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 Local Meetings
City Council Moating, every Mom Inv, 8 p.m.
I it Council Meeting, wvery Friday, i*16 p in.
Board ol Irada, I'liinl lueada;, B p.in,
llimril nl Tradi Executive, I iral rueaday, H p.m,
School Board, lirst I ridav, 8 |i.ui.
Local Meetings.
Knii-hta ol Pytliiai, Second and fourth Monday, 8 p.m
Athletic Chili, lirnt Monday, S p.m.
Young Pftopla'l Clu'.i, Kwry Tiumlay, 8 p.m.
Horticultural ".lectin**, Second Weilueaday, 8 p.m.
Flmnu'i Practice, Every Friday, lm p.m.
Board of Trade
In Monthly Session
Merchant of Venice
At the Pavilion
Th, re wn a goodly number of
iiniiilxi•*. preient al lhe hoard "l
trade maeting Ttieada] night, and
a gnat deal of internal wal ihown
in the Miai and motni ntioii - quel
ti'iti   affecting   North   Vane inv er
gi nerally, whii-h ume ap.
Tha. lirst question ta occup) thi
uti, ation ol lhe meeting fai ibe
report ol tha committee appointed
l>\ th.' board lo icl in conjrtni lion
with tin*' committees appointed by
the councili regarding Ihe proposition   lit    establishing    nl    nn
hospital hate. Mr, J. R, J, Hurray read the ii poll id that committee, and ipoka il lome lenfth
On the advisability an.l inn ssity
of such an institution
Mr A. Philip, honorary were*
lary of Ihe hoapftal eomtnittee,
whai wai ibo I'lceiu. explaim 'I
the aims and objeCtl   ot   the  COB"
mittee and the annual "I Jala
Iroiii which the) baaed Ineh i itt.
unites lie wai itrongl] ia laww
ui  an hospital, .md pointed out
the    ncccssiti    of    li.ivni-    -nine
placi in which to tain fcnfi ol Mm
,      , .    ,  i , „ ,  i,., .     ii,1 iilnnil-. nioui \ li mii r'l rh.ii.it ti i
sn l, ami injured ovei uere.    t in :
coat, le' thought, while il looka
Something decidedly interesting
to loveri "I Shakespeare will be
produced in the pavilion Wedni >J
day evi ni ig next A. St. |ohn
Mildmay will give one ol his
original recitals on thai date,
" The Men haul ol Venice" being
Ins subject, Ol Mr. Uildmay'i
abilities, iln1 Vancouvei daily
Provitte ii] ** ■
■■ tin ni ital of tin* Merchant of
Venici bj ,\. St. John Mildmay il
the \ ,u,i .iiivei i ipi ra Route oa
Saturday proved most interesting
to loven ol Sbakeipeare. I he
omission ol Act V. and sew ral ol
Iha earlier episodes brought the
time ul lhe recital down to two
hours, and the outstanding feature
wai the interpretation givi n Iha
charactei ol Shylpt k, Mr, Mild-
may'i reading ihowi tl i stud) "I
lb ui Irving, perhapi ,mphaaia-
i11K the Jew's lighting qualities.
Hi-* i. .i.liiit ss and venality, Ins
courage an I sane i uncentralioa on
Ins one il. siiiiaiiuii were given
most mi,listing eapreuion in Mt.
Mildm iy'i ri nderihg of the world-
large, ihOUtd not lump* i i good
, i ii *. in.i.niinii ai an\ one of us
might *it ait' moment be requiring
iis service*, .ml in matt) caaei
time w.is the i laence of Iin. ll
tint life had bun saved, lhe
hospital would ban ilmie well,
an.l with pioper appliances he Mt
sm.    in,inv  i i" s   would   i*
Count ill"! N\e. a h.tu nun of tin
h ispil.il couiniittee. ill I lew  Well-
ehoaen wordi, euibgixtSIl thi
work of other hospitals, and he
s, v.-   BO   MM  why  such I place
could nut do tin- lame here
Mt. II. C. Wiight saial bit heart
an,I soul was in the pn'jc.l. it w.is
| splelldnl nlea. .nni In* w.nilil do
all in his powet to tin tlui tin project   lie recited sin ral loatancee
when: a hospilal  on  this  mi|o of
tin* inhi would havi I • • a ■
lag, ami now tk it more industrial
v., ir i peniag up it- um would be
more ami motl *
Ii was moved iiiii sicoiiil.il that
the lading ol the joint hospital
i iiinntt' el iod adopted
I,* ii I thai il" board
; iu carrying the noonunenda-
i, m ,,i the * ommitti   to I Kn
ini issue.
I'he iiiotinn was carried nnani*-
A committi c mi appointed to
liiitlnt tin* icheme, and consists
n|   Ml s.i *    M  a ,        i and
MaOtdl Ba
A nioiioii proteetifi | igainat ihi
ligBI l'i iliK plasteieil .ill  ovei  llie
iiu. s.i,h as nal .st.ne ligna, and
mnn* i spi cially iln unaightl) ones
being erected on Lonsdale avenue
ami ihe vacant  lots along the
waleiliont. A ..-iiimi:it.■■ ■ was ap
pointed In wait ou  the  nwm i* I I
the property with ■ viae of having
MUM iiiiioveil.
Sen tal  oihi i impotUnl
tions also came In [ore the meeting,
but ou i* qui il liom the bonrd the
reports will not appear in print
Several rousing meeting* inch
as this one will ntaii thing!
North Vancouvi i ipiniten didu'l
s< iiii to make a hu at all.    Just a
week hai passed since this con-
VI nt,on ami not one wedding lias
i.ii. ,i plai i    But, we hi ai ol si \
ami mi iln tapis.
Dam Ivumoi s.ns dial we can
eipei t  to he.ii if  .ni  addition  to
the Benedict club shortly. No
namet in mentioned.
Mi. and Mis. Ednuad Hell, of
Vancouver,    formerly   reeidenti
hen,   have' left   Oll   all    extendi d
tout iii the v.uil.l, nisi viiiting
Nt a Voik, England an.l Scotland,
I he\ expect tu be absent about a
Mi. Wm. Bayly, of Baylj Bros.,
ol Vancouvi r, is Bf< eting .i li.|,*
•nh BCe near Ottawa gardens.
It is expected that the Wc-l* iii
Corporation's saAmill will lesunu
aipi rations ibout M in h ist.
Mr. Harry K. Smith was holder
ol   thi Slld'essi,ll   In lact ,ll ,1 dlaw ■
iiu lor an auto, wim h was In id al
the Hotel   Ninth   \ .on oavi I  tins
link.    Mi.  Smith  intend.
the vehitle oii thn lid • ol  the
mii t, whit l> can claim the disiim
timi of being (he pioneer hot.
Mr. Hi'ilu ck, an engineei of
i iim1 repute, who has been i guest
it Hotel Larson foi tone lime
past, retain*.I ilns Week Imni a
trip up tO i |ut • *i < hn i. <t ti* Islautls,
win ra he had gone ill lie* inl*
ol some mining claims.   Mr, Bra
lm k Hyi that Jnli'ai pfMMtl I
scent: ol ai Iiiiii. as soli i.,,
II nm- an b ing worki A with
ipleii'liil ii .nit-     a nn busy
suiiiiii'i is assnrnl lot these
I inioiis i lands
Orpheus Male
Mr. '11 'I l'i* lias, who has Iii i ii
for the past h n iii iiiiii I ■' lesnh nl
of thc Ambitious City, left ot
I a,    In) Iiii Montreal, to tain
Iiii ruativi position in thi Canadian
M IrOpolii    Whii. on th*
Mr. Bi l oni nl
th ■  iiest hockey   pi i
figured in many of the ch.itiipiou-
ship matches.
Voice Choir.
