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ncro*i4 P o
l,hntv i*mt A,„moly
The docket was light at the session of the city council on Monday
evening, ln the absence ol Mayor
Kealy, Alderman Irwin presided,
In addition to whom Ihere were
present Aldermen May, Smith,
Braim and Wheeler.
A letter was read (rom the sec*
retsry of the Horticultural Society
asking (or the donation of the
soil now being removed from 21st
street.    Board of Works to act.
A letter from M. S. McDowell,
secretary of the civic celebration
committee lor July ist, requesting
that the council increase the
amount of their donation to the
funds, inasmuch as there is a
shortsge of cash with which to pay
bills. Referred to committee of
the whole.
From Chief of Police Davies,
with reference to unsatisfactory
conduct upon the part of the pres
ent caretaker, and stating that
Geo. Pryme had been placed in
charge of the pound awaiting the
further action oi the council in the
matter. Referred to committee of
the whole. From J. Kirkland
making application for the position
of caretaker should a vscancy occur.   Filed for reference.
Minutes of a meeting of the
hoard oi works were resd, as follows: Recommended that the
caretaker inspect property lying
close in and report to the council
with relerence to any combustible
material lying upon the lots; that
the city clerk instruct property
owners under the bylaw to clear
up their lots; that the city clerk
write J. P. Bell requesting that the
agreement re the park be completed; that the recommendation re
additional help in thc city engineer's department be amended to
employ an assistant ss spprentice,
instead of a rodman; that local
improvement number 9, for grading 8th street, be approved; that
successful tenderers for contracts,
under the local improvement bylaw, be required to put up bonds to
the amount of 40 per cent, of the
contract ptice. The report was
adopted as read.
A letter was resd from the city
solicitor, to tbe effect that they
were negotiating for the completion of the agreement with the
Lonsdale estate with reference to
the park. The solicitor of Mr.
Fell had agreed to consult him
with relersnce to amendments as
propose \ by the city solicitors, and
to advise them, but no communi
cation is as yet to hand. When
this is received the matter will be
proceeded with at once.
Alderman Msy asked ii any reply had been received Irom the city
solicitors with reference to the request of the council for advice as
to whether tbe option for the purchase of the ferry, which expired
on June ird last, is now void.
Alderman Irwin from the chair replied that no advice is to hand.
Council then went into committee of the whole.
Caretaker Brimacombe wa: suspended for one week.
The amount donsted to the celebration committee was increased
by $25, making $100 in all. Applications lor the position ol assessor were received from D. W.
Elder snd Reginald Dunn. Laid
over to be dwelt with at the meeting next Monday night.
that someone else might be given
sn opportunity to show what could
be done. Mr. McDowell stated
that he had (K sired to retire at iln
Isst election of the officers, but
had been persuaded to accept the
position for an additional term,
solely because it was his wish to
strengthen the financial position of
the club and to leave it in good
condition in that respect. During
his term, by dint ol persistent el-
fort, he had gathered in some £884
which hail proved sufficient to pay
all outstanding indebtedness and
to leave a small balance in the
treasury. Now that he had accomplished his object, he desired
to be relieved ol his duties of the
The proposition to postpone action on the resignations until the
regular meeting in August, was
stoutly resisted by those who had
resigned, and they insisted on the
resignation being accepted at
once. The entire list was then accepted in one motion, after which,
upon motion ol MB. Martinson,
a vote of thanks was tendered the
retiring officers, coupled with an
expression of regret that tbey had
deemed It wiie to relinquish office.
Officers pro tent were then appointed until the regular elections
next month. The new appointments are as follows: President,
M. B. Martinson; secretary-treasurer, Robert Tarn; members of the
executive, Messrs. Emerson and
The treasurer presented his report, showing receipts (884, and
disbursements £883.81, leaving a
balance in the treasury of $1.19.
The grsnd stand is now paid for
and the club is out of debt. This
report was adopted and W. N.
Lailey and L. N. Humphries were
appointed to audit the books previous to their being delivered to
the new officers.
Thomas M. Ross, a pupil of
Sandow and Prof. Inch, wrote
proposing to donste his services ss
physical instructor of the club,
provided suitable employment
could be procured for him in the
city. Secretary to reply that the'
club is not prepared for this departure at present. W. B. Bunbury wrote, notifying the club that
henceforth the B.C. Electric Ry.
Co., would expect the club to comply with the clause of the agree-
ment with reference to keeping the
I grounds in order and the building
! insured, and likewise with the
j clause governing division of gate
receipts. Letters received snd
filed. The president was instructed to insure the buildings with H.
M. Burns for three years for $500.
The members aglfbed to meet at
the grounds on Thursday evening
for the purpose of cleaning up the
grounds and putting them in first-
class shape.
The regular meeting for the election of officers will be held on the
first Thursday in August, when it
is desired to have a large attendance of those who have been
members and to induce them to
take an active part in the promotion of amateur athletics in the
The Athletic Club.
An extraordinary meeting of the
Athletic Club was held in Larson's
pavilion on Monday evening. The
most striking feature of the proceedings was the wholesale supply
of resignations that was presented
for consideration—G. MacKenzie,
president; M. S. McDowell, secretary-treasurer, and Geo. V. and
Alex. Smith, members of the ex
ecutive, all requesting to he re
lieved ol their official responsibilities. No sensational reasons were
advanced upon the part of the retiring officers to account fur their
rather drastic move. Mr. Mac
Kenzie stated that he had been
president for two yesrs, in fact
was the originator of the Athletic
Club as an institution, and now
that the initial difficulties had been
overcome he considered thc time
opportune for a change in order
Subsidy to Bridge
The very welcome news resched
the city on Tuesday   that the Ottawa government had   introduced
its supplementary list of appropTi
ations into the house of commons,
snd in it were s   number ol items
affecting B. C.    These have to do
principally with railways.   Two ol
the items, however, have a peculiar import to North Vancouver, as
they materially affect the future of
I the city. One grant rails lor $200,-
looo  to assist the V. W. & V. rsil-
way in the construction of its pro
' posed bridge across the inlet at the
I Second Narrows.
Thc other item is a grant ol
116,400 per mile lor 100 miles nl
the V.W. & Y. proposed road Irom
here to connect with the G. T. P.
at Fort George. Now that these
substantial grants are assured, it
may be taken that both projects
are within measurable distance ol
accomplishment. With these
fsctors becoming cerlsinties Norlli
Vancouver's future ia sssured.
That the granting of the subsidy
to the Second Narrows bridge and
to the railway towards Fort George
is of the greatest importance in the
estimation of the well informed
public, is clearly evident from the
way iu which those who profess to
know are busy putting two and two
together and drawing infallible conclusions. Those who arc an (ait in
railway matters state that the only
sufficient explanation lor the subsidies is the conclusion that the
Grand Trunk Pacific and the V.
VV.& V. have come to an understanding, mutually satisfactory.
The impossibility of the latter road
unaided being able to procure the
subsidies, is dt clared from the
fact that the lill'. would not
have allowed such assistance to be
given a rival company for a line of
railway to cover territory included
in tlieir own scheme; while the
reason given for the issuance of
the subsidies in the name of tbc
V.W.& Y., but in reality for the G.
T. P., is that the latter is so heavily subsidized that no further
grants could bl seemed from the
government in a direct way.
It is lurther pointed out that the
grant of $200,000 lor lhe bridge, is
$50,000 greater than was originally asked for, and this astonishing
liberality calls (or some hidden influence of 110 mean calibre.    It is
I are practical hardware men, of
fifteen years' experience. Mr.
Paine Is at present manager of the
logging and mill supply department of McLennan Si McI'Velei,
and has been in the employ of tl e
same lirm for the past seven years.
Mr. M.ia Mdl.in has been a resident of Vancouver for ten years,
for the past five of which he has
lieiii on the road for* the above
wholesale firm. Thc heads of the
new lirm will therefore bring to
the business a thorough practical
knowledge of local conditions, ll
is their intention to greatly enlarge
the stock and to carry a (ull line
of shelf and heavy hardware, tinning and plumbing, etc. The
purchasers will .take possession of
the business on August ist.
