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Voluniu 1
$l]t SxyrgBB
North Vahcouvir, B.C., May 17, 1910
The Regular Meeting of the City Council
Number 8
His Worship the Mavor presided and all ul tin- aldermen
were present  ,,t  last   evening's
meeting of the city council,
in  tin- matter ul appointing
un assessor lor this vear it was
dnided to tall lm- application*
lu be ill by JttU lllll and lo in
create tin- lees to >5oo, ihai hi
commence wort by the nd •■:
July and have Ins report   com
pit-led and leadi  lul slti mission
io iln* council by November and
thai he proceed as hereloiore on
the tingle lax basil. H vaa
lurther agreed ihat he report on
the building comtruction up to
the end ol October ul  ihis \ea,.
Tilt-     lollowing    iiiliiliiuiiiea
liolls  were   lead .    l.eltif    It..!.,
a. I'hilip, lion, secretary ol tin
Joint luie Advertising Com-
niiuee thanking  city lor  thei
promised donation ol faoo.  K<
l'i. ltiii.ii.iii, manager ol lllc
Hank ol Hamilton, in \ ain.i'i
ver, acknowledging receipt ol t
Utter confirming ine grade ghee the Hank about tin- middle <>i
Uarch last.
Another letter Irom A. t'lulip
CMC,   .iiKtsiiii;   thai   mniii
aims ui propert]  being u*Ud
lol' liv lhe illl Iiiiiii the district, were Ihiiih prepared by
Iheir   solliitois   and would   i.t
completed ai an earl) dai*, Hi
staled  that  the lees in   uni.iei
uou would in- chargeable to ilu
I),  A*  Sieviiison asked   loi
permission   in erect a iuuiuk-i
Camp     at     the    lool    ot      ,-il
Ueorge'i   Ave,  on the   a-a ii
inun. tin motion ni  .iiiiiiman
i.i Neish,   ii   arai rtsol.ed  no
tu grant this reqtieal as ii w.i
im   intention to open up nu
Letter (rom North Vancouvei
Land 1 ninp.iiii enclosing doiu
minis iltdit at ni}; all the la* >
described  as kite (a) in block
*•;, 1)   I.. j;i allll Hi ,,nil   lots
.-,.-,  A   ;\  8i, .si, u.|, 107
550 tu  ilu- uii.    u uas   acknowledged uitli lllallks.
.1. G. Dai iiison, Mcretatrj   >i
lhe l.uiiei   Mainland Inin isilt
Committee asking inr Inlonna
nun and particular! in cumei
tion with  N.iitli  Vancouver s
aim for lln In.ation ol tin
piiiiiiiual university on lln
North Slum. Pointa which Uh
until iiipuiid information  on
Wile as  to available silts,   sit
u.ii 1.ni, iiiiitcur ul land, w.iiei
i.tiilities,    ungranted    crown
lauds .ind popul,illnll lt uas
releired   to a  mliiiniltie   coin
posed ut Aldermen SchulU .run
Uuilei man  and CuTtil   • roll
reporting and adviaing as tu
uii.on improvementi which
tlm recommended In connection
uilh the vault in the dtj hall
Tin-  matter   was  referred   i"
lm.ltd ni works.
Reeve Mi Naught wrote asking
lln uli council In nillsliler llli
III.llli 1    ill   aiding   in the    tun
stitutiiiii  ni tin Second   Nai
Inns bridgi with a Mew to submitting a bylaw lu the   people
iiii iiii* puipusi ui purchasing
stoi k in Uu compuy. Tin
neu advised that tin- mnnlci
palm ni Korth Vancouvei were
Interesting themselves in tin
1 Mini  ill  ,250,000 allil   lurlllel
that private ratepayers had m
Unt.iled a willingness, to sub
uibi Iiii stoik in the Itiul^i
ininpaiii. lie avcrit-d thul In
expected   wflM support   Irmn
V, mt, nil el  alld oilier lllllllliip.il
uns lo the south. The propos-
id bridge was I u tlic a high level
stiiiiiiin  capable "i   carrying
all kinds ol 11,iliu .iiul wnnl'
insl f1,3)0,000 according in 1)
Cameron's plans. With rcga.i
t" 1.iilu,iy loimtititiiis with tin
bridgi he said that this maiM
11.iiiid hale lu In- rcfered In llii
Barrard Inlet Tunnel ami Hnd';,
Tin* teen* expressed ,i f ish In
mnlel   mth  the ,ilv  iniinell    ill
regard tn providing a right-ol
ivaj na ,1 1 iiiw,ii line through
the mi .iiul m regard in ex
eiiiplioii Irom taxation
The   matter  was   favorably
Considered and was relerred   i
ilu- comaittee nl the whole.
«.is Intimated  U1.1t Reeve Mi
Naughl   I*   Invited to   conlei
wilh the COUCH as pet   his ie
The Ontario Securities ol To
roiito acknowledged receipt ul
the city's 130,0.10 dcbc.i.'.urc
bondi whieh they had pun has
ed and exchanged their cheque
lor 011 tlieir arrival in the easl,
u. 11. Sperling, gen. manager
ol the 11. I. I'ieelne Ky., wrote
begging to suggest in the mailer   oi benching  Lonsdale   Aie.
that tin- preient grad- n.i
sleep enough at present and a'li
alteration in the grade which
would make the operation n.
1.us even in a small degree any
mon hazardous would not "'
lair either to the public ot the
company, He asked thai belore taking action that the mailer be given serious consldcla-
1 imi.    borne lengthy argument
mailed and the nld question ol
grades was again iu the lime
Auieiiiiaii Irwin moved that a
1 upi ul the letter be iurwaniiii
tii the commission nl iiigiiucs
uuh the recommendation thai
iim give it consideration, aiau
thai au apolog} be mane liu
.mi notifying (iu writing) the
company I engineer a.s per a re-
snluliiiii passed bv ihe inUllell
tu the elleet  thai "lhe H.C.lvK.
engineer be conferred with m the
selllelllelit ol grades.
it transpired that the ll.C.I-..
ii. ins. engineer was notified
.a telephone and nul bv lettei
ami llial when the date u> l,,i
meeting  ol the engineer!   Wai
delinilci)    lixed  thai   lhe    lni.li
uanager, ,\Ir. l'erry, be appru
d ul ilus lael.    A meeting ni
ilie    lolllllllssloll   ol    ellginee.s
u.is laid   last Saturday,   bm
through     snine   nils 11,nne. iiiiii
,ne li. C. Klectric engineer uas
mil piest-nl, Altlennell McNeisli
amiI- uwk-r did nut lavor tin
apology part ul the resolution
Aid Smith iiiiiteliilul that .1
letter sliuiild have been w 1 itleu
tu the engineer ol the B. C. I'..
K. I'o. as in the ease ol llu
other   engineers.     The    maim
saul that between the amvai m
IMigiueei' Thuinpsuli and tlu
meeting it was nut poaaihle in
get a letur lo its destination
111 time, lt was linally resoh
ed to adopl the lust pari ol
the motion and llial Mr. Sperling be written to explaining
the occurrence anil assuring Iiiiii
ihai ins letter wonld in- plated
belore lhe engineers.     The   motion passed unanimously.
K I,. Ht-id, solieitur fur the
.III, advised that according in
llie .Muniiipal Clauses Ail the
council had lhe same power m
relation    to   erecting     itreet
drains under local improvement
ai thev had with the iustalla-
tiiiii nl sewerage. In rcferum
tn the ease in question Lonsdale
ai iinie, he advised that tun
sepaiate Inlaws be submitted,
nne (ut sewerage and lhe other
im slieel drains. Received .unl
li      C.     All Ui.n,ild,      lm.tali
agelil,    Wl'ote    ill    relelelite   lu
ilu* transaction between tin-1 ily
nnl the .Mission Indians in   it
gard io a right-of-way (Third
street 1 llirOUgl llie lesel'.e.    Ile
dated thai (lie department at
Ottawa won agreeable bnt Brat
required a relinquishment of tin
iiMstniiati right! nl lhe jirn-
1 nn ial government uelon 111.1i
action u.is taken, tin mu ton 01
Aid. Irwin instriniiniis «,n
Hit en thai the city mail appli
. ation Inr the relinqmslitii' ut 1 '
these rights bv the lucai gov*
< iiiinelit.
The deputy prut un i.u sure
t ai y acknowledged  tin  dty'i
resolution ol smi-Mlliy nil a.-
a..nnt   nf the dealu uf nlli   late
The staleini-nt m ilu- N.i'ih
Vancouver Citj Ferries Iei the
month ul Match wai read   as
Inllntt 1     Receipti,   $b,,""a', ,
diibunementi, S4,ihn.75 ;  profit, 11,306.90 ; estimated .Upi
11.iiinn,    1416.30;    net    prnlii,
Sl,Hun..|ii.     It was relerred   in
ihe committee nf the whole, An
invitation uas received by tin.
Maim and Aldermen In alii 11 i
a memorial serviie in lie' ii*,i
tion Park, Vaneouver, 011 Kri-
dai, Mav Mth, The Clerk u a .
instructed to reply thanking the
'inli is and advising lhat Nnrth
Lacrosse Matches
Nurlh Vancouver and Sqiiainish
Indian Teams Meet in Practice Game.
The athletic grounds were the
centre,nl attraction to a crowd
nl local lacrosse enthusiasts on
Monday evening in view of the
(act   that   it hud been   quietly
announced thai the local team
uinilil have a friendly try   out
With     the    Squamish     Indian
twelve, champions of the   province iu tlieir class.  The North
Vancouver team presented a gay
appearance in their new   black
and    orange    striped     jerseys
which have already earned   lor
lliem   the   sobriquet "the    Tigers."    The  new  sticks   wen
likewise to hand as were   also
llie   gual   pusts   and   nets    so
that no item of equipment  was
linking to enable the teams   to
put up the real article   in    la
crone,   The Indians were  m.-g-
11.minions 111 the matter of ret
in, accepting Mr. C. M.   Kit
, sou,   secretary-treasurer    ant
manager ol the North Vancouver team, who treated all |.allies uilh striet impartiality In
nut   uillicling  a single penali.
iroiighoiit the entire game ami
litis in lhe (ate ol the lact thai
it one stage the game develop
rd a   degree  of excitement   in
which two players proceeded i.
"mix   it up" in genuine   sciiim
lacrosse style.   The gallic  WM
one nl -snap from start tu  linish, the Indians with their well
known willingness in work hard
ami lo run long, set the   pace
and succeeded in hiking tlic Tigers iito tamp by a store of ,1
lu   1     The lucal hoys   greatly
pleased thoae who are taking a
elnse interest in promoting   la-
.rnsse in  the tily,     They    are
■really in need of practice and
il instruction in the line points
il   the   game, but   Ihey    gnc
even evidence ul pi miming excellent material and will shortly rniiiiil intu Innn and   prnte |
themselves   lapablc   nf sustain
iug the leputaln-n ol the   city
111 intermediate company.
