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The Express 1907-04-26

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 TMrtu]! I,eiji» /!«**'  ''V
Sk IExjwbh
/ii  :',    .
It will probably be on June ist
when thc mayor and aldermen of
the new incorporated City of
North Vancouver wil! he elected.
The citirens' incorporation committee will meet on Monday night
to discuso the most desirable date
(or holding the election and matters connected with the issuing of
letters patent. Much credit is due
to Hon. Mr. Cotton, the local
representative, for the satisfactorj'
act of incorporation, which was
given assent to by Lieutenant-
Governor Dunsmuir yesterday.
In iti political significance the
•city o( North Vancouver is the last
vantage point chosen by the Western Dominion—the field where
Canada's strength is being massed
and pitched—the lecond base of
•operations, from which is to be
essayed Uie neat campaign for the
mercantile mastery of the Pacific
and the commerce of the Asiatic
-world. Regarded as a place o!
residence the townsite rises from
its embankment on the northern
literal of Burrard inlet, tier above
tier, bench above bench, towards
the dark mountain masses, which
in imperial relief against thc
■northern heaven dominate the
southern .coasts oi British Colum
ajiia. From the south the nascent
city shows its terraced ranges as
the widespread centre of a natural
amphitheatre, crowned hy snowcapped heights, whose Titan
shoulders, shield tbe port during
the winter triaiester from the
frigid blasts of the nortli.
The gentle spirit of the
J.ipan current is wafted o» the
Chinook wind over thc city's
breast, perpetual currents o( air,
bom ol the tides which lave her
feet, fan her streets during the
heat of summer, while the eastern
and western Narrows ol the inlet
•with their channelled cutlets, in-
tolerent of atmospheric stagnation
-discharge upon the town lands
alternately the air of the mountains
and the breath of the Pacific The
ait of the locality seems to carry
nature's guarantee of health. The
death rate ii believed to be among
the lowest in Canada. The slope
from foothills to shore, which occasions the natural draining of the
surface, facilitates through systematic sewerage, excellent water
descends by numerous streams
from the neighboring mountains,
■supplying the city system of North
Vancouver, aud distributing its
-surplus benefits to the less favored
municipalities on the south ol
Burrard inlet
Vegetation is exceptionally early,
yet the climate is mild and the
temperatures are moderate.
Timber and building stone are
ia abundance in close proximity
to the settled lands, and ground is
available within the city limits in
quantities suitable for the most
ample residences.
From the elevations of North
Vancouver thc prospect is an exquisite panorama. Eastwards arc
the lofty crests of the ranges which
form the spine of the North American continent. To thc south the
great seaport lives iti restless activity, tht City of Vancouver
nestles like Stockholm on the
bosom oi tlie fiord, and a hundred
and fifty miles beyond, calm,
solitary and majestic ia Mount
Baker draped in the snow of ages.
Farther westward are the suuny
Cull ul Georgia, the neutral tints
of Vancouver Island, and through
the still transparent film of distance the beautiful Olympics with
tlieir mirage atmosphere.
Bathing, boating, sea and river
fishing and shooting are easily accessible, and walks, drives and
objective points for excursionists
abound by shore and hill, by
stream and canyon.
The natural advantages of North
Vancouver are enhanced by artificial amenities. Belore the crowding of buildings has handicapped
the plan of public improvements,
a great boulevard and park system
has been inaugurated, which will
make residential North Vancouver
much more than a garden city.
Ere yet the act of parliament, giving the city legal existence, has
received the signature of the
Lieutenant-Governor, recreation
grounds are being cleared and
speedways are under construction;
choice plants, fountains, and
shelters appear in public gardens;
open spaces are redolent of health,
and works in progress give promise
of shaded boulevards, maintaining
by their spacious proportions thc
broadminded and generous char
acter of the new city.
Easter Vestry Meeting.
A good number of parishioners
attended the annual meeting,
which was presided over by the
Ven. Archdeacon Pcntreath. After
discussing the financial statement,
which showed a (air balance, thi
officers for the ensuing year weie
elected as lollows: Lay delegates
to the synod—Messrs. H. A. Shaw,
A. H. Scriven and A. Sherwood.
Church wardens—A. E. Crickmay
and W. P. Peacey. Sidesmen—
A. F. Beasley. A. B. Diplock, A.
D. Nye, H. A. Shaw, V. Smith
and A. Sherwood. Auditor—A.
H. Scriven.
The matter of enlarging the
church was again discussed, and
the treasurer reported a good
balance in hand towarda this object ; the question of a new organ
was also brought up, and tlic president of the mite society thought
that they could give $50 towards a
subscription for that purpose.
The president also reported that
the mite society had paid for the
installing ol the electric light in
the church.
After the usual vote of thanks to
the church wardens lor their
services during thc past year, the
meeting adjourned.
At the adjourned meeting of the
parishionets of St. John's church,
the Ven. Archdeacon Pcntreath in
the chair, the matter of an arrangement for services for the coming
year came up for settlement. The
bishop appointed Mr. Marsden lasl
Easter for one year, with the
understanding, that the matter of
having a clergyman who would devote his whole time to the patish
should he decided at Easter, 1907,
according to thc condition of the
parish at that time. Alter a very
harmonious discussion, it was
unanimously agreed that the present condition and future growth
of the parish required the entire
services of a clergyman, and it was
resolved. "That while we appreciate Mr. Marsden's services in
the past, wc consider the time has
arrived when we should have a
resident clergyman in charge, who
is able to devote his whole time to
the parish, and wc would ask Uev.
Mr. Marsden to continue in cliaige
until arrangements can bc made
as to a guarantee towards the
The archdeacon stated that the
parish would have to raise for
stipend a minimum sum of tfioo,
and that the grant of $300 could
remain until next Easter, when it
could be subject to a gradual reduction.
After a vote of thanks to the
archdeacon the meeting adjourned.
When you want ice cream go to
Mrs. Hogg, on the Esplanade.
Grouse Mountain in Winter
From the summit of the snowy
peak of Grouse mountain, reposing
in sublimity, can lie seen nestled
at its feet the rapidly-rising City
of North Vancouver; Hurrard inlet, mirror-like in its tranquility;
the City of Vancouver with its
glistening steeples and many
streets, and over aud beyond
streams the mighty Fraser, wending its way into the vast body of
water seen to the west. Rising
far in the distance, with their
snow-capped peaks radiating in
the sun, and mirrored in the deep
greenish waters of the straits he-
low, the Olinlpian range lends enchantment to the wonderful panorama stretching over land and
water to the distant horizons on
the three points of the compass.
The overworked school hoy, the
brain-fagged business man, or the
woman wishing to cast aside the
cares ol the day, and for the time-
being don the rolies of freedom
aud the shoes ol Bight, let them
take their lunch baskets and strike
out on the trail leading up Grouse
It is remarkable how few " old-
timers " can boast of ever making
the ascent, how very few there are
living within the shadow of the
peak that would give encouragement to thc prospective mountain
climber. Where in America today is there a city that can boast
of a situation that affords to its
citirens aud its visitors the opportunities so rare and so accessible ?
Within three hours one can place
himself in the midst of winter almost pernially, with its diversions
and novelties.
The ascent and decent are both
enjoyable aud exhiliarating, the
slender spruce that cluster on the
mountain side forming an almost
unbroken canopy the whole distance, keeping out the hot sun 111
summer and the cold winds in
winter. Twelve hundred leet
above sea level is reached as thc
traveller finds himsell barely
started, but he must needs sit
down and drink in thc fresh air
and feast on the beautiful surroundings. Ascending again the
trail becomes quite steep at times,
then again it suddenly slopes oil,
as il nature, in her wisdom, wished
to elevate the climber quickly und
tirelessly. Suddenly lie emerges
[tdm the Idlest iuto the broad
canopy of heaven, and, as il in I
command, stops in wonderment,
to gaze down upon nature's
sumptuous spread, 1,000 feet below.
Somewhat fatigued and warm
upon arrival, he suddenly turns to
seek a resting place, but to his
surprise he has already cooled nil
while "taking bearings," the
weariness having taken flight also.
Owing to the extreme cold
during the past winter, a greater
quantity ol snow now lies on the
summit than ordinairly, and which
affords a rare opportunity to visit
winter in his stronghold Those
who are fond of HOWlhoeing will
find an abundance of room and
snow, thc latter ranging in depth
Irom two to twenty feet. From
Grouse mountain to Mount Crown
is a distance >il approximately five
miles (crow route), and as there is
practically little (limbing, affords
one of the chief attractions.
The Nortli Vancouver Board ol
Trade have made repairs lo the
trail, aud it is now in first-class
The  'Bee'  Was  a "Bee"
Queen's weather greeted the
army of no men who assembled
at Victoria park, on Wednesday,
at 1 p. in., to clear and put into
shape the athletic grounds. All
the business places were closed
(or the occassion, and everyone
was represented at the big " bee."
Chas. Anderson acted as general
ul the forces, and was ably assisted
by his lieutenants, Messrs. Ross,
Amskold, Kennedy and others.
The teams and scrapers that
worked belonged to Messrs. Harry
Foggs Pete Larson, J. Gibson, |.
Wild, C. Lindsay, !•'. Keeley,
West, l'ary and the city.
All wen: in good humor, and
worked with a will till twilight like
Trojans, the result being a two-
acre patch made fit for field sports.
Birt Campbell had charge of the
refreshments, and seen to it that
no one grumbled about being
thirsty. lie said there was only
one " liutinski" to contend
against. Nevertheless his services
were much appreciated. In the
evening, when the afternoon's
work was over, the men gathered
at the hall where a fine spread was
ready waiting for them, which was
prepared bv Mesdames Irwin,
Williams, Clark, Wheeler, Russell,
Amskold and Eves. M. S. McDowell acted as chief of the staff.
The supper bl ing disposed of the
lloor was cleared, and a dance
held, which was a record breaker
so far as numbers were concerned.
It broke up at midnight. The
dance committee comprised T.
Clark and W. Green, Much
credit is due to President McKenzie, Secretary B. Campbell
and the executive committee for
the successful day's proceedings.
Everyone tried to look his best
when Photographer (1. G. Nye
put in his appearance on the stone
pile with his camera. Those who
wish pictures can procure same on
Anyone having shovels picks or
bars will kindly leave same at the
rock pile, as the athletic club is
responsible for their return.
The Regatta.
Complin.ent.-iry Banquet.
A complimentary birthday dinner was tendered to Mr. E. R.
lirobeck, C. E., at the Hotel Nortli
Vancouver hist Saturday evening,
on the anniversary of his 24th
birthday. A. L. Davidson was
toast IliaSter. Mr. Larson replied
to Our Host. Mr. Shaw ably responded to the toast of Tin
Ladies. J. M. Druiiimond ipoki
on Transportation affairs. Out
Guest, the lirst engineer, was appropriately handled by Mr. Bto-
beck. A song was given by Mrs.
Godfrey. The Learned Professions was responded lo by Di
Campbell. Our Sports was championed by Mr. Duke. Trade and
Commerce was replied to by F. J.
Coutts, and Leo Wilke. The
King, Mr. J. J. Godfrey. Others
present were the Misses and
Master Larson, Mrs. Larson. II.
Mitchell, Mr. Stephens, A. II. M.
Clark, Mr. Jackson, Mr. File II
Baker, W. Wainsl.-y and George
Bartley. The table was tastefully
decorated with apple blossoms.
