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(% Ixpreaa
3    SEP 7 -1905
Looking from Tin: Eximiess Office, Corner the Esplanade and Lonsdale Avenue.
The  Coming Railway Centre Is the Place for the Home-
Seeker, the Business Man, and the Manufacturer
—Sketch of the New Town.
Situated mi Burrard Inlet, the
best harbor in the world, opposite
the City ol Vancouver, is the thriving new town "I North Vancouver,
At present ii is viewed as n rural
municipality; hut in reality it is
destined t<> be a rival city to Vancouver,   It   presents   a   feature,
the mountains lying sonic miles
intention "I the V,, W. and Y.
railway (or the Great Northern) to
build north by way of North Vancouver, The plans to cross the
Second Narrows of the Inlet by
bridge have been approved by the
Federal Government, and the
company will
immediately as soon as arrange-
back from tile salt water.    A bis;
main some live miles in length is
laid to the waterfront through the |meni8      can      |„.      perfected
centre ol the townsite, and laterals with the Provincial Government to
will be carried along the various
streets now built up, to be extended later as the town grOWS, which
it is doing very last.
do so.   Ami it is not inprobabh
that the G. T. P., as well as the
Coast Kooteuay  roads,   will    also
touch here.
frc.pie.uly or.cur.ng in this pro As , ,,,,,, numbat „, people, ,u, |]u, „„,„„.;,,,,,„, (ll N,„„,
vince, of a town growing up in the resident in Vancouver and North Vancouver no other Inline than
midst of a large rural district.   In Vancouver, are interested in, and „,„, wllid, ,, piissi|l|(. [,.,„„  „
tins cisc.  In 'ait. i.  llie limn   I,.::-  doing  business   in,    both   places,
rather  preceded  the   district   in and, as  it   is   necessary   to  go
growth and development, [or there across the wale,  to do SO
is already about  i,joo   residents
, ,        , , AN EXCELLENT I lliltv SERVICE
located on the pleasant northern
slopes ol the great inlet,   a  good  is operated by the North Vancou-
business location as well as an vcr Ferry ami Power Company, limited. This enterprising
institution took over the old ferry
North Vancouver, owned by the
municipality, and, under the agreement, built the St. George, a mm h
larger boat ol the double-end type,
which now plies hourly between
towns.   This improved service is
ideal homcsitc.
So rapidly lias ibis  ambitions
community grown, encited by the
future ol   the  place and the cl  5i
proximity ol the Terminal City,
that last year
was installed.   This vear by-laws a credit to the management, and
is possible Irom Hie
natural resources, which are cap
able of being developed, and are
yet in great measure tindevelope
that future would still be bright
with promise. First may be placet
its superior claims to residential
advantages. It may be explained
that the district lies on a sunny
southern slope, lacing the city
of Vancouver. The laud rises
Irom the waterfront until a level ol
about Joo feet is reached. There
a broad plateau, three miles or
more in width, extends back towards the loot-hills of the moun
tains,   These lower lying ranges
have  been  passed  insuring   the has largely auleu in the rapid up-   , ,, ..
1 ' • .    .     , ol the gnat (oast range are all ol
building in 1906, by the 11. C. lilec- building of the townsite in the past        sm,ai,|,. nature for
trie Railway and Light and Power year, as the number of new stores
Company, ol street-car lines and and dwelling houses amply testily.       clearing w and s no,
the installing ol electric light and ,    ,.\ strong reason in making real and,   far     up     the    slopes    ol
power systems. estate in North Vancouver sought 'he  mountains,   in   some   parts
The source of the waterworks is after by business men, as well as being very nearly seven miles back
Lynn (reek,  one  ol  the   large others, is the fact that the town from the sea, are lands which some
streams taking  its rise, like   the promises to be a railway centre ol day will be made to yield toll  to
Capilano (Vancouver's supply), in no mean proportions,   It is the
(•Id I'Vrrv Nurili Vancouver.
.«.,.,, mu«P.!Mlj|i*|.i
"""■■«i#3-;' .-"r
' :&g$'\"'»'
-,  .     ; "s-i
New Ferry St. George,
the husbandman's skill and industry combined.
Tin 1 innaten| North Vancouver,
owing to its southern aspc. 1 and
its elevation Irom the sea level, is
very appreciably less humid than
that oi the lower King lands be-
tWei 11 Hun.lid illli 1 and tin   F1.1 II 1
river, In tin winte. tin pi n 1..
t.ige oi siiusliiuiiv days is greater,
ami in the spnug it is remarked
how early vi gelation begins and
tin days become warm mid Bum-
mei v.
The (iiuditions are all in lavoi
then fore ol market gai letting,
fruit raising in all its bruin lies,
p mltrj raising, bee lie 'ping and
many other lines ol husbandry
whii h are iriuli 11 d .1:11.1 live and'
profitable by proximit) to 11 gi 0 I
111 n kel kik b as is ulforded b) tin
1 itj ,11 ross the inlet, tlui 1 miles
away,   The fa. 1 is that
v UAI'lli L'llANIM
is coming into notice in Ninth
\'am niivi r, Man) ol tliosi who
have In 1 u buj ing desirabh pii ces
ol land hero this past  m ai 01  two
have been doing so with the inten-
tii n ol establishing themselves in
oiiu or other nl the lines m a-
lidhed, or at least of getting •. ue
ol tin it supp nl from them while
maintaining a position in business
or us a wage earner in the i in ol
Vancouver, which is reached in
iwcnn minutes and at a fare tin
same as paid on a street car.
In fruit lie le have tilreaily been
indrc than beginnings.   Ovei Iwo
Mils ago one man turned OVel
.Sinn oil Ins strawl errj patch, ol a
bt'|e over an acre, There is room
foi thousan Is ol such strawberry
patches, with chicken runs, market gardens and all in coilllei lion.
A number ol fine and thriving
on bards, set out some years ago,
by the far-seeing ol
iii Noith Vancouver, are now
coining into bearing. And they
an supplying some of the finest
samples ol apples marketed at
As the years go on. the clearing
upbf the land in this district is progressing very rapidly and many
more orchards will soon be established. In this country for rapid
vegetation it does not take many
years till an orchard is in full bearing
The class ol bouses already built
ami in course of erection in North
Vancouver compare favorably with
thole in the city across the inlet.
Ma|iy really handsome residences
alex. run.if,
Municipal Clerk,
couver is from a residential point,
and as profitable as the life or iu>
in urbis can be made those in-
tcrcsted in North Vancouver
declare that not as a semi-rural
but as a great rival metropolis on
the north shore of Burrard inlet,
are the lines cast lor the future of
the young community. And when
that comes inn., there is line
alienage close to the shore, which
insures    the    building    of     line
A Brief Sketch.
The municipality of North Vancouver was brought into existence,
chiefly throngli the untiring efforts
Assistant Municipal Clerk,
Capt. P. Thompson, J. C. Wood-
row, J. Scott. W. II. May, C, J.
Mayne, A, E. McCartney, M-
Gintzbiirgcr. and many other
owners ol property having explicit
faith in the future ol the municipality, also North Vancouver Improvement Company, E. Malum,
president, and the Moodyville
Lands and Saw Mills Company,
lohann Wullfsohn, German consul,
president, took a very active interest in forming the municipality.
A charter was applied lor at the
Provincial Legislature which was
granted and the new town started,
The first meeting of the council
ol North Vancouver on record was
North Vancouver Municipal Hall.
ate now occupied, and with tile
watei system, for which wire-
wound wooden pipes are used, and
the proposi i stn ct cat Bcrvii o and
lighi and power inaugurated, the
nl sin h   men   as   Messrs,   J.   C   held  at the ranch   oi   Councillor
Keith, then manager ol the bank
oil). C. at Vancouver, C, S, Douglas, A. Williams. J P. I'hihbs.
|ohn     T,       Williams.      Sidney
Thomas Turner on the 2tjth of
August, iS'ii. There the council-
bus weie duly sworn in by the late
Fred Scohfleld, I. P., and "after a
icsidcnts will be given a measure .Williams, F. Lindsay Phillips, ('. fe«  minutes conversation"  they
of the comforts ol city life.
But attractive as   Ninth  Van
o. Wickenden,  Dr.   Carroll,  <»  adjourned to meet on the 12th of
Nniish.il A.J is, Geo. Turner. nittisvio ox nn rara
ni the Ferry Wharf. THE EXPBKSS
Coming to  North Vancouver—A Complete Resume of the
Project and the Importance of the Great Country
To Be Opened Up   R G  Macpherson,
M. P., on the Railwav Situation,
.V ,11;,\   bu  seen  elsewhere   inland  granted by the  goveruinenl
I in    I■ ,       . Mr,   Macpherson,  ll" I' '  llj'   "mipauy an  so
,,   i, , ,,     |.  .,    Iai   idviini' tl that ii wmld iniined'
M. I . in, this district, has Km,IK ,  ,
iti \ In cm .in  slriictionnl lie
l,0lllt«i ol" ""  '■:"''"  ""I ;m"   road      I'll ipnu\   has   com
,.'!'   I
I III    I llisl   -III I,IN
the qui -ii in i way li
to .his I'roi nice, i sp,, ii.ll) to this
' •'■ ! town. I'1 «'lers i" ii .1 ,,, ||„ , iM, undertaking between
being tin I v, in i it) to Van, ouver,
and in this n [iird it .nay be as
sun il thai the ti i in is us. d ad\ is-
, ,11\. when it i- taken into i onsid
\. u \\. stniinsti i and Vancouver,
:.: upwards ol  $i,uoo,	
in the i nn-.liin lion and eip.ip.nenl
p utioii nl the line,
I.. Iinthei pi inl out the advisa
" bilit) and practicabilit)  ol assist
the north ol this niiinii ipality ami
in,developed, but wliii h tin pro
p 1.1 il e (tension of the \ am ouvi i.
\\ estlilinster >V 'l ilkon would open
Up W( I,   its i iill-llili .Mil .111 ,,, i   'III
plished fai i
in.; Pre iidunl lb ndry in his gigan
tic   nndi flaking ,,i financing this
road w,  herewith present tails and
tlata n   ardiiig ihei otinti) that the
railroad will traverse;
( i    :ing   Hurrard   inl, i   from
The length of iln  projei ted lim . Van ver and entering the muni
is about 525 miles, and will run cipalil) ol North Vancouvei the
northward starting at North Van new railway extension will follow
couvei in ,i point at oi near Fort tin shoreline to Point Atkinson,
MeLeod, probabl) at Port George, I'he land along this part ol the
when it will i .meet with Canada's lim is practi illy all taken up b)
new national highway, the Grand privati parties, I'lu Great North
Trunk l'acifii railway, thus nt it Is em Cannery, near Point Atkinson,
ing our young town a ti rininiis ul is in in live opi ration , ai h si ason,
.i great ti.ni-i ,'iitiin ut.ii railroad and in this vicinity there are facili
svst, ni. . in - Im  .ih, i i.nni' r\ siti - should
ooo iii 4,000 shares nl ;i par valm
i i -v1". and incorporated iind, r
tl , law • "I the State "I Maine, I .
S A, Two thousand ol iln -■
shan s were allotted to the si,an
holders ol the selling syndicate,
and i,ooo i" i. nam Ann ri. an i iq
ii.i'nsts in i mi-ill, ration ol tin i
having pi,i,' ,1 to the ( n .lit "I iln
i oinpaii) S.'i.''in' cash loi di vt lop.
in ni purpust -. I mil olhei ai ■
rangenionts shall I" in ide loi .hi
reduction ol tl"1 ore ii will 11
slnppi ,1 in inn nl llie sun hi is on
\ .nn hum i Island, ai ross I hi
Snails ol I n orgia, invtih ing de, |i
walei , ..cringe loi a tlislani e ol
ni n.i miles
I III   -i.il wnsli  V.M I.KV,
at the head "I Mow, Sound, bus
.in in portnnl an a ol agi icultui.il
I,mil. and should old i i onsidoral i
business Im aroad passing through
tin- sei lion, At the presi nl tin c
hop i iilnm is quite a I, atliru i I
.In- district, and Irom all copers
would warrant a large increase in
this line were transportation facilities improved, important   nietalifernus   deposits
Around  Green   Lake   there   is were discovered recently, and giv
n   considerable  area  ol   meadow promise ol  considerable develop-
land   and   timber.    Much ol  tlic|ntent.   The same mav be said ol
In st land is tain ii up, but some "I
it lias reverted to the Government
again for taxi s, etc.    Along Grei n
Ifivi r vnllej there is  considerah e
hr. cedar and white pine.
(11■ i.i valley contains about
h,i oo acres ,,l good meadow land
.nni suitable loi settlement,
i In Green river, lileven nun
en el; and Six-mile crei K there are
splendid wane powers that may
In di vi loped at comparative ly
sin,ill expense, As water is the
cheapest power we have and as the
streams In n nanu ,1 run through
a very fertile country, mills could
be operated at n profit were rail
, ommiiii ,u,ini brought to bear.
Nortn Vancouver (Twin Citv) Overlooking the Inlet,
I'l MlllUlnX   Ml M'litts
have an ana ol about 40,000 at -
practically the whole of which is
suitable for agricultural purposes,
The winters are mild, 10 degrees
lit low zero being the coldest in
17 years, and four feet ol snow the
Seaton lake, and along Honaparti
rive, placer deposits have Keen
yielding returns for years. The
Uridgc River district is noted for
big game, and throughout the district I'n hing and shoo.ing is good.
