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§\}t Expreaa
legislative /,:
DEC 24190?
The officers and members of tlie
Woman's Auxiliary of St. John's
church desire to express their
wannest thanks to Messrs. Stoney
and Hardy for Ihe use of their
shop; to the li. C. Electric Company lor assistance in advertising;
to Mr. Dean Spenser, of Vancouver, for a generous contribution to
one of tlie stalls; to the members
of the congregation and others
who contributed articles for the
sale, or who, by their services,
helped to make tlie undertaking a
success, aud finally to their many
Mr. Erik Drobeck, civil engineer
of this city, left in company with
Col. C. P. Newberry for Queen
Charlotte Islands by the last
steamer to examine different mining properties. Mr. Brobeck expects to return by tlie first ol
Febr nary.
A mad cat made things lively on
the steamer St. George yesterday
morning. Its appearance startled
the passengers, as it made a few
wild rushes around the ferry, and
then jumped overboard A wag
standing liy said, regutseat en pate,
as tlic poor animal Hew into the
dark, deep blue sea and was lost.
How it came to get aboard the
boat nobody knows, unless it was
keeping in touch with tlie rat bylaw of Vancouver.
There will be a turkey raffle at
the Hotel North Vancouver on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings next.
The 'Xmas music at St. John's
church will be bright with the
spirit of the season. Under the
efficient leadership of Mr. Alexander, organist and choirmaster, an
anthem and a number of carols
have been prepared. Several
carols will be sung at the 10:30
service on 'Xmas morning and
the remainder after evening prayer
on the Sunday following.
Mr. Alex. Rogers, the well-
known mine owner, of Queen
Charlotte Islands, left for his
home on Monday last to get home
in time to eat 'Xmas dinner with
his partners, Nils Person ami Nels
Larson, owners of the famous
Swede mine at Wulffsohn City.
The services on 'Xmas morning
will be as follows : 7 a. in., Celebration of tlie Holy Communion
celebrant, Kev. II. Marsden; 8
a. m,. Celebration of the Holy
Communion, celebrant, the vicar;
10:30 a. in., Morning Prayer and
Holy Communion,
To Runt—Well furnished room
on First street. Apply C. Mackenzie, Hums' butcher shop,
Messrs. P, Burni & Co. are
this week distributing calendars
to their many customers, In
keeping witli former years the
calendar ia exceedingly handsome
and original and makes a nice
Mrs. R. 11. Tarn, wife ol ox-
officer Tarn, has returned to ling-
Miss Tilley McLarity, of Hotel
North Vancouver, has left on a
visit to friends at San Francisco.
A special meeting of the members of the North Vancouver
Board of Trade will bc held on
Monday, December 23rd, 1907, at
8 o'clock p. m., In the City Hall.
P. Bums' butcher shop is nothing if not down to date, The
place is neatly dressed with evergreens and artificial flowers,  ill
befitting tlie festive season, reminding one of the good old
Christinas time.
.Miss J. I'l'ik'ti uf Victoria is llu' Kiiesl
ul Mrs. .1. Ilm us of Loimluli! avenue,
St, John's College students held 11
iiiinslrt'l I'lttt'i'tiiiiiiiii'tii ni tlii> college
Tuesday evening, ii being tin weut ol'
st'liiiui closing fm* the Christmas iwii-
tlnys. A very happy time was spent by
tin' liuys mul Ihelr frloilds,
'rite Nurlli Vancouver IC "f P, hall is
lieghuihig tu present quite n fascinating
iii'i'i'iti'iuii'i'. Tin* linings are uliimsi
t*uiii|ik'ii'il, mul ttill iiuliiilo, lu'siilt' tin*
niet'l.v decorated stations uf the severnl
officers, n line velevt carpet and uu organ,
Attached to tlm mn in Imll is tlui mile
i*. 11.111 mul Hie Hunt closet In which "Hilly" Ims his stall nml Incidental machinery used fur tin? Initiating ceremonies,
'I'lie lodge is growing rapidly nud lias
nearly sixty members now,
The Astatic Exclusion   League    in
Nurth Van iver   is rapidly   growing,
The ineiiiherslitp has almost renched Llio
forty mark,
Died in Los Angeles
The sad news has been received hy
Isaac Wnlilt'tt, uf Ilm death uf Ids s	
Stephen, in Monrovia, near I.os Angeles,
in California, 'I'lie deatl enrred mi llio
llltlt, sunn after Mrs, Wnlilen, who left
a few ilnys ni-i, for Monrovia, arrived.
The young 1111111 ivns in | r henltli for
-utne time, and went smith fur tht> purpose nf bettering his roiiditlon, He was
nliuiii no years ol nue. The body will be
brought i" Vancouver, when tlio funeral
arrangements will be made. Mr. Waldeu lelt on hist night's express for Portland where lie will join Mrs. Wuldcn
who Is accompanying the hotly to this
city. Much sympathy is expressed lor
Mr. and Mrs. Waldeu nnd family. In
all likelihood the funeral tvill lake place
on Monthly.
St. John's Church.
The tily council held 11 short session
nt the regular meeting held in the city
hull tm Muiiilny evening,
A plmi "f the sttliilivisiuii uf lhe ensl-
i'iii hull uf 11. I,. Mii im. submitted nud
accepted, subject to the park allowunce
being I'liiiiiiinii'il from tlu* plau,
The reports of several committees
were mini nml accepted,
The matter "f streei lighting was tlis-
eiissci! iiiiiI rnl'i'iTi'd tu the fire Committee
to report "ii.
Mayor Kealy presided and all it"'
aldermen were present.
Church Notice
Class meeting 10 a. 111.
Morning service at 11 a. m,
Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Kev. B. H. Balderston, B. A.,
Sunday Services — Mass at 8
a. m., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Kev. E. Keytavin, 0.
M. 1. V. S.
Holy Communion, K a, m.
Morning prayer, 11 a. ID.
livening prayer, 7.30 p. in.
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will be a second celebration
of the Holy Coinniiiniiin al 11 a. 111,
Rector: Kev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will lie conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. in.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. in.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
r\ o'clock.
All are welcome.
I'astor: Kev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Service at 11 o'clock a. 111. in
the Orange ball; Sunday school at
the close ol the service.
Pastor :    Kev. David Long,
All are welcome.
Cut out one ball of the unnecessary talk you do, and you will become a noted man.
About tbe worst thing you can
say against a man is that lie is of
so little consequence thai lie is not
even asked to sign petitions.
There was a full board at last
night's meeting of tlie City Council. The principal business was
the discussing of the proposed
ferry purchase by-law,
There were 24 applications for
the position of caretaker of the
new fire hall, all of which were referred to the lire committee.
Manager Bunbury, of the B, C.