It has been suggested to lhe
editor 0-i this paper that llie election for mayor and aldermen be
Id on July ist, and lie made one|
ol  the  attractive  leatures of   the
Dominion day celebration.
Local members of the Fraternal
Order ol Eagles are mourning the
demise of their president. Hurt-in
S, Parsons, whii h occurred on
Wednesday at Vancouver.
C. F. Batson, St. John's, N. II.,
was  here  this  week.     He is In* erected next to P.  Hums'
terelted in the fishing business.       shop on Lonsdale avenm
In Victoria, Australia, the children are < arried to ami (rum school
on the electric ens free ol charge
Why not here P
The tu tii iitsc mountain is
now iii lii'.t class shape, havi i|
lately been cleared of the blush
that had fallen amiss it. Thru
new budges were cunstriK ted ovei
the creeks, so that now the roud is
easily traversed. The woik was
dune by lhe tourist anil settlers'
committee of the board of trade.
The inland revenue officer paid
local men hauls a morning call today.
A ready-made store is being
The North Vancouver Boating
Club held its lirst regatta for HJ07
last Saturday afternoon, The
weather was line, and the different
events pulled off were well appreciated, and everything taken
into consideration was well attended. There were, in the afternoon, the first international base-
hall game of the season, and the
inter-colonial football match taking
place at the time at Vancouver,
but nevertheless, the warm supporters of the sporting fraternity
of the Ambitious City were on
hand, and all that went to make
up a very successful afternoon's
entertainment was successful)-
pulled oil. F'ollowing events com
prised the programme :
Cluli fours, junior fours, senior
doubleSCUlling, club fours (finals),
senior double sculling (semifinals), Municipality vs. North
Vancouver Boat Club, and senior
double (final). The first heat of
the club fours was won by Mr.
Bunbury's crew in two minutes.
Mr. Diplock's crew won the second
heat in two minutes and two
seconds. The above two winning
crews rowed iu the club lour finals,
the laurels going to Mr. Diplock,
time two minutes and eleven
The second event, junior fours,
was won by the crew ol G. A. McMillan, time two minutes and
twenty seconds. This was a very
closely contested heat, and much
interest was manifested in the
work of the hoys, who showed up
well, considering the short time
they have been in training.
The lollowing is the. result of
the senior double sculling races :
First heat, W. Ii. Bunbury and H.
Woods beat Reeve Kealy and W.
J. Butler, time two minutes and
two and a half seconds ; second
heat, F. and A. II. Diplock heat
W. Shaw and F. J. Coutts, time
two minutes and eight seconds ;
third heat, J. Turnhull and J.
Brown beat Dr. Campbell and
Rev. R Marsden, time two
minutes and ten seconds. In the
semi-finals of the senior double
sculling, Bunbury and Woodi beat
Turnhull and Brown, thus leaving
the Bunbury and Diplock crews to
row in the finals, in which the
loriiiei cicw was victorious, time
Iwo minutes and fourteen seconds.
The Municipality ctew won from
the Ninth Vancouver Boat Club
crew, liiiie two minutes and three
The iillicial judge was Mr. A.
Scatterty, the umpire, Mr. J. J.
Woods, and the starter Mr. A. II.
M. Clark.
Thc North Vancouver Boating
Club owns its own boat house and
boats, and has everything fitted
up in ship shape style. It is
expected that throughout the
summer months the dub will hold
a monthly regatta, the time set for
the next one being May 24II1.
Commencing Monday, March
iU, the SS.  St.  George
will leave as follows :
Mr and Mrs. W. Calih rwood,
ol I'nitland, Ore., are registered
ai the Hotel North Vancouver,
and are delighted with  the town.
Only routine business was transacted at last mulit's meeting of the
executive committee of the board
of trade.   Vice-president Phillippo
presided, and there were about a
dozen present.
The fancy dresi entertainment
lor thc children was held al' Sl.
John's school on Thursday night,
There was a good attendance, and
a very pleasant evening's enter*
talnmenl carried out.   Mm h 1 n dii
is due to Principal Marsden lor tin-
success of the OCCailJOfl
There is a lot of nonsense in the
newspapers. and we suppose we
furnish our ihare of it.
Now is the time lo spray yunr
The trout streams hereabouts
are  being   vigorously   la .lml   bj
'    I .r the lollowinj wurltsi
1. To Clear smi Grade Wagon Trslli
through !■• I..J003.
•_'  Ta' Clear mi'i fiii'lc Sixth stri'ul
Inun Chaitortlcld avenuetoBl Andrew's
3. Tn Lay Sidewalks on parts ol Four-
tsentll nml Fifteenth street- miai .1 II
-*|ii'i Ifjeatlonican behadai the Muni*
clpal II.ill, whore icaled tenders, with
marked deposit cheques, must be lodged
liy 8 o'clock p. 111. niiiilli Mav licit.
south Vancouver,      • 11. c
Itavlostikiaonribs Building Dipiflmiui
a.I    Hli'    Weltirn    ' "H-allll     I    .111    Ilia.    Jala
,,„. .|   lia  llll  all   kltllll   aal    pllblil     lallllalitllj   Still
Garpcaterlni   n-■ -j*-.   "ai-nin mi.l  vial .
.[...i lllll '(itiiri'lr ami alum ml Kit**
m-uu k".""ii "ii ai'i'liiatliiu. Brldfl a >l lidi* iniitiiuclioii.
Kail-rllll, RridfU. Water Pimtrl, KHIraalii,
Siiii.'iiailiMialalin-   ill   I'l.liatp.lillini.    Map,    of
T'>«n'ilt" I'liii* "I Minui- Claim-, Hlni'i'ilnu
ul Hub-illi'i.iiiui.
Ml IlMlilim SI. \V„   .  •   VANCOUVER. B. C.
•6.00 A.M.
•11.20 A. M.
•11.45    "
•7.20    "
8.00    "
8 80     "
11.1.1    "
9.10    "
III 1,1    "
10.10    "
11.16   "
11.40    "
12.15 1'. M.
12.40 1'. M.
1.18   "
1.4U    "
2.16   "
2.40    "
!      8.18   "
8.411    "
1.15    "
5.00    "
0.15    "
5.40    "
(1.18    "
li.4(l    "
7.15    "
7.40    "
8.15    "
8.40    "
0.15    "
11.40    "
10.15    "
10.40    "
!    «11.H0    "
•11.45    "
* Not on
Oil (atiMtr -t 1. C. taarf SantrM
'mom as-i!
l'lmii, Quantities, Leveli
Superintendence o( Construction
FomiTii Sthkkt, Corkih LoHaDiLi Atn.
'Phone 3.
ARI llllll I
NllHTII   Vancouvsk,  B.   C.
' INti I-otH one ami two, rc-suc*
division live, lllock IU, comer Lonsdale-
uveiiuu und Seventeenth street,
The lnwi'st ur any tender not neate*-
mrilv accepted,
Address N. V., Kxi'kkbs Ollice,
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
done.   See
Sixth Street
Painters and Paperhanoers
Mi:rai. Dkcokators
Gkainf.ks    GUIZIKM    Sh.nj
Orr. 13m Street,
Our iion lists sre here;
our Spring Woollen! ate
here.   I lur Hlnrc anil everv-
llilng therein is new, lirigfit
and cheerful.   Our   prices
are rinlit.
Pelrlonlie Ham* Industry
• up to Monday, tin- "Vr.l instant.
In- tin- undarilgnad, lor dertrinco ol
I.'.,; J11111 nl Mouth ol Lynn Creek.
Corner lUstine,! end Homer tUreeta,
NORTH VANCOUVI l:      in:
IVi i'k     \     ia ipi't       I'ulilislied  la;
llll   i XI'RKSS I'RIX'I'IXUC puny
Snl si'iiptiou       One Holliu  |)t'i  Yi'iu
,1   II, WILLI UlS, MnniiRei
'   IIAHTI LY,       ....  Kditor
i\iiiii, wus Mmir
There wns n Jero Uleiiieus who *v:is
,i      ■ .1 SI ia * senator und In liis day
...| tho usual senatorial tame a
.ih i"ii perishes whether II spring
yours'      ■ or forty. After .ii-ri" Clemens' fiimo ns it senator
■ ivns still remembered
■  rs a: nu of another
IVlllcll laa' pi rfoi    od     Ho   ihol
i.l.l .}.  ii  llrown's Governor Wise In
li : in .i tluel,   However, I um
ry elenr nlioul   I      II may bo
Governor Wise shol liim In the
■ _    However, I  'I think It is
•    i llilnli Hi i :i nly thing
s renlly important Is lunl one of
- ill ii in ih" liiini leg,  li would
ii   con better nnil nobler and more
nml jtitlsfnclory If both of
ll,."in Inui gol shall an lhc hind leg.   Hut
i: is aaf no uso for mo to try to recol*
i ■. i hh  iry,   I never hnd n historical
ri ui    i cl ii go,   Whichever wny it
- :  i aim glnd of It, nnd that is
. la enthiishism us I i'ini get up
for n person bonring my name,   Hut I
forgetting lhe fli-sl  Clemens, tho
un.' Hint stands fnrtltcsl back toward
-   • illy original lirsl Clemens, which
\.l ::n.  From SInrk Twain's Auto*
1  i -- pi -.- in Nuriii Imericnn Uovlew,
The Papua Cannibals.
Dr, Rudolf I'lH'ch, ol Vienna, who
recently returned Irom a trip in the
interest nl science tu Now Guinea,
in describing tin1 Papun cannibals,
snid: "They are strong, well formed
! people, Imi without ii spark of cul*
t in i uny kind.   They nre   head
1 hunters, and suspicious, The dec-
I millions which tliey wear destroy
' iha. sluipe of I'm-. 11..... - and mouth,
nu I givo thcii Ii - aa repulsive ap*
irni     Tli.. dm  is everything
niiii thom.    Every emotion lias its
expression in rhythmic motion. Re*
- on, battle,   victory,   defeat,   joy
- : .uian nre nil shown In the
ilimce. Tliey nro still in the stone
nue and in am atmo phere ivhich ia
tliiiiisiinil   ol yeni"!  behind ours."
Ilnbies ivho nro given nn occasion*
nl ii..-.. ol II li     i 'wn Tablets nl*
li'i'P . uundlj ul night, nml it
. i|  tho .li icged sleep produced
leoping     dropi    oi   "soothing"
yrups either  the sleep is natural,
healthy nnd restful, nnd baby wakes
up in tlm morning brighl nnd chei r*
fnl.   The Tablets are the best modi*
a"  in iln- world tm the cure of nil
■ .   minor ailments   ol little ones.
Mi    I,. Gngno, Llu dston. N. IL,
"Mv iliil';.- un- cross nnd
, ,'tjnl niial' I hnrdly ever got a good
phi's "'-' until 1 begun giving
II ". Own Tnblets. Theso Tablets
removed Iho cnuse nf tho trouble
nutl nni- luili; Bleeps well at night."
