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v V
®!}p ixpma
1 ;'  ■      |A, __
Volume 1
North VahoouVib, B.C., Jum 21, l'JIO
Number lil
Local and Personal City Council
II, S. Keid is erecting a seven
roomed (3,500 residence on lower Keith road.
.1. P, Keelle has moved   into
his recently rented honai on 4th
Itreet west of I.onsdale Ave
Airs, C, It. Uainsfi.nl williml
receive on Friday of this Week, I
imr again until lurther Intimation,
Mr. w. Camming, sr., has
moved into his new booai on
Ittd street, cast oi St. Andrew's.
11. CJrquharl oi the Nurth
Vancouver   Lumber  Co,    will
shortly movi into his new
liiuisc   oil    lulll   street   easl   o(
Kidgeway Ave
lv Bldridgc "( Vancouver has
rented the furnished resid Bel
ol Mrs. Ficldliousc on Lonsdale
Ave. near 17th street (or lli.
summer montha,
Mr. J. K, Foster and familv,
wlm rtcentl) arrived from Carleton Place, Ontario, have taken up tlieir reiidence on Sixth
street east.
Messrs 11. M. Foster an.l
Geo, Christian arrived in ihis
city last week from Carleton
Place, Ontario, and will make
their home lure
J, I.. Hampton, a recent arrival in the iitv, has moved into lhe new house just latch
completed on the south side at
the Ottawa C,aniens
Mr.  tt    11   i.ecs ni Victoria
has   purchased   a   residence   oil
Keith   mad east, lacing Victoria l'ark, and will remove  thi
titer   with his (ainilv earlv     in
Mr. Ira l'eers has taken np
his residence uii jth street west
nl l.uiisilale Ave. Al the time
ul writing Mr. l'cets is not in
eluded in the ranks uf the bene-
Mr. tt    I1'.   Hav  is building a
liaii'lsulilc residence ull Kcitu
Road, near Main in Avenue. Mr.
Hay is tint  devilled whether lie
will rent the  property  or oe-
cupy it pcrsonallv.
The merchant! and maaufac-
tttrers iif the cily have divided
in place a combined loat in the
industrial pat.ule nu .lull    1st
A meeting with this object li
view was held in lhe stoic ,.|
Wood and Son last Finlav
iveaing at which there was a
large number of the local busi
licss men present. Aller scttl
iii|* the question as tu the ad
visalulilv nf making a nunc in
this direction the diacuaaioni
then turned tn lhe nature and
design whiih the lluat would
lake. This was alsu practiv.il
ly decided mi but will imt be
made publii   imlil  is is w heeled
into the line on the morning oi
the Pint, ll is to bc represenl.ilivc uf math all of the
manufacturing and mercantile
concerna in the citj .md a ill be
panicul,irl\ ■pectacular and
novel,   Alioul lortj  Brma arc
interested   ill  lllis feature    and
undoubtedly it will be a rapei
iur attraction,     It is under*
stiind   that it will not in   an
wav   intcrletc   with   the individual   lluats   of   lhe same lirms
whn are connected in the Combined Beet,
Engineer Hanes returned this
morning from Victoria where
he was in conference with f
provincial health department
relative tu obtaining the ap
proval ul his plans for Kwerajp
ill this citv. He brought bad.
with him the official duciiincin
ul approval, It reads as I l|
loan :    "Victoria,    .lune     .'"ill,
■tt. II. Mav, Mayor, North Vat
couver Sir, I Deg lean in MY
thai ihd plans sn'.niiiUed I*
Mr. ('.. s.  Hanes, engineer •.:
the   iitv  of   North   Y.iiimu.i:'
for icweragi lyttcm i*f tin said
' Uv  have been 1 xann'icil b,   lhc
provincial  buard ..!  lnalth and
.is lubmitted have luen a; pi"'.
ed this date.     (Signed)   II.  B
Young, provincial secretary."
A couti'oversv   arose    it   the
city council meeting last evening in connection with a resolution submitted by Uic Board
ill Trade Intimating a desire lo
.i|i|ia,iiii a committee i" confer
with the cily council relative
to arriving at an amicable settlement of the grade queition,
Aid.   Fowler said he   had   im
objection to meeting the committee,
Aid.   McNeish   thought    thai
than were enough committed
in conference over the matter.
Aid. McKae considered il
would bc unlaw lul to accept
anything until after the joint
meeting of the reprcaentativH
of tlic ratepayer! and the council on Wedncaday evening  was
Aid, Irwin explained thai
the letter was dclavcil and
should have been in before   list
Monday evening1! meeting.
His Worship said  lhat as tllc
communication was written
previoua in the publii meetiiiti
the hoard had an uppurlumi.
iheii of placing thei] viewi 11
fun* the meeting and it vx.is
now closed until after Wcdnc.-i-
ilav evening,
Aid. Sclnill/ said he saw no
harm in meeting the bo ird o|
trade committee. It wa* the
(uiiitiiin ui a Board ol Tiade tu
arbitrate in such mattera, h
Aid. McNeish assert,d lint
while tin- council appttciult-d
the offer u1 the Boanl "i Tradi
he thought  the communkalfoii
sliuiild  be liled.
Alderman Schulti moved ,1.1
amendment ihat the oiler l.c
accepted. Aid. Powki seconded
tin   amendment   and  averred
thai the i.isc was not cfoaed s,,
far aa tlic coanci] w.is concern
ed,  and  he dei hired  as ii    was
upuii the Invitation ol the council that the ratepavers appointed representatives and   lllc
council was accordingly privil
eged  to  mil  in anv   evidence
thev saw lit III order to throw
as iiillili light al possible OB
tllc subject.
Aid MiKac "li was a committee appointed tu see what
thej could do to bi in.* ab..ut a
ii'iiipiuinisc aiiil wc must in
and give nur cutisidcr.iliun to
wii.it im agreed tn."   He said
he tiiuk a little eXiepliuli lo lllc
resolution coming from where
it did ami if there was going in
be anything more in thai mn
Section thev Wonld hear Imm
Aid. Schult/ saiil he knew nn
thin;' about the icsniiitii't. lill
11 was read bv  the Jerk.
Aid Irwin Nggeated that il
be laid OVBT till alter tllc   ,■ 11
ference on  Wedncaday evening
lie   explained  lhat  it  was   not
thi intention ol lhe I rd to in
anv wax press their oiler bill
the) had a, led wltll siluere ill
tctitiolis and (or the interests nl
the utv.
Aid Smith moved tliat tin
communication be laid over lill
after the conference, Aid Irwin
sn "inled tlic motion,
Thc mayor contended ihat n
sliuiild be laid old, (hat the
council had 1111 right tu deal
with tlic matter that Bight,
The allien,IiiiiiiI was nu; hist
and lln* vute Willi, Aid li.i In,
Suulh and Sihult/. fur and Aid
MiNcish. Powlet and MiKac .,
gainat,      The   niavor tlnn   dc
clnred la lavot "f laying tin n
siilutiuii over.
1'. ('.. Drost wrote fur Inin
sell and a number ol otheri
reipiest inn a street light at  llu
corner ol tlie Eiplanade and St
Andrew s Ave Kcfcri'ed I" tll.
lire and light COmmittM
Messrs Shoemaker and III
I.call wrote adviling that the'
had opened an up t" date Jul
printing plant and sulieiled   ii
vie patronage,  Filed
A lv Foreman stand that hi
contemplated mon to erect ■
large Mink nn First itreet  on
lot   ?\ i--.ii :;i and   asked   lha
ihe be givel a permanent grade
tu builil i"     The vlerk w.is in
liml,,]    la,   aahisc the   wilte
thai the matter was being Inl'
ill abevalii, llll .iliu tin meet
111:'  "ii  ttciluc-dnv cvcni'
A iiiiii  was received   Iron
iln    pii.nl, ul   "I   lhc    N      \
Board   "i  Tradi   inclosing
communication Irom the B, c
Telephoni   C.a    advising    that
thev were endeavoring lu have
installed a submarine cable Connecting Vancouver with Korth
Vancouver in order to give better facilities to the loial pal
runs. They advised lhat the
matte) had been taken up with
lhe department "I marine aliil
lisherics at Victoria, but tli il
their applicatioa bad been re-
iiiicd  tii  the department   ol
marine .md mimics at lit law a
(or approval, The Companj
was, therefore, deairoua, llut
the N. V. council assist then,
III   the   wav    ul   a   petition   Ot
■omething ul ih.n nature in
procuring the approval ol tlie
federal authoritiea,
Aid. Irwin said a Ittggeited
route had been (min the loot of
l.uiisilale Ave. tu the (cm
wharf al lhe Yuticniivci side,
but that the dillnultics    whnh
the telephone company bad to
siirtniiunt was in connection
wiih the cable interfering wiih
ihipping, 11 was Bnally reaoh
cd in gel in communication
with the department at Ottawa and puint 0111 the disira
hie  (aits  of   lhe   vase   and tin
propoied location,
Aid. Smith wanted to kimw
if according i" the rnlea "( procedure iinpnries  were  only  di
reiled  tu the members   oi   tllc
council.   This was after Mr. tt
A. C.ibsoii had risen to s| ea!,
The mayor said it might   l»
the   rules of pn in dure,   but   il
had  been  lhe   ctlslulu  throng!.
nut tlu* history nf the iin an I
district   to allow    the i.n,, r
ers to speak alld he Would   nr
laiulv nut give a rating againit
iimt cuatom,
Aid. Schult/ . "It is iiiii 1
lowed in Vancouver."
Aid. Smith contended   that
lhe ruling relerred only tu the
aldermen and not tn the rate
Aid.  Fowler wanted   lo kn"V.
what was tin interpretation "i
the Inlaw   al   llic  tunc   il   v.a
drawn up
Aid. Sihult/ said it had al
vvais bccll lllc pi',1 inline 111 llu
mv of Vancouvei thai ihe n,
ipnrics weie "tii\ directed t ■
the aldermen,
Aid. Fowler contended am
ihat tlic rule ul procedure wni
nuiv intended l"r tin- council
and that ilu ratepayer! irere
nm mentioned,
The Mamr    "I An lint say i'
is right, but  it Ins been done
lor lllc   past    17   via; s,   slim    I
have been connected with Nurth
Vamouver mtnuils."
Aid. Fowler    "I am imt dii
pUling   whal   was  dulle  111    lur
mer yean
The Mamr "When Mr. Ken
h was mayor he gave tin mt.
p,hcis tlic privilege."
Ia am Foreman "f the Vancouver illv COttncil, win, was in
the audience,  volunteered   tin
information that all the lum
lie was a lilembei  ..( lllc council
there ant citUen conld mm. 11
[on the iiilltliil alld ask pi lulls
ifon tu speak and ll time wutlld
lint permit lie was asked 1*
bring his inquiries nr burines*
befon ihe committed,
Aid.     Sihult/     ainl,nnl ihal
' that  privilege had now   been
Changed  and  that   Main;    Tai
lm   was his  Informant,   Tin
ulllv   wav   that  matters mllld It
brought befon the council lhi ri
innv    was bv   petition and   CM I
the aldermen had tu maki
ili.it Inquiries in writing,
Aid Smith said the RUBOU In
broughl tbe the mailer u|
h.is that nl late llnr, had bei;
a great number ul Impertim 1
i|ilcstiuiis asked ul the COttncil
,unl ll  was t" avoid these lli.il
In contended mr adherence  ti
th, minims as contained in  tin
Inn   bv law
Aid, Irwin said that the privilege thai had been accorded
iiii ratepayin had lmn
lv alnisnl in the last f, vv dm
nnl ipicstiuiis had been .'skc:
that imi, na*t ai „11 propel .'ll'1
cspci lallv    when  that    privilcgi
was abuned i" tlu extent a.i in
dulging   in    peraonalitiei     lb
said   he   vvullld  like In sn    ill
proceeding! conducti i -1
liar baas a.  in  nihil   iim
tlic Dominion
His ttaaislup "ttc have ■'
to OVl liooh iln a w lliiil';s ll ;
hale in, Hired latch    We had in
in.uilh befon ih'* gradi •■
ble happi in .1
\hl    I'aattb I   -aid  ll   was   1 \
Milin Iv    haul  mi    a pi 1  *a|i
lil ilnn a.s an .il'li riii-ni ni'i do
anv  work with all that uproar
going on. "it was against the
interests of the ratepayers and
tlie wliule citv," he deei.lied.
Mr. Gibion was then given
permission to speak. He asked
il the Inlaw foi the Third
itreet local Improvement wurk
had imu regiitered.
The Mayor I "Nu, sir."
Mr Gibson : "Then whv
Hayor : "Then* was a rcs"-
lutiaaii passu! in the Council
that it be not regiitered."
