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 Subscription,   $1.00
Per Yenr, Mulled nr Delivered
In  Advance
aty? IxprtHS
■ ■■ \
Qo m mercial 1 'r i n t i 11 is,
!l//,/\      Dune tn PI0OM lit W
i/rp rexPHEss office
DEC 2-180?
He Found Himself.
A special meeting of tlio district
council unt Imlil in Uie Municipal hull
Friday evening, Tlie reeve uml nil the
ultli'iini'ii were present.
('. Cglllplironas wrote fur bliusclt mid
mi liclinlf nf friends asking lo luivo tlio
Hiivi'iiiniri innil ihiislii'il through in lite
 I ol li. I.. 2087.     Mr. '.'iilllpliroiuis
slnit',1 tlnn lu' mul Mr. |*:,| Down Iind
Itiii'i'lin.ii'd property In Ilnn district nml
liilentlcil in liiillil soon, Tlie iii'iiiinii
wns referred to llie honrd o[ works l«
Dr. C. ,1, Pagan, seeretnry of I'm pro-
vhii'iul liniti'il' of health, ivrote stating
thai lie wns lu receipt nf it complaint
regarding tint silo chosen lot it et'lllc-
li'iv In llie lllllllll'lpilllt.v, -allin;' llinl it
hmi heen slnteil tin' property wns -im-
tilt'd hotweoa Lynn ninl Seymour creeks
ninl wiili nu elevation nf HiHI to ,'HKI foot
above Iho lovol ol both rivers, uml tlio
drainage would cousei|iioatly iind ii wny
in limit lm"-!' streams, inn kins it dcalli
trap in those wlm use tlie wntcr.
lt wns I'ltinlveil liim Iir. Pagan he
advised thnl tlio matter wus entirely
in the linnds iif the city council and tlni(
tlieir engineer Iind lieen asked in reporl
tm -niiii'.
.1 letter was rend from llie Vancou-
In'i Properly Owners' ussoctatlou n-li-
hig ihe council in consider u petition re
tin' Hurrard Inlei mnrket Air, which
Ihey weie ttliiilll Iii present Iii the eity
council, li was iimiiilmously roaolvcd
in ciitlorse lite pcliiiiin.
Hull ('. chit'iic wrote itcceptiug llie
intuition >>f auditor nf the corpornlion
"I 1I10 district or North Vancouver,
A letter wns received fi"iu tl"1 cilj
council advising tlmt Aldermen Ulck and
Jordan Imd been appointed a commit-
te" in acl from llieir coulicll in coil-
itectiou with establishing u public hospital in Sorth Vancouver,
Councillor ilcNuiigh spoko regarding
iln* proponed insllhitlou ni n Mclllll mil-
ti't-ily,      lie    llluvctl    thul    Iln* clerk
mii** tin* utiivei-iiiy authorities advising
llml Hie ilitiii'iii imd lu acres ol laud,
beautifully sltunted, which iln1 council
would, wiili ihe consent "( llie ratepayers, In* pleased lo oiler tor ti university
niie.    The iiiotiou wns carried.
I'niiiii-illnr Itiib-iii, reported re op-
polutmoiil nl u surveyor for I he surveying
nf ihe Iniul- ihnt are in tie snid Ity auction west nt the Capilano, it wus
resolved in accept Colonel Traeoy's lender,
Councillor Itnli-'iti submitted ibe preliminary   plllll    nf    sllliilivisinlt    nf Ml)
nates, helng pun „r ;si) nml TIKI mid Hie
wliiile nf SKI iiiiiI MT, The plitit win
Engineer Cameron reported mt llio approximate oust nf Lonsdale avenue ex*
tension in 1). L. 880,    lie reported tlmt
lillle  bridging  wollld  hnve  In he  ibtlli'
but Iimt there wu- n considerable
amount nt catting uml clearing tn dn.
lie submitted ihe approximate cosl nf n
-I Iimt uml u 11 fool iiiitil. The engineer wns instructed In gel mil sped
(leatloiw fm- ilm clearing ill u twelve
r'"'t road,
Cut. Truccy siiliiniileil ittnp ol tin'
proposed .sitl.ilivi-inii nf 852 mnl N.T-
ivllli ihe reinia-.it thul ihe engineer I"-
I'uti' it bridge slip across Lynn creek.
11 wns referred in the engineer.
I'l il subdivision nf blocks 111, IT
and is iu tin nh inui i.r ii. i„ 202il
wns mibmlttcd, The pinn wn- referred
back fnr amendment,
The Sorlli Vtii nvel* Klectrlenl coin*
puny opened yeslcnlny iu ilie store recently recited bj A .1. I'letou-Wurlow.
at the corner <>i Luiiidnls nvenue nml
Second street
The new company is llie Initial cloc-
I ii*-.11  business iu  llie illy mnl  il be*
l ves the local patrons in patronUe
lm iuihisiij us iiitteh us Ii is possible,
uml especially it new firm nf Ihis kind.
'i'he North Vancouver Kleclrlcnl •enni-
puny will carry n complete .lock nf olec*
liit'iil -iiU'ii'— nml will ln< ii|ieu fnr uny
clam nf contract of motor   repairing
I. o. I'. BMOKBIt.
Court   M 1)1 iill',  I. (I.   I''.,  will  huhl
their liist annual smoker hi Lanou
I'avllloii tm ihe l-ih of December,
An extensive program is being m
ranged hy the committee, wrestling nml
boxing will he iln* principal attractions,
ltoil ltetmliniv, lhc llglilivclgltl champion
wrestler nf ll. (.'., Is scheduled in spponr
mi the nmi lu defence "f iti- title.
Andrew Nelson, nn employee of the
nii'l Nortli Vancouver, seems destined
In be lhe hero nf iidveiiliues. Xnl Imu*
since he li ti .1 un exciting experience m
llie Inlet, in Ii'iiil nf the lintel, where lie
came war tu losing liis life frmn drowning.
Ou Kiiilny he led North Vancouver mi
linrsehnck to look fnr nm' nf Mr, Larson's cows Unit Iind strayed. Cmisidi'i-
iiMi' alarm wus felt when Andrew did
nut return Sntiirdiiy evening, Numbiy
morning llio tiffnir wns beghuiiiuj t>> lulu
mi a more serious turn ivhen Ami e\t
wns mil back yet. uml t-iimni-.t nf nuotliei
llOgrn being seen ll 1*0)1 ml town weie rile.
However, in Hie iiftermiou, when nr-
rniigemenls were being I'tmiplolod fur n
search party lu search I'm' Hie absent
Andrew rode leisurely up tu Hie stable
uml pul liis horse away ut if 11111111111; bul
-T. ?*.■.-■*'' _'_  _
Gr.de, Lonsdale Avenue.
The City Council.
Tite regular meeting nf the city council wns hehi in the iiiy iniil Monday
evening, His Worship Mayor Kealy
presided nud nil ihe aldcrineli were pie-
A. 1" McDonald wrote coticeriilng
lhe sidewalk hei ween St. Patrick's uml
Si. David's avenues, I'Imi street,   lie'
Staled   it   wus  sloping  t ie  side  llllll |
wns dangerous in pedeslrlaiis. li wns
referred in Hie honn) nf winks in reporl  mi.
A.   I'hilip wi'ute enclosing   11 lolin
fi 1 Dr. c. .1, Pagan,   Hie provincial
health olllcor, whose letter uskod for
luformntlon regarding llie city's lilton-
11..11 in loent* the eity ci lory between
l.ynn nnd Seymour creeks, li wns
moved nml carried that a similar letter
he written tu Hr. Pagan ns wns sent
tu ttllssell .V Un—dl 11 shun iinie nni.
in connection witli their complaliil nn
behalf nf their client, Mr. Cook.