The Tablets aio sold by druggists or
hv innil nl 25 cents n box Irom The
iir   Williams' Medicine Co,, Brock-
Villa'.  Ont,
Tlic lln-nl i omiloierii
ai *• ti.,i ago 'Ii'l llio greal composers
-.(rll Ir tnaslcrp eci sS  This question ls'nii*iivi'ri"l iii Hi" I. union Musical
Tin* fo lowing iniile gives the
■ —r's ninii'. his recognised mas-
■ ■   'co, Iho ngo nl which II wns commit H iniposer's ngo at death:
i ■'       .... m      ., ii iii.ii ,.,   i-   ■•:.
lia   I       Mn   'ah       Ui ..71
11.ii'in  Creation         G5...71
rl  Ham Qlovnnnl     31   35
sn..,. C-moll Symphony..35-38...M
 Prli chuts   .     ... 30-33 . 39
.'■'i'ir Symphony..,   31...31
M Iin   Ritas     37...38
Pin  - it  31-35...46
WllKBI *        Ml I.'' (   UiaUT        I'-   I      ' i
 li Requiem  3S-35...G3
This g..-(ti show Ihal composers bc
i.-'i:  thirty  and  forty created  Iho
greatesl mnstcrpl s. i'ci tlie compos
i-i- :il-u" " forty sliould inn despair, ieo*
Ing llml Rnch coinposcil his mass in
n ■  ill nl il g ' forly-clght, Wng
in-r his "Slelstcrslnger" when lifiy.
II mdel Ins "Messiah" when lifiy Bis
■iiial Haydn his "Creation" when sixty*
: ro years of nge,
"Do you know, I have oltcn won-
■ I .rod why \1 i'ii- '1" not practise
eieiiinlion "
"Why should they?"
■■Win" shouldn't they! Hnven'l
they wives to Innn ■" - Baltimore
A rican.
Wonderful    Zam-Buk    Cure  in  Saskatchewan.
A musl interesting cure has jusi
been effected nt Invormuy, Soak., by
tho great household balm", Zam-Uuk
Mrs, ,1. ,M. McCormiclt says: "Seven
years ag y face   broke   oul  in
rough, red blotches, which burned
ninl itched mul smarted in turn
nliiH'.-i beyond endurance, I commenced tu try every known remedy
I cunlil get inr iiii"i' nml .-kin trott*
i lali'.-, but got no relief, Doctors
told me there wns absolutely no
cure Ior me. P'nnlly my husband
sent loi ;i supply ol Zam-Buk. Wo
applied n small sample to a siniill
patch uf tho 'lii-rn-a', l'u nur delight
lhe portion treated with Zam-Uuk
verj (illicitly healed. Wo Uteri ob-
tiiined n proper supply and began
'ini Ziim-Iluk treatment. I am now
tleligined lo state that afer having
used a  low boxes,  I  mii free f:	
il lil trouble and completely cured
I will never be without Zam-Buk in
the house ns long ns l live, and I >
nil who nre troubled with skin I: -
i>n.-i' in nny [orm, I would say,
u.'isii' im Uini' in obtaining it supply ol Zam-Buk."
Znm-Buk cures eczema, Itch, scalp
sores, ringworms, blotches on tho
lace and body, chapped places, co 1
sores, piles ninl enlarged veins. Ah
mi embrocation it cures rheumatism
ami -a intii'ii. ami rubbed over the
chesl relieves the tightness due lo
severe colds,
All stores and druggists sell al 50
'■'"ni- n box, or post tree from tho
Znm-Buk Co., Toronto, (i boxes fa r
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
So  lime ngo I had a bad attack
nf Quinsy ivhich laid   up fortwo
v., i.Jls and cosl n lot of money.
l-'jnding the  lump again  forming
i„ mv throat, I bathed freely with
MINARD'S  LINIMENT, and sniur-
doth with llio liniment left
il .an nil night.
S'oxl morning   the   swelling was
•Julie ninl  I  attributed the warding
■    n nttnek of Quinsy lo   the
....... Use oi Ml Willi's LINIMENT.
St, .luliii.
"Hnven'l -" n Brown loi years. Is
I, ns well?"
■ ed   in hu-.: he tells
I ■ rally up i" his nock in it."
"What's he   I
"He's n tonchei    in n swimming
Boston Transcript.
\ Turkish Joke.
A ecrta n sultan ol Turkey wns very
Iiniii uf L'ussip nmi ini for the bank
er. Abraham Beg, to learn tlio small
talk of 1 era and Slninhoiil. As Abraham «i* being conducted to tho sul*
:-•   le  by Hn' master ol the
1  i   functionary  begged him,
Bhould tin' sultan question him on the
■ ■. i a    ii llinl the funds were
. his majesty having beeu so lu*
formed hy his ministers
r      thrill  nsentcd.
Id  had uol i ii long with Abdul
\ : ilnn h" was questioned ns to tho
t mils and replied as ho had prornl iod
Tu Hn' horror of Hi" hunker, lhe sul-
■ pre iod himself delighted nnd
handed  Abrnhn  largo bundlo ot
bond   ■ ' sell for him,
* i ihntn   ■ l nl 12 ami paid Abdul
*      HO    'l in" sultau Imd originated
lo"     ■
It.,.-    \i.. n  Powerful    Nervlne.-
,   ■       i  causes    derangement   o'
■ ... i,,.n-iii- system, nnd ncrvousde
i.ilitv once ciigondercd is difllcull to
a, „•' with.   There are many testl*
ne '" tl dicincy of Par-
Vegetable Pills   in  treating
order,   showing   that   tliey
. | to produce g I  results,
Hv -jiving proper tone   to   the di-
, |'j.,i*i8| tney  restor luili*
the nerve centres,
( oiirla  .if   I in ".
i oiirl i ol lu      in re "-i iblished In
iln. in idle ■ '."ii ' hlvnlry wns nt
iis hi'lghl nn I In ■■ 'I erious occupn*
inu* lhe lilghi
i In uu ■ of love" wns
i Hi." '...niii uf Frnuoo in
m posed
ii  i "i  hi inl Luili'- nnd Ihelr
■  ■ given
ent fu
**.,...iI- .1   I'lrii-iiri'.
Iron le, Mr--.
I a|      till)
.. night
■   ■
■    ...
Ii. Ihr I IkIiIpi iati. i .-iiiiiri.
i! certain del
■   .:
llnii     .    ulli    trill lie
re par
n .'n-i'-'l iai ■ nnu  without
a        tl :   ,
lli-lii'i'   llli'   Tenia,
■ eoplo cry
i >     imi   pou'vo proh ibly  noticed
peo| -
: -■ I ines who
-.- uf It."
A I aula
'    i'i     Word  Book"  Am*
■ . a, m .ai , cynic: "A
. , ,.      it,      ion sees
ire nol  '. Ihey ought
,'„'...     .      .   , among thc
■ ,i cynic's
in- vii "
\pp|  mil   Whnl  '1  n marriage
Well,  really,  II -  hard   to
t,.|| nil you've tried   for fifteen
■■    j ■■   Philadelphia   lu*
luililtition,   thai     menace    to   Human
Ho   a   I       .  llllll- in  ll» n-ainli- 1 110
,. p, •      .1 i. rsons, Ims mel its '■" '
,, in i-ii .Mm i n am Nervine 'lnls
,.,,..,i ...laniaii .iii.i nerve remedy stltnu*
inn- iln-mtlon, tones Iho nerves, slits dr*
, tilntlnii, 'Inu I'   Impurities,   dispels
a,  mnl brlnim i'" i  'li'" llji« "f
pcrtccl    hi'iilih.     Cures    hiitiilredi   ot
,ln mi,     ihnt imu' laiiilli-il physicians.
Ths  Rising Tide.
A rather stunt lady was enjoying
9 imi     : Scarborough. She kept a
tighi hold ol the bathing   machine
: gave quite a juvenile cream*
: •'      acli wavo ol the Inco g tide
: led in viuii i" lilt her Irom hor leet.
, in .....   mds di ■  b)   a,i a country-
ni, paying his in t visit lo the scn-
itlo   \'. the tide broughl end
.,-,,• uoaror to tho position he
■   en up li" cast an Indignant
a iho lady's dlraction. At last
big one came splash, nnd
tho holidaj    nil was ruined.   Flesh
and M I could Btand it no longer,
up, he Bhouted in n voice
inplctoly drowned a   nigger
dn ru    "lli, Fully ! II thn
•   ■    ■     i.    od boppln ihn'll
ii: [oik I"   London Moil.
Love is enough.  Let us not ask lur
Wealth breeds lalse aims and pride
and selfishness.
In those serene nrendinn days ol old
-Men gnvo no thought to princely
homes or dress;
Tlie puds who dwelt on fair Olympus'
Lived onlv for dear love and love's
Love is enough.
Love is enough, Why 6houid wo care
Inr fame?
Ambition   ie   a   most   unpleasant
I*. lures ue with tho glory ol n name
Fnr from the happy haunts of peace
and  rest.
' Lei  us  slay  hero  In  thin  secluded
Mad." beautiful  by love's endearing
Love is enough.
Love is enough. Why should wc strive
fur power!
lt brings men only envy nnd district.
The poor world's horaago pleases hut
mi hour.
And earthly honors vanish ln the
The proudest kings are olttlmes deso-
i      Into.
Let me be loved, and let who will tie
Love is enough.
Love is enough.  Why should wo ask
lore more?
Wlmt greater gilt have goda vouch-
,aled to men!
What better boon of all their precious
Tl i'i. our loud hearts, that love and.
IOVO iriun-
I , ...   is tl nly   Ftveet Hint   grows
Sweet  love is ours, nnd lil" is nil
I.aai.. Ii enough.
Kiln Wl ler Wilcox.
The Origin Or   ths   Significant   of
Their Nanus.
Tho names of popular dunces have
in most eases a very interesting origin or signification.
The position taken up by the dun- ;
eers gave tho name to the quadrille, j
which is lilerul French for "a little |
Bquare," while country dunce hns no I
connection with rustic   gymnastics,
Imt is simply n corruption   of   the
French centre dmise, which hns reference In the position of the couples op*
posite to each other during the dunco,
The lancers derived Its namo from
the fact that this variation of the
quadrille was originally improvised
by a company ol lancers for tholr own
amusoment while seuted in llieir Baddies.
The polka is a Polish dance, ond Its
inline conies Irom tlio Bohemian word
polka, meaning hall, nnd rotors l
the hall slcp which occurs in this
lively measure, ol which lhe more
graceful schottlsh is a variation, both
names, like that of the national di i
aif Poland  the masourka—boing native terms.
The short steps peculiar to the old
time favorite, tho minuet, gnvo lhe
dance ns name, the Latin for "Btnuli
being ininuliis.
Tlie waltz, ngnin, owes Its nnmo tu
its characteristic movement, the German wult/.en, meaning to revolve, expressing tlm circling motion ol Hie
The Roper de Covorley is named
alter its originator, while the less familiar dance known ns the tarantella
is so called because Its vigorous movements woro supposed to be a cortaln
antidote to tho poison ol a noxious
spider ol Toronto, In Italy, whore the
dance is highly popular,
The evolutions ol llie dancer sufficiently explain the term reel. Jig
is Irom the French glgue, and breakdown is a term Ir  across the Atlantic nnd relet- to tlie filial rout be-
lore ih" breakup ol n free ond easy
dancing party.  London Telegraph.
The Kidneys and Bowels also Deranged and
Cure Only Obtained by use of
Where Brides Are Hungry.
