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 tlVd rW
MRS. H. A. SlfAW
PIONEER DRY GOODS STORE,     jiji^ 18 $"
Same prices, awl in soni'e cases
cheaper than city
Real Lstate and Insurance
Yen will llnl ;i grea'Iy i" -.-..ur tialvHiit.et, to
see uu- la-ii.ii,, iia-uu-nny i)enl.
The success of Doiniiiion Day
celebration is now assured. The
committees are leaving ia stones
unturned to provide all sorts of
amusement for all kinds of people
of all ages. The Indians will foregather and hold their spoils in
Victoria park. Races will be. held
on First street, children's games
in Lonsdale gardens, field sports
iu tho hotel grounds, and aquatic
contests on the bay.
License Board.
The board of license commissioners met in the municipal
hall on Wednesday afternoon,
Present: Reeve Kealy i in lhe
chair) and Commissioners Keith,
Morden and Wickenden. Among
those in attendance were: Rev.
Mr. Marsden, Rev. Mr. Gillam,
G. A. McBain, Mr. McBain, W.
Kells, E. Bell, A. Smith, W. Dick,
J. S. Bain, J. W. balmain, L.
Reda, Mr. Hooper, F. W. Templar and a number of ladies.
P. Larson was granted a renewal ol the license for the Hotel
North Vancouver.
W. Kells, of the Capilano
hotel, in the townsite of Capilano,
was granted a license subject to
completion of plans as submitted
and also inspection of premises.
Mr. Kells stated that the new
hotel would be ready by July 30th.
The application of Loreuza
Reda for a iicense for his premises
on Second street was laid over foi
one week.
J. li. Bird was counsel for tin
applicant, and (.'. B. Macneill
opposed. Mr. Bird said that his
cuent bad paid ii ooo for the lot!
on which the proposed hotel would
be built, Nine-hundred dollar*
ht,d been spent on the loundatioi
ami the total cost of the hotel
would be ii 1,430, for which sum
the t iiah't had h 'mi let.
Mr. Macneill contended that the
petition was not drawn up in
accordance with the law; also tlmi
th.: li.diuus who sign id it wen
1 .led. lie submitted .1 petition
opp ising the granting ol tin
11, use, signed by 111) names, and
44 signatures which weie nol
Indian Agent Macdonald protested against the linliin* si ruing
Mr. Bird's petition, and said the
course was most unusual and
charged fraud.
Mr. Keith spoke at some length,
an 1 said lie saw no reason why
this application should not be considered the same as were the
Mr. Morden said the petition as
presented did not suit him.
After a few remarks   by   the
chairman   an   adjournment    was
taken for one week,
U'orltt, whose relentless attacks on
the management, will, we hope,
shortly bear fruit. Something is
radically wrong, either as to the
terms of the charter or the city
officials are lax in their duty to
tbe public in this respect, Less
Lord's Day Observance crusade
and more elforts in the way of defending the rights of the citizens
generally is what would meet with
the approval of everyone.
A Strike.
Owing to the substitution of
Chinese cooks in McNair's Rice
lake shingle camp, about twenty
five men quit work as a protest on
Saturday morning last. It seems
lhat heretofore a woman cook bad
heen- employed, but for reasons
bet Jiown to themselves, the
r ,a iy decided to have a Chinese
cook 1). eafter. The men offered
to pay ii, ire for board in order to
retain the white cook, but to no
avail, consequently the walkout.
Tlie camp is completely closed
Hold North Vancouver.
The following are the guests
registered at the hotel tii is week:
J. S. Mullhall, "Geo. Scott, Mr.
and Mrs. A. Wallace, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Ban, R. N. Hill, J, W,
Allen, J. M. Hcillaud, G. A.
Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. A, H.
lfalloway, \V. J. jeffree, Miss
1 fill, Mr", and Mrs. ;G. Dodson,
Mrs. Sam Miller, C. W. Loug-
nead, A. Wappell, Cup.i Clare,
Geo. Dumirid, Samuel Tulk, L.
G. Cooper, Geo. Brunelle.
One dog fight this week.
School closes next week for tin
Slimmer holidays.
Mr. Dominick Bums was ir
town on Saturday.
C. W, Lougheed; of Calgary,
spent Sundav iu town.
Born—-On Mav 31st, the wife of
Mr. Iiniii Johnston, a son,
The devil of this institution is
very religious—on Sundays,
Some people will never get a
warm reception till they die.
It takes a brave dentist to
monkey with tbe jaws of death.
Jack Payne, of Harrison Hot
Springs, spent Monday in town.
Corned beef is one of the few
things omitted from cans by the
gang of men at work.    A big scow     One ol tbe neatest and choit isl Church Notices.
of lumber is being unloaded at the gardens in  North Vancouver   isl
Broth icr and
justice got out
the  minister   of
about the   same
foot of St.  Andrew's road,    anil
'  ' '■ transferred to  the
site  Ol "i",      'il    buildings,
work will be rushed 10 completion.
Mrs. Wm. Dick and family have
gone to Portland, Ore., where
they will spend a two-months'
A, S. A.Wyld has started construction oil liis new residence on
First street west, where be in
tends to reside.
One scientist claims that thi
world uill live 1,(1011.0.10 years
longer. The V,, W. & V. ought
to be completed by then.
R. C. McDonald, New Westminster, was here on Wednesday.
Something doing in real estate at
the Royal City, so he says.
Thunder was distinctly heard in
this vicinity on Sunday afternoon.
The celebration committee held a
meeting about the same time.
Who could blame Lord Denbigh
(or travelling incognito? He's
afraid of bis secretary forgetting to
sign up for them all bis names.
Mr. S. Sherdahl, accompanied
bv Mrs. and the two Miss Sher-
dabls, spent yesterday in tlie balmy
atmosphere around Nortli Vancouver.
that of T. W. Malley, First street.
The varieties of bushes are Belei li 'I
so us to have roses nearly tin
whole year round.
The ferry   company   and   lhe
ls It Liberalism?
Ten years ago Liberalism ascended the eastern horizon,  bright usI    F.
the morning sun, its rays ol retorni  is re
penetrating the utmost recesses ol
.he Dominion, For ten years
Liberalism has shone as the noonday sun, making Canada "lhc
in-hlobt   gem    111   the     British
Mr. J. Edward Bird, of Vancouver, was in town on Wednesday.
Mr. Ells, the blacksmith, has
been indisposed for the past few
The retrogressive attitude of
some would make Larson's mule
Tbe ferry St. George has been
laid off for a much-needed overhauling.
A strong stomacli is one of the played a lone hand in London,
qualifications of the beef trust and now they're playing a lorn
customer, one in Ottawa.
F. W. G. C. Clark,  Montreal, |   This institution   will   give   1
istered at tlie Hotel North free coffin to anyone reciimtiiendoi
Fifteenth street has now been
opened up, cleared and graded,
from Bewicke avenue eastward as
far as the revine, opposite Bill)
Williams' place,
W. T, R, Preston, the knight ol
graft,aiul associates, seem to hn
Sl.    Johns   CHURCH,      ORNI'.U
SIM,Mil AMI   I mill 111 Nl II
First Sunday alter Trinity (St.
Alban's day 1   Hoi v communion,
telephone company have   placed I (plain  B a. n
North Vancouver much   in   the     Morning prayer, Litany and ser-
same predicament as   were   the ni"A '• ■'■  • •
lost tribes of Israel before they     Evening prayer and sermon, 7:30
crossed the Red sea. ' 1 P- m.
.... ., ,   , , Sundaj   1 In il, in a, m.
lhe   line   residence   of   Adam ■-    ...  , ' , .    .. .       ,   ..
Edward, king
Hilton, on the Esplanade,
been sold to Robert Fowler,
lots are bo and 61, bloi k
The deal was put through by
\ Durston, for £3,^50.
crown."   Today the cadence   ol
that power is wrapped in clouds ol' Andrew's church advertisement
1 lor same  by  Iwo nl  ids friends
' lluri'.   lip,  now,  get in   on   tin
We propose to give the past I ••gruiirid tloor."
istorv ot a certain party  in our . .
ext ;'ssm, Theiminu ipal council is gradini
1 for   the   proposed   sidewalk   01
Attention is called to the St. Second street west, beyond Mahon
corruption and gi'alt, and as il
gradually sinks into the horizon,
the rays of the setting sun shine
as a calcium light 011 the wrongdoing and misman.ig. ment that
has tor the past few years polluted every department. Premier
Laurier has gained for himself an
everlasting reputation, and the
people of Canada would grieve to
see any blight on his character
through the weakness of his subordinates.
For Starting Bush Fires.
this issue.
This institution don't
support, the building ha
gradi tl
Second   street    is    now
as far as tlie  Indian re-
The British Columbia Review,
Percy King, a rancher, of Lynn
valley, who was convicted before
Magistrate Alexander on Wednesday of starting bush fires in May
last, was fined $50 and costs, or
two months' imprisonment in detank. The defendant, while clearing land, lost control ol the fire on
Ins premises, which spread to
adjoining timber, and before the
tlames were checked much valuable
property was destroyed. A similar charge was laid against another
resident of Lynn valley, J. Barber,
j but it is altogether likely this will be
withdrawn, as the matter will be
lands and works with that end
Tlie Hastings Shingle Company
claim lo have losi shingle-bolts to
by    provincial (he valuc of $b<000 t|uril)g ,|,a ,,r(
gaini al a repu-
Geo. A. Benney, of Tacoma,
was looking over some business
here this week.
Captain Clare, ss. "Lady Clare,"
was a guest this week at the Hotel
North Vancouver.
Mr.   Aylesworth    can't
Forbes avenm is being opened
. up fronl the Keith mad to Six
I- nth street. When this work is
completed it will be a great convenience to the settlers there
abou ts.
William Cameron, of Fifteentli
1 street, has been prospecting in
the district of Marble Bay. lt is
reported that he has made some
as   the ■ very valuable finds ol copper-gold
Our thanks are due the World
Printing and Publishing Company
for a copy of their handsome
magazine called the British Co-
liini/'iii Review.
Literally, it is one of the most
exquisite and comprehensive
editions ever gotten out in the
province,    while   typographically
the composition and presswork la, ... ,., :, „,.,.,
are rare. I'rom cover to cover
the publication is filled with
articles exploiting the resources
ami advantages of British Columbia, written
writers who havi
tation ou the merits of their par-
tn lllar subjects.
Pictorally,     the     Review    is
copiously interspersed with half-      One proposition that will appeal
lone engravings depicting scenes to everyone as a  benefit to those
in forest, mine and town, portray- visitim; the Vancouver waterworks
ing  in   all   their  grandeur  the dam, is the hotel that is being '" eruption
views    that     have    made    this erected on the plateau overlook- °;'
province famous, ling the reservoir, by Mr.  Dickson
North Vancouver enjoys a most W. Kells. The hotel is commodious
conspicuous page, made more, in every respect, being 30 hy
noticeable by several cuts that feet, and three stories in height
appear thereon, the literary compo-! Twelve large airy rooms will
sition embodying thei present '• accomodate the guests, also a
status and .future prospects in a i ladies'   and   gents'   sittingroom
stick on a job as
postage stamp can,
What's the use of your gold' Owing to the inclemency of the
when vou die if you haven't an ice- weather there was a very small
box to keep it in? crowd came over on Wednesday
„..,.,     , . , afternoon   to   the   weekly   hall
British Columbia  now has   an holid     o( ,,le  Vancouver retail
Egg Harbor where the boats can    ,   ,   •
come in and "lay to."
