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JUN 1M908
Now 0|>en
W. r. Like
r - /► ■ ^ 'ctokia
f Ubrwry left, AumMy ^_Y^
0,1}*" txpttM
Tbe Welcome Parlor
6S lonidale Avenue
Candies, Tobaccos, Fancy Groceries tr Delicatetten
IVllir lalllirlli'N Our S|HTlillll
Hbort ur.ifri Served
tl All Hoini
At the regular session of the
city council on Monday, there
were present Aldermen Irwin,
Miy, Who liter, Crickmay ind
Braim. Mayor Kealy presided.
The following communications
were read: From J. R. J. Murray,
lecetary ol the Boird ol Tride,
submitting a copy of the new Yeir
Book ind requesting a donation
toward the expenses ol publication
referred to finance committee.
From James Murray, Jr., calling
the attention ol the council to the
(act that a nuisince is being created on the rear of his premises;
board of health to act. From
the Capilano Cement Block Company, requesting re-piyment of
sums expended in improving the
roadway on 2nd street, east ol St.
Andrew's, in Iront of lot six, Block
number 154; relerred to the board
ol works to report. From K. J.
Kirkland, making application for
the removal ol a very large pile of
logs on lot number 13 block number a 15, Western avenue, as the
same is on city property and is in
contravention ol clause 14 of the
city fire bylaw; board ol works to
report. From J. Kirkland, requesting that ' idditio '
be lml on the ilk, 1
of 150 leet, to denci,... .v.
cordince with the resolution of
the council passed some time igo;
referred to the board ol works to
Under reports of committees,
City Clerk Shepherd reid the minutes of t meeting of the boird of
work is follows: An arrangement
had been irrived it with Mr. Bunbury, representing the B.C. Electric Ry. Co, with reference lo the
1 iinsii ui imu of the culvert it the
corner nf Lonidale ave and mid
itreet .Cleerin~ is pr ogre?-tin,; al
15th ind Ridgeway ivenue. A
stable for the iccommodation of
two horses it to be constructed at
the Fire Hill. Inasmuch is the
tenders for improvements to
Ottiwi Girdens were all considered too high, it has been decided
to do Ihe work by day labor. Upon
motion the report wis adopted.
Mayor Keily asked why work
on the extension of the tramline
on Lonsdale ivenue had been
stopped. Alderman Braim explained tint misunderstinding had
irisen with reference to the relative responsibility of the city ind
the compan)' as to the removal of
rock, 'lhe unanimous understanding of the members present
at the meeting o( the boird of
winks wis that the company was
to haul thc rock for the culvert,
hut the company understood the
igreemeut in a different way.
The matter was referred to the
board of works to act.
J. Kirkland, who wis present ll
the session, objected to the em
ployment o( Hindus in blasting
on properly neirhis premises. He
requested the council lo take
some action to compel the owner
of the property to plan' the woik
in capable hands. Aid. Irwin
luggeited that in taking any such
action, it was but (air to the
council that the informant
should put his inhumation in
writing and give definitely date,
names, date, place, etc. The
council did not see how they could
proceed against the Hindus.
Aid. Miy give notice of motion,
at the next meeting o( the council
that the bylaw for the purchase
of the Ierry, for the sum ol f 175,*
ooo.be repealed. The Mayor was
of opinion that the repeal would
have to be submitted to the ratepayers. Aid. May's judgment
that under the statute, the city
council hat the power to repeal
the bylaw.
Geo. H. Morden submitted to
the council the request of the celebration committee, for a donation
on behalf of the celebration lund,
explaining briefly the value of
the celebration to the city and the
progress thus (ar made with
arrangements this year. Relerred
to the finince committee to let.
The tndes license bylaw was
then taken up. It provides
license fees as lollows; Bowling
alley, etc., one dollar (or evary
lix monthi; billiard saloons, one
dollar per year per table; barber
shops, one dollar every six months;
merry-go-rounds, swings, etc., live
dollars Ior each year or portion
thereof. The bylaw wis given its
Anal reading.
Aid. Wheeler broached thc
matter of the so called boxing contests that are being held in the
city, and considered that the matter should receive attention at thc
hands of the council. He had no
objection to boxing contests, so
long as the contestants were
local men and the sport was kept
clean, but he was not in lavor ol
allowing outsiders to come in and
make useol he city lor their purposes. Aid. Braim was of opinion
that 1 license fee should be imposed, lie understood (hit the
promoters ol the sport would be
willing to piy such i fee and thc
city would get the income. They
would not be able to pay a heavy
fee but could stand twenty-five
dollars. Aid. Irwin was ol
opinion that such events should
bc held under the auspices ol the
local Athletic Association, md
that they should be held responsible (or them. It was not desirable to allow sporting events ol
this character separate from local
-ol. Mayor Kealy was not
'or of imposing any license
lee upon this form of sport,
because if you license it, yon allow.
He would not lie in favor of trying
to suppress amateur boxing, but
if undue advantage waa' to be
taken of privileges allowed that
was another matter. Hi had
given the chiel of police strict instructions to watch these contests
closely and the moment that any
objectionable feature presented itself, to tike decisive action. With
respect to the contest being held
this evening, the chief evidently
impeded something,' tt he nm
sworn in lour special constables.
The mayor will look into the matter.
The reading of the new plumbing liylaw wis then taken up.
in materials, a phenomenally wet
September, etc.,-but by April 25
the school was opened with two
But September 18th marked its
first step forward into public life.
The bishop and some ten ol the
diocesan clergy and the parents ol
the boys, joined in a service of
dedication, in which the grounds,
the house, the dormitories, tbe
dining lull ind classroom were
solemnly blessed, the big school
room being used as a temporary
lt was not till Feb. 17111,1907,
that the bishop came agiin, this
time to hold 1 confirmation in the
church, at which the school presented two candidates; and yet
once more he showed his interest
in the school, of which he is visitor, by making a special journey to
it to dedicate the new chapel of St.
Hugh, and to confirm two more of
the boys, on St. Hugh's day, Nov.
17th, 1907. An interesting point
to note is that though two rooms
have been set iside in cise of
sickness, it has never been necessiry to use them.
The budding, with its spicious
house and grounds, its loftv md
airy rooms and dormitories, and
situation 300 leet ibove the Inlet,
close to the car and yet distant
(rem the busy parts of the city,
make it ideal for a school. The
best thanks of every true North
Vancouverit" are due to Mr. Keith
and those who have co-operated
with him, to conquer the difficulties attendant on the first steps of
such an undertaking.
May it go on and prosper,should
be the wish ol every one who feels
responsibility for the future of the
country, which Iiei so largely in
the hinds of the schoolboy of today.
later than 3 o'clock p.m., resuming with the entertainment in tin-
The Held sports at thc Aihlctii
Grounds will conclude at or before
7 p. in., in order to make wiy
tor the Horticultural Society grand
concert and assembly in the evening.
The young men are manifesting
an inthusiasm and 1 willingness
to cooperate in every way, that is
deserving every encouragement.
It augurs well lor thc luture of
healthy athletics in the city.
Celebration Notes
St. John's School
It will bc a matter of general regret that Rev. Richard Marsden
is compelled, because of the unsatisfactory condition of health of
Mrs. Mirsden, to relinquish the
excellent work which he has conducted for over three years past as
head master of St. John's school.
Mr. and Mrs. Marsden have been
actively identified with local interests beyond the pale of their more
direct affairs and have made for
themselves hosts of friends. They
will be greatly missed (rom the
circles of which they have proven
such popular members, and they
will be followed by universal good
wishes for future health and prosperity. They will leave within the
next few weeks to take up their
permanent residence in England.
In view of these facts, the following resume of the history ol the
school will be of interest: —
Little over three years ago the
l.ynn Valley road was a trail (not
over straight or easy), lying between "the camp" and 15th street,
along the virgin forest owned
largely by him from whom the
Keith road takes its name. Having as always the highest interest!
of North Vancouver at heart, thc
owner had approached the diocesan synod of New Westminster,
and offered them Imd il they would
(ound and support a school on del
inite church lines. As the synod,
though heartily approving the pro
ject, were unfortunately unable to
accept the responsibility themselves, an agreement was finally
made with the retiring head master,
Rev. Richard Marsden, by which
he was to conduct the school for
len years, "under the auspices of
the synod."
To come to mere dates: The land
was surveyed, a site chosen for the
house, and the agreement signed
by April iHth, 1905, aud on May
ist the clearing began. It should
be mentioned that, when some ol
the disadvantages of the site proposed were pointed out to Mr.
Keith, he at once offered ten teres
in a mote valuable position. Many
were the obstacles to the progress
of the building—the delaying of
the plans through postoffice eccentricities, the difficulties ol getting
The several committees are
making very satisfactory progress
with their arrangements and all
things augur well for an excellent
The decoration committee have
their plans well in hand and the
city will be decked in elaborate
gala attire. Chairman Sabin is
an experienced hand at the Imsiness and what he does will be well
The field sports committee,
under the leadership of Chairman
Martinson, is manifesting commendable energy antl enterprise.
The firemen's sports will he worth
going far to sec and the field
sports on the Athletic grounds
will be so arranged that there will
will be something interesting loing
all the time. They will be accompanied by novelties of an amusing
and attractive character.
T' aquatic sports committee
have their programme well outlined and, in the hands of an enthusiast, such as chairman |. N.J.
Brown, the success of tins depart
ment (so pleasing to large numbers
of holiday seekers) is assured.
The music committee his al
ready closed witli a hand, second
to none on the coast. Chairman
Chance is au (ait in mantis i.,,is-
ical ami can lie depended upon lo
put on an excellent piograniine.
The finance committee is working overtime and is rt diving tin-
hearty co-operation ol all parties
in the strenuous endeavor to provide tlie sinews of war. The customary sourcesof revenue are being
approached with excellent prospects of gratifying results, md
every new avenue that can be dis
covered is being energetically
The advertising committee is
carefully devising means and methods in order that economy may be
combined with the greatest possi
ble effectiveness and the results
arc proving satisfactory.
