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 MAY 11
Local Meetings
I'll* Cottnuil Meeting, ev* n ,Mmi,Ui, B p m.
Ilimn, l 1 uu'ilCII .il**.*lliij*, .* e i   i* *i,l..i, ,  ,., ,i hi
Ituiiril of 1 i.i.l.-. fiiinl I in-i.i  , B  ;>.lli.
Ituaril *   Triiale Knivuiive, I Inl    lileala*. *s |i.in.
School tlo inl, First Friday, 8 i.m.
i h
Locil Meet
... ■> ■■ ..■■■■■<
ing,. XMrij.
Fourth TuiiJiv, 8 p.m'
Knllhtl   1 I'ill.iai-, 'n'Miil uml I
Athletic i i* li. Iir* Monday. I iun.
l.aiaia M11<.i'i * i, iae n I and dun * ii Tnui i laya
lloi.il ultliu! .li.ilaui*, Second Wealne-dny, 8 |i.ui.
I In * en'. I'r.niiie, Krrry Frnlay, 7.80p.m.
Jim i,
The welcome presence ol M.iyor
Kealy graced the chief magnate's
desk at Mmiday night's session of
the city council,
The alaleruii'ii wre all present
with the exception of Aid. Brain.
Letters were read as follows:
From the city auditor, witli reference to the preliminary proceed
ings relative to the adjustment of
accounts between the city and the
municipality; laid on the table
pending further information from
the auditors.
Letter from Dr. Fagan, relative
to the anti-tuberculosis movement;
laid over lor further consideration.
Aid. May submitted the finance
report for the month, authorizing
payment of amounts totalling
Thc police account for the sum
ol 1401.35.
School trustee accounts totalling
UrH 25
Aid.  Irwin read the report nf
boird of works expenditures, aggregating 11660.30.
Aid. Smith read llie waterworks
report, showing accounts to thc
amount ol 1736.41.
Aid. Crickmay iiibmitled the
fire and water committee report,
showing expenditures of "[550.44.
Aid. Wheeler read the report of
tha health committee total 1105.50.
The waterworks comm^tee recommended that a minimum rate of
60 centi per month up to 600 cubic feet, exclusive of Waier n nt,
be charged for each letvice outside
of the city limits.
Aid. Irwin repoiled seven new
houses in course of constrintion
neir the corner ol Filth street and
St. David avenue, and requested,
on behalf of the owners, that a
new hydrant be installed in tin vicinity. The water committee was
given power lo act.
Mayor Kealy next rrported
that tlie V. VV. & V. charter
expires in May, 1910, and suggest
lo the efleit that this council i| •
point a committee to approach the
council of \ ..icoiiver, with a view
to inducing then to proceed in ex
propriate a right of-way fnr approach tn thc in w ferry landing.
Aid. Irwin moved as lollows:
Resolved, that the council ask lhe
Perry Compan) how sunn they can
resume the regular Operation ol
the ferries between Nnrlh Vancouver and the ciiy of Vancouver, in
accordance with the kill-hourly
schedule in tfact prior to the in-
ruptions caused by removal to the
new fetry landing in Vancouver,
inasmuch as the council is informed that the new ferry landing
is now sufficiently far idvinctd to
permit ol tin ir resuming such iv|
ular service.
Aid. May moved that the council request lhe North Vancouver
Ferry and Power Company to take
into consideration the re adjustment of their mooting service, in
amiiich as the service at present
provided is totally inadequate lor
the requirements of North Vancouver,   Can ml.
Mr. P, Larson made request
that a private hydrant be installed
at Ins expense at ihl 1*1 ar ol the
Hotel Noi lh Vani ouver. Request
Mr. Larson also requesltd lhat
a culvert be installed across Ihe
Lspl.inade, just east of his property. Tlie Ixiard of works was instructed to act.
Cer'v*i .1:1111 nt l.iiiiluiriiU in tlie
form of llir fruit trees OB lhe Be*
planade, wesl nf Lonsdale avenue,
were oulered to be cut down, and
also certlin alder trees in "the
same vicinity.
At the n quest of the ladies of
St. John's church, the use nf the
grounds on the Esplanade was
granted them fnr the 1st of July
The board ol works was instructed to impiovc the toadlted
on Lonsdale avenue, at the junc-
e,l that a meeting ol all owners of ,l0n   6'  ^H1"1'  aml   Ua*Mtl
waterfront iols be called, and that
a committee be appointed to lake
steps to safeguard against any lurther extension of lime. The ex
penses of such arrangement*, in be
borne jointly by llie owners mentioned and the city. This method
ol dealing witli the matter would
prevent its being lost sight ol
through any political upheaval or
other contingency lhat ni i g h 11llon
ause in luch circlel.
The mayor's suggestion wn
idopted ind the meeting ordered
to be called.
Alii. Crickmay :    "Why  is tin
The bylaw lo close up certain
poilions of Mai Kay road was
finally adopted
Tlie temporary loan Inlaw, l<>
riise }ia',ii.na |or current expenditures, was finally adopted.
The Wallace shipyaids Inlaw
was liiillni considered anil was
laid  over lor  additional inform*
Deniand (or Residences
Having teamed  front conver.
sation witli those in pnsiimn tn
Iteimer Nortli Vancouver not run- [ know, that ttiere is a steady de*
ning ?" mind for houses for reui in Nnrlh
His Worship :    "There is a rtt-! Vancnuver,   1111 I'ai ki -si onclud-
mor that the conipiny intends nm* led to endeavor to get al tin
ning only an hourly service."        j situation in this regard, and   fnr
Aid, Irwin: "1 think the mat- this purpose submitted the two
ter is of itifficient importance tint following questions to the several
the council tike some action."        real  estate   agencies in the ciiy.
Some severe criticisms were! The respective replies are ap*
pused upon the unsitisfartory ponded in alphabetical order. The
service given of late, in which the'questions were as lollows: 1. How
council unanimously concurred.       do you find the present demand for
Aid. Smith mggested that Ihe houses (or rent in North Van-
time might be opportune to ap couver. 2. In your opinion, is Ihe
proach the C. P. R. with a request! time opportunefor pmpeityowneis
for • pissenger subway underneath: to erect residents for rental pur
their tracks at Vancouver, and] poses? The repliesmcued areas
further thit the city ol Vancouver j follows:
ihould be requested to provide' Alexander*Townsley-"Agood
better lighting facilities on the i demand for houses lor rent at linn 1
streets immediately approaching' ,<io to J18. Yes, anil especially
the (erry landing. on locations  within  ten  ininnli s
Moved, seconded and carried
that the city of Vancouver be requested to provide the additional
light suggested.
Aid. Irwin gave notice ol motion
walk from ferry."
Elder, Murray & Co—"Not so
great as it was a few months ago.
Wc liave quite a list of vacant
houses at present."  "Yes, within
len uiiuiitei' walk ol   tbe   Ierry loi pi ins.    Pouibly the caui-e nl
I this ii thai ,1 Dew 11,11! hai hei a
Irwin ft Billing*   "The steadily, ijarted above i'rythall'i ejei
bcretiing   demand lot si,  1,.
seven room bouiei litu it
' 11 iai' li mi, ti.u!**ii 1 icilitii ■* 1
I I mm h|H Iter than available supply, as to fulli w, 11 unit mure extensive building activity to meet
requirementi" Qoeation iwo: "Yes
for ihe following reason!: A,si iady
aad evei ini railing dem tad Ior
houses; li, rental returrii en iur*
liberal income on investment; C,
enst nl CO istructio 1 now prob ,!> \
ata minimum,owing to low pi oeol
lumber, etc.;   D,   the best   season
for building is n is oonm im iag;
Iv, Nut tli Vancouver mutt ever te*
main I favorite place (ui residi m e,
because of its numerous natural advantages and proximity to Van
couver's business Centre; 1'', oii'Kis
ol unimproved properly who will
build thereon ind thus derive a
good income, are mure likely lo retain tlieir holding! iiniii the cit)
commences its ultimate and inevitable commercial development
as a railroad and shipping centn
W. II. May "l am receiving
steady inquiries (or cottages in accessible locations, that will rent lor
from $15 to 11S p,r month. Prospective tenants are being turned
away because suilible houses are
not available. Tin re is a good
field lur invesliiieiii m live and si\
roomedooltagea, rituateduj icutli
of Eighth street, the rental lm
which trill be as abOVt stated.
Nortli Vancouver Ki*.ij KsUli
Exchange    "For  modern   Ihhim*
at reasonable nuts, iha demand is
niinii   gnat*, r   Iiiiii   tin*   supply.
I l'i' * tit'll   Iwo:   We are del idpilil
ol lhe opinion that ii il."
Alexander Smith   "I find thi n
is a (an il mud lot Ionises at a
Natal from $15 to fl8, nmsili illis
side ul Seventh Street Such
houses are cisil*, mated.    I think
(hi' piesent a gnml   Inn*   in   httil.l
liimst s nl (lum (nur in six room,
with modern COOVenii im I, Very
little demand (or hmis. 1 lo purchase."