North ol Lillooel Iii s the great
district ol Cariboo, containing in
the aggregate 96,350,000 acres. It
i- drained in the south by the
Prasi 1 liver and its numerous tributaries, ami in ihe centre by llie
Parsnip and Peace rivers, and in
tin north by the Nelson and Land
rivers and tributaries. It was in
the district drained by the tributaries of the Praser rivi r, in the
vicinity ol Barkerville, that occurred the great gold excitement
ol British Columbia in early days,
It is estimated that out of these
rich creeks has been taken an
amount equal to between $45,000,-
000 and $50,000,000 in gold, or
maximum, while six inches to 36 an average ol about 50 cents per
are the average, Stock is able to acre (01 the whole ol Cariboo,
run out most ol lim winter. The northern hall ol the district
Transportation is the cliiel difli- has been but very imperfectly ex-
cully, and weie this improved al pfored, and the information re
l,,ist joo families would find gnrding it is limited The central
homes there. portion was a rich preserve ol the
To sum up this section between Hudson's Hay Company in earl)
Vancouver and Lillooel, the Sqira   days, and in  it are located  Forts
,ni -li and  adjoining valleys  will St.    MeLeod,   Stuart    and   St.
furnish   conservatively   estimated  lames,
il least .m.,10,1 acres ol agricultural      In iln  west, I'll portion, near the
.It Ml\ IIKN'UHY, I'n-nit ni V., W. & V. Rv.
1111     '    iki'i Hun •     industn demand sin h.
ot ih.  \ ,111 vi r, Westnii   •' i ■•      I'nini   Point   \tkinson to   the
', railroad,  invu 1 mouth id tin- Sipianiish is In nvii)
;.  il ill plai'i     Hid "I  1 ml
■ ation   in  olbi 1   parts.    I he
I'"'1"'1 bind isunderlease [ruin the  i"^,,."',.^^"^ "^. Z'^t wnl'
laud, besides huge tracts ol timber
now held by privati parti, s. (in l-
111a valley. Pi niberton Meadows,
t'leai Creek and Anderson Cre K
vnll, ys, 50,000 to 60,000 acres ol
agriculture land. As a mineral
country the prospects are veiy '111
'i ouraging, but not devi lopi ,1.
I'he el gold has been found ill
many ol the streams to be cm—, d,
.mil .1- a sloi k raising c itiv it is
not 1 m, lied iii any otlu r section
ni the Province, as tliey have
abundance nl feed, ami mild winters wi.h little snowfalls.
tl ON 1     I III    I'KASKH   HIM li
Irom Lilloo, 1 to pjuosni 11 i- ,1 ilis
lance ol about   i.v   miles,    The
.;,. ■:    ■ 1    1 pi ,1 nil .1, • ■    ■ '   i ll   G    el'.inil 111,   and   llli
ivill I,' ilitati  iln , xpluita-
in .ni very 1.       I    ' I       I this ti.nbe. i" .1 verj large
1 ■. 1, ni
Ml.     ||i    ;  "    il    nl K   I-
1 II   iln
.■ nni i|t vi lopi ,1 to
.   ■     1 . 1:  tin .,. one great
.■-.-I  I      ■ 1   ■ nuts I .use |nr this being th,   Iai K ol
. 11 ,,,,„ 1 ;               .   limp ol copp, 1
K'i 1 run      , on the insl   ,1 1
dready I II                    .    ■■• ,. •.i .1 gn nl
ll .            Ite.ll            I   •      roup 1 •
- wan 1 rivi 1 li llie an ol
;   trail
. • 1 water.   'I III' M 1W1
I    1 1      pan    1 1
■A , 1 ■
, 1 apital nl '
, din si- ol ihe Province. It is 7*0
mill ni length, ami among other
streams which il rt ceives are the
Lillooel and Cliilcotin rivers. It is
navigable for vi —els drawing 20
I, el   to N' w \\, stniinsti r, 11I1011
15 mil, - Irom its 1 th, ...ul ngain
Im - mall, 1 , mil i"i alioul 60 mil. -
.,1 ii   1 o.irsi  ihrough tin northern
ml 1    In,in (Jin -in II   Mouth lo
Soda Cn ■ I, in 1 ariboo.
I following tabh gives the
an .1 m in rt ol 01.11 "I tin larg, 1
laki vi ntigtn ii- to the propos, I
line nl lailwaj in this distl 1 1
Chilcu Lain
....     1(H)     '
1'      ell Lake
....    04,11X0
'facia   Lake...
....   '  ,
ird Inlet, Kind of Juh    Tin  World
11111 is 1. fish h ,ii In .) .11 Si
nni I ,akt. and this bod) "I wall 1
.nni  And, 1-,,11   Lake  is  tin  1 liii I
qmwning grounds ol the  sockcyc
ni".  1
This distrii t 1 ontains 10,300,0 11
,11 n -     li   is  Inrgel)   a   pnslori I
 ntry, but iii the southern poi
,   lim. nl 11 inui growing  1- making
'     1   pro n       'I lie   distrii 1   is
wi il adapted for dairying and 1 at-
i   tie rai ing    Irrigation is     nj
in  ii\ phu 1 s. owing I,, tin ill)
ni tin ' lun.itc anil is in ' id
.   i.(| I ilieiever il has
in, n i.i, tl,    Purim liy in the day -
Cnriboi     Id 1 xi itenn nl ll
I illuoei suppb, .1 tin  miners with
larui prnditi e,   and  ngrii iilturall,
is  -till   more  nourishing  at th ■
I'n   1 nl  tune.
Ill   the   in nil) nl   liridgi    1    I 1
cotin river and valle\   in  reaching comfortable   and   reasonable   i
the Cariboo wagon road.
At Cliilcotin mi the wi -ti in siil,
I  the  bias, r river, ami  at  Dog
their chal'gi - I'n ighl teams.
with hnii lo ti 11 horses each, take
in   merchandise ami   mining ma-
Creek,   Alkali   Lake   and   ulher ehinei)   ami   supplies, the   rates
points on the eastern side, there from   Ashcroft   being   6  cents a
are extensive ranges and stock-
raising is pins, cuted mi I, large
scale, and in llie Villi. \s mid rivi I
beiii hrs inns, ol the ordinary crops
are grown. Pruit succeeds very
well 111 the favorable locations, as
well as garden crops. I he elevat
ed plateaux are, however, onl)
suited Ini stock-raising, and arc
pound  to  ISarki 11 ille,  (0. 4 to 5
11 Ills .11 Olle-lli II.
'I he Member Speaks
Mi. R. G, Macpherson, M P.
Im \ an, ouvi 1. which eh cturnl
distrii I    111, hull -   tins  place,  was
S(, II   the   Hill, I    ,',1\     h\       I III      I'A
ntirely devoted to thai purpose.     i-ui --.    He   congratulated   North
m *»
centre, hetween ihe northern and
souilien liniiis, lies iln gold-inin
ing district ol
and in the southwest He lim large
pastoral and agricultural districts
in the Hlackwater and Nechaco
valleys, in which nre contained
over 1,000,000 in res nl grazing
land .iml rich river bottoms.
Win n railwaj 1 o.niniinicalion has
be, 11 provided, llhs se, timi nl tei
iiion will afford homes Im a huge
1111 in her ol setth is.
In the auriferous district already
n (erred to, where the rich placet
mines exist, large bydraiilicing enterprises have been inaugurated,
,111,1 some hall a dozen companies,
expending from $350,000 in si.
500,0011 cull, have obtained extensive leases, and ate operating
mi ;i vol') I'limp.i hensillc scale.
The result ol these operations will
in, ,hml'i bring back to Card	
much ol its old time prosperity,
In the Cariboo district, in the
vicinity  ol   Alexandria,   .50-Milu
R. ii. MACI'IIKRSOX, \l. I'.
1 iiiii  MININil .'i-...'.i 1
V nun 1 in having sin h an en-
.1, rprising busiin -   and industrial
c>«-races the-Card  and Qih* L,,, „„,,, ,llu,   ni(, „„„ „,„ ,
imll niimiig divisions.   It covers .1 ,    |ui;| , |h ^  k
comparatively  huge  area,  abuiil | (,( u!iI
im,,mil square miles. Im. 111 arl) .ill
the mining yet doni has been con „"U  ;" m«tn "'" sn 1S""K,,'!U''
finedloa section ol aboui   i.out, »lr/   M«c|>hfrson?     asked    Iiik
square mill s,   lying I,, twi 111 tin
I'.aser river, which stream takes "Why,liccaus  North Vancouver
iis  rise in the Rock)   mum- isj I on Hurraid inlet, nnd all
,in,l. alter  ning almost north railr, mis t-i .11      In llie Canadian
wi -1 for al 200 miles, turns and I'n,1 in' * "•''•' llllM fmdtheii waj to
flows smith     \,,,- in th,  ,lis this great harbor," said Mr. Mac-
11 it't is by wagon mad  from  A-b I''"
croft, on the C, P.   R.   The dis "Whal  alioul   the   Vancouver,
.use, SodaCreekandthe iiioiithl|a||cl;| Hint town to Harper's Weslniinste. and Vnl nilroad
nl the rjitesnell inei iln re are a
1111111I111 ol line ram hr- producing
grain, vegetables ami 1 attic, 1 Inc
nl  the finest roller mills 111  iln
I'll'', III, e I . Ill n|'i Mil"11 at the
1 ih ill , liiesiiell, and ll grist mill
op, rati s at Soda ( n 1 k. I hi
1 ,iic-n. II basin is mi\ mil in
mm, mi'. tspei iall) 1 upper, ami
coal and limber.   'I here are alioul
20,000    miles   ill   111111 it I    ,,|   good
In this district is im hided all
lli.it -,, lion K ing mi the western
side nl the Praser, between Soda
, reek and Cliilcotin river, a dis-
1,1111 nl aboui |'i miles and lull
ning bin K about the same. It is
hut sparsely settled, the 1 ountrj
being prim ipally adapted to stock-
raising.    In   palls, liowevi i.  :: I
Clops ol main and roots an oh
.nine,!, although the general alti
Hide is iinlnvorable to mixi tl farm
ing, Tin 1 rossing al Soda ' ri ek
ii .ill,' led K 1 good .'.in ropi
ferry, when, c tin re 1- a fail
in.nl through ( liih 1,tin propi 1; .1
Inch'. 1 rossi ■• Cliimne) 1 n 1 k, the
I,nn 1 rout. 1- a great sn\iug 0
di 1.in , Im settlers living on did
Camp is .85 miles; to I'mllum'1'"1""1- her,
itiuisuell Porks . .'in miles; and "Tin \ . \\ ,', ^ would mean
in Harli, nille, 1H5 miles. Stngi lo North Vancouvei practically
1 am passengers, mail and express whal tin C P H is to Van-
matter,   I he road • nn fairl) good 1    is il would opi 11 up some
and tin waysidi bouses fori  if tin ricbesl mil greatest nrens ol
moilaiion  oi  travelers nn clean, II. C. lands   tin immense heritage
Steamer <lutwanl liotiiid, Hurrard Inlet. •*
' Vfci Wton    '*■ .'^aWtHtw
n -s      .-si
sot' 5w    ■*
Hi   -        "mI
a '"■ ■■"■¥
KB.                          - .'<*£araj
ESS: ■'.-> ""•*
7i V"H
I&      ''Vii
W                                          '- -fcfag
M'ifcA   '"'frJll'
SljW',;      ^
*.'                           '"^®$
■ppf  JtBffifr''   Jnfflj
■ES^*            i        'J3I
Slimmer Cliiirmei' I'assiiit' Brockton Point, Hound for Victoria—jP/k H'orW
to the north I
tributary   to
us. all ol which is has an area conservatively speaking
North Vancouver, of a million and a ball acres of
The charter for this road runs to land.
Fort George, in Cariboo, passing "Oniineea lies in the western
through the Sqnaniish Valley, by portion, and to the southwest lie
way ol Point Atkinson, and the the large grazi"g and agricultural
fertile Pemberton Meadows, in districts, including the Blackwater
Lillooet district, through the Chil- and Nechaco valleys, which contain
cotin country, crossing the fraser
river, running through Cariboo
and connecting with Canada's second great national hi
A million ACRKI
Till.  I,HAM
I Ii
o[ pastoral and agricultural land.
This is another great place for settlers, but before they will settle
there, railroads must be built.
"Large sums of money up in the
millions are being spent in Cariboo
in hvdraulicing enterprises. Some
half dozen or so enterprises have
s'esVimated^rabout outain?d "tensive leases and are
"The Pemberton Meadows are
in Lillooet district that part between Port Douglas and Harrison
lake, on the old Cariboo road
which starts near Moodvville, a
mile or so from North Vancouver.
Its acrca
recognised in the accompanying
illustration in this article, In the
I.ne ol almost insurmountable
has succeeded in carrying the first
section of this road to a successful
issue, and is now bending bis energies to the construction "I the line
northward from Vancouver City.
Large survey parties are now in the
field, ami the line will cross the
Si cond Narrows to the north shore
ol Burrard inlet by bridge, the line
has been located and the surveys
completed along the north shore ol
Burrard inlet through the muni'
cipnlity ol Ninth Vancouver,
Prom ibis point ii will proceed
through the fertile valleys ol the
Sipiainish and Pemberton Meadows
to Lillooet, ami north ward lot lues
noil, Port George and Fort Mc
Leod, near where it is expected a
connection will be made with the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
It is confidentially anticipated
that the mileage from the point 0
connection ol these two roads will
be less to Vancouver City than to
Port Simpson, the proposed terminus of this second great Canadian highway, From Port Mc-
Kamloops, Nicola & Siinilka- Leod, the Vancouver, Westminster
meeii, Irom Spence's Bridge to and Yukon Railway line will run in
Lower Nicola; the V., V. & E, a north-westerly line to Uazellon,
railroad, building between Mid- thence northerly via Teslin Lake
way and Princeton and on to the anfJ Telegragh Creek to
in British Columbia there are three
coast without subsidy: and the
Midway & Vernon line, between
Midway and Vernon,
"The granting ol the V., V. & E,
charter has greatly stimulated railroad building in British Columbia.
