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Those wishing copies ol our
Christmas Nvmiif.k can still obtain
tliem at this office ready lor mailing. There are a liniileil number
led and it would lie well tn bear
that in mind. We have also a
(cw copies ol our initial number
of August 25th lelt. The two lor
25 cents.
Uecve Kealy bit the nail on tin'
bead when be told the council tbe
other night, thai Dr. Carroll bad
intimated to him that be (the
doctor) wanted 9,000 inches
of water for the benefit of North
Vancouver. " Why can't we look
after our own water supply?"
queried the reeve. And echo answered why!
The question of having no wards
in tbe new city is being discussed
freely. There is much to be said
on both sides, bin we think tbe
city would be si rved better by
aldermen if they were elected by
the whole electorate. One thing
it would do away with some voters
voting in every ward, and tbt
principle of one man one vote
would prevail.
Sat Upon by the Local Municipal Council.—Contracts Let For
Clearing and Grading Several Streets.—Large Grist
of Communications Dealt With.—Special
Meeting Next Monday Evening.
ll appears that it has been the
custom for contractors to allow llie
roa Is, which they are building, to
be used by teams. Now, the
question comes up that contractors
are responsible for their main-
tainanceand for any accidents that
might possibly occur during the
period uf construction until tbey
are formally taken over by the
municipality, For instance, the
bridge being re-adjusted was used
belore it was uui ol the contractors
bands. The council should ad
lieu.- 10 some rule in this regard.
The municipal council held its
bi-monthly regular session on
Wednesday evening in the nuuiieipal hall. Keeve A. E. Kealy
presided and councillors Morden,
May, Allan and Bell present.
Clerk Philip was also in his place.
There were over a dozen visitors
present. The following business
was disposed of:
William J. Emery, et al.,
petitioung protesting against the
way work on the Lynn valley road
has been done.
The engineer reported that the
work so far as done is a fairly good
Questioned by the reeve, the
engineer said the sills were embedded on llie ground instead of
in it.
On motion of councillor Bell
the matter was referred to tbe
Board of Works and to report on
same at a special meeting on Monday afternoon,
Conway & Kaynes asked to be
relieved ol their contract on
Seventh street. Request granted
and tenders to be called for again.
The time has arrived when something should be done in the way ol
providing a home (or old men ami
women. At present the home for
men at Kamloops is lull and the
hospital at Vancouver is also used
as an infirmary, although not for
the homeless old. There is a
movo at present being made to induce the different municipalities
to contribute lor the maintainance
ol an institution for the care of old
people. The reeves' convention
metis at New Westminster on
January 9, and it is to be hoped,
thu this matter will be brought up
and united action taken, and something done. It is, indeed, a crying
shame to allow this state of affairs
to drift thiswise.
John Claverie and K11.il asking
for a two-plank walk on Keith
road. Referred to Board ol
J.   A.   Catherwood,   secretary
Reeves' Association, slatins thai a
meeting would lie held in New
Westminster on the 9th of January.
I'he reeve was requested lu attend.
Askew & Kennedy.■-• 1*375
Jacob & Miller  575
J. G. Brassey  525
Messrs. Askew & Kennedy's
tender was accepted.
The following tenders for work
on First street were opened:
William Snider $4,200,— $3 per
10 lineal feet.
Askew & Kennedy $6,900,—$2.
50 per 10 lineal feet.
Brassey & Quinn $6,900,—$3.50
per 10 lineal feet.
J. C. Williams f3,995,—$6 per
10 lineal feet with certain reservations.
McLennan & McDaniel (16,888.
—$2 per 10 lineal feet.
Mr. Williams' tender was
Krigfauni & Ryan, offering to put
bridge in on thc Esplanade for
$125. Board ol Works instructed
to deduct for work included in the
contract in connection with the
space not covered by proposed
bridge, and to call for- tenders for
the erection ol bridge.
Thc committee reports were ol a
routine nature and passed as read.
It was decided to ask Mr. Sperling to attend the meeting ol the
council on Monday.
Who will go to the polls. ?
The week ol good resolutions.
Had news never spoils by keeping.
Waterfront property is selling
at $65 a foe
New Years' Eve was celebrati .1
in royal style at Moodyville.
Victoria poultry show takes
place on January iotb to 13th,
Capt.   C.   Cates  has   returned
from a trip 100 miles up the coast.
C. Pederson, of Vancoirer, paid
the town a flying visit on Monday.
The average politician gets all
the exercise he wants running for
Man wants room and br.ird in
North Vancouver. Apply EXPRESS
Durston, W. Blake and S. Martin,
they are to be complimented for
the result of their untiring efforts.
Messrs. J. N. J. Brown and Dan
Martin as floor managers gave
satisfaction to those who "merrily,
men ily whirled the wheels of the
dizzying dances."
Robt. Brownlee, of Big Timbi r,
Montana, registered at the Hotel
North Vancouver oil Tuesday.
He is much impressed with the
prospi ct oi the new city, and will
1 turn shortly.
R, W. Dirk, the candidate for
councillor, was the first in tbe field
for municipal honors, and was also
the first on the ground to make a
tleposit in the Bank of British
North America her .
The present members 0.' tho
council are all spoken nf as likely
candidates lor re-election, Besides these R. W. Dies- and I'. J,
Cornish will be in the field as
aspirants (or membership on the
council board. Councillor Bell is
being urged to run for the reeve-
Wanted to rent cabin or smal
cottage in North Vancouver
Apply Express office.
There is quite a demand for
Wellington lump coal, which may
j be had at the wharf.
'    Martin's Dancing Club held ail
I enjoyable dance in Morden's hall
on Thursday night.
"Public opinion," is the judg-1Stevens and Miss Mee, who led in
incut of the   "incapable   many" the   singing
opposed to the discerning few.       1 Ladies," etc.
Opens a Branch in North
Vancouver, with H. R.
Heffell, as Manager, and
G. B. Williams, as Teller
and Acccountant—Open
Saturdays 5:30 to   7:30
The Bank of British North
America opened its branch at the
corner ol Lonsdale avenue and
the Esplanade, North Vancouver,
ou Tuesday, January 2, with H,
R. Heffell, as manager, and Q, B.
Williams, as teller and accountant.
Besides doing a general banking
business, special attention will be
given to the savings bank department. On Saturdays thc bank
will be open from 5:30 to 7:30 p.
ni. to enable wage-earners as well
as others to make deposits and
cash cheques, etc.   The Bank of
nf   "Good    Night
Never contract friendship with
one who is not better lhan yoursell
—at least, in some particular.
Tiie pull of a politician and the
pull of a dentist  are  somewhat
similar—they bolh   cause   ol'i is
A. F, Beasley asking for two-
plank-sidewalk on Nineteenth
street. Referred to Board of
We have noticed at different
times that contracts have been let
lor municipal work to the lowest
tenderers, the prices for which
have been far below the actual cost
mark. Later on these adventurers threw up the jobs, sometimes
losing their deposits and at other
times saving them, This is most
unfair to boni tide contractors, who,
later on, get the work at their own
previous figures.   This matter, we
•ire pleased to ItOte, has been
brought lo the attention ol llie
municipal council, and it has been
decided by it to note the records
of contractors doing future municipal work. Surely the engineer
could furnish estimates for the
guidance of the council as to what
would be proper pries lo pay, below which tenders must not be accepted—lor the municipality does
not want its work done lor nothing, but on honest figuring. Reliable contractors to deal with, ami
stability ol construction at fair
rates, arc all the council can expect, and upon these at all times
it must insist. Again duo preference  should be given tu resident
Mabel Seal re state of Seventh
street. To be acknowledged by
Hope, Gravely & Company,
withdrawing the offer re lot 144,
group 1.   Agreed to.
Constable D. 11. Dick reported
for month of November and December: Two arrests and convictions.; Thirty-one road tax
reseipts issued and $62 collected;
Fifteen head of stock impounded
and fines collected, $26.90.
Dr. Dyer reported regarding Mr.
llandcock's condition, and that
there was no home for old men,
It was decidetl to communicate
with Dr. Underbill on the case.
Thus. Storey, contractor, re
Lynn valley road, asserting that
tlto wink is being properly done.
Kelerr.il m Board ol Works.
Tenders were opened loi work
on St. George's road as follows:
The matter ol Dr. Carroll applying (or 9,000 inches of water from
the Capilano creek next came up
for consideration,
Councillor Bell said that the
Water committee thought that the
municipality should be protected
and a protest made.
Reeve Kealy said that he had
had a conversation with Dr. Carroll regarding this matter. The
doctor had said that one reason for
building the proposed dam would
be (or the benefit of North
Vancouver, The reeve thought
that the municipality should look
after its own water supply. He
also thought that the council
should have a notice placed below the present city dam, as it was
proposed to move the dam
higher up, If this were done application would be made and the
council should apply in time. The
municipality should apply to the
government for say at least 1,500
or 2,000 inches, not altogether that
it was needed just at present, but
it was necessai
'   An enjoyable Christmas tree was I British North America is the first
|li id at Moodyville on Thursday' to establish here, and it is to be
'night. The ferry made a special'hoped that it will be well patron-
call there on the return trip lo tht'lized by the residents and those
city. Among those at the wharf | doing business hereabouts. Thi
to see their friends off were Miss Express wishes the new concern a
prosperous year.
Mr. Heffell, ihe local manager,
is well and favorably known in
British Columbia, having been
with the Bank of British North
America for a number of years.
He opened the Trail branch for the
bank and has been manager at
Asbcroft and several of the provincial points. He resigned the
managership of the clearing house
at Vancouver lo take charge of the
branch here.   In Mr. Heffell North
Vancouverites will find a   pains-
According to the Farmers' Advocate any it .Tease in llie tariff will
surely lead to agitation and instability, ' ilh an Annate return
to a laip , tariff and a consequent
shearing 0! the lambs who have
inv. sled  in the   too-highly   pro-
  tect'1 industries.
Well, if the municipality is not] „uri|)(, d„. pas, ;ew wouks thcrc
properly .run. .matt year i: will l» gqeihj l0 h,Vl ■,.,,„ BOmething
because some people fail to no all L,ingjn lm: r C. liberal ranks j
they have promised. , Mi w |ieu*enant-gOVernor is to be 'taking and courteous banker who
1 ..sis. Middleton and Berry, 0  appointed shortly,   Mr. Riley, M.