Ill       t.ibsull :      "ttnlllil    thc
council attempt to collect ihe
frontage tu   Irum the owneri
till lhat bvlaw WU ngil
liled " He answered lllc (|llcs-
tioa himscK with "I think
nut "
On the ittggeatfon "1 Aid. Irwin further disnissiuti ..11 this
topic was laid over pending
the meet in;; mi Wedncaday,
Mr. Heaven, npreaenting the
Hank "i llamiltun asked it tllc
grade given to the Hank ol
Hamilton at the corner o( ist
street   and   I.nlisdale Ave.   had
been regiatered,
The maynr said that then
were some slight alteration! i"
be made ill the profile by the
engineer and thai as sunn as
ihe engineer returned (nun Victoria iln- matter would 1 c .,1
iciiilcd tn. Mr. Heaven said
the Hank was prepared to
ahead with the wurk.
Aid   Fowler asked if the   1
gineer succeeded in getting the
plans through fur the icwerage,
The Mavur : "The engineer is
in Victoria non in regard na
Financial account! were read
and passu! as lollowi : Board
..I Works, Si.s.'h.Js, and waler
inu ks, Saii.75.
Thc fm.nne committee recommended that lhc iitv treasurer
be given Iwn wicks bave ul ab-
settve   nil   the   OCCIliott   "f   liil
marriage and that the account
(rum the univeraity committee
- , br referred ic ihe loint
1 iv n  Advertising Ca   lm   ion
Sporting Events
(Continued un page 'v
A spi, ndid entertainment
and an abundance ol nlnsli-
liicnts together with a sale  ••!
work   arc the Icalurcs   nf   thc
strawberry and Ice cream social
which will be held ill Sl. Andrew's church nn 'linn:/..:-.
evening commencing at ;, '■
ilmk. The all,iir is under tin
ailspius nl the I,adies' Aid and
arrangements   are   BOW   maili
1 pletad fur "tic nl tlic moat
enjoyable event! ..( that kind .ai
lhc scasull As usual the sale
nf wurk will be all it'iciv.lin;'
proceeding and many useful  .11
titles arc alwav . 10 be had at
this   sale   al     veil    nasi,liable
prices. The proceed! arc in aid
ol the building (und.
on a, 1 "imt ..I tin* meeting in
lhe   Cit)    Hall   iiii   Wnlliesala
evening wlnn the prciuists will
bi occupied by the iitv council
in ipecial session, the pi,,.a
meeting   "I the Dominion   1 *
l 1 b brail.an Committee lias 1.1
changed  t" the office oi ('■   1
Walker ft Ca. "it l,"iisi|alc Av.
near lln* wharf. Si une new
feature! arc Miggeated   lot  ilu
indttatrial  parade and with   llu
intereal that is alread)   mam
listed  bv   llic business   111 ill   "
the  iitv   in tlnn ," opi ration
ill   lliis   popular   event   il   is a
foregone conclunion that "stic-
nss"  w ill be a mild word  m
use   in 1 "iiiiiii nun;*    11 ll
lan   w hill  ll   takes ("in, "ll  the
First oi .lulv.
llie  (erry sleamcr St. I" :,'
will lie laid off for annual ins;>- «
on Ihtirsday and Friday, jum lhe
23rd ,„,d 24th. I'lli'
Third   St.  vs.   Fourth   Si SATURDAY
will be ihe attractive Feature in l-acroaie- New   Weitminitar
basil,,,ll  circle! .ii   Recreation and  Vancouver at New   West
I'.nk ihis evening.    The game miniter, icon 10 tn : in lavoi
pruiniscs to be one ol tlic must "i the former.
iiotlv conteated matchei "i ihe Baseball   Vancouvei \   Scai-
scries which tlu popular npn tie at   Recreation  l'ark, Van-
•entativei of these  iwo   city muni   Afternoon game, Van-
thoroughfani havi engaged in couver  1,  Seattle  .';  evening
Nigluh practices have been ilic game, Vancouver 6, Seattle 4.
orders Mil "in Irum the   ln.ul Vachtittg   Annual ngatta   "I
'pi,liters ,nnl  lot lln   pait  week lln    R. ,\ ,il   VuCOUVeT Club   at
the     members   uf   both     teams Knglish   Hav    Class  A,  w ltllli 1,
have   been   putting  ill uiciliiiic vavllt Spirit, Capt,  B, D. DOW
in an endeavor t" produce the ler; Class It, winner  yacht A-
winning nine,    The laat match danac,   Capt    Horace  Stone;
rcsiilicd in a dose vnnaiv   [01 Clan l', winnei yacht Tanninr-
Third   Itreet,   and had   II    in*', lain, Capt   W    G   Hlcc/c.
been lur tlic mllapsc ui tin* Dinghy racei ai North Van-
Fourth street batten in the couver "Nu race," boat! not
fourth bming "( a five inning able t" finish within the time
game ihe icon might have been limit,
reversed.   As it was the  miti Cricket   Vancouver C. C   vs.
handlers to the smith l""k   ad High School, smic \y lo 8] in
vantage "1 tlic opportunity and lavor "i the lormer,
ran the icon up to where thev Cedar Cottage \s. Wesl End,
weie able to retain it  till   tin scon 76 I" 51 in (aim   "f   the
finish "i tin game,   This even lormer.
in^'s game ii looked lorward to Vancouver Club's Scmnd Ele-
with   a   great deal ui   interest
and then will undoubted.) be 1
Inrge crowd "i expectant ipei
talors in the ^r.iml stand when
"play ball'1 is announced b;
lln* umpire.
what  is transpiring in mn
Section with the i-xlinsi' 111 rn
Third street through the Indian
.Mission, ior which negotiation!
win iiinrnl upon si'iuc months
ago and in what itage an tin
proceeding! now .ne the un-
sunken question! in the liiinds
of main. Inquiry elicits th
Information that the final set
ileineiit is pending .nul to wme
extent is similar tu the Seconil
ven   is   Mr.   Tw \aiis Fit nn,
■con iyi to i>\ in  (aim  "1  lhe
Today is known as tin summer soistiie or the longeit dav
in the year. Astronomically
speaking,   Webster describe!   it.
as 1.11 "the point ill tllc elliptic
at which tin sllll is larlhcst
main the equator, north or
south namely, the lirst point of
ihe sign Cancer ami ihe tiist
point ui the sign Capricorn, the
former being the summer nt
stiic and lhc latter the winter
sidstiic,   s" vailed  because   the
sun then apparently stands
still in its northward ur south-
N.trmws bridge mbaidy pendu   ward motion."   b) "The time
if the sun's passing lln solstices i.r sulstnial pi lints namely,
ab,,ut  the :ist iif   lune and the
:ist ul December of each vear.''
llllll, swaying between  lln    Di
million and  Provincial govern-
When alnr inanv (mile attempts, an agreement u*as
reached   between   tin    1 itv   -"'il
the tndiani ..1 the North  Van DEMISE OF WKS. K, HEARD
Vonver Mission Indians   [or the
extension of Third itree The death occurred last Fri-
lhroii;.|i tlic reserve, iaar which dai evening at the family red
compensation was in hav, been dence, 1053 Bench Ave., Van-
maile in the nature ol free wi miner, of Mrs. K"bt. Heard,
ter and a money consideration aged 60 yeara. Deceased 1
and Indian Agent UcDonald mother ol Mr. Thos. Heard,
had held .1 council ol wai with manager oi the North Yaiuoll-
t li t tribe and silcceeilid in get ver Cilv Fnrns. and leaV« bating the signatures ol the Chiel 1 sides to iiwurn Inr l"ss  a   hus-
.i n> xi -I t*' the proper documenl
..I release and the papen iver
sent tu Ottawa for final approval and execution, Shortlj al
ici'vianls the cit) council recei
led   a    Utter    either   direct!
band, three suns and one daughter. The scmnd son, ,l"hn,
is managa oi the Vicncci Co.,
William resides al home, and
the  fourth   son. George, lives
iu   Seattle       Thc daughter   is
in   through Indian Agent   M- Mn.   1'    11    Alder   ni Hidwell
Donald  to the eflect that  th< street.    Vancouver.    Decenaed
papen would be executed in dm had been in a [ailing condition
course .is soon as the city ol foi   wme time and Inr demise
tained a ipiil ilann deed i.l the  did Hot  come altogether   I     a
revisionan  rights oi the pro-! surprise to the lamily, The luminal government.    The lettei jural took place irmn thl fani-
froin the department at Ottawa
together  with  a request
the iitv lot ihe execution ol tli
quit-claim deed was sent •,, ih
provincial authoritiea al   Vii
turia      An aniwel camt   luick
III a  lew   davs tO the 1 lie, I
the     provincial     governuien
would fulfil   iis pul   t  il
11.in**,u ii..ii after the auiiiKT ■ I
"after  you, m\ deai 1 ■
but   that   thei   vvullld  wi
iluii release until thc Dominii 11
inun ut     made      I
move  in that direction      Th
matter   with  an   n
was lln 11 sent 1.ist  and    hie 1
ily  resilience   yesterday ..ftcr-
Tlnn wni main disappointed children In tne vitv last
Saturda) winn their load hopi 1
t■ • 1 1 joyful time at tin sihool
picnii   to be held at   Second
He,uh. Slaiilei   Dark, wile dashed i" the ground bv tin dnwn
pour oi  lalll   will, ll     ruled  the
earlv inulii      I'.I.ib"i.il.    ,111.111-
*a,„a   ,n.*aa   ......   ■„■..   *.     ll'llll'l's      ll.lll      bl'lll      lllllll        L\
sVainls ai prisciii.' "ib    I)   :   thoae who had charge olI the it
inion  authoritiea havi n*    hci    l'"1  ',ml tlu' »"then uf many
if   the    children   had    ih'.'tlgh
Iii .ml    in.lii  vet  and  v ,
i.u 1 is mat readil]   •" 1
cd there has arisdl ill I u lllinfl
I *.. nn an apprelieii-uni h 1
11 might haiig suspend* I 11
ivvnii the iw., governi
II undesirable length   ol    .1,1*
pi'IS"ll,il      MlidtatioU     -lv Ul ed
' ample   funds   In   give the children   .111   exlia   1 1   lune and
tlic children   themselves   were
not 111 ihe li ast behind in   ilu 11
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 arrangements Inr tin dai      So
What   the outcome  wmild   b. •    ibe  concentrated
should   the  matter resolve   ii    ul'-h  "'   ,1h'  y<«U»8 folk   1 1 *'
elf   into   that   poiition   i.n   pleasant  dai   that tlui   could
hardlv lu surmised.
hardlv reah/f tlieir distress
when thev lirsl peeled outside   bright   and • trly      'It's
 Iriiining,"   was the   ui"tr
  exclamation  m  man)   nil   'lie
■uul inure builders  and  North  Vancouvei   homei   and
ll luls arc he: miai     Ul HI    llleti   it    "tamed    suim
that ii   pais  to  put in hard the houae on thi pillows  How>
w 1 linish     Alan,   oMract ever.   It   can  not lonvei   rain
ans mit that Sm,,  wniili 1 v 1 n 111 British Columbia,   and
ol hardwood lumber  Incrcan ill are looking iorward with ro»
■ In   selling  price "f iln   li.ni- * in unl  hopes to next Saturday
Ul  v ""     b'.vrivbaailv    bin     when  il   1 •    "mn ll   hup"!  lhat
.1 Imu 1 nowaday! aski  »   the weathei man will be inure
'..ut hardwood bnisli. gi	 TWO
Tend' ts eived by the undersign* !   p till 10:00
a in.  Wedneidiy,   |ul) 6th, 1910 for clesrin   part ol D.L
27j. North Vincouver, contiining ibout 56 icrei, n ne ot
wi ii *ai in\ 1 ndi i nol neci mrilj 111 ept< d.
pei nu itioni to be  obtained   from
1 KI.EPHONES- -.7*1 180
vis known und'1 lhe linn nam* H4444-H411 It 1111111'
of  the C,utv Davis  Purnltti-c
Co "i New Westnimster,
A Literary Column
Somewhat About Books & Writers
We Sell Anything, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurance.
Howard & Matbeison
16 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 220
FM—tri.iltiVmOaeO. .StOi,.'
9 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 155.
