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^fuRislative JJ X
Aldermen May, Irwin, Wheeler,
Smith and Braim were present at
the regular session of the city
council Monday evening. Mayor
Kealy presided.
The lollowing letters were read
From I. Walden, asking for a road
to lots 13-13, block 71' ^ '• a7'i
tt he intended erecting a residence
thereon; board ol works to act
From Maurice Gintibarger, with
leference to careless blasting near
his residence, and asserting that
this blasting was done under the
superintendence of Messrs. Loutet
and Runkle; he pressed his request
for redress and protection. From
H. Bowes, lion, secretary ol the
U. HUM, with reference to fees,
to a meeting in Victoria in October to interview the attorney general, and to a convention at Vernon in November; lees ordered
paid. From the city solicitors,
stating that the letter according the
option ol purchase on the lerry was
not belore them, but they are ol
the opinion that the city ii under
no binding contract to carry out
the purchase of thc (erry; laid on
A petition was presented from
James II -unfit et al, asking for
street lights at Ihe corner of St.
Andrew's and 9th, St. Andrew's
and nth, and Kidgway and llth.
Aid. Irwin thought there were sufficient lights at present while the
long days endute, and moved thei
filing of the pt-ntiou pending the"
revision nl the lighting system that
must lie made iu tlie autumn. The
whole mailer was relerred to the
lire mil light committee.
A. Itrimacomhe presented his
resignation aa poiindkeeper, etc.,
which was accepted.
Ah 1 t iilisnn requested the council to lake steps to cauae *lh, Inl
immediately south ol his resident 1
at the tm iier ol I .misdate and 3rd,
lo he cleared under llie fire bylaw
The owner is to be notified, and il
action is not taken at once the
board of work is lo act.
He um questioned hy the mayor,
Mr Kirkland stile I that no at mm
had I'i'-ii take 1 li, the owner to
clear the lot adjoining his resi
denie; hoard ol works to do the
Accounts were ordered paid as
lollows: Finance committee,painting city hall, I155; board ol works,
wages. Ji 7 j 76; waterworks wages,
Applications (or the position of
assessor were then considered, the
applicants being 0. W. Elder and
Reginald Dunn. On motion Mr.
Elder was appointed to the position.
Aid. 1*w. in called attention to
tha fact that the forms of petition
under the local improvement bylaw were now ready and copies
were distributed amongst the
members (or approval. On motion
of Aid. Smith and Wheeler the
form was approved.
It wu intimated to the council
that Mrs. Brimacombe is willing
to take the position ol caretaker of
the city hall. Referred to committee of the whole.
went out on their property to continue cutting a trail on which they
were working. About ten o'clock
Mrs. Gordon said that she would
return and see about preparing
lunch. Shortly alter getting beyond their sight, she fired tlie fatal
shot into her breast. Mr. Gordon
hurried to the spot, al. rmed by the
report, and saw his wife lying
across the trail. He saw that she
bad shot herself through the
breast and took her in his arms,
where she died a few minutes later.
Dr. Campbell was hurriedly summoned and arrived about 1140,
but too late (o be of any servite tu
the unfortunate woman, who was
then beyond all succor.
The body was brought to the
municipal hall last evening, where
the inquest was held by Coroner
A B. Diplock, and the above facts
were brought to light. Kenneth
Gordon confirmed the evidence
given by his father, and J. Buckley, teamster for J Lawson, also
gave corroborative testimony. The
jury, which comprised R. Kenvyn,
(tun-nunI. W. Green, J. Lawson,
G. Harding, j. Brown and L.
Sales, returned a verdict to the effect, that "The deceased Jennie
Isabel Gordon, came to her death
by suicide, while temporarily insane." The verdict added an expression of sympathy (or Mr.
G1.rd1.11 and Ins family.
Mrs. Gordon was but 43 years
of age and wai an accomplished
and highly educated woman. The
limli was removed to the parlors of
Armstrong St Edwards, Vancouver.
The funeral arrangements were
not completed al the time of going
lo press.
A Sad Fatality
A aad fatality occurred on Keith
Road, east ol the Capilano, yesterday morning, when Jennie Isabel, wile ol George A. Gordon,
ended her earthly career by her
own hand. Mr.and Mrs Gordon,
accompanied by his son Kenneth
and daughter Helen, came north
Horticultural Society
The board of directors ol the
Horticultural Society are busily
engaged in completing prepara
tions for the annual exhibition, to
be held on Saturday. Sept. 5. At
the regular meeting held Tared iv
evening, it was decided to hold a
general meeting nf the members
this (Friday) evening.
The finance committee will perfect a plan of organization (or the
the exhibition. Committees will
be chosen Irom the membership at
large and each committee will
have as chairman a member of the
board of directors; the committees
will report to the board. Final
arraagements lor the prize list
were made and the copy is now in
the hands of Tut Expaass for publication. R. L. MacPherson has
donated a cup for competition and
the finance committee will decide
on what basis it is to be offered.
The exhibition proper will be
held on Ssturday, September 5th,
and this will be followed on lhe
evening ol the 7th by a popular
concert and an assembly, arrangements for which are well under
way. Several well known and
popular performers from Vancouver have consented lo assist and
when the programme is finally arranged it promises to be one of exceptional merit.
Sons of England
North Vancouver is rapidly becoming a centre lor fraternal societies, almost all of the more prominent organizations being represented. In addition to those already here, tha Oddlellows are organizing a strong lodge, and, by
advertisement in another column,
I it will   be  seen that the Sons of
(rom  San   Diego,  Cal, about a
month agn,and recently moved oul ________________
to Capilano, where  Mr. Gordon | En8'*n<! -tl" purpose doing like
owns  considerable   acreage  and
where it had been his intention to
erect a residence. Mrs. Gordon
had been subject to periods of
melancholy (or some years, but
Mr. Gordon was not aware of this
lact when they were married seven
months ago. She had repeatedly
expressed her (ear that this melancholia would lead to insanity and
had on previous occasions attempted to lake her own lile. Upon one
occasion, Mr. Gordon discovered
her at the water's edge at (our
o'clock 10 the morning and had induced her to return home.
On Thursdlv morning about 8
o'clock, Mr. Gordon and his son,
accompanied  by   Mrs.  Gordon,
wise. A meeting is called of all
those interested, at the Orange
hall, on Thursday evening next. It
is expected that 30 or 40 charter
members will be obtained (or the
new lodge.
TraHlc Increasing
The steady increase in the traffic
over the local lines o( the B. C.
Electric Railway manifests thc
gratifying growth ol thc city, as
well as the popularity o( the north
aide ol the Inlet for outing trips,
etc. During the week including
July ist the passenger traffic showed an increase ol 2775 passengers
carried over   the  corresponding
week of the previous year, while
the traffic for the week ending
July 18th showed an increase of
1737 passengers over the corres
ponding week of 1907. The average weekly advance will not be less
than 1000 people and will probably reach 2000. Just at the present
season the Capilano line enjoys
the largest patronage, due to the
many picnic parties going in that
direction. The Lonsdale ave traffic is reliable and is showing gratifying development. The Lynn
valley line is perhaps the steadiest
earner, taking the year through.
The increased business in the railway and light departments has
rendered necessary increased expenditures in connection with the
office staff. Tlie rolling stock of
the local branch has also been increased to seven cars,as compared
with four last year. These facts
are a valuable index to the actual
growth of the city and are very encouraging.
High School Facilities
The public school board will
meet this evening. One ol the
most Important items of business
will be the action to be taken with
respect to additions to the teaching staff lor the ensuing year. The
fact that eight candidates from
North Vancouver passed the high
school entrance examination, and
that there are several others in the
district facilities for advanced education that would be adequate for
the present and would form the
inicluiis ul a high school,for which
the city would be justified in approaching the government in the
near future. The educational facilities of a city constitute one of
the foremost considerations upon
the part of families who arc seeking a home, and there is every
reason why North Vancouver
should keep right up with public
ii*i|iiin uu ni-, in these matters.
