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Is lhat which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
North   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
f__w j mrrw vk. iv)'-
Executed in a style that pleases
and at prices that are right est
I'lmr-e-o Tile   ICxprcSH
The adjourned meeting (or the cussion of civic affairs. He asked
formation of a ratepayers' associa- for the hearty co-operation of the
tion, held on Wednesday evening,  electors to make the   association a
was largely attended, and a great
deal of business was despatched.
Percy King occupied the chair and
H. W. Young was appointed secretary pro. tern.
C. F. Jackson, chairman of the
committee of fifteen, submitted the
report of the committee with reference to constitution and bylaws,
which was considered seriatim and
adopted with amendments. The
name of the organization is the
"City of Nurth Vancouver Kate-
payers' Association". The objects
of the association are to promote
the general iuterests of the city of
North Vancouver, and particularly
to aim at the adoption of such
measures as will result in an economical and progressive administration, in all the di-partments of
municipal government ; lo support
the mayor and council in all measures that may commend themselves to the association; especially to strengthen their hands in
protecting the city from encroachments upon public rights by individuals or corporations ; to protect civic interests by zealous attention to legislative and municipal measures, with a view to remedying and preventing injurious leg
islation, unfair or excessive tsxa-
ition, or other evils ; to arouse interest in civic elections ; to secure
the election of good and able citizens, to tbe offices of mayor and
aldermen ; and for such other purposes as may appear desirable.
The membership clause reads:
"Ail ratepayers and municipal
voters, resident or nun-resident, ofl
the city ul Norlh Vancouver, shall
be eligible for membership iu this
association, but the mayor and
aldermen and city officials shall
not be eligible lor membership."
The fee lor membership is fixed at
one dollar per year.
The following ratepayers paid
the fee and were duly enrolled as
members: \V. Morden, A. W.
Sargent, H.W.Young, J. F.Wood,
H. Hutchinson, F. \V. Fowler, B.
Rocbussen; W. McNeish,  H. M.
S. D. Schultz, vice-president,
said that the association had a
great work to do, but that success
must depend upon lhe faithful el-
forts of the individual members.
There is lots of work calling for
attention and it should be taken
up williout delay. The purpose
should be at all times to discuss
principles and measures, rather
than men. A platform should be
brought out, embodying the principles of the association and, if
neceasary, candidates should be
put in the field. The association
wished to work in harmony with
the council for the prusperity of
North Vancouver.
H. V. Smith and H. W. Young
made a few remarks upon the need
of hard work in the interests of the
W. A. Gibson was allowed the
privilege of making some statements as to the 3rd street work.
He said he had received a letter,
asking him to apologize tu lhe city
engineer, because of certain remarks he had addressed to him.
Mr. Gibson rehearsed the circumstances which led up to his mak
iug the remarks, to which exception has been taken, and considered that he had made theni under
provocation from the city engineer,
ivhich made it equally incumbent
on the engineer to apologize tu
him. Mr. Gibson was prepared to
j do his part in a mutual apology
from one to the other. The meet
ing adjourned until Tuesday evening next at the city hall.
Sad Shooting Accident
la In dihi Nagai, a Japanese lut;
ger, living about a mile above the
suspension bridge on Capilano iai
yon, while shooting at rats on
Tuesday, shortly rfter the noon
hour, accidentally shot his wife,
the wound being so serious as to
cause death within twenty minutes.
The facts were lully elicited at th"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ inquest   held by   Coroner A. B.
Burns,  E.J. Peck,   I. Loutet, A. ! Diplock, on Thursday afternoon.
Philip, W. Loutet, B. H. Balder- Herbert Young, of Vancouver. .,,1-
stone,   C. F, Jackson,  D. Dono- c(1 as •„,,.,,,..,„.r
van,   E. Encsen,  C. K. Hickman, J    «. S* Sasaki, Buddhist mission*
D. Lstng,   A. T. Kennedy, P. A. j lrVi dep01e(| ,|,al   \,e\,_ v.s,*. ,|
Askew, K. I. Blackburn, W. A
Gibson, U. Keeve, H I, C. Eves,
W. Holdsworth, C. Biss, K. J.
Barton, H.V.Smith, W.I). Jones,
R. J. Fowler, G. W. McKae, P.
Webster, J. Y. McNaught, A. E.
Anders, Percy King, D. McLennan, H. Fogg, A. M. Koss, J. C.
Bailey, W. Russell, A. F. Beasley, Capt. Cates, J. Nicholis, W.
C. Smith, W. L. Keene, S* U.
Scultz, L. Piatt, E. L. Kinder, W.
H. Smith, G. Smith, T. 0. Mills,
F. Tarn, F. G. Kelly, F. McAl
pine, j. B. Bennett, R. E. Mac*
naughten, H. L. Radermacher, J.
Sanderson, T. L. Kennedy, Geo.
P. Baxter.
Nominations for the officers of
the association were then called
(or and resulted at follows: President, Wm.Morden; vice-president,
S. D. Schultz, secretary, H. V.
Smith; treasurer, H. W. Young.
The executive committee comprises the above with the following:
Percy King, C. F. Jackion, H. W.
Young, A. Philip, K. J. Fowler,
W. Russell, W. A. Gibson, A. W.
Sargent, D. Reeve, Percy Web-
iter, W. McNeish.
The reading of the resolutions
as prepared by the committee of
fifteen wai laid over until the next
A hearty vote of lhanki wai sc*
corded Percy King for hit efficient
services as chairman pro tern.
William Morden, upon taking
the chair, said that he appreciated
the honor that had been conferred
upon him. He commended lhe
movement as a worthy one and deserving the wide tupport of the
ratepayer!. Thc association was
not at all antagonistic lo the city
council, but wished to assist the
council in every possible way. It
would be a pleasure to be of assistance in municipal affairs in any
way. The existence of the association would slop a lol of street
lalll by providing for Ihe free dis*
no ceiling 111 the portion of the
house, through the rouf of which
the shot wc nt.
Kurita, being examined, gave
evidence corroborating that given
by Nagai. Ue further testified
that he had known Nagai uud his
wife since August, HJ07, and thev
were on the best of terms with each
Dr. Campbell deposed that he
had visited the si cue of the accident and had found the body of
a woman, which he had examined.
There were shot wounds scattered
over both breasts, mure numerous
on the left side and running
around Under the armpit. In his
estimation the wuuiials were sufficient to cau^e death. Death ic-
sulttd from internal hemorrhage.
The shot entered the body iu a
downward direction anil croiiwift .
W. T. O.Farrell testified lhat he
had known Nagai four years and
his wife three years. Far Irom being quarielsonie, tiny appeared
very fond of each olher. lhe
building is at the bottom of cliH
and a lai.se to it, si. thai the ground
behind the house is high.
ln charging the jury, Coroner
Diplock referred to the numerous
shooting accidents that are being
recorded throughout the eo.ntry
Irom the careless use of firearms,
and read explicit direction! to Ihem
upon the legal phases of the cm
The jury wu composed of H. V.
Smith, foreman; R, W. Evans, T.
Booth, T. L, Kennedy and Wm.
McKcrrow. After a ihort retirement, the juiy rendered 1 vcrdicl
as follows: "Hie dwelled came
lo her death by a shot wound (rom
a gun in  the hands o( Nagai, and
classes of thc community, old and
young, would fill a felt want in the
social life of the city. It would
go far to break down fictitious
walls of separation; it would give
our nan hams, mechanics, and
othe 1 111 opportunity to mingle
together dining the long summer
evenings, under enjoyable condition* ami would promote harmony
and good fellowship in the community. A list is now being circulated for signatures by those who
would desire to unite with nucha
movement, and it is hoped that
the result will be sufficiently encouraging to ensure the success of
the project
New Business Firm
A new firm is to be added to the
brokerage houses in this city, un
der the name of Thacker St Thornton, who are now arranging their
future place of business, just east
ol the Palace hotel, on 2nd street.
S. W, Thacker comes from Glen-
tvood, Minn., where he was en-
gagtd in a mercantile line for some
vears, but for the past six years
has been operating ill real estate,
promoting extensive colonization
Minnies in Manitoba. C. C.
