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 __ .,u0i
Now 0|>en
W. r. Lake
Tbe Welcome Parlor
65 Lonsdsle Avenue
Candies, Tobaccos, Fancy Groceries (r Delicatessen
Picnic hmi'lii's Our Kpcrialty
Kbort Orders Berted
•t All Hours.
' l,e>" Atftntb, "~	
iania VNCOUVEK, B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE % 1908.
There were present st lhe session of the council on Monday
evening, Aldermen May,Crickmay,
Irwin, Wheeler.Smith, and Braim;
Mayor Kealey presiding.
The following communications
were received: —From A. Philip,
C.M.C, acknowledging receipt ol
letter re railway legislation and advising that Councillor McNaught
was appointed to represent the district on the committee to be appointed. From W. P. Peacey,
secretary of the public school
board, submitting extraordinary
estimates as follows: Balance unpaid of supplementary grant 1907,
f6oo; for purchase of lot adjoining
school ground, $900; for proposed
additions  to  school accommoda-
only by consultation with the contractor.
Aid. May referred to the difference of opini.iii at last meeting between himself and the mayor with
reference to the repeal of a former
bylaw relative to ferry matters.and
submitted documentary evidence
of the correctness of his position.
The mayor freely conceded lhat
the ferry loan liylaw of 1903 was,
upon motion of Councillor Gill,
seconded hy Councillor Kealey,
read for thc last time and finally
passed by the district council.
This bylaw was afterward repealed
by the council without reference
to the people.
Geo. H. Morden called the attention of the council to the undo
tion! I4500; total, I5900; referred I sirable growth of thistles on streets
to finance committee. From Bond
& Sweet, Vancouver, with reference to a proposed road to reach
Ihe lower level of property between
the city and Lynn creek. The
property through which this road
will run is owned in part by the
city, the district and the province.
The district has agreed to build its
portion of thc road, provided the
other parties will do likewise. The
letter asked that tbe city agree to
open up Third street, in a line with
which the new road will be built;
snd also to lend its influence to induce the provincial government to
construct the road through the
provincial lands. The scheme was
endorsed, provided the road be
made to connect district lots 204
snd 273, the city's work to be done
on the local improvement plsn.
The city solicitors, Messrs. Taylor, Ilulines & Innes, wrote giving
advice with reference to the repeal
of the ferry purchase bylaw, and
enclosing a draft resolution for
adoption by the council, in order
that ths vote of the electorate may
be taken. Under the properordei
of business Aid. May and Braim
moved thc resolution which was
carried unanimously. The resolution reads as follows:
"Whereas, the city of North
Vancouver lerry purchase loan bylaw, 1907, was passed with the assent of the electors to enable the
corporation of the city of North
Vancouver, to raise by way of loan
the sum of $175,000 to purchase
the shares in the North Vancouver
Ferry & Power Co., ltd., and the
whole interests of that company.
And whereas, the said bylaw has
not been carried into effect, and
the council desire to obtain an expression of the wishes of the ratepayers as to whether the necessary
steps should betaken to repeal the
said bylaw.
Be it resolved that the following
question be submitted to the ratepayers by plebiscite:
Shall the city of North Vancouver ferry purchase loan bylaw,
1907, be repealed?
And thst  the vote of the ratepayers bc taken on the question,
Yes or No, on the       day of
A.D. 1908."
A petition from property owners
fronting on the street in question
wss presented, asking lhat 16th
street, between Lonsdale avenue
and Chesterfield avenue,!" stump
ed and graded. Referred to the
board of works to report.
Mr. Smith, ss one of thc property owners on 3rd street, appeared
before the council and stated that
a petition had been circulated
among the property owners on the
street, ostensiblv to the effect lhat
crushed rock be substituted for
gravel in the improvement plan
about to be carried into effect.
Since signing the petition it had
been learned that the petition
sought likewise to effect s chsnge
in the award of the contract ss
made by the council. Mr. Smith
stated emphatically that it is not
the desire of the property owners
to interfere in any way with the
action of the council in awarding
the contract. The mayor stated
the petition referred to had not
been presented to the council and
that therefore no action was required.
A. W. Sargent spoke in favor of
the substitution of crushed rock
for gravel in the 3rd street improvements, provided such change
could be made without additional
cost.   The mstter can be arranged
and city lots and suggested they
be cut before they had opportunity
to spread.    Board of works to act.
Aid. Braim reported that in the
course of blasting operations on
4th street, a huge rock had (alien
through tlie roof of an adjoining
house and serious consequences
narrowly averted. The aldermen
took strong ground against careless
blasting within the city, and th
mayor promised a stringent application of the terms of the bylaw
relative to the use of explosives,
were complaints made to him in
Contractor VV. H. Stoney, upon
request, advised thc council that
creosote stain for the roof of the
city hall could be secured in Seattle, but not in B.C. Aid. Braim
was ol opinion that tar would be
preferable (or the roof and cheaper. The consensus of opinion,
however, was to Ihe effect that the
creosote would preserve the shingles better and would be more durable, so that the extra expense oi
J50 was fully justified.  On motion
of Aid.  Irwin and Crickmay, tlfr'-' juie aH-McNair'scamp, 8 am
contract was ordered to include
creosote stain for the roof.
A grant of $100 was made to the
Horticultural Society, with the
promise of an additional grant at
a later date. A grant of f 75 was
made lo the celebration committee
for July ist, and a grant of $25 to
the Year Book of the board of
trade. The matter of watering the
streets on July 1st was relerred to
the fire and water committee.
A report of the expenses incurred in the submission of the Wallace Shipyards aid bylaw was submitted, showing s total of £163.40.
The city clerk was instructed to
forward same to thc Wallace Shipyards, ltd.
The liquor traffic regulation bylaw was read in part and subjected
to many amendments.
Dominion Day Notes
The celebration committee had
s special meeting Tuesday even
mi;, which proved one of the most
satisfactory yet convened,
From the progress report made
by the finance committee, it was
evident lhat thc sum of fiooo is
now practically assured, and this
amount will be considerably augmented as the result of arrangements completed during the meet
ing. This committee has experienced great difficulty this year in
procuring funds, chielly for the
reason that there arc so many ap
plu ants for subscriptions in the
held at the present time. An additional (250, however, will provide sufficient funds for all purposes for the civic celebration and
the committee confidently expects
that the amount will be forthcoming.
Thc report of thc field sports
committee showed certain amendments, which were of a very satisfactory nature to the general committee. Arrangements are completed for a baseball match between the Vancouver Athletic Club
team and that of New Westmin
ster. These are rivals who have
met on many hard fought fields
and who put up a high grade of
-amateur baseball. The field sports
programme as it stands at present
is substantially as follows: Baseball match; 100 yard dash, open;
three-quarter mile relsy, open: preliminary wrestling match; greasy
pole climb; 100 yards dash, local;
quarter mile obstacle race; half
mile, local; wrestling match for
championship of Pacific coast
(lightweight), between Venderbill
of Seattle and KenShaw of North
Vancouver; pole vault, hose reel
race, tug o( war, etc.
Considerable discussion took
place as to thc advisability of hold
ing thc wrestling match in the
evening and putting on a lacrosse
match. The field sports committee thought it would be best to
give thc evening entirely to the
Horticultural Society, so the matter will probably drop.
The aquatic sports committee
have a varied and attractive programme in course of preparation,
but find it difficult to definitely
conclude arrangements, because of
the uncertainty as to funds. The
1111,miliums opinion was that this
programme should go on as ar
ranged without subtraction.
The music committee have engaged the New Westminster band
for the day. This aggregation
bears the reputation of being the
best urass band on the B.C. coast
lt was decided that all monies
are to be paid to the treasurer, H.
K. Heffell, and that all disbursements are to be made by cheque,
signed by thc treasurer and G. J.
Phillippo, the treasurer, upon the
production of a voucher signed by
the chairman of a subcommittee.
Aid. A. E. Crickmay was pros
ent and on request of the chairman
addressed the meeting.giving helpful information and making several excellent suggestions.
Thc meeting adjourned, to convene again Friday evening.nt 8.30,
in the city hall,when a full attendance is particularly desired,as final
arrangements must then bc made.
Mountaineering; Dates
Following is the programme of
the Vancouver Mountaineering
Club for the season, the objective
points of the climbs being all in
this vicinity
July 1—(a) Grouse mountain;
(b) Crown mountain; leaving by
4.15 or 6.1 j ferry on evening of
June 30. Members will be notified
of special arrangements of sending
packs to Crown creek.
July 5 Gnat mountain; 8 a.m.
July 12—Lynn valley, 8 a.m.
July 19—Grouse mountain and
down western divide; 8 a.m. ferry.
July 26—Indian river; leaving by
Saturday evening boat and returning Sunday evening.
August 2— Esgle harbor, 8 a.m.
August 9—Deep Cove Saturday
evening boat and tramp back over
Seymour creek.
Civic holiday—Crown mountain
leaving 4.1 j or 6.15 ferry the evening before. Arrangements made
re baggage.
August 16- Dam mountain, over
Grouse; 8 a.m. lerry.
A trip to Garibaldi will be arranged about this dale, particulars
ol which will be given later.
August 23 -Seymour creek; 8 1.
m. ferry.
August 3" liiuiise mountsin
and down eastern divide; 8 a.m.
September C and Labor day—
(a) Granite Falls, transportation
arranged later; (b) the Lions.
Special arrangements made for
packs lo be taken to lhc Capilano
September 13—Dome mountain,
8 a.m. lerry.
September 20- McNair's camp,
8 a.m. Ferry.
September 27—Grouse mountain, 8 a.m. ferry.
ters for early.Magoons for medium
and Paxtons for late, marketing.
The fruit bearing quality of these
vines may be judged from the fact
thst on one plant 360 berries were
actually counted and yet there
were many more. The berries are
unexcelled for size and flavor. Mr.
Radcrmacher has likewise 2500
running leet of raspberriej and al
so a large number of currant
bushes, etc. He is of opinion that
the strawberry season this year
will be short, owing to the backward season causing the berries to
ripen very rapidly and within a
short period. The supply is likely
to be very plentiful during the season of ripening and buyers will secure best satisfaction as to quality
and price by not delaying their
purchases to too late a date. A.
j. McMillan has arranged to handle the entire crop of strawberries
from these gardens.