I hi ai oti i Imu will i
in ani on Wi due dn\ the a6tfa m
I iison's Pavili md along with
i'ii s  the  weliknciwii  ind
versatile lush i omedian, " Billy"
I        in his Iriih I iiniini iiii s.
I hi lormi i ' om i rl given by this
choii i'n iii*  B * ol "i I i.i*1' ».i ■
n h ,i nrl ■ lou-il
should   take   advat tl       'I    11 .t :r
I vi-it to | . .a il In ar them
ll.i ,,,.,i. ii || under li.
oi St. John's Episcopal Church.
Mi. P, Weitover has again lie-
ca-nie ,1 resident ol tin valli y.
Mis Sugden is spending a lew
dayi wiih hei in*iihei on Vancouvei
Mr. W. r Hogg, of this city,
made a flying visit lo New Westminster Thuraday.
A son waa born ll the home ol
Ml. anal Mrs. \-. \Y. T, inplcr.
Thureday, tlu new arrival being a
preient tb Mr, Templer on the
celebration of his birthday.
Don't forget the great big
sni..ki t ul im Athletic Club Tin s-
lay evi ning next.
Tin Japanese so seriously injured in Lynn Valley several days
ago, died iii lhe Hem ial hospital
S lay ninlit.
None ol the memben nl the
li gislature bave been reported in
thedailj press as violently oppoet d
in ,in increase ol the sessional in
In answei to icorrespondent nx
will say that we cannot hnd a
sin [li instance in ivhich a delinquent subscriber ever was passed
nto happyland by St Peter,
Several loads of machinery lm
ilu* Cook shingle  mill on Lynn
a 11 lit, cum ovei mi the ferry this
week and were battled up the t alley. When completed this mill
will be a valuable addition to the
manufacturing trade on this side
ot the inlet
Mis.  u. Chance and daughter,
who ban been visiting relatives
in Cleveland, Detroit (.'anion and
Ho*,wcith Indiana, MUM home
tO-day, alter an absence of
live months. Mis. Chance was in
ill health pnvioUltC her departure
hn ilu- eaat, but return! much im*
provi 1 ui health.
I In lollowing were registered at
the  Hotel   Nortli Vancouver this
week    11 liecket, j. s. Hajgins,
Vancouver; P, K. Ibbotson, Winnipeg;   T.   W.   McKwan   Siniih,
A. C. Stewart, K. 1-1.1-11, Vancc-u-*
Wtlfor.l   M.-e.   of   Mo.i.lnille,
shot 1 inn* large 1 1 on Thuraday,
I,   ■   I      ",|   la     :
has gone bunting mountain lions.
Rol t,   Campbell,    Keith   roid,
in .11 S IJ 'noiii  em k, had loin It * ll
of his lust (owl carried off by
Ihem the other nighl
With   thi I    BtHIM
begins Volume VI. of its care. 1.
l'i. 1 •>ir, who fm some time
pi.i. tll eii in North \ inCOUVI r. has
liken up offices iii Vancouvei
I ii. .! , ior, .in- • li tving hi re, hai
1 tin* old country, spi nding
about si\ month. tin re, end has
pia* in. .I ni iln* upper country.
lie 1 * * "■ntl\
in Vancouver.
I be following '4m sti wi n >■
1, n,|   lit   tin   Palio   Hotel ilns
wi' k   Harry J Walton. J. Ft ink
but and wih, A. Wallai 1. \sn
M. \ .nub ml*,, Silliias,  f, r
ami wife, B. R. Street, Wm MofJ
Iai ami wile, Vancouver; ChasJ
Na l ion, Ri vi Istroke
Mrs. Hogg, Lonsdale avenue,
wiil    move   lu 1   building,   now
Occupied hi* In 1 as a i oofi ■ ;i
in'. onto tin- adjoining kri to
the  west.     Mrs. Hogg   llllell.ls to
1 nn mi lm in 11 on the Kiplan-
Thi  Kit' hie Mill. 1 I
• in id to taki 1 lace Manh
im\,   1*   alt * mi;   iiiuili
pt 1 iilal * 11  as  to  tin* outcome.
Both boyi ate geltnig into sh.ipi*.
and   expect  to be   ill   tin II   lim ll
wbM thes step into the hug.
No doubt there Will be a large
gathering in the pavilion next
Thursdny evening at the Conservative mass meeting. Everybody
is extended an invitation to be
present, including the ladies. Sir
Charles Hibbert Tupper and other
speakers will be 00 the platform.
Mr.   James   Hay,   an   old time
resident of Vancouver, has ilu*
plans out for a resilience on Sixlh
street east, opposite Mr. Jas. Mc-
Nau's na« residence, Mr. Hay is
well known in Vancouver, and
will be heartily welcomed bv be
coming I 1 iti/en of the Ambitions
The Provincial Illack Chapter
of the (irand Lodge ol Orangemen
of British Columbia met in their
annual session at Armstrong this
week. Anion',' the officers of the
graml lodge, Mr. R, Fawcett, of
North Vancouver, was elected
in uurer.
To Kin 1 Well linnished house
with all modern convenient es.
Apply,   Corner  Pint street   and
Ch'Steilii Id avenue.
Kobert Warilii Co., will build a
combined residence and store on
their property at the end of the
Keith roatl car line to suit tenant.
See ad elsewheii*
Messrs. Harry Fogg and John
GrMndwitet have been awarded
the contract for hauling pipe band
for the Vancouver City waterworks
Seymour creek extension. The
contract pricy was $3.75 per ton.
It is most gratifying to notice
that ratepayers are beginning to
set up and take note of council
uiei tings.
About a dozen of Nortli Vancou.
veritts took in the Paderewski re-
cital Monday evening.
Now that the fine weather is
about to set in once more there
are many who are taking advantage of this cheerful news antl are
dailv employing themselves at
Work has been resumed on the
tug being built at Moodyville for
the Hastings sawmill.
The Canadian Mountaineering
Club is proposing thc building of
a club house on Grouse mountain,
and already have taken steps with
that object in view.
Notice—A young man, of moderate habits, fond of social enjoyment, of amicable disposition,
with money, wishes to communi-
r il.- with young lady, refined,
good cook and housekeeper, with
artistic last«s and manners.
1 Ibjei I. matrimony. Address all
1 iimniiiniralions to  Box  X,   Bl-
1     office.
On Saturday BMttlag about
1 n-pi tin- lire alarm sounded and
immediately all eyea wi re 1 ut toward whentellie sound rami. The
illumination in tin northern sky
poind d out the iluei tmn, ami i'
was not long err  North Vain M
*.. 1 s fir' hghii I- w. I. tugging nnd
hulling Bt  llie bus,   us I in  (heir
r. n l'i   make a showing   and
|.*    In-.1   mi   llii    scene     Hut   the
innil on Pilteenih streei proved of
ia it, 1 strength thu the tinmen,
and held the hOM ret I last in its
slimy grip. After a few moments
il was .'*' 11 that llieir endeavors
in re iu vim. sn ihe tin nun hail
t*i do the lust and do williout.
Luckily, however, the lire was
confined In the biinkhoiises of the
1 it loggiqg, wood-cutting, land
dl ning htm nl Iliil & Mill't. and
lh.it no valuables were stored in-
siah*. Tbe die t tmipleli ly consumed the buildings, and after
Inking up everything about the
shacks, died out.   The Ion is nil.
Those Nasty Grades
Crop Up Once More
The City Council met in usual
s ssion on Monday evening, and
besides the usual routine of communications, some interest was
manifested in the much discussed
After the rending of the minutes
the lollowing communications were
read and disposed of :
From the Municipal Council,
enclosing resolutions from that
body regarding the exleiiding ol
an invitation tu tlic- United Suns
fleet to visit Hurrard lnlel, and
asking that the council appoint a
committee to cooler with other
like bodies. The communication
was referred lo the council for
further consideration.
From Win. Whyte, asking that
Seamisb road be opened up lo
his properly, lots 1 ant! 2, block
163, 1). L 'ifl- JtcferreJ to board
of works.
