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Full Text

JI-QMaH'V l'W rtJ,1J,W
JAN 1-1907
rA   m^   **f
1/ 14 M
llll null
The  regular   in
muni ounci
nesd     ■■' ning.
li ..'.    t'i'
■ '
I,'.-."   \
'•   wen
till        Word      Ma)
and A.lli ii. Count illoi Coi i   i
ing ahsent
;,l s. Mi Bi"      vrol       I ii|
[]lei ictenaion of tlie fu
walk, ' ii north •
bl        '     " ' ", ston
Ri I'l't, .1 to board i
A. ' ■ I'-:, wrote, a   > .   ■
HJ       ■   '      lml     '"" .      I    tl
"i.i' ii ied as a I :
vi a ing loi   ' i ■■
Eagle    Harbor,   H  ,ve
]. W. McGrad;  i     agcr of i
Northern Hank, wrote, i
proposed   widening   ol
avuiiiic north to too leet, in I
block .'.<:.    Bo ltd 0   i
Alex  Hm and Geo
wrote, asking that tin road
•     ,,.   no   I
north "' sl i ornei ol lol :.,  li
:y.   Laid over.
Mathew Tucker wrote,   ■
the council to endors,   thc nanu
"Clifton, '• win i.    the   proposed
Second  narrows  bridge  will   be
'  built.   Council saw nc objection.
Engineer J. W, Baltjiain wrote
regarding the cost of clearing and
grading of Fifth streJ". from St,
George's to Mahon o 'cimcs, aud
111111(11111; bridge, uear Chesterfield,
lhat the work svoul I cost $i,io
Laid over lot ueis conn il to • al
Win. 11. Brnini, r/.i/., petitioned
to have work done on I'ifth str a i.
from Lonsdale ta, Mahon aveii ie
li I  a culvert or bridge u rosi
ravine; (a) that Fifth  street   be
graded Irom said ravine; (3) tlial
a four-foot sidew ilk b, con I
on north side of Fifth str, el  I. u
(>.', r 1 ai "' v  i. tncil,
J.J. \\'t 0 is. 11 ini   ial reastiici
ra-, a. al ,' I tl ..',    ipprOI    I   iti     "■   I
lor tli" ussesstil ;ii ol 1907 as foi
lu i,s: i an the ;..'visit , .*'. 134,021,
ag|tit«t  i'l"1'!   :>■ l;i "-'■''•   »n   '■
criijlsi oi .s..;4|.' n; foi st li '•ii pu
posi s,   ?4i/i. ioo,   againsl   (190G
(1313,300, an increase of Si i 1,0,
[01 the rural disti ct, .'   . '  1
against (igoO) $1,01^5,0.^.1, an in-
Cl   .Isl' ol S j'*' I,(11 >'.
Dr. Neil M Neil, Wellington
applying for position of medical
lle.dth officer, Thc council decided to confirm the appointmuni
as soon as he took up n idt m
R. McBride, Eburne, wrote re-
qttcstin | thi  1 omit il to atti nd
meeting at Penilci hall,   at ] •
51I1. 101 the purpose "I . li
candid il  iortheH   hmoud ri Iin
Receivi '1 and filed)
W, Nicholson ' ail* ■ .  '■' • I
•*. G   a '<  . ' a "1, and movin \ tin
1    III   ,..: 1     idl   •  Bill  .I'l ''   I." I I    11   llll
north tu iouth sidi snd bi i ling
nui t siduwall     "'■      a 1
■ . ••
Camewii,   1
■ 1 ■■
' ■ ' i-foot
v,:,,  1 .a... i  .     ■ ',. ... S 1 Jer,
         ll       ly    .' .;.
ned 1
ngth a
a'    .                    .;
11  ly,
■  '.   to
:,. ..'."
it half 1     '■
i'l'     1
lml li a n given unlawfully by the
department, (Shame.) He held
that all vai ant crown la'ndi i li  1
aa' a pun  to    11, ai >1 ,tln   ;  i ril
... ild be pro-
" • \   a'    aa.     Lli '    'I'll ' lit.      Bul
latter hi  ' ill 111  out  in
the  com ..      'iiii    'I li, re   wi n
li  '     ■
In 1896 the 11'.1 1 "l West
em Conipuni ■ ni    1! to
luiilil   si*,    r lions  1     rail wn
which were   ul, i lift I with io,-
onservativc,  was  well received, nasesmi I vain 1 tho lasl Municipal As-
ll,- said that he never would have se8B1,,unl H"11"' nye hundred dollars or
in iro ,.v,'i' na'al al, ivo miv  ri'jisti'u'd
■"""'" thcinunicipalitiia   ,.....,,  ,  ,.   andbufngothertvlsa
ould 1 1 rs 1 voter."
'-. '    '
500     ■    tded to
■: Ill     ll,
I '...'.',
11       .       id passed
b, ll   It
powei to call" : 1 ■ ■' 1
The clerk was instructed to write
the Richmond municipal council
re telephone matters,
The ret ve reported        '  in.
'.. a
55,000 in est     a       ■ .,  etc.
it wai  '   . It cl ti ■■ .1' i' r !"!• It rs
• ai wood.
,-ii ..ut will be hi Id
a    ■. ■    lay, January tali, at 1
p. ui., ii revise voters lists.
It was decided lo hold the an-
'; . " ;  j ., 11 ■ eting a 11 ['rida;.
January 1 ith, 1*' p. m,
1-1. Cully wai appointi .1 to make
thi     mil iry mudi-
1..:     . lions -'I tilt
1 a
I ill I
ind       a,        ......
In the eon
the government I 1
...        ll   1    .    up
,ia. made by the C P. R. 1
it.   In  1901  an act was passed
■   npai    : '    1 ■ ■.  .
,.'.'..      i a'       , '
; '1   it:   .: Iini;'   two
: nd granti    'J        1  -,. ;
tin ' rs,  Ki  '   '■ '•
Oliver, I
a a    a  .      HOU
iv ' i..        C,.!'.   R
a gra ; .   In iy    ih      rei
ne fi rward with the bal
at a. a.1 the grant oi    1 ,t     ai 1
(,\| plause. 1
li 1 am elected my time will be
ih voted to the interests  0.   the
province, especially   my
in this regard attention 1
give 1 rn i' it ir railway facilities.
A bridge should be bitill a,.    ith
Second narrows, and the right ol
thc muni, ipality together jnstdues
from theicrowni sta lish' ;.   (A] •
Mr. Joseph Martin, being thu
.. a 1 di edsolicitorfor tlu V., \\'.&
Y. Railway 1 ompany, and a member of the firm of Martin, Wean
& McQuarrie, Mr. Weart said that
it would be a br«ai ii ol tru : 01
him now to "ai into thi p        1
.,    .,     a    IU  I    .a   ..       [Jut     lie     llH I      .'
ng  ti,..
|UStll  '.
re not tin
11 righ t if 11 t
mist .   a Vpplau .-■ .   I li
a p  mom \   .na'1
heap 1    . vas taken up bj
Mr,  McBride    Ila' thought thai
neitlu r Mr. Cotton nor Mr Wear!
.'"      SjllOll a, ',      ■    II   '•'
Mi  lii 1 ,' ip iki bri 11   on In I
ter tern
"Tficuiiiilii ' 1    '.. illor riinll
' .'    ' ;     L'I,   lllll
llltvil       ' '        ' :.■'.,,,   - 1113X1
Ii   : . il   . nomination, tl u
'■ a    I OH'I'Or 111   til,'    I at.i'l    la'a-W"
Ollid ■ aai land nr real proporty, situate
ivitliin il a' Municipality, ef tint asscisi 1
ralito mi tlio .. ■■;   Municipal   .a--,'-,.
iiiaiit   Itoll   a     Inu   hundro
liny   il'„aiir-   ur   more   nver   ami
allium im,-  registered   jiidgmenl   nr
uin 1 In iii   .1 In in 'Ktciulur, lev
North Vancouver.
To tin- Electors ol tlio Municipal'
Nurtli VancouYor:
Limns ANi, QummiN, — 11
boon asked Ly a large number 0,
...'.., 1 . ... |,l t who lia*
'  ai tlio M mk'l| 1 iii sir tho
11 in llately
it',nt    ml ivliu in
I    :   .in,    '
.. ' llllll
■ .      '
,. ii.i'-a'i.aa..' 11. irlctany
. .    ... 1     ii|   - liril sli ta a.'i'i  -I
.   .     I tin 1
. 'a:       . in '.., il
tu li        led iis a Si a	
...'," 'a'    ...
tier my Ii    I, al Sortli Van-
uitv-.-r, tli    1 a.' , ami
i   .tu-,
1,   . ruing Offlcoi
"    ill   l,    l.ai
Llie 1   .   rvativ     1      ial    with]
.   cinnat
that " the 11
iy sup] .   ■   '   ■
,• Con ■
.   ce in the li      1 I
Mac lonald, 1 ■■ p 1-:-, d    Catri a!
The meeting then adjourned,
iiiui riilui-ii ' 1 ti'iili"** itiyK'H to Im uonil-
natotl as n candidal, lor Councillor tl
tho fiir'hi'iitiiini! election, I havo ileriilril
■' ,i 1'i'i't tho nomination, and il elocted
1 will alia wlmt I be'levt* to ne lot the
lii'tt Intoresti ol Hie    an ipality In
over bm a li ol tin  pi  lie nen-ice
I a-llllll   III' |.a!l,','ll,
I nhall ai"' canvass,,   I I neve that
 -      llaill|,l |a.'   Idl     I      ('    tfl    VOtO
a, thoy think besl, and not b,  nllticiictd
II a ir-l: Intel promlslns wh   thoy will
or will not do,   1 nm Willi < to leave
It in ilie hands *' 1I1   intelligent
riuepnyors,   llespeotlull) yours,
A. MoK * .Ioroah,
Ward III.
Subscribe for Tut Expri ss,
Ml im-ra stnl iii forming a
'. ib 111 Conservati* 0 Vssociation
are invited to assemble at Hotel
North \ am ouvi 1 to night at 8
:. in. for that j ttrpose,
District of North
> rth Vancouver, B. C, .lunuary 3,
North Vancouver.