Thornton comes (rom Benson,
Minn . where he was until recently
■istsUnl cashier in the First National Hank, having resigned to
a nine to the coast. lt was their
original intention to locate at
Prince Kupert, but upon looking
over'tlie ground, they became so
deepfj imprened with North Vancouver, as offering opportunity for
the investment ol i.ipital with as-
lured returns, that they decided to
Ihe scene of the accident ami had
made several sketches of the house
and locality. These were entered
as exhibits. He deposed that the
house stands on the edge uf the
canyon, and that the ground immediately behind the house is considerably higher than that upon
which the house stands. He had
examined the hole in the roof through which the shot is said to have
li In 1 Hi" Nagai, husband of the
deceased, deposed as (ollows : W
had been troubled a great deal with
rati, carrying off clothes and food.
On Tueiday I returned from see
ing the body of a Japanese infant
which had juit died, and, as I was
returning, I saw the rats running
away with articles (rom the house
The rati were in my bedroom un
der the roof. As I sat on the bed
smoking, I noticed a rats' nest and
removed it from under the roof. I
heard the rats in the next room and
my wife laid "Let us shoot them".
1 got the gun, took it out of the
house. I removed a weather board
from thc tide of the house and saw
thc rati. My wile came lo the
door and asked if the rats were
there. I told her to go inside and
chase the rats out of that place.
My wife called out and asked me if
I could ue the rats, and just as
she called a rat came out from under the roof. I fired and I heard
her call, "You've shot me : What
have you done?" 1 came into the
house. She was sitting down by
Ibe door wilh her hand over In 1
left breast. Kurita, a Japanese,
who was sleeping in an adjoining
room, came in and we gave her a
cup of water and then placed her
upon the bed For twenty minu
tes she laid nothing and died. 1
sent Kurita into Vancouvei to ra
port. The ground rises behind the
house, so I was firing downward,
with the muzzle of the gun about
eight feet from the roof,   There is
we hud the death entirely accidental."
Thc body was conveyed to un
dertaking parlors in Vancouver,
whence the funetal w.is held this
afternoon, Rev. S. Sasaki officilt-
Lawn Tennis Club
cast in their lot with the Ambit
ous city. The partners bring to
the business an extensive eastern
connection that will be of material
I" ic fit. It is their intention to
operate in general realty, making
a specialty of timber.
A movement is on foot for the
formation of a club for the construction of a bowling grew, lawn
tennis court, etc., in the city, A.
B, Steviisun an.l aitheis taking an
active part in promoting the pro
ject. The proposed purchue ol .1
portion of the horticultural sm h
ty'i property by the city, it is
thought, will provide an opportu* J
nity to Ml iie»* luitlble grounds in
a good location. Thc laving ol a
bowling green require! Inin' and
close attention, but if a start win
made early in the in w m at, thi n
would be ample time iu which to
have the grounds in good sliapi
for all purposes bv the In *t ol
April. There are many residents
o( the city who have enjow d"bowl
ing on the gtecn" in lurim 1 placet
of residence, and who would goat
Iv enjoy an opportunity to engsgi
in this delightful peitime, while
the character of the game is sudh
that those who havi attaim d raid"
alle life, imd in it *ui interesting
pastime and wholesome exerciw,
The establishment ol such a club,
which would be available to all
A Suggestion
l'.i*ri'iK HxiKf-v
Sir. Our ihanipicin wrestler,
Kod Kenshaw, has returned from
Seattle, where he met with defeat,
much to our regret. But, be that
as it may, he was representing
North Vsncouver, and in consequence lliis city received consider-
aid" advertising among the cities
ol the Sound.
Another individual who has done
inui li to bring this city before the
eyes ol the public is our champion
oarsman, J. N. J. Brown, who has
In n a n pn scntative at several
regsttai m Nanaimo, New West-
Binster, Seattle, and other places.
At all these affairs Brown has, so 1
am told, slwsjTS paid bis own way,
though representing the colors of
Ninth Vancouver,
Now, I wollld suggest that the
business men and citizens gcneral-
ri oi North Vsncouver tender
tin se two athletes a 1 ompliraeatary
banquet, to show at least thai the
idvertising achieved by these two
Champions has   been appreciated.
Yours truly,
W,  P.  PtKKERS.
Owing to there being no electric
light Tuesday night, the horticultural lecture was postponed.
An illustrated lecture, under the
auspices of the local Pythian lodge,
will be held tonight in the K. P.
The Merry Widow club will hold
one of their regular assemblies tonight in the Eagles' hall, Esplanade,
Several of the local Oddfellows
visited the brethren at Vancouver
Monday night, putting in a plea-
A successful box social was held
in the old schoolhouse, Lynn val-
ey, last night, the proceeds being
about {50.
Domestic help wanted. Apply
to Mrs. Picton Warlow, Skelhorne
block, Lonsdale ave. Preferrably
in the evening.
The local football club defeated the Hibernians on the Athletic
grounds on Saturday last, by a
score of five to two.
Dancing class.—Prof. O'Brien's
alancing class, in the Eagles' hall,
Esplanade, on Monday evening,
Nov. 23rd, at 8 o'clock p.m.
Eight member! of the local lodge
of the Sons of England went over
to Vancouver on Thursday evening and were given the second degree of the order.
Mrs. P. Larson accompanied by
her children, Henry and Alma, re-
urned on Tuesday from a short
isit to Miss Olga Larson at the
Annie Wright Seminary, Tacoma
News that saves you money is
good news. It is to be found in
ihe advertising columns of this pa
per. Read the advertisements for
information that will eiub.e you to
lo your buying to the best advan
II M. and Mrs. Burns moved
nto their new home on third street,
ast of St. George's avenue,  last
week. Mr. Burns has plans for
mproving  (he lot which will  be
carried into  effect as rapidly as
Kenneth Graham has removed
his family from Lynn valley and
they have taken up their residence
in 1st street east. Mr Graham
has built a stable and is now in
.uitable position to give close attention to his teaming business.
W 11 Parkin was unfortunate
n straining his left arm somewhat
severely during tlie strenuous work
f repairing the damage clone by
Lynn creek, to the electric light
lines, this week. Ai a result he
will be on the retired list for a few
About 30 of the members of the
local Pythian lodge paid a fraternal
visit to Mt. Pleasant lodge, Vancouver, Monday night, and were
hospitably received and entertained. The North Vancouver team
conferred the third rank on five
A large party of local Pythians
joined with a Vancouver delegation
of thc Order, and journeyed to
Bellingham, Wash ,on Wedm sda)
night, where Ihey participated in a
big Pythian gathering. The Nortli
Vancouver brethren report having
had a splendid time.
The heavy storm of Monday
night proved too much for the
bridge acrosi Moiquito creek, in
the weitern part of the citv. 1 he
abutments were uudermined to an
extent which rendered the bridge
unfit for use and traffic across it
had to be suspended.
Owing to thc high water several
men, who will run the lines for the
opening up of the Lillooet trail up
Seymour creek.
Mrs. J. J. Woods gave s delightful and novel evening to a few
(1 tends on Tuesday last, in the
form of a bowling party, I Id at
the bowling alley of P. I.arson.
There were present Mr. aud Mn.
A. E. Kealy, Mr. and Mrs. A. S.
Billings, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ilas-
well. Mrs. Phillipo, Mrs. S. Humphreys, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Woodi,
Henry Woods and Mervin Woods.
The ways at the Wallace shipyards were sunk into position this
week and the wcrk of installing
the balance of the plant is proceeding apace. Operations on the
ways have been attended with difficulty, owing to the force and variableness of the tides. Twenty-six
men are on thc payroll of the company, which force will be gradually increased. The plant is to be in
operation in January.
Thc Women's Auxiliary of St.
John's church will hold their third
annual sale of work io the old
"Lounge" store, Lonsdale ave, on
Thursday evening, the 36th inst.
In addition to the useful and fancy
goods for sale, a dainty tea will be
served from 3.30 to 3 p.m., and a
bountiful supper from 5.30*10 H p.
m. Both lhe girls' auxiliary and
the junior branch will have stalls,
and there will also be on display a
collection of curios and relics.
The North Vincouver foothill
club will journey to Brockton
Point tomorrow afternoon, to dispute supremacy with the Nationals, in the B. C. Cup teriei. The
local team will be composed ai
follows: Goal, R. Tarn ; backi
II Macl'herson and Walter Owen;
half backs, S liiison, H. Cameron
and J. Holt; forwards, C. Cath-
row, D. Suttee, F Tarn, Jack
Loutet and W. Johnson; reserves,
J. Badger and others. The locals
are confident that they will lake
the Nationals into camp with a
good score.