Among the Climbers
Wuiking drasingi have jusi
been completed by W. Nu hol m
L.nlei, .11. hilcct, lui a iluii I.*
to be erected on limns.* mountain
during the coming summer, fm tbe
Vancouvei Mountaineering Club.
I'lie plans iall Inr a building 35 by
11 feet, mill accommodation of
eight luniks ,uia| ipai | f,n :i Coot
ing stove and paaitty. The ci niie
ol tin* building will be a gem i'l
living luniii. wnii ,1 al. eplj receui il
stone fireplace, thus giving a VrtJ
comfortibli ingle nook,
'lhe while ul lhe building will
be ol nnileiia!   n'.A iin il le   nn  llie
ground, villi lhe exception nf^he
cement (01 ilia conatrui lion nf the
sluiil'  llll |'i.li r*  ,|||,|  1 lllllllll 1.      It   IS
the diffi ii-ni committees el the
club to undertake the building ol
llu*  1 lull In His.   ill* mselli s, under
lhe siiprrvisiiin of Mr   Nn liolion
l.ailcy, and  .is  saum  ,is tin   smm
gets nil llie top ul  llu   in  inl,ne.
wnii, will in* itarted,
F'ive well known gentlemen nf
the Mouataiaeering Club, three "i
wIinin reside in Nurih Vancouver,
are clearing ,1 site for a loi; cabin
nn>!  I *  tlie   nut   nl   the i'lil  tl   1 ,
"uly  i li .ir*-,) lair a
porn  1   nl   lie   v I*,* u| , iv irlt hit
mi; oatponi J ou account ol
the d ep snnw From tin* end
there are one or two blazed (rails,
leading to dilferent patts of the
nuiiini.iiii, uui veiy n Ugh conn-
In. and In many plans through
Mioiv nf ;i considi'ial'leili pile Ll
dies    sum,'lim,s    gn    nvel     these
iil*^ -I trails through tlu* rougheit
pul ul lhe bulb,  as unconceiiii*,l
as ii tin ij sen merely taking an
alii.rnoiin, sinni through Stanle*
Park, and thoroughly enjoying the
haralships they meet 0:1 the  nay.
Ladies' Auxiliary
The ittendance of I, dies at the
■•eting called by the board o(
director! ol tlie Horticultural So-
cictt in the city hall on Tuesday
lasl, whlll in t large, was representative, and augurs well (or the
future sun-ess o( the movement.
President Alexander Smith, in a
wort, felicitous speech, outlined
the purpose of the meeting, namely, to assist in raising necessary
funds (or the Horticultural So-
cply,and invited luggeitioni with
ret. i. nee tii holding a bazaar.
Alexander Philip gave a linan.
'ial Statement) showing that the
Huilii ulliiral Society will require
ah i;l lajoo, in order to meet extraordinary ' xpeoaei in connection
with lhe completion of the new
building, lh<* laving out of the
gfoundl, and fur inainleiianin e.\-
|h;im s. II,* 1, f.rred to the valuable rtervici-s that can lie ri nil. i.d
hi ihe ladii s, .iit.l le.pu led tin n
hearty 10 operation.
Aftei appropriate leniatks fioni
Messrs Nve and Crowston, au animated discussion ensued as lo
means and methods, as a result ol
which it was del ninl to hold an
other meeting un TuesJay nexl al
7.30 p. 111. in the city hall, and
that in the meantime an energetic
'iinass lie conducted liy lhe ladies, for the purpose of seiuring
a large attendance.
At this slage of lhe  proceedings
the lepraleutativei nf tin* board of
director! retired, leaving the ladies to complete their organisation
nml plans
Siilisiqiieiilly  the  iiiy   was di
udeil nno .lisiiii is mil allotted iii
committee!, for ihe purpose of a
thorough   canvass,   Linking   to  a
I nge attendance ami an estbamat -
tic gathering on Tueeday evening
Pythian Graid Lodge
Next Wednesday  lli- an 11 u a I
i.uiil I.ei*;,* meeting "I the Pyth
1 in (inter will be held at Victoria,
.1.1 tin li   will  be a large attend-
I In* (lid' 1 is uniivine, vi r\
last  in  P.niish   Columbia,   this
province having the largest nan
In rthip in ( auada. The Ordei
throughout America ami I L w
iiulsule points numbers about 700,
a» * 1 nu,uin is, .1,1. i 1 inluaces 111 ils
nn inbersliip almost evi ry pruini-
ni nt 111,111 in inn walk of life in
the United States. In BritiabColumbia it has thirty three subaiiili
nale bdgca, with a 1111 nibeislnp of
on ,o„*. property ..,1 (iro.ise juf ^ M||lsl(i)iiru,s t|lc U|(|cr
mountain, which they purchased h„th( Uniform Risk tad Pytbiah
some lime ago. The prop. ,:y g* ^ Nurl., Vancouver l,.,s a
l„s ,„, Ihe west sl,-,,- nf lhe' ^^ ;i)|J ^.^ |j(. -^ __„.
mountain, and ihere i, one „l the w  ^  ^    „_ -   ^ m
11 presi iit the lodge at the  grand
.. ssini:.
Inn s| news obtainable, .is the Ml''
overlooks   the   Capilano   valley,
May's ranch, on tlie Uppel  mad,
and Siwash rm k are iu full vi w W   1 I.i' b in. ul   Jas. (iraliam  **
It ia the Intention of the owners lb I Co, ind  Miss  Hobaoo, recently
riinatrailii.ini iiu Capilano road hm* Toronto, were united fa mar
In the propel ly.                   - riaee  last week   by Uev. J. Hugh
On   Sundays  nowadays   mu Hooper.     Ihey  will reside at 41I1
metts people in llie most uiiluuked and St Andrew.
Tin* boating club " 'mid their 1 story building on Lonsdale u.-ntie
regatta to n» | between First ind Fifth itreeti*
A s|iecial nn'ting of lhe local j11"- building will comprise busi-
Pythian lodge was held I u.-sday "ess premises on the ground floor
night, when   two candidate! v/Mi aiul living apirtments on the first
and  second floors.
Aldennei Smith, Irwin imi
Criikmay, representing the ciiy,
wete in conference with the board
ol directors of the Ferry Co., on
Wednesday. Both boati will run
Irom Saturday continuously. Very
satisfactory progress is lieing made
in all outstanding milters, and
there is every issurince that ferry
matters will shortly be permanently adjusted on a basis of control by
the citv.
0 leialions hive been begun en
the new I usuieii block to be
erected (or William Morden, at
the corner ol Lomdile ivenue ind
Eighth slreet. The plant ihow
three stores on Lonsdile, r,-e on
Eighth street, ind the firil nor
fitted up as a modern living flit of
ele en rooms. The bisement will
be full sized, ind the itorei will
have large plate glass windows.
The entire building will be modern and will constitute a decided
acquisition to that part of the city.
Tlie meeting called Monday to
discuss the formation of a local
corps of militia, or of mountain artillery, proved successful beyond
all anticipations. Lieut.-Colonel
Bo iltbee addreised the meeting,>•
did alsoC. E. Lawson, H. Smith,
M. Martinson, F. Nye ind G.Nye,
all in favor of the movement. The
agreement to form 1 company was
signed by 25 men. The ibove
mentioned -were ippointed a committee to communicate with Col.
Holmes and to complete arrangements.
Initiated in the lirst rank
Hob Ritchie, ihe local boxer,
and   Billy Lauder, Ol Calgary, are
matched tur a 15 round contest in
l.arso i's pavilion, Monday evening  III St.
The grand jury brought in a true
hill at Vancouver, 011 Wednesday,
against Vinetta, in connection with
lhe murder committed in this city
some months since.
A J. I'icton-Warlow is opening
m idem tea r lon.s, as a blanch ol
the Lounge, at the end of the tram
line on Keilh road. The rooms
will be Ia readiness by Empire
Tin. I'x'kiss regrets the fid
Ihat, owing to the ever*ii.crea*ing
demand upon its columns, much
interesting material intended for
this issue has of necessity been
Dr. Jack Gibaoa,veterinary sm-
geon, of I'cterboro, Out., and son
of Alex. Gibson, Third and Lons
dale, has recently passid his final
examination, securing high standing 111 his class.
Thc Merry Widow Dancing Club
—recently organized in Norlh Vancouver held their opening dance
In the McMillan-Larson hall last
evening, when a must cnjo.able
time was spent.
Tlic ladies ol Noilb Vancouver
are cordially invited to attend the
meeting to form a Ladies' Auxiliary of tlie Horticultural Society, in
ihe nty hall on Tuesday evening
111 xt al H o'clock.
Thc ferry St. George was It m-
potaril) out of business on Saturday 1 veiling, having bumped lhe
new slip because of her reversing
gear refusing to act. Repaid
were quickly made.
The lact that the Diploik Wright
Lumber Co. is open to buy 1000
corda ol ihingla bolls at market
priii*. makes a forcible comment
011 the activity of building operations al the pn si iit time.