HI     '..   a', a''   Hit  i„l ■■ I'd
r.Anins 1x1, Grnilkmbs,—In rosponsc
i,a tho request of friends uud siipimrl rs
thai I ii!-ili   a. cuiiii'ii.' payer-tot the city rei
lor for 1,*07,1 herewith solicit your votes I couver, I tako ihis
To the Klerlort and llatepaytr' 0/ Ihr
CllyoJ rniirourfr:
I..Minis ami,,Iknti.i:*iin,—In roiponie
to tho rcquoit ol 11 Inrge number ol
frici.ils nml supporter!, i have decided
innder mysellas a candidate an Mayor
,,l the City o( Vancouver lor l'J07.
ki there an, a largo iiuiulK'r nl rate
lent In North Van-
innortuiilty to ro-
i"     ■ 11,'ti.
I'd I p "I- ■        . 'f to use
I   '■ '
1 li   lirsl shot "i th,   c
■ .  1 :   ;     1 a. .        the liberal
rally in I. irson's pavil    S a.
ivith tandini niency of
the iv, ". is.' ; 1 id turn
out of Voters, and tl'1' proi "'.'ah: gs
were orderly throughout,   Chair.,
man Phillippo call id il
I pursue ti th
, 1 , ill   :      I'l      . '     a      I ll       1
"'a        [be       j    |OPO   "      ■
plai mpan      .1  tin
,.' a ,. ■ I h, thei 1 I" , g,to
tl   ri ol        (Ap   .. <. 1
All representatives seeking nn
election foi public wiio in North
Van. ouvi r should be pi Igi d 0
support the building of a fret
traffic bridge, operated by 1 hi
government, without the peoplt
paying tolls,     Ipplausi
1 li    manifesto issti  '
u. .M, uotson ■ na. •.
Ci at pot,ttioti. applfi d fo
WaU'l   vi,;,'    ■ "I-
corner of Lonsd 11 m
Seventeenth  tn  1
Mi, Jorget
'■ I
"it 1"'. 1
lia  .
15,   1   .    I'.:' ' I    a.       -'
isked foi the widtji aii 1 to   a | u
ivenue.    li     is tli :i led to
I.a: ng ol 1 a
itn ■
I   '.   . ■ .    ■   j lividii
pi ■, J ■
. I ,    . i'i    Com]
ij and i.(, of 30031 "' s''' li
(ll      1-5,      blOl     ■ '. (
'       ' '
It V  '1
lot   .1
dali   to Chestirlii
I   ;'    '    all, "i
I an!, rs    "■ it    '       I
awarded ai i"!:.".v-
'll,--. 1.nn.li <   fee  nl foui
sidewalk on Sixth      eel
,11.. from I   nsdal   aven
wards; ^50 feet on T ml
north side, from Sl   *u; a., ■  tc
Ridgcway av, nttei ■  .   ■   '■
Lonsdale 1* nne,    isi   'a;
Third to Fifth Bin eti    tolai
fceti   W. Hall .skew
Kennedy, $96 i, nnd A. B. \\ hil
tinghame, II471 Award d to Mi
Two-plank   sidewalk,    !'".■   I
first to (l;n a*,   'i'.' 1. 2,940 :• "l
Askew & Ki niieilv. Hags; A,  B,
Whittinghatne, ^93,   Awarded to
Askew & Kennedy.
Grading B10 foi 1 ol roiul 01
Second sti n , from 1 on idali  1.
,'.'    '.    a'    Oil in,' in,florin be-
■'.: , •       Roll i'i    .   .
•   .        live caiuli
ii   ",
I I  '
,.     of Mr. j. I
lis ,|
'       I
101      of Hon. Cnrtcr-l   .'
laken up  and    ritii i     " I In
right of liv   munii i| ilil;   to
a' bOH
il    "   rt,   riu
1.'.  P.  R.  controlled  tl
il ol Vancouver,     '
esc m ' •■
the publii; expi
/liy had       Ir. 1    1
/., \V. 1
' ,      '
... a liberal
IP'     ' \    11    ■ 1 !    '..il   Till
II '. tiny..,, Ill   iii   lhc
1,1 r,
ti • cnti
', V.
C  V.I'
.t '11|
• r.ions.attli,   srliwt|)08slblo|olectloM, tvbich tako piaceon
1 nl, to ',''• lhat th" liri'la.'e» ovei
I.nm ami Sin iiiin r crooks, lor which tho
inun, y has 11 r ly been roled, shall be
rusbuil to completion.
,i' UM M. I'l vu..
spa ,'tiiiliy ask yuu (ur your votes and
lulliionce at the lorthcoming muulolptl
Thursday, January 10, 1907.
Sorth Vancouver, B.'... Do 01,1b, 1 'li. ■
Again thnnkiiiF
, -ur support, I
yuu iii anticipation ol
remain, your obedient
A, ei. Brtiiunk.
Vancotivtir, B.C., Iiccnibcr 2«, 1W».
Districtof North
iteii 11 riif
1     oil I, r the lull      n|
I   ". ll   111 .1     S„|
t. Vol a onu Surih
lectors cf
Richmond Riding
we ror. the hon. f. aRTER-conoN
ill ;
,   '
ill cl,
ma enroll
iiiy guarded the general interests of the
II   a-
1", '
,    ini for il appropriations three times ai
previously been granted, $30,000.
II   is a nu ini" r of the Government nnd can do more
;      e possible for an outsider, much less an
'   .
.. p ii ■ a
ed ll I
ol  tin   grani
j ' I I'lt      III     v,,  ■' ■
a i ..tli'v lur tax
1)1      ill
"inr.   is
lhe I     '
IIKIll 11
do hi     est to carry out for North
ittei  ..   "i al importance;
One a  '    ivi tlm civil municipality, about to be in-
.",■ ■; irated thc righl to tax railw.iys within its boundaries.
Thi "',1 ■'    to assure the certainty of tho municipal.-
i. i. ,,.' , I,,,   to eollucl the taxes on the lauds sold by
th li t for which the t'tle is rtill in
a        "
be bo
■ '
• ■
and i   , .
ll    munii ipality a
r tin laxi. ii li» I lost
ut] li ic their agret incut
■ i    of tin1  ruriil muni*
a    ■ iii ni   ci mpt of the ''ity of
,1 •
■ ss    lim •
irei , ' I
'      '
vestigation it was foutiil that a
company, consisting nl ]. C,
Carroll,    C.     Gardiner-Johnion,
I'allov    Iind i
In .
ll'lal,     ll'
kobt, G
a '
V.,   W      '■      '
ia!  ■ ■      K     riling
■     .      a ...
"      '    1   "   ' I
SAI   •
" ■ aa.   Iiould not eleel
rnhnrfni ttver, but I
straight   repi      I I
own,    md Mr, Weart.   He (the , ,,,,, tako notice
speaker) had arranged with  his    idao* I«       mly,
partners   (or   a   tits      ition    ■       ' '     a- |   ■    !  ""   '   '■ '"'
i ■      • ■ ,        ii.ti       ini-      nit a nm i i   '        i .
partnership, wind  I tal   him
aboui ilif   or four months to wind
hi  bu i \.;
Kobt.   McBi ; ...   ■.
Seymour i.'rt'i'k,
Llu v.iat.isin'il fur North
to bi
i' .elected, and it is to
,t Cabinet Minister.
; .     .   i word
Electors of Richmond, Study Your Own Interests and
Ami Continued Prosperity THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
If The Liver Woro Kept Active
By The Us* of
Sl      |l('aa'   |(, f     || .■'.     ||H      ||l   IVI
",,ll'v   liv"i'1 I'"'    ■         "f|   Ii l   im' i"  .1 im H' ..'lei Irani In-
. ia.,.. |n||   ||M||   r|l|lsli j |i;il |)r
I ' i   Incv l.lver I'll
1 ('! ' i'  ineiiileil, lml In roiiKli and lasllng
I'lll  ih,'  tint leal       Tli.
1,1      I III   ■!   1,1   nni',. a,    tlflPI    .
■i" lieel ■ IkiwuI     ■
!'    ','       a        Ma   l'|,,'l. aai:       I   t)|        '
'       ' ' .1 I      (VII        laa,       a
|l,l,.,|     Willi     a'.."  '■     ',.11      |
i no hen 111 from
Ill's I iibc-iI.   A rrlentl
:   llli     ...'    I       . 1
1 •        lllllllll!    laa.,!
Ill   '     ICO
II .      lull  .'iin.  in. ill  lii III,-
I'      liiivcli       ii  I health,
In,.,..   I . llr.  I Kltlno* l.lver I'llls,  25
' ■        ■    . '   .'.i\, III   llll  il.-aala 1 a   an   11 a 1111:, 11
  in llul     .'.  ' .i    Toronto.   Portrait
• uti i     nn ■ ni In   \  \V t'lm o III,
' ' • ipi i I< author, on every
!aa|    ij;. lion   i,|   ||UX
TI-IC    CVfinCCC      I'11''   n tl"'liands ol hi-, vnli'l    A •;
""nc  ua>     lite  sllll'l'lll
\ti|;lll \ i\i a" ' i.i: |i. ('
\ IV    v i (a,,,,.., Pul,]   ||
I'lll. KXI'IIKSH !'  '   i    '   ' "' 1'iini
||||,all I ' ;<"!  Vl'ltr
'  lil llli lil Illlt INS
ik M
it inge Modes that Prevailed  ii   t te
Time ol Clu.i .'
.'    ",',    "I     Ihl'    |'la    '      ,    ■   .
'       ' II     I	
I, lill    ..  pom   all,,,,.
c I
. . , I 'I        a'      a    I
N',,1-1 n    1...
11   ,.„ \| ,
■   1
a. I    ,
I   a, |S   I |tc   .1.    .    ,,
1 k      (lllllll
1,11, Icl
gtlaa     ht',11','1
.Mill    tll,"    |l|.||irl'    |,',il|llllla       aal    till'    -.ll
incuts,  llie |)iii)itlHK ul tin' [tie 1
innintii  ; with nils, lim	
.iinns      |i  1- 1 \. 11 -nd thai
III   llu,     l| i'.n.        ul     llml     a lil >
ti iiiiII. iiiiiI 1,  "lor th" rc-
nl 11 mult '.inn- lllld 1,1
111,'II    I'll' :    a.
Mcxil till    nil 1.1      ,1!"      Bllltll'lilllcS   I'lll-
 I,    Their lovers   null,    up
llllll   ill,,,   a   am   tl,,.   i)|.|>" lite   side   11!   till,
trei'l  lor I .1    llieir ,iih-
ll  the ynnim lml,,  i- ai.iaa .' .
l|,|,eill    ill   t he n liiil'ii,  lilt,'I   .1  t. aa
II,III   ill,','   -aiaali    I |||!> |lCI|tlllilltl'll.
Lies Through the Rich. Red Blood Dr.