A Commendable Move
A commendable move has been
mad= by the local lodge of Pyth-
ians,in that initial steps have been
taken towards owning their own
hall. Tuesday evening a special
committee reported on a number
of available building sites, the
choice falling upon the south east
corner of 4th and Chesterfield, opposite the public school The site
is 100x120, facing on 4th, and is
all cleared and graded. The purchase price is I2500, extended over
18 months, the initial payment being made Wednesday. To finance
the scheme and to provide for the
ultimate erection of the hall,a joint
stock company is being formed,
with s capital of 1125,000, divided
into f 5 shares. These will be sold
only to Pythians, the local lodge
having thc first refusal on all the
stock, eventually owning the structure outright. The members were
quite enthusiastic over the scheme
at the meeting Tuesday evening
and before separating upwards of
200 shares were subscrihed for.
This move ensures the permanency
ol thc lodge and speaks well for
the progressive spirit of such a
young institution.
St. Andrew's Church.
Home Grown Fruit
What can be accomplished locally in thc raising of small fruits,
by the employmenr of right methods, is splendidly exemplified in
the results that may be seen at the
gardens of K. Radermacher, on
Lonsdale ave.,near 22nd street.
Three years ago these four acres
were in their wild stale, and today
they present a most inviting prospect to thc one who appreciates
fruit culture. The most notable
feature of the gardens is thc large
area of strswberry vines, covering
three acres, containing practically
30,000 plants and comprising three
varieties, namely, Crimson Clui-
The services at St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church on Sunday
next, will both bc of a special nature. In thc morning thc Com
iiiiiniou will be celebrated, which
should ever be a season of comfort
and stimulus. In the evening thc
newly appointed principal to the
B.C. Theological college will oc
cupy the pulpit. At a great hnan
ciai sacrifice, thc principal has accepted this task, and such a man
is ever worthy of being heard.
Moreover, he has already won a
name for himself in thc pulpit,
having ministered to one ol the
largest congregations in the east.
He is (ast making a name lor the
college and for himself as principal. The congregstion is sure lo
lie delighted on Sunday evening,
and a hearty invitation is extended
to all.
Wedding Bells.
On Wednesdsy, June 24th, liar-
ley Ackley snd Annie Olive Barker
were united in marriage at lh*
hoi.ie oi the bride's parents, on
3rd street. Rev. B. II Balderston
was thc officiating minister. Thc
bride and groom were attended by
Mabel Bell and Clarence Ma. I 'on
aid, both of New Westminster.
Following the marriage ceremony
the guests sat down to a sumptuous w'd.ling breakfast. Mr. and
Mrs. Ackley, accompanied by
Westminster friends, look Ihe 2.45
boat. The newly wed couple will
make a tour ol the coast cities be
lore settling down in their homo m
the Royal City.
Specifications for the steel superstructure of. thc new Seymour
iro.k hridge have been completed
by District Engineer Donald Cam
cron and tenders will be called lor
n the near future
Arrangements have been completed for the plumbing, lighting
and seating of lhc new Horticultural pavilion and the work is
moving along rapidly.
Mr. Macl'hcrson is about to begin operations on the erection of a
building on Lonsdale ave, near
3rd st.
R. Mclnnes purposes opening a
butcher shop at Lynn creek.
Wanted.—A boy to learn printing.   Apply at The Express.
The S. & M. Trailing Co. have
opened a new grocery store at
Lynn creek.
The date for the rebate of taxes
in '.he district expires on the 30th.
Money has been coming in freely.
Sixteen members of the Mountaineering Club made an ascent of
Grouse and Dam mountains on
(,'uite a number of local Pythians
attended the memorial services ol
the society in Vancouver on Sunday last.
The Boat Club purpose holding
a regatta on Dominion Day. The
club has moved its quarters to the
Cates wharl.
The  bridge   across    Seymour
creek, on   Keith road, was  com
pleted yesterday and is now ready
for traffic for light rigs.
Certain needed repairs were effected on the ferry St. George on
Tuesday and Wednesday.while she
was laid off for inspection.
J. Bullock, Carpenter and Saw-
filer. Filing a specialty. Orders
to be lelt al North Vancouver
Hardware Store, Lonsdale ave.
In thc last issue of the B.C. Gazette, G. E. Jorgenson gives notice
that ho will apply for a license to
prospect for coal on Otter creek.
"Driver" Miller has signed for a
ij-round boxing contest with
"Chic" Hudson, of Seattle. The
event will take place here pn July
Mayor Bethune, of Vancouver,
is expected to bc present at the
opening of the Horticultural pavilion on Wednesday evening next,
July ist.
K you want anything of Tin Express, ring up phone 80. That is
Ihe number of one of these modern
appliances installed in this office
during the week.
Thc improvements are almost
completed at the Vancouver landing of the ferry. The accommodations will be much better than
at thc old wharf.
John Mclnnes has been granted
a license for his hotel on Seymour
creek, the district commissioners
so deciding at their meeting held
Monday afternoon.
Joseph Litatien removed to the
city last week from Lillooet with
his family, and will build a house
on his property, corner jth street
and Chesterfield sve.
On Sunday morning next Rev.
II. II. Baldcrston will take as a
topic, "A holy discordant." In
the evening the subject will be
"The lile ol John Knox."
The repair work being done by
lhe city at the Ottawa Gardens is
proceeding rapidly and thc results
will show a vast improvement in
the condition ol thc grounds.
Mr. Peers is building a home on
4th sl. near Lonsdale avo , and al
so intends to build a second ono
on 4II1 st. near Iho arlmol. These
houses will be available for tenants.
G. A. Jarrett, representing tin
widely known financial firm .Kim
bus Jarvis & Co. ol Toronto, was a
visitor in thc city, Thursday evening, conferring with tho City Council in committee ol thc whole.
Manager Bunbury ol th* local
tramline is making extonsive preparations for the handling of the
crowds on Dominion Day. All the
cars have been overhauled and an
additional car will be brought over
from Ihe city
MscDonald I IVrrival have recently installed a plant and established the Burrard Woodworking
Factory, on the KspUnade, foot ol
St. George's ave. They are prepared to manufacture all kinds ol
inside fittings, turning and bench
Mrs. Parker and Mrs Rich favored the congregation at the
Methodiit church last Sunday
evening  with  two  solos, which
were highly appreciated. The reappearance of either of these two
ladies on any future occasion will
he most acceptable.
J. Lounsbury has a herd of 14
head of cattle on his ranch on Seymour creek and has established a
dairy business, under the name of
Lounsbury Dairy. Now that the
Seymour bridge is completed, Mr.
Lounsbury is prepared to deliver
fresh milk to all parts of the city.
Messrs. Holt and Dougill have
been awarded the contract for the
approaches to the new Seymour
creek bridge, together with the
abutments, for the sum of I.1775.
This firm has just completed the
grading of the Seymour water-
works road lor thc city of Van}
Mayor Wesley Millard, of Cumberland, was a welcome caller at
The Express oflice Wednesday.
Mr. Willard is now filling the chief
magistrate's chair in his town for
the fifth term and enjoys the highest popularity among his constituents. He is interested in property
at the mouth of Seymour creek.
J. Kingsford Smith and R. H.
Duke returned on Sunday from a
holiday trip up the coast, in Pete
Larson's new motor launch, the
Alma. They went as far as Moon
bay, about 45 miles from the city,
intending to make only a short
stay, but were unable to return
earlier on account of weather conditions.
Last Saturday afternoon the N.
V. sailing club held its fourth
weekly race, the contestants being
the Napanee, owned by W. B.
Bunbury, snd thc Cuttysark, owned by Messrs. Campbell and Burnett. A stiff breeze was blowing
and gave the marimwaall tha work
they wanted. Tha Cuttysark won,
making the series two all.
Thc outing held by the congregation of the Methodist church, in
Lonsdale Gardens, Tuesday afternoon, was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed. The approaching
rain threatened to make it uncomfortable at times, but the downfall
held off until all had had opportunity to do justice to the good
things provided in the way of refreshment.
The current number of West*
ward Ho, Vancouver's leading
magazine, is very attractive. Every
department develops srticles of
peculisr interest (rom the standpoint of the west, dealing as they
do with the possibilities of the
west snd coming from the pen of
writers of the west. The next
number will contain a sketch oi
the life of Sir Wilfrid Laurier by
the editor, under "Man I Have
The new Ellwood bl.uk,'on the
Esplanade, will be ready for occupancy this week and will be conducted by Mrs. Pollis, under Ihe
name of thc "Esplanade Cafe."
The <" .nul story is arranged for a
thoroughly modern apartment
house of eleven rooms snd will be
tastefully furnished. The ground
lloor will be opersted ss a first*
clus restaurant,ite cream parlors,
with fruit, confectionery, etc. The
establishment will open for busi-
ii 11 on July ttt.
The boat house of the North
Vancouver Boating Club took a
voyage up the Inlet on itt own responsibility Tuesday. W. B. Bun-
bury.accompanied by Messrs.Fyle,
Brcwitt and Dr. Campbell, procured P. Larson's motor launch and
essayed therewith to induce the
boathouse to change its resting
place from its time honored position at Lonsdah* Gardens to Cates
wharf, adjoining the ferry landing.
When well out into the Inlet Ihe
boalhousc yielded to the mild persuasions of (he summer winds and
decided t.i part company wilh the
launch, proceeding accordingly in
precisely the opposite direction
from that which had been intended. Before a tug could bc procured in response to a "hurry up"
call, the boalhousc had successfully navigated at far as Ihe Second
Narrows, where it was recsptured
snd safely conveyed to ill destination. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
North Vancowsb. H* C.
0, K. SMniiKiiiN'.vi.K, li
11.  M'alllal I,
Builnesa M^r.
The Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radius ol 12
blocks ol tba oflice.   All outiide
this district is placed in the pott
K it. s ni Subscription 1
tin, i, 11 •        .<■*'"•
Bit montht *5"
1 in* 1 months -     ■        -■'S
United Statet ami Foreign, Si 5"
par year,
Ail lubtcriptiont mtttl ba paid ia
Any person not receiving ibis
papei 11 gularl) trill pleaaa notify
tin* ofice. N 1 papei stopped an
lata notified either by lettei or curd
Nokiii Vawcotrvsa, JUMI 16,  1908
Thoro an many > U tm ms which
play a more or less important part
in the attainment ol protperoui
conditions in any community.
