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,..'011   ,,.
§\\t 3Exjtr?aa
JMbEK 5.
That North Vancouver has one
of the finest water-frontages and
harbors on the Pacific coast was
most ably shown by Hon.    Mr.
Carter Cotton in his address to the
board ol trade ol North Vancouver
on the evening of the 18th, and too
much stress can not be put upon
the sound advice he gave to the
board "that this excellent  waterfront should be made available ior
the commerce and shipping that
would come to it."   Keeve Kealy
struck the key note ol  the theme
when he urged that now was the
time to get a bill put through the
dominion   house   authorizing   a
bridge to he built over the Second
narrows, as before we can hope to
get capital to come in here in thc
shape of manufactories, we must
be in the position to be, at least,
able to offer them in the near future
railway transportation.   If this is
done, then the railways will not
need much pressing to build a line
in, as they will be only too willing
to go w here they can get traffic.
With our large extent of water
iront facing on a harbor which is
justly acknowledged io be among
the finest in the world, and, remembering that our trade with the
Orient, great as it lias grown, is
yet in its infancy, the future ol tin
business that will be done is almost
impossible for one to teulize, and
now iii the tune to nuke known by
every means iu our power the
advantages we can offer lo
liiuiiuiaclurers tu come here while i
•joud sties are available. ,
That irou and steel ship building will tic cameo on in Butts,.
Columbia ou a large scale in the
Hear tutui'c uo one can doubt,
aeeing our ever-increasing trade,
ami knowing that we nave die raw
materials ai our doors, and, sucn
being llie Case, no place can oik,
a better site tiiau Not tn Vancouver.
Tlie iii.miiUi line uf rope could
bi Carried on here cheaply, as the
(aw materials could ue lauded
here cheaper than in the east, and
a gaud market is even now open
lur the finished article.
Saw mills, box and furniture
factories, foundries, rolling mills,
:ul these and many more in
UU8tI.es, all of which require
skilled labor, and which will
mean large payrolls and increased
population, can and will be
brought here bp letting our
advantages known.
The British'Columbia government office in London should be
communicated with, as also the
Canadian government's high commissioner, and the Ottawa
authorities, showing them what
opportunities we have to offer.
Scries of articles might also be
piep.ueil lor the press, and in this
way keep our Ambitious City
lielme the public, and if this be
done it will not be very long
,before the hum of machinery will
be heard all along our water
frontage and shipping arriving and
departing from our docks.
that it will grant all the reasonable
requests made by the citizens.
When the company first took hold
of the ferry it was improved immensely by putting the steamer
St. George into commission. Last
summer and this the hall hourly
service was run, not so much for
the residents as it was for visitors.
The place has grown in leaps and
bounds till now it needs a regular
half hourly service—if not a boat
every twenty minutes. This is a
question of finance and expediency
and must be taken up and settled.
Close on $300,000 have been
raised by the council and expended in public works. This in
itself should be a big inducement
to improve the means of trans
portation. The board of trade the
other night realized this fact and
took up the question and discussed
it in all its bearings, especially tlie
ferry. It was pointed out that
consciously or unconsciously the
ferry company could render ineffective the best efforts of the
people here. Consequently the
matter was left to the executive
council to prepare a statement and
submit same tu the company tor
its consideration, which we understand is now being done, ll is to
be regretted that President Hamersley ol the board of trade, as
well  as  being  president of  the
bank's type, for the extension ofl Church Notice,
tlie System.    Adopted.
The committee reported on the |ST' anukkw's i-rksiivthrian church,
The semi-monthly meeting of
tlie municipal council convened in
the municipal hall on Wednesday
evening. Present, Keeve Kealy
Councillors Cornish, Allen and
May. Communications were dealt
with as follows:
Coroner Diplock, enclosing recommendation of jury on inquest
of the late Malcolm Martin, that
railing be placed on the Larson
wharf for the protection of the
public. Referred to solicitor, and
that copy of recommendation be
sent to Mr. Larson.
The ratepayers on First street,
petitioning that electric lights be
_ i placed on the several corners along
the eastern portion that are at I
present without lights. Light
committee to leport. I
Mr. Balmain, city engineer,]
drawing the council's attention tu
the fact that he had completed one
year's service on the 15th. Laid
A. B. Diplock, stating that he
is going to build three houses on
the following property and requested the council to op-n up
street on Lonsu.ile avenue, south
of Seventeenth sticet, 220 feet
He also asked for permanent grade
at this point. Referred to board
of works with power to act.
J. P. Roberts, asking that stand-
eng timber on Twenty-fourth street,
between Chesterfield and Durham
avenues, and also on Twenty-third
fire hall site, which was left over
for further consideration.
The council then adjourned
Board of Trade.
There was a well-attended meeting of the Hoard of Trade on
Tuesday evening in the municipal
hall. Vice-president Phillippo was
in the chair and there was a large
attendance. Hon. F. C. Cotton,
the representative of this riding in
the legislature, gave a lengthy
address, which was much
appreciated by those present.
The question of the ferry service
was discussed at length in all its
phases. A resolution was passed
unanimously to the effect that it
would be to the detriment of the
municipality as well as the ferry
compauy to revert to the hourly
service as contemplated. It was
also r '' ,'uil on motion to leave it
to the executive oi the board to
bring belorc the company details
of other needed improvements in
the service.
^^^^     SIXTH S'l'RHBT.     ^^^
Sunday services as usual at 11
a. m. and 7:30 p. In. will be conducted by the pastor. The morning theme will be the "Early
Christian Church." In the evening "Our Enemies" will be brought
face to face with us.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday, 8 o'clock.
Services at Moodyville and
Lynn Valley schools on Sunday
evening, 7:30 p, in
Strangers cordially welcomed.
Pastor: Rev. J D. Gillam, M.A.
The Fruit Industry.
luring this
but we are assured that a repie-
—_——- . ,„, .-.regent I Street, between Lonsdale and
ierry company,  was not  present ifflw,     ^^  ^  ^^ .,
momentous discussion, 1 ^ ^ .^^ (u bm|d 0„ lol
12, block 239, lots one and three,
sentative  of   the   company  WIS[block 233, iots three and   lour,
. ihlnrk 220     He also asked   How
see its way to continue the Hall; ^ Uipluck, offering to clear
Hourly service and fix up the other geventeont|, street, through lots
,.attera which will be taken up „ 15 and 616, at 40 cents a foot,
I specifications to be the same as
•v'111 '•     ,  ,,„  lor the Lynn Valley road.   Accepted.
With a ferry  system   run   fo' U Meiical i.eahl, oll.ccr reporting
luture profit and our other  c.e-1 ^^^^^^^
velopmeuti,  such as   tramways,      I therefore we are very fortunate to
waterworks, electric lighting and     Dr. Uodorhill, provincial *0IMI- , cljnlR„ „ml advantages
power, telephones, etc., etc., the jcal    »"1()'   to   ■«**««. S.-   -*■
I the extent ol his dunes during the
previous month.
The other night at the board of
trade meeting Hon. Mr. Cotton
said that not many realized what
it was going to mean for this
province. There was no doubi
they had succeeded so far as anyone who visited the annual lair
could testily, but they should pay
attention not only to the raising of
fruit, but to its proper shipping
and the development ol markets.
He thought he could say without
egotism that the present provincial
government had done a grent deal
to develop the fruit business ol
British Columbia, and they had
certainly by tlieir exhibitions in
London shown the British people
tlic quality ol fruit that could be
grown in B. C. "I do not think,"
he added, "that there is any
industry that supplies a country
better or makes the surroundings
of its people more pleasant than
that of tlie growing of fruit, and
The Presbyterian church was
occupied by an appreciative
audience on Thursday evening,
listening to a very varied program,
provided by Mrs. R. D. Meeke.
h is almost invidious to ' particularize amongst numbers of such
uiliform excellence; but the little
boy's "Bear Story," and the
society lady drifted on to a spirited]
western girl, and the experience ol
a dude in a car will not soon be
forgotten. The love song of the
birds, and the voices of the bells
gave scope for mimicry and intonation,     which      proved     very
St. John's School.
On Tuesday last North Vancouver was honoured by the presence
of the bishop, who ca-" to bless
and dedicate St. John's school.
The alteration of the ferry service
made it sonv what difficult to carry
out the arrangements, but in ipite
of various tinforseeti happenings all
passed olf most successfully.
The Bishop and Mrs. Dart, with
others from New Westminster, arrived In time for the school dinner,
towards tht- end of which some
surprise began to be expressed that
none of the clergy from Vancouver
had yet made their appearance.
It transpired subsequently that,
having mistaken their direction,
they were enjoying an unexpt. ted
country walk ; six ol them succeeded in arriving, hot and tired,
after their exploration of the less-
known parts ol the parish, only
half an hour late. Two others,
however, were not so fortunate,
and did not arrive till later. At
last, when the school stall .nu the
boys and their parents were assembled in the class-room, which
serves a: a temporary chapel, the
blessing was begun. Alter the introductory versicles, Psalm viiL
was sung with its antiphon. The
lesson Irom St. Matthew xviii. was
read by the Kev. Alfred Shildrick,
loly Trinity Cathedral,
rector I
1      ,    ri   sense   0ii New Westminster, and the piocas-
pleasing.   A splendid      n      Ol (ormfd
dramatic insight characterized the I"
presentation of "Rip Van Winkle,'
in its humor, and a miser dying of
hunger amid his wealth in its
horror, while the Scotch element
was not forgotten in scenes true to
life. A further pleasing variety
was lent to the evening by the
-■olos of Mr. Carey, an.l a duet by
him and his aunt, Mrs,  Williams,
who played the accompaniments,
The processional cross was kind-
esident population of North Van*I analysis ol wnttr in the Nortli
cuiivcr should yearly double itself ^ »ncouver waterworks pipes,
lor lhe next lew years. This place I CP»W«W '" frev'ou» '"H
lias reached such proportions that ".^ bl|owing tende„ mn
we can now assert the fact ye are opened lur clearing the streets, as
a coming commercial and nidus- advertised, llie lust named tenders
that   make
possible "
the  iimt   industry
irial centre. There is no gainsaying the fact that wc have unrivalled facilities and excellent
sites for a metropolis. With all
these great advantages we hold
that it would only be right aud
proper to continue the hall hourly
ferry service.
It will, no doubt, surprise a
great many people to learn that
seeds planted by the Royal N. W.
M. P. at Whilehorse, Yukon Territory, have not only grown well
but have matured und yielded in
some instances surprisingly heavy
crops. One wonders when he
reads in the report of the minister
of agriculture on experimental'
(arms, that at Whitehorse, al-,
though  the  seeds   arrived  late,!
I being accepted!
Lonsdale avenue north, J- 1.
Tucker, $965; Askew & Kennedy,
Si,350. ,   ,.
Uuadale avenue and Queen
street; J. T. Tucker, $by5; Askew
& Kennedy, $775'     ,, , c
First street west, McLennan 5
Lawson, $3-975: J- & *«-*ft
$4,225; Askew on Kennedy, 15,400.
Btwicke avenue, Askew S
Kennedy, $615. Ml to board ol
I works with power to act,
I W Eva and A. D. Nye,
wrote stating that thev were clear-
in,, an acre 011 Kmg street north,
and asking council tu make wagon
road to same. Referred to board
of works with power to act.