A seeoiid praetice game has
been arranged with tin same
team (or Wednesday evening
aiid on Saturday afternoon the
tun teams will meet in a match
ttliiih should draw a big crowd
and which will give spectators
excellent,    entertainment   (or
their nionev.
Double Drowning  in  Capilano on Sunday
The icy waters of the Capil-
iiiio river claimed two more vie
thus on Sunday afternoon, Mr.
Bat l'emeiit, aged 26, and his
*Mngef sister, Minnie, aged ih,
of Vancouver.
I'he accident occurred Sunday
afternoon aliout 4 o'clock at a
puint between the Suspriisiiin
bridge iimi the second Canyon,
known as Salmon pool, a par
ticularly laseinating Imt dangerous ipot aiid one of tin-
many treat herons place's in this
river, the fame of which in this
regard is growing yearly as on
The meeting called by tli.
Mayor in connection with the
Dominion Day celebration will
lu- held tomorrow i Wednesday 1
evening in the iitv llall. An iirgeni request is extended lu
every citizen whu cau make   il
convenient in attend tins meet
ing as it is very desirniis tn gel
tin- arrangements fur the 1st ul
.Inly Uldsr way as snon ,js pus
■ible. Kvery indication points
to a monster celebration this
u.ii and nne lhat will exceed
in magnilute and brilliancy cliii
in former years.
(Continued on I'age  h)
\  ii Dimloch ami I-', lv Km
Iiiiii    I'l Seattle,  assistant   en
linen tn Engineer Thompson,
were   in the city nn   Thursday
snd Friday making quite an in
spei timi ol the lay of the   Cttj
with a new to reporting  then
finding!  to their chief,   Kngin
eer Tlmmpsiin, whn arrived here
ai Saturday nn imitation from
tin 1 ill  tn act nn a cnliiliilssl' u
loinp'ised of himself,   Kngiiieir
Clements nl Vaneouver and Pin
gineer Manes nl Vancouver. The
arrival of Messrs.  Dinimk aiul
Kinbiirv was unknown to   enn
ihe litv hall ollicials and   thn
havi vanished .i^.nn like a shad
iw.  Engineers Thompson, Clc
ment   and   Hanes took ,,   look
.ver the situation Saturdav al
Icr-iinnti but  the result nl   this
and   tlieir   recommendations, ii
am ,   will not be made    pnl.'.
until their report is lormulati I
and submitted to the council in
the regular way.
few months ago an inques
was held in North Vancouver
on two bodies, workmen at the
Vaneniiver waterworks intake,
whose death was due to falling
io the swift cumnt of the Cap
Sunday morning lhe two deceased with their sister and
others tame over to North Vaneouver on a picnic. The popular
Capilano canyon was chosea (or
the day's outing, .lust past
the Suspension bridge lhe road
divides, one branch going lo the
Canyon view hotel ami the nth
er, known   as the luwer   ruad,
dnwn   tn   the   ilil) overlooking
the canyot proper.
Just  before climbing  to  the
lill   Ihere   is   a   path   lead Ig
,lott ii to Salmon pool and this
was followed by the party   mi
lil the (nek was reached where
.1   temporary camp .was made
Along iu the afternoon about 4
o'cluck   Miss l'emeiit was attracted   near  the  rocks'   nlgi
where in smut- manner lier looting gave way and she plunged
headlong into the swift current
whnh might be al least tueiiti
feet deep.
The brother Hert saw the ac-
liileiit and without a moment s
hesitation plunged in to tin as
sistaiue ul his struggling sister.
This was the lasl seen of the
unfortunate pair. Miss Peiuetit
..r., wlm was un eye-wi'mss m
the terrible accident, rushed up
the ,isi ent and ran all lhe way
lo the Capilano car terminus
where she got into communit a
linn witli the district ollicials
and Chief Davits was dcspatih
ed to her aid at nnce.
Alter a futile hour's seauh
the relatives and Chiel Davies
iniihl Iind uo trace of the miss
nt-; lines and owing to daikiic*s
mining on aiid the inability
to (ollow the creek down seaiih
in-; had tn be abandulird lor lue
time bring. The Chiel notified
lhe Indians at the lnotilli u
llu river tn be 0U the Iouk uu'
fur the bullies sliuiild lllcl llnal
down. The parents ul lln nn-
orlunate pair reside at -l.So
luili Ave. lv Mt. Pleasant, am
were notified of the lad   aliai
sunn aller ils occurrence.
shelf of rock a few feet above
the ualer's edge. Al Saltuuii
pool where the incident happen
ed the banks ol the creek rise
perpendicularly lor many bet
and   with   the whirl   ul uatei
ami iln iie.iihitiius undercut
rents the must expert iwimmei
u ulliil stand small 1 halite ol
laving himsell when nine participated ill the icy waters He
sides Ihis lhc river liarrnus
ilmtii and enters a shut I fOtgl
at the south t-ud ol lhe pool,
ami then widens oul agaiu intu
a very deep pool where the bud-
n s won recovered. l'iolll the
indications shown by the drawn
lealurcs of the young man it is
thought that he wa.s seued with
a 1 ramp the niolntiil he Was
submerged iu the water and mi
account ol whieh he was ini
mediately a helpless victim,
The bodies were brought down
tu Harroii Bros', undertaking
parlors during the altern.i'iu
where Coroner Diplock held ,,i,
inquest at 5 o'eloik.
May Day Celebration
Arrangement! have been completed lor the celebration oi
May Day ou Tuesday, May 31st
iu the afternoon.    Tin-  Mny
-jiitTii and all children will lie
admitted Iree of charge. Ailulls,
silver min at the door. Grand
Maaquerada in iln- evening,
Dancing Irum nine tu twelvt
tlmi. Gentlemen 50 cents, India -'.s tents. Unmasking ut [0
o'clock. Two prizes will be .1-
u.iiili-d Inr the most novel and
Usi sustained eharacteis.
Mr. F. Tappin of Seattle wil
shortly move into his line new
residence  on   Queensbury   Air
Monday morning Chiel nl l'u
Iin Danes headed a seartIi par
l\   inllipnsell nf Iwn nl   lile bin
lints, Dun and Chat, and Othll
(rii-mls and relatives, and tin
sielie nl  lhe .undent  was Msll
nl Dp tu that time nn it.m
whatever nl the missing once
liad been (ulllld alld the sllppnsl
nmi uas that thev wmild proli-
ibli lodge at no great diltanci
llnlll the spnt when thei lell
III     This siippnsillnli uas l.un.l
1.. in* correit, as jusi about >
i.irds   farther   iIu-aii in a   BOSS
i I perhaps at least thirti bet
ill depth lhe bodies could Ih- dii
u-rni-d lying al the ImiIIoiii a
Imllt :s cards ap.iii, lhe w.itei
il litis plate being as ileal is
1 r\stal. Hv 11.to with the use
grappling irons both l-n.lies
nue reeuvered and taken up tn
ilu lower road by uie.1 ml ol I
long pole and ropes.
On examination it was  Iniind
thnl    the  vnling  ladv had    stis-
taiaad a very nasty cut just he-
kind her lelt ear supposed 10
have been dniu- when she slipped
ail)   the   bdge   and   slrink   th*
The inquest nil the bullies nl
Albeit and Minnie lYiiuiii,
whose tragic death is recorded
111 aiiuther mlnum, u as held
by Coroner A. H. Diplock in the
nndertahing parlors ol Marion
Bran.,  l.nllsdale Ale.,  1 eslei'l.it
afternoon. The bodiea wluen
had been recovered Iron then
watery grave, npoasd m tin
adjoining room nil aftm   tin
hearing   ul    the   illquesl     uheii
ilui were removed to Barron
Urns',   parlors   on  Granvilh
slreet, Vancouver,     They resi-
111 there lasl evening ami   lllis
morning uere taken to lln l.iin
ily resilience on 10th Ave, Mi
Pleasant, irom when the funa
al     will    Ik-    held     Thursda,
in  st    Peter's  chard.   Ua
ris    street.     Three     witnesses
test llnil   at  the inquest,  \\.  lt.
Itiiiiiiiinll   and   I,. Harding   ol
Viininiiiei   and  umipaiiiii i*.  u
the dei eased oll the da)  ol   llu
accident, and Chief Danes who
headed    ihe    suiies.slul
parly yesterday mumme,      \!i
Hriiliiinil   laid   he uas   pn situ
when   tin   accident    happened,
niinii occurred at   11 minuta
past  inin in the afternoon   <>i
last sniiiLii    Tin- young  bun
had   l.illtii    ull   the   iiill    mnl
str ink her head nil a link   Ml
I'eineiii (deceased)   tame ran*
uill-; diAil! "He asked 11,t lu
liiilil Ills Ii.illd allil at lhe same
time jumped in." Witmss slai
cil iliai tn sate himsell fruin
King drawn in alsu he had tn
let (0 nl the inllil-; Uian s h,,nd
He testified that Allnri cried
nut MVersl limes and ,illli..u^;li
lieing all expert sll 111111111 seem
id In niuve Ins alms but leeblv
app. minii   mler ing   imm  a
tramp.    lie .said deceased call-
id nut   his   sister's name   and
s.iiik and uas su-n nn mure. I,
Harding ol 22a Clark Drive mi
rohofuted Mi  Bnmmitl i ivl
duel Davies gave evidence lo
ihe finding ol lhi two bodim n
Monday and that aann wm 1
-testified l.\ um nl lln- brothers
nhn    line    numbers     ..I     tin
Man ii party,
The Jilt \  allil  a -hull delllnl
iliuli returned a urdn 1 ul "ai
id. 111,il   dl Owning" with a rid
el   tll.lt   Ilnte  sllnllhl   In*      bo,ll.l
sij;ns pui up at all nf tin mosl
dangi inns parts of the 1 apilano
t.i nam people and lhat then
till);!!!   Ik   a  lell   lib* btl'.ls hull-
un   pigs in   these   dnngrrou.i
plans .,111! also thai tile Chiel
nl Police and the search null
uere tn Ih- lonimended on tin;
prompt action m imdin-* and ir
mieilli'; the bodies
I ni men were K   Cm in .
li 1  Brown, *'  K   Da
1,      \    V    Markle, T. 0   Mill
ami »'. C Kisentnafl
The death occurred at lllc
lamily reaidence, tor. ol yueen-
ibury    Ave,   and Sixth   strtet,
nn .Sunday leaning, ui Chnrlee
A. Fraser.   Dm deceased   was
a native ol the provtuu- ol ^ue-
lui aiiil removed to Vancouver
about lour years ago when In
established the Goodyear alio.-
Repairing business whkh has
attained marked inccees. Hun
ins lamily he had recently returned to his lesldellie in   this
'in   irom   Vancouver,   whan
il.'V had resided during tile
Winter. The luneral will be
pi iv,1 It- and will Ik- held Wednesday munition at I.30 Iinin
ihe lamily resn tree   to   Nortli
1 uiiiiiuver cemetery.