Local Knights ol Pylhias
Three applications for membership were received Tuesday evening.
It is purposed to hold a moon
light excursion, on the steamer St.
George, early next month.
The semi-annual reports show
affairs in connection with the lodge
to be in tirst-class shape. The receipts for the six months were
$530,75, with   assets  of $701.75.
AlaiMondra-. Horticultural G*ar-
dona.   North  Vincou.tr.   B.C.
further argued   that by means of; The membership is 64, a gain of
such   a  deal, the   Grand   Trunk 12.
Pacific would solve the problem of    Tm.s(|ay (,v(,n|n(, n ■-.,„,
terminal facilities on B""""!'"• ai,d interesting session was held,
let. The V.W.& Y. holds certain , whcn ,he semi.annual illstaiiation
waterlront property in Vancouver, 1 of officrrs ,()ok place The insU|.
which would be serviceable; but *|ng offia,r was D , Grand
lurther than that, the same com* chance,lor Ferguson, 0f New
pany holds large tracts ol water-1 Westminster. There were present
front on this side ol Burrard Inlet, a -^ m|m|)er of Kmg*l(s (rQm
which are ol sufficient area to pro-, Vancuuvet and New Westminster
vide yards and wharves lor a great ail(] ,he |m,(.tin(, provcd a grea,
transcontinental railway, practical- success A, ,he conc|t|sjl)n of ,he
ly as good as those owned by the Cl,rem0ny ,,le .j,,,,.*.., grand gave
C.P.R. on   the  south side ol the an exCeilent aijdress to the mem-
'n'et . .   btrs, as did also Mayor Kealy,Past
These and other similar consul- Grand chancel|or Anstlei Rev. Mr.
erations lead knowing ones to the Tay,or Q, New Westminster, and
conclusion that the V.W.& Y. andl0(hcrs Icecrcam and cake were
thcG.T.P. will join fore" in the j ,hcn ^^j b ,he |mM1)1)(,rs o( ,he
building ol the line Irom Burrard' - -- -
Inlet northward. North Vancou-
been ol
local lodge.
Lynn Creek Notes
ver  citizens have   long
opinion that the southern terminals
of the G.T.P. are   destined to be ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
located in this city, and these con-,    i)ouga|i Campbell is building a
elusions will but go to confirm that j house on Westover Road, adjacent
belief. to the residence of E. Lennox.
Lynn Valley Products
Mrs. Lewis Young   and son,  of
Victoria   West,    is  visiting   her
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ tister-in law, Mrs. G. W. Sugden,
G. W. Sugden, the genial post-1 of Lynn Crook, (or a (ew days this
master at Lynn Creek,called at the week.
Express office on Tuesday and he'
did not come empty handed The
sample o( gooseberries, red currants and black currants that he
deposited on the editor's table is
certainly of supeiior quality, and
is sufficient to convince the iik"*i
skeptical that the Iruit-prodin ing
possibilities ol Lynn Valley Ut
unexcelled. The lovely colln lion
nl flowers which accompanied tin
fruit, speaks volumes for tin £M
ial climate of the valley and likewise (or the aesthetic taste of tin
donor. Any orders for flowers ni]
be lelt lor Mr. Sugden at Tin Bl
press office.
Business Change
1   Walden   has  snld  In.   Ii.nd
ware and plumbing business to J.
II. Paine   and   E.   Mai Mill.m, ol
Vancouver.  Mr. Walden has ln-.-n
in business in Nortli Vancouver lor
three years past and,  by dint   nl
faithful   application   and    hottest
workmanship, has built  up an II
trnsive   and   profitable  business
Mis many Iriends  will be sorry to ''' "
sec   lum retire   Irom   the active |yrc''
ranks.    It is his intention to crprt
a residence and to make   his per
manent home in the city,
Robert Magennis has opened a
meat market and will carry a full
stock of fresh and cured meats and
fish. He will deliver orders to all
p.nls ol the valley. The market
will prove a boon to the settlers.
The Ferry Question
The joint committees ol the citj
and district coumils hair been
winking faithfully ou the production of a feasible It In ine ol adjustment of relationships mtb the
letry company. Many plans have
been suggested, and out o( the
multitude ol ideas tin reappears to
1 be an excellent probability that a
si Iniiie will be evolved that will
|inni acceptable to all parties;
that will likewise receive the ap
proval ol the ratepayers, and that
will satisfactorily solve tin ferry
probltta lor all time.
John King, alter a sojourn  here
lm a year or so, is leaving shortly
or his old home   in Nova Scotia.
lb will visit relatives in Portland,
en route
Large   numbers of   Vancouver
people have been coming over this
blackberries, which
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    week lo pick   	
Thc purchasers ol the business' grow in abundance on the hillsides.
Tn Express, ti a year.
Regular session of the district
council will be  held lllis evening.
The Diplock-Wright Lumber
Co.,has been sending considerable
lumber to Vancouver this week.
At the Orange celebration in
Vancouver on Monday, the North
Vancouver boys defeated F'airvii w
in a tug-ol-war.
It is purposed toorganizea lodge
of Odd Fellows here and a prelim
inary meeting will be held next
week in the K.P. hall.
Tomorrow the choir of St. An-
liew's Presbyterian church will
run a launch picnic to Brighton
beach. The party will leave the
city at two p.m.
The wharf of the Western Cor
poration has received a thorough
overhauling and is now in first-
class condition for handling all the
traffic lhat offers.
G, R. Hughes is building a cottage on his property on snd street,
east of St. Andrew's. It is Ins
intention to erect a second residence on his adjoining property,
for personal occupancy.
Contractors Ward & Co lun all
lhc material now on tbt ground foi
llie new Capilano school. Building has been commenced and the
school will be in readiness lor the
opening of the autumn term on
Sept. ist.
At the special meeting of the
district council, In Id on Monday
evening, the loan bylaw for the
new water district was finally read
and adopted, and waterworks regulations for the new district were
likewise adopted.
"Notes from Convention" is the
subject for the W.C.T.U.meeting,
next Wednesday, 22nd inst., at
3.30 p.m. The meeting will hi
held in St. Andrew's church, bth
street,and all members and friends
are urged to be present.
M. J. Henry, the Vancouvei
Nurseryman, is giving two prizes
of $5 each to the Horticultural
Society's prize list. One is for thi
best display of fruit grown from
his trees, and the other of vegetables grown from his seed.
The meeting at Lynn valley thai
was to have been held last night,
to complete the organization of a
veteran's association,was postponed until next Thursday evening.
The draft of the constitution is now
ready and will then he adopted
Colin Fa Jackson has purchased
the plant and business ol the
North Vancouver Tnyisfer Co.
The business will be continm d as
heretofore and it is also understood
that Mr. Jackson is contemplating
material extensions along certain
On Saturday last Ihe Sabbath
school of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church held their annual pn
nlc at Capilano. The attendance
was large, the weather was propi
tious and everybody,! spi ( ulli lh,
children, had a most enjoyable
On Sunday last a patty of twenty
p, isons belonging In the V. A (
Mountaineering Club of Yamou-
ver, under the leadership uf J j
Trorey, m ihii tin* siimy.dad pr ik
at the Iniil ol the Notth Ann
They christened Iht peak Mount
Il.ui*. Mil. In II, o| the 1) I K,
Compiny, hti on 1 shibition a inn
display ol isratl peas grown on
the property ol P, Larson, on 17th
street. I Bt puis arc ol Iftr*
variety ol tint and nilnr and M 1
led in lorm.    Tiny irt ol the Sul
ton variety
Rev. Rm bard S. Marsden, accompanied by Mrs. MlTtdta, wenl
cast via the C.P.R. on Monday,
en route to their former boat in
England, when Ihey will in future
reside Tbtrt many Iriends wen
suiiirely son) to see them deparl,
but best tushes lor h alth and
prosperity follow them to the old
The report of the minister ol
finance, just to hand, with reference to   chartered   banks,   show j
that there are lying in the banks of
Canada, unclaimed balances dating for five years or over to the
total sum of $617,087.49. Of this
sum the Bank of Montreal possesses the largest sum, namely,
A citizen lost a parcel of clothing on June 30th. He advertised
for it in Tin; Express and on Tuesday received information as to the
win 'readouts of his property. Moral, "Advertise in The Express."