Williams' Pink   Pills Actually
t'oiui ■  ilie lioiicls.    Dr.
l\ I'        l'ills make   in aa   rii I,
III I        I'lirijill       |illl-      :aail|ai|a   I 111... I Li 11
.   ..i   ,1     und     eiiki
li      William-.'    I'inli
l'ills   al a!       |,||| |,| Tl a y'l'l
tonie   pill pills,   atrclljrtln'll-
,,i'   pill-     lilnod ta nl,Im"    pill.       le
W I'inl,   I'ill*
11. ,1 ij I     lli.ii 1- ii-hj the.! ....
• lur nil  lil I tlis-
hv thev cut'!
lll'li        I j 11
ill-    .llu!      Iliatt	
I'lllrjill     i'        .act   ll||l,v  Ill'
iliscnri      Dl       **
lli"  lliilllili .         I    mid    cute,
'I        .1 lllll'kl Klllllhlla '  I    1
I    I hilll,       Hi       Willi..I, I'il I.
r      ■■','. :    ■      lorld
■      I.   a Uall-li,-s
am.I    ill,'III,I,al.-tll I    III"
lie!    iloclll
mc until I ',   a 11   In   Willi,in,.
I' I' a' ' ■■ '      ■      |,||| ,,
. .   I ' ..      ,     .
tikiiiK - couming
III'   I    I, ||s   I'llMi]
1:    ..lllll.
In   WlllIiiiiiK I'ii k I'
A Canadian  Folk Song.
The doors nro shut, tho minimis lust.
Ilutsiilia tlie until is ilriviiiK past,
tin! -ul,. the shivoi'iiiK iw itliiiKia
\\ In!,   mi  the lml, tin, Itottle -in::-
Miirgeri,', Miii'Kory, tiuiko the ton,
Siiii*otli tli" I.ii 11" inel'l'il.i',
l|,  11 lie!
The ponds ure Irn/.,.11 hIoiik lhe nuill,
The fnttlo mi' housed it, -li"il nml hvre,
Whili. siliKolli tin' kettl  lhc lire
Mni'Kel'.v, Mtil'Ki'i'.v, Illlike tin' leu,
S i 11 Li a ■ i ] 1 tin: Iv a-l 11. - merrily,
I'll"   I,-I,"I'll.il    ,1||   III"   hay   ill   III-   lllllll
Shivers und hu tun- up lu- "nnt
Tli" 1 rnveler -tup- nl 'I." luvei 11 'l""i
\u.I t he kettle tilisiicrs th" ciiii >,, -
M.aa   r„|'|      l|;,,.., ,,       1.,.       ,,,,,
•-in 'i 'h  iln   kettic mel nl'.
I   .   a, ,',,,1,,  ,!.,,„,, „,„„. ,iH. „.,n,
Kniil 'ip' ui" heiiril iu Iheoillei hull.
And ai lu-- mul ai mde  thai lill- tin
Anil tic kettle -in:,- in th"   :.1ii. i
lllll     .a       \|.,l    "| a       Inula"   ll."   t Oil,
Si     ■ ''.  il."  liottie  in, nil,.
Willi.mi Wilfred ( nllipholl, in X.Y.
The Plain Truth,
(in,. ..I  the mosl   not niiii'  ha i
i-  unique,    TIlollKll    ''   I- "I"'    "I  tl"'
II.'a'  '      I     ,pa   ll-l\,       ill a|   ..     1  ||;|l       1  (,,,      \\  |   .
alaall        \.|,,||,|      .,■!,,-.     ...I'l     ! I,"U'. I       |'
nil,'Ilil",I hy -> I  the  -I   "Iiinn   '
prnlessioiial iinn nnd soino ol the
ivealthicsl  riiiaiioiors iu the   ciiuntn
un   l, llaf-   iin    -in \ ell,   III)     , la'ui
smoked, ami the iu.lv bottle* found ,"'
il..   tables   tlm- luinill]     I1
pill"    llll,I     -p.all.llll'     .Ip.alalUll'l- Kill
ill"! II."la'    tll"       lllll,'I-       llll       Sll        lllll,)!
pi I.llv   nt   A l-'a   p.Ill .   ninl   ill"   llllll
i|ii,*t i- adjourned nl In ii'clock. It i-
nne nl th" llappiest, ll'eest, i.illi,.'
Iinnijiit't- served    in th,. ,it\  n|    n, a
\ ail I.,   ninl   ll   I'.'f.'l.I ,.!.'-   ill,    ,1..ik   nl   ,H
institution    universally aihiiiroil    nml
I'.-p.it.il. We i"t"l l" the I.niupi. :
uf Ih,. V.ll I'A. ,\t th.. Incut,! Iniirtli
tininiiil dinner, niarkiiiu tl"' lliiil)
uia' h niiuivi'i-.iry ,.] tl." inti'i iiatinual
C llllll I     ill"    llSSOI'iai l".l    Ma a |.|1\
tl." Kuests inclutlod 11", ■   I'tler i-i
Hhode    Island,     l.ioiit, mini '■"■	
Ill'lcc  „l   N,»    York,     l.ali.'lnl     I''    I'
(limit. Heat Admiral I „k1,I,,i,. I'i.-
..I".it  Schenk nl  ' In-    M, minlile    Nu
i ul  Hank  "I  Vu   York ('Hi    I'iaa
I'l'esidenl   I'nnu I   tlie   l. N
lia,nail   Hunk, .hn a .  -.lul,, .,   Morri,   I,
.Jpsiip, a  inunher "I a-,,lla■ Lia• presidents
nml  il"l:;\ni,.u.  llllll   lllllll.!     Kl'llllellll
liuteil  i i  lhe  Held nl    piililirs nml
litoi'ai'.i mid artistic circles.
Heart-Sick People.-Pr   Agnew's Cure
tor tin-  Ila ,,;l    -   ,i   1 .'.a!    • tlnn   !„"■.!
falla to ci - iwlft in lis aft,. is   go, *
cloai r t.. tli,. - l,,?i,i,-r land" nml Bnatchca
troni aU.fttiis nipi imam auffcrera Unit
any "tin Ij far any family of dts-
'   a'    -    ai".!    allmi '.'-    t'i     t ' a' .! v    "f
human M.ffiiliisH. (Uvea relief in in mln
u tea,—76
Dlll'illK     I:'""       Iv.     pi'l'StlllS    Ula|    S'
.    ui.   died in n.i' I'a in
imu   ml,'.nui peaks ,'lusti red iiriiunil
      iiu   ,,l     IJilil".    lie    rilplllll    ,l|
tll appeal i- imiile lo Amerieans fur
llllllEs   'a.   l"-t,.|"   ill"   laaiii'l    "I    |'llt|.i::li
t inui. nul lump; n peal >.! hells in it.
|a  a      |.    lli"   "I.a,1,1.   aal    || ||i   ll   I I."   Ill'f.
1,1,1, I "I.""        W ..-lllll: laalf. all' I -'ail        .it
I  " .'       W  .1     ;    ,1a     '.   ' '   ||
II      llllll
It is ii l.lver I'ill    Mnn* nf ilm a!
Man:     thn     :     I    ' "I '"Ini   I' ith
lllll"     ll"
uliieli  Is a di'llcitle iil'Ktlll
,.   '. ii'linm
"     " i a liTi'iuilnr linhlm in  hu    a
■ ,i a   in ,,mii    mul  inui.ii. ■     'i ui.-
 If. a
i, I*,,,-, um, ,-■„, i„.,u..jr(.:  „. .,„„„.
...-'. ,,'    |„  .
ll      'I ..I"a
■.   aim ■
ill" lllll
I"     Will,     l'ink     I'll      1"!
.        ..,   Ill,    an.ipp,
iii   ileal.
.' ,,
I ' ■   I"    Willi,,.i,
I I.      ,      lo, (Jill
■I'a    |.a   ||      Hi!
old    nm!    Mill
llll,'It   III    Tlnilii
i:• i..<-iiw- tm inui imt ii anion ri.i.i
la  wi,|, .pi' "I       Tin,si'   wlm lirsl  re
n    in    I'm tm I. "       V '.
I'l Their n|ii '..timi   Iliu gli
'        .la  .    .lllal    Ilia.   |,.a.   ' ]|
a    ii   use ill,.|||.
I  ,',    CUl
I,,I'l lll'lll ■ "II III III,'llllll
i'h.iiiii."li,nn. i-    a    In  "ii.     I"
.  . i-    leri    pnpnhii  in    court
clu '■ •
l.jnliiieiil i'n.  I.iiniied.
l',|     MIX Mill I   I.IMlll'.' T
for t'nnip; Iniiiul uotlilm   lo e,|iial It,
■   a   Ilil .III.I     11'        ■
||    aa I ...  ..      "i , .
' ,1 I'   II
ll    'I	
' '    "'    lli"
iiias  i: SHAHI'.
A Gallery of Forgeries.
Paris pussu.tses a very line gallery
nt modern niustors, largely ul lhe liar-
luziui -liiinil, nui lam ul which i- g«n-
nine.    It i- tu tin. painter llai'diKiiics
thnt I'lil 11, a- i- llul, 'ht, ',1 lur thi- iplciT
t'olleclillll   ul   lhe    spnriini-.       i'nssillg
through ihe Iln,' tl" Vaiigirni'd min
day, In- oyo cuuglit somo cnni'iisos in
n ia niiliiai. They wore ull signed hy
pi'nininonl mimes   iiiehidiiig hi- own  -
nml     an ti      -i'lllnlill"     un-       Ian '."al
I'ns-iiu; in-Ill", ill" li-i liocanio mora
extensive, nnil the puiiiter fniiuil liiiu-
-,li in iim presence nl lul-" ('units,
Diaz* I'niilua'ii.i-. I.tiiicrets, Isnlioys,
Ni.ui ill,-, mul even Kuglislt Turners,
Tin. ni'i,itmii "i In- na, ii identity en-
nhti I  Iln'pig - '" lieeuti e pussessed
ol tIn- I'.ilh'ctinii im - iiuntniiifj less
iiinn iim prnvcrhial "Id     :   nml   il
lli.ll        l,„     laa'    |ll-|l""t".|    1.1     t 1 aa   a       l.l. |
ostl',,1 III -mil lllll III i III llll •-la,'" Mini!  li pui    a, here i'i    i i"l ns
,i    I.i "1    "I    Ina la until     II i.i la    III    -npll-
The Gun Queen's Income,
Th"  null,   ana I     Queen"   Ilm
iii.i  Krupp   i'ii" inhciili'il th,   ii -
.   '   .a..a I. ,ll I'lsSUII,       l"l III.Hal .        I-
■' nilil,,    a, fen (ing, n  Inn in:', muinnil
.. I in I'.'",   in .it." il  '.I  n.   Mi-
Kiupp. in.inn"''   i ,.■   properties
with I'cmiirknblc nhilily. II", but ini -
is expanding, nml tl her ul those
ll pi     ll    I   nil   111',  Inl   "Inpliit m, ut   mul
subsistence i- man lull,, .um.nun 'la,
pniii'it th,. ii,ul,- she im- a -innil ninii   nt I'llll    in,n,  nr d    nm!    under
strict military discipline She also
hu- police uml a -""tei -,■! i ice.
tinard's Liniment Cures  Burns, etc
llnim; in tlm dispute bet Merit IW
last shipbuilders uml their pattern
makers, nbuiil ISII men wenl uu strike.