.1    Lost—Lady's solid gold watch
Circus day in \ ancouver proved lumti    ( lM. 0„ Wednesday morn.
a good drawing card for   manyh       , , ,  ubr( and   gecond
North Vancouverites, „ir„„ ,Ui,   .m.nm.    Re.
If a bookeeper makes a mistake ward on returning same to Con-
he loses his job,  but if a doctor stable Dick,
makes a mistake he buries it. Mf M u   Doddg| o( Arnprior,
Some people   manage   to   get Ont, paid Tin. Exi-KMS a visit on
Vancouver Rex, the prize
Gordon setter, has been sold by
Robt. Bryce. He intends sending four dogs —two pointers, an
English setter and an Irish water
spaniel, to the show to be held at
Calgary on July 10-11-12.
Geo. Lill, the contractor for the
culvert on Second street west, has
started work. If the weather
clears up Contractor McLennan
will be able to fill his dump, and
tlie street will thus be opened up
for wagon traffic.
Contractor Snider has finished
his work on First street east.
This will enable the sports committee to have the horse races on
the First of July pulled olf here.
Meanwhile the tramway work will
be pushed forward to the west.
Considerable alterations are being made this week to the Western
Corporation building, on the
corner ol Lonsdale avenue and
tho Esplanade. A complete
system ol sewerage and septic
tank has been installed, which
places the premises in a very
sanitary condition.
and martyi 1 Evensong, (followed
by addn ss on the times ol King
Edwai I thi in 01.11 8. p, in.
I i'l a'.    Evensong,     (Allowed
by practii e) 7140 p. in.
Saturday:     (Vigil]   Evensorlg
and short address, 8 p, m.
Sunday   next—Feast   of   St.
|ohn Baptist (June .ut' ,— Hoi.v
MMUNION, (pi iin) 8 a. in.
through this life even il they have
to gothrough your pockets to do it.
Either times are good and a
man is worked to death, or the)
are bard and he starves to di'ath.
Wednesday.   Mr.  Dodds   is   an
expert lacrossist and may handle
iha- stii k on the Vancouver team
ihis season.
Capilano Hotel.
0. C. Kid.l, engineer of the
Wi st, in Corporation, is all smiles
thesi days. It is a bouncing gir'
who arrived lasl Friday, !)L"th
|s and child are well. Conf
bilious, old boy.
Vesuvius in eruption is not to     Contractor   Snider   has
be nonpareil 10 slumping powder p)eted his undertaking on
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Ban. ol
Glasgow, who are touring 1.1 is: 1,
paid Noitb Vancouver a visit
around   here   thes
Prof.   Shelby,   ol   Vancouver,
will give a series ol dances in tlic
street, and now awaits the approval "I the board ol works.
Today ilns thoroughfare is one ol
tin finest to be sei n anywhere,
5° Pavilion,   beginning
evening next.
tanner that is strikingly convincing,
The Telephone.
Tlie inefficiency of the telephone
service, both in Vancouver and
North Vancouver, is being placed
before ilu ath ntion ol the public
most   adequately   by   tin   daily
Up-to-date baths are being installed, which will prove very
belli licietit to those wishing to
avail themselves of the opportunities ol bathing in tlie pure,
fresh water at the dam. As a
health resort this hostelry is not
lacking in advantages, being sitn-
.iii'd over ii\' hundred feet above
tlie citv ol Vancouver in the icr-
ibiii valley ol tin Capilano,
Judging from the description ol
the contents of conn d beef, it
would be salcr to have tbe beci
and eat the cans.
On Monday morning the ambulance from St. Paul's hospital
arrived here on the .-1:30 boat for
the purpose "I convi j ing to the
hospital a man Irom one of tin
camps, suffering from some
The butchers of Vancouver have
decided to hold their annual picnic in North Vancouver, on Wednesday, August 8th, This is the
one time ot Ibe year looked for-
ward to by those who come for a
good lime, and it's needless to say
that this will prove as good, if not
In ttei, than previous years.
lu referring to the telephone
company the World asks: "Why,
in ihe name ol common sense
can't tin- 'phone people take 1
leaf out of the B. C. E. R. Co'i
book and treat their employees
like everyday men and women?
The telephone company might
answer tlie above question ii it
were not lor the fact that it was
asked in ilie name of "common
The rails on the new tramline
arc laid from the waterlront up
Lonsdale avenue, thence to the
Keith road. 'Ibe cutting on the
Keith road is being pushed forward and the stulf taken out is being dumped in the revine when- a
io-foot bridge will be built, thus
giving a solid road Irom the waterlront to liewicke avenue.
The fire brigade held hose
practice on First street Thursday
evening, und"'' the able supervision of Mr. Tom Lilley, of Vancouver. The boys are getting in
line lor the second, as they are to
compete with the veteran firemen
of Vancouver. Mr. Lilley is also
a veteran, and under his instructions our heroes may be
1 upei ted to be top-notchers by
The B. C. Market Company
have opened up .1 butcher shop on
Lonsdale avenue, The shop nun-
pares favorably with the best in
tlic country, the spacious store being neatly lilted up inside with the
best accutriments ol the trade,
Being up-to-date h every particular tins new branch ol business can
test assured ol a fair shaie ol
patronage. There is also a delivery cart in connection.
Lonsdale gardens are becoming
an  attractive   spot   lor   holiday
SIXTH i-iKi '   .
Services will  be conduct d on
Sunday at 11 a. in   mil 7:3   p. in.
The Sacrament ol t       .ord's
supper will be dispells at tlie
morning service. Comniunii ants
belonging to other denominations
are cordially invitt-d,
In ilu morning ihe subi will
be "The First Communicant."
Evening subject, "A Soliloquy
Willi tin- Soul."
Tonight, (Friday) a special
preparatory service will be conducted in the church at 8 p. m,
by the Rev. McGillivray, of St
John's, Vancouver. All intending
communicants are earnestly requested to lie present.
Strangers welcomed to all these
Sunday school at .1:30 p, m.
Lhoir practice on Saturday at
S o'clock y. m.
Service in Moodyville school on
Sundays at 7:30.
Services will be conducted in
tlie Lynn valley schoohouse at
7:30 p. m. by Mr. Duncanson, a
student missionary from Toronto.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday at 7:311 p. in.
Pastor; Rev, J. 11. Gillam, M. A.
Sua'.*iii.kk, Sot 1 u : A strawberry and icecream social will be
Inui in St. Andrew's church. Sixth
street, under the auspices ol St.
Andrew's Ladies Aid Societ) on
Thursday the j 1 >t instant, at s
o'clock. Good company, good
music; pleasant evening,
Re License.
To the Editor of Tm Exi*rbssi
Sir,—Will yuu kindly allow space for
The committee appointed by the citiii ne
el North Vaucouvor desires t*> report
ihroiiiih your columns at tn the success
o( tlio undertaking committed to them.
lhe coniuiiltee engaged couusi.   1 »p-
pear before the board of licensing 1 •
iniMloiicrs on Wednesday, In tin person
..I Mr, Macneill "I Davis, Marshall i
M.u'iiei.l. As presented befuro the
board u petition against ihe granting nf
thc license on (Second street, sicucl by
lu:l resident householders and land
owners and their wive-. 01 these thu
clerk ol lhe board reported 14 as dis.
i|iiiililiedtai '."ia .' .i'. ng a valid petition
from 11!) Inhabitants aaf Si nh Van.
couver. The petition i"r license tnir-
ported to he signed by 380 . but tlie clerk
lound onh Wi ui these valid.
a battle roval ■ inucd between the
rival legal advii irs a to the validity o|
ilie Chinese and Japanese signatures
Anal, neemed lo bu written   by uno
la.  I—III.
lu regard to the Indl uu .1 « hrlnl
-i.iie a,; mat tern wan n 11 ded. Nol 1 in,
of theni, il -A" staled,
Inui ever ilgn I lilioti       mi me
liail gum 1 ' lb   - ■-■' and sal 1
lliul 11 i ■:        ■        clri iiliition fur a
IH--V III '■      a llml lIlU nulla'-   of
1 '„■ li,. I i"v mill tint
uniilil I.-.ill r .i.i. snd without mort
,11. "lie goef lo the |« tltion snd
puts marks against "i ns -. Thli in
i, .1 ,ri, lor Mi  M "'l"i:.i     the Indian
agent, altirntad thai 1011 1 lhe men
ttiiuM-ii.iui'- wen-,,n ilu- pel ilon 'ii'Tai
1 ,1 in the rlllagc sl tin I e Bo it
( other noted thai sliding ■ namei uf
Indiana, Japf an 1 1 hlne-e only Iwo
inline, more than was necessary nero
. btalned lot the petition.
In spite 'at 'lii-a- Ini:-. ui,e membei o|
til Hall ]--,"'!    nh -titul ■'   llllll.
pi if 11 -pedal |ai''.e      i a- ■'  ■ leant,
aa.1.. prepared lo 1   ihal       pi lillon
mull I  ia 1 »l    r 'ii'"
llseutslon »ii-
r a
If a doctor visits another man's
wile he charges for it, but if an
editor makes a visit lie gets a
charge of buck-shot,
Smith Bros,, who have the con
tract Im the erection "I the B, 1
Kiel-nil KrjIwh* 1 uitipan*
and car barns here, have j large
seek ts, and  Mr. Charlie   I'l.t	
the I-.see, has supplied his re.,J™k|he
froshment pavilion to the queen's    A, ii,,, mauer now stands, this ii tha
taste, with a supply ol good things li-nationi   Whal many of ll   rltiuns
reuuisite    lor    picnickers    Nowjof North \Wmver 1-clioyt*      boa
II. .I...I l—,.,.,      ,,,      ,1,,,,,,     ,,,     rill     *   1-d '|'l'-'l"ll  '"I   H"'    Weill',-.',.       I   till.
liver's    lightning that the ferrys sre aboui   0 ca | ,
the track on thc there, large crowds ol   children n-jn,„,n,| Chinese: ami I'-pecially by
with theit  parents mav soon be in Intnium who never   aw tin* petition
seen there daily,   Charlii   >a|
fellow, and the public 1
usiirred   in   anything   OiRl   lie
il  mal reading had il     ppi-n   handles being bottom prii d and
ed in 1 class.
North    Vanci
cxpn ss jumpi d
il V'  .it thill     v. 1 "k am.
All ' ■ ipi il injury,
■ ive happen) 1
>', one day
li   ,.   in  llie  hush.
though whal
v.   : I uinki
'    •..",•        lofthesi n.   .-'
I imiiking yon I aim,
Mr Editor, - rt-lj yo .1
North V.        ■    '       " An, OU THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
The Results of
Weak Blood
Tired Brain and Body and Languid, Worn-
out Feelings-Cure in
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
':a '  lllllO !   .
where-Ill  1* limii'l
; I'lnclplc     which   inn
.    ill'.a     Ull
uly active nnil I
:  ' ia-.I corpuscles in llio
LllOOll, 1 ..     .'. iie> iieliull
o( He. ! ile, the hKi
■i Hie In nl, the li.-;
 i.a    in'' UUll
i' . a Nerve Eon I o\
cl ii    lieeuuse 11  eunl ..
the vi nts ul' nn iu    ■
in Inert iu       ■ : niihui "i red corn-
in this .i iralivo iis lo net inllil
,,i   Ilm  llV.-la'll
; vltullly inin ih" hi,ni.I
iini in rvi's mul tliroiiKli III
un    I'eaelili     .' nli n lienolielal Inllil-
• i..'.  ...       ■ ai ositan of Un
Mis.     I.a  11,i     IHC'llUrt,       I,"'-'
Ml   11.,  Will '1   I'll  IU' I   ' '        a
-■■■■)        |lilillS   ill   111"
bin   , cuhl hands ami
i      | ... ...        -,.  •     ., .... a .,,,,;!,.