1 "
Sydney,   Australia,   were   guest.  IA for Victoria seems tc  be the
this week at the Hotel North Van* I choice, but then he wants .;  lena*
torship, and so does  Kobt    Kelly
The Horticultural Society  wi
bold its annual meeting on Janu.ir, 1
11.   A full attendance is requested
as election of officers lakes place. |
Among those who attended
"Busier Brown" at the Vanct.:VOl
Op.ra House on Thursday night
were Mrs. Kealy and Miss Weeks.
of   Vancouver.   "Hon
Kelly" looks swell.
Gn account of the ti rriiilc ship
wrecks off Vancouver island during
thi past couple of years a correspondent suggests that the govem-
men station a powerful deep sea
tug, something which would stand
a heavy sea, on the west coast.
Janus  B.  Elliot,   of   Billing*, During thc summer it could be
Montana, was a guest at the Hotel used   for  other   purposes.   The
North Vancouver on Wednesday. Igjvenuuent boat Kestrel, is idle
He was here on business matters. |half of its time, 10 it is said, and
why not do away with   it,   and
spend the money as suggested.
will do all he can to accomodate
Mr. Williams, Ihe teller and accountant, comes among us highly
Sunaior!recommended. He has been con-
| nected with the Bank of British
Nortli America, too, for some time,
having served the institution at
Toronto, Midland and London,
Out., before coming to the coast
two years ago. He also was with
ihe National Provincial Bank of
England lor six years.
C. Williams, who was awarded
the  tender lor the  First street
work   on  Wednesday  night,  I is
threw up his contract and forleit. .1 [a majority of one, yet it cannot
his tender.
Birt Campbell, the popular local
iniisorial artist of the Esplanade,
will open an up-to-date shop,
equipped with baths,  etc,   on
y lot tin' protection Lonsdale avenue shortly,
of the water supply,
( icillor Morden moved ami
Councillor Bell seconded a motion
that  the municipality   apply   for
2,11110 inches from the
creek,   Carried,
Among those "f   Norlh   Vancouver who will exhibit their dogs
al the forthcoming canine show ,'t
Vancouvei will be C,   Piers,   il
' ' ''l"!'""  theferr- company, and Mr. Bryce,
I     1  it    .    1    V    _.,.*,»	
Rails Arriving.
The council then adjournal
Monday, i-i" !'■ m
A Talking Cockatoo.
A talking, laughing, acrobatic
cockatoo, is ih*' kind ol a bird that
visited Tui. Express office on
Thursday. Ol course the bird
didn't come in alone. Mr. Bryce,
the trainer ami owner ol tlie bird,
had his shoulder cocked up on one
side which served as a roost, and
ii that manner travelled with the
talking ami hollering coi katoo
(mill Pete's i" ibis 1 iliit e. Naturally, iln1 bin! hmi io show ib. clever
iru ks, mid more
newspaper office, with everyone
from the "devil" lo the night
editor, standing with their jaws
ajar si/ing ii up.   lit' first-named
employe.' ol llie office was \cr,
much stuck on the bird, as the
following lines will show:
There was a trained coi katoo
Got oil funny jokesquitea few;
The accents were Swede
Ami I hale io consede
That lorfini beat Bryce'scookoo
The bird thoroughly understood
what was saul In it, antl tlie  man)
clever tricks it did caused a roai
cspei iall'  in a j nl laughter from ihe on 100
ni Hotel North Vani ouver.
The new voters' list (or V irtli
Vancouver will approximately
show 1,093 names for the   1
wards, namely, ...ml 1, .161, *.,  I
J, ■-, |6; waul j,  ynu: ami   ward   ;.
431, ol course several of thi ie
11,imes are repeated in each waul
,ts owners nl different properties.
Over pi 1 tuple at 1 epted tin
invitation ol the Western C< rpor-
aii'in Social Club who gave a ver,
successful and enjoyable ball mi
Tuesday evening. The affair was
held in the Pavilion Irom n-jn
p. in. In 1.1 ; 13 a. in., and I Iai
pur's on le Btra liirnishcd the 1 xech
I 'nt music, The committee nl
in magi ni' til wen    M '--is. C. Iv.
The provincial government has
iai I that eilher it or the opposition
is strong. In units the liberals
may be, but in policy they are
verj weak. I11Gre.1t Britain the
conservatives Inui a large majority
in the house, but the lib ml o| position was robust enough to loco
thd   resignation of   the    Ba'fnur
ministry, <,ov"rnments are only
good when there is a strong oppo*
Mtn.1. "inst is the planets an
held m plan' b\ th. opposition nl
(on' 1," 'ays .1 writer,
This morning things were '.in
a**' at the wharl. Tin ri Wl ri
no I • . than live big icov, 1 loadi.!
down 10 the waters . dge two
with lumber, one crush il rock,
"in' '..mil, and im.' was loaded with
c nib* 1 (or False creek.   Tbe
last-named was tin- first big c in*
alignment ol cordwood sent to i,
, i'y from this municipality, An
III. \\ right says that this will
be the laM at least, lor BOtne time,
as il is almost impossible to get
the cordwood out of Ihe bush on
. of the bad roads,   Al 11
Thc B. C. Electric Railway
Company started hauling rails for
the -lev tram system to be installed
t.,is year, on Wednesday morning.
The rails arc being placed on
Third street, eastwards from St.
David's street, en route to Lonsdale avenue and the waterfront.
At St. David's street thc distributing station will be erected
and the laying commenced. The
company is making all possible
■. .'i'l wilh the work, also the
installation of the lighting system,
I, tth lor the sine.-, aud private
-fjidenci 1
■ 1 v i.il lug loads ol rails
t ie ferry, ami nth. r wagons loaded
with iiipplit ■- Inr the camps
it is tn be regretted that the
Western Corporation will not
attempt to ship any more than tic
one big si OW load of cordwood t)
V in um 1 r mi in 1 011 ii t ol the bad
st tte of the roads leading from the
bush. Otherwise, a large number
ol hands would be well employed
ring the winter. The council
hould certaingly make an .-Hurt to
>; 11 up ami ke. p m fair condition
some ol iln"-" mosl important
roads. It is r e,irat loss to the
1 oinmiinity to have burned ruth-
Ii ,,ly thousands of cords of the
. ry best cordwood on account of
|i nl road in order to clear up the
land when such a good market is
lose al hand. the Express
NORTH AA.'uliyui' I', c.
\ « paper,   ■   I'lihlislicil In
I'lll-: ' . I"'  aim; Cnmpanj
'u     I lull,11' |",I' Vl'lll'
iil*Xlltill<: II illTI,.*'.,
M in i   ■
II l   .
11,,- ia.-,.' " -', :', •.
i.m   i' ■ ! -    i    '     H
rnnilon, last v
.im ..i ..I il
- in1  'ii ex-
lioji    i
; Uu the
I •., •     lbs,
ii, i| fni i      ■■       ;
. it, mnl ii'im the Up ol
. |) I ul ....     feet.
. in ■   Ti   I, .ui" nf the
nol nla    lo
iimi'l . ii Iron i li as a sub-
Btltute.   He wns In llie hiilill ul
ng tl if   rofi ictory   InilliinB
. iiiis iron hand, and thoy   have
ii i'     greal    medicine."    Dr, Thomas' Mectrlc Oil   is
i' ■ i oa hold "f i"in
.ii Iron liniiil  I knocks i1 oul
of thi    fsteni,
ii flsli li 10k i" I   'i
i ivo boi ii 'li.""
ii  mnl  will   If Belli
.1 C 'ii id i Mil
IIXO   ill  nf   BOllll   en|
WHS   ill   US'-      Wll.'ll
tlinlillcil liy mound li
.1)1   lili  hunk  is    III
iii length, and was g
lioi'mim's n.-l   Iii Sel
1""    l'i Inl,   :■'  I   is   ll   BOIIVOIllr   Of
■ iho A rlcan cnntln
Both ' hold by   Mr.   J
Growth uf Uie Si'iiiiiiirnt in Favor of j
thr System.
Tlie vollni! population In the United
Status Is iln. most Intelligent In tin I
World,   The bine is [mat when men go j
tn 'he polls like ilitnili, driven animals.
They lire reasoning mul figuring, uud, J
ns might lie expected, they take a very i
Bolllsb ini'l pruetk'til view,   The Bentl- I
iiii'titiillly of party devotion has almost
eiillrel) dlsupiiearod.   The presldcutlul
nf i-~-.it; wns n triumph of material Interests.  Thousands upon thou*
Biiuda llien drifted nun. from nut It ul
Ilea of party fetilty inui obeyed tlie
ts of self preservation, tearful
leal their accumulation, large or small,
rulghl be Ivei uffeeted, The same
feeling was parainuuut In  1000 mnl
llllX     ll.,, uuiulelpiil elect  In Chi
,i ■ "i tliosa .nm
i    Elei lloiia in ilie future will
be .!'•!.■: in ned b! tbe i i uuio, The :
■ ei-i.il •■, llnil of ail, thc r
own lutercsta. They will givu littit
In" 'l to phitforuu liml eaudldatCB, ex*
■ • ,'. these appeal to personal and
i il considerations,
lli.'ie  is  truth  in  Judgo Dunne's
■ nt that the movement In favor
of municipal ownership of all public
utilities has taken deep root among
ihe Intelligent people of this country,
"It Is no passing sentiment," lie sny*.
"II is here lo slay. Municipal owner*
ship and operation of these utilities
ami governmental ownership of railroads, telegraphs nnd express transportation nre practical questions, upon
which Ihe people must puss within a
very sliort lime; nnd Uie politicians
nml parties who Ignore these questloni
must he prepared for n sliort lived
career before tho people." The movement la based upon tlie popular belief that municipal ownership of public
uillillrs means lhat the people anil not
ii few fortunate stockholders will share
the prolils, |
Curiously enough, tlie United States
government has done more than any
ether single agency in Instilling tills ]
belief into llie population.   During the
1'ii-t two or three years the I'nited '
Slnies consuls abroad have eontrilnit- '
ed an Interesting and valuable series
of reports upon (he various phases of
municipal ownership In (Jreut Britain,
and almost without exception those re* 1
ports have heen arguments In favor
of the system.   These documents have
been widely circulated throughout this i
country, and they have stimulated the
Idea of municipal ownership to an extraordinary degree.—Henry Uielitleld
West lu Forum,
ind    Paralyzed.—" 1    had
nl    il. '   iiill.l
i 'l tut .   N H.       1 -uf.
tl .