.inint ixsui "i tin Brit
ish Colui '■   contain
tin    pn a lalll, ilion thai a,ii   am
.liter tin  |Xtfl dav  a,i   lun,
vctiilc court will lu i alablishi
in  the utv   ..I Vam uvi i   loi  Ka
the purposi   a dealinj  i ith juvenile di linquenti, and lhat  A
K    Hull.   Esq.,   P -ii e   Magis-
Vancouvi r shall be thc
*    ol   thai   said   juvenile
The   lollowing  appointments
have been rnadi
I).,-:* ul   Prince
ton, .U.H.. t" be residi nt phvsi-
cian   at    Princeton ;   medical
h officer lor the Similka-
,111,1 I "I'a allll
within and fur the provin
the place ol David Brownlee Lt
/iir. M H , C M
Aldennan Vernor W.  Smith
and Joseph Kdward tferi ylield,
a io be
.., ml. •   "i the Board ol Lieen
>ing Coinn I r lhe Citv
1)1   I'l 111, i    h1'
L'uvlit   A    Holland,   II   Dal
lliliiiaMii. K i    and  John
William Bidden, i • be im n
ai the hoard id director! ol , faiioti
i     il   lubilee   11"    r.;,*
pital lor thi yeai i nding
To • *  prol in.ial  . n i.ild's
Frank Islip ol * d Ai
thur  T,   Harvi        I Ki
l'.ain  iln   mth  da)   ol   .lune,
Ta. iii coinlni-aMonirs loi
Rob!   I li in \  S \ tm
, aii-.i i     Ksquimall     '"lm   Ar
thur Innis French,
Vmir, Willis  A. Groin   i
Columbia Gardens
Notice ia   Iveo l      the i -m
mission  issued  to  tt    I,   Cle-
,1*- ,i    111 .' ' Tea, a
Bl   l'i ll'la ton  Im-  "*   '1  I *   "ked
Aii order is issued I.'  lhi i st
.urn. council that thi lolls lo
be   taken   and   levied   l.i    the
Fi nd   Michel
Ilailv * ■     imI
Tenders  ari   called   hi
I'lllill,      IV
A familiar naini .is a wri'** i
,,i itoriea for boyi ia that ol
Dr. J, Gordon Stables. An
issue "I the  linVS' Ow> Pnper
ivillnilll   a ltOl*J  or   tU   .ir.l.i *
bv Gordon Stable! aru i uli.!
back i  ran avii;  along wi h
G,   a   Il'iiiv,  Geo   Uanville
l*. nn ami J uld Verne hi  i
kept     bust     creating   lur.,. .
whose conduct was the admira
tion "I  iInn  youthful   reailu*.
Nuvv,   In   too,    has   joined lln
greal   majority.     Latterly   hc
unite medical columna tor the
l.n press in which he Uid rri
emphasis "ti iln value oi  Irish
air iu lhe ii^ht with ill health
and  he  is to be  credited loi
muiii "i ihe impetus whiih ba ■
Imu given i" open air life  in
Great Britain,   He travelled a
bout the e.itnuri in his caravan
and nnu be said to have popi
lariied the caravan as a mean
.,i spending vacations,
Frank T.   Boiler, FRO;
uin. at tin- moment "f writin
is visiting Vaiicuiver, has
worked hiniselt up the ladder ol
fame, From being a lone wan
upon the streets a,i London be
shipped at an earl) a^e as cal
in boy and ruse to the positi n
..I hrst  mate,  in llie Ulealiwhil
ii"t neglecting iln* gift that a. i
in him, the lacult) oi intcrpni
ing the   un"xls and tllc   Volt   .
"I  the sea and oi thn   vv i
down l" the sea ill ships.     Hi
was a stead) contributor * I
idles mi nautical i"|uvs to the
"Spectator,"   the   Kope   and
breadth oi Ins writing is ami
hi;;, and he is of ere,it rcpiil.*
tion iii tin world ..t literatun
His contribution! i" the Sp«
tator have beea collated into
scleral Murks     "Idv Ils   ul    the
Sea." "A Sack  ol Shaking!,"
and "The Cruise ol  the Coin
lot."  Thc  siiliicvts  Hi aliil    all
iMtntMi     i ven diverae as tin quoted
ma   ——-.————mmm*—mm——.   '"'ri'  VV'"  S''"W ■   '">'    '''"'"   "'  l'''
Sea, Shakespeare and the 8< i
Creek              anadian    Fruit Sociable Fish,  Alligators   unl
Land**- Co  loi .i  water record Mahogani  and the apparent.)
an R-mile .ii.i.. Hiiter   Creek incongruous one entitled Coun
Minn;                 record "ii Bil uv l.iu on Bi ard Ship.
ui Ci ek . Gi     Murdoch, Ion Une "i tin Vanconva   i.
inn,:    Creek has been holdins "tit a p'-iti* ii
'< 11111111111IIIH111111< 1111111 i IH111II1 Wf>
Canyon View Hotel
Bxtemivi   GrOUadl. High<laH service at moderate rates.
Family Iv'uunis en suite with special rates.    House Greatly Enlarged.
Buy tr.i11 to summit of   Grouse Mountain,    altitude 3000 feet.
I  Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting    Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
ii 111111111 ll 1 III iiiiiii'
♦WWW llllllll H44HHW llllll II11HII11
"» M** p*^HrTTrr
The cars uru no r rutininn > nl "nr new sub-divuion.
'* tl i.ri'ia-- 1 1 strei: l  nn thf I.vnn Valley itore.
A few lot- -'ill selling a\l 1 lie original price.
We have a'co n r markable fine subdivision, facing 011  * e extension of the
uiiii'ii wr are offering now nt renson-
able iiricM,
Lot adjoining Boulevard on 12th St. for $875, cash
$300.   A Long Way Below Value.   :   :   :   :
Martinson & Co.
Rhone nt, P.O. A, I M
t-i +t+ a ♦ a ♦ a ♦ .   . + . 4 . + . + ,*. + . + .*■ . ,m. a 4, ♦ . 4. , 4. . + a a> a   a ♦• ♦ ♦ ♦ « ♦• ♦• ♦• ♦• ♦ • ♦•♦•♦
The Store
That Saves
The Store
That Saves
Murdoch [or a record nn
I Tiil.iinccn 1'**
vv,; :al  on   Till.I
iiinn river,
l.laallMS   hi '  "11    .'l.llltld   ll
iiii vi.1 provincial
companies.  I anadian   II    \\
.lohns-Manvilh   Co. :   National
rniuii   hii.    Insurance   (
Xorth Star Lumber Co
■ 1st     l'"\|a]     l.ltilaU    CO
Zimmerman Manufacturing Co
Certificatei ol   incorporation
hale    liccll    J Milted   l.i   tile   lol
lowing American Creek Uin-
: Hm.a Sweatinan, Ltd
Canada West Trust Co, ; Cog
saalnlaicd Trust Co : I)iiliS"ii
I..unl Co . Fighting lhe Plamei
111.     Works     and     S|ie
l'laaalll, 1 1- ,||       (.'"   ,     ('llall,
Transfei    I
Vnvv   Heights,   Ltd :
Vancouver  i
ing "tit a p>
among the iinmoriali as i  n
ward t.i tlic donor "f an aM
gallery i" iln tin ol Vancou
vii. and 11 is tn be hoped th.it
there will Ih' more than
■ii. individual desirous ..t
the honor, ilieii addition
al pedestals conld bi
provided lor tin donora id tin
I'a,1   worki ,,1 irt, arhkh, il tie \ .,•,
In Ih- Worth  a,1 the lust   '•'•idl-
tii,Iis,   ttill   coat   much
than tin* building!,
There is a  lot   "f  lleedill
I'a  lie ila'lle  111  later   veals
main -.illiins ,*i panting and
siulplllli .    ivhite   i|ll.illlitv    .4]   I
liiil   i|ii.ilili  has lain ilic ..'in',
111'.        I.lll"!      Ill   Sih ,11. aU      A    V,|l
111    tin    Nilimlai      lv-inn.'
l'a.st suggested i lev iveks
back thai more could 11 I'w
in 1 .ne d.n fur American art hi
a gang "i ineli wielding sli Ige
hamnien among tli ic'u '.rv
in  iln   Capitol  than  b*    * in
Carpet Department
and Parlor Furniture
tacular i
Co., Ltd, : Imperial Power Co
Kamloops Vain*a,mii Tiim Co
Ka louna   I-l'.   'Ims:   t,,
I..in.  Amalgamated   Mines Co   other means in a •!,
Hurray's   Corners   I'rogreisivi  ml.ists may yet i  :n
S'ortheru   Inl
:n Tin.it-, an
h  In     ♦
mi • la
h nri.s'
Co., r
Co . Perth !)■, Work    Portland
\lmm   Ci , prince  kn
;*. rl Publishing 111   I'iiiiu ku
Stock    all. ' ' 1 \
*   Ltd     lv
i'l*a|ll 1... I
Vancouver Sali Works,  Wilson,
l.asdli uid   Wt\    I    Ltd     and
Wood Uotoi and Taxicab Co,
Tii" Doiu '
.il appeal n nl itions
as I,, llu   i, ■ || 111111111
right! and i    li ling thi lettl
ment, dist        ni      nini
tta,n a,1 thi 11 minion lands in
the railwav I, li •,„ Britiih Columbii :i is u<>
lie Ulntiici Kngineering
nt nn ml Co,
N'otici               ihal at  u
extra                          meeting
the S'*uii*: Railwa)
.er- Co   tl , author
\ a.111    vi ith   lhe
WILL HO .l\t tiMH
1 News
■ 1 \>. ptional
tain alti
,, [rami laiildin-i
n.1 ti p.uis   I., i/i.1 i" i.a rrow lhi   lUtn of *;
1:11,ilid 111 il • 1    and   i"
ia   dehenturi i,    a,
aui"! I* upon lhe
aa|     thl      I
N'otice i-* tt    A.
11   .ml 11*      ■   \Iisl111
Tin pi'irnt 1 v'ptmnal « a
llnr is 1 ipi 11111.  lhi  small tints
Viiv    lapldlv    and     s, 111. largi
shipments    have    alreadv l.icll
made Hpecial       .if
menti have been completed
with the Rxpren Compan*   to
siipplv   Ived  ial-*   .it   the    ;.
mav Landing
The mie V.M.l  \ gymnasium
al  Nclsi.n was ihr.avin ■ p. 11 last
na.k with *i laat and * idling
basket-ball match between ihl
Di,mu.ml A team and thi   I li
ile r, team       Tin     ll
inin is .1 particular!] u.ii ii^ln-
cd and commodious qnarti r in
tin* building and i  well ind : d-
We have just received some
i.n pretty parlor furniture
and easy chairs. Prices are
exceedingly low.   -  -   -  -
up stairs
We extend to thc public of
North Vancouver an invitation to see our New Department. t_ Come and SEE
whether you want to buy or
not as we have a fine line of
llll SlORt Mill &AVE& YOU HONEY
128 Lonsdale Avenue t
ton   street   (loin   the   ttestmhl-  id to In   the highest liquor luster Trust de Ltd . laexcarat   mac in Hritish Columnia,
Mr   tt    I   (.lli.uuh rs. arho re-
uiiili    purchaied   ■>
mn  nn   .1 new concrete  block
'    lot  OppOliti   the    sue   -Ullitut,    tO   pi-vide   unreascl
,,1 ,),,.  _f- has   n   accommodationa lor Ins lobai
: rounds    ol pari nm in
building • ai \ 1< I
Applications are 11 inj caih -1
hi the minister nl Publii Works
[or the  position n| it
itect at a s,ilui of S I
,,,,,1, attorm i- All inci   A1*
Tin   lollowing wati t   notices surami ' r, BA
ii    c,   \i  Annable foi   i    Thi dii
- n   ;' I'ii Ige of W. K |   \\   Da
lv   equipped  with all kinds ,,|
gymnasium outfits
IH'I.I. KlYl'.lv'
The Hull ttim Klectrii
■   -
two million dollan
,,   ti. .anv   "ii iiiiiiiii
||o IIS    t lit < -ll    ll"l|l     llll       pi
Also       lo     ,"11-1111*'
iilon and billiard hall.
Chilliwach "ill soon instill a
ki drainage lyitem.    Tin
monej will hi voted on in the
aar lllllire
,,niii   prepared plans lor ihe
, n, t l-.ll "I a ipacioiU    l"l'   and
lodge I'inlilinc;
The ti pnir". to iln l'i. ibyleri
an inaiise, whnh havi l.iiti pro
ceeding  lor aotne time,   hav.
i„,n   (Otnpli la d   and the in ins.
.in .( tin moat ui
md beat fitted dm Ilm , ,,„„| had been
,!„ Weatmin
I ,,d  Gillanders, who rvceni
hotel   lii|ii"i   In  '
,i .md iiii  iiinnlaii   il
lum ■    ': a i  I., hi i, dined ii-in
oil and gai linet lv pwefcued t lot oa Welllni    twelve to five,    IWa ia IkIIm
It  is bow definitely sei tied
that ii"ik will lie started at
a,ine "11 the suiicv and grading
..I | part ol the trunk toad ,\\
Summitt Creek as Chas Uot/tt
P.L.S., C.K, will, willl a panv
■ I i ight men leave here soon t,,
suriev tlic road np Sininuiu
ia, the summit winn* In
will lie met In I I) And. l sou's
partj whiih is now survi a*
"ll  the other side of the   liviilc
turning up I,"st Creek. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Beauty in the home, is one of the essentials
of true home happiness. It cheers and stimulates,
lifts our minds to higher and nohler planes of
thought, while it teaches us to appreciate true art
in all things.