Several applications were rc-
received lor the position of waterworks foreman.   Laid over.
The reeve reported on man I
damns from the supreme court,
and advised that the council sign
same, as per order ol th" court
Tlie  usual   monthly   accounts
that oats ripened and turned out
an excellent quality of grain ; that'were recommended paid lay  llu
Irom one small package of Preston financi committe
wlnai twenty pounds ol gram was
The question of the hour in
North Vancouver is that ol the
ferry service, and as the place
grows the importance of water
communication   with   Vancouver
must necessarily he improved a«^ j Canada B»inK to lie finally
added to.   If ferry travel is discouraged rather than encouraged!    -fl „„,   wjy   of   „,„,,,„
saved, Which was ripe ami ol good
quality, the straw of which stood
23 inches high ; that barley produced an extra good crop and of
special quality ; that Irom three
pounds of potatoes planted 98*^
pounds were harvested, nine potatoes weighing four and one half
pounds each. And where is thc
'imit of  the agricultural  belt ol
wc all realize that the business!
1 representative of   The   Bimu
, ntb.r interests ol the pUce Linages to; pick up valuable items. 	
and   otllel   mu-i 1 .     , ,,.,  ,■,   ,, :it>  -^-^a—
must suffer.   Thus,, behooves,.,* JJ-gS  ' •»        '     _. I oort on th,.waterworks tntake
residents ol the Ambitious City, »;   hi,eyi,8 „,, upon another L-..,,..**i.
as well as Ihe ferry company, to -.,)„„, f,v, ,,.„      But being I   The reeve
j ... ... ..-1—    g0 |ar as lay in K\{    denial   week     In
The usual list ol accounts wi re
al-u pi' si ni' d and ti 1 <aiii,in 11 I'll
paid by board ol works and water
works commiiti e and passed.
The committee appoint* d by the
council to investigate Mr. Nye's
rock quarry, with ;■ view ol purchasing, reported that everything
wa latisfactory, Further time
was given to have city en Bl
report on same.
The board uf works was instructed to call for tenders lor re
. " " [j I pairing the Keith road, east and
' '• west of Mosquito creek, as requited
by Mr. Lawson, and also the replacing ol,the Capilano bridge on
the laim road
The    council     requested     the
cer to 1 and in a written re-
Fatality In Lynn Valley.
A distressing accident oici.rred
at the shingle bolt camp ami mill
of the Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Company on Wednesday
morning, whereby James 'Thompson, a teamster, lost his hie. The
deceased was struck by a bolt as
he was crossing over the chute at
the mill, an examination of the
body showing that death was
instantaneous. The velocity ol
the holt at this point is tremendous, as the chute comes
down the mountain side in a long,
Steep grade, and passes under the
roadway. Occassionally, through
some slight obstacle, the bolls
ltjave the chute and fly through
space, and it was while in this
attitude that deceased met his
Coroner Diplock was summoned,
and held an inquest, the jury
ringing in a verdict of accidi uud
death, lt will be remembered
that some time ago one
ol the employee! had his leg
broken in much the same way,
The late James Thompson was
well known hereabouts' The
funeral arrangemi nts an hi Id
'a*' 1 pi nding word from relatives
in the cast.
The Demise of Mr. Martin.
In the passing away of Mr.
Malcolm Martin on Sunday
evening, Sept and, ihis community
lost aim- ot ils best citizens and
Ixnclactors. Mr. Martin, engaged
with his son Donald in the boat
building business here, was a haul-
working and industrious man, and
111 liis long career ill his line ol
business was always highly re
1 had dealings
Mr. Martin was always
his family, two sons,
specied by those wl
wall Imu.
:wo daughters and his wile, who
now ih-eply mourn his loss. They
ii.: Mis. Abbott, Seymour street,
John Martin, teacher in the
Sirathcona school, Vancouver;
Mrs. Richardson, Chicago; Donald
M.irli:i and Mrs, Maitin (widow).
Nutih Vancouver, who have tin
sympathy in their irreparable loss
aii a host of friends and acquaint
ances. The funeral, which was
largely attended, was held last
Monday. Rev. J. I). Gillam officiated. Mr Maitin was 54 years
of age and a Scotchman,
Moodyville School
recomn led   that
The North Vani iuvi 1 a 10ol
lia ,11 .in up against a very knott)
question, it seems that tin
Moodyville school hou-'' is the
propi n\ *af tin provini iai govi rn
ment, and the grounds on whii h il
Mnl in lhe Moodyvilh
owusit '.t ■ pan . The bml li.,,
needs tu be repair, d, 1 he muni
gipal council does not see ils way
clear to advam 0 thi nei essary
money to do this proposed work,
inasmuch as the lot an I building
belung tu others, Chairman
Steacj mel Mi Hendry, the
presidint of the 1 imps .. who
on I refused to 1 ithet Sell 1 I   ll SI I   till
property.   It would appear  the
work in unison. ^^^^^^^
the company's power we believe J exchange.
only  waj  out ol  the   difficulty    ,
The Palace.
Tm; Express representative
made a tour ol inspection ol the
new Palace hotel, on Second street,
iii compauy with Mi. Reda, the
proprietor, yesterday. The stately
pile would be an ornament tu any
community. Costing upwards ol
I ■. , this will be a modern brick
house ol 32 roaiins in every respect,
Tho liquor cellar and ice closet is
of solid cement, and the basement
to the i uisine department is built
ol the same mati rial, On the fnsi
liami is ,1 sp,u urns dining room
in l. aia hi n, thi offii 1. tl"- re tding
and writing room, sitting mum.
and in' bar, which Ims ,1 tile tlo.u.
I hi second and thud lluuis con-
bed rooms, bath roomi
nd 1 loscts,   Km iy ilium in the
ighled and vi nti
!,it'll, and no lights whah vi 1 will
bi III' li '1. "iiiy when the sun is
down.   Each room has hot and
cold watei, a clothes a lo et, 1 lectrii
lights, ami   lull  communication
with the ollice.    ihurc ate   two
t 1    ii llu rear ol the
building and thc other in lhc main
hallway, 1 n icapes will alsc
be install, d, The veranda will bt
: . loteys, fifteen feel wide and
jo [1 ■ 1 in I, ngtl From ihii
I balcony the whole ol
Burrard inlet ma- 1" viewed.
11       ile building will be heated
team, and Mi. Reda -.ivs thai
e run in first-, laa
style,    lt 1   BXpi 1 t"l that tins new
e opened a week
ly lent by the Rector ol St. James'
and was carried by the senior boy
of the school; next came the boys
of thc school in pairs then the
school staff, then the parents and
clergy, lastly the bishop, with the
Rev. TI. J. Underbill, acting as his
chaplain and carrying tlie pastoral
stalf. Owing to the unfortunate
delay of the mails the bishop's
cope and mitre could not be obtained in time lor him to wear
The processional hymn wai Baring-Gould's well-known "Onward,
Christian Soldiers," to Sullivan's
tune. The first two verses I rough!
us to thc playground, win :e, at
at each of the otlwr station*, an
antiphon was sung, and then alter
a versicle and response, the bishop
prayed for all who should use the
playground, and, staff in hand,
pronounced his blessing upon it
The other parts so visited and
blessed were the headmaster's
house, the dormitories, the dining-
hall and the class-rooms.
The procession reached, the temporary chapel as the first verse o(
the hymn was being sung foe tlie
second time and all joined in the
apostles' creed. After the Lord's
prayer the bishop proceeded to
dedicate the school to God's honor
and glory, in thankful remembrance of our Saint John, whose
name it now bears, and who "saw
as with the eye ol an eagle into the
truths that are to be taught in this
Alter the singing of the school
hymn he gave his blessing to the
staff, to the hoys and to all the
congregation, and so ended a scr-
vu e which will not easily uc (or-
gotten by those whose privilege it
was to take part in it. Hencclorth,
September >Kth will lie a day of
special thanksgiving in all our
school life.
In addition to those mentioned
above all the churches ol Vancouver were fully represented, and
alur the service a meeting ol the
clergj presenl wai held, at which
tin lii-hop, in spite ol the lateness
nl the hour, was good enough to
We desire onic more to th auk
most heartily all those who, at
Aial,\i lo-.s to themielvtia
were willing to come so lar to help
us with then prayers and enoour-
Igi ui by their presence.
Have You Worked This Out?
We gave the lollowing question
three weeks ago, and as^cd lor
answers. Take a checker board,
plact-n kernel ol wheat on the first
blank spi.i. two k"rufls on the
second black sput, lour on the
third, etc., until you have thus
used ilie 32 black spots. How
many kermis will it take? Here
is the answer as received:
04,591,104 kernels, or 7,853,-
''jj'i bushels Will be required.
The fue brigade held a practice
on WednesJaj evening. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Weekly Nowspaper.   i   Published by
Ii ascription -      One Dollarper Vear
I. ii. Williams!
tnis lions, Tno net-, in oraer was ty.1
phold fever, with 21.8 per cent., and In-'
fluensa, 13.1 per cent. Consequent upon^
tho measures taken by local health au-
thorltles to prevent the spread ot scar-
let (ever, which In 1908 had been pre-
valent, and whloh caused 5*0 deaths In
■•w It Prevailed Anions Bai-lr People. In tlie Southr-eat.
Springs are rarely fouud lu the southwestern part of tlio United States, uud
that year, the progress 'if scarlet lever! for this reasuu tbey bave been from
waa very much curtailed In 1904, and ancient times prized us u most valued
the diminished number of deaths, via.. possesa|ou, Tbe ,)eopk. who dwtjlt ,a
163, may be largely attributable to tills   * '    »J
*   le tills  region,  says  Walter  Hough  lu
"The wiil.snreaji oharacter of dluh-  "Itecords of tbc Past," saw lu these
therm ll evidenced toy  the   fact  that   sources of life giving water tlio fouuts
FMlUTinin IIP 11 TII riOTP not a county or district In the provlnoo   of c.ulltluunua, ulul wel| Ml]),  uud
ONTARIO HEALTH FACTS ^nr«i«^to,?SJS r r m\tou,a rr 1,uebl09'
1*1%. ,-a,       ia I r.        ...,       nl.. lilj       I.f       >1 11 I 11 a,,,       lira
' .    Me li In the Lsad, With 24.3 Per
',000—Rural   Parts   Not  Doing  So from tuberculosis Is given as 79,516,
.Veil—Twins   Were   Numerous   In "A comparl   in   t deaths from tuber-
...   .,               .     -..„ „ culosls ui ihe cities and lhe counties
'.Ms-Marriages Are Still Popular- ,,,   ^           . „   .       ...    ar„    ..a,,,.,.,.,
uoniumption's Grim Harvest—Nerv shows  that  In  tho counties ill which
.-jui Troubles Increasing-Suicide*. ir"     '"'''"'   ::i"   larf'i   C|"C3   lh°
greati il   perc, nl igo  of  deaths  occur
'   .-   h ty-fltth annual report ot tha therein.   Thus of the 139 deaths re-
.-  ......  ..  i •■   Ontario, being turned from ths County of York, 33s,
the year 1901. has been pub- or 71 per cent., took place In tho City
. -   | by the De] ity Roglstrai Qenor- if Toronto, and of the 136 deaths c-ed-
Dr CharlesA Hodgotl    ll   intulni tied to tha' County ol Wontworth, 101,
There also was not a county or dis- Save air, uo elements of nature are
trlcl tree from deaths from Influenza, nearer to human llfo than those com-
Consumption's Gnm Harv.it, blned Into the primitive fluid which
Tho total deaths from   tuberculosis must «"™7« b* wiIlli» r™ch of men
In 1901 was 2,877, am Increase over 1903 who put themselves into tho grasp of
.af 154,   Evory a' mnty and dlstrlot lent the desert.  The primary knowledge of
Its quo,*  to  make this large total, tho tribes who woro the pioneers and
Since 1S70 tl,« t ital number of d"aths of every human being who has since
made his homo in the great American
desert was complete ns lo the loi'iitloi,,
distribution aud ldosyucrasiea of tlio
water supply.