Counsellor llolwon, from ibe district
 llcll, mel  Hu' eity council in «-«<i.i—
mittee regarding ihe city's telephoua
pnles nlollg lhc Lynn vnlluy tu the water winks Intake,
It wns muved thai this enuiicll ns per
request nf Councillor llohsnn, nt the
dislriel council, agrees llial Iho poles
eroded nu Iho Lynn mlley road   Iplpa
line I■ .il.il slllllll sllbjeel In Ihem heillg
chniigvd, nl Hie request of Hu* dlstricl
Ctlgll I',    authorised     hy    the    liistriet
council, iu Hie event uf their Interfering
hi iiiiv wny wiili rond enlargement or
eulisliiii'tinii, nml Hull in Hie erelil uf
n regular i.-l^|.Ii..na- system being eatnli-
llslted itt the clly, where inisslble, to u-e
Hie poles sn eslnhllshcil Instead uf the
presenl poles, lhe eity to lie n-i -ii'l.'
fur nny damage.
A very quiet n'edtling i*("l( place in
St. Jiihns church Monday afternoon
wlien Herbert M. I'roul, nf Nurlli Van-
couver, mnl Mis. Coates, nf Trehcrtie,
were poiued in mnrriiige, Tlie vicar,
llev. .1. II. llnrper. performed llie
len ninni.  Mt. nnd  Mr-.  I'i,,in  Intend
setlllng  iu   Snrlli    V.111 urn   rut- lhe
Iini,ii>   mlscreniil     (mm   Vancouver
while hauling near Hu* Cnpllniiii preserves un Sitiiilii.t lasl, shol ui 1 Ihe
Indian pmiles, A Imll wn* ttLn -Imi
at bm wns mu seriously Injured, Chief
,lue hits notified lie* police in ll Heel
nml Iulet' developments   ure ex| led
The chief states Hie buy wu. chased Imt
lunnnged in hoard the (citj uml evade
his pursuers.
North Vancouver residents nu* rejoicing iu Hn* return uf the ss. Nortli
Vniniiiiver mi lief regular run.
The greni used nf a half hourly service wns felt during tin* absence nf Ihal
luml while she wss undergoing repairs,
mul it seems essential in Hie eiiy's welfare In hnve nut less llnlll 11 Imll hourly
service in accommodate passengers mnl
vehicular Irallic, A regrettable fen-
lure, however, i« noted in llie lack uf
Improvement uf llie whistle, which 1-
n , >iiiiinn:iI nuisance in the pa inters,
mnl especially to young children, wlm
Invariably nre pui Inlo 11 greal slate ul
fenr by ils sluiil screeching,
Major Mitlvey uf IVIimliieg lm* leased
llie Initisp uf Mr, Alls I tin* collier "I
I'lrsl mnl Si. 11 tic's streets, tvliero lie
will milk,, his nl-ado fur ihe winter, Tin
major Ims nm bountiful Ms facing mi
Victoria pnrk. uml ii his Intention 1
'•reel  u   fine  resident-*!  ihere  in  iln
slllllll.'.   He   i-   very   niilHl   lilki'll   "ill
tlic contrast between the climate I	
mnl tlmt nf Winnipeg,
Km' n Imi*.' time post Hie question »f
establishing n hospital nr sanitarium in
.Nurth Vancouver hns heen discussed in
the  prPSS lllld nil  tile streets,  1'rcsiilellt
A H. Diplaaek. nf iln* WobIi iu Corpora-
linn, wlm n ui presenl in New York,
nffcrcil u suitable site. Inn this very
liberal nll'er wus never taken up; iiiii
because it wus nut appreciated, but Inr
luck ul -inin.* kind uf nrgnniznliuii tn
riiifle (uiuls in carry to completion the
much needed institutiun, ns well us tu
provide ihe necessary money lur iis
niiuingi'iuent, Ai a prcvinns meeting
"I Hie district council slups were taken
towards the establishment of ihe proposed general hospitnl, The inly council uf Nnrth Vancouver uml lhe North
Vnncouver board uf trade wero listed
tn Bend representatives tn attend 0
meeting which wus held iu the municipal hull, an ilm Ksplnnudc, mi Wednesday evening lust. The joint coin-
mittee comprised: Councilor T. S. Nye
(chairman) ami Councillor McNnughl,
representing the district; Aid. Jordan
 I Aid,  Ihek, hu' the city, uml Mr.
•I. II. .1. Murray uml ex-Councillor
Wm. Morden for Ibo board ol trade.
his. Campbell uml Venn r were udtled
In lhe e uiltcc.   Ales. Philip, C M.
C, acted ns secretary, During Iho very
prolonged discussion,   ii   was  pointed
mil  Hint   It   WOllld he advisable In IlltVi'
ii sanitarium nml hospital combined.
Ily ilns means it wns llioughl ttt.it pay-
patients 111 the sanitarium would uitl
iln* keeping up uf the Ine hospital, li
was estimated that there were about
3,000 people in the dislriel snd nly.
Tlmt several employers hnd already assented tu ns-isiui'' the funds. Alsu il
wns ih 11.:Li thai accommodation (nr
ut least a dozen patients Bhould bo
Sllll-inllllllillees Were ltpP"illl'''l tu re*
porl "ii n general policy "I 1 lucling
hospitnl affairs and slso tn iln* probnblo
cosl "I same. I'he meeting sdjonrned
iu Wednesday evening, lhe. 18, next.
The Concert.
Miss Alberta V. l''owler, assisted l"
tin* Misses Cassldj nml fowler, Mr. IV,
,1. Ilntler, Mr. Callirea ami llrliiu Can*
sidy, gnvo .t  t 1  pleasant  entertain*
mem in Luis,,it's Paviliuii Tui's*lii
The program opened with s duel h)
Misses Vara Cnsshly nml Alice Kiiwler,
il mitring  nf  whlt'b   was acktiuw*
ledgeil niiii imilnngetl applnnse diim lm
alllali.ll"'.     Miss   A.   V.   Punter   lulh.w.sl
with    a    rending    entitled     "Siliuhij
Thieves.''   Tl coral cliaraclers in lite
piece mr. well Interpreted by Mi-- Kow-
lor, The nexl Item wus ;, mini mln
hi Mi. Cnssldy nccompalitod by Itrinn
I'asslily with ihe violin,   Mr, Cnlbren
bus I n heard in Sorth V llvei be-
f  aiml i- nlu. 11- verj much nppre-
eintcil. Pnllnwhig Mr. CiilhroaV soht
wu» 11 tlramalle sketch hy Mi-- A V.
Poivler ami Mi. II. .1. Uui!*! nl Iltl*
clly mid wns eiillllcd "A Pair ut Lium-
He-"     Mi-  I'l.ttliT and   Mr,  llnller
Imllt   did   Willi    In   ll ti'li ts    111    lh,'
rendering nf ihi- pier I wen  eu
a .1 In'.llllll.     .Ml- II   I'!, I'"',l.
n vocal *"l" i-.'h'.ii'.li uilh i'l,-.a 1
feel nnil Mr. Itrlon I'nsslilj tun)  it 1
lm teii 1 ai ho) 11 ler hi Hi" tiii-ii'ii.t
way In* played "llereenso" mt l,i- ilulhi,
Pollmvilig  ihi-  wn- ;i   la*.ninn:   I.i   (|i
Kowler,  "('linrliil   Iiiiii'."    Ifrnui    It"
Illlt"). u  tuiiil solo Isclct'lisll In   Mi
l''i-lnT iiiiiI lh mln,bin; Ile  Hn*
program, tt rnmcdlella, "Chalk and
i'h,.-'..'' hy  Mi.-- It. K,   imi  A   \
l'"lll't     I     \V     .1.    llllll*!.        \
fitiiure nf tl,,' program wu* il •
imtliiy witli Hie appears! 1
mill Hu' splendid manner in ivhb 1, eaeh
un. t.'iiii.'i.'.i.   Mr-. IVyiulnl mi- ,1
The llnekinnii-Ki'i' Milling CiHnpaii)
nf Nurih Vancouver, have um mu .1
very prelly lists enlniilnr,   't
represenls  n   lillle  girl  lelepl in*.'   i"
her papa, reminding him "nol i" fm tt'
in ardor It. nml K. rolled ".its." Mr.