.... i               • .,
Dr, .'•    ■
in   i.i   iho  II'.ni    travi
■ ne 1 : iii'.li'.l            i
ti- '
i,   il     To 'lay 1 mo
> »'
Ofllcc   Doparl nt   at
DtlBM ■ celvod .i   li I'll' ll from
.   •    , . Noi   "'Mi. it ' 'i
.."ll'lee      In      RllSSia,
■■ lompoi ti. .■ iui pond'
I . resumed
  Palpitation  and Irregular
heart n lue largely
ttery t.million of the
The heart and nerves
refine to perform their proper work
I'.r want of support. IVe, weak,
or ann-mic people should use
" FlYClllXS" and avoid liearl
trouble*..  " I'svchinr " makes rich
A the system, regulates
Am heart action and restoree vitality. All weak people should have
l botUe hai ly In i ise ol Mtddea
heat!"        I,
OR. T. A. aLOOUM, Limited
ITS King UL W.i   Toronto, Canada
Yoo oannel be ejpscttd to have faith in
Shiloh'i Conmmplion Cute, the Luna
Tonic, || a ewe (or Colds, Coughs and all
disease, of the air passage,, if you have
not tried it, Wo have lull, in it, and we
guarantee il. II it doesn't cuie you il co,U
you nothing. || it J0Cs it costs you 25c
Thai's lair. Try it to-day.
Shiloh has cured many thousand, ol tha
roost ob'tinatecascs, niid-vedonotlirsilats
to say that il will cure any Cold, Cough,
Thiiml or Lung Iriitil'lc. II we did nul
believe this we would nut guarantee it.
Shiloh has had un Unbroken record of
success lor thirty years. It has stood
evcty possible leilwithout failure. Fuiihcr
i' I    UN  '  "1  h-   liA'  '.'  t,"!j,     ;■   ,'■   ()f   t!     *r
who hnvfi tried Shiloh an-1 been cured.
Mii. Arcliie Taylor, Asaph, I Y, writes I—
"lUuslitii bottld ol Shiloh'i C"fiiiimiiliouCur«
ticj Imiml il very UntGvial. I Uvetwo iliilJiwi,
lid i -v had a I.",,' !•■ cough. | gmtliui
•VtfytliinH I could Ihtolj of, OAWSf BOt pp Wll«.
Mhl iNU fveninj my huiUnd tV'tiiiM a willed
SJuluK.   Wa gtvo il lu iho diilJren when ihw
Enl lo Lett, in I t,Vy i!«pt ill p-glit. It cufM
~ rou.-jlr.teIy. I i-hal! atwayi Lecp it mini
UM." faj
21*. with luaianlw vylirievef tueiligni i, wld.
Tli • oni|iloyoes nf tho Kim: elevator
nt Purl Arthur nre Being llilngs al
night, \i mldnlghl oacli oveiilng s
supposed liuly, dressed In Mowing
[•incuts, Is to he Been at tho
large elevator, and when chnsed,
makes for the Pigeon Rlvor company's saw mill and disappears from
view, Tin' lad* is very Interested in
iln- worlis of the elevator, as each
evening Ihe ghosl Is to bo soen standing near Iho holler house nn.l gazing
stendlly ni the big elevator, The other
men engaged nl the works and residents of ih" in.vii nre wondering
where Ihose who have seen tho phantom have heen taking unlimited quantities of Imt liquor.
Eight I'lCns)' StnBi-n" *>f II**' """I A*v-
Inl   Kinds  ill Tlirlnr,-,
Tin' plum of ini'iiienl to which till
wicked l;;.Ml.' i     i" ho assigned
' , Iln tiny "f i mil  '.""i":-' la « tor*
I'llilc   place   nf   pimlslinioiit.     This
;;,   i.  : .   || ||  is divided  Inlo eight
In tlm llrsl llie poor
cllt'il in walk for tin
; "■ .'Tl  over lillls
 : iicedh'S, points
l ml slaw Ihe skin
, r rasped from
III Mints up-
Ill ■ ilu* mills,
I n    .ml the
!  |il   ■ nl   Inl '
:.',,■      The
n      '
I hi'inl arc
ii ...       In
i      ■     .
I i
I,,,, ,,,' Hi,. ,.. I, hllml, tun.tiit'il.
i is vis ilm ih.' whole
l cd Into a Jelly.
I,, i , seventh si " llu* other side ot
t ie victim mid li ; feel are masted
In-own, and llien r - Ihe eighth mul
i■;,.. in which 'li" '
thrown Into the bottomless pit of per*
Natural Qreen Ceyion Tea has placed it on top. Packed
only In sealed lead pockets, the same as delicious
Salada Black Tea.
40c, Cue, mid OOo por Ib. By all Orocors.
Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.
Minnrd's Liniment Cures  Distemper,,
The Ontario government Ins entered iiii»> ii now nrrangemeiil In regnrd
it, prison labor and hinder twine. The
manufacture has I n handed over to
th. Colonlnl Cordage company, which
has contracted to pay Ihe government
SO cents por tiny per man tor prisoners employed.
There is nothing equal lo Mothi t
liraves' Worm Exterminator for destroying worms. No ftrllelo of iis kind
has given such satisfaction,
The Aipa Lowered.
Th.' Swiss Alps have suddenly lost
ten fr.'t of llteir height by a curious
olil.'Inl blunder,
As n result of the recent calculations
of ihe federal topographical deportment it Is given "lit Iimt till altitudes
given on Swiss official maps and Minns
ni" ten feet eight Inches greater than
they shiiiiM'lie.
In the lake of Genera la n rugged
block of stone known ns tlic Pierre a
Niton, supposed to have been used In
ancient days as no altar to Neptune,
In 1820 a bronze tablet wns placed on
tho stone recording Its exact altitude
as being 1,230 feet 5 Inches abova sen
level, and from Ibis slono all the Swiss
altitudes were then officially calculated and n glstercd,
li now nppcnrs that tho Tiorro a
N Ion Is rea > onlj 1,223 tect 8 Inches
above ea level, and thus all tho Swiss
altitudes nre too grout by mora than
ten fct i.  London Express,
Royal Groetltsffi,
Pi lent Lotihet of France nsked
Hi" advice of tho government ns to
the form lie should employ In addressing King Edward, King Alfonso and
olher royal personages, As "Your good
brolher," President Fnuro once signed
himself when writing lo the king of
Denmark, even ns tlie old kings of
Franco were wont to do. The emperor
of liiissln addresses M. Loubct as "My
dour nnd grout friend," nml the prcsl*
dent lias to reply, ' Sire" nml "Your
majesty." Napoleon III., writing the
naddesl letter of his llfo, his surrender
nl S'slnii, addressed tho king of Prussia, while the citadel was a blaze of
ii". ns "Sire, my brolher," and subscribed himself "Your good brother"
and received the king's reply commencing "My brother" nml ending
"Your loving brother."
An Ottawa dispatch says that the
Dominion Parliament will likely be
colled nn January 3rd.
An liml tn llilinus Ueiulnclii Bill
ivhlch is caused bj excessive
bile in the stomach, 1ms n marked
efTi cl upon ihe nerves, and often
manifests Itself by severe headnche
This Is ih.' mosl distressing headache
one elm have. There nro headaches
from cold, from fever, nnd from other
onuses. Iiiii tlic mosl excruclallng of
all Is Hie bilious headache. Panne.
It e's Vegetable I'llls will cure it -
cure ii nlmosl Imniodlntoly. It will
Ui ni'i" nr ns sunn on the pills operate
'l mi' ■ Is nothing Burer In the treat*
in. n; rn' bilious henilncho.
T. F. jy.cGli.GflR) & Co.
i'oif|.h,i  ' i
Heal Estate- Insuranoe
and General Commission
Un ilness
i.', ■ in i
V.-ir-    i IVOP, D. C.
Keep out Ut. rilra.
Tlie question ns to whether the com-
■ fl*. li n factor in tlie spread
of liihereiil is la Is considered by Dr, J.
n '   ib In n rerenl Issue of American
L'vernlohsi ".".'. li nr d	
" ' ml tli it tl o fly ' .ui carry tuber.
ele Int'illi on Its feel and In lis stomach,   This Is un iirgiin."■ i (or Bcreen-
Ing nil f I supplies from the possl-
I . ly of ' mini ' "ii. Wherever In
nny part of thc world tuberculosis li
I Ill Ihere also is Iho tly found in
a |" I
(inn, I,,,, Tree!  In  III,. Arid  [legion,
The growing  of  trees  In   tho  arid
n ' : nd Nebraska 1ms
pn   . i ihe experimental stage,   This
fuel is evldei I by the largo number
"f (orei I nml fruit trees thai havo heen
shipped lo thai "eetlon this season,
One ngenl iilone claims In hnvo snld
I", fori -i trees litis year,   There is
■ . :■ in j .1 nihl ni...nt the trees
growing, nnd limy nro planted llu ro
with ns nnieli cunlideiice ns elsewhere
-Maxwell's Talisman,
In   Irlllli'liil   I'll,',-.
An,old i '■!• of 1870 li is boon going
nh ml Purls fur tblrly yours wilh no
lips nnd nose,
iITi ri .| severely liy Iho explosion nf n shell.   Modern icloneo has
"stored I    I   c   A mn ' wns le,
pari of silver,  part of wnx, neatly
tinted two eyt       i    mi     I it
i . o lips In rubber,
Presldonl Jackson, of tlie Chicago
Hoard of Truth', says thai the Western Canada winter wheat is the very
lit si iu thu world,
I wns cured of lamo back, nft. r suffering IB v.'iirs. by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Two Rivers, N.S. ROBERT ROSS.