Electric Railway Company, submitted a plan of his proposed
change in tlie car line at the
corner of h'irst street and Lonsdale avenue. It provides for a
curve running from tlie main line
on Lonsdale avenue to connect
with the east and west line. Accepted,
lt was decided to hold the civic
elections, including the school
board, on Thursday, January 16th,
next, tbe polls to be open from 9
a. 111. to 7 p. in. City Clerk Shepherd was appointed returning officer. Nomination day will bei
on Monday, January 6th.
The ward committee reported
that it thought tbe ward system
would be premature, and recommended that hall of the council
be elected as aldermen at large, to
occupy a term of two years, to
enable a new council to carry on
the business without any inconvenience. Tlie report was accepted
Aid. Emery, chairman of the
water committee, ruported that
there were 71 hydrants in the city.
The matter of collecting wati r
pipes now lying around the streets
was referred to the water committee.
lt was decided to instal tout
street lights—at the comer of
First slreet and St. George's »ve-
nue, the whirl, corner Keith roatl
and Mahon avenue, ami at the
corner of Seventeenth street ami
Lonsdale avenue,
Better Mail Service.
Ai Uu* regular 11 ting id llie Imard
I irn.le un u'eiliii'-ahit evening it p*
plli'illlull  nl   I1    IV,   IV,   Kill*.'   I"!  lll'lll
liersliip tin- accepted,
Sei'l.'lillt   Selhill Ill .1  k'lll'l   he llllll
forwarded in it,,* puslmastoi g 1 il ami
.l- I'osl  li, peelor (Imuifiidd,
urging tin*  -11 > a,| Improved post il
facilities, iii'iic particular!) an earl) "'i-
lectioll    I   11   tail,'   'I'-llV'I.V   "I    laa
Mr. Selkirk exhibited hi* pi**|, ,*, I rt ai
Iiunl. niii, I, I** 11.1. euniplllllEi Hid ■' l* I
Hmi  permission In* given him  It)  llie
board uf trade I Hell Financial atodsl*
1* fur its completion, Tin* periuitMinii
wns granted.
Mr. A. Siiillli nn- elected »s chairman
uf ihe reception nnd entertainment committee, which was vacated by Mr, M. A.
President Ooo, ,1. Phillippo occupied
lhe chair nml there wits 11 good nil I*
ance uf members present.
lie -I wonder why a man, in
proposing lo a woman, always
asks her "for ber band ?" She—
But dosen't she usually carry hei
purse iu ber band.
Wiioibiiiin, fell that tree,
Spare not 11 single Imiigh,
In youth it sheltered me,
Hut coal's loo costly now.
—Sam Itiihh.
Thf. Exi'HF.ss, Ji a year.
The members ol the congre
gaiion of St. John's church
(Anglican), will undoubtedly (eel
that tbey owe a deep debt of
gratitude to two ol llieir number,
Messrs. Grahame ami Win. I lank-
land, who for some tinie past have
been devoting themselves to tlie
task of beautifying llie interior ol
tlie church building.
The work which was undertaken
voluntarily and as a free-will offering, must be seen before one can
appreciate either its extent ur the
amount ol pains-taking labor involved in its successful accomplishment,
Tbe chancel ceiling has been
divided into nine panels, each
bearing some ecclesiastical symbol,
Above the east window tbe wall
has been laid ofl in a single large
panel with the cross and crown in
tlie centre, and Alpha and Omega
on either side.
Below the simple fringe, done
in soft colors on a white ground,
the walls of the chancel have been
painted a plain terra-cotta down to
the wainscot, which in this part of
tlie church liave been stained a
slightly darker shade than the
choir stalls or the wainscot in tbe
nave. The altar jail is finished in
bronze and mahogany and tlie
floors in imitation mosaic, with
marbled steps.
The obscuring of tlie windows in
three shades bas subdued and
softened the light and helps to
convey that sence of peace and
restfulness which sliould be felt in
every bouse of God, while the
finished worl, strengthens the idea
of prominence.
While it is true that tlie work
was done lo the glory of God, the
vicar and his people will find in it
uol only a cause for thanksgiving
Imt also a source of very real en
couragement in the undertaking ol
the many tasks still to be accomplished. Before long the steady
growth ol the congregation will
necessitate the lurther enlargement
of the church, and this will, of
course, involve tlie installation of
a pipe organ. Moreover tlie need
of a church ball is making itself
increasingly felt, and it will soon
be necessary to build a rectory on
the property now being purchased
for that purpose.
These things will necessitate au
immense amount ol i-cll sacrificing
effort, Much, however, has been
already accomplished, so that ex*
perienco and Ihe knowledge 0
what two men havi* j list done by
tlieir own voluntary cllurls will no
iluiibi go far1 towards encouraging
the Bteadily increasing congregs
Hull   lu  lace  clieerfllllj   llu   alalia
cullies siill belore them.
Vim    may   talk   all   you   wanl
about indifferent people, but thc
people wiili the enthusiasm are
tin nnt ■* who make a hit with us.
A man nevt 1 does justice tu him
sell as an entertainer when his
wile is around,
None ol us are as important as
we think we are,
We defy you to hide your lool
streak a month.
None ol us come within thirty
days of doing what we sliould do.
Always remember that knockers
are at work on you when you least
expect it.
" Hurrah 1" exclaimed the in
ntor of predigested hay, "a man
lias lived four days in a mine on
nothing but oil and wood." "Well,
what's in that to shout about ? "
" Plenty, You're Stupid, It gives
me a new idea for a breakfast
The North Vancouver Liberal
association held its annual meeting on Wednesday night at the
Palace hotel. There was a good
turnout of members. President
Phillippo presided, In absence of
Secretary Templet, Mr. Nicholson-Lailey acted as secretary pro
tern. Following are the officers
elected :
Hon, President, K. li. Macpherson; President, D. G. Dick;
Vice-president, Aid. Alex. Smith ;
Secretary-treasurer, W, Nicbolson-
Lailey. Executive committee, G,
J. Pbillippo, J. D. Eraser, Aid,
Wm. Dick, ex-Councillor P. A.
Allen and J. M. Fronime.
lt was decided that llie organization be named tbe Nortli Vancouver Electoral District Liberal
Association, and that the constitution be revised to comply with
thc constitution of the llritisli
Columbia Liberal Association.
Mr.   Eraser referred in feeling
■^ at tho next meeting ol the H»aril
nf License Commissioners (ur the Ciiy
of Nnrth Vancouver, I (hall apply for ,1
retail license lur the Sale nl spirituutis,
fermented anil other li.iiiurii in buttle,
furtlie premises known us lot 6, block 7,
I). I.. 511), uii Lonsdale avenue,
A. I). Stkoiib,
Dated at  North Vuncuuver,  It. C,
December '-'(*, 1907.
terms to tlie demise of the Hon.
Israel Tarte, which bad just occurred al Montreal. The late
honorable gentleman, be said, liad
done in the time of need a great
and lasting service to the party,
and while there weie Liberals who
could nol see eye to eye willl him
in many of liis views, yet all true
reformers regretted the passing
away of sucli a noble statesman.