Hmi ii-iiiiI.I n bride in this country
care to lost on lier wedding day until
alter the sacred ceremony, nnd this
niter enduring the hardships ol a
farewell part} given the day bcforol
Vet this is what n Russian girl is
supposed to do. As the marringo,
:, ia,. fashionable, should nol occur
a niii evening, II mny easily bo imagined in wlmt on exhausted Btoto -he
i- i mence her new poriod ol
lite ii.-lairs bridesmnids, llu ro arc
In lesmon, these Inttor boing obliged
i, present the bridesmaids with  wcet*
in,.,ii a.   ,\ personage follows tho i	
cession hearing nn elegantly mount-
' e.l picture ol Christ in gold nnd silver, which is Btatloned against the
altar, The bridesmaids do not nil
dross alike, and their number is unlimited.—London Answers,
A Different i-iiiey.
Miss Backbay-You nre familiar, In n
general way, with pal itology, aro
ymi not? Mr. Cnrondelel No, 1 don'l
remember that 1 ever happened across
It Ilut I once read I'aley on "Evi-
donees of Christianity," or somethlug
like that, when I was u boy, and I
found It awful heavy rending.
Hurried eating and lack of proper
mnsliciil  "i the i'mil are among
lhc mosl common causes of indigos-
lion, nml overeating is undoubtedly
lhc beginning ol trouble with the
livci nnd kidneys,
Millie)  disease   ami    rheumatism
uro id usually   the flrsi indication
■■■  a dornneed   system,  bul    Ihese
follow iiiiii.-i ded headaches,
eonslipulioii and bilious attacks.
Ilcenuse ol thai dirocl and com*
i ued action "ii ih" liver, kidneys
und bowels, Dr, Chase's Kidney*
Livoi   l'ills ar,- offectivo   In  what-
IgO      Ol     IIICll        ihi',-1!■■■   !'H ll!
lhe)   Hill]   I)     ' -I   excepl  nheii the
Iriieliiro   ol llio kidneys   Im- been
wauled nwuy lij  Height's disease,
Whnl we would emphasize,   how-
ovei   i   lhe udviintni a aai i nning
'in- I rei - nl  il ■ ■ indication
ol trouble with tho liver Ii is
lhc liver which lirsl tools Iho resull
ol a I'ereiiling becauso ol its difficulty
in llltoring ihe Iiluiiil Keep the
liver righl 1"" the timely use ol
Ur. Chase's Kidney-Liver l'ills ami
.* i    only  prevonl    hendoehos,
biliousness and conelipnllon, bul entirely escape derangements ol tho
kidneys, which nro al once sodread*
fully painful and fatal.
Mr. Henry Borgnnrdt, Horse Ilil,,.,
Alia., writes: "I iisi',1 Dr. Clinso's
Kidnev-Liver Pills ' dyspepsia and
am satisiied Hint there is no belter
medicine for this nilmonl and liver
Mrs, K, Husband, Moore slreet,
St, Catharines, Ont., stales: "I was
seriously aiilicied with Indigestion
and Btomacli trouble for sixteen
.■."an -   I'iunlly  1  liecnine io had lhat
I ""iilil scarcely cat anything with-
"nt Buffering terrible distress, Gradually I grew weaker and moro
I'lii.'icinicd.   nnd   though treated by
tlir loctors iiiui a specialist, I re*
ccived no benefit,
"After ii time a pain began In nay
right side, which medical men said
wns liver trouble, I never got relief until I bognn the use of   Hr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, and Ihey
helped mo nl once, By using about
n dozen boxes I was entirely cured.
I owe my euro entirely to this
t(eminent, and make this statement
with thc hope thai some poor sufferer
may benefit by my experience."
Dr. chase's Kidney-Liver Tills,
mie pill ii diise. 26 cents a box, at
iill dealers or EdmaiiBon, Lutes &
Co.. Toronto.
A New Drink. Once  Only.
Ml    Ignes Slack, secretary ol ihe "We don't lynch a man often, any.
International W. C, T. l'..'t,ii,i  .,, I"1**-"   remarked   the visitor   Irom
"te Me  as she wns aboui Io sail '"";'". ,      ,       „    ,   .      ,   ,,
for Liverpoil, a temperance story   ■ Neither do we,   volunteered   the
"A little boy, one evening at din- "l,m   ,vilh , ll!°   Southern   accent!
 '. gascd m his lather's lace a long 'iTY'-''' !!'n"'\   "', one°'
while, nnd then said: delphia Public Ledger.
"'Pupa, whal makes your nose .-aa 	
h     '-III  led.'-' Minard's  Liniment Cures  Distemper.
""I'l iisl wind, ol course,'   the:	
Inlhcr unsworn I   with grulf   haste, ,
'Pass lhat jug ol beer and don't talk Tl"' lntMl   ll,lv"v   fr"m  >'l"imi|i
.. nan, i,' I'aaliitiin. province ol Tula, say   that
"Then, Irom the other end ol the Counl T"M"' is *,,'1"lll.v improving.
Inble, tha" hoy's mother .-aid Bivoet* s
\ Tommy, pass your father
ih" ensl wind, nud be em.'lul not lo
-pill any "ii the table cloth.'" Bul*
..." I.:i inllil.
\ (lu of Die I'rt-i.
lllmlnl li full of nssoclal   n   with
Ihrllllng i pie uf ihe pnst,   li  wai
here thnl Caesar i rossed Iho l: ' i on,
Wo  crossed   ourselves  on   the  very
bridge hi* feel had i 'bed,   II was
here, too, ihai St, Anthony lo
preach and, finding no po ip I n
would givo heed lo lilin lun i : i do
■|i Ir and preached lo ihe I
raised Ihelr bonds out ol ll e v Hi r lo
lisieii in him, There Is n chapel which
inark.i tbo spot where lie stood hj tho
unier. In Itlmlnl lived I'nnlo lid
Francesco, lhc tragedy of v hose love
every ono knows.**-Trnvel Mngnzine,
An Amtrlcnn,  Most  Likely.
"Ih"   ", ing   Londmi"   nuto lulu
i   led out P -aidilly in the direction
Hyde Pork.
"That, ladici and gents," shouted
■ ■ i ui lo Ol they passed nn ancient
, urrounded by o high brick
wall "that I* ihe town house aaf tho
Ihiki) of Den, one "f our largest landed proprietors "
81 ol tho beautiful American
Iho la.   eai woro illumined with
stiil'I'-n Interest.
"Who  landed   him?"   slie  cried.
'I'll.' llriinil I nn.mi.
Vast as the bed of n nil lied ocean,
deep ns Mount Wiishlngti ii iin". from
Its apes t.» Its base, tho grandest canyon In tbo world lay gllttcrh g below
iu the simlii-'lii like n siilimi i led con
Uncut. At my very feet, su nenr Hint
i ...niii have leaped at ■■• Into eternity, the earth wai "left i Icplh
of over 0,000 feel no! by n narrow
gorge, but by a gulf within whoso
cavernous Immensity Niagara would
bu Indiscernible nnd whole clfios could
bo lo od llko pebbles, II. \v. n. Wen-
sun lu The Wide World Magazine,
A Cry  lor  Help —A   pain  ill  llie back
I-     I   all    Ml    the   1,1.lllal-   till    lll>l|l      8ouili
iiin-il.-nii Kidnoy Curo i- tlio only euro
din hasn't .1 iniliiie written ngainsl ii
in rases ..1 llrljlit'i ittieaso, diabetes, In*
Ham 1 1  llio liliuliler. jrnvcl   ami
"iiiii l.iihni ..liim.nt.. Don'l neglect ihe
a'l'i'.ai'-ii'ii hisleulflcanl "slnns. Dili
I'l'iierfnl   liainni   specific   nrovcnls   1111,1'
a Ilia-       ,.l
The l.iei| ' schooner Pengwern,
laden with saltpetre Irom Tnltol,
Chili, h. ni :i hoi,, near the mouth I
"I Iho Kibe,   The tug Viilknn wenl
lo her n ■ . Iai a a- nmi passed close
by lier.  Tl,- i-i. ii were '
Calllt with horna ara :..., :■ -. n.
aa ■ ion.Unl -aar. . to a - a :..
Mid oilier i-aplu. Ih-hom llii'iu
*.aileklj tod wildall|bt)aaln witlir.
/       .1 a        Ka.uharlt!
I'lawa gl.p 11    - t'lia.  "" 1.......
btlltr l»al inl (■ 1 f"-      ..-1
LI.HllHH, ridei, Oilnin, Cu.
I'ln* Alternative.
Muggins  I hear you ore having yunr
laughter's voice cultivated,  Bugglns-
Vos; I'm afraid It can't bo cured, so 1
am duiii.u- tbe nesl besl llilng,
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches nnd
every lorm of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
hv Woliord's Sanitary Lotion.
An i llieinl denial has been issued
in the story thai negotiations wen
'"i tool loi the sale of the Islands
; SI   Picrrc-Miquolon lo Japan,
Ono •' the greate '   blossim
hnrenti  i -  Mi thoi    Ornvo '  tt
Kxlorinlnntor,   li offccluolly 1 ■
worms nnd gives henltli In a nun*
i-ollous mnniior t" Iho little ono.
In V          ■     '   I
in America nni 1 Ior Iho Iall cr ol
counlry.    Uvea   Ocn    V
1 ■ omb . "ii" ol the brilliant  I
■   ij in a country win 1
i'inl instil ■ A lo lint nro 1
\ ' iimmitti," 1:  walled on Gen.
T nh- In con  1 ■ I -an .ih .
in ih" liiwii.
"We have in 1 ol one,"   said
(Iei    l'i  mhs,    Implj.   "Win :i  re -
I Inble 1 pi" "nni" here they call
Inj  nl  in;   liuii-c    ll thoy an.' imi
, .- da. iiul  Hani  tlu in al
nil "
A Cure lor Rheumatism.—The In.
Iruil 1 uric acid into the blood
("-sel- Ii :i fiiiiilui cause ef rheumatic pains, This irregularity Is
uwing m a deranged and unhealthy.
 Im.ui ol the liver.   Anyone sub*
leel to this painful affection will Iind
n remedy in Parmoieo'i Vegetable
I'llls. Their action upon the kidneys |g pronoun 1 and most beneficial, mid l.y restoring healthy oo-
lion, the) correct Impurities iu the
bl   1
1 Whra yon km t»lu
rlnthfllia*il. b*cS,ltr"-
uaa I tnutclel j.u«.- .
»,l, .ti' al'aal.t.ii* J
- -r-ai-a- aai I fullnoal In bud, - al.i..n| [
and a g-ia-ial (iwling Ol l.-*iHi.l.- llaaia |
ll-llia "Qnp."    llie aui*   rrnaady It
1 ■-    ■ legal testimony," lays n
rn niembei ol the New Vork
bar, "a in   1 he   mode a two*
dged ■" ipon in court.
\    ovei nnd capable mining cued to lake the   land
ai- an ospcrl ill a suit in Nevada 11
■ -u|i!"   I ye n ( ngo,   The ca a Involved li'
■"The cxaininniioii   was conducted '
hi a jaiiuie nnd small attorney, iiiiii
oxpert with nil the
.  ol halt a d",". 11 yi
"One ol Li- - related lo
Ihe lorm in whii li '  0 1 as I .und,
- .in ,1- "kidnoy
" 'Mow,   - :i '    aid lhe
lumps!    You
y 'Hint'I   - ..'.  ■ blons In ihnpo,
\i,. ihey n- long ns my head •'
\.       1 ■. a    .-• xpert, 'bui ie.:
■    ■•.'"  Harper's Week-
Tor Inttrnil snij Ritetn-J uie,
la..,!   Oil   •   lilt!..    lUttl   ll   ' an-"   (Tip.  J
a .'iialaa, ..Ila, cr-jnpt, colin. Aliplltd (0 I
a .at- I .an.' l.njIHI, It K1*tl a|uaa a Lllal t
1,1.1.1.,In.I I-I..    .1 ,V '-..,     At .lna»,ialt
I. S. Olson A CO. Nm.
Yon cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
lood. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeeper!
io .-Ih. and l-lli Tins.