As a home heautifier our Sterling Silver, in
hoth useful and decorative articles, is daily winning
its way into the hearts ol the Canadian people.
Its quality has heen tested and proved liy years of
constant near, while the workmanship employed
in its manufacture, is the hest, known to the art of
the silversmith.
One greal advantage Ihe buyer of " Birks " silver will discover, lies in the matter of price. The
goods come to the people through our own stores
from our Montreal factories, which lacl proves in
itself, that the middleman's profit is eliminated
from the price you have to pay.
(lulll and Silversmiths
Maiu-j-in-. l-i-wtor Hastings & Granville Sts.
AND D. L. 265
We have exclusive sale ol  the lies! properties in the
above.    Call and inquire.
11  Lonsdale Avenue
I   IMiones—Office 21       House 22        P.O.Box60
Fresh and
Salt fish
P. BURNS & CO. has installed a Fish
department, seperate from their Meat department, and are prepared to fill all orders
for Fresh and Salt Fish promptly.
Phone 11
CLAVERIE  &   ARCAND have just opened on First
Street, East, an up-to-date
where the public will be sure lo find a good and (resh assortment ol Groceries and Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables in
season, fl Mr. Arcand was with F. Filion ol Vancouver
for the last eight years.
Modern six roomed house in city, one-hall block from Lonsdale Ave. Delightful location, lot 40x150. Price $2200.
Terms #875 cash, balance at rent.
Best Buy in the Vicinity.
Real .Utatf, Insurance and Loans
The following was written by
J. P. Arnold, principal of the
Roslvn College, Westiiiount,
Que.i and was printed by the
executive fur Queen Alexandra,
Karl Grey, and the members of
the Fellowship, and is
an improvement on what
appears in the "Scottish
American." It was sent to
Mr. J. V. Balmain ol this city
bv an old Iriend and througn
the courtesy of Mr. Balmain
the "Kxpress" is pleased tn
present it to its many readers.
thf; old king and
I.,imeiit and Welcome
From   the   Dickens   I  l'mv-diip
ol Montreal
Too  sunn   the  old King—after
nine short years—
Laid down the sceptre—"All is
over now,"
And men speak well of him, for
he has reigned
In   love, and lmnmir, and   the
fear of God.
He ruled lhe empire as a   King
slu mid rule,
And won the hearts of all, both
rich and poor,
Bv Heaven's decree his crown is
set aside,
And we, his subjects, sing our
s.id  requiem.
The King is dead ! "I.ong live
the King I" we shout,
And   as   the    tleW   King   .isvctlds
the British throne.
M.iv   Kdvvaid's mantle f.ill   on
rnval t'.enrge,
Mav    Heavenly   wisilnin   (tddf
liim through the years ;
And .is in* snrriiw lur ..ur widened Oiiccii,
Wi    sing    with   loyal    hearts,
"Cod Save the King."
—.1. Pnrteiiiis Arnold.
Tn mtr Patron,
His Kxiellcticy Karl Grei,
Gov.-General of Canada.
Montreal,  20th Mav,  mio.
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   OFFICE:—264 Hastings St.  E.,  near Impress  Iheatre
.1 line
the g
::—Beaver v. Mt. P
25—Fairview v. N. Van.
27—Beaver v. Grandview
2"-N. Van. v. Mt. P.
f Grand, 1   Fairview
h—Beaver v. N. Van.
12—Beaver v. Fairview
i,\—Mt. P. at Grandview
20—Fairview v. M. P.
22—Grandview v   N. Van.
27-Mt. P. v. Beaver
I—Grandview v. Beaver
2—X   Van  v. Fairview
12-M. P. v. N. Van.
17—Fairview v. Grand.
14—N. Van. v. Bi.nir
games  to be played  on
mnnds of the last named
An ulliiial  board of ref-
11 .is also appointed.
Catarrh Cured
No  Cure,   No  Pay,  is a Most
Generous Oder
Double Corner 4th and St. George
I'riee $7,500.   Term?: l-'i cash, lml *', iind 12 months.
Third  Street
Lol 9, Hlock 137, D. 1, 274.   Price fcllOO.    Terms:
1-3 caih, hnlance fi and 12 monthi.
Thee prices are far fieloti' Ihe market anil only for a ten <hert time
I'lioiir .; N.'itti v.n...ui.i I-i    i    ..
MM Hour, li » in. t.i:. ,111 in     Hr»ii Kifiiinir. hr t|.|.iinttnriit
After nftiif hour., plionf 1.11.'
To get an antiseptic strong
enough to kill catarrh germ-,
and not destroy the tissues ol
the membrane at the same tint
lias been a problem which was
never solved until the dis. overy
ol Ilyoinei (pronounced High
Hvnmci is prepared from   11
i.ili ptils,  lhe must powerful Vet
healing ,intise|itic known
Breathe it through the inhaler
over the inllamed and germ rid
den nn mbr.uie four or five
limes a d.n, and in a lew daw
the germs will liaapMtr,
The inllamed condition will
go, t..o, and the snufling.
haiiknii;   and   "licnsiec   Imath.
and the diackarn of hmwobi
aiiil    . rusts   in the   imse    will
Then whv should any catarrh
sufierrr hesitate when the Lons
iall I'll, min in hat such faith in
Ili'iuei that it oilers to return
vour tii'.ncv if after a lair trial
llminei does not cure eat.uili
A ..'lll|iletc IImuiiii outfit, in
ilndni^ the inhaler, costs fl.oo,
nil mr.i bottles, il afterwards
needed, mst but \„ n-ntv II*
i.tiiei also uirrs asthma, ir.>np
sore throat, roughs, colds or
Entire Change of Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Friday
We cater to ladies and children, ud ttture mn patroai
that nothing offensive or objectionable will bt shown.
Performances at 7.30 and tv.15 I'"1'
Saturday    Matinee   at    2.3U   p.m.
Admission 10c
Children Sc
Katis :
lt2.oo per and up.
Special rates to families and to regular
P   pBP^lJiS^-Tjl
Bacon Strmt.   •   •   -  -   NORTH  VANCOUVER. B, C.
On application to R. V, Winch
6c Co. Limited, Land Department,!
Winch Building,  the first person!
offenng a deposit can secure one.
of two delightful 6 room cottages
situate on on the North-West corner of Bewick and 14th Avenue.!
These houses are particularly well
finished, modern in every respect,
and to the man seeking a home on |
the easy payment plan will do well
to call at once and explain to us
what terms will suit.
No reasonable offer will be refused.
R. V. WINCH & CO.,
Successors to
A Modem Range at a Modest Price
It !•- iiiiiili* 1111 th, must up-to-
date pl.ins uuh -.puial feature points, oie of winch is
which ninkis baltiaf a real
ili iiure.
1 liis feature pri u nls the
ponibility nl iln bat k of
the ovrn 1» inu hutti r
than team th.- d
iiim h i> tin 1 iai with
iiin-t raafai
l.i I 11-. show vou tins h'tle
wrinkle, ll don'l mst you
anv more in cash, bul is
worth much in resiilt-a
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancoaver
We supply SI0VEW00D anv
length required.
16 inch length, $2.75. per load
Cordwood, $4.50 per cord
Prompt Delivery
l'lione 190 P. O  Boi I;'
Pontile CoriMf, 1-lth and llemlrv Avenue. BiM
100] MT foot, Prioei $1300. farms$400ouh,
balance $300 in AugUlt, 6 ami 12 month*
Lot 86* 14-21*2-., tin nniT.   PHm $178.   T«mi
$50 cash, baliiiire ll $10 per month.
First Street, lm U67471    Trie. $5000,    II	
cash, balance 'i. 12 ami 1* BOBthl
Real Eltati  aiiil Financial AftOtl
fl— HKH-Q-Nl)
Rfnnt-hHl-a, Croup, Cough* »nd CcUt, nr
moaty back.   Sold ind [utnntM-d .by
The Lonsdale riiariuaiy.
Capilano Gardens
601  AND 607=
For Plans, Price Lists and Particulars, apply
;: Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.,    Bonthrone, Lennard & Co-
I! Cor. 1'tMnliT ami Si-viinnii' BU,   Pliune MM      104 Winch Bldg.      Phone 888 '.'.
NllKIII     V V\a  all   VI  K
B. C.
Published I m ulayi ind Friday) In
North Shobi Puis*-, Liuitm
i; vi im rn- IttMCIIPTlOl
line vein-, |),0u Six lllln, 50c. Three monthi, Ho,
United Swim nnd I urt-lun, II.SO pel yenr
A'i\,iii-:ii: Ruiei illl Le a|imti'il iiii application.
Thi K\|.r— iadtvotrtl loth* Inlereili -ai nn- north Show ol Biirrard Inlet
a (i'Imivel)      It -iiiii'.- .in idv«rtiilr.| rmdlnn a.i exivi-tloiiil mine inr
r.Milalllt! ill ai ll   irill 'Hie llaailill.T III.'   |N||,I|I;|I Inn nl  \i*rl ll   V'llli'.ill V ,T
City mi'i liinlrn i.   i a, rv , Hurl li mid» lo |lv« idmtlieri iht iuoki wttitictorji
All a a  .llll'l -  I Illrill'l    ll.lVlTll-.'lll.lal-   -iaaallill    Ik*    III    111,*  | al 11 |l IT-'    llllllll*    Illlt
llltel   I'aalll    lal.a   laa      MmIhI.IV    lllld   i   |I.D1,    W a-a 111. ■«.. I ;| \ I"   CHMHi*   lll-.Tl i' HI   ill   llie
I.* l**uii,j Utile,
NllB'IH   \ im "   v I i*.     I;   C
J I   \l     Jl,     lajlO
FM CATIOXAL    I'ROBI.KMaSImoderate coat aad upon ■  per
i lli.illelll  li.lsis.
Amid the niani Important
prohlemi which anavoidably
crowd ilteiiiselves upon thi at
ii mii.n ..I ,i young and rapidh
growing iitv sinii ,is North
Vancouver, ii will readily be
admitted tlmt h« il any, are
ni ,t more essential nature tt
lative to the permanent wel
i.ui ..I the city, than lhe educational problem, The wiadom
nt committing educational in
11lists I., the care ..f .i separate board nl trustees is parti
illhilll evident ninn the lm.nd
nl   .ilili Illii II   .lie v,illeil  Ulioll  tll
deal with .i hoat "l other press
ing questions .is is the case In
North Vancouver,    The situa
tii ill   linlili!  lie  let   lllllllll    illl
proved as to these mam prob
letns were the same principli
applied to other matters smli
u ilu appointment oi a board
ul park commissioners, thus n
lieving the hoard ol aldermen ns
lar ,is possible Irom the duti ol
dealing with .i larger number ol
important interests than ani
one board should reasonably 1»
i spected to v.in* for,
The information conveyed bj
the delegation Irom the school
board which waited a,n the
council lasl evening goes to
sliniv th.it the interests ol cdu
cation are not being neglected
While the i.'tili.il reci pii'.n atul
hearty co operation aevi rded
the delegation by the it....r.l ol
Aldermen gives ever) ossutanci
a.i .ni enterprising poiici in lo
v.il educational matters,
The providing ol wh.»ol sitts
ol sufficient area .md number
.md judiciously distributed
throughout   i'.n    jii   area  i--
oi llllllll   111.p..11,uiu   Iai the edll
rational problem.   Here, .is  in
ailni i,'puis. North \.niioii
vii is,iliK in |ii..iii by tin e\
1 >i i ia iui   a>i  neighboring   cities
siuiessful campaign ol adver
lisinc,  the uti   nnd distnci   ul
.Ninth   Vancouvei   during   the
seasmi nl mi'
Oii ilu* question "f woman
sniii.r. the farmers will have a
,lUIM ,,, voi, ni Waahingtoii
,ir-,t November, and il the
i,.iiniiv districts n» slrmi.
,y [ur lhe right "1 women t .
TOte, thin is .1 great likelihood
,,l th,* equal suflrage movement
vv muni}; nut Tin .utile Work
eis m the suflrage cause predict
,,t least .rn even break in the
fitien     on ilu othei iiiiestiiaiis
nil,,,,llnl    1,1     llie    lutlvclltii n,
congress or the si.ite lej^is'a i
lures nnisi h.iie Iheir Ml
,\|,,st ol ihi states nuw h.ive laa
i.il a,|iiinii, uliuh is ,is good as
prohibition so i.n aa thi conn
tri distrii is arc concerned,
Nelson Manf g Co.