He moved a resolution of condolence, which was earned unanimously by a silent vote.
Better Police Protection
Owing iu Uie present conditions nf
nf fnim ainl severnl little troubles Unit
have come tu ihe notice, nut only uf
the police, but ilie « nil public in lliis
city, i( is thought expedient to have the
city's police force strengthened,
Till opinion lm- heen expressed Ihnt
tlm residents uf the city as ratepayers,
nn.' 1'iiiith'il i.i sufficient protection to
enable litem to feel in a lair state nf
safely when traverslug the streets ut
night in when absent from tlieir homes
or places of business nud lu know that
a watchman is pntroling the streets und
in ense "f need Is reldy nt the call iur
At the presenl lime the oily lias only
niie pntrolmnn during the night, uml mie
during the dny besides the chief,
Ml. l'leasiiiit. il ii said, has throe
patrolmen and in fuel nlmost the whole
police force Is within five «r ten minutes eail, considering llio rapid transit
which tliey hnve luaguguratcd,
Since the foregoing wus put in typo a
night patrolman has been appointed.
Sometimes wc get so mad wc
can't sec straight.
All the best Canadian makes.
Nine to 18-inch tops.
PRICES, $4.00 to $9.00
BIG Hastings Street
Time Table, i<j>7
sr. 1,1.1 mm
. f.i OUVER,
•liim A. M.
•0.20 A, M.
•0.48   "
•7.I11   "
sum   "
B.20    "
H.tll    "
0,00   "
'.l.lll "
ll. If, AM.
0.46   "
10.18 A.M.
10.18  "
10.48   "
10.46   "
11,18   "
ll.i.'i "
II   I.'i    "
II I.'i    "
12.18 P.M.
U.l.'. 1'. M.
1.15   "
12.46 I'.M.
1.46  "
12.46 P, M.
1,48  "
1,16   "
■2.If.   "
1,18  "
1.46  "
2,46  "
S.16   "
8,18  "
1 I,  "
:: 1;,  ■•
■l.lft   "
1.16   "
,',.1:,   "
1 I.'i  "
i,.V,  "
1 I.'i   "
6,46  "
VI.'!       '
0,16   "
0.18  "
11.1.1   "
ni:,  "
7.18   "
T.LTi   "
, 16
B.16  "
sir. "
H.lft   "
!l I.'i   "
10.18   "
10,46  "
•I1.H0   "
it un
•11.46 "
70 x 240
Close to saw mill and plank road;
ten minutes from car; only $100.
Also a lew 1 .| acres for SiOO;
terms, to% down, flio per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, all conveniences ; splendid view, Also
one lor sale ; $500 cash ami $20
per month.
T*vo;ipcrfectly cleared lots on lonsdnle Avenue
$900 each
Norlh Vani ouver, B, C.
,\ Weekly  Newspaper.   Published by
The  Expi i. - I' in ing Companv
Subscriptiiin, fl.OO
United States and .''uiuign, f 1.60
Strh'llv i» Advance
l'u ibis pii" i is issued again
Christmas will liave been duly
celebrated, which is oneol the few
regulai and practical tilings in oui
lives,    It arrives once a year at
a ts ol the earth's peciplu ry,
and, in tbe words "I the nnu. it
.', , r son f us that it does
not come oltener, However, this
[csli ' ason is an event that we
.;,     It lorward to in anticipation
! i.l.l faslii '1 I'dl)' time,
Coming To the Front as a
Mining, Timber, Fishing
and Agricultural Country
and thus 'Iiu Exi'Ki - takes
opportunity in wishing all
friends and patrons
A Mnt*\ Christmas,
* ' ..it Saturday, lhe 21st day nf De*
cumber, at lhe hour of 2 o'clock in tho
after  villain the City llnil, North
Vancouver, B.C., :i Court ol Revision
ii tbe purpose a,I hearing and
determining nny :""l all nppliealiona t"
bave nn1. iiiiinc aT iiitinit.i struck "If or
placudon lhe Voters' List Ior tlio City
ol North Vai iver, I'JUS,
Ciii Clerk,
, " Hall, Snrlli Vnncouver,
Ivi'.-mli'-r Mb. lim,".
II. ('.
MTUrVI'liH I'UII Lllllllll LU
-.•nlli I. I- HEREIN lil VEN THAI
*■■'   ninn* next meeting ol lhe Beard
License Coi is.- irs lor the City ol
Na.rili Vuncuuver, I Hindi apply for n
retail license loi the sale "i spirituous,
fermented and oilier lii|tinri! in boltlo,
lur the nremises kn mn :t; IoIb hi and
' [tll, district i"t 274, on Eirsl
Btreet, creeled atconliug to nl litis and
pei ilicatioiiB tn lie Biibmittcd (er tbo
i board, :■" '    tbe said
Ciiy ol Nortli Vaneouve   ll ;,
Wm. II. S.\iiTn,
Hated ntv-..rt!. Vn ver, II, ('.. November 211
■"       ■ ■■ ■ ilttingol ilm Court ei lie*
iiointi'ilfor llu* purl* senl
Ins complaints •
lor the yeai a ■"* ns math hi Iho Asm
"ra.; iln' l'u*,' a,i North \ i '
will be held within the Cit) II
* i, B.C.i on Miinilm, January
Glh, lllOS, a! 2o'clock p in.
Thomas Siueiumi,
Ciiy Clerk,
Vauioti ar, It C . I mbei I,
mi in 11<*\ i m; i iiii ni; um
V'lli I. !-lll.l;l.l,t GIVEN IHAT
*•"   at Iln      * III. I ol
; * i (or the City ol
IVI -1   ..'i   ll t!
.    ■     tt   Ine *      I "i . I
■ , i ■  '      iiilg ..i
Bpiril        lenni'iil •    , tors in
lhe preini* *. a.
'   tl
I      It. II
■   ■       ith
nn oi sorth mmm
Dratiin Columbia, Can.
DEBENTI b'l • I Oil   ALE
'i'l M'l'i:-  un i,  i:i:   liECEIVEH
'    by tbc uinli rslciidl  up In
I nili'T 2Bth, 191)7, lur (1*16,800    re
.a per cent. Cil   • '■
North Van duvet dehenturea
Full  pari rill   Ic   I'lrni-lii'il
upon apjillcal i lersigncil, or
tothol urkol      City ol North Vancouver, It. i .
'- gned)      A Mt i.i, Jouimm,
i liiab... in I inaiici',
lh. following daia was given to
Tm. Express by Mr, 0, Gerlc,
ihr wt l-known mining engineer
ol ilm north:
The Queen Charlotte Islands,
13, C, are located about Coo
miles northwest ol ibis city, and
about ho from the mainland in the
Pacific ocean, and tin.' thermometer
tn t.i goes below zero. This lact
is owing tn the Japanese current,
The islands art' covered with an
t xccllentgrowtli of valuabletimber,
mostly spruce, hemlock, yellow
and red cedar. The Queen Charlotte group comprises two large
islands, namely, Moresby and
Graham islands, surrounded by
numerous smaller ones, The
Skidegato channel, passable only
lor small boats divide the two
arge islands. The channel varies
in width from one to seven miles.