U.      IJ.      No.
I.tlac lllf  Styilllcal  llrnmnl.
In the Malay archipelago is 11 reptile
much like lhe mythical dragon, It has
false rilis that extend Iho looso skin
nml form Ils iviiins. There I- also n
frog with spreading feet tlmi makes n
parachnto which enables II io Hit from
live to tree, nnd a flying len ur thai can
spread out Ms whole body llko an inula.-llu mnl leap nml Ily a hundred feet
at a time, from tho top "f ono tree to
Colli nml Silver Gospels,
"The Oold and Silver Ooipcls" Is Ihe
1:1' f a very 1 nlinr book innv pre
served In lhe t'psnla library in Sivo-
a|"n. it Is printed with molnl lypo on
violet colored vellum, the lelti rs being
silver and tlio lllll ails gold, When It
wns printed, by whom nr what wero
ih" methods employed nr" questions
«ina li hnvo greal Inloresl fur 11 nrl-
ous. hm iiiii" never been answered.
Your Grandsons Will»Be
Old Men Before This
"Oshawa" Roof Wears Out
Send for
FREE book—
worth your
Hoof your buildingi with " Oshawd " Galvanized Steel Shingles
thli year, and Uint will be a GOOD roof In 2007. We will give
you 1 written guari
?roperly put on, wil
wenty-fivo years.
tlm year, ano urn. win uc u uvwi/'ivui 1.
you ■* written guarantee, backed by $260,000, that such a rotvf,
properly put on, will need no repairs and no painting for at least
Get tlio fact*
you roof
1 thing.
Of Osliawt-
mako roofB water-tight, wind-proof, weather-proof, rust-proof,
fire-proof for a ceniury, our plain guarantee koops it so for
£5 yean without a  cent of curt to the man wnobuys it
,   *  I •   * ■ *■»*»«. *-f"
Made in ONE QUALITY ONLY.-of 28-duage,'
seicl-harduied  STEEL  double-galvanized
T!iey lock on all FOUR nides-tho ONLY METAL
ehingio that ri-»ed NO CLEATS. Easy to put on-a ham-
n,er and e. tnips (tinners' shears) are tools enough. Cost
LESS and Inst longer than any other roof. Tell us the
uur-ace area of any roof on your place and wo will
UU  you exactly what it will cost to roof it right.
Ma,, In,,-!,. Olt-IWI
ll; I ■ ia,,M ll.    |". 1 .„,,,.. :l|     I".*.  .  .... S
t-indoft Wlnnlpti
00 biuiilu ht.   tt i'aii, li
. ua
Bileans End These Symptoms.
How ? llecnuee when food returns
with flint Bour taste, when you havo
"heartburn," wind niter food, ornny
of these unpleasant "feelings of fullness," it is bcoiiuse your digestive
system hns (liven way for the ti	
The "food lux" upon iis energies
hns been too heavy. Bllonni just
-enter the slomaoli, and, dissolving i
there, they liberate certain herbal
essences whloh al once corrot thei
gastric elands. These essonoeB nlso
pass Into the blood and nro carried
to the llvor, There ihey oporate on
the bile-secreting cells, ond nro car*
vied lu tire deiicnto vessels ol tlie
intestines, All along, tliesa horbnl
" .,1'iici's nol lieiieiiciiilly, so thai digestive disorders aro corrected, the
iinwels me gently opened nol violently purged—tho neiil and fermenting substances me removed from the
body, ibe blood is cleared of poisons nnd n feeling of lightness nnd
Restored vigor,' wilh n return ol
healthy appetite nml freedom from
iill dlgostivo troubles, is .Hie result,
'llileuns nlso cure constipation, de*
'liility,  feinule ailments, piles,  heml-
ni'lii'. mid iill liver.' kidney uml
(•stomach disorders, of nil stives nnd
druggists'lit fill cents u box, or post
.live lium tlie llilcnu Co.. Toronto,
lor price,   li boxes sent for $2.60.
Ideas of Humor. j HAS EYES LIKE OWL.
It is alleged that nn Englishman 	
once told of ii great joke lie played  Dayllgl-t Is As Darkness to This Onion a friend.   Ho was coining along I dian Woodsman,
the streit with some companions ana    u„„„,„. _, ,., ,    ,
he discovered his friend's houso onl   Because he has eyos like an owl and
lire,  with  his    friend  ill Hie    third  ls unftbl° to Sl}0 llun"S lll° day, Jnc-
I story  window  shouting    for  help. Qncs Lombard, of the Lake St. John
"JumpI"  le' cried.    "Jump!    We'll  district, Quebec, is compelled to do
, 'old a blanket for you."   "What was nil his hunting and trapping at night.
Hi..   jokeF"    the    hearer    asked. He Ib the wonder of 'all the men in
pVI,>'nd nol'l 1'nkcl n!"'dl " "P     ' *•»' district and many doubted   tho
!   John Gn0Saxeal\he poet, and .iliver!6'»T "-tll n.fur trader named Jep-
I Wendell Holmes were talking about son, who was never known to tell an
brain fever, when Mr. Saxe remark*' untruth, went lo seo the man   with
ed   "I mice imd a severe attack of the "night eyes,"
binin fever myself."     "How could |   Ab Lombard lias never visited   a
1 ni'i  have bi niii lever?" asked    Dr. | pliysicirn, the euuso of his affection
Holmes  Bmlllng    "H is onlv strong lis not known, but it is believed to bo
brnlns thnl have brain fever.'" "How ono to an ultra-sensitive retina, What-
nni   (ind   Unit  out:-"   asked ever may be the reason, it is certain
,'i 'Hint lie cannot stand ordinary light,
London n woman snid one day while "' night lie is able to see well.
Whistleri   "Do   you think,   Mr. I™ extent of his vision nmi;; he ju.lg
\Vhi llor:   that   genius   Is   here
ihii '•"   "I can't fell vou. madam
replied,    "Heaven   1ms
mo no offspring."
The railway    oommiBsion    havo
nen. .i in tho appointment of a com*
in-  |ni  'u drnw up a
ul operating rule
slaiidard code
for all roails.
I.ndwig ttssnoiv, ' the chilli murderer, who Iiiiii been on trial at
Grlefswaid, has been sentenced to
death, having been uonvioted on two
separate oounts. The verdict con*
deuins liim tn be beheaded twice.
Min..'.  Liniment Cures Garget In
Mini llll'
lain  1"
di" (I  II
ed "lainiiiy.  ill  wnnda
"Oil, it is higher thnn the tallest
boil.line you ever saw."
"(Iracio'iis ! llnw do they ever blow
such a llirn as that? "-Chicago
Tommy," related Uncle 11**1)
l just returned from a mourn
ir.  "the  Mntierhorn is   in-
wonderful sight."
big is it. Unole Rob?" ask.
II you nro a sufferer from colds
got a bottle ol Biokle's Anti-Con-1
sumptivc Syrup nnd test its (pinli-
ties. It will be found that noptaise
bestowed on it is too high, li docs
nil Hint is claimed ol it, and dues
it thoroughly, Ho not lake nny
substitute Iur (tickle's Syrup, be-
cause it. is the best, having stood
the lest sf years. All the best dealers sell it.
Tlie horticultural society ol Toronto has decided to offer prizes lor tlie
best kepi limn iiiiiI ior Dowers raised from .-ceil Buppllod by the society.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
While a big uuclion sale mis    in
prpgress in Reglna tlie auetioneer
suddenly (rased Belling, and turned
the Bale-room Into a church nml the
side room into a prayer eting.
The Grent Jenner.
An Englishman had occasion to go
often to an eminent physician and snld
to Jcamcs, "You will bc tired of open-
tag fite door for me." "Not nt all, sir,"
~u tlio gracious reply; "you nre but a
tiiiult In thc lince.-iii."
Another Jennies was accustomed to
say during his master's occasional absences: "You had better try hopposltc.
There's a very respectable mnn hopposltc as wc often sends to when Sir
William Is hnbsent Ills namo Is Jen*
ner."—London MalL
Canada Again Being Ravished By
'n Epidemic it This Disease.
Winter niter winter Canada is
Bweiil (rom ocean lo ocean by an
epidemic ol la grippe, or lnllueii/.a,
It Is one ul the deadliest troubles
known I" our climate, It starts
uilh  a sneeze - and ends with  u
i iplication.    It lays   the   strung
man oii his back; ii tortures him
witli levoi and chills: hondncl.esand
hncl aches, li leaves the sufferer nn
i'ii-j pi.'i to pnouinonin, bronchitis,
coiiB I'tinn and other deadly dis-
easos. Ymi can avoid la grippe by
fucnyiii" inui" Byslom niiii Dr, Wil*
lii'in I'iii Pills. Ymi can cure
its disastrous alter effects with this
Bnme ni dicine. These pills pro-
leel *"u. tliey cure you; tbey upbuild you; iliov banish all evil af-
i,ii , ,,-■ Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills
ward "ii oil winter ailments. Tliey
cure all bi I and nerve disorders,
The;   :i e  llie  greatest  blood-builder
end nerve tonie science has lyetdls-
covered    Ask your   neighbors,   no
mallei iilicie yuu live, and you will
! learn oi someone who hns been
i cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
. nfiei other medicines have failed, It
■ i- mi the unbiased evidence of your
nolghbo - iluii nc ask you to give
! these pills a fair trial il you nre
| „ick ui ailing. Mrs. l.tniuii DoUCOt,
I St. Eulnlio, Que, Bays: "Words
! ,.;in iiiniiiv express my gratitude fr™
u-hiii Hi
,,lj.led Irom the fact that he shoots OC*
otirntely nt two hundred yards and
can iind n pin dropped among leaves
when the night ij so black thnt an
ordinary mnn would be forced lo
grope his wuy through the forest. The
darker it becomes the better is the
trapper's vision, moonlight nights being less suited to his work. When
light is entirely nbsent tlm pupils enlarge so us to Beamingly cover the cj-
tiro ir;'v, while nt noon on n bright
dny the pupils nre the size of pin
Shortly belore Jepson visited tho
trapper Lombard was forced by oir-
ciiiiistanci's tu subject his eyes .«
Btrong light, nnd lhe lids were great.
ly Inflamed. Hut this condition disappeared alter he had remained In a
dark room twenty-four hours, To liim
Hi"  i ii;'.- light until n lamp wns
Introduced when, as he expressed it,
darkness radiated from the lamp.
This explanation brought out the fact
th--' the ll ish from a r;il.* appeared
ti '" he a black streak, nionien-
tartly "■'■' ding the atmosphere, To
his eyes a Benrchiight would darken
all objects touched by its powerful
rnys, ami (ho loiters of an electric
Sign would spell in black.
The trapper's visual alllietion has
rulher aided than interfered with his
work, a- most of the animals whose
pelts Ic seeks arc nocturnal rangers
ami he can observe their habits with
his own eyes. He hns a enbin nt the
outlet "f ii .-mull bike, which forms
the source ol the River Crochs, lying
due well ol Dublnn. Here Lombard
sleeps ilnrinc the dny, mid commences
his duties nt night. His traps are
strung Ior three miles along the lake
and in the forests adjacent to it, and
the rounds of them nro made while
other trappers are asleep.