Mitchell, ihe Iniul manager, i- besieged
11 iih requests fur Hie rnleiiilar, in * li
speaks lilgltlj  1.1 ii- nltrnelh	
The Sir. SI C.nrg. i- schciluleil (of
lur regular run tomorrow morning,
ller appearance mil I" mm li sp*
l'i" inted hiilh by the regtilm 1 * * 11
gei - ,ni'i liuiiilli r- uf freight, wlileh lias
bun lii'hl up tfiii-iiliriililv on aa ui •
"i tin Sir. Sorlli Vnncnuvi 1 beinii
only adapted (nr small rigs
To the Editor u( I'm: Kxi'iinss:
Sir,--'Ilm distance Irojn liif*li
water to the higher side (that is to
say. to lhe north side) ol the Esplanade is 299.5 feet—say joo
feet. As it is alleged that there is
nt present a six per cent, praile*
(lhat is, an nssenl ol six (ttt Iu
each nui hci ol Lonsdale avenue)
from lhe wharf to Ihe norlli side
of the Esplanade, there are eighteen feet to ascend from the wharf
to the north limit of the Esplanade. To this would have to lie
added the height or depth of any
cutting made hy the railway,
which, at the time when lhe V.,
W. & V. survey was being made,
that company's engineer stated,
would be three to four feet below
the grass level just west ol Lonsdale avenue. Lei it be assumed,
lowever, as only two leet ol a
culling and we get lhe (ull ascent
from wharf to nortli limit ol Esplanade as 211 leet, /. 1'., 20 leet would
have to be ascended in 300 feel.
This would be all right if the 30
feet could be apportioned equally
ever lhe (ull 300 feet, making a
gratle of under seven per cent.,
but unhappily the whole ascent or
rise of .'0 leet would have to be
mnde iu 100 feet if Lonsdale
avenue be terraced or benched at
the Esplanade, instead of remaining on a straight grade. This will
be evident oil considering that the
V., W, .^ V. track, which must
run ou the wharfage level lo use
the harbor, must lie a perfectly
level track over its lull 100 feet
of width to admit of shuntitlg.
Therefore, six per cent, of grade
.it present attaching In the iiii)
•foot railroad right-of-way will
have 10 be made up between the north side ol the
railway right-of-way nml the north
side of the Esplanade, that is, the
full 20 leel rise will have lo bc
made up in 200 feel. This would
ie a ten per cenl. gratle, which
might be tolerated, although not
good for heavy traffic. Hut il
Lonsdale avenue is to be terraced
at the Esplanade the six foot rise
at present Inliinn place in lhe lun-
foot width of the Esplanade, or
apportioned to the Esplanade,
WOllld hnve lo be made up in that
part ol Lonsdale avenue which
ascended between ihe railroad
track and tlie Bouth side ol the
Esplanade, that is, the whole 10
leet ascent would liave Io be
accomplished in mo leet ol Lous-
il.ib avenue. Stub a grade would
tend to <liive iiuiiii away lium
Lonsdale avenue t" . nn 1.1 iei
grade, nml would, I venture to
think, revolutionize the valut', nl
propi tin - iii th' vicinity nl Lonsdale avenue: besides, probablj
driving the railroad farllu 1 mn
Into the water, and thus converting w.to iliimt hi lun slime, which
ill   the   Inline  ought   lo   pinte   it
I,  it    nun 1   nl H.ti lllll   lo the Clt\,
into a comparatively valueless
as it insofai as taxation is con
,; My personal inliKsts are not
affected by this, but I beg the
1 iti:. ns, loi ihe sake ol the < ity,
tu considei carefully the con-
si queni es beforehand nl making
,iu li unpractical grades,
Vour obedient servant,
J li. kit'
Vancouvi t, B.C , N"',' mbor 17,
Sail II nber, Toronto. No ; ue
need no sleighs lor boys, gills ami
babies   in    North    Vani iuvi 1
V. a     1 - nnd gO-CarlB  aie  nil   we
■a' ed
The lot ,tl postoflice v. ill shortlj
bc installed with a savings bank.
"The Queen Charlotte Islands
offers the best to the prospector ul
any district in British Columbia
have been  in,"   remarked
Alex. Rogers, who is stopping
tin' Hotel North   Vancouver,
is a miner who has been in the
ount Baker, I'm,  Dull-ley nml
ter districts   ol   lhe   province.
There is   line   mineral   in   the
(Jueen Charlottes, ami lots of ii,
;l what has lieen heard of activity
those islands is only a  little
compared with what will be made
known in the future."
Mr.   Rogers   was   one   ol   the
.'tiers of the Swede group which
was lately bonded lo Mr. J. Wulffsohn, ol Vancouver, for $if>u,ooo.
lie deal was put through  by 0.
lierle, a mining engineer of St.
'aui, who has done much for the
lining in the North,   Associated
villi  Mr.   Kogeis iu   the  Swede
roup were Nels Latseu and Nels
'erscn,   Mr.  Rogers  is  making
iis lirst visit to Vancouver after
i.\ (eats in the wilds, and one of
lis partners has not been out  for
ixteen years.
The Swede group, which has
had considerable mention of late,
consists of nine claims, the Lar-
sen, Hob, Anaconda, Homestake,
Seattle, Persen, Keystone, West-
over and Excelsior, lt is located
about forty miles above Jedway,
on Moresby [gland, ami not only is
on the immediate shoreline, but it
s a quarrying proposition, The
vein is at least 200 leet wide, running about three per cent, in
opper, wilh gul.l ami silvi r
values. The location is on Lock
Hay, ami is very favorable for
shipment, Quite an amount of
work has been done on the
property, three cross cuts, ioo, 40
and 00 feel in length respectively,
will) a small tunnel. Tin length
ol the vein is noi confined to this
group but on tin- extension Mc*
Sachran ami Wintemute have six
'here are mum othei properties
in the same neighborhood, one o'
the nearby-owners being Messrs.
Stevenson uml Sullivan. Ikcda,
lhe Jap, who is prominently connected with the Inrge workings at
Ikcda Bay, has staked a group at
Crescent Inlei, about three miles
lioni the Swede group,
Up 10 ihe present il bus been
the Winkings in nml around J' il
way .ilunil whit h so much bus
been heard, bul wilh the securing
ul valuable properlii ■, loi it''I bj
men like Mi. Rogers mul his
as' nil"> the 11",onu ,■, n( Moresby Island will become known 10
lhe mil  1 !■
Riley Again
On Wednesday morning Magis*
sttate Kealy conducted the court
ol the cadi in this city. The only
case on lhe docket wus thnt ul   the
only and reputable Riley Jennings,
the local snowball.
It appears thnt on tlie previous
afternoon the well-known cullored
gen'lman celebrated nn aitspu ious
occassion, being the celebration nl
his birthday, So salubrious was
he bent on lhe event that he decided, on recommendation ol a
friend or iwo, poultry being scarce
ill lhe market, lhat he would   visit
a friend's hen-coop, there to select
his choice.
