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Uh lExprPHa
& a?
DISli<ICT    COUNCIL    MEET!     W.PJWy     |    New Building.     !    Wedding .Bells
The regular meeting ol thc'make, such uuloiiiided, uncalled
District Council was held last for and false sUtcineiils (as re*
Wednesday evening initcad 0['porU-d in thu press! against a
_,      ... , neighboring   council   in   respcci
Thursday, the regular ««tt»l, l0*B quelUon upon which    m.
night, 'said alderman shows   laiiuiiia*
Reeve McNaught presided and ble ignorance, and must requtit
Councillors Allan, Bridgman in common justice that the aland Lawson were present. derinan  in  question  withdraw
A lew matters ol correspond* his reported unwarranted slaic-
ence of minor importance were menu m as prominent a man-
read as follows : nur as lhat m which Uny well
Letter Chiel Commissioner of made."
Lands acknowledging riceipt of |   The statcinciiis made were to
council's letter giving a lisi ot the ellect thai the North   \ an-
matters which they wished   to couver dislriel council wen ac
be  considered   by   the    Waler .ccssaries in tho "boosting''   ol
Board when formed. untenantable subdivisions.
Letter H. Bose, S*tc'y. I'.B.C. j When the plans were laid ou
Ila, acknowledging receipt of the table lor considi ration,
council's letter regarding a- Councillor Bridgman moved
inendment to thc Municipal That all plans lor submiisiou
l.l.(Huns Act. |to  the  districi   council   musl
Letter Irom T. 0. Ostter and have tlie signatuiu ol llie owner
H. M. Wood asking ior the ex- on them belore being sent in loi
tension oi the road in Wood- approval. The resolution was
lands up to lot 40, U.L. 950.      {passed unanimously.
The writers stated that build-;   Councillor  Bridgman  lurl...
ing   operations   had    already moved,  seconded by Couuu
started  and  the road was   a Lawson,  That lhe engineer   lie 1
the   scr-
The city ol North Vancouver     Architect   Alexander   Law   is
lias sullered the loss ol one   ol preparing plans lor a new resi- 	
her most public spirited and uii- dence to lie erected on Fifteenth A very pretty and popular
terprising citi/.ens, in the death itreet easl (or A. .1. McMillan, wedding wa.s celebrated in thiol Mr. W. 1'. Peacey, which oc-,Thc, dwelling will consist ol city Wednesday evening at the
cum-d at tlu- lamily residence, | seven rooms and will be ol the home of Dr. Howell, 15th St.,
corner of Fourth street ami .bungalow type, l'lans arc also when Mr, J. R. J. Murray, one
Chesterlield avenue, during lhe I in hand lor a residence to be of North Vancouver's
earlv hours of Sundav morning, jer-*.led on Lonsdale Ave. north prominent business men and   a
(or Mr. Rae ol Galiaiio Island, member ol lhe brokerage lum
The Pythian Castle Hall As- ol Elder Murray and Company,
soctation is considering the erec- and Miss Janet R. Sharpc, al*
lion ul a re-iuforccd eoncretle so of this city were joined 111 the
bloik on the propertv on holy bonds ol wedlock by the
Fourth .street. The sketch p'an Rev. J. D. Gillam. The cere-
shows a large assembly hall on nioiiy was conducted al 5.Jo p.
the ground lloor measuring >dx 111. amid an array of lloral dc-
S2 leet and two lodge rooms, a corations of Easier lilies, atel-
large one alld a small one on ias and palms, and presented a
tilie lirst storey with the usual very charming picture as the
|ii>ni|.lenient ol ante rooms, par- young couple took tlieir oaths
aiilii-n.ilia rooms, etc.
Ferry Directors Meet
About two months ago Ur.
l'eacev underwent an operation
lor appeiiiliiiiis whnh reduced
lum lo a condition ol extreme
weakness, bul Irom which hi
eventually rallied and regained
lus health. In response to inquiries In- uniformly iniorim-<l
Ins Iriends that he was enjoying belter health lhan he had
known Ior some wars, ll was
with consternation, tlierelore,
thai Ins iriends received the 111-
lormation on Sunday Uiai In
had passed awa\. un 1-riday
evening Mr. Peacey complained
thai he was suliciing Irmn an
attack ol uuiigesiioii and ihe
lamil) physician being summoned, administered restoratives
I which appealed io have a bcaa-
^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— licl.il   elleel    bul   on   Saturdav
great   necessity.     Relerred    to instruct   lo procure   the   sir- 1|ig ____.    >_ hM I
the Board oi W orks to report      vices of an assisla.il engineer.     nhm_ul    devd  ^ mh alar.
Jack Loutet wrote asking the     lhe    lollowing    plans    were     ,„,     ,., ..  ,       ,,   , „
, , 1 .    .1 . 1 i*     • .ni    ming   sviuploiii*.   thai Kiusult-
council 10 complete the.    pro- passed . raubd.vision pari D.L. ,    * hv Ja|lb  wcr, _____   ,„
mine regarding road to lots   . 852 and SW  block 5, U.L. Mt, \?£'iixoaotai that the |>a-
and 2 block "C" D.L. 785.   Ile lols  23 and  24,   block b, U.L. '
said  Mr. T. S. Nye, who  was 553,  lot ol block 12, U.L. 704,
interested,  had  agreed to  ctr- conditionally, block 4,1,   U.   L.
tain allowances being made.      I2022,   blocks n and   23, U. 1..
It was referred  to the etigin- 2164, block 1, 1). L. TV I condi-
eer. Uoiially, part ol D.L. M3, con-
Capt. Chas. Cates wrote in re- dilionally.    Those rclirreii back
fcrcjicc  lo a request Irom   "lhe were subdivision block 11 ol U.
L. 022, lots bl, t>2 and bj, U.L.
802, lols 2; and .\\ block 2, U.
L. 783, block lb, U. L. 8Jb, and
lols, 1, 2 and b, D.L. 827.
The  board ol  works  regular
statement ol accounts was lead
councii to lay a water mam
through his property, lots c,,
and 98, D.L. 2109. He advised
thai before d-.-c.drng detiuiiYh
he would like lo be furnished
with a sketch plan ol thc  pro
posed work.   It was relerred lo and adopled, the lolal amount
the clerk to furnish thc lniorm- being M,242.65.
ution asked for. lhc   question of   appointing
Raymond l.abrossc, who in- constables in dtDcrviu sections
tends soon lo reside on lot 33. ol the diatrict was discussed
DL. 825, wrote asking that and rclcrrnl to tin 1 couacilloi -
some slumps on the road near io look up likely appoint... in
the propertv lie blown. Relerred the parts in which they lived.
to thc engineer with power to Councillor Allan lor Lynn
act. Valley, Councillor Bridgin.iii lur
As reported in the Vancouver Seymour and Councillor   Law-
prcss the statements ol   Alder- sou ior West Capilano
man Hepburn at   last   Monday     It was resolved  lo olicr lln
evening's  meeting ol the   \ an- position ol  road  tax ..j'-lecio
couver city council was the oc- to Mr.  Peers oi Capilano on a
casion for some severe criticism basis oi 20 per cent.
by the district body.   The lol-    The clerk laid on tin table 1
lowing resolution was passed     list containing the aim.mils n
RESOLVED "That this couu quired lor ihe bad charged ol
cil is very pleased to see thai the year in conucvlioii with thc
thc Vancouver city council is yearly estimates. A preliinin
taking up the problem ol se- ary discussion took place wlnn
curing more power ior the di»- it was intimated that the rale
tricts to deal with subdivisions, for i-jio would be very aimil.'i
a matter upon which this coun- to lasl year, about 17 in.lis mi
cil has la-en working hard loi the dollar,
the last iwo years, but exceed- The meeting adjourned till
ingly regret that thc mayor next Monday evening, M.11.I1
allowed Alderman Hepburn   to 21st.
Airs. McKcith acted as bridesmaid, and the groom was sup-
1 ported by his brother, Mr. Jas.
Murray. The tlower girls, Lottie Murray and Marjorie How
ell, were annul in while and
looked very handsome, each
with her large bouquet ol
spring (lowers. The brim nud
bridesmaid carried a bouquel 01
carnations. Alter thc ceremony
was over  Mr. Alex. T. Spence
His Worship the Mayor ami
all Uie directors with the HCep
tion ol Mr. McNair, were present at the regular weekly meeting of the Ferry Hoard.
Verv little important liusine. s
came up Ior discussion and tli.
most -proceedings   were  almost   bar
The regular monthly accounts
were passed and the cstimai.s
for the steel bridges which an
to bc constructed bctww.11 the
main wharl and the outer limit
ol the Lonsdale Ave. whail
were submitted by the eiiginier.
The matter ol awarding lhe
tender lor this itcel work w'lll,
111 all probability, come up at
the uext sitting ol lhc board,
which will bc held on Thurs.l.i.
afternoon, March 14th.
Ou the (vc ol his departure
lor Port Ksstngtoii, Mr. Win.
Philip, son ol Alw Pinup.
clerk of the municipal council,
was accorded a hearty send ol1
hy his friends and fellow unin*
hers ol St. Andrew's Presbyterian church iu the vestry ol
the church last Friday evening
Mr. Philip was presented with
an address, delivered by thc
Rev. J. D. Gillam and a hand
some gold-mounted Gillette sal
ety razor, ln making the pres
rntation Mr.   Gillam took    oc-
Three dolllilv-trmk all In.ike
street cais wete landed uli tills
side of the Inlet on Wcdiusdai
afternoon lot use on the local
service. Along with the three
cars wan one miter dump ami .1
.iidc dump 1,11 which will Ix all
ll/.ed in coiuicilloii with the
work train which will lie kepi
continually busy a.-* a COM
quelicc ol the extensions and llu
large amount oi now work
which it is expected will Ih en
U-red upon this season. It is
npected that one ol lln new
^^^^^^^^^^^^ cars will Ih- put on the service
casion to refer to Mr. Philip's !„t Wlw __u\ -j-, ,,,1,,.,*, .Ilsl „
m>. 111   as  the   local   inoloruien
have    lamiliari/iil    iIh-iiimIi
with the   workings ol lhe
unfailing eilorts during lus con
nection with thc duties in the
church in which capacity lie wns
an active worker for the last
.seven or eight years. His long
and continued service 111 Iht
choir oi that church will make
his  departure   lelt   very   nun. IT 	
and the loss ..I a su|*crior bass ol Rossland   were  in
void- smli as his will not   snon  this week the guests o
l»e  replaced.    Al   the close
1 hou practni a social entertain
Mr. G. A.   Clothtrr, Iati   ol
Nevada, and Mr   T   A   KoTToU
lhe   .l'i
 [kll* Mai
colm .McMillan,   who limisillV
    an old Rossland man    Mr Clu
meiil was enjoved, the incinl-crs thier is I mining engineer and
ii.ntribntuig several solos of a also an old Rossi.indite, and lli.
pleasing nature. The evening meeting ul tin llirei oh) Iriends
was brought to a close by Uie alter a parting ti I '.iiiiiiIht ol
singing of Auld Lang Syne  Mr
Philip left lor the north the following morning, when he and
his brother-in-law, Mr DcWuH.
will be engaged in the canncn
business at Balmoral Cunncrv
vears, w.ts   pailiiiilarlv   plea,
ing.    Mr   CL.thur  is  |..r   th,
preient   loiateil   in   Valici.uiii
but ex|H'ctcd sunn tu leave   iur
Stuart, a mining camp in   lh.'
northern waters ol B. C.
Unit was sullering Irom hciiioi
rhage ol lhe sloniach, llie utmost eilorts to slop which pi 1 lied unavailing, and he gradually sank uiml lhe vital spark
sped. Air. Peacey was one ol
the older uti/cus ol North Vancouver in poinl oi lhc length ol
liiiie during which he had resided in ilus mi. lie was a
valued mvinbcr ol ihe Hoard ol
School trustees, having txell
elected when the board was hist
constituted and retaining ms
position loiiluimiiisli mini his
death.    As ncretary   oi   the
board he wa.s lallhliil and clli-
chnt 111 ilic discharge ol Ills duties.     He   was   1 vei    naili   and
willing to devote any portion
Ins tunc and energ)  10 lhe udll-
., iliuli. ll    uellale    ol    the    cilv
which those interests might de-
inaml    His   practical kaow-
ladgl H a liuildci and lolilracl-
01 made him a palliuilai n
liclplul alld valuable ii,ciiiIki ul
lhc board and lus wise council
and ellu mil sel vices will be
greatly missed by thu iiiciiiIms
ol lhe board.
The iuneial was held on Tues-
al.n alum..un    The cortege hit
the house at 1. l.s p.m., and pro*
uiilisl to the church ol Sl. John
lhe  Kvallgclisl,  wluJc   au   llu
piessiM sei w.i vaa conducted
l.v ihe tactor, Kev. J. Hugh
Hooper, who likewise conducted
lln   selllu    at   MuiilUain    View
iciiict.-ri.   The piuiessiuii whuh
lm und al lhe church was one ul
lllc largest ever witnessed in illicit)- alld was lompriscd   oi thc
citv council,  together wilh   a
large   body   of   syiiipatlusi 1
amongst  whom were mam   w
tlm  most   prominent   cltiieni
The pall bearers iuiisislnl ul Hi.
colilrercs ul the dcuascil    up..ii
lhe   Hoard ol School TlVattei
A  K  Steacy, Di   II   H  Hon
,11. M   s   McDowell and   f,,"
II    Horden.   The  Khool dnl
dreli   alt( inInl    in    I   bod]    111
charge ol Principal Banneti .ml
llu  iiituc stall ol t(,i(h(is. Tin
Ilm.il   tnliiiti-s   weie   nuiiitiiiii.
ami Ik .mllliil,   adding  Vet    lm
1 lut listuiiiiin   tu  tin* universal
respcil ami ngard in wlmh Hi
1'e.ui 1   lias  held   l.l   lhc    elltU'.
community, the list  being a--
lulliius      Mis   I'i .inij  ,.ml l.iii.
n ily, anchor ; Air. l'eacev '1  cm
U| plulies, Hlcilll ; lluald ol
School Tin I.is, lllialll . public schouls stall, wreath : pub"
lu sih,„,i children, cron .   Hi
and Mrs   A   It. Sli .1.1, spr.n .
Mi    W     I.  Irwin, spi.n     Ul
A. II. Diplmk, crOH : Dr     'inl
Alts.  \. 1 int. croai    Aii    and
in   William   Mordcn,  spra)
Mr  and Mrs. WakciiiU, ipraj
Air.  and   tin    I    \    M. Millan,
ina.\ ;   Air.    K.   KWriilgi   ami
Llllllll . s|ii,,i ; Mr aiul Alts
Cnu.  ,1    iHllllippo     pi r
Baxter,  ipraj ; Hi   and  Mis
t,  Tiuk.   sprav :   Lun  A on*[
spiai ,  All    ttt, wn.iih     Ah.
and   Air.     1     PtHtCI    iu..ill.
Ah   and  Mr*   Alilni, wreath
All. and Alts. Ka)iues,   spia'. ,
To the Editor of thc Expr*s
Sir,—Referring to Alderman
Hepburn's remarks at Aloliday
evening's meeting oi Vancouver
Cilv Council, as related in the 'W," ,'";.' ""2* *' "t~—\   _t
Vancouver  prc-ss, regarding the   ____ lio}1 lllltr Teuttr- tflltr' __
Ket-ve   and   Councillors ol   the ^"^    llu'   company   with    a P
District   ol   North   Vancouver, uuuiIk;1 of  solos on hls vlolm'
w ere one to take then, seriouslv Mr-, ^ ""• MurrfX «»« tSSM
as might  lie done,  they could Probably take a  short   honey-
-^.^.^■a^^^^^^^^B ,11,1,,M tlll'V    lllll    Ink
Airs. Jas. Hay and her son,
Austin, lelt today lor Toronto,
Ont., lor a three months' sla\.
Aire. Hay had not intended to
leave lor the east so soon, but
on receipt ot the news that ha
mother was lading in healih,
decided upon an immediate' departure.
bc characterised as verv
impertinent and even as contemptible. But they are evidently mi allcr-diniier deliverance, and in lhe rush of business his digestive organs were
overtaxed, and his imagination
as well aa Ills stomach lieialilc
lisordefed. Il is hardly necessan to dclc-ud the reeve and
Councillors irom such an attack upon them personally and
as a Council.   They one and all
moon trip when they will take
up their residence in this ciiy
in a new residence which Mr.
Murray is having built.
C. Wiegand ol Vancouvei
i friendly call al thc l\x-
prcss olhce on Thursday. Air;
Wiegand has been the owner ol
extensive property interests on
this side of thc inlet for Ntiu
years and is now prepamig .o
erect buildings on his lols oa
First street. Thc plana arc
completed lor the building to
be creeled on the property east
ol St. George's avenue and
show a building with a Irontagc
ol liltv leet and a depth of sixt\
leet.    The ground lloor is ar-
In Vancouver last l'uesdav
was celebrated lhe wedding cl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. John Fay, the popular r«"H [or^siui. purposes an
barber ol this city, and Aliso Ca-
tharnie .I ones ol Vancouver.
The ceremony was conducted by
v. MeLeod at his private  ie-
havc great conlidencc in the iu-ij^
MM- ul Nortli Vancouver, and sljenu. ttUh only Ul|) i|m.K,|,,
they do not hesitate to say so, ftl(, (ni.n,|s oJ the colllracunK
and to work with goodwill .ind ^.^ presellt< Mr, ^_y _
hearty perseverance lo promoto wel]   ___  iavorauy known   ,„
this city  and the  addition  ol
her Iiest   interests.
Li lhe uiatler of subdivision
plans lliei' have laid oil them a
u..-.k the magnitude oi which .
dciii,an Hepburn has uo loiiup-
uua ol, and uo body oi uii-n can
have a dealer sense ol their responsibility than ihey have.
On several occasions thev have
taki«n the responsibility ol revising io certify plans ul lands
unsuiied lor subdivision, but
ihey have very little power t
this matter, and have to be
careful not io involve the Disum in iinwai rallied litigation.
They have al.-u insisted on larger subdivisions being made in
sonic cases than those mapped
oul, Iiul alter ihese were ion-
idled the lots were sold ir.
halves or in quarters.
Mr. and Mn. Fay io lhc
dential section oi tlie ciiy
be welcomed most hcariily.