KSI'LANADK,   Kakt  "t
N. V.I.i'miikii  Co.'l Mn*'
N. NELSON. Proprietor
lu three Canadian provinces
within the past month maga
/ims containing explosives havt
accidentally blown up, killing
ailniaist ,i score ul peuple,nnl Injuring in.nn ..tlu i s II,iidlv ,i
d.n passes hut whal the press
i..in.tins reports ol the deaths
ut workmen engaged in mining
ur in railwav cotUlTUl lion ft'utn
the careless ur Ignorant use ol
explosives. These scattered
vases, however, attract Imt lit
tle attention ; ii is onl] when a
catastrophe occurs in which
many lives are loal that the
public is aroused tu the need ol
adopting more effective meas
in is lui iln* protection ot liu-
ai.ni In. iia,n, lliis danger,
h is interesting tu note » hat
other countries have dune in
dealing with tin problem. In
all Kuropean coal mining coun
tries    regulations   have    luen
111.lile   against    the Use  ill    dial
mines ..I such ixploaivea as an
known t" in dangerous,      Tlu
United Stales hale all explusr. i
testing   plant   under lhe diin
tiun   ui   the geological survei.
while    explosives    are     lestul
as ta, their iiiiii ss iur particu
lar us, s      Tlu  nanus ut all c\
plosives thai have mccaaatuli
stuiiil  ihese  tests ate  published
in a Permissible Explosives
I.isi whiih is available to the
public, An i(plosives prime)
outlining the .utiuti and uses
ul ihe varion i (plosives is al
su published in ordi i t" lessen
the number "i accidents due to
Tin great industrial development whiih Canada is experiencing has greatly increased   iln
AUGUST 15th m 20th, 1910
British   Columbia
in Prizes and Premiums
S|,t.ri;illv Invv niii- (ruin nil polntP
on railway, .uul I,* *i-
Kshlbtti -.nt ii* Inighl on Can-
llaltlli line- vvill I.- r.'lllll.a.I free.
Sn|ierli nn.I imI..na- atinii tloni in
Sl.*.*.!!!!*.'    KvelltR   llll,I    lll'l.'   *-ll'*W
S|iecl:ii*iil.ir "Fiul.linn tli" Flim '•* "
llr"iuliiiHii»lini'i uin|ii*lili.,li. Mi.kI
CUopplns ContMrt,   TrotUns mul
I'H.'ini!   Kvi'iil-..   ami   limit    Cluli
Entries Close August 1st.
Writ, i,,r prtae li.t ami inli.riiialhni
It-   llll'l
Mana.'i.r an.l S *.*ri i.irv,
Van.i.nver  Kxliil'ilu.n  \->., la'aeii.
im wwmwm
HUN rn lii
Lonsdah  Avenue,
at fun  Landing
We tlmi hau,He tin* (..ll.uviiii; in
It. A k.l'hirli Pood.
1'.. ,i K. Chicken Chop
smli.' Heel S.ni|is.
Mver'n I'miltry S|,irc
I.e.'.' I.ii'e Killer.
Wheui in tvogrades.
S aM iii anv it mi ii ti l ia-B.
Tlm Hi-I Miiniiier Spray
mi tlie market.
ALL KiNds of
p i iiim      in     in i "imi,       -I-....-.
wh,, hav, passed through condi   ""'' "' wp^vei .md the number ni deaths lium ihe careless
use   aiiil    slnr.ine oi   them   has
Mains siiinl.ii t., those whiih
prevail hen at th, present
nnu It is nm many years
■inu iln* nu i.i Vancouvi i
lound  it  necessan in  procuri
mi.il.li     sites    111   wi 11 si tiled
. a ll**tls   n|   that   iitv   with    the
ii suit ihal  vetv  high prii is had
In  l,e  paid   .md   n   id. nu .    had
in la bought .ni.! moved **li the
prop! 11 v   in .ml. :   I., iii.iki    wav
inr     s.haaa.i    buildings     and
I..nmls      The avoidance ..i   *i
repetition   "1   such  experienci
as  |..|   Sol ill   \ an vi I   i      'h
snalile iinin everj' considers
lion aiiul ih. -i 11■ ■ ■ -I hoard have
lertainh   "taken    opportuniti
laS       llll      hand"    ta,   gliod    ] ill |J). .VI
in  proceeding  tn secure  suit
aide   sites ill ililli iilil    sections
luii,re ilu* propert) has passed
into possession ..i a large innn
lu*r  a,i  Individual  owners and
iieinie  portions ol iln   lilmks
ia .(inii .I  .rn* *a. npii d Kv   residenci s, lhe imiih.is* ,nnl i, mi■ i
.il   nl   whiih   would innnin 11
Ilia lease  lhe COj1   "f   school  ; ri>-
pi 11 v   In lhe i ily.
\\ hell llii   vv hnle silnili.    upon
whiih the delegation intimated
ih.it ilu* school board  is not
v...lllll;'.   1',  COttipll I' d   .ili'I     III.
mitted tn ilu r.itrp.iviis, ih,i*
i* evei v reason to helievi  i hai
Mu ii ,i|i|Hai\,il ,,i iln polls will
I llSUIl      ill.       lOlUl liall    "I     ,1       HI"    I
important problem at a  utv
corresponding!) Increased, (ith
a i   countries  have Inveati  tied
iln siihiiii ai i**iisii|irahh   a \
i'a ii i     The results "i their III
Cesligations   are   ai.iil.ilih     In
l ,111,1.1,1 an.I il  is in, nnil,, in  n,
a,ll   Us   In   make  lis,'  ol   ihein    11
v.i an in '.inin propel n ard
[oi ih. conservation "l human
In. flu establishment "i *>
plant i.a testing * spli-sivi . ami
the iiinn rigid enforcement ol
..vv regarding their storaj - i
iwn things whiih might recel
early attention,
lhe GrdnvilK" Street of
North  Vancouver
is Milium Avenue.
Wc Live twu InK fiiin-
ntnding tlm Bneal view
nil tile wliule itlilgnilici'lil
Avenue, nml onlv ihtvt
minute* walk frnin llic
earl ine. Price Unlay,
$1100 noli.
There ii i fortune t" l«'
made in iheee luto, nt
this flcure,
1. (). O  P\
North Vatiuniii r I.odgc, No.
J5, meets every Thursday evening, comer I.ousdale avenue and
Kirst street, at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited lo
attend. .1. Kelly, N G ; A. T.
Kennedy, Kvc.-sec; .1. II. billing. Fin.-sec.
Pierce &
NOM no
III Jin1 st.
111 I SHIN
l.k. Bennet,     bl lonsdale
..*   vi  ■ «n*l  .Viaii*|ii'*   li.iinli
slur,*,mii..'*. ii'."* miii i'»' riiiiin   ii'l"
lllllll .11II. I*'-
I'irtiir.* Ir.uiiiiii;.      Fiirtiiluie Manp
vi in ui  *i |l mi.'ii i.t..... i.i .ii.'iiii..u
Pianoforte      Mrs. W. 8. Burmester A.R.A.M.
Organ       Mr. T. W. Ward
Violin       Mr. I,. Davies, L.V.B.M.
Singing   Mr. Paul Kdtnoiids
Violin Cello         Mrs. Grace Harding Pratt
Cornet      Mr. I,. Davies, L.V.B.M.
Flute        Mr. I,. Davies, L.V.B.M.
We are here tn establish a lirsl class Sellool of Music
and have, regardless ol expense, obtained the serviie ol
nnisieiaiis who have the highest diplomas for tcaehing on
the Pacific Coast.
Call at our establishment at .| \\ Lonsdale Ave., interview  mir taachen and judge for yourself.
North Vancouver Piano Co.
l'lione 111. 443 Lonidale Avenue.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Nurth Vancouver mul Vaneouver
City ami Sul,urban Property.
Acrt'iiita*. Suli-liiv'iioi."..
btatM managed, Rent! collfi'teil
Hiinnoas Cliann-a
AgMSSMatl  of  Sales  discounted
Foot of Lonsdale Ave., Nortii Vancouver, B. C.
TELEPHONE s,, P. o. BOX 114
EXTENSION. I'riee $300, Yi cash, balance in 6 and
12 months.    This is 1 snap.
Two giiod lots £425 each, faoo cash and tbc balance in 6
and 12 montha    These are lar below market value.
QUEENSBURY HEIGHTS, close to cir line, 1 good triple
corner 150 x 117 feet cleared and graded. J2350, Utooo
cash, balance 6, 12 and |S niniiths.
Chas. E. Lawson £» Co.
5 Lonsdale Ave.
,, 1 -iiki'inim
Krai Estate Specialists
Phone 70
Hot Points
For the Man
Lien's a chance tu please the
Qrder  at once a  njio " HOT
Ti n dins trial, dec (or askin-;.
Di , 1 --1:1 ■ and comfort on ironing day.
Qnli iron on market guaran-
leed for two vein.
Imest now, it  will please hit.
N''."'   dean  and  economical
  J ri one now and be ciiiiiincid
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
North V ciiuouver
Coal and Supply Co. J
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
A meeting ol the Join! Civlt
Advertising Committee was
held in the ofiici ol Alex   I'hilip
nn s,iiniii.iv dternoon with
Chairman \ R Pern in the
1 hail. Reports Ironi the vari
ous committees were received
,nnl dealt with The introduction "i *a.iin in v. features In
the advertising lim waa sun
,  inl. Imt   ih. .   v mi  Ull   in
..In valine    111   lh,   :, a.ininiie,    il
In ing  decided   to Continue   11
similar lines of pr  1    '1   id
let'ti in    a     Ithertn establish
nl    From 'In reports rei lived
it    iv,i'. n*idil      ickii .vvlid|.d
th.it sm.ess n.i   iliinning the
eflorti   .1 'h. a       ;•■ ,■■   1 in*.
v ear and evi 11 thing sppt nrs in
Inn   nn *i   moal . ner get i(   and Phone 170
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
AH  Ordns   Promptly
Pilled and Sltisl " t "ii
Qaarantad,   Pricei on
Applii ation
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wliarl
Warehouse:       Forman's \\ li.uf
I ||   I   * I As-  Hli I I
Pint Street lots innl* block East ol Looadale,   An excellent investment,
$6000 each.   Good terma.
I'liiirih Street, mar Mahon ; 5" ■"<• ***i owncr
ansions to iall.
$2800.  Oood terms,
Sixth Street, ia block 70, D. L tf\ 5° •'■ lot
fine Iiii nioii. H"i>d view iif I Un rard Inlet.
$1500.    Terms.
Third Street. |uit l.ast
$6300.   Good terms,
Lonsdale, first hlk,
Fourth Street, block 23, I). L. 373.
$1800,    Reasonable Terms.
Third Slreet, block 18, D. L. 273.
$1900.     ',! cash, halance (it 2 months.
What is the use of paying rent, buy a lot
in our new subdivision in Lynn Valley, just
a few minutes from the car. Good sod, fine
iiiw Large lots, size 57x150 feet. Present
prices range from $250 to $300. Terms as
low as $25 down and J.10 per month. They
will not lasl long at these prices.
Head Office 632 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C
******AA*AAAAAAA*AAA*A*AAA*AAA**^A*AAA*AAAAAAAAAA^"*    |||||tr^^ TiiiimmiT tTTfiififff Tl
To close up an estate we have been appointed Sole Agents to sell
Ten Modern Close In
—— Houses ——
at such prices and terms that will make quick sales.
f_ If you are in the market to buy a home, or to make an investment
in a good income property, it will be to your interest to get full
particulars and make an inspection as soon as possible.
(Incorporated A.D. iooh, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chief place of business in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. P. O. Box 42. Telephone 15
Kditur Kxpress
I do imt nisli tu enter .is .1
psrtiiaa oa the rather macem-
ly discussion id the subject ol
lieiuli and straight grades lie-
tiveen ,1 sin.ill band nl imrlln
citizens on the one lund and
the city council on the other,
but I do venture to call attention to sonic nl the arguments
being used by responsible men
Mr. Jackson, as leader ol the
belli hers, is reported to have
made the statement that the
east and west streets, referring
presiun.iblv to those [rom Ks-
plainadc to Kighth street, are
bond  In be  the  most  llliport-
ant thoroafhlarea fm tram La
our city. This stateineiit is
not worthy of one whom we regard as ,1 man iii foresight. It
dues not take tiiiich foresight to
know that the statement is .1
fallacy. The Irallic Iroin cast
to west will be largely either
harbour Ir.illu <> 1 through rail
u.ii trallic. and in the not ills
tail! llltllle llicle uill lie I I.ill
wav dossing the iiti HMI
where belli ecu 1 |lh and Iiih
streets The large proportion
of the iiti population will lie
north ol Keith Koad and as*
tewliai as l.n north as (our
miles Irom the wharl uti either
side nl Lonsdale. This will
give a rapid growing importance to Lonsdale Avenue train-
11 .iv set vii 1 and large cars
heavilv loaded will soon hr the
order o( the dav there. Further,
the heaviest Irallic ol all mi
mir tramway lines will be the
tourist and pit uic travel to the
1,1111 on and mountains The
shortest and most easily constructed line tn Capilano can-
vnii is through North Lonsdale
and when that mad is opened
out Lonsdale A\ emu- will have
the heaviest trafiic of anv In
the licit luture there will be
It..11111,11 service to the top o(
(arouse nluiiiitain and that Ira
llic also uill be heavv. II I am
right it dues seem verv like
courting titrable (or ourselves
il we add much to an H per
cent, grade nn Lonsdale Ave.