■ i     nl iirms uml
i       \i i    seven
jo 1 h '■ inn    ■ :a   roil   thai
I   COlHll    1   i
lllll   iill   III.•   ll'IISl   lail   111'   Hill
.    Aeiiilfiilly limn | a |n in,
  enlllil eul
very In". luii peopli   \*■ i.■
I I'eineilli     'I
'     a . 1
li' ill ill's-
I heiiril iilnnil Dr, I
milt nn nn ninl!
n anil L)|
N'i  1 VI      I'l'ital    l..i ■    ilaall"    llli'    11
ivnrhl nl -."'11.  i 1 feel I i
conuiieiiil ii tim lilghlj ,vhu
ii  .   I1." i" ' ■!". ' li   your in
. v..   lil ■ om
i.; Dr, Clinso's Ni rvo Food;
ii        ii Imx, ni nil in ulors, "■ l-lil
in.on-.-ii. Hates 8 Co. Toronto.
AuiTii v\A'iir\T,n li, i'.
\ 'Veekli Ne . |iaper,       I'liblished 1.;.
Tilt; EXl'lll SS All". IV. ICoinpiii
iini- Dulhir por Vear
M.hi.nine,' Editor
A ,  a,     A INS.
'       I '  Alll.l;;.'!'.
Derivt-, His Income, Estimated at $500.-
000 ,i Year, Exclusively From Land,
,-,nd D-tis Not Own a Single Share
of S'.ock or Bond of Any Sort Wh.it-
ever—Ono of King's Oldest Personal
*.' a   -1 -..   appr iprl its  appointment
a' ■    'a   a „    ;,     |] .    I".    Hi"
i  I    .11    I   ' !!.   . '
, ■ ■ •! " -1, ■ ,     .post   '
ho Mar
|i'or pi-rliiii    don
m    mill la      af    ''    ■     II   '
I.   ■     • ill la.  Oll
ly :■    .   ind, '1. a' ', acrl-
van able
■   ■   i  la ax>.j,,. t of llio Far
Club al Whitehall Courl thai lie d i ■
OM.'l   D a:        .' '
,.'.'..■',    ll.      ■'
■ '     I,
I.    II    [I'll   llllll    111 '
 : "■ 'I   ,11       .;.   . 1
a ,1 . ,
la mUS|     ll    -    I'-    C\
.     ...    ',   h   royal fai    *
ne ol
i' ' i'i   mi iii their
mpii       lie is
I.   a  1
.    .
1 ' Itiurlslled
■   .'      ..
| Ihl
(.' ■ i        .   .
'   elllesl
.   imn . '''i'  ia "a     il n
'    '  ■
I!   I 111,      1     .   II,     It.I.'
I, I      I'l
1 '      ril 'i   "f   Al"      1""  '   "a'
, ■          a.:    . I .i   oii of li. a own
i rt, v        :    li   fl lend ..rial
|. ',...''■  M ,'u ,'.■:
i utor sei ired,
:    '
■'.. to r da
i ■ .. li ii .'
,' opln-
| i'i    my man of i-  • i
n       11       'II.'   a'f   Jlajl).-
;   . '.. to, i ii'.'l'il I., a
: ■                          I
a        ■                . ' lltlo thai
if I,, ii. I ,i
if lu-r al"
. : u
'■    ■ Ih to Carrlng-
!   .' ' ■    ' 'a a fan''
laf ' 'i. I      || '      '
r, ilm lain Qil tit, was
• ■     I      :     ...     ..-  ..
i i iif favor, ■ ■.:
i Ol     .rl Inn,
irts of ol
i t captain o( tl
... ,ver-
i  a   • ... Wales,
inh       a    It was itiiiln
I    ' ■ ■   id        it Lord Car-
i fnllllllnn Ills d '
■ i    ..
,        - ,  I iv Tciiiji 'a I
'   ■
' '     -In,.'
I iicuit to re
I 1,01 '
■ . .
V :
.     ■    '.'
ilivir.il.. Murray, win received a. fr.
ribl" iliiiMiitu'. hi-iiieli! suit aiialns;
l."a' 1 Can 'i-i' :i f r a- unit nnil s.'(lured
Ila"   llll|l    ..   11     :    l   nn ■  'af J500.     Hut
duriiii; ih,■ course of Hie legal proceedings ii" vi I* unfortunate en..ugh tn
s a i»ar ' > souwlhlnn that ivns not true,
miai Ihereupan Lord Carrlnffton promt hi'ti for perjury, To es-
insiquei  '■:' a lertaln conviction Murray tied to France, where
m  '1     ia'l     •  \1"    fl'tilll    liis    Illl'liV,'
land innil hia il"inh.
ilrenvlllo Murray -van understood to
1'   'i natural son nl Lord Palmerston,
'      pi       ti r as long as l.e
lived, and who certainly. **a**e him his
 ni in me aipiomano ser-
\..      II ■ wrote a number   f bnnki, of
the n ire '-The Member
f.r Purls," -.-i.i "S.i'iiylits of English
So lety," 'h i.a""' Is a'f lhc most
. 1" ■ rlption in.] lonh- slnco out
of Iini' lie cull .li rated fraaiai Paris
with Ktlmund Vatea in starling the
1." a! n a ekly, World, and died un<ia-r
■ !   title   of   count
which  le-  i: 11  obi lined  through his
ite i-i . fe with u   Spanish
;n her own right, Unit is t'i
■ do i '.'": an i ■   -■■ . , [
a S| an      ."unl ", '..ia, had nn SOUS.
1. 'i 1   a irrlnglon   1 a   married   t.a   n
'"..-'    -   f Lord S "ialal. the favorli.,
lnril-ln-waltlng of  the   King nnil  ihe
tu u.ll' r   if Im li   i ii la ild, .in I
v   nger brnther/ C    B r WH  im
,'ho I ntroller of the
a   if '!," 1 ■ ■ ol Wales,   Sir
'.'.  %"!.''    I'   ">.       .
i'i       rel iry aui iquerry
.' :   n. hns an  Ann rlcan
i ll r  A   ii,.,   : a'-   i -.u.   s
 f thi   ii'":" • -lull-s which Sir
\\.. rn has had to | been
ns of thi   party
"i:    ed of yeomen guard lu
' ■        • : .unl of
111 11,   Mill,  iall   th,.
■ ,: .at Parliament
bi ti'Miii
li        of Lord House of
■  .   Tli.s is in " rieal
remnny Ih "i a measure of pi    n
lati     1'.   ,   ' ■  i'i- il.iy nf
K ng .1 i-i  . 1  and ol ,;. i     li i
;    at,     I-   , 11 ■   to  !■  al''
' I story if h iw rtuy
. "   a- »1. Mn,',.
a- II      .a     :   iu  llli,    VOU,'*     hi 111  till    tun
Housoa of T'i: ll tit, equipped '.villi
n dark lantern ni I fu ind surround-
a ii hy a large nu irrels of gun-
;     :er, ai I "' i iv ■   blow king, lords,
.oi l '' itnmon* h to ot, -a Ity
t'l'iiil tli.it tune la, this tho
irs of I'arli.iiie nt have ai'-' "    bei 'a
'    >   .'liitlly     S-'iirii,.   al      ',11      [ftp      QVU     llf     tilt'
: ',   (1-hlC i.   l'i  vi' iv
: ■ *i   ■  ni,inner in  which  '
entire pale   i   '. Westminster Is guard-
■ il by .i al il e hmi nt "1 Lonil a poll
luty,     a . ■ ■ i
rrled bj   tho
f tlie i
in- vaults b".m; brilliantly 1..
Sir Wl   i "i C irrlnglon no I ngcr 11
;   ,'        ...-.lav.'
he fu ipn
1   ■ I '■■   i- -'    mberlan, a le re-
. ihnt of i. "'I
.in of the II usehold and held
■ by Lord Carrlngton, Lord Anil I i-i" Marquis of Cholmondi -
I.      \     a ling • ' .in irrnn
■.:■]    rs, each In turn
the    '  ■■ during a reign,
I     i   Carrln [ton   t- is   Lord   flreal
.ill the death "f Q u n
V   ' il a. nn I as such in supreme con-
■ r '.', ■ "
Houses of Parllnmi al
... ,i.| VII   . am.- !o tho '
I. ,td i'l, a a-.   ■   !   1   v   '    iim.-d llli! Jillh ..
if Lord (ii ' Chai berl dn, ami '.then
in., presi:.'  Prince   ;  Wales  ill
Crown II .' '■ A Lord Ancastei
,' ho will si sumo ia obllgatl im ol this
l."'. mn add In conclusion lhat boih
I, .■ i i' irrlnglon an 1  his broth r, .- i
; ■ ngl "i. profess i • be not mere-
■ Liberal;! bin "¥• n ..1- l      -I
British House of Lords Deals With a
M.-tter of Great Importance to Married Women and Tradesmen.
Th,- Dally Mall, commenting mean nn
Important ruling from Uie House nf
Lords yostorday, I ij i
in ihe Interesting ansa- nt Pnquln v.
II ilala'li, the ii use A Lord a!,. ,.; -.a Hh
a matter of the utmost Importance lo
in trrled women and tradesmen. Messrs.
I'leiaiin in iho iii i "a tnnco i ued -Mrs
Il'ihleii fair £245 1 ir dn   i   li   i h h  l
t i supplied ie inr.   She pleaded Unit
sliaa was aotlng ns lie- ngenl of Inr hns.
band, niial tt is Or refore n I liable; bin,
though, the Jury disagreed, Judgment
■■' . enten ai ,,.i mist her, The Appeal
Court rev.'t'saii iii ',1 deel I-
ed In her r.ivnr, and on .i further nr
PI II "1    '     '   I.i!'!'.   tile   tlOUS
•' is  led, uiih Die result that
th"   ludgmont  et  ih"  Appeal  Courti
stand .
'I his Is  i'" i io  "■ it such  a
i .      "i  has  h    carried   io   lhe
ll iuso of Lords, and the consequences
a'f ihi* Judgmonl are n it who! y satisfactory from tlie business point "f view,
as tho immunity which Is conferred upon the married v. ian pit* ■ her In a
very peculiar and privileged iinsltlon.
That the House "f Lords felt somo
qualms as to Its decision can he lnfa-r-
red from the division of opinion of the
eminent legal authorities who form tho
highest court In lhe land A married
Woman Is apparently fre-; to contract
what debts she like- without disclosing
the fact that she is an agent of her
husband. When -he ts sued for payment ot those debts sho can plead that
she Is an agent, and she escapes all
The burden of ascertaining lhe fads
rests wlih the tradesman, and he Is, In
legal theory at all events, supposed lo
put to his customers of the fair sex,
whose names show that they are married, a series of embarrassing questions,
He must ask them whether inoy are
"principals" or "agents," and if he does
not take this precaution he supplies
goods al his peril, In these days nt
acute competition, such conduct on tho
part of the fashionable tradesman
would, lt Is to be feared, Issue In the
loss f custom and result In his bankruptcy. As the same results follows if
ho supplied the goods and found himself unable to obtain payment, he is
Imp,i a.; upon ihe horns of a dilemma.