The school board should manifest
their enterprise by adopting an
energetic and progressive policy at
this important juncture in educational matters.
Successful Picnic
The Sabbath school picnic held
jointly by lhe Methodists and the
Baptists of the city at Stanley
Park, on Tuesday, was a decided
success. The day was ideal for
the purpose, while the attendance
of parents and children was very
encouraging. The races and other
events that composed the day's
programme were entered int*} very
heartily by tbc children. The pic-
nicers returned home l.y the 8.15
Gas Company for Here
S. G. Falkner and Aid. Cavan-
agh, ul Vancouver, president and
NKCO.VD    CANYON    ON    I'U'll.iMi    1  11 K K li
city .111,. district who are ready for
junior high school work, has rendered it advisable lor the trustc, 1
to seriously consider thc need ol so
arranging the staff that these pupils may be provided with facilities
on this side of thc Inlet for pursuing their studies.
Under existing conditions this
body ol ten or twelve boys anil
girls is compelled lo seek high
school tuition in Vancouver. It is
none too certain that that city can
continue to accord them these (.1-
1 ililities as in the past, as the Vancouver school board is lace to l.n ■
with a very difficult problem to
provide adequate facilities lor the
crowd nl high school pupils within
her own precincts. Added to this.
it is highly desirable, from a Norlh
Vancouver point of view, that
educational interests on the noith
side of the Inlet be made to centre in this city. This can readily
be accomplished by keeping pare
with the progress ul tlie pupils
and providing such facilities as
are required from lime to tuna
It is not desirable from am um
point that the youth from this city
and district be allowed too seek
educational facilities outside. Thc
expense attendant upon duing
juniot high school work in connection with thc public school, would
not be at all heavy.
The proposition is made that,
instead of engaging a juvenile
teacher as an addition to the staff,
an assistant male teacher be employed, who would I.e capable of
relieving the principal of a sufficient portion of his present duties to
enab.e him to take charge of the
junior high school class. This is
the method that is almost always
followed when high school work is
first undertaken in a school district and, in point ol fact, the
Vancouver school board proposes
adding such a class to Lord Roberts school and to lhe Seymour
school, either of which is over
twice as large as the local school.
The scheme is altogether feasible.   It would give the city and
director respectively of the British
Canadian Wood l'tilpS 1'aperCo.,
whose plant is located al Port Mellon, on Howe Sound, were in the
city last evening, for thc purpose
ol conferring with the council with
respect to the company securing a
franchise for the laying of pipes
.1111' the supplying of gas within
the city limits. The gas is a byproduct in the manufacture of
wood pulp anil the company will
bc in a position to supply the city
at reasonable rates.
Result of the Marathon
Just as Tin Kxi'Ktss is going to
press, word comes ol thc result ol
thc great Marathon race in connec
tion with the Olympic games in
England. Italy won first place,
with the United States second.
Longboat,the celebrated Canadian
runner, proved a disappointment.
Opening Announcement
The North Vancouver Fish Co.
will open lor business in their new
store, corner Nth street and Lonsdale ave, on Aug. ist. They will
carry all kinds ol Iresh hsll, butter,
aggl and vegetables for sale at
moderate prices. Their phone is H4.
The picnic of the choir of St.
Andrew's Presbyterian church
which was to have been held on
Saturday last, but which was postponed because Aid. Braim's launch
was not completed, will be held
tomorrow. The picnic will be
held at Brighton Beach, leaving
here at 2 p.m.
A solitary drunk was to have ap-
peired in the police court this
morning for sentence,but failed to
make his appearance and the city
treasury is accordingly enriched to
ih< amount ol his bail.
Ilamish Cameron, a private pupil nf Ihis city, passed the high
school entrance examinations with
much credit.
The Exprkss, Ji a year.
The freighter forager was in port
Wednesday with a cargo of feed-
stuffs for Ht.11k111.n1 St Ker.
James Murray, sr., returned to
the city on Thursday last, alter a
sojourn in Victoria and other
The new house of J. Green Ar-
mitage, on Lonsdale ave, north of
22nd street, is rapidly nearing
Advertisers must positively have
their copy for changes in to this
ollice by Wednesday altemoon of
each week.
Sale St Brewitt.the local stationers, will occupy the corner store in
the new Keith block as soon as it
is completed.
J. S. Emmerson, chief of the fire
department,is building a residence
on his property, 4th street, opposite the fire hall.
W. C. Eisenman left Wednesday evening to participate in the
great harvest that is about to begin
in the Northwest.
District Councillor T. S. Nye is
building a residence on Nye street,
east of Lonsdale. The stone foundation is now being laid.
Robert Ward & Co. are calling
[or tenders lor clearing 25 acres ol
land in D.L. 553. Sec advertise
ment in another column.
E. Scott went east this week lor
the purpose ol assisting Ihe Manitoba (aimer to garner the grain
during the forthcoming harvest.
Mrs. W. C. Gribble is prepared
to do all kinds of plain sewing and
mending at her residence, 6th St.,
between Lonsdale and Chesterfield
I. Walden is making preparations to erect a residence Ior personal occupancy on his lots at the
corner ol Jones ave and 6th street.
Thomas Hutchinson, formerly
in tbe grocery business on Keilh
road west, left Wednesday for his
former home 111 Manitoba. He
will return here in thc autumn.
Mrs. Alexander Smith, accompanied l.y the Misses Smith, is entertaining a party of friends from
Vancouver, at the summer tesi
dence ol the family at Brighton
Beach Ihis week.
Died—Armstrong. At Westminster avenue, South Vancouver,
on the 21st inst., Robert, the in
fant son of Mr. and Mrs. R. ('..
Armstrong, and grandson of Alex.
Philip, C.M.C, ol North Vancouver.
T. S. Nye has a gang ol nun at
work completing the clearing of
two acres ol land in districi lol
2026, near the city limits. The
land will be ready lor the spade
when thc work is finished. It is
Mr. Nye's intention to erect a fine
stone residence on the property.
Miss Philip, who has been in
charge ol the public school at Port
Essington, accompanied hy her
sister, returned to Vancouver on
Saturday l.y the Princess May.
She will remain at the home of her
p.Hints, Alcxanth 1 and Mrs Philip,
2nd street, during thc summer va
Nortli Vancouver scholars did
splendidly at the entrance cxamin
ations, seven passing out ol eight
writing. Those passing arc: Marion D Maron.l.jo, Alfred F.Shaw,
(.47; I lum ,in Lawson, 644; Jean
McMillan. (.13; Nellie Phillips.
603; Raymond Baxter,603; Minnie
Fogg, 577
The Ierry company has an im
portant notice on thc fourth page
ol this issue, to the effect that on
and after August ist the holders of
monthly tickets and passes must
show their tickets every lime they
pass the gates. Monthly tickets
will lie on sale the last three days
of each month.
Ml Pleasant lodge, K.P., Vancouver, have chartered the Sl.
George for a moonlight excursion
on the 30th inst. The boat will
call at NorthVancouver at 8.15
Those desirous of attending ma)
obtain tickets at this office.or Irom
W. T. Murphy, Lonsdale ave.
Price, 50 cents.
The funeral ol Robert, infant
son of R, G. and Mrs. Armstrong,
South Vancouver, and grandchild
of Alexander and Mrs. Philip, of
Ihis place, took place yesterday
afternoon. The bereavement ia
greatly felt by parents and grandparents alike, to whom sincere
sympathy is extended by a very
large circle of friends and acquaintances.
H. E. Reid, night engineer at
the local powerhouse of the B. C.
Electric Co., went north yesterday
on the str. Manhattan, one of the
boats of the New England Fish
Co. He will be the guest cf Capt.