Do  mir   wnrtliv lunch   grade
liunds   nnl    prntest   t00   llllllll
ivhen thev  charge Uu eoaacll
with being ,u mated In personal motives.     Tbe accusation is
apt to react and they are get-1
ting measured in their own
bushels II the council have
persnti.il interests ol value to'
u'tiscrvc does il not necessarily
follow that they are also seek
ing to conserve the interests ol
the large number who are sit -
Uted    like themselves      1  hope
J worthv neighbors on the
(unit streets will not lm a moment imagine thai ours are the
only intetesls worth caring (or.
There is a uinllict o( interest in
this matter ; thai has lieen evident to some of us for icirs
and the pill is il was not lin.il-
Iv settled belore so much licit
■ad l>i-in generated
ll has been urged lhat there
is danger in ,1 street crossing il
the lieiuli has .1 side glade ul
more than I per cent , but in
I1.11. .111 illiistr.itiuii ..I a six
per cenl grade at First street
mid l.onadall Ave and it will
p*Utlc ,1 Diitilimaii tn sn
enough oi dangi r iu it to vv.u
1.mt us in increasing lhe danger oil Liillsdale Avellllc There
does seem a ilcsiu* to drive the
ti.illii oil l.misd.ile A\imir mi
tu   snme   "I    the   easier     glade
streeta and 1 bu that vow) be
the result ..I making an 11 per
tent    grade   on Lonsdsle   Aie
a', the pn miu tune    II   tli.i 1 1
the    lilsh    n|    |he    ,|i, l.ai.ili   11
lllll    lie  litullgllt   .iiiulli,   lml    ll
will   take ,1  gie.it   111,1111    11,un
than .'i.i electors lo give thai
.in Ultra.
Meantime   lhe   gnml name   u,
mtr dtj is sullering and "u-
lliing can injure it iimre than
the treadmill which is al J'ta >
ent   being   meted   out   to   the
majority "f the citv council, Bj
the vute u| the ratepavers given
ill no stinted measure thev .n
where ihei are and have re
spmisihilitv laid mi them tn rk)
right according to their Judy
tnent.     It is rather ridiculous
lm ,1 bodv ol live ol it |n
lent, ol the clciloratc U> IS
suine  lhat   thei   COBtTOl   thl -H
nation,    I am, eti .
The Flathead immttv is one
ol the great n.itut'.il icsmines
.nnl   il   seems   nl htal Ul be "li
tin in 1,1 development, said a
prominent   Rossland  man,  re
cetitlv,   Mr.   J,   Fisher.
Coal     and     oil    indications
everywhere exist. Oil seepages
are found in many different
pUcei  and   I here are nearly   a
dozen locations where the oil
is lairly bubbling up, said Mr.
Fisher As (nr coal the Flathead iiiunlrv is a mai countrv,
while considerable valuable and
line bells o| timber exist iu
inanv parts.     One large outfit
is already tra the ground and is
generally believed In be connected willi the Chicago, Milwaukee and St l'aul Railway
Conpany,   which is   building
north to the international bor-
alii aiul whiih has 1 charter
through the Flathead counti'i
A Positive Cure
For Indigestion
11 you have indigestion, your
lood (ennents in the stomach
and bowels, lt does more ; it
devais, and the nutritious matter which should go lo make
Hew   blood  duals Wltll lt,    .illd
lllis leads  t,, an  Impoverished
iiidilimi ol ihe blood, to ner
iniistiess,  biliousnail, conatipa
I Mil.  Mik In ad, 11 In ,  I ad I Rath
wlllill     ilisguvls    volir     ll lends
aiiil other disagreeable and  un
plcisaui conditioaa,
Ami all tins trouble is caused
In tin i.iaaii tI1.1t duesn't digest,
but   leimeiits and nflniits   ruts
ill the stomach.
AiiiI f1r1111-11t.iti<.11 is caused
In tin itomach not leing
strong enough and eiurgetiv
enough lo thoroughly mix   the
food wilh the digestive ]Uius
M-l 0 NA is responsible lot
tens "I thousands ol CUIUS. In
l.n t. it is smh a positive cun
for indigestion and all itoauch
troubles that it is guaranteed
by the Lonsdale l'harmacv to
line or inonev batch, The prm
ol a large box nf M-i-o-na tab
lets is JO cents, and thev an
sure to promptly relieve th>
worst i,ise of indigestion or
gastritis.   Trv them.
Cures Dyspepsia.
Your money lack ll tt don'l. Giv-i lm-
m-dlita relief Irom r-urtb-irn, tout "torn-
uti, itomicrt diilreu and lick h-idach*.
SO and 1 Urge boi it
The Lonsdale Pharmacy.
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
Distii'1 Lot 550
For Prices and Particulars. Apply to
Ltd. Ltv
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets
Official Agents SIX
One  reason  why   Lord  Kit
chener did nut visit Canada on
his wav   luiiiii* iii England  re-
cciitlv  is said   unoHicially,  ol
course   i" he because lhe mill
t.irv lulus i.i Canada are in  u
linull lavored condition, on the
accepted  model, lhan those ol
Australia, which he did go  to
inspect.   It is also stated Ihal
as regards the Canadian faro
mill ,i lew paainis 111 I raining n
in,iin t,a be sittlid iii consultation  with  General  Sn    John
iiiii,h.   whia  has arrived   to
make .1 series   ol inspections,
.unl thus io get a direct pi
.il knowledge o| lhe exai i   con
diti.m and standing nl Canail i's
permanent faro and ai live mil
The unlit.iw authorities an
looking I'.iw.uil to '.Ins visit
wnh ,i inch interest, lot it is
iill that an association wilh a
soldier "i such standing and
proved ability cannot bui re
suit in enhancing the clli
ol the farces all iiiinui. while
the benefit a ill be remit i"l mutual ii .i> uml acquaintance tviih
the iiieii ami ollicers .mii'.is,s
General French's respect I i
and appreciation nl '.he Dominion's     military    organi/aMon
irolll the point "I view ol intelligence and practit ability.
Sir .luhn French is ..tie n| tin
three big nun ol '.he Rtitish
.uini today : the others aw
General Sir Nevilli Gerald l.yi*
tletmi, and ol course, Kitchener "i Khartoum. 01 the thro,
French is the "bain " in years
The lui" i.i Khartoum tops
him In two ainl Sir Neville bi
lum years
General French uns trained
iu the i.iv,iln lie was recognized In his associates .is *i
g I  cavalry  leader years  hi
lule     his   country    ever    he.ifd
nmili ol him, and he probably
would have languished in some
low garde .nnl  without   lame
had tn.l the iv .il |,,I lllll,llclv
inllil* ;il"ll;;  .illd given  llllll    his
chance t" make good in ihe
eves o| lhe public and gain ollicial   distiiu lluti   and .nh.nu.
mint. In war he was extremely pi.pillar willl tin rank and
hli   .mil his   s,.hli. i-   [ought a
bout as much i..i French as
thev did inr the government, so
great was their devotion I"
their le,nhl
French  has a  record "i pii
turesque deeds personally   performed in   the  Boer cotratn
(llie oi Ills war "stunt--" was
his esv.ipe from Ludisiniih on
the last train lhat hit lhat
town Inliiic- ii was beleaguered. He undertook the task ol
carrying t" saletj ,i batch "i
exceedingly   important   papers
and documents, These Ile se-
ifeted in ,i iiiilu in the v"111
paltlllellt ul the iar he occupied
i law led lindi IT tht Stat, .illd 111
lluse iialiipled quarters travel
led to saletv undii i veritable
hail "I Boer bullets, many   ol t
which splintered the woodwork
ol the car .md bored the uphol
sterv   ol  the  scat   under    whuh
French lay      Becaust    m   hi
lighting ability he was the idol
ill the Hritish public during the
war and his strategy so waa
the admiration m Dewet that
he pronounced l'i.neb the onl)
•'iini',il mi the British  siih   ..I
the blood)   tiilitti.iiisi.
be ,l    I'lll Si .11
When Ile m.is ;i  v.aiith l-Mlili
longed i" take orders, .md mi
Sundays he would put a  night
shirt ..ur his best duds, and in
this makeshift ctorkal garb
' preai h    to  his congregation,
..I   pi.iv mates      l.viu  when   In
was well along iii his 'teen
French 'till desired t.► go wn
the church, but Ins I.iiiii i    w.i
a naval officer; In planned loi
his boy in follow in his loot
sups, .md ihe youngstel be
i.iim   .i ii.n.il  cadet,   serving
several  veils afloat,    Tills     ex
pcrietiie turned French's
thoughts Irmn the church, in.l
wliile it res..lied llllll lo fallow
a lighting career, ii • ultrvatsd
in him no love lm' ilie m.i, and
as a result, French ;."t himatil
transferred to the army,     IU
had been holding Ins commii
sion but a short time when in
had  ihe compliment paid  him
by   his   colonel   ol   being    the
smartest  va,ung   officei iln  '"1
niii'l    had   iver   COBM    aiross
\,.ii,   lain   in    lml  only   a
slmrt iim. in imi* ihe outbreak
ol the Boer war,  French   had
been  recommended  lot   retire-
mat because Ins lack "i "
spnt lm- army traditions   and
nd tape had caused his superiors untold .iiinov.nui
The general had not  neap
,<i|   lhe   lulta.w   ul pllbliv    .ill
i,ism      (in   ..lie   occasion    ,ii
least    he    laud  badli      unhid
One nl   the  lasl   times  that   Ile
participated in peace manoeuvres, in 189.J, he had command
ol the Cavaln Brigade ol Gen
eral Buller's force, .nul while
lus senior lalliui I.'iind lavor,
General French's handling of
his farce w,is iiiinui to bv
mam experts in severe terms,
innl the war broke "in it was
thought that this officer wmild
niiii' be employed again,
Rapid Rise in lhe Army
He entered the Bth Hussars,
.nul within 11 dais transferred
into the lolh Iliiss.us, ,,| which
six years laid' he baceuie adhi
1.mi, ami was destined to rise
to command In a period ol 13
vears, in whiih space he leaped
Iroiii most junior subaltern i"
in colonel,    Alter iinie  vi.ns
,is   ,nl|Ul.Hit    to   the     .Hixllliiv
[orces *ii Niwcastle, he accom-
p.innil lus regiment as  major,
a. ainl in command, to tin So
nal.ni. in iHH 1, and under   Lord
Wulselev     sain   iiiiiili   arduous
out p. isl dun .    lie   innl    with
Stewart's  ill lated  column  1
irons the Bayuda Desert mi ilu*
i*ailorn hope ni rescuing   Gor
ilmr    it was sir Redven Bul
hi wlm rescued ihe farce [rom
the inflamed Uahdista, and led
it back l" saletv wilh ciillstllil
mate skill.    General   French
was with the loth Hussars on
this occasion, He [ought under
General Builer at Abu Klea,
Gabut and Uetemmeh, and  re
iciii'il   Irmn   these officers   Ins
lirsi mention in the despatchea,
whieh was the initial slep iu his
i ,11'eel
The next notable Incident in
his lile story was his appointment to command his regiment
in iH8t). Twelve months after
he relinquished his position,
four years later he was uiu.ni
is assistant adjutant-general m
1.11,iln  mi the stall, aiiil    'Juu
went  to headquarters as A A
(',     ill   I845,      lie   remained at
the Horse Guards (or two ■ earn
when he was 1 MlislclTi il lo tin
Souih eastern dislriel as colon
el oil the stall and brigadier ill
i.hiiiii,nul ,.1 (he Sn.unl Cavsl
iv Brigade,   From Mav ., ilhjy,
Ulliil .'all.  11.  iS'i'i. he was thus
employed and then he waa
ilioscti in serve once more un
alii General Builer, being giver,
the First Cavalry Brigade at
Aldci sh.'i, wnh the temporary
rank "I inajoi general, His >n
.unl rcsourci in these years
v, lull   he was assist mg  lu llall'
,1 portion "I iiii i.iv.ilry who
were sa soon to he tested .it lhe
from, were   quite   exceptional,
bill clill as latl  .is iS'i'i lie was
imi ex.nth tree [mm the irii
icisin whiih had been levelled sl
him six vears l.i [ore, and on the
,1 nisi,,n of the Canterbury ms
iioctivrcs in is.r. However,
wlnn the war broke out, Sir
kdevers Builer, according to
well  authenticated
iug ul the Boer Hank, the nm
to Killlbcl'IcV, tlu relief   ot   I
town  alter thf  four   month
siege, atul ol his quietly sitti
down  unvoiiicrucillv   lo an   ex
cellent dinner within an hour ,
his dashigg achievement   is |„
miliar,   He became  om ol th*
heroes ol the limn, .mil innn
diaitli (linen Victoria promo
ed lum Irmn lhc mnl- "1 colon
lu major general
lie is reputed to be mie nl tli
officers in the field who has m
ver had a bill, who has   alwav
been equal to tin' strategy   0,
his opponents, and whu has al
wavs    1 hei kid     and     haiassi.
them mercilessly, He com
matided llu* i.iv.ilrv division 0
Lord Roberts' [ones throng',
mit tin- operations ending in th
capture "I Pretoria, lie luu
been  luapectoi genera]   of  th
lulus siiivc im.;.    He is a   na
live ul Ripple, Kent, and mat
lied Klcaiima. daughter ul f
\V. Selbi-I.ownies.