Jas. Murray wrote regaiding a
drain, which the health committee
had spoken to him about. It was
referred to lhe health couiniittee.
From the secretary ol the llorti
cultural Association, asking for a
permanent grade on the streets
opposite their property, corner ol
Twenty-first street and Lonsdale
avenue. Referrctl to the board of
works to.report upon.
From the assessor, J. J Wood?,
advising thc council in regard to
the assessed value of the property
to be expropriated at the corner of
St. David's avenue and First street.
Thc report was accepted and filed.
The report of thc engineer on
the ptoposed roadwork on Eleventh
strut      Accepted.
The revised specifications lor the
roadway on Eleventh streei were
Thc report of the finance committee was read, and among other
recommendations, an increase of
$10 per month was made to Waterworks Superintendent Peck's sal
ary, to defray expense ol a telephone.
Next on the list came the grade
asked for on First itreet east.
Once more this question had to bc
gom into and thrashed out, wlm h
consumed much time, and kept
the city engineer guessing. Profiles were unrolled ami viewed;
questions wete asked as to the
grades given this building and that
buildingi uV peranum °' Kril,c
on Lonsdale au um , Utwecn First
and Second streets, how one man
had built to one grade, and the
fellow across the street to another
grade or pnrhnpa ihe sidewalk
line. After these questions had
In*.*ii silled out, it was found that
the council had already established
.> |" rnianent grade on Lonsdale
avenue, and llir engineer only
wanted the council to accept the
new grade for Fust itreet, which
he had had prepared
When lhe count illors saw that
this was all, they immediately went
inlo a couiniittee ol the whole.
There weie many ratepayers
present, who look delight and interest III (he pirn "dings.
The Cue Becomes
Popular Over Here
I'tobably the best ixlnlntion ol
billianls i ver st I n here was played
at the Lounge lullard parlors Monday t veiling, between Messrs S
Humphries mil A. J. Pirton-Wai
low, in a match of 500 points.
Mr. Warlow was conceded too
pointi in the stait, but both contestants were even at the 300
mark.    For  thc balance ol  the
match thc playing was about even,
neither nun gaining many poinll
over the other. At 497 both
players were again even, and as
Mr. Humphries came on the table
lirst, succeeded in getting out first.
From start to finish the match wai
interspersed by many brilliant
shots, and was witnessed by a
large number.
The exhibition game of billiards
In-tweeti Frank Pettley, champion
of H C, and J. W Drown, champion of Victoria, in Con's billiard
parlor last night, was worth
watching, although the game was
not up to what was expected.
Owing to the remarkable records
of both players the many spectators present expected to see some
ol their crack breaks duplicated.
The highest break made was .'\
by Mr.l'etlley, while Mr, lirown
■cored 27 twice. Pettley conceded
200 points to Hrown out of a 500
point game. From start to hnish
both players were about even, and
in the lirst quarter hour's playing
it was seen that Mr. Pettley had
conceded too many points. When
Brown had reached the 300 mark
his opponent was only 53 points in
the lead. Both players were in
fine trim and handled the cue in
proper style. A return match will
bc arranged lor the near future.
N. V. A. Club
Great Big Smoker
Practically everything has been
finally completed for the program
to be given at the smoker in* the
Pavilion on Tuesday evening next.
The Athletic Club have the reputation of getting up things that are
worth seeing, and from all accounts this entertainmet Tuesday
evening is going to be better than
Some of the b st best Vancouver talent will take part, besides
local and other selections, the
committee naving arranged that
there will not be one idle moment
from beginning to end.
The District Council are making
arrangements to incorporate a
water district, to embrace Lynn
valley and other sections, north ol
the city, with a view to providing
suitable water services. Thii step
is found to be urgently necessary
in order to provide for the wants
of the rapidly growing community
Records are being applied lor on
several of the available sources of
supply, and the engineer is busy
preparing plans and estimates for
a water system. It will not necessarily be an expensive one 11 the
sources of supply ire near at
Wizard of Falrlle
Gets a Bad Fall
Mr. Fyle, of Fyle * Duke, boat-
huilderi here, received word to
the effect tint his uncle, William
I Me, thc noted yacht designer,
v\liil*- insp. 1 img a yacht under
cnnstruilion 111 I'airlie, fell into
the hold of the vessel and received
many naslv bruises. For a time
it was bared that the great designer, would not recover, as he
was in sn unconscious condition
(or several hours.
William Fyfe is by no toeim a
pOMf mm, ind is known the
world over as England's, and perhaps the world's, greatest yacht designer.
Nortli Vancouver is sure to have
a good designer and builder in M(
The Emm Panmno Gimimny
Nokiii. VaMCOUVU, B* C.
|   I!. Williams, Manager.
The Express it delivered in Nortl
Vancouver wilhiu a radius of i.
blocks ol the oflice. All outsuh
this district is placed in the posi
I'.tl.s ol Subscription :
dm* year -        *        *'*ou
Six months     -       * -5°
Three months ■       • **<5
United States aad Foreign, $1.51
per year.
All subscriptions must he paid ll
Any person not receiving thi-*
paper regulatly will please BOtil)
the office.    No paper stopped uu
less notified either by letter or car
Tne Bxntm has been informed
on good authority that develop
ments are shortly to tnke place in
the railway line, and although nol
informed as to minute details oi
the project, we are given to under
stand that a railroad will be
an accomplished fact in the ven
near future. For the past lew
months a party of engineers has
been quietly working on a line
that will eventually connect tvitli
the Grand Trunk Pacific somewhere in the vicinity of Foit
George, tapping the illimitable
resources ol the Pemberton
Meadows, the Buckley Valley anil
the rich Cariboo mining district.
The proposed terminus will lie
North Vancouver, with lur miles
of waterlrontage and uneipiall.id
harborage. The surveyors have
pretty well covered the proposed
route which, starting here, follows
thc shore line up to Indian river,
thence up over the old Cariboo
trial through a pass in the coast
range, hitherto deemed of no
value lor a railway, on through
the heart of the above-mentioned
fertile valleys, antl forming a conjunction with Canada's second
transcontinental line.
Should inch a project be carried
to a successful issue, the future of
tha Ambitious City would be assured ai the headipiarters for a
country teeming with mineral!,
uniurpissed for iti wealth of production, that will inevitably be set
in motion as soon as transportation facilities offer.
The Vancouver
Mountaineering Club
The objecti*of this club are
unique and comprise the exploration of all mountains, valleys nnd
icefields of the southern portion of
of Hritish Columbia, tin preservation of the natural beauties of
our mountain", through protective
legislation or otherwise, ami the
Itud) ol the llota and foutia ; the
protection ol inch icientific, -artistic and recreative researches h
will lecure than Bbjocta,
The prnbatienary members are
thole who sre interested in inoiin-
tin climbing, ind in ordrr to retain their membership must climb
to the peik of Grouse mountain
within a twelvemonth ol their
l|Ai will be seen by the loregoing
this society will do much to advertise tlie scenic attractions ol
North Vancouver and surroundings. Parties ol mountain climbers have been seen in previous
years making for either Crown or
Grouse mountain, burdened with
packs and regaled in regular
climbing costume.
From now on one may expect to
lee larger parties journeying to
the summits, composed nul only
ol losal member!, bul also parties
fion) other mountaineering clubs
Irom the four quarters.
Winter spoils ou (irouse mountain, such as skating, lOOWlhoeing
and tabogganing are also included
in the mountaineering club's pro
i'i.iiii. F'or more advantageous
and congenial !iirroiini!ings the
club is unsurpassed, as week-end
p.irties may be organized, going
up one day and returning the next,
or  early  Monday  morning.    The
trip up to the top of Grouse mountain can be made quitt1 easily in
three and a half hours from Van.
couver, allowing plenty of time in
which to rest and enjoy the panoramic grandeur to be seen enrotite.