Nor must it be .assumed for a moment Uml It is al! plain sailing for lhe
shopkeeper, ewu if he makes the most
careful Inquiry ami is definitely ln-i
fornud that thc lady Is anting as a
principal. It Is u matter of common
knowledge that settlement! are the usual rule In Uie upper siatlens of lil'-.
and a married woman whoso property is
settled is again practically Immune, and
cannot be reached by her credltoi
Tims the tradesman Is once moro In
difficulties, ninl i; is imt very clear how
he Is to succeed In business. Definite
assurances that tho husband has given
authority to lhe wife lo incur debts nml
that the wife is nn agent ar--, as ue
havi- already pointed out, nol easy to
ohtain without giving offence in some
dli--cilon. The existing -llie "1 the law
may bo a goo,l argument for matrimony, but It Is certainly detrimental to
Tho remedy fir this stato of affairs
can only be attained by a change in
the law. If th" customer Is acting us
nn agent and has no responsibility, it
should he Incumbent upon her to dis-j
close that faet. If she neglects to make
such a disclosure at the outset and allows tho tradesman to look to Inr Ar
payment, she should bo debarred Aaiu
pleading at s.'.in.- future da!.' lhat sho.
has been only an agaant, and that there-j
fore her est.ue Is tint liable. This w-as
the view taken hy Lord Robertson ami
I.onl Atkinson, nml, since it Is ipi actually llie law al presaaii!, It slioulii be
made sin-h by a .-lean bill. It is cuntiary
to public policy that any person should
bai permitted to enter Into contracts
without a char statement as lo his or
her status.
t     Sunftght Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and ease of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes,
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbinj
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lav.tr Brother* Limited, Toronto
When Mr, Chamberlain Broke Down,
The only occasion on which Mr.
Chamberlain was ever known to b.-ir.iy
emotion In the llou--' a..[ Coram .ns was
when an allusion was made lo his son
hy Mr. Gladstone, it was in Uie very
height ami agent- of the lip-lit over Hi"
homo rule bill. Young Mr. Chamberlain
lliul made a speech, and to Iho , i ■
Mr. Gladstone h ■! !-a m ,1." nil allusiaill.
Nobody knew wlint was coming when
Mr Gladstone mentioned the name; and
It is possible Um! Mr. Chamberlain may
have Imagined Ihal tho allusion would
n at be e pliiii'iitury.   Anyb uv, it-bat
happi ■!" I '.an- lhat Mr. QlaVdslono said
that the sp»o.h uas nne which i father might he priainl to li'mr Ann the lip!
of Ins sain Mr. a itiambcrl on broke
down promptly, visibly, wlthoul any
P'uver nr ell n ii' re 11.. drew
Ills hand across his forehead nd !"
eyes—evident I I lo unbidden tears,
!• was a ' 'ii 'ii' in itanee ef lhe man
■f Iron revealing for a moment tin,
flutter eltie of hi., nature.
Odd  Funeral  Customs  of  Eskimos of
Labrador—Wise Christian Missionaries Humor Them in Practices.
i.tiii'ini n's dreary waste is peopled.
generally speaking, hy a tow scattered
af Mm:.mii.ns Indians, while Its
seaboard in llio north Is occupied by
aiiauu 3,i)iii) Eskimos, l'liia'h rnav his i'.<
peculiar burial customs, Interesting if
awesome. When a member of a coin-
munliy dies tli.' Eskimos carry the body
io the top of the hill near their settlement and there lay lt, In a sitting
posture, -in the Burfacn of tho hard.
flinty ground. Heavy stones aro plied
about It In tlio firm of a cairn, completely covering It so that tin. wolves
and boars may be unable to disturb the
body. The male Is burled wlih his
weapons of the chase und Iho female
with her domestic Implements. Afier
years, when Uie action of summer suns
and winter snows has broken lAwn tho
mound "f stones, it is net uncommon
to other natives to help themselves to
: ■ I.imps, Hint ami Ivory arra*w
iiii-1 1 .:.'■■' heads nnd other articles nf
value lo them which aro found lying
besides the bodies, Hut In every case
some substitute, even If less valuable,
I- i' ici I Ue ro insia'uj of what has heen
It Is the Idea of the pagan Ksklmos
th .:. ' . lUgh th" spirit of the dead person his reached Uio other world and
no longer needs ihe articles, the ghosts
who attended nn him In life have to
lu* propitiated hy keeping up tho number of articles originally placed In tho
grave, evon if tho material of theso ti
departed from. The Moravian mission-
ari.'s humor tho natives whom they
havo Christianised by practicing this
habit of substitution, and a favorable
arUtlo lo place In lhe graves Is a rusty
rimer. Many years ng'* sonic admirer
of the mis-i.in sent out an enormous
quiiiiUiv if ran irs In lhe belief that Ihey
were In general use. Hut tho last thing
om, would contemplate doing on this
coast in winter would he to use a ra/. r
As no other uso "'T'I he found for tho
ran.rn, i ley have I n devoted to this
peculiar purpose, mil so It Is common
to sec 111 every Eskimo grave that has
been opened an appliance which no old
tlm.' Eskimo ever heard of.
These curious customs am transmitted from people 11 people. The Momag-
n " I lions have a somewhat similar
pi'.iali. e. They bury ihelr dead In a
1' ix or a' iiliu mil oul of bark, and In
this nr" |al iced a 1 'iiali'd gun, u ll irn ol
powdor, a hag nf shut, a pouch of loin, v i. a Hint aii.! Steel for striking fire,
nn axe and a pair nf snowahoes Th'
burial place is likewise a hilltop, as It
1' Imjposslblo to dig underground In
Labrador for eight months ot the year,
and stones nr. also used to cover ih*
coffln, Hut they are so arranged that
s mie cun ho removed after leu days,
when Ui" relatives return and take "ill
! Ii   " I ' II   de  ii' It Is held Ihal
hy Ui ii Mni.' the il.- i.i "ii.' ii i reached
the happy hunting grounds and has no
fill-tie r use for thom. But cwn ihey,
tun, substltuto wo "I. n sticks f"r the
gun. .iv mil snoivshoea nml skins for
other articles.—Chicago News.
Sinijie, but Ellective.
'!" to : .■ Jii'-e mj
ler way."
11 •«."
,1 ':.. '...      ...lol'.'
Ai ihe Masquerade.
"l"l •       a   '       Hi,
'    " '
II a
I unlil   Nul   Ureal.   *-ti,v.
;   .     Hint olil Ml  Ta'.' Is •..
i" ilu   n'i i i.i
llllll! lu
: sol   Why, hn Is
■   i !, 'i    dial
luycr-l U
Looked the Sainl to Him.
A well-known author, ivho was recently exploring a ; at,  ;  rl   ■' sho
east end of I,oiiil.in, f.'aiiiul hln elf beset by the pangs t hung't. 1: .
small restaurant ef s■ • 111•■ -.v h il loubtful
aspect, ho ordered a mutton chop, The
waiter after n long ah lay retui I beai
Ing a plate en uhh-h r p - ed i 'In "f
mashed potatoes am! a mu ill iverd in •
i.h"|j .,( microscopic proi ai I
with a remarkably long nml slender r b
attached, Clapping this d nvn hn kly
ha r.ii'i, the famished auth r, tl I'altcr
started off ta, attend to another cus-
lomcr without further corom ny,
"i it" houtcd th- author, "I order-
el a - *hop."
"Too, sir," an,unreal Hi. man; "thero
1! I-"
"uh, beg pardon—that's true," r* turned Ul" ll'l'li r, p| ..in i; aa' .' . . "[
i'i lught il wis a nni'ii lu Hie ;       ,"  -
1 ' ,   V,   .      .
The Oldest Pioneer Passes Aw»y.
Cornelius Pruden, born nl Fort Carlton, Princo Hup' i'. Land, DS years ngo,
died ni hla horn■ In lite parish of st.
James, near Winnipeg, recently, ill)
parents wi ro E    .     nls f.iiher having
!■  ■ I   !'i " T     f   HlO   lllld-ili   I! 1)
Co  "' i irt Car I n   Fori   ni'i. ins m,
nn 1 ,1 :i 11 "i 11" himself ,, ,",' ,|
uv. r HI .- years with th,.. great company, li.' u,i- a mighty hunter, an I
I plains stocki .1 wli i
buffalo.   ; ih" deslructl in
i     ..el   taken   |'.,fl   III   '!;
.a a |y i    ,.,. ol the    ■■ : ir
of his lim.■  !, 1 !■ ■ ii i participant In
nil l"i ling up to bai'h the
Rod HI* r ■ «pi Ir; im, ll "1 grl u I al
tho rebi III an af '85, ami hod si i i ** n
ulpeg qulle lata In in* llfo grow fi   n
an       .a   '; i "■■ ■ post to a pi
chy,   During hi   long i in er ho «it-
nessed the erection of three great Pro-
vime, Iii tho West,   Although born In
iii" far n 'i"!i. !.■   ■        . ." i iu England, .nil  was th     Ideal  uhlio Inhabitant of ll"'l Aver Valley.   Ho u '*,
perhaps, tii" oht   l n itlv    < irn  Can i
iiinn.   lie had r timed tho   Dak il u
and Minnesota long la-Am their cities
came Into exlsti n s.   H" lo ives a large
family of ihrcc generations. White anJ
Vicar's Opportunity.
A country     rg:    in tt led on
an   Influential   nolghb r,   d       bolng
"tu ,:. by mil take, n is am hi n
twenty ladlo* Into i ■ n -
r.'.m  from  lunchoon  all  In  evening
'. a y li el ""in i so di    ed Intending 1" play bridge all tho al
'1th 'ii going h into, and piny ou
a:: Um evening into the small hours,
.■ 'a- i ia i   1 the aim lion
i      onco at'." a i r n tub   i Ip ion,
lostc*   gave In order to get
rid of Uuu.—Vaaity S'aUr.
His Lurid S'.ylc,
The T.na*y Interviewer—And you
broughl ih it i av.'.y parr t from iho til-
fa" i A WI1..1 a b autyl Does It
talk .ii all?
Tha Sailor Mm (embarrassed)—
ll'mi E-r, j' i. Quits a bit, mum, hut
not fvr publorcotlonl	
Lake wieiiignn.
Lake Mlchlgnu was so named by tlio
Indians, The word menus n "ii--.li trap,"
Keep I'rotn ibe Orate,
During u thunderstorm, ll Is pointed
out, Iho Inhabitants of houses should
nut remain In tho kitchen or other
room where a Ore Is burning In u
grate, as the heated guscs from the
chimney top provide a line of least resistance, nml this Is oo whether the
houso he provided wilh lib'hlulng roils
or uot
One Queen Anne Timepiece to Bo Seen
In Toronto Is 300 Years Old and
Is Without Hands.