Many of ihete ar.- contributory, 11
sitting tli. volume ol that protpei
ity, while some ol them trefundt-
mental, comprising tbe principl I
which ,111 vil.il to prosperity.  Hsr-
moiiy tmongtl the nu unbars and
the dittcn-nt sections and inti matt
ul th.* community constitutas one
ol those 1111.loi lying principal      ll
i,   ,1   prolific  source from which
spring  manifold   possibilities ol
growth   and progress,   whu li tr
othi'iwi-o 1. attend impossible,   ll
is a v. ni.: ,   r.in.lora'sbox, mad)
to yield innumerable forms ol community anrichment.to which n
tanii'it bo had un mi "tlior basis.
Tliedevelopinoiit.il hottileopin
ions as tt) the management ol tl
fairs ami tha ineffectiveness ol
.    — means ...lopi' al to harmonize
those dill, rums, hat  proven the
meruhss reel upon ''huh SUD] I
cohmiercial   venture  of   gtnuini
merit and ol paal pottibilities ol
wealth production has madt sin].
wreck.     This is   the   negative
view   ol   the   topic.        ll.e   al
sence   ol   this . Iein.nl ul cordial
tgreenicnt,  ol mtdinen t" hai
monize  dillereucos, which  is  so
mischievous   wli.i.w   BUS   sn
placed in sseociated ta Ittionthipt,
is particularly baneful in civic life.
At.thu same time that ivil an n.i is
the place  ol all  others in which
conditions are the most favonbll
for the dovolnpiii' nt "I tl*' • i'
gteltablc diflerento,    In the cil)
are  lound   competitivi   intensts
cumuieicially and Uttgonittic in
tcrcsts morally.    H( i'   an found
widely divergent Opinion! as to in
dustnal   questions ami public is
sues.   Here aro in evidi aos mindt
that look at .pn stums ol civic ad*
ministration Irom diffennl viei
points and  arrive  at coni luaiont
thai are   opposed tn mi h Bthef,
Hue are s... ial tympsthii . nlig*
ions sympathies, p   lit il   ympt
tn ■ ,. ami iniiiini' t.il'l' kindred in
Ilm noes «lm li in ol,   * I pot
sible sleavagt ia tht 1 immunity
In tho mi ul in • population
there is 1 on aid. 1 ibli I ititude, allowing lor iln- pi,iv "I lli. so dis
cordant elements within certain
mints.    Wlthoul   anv   ippncilbll
impairment of the welltn ol the
comiiiiiinti I   sin h     lint in the
city of small popalSttOS I voiv 1 il
1 umstante   that tends in llientti
tie* svmp,iliu.sul individuals M   I
.ns o| the 1 ititeat,ii 1
matter and   pnjudicea ni.itermlli
the proliabilitnss of progress com
mensurate with nppiittunity.
Mam nl the diasenaioni thai
spring up in companthn l.
f itiss have then inception in really
trivial tausSS, and am allow, d to
up 1 ma e iltofethct dlS
pr"|'"ilinii*it'    lai   Ihur     'I
These' iiiiutti rmenta arising from
minor causes an tin* tnnf tnml*1*
*    and   Iks   more dlllicult  to
overcome, bet tun they ate nnu ,1
SOnsblt in thoir very origin, am
the man who htrbon them is con*
scions that ho is la tiding himself to
an action mmm tin Ins intelli
genes and Ins manhood. They
uro also the nnno regrettable be
cause   Ihey   would  have   lucil so
easily overcome in Iheii aarlj
itaget, bj ile- ' mi ite "1 t littl.
wholes.inu* commootente.
Every cititen owet it to himtell
nnd  i" the community to shake
himtell lo * I > thi influence ol
petty conti li rations, 10 rise tbove
thou iiiivvoiiliy emotions Ihal niton epl I" tween him tnd hii fellow
. in/en**; to li ,1111 In  bold bit own
opinions while allowing In1* neigh
,   a|       (fl     a|al    ||,,.    *.,|f|a**     .    lllllllll    ill'
si, tiding topi rtonalitiettnd * nw
l.ss ettrangemeult; to lie broad
enough to ditagn e front others and
yet to agree to diatgri 1 * tnd to
work htrmonioutly lot thi promo.
tion of tin common weal It augurs well ior iho. ommunitj when
1 iii/. ns tdopt as Iheii s.iii* .I policy the determination to minimise
their differences nnd to magnify
ihi'ir agreements, so thai tlie entire
1 ivii ordei mav be cemented into
.in hai ioui structure, in which
, v, iv l.n lii  1 oi,:its lm  lis Utmost
in the promotion ol the welftre ol
the whole,
S\ li. 11 n I iln m* senium Bit tn .it
all applicable to conditions in
North Vancouver, or lo what ex-
t. nt thoy in thus applicable, it is
not for 1'iis article to presume to
state. In any cas», hero's an appeal to tin manhood Ol every citizen, in the name ot OUI ciiy and
.1111 home.
SHOES I        SHOES!        SHOES!
The response to out G ET ACQUAIN 1 I -1 > SALE has boon splendid
for which we thank you. Wonderful as our prices have been tbey
will be still mon so this week.    We have replenished our stock with
new Inns and oiler tin 111 ll Maker's Prices.
Itt tur loss al present and your gain.     Should toe he out of your tite you
uin havt them next day from nr Granville St. Store.
Every pair we sell an* inapt, bul sec those few:
l.a.lics' |; ihi i'ini \n*i Masher Cut, salt price |1.78     uirl»' Tan Viei i batten
stout sole., regular 12.11 -ale pries tun       Men'* Donfi.li BltwbarOat, Me*
I'rc'i.lvV 13.60 snlo I'rii'.' |S,H    Men'- strong Working Butt, rtaalu tl*TS nale
price$1.75,     nirls', Boys', and Infantt' Bneetill rtllahla
Uini with practical Shoemen of 50 year'i experience, who can make
th, in and Know tin* points ami qtutlitiet of iho shoes thoy sell.
Agentt foi Ihe Leckie Boott, McCreidy, Tbe Bemford, Miss Canada
old Country tnd The K Hoots.
-.DURESS    "DUD C* -jUIN     it. ii.ihie Mi'm ••1,11.
Sin I 1/ nr toStnti,ii'n lit cry Store
Repairing   Bi si ol leather and workmantbip,   COR. Lonsdale & nd
11 tlo 1 SI oft
North Vmcnvir
PNiinr 17
lor Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
jo to THOS. 0. Mll.l.s
Pioneer Retident Hoot Maker
Lonsdale Ave, above 2nd Stre. 1
ll the A. M. Koss Shoe Store.
-..mill VANCOIVIt
ve,Mi| lilt-Week lulling July 3rd
Ml Cos-tot St.
... lfc**J**f
ll-o.. HS)
1 inner nn First streei.  flue business i>n>s|»cti. This price lor
a. lew alaya only
'no «i're, i»rily clesrul, with .lurk on, HevenlMntti street.
l.i.Hronliii|on oilsws iitr.ltus sn.l with Ann view ol Inlei
lust look »i llie price.
Villi.KH I'KMIKKS iinirki-tl "Tender,!
" iMIi Slreel Grading" uill in' received
In tin* undersigned, up toSo'cloch P U.
mi Monday, the wli dav ol July, IMS,
lor the Cleirlng, Griding, tnd [iraking
f I .Mil Slreet, lii'tl.eell Sl.All.Iron i'l ill .'I 	
Ri.lgeway Avenues, 898 leet or thereby. I _„„___. .   ,
., D       ,.    . ,,, ,' I I'.MH'.Hs* mil Ihi received on or l.ef.ire
lirauiiL's, S|„,*,l„*,, ...ns and Boner.   „ M.,„.|:iv, .1 u,„.~>t 1., f..r Alt, r-
l,'i,'l,l,,.,,..,l    iiilrai'l nii,y  leiililnin.il     ^ ^ A(J(,. £
1,1' »' ItheOtyKiiflneet. of 4th and Cbeaterlleld.
Rich lender innsl lie ueompMltrd liv     |,„„,.,t or anv tender lint nece«-nrilv
I lllairk.'.l ilii'i|lle eijlllll 1" B I'er it'll t. "I   ■|ii*i|iled.
the un t "I the nnder, and the ine*     Drawinga ninl BpedfleatlaM inny 1.*
.-(ul Tenderer musl provide an ap- losuiatthenffleenlthenQdenlgned,
Nexl Tuesday 1 evening the Inial
lodgi «'l Oranfemen will hold an
ice 1 ream so. ial ami entertainment
in their hall. Vancouver bn thren
will pay iln in a visit on thai 0111
lion. M.iM'i Ki ,il) hat contend .1
to act as chairman.
I 0 I N D
proved  u'liaia.'ii.'e Inr the Stttsflctflry
e.iin|i|eli.aii "i llie Contact.
The cheque, ol iiMuocat-sful tenderer!
■Ill lie tetliriied In llii'lll ll|i.lll the el-
o.iili.iii of llie t'nnlra.'i
The lotfetl nr nny tender not nere--
sarily accepted.
THOMAS siii'.l'llKlili.
City Cnrk.
Civ llall, North Vancouver, B.O.
June 18th, Inns. Is-*!
111 l.iin-.lnle Ave.
FOUND A Canadian Dank ol
Commerce, Saving. 1 >.u)k Depotil
Hook. 1 be OWOef mav i'iiii ui'
the same at the Express Office ap
on proving propi 11\ ami piying loi
this ,ulv.*rlisi ment.
When you intend building
.1. i -w nun
llrnnrli ll(lnr, Iminlille Att„Cit), I'l" tt
Sn. .V.
Ilrml Ufii't nml Mill, /../iiii ('uti, BaC,
NoiHAI Si limn , Vim 01 VI I,
BBAI.ED   TRNDKRS,   npencrlbnd
0 "I'en.ler Inr N'.rini.l rtchool, Van-
iniiver," ..ill I"* received In the lion.
llie   Chiel   ('.alllllli-iiillier  ll|i I" lll.'ll ill
U.al I.u.ili,* IMhJilljr, l'«i-, forth*
pn 1 imu ind completion "I the \"nn;il
Hchool at Viineiiiiver.