Spring water Is naturally more prized
by the Inhabitants of those desert solitudes than that Iron, living streams,
because It Is always drinkable and always at hand, while the watercourses,
Which for tbe greater part of lhc year
are sinuous reaches of dry sand, furnish
iber ot moat interesting and In-  or ti s per cent., occurred in ihe City   ,, fl   ( u m\_\y disappearing supply
_..       ...     ..,, ...     ... ., ,,„.,..      ~.     It....,!,,..., aJln.ll..^l,.     I..      a '.ir'..>.,!, ' - '* *'   v
..'■i-r.e tables regarding the births, of  Hamilton.   Similarly  in  Carleton
ind marriages in tho province, County, of 164 deaths from tuberculosis,
- ling the hen     ot the pro- IH, or "i per cent., are found as oc-
.-tu e, Tha .-'.ata- ti'-s h ivo bi, n compll- currlng In Ottawa.
-..:  -i :i much core, and the deductions     "Wo find that the preat m;i)irlty of
n from them by the Deputy Regis- deaths in the Counties of York, Car'.e-
-.   General are full ot Import. ton and Wentworth happened  In the
of thinned mud which will not be touch
ed by man or beast except In tho distress of thirst.
One is not surprised, therefore, that
a primitive people will regard these
sprlugs as sacred.   In faet. the Indium
population ot the province, as cities, and tho figures are of sufficient   of the southwest oro not peculiar ia the
worship of springs. The sentiment Is
worldwide, has had n vast range of
time, perpetuates itself In the folklore
of the highest civilizations ond presents
In Us manitestatlons a most Interesting
body of myth and fancy. But In the
southwest the arid environment has so
Mttmatad by geomotrlcal progression, importance for the local health auth
-» given as ",205,968, Tho i opulatlon In orltles to study the why and the where-
■     Hies has Incroa i tauter than In 'or, and if  properly  considered  lead
,' "    parts of ilie province. This, the them to the adoption of active meas-
statcs, Is due n .1 so much to ures to stop this large death rale.
.i a    ; icreaae In tho birth rate in the     "The d-ath rate of Muikoka, 155 per
i is to the influx of population 100,000 ot the population, would Indl-
.-.-..:i the rural parts   Tiie number ot cate that deaths occur of persons But-
.- registered   urlng the year was ferlng from tuberculosis who seek this   Intensified tills fea,ure of primitive cul-
.,  •■ the rate a'f 28 ! per Bectlon of tho province with the h'.pe   turc lhat no spring In the region Is
An. li  .an Increase .at 0.7 per "' being benefited, but succumb to tho   wm10llt evidence of many offerings to
the deities of water.
■ a preceding year and 11 dlseass before being able to return
. -   the   -a: 1902.   This Increase, tho  h ■ ie
.-    ■ dd be   "iA.ii nil ,u    "The number of deaths from the var-
,-.   its    ry, be luse ottholarge nmu-  I"1" forms of cancer were 1,253, being
■Mr it marriageable yuunc, men who 97 In excess of tho previous year,
.. ;■: ivlnce fur the West, "The Nervous Troubles Increasing.
a ■" iples," says the report, "those '"nm total number ot deaths under
»J have passed the child-bearing pe. this group waa 3,694, bolng 405 In excess
. . ■  ■•   .:•-. being li it in Ontario, and of 1903 and representing 11.8 per cent.
n«. further, that ll is nut 'lhe 0f the total deaths from all causes. The to have been ,1 natural, even though
'■'■'»' ■" :1 ol the pre ent day ,0 have a number of deaths from nervous dis- uuconselous, generalization, l'erhapa
Canity of more than one or two, the re-  easel reported In the cities was 1,207,   offerings to sprlugs will not admit of
r 1904 musl li" looked upon aa 0r 27.5 per cent, ot the provincial total,
wry satisfactory, and we may feel a,,^ nith the execptim of the group
thankful that ihe dcs-ire tair the com- „:,,,.-, Inoludos diseases of old age and
• ad pleasures  if 0 married life,  infancy, th.-re were more deaths from
im all 'encumbrances,' appar- these discuses lhan from any other
« ti not making rapid headway In group cause, thc death rate In the cities
the community, and Ihere are those In being 201 per 100,000 of the popu ation,
. . ■ possessed with . due sense Tho general conclusion tr b>' drawn
•1" ■- r real nslblllly to the state anal -rom .a... |isul-„s \, t|lat nervous nls-
Itu beneflts 10 be derived trom a courss eases or.: on the Increase In tho prolans of vlnce"
"The number of atlll-blrths," says
the report, 'keeps steadily mounting
upward. If the causes were all natutnl
one would noi perhaps think so much
of It, but the tenil y "t the present
ai,y Is fur families on the permanent
unit ba,   , without any Intentl m il   »•
tension on this basis: 1 r, what la worse
lil   ttt i a., n   1 rlmln il, li Is In many
with the
«r non-lntei-f.-ren
Toronto'i Birth Rate High.
■    ie cities Toronto haa the highest
of births, namely. J4.3 per 1.000,
«-■..'   with the exception  of  Windsor,
-»■■   1 has exceptional advanta
«-   -..   "i n ..   entre '1 or into hs
rato   ol   :'i.i"
,:. per 1,000  Cli ■ ,a n I   tho
lt Is small wouder then that the Pueblo Indians came to regard springs
with special veneration; that they wove
around them myth anal tradition and
made them objects of religious worship.
To one acquainted wlih Ihe environment and its radical needi this poems
such simple explanation, Perhaps the
mystery of the underground source of
waicr welling up from unknown
depths, Impressive always even to the
observer who believes himself free from
the trammels of superstition, bas also
had n powerful effect on the mind of
the Indian, lending, like many other
niuural phenomena, to an attkude of
worship of UUSecU powers behind these
h"loads In 1ta.de1 '"' ''''""' *?'<""" "' ?"'
I   r.  II       e of 1
■ la 16.2  Wind or ei       the repu>
'a   iA: . in ' I
a  -.,-,., 1 md w ,, are
: In , ml ino for pcopli
looking for partnei    for life,
have s -     rale of on',)
mi - ..  rato
cltlrs     prett) It I
..: J, an I Iho Ion
: ith 11.4    r
; ....    I  .
1,000, or 1     .     ",	
[ the rale ol I ind 36 I
■ rrled; In 8 Install
below , ;
Twins Wero Numerous.
■   ■ .. lu,     r mind **-.".
■   '
'   .1   .
I them lhe 0 vnei    if
.1....   ...
■  .    i 11 '        Indl-
.   ip lhe 7        if trip
,,, n   . ... ..    1   1 record   :   a. tl a-.,   bj di iwnlng
.    . rot twin 1 ■ ' :  :      tor the ayatema
What happy lives farmers lead—In
story books.
Never Judge a man liy tha opinion
lie has of himself.
A dozen men mav make a club, but
one woman can make 11 home.
When a man borrows trouble lie puts
up bis peace of mind as collateral.
Men niial women should look during
courtship ond overlook after marriage,
Happiness ims a \ nllnr way ol appearing  nnd  disappearing  un
It'a an ensy ma,tor A sympathise
'   with tbo poor when your poeketa are
Try to ba bbtcooIiIc. There nre too
many disagreeable peoplo In tho wurld
US It Is.
It's su liaiil for aomo men to save
money when Blnglo that ihey don't
la Thi. Aol, It 1. Mnlil, Yon Mar Hea*
a Man'. Character.
No woman should marry a man till
she has seen blm sharpen a lead pencil. She cau tell by the way he does
lt whether he Is suited to her or not.
Here uro a few Infallible rules for her
guidance iu the mutter:
The man who holds the point toward
him and close up against his shirt
frout Is slow aud likes to have secrets.
He Is Ibe kind of man who when the
dearest girl in the world Duds out that
thero are "others" and asks him who
they are and what he means by cull-
lug ou the,,, will ussiune „n air of excessive dignity.
The mini who holds lhe |«'ii<il out
at arm's length ami whittles nway nt
It, bit ur miss, Is Impulsive, Jolly, good
niilureil and generous.
Tie who leaves a blunt point Is dull
and plodding and will never amount
tu much, lie is really good hearted,
but Hti'is his chief pleasure in thu
commonplace things of life.
lie who sharpens his pencil an Inch
or more from the point is high strung
nnd Imaginative and Bubjecl to es
uiieriint lllghts of fancy, He will always be Beeklug to mount upward aud
accomplish ,hints In the higher regions of business nnd art, 11 ml his
wife's greatest trouble will be to hold
him down to earth nnd prevent his
(lying off altogether 011 a tangent,
The ninn who sharpens bis pencil nil
11 round smoothly and evenly, ns though
It were planed off iu au automatic
■harpener, Is systematic und slow to
nncer. but he Is so undevlatlng from a
Used principle that he would drive n
woman with a sensitive temperament
i" distraction In less than six months.
im the contrary, lio who jumps in
nud leaves the BUUrpouod wood as Jag-
god as saw teeth around the lop has
11 nasty temper and will spunk the
baby on the slightest provocation.
There lire certain women who enn
mauuBO that kind of man beautifully,
however, und If ho gels 11 wlfo with a
calm, persuasive eye ho will come
down from bis high horse In n few
minutes und boas meek us 11 lamb.
'I'he mnn who doesn't Btop lo polish
the point of lead once the wood Is oil
away has 11 Btreall of coarseness In lilt
Ho who shaves off the lead til) the
polut is like a needle is refined, deli-
cnte and sensitive. He will not be
likely to accomplish so much us his
more common brother, but he will never shock you and is without doubt a
piod inun to tie to. -New York Press,
And to Thousands of Weak, Sickly Peoplo
Health is Restored by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Ynu want to lie strong allll lieultliy,
Evorbody does.   \V 11 as   well   us
There wus u time when women prid-
led then,ci'lves on   looking   pule   and
That day Ims pnssod,
I   To-day robust luiiltli is tlie ideal,
I A well rounded form, linn tl.-li anil
muscles, strength and elasticity of
movement und 11 lieultliiul glow to ,1"'
complexion 'theso are ivhai ull aro
striving Inr, uml mnny are attaining
their object by tlio use of Dr, Clioso's
Nervo Food.
[    When tile food nilioll is token into
1 tlio body tails to supply tlie required
amount ol rich, lifo-sustohiing blond
externa] assistance musl    bo   Bought
.until tlic system is Fully restored.