In appeal.nne, French i-
hard.) an ideal cavaln officei
There is little ul tin "beau sa
blent" .ibuiii lum. Ile i
short .nul thick and ol rutin 1
ungainl) li^urc.    Although   he
uill stick oil a hone as weil a
.1111 1.ile, rides with a sti aj
seal, and is indefatigable in lie
s,iihlle, he is not at all ,1 pt'il
lv    horseman      His   iniiil   i
mote sei mi essentials, in eRec
nve leadership with all thai
11 means, rather than mi whnl
the siihllcls call  "spit and   pol
ish," the external appearand
and not lhe true inwardness  ol
His   mental   calibre   is   un
I doubted.)' high : he is sound  ii
judgment, clearheaded,   patieni
taking everything quietly,    llu
J rough wiih ihe smooth ; but In
is always mi the spot, willin.
lu wait, and still mure read
tu   act   when   the     opputtllllll
comes, with tremendous ellect
The ollicial lacrosse schedule
(or the season lulo lietwiin
Vsncouver and New Westmin
sler is given as fallows :
.lulv 1—Westminster al Vsnc'i
duly jo—Vanc'r at Wtttminstei
Aug. h- Westminster at Vam 1
Aug. 1,1- Wist minster al Vanc'i
Aug. m Vanc'r st Westmin,
Aug.  27   Vanc'r at Westmin.
Sepl 5—Westmin at Vanc'r*
Sept. In—Vanc'r at Westm'n
♦'11111IIIM M11HIH M1111H111II I'H
11 ihi 1111111 innn huh
Methodist church,  corner Mb
street and St. George s avenue
Services at 11 a.m. and ,.\i
p.m.    Sundav Sihool and bibb
statements class 2.30 p.m!    Class meeting
current  at  the time,  strongl)  10 a.m. Sunday.   Prsytf meet
recommended this dashing com   ing H p.m. Wednesday.   Mood)
1 cavalry lor service in villc Sunday school 11
and he was ordered to 	
is major general
1 ihe cavalry In
Wanted t'
lhe iieh
South Africa
in command
His Sa,uth African Exploits
A  new phase ill the valeel    ol
lliis popular   general    opensd
when he sailed  Irolll    S"llthaili
ptuti ill Di liibei,  1899,    lie was
comparatively unknown but his
exploits soon made Ins MUM   I
household  word  in this  coun-
in    From  the lirsi he thou
.1 himsell  tin equal in tactics
a.l the 1 inlnv ; in.led, he "III*
mall.nulled lliem mi ni'.ri lhan
.iiu    occasion,    allil  ,il    Maud's
1.1.1 "ii in* w.r. in '*"ii command
Hid    pi.11 ll.,illl   "wipid ill
iln    iub,nm.-.i.ui    commando
Ham   davs wile lu pass In t > -1«
I'llll*.h   .111x11 ins   Wile   lu     bill lleicd In mivs ui anothei - h
lory,   lie [ought "tlm  en
ments under Sii Gei rge   fthtti
later   mi,   and   then   as lite ill
vestment   was   being   drawn
luund Ladisiniih he slipped
.ivv.iv   ill the vi 1 v   last   ' 1.,in   lu
have ilu besieged lown, as il
ready referred to
Prom Natal he w.is -cit to
ihe northern pan ol tape Col-1
uin,   when    lie   was   givcB the
command m .1 small (one ol
mounted troops, .md w..11 .still
luithii aii iiinction in harassing
and pii'-'in* back ilu la . He
WSS tlnn lost iu view fur a
time, .iiul it  WU evintlialli dii
covered that he had bun choses
bv I...ial K'aila, ik mi the
strength ul his earlier exploits
iu command .1 > avail*) division
mi iln* Mmhli 1 River General
French was approaching the
iiisis ul  his caret      He hud
been Successful east .uul wesl
hoU   Wullhl he ,11 quit  himsell u|
tin great 1 - 1. ..( relieving
Ixiinliiilv, wlih whiih lln
commandei in ,lm 1 it was
I. .iniul had trusted him '
The thrilling itorj ol ihe turn
Lynn Valley Institute Hall
Services every Sunday morn
ing at ll, and evening al 7 p.m
The Express has completed arrangements
for the publication of a stirring story by
the first instalment of which will appear
early in July.
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Who in the Realm; today lays down dear life for the
sake ol a land more dear,
And, unconcerned for his own estate, toils till the
last grudged sands have run,
Let liim approach ; it is proven here,
Our  Kinj; asks nothing of any man, more than
mir Kine; himself has done.
For to liim above all was life good ; above all he
commanded lier abundance fuUlianded,
The peculiar treasure of kings was his for the
taking ;
All that men come to in dreams he inherited
His marvel of world-gathered armies—one heart
and all races ;
His seas neath his keels when his war castles
foamed to their places ;
The thundering foreshores that answered hi:i
heralded landing ;
The huge lighted cities adoring, lhe assemblies upstanding ;
The councils ol kings, called in haste to learn how
lie was minded ;
The Kingdoms, the Powers and the Glories, lie
dealt with unbinded.
To him came all the captains of men, all achievers
of glory,
Hot [rom the press of their battles thev told liim
their story,
Tliey revealed to him life in an hour, and, saluting, departed,
Joyful to labor afresh ; he had made theni new-
And since he weighed men from his vouth, and BO
lie long deceived him,
He spoke and exacted the truth, and the basest
believed him.
And ('.od poured him an exquisite wine, lhat was
daily renewed bv him
In the clear-welling love of his peoples that daily
accrued to him,
HoBOT and service we gave him, rejoicinglv, fearless ;
Faith absolute, trust beyond speech, and a friendship as peerless
And situc he was master and servant of all that
ue asked him,
We leaned hard on his wisdom in all things, knowing not how we tasked him.
For on him each new day laid command, every tyrannous hour,
To confront or confirm or make smoothc some
dread issue of power ;
To deliver true judgment aright at the instant,
In the strict, level, ultimate phrase that allowed
or disuaded ;
To foresee, to allav, lo avert from us perils unnumbered,
To stand guard on our gates when he guessed that
our watchmen had slumbered,
To win time, to turn hate, to woo folly to service,
and, mightily schooling
His strength to the use of his Nations, to rule as
not ruling ;
These were ihe works of our King ; earth's peace
is the proof of them.
Ood gave Iiiiii great works to fulfil, and us the behoof ol them.
We ai cepted his   toil as our right ; none   spared,
none excused liim,
When he was bowed by his burden his rest was refused him,
We troubled his age with our weakness, the blacker
our shame.
When lie heard   that his people  had   need ol him,
straightway lie i.nne
To us    As he rn eivnl so lie gave, nothing grudged,
naught deiiving,
Not e'en the last gasp of his breath when he strove
(or us, ilv mg
For our sakes without qoestloa he put from him all
lhat he cherished,
Simple as .mv   lhat  served hitil lie served, and   he
All that kings covet w.is his, and he flung it aside
lor ns
Siniplv ,is .un  ib.it iljid in her service he died lor
Who in   lhe   Realm todav has   choice ol the easv
i I or the hard lo trcul,
And   niiivh   iiiineiiieil   lor his own   estate,   would
sell Ins soul to nni,.in in lhe sun j
l.i 1 Imu depart, tint look oil mir dead ;
Our King asks nothing ol ,iiiv man inure than   MB
King himself has ih>nc.
Th,    "Western   Call" of   Ml
I'll*.I--,Hit,    V.lllioUVcr,     appeals
ill (he lorm ol a Nmili Vaiimii
ver edition iii ils rev ent publii
Almost lite entire pan i is ah
voted     to      North     Vaticotlvii
show mg  plates "I  publii   .md
pioneer liti/clis as well is
inanv well written and deSCTip
live   articles   on    the    nealltii-
and attractions rd the
On the front page is shows i
iniiiili ..| Mi 1' A Allan, pioneer ol Notth Vaacoavei sm
iH;i, Coatractoi II  r Cottoa,
in.w building the new concrete
vvh.iri ,it the (out i.( l.onsil.ile
Avi   ,  ,i   vv.iletlroiil   s, cue  show
iiig lite Hotel North Vain..iimi
in the Imik ground .nnl *i view
ol   I.mv on   View  holel,   North
Vaacoaver's beaatlful resort i
lining  lhc .aiiyons.   I'age   Iw■
gives   a picture of   Iv 1'* Car-
bntt,   North Vancouver's pope
l.n photographer and the artist
for Ihe view reproduced in the
edition,   Mr.   W.    W. Gilmour,
proprietor  of  thc- North   Van
"iivcr   Yacht   biiiilding   plant,
nul a number of wiews ol busi
liess houses.   I'age    J illustrates
ihe ('.rand bottlsvsid mnl more
local   views ol business   houses
and residences and  a picture "(
Mr    T.   Il.irkness,   foreman  "|
iln   i "listtm tion   g-ang   on the
leiTJ    wharf,    and   Mr.    .lohn
Diiissen, proprietor of the Wel
inllie 1'a.rlors.     On   page 4 pic*
lines "f  three protir.incnl Nortli
Vancouver dtiiena Etppeer, Ilea
Ms I). (',. Dick, A. .1. Hemic!
son and .1 K, Froinnie! Paget
i md 7 are given over to Linn
Valley, aud all plana of note
en ilien reproduced- Tin- last
h"u   .1 hm* Urge picture
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lllll.,nice  llii'l!
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sideration,    Tin  coiisiderati in
oi the auditoi ' !' i>■ -ti w.is laid
over in a later uieeting.    'i he
*   report was adopted
The Board ol Works recom
IlleUlled   that   lont N Avenue   I e
r"   ri^jr\ cleared and graded trdm 6th to
r^*j imll   streets,   lhat  work   ou
/3ukK *lli street in D.I,    -;* *S   lv
ijiiesieil   In   gone  ahead   with,
ili.u  road improvements into
\:,D iugal Jenkins engine*.-!
in    works  he  proceeded «i'1'
Ihal A I'. Stevenson lie repii 'I iln i hard to * ik lhc ratepayt
i.a stating iimt when hish'tild io submit everything In writ!