It is the connecting link in the
The importance  ol   this
railway    highway    through
northern portions of the  Province
of   British   Columbia   cannot   be
over estimated.  Exploratory sur-
line northward, and it is confidently expected thai the impoi
tance ol the construction ol this
line to the Province, and the I'"
minion at large, will ensure the
granting of the aid applied for,
thus enabling the early construction and completion of the
remaining sections of the lin<, at
least to a point where COllllCI lion
will be made with Canada's new
national highway tin' Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway.
Ask for
Rainier Beer
A. Williams, Ex-Councillor.
southern portion ol the interior of veys have shown the feasibility am
ihe province with the V., \V. and practicability of the route, the con-
Y. and the Great Northern, which struction of which will open up for
means that North Vancouver will development some of the richest
/-,' it yloriovs suiiitiirr bever-
fi\   age—quenching and satisfy-
,  *■ _^    iivj.    Rt an win r there's no
^mm^(    »thrr ■■just as good"—insist
Pacific Bottling Works
40,000, the whole ol which is
adaptable for immediate settle-
ent. and many families could easily
make their homes there.
••The Cliilcotin country includes
all that section Ling on llie wis
tern side ol the Fraser, between
Soda creek and Cliilcotin river,
and is all.ml |" miles square. Ai
present very lew settlers are located there. The country is gen
ernlly prairie, with abundant:,
ol hunch grass. Ii is partly used
lor sioi k i.osing. principally be
cause those residing there are on
able to take fanning produce to
market 011 Recount ol having no
transportation fnclities. As ii is
they drive their cattle some Joo
miles lor sale. Good grain and
root crops eau be raised, North
Vancouver were the railroad built
would have
MUM I    1 o\NI 1 ll"\
with this important part
••DI course, every British Columbian is I iliar with the reports
coining Irom Cariboo, but till In 1
remains, nevertheless, that the
vRstness in r< sources ol that go at
gold mining district is very little
known. Cariboo contains in llie
aggregate llie vast ana ol close on
In  100,nor,on" acres.     Il   extends
from 52 degrees to 60 dcgrei s north
latitude and Irom the until to the
ijbtl)   degrees   ol  west  longitude.
It is estimated that between ,<.i5,-
000,000 and $50,000,000 in gold
has been   taken  from  llie  creeks
tributary to the Fraser liver, and
still new discoveries are being
"Very little is known about the
northern portion ol  Cariboo,  but
in the northwestern section lies the roads is the great question 1
famous Peace River country, which | hour in ibis province,   Just
"Railroads have been projected
from time to time into the mining 1
districts. One. starting Iron. Ash-1
croft or Kamloops ami connecting
with the C. P. K., ami another to
Bute inlet on the mainland coast,
1 but neither ol which would connect
with Ninth Vancouver direct.
rite V. \V. & V., would however."
Tut; Kni'ULss: "The V., W, &
V. ask for government aid?"
"Yes; 1 do not see any good
reason, in the lust interests of nn
constituents, why the usual subsidy
nl $6,400 a mile should not be
given by the federal government
in the company, beaded by President Hendry, to
III iln  nils ROAD,
A~o, I think, the provincial government should give il reasonable
assistance, The cost of con -
struction will be enormous, but the
results obtainable will more than
amply repay the outlay by the
government, North Vancouvei
would be connected by rail with1
ih.' Grand Trunk Pacific, ami. besides, a gn at Lountry would be
opened up i"i settlement."
"What have you to say about
the I ".1st Kootcnny mad. as projected by tin- McLean Li"
thers?" asked Tin Ex.'RKSs,
"The chart) 1 Mi Lean Brothers
bold runs from Midway to Vancouver, 01 strictly speaking North
Vancouver, on account ol Burrard
inlet, and was obtained by them
some    two   years   ago.    McLean
Brothers is at present constructing
their line Irom Midway to Vernon.
"British Columbia  must  have
railroads," siigg. st, ,1 Tin; Extri is.
••Yes. the matter of building rail-
Lodging iNcnr iNorllt Vancouver.
Dominion  Exhibition
gn at Minim, ii ml centres  "I  tin
r,u iln coast," concluded Mr. Mac
President Hendry and the
Stalling   at   the  city   of   New
; = == Westminster, situate on the ban'
£11        l        nm   1      d\   i    1 m    1 n/tp of the Fraser river, and connected
September 27 to October 7, 1905 ai.i,„,,ii„ „ 1,1,1,, ,,,,.,
,   ,     ,,      ,   , ,       ,       ,  ,    ,       ■ , ,.    •        1111 III bridge With the gieal  Atini
1 nde, the Auspices of the Royal Agricultural and Industrials it) ,.u|   tl,ll|M „,,„„„ „,,,,    8vsU.„,
1      •        1 n     *\ the first section ol the railway i>
New Westminster, B. C.
be the Burrard inlet terminal for districts "i the province,  making;
the latter named mad ami the (1. available these  vast  agricultural
Ti P.   All mads bad to K e, so anas foi settlement and rendering
all roads building to-day in this possible the development ol the
province will be tributary to Bur rich mineral and timber wealth ol
rani inlet, and the Twin Cities the this si i lion ol the country through
which the railway will pass.
The i ompaiiy have made appli
i ai nn t i ihe Provini ml ami Federal governments [or assistant i to
aid litem in iln exit ntion ol tl,. ii
Merchant Kiilors, late "I Victoria
r Two Weeks.   Largi  New Sto i Summer and Fall Suit
ings,   1 ..it■ t Styli      Pit Gu iranti i d,
100 Hastings  Street West, Corner Abbott.
completed ami m opi ration ml
Vancouver city, affording a direi i
connection via the Greal Ninth, i
Railway with Sealth and eastern
points, n a, bed by ibis gnat lian
, „ ■     ■«   • ■        contim ntal highwav and its  con
(biAA AAA In Prizes and    ,„,.„,gi„„s. ii,s  i i
i^ll II 1.1 Ft VI I      k I I .s i,. i:,i.s.. a solid veslibub'il train with
MJiv/vfjv/vrvr Attractions      |aml i,,,,,,, ,,„■ attached, - ,,,
. popular with llie travi
Enlarged Grounds, New tldiulsomc ciiid Spacious Buildings between Vancouver, Seattle oi
  ,  intermediate points, and sun.
Stupendous and comprehensive array ol Exhibits representing
the n siuiii is ol all Canada.
I AAA '° Prizes and
^\)V)\) Attractions
inn pi  has In' n the nn >
WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS in Rowing and Lam.    , largely  increasing the traflii   In
Horse Racing, Broncl Busting," Militnry Parados and Exercises tween Vancouvei and Scatl
,..,  ,,,,.,,....., ,,..     ,,>,,                           ' anadian   and   Ann rii an   i'
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other fa, i mcrcial melropolit lies ol .1
GRAND WATER CARNIVAL   Pnradi   "I  Frasei  Rivci   Fishing
Fleet, Patrol Bonts, II M. Warships, Indian Wai Canoes, eh
For all information write W, II. KEARY, Secretary nnd manager'
New Westminster, B, C,
'I he i n dil lol tin   ■ i ll itrm ti
of ibis important railway lim inn i
In given to the ind itahh  i
ol  its i nerg. til   pn idi nt,   Mi
mini IL ndry, who will I" n n;
Ivm press u
I India. I ItltWUril linlllnl, ill IllUTUrd Itllet. THE EXPRESS
, Vancouver, I!  C
A  \\ 11 i ;   Ni .   impel    I'lihlishi'il I,
Sulisc,   ■    ,$ii  year,
til ' iK'i.l   IIARTI.KY,
MamiKiiiK  Il.lit■ ■'
I'Rlll.W,  \l lll'ST IS, i()(,5
, „i kc hi
mil Tin
1   ii
' lit our aim to 1 I'lic \'.>
., -   will   In . ird'iill)
..;-. :i ;■;  rt'ill he llin.lt
mi ■ pri •' nt,    T '
in prwleiii,
.     ■ ilhcr  llian
ml to
!        Kxpi'i
and ;  I I   llint I
mr -
,.'.. ■ - '-...i
1  C  Ml I'll,
ami i 'otuicill'tr,
ami thai portion ol Keith in.ill Irom
i ipi ami I   i '..ii harbor,
I he cam inn, out ol these works
involvi tl raising ;i further loan of
in debt nalur, s ul 7 pel
cent inten st
The work had not been long
1,111 :i '1 out when tile season nl
11 ss ai ti\ in., gave out, and u
long period ul haul times (ollew, d.
To this was added the loss ,,l the
twu large bridges, over Cnpilano
.nn! Seymour rivers, which had
been impi rfei tl) 1 onstructed,
In iNyij all, nn,in was given to
11 iirgeni ..,"1 for a good (err)
service to conn,, t with \ ancoiivel
Mav, II. |. Cornish, and Patrick A
Allen; clerk, William I.. Keene.
(,11 12tll I tl 1>" |. C Gill was 1 Iccteil
In   fill   the   Vilcailt)   caused   |i\    till!
11 ignntion ol councillor Cornish,
n.iij Id eve, C. 0, W'ii'ki'iulen;
, ouncillors, Waltei Irwin, \V. II,
Mav, jnines C. dill, and I'. A.
.-Ml. 11; clerk, William L.   Keene.
I .an 1 Ah sunder Philip was appointed eh rk mi the retirement "I
Clerk Keene,
11103    Keeve, William II    May;
councillors, |. ll.illour Ker,  |aim s
(', 'nil. Arnold L.  Kealv. and I'.
A. Allen: clerk, Ah sunder I'hilip,
,'n,"|    Keeve,   lames   C.    Gill;
II mi. ilhu -. I'hilip X Thompson.
A Dallon Nye, Arnold 15, Kealv,
and I1. A. Alien; eh rk, Alexiimlei
10,05   Keeve,   |nnu s   ('.   Gill;
councillors, W. II. Mav, William
Mnrden,    Edinund    Hell,    .
Thomas Alien; clerk,   AI, .van,lei
I'hilip,   I.aiei  lix councillor  Ar-
t   I    It   is   llllt!   I"   11-
■:,;   1 \t.ii:
livi nttiall)   a   si i.oon  loan  was
"■',    '' raised.and tin good st. n North
\ am ouvi 1 was urd, n ,1. and byi
, . ,     , , , and byi sin took her place on tin
nn 111,1 ,1 . "i \i 11 -
1  fll'RR GII11 ■
The municipalii) "I North Van-
1 ouver, II. 1 .. was im orporali 'I in
iiSyi, following were the differ-
eiitcouncils from the foregoing yeai
to tin pn s. nn
Keeve, ( lll.rli s J. I'.
I'hibbs: 11'lini illi'is. Mr Thoiiiji
sun. Thomas Turner, Mr. Nebnes,
and Mr. Million: clerk, M, II,
Iln -1 hi" rg,
i.syi     Ke, vi.   1 linrli s J.   i1.
: ; .... ill.Us. 11. Lindsii)
I'hillips, James Mi 1 iirt.u y, Mr.
S itl and Adolphus Williams:
clerk, M. II. Ilirsehherg.
Keeve,     James    Coupe.
I    ■        in, illors, I    II   '  ,
W. II. May, John ('., Wiioilmw ami
|,,iii. .   Mi I art.ii y;   ch rk,   En il
. Id
Ki 1 ve,     |aiii,s     Coopi 1
l\, ill.; , nun, ill,us,   W    11.   M .).
|ohn C. Wo,, ihiw. Jam, s Mi Cart-
id   .hath s   Ma\ ne;   , ,. 11..
I I, ,1 Scholield.
Ki eve, Ui    J.   I.   Car
.   ,;:. .   1 . \\   II   May, Join
1 . \\ Irnw, Charh ■ Ma\ ne, and
|,,.  Mi 1 11 im ■ . , erk, I 1,,I Si ho
In hi,     I.at, I  |.  Hlllll/.i n was , It 1
, i| in iiii ih. vacnni ' m-<il li)
the I, in, n,cut  ul  ( 011111 illo.   Mi
'    Ki      .   Dr.   J.   T    1 a.
a   municipal   hall,    and    loi     llie
Teciion nl bridges across Seymour
^^HHi'I'1'!  Capilano This
',;,:'•:!  '   '     c       ' '      !■ .;    i'i'1   I   li id
I the result ol reducing the levy for
| loan rate from b' mills on the dol
I ! iai to 0 mills. The new bonds
i|' were im 50 Mans i with right to re-
di 'in .11 an) time) and bore in-
ti resl .,1 5 per cent,
The opt nine, u|i ol the Lonsdale
estate in 10/13 w;ls ;l M'"st important l.icii'i 111 the ilevelopnienl ol
the place, and the lots were bought
up with gn ut eagerness, and many
in w 1 iti;, 11s have conn   in to take
9 hand iii moving ihe tow 11 forward,
The iirgeni need lor a water
s\ st, in was evident to the count il,
and earl) last year they again entered the money market this time
It') got a loan ol J50,000 to . 11
dile them to at one,   construct
1 iiiiinii ipal wait r systt in.
1 WAN u KI I nun
mean very serious business. The
exact form their plans will lake
has not yet been lullv defined,
bnl they enter in 11 field ol
The advent ol that company and
the rapid growth ol population lias
made it urgent to get the streets
and roads in order. This is no
ordinary insk, as the townsite is
studded with the slumps ol forest
giants; to meet this call, after careful consideration, the council, with
assent ol the ratepayers, has again
entered the money market, This
time (or a loan ol $25,000 nt ,1 pel
I cunt interest. Contractors will
soon be at work to car.) out the
scheme on hand to make the place
more city-like. Alrend) Lonsdale
avenue is taking shape, but there
is much tn he (lone there before it
can be truly cniled a street, and il
would not haw been wise policy
to locate;, tramway on that avenue
before the road was brought to a
proper ami permanent gradi.