Commencing tuilay the  North
Vancouver iitv  Perries   have
iliaiigurateil a late si 11 in a
1 lnss lhe Inlei. lilt lieu
..iiiiilule provides lor the S. S.
North Vancouvei leaving Notth
talliiiuver al  U45 and ietuill
111 j^ lenvea the suiiiii side ol tbe
Inlei at 1 a.m. The servue will
Ik   continued until lurther   nn-
Coinjilaints are rife auiuu^st
the merchants and others uuh
11 lettuce lo the very iinsHtislat-
l"ii lelejihone sel Mie uhlili Is
hong given al the presenl time
Private Sale gi Furniture ami
Household Goods. A. .1. Tyson, Flat Iron Block. 8
I'OR SALK or trade lor leal
tslale, plaUu, Hill make, tOOt
>~b"- Al'pl) i'^ lolb slieel
east, NoitU Vaneouver.
For  Singer and Wheals!  and
Wilson Seuing .Maihines and
,1111 ssoi ies, call al our olbce,
1 he I. .1. McAleece Dry Goods
Store, t>5 Lonsdale Ave. Ala
Junes sold for cash or on easy
payment system, The Singer
Sewing Machine Co.
ini.: SALK-Good milch cow
uuh young call. Apply Joo
Second Street West. 1
FOB    SAL1-;  Laige   Cherry
lolding   lied, large   Alu
mi. 1 nst >;.s, will sill lm >.\s
\ppii evenings Mr. Humphreyi
.ni   1 liisttiinld ,,ml |.|ih St   s
HANTI-.D 111 Ntfth V.,ni.ni
ver, HWing by the dai. Address
Ij.  ll   G.,  I'.xpress mine »
FOi    SALIv  Slllpllse Sinn,
loin holes, Al baker, only usm
a\ ueeks. Apply M. C, l:\
pn     nilice.
FOB:   SALE-   Jersey Cow,
[rush   in .  Apply 254 Fonrtla
'tin I   Wesl. (j
H   lv  Guthridge has  leased
hi lea rnnliis on the l'',spl,iii,nli
1 a number of years pasl mn
","1 hj Mr. Jai. Murray.
Tin nssignei nl iln Fan la;
Klectric Company is callina l"i
I.mills fur thf stoik, punt,
. ia . "I the business as a going
concern at a rate on the dnl
lal      The business oftn ,m 1 \
m___ icellent opportunity int ., prm
1  u u   Fow|rr- I3th1 Itreet   inal nun and is well worth tin
inn Mahon, will i-triie   001 careful investigation of as elei
Iriday,   May 20th, and nnt   a- in,uti who wishes tn ntiblish
.'in Ull autumn. himsell in business.               8
N.'l ne   is hereby giu-n   that
the paittiiTship hitherto exist
in-; Iietween the undei.signed .at
N.iith Vancouver under the firm
name and style ol Dudds and
Tl snli, has Ihis day bet-It dis
.a.Ind by mutual const nt
All patties OWilg .iimiin:
ihe said lirm are hereby nnlilied
In pal lln* alii"iint nf lhe saiiu
la. 1,111111 I,. Doddl nhn is at
tli.iii/ed to issue receipts loi
'In    anu-.
Dated  at   North   Vancouver
this 17th dav nf Mav. IQ10
Noli ii Vam an vi»
l(. C
I'ublitlied I ueidiyi ind Frnlayn hi
N.ikiii Siii'ki   I'mss, l.i\iiiii>
mtm ni M Hcimioi
line ii-ur, a-l.uu Six iniiiili.i   .aii.*, Tiinr iiiiinlln-, He
I'nili-il Stall - .nnl l'.ri*i*.'n, tl .'ill |..r itair
advertiiini lUtei wlll hi quoted u i|i|ilii«tloa,
Tin- Bxpren i- 'U-inteil tothi Inii-nali ol thn north Shunt ol Burrard Inlei
lively.      Ill ItltUlM III ii'lu-rl nix  iiiiiIiiiiii "I i*xar|'li"iiiil Tslili- lur
rtMChini lai i III ri.nnh un.l rllirlii.* Mannar thn |"i|Hllilli"H ul Nnrlh Viilii'iiiiii-i
i'iii .u.a i I'i-ii.. i.' Kirn* i tta an i- made iufiv« mu. ri n,. i. iln* mini Ntbhetor*
- rviee,
All   - *|.,ll   ||  -   III   a.alltr.l.l     ill 11 lT I I -.* ll II* 111 |    -I 1.1     Ml    III     tll .*   | HI 111 1*1.'     lllllllll    IH'l
l.inr tli.in In.i mi    .M'.ii.lin   111..I 'i |. in    W *-.l,i. Ul i-iniin-  inwrtiiin III thf
liillamiii.' i--.ii...
: ':-'-2 ■:':.!:',' **■- -
An Acre on Lonsdale Avenue T£
for $1.100.   This property lies well to the
suiiili ni"' wes,i a»d "ill mike i lovely
lioim-iic for anyone wisiiiiit: a Inrge piece
„f   ground   and  the  amenities  therewith.
D. L. 265—A oO-foot lol for |600 cash.
It. L. 213—Lot o» car line (4th Street) for |1,800
..~^  i'l*   .iiini-i |-hiina- :I4'J- Vniii'inivcr
1 '  often Hours n l.n. t" 5.80 pan.    Open KveniiiRH by appointment
A(t*r olllef linum, phone Llll!
Shirwin-Williaiai   Paintt   Cotir   thi    Earth
*  .    li C,
KXAR\   NEWS  "til.
Mu  17, 19M
bur Singer and Wheeler and
Wilson Sewing Machines and
.iiccssnrics, call at nur ollice,
thi J, J. McAleece Dry Goods
Store, 95 I.ntisdale Ave. Mu
.linns snld for cash or on easy
paymenl lyitam, The Singei
Sewing Machine Co.
Price List of
Vegetable and
Bedding Plants
Dn   newspaper!   deliberalel}
lltll   news il, uis i, hen   in
.. '..in .iiijieiiis tn require inch
* n in order th.it thej mat
.uniil possible lnss ol p.i i*'ii
ige limn .uivirtlaeri nr others
to mIiinn the publication ol the
iii-iiis in question might I e dis
I'li.isiii This   i|iiesliuii    has
been  attracting some attention
ni  lali. iln* ball having   been
sei   rolling  in   .in article oa
"Tin Suppression ol Important
\ilt*        irulll   thi   pell nl  ,i Will
tr iii ,i lectin number ol lhi \i
1.iittti Monthly     The  Victoria
Colonist, in th aling edi orial \
tilth   the .iliuli.  has   lllis     to
lie   the tuiiti   litis a number   nl   casts,  :: *    ,,,,, nnis   ,
which   Would   hau* made   ran.
reading, and' his comments upon thi i.nt that nothing ap
peared about them in the
newspaperi   inggeit    thai he
llitiilght    thev   Were   sii|i|ii, ssi.l
loi commercial raaioni In "ili
i r iiuiils, ,is ihe items a ould
have brought upon the newspa
l'i-rs ilu* animoiit) oi advirtis-
el's,   the Hells  u.is  kepi  nlli    ul
prim There is ,i principle Is
Iiiiiii what the Atlantic's con
tributor complaint of, and It
is lhe eternal question in everj
newspaper office, vii What is
inns ■ ti.*nv people think thai
a newipaper ought iu prim
even thing, unless, Indeed, il
happens to bc something un
coin pliiuentar* to themaelvei
.md thai in point at fact ii
prim    everything   ihnt
mines tu |K kiiuw ledge It is
obvious lllal  in   p. U ' . .ill |iillil
everything lhat happens in i
communit) in whiih u is pub-
hshi d nnd it maj as well be
admitted ai once lhat h greal
in,nn things come in th.* notice
a.i tin* iniispap,is ami are not
printi I    ii  iiuiild be i  ims
lake Iii Nippon that smh   *.iiji
preaiion is i..i commercial n a
suns     iii course wt can  unlj
■peak   piisiiiiili   lur  the prai
lm  nl this paper.    A g I d   il
ni in "is is mippreiaed, b i an *
in iln opinion "i ihon n• pon
-ildi lot tin uiiitiiiis ..I the pa
pi i, no gnml purpose u-ouW In
,ii..I bi iis publication   t
il nasmis plai in   pan  in \
ii* lag  i in  decision   \   \
[requentlj  newi Items are kept
.1  print  Inl  nn i,l||< I   :
ih.lll   ihal   the   m Inl   .1     ai 10
iii   Ihein may nut i, cue dam
ag.ng  publicity, when possibl;
ilm   haie nnt   intituled    .in
harm       We    I"   not  look   MJHiil
i un thing ii inu      tii Irj lo
print   mill   ihai.e   i.'n :: [I ,'■) i h
are legitlmati muit* is ol genei
ni publii Iatercat,     P'e ihinkl
this is true ui most' newepupen
although    diillb tless    there     an
i in uliuh the i eigencies ol
iln   buiincsi   office have  kept
back   thing'*   ivhich   the publii
..iiiiii in know
■ a
Till    dlSlll Ul'll    llllllll    is   I HI
Used III llu   publii atlnll nl ilems j
ul news iiiulmil'tciUi conatitutei
aii iss.nu,ii (actor IH I'1'
mln, ii .,1 any newsntyni    The
difficulth     * inpanyin-j   this
l< ature ol m a ipapi I "l"' ■■"'"1
ab* p. rhapi mon   iron Ij lell
In thnsi p.ipiis uiiiiii arc ol *i
bn al    lhaiai ll I'  and  v hu e ml
iiiuiis aie dependent up. n   n .
ghliiiilt I   Hews."      1 poll   lh.
mn   hand  ihere is i persistent
leliilellii     In    depend   upi.i:  all
h.isi .a small items which louu
leaders   tinlild  promptly    term
babble, while mi the other hand
ihere is i danger ol lacing ,,
dearth ol news Hems which
u ould cause the opposite extremist to declare "there's no
thing in lhe iheet." Again, on
tin uiu* hand ihere is alu.>)s
uilh us the individual who has
si>nu  hiibbi  tn ride, smne   axe
tn grind, sunn* scheme io promote, and wlm is according!}
p, riiiti nt in Ins endeavors to
procure the publication oi iunis
which would serve his purpose,
while nn the nther hand ih iv
app.ais nil tin* sn ne at It'iipum
intervals lhe one uho lot po
siill.il   nt   other   reasons   is all
(ioui lhat certain news he
withcld iinin publication
Granted ihat an editor is never
sn conscientious, the i|iitsii in
Uhal is news .'" will ilieuta
idl   give Use,  at  times,  In   pel
pliMiics. iii dulling wiih whi li
iln-   newipaper   is  practically
sure to iinnr iensure Irnin mu
source nr ilu- other,   To d in
that editors are nm coBsci' u ■
lhat commercial interests   are
tin uh ed to i greater or  Itiaei
I.gut in many oj the decision
which are reached in smh mat-
ten  would be  to  Imply that
tlui   are deficient  in ordinary
intelligence, but at the   same
time the position laken In   th.
islitnii.il ipii.ted   ui ove   is   un
doubtcdlj correct thai while in
an   occasional   instance wun
in wsp,ip. i nun i u-ld to mercenary influence! in  smh ,, silua
mu,  nevertheleaa the  average
-ilil<>r will be lound staunch  lo
,iis principles and conscimtiou
ia iin discharge of that which
ia , nineives to be his dntv ll
the-public interests, irrespcciiv,
ol monetary pj-oiit or loss to
Ins papei In |iuilii nl Uii lhat
is the only sound basis upon
uliuh anj inuspaii'cr can hope
ia, mini m to retain public
i nliluli Uie  aliil  siippuit
Nelson Manfg Co.