The family wanting groceries, or
clothing, or furniture, or any other
commodity, will find you most
readily through these columns.
The Young People's Club of St.
Andrew's church have decided that
too large a portion of the summer
season has already slipped away
unimproved in thc matter ot tennis, etc.,and they have undertaken
to hold a bee on Tuesday evening
next for the purpose of putting the
church grounds in first-class condition for tennis and other outdoor
The road gang ol the district
municipality has been making good
progress un the improvements to
the Capilano road. The portion
of the road at the big hill, near the
second canyon, is now completed
and olli rs a good grade, with a
roadway 21 leet wide. The work
will be continued uninterruptedly
until the road for its entire length
is placed in first-class condition
for vehicular traffic.
Herbert Carmichael, of the department of mines of the provincial government, passed through
the city yesterday. He was on his
way to the Swayne group, and adjacent mineral properties on Lynn
creek, and will make 1 report to
the government on the mineral resources of that section. Alfred
Carmichael, of Montreal, is also
making the trip for pleasure and
personal information.
A. J. Picton-Warlow has taken
over the billiard and pool business
formerly owned and ooerated by
W. F. Lake, in the Club block,
first door north of the city hall,
Lonsdale ave. Mr. Warlow is removing his plant and fixtures from
his former place of business to the
new stand this week. The Lounge
in its new quarters will he made
even more attractive than formerly
and will be conducted in every
particular as an up to date and reliable place of amusement.
All arrangements are made for
the picnic, to be held by thc Baptist and Methodist Sunday schools
on Tuesday next, in Stanley Park.
Tht party will leave on the 9.45 1.
m. boat, returning about 8 in the
evening. The two superintendents,
D. R. Henry and M. B. Martinson,
sr., arc a committee to buy prizes
and take charge of thc programme
of sports. W. H. Parkin is a committee on transportation and will
attend to the lares of the children.
Adults will pay their own way. All
are welcome.
G. D. Dick lelt early this week
for an extended trip through the
mountains, lt is Ins intention to
11 ,ui.p to Squamish, over Ihe old
Lillooet trail, via l.ynn and Seymour creeks, thence to the country
al the head waters of the Squam-
h, whence he will journey across
, ninii v to the head of Harrison
Lake and along the Lillooet river.
Win ther the trip will he long or
short depends entirely mi circumstances, as the longing for the
lulls has taken hold of him and he
intends having a good look at this
section of the province indicated.
The series of lectures to be held
under tin auspices ol the Horticultural Society and Farmers' Institute next week, promises to be ol
unusual interest. I* W Brydon
will be the lecturer and he bears
lhe reputation of being one of the
best speakers on the list of the institute. Thursday evening a lee
ture will be given in lhc old
schoolhoiise at Lynn creek,Friday
1 vi ning at the exhibition building,
Alexandra grounds, city, and on
Friday afternoon an open air demonstration in one of the puhlit
gardens. The memt-ers and Iriends
will assemble lor Ihis purpose it
the exhibition building at two p.m. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nokiii V 11   C
. BSITIII RISllil I .   II. II. M* lll'l If,
Manager.     Himlness Mgr
(i. l in Naiitli
lliin .i i.nlins ol 12
a :  tin   nil;..     All outside
I In- distrii ia* placi *1 in the  pot)
i i'lioii :
.*   i -        Si.mi
all|S .5(1
■ -5
1 'ii, I1.50
1 !..   paid in
:   11 not receiving tins
« li please notify
N ' p ipi :    I* |'P'id   llll
tl 1 hi 1 ird
a II
cli.uler, and beating in mind tin
outlay which ih.' company hn inclined in snivels ami other pre.
liminaries, and while ol opinion
that such an enterprise ihould rt -
ceivethe assistance ol the Dominion and   provim inl   gOVi 1111111 i.l*,
your committee is confronted  by
the fact that conditional sequestra-
lion ol  Ninth  Vincouver  shon
line, when prolonged by character
extension without railway construction, necessarily prevents development ol Hurrard Inl"t, retirdl Iht
growth ol commerce,   postpones
production ol thit custom revi nue
whii li tht iiuiiii sub* of ihe btrboi
ihould yield and   likewise sffi 1 ts
iln* general progren and nvenue
ol the province."
The granting ol these lublidii I
is encouraging, so far as it goes,
but what the entire populltion on
Burrard Inlei is anxiously waiting
for, is the letting of contract! and
the beginning of actual construe
• wood 4 SON, The Reliable shoe Man, lander
their beet thanki for your support of their
Get Acquainted Sale      :     :     ;     ;
11'/; ARK PRACTICAL sHOEMES and-do noi bay a
ftir cates of job loti or noddle wilh nther trade*
Kuril tlioriiiiiililv pod, n a'**' *mhod ihot
Inr -iris iiiiilini-sen US Sll  '  ri 1 ui|* a lull lint
(llenml   Solid   Ii'iiil"'*   "I "   l«   l"'x   •*■)  "l"1
dimgula «iiii
*20.000 STOCKSis:
:.* ij...... m,.(,,,„|v. Miniate
ir |-roiliictions
Williams,    Tl
from ol these and
  ^^^^    . who stand by
Leckie Boota, McCready, Minister, Mylet, The
1 I'.i iislord,   Old Country   and   The K Hoots.
20 eente on the dollar leaa than other advertiaed prieei
Nil    HOOD t5» SON
ADDRESS    " ■■    '
piiring   B
niiiiiion sense ini" iiiiiI beels
From S In 10.
 ^M   »i
11 In   2  2.25
2 to   fi  2.TU
^^       l*. K.ilii. Mm. More
Sril ilmr tnSiiiiiiii'x (Ir ,*,•■•■/ Stare
it of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale A and
Tliey Will Please You in Style nnd
Satisfy You in Wear.
1 Ul.iwa to the
in ntatv  es-
1*11 a sub
bridge across
& innil N,u-
lid)   for tin*
miles   of tht
I "it George
; [nlel I'" 11   i< ci ivi d
inti ii st bj all
inity,     1 lu-
.'..'.aal     ,11,      I,I
* ia. tb, future
1   that fi w. il
di \"ti* uy effort to a ■   '*   10   1' *nl   1"-
tween lhe Iini -      1 he  univi rsal
ii ut in ■
thai inotln 1    ■*   * ni tb* di -
I     I    S *i;\i t'|
mplated in the
,.     . Ij      a      '   l.ll'i-
ly.     Whii' .1 inl
lid  |'i>'.'   an lui
l'i Hi lit.   M'l   ll    WOllld
,'    III.Ill I'M I*
tion tli.it tht pi.i:i- I** broadened
as to niiliiaie provision !< 1
' md pedestrian traffic,
Noi lh it thc Dominion
mint b,is pro tii 1 . put up a liberal shati "I tl. Ill li a
bridge, it ia n it  unn 1 on ible  to
*      I   til.lt   till'   |'l'.',
ment, upon  suitibh   t* pn
1 induct 11" tiki
tie* proji. 1 into livorabli   1 omid
!. with tht
tie* Dominion subsidy, to tree) .1
[1 whii b  would  (iu r to tht
1 *
1   river
bridge .it Ne* Wistmii iti 1     The
pro 1 * Iwi) 1 ridge, built
in part bj publii im..111 but inui' al
trolled by 1  1       1    "ii
ion, whili ii would  > 1 rtainly
tract o! pub-
aiiliit tli.in l traffic
1  a  ntrolled  b)
a j ople,
in ei
1 probabilil
'   la'   llll*
ol .11 ridgi at tin - mows,
I.    It   I**    M 1
* lop. .1
tli.it will  cond 1  tin
upon tin  hi. u. 1
: 11
I   .   ; Ila 'ili*.|d|i I,
111 It     I ' dl.it* * ll    iill
li.nli r
*     host   tailor tin
tu bt hopi i th il boi
ilium lm 1 tilws
tii. in oi 1 1 i- ■>*. ill
Iln   *
ib) il *  wm ri Mat pro-
P ii, I'a'.iu rs 01 tha 1 ii\. • *pi'
11   ucid and   1 iti   in
u 1 tin nni*.' 1 ilu l.i Id opinion ol
.ii/.. nsliip: "Whi     11  wmi
: il ti,<   mdei
, lated by tbt V. W, -v V. Rj
l bt deliverance! oi 1 judge Irom
tht liincb  invariably carry with
tin 111 the greatest weight, and tht
following appreciation of tht mod-
in newspaper by Justice Dividge,
ol Boise, Idaho, in the course ol
iln lllal of a case,will be read Willi
inti ri st. Rtftrring to the news-
p.iper, he declares :
••To those who Bead   it and   to
iha,se    who appreciate it,  it be*
comet of gn it value    It is like 1
r,i\ "I light in a sick   room, or   a
drop of water to the thirsty lb imi
lhe    modern,   up-to-date    newspaper ol today  is lhe  poor man's
riend ind thi buiy man's  guide,
The newspaper   comes to us .is ,1
in ml. il giii is us and adu*-! 1 us
if the news  of   the day and   the
ibipa   that    pass   111   tin*   nighl
There is   no   civilization, .nul no
happy home in our   land   lodl)
williout tht newspaper.   The pioi-
peCtOT, tile llllllll.   the birder, thi
litest ranger, and 1 ven the criniiii
il, who is trying to escape justice.