Not a lew are inclined to grumble
at what they call the high rale nl early advent of a railway to the
taxation in the district, but they do district from Vancouver, crossing
so under a misunderstanding of the the inlet by bridge at the Second
lads. The policy of the council has Narrows. The undertaking is a
ever been a uniform rate of taxation large one, Im, already one
in land values only, and on a ven  company has made a careful
iff '
1 if**.   ■
S   m
te   1
Bn ''Owi-vWL 'J
IL (1   HICK,
Ileal  Kstilte,
siu\ i;\ 01 a in,ah
President Kerry Company,
roll; r, Ilin , W. II   Me . |ohn
'  -it in.    mil     1
|C. Woodrow, C, A, 1 ,'ldw ..
rantl    ,:          r,      li. J. Cornisl    clerk,   I-' 1 • • I Si ho
I down I "' :        '     "
.  \\.  II   Mav, II.
. Wa let Irwin   .nil  1
file; chrk, Wil Mini L
■   : Ih,       llittI Kei'lli
■ :  • ,      i, C.   V
II   M.i'. H,
I 1   1        li, Waller 11
1 lite; 1 W I
',     Kc.   ■
,'   (pei       I   .,    I.' ' C. Wuiitll   '■'.
.'.    II   Ma     ;    I
Is Tit.' "   ■
1   , .      ' 1    *
,      ! I'll)      H I
:        , .
I,)  \V, II.   M ' ' ■    Old
: North!J. I.c)Holds I
\\    II
was Liot nt Lynn creek of a
supplj sufficient for a large population,   A svsiiin  has now  been
■        ' >
nohl li, Keal) was clei I, ,1 ri 1 ve on
the n tin inent ol Keeve Gill.
MINI, ll'AI, SI Ml   IOK  1905,
Clerk and Treasure.   Ah xandi r
mil,, Assis.ant Miss M. II.
Coiislable ami Ho.1,1 Tax Collei
mi    David II. Dick.
HealthOfficei Dr.J. M. I', ir-
Ki ad Nl)" linn ml, lit |. A
1   '   li lining,
lv','.,,|   Inn man    Dan   \uisk,,|,l.
\\ at, rworks I'oren      W. A
1 iibsou,
( .in takei at Waterworks Intak,
W.  15,  I5isi niiiaii.
In n 1, nl yi .its the council of the
distrii t havi In, 1. 1 nconragi ,1 I,
take st, p. iii a forward dm , lion
and the n suit has In, n , iiiini nllv
s.lllst.ii tun to all,    Hue "I the tn -t
movements was t,,  improve  the NIOS   M.I.I X,
fi-rrj  'iiM.,. ...  tin   ss.   n
\ am i' n' 1 was  found  mad, i.uatc
, ,    ,  .               ,.         ,           (,Mis 111, t, ,1,  win, Ii  has In, miles
I'd .1.     I tn l.it. n, VC, \\. In   ,  .1      ,                                 ,     , ■  , .
ol a main pip, ,  and about 1 .gill
mil, s ol  .1  distribution  service.
I In pipi s used w, 1, w I, n itnvi.
1 ih. v  ';n,   m, ,11 sntislai tu,n.
Abend) 111,  ,..i|. 1 systt in is  taken
adviintn ' ni hi in .nli all iln 1 iti
/., ns. ..iai it has provi ,1 mosl tinicl)
ihe- Il    is    1 spelled
that it will --.11.11 he icll '-ii .Inining,
ami particularl) ii largi public
work ■ .11   si ni' 'I.
1,'ei entl) am,th,1 important for-
w.,i,l nun, im ni was made by iln
II il, Willi III, a-seut ,,| tin , lei
tors, win n Mm   , n., n ,1  in.,,   an
1.1.... ii will tltt; II. I    I 1" im
Kail       , loi  .1 Ira.nwa)
ami.111 • li 1 tin light service.   Thai
,,,'piir.   ,„   ,i,i    ' '  ■"""»'' l»*rt
■   '  in   " 1  "con" "J'1  indplemyol capital
.onldli.  -  I  ami pi "'     ll,,v
■ peri) mi r,
, x,...|..| that tin v
■    • ■ ■,   ■    , .
did in,1
to I
■   '
lie    1
i ' nl .In
iv   1, I
' ."hi   "I   till   ,|i .In. I.
'   lilt   that   II   wa.  ..
the I    \|'|      ,       1    \ I I
1 in providi fuiiil ■ l"i
The valuation at the present time and filed its plans. Hut govern-
is particularly low. having been nients are shy about granting aid
made before prices stiffened. 1. in these days, and railway coin-
may be confidently asserted that in panics are no. yet above doing
many cases the land is actually their utmost to get such aid. Ihe
selling al three and even Inui railway when it comes, will nt once
times the assessed value. Vet make North Vancouver a very
withal, the general rate levied (or important industrial ami com-
managenient, mads, streets, etc., mercial centre, li has a ureal
is only 13 mills with '., nil wealth of locations for harbors and
for early payment, The loan rate; it has also a resource ol immense
last year was (1 mills on the dollar, importance in i.s many streams,
and next year Willi llie increaeil large and small all available loi
valuation that levy should be ample industrial works,
lor llie new loan as well as the old. We understand thai a movement
The wale, loan tale on the town- is not unlikely 1" 1"' made next
site looks large, but it should not year h) these interested in hnve a
be overlooked that this provides city formed mil ol the district;
the capital Im acquiring a proper!) tins step, il ink, 11, will have to be
ol Ureal value which will soon be tin subject of a private lull before
.10 burden on the rales, but instead Ihe Legislature, and. ill course, all
a direct revenue-producing concern interests will !„■ carefully con
to the municipality. Looking tothe sidered there ami justice will be
future and the uncertain there dom.
is .10 uncertainty about taxes
high hop,- is entertained ol   tlic|    VDVI5RTISI5.   ADVlilOTSK
,    mi 1
Tor X Quick Lightning
Two Lots on Second Street
for $500
This is the greatest snap that I have ever oil, n ,1. and is
only open for a couple ol days.
101 Cordova Street.
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
Favorite Tooth Powder
Cleanses mill I Irani i/i 1
tin Tn Hi.
Imparls met oaot
in Brcalh,
I'ai iij, nml mill ,„//(/ ,1/
McDowell'* Drug Store
North Vancouver.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
tiiiuiiiiiwK Audllort,    Plumbing and rinimllh-    Hay, Cal He and Chicken
fi.ii 1st.,,'  tin ,iis. Ino,. Iced
I iiinlii 1 and all Modi o( Biilldlnq Malarial.
lands Cleared ami BulldlnjtErected.
Contractor! and Valuator*.
412 ll«istin«is Street West, Vancouver, B.C. i
This hold, which has beautiful
gruunds and pictiii'esi|iie surroundings, is extremely nice, well appuinl
id and well managed. Good 'able and
moderate charges make ii a desirable
place at which to entertain friends,
ami ihe music during dinner is exhilarating, The well prepared bathing
beach, uilli buallllg and fish-
ing accessories, mtikcs it an exquisite
objective point for pleasure parties,
The spot has lung been a favunlc une
[or church and scliuol picnics, and is a
seaside Mecca m the holiday keeper
anil excursionist, bur llie annual dinners, suppers nf societies it associates
llie benefits ul an outing and sea air
with reasonable tariff, The view fr"m
the large verandah is magnificent,
comprising mountain, forest, sea and
ciiy, with the passage ol the entire
shipping thai enters ami leaves the
port, Tin- hotel supplies llie desid
eratiiin o( yen., just whal n nrngres-
-ne coasl 'iiy requires, a cliarming
family resort, and a credit lo the
neighboring city ol Vancouver, Con.
veyances are fttrnislied (or Ihe forest
and cany,ni drive-, where llie scenery
would make a reputation (or a European hostelry, The trout fishing ol
the higher Capilano waters is exceTlcnt
ami sea lisilcrs may lake 150 or joo
whiting ami other li-h in a few hours
during the season within a quarter oi
a mile ol the hotel, where the requisite
appliances may he had.
P. Larson, the proprietor ol this
beautiful tourist resort, spares no
pains or expense in catering to the
wants ami requirements ol his gucsis,
ami is one of the enterprising men of
the new city. P. Conway, the clerk
1 if the house, i- "lie "I the best and
111,i-i favorably known hotel men on
the coast, and always is ready tn accommodate patrons ol the house,
♦   —
The steam ferry, owned by the
North Vancouver Perry & Power Co.,
crosses in I? minutes, run- all day from
early morning mini laic ai night carries passengers, carriages and wagons.
Vancouver business men now can and
iln live 111 North Vancouver with con
lenience and comfort, attending business ni ihe city ami having country
homes nf several acres, increasing in
value every year, steadily becoming a
reserve "i capital, constituting a virtual hie insurance, and equivalent fifteen years hence lo independence (or
individuals ami fortunes lo their heirs.
One can live in North Vancouver,
cross to Vancouver if one likes at 6:30
n'cluck in the 111,lining, and return after ihe theatre between 11 and ,-•
n'clock at night. The ferry crosses
without stoppage, wkcrcas electric c.i s
may slop lor passengers at every
block, say twenty ,,r thirty limes between Granville street and Mount
Pleasant. Those living in North Vancouver can use the li ri y all day, if
they ch c for less than d .'-.t cents
per day. Noil residents can get jo
tickets lor $1 00, making the (arc 5
cents a trip,
One "i the prettiest -puts in North
Vancouver 1- 1l1.1t ol the Lonsdale
Gardens. Tin- beauty sp,,t ol the
inlet 1- owned by the Vancouver
Perry and Power Company, and is
a lew blocks east "i I.on-,laic avenue, h comprises -is acres, slopes
up from the water and include- every
charm "i grassy kn. .11 ami shady
tree, wild wood and flowing stream,
Tlic company showed foresight
and g"nd jiiilgiue.il ni the enterprise
thai led 11 t" acquire this land and
convert ii into a park. Close 10 the
water, l.unsdalc Harden- haw n
charm thai i> aim,,si umquc in ibis
district, tin- charm ,,f age and mellowness, tor there stand a number ol
line spreading mm trees, the occu
pairts "I an Milliard planted thirty
years ago by an "1,1 Inner who In
tie expected thai the picnic- and
Indie-, ,'f stranger- would be held in
the shade oi the ne- he tended so
lovingly The old orchard with its
charm ol grassy carpel and hanging
frail, occupies two pretty slopes thai
arc separated In a ravine cut in long
centuries ol labor by thai brook that
runs through 11 Prom the orchard
the gardens slope back up the lull
covered with green trees and busht -.
among which seductive trails lead
.he visitor mi" shady nooks. Down
tin -nle- "' the ravine, which inutile length ,,i the Harden-, the com
panv ii having winding   paths   cul
and dam- will   hi    pill    ac,,,--    iln
course ol ihe nn"mi.mi stream that
will make pretty pools at Intervals
Th, whole mil form a son ,,i nioiii,
tain landscape m miniature that mil
charm ihe eye- ami nerves Irom iln
streets ol a buttling my. wlul, lack
ilu sonniiii.it -11,inioiti rigor of
detail   thai   1-   loUIld   111   leal   ui"ini
■ , 11
The 11 .in,,    ,.i civilisation havi
11  requisitioned, lesl  ihe unaided
in mil ..I ihe -p.,1 should pi ive I""
primitive ("r the advanced  pi "pic ol
Vancouvei   The refreshment   pun
in   .il.'i   h milled by an mi' 1
prising Vancouvei man ami   when
. n 1 nature's charms fail i" suttain
human   nature   the   pie.,-Hie   -,'eker   Is
1 nini.iii'l ally kind "i    re
n, -lun,111 (nun llie 1,1, II hi, .1I.1 1 1
fond In patt 'I' i"! grat Si an have
been . p. inl 111 all sort! of nice
shady places and then an
Im tin children The heacli has
1,, ,1: cleaned up In readinest for
bathers and bathing houses ore In
.1* erection,
Tin' approach to the Lonsdale
Gardens 1- a well limit pi, 1  160 1,11
I ,ng   \, ,1 laward end of this will
I,,- a bridge .in (eel long connecting
tbc pur wiili a ib.ai thai extends
another ;* feel into the inlel The
pier will make a -pi, mini pronien
ade  and hand  cue, lis  will  hr  held
on it [hiring the summer.
To the l."ii-'l lie 'i ird,"- Ihe fcr
ry company tuns a special service
during ih,' summer In addition to the
regular service t ■ the pr, -■ 111 North
Vancouver wharf   al   the   fool nl
I fiindalc   avenue     The   g irtlcn     :11c
particularly   popular    with    Sunday
.rhonl and other similarly organised
The return fare liai been reduced
■ "
'-*'*• -
for the occasion and a large crowd
is expected l" explore the new pleasure grounds.
has "pencil a barber simp "ii the Es
planade, near Larson's creek, lie is
a first-class workman and a thorough tonsorial artist in all respects,
having had a wide experience from
Hath, Me., to Seattle, Wash, lie
also ran a simp in the webfool -late
fur a number nf years, and finally
decided that North Vancouver will
in future be the place fur himself and
hi- family,
1 hie "i our successful store keepers is Mr-. Shaw, whose premises arc
"it Lonsdale avenue This place was
"lulled last July and has done a good
business  ever   since.     It    practically
leads  in dryg Is and   fancy  e, !-.
fhc stock 'includes all Ihe latest
novelties in these lines. Mrs. Shaw
is progressive and painstaking and
fully merits the share nf success she
has achieved here.