Tlie congregation ol the local
Presbyterian church have decided
to proceed at once with the enlargement of iln- building. An al
1, His. unlit iu thii conn. 1 turn will
lie found in another column.
W. l'lulllp Ins been appointed
road taa collector foi the disttiit
municipality, and alsu In gne as-
sisl.ini !* in    iln' ullii e   ami   tu the
distrii   engineei  iu outiide work
when 11 qiiiled I In s.ilaii is #4(1
pel Ilia,nlli.
Tlie ordinary meeting ol tin Som
ut jj   itlan I wiil li.   held *,n W< .I
nes lay  evi :nng   m -.:      District
Deputy 1 "'iii'l Chi' I Verl will be
present.   July  ist arrangement!
will be   ills' lltaed   anal   a lull at-
tenal.i, 1 ■ i-* roqueated.
Tin an Imn sale held last Sal-
unlay by Kingsford Smith A Co.
proved a very satisfactory begin
ning. Thi se -ah s will be con
tinned In 111 tune to time, thc next
om* being innoiioand for tomorrow
(Saturday , at l.y) p. in.
T. II. Hamlin has taken 1 lease
of the premises on Lonsdale avenue recently occupied by the
Wolf Liiglnnd Company, and will
carry on an up to date business
ui fancy groceries, confectionery,
in* en am, togetbef wilh a delica-j to arrange two forms of contnet
tenen, accordingly.
Third Slreet Improvementa
At thc court of revision under
the Third street improvement bylaw last evening, the chief spokesman for the ratepayers was William
Morden. Messrs Alexander, Sargent and Summers took pari.
lhe points upon which information was sought were:
1. Tie city proposes to pay a
total of fiy, on the whole cost,
Imt the several street intersections
measure (100 feet, which at the estimated cost per foot would
amount to (liboo. The city ihould
l>eai ils share on the basis of lhe
average cott.
a. Many property ownen hue
air ady spent considerable money
in clearing and grading streets adjacent to tins property. There
sliould be made due allowance for
such work.
3* The total estimate is ftu,*
00, Imt should the actual cost be
lore or* less than this, tht rale
voiihl vary accordingly.
4. The lime of repayment (five
years) is too short, and makes
lhe payments too heavy. Many
ratepayers hail signed tlie petition
under the belief that payments
would extend over twenty years.
As to the first point raised, the
city engineer is to investigate and
teport. Thc seiond and thiid
were answered in Ihe affirmatm.
As to thc fourth point, it wai explained that five years is the life of
a wooden sidewalk, and payments
could not be extended beyond tint
time, tint for the permanent road-
work an extension could be made.
The city engineer wis instructed
Missrs.    Skelbornc and Giine
have Uld a I "nidation ol a three
Upon motion of Aid. Itwin, the
court idjaiui in il until Miy ab, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
THE  KXi'lalSS
Na mil \ ttt' ■■' w.i*   I.   C.
C. H. Miini'ioM.u i:, ii. II   II uio. s,
Manager,      i a i e«a M r.
The Express is ilelivi red in No lh
Vincouver withiu i raihiw oi 11
blmks of tlm office. All iii'.isi'li
tins diitrict i- placed in tin pul
kales ol Subscription i
(Ine year Hi.oo
Six. months ,30
Time 1111 in tl ts •        • .25
United Stat, s noi Foreign, tt 511
per yi ir,
All iuhii riptiom musl lie pai I in
a, I s llli e.
Am pi noil nol 11 ci iving thii
pi pi 1 regularly will pleas notify
tin office. Nu p*i|" 1 stopped un*
leai iiuiiin I either bj lettet or card
revenue, ,is  a  i   .u.l  o!   ll,e j.u.i-
> 1*ui.   a..a -un* 1.1  ni .1 sufficient
aim ni,1 a.1  unmet   :u 1 u,111 up lhe
I'i'.s and in nui u, .deal and con-
u 11.1 nl   ii wel lings   thereupon.
lime  are   collateral   advantages
which  lend  to enhance the value
|oi mis opportunity In investors at
pies rtt, -in li as the following! lm-
, nm nu nn are exempt from taxa-
mu  in  lliis city—a condition ol
ilvaulege to ihe invealor, whiih
1.'iniul I e duplicated in the pi oven i-; tin price ol liiintier is lower
11 pnsi i t than lui a lung period
01-1, and cannot be expected to
tinink ai larllli r; there is a con-
1 rab 1   niiiniier of   mechanic!
11 l.ing v.ml,. un.l, 1 li 1 r ef ore,
ai.i,u uia) in expected to be cot-
reipoudiugi) reasonable, These
-in*i liiinln >l conaidi ralioni should
appeal lu the iavettor, as mnsii*
tailing condition! exceptionally fa-
Vorabk to building operations.
N'okin Vancouvei, Mav ti, njoN
.1 mii' to nu 1 l.n.
In another column of lliis ism
will be found a compendium ol
opinion from the several agency
linns of the city, relative to the
demand foi ami the available sii|
ply nl Iniiisi s fur residence purposes in North VinCOUVer. These
Itllementl Ut made at the request
ol Tin Exrataa, and in response
to queitioni addressed to the re-
npx 1 tivc deponent!
In siil'iinttiiig lh.m- answers to
the public, THI Exi'KEss w'shes to
ilsi 1,111,1 any intention to "boom
things di lo exaggerate condition!
in any way, but is actuated by tbe
sole nmtivc of making the publii
acquainted with the ailuaiioa as il
actualh * liltl, in Older that those
interested in the piogiess nf illicit)' mav he enabled to act accord
ing to the beil ind soondeal information available
Il is hoped that the inherent
worth nf iluse dclii I lam ei will be
dearly n COgniXed. Ihey constitute tin* c rn ef ill i\ coniidered, the
lionest ind ' onw rvative judgment
of a body of men who an- expert!
111 Ihe mallei in band, men who
are In potitiou 10 knou whereof
they iffitm, and men nli * are actuated by the sincere motive to
guide- and in no sense and to-no
degree to misguide- the public
Thc CMl en-us nf opinion ol an entire bod]  u( 1 iti/cns so eminently
qualified lo 111 iiritely guage the
situation, cannot but bc ol tecog
in. ed worth by all.
A   Careful perusal ul ihese an
■wen reveali a striking uoanimitj
ot 'Opinion on the main puiiits at
issue. It is agieed that proaped
ive ri.siileiils ol Ninth Vancouver
people wlm are desinnis of locating Inn* willi llien I.uiiiln s
are lieing tinned away, and are lo-
calinK in othei towna, lm the reason ihat luitable houses 111 accept.
abb  location! ale lml  I1' be bad 111
Ihis city.   Tins condition of alfairs
is unfortunate from every view
pomt.   It meant thai Iha city is
siiffeiing *i( 1 iiiiiii!,Uin:: ss of de
suable population, in I bki wise
lh,* inn   nn nue Ihal would ac-
Ctue from the si lllelil. Ill ol these
laillllles  In n*      ll  ll,' .ms ihat the
Sl l.lillls,   ill.    I llllll lies   111*!  ;|||   |aa, ,,1
iiistiliilinns ate being denied that
expansiun lhat is their due ll
nn*.ms tl ll our men lianis .ne
called upon to sustain the inability
to  securi   a  laige  ami   profitable
patronage that would materially
strengthen their b 11 si 111 ss It
means that I laige amount of
money that ought to be plai nl m
circulation in this community is
diverted eliewbere. In fart, the
city is out md injured Iron every
standpoint by this legn liable condition.
These answers make it lurther
apparent fiom lhe property own
er'.* point of view, that ther' is a
great deal of real estate lung idle
an I unproductive lhat might be
made to p'oduce vry satisfactory
The amount of building that is
proceeding in the city at the pres
ent time goes to show :hat then
are those who are alive to the ad
vaatagei ol the pretenl in this re
gard The waterworks depart
iiimit has m ule over sixty housi
connection! during the past threi
months, and the work in sigh
points to even larger results dnr
iug the coming months, lu the
vicinity 0' fifth street and St Da
vid avenue there are Seven new
residences under construction ;
011 Keilh road east another cluster
of Iiiiii-'--. may lie seen in various
stages ul completion ; plans ate
being completed for the erection
of a numbH of new cottages on
Seventeenth street East, in block
615; all over the territory within
the city bunts may lie seen scores
of homes in course ol erection
singly and 111 groups.
A striking feature ot those build
mg operations lies in the lact thai
all but a very small percentage
of these houses represents construction lor owners who are
building tor personal occupancy,
and for this reason the supply ol
houses for rent is not materially
increasing in fact the demand it
still in exi ess ot the supply.
I be 11 ilural advantages of Nortli
Vaiicoui 1 r make this city an ideal
residence spot; the improvement
in the ferry service, which piihlu
sentiment is demanding more am!
more strongly, and which must lie
loithcoming- if not in one way,
then iu another—will place this
city within easier reach of lhe
business centre ol Vancouver t. ity
than are the suburban locations
ol that corporation (witli the de
lightlul and healthful trip by wa
ler thrown in), and it ii sale tu
say that there are hundreds ol
(amiliet waiting to cross lhe Inlet
and to make North Vancuunr
llieir home as soon as ferry facilities are made what they should lie.