Gott for thc trip, which will take
about one week. Herb expects to
have some tremendous fish (stories)
to distribute among his friends upon his return.
J. Warren Bell, who has purchased what has been known aa
the McRae mill,on the Esplanade,
is now busy with a gang of men
giving the premises a thorough
overhauling. About three weeks
will be required for getting the mill
in first-class condition and operations will then be begun on sawing
lumber. Mr. Bell is a practical
mill man of extended experience
and will bc prepared to assure satisfaction to his customers.
The total daily output of the
dynamos of the local B. C. Electric system now amounts to 3500
Kilowatt hours. Of these 500
kiluK.it*. are required for motors,
1600 (or light and thc remainder
for the electric railway system.
The Vancouver system is now
averaging well over 72,000 Kilo*
wats per day. The North Vancouver showing is considered excellent
at present and the steady growth
ol the system manifests the gratifying expansion of thc city.
The local board of school true-
tecs are getting in readiness to
comply with rcctnt legislation,
which requires that the national
flag shall float continuously over
every schoolhouse in the province.
The government, ol course, supplies the flag, and John Nye very
generously donated an excellent
pole, delivering it al the school
grounds yesterday, where it will be
t'ressed, painted and erected. The
first hoisting of the flag will probably be attended by appropria'a
pomp and cremony*
Tbe alterations and additions to
the public school building are
11 aking rapid progress and will be
completed well within the time
limit. The seats, which are of the
latest pattern of individual type,
are ordered and will soon be to
hand. Thc hyloplatc, which is
used lor the boards and is of a
green tint, is also 00 order. Hylo-
plate is the latest production for
this purpose and is said to be the
best. It comes in sheets of any
desired length and is set into the
wall, so that when finished the
board is flush with Ihe surface of
the plaster. The entire work will
be completed in good lime (or the
opening of thc school the last of
Considerable anxiety was lelt
upon the part of thc many friends
nl P Larson last Friday, because
ul his failure to reach home at the
appointed lime from a trip to his
ranch at Eagle harbor. Mr. and
Mrs. Larson, accompanied by a
lew Iriends and several children,
took a run up to the ranch in their
motor launch, intending to return
that evening. When no tidings
was received up to midnight, J.D.
Duke started out to investigate,
and when no news came up lo the
following morning, A.J. McMillan
proceeded to load up Ihe tanks ol
his launch to join the searching
flotilla. The sight ol lhe launches
coming down thc Inlet, however,
intercepted his departure. The
delay was caused bv thc fact that
the motor ol Mr Larson's launch
got out of order when about a mile
out on thc return trip. The party
rowed back to the ranch and on
the arrival of Mr. Duke s launch,
ib 1 ninl to remain at thc ranch for
tin night, as the tide would be too
strong through the Narrows for
the one launch with the other in
North \ ':  (
.  1   .  —Ml..'.  ..   Kll U I ■    '
.   II.    Maa'IIIV
Dullness Mgr
l     Express is delivered in North
Wim * .u i within ,i rkdiui ol ij
. i the office.   All outaidi
tins district is placed in the post
Iv ai. - ol Subai ription i
One yeai M-00
I' 1   aal        I     .
\ i In* paid in
llll i*.
I*  a  a*U |ng     llllS
pap, i will pii is   notilj
iapel   lo| |" *1 un
bi letti i "i i .ii'l
\ a I'.   |IIM  J \,   I908
llll  til .if'' \NTl 1: VG Ol
.   HUES
l 1 iitln rwisi ot
a munii a iraati 1 ing tba
al ., trial a "ei ■ in *.
tabliahment within  Ij l),tS,al I
tion tb '•. vi 1. (requi ntl) ariaea (01
1 tiling whii b
piniom an invari*
1 aai illustration,
,1 n project, wl
11, in   prop rty and
,, pi to a 1 m.rn .1 distrii t
thi eflect that thi
pi * iti iln industry
tin 1 tl    iiiiinu ip..hi)
ll 1   i .1- "I tbe
ti nl "i Jn
1 1 . with intu*
* -i at 1.1 1 .1:11111111.
I* ■ r this i
which, in I
1101    pi     pie sum .
1 - per   yeai        11 •■
:iil   to
:-. no
e i st ib,
1 ll        SIlO   I I :
ilu so. aad tb* n
reiin! .1 ■ n   nl   1- d
In II.
"I llll
■ : i above
tin I And ill
th* I  , thi  • irning
ii ut to
piar       1 ..it that
1 tllalt
ib. to pro-
ll    1. i    II tO    * 11 '
li ii nol thai .1
pi *| llnl to
a munii ip
of thi
would I" ol 1
lot at ai   lime,   lu Iai I, il
In-  safa   to coi
would almost int -
l    i.   ia,   I"*- .  lurthei
... I)      Wll.it   lllll In*    llu
miti. upon the bori rol
ib*   municipality?   1
ba.n   v,     * BOWI 1 i   1 :
tin urtal ■ 1 i" r
ii within il"  corpoi I
rtmain  unalter
al      gttidl al      1   I' I'l   '    I   '*     b)    llir
l|     Iilil,   ' 'I   "11     llll
:   . ,  I .1 I in "li ll' ,lll\ llie
■ 11 u iii iln* "ii n.iiii' ■   would
I 111'
municipality in tin
k.   I.        i   all       Dl   i*   (il  .llll        ll"
would iiiiisiab 1 that the a uui nl
mom j that could be advani 1 d
that iiiiiiiii ipalin * n 1 safe loaning
basis, :, .L'iiiiii* In ,1 , a   .111-.'  "I till
guarantee,   Ni vi rthi li  1, it ii nui
,ia 1 'n.i',. to lay, that thai 1 redit is
depn 1 i.ii. il In lhe full amount ol
the guarantee, loi 11 llu liabilities
nl ih. iiitiim ipalit* .in' int reaaed
by tin* amount "1 thi guarantee,
t Inu the municipal aan ti are in-
1 I', the value ol thi assets
* . ump nu  a lio ninii s
1.11.mt* 1 il.   II tin- final a 11
is 1.11., giveu 11' .lu li 1 * "dinar-
Uusiness  insight, and   I 1   evi n
I jllllil * ,   lb. 11   i'   11 "ilil I i'
ni an 1 11..   i.i ui*   to sr. thai the
credit 11 the munii ipalii is n due-
mii  ,1 Im. tion .*! tin '."i il
amount guarantei >!
I :
1,111 is too (n qu nil) .* >i >i| lit of,
thai tin ■ mii" as 1 is * 1 tin industrial com ' in stand h twi * n Ihe
muni ipalii and an) m i"*s
through tin u.in-.11 iimi. 11" ii
arc tli 'si*  who  itroi * 1*
that ii 1- wrong in prim iple I
publii niiaii" . ' 1 publ *  credi
bulsii 1   up   privati 1, .unl
that * * trial   * nli 1 *
up ui thi 11
nn nis and Kin tb* 11
in ,ui\ lorm Irom the publii
I \l hi . 1 (lu ilu nib. 1 b.unl.
then .in ilm-. who take thi poai
tion tlmt tb* p iiiiii in .isiiii is
u,um r to 1 i' large extenl bj
in. am "i il" publii 11 n< fits which
.11,1 m iii'iii the establishment ol
industrial enti rpri * ■ in thi
11 *!■ .tm 1. .imi in support ul
* ..lium llli*\ I Id   llll   1 II I lliiil
' Sl.it' s in 1
prim ipli ui assisting n aiiul 11 lui
ing mi'i ni'lu in il
■      ,
ll      is
1 11. iu!.   unprejii I
,*, In n ,i Im I
mti d by a]
./  OAXGEROUS   I'H.u I Ii'l
li 1 "ii  in*   li in   -1    N   ll
a. ,it  that   t!
win n large num u an
I   . , ■   1   11
noted tb   Imi'ii into which
ol iin-ii  havi   (alien, 11
in. 1 ile bulwarki aad leapii
tin   v.l .nl    I ■ I     II"   '.'     'I .ll.is
propi i.i    in li 'I     11"  ' 11
I   rl
tll'lsi*  llll.l j'l II lisi   it  .III   |...
lb.it   ill iiiii  lo lib   it
It nibik. 1! in continue um hi
ill, t. : -11.i 111*v. that Sinn,
01 Iati 1 iii' nipt
. ap, ' 1 will misjitdgi
.*: lu. foot 1 il
uin 11 In- is .ib mt to li ap,   li -in b|
* y wi n   to iiii".
mon than .1 tlui kin ■ 11 the vii tim,
ll Koiibl   in l  in   .'   -' lions in ill. I,
imt ii  1-   nail   diflii ill to ii
tli.it .1 uinn's  hi I "1"   in
. .mi,111 with eithi 1 tin I t "i lhe
wharl, 10 thai In wo il 11" 1
I into tin watt 1 with lal
I • -
'  between   thi  st,,	
SHOES!        SHOES!        SHOES!