Alter enjoying a short honey-
moon the young couple intend
taking up their reiidence on
15th street in Mr. L. LcRuox s
About a doa-n boys la-taeiii
the ages ol 12 and '." wai...
were up in the police court o-i
ihursday morning belore Ala
giatrata Kealy on a charge ol
window breaking in a house Iv
1 .in.l somewhere in the east end
..I ilie iiiy. Thc iiuniitoiis 10111
plaints that have been coming
into  lhe  police   of late cauiet
the   first   lloor   is divided   miu
lour  suites    oi   modern    light
housekeeping aparlim-nts.     Air.
Wiegand's   other   propertv    •
First   street   immediately    adjoins   the Russell ou tiie   east.
The plans are not yet lompk
ol for the   proposed   sirucu.i
to be built on thi! lot, but 11 ti
Kbl. his intention to proceed at on. 1
„,l, with   all   necessary     airaui'.
Jack Loutet and N. Lonsdale
ll is mil with the Norlh Shore y\w oSc«l to be ou the lookout
for some mischievous lads uh..
lor some time have succe*slull\
evaded the eilorts ul the lorce
lo ,ay llieir hands mi them with
the result tliat than small window breakers were soon luiati-d
The magistrate, having musnl-
1 ration for their lender wars
and the lact that this was th. 11
lirsl olletiie, let tliini ofl with a
severe reprimand aiul a (.union
not to appear again or the ion-
sequences    would    uol    bc    so
ival est.ile men that lhe Coun-
ul have had dilhcultv. One alld
all Ilui hav. colllined allellliou
to lands ul real value. It has
lieen uiuiiccssari lot them to do
otherwise, as we have plenty ui
such land without subdividing
llie iiiuiiiit.iuis, ami being uli
llu spot and dealing with lliosv
who .uliic lu sec lur llnmsclves
they can Ih- nju-d n.
Let   me    sal    sir,    that     the
WOlth)    incllllicls   ol   the    fill
Wanted—Girl as general helper.   Apply Palace Holel.      1-1.
WANTED—Advertiser wan.-.
to rent store or ground uou.
ollice on Lonsdale Avenue >,c-
tiu-cn the Esplanade and .id
street. Addresi A. B., this ui-
For Sale.-Two Snaps.-~s-x
lots close to Boulevard uu wih
and 20O1 streels. One hundred
cash, balance at ten dollars a
month on each lot. Eight rouM
house on 10th street, all .noltrii
tine thousand cash, balance to
arrange. Box 127 North \'an-
couvcr. ti.
Wanted.-A  secirml-hand folding baby buggy, in good oi'l.i
Full particulars to W. this office
1 Hiuiiii ul  V.uuouvcr haw ever light
iie.n treated by the Councillor!
and 1 iii-eiis ui tin- North shore
with the Raped due lu llllll
high ollice W\* think wc hau .1
right tu similar treatment lur
.mr Councillor! at their hands
i" assure lhat goodwill which
should evnr be present where no
Uiany cOOinon interests are nt
slake     Vours, etc.
ALKX. Plliril'
North Vancouver,   Alar   iMh
I'aruierilup   01   appointment
H loiiinmiial iiuiiagu wanted
Iii    luting,   thoroughly   cxp.ri
tint  man;good  organizing   I
r^r^r^r^r^r^r^^r^r^r^1^1^1^^bility , very cnorgcin    Siotih-
' muli.     Could invest   M,JM   in
LICENSE   COMMISSIONER* mad coa*wru, principals oalv,
  In conlidence.     Address  R. AL,
ICxpress office. :-\
Mr. Cuius, croM !  Air    I'     C
Wright,   wie.iili , Ah   B.   Corniah, wi.alli    Ah   and Airs   T.
Hodge,   spr.n     Air.  ami  Mrs
illlui.  spi,11      Mi.    .unl    Air-
II.   Iloldcn,    sprav ;   Air.    and
\lis  ('.   A   McBain, spia.
nul   Mrs   T    S. Nu. nn.. h
Mr.   and   Alls    B    McMillan,
The Board ol License Coiullliv
sinners lor the citv ol North
Vancouver nut in the iin hall
.ui Wedncsdav afternoon fur the
. a,11 .nli i.iliuii a,I m ulal inatlels
which   were   ui   a  sellii-privaU   Chi-sU-Jlield Ave.
nature   aiid were 111 connection   — —
wilh  some   tcportcd irn-gulan  j   LOST-In  Horticultural  Ha
iu   mi the part of the local ho- or on car at Alerri Widow dam
ids. .1 iiin|iiois .Maun Brooch wH
The question   of   life   escapes 'oblong   blue   stoin    ami   link'
was mtnmwi and Um duel oflpkaai baw it lUi oflici
polioa w.us lllslnictial tu make a  '
lour ol inspection and also MB |   WANTED   Woman lol   Hum
thai   Uti |>ro|H-r  notices ghrii
iniuiniaiioii where thcaa Mtapi
\u ie to In- lound were pr.
FOR SALE- 1 BUwi S|'..n
gl.-d Hamburg Pullets, all Living ,  also   luckrel.   Applv
w.irk, nm day pel week   Appli
Laws,,11    '   .   ||U1I] v,.
Air. and Mrs   ILnrv l-'.vcs arc
:i ruiite hun,1   liuin Iluii   lisil
to Kngland,  and   are   npcHt*!
to riach this citv about Thurv
lddci Murray Co. Dre insuranci day, April 7th.
FOR SALE oi l'.ulia.igc  for
North    Vancouver   propcri}
Improved   Iruit (arm, 5 acrea,
iHsiiing iruits.   Particular)  a,,
.put.   \!i     Miller, C.l'.K.
graphs, North \ ancouver. THK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
University Site
A   large   and    representative
meeting   was   held m Uie   cill
hall Tueaday evening i" c< usid
er  lhc  question  ul adv.ic uin
North Vancouver's claim  a-, a
Site   lur    lllc  prulllul.il    illlivel
siii\\ li ti.iiispiinl, however
that tin* concensus ui opinion
n ,is iii tin* lusi instance lur Uv
location id the university un 'tic
lower mainland near ihe center
ol population ul the province ,,s
against tin strength which is
being pul lui lh by Vani
Inland, Alderman McKae wa
chosen chairman ui Un meet
lllc speakers   ul   the   cuillll'
inn Alderman SchulU, lleevi
UcNaught, Councillor Hi nig.
man and  Lawson, U, 11. al.i
den,   A.   I'hilip,   W.   J. lruin
Dr. Campbell and ilu chairman
Tin inst   speak.!,   Alderman
Siluilte,    gave    an uiitline    ul
sups bad i'ii 11 taken at the lm
nur meeting and alsu ths at
tiuus ui other municipaiitiei on
lhe suiith shore in their aluiusi
unanimous .sjclecfiioii ul Dul
Lark, midway between \ auciu.
Ver and New Westminster,
suitable-   lit!   lui    the proposed
Alderman SchulU po'.nteo
out that iu comparison with
Vancouvei Island, ihe lower
mainland a as mon udvantag
oush situated Irom the stand
point ui the larger enrollment
ui itudenta which wuuld be had
num ihe  cities ui  \ ancouver,
.\eu Ucstiuiustil and Norlh
Vancouver.      He said  thai llic
spi.ial (natures which North
Vancouver could l.n claim  to
well the value ol tllc lllillilalu-
gical resources and lhe lorcstn
10 lhc students ul such a eol
Keeve McNaughl gale eli."in
agiMiiclll thai tile dlslrul inighl
In in a poslllon to Oiler such a
site .is would In required lor a
provincial university.
speaking  iu this connection
Air. A. Philip drew attention i
lhe   l.ul lhat   .i must   siulalili
slie  could be had m U.L   Nty
West Capilano or in U.L. ttoj Of
850, iu which location! the Di
mil l uiiiiill was III a position
lo provide sonic lands, adequal
to   tin     Uiids   ul  thc  llllllllSll .
should lt (ume to North Vaacouver. Aii* riniip said that
ihis maitc-r ut selecting 1   site
[or a iiiiivilslt) was lak.n U|
by him about 17 wars ago m
t-eniral Park and again about 's
wars ago when ilu government
had SOOM  I,V" a.re, Heal  Has
iings Park. dr. Philip contia-
in-d that comparing iln north
ihon ui Burrard Inlet .vith Uu
suiiili shore m tlu. mattei id
marine sitis there eras no quel
tion as to the suiaii "iity ol the
nurth slu.11 He concluded lu
iiin.iik.s with tin statement
that,  although North Vancou
HI    had   Well    assu. I.ilul    Wltll
the n.uiie oi "boosters" the cit)
.unl district had 110 equal ill
British   Columbia  liuiii a   r.si
(Initial ur   commercial  stand
puint and could well hold np Hs
head 111 lln lace ul all ol tin
iuinnillur Bridgman emphasized tin l.n l thai it was lilM a
matiei  ui securing ilu snivel
sii) loi the Iowa mainland and
thai all the municipalities  li
the   south    Bl Will   as   tu    the
iiunii ui Barrard inlet .<< a,p. ■
ale Willi  llus ubjcil 111   vnw
Un.   Harps   baattil)
potted tin* pusltluii taken in  le
-..ihl iu settling uu a siiu um
ui.ilK, it pussibli, between tin
municipalities ou tin- lowei
Kev. I'.illi.s speaking Irom tlu
iinliiiis puiiii < 1 mu, itaU-d
thai it was .ss.ntial thai tin
slie chosen be BOt loo lal    Imlil
tin- icitiei ol population,
111.uiv ol the students depenaii
ujioii iiiiii ou 11 1 anting! to pat
their w.n through college and
11 was, therefore, neceiwr]   l<
I.e colivcnii nlli  dole   1"   while
employment could b obtained,
Councillor 'uilli Law soil staled thai lu- had taki n Principal
Haywood oval 1 portion ol the
districi   lu thf west ul  the Cap
llano rivet and thai tha Princl
pal  had   1 M"'  Sl d  great  sail'
(action with what he had   M
and  hnd assured blm thai   h
would support anv ellort to l<
the university there,   bt
. ..1 iln* natural advautagi ■-
uliuh thai   i-a tion aflorded
Dr. Campbell emphs l»d  the
thai  it  was niecss.iii    [ol
tiHilnal   -nidints to I"   within
n nh iii ilic boipitali and
u a com' qui in*  il a*
ghli to havt the universll
seal lo band 1   «■<  i'>uv' nli ni
aster Suits
New Goods
New Clotbs
New Designs
Realization Co.
l1VUIIa.%Jvl\fll      V^Vrf
The Best the World Produces
Realization Co.
"Ibe Home of
with reaped to tin   other  requirement! "I the colli R*.
Alderman Schultz      a mean*
un-, txplained   thii   ohjectioi
aw.r       It   was  farther  poiltlei
uut that when the Tunnel undii
tin- l-irst Narrowi wai an  .1
iiiinplished    Undertaking,      tli
s' ndi nts    wiiulil    lu*   in    close
touch with all Vancouver institutions, wlietlni loi imdical  or
law purposes,
('.. II. Morden moved and A
I'hilip seconded, Tliut ihls 1 om
■   ' -I iui it
1   in the best ini.1. •■ * 1 fducs
lion lhat lbs provincial unin r
sitv he located on lhe lower
mainland, and in a position contiguous to the prcsiiii center ol
population in Hritish Columbia.
it was further moved Thai
the   clerk   of   the masting   '.r
ward a copy ol tlic resolution
tii iln- several other iiutni.ipali-
ties ol the lower lliainlainl who
are interested in this movement.
,\ committal was   then ap
pointed to look into and report
to 1 meeting ol the sneral
committee at 1 later dal< on 1
suitahle   site for the iniii.t m
in North Vancouver and  that
thn   should   he ciiipowercd   to
confer  with   the other municipalities in  respect to neurit
the site lor the lower mainland,
The committal appointed were
as (ollows : 0. II. Morden, representing the citizens ol North
Vancouver ; Alderman I)
Schult?., the citv council ■ laa,
A. McNair, the Board of Trade
Councillor Bridgiiian, the District Municipality, and the.
Kev. J, II. Hooper, the prods*
sional and educational interest
of thc city aud district.
Alderman Irwin remarked
that it was practically an   ac
knowledged fact that the District of North Vancouvur must
bc looked to to provide a suitable location on the nortli side.
Those present on the gem-rnl
committees last evening and the
public bodies which thev represented were Reeve McNaught,
Councillors Bridgman and
I.awson, (or thc district council ; Aldermen McKae, Irwin
and Schult/ lor the citv council ; Kev. .1. II. Hooper and
Kev. Gillies for the clergy, Drs.
Campbell and KowcouHm lot thi
iin-dicaJ profession : Citv Kngin
eer   Hams and  Messrs. G    II
Morden, A. (5. Percy and Mr
Andrews for the Board ol
A dissolution of partnership
has taken place between Messrs.
Sale and Drcwitt, the stationers ol this city. The mlert-sts
in the business held by Mr.
Hrewitt has lieen taken overbv
Mr. Sale and will hcrealter he
(unducled under his management, which, if followed out on
the same principles us heretofore adopted will be a credit to
the business fraternity of tin-
This is a Splendid Offer
Corner on Keith Road
100 x 160, view south.     1200 will handle this propsition.
We have a large list of other City Property
r. McMillan a, co.
Real Estate and Insurance Broken
54 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 197 P O. Box 155
City Council Meeting Jfj^^^Jtt
—— couver    Kerries   Coinpanv   \i as
His Worship the Mayor and read and sho-ci-d the receipts
all the Aldermen were present for the month to be $4,274.1(1,
al the regular meeting ol ik disbursements $4.136118, and in-
City Council held last evening,   eluding depreciation ol S41b.su,
A lengthy list of business  ol •>4,55"t.**.   The net loss lor the
* . .. , ,1 .    .     I a.,-,.   _aj    lll'lll   luililiutii'.i   a.\i*vi.
niiiior nnportanee was the only month  was  slated  as $376.58 Su]11| 1V u WM ^[^
leature   of   lhc evening's   pro* over operating expenses. year'a travel would p
had   lound   local   iiii|)roveinent
petition No. 1. was not in  order on account of an Insufficient
IBomber   oi   signatures.    Alder-
iinaii     Irwin   said   that    I Iiim
I would lie forthcoming at ones
as   the   petitions   were already
The following slateiiieiils ol
accounts were read and adopled : Finance, $4,168 ; Board
of Works, $398. |u, and ior llic
purchase   oi   a   tualil oi heav,'.
horses, $750 ; Waterworks Com-
IlliUcc, $tir2sft alld school Utis-
!tecs' account lor purchase ol
ll. I,, kadennachcr's properly
oil I'pper Lonsdale lor a school
site, $ 15,900.
Tlic recoiiiiiiiiidation ol tlu-
Hoard ol Works CoiiuniUee
Ihal ihe salary ul Foreman Dan
Aiuscold be increased to $100
per month was relerred to thu
committee ol the whole.
Alderman  Irwin slated  that
he did nol knoM what'arr.uip-
lliellts the It. C.   hlciUii    Kail
way Company were making  to
li.unllc- lhe suiiuner trallic,   ipli
Irom conditions experienced  011
nl thai this
greatly ear
md thai ul lormer vears and he
'.ought   it  was  expedient   lor
Our 50ft. Lots
In D.L. 2003 We cheaper than I.vnn Vallcv Aomgt.    Only
$130 each
Cash $25an<! $10 montl
Martinson & Co.
l'h.nic ■;?. /'.(). Bex ,.-
cecdings. The   cily   engilieer     reporte.
Arbor Day   was  proclaimed that he had been informed   bj
lor Saturday aflcrnoon, March Ik  registrar   thai the present l™"j fc
lyth. registration lornis Merc  inadu-1 '
Under the head of correspond- adequate.   The eiiginocr also ex-
euce  the lollowing coiiiinunica- pressed  the   opinion  that   the
lions were read : council  had very  little  to  do
Letter Ironi t, Carier-Colton with the passing ol plans.   Kc-
M.l'.r. intimating that he had tared to the committee of the "^ () ,
conlerrcd   with  the Attorney- whole.
General regarding the joint tele-     Another  coiiiinuiiKaliou   was
grams Irom the cily and district received Ironi the engineer stal-
ol North Vancouver in relerence ing that approximately \si,--.^
to   cities    and    municipalities was required in the coin.truct.ioii j~
holding   stock   iu   joint  stock ol the main sewer in lhc   etiy.   t_~
companies.   Thu Attorney-Gen- Only $4",oou had been provided
eral  had  given his opinion  to by law and   In suggested   thai
lhc ellecl ihat this was alreaii. some arrungeiiiciils be made  to ^J'^ ,,
provided for iu subseciion 4 oi provide lunds lor the    lialance
section 50 oi tk Municipal Act. under  local    liiiproveiiii-nl.    It
li.   Buchau,    tk   Vancouver was    referred    to   Alderman
manager of thc Hank ol llamil- SchulU and the Clerk lo  take
extra  travel.    The transportation committee was instructed
to lake the mailer 111 hand. Alderman Schult/. volunteered tk
information thai he understood
were gelling
lour extra double truck cari
over Irom Vancouver on itte
J7U1 of this month and thai tile
present cars  would be used   as
iiiiii llus matter 111 hand.
Some one suggested thai
Perry Company should get baay
to  which   His   Worship replied
under advisement.
The Mavor, supported unatii-
niouslv by the council, condemned tlic ai turns ol .some real
ton,  wrote in connection   wun mis uiauei in iiui.u. ^uu, |lrms ,_ Ur, rft   •„,. k
lhe eilv's request that the bank     lhc Mayor spoke in touching .      {hm  (jfic||       '  m ^m_
dedicate    a   certain   portion, terms ol the death ei the laic _>      xhe aueation oi leaving
(about IO leel) ol Iheir proper-  Mr.  1'eacey and expressed a .Ic-_,'   li|M|.(ls im (1r, strwlg „u,,
ly at tk corner ol First sired sire on  the   pari  ol   ll.e Citj  j.^   ini, „, l|u. luim,rous tl.
and Lonsdale, avenue to the cily 111 general Uiai lhe last respecli
iu order lhat tk corner might'to  lhe dead Ik- paid ii\   every
lie cul oil and mado easier  ior citi/.eii who could hud it at all
trallic.   Mr.   Huchan enclosed a 'convenient lo allend tin I11m1.il
copy ol a letter from tk bank's .services ou Tuesdav alternoon.
cugiiiii-r  agreeing to the city's!   Alderman   Irwin  moved  and
proposal, on tk condition  thai 'Alderman   Schult/.  seconded   a
tk cilv allow the banks lo mil- 'resolution  ol deepesl suupalhy
ine about S inches ol tk  side- lo tk hi'icaved lamily ami that
walks *|or a portion ol Ik- ba.se 'a copy ol the resolution be lor-
ul the large, columns which they 'warded to Mrs   Peacey,   Aldci-
gar signs thai were being plastered up on public places 11 as
dlsiusseil   ami   relerred   lu   tllc
police commission vuih certain
lhc Waterworhi Committee
recommended that the engineer
and city truisurcr be instructed
iu incertaii the imount oi wi
iter   being   used 111 lhe dlstricl.