KSI'I.AN.UlK,   Kast  nr
N. V.   l.l'MUKK Co.'s Mll.l.
N. NELSON. Proprietor
Messrs. Jeffery Bros., 511
Dominion Trust Block and
135 Lonsdale Ave., North
Vancouver, are prepared to
give prices (or any class of
building in any district. Good
and reliable work at a reasonable hguie.
Ciiblui|-p, in lioxi'. uf L'I.. -.V
Ut-lnry       "      "     IM  Me
I'.iiilillnin-r"      "     Id  'ibe.
TiiinuliiM   "      "     IH  'J&ti
Altel,BtOCki, I."Iilvn l-'.-atln-r
l.'iliflni Maritiiil'l, 1.' iu Ihix, '.Th-
I'liualt-K,   A hi until   1**1111,   in
liluiini, li liiriii' roolH in box, '.'5e
Pui-ii's    Autumn   -'ini    ill
hlnom, li larije "not. in hoi,,-.'5c
Aimorteil I'liint-, In onler, in
liiiniileii al same rutt" per ilo-en.
FORLaWN aNdgarden
THE KR.tl'k.llVkl.K
■UN CO, Ltd.
Lonsdale Avenue,
al l'erry  Landing
JIME to Paint.
Make your buildings bright and clean
this Spring. We have
the best and most economical paint for you
to use.
SHtRwih Williams
PMHT, prepared,
Is the paint that
spreads farthest,
wears longest,
k looks best.   Made
/of purest materials.
A record of forty
years of good paint
^^^^^^^^^^^^     making oehind it.
I 11 T O     H*U   THE URGEST SIIL£ "I"
Sole Agents for
North Vancouver
Paine  <& McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
train-Williamt   Paintt   Cotir   thi   Earth
North Vancouv er
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   GravM,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All Hitlers  Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
(jtiaranti-il.    I'riccs on
Oifice: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharl
I. (). 0  F.
North Vancouver Lodge, Nn.
J5, meets every Thursday iven-
tnf, corner Lonsdale avenue aiul
First street, at S o'clock. Visit-
in-; brethren cordially invited to
attend. .1. Kelly, NO; A. ti
Kennedy, Rcc-scc; 3, H. I'il-
lin-j, Fin.-sec.
Close to Lonsdale Ave.
and Car Line
A smiili hniisi ,mil Iwn Soil,   luts,   all   cleared   an.l
water laid lo tne property, Prim titty $750. Terms*
i-.t cash, balance, d, 12 ami iS months.
Twentieth Street OM lot do* to Lonsdale car line
lacing Souih. Price |6jp. Terms, J225 cash, balance,
h, 12 and iS months.
A few s|iltiulid lots ill lhe city limits at J.'.so caih,
only '4 1,ish, balance h,   11 aiid iS months.
Chas. E. Lawson £» Co.
.. - -iii.i-iiiiii'
tteal Ksiite Specialist
15 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 70
Wlnn tin* Sun lights un the Sky
l-liilll It*, allnl, III nil high,
lml darhwesi mils its canopy
1 lu 11 iln uin pi 1 ni iln in 11 /<.-
'i.ikis .1 milling in tin- ircc
Tis iiu- uiu 1 1 ..I tin Da)
Wlnn tin petal   green nnlurl
And iln D.iiinilils unttiii,
AmI I.il.'    tlnn   kiss nl passimi
from the snii.
win 11  tin   whiiiperinf,  in   lh«
As spim    ..it 1 \ pans
Tis tlu whisper 1.1 iin* Noon.
When iln  sun  sinks down ln
In the golden, glowing West
i'ln- twilight  i.nii * .md si.us
begin to peep,
wlnn ilu uiu*per ..I the corn
Sounds I nl forlorn
Ti*. iln- uiu 1 1 lhe Night
Turn Tit.
Hi    \  11   Ya.aiaisoii led on
Tueiday  on  n  three   months
rip to lus .,hi home ln Prtaei
Rdward Kl,,iiil
lie ini   w    McLean  ol   Ml'
11,et, mst aai Ottawa (uinli-ii'i
I,it mt Thursday for his foiin1'1
in,nn ut Uaniti: .
A Proclamation
The City and District Councils
have appointed F liday, the 20th
day ol May nexl, as a day of
general mourning foi the loss sustained by the nation in the death
o( our late Soverign Lord King
Edwaid Vll, and do invite all
citizens lo observe said day as a
day ol general mourning, and to
attend a Joint Memorial Service
to be held in the Horticultural
Hall, or Grounds, at 2.30 o'clock
in the afternoon of the said day
in honor of I lis Late Majesty.
By order
    -Ul.   I ll K   KIM,.
Memorial Service
connection with the Joint Memorial Service to be held in the
Horticultural Hall, or on the
Grounds, on Friday afternoon
next, May 20th, His Worship
Mayor May and Reeve McNaught hereby icijuesl representatives from all lhe Churches,
Loyal and Fraternal Societies,
Schools, Orders and Choirs in
the City and District, to meet in
the City Hall, on I uesday, the
17th inst, al 8 p.m., to make
final arrangements for order 0
By onler,
Citv Clerk.
I     ItlTSHEN
FJC Bennet,     6J Lonsdale
11. Ill
lUktndi oi MIpIn ninl Anttqni Kurmture
sun  Hiiir,". Iiunl* mnl H*r Flxiurer   Rtptth
lllX in nil |U bmiH li-'s
Plctnra FmaUf.      Furniture Stornjtc
MAIL OSDSSI Kl.'-ll 1'iiinil'l •lli'illii'li
Some Seasonable Suggestions
Tin* growing popularity ol our 1910 Hot l'oint
l-'.leiirii   Iron has inin demonstrated during tlu-
p.isl week, nur Urge slink being snld nut entirely.
Another large shipment arrived toda) .nvi are are
prep,ned to lill iill orders in rotation     Keiiieliilier
in days' iree trial.   Yours Ior liking.
Tlmse Klectric toasters ire tpokt about  List
week set 111 In appeal In tile lilenkl.isl  l.ilile epitlire
iii un uncertain w.n, ,is mir sales nl th.it handy
little article testily.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
:: The Finest  Double Corner on the Grand -
1 >
"   Rmilot/arH   (,V('r',K,'c'nP ['^ Knl«t for miles, lias 100feet frontage on   j]
;;    DUUIcVdl U    the Boulevard bylW on 10th Stmt,   Must be sold at once   J]
1 >
Price today $3600.   $1250 cash, bal. 6 and 12.
1st Street
We havi* three lots in the first block east
of First Street for Jhooo each. One-third
cash and the balance in hand is months.
2nd Street
thine lots in the first block west on snd
Slreet for J3000 each.    Good terms.
Upper Lonsdale
One 35-ioot lot on upper Lonsdale lor
51250. tllit il S good investment, as lots
nil   round   this vicinity  are  selling lor
J1 (ioo up.
See us lor New  Boulevard  Property,
Lynn Valley, (apilano, U.L. nfj ami ims
,„,,„> portion of  the down-town distiuts
The Canadian Financiers, Limited,
R. L Thompson, Local Manager.
Head Office 632 Granville Street Vancouver, B.C. I
The Canadian Home
Investment Co., Ltd.
J.  K. SEYMOUR, President.
C. G. VAN HOOK,   Director of
J. R. SEYMOUR, of Seymour,
Allan, Storry iV Hlair, l-'inan-
cial Agents. Vincouver, ll.C.
Vice - President of Clarke \-
Stuart Co., Ltd., wholesale
stationers: Director B.C. Ke-
lining Co., Ltd.; I'rtsnlt tit
B.C. Wood I'ulp ami Paper
Co., Ltd.; Director Provincial
Investment Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
JAMLS A. HARVEY, K.C, Barrister, Vaneouver, B.C.
GEO. T.   ROGERS, Merchant,
late of Cranbrook, Ii. C.
J. H. MURISON, Director
Canada Mines Co., Ltd.; Director ul Commercial Trust i
Loan Co., Ltd., Vancouver,
KSSH ti. MILLEK. Director of
Knight'l Island Mining anil
Development Co.; formerly
Sp u.ii Agent The Standard
Home l i'.
Bank Budding, Vancouvei.
I!. C.
(Incorporated 1910, Under tin- Laws of British Columbia.)
$1000, $2000, $3000,
$4000    or     $5000
Return Payments $7.50 Monthly on Each $1000.    Seven
Per Cent. Simple Interest  Per Annum,   Payable Monthly.
Before Borrowing Money to Purchase a HomejYou Should Ask Yourself
the Following Questions, and Answer Them to Your Satisfaction. If You
Do Not Do This You Are Not Doing Your Duty  to  Yourself-
1—Can I secure a written agreement, that will deliiiitelvVltle lhe question of ultimate cost of the loan,
ami the length of time required to repay llu- loan wilh interest ?
2—Can I secure terms that will allow me, with the income at my disposal, to repay the loan without renewing same, and taking chances of losing my home on account of my inability to renew the loan?
3—Where can I secure the loan at the lowest possible cost ?
4—Is the proposition a safe one, anil will the plan admit of the company keeping its promisei?
5—Can I allord to pay rent, when I can buy a home on monthly payments less than rent ?
6—Will any plan under which I can borrow money allow me to repay the loan at any time, thus stop-
ping lurther interest ?
7—Will my monthly payments reduce the principal a certain amount each year, thereby reducing the
interest ?
N—Is this plan a lottery proposition, or is it one equitable to every person ?
Every One of These Questions Is Satisfactorily Answered in the
Investment   Home  Purchasing  Contracts   Issued   by   This   Company.