This place is located on Ihe Esplanade, and fur a light lunch or a
square meal it cannot be outclassed
in the municipality. Everything i>
kept in apple-pic order, ami your or-
dels   arc   promptly, and   cleanly   put
up ai moderate prices.    Mrs. Unite,
oversees the dining room and cm
inc department, which is in itself
guarantee of satisfaction to .he cu
miners,   The   venture   wa-   started
on April mill last.    Mr. Hogg hails
from Oakland, Man., where he owned
a farm.
A recent acquisition to our real
estate interests is II. A. Shaw, who
"licncd his office in June last 011
Lonsdale avenue, lie conducts a
general real estate business, buying,
selling, leasing and exchanging improved property, collecting rents,
securing good tenants, effecting in-
surancc, and in (act assuming entire
control ol estates, lie also ncgo
tiates loans "ii K'inil securities, Mr.
Shaw i- a man ol excellent business
qualities and has great faith in North
Vancouver, and coiiscmicntly is
among the enterprising men ol the
Twin City.
ed store is heavily slocked with
everything in Urn line oi pure drugs
and chemicals, perfumes, toilet articles, druggists' sundries, etc. A
full stock of stationery is also carried. Special attention is given in
compounding     prescriptions,      All
g is are s,,l,l at the lowest possible
prices. Mr. McDowell was formerly
with the Vancouver firm ol McDowell, Atkins & Watson for two years,
and wiih J. K. Sutherland, of Westminster avenue, Vancouver, for two
ami a half year-. He also taught
school in British Columbia for three
years, lie is a member of the Pharmaceutical Association of British
Columbia, and une nf llie pushing
men nf the town,
The rapid growth of North Vancouver has brought i" the fine many
business enterprises. One of the fore
must nf these, though modest in its
dimensions, is Murray's Tea Rooms,
which Mr. Murray opened on llie Es-
planadc mi May 24, 1004. The choie-
esi confectionery and edibles arc kept
as well as a conveniently appointed
lunch room, where light lunches are
served at  all  hours.
business,    Mr.  McMillan
post office,    lie has won
mi the basis of fair ami
Hard dealing.
runs Ihe
lis success
will be commenced shortly
ho reasonably pushed to   ,,
North   Vancouver
opened,     in     I
This flourishing enterprise now so
widely known hereabouts under the
style ol Wailful Bros,, was cstab
lished in May last by R, and 1. Waldeu, "ll Lonsdale avenue. Next
month, however, they intend lo remove in more commodious premises,
which they arc now erecting near the
municipal hall. They arc relail dealers in shelf and heavy hardware,
paints, mis. grates, tiles and house
furnishing goods, clc. Particular cf-
(oris will be made lo cater successfully for a -hate ol the town trade.
The store is large and thoroughly
modern and a complete -i"ck car
mil This Includei the choici-1 pro
duct- ol the leading wholesale linn-
and manufacturer! The firm is con-
scqitcntly ill a position to 11101 all
competitors, and li. Walden, who is
ai present ai \i« Westminster, will
he here a- -""ii a- be cm straighten
I,,- affairs in that city.
♦ '
Among iln popular business nun
ol "in town none arc more worthy
ol mention than W. A Ru. ell, who
established Im store here in Fcbru
ary la-t. lie canic from Manitoba,
where he ran a general store lor 20
v ar-, ami , »iucntly 1- thorough
iy master ol all the details whh h ar,
neci    11 v i" operate a successful veil
lure.    The -land i- situated on Pirsl
avenue, and i- ol ample dimensions
ami   well   equipped.    Mr.    Russell
handles only the very best, and re
ceives constantly fresh supplies   ol
fruits, li-h. butter, eggs, and .,11 kinds
'   . ■    crii        He  ha-  buill
nl irade. and holds the sa
1 all competition,
\ popular druggist   and ll
Established  his business as baker
and confectioner on  Lonsdale ave
nuc nn April 1, HJ04, and does a good
business. Bread, cakes, pastry and
all kinds of plain and fancy confectionery are made daily and sold to
well satisfied customers. Mr. Evans
is a thorough workmen, and followed
his occupation, prior to locating here.
at Vancouver, being employed at
Muir's bakery and other concerns.
Pew cities call boast of a more
complete meat market than that of
P. Bums cc Co, Of course everybody knows what that famous corn-
body knows that that famous company has many branches all over
Western Canada, but none mine
thoroughly equipped than ihe one we
are here referring to. This branch
wa- opened in October, 1904, with
C. McKcnzic as manager, who, by
the way is favorably and well known
to the residents hereabouts. A big
business is transacted and a full line
of hams, bacons and meats at city
whose portrait appears elsewhere, is
among ihe brokers dealing in North
Vancouver real estate, Hi- office i-
,111 I.,111-dale avenue, and is regarded
as being among ihe best unluc- ui
both present and prospcclivc values
of properly in ihe town, lb' i- one
of the pioneer settlers of
Lonsdale, North Vancouver; was
born in the County "i Lanark mi
Peb. ;. 18461 ami 1- "iic of (he volunteer veterans who assisted in sup
pressing the Pcnians in their raids
11 Canada during the third quarter
^^   Man
with the regulations, on 14th nl
August. All wick a goodly tiinn-
liu ol pupils were present which
promises, with expected additions,
a large attendance during the ensuing year. From the smiles on
ihe children's faces as they returned
alter the vacation one might rightly
suppose they had thoroughly enjoyed their holidays, and were
ready to commence another year of
earnest work.
The principal, Mr. Templer, who
has had charge since midsummer,
1004, deserves considerable credit
for keeping the school up as he
has, being single handed with at
one time nearly do children from
tin "a 1, c" class to that of high
school entrance work, under his
control. All will he glad to note
that the school has heel, graded,
ami that an able assistant, Miss.
Clapp, ol Vancouver, lias been
placed in charge of the junior department, Better work tan now
be accomplished, which will Im
more to llie satisfaction ol the trustees, who have the oversight of the
school management, to the principal, who has had the worry ol a
large school, to the parents who
are anxious for their children's
advancement, and to the scholars
who have to climb the way that is
not a royal road to lame.
The School Hoard is now triumphant at last. It would seem
at once while waiting for a second
teacher that the .cloud was dark
and lmavv; That the second ten her
was never to come. But the frequent and earnest prayers ol the
local board to the education department have at last been answered,
ami an amount of credit is due our
local board lor its persistence in
the matter, for it lias not been the
inspiration arising Irom ilmir remuneration that prompted them t.
do their duly. No pains, neithci
in time nor in labor, has been
spared, and is spared tn make our
school whal il ought In he, Bill
it requires time  ami  the  motto
and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
finish, li is the intention ol the
trustees and teachers tn make this
place nim of the attractive and inviting spots ol North Vancouver, a
A      j child's home among nature.
X) The day is not far distant when
I Vancouver's suburb will have
grown to such proportions that will
public I demand more school accomodations which the present residents
arc pleased to think will be on tin-
east side nl Lonsdale avenue.
Only tlic rich haie fences round
their farm- in Japan The Japanese
do ii"i like in spare the square led
a fence would lake up, If a border
around a field is necsssary, ii is made
ol mulberry trees, the have- ol
which arc good (or silk worms. It
i- -aid thai 100,000 acre-, that would
otherwise be taken up with Ipnces,
are thus used. Y"ti an- not wasting
a cent of your money in advertising
in The Express,    You make money.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
matinee and night.
The ('neat We-tcrn Urania.
District of
The Council invite- lender- 111 [ol
iln- work ol clearing and grading
.nn two miles "i the Lynn valley
mad I" a width of 20 feel, and laying plank thereon, all lo conform i"
specification, a copy ol winch can be
had ai iln- municipal office,
(.') For the work ol clearing and
grubbing the Esplanade and Pirsi
street throughout.
Scaled tenders miisl be lodged at
the nuuiieipal hall not later than 7:.10
p. in. mi Wednesday, August 30th,
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans, Farms, Etc,
Timber Limits.
I'ropcaty (nr sale all over the City
Suburbs and North Vancouver,
'Office: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C
Tenders Wanted
Thursday,  Friday
matinee and night.
and   Saturday,
Week of Aug. 21, 1905.
The World'i Greatest Acrobats
The Greatest oi all Mimics
Comedy Instrumentalists.
Tin- Belle ol Belles.
The Human Scarecrows,
Illustrated Souk.
Price-:    i;c and j.-c.
1 Street
1  -
1 i\n 2
,.   ,.
Wiiler Main
1Mb a* ml
r,'n,ti'i- tn iiiviii'ii i„r i,ii. 1 nn,! .'. m
-.loiiii la above diagram. Thsre sra no mm*
acimbla tot. tor reiiilcnllal run - in North
\.l|, ..nut      h,i' li   l"t ,,,1111,111. ,'X.itll  unc
Mere.   I'll,' ii,.«i,..| cornel ll,.lily 261 liel Irom
Hi,-1 nni, r i,l I. ,I,...Hi.- iiieinl,. Kiel ID li llml,
to v tilth holm Ilu- Khiii i in- nl,- In run
I'leiMfWl price l"'! «,'«• inn, li i.,u mil I'nt
mi'l  lerin-  ,|.-ir...l    I   i n..  iii..  rnUil  1,1
r,.,,.ii Hliy ..r nil laiulen    .*•! Irei-
I. t: ii. i'.,.i"iii,,. i,„i;,,
V« HUT. II I'.
..I' las. century,    lie lii.'Vcd lo     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
itoba in the early days of l)"iiiiiii"ii must be TeslilHt fettle.
' Irol, where he held many import-     'file ncxt Wll,n „| Ull
am pii-itinus hii.li
public and private, .1
Pacific .'".i-t eight
lie came  I"  III,'   I «^^^^^^_
ecu years ago, and with four sons
ivcrc among the first to go north in
1897, during the rush lo the Yukon,
where liny spcill several years ill
search of the precious yellow metal
lew people have become more fan.
iliar through personal obscrvalion|
uilli all parts nt North America than
has \li   I ii, I nl alter having -ecu
all, has decided thai British 1 in
Ida 1- im: best place ill North \1t1cr
ica and that North Vancouver i- the
clearing, grading
hoard is
mil  bill ing
rhonl   grounda,   At lual
AVE., I  l«8
JjOts Sell al from $75.00 lo $150.00 mi In
This is a good l„,y. The site i annot be ex, • 11, d in the
Municipality, a lull view, nol only ol the Municipalit) it
self, but the whole of the Inlet and English Lav can be
viewed from this point.   Apply to
'Hi',,,"  of  till
j. a. McMillan.
if our prosperous business
is thai of J. A Mi \lillan,
ui   general   groceries, fruil-
one whose premises arc tocaicti in; .
Norlli Vancouv i- M. S. McDow-l''--'
i II i In Man li 6 he opened hi- prcni
iscs "ii Ihe Esplanade, now occupied
by The l-'.xprcss office, where lie did
a thriving lei-iii, --. and in July rein-.m il i" his pn -i ni location ii
Lonsdale avenue, opposite the mil I
ii ,| provisions,   al   the   corner ol
I onsdalc avenue and the Esplanade
In  March, 190,1, tin- enterprise was
• irti d, and from the beginning has
been  very successful, owing to  tin
liberal   and   reliable   methods    dial
ill u- dealings,    Mr, Mc
Millan wa   tin  first gi    er to lo
lure    The premises he occupies are
lai'"c and spacious, and i- one of the
most attractive business stands in the
(town    Tin  stock carried is an umu
Dill,  ii ily fine ami well selected one,   in
1 ...  1  ,,,,eluding everything in the nature "I
locaicu  in,. 1 1 ,,„,„„ ,„.,„,„,,j,„,  ,„,
^e Belfast Clothing House
,,eluding everything in  the
1 staple and fancy groccrii     leas,
fees, provision , pro luci. I
etc     Mi   McMillan transact
probably tin  largesl retail   business
in tlic town. He is n native ol Prince
1   .   .,1 I land, and has been in the
eneral    merchandise   business    for
lllle |ia-l  I year-.    I'll,.]' I I , "in
nnipal hall, and here'hi ai 0 hai en ing to North Vancouver he was In
oyed exceptional prosperity, His'the united Stales, lliencc with Ins
,tnrc i- large and tastefully arrang brother In the Meal Grocery, Van
,,| and equipped.   This well appolnl Icoiivcr,   for   to   years    Resides his I
Their Stores nre Crammed Pull of Bargains
in Men's Wear. Everything Going for the
Next    Two    Weeks   ;it    Hiu,    Reductions.
42 Cordova St. and 245 Cm,ill St. THE EXi'KKSS
An Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain and Seashore Meet.
V ■    iliillj)        Kill   '. ' lil     ''  ''' I a ' /,
I ' |'(| I III I II llh    mnui
In/ /', pri/,     / ..      '.'.' rji i' ifi    nli'iit'l
■ III $'J jll  f  'Ml|.
Hotel North Vancouver
P, Larson, Proprlolor.
tunnelling ol a 5,000-foot moiin
lain I01 a tlistillli e ol two and a
ball miles, The company also
builds its own cars, and in ibis ns-
pt 11 again leads all elet trie roads
on the coast. The caishnps aiel
Ini atetl in New Westminster, mid
givi eiiipli" mellt t" a large iiiidi-
ber ill skilled inecbanifs. The
product ol the sjiops, more pat
in nl,nl\ iln large inleriirbiin cm ,
will bear favorable couipiirison
tt ill.    llie   must    palatial    eh 1 tl
coacln ■ produi ed any wher ■.