This, together with the steady in
flux ol population Irom other
sources, leaves no room for doubt
thai (aside frum tin* bright outlook
as to industrial antl commercial
evelopnienli, Nut tii Vancouver is
ah -lineal in llu* near future to be
1 nun one nl ilu* musl beautilul and
musl populous tesidential commit
nities on or adjacent to Hurrard
In order that this movement
may proceed to advantage, it is
desirable that building operations
!"■ distributed over a period of
time that will give a (air probability of coping with the tide of pop
illation when it begins to come
this way in earnest, thus avoiding
congestion, with'its attendant up
ward tandeaCj as to material, labor, and the cost of building g. 11-
All considcralinus point forcibly
to the simc conclusions voiced In
the answers to thcipicstions circulated by Tm Express, namely,
that the present is an opportune
lime (or active building upon the
part ol investors.
Norlh Vancouvei is l.n king
iinnili. r nl I iisiuess convenience*
that co;ild be had practically for
the a* It up, Among these may be
meniii ned a branch office of tlie
Dominion Express Company am
a C. P. It. telegraph and ticket of
fice. These ite essential to llu
general public, and an effort should
tie made to obtain them.
The more rapidly the cilv nl
Vancouver grows, the more will
her people come to regard the
multitude of natural attrattinns
and beauties of the territory surrounding and tributary to North
Vancouver. The citizens of our
neighbor lo the south must come
this wai fm tlieir outings, and this
place will derive tba heneht tln.rt-
fioin. lie it mountain or stream.
forest 01 glen, fishing or hunting,
to this side ol tlie Inlet all roads
lead, and the stream of light
seekers is ever on tlie increase. 11
behoove! the citizens of North
Vancouver to make the most ol
the advantages and opportunities
they possess.
Chirch Notiies
si John's ihk IVtUOKUIT, skviniii
AM* I'lllRlEKNIH  SI Kll Is
Holy Communion, s a. 111
Morning prayer, it
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday iu iheinonlli
there will be a second celebration
of the Holy Communion at nam.
Rector: Kev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will lie conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastot.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. ni.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Kev. j. D. Gillam, M.A.
NtTHOlllSI   OIl'RlH,   N.   W.  10RS1K
Morning service, nam ; Sun
day school, 3:30 p. m-; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at M00.I1 villi* al
11 a. m.
Rev. B. H. Balderston, It A.
Sunday Services — Mass at N
a. m., Sunday school al 3:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. ni.
i'astor: Kev. E. Pcytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
Service at 11 o'clock a. m in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close of Ihe service.
Pastor :    Kev. I lavul Long.
All are welcome.
it eaailltll sirvii 1 *
will be held at Orange hall on
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock
All are welcome. Come and
bring a friend.
the iiiliiriiiiitiiiii nl intemlinit
settlers ami others, that aulectioii Iiuk
been made ul tlie ViUU.mki acres nt laml
limited in tlie Peace Kiver Valley,
I'mvinee ul llritisli Coluiiiliiu, granted
to the llotninioii (loveriiiiient under the
iirnviHiiiiiB ul Seeliun 7, ol "All Act re*
iiinn In llie Inland Railway, Iln' lirav-
in,' buck ami Railway Uadi of Ihe
I'ruviniT," and inch luml is mil open I*
entry  iimlnr  llie   I.umi   l.im- of  lli,
iliu block Helm liil in ilewrilieil an 'H-
Iowh: Commencing at a p-lnl  :i::'.*
milen .nuill ill llu* I', nee Kiver. mi lie
lllllll   Meridian,   lieiui!   Hie    hi.lei*
boundary of the Province, Ihenee Wav
75 milen ami 118.IH rliniina. Iln-ne, Nurlli
7:' mili'H ami I'ill!) chains.  Ilo-n..   I.i-
n mili'H and M.M chain*, 11 .*■... Hmitl
to the |aiuit of ciitiiuieiit'i meiil. to Inn
in*; Ilie Iiiiiii Meriil'im, uml eoiilaiiiiu
• pproxiniHtelv 1,100 nutl ncri'i.
Naaiiae ia Af»'iI,iv.'ii thai, villi a ii, i-
lu facilitating sellluinenl in I lie Yitl.ei-
uf lhc I'liiii', l'nrsiii|i ainl Puck Idler*
the InDowlag hell ut laml tarty miles in
niillh, ami exi.mliliK 111 mile, on each
Hiilc of the IVni'i', !'iir-niii ami   Pad
Riven has ham reeerved tor actual
settlers, to be acquired liy pre-eiiiiilioii
on1}- umler the band Act, Hindi land nol
lifiii|2 IM for Hale, lease, license nr
olher alienation umler the aaid Act ei*
ce|it liy preemption,
I'uniiiifiit'iiiyat llie inlcmeelion ol the
Western lii'iiinl.iri ol thu lilot'k ot land
neli'rli'd liv the l*oiiiini"ii tioierniiicul
willi the I'eai'c River, ihenee Mlowla|
the I'cace Kiver uml 1'arsnip River lo
Ihllrconfluence uilh the Turk River,
uml lliemv li-lliming lhe I'nck River lo
the point where rain Pick Hiver leaves
M.l I Lake, nml extending (nr a distance of 'JO miles on each side of snid
Uiien-imnl approximately 170 miles in
All lands out.ule the boundaries of llu*
Dominion lion rninent limit and the
reserve ihovi ilenerilieil are n|«-ii loi
liH'Slioii under the laws of tlie I'mvinee
Ai'llliK CMef I'oiiinii-'Hioticr
ol I mnl- and Works.
taunts and Works Ilepirtnn'iil,
Vicloria, September llllh, IHI'7.
IK yon want s itnethiii"
' differ.'lit—soinctliiiig
worth while.let us figure
on your work.
Our extensive stork of
new wnll ilecorittions
enables us tu offer n large
variety of up-to-ilute
treatments uml special
color seliftnes. We are
al your service.
Also I'itiiits, Oils, ami
Varnishes of the very
best "makes.
Come in nmi talk it
Sinjoies ond tstiraie. 11 mc iskino
i. h. mm i co.
North Vanoouver, li. ('.
When you inteml building
North Vancouver Mails
Maili close for despatch as follows : 1 u Vancouver and all
points 8 a. m., 11:15 a. m., 4:15
p. m.; for Lynn creek, 11:15 a. ni.
Mails arrive 1 Vancouver and ill
points, 910 i.m, 11:45 in., 5:45
p. m.; Irom l.ynn creek 1 p. m.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
after 11:15 1. m. ihould lie delivered at the wicket.
Mr. anil Mrs. 1). G. Dick left
town on Monday last (or a pleasure trip to the south. They will
be away about a month, a portion
of which will be ipent in visiting
their son in Portland, Ore.
lun.no. Hlual
lluitl, l....,u ri
inr 37
ill  I aal.l.,,..  I1,
Vuih ou.tr.
I'lai-nr 349]
Weekly lid  till 111 lieu May lllk
I.'I* I'
in -
\    ll. ll ]i.'H*rl|.li(ili
1 1    7fti     1   Corner on Kiral street.   I'lne biiilnoa. proepects.  Tnis price lor
I   h few iln-fu only.
 Hrm, partly OlMMd, Wttta slmeh oa, Hevontoentb streei.
I.', tliallllliw "la   Hllaiai.i  (ianlllll   nii'l llllll   fin*!   1'l.W Ol IlllOt.
I   Just limk ai llie i<i aai*
The Cushionet Shoe
For Wonion With
Tender Feet
Oxfonls for an easy hoUB" *\\iv', Hit'li
soles, low heel anil kill lip, for leal
comfort.   Price, $3.50
IHiK'lt r lact   lui' stn el \\i iir; 1 .wu
heavy liirn aulei uilh  military heel
and patent tip.
A stylish, neat .nul dressy chile that ^ives comfort and
wear for $4<50
,'ilii Hastings Street
n rauurwttoum
Time Table, 19J7
sr. oaoaoa.
•tl.20 A.M.
*l',.45   "
•7 20   "
S.00   "
8 211    "
8.40   "
9.(11    "
tt.HO   "
11.46 A.M.
». II    "
10.16 A.M.
1015  "
10.46   "
1045   "
11.15     "
11.15  "
11.45   "
11.45   "
12.16 t. M,
12.161'. M.
12.45 P.M.
12.45 P. M.
1.15   "
1.15   "
1.46   "
1.45   "
2.15   "
2.15   "
J.45   "
2.45   "
3.15   "
3.16   "
3.45   "
3.45   "
4.15   "
l.l,".   "
4.45   "
4.45   "
5.15   •
5.15   "
5.45   "
5.45   "
6.15   "
11.15   "
fl.45   "
11.45   "
7.15   "
7.25   "
7.45   "
H.15   "
8.45   "
H.15   "
0.45   "
10.15   "
10 45   "
•11.110   "
•11.45   "
Nol mi
70 x 240
Close to saw mill and plank road;
len minutes Irom car; only $300.