Pile Terror. Swept Awav, - Pr. Aff-
new's Ointment Btandi nt tha' head n. a
reliever healer nu,l sm,. cure fnr I'llm
In nil forms, riim Rppllcatlon will Klve
comfort in a few minutes, mul Hire,, tu
six air.-' npplla-fillaan a .t'llns lo directions will cure ehronlc cases, it rcltcvei
all ItclllllB nn<1 Inuiiltiir statu dlscaggk In
t day.   Sl cents.—79
i...ia" nor Hi "in-   ni New York, lias
granted a  lurtiii'l'  reprieve    '<•   \    I
I'lltl'il li,   a il.la.al   "I   a.
Ala-,unl. nl rain uml tlm c ( u nl
fail,ire nl  i inp- in   India  i-    a au 'inu
grave mixiel i.
Iln.'    nf    lli.'  gronti'SI  lal.'ssiii!;s in
ail. II       1.   Mi,Iln r  Ilia.I. :.    Will In   K\
crinlni ■■     li    I'ffi'cliiallj
(uini.- nmi uiiis In 'tilth  in  u in,nul
mi- ninhniT lu till' Utile one,
: mi, ,\   11   :-■
I'l'l     '     at If   "1    1,1 ll
I'ii    ,      hn     '.    I pi
i   i    Prainr  Scratches, Cub ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nn  nmi a>"  niii"'"  "i   anlmali cured ,,v,.r  ;2nn lucninnilics   wero lit   le
. a,',-, n,  Wollord'e Sanitary ,„„   tll,,, m t_v \Mi. A H    ■
Lotion, it never i ills. At all drugglili,
*     Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate lhe simplicity and tase of
washing wilh Sunllghl Soap in lhe Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
Afier rubbing on the soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter lhan if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good wilh hard or soft water. m
Lever  Orothere  Limited,  Toronto ,j|
Willi,,t,,   \V.    Tuu'nscnil,  „    section
tllUll    Ut    .\tlll     \ I I.a.:-    Mil il        :■    ■      ■
 ' i'il ' im Hudii a .im! i, i urn-
ing i,, it- rightful aa, ner i
, ,, -1 pun
- a., Tlnn .   In ■ .
i'i.is   III',   I'lll'iin
Hi  'ba'  wiul I I'i I   III,, llll
.  .■ in Inti
..•■a: I'l   ".'I.'!   :.'   .
I'a'i n pill wlneli could Ic inli'ti with
inn n.ail-i.i, nml thnl IVIUlld purge
Without   lllllll.   il   hn.-   ill"!   llll
tm im -in ."ii I ii  i- in
general use mil onl) becituse ul the*
iiu qiuililiea, im' hci   .        i- known
lllll rallvi*    nml     in:'.nil.'
piaii.'i-    ivlilcli    pine,
mill,   ul   111" lieill's
I'ini    I ui'   ii    Dm ia  I,,ah.    Im.
all"   ala ... I       ! mi       ,.,|   ,.,.       ,,. ,j|
amuu , horses,
Minard's Liniment Relieve! Neuralgia
fill I 'Im  Uill III   I- lhe
|||„,      aal        1,1      It     Until
!*'. nffrr    a . ,. I       ir,   |(.w.r.,  fnr   ...
r.a. ol, nt.rrli thai rannel ij. . '■ r« 1 by hall', i'.i
ant. Cu.,   I   .1   a    ■ rol*le,0,
ll... llie an a. 'at- .-".! I., a l.ia.'an t. ,1 I'h.n.r
forth.laat  I', "aa- perfeetl] laa,..
Or.,,,,     f.   aU   la.l."..   ".aa..,   a .a., nn,   fln.nrl.tif
.lal. In iiii. . . irn-,., b| till Bm.
Wain.is...   lais-is  a   !l*.,ls
IVhole-ele t'fia..s-t., lot.,.,o.
Unit', f.t.rrh Can. aa t.k.D lulnninll,, .nltef
■I " 1 . 'i'ii Ua. tala»>, .11', nail.aaal. .nrf.i .. 0, Ih.
an,ana      laa.a.i.iiiai al,   ...,,    ,i..    1'riuti   lb.,   p..
bottle    s,a. I 1    i' Dniej ■•■
'1... 11.11'. I.lla I,  I'.ll. (aar a'nn.tl p.tlOB
11   ""   (       Willi        "I   I   Ian." aa     ,■ ||1,,|
>'-' "I   l"   hi-   ling    11,11      ,l    1"^    1,111.1
1 Bird tlmi Impri  in. Hate lior-
,.,,. lbs Brooding leaion,
A remarkublo mode uf luoon i ration
Is practiced  l>j llio bornbllls,  hirdi
With iinnu'iise lull, und lenny .r"sls,
wlilcli luhabll -mull,'in Aila, tim Malayan Islands uml control and loutliorn
Africa,   in most ir nut all api ci<   Iln
in Ing female i- trailed up In u hollow Iree and I'd hy Imr mule
Slu, rcmalna coufluod In her prison
until the c;'h's am lint, lied, nml In lomo
spi'"i,'s until tha' young im,!- nrcalilo lo
I liy.   Mi'uiiiclul" tlm mother bus I' nm
temporarily Incopahlo of lllght, aa sb"
has moiled, nr ul Icnsl ihcd ull tier wing
fciiihers, during her captivity, Hut ihe
' male h Indefatigable in providing fur
his family ntnl is Bald lo work so bard
(hat he Is reduced almost lo 0 skeleton
ut the end of the brooding "ii-mi
| According lo ihe theory of many iti-
tlves, tho female is Imprisoned to pre-
vent her neglecting her duly nf lu' 1-
Ins, nud If she bus been unfaithful ur
negligent Imr mala closes the utile
window of ber cell nnd abandons her
to a painful death by suffocation, The
I true story, perhaps, Is Ihis: The female
i walla herself in so iimt sim cannol fall
from thc nest after losing her feather*
und nlso to protccl herself from cue-
mles,   Tho building innlerhil Is her own
excrement, This version Is less poet-
leal than the oihcr, bul it is probably
nearer lhc truth, ll la supported by
the statement tlmt lhe female liberates
herself its sunn lis lhe young birds are
well grown, mi thai ber prison Is loss
formidable lhan It appears SclenllBc
American, ,,.
THE cost of living is
an important thing
in most homes. You
may have to figure closely in these matters. A
little extra on a barrel
of flour may look big to
Hut there is a difference between spending
money wisely and spending it foolishly.
Sometimes it is ccono-
mv to spend instead of to
save. It is in the case of
Royal 1 [ousehold Flour.
Those lew extra cents
a week, that give you
Royal Household Flour
in preference to inferior flour, buy health.
Nothing contributes so much to the tood you
eat as flour, and therefore nothing should be more
carefully bought, Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour
is the whitest, cleanest und must nutritious flour that's
milled. Itistheonlyflour
that is absolutely pure.
Ask your grocer.
Oliilii, Hour Ulllls Co., Lid.
"Ojrilvle'l ft""k inr a Cook,"
oonuttu 190 pagei ef excellent
recipe,, soni- never published be-
lb™ Va.nr pocer tea tell you
how to |it It THEE,
»r« the belt remedy lor a deranged ftomich. They are a life ind
gentle laxative; a reliable cure for obstinate Conitipilion, fitlioui
Attacks, Sick Headache anil all disorders .,,.. ■., Irom a weak Di-
geilion, ilugr-ish Liver or clouded lloiveltj   Beit-ham's Filli
Give Quick Relief
and are a world-famous medicine for the c ire ol these prevalent
complaints. Their cost it a trifle; their u>f—a duty. For your
health's sake, insist on Br-cham's Pills. Tl ey do more (or your
body than any other remedy. Known and u-cd by hundreds ol
thouiandt all over the globe.
Pr.p.r.J only by Thom.. Ht.cti.m. St. Hrl.n*. Lancashire, E*DBlan6*.
Sold ia> lli n,ue|l.,. In C.n.l. and U. I. Atn.rlti.    In b.s.a 20 cents.
Pills !Bi
I'laal Inr   ..'a.'.MirS', a      I   fl,.'.,, .       I 1     '.   a a  II,, , "   1...    a .1 llsf
— lhe crossncis vanishes. A sluggish liver poisons
the blood, spoils the temper. Keep your liver active
and yuur hovels regular. Have a clear brain, a hnve
heart, a hopeful outlook. One of Avers Pills tt bedtime,
vegetable.   Sugar-coated.   Sold lor U) years.
una.Merrill   Wl .rtllab ,,.,,:,
Ilita/aaalil at ail a«i a-,,a.la..      Low.ll, Maia.
Grand Prize Competition
OR    Si.ooo   IN   COLD
A     I  ■
'in.   ll.
n.livnlii.l   a.
iiciii,' In* t.
. '■' 11 nrlw* ihtrt art imi     Ihtn   11  n -**, inr nn win on«
!<*- ,1'i'u I'll •" n   iub« i pi Ion i tM'u. ittrj oal \»*,u„ iiiid for
In »H.I
*      N-ll
'  m 	
IH!  bUSr MAN) MkCklSl I     * ftMlMUtt»« -trrfgl #tl»ction  fr.nn
*   I,,. I ii  thi (irnprli
■     ' MD«Iiiii   li r.   II ii'l" ,!■    II      M     i 11 ■ ■      U«   l'i,   li    'll
-';,;. I,ri«
.   i    , " ........ ,   . .1   l. um   k>i- k   hj
■'       »
"llll' in M MA*N'S UAOAZIN* lilbPbwt lli-vi m   rntir* ol tM.tim"
KM   *\'   -   i    un \ ,.;,■„ IntirprlM
I  ll   ■ i-.|-t-l iliuu lt  IttrttHtMl    6 •     00 IT NOW.   It inn, tuiftD
IflOtlfl " .-    ■ I i
l_lko   This
Over d OaaJ'r.er of a Century
wn In,,'    I  '   ■' Hull,,' trcatoil nervnua
dll, l>v Drink ntnl  Druga.
a a   ia   nur  record,   \V»
apeak   truly   and ity thnt (allure lo
i.Iiinn    .,   ru,-o  hv   Ilm  Keeley  Treatment     a failure ol the inun and nut
(iur inelhoda,    Scutl  fnr facta.