Mount Crown may be ascended in
about eight hours, provided one is
luckily enough to stay on the trail.
The Inst and quickest way up this
paak is via the Capilano valley, as
the trail from Grouse to Crown
mountain is very difficult to follow—and more difficult in places
to climb. In winter this latter
r into offers a most delightful
afternoon's walk on snowshoes,
but none the less hazardous; for
in many places one is forced to
k'-ep along bluffs with only trees
as supports, and a miss is worse
than a mile. This trip, under
favorable auspices, may be made
Bad return in about five or six
December, January, February
and March usually are cold enough
to permit skating, and in several
places small swamps or lakes can
be |oii:i.I within easy distance of
Grouse mountain peak, where, by
a little shovelling, a good rink
could be cleared of snow. It
requires only a suitable shelter on
the summit to induce hundreds of
people to tnke advantage of these
winter sports so close at home.
Tobaggoning, why, there's any
amount of opportunities close at
hand. Some of the natural to-
bagonning slides up these mountains surpass even the costly artificial ones of the larger eastern
cities. Oue place on our local
peak is ready for such luxuries as
soon as the snow has attained a
depth of* five or six feet, covering
up the small undergrowtti, and
making an unobstructed slide for
nearly a mile. At this place there
is absolutely no danger of going
too far antl dropping over some
cliff, but, on the other hand, when
the bottom is reached, another
i' cent is made on thc other side,
and, if the toboggan has enough
inipetui, may climb the opposite
hill, and the passengers can get
off, turn thc toboggan around
and go down and up the other
side, and so on. Where can one
•eat this ?
Jas. A. Eaton has been appointed provincial organizer for
the Conservative Association, with
icad offices in Victoria.
The Asiatic Exclusion League
las passed a resolution calling for
the resignation of the I',. C. members in the federal house. They
also intend holding a monster
anti-Asiatic pai,ule in the near
The comic operatta extravaganza
of tin* supreme court in which Jus-
lion Martin refused to leave the
bench) has been concluded by that
worthy judge vacating his scat.
It is expected that the new Lynn
Valley school will be finished and
ready for occupancy early next
month. That should lie a gala
day lor thc children of thc valley.
The following is taken from the
I'ort Essiugton Sun and spcaki
fr;itself: "As announced last
week, the Sun will suspend publi-
c ition with this issue and remove
I 1 Prince Rupert, where publication will bc resumed about May 1.
We consider this a good business
move, ami 'he time opportune ler
li ii a change. Thus we take it.
lor thc money invested, there
n-vrrwas a paper in Hritish Columbia—big or small - tint  iu nine
months made  tha turn over the
Am hu done,   This is no empty
bout, lor the editor has, at various
tunes, worked on all the dailies of
1).  C| ami  in  half  ■ du/iu  instances   has   had   access   to  the
books of these papers.    We refer
to this merely to showtothewoild
and incidentally to refer the merchants to the fact that they possess
the best business centre in Hritis
Columbia to day, and in all likeli
hood so last till  the G. T. P. is
Completed.    After that period Ks-
lington, doubtleaa, will settle don it
to Inr place as the fishery heat
quartan of the Sheeni river.   As
I    newspaper    ventille,    howevel
Prince  Kupert  holds  a brightei
future, and in consequence we go.'
Sir C. H. Tupper
and Others
*■ Hartley has this .Iai. In
mutual oonannt, retired from the
Express Printing Cu. All debts
due to said firm will  be collectei
Iv ihe company, ami all liabilitiu
ol said concern will beissuined by
Tin: BxmiM Pr.iMiNi; Co.
J. 13. WlUUM, Manager.
North Vancouver,
Jan. 7th, ia, g
■^ the aadmjfned thai fourteen dayi
Irmn thi. ilnti* I will, illilrm nlheriiiw1
arranged,  luv  Imlil tn anil elm m*
heiM that  Ml h'ft nt my place mmit*
(■nir BMnthenndmenenBa Owner may
'•iiinn -a in pnyfag for it- feeey ana
llll* lIllVl'rtlM-llll'Ill.
I'lllKl''.MM HABIT,
ganeoar Gnu.
Hated thii 3rd day M Jainun, 1KB,
General learning
(inoil Pry   Cnnlwood ili'liveri'd  anv
ti here in tht rity (ur |I.(KI n t-nril.
iiuiih street, hetweu Luedaii and
Chif terlit'ld ave.   I'lmnc 57.
u_h .,
■!•"    the
iiiiiiriiiiiiiuii of Intending
Mitlera uml others, tlui wlectioa ban
been made of tin i.WjSK acren of land
Hiiiiuieil in the Pimm Itiver Valley,
Province nl Brltlih Columbia, granted
Inllii* liniiiiiiiiiii tiovernnieiil under tin
pr.iviiiiinis ol Section 1, of "An Act re-
Intuit! Inllie llland Uuil'iiiv, the I irn v-
iiii* Duck und Railway Laoda if the
Provinco," uml imsli luml liauto|M tu
entry   under  llie   l.un.l   lams  of   the
The hliiel; nelei'lcil is rt-Mcribad un fnl-
Ioki    Commencing il n point  US'...
nnli'M .-aiiilh nl ilm I'l'iiee Kiver, on tlie
190th Mi ilium, being the Kin-tern
boundary ul the Provim*, thence vYeel
76 1111I1 a* uml HH.iil cballM, tlieiiee Nnrlh
It nilltnand 35IM chalne, thence Knsi
T.i iniu'K and :!H.lH cluiiim, Ihenee Smith
In the |»iini nf ciliiiiii'lii'i'iiiiiil,  liillmi'
Ing thi 130th Meridian, uud containing
upprnsiiiiiili'ly 3,800.000 hitch.
Nutlet ih Ainuiliveii lliiil, "ilh a view
tn facilitating wtllsineul iu tbi \'«lloy»
ollhe fence, Parmiip mul Peek KivcTH,
tin* liillintin.' hell nl liiiiil inrly uilli**! in
width, and extending 30 mile** on each
Hula* ot tin* iviu'c, ranafn end Pack
Riven Inu l»' n Nwrvua Inr astaal
laeiiiiT-, tii be H'i|iiire.l by pre-emption
.n'i uini. r lie Luml Act, kiich lui .1 not
being "pen for siile* li'imc, liei'i *->• or
other alienation under the said Ait oa-
cepi by pre-emption,
I'milium.'ilie nl the inlerscclioii nf the
Western lioiiiiilary of lhe blu.'k of land
selected by tho liniiiiiiiiiii llinerninent
with the i'eiti'ii Itiver, thence f.illiming
the IViiiv River unit Pernio Hiver tu
theirconlbieiici' uilh lhe I'nck Kiver.
ninl tlit'iire Intituling the I'nck Hiver In
the point where ado Pack Kiver Invar
Mcl.euil I.i kt-. mi*l estfiiiilng (or a di**-
liince nf 30 mile* on iiifh Ml "I -mi'i
llu. rs nml approximately 170 iiiileit in
All Iniul** Hillside lhe iHiiimliiries ef llu
Diiiuiiiiiin (Luiriniiriil i.r.nfl and tin
reserve hIihvi' 'li'MTihi'd ure <i|n*n lor
location under the la Viol the I'rovince
W..I. lttlWSKK.
Aetna tTici OommiMtoaer
nt I.11111I1. uml Wnrka.
bunds and Wurks lleparlineiit,
Victoria, September llllll, IIKI7.
Vill'it'KISllKKKllVl.lMlN THAT
*"   ut the next nintlng ed tha Board
nf l.iiiiii-e t'liiiiiiii-Bia.niT.- (ur the lilt
iit.Ni.rtli V11111 MT, I i*liull apply fur .1
retail license fur lhe Mile ol spirillum**,
(emii'iitcd ami other llquori in bottle,
for ihe premiM known ii lot t, bioik i.
ll. I.. fllH, nil l.'ilisdille nvetlllt'.