80111050 years ag 1 there were over
60,000 11,iim. living on these
islands. Nov ihere are only about
j,uini. Tin y *ni known .is Hai*
Tn,, and do nol in any way look
like tin: other Indians ol the
provim e, The lace is broad and
the iiiiii 1. bom 1 protude. They
are large and strong men, anil
walk erect and smartly. Their
skins arc brown nnd bail black,
t. n brown and red hair are not
unusual. 'They are Indus 'ous,
and work the year round, The
same may be snid ol the women
who are good toking, a. well as
tin children, Tliey c, . sad llieir
tn ng 1 aniii s in d - orm that would
strike i'ini,  ..in wliitcmen,
A mining In um took place in
these islands in 1851 2. Ur. Dawson snys that from ore little seam
01 pockel ol free milling gold, in
Gold Harbor, on Moresby Island,
between (20,009 and $75,000 were
taki n out, It io also stated by
"iln rs thai 11101 was lost in the
harbor by blasting, in '.be operation
nl mining, than was recovered.
II" 't'i. in 11 li 01 K*ss the find
ended there until this yi-nr.
1 lie  property at Gold Harbor,
'Iai'li the Hudson Bay Company
worked years 1 ">, is being operated
by Mr, McLcnnai, a mining en
ineer,     Tin, 0   mini rs     have
worked on tin  property tins summer, and tht mine v. paying well.
Mr. Mi Lcnnan '■ It a mouth ago
lor his liomt  .,' Scotland,   li is
supposed thai Scotch capital will
In   invest* it l" operate litis mine
on a large st ale when he returns,
Taken all in all these islands
nib 1  inducements  1 ot   only   in
mining Imt in Block raising  and
agriciiltiin,   Bccnnd to noni   on
tin   I'.i' il    Co' '    Mining  may
I ■ , in. -I rn: tl   ' e 'i round,
.Miami Bovenl ■'! 1 .irs ana Mr,
liob Ah ..1 ih a Si iiiiliin.iii,
shipped .1 numbi r ol cattle to
Graham island, which liave bei
1 a ■ wild ■ ver sini a, li is
e itimati *! thai between 1,000 and
5,000 ' atth  ii' now on tin ■
1 ',•." ag • - .. ning con
"i it Skide : nas 1 u putting
up this moat, v I k li is sold at the
mining camps on the island.
The fur-bearing animals are
irtiu ,fnl lii.ir. which are
very plentiful "There are no
di': tin re, however," said Mr.
Gerlc, " wh 11 • think should be
i Iai 1.1 the islands an 1 pro-
tei tod I;. the govt rnment lor a
ii •,*, years." The streams abound
in plenty with the 11 lish trout
.in I salmon, Tht rii h st halibut
grounds in the world are with 11 .1
d w miles of tht shore,
end of Ibe island, and Masset onl
tbe north. There may be large sections of good  grazing   land   foi
talllf,   which   are   kept   out   all
winter and need no feeding,
Coal was discovered  over  20
years ago, when several large and
valuable  senilis  were  disclosed,
On ilie east and norlh coasts ate
surface   deposits   of   clays   and
sands, but on the south and west
coasts they are rocky and generally
rough, and coal is often picked up
along the beach,   The   country
cast ol  Masset inlet is low am'
broken, with occasional ridges ol
no  ureal  elevation.    Along   lhe
northern hall of  the east coast
gold bearing black  sands are   In
abundance, and in 1905  several
mining claims were taken up along
this shore,    No development wotk
ol importance in coal lias  been
done.    Oil deposits liave been dis
covered on the north western part
of the island, the surface and geological  formations   being   good.
But se far r.o drilling lias been
On a sand .-.pit of 300 acres,
which extends out into the ocean,
about nine miles east of Skidegate,
Mr. l'.d. Stevens has an excellent
ranch well developed, lie has
100 head ol cattle, fruit trees, a
large i.( roomed house, barns, etc.
Vancouver Address t
I'l Cordova St.
I'llOIII'   Ii'l'
Wi'ck Iiiillnii Dec, milli.
North Vnncouver:
Junction Slock
'Phono 37
I'lii-o Cnsli
taiuo    1   11 mo
lor Your
llie principal villag u on this
j island a;   : kidi g .11 ou the south
This is one of tlie must beautiful farms, both for location and
completeness I ever saw," atldrtl
Mi. Gcrle,
At Skidcgate, on Graham island,
there is a packing ami fish oil
concern, which is operated the
year round. Indians are chiefly
employed, and Capt. Oliver is lhc
proprietor, 'Ihere are annuall)
100,000 gallons of oil produced,
besides 25,000 cases ol salmon
(ci'boesi put up.
Messrs. i , Hewitt and A. N.
Johnson lasl summer dug up on
Mi. Ed. Stevens' farm, which is
close in Skidegate, the bouts of
an animal, called by the Indians
tVa-sc-ko. These bonis have bei 11
..nowii to the aboriginies I" iny
generations, However, it remained lor Messrs. Hewitt ami
Johnson to ship them to \ ancou
ver for exhibition. The size ol
this animal became known, ai ■
cording 11 tin. best scientific knowledge at 1 and, aftei a can ful
study. It was unknown to
science and musl have weighed
nol Less than 45 or 50 tons. An
idea of the animal's size can be
had from the lollowing: The eii
. umleranceof its body is supposed
to liave been }i feel, the bai kbone
in. a uii'tl 18 teet. One section ol
the backbone measured 11
in diameter,
The most important mineral discoveries made on the island are .11
Klun Kwoi Day, Huston Idol,
Harriet Harbor, Ikeda Hay, Col-
lison Hay, Carpenter Bay, all on
the ensl side ol tlie island.
Klun Kwoi Hay is located about
40 miles norib ol Jcdway, and
aboi t *|' miles south of Skidcgate,
on the 'ast Bi li ol lh   'land.
The  * 11 1  discovered  at
Klun Kwoi I'a ij 1 onsisti ol  the
following groups:
The Swede groii| is owned by
Messrs. Alex, R iget V-ls Lar*
son and Nils Pei ion and bond d
in Consul I'llniiin Wulffsohn, loi
The Lasl Chan a group is
om, I by M'S is. Wintermuto
ami McEachran.
The I ordan Copper Group,
owned by Dr. A. McKay J irdan,
ol Vancouver.
The Copier Kii Group, owned
by 11, E, Boi ne,
Thr Thoiiij ", A',niii Croup,
controlled by Mr, I), li, Allbill, of
\ ant ouver.
Tbe Stevens Sulliv in group.
Tho  O'Connor   nnd    l-cratin
Group, controlled by Me  11, A,
G. Sargeson, ol Victoria, and J.
,\. Kenning ami W W Fn
ol Vancouver,
Devi lopment cork on tins group
will commence in lhe spring.