The Young People's Club held a
very enjoyable social session on
Tuesday evening. A musical and
literary programme of merit wai
provided, the participants being
Mrs. Philips,accompanist; Mrs. R.
Simpson, Miss Maggie Phillips,
and A. B. Stevenson and W. Philip. The social committee provided light refreshments. Next
Tuesday evening the club will debate the question, "Should Railways be owned by Government?"
G. Shepherd will lead the affirmative and Chester Cross the negative.
Captain Cates has begun operations on the construction of an extensive wharf and warehouse
on his property west of Lonsdale
avenue. The old wharf will bc entirely torn out and a new wharf of
the most solid construction will be
built. The new wharl will have a
total length of (rom four to five
hundred leet from high wster
mark and will end in s "T,"
measuring forty-one by one hundred leet, upon which commodious
warehouses will be constructed.
Thc wharl will be in every way ss
substantial as any on Burrard Inlet and will bc capable of handling
the heaviest traffic. A depth of
twenty feet at low water will provide accommodation for the largest
vessels that frequent the harbor.
The North Vancouver dramatic
society will present in Larson's
pavilion, on Dec. yth and 10th,the
celebrated comedy in two acts, entitled, "Naval Engagements." It
will be followed by an amusing
(arce entitled, "Turn Him Out."
The cast for thc comedy ii ss foi-
of the Electric Co.'s poles along *'ows; A(]mirli Kingston, William
Lynn creek were washed out, put-1 1 Uut|er; Lieilt Kingston, H. L.
ting the electric service out ol bus-1 \jcJ'herson; Mrs. Pontilax, Mn.
iness Monday night, depriving the Colin F. Jackson; Miss Mary Mor-
city of tramline, electric light and I ,jmcr| Miss Violet Gradwcll; Den-
and power. Temporary poles werel mS| Allan B. Stevenson; Short, F.
erected under difficulties and the I l. Diplock. For the iarcc the
service operated again Wednesday. I CMtiS: Nicodemtis Nobbs, Allan
C. A. Welbon, managing direc! B. Stevenson; Macintosh Moke,
tor of the B.C. American Mining Sydney Humphreys, Roseleaf, F.
St Development Syndicate, passed j 1- Diplock; Mrs. Moke, Mn. A.
through the city Wednesday, en|B* Stevenson; Susan, Miss D. C.
route to the company's properties. Dean Pitt. The proceeds from the
on Copper mountain, Seymoui -j *Hair will be donated to some char-
creek. He was accompanied byi -tabic or other institution, accord-
Mr. Barker,surveyor,and two lines*! ing to the vote of the members. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
Na Vaw "i vtia H* C.
C, K. Smiiiikiiimiai.i:, li. II. MoUM-
Manager.     BnslssM Mur*
I,' .TM "1 St mciiriom:
One year •       •       l''1*"
Ml mnnthi
Three mnntl
United Stati*-;
id Foreign,!!.*)per year
Mi.lUiiSlV;   RATES
TiAsitiNi  i n-ii'i.\-,   tDvamiSHHm—
.',u>, nls |.. r Inch each Inaertlon.
I * i *, Ek    11.00 per Inch par
I.c\u imi I'imiu.k N i *'iu days, |t;
mi lays, 17,"'
I.i:,, \i   \i'vn;ii-isi,- lirst  iiiHTIiuii, 111
a ■ uti per line; sach lubMqnenl lnaaV>
lion, ■'«*  en line.
Kl.CIHV*   N'Hii H   IS   l.ul Cl,   RsWS l'"l-
i ms*.   in centi psrlloa.each Insertion,
i i   A >. i ITHI him-    Rain  ;ir-
ranged aecurding I" ipaca taken,
\lliii.in.** -ui contract sdvertlsenwnti
mil I*** in ihe hands of iln* printer bj
\\'ici'-iac uveningto enurepublication
in the ni'M ll
North Vancoi vi k
2n. looe
Tin* sati factor] arrengi ment ol
a tails il organization on Wed
iie-lit, evi ning, fairly launi hi d on
it-  thi "lily ol North Van.
* i Rati payers'  Associition".
Hie tenor of I issioa upon
tin tevi mi ' lauses ol the conititu-
lion revi ale '1 the l.n I that tl I t
ing w.i- luii. .ill** t" the nei a iit)
ol I ij ing tin foundstionson s broad
bssis, io ih.it tin entire i let torate
■nighl be to e to all) themselves
with ii'1, sssocistioo. That this
end was ittaim d in the estimstioa
ol thi '"■' ting, wai evidenced I y
the i . i in whii h tin rate-
I lyen ' mi' lorward to pay ilu cn-
rollmenl I*.   While the progress
llius lar in.i li p nntl to the I i
lul consummation ol the plan, the
ptabilit) and tin future
usefulm ii ol tl. ■ oci ition will,
in \e*t\ 1 trgi tin MUM, be del'ruined by lhe i on< IttsionJ arrived it,
ai tii tin | i" be held on I u* ■
dav evening m st, when tl
lutioni rei ommendi d bj the i om»
nuill' ol tit' en, whii h* mbodi the
platform upon which the aisoi ia-
tiotiwi'loperate, will be consider! d.
The in * i isit) lor wis,* counsel, nia*
ture judgment, and discm t conclusions in tin si matters will be
vital to the movement
The BiOSl iniitii' ■Mon- mat-
t' r thai pp -' nti'l itsell in the consideration ol the constitution was
the , a .. of those prim iples
thai I* : the relationship wim h
tbe ssso : aiion d**sirei to
toward tl *   board ol  sl len	
I;   \ ai .,■ : di bsteol the t vening
il tbe question  ■ • to
win tin i ■ i no tl, ii tun n
snd  the  i itj   niiii iall v. lm nu)
I'    '      led    iinin   \' M   ta'      ' ,n,
oi ippointed fraim Iimi to
t a * ould In eligible for
nieiiili' nhip iu i i, in,   In
li.i ol eir eli a ity, ii arts
argued l triably be
rati p.I** i    ind, a     u h,
' |i    il   l
ai to the   ' ind limber
that tie it' x< lusion mighl poi iblj
1"   li 1.   anal   Ic SVI    tin
miitski n impri iion th it the genius of th* a     ■,iii"ii . ■ intsgonis*
tl      la   l'i.     a   ||       a  011W  ih
i in the othei hsnd ila* mi isi
bilit) ol tin luded in the
nieiiili' rship, w,is argued from the
fat t that, in similar issot lations
i here, they sn nol eligible (or
membership thai the present i ol
the nienil" i- ni ile alderman ic
board at the meetings might n lard
the loll lisi ii*iion ol i urrent civic
ifiairs, snd that lhe delivi rem 11
ol the *i *" istioi ii am time to time
i prove nnu h more elective,
miai would a nisi the i ity i ouni il
I    i i li greater di gree, were
Ihey irrivi I ll without any ronl. i
i v hiti vei with any member ol
' li rminic board. 1 hi litti r
j ■■ railed ind tha membi r
p ..: 11' I raids ,i
lollows: "All rib ps) i- -m'l muni'
cipil \ 't' rs, residenl oi ion n i
dent in the i ity of North Vincou-
mi. shall In: eligible for membership in the association ; but tbe
mayor, alderman and city officials
shall not be eligible for membership."
To counteract the suggestion in
this action ol aul,igonism toward
tbe cit) council, and to give un-
milttkeible expi'—ion to the lact,
that the  lundriiniital  purpose* of
the sssocistion ii to strengthen the
liatnds ol the council and io render
every possible sssistince, thi inst
two set linns ol the clause iiei taring the object! ol the association
weie [ormulited u lollows i "i'he
object! ol tins sisol latum are, (a)
to promote the general interests of
the city of North Vancouver, and
particularly to aim .it thi adoption
ol such measure! as will result in
hi 11 onomical and progressive administration iu all departments ol
municipal government; ■ l>) to support the in.iMii and council in all
measures llial mav c oiiiniiiid them-
ii Ives to the iisa iatJonj especially to Strengthen then hands in pro-
tec ting the city liuui encroachments upon publii rights by individual oi corporation*"
No discussion took place as to
possible ,ii tion in Mew of the approaching civil i li i-tiuns. lt ii
evident thst the onstitution is con*
-hinted to pi unit the association
tu take any action that it Bl]
In iu eipedii nl in the election ol
mayor and alderman, as it is its-
t> .1 that one ol the objects is to
"arouse intsn -t in civic sflairs"
and "to *• I un till election of good
anal able i itiseOI tO the "Hi" of
niacin and .ildeim. u "      Win tin i
th< ptoi * dure undi r then clium
will be the plat iug of a tickcl in
tin field hy the association, or the
1 Lain .at oi -iii li candidal ■ as
■ii ij preeeol themselvei and who
are in ,n nd with the aims ami
objeCtl of the association, does not
is vet. appear.