AUii 1 lew 11 acres lor $200;
liim-., in .Iinin, $in per month.
[Ionic lo bt, h looms, all con-
veineiii es ; splendid view. Also
nne lor s.il'*; $100 e.i'ih  and  Itjo
pel    llllllllll.
Iho peiletib cleared lots nn lonsddle Avenue
$900 each
I'aINI'ERS  ANII    I'lilklllSi.KKS
Mikii DacoaaToaa
Graineks    Glaiiiu    SlIINS
Oil'   13111 Sim i 1
X. X. ( RIIHMliN
I       ash ROTARY I'iiii.ii'
'   iMMiani   In .11 it* Iir.u* Ii!.
' lion.,   ham mil ll.nii.nii,.
1   .,*....    ii.i.Ivihi.i, * i'il r .nil Kir.
M in iw r (or Iln* ('iininu'reial
I'roleeliie Si.ieli
tlflici':—Kihiit St., K. or laHNUt
j. n. wm\: NWAiiuc
BitliirA ttfirr, l.n .ilnlr Iir.,t'ily   I'lumr
So u
Hmd <>lhr, ,tml SI,II. /.yi,n lml, II. f.
KliliS  Knit   IIATl'KINU
I   lll-ll 111 ISH'RM   MV   PATRIINH.  AMI
al th I* lle.ir.l.,1 In iH,ultrr, Ihal I li.u*
..ii. nl tin* a i.l p.na ,.| Mini. Hi.niinii-* id
N.itili V.lii'ilil.r, I .1 mit 1 un li.-*-*! . tr--.li
al,.In Innn Kiilti.in linlml I'.rk. tirlltml l,y
. Iiltal aim la., t.kin • l.l.'Jn.l .ml lol lirl'i*
Sn lnl,*inlli'« |*ntii,».,T. 1. ill ,ln wrll In Innk
lii.m 1 Tcrbflnrr len lti(i*|ariiInn.   Kfi- I.m.i
l»T..IIIII«aal 11
Kf«. Irnm  my Snnnil   IVtl nl  II vaiaalnit.*,.
ailv.r aprnilril ll.111l.10ra. "I.m alr.m  I'm
ptrifltlnii'.'l'i II.ir .i'ln ... fnr . Iri'ih
a".In w will In, .lil. I„ M'lv my 1 ."nil- ia Ilh
male hint, tint }• r.
Knnrteenth ulreet ami Del brack avenue,
Ky Krllh R11.1l (tr,
Norlh Vanoouver.
CIVIL    I'M.ISI *l   11
yiiantiliy 8urveyt-r ami Arehitoct
Fotnrra Strut, ''ninii Lohmali Avi
I14ki.    FOOQ
I'M I I I,   IN
General Tcamin<(
(iiK.I   I try   I'nriliiiK.I .leliiered   any
wherein the eity lor «l IKIiieoril.
Dr.lera aolieiliil.
Knurl li Street, lielii.-en  bui«dale ami
Chcaterlielil air.   t'lioiii'67.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varietiea at reaaonalile priee-
No Ilorer.. No Bella, No Kuniiirnti"''
I" ihiiiiiiKe -ini k. Nu ttiiiilv iiiteiita k'
anno** you. Huy ilirert lad Ret Tree,
and Seeihi thai iim*.
Fertili-en, l(eeSu|i|ilie>, Spray I'liinp.,
Hprayiii-i Material, t'ut rmrara, Mr,
Olnent  entaliliialii'il   niir-irv   on   tl,,*
inainlaiiil nt llrili-li Coliiiuliia.
t'ataloRiie free.
Hlftl  Wk.tmiv.ikk   Iinin
VANOlt'VKit.ll. 1.
pARKMft    AUK    W'ARNKB   TO
iiiiiliini llieir elnl.Ireii ol the ilamwi
mnl ol il.iin.i.e ilana in |>ullinir hoowen
mnl all IiiiiIh of gartaui in the liniiini I
line ninl llireiiidioiii lhe eity lor earn-
ini' in; nirlin-e miti r.
'I'lie f,„>lii*li uim reiitilH lire now lieiui.'
elo.ely «Klehe,l liy llie police, and anv
MM lollllil pl:ii'iil|! ollfllielea ill eilllerut
llie Wnler t'liunnel. uill hi |.rontH'iileil.
ii?i,i \im m i,ii(i hi: Sm
IVTIITICK. i*. herein i;iven Hint at tlie
*■' nem lllei'lllld 11 the Ito.ir.l ol I.i-
ei'iiie (',iiiiinii>aiiiiieria I *r llie Miuiii'ipal-
ity ol Norlh Vaneoiiier, I .hull apply
fnr al li. ah*!  liivll.f lol   lhe .ale of Hpirit-
iioiiii, feruieiiliil or oiler lii|imri* lor Ihe
ml*en rii'ini Irani  hnililiuit, -uiuiie.l
mi Seyiiiniir Road, ill Hl.llill l.ul 1ft,
liroiip I, Nnu IVeatniiii.ter Diatrict.
Hati'il nl Nnrlh Vam-.,uver, II C, May
nui, ma
Mill mmuw innn
J, Ham H 11, Prti|is.
delivered daily to all parts
of the (..ity.
Orders leftnt tin- Expnss office will bl |iroiii]it-
lv ntteii'led to.
Pioneer Bakery
between lisplanade & First St.
S. W. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh   Hretid   daily, 16
Iniives fur $1; 4 for 2".c.
Cuke, Paatry, etc.
Daily Delivery lo All  Pari! ol City
The d strict council met on last
Friday, with Reeve May iu the
chair and Councillors Robson,Ny •,
Davison and McNaught present
A. A. Crowston, for the Board
ol Trade, wrote asking endorsement of their action in the nutter
of opening the Lillooet trail. This
was done.
Mrs. Smith asked to have roatl
south of block 34 of 1026 opened.
Referred to board of works.
Mn. 0,'Connor again aslted bu
opening of Kilmer street, in ndi)
Referred to board ol works.
Mr. Burns, mlicitor, forwarded
agreement wiih city ol Vancou ret
regarding Capilano road and city's
cheque for J800. The engineer
reported surveying begun, ind
isked inltructionr,. Resolved that
he submit proposed location to
council ind city engineer before
final location ol roid.
Abbott & Hart-McHirg tent
deed of school site for Cipilano
donited by Mr. Keith. Cordial
thanks were extended to Mr. Keith.
Mr, Rinkine submitted offer of
181.50 per icre for block 13 of lot
783, from Merritt & Billings, who
wiih to improve property. Offer
Mr. Rankine also submitted oiler Irom Bishop Dontenwell and
others lor 70 acies of 816 ind 793
It 12635, 'or college. Accepted is
regirds 65 icres, the othei five
icres having been already sold.
A. Williami submitted offer of
two acres in 784 for school. Laid
over for consideration.
Resolved tooffer Mr.Gintiburger
lor two acres (or school.
C. A. Lett offered lo negotiate
lor renting new office for the council. The litter did not intend lo
move it present.
Dr. Figan wrote regarding Ihe
Tranquille sanitarium's claims for
support.   Laid over.
Resolved to give room Monday
nighli to volunteers.
Tender of Arthur Rhodes to
dear Capilano school site for $675.
Four applications for position
of road tat collector were refeired
to finance committee.
Financial iccounti and salniei
passed for payment.
Mr. Naught reported fivonl le
progress of the plan to open Seventeenth slreet in D. L. 615. It
was resolved to withdraw the demand (or the cancellation of lhe
contract with Ihe Western Corporation, as a condition of approving
of the new plans, tnd the council
igrees lo piy tlieir own solicitors'
Tlje engineer reported the completion ol the work by Mr. Fell
(or deviation of Keith roid in 551.
A bylaw authorizing the iisue ol
a quit claim deed for abandoned
portion of Keilh road was pasted.
Engineer reported on ipproich
to proposed Seymour bridge. The
council decided lo visit the lite.
Engineer repotted difficulty in
getting good Inundation for east
abutment of I ynn bridge, and recommended piling. He repotted an
offer of a new, suitable piledriver,
complete, for ft35. Resolved to
purchase same and put down piles.
Council meeting! will begin it 8
initeid of 730 is heretofore.
Board of worki instructed to improve grade on Centre road, neir
Cook'i mill, ind to open 1 ihort
roid in J087, to Mr. Cimpbell'i
A delegation was pnsent con-
listing of Charles Nelson, John
Lawson, Alfred Prescott, Mr. Pat
ton and Pr. Telford, regarding the
opening of lands west of Cipilino.
They desired two roadi north ind
s mill ind two ent ind wen, ind
a landing itige or wharf it Eng
lish Biy, for 1 ferry tervice.
The proposals of the council re
girding Keith road drivewiy were
explained, and they were aiked to
consider the drift bylaw wilh a
view to the adjustment of that
icheme lo iniet tl e requirements.