WOOD A' SUN. Tin* Ri liable Shoo Men, lander
ilu ir  beat  tl anka lor your  Btipporl  of their
Gel   *\i'i|iiainli il   Sub'        :       ;       ;       ;       .
117'.' ARE PRACTICAL SHOE-MEN and do not toy a
fnr cases of job lots or metldli with other trades
>')() (YY\ QTfV ' 1 'Q To aelect from oftheae and
'• ZU,UUU U 1 UUl\U """■' ""'- ' ■*• ^""' >'v
ilnn p.a.i.i tisns; I.e.Kir Booti   llcl ready, Miniiter, Mylea, Tha
if,   isms,    I In Berealord,  Old G mtrj   and  The K Boota,
20 cents on the dollar loa* iban other advertiaed prioei
lier and
l'i li.ilile Miui More
l„ .SI,,,,,;  'ill       a,     ■     >,,,,,
('Oil.    I.I.ll'll.ll'
and tin M " "' aa 1 n
quern - -1" "
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[ensil '   il ii" n
so  Iiti :  lh
in passing 1
who il *        1.11>* 1 uu:
tin ,. The ci
tom 1  1 "ib loolli irdj and dai
lisi u itin ed.
I'.ia   MlllKV    ITIil.U'
a,.;   I',,
■ '    1   mm " ial
-■. 1 ii.
aal      I.a
North Vancouver Mails
M.i ,   * 1 1 11 .is 1,
lo«      I *i   \ ■■ *■ 1   at
points B a. 11
i , 11:13 a. 1
M.uis arrivi    \       ■*   1 nod
points * * *   •.-, i"
p. in.; ii.    I 1 nn 1 ii. Is 2 p. m.
Outi - ;"i  I 1 an . 1
alter 11:1 dd I
1 al il" wi< ki 1*
Pioneer Bakery
1» ii*,' < n l;.-pl,in.eli* ,\ First Si.
S. W. Wdlker,  -   Proprietor
i'i'-li   I'.n'ml  daily, !■•
for   I; I for2fic.
I        I'a ma. 1 Ic.
In the last i   1   ol the 1'. C. Ua
. lie.   I.iliu s ,\.  Ml Nn" i
(140 acres
* ni I.m I in 1 i'i
Villi 1    mi ONTKACTOU
Ini'liiN Wiiiiiiil hr I'i iiii.i".
D.iiU Deliver) lo  Ml  Ports ul tilt
-is       ■ 1 Lonsdal   -Ive
Perhaps Experience
With Their Own
Pianos Caused
O m   J—1
lairn thori.ti|ihly gootl, rellal.lt srhool ihos
fair ■_:irl- and inl.im «.* are carrying 1 full line
nl 1 1 ."liil leather shoes In Imx rail and
dougola aith i.aiiiiniiii sense toes and hoeli.
Iraiin s 1
"  11 1
1 IU	
1   1	
II   11
1   5	
They Will pUlfcae Ynu in Style tnd
Satisfy You in Wim v.
■"'lii Haatinifi Streei
Esplanade,  North Vancouver
DEAI.KD Tl '   ■ '
1  .ler- lor I
m  '. nli"
Ij      iial'.'  l||s. ,|
1 I'.ll;; lill.   IM HI li
rYI.I     'Nl il  Ait."   Hell
* i-i 11 ii    ,*, D,"
uln 11111 lact it is 11 a Ii nidi 1.
lllll I'llVis an luili mi
bi th ■  iif as kind
British l'.tu| n. * I
I in   in h
' * wn in,mir
: *       *
,..,,- ' 'On    I"   a'i
piano exp rtaai
■. r that "I
:'*'- and i'liii tb. ii, :
Iill   ..*W*1« Bill  HUM
I.,  *,as,i.,,|
ban he.:,   1 distinct!-. In red
1 lmel
'••'   I '  "I   •■:•   "I *"*'' I .aar
1   .......I  Ms  V.,,..
li, ltianlii|«ll,i| .iai, „all li.id Iilil 1,10.1 ,,l Itvr
almost inu.
1 lingly.
July Bargains Sp
Iniil tin* eii-l nl   lull  in* uill .ell nur rtgel "f
\i I Ma; re'lui'liiiii in  |irli*e.     Alsu (ur nil |'ai|«*r
* «*e arill nllam ai .| inl tliacoanl "i I" per
nnl. en |>r,nii|it |'.ii ina'iil ,,11 i'niii|il|,|iiiii n( 11..rl,.
lllllll MIUI) PNNI Al M.23 I'M! GAIION
ia   . I l.iini nml iiiH.11 uliirn.    r ',.111 irli* and
ml (lie besl pick, We Ii.ii I \V.,rk iiiiii.
P.I,ill    is    and    1'.-. ,,r.,l,ira
li   tract,
.  .      ;
llbllll-    -III   '
Nortli I'am
Inlv, turat.
I'm-ios 11, Norlh  l.i„,i,i,,,*i ,„,* HIIIS.
Pioneer Hardware
Phone 12 I. WALDEN   I sdale 4 Firat 8tE
TINNERS* l'l.nir.l.l.s
Soli   \:a nl * bu Mil bin's  Sinus, Ranfea,  l''urnaces,
Sherwin S Williama' lamoua I '.tints.
Jual arrived—i-ur leMon'i delivery nf Paints, Yar-
niahea, 6tc, hum $1 50 jut gallon up.
I IMI I'll.
C'.'.'-lll Heating Streei
l'.i„,*.,.i..   * 1..1 ./,.,( Piano //,,,.,
[1 II
\..i,iii \',\
Vim a.l 11.11
llll   AM) Mill INSlRANd
NOIAltt Pllli IC
A Good Buy
for a few days
A modi in 6 iiuiiii"! hou* . Ironl
iuL'nn Victoria Pari   11 ■ •
1 in' ih rd t 1 ih
For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc., use
1 m<ai< 1 tin*
■ * I   l;icl;."
IK mis 1 tin"
25c per bottle
/ a "    ling Dt
1,,, 1        ., 1
\ iiiiiaaiiu r.    I'. C.     ,
(Terminua of Keith
Road 1 Hr Line, . .)
Ice Cream
Soda Drinks
Etc., Etc.
"They 411 Trade At Home"
Although people oome down tha liill,
ii 'Iniil sny they go to Vnncouver to
Ihiv Qroceriea,    Thov  Ntnrtf  Pin
CIVIL    I'.MilNI'l' la*
i;naiiiliiii' Mirvi'i'i.r nml archltKl        •
nl htm >ii:i:ii, ''nllVKII I.hvsiui.k Av» j
NORTH   VlM'iiI'VKlt.
llll'l Veil    lll"lli|.*aa||   111.,, k,
I **li-*l.lle llli'lllle.