will ride lm milei and mila ovt 1
rough mountain trails to get (rom
ibe little  wooileii box,   nail, d lo ,1
im . llu  ni Wtptpc r.     It ti lis him
>; li'imc and  li lends and if all  HN
il tell- Inui ul sickness or ol
fortunt or of the condition ol tin
mirket     lt is lood and Ikoughl
md joy to linn; be welcomes il ,i«
In- ti ,u bei   and liiend.      It   gives
Imu and every   intellectual  man.
unman and child a sort ol   hand
hold on the doings of the day ami
ii*. pulse ol the country." I L
This  |tm ol   tulofy   from iln
wi si opens tht doorway nUkwnl
ly to give us a glimpse of tin- line
i'l,(a a .... iipn il by a newspaper in
llu' estimation ol the people. Tin
newspaper tedaf is not merely a
mws lorne'01, it is the voice
through which popular senium ul
Innlsi vpitssiou. It is the champion nl the tights   and the lib' rtii
nl llir pi ople.    It is the (Ilil I Sill
guard locally and univtmllj of
tht boat mii rests oi sm mn    Ke-
ni'iM the modi tu ncwsp.ipi 1 ham
lb'  si 1 i,i|   oi.1. 1   and   vou haft a
lit' o| utti 1 ib.ios and (onlusiou.
to 1 giicyous to (oiiti iiipl,id      W.
1 "in id llu man who knows bow
tu   l aim    a   licwspapci  and   wlm
nives uniform and   tingibli   1
prtttaOO ol In    ippr 1 latum   ol lis
WOTtha     1 In  min  who speaks dl
pn a lltingl]    nl   lhe   present   da\
in wspapei is a back number, a
K in liimaiy force, I (bingiioiis factor. Km i\ newspiptl may not
.ill,on lo the highest standard of
excellence (howbeit, as a rait,
each is up to the best level ob*
t unable on tbe basis of the sup*
p 111 reccivc'l), but lhc fact re
111.mis lhat lhe newspaper as an
institution is probably the greatest
force in society in our day.
Such tremendous tacts should be
Sufficient, when tightly considered,
to cause i very citi/en to rally
ibout tha   '.inal  papei whattvi 1
Iniind, to accord il his loyal sup-
putt, and to expiiieni e a sense of
civic pride in its progress and sue
ash NOTARY Pi'lil.10
a,s< v. 1,1 nil ll. Iir.ii'in*..
Mimmi: l'lii"'( .inl llyilr.ulir,
,   n   11     ll.iiil'*,,,,,!, " ,*,l r hikI Fir,
Manager (nr the OowmtftW
Protective Sucicty. ^_
■ OtVii*.*:— Kikht St., K. hv l,iis»ii.ii,it. I
Pioneer Bakery
ba tween Baplanadt ft First St.
5. W. Walker,  ■  Proprietor
Freeh Bread daily, 16
I Hint's fur $1; 4 for 2fic.
Cake, I'ltstry, etc.
Dailv Delivery to Ml  Parts of City
i'ini**. i I       71 Lonsdale Ave
Perhaps Experience
With Their Own
r>n; Haitingi Street
Esplanade,  North Vancouver
Tin* cunt nt issue  of tht   ■ ■• p*
GuettS contains a notice   to   tbe
cniHon ef tht tatatt "' «• late
K H.Bryee,todtUverititementt
ofcliimitoBoWMtr, Red**"-
bndgtOnOt beloi.    AttfMt   »t>,
insl* ^t 	
Next TliuiMbiviviiiiuH tbe Sons ?__*__
of Scotland will boWi unoktria PianOS   tBUSeU
ili-K. I'll-*.** I       n
a Blunder
We 1 elei in rival salesmen, who
lad mouth nt)-n-ively advertised
lot -,ili*. at a graal barfala, an mn
.^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^—.l.i.. ..m>ii> miii   "Nm All." bell
NOTICE  [t) CONTRACTORS. Piano, a "aioin rwovuMOta,"
  ninn 111 lact it it linull older.
fain W.iiib.1 to 'Itarinjr.      MU mN0S .„,. lm,u m ,-.U)lti\t
bj tin- lailtjH ((incetn of its kind
, __—   Jan- ,„,!„. u|iul'* British Umpire ol such
ler. Inr fli'iiriiu: mi'i ^•"llM«,v'"'r   1*„,„1 „i,,i,i.,il,  aud in Mich work-
„.ry » ,,„ |» r,,,,,.   b, *. M«J-   niin|ilM   m|(mi, ,   „„„ , m ,„.„.,,,
:,; ! J* .*i.V.V --V«" 1 -•» t..... -.f 11.-1 1  deceived late bd»via| that old
reaineatentnr ,l..-r.-l»>. ..i> IM diwardad rtjrltl .ire almost new,
Hh-easterl) ,..rn.r..i D.L.WJ.W" ^ ii|)(.r ,|1(,m (l,r sa]«* acconlingly.
 !— ~~ are the only Canadian 1'ianos that
I' I'lirilllf I" t •" ■' ■ a*     *      .1     L J
'■a  I, iv, been so distiiictlv honored.
« "" '.''i-?,!!.™.*.;e,', '.:'; „ .^,*_ ™ -. ^'».»,'...
July Bargains >s*
t'ntil the i'inl nl July m will mil mir fliK'k ol
At 11 liin ri'ilii'tinii in priee.    Almi (nr all |i«|K*r
a.l'iClllL' 111' Will lllll'll 11 l>|K'UUll lliwillllll   llf III |*er
I'i'llt. nil |irnlll|it |'.ll 111.'Ill nil l'nlll|il|.|inll ill llnrk.
liL.I Puint ami linnil fnlnm.     OeOM enrlv ami
Ki-t tin* ln'iit jiii'k. We tin (iiH«l Work Only.
P«tnt«ri   and   D«coratori
0KAUCD TI'.MiI'lUs,  nuirkeil
Pioneer Hardware
1 ■—.     * ,   1     .'. D* , Ct V
li**n-. and eeheralniiiilitimi.,di-oiilr.i.l
iii.ii- i«' .iiiiiiiiicil. In* iiiteiiilini! oflen rs,
nl tin* "lli I ll" I'm Minim . r
I 1. h li'inlir iiiii.t lie ui'i','Ui|iiinii*'l In
ai iniirki'l ilii',|!iee,|iinl In .'1 |„r n nl. **
llie mil'.unt..(llu* tcnilir, ninl tin* iin
a.-ml liiiilerer   inii.t MvUeil  ip*
nr,u,*,|   uiniriiiilcc   Inr tlie  mli-i.