Geo. J. Phillipo, chairman of
the general committee, and Geo.
II. Morden, chairman ol the finance committee, waited on thc
district municipal council on Friday last, with respect to a donation
toward the celebration funds. They
were accorded a cordial reception
and assured that the council would
go the limit to assist.
It is announced that the events
to be carried through by the Sons
of Scotland will be confined to
members ol the Order, with the
exception ol the women's and
children's events, and that their
programme   will   conclude    not
Lynn Creek Notes
Thos. Thompson is putting up
a building on his lot on Centre
road. He expects his family out
(rom the Old Country in ibout two
J. Neat, who *bas been living in
the valley for some time, making
ready for his family, had the plea
sure of having them arrive (rom
the Old Country last week.
T. A. Allan is getting the lumber
placed on the ground and preparing to build for himself a large and
comfortable home. Mr. Allan is
bringing most of the material from
J. Bullock and J. Roberts have
started two small cottages on their
property, lot 6, D.L. 2169. Their
intention is to use the houses for
the summer and move out as soon
as the street cars run.
Harry Holland and wife return
ed home on Thursday evening af
ter an absence of somewhat over
(our months spent in an enjoyable
visit among friends in tlieir old
home at Nottingham, England.
Tlie many Iriends of John N.
Duval will regret to learn that
while clearing land on Monday he
met with an accident, badly sprain
ing hia hip. The accident will
confine him to thc house for sometime.
Shaw-Burns Nuptials
The marriage of Miss Edith M.
Burns to Wm. Cowie Shaw, of
Vancouver, was solemnized in St.
John's church on Tuesday, al high
noon. The church was beautifully
decorated with a profusion of white
floweis, and the service was semi-
choral, a full choir being present.
The Bridal March Irom Lohengrin
and Mendelssohn's Wedding
March were played by J. Alexander, the organist
Thc bride wore a white satin
costume, very prettily made, and
carried a shower bouquet. She
was attended by two little flower
girls, Misses Gladys and Wilma
Morden, dressed in white and carrying bouquets of white flowers
Miss Ethel Burns, sister oi the
bride, acted as bridesmaid, and R.
H. Duke as groomsman. The
ceremony was performed by Rev.
J. Hugh Hooper, rector.
After a light luntheon.lhe happy
couple took their departure (or inland points on their honeymoon
trip. Mr. and Mrs.Shaw will take
up their residence on Smythe St.,
Fire Wardens Appointed
W. C. (iladwin, duel Iiie warden nl thc province hai opened hit
headquarters oflice in Vancouver,
and the appointments of all deputy
wardens have been made, and already some ol the men have proceeded to llieir posts.
The lollowing appointments
ol deputy fire wardens have lieen
made in the districts mentioned:
J. S. McKinney, Irom Point Grey
to Port Moody; W. II. Mackie
Irom Point Atkinson to Port
Moody. The forests o( the coast
region ol the province will lie protected (rom fire this summer in a
more comprehensive manner than
iver before, as more wardens are
icing employed, and their jurisdiction is far more extended than
in the past.
Contractor W. P. Peaciy began
work this week on the superstructure ol a new residence lor H. D.
Green-Armitage, on nnd street
Old papers for sale, two bits a
hundred.   Apply at Thb Exrnass.
Thc city is asking tenders (or
painting thc city hill.
Shoe Repairing. Sewn work a
speciality at W001I & Son, cor.
Lonsdale ave. md 2nd street.
The hall-hourly service on the
ferry system will he resumed to
morrow for thc summer months.
Tenders are being asked by the
city for the grading of 15th street
between St. Andrew's and Ridgeway
A. Munii, of Vancouver, was in
town today looking altera teaming
contract which he expects to close
The school trustees anticipate
tint after the holidays there will be
sufficient new pupils coming to
school to fill two more rooms.
Men, have a look at the logging,
ptospecling and working boots,
etc., at the Reliable Shoe Store,
cor. Lonsdale Ave. and 'ml street.
This (Friday) evening, the old
timers fire brigade of Vancouver
will hold their 3ind annual banquet at the Hotel North Vancouver.
The district council sat as a license commission Wcdncsday.and
decided to defer 11 lum on the
Seymour creek hotel license for 1
For smdals, Irom size 2 in babies' to size 3 in ladies', go to
Wood & Son, the Reliable Shoe
store, cor. Lonsdile Ave. ind 2nd
The district council ire liking
tenders for constructing lhc ip-
proaches ind abutments to the
proposed bridge over Seymour
A furious clearing fire raged
Wednesday and Thursday on the
Robt. Ward properly, back of the
tram station. .Much rubbish was
burned up.
Ladies, get a natty pair o(
white canvass Oxfords Saturday,
only eighteen pairs left, at fi IV
Thc Reliable Shoe Store, cor.
Lonsdale and nnd street.
District Koad Foreman Eva and
his gang arc now it work improving the Capilino roid, Irom Copt-
land's to the dam, ind ire making
very satisfactory progress.
The Diplock Wright Lumber Co
are constructing a logging bridge
across the gulrh in district lot 613.
The circular saws are shut down
pending completion ol bridge.
Mr. Stevenson, ol Vancouver,
has leased the house and furnish
ings of C. P. Woods, on ist street,
east ol St. George's avenue and
took up his resident e tin re on
Several mineral claims have recently been staked on Caldwell
creek, on the nortli arm n| the In
let. There is a well-it. fined vein
running through the claims, thr
ore assaying as high as t\ in gold.
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Dick have
lm n visiting their son,Harry Dick
assessor at Missnm City, lining
ilu p.isi n, 1 k. Mr. Dick ilium
ed to tin city last evi ning and Mrs.
Dick will remain al Mission City
lor a more prolongrd stay.
II. Iledlc> ll.iM. rston, HA.,
will speak upon the fulluwiug top
ics on Sunday at the Methodist
1 hun h, corner 4th and St. George
Morning, "The Wesley Type ol
Character"; evening, "Should a
Voung Man bc a Christian."
A small crowd witnessed the
Paris-Grim boxing contest, at the
Athletic grounds, Monday night.
The contest lasted 13 rounds and
ended In a draw. In the preliminary Oicar Mortimore knocked
out Kid English in lhc 6th round
The local shops ol the B. C.
Electric Railway Co. arc actively
engaged in giving the rolling
stock a thorough overhauling, in
preparation (or making "every
stitch o( canvass" dnw on Domin
ion day, in handling the big crowds
tint ire expected.
The Norlh Vancouver Saw Mill
Co. has pun based thc plant ol
the Nortli Vancouver Shingle Mill
Coa, on 21 st., who will remove the
sime at once and instil it in the
mill on the watrrlront, recently
purchased by them and formerly
known as McKic's nii\\.
Architect W. Nicholson Lailey
has prepared a plan, showing an
cl.ilnii.it,* design for the laying out
o( the grounds of the Horticultural
Society. The plin ii being considered by the boird of director!
and will probably he adopted with
certiin minor modifications.
The saw mill immediately eirt ol
the W'.tll.n , shipyards hai rer lily
been sold by the owner, J. S. Emerson, to D. VV. drant, with whom
others ire associited. The mill
will be opented in luture under
the name of the North Vincouver
Lumber Compiny, Limited.
The employees of the city boird
of works hive just completed 1
culvert icross the Esplanade, near
Rogers ave, and are now engaged
in the construction of a culvert on
Lonsdale ave, corner imd street.
The city engineer's office has a
large amount of work planned (or
the near future.
The Nitional Conitruction Co.,
of Vancouver, have rented wharl
iccommodation at the Weitern
Corporition Co. 's whirl, for the
purpose "I landing ind storing the
cement blocks ind other minulic-
lured material to be uied in the
construction of the new addition
to the Palace hotel.
T. H. Hamlin, proprietor ol the
Welcome Parlor, has secured tbe
lease ol thc refreshment stand on
the ferry St. George lor the sel-
son, and likewise a lease on similar privileges at the lerry slip
across the Inlet. There he is proceeding at once with the erection
ol an attractive and commodious
booth, wilh ice creim parlon in
The steel work (or the new Lynn
Creek bridge has been received
from the M. J. Peterson Contracting Co., of Denver, Colorado,
and is now being transported
Irom Vancouver acrois the Inlet.
The steel work is (rimed in two-
tou pieces and as it is not possible
for the ferry to transport them, they
are being brought over on scows
and landed at the wharf of the
Western Corporation.
The Norlh Vancouver Ferry &
Power Co. is putting forth every
effort to make the best possible
arrangements for handling the immense crowds that arc coming to
participate in the local celebration
ail Dominion Day. It is confidently 1 in-i t, d that the combined attractions that the programme offers will draw a record breaking
crowd. The ferry company purposes reinforcing their fleet sufficiently to adequately handle the
Etta I iiimi an, M.D., formerly
ol the city of Calgary, has decided
to enter upon the practice of her
profession in Norlh Vancouver.
The doctor, who makes a specialty
ol diseases of women and children,
has nude 1 distinct success o( her
specialty in lite province of Alberta and she comes here with high
ri lonimendations. Hiving been
forced to make a change on ac*
count o( the clinute, she hai b*»->n
Irawn by the attractions ol this
young and growing city ind hai
settled here with her family. Com*
IM 11  the doei, equipped  wilh
eral yean highly successful experience, there is promised lor her
liere a career of great usefulness,
The members of the city council
together with the city officials and
members of the stiff it the city
hill, viried the monotony ol
routine by tiking 1 trip on Thuri-
"?y evening to the country residence ol Alderman Alexander
Smith. Thc rural retreil of the
chairman o( the witer worki committee occupies a most delightful
situation on the shore of thc Norlh
Arm, at a distance of about sia
nulls Irom its junction with Burrard Inlet. Thc party was conveyed to antl from their destination
in motor launches, belonging respectively to Aid. Braim and city
Treasurer J.J. Woods. A (cature
ol the trip was the exhilarating
climb 10 a plateau adjacent to Aid.