II, -|a|,*nli.il mark :l »|,iriiilly.
I'.n. Boi89
North V;iiii*a.iivi*r, lb C
tiri-ili Milk ililiurrii Ilailv lo
all iwitsiif UiH'il)
l.eiivi* ()ri|i rs at Express Oflice.
Mi fuKMTff ll.mhv.1n1
Ciiiiiiiiiiiv. Ltd.
(iii tlir llnljii
Garden Tooli
l.inni   l/'i/e. n
Electrical Fixlwtt
Paints iind Oils
Iiiiiiiii rs   I hi nl no re
m.     mm 5?
When you Intend liuildinp
n mi in r
J. i wm\. lUM
lii) LOUDAU Arts.
Ill-mill nflkr, l.imidiilr Art.,l'ilii. I'htme
it sn
llrad<lljnrnii,l IRK /.V"" I'rr-k, II.C, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Councillors Nye, McNaiiRlit,Davidson, and Rohson were nil pros
ent at Iba refulai session of the
di||xict council on Friday evening
last.   Keen May praatded,
Letters wi re read as follows:—
I'rtni II. Howes, lion, secretary of
tilt? U.ll.CM., with reference to
ineliilursliip fees now due; also an
approaching interview with the attorney general nt Victoria, and the
annual convention at Vernon in
November; received ami lees in
da-Tad paid. From the Western
Canada Irrigation A*,sooialion, inviting representatives to the annual convention at Vernon, Aug.
10-15; accepted with IhniiKS. From
W. It. Hiinliiiiy, local manager of
the B. C. EleitncCo.,tii tin* abet
that the company does nnt consider itself legally bound to make extensions throughout the district on
request; referred to couiniittee of
the whole. From the city council,
to the effect that the bonds will
soon be sold, when an adjustment
of financial matters with the district will be nude at once, and also stating thai il taxes come in
freely the interest will be paid im -
mediately; laid over for reference.
From Hon. F. J. Fulton, piovin-
cial secretary, with reference to
assurances maile by the government al llie auction sale ol lands
in timber limit "G," west of Capilano river, and acknowledging re
ceipt of memorial iu connei Iimi
therewith; received. From Hon.
W. J Dowser, attorney general,
acknowledging application (or certificate for the new water district
and promising early attention; received. From the city council,
suggesting that the district appoint three m inbeis to act on a
oint committe 1 with that ol city in
the negotiations now proceeding
with lhe lerry company; relerred to
committee of die whole. From C.
Caliphrones, ollenng to complete
the clearing andgiadiug '.I Dover-
miiii road a distance oi 176 feet.at
11^111,11 rales; liuatd of works and
engineer to act.
Kenneth (itahaine inteivuinil
lhe council with leleience to the
bridge acroaa tba llunie at Cook's
mill, asserting that it is too low to
haul In,n\ loads and requesting
that it In* raised to grade and lengthened about 40 feet, the cosl In
ing about f 15", engineer to report.
John M. lliival int'-ivu ived the
council on behalf nl certain petitioners,wlm bad asked lor a pound
on Lynn creek. I his petition was
signed bv Jj out ol the (>j M till IS
ill the valley, and several ol those
not signing Wuiihl have done sA
bad Ihey been at home. The
council had dismissed the petition,
without even a reason to the 55
petitioners. This was not iu ,u
1 mil.un e with the statutes, which
called for a two-thirds petition,
neither was it in harmony with the
princiules ol representative government. Mr. Duval adduced
many reasons why a pound should
be established 111 lhe valley. Coun.
McNaught interposed that the petition was Ior the regulation ol firearms, as well as for a pound, and
asserted that a majority ol the
names were attached for the former purpose. Reeve Ma) explained that the action of tbe council
was due to the fact that at the
meeting at which the petition was
read, several ratepayers who were
present had assured the council
that the pound bylaw was not important and that the time was yet
too early. Mr. Duval objected to
the council being guided by the
assertions of individuals in the face
of tbe petition duly signed. Reconsideration ol Ibe matter was
R. Magennis requested that the
bridge across tbe llunie of Frederick road be lowered to grade, He
lias established a business in that
section and finds the grade too
heavy. Coun. Nye thought the
opinion ol the solicitor should be
had as to the powers and responsibilities ol the district with reference to flume crossings. The
councillors thought thc flume
would be taken out in a lew years
and the matter would adjust itself.
The engineer is to report as to the
bridge in question.
As only one tender was received
lor the work on Ross road, it was
ordered returned to the tenderer.
A plan ol subdivision (or district
lots 85a and 853 was submitted.
As certain grades are impossible
and a post is misplaced in the
plans, they were not accepted.
The report ol the finance committee, • commending pai ment ol
accounts to the amount ol $730.26,
was adopted.
Specifications lor the pipe ol lhe
new-water district were read and
The A. M. ROSS CO.,
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a pair, | pairs lor  $1,011
The A. M. ROSS CO.,
209 Lonsdale Ave.    Inksier & Ward Bldq.    Between 2nd and 3rd Sts. J
referred lo the engineer for further
iiupnries. The pipe is to be ol
wood, wire woven, size eight and
six inches. It is to resist a pros
sure of 300 loot hydrostatic head,
and is to he guaranteed lor five
years. The hydrants are to take
the standard guage couplings. Th'
ditch is to be sufficiently deep to
1 iy the pipe at a depth of eighteen
inches. The total distance is 19,-
000 feet. Reeve May stated that
some of the ratepayers wished to
have the clearing and ditching
done l.y day labor in order that
they might secure employment. It
was finally decided that the job be
done by piece work to be supervis
ed bv the engineer. A stated num
ber of yards will be awarded to
those who wish to do the work, at
a price to be agreed upon.
The Capilano road bylaw was
read aui finally passed.
Council will hold a special session Wednesday night, to meet
Dr. Swayne, with relerence to the
proposed Lynn valley tramline.
Church Notices
ANII illlKm Sill  SIKKI IS.
Holy Communion, S a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Kv' ning prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday in thc month
tin-re will be a second celebration
of the Holy ( mi 11n.11 at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on  Sunday  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 3:30 p m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
METIllll.ISi   CHL'KCII,   N.   W.  CORNKK
I'UURIH Si. ANI) ST. llEORilr.'s
Morning service, 11 a. m. ; Sunday school, 2:30 p. nr; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday alternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. ni.
Rev. B. II. Baldcrston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at 9
a. m., Sunday school at 3:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peytavin, O.
M. I. V. G.
Service at 11 o'clock a. m in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close of the service.
Pastor :    Rev. David Long.
All arc welcome.
Forms ol petition under the local improvement bylaw are now
available at the city hall, and may
lie obtained on application by
ratepayers who wish to circulate
thc same for signature. The lorm
is complete in every respeii nul
thc city hall staff will be pleased 10
give lull information concerning
them to applicants.
Parties who were ascending
Grouse mountain Sunday complain
f the reckless and indiscriminate
firing of rifles which was going on
throughout the day. Bullets came
uncomfortably close to a number
of climbers.
Wanted for clearing 25
acres in D. L, 553.
For specifications and par
ticulars, apply—
R.Ward 6 Co.
cor. Hastings and Homer
For Sale
A House and lot in Vancouver for the sum of $1200. Is
conveniently situated to car
service; has good garden; is
yielding eight per cent. Inquire—
At This Office
All Englishman and Suns
of Englishmen who are true
to tlieir Flag, aro cordially
invited to attend the meeting
in the Orange Hall. Tuesday
next, July M, at 8 p.m., for
the purpose of forming a
Sons of Kngland Lodge in
North Vancouver.
WITH IS I'ill!
li.il ta-jiam ..ai B. t. I..if 5ar«n«
i ni.vr **."!