While Lombard's lile has been particularly free from woodland mishaps,
he has seme exciting experiences
with wild animals, nnd on several oo-
en-i'Uis hns li<'eii slightly wounded.
His hurl, hnve never been serious,
uud his physical henltli has been nl*
most perfect. His one ailment has
been chills nnd fever, which como
when lli" heavy dews appeal in the
spring and summer.
The trapper never lacks for meat,
for he i- nlilo to tnko sleeping birds
williout effort. When it comes to capturing partridges it isn't even necessary lu use a gun. They can be knocked on the head with a stick. In fish-
ine he isn't mi successful, ns trout seldom bite at night, mid even on cloudy
dnys the light is too strong (or him
" Weamlioriz- tve.y dealer in Pen-Angli
Underwear lo replace, at cur coit, an)
gaimeal laulty ia ou,eriil ci maltins
He has not won tlio world's applause,
Slie knows im never can;
His slop is Blower than it was,
Hut lie's an honest mail.
She wears tlie  blouui of youth no
Yet side by side tliey fare,
Poor,  bent   old   husband   und   gray
Along the humble walks ol lifo,
And still ure lovers there.
Finger Nails.
The growth uf the average linger
nail Is computed to be one-thirty-
second ui mi inch a week or a little
inure than mi inch uml u hall
year. The linger nails, Popular Science Sifting- slales, are said to gi
[aster in the summer tlimi in the
winter, The nail on the middle linger grows faster thai; any of the
other nails, and that, on the thumb
grows slowest, lt is nlso snid ihnt
the nails on the right hand grow
[aster than those on the left hand.
According to the rate of growth
staled, the average time taken for
inch linger nail lo grow its full
length is about four und a hull
months, and at this rate a man seventy years old would have renewed
! liis nails one hundred and eighty
. ix times. Taking tlie length of each
nail in eac'i linger, ond on all his
lingers   and   thumbs mi   nggregal
I length  of seventy-seven and a  half
' feet.
Externally or Internally, it is
Good—When applied externally by
brisk rubbing, Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
Oil opens the pores and penetrates
the tissue as few liniments do,
touching llie sent of the trouble
and immediately atfording relict.
Administered internally, it will still
the irritation in the throat which
Induces coughing and will cure affections of tlic bronchial tubes and
respiratory organs, Try it and be
Ho**/ I.oiiK the mu. I-nit.
• A dollar bill bus on average life of
about fifteen months. Two dollar bills,
not being quite so actively used, last
Co the average more than sixteen
months. A five dollar bill lives on nn
average two years before It Is worn
out and tlic government Is culled upon
to lppuico it Ten dollar bills last about
threo years nnd twenly dollar bills
moro Uian four years.—Youth's Companion.
j Xo Iln run In a.
' ."EternnLylglliiuCc," -ihohted tlio orator, "Is tin! prleo of liberty:"
Tho woiueu electors exchanged
"That Is tho same price as last
year," they remurked and shrugged
tlieir shoulders.
There were no bnrgnlus to be hnd,
and they lost lotercst In the proceedings.
Williams' l'ink l'ills hnve I Deer me nocturnal, as are moose, but
done loi me. I had mi attack ol Lombard says they are easily shot at
h, irip"c ivhich lell mc a sufferer j night, is then they come to wo*
  '.,I ■'„•.-   and pain   In the hf' t° drink and feed on Illy pads. In
Jonnch    I used several medicines the daytime they hide and take their
but round nothing lo help me until
I took Dr. William.-' l'ink Pills.
When I liegan them I was weak and
very much run down. The pills
have ii"! onlv fully restored my
health, but I gained In Hcill while
taking them.   I recommond Ihem to
all sufferers."
A band "f terrorlits recently shot
nml kiiied Vlcloi Gruon, the chiel
uf tho Boerel police of Moscow, as
he was driving In a cob.
The sacred grotto at Bethlehem
has I. :i ii the iceno of i conflict between   PrrmoiBcnn,   Armenian   nnd
Hr.. i.   monks.
The School.
"ITow do you get those clinging
Iwnys?" asked the counlry cousin.
"Hanging from street ear straps."
answered die city gill—Washington
Heln the Overworked He.irt. I a till
ironl ii'Mie nliiili iiiimii- lid- iliruiiKli
a. in i" i hard nrcnoil. overtaxed,
groaning under ii- li u.l i ecauso dlierue
li-. eh --,"-.1 ii ? Ur. Agnetv'l Cure f"r
iii,. Ilenri t- nature'! lubricator and
n l a ii-. liotnomtratci to hearl
ill',. ..       Ihal   il   ia the -au'r-t. -ian It,  auial
maM -,iaI'lii remedy that Riedlral -.ciinn-v
klla'll-    ia
Jepson's story differs from former
reports in Ihnt tho trapper has possessed "night eyes" since birth. Form*
erly il was understood that Lombard
had been partly blinded by tho explosion of a pan ol gunpowder and
Hint thereafter he wbb sensitive to
light. However this may be, it is true
Hint the trapper'a sight is better now
lhan it was la.n years ago. He is obout
forty veins uld, nn/l Is thoroughly eon-
tented uilh his lot. Apparently he hns
no Inclination to have his eyes treated, although he has been told that lio
might be helped.
S..1 f llie settlers ol tbe Telly
district, about fifty miles northwest
of Swan Elver, Manitoba, have installed their ("* i telephone Bystetn,
using barb wire fences for tlie purpose. 	
llmi. C. S. Kolls suys the small
iiiuiiir cur has a great future In Canada. He was Impressed by the loyally which prejudices Canadians in
fuvor of llritisli ears.
South American mioumntlc Cure Oorat
Hhcumatiim.--ll is wife. Iinrmli'ss anil
Hi-Is iiiiick glvoi almost iiisliint relii'l
and nu absolute OIIM in from one to
three days works wonders in most nrule
forms uf rlieminili-m. Oim niun'H tenth
moliy: "1 "pent 6 weeks in bid before
ROmminclnl it** utte-l buttles cured me."
Gettins Souare.
Little i'et (before retiring)—Mamma, may I pray for rain ?
Mamma- i-e-s, If you want to;
but why P
Little Pet-Susie Stuckupp   didn't
Invite   to her picnic to-morrow.—
Illustrated Bits.
The honorary secretaries ol tlie
King Edward's hospital fund fur
London have received   tlie sum   ol
620,170 Ir    the executors   of the
iate Alfred Beit, being the a unt
ol :i logacy 620,000 (free of duty) bequeathed by the deceased lo the
fund, plus interest.
Men have a tuiielistono whereby to
fry tfnld, Imt gold Is the touchstone
whereby to. try men.—Fuller.
I'nlquo among cemeteries Is that of
I.'Oliedel-Ivehlr, Algiers, In mnny of
the graves of which are do-ens of
modlclhe bottles, The unlives of tho
territory bury with ihe deceased the
hollies Which held lhe medicines used
In the last Illness.
Transparent Paper.
To make paper transparent saturate
It with castor oil ami (hen dry IL
Cdughs of
Especially night coughs. Ns
lure needs s little help to quiet
ihe irritation, control the Inflammation, check the progress
of the disease. Our advice is
—give ihe children Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask your
doctor if this Is his advice also.
He knows best. Do as he says.
l*ro|irr Hi . al I t. luK.
According t,, a lecturer on health,
people that breathe through the mouth,
habitually neglecting Uie nose, Uio
proper channel for lhe air lupply,
'"have short up,*er lips, Dal chcckl, Ir*
regular  and  decayed  tooth,  pigeon
chests, pointed chins nnil pointed or uVe
Some Modern Follies.
"Simplicity," sniil Dr.   Furrow   ol;
New York at a recent Methodist meeting in Toronto   presided   over   by
:     ker SI  John, "Is closely related
to the mind, tho body, the spirit. It I
tae: ; ei the Individual, the homo nnd i
"No mnn can mnke the b■-' ur Ilm
most of life williout simplicity    Im-
1.1 - - i Is, simple pleasures,   simple i
faith, Those who hnve lived tho simple i In-.'- have developed tha' high-1
i-i typeB "I character, nnd pictures,
ol the late Queen Victoria, ol John
Bright, William E. Gladstone, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin,
and Ji'lin Wesley were Bhown to eulogistic accompaniment. He added, in
"Wo perhaps havo moro knowledge
thnn our forefathers, but nre we ai
Strong, as healthy, as good, and us
spiritual OS thoy wore?"
I "A strung, sound body, a clear,
active mind, can only ba obtained by
lollowing certain proscribed rules.
"If oim gets away Irom nature'B
simple problem, lhe greater the penal*
ly lis has to pay Ior it.
"In gratifying our nmbitions for llio
luxuries of iiie we hnvo deprived our-
Ives of somo ol Its greatest pleas*
Wt ofTir Hns Huodrs I K'ilin lUwird for asj
t* « of I'ttsrrh tint rtonoi l-i cmt' li. lUU'e Cil
Mih Cm.   F. J. CHKNEY A CO., Toltdo, O.
W», tha ■,.,'.•!« »nt I.  (.a** knoftn K. J. Chtia;
forthiiut IA ■.( itrt, snJ i.n. i" * i.fltf*. ill boi*
orab].) Ik ill  laiiinsii tltUUtloU Ukd flnttnoUllj
Mi> (o ctrrr out an* obl!|t*tinni :! » i» br hli lira.
tt'tLDino, Kmru 4 MiKvix,
U'holaaala liraggliu, Tolada, 0.
llaM'i Catarrh i'u.-s ll tikaa lutamallr aatlai
dlractlx upon tha blood and mucous surfaoaa of tha
• •■i-.:i Teatlmonlali aant fraa. l'rloo "M, r*>
U>(tla.   Hold bj all Dnuiita,
laka Hall's 1amllj PUll for miea
Iii )i London goveritmeiil board reporl n i- calculated thul Hi ■ men
.,!,"*.* applications were ontertained
represented I '' |i .r cent, ol thu
working population.
Daniel Osiris, tho philanthropist,
who presented Malmaison to the
French notion, is dead    M.   Osiris
bequeathed $5, 1,000 to tho Pasteur
•Va publish aur foraalu
Wa bi*ia). aleehel
*      Tttim Mir matiaiaaa
L/CIO   ™_>r
If you think constipation li ol ttiflinf
coniequence, just nk your doctor, He
•ill diubuie you of thit notion In ibort
•rder. "Correct It, it once I" he -rill
aay. Then isk him ibout Ayer'i Pills.
A mild livei pill, ill vrjetihir.
" 'llnm.l-i«-.,lmll,l
upturni'il ■ iio-es" a dreadful list ot
dire penalties, In truth, tearful enough
to convert us all In a moment, yet
greatly exaggerated, of course. How*
aver, as ivo bavo heard many times,
woolly never h ling ai wo pas.-: by,
it li decidedly Injurious to breathe
through iha- mouth. Moreover, If we
ship to consider a bit, tro shall ho able
fai see fur ourselves sen-rail common
lonso reasons thul ought to malta us
supply our lungs tvitli air through ibo
nose. Taken In by way of Uia mouth,
the air roaches Iho luugi by a much
shorter runic mti ivllhoul the bonoflclnl
"vanning and clemming process io troll
ufforileil by ihe luiiu-er nasal passage.