Smith's residence, Irom which an
inspiring view was gained of the
surrounding district. After an enjoyable visit, tic pirty returned to
town delighted with their outing. s
Nm-'in VaHcouvta, H* C
C, B
0, ll Moiwu,
liiiim-' yifi
Xhe Sxpreii is delivered in N irtl
Vancouvei within a wtliu-i ol n
bl„. I,- cl, the oftce    All cu eli
tins diitrict i- placed in tlie poal
llllll a
Kales .4 Siilmcription
One yeai -      *'""
,-si\ months 5"
Ihni* months
l  ninl Stitii  m'l l',nci':ii. Si ju
pel  ]
,\il lulncrii iimi   "■■«■ '"  I ■"'' '"
Ani pi rsoti nol '■''' '■  '" "'"
..,,,„, regularly will  I'l''*'-   ""lh
in.     No papei sioppa.l uu
;. iiiui by li hci "i card
Niikiii Vamcoi vi I, Ji'M w, 19
For soul, in,mills pad the ninsi
pressing problem with reaped to
the welfare ol Nortli Vancouvei
hai been the permanent ami s.iti*.
factory adjustment of tin* ferry Kl
vi,.* icron Burrard Inlet. It nun
b* inertcd thai pia. tically without
I  *,* . ptl.lll,  tll.   Ml. p.lM IS pusitivc-
ly asseil tli.it lhe *,. m, ,* winch has
of late In ,*n given, is altogetln i iii
ade*pi,iV tai llie in ids nl tin | Ui.
Rl lidi lit** UpOll lllis side nf the III*
li t nnd thi mwlvtl greatly incon-
renienced through whal i-* coo*
sub n .1 mt i:n lent servite, while
ininy. residentelaewhtre, who are
desirous of making their liom. - m
Nortli Vancouver, lie deterred
from lining - ' I ' ' j'm* thev will
not sul'i' 11 ih> mw Ivi s in pn rail
ing uniatiifn lory i on litioni in
tins regard Prom .i pro North
Vancouver po ut ol ii w, a
thorough)) modern !■ n>* erviii
w.ml'l iish. i ni ,in ■ i.i ul growth
and progreti thai would make ol
till*-    I 111.     lllllllll    ,1   I lllllp.ll.ltlal  ll
slii'll p' tinil. "lie nl Ihe liinsI .nul
must pnpiil.iiis nsnli niiii n tioni
ad|au nt i  Burrard ml. i   h.< ping
111' H    I Hllsldel.lll'lll .     Ill    1 il l\   It   IS
i, ,i,lii\ s,. ii, a iii thoM who have
thi     inti'li-st-.   ul   tb.    I ll\   .ll lia .ul
mushier   the i|is.i|ailit.. *   impoied
In pic-, nl i mi Ilium*., grave iii llie
< m i ai n* in I ih I*', entaileil then
In. well nigh in. .ih llllble      Ant
Illlp.llll.il   .lll'l   I.lll   I  Ilia.I'    I
will || mu * ib i lan- tb.it it is cu
dent   iipnn   the   basil ,,| tin    i
rudimentary buiineii principlei
ihat iln iotemtiol North \ ■
i< i demand tin te vai <>i all un
certaiutv   with    i> ll n  * I   tn  the
ll, iplllli 1    III      the     k I*. il I     uill'
and lot all. .nul I nihil, that a
ini.li rn lerrj lerviei I * provided
111 the lllllll' di il'- Iilil'      l
that   .1   '..ill'.*   I i.ii nu.*   all   that
ihusc i*mi. imply, i"nl,I not lie
Iliad'    l '   pi'* leel Ibe
litiiatuiii nuleiiillv  lot tl*
tint tin mi' i*  I     : il.      :   vs,mi 1.1
t-i*   la,- .1   si It,   I   I I il ■ mn bj
Manning, il ni       < innutl
it    III    tin     lent    I   llll, a.        I     ,,
i, nip i i liiion, iii i      i*i
the * minting I
that \v.mi|,I reiilll m "iiiii |
The real qui iti n i   how il  at b
a si nit,* 1*11" pirn ui* .1' I Ull hen
let it I " s.iul llial Iln ie ii liaial.llllat
th.it iin* * n -it bod) "t , iii/ciis
would  mu* h   |'i' l'i that ii
1»   .ilt.i I. I ■ I  11 aiiin
.ilu irrangement wilh iha prttenl
Ierry i laptu■     Iiiii matte) "I
sun 11' ngn I "pun tin pail n| the
lii s|   .-ind   pn tailing s,*iitiiin nl nl
th* i ity,thai n lition ihipi l>, taw a
tin i ill .in I tl inp.inv have !*,
come strained I ha onn nt pn
s"iit conditions don not n stexclu
lively with 'Hi"' i"")' luiiliei is
tlia-t.   anv ib sue I DtUfl thon
wlm hav. In ■ n lining tin I
counsel and wisdom COIlId dl viM
The a.tinn ol Mch part) ■
Itig*' Ol lb' pint' I 'lnigshasdoillil
less been that «Ii" I" ."inn ■ idl I
itself to their mature pidgment, is
best under '.he circunistinces.     It
is lias-, uin less it* ,ia liable ill the
xlreuie tlmt the process has culminated in iha pieseiit iiiiliutiiuule
dillerencus, ami further that the
possibility ol in imicable anange-
ment ippeari to ba eiceedingly reunite.
I li.  mii n sis ul ihe city and the
Ierry i mnpiuy nn- su t loiely iden-
titled   lllll latin filial lesulls must
acciiie tn both, liom the promotion
ill harmony, ami ,leiiiiiieni.il i*a>
suits i.muiii in- aim led bv either,
i   i !• tuit ul din nnl     Whitevef
Ill'll l'i* lli * iilliiii.ileniitiuiiie.il lhe
exi,ling in.la i nl things, the liinda-
hi, nlli pmp isili.iu 11*in,tins lilial-
i.i' i. namely, N. >■ t h Vam "mer
must lun- in idi quite and modem
III \    S'  |V|.  a
luaiUlUl li 11 it il Ini 1, .Issclted
by local nl li i .len, that the city
will n ii bm the lent aider lhe
lerry pun lime In law, ii is. videnl
'hat the snliition ot lhe difficulty
Bltnl be sinigbi In* i.tlui means.
Several po»-iible methodi "I ptu-
cedure are suggested. '1 In* proportion is nlvanced tint the city
minis the piesent company, In an
annual imount, sulluniit to enable
them to su-taiii an improved service on a profitable basis. This
plan, ho we vet, is not likely lo be
n ii ivc.l nub lavur by the uie-
pavers,  unlets indeed  lhc liuniis
wete imaged as ■ luau to be paid
back tO the city nut ol future earnings after a lair dividend had lieen
Another pioposilion is outlined,
to the t lie. t that a new company
In Inrnied to purchase the plant
ami assets nl the present company,
tin* city to subscribe for shares,
also the district Municipality, and
the present company to accept
shins in tin* new company to the
arbitrated value of their assets.ex-
usive ol Lonsdale gardens, plus
a leasiniahlc hnnus in Inu of the
fat t llnl they have operated the
ii'ii, during ibe unprintable period
"I lis , Mslclli |
Theie n ui.iiiis.nl i muse,anothei
I"'ssi |,llitv which IS 11 eel v ,||si nsscil
and cniiii ruing wlntli pcisistent
minors .in in llu an, namely, the
project  nt   putting  on  a  sei mnl
lerry service.    There is room hi
IWO "I tins as to wlletln I a sate-
I.K Imi md peimauent subitum is
lo I" .inn,il at along tins line.
At 10) tai,. it is debatable whether
I  i*l I, in.as a pnvatc venture,
will materially improve tfcaaitaa-
linn, pcrinaneiitl* considered. An
ssciilial leatilie ol the abiding
n, i, ss nf .inv such scheme, would
s.-ein lo iieitssilate united iction
upon the put ol the city mil lhe
distiict, hi older that it nuy be
i , iiiipiiiied In a reasonable ier
Innil nl piisistence, ami iu ntdei
that tin* control may, beyond p:i-
adveiituie. bl vested m such hands
as tu absolutely insille tlie but
tint the new service woilltl lie
"p< i.il< d ni in IJ way, ind all the
t -,   I "i   the  side benefit of the
c iii'iinti   mi the iiuiiii slii'ie i I
Burrard inlei
Whale,11 may In* lhe method
idopted, it is ulgeiil tb.it some de*
■ isimi tie .iiimil at with tin* hast
po< nbla th in I In < ii\ is losing
valuable tune as the building sea
■ ' . a , in,| hiilin se, k'-is are
being |.c*t tii "lliil iiuniiiiiinlii s
lie p|.liabilities point In Uigely
un niii .i> luili in " al estate and
home   building,   when   the   wheat
i nip is enured, ud Iben Ion, !•
lay hi tlie making nf a definite
.inin.um • incut as Inllie prini.iii. nt
llcipieiit) ol the sen nc ill tin* lu
lure, and ol final arrangeiiieuls as
to tin- Improvement! that may in
di pi nal. i| iipnn, will donbtles ui
volte tin city in heavy lossol pio-
sp, i lit t- di " Inpi nnt which it will
be ilillii iiii il iiiit impossible tn regain I In wlii.li nutter should be
huall'   sd at rest al Ihe earliest
pnssible date
We have made nnny customers during lhe pail
week, by selling hooell goods at honest prices, and
invite you to inspect our stock.
run mm mum wt nmm
The McCready Shoe iS pairs Men's Vici Blucher ,
regular H3.00 tor - - $2.35
I'he McCready Shoe iS pairs Women's White Can*
vass Oxfords, regular li, 75 lor        * $1.35
The McCready Shoe 18 pairs Hoys' Veluur Bliicl -
ers, regiibu $; 75 lor - - $2.35
Weeklij list—Week Inillng June I9lh
_______ I WOOD * SON
Repairing   liesi ol le.itbet and wofkHianahip.
