation Act, l'JOli, will
upply to S. A. Fletohcr, Esq., Water
Commissioucr for New Westminster,
'fl, Ci, ou Wednesday the first day of
Mm. li. IHII, ut the hom ol eh-wii
o'clock in the forenoon or so soon
l liu culler us counsel cun be heard for
an order amending the suid lieenso by
nir hiiiiinK Ilierciu us licensee the
name uf tho Cily ol Norlb Vancouver
in plnco of the Corporation of Uro District ol North Vancouver, and lor
adding to Ihe wordi defining tlio poinl
of divcrsiuu the words "and at a
point ou Lynn Creek either on Lot
WW, Group 1, New Weatmiustcr P'u-
trict or Lot 1363, Group 1, New Weit-
imnstor Diitrict ut Pr ne^r lho boundary between tbe said Lots" of, in
tho alternative, Ior on order amending tho license originally granted apportioning tho water tp be taken |rom
Lynn Greek undor iaid HceflJO No. i'i
between tho point ol divorijou as sel
put jn tlie original licouse and a poip
of divorsion of Lynn Creek cither on
1*1 m, Qrpup 1, New Weitminsler
District or Lot )3«3, Group 1, New
Westminster District, pl or now lhe
boundary, between sahl I<pts or to is
•uu twp or mure license! /or the wn-
to make iy* ot^f opjler |» %pr
miscs as may be just and equitable.
IMTjBft liii 21th day of Ueceffber,
* h mm,
8°Wtor fa «»id   GMy   p| Ifprik
tfutconvef. ,
Coal §n«l S«|i(ily Ca,
Ppulen ij) Qpn),
foment  iM
All Qr^rs ft,<wpf!y   .
Filled and Satisfac^jpn
Qiiarantpd.   jPfjpes pn
Officp: Undale, ne^r % Wlwf
Warefipune':      FfWp'l Whiff
N. V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer and HmffHW
Mnnulsclurir ol
sll kinds ol Million and Auilaus rurnlluri
Store, Ollice. Bank eni) Bar Kliturei. EeMU1
Ing ln sll in btsnctiM.
Picture Framing.     Ffifnllure 8tor»p.
MAU. 0HDKK8 jlreu pientl mention
LOW SEA, Proprietor
6a.m. i'ii. |. in.
First-class Meals 3jc
Ci ni.unin Tickets, 21 meals
Koums for Kent at moderate ratei
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, $11 per acre
$50 cash and $10 per month
Enquire or write
'218 Second Street Eait
The A. Farro
126 2nd SL Weit
When you deal at the A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly what
you ask (or at right price. : :
Special Attention!
We carry a complete line of
H.nbury  * Evsn. 11,rei U for «IJM>
We Could
Paper the World
frqm pur slock of new wall
pajSera, ip it seems. Every day
sonic new designs arrives, to
fill the vacancy ol those closed
• out.
Handsome Wall Paperi
are here in endleis variety. J pit
tell our salesman lor what room
you want the paper, and he
will sl^to.w you jiui the pattern
yop are |op|k.ifl| for.
Tp c|ip,pae from ouf atpcjt ii
'   a pjeaiure, to pay our price is
\vfmtmkCf)4 Watch our CLASSIFIED AD. Column
'■i I.A
]M*t, Iftll per Uw
art, 7*0 paj line per iniertjpn
OenHanwn wimls mom with or with-
out hmi, nonvenitint to uiiriino. lip*
">,'h 0„ Hivim atlim.
WANTUD-Kurso to take charge ol
Want during ths day time. Apply,
Mra, Hi M, lillis, comer Sth and Boulevard, m
m 8AI.B
Opoldng Apples, 60 pownde (pr 91,00
to olsar. 0, fj, Kwno, \6ti\ rt?**
FOB SALB-Ponrloot wood, M-W
per cord. Phone 1)0 officii or 0)9 houfe
(iiiiuan nnd Baffin. 8 3
FOB BALE-gonr-loot wood,   «wt
Anyone having good lots or acreage
Hn Worth Vancouver acnd addrcis   |o
i-jkn O, MeLeod, Vancouver or N. Van-
i'OIIVaar   Ut   'Hull. -II
,   Bteupgraplier,    atperjenged,   wonld
allonil ollii-iiH day or evening.' Transcriptions and copying done at home.