Services will be conducted as
usual on  Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. in.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Iiayer meeting on Wednesday
N o'clock.
All are welcome.
I'astor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Ml IllolilSt   CHURCH,   N.   W.  CORNKR
IC'UllTll IT, AND ST. (lEORGl's
Morning service, 11 a. m, ; Sunday school, 2:30 p. nr; evening'
service, 7:30 p.m.
liavei inciting on Wednesday
■ vi ning at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. m.
Key. B. H. Balderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at y
a. m., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Kiiiiiliilion at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Uev. E. Peytavin, 0.
M. 1. V. C.
i.oN'stiAi.K avium.
Service at 11 o'clock a. m in
iln* t ii,mg. hall; Sunday school at
the close ol the service.
Pastor :    Kev. David Long.
All are welcome.
Wireless to be Removed
It was given out this week that
North Vancouver is to lose its
wifeless telegraphy station. Next
week a start will be made on the
• li-mantiing of the plant, prior to
it- removal lo Vancouver, where it
will liml a home on the top ol one
oi llu- new high buildings on Pen
li 1 street. It is expected that a
heavy business will develop for the
company iu that city.
We solicit the btwiin us of Mimitfacturent,
Hnj**iici-i a uml oilier, who NtllH Die advisability , f linving their i'.n* 1 bnatoeil transacted
I*)* Expert!*. Preliminary advice free. Charftl
noderate. Our Inventor's Adviser sent upon re*
ijuest. Marion & Marlon, Red'd., New York I,ile
I'.I,'- MiNilreal* aud Waahinvton O I*.. U J-U
Bu.bs~Collectio.iH (rom SO cents to (5
all varielief, mixed,
Boses—Ht'Ht Collection in B.C., Irom H
tn 50 cents ritcii.
Frull Trees—Collection,, from 12 to $10
Uncut sorts only.
Expert pruning, spraying, planting.
Damns laid out.
Nurserymen ami LaUdacSS*  Gardeners,
Cur. Bad ainl Innsnils ive.
North Vnni'oiivtir.
For Furniture,
House Furnishing and
.it Keasonable  Prices,  go to
The North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
North Vancouvor Hardware
Company, Ltd.
j. W.Jackson
1 nil! Ave.
Many BOmpUment! have been
paid Tm Expsssi by reason of us
20 pane edition ol last week,which
contained ill dot iimentt and u-
I'otts in 1 iiuiiii lion with the spi -
a ill audit ol lhe city's finances.
Last watVi iiini was evident 1
■ mpbltic and clear of the improvement that has tiki n place in the
papei since its at'piirt inent liy the
pn m nt  owner-*    inptoveinent
thai is noticeable 111 t fl 1, dl p.ut
iiunl of the liu-ni* ss. Not only
lias the circulation wot.tb tlully in-
I railed, bnt tin 1 ipabilitiei ol tin
i niii. plinl have In en greatly en*
,11141 d. As the nty has fTOTC,
I 111 BxPXISS has kept pave wilh
it, and will oontinuc to do so.
Many other improvement! are In-
ing iinih rt.iken b] the manage
un ut ol I ilk Bxrai -.not the least
"i whu h ii thi Installing of a t>po-
si tting machine, When ibis bi
< lone is inst.ilb tl. about a muntl
belie e, the paper will then be in a
position to issue ,1 il.tily edition,
and this will eventuate |iislsosoon
as the [rowth ol iln city will warrant    The plant now affords employment  to a number ol house
liolih rs in llu* 1 ity, ,tiia| it is the in*
lentil n oi th. nanafi nenl to <t>n-
titiue the line of policy thai is making Tin BXPII11 not only a source
ol pride to the 1 itisens, but an or-
in ol influence in  advancing the
weii bemg oi the community,   In
.1 b w weeks' tune this institution
will be equal to any demand made
upon it. eitlnr in the newspaper 01
lob printing departments; snd,sui h
ilu 1 sse,there will be no need
111 tin ItttUlt lm anj thing in the
printing Iini being 11 nt from ibis
sub ol tin Iub 1 to Vancouver for
Church Notices
II lull**'*   llll IVAltOttlST, SKVKNIII
Holy Communion, S a. in.
Morning prayer, u
Bvenin ■ prayer, 7.30
I lu Ihl In *t Sunday in tin* month
lli* ie will I*.* ;t sei on.| cell kation
ol lhe llaalc Communion at 11 a.m.
h'a' tm    Rev, lliiuh Hooper.
sl. AXDSI »'l I'KKsn* 11 KIW 1 10 n 11
ism -in 11.
North Vancouver Mails
M.iilsclose (or despatch as lollows : 1' ir Vancoiiver and a"
pmnts S a. m., 11:15 a. 111., 5:45
p 111.; lor Lynn creek, 11:15 a. m.
Mails arrive : Vancouver and al
points, 9:10 a.m., 12:45111,5:45
p  111 . I10111 Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails lor Lynn creek
alter 11:15 a. ni. should be debit red at the wicket.
WOOD !■ SON aro the Reliable and Practical Shoe--
men of this city and meddle with no other trades.
$10,000  StOCkS   to Select From
by Makers Who Stand by Them.
MEN'S $1.45 to$900. WOMEN'S $175 to $6.00.
Boys' Wonders, $ 1.50 to 2.85.  Girl's Wonders, $ 1.25 to 2.50
Childs', 35 cents and up.
Every size in  Q|Jbf BOOTS '"' ""'"•  »'"""■■'. boys and girls
A choice of Cloth and Corduroy Gaiters.
s.al.- Annus Iit Tht* Uckle lltniU, Th. Bertialoril,   Mlu I'.nt.t.,  Mt'Crt'idjr,  The William.
slu.. fee,   The, K. Honi.   itnel Old Cotuilry sla. >■
WOOD €l* SON       Reliable Shoe More
 H Neil it or to Sttocey'i llr. eery Store
Repairing-Iiest ol leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & md
Christmas Fruits, etc.
Only Ihe very best should satisfy you
for your Christmas Cake and Puddings.
IVe know good goods and won't handle
low grade stuf.	
Our prices are righl, and you are sure
to he pleased if \ou hut at	
For Boot and Shoe RepairingI|bJ \   Fl^H f*t\
and Custom Work   .   .   .    I^* ▼• ■ ■CJM VU.
Cor. Lonsdale and 8th St.
go to THOS. O. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., above snd Street
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
Quantity Surveyor anil Architect
Fourth Strkkt,''ornkr LMMM Av»
IVANS *• lllll, Pro|)».
The leny North Vancouver was
laid oil Monday and Tuesday for
inip c tion.
Hon '17,
"   NN
North Vakohvkr
A good buy (or a lew days.
I 1-4 acre Block
in the city
for $630.  On terms.
Cull mi il. or write for liill  particular*.
When you intend boildinf
j. i mm:. y\\\vn
Ili-.ti.rli Mm, 1.1'iimlttle Are.,Cilu. I'hniie
.v., N
llrail <>t)tcc nml .lit//, /.ynii Creek, ll. C
Builders and
P. LARSON is  prepared to
Lime, Brick-
Sand, Cement
And all kinds of Building
Material in i|iiaiililie8to rail
and nt reasonable prices.
I'KI.KlMlilNK No. 2,
l)r.A..\1ti<kii\ .Jordan
To tuy Iiii inK and patrons
in North Vancouver:
ohl resident ol Norlli Vancouver
and take care ol
Rl member always, if you con*
Mill Ur. Jordan, such consultation
will tost you nothing.
Should glasses be required, thc
a s will be riRht ami  so will
the price.
334 Hastings Street W.
Pianos • • •
at Bargains
Some at half real value.
We arc taking many good
pianos in exchange lor the
Bill    U IOMH4
the greatest mechanical player
on earth.
Some of these used piaios
are as good as the day they
lelt the lactory.