The principal devoloptni nt work
tei Ijnalilj al Besl I'ritw
I'lvi'-iooinoii iiiiiisu mi ciioitordoltl nmi Ttilrteontli 1120x1 in
Ini't.   A luirlii'liliirly rttinil Inly.
Corner Dowfuk mnl Clltooiith; 82x119 loot, Observe the sla*
Price ntnl aiiiintinii relative in car -amino,
ifaii Tliiiirautli street, oast ball ol Lol 6, block731 Ior anyone tie-
slllllll 11protlj Imll,liint  lb* tv run loi'niiilni'iiil lliis.
A biiii*i(iu I.iiihiIiiIo iivoniH', Oteiaa, litlwoon Njo ninl St.
Ami I.'i 11 tniiinii for nioo garden lots.
Cheapest house buy in Nortli Vancouver, A 6-rooraeil
timise on Fourteenth sitoot.
liil) m'ren, ono mile Irniii llnrrnnl wiitcrlnml, •*!' nn nL*re;
oil li'nns,
Four 1*3 lores on Koliii road, west hall ol 104'J| ■ lendld
view ul ttny: oiiiso tn suit tuttor; throe years in pay u,o
LONSDAH   lf»l ATI, D. L  265
LOTS I'KOM   $','0O|   CASH,  $67
Nuvul Oriuig
.laps, i
Pates, 3
Pigs (new) '2
Nuts, mixed,
iln/,.. 30c
pox, 60c
I'm- 25c
for 25c
Icot, I5c
11.. 25c
lli. 15c
l ip i
Cluster Ituisi.ts, two
p(ick(ige8 45c
lllllll lltllU'V
G. B. Chocolates
To "ur customers and friends
we wish a Merry 'Xmas and a
Prosperous and Happy New Year.
1 , far been confined to the
Swede, Mi K.u liran - Winti rmuto
.unl |ordan groups.
Iln Swide group .it Klun-Kwoi
Bay is one ol tlic big properties
on Queen Charlotte Islands, I here
are nine lull sized (l.iims in tlie
pimp, unl lluee ol Willi ll, the
Liraon, l(i'l> and Amu onda, appeal in bt ou iln mineral zone.
Tliele lia* Seen onlv a limited
amotinl ol work done, but what
Ims boon done show llu di posit
to lie 3'io leet wide, and it extends from w.it'*r on iln western
arm ol llie bay ill a iioillt i i :< tit
din i iin  i ihe mountain, which
has :i (tn Bleep ani nt, t" a
height "l i. in i'i. to tli ''.i-i
arm ol the hays. 1 he surface ol
the doposil is well mineralized,
ami shows chalcopyrite  I in
many plai t i pt - ka "I bornile,
Commi in ing .11 llu base ol lhe
mountain a well defined diorite
dyke, six feet \ idi, cuti through
the th posit, a ul il in coutse
should il' il<'i i .1 ■ doi the line o|
lhc norlh flsstio it would In quite
reasonabh t'i suppose thai the
mineral deposit at one lime extended Irom fissure in fissure and
this dyke has divided ii. Tlic
country formation is a greenstone
,i in it, i ni at intervals with small
ilioriir dykes, nnd occasionally
limestone ovi rlaya tin other formations. Tlm property is admirably situati '1 li nomical mining, as lhe mi n i il body runs
through a mountain Irom tide-
watt i i" tidewater, and iis slope
is fr*mi 3" to 6o di gn i ■, making
ui   ,i.i i.i:','    "1   ; , dl gn '   .   Wlm ll
gives a lool in depth lor every loot
driven   ahead.    Thirty  leet  ol
wharl in Locke Day will allow any
ocean-going vessel to come iu and
load al a wharl in a land-locked
harbor.   There is an abundance of
timber lor mining purposes, ami it
is of a size thai can be used either
lor  a  mill   lor   lumber or for
milling timbers.   There is ample
water,  and  the   (all   lias   head
enough   to   give   a   reasonable
amount of power.
The Jordan Copper  Group   is
located across the bay from the
Larsen   claims   on  the   Swede
group, Mere a large ore body is
exposed, The property promises
to become one ol the largest pro-
tluiiis in the district. Develop
nnni work on a larger scale wil!
soon be commenced, The property
is owned by Dr. A. McKay Jordan,
nl Vancouver,
Adjoining the Jordan Copper
group is lhe Sullivan and Steven
group, which is also in a
slr.iiglit line willi the Swede group.
This, as Well as the other properties in the vicinity of the
Swede group, promises all to
turn om exceptionally well,
Several mining engineers have ex-
aitilni'ti these properties and all are
ol the opinion that the discoveries
on Klun Kwoi Hay are amongst
the largest on the 1'acilic coast.
The vein in the Swede group also
extends over OD the McEachran and
Wintermttte groups, where about
lm to 75 leet ol nice bomite ore
lias been uncovered with good
silver values. While not much
development work has yet been
done on the adjoining properties |
there is no reason to believe that
it will not nun out just as rich as
the ri st.
About 30 miles east ol the Swede
gioup is Hut Sprim! island, located
011 which is a hot sulphur spriug.
This spot, no doubt, in the near
future, will be well patronized by
the residents ol the island.
Mr. Mnore, ol Seattle, is putting
up a sawmill on the south end of
Kiinisltwa Inlet, about, lo miles
from KlnnKwoi bay.with a capacity
nl about 100,000 feet. The plans
and estimates lor the sawmill were
drawn by The Mitchell Machinery j lon [nletl Xbcre are two paralel
Company, ol Vancouver. The Hedges, averaging Irom 12 to 18
Moore Company owns about 60,-feet in width, and stripped for
000 acres of timber land and some about 500 feet on tho surface,
valuable coal laml on Graham Is- carrying in average values about
land, lately purchased from Capt. g p,.r cent, copper, $b to SS in
Oliver, ol Skedigale, g0|d|  im,| two ouncei in Bj|Ver.
The next importanl mining dis* Thit properly is well situated lor
time the steamers go first north
from this port to Portland canal
nnd then across lo Queen Charlotte island, making the trip in ten
days, II a direct boat sailed the
trip to Jedway could he made in
one and a half or two days.
The Jedway mining districi was
found about two years ago, when
Ike Thompson and L", T. Watson
discovered the Copper Queen
group, situated about .(,500 leet
from Jedway, al au altitude ol
1,200 leet, and including about 20
mineral claims. This group of
claims ate now owned and operated
by Mr. [ohn S. McMillin, of Roche
Harbor Lime Compiiiiy, Wash.,
who paid the owners Si.15,000 for
the claims.