Margaret llnyniilt, 1 Itl, Hi., W,
WANTKD-We havi numerom inquir
ins lor North Vancouver property, As
we have decided to givi Nortb Vaniouver. apecial attention list your pro
party with ns and gat results, llritisli
American Trust Co. Ltd., Carter Cotton Building.
Accountant wilh highest references
and practical experience desirce several seti ol hooks in North Vancouver.
Special attention given to systemfring
and tuking off statements. ilalnnee
■heats and prolit nnd loss account.
Collections ol any description lum
died. Apply Dos a). .1., Kipress
Office. 37-1-11
Beiiool llcullli Inipaptor Wanted lor
Nortli Vancouvei- city. Applications
to Ihi iu li.anal ,,i aS.lia.iil Hoard aSei-
'relary liy. Tlnusilny, 2(itli insl., nl   1
I'lnnii lml Ii'iin ''la' |'iii|; rooms, 318
3m) itic:t Fust. 6-3
TO IIIINT- Furnislii'tl shaii, Knilli
llniul, |fi a month, Apply, Wiiiliuin-
ll» I'inu.i House, llll Lonsdale Ave.
HALL FOB BFNT-For prjvat,
dunces in alapuliesu Ten liardeus,
North Vancouver. Hteum healed.
Apply, Ijeo. Phillips, llllh sl. enst.
IX1BT t'erlilicate ol title to shares
in Amuriiuiil'miudiiiii llil Company,
Finder please leave ut Lsprcss Office.
I, I, Dickinson. 34-1
J. Ltuui apd North Loasdala
. Blder Murray. Co. firs insurance.
Saw Filing ami Henerul Grinding,
The Bed Caravan Workshop, Kaplan-
ade. 6-3
Wl will buy or etchange your stoves,
ranges and household goods lor spot
•Mih. Turner's, 70 Lonsdale Avenue
J'hon. 181.    I'.O. Boi 313.
Booms 10 and 11, I'ender Cliamlnri,
633 I'ender Street W.       l'kom 3461
Buldwice,  cur.  Ijinadali Ave   ami
33ud stieet, North Vancouver.
are now ready to All all ordin
lot coal fhtj will
•airy a Hill line of building bub-
aliii. Oet tbe beat. They have it.
A tlial order will convince you of
that. Oet jew coal before thi
rainy iiaion lata in. Headquarter! oo corner of Esplanade
ud St. George, North Vancouver.
Fhoni Wi Termi Oaah
NOTII'I'.  ia hereby  given that  the
(.louncil o| the City ol North Vernon-
yk bava uppoindd Thuraday tin 3ml
' day ol February, IUII, at thl hour of
9 o'clock in ik« alternoon et thl city
(llll, North Vancouver, H. C, ei  tlie
time and piece lor hearing complainti
'  againsl  tha I Mailmen t for the  yiar
|illl ai madl by the nseeiloa;
Any peraon complaining againit lhe'
liaawmmt mult givi notice in wrllia/
t« Hm minor ol tkp ground nl til,
copplulnt at laait tin dayi Wore tin-
. (late ol th* firit .illii* ol (he Court
ol JUvWoo, |
11.1*1 at   Nortl.  VaMMVff) »• C.,
pn, tth, ItlD.
grow*, l?th Btreet, fast home W0rt
of Lonsdale, 0. JfPade, care bo*
130. ,    34-3
FOB SALB-Bnap in Irolt and poil-
try ranch, two milm -Irom LaMlw,
nine acres partly cleared and planted
to Iruit, good houso, ham and ohfelun
houics.  B. J. Smyth, Langley, B, 0.
NOTH'i'', ii hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting between un, the undersigned, as Tuck
nnd Brewer, in tlia city ol NorthVancouver hun been thia day dissolved by
mutual consent.
All debts owing to the said partnership are to.be paid to Fred Tuck at
the City ol North Vancouver aloresaid
and* all claims against the said partnership are lo be presented to the said
Fred Tuck by whom the same will be
Dated at the City ol North Vancouver this llth day ol January, 1911.
(.Signed)    CHAHLKS T. BBEWEB,
(Signed)   FBF.I) TUCK.
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Court ol Bevision of District Assessment Boll will meet in the District
Municipal Office, North Vancouver, on
Tuesday, the 14th day nl February,
lllll at 3 o'clock p.m. when all complaints and appeals against assessment! will lie considered.