I   Dr. Chase's   Nerve   Kootl   supplies
IA'|).).M!|>   S.llirl   l|.U,|.«   [CI.1.1,1'Ul   Al.i   ,ll||
}u   the   formation   oi   blond,   pure,
.health-giving blood,
I   Mrs. W, I!. Sutherland,   8t, And-
reus, Mnu..   writes—"In   February,
1II0II I wns stricken with paralysis,
loll helplessly au the floor nud Inui to
be earned to bed, The doctor pro-
noiinood it a bad case us I had no
poivor ill my toilgllo nud left leg. I
romainod in that oondition for six
months without obtaining benefit
from tlio ^ doctor's proscription! nr
utlier medicines,
"My liusban I advised mo to try
in. CliusiA Nerve Food and by the
uso ul tin- treatment nil symptoms of
the tlisoasc disappeared, i cun now
talk plainly, my leg is all right and
I call do my housework. How grateful I am to be ourod bv so ivonuorful
II remedy.'1
Weakness, irregularities, lioadaoh.es,
dim spoils, ieiiiiigs of fotiguo, discouragement nml despondency somi
disappear boforo tho splendid restorative iiilliiciu-e oi tins groat medicino,
and for this reason Dr, ('base's Nerve
Food has'become so popular; 60 cents
u liai\, at all ili'iilei-s, or Kilniunso.i,
Hates iV Co., Toronto.
.   I        ■ a .    .
; V.     :    IheSO   facts    .11
vlev   II   ■    .. '11 (>■ Ings    f
I remorse E direct
icrcasi births  In
were 3,411
Suicides and Accidents.
:    ■
I' -      11
...      ts under 14 and
pening provinco  think it worth while trying after thoy
1 upward tendencj  tho bgui s   |llulTVi
What a man and hli wlfo sny to
. ..; , io3,   ll Is pi HI ar ' ' note ihal
„,„ a death occurred 1     I ""'ir t?UMtl i""1 ,vho< lh"-v ""-' "'"""
,   .,ii   1 ... un „,[. it,,,in nfter their departure are differ-
* y     '"in, out, ipilie different,
lily 19 d ' •   ■  ■
. ■    ■    ■    -i  1 •'; an I
g lllrlll      '     •  le" il,
a ihi-1, ul, the pro-
104    lo 100 I.a 1904, '   '       ' '■''   l"'1'
Ml,itnm ail llir An.lMila.
To the „,iiieii,s  for wisdom:   Dr.
hlng ol ir 1      ;   p|BC|,M „| the Unlveralty college in
a   aa   and Hi" 186 dcathi by rail
,.   u   ,   a    in
, It 1 .. s io 100, so that
I hol,       . trifle,
if Nov, ni'
r than      my ol
...   , Is reached I,
'  ' ■
Marrugei Still Popular.
-       .     . ..,.
rlo In HOI Ii wa by 11
,   ..    ..   ivi   imoolnlm
ltd a I
I be given u ai-  .. .-.
•ia-      Tii" valua ," thi 1
ss loit undo,
1904 ropr -       1 sum v     1 mlghl
li ne h.. 11   ..- 1 .[    ich ri
. r '-nf ar. ..I"
Stained dais iiy New Process.
London brought out lu a lecture some
advlea of general Interest given by a
certain little known king of Uia Assyrians.   On one uf lhe iiinhuinoiits In
tha iiritui, museum is the following
Inscription: "Tbe eggs of nil owl glvou
for three aluys  In  wine bring  m, a
drunkard's weariness   The dried lung
ol sheep token beforehand drives uway
drunkenness. The ashes uf a swal-
luw'i beak ground up with myrrh uml
1 , 1 pat of modern   Bprlnkltd In tbo wme which Ib drunk
• 1
, .     !■     n, ■ .1 wa;: decora'
in but b kind ol ir stal,
ittcr Cl| : 1 affect and tn q iai
1  • ' ■"" ra linn, ..;,. of th, 1 ip, ■ In itatloi
■ i       , ■-.     ... • ol pla II
II ■ , Irawlng to be ex
'   ' '    tor 1 ipl ' >. 1 a„a| on this tho on,Iin"* of tho
■   ,1. a| ,n wire, bl ick,
make secure from drunkenness,
Horns, king of tha Assyrian-, found
Hi,, uut." The oonvhlul iiuiiiuriii did
not drink In vain If he "found thesa
tilings out"
gilt, as tho case may be, Th, 0 ■■■
a tn 1 1: ui
Tho order I ,  1'nI,cli winch arc n rhlclrculai ...  ■
I   -,. 1 0 dm '.' ■ Bha,
.. ■ and Into th,   ■" formed by tl 0
onn,   ■ ■" ,:'i"'" a ' -a mi 1
beads, which mc comentod   on
'  an 1 the , nl ro panel is
. . : with n "■ '   '
re il point ol the Invent on
1   ■ -.- a -\ a pi,    ait variety
./,'. - -   ibla an 1 c 1
matl       ',   1 ■ iliu Ilia re w.-r"
,-   ■ ■    .  ■                    114 In towns ot
■    md is   1  iu
The                ■ .   '
14.1 I      I per 1,000
I,    Thei I CIO
1   ■   .
■  ■ ■ intan
in 1 f ■■
-    •■   1       '    'i
■   1,,  i  , wt affected hy
*    ,.
'     ■
tul Iii Juno and 11
11 ef Di ,11,.
,   :
I IS I'll
I'    , III
I'.nil'U (lut . lire.
When trying to put out a tire re-
member thnt one gallon of water at
the bottom of the blaia will do mora
tu put It out than ten gallons at Iho
nip. "Play low" Is tin' motto to follow
while lighting lire.    A few gallons at
tha bottom of the flamai win rlia In
Clouds of steam when the tile Is nslug
11.1 quench It. A big bluzo on the lee-
ward si.le luuks fearful, but play low
The rale uf llokranl, • Moslem < hie'
ul Africa.
France was never in greater dougor
of losing her eoloiiles iu Africa than
during the wur with Germany In 1870.
ih" troops were recalled from Allies
tu take part in tho conflict lhat was
gol ig rn, against France, and Algeria
was left aim 'St defeu8eleas.
iii.. hour fur which lhe conquered
races had long waited had come, and
if a holy *mii had barn pi'iii-liiiiiied 'I
1- probable thai thc French would have
been driven from northern Africa.
; . irllK-s did nol rise while lhe
French hud their linn Is full am ti,,'
other aid  tbe Mediterrilili*, 11. 1 ml
lhe 1... 1 wus due tu their lidell .. 11
■.... ■■
Uin'ii Ilm war broke oul 0 chief nf
greal liillii,   ■ _ llie tribes, Aa
kriuil, gave hi- word ," the K -■ 1101
af Algeria Unit there should
■   :i while the war lusted
ill) kept. I1 sas
ter after disaster followed lhe Freuch
iirniv   The defeats ol the war cul-
minuted  ,;i  Dn* surrender of I'arla,
Bill nut.: mam "f the tribes "f Kabylla
stirred,    The   Moslem's   faith   was
plighted; tbe Moslem's faith was kept.
When, however, tbo lust buttle had
been fought ami ihe treaty of pence
signed,  Mokruul,  then  released  n	
in- word, guie the governor general
ii'.ii." that In forty eight hours he
would declare war. The Freuch
armloB, roleaaed from duly nt home,
hurried across the Mediterranean, The
i-ua| wn Inevitable, Mokranl, seeing
thai all will lost, put himself ul lhe
ha'.ni uf hi* worilon und fell lighting
in ill" front rank. The French orectod
11 iniuiutiieiit iai marl, lhe spot wheis
their noble eiu'ii.) perished,
Verjr Polite.
Aii Inspector upon bis regular round*
rung a bell at the door of a small dwell
ing, a little tot, acting as maid, opened
lhe door and the following colloquy
look place:
"Tell your mother that the water Inspector would like lo see her."
"Yes, sir. But will you please turn
your back'.'"
"What?  Will I please do what?"
"Just (urn your buck ,1 moment, sir;
for I do lint want lo shut the door iu
your face,"—Llpplncott'a .Magazine.
A Fill for Goneroui Eaters.- There
are many persons of healthy appetite
aui poor digestion who, after a hearty
meal, aro subject to much suffering,
The loud of which they bave partaken
lies like lead iii llieir stomachs. Headache, doprossion, a smothering feeling
Follow, One sn afflicted is unlit for
business or wok of any kind, in this
condition Porinoleo'fi Vegetable l'ills
will bring relief. Tbey will assist tlie
assimilation ot the aliment, ami used
according tai diroetion mil restore
healthy digestion,
"John, you   look   a(tor   tho   gang
John   Aye, aye, sir!
"Anil, Ton,,   you   look   niter   the
Tom-  Ave,  Aye. sir!
"I'll L'e'  lutsy iiiiiI look    after   tbt*
sideboard,"—Yonkein Statesman.
Where lie Wn..
"To whal do you attribute your good
health aud remarkably robust condition'.'"
"To regular habits and early retiring."
"Then you liave been so situated that
you could carry out these excellent
rules for tbe preservation of the
"Uli, yes, I wns In lhe Illinois penitentiary for twenty-three years." —
Cleveland Plain healer.
It Needs No Testimonial.—It is a
guarantee in Itself. II testimonials
are required thoy could bo furnished
111 thousands from all soils and con-
lit urns ui mon in widely different
places. Many lneliciues ure put lull!,
every year which have but all opliom-
oral existence olid then nre beard nf
uo moro. Dr. Thomas' Kclectric Oil
has grown in reputation every dny
since it mado its first appearance.
School Director—Hear of Angle.
He's a successful school architect.
Citizen. Architect 1 Why, lie dues
not know ilm difference between a
Itiei'k temple and a dog kennel.
School Director—No, but bo can
plan a $10,000 sehoolboiise which cannot be built for less tbun $15,000.
Xot  Klhllu.lnl.
She  Henry. I'm going to give, you a
piece of my mind.   He I thought I'd
had It nil. -New York PrUBB,
,„.,„;,, variety of 1    r   with tho water on tbo bottom of tha
t'.r" 011 Ihe wludward aldo nnd you
have Iho speediest way to qucni li tho
Damea aud will not require a rlv«r,
t dell, it,
ling, In 1   ' '1 one col
almost iu-i ■   optlhlj Into in ,
Tho Result of Short Sleeves.
\  I' '. !•'-.      ' n I
...    . .    .
11 Thol
that mo ' '
In h
1 wear no rid 1
ag hair growing
HniiHli on the Count
Lord I'rei'iunch—Ah, count, did you
imko a favorable Impression on the
father of the h.*lress?   Count liroken
Favorablol Why, when I told blm
I was looking fur his daughter's hnnd
aid hi thought I was looking for
1 handout,
I'lTr.'i'll,   H.eur,..
In   Old   1 ri ttt "i-   OIICI  I'M used   him-
self for Bleeping tinder Ihi rector's
sermoni by obsurylngi "Ar', air, when
you ure In ,1a" pulpit WO know It ll all
...:,t:"- L"l,al..ala olaj.dmil.
"Whit 11 ipioudld woman she Ul"
"1 am glad lu think you have got
such a wife."
"Such a wife! Why, innil, you bnri
n 1 idea uf her goUOrOSlty, When I wai
pamr she refused lo marry uie becaUM
-he was afraid of being a burden upon
me. but ihe moment 1 came 1,1,0 my
fonui bo ooiiBi Mod at onca, what
do you Hunk uf that fur klnducil?"
Percy—1 am tired of this life of enso.