Aalill,   . In   cnl'leuco
133 Oabdnni Bi., Wlnnlpeo.
aiiaranlai el      ""      I   "r    Leonbardt'li   Ham-Roltl   cura|
GOOD  IWftTERIAL »»» f*"" ?' ''"""I I"'"1""1' Vx"""\
GOOD WOIIKMANSHIP        Bleedlog, Blind  liWMnj  btinpuraUnd
and Good Woorln-) QualltiM "," ■ "'" s,""|,l> MmM "f n\» "»M
■ T ,lliriiuah which ini) mi", "i'l paai ll
Whon Buying OVERALLS, n contlnuei,
PANTS, VESTS, SIIIOOKS, l'i1'1*   cauaed bj congeatlon ol
or   WORKINGnlEN'S SHIRT! '''  in "'" lowol •»"•'■ ;""' " "^
. an Inlet nal remody    lo    rcniuvo   tbe
Sta   tlllt   mini,  .llinl,' Ian.i a ■
label Ilka above ,       ,     „•    ,,      „. ,
  '    In. I.'iinluirill f lleniitrtiil la a tab-
laa.tat nn lint,lii|| I ll'l    tllkl'll    IlllCI'lllllly,    nnil  nn  case  ol
"Kiiiu of the Road" Brand I'"8" kl' »vei bei n found ll railed to
And T.k. n. Other 0UJ°'   M« J  ''•»'i ,'"' *" '»»■
_  |    Jl.iiii in ii liv ili'.ilcis. nr lhc llllaon-
IVERYQARMKNTQUAIIANTEKD <'M« Co., Uml ted, Niagara Fall*, Out.
* 14
Alt.ailir.il   In B''"   I'.n, ni.nl la a
IVImi,  llr  Vi'i'llcl.
A father recently received tlio follow-
Int: nolo from a young man:
Dear si,  \v I liic >„nr iintrr Jeiale'a
llnl',I   1,1   III i, IB'     Bill   .alaal   1   III','   In   1(1 V,
iiiid 1 tlili.k 1 node .1 l, Ite,   tfui-ea,
The father rppllcl by loiter, ku> inl-:
1'il'tni llenrj   I'ou don't need n id
11 need u apcllli „ ' k,   tlet inn' 0
study It fur u (ear. Tin n wrllo nil num.
$1  to $16  per  woek   earned,
Man aa, I .aamrn tt.lll.l ,0 .0,1 ..,
Itirin llaaaini, *,,citis«a, Uiair laomaa.
m.liln. taaaalnr, I", na In I.II III. (r.d*.   N.
■ ii.rM.ai
I'ril. ,«(    ('AH*,,,.-,
na I I,., liirtinlo, 0.n.'l..
Friend llenrj   I'ou don't need a v,af".     -|j |     tv   Ml,n^|,,,|s „,,,,,   s|lj,|l
Vou need a apcllln* I k.   tlet one nnd|h| (| „ ,   '^    u1|t|Hn  „„   ,„
luitiiili T'liiini.i
Minard's Liniment on sale everywhere
The , ho.i'ii.
"Some men," remarked lhc iissuinp-
tin', iii'i'ii. "nro born lo I I."
"Yea," iinaivi'l'od tlm cniltlotll pursuit, "imi th,, Iroiiblo I* Hint every
mnn uin, fonla a dlalncllnotlon In tin
lutiiiii work ink'"* ii for graul i Ihal
tic l, OUO ol  tlm '•  In   ' "
Tlm Vmi   /cnliiiul   Rovernmenl nc-
,, ill -Imu i rplila nl inure llien $•'),-
.nd.in in
VV N U No 577 (iJ
A Serlea of Articles Describing their Lives, thjlr Alma
and their Influence,
CtOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQ probably Iho youngeBt man In Can-
"   ndn In n similarly Important position
but If ihls is the nge of the young
mnn Western Canada Is peculiarly
his country,
He wns hinn In Halton County In
tho Province of Onliirln on February
ll, 1873, his father being n natlvo nf
the state of New York who onmo to
Canndn In 1825 ami settled lirst In
i the Nlngnrn Dislriel ntnl afterwords
I In lim Township nf   Trafalgar   iu
g M. E. NICHOLS. Q  nuiion County, where Iw died In 1898.
S*«A**«K**wyy>H*nw</a-*Ai\/S     Mr. Nichols' mother wns  n natlvo
000000«a«»00£»OOOdOOOO|0f TyroM ,.,„,„,V| IreUlnt)i   k,i„(,|„.
: oil ui  the Public nml  ninii  Bchool
of his native county lie for two years
tnnghl school in Hm County of Grey,
a training consldoroil by   many   ns
invaluable in llioso who subsequently  assume managerial nulhniity  In
iii.- business world,
!   in   1895   Mr,   Nichols   begnn   his
1 Joitrnnllstlc llfo as n reporter on the
! Toronto Telegram,   During the Dom-
i liiiiui Pnrllamenlary session nf 1897
jhc went  tn Ollnwa as sessional cirri sininilont nf tlio Telegram nnd cun
llnitod in renresenl llinl pnpt t until
.lanuarv IHM when he beenme Editor
nf Iho Tnrnnln World.   This nnslllmi
ho occiinled nniII October I99S when
lie resigned u, accept iho nianage-
inonl nf Iho Wlnnlppg Telegram,
Mr, Nichols has the advantage nf
helng nn all-round newapnner iiin.ii.
having occupied every position on n
dally paper from Junior reporter
in managing editor, During inn
newspaper career he has hnd sever
ai Important assignments uf nntlonnl
nnd internal innn] inl,'vest among
which was lhe meeting of the Anglo-
American Commission which mn-
,011011 Aral al Quebec nml Inter at
An Anglican In religion he married
In March, 199B, Miss Porn Wood,
daughter of Senator Wood, of Stick
villo, New Brunswick,
In polities Mr. Nichols Is n conservative atul a member nf Iho Al
bany Club, Tnrnnln, lie Is nlsn a
member of tho Masnnlc Order, Innlc
Lodge, A.F. & A.M.. Tnrnnln.
Every nun Iter who Ims used Baby's
Own Tablets will tell yuu that they
are   the   besl t Ilclno In Iho world
tor   lhe   cur,, of constipation, colic
sour slomncb, Indigestion, dliirrlioen,
Editor in Chief,  Telegram, Winnipeg,
Thnt tho Canudlnn West Is nnt only tlio country of opportunity but tho
country of young mon, the prominent
positions hold by many In tho Province of Manitoba, who   nro In   the
lirst   years  of  the  fourth decade of
tholr lives   afford   amplo   evidence,
Nu mom striking exnuiple could bo
given thnn that ni the buccobs mel
with by Mr. ,\1. E, Nichols, PrcsfflWt
of lhc Tologrum Printing   Company
nmi luiiiiirinchief of thu dally papor
published by   that   company.    .Mr.
Nlcliolla is mil It wi'slerii mnn ill su
far us years uf realdonco may be
counted, bul he Is western iu his
trend of mind, his virility, his onergy, I leep'esness, lecthlng   troubles,   ami
his Independence ot tl ghl und tear- ether ailments of children,   Vou cun
lessness of expression unrostrnlned I givo these tablets to a neiv-born buby
by the fncl thai he fs a loyal and Willi absolute Biifetj they always do
leading exponenl ol lhe views of a good; Ihey cnnnol possibly do liurni.
great political parly In Western Can- Their use means health for the child
Mr   Nichols has only been a  rest
deiit nf the Cnnndlnn West   for   a
ami comfon for Ibe mother, Mrs. C
F. Kerr. Elgin, om., snys: "Baby's
own Tablets ure the besl medicine I
Bhorl time hut his career and wnrli ev°r   used   lor  Btoninch   mil bowel
are familiar to the readers uf the
public press throiigho i tbo Domln
ion, Thore have been tew Canadian
I'nrliniiieiiiary correspondent* who
have contributed brlghtor or bettor
Informal articles to the papers ihey
represented In the Press Gallery al
Ottnwn ilinii Mr, Nichols during the
numerous sessions ol the Dominion
House iu which he represented tho
troubles, nnd destroying worms, X
'inhl,us iii the house," Oel them ti
your druggists or by mall Irom th
Hr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvllh
iliu , ul itt coins ii box,
Japan proposes paying nil llie co
in > ilelii in thirty veura ul u rati
tll.lXRI.IHK! n yeai
My Kidneys are nu wrong,- now .nan
Toronto Telegram,    To Mr, Nichols I lnaure  beat  results  In   tha   atmneat
may he ^ivtMi llio credit of iulroduc-l'1'"""' I' funds to rtaion that a It.nild
"»« 'nt" Can irlininen.ury  -1SKT,1,?0 Amnri^n^TMn^'"'.''-;-,"^ IN
I'l'spomlenee ihe brlghi  stylo which mora directly and quickly to tin' sent of
In now demanded, containing imt on-i'i"" t...ni>i« than the "pill form'' treat
'>' departmental , ■„. ouaal-odltorlal Ki'Amft in fe-lV "°X
comment nml   picturesque   descrlp- 	
tion, but also the personal mile ns to! Thc Great Frenc" Mlnln9 Disaster,
tho  pnrliain try    characters   that!    Appalled I|V "i  tl "I disat
had hitherto nppenred In the public
eye of the Dominion merely through
a verbatim or curtailed roporl ol n
upecch. Tho clever, racy communications of Mr. Nichols to the Toronto
Telegram during the Parliamentary
sessions al Ottawa i nine a foattiro
of thai paper during   the yenrs he
**ns Hi,,  Ottawa   corroBi lonl   of
thnl newspaper,
Upon Mr Nichols becoming Editor
In-chief uml the prlnclpnl odltortnl
writer on Ihe Toronto World Iha
same clever brlglttneaa distinguished
his style Ihai had given him his mm
mathm ns a special correannndent,
In close touch fnr vents with Cnn
tula's grentesl Parliamentarians and
public mon nn Hm vantage ground n"
special correspondence nl the Dominion capital, onmnelh ,l in Ihe ennrae
nf his calling In follow lhe progr I
of measures nf tho grenleal mnmenl
In lhel» passiico and In lhe dohntea
nf nn'-ll'imenl. Mr Nlchnla nhtelnnd
n ne'itlctii nn,| noraonnl knowlednap
nf nubile nffnl*-a Ihal I"" served him
well  ns "(i ("HI,,rial  wilier
Mr.    Nichols'   ability    was    roc-
denized by thnl nai    Parliament
larinn nml nowapnper ninn Mr, \V.