Th >re are some rare old clocks In Toronto, it may Interest tho public to
kn iv that "lie inun in th" employ of a
big Jewelry firm in Unit city spends
three days uf every week In visiting
private residences, business ham ,and
factories, lo wind up lhe big old clocks
Unit    nro    kept    us    heirlooms    ur
CUrl aSlUeS   in   thl'S"   phaVS.      l|;,lf  ,)f  Ills
tlmo every week Is spent In making
tin- round .r those places, ami winding
ami regulating their old tlmeplcoi s Ho
says tint Iho majority ot the clocks
keep remarkably good lime, tm, when
'Hi.- takes Intu consideration lhe faa't
lhat Ihey have recorded the Ms'lit of
ages for so long.
Quito a Fad.
Call 1! whim or fad or fancy, or what
you likaa, hut tno faet remains thai
many uf the best ami biggest families
In Toronto have n penchant f"r rare
ull clocks, The older tho clock ihel-t-
ter. If it has "dwelt in marble halls"
in ■ in ■ age of th'1 dim ami distant past,
Ihey value it s, much the moro. A
fan v hanriaaoiii uf this variety is
treasured ni"si carefully,
S i grent has this fancy grown un
some ..I' Taaraantai's  foiiulies Hint  It  is
'  " 'iiiy reported tli.it they go tra-
v   "..i   n Hi.- Continent, and buy sun"
ol l clock that Btrlkes their fancy. H Is
bi mghl I; 'ue and Installed in the
i      . i sldonco. The European di alers
Itles havo learned uf Ihls, und
th"y piay ,n in, ignorance of the buy-
Old Case, New Works.
Tho story goes thai n Toiiinto man
Went traveling t i Europe, ninl In u
Frei i sh ap I;.- thought ho had discover 1 .i v. ry ancient .unl rare si" clmi n
"f a tlmcplo >'. II.' bought ll for a ga,.„l
big figure, an.l win n he gat ba* a. 11
T ir into was humlll iled when nn expert on flu. lis Informed him lhat he had
been duped, The clock ha had bought
'.' i. n n tv una throughout- new case,
now works, new everything- -but It was
'loi.. In the .ilil style, ,iml nfor an old
design, Well, perh ips ii doesn't mailer much, niial tin' uninitiated may never know the difference between tho old
and Un- new, bul ii must make that man
"Oil" win ti he look at the face
uf th.it French el "k.
In one shop in Toronto nt '.he present
■ re Is .hi "1.1 cloek made In Hie
time if ;!;• good Queen Anne of England. . tree hundred years aid, and cor-
nly a i iy,   ll is mule of brass,
ami the ivlpjits liml pendulum are en-
tlrol] i v - I to view. The clock Is
ti it mean', t . bi cased, It hangs on tho
wall, und the f.iee and works ure en-
'■:■!] ir'.iilly in a liulo box-like
s'.rua'tiiraa. Th-re Is no inlnnto hand
:i i rellng ar lund Ils f "■• still, lt has
"'. i ban Is, "He in Indicate tho h urs,
and lhe other tu Indicate where to set
.       il.    The   dial   is   dll'lah'l   Into
I: oamo to the
sh ip f ir ci neral repnlrs, and hail lo bo
lilted v.. i :, ii - eights, and nv.w pendulum, and other parts.
Has Three or Four.
An   1! ie ntll :i. ni living un Glouees-
' r sti Bl !i i* llii' e ur four old time-
Ill        i. ii.—, and he knows lhe
hi il ry  if them all.   Tliey have bei n
•    n generation t" goner*
Ion, and a nol
ll      I       I'.    !'..    ,1..1,11-1   11,    lie'      W.'llll. a.in Inty.-r.  when  he  was  In  Eu-
..." i .1 a very
. .   :a,   nan m ik i, onl rathoi
..ll has two balls on thi
lip, a >i .i i, so arranged that   tha
: iir i.. sunk un om b.ii. while the
,.. f-li -ur ;. sounded nn the other.
■ .   t the q talnti t old B]
of ihe ia „'.! ai"ii . .in corns from
l'i-oi e.   nn" seen roa'enHy was pi ib
■liny old, end WOl In the r.iih-
■ i| p. bul n i "in   inside there
■   a     a   ;    .  .' 1 ■:   .1    'i        l||hl, ; :   bOl   '■
■f Ue- potter uf a candle, nn 1 -.i Ihl
la ot the globs Hie hours   wero
llf .1      '  "   i!.
Lhe globe lowly and regularly ro.
,'lives, II iv a tlie hour uf Uie day
in the !: in i' .i"in globs, a "i ick "(
thli son li meant in ire particularly f .r
a i : auin, mil for the nurse, who
Ins to give fi "1 or in- al I 1 no t" Hie patient m stated Intervals, which are
: a laiun d by ii "urs.
Made of Wood.
Then, Ihere are many "Id and quaint
llme-plocei Inlaid with brass, and or-
nament il with tortoise shell. There
.'■■': ' ki made entirely "f ivo >! these
nro Giini in. and aro made In the Block
Forest—ami I', may bo Inloroltlng to
i .'.' that oil li never uisd nn iheso
• a I ii clocks, llluck lead Is the subs'Uu'.,., mil 1! serves lhc purpose rnu.li
h t'er In m oil would.
Thi dd grandfathers' clAis that nm
■ ut .    ..iiiy popular frequenll- mo
In far i■■; As. There aro ni"re uf theni
thai! of a.ni ist any other type.
So penetrating Is water nl high pressure thnt only special qualities uf ensl
Iron will withstand it.   In ihe early
cloys nf Ihe hydraulic   Jack It was uo
uncommon thing to see water issue
like n line n Ile through the llielnl,
miai tie' u i'i I i lie would penetrate
ii," unwary Dnger Just us readily us u
Heel uue.
Olio  Heller.
Little Grnco—My pupa's so rich tlmt
ho has four nulomobllos, un' ho tikes
nu in mn uu' nm out rklin' lu a dlflcrcut
one every Sunday.
Bobble—nub! My pnpa Is bo rich
that he hasn't even lime to cat bis
A medicino which keeps hnhics nnd
children well, uf restores them tu
health ivl  thoy nro ill. is a priceless haiiin tu Immunity, Such a modi-
cine is Unity's Gun Tablets, Theso
Tablets euro nil stomach ami bowel
troubles, nlliiy the pnin ut teething
ami givo sound, lii'iihhly, lofreshiug
sleep. Ami the mother has the guarantee of a governtiient nuslyst that
tin- medicine  docs   nut   contain  one
pallll'le ul   llie poisOIIOIIS upilltes lullllll
in -o-ealleil    soothing   mixtures   ami
lllaa-t     liqllill    llu'lliei Ill's.        Tile    Tullll'tS
me especially good tur the nowhorn
bnhv ui the well grown child, Mis.
Iiniii. Cnrrie, I.urine, Oui., says:—
"I have found HaAA ll« a Tablets a
splendid medicino iur curing constipation uud other ills ol little ones." Vmi
a .an i.i the-e Tablets from any medicine denier nr by innil nt 'A cents a
hav l.y writing The Hr. Williams
Medicine Cu.. lirockville, Gut.
Giini numbers ol vasl fortunes In
tads country have heen anil are bolng
inun up on the very Ignorance of the
musses in regard to business methods,
The schemers haul; on ii Hun it is
easy   lo  suitnll"  people   Who  do  li"!
know how in protect their property.
Tliey thrive ou llio Ignorance ol their
fellows. They Know thnl a shrevvil
advertisement, n cunningly worded
circular, n hypnotic nppenl will bring
ihe liiini onrnlngs of those unsuspecting i i'le mu of hi.line, places into
their own coffers,
These two desirable rpiallflcntlons,
pleasant to the taste and nl the same
nine effectual, nro to bo found In
Mother Graves Worm Exterminator.
i Inidren llko lt.
[    Hu not drive youi' employees ahead
a rn yuu, imi keep ah.sol of Ihem uml
I invite them   to   come   on.—Success
Minnrd's Liniment Co., Limited.
Cents   I Im*" used your MINARD'S
1.1 MM FAT in my family nud also in
no Biubles for years mul consider It
tiie besl medicine obtainable.
Vioiis truly,
Ai.r'ltl-.ll P.OCHAV,
Proprietor  Itoxton  Pond  Hotel and
l.iveiy Stables.
Nothing will at mn! you In better
Bleuil, iu the cold, practical, everyday
world, iiinn a good Bound business
i lue,ai.ian Vmi will llml lliiil your
ua'i'. ss iii nny trade, occupation or
profession will depend us much on
your general knowledge of men nnd
offalrs ns mi your technical training,
i t Mumford tells how Psychlm
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It || tWfilVQ jT.irs llflCfl Psychine cw*4
me of t,r;ill<-f>iu)r consumption." Tb*
s|H',ikrr wai Mr. A. E. Mumfonl, six te«4
(all, and looking just what lio is a Uatky
lietlthy fanner. He works liis owo luia
ncftr Ma^netawan, Ont.
111 caught my cold working u a firemaa
on tlie C.I'.K." he continued, "I had
nlgfal sweats, chilli nml fever and freqnenU
ly cou^lietl up piece.1) of my lungs, I was
sinking last and the doctors said there
was no hope for me. Two months iie*U
ment of Psychine put me right oo my feel
ami I have had uo return uf king LroubU
If Mr. Mumford had started to taka
Psychine when hs first eaogbt cold bo
would have saved himself a lot of nm i*ly
.ind aiiIi tii-,'. I''.\i lunu I'-ijrs all loog
[roubles by killing the genua—tlie root* N
lite disease.
(I'ronounctJ S+krfl
50c. Per Bottle
>.,(« .i.e.   tl  nml  (1- Call drUCI****-,
DR. T. A. SLOCUM, Limited, Toronto
forkshi'reman  Gets  a   Rich Treasure
From the Sea.
'A remnrliutjle piece ot flotsam In the
lhapt of a giant raft containing ova!
seventy tons of timber and about eight
tons of Iron chains, steel rails anal
plates, has been washed up *y the sen
nt Knighton Gap, near Filey, on the
Yorkshire coasl.
Tho discovery was mad.- by a beach
prospcclor named Jesso Smith, It was
wedged well In among the rooks, and
consisted of great balks of pltoh-plna
thirty-four feet long and seventeen
Inches square, with olhera twenty tee;
long across lhe ends.
The hulks were bound together wilh
fathom on fathom ot chain, nnd wen
also bolted with steel rails and protected at both ends with Bteel plates.
The wood Is as good as new, but tin
Ironwork Is very rusty, and It was evident lhat the wreck had In'on in lhe
sea for a long time, lor clusters of mussels and barnacles wa re on lu under
It came Immediately from the north,
from which direction the sea had been
running strongly for snne days, but I
reasonable assumption la that It has
fceen adrift In lhe track of the shipping
In the crowded North Sea as a dangerous derelict, and there Is no telling
how black the record ot Its wandering!
may lit.
Indeed, a Filey Ashing yawl reports
that aha ran on t"D of lt on Friday
evening, six miles away rti-m tne
place where lt finally went ashore. It
was then awash, and was not seen till
the vessel had run half In-r length upon lt. The boat careened, but happily
the raft sagged with the yawl's weight,
and allowed the craft t,) shake clear.
Had lt been a high sped steamer tn
stead of a fishing yawl, her bottom
plates would have been stripped oft like
the bark of a tree.
Wh»t the great piece of wreck!*** has
been ts not clear. It may have been a
coffer dam or guntry or the bottom of
a floating dock.
It Is a splendid find tor Smith, who,
by right of discovery, becomes Its owner. It has been secured by chains to
the bouWers, which, at tho spot, art
many tons in weight.