Tiny  also  recommended   thai
intend erecting ai lhc front  of;man   SchulU remarked   "thai 1^ Wallace Shipyard! Compan)
their     proposed      block.   The [the city could ill allord lu lose i|i(, (lu. ysjWgl.jeBl0jU|boil-
hank's   proposition \ius accept so valuable a citizen." __ wurU u. Ulnllshl,| wilh wa.
ed iinaiiiiiiously with thanks.     ;   The Mayor reported a^ropusi- UT .(1 a lmmimlm ual ,,,■,.   ,,j
K. 11. Tarn wrote olkring tk jtiou which had been placed  111 -, K.r mon_   ■__ mort was
purporting  to nave ^M.
The  special   University   Site
city s.'u for a horse nIik 11 the his  hands   purporting   to nave
city has for sale.   Thc okr was cuiinaled Irom the duels ol tk
accepted. ■mission.  The condition! asked -joiiiiniitcc rportad   on   their
C. A.  Lmdsay   wrote   com-,Ior 111 the  last proposal, as a UM.UH (){ iasl ve£ all,|   ,|Kll
plaining ol the overflowing of a (OWpWatJOB fur llie  extension  ]( lai* \m,n ,ita,in| i0 |loi,i a rc.
ditch on 1.UI1 itreet whiih cans- ol Third itreet  ihruugh   llieir
prcsciiuuvc meeting  on Tut«-
|day evening ol this week.
(Continued on  page si
ed tk water to flood his    lot reserve,   were  as  lollows :    u
immediately    souih on   twelllh [laps, lire hydrant, 3000 led   oii   ■ -„ ,
struct, jlire  hose or  as a sulislituiiuii |(l| „„,   ^,lwh/] ,h, Boan|   ,,,
Mr. Lindsay also made appli- lor the latlcr, another lire  hy- w,,,*^ were empowered to pronation   for   a   sidewalk 011   the (Irani,   three   sUect   lights    on I	
south   side  ol 12th street east. First  slreel,  three more sl reel
of Sl.   Auilrew'i Ave. [lights on Third itreet, lighting
Both matters were referred to for then church, si.lc-iulk.s un
the board ol works committee, 'all   the streets throughout   the
The clerk read the estimates I the mission and that Third
of tk board ol police commis-'street lie fenced on both sides
sioiiers lor 1910 which totalled lor its eulire length ihiough the
$-lASr>.5o. The opinion was ox- reserve. This propoeitiea wai
pressed rn Ik report that   the not even considered by the u.un-
11 h
police lorce would Ih- required cil alld one oi the chief
lo be increased In-Jore the mil was present wa.s apprised
ol Ik year.   Relereiici- was al- lact.
so made to all undesirable shack . Several plans were laid on the
located on 14th slreet. Tk table for llu ciigiiuci s approv-
latter was n let 1 «l lo the In all h  al.
committee and lhe estimates j A requisition lor ihe beat un
were relerred lo the finance provement of sth street that
committee. nig its lull rath, mat .nl.mii/
.). II. Sc-nklcr, ex-city solicit-1 ing lo a width oi Xb bat, alsu
or wrole acknowledging the constructing 1 sidewalk be-
city's resolution dispensing tween Malum and Sl. David's
with his services, lie encloswl was re-ad and referred In the
with his letter his account in- city clerk lo a.scertain il the re-
eluding his retainer lor the year quisite number oi signatures
1910. It was referred to tha iW-erc attached,
couiniittee of the whole. The Clerk  reported   that he
The North \ <iiifouver
( will & Sii|i|)l\ l oi.i|iiiii>
bc-fl lo irfoim ihr public that
they have ettabamd an office
and dt po! ll th. lool ol Lonsdsle Ave iasl ol lhc (ctry
wharl, and will be pn-painl
within a feW du *. to supply
coal, wood 1 nd builders' supplies in any quantity at
modrralt" prices.
1 hey respecllully solicit an
opi-ortunily to quote piiccs
belore purchases are made
elsewhere. ■
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Everything Reduced
54  ind  50   Linatala A**-. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
purpose ol clearing, rouglnjCiul- than lifty years Irom the date)   AND WHERBAS said estim- loo) Dollars and to caUM   the City during the whole currency
ing ami  improving   mads   ami upon which this By-law   takes ate hai received  the  considers* same to he placed iii the Hank ol the said delwntures or any of
At a meeting which was held streets  and constructing   Side- ellect.                                       tion and Goal approval ol   Lhe ol  Britiih  North   America   at them.
in Ottawa recently "] tht may- walks to the properties ol bona J.    There shad lie raised and Municipal   Council ol the Uu  Nortli Vancouver to thl credit ft.    This lly-law shall come
on and representatives ol largi fide Residents or Settlers in the levied annually by a ipeclal rate' oi North Vancouver;                ol  the  City  for  the  purpo»[ into effect on tha Twenty-eight^
cities in Canada,  a resolution City; on all rateable land or improve-1   ^NU   WHKRKAS   the  said above recited. day of March, A. 1). One Tlious-
was paiied declaring thai in or      AND WHKRKAS it is deair- mints ur real property  in   the Council has deemed it expedient|   I.    Debentures.ol the City to illul N'iue Hundred and Ten
der  tu  prevenl   conlu Ion   ol able and deemed expedient that said City the sum 01)169.77 'or to submit 1 By-law lo the rate- the amount ol Seventeen Thou-
plans iii operation and ol differ- ihe sum ol   Twent)    I'housaud the purpose ol lormmf a sink- p^crs authorizing the expendi- sand Two Hundred (ji7.J00.00)
cm councils, provincial, lederal (.S.10,000.00) Dullars I.e expend- mg lund lor the payment of the mres reierred to 111 the esiiiiiaic Dollars in the whole, may Ik- is-
aiui civh and to prevent injury ed  by   the  Cily   in  clearing, aald debentures and the sum of ami the raising ul Uw monies sued by Uu< said Mavor   and
iu local 11..11.I1* *>■-. 11 1- iss.n rough-grading   and   improving (i250, ior the payment of the required to datray the same up-!Citv Clerk, In terms ul" the Mu-
11.1l1h.it .ill plans ol railways roads   and   streets,   and that Inlewt at the rate   aloresaid,ion _Ki credit of the Municipali- akfpa]  Clauses  Aci, in sums
or telegraph companies he  nol $5,1  be expended b) the Cin to become duo on  such  deben- ,v p-us _f expenses   attendant as may be deaired, but not less
granted  rights  b>   parliament in  conitructing   Sidewalki  lo lures during the currency there- upon the passage ol this lt\ law 'than One Thouaand (Ji,ouo.oo)
Ucept thai tin plam be subject give access lo the properties ..I of, and that in addition 1., all j-jfQ WHKRKAS the value ol|Dollan each, except one which
III    llll*    llall*1*1*1     1*1    llllllll. Ip.lllll    S
expressed b)  Inlaw.
The citiis rcpri n11bd al ilu-*
con ler cue 1   wen   dont real,   fo-
|,a||,,*i      IUI.Ha.I,       I'llll     Ullll.llll.
Winni| eji .mu l algary.     Reno
luu.air, ui .1 siiii nu, receii
(rolll   ilu    111.1.*:     "I    Halifax,
/. This By-law may l)e cited
ior all purposes as "The Cily ol
Nortli Vancouver Schools Extraordinary Expendituri Loan
By-law, lyio."
l'assed by the Council on the
Seventh   day  of  March, A. D.
Received   the   assent   of   the
bona tide kesidents or Settlers other rates lo be levied  and'thi whole rateable propert)   oil may   be   for   Two    Hundred Klectors of the City ol  North
in ilu- City; collected In tbe said City dm- __, sal,i _[s n| \ul-i* Vancou- (faoo.oo) Dollars,    Kach ui tin Vancuuver at an election   held
AND   IVIIKKKAS  m  ordei Ing lha whole currency  ol  the ver according to the lasl revised said Debenture! shall be idgned on the dav
thereto il will be necessary  lo said debentures or any of them, assessment   roll   amounts   to bj Uu said   Mayor  and   Citj of March, A. D. 1910,
issue iU 1.1 in un s ol iln* Cm  ..1    6,   This Hi-law  shall come --,mr Million l-'ive Hundred and Clerk, and the City Clerk shall    keconaiifcred and finally adop-
Norih Vancouvei lor the sum ol into forco and take effect on the Ninety-Six Thousand Two Han- attach   thereto  tin   Corporate ted In the Council,   signed   by
Twenty-Five   Thousand    $25,-Twenty-eighth  daj of March, Ijjjj ull(| Ninety-One  1*4,596,  Seal of the laid Corporation.     the Mayor and City Clerk, aad
.1.    The di'liciiliiids shall In,11   Sealed with the   City   Seal  oil
said  inlelesl at lhe late ol live   per day of
>,   Dollan as hereinaitcf A. D. One Thouaand Nine llun-
Victoria, Vancouvei and   I'ori provided (which is the amount dred and Tea.
Arthur,   Then »en preient al   ol the debt intended to be creat*    7-    This Hi-law mav be cited
lijl.oo) Dollar.-^
City ol   North   Vancouver   has cent,   per   uninuii   payable   hall  ■•"■i ■»■ u   """■
                                        '                                        ....                         .                         ,       r           1.                                    ,,.,'i      /.'.          r CUl    Ul     .Mil III      l.lllll.llM'l       ..as   lllll.     lll'l      .lllllllll!       ..I1.I..IC     ...Ol     '   ™   —    ■»- —
■ ■»' I 1 sm-en -I edl.i tins 1,1 law, th. p..'i.e.ls  or aU purpose! ai   lie City ol at -            a (1(,u.imil,   (k.,,t V(,iirlv   „„ tlll, twenty-Kighth                   	
lh(  L'mon ol Canadian Mumci   0 lhe laid debenture! to be ap-North   Vancouver  Stmt   lm- ,mi0111Um    u,   Hv,   Hundred day  ol   September,   and   the NOTICK TO KI.
Pdtill.                                            plied 1" Uu said purpiises   and  provenou s l.oan By-law 1010 ,,, f^Limm •, |l„„salul OaelTwenty-Rtehth da) ..I March ,„                         	
...     1   .... .                                                                            '  kc, ,        11     thi*    I   ..mul      iiii    lh.. : ™                                  .        .                                ........	
tu uu other; l'assed by the Council on the
FISHING   SKASON   DPKNS      \ -U   WHKRKAS a petition Seventh   dav of  March, A. D.
  idgned by lhe ownen ..1 more iym.
The lun.s ul  rod and   in.un than one-tenth (l-lo) the value    Received   the   assent   of  the
]awln , Dollars Ior tin1 purpusc of clear- the Mayor and City Clerk, and
than eighi niches in length, as i»g. roughipadtaj and Improi   Sealed with the Cily Seal 011
iiiusi oi the i.sh uaually caught in8 r,Mlls -i  s,m'ls "'  .thl'
ia  the local  streams an   len City and  Pive  Thousand (Is,- March, A. D. miu.
Hundred     and     Ninety - l'uur each and every yeai during the     TAKE    NOTICE   that the a-
(•$947,104.00)  Dollars;" currency ol the said debentures bovi is a true copy ol thc pro-
AND WHKRKAS In order to or am ul ihem.   There shall be posed By-law, upon which ilic
the    Debentures, vote ol the Klectors ol lhe Mu-
printed or lithographed. between the hours oi y o'clock
AND WHKRKAS it will be    4-   The said debenture! ai to ',M' iiml 7 °\lock J*
day ol necessary to raise annually   by principal and ink-rest   may   be THOMAS SIIEPIIKkD
special rate the sum ol 2"i~2.-n made  payable at the  Hank   oi Cil\ Clerk and Returning Olhcer
lhan that length. No irout ol
len weight than ilu,. pounds
can In offered loi sale.
for the term of lillv vears   Ior Hritish North America at North
dis. A. I'i. Ki all and li 1 sr.
tei  llll.IW ,    All s       Hi I,, ,„\.      i,
turuiil Saturday  Irom 1 plea
ant trip of several months' duration in Spoham. waah,    Mis
.ippi,us a.u.iiK improvid
as .1 result ui lm Iiuiul.11
000.00J miliars iur ..instructing 	
Sidewalks lo Uw properties  ol      NOTICE TO Kl.KCTOKS      Uh rc-payim-nt of the said de- Vancouver, Toronto or Montre-j
bona fide Resident! or Settlers     TAKK   NOTICK  that the a- Deatant when due and interest  al, Canada, or al lhc Hank   ol
hove is a true coiiy ol the pro- thereon   as    hereinafter    men- England,   al   Holder1!   option,
Britiih Nurth .America, London. ,lurs of,llw ««^dP^ty of __«
Cily of North Vancouver,   will
bil taken on   thc   23rd  dav   ol
PUBLIC   NOTICK is herein
given thai the vote ol the. l'.lec-
111 the Cit);
Wl)   WHKRKAS   it will be posed lly-law, upon  which  the tioncd;
luuss.ui 10 raise annually  bj vote of the Klectors of the Ma* THKRKFORK  lhe Municipal and the aaid principal nam ahall
special rate lhe sun. ol f1.41j.77 ninpalitv ol the City oi North Council of the City oi  North bi made payable by   the  Citj
(or the term ..1   fill) wars for Vancouver will be taken within Vancouver (wiih th. uaenl   ol Corporation al a date not Intel   Uau"' DWWe*1~' "J"""     9
ih,  repayment ol the laid   de- the City llall,  North   Vancou- the Klectors ol  the s.ud  City than l.iu  yean lr.nn the date ocw?
buntures when due and interest ver, 11. C, on Wednesday,   the dulv   obtained)    ENACTS   as "I"1" whkh this lk-law   lahei °
awfal (or lhe '    S.     There shall be raised
thereon as hereinafter mention- 23rd day of March, A. D. 1910, follows:
ed; between lhe hours ol w o'clock     1.     It shall
'Th. City of North Vancouver Schools l'ixtiaiirilmaiv Kx-
pciuliluro Loan lly-law,  1410,"
AND WHKRKAS the value ol a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. Mavor of lhc Citv and the Cilv levied ainiiialh In ., special rate f' j1'11.1 __^_ ,£*% UM\
the who!,- rateable propertj  ol THOMAS SHEPHERD Clerk for the purpoM afonaaid ot all rateable propert) in the , ", ....         £]!?i °\ *■■.  aml
the said Citj iccording tu iln City Ckrk and Returning Officer to borrow or raise by way  ol aaid City the aum of $113.70 ior fTi* »    in *
lasi revised assesiuuenl roil  is   loan Hum any  person or per* the purpose of forming 1 Sink- 'W'1"1"1 Kctunung ui iur  io
church, cornei bth •.,,„,. \i,n„,„ \.]U. Hundred and PUBLIC   NOTICK is [web} sons, body .,r bodies corporate, hu Fund Ior the payment of iln ~T*   ,   vuU ,    MK"  1'ka"ls
sir.ei and St. lieorgi 1 avemu    Ninety-Six Thousand Two iimi  gives thai the vote ol the. Klec- who may hi willing lo advaaci s.ud dehcatntea ami the sum ,,1 __*_** x       |,0Wl'rs '"
By order of tho Council,
WM. II. May,
Citv Clerk
••s''""s »l 0 ' m. and ;.,*. ,!,,,! iin,j Ninety-One   ($4,596,- U« of the Municipality of the tht same upon the credit ..I the (860.00 lur thc payment of iln-
p.m.    Siiiul.ii  ,-s, Iiunl and bibl
class ..i" pini    Class meeting
10 a.m. Sundaj     Prayei met
Ing B p.m. Wi'lm*.'!*.1.   Mu...li
villi Sunday ichool 11 a tn,
Paator, kn. p ll  Balderston
l.ynn Valhi Instituti llall
Seinns .uiy Sunda) morning at 11, and culling at ; p.m.
Si. .luhn the Kvangeli t,  Mb
and 13th stieels.—
Holy   communion,   .s   a.m;
,\si;,i|| ""1   Dullals,
iiil'.l'l'.l-iii;!. the Municipal
Council i.l ih.   I uipoinlioii   ul
the 1 ity ol Nurth   \ ancouvei
ENACTS as 1.'Huns
1.     It shall I*,  lawlul lur llli
Mayor ol  tlu  < it)   ol   Norih
Vancouver and the  Cit)   Clerk
morning prayer 11 a.m.;   even  n.i the pur| iforesaid,   to
mg   prayer,   7.30  p.m.    On tin   borrow or ran*. In 11,1; ul I.u.m
tint Sunda) in thc month ilmc ___ ,,ui   person  01   peraons,
will in a second celebration  ol body or bodies corporate,  who
the holy communion at 11 a.m. may bi willing lo advance tin
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper. Kami upon tlm credit ol tin- de-
Services ,,i St. Clcment'i hall bentura hereinaiu-i   mentioned
l.ynn Valley:    Morning prayer ol iln   corporation, 1  sum   ol
11 a.m.;   evening plain - p.m. money   nol   1 1 eding   in   lhc
I'm t-in-charge:    Rev,  II.   11. wholi tin su.   ol Twenty-Five
Gilliaa. Thouaaad   Hi   00,01    Dollars,
  and  to causi   iin   same    to    bc
St.    AllilliW's     l'lcsliUellal,  I"-""1  »' lllt slMlti   ol     llllllsh
charch, 6th iireel: -N'-"'h tSi-tnct, at North Van
Services at 11 a.m. ami 7.30 l0l,ul. l0 ~t credit ol the Citj
p.m.    Sunda)  ichool 2.30 p.m. lor ~e purposi  ..Lum-   recited,
Prayei meeting on Wedm day, ■""' M'Lh l"allUs slu" " ■*■
ai I o'clock     Paslor:  Rev, J, '"' lh'1 l""!1"-^ only.
D. Gillam, M.A. -•    DAeBtorei ol Ihi I it) lo
  the   aluouill   ol   Tweut) Kive
North Vancouver Calholii lu   rhouaand (^5,000.001   Dollars
di,in Million in the whole ma) Is issued  bj
Buaday Berrtcn  Mass .,1  9 the said Mayoi and Cil) Uuk
a.m, Sundaj ichool .1 . Wp-ui '" l""':'"' l"c M" t-^sott-
Benediction at \ p.m.    Paator: " Act, in sums as uia) h.  ,1.