Un the way thither he (ell into.
bauds deceiving, and was lelt lo
paddle his own canoe in the dark,
ness o( the night. Misstepping
he lell nil the unsuspected four
foot sidewalk, anil lay, like "lhe
warrior brave," in the ilitrk nnd
deep ditch, iiinvoundetl.
Riley was rescued by the te*
ilonblible I'liiinaconihc, Mark
Twain's dworg fancier uml cowcatcher.
Next morning, being the day
alter, North Vancouver's only In
slopogos (Allan Quartcrmain), appeared before His Majesty King
Edward's bar ol justice.
The court crier cried—Rliey,
Riley, Riley	
His counsel appealed for his
client, the proverbial stick of
liquorice. He said to liis worship
that he represented Mr. Jennings,
who was t well-known citizen
ami ratepayer, thai he did honor
to a memorable event in his career!
tlmt like others prone to the weaknesses presenting themselves ol
humans abounding this mundane
spero he tarried to worship ut
the shrine o( Bacchus a little too
long, consequently, fell by thu
wayside and was unnecessarily nan
ciimpus-inentits jusi loi the time being*
His worship (to ihe police clerk)
-- Whut is the prisoner charged
with ?
Police clerk—Drunk and in-
capable on Lonsdale avenue,
His worship Prisoner, stand
I'a ah,, 1 lerk 'Ink.* nil your hat,
Hai promptly removed,
Ihs wnV-lnp What Imt' you
gait in *„i\, prisoner'
Riley   I was on ni.ih way lo lhe
ah. e, bee, linn, hoo-o), hell coop
(lice, haw, haw), bul got into de
coop mescll,
His worship Five dollars nml
costs. Ami everybody rushed to
the exit.
This is a good tune  l"   ;:i t   I it
and think, 01 , 1 1 mil   in  llu
woods and 1 ut shingle bolts lm'
Pete Larson,
Met rs  b' 11 Mil nhl ami J.
Mt I.' in, iwo will known Ottawa
business    Iiu II,    III,'   iill    .1    liilll    tll
the West, ami paid Tm Express
a call Wednesday.   All through
the West they have nni   surprises
ai ihe rapid growth and up to-
dalcness nl everything. They
think Yum ouvei and North Vancouvei ahead ol .111 the)' have
pi' Vl'ously seen      ll the ul'llllli. Ill-
(rain excepted), particularly np-
peal to tlu a tastes ihey will locate
Mr. C. N. Benton, Vaucouver,
is paying .1 visit to Ninth Yancnii-
vtr .nil is stopping at the Palace
w. Aiitiniss, wife ami family, "I
Utah, are visiting Mis. Andruss,
of the I'ulace Hotel.
Whi not havi ,111 Eagles In Ig
in North Vancouvi t'   (' A. Mt 1,
I'. W,  I' . is n el'. I" liaiilie a stall
A boxing ' ontest will tnke plai e
nt Larson's pavilion lm the
nm iiiui 1 hampionship ol British
i olumbia I he 1 ontestants will
I"' - liaib " luii in nnil " Drivei"
Miller, ex featherweight 1 liampion
nl hub.1. Iinih lm\s me well-
known hereabouts, nml the con
test will gn leii rounds lor
points mi Wi dnesday, Dect inbe
tin    3rd,    The   match   bus   been
arranged by Con Jones, which is
Suffil lent a|iiil,iulee nl lis   Upright-
Ila *.'*.
A ' |"i ial meeting nf lhe Noi lh
Vam I'uvei Athli in As 101 iation
will be In hi nu Monday 1 vening
.11 - o'i loi I., in Tub Exprb i ol
lice. Speeinl business. Men bi rs
please atti ml.
uv.'iii'    Housework ol   any
kind    Apply tn Miss Cottell, the
" ■ nii'l llOUSC past I'.ilain   hotel. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 15* C.
iiii; express
Not th Vancouver, B, C,
A Weekly Newspaper,   Published hy
The Expekss Pkintino Company
Subser ption, ♦1.00
United States ami Foioign, ♦1.60
Strictly In Advnnco
Considerable credit is due to the
district council Inr taking definite
action in this matter, and • the
committee brought together on
then initiatve do not appear tii in
tend to allow the grass to grow
miller tin ir leet, The addition ol
the names ol two medical men to
iln* provisional committee was a
wise and necessary step, and theii
advice will be of great value.
The proposal to combine a sanitarium with the hospital lias
s iveral commending features, nnd
chief of these is thc provision ol a
suitable place for convalescents on
our sunny slope, as well as fnr our
sick and injured, and the prospect
of a laager revenue (or the maintenance of the institution. There
are difficulties in the way, how
ever, and the lollowing may be
noted :
(11 Would convalescents care
to go in large numbers to an institution which must of necessity be
open (or treatment of all classes
of patients and all kinds ol
diseases ?   we (ear not; and
(a) The larger institution would
involve a capital outlay estimated
at $50,000 ; anil render necessary
having an organization with
private capital in it, and make the
carrying on ol a profitable business
the uiiin object—thus possibly
tending to detract (rom the usefulness ol the institution for some
classes o( our community,
The committee, however, have
taken a business like course in not
adopting any spacial lorm of insti.
union, and ol gutting down to the
work ol gleaning all the necessary
information to show what is involved iii order to establish an
institution loi the treatment uf the
We are glad to know ihnt not a
few members from count ils favor
ma-Icing lhe in itittilion prai tically
.1 combined municipal orgauiza*
tion. and this sboul.I be 1 a ilj
possible with the assistant 1 ol
such grants as may reasonahlj I"'
• *.[.i di,! [rom the ledi ral and provincial government!
We have now a large community
end a very Inrge nutnbci "I work
ing men t ngagi .1 ill work ol a
more or less dangerous chai 11 tei
Sickness will come, nnd accidents
will occur, und a well equipped
institution loi treatment neat at
hand mny save many a life,
Church Noti:e
I lure wns a full board at last
night's meeting nf the city count il,
J. T, Begg petitioned for 11
wagon road to be opened up across
lhe swamp on Tenth street, between Ridgeway avenue, Aboui
i)0 yards of einliankeiiienl will be
requited to be done, Referred to
board ol works.
W, li. Bunbury, tnanagei ol the
li. ('. Electric Railway Company,
wrote that the water on Keith
road is being diverted into the
company's ditches, near the convent, He would be pleased lo
nn it the city engineer uml explain
the whole matter to him. Board
ol works.
Two tenders were received lo
supply lire wood (or the city hall.
A. L. McNickle's tender waa
accepted Inr J3.75 a cord.
P, Larson's contract for houlc-
varding Lonsdale avenue, between
Sixth and Fifteenth streets, was
amicably adjusted in committee,
after which the council adjourned,
Class meeting 10 a, tn.
Morning service at 11 a, 111,
ICvening service at 7:30 p. in.
Rev. 1). II. Balderston, B, A,,
list wm
11. L. I iodine, Jcdway, Queen
Charlotte Islands, is stopping at
Hotel North Vancouvei lor a lew
bee Prol Daniels, the wonderful boy hypnotist, at Larson's
Pavilion, on Monday and Tuesday,
Dec. 2 and 3 "II you miss it,
you miss it!"
Ik-rt Anson, the pioneer ex
pressman, ha, opened up an office near the wharl, Storage will
In* prot ili'I, and anil, rs tri so
The Loyal True Blm    1
tion, a milted lodgt sisting ol
both Indies and gentlemen, will
organize in the city this evening.