In winter ospoclally ihould wo laka
rare to breathe only tliroiiKh tha ii 18,
thus lessoning greatly our chances of
taking deep seated colds, li Is morely
n matter of and simply a guei-
lion of trying nfler ail.
"Mnny n young innn, upon coming
lo iho city, forgets tho simplicity of
tho old home. With his first cigarette
and glass ol beef all memory ol the
little church passes from him. Con.
aa-ia-i  olton calls him to conaidar.
The Church door ls as "pen here as
it ii in the village, ami Iriends thoro
aro who will prove as dear, There aro
many temptations,  but  the  simple
life is ns potent and as possible here
as in tlie country.
"Simplicity is nc. man's prerorjntivo.
No nne individual can purchase it,
tho ruler cannot command it, nor the
itrong man acquiro lt by lorco."
English Socloty.
Cockney ls rapidly becoming the
current dictum ol the best KiirIIsIi society. A well brought up young lady
ui recently heard lo call across tho
table at a shooting lunch to a man
v,iiii Wi'iliiieiuiiiiin nose and domelike lorehenil, "Now, then, bird (nice,
puss the rabbit loud."—Vunitv 1'air.
Only those who hnvo had osper*
lei  i'ini toll   the   torture   corni
cnuse. Pain with your booti on,
pain with them ofl pain night and
dny; but relief is slure to those who
uio Holiowoy's Corn Cure,
firi'i'ii- Whnl do ymi an by i ay*
iii" .lolin liiiiivii is a distant relative
aai yours P I though lie was your
Brown Well, there .ir.. twelve children  ill  uill" family.    He's  Ul" oiliest
nm! I'm llio youngest, Chicogo
How Nature Lover Finds Some Interesting Records Therein.
The drilling snow tlmt eddies ubout
tliu low branched cedars, clears away
Irom the nuked trunks, ami climbs
into inconvenient waves Where unsuspected liullows lie in wait, reveals the
siieiiuous lile of tlio little inhabitants
u: tlie lingering woods, writes S. T.
Woods in Tbo Ulobe. Tliu long, easy,
eccentric leap oi tho cutlontail shows
from puiiit to point where his bundled feet biUK in llie suit .-now, uud
contrasting in sprightly irregularity
willi the straight trail ut tlie dignified
cut iu search ol u venturesome field
mouse or u flock ui Hurrying snowbirds. There is always -.ouictliing
fascinating about a new truck in thu
snow. It is u piece of evidence that
no casuistry cun obscure and nu array of facts and cireumstuiices can
contradict. It tells that somewhere at
one end of tlie interrupted and winding line is. an animal, and at tile other
is the hole from iihicli it emerged.
The uncertainty of whence and whither mills the charm of speculation, and
perhaps of the kinship of uli tlie blind
wanderors who leave the uncertain
marks of their varied pilgiiniages. A
new track tells tlmt an animal lias
recently passed, and shoWB whether
ho was quiet nnd leisurely or driven
by alarm. It is easy lo picture Ihe
marking of tlie trail in the (lark, dris-
zly night, or on (ho crisp snow under
the clear stars, or perhaps in tlie
open day, when caution points to tlie
eheltcr of the drooping branches und
gathered shrubbery.
The squirrels bave grown octive
since the snow covered up tlieir stores
ol winter food, and are freely opening
tunnels and excavations, For tlie little Held mice, who work under cover
and make only an occasional waddling and .-hort excursion on the yielding surfuce, tlie snow is n piece of
good fortune, for it leaves them fiee
to feast on tlie soft bark of all the
banked-up trees nnd shrubs. Hut
squirrels find tho snow a serious inconvenience. Tliey dig down to tlieir
stores of pino cones and bring thea
to tbe surface, scattering tho gummy
scales about on tlio clctn snow while
eating  the diminutive seeds.   Stores
of beechnuts are less common, but a
lew have been preserved. Tbe smooth
depth does not conceal their location,
for the empty shells on the surface
tell of n feast on this rare delicacy.
Acorns, too, uro brought, to the sur-
incc. The many evidences ol such
activity suggest n season ol scarcity,
for there t*:e already many heavy
drafts on tlio food preserved for the
winter. The littlo fellows have not
yet boon driven by necessity to turn
to the hitter cones of the homlock.
There is Bill) a suppy of more agreeable food under the snow. Tbe early
inroads on this store suggest n bard j
winter; but it would be presumptuous
to pity the sprightly little climbers,
whoie every move and attitude leeinl
inspired by the joy ol abundant life,
Migration of Women.
Men and youths are not the only
ones to migrate irom tho older countries to the new. Suya Thu St. John
Sun:  "A   considerable   migration   ui
girls from the Maritime Provinces to
tliu United States goes on constantly.
It does not attract as much attention ns tlie emigration ol young men.
At the present time the larger number
ol inb latter who leave tlieir hemes
move to the Canadian Northwest, Hut
young women go in considerable numbers to the New England or Middle
Stales.   They  seek  various  lomis  ol
employment. Tlio most popular lorm
is tlmt of hospital work. . . 'Ine
migration is not confined to the I'io*
videos. Apparently those who go In in
these Provinces displace others Irom
the Eastern States. $he I.
Journal a low days ago noted the 11 i
that tui girls belonging originally to
Maine lelt Boston tn one company
for Pasadona, California, whoro they
take muter employment in the hotels,
.... II tho young men leave in
numbers it is but natural that woman will not remain whore their pn liabilities ol obtaining husbonds ars
consequently reduced."
Dear Mother
Your Utile om. ire i comtanl are '_
Fill uid Winln WMlher. Ilu** will
citdi cold. Do you know ibout Sailoh'.
Comumiilion Cure, lhe Lung Tonic, ind
whit it [ut done lot io many >   It i. uid
10 b« lhe onlv nliibU remedy lor ill
diseira nl lhe iir piiuijei in children.
11 it ibiolulely lunnlci md pleaunt lo
like. It ii guannlet-d lo cure or your money
u returned. The price li 25c. per boule,
and ill deiien in medicino tell 3,4
Thit remrdy ilmuld he in every homrhold,
"What 'In you consider mosl Important tn a person who wants te
is. quick iii report s P" asked the in*
lelleclually ambitious girl,
"Friondi who are low to anger,"
aniwered Miss Cayenne Washington
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
It is reported thai lhe llritisli compiiiiy owning the While I'ass and
Kiiiuii railway, lias sold "ill to lhe
Quggenheims      New York.
)r e Mo.e Added to tht Lontf Lilt •(
Cores Effected by Piychint.
Thta young lady, who lira In Brown*
rille, nearWoodiitock, Ont, teliiherown
itory In a few effective woraiof brfwiha
slitaineil deliverance from the terrible
grip uf wcaknt'sd uml -i ■■ .mo.
l biro to think Ptychlne formr prwent h»ltl
rWomnaguI <■'""■■■■%. . ■■ -*i. -.nif. lcouid
bitnliy <lrriK mvKlt ur-Ni u.i four, i ooald naf
It i w.-tit lur t „
.rival bul to III
1 ti vr n w li e 11 I
-Mine buck. If I
wenl Iur 1 mill
ni tno un mr
wli<-el 1 wu ->o
ircik tu ult it
ihroof]} tbe nto>
wit, ind Tut
tlmo I CUM In
(mm 1iit1i.( i
• v t ti 1 dropped
utterlf bilpleM
(rum iitljtfp My
tubir would iIti
menu )!»<'• until
I prut'iirrd P»y-
chine, knowl nirlt
decline or weik*
[jHU I muit it?
tbe reiulti are ind
people returkfd
■11 ¥ Imi: '"mi i*. lai'M i>fi little pile, hollow
chiiked. Ititleu. iu**.. ;. .» {Irl. t iu to<Uy
lull of Hie. KM7 (or i i ■ .r* i> i ■kattnj
match, or in evening pirtr with iim mie. ind i
lew noQthll|Q 1 COQla not r: [(■' to churnk
(Ornidi (rum mr hume. I have never had the
illfhtMtuuMlo (ear mv return ■■' llu illieaM.
r.i.i.A ui Ki/i v.-- .j.
Browuivllli. Oni
J^Ottaandl of women ire tiling P8Y-
CHINK, becaUN they know from ex|)e^
leiire tint in it they hnve a life friend
md deliverer. 1'iyohineii a wonderful
tonic, purifying the blood, drivinf oal
niseeM KerniH, pvM a rnvcnoiu appftlt^
lidfl cligcM-'i ■■ . ! .Miiinilitiim of fuod,
and in a podtive aiul abiHiltite enre fof
diseaM of throai, cbeot, lunn, stomach
and other organr. It quickly buildi nf
the entire intent, limiting aick people
well and weak people Htrong.
(or ulr tt ill alriLTia'i. nl Mc. mil 11 0|
perlxittl-i, ornt Dr T. A. Rlocdm. Llmlter%
Ijil-oratriry, 179 King fit. Wert, Tiirnn'a,
Pr. Koot'i Ki '.!'■*- l'i' lii-i- a mre tol
jxarniancnt dire furitlipuinaliim, llrl-rlit'i
Dincun, I'ain In tlie Hark ami tll forml
of Kidney Trouble. 26c per box, tt tll
Nurses' S Mothers' Trr asure
—moil Tellable  main ine [ol btby.
Ulftl over riO yriri. Fint COOpOOMM
I by Dr. P. L 1'ic.ull In I8J5.
Makes Baby Strong
Rrilofrt llie lii'!- orgini lo p**rl*-c!
bealth.   Givet tounil tleep,  witbojl
retort lo i'] --a   or otliei iniunoutHni-ft.
Aialiiitfiat.', 2 V. I.(..|.]..$l 13.
NtlidllllllliifMI-.ra.all.. I I.I
Musliroom Culture.
Muslin 1- grow In many Btrango
I laceg,   (i lurlous lioltl fur llieir
growth li.-" I" 11 Boloctod In France.
llu. St. li.iii.-i railway tunnel ic no
longer used lorthe purpose lorwhioli
it was originally intended. The
ground therein has been out up Into
ridges divided Irom each othor by
means ol furrmvs, upon which whole
haltallonB ol muBhroom    are   now
flourishing,   In Scotland a c pany
Is now growing mushrooms In a
tunnel 3.000 leet long, It waa originally built by the North Untii-h
railway, end in sixty leet below the
Irccti ol Edinburgh,
Sleep Sicknc*,! Germ   Isolated.
A discovery ol treat Importi o has
been made by Hr. A, Wal on, Dominion bacteriologist, at the quarantine
station at Lothbrldge, Alberta, no less
limn the isolation ol the gehn known
as tho trypenBesomes, which causes
"eleeping sicklies.*," onu nl Uio
ecourge.i of Alrica. Dr. Watson imparted to Borne ol his Iriends tho in-
tereating Information,
The dread germ was obtained from
the blood ol a cottontail rabbit,
which the scientist captured lor pur-
pones of experimentation, ninl which
had the disea«o ol which the rabbits
havo been dying In great numbers
throughout the country this winter.
Every seventh year a scourge sweeps
the rnhbila almost out ol oxistenco.
During tho succeeding seven years
the virus gradually accumulates ln
the rabbits, till another scourge again
decimates them. This happened this
Modern Egypt.