R.li.ibi, Mini' Me
Cor Lonidil 1 ,V ind
,             11        .    . „„ \l,,n,l*.i !'"ii" »    «d..    I'inl Tiiendar, « > n •
.it the iiiiint il in>cling nn Monti-.   '   "        .„*'   JT
,           ,1 Board"' Trade I'.x.s'iilivc,  l-iri-l   lues*
nighl nun.clio.i wilh a noun i|hV     |l|n
di motion tu repeal tlie ferry  pm- s,|,,„,l lloiir.l, Kiret Iri.lne, H [..ni
chaMbyli* ■   Wel 1.1 i» third Wednewla*-'■
lhc st.ilutes il
, not always lend 1'*'l'lm''"'1''" ■'•:«>t'*«».,ii.SI.An.lre,.'
I IV.mtt-rilii i-liiircli.
tn   lhe    c.instruction j tv allure CBBiP, * ' S.-otlnnil, nicci
seciinil Wi'ilnwliiy mid Knurl li Tlnir--
lll.l* in K I'. hi la
Nortli Vancnuver 1,(1', N". IHO,llie»ll
Meoml Rtid fniirlli I'riilHvs In atunlh,
which would appear must equitable
111 Ihe pieniises, but viewed Irom
tlie staiialpiuul nt a layman, il
Would appear 1 very ill-advise.l
form ol legislation which would
vest sneli powers in the board ol
able!men. II such were the read
ing ol the law, then the fiat of the
people when I bylaw is submitted
is not mandatory,    lt is only n
commendatoT) ind the council is
it pel leel litieit'i  to enact, or not
to enact, that  particular piece ol
civic   legislation   as   it   sees   fit.
Should  llie   people   pass a liylaw
by a most  decisive  majority, the
council would then have the power
to veto the  will ol the people and
to render   tlieir   mandate void of
effect. This would certainly appear I 	
to reverse (he constitutional order j' Hra,ifk -^ ,,,„,,,„,, ..,,„•..,,„. -.*,	
ol tilings, which   vests the power i    .Vn.1i;
in the people, and views the elect- Hied "jlir, and M II, Uot* Vt I: ft.''.
rd representatives ol the people as
Aa people's stewards who are ac
ill 1 onlo.. SI.
1'h.nr Uti
aner nn Fir.l stri't'l.   Kino btltlnMi |irii*iiei't*.   Tin** |nnt i"i
,.*tv ilny. only.
1  hit,*, |i.rtly c'e.ri'al, vtllli sliH.-k uu. ScviTileetilh mreet.
ai fronting on oiuw. <i.iiliiin miiliiiili dn- rrltwol Inlet.
-1 li.aak* It   llll* |i|*|ri*.
i) to iN inch tops
tm-    1———
I'ltOSl'lt tons'    SURVIVORS  AND
All the Hest Canadian Makes
$4.00 to $9.00
516 Hiltingi Street
m nui 1 mm co., ltd.
Time Table, u;.)7
Wlicti you Intend liuildiii};
li,'.I Iif 111 CO
J. I. I'tUE. ir.'.ua 11
S.OMY & CO.,
Hduse nnii Ciurch
Tain!'111;, I'ic -ratino,
Taper HaDgitig,
lirainiii^, Sij,'ti Writing, Kuisoiiiiuinir a
I'ltle belter than must
"1  pie
Wall Pttptr,   Taints,
Vpruislies, Oils, tilass,
Stain, 4c, as ohMtp as
you eati fo\ an\ ulu-rt*.
fm mm wei 1.1 ine um
toiintalile to the people
I'lirtherniore, an affirmative ie*
|ily tn the above question would
appear to open the way lo all sorls
o( undesirable conditions. I I.i
pernicious effects ol lobbying upon
lhe part 0' ie interested in c\-
plniliii|* tne people's herila*;c lor
selhsh   atigrandisi'iiieiit iiii(!lit  be
cviici te,| 10 be ilirminfly fell,
A'liiniable as are the alilerineii
as a 1 lass, who an* elected Imni
lime tn time by our Canadian
tilus, thev ate not Kilted with tbe
"pnln iai latiillv" tint views ,\, iy
pitsiinn vilely un its merits, .unl'
raichei coocIuimm based excln-
suell     nil    the    best    .lll'l    IllllcM '
kwniMgl available. Whim, or
prepidire, in liiased imli'ineul or
.1111 mhei nl the many impeilec-
tmnswliiih are inseparable Irmn
human nature mi|*b( inletveni in
CailM the repeal ol a liylaw pas"d
bv llie penple, allll thus lo delcat
tin iiill nl ilie latepiyers.    This is* |
,1 pun Iv   a. .nleiiiii    tlisi iissinn til a j
iln iiialtet  as an interestini; point   »*•—• ■"*•	
al   ismii*, and   his   no  relerence
whal. ie. tn ihe bylaw tu win. h Iln      MAVK  YOl    SEEN  THK
Hutu 1 n| nn it nm ttedm
As lm ilu buy pur. base bvlaw,
Iln* I" «l niethod |n  pursue is pro-
b.ibl\ to i.peal it     lhe ildermen ^_m
nr piiuiii.il'ly iininimout 111 tlnir (jifil'ld £1110
t un Iiismii 1 Iial tin* purchase ol tin
I'ir. Mi'l'i that bylaw ii definitely t!Ofi(|ht   PiflflOS
di niis'.al   and tin*. l»-,iif{ llie caie|
.1,..   ivnuld   app,,.,   in be nun a* JJ^   ^  m ^
lui nli\   the l'i law should nut be ,     ,
, .    , , at tlie low price nl
I, prahd. while in  llvor ol repea, •
It   111.11    be   .11 ti. tl that   a us. less        »■      .,  y    etOTI*   T\r\
p„,e ,,| l.,,„l.,.i„n would therebyj     WWUT    9mlOaW
l.ereniov.d   and   the poiMtW ol,'', ,i,r. ute.l   lor   live  years.    1'nll
the mi's credit 111 the money mar-  Metal  Plates,  Double  Repeating
kit would be materially strengthen-1 Action, Pure, Sweet Tone,  Com-
-    •-. .-. .. 11	
si kamk. R
IT. i.Kosc.i:.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
H.OO "
9V, "
10.48 "
11.45 "
12.45 I'. M.
1.46 "
2.45 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
ti.45 "
7.45 "
8.45 •'
D.45 "
10 45 "
•11.45 "
Nnt nn Reader,
( li-**. to saw null and plank road ,
ti 11 ininiiles Inun tat ; nnly $300.
. Alsu a lew 1 4 acres for $200;
ti nils, in -Iowa, tio per month.
House to let, (1 rooms, all con
v.'iiien. es : splciidi.1 view. Also
one Ior sale ; $$00 cash and |M
per 111.uilh.
i, h. nm ft co.
North Vancouver, II. C.
two perlrctly cleared lnls on lonsdale Avenue
^^        $900 each
4. 4. CROW&TON
in ROTARY I'l'ltl.lC
IS-IH.M I        111  .11   ll.   1*1.11' la' *
MlllN     I'l." r .11,1 U, *lr.uin ,
uaiha.    Il.rilvi..l, < ,<l r .11,1 I'ir.
Miinnter for llie C-iiiiiiicrcinl
I'riileclii.' Si.'iely.
(iniiv:— Kihht St., K. or laii-iiMl.it.
Large Cabinet
l|ii.uiliiii Snrvcy.,r anil Ari-liitevt
ham IMBI, ''mini l.'is-ntii' Avi
fOllf h'\ Ol  COUNCIL
lias   the city iiiiincil power to
I   ,i a bylaw passed by the rite-
pay< 1     nulla,nt  consulting   the
ratepayer! ia th, nutter?   This iv
tin interesting question that irote
||,  however, the repeal is to
|„  ,||, , lei, It should llf effected in
a strictly lagal manner. The niat-
tei mil ilnn I"' set at rest so lar
is Ibis particular proceeding is
Local Meetings
Kabhtlil I'ylliim. Second lllld  Inllrtll
tiii'inliv. 8 pin.
Athletic Chili, Kir.t Mmi.tay, • |.in.
I.ii'lv    NU.rul.'i',,   .1'*'Unl   Hint   (nurlli
llairlicultnril M.i.tiiiii, %moA Wnlne,*
al«t   I  |l  III
lir,ni,n'. I'raiti.e, every I'ridiy, 7.ID.
City Council Meeting, Mnndiy, 8 p.m.
1'iairii-l Ci.aiin il MMttB|,lnl md liiini
Fri.liiv-, »l h f in.
hined with Great I'ower.
Terms, $10 cash: hai $ to a month
Thi   is t,nly one sample.   We sell
sixteen makes ol t'priglit Pianos
4,T.*-H1 Has-tiii}.' Street
r*i'„''!l',rl l.tnierl  f'*"i" /I"""
(Terminus of Keith
H'VAti ''.ir Um, . .)
Ice Cream,Fruit
Candy, Tobacco
Canned Goods
Etc., Etc., Etc.
i).:r Tea is imported direct
Irom the Tisinnda plantation
in Ceylon, and is a llroken
Orange Pekoe ol high quality
O ir Ice Cream isniidcfioni
Cream. Everything we
Mock is ol the best.    .    .   .
I'ii-n.' |>»rlie, cilenil Inr.   (MmMl
bv mit.il m Wl nl the hnBWall lie,
LMaae uill bi prooiptly ud
i.irelully allemliil I"
Get the lluliit
m\\\ mm\m\ dairy
I. Mi I Son. I'rifi.
tleliv.reil ilailv to .ill |mrts
of the City.