Accumulating, Investment Home Purc'i imii',' Contracts are issued, costing $(i.oo purchase price, and
thereafter ili.no per month dues. Each contract provides (or several settlements or options should the
holder desire to discontinue his payments. As an investment the contract runs for eighty months, at
which tune il guarantees the return of J570.00 lor the ^So.oo which have been paid in as dues. Each
contract is entitled, in its order, to a loin of any sum up to f. 1,000.00 out ol the accumulations lo the
loan or reserve fund, as fast as these accumulations are sullitient lor making the desired loan. Loans
may be repaid at any time, thus snipping lurther interest. More than one contract mav be carried at a time.
Ten and one-hall years in which lo pay for your lioinej; average monthly payments of ten dollars
and llfty one tints ($10.51), including both your principal and interest.
Make your contract with us at once; the soonei you do it the quicker you will own a home.
Call at our ollice, or, upon request, wc will have one ol our representatives call on you.
Head Office, Granville Mansions, 705 Robson St.   Phon1, __l   Vancouver, B.C.
N. E. HELMICK, Secretary and
JOHN J. BANFIELD, Keal Estate and General Insurance,
Vancouver, B.C.
MAJOR W. B. BARWIS, Manager Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co., Vancouver, B.C.
W. T. WHITEWAY, Architect,
Vancouver, B.C.
MAJOK C. McMlLLAM, President -'Westward Ho" Publishing Co., Vancouver, B.C.
W. S. MATTHEWS, Director of
Commercial Trust and Loan
Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C.
A. McKECHNIE, Vancouver, B.
C . I'tesideni Roch mar Pulp
Plaster Co., Rochester, N.Y.
N. E. HELMICK, formerly special agent llie Mauii.u.l Hume
Co., ul Biiiningham, Ala*
C. G. VAS HOOK, Director
Sound Copper Co.. of Alaska.
Vancouver, B.C.
The  ILilllllielsleV  plnptltl ll
illg between Ilt ,md .id si ree s
.mil Si  .\nditi\'a .ind si. Pal-
rick's avenues, which was ptir-
ih.isiil   bv  Messrs.    Burns   and
u.iiknu ol Vancouver recently,
n.is again disposed ol last wa..
in lhe Boanl al Trade moms ,n
Vancouver,  This latter diapoei*
lion apparently took the orm
ol a dr,m ing competition   and
the properlv is Iimi  divided up
amongst -n owners, principally
Vancouver and North Vancou
ver pllli h.isel's.      Mis.  l-'iistir ol
Vancouver secutud the large re
lideuct ,ind iwo additional lots
for the priit* iif otic.
Following is a lisi nl lhe new
owners and the location ol their
property,   The Burns .V Wulktin
deal cane into prominence ol
late   through the idler   ol   the I
purchasers io sell the unopened '
pm lliill   of   211(1 slreet   through
lln*   properly   to the   lily   ol
Norlh Vancouver lor it,0O0 and
later $1,ooo.
Stephen Tinglev, B'j -i ; II
M. I'.Mis, I'.'1 -'i ; E. I). Tailor,
K\ 21 and V,_ IJ; .1. Dangh, \l
', lo ; .luhn limns, U , H ; M,
l-'ostel,  hiillsc I   '.  22,  Illii    .1 I
diiiiiiial iui tin- price  of  dl  ,
F, W. Tillen, W ', I9| A   I'lnl
ip, B .'■ it ; J. C. Keilh, W '..
q ;   .1. V.   McNaught, W ', :i ;
O, II. L. Hobaon, W '.- ie; w
C. Dittnars, W '. j; J. W. Van-'
gli.ui, W '.. B ; Seaboard Timber
\ Trading Co., B '.. ii ; *,»hn
sou tk Richardson, j'', ', IJ ; II.
I„ Simons, IC ',' 2h; Horace
Williamson, W ', II1 Sharpies
i\ Sharpies, B '■ 14 ; Dr. Baker,
W ', 24 ; ,1. K. Macrae, W '.
11 ; Griffith 4 Townsentl, B '
lo ; Hevan >\ Oore, W ', 2o ;
Watson | 11,,11111, \\ . I | ; II.
V Baker, B '., 7 j II- C. Smith,
B ,', W ; Bertha Dukelisen, W !,
2,1 ; John Mcintosh, E',»; B.
w Chamberlain, E ', 12.
Masonic lucmhen la 1 delight-
lul evening's liter,uv program
mul displayed lur wonderiul
t,iieui as ,1 ventriloquist to an
enthusiastic audiepce, Hr, Alu-
ander ReUIy, the well known
pianist oi Vancouver, coutiib*
ntcd a number oi piano 10I01
An informal dance concluded 1
len enjoy able evening.
A Literary Column
Somewhat About Books tt Writers
A very rare Heat and one ol
the most enjoyable events of
its kind this season was held in
the McMillan hall last Thurs-
1l.11  eiening Whin Mrs   Knit- I).
Meeke, the renowned entertain
er nl   Vancouver,  entertained
the   Beaten   Slar   lodge    and
Bird   life   iiuiiii^   the   winter
has been but marking lime .1111
plant life dormant or passive,
but with the advent of spring
I hey Make into newness of life.
Nature's yearly renaissance,
While al all times the various
phases ol wild natural lib' ha tt
had iluii  exponents, ilu- j ast
lew  tears have been nola'ult' for
the im>ii- intense obaervalion ol
wild life, resulting in 1 nea literature   uluih has taken   thi
plan-   of  those    gclietal   ...uli
mental eulugiea oi nntnrc wh- I.
were owtt the fashion.
kiihald    .I cileries     was     lln
founder ol the new ichool, nnd
his book "Wild Life in a Southern Country" while finely written, is above all characteristic
ol intense observation, showing
a full and sympathetic appiedition of the humor and ii.igcdv
of animal life anh free Irom 11.1
ture faking. .lust no'" the
comparison he makes between
the starling and the lark al
dinner. Page iS.
"Starlings literally ran- over
"the earth where thei an lead
"ing, jealous of each other lest
"uiie should be lirst, and so
"thev leave a tract all around
"not   so   BUch   as   looked   at
Tiun, having run a Uttll w.n,
"thev rise and Ilv to UOtMl
"part of the field. Bach starring seems full ol envy and
"emulation, eager to otitstiip
"his   fellow   in  the I,ne foT   tit
"lnls and so thei all miss
"minii nl what thev might oth-
"eltilst' Iind Then lile is so
"gregarious thai it resembles
"that of men In cltiei u.itiliing
"une another with liverish atl-
"xiciv,  .pushing   and   bustling.
"alu ais appear plai id even 111
"tlieir restlessness and do llul
"jostle their nt-ighbois."
We in North Vancouver arc
lortunate in having smh a
storehouse ol nature at our
back door and iis (liferent
phases arc worth sliult nl
a ilillereiit kind lo lhe Winilies-
ter u whiih appears ta in- more
general. The mountain rnngi
north of our citv is as worts
ol bet |ng a natural park iis
lias Ballll, alld it being so (.isi
nl .mess iinin 1 large centre ol
population, makes it Will liml
deniable that 1 section *,i s ti 1
lew hundred square milts In tt
diiated [or this purpose
Registration of North Vancouver Properties
A review of lhe registrations of North Vancouver properties Irom thc Vaniouver Land Registry olhce disi loses tin   loll nving transfers for week ending April 23rd, luio :
1)  I..     Property-
N   V. I.. A I. Co. ..
.1. Vates	
**, N. I.anlisti et al
Vi. C. Smith	
B. tt. 0. C.illies 	
1    I     Stevenson  I illd 5-121.271       J2,50<|
 tt    lliNeisli  1 and 4-6 and 7-28-547 ... 1,000
 Kev. tt    Baiigh Allan  IJ ajid  14-4-273   3,230
 I. Zelik    22-I-273    l,l,o
  I. .1   Milium  22 to 23-2N-b and 7-547      2,.-1.1
NOTE   The Vancouver l.iud Registry ollue has lot issued am     registrations    since    'he
I Nth of April, but it is expcili i   Ihal mil be , ..uliniied siliitlii.
lh .mi.ihr,    gj  nubs  to   tin
north of the city of Kamloops
Nnrih Vancouver, B I'..
Mill    I |tll,   1','ln
Kditor Kxpnss
De.it Sn. Wiiiild miu In- l.iu!
enough to announce In youi pe
per thai  owing to my trawl
mother,  .Mrs.  Annie  lliaul, hi
iiig seriniisiv ill, 1 withdmn
from being Mav Queen, I n
main, Yonn truli.
I'he city council for ilu* Citj
i.f K.unliiops were   presented
with a petition from ihe  rati
paveis recently asking lhat  1
Inlaw In- introduced for 'll.-
lnii pose of borrowing 140,1x11
inr waterworhi intensions. As-
sent was given.
The lirst patent for appliances in loiitieiiioii with .111 airship granted to a New tint-
iniiish-r man has been awarded
to Edward Honlt of lhi city
hall stall. Mr. Iloull has heel
granted patent rights in ihe
t'llilcd Slates ,mil appliia ioni
foT patent! have also 'ti'll
made to the Canadian ni
British   governments   nml   uill
probably Ih-   received ihortly
The patent is for 1 propelling
ind steering device.
'Larks are nuuli calmci
A  company   composed priu
' ipalii   nl   Viitutia 1 initaliati
has been formed (or tin- pur-
|inse ill developing ihe twentj
1 ini square miles nf proven
coal measures whiih eon-liinte
the biddings nf Ihe Canadian
Northern Coal and Coki Coin
panv at   and near lhe  him lion
ni the North Thompson ind Uu
Methodist church, count Mii
streei and St. ('.forge's .inline
Services at 11 a.m. mul 7.in
p 111.    Sundav Sihool and bible
To Builders and
Tenders will be received by
the undersigned up till Wednesday, May 18th, at noon, ior thr
construction of two or more
Summer Cottages at West
Vancouvrr, about half-a-mile
west of Hollyburn wharf
Plans and specifications may
be seen at 813 Granville St.,
Vancouver.    The lowest or
any tender not necessarily ac
class 3.30 p.m!   dun meeting
10 a.m. .Sunday. 1'iuyt-r meet
ing .s p.m. Wednesday. Moodv
villi- Sunday .school 11 a.m.
Pastor, Rev. 11. II. ltaldirstou
I.yuii Valley Institute Hall
Services every Sunday nimn-
mg al II, and tuning at J p.in
Sl. .lohn lhe Kvaugilist, Kill
and 1,Uii streets;—
Holy  communion,  n  a.m,
mm ning piaur 11 a.m.; even
ing pi uur, 7.30 p.m. (In the
lirsl Sundav in lhe month then
will la  a suuiiil ulil.l.ilniu   ol
the holy communion at ll a.m.