Iinminiria, ipeclflcttioni, mul contract
lum u Im* »i*'*n mi ind liter the 22nd
,,l,l , IHOH, al the nlliee iii tll! I'ulilli
IVorki Kiini r, tin* l.ainl-un.l Works
|i-|.:irtni'*iit. Viet'iriii, ami ill llu* oflice
01 Mi — r*. I'liirei* ,v Hope, Areliiliil-.
Vaneoover, B.C,
Much |,r.i|..*sai ahall heacoompanlcd
liv nn mi i.|'i'*.l Iwnkchequeor certificate
ni ,i,*|,a..u ian I. chartered imnk "l Canada, made payable lo thi Hon, lhe Chiel
• ..ssisisj!— i r 1,1 Landt and Worki, in
lhe -lllll . .1. 'lie Ihlill-llllil (l,IXKI|.|iill*ir«.
..lai.li-IiiiiI liedirl.iie.l If the part) ten-
ilering dci line to enter Into 1 tract
u Inn called n|i"ii to do m. The ehequei
■ ar certificate! ol nuncotwhil tenderen
uill lie returned to them "i the tie-
1'illi.ill nf tlie.iililralil
The cheque "f the inetMilol lenderei
uill I.* returned upon his htrniihlng 1
bond -.it 1 -lii. 1..ry to tht Iimi. tin* Cliiel
i'iiiiiiiii-i"ii'*r in ihi'siiiiinl fifteen thou*
-ai..', iflo.OOO ilnllart, br the doe iiillil
ment nf Um contract,
Ho milder will In* ii'ii-iilireil unless
inn*! 11 mi the ("iin mRdled, ilgnwl
.mii the aiiniil tignatureol the lerwli r
• r, .m'l encloK *l in the envelope lur*
The Inui*.I nr any ttndtf Ml ■
laril) leeeptod.
I'uiiiir Wtrk I'.i-I.  *
l,.ri.l. and Ma.rl-s /ifpurlincnl
I"!"..!, B.C., I'JlhJuiie, OOt, IMI
Beg in innounce that thoy
have purchited the Drug
Store .it the Corner of Cnmbie
ami Cordova Streets, Vancouver, li. C.
This Sinn* is conveniently
situati '1 tor pattengert by the
N. Vancouvei ferry and we
hopi (nr a ihtre ol your butt-
Havt youi doctor phoni
youi pii icription to us and
we will have it read} when
you go 11 the ferry.
Hnve yoni parcels sent
lion* for yon. we will take . ,iro
ol them till you call.
On. of tlm proprii ton tl-
wayt in the store.   ■
Frt'sh Hill, ilvliuml |l;iih In
l.e.ivo Ord. rs at Kxpress Ollice.
For a thoroughly good, reliable n-hool Htee
[or girl*. iiiiiI BUM we are carrying a lull line
olgi.Bl wiliil leather shooii in Ikix call and
d.mg.ilii uilh .nni 111011 leime toea and heels
ALL ftl7t»
From 8 to 10  SI SS
"   11 to   2  t.SS
"    2 to  5  S.TJ
Tlit'v Will Pleaso You in Style and
Sntisfy You in Wear.
51(1 Hasting? Street
"The Obliging Drvgginlt"
Cor, Cnralaiva md Cambie n
Vanoouver,  B.C.
House and (IllIK ll
Painting, Deoonting,
Paper llsngiug,
Qraining, Sinn Writing, Kalsomining, i
little better than most
Wall Paper, Paints,
Varnishes, "ils, Qlasa,
Stain, Ac, as clieap as
ymi can gel snywhere.
samples ond Me; U U m
Pioneer Hardware
Phone IS I. WALDEN  LoiwUleAFint8tE
Sole Agents lor McClary's Stoves, Kan(*es, Kurnacet,
Sherwin I Williams' famous Paints.
Just arrived—Our season's delivery of Paints, Varnishes, etc., from $1 50 per gallon up.
1.11. mm 1 n,
North Vanoouver, H. C.
Esplanade,  North Vancouver
Ut ami til Cordova Sired
hr Famous "Hub1
men, |5.00.
Shoes for
Suimmr   Suits   from 18.00.
Men's imll
iHli-rw car
Large Cabinet
Grand and
Upright Pianos
That we are selling
at the low I'riee of
ONLY $375.00
W.iininleil   lor   five years.    Full
Metal  Plates,  Douhle  Repeating
Action, Pure, Sweet Tone,  Com-
hineil with Great Power.
Terms, fio cash: lal. Sio a month
This is only one sample.    Wc sell
ibttSM nukes nf l!pri(*ht l'ianos
For Furniture,
House Furnishing and
at Reasonable I'riccs, go to
The North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
Qutntiliy Surveyor mnl Architect
Kot'-n-H Stri-tt, CoaKr* I -inmiai.i Am
(Tcrtiiinus of Keith
Koad Car Lino. . .)
Ofliee—New lhoiiiptoii Illock,
I.aan-ali.li* avenue.
11. Hi.li'iiluil wiirk 1 s|*eiiiltv.
P. 0. Ikix 3.1
North Vnncouver, B. C.
l-..i'Rsisei:  In sll II. tirtnrtiM.
Vim...     I'I.i .1 .),*!  llaalr.iilli*.
Timm:- lltrilm.Hl, • ,**! r tn.t Fir.
MMSOT lor the IVinunrrcial
I'riite.'tive Soeiety*
llffire:—Knurr St., K. or l/imoiu.
ns lo lu
Everything for Mon at Right
189441 Hasting Street
r.iiii-iiiii/r'l l.aniat I'iatm llmitr
Ice Crean»
Soda Drinks
Etc., Etc.
Get the Habit
J. Davis \ Stiii, l'i ops.
delivered daily to all parts
of the City.
Orders left at the Express office will I    promptly attended to.
Pioneer Bakery
between Esplanade & First St.
S.W.Walker, ■  Proprietor
Fresh Hrend daily, 10
loaves for $1; 4 for 25c.
Ctkl, Pastry, etc.
Daily Deliver*, to All Pari, ol City
mo*u H       71 Lonidale Ave upptarwttf to ®f|e Sxpras
Free School Books
The provincial government has
completed arrangements for the
supplying ol Iree text books and
the system will come into lorce
with the autumn term. The scheme
includes hnth piltilic and llllll
sell....Is, and the hooks to he provided include readers, arithmetics,
exercise and copy hooks. The initial cost to the government will be
130,000, Blank (onus of trustees'
agreement,with requisition lor free
text hooks, etc., are being distri-
luili il throughout the province, to
gcthtl with circulars giving list ol
im iks to he supplied, application
l.irnis, and all necessary diiecliuns
The new order ol IniagS OOfhl to
operate smoothly from its incep
shall and Messrs. W. I'hilip and
C Cioss. Mis. I'hilip and Mr-.
Gillam played the part ol accom
palllsls. Mis*, Maggie I'hillips
gave a racy recitation, while Mrs.
Dougal charmed all with her elocutionary power. The Ladies'
Aid embrace the opporl.initi ..I
thanking all who contributed to
make such a pleasant and successful event.
A Law, architMt, is asking lor
tenders lor the proposed altera
I Huns to the public school.
Lynn Crerk Notes
The valley is growing.
Mr. Anderson is also progressing
favorably with his sprained ankle.
The home ol C. 0. Olsen on the
pipe line road was blight, ned last
Friday, by the arrival ol a young
We are happy to say that J. M
Duval is  able  to be about again,
tllOUgll   it  will be Slilllelmie llelme
he will be able to do any work.
Once again we havi' to record
the atrival of the st.uk in th. valley, this time at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Crawl.*., 011 W.duesday
lasl, with a lug booming In).
11 Holland who has just airunl
linine Iroiii the (lid ( iniiitii. is
having his lols all cleared up, and
is making aiiangciu. nls to build
as soon as the charing 1. done.
I. H. Vi' hers, n| iln 1 ontracting
firm oil. H. VicluisA Suns, Nottingham, Eng . who came over
with Mr. and Mrs. H. Holland,
has made up his mind to reside in
Successful Social.
The annual strawberry and ice
cream social of the Presbyterian
church came off with great success
on Thursday afternoon and evening, l'cople came and went all
Un* time, taking with them more
than they brought and leaving behind ihem tangible tokens ol their
goodwill. During the afternoon
the sale of work went on briskly,
wh ilt* in the evening the younger
element made things lively with
the icecream and other dainties.
A splendid programme was provided, chief among the artistes
being Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Livingstone, a quartette party consisting
of  Misses N. I'hilip and A. Mar-
The Order of Eagles.
The Eagles are good fellows,
who believe in doing good to their
lellow men. Thev aid the sick,
bury the dead, and ill], a I sunshine
into the dark corners ol life.
"WhooOOTi 1 gii.th to the poor
hiiiletli to the I.a ml" is a quotation
Irom the bible, lhe Eagles have
a large luml thus invested, and are
nut looking for either interest or
pun. ipal. Their mono "The
iaults ol out lu.iihers we write on
the sands, their virtues on tablets
of love and memory," onilains
more Christianity tlmi all the
church creeds in chiisiendom. If
an Eagle goes hungry it is Ins own I
l.iiilt, if bis family is ever in want,
it i. be. ause 110 'am* know. it. I
Tin ie ate im Eagles 111 county 1
shrouds   ur   buried   in   pauper-'!
gl.IV' s
lii.   Niiilli Vauinii.'er A. in  had
a very successiul  tDMtiog in then,
llall on Wt.dues.lai I leiiing, when
ll'll    IIIW    IlleUlli.lS    Wl I'* .i'l'lell tai
tlnir niinii" 1     I in Distrii I 1'ep
Uly l'resi.lent was pi.i ailed upon
to keep the .barter op.11 until July
the Kill, to give some nth. is. win.
wished to have then nanus en
glaual on the charier list, the
privilege of going in on their Mil
meeting night, and they hope to
im im mam nnue, as it is their
ambition lo have North Vancouver
a model ,n nc
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
K o'clock.
All are welcome.
Puton Rev. J.D. C.illani. MA.
Mi llli'IH-1    I IH'KI H,   N.   IV.   I MISS
Morning service, 11 a. m ; Sun
day school, .2:30 p. m ; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayei meeting on Wednesday
tvtoing at 7:30 o'clock.
l'i.-aching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. ro.
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B. A.
INI'IAN   UliSlilN.
Sunday Services Mass at 9
a. m., Sundav school at 2:30 p.m.,
Hi 11. diction at 3 p. 111.
Pastor : IvVv. E. Peytavin, (>.
M. I. V.G.
MI'llsl  1 III Ki II, ilkVM.K IIAi.l.,
l.ilN'SllAI.K  AVKNL'K.