The character ol this ore is a
heavy magnetite, with chalcopyrite, with ahoul 5 per cenl. copper
and tWO to three tlollais in gold,
A contract for a tunnel has heen
let Which Will tap the ore hotly
about 150 leet below the present
workings. The length ol lliis
tunnel will be about 200 feet, and
the tunnel at present is iu
about 125 leet. The clearing (or
the ii'iial tram is completed, and
by the lime the tunnel has reached
the ore body, the construction on
the installation of the :erial tram
will be commenced,
Owing to the fluxing character
ol this ore, a contract with the
Tacoma smelter has been arranged,
whereby the smelter has agreed to
treat il Ior nothing.
Among other mining claims adjoining the Copper Queen is the
Taite and Iron Mountain, owned
by L. T. Watson. This one is
similar to that on Copper Queen,
and the showing is just as good.
About six miles southwest ol
Jedway is Houston Inlet, and on
which there are numerous promising claims located, but not yet developed, The most promising arc
those owned by II. E, Hotline,
Frank Watson, Ike Thompson,
Wilson McKinnon, Mr. Applc-
greec and Mr. McEachran,
lona group, owned by Messrs.
Ike Thompson and Wilson McKinnon, are some of the most promising of claims discovered in lions*
Hit l is nu the   SOUth   east  end   ol
the island,  with  headquarters at
eilwav. I". ili'I 111 Harriet harbor
I* ii.at is a new mining town
wilh a 1 .imp tii  over  200 pttpula
t ia ni. A record office isestsblishet
iini' , 1 good general store owned
I Mi irs, L* Ta Watson and N
K. Sivarl ; hotel, with fifteen
moms, owned by L. T. Watson
and A. Ferguson; a sawmill with a
capacity ol 25,000 leet a day,
owned by L. T. Watson, N. II.
Sivurt, and Mr. Uoiirnc, ol Van
COUVer, The steamers calling are
the Princess Beatrice and Amur,
which boats only call twice 1
month, The island is in gnat
need of bitter transportation, and
il is t" be hoped that bj m Sl yeai
when prospecting ami development work will in* carried on on a
art;' r s. alt that a direct beat will
ic put on the run.    At the present
economical mining, being alioul
tlm r liuiiths of a mile from tlie
heat h, at an altitude ol some Imo
feet alitivc sea level. The claims
are all covered with an excellent
growth ol limber.
Mr. Frank Watson's Surprise
group promises to become good
producers. These claims aie
about half a mile Irom salt water
and at about 150 leet altitude.
These claims are reported sold lo
thc |J. A. Kenning syndicate, of
Vancouver, for $50,000.
Aboui three miles north of Jedway is Ikcda Hay, located in a
land-In kctl harbor ami about one
mile Irom lhe beach.    It was dis*
covered by soma Japanese fishermen while fishing lor abalonesin
the bay, when some good copper
float was taken up from thc bottom. The character of this ore is the
Same as on the other mines iu this TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
district, that is, a heavy magnetite
with chalcopyrite, carrying about
ten per cent, copper and seven to
ten dollars in gold, About 1,000
tons ol ore have lieen shipped to
tlie Ladysmith smelter, and the returns given were on an average as
above mentioned. The smelter
charges being Ji.30 per ton, and
freight from the mine to the
smelter S2.50, by C, P. K. boats.
Tbe freight, will, no doubt, in the
near future, be reduced to one
dollar per ton,
The property is owned liy Awaya,
Ikcda & Company, Limited,
with ullices at 41 Davis Chambers,
The company are awaiting tlie
completion of tlieir bunkers lie-
fore any more ore will be shipped,
as tliey intend to ship in bulk*
One hundred and twenty-live men
are employed at the mine, all of
which arejapanese with the exception of the foreman and teamster.
Lasl summer Fuktinositke Yamada,
mining engineer, land Nobuyo
Fukuchi, geologist, both of Tokyo,
Japan, examined the mine for a
large mining syndicate. It is reported that one-third interest of
the property has been sold to lllis
lirm for Si,500,000.
Across the mountain, in an
easterly direction from Ikeda Hay,
is Collison Hay, about one and a
hall miles distant.
The characrer of the ore here is
the same as iu Ikeda Hay, Harriet Harbor and Houston Inlet,
Numerous very promising claims
have here been located by J. Car-
lyle, Tom Daken, Ike Thompson,
Mr. Gordan, L. T, Watson, Capt.
Locke, Mr. Alex. Ferguson, Oseai
Loring and J. R, Leckie, ol Vancouver.
The Carlyle properly, owned by
U. J. Leckie Syndicate, of Vancouver, is the only one where
any extensive development work
lias been done. There are about
30 men at the present time
employed there.
Mr. Joe Trethewy, tbe millionaire Cobolt mining man and
his brother, Arthur Trethewy,
had a bond on the property,
the latter was in charge. Two
hundred and fifty thousand dollars
has been refused for the property.
A. few days agu Col. C. I'.
Newberry took over the bond held
by Messrs. Trethewy on the Carlyle property, and intends lo push
the development as last as. men
aud money will allow. The con
sideratiou has not, us yet, been
made public.
Adjoining the Carlyle property
is the Tunder mining claim, owned
by Ike Thompson and L. T, Watson, wliich gives good promise ol
becoming a heavy producing mine.
Some development work has
already been done.
On Carpenter bay, which is
alioul four miles from Collison
Bay, some piomising properties
have been located, amongst which
arc Mr. Young's and the Gray
brothers,' with about ten claims,
as well .ib Mr. Gonlau's property.
Some extensive development work
is expected to take place here in
the spring,
The Old shall mine has been
idle Ior 40 or 50 ycajs, and was
last year re*discovered. A syndicate nl Victoria men, among
whom ate Messrs. A. Young, C.
W. Hlackstock, A. G. Sargeson,
K. F. Lang, Mr. Janes ami others,
in v."11.mr, at bailing out the shaft
and are at present down over
200 leel. Who tbe original
operators ol the mine were
nobody knows It is impossible to learn (rom the Indians
who worked the mine, and how
long ago it was. However, tne
old dump is covered by moss and
a dense growth ol vegetition, thus
showing it has been idle lor a
great many years. Many think
that tlic mystery is buried in the
bottom ol the shall, that lhe
skeletons may bc found there.
About ten men arc at present
working clearing it out. It is
located at the northeast end of the
island, at the waters edge, on
Copper Hay.
Several other good prospects
have been discovered and located
within the last two months.
There are about 350 prospectors
on the island.
On Copper island, in Skinctittle
inlet, there is an old shaft where
rich copper ore was taken out
some 50 years ago and shipped to
tile old country.
The geological formation around
Jedway is principally green stone
Very little prospecting lias been
done on thc west coast of Moresby
Provincial Mineralogist Robinson will submit a report on Moresby island next month, which will
treat in a scientific manner the
mineral ores to be lound there.
F. B. Jones, of Skedigate, a
well known timber cruiser, lias 34
limits, all good timber within a
range ol two miles ol the water.
Mr. G. K. Jorgensen, the well-
known surveyor, of Vancouver,
intends to make Qu eenCbarlotte
Island his permanent home Irom
next year.