Railway,, nritlgi'i, Waler Piiarr., K.llni.ti'a,
Slllacrili:,*,**!,*,!!*,' ,,l r.»n-.lrili'!ii,ll, M.|,a, Tina ll.
■Ite., Milling c'l.uu., HlltvDtvliloliH.etc
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and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. O. MILLS
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Lonsdale Ave., above 2nd Street
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
District of North tamf
A llv-I.aw tu Expropriate
Lands for the Capilano
BK it enacted l.y the Heevi* anil Council
n( (lie t'nr|iiiratinn ul tin* Hiitriet ol
Sorth Vancouver, in I'olincilawieliibliil,
an lollowc—
1. Kor the pupaaa ol eatahli-diiiiy,
"I'l'iiin*', niakiiiK anil |>rescrviiie u high-
mil, tu ln> km an n a. llie "Ci|.ila no
Ku.iil," the t'liri'oraliiiii herein', umler
authority ol Sei lion Wi.Snli.eilinn 1112)
a,I the Munii'i|ial Clauses Ael, enlcr- If
"ii, RprOHWH mi'i l.ilie Ai.l. AMI
MNliUI.AU that tractor area ol laml
sixty-six feel la Width, ill lhe district ol
North V»lmm, MM l'mvirn I Until,!! Colon,hia, the centre line tl iihirli
i- particularly ,le**eril-tsl 19 folio*.:
via. :—
t'oninieiii'ini; at a point on the South
l»,iiiiiltri' of 11. I.. .'.Slit, said |mliit l.'iii|[
X H ili'if. I.'i mill. K-8L1I feet from the
...nth net corner of aaiil D, I.. HI.
llienceX .1? .lei; lill mill W—MM";
Ihenee X 17 am II min K-IWa.V;
Ihenee X ill ileit lil min K •■.(.-" .thence
X on iiiy Iti min K—137.2*'; theme X 11
ttagtl mill K-SIH.H"; thenee N IS ile«
iiiiiiiii B—HM"; lhen-c X iu had
min W—IM" ; Ihenee X M ile* ■ IV -
I.V.I..V'; theiiie \ N im 111 mm W-
17', I", Ilnn.*.* X I tim 15 min IV-im.-
l";tl e X in iIi*kUI1 mill W-1
thence N 12 alt-K M min W—lml.I" ;
ihenee N IH ih'K 1 min W—ITI..*>" :
ihenee X N ih'K 17 nun Vi—277.S";
Ihenee X Mall ll'-l.'.Vl": Ihenee
Mill deK 41 min W—55H..V'; Ihenee X
lil dcK 'il nun VV- .'tlll.ii"; thence S .Nl
divMmln \V-|K'J"; ihenee XWdi-f*
Balii W   KM"; (heiue HMthfli
uill) W—am.7; thence X  IL'deg 111 min
W-(W3.2" ; ll e III faa M iiiui VV-
SUI.fi-' ; thcin ,, X :tlli.eilf>'illlillW-.'l:lU.-
s";llien.e X  I  .hi: M nun  I   IM1
:l..-iii-.' X   II   deg  H  min VV-1
heiue \ H a,v :,; min w-2lft:t';
I'l nee N :'2 dec  111 min VV-U2N";
I *,* I   ■  iiiy  .rs!  min \l    ICi '1
In nee S I.'I de< .Vi min VV—
17.1.7"; thence X ■ Om II min
W-20H.S"; thence X 17 .1. <
JO min W-I7I :i'; Ihi'iic X 47 den IMl
min V-WJ" . Hie.ice M ihii n min W
11.7.1" . Ilience X .Vld.'K ll! min IV-WI-
I, Ihenee X  Ml di'K I1  mill VV-.t.'lI 7" ,
ih. I..e x  tl .mj  i'i iiiiii w-nm.:'";
thence X   n  deg 115  min   W-MJ
Ihi'lice X ,HU dug I'null W-M0 t". lh. ii.,
' ^l tta-fWmlD IV-lltl'.S";   Ihenee X ■
leu n min vv an i" ihaMM n Vimj
II'.'mill VV-i.VI" . Ihenee X llli.liv f.i min
VV'-:il5 K"; llienee X "il di'K It min VV-
iliA.'A" ; Iheme X 7:1 di'K .'ill min W-t,10..
"; thence X 72 0m A' nun VV'-,'t7'.i".
tniice X 7.1 ili*g B min VV-«I.2'';
.hence I s| ,h*i* 17 nun VV-'.'"
Ihrnee S M (Wg I nun VV Is In .
Ihenee S ■'"lien '''.'mill VV-':i". Inl point
on the Ka.torly Imumlary nl Capilaiin
T*nn.ile, ail cnnliirm In I I'l.in ol .aid
I I IM in tin* Liiini heni-lri llmciiin
lie* Cilv nf Viiucoiiier.
'.'. Tliia lli-l.nw may Ik* iilcil fnr all
porpOM a. the "Cn]'iliui" Iiunl Appri,*
|an;ilion lly-l.iiw," 1(108."
fwmi in the t nun, ii ,.n ih,. i'uii dav
nf .lune, KM.
Ueenniiideri'd and finally ailopted and
Hiirneil and muled on the I7lli day of
July, IMI
C.M.C. Rinvt
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il. XuVV Ik*f. n it i. I'»i lule.
nui ut v fttitis     mn M\ta ttnstii
I ull Sit n|   In lh 15.00
■ l iilliev, ill k, p, i   Iiiulli  1,00
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U> ■.ilie!! ll,. t
Fn   a,... la.mli.llirt
, f M .inilsiiurrr
• rr.lirr llir ..IvlaaT.ll
il)l.| havinf lli'lr rural buamr.. Ii.nwrtr,!   O0 _. .., ,,,     i «       , , . _,
i*ii,i.in i       ia.ia...i,... ,....... wiruiuje, Kemovaia,
iiK.l'i.le. 0»f lnafali*'«Aa1i'lM*r*'i'iii;-*i I* * , *. .   »-a    ..
a;*i.»L«.,i,„i*lilaii n. ».|<',I,. N-» V...1.1.ilr I | 'firCtM   DcllVCTV.
*kit M,.ii,..l and na.i'i'l.n-a UCDafZ    1 »-i'»»-'J"l
North Vancouver Hospital     _„   ,„'   °   'Ke
r ON      m-.Asii\AIII.K     I I'.HMM
l"M'l a  II I'   111 	
TKUM-   |i;:*Jii..r.'H|*.*rii.*'l,
\Vnr.||'.iii,iil- II fit al.n
i ..in. 11 il. .ml Wnifioki     ^^H
(ienernl Contractor
I nnl rieiiriiiu.   Muni|' and Rock
lll.i-l.ni!. Kutrn cure in ir b
All iI.iiii.i*.'i*. niad'- k""-!.
K M I'l. ll V M I. N  I'     AUKNCY
-ml HI . \\ r.i **l l.aa,,«,lalr
I'll   II.a  i,
I' I' I'luine 70.        Night Calls 13.
J. A. s. NICH0U8
Portraiture, BIm I'iiiiI'-.   Copj mc
and Balaifkn, Pintsbiag lor
Amateurs, Etc.
Studio: ind Sl., W. of lonsdale Im,
Fur Fiirnil  .^^^
lliniM' Fiiriiisliiiiiis ami
at li'*1 * nii'l-   I'ihi^.  |0 tn
the North Vancouver
Home lurnishers
l.'.V-l'AI I    All
l/iii>ii,i. in * r of Mini— tnd Anti'iut
I 'irtiiluir Sinn, Hfict ,|,..I /.'.i    t'nlartl
lte|,:iiriii|. Ill All P.r.n., In*.
I*J Thiol m «'.. Ilri. lh' at, ni,; I .11,1 LaiLudalt
l.|.|.«llr M..-1
£^M;iil nr.ler«i.*ii.'ii |<r,.iu|it attention
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable rarietiM at reaaonalile pftaH.