Ofdtra left at the Bzpmi oflice will he |ironi|il-
ly ntteiiih'il to.
Pioneer Bakery
between Esplanade & First St.
aS. W. Walker,  •   Proprietor
I'li-h r.i't'.id ilailv, M
lonvi'M for >l; 4 for 2.r>c.
dike, I'aslry, etr.
Daily Drlivrry to All Parti ol I ilv
MORI 8        71 l.onsdile Ave
Fur Fnriiiliiro,
I1IS ill
,\l  Kaa-.aii.ihb  I'iii ei,  K" lo
lhe North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
11 rnk WO s UWBMII 1*1 ^upplmwi ta ®fj? lExpraa
Wkdsksday. July 1st. '08
Field .Sports
Aquatic tSports
g. j. phillipo,    m. s. Mcdowell.
Chairman Secretary
Eagles Organized
An aerie of the Fnternil Order
of Eagles was duly instituted in
the   Eagle's   hill, Etplanide, on
Wednesday   evening, by  Charles
Mee, deputy grind president. Applicant! to the number of about 30
were initiited out of a charter lilt
of over 50.   The remaining applicants will be initiited it 1 meeting
to be held on Wednesday.the 24th
inst. The chirter will remain open
lill thit dite, 10 tint inv persons
wishing to tike tdvantage ol the
entering  fees   nuy  do so.    Thc
aerie his mide in mspicious beginning ind future prospects ire
bright for  the  development of 1
Urge scope   of   strength ind usefulness.     The   following   officers
were elected:—
Hist l'i. sul. nt. P. Lirson
President, Charles Mee
Vice   President,   H. Kingsford
Secretiry, J. D. Prater
Treaturer, 0. A. Evenson
Chaplain, G. J. Phillipo
In-.nl. 1 marl. H. M. Burns
Outside Guard, Geo. Duff
Fire Alarms
The fire depirtmcnt had 1 busy
time v. sir nia v afternoon. Tin
bush fire which his been burning
in the eait end, Stirling from
Keith roid, made rapid progreu
up Iln* hill, until it began to enter
the green timber idjicent lo the
Diplock-Wright mill. An alarm
wn tent in ind alter several hours
work the fire wn got under control
not, however, until one small
house was consumed. While the
firemen were thus engiged,
another alarm was sent in, this
time (rom 35th street and Lonidale
avenue. A bush fire here had approached in close proximity to the
shingle mill ind idjicent houses;
in lid, the saw dust heip at the
mill wit already ablaze. This
tire wis finally disposed of after
some hours work.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close (or despatch 11 follows : For Vancoiiver and all
points 8 1. iil, 11:15 1. m., 4:15
p. 111 ; for Lynn creek, 11:15 1. m.
Mails arrive : Vancouver and ill
points, 9:10 a. m., 11:45 m., 545
p. m.; Irom Lynn creek 2 p. m. ,
Outgoing mails ior Lynn creek
after 11:15 a. in. should be delivered ,il thi wi.kct. ^upplmmt ta Sty? \%$xm
Till Ml)   ANNUAL
Wednesday. July 1st. '08
Field Sports
Aquatic Sports
g. j. phillipo,    m. s. Mcdowell,
Chairman Secretary
Eagles Organized
An aerie of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles was duly instituted in
the   Eagle's   hall, Esplanade, on
Wednesday  evening, by  Charles
Mee, deputy grand president. Applicants to the number ol about 30
were initiated out of a charter list
ol over 50.   The remaining applicants will be initiated at a meeting
to be held on Wednesday.the 24th
inst. The charter will remain open
till that date, so that anv persons
msliing to take advantage of the
entering   fees  may   do so.    The
aerie has made an auspicious beginning and luture prospects arc
blight for   the  development cf a
large scope   of  strength and usefulness.     The  following  officers
were elected:—
Past President, P. Larson
President, Charles Mee
Vice   President,   H. Kingsford
Secretary, J. D. Fraser
Treasurer, 0. A. Evenson
Chaplain, G. J. Phillipo
Inside Guard, II. M. Burns
Outside Guard, Geo. Dull
Firt Alarms
The fire department had a busy
time yesterday afternoon. The
I hush lire which has been burning
in thc cast end, starting (rom
Keith road, made rapid progress
up the hill, until it began lo enter
the green timb.r adjacent to the
Diplock-Wright mill. An alarm
was sent in and after several hours
work the fire was got under control
not, however, until one small
house was consumed. While the
firemen were thus engaged,
another alarm was sent in, this
time Irom 25th street and Lonsdale
avenue. A bush fire here had approached in close proximity to the
shingle mill and adjacent houses;
in fact, the saw dust heap at the
mill was already ablaze. This
fire was finally disposed of after
some hours work.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for despatch as follows: Fjr Vancouver and all
points I a. OU, 11:15 a. m., 4:15
p. in.; for Lynn creek, 11:15 a. m.
Mails arrive: Vancouver and all
points, 9:10 a.m., 12:45 m., 545
p. m.; Irom Lynn creek 2 p. m. ,
Outgoing mails (or Lynn creek
alter 11:15 a. 111. should be delivered at the wicket f
The district council met last
Friday evening.    Present: Reeve
May, presiding; Councillors Nye,
McNaught and Davidson.
The auditors' report, certifying
the treasurer's books in order to
April 30, and sending joint report
with city auditor as to city debt,
was received and filed.
Letter read from J. R. J. Murray, secretary of the city special
audit committee, asking access to
books Ior auditors. Mr. Murray
was heard as to scope ol au.lii
wanted. Resolved, that access be
given Ior the purpose in view.
Letter received from secretary ol
board of Hade, asking contribution
toward cost ol Year Hook. Grant
made of t25.
Deputy minister of marine and
fisheries wrote, asking if council
saw any objection to grant o( lore
shore in front of part of 469 to
North Pacific Lumber Co.; no objection made by council.
A largely signed petition was
presented from Lynn Valley settlers, asking to have a pound district formed and to have shooting
prohibited in the valley. Alter
hearing some interested parties on
the subject, the council decided
that as yet it was ton early to form
a pound district. The clerk was
directed to prepare a bylaw, pro
hibiting shooting in any part of the
district within a distance o( 500
yards of anv dwelling house.
Messrs. Phillippo and Morden
were present, soliciting a subscription to the Dominion Day celebration in the city; relerred to finance
The secretary ol the Capilano
Improvement Assoriation wrote,
enclosing resolutions adopted by
them. Resolved to reply as lollows
to these resolutions:—!, that the
council have made it a rule to apply for every street end available
for them; 1, that the finance committee have been instructed tocon-
fer with the committee ol the city
council regarding course to be
adopted to protect owners' interests in matter of luture railway
legislation; and 3, that the engineer has been instructed to prepare preliminary report re Keith
road west, local improvement
scheme, and that when his survey
is completed a joint meeting will
be arranged to adjust the bylaw.
Mr. Gibson wrote, complaining
that the B. C. Electric Railway
Co. had refused to extend lighting
system to his house. Resolved to
ask company to comply with Mr.
Gibson's request,in terms of agreement.
Several off. rs for municipal
lands were submitted; replies to be
sent that lands are off the market.
Financial reports were adopted
and authority given to pay the
monthly accounts and salaries, including the first instalments on the
Lynn creek bridge, the steel for
which has now arrived.
Finance committee asked to consider what aid can be given the
Horticultural Board, to assist in
erection of exhibition hall.
Board of works were instructed
to confer with Dr. Swayne as to
new road wanted to give access to
his mining property on Lynn
The engineer made a report regarding this road and laid on the
table samples of the ore being taken out of the mine. The ore
shows excellent indications in copper.
The collector was instructed to
hold a tax sale on September ist
next, of all lands then delinquent,
after giving the necessary notices.
Council adjourned.
Painters and Papkriianckrs
Mural Decorators
Grainers    Glaziers    Skins
Ol'P, 13TH  SlKEET.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday IJ AS< QRAHAME & CO.
evening at 7:30 0 clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday alternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. m.
Rev. B. II. Balderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at 9
a. 111., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. G.
Service at 11 o'clock a. 111 in
the 1 lunge hall ; Sunday school at
the close ol the service.
Pastor :    Kev. David Long.
All are welcome.
Church Notices
Holy Communion, 8 a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday in the month
there will be a second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector 1 Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, MA.
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p* nv; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Pythian Officers
At the regular meeting ol North
Vaneouver lodge No. 40, K.P.,
the lollowing officers were elected
for the ensuing term:—
C.C., C. E. Lawson
V.C., W. C. Eizenman
Prel., W. K. Haig
M.W., H. M. Burns
K.R.S, H. E. Reid
M.F..A. F. Giffen
M.E., A. Davies
M.A., A. S. Emerson
I.G., Mayor A. E. Kealy
O.G., A. J. Stillman.
A committee has been appointed
by the lodge to gain the necessary
information with a view to securing
a site for building purposes. The
lodge will also endeavor to secure
a plot in the new cemetery Ior burial purposes, and will have it pro
p.nly fixed up.
TlIK Council in. iiei tender) for tli
' an ark of clearing and grading the ap
proache" to the proposed new bridge
iiuri.»i the Seymour River, and lur the
building ol the cmcrete abutments for
the bridge.
Specification! lor the work can be had
at the Diitrict Municipal Office, North
Vancouver, where sealed tender., with
deposit*,must Iw lodged belore 8 o'clock
p.m., on the rath imt.
kkw wkstni.\sti:k land imstkkt
nilTKIlT or   NORTH   VAS.fll'VIR
TAKE Ni.TH'K tbat Francii William
' Canlleild, ol the ('ilv..I Vancouver.