Uev. B. 1VM..MH, O.M I.V.G. •S1U". Iml "oL 1,ss Utt* »,"""■■
  uu e.uh.   i.acli ui ih. ...ud  Debentures shall be sillied b)  lllc
Baptist Church, cor, 5th and ,,,,,1 Mayoi and Citj Uuk, and
Bt George: ,\„   Cit)   (lark   dull   attach
ii 1 Dullars; City ol Norlli Vaniouver, will debentures hereinafter mention   interest al the rate afonaaid to
AND   WIIKKKAS    tin    s.ud bl taken on   the   :.trd   day   ol ed of the Corporation, a sum ol l-ecoinc due on such debentUTea
1 iti ui North Vancouvei banal Earch, between the houra ol u money   not   exceeding   in   tin during tha currency thereof,  in
present   a   IK-bentun   Debt  a- .o'clock a.m. aad 7 o'clock p^. whole   the   .sum ..I Seventeen addition to all other ratea to be
mounting   to   Five    Hundred .■*■ "1> City ol North Vaacoa- JThouaaai
.uui Imt. Seven Thouaand On.   wf Bt»et Uuprovunents Loan
iiiiii,In.1    and    Nuieti - I'mil Bylaw, 1910," aad that within|
Twu 11 undi ..I ($17,  levie
and 1..lliil.d ill the saul
——•■■■■—— 1    1 .i
the City Hall, Nurlh Van.uii
ver, H. C, and that Thomas
Shepherd has been appointed
Retaining Officer to take  the
vote ol such Klectors with  thl
usual powcis in that behall.
By order ul the Council,
WM   11. May,
, Mavor.
Citv Clelk
BY-LA* No. too.
CIH oi-
A BV LAW to ambit th. Corporation ol th. Cit) id North
vancoaver to ratal bj waj ..i
I,ii,ui lhe sum ol >i;,.'."', lur
the piupusc ol defraying the
ipeclal h utraordman e.\-
pcaaai ii coanectiai with the
Schooli ul North Vaacouver
City School Dislriel lor   lhe
.ai (im Thoaaaad Kin Hundred and Tell.
WHKRKAS   tin   Board   ..1
Trustees ol the Cilv   oi   North
■. ,.,..,. ________
Babbath echool S«   iherounto lh. lurpuiai. Seal ol Vancouver School Dislriel have
m.s at j p.m ind it 7.30 p.m. iha said City oi North Vancou prapated and  laid  Indole the
___^__________^___^ vir. Municipal Council ol llu- Cit) ol
3.      Iiii  Dei" <liliiii:, shall Inal North Vancouvei  a detailed es-
iiucic 1 at Uu rate ui live pel innate ol the sums repaired to
.,111. pei .uiiiiiiil, pa)abb   hall meet tha current vear's special
1 cul)    uii   lhe    Iw,ini eighth or   extraordinary   expenses   iu
.l.l)     Ol     S(plillll-.l,     .iiul     tin
Bl   I.AU    I ,.
1 IT\ in
mum 11 \ \N( OUVER
coiinecUoii wiih iln pchooli in
llieir Dislriel.
AND WHEREAS the said detailed estimate is as lullmi*.
l'istimate ul Special 01 I'.xli a
ordinary Expenditure lor I'lio:
1 went) eighth da) ol Mafch la
niii .unl i ui) yeai iluring lln
currcliiy ol lhc said ilelientiius
ul  all)  ol them.     then  shall lie
attached   to   tin    Debenturea,
Couponi   signed b) thi  Hay 01 Claariag ind Grading
uui.   i.i   1,1.ii   .um     ,i) pay-1   School Site in D. I,.
null' ui intereit thai maj bc-
cuiiu due, and   iuch   signature
ma) bi either written, stamped,
A HV LAW lo enabh  thi t 01
porat ' :a ..a ii* ' H   a,i \,.iili |"iuii'l or UUiogra|
Vancouvei to raiai bj wa) ol     !■   sin said Delxniurei as to
I    1 1 1 and '       ■ ma)   k
. adi   payabli al lln  Hank  of
grading and
ui thi Citj
(5,000 i-a constructing
Walks 111  thl   Cit)
WHEREAS ilu  General Ri
\ elllle is 111' allll il 111   tO III'
expend   * ■■■   ;,<i  Ihi
British North Ami 1   - al North
17 J           >      ss"   uo
School  Building   for
Public and High
School, North Lonsdale                I .'"'"I   IHI
Two Koiiins Additiuii
to Nortli Vancouvi 1
School            tyin 00
Vancouver, fotoi Uontre-J-School Building in l).
an.nl.1 aa al 1    Baal ol    I- 2"3 1""" "°
Britiih North Am *      London,
land and the
sum   .hall  In* Ili.u!*
the Cm at .1  dati
ible   In
917050 00
Plus Expense! attendant  upon
later     the passage ol lllis B) la*
Wc (Iii not nsk you to luiy t-itlicr m 1 nnul iwajBp or I mountain top, as Bayview is m-itlu'r; ninl to prUYI thai this is correct
wc will gladly take yuti over any afternoon and shew you the proporty if yuu come to this oflice iboul 1 80.
Whan the Second Narrows Bridge is built Bayview will be in
u much demand for building eitei ai KiUilano it now. Before
that time street cars will bc running through the property on
tlieir way to the steel ear plant.
Bayview is only about half a mile from the northern end of
the Second Narrows Bridge, and the Keith Road goes right through
The southern end of I'.iivvi.'W is just five minutes' walk from
I lovely bathing beach and has a nice gentle slope towards the
water. The soil is good, and clearing easy. In fact wc could not
say too much in praise of the property—but come along and see
for yourself.   The trip is free and you will enjoy the boat run.
Prices are $275 to $325
Tarmi:—150 ca-di and |1(J a month, or quarterly, if you prefer it.
Prices will be advnrced $60 in a few days. Come and buy before
prices go up, and a year from now you will be glad vou took
our advice.
Munson & Calhoun
417 Hastings St. ,,^',^J^n,i,h
l'lione 56M
Applications are invited by
the City Council for thf position of City Scavenger.
Memorandum of duties to  be
had at City Clerk's office,.
Applications to be lodged not
funeral of Chief Joe Capilano
later than 5 p.m
:ist March, 1910.
on Monday, ia-er than J p.m.,
[lilt March, 1910,
City Clerk
Applications   are invited  by'   Sacred, pathetic and pictures- the most impressive ol all, l ie
thc City Council for the posi- que was the luneral service and declaration of the young   duel
tion of Caretaker of the Grand burial   of the   late   Chief   Joe llathiaa,
Boulevard and Parks in the city Capilano, Wednesday  and   over ,   in, was  ltd lorward  to  the
Memorandum of duties to   be ^ bier of the dead younK Child lid, „i the toilin and Irom   on
had at City Clerk's office,. '       '
Applications to be lodged not
.iocs only son,   donned the chieftain1! rohis of his
on Monday,  late father   and was, belore an
audience-   ol   the lagel ol    the
dd thlcl's head dress, coal
lil.i'iikc-l, royal ihey mighl
.illed, lor   it was   in theni
City Clerk
North Lonsdale
hot 100x132 lur |360.     Aluuwt cleared     Very Mf tt-rnm
Out* of thn fina.it localioni lor a home in Norlh tlOtemot, IWH'2<H,
cleared and graded, iplendid view.   Price $4200.   .', cub, li ,v 12
Cleared Lot on  I ynu Valley car line,  IItt,
Two very fine lots nn 3rd Street lor tlWOOeich.    ■„ cadi, ii.. 12
O. W. V.ncr
A. V. Mmkle
Cor. 6th & Lonsdale   Phone 176        Branch Office-Lynn Valley
Shaw' Pioneer Dry Goods
Gent's Furnishing; and Fancy Store.
|   Cur.'.'ii'l auul l.mi.ilali* An-. Eitabliahed HM Te'le|.lionc 53   J J
Come ami see our stock of llttiitlil'ul
Sew Spring (tooth.    Our Imu,
Emhrtiiilerie.t anil Bookings urr
thnin nnil imi cheap, ftms goodl
in all roiHjM fnim lot: jier i/tinl.
Sclrclcd Pritttf Mi: uml Hit. Sliirl-
irai.il.i from 75c. up. JUjifA Ill'llM
itititr ....
DRESSMAKING en the Premises
Hi 'I'll ■! ■!•■ 'I'l 'I l '1 ■ W-l"l ■! I 'I-l' l"l"l 'I I 'I M-l-H-n 11J H'H
Hlvlii||<lie|K-iieil.if in» nnmvry frnnmle lo be ilt-a.inl Ip l>i  .May,
I am |>ri'|..ir.-l I.. nfler ■i-.m-TbI prim on all ...nli bar*p-J|«
Splendid aeimrtment of OHXAMKSTAI. TUBS, wolin m.*.l -Lick.
hiTinit been grow inn in uur ground, lor voire, from Wo. ii|..
dm-ni lhe heat eelcetioii.ol RUSKS in B.C , in all ll.e ImmIIm »ll+
•Ilea, aniial.le fnr lln. .ecliuli. in (ri.il 2-ioiir lilomni. ■; rim, Ml I in li
♦'Jn |>er Km. |lti0|ier KKX): -mailer onei In.ii i*n. .•
Vl.uid Hlt'lT flUM '<> leadingjiari.'-lt*.     l.ol me price your lilt.
10,1X10 HUM TREKS in ill aiiew an.l price..
<,rc*iihoiiw> fall of planli in ill liwe unl pricea, from |1.<KI |-er lull
poll lip.
Office and Packing Grounds
3010 Westminster Road      Vancouver
Cin leivt (erry  landing lor
ill points, as lollowi:
•6.15 a.m.
•6-45 "
•7.10 "
7-50 "
l.»o "
850 "
9*Jo "
9-45  "
Alter which can leave at len
minutri past the hour and twenty minutes to the hour  until
Not on Sunday.
Ctri leave Lonsdale Avenue,
Keith Road, and Queensbury
Avenue Terminal! as followa:
'6.05 a.m.
•6.30  "
•7.00  "
•7-JS  "
«.os  "
8-35  "
9.00  "
9--JJ "
943 "
io.»5  "
10.55  "
Alter which cars leave „t livi
minutei to the hour j»d iwcn-
tribes of Ii. C.| proclaimed chid thai he visited tba King, and
of all Hritish Culuinbiu. [amid ,i breathless silence, alul-
The burial was held accord- -'-us lirst donned the heavy lur
|m to the ancient customs of cap, then the coal and blankets
the Indians, then- w.is B0 priesl alur which one ol the duels
present and the serviee was con- stepped lorward and pinned on
ducted as in the days gone be, his unset lhe two gold medals
whi-n a great chiel died. Ue- presented to lus iatlmr by UN
presciltalivc chiels Irolll all over  tLitg alld IJUeeli ol lillgland.
" Y01" Small Investors
Wc hnve just what you have been lookin*- (or
Across the road (rom Lynn Valley Store
Invest lion und double your money iilicn car ntnrti> riiiiiiii,|!.
Inside Lots #300 to $375      Double Corners #650 to #800
Campbell £* Evenson
Real Estate Brokers,      No. 9 Lonsdale Ave.     Phone 155
the province were preient. Cll.cl
Johnny d the Uaaqiiiem tribe
at the iiiotiih ol the i'ratal river was senior chief over the
The   scene    at   the    Capil.uio
uiusidc; tlie church, on eithei
side ul the door, two postilians
were posied bearing the- Hags
picseliled lo Chiel JolM) ol llie
ittittquiemi by lhe King.
ihe  luneral college lell     llu
chinch,   lhe   building ol   which church abuul 3.30 and procccu
was dune by the late Chief Joe, ed lo   the   Indian ceineun   uu
was most impressive. Uie Keilh road west ol the Lap
Around the cuilin sluod scut- llano river,     lu the procession
al   of the  duels including    lli- Were   many   ol   the  late  Line,
chiel mourners aad behind ut .1 Joes   while   Iriuids,   nicnuUng
slightly elevated platform stood Jlaior   UtJ, Keeve .Uc.sauglu,
an array ol chiels in their  na- Councillor!  lawson and lliiiig-
livc robes and ornaments, e.iui man,   A. i'hilip,   Mm. Aiordai,
wearing that sincere and sober -Ur. Lope-land, Duel Uavies, iur
expression characteristic   of the and Mrs. A. Oibson, Geo. liari
illative oi Mr. Alexander I'hilip
suine sn 11.inns were signed ul
the yuung men ul the cily who
had Intimated a desire lo ju*!i
the corps.
Mr. Dmiald Cameron, win. h.is
nialiilested Ills assent lu Ukc
ih.iigc ul the local cumpaiiy, is
111 high lavor wilh the .1.11111;
fur this pusiliuu and doubiUss
under his command lhe 0O.pl
will make rapid progress.
1 iiniii.1
Chid   .luiiiii  spoke in liuli.iu
of   the  late great  chief, whom
they all honored and 111   whcia
thev   had had a greal adviser.
His words were assented to by
tokens ol approval Irom his brother   chiels.     His  closing    re- prucessiun lo the grave
marks were translated by inter- ol the ipectaton .m.l
pretcc Simon Pierre ul thcKi.i
l/.ie tribe, Toil llaininonil. Simon   Pierre was the only   one
present   who   accompanied   the
late chid   io   Huikiiigli.ini Palace and il was he who was tlu
Interpreter and
lus brothers at
audience wilh King 1,(Iward.
Tbe   addre.vs   delivered    waa
ley   and  M.   Newman.
I'aulnie   Johnson,   the
Mohawk Indian lecturess,   was
present at the grave and adinui-
lstircd coinlorl lo lhe alllicted.
Huh mullled drum lhe North
\ UKOava mission band led the
who wilnussed lhe cere-mom,  ,u
thu church accompanied iln cor-
li'ge lo lhe ceinc-tery, lhe duels
111 costume, led by Lluc-1 Jonin,
carrying the royal septre   senl
Au exciting runaway occurred
last   Tuesday   alternoon   when
the team attached to the N.\.
.\jlss laundry rig dashed away   Lo
lamous in 'rout °i stL. Tarn's blacksnn ,
shop on First street.
The horses were evidif.ll
bent on making lhe beat ul
their ireeduiu lor they ran up
Chesterlield Ave. to Keith Kuan
Iheii along to I.ousdale Am.
when they headed at a breakneck pace down the grade ol
that street. Pedestrians along
lhe avenue look to their huls
aiid lound reluge in every door-
way within resell. Tho runa-
w.i\s continued down on to the
lerry wharf where the wagon
turned on its side, lliis neees-
arily   relarded    tlieir   progress
hun by their .Majesties, billow
spokesman   lor ed behind tlie hearse,
lhe lm-inor.il.le     Under a slightly overcast |kj
the body oi Chid Joe was laid *•„/before they passed the'lnk
at teat in his shallow grave ia tl oBtn they arere brought to a
the compositioii ol Simon i'iii- Capilano     eeineitciy.   Previous stand still.
ic uhu speaks I'iuglish fluently, to the Interment the lacredaa-l   Sillier the hursts were hurt
having   been  educated   in   both live   rites    wen-   administered*   beyulid a lew   miuur scratches,
Ettgliah   and   French    at     Sl
Laje DipLocK-WflicHT
With lo inform llieir cu -
toman tlmt they are erecting
a dry-kiln and will Ik- in .1
position to supply
Kiln Dried
of all kinds within two week*
11 .....* in
I7lh Street, North >amouver
Mary's College,   lt read
"Ladles   and    I'.elllliinell- Oll
iub,di ul ilu Capilano band 1
am permitted tu olid iheii sincere thanks to urn one an I all.
You   ladies   alld   geulleinen   :ce
the great ndihcring ol Indiana
and Indian ehnls Iinin all posts
ol Hritish Columbia llu l.n.
Chid Jos. Capilano will liere-
Chiel    Joniiy   again   olheialcil i,ul iju. rj,, was somewhat   de
and coiiuiicuded the \oung duel igoliahad.   In the overtuniilig ul
to   the   tribes  ol tlie   province -|u   u|ml,   M tha wharl sunn
aiid wished lhat he would   lol- ,,i   Uu   electric lighting   wins
low   lhe same cuurse ol action Were torn duwn and dragged lur
as   was taken Ihruugh lhe   lue s,,.,ie distance.   The driver, who
ol lus late lather. wai  oul   ol the rig when    the
Chiel Mathias, 011 whom   the horses bolted, did a   marathon
burden ol soriuw  resled, and on around ihe streets in hot    pur-
whose voung   shoulders so    recently had been placed the geavy
suit of his team, but was sev
oral laps Whind at the finish.
numbered by bnih wlnus and responsibility ui whnh Ins new
Indians that he was a great lu- olhce     neii^sanlv    gave    lum,
spuke .1 lew wurds iu Indian to
llu effect thai ll was Ills intention lo erect a tomb lor his late
i.ii iu 1 1   remains   in   a   lew
The gran  was abuul Iwn leet
diaii. Then    novel    111   all   In
tory oi Indians in tin province
that a uative ol Hritish Columbia has 1 Kissed the peat Al
lulllli ocean ul whnh I hid J in
did suine lour vcais ago with
his iwo brothers, Chid Charli\
Tsilpayinelt ol Cowichan  in,
aiid Chid Basil Boupartalrom boards
Ashcroll with interpreter Sii.    In,,,,,11
on Pierre nf the Keat/u-   triln
I'uii   Hammond oa thc l-i.
nver lu see his Majesii   King
Kdw.ird VH.
Vou ItaUea and genlkmea s.e
that lhe Indians ,11 c dressed in
llieir native coslunies and   are
inarching   behind   the   GOfp
Thev    have a   glial   honor   lol'
their late
as   if   the late cliiol Was going      A  resolllllun  as Inllows   was
for anuthei  iiiiirnei  t Iir. >it ^ li in    sent   li mil   lln  Distriit Council
world again, as he used to  do i° ihe bereaved lamily : "This
ami as he used lo U' bid lal, ...Ullill haling hi aid ol Oil-
Well by his people. Hill lll. v death ol Chid J.u t apllallo.
are marchinc, tinu |Tsat .In.l (hsiris lo .xpi.ss iis icgut sl
to lhe miiot.ii   «h.I.   In   i*, I., hearing ol the sad tvcnl audits
A slight inconveniii. ■ waa
siiliered by the residents 60 Second street cast last Monda) alternoon and evening as a result
ol a leak in the eilv's watei
deep alld Uie bottom was cov- main u w__ n,,,,,*,!,* ihal tin
with boards, on these ri,p,urs ttould nnlv take an hour
or SO lo fix, but whin the wa
ler   was   turned   on   alter   the
wen  placed  two   large i.
blankets. The colhn
was (dated on these and covered
wilh mole bl.inkils ul while.