The meeting will be held in Orange
Hall, and Mr. J. Irvin, ol Van*
couver, will preside and conduct
the organizing ceremonies, The
principal object ol the new lodgt
is the caring lor orphans. Aba ady
fifteen applications bas In en received by Mr. Irvin, and that
gentleman ai tii i| ates a successful
beginning for tbe lodge which is
appropriately named Mt, Cmwn
Lodge, No. 11561
MiisM.G. Harrington, Toronto,
was visiting Iriends in this citj
since Sunday* She returned 1 ast
this afternoon.
F. 0. E*
Medicine Hat Aerie Fraternal
Order ol Ragles, was instituted on
Saturday night last by C, A. Mee,
of Vancouver, provincial deputy
graml president. The charter roll
totalled tip ninety members, which
reflects a great credit on those
who iissistetl in its organization.
The F. O. E. lias shown itself to
be an order of remarkable vitality
and power. Organized in i!mjN,
only nine years ago, it now has
a membership ol over three hundred thousand, with over fifteen
thousand series, a record, which,
no doubt, some ol its older sister
societies would be proud of. 'The
success which has attended the
upbuilding "f this order is no
ilniibl due lo the principles they
uphold, anil the true fraternal cooperation which exists among iis
members. 'Tin* provincial deputy
graml president, when bete, won
man) Iriends for the ordei and lor
himsell by hisatitat live personality
and genial manner. He gave the
impression that his whole heart
and soul was in the upbuilding ol
this noble onler. Mr. Mee predicts lli.il belore another 'ear has
passed away lhat there will be
found in every town and city in
the Province ol Alberta and Saskat
chewan an uric ol Eagh s.
Belore leaving loi Vancouver on
Monday night the provincial deputy president was tendered a
supper by some of the officers and
friends, at which he expressed
himsell ns greatly pleased with the
courteous treatment which had
been extended to him, not only by
the members ol his own order, but
by everyone with whom he came
in contact, and In promised to
again visil Medicine Hal before
another yeai had passed away.
As tin inun rolled in, and alter a
hearty shaking "I hands all round
the "nhl British Eagle," as ho is
liinre familiarly known, was
estmieil aboard nnd wished a safe
imu in;. in Ins own rest iii Vancouver, B, C.    Medium   ll.tt News,
NllKlll  VANCOUVER  t'ATIInlli
Sunday   Services — Mass   at 8
a, in., Sunday school at 3130 p 111,1
Benediction at .1 p. in.
1'astur 1 Rev, E, Peytovin, 11,
M. T V. S.
st John's iiii: rvanrklist, seventh
anii THIRTEENTH si 111:Ills.
Holy Communion, K a, in.
Morning prayer, 11 n. m,
Evening prayer, 7.30 p, ni
On the first Sunday in thu mouth
ihere will be a second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a in.
Rector: Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m,
Service at Moodyville school al
7:30 p, m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor; Rev. |. D, Gillam, M.A.
with es i'ini
Vancoiiver Address:
M\ l (11 limn Sl.
Ilium- 3492
Weill. I'Hliaaa, Bill. Jill.
Norlh Vnncouver l
Junction llliiil,
TI111111* 37
ill .1.11
I   Two liinisi's  first struct (lirst Ijliink); rinilii, *|9,
1   l<Tvti*riioiii iiiiusii mt ciii'Mi'tiii'l'l tivi.'iitie; n iiarllculnrlv
I        1111111I liny.
KiiiitlliiiUiiiiitoiiTliiiioeitilisirint; llrm Mock from Loni*
I llllll) lali'lllll'
1   Kiln, »i rem; iiiitini tiioiioit upt't'iiititioitsiui'ioiBiii property
Tlllrll'tmlll Bl., K. Iniil uf l.ui T, Block 78,  il very ijiiiiiI liny
In 11 niii'pull 11I tlic clly. 'e '
,   a iiiiiiiini' Miup mt i.'iisai.iie nvenue, 00x181, between Nyo
I mul Sl .linniis 111*1*1*1,
uui t'i,1 ma.mii lorjjootl garden ims.
1   I'ivo Korea, l.ynn Vnlloyi limine, nut liounei, two icroi
i.'tii't'ii, mul in (niii nmi vogolnlilun Drit-clMi w»tn
I'nco liii'iiiiiis lurnlturc,ohlckona, etc
,   Ki.tir mul nni' liiini niari'Mitt Kclili roatl; ipleutlld view ol
1       iiii'iuiy; rlMoloinlt wnteri throo yean to pay bnlitnto
Service at 11 o'clock a, 111. in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close ol the service.
Pastor :    Kev. David Lone.
All are welcome.
SMOKE    mao.
I'lnna, Qiiniitiiles, I.cvi'Ih
Suporititondunco ol Construction
Fourth Stkbbt, Coknrii I.unsiiai.k Avi,
I.ONfttULI   ESTATE, D. I. 265
LOTS PROM  y.'uoi cash, $1,7
$4 MEN'S $4 SHOES   $4
Temporary ODlcu- V. Cuilnoy's
('ainl simp, lisplaiuulo,
Nniciii Vancouver, B, C,
Water Shut OK
Owing ■" 'he freshets at the
llead "I Lynn creek, out: mile lllis
siilf of the intake, the water mains
were swept away by the toad
giving way. City Engineer Lou-
ii 1 and Superintendent lv< k went
* ul promptly List evening with a
I a.'a :i inin to repair same, The
wad 1 ia 1 xpei ti d to he turned on
at ,| p, in. to-day as a lurther staff
ol ten men went out this morning
to assi it 111 the work.
li Ims been decided to extend
St, Andrew's church to the east of
il,- present building,  and  plans
have lieen called lor.
A very interesting debate was
held by the Young People's club,
which is undenominatial, ami held
iu the St. Andrew's church lecture
room, on Tuesday night, The
subject chosen was "Which ls
Prelerrable, a Good Library or a
Good Wife."    The debaters  wen*
for the affirmative, Kev. J. II.
Hooper and W. Philip and (or
the negative Mr. F. VV. Templet
and Misses Philip and Hardy.
Kev. Mr. (iillani was a most pru-
ftcient chairman, and he decided
in lavor ol ibe affirmative oa a
vole being taken; which resulted
in 1 j Io 15, This literary club
promises to be one ol lhe most
attractive affairs in the city during
the coming winter. The meetings
are held every Tuesday evening,
and all are welcome. Magazine
night will beheld .it the next meet
The musical and dramatic entertainment, given by Miss Fowler
in Larsons pavilion on Tuesday
evening, was a decided success,
although the attendance was rather
small. The elocution power ol
Miss Fowler was well received,
and also Mr, Fisher's singing, and
the " Pair ol Lunatics" was very
amusing, Miss Fowler is desirous
ol lorming a class of elocution in
Norlli Vancouver, and anyone desiring of taking tip same can communicate with her al 1017 Nelson
VV, Wlm,* and J. Nairn, Moodyville, brought down two huge deer
Innn Rice lake on I uesday, Also
T. Prime procured a line buck ol
140 pounds, in thc locality between
the waterworks intake 011 Lynn
creek ami Seymour river, It is
also reported   that   several   deer
ive been seen in lhc foothills at
different points along the mountains to llie north of the city and
district. This is owing to the
snow fall in the mountains in the
early part of the week.
The new mansion of Alderman
A. Smith has been plastered,
The family expect to be able to
spend'Xmas in llieir new home.
Miss   Bell,   nl   Vancouver,   is
ngagetl as stenographer and type
writer in the  Municipal hall, on
the Esplanade
R, 11. Bryce is temporarily confined to bis quarters at Hotel
North Vancoiiver.