V Maclean. Ml'. PrcBldonl of the
World Publishing Company, nnd n
few years ngo h" was tendered Iho
position of managing editor of "Tlm
Toronto World."    His    s sa   In |
thai position ns odllor of the loading
trolls coal nunc trngedica in the Ins
tiny ni the ti,niii. I'inli,c haa forgot
ten thnl n linvei niiu-ut hn- resigned
or tlmt the ,i,i,Km'- pen,',' Ims been in
ihe balance,   lu the presc I   tit
awful visitation the French people in
plllll '.,''1   ill   ■iniin,       Ilnn n   in  lhe  cm
pits are tho bodies ol eleven hundred
men. while   nuioiig   the   twi*ut,t ine
t llOIISIIIld   | pi.'   ll UO  Cl OIVll   ailniill   the
pits are hundred* "I ivomeii and child-
ten ivhiue   breadwinners they    ivere,
nn I in ul  ilm Irn god; conies home
null stunning nan,.
The scone >n   llie catastrophe t- in
the mountainous mgii m  I.,-n-
llte   Dcpill'tlllelil   nl   I'n. aa,   I ninl       II, In
ure huddled the hnmlota nl the mine-
ivorkera, The -uhtcrrniicuu chainberi
[onu u -en,- nt innn,I- Six ol Hi,
outlets ar,, iieni Len-, nml others am
ii i i'ini,ia- \'-ninn, nml man.! other
points     Ilium '.'.niiii n |. work the
group ei mi  mnl mill their lain-
ill.--., inn ko a pnpulnlinii ul I rout t ■ in i'l
laa   8,    peuple.     'I'll,.   CXplosiull   III   III-
tei' dump, which Im- had such terrible
results, took place jil t nltci lhe men
Iiiid entered the mines,
It i- estimated   thai there   mc ul
present  ".'i.IkHI political    pit- i-    in
Ktmaiaii jaila,
/lin.ird's  Liniment Cures  Dandruff.
Cliiuu's Inin.i  reform -clicme is io
Independenl   Cnnservnllvn   daily Inl transform   tho   liiatoric   examination
Iho publishing centre ol Cnnnda is a i hulls in Pekiu into a militarj  mliool
feature iif Canadian Jntirnnltsm nnd I
attracted Iho attention of tho loading They Seldom Smile.
Conservatives nl Manitoba mul the
shareholders ol Ihe Winnipeg Tola
Mr. Nichols shrewdly Raw Iho op.
porliinliles  offered  a   young  man   mi
managing odllor «f n ureal Comer
watlva orgnn In Western Cnnnda hhiI j wliioh
Ihe tlealrablllty of flnnnclnl invent
iiionl In such an enterprise nnd he
became Rdlinr In chief of the Telegram and President of the Telegram
Printing Company, In the few
nionlhs Hint  ho has    hnd   editorial
London    A apodal ta ihe Xe« Vmi,
Sam   sins;   A,,.l,i-i,     t nt iii |ie    I aa
,t iiiii'ii to n Hen -pap, i here tie, Inring
llinl   the   .nh.ml,I;,.,  nl     iienllh     III','
11 i lli ii 14     Mo    i.
It' ( "ul   n   1 laiiipi'liln e   Inl   nl'l   age
I   lint   he   nient.   mnl   i   ,,i    I,.
vci (   nuill. iroalth I,—ens i.iiliiu tlniii
im i' 1 tei Iiii lliun iiappineaa.     Million
ami" nliu luui'li are rare,"
Snuff and Savagery.
The   Inil,It   ul     null tnllltin   hie.   heen
n!:"^,']]r,A'^n':'::'. hJ."!s_r_M.n?!: confirmed.,.. % »„, i,,i„- ,,„.„■..
mist,   hi Siniili Africa il \% imwl ninoujj
Swiizis. Itiisniiis. mnl Mniiilii'lcs    Kv
Cured His Backache of Twenty-Five
.Years' Standing and Satisfied Everyone He Recommended Them to.
Economy Point, N, S„ March in—
(Special), Qeorge S. McLaughlin, of
Ihis plnco, gives iwo Bplendld reasons
lor hln beliof ihai limhl's Kidney l'ills
nre the   remedy for  Khiney  till
litems. Here nre the two consults in
hi-' own words:
"I wns troubled wiih Inme hack fnr
25 vent's or more, somel'inies so bpv
ei,'  tlmi  I  could  not  turn myself in
 I.   tine bus ol Dodd's Khliiuj  l'ills
a 'ii' nu' ami I hill's hail un return of
the trouble since,
"I have recommended Dn,l l's Kid
no,* l'ills to 11 number of persons who
nnd Kidney Iroublo, All who have
used them have heen benelUtotl or
Dodd's Kidnoy Pills npl only relieve
all Khiney Diseases, from Bnckhche
in Blight's Disease. Imt they absolute
ly cure them, Ilm Bometlmes where
one or Iwo Iiom's relieve ll takes
moro in make n complete cure,
Strnntrr ,'urc  I'or l.illl.cr.
Our forefathers were so fond of tho
whip lhat Ihey seem to have regarded
il as 11 cure fur lunacy and even for
smallpox. The accounts of a Huntingdonshire parish, under date 1001, hnvo
tho entry, "I'd. In charges taktug up a
distracted woiunn, ivntching her and
whipping her next day. Ks. Od," und a
few years inter clghtpence Is paid for
"Whipping two people yt had the stuull-
"Hans beggar" was evidently no more
fancy namo fur lite parish beadle. Ua
thoroughly earned the title In the days
ef his groatncs8, The tumio outlasted
the whip nud tlie brutal performance
ut the whipping post or the carl's Iall.
Fifty or sixty years uro "bans beggar"
was siill (he provincial name fnr n beadle iu several of the midland counties,
A Cheshire glossary defines a "bung
beggar" as "a beadle, nne of whose duties It was to take up atul drive nwny
nny beggnra In tlie ilisiria't nml prosecute them us U11 law directs."—London
Foi "int rii'.s.
Re.viinrd Is 11 knowing nnlmnl. The
foxes nre much tormented by fleas, but
when the Infliction becomes tno severs
they know how to get rid of the Insects. They gather from Hie luirk of
Irees muss, which Ihey curry to a
stream lhat deepens by degrees, Here
Ihey cnler lhe ivaler, siill carrying Iho
muss in their mouths, mul. going back*
ward, beginning front the end of ihelr
mils, they ndviincc hy slow degrees till
the wind.' body, wilh ,1 xeepiiun uf
the nn,fih, I- entirely Immersed llie
fiens during this proceeding have
rushed In rapid haste lo ihe dry parts
and finally lu lhe itmss, and lhe fox,
when he has, according In l,!s calculation, allowed stllllcleiil lime fnr all the
Deal t.i Inlie their ilepni'luiv, .| llr
"pens his mouth. The ituiss flonta off
(lown ihe stream with iis burden of
liens, mul when ll is mil nf Jumping
reach lhe fox finds its wny to Hi" hunk,
minh relieved,
Ily nnd his newspaper acumen hns
become nppnronl nnd tho Telegram
Is considered nno nf Iho brightest
ns well ns nne nf the best Informed
dallv pnpors published 111 Iho Pom
Mr, Nichols Is a vnnng mnn to
hold such n resnnnslhlc nnd Imnnrl-
nnt position In Cnnndlnn Journalism,
Dear Mother
y /mill to- 'ay. even III Indus entiles
n little iqiiaro box suspended around
In- ni','1, by a piece ol string or gut,
Olid   III"  lllllll   -|    Unl   tliey   ill,   not
indulge in ih" homely "pincli  t, oarv-
el  out   ul   sheep's    bull",  ultell    lillii,-
ineuleil iiiiii intricate geometrical de,
stalls,   ntnl   In,     I'liiitinieiii e     en, I led
ho i Im,nwnrda i'ii"1! ill a slit in
ihe lobe nl lite ear. The /ulli n [ardi
the lulie ui his ear in ii useful receptacle lur in,urns n,tnlis In meets
with. The uiiiiaiiu. ut honsobo}', nni-
voranllj nnt ivitli in Natal hai it p, it
olinnl inr aalety pin, ivltii li hnve lo
li" ent' lull*    hidden linin In-   s|ini|i
ll,..Uulrlyl,.rm'lri,.ndPlra„„ll„l'1|V'";  "1"1  J1'""'  "M"1' % 8  ' V>
take. It ia-rJirant«d to cure, or yom moMV ,|"' """»■ ll"  " . iiMtnlT,v t ■ aecn
iii-lcm-d.   lhe price ii 25c. p«r battle.   "Ul ■ " '"l:: "   lll!M' A"""  r"'1"1
•nd ill detWi In imdJdM mII        , J-join oach oar until tlio;   reach   Im
Your lillle mi" arc a ronttant care in
Pall and Winlr, weather. They will
catch cold. Do you Ininw aboui Smloh'i
Connnnntion Cutr, llie l.ung Tonic, and
what it In, don* lor -o m.ny ? It ii laid
to be die only reliable ,-mrdy lor all
dueaiei ol llie nir pnitagri in children.
Thi, t-medv lli
A new Mi'ilimhsi   ihuich.   coating
, in.um) wus upouud at   Poit Arthur,
Ibe in avriy tnnivlinld.   ,, ,.
anions Surgeon to Study Civilization
at Lowest Scale.