Bnlinc't Avenue ol 1'l.enpe From HU
Iu the year IS is or thereabout, being worried by thins In Paris, Balzac
took lodgings in Pussy, then a village
In tlio environs, nt 11 house lu Ihe Hue
Basso, There is littlu remarkable
about the front of the house. It is Just
n plain, white, Iwo storied French
dwelling of a hundred years ngo or of
today for thnt matter.
Hut lit the buck Is n garden and at
the bottom of the garden is u doorway
leading Inlo one of Hie oldest lanes in
the world, from the look of It, Truly
Ihls ruolle, with Us crumbling wails of
stone anil plash".', its Ivy nml Ils shade
of overhnngli)|[ trees, is ns happily devoid of suggestions nf modern "Improvements" ns anything to be found
within tlie girdle of tho fortlflcntlons,
By menus nf this byway Balzac,
when Insistent voices from within tbe
houso reached his curs ns he worked
lu his little pavilion at tho end of the
gardeu, could avoid llie unpleasantness
of nn Interview with nny holder of the
overdue bills which throughout his life
were the only tangible, results of his
experiments us a priutrr and typefounder.
It needs but lillle Imagination to see
liim hurry off down lhe hinc, hatlcss
nnd In slippers, to await events, while
he dreams ot exploiting Iho jewels of
llu' lioli'iuiilii or the sliver mines of the
new world,—W, II. Helm ill Critic.
Ho comes to sec mo nearly every day,
Strolls In my room In quite a casual way,
Sits In my easy chair, takes a Cigar,
Calls for a drink, as if I tended bar,
Gives ma1 some good advlco I don't require,
Gossips for hours nnd never seems to tire,
Makes me negteot my work ami take a
Still rattling on with vtupld, vapid talk.
Proposes dinner, goes to a cafe
And never lias the wherewithal tn pay,
Apologising—making mattera worse-
lie's very Borry, ho forgot his purse!
Ready to borrow, never wants to lend—
lie's what you call a "darned good natural friend.'
—La Toucha liar ■ ..i in New York P^eaa,
Admiral Douglas.
Admiral Sir Archibald L. Douglas
waj born In Quebec In 1S42 By virtu1*
of his position as commander-in-chief
at Portsmouth he received the King on
th» occasion of his visit there some
weeks ago. The admiral Is the son of
the late Dr. G. Mollis Douglas, Inspecting physician of the port of Qutfcec.
At tho ago of fourteen he became a
midshipman on II, M, S. Hosoawcn,
then the flagship of the North American
and West Indies' squadron. In 1&61 lv»
was made lieutenant on the Arrogant,
and on this vessel he saw service In
connection with tho Congo and Gambia
Rfver expeditions. During the Ken.in
invasion of 1866 he commanded a gunboat on the great lakes and four yrars
later he was promoted to the rank of
commander, In ist;i he was appoint**l
to lake charge of the commission that
w.is sent to instruct tho Japanese In
naval warfare and acted as director of
the Japanese Imperial Naval College for
two years How well he taught, and
Jiow apt were his pupils recent history
tells. Ills name la couple with nearly
♦•very Important operation tn which lhe
navy has participated since USD. In
130*1 he succeeded Sir John Fisher as
commander-in-chief at Portsmouth*
Ask for  Mlnartt'a and take no other.
A greal man win make great oppor*
tmiltles, even oul of the i n
and meanest situations,
$100 REWARD $100.
Th. rMattanotta-.lt ,s*e*" .lllta. plwaatalto Iraart
Ul.t tlii'r- la .1 I'aaal euo I a . a. I dlttHat th.t wlcncaa
ka. bMI .laa. tat ,-unt In .11 Ila aUi«M, .nil tlmt I.
OtUrtha ll'ill'a Caal-arraa Cure . th., mil, ,. . ,.,,.
«„« maw .ii.'.u tottai, BtdlMj IraVltnltr,  Cit.rrh
ta.il,4 . <<-ll.liUlll,illlll allM'!.-,,,   ti.,aiili» . reli-lito-
ttaall.l   U. ..... aal      11.11'. a „| ,-n    a un, tl llltacn In-
tMU.,11,. .till .' -a. ti, un Uli, a l.-.a  ..,1   nauroau
•a'*)'" ') Una .lalem, t-.ar.Ja, aV.vnijIli. th» f. -,a, I
.Urn 0'l)a|a*|aaMtaj, *J1<1 ,  .  a,,; a | ,. , .a.. ,., ,,,, , ..,t,
It- laiii'.iiuj uta IM cw.tllutJoi, »tvl ...Muid n.turt
I. "jtn„ ila work,   Tin praprlttai hn.., a,, a. ■..*.
f.lll In lUrnriair. laiwaar.thnllht-T offiarOn. HnaY
■ti'     I I..II.I ■ f.T ..a,, ,n.,Uanl  at  [a.U Uj ,u,».    l-.aJ
-jjdnai y. J. UIIEKEY > Co.. Toledo, 0.
Hulil b, alrnwlRta fr.
I  la, „   11.11-,   I .  . |,   PHI, (o| „,„4l,..tl.aa
I'll,,-.- to Wlllell Hi- lla-lnrn. With 111.
snaiiiua tu Km! nli Dart.
It Is ii neeuilarlty of Parts, which every vlsii.i' who Knows enough French
to tell ouo dialed from another must
have noticed, that nearly all I'nrls eub-
mt'ii t'tiino from the sumo part of the
country, The snme tiling Is true of
coal merchants ami of dealers lu roasted chestnuts, who come from Au-
vergne; of the goathords, who hawk
their milk about the streets, who are
Breton peasants, and of man; other
The cab drivers' land Is probably little known lo Englishmen, it is down
lu the Aveyroii, anil lidle?. is Its capital, u liny village, where the worst language and the best hearts iu all Franco
are lo be found. The eldest ot each
family lu Ilodez takes the laud and tho
paternal cottase. The old folks live
wilh him until their death, nud the
younger sons go to 1'aris and drive
For years they drive about In nil
weathers, scraping together sou by sou
uuiii thoy have garnered enough to go
home and pay for llieir board and lodging for tho remainder of their days.
They go with the elder brother to a
notary on the first day of their return
home nud sign a deed by which be I,
bound to keep the'u for the remainder
of their days In Idleness lu returu for
their savlugs.-I.ondou Standard.
In Nature's Storehouse, Thero are
Cures—Medical experiments have
shown conclusively thai there are
medicinal virtues in even ordinary
plants growing up around us which
give them a value that cannol be est-
mated, li is held by some thai nature
provides n cure [or every disease
wnicii neglecl nnd Ignorance have
visited upon man. However, ihls may
be, li Is well known that Parmelee's
Vegetable Hills, distilled from roots
nml herbs, ar.. ii sovereign remedy in
i urlng all disorders ot the digestion.
Three   Doctors  Baffled but  Dr. Wil
Hams' Pink Pills Came to the
.lust n few months uso lhe homo of
iur. .bmies Beers, of Emerson, N, It.,
was lllh'il with sorrow, It seemed
that death would claim the lite of their
hrlghi little girl. To-day this gloom
is changed to joy. The little one is
no longer ill, but is now bright, active
and happy, Dr, Williams' Pink l'ills
broughl this change after three doctors had railed. Concerning this illness and euro .Mrs. Beers says:—-"At
the line oi six my little girl became
very ill. ai dlfferenl times for the
next year and a hall three doctors
treateil her without benefit, She was
terribly run down and her blood was
nothing but water. Then dropsy set In
She would swell so that her clothes
were much tot) small for her. Her
legs and feel, were nearly twice their
natural size. To make her torture
worse rheumatism set in. ller suite
was pitiable. Sometimes we thought
she conlti not live much longer and
for three months she could not walk
a step. To touch her was to cause
her tho greatest agony. The doctors
were oallletl—they coulil do nothing
for her and as a last resort we began
the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
She tool; the pills three weeks wnen
we saw there was a slight Improvement. The Improvement gradually became more marked and by the
time she had taken twenty-one boxes
her cure was complete. It is now
nine months since she took the pills
and she Is now as well as she ever
was untl goes to school every day.
I cannot, speak too highly iu favor of
Dr. Williams' l'ink l'ills for I feel they
saved ray little girl's life."
Watery blood Is the cause nf over
liiill the sickness which prevails today. To have health, strength nnd
happiness you must have rich, red
blcod Dr, Williams' link 1'iUs male'
this rich, red blood, that is why they
cure  anaemia,  Indigestion,  loss  of
appetite. rheumatism, neuralgia,
nervous troubles, hearl palpitation
and nil the ailments peculiar to growing girls ami women, Bold by dealers
In medicine or hy mall al. 60c n box
or sis boxes for $2.60 from iho Dr.
Williams .Medicine Co., Ilrockvllle,
A Gladstone Story,
A story of Mr. Gladstone wis told by
the late Mr. Rhlnr-lander, president of
the United Stales Museum of Art. A
miniature painter had been employed to
paint a portrait of Mrs. Gladstone In
her old aee. It was Intended that It
should be a present for Mr. Gladstone
i on ono of his birthdays. Mrs. Glad-
I stone was particularly well pleased with
the portrait, but some of the grand
children had opinions of their own
about it, Ono of tho younger irrand-
sons drow Mr. Gladstone aside, and
asked blm If.he did not think that the
portrait was somewhat flattering, "lt
Isn't much like grandmother, Is It?" ho
asked. "My boy," replied Mr. Gladstone,
In his beautiful voice, "It Is the truth
beautifully told. That's all."—Dundee
Purity Means Health
Latest Type of Freight Steamer.
Of the very latest typo of frelffM
steamers Is iho Drills)* ship Bolloro-
phon, built with >ut masts, Instead o|
which she has four pillars, Iwo abreast
fore and alt, for derricks. The hold Is
made especially to accommodate heavy
machinery and other bulky consignments for thc China and .lapan trade.
Twenty-six winches and derricks can be
worked from tho dock.
A Cure for Costlveness.— Costive.
ness comes from the refusal of the
excretory organs to perform their
duties regularly from contributing
causes, usually disordered digestion.
Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills, prepared
on scientific principles, are so cum
I1 idcd that certain Ingredients   In
them pass through the stomach nnd
act upon the bowels so as to remove
their torpor and arouse them to proper action. Many thousands are prepared to bear testimony to their power
In mis respect,
That's why you should use
in place of the adulterated teas of Japan
Packets   Only,   40c,   50c,    and   60c   per   tb.     At   all   Groceri.
Highest Award  St. Louis 1D04.
Make Over
Your Hair
M ake it new again 1 Out rid ot that
old, laded color! Arrest old agtl
Bottore treihnoaa, iti-onf-th, youth
to your pray luur! Hall's Veg-ttabl*
Sicilian Hair Benever will do ill
this. Bold lor over hall a century.
fnr tha wtiukan aid moniueb. w. mta
BUCKIDOIUH'S UVK. II color. > rid,km
it seems espec > un ledlblo thnt
a strong, sturdy, Belfmade man,  who
has ha I to fight his way up from poverty, iiiiii wlm feels the backache In
every dollar uo has earned, should lei
his Bnvlngs slip through hi ■ Iln ei
iii,. mosl foolish   Investments,   with
scnrcely   nny   Investigation,   ol oi
sen,line his money thjusnnds ol iu
nway to people he has never seen and
about whom   he   knows  practically
nothing, excepl through an advi
ini-iii. which has attracted his attention, or through ihe wiia-s  nt   lorna
smooth, unprincipled promoter,   Sui
cess .Magazine.