The engineer wis   inittucted   to
tetrepresentat veson th ■ urnind        Dog Poisoner a   Wok
and report as       1 .1 l.-whar   iti. 	
A special meeting would th 11 be. Su .day afternoon lasl Mis. A
belli to discuss the mailer wall thei Hodgson lost I valuable dog h.
delegates.   The delegates cordial- poisoning.    The animal had bee'
ly thanked the council, and stated
that an association would likely be
formed to help   the   council  in
every way.
Tbe council then adjourned.
In order to more thoroughly introduce our exquisite Witch Mitel TuiletS ap, we have irnnged
with thi' gi errs in North Vin
ciniv-*r to giv ilisolnlely free one
box containing three full size cakes
ol Witch Haz.d Toilet Sup with
each 50c. purchase of Royal
Crown Laundry Soap.
Our Witch U.izel Toilet Soap
is now being used by the Can. Pac.
Ry. on ils entire system from Hong
Kong to Liverpool, on all boats.
sleeping cars and in all Ils hotels.
This fact speaks for itself.
Witch Hazel Toilet Soap is also
being used by many of tlie first
ladies in Canada. It is male from
the best materials that money cm
buy; pure oil of nuts, fruits, flowers, etc.,and is most exquisitely perfumed with pure odors ol (lowers.
Upon using it you will at once notice the rich, smooth, creamy
lather, which is delightfully invigorating, healing and refreshing.
Insist upon getting a box free
from your grocer with 51c. worth
of Royal Crown Soip, ind-by-the
wiy be sure and save the coupons
on the end of Royal Crown canons
and exchange them for valuable
articles at our premium department.
Thi Rovai. Soap Co., Ltd.,
Cor. Gore Ave. & Harris St.
Telephone 454.
Lady Maccabees at Home
Tuesday evening the Lady Mac
cabeei of this city held 1 successful ind most enjoyable At Home
at the residence of W. Stoney,
Sixth street. A Urge number
of members ind friends were present mil they pused 1 very pleasant evening indeed. Those contributing to the musical part of the
programme were Mr. and Mis.
Alexander, Mrs. Smith, Mrs.
Braim, Mr. Lawson, Fritz Niu,
Mr. Phillips, C. E. Smitheringale,
Mr. Morrison, Mr. Keid, Mis,
Peacy; and recitation! were given
by Mr*. Sykei and Miss D.
AnJers. After the programme refreshments were served, and a
guessing contest held for a cake,
C. E.   Lawson being the winner.
playing with the children shoith
before at the home and had
strayed off, returning in a few
mifiutes in evident great pain. Relief was attempted, but the poor
brute soon died. It was named
Dunelm Joy, anil was a pedigreed
pointer. The animal was a prizewinner and had carried off the
honors in New Westminster. A
substantial reward is offered for
the arrest and conviction of the
$25.00 Reward
for the arrest and fonvirlinn nl pir'v or
par 11*. nh* 1 nre learin|! iluwn my reo
estate nun*.
J. II. Wi'l.l'KH,
IIkai. K.Tin:
Knot ol Ixinadale, near whirl.
city or with mwm
City Ciili'a Orrca,
May 7th, IM
A MKKTINO ot the Omen ot I'mncr-
•* tv on the waterfront will be held in
the Ciiy llall, on Wednesday.13th inst.,
at 8 o'clock p in ,tn ilium*, what acl inn,
il any, ahould he ink. 11 to protect their
intere.ta in lhe event of the V. W. & V.
Railway Company applying for a further
extension of tlieir charter.
All others interested are invited to attend.
I UN 1.1. Mil SII
FREE: One box of
Witch Hazel Toilet
Soap  with  each 50c
purchase of
Merchant Tailors
(late with Morgan, Vancouver)
Style, Kit and Workmanship
. . .PRICES RIGHT. . .
First Street, one half block west ol
Lonsdale ave.
62 and 64 Cordova Street
Joined tht Silent Majority
liuviv mmm
BOOTS .till MB
Thi: Kxpksss received 1 visil on
Tuesday from an old-time print,
Kd Rowland, who has been running a weekly paper at Port Simp-1
ion, called the North Coast, for '■ The famous "Huh" Shot's for
P. Godenrath & Co., lince  laitj        men, $5.00.
August.    Edhn just come down * 	
Irom the north and slates that lm,
paper, like the one at Port Easing- Summer   Suits   from  |8.00.
ton, has joined the silent majority. | 	
The government reserves on tin,- j^.   ba„)rj Uod«t»U
ber and  land, with a quietude in
IM    11II
mining,has sipped the idvert'sing ' '
itrength   ol   northern publiihen 	
and made lile strenuous    He uyi
ihe northern country is very quiet Everything for Men al Right
and Prince Rupert full of idle man. | Prices.
Special dale
Dining Room Tables, I8.75, lio, «u, regular iq.50, J1150, (13.50
Parlor Tabled, U Si, th tl,   regular It.50, J2.J5, J3.75
Dresser and Stand, Jtfjo, $18 50, up to J40, worth half as much
No. 1 and 2, Home Hlock, Lonsdale Ave.
For Furniture and House Furnishings
rpv,ll   I INK  ni'i   AMI  Il.'i   MUST
Cock", iimleil in liinli-ne.*r'ni|-1 ens
K'.-i:- |l .'ill ami %•> pnf li,    Olaaregj.
■ xi'han*.'. il    A feu broaden Int sale.
II. ...WiKKMU'lll It,
till slreet mill Lonllllll llvelilltl.
lml   liaiil.r.r  md  I. (. I.nil   Sun ft or
'riuiKK i-UU
Rallw.v., Hrlilira, Water Power., Kalun.li'.
l*'ll|i,T!llli'lli|i*lli*e ,,[ e,.llatr,ll*tlnll. M.pa.Towll
'lira, M Iiiiiii I'liilnu, Siililllililiinj.eli'
"H II..II1IH. 81. W.,  .   .   VANCOUVER, B C,
Xorlh Vancouvor Hardware
Company, Lid.
('nirdtii Tunis
Laifii Uototn
Pnidtrij Setting
House ('leaning Ilrqnisites
Paints ami Oils
lluilders Hardware
Foot 01 lonsdcie ne.      Telephone 5?
VOTU'K ia hereby given that sealed
**-' tenilera will M receive! hv the
Hun. the Chief Com mi mi ner, at 1 Inal the Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, up till noon on M.Mi.tny, .lime
1st, 11K18, fruin am* paflM wlm null' desire lo obtain -|nTi.il lliMMN umler lhe
provisions of Miction 0" of the "Und
Act,' for the purpose ut cutting limber
from the followini* ilescriheil lamia:—
No. 1. Commencing at the Miirh-weat
corner of Indian Reserve nu Actmi
Soiiml, I'nii-l District, Kanire I; thence
south along .he i-tinre In the inirih-ea.-l
corner of Timber l.iri'iicc i:i,l'..i; thence
aoiilh III chains to the norlli line ol
Timber Licence UAOt', tlienci' east
aboil! UUI chains to the west line o( Timber Licence 25,400; thence norlh about
tlUchaitia; thence went about SO chain-
to the south-west corner at Timber Licence 25,.'tlKl; thence west lo point of
No. 2. Commencing ut a |****-t planted
on the shore ol Tii-Ran Lagoon, Coast
District, Range I at lhe norlh west corner nl Timber Licence 21,891 lo tlm
11 Tlh east corner; tln'iice south abiiit
'.11 chains tothenorlli line ot Timber I.i*
."ii.e 11.lia'i; t bei iv east .bout HO
chains to the line nl Timber Licence 14,-
Ball; 1 liciiie north about l.u chains;
thence west alsiut 1-11 chains to tlic
shore ol Tsi-ltus Lagoon; thenee southeasterly along shore to point ol com*
The competitor offering the highest
cash bonus will Is* enlitletl to s|ieclal licences covering the limits, renewable
annually (or a term ol twenty-one years.
K4111 tendiY mils', la* addresaeil to the
Hon. the Chief Cnmiiiiaaioner ol Lauds
and Works, securely sealed and marked
"Tender (or Tiinl-er Licences," and
must be accompanied liv two marked
cheques, one clieuiie being for $2H0, the
amount ol the flrsi year's filial, and
othrr Ior the amount of bonna tendered
All rhttpiea raqulra I" Is* payable to
Ibe order nl lhe Chief Comini-sioiier of
Lauds and Winks, al par, al Victoria.
"   R J. H'l.TON,
( hi f t'nmiiii'tiuiirraf
l.t\ml* ami WtHW%
/.'imll ami lYurh DttUrlmttt,
Victoria, «.('. Ao'll-'lh, IHOS.
Rolled Oats
Hai) and feed
Fine, bealthv Tomato anil
Cauliflower Plants, grown (rom
Sutton's Seeds, always on baud
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale  Avenue,
at  Ferry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, local Manager.
Worth Seeing'
Iir si vf all we ask i)ou to
view correct style*. fit-Reform sets the fashions. . .
What a|i|>ears in the Fit Reform Wardrobe is accebted
wil hou i question by Canada's well dressed men , ..