IH|'li*ll*a|i a,f ||i(, eaililran I
I'lie i*ii'**|iii*« nl nii.iiii'c.liil leaden r«
aiil be riinriicl to il.eu. apta tht tv
" niinii iiiilu* e.'iilrncl.
llu* ln«i"*l ,,r Mr) Temlir imi u.*i.*«.
-.irih .11,, |,|,*.|,
mOMAH siiKPllKlin,
City Clark.
t'ih lliiil, Nurlli VmiiniiviT, Il.i'.
IthJaly, tra,
tM  ttt Hi"-*   I «ll  «al«   ol W» Mil,.
•h. I«#i»i^ Ihl, tta
■ 1 |.-ral,VH*a« .M  -ill  KM llul m.al (I Um
fi.iaM I. Haarlla ,.i,i*i.rt mir HII IS.
Phone LS
I. WALDEN   Looadale A I'irst BUG
-DEBS' sri'i'l.lKS
Sole Agents for McClary's Stoves, Kannes, 1'iiriiaces,
Slnrwin & Williams' binious l'aints.
Just nrriveil—Our eaMOo'l delivery nf l'aints, Var-
nislics, etc., from $1 50 per gnlioti up
^^        I.1MITKP       	
[38441 Baatiof street
Inn...inrrl /Hn|«l HoOl llniitr
Ra mu Vauh'ivkh
llll   \MI LIRE ISM lUStl
A Good Buy
for a few days
A  UU   a|.   III   I   laa,lllll ,|   boa*  .   flOIlt*
1111:1111 \ ictnna l'ark.  l'nce ?
Uiic-tbitd Cash.
For Diarrhoea,
Cholera Infantum
Etc., use
ll.i. rcnii'ilv i" MM mi'i"' l1"'
fnllniiiiiK iKi-iliM'ttnarnnlii'
-Title half a bottle and il n.i
tnu'i.1 ..itiifaiti'ii.'etuin thr
bal.viic to ui and net Jim
, Mr*.
1- mis kaik''
25c per bottle
"They 411 Trade At Home"
(#]T AlHiioiigli iii'tijile conu' tiown the liill
^D it don'l MJ tliey go to Vancouver to
boy (iriuTries     Tliey  Never  l'ass
« **
— 1—     -     —      ~——m—*—am—m—mm—mw—wm*m*a—*mmm»a——a——am_—mmn—W*——mm
-Th, iiltliijiii'j Ihmjijiih"
,*,,, , 1'.iiuiiii* M*.
Vanniuiir.   IU*
(TarmlotM of Keith
Hond *'nr Line. . .)
Ice Cream
Soda Drinks
Etc., Etc.
(iet the Habit
I'unnliliy Siiriemr mul Anliilirl
liit'STii Stiikkt,''iihsih LmMUI Avi
I llli, 1       New    lllal|l||l.ll||   III
I ..n.'l.ili' avviiiie.
Ile.iileiilial vmrli a »|wiall -.
I'. 11. I'...\ ■
Ni.rlli V.iiii-inner, I',. I
Norlh Vancouvor Hardware
l'oiii|ian\. Ltd.
(itirdi 11 Tools
Lunii Miiinrs
Electrical Eiftures
I'ln mliivn
Ruin!* mnl Oik
Builtbm' Hnrtlnttrr
Fmli Milk ilcliined Dailv In
all t_k 4 jfcj i'ity
Leave Orders at Express Office.
When you intend building
[001 oi ion* mt
j. N. mm. MANAGER
Ilrni.rl, tljUrr, innnlalr Are.,City. Rtal
Sn M
lltad Office and Mill, **■*■ Cr"1' * C' THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
A Handy Reference for the
Residents of the City
This directory has been issued
by the board of trade and has been
designed to enable residents ol
North Vancouver to readily locate
local merchants, who are able to
supply their requirements in the
several lines of merchandise, and
thus to counteract, as far as possible, the tendency to do their trading out of town.
Balmain, J. W.
Fourth St. and Lonsdale
Lailey, W. Nicholson
139 Lonsdale Avenue
Law, Alexander
19 Lonsdale Avenue
Kingsford'Smith & Co.
Esplanade, (next to Post
Walker, S. H.
Pioneer Bakery, 71 Lonsdale Avenue
Bailey, J. E.
7] Lonsdale Avenue
Gibson, Alexander
Third St. W. of Lonsdale
Tarn, R. H.
First St. W. of Lonsdale
Boots and Shoes
Murphy, W. T.
Lonsdale Avenue and Esplanade
Ross, The A. M. Co.
209 Lonsdale Avenue
V'ood & Son,
The Reliable Shoemen
Cor. Lonsdale and snd St
Boot Maker
Mills, Thomas A.
jui, Lonsdale Avenue
Boarding Houses
Russell, M. A.
116 First St. E.
Building Contractors
Peacey, W. P.
Cor. Fourth St. and Chesterfield Ave.   Phone 71.
Tarn & Emerson
P.O. Box 30, North Vancouver
Tuck, Fred
Second St. East
Wheeler, Frank
Second St. (Specialty-
brick work)
Civil Engineers
Balmain, J. W.
Fourth St. and Lonsdale
Contractors, General
Farro, A.
116 Second St. W.
Keeley, F.
Corner Eleventh St. and
Jones Avenue
MacLennan, Donald
P.O. Nor'h Vancouver
Mee, C. A.
Block 52 First St.
Dry Goods
Shaw, 11. A.
147 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone J3
Norvan Electric Co.
J. B. Rose, Manager,
7 Home Block, Lonsdale
Financial Agents
Irwin & Billings Co. Ltd.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and
Filth St.   Tel.  15
Fruits and Confectionery
Albertson & Jones
5 Lonsdale Avenue
The A. M. ROSS CO.,
Norlh Vancouver's
Finest Boot and Shoe
Men's Shirts, Ties, Sox, Suspenders and Underwear a\ Social Prices
Kivu cawm of Men's anil Uiilien' (Ixtordn koOfbt lit n ipttia] price ami ive (,'ivo nur customers every advutaM |>aarable, Vie are here to nerve you ami MtVS .mil well lOui Prices lied I'oinpi'titinnj Don't liny elit-iip trash ivhen
you can make your selections from a flue new stock Ixuight from the but iniiiiuliii'tiirers at close rush prices.
Lot 1
Ladies' $2.50 Oxlords, patent leather lips, on tain **l ,"11
Ladies' $.1.60 Oilortla, a very Una quality, on siile '2.M
Ladies' (4.50 Patent Leather (IxlorJs, extra spec inl 3.00
II yon want Oxlords, see the above lines, they arc Iht
finest line ol black Oxlords ever offered in North Vancouver ut these pricM.
Lot 3
IS pain Men'- Due Tan Shoes, hliicbcr cut, worth IS.71
and $1.0011 pair, on sale while the lot lasts at   $2.75
12 pairs Men'.- Oxfords, in tans and blacks, very stylish
and extra lim' quality, worth $5aml$li a pair, on
salt) while tbe lot lasts  |:i.!HI
Lot 2
Men's lliinnoln Kid Sbni's, solid leather soles und the
comet style lust, worth $.'!.,r>l> u pair, while the Inl
lasts, per pair   $2'.15
Man's Heavy Wi.rkiiijr Sleies, extra heavy solid leather
soles, itissl  kip uppers, north $:|.IHI u pair for  $2.50
25 pnirs Hoys' $2 50 shoes, nn sale, nt per pair  $1*00
Uenicnilier N (tuaranlee .alisfactinn or your money
given buck.   Wc consider quality lirst.
Keineinlier Hi'sell only honest, ull leather fnolwciir.
Even our cheapest shoes are of dependable quality.
First-Class Repairing a S|icfialltj
10 do-en Men's Fast Hlack Seamless Cotton Socks,
A pair-, for $1 ini
Finn Double Thread HalbrigKUi I'ndcrwear, nnrlh
$1.50 a suit lor  $1.00
50c Suspenders, a pair  25c,
5 do-en Hlack Hib-Overalls, a pair  75c.
lOiloxen Men's Working Shirts, all sizes, iu black wilh
while stri|Hi, collar attached 50c.