Chicago    Di    .Null,ila-   Senn,   one
nl lhe mosl  liiinous   sltrgeuna in   the
I ailed Sini".   i- tiled ni civilimil	
and I- going back to thc simple Iiie
in llie ml,t, mess nl Africa
I mil ' t tutu tlm Zniiii.. , di
'in'' I" i"i" ii becoiuoa t tiviliicd,'
iii I 'li" greal surgeon,   "Tin   	
mil "I," iii" ii good vacation Th,'
Horn atul ilm i.uin.i, nm the tlnn. llinl
interest tne    It mil   he a   lomewluil
'I mu. n.n-   trip    oil Ilia:   tn   th"      lal ...
thy  "Inu.ite,  nu,I   it   looks,  lun,   u-  it   I
would lun, 'aa la.1.1 n alone
Wiih ilm pnssihl,. exception ul ilm
lii'l.iin.in Islanders uud llusl n, tin
oquatorial |M*oplea ol  Africa me snid
i" r, |a-   . nt  tii" lowest  -"nl,  nt a n i
I/.,llnill   III  the  in,ihl       ll   I-  IhoSC   In,,
Di Senn mil atudy, Alithropologiati
consider   obsert I then liiit.itn
n   nl    "ll-tlltll-    t"    In     ,,|    thn    ||||;||,..|     ||„.
pniiaiii" belore civilisation -I,.,11  ,,1
' Ii-ti.n   tllolll
rliinllghl Boap Is both r thnn othei
snaps,  hm   i     I..   '   will It   ir "'I   in   'In
Sunlight   w.i*    liny   suniichi   Boap
nml follow iiniii i
In the I., •   ,. .H    iii'iiinini's trade
mii Ninitli Ahun imt   imi,,. ,.i   i.■,
| Ill Kill
Tha Polaooei, Spring.   As In nnltir. m
In mini   nollult  ,h"  aorlni nml alia...a
am,    „ 'tr    iii.    bouna  t„ fiallatW     - ,h.
iloraaoh and narvea on, nf hiU't in.ana
Rnlsnti In Hi. .I'iIiik Ri.iMli American
tin Iti" la u »r"tl rurlncr. rn„.s Indl-
rcatl'iu |ivs|,.pslR, anal (iinrs ,h. nnrv.a.
Tin' heal avldenea "f its efficacy la the
unnoili-iifd I'silmoii), of iluuisanda of
co,,-d onca—TS
Lincoln's Orderly "lml.
Lincoln's mind was orderly, thov*gti
his methods were nut. He neglected
details because his thought, which was
"iis direct its flight," passed Inslnnlly
to the vital spot, und all else Bceuied
iiniinpnrtiint. "If I enn free Ihis ease
fruin technicalities and get It properly
swung lo lhe jury I'll win it," lie used
lo say; und litis was liis mental attitude Inward all legal questions, Ho
hud uo training in technicalities ns lung
ns the firm of Stuart & Lincoln lusted,
und it is doiihlfiil if nny teaching would
have qualified him for attorney work
or made him u master nf detail, Yet
us uu ollice lawyer, such as rules the
tlesiinii's of our modern corporate Interests, be probably would have heen
Invnlunblo,   His mind compreh leal
large subjects wtlhoul tlio slightest effort, Ouco concentrated ou au issue
he passi'd directly iu the point, disregarded Uie thousand and one contingencies, all Hie academic pros and
,'uis and reduced ihe problem to its
simplest posslblo form, — Frederick
Trevor Hill in Coutury,
Street (ro-ails In  I iirni'ii..
One of th" reunites of the city of Caracas, Venezuela, that must strongly
Impresses a foreigner is the rapidity
wiih which n crowd gathers in Iho
Sll'l'l'ls.   This is best exemplified when
some nf the mnny wnndorlng musicians, lu Whom l'aril,sis abounds, prepare lo give iiii Impromptu open air
concert. Their first nolcs no sooner
echo through lhe neighborhood titan
there gathers lo listen a vast throng
that almost blocks up ihe thoroughfare,
The cobblers and till tlic oUier tenants
of the entries, having un doors to open
or stairs to descend, arc un lhe spot almost instiinler. Tliey eagerly drink in
the music, but nt lhe same linn* bear a
wary eye upon the lints nf the musicians, and no sooner do tliey observe
the slightest Indlcntlon Hint ono Is
ab0U| In he taken Off for lhe purpose of
taking up a collection hy passing ll
ground among the crowd than Ihey (lis-
appear even more quickly than tbey
Tact nnd Poller.
A high fence Bhould he i-uiit between
the words tact nnd policy fur the benefit of those who cannot see tho bordering line.
"Oh, I hnve nn tact!" Ihey sny with n
salislieil air. "Tact and policy are
things I know nothing nhout."
And yet Iho two qunlltlcs are us distinct ns north anil smith. Tact comes
frnin lhe heart, and policy from lhe
head. Policy Is Inspired hy selfish Inter
ests iiiiiI Is a treacherous quality Unit
one might well bonsl lhe lack of. Tact
springs within fruin an unwillingness
to hurt feelings, und il is the innrk of
Innate kindness thai has no personal
motive Tint Is uo enemy to truth. It
offers truth un ii sulver Instoud "f
throwing It In the face, that's ull. Philadelphia Press.
Panada's mineral production durinp
IflO" iiuurogntod ovei .-.ias,.',iiiiiHHi. n-
compared with    JOO,ll73,Mi; bi    tlu
pio'.iotls   vein.
A Melancholy Career.
A ynung iiiau who will some day Inherit an enormous fortune uml who Is
being brought up us n "gentleman" wus
Interviewed lhe oilier day. Among oilier tilings he said. "If I did n„l have my
career cul oul lor me, if 1 woro lo lose
my fortune, I should turn to the law
uud study some phases of it that iuier-
esl me grently."
Probably If lhe young man were
actually throwu on his own resources
he want!,I rcsorl tu something less entirely "elegant" ami moro useful.  But,
thai aside, what I* tin* "eat r" thai
be fancies he has "cul nut" fur him!
'lo lul,,' eat'" uf In- properly   lhat K In
spend hi* Iiie nt i tcupntlon similar
lu Ihal of ii wati'luiiati or a po'leouwu,
lml far inure rueehoiilcnl ami less ex-
citing, Whal a miserable, what a
melancholy conception of a career! To
speuil "lie's life nt Just making money
is i , enough use nf ih" mi" chance
to llie; lo spend il al wal, him; ii heap
!>!' iiiaiin i whnl dullness, what dreariness: Ami in a world looming wiih opportunities to live Intensely, vividly, iu-
lercstlugly, usefully:
Wnferni t shoes.
To prop.,I.-  u-alcrpi ling for bunts
and sl s mix together In ,i am pan
over the lire uv,, parts ,.f tallow uud
one pot of reslm w nm ih" I i. .'im,
apply lhe lml mixture wilh a painter's
brush lill Ihcj will llul absorb nny
more, If well pullsbed iHiforo applying
ihe waterproofing, Uiej will lake the
ouiisi, afterward,
Holland ia, mi the coutini nt  lIt	
ly country loyal to the   prim iplu et
ii," n.i'l"
\ llranil M, aiu ni"   i   tlic , ,,..-
nnu  on. ii   passed on  lib kli -  inn
Consumptive Syrup, uml whon th" „■
llll I inun Ila ua-" are consider, al as
borne out by mini) i ■, i ions who hnvo
employed u in slopping coughs uml
eradicating cold li is more than
grand Ki, • In Ibe house It h always
an liaml and it hns no equal us n peudy
reined)   n you hnvo not tried it, do
o Ol   nine.
Chnrle.  I „„,l, and Tnllfiprn.
Cliiirii", Lamb, according to his own
confession, was "a fierce smoker of tobacco." One dny when pulling Vigor.
inisly (ho coarsest weed from u lung
tiny pipe in company with Dr. Parr
tho latter naked hint how ho managed
i« acquire litis "prodigious power,"
"Ily tolling nfler It, ns sniue men toll
lfler Virtue," wns llie prninpt reply.
As im advanced in years, howovcr,
"Ella" was obliged lo relax Ills intimn-
ry wilh the weed, so that, to uso his
own iionls. Im was "like n burnt out
volcano emitting now and then only a
casual purr." Eventually ho took hli
fnrtnnl leave in n "Farewell Ode to Tobacco," nnd in forwarding a copy of
Iho poem to Wordsworth lie writes, "1
have hnd It In my bead In do It these
two years, but lohlcco stood in its owl
light When It gave inn Insula,, In'; thai
orevenleil uie aliiging its prai.-i,,"
Oeylon Natural GREEN Tea to be the
Lead    Packets   Only,    40c,    50c,   and    60c.    per    lb.   At  all   Grocers.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
Tii.iiiniiln Por Tour,.,..
Tasmania, ilm great undeveloped Is-
Iniul BOUtb of Australia, is now being
■lowly opened up by mill I and roadway extension. The resources ol this
country lu tho south Paclllc are known
to bo very grent, although as yel little
lias been done in make Use of lluin.
with iis natural scenic benuty, its
healthful cllmato nnd its unexplored
fastnesses, Tasmania Is sure to become
known ns n favorlto tourist resort,
CTiicnco Journal.
KI»K  1,0,1   Ktllaer  Still   Oul f
I.a Matin of Perls declares Hint King
Edward had expressed n desire lo pay
n visil to ihe kaiser next summer. The
report is received In Berlin with skepticism, "So wonder," exclaims the
London Chronicle, "for tho knlscr has
not yet returned the visit i,r the king
at Kiel Ih" summer before lust, nnd It
is nol customary fur sovereigns to run
up nn nccouul of courtesy without
some due return from thc other side."
< "II""  still  Klnir.
li is mn diih. uit lo undentend why
reports from tho south Indlcnto Unit the
1 pi" "i ti.ni section nf the United
States ure prosperous ami contented,
During tlm lusl six years the total
value of the cotton ei'iip. Including
seed, bus been $.3,000,000,000 against
$'J.r,«i.i"io,iHin for ilm six years preceding. An enormous Inerenso like ibis
Indicates tho sourco of southern prosperity nud substantially braces up the
claim thut lu iimt Bccllon of tho Onion cotton ia stilt king. .San Francisco
  " PsYCIUNS " has restored
thousands of people to buoyant
health and Blrength whoSO condition had been regarded as hopeless.
It is at ouco a Uuiic and llcsh
huildcr, containing remarkabla
properties as a. bleed punlicr and
germicide. It will strengthen
and heal lhc weak lungs, force out
the phli'iim, and drive away tbe
cough, no matter of bow long
standing. "PSVCHINB" tones up
the whole system and drives out
disease, beall lhc decayed tissue
and restores lost energy, Ils use
daily will prevent and ward off that
most subtle disease cnsuniplion.
Appetite comes with eating
and each square of crisp de-
liciousness seemi but to make
room for more.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
are different from any other
cracker. Nothing heavy or
doughy about them but so light
and crisp that they are transparent. Mooney's biscuits will
be a regular dish on your table
if you will try them.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
DR. T. A. 8L0CUM, Llmltad
tit King tt VV.       Toronto, CaarmiU
For Cough
and Colds
There is a remedy over sixiy
years old —Ayer's Cherry
Pecioral. Of course you have
heard of improbably have used
It. Once in the family,;:stays;
the one household remedy for
couch] and hard colds on the
chest. Ask yourdoctorabouiit.