I want n life of lull, danger, c-oltc-
ment nnd adventure!
"Oh, this ll so sudden! Hut you may
ask papa."- Life.
Every motl.-, dreads thnl period in
hor babv'a lifo   known   as   teething
1    iii" littlo gums   ore   bwi lion,
iuftai, ed and tondoi . the child suffer"
. ally, and ,- 10 oros* and   irritable
Itbait. tbe whole household  1 odgo.
I All this ia ohiingod in   1 ics   whore
li.'.. - Own Tablets 1 1.    This
medicine allays the inflammation,
uoftciii the iwollen, louder riiihs
brings the teeth through painlcsslj
iln prool Mrs, W, A Md ny. Denbigh,
Out., s.ns:    "1    liave   foillltl    ll.il'> s
iiuu Tabids a splendid medici '
teething time, My baby was very
sic. at tli it time, was cross, resib ss,
and bad 1 Iipetite, Aftci giving In 1
tin- iul'!-1 ■ thoro was n marked   im-
prnreino it, nu , in the cour 1 a leu
days, -he ivas imt like tho same child.
The 'IUl.I.is me jusi the medicine to
holp litl 1 ones over the trying troth-
ing time." Yuu cun gel Baby's Own
T tile,- Irom any drtiggisl or lis 11 nil
at ilu a-.- its .1 l"i\ by nn in - ' 1 Di
Williams' Medicine Co., Ilrockvlllc,
\ul l.nlll,,
•is vaiur builiand a blblloittnnlae?"
asked Mrs. Oldcnillo ill ibe »ais being
periiiilled Pi view the treasures In Hie
library ol the new neighbors,
"Marey inkei, no!" replied Mrs,
Packcnbam "He never blbblea „ bit,
oh. of lonrse, 1 don't soy llnil  ho
wouldn't tako n little m iii- n i« ii
the rest was dulu' it, Imi Ihnt'i ai fai
as he ever goes in Ihein kind of
things."- Chicago llecord Herald.
Wanted lone Attention,
Ethel li'ieriiin 1 think it- mean f.r
grown fnlks to ba always lay ug,
"Children should be seen und imt
Willie Boerum (phllaiophlcnlly)-
Wi'll, I don't euro much If they won't
list011 lo me if they will only Watch ma
whllo   I'm   showing  off.—Brooklyn
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Whore's tho umbrella I   lout   yuu
"Jonos borrowed it.   Why?"
"Oh, nothing, only tho fellow 1 borrowed 1, it says the owner   bus  been
asking lor ,t."   Tit-Bits.
cimm r-nch Ih. ».at ot th« tllirua-.
CiW.irh 1. a tilooit or constitutional dis-
fuse, ind ,n order lo cure It ynu must
ink" Inlcinnl r-mn1,»s Hall's CatarrH
Cine Is taken IntmiallT. and acta dlr-
colli' on the blood nnd mucous lUtfaOMa
llnll'i Catarrh <'ur. il not n uuack m.fl-
lain.' It waa prr-srrlhcil bv on- of tha
bill I'hv.lclao. In th« country (or y.ari
and Is a rcmilar er.scitt'tlon. It la com-
pond of the teat tonlci known, combined with tlic but blond rtl-IB.rs. act-
Ina itlr.etlv on lhe mucou, aurf.icaa.
The n.rfect combination of th. two tn-
freillcnt, la what produces such wonC*r-
ful rrsultp ,n curing Catarrh. Sana for
lestlnmnlsli free. ■•
V .1 CHENEYACO.i Ppna.. Tolida, 0.
Po,.| bv Pruealsts. rrlc. 78o
Tnk« Hall's Kamlly Pllla for conitlpatloa
i iti   Win, discovered America?
Ml,all    ||0J      t 111 tl ll.l.
l'i Why,   I   supposed   evory
lio 11 school knew that,
Small ll"\   I didn't know   it   was
I 'St.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
A Colonel and 11 captain were shoot-
ing togetl  i'lie colonel walked ronio
ranis in advance ol tho captain, Bud-
bully 11 Book ol birds iroso, nud   tin*
oaptaln, quickly letting drive, (patter.
el shot iill about hi- sii|aeiiui officer,
The captain ..aliened forward shouting liis apologiol, The cloliii, W'itll a
grim smile, picked n shut nut ol liis
iii'iii iiiii <nii, "Look hero, whal ara
you out 11,t 1 to-day? Pirtrldgci or
promotion?"   l'caraon'i Weekly,
Miiuials l.initiieiit Co., Limited,
lieu Bin, 1 bud 11 blending tumor
un inv lace for a lung time and tried
,, number ol romodioi wlthoul any
good remits, and I on- advlied ta try
MINABHS I.INIMI'.NT, and alter
using vveiiil iinitl.v it made a  com-
plete cure, ami it healed iill Up and
disappeared altogether
I, Will lIKMH.ItSliN
B.ileisle Station.    Kings Co.,    N.D.,
Sept, IT, l'JOI.
Tho average
man wouldn't
admit thut he
"\Judges bis 11-
Vgar   by    tin-
Aa a rule n
He costs  a 11
i     ^jv^pn    you g*i f"i it.
'Vi'.''* 9
A man always fcis Ihe sii| eriiuity
nf his sex when he sees 11 wuinau try-
lug to sharpen u lead pcudl.
Sable   li" ■ mi tliluk your wife uill
'. ■ as, ,-cl  I,, a'l'ili■•;,   I"  11 jetil
('able A'ii, r won't ba necei irj
l.ii'l'i'i'. "',.
A high 10I100I teacher was  examining tl.e phyal 'logy class,
"How many ribs have  you,  (in,,-
lie'r" In, asked,
"Win   11- I    don't   know,"    said
"Didn'J the text-book   ilata?"   1"
then qne'riod, somewhat iharply,
Ye.   uli, yes   ill course. Hut, you
see,  I'm long wais'eal."
Anil Digestion should Wall on Ap-
pOtMo,    To   llaive  the  stollllllil   Well     ll
■ 1 ii.ivi' tho nervous system well. Very
aleliea'e are tho digestive organs, lu
somo -11 soniltlvo me thev thai Btnioii.
pliarlo change; nffect tnem, When
they bi'co'tio disarranged no belter
regulator is procurable than   Parma-
1..'. Vogotable  I'llll,     Tbey will  a«-
-i-t tbe digestion si, that ilu, hearty
.ji'er will suiter no Inconvenience a,ul
fill aleiive all ibe bonelHi ol his food,
yv  N  r  No   1,,.' THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Wanted-A pretty girl with hralna,
win, knows just how to cook.
Waated-An author who takes pains
And thinks about his book.
Wanted-A surgeon who says, "No;
I dare not operate."
Wanted—A chauffeur who goes slow
And never plays with fate.
Wanted-A wife who never boys
Ono thing she doesn't need.
Wanlcd-A gift to know what lies
Each day wo havo to rond,
Wanted-A tradesman who Is square,
No need to be found out.
Wontcd-A thing thnt will grow hair
Certain, beyond a doubt.
Wantcd-A trust that lowers the price
Just for ,^<i publlo itood.
Wanted—Protection1 from that vice.
Adulterated food.
Wanted-Health systems thnt will cure
Before we pay a cent.
Wanted—Moro cash to make the poor
Enjoy tin ir sentiment.
Wanted—A suburb where the rate
Of living's not a sliamo.
Wantod-To match, wc beg tn slate,
A city Just tin- same,
—Tmn Maisson lu Munsey'i,
Tkrtlll,,,   Incident   la   Ike   Lite   .(
James Freeman Clarke,
When James Freeman Clarke was
a youug man bo visited  Salisbury,
England.   Here tho beautiful cathedral lifts its spire 404 feet Into the
air. The spire Is topped by a ball, uud
on the ball stands a cross.   From the
| ground the ball looks llko an orange,
! but Its diameter is really greater than
I a man's height.
Workmen were repairing the spire.
j Mr, Clarke saw them crawling round
i the Bllm steeple In the golden after-
| uoon like bugs ou a bean stalk.   The
I impulso came to him to climb the
| spire and stand on the horizontal beam
j of the cross.   Accordingly nt dusk.
' when the workmin hud left, the young
American   slipped  In   lllld   made  his
way up the stairs to thu little window
which opened to tlie workmen's stag-
lug.  To run up tlie scaffolding to the
i ball was easy.  Then came tbe slightly
I more bulging curve of the ball.    A
short platform gave bin) foothold. Ha
. reached up, put his hands on the base
a of the cross and pulled himself up.
| To galu tbe cross arm wus merely
| "shinning" up a good sized tree, and
soon be stood on the horizontal timber
I and, reaching up, touched the top ot
. the cross,
I After enjoying his moment of einlta-
; Hon he slid to the foot of the cross,
| and, with his arms round the post,
slipped down over the great abdomen
of the ball. Ills feet touched nothing.
The little plank from which be bad
reached up was not there!
Here was a peril aud one for a eool
Bo It Seemed In lhe .Indue When He
Heard 111. Dauffhtcl-'a Stury.
The judge's daughter wns perturbed.
"Papa," she said, knitting her pretty
brow, "I um In doubt us to whether I i
have kept to the proper form ot pro- head and lure eye. Of course ho could
ecdurc. In law one enn err In so many not look down. Tbc bugging hold that
little technicalities that 1 am ever fear- , he had to keep on the bottom of the
ful.   Now, lust evening George"—        | cross shortened tbe reach of his body
Tbc judge looked at her so sharply ond made It less than when he bad
over his glumes that she Involuntarily stood on the plunk and readied up to
paused. | the cross with his bands.   He must
"I thought you had scut blm about , drop so that his feet should meet the
his business," he said.
"I did band down nn adverse decision." she answered, "and be declared
that he would appeal.   However, 1 can-
a Tka rli.a-ulol.u Monarch and III. KI-
\ tart to luali.a.-a- lhc Deity,
[   Hiram,   the   Phoenician   monarch,
strove to imitate (iod by erecting four
mighty pillars upon which lie caused
seven heaveiis-apnrtiiieuts-to be built
The first was constructed of gluss, 500
by 600 yards, storing therein mock Images of the Bun, iiioou and stars.  Tho
a second compartment of iron, 1,000 by
. 1,000 yards, wns the receptacle of precious Btoues, causing a terrlllc noise
, resembling thunder when they crashed
, against euch other and the casement of
ibe Inclosure.  The third chamber was
of leod,  1,000 by 1.500 yurils.    Thi
fourth was of tin. 2,000 by 2,000 yards.
Tbe Ufth was of copper, 11,500 by 2,500
yards,   Tite sixth was of silver, 3,000
by 3,000 yards.   The seventh wns of
gold, 3,500 by 3,500 yards, containing
precious stones, peuris and a magnificent throne.   A channel of water separated the apartments,
Hiram, Imitating the royal splendor
of tlie court of King Solomon, surrounded himself by lhe grandest conceivable display of magnificence. In
the seventh apartment wus stationed a
golden bed. the corners of which were
set In pearls without vultic lu ull the
world, sparkling forth beautiful flushes
resembling lightning, which spread
wonder und terror among liis sip'joctB.
The prophet Kzeklel wus ordered to
appear before Hiram, who, at a loss
as to how to reach the seven heaveni
wherein the monarch presided, was
transported Into his castle by the locks
of his hair. Upon perceiving thc divine messenger Hiram trembled. "Who
urt thou':" thundered tha indignant harbinger ot future events. "Why dost
thou boast? Art thou not born of woman's womb?"