The rough box was llien   in-
\cHcd and placed over lhe  u.l-
im.  The earth was thei-.  tilled
break was mended it was iouinl
ihat another and more sorious
leak h.is giving ollcinc Tin
waterworks gang worked till
about lo o'clock that night b.
in   and  the body ol Chid   Joo  ,oU.    lll(.     pipt.      wu    fina||x
Capilano was lilt to ita long -llcndcd.
chid, thev honor hn i |W*I
late iln. I was guin^      A  resolution  as lollows
Sm ial   llural   iiinlribu
were    placed    over    the
be laid Ini 11 tr in t \, whore i,
shall bl iiioiiriu-d bj  all ihe lu
diaiis oi itniish Columbia  t
Will as their iospe.1,.1 win.,
Iriends all over ihe iiiiiliiiein ol
The lata Chiel Jot leal.-- ..
widow, olio son and tWO d.ni.li*
teis to inoiirn his loss. I ai
nuiliuo lo ion. ladles aiul
llelileii, that alter three OtOBtlll
is passed there is going to be .
gathding ol Indians liom all
p.iiis nl Britiih Columbia in
honor their bend chid. Agan..
I   thank   vmi   one and all
vour kind lympathj to t lu Ism-
ilv ol the laic duel I Ionian'
yonts very truly, Simon Piciie
of the Kc.iti/ii tiilK', Poll
llimui..ml   It   l
Then   lollowwl   the ni
sincere respect lor the manor]
ol tlu .Ini-.iM-.l illlel and lh. i
bvTeb) Iqlldel lo the widow and
I,lllllll all CXpleSsloll nl llllll
Mli.palhv with Ihein III lln
groat loss thai hau- sustain-
Alllollgsl    the    visiting    duds
who wore present were :
Chid Harry Stuart ol Chilli-
K.uk, Chid Casmir of Laii)
Chid Joe Isaac ..I Kc.itnc tnln
Pori Hammond, Chid Andrea
nl Squamish, Chid Joscnh ol
North Vancouver Mission, Chid
Joseph uf Kubv Creak, Chiel
Edward   James   ul   Saanich,
\ .iieuiiver Island, Chid    Hill;.
Wachluffl   ol    Nanaiinu,     i In I
Alex   Paul   ,,t   Unto   lnhl
Chid thailc\  ul New  Weslinu
The Court of Hi vision ol the
Assessment roll lor the dtj ol
NorMi Valiiouver will In- held at
2 o'clock on the alternoon ol
Aptil  the   I Mt ll   ill  lln   llli   h.iH
I. I.  Itt  dU   MOnH   I
Itt i D«i
all llllll.   .*!    Mi-all.ll   ..Hi   Allll.,.*.-    lallalllll.
ntfic-a n.m .n.i n.i r*ui..ii'.   i'i**"
1,11   III    .11     11.    la...Hi'"
I'liura FMariaa.       Kiirniliiro Slnrt|f.
MAIL (iKi.r.H. hit... |.......|.| •ll.nllon
All kinds of
Sash and
Doors, Etc.
Ver) i li' .i|i
Mil.I.   AND   OI'I'H I
1'liain* Rj    N* uli N.inioiiier
opi ims
(Inn ■ - llurur.l >innil«riiini. IlllO
Gcirnnil . Vnicim-r.
KtminKek I'inli nntnl»-r IU Korth
lu an Interview whnh
Mi Naughl   had  with  lln
in   "I   Milm.i   and   Col
ed ilns summer.   The innouni
meat will b,* receivad with *■
Reeve jreni  deal of pleasart bv th.
Minis  nil-ens ami mpecially bj thou
Otier  who   have  idelitllied   th. il
while he w as in Oll,iwa 1...UI
adth the movement lm
ty-five minutes nfler lU hour |v in connectioa with otheftae time past and whnh i
until midnight. nicipal buiinem bc received thi  noa to b. la lm. [ol iui
For Grouse Mountiin take the Lonsdile Avenue car.     For   aaaoraaca  ErotB   then  officials conamnatios .it au o.ul\ date
Lynn Vallev take the Queembury Avenue car.    For Capilano   that   a corps of enrinien  lol     In   ilu    preliminar]    caneaa
tike the Keith Roid csr. 'North Vancouvei  will Ik  lorm- which was undertaken on th   -
2   Large   _)
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed.
1'i.rnrr Kill uli ->l. hii.I  M.imii Aie
ujimititv tenant «n.i anUh 11
KOlTH  ViM'iilVKK.
for Bool .mil Shoe Krpairinrj
and Custom Work   .   .   .
|0 to THOS   0  Mil.I.S
Pioeeer Hoot Maker
Uudale kn., opp. City Hall THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
V      a V IN. on i R, B   C
rushes into lhe limelight upon
such .in occasion and delivers
liiinscll ui utterances, the In-
teinpei.iii.a a.i \c Iii .se language
is sullicient i.i incline many
thoughtful heareri to ihe  opln*
Rath or si n-. in nuk
lllll* .i*:n II.IKI
Six ii li- .SO
Thn* nicnihi    •       • .IJ
UnitedSinter. IFortlan.ai-BOparyaM1 l0ll t|lal ___ ulUC i1H1i*„li is dc--
■   iiinni in  tlui "Mill master)
aDV*RT18ISii UTO u|..ih we ata anuinl is "the
Taaiaiim   Dn-rut   kuvnitwuiMTi- __fa   „| sl.|,u      ,,,,,1   tu lead
.'ni .mi- per ni.li .*;.... in-eriii'ii. '
I iNoTicia, Kt.    ILUOpwIaeli pef -«m th.rel..ie to loiiiliulc that
"'"uii.* i illinium prudence renden It wl
'■">;'"■"■ l"" -  *i - r»l „iwbU ,„ withhold aiceplana-
iiii uiya, |,.ou. '
i.K,,u ii,aii. a-   .  firm in•■ nn,ii, iu ni  hii itateuteata and ituinua-
.inu . , - i',-,,,,i.*i,i iii.-cr- UuUs m|U| ,„|u|ll,l|,. ,1]0()|_s iin.
dug, 6c, pa*r luu-. .     , ,       ,
I    .     *,*       i    tilWaCul slllHiilUe.l  lor  Iheii   sillist.ilill.i
tea- i ni- i**T ''ii**.* m li Idk ni"" tuiu.
i             Ami Mi-i'ii -1-   Iini- ar     ,.   , a,        ,,    ,,
 „lii,i: !.,-,.**, ial,, I,.              Uaallllg   speclliiall)   Willi    the
|iu.ssiliilil_\    ul   illsholicsl    pi.it-
\...      . .*,      raci i!.. in-.ii,.ni- lues in nal cslatc liansailious
■""*' '" "• ""■ Mlb* primer bj  ,U)  „lk.   U1||   _no_u   t|issciit
tlf.lll. -'I.II HV.  Illllj|a.l*ll-liri*|llll'lll*lllll'll »
in tin- nt-xi i-ii* "oin  the itatcment that il an
opciatoi  i:, inclined io be dia-
hu uol able,  iial cslule Will  plo
ciil. hun wilh a held which wlll
——————————————————— ,iin,r,| Imu wider .stupe lul'   the
NoKlil VamhI.UK. M.Uill  l>\   Hjl u   eSiTllsc   ol     UllSlTUpUlulLs   lllllll
 ods than wuuld sonic ulhcr   au
ki-.Al.  ESTATE   METHODS, nxiott which might ba anunwi
  alcd.    il is   alsu quite credible
ihai suine localitica arc so con-
Soiiicwhai   ol   .i   loiuiiiotioii , . *   ,,
,  ,    .        , aliiuttd lico'-iaplucalh   allil  u>
has lieen .i.ai.il (liiruiL' lhc pasl , •    ,,     .,   .      .
. poeiaiilucally   thai    llic\    wn.
lew .l.r. * i.ii.i.isi ni certain ad-      ,  r       /
, ■ ,   , lend Ihciiisclves in certain   po.
verse u nu Kins which haw   <i) r
,     . ., , tioiis ihclcul mult n-jdlh   Ulan
pcaii.l   ni the daih   pus    ie l.i
,. _. oilui's to the   purposes ol such
tlWlollielllellludsolsulllcle.il r    '
pi I soils.  At lhe sainc Ullic lei Us
Business Property
Kpplaiiade adjoining post ofticr Imilding.     Lot 19, Hlock
106, D.L. -"1 with tea room, restaurant, -ri rooms and
Price only $15,000
Ti-rms:—One-Quarter cash, bal.ince 6. 12 and 18 months
|i I.. L'lvi:—W- Imve tin Iwnt and clu-am-at luirf in thin riiii-|* aection.
I'ricta from |700 up,
I'l,..in n Simla v«or.i..v-r
I'liaau.* M Vm.c.iurer
lla.lir* '. I.   Ill    I" .1*3(1 |> Ul "1*11   Kviaillll)*. bv  »|a|*ll|||tl|l|Mlt
Mti*r ollici luiiiri- phone Lll'l
cstaii operated.
lt is dc-cpl) to in* regretted
ihai these strictures have not
in everj nisiaiin been attended
In   JUSI  discll|iiil,.i....n such    as
a ould  protect  n-j uiable  liniia
honorable nun iioiu lianas
■tucul .uid iuss because ol mln
Hulls which, when Mew en ill tile
iiiiii ui the upright dealing! ol
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B
00**9*'H****<'*'>Ji'*<r*-H-< O******^*****!********
phasi/.cd bv the withdrawal dur- 'would have deprived every citi-
isf  lhe recent sessions ol  the,"*   of   the   ballot,   excepting
provincial house oi  a proposed jUlost: *** MA ■ dced   o(   **
properly   *
without   anv   cncuiii-
uui lurgcl that the clluc.il i-u.d-
it)  ol   real cstalc transactions
has    Uu    essential   relalluiishlp
with the cuiiiuur ul lhe  ^ruund
in an) localil) but ,t emanates amendment    to   tl.e    Elections   ^^ fa fc ^^ ^ ^
aliogetlM  iiuui  Uh tharaclei Art.   The ainendiiicut,   it   is whtre  propcny is htld   ululer
oi tliuse persons who arc   pio   understood, was   rccomijutriidcl | dec(1 and mt>rtgaKt.   lhe   morl.
noting the same. An   honwi by tha ounAn of tha Union «f U^, -^a coaairt only  ol
man   will   Ik-  honest under   all |«- C. Municipalities, and   pro* ^ M ^^ o, r,(U.mplion th, sll.
' coi.duioiis and a TOgae will liml  vided lhat only registered own- ■ _.iU_n ^-     sjlmhu. M ^
.sucii linns can nol In ilialailel- ,       ._.    , ,„.,„..,.,„ ,. ,),.. ...lu..   .,1
an uppoituiiil-   tu exercise   liis '«s oi property to the valm   ol   ,,,,-, l0 tnat under an a-jriiliient
evil   propensities   under    pr.u uiu- hundred dollars should   ba L| ^j^
ucallj any crcuiiisianccs.      bo ^smW Ul vole  at   municipal     __ _ _kUl_{  ^   db   Bcf|fc
Iai as the necessities ol tlic case ekdlolls.   The al,..oui.ce.»l«ll o ! ^^^ ^ ^ ^
au loincllicd, thclc is no   licc-l Uie   proposed altel ation   IMMj^j,,,.   M   woulj   h
that   any    leal   estate iliccsloi U«tt   prompt   alld strong   pru-
shoiilu he deceived, ai any rah ^'st Horn MM municipal voun-
with iispni ia* North Vancou- ul!>. lllll'llv -* of the District
wi    realty,    inasmuch  as  heM   Norlh    Vaiicouver.     Had
has mil) tu oerciie naabnabU H*   amaadaaat   bMH law.
.... nmu lo assm. luin.seli    Ulal il      wuu1''    luu'    dll<:U<i      "
be is dealing with one ol the ••ldK*1 <*■»*■   ia -*    co11'-
 ,, .  .  , position   ol niaiiv    municipal
ii.ain   iciuiialili   liiuis, or  p.i p • '
,     ' , ,, , voters'   lisis,   inasmuch,  as  it
haps better,   to    lun   uoium-.-
has Ik-i-11 the practice lo lllselI
wilh.ml  Inst  in-puling   il    m '
lii,   grOUlld.     I.   llie   pii.il..,*..,   "' lll,l,Ms'   H*    smtm   ol   all
pu.ws lacking in „idi..a,- im,.- -** who producad agmuMBta
iuss m-.,sc, he hiiiisell cannot I.  vl ttm Ot .sat.slactoiy cu.l.iiic
held    Irw    lion.   calpabiUiy, \-** -** a certificaU oi rtgi*
should be uiahe.... unproiitablc lratiu". '" "l,la   l0   l'ilal,ll:,h
uiwstmeut. ,hu ittlt ll,al llll>    "*   boua
tide owners ol piopcrly latercst!
l/id h\ ttt) lei uis slioit ni
1 grow   illlui.iiiii       ol       Class
Am individual ul ordinal \ in
lilligiiiu    whu    has    obaelvcd
K.ndiiii.us with respect lo n...
i\ ...s the) are lound in di. iw a
tuila) has pui il down a- mii
ul  lllc  moil  iltlllclllali   lialllli*-
oi tha lituatioa, that tin rank
ni   ilu   realt)   broken mi Hide
man)  ni .mi  mosl   abli   ,,n,i
Inaii<.1 .il.li .ill/ills ami llial as a
11.ins iln 11  ,iii  im huillless men
III    I lh     Ui sl    llllll   .III    II,nl,      IIIH
i*      I)   deserving  in.
oi in.' investing publn than ai
ii..  uai estate sgenta.   At   u
saiiii  luili ll is a l.ul llii   .
iiiiiiiii ..I whuh is ili.it  in   the
mind ui ever) man « hu is giu-
id    wun    iiii    averagi    uu.
I'..r maii\ i...sous it is a most
regrettable Icalure ul the ni.ip
dkuiii      ol     nienial     aiuncii, ,    ,   , ,
, uui .il-iIj.1 in.   uliuh has dew!
llial     in.'wwi     iipiie.111      iln* ■
, ,      oped   thai    wi .un   aiuiuadwi-
inciiiiKis    ..j   .mi     particulai ...
sn Hun ol 'iu   -"ii.ii uriin  ii.,i
la,  as ., , i...    ,i is poillbli dial
in  iiuasiuiia; iiisi.uues, individual! iii.n eulei iiu i. -   who
sion*. should buvi been directci
toward the luiiinil ul tha dis-
iiui ..I North Vancouver, li is
impossible' Ior anyone acquaint*
i-d wnii lhat bod) to conceive
ho» such an iiiii iim aid c inu -
slam,    could    haw    tlalispllcil,
,.i.  mon  "i  11  un iuip-iiiaii.
and   UlH.M    iiulii*..is   Kill   la,    I,
pllllCllsliih      i.l     ,\i||     illsllulliSl
I ins pun* ipl«   holds  g i    in
i wi) tradi  unin ai., profession
a     I I   lllpl.ll   lllllll       lllllll   I        III. Sllll.
No   saiu    man,   howeVOT,     eiil
llunka s> n.ai I)   ni iniul. ii,uui,
1 aal      ,l|l
im..ii... a,, thi mi **' .i.iaii".. ui
an) individual ui< mix i tin
Will II    Mil     lllll     ll.llKI    a    111,111    lllll
ii incumbent upon lum u>
WlllC   .,111.  UIU    *    llpl.ll    llll     ,11  llllll   .
ul  such  all  ui.luiilii.il,  In    |ik.
M IS.   lllllslill Is  III il  III,   I,ll I   lhat
it ii incumbent upon lum i.* <
uml i wm handed juilici  lu  thi
great bod) ul  honest  mi uibei
ul that ila  ■ b)  .llu" in *     iia, ,
termi b) meani ui ivhich tu ,
pri   s  Ills CllllelsllllS  uliuh    Ulal
iiiaiiit.ui the i,ni :n ii in lui
■ awn  thinhing hi proper.)   o.s
lllllllll,III   a     .lllal      WlUl  ll      Will I'll
iiu    the   lul    iliil  lliusc     to
whom in iiiiiisiii will
piopcih ihsiinniiiate IhI'w.ii
the Objd l ul Ins attack oil the
une   hand,   and   lliusc    who   in
their character! and their deal- The deairabflil) loi the •aar>
arc lull) ... irreproachable cid< *,i ever) ie.i ** a urecaa-
• ihe iiiin himsell on   'In   lion lo guard againsi too great
Other,    ll   ::   lm Uini Hal illllllll     l.aillliess llpull   ill,   pari   ,if pull
tance,   however, lo  imd   that lie bodies to recon .nnciid-
scli   'omtitulad    un- mcnti to i tiitii on eii-
or oi Un ' i* eui-
to the required amount..
l-'roui u leihuieal viewpoint,
the recommendation ol tlie executive Ol UlC UJ.C.ati.,
wa. presumably curreel,
aud the amendment douhu-
lcss was not dewoid ol cuiiiinen-
dable luaturcs in other respects,
bul these cuiisldcraliolis could
Uui bc  held   to   outweigh   the
ulh.i  than mil  „! ignorance „t lll'll"^t    disadvantages   which
lhe puwcis vested in that .oui, *"M •««"   flu111   sit   cna.t-
ul wiihi.speit to plans ..I sul,- mciil into law.
dnisi is   Mill a    I'.iiaai.une ul The    dlsllallilllselllt'nt   as   lor
the ezcvediag caution Invariw municipal aflaba, oi thai wist
bl)  iwiciscil li)   lhe u.iiii.ll   III bod) i.l I'lllelligelit voters whose
L-unatdcring   all smh   ptoposi- awaey hds  bam  invested  iu
nuns lu^cth.i wiih iimi milail- KO"1' WU, hut whose titlu for
in;; waiihluliiess lor the prulu tm tiltU being, is IU lhe lorill
lion ol lhe public Th. peisuii- (d an agreement ol sole or some
ml ui iln c.uiiiul is siuh that instiuiiii-nt other than llial par-
.iiiv aii.iupi to deiuid ih.it 'ticular form ol conveyance that
hod) iroin Mich absurd nisiiiu.i- wuuld be aceepU'd lor registrations would be not uiih siipH Hon was ol ilsell a contingency
iluoiis, but altogelhei  presuiii- mffidaaUy lonaUahii lo rradi
ptuoiis.   Mutual Iriends   ol    .ill 'he proposed aliidihincnt | piern
partial will confident!) antici* ol legislation oi doubtful expedt-
pate thai iln amende bonorabla nty,    Followai to its logical
will in   promptl)   imtiiiiiiniiig conclusion,  such an eaactmeat
lium ih. -mn(c Ironi i. hull em- _
analed  iln* nnworihi   inslnua-
Uuii   ami    in   llu*   lauil    pulilii
manna  La which thi uniuatift
able in i. lam •    Wei        uli*.