I was cured of   Diphtheria,   after
doctors failed, by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Antlgonlsh.      JOHN A, FOREY.
I was cured of contraction nf inns*
Will Find a Certain Cure in the Use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Rheumatism is a dis.'as,, of He
blood, lively doctor now admits
this in bo llio fact. Doctors used to
think thai rheumatism was brought
nn by cil.ls in tho Joints and muscles.
Now ihey know thai cold never
started the disease—cold only sotB
tho pnlns going. Rheumit.tm can
t nly be cured by cining the bad
blood which causes It, Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills always euros rheumatism,
because thoy actually make new
rich rod blood, which drives oul
Ut" poisonous acids, lot sens the stiffened, aching joints and muscles, and
rostores Un> rheuraatl) sufferer to
health nnd happiness, Dr, William's
l'ink Pills hnvo cured liintisands and
thousands ot rheumatic sulterors,
stun,, of llit'iu when they were almost
hopeless cripples. Mr. T. ll. Smlili.
Caledonia, Ont., Bays:—'For a number "i years I was badly troubled with
rheiimnttsm, and wns so crippled I
could scarcely do any work. 1 tried
quite n number of medicines, Imt
Ihey tlltl not help me, Then I snw
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills advertised as
a euro for ihls trouble, and gol a
supply, After I had taken n few
boxes I snw ihey were helping me,
nml I continued Inking tho pills
throughout the winter, nnd am now
completely cured. I have Blnco worked oul of doors In cold weather
without a ciiat, ami did nol feel even
n Iwlngo of iho trouble,"
If ynu nro Buffering from nny disease duo to had hhii.il or disordered
nerves, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will
cure .vim. because ihey make new
rich blood, which goes right to tho
t'lni of ih" 'lisoaso anil drives it
'nun the system. That is why Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills euro such troubles ns nnnemlu, Indigestion, palpitation of Uu* heart, neuralgia, 11 nd-
aches nnd backaches, kidney nnd
liver I roubles, St. Vitus Dnnce, par-
nd Iho Bpcelnl Bocrel all-
inonls nf girlhood nnd womanhood,
llul only the genuine pills can do
this, mill these always have Ihe full
mini.' "in. Williams' Pink Pills for
I'nle People," mi Hi" wrapper
mound each box.   Sold by Medicine
■ verywhere, or s.uii by mnll
ni r.u cents n box or six  bo
$2.50, by willing the   Dr,   Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvlllo, Ont
Tlie Canadian Bank of Commerce,
which recently advertised fur GO
Scotch hnls to ..nni,' out to this com**
try m- Junior clerks, has boon Informed Unit Hi" full number has been so*
i ured, A number of tho boys aro
ml in Ihelr way out, uml II Is Intended Hint ih" rcmiilnder should sail
,vlihln ih" nexl few days, This will
In  ihe Inigesi niiinbor of lioj i   nver
h glu i" Canada by   n   Canadian
i   llu  i'   ill of tlie rapid
■ ti in i ih" brunch bunk     lorn
iiiiniii'.li'.iii ih" Dominion, lu Iho pasl
i in   i  found tluil Scotch lads,
■ ii     "v t| ..' an - iirl) ..        n."
.nl bnnkors.
Mlnard'l  Liniment Cures  Dlplll    rll.
nf gold wore til t i bj
A t. p. graders on tho route north*
ivi .' ni  All Hln, M 'i   recontl
vernl miniature nun ■        ro picked
tip |,y thf men of Strovol Tho
grading wns in progro is In n slough
lioiioni, which Ii i. ilioughi wi s on
old it -1' In d, Mr, lliniii'i. in" tn the
foremen, secured unit" n valuable
souvenir In the form of n nut" I th"
size of it small pobblo,
Blue Fox Ruff
Think of it » b< kutir.it HolT of Hln* Po*. ftl m™-t
ft i.i''* iin: t vmi, i ■-■< a :*l| tu%. Hurh ui
«|[*ir «u nevuf nitdr \*ti>n.   TIk *'o\j tntun *« *»n
•ffl'ltl (O (id 11 I* Ihnt -it* .1  ■■ >' ,' I lor tlllt*  !■*:!.  I: "
i   i- ■ i i»i-   ■■'..   imt'ti in til lummir imi nallbem
l.'i > .a >. si     ,:■■.   i    I   ||   |i  InchM  I i-i-   i..*i ly
4 IDCQM "il-    m\d» I.f Iht M'..l* " ■"!  Bin IU I'l.f,
trrj rich, ion Imi fluffv. II li -wiiily ■■*.! JrJ. Ilnn. wlUi
ta« svii ■ <:■•■! ni.ti > i i n...i. ■ 'fi with four long
ulUot niuo it **..»■■.. 0m 1,« i.i: di ii.i. \tnx hu ii-* 1.1
\x\nl»»iiiciveaftw***, mi'i Ton f-nfill M tujf. Jmt
■mil ns ju.ii mi-it ud iwldjcti, \fitixi\); unl«« mil mill
'..'1 J.1..I.H.I d
. Picture Post-Cards*
lo III) It »\ l "t (1 fATill h) ft ut.) TTi-ijr IH hfftiiUlsiUf
BofinC niltl* i«», .ul nl (In M «ii"''-  *'"*«
DpMtttnitfWUHWOOM wftort to Ih** wou'D iiiii
t-irli of Oftinvlft    Ynu coulilfl't b tj IW IW»| In Uu Fill
.-■ :: .1 ".    1!     >  il'J.ir, l.'i    a'. ■ ,;*t in   :■*
ilyliih, fth'l itn.nubw, It rn-Rl to\t JTW * m i i;lI. WrlU
I'-JftT *» init m ai .1 *«i.J Un I'r Un VinM'fttili
,  ..  »■!   (nl*'I. lal  trlCo. ;• '    1ST   TuronM
Imperial Maple Syrup
Aik your d-al-r lor Impsrlll Mnple Syrup.  Do not allow him to tubitltuU
an Inlorlor artlolo baoam* It It oltoapor.
E, ii. Berry, ol Cypress River, Iws
n simple explnnntton of iho Bcnrcliy
of tho prairie chicken ihis yenr Ho
snys thnl ih" iireni Irouble Ilea In llio
practice of bo cnlloil Bportsmon going mn In motor rigs anil Bliootlng the
chicken In ihis way. This he ileclares
in bo n very unsportsmanlike praC'
lice, and Biiggesis thai the iiuhlic do
everything In Its power lo stump li
out. Another reason for tli" scurcl'!'
of the chicken, ho miys, is duo io llie
filet iiiui there ivoro some heavy
Btorms in ih" early pari of llio year.
These Btorms nol only killed ihe
young prairie ciuckon, bill also made
serious Inroads on the poultry of u
large number of farmers.
Twllchy   Muscles  and   Sleeple»ine»i.—
Th..  ||„|,l It ss  In .nt   SI  l,'l, ss   llnil  m Itlu-
,,. '   ,.t iiiitn.iii wn.sr nerves   ar#
pi,.,!,,,, ,i i.- h bt -I ii" plctur*
,,,i in ...iiiiii-t ..tilt n nnil.in who im*
l„, -. |,i llu ' ill pill lid I .'* l""i
,,, ,L , ,i fi,,'n tli,.„i  l,y  s uill.  An ■ ■ li in
N,,,i„,. ie'".;'." UM.-lef. of l'"l'.'"l.
,,,,!   11"      si.s I   "**•'   'It*'   In*'  1"  II*
, I   i .  .    "        II
Tli"   Dominion   lloveriiiin i
nccepied the Invlliilloti of   Iho   Sew
Zealand Governu onl lo i xlitbll al !h.'
exhibition lo be hold al Clnlsli Imrch
N.'iv Zenliiii'l. nexl year.  Th
of llie exhibition branch of llie Ve-
piti'inii'iit .ii Agriculture will '
iini" In prepnrln ■   I
hit, which will iild in fn
between Cnnnda nnd Now /.ealaiid
The use of a
Tlic everyd*)' convenience
and usefulness of reliable
barometers is becoming
more and mora ncOgnltM
by Agriculturists anl the
general public.
A (-n.-u-antfrd Aneroid
n.-immcler (m.ule by Sliort
.* lUtOIS, I^iadoii, Blag.)
will bo .*-*nt prepaid by
ll..i,i„«i.l    H.ill  fur  i«a .-."-
A complete treatise on
" Weather Instrumenti for
the Home " will be mailed
to your address for 15c,
or included free with any
I3«i-i..8 VOHOB sr.
toboh ro ■  on r.
i, puts/
T*,*.  Mora*  Mm,   l.oaea (iiii  of  llonr
I.Ill*   Ilia-   Mure   lie   all>aal,-a**a   II.
Tlie ititii'i' 111.111 litis lifetime ciigugod
III llie rollllk'ls 'if I'ivili'.iilinii, In Int. I-
I'"'mil illsii|i|iiiliilinenl, ihe uiiire ho
has fell llir usi'l,--it"*, nf l.niiwli'ilp',
ilm re he bus turned i" certain expressions i.f art ns till escape,   lie lins
llillll'i'SSl'il 1 111s Iii is:,11111-. bus paint-
i.i Iniidsciipo nun" nml 111,in*, bus
' sltnwii in every ivny Uml such an es-
i'ii|.e w.is 11 dream. Arl Im* existed
from ih" very beginning, even hefure
the 1I1-1 mini Btuiiereil oul his miming of th" animals nml expressed llielr
.■li,inl. ter hy Uie Bound of their liitiuu.
The ii.in.es  ,,r  snvngus,  IIS   .."  call
them  Ihal is |o sny. nf 1 pic ol 1 11
er forms ..r clvlllsatl uvenled be
fur,, ibe mis t,f dcslgu, record iu n po-
otic way "imi ilu'}' do nnd the sen-
suns uf inch doing nnd ".en 11 i>-
pcarnnco "f iiuturo ill" si,inn, the
ruin, th,' fl'iuil* blowing ncrois llio iky,
III,- lushing ul iln. sen ngnlnsl Ilia
shore, lu FIJI Ihey have n dniico
viiei" ih" women spread oul their
arms like llio wavo Hues of Iho surf,
and Hi" children, sprluglng up hehlnd
them, represent the foam nf llio wavo
cresis. l'i-.,1,1 these beginnings wo
know Hmi tragedy and comedy, ns wo
cull them, havo grown, Then, ns all
those disappear In fact, Ihey nre recorded hi ih" nri of painting, And ns
mini inure anil more leaves hehlnd him
II  lil" of nul nf lluill'S III SO 111.I  ll dOCS
li I.- Ire toitdinlro It.- McClure's Mag.