II.L'.'i Suit Front Shirts, ull new goods,and verv fnslii.it.-
uble  HOc
!i iliiscn Fancy Fiubmidercl Cashmere Box, forth Me.
a pair, !i pairs for  $1.00
The A. M. ROSS GO.,
109 Lonsdale Ave.    Inksier £* Ward Bldq.    Between 2nd and 3rd Sts.
Booth, F.
63 Lonsdale Avenue
Hamlin, T. H.
Welcome Parlor
65 Lonsdale Avenue
Kingsford Smith & Co.
Esplanade (nest to P.O.)
Nor. Van. Home Furnishers
2 and 3 lldtne Block
Lonsdale Avenue
Gent's Furnishings
Ross, The A. M. Co.
309 Lonsdale Avenue
General Merchants
Bruce & Uodds
Lonsdale Avenue, corner
Eighth St.    Phone 41
Bland, B.
4 Home Block, Lonsdale
Farro and Andruss
u6 Second St. West
MacMillan, I. A. & M.
Corner Lonsdale and Esplanade
Steacey, A. R.
103 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 36.
Templer & Hickman
Corner Lonsdale Avenue
and Eighth St.   Phone 40
Fraser and McNab
143 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 5H
Nor Van. Hardware Co. Ltd.
J. W. Jackson, Manager
13 and 15 Lonsdale Ave.
Walden Bros.
Pioneer Hardware
First Slreet and Lonsdale
Avenue   Phone 13
Hotel North Vancouver
P. Larson, Proprietor
Phone a
Palace Hotel
Second St. East Phone 31
Reda St Andruss, Props.
Seymour Hotel
Seymour Creek
John Mclnnis, Prop.
Insurance Agents
Elder Murray Co., Ltd.
19 Lonsdale Avenue
P.O. Box 18
Eves, Henry & Co.
Lonsdale Avenue
Irwin & Billings Co. Ltd.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and
Filth Street   Tel. 15
Lumber Dealers
Diplock-Wright Lumber Co.
Seventeenth St. Phone 30
Lynn Valley Lumber Co.
J. M. Frommc, Manager
Lynn Creek
Milk Dealers
Lounsbury, J.
Lounsbury Dairy
Seymour Creek
The "Express"
itq First St. East
Notaries Public
Irwin & Billings Co. Ltd.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and
Fifth Slreet   Tel. 15
Painters, Paperhangers, etc
F. -B. Cudney
139 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 37
Stoney & Co.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
Elliott St Baglow
Lonsdale Avenue  and
Esplanade (upstairs)
Nye, G. G.
ind St. W.  of Lonsdale
Physicians and Surgeons
Campbell, J. A. E.
Corner Lonsdale Avenue
and First St.
Fraser & McNabb
Lonsdale Avenue
Innes, R. W.
P.O. Box 107
McColl, D. H.
7 I lorm* Block, Lonsdale
Smtiln 1 nn*,il, & Morden
The "Express" Phone 80
119 First St. East
Produce, General
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
II. Mitchell, Manager
Lonsdale Avenue
Follis, Mrs.
Esplanade Cale,
Ksplaiiailc.W.of Lonsdale
Murray's Tea Rooms
Ks;.lanadc,VV. of Lonsdale
Real Estate
Alexander and Townsley
ut Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 73
Dick, I), (i.
Lonsdale Ave.,   Pboot 7
Elder Murray Co.
i'l Lonsdale Avenue
P 0. Box 18
Eves, Henry & Co.
I.iinsilalc Avi inn*
Irwin I Hillings Co, Ltd.
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and
Tilth St.    Phone 15
Lawson, C. E.
Western  Corporation
Buildings, Lonsdale Ave.
May & Burns
59 Lonsdale Ave I'lionejd
McBain, G. A.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave, ami
Filth St.    Phone A14
Smith St Co., Alexander
17 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 33.
Rents and Collections
Irwin & Billings Co. Ltd.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave. and
Fifth Street   Tel. 15
Saw Mills
Diplock-Wright Lumber Co.
Seventeenth St. Phone 30
Lynn Valley Lumber Co.
J. M. Frommc, Manager
Lynn Creek
Shingle Mills
Diplock Wright Lumber Co.
Seventeenth St. Phone 30
Lynn Valley Lumber Co.
J. M. Frommc, Manager
Lynn Creek
Lindsav, W. A.
Sixth St. and S. George's
Fogg, II.
Fourth St. near Chesterfield  Phone 57
Hood, A. J.
3 Home Block, Lonsdale
Wood Working
Burrard Woodworking Factory
MacDonald ft Percival,
Props., Cor. Esplanade
and St. George's Ave.
'PAKKNOTICK that Kr1111.i1 William
1 Caulleild, uf the Citv of vaneoiner.
Bridal) t'olumiiia. QanUamaa, Inlands
In apply [or MftlM in lo lease lhe fol-
!".iiiin dtttnbtd .n.'l- -
('..inliii'li. ing at a pout planted al llie
Houthewiterly corner of Lat(lt,Oroop I,
New Westminster District, theme mnitli
oil   the cant IkiiiihIiiiv of .-ani  l/it HII
prodaaad 27.00 tbtlna, timet west S0.IB
chains, thence north 110" nest I" fl
chains more or less to the northeasterly
corner of liistriet Lot 147, thence sontli*
easterly, easterlv nml nurtheaalerlj
along llie northerly shore of Iturrard Inlet In the place of lii'niiiniii*'. ainl containing sixty-three ai res mure or less.
Ii.ile.1 thii sixteciilli .lay ol Mav. IW
with rs ii nt
Worth Seeing
lirsl of all we ask ijou to
view correct style*. fit-Reform sets the fashions. . ■
What ab|>ears io the fit Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Canada's well dressed men . ..
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
VniBtn Dill Bit  lilt MONtl
Priceless Asset
A (.'mnl sel of Teeth contrihiilc iireatlv to one's health and
liippiness. They add much (o lhe appearance mid more to
the ili*:eslioii.
Neulei! is Hie only cause (or the loss of Teeth. Come to
us BOW l»'i"re it is ton late.
Bl VII Ol B .'BIUIS lllll  NtVII t'lUMSI
lui: Mn| Icclh       U.oo
Bl l(l(|(la ink, pel   loot h  1.00
flow Crowns           S.oo
(llllll I llllll,I*.     | .00  op
Platlna I iliion-*         l.oo
t ill,iilinn  »•
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKf R, Coaaulting Deatiat
407 Hastings ftt., W., Vancouver
HOURS   9 a.m. to 6 p m.
We aollrit thf bu-iii-r-t-i of Manufacturer*,
HnHiicrfsund other* who rtalte tbt ftdrtabD-
i'v of lining thrir pateil tm-mrv* tnnacttd
liy KxpcrU. Prrlin'.naryaflvi'T fr- •■. I
Moderate. Ourlmenlur'a Auvlxr-' Dl upon r ■
r'<st. Marion & M.iH .n, P-'kU, N w York Ufa
W-   Mont" .1    «UtI Ua-aliinvlo*   in*    I   »*
North Vdncouver Hospital
i MMM cm ii
TIRtU    li;,'*Ula. (Jllper lli'l'k
Ward palienls |l per day
Corner l.'.lh >lr.,l anil lV..llt-.,lill IWI
Three Sewing Machines
One Singer for $12 . . .
:    One Domestic for $14   .
One Raymond for $10 .
iillices uilh Mr. Cudney, l.-ucdal.- Aw.
General Contractor
I .anal Ciciiriiij*;, Stump nnd Rati
Hatting, Kxtra cure near house-,
tll ilaiiLU.''*- iiiii'li* pa I.
■ M I • I. i i V M I NT      AllKNCV
• nil HI     Weaat ,,r I.onaaUI.
I* l>. II. ix   ll
Portraiture, Bint Tunis,   Copying
and Enlarging, Finishing lor
Amateurs, I Cl c.