■■*■" the information uf Intending
settlers mnl others, that Boloctiou lins
been made of the 8,600,000 urea of land
situated in tlie Peace River Valley.
Provinco o{ British Columbia, granted
to the Dominion (jovornmaiit under the
provisions of Section 'i, ni "An Act re-
lallug to tlie Island Hallway, the Graving Dock unit Hallway Iannis uf the
Provinco," uml such land la not open to
entry under tint Land Laws ut' tlm
'I'lie block seloctod ia described un lul-
loivs: Commencing ut u point 1U',<
mill's stiiilli o( the Peace Itiver, on the
r.'Oili Moridlau, boing the Eastern
boundary ol the* Province, thoiico West
7,1 miles mnl 88.0*1 chains, thence Nurth
72 mill's uml lis 0:1 ebalns, thence East
7,1 miles mnl lis.in I'luiiiin. thence South
to tbe point of commencement, following the muii Meridian, mnl containing
approximately 3,600,000 acres.
Notice in Also Given tlmt, uilh a view
lo lactlltatina settlement in tlm Valleys
of the Peace, Parsnip aud Pack Rivers,
Ilm following belt of Iniul forty miles in
ivi.Ith, nntl eM,'ii,line 20 mile's on I'lteh
side ol tho Peace, l'arsiiiti mnl Pack
Rivers Inui been reserved for actual
settlers, lo be acquired by pre-emption
only under tlm Land Act, such luml not
being open for sale, lease, license or
"llt.T alii'iitilion niuler the ■■unl Act except by pre-emption,
Commencing nt the Intersection of the
Western bonnaary uf the block ol luml
wlet'ti'il by the Dominion Government
with tlie Peace River, thence lollowiug
iln- Peace River and Parsnip Itiver to
their confluence with tbc t'ut-k River,
ind thoiico lollowing the Pack Itiver tu
the point where niii'l Pack River leiives
MeLeod Lake, mul extending for u distance nl 20 milt's 011 ench Mile of sitltl
Rivers nml approximately 170 miles in
len itt b.
All lands outside the boundaries of iho
Dominion Government Grant uml the
reserve above described ure open lor
location under the laws of the Province,
W. .1. BOWSER,
Acting Chief Commissioner
0l Utntll und Works.
Lands mul Works Department,
Vielurin, September l.'llli, 1907.
Rolled Oats
Hai) and feed
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
l'liins, Quantities, Levels
Superintendence nl Construction
I'ni'iiTii Struct, OoaxiR Lossoau Avr
lml Uqinrrr find II. ('. I .nul Sitrmor
•MOM I Wi*
RillWatfii Bridgtii Waicr Powirii bit milts i
rii|..*nntt*!p.|..rii - ill CoOllmoUoB) \\*\*%, Town-
iiiii, Mining CUIiM,Stib-Dlfliilmiii-Q(c
hm llMllngH *l W.,
General Teaming
Good Dry Cordwood delivered any
(there in Ihn eity fur 11.(10 it curd.
Orders solicited.
Fourth Street, between Utiwliile and
Ohesterflsld svs, Phone 67,
Any Kind You
Lonsdale Avenue
Between Kirst and Second
e ut    n
Have on hand a large supply nl Cement
Blocks, made fruin fresh water Band,
Samples may be Been ut tho new
cement nwldence on Second Btreet tail
si/.,* ol blui'ltsHxIli,
I'lill particular! cun be hud from tlio
Western Corporation olllco, or writ., n
Nurth Vancouvor, n. C
Accountants,    Auditors   Genera
Commission lirokcrs
Rial Islatc Agents,
Tstsraoxs 11 2102
Estimates Given on All
Kinds of Electrical Work
Cor. Lonsdale and Second St
(To be Incorporated by Act of Parliament of Canada.)
CAPITAL, 2,000,000.00
This proposed Bank is being organized and will have its head
office in Vancouver, with its Directors chosen by the subscribers to its
stock at tha organization meeting.
The Western Provinces, and British Columbia
in Particular, have for some considerable time felt tlie urgent
need of an institution such as the proposed Bank of Vancouver.
The formation of new industries, and the development of those already
established, has been very seriously retarded for want of ordinary financial accommodation, and the primary object of this new Hunk will be
to alleviate the situation by largely confining ils operations to the
splendid field awaiting it in the Pacific Coast provinces and more
especially in British Columbia.
The Bank proposes to do business on lhe Safe and well laid
down lines of the old established Banks, and will earn their respect
and good will by a continuation of this policy.
The Bank of Montreal has its Head Ollice in Montreal.
Tho Bank of Toronto has its Head Ollice in Toronto.
The Bank of Ottawa has its Head Ollice in Ottawa,
The Bank of Hamilton has its Head Ollice in Hamilton.
The standing of these Batiks is beyond (jueslion.
l'ar Vitluc
|«tl Account
ol Stuck
I're'uril Vnluc
IVr dlntro
I'rr Hlniru
UndlTlded I'roftU
The Hank of Montreal..   $100.00 $260.00 $11,000,000.00
The Bank of Toronto  100.00 235.00 4,600,000.00
The Bank of Ottawa  100.00 226.00 3,000,000.00
The Bank of Hamilton     100.00 217.00 2,500,000.00
The above Banks while doing a General Banking Business throughout the Dominion, each aims al fostering and developing business and trade
Specially In their Respective Cities and Districts.
The Bank of Vancouver will aim to do the same, that is,
to encourage and promote legitimate business iu British Co-
lunihia Particularly.
The Capital asked I'or is $2,000,000,00 in 20,000 Shares of $100.00
each. 'I'he first $500,000.00 of Stock is offered tho Public at a premium
of IW that is, $110.00 per share. Payments can be made in full or on
the instalment plan, Interest will be allowed at '.'> per annum upon
the par value of the stock pain in until organiaatio i.
The Provincial Directors when appointed, will reserve tin righl
to increase the premium upon the remainder of the Btook, also lo allot
or reject any subscription in whole or in part.
For all further particulars * pply to the Imperial Trusl Co., Ltd,
Vancouver, B.C.,; Kingsford Smith & Co., 860 Granville St.. Vancouver,
B.C., | Campion & Pound, Fairfield Building, Vancouver, ll. <'.,: Brett
& Greer, Yates St., Victoria, B.C.,; L U, Conyers a Co., Victoria, I.
C,; or E. 0, B. Bagshawe, Victoria, B. C.
All communications and remittances, etc.. Bhould be mailed to
P (). BOX 890,
I'lTiita, ono-foiirtli citah, liiilunt'u ll, I- nnil IS months.
a '
«   j
* 10,
I I'iiih 11,1 tice, 11,all,iiiii and ,i,i|,,ih.
161 Cordova hired, Vancouver, B. C.
I'.o, imx 380.