Rritiih Columbia, Gentleman, intend*
lo apply lor pertniasiin to lease the lollowing .Inscribed lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at the
southeasterly corner ol LotNM,tiroup I,
New iv,-i inin-icr Diitrict, thence south
0.1 the eaat l«minimi* ol aaid Lot Kll
produced 37.00 chaini, thence weit 3U.2H
chains, thence north 30° weat 17:12
chaini more or leu to the northeasterly
corner ol Diatrict Lot 147, thence south*
easterly, easterly tnd northeasterly
along the northerly shore of Burrard Inlet to the place of beginning, snd containing -ntv-tliree acres more or lets.
Dated this sixteenth diy nl Mav, 1D0H
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Relithle vsrieties tt ressonsble prim.
No Borers. No Scale. No Fiimigttion
to damaga* stork. No windy tgenta to
annoy you. Buy direct ami get Treei
and Seeda thai grow.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray l'unips,
Spraying Mtterial, Cut Floweri, etr.
Oldest established nursery nn the
mainland ol Britiih Colnmhis.
Catalogue tree.
3100    WllTMIMTSS    II" »li
•JKAI.ED TKNDKKS marked "Tenders
" lor Painting City Hall," will lie received by the tiiidnraigned up to 5
o'clock p.m. on Thuraday, the l*lli day
ol June, ItMW. lor thc painting ol the
out-tlde woodwork snd roof ol the City
Specifications as to color, etc., to lie
used, tnd general condition! ol contrtct
may lie obtained, on application, Irom
the City Clerk or Citv F.ngineer.
Kiel, lender must he accompanied by
t marked cheque lor ft per cent, ol tlic
amount ol the tender and llir .ii.tcmI.iI
tnderor mini provide in approved
i;ii ir.11,1. c Inr tlie sttislaetory completion olthe contract..
Ths cheque! ol unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned lo them upon the execution ol the c.inlraut
The lowest or any Under not necessarily ... ,*.*|,i,*.|
City Hsll, Citv Clerk.
North Vsncouver, B.C., Junt 11, IM*.
UALID TKNDKKS aiiiiropriutely
" Barked, will lie received by the 1111-
dcriiigned up to ft ncloek P. M. on Monday, the lftth day nl .lum*, INI, lur the
following Local Improvements In lie
carried out in the City ol North Vancouver.
1. Clearing and grading nl ltith itreet
between St. Andrew'i and Ridgeway
I venue, !I5() feat t hereby.
2. Clearing and grading ol llth
itreet, Iietween St. tit-urge's and Ridge-
way Avenue; alio laying Moot liduwalk
Iietween lliem* two points, ilift leet or
3. Clearing and grading of,:3rd street
between Mahon and St. David's Avenues, 45011 leel or thereby.
4. Laying li-f.sit sidewalk nn .'Ird
itreet between Mahon and St. David's
Drawings, specifications and general
conditions ol contract mav be seen or
obtained hy intending offerers on and
after Monday 8th inst., at the office of
the City Clerk or Cilv Kngineer.
hatch tender must M accompanied In
a marked cheque equal to fi |ier cent, of
tlie amount nf the tender and the sue-
eeiiful tenderer mint provide tn approved guarantee Inr the satisfactory
completion ot the work.
The cheques nf unsuccessful tenderers
will lie returned to them ti|>oii the ex-
.•cution ol the contract.
The lowesl or any tender nnl necessarily accepted.
City Clerk.
City llall, North Vancnuver. B.C.
June Ith, 1'a.is
Hcg to announce that they
have purchased the Drug
Store at the Corner of Cambie
and Cordova Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
This store is conveniently
situated lor passengers hy the
N. Vancouver ferry and wc
hope (or a share of your business.
Have your doctor phone
your prescription to us and
we will have it ready when
you go to the Ierry.
Have your parcels sent
here for you, we will take care
of them till you call.
One ol the proprietors always in the store.
'The Obliging Druggists"
Cor. Cordova an.l Cam hie Sts.
Vincouver,   B. C.
iii' and li I Cordova Street
Tlie famous "Hub" Shoos fur
men, fo.OO.
Summer Suits  from $8.00.
Men's bnlbriggan Underwear
2fic up.
Everything for Men at Right
Ikd Wiilr ami Insiiranrr
LIFE The Sun Life Assurance
Comfany of Canada.
FIRE -The I'hirnix Assurance Co.
af London, England.
and Surety C».
North Vancouvor Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Garden Tools
Iai ten Mowers
Poultry Kitting
House Cleaning Requisites
Piiiiih and Oils
Builders' Hardware
V"1K'K I. tiert'bt |l\.*n 11..1 i,*.l,**i Icnilira
•' »illl* riciu-.l lij Hi,* Hmi Hi.*. hi.lCiini
iiii-'.nirr .1 Hi, l.sn.l. and Work. Driurl
meal, Victoria, up lo noon on Wt-ilnralav,
July In. lis**, Irom any l***rs,»u a. ho may ileslrc
t.i <il'l.111 a special llml-M licenw, ninl,* Ibe
|,„i»i.ii,ii.,.| Sec.Ion .'.I olllie Uml Art lot
ilia 1 iir|«,*i a.l , ill.Ini llmtier Irom Ibe lollu**
lug t.*-,iii.-.l lands:
l i.inmruclni at a po*l |>l.ule.| .1 Ihe norlh*
eaat ,ora,*r ol u.l VW. Ne* We.lmtiifler IU.
trlt-t; thence area. .t. wl chain, lo the south-cast
curlier „l Lol'J.IIT; then..' norlh tl rbalnllo
il,.* -i'mil "'*. corner ol I "l 1MM; ihein.* eaat
tut ah.Ins to the north m-i comer ol LM
I..W;lhvnc.nu.ilh V,chain.lo I.ii 1..OT;Ihenee
.,,*.. IT..., ham* Ui Lol <** Ihenee norlb USD
chain, lo |> aim ol i„mmen.-etnenl.
Tha .ompetilor offering lhe hlgbeat ca.h
boon, xlll ba entitled to a special timber
|i,.ti.ei,,!*>rii,| lhe limll. renewable annully
liar.lcnn i,l .wenl   ,,lie   ran.
Karh lender mu.t l« addrexed to the Hon.
ihe. in,*i 1 ornmlnlonrr 0IUn.l1 and Works,
Vlciorla. Menrely waled and marked "Tcrnler
l„rTimber Lleenw." and mu.l l*e ai-ciimw.nlr'1
by tao marked ehe,(ue., one cheque being lor
•liom,Ibe amount ol tbe Itr.i year'a rental-
and Ibe other (or (be amount of bonus ten,
All,'he*|ii.i re.iuln'10 be |*yahle lo theor*
de nl the Chiel lumrolsalimtr ol Land, and
Worka, al par al Victoria.
ChltlfnmmlMloner.il Und.and Works,
Und. and Works lieparlmenl.
Victoria, BC.ISlh May. IHO". U<1
Rolled Oat,s
Hai) and Teed
line. Iicaltliy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plant*;, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
me Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager*
Worth Seeing
First of All we ask ijou to
view correct styles. Fit-Reform sets the fashion*.
What a|)|)ear* io the Fit Re
form Wardrobe is aecebted
without question by Canada's well dressed men ...
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
VOBIII Dm Bit llll H0NI1
Priceless Asset
A K.*nl art (if Teeth contribute Rreatly to one'i health and
happiness. They add much to the appearance and more to
the .li,;.'81 ton,
Neidi-ct ia the only cause lor the loesol Teeth. Come to
us NOW N'fnreit is too late.
rulllWIof le rth       is.oo
Br Ida}* work, |*tr looth          |,M
Ooliilrowo.          gi0#
tiol.l rnilnga          I.ao o|l
Plallna rilling*          |,„
lUraKt.rrj 5o
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKER, Consulting Dentitt
407 Hastings St., W., Vancouver
HOURS  9 i.m. to 6 p m.
We ■olioit the butinru of Mamifirttiren,
Pnptiiirrin mid othf ri whu mllre Ihe mlviMt-.il-
iijr <f hiving their hi-rat bnhwH IranHded
hy EiperU. I*re!inimary adTire free. Charj^i
moderate. Our ln\entor'i Advlifrwnt up«in re-
nneit Marion & Mn ti-n, W-nM., New \ml i.ife
Wmm&Mtttmamwmmm uc.uju.
Is prepared to dn all kinds nl work
rlearinii. |iruhliiii|i. itniplng or rrs-k
lilutin||.    Work MM hy the day or hy
I* iir.. care taken in lila.linz near
Innn"*. and all diiinai;.' mini.* **a««l.
Adilrcss, Sicaaii'l >li'*,*i \V , near bins-
ainl.* avenue, or I'. O. Itoi II, Nnrlh
Vanciiiinr 5*H
IMI I-ni.M-rr  (aal ■  (. I... *».r>..o.
'rH.iSI *M
Ollice—New Hmmpw-n Illoek,
'u.iiinlale avenue.
It, M.lential work a specialty.
P. O. Box 33
North Vancouver, B. C.
I. wn. i. Kill»
4  l.iSMHH  AVE.
J5C. per pound Fine Flavor,
in I'.can or (iround
Rallmr.,nrlil«.... ttaia*. I'„», ra, Kiilmai.*.
Sii|.*rlnii*.i.l, n,»,>l CsaMrw-tloa. M>i*s, To»n*
.11.*., Mlnlni Clal*ai,l.b liivl.i,
■It II.aim). HI. *..
i phi
 v.it Bonn taa ummu
WoK, bfttud Co. bankrupt
stock is on sale at cost. We
have a lew mattresses and pillows also al wholesale prices.
Our tin"-sniaikiiiR derailment
is now aide to handle all orders in luture, at pri..*-, wlii.h
will compare lavnralilv witli
Vancouvei i'slalili*.linients.   .
Wc are selling our stock o( crockery and glassware ofl al a reduction
being hampered lor room.