Ill MCIl'Al, V0T8R8
tava been
little short ul startling, lur the
reason thai hundreds ol elector*
have qualilicd upon pieces oi
property which were portions
oi large estates subdivided, and
as these puichases have, lieen
practically all mad.- upon the
delerred payment plan, under
agreement ol salt, the right to
the Iraiichise under the amendment! wuuld have been available
to oul) the original owners of
these large trails who held llie
deeds (or the same* The result
would have been that a do/, u
men or thereabouts would havo
exercised tho ballot as rcpre.sun-
ting properly really owned by
hundreds ol cituens.
Under the peculiar conditions
existing in llritisli Columbia al
thc presant time relative to
titles to realty, it is certainly a
triumph of democratic principles
that the niunicipal franchise
should bl made to adapt itself
lo those conditions and that thc
right lu the ballot sliould be extended to every mail who establishes a Ixina lule right oi own
erslup in property, lo the a-
liiount n-ipiiri-d by the statutes
S  1  (i  N
Keith Block    Ut Street W.
North Vancouver Woodyard
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1,000 miles north of Edmonton, Alberta—and the
extreme cold has no effect on it.
RUBEROID is used on buildings in the West Indies,
Sooth America and the Orient,—where the thermometer registers from 90 to 100 degrees for monthi
—and tbe extreme heat has no effect on it.
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I'lmiu' I .ind 54
Stores: 711onsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & ftlh St.
Advertisements in The Exprefs
Bring Results
N. V. Horticultural Society
Engagements, season 1910
Jan 15th—Bum's Supper.   St. Andrews & Caledonian
"   2Mth—Dance. Merry Widow Club
Feb. nth   Dance. Merry Widow Club
11   23th— Dance. Merry Widow Club
Mar. nth    Dance. Merry Widow Club
"    35th—Dance. Merry Widow Club
Or to C. F.JACKSON, ijtbSttaal
A Few Snaps for Profitable Investment
Safety       Income       Prolit
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
North Vancouver
This $|)ace
(Incorporated A.D. lyoh, under the Companies' Acl 18^7 and Amending Acts, with chiel place ol business in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
***********************************0***********0******************** mr-mmmmrmamma**0*04***0*****44*40***0****00**»40*4**044400**0***'t***
Mr* Dan. Amscold, the popular city's foreman, is receiving
tbe congratulations ol his
friends on the occasion ol the
arrival at his home last week
of a small boy visitor. Mrs.
Amscold and the baby are reported to b« progressing very
Miss Bertha Sale, who has tor
the past two weeks been on a
holidav trip to Victoria, returned lasl Sunday looking
much stronger and feeling sot-
sideiably belter alter llic vacation. Miss Sale has resumed
her duties in her brother's stationary store.
Mr. W. A. Gibson ol Third
street returned the lirsl ol this
week irom a two weeks' trip to
Vernon and through the Okan-
agan Valley, where he was in
quest ol a car load ol lirsl-class
saddle horses lor the local trade.
lie was uiisuccu-asful, however,
as he iniiiiil thai ilui cost ol
hoise llesh in lhat country was
even more expensive thau at the
Mr. Jas. Koss, l.itc ul Sun
1-rancisco, who has recently accepted a position ou the stall ul
the B. C. Telephone Coinpanv
of Vancouver, was iu the cilv
last Sunday and spent the dav
as thc guest ol Mr. and Mrs. .1.
C. Williams, Lonsdale Ave. Mr.
Koss' Iriendship with Mr. and
Mrs. Williams dates back many
j ears ago when they were residents ol the same town in the
east. Reminiscences of school
days were also renewed with W.
C. Green ol North Vancouver.
Invitations are out for the
Odd Dress Dance lo be held under the auspices of the St. Andrew's and Caledonian Society
ol lliis city in the Horticultural
Hall on the evening of Fridav
April the ist—April-Fool Day.
"Come in odd dress, evening or
fancy dress" the invitation requests. A lengthy program ' ul
2) dances will bo provided and
a thoroughly good lime is promised to all who avail themselves of the pleasures which
the society oilers on that evening.
I Elite Realty Co.
2348 Westminster Ave. Vancouver
List wilh us (or prompt personal attention with  speedy
Specialists in
North Vancouver, Fairview and
Mount Pleasant Property
19th St. and St. George's
Fourth lot lruin avrinuv    11 h\
1)0 feel*     f6*$0 all .ash.
Chesterfield  Avenue
,Su bv   130 leel.    One .uie St7!M>.
'.* i.ish.    Baa) terms.
Lynn Valley
j aclcs.    I). L* W88     N i .ii ..ii
Sl luu per acre.    Tei ins.
Capilano West
■Sn MM.     X mile   lium   Inlet.
Jibso au acre.
West of Lonsdale
20-1-785,  Jikhi.   'jiasli. Buy
S.W. Corner D.L. 1105
19 acres at  S.lou  an  acre  net.
Buy at the jSave your Piano by having;
lan Expert do your Tuning
And Save Money
For Groceries,
Dairy Produce,
Vegetables and
Highland! Potatna fi.13.
ISi'Sl  .1. \ II. Cullee.lresh lu.isl
ed and gruiind, 1.II1 fl.00
Indian and lev Ion Tea, llli Jl.
Alberta  Hiitlcr,  besl creamery,
3II1   J I.IK)
Alsu Itutter al 2,sc and inc.per
1-alicv Apples:
tt Die Saps Jl.H per box.
King Apples ti.il
('.olden Pippins $2.25
Oranges   all   sizes from MC. np
lu   gOC    pel   ilo-.ii,   j-iuiian
lee.l not   touched   hv   Irost,
and sweet and juiiv.
Large   aaaortnieat  ol  Knglish
Candies   Imported   and   il.i
uieslic iron  i.sc up to JM
Alsu   l-aiii.   I Ii.n.dates   up   to
J I.,S<> per lb.
260  Second   St.,  West
Work (iiura-nUMxi.     Drop a ik>M»! and
General Contractor
■ MMM ■ MM
We have competent tracheri lor the following instrument!:
Term of twelve le»Mn», $6.00
North Vancouver Piano Co. & School of Music
Address-443 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 114
Telipin....* l.-i.
r'n-t !'•' a*' r\
List with us.
See our List
The Elite Realty Co
2348 Westminster Road      Between 7th 6t 8th Ave*.
Builders and
IV LA I ISI IN ;,   pie pare I to
Lime- Brick,
Sand, Cement
And nil kinds of Building
Material in quantitiw to suit
mul at ratuonahla prices.
Royal Standard Flour
The  Flour with the   absolute guarantee
Manufactured hy
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Vminiiivcr.    B.f.
Ihi- most exacting ind particular bread  Lakers are our
best customers.
Order ROYAL STANDARD   lunhl up British Colum*
bii'i industri*■*•
I e rv sick guiranti id.
Wood for Sale
III mil   I'mitrm'tnin,   <'Iki-.ii
Bmeatlng, OrwHag, ili
t, II I'lY,
l'hoiii-91 no, ill. I*-. ..
Teacher ol
Artistic Pianoforte Playing
North Vancouver,   Saturdayi THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Iron iin- n.i H.
I'iii.*.* your .,iai* ri man md
mi .in i .a,, inula r'l uipply.
Urge shipment! uill arrive
in .1 hi .l.n -.   I'n* H nulil.
Large   mppl; ol   WOOD
..linn i un iiaucl   ....
Hoi. I North \ .ni. ouvei
Telephone Nf -••
Fine young bull kept at tin-
I.win Vallu il.iii\   near  hotel.
I,win Viillei, North Vancouver.
-    i'i-
lib; vision
(  Continued Iroiu page 3)
iced 10 clear uli some of the
street at once, while the line
weather was en and that it
should not be delayed until the
estimates were brought down.
The motion was carried unanimously.
Alderman Inun moved that
in connection with the dangerous state of a bridge on Larson Koad where a large
imount n travd pained over,
All new houses sliould be piped lm gai I" "i'lc I" save the
In*.i\\ c\|iinditurt (nr thii cm*
veiilciiK- at   1 l.itei  dale
Loasdale Ave
Call nnd lee our list ol
City Property
Double Coiner on the
Boulevard, $3000
On.'-ihird cash,  Lal. mrarifiai
D.L. 265,2 lots,
$1200 each,
l.a-v lei ins,
Brokerage to.
W. Tremaync
IH Lonidale Am
l'lione 186
Villi Vancouvei,      IU .
City Clerk.
foi: .
NOTICE is hereb) given that ilia-  the Batter be  taken in
.rn  Monday,  the l8th Dav ol hand  by  tlic board ol works.
April,   min,   at : o'clock p.m -Carried.
iMilim   iln*  Cilv   llall,   Not th Aldermen Sihult/, Smith am
Vancouver,    B.C.,   lhe   Assess Irwin were appointed a special
mint Roll ni ihe inv of North committee to dralt a memorial
Vancouver bu- ihr yeai 1910 i,, i1h« Dominion Government
will be ri vised by numbers ol asking that some action be tak-
tho Council littmg as a Courl eii in relerence to dealing wilh
ol Revision. Indian    reserves.      Alderman
Notice ol all ioinpl.lints Schult/. was the mover ol the
.i^.iinst the Assessment, as resolution and spoke oi lhe cen-
in.i.le by the Assessor, must be oral movement amongst uiuui-
given in uniting to the lubscrib- cipalitiei throughout the Do-
<i .11 least lui day! before tin- minion toward some solution ol
.laii' ni ihe Bitting ol the court, ilns ever increasing and pressing
and such notice must state the difficulty,
ground ol complaint. The question was asked as io
Given   andk   m   hand    Ibis' lluidty'l intention wilh regard
Ulli il.i\ ..I March,  mm. 'to remedying the evi) ol septu
tanks on Third street .lowing
THOMAS SHEPHERD, Jnl0 U,e street. This was lhe
initiative lor a general discus-
_!siou on the septic tank system.
" 111 lhe cily. It was generally
admitted ihat the only remedy
was a sewer system, but until
lhe debentures ior Uiat purpOk.
had been reslised on it was considered advisable to do what
temporary repairs that were especially urgent, lt was rclnrrcd
lo lhe health comiintU-e with
power lo evoke tllc aid of the
uly health oflicer.
Inquiry was mado in regard
to lhc cily having power to .
ulatu the style oi ehi...iic\s   t..
be used in the city.
The questioner stated that a
1 tin chimney had been put ou a
house uear his residence on
ChesleiTield Ave,, and ihere applaud lo be no protection provided between the liii and the
It was reierred to the lire
chiel lo report any disorder to
the chiel ol police. Alderman
SchulU oliipliasi/ed tile l.ul
that il was high time that tin
city slart tite issuanoe ol build
mg permits.
The clerk was instructed to
proclaim a half holiday on Saturday, March 14th, Arbor D.iv,
A committee composed of the
board ol works and the engineer
wal appointed to outline a pin
1.nn lor the day's events.
The council   then   went   into
Havi  ("a. looked up nur
Freih M. il >!• pertinent, (or
qilllit) ..ni price .\.   cannot
In beaten*.
Why go  down the hill
-iIiim in  1 an Mipply
all \.mr wauls
Groceries and Meats
: 11 Lonidale Avenue
Nnilli '        11.    111 rywksN   *> "I   a: \ whore
Wi have the buyers snd Aa n h   maki your own prices
.ui'l liim . .01.1 band into or phono.
411 \\M>I R SMITH  & CO.
I, ni-ilal.' Avi-niic. near h-rrv
l'lione-   Office H       lloun  22        P.O. HiiX.V)
i.inmiltec ol the whole.
1 1 onidili    «<> s' •
1      . . ''. 1.' iad 1 - monthi
lv ith bn.i l Carliti      Ijooo
11    1  1'' *     Balanci 6, ia ind m n
sn.. t, firit b    . ii     Loai
!I3 I      *    \ic Quea. iod I
1.1.47 Tai.87
'I I \. hinge llulding. Vam ouver, l.l 6330
Au inloruial meeting of the
.\..uiivc ol Nortli Vancouver
Ratepayers' Association was
held in lhe city hull last evening when a number ol subjciis
Id civic importance was discussed with a view lo recommending ihein to lhe next uieeting
,oI lhe Association lor approval.
Principle among these, was a
resolution lo the ellect that the
n,nm ol Norih Vancouver lor
shis citv is misleading, cuinl-cr-
soiiie .uid undesirable, aid
should be (hanged al the carli-
istp ikssible moment and ilia.
lhe unpaids association re-
.|iiesl the city iouuciI to lake
slops 10 obtain that object
Tin opinions expressed at the
uieeting wen- almost unanimous
Tn lavor ol the name "Lous*
Another resolution pas-eil
was that whereas the cily so-
liiitoiship is now vacant, and
the association considers it advisable thut a local resident
law \il should lie appointed to
hli the position and thai it
would I* 111 the interests of the
.il\ to senile the sin iocs oi
Abbliuaii Sihult/ 111 lhat call,11 itv in vn a ol lus familiarity
with tin -work of the ul\ mini-
Resolution number three was
111 ellect that the executive suggest to the city council that the
disposal ol reiuse and g.irbage
might be done in an expeditious
in.imur in means ol a hopper
m * ni to in* damped periodically
mln the (illll.
The i|Ue«.tloll of ullowitli; uvic
officials and thc nietnbeis of the
city council to be eligible Ior
membership 111 the Ratepayer*'
Ass...latum m.is discuss. .| and
mil be gone into lurther at the
next general meeting ol the Association.
/ards, Ltd.
Boilermakers.   ■   .
Marine  and Stationary Engine and Boiler Work promptly executed.
Telephone 103
North Vancouver
North Vancouver
Prosperity Crowns Enterprise
A reasonable estimate based on facts, shows
that over $600,000.00 will be expended during 1910, on City Public Works
Realty is active
Prices are steadily advancing
The population is rapidly growing
The demand for residences far exceeds the supply
Large Revenue for Owners is assured those
who build suitable houses for rental purposes
Home Builders seeking the best
location, should decide upon
METHODS  OF   RECORDING relation to a "standard," which'politan Club of the same city.
  as applied  to crops means  the    The Vancouver Oyster & Fish
condition Ior a lull crop, and as Company gives notice of tin*'-
applied to live stock a healthy intention lo form a partnership
and thritty state.   In each case with Nick Albans ol Vancouvei.
c«l'evra amongst"coi'mim place 1"u tnpreaenta a standard con-1 The following apnlications to
The ordiuary reader (llllou. aUtl Ml) nuiiiber above purchase land are recorded, nil
or below mo a condition betler lieing Vancouver residents I
lhan or not as good as a stan-1 J allies Adams, .lames Black,
dard. Five classes of condi- .1. .1. Cowderoy, II. A. l.ainb
tions   mav be   reported, viz,,jam)  Wm. B! Thompson in the
Statistics as a rule are dry
leading, but in some cases the
lads disclosed  create an inlei
perhaps, never gives a thought
to the methods ol coiiipululing
those myriads ol ligures in the
t.iivciniiieiit and other like ol-
liccs. The scheiiiu of reporting
licld crops and live slock in
l aiiada as presented lo the 'Intel national liistiiuie ol Agriculture, at Home in December iyoy,
outlines the plan followed in
ta-nada of gathering this inlor-
lu lhe lirst place il is not
practicable in a country as largu
as Canada, extending over hall
a continent to make an accurate count ol lis crops and live
"lull" by loo or over; "good'
by any number Irom 75 to 41, ,
"average" bv any number from
50 to -.) ; "inir" by any number Irom 25 to 44 ; and "poor"
by any number under 25.
Upon lhe information thus
prepared and returned lu the
Census   a-nd    Statistics    Olhce
vicinity oi'pre-emption Wl, dis
trict of OiicTii Charlotte Islands ; 0. Harrot, .lohn McDonald and li. Weiuribc, in vicin-
icy of D.I,. S-,1^2 District of
Queen Charlotte Islands; Alice,
Florence and .lane Kelly near
l,ot y:i District ol Cariboo ;
Lias. Falkner on Robertaoa is-
lioni all pai'ls ol lhc Dominion Hand in   Skidgale lnlcl ; 1''.   S.
lhe reports lor each month   are Hunt near lot J, 407 Districi oi
made up and ST! issued by telegraph as balktina to the newspapers about lhc lolh   ol  each
to this service.
slock every year and lo accom
plish    this "in   as  economical 'I'01111,1.   lu ,ta iMwtv* *   Kw,
manner as possible the census ol •       '  "'   "
the whole Dominion is taken iu   .
the lusi year ol each decade, IMa,UstKS **_?> ***_ )» «
when every jkisoii alive at lhe P«^^ation devoted cxclusivelv
iijse oi a specilied day is recorded by name, sex, age, birlli-
place, occupation and religion,
and a hell i.very person who lias
died within the year ending with
the same dale is recorded 111 like
Careltil enumerations are
made al lhe same lillle ol llie
areas occupied and in crops  oi
the product ol the crops, 01 the j *l '* aPPm ^"'K-
number!, kinds and products of!   VaiK* ls «lVt" thal Ulc Cu>'
live stock and ol the values  ol^1   *«• Westminster has rehn-
reai  estate   aiid   doinestic   ani- quishwl Us patent righis lo ap-
mals   and   ol   products ol    the proximately   [8,000  acres
laud   and annuals.   Thc uianii- rounding -.oquiilaiu Lake
lactures ol the country  are also river.
eiiuinei.Hod   at   the same time,     Notices    ol    assignment
together with UH fisheries  and K,vcU   as   toUow»:   li- L'
lhe  linnes,   Ui show values  of Uuarrie of Vancouver, grocer ;
producls, persons employe.1 und ^n,'1' C. Mulr. Victoria, B.C.
payments    lor    salaries    and boarding-housec keeper and thu
V.tfcs.   The conipilution of thei Terminal City Sand and i.raul
schedules in the Census ollice 11111* ompany ol Vancouver.
W01 required the service ol Joo     Licenses have been granted to
New Westminster; 1,. B. Norman, near pre-emption No. jn
District of Fort George; V,.