Sen ie,* at 11 o'clock a. m in
the Orange hall ; Sunday school .1
the close ol the service
Pastor :    Rev. David Long.
All are welcome
W.c.T !'. meet, third IVeilnemln. in
em li niiintli al IJS |i.in .in M.Ainln .'«
I'r.-lntcrian church.
Wallace camp, Sims nf Scotland, tin 'Is
►eeonil Wclne.ilui ami K.nirtli Tin rs-
'lav in K I', hall.
Nnrlh Vancouver I. 0 I. No. IMO.im -it
-H'cnii.1 uml fourth Friday, in mon li.
Local Meetings
Church Notices
si jdhn's iiii i.vani.h.isi,   i ikmii
ANIi 1HIKTK.IMII   sl nr 1 IS.
Holy Communion, n a. ss.
Morning prayer, n
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday in the month
there will he a second celebration
of the llnly Communion at nam.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Knights nl I'ylhia.. Si-mnl ami  Iniirtli!
Tuenilav. s -. m.
lllileiii* I'lnl,, lir*l Moiiil.y, H pin.
I.el.    Mii'ial"".,   weninl  ami  fourth
Horticultural M--.-I ni«, Stand W.liii*--
alm   s |, ||a
liremen'. I'r.i, iiae. even' Kriilav, '.'Ml.
(in I'oiiniil Mi'iini*, Mmnlav, M p.in.
Iii.lriel Coiini'i1 Mectii,**,lirsl mel ihml
I'ri'lavi, .1 H p.m.
land olTraile, Thir.l Tucila., Sp.m.
Itoarilnl Trii.lt- Kxecntive, lir.l Tuesday, H p.m.
School ltoar.|, Kirst I'riduy, 111.,
fAKK S(lTI('Kth»t llie t'onnfil iif lhe
' t '.ir|-< rail i'.n ..I the City of North Van.
caaii'er iiiteii.lit to .'"ii.Iruet the la.al
liniiroveiiienl -el out in Hn* nehtilule ap-
|>caring Iu'low ami inten.l. to ass.'.* I lie
tinal Mlt, or 11 |mrtion llier.'.'l, uixm lhe
real proper!, lienelile'l therebv froiiliiu
or aluitiiiii! tlieri-iiii ami lieltl liable lor
■MaWMM lli'Telor.
I -laleineiil slinwing the liiiel- liahle
and pNOOtwd In Ih* spi*. i.ill.* a-M*.«i*.l (or
lhe sai'l iiiiprnvi'iiienl ami lhe name- nl
tin* owner, then-ill, so far an the si	
an tn* BKCerlaineil Irom th. last revis.sl
ai-*'**iii'*iil mil mnl otherwise, is now
lili'l in the oll'iei* nl the Awssnicnt
Ciininiis.ioneraml in h]h,h Inr ins|«*i 11 >i,
ilm uin aitliis* hours.
The schedule below shows the esti*
innleil eii-t nl tlie impr.ivenienl ami tht
prn|«irtion lo lie provided out ol the
general luml" of the eity.
A Court III    Itclisii'll    Will   he lll'lll   nn
the t'atli dav ol July, I'His, at the hour ol
S p.m., at the uti hall, North V|M*>
ver, III'., Inr the purpose of hearing
1 nli,plaints against lie* pro|»nMil assess-
in.-nt. or the aeeiirai. "I frontage
inenHureioetiis nr nny nther emuplsiial
which tin- putttM iiil'-re.teil ile.in ia,
make mil which is i'i-*-,ni;.iihl.' hy lhe
THOMAS siin'iiKiin.
As.essmi ul ('•iiiiiniin.iniier
N■ >rtli Vaiii-oiiur, II.C,
IM .inn", MS.
M-iiuii'La MPMM 11
I'mi.nai'il Rftiroated   Kstiiinl,*
liupmveinent total co-t ill) to pay
lirieliiin nf IMIi Slreel
Loin,en St Amlrew's
nml  Ki.lg.m.y Ave..   |l,M«i      llilisi
Ni els to keep in touch with what is going
on in the City       :        :       :      :      :
always gives the latest, the fullest and thc
best information from a North Vancouver
point ol view. Vou ought to subscribe for
Ths Express. Enclose one dollar in an
envelop.* mill -*OOI iddrSSS and M will do
the rest.      •       SUBSCRIBE  TODAV. ttpplfltifltt ta ®lf? £xpra.a
NI'M BER  19
Free School Books
1 shall an,t Meaira W. Philip and
'    1 loss       Mis. Philip ami   Mrs.
,, • , , 1     Gillam playi d ths pun ol ai com
I In- provim lal   giivernitient haa '     ,, ' ,„  .,
,, I'.inisls.        Miss   Maggie   Phillips
ciiniphiil   arrangei i*-  lot   the ' , .,   ,,r
, gave a 1,1. v recitation, win. Mis.
SS     .Ilia]      7 *
. harmed all with hi 1 1 lo
The   Ladies'
> ing of   lice   text boo
ihe  it '-.i.ili   will come mt.1 tun e
.,*,       , 1'inn n. in   power,
witli the autumn term. I In* scheme   .  .      ,-   '      ,
_., ,, III        VI,I    . Ill I If .4. '      tile    oppoltllllltV    III
. lea   l"'lli   public   anil    high ... ,,      ,       * '      .        .
, .,      ,     a., thanking   .1     who  contributed to
s. li s, and the  book, to I"  pro        ,       ■ ,
,   ,       ,    , , ,, make su* li .1 p easalil and -in cess
\ 1 le I mi Iinie lead, is, arithmetics,  , . '
,, . 1 nil evi lit
I copy book.,    inetm-j 	
iiti ...st 10 the g"Vi*liiUient will be
.1    Blink forma of trastOH'    A Imo, architect, is asking for
agf. ii.int.with n-.p isiiin.i tor lie,   lend, is   lm   the   proposed   altera
text books, etc., are being distri* tiona to the jioWh school
build throughout tha provtno  to 	
g, thai with 1 oculars giving li-t ot
bunks 10 be supplied, application
,   . attar) ditei lion. 	
I le  new order ol  thing-* OUght to       I he   Eaglet   an   good   lellOWl,
He sm.Hiililv iinin us incep   who beltevi in doing good to thaii
lion. il Hot   men.       I Iny   lid the sn k.
,  bury tin dead, and inject aunahioe
into the dark corner.ol life.
"Wli'"-in \* 1   g,,i lh tn the poof
lendeth to thi Lord ' illquotation
iiaiin ihe bible,     I In Eaglet 1 n\•
The Order of Eagles
Lynn Creek Notes
I li' i.illev is growing,
Mi \ii'h is.iu ii alio progressing ,, _-t ful„i ibiis invented, and an
lavorabl) with Ins spumed ankle,
The home of ('. l) Olseii on the
pipe line road was bright! ned last
Friday, by the arrival "I a young
We an bappi I' ii thai )  M
Duval   is  aloe   In In about again.
imi looking lot ' iliu 1 mn 11 s. hi
pun. ipal. Ilnn    DOItO   "Hi'
i.uiiis ol mn brother! wa write on
lhe sands,   llieir virtues OS ISbll ts
ol lov. ami memory," contain
innn chriatiamt) lean all the
. hun h .i.i ils in Christendom,   ll
.111 Kagh* gins bimgiv il il Ins own
though il will be wmetime belore|(tuUi ,, ■,-, |lliim l>lU.l mnM
il   is   I". ,1 1 ■*    11     knows   i>.
Prayei meeting on Wednewlaj
S O'clock
All are welcome.
Paator: Rev, J. I). Gillam, M \.
Ml llliilU.-l    , III K. II.   N.   W,   1 OSNI I
nu i;in -1   IND IT, 1.1.no.l's
Morning icrvice, 11 1 ■ ; Sundaj s, hool, sj:)o p. in . ev, ning
73a, p.m.
Prayei meeting on Wedneadaj
evening al 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley oa
alternati Sun I ij lib ra-oona,
Siind.,1 s. I I ai Moodyville at
11 ,1 ne
ReV.    It.   II     B.li'1. ist.lll.    B     A
N a IK I II   1 1\. Ml II H   I   lllllll I,
Silllal.ll St Iim - M.i-s || a,
a in., Siiinlav seined at |:)0 p.m..
Pen, 1 In Iimi at J p. m.
Pastor:    Rev.   K.  PiWavin, O.
m. 1. v. <;.
IIM'llsl   I III Ki II,   iiKlM.I   IIMI,,
InSslull     l.lSll.
Si nn a at 11 o'clock a. m  in
iheOrange hall ; Sundav school at
the close ol  iha senn I
Pastoi     R,*i  David Long.
All are .v. |i oa
»', T I'  meet- third U.*lne.ihi> in
,*n,*li 11111111I1 ill 1 :ill p 111   111 MAndn .'.
I'n-Inlerlan eliiireh.
Wallace camp. Seal ol Seullainl. i
M d Wednesday and Kuiirth Tin r»-
'l.i*. 111 K P. hall.
Nurlh Vanc.iiiver 1.0 I.  v.. lslO.m. 'ts
s. nd and f.iiinh rriduvs in nion li.
I]   Wotk.
Ill    Wl
(lioi again w, bave to i
the arrival ol tin nork in tie vai
ley, tins nn e ai iln home ol Mr
.in I Mi- i rawley, on Widneada*
i.isi. with a big I ' iiig b y.
II ll iltand win, has pisi arrived
i,*.,n,   inun tbe old i nry, is
hiving ins lnls ,11 , h an 'I Up, Ifl I
. making aningi nu ms to build
« ii lh  ■
j II Vkken, ol th* i onlracting
inu. *'i |. H. Vii ,.* i* ■• Soni, Ni I
lingiiain.   I'.'ig .   wlm   I Iffle    0VII
With   Mi    and   Mis   II    ll"l and.
hai  made up lu
in I
Successful Social.
1 in* mnual itrawbi u. and io
, n am   104 ial  ol  thi  I'n ibjrU rial
. imnh Cam "ll witli gn ll lUCCtM
Ofl   Thursday ifteiDOOfl and cun
illg.      People ».irn•   Slid w, nt all
lie   imu ,   taking  with Ihein nnil'
than tin v brought ami li iviog I"
hind tin in tangible tokens of lli. ir
.-.in.     liming   lie    .ili'iii'ioii
thi iati of w .rk went ofl briikl)
Whili   m Iha   evening iha vonngei
lively with
tli,   ii < in am  and nther dainties.