To reduce this stock we have
selected a number of bargains,
hcnitifiil upright pianos lor
$200   $225   $250
warranted tn be good as new.
$6, $7, $8 |)f r month
IMaim    nntl    S|,efilii'aticiiu   PrepartKl.
When UrinkiBf «l ImililiiiK let us give
a.ll I'ftllliltti*.
nr I'.O. Htu 72, Konh YMMmr,
Fresh ilk delivered Ilailv lo
all parts nf Ihr (ily
Leave Orders at Express Office.
All kinds of Fresh I'ish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specialty.
Also Butler, Eggs, and Vegetables.
Our aim is tn please our customers as
tiiiti.iili- .iii'l prii'i'*      Ua ii. lima your
n. v. mri co.,
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts of the city.
20 loaves lor ,<i
ft, per loaf.
piionk 8       71 Lonsdale Ave
pi'KMC NOTIO: ia hereby Kiven that
* in at-etirtlanee with the pmviilons ol
the I'uhlit' Health By-Uw, ol the City
ol Nortli Vancouver, the Municipal
Council have eontrarted with the Medical Health Officer to attend at the Cit?
llall, North Vancouver, on the Unit
Monday ol each month, at the hour ol
11 o'clock in the forenoon, (or the purpose ol vHt'i'inatinii at theeipenw ol
the eity, ab poor pernoni; and all othen
at tlieir eiwn expense.
The father, mother, nr |wrton having
the care, nurture, or ctmtodv ol every
child Imm in the city, shall, within
three months alter tlie birth ol inch
chilil, take or cause to be taken, tha
child, to the Medical Practitioner, In attendance at tho above appointed plare,
lor the purpose of being vaccinated; on-
less the t'liild has lieen previously vaccinated hy wim' legally qualified Practitioner, and the vaccination duly
City Clerk.
Nortli Vancouver, B.C.,
Oth July, I'm- L'l-tl
i.'i'.i-iii Huting! Stmt
Smart Clothes
For Young' Men
Trust thom for making the absolute correct
If you're a "fellow" of judgment and good
taste in dressing yourself, you'll have a great
chance to give these i-ualities in yourself the
fullest exercise this season.
Fit-Reform garments are the best produced
to-day—that's the candid opinion of people
who know it's so when they say it's so—
The new browns and greens nudge us to say
they are here in all tlieir aristocratic styles
and colors, yet at the most coaxing prices you
can imagine.
Here's a chance to be lucky. Buy one of
our Special Suits at
worth double the money.
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
A general meeting of the North
Vancouver Horticultural Association and Farmer's Institute was
held in the pavilion Friday evening.
In opening the meeting the president, Alexander Smith, stated
that the members had been called
together for the reason that the
association found itself in financial
difficulties, and in order to relieve
the si'uation a proposition had
been made to dispose of three
acres of the property to the city,
for public purposes.
The first difficulty that presented itself was the fact, which discussion brought out, that there is
a clause in the deed to the association, which stipulates that the property shall be used for certain specific purposes for a stated term of
Alex. Philip reviewed the history
of the movement up to the present,
stating that the term referred to
was five years and would terminate
in two years. The present deficit
is ,<('v>. and another J650 would be
required for incidentals and for
completing the building. Several
plans had been considered,of which
the only practical one appeared to
be that outlined by the president.
True, it meant the alienation of
thiee acrea of ground, but this
would be used for an allied purpose, while at the tame time the
association would be able with the
proceeds (J6000) to carry out their
complete plans as to building,
grounds, etc. They would then
have a thoroughly first-class property, the maintenance of which
would, in large measure, be pro
vidi d lor by proceeds from rental
of building.
In response to the request of H.
L Radermacher, the secretary, R.
L. Docherty, read an itemized financial statement, showing receipts
amounting to I4H43.3S, and disbursements totalling $4729,leaving
a cash balance on hand ol |l 14.38.
He also read a statement of liabilities totaling |i 133.66, leaving
fioio,. 18 to be provided for.
William Morden noted the fact
thai the proceeds of the loan of
13000 were 1*1938.75. He considered the costs of the loan excessive
and would like to see a statement
showing what they were.
S. D. Schultz recollected that
when the loan was authorized, there
was a motion restricting the coat of
the building to a stated amount,
which he thought was I3000, whereas it had actually cosl I3686.89.and
would yet require Ijooto complete
Alter an extended discussion,
participated in by Messrs. Keene,
Kelly, and those already mentioned, a special committee was appointed, compriaing Wm. Morden,
A. E. Crickmay, and J. Y. McNaught. This committee will procure a copy ol the deed ol the property, a statement ol the costs of
the loan, and excerpts from the
minutes bearing on the original
authority given the board ol direc
ton relative to the building. These
documents will be submitted to an
adjourned meeting, to be held in
the city hall on Tuesday, the 34th
tioning against its too great use in
these ways to the detriment of the
special work for which it is originally purchased. For the purpose
of driving machinery, the engine
should be fitted with a governor,
also a small steam ejector, and a
length of suction hose is useful for
raising feed water to the engine
Scarifyer.—For the purpose of
making the road foundation and
grading.and the preparation of old
road surfaces for metalling, there
should be attached to the roller a
scarifyer; this instrument is so useful and necessary that no roller
should be without one.
Tool and Coke Truck.—A two
wheeled truck, carrying a vice and
other tools, with oil and coke, is a
necessary attendant on the roller.
Watering Cart and Pump.—
When rolliug.especially the finishing coat.it should be well watered.
A handy two wheeled water cart is
necessary, with a pump attached to
fill it, where water from hydrants
is not available.
Metal Trucks-—Two ten ton
capacity tripping trucks for distributing and hauling the metal to
the road is an economy. These
should be provided with springs
and screw brakes,
j.Sleeping Truck.—A light truck
with sleeping bunks for four men,
and a compartment with cooking
utensils, is very necessary in this
district, and a vehicle of this kind
is usually provided in country districts.
Stone Breaking Plant.—One 16
inch by 9 inch knapping motion
jaw stonebreaker, with suitable
pulley and adjustable toggles.hav-
ing a three compartment scrien,
and fitted with elevating machinery
for loading. To be mounted on
wheels and frame with a draw bar.
The breaker should also be fitted
with a suitably wound electric motor, so that it may be electrically
driven where electricity is available, setting the roller free for its
proper work.
II a quarry suitably situated for
the more populous parts of the
district is opened where electricity
is not within reach, the most economical form of power is the suction
gas plant and gas engine. The
cost of power hy this method is
about two cents par hour for twenty horse power, with coal at $3 per
ton. The attention required by
this plant is filling the hopper
every three hours and seeing to
the running of the engine. Une
man is easily able to overlook the
driving plant and breaker.
There are now in the market
light 5 ton steam and motor trolleys that have been coming into
great favor from their reliability
and economy in work. They
travel at the rate of 7 to 10 miles
an hour and are easily handled and
turned in narrow roads. Such a
machine would do much more than
a team of horses at a cost per day
of about ti- They are provided
with tipping platforms and made
(or the haulage of road metal.
When it is decided to invite tenders for this machinery a careful
specification will have to be prepared on the lines of the best
The estimated cost of Roller,
Trucks, Water Carts and Stone
breakers, is six thousand dollars.
District Road Making
The detailed report ol District
Engineer Donald Cameron, with
reipect to the road making machinery which will be required (or
road building, and for which ipeci-
fications are now being drawn,preparatory to calling lor tenden, it
al lollowi:
Road Roller.—The roller iuit-
able (or thc gridienti of the roadi
within the district ii a compound
•learn roller weighing ten torn, lix
torn on the driving wheels. The
two cylinder! give two advantagei
over the single, first in economy ol
luel and absence ol noise, and
secondly the eaia with which the
engine can be itarled on steep
gradient!. When rolling, the en
gine it Hopped, reverted and
started a great number ol timet in
the hour, and it ii ol great impor
tance to be able to Hop and start
quickly without jerk or jarring thc
machinery. Beiidci doing ill par
ticular work ol rolling ind ccnioli-
daling Ihe road turface hard and
imoolh, the engine miy be uied
lor driving machinery,ler breaking
ilonei lor road metal, or it may be
used for hauling truckt (or distri
buting the broken metal on the
roads, I have alio employed the
engine (or driving centrifugal
pumpi in getting out Inundations,
etc. Thr engine cm be put to a
variety o( uiei.but I mention Ihem
principally lor the purpoie ol can
District Politics
A deputation Irom Lynn valley
recently waited upon Reeve May,
to ascertain whether he will again
be a candidate lor the position that
he now holds. Reeve May was
assured by the deputation that, if
he was in the field, he would be
unopposed, so (ar as Lynn valley
was concerned; but if he did not
inlend to seek re-election, they
would like to be apprised of the
(act, in order thai such steps may
be taken ai might be deemed wise.