" I   (a.a   laaal   [.a ,.|ia.   a,'.   I' ...   alu...   «n,,
a " a . f'liflrr* P.rtnr.1 Iiu t,r„„.h> in. a.r.lr
tlOnlllh     a.l.   ' "..     ]   ' ..-   Imt   .,       ,,,,,|
from mr lul  I   .,'    alt,, ....      So
w.ni-ar 1 prtlw la." - It V IllaVul... HUT...
Haala a , a a' |,„Ca , Uw.U, Uu*.
Ila. ■u.b.Ur.r. .1
t Ml-aOUJUj.
Cl tr / O ims num.
Ayor'a Pllla Incrtaao th* activity of
th* liver, tnd  thu* aid   recovery.
Ant,....I.    ,',„*   I.   Mtprt'l.r.
Tlm rotated rhythmical movement!
io common nmoim animal* nl pin* the
iMuiiail.ix of IiiiiiIm llio play of kltlcna
nml many ilmllnr nnlmnl nctlvltlca, nre
Imitated by ninn In tbo prlu live
ii.'nu'i's ivhlch form no large a pari in
ll,- Boclol und rellgloui llfo of all abo,
"dglnnl peoples Those motions of leop
Iiu.'. swinging, mvii.vliiR mid twisting ,,f
Ihe body bave, nil of Ihem, u st Inti
mule tiiul powerful Inlliicnco upon the
body's in'iiwiii's, organic and must u
Inr Moiling is n form of i icn Iso
wl,iaii is ii favorite «itli mnny nnlmnls
nnd Is cspechillj prai Heed for Iho pur
pose of relieving futlgtte, Hulling is
perullnrly enjoyable und grateful tn
11 if- nnlmnl bccntise it provides nol onlv
relief for thu tensed muscles, tbo dc
plcteii organs anil tl low moving circulation, imi because ns the nntmal
mils tbe ilnn pressure of tho ground
upon lis body constitute! a most effective nnd nun file massage,
The i,ua,' Ij Ini Ireland, according lo
.1   II   (''iniii aa.il,inn'   i- in encourage
.ia,.i t. •■ i In i manufai luroi,
I  i  -iol a a .,i London havu n collco*
tion -at : »    a,; i.ii na pi inti ol
Ther* it no satisfftetion k»*n«r
than belno dry and eomforteiblt
wh«n out In th» hordeit storm.
s    'VfATMMOOF'
BLOCK   109
l-our 50-I
!';.  I     1 ll
tl 1    .
A' '      > ■   . ,       r
junction  nio)
\V.   ).   Irwin, secretary ol the
,   :n.;. aai Trade, has 1 onsniiti ■! lo
.an i , \\ arcl IV,
Mr.  Phillippo's letter, replying
(,'..■ 1" 1.1 lust issue and be
al ai  nut  litis  wi. 1 .   ...
,    cl    a     ulai     .!■   :
executive    1 outit tl   ol    tip
.aril   ii   11 'tie   lakes   place   un
lue-il it   the   11
hull,   '     '>      ; p, 11
■    •        ,    \
'      ' a
'       tl        1
LilSt .- 'la 1
ii  this regard we would sn   1 !
; tin 1 nine ol W I   Boult, wl   i
'    ■   '    ;      ili'I   tin
.       Lillet,
a      |t,r.'lan will
a    uin, i'l lor I    \\
lu iiiuiLUil Un LFil
I ■: uiipji
l.i-i your I'n '    Ly witli
'i ■';.     tl      1    ■
right we can dispone oi it tor
.?yVW'.:w',W*¥ViW^';' . A'VW^
; ■ ■•' ■■<
L 1   Ui.
|i*.;j'v.-». ■   , ,-
■: :
I'a .
Musing .
!! .   '    .
CiUlllllOlVI I    I'd
1    111 ie .;. pari
ul Irt in \  an ouver,   .   wo
n  li nts    '1 li 'te wn
1   •   ll'ltllli lllal II     1
p tt r t ;i
:   Lari "ii 1 ,1.
nd 1 ol • tie next
11,  of   Vi
.   ::
' :    ■
lot rent
Appl) at this ofl."
a      m  awfully  tired  ol
v 1   '■: ■ thing,
i North V mcouver
__. _."■.".". " Z.i '■■■   3S3 . .*i^*«''a2
:AS     -1'   :
I lioliovo lliiil Xortli Vaucouvor hns
mi huiue1 1 i tlinl thoro
will lip more iiioiii'j' mnde in land
lier'' iiniii in niiv other " ei ion in
llriti I, L'oliu Iiiii     I hn      ' Wb
'    ., . tho
LWllsilO,      il   VOU   llllll' i.\:it.)  10
&ELL, como lo me,   1  will Hnd
you ia;;.'   .    1    ,  iekly.
3 en
if. LIST
'     '.T.  B.  C.
.   H
-, r;.;■-:". SMM^rV
n\\\ mmm ferit
1 '
}'■ ,
I!   L.  Radcnmacher, Twenty-
1    1 ' :.  has some line spi 11
I v' ti   \\ andoi i'   -.
Itiliil at the p
I   1 Wiin ouvi t.   II, re
' five!   I* UR|*S I   t;   I'H;.' 1
" Hi
light   i I    I ."..a!
'    '      . '.'      ,  a      ' llll
.a        [III        il I'l'/,/
I       the other dny  iii a
11        f'.'i's .*:;,
;        '.
Valley Notes.
llllll ,1
.   Uastii
Mill Co.,      I   tin V
;    a
: a I  tip   yi .11
Ml 1' 11 liiviteil the  sell tail
Ireti 0! I       \ il. 1 ti .1 treat
: '
1  !-,' ,1
i'i ■:    I'..     Aim        the invited
.ca n  Nits. |£. Lauder and
: 1       1'1,'tt 11. ul
im. M '.      *   :..
Qui      Notice.
da; k *"
,'        al
' 1     ■
||i II ■..  K , .    Rt      mil, Ti crunch), Vani 0 ivi 1.
\ icti ria, 1 intu ans, and 1 lawson, V, I
Savings DeDirtmi-nt  Oep-slts rec.-lvud (rem 31.00 upwards
Interest at timhcst current runs nnd compounned twice o year
Ollice, Cur. Lonsdale V*,-. • 1" 11 > nude   lorth '* nni uuvi r, H. C.
' 1    Wi\«»Mrn
■*- r* q      ^.
al    .         '     '
i ■.'. and
'           '
,.   other
l"             i
. .    il.iillnT.
b< ra.
■  1    /ORKS
,' ICO
•, l-5. '.:.
Pi 5   \ A " '"• -"'^ O 1
Ui        Wli'WOta/.
Mr^n-T'f I    V/    ' ' " • '  • 3 !
N w»K i H      \* iHnSUV     •      J-
I     ■    I
'        . . a"
■    .    il.   Sl
lict 1
ll;l   Ss'.'l
! '.a . ' ' ;
kin L. I
1 .
, ■
Mak,    mr selection 1 .  I
1      I 1 : .1 mi
11 Home S
. ., '   1 I, nsd.,1   Avi    nd Kifll St,
\\ ■ bv  pleasure fi ulvi       the 1     ' nts "I Nortli
Vani ouvi 1  tli tl   .v   a an ..a   u r,  until further  notice,
Out Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths, $1.73
Hiree     "      "      "      "        A.75
i .   i On I li li* < ry,
British Cob       lectr'n NhvayCo.,Ltd.
I'IMI        i '    nlt'l'll VAM '
a, in., '   . :''1. s BO,
I   u   p   '-. ''>!'.'■:'' ,12:511,
I    ■;■ |V-fl    '   a,.      .. a. ... "■ "   20,
III .tin, Id   ■       ."   i' ■■'.:.'■'  II    I. l'J:1
i    k   i. " i  i".  :    '. •'"' '       "■
I-I,,.    |-Ml    |    ill |0,   .'     ' . '      ll-l'l,   lil  ll,   I''  I    .   "      '    ■     •' I "'
. 1 mi. 1...1H, l'J '   .
...       LM |i ni., I'.ll) ■ ■ "',',, 1:20,
;, ivi j ji -, ia. .    '. tl ai, ll .''. . '■'. i -''. .   "    'I -. * I"*, ll:lo, 11.46, H
P  15, 11:16 11:45, 12:16,
Si'i.,,-   Ciini idnrt Imm Ali'xu  Irn p ' unl wm.cct mIth tlio
i, •,,,,- mu) it,i, \\. II. Hi sm in
s lllll
Reel [stale and Insurance •, i rtnr
a ■, ird i ii ■'   loi
who   vmi can
I   arcl Loti    on    I   i ...   ,,.,.„.   Vou
rjirisid li uv muc
, .. ■" i * 'm.att'i,'. mmi ''. -    . '.      on can Bave
«   i
  ai liLO  lull IHL     liUUli
.ii i   i p. in
, .      .' .
i..    i
g -   :
. 'I'lf*.
ri '
Rt ■.. 11
■   v and
'   I'       I,a,I
uu pel
t i'n
iti i im
h Kill tt
1  |l is
tunln I
'   -i'ill  in I —-■
1 "■■"' OYSFIR ^NO Cl *:M ^(\\ '- ■' \i
our to and Irom i!n's lluiel
,i>, ii. i'rop.
HCI    ' I
or Good D ttcene
■ 'I.i.', W 11.1
,",    ,. la   ."" I
Til .lll'-'a.'l  Ha. < I,   '""a'
'       I'll    HI
VII   ,   and
■ .. . '   tati d ii al tie'
tl : 1  lur ie-
li ■   tin    uini il.
■ I1."  ouver
Alt: Mt\i ;ivi'.n
I,, |,a.iti.--,, Kvum 1,11*1 |,,,*a
iiii i'a,ami Brewing Co., t Id,
.   •'
itli hi .       (In
vii ,i'   ,ii   I'm   I
IHII    I,     a| I,     I      1.1     1.    K.',  ■■*.   11.
B'tlt'lTJ II. A : .1  IV. II.IR,',:,,, II. A.
CLEAR HAl/ANA FILLED j,,,,,,,.   ,... v   \   llitll.tlliix. Vm r, .n.i
i !■■ ■   i rtli V tvur.
HtciiosSiW', sun lt/, iv mm


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