I be int. 1 urban servii e In hvei 11
rt'l    I'YIIN   l'.;il  INU VANCIIUVKH
ri l.i ,1 • wi II .1 ■ pas ' 11 1
bttsini -■ ( ai'' are run hall hourly
. In twi 1 11 the two. 1 tii s. An nvi 1
1 ■ nl 711 inii rurban (.ns a day
arrive nt and b live \\ 1 slmiiisler
■ j$?Lf£S8i
3Jir .     _ - -
. j
Sailing mi IHirrtinl Inlet, Opposite' North Vancouver.
manager, F. I lope Vancouver;
comptroller, W. F, Gilclmll, Van-
cnuveri   local   managers,   A.    I,
  (inward, Victoria, F   R.  Glover,
Tin- managing director ol the New Westminster,
company is Mr J. Hunty.cn, whose Westminster Branch Miles of
ability as a railway manager is track, including Westminster-Van-
widely recognized. Under his able couver intcrurhan line, nineteen,
direction the linancial position ol Traffic manager, D. A, Slides,
the company lias been vastly inn  Works,    power   house   and   car
About the Company That Will Operate the Tram Service proved, and the lines, cqui] ait building shops.
in This Municipality   A Good Record. and  service   ught tl uglily     Vancouver   Branch   Miles   of|
up-to-date 111 every respect. track,12.3. I ramc superintendent
High-Class Ladies' and Men's Tailors
100 lliistinys St. East, corner Cohunbiii Ave.
North Vancouver 1       lly|l|Il|t themselves as they did until a
by-laws   negotiating    igi       nl   |,.w nl|ls ,.,, v,,,:, ,!„.,,,,,,.,, 0|
with the II. C. L.   R.  Company,  limit own manufacture.
limited,  to build  and op, rate  a in vamiii'vku
tram line, five 11 eiiglh,   ,|„.    cmnpan;     have    acquired
I in- lini   will hi       In liol   the gas plan; and added  that  1
next year, as it till       b ml 1 ighl
months to fill nn   mb r lor .
rolling   stoi Ii,   1 ti     In    ii    b«
months this 1 I also in
stall   ele, tin     liglllillg     I    putt' I'
service,    iln   1     tricity   (01 all
these lindeil will I el
an d at the st iti m on I
Arm "l   Burrard  Inb I.  (si .1
 II p III   . Ig   lie;  "
win ri lb   ■ nti r power fm
;. d at l.ak.   liunly.eli     1 In
l| '      "I  till    pi'V.i lb.,
n . 1 b. p , and   the   wall 1
pud under 1 slalii   In ad ol   pn<
I "i the inforniiiti ,11 ol ;
tiiiitli.il with this 1,imp.f
In pointi tl ".it thai '
the st notably su ltd ol iln
organizations npi 1 iling with
iiK.nsii    1L11 \i
in   British Ciiluinbia • nh rpn ■
and    it    is   a    bill     exam]
what  can  1"    1
1 apai ity.
It rani
imp it,in 1 an i
■     ■
Canadian      I'.l I 1'
ami  up. rati >  tin- <
sti.'i   railways   in   Wi  I
\'aiu ouvi r an    \
int. 1 mi ■ IWi' n    Wi it
minsti rand Va
t ami
1 1
■ .
One of the remarkable features J. B. Rannie; works, powerhouse
in c icction with the British Co- and car-repair shops.
ImnbiaElectrii Railway Company,     Victoria Branch   Miles oi track,
„U|  looming  more noticable as twelve.   Works, water power plant,
the years pass, is the cordial svm-Uuhstation and car-repair   shops
'Ipathvand friendly relations esist-1    Sieves.,,,,    Branch   Miles     ol
IIY Make the Finest Clothes in tin City at the
Uwcst Prices.
*A        A       £
■'»'j y / -■   /■ ■  /*; ', /
i&: --gl'rj(6^l5l**-ti"
' 0 i! B ii 0 S K'lSif
™   ■ . ■  •   'v.- '   — '-Ate *•■   .. r
nMWiMiiiVilar, ■ ■■.>^j^»5fcV.«-i^.fc.'».':53IJ
.' _    -'   ."' ■ "      —-    ' ' „.  ■ 1  '. ..     J    /'   ■   -
Miiiiiihii luring Jeweler & Ingrnver.
i'. 11. Bo, u.s.    ||] n.isiinqs street West.
M 1X1 LA' ll'UIVi, IS ALL LI'S llllAXrllKS.
S|,i, lill mi..mi,.11 nlvi'll  ulli,. MHli.ll.Ovci „l
Je.vi*iry,  1 ItiMiHirlnii ,.i 1,11 rteiii-ri.it.iiii.
Wnli li iti'l'll iln,: l,i skill.il  MocllKllli'l    Ii..
-lie ..ill.I l-lini.,1,. Limii ,1,,|| \|,|.llr,illiill
Mill mill. KS III 11III I'KIIMI'I OillHHIIIl
Hill. ■' |.i , Inn .11 il Until nnil Silver
rwtMT-rm tuns priciicai ukruh.
Linliii' Jewell, M,.,|nl,, t'lmrnn ,•!>., ,1 B|«.
Hill V
Subscript ions, (Inly $1.
I,,,, ratino station nntl I'lj-o Lin i North Am, of Inlet, from wl.icli North Vancouver will Obtain its Gluctrio
Li«hl and Power.
Royal City Hotel
F1U1HEELY, Props.
■,■-' Itrniiil* nl w in -, l li|iinr> mnl
t lK«P     ItltlM, il |' l nn)
m:\v wkstmins'iku. I!. C.
gj^-    Kwrj'tl III)) up tit-liili'. tlic llOUH if
ltHltlt'1 It'll,   Hlllf   IIUIIIIIIIIM.I 'llll'll   (DI   Mil
;- ■ ptli bum l 0^ U0 FEE Tr».lr Mirlil.
r... its,    c ,. it i    I. Ml    rwrtrrri.
rWEKIlfVEAKri'l'.ACTICI!. UnhrA MrrrnW.
I ,1 ....M. iktlch nf )', t". it fr« tr^'it
n i .' nuHlli All bnilRMI ronfldtntUI.
HAND-BOOK niU I-i , ,«. v, Mtl.n.r Wll
IMlcOUiln i i«■' i ■■ "■ WUI iM.i.ti .,,
Will I'v. Il« til, l n I'trtti-f. (-tihti.i !■•!
„, ',ttn.'il „,,,.,,,,,,'., nl , t,nit.,-300 othrr
iubjtclitifii,,| -n-.iK.'i■■ Iftftll (t      A'hlnv,
73S FJtrrrt North,      WltSHINGTON.D.C.
l„|.l|,e,l '
.... I lor Wistuiiusi
I l In
...   ■
l.lllell  Ihe
•. ii ihe in,in.,'4 nn nt am! track,     fifteen,   \V"iks,     water
I'ln    credit   loi power plant,   Local manager, II.
il rii   laifairs is I irgi Ij   llenilow.
ilue in the absolute confiilence in '    'lh   coinpany'a payroll  auiirc-
. M.   llunl ■ n :'     ': I Sun,0;io ,i ill,
i     in.i i
luetlinils,    n.ul
i ■      that I        h n
; u.i, ,in
1   i    in
Ii li; | i   -; lit,
■ i   ■, i,.
;      , . . ,,       ,
.:    p it in lol'i e nVi'l  Iwo
ei    . •   .i n        .; i din:;
 i    i!i
I  i   i  i        ' ' '   ',;;.   I
.;     . llie III,II.IS ill '
'.   .i
I    .     ,i,ii "l il     ■ '   l i!il     ,      the
constituted n stilt  llooksoili'i's ;11,, 1  Statioiion
ThePanThal fills Itsolf
While & Bincloii
II I.I I'll'iVL 171,
, ;      '
.,    . : to ill, il i.nil s.
nn ,'i 11, 11 s
i omp 11|    mi in
1 I an,   \<    M II  in,    T( A.  ,        /> .,
Ihe Old "Cos.
II     Hinder,   London,   I ne,.;
Iit.tt.tr.   i    liu l»-ii, I '''• win, Pl'0|l,
 , i   il111 wi -i
Oil tlic Keith Kotnl THE EXPRESS
Lonsdale Ave., Present
One of the Enterprising Institutions of North Vancouver-
New Departure in Machinery—The Officers.
Prior to the advent of the Lonsdale estate, sub-division J7.|, as a
marketable properly, in 1903, there
was no attempt at the formation of
a town in North Vancouver, The
whole district embraced by tin
municipality was virtually a terra
incognita to the great mass of
Vancouver citizens who inspected
the opposite shores very much as
Moses of old viewed the promised
land, /. 1'.. from a distance; but
with this important difference, that
they were mil to be denied an early
participation in the development of
its resources. For when Lonsdale
was open for selection there was a
keen demand lor sites, both business and residential, and from that
dale the progressive history ol
Vancovcr's visa-vis may be said
to have commenced. In this connection it may be desirable to explain that this Lonsdale properly
commanded the key to the whole
municipality, and. by reason of its
position as
bad    prevented    the     speedier
settlement of the whole district.
Forseeillg the great possibilities
which lay in store for the place,
and the opportunities an enterprising linn would command (or doing
business. Mr. Diplock, the
present managing director of theISuperseded the horse as motive
,. ., , power in removing llie gnarled and
Western    Corporation,    limited, fwiBtod Btumpi from mother ncth.
organized a company,  which  was  So niiicli impressed wilb the work
incorporated in November,  190a, were several  visiting  Vancouver
With  a  capital  ol   $10,000,    The aldermen that the  city  has  since
objects of the company as set out introduced a' similinr scheme lor
,      , I road clearing  with eipiallv salis-
give ,1 a wide scope, and embrnci s factorJ ^^   „ k noteworthy
land-clearing, liiiiisi-lunlding, htm- that t|,c first business block decibel and real estate business, these 1,1 in North Vancouver, namely
being augmented as the demand McMillan's store and The Express
, ,; 1 ., „ „„ 1 office, on the corner of Lonsdale
arose, bv a iiluinlnng and gem i.n ,.,,-,
avenue ami  tin-  I'.splauade,   was
built In  the Western Corporation
situation to increase the capacity
of the company, which was
INCREASED in $100,000
in the early part oi this year.
The company has always devoted itself to the best interests of
North Vancouver, and in fostering
the settlement of the community,
one of the particular branches being the domiciling of people on the
land.   Winn the number of resi
deuces, now occupied by
happy and thriving families,
is taken into account, it will be admitted that this policy has tesulted
in a striking success, bencfically
both for the company and the in
dividual. With a pay-roll of
$3,000 a month, all circulated
locally, it can be seen that the
company has large interests at
slake, and are a voiv powerful
factor in the support ol this young
town. The employees of the company are naturally all residents,
and through it many of them have
been able to   secure   homes   for
In laud-clearing, which is so
important an item in this heavily-
timbered country, Mr. Diplock introduced
with good effect in the application
of machinery. The donkey engine
was requisitioned, and the combination of steel cables and steam
Transportation by rail appears to be
the essence' of the development of
British Columbia, and, without it, the
dotted fertile valleys and prolific ler
races, or benches, which abound
throughout tins must favored province
of the Dominion would remain in it!
almost primitive state.
To the average British Columbian,
who dwells on the sun-kissed salt waters nf the Pacific, the interior of the
province is as little known to him as
the Patagonia region; and, more, the
wholesale business man shows as lit-
agrii iilimal supply department.
As lime passes it becomes neces
sarv  in  order to cope   with   tin
(or a syndicate, organized by Mr
Diplock.    At llie time this preten
.v.. 1 ii K'M-i. i^nglisl
tious edifice was rather cynically
alluded to as a "white elephant,"
but subsequent events have amply
justified it, as it must remain the
principal business site in the town
and 110 longer stands in isolation.
of the Western1 Corporation, limited, comprise: Managing director.
A.  II.  Diplock; secretary,  Arnold
I E. Kealyj and II. ('. Wright, niana-
!ger of the North Vancouver office,
'besides  the   following   directors,
well  known   Vancouver   business
'men; Messrs. S. Cooper Keith, A.
I D.   Taylor,   and   ('.    Weiitwortb
1 Sarel,    It is interesting  to know
that Mr.   Diplock  lias resided  in
North Vancouver continuously lor
eight years,   When he brought his
family here the district was practically unknown, and the very lumber which was required to build
the bouse bad to be transport! d up
the hill from the landing on llie
sturdy backs of Japanese.   Ii is
needle's to refer to the transformation as evidenced today, nor to
the fact that Mr.   Diplock  is  the
fortunate possessor ol one  of  the
prettiest homes around Vancouver
lor bis enterprise, and the many
obstacles cheerfully overcome have
entitled him to this reward. He
recalls the times when the old ferry,
the steamer Senator, wearily
plodded her way across the harbor
at uncertain and infrequent inter-
vals, and remarks that even
she has since been
which is only in sympathy with
the district which she Bcrvi d so
faithfully in its early and memorable days.
Mi. Kealv is also an old resident
of six years standing ami has taken
,,11   active   interest   in   municipal
affairs since bis arrival, being a
member ol the couni il. He re
signed therefrom last ycat owing
tn pressure ol business, but upon
tin retirement "I Mr, lull lasl |.mc
be was elected to tin vai ant reeve-
ship by a huge majority, Mi
kealv. 111 addition to Ins
business 01 cup.iiioii, is an ardcnl
boitii ultuiist andhisgardi 11 inn in
evident e ol mm b 1 arc and atli 11
Mi VV, II C Wright bails I	
Australia, win re he formed for
man) years one ol the band ol
Argonauts whii h tlisi uvi red, and
luveloped probably the greatcsl
gold-mining < ountrj in tin world,
namely, Western  Australia    Hi
was   in   business  there   loi    sunn
years, but the climate and othei
auditions 1 ompellcd bun to seek
1 more temperate zone, and he
turned his attention to Uritish
Columbia as towards the ii-ing
All departments ol the Western
Corporation work harmoniously,
and the altitude nf all 1 "in erncd is
1 h.ii.u Ii in.' d   by   that   courtcsj
which   sluiidd   exist   between   ail
members ol  a company ami the
public   with   whom    business    is
1,in'-.11 ted.
lie regard or aptitude (or llie interior
development as they did [or the. out
lining nf parlies to the North during
the famous Klondike stampede in
1897, They sit down, play whist nd
lib., and wail for the prospector to
file in!" their offices, or corridors ol
hotels, t" show their "wares," or proffer advice in respect to the possibilities of the interior.