Th,- honor of being ihe oldest post-
muster in England l- claimed by Mr.
William Seoit. Cnrlton-ln-Undrlck,
.Nuits. who is v: years of age. Ho
was appointed in 1S59, and at thai
;t..i' was also the village schoolmaster. For -7 years le' buhl both pus-
Itlons, but resigned thnl of school
master twenty years ago.    Though
S3 he can siill read without the aid of
pei ■ . li is,   I :: 1   enjoys   lhe besl of
Your Hair
Don'l have a falling out with
your hair. It might leave you I
Then what? Better please it
by giving it a good hair-food—
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The hair
stops coming out, becomes
soft ind smooth, and all the
deep, rich color of youth
comes back to gray hair.
■ t am tron-i).* fr-.Ul frith -.Milmff tntn
. .nil Aj.i'i .la.tr Vlnnf. ll i-nm|ilel.li cur*)
Ui.fl.nitn.ilt .n<l tlao iti>vi<.al n., hair from
blllnit wit.  Iti.ri.i m. -a a. ..;. .■:, al-. I.
• mrarlnf mi )'.)* It tn; .1.1. I Itw*
MlHB M a . .aa ,....'    l.-.a.lii, .1   U
■ la. JC. -,-rf-. .I.....1I
Alio H.riufMtur.r. af
Always a Qood Friend.—In health
and happiness we need mi friends bill
when pain and prostration come we
look for friendly aid from sympathetic
hail'!-.. These ban Is enn serve us no
better than In rubi-inu In Dr. Thomas'
i i ■ nil. for when the oil is In
'ie' p dn :- oui. it hns broughl relief
to thousands who without it would be
Tilt  If" . Irna.mir.
In ordinary Chemical analysis the one
hundred and twentieth of a crnln up-
proacbes very nearly lhe lowest limit
of practical determination. The spectroscope, however, Is so sensitive that
It cau tell the presence nf n substancs
When the quantity is nearly :',000,l)00
times less than Ihls, or ono twoliun-
ilred-and forly-inilhiinlli of n grain.
What a "Hurricane" I..
Hurricane" Is lhe old Spanish name
fm- a West Indies eyelmte, but It Is
used by modern meteorologists to des-
Ignute a long continued wind ot es-
trotno violence, in Beaumont's scalo
the different tvluds ore classed us
"iMit," "gentle," "fresh" nml "strong"
breezes. The nest Is a "stiff" breo/.o,
llien a "strong" wind, mnl then wo
slrike the "gales." The "gales" run
through three or four classes, the last
merging Into the "hurricane."
Waited Effort,
"So Miss Chatters called to seo you
the othor day. I don't suppose you got
ti chance to o,K?n your mouth"—
"Oh. yes, almost continuously."
"You did'/"
"Yes, yawning! but she never took
the hint "-Philadelphia Press.
Often what appear lo he lhe most
trivial occurrences of life prove to be
the mosi momentous. Many nre disposed to regard a cold as ' a sliailit
llllll!;, d080rvlllg of little fonsi,]iT,i!i,in
iiiiiI this neglecl often results In mosl
serious ailments entailing years of
.'iii' ring,  Drive out colds ami coughs
with Btckle's Anti-Cons ptlve Syrup,
tiie recognised re |y for nil uffec
lions of the throat and bums.
Expr-'lsi* threo times a day,
Peed jiiiiist'if on simple fara
MoBtly made of bran and hay.
Revel In tin.1 open air,
Never Klve \v;iy io your fours,
Sloop just llko :i baby.
Then you'll live a humlred years—
Wonr no wraps about your throat,
Do not eat rate lunches,
Do, oh, do mn rock tho lioat!
Shy away from punches,
Do not drink tim many beers,
Lot not debts dlstross,
Thon you'll llvu a hundred years—
More or less.
Don't dlsputo with men who wear
learner tlst.s than ynu.
Do not fcivo way in ih-spnlr
Thotiuh the rout is due,
Do not waste your strength lu tears,
As for trouble, soout lt;
Then you'll live a hundred years-
Doubt it?
Do not umpire baseball Ramei,
Don't for ollU-e run,
Do not coll a Mlow names
If he has a gun;
Unto wisdom lend your ears,
Shun the fi-stlve s.-homier,
Then you'll Iho a hundred years—
If you don't die sooner.
-Piqua (O.) CalL
The first package nf hr. Leonhardt'a
Hem-Hold (tho Infallible Pile cuve)
Unit was pm out went to a small town
in Nebraska.
It cured a  raso of piles that was
considered nopeless.
'i he news spread, ami tho demand
prompted nr. .1. s, Leonhardt, of
Lincoln, NVtia, tin- discoverer, to prepare it tor general use Now it Is be-
Ing sent lo all parts of the world.
It will cure any ease of Piles.
$1,110, with absolute guarantee. AH
dealers, or The Wilson Fyle Co., Limited, Niagara Falls, Out. 16
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
*)...,, Hall, a v
Tin fnlllnj* iBftWOakM lirliiR with
them nil tlio Boating duit of the nir,
leaving the atmoipben extremely pure.
Snniiu-iit Boap la* better lhan oth-jr
■onpa, inn i- in1-' avhen ined in iln-
Bunllghl way, liny Bunllglil Snap
ami follow illri'ctlnim.
{.ULI O aim
mmm   mi     im
ciiuuv prannAi.
In nlnmst I'TiTy country In I'lirop*
thero la a current belief that tbo pro
rn | crlckcta in a liouia la a Artu-
natc omen ami that tin' ilnglng uf tin
crlckcta at nit-lit bctokani tomi luck
for th'' III"-' ''■■"	
o.i.i riinii.il Catatonia
England can l>oa«t of mora quaint
ctlMoma nnd COretUOnlOl lhat havi* heen
handed down from century to contury
than any othor Clvlllicd nation,   Tin
founding of tho mayor1! horn al Ill|ion
li ono of tho most nnclont cuitomi In
the kingdom. It formerly nnnounocd
| llie sotting of the watch, but it has now
, lapsed Into tho formality of throe blasts
given nt 0 o'olook every evening nt the
mayor'a residence by his olllclal horn
blower aud throe more at the market
cross, .  . .
A Clneh.
"Do ynu llilnk 1 could got your chum
to marry moV"
"She dotcsla yon, but you can get
her If you work It right."
"Tell bow."
"Pretend io bo dead In love with me,
ami I will protend Unit 1 um crazy
about you."—Ilouston I'ost.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
mn.tic Carlflo.
One day Thomas I'arl.vle wont with
Millnls lo look at lhe hitter's house,
nnd after gazing With Tondor al all its
splendors he turned tu Mlllall nml
asked In his lirnsa|iio manner, "Ilns
paint done nil thin, Mr. Mlllall?" Tho
painter laughed and replied, "it baa."
"Then," rejoined the dweller of tbe
modest houso al Chelsea, "all I havo
to sny Is that UlOW an more fouls In
tho world than 1 thought there were.
II I. One ul tlie   l-.-i «.-.-1 Innaa  ol the
A gentleman la gentle, slow to surmise evil, slow to taku offense and
Blower s'ill to give It   A gentleman
Subdues his feelings and controls his
speech, lt Is aometlmea said of u man
Hint "he can bo a geutleinnu If he
wauls to bo," but n man who can bo
n goutlcnwn when ho wmits never
wants to bo anything else, says the
Pittsburg Press.
In the cultivation of courtesy self
respect must play a prominent part.
Wo must novor pass for more than the
VOlue we place upon ourselves. To respect others we must lirst respect ourselves. Wblttler aald, "1 felt that I
was In tho world lo do something, uud
I thought 1 musl."
One of the perfections of tho gallant
man lies In tho supremacy of self control. Herbert gpei r. speaking of Ihis
Important uitltude of man as a moral
Mug, suld, "Not tn lie Impulsive, nut
to ho spurred hither und thilhor by
ouch desire that in turn conies uppermost, but lo he self contained, self
balanced, governed by the Joint decision of the feelings In council us-
lOtnblcd, before which every action
shall   have   been   fully   debated   and
calmly determined thnt it la whlcb
education, moral education ut least,
ilrlvoa io produce,"
HU Work lliume. I'rain, n Ni-i-.llr I.
n Battleship,
"There Is, perhaps, no other trade
and very few profcBslona" writes William Iladiluw In tbe Technical World
Magazine, "that require thu high order
of Intelligence, tho study, the application, thu *'cal hard headed common
sense, llio surgeon's delicacy of touch,
for Instance, In fitting ot lino work,
thut thu machinist's trndo demands to
give the excellent work nud the Inter-
changeability of parts found lu tho
modern rlflo or sewing machine, The
range of his work Is from a needle to
a battleship; from automatic machinery that 'would talk French hnd it one
mure movement' to measuring machines guaranteed not to vary more
than tho lll'ly-lhousaiiillh part of an
Inch from the absolute, This precision
will perhaps be belter appreciated when
It Is remembered lhat ISO times this
limit ot variation is only equal to tha
diameter of thu average human hair.
Standard plug und ring gauges, to lake
a specific example, ure so accurately
fitted to ouch other than the oipauslon
due lo the warmth of tho hand, If tho
plug be held In it for a few momenta,
will make lt Impossible to Insert the
plug In the ring, while If lhe ring be
expanded in the same way (he plug
will drop clear through It.
"When the machinist hns become
skillful  ugh lo fulfill the above requirements ho may rccclvo from $".r.o
per day up to whatever he can make
himself worth ami prove It."
Three hsndred Urnes bay*.
ler ami itla-aypaiw.
Sold by ill Druggists and General Stem
ind by null.
* Soap -
TIn RngtUta bone drt. A «mht <rf
•nap. Clou,quick,Mfe. hrilliant colon.
I>v« io iur liin'.f.   Ytmcantwuk lk«
riiUtf «wit-il'J fin!-f.k*v    I'-rr* ■-iTtktag.
the Itqpcit aak ii Ue Bntub Umptn.
toe for Colon—i$c for Hhick.
jU (tetters or F. 1,  Ekmuict ft Cfc,
Minnrd's Liniment lumberman's friend
ft,-PILLS i,
Deiile,!   ||„. Il,,l,   Slmjf.
!t wai a broil ng boi day In tlm park.
and those  walking  then-Ill   were   Well
nigh cxbnusted, when a very stout old
lady inin.. bustling along one of tbo
paths, closely followed hy n rough
looking tramp. Twlco sin- commanded
111 in to leave her, but still he followed
Just behind. At Insl ll Id lady, qulto
illagll tod, lunar.I angrily around and
"Look here, my man. If you don't go
away I shall call a policeman."
The | r follow looked up nt her
with a tear In his eye and then remark.'d:
"I'iii- goodness' sake, mum, have
mercy ami don'l call :i policeman, for
ye're ihe only shady spol In tbo park."
Jlldgo's m.i.-,,/ if run
l.tilirleiim. el 'lliiiimlii.
"Pictures and | aa nu i ibe unlv
•Ic young woman, "do much ' - roth
th" path*- ij
"Ve." un wi "i Mr, rumroj,"there
arc  ii   lot   ol   ndvci -   llml
wouldn't la.- n   I iireii'l for
them."- WbiIi llgtoll star.
With ii Llllll < nrr Tlier Mar l'u.llr
He ( leiiid.