A. ll   STHiHIK,
l'atcd  at   Nurlh   Viuicmuer,   It   C,
Dvcembtir M, I'M.
im,lrVI'IO\ Kill Lli]! oil Lli EM.
•**' at ihe meeting uf Ihe Board ol
UcMlling (iiiiiiiii-sii'iiiTS fur the City ul
Nurtli Vaiu'i'iinr. In 1»* held Ml tin*
M'l'und U'eillies.l.iy of March, HklK, I
shall applv lor u In .-lit t- fur lhe sale of
s|iihtii"u-, fermented nr other liipmra in
buttle, fur the prcmiwa known us the
middle iboporiuw» iu the Im.hu Hav
ir.iu block, .-iiunl lot I', -uli .In isimi
"( lots lilmul lu, block IM, district lot
'.'"I, iu the Ciiy "1 North Vuncuuver.
('   li. llllkVAX
tinted ul   North Vancouver  lhe nth
day of |i..i*i*iiilii*r, HK17.
irrucinu m upt ucmci
■*'   at tin* next meeting of the Beard
l.iit'IUf I'iilinils-iniii'rs fur the City uf
Norih Vancouver. I shall apply Ior a
retail license for llie side ol spirituous.
I. riiit'iiled uml other lii|Uors in bottle,
lor the premise, known 11 lui* tu uml
r tlie pri'iiii-i- li
, l.lisk Itt, di.-tr
id ml 174, on  lirst
street, erected BOOordlllg to pluns uml
npeciflcationi to !»• numiUed fur the
approval of snid In-urd, ull  in lhe said
Cit] of Norlh Vauculiier, II. C.
llii, II. Smith.
Dated nt Nurih I'aneonvWi H. c, Haa
veinlsT :1%1II07
MKHM fiii: iaii.nn: unKi
" at the next meeting u! the Hoard
nf l.ii'eii.i'Cuiiiiiiissiiiners lor the City
nf Norlh Yiuiroiitcr, I .Imll apply (or
1111 hotel lit I'lice (ur the sale ol spiril nous,
ItTiiiruti-il or other liipiurs, fur the Hi
room Irani building, tiluatcd nu the
Seymour rond, iu district lot 791, '.Tulip
* ne, Ne* Wtslininsler district.
.Ions MiImmi.
haled nt Nurlh   yiincniiier,   II.   ('.,
lanuary In, hm1*.
il 1)1 K, MURRAY CO.
Junction Blot I, North Vantouarr,
Thorn. 37
3111 ordo». St. Vancouver.
Thoo. 3492
Wikki.v Lim, Wbbi liNniNG Fkhkuary iith
NOKIII I \M lil llir
I'ni'i' lii-li
1 nt    1     iso
t.aall-alaa'l* at a'lUI**,   l.ll 111.    Ill,.a ll   IU,   ll. I.   M.a    .j;,,,, ',*,   „.„
ll. .11**1, gilt! l.al, l,*li.*„.l.    A VUIJ lltlU llll III!   ll,.   Iilnnil*.
VOO        I      1 lilria alilla aln;.l      h.a*, I, llu, hu li.laila au      l.ul lij\ 1 Ig , 1I<KI
| k*ai n**iii l,aii,.|H|*, -a, a*liim
Tl        I     " «   i.'i.l I   a Hue. .1   .aji.  IU,., I   in   |i   |,  liHJ, |,a||  . ,,,11,
| ii *>iii l.uj ;,li Hit;, un.l I,... im Slink; I ,i I .ml !*,,,
All Uio best Canadian makes.
Nino to lH-inch tops.
PRICKS, $4.00 to $9.00
516 Hastings Street
Time Table, 19.17
ST. MMM.         N
st. ononoi.
•li.OtiA. M.
•8.20 A.M.
•Ml   "
•7.20   "
S.00    "
8.20   "
8.40   "
II.U0   "
Ml "
'Hi A.M.
Ml   "
10.15 A.M.
10.18  "
10.45   "
1045   "
11.16    "
ll.i.'i  "
11.45   "
11.48   "
13.11 P.M,
13.41 I'.M.
u.a p.m.
1.16    "
1.15   "
1.45   "
145   "
2.15   "
Ul "
2.46   "
2.45   "
3.18    "
H.1S   "
11.46   "
:u:i  "
4.15    "
I.IS   "
4.48   "
4 l'i   "
Ml   '
5.15   "
5.48   "
1.41   "
a li    ii
11.15   "
6.46   "
6.45  "
7.15   "
7.25   "
7.46  "
8.15  "
8.45  "
0.15   "
9.45   "
10.15   "
10 45   "
•11.30   "
•11.45  "
at un
70 x 240
Close to saw mill anil plank road ;
tin minutes (rom car; only $300.
Also a few 1-4 acres lor $200;
terms, to',' ilown, J10 per month.
House lo let, 6 rooms, all con-
vnninnOM; splendid view. Also
one for sale; $$00 rash and jijo
per month.
I«n iieilriib cleared lots on Longdate Avenae
$900 each
I'AINTI.kS  ANII   I'all'l.kllAM.IKS
Ml'PM    Pi a .1  tfOtl
Gkaineks     Gl.AZIKHS     SlOMl
LONtDALB  avi'.nue,
Ol'l'.   I3TH   SlKEll.
llall  Luli^r  ni  B. (. land   War,or
K.*li«r»y- IrMfd, WaHat I' "iirr-, K.llniHlti.
-ii|*i'rliili'iiili in** "I ii'ii-iiiii Hmi. M.|ia, Tiiwu
allt*., M Inline iliiiina, Sul,.nivl.luli.,etc
all   llaa-llllB-  S|    11
VlMllI'l'l'll,  II   c
ImnUMII   111 .11 Ila lirmnllia.
MiMVi.a   I'l 1 ih ti '1 llt'lr.illlr,
iimiikr:   lliii'li' aaii.1. ' ,.i| r ninl Kir.
Maiiam-r (nr tliu OonHMfdal
I'mlfrtivii Siitii'iv.
iiiiin      Iiiiht St., K. nr LMIMta,
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
RallabU varit'tim at imbmbMi priaw
No Bonn,  NoBcala,  Na Painttation
tu ilnninp'Kim k.    Nn tiiiulv a^i'iitn to
.iiiiiuv vmi.   Ilnv ilirfft nml |*t*t 1'rti'n
uml S't'tln tlmt urn*.
Kertilim'rH, HrrSii|i|ilii'.,S|irny I'unipi',
Hpravlng Uatarial, Cni noinn, ata,
ulilt'-l  i*-liililii*li.*il   iuir**t'ry   un   tlio
inniulniiil ul llrili-h Culiiinliia.
CnlnluKiii1 trt'o.
lllllll    ll mmiiMBIt    KtlAII.
VAM lll'l KR, II. 0.
Any parcels unsold Tnay
lie obtained by private treaty
for a few days at my office.
514 Tender Bt.      I'hone 472
Ti'iu|nirary Ollice— K. t'titlnoy'i
1'nint Sin,],, Kuplmiml.*.
Nokiii Vancouver,  B.  C.
TIIK   I'MiKllsliiNKli   IS    I'HE.
I'iin .1 in tin all Liml- ol Clearing,
Qrolibbaf and ttmnpfng bv cuntract.
-.I'IIII.II' llllANt'A,
Kimt StrtK't Went,
Nortli Vancou rer.
('niiii' in antl tm wbtt you ran %tl in
our city. IV> tm compare (avnrahly
witli nnv .Inr-f nl nur the. on tbe Pacillc
Our CriH'ltfrv ami (ilamware Ilepart*
inont in niuv ready for inspection, also
nn I'lt'iiant line 01 Jewelry.
All wn auk i«, do not (tn to Vancouvor
fur anytliini in our line till yon hive
pnitl nn a vmit. Re loyal tn North Vancnuver.