K'.iim   kev. Hugh Hooper
Siiiius at Sl. Cli-iimit's hall
I.\nu  Vallev:      Mmuing plant
11 a.m ; evening puyu j p 111
riii-l-in-iliHigi Kev II. II
St.   Andrew'i    Pmhvterian
luirih, iSlh street:—
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m.    Sunday school 2.30 p.m
i'rayer meeting on Wednesday,
at 8 o'clock.    I'astor:   Kev. J.
1). Gillaui, MA.
Norlh Vaniouver Catholic Indian Mission:—
Sunday Services-Mass at 9
a.m. Sunday school at 3.30 p.m.
Itui.dnti.m at 3 p.m. I'astor:
kev. lv reylavm, O.M.I.Vll.
H.il'tist Uninh, cor. 5th and
St. George:—
Sabballi school al 2 p.m. Sti-
ilns at 3 p.m. and at 730 p.m
Ninth l.uiisilale Pn sl,\ li 1 i,,n
Chunh Services in Kxhibilion
Hall inn Sabbath, (ntiliaanii
•it I I o'lbiik, evinitig al ' 1"
o'clock. Siibbiilh Sih"id an 1
Illble Class, afternoon al .' in
o'clock, Kvv. .1. U. Mills, mis
Fresh and
Salt Fish 1	
P. BURNS & CO. has installed a Fish
department, seperate from their Meat department, and are prepared to fill all orders
for Fresh and Salt Fish promptly.
Phone 11
ii«..m„,..,.„...i.i.....,m......n..i...:    OI
,iii investiiunt, diamonds are i sine |
' *
Inside tlu lasl ten years diamond values bave
doubled, Tlnn* is never uiy fluctuation In the
market, hut an advance is alwayi certain.
Sum* .hun* nl List vear, when values rose live
PRICKS li is. however, probable thai another
rise will lake place this summer.
There arrived in our store ihis n*eek Till' LARGEST SHU'MKNT ni. DIAMONDS THAT HAS
UONDS IN ( \\.\l).\ Wl-.ST OF TORONTO.
Satislai lion guaranteed,
Diamond Merchants
Cor. 1 lastinas & Granville
VAl.I,b:v   CAR LiNE
I.. Trorey,
If   I'Tiet.ir
Nmt is the lime to think ol fixing up
thit home ol youri, WE CAN HELP
iia   i'l.i.:   il   I urnititre nnd Carpel
md know lum  ;i home should
Ix irran   *1.    |l SI  KBl EIVED A
I;. I Shipim-iil ul  Iron .unl   Urtiss  Bed
steads, i Iiiiilu u's (uis, etc.
.1   ll   U    I'lil '  |
Full Kv."i Iron i'...l-ii*i.i-,
U '"Mi ti, 16.00,16.SU,
un.l hi to I imm
W'ui'ii U in- S|.riiiu   f'.'.'iii
 ' N.mi
 illi-mvi fi.r-n
U,..t "Keel re" Uattnw |ISJ0
1 Ki itmor*" M iitri..-     ,, i Mt
A i.TviMiiifnriiilili'Mirtr.-i.
i nninaml ol lulrmd Ml 116.00
Ctl.iii Top M.itir.*.-    (MO
Cotton Top ud Bottom Mat*
imm, in li.'.       twi.ixi
I 23 Lonsdale Ave.
norm yancoivik
I-  Ai I
*.'i * it ive —.«I«- "
.ni'i inquire.
I the I" st pri |  a ni the
11   l.uii-ilale Aw'inii'
OftenU     lions- jj      P.O.Box60
We Sell Anything and Everything,
Anywhere and Everywhere, by
Auction; also Real Estate, Fire,
Life   and   Accident    Insurance.
Howard & Mathmon
16 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 220
'I,.. 14th tbi CARS WILL I'.I Rl SN1NG paal
mn v. mbdiviiion, which it located io the heart ol
■■ ruled i" I   nn Vill *   * ijx rty
,* * ■ |.t tbi .iiinn* mnouni enn nl .1   a tip thai
• i'i n)'ii.u-l movi ment ■       ■■  a   the
lurni d on,
\\. 1  remirkible fine subdivii ian  on
IvtlMVllllRIi SIRIH. [acini k  lb,     thecxl     on ol
1    li mrd, uin' li m up ottering noi n
nabli pricei
.oii.il.il' Am mi'* Phone 155.
The Lvnn Vallev extension  ol
the  D,  C.   Electric Uv.  Co'i,
railway lyatein on the North
Shore ivns officially olHiiet'   _\
1'tid.ii   afternoon, May   -,3th,
and 11.1s tin occasion ol much
eiiihiisi.isui .unl celebration  on
tin- I'.ui ol the Company and
ilu* thirty or lorty prominent
inuiiil   guests   uini  shiircil   ., '
ride ou the lirst paisenget car
to it.ticrsc lhe line to the new
terminus.   The line was all ml
iin,nt on the part oi ibn  Distriit lor 1 number ol yearn and 1
List iall definite action was in
11,iiiiiud  hi ilu- Company and'
in November, 1909, the contract
u.is let t" the Patterson Lumber Co. .iiul belore tbe close ol
ih,ii   month the lirst sod  was
Unfavorable weather occa
sioiieil numeroui delays ami on
ih.it account completion was
delayed lor a considerable period longer than was anticipated, Friday, May t.uh, however, saw the re.ili-atioll oi omul ilu* most noticeable advancement! yet experienced in tbe
Vallev inui with iln- advent of
,1 ball hourly car service into
thai very desirable locality progress will surely he rapid.
Last l-'riday afternoon
promptly ai }.40 o'clock Conductor Jonei pulled the lell
rope signalling Motorman Griffin In nun nil tlu juice when
the double truck special laden
with iis many ollicials and
prominent citirens started on
its inst journey Into the district municipality,
Tin* ride was commonplace
until wth street wns crossed
.Uld lhe new line illlel'iil Upon*
l-'iuiii that point to .'oth slreel
.md along Mth to the connec:
lion with the pipe line road tall
liis wrapped lhe tar and track
,11 ,1 primeval cloak, and lliiil e rested oil a willl Waste ol
some of It Cu. lie.m itulf.
A   short     distance   past   llie
corner of :oth itreet and  the
Lvnn Vallev road the car sl..u
.-.1 iiunii when a "huir.ii" Irmn
in asseinlilv ol school childitll
itoin the Lynn Vallev school
announced that 1 ceremony was
about tn be dispensed. The cat
emptied and ill the centre ol
llie   track     Stood     little     Miss
Sadie Allan, daughter of Coun
cillor Allan, bearing a Inrge
bronzed kev made of Lynn \ al-
u\ wiiiid and about -'; Icct lit
t-ngtb, bearing tin- inacriptiou,
T'resetiteil lo Mr. A. G. Perr)
hv ilu* silmlais ol the l.inn
Vallej ichool on tin- occaaion ol
ue opening of the lirsi inr line
in ihe present district municipality, North Vancouver,   i.'th
.Iai . till.1. The K' V to Sue-
* s " I,ttile Miss Allan, with
In- remarks lhat il represented
In* kei and freedom nl the 11111-
ir.upalitv and il was hop.d that
a great mam more lines would
in* opened Up tbroOgh dillelelll
parts ol lhe district,  piiselilcd
it to Mr. A. (',. l'erry iln- loenl
manager,    llr,  Pirn ncknow
ledged the token nl welcome
aiiil good will and said thai
this was only the beginning and
Ihal    il  was lhe luieiuiiner   ol
many more lines that would in*
constructed in diflerent parts nl
the  distriit   as soon as   traffii
it,ut,iniul the company doing
su.     The   Reeve   said   he   ttas
glad to announce  the  welcome j
information that ilu- line  was
now open and that the people
nl lllc ValltV llulllil lliil lv
forced tn take t.i lile mtlildl
Inads anv lllorc. He added
that it WOUld hi his greatest
pleasure  it lull    lie nuild   see ,1
We have a good list in 265.   A House artd Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN  OFFICE:—264 Hastings St. L, near Lmpress Iheatre
Throughout, lhe work is re-
inarkahle lor its liability iu
view  ni  ilu- numerous  ■>• >>iKN
plates oyer wlinli lhe lim*
passes. At ■*, o'clock the return
gong was sounded and the parti
lileil into the ears and enjoyed
must pleasant ride hack tn
North Vancouver, tin the oc
cation Mr. A. 6, l'l'iiy, the in
ial manager, repreeented tlu
lump.inv, and Mi. Uoodiitll,
supt. ol m,iiul,ind branches and
Mr. Ogilvie, supt. ol overhead
and truck works, the Vancouver ollice. Saturday morning
between 5ni h o'clock the Inst
regular .serviee was commenced,
lhe news being Coiiducloi
Fawcett and Motorinaii Kelli,
and Conductor .'ones ami   Mo
tormaii Griffin.   Among thou
present Kridav Were UaVOI
Mav, Keeve McNaUfbt, AUn
nnu Irwin, McKae, Smith and
McNeish, Councillors Bridg
man, Allan and I.awsmi, CitJ
Clerk T. Shepherd, A. I'hilip,
CMC, Cin Kngineer Il.ni--
City Treasurer Humphrey, Sec
nl District School Hoard lv 1)
Campbell, Chiel Arthur Davies,
hinv  Manager T. lli-.nd, tt i-
iv      Ciilliinissiniiers    las    Mt
Nair .md Larson, K\ Comicillor
Westover, .1. M. Promote, Distriii Engineer A. Cameron,   .1.
P, l-'ell, .1. C. Keilh, ,1. K. .1.
Murray, W. C. C.reen and W   II
Dai ison.
North Vancouver Piano Co.
and School of Music
Phone 11.) 44,i Lonidlle Avi nue
PIANOFORTE- Teachen, Mis, Burraeiter, A. K. A. M
Mn, W. W.iui
SINGING—Teicber, Mr. P. Bdmundi.
LIN, ETC.   Teacher, Mi. L Danes, L. V, B. M.
Pianoforte; Elementary, ii lenoni (6.oo; Advanced, I9.00
Violin, etc.: Elementary, II lessons 16.00, Advanced, Ni 1111
Smuiiii;, 1  lesson tt-j/B
t2.oo per aud up.
Special tads lo families .md in regular
inest Rool Wo on H
Skciind Sirii 1.
The   lollowing telegram  explains itself and lhe earlv   N
spouse   ol    the  distriit    tnlllliil
to the occasion nf the nation's
loss in the death nl King   Ed-
Ward VII shows the loial   audi
sympathetic spirit nl the North I
Shore citizens :
Ottawa, May 12th, i°lo.
Jno. V. McNaught,
Keeve, Nortii Vancouver :
Vour telegram 1 ith Ma)   Am
commanded  by the  Governor-
General to thank you for youi
ineuagi ol sympathy whiih His
Excellency    has   forwarded   tn
tin Secretary ol State for the
Colonies (or submission to the
King and QUMU Alexandra.