No Bonn,   Ro Beale   Vn r*ami|atloi
|S diiiiuiire -Imk. N" ninii .iireiilK to
nnu..1 mu. Iliiv*hncl nnd net Treei
ui'l -".|> that pow,
F.tiid/a r-. BeofnpnlieiiKpray I'umpa,
-i|iriuinii Malarial, Cut rlotafa, Mt.
iildcl ealaWlihed nnrwry on the
uiiiinlaml nl BritUh t'ol'imhla.
Calalngue In*.'.
MHSIHllS M| SI I lllllll SIS.
SOKI    Wt.lMIVaini    Itallli.
New Advertisements
Plain lewlnj   Mn, Grlbblt
|ii-ca.uul Sail,—VV. T. Murphy
Notice      S. V. I 'Tn   ,1    I'aalll'r Cl.
lhat air heating Prater4 McNabb
House f ir -.de Applj al thlioSoa
i:. ia .1 nli Templar di Hickman
Ten.ler- wanted—Robt. Ward I Oo,
Notice ol i ting   Bom ol England
I umber  Diplock IVrl|hl Lumbar Co,
r**a.'l U lim-In.Irictl.'olllli'il
New Industrial Concern
A ' -;;:' i it nl im ni poration has
Mai* il the Nuiih Viocottvoi
i* Co., Ltd    I beorganiiei
pi      i   A   I1   M.H.with
iati d   local   cap-
ii ii    11'   ' am pan)   hu applied
(Ol .1   ' I  IJ     HU lies   III   ll.ltl I
from Mai Kav creek     I he capital
al*   |,
* propoaed pilot is
lue niinii ii"ui
i ipi .um Irani
I md ia i ion | io 6 ll
.nni thii i* I > be i li .iu .1 .ii i ni it
i ■.: ling ' i*
\i : * .   * nil na • mi ut the i aj*ai itj
All Summer
To Clew AT COST.
(ict a suit before it
20 |)er cent. Off
All Boots £* Shoes
Sandali, RunninglSboaa, Etc.
For 10 Day*.
Regular  $1.00 and
$1.25 for 75c.
75c and 85c for 50c.
Ymi Will Save Money by lluvint* Here        .lust Oat Our I'riccs *
I  —— t
m rm mm
m\nm\ \mm
||i id ll StiTICI i- hereby .-inn that
■ in an or lance with the prortaioM ol
tbi P By-Law, olthe City
'•i  North  Vancouver, tha   Municipal
iiiiii.a ■ trai nd mill the Medi
cal Health Officer to attend at lhe i hi
li a I, North Vane nm, oa the I Int
Monde) ol ■ ach month, al the hour ol
ll ii'il*** k .*. the lorenooa, lor Iha pur-
..lllln.'  ill   the i*\|*.*li i
srtom  an.l.,: nthen
■   * va.. ate,
I    latin i, n other, "r |a,*r—,ti baritt|
•*   **r   i n.t.ali ol ei.ri
r    ll..-  nly,   -Imll.  iiiiiiiii
liter Hie   birth ol sneli
child, take or i anaa to ba ink' a, the
Mi liml I'rnclili.iiier, in nl
ia- appointed place
Inr the |'iir|.. —i helng laccinaled ; un*
sn previouel) vacei-
laal|.'*l  la.   -   :   * ,'l.llllicd     I'r.lCll*
doner,   and icclnatloa   duly
llli.MV- -III I'llKIMi.
(Ill t lark.
Nerlh \ ivi r. II i
Ull. .Inly. 1" 1|.||
I .'i .i  I u-l l.i*. I   ii   ol   I-i. sh
\\ l<: LEAD
I III* lllll   il,,   l-ll<;
^-1  nu bi i  i ■ pletad
lireetl) oppoaiti oui M
Mud, ' "i Sth *n* • i and Loaidali
An nue.    I iilil ih.it nine, in order
l'i     I'    I'll ■     OUI   Stall  I .     Ill       Hill  I    *,*i!l
Don't lorgat iimt imlil Juli jist,
Choii. Ni ii P( lal * . i-jllis., 25c.
Jclli  1'iiial' r   ...   ., lor 25c.
M.iiiii.il,i.|. il mc.
ling I'mvil. 1 < ,,Q
regular a j 15c
I pit iion I. ii'IS ip, fti;u-
i.ii .151 boa,' ■■
II t < ofli ■. 50c (III lm   .    .  151
Sardioi        •   •   3 Una lor 25c.
Pulled line   .   per 1**
Vl .1     l.ai.il.     lot   lii , ; lur 25c
Cooking li'.iisin. pi 1 .|,.    jc.
Sultana  Raisins   .    .    jibs.  15c.
Castile Snap   .    .    1 dn/en, 25c.
WaaUag Atnoala, ij  11 < 1
I.,1st lml nail |l 1 t
Ham, per II. 15c.
Olil'    I     I I**    all      |I|"|'"I||.|IM|,
W. T. Murphy,
Cor. Esplanade und Lonsdale Ave   [
Nortli Vanoouver
BOY'S  SHOES  A ND   Ml NV   niRNI unsi.s
»a»t»*'>iii»ia»i»ii(»i»ii(»i.»!>:t|i»ia>i»l».i»i»)i(»K»<(»»41 ♦+♦• ♦■( o*\ *♦'+♦+♦+♦+♦*♦•♦;♦
uf ilu plaal trill ba 600 to 8uo gal-
Inns nt brow, The company purposes manufacturing lie, stout,
and a   light   talile l...-r. anil thei     TENUERH are Invited by the Mil
... !....-_   ( nniicil Inr Iho eri'i'liiiii nl   a nice Irii"
expect to have tbe firat product on |bHd||)   14ll f(Mr, tftn< „vi,r S(,v||iiii]r
the market in November, Itiver. Bpeclflcatlona and lull pain
Mr.  Mai   is si crdatv-lrcasurei  htra can be bad on application to Donald
Cameron, liistriet Endueer, and tend-
er» innil lie Indued iu llie Hislricl (llll*. .
I'l.plllllllile, Ih'inre ,S o'clock,   OU llie   ith
dm ni ,iinu-l, IIHIS.
lisliid of Rtftl liuicoinii' \WB HY (ilNIDK STOKK
nl the company, lus addreai Inui};
I'd boa 515, Vancouver.
Bonn Httuwm, I'Mp.
lull slock ot Freeh and Cured Meals
1111.11*i-l 1 kept.     Aim Dairy Product!
ami Freeh Vegetablea.
a.i the iiilley.
Dr. A. McKay Jordan
I'uii   hr  roiisultt'il about   Elji
Trouble* ut the old stand
3.14    ll.a.l.l.|,.a,   St. V.,.l.OUV.r
The Seymour Hotel
1.. .e.ii on *..*i|niiiiii   l'i|n   line,
quarter mile from wharf.
Tins is a lirst 1 lass lintel,
Uld is nmi i.|n 11 Iii tin*
general puWii   Good
II1 a.iMnnil.ilu'iianil
senn egnaraatei d
lii',el 1 onm 1 iinns Irom Nnrth
Vancouver Inr Vehiclei
nWINlili, the inereii.e.l nuinlaer ol
Monthly Ticket, snld, and to chain.''*
that may ocirur 111 tin' 1 i.k.-t toUerting
-i.i'l ireiii nine In tune, inakini: il un
ini|.-**.ihiiilv for the collector, lo kiiow
all the   l.-rwiia  11.1111; lhe*e ticket-. 11
-1,.ill i.* ihe rule alter Attjoet 1st that
.ill |a"r...n- naini! Monthly Tickcl. Ii,
-Iiiiii their in kit to the collector when.
ever   I'll.-nt thri'iiith the ticket WUl i
Thi* rule .hall alwi apply to all per-
HM hohli,.). HMI
I In* .ale ol Monthly Tiekeli uill com*
MMM the lait three day* ol each
month, and alter the l»t nf each monlh
all I'i'r.'iii- nhn have nnt ict'iired a
Monthly Ticket uill he required to pay
the ii.nal luri*
Ily order,
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
Cor. -ml iiiui Lonidale,
Tin: i'llil ic Wil-'. HEREBY MU'l-
'  ITKH that  all  MM "f   iulecli'iU',
I'liniaitii'ii- nr epidemic dlmaa, ol ■
character dangeroui tn public lieullh.
musl be repnrle.1 In lhe Medical Health
City Clerk.