"I am," replied Hiram, "but I livi
forever. Like God dwelling over waters, dwell 1.   like blm reigning over
plank, for he would never be able to I J"™1 hf enM' j n,le '" ""» "l,art-
1 meuts,   As (iod is surrounded by light-
A Bad lUrgala.
Forty yenrs after the Bodleian library at Oxford had received a copy of
the first folio Shakcspenre-thot Is to
say, lu 1004-the librarian of that Institution, clearing out some "superfluous books," dumped the first folio
lu tlie lot ond accepted $120 for the
pnrcel. Now tbe Bodlelun bas a chanca
if buying It back again for {15.000..
A I'ruir That Failed.
"TUtiugton was voted out of our golf
"What for?"
"Oil, be got so lazy thnt be made his
cmldic play for him whllo lio curried
the bng."-Dotrolt I'ree l'ress.
This Is the Paramount feature of
Free from dust, dirt and all foreign substanoes.
Lead    Packets   Only,    40c,    50c,   a nd   80c   per    tb.   At   all   Grocer*
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
Only those who hnve Iniil eNpi'ii 'lice
can tell tlio torture'eorus cnuse. Pain
with your hoots on. pain wit), thorn |
ofT —piiin night nml day, hut relief s
sure to tlioso who use llulluwiiy's Corn ,
pull himself back If he should let himself down at arms' length, and bis
feel hung over empty air,
vinced him thnt I wns the court of last } Now his good head began to work,
resort in a ease like that aud that uo ' Ha looked up ot the cross ami tried
appeal would lie from my decision."    | to recall exactly the angle ut which he
"Possibly the court wus assuming a bad reached for It, to make his mem-
little moro power (bun rightfully be- I ory tell blm Just how the edge of that
longs to It," suld the judge thought- square post had oppeured. A few
fully. "But let that pass. What did Inches to the right or to tbe left would
he do then?" j mean dropping Into vaeuuey.
"He died n petition for u rehearing." |   Bending his head away back, he
"The usual course," said Ihe Judge, j atraluod his eye up the cross uud fig-
"But it Is usually nothing but a mure j wed his angle of approach, He cau-
formality," tlously wormed himself to the right
"So I thought," returned the girl ! and made up bis mind that here direct-
"and I wus prepared to deny it with" | 'y under his feet must be the plank,
out argument, but tlie facts set forth
In his petition were sulHcieot to make
me hesitate nnd wonder whether his
ease tutl really been properly presented at the first trial."
"Upon what grounds did he make the
application?" asked the judge, scowling.
"Well," she replied, blushing u little,
"you see lie proponed by letter, und
his contention was that the case was
of that peculiar chat-actor that cannot
be properly proaontod by briefs, but
demands oral arguments, ihe fact
that the latter had been omitted, he
Then be dropped.   Tbe world knowi
that he lived to tell the tulc.
All It. Street. Are SOalrca.e.
All Art- Safe.
Here Is a pretty plctUO of Algiers hy
Frances li. Xesbltt: "Now It Is possible to go safely Into even the darkest
and remotest comers, and they ore
dirk Indeed. A tlrst visit leaves one
' breathless, but delighted- breathless,
because ull the streets are staircases ou
a more or less Imposing scule-lhe
held, should be held to be an error, and ; longest Is said to liave at least GOO
the point was such a novel ono that I j slops; delightful, because at every
consented to let hi,,, argue ii. Then ] turn there Is sure to be something un-
bis urguini'iit was B0 forceful lhat 1 j usuul to u stranger's eye, Tbo newer
granted bis petition nnd consented to , siulrs ure wide uml straight and very
bear the whole case again. Do you ' uninteresting, but only turn into any
think"- old street and follow its windings In
"I think," suid llie judge, "thut the | und out between while walls, under
court   favors  the   plaintiff."  Chicago , arches, through gloomy passages, hero
ning and thunder, so am 1. (Iod bus
slurs In heaven, nn have 1. Many sovereigns have suecuml ed lo mortality,
and I Bttll eilst. Twenty-one kings of
i the house of Israel nnd David, twenty
prophets uud ten high priests have departed this earth, but I outlive them
"Why dost thou boast?" again demanded Eieklel,
"Because thou didst supply the
cedars for Solomon's temple? This
puis me In mind of u subject who prepared a spleudid garment for ids sovereign, and as often us thc servant
gazed nt the glorious piece of work he
boastingly remurked. 'This is my
manufacture,' until the klug, observing his vanity, tore lt off in disgust
Such will be thy lot The temple
which thou helpest to build will be
destroyed. Whut will then become nf
thy pride?"
A  Murderer  Appears to  a  Man  Who
Smoto Him Alter Death.
Writing In the Illustrated weekly
"Canada," "A Habitant" says: The incident that I am now going lo relate
happened In the snme pariah wherein
Is situated tho Snull am Reoollet. Soon
after the arrival of the English In Am-
ada, the custom of gibbeting criminals
by the madslde came In. Tbere was a
very famous ono al Polnte Levis, and
come from RochdaleP" "No, ivhyP" I a 'habitant named Vallquot waa driving
"Well, ilia's painted Roolldalo bigger j past on the duy appointed fair Iho
nur Owilhani. Dostna knaiv OuilhumV christening of a child of his; there was
bigger nur Rochdale and Roytoil both: to be a great supper and rejoicing at
put together? Tbail go, punched if! his house that night to celebrate tlie
saime chaps as ah know I'm Owdham   occasion,  and  Vallquet,   feeling reck-
There is a railway map ol tbe
eashiie and Yorkshire Railway system painted on tho tiled ontranco of
the Victoria Slat ion in London. Tite
painter whoso work it wus had nn ex-
porience with local pride. "While at
work ho wns Booostod   thus!—"Dost
cops tbw doin'
-New  York i'n-
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
, iiiH'criiltiK Taste..
"There's no accounting '.'or tastes.
Now, Iron Is good for some folks'
blood," remurked tlio worm, as the
angler stuck the hook lu him, "but 1
ktiow it will be UlO dentil of me."
And yet tbe lish that got the Iron n
little luter was simply curried away   Joy-making of th
lessly happy, drove close to the gibbet
where hung the body ol a man who
had been guilty of a very brutal murder, and caught It a smart crack with
his whip saying, ' I Invite you to supper at my house to-night." A friend
of Vallqtiet's who was driving with
hltn, shuddered, saying: "The man has
been a criminal, but be has paid his
penalty before men. anil If he repented
at th,' lust he may be a saint in heaVafll
to-day," Hut the happy father was
light ut heart, ami thought only of tho
christening feast,
"I've got the gnu lest Idea ynu ever
hoard of for „ slreuuous play," de-
limes (he young author,
"Whut ure you goitig to drumntlzc-
llie cookbook';" we ask with line Bar-
"Dramatize nothing!" he retorts.
"This Is to be purely and entirely aud
amazingly orlglnul. The heroine Is to
be a moUicriuiaw and thi biro a
baseball umplrc'-Judge.
One  uf  tile  greatest     blessings    to
parenta is Mother Gravel' Worm Ks-
terminator, It effectually expels
worms aud gives lieultli in a marvellous mum,or to the little one.
"Did you have nny luck on your fishing trip?" aaked the fond wife.
"I should any so," snld Mr. Oldsport
tilisi'iilinindedly. "I held high nnd low
three times In succession and turned
lack twice,"—Washington Stat-,
with it—Bohemian Magazine.
Villi,i. i'lmrrra.
'   in nil mythology aud folklore white
flowers are supposed to iprlui
l I'olU
Inm/ir, Tree t'nm..
To protect lis ova nnd young from
Ihe attack! of lish tho tree frog of
Brazil builds n tubellko subaqueous
, fortification of mini, which ll Jealously
1 guards  until   lis   froglctl  nre   large
Miniieh tn fike care of themselves,
Everyday Sllraclea.
"Bullfinches fed on hemp seed turn
quite black." snld a naturalist "Horses
kept In conl mines for several years
IxHSjine covered with aoft, thick fur
like a mole. Thc ituiKllff of Tibet, who
lu tbe Tibetan highlands has a heavy
cont nf wool, loses bis coat completely
when he Is brought down to the plains.
Tlie ermine In his anow Infested home
turns while lu tlio winter, but If he Is
taken for tho Winter to n warm climate
In* does not turn white at all. Quite
amailOg altogether are tlie change!
that wlih food nnd euvlroiinieut we
can effect ou all llvlug creature!, even
nn man."
Old Fast
And you know why, too. It's
those gray hairs! Don't you
know that Ayer'i Htlr Vigor
restores color to gray hair?
Well, It does. And It never
Fails, either. It siopi filling
hair also, and keeps the scalp
clean and healthy. Do not
grow old too fast I
■ I htt. uand Ay.r'a n.*r Tl|-r tn nuny
-.au inal I il...ii.| i.■■-..! s- .. ia, to '.- ob-
l,|-a* -. Sn -Itl.a-al It ;-. .aw-f, mi I all Ir-.in
Uimt.. ,ia, .nil al... ,a*,. in, ar.lp olt.B
.nd Sa.il..' _ a, l-.s r i ai a.. Unaon Uly,
a few stairs, there n gentle Incline, always up nud always the cool deep
shade lending to the bright blue ot the
sky above,
"Being sn narrow and so steep, than
are, of course, no camels nnd no carta,
Doukeys do all the work uud trot up
and dowu with ibe strangest loads,
though porters curry furniture and
most of the biggest things. Up and
down these streets comes un endless
variety of figures-tuwu and country
Arabs, spabls In their gay uniforms,
French soldiers, Itulluu workmen, children Iti vivid colors, Jewesses with
heads uud chlus swuthed lu durk wrap
"Interesting beyond all these ore the
Arab women flitting like ghosts from
oue shndowy corner to another, the
folds of their halcks concealing ull the
glories of their Indoor dress, so that lo
tbe sin"', tho only sign of riches lies In
the daintiness of the l-'rench shoes nnd
tlio fact thnt the hnlck Is pure silk uud
tbo little veil over the fuce of u liner
Where Tliey llayr Time to He Polite,
Copenhagen, Denmark, is n city of
rannls and cleanliness -u land of pure
delight, free from beggars, orgau
grluders und Stray dogs. The Itiluib-
Hants thereof lire burn courteous und
seem never to have recovered from the
When a passenger boards a cor In
Copenhagen   he  exchanges  greetlugs
with the conductor,   a gentleman on
leaving the cur usually lifts his bnt In
acknowledgment of a salute from that
Official. When a fare is paid the conductor drups lt into Ills cash boi,
thanks the passenger uud gives blm
u little paper receipt.
ile offers change" it'.i n preliminary
"Ba so good," and la." passenger ue-
cepts with thanks, if. in addition,
tranefen ure required complimentary
i exchange! go on Indefinitely, Yet
| there Is ulways time ouougli lu ('open-
liugen.-Curolkie Domett In Four Track
rriliil   E-.aa.it 1 vr-.
"Pretty? Oh, yes, rnther; but she
Ims no mind of ber own."
"What makes you say that?"