A.-,-')i,n, Hot'.cs.
Arabian horses   bIiow   remarkable
in Imt tl 1, ll Is Biiltl thai when
I    '     I    I'll'l.l      Illlt!.-   If
wound 'I an 1 knows In llnetlvel* thai
lie will nol li" ni'l" It) nn iy Ms rider
1111 tui long, r In 11 li I Ij roilres, I' 1 ■
Inu  I.   :,    ■ 1 i"     i|nc ■   ol
mi If, nn Ih" oilier hail I, Ihi   '
lllll I ill   1"   ■
1 tli111,
lllllllflll I                           ...
Beware  nl  Olntmrnts  lor  Catarrh   That
Conulii Mercury,
"' ''"•    ■   ■
deriiugo    ih,'
*   " 11   '■    II I'lilei Ill011 I,
l"   mn ■    •"'■ I.
BI uld III 'i li, , ., . ..,,,, ,,„ ,„,s
cilptoiH froni r,.| ,„,
in. iluinimi iln, »m ,1,,
V;",'    '.' '  ■'"'" di'i'ln  from them.
inu ■ 111 uuil, . in,., manufactured    i.y
l' -1 '''""" « Co., I'oli In .1. . intuitu
ie in.'i'iiii. mnl  ■ .     rnnlty, uet-
l"-'   tod nnd mucoui
' ■" "• f tin 'i' in in buying llnll'i
1.111111I1 1 ■im- be sura ...ii in-i in., nnu*
I'1"    11 1- ml" 11 mi'111.illy .,11,1 modi in
,' l*'*l  -  li   1   J. .'ii'iiey   ft   Co.
lVntlmonlil   1 '
s.iia by luiii'A'i.'ta.   riii'o 75c por bat-
i.ii.i' Hall's i.iuiiiy inui (or conitlpa-
The big drug merger, aboui which
ihere him been bo much talk, lately.
bus been consummated,   n Is u com-
bl t nil the wholosnlo drug houses
in Cnnnda, twenty-one In number, of*
fueled from within, nnd Is tho biggest
company In the .iniK business In thi
world. The National Drug and Chemical Company o( Canada,   ns   iho
new  ""in Ii called, Iini a capital
ol |0, ."II".
Tli" Bolf-lovellng hunk for Ihe prevention of Boa-sickness which lias
1 it oxporlinonlo 1 on for some lime
ni 1 Hi" ii"."i Calais bonis bus
1 11   found   so   neci   iful Ihal H is
|l tip -    'I   '"  III  ' iii   II   nil .ill   lite  sli'll-
mors mi ih" soiin"
Itch, mnngc, prairie scratches, Cu-
ban itch, on human r animals, cured
In 10 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists
A company named the " laobensmlt"
lolexportoxprosssiiH igosell 11 hufl" bus
I been fornti 1 nl i'i issburg,   In   Hun*
I.,'.. for supplying fd*ndon, Paris,
[ and Berlin with Hungarian beef, nnu-
j Ion, mi'i leu'.   Th" long iiuni" moans
"Company for   exporting   provisions
by express train."
Wo hnvo in* hosltallon In saying
nun nr .1  11.   Kellogg's   Dysentery
1 "Anil Is wiili.nit  ih'ilhl    ih"    best
in.,ihii v.r Introduced for dyion*
lory, diarrhoea, oholera and all 1 •
„, 1 complaints, sen slcknoss, ate. it
,,i ptlj gives relief and novor fulls
,,, ,i,,,i n   positive   cure    Mother*
1 pi novor be   wlthoul   a   huitlu
ivhon iii.'ir ehlldren are teething,
S.S.  Service with  New Zealand.
Victoria, IK' \ contraci bus boon
nwarded to Ihe Bucknal Steamship
Company of l/in.lon, according lo nn
ii'iinvn dispatch, for n steamship ser*
Ti," between Brltlili Columbli nnd
New /"iiiinii. with twelve snlllngs a
viii'. for which n subsidy of JlOO.nno
n year will he given, half to be contributed by Canada nnd half by New
Zealand, The Bucknall Stoamshlp
Company own thirteen stoameri
ranging from 1,701 to 2,810 ions.
I- ' (-lorious iKVcrnge   quenching ami sntlnfyitiR.
i'   ieiiil-er there's 110 other " jttsl us good "   in
(•etling Rainier.
Pacific   Bottling  NAAorks
Vnncouver, B> C.
t-t-t bainnaiarnminrwi^ THE EXPRESS
II OrlKlnnli.il in England in lh«
I'llK'hii-i-nili Century,
Sou bnthlug bad Its orlglu In England
before 1750, when Dr, Itlchnrd Russell
published his treatise on the virtues
of Ben water, The healing virtues of
the sen bath wore not understood, nor
wns the prnctlce ot sen bathing generally resorted to. There seems to
bavo existed tl horror of the sen; Indeed, iii nieiiini'Viii times n compulsory
dip iu ils wiilers was ii senleiiee nflen
passed "ii Iho public offender, In lite
earlier decades nf llio elghleenth eon*
hut ."'-ii'in Kuropo BiifluriHl heavily
tinder "king's evil," tho popiilni' uame
for Ihal  tuberculous alTecllun which
icourgitl nil ei is-"s from i r to pons*
In- Itusaell, it Sussex prnctltlolior,
liml ohsi'i'ved Uml dwellers on llio
iiiii-i ii "i| M drink of the sen water,
bnthe iu It, even wash Ihelr Bores la
It and bind litem lip Willi sen weed.
Having Biillslled himself as to llu*
elllcncy of llio pruetlco he began io
prescribe for bis patients with most
satisfactory rcBiilts, Ills trentlse resulted In the enlists becoming largely patronized hy the idling, uml the do-
tumid for st'iisiile lodgings was Boon »
growing ipiniitlly. This gradually
spread in tho contlnout, Theu iienplo
commenced to see lhat fresh water
wns ii good thing, and the vital im*
portniico of tlie skin us uu oxcretor of
waste was grcntly emphasized somewhat later tin IKi-i), when the morning
"tub" was instituted nnd bus since acquired a worldwide reputation.
Tha Way Uie Israelites of old i.oit
Their Third Bye.
The Jews of eastern Palestine nnd
Asia Minor have n queer tradition
which has survived from indent times
and tells of a remote period In their
history when every fully devolped Israelite was equipped with three perfect
eyes. The two main optics were situated In the front part of Uie bend, Just
ns eyes are toilny, hut the Uilrd was
torntcd In tha buck part of the head
Just above the nape of the neck In Ihe
edge of the hair. This wonderful third
eye In ninn was nut "evoluted" out of
existence, hut was closed by divine In
Junction on the day when Moses was
given the tallies of stone ou Slnnl.
Vou remember that Hod's command
en the day that the tables were renewed was to the effect thnt no man should
be seen In the vicinity of the holy
mount. (See Ex. xxxlv, 8.) Tlie he-
Keren In the three eye tradition sny
that Moses supplemented Ood's command hy ordering the faithful who
were encamped In the valley to turn
their heads from the mountain. This
they did, hut look good care to uncover
the eye that wns situated lu the hack
of the head.   Moses, noticing this show
of duplicity on tbo part of his followers, iisiieil ('nul to close the third, nr rear,
eye, nnd since that dny the Israelites,
In common with ihe remainder of Immunity, have been forced to depend on
two eyes only.
n,'in- nf Olceflnokee l*va*n*>«
The grcnl Okellnokeo swamp begins
not far from W'nycross, On., nml extends duo south for n distance of about
forty mill's, rillllllllg nver Into Florida,
Here iu Ibis vnst Intel ,if tlcsolato bog
nml   BWninp nre Ihollsilllds  of  hlnck
bear and deer and wild turkeys without number. The whole region Is a
hunter's pnradlse, uml yet so abundant
is the gnrao iu litis remote and desolate
country that 11 th.es not seem to diminish in spile of tho nlmrods, The bean
weigh from '.'uu lo lino pounds ami put
In a great part of their time preying
upon Iho pigpens of Ihe farmers. If
forced Into a light they nre dangerous
intngonlsts, ami u» prudent hunter will
attack one savo nt n point of vantage.
s.i, Gypsies,
in the archipelago of Merjnl, off the
roast of lower ltiirmu, Ash,, live the
"sen gypsies." Instead of carts Ihey
men covered boats, In which, with Ihelr
families, dogs, cats, chlckoni nml pels,
they limit nhoiit on llie sen nnd wander
from Islnnil to Island, Hy ilny they lish
or harpoon turtles or dive for oysters,
hut every ulglil they put hack to Ihe
shore. If the weather Is had nt sea
lltev  hind  wilh Ihelr dogl nml llien
poach, catching porcupines, squirrel",
irmndlllooii hog deer ami the lite, of
Which ihey make savory slews, like our
An  Artllt'1 (rill,lam.
Probably no two artists ever criticised each other more severely than
did I'useii nnd Northcote, yet they re-
miilneil fast friends. At one time I'useii wns looking it Northcote's painting of the nngel meeting Balaam and
his ass.   "How do you like If:" asked
Northcote after a long silence, "North-
cole," replied l'usell promptly, "you're
nu nngel nt nu ass, hut an lis ut an
wiir l\> Can't n*. Great.
Emerson defined greatness ns simplicity. "Indeed, to be simple is to ho
great," The qncstlon emerges, is life
ilinplo lodnyl if not, will ll bo simpler
tomorrow! If not, then how can there
ever ngnln he Biich greatness ns in tbo
pusi iu n world of aver Increasing cum-
wiir siie Left.
"Yes, my wife nllcmle.1 but one scj*
■Ion of llie club"
"Whal earned her to quit It?"