Mr. May expressed his appreciation ol the kindness ol the electors
in thui offering him the refusal, so
to speak, of the raeveship, but in
tun.ti"l that he had decided not to
present himself as a candidate for
the poaition for the ensuing year.
It is understood tint the situation
is now tinder consideration, with a
view to conceited action by the
ratepayers. From present indict*
tions it teems probable that Coun
tillers McNaught, Nye and Rob
ton will be in the field for the
The Vancouver Mountaineering
Club, to the number ol 15, visited
thc Capilano hotel on Sunday, and
were entertained at luncheon by
the proprietor and his wife, Mr.
and Mrs. Kells.
R. Kenshaw, the local wrestler,
wai defeated at Seattle last week,
by V. Venables,th,* Inter securing
two falls out ol three.
THE  A.   M.  ROSS  CO.
North Vancouver's Leading
Men's and Boys' Shoe Store,
Men's Furnishings and»
Waterproof Goodsj»»»»
One Week From Saturday is
the End of Our Special
Two Weeks' Sale
You Never Bought Reliable and High-Grade Goods
at These Prices Before
North Vancouver
"Certificated Surgical, Medical antl
Maternity Nurses
Nurses Stilt Out on Application
For  terms apply  at  the Hospital
Cor. 16th Street it St. Andrew's Ave.
direct Irom the mines.
I'lace your orders now and
secure your winter's supply.
Large shipments will arrive
in h lew ditvs. Prices riiilit.
Urge supply of WOOD
alwava on hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
The Plumbing and
Sanitary Work
for the
Lynn Valley Hotel
is being done by the
well known
of Lonsdale Avenue
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Nee Boreri. No Scale. No Fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agenta to
annoy you. Buy direct and get Trees
ami Seeds that grow.
Fertiliiert, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraving Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Ulilest established nursery on the
mainland nl British Columbia.
Catalogue Iree.
3010    WltSTMINSTKB    KtlAI).
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, Norlh Vancouver
rAKK NOTICK tlmt tlie Council ol the
I', ir 1 ,..r.n ■■■11 nf the Cilv of North Vancouver intends to constructtho i/ocal
Improvement set nut in tlie schedule appearing Mow and intends to assess the
final enst, nr i |Kirlinn thereol, liisin the
real prn|ierlv liriii'lite-'l thereby fronting
OT abutting llnreon and held liable for
assessment therefor.
A statement showing the lands liable
anil proposed tn lie specially assessed lor
the said improvement and the names of
the owners thereof, so far as the same
tun lie a-wrl'iinol (rum the last reviled
assessment roll and otherwise, is now
Hied in Ihe ortice of the Assessment
Cninmissionerand is open for inspection
during office hours.
The schedule below shows the estimated e'eest ol the improvement and the
proportion to be provided out of the
general funds of the citv.
A court of revision will be held in the
Citv Hall, Nortli Vancouver, B.C., on
Monday, 23rd .lay of November, 1908, at
li'iur nl H o'clock p.m., lor the purpose
ol hearing any complaints against the
proisised assessments, or the accuracy
of the frmitugi' measurementa, or any
nther complaints which the person! interested desire to make and which is by
law cognisable by the Court.
Assessment Commissioner.
Nortli Vancnuver, B.C.,
30th October, 1908
sen unci it ki;f«krki, to :
I'ini.eseel Estimated   Estimate
Improvement total coat citytopay
Laying of 12' sidewalk,
on south side of First
si reel.Iietween Chester-
Held antl St. Andrew's
per It.
♦ 125.00
iWiWm ...I.I.I...I....I..I .m.i.. wm
Wc now have a complete
line of standard
In all the leading popular
makes including
L. C. Smith
Our prices too are just
right. We also carry a
full   line  of ammunition.
Drop in and let us show
you the latest thing in the
above lines.
Paine& McMillan
Corner lonsdale Ave. and lirst St. Phone 12
Hotel North Vancouver.
ma d
$2.oo per
and up
Rates for
Ferry Service Every Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. p. Larson, Prop.
mth nmm riiiv k mm co., ith., tiie table, m
must vascot-ia
t.H "
8.00  " 	
8.40  "
9.30   "
10.15  "
11.18  «
12.15 P.M.
1.15   "
2.15 '
3.15 '
4.15 '
5.15 '
6.16 ■
7.16 '
816 '
8.15 •
10.16 '
M.45 A.M.
10.45 "
11.46 "
12.46 I'M
1.45 "
2.46 "
3.46 "
4.46 "
5.46 "
fl.46  "
11»vin* satin V .SC.M>lt
•7.»  "
8.30 "
».00 "
lt.46 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12.45 P.M.
1.46 »
J.45 "
5.45 "
4.46 "
5.46 "
8.46 "
7.45 "
8.46 "
¥.46 "
10.46 "
•11.46 "
11.15 "
12.16 P.M.
1 15   "
215   "
3.15   "
4.15   ••
5.15 "
i' 15   "
7.16 "
•'Not on Sunday
We are now prepared to
take orders for MILL KIR
WOOD, cut to 16 in. lengths
already for the stove. A load
contains about half a cord,
i'riee $2 per load on or hefore
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered without cash, as we
cannot afford to pay a collector at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
Rolled Oats
Haij and Teed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
me Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I imited.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Firry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Rant: 11.50 PER
Kpffiil Hairs lii Families and h~\»t Hoarder*
HalMiour lerry connwtion Ui and Irom Vancouver. Hot and cold
water in every room. K«turn call hclli in every room. Barber
■hop in connection.
Sicono ■trtur,   ....   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave lhc Ferry Landing lory r.slmry Avenue, Twenty-first
itreet and Lonsdale, Winch street and Kt ith Road as follows 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. m., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 a. m., Mi j a. m., 9 a. tn. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a. m., Alter 10:25 a. m, can will leave (.lurcnslmry avi nur,
Twenty lirst and Lonsdale avenue, and Wimh Mm t and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty five minutes past thc hour.
Cart leave Nineteenth street and (Jucenslmry avenue, Twenty-firit
*lr.' I and Lonsdale avenm. Winch itreet and Keith Road as lollowi:
It. m., 6:55 a. in., 7:20 a. in., H .05 a. 111., N45 a. m., 9:30 a.m.
Afltr 9:101 in ' .it*, le.,,, th, Ferry Landing, it ten minutes past thc
hour and twenty minutes to thc hour. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
New Advertisements
Cap*.   .1.  ,1     Ma.Mci*,*,*
lllllll-*     Silll|a-a.|| |   VVI|Ja.l
Kinl nf mil- A. ROU I Co.
Chrlttntl fruits— McMillan's
Dependable planot—Montellttl
A good buy—Elder Murray ('"*
Llnolenmi, ite,   N. V, House
I nt-
1 hi n  Wl Fl  present at the -*es-
lion ui iln nty council, on Honda; evening. Aldermen May,Irwin,
Crickmay, Wheeler,   Smith  ind
Brann; Ma; 01 Ki-aly presiding.
A lettei WU nml Iiniii Hi nty
Gordon .imi J"lm Stewart,rci|uest-
mn ilui AMi i start In* iipciie'il Up
tn il,* ii propi 11\. lnts thru* to six,
hln. k 170, -uli division 274, where
lh, v li.iv built a house: rete rred
lo th. board "1 winks to act.
A. 11. Dt) wrote requaatiag that
an ,11, lieiii lie pi.11 nl .it tin- corner
nl Ridgi Wt) IVI, anil 14th sth ' I
'lli. re ,in -ix in mon residents in
that vicinity, anil the nearest light
IS     **ai    f.ll   I,  ;ilai\, ll   tll.lt  It  lllll'S   ll>'t
relieve tin dirkm n; light com*
mittee t" report.
1 in.* Ii. ('. Aiiii ricin Mining &
Ik * elopment Syndicate, through
tl 11 preiidi nt. A.H.Wtllion.wrote
1. ■ ■ letting .1 donation ul |ioo toward iii'* ui" ning ap ol tl" Lil
: trail alum; Siwnottr creek.