\ spi, I,,ia,i programme v.a. pro
.    ' ill' I     a-l     ng     '
being Mts. Miller, Mi    Li ing
i |uarti ip part) - omitting
Ol   Missis   N.   Philip and A. M ll
I In n     .in    DO   I'.aglcs   in   COUDI)
iliroudi   oi   buried  in  pa *
I ii* North \ a.i* ouvi i Ai iii had
,t .■ i .   IU< * ' 'ig in I in 11
hm M U ■ I •       * iiiig, when
nn new  no uil'i-is iv. n added i"
tin II   llllllll" I. 1 III    Dlslll.t   Dl p
un Preiidi nl wai prevailed upon
lo ke, p in. i barter opi a until July
the Mb. to gn' tome others, who
Wished   to   hale   their   lialllt s  en
gravi al iiii tin i barter list, lhe
privilege ol going in on their sail
me. nog tught, and thai hops to
n ii in- main iiniii, as il is thaii
ambition to have North Vancouvei
.. i, a d< 1 ..' rie.
Local Meetings
Knights "f I'ylhias. -eeoiitl and  I nnrlh
Tllelulav. S p tii.
Uhli'ticl'liili. I'ir-l M Uv, n pin.
I al.    Mi ■ .iIm-i*.,   -ecui'l   ami   fourth
llorticnltnral Mi *        - nad IFedsa*
'l».   S |. lia
I ireini'ti. 1'r.i.iiie. every Friday, 7.M.
.       .   nneil Meeting,  Mi.iidav. s pm.
Iii.lru'i Cowicll Me. luig.llr.t nnd lliird
Trial.ii.. at s |, ii
B  ir I  *i I'-adi*, '"url  Tue.'hi', I p.m
Board Ol Trade Ks's'ilive,  I'ir-l
'l.t v. S p.m.
School Hoard, I'lnt Friday, a p.m
TaKK NnTK'Kthal Iliel'mineil,,(il„*
' I iirpiraliniiol lhe I uvuf Nnrlh Van-
enmer inlind. I** cn-inul lhe l/.'al
liner,,.. in, nl .,1 nlli ill lhe M'lllslllle up-
peeringbtdoe ami lateadi tOaUoen ihe
iiunl e,i*i. nr a isiriimi thereof, aaea the
real |ir.a|aa*rn lieuelile'l ilnnl'V (t> >ii 11 ii _•
OTiihiiliiiig llien-iiii   and held liable mr
■ lal llnrelur.
A -laieiiaiiit ihoilnfl lli" lands lialile
and ftttftmai I" b. -p. eially a-s*css<*il Inr
the -aid iiiiprnieiiietil nml the name. "I
the in* tier. tlliT'Hii. so far as the Millie
ran he ii-cerlaiiosl Iruin lhe Inst nil-, I
.i— --iii'iii nail iiiiiI  "iherwiw, is now
Sled in  ll line  uf   the   A.ws.meiil
I '>,iiuiii..innerand i- 0**M hi iiis|H'eti"ii
during niiiee bean,
The mhtrrlale Mow »lni*. the esli*
malisl *.a.i ,>f ihe imprniemeiii and lie
proportloa to I.   pr.,. ule.l out ni the
gl'lieral (llll'l- of lhe I ll.
At'ourl nf  lli'.i-i'.n Hill Im* held on
lhe i.ih da. of July. Urns., al the) ml
s p in , at llie i it. hull, North Vaiicmi-
nr, III  ,   l,,r  lhe   iiiir|Nm> nl hearing
complalnta against tin* profMed»	
innil.  nr  the   aci'iir.i..   of   Ironluge
aa. ol.  or any nliter complaint
niinii iln* |*er-,aii.   nil* t,"U-l de.ire I ■ >
inal" I ml,ich  i. ogiiiwhlc l*y the
\--* -.in. ni i'i on iu isslomr
Norlli Vinicoiiier, ll i
IM June. I'"'-
miiiiii i.i Hirs.aniTo:
I'mi*"-'  I I -tallillleil     Kslimsle
liiiprn.rmeiil li.tal lift  cilyUipiiy
i,r.i hug ,.l loll, "tri-cl
i.'i .wen -I Andrew'i
and Rldfeway I.e.. Il.nou     linim
Church Notices
s|   JiilISs llll l.l 1M.I I l-l, II W.MII
l\|a   IIIIKIH MII   -IU *
Holy I oiiiniiinion, I a. in.
Mm dog prsjn r, n
Bvi ning prayer, 7*30
(in the lirst Sunds) in tie month
tin-re will be a mi nnd  1 eleliralimi
of tin 11 ,|v ('.oinmuiiion at 11 a.m.
Ki 1 lot ■ Rev, Hugh Hoop 1
IT, asm 1 V   1 i'i -I i it mi\ 1 in 11 11
sIMII      iliil
Servil is   Will    b'    1 Ollilui I* d    II
Mul 011 Sands) In tin pastor.
Sundav School, 1 )0 p. m.
Si un -■ at Moodyville school at
7:3.1 p. 111.
Ni ea|s io keep in torn li with what is going
on   in   the  City :       :       :       :
alwavs gives the latest, the (illicit ind thc
In st information Irom a North Vancouver
noinl ni view Vmi ought to subscribe h>r
The ICvptess Enclose one dollar in an
envelop, with 'our addlOSS and we will do
This council met last Friday
evening; all the members present,
with Reeve May presiding.
Lambert Bond and E. Philip
Gilman were heard as to opening
out of the road from Moodyville
east to 204 by the government and
(rom there to the waterfront. The
matter was fully discussed and attention was called to the promise
ol the government last year to
open out their part of the road; in
lact, work was actually begun. The
council decided to support the appeal to have this work continued
to completion, and to assure the
owners inleicsted of the council's
willingness to continue the road
further as soon as possible.
James A. McN.ir called attention to the old Lynn creek roatl
through his property and asked
that it be opened out; relerred to
the engineer to report.
Mr. King, secretary ol the L.O.
L., invited the council to an ice
cream social on the 30th. Accepted with thanks.
The secretary o( the Capilano
Improvement Association asked
the council to endorse their petition to the Dominion government,
asking it to build a wharl at English Bay. Resolved to write Mr.
McPherson, giving the necessary
endorsement o( the request; also to
ask the association to adopt some
other name than Capilano lor that
section, as there is already a Capilano townsite and a Capilano valley.
J. L. Cripps was allowed (15.50
(or boulcvarding in front of his
property on the Lynn valley road.
Board ol works was empowered
to have a road provided for T. H.
Bullock, in Lynn valley, and to
have a footbridge placed oyer the
Mr. Bunbury madereply regarding right to insist on electric lighting on Lonsdale ave. Referred to
solicitor to report.
The secretary o( the Horticultural society invited the council to
the opening gathering at the exhibition hall on July 1; accepted with
The city clerk sent resolutions,
recently adopted re railway legislation and suggested that thc district council appoint a representative to the standing committee on
that subject; Coun. McNaught appointed to the committee.
A plan of subdivision of part of
D. L. 673 was submitted; relened
to engineer lor report as to registered map. The engineer was
asked to procure copies ol Mr.
Dawson's new map for each mem
ber of the council.
Tenders for the approaches and
concrete abutments ol Seymour
bridge were opened and relerred
to the committee ol the whole.
The financial reports were submitted and authority given to pay
the men's wages, and the price of
the school site in D.L. 784.
The finance committee made re
port as to grants asked for, and it
was resolved to make these donations: Us lor Dominion dav celebration; f inn towards cost of exhibition building.
Applications for a number of
ihort roads were considered,where
settlers required access to their
homes; relerred to thc board of
works, with power to act.
The Lonsdale ave (north) local
improvement bylaw, (or the purpoie ol grading that avenue to the
full width from the city limit north
one mile, was read a mi I lime.
The engineer wai asked lo make a
report on the work and probable
cost belore final paasage of the bylaw.
Thc Capilano road bylaw, to appropriate the necessary road reserve, waa passed.
The firearms restriction bylaw
was alio paased,prohibiting shoot
ing within joo yards from any residence, subject to certain exceptions.
A memorandum to the government, on the subject of their undertaking to the purchasers at thc
recent land aale, was considered
and adopted. This memorandum
is in answer to the suggestion of
tlie government that their grant of
Ijooo last year was in fulfilment of
their undertaking. It appears that
the roads necessary to open up
these lands extend to over 16 miles
and will cost about (34,000. The
council's reply is that they never
knew of the undertaking till about
three months ago, and thai the
grant was made in lieu of lost
taxes on these lands. The clerk
was instructed to forward the
memorandum to thc government.
The council also authorized a
letter to the government,regarding
the road to Dr. Swayne'i mine, on
The A. M. Ross Co.
ait impoiihni sai 1 or
Get the Ross Shoes
il you want
satisfaction for
your money.
300 Pairs Men's Fine Patent Colts, Gibson Ties, Fine Quality, Kid and Tans,
bought at a great sacrifice for spot cash enables us to give the Men and Boys
of North Vancouver an opportunity to buy High Grade Shoes for one week
at what one pays for the ordinary kinds.
You will find among the lot Ihe McCready Shoes, the McPherson, the J. I). King's and some
very fine American makes.  We will also put on sale the celebrated Nettleton's at reduced prices
J4.50 shoes for one week S3.95.     $3.50 shoes in fine kids and tans for one week $2.90.
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Boys' and Youths' canvas shoes all sizes 50c. a pair.        Men's plain grev canvas shoes
all sizes 90c. Boys' (2.50 fine leather shoes, solid leather soles $1.95.
10 doz. Men's 75c. and 80c. working shirts on sale at 50c. all sizes.
A snap in Boyi' ti.oo and J 1.25 Sweaters lor 75c. in fine navy blue worsteds, colored
neck bands. Men's 50c. Suspenders 35c. a pair.
For your Overalls, Ties, Shirts, Underwear, etc., go to
The Inkster and Ward Building, 3rd door north from 2nd Street on Lonsdale.
Lynn creek, and to lorward a copy
of the lollowing report from the
"The present means of access to
the mine  is by  a skid road and
bridge crossing the Lynn, immed
lately below the intake of the wa
terworks ol North Vancouver, ant
by a trail (rom the end of this road
following tbe side ol the creek to
the foot of lhe rise in which the
mine is situated.   The skid toad
only extends to a couple of hundred yards above the intake, so
that practically the whole of the
wav is by trail.