Powell near Pachena Lighthouse
Reserve, District of Barklcy and
lormation  bv  the Census  und A. G. Stuart in tllc vicinity ot
Hlackwatcr   Lake  District    of
The following appointments
were made to be commissioned
lor taking allnl,nit-, :
Vancouver City Electoral District—Den. A. Cunlilfe, S. Tay-
Iha current issue ol the llnl- ll,ri ',as' VounK. I**- E.   Ilvnd-
ish  Columbia Ga/elle coiitains ""■>.   H-   Birmingham,   VV. J.
the lollowing notices : A1U,1> - 1'. Black, H. T. Sliel-
Teiidcrs  are  called   lor    the t011. _}■ lL Slult'1. J- A- 1>r«-
ereciion ol a'one-roomed school tan' S- Un tt>'ck. A. E. Salisbury, II. Hopkirk, W. B.   Foil,
ol .Montreal with head ollice 111
liriiish Columbia at \ ancouver, and to The Alliance llisiu-
alice Company ol Philadelphia,
with 11. C. olbces in Vancouver.
Lad) smith Cily is making ap
L. C. Kyle, C. Henderson and
Benjamin Blackwood, of the
City ol Vancouver.
1 Richmond Electoral District^
—R. Clugston of Eburne : .1.1,.
Knssol and David Cantelon, of
North Vancouver.
Comox Electoral District—
K. Ca Barteau, ol Salmon River.
Columbia Kleeloral District—
William L. Crawford and Kich-
ard .1. liiickley, of Rogers Pass ;
G. T. Stalker, ol Golden ; Dar-
rel P. Hauinglon, J. C. l'owels,
l-'raiik Hutterlield, G. C. Mc-
Ka\, .Iqjin P. Slubbs, Charles
\\. Corby, Robert llubie, and
.lohn kobb of Wilmer; John
Jones and F". J. B. Ilankev, ol
tt inderinere ; David Drown, .ol
'Athalinor ; Martin Dolan, ol
Vermilion     Creek;    tt.    M.
clerks  tor  one vuar  and ol 50 cxtia-provincial companies,  10
clerks lm 'thru- additional years. |Tllt   Kcdiiiund   Compain, l,td
.Much nl thn success of the undertaking depends necessarily on
the correspolidi'iils, nearly all ol
whom au practical farmers.
l-.ach month ol the year has   a
special relation to agriculture
and Us vai ud lnleresls, and the
schedule ol questions lor each
month is prepared at the beginning ol  the year to bring out
tin  mosl suitable information.
In the month ol June, ior  in- awe  seen granted  to un wf i-,,,,*^.   Buttimcr,   ol Carlisle
Stance, uu respondents are ask- 'owing : Cannery;   J.   F.   Ellis, R.   W.
ml to report on crop areas and j   American   Canadian   Develop- Ward,   James  Cantlurs and A.
aamher   ol   live  stock, and 011 'ment Company,  Ashcrolt Cop- .1.   Matheson,  ol  Port Ksstng-
the condition ol crojis and Rvelper Company,   1). C. Jeweller} ton.
slock 111 relation lo a standard and Importing Company, Brad Okanagau   Electoral   District
cub   person reporting Ior his [OU   Compauy,   Central   Okana- W illiam M. Osboumc, of Arm-
own locality as compared  wilh gall    Lauds,     Ltd.,   Cowichan strong.
llie previous year on a per cenl. 'Leader Printing ami Publishing       -,	
basis.     II ihere i.s io per cent,   -ompany,  C.   K    King  Comp- Mrs. T. II. Kingsley and fain-
inorc oi oats in crop, Ior exam- any,   Dominion  Finance   Com- ilv   who  have been occupying
pie, it will be donated by 110, pany, Fort  George Land Com- the laic Heaslcv property at the
Golden City Amusement comer  of  Lonsdale   Ave.    and
Ltd.,   Harris   Cainpani, islh  street,   are   leaving   next
plication lor a water record onl™,
tush Creek and the South Kel-' *£_**,*" '""' ','»ll» Wil«°»| "'
.     ... Sinclair,
owns Land Company Ior a wa-     ,., ...   .     ,    ,.. ,
. .        ,,       11   1   .    ,•    1      ,   Skeena   Electoral    District—
ter record on Ilydralic Creek.     . ,,  .... , .., ...
1 Angus   McAllister, of Clallton ;
Certificates ol  tacorporatioil Milton Christian, oi Inverness:
have   been   grunted   to the lol
bul if live per cent, less by y,s,  to_\ ,
and il the number ol milch cows l'aik
is I] per cent, more it will be Howe Sound Timber Coiiip.nu
donated  by lie, but if 10  per John   R.   Uowes Timber Com*
cent, less it will be donated In   panv,
JO ; aud il there be 110 change 111 pany,
week lor London, Eng., where
they uill meet Mr. Kingsley on
his return (rom China. It is
the intention ol the family lo
Kelowna Irrigation Com
Alaiher,   Vuill   iV   Com
area or number it will be dciiol*- panv, Metropolitan Trust Com- return  to  this  citv  in
ed bv loo,   Aiid so the  entries pany,   Mountain   Cm.   Mining three months.
are made according to each cor- 'Company, Prince Rupc-rt-Skeena 	
lc-poiideiil's   observation    and .Transportation   Company,   Tai The S. S.   Prime   Rupert   is
judgment ior his own township Han    Yet   Bo   Chinese    Daily tied uji at the Wallace Shipinrd
.11 parish to denote the relation .Newspaper   Company,    T.    L* dock where she is lo Undergo a
ol urea ol licld crops and num- 'I'eck Compjany and ttesl   Van- thorough cleaning and painting,
bei dl live slock in the vurrenl! couver    Transportation    Com- j Tlu-   appearance  ..I so large   1
en  io the area ami number pany. ship   at  .1   North   Vancouvei
l,i*.t u.ii i.,r caih kind or crop:   The   Terminal   Cit)   Club  nl iiharl   certainly   givm the lm
and animal.                                 | Vancouver gives uotiu- ol alter- ,plessioii ol activity   along   the
In treating ol the condition ol ation ol memorandum ti Asso- waterlront and a forecast of the
mpS and live slink coin-spoil- eiatiom to allow  tliem Ul   par possibilities of this place as  an
dents are required to report in \chase lhe   assets  of the   Metro- industrial and shipping cuitd
D.L. 676
North Vancouver
PRICES:--! 100, $200, $300 and up
Terms:   Quarter cash, balance 6 equal quarterly payments.
Keith Park is on the direct line of the north end of the
proposed Second Narrows Bridge.
Keith Road runs through the southern part of Keith
Park, and also along the eastern boundry of Keith
The Pipe Line Road and Seymour Creek form the entire
western boundary of Keith Park.
The eastern approaches and abuttments of Seymour
Creek Steel Bridge are at Keith Park.
Keith Park will receive thejfull benefit of all traffic over
the SecondjNarrows Bridge and the Seymour Creek
steel bridge.
All roads leading to the proposed Second Narrows Bridge
lead directly to Keith Park.
Keith Park lies within one-quarter mile of the shores of
the Second Narrows.
Saka Aornls
589 Granville Street, Corner Dunsmuir Street Phone 5519
*********44*4*4*****4**tt*******0499999999**********9*************** THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
New Spring Hosiery For Women
• Excellent qui&iei and moderate price! are the
characteristics ol ih.-sr new spring lines. The values
will sppesl In every woman who demands most in exchange lor her money. Every new shade ia represented.
• Women i th i luu- cotton hose with double heel,
lm- inl sole .nul garter top; shown in sky, pink, Copenhagen, reseda, smoke, navy, oxblood, lan and
lluk; pinr i'n a p.m.
< Women's fine Lule thread hou with double soles,
loo .md heen; come in plain oi   bee ankle slvles, in
black, laiii. navy, cadet, icsedi, pink and sk\. il 15c
ai pan.
i \\ nmi inn lisle thread hose, damilv embroidered
in self colors; shown in buck, white and sll populsi
I ides, sl (>3c a pair.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Grcsnville Street Phone 3541
I in Acr.   Mth 604 leet li mting on strei 1 cariine.
I.i'N J, 1 1 ■: 1, II  \ D.L I03J     I'm 1 .;
li nm *.. ■ "* 1 iih, 1 iimi * 6,11 and 18 months.
Ki il Bititi .md Financial Agent!
Wc i.m handle as ih.hiv inuie.    II you ire thinking of building
so 111 and lailk the mattei ovor
805 Lonsdale Ave.
N.nil. Vmioouver
Phmv  lit
PO. Box 166
Cor. Ird Sl. & LoiimIiiIc
* ■
Genera! Bldcksiiiiihing
ilnn in latin-
nnl mnn. on   '        1
All »..rk  ifinir.11,1., I.      I'r |*t
ia* :i Iruil
iCienernl Contractor
I uui 1'lonrniK.  Blimp nnd Rock
ig. Kiln fin nisi houm.
All iltniiin. - iniali- |oad
an* *t.   W mm, ,,t LoiiaMl.l*
I1., lloa ..
Hoard of Trade
North Vincouver Boird ol
Trad* nireti the third Tuesday
of cmh month, nl 8 o'clock p.
m., in the bonrd room, Cily
Hnll.    Executive nu-i-ls the first
I Bl    da-    "I   1 .Iall   II, iiiiiii.     W.    .1.
Iiwni, president;  1  Q  Farmer,
ten lary.
t. 1)0*11
I'lftlil, Spe.iln Stioni   I. 1111,alis
P. 0. Hon 2;, North Vain        i
North Vancouver
.11  BV
OrtiSritad. Hargtral, Midlislsad
Mni.Tioiv Kami
Nwiii Suit Out on »p*-*citK)B
I'"     ITIII-    ll|i|.al     M     tl,.    ||„»|,|||,|
Car. MU) Mrivt.l St, Airlrrw'. Aif
The regular meeting of the
Board ol Tradi. « as hdd in the
city hall last evening. President Irwin was in the vhair and
there was a large attendance
ol members,
A variety of topics ol general
Importance were discuaeed and
SH address by Reeve McNaught
was was listened to with great
The inks oi proceudttft were
dispensed with alter thc meeting was called to order lor the
purpose ol hearing the reeve's
speech on his trip east in the interests ol the Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Cuinpany.
"II it had net been lur the eilorts ol tin delegation," lie remarked, "the positiim of North
Vancouvi. al the- present 1110-
ineiil would lm in rather a pre-
carioua state." The V.W. Ji.
V. Ry, Company's supporters
had been working on llieir
plans lui an extension lur
uontha ahead ol the time whan
tin Hill was expected to bs
brought to the railway commit-
tie aiid had not ilic Interests of
ths municipalities been reprv-
swited at Ottawa iu person tho
-ossibililies are that tlie C0111-
p.niv's wishes would have been
granted aiid North Vancouver
would uot havo been anv nearer to the bridge that it was five
((.us ago. As the matter
stands now the Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Company is
on equal footing with lhc A AV.
& V. so far as compel/Hum im
lhe privilege ol building the
bridge is eoiieerued. Tho mat-
ler uf difeaOM lie in Uie lacl
lhat un lhe une baud the Cont-
p.ini have until Augusl of this
year lu eotninence eolistruclioii
in ordei to retain the bonus and
even this is questioned Irolll the
lacl that the Minister ol Kail-
ways staled emphatically that
there shall be only one bridge
and 1h.1t should ba a joint rail-
*aj ami traffic bridge. Oil the
olher hand ihe municipalities
have been granted bonding powers whieh the Colnp.mv made a
supreme ellort to obtain bul
vute rclused.
The knave dccUrad thai he k*-
licvcd ihat when the luunicipal-
ilns wen 111 ue'lual possession
ol lhe charter lhat it was llic
intention to proceed al ume
L'U aid Us succcssiul completion. "We have noi got the
bridge yet, gentlemen," coiitin
lied the speaker, "for there an
many dilhculties to bc surmounted befon it is an actuality, but we arc now placed in
a position where it it*, possible
uuh Wtttjy and enterprise to
accomplish lhat cud in the 11..1
distant future." The matter of
Illuming wot Uie great problem
lo uhicli he relerred. It would
seem ill these good limes that
money lor a public good .such as
tlie bridge would be, could be
easily obtained, but he said it
was   sm prising   how   "tight"
uioiiei bscaaaa when ihe nutta
)1 subsiribing to Uu- .slock ol
the bridge company was mentioned.
Mr,    McNaught    wais  ol   thc
opinion that the construction ■.(
a joint  vehicular    ami    iratlic
ridge across the Second   NaT
roan would cost don on to .1
million dollars. Jle noted that
ih.   iiiiiiiiiipalmies  could    now
mhacriba to stock la the Bridga
.nul Tunnel Company und expressed the opinion' that he
would tint Im' .surprised to sai
the liinnel in operation Irl..to
tr.illn was crossing tin ,'sroniid
Sai rows bridge.
Speaking oil lln iramipnrU-
tion laeililies ou the north shore
he dwelt briellv on llio quillifica-
iiuii oi this side ol ihe harbor
and the excellent advantages afforded lo shipping and industries.
He stated that there wete
time limrmill IIS lllal railroads heading lor lhe roast and
bf i\as   cniilidolit   that  part    of
tlteir terminals would be on tlie
|north shore lor the reason lhat
from observaUons which he had
made iu the east in large railway centres there was not the
requisite areas to lie found in
the vicinity oi Burrard Inlet
other than in NorUi Vancouver.
In conclusion he remarked he
expected to see Burrard Inlet
'one- ol llie greatest harbors un
the North American continent
in a vury few years.
j A hearty vote ol thanks wa.s
tendered to the reeve (or liis excellent address alld the success
of the expedition to Ottawa
was must lavorably commented
upon from the lacl ol ils almost tremendous Importance tu
Nurth Vancouver.
The regular course, ol business
was then pursued and a number ul matters ul correspond*
once were read and disponed ol
through tlieir proper channels.
hollowing a report Irom Mr.
l'erry, chairman ol the Settlers
and Tourists Committee un the
large number of visitors and
tourists that already commenced lo travd to Nurtli Vancouver, a general discussion arose
on the question ol the shortage
of houses in this cily at the
present time. Inquiries fur
houses tu rent were lieeoining
more Irequeiit every day hut the
inpply was exhausted and il
was becoming a serious mattei
and one which needed very careful cuiisidcration. It was noted
that   the   Opportunities    lur   a
loan compaay to open up on
this  side   were   never brighter.
Tin- house building contractor
was also ollered very bright
prospect! in his line ol trade.
The president remarked that
he llioughl Uie owners of properlv lure should serious'lv
consider building on their holdings as the revenue Irom a
house was someliines as high
as iwenty per eeul. The investments ill the land would
iioiessarily be taken cafe nl bj
the increase ol property whiih
wa.s advancing at a rapid rate.
Speaking lor the l'liblic Improvement Committal Alderman Schult/. advocated the securing nl addillnnal siles for
park purpnses, planting nl trees
in all public places and llu establishing oi attractive boulevards through thc cilv. On a
recent   trip   to Seattle he   bad
noted the advancement thai was
being made in that city in this
line and the great improvement
it made lo the city's appearance.
.1. F. 0. C. Wood introduced
the question ol acquiring some
suitable site in or mar to the
citv nl North Vancouver lor the
purposes ol a bathing beach.
Ile spoke al some length 00
the noiessilv of such a resort lo
the city and being as this plan
is so advantageously situated
on the wuler it was one ol Unessential! to a tourists' resiiA
whiih Nortli Vancouver has
rightliilly inherited.
Alderman    Schult/   spoke   to
the question ol transportation
laeililies across the illlel He
said there wus I lecling lhat the
lare should Ik- reduced especially lo monthly tickci bolderal
ll. wn <d ihe opinion thai the
districi council might be ap
pi..allied with some proposition
in ilns regard,  it was refcrn-d
to tho (\..iitm  In deal with.
I   A (oiiiuniiiKation was inon
.-I Irom the publishers ol sYesI
warl Uu inviting lhe Board ol
Trade in contrinnta aa article
to tholl lllaga/llle and II Ilnn
were anv loial views obtainable
they would lie pleased to have
cuts made ol same and run
them along wilh the article. It
was relerred to the chairman nl
the publicity committee, Mr. A.
Philip and Alderman Bchulti t..
get up aii article lor publication
in this magazine.
Messrs. J, J. McDonald and
W. 0. Boult wm new names ad
milted to thc membership roll*
MIMMIMMMMIMMIMMIMIMM ********9999**44***4**44**t*4♦♦♦««*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Residciiir- Building a Specially
' Home Block,    North Vancouuer       P.O. :»oi 72
Structural Timber
Concrete Foundations
Reinlorced Concrete
Building,   Moving,
Raising, Etc.
Diamond Jewellery
Quality   Neatness   Style
We arc sliowiiii* a line nf diamond Ut ji.wclli-ry which i*
not excelled in Canada.
Style and rettiiuineiit i« nprMMtl I'V llie ileni-oi tll llie Nt**
tiii((8 while om- irlinoo al tlio diainunda ansureii yuu ol tlu-ir
We man.ilnoliire in our Vaniouver laclory any article ol
jewellery you may tabs,
OhSSN your diamonds fr.un our .took ..I l.voie liom and
have ua let tlicin.
SaliKlai-lion giiiiranli-od.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.    :
m .
Diamond Merchants and Jewellers, JJ
Um, k. Trorey, cor Hastings & Granville
Hinigini I'lroolor D
Chas. H. Cates
General Contracting
HEAD OFFICaC-Roomi IS nml If,   Flunk Block
181 Haatirigi Street, W    Telephone DON
Or Tntes' Wharf,   North Vancouver.     l'lione 136
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch''Weal Vsncouver," Captain FimlUy
In. used iui jj pansUfSH
Il.illjiiuiii wiitrl
Ivery Iimi l\cc|>l Sunday
U.-fi-a v.ni-u.trrr
Clly   fi-rri..'   Whirl
7.3U am.
1.00 a.m.
y.uo a.m.
10.00 a. m.
11.00 a.m.
12.00 a. m
13.00 p.m.
14.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m.
ib.oo p.m
17.00 p.m.
i*- "" p 111
12.00 p.m.
. 14.00 p in
.12.00 p.m.
Quiches! route Irom  Nortli Vancouver to llu- district beyond
Capilano Iviv. 1      Launch "Wot Vancouver"  nukes connections,  without Uii,   with  the  lerry StoklMN from North V.ni
osaver,as pc-rabov. tcheduk
'   aa„     pi I       HII.1      lip llll      J
pecill talis to lain    I-   i?   J:
dn I and 1.1 rafeltt I   , .
boarders. I»l
m R001 GjTOen oo ooosi
Bacon Snm.   .-•-   NOKTH   VANCOUVkR, B. c.