Studio: 2nd St., W. nl lonsdale Ave.
r MirmtiiiT.
IM Fiirnisliiiiirs ai
it iv ,i* niial ile Prieeti go to
Ihe North Vancouver
Home furnishers
lliiKNK lil.'ii k LORIMU IVI
[, Upholsterer
Wmii/dclii.rr of Minion nnd  Antii/at
I'ttiturr .s'l„rr, lifter nml llnr Fnlvrri
KepairniK in All drum I.e.
in llilel HI »'., Hci. Chclcr'cl'l .ml l.na.l.l.
Oppault- Hrhoail
£"^*\lail order.((iven prompt ..Mention
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable mill lit tl itmiilili print,
No Bonn, Sn Scale. No lnini|*Htinn
I,, damage -l"i k. No winalv airrnta to
annoy imi, Ilny direct nml Ket Treed
lll'l Seeds thai urn***.
H'eriili'ers, Reetapplia-a- Spray l'lini|a«,
spr,ii iiiii Mnterinl, Cut Khmer., etc.
I.ldent  i*.Ulili»ln-l    nur.ery   un   the
mainland nl r.niMi Colombia,
i   i'.ii"i; .*  Irel'.
New Advertisements      hm»Sl»»»l«»tlWi»^ FINE   HIGH    LOTS   IN   BLOCK   29
s|, .,*.     Vt
,*.   -a a||
!      ,i. I
D      odi   81
ai«'s Pioneer ilort
Meat market
Roberl Magannli
,     ■•           IV. T. M'irpliy
Si. \
i    ; olio V. .1 ick-*ni
Ijocal 1
■in* iiti   ('hi Council
Tenden Wai
ted—Rout, War*; ,1 Co
Stumping Powder
|   ,  . HI   ElUTOK ill    Till*. EXPII ss.
S \ iln terms oi which
powder is supplied loi
land ' I' iring purpoaei art nol
genera 11. u idi ratood,judging (rom
tin* numl 11 ' i I- iu is ul inquiry re-
a * ivi al mi ilns department, I a|>-
|ienil the  i .llowing  informition,
nhn li I tllinksllOllld Iir |iiili||slie I;
"A cirloid as purchiied it .1
lime, v. lm li   is available  fur  tht
purpose ii.inia al. in lots tO suit ,ll
llli   l.i'.r i'l s.i  JJ    pel  Iion f.O.b.   *ll
tin* worki ni   Naniitno, or it  tba
ne ;it Vii toria
Tie C1' K   1 |ti es to transport
thit powdi'l  lo stations  aloiij,' tht
line ol  railway,   lor  members of
1.mi * 1     Institutes,   in   lots of
■  pounds 01   ini'r, at single
ai. . .-md in  lesser lots
ll double Insl 1 lata,
To all points not touched by tbt
C, P, K . i'iii' Illii is must Bikt
thtii own .ui ingementa for trans-
Remittani 11 and orders sliould
bt ti.in imitti '1 M the Hamilton
Powdi 1 Co., \ it 1.ma. direct
I havi tin honor to be, sirs,
Vout obedient servant,
J. K. Andiuon,
iv put] Minister of Agriculture,
No.   1
Ms Kliiris up lo $1.25 for 65c.
li doz-n s!ii'i- in Hue Kaglig-a**, ivith or without
I'ollair-, in I'ani'i pallerns, regular ft,06 and |l.25.
Also Ktroni W.arkiiii; Shirts in slripen, checkfl i ud
plain blacks, tegular 11 ii'Hind ll.ii'i,
Km' One Wet'kOnly CSc.
No. 2
Men's llools ii|i to $4.50 for $2.50
5U puirii Men's line ,shoes in Viei Kid and liux
Call, hlack or Inn, reliable makes   *
Ainu Stroii*; Workiii'i BikiIh, all solid leather, re*;-
ular price »:l.6tl, f 1 00 and tim.
For One Week only $2.50
iei in-, "in-liiiirlli cash; halance, 6,12 aid 18 months
IW. T. Murphy,
Cor.Etplantdl .ind Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
sometime in tha employ ol tlie
company at tbt Itcul office in Vancouvei ami liis prtienct will
doubtless make tbt local mini|t-
ment tvtn yet more popular with
tin* people,
The first ItcrOltC namo for the
Minto cup will be pliyedoo Tuesday next nl Montreal li-twecn the
New Westminster tad Shamrock
team i,
l'"iirnislii'd Room I'm Kent, close
in, well furnished, moderate rent.
Apply at Tin ExpMM Ollice.
T lu* Dominion parliament, after
one ol the lon^isl sessions on record, prorogues lliis Week.
Thtnktfiviog this yeai will be
on a Mondav.
The personm 1 of the local office stall ol the I* C Electric Co.,
been i hinged,    Mr. Kins; has
led the position until recently
held l■•. lum  and hai been sue
ceeded I*    I    M. Chitlett,  ■   I
Mr. Chitlett was  for
CM I i.ci.rtr-.-r nnd P. 1. I and Surarior
Rail * ■ ■  l    •   i     I* Hi l,
n.lrnetloD, M.|.*, T...ni-
I'.v lloDI,tU
IV . \ IM llt'VKR. II C
lor Boot (ind Shoe Kcpairimj
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. O. MILLS
Piom • i li' sidenl Boot Makei
Lou*   • tbove 2nd Sin 11
ll tl * A. M   Ro - Shoe Store
I: *i.a li M i* : ssi-, l'r**|i.
lull -loa*k ..( l'r.*-li ninl Cured Meals
and li-li kepi.     Alao Dairy Prodscll
and I*r* ill Veyetalilri
tiRDI R8 DELIVERED lo all parti
uilh. vallev.
Hislrirt uf kill liiiinwur
11 M'l l;- are invited bj Iht District
Council (or the i r. ctioa .■( ■ steel trail
bridge,   110 loot   span,  over Beyi ir
River >i"' Iflcations and lull particular! iim I.e had "iiapi.i cation la Donald
(.ni.i rou, I'l-lrii I  I'liwu r, ami tend-
era nml be lodged in il*'* Diitr cl Office,
i : uade, belore H o'eloi It, on the 7i li
daj ..I August, mn
1141 I'll!
North Vancoaver
Transfer r,,;:^M)S
Cartage. Removals)
I 'iireel Delivery,
ON      Hi;*so\.\ll|.l<      I'KHMH
Rolled Oal*
Hai) and feed
lui''. healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, *rrown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale'  Avenue,
at Petty  Landint*
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Dr.A.MdU9r Jordan,piORlia DRY (iOODS STORE
Can he consulted about Eiji
Troubles ut the old stand
034   Hulling.  SI. V.ncouv.r
Cur. 2nd and Lonsdale
Evarthing of the lUst and
Cheapest for Ladies antl
rim.ir health mmm
mum \mm
MILK NdTICK in hereby-riven lhat
■ in iii'i'iirdaiiie »ith tlie provision-! *.!
the I'lihlie Health By-Lew, ul the Citv
nl North Vmii'iiiiver, the Muniiipiil
t'liiincil have cniitrai ted with the Med
Sec iia before Ruing tn Vanoouver to liny
«hat eta lie had in Xortli Vancouver.
chesterfield House
Standing in :l ncres of ground
Corner Ijmsdale Ave. and 2,11 h St.
Dav mid l.wiriliii:: Srlnml fnr Bum
whi kaeaaewl Sept. 7th.
Knr imrlieiilars apply l<>
cut Health iiflicertniitteiiil at the ('in fl i. a al A rIVt  If nnnni wr* r
Hull. North Vane uver,  on   the Kir-' < U 1101       ||flf Mfl      Of
Mnmlav ol each inontli, at the hour . f II I llll          ■•■'■'''IIM
llo'cliH'kinthe lnreiiuon, furthepiii U I   -J Mill I       I Ul U   llll'l
p neol  vaceinating nt  theeir-eii.e "I ■ 	
the city, nil poor ixTwaiiH; ami all other
at their own eipeiiM.