Notice ol complaints and appeals
must lie given to the Assessor at
least ten days More the said date,
and stub notice must ict lorth the
ground ol complaint,
Hi ven under my hand thii 6th
day ol .Innii.ii a, |91|.
W, 0, % D,
Tbe low! WiO.TiV, wlll kold a ipe-
pial meetipg at tha home ol Mr», Bl-
Jingson, 19th street, neat Thursday
afternoon at ft o'clock. On amount ol
ibe important* nf tha bulling In band,
all members are requested to be proa-
It jl understood that owing to  the
amount of buaineai coming in to tba
diitrict office it will lie necessary  for
the council to bold weeWy nwntingi in
onler to keep matters up to date and
relieve the congestion that would
otherwise be enmed if the meetings
ware deferred to twice a month.
Mr. T. L. Kennedy, contractor and
pioneer resident of this city lelt lor
Ottawa on Baturday where it is rumored an interesting event Will take
place in which Mr. Kennedy will be
nne of the principals. Mr- Kennedy
is a son ol Mr. S. Kennedy ol ISth
slreet, and is also interested considerably in real estate.
On Saturday afternoon when darkness was settling down the police worn
notified that live ol Mr. and Mrs.
Hooper's little children had strayed
from their home on Ottawa Gardens
and were nowhere to be located. The
oldest ol Iho five wus nuid to be about
10 years nl age and the youngest a
small tot. The police instituted a
search but soon altcrwards the children returned home ol Iheir own accord. They boil been out playing and
became so interested that time slipped by and the usual time lor their
reluming home passed. Wben darkness threatened however they quickly
look lhe back trail.
Burnt' Supper (Heggii)-Utb January, 1911, Horticultural Hall.
WANTED—A young man as iteno-
grupher lor lhe city engineer'i office,
Norlli Vancouver. Musl bc thoroughly competent. Application! to ba
made personuliy on or 1ii-I.hu Satur-
dny noon, .luiiiiury '.Mh.
City Engineor,
—m—mmmwm*m—m—^&_.  „,i
Wl AJt'flHl
ft tim ol Com pr Beam
ft tins ol Peaa or Tomatoes
I inch o| Boyal Flour, 40 IM.
1 sack Potatoes
I sack Boiled Oats
8 Ibe. new Oal. dried Figs
ft lbs. Cream Checsa
1 aack Sugar, 18 lbs.
lft lb. tin ''i'ini" Sodas
1 tin Maggie Baking Powder
Large botllo nl 0. it B. Pickles
3 largo jari of Marmalade, .Tally   or
8 pkge. ol Olnss pr Corn Starch
6 lb. pail pf Maple Syrup
3 lb. tin of Ceylon Tea
3 Ib. fresh roast Coffee
1 boi of bast lireening Applet
ft lbi. White Star Butter
All the above for
Five coupons for
building lot in Port
Angeles, Wash.,
given with above.'
65 Lonsdale Ave.
Phoo. IM Fm Btliviiy
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Cash   Discounts
We have just recently added
a new line oi
Maddraii Muilini and
in Oriental effecti.
Some pretty curtain Muilini
(he latest oul lor
Window Drapei & Curtaim
Bedding of AU
You'll find il hard to heat our
pricei, we cany a good aiiorted
itock, in all tonei and patterni.
A Big Discount /
Off Dinner Sets
This Month
Japanese Rugi and   .
Squarea /
They look well and wear
well apd make a good ler-
vice^te   carpet   for  office,
or den.
Now ii the lime to chooie the
pattern (or kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
We lay Linoleum Free.
Wt Carry ai
me   m ■•■&**« w   ml
We have just received the
above direct from the manufacturer-, Thev come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found-* 50c to $3
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialiili
If sold this week we oai] deliver n
lot on the gardens for (bOAfifi
$700 cash handles this »pZUUU
North Vsncouver Trust Co., Ltd.
219  Lonidale Ay*.
McMilldD'* Tea
fo flood
S lbs. for $1.00
j. a. i- m. McMillan
H-H-l-H-H-l-M' I U»\i I 'l''HM'lM''HMM'AMMn'H'H'H
Mrs. F. S. Burmeiitcr, A.R.A.M.
TERMS:-$1.00 Par Leaion.
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue Phone 114
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in llie city. . .
H, Y. Cartage Co.
™ *~^^w^m mwwi
tntwt     • ui
o "•


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