Considerable work bas been done
in clearing the trail, in bridging
streams, and in widening where
the liver banks are above trail
level. The line recently surveyed
by the l>. C. Electric Railway Co.
continues practically on or alongside the trail.
For considerable lengths the
ground is soft and would require
puncheon and some of the higher
banks will require to be cut down,
but otherwise no engineering difficulties stand in the way of making
a roadway. The clearing ol timber and stumps offers no great difficulty.
The mine tunnel is in 250 or 300
feet above Ihe Lynn side, and this
is about 200 feet below the openings or crosscuts made lor locating
the veins.
With the proposed roadway running so close to the creek, abundance ol good roadmaking material is at hand, and judging by the
hurried trip along the line of the
proposed road, I estimate that the
sum of S5000 would enable a serviceable road to be constructed.
This estimate would mean a road
to a point abreast ol the mine in
thc valley. In estimating it might
ie advisable to add 15 per cent for
contingencies, making the total estimates f -,,'S ■'
In addition to the mining prospects, there are fine bodies of timber along the route, around the
mine, and stretching north and
south an untouched loreat ol cedars.
On thc 15th imt. I instructed
Foreman Eva to go over the route
of the proposed toad, and when in
ths valley to examine the mine and
operations Ihere. He has been a
miner the greater part ol his lill
and has had experience in tha
American mines. He quite concurs in my estimate (or the road
and that the difficulties in construe*
tion are only ordinary. In hit de*
acription of the showing ol mineral
111 the mine, he is most enthusiastic, deacribing it as the most extensive in his experience and the
mineral as most amenable to treatment.
1 felt that without a report Irom
a mining expert, or the inspector
ol mines, the municipality would
nol, in the present state of settle
ment of the valley, be justified in
Incurring any large expenditure on
thc undertaking."
ing through it and the ceiling,
striking the stairway, where its
course was arrested, because ol
hitting one of the stringers. Had
it not fortunately struck the stringer it would probably have gone
on through inlo the room occupied
at the time by Mrs. Cant. Ion, with
possibilities of serious consequences.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for despatch as lollows: I 'i Vancouver and all
points 8 a. 111., 11:15 •**• ••' ■ 5:45
p. Ski (or Lynn creek, 11:15 a. m.
Mails arrive: Vancouver and all
points, 9:10 a. m., 12:45 in., 5:45
p. m. j from Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
after 11:15 a. m. should be delivered at the wicket.
The American citizens of Vancouver purpose celebrating the 4th
of July in this city, holding forth
on the grounds ol the Hotel North
Vancouver. A big turnout is expected.
M\mm & nn™
Real Estate and Insurance
I. IFF—The Sun Life Assurance
Company tf Canada.
FIRE— The Phitnix Atturance Co
of London, England.
TIES- The Empire Accident
and Surety C*.
kill Vancouver Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Garden Tools
hunt Mowers
Poultry Netting
House Cleaning Requisites
I'tiiitts antl Oils
Iliiildrrs' Hardware
■TAKKNOTU'K that Francis Willian.
1 Caulleilil, ol the City ul Vancouver,
British Columbia, (ientlenian, intends
to apply Inr permiraiin to lease Die ful-
limine described landlt—
Coinini'iicing nt 11 post planted at the
sniltlieaalerly corner ul l.,,t s||,iir,nip I,
Raw Westminster Pistrict, thence south
on the eaat boundary ol said Lot 811
product'il '.'7.110 chains, thence west 303
chains, thence nortli 30> west 17:12
chains ignre ur less tu the northeasterly
corner uf liistriet Lot 117, thence south*
asterlv,   easterly   and   northeasterly
along the northerly ahnreol Hurrard Inlet tn the plaee ol beginning, and containing sixty-three acres more or lets
Dated this sixteenth day ol May, WOS
Vol UK I* li,*r. I*. HI,. 11 il,«l',«:,*l l,'li,l,*ta
•' willl* rirnveill.) the Ilnn Ih.'.'hii'll'.im
1111-.1..11,1 ai tin* I..n*la atttl Work.  IS'i'.rl
Mia  II! V'trlOrlA,    UP     Ia>     DOOD    OD     H I*' I ll'-'l«\
July 1.1, HUM, Irom Any i*ra,,ii who miy tleilre
In "Main .  .peels! 11 ill Ih- r  ilnn.a*, ninii'   tin-
|T,avi-i"ii. ill s,-, man .-,7 ol the latin Act. (or
Ui, tmi|i,i-a* <*[ rutllna timber from tbe follow*
lb|  al,*-,   I ll"',|   l.llal*   ;
1 "inui'ninii* at a pant I'ltnte.l Al the north-
I'.al , aatiu-r ol  Lot Sill,  New  Wfahnilialer till*
trlrt: ttieure we.1 *- -ai > ii.uia to tbe nontb-eui
corner of Lol j.tr ; ibenre north tl i Ii.iiia to
lli,* -aaiiih w-'.i corner of Lot 2,123; thence r..i
ttlf* ih.in. to the nortb-WMt comer „l Lol
l..'a«i.ll:,*na*e."l||h.Vii'll«llia|,i I..II l.M.1. llll'l. 1*1*
..■■ai 17 M, li.iu* lo Lol 111*.; ihenee norlh 11.90
i ta.lll* to point ol I "lumen* ,mint
Tbe competitor ottering the htgbeit CAib
bonui will bt entitled to a ipeclel timber
licenM covering the limit, renewable .iiuullv
for a term ol iwent*:*one   tart.
i.a h tender mu.lbo addressed to the Ilnn.
the chief Commllal.iner nl 1 .ml. And Work.,
Virtnti., aecuri'ly w.le'l .nil marled "Tender
for Timber LicenM," And mu.l be AccompAnii'.!
by two in.rind cheque., one cheque being for
ll na a.i, the imounl tii tbe nnil y.*ar'« rental-
.ml the iilher lor Ibe Amount ol bonui len,
Alli*he*|ii.*i rciiilri'in be pAytble to the or
de   ot tbe t'blcl Commlulntier of Undi and
W, lkl.«t I'li.l Victorl«.
r. J. Fl'LTON,
i'lilfl('iimnilaai.aii,*rai( Und.end Work.,
Und..ml Work. Iieptrlmciil.
ViciorlA, I.e., imii Mat, im. IMI
fool oi Lonsdoie he.
Careless Blasting
Careless blasting wai accountable lor considerable damage last
week to the new house of David
Cantelon, on 4th itreet. Some
parties clearing a lot directly opposite his house managed to dyna
mite a piece ol rock, ai largo is a
man'a head, into the air and across
the itreet, where it alighted on thc
roof ol thc house and went crash-
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ihcBrackmao Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Worth Seeing'
Lirst of all we ask i)ou to
view correct styles. Fit-Reform sets the fashions.. .
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fit- Reform
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tlie digestion.
Neglect i« the .miy cause for the loss ol Teeth. Come to
us NOW belore it is tno late.
Bl AD OUR PRICtft       lllll NtVIR CIUNH
rullftet.f Teeth      IJ.oo
Brldoework, per Tooth        I.M
OoM Crowns        I.m
•old rilllngs         I.M 4
Pint Ina r IIIIim)*         I.M
I <.IractIng la
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKER, Consulting Dentist
407 Hastings St., W., v«ncouver
HOURS  9 ..in. to 6 p m.
We solicit the bnainm of Munuficturfri,
Knj[itif*riandotheri wh-> rraliir the a<lviaal>il-
ity uf hiviog their 1'v* nl tmniirvi trinMcted
l>y KxperU. Preliminary adTin free. Charges
moderate. 0*r lnventor'1 AdvUeri-wnttipoti re*
queft Mar It in* Mutton, RfgM.. New York Ufe
Md*. Montreal I aud Waah.,.1, t.,a. D.C. I **.
I. prepared In do all kind* ol work
clearing, grubbing, Htiiuiping or rock
blaating. Work done by the day or by
Kitra care taken in blaatina near
houses ami all damage iua<li* gi»«l.
Aililrea-i, Si'iohil niliii \Y., ii.-nr bum*
dale avenue, or I'. U. Ilm II, Nurlh
Vancouver S-H
Three Sewing Machine!
One Singer for $12 . . .
One Domestic for $14 .
One Raymond for $10 .
Office* with Mr. Cudney, lonsdale An.
ii mm imi m
(Ml IhImm ... a. i. i..a w,.,**
'mom ia»
Kill.*..).. Hrlille.. W'.i.T I'nati'ta, Kallm.lr.
Hii|*i*rl*il,*ii'lrli'*» "I I'nn.lrili'lliili. M.|*a, Town.
•llu, MliiiiiK i l.lni'.-ail, Dlvlil.ini.elc
111 HmIIh|> M. W,
."KVtll   SI., .'Mil  ANII   I.'IMMIHH
For 1st July
Order Early.
NOTE —Our Dressmaking
Department \s able
to handle all orders
in future.
.1/milfoil"irr  ol   Million  owl   .(i.li*,ul
I .a-nitwr Stott, Office and ftir Futuni
Repairing in All llrancliei
17.1 Tlllr.l HI. IV., Hei  Ct-MWlfltlll >Dll Untaaa-lt
OppnalK HcIiikiI
£aT"M»i I orderi given prompt attention
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prlcM.
No borers. No Scale. No Fumigation
to damage (lock. No windy agent* to
annoy ymi. Ilny direct and gat Tree,
ami SiM'ilii that grow.
Ferlili-ers, Bee Suppliet, Spray Pump.,
Spraving Material, Cut Floweri, *tc.
nldi'Kt I'.tiil'li.ln-I nursery on th*
mainland of llrltiah Columbia,
Catalogue Iree.
New Advertisements
Dairy—J. Loanibury
Sllia,*..       tV00d al   S'lIlS
Ri pali Ing  T, 0, Mills
Found   tpply llii*-dili..'