Thy father, mother, or pcri-on having
lliccnre, niirlnre, ur cu.tody ol evcrv
child born in the city, .Imll, wil lun
three nmntliH alter the birth ol mui>
child, take or cau.e to U* taken, the
child, In the Medical I'r.ii'tiliiiner, in at*
teiulaiicc at the nl.ivc appointeil place
l.r the Mtaaaei being vaccinated; nn*
lew Ihe child lm. been prcvi'ni.lv vaccinated by mniv legally .'luiuied Practi*
tioner, nnd the vaccinatimi dull*
c rtiBeil.
City Clerk.
Norlh Vancouver, B.C.,
llth .lulv, I'ii- '.'i-i!
I'l 111,11'   IIK.ll.TII   lEPAITlEIT
TIIK I'Ulll.lC
I KIKII thnl
AUK IIKKI.r.Y Snl'l-
all   e:l-es ill   lllli'i Ilnn-.
cillllllgillU.   nr   cpidelnic   ill-t'll.e,   III II
character danfereoa to public henltli
must l'i* re|s.rtisl lo the Miilii'al llenllh
(ilv Clerk.
Ci'.v Hall, North Vancnuver, B.C.
Julv nth, IMS. MM
mn vunom mil i nm iiutd.. tide mi iw
l   1 ^
■a*        m~-~--~\
«      3
....... s	
'    a
-      3
1       iO,f..
Cordova Street, Vancouver, B.
f.O. BOX .188.
Hotel North Vancouver.
■ i
i       •
i's  iO
HOTEL.                    p
fj.oo per
and up
Rates lor
Ferry Service Fvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
and instructions to sell
IUMM.   I'SIO! ll»
•(ill) A.M.
•«.4» "
8.00 "
8.10 "
».» "
10.15 "
11.16 "
I2.1S I'.M.
1.16 "
2.16 "
:i.l5 "
4.15 "
5.15 "
Ml "
7.15 "
8 15 "
11.15 "
10.15 "
•11.30 "
».« A.M.
WM    "
11.46   "
12.45 P.M.
1.45 "
2.46 "
XVi "
4.46 "
5.46 •'
«.45  "
•Not on Sunday
11UIN* sobiii VANcetivra
•7.20  "
8.50  "
H.OO   "
11.45   ■
10.45 "
11.46 "
12.45 P.M.
1.46   "
10.15 A.M.
11.15   "
12.15 P.M.
1.15  "
2.15 "
3.16 "
4.15  ••
5.15   "
IH "
7.15   "
near ymi.
1   ills IJ.
mora or lata in tlif <'itv of
North Vancouver,
Fnr Plana,  Specification!
ami particulars, apply
ROB!   WARD i CO.,Ltd..
i  iiii ting ■ and IImui t Sti
The Seymour Hotel
|OHN M' INN1S, Prop,
I in ..lui on Sii|iiiinii   |ii|n   I |nr,
uilh li i mllr Irom wharl.
Tins is a lir**l i laai Imli I.
, * ii I" tin
general publii   Good
mmodation aad
■ervice foarantaad
. iii'iii Nortli
Vancouvei lor Vehicles.
rAKI■; MiTIIII thai tlie Cnutuil nl thi'
' Oorporatloe "f Iha t'ltynl Nnrth Van*
i'iiiiht inliii'l- to rmi.truit thi' bral
11.11 ■ r.... ■n.i-iil -it mil in tin* -.'hiiluleap*
1'i'iirini; lu'lnw, lliul inli'inl. t» a.Ki*M Iln*
imaii cost, or a portioa thaieat, aaaa Iba
real property banaSlad Iharebf IrimiinK
or nliiitlinit tliinsui and held lialile (or
s-faainsiil tln-ri'liir.
\ -lul.imlil-li,.«iu(t tin'  luml. Inihle
ninl |.r..|*ii-i.l i" I.* specially a.ww.1 Inr
llu* *.ii.I iui|.r"i'iiii'iil .unl lhe name* ol
tin* nuner- lli.-ra-.if. -m. lar u. the nainr
a .in ba ii-iirliiiniil Imiii llu* In.t reii.nl
;i-.i --ini'iil mil ninl "llnriii«e, ila no»
lileil in ih" nlliee nl iha  aUataMMal
Onmmlas read i" opaa i"r laa|iai lli*a
daring ..Hi.*. Iiniirn.
The * hi'ilule In'Iiih .lum. Ihe etiti-
iniil. .1 . ,,-t "I Ilm llii|.r..ii*lnrlil  mnl the
proportion lo !»• provldadoal nl the
parrel hums "i iha ")t
A li'iirl "I RrrWoa uill !»' held I'll
llie 11th day ol liik'uM.I'M-a.al tin- ln.iir
<>l Ip in , ill lhe rili hall, Nnrth Van*
confer, B.C., Inr Iha |'iir|ioi*e nl I.eariiiK
complaints laaiaal Iha piopeeed ai.e..-
lin*lil.   nr   the    aiaiuriiri   nl    lrntltil|(e
nn ai-nri'ini ni- or an j other eoaplalnl
uhli-h thapamm inlere'lnl ile.ire In
make nml iilni'li I- rnymriihle hy the
THOMAS siiKPliKlin,
A«e«inii'iil ('nnimiwinni'r
Nnrlh Vaneoerar, B.C.,
Hall, July, IIKW
•a lllllll IU III r-KHRKI. Ill
l'n,|«i.til Kstinatad  l>tini«ii*
InptOftHMBl        tnlal mnl  i'ity tnpay
t'li'iiruitf inui iir.iiliiin
Ith Mre.'l, Uin.i'ii
l.nnwlali' Ave , IM
llth -Ir**, I nml lav-
nan nl 1'ifi. .iilemilk
-ii nurtli aide nl »aiil
Cli'iirt'tl Lots, 50x166, in Block 52, on I'ourtecnth
and l''ifU't'iitli Btnata, It $500 ami $525 t'acli; corners, $600 each.   BA8YTERM8.
Two el-sared lots, 50x157 each, south front on
Ninth street, nt $650 each.   Easy terms.
Also a few choice lots on Victoria Turk West.
Iionsdale Ave. lot, hetwecn 2nd and ;lrd streets,
only |32ll0.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Hlock 117, |60O each.  Terms.
A good list of Lots in all part.< of the City, at
prices from $20<> each and up.
Wanted Imm OWBOT U'ta ol food rlme-iii Ixita anil Airfare.   We iiettutiaU' sales
il the pita are right.
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and Fifth St., North Vancouver, B.C.
11 RNIM1ID tlOIII   ON   llll  CtAhT
<—>   i    ■ » ' ii
AN i:p*TO*l*ATK
Kitss: (1.50 PER
North Vancouver Property in Exchange
for Vancouver City Property.
lots in South Vancouver, also an excellent residential
pro|ierty on Ninth Avenue, Kairview.
AiuiRMt orrra.t TO
Express Offlce.
S|hm„,I Iiiii ia lo Fiiinilirs and Ilii-Hlur Boardem
lliilMinur lerry I'nnnei'tinii tn ami from Vaniouver. Hot and cold
water in every MB. Heliirn rnll l»*ll» in every room. Barber
uin.'. in I'linnei'liiin.
Sf.ci.nd .virkk.i,   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B, C.
British Columlid Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars leave the fm I. ndi**| (or Qnrenslmry Avenue, Twenty-first
street anil l.nnsiluli', Wiaill -'met anil Keith Roail as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a. ni., ~ 15 a. m., H:i5 a. m., i> a. ni. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a.m., Alur 11125 a. in., cars *'" leavc Q l"'ns,,llry avenue,
Twent* first anil Looadale IVaana, and Winch street ami Keith Road
at live minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars have Nineteenth street and Quecnslniry avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch streei and Keith Koad as follows :
6a. m., 6:55 a. m., 7:20 a.m., 8:05 »• ■•• K:45 a.m., 9:50 a.m.
Alter 9:30 a. m. cars leave the Ferry I.andinR at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to thc hour.
153'   All boats are met hv thc cars.
Ill 11 III 111 HISS


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