Many n good picture lhat has looked
dark and dirty for years from having
been exposed lo the dust can easily bo
cleaned and freshened in u very simple way. The picture should be taken
from its frame and dusted carefully
Willi a soft cloth, l'cel a large potato
ami cut it In Iin If, go over the whole
picture with ii sponge Unit has been
dipped iii tepid water, then wilh the
Hal de of ilie potato rub the surface
of tho picture wiib n licht circular
movement, being careful not lo press
too heavily on tbo canvas. The potato
will soon begin lo loosen the dirt nnd
the laiiurs underneath will begin to
show brighter, When nil tho italni
und dirt have been removed lhe picture should be sponged ngaln In warm
water, cure being taken to wnab mr
nny Starch that may have I n  loft
from the potato,
In cue tho picture is badly cracked
as lltllu water in possible ihould be
used, iis lt Is npl to OOI8 under till
paint and da some Injury.
Many oil paintings arc Injured by lhe
dampness from Ibo walls on which
Ihey lire bung.   The dampness la apt
lo caMso tho canvas to decay, and
Ihere are fow canvases made to re~,st
Ita attacks, To prevent ihis particular
form of decay tho back of tbt ■
should he painted when norfoctly dry
wuh while lead,
no matter how
, bad the weathec
'__nJLS)W»   You cannot
JRv mfirfrk   a"ort* to ■•
IE__f_&*._i\   without &
_\ nnB
Pi, Uj
"A'f /, ji
w If
i  /,|   Whrnvoubuy
'.' i,\   looK Ibr the
U         -ami
r~r<         W*»1
* **?-i»
!-».                Taut*
~         -^X.                                tOtt>TO .-*.
Wanted at Once—Reliable and energetic men In all parts ol Manitoba,
nod Nortb Weati to sell reliable Nursery Btock.
Exclusive rights to Bell Hardy Hybrid Applea, originated by Dr. Wm.
Saunders "f Ontario Experimental
l-'arin. Ottawa, and successfully tried
and frultej al Brandon and Indian
ip;iai Experimental Fnrma,
Coruph ■'■ canvassing nutfll and lib
i'i ii ti mil in the rlghl pel  u
Apply nl  ie to i: |i SMITH.
Helderlelgh .lUrserles,   Winona, on',
i Quarter of a
,111 aa *    Inr stuiiT,
"Dho hei ■  i
her fiance, lhe • iyi colli
him 'ale.ir' in p
"fib, ia As n matter of
fai I,  he  ».ii  a oni*i irntlve f  etionp—
only cost her fatlici a no in mi »" -
'v .     Hi d n  ii i    pe kit;
', hi dress I               i J->-*r#
Tli. third vu  i1 i
Upon ihi
Ar .1 ,o shi bi nl '. ' husl a,,.I,
Willi ii.. ii - lent,
To no hon • llki '      I bo)
Am) liml mil fm ii hei i'inl.
"I'waia •' ■ ■ r •
.1    ' I
Ha     ; ped Inl a Ihi  .   il
And tjuli kly fax.ail Die men
A. ii« wns In ai hurry,
||| ■ •      I    ala.     I   ...    .,   ||    ||
]"■■' rmlm d In ons moment
.. ul. k.
Ite wrlnklaV
II      Pit of OVI
Ile I
Hut Ij
11. Irli
Juil I had tl-4,
A nd ' ■ *
lid sped
I • •
II ... i
ii ir,
Thei. sin t no I   kit i.m '
Mooney's Pcrfe<aion Cream I
Sodu   arc   crisp   squirts I
of wholcsoTni* iioiimhnicnt. I
They  ore  llie  food   thatl
buildi strength and muscle.
They (ire ai easily digested I
by lhe  child and   invalid [
as by lhc sturdy workman.
They contain ALL lhc food
properties of finest Cana-
dim wheat flour, in a form
that delights   lhe appetite.
Always fresh nnd crisp in
lhc moisturc-procf packages.
At ill grorm in lhe
t'.^.'it    !»'■,"
thoao wli i
W   N   U   No. THE  i*.>    . I'M VAN     H UK. ». c.
Reel Estate
Wc havi oni|iiirios
I u- iicss   and    Hi
propertv.    I isl vtiuri-
a- '   A.  do   the   Im,
tii ft    s
; <t&Bt_
.-, i* '■■ -   sT-)k
''a    * .)• ms
'   '> ' '-A'v
A.Smtth&Co'i) f\\\ L3
jonc Ion Blot k
North Vancouvei.
£€ Of Lot*.
Rolled 0a fa
Slaij and feed
Milling Co.
Harry Miti hell,
"*«V,  _m' A.; .'        ■   :   .
■ D
Ctis ■'•'■ ,r '• .^®
*> ^U" ■"    ,  ' ■■  ,'H 'A, IS
II     w  in//./ for //ii  i/.'ai(('on and convic-
1   a.   iia' parlies   who  an    dnlroying   my
c\tirth    Vain'tiiiver,
The   North  Vancouver Specialist
llii Cordova Sl reel.
Western CorRporalioo, Ltd.
Having in opfi'iition n sawmill in North
Vancouver \\t arc pri'pari'd lo deliver all kinda of
Vancouver City I'riccs. Call and see [or yourselves.
412 Llasiinqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
.   :   %Oii
Fine, no  ai
Stilt n's lidiiil
'sMJ/^:.. aa    i    L»US€iJBIlLO
;■ . . LB/I .li '
I*?. Kerr Hg:::. | . -. ' I: i ger
}®! -Granville Strc< ouver, B* Co
Sweet ami Delicious.   Try lliein and Re Convinced,
McDowell's Drug Store.
.>•«>+♦*. i\♦+.♦■!■♦•,■«■.■<►■.•♦•.•♦•.•'♦+*•:•♦-.0■*&■:*'**)K*-K*'.*K*:k* •'J
Is ii  glorious l> ver        tjtu neliii ; mid <>
:-,;' .-;'■ in;     Id nn ml   r I li ra- - im  ul her J
' inst ..- ii 1"     '-.,.:,-   lliii" 1{ iiiii r, 2
Domi™   A-;jli,
•n-r!in-.-'?--^-a».-.  ■'    *- "
n«'>i'*"'i'in*i    ' i>','.ir,.i,»,iyi*   PACIFIC  BOTTLING W ) 1 KS I
i-r ii
Vancouver, i >. C.
North Vancouver
i. huh .-;.
A    \AA a-  A. ■'■< ' 4vaA ■*■-,".'.- <•    ■),'0:1 :*;)■:■','■■■'!•■'■?■';■$■: 4-: 4,
■ a     ,-  ;  ___
II I llll
IVl-r,  I'i-Ili'"
To Pro|jerti| Owners
■   fiirlli.T I'crlif.v Hint
.. H!I.I) GAMES..
una..fait ■■    .    ■ .
* vairit-tl li-.l ol '',|mrls
is being prepared hv
jfj the Committee ha' ing
the  mutter  in  hand
NORTH vancouvi-:N
OWNl'.KS WISHING   ." ,    ■ ■    , ,       ;
1,1 s 1'OS IS OF  LO'I S, ;;' ii     I thu -nul (urilii-i nnd-.rinkl..--
,      „,.    w ,.,-      , ' ■'-'■>-  nnv   rn   the
lil.OI KS  OK   ACKhAGL , hv ,,„..
I    l-ESTKD    IU
,      ■    same   wrni     ,
-J«—■      "    "•■""> ruiiiiiri'd tn
I ': .-  -aial
'"'•V1' ■■....,■:.;. rkn!   ■
.  Mlivtlioloiinofiiiiu
,,.,,., "' . !. --trie    Itnil-vnv
Corner 1 ind   tli , |1|Ul,tli .   ,„ .[rl;r,„| liv
B*fiar-3.Tins>7»«sjii *««',:!w
Monday, July 2
GtO. ir.irnn. Sun inn
./'   A'f)
' I
i /-'ii/'.n r.i/.v
,   ,   ,    s      I
A .'
\    '
Ale and Stout
|        | |,   III. — .   Imi.--  a,I,'I .I.H-'.
llir l!iii|.il Brewing Co., I Id.
Till..  Ihl
nrllier In eertifv tlm
i   , I,  Iv	
i      ai
, in llXt'xl III '-aa   llll
||     .li,   Ull     III!
nil   M       •    a
llll a a'   III
i    lH.Mivnpi.ruv.il 	
I,"'!"s  1.-.I HI..I I    |,llt III olilTlllin,
'in Itlirmi "!" *»"   '   }   '; Vl'1"  i. ,i,...i ,..,, ..'i  ...  ..in,:..
■     I -    •   :
urih \ -i -;
i- lixi'il nl llli' In r linn--, ur, Alliin
III • i.i r li .- lis.-.l fur ll	
litimiiiri' ul iin ilirri' «iiil "ia nil niirii
■'  i:lMTi.-l
CAPl'l A
Mrniiilii i  in Uril
KESKKVE ii, p., ■
l>l ul Bin
\ nm
Al    ,. !'    a
Ollii... Cor. lonsd.ili' \vo. nnd liplrinndo, Nurlli Viinr.nuver,B,).
'      ,.,■,!-,-':,,. a;       I    I   .,1a.   ivllil'll   Hlll.l
i,.ri...|,ii.|itH«-,.ri.ri.till,..li.inli Ilrinul
ll,,   'Nurlh   \  ainvr   Citv   In-
1       |,.„   bn.Un, lllllll."
a     ' >l-'Nfl .... , 	
.     Diitnl tlii-4 ISih dm- ul Mny, I'lOll,
\.i'\Mli;; 1,1. KKDIHE,
/   .   illln full /.
'     District of North
mii-tl ■ i
// ....-:«--''('
i*a'    :,'■,.'■■■
I'. U.'irson, I 'ropa
a, ..-.,..,«,jaaw^ . ,a,«i .awwan .wi»,w.^a
We vvil liaill I       '.|
I'dvvi i li nn oui i.i an ,a Lines in
Villi Vanen Iv* r,
Hi Inn n.ilaiii: arrnn i inents [or nny
.-il,- i kind aa I'owi i. a insult om Light
nml I'owi.'i Di partnionl, It will be to
your interest as Wi II ns inr-*.
V A-?,-   AHVPf
IIT NotaryPiiblic, General Auctionce
167   (nnlovii   Sreel,   Viinroiiver,   B.   C
,r prlvulii liniisiinr Imj'H nntriglit nil
llu m-II-a Iti I
clumica of Imnwliulil inmilnnr bnnkrupl »lwki. fur ensl
llu im- - i-.i(iiii- llnusl Illinium."nml wiitertrnni property in Nurlli
Viiiicnnvrr.   Sn* liim ntniire If yun tlilnknf picking up pruporty In
thiawMillon,   llu wise, BUY NOW 1 vou will muko inoliuy, :: ::
i   MBI.T1N11    nl'   TIIK    RATI:
1   l".   I I ■    Ihi1 lliirnl nt
11 roil nl ilia
i    Na III.     Vim \'T    ttill     Ila   I
.11 ill, Wih Vim-'
'al a    llll'   I'llll    ill-'    '
,       .' rlni'li p. in., In i .aa'   i inl  r   in
\ J. A. McMILUN, the E^lanade
' I.M.I
Tha' Woi'ld-rcnov-'iicd Biscuits made by Carr & Co,,
Carlisle, only 25c- Per Pound.


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