To the prospector is due the construction of the present mail into the
Sltnilkamcen. It was the prospector
who first came to the Coasl with
ire, pleading for 11 retainer, with
which t" prosecute liis work during
the following winter,   Then followed
he store keeper, and iii turn came tin
politician, in' legislator, to urge the
governmental recognition of n district
ibounding in natural wealth, and only
iwniting more facile inoveiiicnl in
transportation. After years of ham-
■iiei'ing on the anvil of indifference
lie road is now being built, The - inie
lullffcrencc on the pari of Coasl pco
pie applied to the town of Nelson,
A good many British Columbians
remember the strenuous times the
building of the Nelson & Fort Shcp-
inn! went through, Rul the road was
built, nevertheless, However, the two
above named districts do ii"t include
the whole area of undeveloped British Columbia. Not by any means.I
'"here are other sections; sections as
prolific in agriculture and stock-raising as the beautiful Okniiagnn valley,
and as rich in mineral as the famous
copper-stained Similkamccn, which,
long neglected, have forced tliem-|
selves to the front through the she
weight of
[or railroad Invasion.
These sections are Cariboo and its|
adjacent territory to the north; thai
Cliilcotin, with its most perfcel stock-
raising district I" be found ill British
Columbia; and, lastly, the Liiiooi 1 and
Pcmbcrton Meadows. These ore
names to conjure with, every one of
them, and the lucky tiller, herdsman
and miner who, in the past, [ound ii
a hardship to pay .' 1-.' and ,1 cents,
and sometimes a great deal more, on
freight will have bis dream realised
by the construction of the Vancouver,
Westminster & Yukon Railroad.
The above remarks brought out by
a correspondent who recently made a
three-weeks' trip through the Chilcol
en and Cariboo, and lays special em-
phasis mi a little incident which struck
him as peculiar while driving over the
Cliilcotin prairie. It has bearing on
llie most damnable mad extant, says
he The occupants, two, in a <l"i;
earl, were approaching the long hill
ill the descent to Chilco river, almost
opposite Ilaneeville,
and the occupants landed some thirty
Lonsdale Ave.. Past
C. ranch property, and crossing   the Coolo,    The latter mad is the south-
Eraser by wire-rope ferry m the cclc em end of the Chimney creek route
bratcd Gang ranch,   Twenty miles of and i- used by the stage.   During the
a drive brings you t" what is known Klondike rush stockmen, within a rail
as the Home ranch.   This is pan of ins of 30 miles of Hancevillc,
the Gang ranch property, and as the empppn patti u
name indicates, was used as headquar- stiuauuvii inters at one time    It (ell into ib-11-e as by way of Bella Coola, but it never
a   supply   centre,   so   residents   say. proved remunerative "wing 1" -lean,
when boot irregularities ami other   causes
"CATTLE KING" WILSON      m°rc .fm> 'V","''1 "monopolies,"  ol-
though the distance, a- a look ;,t the
woke up "ue umriiiiig J.vi.ikki p ,orcr map will show, is less than one-half.
Loading Lurobor Vessels at Moodyvillo in Early Days—Th
feel below.    One landed "ii .111 emptj
,n;.I dismembered nail-keg, atili In ing
Strewn down the lull most lavishly, ill
an up-turned position, Si irorul «' re
withdrawn from thai put "i tin ana
1'niiy 10 susceptible i" lacks and pin
cuihiont, 1 hie nail, however, was allowed to remain embedded in the
ih I. I,, iervc in the oculai .is tn ab
jeet les-.ai "i bad m.i'ls in tl '
cotin    1 hi arrival .a Ihcii di dilution
l-'ranklin't   itorc  they   di    ...
thai tin ic   ; rckccpci   bid
1... 1 ■ 1; "i naili 111 tliv , i.e. L'ng up ol
tl • 1 p. "I     And .ill this site, paying
ibn 1   1 1 Ills ,1 p..iiii,| 11, :j;!i|  ||,.in   \.;
croft,   Is 11 .my wondei thi it Ii rtili
n .■ -ii   11, imp, oplcdl   Noni    I hi
will .in remain Inui unh 11
.;i I.:, 1 i,y in."I,in transportation 1,
sp, iking "i Chili "tni. "nr Informant
- " . 'i 1. purely a -t"k, ountry I hi ie
in three "i more ways of entering il
! 1.. It, \i S-■■ 11 1 peel
effected by ,\ u rope ferry,
.iii.l at 1 lummy Creek   an   excellent
i      .        been en ''"I    Tin si two
.   1   ;.■ commniilj
nd residents in il" northerly
section "i 1 In!   ini    Tip  I
inui and -i in' ' "i' Ii I      ig the 1 0
1 .. .
,,     Flic third rout
111 nly iravi ■
jy by resident! in tin
[1. led till " b)
Leaving llu Cariboo  1   il, in   the
vii nnty "i the T" mill
to Joseph Pigeon's 1 mi I
Canadian, by the way, wb 1
,   .■ en ." y< 11
,   Canoi creek Ihi ■ igh the II
than be was the pi, idem nig ,;
I,, cold ond shortage on hay
From il" II ■""   1'"' Ii, 1 nt  i
I ii   I,
boaiil, the end   dropping   i
,reck     I' 'in this point   1
and Ham • ■
"hub" of thai
Ihcrly din clion   .In   [1 rim 1   on and
■ 1 known at 1
Anothi r bad fi atun  » it tin lai k ol
iiutril on the trail,   Mosl
"i tin   lock it 1   .'. driven out by the
lesi nl" d,
Tin ; today it: Cow
boys, no an I boai
cooks, Cllil       " ■ ' : '   In
ipply die la
bor an I .    'lil-lii 11-      III llie
'   "
■   . ., ■
\\ , ;; ■
'11     1 ii the
V.   I   M
Cnriier Lonsdale A >i nue and the Esplanade THE  EXPRESS
North Vancouver
Deal, r- in
General llnrilwiire, Oils, I'ninls, Kit,
Tinners mid Plmnbera,
llneriipy's well known Clmntelloi
Mill lliiiijies,
IVe -' II .ii, I deliver g I- ' licqit'i
:i hi Vancouver linns ran
S'otc   i inr , \|.r, --  wagon  meets the
WI ami.', Ill |i,iu, bouts,
Mr, Kuan, of the Herald, has taken
ro .in- ni the Hotel North Vancuii
\\ I1 Hogg has returned from
Sti vi stun, where he has lie. n spi ml
ing a few weeks.
K\ Ki eve I ii Carroll was |,resenl
in Wednesday night's meeting n(
tlit- municipal council,
\h- ■   Mel .r,m. of  Vi'ii.eoiivi r,  was
ill,   lannU i,[ Capt.  Stevens
nl   Moody* lie tin- week,
li litis cull lies yiiii. id your nil
i i'i ii-i nn ni in this pace will catch
llie eyi  nl mi.iic mie else,
M \ Kiissell, master of the I Irani!'
lodge hirr, miys lluil llie order i
.a iilualh I" i' uming slriiiiiter.
Mr. Ceperley ami daughters starl
i:..\ Hiu'ki'nlh'lil, Manager
ami i;i.\ii\ aii:i>
1123 C'linihif St., Vuneouver, H.C.
P. li. II,,x 7.VJ I'lc,ne 357
Driller ol
Oil, (ids (Hid \rtesian Water
I'n.in i tn is inches in ilii.nieler,   All
w..rK ijuiirillitccil.
3111,rami:!, -i . Viilifii.iver, It.C.
M. A. Russell
The l|)-lo-dale Grocer
Ctiinpli'le li f
Groceries, Tobaccos
1st. Vvr.,t.tsl lonsdtilr \w.t
Norlb Vancouver
Manufacturing .!• irclcr,
Uiamnnil Setter and Knaravci
!/,,/.,'.  /,.,.  I.   ih nml
/.'.I„i, .:■
-.  I ,,'   |
/■ 'i i.
(inn lli'i   rii : Lfmid
' ■  '        ni.i/ni'j
lim-- .ii ; i"|,|" r work
•Mill nil kl.nl-  nl   ll'.'iil
re|   'i... i' i'"iinii ii
|n'i nlty.     VI  work
Hand Loaded Shells to Order
Fllhlng   Tackle   and Cutlery
IV. K   I Ill I    "". '■■• li    ' **
Vancouver. B.C.
Iri.Ki) .miming i.boul n n. r
1 In, li ul lulu rlisenieitl will Kill a
i.i- it, -- man's prospects, Try The
I \|,n--   it's  guild  advertising,
Mr I Mrs. McKee held a corn
party in their lent Tuesday evening.
\ very jovial lime wa- spent.
li you expect tii-i'atc a- an cnlcr-
prising Inisincss man you should gel
llie rati of this valuable advertising
I In i. rry company has [or the pasi
six weeks been giving their employees
a l.all-l.olidny cacli wick, which is
much appreciated by litem.
Miss kale Maiiiah, o( Soullianip
i a, ' Inl . and Mrs, Alex. Mnciinb,
nl I'nrlliiiid, Oregon, paid The ICx
press ii visit "ii Saturday,
i in I'inlay evening the steamer Si.
(lenrge wen, nil. for a inoonliglit ex
elusion, many people being nn board
i, real enjoyable tune, return
ilea liome at ii o'clock,
Koine was inn hiuli in a day; nor
ran j,ai build your business wiili
one small nd., but constant advertising in tin- paper will greatly benefit
yuitl  b.lsim -- prospects,
Han Martin, well known "ii the
i mist, has a gang ul nun nl work nl
his In ml bouse in front of Ihe North
Vanouivi r lintel, and a. llie old crab
lory, building a big tug boat,
The lire hose has arrived  for the
llity    mid    Constable    Harry
1 lick is very busy gelthiR a Inl   ol
', mi .   mi n together, so thai a chin
n  hrigmlc can soon be organ-
Mr- Hell, wife of lir Hell, who
',..'i located ni Vancouver for
some lime, was a visitor lure yesterday She visited llie Mission,
where -In- piirchnsed tpiite a codec
limi nf Indian baskets and curios,
The other daj W. T. Purred, su
In mill iiilenl nl ih,- sawmill above llie
Capila.m dam, siitl some tta feet in
tl, , aiiyiiu, iii.l fell nboill |5 feel nil
a rock, sustaining severe injuries, lie
■,.;   i tin time .ni ih,' lliiine.
I; i  i. m rompnny is having   llie
I,, .nil ni man nl l.nnsdnle   Gardens
, I. an d and put in line shape,    li is
li i|   thai   the  place    will    be
i   balhiug  and  boating    bj
,i ai
'. dlace's shipbuilding yard will
. urn he n npeneil Mr Wallace has
fiiriui d n e iiupany, -hare- $100 each,
ami will nperaii both bis com i ms,
1 ,i Vane mver Xorlli Van
cniiver will urns, certainly prolil b)
ibis move
Mcxauder    Macnah, nl    I'tirlland,
i in , ..nth Iii- uncle, John I'eari y, nl
\ an, ..nn r. was iii North Vancouver
, with a  view  to pur
lew  blocks ol  land     Mr
..111111'     .,-      |H      | III
I   ...    II     I    Hi
i,     |l     Mi Kay,    I'mvincial    Im
Warden,   ("nasi   District,   Vallcnt.ver,
i I rid.i)    lb
    I ':in  Men
been  pill
Hi        lining    II
Ill     I    '.
i i-inn
. ii, « u [mil nii'.i walk is
,1! .hal
lliimkes, the hall
. nilcil  (ruin  the    llolel
•  I i-i Saturday, mi I
led many a nine    in
r places,    lys    .hat    llie
The Proposition of tbc Day
on the Northwest Pacific
Transformation Scenes
Just Berlin.
1,000 Acres of Primeval Forest to be Swebl
Aaway Bt) Gigantic Steam Engines.
'rim Vnnuouvur, Westminster& Yukon Railway, sano-
tiutioil by tilt1 Dominion Authorities to connect land and
iicehti bi'ohwiivs, and ninku llie North eliore a shipping
Tim II. (J Electric Railway Co., to supply street cars.
light ami power,
Prosperity bathes llie town like sunlight—Progress
continuous, Watch North Vancouver's advance. It will
Im the kinetiscopo of the ('oast.
Ollicial Agents for all the original townsite lands.
(1.1mii acres.-till left.)
Habon, He! ai -land £» Mahon
s|i Hastings Stout, Vancouver, B.C.
Thompson, John II. Ellis, Calgaryi
li, Granville Gnrgon, Viclnrin; J. it,
Meeger, Prank Hrnuks, Geo, M Her-
ry, Senile, Wash.; Allien Pllwood,
A. Stiinuiers, II. J. Saunders, Mr, ami
Mrs, A. II. Peilford, Winnipeg; J.
S, Chisuell EaBtin, S. II. Crawford,
R, S. l-lurnc, Red Deer, Aha.; A. R,
Cuniwade, ,11. T. Ceperley and wife,
Miss Ceperley, (i. I.. Melts nnd wife.
The council met in the nuuiieipal
hall mi Wednesday night, Reeve
Kealy was in the chair and Councillors Hell, Allan and May were present, and Clerk Phillip in his place, THE DANCE.