"Why, just see how loug she can
keep   a   COOK."—Philadelphia   North a cago under his aim; he put the latter
Evening came, and with ll iho guests,
and they sat down to table, excepting
the new mother, who was unable to
rise from her bed. Hardly hail supper
commenced, when there were three
knocks a', the door, and, wlthoul waiting for It to be opened, In walked the
gibbeted murderer,   carrying  his   Iron
Time'. I limine..
"Tes, my son."
"What is a briitielte?"
"Why, n brunette, my boy. Is a woman who becomes lired of being t
iilu.i.i"—Yolikcrs Statesman.
behind Ihe door and stood facing thf
' host.
Kept His Appointment,
I   It is needless to describe tho terror ol
Improved nnd unimproved. Parties
having farms for sale can find ready
purchasers by  writing  Immediately,
.stating full particulars, etc.
the assembly,, or how Vallquet',, knees FARMERS' LAND CO,
trembled as he gathered his wits and  .. _ ,.        ...          .
courage together. "What do you want;" 58 Tribune Bldg.,       Winnipeg, Mm.
asked he. "If you want suffrages, I will  	
say a Libra tor your soul and acme'
other prayera." Thc llgure replied, "You |
Dr. .11). Kollogg'l Dysentery Cordial is i. speedy cure for dysentery,
diarrhoea, oholara, summer complaint,
sen liokneas and complaints incidental
to children toothing, It gives immediate ri.'iof to those lllffoiing from
ihe effects of iiidiBcrotie.11 in oaling
unripe fruit, ououmhors, etc. It nets
with wiunlci-lnl iit|<i .ity and nevei
fails to conquer the .sense. No on
lien I feir cholera if tbey buve a Initial of this medicine ennvoniont.
She Iilil.
"I'll get even wid 'cm for dlscharglu'
me!" mumbled Ibo cook lady, lifting up
| tho register nml dropping a pnir of hor
I old shoes down the hot nir pipe just before sho went away.
And those uld shoes avenged her for
nearly a week before the family found
out whut was the matter.—Chicago
Btctto—Manager Qroovea did not accept my piny, but bo praised It very
highly. lie spoke particularly aboui Us
wealth iif atmosphere. I wonder, by
lhe way, what he meant
Sourer-Perhaps it was his wny of
saying that tho play was mostly wind.
-Boston Transcript.
-a.ulnm, and WM.ky.
"Oue of the grossest misconception!
from which Scotlund suffers," suys >
writer, "Is that her iiiillonul drink Is
uud always has been whisky. Hut this
Is Just as untrue, neither more uor less,
as thut the nntlonnl gnrb of Scotland
Is the kilt    Whisky, like the kilt, ts a , ,,„,„,„ „,,;(,    Ml„ ,„,.„,,.. sM |hc Jua.
purely reltlc or highland product, and I     --■'■--   • ■■■   --'■
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
He Wanted* li".
"I think I'll have lo put you under
After I una Year..
After long years work Is visible. Ia
agriculture you eunuot see the growth.
I'nss that country two mouths nfter,
nnd Ihere Is a difference. We in'a|iilr«
firmness snd experience Incessantly.
Every action, every word, every meul,
la purt of our trial and our discipline.
We are assuredly ripening or else
blighting. We are not conscious of
those change) which go ou i|iilelly aud
gradually In tho soul. We only count
tho shocks In our Journey. Ambition!
die; grace grows us life goes ou.-t'rid-
crick w. Robertson.
up to thc middle of the eighteenth cen
lury It was Just as unfamiliar lu tha
lowlands as the chin tartans. It was
only after the '45 that tbe blghlaiidera
begun io settle lu tbe lowluuds snd
bring their whisky with them, but before thnt the nut.n-i.il drink of thi
lowlnnders had been ale. Tamo'-
Bhintar nnd Boutor Johnny got rourln'
fou' not ou whisky, but ou strong
tlca to lhe victor of the tight.
"Reap the plccol" broke In Ihe vanquished Indignantly, "Why, your honor, it belongs to me. He bit It out of
my cur."- t'hlcugo l'oat.
I. aaawuran-.ur»r. of
lltW rBIOm.
flood   I ',,llr,"   H„r.f.
"You told mo he was u good Indies'
horse," angrily laid the mau who hud
mode Ihe purchase.
"He was." replied the deacon. "My
wife owned blm, and she's one of thi
best women 1 ever knew,"
The Kal.a.
Table  teaches that the fntea  were
three gudilesses, holding, one n -pluiHe.
mother a distair and the third „ pair
of shears, They spun the thread of
human lite, then cut It off, and tnsn'l
destiny wus either happy or unhappy
according to the t-ituro nf the wimI
employed by these Inexorable deities.
Might It not be said thnt here below
we play more or less tho port of tho
fntes? It Is we who, In some degree,
mold  our  own  destinies.
A   ll.'i-   Inn,"at   Ilm-.
Mamma  Why,   Howard I   Why   do
ymi eat those cakes so greedily?   You
hnve plenty of them.
Little Howard I know It. That's
why I'm nfrnid my appetite will lie
g.ine before the cakes are,- New York
J*u.« ...
for 33 Years
Shiloh'i A.ni-Ji.r«"n Air, the Lm,
Tonic, bu be-n belote th- publr, .nd
thu. I 'B-lirr Kil'i III- la. I that Ul aal-i
hire it-adlly ilCnSMd vai by jrawi, I.IU.
bfit proui ol the men, ul
Invited me to supper, and 1 have come.
Vallquet feared greatly for 'hia wife's
health, so he begged llie apparition to
depart, promising his prayers. The
ghost, who al lirst Insisted on walling
for tho dance and taking part therein,
finally promised to k-o on condition that
Vailquet would como Iho following
night to his glbbot al thi llr ko of midnight and dance. This h. Ing agreisl, the
ghost picked up his cago and walked
. out. Everyone, of course, tried to persuade tlieir host to break his promise,
but he would not hear ■ f such a thing.
Woman's wit provided tlio best expedient, a baptised baby was supposed,
and Is still supposed by I inw p, op ••. to
be an angel from heaven, and tho anxious mother BUggested that hor husband
sluuld take the ulilld In his arms when
he went to redeem his word, Accordingly Vallquet went the I illowtng night
at the stroke of twelve to the gibbet,
carrying his child in his nrms, "What:"
said tho murderer, "you come thus
provided? I came la
but you only come wilh an angel I i
guard you. 1'ut down Ihl
have a splendid dan ro|    a., ,,,
the time li measured by the strokes "ti
a whip." "N i," said Vallquet "l havo]
kepi my pi unit  I ;. an bora, and
I will say the prayi i*i I . rr« .., to say,
but I will not pul my child out of my
anus:' 'You are .it any r.ue brave,
even though you art - -... an-
iwsred Uie murderer. "Henceforth you
will reaped the dead, and n member
Hi" dead, like thc living, can keep appointments."
Celd Water for Sproli.rJ « .I.a.
A simple uud etllcimloui remedy for
I sprained wrist Is to ul water mu upon It every morning for some uiluiiles,
holding the wrist as low Dciicath thi
uiouth ol the tup as possible, nj that
tlie wnter may have a good fall. After
this bus been done bondage It lightly,
letting the bandage reinulu uuill tha
next ubluilon. The spralu will Iw reduced In a f.w duvs.
III.  It.a.tin.
Edna- Why did you break off your
engagement with ,i„t„';
Bdward Becauso her parrot waa ul-
wnys saying, "Slop lliiil, I'red."
Ii'l,,,,    llul whal dlfleretice doe, lint
makei   Your engagement was nol a
r.ilward   And   my   iiuiuu   was   not j
i'red. Huston Herald.
All Women
should assist Nature at those times
when the lyitem it upset, the nerv-
oui tone low and a feeling ol depression or languor exists. An experience of over 50 years warrant!
the stitement that no medicino
gives luch prompt relief it
Bold Everywhere.    In boaea 25 cents,
Another Shock.
'Yes." anld the wnlter, "this cafe Is
■ thoroughly up to date.   We cook by
' electricity."
I "Is that so?" snld the guest, pointing
to n plntter, "Then will you please
give thnt beefsteak another shock?"
ii i eun (or Coughi, CaUi, ind all
dlK.KI ol till lunar, ind .11 DlUaVg-l.
I a.a.ir who laav- Uat-d Shiloh would nol
L- wilhout il. Ttin*. who h.ve neve,
tltri il ihould know lhat ciny book- u
•old with a pontiv- jiiii.nl'* inl*, il it
do-ini nitl'yeu, the daler will i-luod
V'hil jou paid lor il.   bluish
"Did your husband ever bet on a
winning horse':"
"Oh, yes," answered young Mrs. Tor-
kins. "All the horse, liinrley bets on
win at some tlmo or unithor."
Has Cured
I ll""i'.ti- somi'tlmea ktvapa a mm
from growing rich and civility from
bolng witty,  buidi-u,
"By the great niiielel!" clucked tha
old ben, us she ciiildled down upon the
thirteen eggs, "this nest Is mndo of
excelsior. No doubt about It, thli Is
going to ha n shaving set,"
thouiindi ral tbe mod oliatin.t- e.a-» ol
Cougiu, Gila], ind Lung tiuulil.a. 1-et a
cute you.
"La. win'., I -mi,M l.# tlal- reyimsj ar.H
iVllhl I aaai .'.ml inlo Cwiaumi-io.. I la-,1 al!
Ml, <J m-l'-n'i, lul notlun,- w m- an, jaw!
tinlil I ua-i i-aiKS, Conwmialin Car.. -or
Willi*rui-d M. Tii w.n'.f 1 ka-i .a-rynd
eralrt, wa, nad ll I. la, -»*l. *.- lunf, Wn. 10,,
«. lhe,via amlbaia. Ml bo
, r*l, n.n. I ha., gi—fi
.' ^-it -n, it l,*m ha
JoWph, M   H,«U1'.U, QaK
Modal , ■,...
Small  Boy (entering itudlo)—Bay,
fnlltor, do you need a modoll I'm u
bird nt posln',
Artist Sorry, but I don'l paint birds;
only (lowers uml fruits,
Small Boy. Then I'll send my twin
sisters around, One's n daisy ami the
other's ii peach.   New Orleans Time-
XVttrn   Mr   V\«-   llia.i.l.r.l
"He's the most devout man ,,, church,
I never saw uny one who could be so
absorbed In prayer."
"Indeedl   1 never noticed It."
"P* r-alaly imi.   I don'l suppose yon
eiei look up ibe collection."—Catholic
btaiulurd uud Times.
Stanfteld'i Unshrinkable i;».
tlrrnr..: ij planned and knitted
npecU'.ly Ior Northwest wiuten.
It defies the wont bljuard that
cones down from tbt Klondyka
—keeps you mug aud warm, no
nutter bow low Um tbermuneta-
' Stanfield's
loath   llrlean Am  lllll.
Inrgcsl structure ou II
lis not BOCMllly, but opinion, thnt
makei mnn mllsrablo, nnd whan wi
cowl to b« fancy silk thcri'i no cur*.