Governor-General Secretary,
riniT-i i*s:
Phone 170
uriaini u
P.O. Box
North Vancouver
We supply ST0VEW00D any
through connection to Vancou- |    |h reqmre(j $2.75. per Ud-
ui   ua  ilu- Second   Narrowi 1.
Prompt delivery,
Phone 190 P.O.Box
Another ipeclal was then
hronght into comminlon and
ihe whole party glided ting on
ilu* new imt firmly embedded
track to tin temporary terminus at Iloskin's read, Here the
party took hate of the cars (or
a short time and enjoyed some
iilieshnicuts aller whiih aii in-
ipectioU was made.
The .11 tiial lertniniis will he
1 -imi (eel north nf the jumtinti
nl Hnskiiis and the pipe line
road and in ihis intern 11 nj^
span- heavy works nl excavating is now being carried on,
The grade  at this point   is
llu- heaviest nl ally throughout
the entile new route, it being
(Innil 7'.. per cent , while thii ri ,i)m t'i .i'h nn the remaining
portion average! about  i tn 1
per cent. Near the Unskins
mad and just past the flume,
quite deep iitts an* In in 1 made
,iini in both inst,iin is tin 11,1
wiled roadway will have to be
broughl   down  in  conformity
with the railway ii.uk*
A_Modern Range at a Modest Price
The J. D. Fraser
Phone 58.
It is iiia.h un the nnisi up-tn
ilnte plans with sprcial feature points, nui' ol iiim h il
ivhich iiuik's hakini* a real
This leatiuepreVi nls the
pouibility "i ilu- bach ol
ihe on n being holler
than nearer tin- door,
uhiih  iv  the MM uilli
most langM,
I.a 1 ns •.hint '.nil lllis little
wnnkli lt don't cost you
.1111 more in cash, hut is
nnilli iniiih in results
Hardware Co.
133 Lonsdale Avenue.
Lot 5, block 54, ll* L 1021, No leet on larlun. I'4' acre)
Price Jr-oo, |]00 cash, liaUme one year.
Lots 14 and 25. Hlock 14, I'.I.  LUM}.    Trice IjOOMCh, $5°
cash each, and ||0 pet inonlli.
Lot 4, liloik 1(17, D.L. J74.     Mm *5,ooo;  fi.ooo cish,
halancc 0, 11 and ih months.
Keal Kstati ami Financial Ageati
tiiiniiminiiiiiiiiiiiititttitiiTT'i'T ' I
Fronting on
"The Boulevard Extension
Chesterfield Avenue
Mahon AvenueJI
Jones Avenue and
Adjacent Streets
i! Subdivision of Blocks 203A, 213, 213A, 204 204A, 226A j
240 and 241, in District Lots 544 and 545
For Plans, Price Lists and Particulars, apply
, Money lo Loan
;;   Insurance
tuinimiHiiiniiinun i  "" '" ' THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
Nortii Vancouver
Recently subdivided and placed on the market for the first time—Cleared Lots, size 50 x 140 feet each, in the"easterly
portion of Block 61, District Lot 549, situated between Lonsdale Avenue and St. George's Avenue, fronting on
13th and Mth Streets.
Lots fronting on 13th Street, $1,000 each      Lots fronting on 14th Street, $900 each
Lot 54 x 140 feet, comer 13th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $ 1,600
Lot 54 x 140 feet, corner 14th Street and St. George's Avenue    -    -   Price $ 1,500
Terms, one-fourth cash, balance in 6, 12 and 18 months.
PLEASE NOTE the central situation of the above lots, close proximity to center of population, walking distance
of ferry landing, one-half block from principal cariine of the city.   Electric light, telephones, and city water available.
Compare these prices with the higher prices of property which is much less favorably located,
and you can only arrive at one conclusion.       Make Yocir Selection WithouT Delay.
9 —      .	
(Incorporated A.D. 1906, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chiel place ol bnsinesi in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
Penile   is the   latest liiivll   ill
B, C. in fall in line nitk Ike
permit iiie.1 Henceforth build-
in will he retpiested Id get a
permit before minute,u ing operations.
A iitiv telephone line  will be
eonutructed Iran Knmloopnvin
('.rami Prairie, Glen Kiiinia,
Mallear /to Armstrong. .The
Dominion   government   grant
inj; $10,000 towards tlie work,
"From 1500 to moo men will
probably Ih- brought in Ivy the
Mountain lumbermen from the
liinlier districts ol Ontario,
Quebec   and   New   Bmttnwkk,
Their families will ionic later
ami all may be expi 1 led to lie
coine permanent residents .ml
in contribute to the upbuilding
of the Kootenai," said \V A
Ansiic on his return Ironi .111
iinpori.iin conference with the
bi.ist Kootenay mill men at
New Westminster is contiii.
plating increasing the electric
i.ir service in that city. The
suggestion is that a line be
contracted from Columbia up
..six or eight streets as far as
Thin! or Fourth Amines and
that another line be built ICTOH
the city from i.Uh street to
connect with this line and tu
join the cily line now running
up from Omen's Park The b.
C Klectric Hi, Co. will go into
the matter with Mayor Lee
The citv council has plans
laid out lor the construction of
cement sidewalks nil lifteen of
the principal streets under the
loenl improvement plan.
George Kenedy, (or the past
1 ten years post master at New
Westminster, has resigned. He
will probably lake np his former occupation at newipap. r
work after taking a much needed rest.
The city council has agreed
lo accept the proposal of M.
It Cotsworth, the Toronto auditor, to do the remainder ol
'he city's auditing gratis, provided he is given the ii'.ccs.-.ary
im leased powers. Up to tli
present his salan has lieen ,it
the  rale of (40 a itj.
council in regard to legislation,
and the matter may end up in
the courts if the count il is
backed siitlicic-nlly by lhe cit
i/eiis 111 llie disapproval of another meet proposed for the
I.il ter part ol this month.
A consignment of intomobiln
lot   service oil lhe C.iril  rn.id
.niinii hetc recently,   Already
there are some operating on the
it nge road between the lattei
place and the towns through) to
the north.
Victoria City Council recently giving the citv power to
control horse rating. According to .1 statement made by
Mavor Morley the Victoria
(Country Club were defying   tin
Pierce & llall
QttlftM acre lots on Qofdoil mail, close lo Keith
road and llollyluirn dock. I'riee $4110, quarter cash,
balance 11,8, 12, I.S nnd 24 months. These arc the
cb-MMtt lots in this district.
Kirst street, near Lonsdale; two choice lots, price
17,800, i-:ish 12,800, liiilaiice 8, 12 and IH months.
Phone 110.
144 Second Street F.ast.
The Board ol Trusties tor
North Vancouver School Dii*-
t ritt invite ar. hit tt Is 10 idkl
in competitive plans for 1
silioul on Lonsdale Ave. Plana
to be in hands of Secretary not
later than May :7th. Fiirth.r
particulars to be had from llic
P.O. Uox 17H, North Vancouver
NOTICE is hereby givai thai
I inlend lo apply to the Hoard
of License Commissioners Ior
the .Muniiip.iliti ul North Vancouver at the next statutory
meeting ol the said Hoard to be
Iii'iii 111 .lune, miu, for a lln list
to sell liquor by retail on thai
certain premises in ihe Mmim
palilt ol Norih Yantouur .nnl
known and described a.s Lots
One tl) and Tw0 (2) in Hla.ik
numbered Fifty-one (51) in subdivision of district lot number
il Twn Thousand and Bight)
Seven 120K7) group one (1) New
Westminster District, commonly known as Lynn Valley Ho
Dated this ph day of M.iiih.
II Applicant.
In the estate ol William Palmer Peacev, derensid, not he is
hereb) given that all persons
having claims againsl the late
IV. P Peacey who died the llth
dav of March, 1910, at tbc City
nl Norlh Vancouver, H C, are
requited to send hy post prepaid or to delivir to Mrs. K
A. Peacey, administratrix of
li estate of the said deceased,
their names, addresses ,*nd full
particulars of the amount ol
iheir claims and the nature of
ilu- seenritv, if nnv, held In
Ami take noliit* that after
lune 1 st li, mm, the administratrix will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased
among the persons entitled
tkento, having regard only to
the claims of which the mM
administratrix shall tlnn h.ni
had notite
Dated   at   North   Vancouver,
this loth dav of Mav, 19m.
11 Administratis
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
North Vancouver nnl Vanroim-r Mate, managed, Kent* collected
City mil Suburban Prtuierty. IIiihih-m Chanrt-i
Aertaftj, Sul.-I'ui.i*m. I*;m*m.*iit»  of  Salt*  discounted
Foot of Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
Notice is hereby given thai nt
Ifcl next silling of the boaii! ol
l.iiensing CominisMoners b-t'
the city ol Nortli Vancouvei, I
intend lo apply lor a retail not-
lit* license lor the premises, sit
Haiti on lot 22, block 15:, D I., j
274, on ist street east, near Sl.
David's Avenue.
(.Signed) CHAS. A. MKK
Dated at North Vancouver,
April 26th, 1910.      1, 5 10-12
I onsdal*
Peers & Boult
I n»u 1 mm
Notary I'ublit
notici-; is hrrebv *_iv.m iiul I
thirty davs alter the lirst pub j
lication of this no'-ic, I Intend
to applv to iin- Superintendent
ol Provim ial   Police   for a  re-1
newel ol the Hotel Licence lor
the   Uoodwille   Hotel,  siliiat
ed al Moodvville, H. C , on  I'd
tli, group i, New Westminster
District, for the term ul M
months loinmeiicing .lulv   lsl
(Sgd 1    TOM BOOTH,
Dated at North Valliuiiul
May 12th, 1910. 12
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork.
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Fiitavnth Nl. and Maln.i Ave
0. K. Woodyard
Om 17m .St. mi, Moour In.
Salli itonwond any It-Mi h
Ilniiblr load (lull t-nrA I ■
delivered. Ai... (enaral NO-
trading, claarlng, en-avatmr.
Leave Van        1
cave N. Van
Leave N. Van.       Leave Van
V20 a.m.
•6.45 a.m.
*h.2o a.m.
•b.45 •■••>.
7-JO   "
7.50   "
*7Jo   "
•8.00   "
K..V>   "
8.50  "
'8.20   "
•8.50   "
9al|      "
945   '
9-45   "
lll.ll      "
1045   "
10.15   "
10.45   "
11.IJ      "
n-45   "
11.15   "
n-45  "
IM) p.m
12.45 P-'"
12.15 P m
12.45 p■"•
1.15   "
1 45   "
141  '
J.I5   "
Ml   "
2.15   "
2 45   "
VtS   "
3-45  "
3'5   "
3-45   "
4.15   "
445   "
4.15   "
4 45   "
.S.15   "
5 45   "
5 45   "
hi)   "
M5   "
6.15   "
MS   "
7»5   "
7 45  "
7-»5   "
Ui  "
Rat]     "
8*45   "
8.15   "
8*45   "
1 '5   "
945   '
9-15   "
•t.4|   '
10.15   "
10.45   "
10.15   "
10.45  "
•ii.ii "
"M45   "
II.II   "
II      la
• N,,t
II      ,   .
on Sundav*
Time fable
aubject to chanje without
■MINI 1111111111111III H H1111II1111111M111
Our business is now practically on a cash basis. This enable! us to give our customers the
same high ilass goods lie have alu.ns handled
at ven much belter pricei than tan be obtained
[rom itorei doing a credit trade.