Corner second Si. ood Lmdole he North Vancouver
Real Estate
Evese. Lawson
Genuine NorthVancouver Specialists
Business Sna|)s
Lot on Second Btroet, opposite Palace Hotel, clear-
nil, graded and fenced. Size, 60x120. Only
|2200.00 euh.
Two Lots on Lonsdale Avenue, between Second
and Third streets. Tlie cheapest buy in that
vicinity. flURM) each. $ 10<-0 cash ; balance,
six and twelve months.
Tine Lot on Kirst slreet, facing inlet. Suitable
location for Store. £900. |026 cash ; balance, six and twelve months.
House and Two Lots, house renting for $1"> per
month. This is on First street and will soon
be worth double the price askoil. $5o(K).
Half cash ; balance, six and twelve months.
Second street and Mahon Avenue, on car line. We
have 75x12(1 feet facing inlet, cleared and
graded, with buildings on same drawing rental
of $50 per month. This is an ideal corner for
Hotel Site. Price $8000. $2000 cash; balance,
six, twelve and eighteen months.
Second Street
Another fino corner, cleared and graded. $4500,
$1500 cash ; balance, six and twelve months.
Here is another on Second Street.
Large Lot, cleared and graded, size, 50x120, facing
inlet. Price $1100. Half cash ; balance, six
and twelve months.   This is a good buy.
Third Street
Splendid Lot close to tram line, 50x130. This lot
is rough cleared, no ptunips, and can easily be
put in good shape* Price $1200. $300 cai-li :
balance, six, twelve and eighteen months.
Double Corner on Mahon and Third, cleared
and graded. Size 10(1x120. Price $4500. One-
third cash ; balance, six and twelve months.
We have 100x120 feet, close to Lonsdale avenue
facing Inlet, beautifully cleared, in fruit
trees. Price, $4,500; $1,500 cash; balance,
6, 12 and 18 months.
A Great Snap, close to Power House, and Facing
Inlet. Size, 5(1x132. Price, $i;i)0; $300 cash;
balance, 0 and 12 months.
Twelfth Street
Corner of St. George avenue. This is a beautiful
location, where good residences are being
erected. Size, 180x140. Price, $2,800; $1,550
cash, balance.' (land 12 months.
Corner Lonsdale and Fifteenth St.
The size is 100x120. All Cleared. A Spledid Corner for a house or store". Price, $2,800; $1,000
cash; balance: G and 12 months.
We have two quarter acres cleared, close to Lonsdale avenue car line. The price is only $(150;
cash, one-half; balance: 6 and 12 months.
X large lot for Little Money
Only four of them left. They are ciose to Lonsdale avenue. The size is 50x122. Price,$150;
$15 cash; balance: $10 per month. No interest
Thompson Block        •       Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 6. P.O. Box 43      NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
BY-LAW NO. 22.
A By-law to Expropriate Real
Property for the Widening
of St* David's Avenue at
Corner of First Street.
\yiiKUK.\s ihr cokpouation
" uf tlio City o( Nortli Viiiiciiiivit
mpQMM  lii  ■ itliiii   a   portion  ot  SI.
David's uvt'iiiif, ut the oirner ot First
Hlrt'fl, ao ut to provide aullicieut width
at tlm fnrniT of annl etm't fur tin:
<.raliii.ii v Iniltir niial llu* linen of the
Hritish    Ooliiiiiliiii   Klettrii:    Kuilwiiv
Company, Limited, ami for the anrpaai
of mii li widening it in iifcti-ttiitry ami
ciiiveiiieiit to inappropriate certain real
|irii|ierlv hereinafter tlesi'riht'il in the
City ol North Viiiifouver, anil to enter
upon and taku ami una thu namo.
NOW, THKRKFOBB, the Municipal
Council ol tlie City ol North Vancouver
i'iiiii'Ih an I'lllnm*:
i. St. Dniid'iavannaahnil lie widened
at the corner ol h'irnt street, anil the
Ittntl ret'iiircil therefor shall lie eipro-
priutetl in Ihe manner hereinafter sel
2. There is herehy expropriateil, ami
there shall he enttiretl upon, hroken up
ainl taken ami used for the Bttptm
ol -mii tiiileiiiiiu o' "ie sliet't, the fill*
lowing laml : Lot Seventeen < 17J in
lllock Oim lliimlreil and Fifty-two
'Ab'll, in District l.ul Two Hundred and
Seventy-tour {'IU), lieing of triangular
»ha|s'. and hounded on one side by St.
Hat id's itviiiue, nn which it measures
Slllll feet. On another side liv Kirst
Street on which it measures 45 feet,
nnd on the remaining side hy lot
Eighteen (IHI, in said Block One Hiiiiilreil and Kitty-two t)h'2), on which il
nieiisiiri'S 71.11(1 feet, which said piece or
parcel ot hind no expropiateil in more
puriiiiiliirlv -luiiiii ui'iaii a nntp or plan
prepared hi* the city engineer and dated
the lSih dav til November, 1907, and
filed in his oilice at the Citv llall. North
Vancnuver, aforesaid, and thereon
ciil'ired red.
Tlie ilrwriplitm in this By-law of the
said luml ^'ipropriated ia intended to
agree with the plan, but ill cane of
variance the description on the said
plan shall prevail.
Tliis ltv-la» (or all pnrpaM may tic
cited aa "The St. David's Avenue
Widening Impropriation By-law, 1IK)H."
I'linned the Municipal Council the
twenty-seventh dav of January, A. D.
Keeonaidered, ailoptetl and finally
panted bv the Council on the third day
of February, A. 1). 1908.
City Clerk.
Nnrth Vancouver Und District, Diatrict
ol New W'eetmineter.
Take notice that I, John Claverie, of
Vancouver. II. C, occupation miner, in*
ti'iul In apply for a special mining licenne
over Ihe following dewribetl lands:
Commencing at a poal planted on the
until h side ol l.ynn Valley Road, ahout
forty (10| ehaina eaat ol St. John's Col*
It-ite. thence north eighty (SO) chains,
Ihenee west eighty (80) chains, Ihenee
smiili eightv (SO) rhsint, thence east (80)
chains, to the Mat "I cnniment'enient,
containing ail hundred and forty (810)
acrea more or leaa
.I'm*, Curiam.
Dated January "th, 1U0S.
North Vancouver Land District, Diitrict
ol New Westminster.
Take notice llml I, Mnrl Itensnii, nl
VancniiMT, H. I'., is'cupaliiiu miner, in*
tend to apply fnr a special mining license
orer the tallowing den ribed lamia:
Commenting at a |»ist planted ou tlie
■■mill aide ot Lynn Valley Road, abmil
forty (40) chains eaat of St. John's Col*
lag* and adjoining John Clavurie's
claim, thence nnrth eighty (HO) chains,
thenco west eighty (80)chains, theme
smiili eighty |80) chains, thence eaat (80)
chains, in thu pniut of commencement,
containing sit hundred and forty * mn,
acres mora or less.
Sii.vmu BinnoM.
Dated January 7th, 1908.
The Swine Industry
While the swine falsing industry
has been in some quarters resting
on its oars, and in others showing
positive retrogression, the live
stock branch at Ottawa has been
getting out a revision ol bulletin
No. to, "The Production of Paeon
for the Hritish Market." This
booklet, in its first edition, received such a call that a very
large edition became exhausted
before the demand was satisfied.
The call for copies during the late
summer ami autumn months fell
away to some extent, but the renewal of interest ami hope in the
bacon industry is showing itself
very strongly in a request from
many quarters of the Dominion
ior more information upon the
question of swine raising. Fortunately the new edition is off the
press and ready for distribution.
Forget tbe
N. V. A. A.
FEB. 25th.
Corner of Fourteenth And Bewick Avenue
Six Rooms, Bithroom, Klectric Light, Water.