A surprise party was tenth red
Mr, and Mrs. 1>. Amskold, ol
Eighth street, on Weilucsdiy
evening, some twenty friends being
The launch Echo, which  was
I recently damage I by lire, is heme
overhauled and put into shape by
Fyfe.V Duke, bout builders.
Before leaving lor the east some
lew days ago, Mr. C. A. Mee, l>.
(i. P, of the Fraternal Order ol
Eagles, instituted a Indies societj
ol Eagles ftieii'ls in Vancouver.
The object of the new sm ii I) is In
provide funds lor (he purchasing
of a new hall to be shortly erected
by the Eagles, Every wile ol an
Eagle should assist in this work,
The stream crossing the Esplanade at Rogers avenue, ib swollen
to such an extent that two robust
channels have been formed, and
they roll tumbling into the inlet.
|. F, Scott, an old California
miner, paid the city a visit yesterday, lb- is on his way to New
York, via San Francisco, from the
Yukon, lie will return here in \t
April, Mr. Scott purchased two
lots 011 Second streei
It is reported thai several
chicken toosts dining the past
week have been robbed.
Mrs. Williams ol Victoria, was
visiting (riends on Lonsdale avenue
during the lore part of the week,
Kobt. 11. Tarn, the local police
constable, has resigned his position.
Ur. J. 11. Gordon,  ol Chicago,
who is returning from the   Far
East, and party, were here on
As one who has the very best
ol I in ■ ill iu the ultimate advancement ol the city, Con. Jones, a
well-known investor nnd spoil at
Vancouver, has leased and expended 85,000 iu tin lining up ol
the place which he has recently
leased Irom J. \\. 1101 ne, loi a
term ol years, next lo the City
Hall, should hea sufficient guarantee to our citizens in till future
prospects of the Ambitious City.
In addition to this big outlay be
is negotiating with a prominent
real estate dealer for a 50 foot business lot close in,
Arrangements have almost boon
perfected whereby all packages
coming through the customs will
be delivered at the postollice.
Postmaster McMillan is highly
pleased with the prospects of an
improved setvice being established
shortly. Tbe inspector is expected
to arrive daily Irom Ottawa, when
all matters will be adjusted.
vl'l&Jii,',V'': ,,-'
'ifciij*, V*^,*' -
We claim to carry the lies
ol ibis popular priced Shoe in
the ciiy.
Box Call Lined. Double
Sole, Goodyeat Welted
Vvvur Calf, linn Metal Call, or
Fine Dongola, single or double
slip soles. All Goodyear Welts
Neat Dressy Hoots.
ALL AT $4.00
Tlie Ileitil lllliee nf the I'Ai'l I'll, COAST I'l UK INSURANCE COMPANY in iii Vani ver.  The LOCAL AGENCY is at the comer u( Lonsdale
nvenue ntnl Second .street.
Yunr property may not bo burned down tomorrow, but then again it may.
You will sleep sounder 0 nights ii you u>o protected, .lust drop yoitrseii or a curd
in inv "lliee uml bo liiippv.
' An KMI'IaOVERH LIABILITY POLICY Removes the last element of un-
I'ertaintt us In wlmt it rusts to run your buainesa.
I uui ni your serviee for any kind of Insurance.
Real Estate—A Few Good Buys.
Lot 7, Block '*.i, D. I„ 273, *i.*iO; Will cash, (160 Inn. and $180 July, 1908
l,ni timl mie luili mi First Btreet, just west of Lonsdale avenue, with im*
lu'oveiiti'iils, north (10,000; price $11,000.
Seven and one-quarter acres fronting on Capilano Creek, nenr Iho Keith
llniul.   ll taken fclTi'i uu uere tu buy llii-,   Would make it grunt little sub-dlvtslon.
A. J. Picton-Warlow
Insurance and Realty Broker
North Vancouver
Close to saw mill and plank roatl;
ten minutes (rom car; only $300.
Also a lew 1 1 acres (or $200;
terms, 10 J down, $10 per month.
70 \ 2 IO
I imi perfectly cleared lots on Lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
House 10
et, 6 rooms,   all  con-
veiiieiices ;
splendid   view.    Also
one lor s.il
■; $500 cash and  Uo
per month.
'Pime Table, 19.17
•0.00 A. M.
•0.20A. M.
•ll.i.'i  "
•7.20  "
S.tHI    "
HAH)    "
S.lll    "
n.nti  "
11.30  "
'1.1.1 A..M.
9.48   "
10.16 A.M.
10.18  "
10.46 "
10.46  "
11.16    "
ll.i.'i  "
11.46  "
11.46  "
12.16 I'.M,
12.18 1'. M.
12.46 I'.M,
12.46 P.M.
1.16   "
1.16  "
1.48  "
1.46  "
'.'.16   "
2,18  "
2.46  "
2,46  "
11.16    "
3.18  "
,116  "
8.46 "
1.16    "
4,18  "
1.48   "
4.46  "
6.18   •
8.16  "
5.46   "
6.46  "
11.16    "
11.16  "
B.4B  "
0.46 "
7.16   "
7 26  "
7.48   "
S.I6  "
H.4B   "
ll.l ft  "
9.46  "
10,16  "
111.46   "
•11.80  "
•11.46 "
» Nut on
R. C. McDonald, New Westminster, is registered at Hotel
Nortli Vancouver. He is a well-
known traveler from Toronto, and
is imbued with the possibilities
of tlio Ambitious City. Mr. McDonald will be here again early
in the new year,
The l). & II, Company, high-
class entertainers and scientific
demonstrators, will be here in a
lew days. Mr. J. Hcpner, manager,
was over lo-day making arrangements (or tbe show bouse.
Miss Verner, daughter ol the
popular physician, is convalescent
at Hotel North Vancouver, alter
her recent illness.
"What are tbe (all styles in
wraps ?"
'■Ask my mother-in-law she's a
LOT 373
We hove some lota left tn this Original
Subdivision.   Call and see us, and
buy before they are all gone.
The Electric Tram runs
right through this property
It is bound to  be  an  important addition
in the near future
Easy Term*
For Prices nml Maps, apply
tit n /ir
|J  VI   UL
'i u
11. KBRR HOU1.UATB, MASAiiiiii
Mabelle Williscroft
S| inl attention given to Biujorlng
uml tone production,
Studio: Second cottago, Sgutli Seventeenth, Lonsdale Must,
Any Kind You
Lonsdale Avenue
Between First ami Second
1'll.UHII IN
General Teaming
Good Dry   Cordwood delivered any
where In the eity fnr |4.00neord,
Order* solicited.
Fourth street, between Unudtdi and
llht'Hterlii'ltl live.   I'lnuie 67.
•-' the information ol Intending
settlers uml others, that selection Ims
heen iniule of the 8,SOt),000 acres of land
shunted iii llie Peace Itiver Valley,
I'rovlnco of liriiish Columbia, granted
to the nonunion (jovernmoiit under the
provisions of Section 7, ol "An Act re-
Intiuu to the Island lliiihiny, the Gray
Illg lloelt uml lttiiltviiy I,mills uf the
I'rovitico," and such laml is imt open to
entry under thu l.iunl l.mvs of the
The block wlcrtcd Isdescrlbod us follows : Comnieiii'hijj nt n point W.j
miles south of thu Peace liivor, oil lhe
T'iillli Mertiliitii, being the Eaaleru
boundary ol thu Province, lluuicit Weal
76 miles and 38.111 chains, thiincu North
72 miles and 36 03 chains, thence Knsl
76 miles ninl 3H el chains, Ihiincu Himtli
I,, the polnl of commencement, following llie I .mii Meridian, und containing
approximately 3,600.000 until.