City Hall, Nnrlh VaooMver, Mi'*
Jul) '.<iii. ian. n-ti
Everthing of tlic Beat and
Cheapest for Ladies and
See 11* hefnre unini! tO Vancouver lo liny
iihut can lie had iu Norlh Viineinner.
hesterfield House
Standing.' in 11 hitch nf grimml
Cnrner Lonfdall Ave and Kth St.
Ni.KTII v'AM'ol'VKi;
Iiiii ami Itoiiriliii!! vim *l fur Hois
Will he opened Sept. 7th.
For particular* apply In
ii ll SCRIVEN, ll*A
Term*, nne-fniirlli cash ; lialaui'e, (i, 12 aad 18 months
i   i'"'
'      3
>      4
'     S
'      6
*    m_Z
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
17th Street. North Vancouver
Rolled 0«i I .s
Haij and Feed
I'ln1",   healtliv   Tomato .nul
Cauliflower Plants, powg Iron
Sn tt i in '?*i Srrds, always OU liainl
ihoBrackmao Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale   Avenue.
at Terry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
I'VKK Niil'll'l*: that th.'Cniincilollli
' Corpiriiliiiiiol lhe Cin of N,,rlh Van*
cniiier inli'li'l- In  c'li-lrii* I lhe   I...<-;<I
llll|.r..leuiellt -et ..111 in the schedule ll|i
|H'iirini! Ik'Ioii  iiiiiI inleiiil. I.. n-n*.*. lh
llual eii.l, or a portion Iheri-i.f, uonii lh
real prnperli bsneflted ilnrelii Irnntlni
OT aluitlilil! Illerei'll   lllld held lialile  Inr
a--,--in. nl ihcrelor.
V -iiileiiaeiit shnitin*.. lhe hinila li.il.l
and pr..|.ii-*,l Us I.' ipechdly a-.es.e.l fnr
iln* -iiid improvement and the MUM nl
Iheininer.- thereol. mi farinalhe mum
cnu be ;i-ccrlaineil from lhe hint r.'ci.i.l
:i--a --llnlll roll aud olheriiise, is nmi
lied III   the   nlli f   the     \-sesslllelll
Ciiiniuissioiie*-.'imi i- n|H'o for Inapection
alurini; I'llice limine
The  Si-heilnle l»*l,ni   sli'aiis   llir  eli-
mated cn-i "i ihe Improvement ami iln
pr,,|»irtiiill    lo    he    priilideilolll   iif Iln
fin rill fllliilsof lhe city.
Al nnrl of   Iteiision  will Ih* held on
ihe iKih.hiv.'i Au|uat,lNa,al the I I
nl .*> p in., nl the city hall, North V'an-
■ ouver, II.C, (or the pWptMol Iniirni*.'
Colllplllillls HL'IUIISI    III,' |.r..|sasa*a| .{.*,-..
iiii'iils nr lhe accuracy of h-ontagt
iiii'iasiireincntu or any oilier couiplaint
aliich the 1*1.011. iiilere.l-.il denirc to
make and which it eifiiiuhle hy Ihr
I.*, -ana.nl Coniiniuiinni-r
Norlh Vancouver, II.C,
uilh July, pais
-. in nn k iu r KituitD to:
PropOMd Kslimalcd   Kstiniale
luiproienient lolal cost   cityl..|..iy
CaMriM and Qradln|
Slli Slreel, ln'tween
Irilriall Ave., and
Ulli ftn-i't; and lav-
inn of li-'l* Hlah-nailk
on north inde of said (Die. |kt fl.
■tree! frontage    f2";t
Pko.. 10
Dimension 1
Hot Air Heating
Being favored willi a liberal patronage from our
citizens in llie lines we carried, we have added to
our Imsiness l.y installing all llie latest ipplilDflM
for tin* placing of Furnaces, Cornice Work, etc.
Hit our estimates liefore doing your work.
We alsu tarry Hinlilers' Hardware. Come ami get our 1'riies.
Eraser * McNabb,njg__Ave
Hotel North Vancouver..
>.■ im per
and up
Rates lor
Ferry Service tvery Hall Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
and instructions to sell
Cleared Lots. 60x1*56, in Block Kt, on Kourtecntli
and Fifteenth Streets, at $500 and $525 eacli; corners, $600 e.teli.   EA8YTKRM8.
Two cleared  lots, 60x167 each, south front on
Ninth street, at $650 each.   Easy terms.
Als.i a few choice lots on Victoria I'nrk West.
Cooedtle Ave. lot, hctween 2nd and ,'lrd streets,
only$3200.  Terms.
Sixth street lots in Itlock 117, |560 each.  Terms.
A good list of Lotl in all parts of the City, at
prices from f'JlKl each nnd up.
Wanted Irom OlMl lima of gr..l cloae-in l/)Uand Arreage.   We nif-nliate aalH
il lhe prieen are right.
Cor. lon-tdale Avenue and F If th St., Sorth Vam ouver, B.C.
TKI.K.rilOXK 15
Palace HOTEL
bi&i 11 bmmiid nem os int ce*at
AN ri'-TOliATK
H.ti-   11 .Ml PER
vmi ii i m-I ii.i! 11 inn k nia ro.. ltd., nm: iiiui, mi
Kinisliing I.umhcr
etc., etc.
Our prnev are right.   Let us Rive
ynu a figure on your
I iiiiiIh i bill.
II11IM,   I IMIIIlll*
•nir.  "
H.lll    "
MO "
10.15 "
i, ||
11.45 V.M.
10.45    "
II II    "
11.41 I'M.
1.45    "
1,41   "
:i M "
1.41 "
5.41  "
I..I5   "
lllUMi SIIPI.I   I IM 111 Ml*
*7.'.,n "
s.lii "
...no "
(1.45 "
111.45 "
II 45 "
11.41 P.M,
1.45 "
1!45 "
I || "
4.45 "
5.45 "
(1.45 "
7.15 "
H.45 "
'1.45 "
III 45 "
•11.45 "
10.15 A.M.
11.15   "
12.15 I'.M.
1.15 "
I H "
11.15 "
4.15 '•
5.15   "
•Not on Sun.Inv
S|nri.il ll.iiiv In liiniilii". iimi Iti'i'iilar Haardm
lliill-liiiiir (erry connnlioii tn and Innn Vancouver. Hot and cold
milor iu every MM. Helurn eail India in every room. Rarber
riaoip in C'lnnec""!!.
leoen ontm, - • - - north Vancouver, b. c.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Kerry Landing lor Queer.slniry Avenue, Twenty-tint
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Road ai follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a. 111., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a. ni., 9 a. tn. 9:40 a. m*.
10:10 a.m., After 10:15 a. m., cars *'" 'MVe yiiemshury avenue,
Twi niv lirst and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and (Jiiecnsliury avenue, Twenty-first
iia a 1 nml Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as lollowi:
i.a. in . 1. .s.s a in..  7:30 a.m., 8:05  ■**■" m-i K:45 a* m.,9:30 a.m.
Alter ty.p a. 111. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to tho hour.
fcjff   All boats are met by thc ears.


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