Ing Is completed on Lonsdnli nnil he suggested that the m.i
\v.   tin- hoard n| works wonld ter hi laid over till altsr thin
con iiii widening thi sidewalk ciMiled down u Ml
in  Ironl ..i ilu- premises,   '.lut     The motion was then put ■
liial'.v.av Ave. he opened Iron Ior wen   Vld   SchulU,   Irwit
I   to i'tli struts, thai i;t*ii and  Smith,  and againsl Aid
i.iileil Iront l.oiisilili Kowler, UcNeish .nul McRae,
Aw lo Chesterlield Vve., nnd In giving the casting vote th
that   John Cassidy'   ofli-i   tor   Mayor said "he would  declan
the grass on lhe parks 'i   •'• lhc old priK'edure thai w. In
i,I'inl.    The re|".'.  was   ... been governed l.v  (or the   le i
.    ,1 ij ve.iis he still carried otfl
iln* waterworks i nn   ii "" His IVoi ihip agreed that ii i
mended lhat lhe i un i mill • ol the aldermen objectid  to   i
•in  corner ol hth   - m   and ratepayei asking s t|Ueation hi
i'i   iwav Ave  he ■ \i a'ni   t.. would siiluiiit ii lo a resolttti
si   David's Avi , ..n.i   I. ii i .ai iln* council,
leiuporan   , imh -nam lie  l»"l     Aid SchulU saul   !i,,i the I    ■*—^mm——mmm^—m_——m——
WANTKD   Voting girl lo .is   klong rth itreet to lhe lumber ('. Klectrii had inliimited  ti _.        .
list   with general  housework    mil     The report was passed, they might contribute  lowai      jlFIIO''    lounJ It oat al
Applv   to Mrs   l)  A,   Smith,    The procedure   ruling   then the lowering ol the grades . ■    lil.fc.UVti   ,,H
corner ist street   nd Uahon r.i ..une up again und Aid  Smith as ihej wert nou spendtuj
moved ili.u  ani Inquin   [mm bout Sioo,oon in Nea Vl'esl .. it ^^"^ST^
WWII'I)   w,   , ,,n  use  two   in ratepayers he sulimitted in iter he  moved  thai   the) 2*^™" f-**'
more n | real estate saUsniin writing unless ihei were aaked written lo lhat eflci . Thi mo
,,, ijjjj, siili n| ih, ini,i i rour t" speak hv   special resolution lion was seconded b\ Ai.l   Ir
subdivision and insiile prope     il lhe council,   All   Irwin se< win and carried,  Aid   U<
lv, -.il.uv and v.aiiiiuissioii. s i   'ii'leil ilu* motion. and UcUai dissenting
\h   Thompson,   Canadian Fin      Aid.   Fowler suggested   lhat     Messrs. G. H   Horden ind M
amiet' l.ul . 11 I.i.ns.lale   Am     lhe  ratepayers  mi^ln    instead S    McDowell, representing   mc
phone 2iv i     "   asked io s,,lU' ll"  subject school board, were present ain
 ! il   th.ii   inquiries,  when   the slated lhat it waa found  th.i
WAK'IF.D council could decide whether ..i the school site which the t-cho :
   not the) wished lo hear them had in D I.  i"A would be alto
WANTKD   A    I,   .ii. i"\v     Aid, UcNeish: "The  moliuii gethet inadequatt   tor the  di
boat,   twelvi  i"   sixteen  iui    s a  little complicated    \\h\ mauds ol an up-to-date school
Apph -D," Kxpress Office,  i-i   hm't you either ask (m a win ground     There was an entire
— ten  iiiipiiiv oi vivi iinin   pu hloikiniliat section ol the cit \
Pju;*id nisslon lo   peak on itquesi in  D.I..   ••■* block k«i  which
_____ ————    The mayor asked thi .aaiunil wax owned In the N V.L.I. Co
Imu \D     tm   |,vnn   V.ill.v  not lo go loo Iai and ila rati and the) bad offered il en block
road mar ihe hotel, .i pair  ol payer came t" thi nu eting with tor s,lio,,i purposes ti i v
gold brimmed spectacles. Own   in  inquin   to  give him   thi The   school  board,   then-Ion
er may procure same at   Ks   eourtesj •■) -i hearini   "II van had decided i" .isk lhe council
presi ollue bv paving tor  thi- go beyond ihat, I .on   against io i|is|„,s, ,,i ihe puint school
aiivt. i   it," asserted lhe llavor landa in 1) I.   ';: and nui
 1 —     Aid   Kowler said hv had   no hlock   loo,  I).   I.,  jyi,  whuh
FOR sale objection listening to the outs would accoini late the  needs    __
 tioiis provided In was imi kepi ol s largi school building a   Mr
|.(ip   s,-,] |,   Double cornet   '" •"' unreasonably late boni Uorden considered the loi ition
15th and Mahon, 100x120 hei      Aid UcKai 1   1 with passion as Brat .hiss ami ineverj way
lRj,  p.ii,,n,i*   1   in in- eye.    1 ileny the  st.iu* mitable loi school purposes
,,,,1   ,,  ",,!,,ndi.    Ownei    Uox  men' " "■'      '  committee   o|     On  motion ol   Aid, Irwin  il
1   1I1 r \, • lliuaagement.
illl*   l'lieil|» -I   .lllal   ha -I    |al:ll*l     III   |.i«|
, ,r iill Until ..I trull iiiiiI aiia.ikiil Ith,
l*',ii!trv, regit, V. _a i.il.I, a. am,I iruil.
,   FIRS! si REE 1. WEST,
Is a |0od test ol the refrigerator.   We can
supply you uilh a new
that  will surprise you with ils attractive
appearance, its efficiency, and its remarkably
low price.
paine & McMillan
1 he Pioneer Hardware - North Vancouver
lln* whole meetings that kept was resolved thai lie c,iimit
- ns ao late, IVe did nothing bui take tin necessary itepa in car-
talk, inlk. talk " Continuin . rytag oul thc reqmsta ol Un
he mid "Wi nn lo hi,nue an1 sihool irustees in disposing ••!
Furnished Rooms lo Ut In 1*1 ns nol tn and throw it a., ii„* Dropmi ■« D, 1.. 17J and
all modern house, situated on the ratepayers." acquiring block too, D.L. 55°
car line. Apply, corner guetns Aid Kowlei "Have we lm The gas franchise matter was
bun ,nu' Sixth 'mt S'orth "n committees ol lhe whole 1 brought up .nul it sraa resolved
Vancouver                        t=.i late '     Wai era have been  re- to huhl .1 special meeting  nesi
 , — — liiini to thc committee ol llu Tueadat evening to tratnc up ■
whole   hut   .,11   account "I tii* lorm ol application
lateness ol the evening we v c
iiccomplish    an
Wt ttt nli igenti heie
Till'   "Illy     lll.llllllilrllllli'    f
thai I'lain sn caih gninntt-t
il thev .l.i nut ineil  rxju-a ■-
a-lll i< .TIS.
Tn ■ tell
Ami lm convinced
The hue llew   bungalow  ol Ul
Siilnev Humphreys, the populai
Aid,  UcEac    "11 is becans .itv   treasurer, on Kine. itreet
we i|o too nuuli t,iikiug." is scaring completion, likewise
\hl   Suulh s.ml in ilnl  uu iln arrangements for an Inter
..  un hardship that ii  would istine. event  which takes place
,   , , , ., ,     , ,   Ik io iln ratepavers lo hand in some time  the latter part   ol
lack 1,'ui.t and I   Lonsdah  lW| „.,,„.,,,„„,*„,„„. the present month.
G 1 young imll lor service   ""
Corner Keith K ad and Lillooel "
street   hn S.v T, Cowan,
Ai.l s.Imli/ said 1h.1i -I lal
Ider M1111.1v Co. fire insurance hc had been subjected to rebukes The C.P.R.  la enlarging  ii-
  hv Hia Worship and othera and kevelatoke    shops   aad   will.
wlicihei In w.is right 01 wrung when   completed,   emplo>   -,<«
A Gathering i*l the (lans      II was ihe ilm\ ..1 His Worship men in lhe works
io retain order,     "1 claim   I
shouhl   havi    hmi   1*
Outdoor Painting
ia apim s .1 .liiiei, iit kind ol psint
than OUtdoOl  wink     So ,|   you
vv i! I to painl tin  pun h 111 touch
up tin inside woodwork h 1 us
know snd we will iuppl)
The Proper Paints
Sell vmi tin* tiiJit lunsliis, too,
il vmi 11 11 il am
Itnilruii.l  King
l*.,r S-ala, by
Gent's Clothing,       Furnishings,       Men's.  Ladies', sad
Children's Boots snd Shoes.
Stoney <& Co.
(ii'in ril 1 li
li   1 • ills
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
VonrVI. '■" hm alios ed'the" pi ii  111II11111111111111111 11111111111111111111111
mnl sii >'. in        •   1 ■■* il will In held   ' '        , ,     '
,     . .    ,     1 111 * 'Hill's     lo    vi I   hevolli       V**lir   11
l.v il,, St. Audi       ind 1      1   mn ;     „    , 1 ,      ..
1   1    ' t     ,    , ,1   1, ,     im.   control     Won hi  v..in waislup
I   ,|*||. -   aa   ,.   I 1    ,l|   ||ie   llnlll.    all   Ml '       • ■
'    Liv    ',IIVU,J    ''   lWd    '"    ' '    ""'        •'
ind   in* acn ihmgi Iran        ;;
1,1* ,,*.  rf   ll1'" txnt .1 disgrace   acre .,
Evervlm ■    'l'""1""1      »«™   »?     ^ia   ;;
man   Sihult/   in the coUl 1    nil,,
his iiiiivisin o| tin   Mu ui    ll.   ti
iiiinui thai in did nothing nn I      A Strawbcnj md Ice Cnam Social ind Sale oi Work
DiM.liN RACE CAU.I',1) OKI becoming to thi council •■                     '                       , .   , __    ...  , .
Uis Worship    "Aid, SchulU, "    ,s l(J '"' helil umler the auspecs ot the Unites Aid ol SI.    ..
The dingl.5  raci which  tool ';i"f!\cn^" «*!*« f"J \\   AtnW ( 1,„„I,,,, Thursday Evening, at 7.30 p. m.
plan ..ii Saturda) was ileclared wl" PY* v "  I;|" "'•'" '   '"' ..
"no race" when neithei   ol lhe >*°« P«ore H von keep on " ..
three  competitors reached   tht Aid. Schulti       Never   again j[        I lien- will lie no admission and a good time is promised,    j-
in.isiiiii;* poim within lhe linn ui!1 ' "ubmil '" »Ulh "   l"lnl ••
limit, 11 lv s ...la..: ,   Ti„i, *'' l»"l ■'■ I a« »« alderman. •■
wen* three  boats answered   to Mayor    "1   teel like   telling ^^^|4^|^4^4^^^^,^44^44f4444^^f^^
the   starting   gun,   the   "We you lomething but I will not," '
'um1'"     ind the "Et Vld  Schult/ pri   ed   ior lhi         _                            "	
he  wind   loi iln   lusi Uavor'i   -tatetmnl     l.ut   His
Look Here!
We have just w 1 ived 1 large
1 In pricei ,ire e\i esdingl) low,
Lace Curtains
in Swivs ami Ni Itingham, Irom
751* to |6.00 p. 1 pain
COVERS   Excellent Values
128 Lonsdale Ave.
IWO,     "
her."   T
p.nt  "i  iln   raci   hadi [air to Worship lirml)    dd   Ko."
i.iin ih, small .i.m on .1 good T|„   Uav0|.    * _m   ,,„S|M,,|
run,  hut  toward  the finiah  it llu ,,„* ,„,, k,,.         .,,, wj,en
died almosl altogether, and ol voU vnursell h
a    eonseoui nee    thc   dinghies . ■,■■,
,  '    ,..       ,                  ,,.,     *.„ I III ll      Will*   I'.iil      III   Vail     on
1 wnii    ile.nl     also         llu*   'Wi ,     .                                                .
„     ,1,,.,          1      ,  ,1 the II""I   Hi ..lli' linn ,     HSSI Itt'il
WO     win, li   fi    Ihloiii'liolll  tin ,,      ,,       ,
... Ill , \\**l -tui.
1.111   Was vv lllllll n   iiltariet   "I  .1 ...   c . *,.          ,               ,
I,      . .,              ,1,1              1 -M'l    Slllllll*'        \ III   111.lllc  II"
llll e o   the lilllsh vvlntl llu   WIM
,*   I                      ,      1        .1             a lulin:1   ''l   ,1 1
Ha.    0111         I tuler   the    rules ...      ,                            .
,. ,             ,,          .. lli.  Mavor mid In h.uln i   a
whuh l'ovi rn 1 he race Uie  mil 1     I
,             1. VI1 v    "iniil   eiln.itioti
leslants   an    I eolllli 1    lo  lilllsh ,    ,              .
,           ■ ,   1   .1         .   1 • wanted    •
hv    ive 0 1 ink,  the    tart    I Clnf B , „,, ,        ij     .,
,            ,             .                     .                  1   ,       a Slllllll/        S,U           a||,,     lh,-    I'Mlllel
111,11 c   sharp V   at  lllli e o 1 lm k .
1 ,ii,>   wnh  iln government   •!'
  Virtoriit ri   irdiiif thi   possin;
ol .1 1.1II
Gnsm I   B   l ,, has  two A|(1 Srhulu wild thai he ad
inw    .miliii.   uuilei   .oiiiim imttl,|   lh.  \\,, j. 1., T,,..   abiliti
Imt    lie
uhal Ah'
I you want l.    I v ur Properly, fill in blank space and
Mail lo
\ \ M I-
l 01
n K
•H444H4411111M11 I'M IH111 WH»H4HHtH44
Our business is now practically on a cash basis. This enables us io give our customers the
same high class goods we have always handled
at very much belter prices than can lie obtained
from stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and price.
J. A. & M. McM*LLAN


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