After Hie reading of minutes ol   the     A          c|].    ,)|c        her,n;i
l,rcvunls mtgtl"»s ,c,,dc(| the tlatice held in the Paul
Communications in|, ,,„ Wednesday night.    I'he loi
were read a- follows lowing,  were among those   present;
IT,,in the  Good  Read-  Machinery Mr, and Mr-. Campbell, Mr, and Mrs,
Company, Limited, Hamilton,   Out., 0, Scott, Mr and Mrs. R. I.eckic, Mr,
enclosing  new   catalogues  and  soli and Mrs. Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. II.
citing palrunage.   Piled. I'. Gilmniir, Mr. and Mrs, G.   rorey,
Kemp    il    Simpson,   Vancouver, Mr. and Mrs,  McLaughlin, Mr  and
staling thai ihev wniild accepl   the Mrs,  l.ougliecd,  Mcsilanies Temple
stun id $50 In full settlement, re Mrs. Inn, Cooper, hndliiy,    laylnr,   Me
While's funeral, replying lo lite coiui Geachie, !■'. ICvans, l\ Iniullay. Ham
eil's previous offer ul $.}<,,    Muliou iltun, ihe Misses Macfarlane, I'.vtins,
passed that the previous offer -till Hnller,  Mnrrell, 0,  ICvans,  Powder,
stand, Maker. Dinw he, Kcayes, I'.dwards,
p'ru'in lames I'.  Pell, lor trustees McGeachie, Keiler, T. Kcayes, Gih
Lonsdale estate, re road allowance inU"n,  Smith,  Messrs   Darner,  Linn*
lot .'in. wrote thai the mads at pre- den,  Walker,  Matthew's, Stevens,   I
cut gazetted in dislriel lot ibh, lo .1     I rorey,    Allan.   \V.  McGregor,
getlier with the loo-loot road rccenl Macfarlane, Crunis, Clarke,  liomas,
lv expropriated from the Keith road McDougall,     I'.dwards,     Wilkinson,
m ii- waterfront exceeds   the 5 per l'-vans,  Heggs,  Shaw,   Mcllatlie,  K
cent, allowance under the iniuueipal Wright,  C,   Millard,    Western,    Dr.
eluii.es act.   Tn adjust this u will be McDairnnd,   Scull,   Moore, Stewart,
necessary ,,, reduce ilu- iast mention-[ nnd l.ougliecd.
ed road i" a width ol im feet,     in
any ease lo avoid a jog ill this road CLARK-FOSTER,
i. will he necessary for .he council     . ,,       |,..„   „..      , .,„„
in expropriate .1,1 feet along the west     A "<> l,rc">' »cil,ll,18 vv:1" *"U"'"
lioiuulary of Ihe Indian reservation, ''•'''I "" Wednesday morning al St.
llie greatest part of which i- the ex vndrew's   Presbyterian   church   by
isting road.     If this is dune there u,.v. \|r, Gillain, the pastor,  A large
will be a straight mad 09 (cet wide „nml,cr ,,( personal  friends  of    the
Irom the Keith mad lo salt water, W, ymmR couple,  who are  well known
(eel ol which will he on I". -('5.
Councillor Hell -puke of the blowing up ,,i the stumps ,,n the Park
reserve. One or two slmulil be re
taitied, lie -aid, as memenlnes, especially a very large one which would
be ill interest in the future,
Kx-Reeve Carroll asked the clerk
regarding the foreshore ,|iiesiiiin referred i" He said he wa- willing I"
pay a share ol same al the corner of
llie Indian reserve, a- they needed il
(or limber [or the Hume. He did
mil wish, however, t" intrude on private or public property,
The Reeve assured l>r. Carroll
.ha. his proposition would receive
and very popular hereabouts, were
present. The contracting parties
were I'd. M. Pnsler, son of H. I'.
poster, of the It, C, Leather ' "in
pane, ol Vancouver, and Miss Jean
W.'l'lark. daughter of James Clark,
nf II M '- customs, nl North Vancouver,  The gr nsmaii was Russell
|i Clark, brother to the bride, and
the bridesmaid. Miss Minnie Poster,
sister I" llie groom, both nf whom
look their pari in the ceremony in a
very creditable manner. The brides
father gave her away. She looked
mosi charming in her wedding attire,
which was a dark blue Panama Irav
cling costume. Tbc happy couple
then drove to the home of her par
Residence 111  MoOllvville,
In in I (ruin the ,'iiy     Killing and drii :■ THE PALL PAIN.
'"« :|-  "';'  hiiml phiys '• becoming .,-,    N,   ,,, VimcilllOT 11orticultttr-
iiuite a lad these line i veilings. ,   ,                        ,,          , ,
,.i! \ nation and banners lu-iuuic
Hilton Keith, secretary ol the lab „,]| |,,ilU its annual   exhibition   on
eral-Cnnservaliv,   Union   of    Hrilish September llilh next,    The show will
Columbia, lias gone m Mlismi. where |)t, |u.|j .„ ,|u. pnvtli.)ti at Ihe North
he will remain In look after the in Vaucoiiver Hotel, and will cn-isi ,,.'
iii'i-i- nl Ihe lownsite compaii)  for lnl!,..   Mowers,   vegelablcs,   iiniiltry
..mie moiilhs before returning in llie iim| ;iV,   S|„ck, ladies' and children's
coast.   Ju-i before be led lie resign wares, etc.. etc, Already a large num.
ed .be Ireasiirersbip of the Vanemi |„,  ,,. exbibits have hen promised
ver Ciiiiservalivc   Vssoj              ii"*11 and it is believed by those who ouglu
the wishes n( a large circle of friends ln |,,,llrt  ihai   i  will he one ol the
Mr  Keilh was a shining light in ihe r,, i. - -1 fall fairs held ill the Province,
rank-  of his  parly and   was  always ,,. tt;i. ,|H. C(lsl, |aS| year.    The day
looked npnn by the   leaders   us   a n,n |,t, Saturday and in the evening
slrnng and influential personage, in    , ,■ ■,.,, will take place.
asnilicll as he had been private sec |, ,. reijlicstetl thai nil exhibits, ex-
retary  lo  the  lion.  Mr   Dewdney.jeepting live slock, be on the grounds
ai  mie nine  Lieulenaiil-Gnyeriior ol „,,■  i,i,r ihau  prlilay, so as I" be
tlii-  Province, and also  Minister "f ,,ailv  lor llie judges ,,n    Saturday
ihe Interior in Sir John  \. Macibui inorning, Kmry forms and prize li-ls
nld's gnvernnieiil during llie stirring lnny he had on application to any ol
nine- nl Ih,' rehilli I   188;,    Mr ihe ofticers nf the society,    They are
Keilh i- a very popular man and ,. (,,]|nws; President, I'd. Mill; vice
highly respected by all who have Ilu president, li \V, IClder; secretary
pleasure of his acipiaintance, reganl nea-uiir. Ruben L, Unchcrly; tli
less nl partj affiliations, rectors, II. I. Cornish, Win. Morden,
 —   U,A   (-,,| ,.   \.   |...   Kealy.   W    I.
scriplion, tl, ','1'1'1' "ii,"--i"" »•'" iu' "ni-v'"
Mr. Nye wanted   to   know when onlSi ,,„ Pmirtb street, where all sal
Lonsdale avenue would be extended down In the wed,linn breakfast.   Af-
Thc Reeve said that   the   matter tcr t|,j, ||,d been disposed ol Mr and
was under consideration, \|rs   [•*,ister  look    their   departure
Mr  Waldeu staled that llie Plumb .,,,,1,1 ;1 slitiwer ol congralulalions nnd
ing bylaw  was mil being lived up cmlg|it   the   ferry   for   Vancouver,
to,     He    thought    thai    something vv|„.,.,. ||uv took the steamer Princess
should he done i" cnlorce the taking Vu-toria lor the  Portland  I'air and
mil nl licenses  b)  plumbers   ,1 g ||„. Sound cities, where  the  honey
work in the town „,,„,„ w;n |„. sneiil    On ilu it return
The Clerk   Mr   Waldeu has lakeu (|K,.   n,n   ri.s;,|c   ;,i   sn.t   llainihon
nut his license. strevt. Vancouver     With a host of
The Reeve   Its im use having   a „||u,n x\w l''xpress lenders il- bear-
by-law  unless it  i-  enlorced.    The u „ 1 wishes lor a Imig and pros-
matter will lie looked  illtu ,„ ,,,,,. |j(Ci
The assessment by law 1 ed  its 	
third reading,   Valuation lo be math     PACTS ABOUT NORTH VAN
between N',,v. i-i ami Dec, null next
Assessment  mil relumed   by    Dec
JIM. Real properly to lie estimated
at ii- actual cash value.
Regarding the construction nl Ihe
Lynn valley mad. Councillor Hell
-aid dial Mr. McNair coilhl mil Slip
ply iln- lumber for it,
Councillor Mian N'ol the ipialilj
Councillor Hell wauled,
Cnimcillor Hell Mr McNair
strongly objects in the council's in-
pi, t„i
i:\tiiiisixi I"1 1/. r.i/./i.NT
Tin '., ' / 11 11 ill) 111, ' .' fu
Pimni f llarbi r Shop
Hj,| li   //.',/   v., -I.   P
■■■• "      &&^ih!&^M-^'' .."">'''
.   was  up  ni  iln   an wa-|
pu.il gri at,  1    bird's eye
Mr, llainc'sli'v's Ki'sidi'iici
I in   annual butchers' picnic,   '
' ,   ' The Kino of Whiskies
ilel, wa- a i, ry utter* - 1     ■
And the Whi»ki| oj hin(\.s
i,i   ,1 credit dloilld he em 11 I
■ -hip were Iln  order nl tin
( I.i; tit  IIU WI   I II. 1.1. Ii
lie,, fm iii, 11 untiring
1  .   fen      phi il ball I
.-. npll   urn  pn -. nl
1 in 'I I in <d i) evt ning, ilu   mill hi
Valid i.vi 1 Maud |d lyeil   il
liardei    111 my   pi  |i ■
inngii upper
I ■ 11 had
111    lyle f,n
indeed mi Ilu ;   :",
Solu A ' ni ■ lot I'mi. -li Coliii.iliin,
It, siiuiul ill \ ur business caleula
tiinis and reason (or yniirscll before
you make .1 move. Must nl the
grounds ,,„ which you would acl in
litis matter arc known .0 tbc residents
lu'rcaboiils and arc a- lollows;
Hurrard Inlet 1- TIIK greal port nl
Canada mi the I'acilic, handling the
Canadian commerce with Asia ml
\11-n.1h.1    As the population ol I an-
C icillor   Allan      Thai   should »dn increases this commerce will in
mil be a reason to prevent the calling crease
fur lenders, which was later decided,   Vancouver City 1- about 20 jears
In do. "hi. ,     . ,
The Beautifying Association nl North Vancouver wharfage is nuicl
North Vancouver has tendered the nearer the main channel of llie larlio
nuuiieipal council the magiiilicciil "'■'" Vancouvei wharfage, ami c
gift  nl inn [oiintains,   which   will iwn towtisites are e.pnihslanl from llio
(ornially be "pined on Sept. in next, "Htri .lie liarlior,
The council lendered llie association    The pnsilion nl Sorlh Vancouver 0
a vote 1.1 thanks for same and in   Vancouver ,- as that nl.Oakland, to
struclcd tlic water conimittcc In s*
hci proper locations,
The municipal council voted the
Horticultural Socielj the sum ,,f $511
Inwards il- nri/e li-,.
Sun I'raucisco or llrooklyn  i"   New
North Vancouver 1- sheltered in Ihe
mountains from the north wind-, has
southern exposure, milder air and car
lier vegetation than Vancouver,   and
blocks ol five acre- lor detached re-i
deuces, gardens or orchards   can   be
,   had in North Vancouver townsite, but
rhe following visitors and guests „„, „, v„,„,m„.  Remember llie fur-
were a. the lintel N'mih Vancouver ||H,r fact Ihnt these acre blocks arc he-
,Inline week ending \ng, iS:   M. K. ing ilivideil into town lots at n rapid
Ionian and wife, North Vancouver. r"'c    , , , ,    ■,,
V. I'. Ilains, Maud   Shaw,    Myrtle The ihstncl ol   Uirjord Inlet will
Shan.  Hill  Shaw.  Kiliili  and  P.lliel becmne more populoHs.
Krom,   Vancouver:   T  H  McLean, Vancouver west-end   lots   on nig
Mi-  McNeil,  P   Wise,  Vancouver   ground, with u I view, nave risen
Leo Wilki, II   M  S  Newton: R   \ frnm nominal figures In about ^ooo
Hiiulnp. Sew Vork:   Rayiniintl    l)e ench, anil a cninpacl acn can hard.)
Lanxing, Clticiiu... Ill;  \   II. Ktttit- In hoiighl l*;i $7.5<».           .
..,11.  Lincoln,  Reli.;  P   I.   Sim 11, Similarly situated large lots 111 Norn
Minneapolis: I   N  Gillivray, Wiimi Vancouver can be had at less man tin
:   ii, I inh.cn. Vancouver; K eighlli ol this pnee, il one   ocrc   be
llarfor,   Dimedin;   \\    G    Collins, lioughl »l '>m lint'                          ;■
I    lluicliiiison,    \ li 1- " isonalili  In cnnsiilcr Ihal 111
DawMin, Nestoi   Kricksim, Mi    and ten years thesi  otswdlhavi grown n
Mi-    M.Hi'.iih.   Nannimo:   I'    N. value cuual lo Vancouver lots
Wo handle nothing lint good goods, and wo
m roads to compare prices with any grocer,
Why pay ,15c. lor Chloride ol Limn when you can liny
it here h,r 15c per tin.
Royal Crown Soap, 6 Itars lor 25c.
Hazel Oil Toilet Soup, per box, (3 pes.) 10c,
Tomatoes, 2 tins for ajc
Something new and tlcliciom for lunch or picnics,
Lilibey'a Molroae Pate, 1 lin« foi 23c.
j. a. McMillan
Corner Lonsdale and ts|)ldnade


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