Trr ,ui oidii .ind compare quality and price.
j. 4. & h. McMillan
Ti ii111111111111ii11n 11111 im1111111111n'i
Offer* FRESH
for the Imt weather—
Aiparagui, [jettuce,
Rhubarb, Strawberriw,
rtc, etc.
iIrocirv lb-tit. I'lnnii' l"
MM Ol l! I HI Ml MIU
Wi- handle the beal only
:im 1 for quality cannol
be beaten.
M. Ill    1 >■ pi ■    1'lli'IH-   •-".-"'
imu it .mil Butt her
Phone i"
tu I. * - Iih Avenue
Tin- spiii.il meeting »l  the
Hoard   "i License Coinn isaion*
ers,   uliuh  was to hau-   taken
plan* yesterday afternoon did
not transpire on account ol lhi
absence ol Alderman Sihult/*,
uuh   tin-  Mayor and Cotutnii
sinim Sii.ui being present, It
ti as postponed to the call ol
ilu chair.
1,1,1,Is    .ile   .-UUIail    lit     llll
Distti.t y.un.il ini tinting and
Idling alioul *.' -' iit "i ditch
is ,,iid laying walei pipes in I)
L. iv. Inr naiit   tst,in   Spi
illii,Itt.ills   can   be  had   at    the
Diitrict Muniiipal Office, when
•ealed lenders tviih dip. sit
cheque musl U- lodge l nol later
111.ill ,A" p III. "II the  I'llll Imt.
8 ALKX  I'llll.UV C U i
Don't Do It Yourself
ninn um can send lor me to do
it im mu in len nun ind oei
l.uiili in a mon expert maiinei
than ,ii i l.uly poilibll can do it.
and at leu coil coniidaring pain)
u,i-t* anal ,n In*-, iod pains, nan-
ii a and pouibli illni u.
Send for the Painter
lb nva mu linn-, trouble and
iiiiiiiii. Don'l de inui mill
Stoney ®. Co.
11; Lonidali        rhoiie i.pi
PliKI - il'\ ISCK IOAIS,
I- UOI -i, TO BN "Nl- "I   IIU   I INKS'.' l:l>IHKV.T\l.
"n«    :   aa, -,      .■ ,,*!, 100x133 ii'i-l.  ia.r |300;   tin- "tiller must  hate
iiiiin.-v    Ve line the idjotalnK lot liitnl it Won
    lot im  I — i Itreet,  lOOllatt left, ll            fill)
We lun. in !,...| .hi Keith r.i.i.l, hull a l.l.«-k fr.uii car, for  IIM
*'*ii i.'.i "ii Tlarii'i'iiil' >ii. rl, .Irare'l, "ne li lock inun rar, al ., .   f.ffll
II.        , I Um .iii'iii- ml i|iin kly.
I.   «   V.
A I. Mar.l«
;.G. W. VANCE & CO.
( im. sih A I nn-.il.ilr   Phone 17b        Brunch Olliie-lynn Valley
first street West
Inlirc (h<tii(|«' ol I'roqraiiiino Monday, Wpdnt'Siidy
and Imlrti
\\. catert Iran, md i mu  nm patroni
that nothing oHemivi or objectionibli trill bt  ihown.
I' ii at 7. jo and ^.45 p.m.
hali,1 11]    M.ilini'    ,it    I,JO   p.in.
\iliiiiisiiiii  10c
Children 3c
(Continued [rom l'a|e 1)
Vancouver was holding une o,,
its own account,
Mr. G. C. Walker, repre-k.nl
UHJ llu  new  pHiih.isers   ol bus
-I, 5, b, 7, block •"'', 1>* L. M.s,
siihinilteil .1 plan for a strttt
through between their property
and ihe ichool grouuui, in
Hated that it ■• recent mettmg
tilth the ichool iiiisu-es ilu
1,iu, 1 mie willing to give 22
leei  ami lus company hnd nn
.h 1 taken 38 leel. tn outer thai
it nnilli lie made into a statu
ta.i 1   slteet   lhe Width lllllsl    be
.1, ieei aiid in the present in
stance lhe street would mny u
hu leel.    SoUie ul the   lllellliiels
mie Inclined to think that as
,\li. Walker'1 company hau
madi verj lilieral concessions
the school board iiiiilu be a in-
lie elastli      It   was lelelleil    tu
Aldermen Irwin and Smith tu
colder uilh the trusties it-la
tm- io obtaining another r> b-ei
ni the sihool rroundi so   thai
lite street lilicdlt be lii.ule a legal nnilli, t't> leet, lhe plan
itas passed conditionally.
The lollowing plalls lull
passed, lots I  to .-,, block .p|, II
I,. 548, portion ol D.L. 544 anu
block 122, DL* U7I.
A portion ol 1). L* 552   wni
i.issed on condition that   Uu
.iiiter dedicate 20 loot lams .11
In* subdiviaion,
The linancial accountl passu
tun* Board of Works, fb2q.87i
and Waterworks, S.vN.SS.
The Hoard ol Wurks made tlu
lollowing recommendation! 1
Thai lhe sidewalk on Mil Sl
be continued Iroto lot <j lo Cheu
lerlield Ave., block 120, 1) I.
124 ; that a .sidewalk be Iniil,
liuin Ouc-eiisbuiy Ave, to tin
steam     laundry,    and      trow
ajiieinsliiiry connecting with iln
neu ihurih oil 12th ; that lur
lller   particulars as lo iiilileiu
plated improvementi be re;
quesled belore opening up ■
road alld constituting I side
Watt between l.olls'lale ami
ClieslclTicId Ale. oil J|tll street;
llial reipiest fur work Ironi P
A Allan al corner ol 1st an.,
St, George bc attended to; thai
■siiiiii-s on boulevard around
school sin- on |ih and Cheater
lebl Ave. be removed ; that ,1
sidewalk be built on the soiitl.
-idi ol |lll street between Lolls
bile and i'lusleilic-1.1 Ace , llial
St. George'i Ave, be opened up
Inun the Esplanade lo the wa
ler Iront and that coiiimuniia
iiuiis iioin P, C. Tin-man tt
platform oa uortli si.de ol bridge
Oil  1st  stieet   lie lell to the ell
gineer to deal with with power
lo ail. The report was adopted.
Tile linaiiie committee leioin-
iiiended lllal the city treasurer
write to  the city anditoi   rt
[prating,   thai   monthly repuii
In presented [rom time to time,
tin recommendation Irom th
iiaieiworks committee the tender oi lhe (.'all.nli,ill Win ill l'lje
Co im supplying the city with
17, leet ol mam was accepted, the price being Sit',.W7*.s".
Other   lenders   received   wen
(rom the Dominion tt I   Pipe
Co,  and iln-   Municipal   Wood
Pipe Co.
Tin* health committee recotn
mended ihal lhe application ol
Spellesbury for a itreet drain
mi sih sited between Chester
field  and  lhe Inlenectlou   ol
I Uh slieel  I* adhered to.
Bargain Near Capilano Tramline
A CORNER, 130x290 feet, on 23rdiStreet, Opposite
Fell Avenue; Splendid View of Inlet and Gulf, and only
$700; 1-4 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Martinson & Co.
Plume i'i. P.0. Box -,2
11111111 lit 111111111111II111 I'l 111II1111II111111111111II11 H
Mr. I'. A. Allan has moved
iulu his new house on Seioml
streei Hear St. Alldlew's Aie.
All. I'.. 1). Turner has moved
Ins reiidence (or the summer to
Lonidale Gardenl where he has
put up a tent,
Cor. 3rd St. & Lonsdale
Sneremor to tt. A. liihwni
General Blacksmithing
S|n.i*ial alti'iiiinii jtiieii ui Imm
.ii,*1 interfering hafMt, AIho rar-
riii|>c work ami sli-cl lhff|Mnt*H
All wurk guaranti-fil. Prompt
allfiili'iii.   Iliu* me a trial.
Builders and
1'. LARSON is   prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
Ami tll kinds ol' Building
Material InqaaotHietto suit
ami at reasonable prices.
Advertise in the Express
If you wish to sell your real estate.
We nre iol(- tgi'iiti In-re fti$
The mily ni.iiiiif.ialini'i
that |*lai*i*.uo*.li jjiiaranti'c
il tluy iln nol meet eipei*.
uii\r     &
tALW , '"
Try a pair
Ami Ik- cmiiiiiti-il
IVal.Kly'n  Railroad   Kind
For s.i. k,
Gent's Clothing,        Furnishings,        Min'i,   Ladies', and
Children's Hoots and Shoes.
N () T I C K
li ynu U.111I to sell your Property, fill in lilank ipncead
Mail lo
l.ul     ....
Nmili \ ancouvei
I, Robinson, Vanconvei
Will.    I'l,,ilui
.1. tt   Ui.liii'n
1<   F   Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs  ll. tt   Wright
tt   A. Clement
II. A. Pergnaon
0,   Most*lev
I„ M.nsh.ill
F. J. Ray
i-;. \\. Qoack
K.  F. Sullivan
Mi   .mil Mrs. 1'  S   ttliehli.u
l.K. l'erse-N'ewin.iii
lli-ni v lv 0. Careen   '
1-. Hum-, Sirathconn
Mrs. ,1, T. Clarke, England
Mrs H. s. Good, Nanaimo
Mrs. ttooilriiljie,   Siiiiiii side
\\   O'HrieO, Seattle
Pnlnan Hetel
c.eo. Powell, Vancoaver
C. Kc-ay
hoc ttheatcroft
Mr. and .Mrs. T. Crawlev
H. Eveston "
Miss ML Stevenson
Will. Carnt-ybc-11
G. Doulton
Mr. and Miss A. J, Taylor
H. Bell
f, B, K.iiii.u, Hlaiiiiiiate, Alberta
D. G.   .lotics,   New WnattnUV
Gus lluppstick, Darnel
Cleared Lots
50 foot in width and over
This is exceptionally (ine residen-
tal property, as all lots have a
beautiruljgview of the harbor and
English bay, and are in the
blocks adjoining the Queensbury
avenue cariine.
For Prices and Particulars, Apply lo
Lin. Ltv.
Mahon, McFarland & Procter
Corner   en der and Seymour Streets Official Agcnls


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