Contractor and
House   Builder
16tb Street West
Accountants,    Auditors   General
Commission Brokers
■eat fttalt Agent*
Tm ini'i.M 11 JIM
lluvi' mi luiml a large aupply of Cement
llliifki*, in,nli* from Ireahwater aand.
Samples may he seen at the new
MMM rtsiiliiirn on .Second atreet eaat.
Siteot hli.fl,-SiHI.
Full particular ran lie had from th*
Western Cor|ioratioii ollice, or write to
North Vancouver, B. 0
Estimate* Given on All
Kinds of Electrical Work
Cor. Lonsdale and Second St
60 YUM1
Tradi Mams
Aa-rem taeaaa a ttatda tat immtMw, tarn
union. taaartaSS our etaatua tm wMMr ta
li-rantloa ll probably a *
Wit f TM. OlttMl •mer tvlf M-raulaf MUnt4.
Scientific JUnerkan.
A handMmtlr lalutn*-*aj rati}. Urn* at-
roltiion etaaj ManiiaoJoumL Tins, ih
1'wwta.si.B • iw,i<wn pnpaM. Hold kr
jll pmtiettn.
r nu WMbiitTii
Come and
Sen Our
j>  NO. 9  >
Lonsdale Avenue
Opposite City Hsll
Owmrs will build Comhinnl RmMmM and Store st prcsen'
terminus ol Keith road car line, in D. L. 265. Prospective tensnts
please apply lor particulars to
ROBT. WARD £> Co.,
Corner Hastings and Homer
Or any of the Real Estate Offices in North Vancouver
rpWO   HNE  IK',   ANI) "  POINT
Cocka, mated to high-at-nring lirna
r%,r |1 Ml and %i ,vr ll    Clear (((a
en lianged.   A laa nreedara Inr aale.
2lat itreet and laonadslf avenu*.
IJllKKIHNi, PEN ItllOI'E nun
•*'   Re<la, Pullei., TI,i.r..nKlilired.
D,  Mi"  I  AIL.
6.1 llllh avenue,
Mt. 1'leaaani. II ('
t'naiitilly Surveyor anil Architect
Koi'KTii STairT, ''oanis Lomimi.i Avs
Rolled Oat*
Haij ond Feed
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato snd
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Sccdt, always on hand. llirj    ijai H-LiOkj,   n»/iu ii    lauivvwf iiW|   mj* v/.
TVrini, niii-fniirlh fash; lwlimee, *i, 12 and IS BODthl
.  fm
; 2	
>       S
;■_   jf	
•      3
i io__\
. i r v 0
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P.O. imx SM,
1836      THE BANK OF      190$
British North America
One ol Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
loi.it Assets over $10,000,000
Savings M counts hi vi n special attention A deposit id *m
di upwards starts n Savings Account, on which the
highest current rate ol Internet is paid m added to tha
Principal evory three months.   Depoaiti mny na with-
drawn ai nny time without notice.
Joint Accounts maj I pauod in tha name nt two persona,
so tint either nnu deposit ot withdraw funds, malting
.1 nty convenient lorm ol account
Banking bv Mail, l'i nph In ini: nt a diatanCS mav lend
in deposits ur withdraw iash Ly mail. Write lot
iill,ie    Cor. lonsdale Ave. and tsplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
II. k. llmiii. Ilaangnr.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave lhe Ferry Landing for Chin i.sbury Avenm*. Twenty-first
Mri'i-t antl Lonsdale, Wim h street and Keith Road as followa: 6:tj
a.m., 6:45 s. m., 7:15 a. in., 7:45 a. in., l:lj a. 111.. 9 a. tn. 9:40 a. in .
10:10 a.m., Alter 10:25 a. in, cars will leav.* Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdah* avenm', ami Winch street ami Keith Rood
at Iwa minutes to the hour ami tivriity lu« nuniit'S past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and < |uoeaebuiy avenue, Twenty Brat
strm t and Lonsdah aveim.*. Wiin h ItTaWnt ami Keith koad as follows :
6a. nv, 6:30 a. in., 7 a. m., 7:3.1 a m.. I a in., X.45 a. in., 9:13 a. m.,
9:55 a. in., 10:25 •*■ m-   •^,t' ■ I I' ■ "' ''"" '''HV''llu' ''"''">' '"■""'"'H
at ten niinutt's past the tin hum ind tWI Bt) minutes to the liuiir.
\Xj&"   All boats are nnt b) the cars.
Church Notices
Ml* 111. nil*. 1   ( iil'Kt ll,   N.   W, CORN HI
KiillK'l II SI. ASH IT, OCOROt'l
\\ IINIII*:.
Morning serine, 11 I in ; Sun
day school, 2:30  p. nr ;  evening
lervice, 7:30 p.m, ;
Prayer meeting on Wednaiday
evening at I o'clock.
Rev. H. II. Ii.iltltiston, B, A.
N.'i* 1 ii \ IHI OUVI I 1 vilitn.li'
Sunday Services Mas** at I
a. in.. Sunday ichoo! at jijo p.m.
Benedii lion al J p. nt.
Pasta :  Rev   Y.. Pnytavin, 0
tf, 1. V, s.
s|   lOHN'l llll  I VINi.l I IM, IIVI Mil
Holy Communion, h a. m.
Homing prayer, 11
livening prnyi r, 7.30
(in iln* first Sunday in the month
iln re will In* a sn mul celebration
ol tin Holy Communion at 11 i.m
ki 1 im ■ Rev. Ilue.li Hooper,
Merry Sprinters
Make Merry!
ST.  VMH.I « I 11:1 s|,\ I I kl VN l lll'ln I
SIXIII sllil I I.
Snrvicei will be conducted as
usual nn Snndn*   by the pastor
Sunday school, 1:30 p. tw
Service at Moodyville school 11
7:30 p. in.
Prayer meeting no Wednesday
g o'clock.
All are wrli nmi'.
Pastor: Rev. I D. Gillam, MA
nvi'iisi 1 hi Ki 11. nr in.,1  mil.,
LOMSOALI    hivii.
S. -iv iii at 11 11'elnck a. "1 in
lhe Orange hall ; Sunday icho 1 al
the close nf the service.
l'asiaii :   Kev. David Long.
All are wt Icome.
Hotel North Vancouver,
1 imd
1'p t()-il,lll'
1.2.on p. r
ami up
Spi*., il
Ratti fm
.in I
lerry Service I very Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. p. Larson, Prop.
|\  VN',1  I I- II'      -I IVI    11
will lie lieiii at OmagS hall >>n
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All  are   wi li mm.    Coma   and
luiiiK a fin nd.
Rainier Beer^>
Is it gloriotu lii'verii'-i'—quenching nml
•lltishlllj.'.     llilliellllicr   tlllTi'V   lio    iithiT
"jtiKt ii- ■•nnil—insist on piling llninii'i'.
Vancouver. B. C.
l.fi THIRTY I N«i f.M'ii,- ISli    lla-wronrilanhmlaMoat now,   Ul
Cycle Hatchers    Might*  .,. m   -.ti*- ..M.*si._.,,. ,,,*,*i,    Kjpert pruning,
miandi-d hy our t-ii-ti.nni prafling and budding Imu truss    tll
l-iii'l- "| ir  unl  n.li -iii*i.ii.',| »i ||„.
ROMELLA .Mill UO,        lewsstarioai
■M WsalaUnater are., tlm,..  ,,,,,   _
Between 7th end Sib, MCHARDIIMM0X,
Vancouver, B.C. Cor. St. Bernei ive. and Tenth St.
>*c»rtii viiiirniiviT.