Mnntifitrlttrrr  of  Million   ntnl   Anliom
furniture Sinn, tijitt and lUtr fixtmtl
Kepuiritii; ill All Itraiuhea
M Third Sl W   Hat. Chesl.ril.il Mi Unsatalt
.i|*|Hi.n. School
faV^Mail ordersiiiven prompt attention
60  VEARi'
TnAtH Maut
CoevnioMT. Ac
A nron. Mi dlni a ittttt mt ttattifUm man
*nli-slr uranialn cur , ; ai n rTraa* wh*«b«r aa
ut. ' I* n Mil*' .b.l*lriai.'.l*bl*lo«*B.nlrt»
tl„iij.lrl«ljtfa,iill,lmtl«l H»«UM0I oa raWl
MM IM OIlOM ia.„r. tut saaeunraf aWa-aV
I'u.n.i laian ihnio.ii Munn A Ci. mrfii
tttdat aaUll, wllhoat _ja la tha
Scktitific Jlncricai
iUlalJOSMlr UI*Utra'«la.Htlr,   U~~t Ml-
Rlalloa olur sariwune |ovaiL   Tar*u he
•»ia ai» araavr, fitta —~as.   Ma ti
il m»
New Advertisements
. l'i,I   Ic    I l||
Local liii|<ra'V"*i!,'ii'-''lty
l'.*li*!,*r-l *r I'allium   t'ily
a  rtlval il t n'i
i'uleli'-    M II A   Miliaali
He ISIioh   Wood ,1 Sun
l.n I, n a,.ni.     Dislriel . 1,111..
1,,'lila' niini.liilin   H, I. llurplil
Aiiilaaai,i*,*i.   ki  walandHal.I 1. .1   u
I'OtlUIII 'll  111)     I a ll'll  II   Ll lal'"'
Horticultural Socict
I in I..,,it,I ni din i ims In Id tlui
i, eiil.u iu, l.i, meeting on IUesday
, vi ni'i.: I In president, Al. lander
smiili occupied the chair,
llie lecrtlan read tenders ler
iln* pliiiiilring Iiniii Mis rs Kraaer,
Nobli and \\ ildi n Bros,; n hii-d
to tin* In,illni*.; i nuiniilti e in i nn-
ler witli the im lule i. Sn ilh
Hros. luhtnitti d a li ndi i lm In;.Id
me the cliiniin ): retimed lu build*
in; committee, It uas repotted
that the building will probably I"'
completed before line > th. Definite instructions wen* given lh.
building committee with reference
to painting in. floors and the seat-
llie   li|   tile   I'llalilillg.
Job Kirkl nnl having agr<. .1 I"
discharge the duties ul ciretaki 1
at a nominal lalaiy for lhe present,
the building committee was instructed tn jn pare an agreement
and to draw up rules fnr the caretaker's guidance ami tn report The
s. cietan was instructed to write
Captain Tatlow, minister nf agriculture, extending to him an in*
"vitation 10open the hall nu Jnli
1st, and alto inviting the member*
o( tbe government t.> attend. Invi
tations were alto Htrei led to he
Mm tli. . uv. nun. il ul Vancouver,
anil the re. vis nf Burnaby, South
Vancouver ami Point Grey,reipet
tivcl* tii la preient.
the prise list fur th.' exhibition
in Septi nl" i '*,is .onaidi it .1 snd
considerable progress made in its
arrangement, II. A Shan is the
l.pr.-s, utaiive ul (lie sm it tv l.n
piXM linn*.'   aalvi iliseiiieiils   I'm   lhe
prize list nml sp.-.ial premiums fm
the exhibition.
A ven am.i. live festure in the
pri* li-i ilns m ,n mil he il,.ii ui
|| I, i|    the    pilhlil     s, (tOOll    III    III,
distiut. fm ile i. i collet lions ol
wild flowers, [. rns ami grassi *.
III.* tests an- In In 'piiiiii nl
ul specimens, correi i nsming ami
aiiisie   srrang. ne nl *     I eat In rs
in.u asa-ist llu ii ii -|i' i lm i lass,....
I In* prise wnl he .. large I sa eli in
Hag. win.h will be hung in iln
class room "l ihe competitn i"
wh.ini it is swardi ■! In ill. judges
Board adjourned until th.- I.>l
lowing Tuesday.
Funeral of Major Mulvey
lh.*    Manitoba    Frn     I'n
..I June i-i. has iln* following wilh
i'   |" i l In tie* I,in, ral ul  ih**   late
M.l|aa|    Mill*.* »   I   Nl      III'      Sll   UUI
Muh. i \\,.s, Siiiiila*.. naorded ..
(uoeraj   worth*  ■  auldiei and i
man.   All t.l.i... s ol the inititi
ity turned unt In do Iiimi a lasl
honor and tin corti ge was nne ol
tin  largi sl t*v. i seen iii lii,   i in  iif
Winnipeg Tha streets arm
. rowdi d   slong tbe route of thi
funeral, Irmn lie City llall In
Sherbrooke street, and among
those mi tin- sidewalk wi r.- man)
old fliunds ul the d< a a i.i .|     Irmn
all parts nl the province cam.
ul.l personal friends, i oinrsdi • ol
ihe a irl; da; snd I. How ofRo is
and iiieinlii rs ol thc Loyal Orange
Ass.„ i iiiiiii.
W. T. Murphy
Men's and Boys' Furnishings
Boots and Shoes for Everybody j!
• I
I j
We wish lo announce lhat we liave openrd a new st(ir.,wi h
I complete line ol the above, in ilu* Home HI. .k, io nerofE -
plan ad. and Lonsdale avenue. 01 R MOTH) WILL BE:—
^toj^S--^    sure thai il yoil come and sec ill.  values we aie offering, Ynu will
-"ai'l-     bec.nii. * nur'regular customers.       WE   SOLICIT    A   TRIAL
* fur Eipiantde nnd Lonidile Ave., North Vancouver
♦; ♦ i ■♦ ■•■♦■.•♦■!•♦ WHtltl*M!t-WilMWI»lWtIMW*H ♦ l ♦ » • *    K)M»M»i»mfJ|
i, I, In,ilm i nn |iili isl, will DC
Iii Id tins i veiling at 8.30 u'clutk,
in tin* .ih hall The respective
iub committees will n port pro
gress and as lar as jiossilile aii.m*
g. mints iv, II be reduci I to a dcli-
inie basts, A lull an* ndsnea "I
nu niters snd .iliu' is is H quested,
T, Hut. bison has wld liisgroc
cry linsiiH ss on K.iili in ul iv.-sl to
Mr. IV.'is. by whom ii will be conducted in future.
ihe 1 ih has an important notice
111 this iai ie n I,line Ii) the piovi-
siinis el 1' rtain bylaws.
The lathers arc now .11 srork on
Keith block,
Three Sewing Machines
One Singer for $12 . . .
One Domestic lor •*! I ,
One Raymond (or |10 .
PiltCIV-U II. iiii lii
QAoas uilli Mr, Cuihiev, l.'in-'lale Av,
1   I'Veiii enn  perron nsnylBg rm
the liiiHiii' ss nf ii h.rlicr, Sum |*-ar*n<
1. Innn every person nhn exhih I-
fnr hire  ur   |.r.,tii   n   m,*rr,-t.".n>.in*I
Ferris whs I or awing, tin .nm nf |A.OO
por annum or any portion ih-nof,
lii-l.iiu No *li, Seeii.in '.', reiiils aa
fi .Ilnn a:
"!. t'i,in|iUiiit.|i,liriiiH,c.i*|.irlner»hi|'-.
corporation*, pera-nia nml Indlrfdnali
d--nrlllg ii ni-la.l wins ami nllier n|>-
I'aralu- f"t llie n-e ..( electric cirrenl
lor any pnrpssM iiliiil-ne-cvcrer.lei'iniii:
Iii nller or r,*|niir nny wires nr.i|i|>ariitn-
illrca.lv in use, aliall hefiireeiiiiitiieiieiiii*
nr 'l"iii|.' anv sneli mirk, innke nn aplili*
atK'ti nn the (..rm |iri>iiile.l Inr that
|inr|,,«e,   Inr :l |>crniil  N tn iln  In the
I'ha clerk, ahlcli application ahall he
aei'"iii|iiiiiie.| hv a t,.n|i nr |ilnn uml
-|,eciric'ri"in* sa well n* a dcarri|<*ti.in nl
lhe null.Tial   -jmpeanl i.. lie u-.-.l, a'.-.
the-ire. i lee,ui.hi and iiniiii-cr (il pro*
perlv, il any.   Upon rc.-.i|i| hy the Citv
Clerk ol -ni'ii sppHcatkm the Wiring
Inspector shall eanse sneh sppHratlon
In he  dealt   uilh   llllllll twenty-four
hi'iir*. fmni the Iiu f nni,I receint ami
-Imll either issue a permit span  pay
meill ,,i llie (ees II sel   fnrlll ill   Sceliuli
5 herenf a,r refuse I,, issue lhe unine.
The penalties fnr an iiifriiclinii uf anv
.if these lli-lam-i-IIIMIKIiinil cn-lmr
IWO niiinlh-' iiii|,ris iitiient.
(it. Clerk
Going ?
[V\KK Ml'I'lt'K thnl IheCuiiiicilnfllt.
I C,ar|i'iriiliiiin,llliut iivnl Nurtli Van
,*„iiicr iiiteinls In  e.iiisl'rnct llie   I.,hii<
Improvement sel .mi In tlu schedule so-
pearl*t| below,and Intends In ttmm ile*
(nal coal, or a portion il.erenf, apea iba-
real |irii|ierly lienctiicil tlicreliy (rnlilii*
or abutting 11.■ r am md liel.l nahle f,„
us.. *>iin*iil tlierefur.
A .inlei. cut shun ini; lh" laml-liaii.
uml proposed In Ih' sp*ein|ly MNSMl fur
llie -aiil iiii|ar.a..aneiil ami tlie names ul
tin* un m rs tlteretil, SO (nr ns the muiii
enn lie ai-aiTli.nic.l fr.nu ll.e hist rev i-,.
a-s, ssineiil mil and ul hern iw, ia nun
llleil in llie ullice nf lhe A-scssniciil
Ciiiuii.issiuneriind is tip-Mi fur iii-|»*eli.ni
during lallice huiirs.