A progressive Arab ol Cairo Is sinking wells and Installing Irrigation
pumps at the loot of the pyramid ol
Cheops and the sphinx after ga-.lng
thousands of years on sand wastes
soon will bo looking out on green
fields. This is ono ol the many demonstrations of tho change (rom tlie old
to tho new Egypt, 'I
Do You Suffer
will quickly remove Ihe ciuie of
thru dlilreuin** compfainti and
ra.-ai.Tc healthy aclion lo cvtry
organ. You will leel like a new
rrrt.ii after taking a few doici ol
Bfccham'i Pllli. They rid the
lyitem of impuritlet, lmpro'"t the
digeitlnii, bun!, headache and
GivS Positive Relief
tn ill oaiei of RiHouinru, Comtl-
titionjuidlgutiou and Unordered
The excrllrnt rttulU obtalrrd
by thc uie of beediim'i Pllli have
proved thrm worthy of tht confident* they enjoy. Thiy have
helped thouianlli and recommend
SolJ Kvi-Twhcre,   In 1>ji«i H wnll
W.      N.     U.      No.     624. TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
With lis for
Rolled Oats
Hay and feed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local ninna|*cr.
Lonsdale Avenue,
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower I'lants, gtown Irmn
Sutton's Seeds, always un hand.
Ale and Stout
In Huttleat   Krui. mul .|ii'"*a.
Irx loyal Brewing Co., Ltd,
TKL. jet.
So Seolli'-m Plums, Nn Pitless Apples
No Coblew Corn -.Iimt old reliable far*
(•ties at reasonable prices, Ferllllr.ern
Bee Supplies, Siiray 1'umpa, Spraviii|i
Material, Cut Plotters, etc, Oldcsi es*
Ublished nursery on tlie mainland ol
Uritiih Columbia,   Catalogue Ireo,
I'. 8.—II your local merchants do nol
haodle my seeds, somi direct, uv pre.
psy llty picket), assorted variola - ul
garden seeds in live cenl papun ii-i.-l
stock! io v.'iu neiiresl iiwtnillci* f.,r tl .
twenty packets lair 50 ceiils, Trial cul*
j. W. (iri'i Ini'- purchased tin
Greenwood Ledge from Col, T.
Lowery, The paper is a good
one, and fills the requirements ol
thai locality. Grier k an experienced innn i'i hi-- business, ami
i", iha- right iiniii in flo- right place.
The Misses M. Cunningham,
Symil Ely, and Urainy, New
Westminster, were visiting Iriends
here tins wei k.
Come and spend a pleasanl
evening in St. Aniln **'- I reaby Chun li I nu liglil i'i' fi
Hawaiian Islands, and in isic lit
Kov. ,in,l Mrs liiinion, Monday,
April 29th, m n p in. Admission,
.:, 1 mis. Under auspices ol the
ladies' aid.
K. D. lien Ity, ol Mew West*
minster, was a guesl at Hotel
North Vancouvei this week.   Real
esiate is brisk 111 the Royal City,
Iiu says.
The old Lynn ranch, near the
bridge, cast "I Moodyville, which
contains il 0 ai res, is being cleared
and will be sold in town lots in the
near future.
S. L, Whiting, Port Huron,
Mich., paid the town a Hying visit
on, Monday. He complimented
Nui th Vancouver on its push and
The Ily season is here.
Chas. (ilass, Butte, Mont., came
over on Monday, and was rcyis
tered at Hotel North Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Miller and
daughter lelt here on Monday on
riii extended torn in the East.
Before returning they will go to
Guelph, Toronto, Montreal, New
Vork .(ml other cities, Tlie* will
be away for a year, it having been
32 years since Mr. Miller came
westward, Recently he sold his
line residence, on Fifth street, to
Mrs. Batchelor.
Dining the last month there
were 73 logging engines taken
northward along the Coast, which
[act shows, in a measure, how thc
timber business is increasing,
Several gardens in the muni*
cipahh are now . oming up.
Subscribe (01 Tm E n
Tin* ■ nu mittee in int irporati nt
i| |],- 1 it*   'il  Sorlli  ".'ai:i iitivi-i!
will im."! In re ou Moudny next, I
ih. ...,ili instant, at 8:30 p. n ,  10
1 11 uiv-i n porl !'■:■ ai ling imcntli ..
ai 1 i-i lam. al. and to givi  instrui
lions  regarding   1- ue  ol   li tti 1
pati ui to • itnpleti  in lorporation.
A full attendance is verv desiiahle,
I, I; Sargent, New Westminster
cnmi in on Tuesday, and was a
guc 1 ai lint. 1 Norlh Vani mver, 1
He a warm in his praisi s ol the
An bitii is < ity.
Sculler III-
CAPITAL, $4,866,666. RESERVE, $2,141,333
Head Office in Canada, Montreal.
11, General Manager; ]. Euislv, Supt. of Branches
Branches in British Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
Medley, Kaslo, Rossland, Trail i.Suh Branch), Vancouver,
Vii toria, Duncans, and Dawson, Y.T.
Savings Department Deposits rncelved from SI OO upward j
Interest at highest current rales snd compound*--* twice a year
Office, Cor. Lonsdale Ave. nnd Esplanade, North Vancouver,B. C.
rnnmiiiii oirirr
■I'llHM". Ml
riillfrlii.ii., II...-.,« H-iiIiii^ ttc
ill Klll'ltul Ifi'lii Ruppll IboTI -  'i.>
II. Will.Iltl"
Officei 2a Powell   •
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Without Damage
to Buildings
J. N. J. Brown, a well known
sculler, who is one ol the best
auiaiciit oarsmen that Western
Canada lias produced, and a
un inin 1 nl the Ninth Vancouver
Kowing 1 luh, is al present in the
Bering Irmn n 51 verc
Hi- had been up the \\i st
Coasl "ii a trip, win re I r* in
imi I'-1 a cold whii h iettletl 111 the
led lung, and hi ha ■ 1 omc hi re
anal plai id Imiisell und' 1 thc ■ arc
ol In Prank Mall. Brown
-1 mii. ti n yi ars ago into
ih.. inti rioi ol thc province tin !
first and onl) 11 ;li ■ II ill il 1 ->'
evi 1 I "    ent n nli "I \ ancouvi 1
I he 1 ll by Watson St
- Vork
Brown  ha   1 ovi n I  llu   1   '■
with turn in   it-ri   cred   ikifl   in
II vi 11 min ut* , Hi cnti i' I for tin
trophy pn anted hy the Mayor "I
New Wi iii ti 1 foi ihe amateur
champ onshipot tin pro*, m 1. and
was 11111 li di ippoii te 1 when lhc
t.i '• ,i in - ■ ■' Ini ibe Iai k ol
computiloi. ■   >'■ toria Timet
HOAI Illlt SMI   Complete in every
detail, ah 0 .1 dingy.   Apply,
I ill   EXI'RESS.
Worth of North Vancouver
Property for Clients.    .    .
Owners are requested to call at our ollice, or
mail a list with lull description and particulars
as to pripes ami terms.
We can guarantee sales if prices are right,
and we are given sole agency.
Give this your immediate attention if you
wish your property transformed to cash.
Corner Lonsdale Ave. nnd Fifth St.
TEL. '."1
Sell Your Real Estate—Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mortgages at Good Interest.   .   .
To S.c, if  You  Wish   to Buy   in
North Vane uvcr	
I'llilNI   6
rhompson Block,  -   •   NOKTH VANCOUVER.
's $4 Shoes
Bi \ Bluchers, leather lined,
doubli   ioh $'»*00
Velvoui   Call  Bluchers,   leather
Iiunl. iloiilile sole $4.00
Vica   Kid  Bluchers and   Hals,
|e, ill,it   i nvaSS   lined;    a
dais   boot $•'•00
See I ■ im Your
Sprint; Shoes
51ij Hasting Street W.
Call o» Address
If you on* goinq to BUILD
or do any ALTfHAIIONS
a ntiRtill u- ami ("' dili
. ■■' cu MllN'1'.Y.
Plans, lu.,   prepared lor any
style house. Estimates furnished
Bill 1)1 RS     Olli St., West
II .Ml run Hav
imi Ci'
Pl'SCIAf,  It.lTKil Ti)
I'lMlllKH   .INU 'MIlllilAllllIUS
Rl IIA   01   »MDBl !>!».   Prnpl'li-lors
il"' ihrnuglionl diili
a    III IIOI llllll I'OllI
al  al.i   al{ , \.r .   I....Ill
I Sail  I  I,
Tin' Imr U considered lo
Ihi al line us 1111V mi thn
Coast, its stock in replete
Tenders for
Land Clearing
Tenderb are  invited for the
clearing uf the whole or part of
District Lot 204.   Fur full particulars apply to
161 Cordova Street. Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer^>
Is u glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Investing in North Vancouver Real Estate
be sure and call on us. We have our own
propositions to put before you.
New Modem Houses, desirable from every point ol vitw, on
Lonsdale Avenue. Quarter Acres, cleared, half block (rom Loni-
dale, Jfaoo. Quarter Acres on Seventeenth Slreet, fifteen niinuttl
from car, S200.    Very Easy Terms to meet everybody.
British Columbia [lectric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Owing to change of the lerry time schedule lollowing will
obtain 1
First Struct
Leaving Queensbury Avenue at 5:30 a. in., 6:30 a. in., 7:35
and five minutes to the hour until 10:55 P' ■■
Leaving Keith Road and Forbes Avenue at 6:00 a. m.,
7:0.1, :i. 111., 8:aj, and -j iiiiiiutea past the huur
until 11.15 p. 111.
I.iissii.u.t; AVKNUK
Cars will run ever; «*o minutes.
IK2J '   All boats are phi by the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
'.* ■ ii"? & a-* *.-'''(■ sj'Hi
".'"..■'.     . .'..'..'   I-   ?,'**' ■**' i-fT iJJlt.'«'".¥
■ -    ■ -2 '\r%&i%\'x\U!.mi'M
Sa.oo per
and up.
Rates lor
I erry Service Every Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
BUY IT AT McMILLAN'S, and be ready and
He's Coming Sure.
dive theatorei In Town a rent.
Como In and aeo tlm now Spring
■took "f I'rlnW, Bloimci, etc.. In
Biiavt'i I'i'iNBcii I'n*' Uoom
Stuiu:. Cor. Second and Loni'
dale, and encourage local trade.
Viaii iiill mice nione}' and limit
60  YCAM'
Ti-nDi MtMta
. . CoPtmtMTt »C.
An Tonn tfii*liin 11 ik*n-h -.nd 'f-wrlniinn ntf
qnli-lilj lUa-vrttalll (iur dl'liiU'ii fit* »htltl« ill
llJVOIlll.lll U I'dal'tlalr PftttPlHUaVj """"("ll'*-
ll.ina .mrllnviillill'iilUI. HAHOBOOI (m I'altnli
■out ftwi. (fliltii n#flti(-r.l(ir.t«fiiriri*ij'Ht('it.
IUIUII !■   I "'*    1    ---
ibiiir*H', (Hiltii»«"i'cr l"r>itiiriniD«	
I'timiii latra UiMuab Muim t r.a. Mn
tfttliil iwlln, wllliaiutelmrje. In 111*
Scientific Hmerkan.
A Iit>ii1av"ii"'r llimlrAiol wMhlr.   UrgHl dr.
mlntltm »t mr ir|«nU«p M«Mi   Ttru.fl •
fMT   f uiTii.niitlnJL Row brill M-fH-\\Mt.
T.'nr   now qjw Mpwn
ki..,. 1. nm.... a r It, wuiii-iiiin, u.'..


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