Savings Accounts given special attontioil A deposit ol Si
or upwards starts a Savings Account, on which tlm
highest current rate ol Interest is paid or added to the
Principal every three months, Deposits may be withdrawn at any time williout notice.,
Joint Accounts may be opened in the name of two persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, making
a very convenient  form oi account,
Blinking by Mail.   People living nl a  distance may  send
in deposits or  withdraw  cash  l>y  mail,   Write   for
Savings Accounts solicited.   I nterest added every three months.
Office:   tor. lonsdale Ave. anil Esplanade, North Vancouver, B, C.
II. K. lh a 111.1, Manager,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars have the Ferry Landing lor Qui ensbttry Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Road as follows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 ii. 111., .V15 a. ill., 9 a. 111. 9:40 a. 111.,
min a. in, After 10135 a. m,, cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at live minutes to the hour and twenty five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty Inst
street ami Lonsdale avenue, Wim h street and Keith Road as follows:
6a, in., 6:30 a. in., 7,1. in., 7130 a. in., *s a. 111., 8:45 a, in., 9:15 a, m.,
9:55 11. in., 10: J5 a. 111, Alt't 9:40 a, 111. ears leave' the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the the liom and twenty minutes to the hour,
if   \\\ boats arc met by thc ears.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Up Itl-tlale
S3.Oil pi I
ami up
Rates for
lerry Service I very lliiil Hour lo -mil Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer-^
Is n glorious  h iiiuiicliing nntl
satisfying,   .{cmi'tiiht 1  llu tv- no  othor
"just :i- good"   iii   ' 011 ■' iting Rainier.
Vancouver, I J. C.
For 'Xmas !;,. Best
Fancy Newtown I'ipin Apples, Naval and Jap Oranges,
Malaga Grapes, new Grenobh Walnuts, finest Cluster Raisins,
Lowney's Chocolates, ami M Farland & Laing's Scotch Shortbread,
Corner Esplanade and Lonsdale Avenue
rollublu variation ut roiiannnlilo |irii*«*H.
IVrtiliztTs, Mi'i; Supplies, S|ii*uy Pumps,
Spraying Material, Cut Rowers, c*tt'.
Oldest established   nursery  on tha
niiiiiiluii'i nl llritisli Columbia,
Catalogue Iree.
with rs fou
('nnu' iii and bco what yuu can get in
our ciiy. Wo can compare favorably
willi any store of tmr site on the I'nchlc
Our Crockery and Glassware Depart*
inotil is now ready tur Inspection, also
uu elegant lino of Jewelry.
All wo usk is, do not nu I" Vancouver
(nr anything in mir line till yuu hnve
paid us it visit,   Hi' loyal to North Vuu-
Painters anu Pai-erii inci k
Murai, Decoratoiis
Grainers    Glaziers    Skins
Ot*i*. 13111 Strei i.
Send  iu yiittr orders nun  for Dry
lirii'it-Ciit Clear I'ir.
stiui' lengths, per cord, delivered ,$0.00
I'air.ltt I. leuglliH, delivered, .   .fl.uli
In -i"a l-    Immediate delivery.
Cor. li.lnl HI, ami Unmliilu Ave,
fFbuave anion al IValdran'a hanl
ware -lure.
!*ii INI I     111 nil it* I'liiin li*
Mi-is,      I'lm L'I ...1*1 lli'liinili,,
'llaii.llt     lllll.Ill I. Ii'l,I iall.I  I ll.
Mauagor lur the Commercial
Prnlectlvc Hoclety.
Illllit,,.- 1*111-1   BT.,   K.   HI     l.aiSslHI.I..
Temporary Ofllco  V, Cudnoy's
Paint Bltop, Ksplnnailo.
Na ik 111 Vancouver, B, C,
One Jersey Durham Cow, giving
gallon and a hull ol milk nnd in
cull.   Apply
A. E, Cru kmav.
North Vancovuer,
Think of "STILENFIT" OVERCOATS at $12 to $30.
Put them alongside of the built-to-order kind
at $20 to $50—the only discernable difference will be the price.
Of the very newest fabrics in rough, smooth
and fancy coatings, suitable for all occasions,
extra long or boxy style, or regular lengths.
These Coats are made as only the highest
price custom garments are made, finished
to the trying on stage, completed and delivered the same day.
Cor. Granville and Pender St*., Vancouver.
Drink  jfe
^    Drinks  ^
Mabclle Willlscrofl
Speeinl nttoiilloii given i" Ongorlng
uml tone production.
Stiiilin: Second cottage, Sottlli Sot
enteonlli, Lonsdale I'lust,
Any parcels unsold may
beobtaiiied by private treaty
font frw days at my oflice.
fiM Pender St,
rplIK   UNDKHSIGNKD   is    PRE-
■*■   |nircil to tlu nil kimls uf Clearing,
ilriihhiiiL' uml Siiiiii|iini! by contract.
I'irsl Slrot't Wi'Ml,
Nurlh Vancouver,
Lonsdale Avenue—Between Fourth and Fifth Btrcets, cleared
lot, size 25x1 jo lent, to a 2(i-loot alley. I'riee faooo. Terms one-third
cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Fifty-foot hit in same block fronlinn on Lonsdale avenue. Price
(4.000.   Similar terms,
Chesterfield Avenue—Near Fifteenth street, lot 00x150 (net.
Price $550.   Terms one-third cash, balance in 6 and 13 months.
Fourth Street ami Qubensiiury Avenue—Double comer on car
line, magnificent situation,   Price $2100.   Terms to lie arranged.
Two Cleared Lots on Fourteenth Street—Close to St.JAn-
drew's nvenue, size 50x157 each.    Price S.150 each.    Easy terms.
Fifth Street—Between Lonsdale and St. George's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each,   Price $tjoo.   Easy terms,
Lonsdale Avenue—Lot 50x120, between Eighteenth ami Nineteenth Streets. Price ,*iyoo. Terms one-third cash, balance b ami 12
Pit 111 Street—One block from Queensbury avenue, two south
front lots, 50x137 eueli, to a 20-foot nlhy. Price $550 each. Terms
one-third cash, balance (1 and 12 months.
Sixth Street—In block 8, 150 leet from Queensbury avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a 20-foot alley, south front. Price $600 each
Terms one-fourth cash, balance in (1 and 12 months.
We have also a large lisi cl properties in all parts of the city.
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, and can oiler you
thc liesi bargains and the choicest locations obtainable anywhere.
Correspondence solicited, or better still, call and see us and let
us show \ 011 what we have to offer.
Corner Lonsdale Ave. and Fifth St.
aaaaaaiiiaaaaa^—^aa.l\.J |l    [ 1   I     1JX
toen I st RESORT
Hatch: $1.50 PER
S|ii'finl Rules lo Families ami Uvular Boarders
Halt-hour ferry connection to and from Vanoouver,  Hot nml cold
wuler in ovary room,   Ilntum call hells iii every room.   Burlier
l*lltl|i ill C"lllll'l'li"ll
Second jtrekt,  -  *   *  -   NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.


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