Tl.e I lieilllle lieh.IV sllinis the es'i-
luateil curl uf the iinprnvetiieni mul the
|irai]'"rli'iii 10 In' pr.,ii,le.l mil til the
■.'ciieru! Inmls ..I lhe cilv.
ACniirtuI ll.'vifi.iii .vill lie held on
lhe iiiii ilarul July, IIHkS, at tlie liourol
M p.m., nl the cu. hull,   Nnrth Vutieuti-
ver, H.C., Inr the purpose of award*)
cornplslnts sgaluat Iho |.roi*use.l bbmbi
litems er the accuracy ul (mnl'iea
Hieii-nremeiilH nr nny uih.T ceiniihtin1
ulurh the iHTMina inlereslfd desin* t.i
mnke nii'l »hieh is euyniraili!,* I*y the
An-H'.anieiil Cunitniaaioner.
Nurlh \'a.ncnl.ler, II.C,
I.'lh June, IM,
h nmi i r. hi 11 iiiikii th:
I'ri.i-e.l I'.-li.i.iil.il   Ksliiiuitc
liii|iri>veiiicnt l"ta .•> I   ci'i l..|aay
lira Hog uf I .lh slrei I
heluecii sl   \i,,lr,.i's
ami Rkhprna) a.'*   Ii.'-u"    lioou
i: n
I',*riiis, iiii"-(iiiirlh cm h | balance,8 )'2nm\ IH montlis
<    a
-    s
Sixteenth sr.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
r. 0. BOX ,186.
1836      THE BAKX OF      I90S
British Nc:
An I'viTvilav burgain
wriOLt corrcc
Scotch Picnic
A. Iv V.rt,u| Ni v. Westminster,
ali-im t di I'uty grand i hi. I ul the
Sons ol S. uil.uiil ul British ( dIudj-
lea. iva*. in tui'.n todaj loi ll.e 1*111-
poaa ul luith' ring sn ingementa
lm th.- fust uf Jul] celebration hv
ih". oa i' i'i1* Mi Verl siat. >
that tin- all' iei,im e [mm tin Royal
City will I"   I n ' ighl hun
dp d Irmn Nanaimo, snd om Iho i«
land ur nmri from Vaucouvet
Special  arraogetnenta are Inun;
•.vith the B C l.i. trii i
lot convi • ihl; tin haa.i| Cilj visi
t.irs to and Irmn Vim OUVt r.
Ladies' Meeting
iiu Tuaaday svaning next, in
the district llllllll. ipal oflice. tin
ladies of the i ity are invited to
nu .*t wilh the  hoard  of dii
uf  tin* Agricultural Society, lm
the completion of smagaoienl
foi the firsi ol July entertainment
al    the    psVilJOO,     As    ihis    will
I alilv ba tha final meting, it
i partiinlaily desitcd that there
I i   ,i in,' attendance "I all ladies
who ttt prepared to do what tin ,
i an in assist in making tbc i ntai
lainmi nl a su* a .
iur llmisi' Puriiiahinga,
Tli.'t.' is (inly mii' \i\mv In
|iiircli;isi', if ymi ire n riti'i*
fnl, t-fltinnmiottl alio|i(H>r.
Wu have Iha largeal slock
nt lltiuae I'liiiiisliinu- in
tliu ciiy, tnd our prieei ire
iin:miiii'iiisly lokoowledg.
i'il t.i In- tin' ni.isl KMoM<
lile to In' hid.
We sell for cash
or easy payments
I). A. SMI III4 Co.
( i'lie I   (ii.iuvilh    an.l   I'lllis
muir streets, Vancouver, II.C.
irish hoasiiI) 25c per Ib. vm
Ground Hhilr You   ait
j. \a £. m. McMillan
Cormi l'ls|i|.in,iil<'and l.iinsdal, Avenue
Pioneer Hardware
I'limit' IS I. WAlDtN   laiiisiliili'AI'irstSt.K
Sole Aganta bi McClary'a Stoves. RaagCaV Pamscaa,
Sh.rvviii  iV  Williams' lamoits faint*-.
.ln-t nrrivi'il-Our M'.'i'mi's dtlitwy tif Paint*, Vnr-
nialiM, etc., from ifl BO \»r pttllon dp,
One ol Canadi's Strongest Financial Institutions
lolal Assets over $50,000,000
This Hank has a record behind it bl nearly three quarters
of a century of successliil banking in Canada, with
assets JBIIBMlai every year until they now exceed
Money Advanced mi i.asmialile terms- Drafts bought and
sold—.l/,'«,i Oiders and Letters of Credit issued payable
in the leading cities in the world.
I tinners' and Iruit Growers' requirements will be given
s|u 1 ial attention,
tlllli e:  Tor. Inns.l.iie Ave. and Isplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
II. II. Ilium. Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars have the I'Ytrv Landing lm Qoeensbnn Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lmisdlle, Winch 'lie. I and K. llll Ivuad as lullows : 6:15
a 111., 11:45,1. in., 7:15 a. in., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a 111 , i| a. in. y^o a in.,
iieiu a in, Alttr 1.1:25 a. 111 , cars w'" '';|V' 'hi. cnsbiiry av. nue,
Ivvcnli Iii'l and l.unsd.ih* avenue, and Win. h sli.et anil K.-tth Koad
|| hi.  minutes tn ill.  hum and twenty five minutes |.ast the hum.
Cats I. ive Nineteenth Mm t .nul I hn*.-nsl.ury .ivenue, TlTatntV lirst
llml ami Looadale avmna, Win. h sire. I ami Keith li'oatl as follows :
n.i m., 6:551 in. ,-!,i a. in, B»5 a   m., h^5 ■ b.,9:)o a.m.
All.-l iy i" a 111 laishavi tin I'.rrv Landing at l.u iiiiiiul.s past the
hour and twenty minutes 1.1 the limit
Ijft'   All botta ,ir. ui.t hv ih. ears
RIM   II BMSIIMl lllllll    OS   llll   CtAftl
A\ IT'*rul'M>
I'lil'IIIM  Kl   "II
iiuis: 11 m no
hav ami or
A in< 1 ting of the Gem ral Cum
unite, in ..mi'. 1 lion with the civil
Cit!  ('Ink     '
Illii..liim, I'.is
III*; public are herehi n*-*olrcdU) laki
notice ol ihefoHowlngeslraeti ir '
the 1 it. By-Laws,
By-Las  Se. II, -<■• Hon I, rsedi sa
lolluWi     " l.ach sad  every person,
persona, nr hodj rorporaU, em
engaan in, urcarry oa cither el 11.«-
«"\ernl irailc, |.r<i(rawlona. of caHlnes
I lorlh in 'Sel„.|illeA".ilthl.llv*Ll«
■hall lakeaiiil a periodical lien-,*   to I.*
kiianin bs a Trade 1 leases) i"r meh
|.eri...| as i- iis.-iili il in ..ii.l ■' Indole,
and shall par thmlsr snsh saaisela
thereini|«ieifl(-d, whlebsuBl ►hull, in
all eases, be rani iu the ('..lie mr of lh*
-ani Corporation fur the um* thereof."
-a Inui 4. reeds Hutu: "It ahull ii"l
he hiiiful (nr UV I'cr.nli, |"*r-iiii> ..r
Ii.hIv tWporStf, liccinaed umler tin- lit*
Law, to en*ra|s In, prastles, or eutj on.
mi the Lord'i hay (eaauaeal]! rslk i
Siinihiyl either Inr hire, nr mint, iltr.-el-
ll **r iiia'ireeil.. any nl the trades, ftc il-
ntioni, iiroleaaloniorcalllnss in ">che-
.ini. \" ni ihi. 11 v-1 jiw nascrlbsd "r
Seheiliile \.   rel.rreil  In   in llai-   I'*.
Law reada n- MIowb:
I.   Fnim ..in person seeping i
ur bnlldini eners i billiard, ped •■<
lie liil'le i» ii.i'd (ur hire ur protl
11.on lor each labia pel milium
j.   Iruiu anv person keeping shoal*
imt idle, "r rille nailery,   |l N 1
SjK-ri.il li.ii, v In himiliiv iiiiiI liii'iiliir l.iiiir.ln*.
Ilallhinir lerrv SSBBSSl  lu and frnni Vaiiimner.   llnl ami rohl
wa'er in SVaWJ  r...in    la.lirn call l»*ll» in every   r-mm.   Ilarl.r
-h"|' iii cum a line
Sii.im   ,,t.iii,   ...   NOKTIl  VANCOUVKII, B  I
I s|> I iiiiii (!«•,  North Vancouver
Hotel North Vancouver.
Terry Service Lvery Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. l.n son, Prop.
and instructions to sell
I'li'tircil Lots, 50x160, in Muck 58, «>n Kotirlci'iitli
and l''ifti'i'iitli BtrteU, it $500 ainl $525 <acli;cor-
ni-rs. $6001'Ufli.   EASY TERMS.
Two cli'arnl loU, TiOxl*" each, south front on
Ninth stri'i't, at $650 ■•acli.   Kasy terms.
Also a few choice lots on Victoria Park West.
LoiimIiiIi" Ave lot, between '-'ml ami Iini streets,
only 13200.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in lilnek 117, |560 each.  Terms.
A Homl list of Lots in all purls of lhe t'ity, at
prices from |20(l each ami Up,
Wanted Iruin Oatur. liat. nl ki»«I eloaavln bita and .IcreiiKc.   U'e innutiate .ale.
il lhe prieSS are rinlit.
for, lmi-.il.ili* Avenue nnd lilth St., North Vancnuver, B.C.
II.I.H'lliiM   It


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