"She found ..ui that the rules put a
time   limit  of  live  mluutes  on  all
the L-iver
Kidneys and Bowels-To Prevent Disease by
Cleansing the System«-You Must Use
Thoro Is a nood In overy homo of a
medicine that will promptly euro biliousness, kidnoy derangement, nnd
A medicine thnt hy cleansing the
tillorlug und oxcrotory organs will remove all poisonous wasto matter, and
by bo doing prevent favors, colds und
.-unli de.1.11/ disease] as dropsy, diabetes aud lit'.i.'.i's disease.
No medicino satisfies tho need so
well ne Dr. Chaao's Khlnoy-I.lvor
This Is no lillo boast, but nn absolute fuel lhat Is bncked up by Ihe testimony of a hundred tbousnnd homos.
The reputation of Bt. A. W. Chase
nt author and physician la the guar-
anteo which llrat made this groat medicino popular.
Now It at anils on Its record of
cures—a record which has soldora, If
ever, boon paralleled In Iho history of
Mlas Julio I.anglols, Manor, Snsk.,
"For a long tlmo I Btiffored    from
livor complaint nnd biliousness, nnd
could find nothing to help mo until 1
used Dr. Chase's lClduoy-Uvor I'llls.
l have recommended then PHIs to
many of my friends and thoy have all
baon well satlslluil with Iho results.
You can use this letter for tho bene-
n. ot women who aro suffering aa I
As a treatmont (nr backaches, headaches, Indlgostlnn, aching limbs, liver derangements, kidney disorders'
and constipation, Dr. Chnse's Kidney'
I.Ivor I'llls are prompt, thorough and
Onoe their morlt Is tested thoy are
kept la tho house and relied on In
ruiee of emergency, Dy keoplng the
liver active and the bowols rogulai
they positively prevent sorlous dis
Ono pill a doso, 25 cants a box, at
all dealers, or Edinnnson, Iintcs A
Co., Toronto. Dr. I'hnso's IlacUache
Fluster promptly oradlculos pain and
may bo used on any part of the body
Tho Qroat Northern Railway Is ad-
vertlslng Us annual winter excursions
in Eastern Canada, at the reduced
rule of 11(1 for the round trip io Montreal and points west thereof In Ontario, Tickets nro on sale from Dec
■i to ill inclusive. Liberal Blop*over
privileges will ho granted going und
returning, and every means will be
taken to Insure tho pleasure and comfort of the patrons of   this   popular
route. Full information regarding iho
oxcurelons can be obtained from D.T.
Cummlngs, C.T.A., 117, Main Btroet,
Winnipeg, Man. Telephone No. 185.
Orea! Northern Btenmshlp Co, Sailings from Beattie for the Orient:—
S.S. Dakota, Dec. 10; S.S. Minnesota,
Feb. 1, 190G.
Ot the people In (his country who
have lived s hundred yurs few nre
C i<i in ii born. Mr. Wngner, who has
just hu Call in make her home with
n granddaughter In Toronto, Is one of
ib" rare exceptions, she wns born 102
vi'in's nco iii Cobourg, Ont, President
Madison wns her grandfather. Madison himself ..ns born In 1751, end
died In 1836. Thus Mrs. Wagner's lino
runs buck 161 years on 'bis continent,
she can. Indeed, be snld to be of the
old English stock in Ninth America.
when her grandfather, the Presl-
.itni, died, she was a woman of 33,
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A  handsome   Illustrated   treatise,
giving full description of ltlieumatlsm
and Paralysis, with Instructions for
a complote homo cure, describing the
most successful treatment in tho
world, recommended by llio Ministry
nnd endorsed hy medical men. This
highly Instructive hook wns written
by W. H. Venn, a gentleman who has
made a special study of theso diseases- The preface Is by a graduate of
the University of Wurtiburg, Send
poetal today and ynu will receive Ihe
book free by return.—Address Thi
Venn Drug Company, 21 King Street,
West Toronto.
ii. tii'i'i   ii"" i   Skin Diseases Curid
,or Thirty-five Cents.—Ilr. AgniW1!
nlnlnioiil relieves In one day. anil cures
Tetter Pall Rheum, St-aid (tend. Ren-
mn. Barber's Rch, Ulcers, Blotches) ind
nil ornntlons of the skin, it Is soothing
and quieting, and nets like magic, In thi
euro of all baby humors.     35o.
Nineteen vessels wen' wrecked In
ihe disastrous storm that swept the
great hikes during thu closing days
of November.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures Garget In
Contract! fur .seven or olghl hundred thousand feel of limber for
Q.T.P. construction have been let to
Ornish Columbia mills.
When all the Canadian forces   are
iii control ni Halifax, the strength ..(
the gnrrlBon will be T2n Infantry, r,2.ri
artillery, A" engineers, nml 200 made
up of details of army service corps.
This will make tho total strength between 1,550 und 1,000,
Princess Maud becomes tiuecn ot
Norway, whllo her cousin, tho daughter of tbo Duke of Connaught, Is the
Crown Princess of Sweden, uud will
become Queen of Unit coiiiilrjV Now
ii is rumored thnt ihe daughter of the
Princess Beatrice, Princess Henry ol
Dattenbarg, will soon hu Queen »f
Spain. Tbe Nine's leintiitiiB io the
reigning houses of Europe uro very
extensive, ills Majesty's nephew is
Emporor of Oormuny. ills wife's ne-
phew Is ihe Czur of Russia. Ills bro*
ihor-ln-law is King of Greece, iiib
father-in-law Is King of Denmark. His
daughter is queen ol Norway,  while
i.v.i nieces   are   liable   U   become
C, P, R. Engineer's Experience
with Dodd's Kidney I'ills.
They   Brought   Back   His   Strength
When He Could Neither
Rest Nor Sleep.
Winnipeg, Man., Dec. 4,—(Special).
—Mr. Ben Rntterty, tho well-known
C. P, H. engineer, whoso homo Is at
176 Maple Street, Is ono Winnipeg
man who swears by Dodd's Kidney
" Long hours on Iho cnglno uud tho
mental strain broke down my constitution," Mr, Rnfforty Bays, "My back
gave oul ' ntlrely. Terrible, sharp,
cutting pains followed ono another,
iill 1 felt I was being sliced away
piecemeal, I would come In tired to
death from u run,   My sole   desire
would bo to get rest and sleep, nml
they were the very things 1 could not
get.   Finally I had to lay off work.
"Then I started to take Dodd's
Kidnoy I'llls. and tho lirst, night alter
using them 1 slept soundly, In ihreo
days l threw away iho bolt I havo
worn for years. Dodd's Kidney Fills
cured mo."
Accent on Hi*- Operatic ".insrc
No Englishman with daughters could
d" u rasher thing than permit them to
Hike lessons I'riiiti eminent professors
Willi ii view of going iiii tho BtngO. The
opera Btago In liuglnud Bcnrcely exists. At (incut Gaiilcn a woman who
inu speak good English can only get
in hy force of social Influence, nnd
abroad a foreigner 1ms very grent dif-
Acuity becauso sho cannot speak or
sing wiili a perfect accent, The for-
elgu lady or gentleman comes across
hero and on occasion will venture to
sing In English, mul their mistakes
bring nothing more than a smile to the
faces of the audience, But lol un English singer go to Fi'iinee or Germany,
uml something totally different hap-
In 1807 Tamngno sang ut Monte Carlo before tin nudlenco which was mainly French, lie mispronounced a word,
mul i peal of derisive laughter covered
even bis stentorian notes. In Brussels
I beard au American tenor Inughed .it
because some of his vowels wen' nol
i|tiiio pure—Brussels, where Ihelr
French is the most villainous patois 1
have ever heard. In Germany l huve
lieniii both French and English artists
laughed nt because ihelr accent was
nol absolutely correct, London Saturday Itevlcw.
Manly Strennth and Womanly Beauty
depend  on  I'tttltv  "I the     blood,     .md
, b of thnl purity depends "ii t"'ti"'S
kidney fllterlnn If lies'* .itunnn are
diseased nnd will nol perioral Ihelr
functions, mnn will Beek In vain for
sit-miili nml woman for beauty Bouth
Afiierlenn Kldtt-v Cure drives nut all Iin-
purities through the body's "flllerers.'
I, t.iiltt, weak st".l"    01
Th" North American l.lvo Slock
Association, which bus established
mi Industry al Porl Arthur, bus now
3,000 sheep feeding ihere. the screening! from ih" elevator! furnishing excellent fodder.
Sr.nllght Snip ii teller thin other e-sps,
bat il belt u Un mid la llli Sunlight way.
Bay Sunlight Sosp and follow direction*.
Charlei M. Schwab, the steel king,
is tint "iiiisiieti with possessing a prl-
.ni.* car, imi has arranged for iho
purchase of n special irnin of Puli-
ni.in coaches, Mr. Schwab will ho
tha iirsi Individual to own ami operate such un expensive luxury as au
entire iraln of ears.
Tiny Are n„i Violent In Action.—
Borne persons whon ihey wish to
cleanse tho stomach resort to Bpsom
and other purgative sails. These aro
ip "iy In their action, bul serve no
permanent good, Their us" produce!