Notice is Also liivuii ihnt, tilth 11 view
to facilitating sultle nt hi the Valleys
of thu Peace, Parsnip and Paelt Rivors,
the fullowillg hi'ltoi lllllll forty Utile) in
width, and extending 20 miles on each
siile of 1 Iiu Pence, i'tir.-nip mill Pink j
Rivers lots boon resorved fur actual,
Bettiers, to bo nttpiirei] by pre*eiiiption
only under iln* Land Act, such Iiunl imt
being open fur Billo, louse, license or
other alienation uiidor the Bald Act except by pre-onipllon,
Commencing ut the Intersection of the
Western boundary oi the block ol hind
solected bv the Dominion Government
with ihn Peace Itiver, thence lollowing
the Peace River uml Parsnip liiver to
their confluence with the Pack River,
and thence following the Pack River to
the point where said Pack River leaves]
MeLeod Lake, and extending lor 11 distance of 20 miles on each side of Bald
Rivers nnd approximately 170 miles iii 1
All lands outsido tbo boundaries of the
Dominion Govern nt Grnnl uml the
reserve above described nre open  for!
location niuler the laws "( Iho Provinco, \
Acting t'l'h'i (lm Issloner
ol Lands ami Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, September 13th, 1007,
Accountants,    Auditors    General
Commission Hrokers
Keel Islnle Agents
Tiu.iaii'iin.iii 1.1 2102
(itil Engineer tinil B. f, Und !>uno>or
'mom 2868
Krtllwnyi, Rrldgoi, WrUi Pqweri, Ritlmftttl,
Sii)itTiiii.'ii>)iii >i Ciinilrticubn.loap^TsffH*
-ii.-,, Mi i! riitiiiM. Biib-I)lflitoui,elo.
Ml Muslin >« St, w ,  .  .   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Hnve on band a large supply ol Cement
Blocks, niii'lc from fresh water snnil.
Samples may bo seen at the new ]
cement reside ion Second strret enst,
Blieol blocks 8x1(1,
I'nll particulars cun he had front tin
Western Corporation ollice, or write to I
.North Vancouver, ll. C
Rolled Oal*
Hai) and Teed
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local tuana^ur,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on ImhiI.
Por tbc Date of thc
Which will be AUCTIONED  off by
Terms, mui-foiirtli cash, balance 0, 12 and is months,
1    »»
' 3
J. W, Friend, ol Seattle, paid
the city a flying visit yesterday,
lh*left lur Toronto this afternoon.
It takes more than a Wall Street
panic tn put nhl Santa Clinic, out
nl business,
Mi W. Miller, "1 Lillooet, who
spent the summer in Nortli Vancouver, hit tor his houie 111 the
Mrs. A. Cameron and daughter,
ol Toronto, paid the city 11 visil
on Wednesday in company with
|ulin W. McLean, ol Vancouver.
li is reported that another tug
will shortly he huill here.
]. II, Nye, recently ol Seattle,
came over (rom Vancouver on
John [olinson, recently from
Winnipeg, brolhoi to Mr, G
|iihnsiiii, nl Tin Express, shot a
fine (al hiick deer, on  Tuesday
early part ol the week and will afternoon, a short distance on tli
spend Christmas with his family,
lie is inuih pleased with Norlh
Vancouver, and will, in all proba*
1 apilano road, north ol the suspension bridge over the canyon,
li 1  reported that after the snow
Inliiy, make Ins home here in the i,*h on Wednesday   severnl   fine
neni luiiiie. specimens came down Irom   th*
Tin* street crossings in the city
101 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
I'. 11. DOS 3811.
1836      THE BANK OF       1907
This Hank bus a record behind it ol nearly three quarters
of a century of successful banking in Canada, with
assets increasing every year  until   they  now  exceed
Money Advunted on reasonable terms Draffs bought and
sold- 1/ ' Ortiers and Letters aj Crtt/it issued payable
in lhc leading cities in the world,
Farmers' and fruit Growers' requirements will bc given
special attention
Savings ■Iccounts solicited.   1 nterest added every three months.
Office:   (or. Lonsdale -we, and Isplaniide, North Vancouver, B, C.
II. R, lli-n n t, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferrj Landing lor Qiieensliury Avenue, Twenty-first
street ami Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Road as follows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. 111., ; is a, in., 7:45 a. ra., K 15 a, in., 9 a, in. 9:40a, in.,
10:10 a.m., Aftci 10:25 * "'•i ''"''' Ul" ''■"'' Queensbury avenue,
Twenty first and Lonsdah avenue, and Winch street and Keith Uoad
nt five minutes to the liom and twenty five minutes past the hour,
Cars leave Ninetei nth strei 1 and' (iiecnsbiiry avenue, Twenty-first
strei 1 and Li n  lab avenue, Winch street and Keith Road .is billow
[,;i. ,„ . 6:30 a. 1       .1 lai . ; '," 1 in. i .1 in., K45 a, in., 9:15 a, in.,
9:55,1. in., to 25 a, ni    \ftei *, i" n 111 ' ars leave tin I'errj Landing
nt ten minutt ■■ pi>l th" the I ' and twenty minutes to the hour.
All boat! an  met bj tin cars,
Hotel North Vancouver.
,'/*_& P.UVRSON,
Ferry Service I very IMI Hour io and from Ihis HoiH
lo Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
liter the heavy rains were cleared
by lhe corporation gang.
Remember our advertisers, and
say that you saw their "ad." in
this paper.
Mr. S. Moore left for lioston
this week where he will spend the
Miss A. MeLeod and Miss C. i
Strange, both ol Tacoma, are
visiting in town.
Mr. ]. Davies, contractor, has
just completed a cottage (or Miss
Homerwood on Fourteenth street.
He is also erecting a bouse nnd
bain lor Mr. Wilde on Fifteenth
Mr. L, Stevens arrived home
from Ashcroft this week
Contractor A, A. Nye is building
a house lor Mr. llollisler, on
I'wenty-lirst streei, opposite the
athletic grounds,
F. 1!. Ciulney, Norlh Van
couvet's pioneer painter, decorator uml sign writer, has removed
Irom his old stand ou Esplanade
to Lonsdale avenue, three doors
south ol Second street.
(i. It. Williams, ol the Bank of
llritisli North America, ami W. 1).
Duke, the local boat builder, went
hunting lust Saturday on Lulu
island. They brought back all
the ducks anil snipe that thev
could pack.
W. Nicholson-Lailey, the architect, has removed his office Irom
the Esplanade to Lonsdale avenue
j. Kirkpatrick and brothers left t|,tee doors south of Second street,
on lhe launch Alkali lor Lasquito
Island yesterday.   They are  en*
gaged to work for Bressey .v Qttin.
Miss Homerwood, ol Fourteenth
slnel, has a parrot that has traveled considerable in its time, It
v-,,1-, raised in England ami then
taken to the United Slates, and
Irom there made the journey back
to England, thence lo Seattle and
ou to \ ancouver. Joe is a past-
master in whistling, and is no
iiieiin Iiuiiii at a confab.
J. lnnis, plasterer, has left for
lioston, Mass., where he will spend
Writing in " 1908" is the next
stunt lor the absent-minded,
Patronizing home industry de
velops the germs ol prosperity.
The rumble ul the new year
water wagon can be heard in the
distant 1
C A Mee, ol the Moodyville
hoti I, has returned from Medii ine
Hut, N.W.T., where lie organized
an .1 rie ol Eagles.
Ex councillor P. A. Allen, since
In- return Irom Ireland, has none
into house building, lie is at
im si nt nu imu a large double
bouse 011 First street east.