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.t)0
WIIB I It D ll'll I  llll HOMY
333 tUSTING?
Priceless Asset
A yiMiA »et nl Teeth contribute greatly toone'a health and
huppintm   Tliey adit  much lu llie appearance and niore to
Ilm iligeaiiiiii.
Nealeet ii the onlv cause Iur tlie Im-mtTeclh.   Come tn
us HOW belure it in tun late.
Bt vn our patera     inn Ntvtt cihnu
I ul' »tl Of  I relh     ||.M
Bridgrwoi k, per loolh   3.M
Bold Crown*         I.m
Ooldlilllng-        I.Mup
Platlna t IMIih}-         |.M
II tractInj u
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. B*KI R, Consulting Dentist
407 Hastings St., W., Vancouver
HOURS-9 a.m. toB p m. PKqna 2220
Ih prepared In iln all Iiiui. nl work
daarinf, gruliliing, iimnping or rock
lila-ling.   Work it In the day or by
I.mn care tnkeii in Muting near
lioilHi'ia nml all damage made K1*"'-
Address, Second alleet IV , near bin.-
'tale aveinie, or I'. O. Bin II, North
Vancouver H
Singer and Wheeler 4 Wilsnn
Afeacy, North  Vancouver,
Offices null Mr. t'li'lncy, I *-n-*I..I- Are.
Machined told on in.talnient plan
Machine! lor rent
Machine anppliea
See ua lor your Set inn M irliine want*
Oflai*.— Xe»   ll,„ui|«oii Blork,
l^'ii.ilale aviiiie
Keiidi'iitial m,rk 1 •|*etiallr.
I'. 0. Iloj ~
North Vanciii. r. B. C.
Of ill
i)in.   l.h'KM'Ki   FtiR   mm   ARK
ii.m Ilm* ami I'uvable at the Cil*
Hall    tin ami alter March I*'tli neit.
AlI'liK lit .nl uill Im taken pn*
•el ml ami ile.iri.yed.
T.MUI Siiariuaii, Oily Clerk.
N..nh Vancouver, B. C , Kfb. *M, HM
man awnin AMU ukiiiai. ■
Having bourhl the hniiuft
ttoelt of Wolf, England ■> Co.,
Thompson BiKJUTi selling Hie
tame al ,ost. All thit union I
Gooils, tompriiing SHIR TS,
This ii a gtnaioi sale and
the stock must be disposed
uf at once,
litimate* bivea on AH
Hindi ol tlectrkal Worit
Cor Lonsdale and Second St
Accotintanti,    Auditor!   Genei*,
Commiuion Hrokers
leal latali Ktyttlt
in ii hi. (nni. ii
New Advcriis-.ii.er.ts
Poultry   W. iKililsiMith
Liquor lii eitle   J*   Mi Minis
itlan i - --"ai, 11 _ib,n.e bli' It,
.ui* lion    Kin   fi ' i Smiili S Co
1 lu  llu      C tdo a itrei i. \ ii.-
No .ii Vancouvi r, as   it prevent
line   numb-en   ol   people In m
1 .an.* In i, nh.i wi r., ur whose
pi ice** .ai lm linen ire, in Van
cmr/er hfcill I thi y 1" le VI ill'!
too iiiiiiIi lime i- requ red 'ti prea*
.■ni in llaiviliiii;  lietueeil the IWO
I haukintf   you i it diving   ilns
r**ir.' i
HyUw }i   -i n\ ui Nortli Vaa   |rtm ■ place ia your coluuna,   1
COUVi ' Iree ' n, ynirs 'Wl i
Naiiite ii! meeting   City of North ;       Nokiii Vamcoi vik Mill ham
Notice to nuill.n laus    \V. Nicb-
Tenders fur tiuili- r limits - Provincial liovernii'. *-iit.
Not it i   n*   I' r Riijlert    Trn-
vini i.ii Governtm  i
*-li.,rl, niai.ler.ile|i tun.led letters on
Inn,e« ni (Wim! nnliln- iulereat uill  la*
I'lllllisllCil III   I'llK   KlSUMa      I
Tiik KaiMH tl iu ii" way rcs|i.,ii**>lil>
lor the opinion! ol eurrtHfaada-ati, ami
resenea llie tight lo lerminiile a d sens
lion al any lime
Houses Wanted
To the Kaiitair "I lui*: BxrMH I
Sir,-- During the last lew weeks
it has cme tn ny notice on several
occasions that numerous people,
ol a very desirable character, in
constantly visiting Ninth Van
couver, fur the purpose of lookiuj;
the city over, with tlie intention 11
locating here, providing suitable
quarters are available; tint who a: e
Obliged tO turn back and locate, or
remain, elsewhere, because model
ate sizctl and conveniently located
houses do nut exist beie in sufficient numbers to iccominodate
iln m
Tins condition ol affairs consli
lutes ,i seiiuiis drawback to tlie
growth ul our i ily aad, aside from
that question, many valuable plots
o( prop* rty, whii b .ire now vacant
and on which nothing is being
reali/'d, and whii h are only items
ol expense in the owners In tans,
ol taxes, loaaol interest Ofl investments, etc., could be nude tu
yield ven profitable returns in ien
tab, il in,nl,irate priced boneei
were erected Ofl tlniii loi tlie put-
pose of renting.
1 am surprised that Bora enterprise is not displayed in thii reipi 11
liy the proper!) ownen ol otu t ily
Perhaps it is imi generally realized what a demand (lieu* is lm
houses at the ptesenttune, nut the
comfortable rentals that would be
therefui if tiny were to lie obtained,
Through tins nun existence ol
sufficient bouses in Norlli Vancouver to meet tin demands ol
house-leekeri, tlie property owut rs
ol our city, our merchants, ami the
city in gtmrol, are all losers, and
the growth ol tlie city's population
is greatly lelanled. It is high time
lor the property owners to awaken
to tin* Munition and lo "«et busy."
1*" ii 11111 -1111 a. i. . I uft, n hear re
matks fnim prispiclivt settlers
rtfardiig lhe inefidancy ol tba
lerr)    sen n i    between   In re and
Vancouver, nod it ii to lie hoped
that tin te will be sinn improvement in tins RSpect in the near
luture, Ilns un-s^t i-t-n loryservice
is vi rv bariiilul lo thi interests nl
with Ul mu
May 5, 190S.
Cl ithingi leanetl.pi iaed,iltered
and repaired, l'.ints pressed whili
you wait,   A. McRae, Thompson
lb 11 k, I. insibile an line.
A nn 11 ng -'I'' aterfrnnl propi n\
ii.no rs will in Inld in the city hall
Wednesday night, to discuss rail-
ivav mutters.
Going ?
for 1 louse Furuialiiiigv
Then iH only ono plwn to
puri'liasi', if vou are a can
fnl, economical shopper
~tt have tlif largest stork
of House Furnishings in
tlic city, lltd mir pricos an
unanimously acknowledged to be tin' must reasona-
ble to be hid.
Wc sell for cash
or easy payments
Corner (.ranvillc and I bins
muir streets, Vancouver, H.C.
Cilv Of .Will Vancouver
A Ily law tn SUf Uf Portion, tj tk
Ma, Kit)' Roa.l. Seventeenth Stiu
and Eighteenth Street.
U'llhUKAS (ii|.t»iii Henri Ibui* -
"     IteyiiiK.I - l.niiwlale   ami   Jl	
1 '.-inIhtIod Kelt, Duplin, rvifi.ler, ,1
"»iii*r. ',1 llin-iinterli MltlMol I'ntrli I
I .et Mi iii tin* I'ill iit Nurlli Vaiii'iaiiur
haic axreinl to arant lu tlie .aid inly lur
the  line   llllll   lielietll   ill   It. litl/eh*
I an I .li«- nir.len., a |*i'ie t>( larnl ilnal
twelve SSfaS 111 exli'iil, biIu.hi* in llu
auulli-wct iiarinr ,,1 IM raid nuterl)
|Hirliuli   i,l tli" .aid  District l."l. iiii'l
inura particularly deeeribad "" the |ilaii
liad in il il"'' "I il"' Cilv Clerk ;ii
the City lliiil
AM' WIIKKKAS, it 1. ile.iralale in
the labile Intone!that a certain peeling
,1    the     MaeKill     l!ua<l,    Sclclil.elill
i-trcet Hint Kitflitcfiith Slreet lur il
Iit nienlii'ii'sl. ulueli |narlia.li-* nr.*-un
ate ill the twelve acre. al.ne inenii..ii,,l
ihalllil lie Mn|i|H*il nf.