The liarbingi rs ul spring have
Bfrivada A pair oJ robini won
n * n ai thc gronndi ol Hotel
North Vancouver this morning,
Since the inauguration of th
Hague Paaca Conference the ratio
ol battleships building and ami)
inoliili/alinn has increased forty*
(our per cent in the four leading
I'ln* popular Unisonal artist,
Mr. Hi it Cainpliell, since taking
In iln* ranch, has nut Ini 11 slow In
liillnw   011   the   lines   nl all food
armors.   Baaidaa other inimali
he has 1 hit kins, gaeM, pigeona, I
wbealbarrow and a bone, ami is
now adding porkers to Ins already
splendid menagerie Soma wag
h is stupidly nicknamed tha ranch
lia 1 i's toological gardens.
I naada" was tin* eighth annivet-*
siry of ihe liattle ol I'aardi I- rg.
The St. Bngana mine al Moyii
i* ihe largest silver lead mine in
l 111.nl,i. .unl thi* Amerii .111 nm
limiil.    During llii p*tsl v. ar 152,
H27 tons nl tm* an ra mined, ind
1 's ni'-n employed.   The ora body
is verv exlinsivi        It OUtCropi nn
iia   Mountain top, and again is
1,1pp. i| h\ ■ sh.ilt sunk at the 1 ilc,e
of Mnii laka Bight milai of
underground worit hnva bei n dona
I he Suggestion made liy the lh..
im t Count il tn give an invitation
tn A'lmital Bvaos to bring his
lh ei lii visit tha inlet, has mel with
a in arty responaa Irom several ol
tbe 11* ighboring councils, and it is'
in In* hoped ihii Ihe City Count il
ni Vancouvei will lie n id) (ogive
1 lu* uii hnnd lo thi  movi ment
Smith VMI uiivi 1 has made the
vvli'ile council nn inliersof tha pr,i-
posed central committee.
1 lie pavilion was well filled las
Friday nighl by a crowd ol both
young and old, who had probablyt
ventured forth to see a r<*al live
spinster Had such lieen the 1 III .
ilieir desire must have bMn gratified, lm all learned 10 have "just
11 Inti I)■time. The program was
a novel one, ami w.is carried out
by local talent .Many local hits
were made in the market report,
while everyone laughed at llie
num dame Iai es.
The proceed! awre in aid ol St.
Andrew's t bun b, and after all ex
|a. in.. ■  had  been   paid  1  mosl
cheer)   sum   was   found   to   have
heen cleared
A Distinguished
English Pr-rsonagt;
sn Edward Vim ent, the gri 11
liiianciti ill Egypt, who has bei i'
nuking 1 tuiir of Ihe I'.n iin coast,
came over 10 Sorth Vancouver on
Wednnadn] afternoon, lecom
panied by Mi Ban lay Boutbroni.
I he) called m Mr. Cameron, the
municipal engineer, al lhe disti 111
111111111 ipal "llu i*. nml gul .1 good
deal nf information regarding lhe
districi and iis prospects, Mr,
Cameron was a constituent ol Su
K.li;,il   when the lall.i   was   nielil-
her for tin City ol Ea**ti r, Eng
laml. Sn E Igm took the Lon *■
dale avenm 1 at up to the horticultural gardens ami nui a view ol
the i itt aud its environs, tie ex-
pressed himsell as surprised at
the growth ol the 1 ity, but greatly
pleased with il .1- .1 residential
centre, He w is much inters 1* 1
in tin* splendid water frontage
available here lm shipping ami
industries. Sir Bdgai was Invited
to have ■ drive through the Capilano Valle) ind tO nther points ol
int, rest, hut. uiittirtiui.it. ly, his 111
gagements would nol permit uf
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x i.(5
PRICE: Iff400   I ND  UP
TKHitH:   i-i CASH; BALAHVK.I, 1: .i.VD is MONTHS
Tin' mast i'1-iilrally leiatsd and hi*.-t Inin in tin* City t,( Nnrth
Viuiriiiivi'r fnr ths price.
(   Da imi tnil tn mass four selection without delay while v• >n
cun parehaaa at list mat.   Prices will ipsn ba ralaad.
Farther pardculais, main ind price lisis lonlshsd In	
ii|iiiiii'niiiiii in
tor, Iniisiliile Avenue nnd lifth Sl , North Vancouver, B.C.
him 11 L'sisiiui mini on mt invM
*N 1 I'-Tu-l'Ait*;
hm*.  li H PER
S|ii'"i,il ||1h Io Fmiiilii's nml titular Huaiili'is
II.ill.In,nr firry mn tion 1" ainl Innn Vinrouver,   llnl nml nal.I
mitir in every r,,i,in   Return mil bsila In svery r.«.m.   lather
simp in I'nliliii'll'iii
Si'"'*i'  -iKii,,....   NOKTIl   VANCOUVER, B  I
".il   i'i   v"iir  nnlirs   nmi   Inr  l>n
il'i'i'iil'ir 1 I* nr I'ir.
Stoveleagtha, perr id, delivered (S.M
Cords I, ' ii.'lla*.  i.  :  ,r.,| 'l.n
Iii -ia*. k.   luiiiirdi.il,* delivery,
Shingle Mill
Car, Hid Bt and Unsdals Ivs
"l.'iivi* .inl.r- ail t\:il,In.n'. h.u 1
The Swede Groupe
On Mortby Island
Writing   Tm   Exaaaai  from
Queen Chltlotta Island-, Mr. 0.
Girle. lur some tune 1 gtnnat at
Hotel North Vancouver, jayi that
Bining proapei ts \n re new r sn
bright, and be has already a lar^e
force of men employed <m his
property. In two months more,
Mr. Girle t-aya, be *ill have over
one hiindreil men vvoikinn lm the
Ex-German Consul Wulllsohn
is al-ii associated with Mr. (iiile,
and has just returned fruin an extensive tour of the i-laiiils.
Samples furnished hy the ex-
consul sliuvv avenge returns of
3.J0 per cent, copper, 76 itnti-
silver, ami OS cents goltl to the
ton, making a total of $6.(10 per
1 iKMMisnn
AiiV'ii'- having a pod farm fnr .nli* in
1 -ni id 1 In.11   liml 11 r.i-li Imu 1
l'i- iin'iiiL' ai once, ^iiini! price una,
description, tu
llenn. Do-oraasnva 1 sarsir,
-■',■'■ Ulnneapolis, Mlnaeaota
i»\i;i\i's   Mil:   iv\i;\iii    I,.
■ .niiii.n tlifir children "i the d
llinl nl *l,lllill:a ilnin< 111 putting bonliler.
mul nil 1.ni'i- nf isrbsac hi ilm 1 liiiiini 1
provided Ihronjhoai the rltj lot 1 sn
in*.* min' *iiri.n*i' water,
n.i. biotiafa miscreants sw nos l* in.*
I'ln-tlt watched In it ■■ police, snd ten
A plscil 1 **li-iin Ii - 11. . rliir ,*(
iln* Wiiiir i iiainii'i. uill in* proseeatid.
WITH U8 I'ni!
Bridging of the
First Narrows
\\,*  li.i\ 1   imt  li* aid  much for
sunn* lum aliniii ihe bridge across
tin* Set I'liii N.inniv*.. Bvi liiilll
the Piral N.n mi* s is nuu tu he the
centre attention il Mr. \V. T. Iai
nil is to liave his way. Unfortunate!) be ih" * imi propone anything better than I cahle fool
bridge, and ii is ■ traffic bridge
that is urgently wanted How \a 1,
let us hain something that will
make us hss dependent ra the
f *n' company.
It Inuks to a novice as if Mr
Parrel! was too ambitious antl that
,1 bridge aol quid 10 high might
equally wi II inawi 1 Ins porpoee,
Imt by all mi mi lei 111 bave a
bridge il il 1 in I e built, and is
nut 1111 impi dun' lit to mn urnat
gatawa) to ihi inlet
Thi. lixi'Kt.s-, ti 1 year.
Whole Coffee
Ground While You Wait
j. a. & m. McMillan
Corner I.s|>I.uwkI.- in J Longdate Avenue


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