Importanl ule   Rom & Co
\i.iia*i to Contractor)'   \, I,in
-a*.niaiir Hotel—John Mclnnii
Local Blrawberrles—McMillan'i
[atrial i ii Kalo—AV.T. Murphy
Chesterfield Houae—A. II. Bcrli	
i uv i.e. etc.* Capilano Lounge
Na.rili   Via ivw   Hospital   MImm
♦'+«H**l-.>-(•♦■(•♦•I♦ lOrOOt, • tr-t i*-l*-l 0»*\tWt%*aM*M*.MW
Sa hool a loaei I iieidi* lot thc
W i iila.alwin ii i rei ting ■
reiidi m *   on  Mii  il .   iie u  Sl
I .        ! '    a
|ohn  Mi Iimi-' op* iiei In*- ni •
**■: S MiH'iir ci**i It,thii Wl ' I,
1 ii* big ' vent oo Dominion dij
uill Li i h i ii ball match, betwi i n
iln V.A.C - "I Vancouvi r ind th*
N, w \\'i iliniiisl.i tcniu.
Cit. W'.ii' rworki I'or. man Peck
ii porti !■ > "ii five watt i i onm i
tioni in*i'n  during the month ol
June,    lb'  tntiil for the year thus
far il 125.
1 hi mii" aitructure <>f tha I., nn
creek Inui.' is making nttafactory
progrm. flu* itael is son all in
plai *. and the bridge should In
readj   loi   traffic  in   ibout  two
Chesterfii hi House, a high class
• 1 boya, will open on Sept.
■tb, inula 1 the direction of A. II.
S riven, B A* Ii ii located al the
com.r ol I. nidala ami 25th, an
li 11 -Jill n.lid groundi compriiing
Laceki t Joe, "I Ihe Indian Mia-
siim, f.iiiinl 1 motor launch adrift
off the booming ■'round early this
morning, 1 ha boat ii about 18
b, i long ind ivhen Eound was 101
1 re 1 i", 11 invu lact Tha boat
is now moored ll lh<' Mission.
Tin* priii a lor Ihe local Dotnin
ion day celol ration will include six
gold ni' dai . even tilvet mi d ill
and two 110 'li nt 1 up* I hi ie
will come in hand Saturdai ind
will ba plao A on exhibition in th
wm.low ol Mi li".'.' U's drugaton
Al. 1, (ir.ini hai recei tlj urivi
in ih. . iiv Iinin Aberdeenihiri
Scotland, and is building 1 houai
on hi^ propi rty, on ith itn 11, op
l'"siti tin- lii* hall It is Mr
Grant'i inti ution to. r. > t .1
aad larget w idi 1  tba m ar
Th.*   llorti. 11ll11r.1l Sm ii ly has
Sill 1 . a a), ,|  HI   Sa a llring   Iln   Cllllsl III
nl A 11. Mai ni.iii. ML.A., to
r. pri a*, nt lh. i'i.' iiiiiii nl at the
opening .>f Ihi ni a Hortii ulttu il
building nn Jul. lit,    Mr. Macgo
wan is mi' *'l i In ■*! known nu 111
ban of the lm 1 ha I and iM 11:11
of its readiest    p. al,' 1       llr   I '
I uii in get acquainted w.* hive decided to sell our high grade
Sl.nK ol Men's anil Hoys' Puruilhingl and Hoots and Shoes
al actual Cost
regular t»l Wl fnr (I.lill
,,    II J| ,88
.,    Il.lll) i,',
,n fio
75 .'all
.50 .:',;•
JI .'i'i
nee lor 30 days.
Regular MM iim' ihoca lur sum
„ *r>oti      „        „ UM
„ lion     „        „ fn.oo
, r*uu«*.1 im*.* 1 is 12.00
., HM     „        „ |i 76
I'iii*,' U.inli' re.'iilur tl.H „ $1.75
„   B.TI ,, W.OO
Men's nnil li.iys' Underwear. Socks, CnlLirs, Ties, Sweaters,
Overalls  Lacroaia and Camas Shoes, Ladies' and Children's
Shoes .nhl Sandals.
('ur. Baplanadt
♦ -i-*-!-* l***i-»-l-> •!•♦ K»»t»l»I» KfI#I»l»X»I»M»«tm»»»f>ll Oi *i »H M#Itl<M>M»l»l»
unl Lonidale Ave, North Vancouver
In i ii laCtivel) nlinliln il uilh Lniti
i ultiiril ind kindn .1 inten sts Inr
main I, ais.   II.* wai, im i con.
able linn',   luminal, secretari
ni the Pruitgrowi i Ainx iation
and ha** llwiyi taken a deep interest in such in,ilh is. Him pri sence
will then lore be pi i uliarl* appro
priate to the occaiion in 1 will en-
sun* ■ lucceaaful gathering,
cmiiuiiii in uviiiii:ii
s I
|   IIINmUMI    ui.
Fine Ceylon
I lbs. for $1.00
sii vt r Mi iImIim iii riMiofmtP.
Trained In Mulum mnl Km nop an vw»!l-i.
()|ii'li lor I'llRHK'iiii'nlv
VrHDck'n fnr* nn inter of pupil* on Tui- i'hjn
Hnd Kri'lAVft. AImi 1'nliitliigon Tf Wet tn<1 *. tl i.
W.I. ess:    BOX" A"
Knur-. Ulrica,        tatl Vasiociih
McMillan's ^ Strawberries
CgALED Ii;m>I*:i;*- marked "Tender.
" :inl siri'i'i Sidewalk" ..ill he received
In tlie underaigned up lo I o'oloek I'.M.
uii Monday lhe Blh dai uf July. IMI,
lur liftlni aii'l laying tn grada the pro
-ent siileiiiilk mi the North Hide of Ird
Rtrael: and the laying ol i Blt.ildawalk
mi iln* Bouth ildeol tne sii.i Stuart, between Malinii ami St Daridl Avciiitea,
I71HI leet (irl hereby.
Drawing!, ipedfleitiooi and lenertl
.•"ii,Iiii,an- i.i Contract nun beebtalned
ai iln* niii.*.*..(the ciiy Engineer,
Bach ilium itilr Tender mu-i betceom.
panted bj i mirked cheque equal to I
per cent, "i the atnounl ol Ihe lender,
ainl the n,i*,—(nl tenderer mull provide
an approved guarantee lor the Niii-fact-
ury completion nl the Contract
Tlie cheque! ol nninccealul Tendi r-
it; ..ill lia* Mtarnad i" them span Un
exr. nti.aii ef ll,,* Cmtracl.
The limi'sl nr any Tender not MM*
-drily accepted,
fin* Clerk,
Cin- llall, North Vancouver, B.C.
.lum* loili, Ita IMI
Fine-Flavored, Firm Fruit, Picked by
White Women.
Terms, nn.'-f.iiirth cub; balance, (I,12 aid 18 months
-*~ ilil
I   1 ~*
J 3	
>      4
_  s
'      6
•      S
ft     ">,*.■
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P. O. BOX 380.
KIM II KMMIMi lllllll   ON  lilt (OAM
I !■ I   1 1 II «
AN I'l'.'l'O-IIATI'
H*ra: ll.M PER
S|ii'riiil Rales lo families mid liciinlur Hoarders
Half-hour ferry cnniiecliun to anal (nmi Vancouver, lint ami roid
naler in ci.tv ri»iin. Return call Im'IIh in every room. Rarlicr
-In'i' in c.inncclinn.
Sii'i'.i   .-.ihi n,
North Vani ouver llospilcil
ii.mi 11111 n
l'Ki:Ms-ti7,.-,n to HO par ami
Ward '.aii.'iii.fi per day
' It ,lr.*i*l Ml I H M
Iiu ■
Hp« ml Ai. nt"'ii '■■ I    ■
tm   1 ban li]    "i ■ '■ ■ ■   ng ifi ■
\ w*i 11,1--- orrn i.
l'll\ 11 I -   AM'    I'AI'KKII INOIIl
Ml   I* .1      I1'
(ii    Wl ' i   * Sh n*
(1,1*   i ji'i S  llll
The Seymour Hotel
lm ,il. ,1 on N.a|iii„iii   l'|„   line,
quarter mil) |tam   ,li,n |,
I Ins i- | lil.t ill*    hotel,
and is tlOtl "I" n 1*1 the
general public. ( I
■ 'iii' Lillian ami
i*. ia • [uaraotei d
lui.nl inllil. i ti". I In :n Nnrth
Vanoouvar lor Vehicli 1,
hesterfield House
Btandln ■ in I a* r> - ol froand
Corner I om I de l»e, ind Bth vi
Iiiii and l.oanliiiL' MmI fur Hm I
Will i«' opaaad lap!, rth.
Wednesday, July 1st, '08
IS36      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One ol Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
lotal Assets over $30,000,000
This Hank has a record behind it of nearly three-quarters
of a century of successful banking in Canada, with
assets increasing every year until they now exceed
Money Advanred on reasonable terms—Dtaflt bought and
sold—Money Orderi and Lettcrt of Credit issued payable
in tbe leading cities in the world.
larmers' and Iruit Growers' requirements will bc given
special attention.
Office: Cor. lonsdale Ave. and Lsplanade, North Vancouver, B. f.
H. K. Hr.m.i.i., Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave lhc Ferry Landing foryueer.sluiry Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. ni., 7:15 a. ni., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a. in., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a. 111., Alter 10:15 1. 111, cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Koad
at live minutes to the hour and twenty-live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and (Jiieensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows :
6 a. m, 6:55 a. 111., 7:20 a. tn., ItOJ a. 111., 8:45 a. n,., 9:30 a.m.
\ll. 1 **tjo a in 1 ars leave Ihe l'erry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
_nF   All boats arc met by the ears.
] a.r partii uian apply to
Field Sports
Aquatic Sports
Hotel North Vancouver.
Ij.oo per
and up
Kates for
Terry Servx j Every Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
g. j. phillipo,    m. s. Mcdowell,
ood save: the: king
and instructions to sell
Cli'iircil Luis, BQslM, in Block M. on Kourtet'iitli
nnd Kifteentli St- its, at $500 and $525 each; cor-
hits, $600 each.   I.ASY TKRMS.
Two cleared lots, ''.;l,r)7 each, south front on
Ninth street, at $65C 1 aeh.   Easy terms.
Also a few choice lot j on Victoria Pari, West.
Lonsdale Ave. lot, Iietween 2nd and 3rd streets,
only |3200.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Mock 117, $550 each. Terms.
A good list of Lits in all parts of the City, at
prices from $200 each and up.
Wnnteit Irom Owners lint, nl itnod elonc-in 1/it. anil Acreage.   Wc negotiate Halm
If tlie price-, arc right
Cor. lonidale Avenue and fifth St., North Vancouver, B.C.


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