THKIIKKllRK. lbs Municipal Oorpo
ratiuii ul the Cilv uf Nurlh Vmi,,..in.r
herelay I'lillil-aia WIOWSI
I. All Unit porliun el Hie Me K.11
It,,ml Iri'in a point ihoet 11111,. 1 aorta
ol the ii.irlherlv ulr,*. I  I I s
t.enlli Slreel l.illie-.aiilli. rly -inel lim*
,1 Nilietl'enlh Slreel   ailll  Inure 1*11:1   11
larlv ib*.. ribed 00 Iln af.'ie .11*I  |.lan
IM III the Olliie aal the I'll. I'lefl, I-
herei't  *.|iip|*.',l   ll|> .llnl  1 l**<" al I'l |*l|l,ln
'.'    All that  |Kirli..ii ul  Seienl*. nt
streei ir. in 11 istsflj bonndnri ol tlir
.ai,l M.u K.11 load lu the iie.i I
the creek luuiiii'inly known M Mac Kll
Crook, aad lying nstweaa lhe afomaiil
Mm Km Rom and Wincn Avenue, mon
particularly tle.erilieil un llu* |ilati Inr,
labefWI  ineliliiilipd  ia  herein* Hopped
:i.  All that |«iriiun ui Kfcjbteeath
Slreel Irom llie ive.teily l-uiiinlnri ,,|
lhe city tn ilm westerly hank nf Iln*
•ilnre-ai'l creek, and iniire i.nrli, ularlj
ileacriliist M tlie I'lan liereinbclnrc m, n-
tinned, ia lierehv atopped u|i
I. The ile.crd'li'iii iii Hii' I'llim nl
the port ion nl .aid road* an .lo|>|>ei| ap
in intrti.li-H tn aaree with the plan, lull,
in SSSS ill variance, the description on
tin* .niii plain -hall prevail.
Tliia By-law "hall cnnie intu effect on
the dghlOMlll day u( Mav, A   |i  res
Pa-Kelt   l,y  Hie   ('"lllllll oil   the   .nth
day nl April, I'll**.
Keeun.iih red, adopted and I'm.illy
patwe.1 In* lhe Council mi lhe lonrlli dai
nlMar, A. P. lim
iSignedi   AIINOI.Ii I. KEALY,
iial; Tiiokaii Snti'iiiiii.
llll   Ilerk
i\o!ici' to I'ou! racters
JKALED ti iiiIith Inr certain altera-
lion* nmi addition* lo Si. Andrew'.
I'l'-lul. rill 11 Church lire rei|llei*leil.
TanderielOM I'ri.luy. tin- 16th ol M iy.
it 4:30 p in , .unl nre to lie iddrewed in
ii. A. SlcBain Kaq., North Vancouver.
Plant unl ipeciflcalioni may beiaan
at lh« offlce ol
I.oiimIiiIi' Ave., Nurlh Vamsiiiver
I    ft     I
1,1, llll'l 11    tV      li'MIMI.
M Hi
H imi lii-i
UlllI Sa'l'aallil SI
III,*    ri,'.       S*a       1.if,     |***U   ,|a,Cl* I'll.,,)' t'ltll-
n.i *.* /'  11    l«*'l liner I'n. ul I...  rfon,
Eulf fl ' I, /""''"1 llllilnliil.i mil
|it */* aai /■ nm rr I'-.. I i'mil. II. I if,
I'rrftelinn I'urtrrrlr lllnrh.
ipilKa'loi ii .nut !■  '  "l'*i,;,i\i" 1
' ll*|,.l'l .1     ll.li lal    ,       d
1,1 llll' l.ll'l   I'lll    l<M||    ',, ),',    .,    |,,.u  ,1   e
iiiiii ".| Print"* I! l|l 'I, I. i |i a silliil •
vision nl  l.ul lil.'   I! Mist' it. i''*in*l I'h-
Iriet, .illl.lle'l 1.1 Ila* 111 li alilliil li.-l il ei II
iln- nioillll nf 'li * Hfci e*ni Klvir illlil
Kaiia n River ai nl Kaien Inland, nre he-
iiiii offered fnr na 11, ii Ima been deemed
ii.*.*.*-**aiy I" ia*r*i In* 1 ulilic that llie
Mid 1'iiviinile l« 1."I bu ileil al lhe terminus of tin* Grand frank l'*>ciii  Itai'-
IV iV, llll'l in ll"l the town.ile »* i* li i|
nillll'.l   Nlltly    III    llie    (illVITIIIIII'lll    Ol
llrili-li C aliinilii.i ami llie liriinil Trunk
I'.n il'n I! ulna*. Company.
r j, kclton,
< l.i I'l'niillltinillt r ui
l.itinlt nutl Wurb,
I. imfi ll'/ It" C' I tl-tuHtt' t,
I'elii'iil. /,'('.  t/iljl I'l, IMS.
Aii iverydav bar-niin
-ttround While You Wait
J. Xt if* M. McMILUN
Corner Biplanade and Lonsdale Avenue
Pioneer Hardware
Phone 13 I. WAI DEN   Lnnidili A Fifat St K
Sols Vgents (01 MeCliry'i Stoves, Raaga% Furnaces,
Sbarwin ,v Williams' famous l'aints.
Just nrrivi'il—Our nan i '•■ delivery "f Palntu, Var-
nisln's,,.((.,, fi*,,,,* || .',() |,(,r i,';illiin up.
f.i M   llPM   uin 1.0 11 1   ON   Iltl   tOVM
an 1 rrui'ATK
'I'lllllisi lll.siilM
Rani: |i.M PKR
Kfltii'l Hulls I'l ramHii". mnl llciiiiliir BtwrdtTs
Ihill-iiai ir fern eoiiueelioii I ■ awl (roiu Viineoiinr. llul and cold
tinier in even ru.in, ll.iairu mil Ull*- in nrv nHiin. Barber
-Imp iu euiinei li**ii.
•   -   NOKTIl   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Slii'M    .alKIM,
at 2:30 P. M.
I'nilcf instruotioDi wn iti'c offering by
oii niinii' iial'. tin* li ilanci' uf tlir oonttnti
iif um' house in the \\ Ml Knd, Vinoonrtr,
removed for ootiYCDience ol ule to our
N'Ttli ViDoouver offloe; ilso a viried an-
-"rtiniiit "i choice md eleginl Household
(i'linls ami Kfffi'ts
No Reserve
No Reserve
Furniture comprisin Oat Dreanor, Sideboard, I''ancyOalt
I ible. ii.aiiiiiul iipii ilitered hininfi Kooai Suite, Australian
lii d ( "lar Upbolltl '• I l'ailnt Suite of 5 pieces (iiri|;inal cost
.', Kootenay Range, Tables and Rairigtrator, splendid
Brass antl Iron Bedsteads, Kitihcn I ti nsils, etc., etc., etc
spcndid loi «>i cxem Mire, oners' om. (ic,
Kinc).s|'ord Smith fr Co.
Tirm-  "in-i'ini:, eii-li, lialancc, 6,12 aid 18 months
1 im
'      3
'      4
'      J
1      <9
'      3
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B- C.
v.t). mix m.
One of Candi's Strongest Financial Institutions
total Assets over $50,000,000
Saving-s Accounts (fag special attention A deposit of ti
or upwards starts a Savings Account, on which the
hie-best current rate ol Interest is paid or added to the
Principe) every thiee Months. Ueposits miy be withdrawn at any time without notne
Joint Account! may be opened in the name ol Iwo persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, making
1 very convenient form of account.
Banking by Mail.—People living at a  distance may  send
111  deposits  or  witlid-aw   cash   liy   mail.    Write   (or
Office:  Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and [splanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
II. It. Ilini.i.i., Maaafer.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch stieet and Keith Koad as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a. ni., 7:45 a. in , N:t5 a. in., 9 1. m. 9:40 1. ni.,
10:10 a. 111., Alter 10:15 a. 111., cars will leave yurenslniry avenue,
Twcuty lirst and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty live minutes past tlie hour.
Cirs leave Nineteenth street and (Jueeiis|,iiry avenue, Twenty first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Wim li street and Keitli Uoad as lollmvs :
6 a. m., 655 a. in., 7:20 a.m., HH15 a. tn., 11:45 »■ ni., 9:30 a. ni.
After 9:30 a. in. t ars leave the Retry Landing at ten miiiule-, past the
hour and twenty minutes lo the hour.
All boats are met bv tin* tars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Up to-tlata
fi.oo per
and up
Rates for
Ferry Service tvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. larson, Prop.
now beinq ettendt'd to 23rd Street
VUK liave the toll ftf-NMy antl instructions to sell
" at lirst cost, (,1m unsoltl lots in City Block
228, lying between Lonsdale Avenue, Chesterfield
Avenue, 2.,nl antl 24th Streets.
Lonsdah Ave. 1/its, only f.Tt'i earh
Chesterfield and HV.v'rrn Are.Lots only $'225
TF,Il)IS—0nr fourth cash, balance vithin
10 months
TheiMi I/ita are |iarlly Heated mid the rarline now b.*iii| eitfiided
will uiMiire a liiiiiil-i'iin* erialit.
We hive alao a larjje lint nl awpirtlw In all partii nl lhe I'ity, and
•illicit an inspection ol our li-l il inu deelfS In imrcliam*.
Apply *iilliout delay ti>—
Cor. tonsdale Avenue and lilih St., North Vancnirver, B.C.


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