*********************! 4******aaaa*>***aee***ao ******9s ►♦♦♦• >♦♦»♦♦»»♦♦♦ eeaeeeeeee
Oe k. BAKERY \
orriCE scri'i.iF.s, etc
Fred. Bosquet,   Pro|). ♦
i:: Lonsilnle Ave P.O. Ilox 13       l'lione 11   f
>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
119 First Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
Fine Printing'
119 First Str. ei. E
Phone 80
The cily council lute Mow *
evening in the committee ul thi
iv hole took up Uic several  mat*
tcrs laid over   lium   lhc   open
in dealing wuh Ua Citj i.a-
ginetr'i opinion Uui Um coun*
cil had very lillle power in tilt
acceptance   ul plans ul subdivi
slolls,  11 \\ .lb Ucciailui lllal    Ule
provisions ul section m aad
250 ul lhe Muilklp»] Clauses
Act should he a.llKle.l lo licu-
aller by lhe cily euuneii.
bcciiou ny ul ihe Municipal
Clauses Acl ul lyob provides
ihe luliuwuij; regarding surveys
und plans Ol eiiv luis : "All
luture surveys miu building lot!
I oi property tvithu a atj «:bicb
is COnUgUOU! lu lhc liuilinl.il us
oi a ciiy, l.v owners anu ouan
shaiil be mbject iu the approval
ur Uie Cil) Engineei atul uu
.iiavur ivhell lhe ell) has a Clij
engineer, oi lu uu approval oi
iiie mayor when the atj has
;'iiui a ui) rngiaw and no pun
ol survey shall Le u-i U u.l unless ll lical's a Cdtincatc ul siuli
approval,    hut   siuli   ap|
isllall nut he unlcasoliubh   ivilh-
in regard u< Un* subdivi uou
ol ciiy lots MCtioo .-.sn ol   the
Municipal   Uauscs   Ail   i* ■
" i lu citv Engineer; when the
eity has such an ottii ial,
Mayor, (iinie iiii .ii    i.i. nol a
ciiy BBgulaer, in*.*   	
Sllll.llVlM.lll   Ol    ..HV    1
lead) subdivided into building
luis, .md everj plan ol subdivi
sion ul such I... ..in
lic-d by   the citj   infill'. i   01
the  Mayor,   ivhen iiu cilj has
imi a iiiy engineer, as  saving
Ihiii approved belon  thi  regu
11.iii..ii thereof."
Ill Uils CSSI all Iiunl.  plans nl
subdivisions vvill havi to bs lirst
submitted to the citj eagineei
ior his approval and iignaiun
ami also bearing  the mayoi
Mgli,llllll Inline llu \ can In
passed llpull by ill. . ni.iii ll. ll
'Viilllil    sulll,    a.a.1     :,.      a,    |||i
foregoing claana and la annul
w iiii i in Engine) r Uaaea opin
ion thai the u.uinil had prai
lically   lio  juris.li.inui   m   llu
mallei  lml   in   llu  .um iiilim.it
in   ihe   RegistT)  Ad al  i'c
two years i.iln   u provid
ih. ..linull approving ..i    plani
ul lubdiviiions ami ia i an nu.
dispute aria • bctastta the own
II and thc lliillil.ip.il iiiiiiii il lli.
loiiiur  nun hav. reeonfci
the   Sm v. v..i In in a il   .tlui   th.
I.I. llllll.llll   Iind I BOI    Ila   I 01
vvln.il shall l-c lUihcii III  Ini  llii
in regard to Ua pai l. oa  tbi
(juu iisl.in v Ave. boulevard, do
Baud in ihe .it.  l.v   Ui
Uahon,   Hi Karlnnd b\   Pn
ilu* board ol works wit,
powered  to take .dl * u ps art
ess.ll v    Iii   niliipl. li    ths ..iii'ii
linns contained m Uu agra
mini wiih i.i,i.ini in n.i
wood Park.
it traa reaolved to call Ior ap
pin-,iin.ns im- waterworks loi
in.m in be in bv Uarch >8th,
salary to be fu*, pec month.
The recommendation "I   (h>
board i.l works llial the lalal
..I 1). Amaeold,  dt)   lore-man,
was adopted.   Hii lalan   will
BOW   U'   S    ir   llu   isl   ul
Uarch to the ;nl ■*. Iktolier
and ul iln. rati "i • pel
in.uuh iur Un* ramainlng
months ol the -■ u
A I'l'V.lllllll,I | ,| . |,., . . .1 thai
Ult*    llllllll. II    aal    :],,     ill     .   .a Ill     lU
pariiiinils in ilu  (il\   ha
will lu* muli r thi    "p. i   : mu "I
the i lu.'iin 11 ■ tim ni   sad
that iln* ni' engineei -vill ■',
empowered to diachai *
plllV     llllll,    Ulr   llllpllU !
he u tilted by tk council
At a meeting ol tha St, Andrew's and Caledonian Society,
whiih was held iu their   munis
recently, s reaolution was passed to proceed with ihs purrhaai
ol ihe three lots on si.ci.li street
near Chesterlield Ave. lor which
Begotistions have already been
culerc-d intu.
li was farther resolved toin-
orporata the Society under the
Industrial Committees Act and
to loriii a joint stock company
ior the purpose ..I silling linstock in the- proposed St. Andrew's hall which the society
intend lo creel on tlieir new
purchase on Sixth streei.
Al the next BMStiaa of lhe so-
i ul v vv lileh Will be held on the
mi i Tuesdav in April the ladies will be mv Unl and image.
mints vvill be entered inlo lor
lln iiiiiiialii.n ul a ladies' aux-
iliarv nl St. Andrews mdetj.
A nnisi.al program Mill also lie
provided by local talent.
A number ol new members
were enrolled ihat svetatng.
the president, Mr. A. I'hilip,
was in the chair and ilnte was
B nood alteiidancc oi members
Lasl   Saturday   and   Snadaj
w.is virtually the opeaing ol the
suiiuiici'  season   ill Norlh Yun-
uiliv.l. I'.Mcllclll wiulllil Willi
lllc balmy temperature lound
mill on Uu southern slope ot
tin* not tii shut, ol Durrani Inlei allorded the plcasiiii seeki t
the height ol oiil-ol-door enjoy-
im nt. The crowds started
..1111111); uver un lhc lerries' in
ihe early limming and continued up lo inarlv noon when there
was a little lull until thev bewail returning about | o'clock
in lhc altel noon, when the lo-
,sl eai service was tased to us
atnosl capacity. .Musi .a the
visitors   brought  ih.ii   lunch
wilh ihein and sp.nl lhe day ill
uin* ill the numerous beauty
.puis ui nature m North Van-
loaver, Capilano. I.vnn and
Seyuiour each had their share
ul picnic parties and lo smh |
i lllal look VV lli'l e (Ule
might lhe iincssant Uavil ol
pedisli-ialis sad fig! was , v. iv
vv lut a- lo he seen. The 11 I
kin un    kv.   Co. carried   close
.rn iu i,.... passengers oo theii
\..rlli \ aiiuiiivii Inns un   Sun
,nnl  lhis has Imth eipialli'il
nil ulli- un asioli    the lilin- ul lln
Sundaj   baseball   when   the ii
•nl wai in.uh .nni in-, mvu
.niei ban i.tokcn.
lhe I,vnn  \ allev   line held the
i* .ul lui    ihe uuiiil.fr ul passefl
.nnd, it bating doubled
the l.uiisilale Ave.  lm.   and hall
.  in.mv again ns tin- Capilano
An Hiuiiii' lal lepnrt irolll
the Norlh Yaticiuvcr km offici
is in ihe  cileci ihat Is i Sen
dav was the re. nnl sine. I In
• i. in was taken ovei l.v llu
city ami, in lact, batter than
any Sundav List vear wilh tin
i vieptlon    ila avs   ill   tin
ball Sunday.
I.    O.    O       Fa
North Vancouver Lodge, Nu.
55, meets every Thursday evening, comer Lonsdale avenue and
First street, at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to
attend. J. Kelly, N.G.; A. T.
Kennedy, Rec.-scc.; J. II. billing, Fin.-sec.
Mesdames Haigh and Castle
Dressmaking Parlors 141 6th St. L
on .mil iviniiii aln"i"*
,i jpi'i'inlly.
Leave Van.
Leave N
Leave N. Van.
Leave Van.
'ii.tn a.m.
•b.20 a.m.
'b.45 a.m.
7.30   "
•7.20   "
•8.00   "
8.30   "
•8.20   "
•8.50   "
9.15   "
9-45   '
10.15   "
10.15   "
10.45   "
11.15   "
11.15   "
"•45   "
12.15 p.m.
12.45 p.m.
12.15 p.m.
12.45 P-m-
1.15   "
1.15   "
1.45   "
2.15   "
2.15   "
2.45   "
3.15   "
3.15  "
3-45   "
4-15   "
4-15   "
4 45   "
5-15   "
5 45   "
b.15   "
b.15   "
b.45   "
7-25   "
7-25   "
7 45   "
8.15   "
8.15   "
h-45   "
Si.15   "
9.15   "
9-45 '
10.15   "
10.15   "
10.45  "
•n.15   "
11.15   "
Not on Sunday.
Time Table subject to chan ge without nolice.
Vancouver Busiiit** Directory
3ly Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
413 Granville slreel.
Barrister!, Solicitors, ttc.
Rooms 111*4103 Crown Building,
615 Pender Slreet
Phone 99b
S. D. SchulU        C. S. Arnold
kallethe's Bath
Cornier Homer snd Pender Sti.
The only up-to-dali sad iili-
■ble hath home in Brituh Colum bia-
Wt cure when; otheii iail.
Satisfaction guaiisteed or so
pay. Plain bathi, electric baths,
.iioarer baths, masiaigi lot bo-
l> and lace; electro ther-
.iptiiiii  '*allis a i|iecialty.
.m.i. kallethe, PROP ,
Graduate ol Berlin, Germany
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada'■ Graat.•( Wnlt.n School
IR. J. Sprott, HA, - ■ Manager
bu»iiie»» College
1S32 Seymour St., Vancouvei
Day   KaWOl  open   all   the   yeai
round.    Night school commences September 8th.
Grocenei and Provision!
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Musical Director
Vancouver Upera House
Rooms 3 and 4 Elks' Ila*-, Cor.
Robiou and Granville  Streets.
All Instruments.      Phone 2530
We have the largest ilocli oi
mouldings 111 B.C.to selc-cl liom
so when you want naming done
cheap and well gel our pines.
540 Granville and 138 Cordova
M.iuiii.il i.n. i»
MMM unB mn
Sign and I'ncc M.iiki is
10 1-lHtllM.li lill".        l'UM K3J7J
Keep your ey t oa
For particulars apply lo
l'lione 815      440 Homer Street
The (ii\ I'liimcil has appoint
"1 s.itiii.l.K , tin* nineteenth dat
"i   Uarch  nexl  as 1 .in   oa
llllllll   In  oil HM*   AllliU     D
ihi* Citj   ami Ills Worship Ms
1   i.n has iiiiii plsaard to n
11 ud ihai iln dtlttni ob
"M   .1  publu   hall Iiuiul.i\    nn
aid   ll.ll .
Ml iiti/ens are herein ri
taki   nolice   an.l
ihi-iir. iu 1 sccordinglj
-i'iir ill tin Ciunicil.
1 City  '
Canadian Detective Bureau:—
Offices every when
\'.Hiruiin 1 (min*     ■ i.ni|airi. that*
. Illillssjl *l. MS*. I'li'*i
General Supirinteiidcni
\ orkshire (MTNlM iV
.Securities torporatioii 1.1
, 'n Seymour Slreet
R. Kerr Houlgati - - - Manager
All North Vsncouver   people
eat sl
Either Flack Hlock or Ilast-
LAOIIfr HAIRURESSING _P J^  °Pf >*>[t   ,_*     __
 Post Ollice.      Leonard iells lui
in a n-       -.        I sta hy the pound.
30 percent Discount J      \	
Ofl   all    Inns    .a;   11 hi < ll
fl     .i
I       llll       Kill    I
*.  I..1.. '   mil Ml
1 i a -.in  di
bi| nls nl in w  gOOdl
Bagliik practical aratcbBakatr)
I'.st.il.lishid 1KR9
Spi-i i.ilty,   repairing
Tin* idjourned nn11 * * "I ilu
Nonh Vancouvi I \ > hi Club
was held in thi i ■■■ les' Bull
last evening when a good at*
tend,mu ol the nnuibers was
present to participate in the el*
tction "i "iiii.i i ii the earning
vear, ) hi Interi '■ shown w si
nighl} s.iusI.himv tnd even
member lelt that thii year's
board ol management w as well
iliiiseii ,iiiii excellent results are
expected Irom the organization
during thi yeai  1910,
I'lio   officers   elected   wire
Commodore, ••'. \\. Robertson ;
\ iu Commodore, .1 * J, Woods;
Itt .11 1 omi lur.     li    Bvaus
Captain, J IS J, Hrown Via
1 .ipi.1111, S. Wright , Soil,'.1.
.1. B. r.iviie , in usurer, Hem 1
Woods bxecutive, tl, \\. Gil
uiniii. J, W, Donaldson. (.
Smiili, J, A. AU Millan and .1.
11. Brown.    The honor,in  mem
lal l*|    I 111 ll*,    lllll    .     Hull.     I'       I   ,||
I Ottoo,  J,  C.  Keith,  .1. K.
Leckie,   ft,   .1.   Irwin,   K.  B,
H..1111 and A. B. Diplock.
Th. .innn,il report oi the su
lil.il(     was    read    and    .showed
iliai the ilub was in good financial standing.   1 hi constitution
and bylaws »,:, brought Up
and discussed lull) and weie
laid over inr lurther discussion
ai a meeting lo be held 1 ion-1
night   Iiiilu   win 11   thev   will   be
iiii,ilh adopted.
Th* Min tan announced that
application (or membership
were n*m being received and th*
application (onus could be obtained from am iii the officer*.
I'll, club'l 11.iinin islup books
will be made ui about the middle  ol  next nii'iiih when   tin\
will be readv lui disposal to
anv nuori'siil in the Yachting
Mr. ,unl Mrs. T. S. Nve n-
turned last Saturdav from I
seven monthi' visit to the   old
country,  Both llr.  and   Mrs.
\ve express mat satisfaction
in gutting back to Nortli Vancouver although they had the
best of times while tourii
the British isle nnd tho continent, Thev appear to havi
lum niii il greatly by their trip
,is Hum outward appearances
they excel in avoirdupois.
1 hi Ml  FRUIT
I. k. lii-iiiii-l.     biLonsdale
In fact an immense variety of everything in the
latest styles and patterns to be lound in an Up-
to-date Dry Goods Store.
:<L'iii. Benl validity I* niliili Print, all colon and dt-iigni,
Ki1urauta--.1l (ail djes, par yard UXc
Ma, t'liiiaiban 1'riiit, all colors, per yard lfc
Our range ol Gsnt'l soft (ront shirts is lirge and complete
all tin latest ideas being represented,prices Irom 25c to ti-7$
Gents Fancy Lisle Hose from 35c to 75c
Gouts Summer Underwear all sorts and prices
For the partial clearing of 120 acres of land in
D.L. 237
For further particulars apply to
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver- E. C.
t\ 0. BOX J86.
cm op
I enders for Clearing
The Cm Council iuvite tenders
inr tin w.iik ni removing and
burning logs and brtuh and the
cutting ddwii .md burning ol
ill.Ml     Ill-OS       111       lllWMHIll        I',Ilk,
comprising an area "l u seres.
Specifications   to be  had oa
spplication to the eitv engineei
Telldels lu bo lodged vvitll lile
undersigned not later than s
pin. nn Muiiil.iv. .Mst inst,
Citv Clerk
1 111    Ullk'.S  Illlui',
March lMb,  IQIO,
For Rent
Tin* ll.iunl ol kbool Tru-teei
imila's 1. h.Iit*. I.'r lhe rental of
tlie Kuilrtiii'1'lnr plat*-, I.'in.'iiili*
Aveiuii* .m.i IJud Strut.
The i .r. .j.a rl jo DOtnprilM four
,i. ri- in nign -inli* ni eiiltivati..n.
Two tent itfiwrnirrln, I Knot
■mull Irolll, tifty Iruil treei. l-enr-
log, Ii'ium* "I Imir ur live mollis.
Oflwi "ill bl reivne.l fur tin-
roiiiiil nl' lliis iliuii-i* pru|i.*rlv up
la. M.in Iai, M-r.-li HU,, tat a
|n*rii''l nf i.iii' year.
Kurtti.-r particular* nine Ik* nli.
n.iiui! tram V. P, I'l-.u.'i. Beat-
l,ir**, . iiiiiT llli -In 11 IM ('lies-
avenil,   "r   from    \.  |
Sl<ni'i. i linirinnn. I.ousdale ave.
and '.'ml -Ireat.
Tlie hljrliMt a.r any tender, not
mssssrui impUd.
For Easter
II anyone can supply your wants we can
We stork BE8T food**' from HEST fii-nii.
Cor. St O-orjtc s 0 8th Strtet
Come to us for the money and repay it
to suit yourself
Ml Lonsdale Avenue
Pianos &0rgans
Tuned and Repaired
S.ii.-i.u tion (iii.iiantoi-l
"Pegi . w l-'.irh. s ive-
I   (    will i'  ' ivs prompt sttea.
are reijiit-sted to cull and list with us
We have hujt-rs mil if the terms ire suitable we can effect
the sale quickly
riuqbes & Phillipo
l'liom- 1S4    l'.O. Box 75
70 Lonsdale Ave.
Thei) all trade at borne ■
Although people coins down the hill it don't
say tnt-y go to Vancouver to buy Groceries.
1• Thev never piss
.. _____     »
♦ •♦•«•»•*•» <•<#*• *•♦•♦ ♦•♦#♦•♦•♦•♦ »fl»«»4»»
111 ni 1111111111111 n 111111111111 n 1111111111 ih
Best Buy od the Market
Nothing can excel it.
We Offer the Following:
Lots 25 & 26,
Blk. 9
HMO, 12000 <
Balance 6 and 12
Lots 21122, Block 4
D.L. 265
II300 eich. $600 cish
bilmce in 6 ind 12 months
Fine Lots
$200 eich.
$25 cash, bilmce $10 per month
The Commercial Union Assurance Co., London, England
which Company has Assets of $88,850,000
Henry Eves ®, Co.
H-H-H+H-'l-l I IIMIIIUI  IIIH I I II Ulli H4+i«
67 <B 69 Lonsdale Avenue NORTH   VANCOUVER
"H-H4+.H III! IIIIII IM l-H-H-l H-H-l H H-H H HI 1111111II111 l-M-H III lll-M l-IIHfc


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