The compiny intendi tpproti hing
tin* diitm t ' ouili il i"1
ami il it is forthcoming in 1 li li
inittna. ihe compinj uill 'ii"1"
up the trail ltuiii the wigon roa«!
to Coppi r mounttin, Ai.l. rmtn
Mt) reported that thara iiwi ry
probabilit) thai the districi coun*
1 :l will undi il*'!*' I" "|"» up the
trail from the end d Um pro* nl
i.i.nl tii the northers boandir) ol
tin diltri 1. .1 distance ol about one
,nnl om -bill miles.    Matter refer*
|. a| tO tile llll.lllte COIIIlll'ttee |i
It p   ll.
i ity Engine. 1 William 1.unlet
pi, >e uini ins retignition to the
count il, requi *img that it tak' ei
Ire 1 at tin ,ml ol the 1 .mini
month.    Piled,
1 he cit) luditOII, Messis. Stun
,\   in,   ma 1.    tpplil aliuii   la'i   ..n
in i'.i-e uf itipend to (400 pei
a'liiiiiu. The auditors based theii
1' '|u, st mi llie I n 1 that up tu the
I'icsi at   tin ir   annual he has In en
$87.50, ind, in addition tu this,
there has L>• a piid tins \i 11 bj
the I.il' p,ivet-, I'ir a -|" 1 nil an,lit.
tlm sum ui - vi "i mon     l In1
ulv luditon then lule l 11:11 lllile*
that tin 1 the la. tit amlitinn ul the
cit*. s aui'iiiits is worth I400 pi 1
annum. I'he city luditon liki -
v, is, lubmitted an ai 1 ouni lm ki
mi '   1* di 11 il iii conm 1 lion with
tin ip« i.il audit. 'H11- iccounl
WU I' ml' I' 'I pnvioutl) ami "*' 1
li* .kid     lin  cit) 1 hii* w.'s in
l* .1 l*i 1. qui st a Cop) ul tlnn
form, 1 communicition, with item-
in .1 *-! al ll "I .11 . uilllt.
A plan ul sub division "I l"t 1.
I'l'ii k 1;. mi|i division 541/, was ' \-
atiiinul an I ipprovt a|
I;   1   o|   1 ■ ii.   .n ■ mints, total-
ud witerworla 1 om
nntl. ■ * ,n!-.   t"t illilig ,<5I. IS,
: paid.
Aldermtn Smith t putt' d that
ti ndi 1   : ' I    I "I low inch
WOOdi 11 pipe li.nl 1" ' 11 lei' nnl
(rami s. \, ial n.n pann s, aud lie
would   t, 1 iiuiiii ml tin  ll ' • pi am I
ul tin t' 1 .li t ul tin I intdim Pipi
1     1 pipe, i.so
hi .1     a 1,' 11 .iis pi 1 loot,
ti d
AM   Cl i* |*"ili I ihal ilu
ii. C.  Kl'iim   ii.iik,   Irom   2isi
tri • t nortl. ii in m id ol ittM
Aid Mi i' porti al thii ih- in a
1 ulvert, i' ci ntl\ install* d on thi
upp* t Ki
I    1 ainsii., !• al  1111   lowi 1   Keith
lb furthei -lata 1 thii il tin
ilvi 1111 ins Kt .il* 1 '.1*1. tu ai
tin* Indian K hool, Wm enlarged
saiineulial.il WOllld CUT) "fl ill tin
v.,iln   ,imi   do  IWI) With the pri -
si ni iiiiii* ult) Aid Irwin thought
that tbi   * I not 'I i" I"
Iwii e the 1 iin ind wi ■ li
vorabli   i" the ule.1. pru, ule.I tin 1
* i; i   Lie 1 tm Rail
wa\   *.  ,,*l   In   ol,|.i 1 ii. il, Imard ol
work • t*' ii port
iln* liipim iii 1 us, by-Liu mi
given its lei leading ami finally
Md  Smith mined Irmn
I* ,11 I ol works, and Aid   Ml]
ippointed hi Ins sia a 1
water also wilhed  out about two
hundred feci ol the upper flume.
I'he recent iwi lling ol Lynn
craek, cooiequenl upon the heavj
rains, has all.mini opportunity of
obterving how the new Lynn creek
bridge would sustain   itself, under
om* of the levattll   iMtl that it is
a vn likely to inert, and  tin* result
is gratifying to all in United.   The
structure has stooel lbs strain without anv sign   of weakness  in any
portion ol it.      One ol  the   wing
Hulls, however,  recsifodi blow
Innil a heavv log,   which broke off
a portion   weighing  about   thn t*
tons.    Tin lord uf lhe water was
sufficient to carry the heavy slab of)
concrete a distance uf  100 feet be- j
lore il found lodgment.     The cur-1
rent lias run in through the  aper-
luic and lias formed I channel be
bind the west abutment and under
iln- ipproai In -,   bul   no d,image
beyond thi break in the  wing has
is M'l malted    A gang "I men is
now at wmk undoi the direction ol
Diatricl Engineei Camaron, making teinpiuaiv repairs to thi wall
and when tin* waters subside permanent repairs will be effected*
I he course ol the current has al-
'i-i.il 111 several plai es of late, ami
certain improvement! will require
•ii be made, in order to keep the
■ati is uml' r proper control.
Thli week wu are showing a largi range ol Men's, boys' and ObUdnn'l
Caps, in nil makes and Bites. Now is your time to get the but values ymi
havi' ever seen.
Children's Varsity Caps, all colors  25c.
Children's Serge Jockeys   25c.
Children's Navy Tains, sailer shapes  30c.
Children's Ravy Tains, larger size  30e.
Children's Navy Tanis, btttqnallty  60c.
Children'! best Quality Brown Luther Tami 76c.
Ilaiys' Navy Motors, black patent peak  ll.v.
Ituys' Tw I Mietnri  20c.
Men's Navy Serge Caps  No,
Men's Tweed Caps, All ('eiliirs       35c.
Men's Tweed Caps, wither without band  50c.
Girls' School Umbrellas   75c.
bailies' Killa Strung, large sine  $1.11)
1 .miles' "Gloria" silk Cover       [,a|
Ladies' "Gloria" Silk Cover    1.85
bailies' Extra Large, "Gloria"            2.115
Terms, one-lourth cash 1 balance, 6,12 aad 18 months
The Grand Theatre
The iuau.it;, nn nl "I the (ira.id
thi aii', \ am ouver,  announce „
hangi ol policy,to bi' inaugurated
Monday, ind will present a bill ol
ill star vaudeville ,uts.    The spe-
1 ill feature for   the lirst week Will
be Maud Allan, the renowni d dn*
.uliain dam 1 r. 111 In 1 Salome dance*
"l tin* srveu veil-, tha original
dam 1 wlm b 1 .ms, ,1 inch 1 mmi
nun in London, It wu commanded to be* given beiure their mijet-
tt. s ami hu been tba raging nnu   ,,.,.,.„ _ ,lsl' i),cemi,eri jno; mc
htatylee (or 1907 and 1908, *5o.
sundry crediton, Jiob; estimated
civilised community is more or less
under the influence of   such rein.
ing pursuits.
I'bilip.ai'dis as follows:—Receipts
—Cash in bank in January,$25.28;
ioan for building, $3000; donation
for building, $890; receipts re first
Ju'y, $299.90; receipts exhibition,
.<SJ().20.   membership   feet,   $71;
l"*t capita grant, {41;  sundry re
a.ipls,    $51.25;   total,    $4904.63 I'pAKK niilice thnt ut the next meeiing
Diiburument! — Old   accounts,      «lAeB<^dUMn.w<'ommlirion-
paid  on building, 83298.2s; f_Z _?<*_ £__*! Va,'"'"",v"r?
■1       . e*       > ■ lutein! to make apiiliciitnin for a bottle
pud on liirnislnnf*. f299.20; insur-, ijoi-ihh- fur the sale ol spirituous,  ler-
anii'. taxes and interest, $330.67; incnted or other llquora. for the premi-
expenm ist July, $262; eipenm s" 'i"'1"'''1,"" to --■ MoekM, D.L.