Rainier Beer--
la n ,''"i * ■ hovi ii.'1, i|iioiicliing nnd
satisfying, Ki mi-nibt r llu ro'* no oilier
"just ns good'    insist mt gi'tting Itttinit'i",
YiiiK'i nt ver, Bi C.
Important Sale
$1.10 $1.25 $1.50 & $1.75
Comer Esplanade and Lonsdale Avenue
Undci instructions Irom ibe
Municipality ol Ninth Van-
1 ouvei, I will sell by Public
Auction ut an early date as
350 Acre*
iu Lots Hifiaiul Mi7, and part
ol Lots 783 and 70,3, lying
Wc I ol the Capilano, and
whii h arc now being surveyed
into convenient parcels ol
5 Acres
Plans will he issui d,
Easy Term*
Further partii ulars al sn early
J. S. Rankin,*uc,loneef
514 Lender Street,      Phone .172,
A man does mil necessarily
work because he bus ,1 job.
Job printing at Tin Express,
The great expansion of North
Vancouver is soon to commence.
Get in early,
The people in North Vancouver
should (heir lip, The win Id is
still turning Oil its axis, and the
sun will iu three weeks start northward.
This is a good time to mnke investments in Norlh Vancouver,
An automobile ran over a skunk
on the Esplanade on Wednesday
It wns with ililliciiltv which omitted
the most leiiilu odor the auto, or
lhe musteline carnivores ol the
Henus Mephitis.
Vancouver is short ol milk.
The vendors of the bovine extrac
should leave their cans out in tbe
Several complaints cnnie in this
week alioul the impassable condition ol Lonsdale avenue, north
oi Twenty fiist stri el, The conn
cil should look Inlo this.
Several narrow escapes occurred
on Monday afternoon on the two-
plank sidewalk Oil Lonsdale
avenue, north ol Twenty-fust
street, tvhen pedestcrians, male
and female, had severnl falls on
account oi the host making tlie
walk slippery.
This is the proper lime to send
some money lo Till. EXPRESS,
The financial panic thai dealt
America a blow tins bill is simply
the result ol greed, I lie 1 nine
continent has had .1 terrible jag ol
cupidity loi many moons, nnd now
thai ti I** sobering up lhe usual
penalties ol intoxitation bine to
be paid,    (iteenw I Timet.
The postoflicc drop l">*. arrived
Irom Ottawa yesterday  morning,
It will lie stationed in   the  i miiei
ol Eighth Btreet .nul Lonsdale
avenue, at Templar,8 grocery,
The mail will be collei led daily,
and postage stamps mny be had al
the siore. The department and
the local member deserve ureal
credit lor their prompt action in
ibis important matter,
A drop lettei box will be pul up
in some convenient locality, besides the one ut Eighth street, in
the city,
On Wednesday morning the
mountains   lo   the   north   wore
coveted with '-now, beautiful
BIST 11 l-MSIIIIl lllllll   ON  llll  COAftl
- '. ' I     .    i.   I.    1 ...IIJ..I;.
ltATtis: 11,50 PER
Spill Ililos lo Families mul Ittplur Boarders
Ibili-liuiii' ferry connection tn nutl (rom Vancouver, lint und cold
water In every runm. Iloturii call bells in every room, burlier
t-li<i|' iu connection.
Sll UNI    .-llllll.
H. C.
Liinshai.k Avenue between Fourth and Filth streets, cleared
lot, size .15x130 bs t, to n .in loot alley, I'riee flaooo. Terms one-third
cash, balance G nml 12 months.
Filty-lool lot in same block fronting on Lonsdale avenue. Price
,v|ooo.   Similar terras.
Cm ■ 11 Kin in Am mi Near Fifteenth streei, lot 60x150 feet,
Price S550.   Terms one third cash, bplance in 0 and 12 months,
Ftu Kin Srnii.i ami (juEKNSRUKV Avi.Nui*. Double comer on car
line, magnificent situation.   Price Jjioo,   Terms to bo arranged,
Two Cleared Lun, hn Fourteenth Street—Close to St."Andrew's avenue, size 50x157 each.    Price $150 each.    Easy terras.
hu 111 Street -Between Lonsdale and St. George's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each.   Price $900,   Easy terms,
Lonsdale Avenue—Lot 50x120, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. Price $900, Terms one-third cash, balance b and 12
Fifth Street—One block from Queensbury avenue, two south
front lots, 50x137 each, to a 20-foot alley. Price $550 each. Terms
one-third cash, balance 6 und 12 months.
Sixth Street—In block 8, 150 feet from Queensbury avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a ao-toot alley, south front. Price <6oo each
Terms one fourth cash, balance in b and 12 months.
We have also it I,one lisi cl properties in all parts of the city.
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, aud can oiler you
the best bargains and the thoie est locations obtainable anywhere.
Correspondence solicited, or better still, call anil see ns uml let
us show vou what we have to oiler.
Corner Lonsilnlo
Ave, ninl Fifth St,
Kobt. II. Tarn, police con-
stable, has resigned his position,
ami contemplates goin|{ into
bushiest, us a blacksmith in the
city shortly.
Miss M. A. McDougall, of
Victoria, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
W. I), Kussell, Lonsdale avenue
norlh, She will have by Sunday's buy bu the Capilal City
In spite ol the temporary financial depression, several real estate
transfers have been reported here
lIll.S Week.
The lirst frost of the season appeared on Tuesday, when thin ice
was observed on the pools in the
Jas. Smith, Rock Hay. is sojourning in the city and is stopping at
lhe Palace Hotel.
Mr. W, Torrence is registered at
the Palace Hotel,
I inin Trance, Holland and .l.i|i.ni.
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraylny Material, Cut Flowers, «tr.
Oiliest established nursery mi lhe
mainland ul liriiish Columbia,
Catalogue Iree,
t    Drink
*** Drinks ^*
ami NOTARY I'l'I'.I.IC
I'.-l iiim t:    III oil III liriiiuiici,
MlSISi.l    I'ln,', t illl.l llyillnlllll',
'llMiiKlt:   lliitilv I, ' fl'ii mnl I ir.
Mnnngor for tho Cuininorclal
I'l'iili'l'live Snriety.
lOlliei'l- I'lll-T KT.| I'l. OF  laOHSDAl.il,
GO to ——■»■
Prices In suit nil pockets,  Wo have
Latest Patterns
in 11)07*8 Pallors, nt
5 l'u 11 Is a  Hull  and  I |t
IVo nlso carry n lull llmo ol ready-inlxod
Paints, nil.-nml Varnishes,
Lonsdale Ave., N. Vancouver
Come iu nnd see tvlut you enn net in
our city.  We enn compare lavorably
(villi nny Store nf nur si?,!' ull the Pacific
Our Crockery and Glassware Depart'
ment is now ready inr Inspection, nlso
uu I'lognill llliool Jewelry.
All tve its!; Is, ilu noi ite iii Vancouver
fnr anything iu our line till ymi hnve
paid us 11 visit. Bo Iniul In Nnrth Van-
corner Second a. dim Lonsdoie ive
Painters and Pai'Kriianokrs
Mural Decorators
Grainehs   Glaziers   Shins
Ull'. 131II S'l'REETi
Send  in yunr orders note (nr Dry
Green-Cut Clear rir.
Stove lengths, per cord, delivered,,(0,00
Cordwood, lengths,dollvered., .   |i.,rtO
In Stock,   Immediate delivery.
Cor. S3rd St. and Unsdalo Ave*
gtf Leave orders nt Waldron's i'inl*
«nrc store.


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