Incipient chills, and If persisted In
thoy injure the stomach, Nor do
thoy net iit"ni ilm Intestine! lu i be-
nollclnl way, Pnrmeloo's Vegetable
I'MIs answer nil purposes In this re*
■poet, mul inn" no snporlor,
The greatt si a.ss.'t «•>• can possess
Is character. The honeil mnn or woman In tiny vocation In Ufa Is (ho ono
who Is soughl aflor, In tho dully no-
llvllloi of business life the honest
man Is In demand. Ho may hlTO
many excellent qualltlos, bul the ono,
thing io he cherished above nil else 1st
unquestionable Integrity. In business
confidence is iin- corneMtone,   I'pon
It Hip employer can grow and d.-ve-
lop,   i.ei u man be iiioukIii   to  i>„
win i ii watching, or lei him ooni nn
tier Ull hniie of suspicion, nnd hi!
commercial reputation   is   seriously
In paired,
Russian Discipline,
General DragomlrolT, the Russian
military expert, rose from tbe ranks
uml always dressed according to llie
ui'iiiy regulations for the common sol*
tlier.  ii lay while driving about st
Petersburg lu his carriage bo noticed
a Boldlcr ..Mb hair longer than the regulations called for. lie hmi the borses
mopped, alighted .nni, taking off his
lint, ordered Iho soldier to seize him
by tho hnlr, The soldier hesitated. Ho
feared to lay violent hands on his gen,
.".ii, besides, Ihe hnlr was clipped too
close in afford a bold for Uie bands,
Thc general surveyed tbo soldier sternly for u few  uents, then, twining
Ills lingers In Hr kilter's locki, be literally wiped up the street with him,
Ihe victim not daring to resist, Finn!-
ly, having Impressed the lesson thoroughly, in- re-entered his carrlago ami
'drove "ii. ordering ibc soldier to folio,. Ai Hie flrsi hnrbcr'! simp thoy
' line i" lie again alighted nnd had ever..' vc.*.tlgo of hair -iii*--1 from the
Bohllirs h-'itii, then turned blm loose
n. n barrlblo example to bis fellows.
kiim James' Books,
Botnc very line bliidlug *.ns executed
for King .1,un"* I., win, during bis im.
tire life was an enthusiastic patron of
loiters uml art, In some of bis honks
Uf thistle is Introduced ivlth heavy
corner piece!, nnd iho ormi In tho center.  OlIO line pieee of Work, IIOW III llll-
llrltlih museum, Is in bright brown
calf, powdered with flower-de-luce,
Another folio In crimson velvet has the
nrins of England embroidered on both
side! *.iih gold thread on a gr id-
work "f yellow silk. Tin- king's initial!
mi' worked nbovo. The lettorlng li hi
leather, and llio honrdi are tied to-
goihcr by red rib:  constituting a
t'liii book lu e*ery particular, John
(Ill-son, iu Be ttland, nnd Ihe Barken,
in England, wcro appointed to he the
king's binders, bin tin re li little trace
uf iiicir work nuw extant.
by tin d-sle,
Iron, *-1.« n»
via huv Bun-
lUM s »!■ >'
jou flnl sit
cutis lor
Sunliriht Soap \a better   *5,000
than other soaps, but Is
best when used in the
Sunlight way.
riwti I
'■•)., >J ton)
ptnofi n-ho
protti ihM
■A      |    «'   ,'
i n) <i r i o u i
I .in itli ur
tn;  f'i'm ot
Equally ji-oocl with hard or soft water.
I.avar Ilriill..,.  'Imlt.il     I ... "nl., l|»
lie 'ii il ba III iiii itm nni beauty per
"   '    " ii nigh all arouu I Is hi   i
Ul I   Vooug,
Teething is gonorally accompanied
by   nervousness.   Irritability   ami
•"i. eh disorders, which   may   I. nd
In     tl li'i'i       i .hi . |UI '"■ 'i     II     ti".
1 promptly Irontod    Boby'i Own Tab-
. 'it" besl medicine in iho world
. f..r toothing children,  They ilia) the
Inflammation   In   the i mii r   < olli n
.•correct Iho dlsordi red   Btom-
, nch, and help Iho loeth through pnln-
\li     V   '-.'if'. Iln'.li mi'i. mn.
"My h (orod   teirlbly
whllo Icoll i '»
an giving i m Iln t't Own   I
hi- Improved In  evory  way md  li
now u bright,   healthy   cl  it."   Tin
Tablets also euro colic, i
iiint't'.. Hon,   iini'i" I
I mid dc 'fi.   rorm     Tl
i tn contain nui om n   ltd   of
.. ' || I.- I,..
•   wilh equally | I   n m I     In
Bold by ail
Dr.    V '
What Flour Granulation
Means in Bread-Making
Flour is composed of myriads of
tiny granules.
To make good bread these granules
must be uniform in size.
In poorly milled flour some granules
are large, some small.
The small ones absorb yeast, " rise "
and "ripen" before the large ones-
tie result is bread of coarse, poor
The large granules are not developed
into "sponge," they bake into heavy
hard particles, spoil the texture of the
bread and make it harder to digest
is perfectly milled—all the flour granules are uniform in size—the sponge
rises uniformly—the bread is even in
texture — perfect in flavor —good-
looking, appetising bread — easily
Ogilvies back it with their reputation by branding it
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
A Baker's Triumph
The Mooney Baker cannot
produce  anything  belter thin
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
The very best of flour, butter
and cream —the most modern
plant, ihe very best baker in
Canada. A biscuit superior to
any other you have ever tasted.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
Election Sentences.
Thri'o mnn hnvo been sentenced to
prison fur illegal voting In iho recent
New York city nnd Count*/ elections.
Albert Farmr nnd Thomas McCall
worn each sentenced to tho penitentiary for one year, and Bartholomew
Wallace wns sentenced to Iho Klmira
reformatory. All were convicted fur
voting twlco.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc
The Keeley Cure
Ask tho lawyers, the physloltu, Ike
congressmen, the clergymen, lie
clerks, the hook-keepers, tbe skills!
mechanics who hsve patronised M
anil you will find that the Keeley
treatment Is all and more thu ti
claimed for It, and that It Is the
"stitch" a drinking man needs to save
property, reputation, family, isvillf
and even life Itself.
Write today, now, and get tbe nee-
essary Information about It
133 Osborne St., Fort Rouge,
Do You Suffer O
will quickly runoff Ihe (SUM ot
Unas di,inning complainti and
rulort healthy SClion lo every
orgin. You will If el like 1 new
person -Iter liking a few doses of
Meet!.sin's Pills. They rid the
system of Impurities, Improve thc
digestion, banish hcidiche ind
Giv-i? Positive Relief
in ill cues of Biliousness, Consti-
tillon, Indigestion ind Disordered
The esi .lieni results obtilncd
by Ihe use ol Beechim'i Pills hive
proved them worthy of the confidence Ihey et'i'iv. They hive
helped Ihousindi ind recommend
S.' 1 H.a .*.. :-    In I   i-,   * cells.
Ne "Bitter Testing
Chsff" thsrefore no "Bitter Teste."
All Coffee — No "Chaff,"
lib Tins ... 40 cents.
Jib Tins ... 75 cents.
At all grocers. Send postcard for our new booklet,
"In the Interest of Qood
Address: Codvllle & Co.,
Dept. M, Winnipeg, Man.
\ /    CM   U    NoB62 i   A
8 pi    .
¥ou Jo noi require
a special chatterto
butj Worth Vancouver |>ro|>eriy, ju.sl
tt ••
OTIC'K   IS   11 Kill ii'    ■ ;  '
tint', application ivlll I    ll
ti,r   Legislative    li-M-iiih
Columbia in H* ni-xi Kcssion lor nu  i
i" iiu'orpnrnlu llie inlialiilaiiiH nl llie
inii'i ..i ami in iln  \'ai ■ ■ ., ■  |l
i'iiiii|'i'i.-iii_' the iollmvinj lol.*t, naiiii'lv:
i»" i.iiniii'. 'i uml sixl'-ll -
"    '     mul m .V"i* -"ii-'    '. I
hniiilreil ami sevent,' -four   '..       A
liini'lr'''l in.'I forty-four   ill    l''ive Inn
tired .i ri.-it   i (nl.i    'A, tiiilretl
und forty' -.* pilii . I  .
forty-seven    lil"),  I ive  Inui In I  ii ■■
I'TH'-cithi five   liiimlri'il  mi'i
rty-ni - l-'ivsj   hiiinlri'il   ninl
.1*   I.lllll
* Li        »f"fc     •       i.irt.v-niiie li.'.'   hmi AA   ninl
fBlThji. 0   A'll.  t,v  li, Um I,n* liurii.in of Hvi
'  portion lying to the nni
She. Bank Block,
s. Mar
i ,vo !• ii In ' .i. :    '."    ' ■   "'■     ill ;
ih ' i line In  'i .
. ■     n.i
' t-r un '*'
ricl '.
till'   |a jrtia.il
ivn   :,.:     ■   own  ■'
nni    ' i..   hill   ■■'... I will
tl ■.     ....        aid   ii
I'urpm .
. ■ i.. ...'.
a   n lit
. i,  in i ie
inn '.".  'i .i"     i.i minute*
ml. i
•   ' .      .i
U'ni .      .
. . ;
i.f,    ■ i
V s i ■. • »_    ksr-sarl §   ses-nrd ic     ruvi-iun for I
of ull Imi'!-.
lug, ' ij! and R. *• l>otits,
Ship loincry, 'yams
and Sams
linn i
Gasoline i auncli    n Spccidlty.
Lois for Sale
■■•>: lo *i i.i per iot.
2 \i re Blot i. on Corner
fronting Lonsdale \\c,
$700 Cas-h.
(/uct'iis & i onsdale
Christmas Novelties
TWO DOOR*  ii.'-l   'nil In. Kit
0     S ■ t|-  II, I'll- lllll ill2
To locate, open up ..,,., ■ I ib
lish   Lynn   Creeli
;   rictof North   (j
thi   . '
i;a:sk of i;i:.tni south
ami IM< A
l,i. M
ISrili-.li  <       niliin
.        .1    ,.   cjveil fl
< ir,Loi  I le ■'• '■   nil     Iri ,;
nl" Di ■ ■   *
bultVUI 1.   I,"'   III ,',    1 • '. ;■
-;'.., I '.-'... nil
ml fin
i     i
111.   to   till-   I'll ' '
Uill"! |f
Illlt!   1,11	
ill!! 1
I'o'provide n tt
■.; .   .1' .  .        ■■.]'.
,'itle lllnlel
rthel  oiillyi  -
ll the I ll.  litull-i
tlUies, i ll *v 11 lei i par I
ite   "ii i.      in
■       '
I   |""li.ir-. Im '.                     pill;
iiK-i    ' ■ - t puhlie n      i's i   .
iinpi,e ami enli el  I
llii-n ni.'irii.'l
ten.!*; I
:      '
*SO fi''"1 66*132 FT
jlllllll '
''I luieipal t tu i
' ■. .    ■ liih     i .
In        ivi
nml r.'gul.il
.  .