—  ....... ...   1...      wl and 174, Vancouver Diatrict,
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver,
P. 0. BOX 38fi.
of exhibition, $305.35;  sundry ex
I penses, $95 78; cash in bank,1114.
|8; total, J4904.63.   Liabilities—
Balance due on building  and fur
I nishings, 5S97;   cjretaker and in
Dated ibis 1:1th day ill November, inns.
1 ust
1.111 un rsihi  and Van Horn  wil
present  a beautiful and llll !■
* 11 u-.11 al ski li h.wliu b lias in,t tin    j-
••heel I    SULCI s-fu|    tout   III   tile Ol       |( .-J
pheiim circuit.   K. B.   Bdwirdi
will illustrate with bis heavy bar •
tOM lhc delightltil wet, in nng of
love   and   daring, "Pride   ol  the
Prtirte."   Spurting bins will takel
-p< * 1.11 int' 11 st in thy fact that M 1
Malsiula will vvri sti, at eai b p, 1
lotmance with his trainer, Geoige
Ci. ilnn. ind   will   also   motl a 1   "it*** *• cantata,
comers in lilti 111 miniiti bunts
Thi moving pit lum will pn tent
The'   Ku.nl   to   Iinin," a   nolo-
ill,una ol tbeorbing mien st, wbuse
-lutv will not easiiv in* forgottm,
I in* comedy, "Bin mis Itin mot hi 1
nn to make"  will conclude this
illl,u live bill.
of furnishing the building,
total, $1583; less cash on
,<i 14; total, Sip",
Choral Society
There  was a   good   muster of
numbers at practice on Wednesday night, and a start was made
The Hose Maid-
Tbe beauties of the compo-
Horticultural Finances
A di 1 iind slat, ment ol the Iiuiiii is n| tin* horin ulliiial associa*
lion has  In en pn i'ii' d bv   Alex.
sition were abundantly evident,
even in a lirst reading, and as the
1. b. arsals provide an opportunity
for all who can sing to spend an
■ ui 'vable hour and a half in slinly-
ing such a characteristic work  of
me uf the best of modern cumpo-
sei*.. it is hoped there will be many
additions to the membership.
The claims uf business are apt
to he so absiirlnng that the mipur-
tance   ol   cultivating  the  arts is
dd 11   lost  sight of.      Yet  eve rv
Ne 1 il- iu ki ID 111 lum b with what is going
on  in  lhe  City        ;        :       :       :       :
always gives thc latest, the fullest and the
be st inhumation from a North Vancouver
poinl ol vtew Yen might to subscribe for
Tbe Kxpt.'ss. Bnc)c-li 0W dollar in an
1 uv. lope* with your aibliess and we will do
The ®E3T m
Ask yo«r6i»ocER for it
Week Commencing MONDAY, November 23rd
Mr. RE Edwards, IllustratedSoruj
Singer. "Pride of the Pralria"
Moving Picture Melqflrama
"The Road to Ruin"
Latest Comedy, "Biscuit* Like
Hia Mother Used to Make."
Music and Melody
Maud Allan and the Dance of the
Seven Veils.  Royalty's Pet
Emerson and Van Horn
Prom the Orpheum Circuit
Musical Comedians
M. Matsuda,  Japanese Wrestler
Champion, will meet All Comers
No Raise in 1'nces
lhiee Shows Daily:    3, 7, and 9 o'clock(
Real Estate Brokers
l Iff *ND riRt INM.R4NCI
mn nuuiin nu i
is n.
1,em n
I i ranted   f"t
Pi'rii.li* ul IU f
bniiir nr Sliurt
Iaa-r ll'llt.
Lynn Creek Notes
During  thi high  osm si thii
i* 1   ,11    I.vim   -i"i
ro«  t   ., -I. pth ul  s, vrnlv Iwu   111
chu ovei ibe intakte     ns high
Linoleums   Floor Cloths
TI111 \mismm% hwi of Your Dollars
Will Be Immense When Purchasing Here
I.IMil.KI'M. lli*autiliil ilri'i'ii, M'a.nii* I'lilliTn...
I.IMil.KI'M. Ili'iiiiliful Brown, Mottle pattern,
i.iNi'i.i'.i'M.Itaral rattan,
Ki.noit un, CLOTH, 	
. Mc. m|, yd.
Ra, *|. yi.
SeV. M|. Vii.
JOr. M|. yd.
BTAIR OIL CLOTH, U inchw «hta,  20r. yd.
i;mi|i iNi,i:,MN t'.iiii'KT,laOma Omim, |-*d.«Ma.nk*. >.i.
1,11011 INQRAlH CARPI T, n Rn) ihato, 1 yd. »i.l.*.. .'..■><■. >*.l.
('ilv of brill liiiiroimT
'Pill: Ciiy Cooncll invite ii|i|elie'atiolis
'   Inr jwHitii.il eef I'ity Kntfini'iT.
A|i|iln*iiiitK toatata qnallHcalloni uud
salary IttMtod, and to loelitc a|ii'lii'a*
tintis and ropy nf tMtlmoiilau wiib tlie
niiilersiiined nut Inter thnn f> pin. on
Monday, uih Dmnbar. Iihw.
Ciiy Clerk.
Cilv ll.ill. North Viiiio.iiuir.
' 13th NovvinlH'r, IM.
\|i|iliriiiinii for l.ii|iiui' VMM
' 111 v intriitinii to apply I" llu* Hoard of
Ucanilnf OmnmlaMiaMri for thi I'ii*-
triel Municii'iility of Nortli Viiucnuvir,
llritisli Colombia, al their next regular
nii'itiiiK nfler tin* i*xpiriilioii of ll.irl
ilnys (rom tlie dale heri-ul, for a lioii'
lii-cimi* In rirtnin pmnll Wild upon
Iniid nf which I am IhooVMf, .ituati'
in I.vim Viilli',, in the said District
Miiuii'iieiility.   Iii'ihl'  I."i*   I   ninl  I'"
(I) In Block tifi'-eini*(11), Suh-divinioii
nf l'i.trial Lot tivo tli'iiiwiuil and eighty
se'vi'ii (M7), (iroiip one (li, New Wet.
ininstir Hint riot.
Ii.iiiil tlii- si'vi'iilh dav nl Novemlier,
|Si|*,lieil]   Hauiiv IIoi.i.vmi
lleiirv Wnrlh
Cor. lonsdale Avenue and Fifth St., Nortli Vancouver,
all kinds of .Mis.ioii nnd Antiipie I'lirni
turi', Stori', uiliei', Hunk and Kar Eii
turi's.   Ui'pairiiiK in all ils hrunrhcl.
173 I'lilrel SI VV , Mat. l'lii>.ler*1el,l •ml lxm.el.1.
I l|*|..,a||,    S' I,"'.l
UAILORDRHnfim prompt attention
liistriet of Xortli Vancouver
lllil.ir  U.UTI  DEPiRTttl!
\mm mm
I nu
I that nil ruses of infee tioiis.
I'lintaiiions or epidemic diii-aw, of n
diaractar danjeroui to public health
must he raportad lo tlic Htdleal Health
(Hv Clerk.
Ciiv Hall, North Van v.r, B.C.
July Bth, 10W, m-tf
HOUSEHOLDERS in this Di-trict
tthnari'i'iititb'd lo be enrolled on
the Municipnl Voters Lint, are notified
lhat they must make the Sintntory De*
chiriiliiiii ul the Municipal Ollice bat-OH
Ist DeceinlM'r next in order tn have
their nnniei plnceel on the bat for lll'lll.
I2*:it i'*M.C.
The Seymour Hotel
JOHN MdNNIS, l'wp.
Located on fteijmour I'lpr  Line,
quarter-mile from wharf.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open to tbe
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections from North
Vancouver for Vehicles.
North Vancouver
Transfer C0,,;r^MN
K.lm.ja, llrlel|«. Wtlejr H.'.tTa, lUllm.W..
HeiiHT'tilrnil, n,*aeol l'„n.lnie*llnn, U.p.. Town-
all**., VI innn I Uleeav Sill* I'.vlai' na.rlc.
IK II..Iln*. 81. VV..   •  •   VAMCOUVIB. a. C.
General Contractor
Und Clearing, Stump and Rock
Klaating. Extra care near houiea.
All iliumincs made good.
• nd St., \V*Ot aif l.,,aaa.l*.lr
P. O. Box 11
Cartage, Hemoval«,
Parcel Delivery,
Teliph >ne 70.
I. WAR m\
Night Calls 13.
.1'MH Vl'IdbMR.


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