'■■ mnl pi
nml  i ■
, rei led, reitti n 'I nr re
[have a I ,; insy  Isy-li
i-i! :   , ... i     ITiil   ri '■ "■' II Tr- Willi
and Mi       . ■ inrnilj.iimi'gi
!■        \.    .■ I  ii       hincv i .■,. ■ ■   ,
Hell i   '.■■::       hi
' for tht-
pa. .   ; •
Tli,- Little Stoi
■    i,i
Mr-\—* •    I fa *•—  I    ■    aft   % H I
Dry G Is fm the
U;l\- win,
tONSC.-t:     VE. N. VANf.OUVCB   ,1,,:,.,,
—..a..,.. --.   .... - ■>—
I 1
1 '(  II"'
ryR ~ "The
i   1   fffil'";,:i
Ull)  IlIlU   liUilLI UL I..,,,..!," ,1
l\  MATH   VAX.'Ul-VKH -. . .....
Houses to Rent    DlSUlCt OT NO
call on W.P.Hogg   VasiC0Uver-
in. I nil within Biihi I nt
i nieii.'ini! nl n point on
..fl Lot UllO, in
" im. ruerli I        \\ ly lloun*
■ nil No, I lieforedeserilieilwilh
nrtli II    . Im-.' nf Lot Uill),
lieu V if lie North lloun*
.   [ I,nl  ' Hi ,-' i. fi, uml liuvlng n
i   -Smith ui sni'l Nortli
■i' in At mm,
i nn n t. inj! nt the Norlli
in .   I'.'-i 'A.ii i l."t i'n., ili.'inv
ii 'i .■ North Boundary ol
i ins 'Jim if.t mom or I.-*-, in
■ II im I ii   ul lloiul No. I before
i .ui'l linvilll' .1 .* tilth uf on ii'i't
I   . i ■■ irtli lluiiiulury ol
un i ill within Lot Mis,
i    ' .  i     litem Inu .u llir-.'iiih Kil8t
i'   ■ in  .   :   '  '"■,  llull,*,-
ilonv llie l'i'-i Boundary ui
■I- aim (eel more nr less, lo
tliu Nnrlh lluiindnr- i fsnld Lol WW, und
ii    m ttldtl 'i llll li ul i" ilie West ot
i lloiiiiilnrv "i Lol '.ins', und
i in piini  tlini
■  ,     nun ii ivu .nir,i'l.
,: Komi* No, I,
li _• ni ii point In
I nu nl Nortli  Vmi.'nui,t
Intiili     mil    Numbered
tin nee nppn ximittuly SSil
i     .'i Im i more or lean
'i ■ i 17 feet "ti  eiifli Ale ol
lurieii. i ihf present ..-ii't'tteil
■ -  in ism i.'.i, ih,'int' ss
ll,  I     '"■ loi i   llieneu .-11
ti, \V, I'll" feet, llienoo S8
lulu, K, 3 ili.ll let l. Iln nee SOU
ileu. "" ii.in.  I'l. IIUtl.6 feel inoroor less,
--''. tion ..iiii tin- Soiiib lloun.
i ;  • 10111 nn I im.ii.i: nil n
, .,ii I',,.-li -i.le of Un'
.   llu ;.:■ -"ni itiueiteii roud
ti   .   •   .i.i. the .' "'ii"i i' description
in,.in  Iin.- nl
.n.i rotul, with Antrum
iln [nelie Vuriiition
Uill     ... ..-!
tniliei        i" II ' 'ini in llie
. i Subdivision " \" "i
■    .ii,! A:' ',  fi el   tt'esterly
iiii Ni     i 11 n ,,'iiiiv ul Snli-
[rum   thu    -.nli   Kiu-t
i1' livisiull  "A" ;
North   lloumliirv  ui
.   \\    lei .   .'i'i   (eel.
In ii Ilnn i.' tin' Haul
: 'i'.. nn feet,  Tlionee
pnrnlli'l I" ilie Nurlli
i - .   i'.i-i."i A lllut'vl.
. I! p.irillli-1 l„ the
IVest lloun Inrj ol  Hum Site IKM fuel
■■ ■ inieiu'eiiieiil,
.. 'i   ] "I'll'ttl   "(   lll'uve
.'. -hull hnvo nlrendy
■ :. t| i ir ii roud ur high*
niiiliii! purl cuiitiiinini! an
iu ro "i' less, All
' appropriated for
ml red nn
tin i in ihe Lund
libit!   .il     film-Oliver    mnl
ll a-,   I- i-lteil lur all
ii Tlm  Lviin  I'r.'ei;   Itoads
Coil icll "ii the L"'lli
.. ,- pin'.
V     "i'l't"!   III
. ll    .  !,.|    ".''       !    111 'I    -.'llll'.l    III
r, mn',
Aiisoi.ii I. Ki u.v,
i . II f
•I .
The Electric Tramway Will
Traverse the Whole of
D. L. 273 in Two
Don't delay In pick nut your lot il you
want a choice selection. Tho lots are all
large, nnil prices Irom SiHo.uo lo .Sjoo.ou,
on very easy terms,
K>3 Cordova Street.
Tlie  North Vancouver Specialist
Selling Agents lur the Yorkshire See. & Guarantee Corp.
Arc Sweet <ind Delicious.
Have no Equal
lor S.ilc a I
McDowell's CJm^ Store
North \um,nt.,'i,
istrict of North
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing and tinsmith-     llay.Cattlc ai.ilClilckcn
Real Cilate Agents. Int). reed
i umber end nil kimis „i Buiiiiinj Material. Contractors nml Valuators.
tic have an liiiiiicn.se muoiini of Cordwood an hand.  Place your orders with
u* for Ihi winter.
412 Hastinqs Street West, Vdncouver, B.C.
Just Arrived __^>
Lurgo Stotk of New I ill! tiitd Winter Goods
for Suits, ''ants and Overcoats,
lllll ll.tslii gs M.'.'.. I rmr Vj'-oII
' .      . ■ .1 tliiltll
el   thi'iiei
'   iheiiee
■■'      '       ',.,inr    1-    UEUF.UY
Llie I        •■ of tin* Mui.ii'i-
|.iilny nl North  \niii'i'iiver, llnil  1  re*
Iho naitl [electors,
.,   ,i    Hill.   N'.rtli   Vnu-
ii,,     ,1,1   Mimi'ii'iility,   ull
, 181b January, mo6, ut
12 o'Clock Noon,
i-i  tin'   | ui I  ' lectinu persons
n ■ i.i tlieui in   ilu'   Miiiiii'i|'iil
.   it nml L'ouiiuUlors,
I'lu-Cii ill bo iigminnted in
..ill I"' Hiibscrlbed
ii -. ut iho Municlpnllt)' ni
mul ,-, i. mii r, nnd ►hull  lie
.,  tu. UutiiriiinuOfllcorut nny
lime lietn i tin*date ol tlilii '"'ii''1' nnd
t'.tn ,;,inch |'. in. mi tlie dny ..I the
n,   1ml in il vein of a pull
i tniry,such [Kill .nil I peued
Saturday, 20th January, 1906,
i :,.. n the hours ol Kiyhl o'clock*, in
nml i .nt o'clock p
cvrn hinueil in'i".
'   '    . '      ■    ■   I   •  II""."   llmll   lie
.   llritisli Milij'11, nnd
llu..'  liii.iilll-  uuit
nl   ';-   iilmitlon
,    t nt i
i the mild day, st
llul I "ill ii i'l', K p. III.ul lite sun ut,*, III
he -ii'l \liiniii|i:il llnil, ul uliicli every
lemon l« roquin-d to lake notice nnd
'"..■in Inui*''.i ni'curilliiKly,
..'■  • - .,
ivm i in ilu* Uml lt.'«i.i-
n       : tllllllll
,1 I..       I ,1 1
■' ti..'  mi-smd
Muni' pn or 1'iovliicliil
llu .   ulrvd 'i' llnri
1 iln'I-    ■'  i        ■
-.■ .|ii;.lill"i
i '.. .im "'li. r«i
North Vancouver, B. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard Inlet,
wilh ihe City nf Vancouver fifteen minnlcsaway
by ferry. The hotel embodies i in ry eniieeuienec
with li ci eg in connection.    Rates $2 per day,
Bowling Alley in connection for ladies ami
P. Larson, Proprietor.
iN bUiLdiNc be sUre a,Nd HaVe tHe
place Wired so as to be read/ to
connect o^ oUr Wire Next spriNo
B.C. Electric Kdiiwuy Co. Ltd,
. Illor -hall
, '     li llrilu li -iii'i"'!	
:     • ih. three molllllH  ii"it
i   . ■ it.- i. mliiiitliin,
.   A ...   II
i      .'ill' :■,.    .' . .1'
i-ipnllli  ■' Ihe .i  "I
i i I'vini'tnl
nt I    ...   .  .. hundred nnd
i reovei "I. I nl"'*' .iii.
. ,,,| inl.'iii.'iii. rn- belnil  i ii.'inc-
itor uli" h -I'ii'l ivilhin
i [or Ihe     .i I "in
|    '■ |j    ;.ivi   Ollll|-j
iiiii who imi    ■ "'I lor
or i i'n il e Inst
No lory Public, General Auctioneer
orilovu Sreei,   Vancouver, Ba C.
lie sells nl rooms or private houso or liuyii outright all
clasBCt uf household nuuils nr bankrupt muck.* lur cash,
lie Ita* -tune ui the finest bwdnust Illnl .lalerirunt |iropor v ill North
Vaneuiuer.  See hint ai e If you think of picking up propurty In
this section.   Ilowiso, BUY NOW, nnd you will niuko money, :: ::
,11       * 'I*     ' 'SI    sail       ssini
...     A.."-.-liii|.l
nny   i .:        :
, |   , ■ .
iii ■    rein  uiitnlnod
ill lie I | '
ni i.l the iii'"- nl llli*
, '. nn nl tnder ni
.,',','.., i t." i
■ i' i 'Hi''-."
.  .   un ler in.' hand, nl Sortl   Am-
ui'.er iiii* iil> ilm- of January, 11)00.
\i.ia. I'liinr.
Ih turning Olllcer.
Saturday Snaps
SWIFT'S SOAP 6 Bars for 25c
J. A. McMillan


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