\""'"? *ia" 3! ,vl"'" ''""i11"'1''1 wilh the si/e ol  tbo \ __
« lUS-RtrSlMit bUlldcri is lb,, imt bill of A            .- II II l4l<SSi
Ki,. Uu rnwl. -D. of tllOIC minimis  liave I li oblOrVCd V/.P
*              ™ fifteen feet high and nine feel In dl- VTS
Mc,   with   glimmer   ll
"i -ler   if a human habitation woro
constructed on ,l , n1.- It would
be moro than I0VCU tollcl high,
ll lift, lilky Nova Scotia wool
—wilk thc .Uiink laken ont
It U knitted ia ail liit-a to
e«"a-foTtably l.t every Cfure—
and bolali its -l..r*a. uo matter
bow ullaa washed.
I'v; .■ garment ll guaranteed
tataoanlely aaahrinltable.
No tioubt you'll r.m! I        m
thli IA1,P.
MiVt no mnut* — it'i th« kind
thai | |[iiir>iilMi!tnkefpTc.ii ity
tn.| toii-.L-it.Ue In tha Wlm
i.oini. Midi m tllm'k bfVtli
low.   Sy iii by ill ralnu-* dcilut,
TORONTO, sroii/ff)
Real Estate
We have enquiries lor good
Business and Residential
properly, List yours ttitli
ub.    We do lhe business,
Consult  us  ln'iire   buying.
Junction Block
North Vancouver.
NliRStRltS   AND   SttBHOlSE.
Large stock ol IIOMK-UROWN fruit
und Ornamental Trees now matured lor
the full trade.
Nn ox|ieii80i l"ss or delay ol fund-
j-atiiiti or Inspection,
Headquarters lor Pacific Coast-grown
Garden, l'lcld, nud Mower Seeds in
BEK sriii.ii'.s, Snray Pomps,
Whalo nil s,,n|., Uruenliouse Pltints,
Cut Flowers, Bulbs Ior Kail planting.
We dn liiisincsh on our own grounds—
no rent l" nay uml are prepared lu meet
all competition.
Let mo price your list before placing
your order,
Catalogue free.
8010 WostmlnsterRoad, Vancouver, B.C.
Rolled Oats
Hay and Feed
ih, Brackman Ker
Milling Co.
Hurry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown irom
Sutton's Seeds, nl ways on hand,
Willi li 0,
Taoarin-i in
nn, Nuimi Vancouvei
ui". r. m>
BallCl.ll   i
MM*,*-, M.
.li.: A W
* , i. i. 1,.
IUw-.li, 11
s.  II.
M\m\i siiiiiiz & mm
lliirrislrrs. Suliritors,
.Vilarh, Mc.
Owe",  II. X. A. HnUalliiK, Viuuuuver, .ml
June,,ian Block, North V over.
Ivpert Conveyancing, Etc,
Ale and SI out
1,1 lltittleia. Ilcat-a and Jin-*.
lhe Roual Brewing Co., Ltd.
'••lil.. .ml.
. .TAILOR. .
10" N'i iieiil tu no to Vuncuuver (ur
Buch »nrk ilii'ii it can In- bo satisfactorily done here.
,'I.KAMMI,   1'ItKSSIN'li,
rpKN'tlER" Wild, III". KF.CEIVKD
l.y Mr. J.W.lliirue. at lb lei Nortli
Vancouver, for excavation ■ f hits on
corner of Lonsdale avi-liuc and the
t'lana nod specimminus may be nl*.
talncd al I'it-It'*- real esiut'ollicnor from
Mr I lur lie,
Lowest or any lender not naeeasarllj'
accept d.
ill., nil Scptelii-
■HP 111 II
liuiise ii
n'i i,
*ttti| wiili u>, mn
Wi- liuve reiited every
have for the Inst few wee
ous customers nway.
We have orders from over fifty responsible
tenants iur houses of from four to seven rooms,
with modern oonvonienct's, al rentals from $15 lo
$3U per month; also several houses with from Beven
to twelve rooms wunted, at rentuls from $30 to $60
per month, It you have a house for rtmt or sale,
|,li'„.-" ii',tify ti- immediately.
Also wanted close-in lols, blocks and acreage,
at reasonable . rices. We have cash oustomers
with over $o0,000 '" be invested in Nortli Vancouver properly, and if you wish to make a cash
sale ,it right prices, without delay, you a,ro request-
io! to list with ti? immediately.
Yours trulv
.onsdale Ave and I'iflli St,
CAPITAL, >4,«66,666, RESERVE, $2,043,997
Head Officii ,n Canada, Montr, a
H, Stimuan, General Manager, J. lii.v LY.Supi ot Urauclici
Branches in British Columbia Vshcroft, Cin-enwood,
Il,"ll.'v. Kaslo, Roaslantl, Trail 1S11I1 Draucli), Vaucouvor,
Victoria, Dnncana, aud [lawson, Y.T.
Savings Department   Deposit, received Irom >i upwards.
Olfim, Cor. Lonsdale »ve„ and Esplanade, North Y<inu)UM>r, U, C.
Mr. II. F. Kirry, ol Portland,
Ore., is spending a few days ii
Mortli Vancouver, tlie guest of Mr.
Wm. I. Dick. Being Mr. Kirry'
iirst visit under tlie Union jack
he was naturally surprised to lim
the niiiny advantages enjoyed b\
A Japanese shingle holt camp,
11,'ar Kite lake, was burned out a
lew days ni;,,, and nil the eflecti
destroyed, Among the latti-r w,i>
sunn: several thousand dollars i,
currency, practically a wholi
year's earnings among twent*
Bates' auction rooms lot
bargains in beds, mattresses am.
toilet sets.
Miss Mollie Stevens, ol
Moodyville, returned home afte,
an absence ot three months ti
Tacoma, visiting friends.
Things are very busy these day-
at tliu Capilano. About 100 me,
are engaged at the waterworks.
Ten lo twelve wagon-loads ol
cement pass through the town
daily for the dam.
The Capilano Flume Company
liave finished repairing the flume,
which was put out ol order by tin
recent heavy rains, and plenty o!
holts are now coining down from
the can,p.
G. Hughes, of Thirteenth stree.
wesl, will sub-divide his proper'-
into lots, lie will also build
another cottage on Third sliect.
Mr. and Mrs. Anson have taken
up their residence at Moodyville,
recentlj vacated by Mr. and Mrs.
Bin Campbell,
Lynn Valley people are very
prosperous these days. Messrs.
Fromme, Sugden and Wcstuwr
liiuein,chased fine driving rigs,
and seem quite smart with their
new traps.
W, Harris, Victoria, was a guest
at tlic Hotel Noith Vancouver on
Chas. \V. Magee, Eliurne, was
in town on Wednesday,
J. H. Morrison, a recent arrival
Irom Philadelphia, has purchased
two acres, west of the Capilano
aud North ot the Keith road.
He intends building a $.1,000
residence iu the spring.
The municipal council has
agreed lo Mr. Diplock's proposition to extend Seventeenth street
through lots 015 and bib to the
liewicke avenue, from Sixth
street to Sixteenth street, a distance ol 2,000 leet, will be opened.
Arrangements are being made to
open up the streets northward
from this point, branching oil at
Larson's road.
At New Westminster, on Monday, Nov. jth, a court ol revision
will be held for the purpose ol
lie irillg and determining any and
all object.' ns to the retention of any
name or names on the register ol
voters fur tlie eli etoral district ol
Richmond, This is a little too
much ol a good thing tor the
tuii is or intending voters ol North
Vancouver. Why should we be
i.\|,a itml to go to New Westminster?
J. Mathers, thu pioneer boot and
shoe maker, lias moved  his  shop,
nexl Mi Dowell's drug store.
Block 89, I). L 550, Tenth
street, east oi Lonsdale avenm',
containing lour and one hall acres,
will he cli ar, d, ploughed and liar-
rowi d by Irwin & Hillings lor a
Winnipeg client, preliminary foi
further developments, Also this
linn will clear and grade some 50
in ore parcels ol land.
Miss Colbeck, tcachei al Moodyville, left her hand satchel, containing a fountain pen, on the
steamer St. George 011 the 7:40
trip on Tuesday,
The rock crusher in Victoria
park is being made ready for use
and will bo tunning in a day or
I believe that the four districts I
uive the honor to represent.
namely, North Vancouver, Soutl;
Vancouver, Richmond and Bur
naliy, will in twenty years havi
.1 larger resident population lhan
Vancouver itself. The city is
limited to some extent, and witl
ih, opportunities that the tran
i -i-ivice offers Irom living away
1 1 business amid pleasant sur
I rn,nidi,nts with on hards am
■ irdens the aurburban population
is bound to increase rapidly. Hon
/■'. (.'. ('cltiin.
Ah it is nlnioHt Impossible tn person-
dly express »nr deep gratitude lor the
,'ory nuinv kliulnesBes shown us during
mr recant bereavement, Mrs Malcolm
Martin nnd family take this means to
niivev to tin Ir many Iriends »nd ao-
lualnlances slticere thanks.
|l. Mautix.
The increase in the school
ittendance in North Vancouver
niiior divisions has attained such
iroportions that the board has
aken steps to build a wing lo the
present building and obtain the
tervices ol an extra teacher. Mr.
Trice, tbe principal, has a well
irgaiiized entrance class which
lids fair for the coming entrance
Bates' for furniture.
Nobody wants to see j. Frost.
Mr. J. K. ll.izard, New York,
registered at Hotel Vancouver yesterday.
G. N. Martin, Chicago, was here
Tlie Bank of B. N. A. savings
lepartment will not be open Saturday evening until further notice.
Hates' auction rooms. Furniture
bought and sold. A general
mctioneering business transacted,
Thompson block, Lonsdale Ave.
Chas. McDowell, brother to M.
S. McDowell, the local druggist,
arrived in town yesterday from the
interior, where he has been fot
some time. He was located near
C. E. Durston, ol Eves & Durs-
ti.m, bus gone to Seattle on a business trip and will return next
J. T. Tucker has received the
nntract (or opening up Queen's
street, which extends 750 yards
rom east to west, at right angles
to Lonsdale avenue, through Nye's
sub-division and adjoining properties to the west.
Lounie Cattell is home after
spending two months at the Great
Northern Cannery.
1 Davis, who has just returned
from up the coast, says that a rich
discovery has ben made by two
ptospertors at jervis Inlet. The
rock carries gold which is very
W. Conway, who has been very
ill, is still confined to bis bed.
His many friends hope for h.s
speedy recovery.
274:   LOT 21,  BLOCK
North  Vancouver
Hil Cordova Street.
Rainier Beer^>
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver all kinds of
Vancouver City Prices. Call and see for yourselves.
412 Haslinqs Street West, Vancouver, R.C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Ai.BXAxn.-iA Park—6i05 a. in.. II:!!B, 11:15, 7:1)8, 7:25, ~-Ah, 8:10, s::l,i, R:fi0,
ll:l,i, !i.::i>, il .all, 10:10, 10:110, III:'*), 11:10, 11:80, 11:61.. 12:10, 12 30, I2:W.
Funny—0:15ii, in,, 0:35, 0:56, 7:15, 7:85, BiOO, s:'.*,. 8:10, 11:00, 0:20, 0:10,
10:,I0, m:'.'„. 10:40, 11:00, 11:20, 11:40, 12:1,0, 12:20, 12:40, 1:00 p. in.
.Ukv.'Shua 1'ai.k -1:10 p, in., 1180, 1:50, 2:10, 2:80, 2:50, 8:10, 3:.',0, :i:.'*0,
4:10, 4:80, 4:.'i0. 5:10 5:80, 5:50 „'10, li: 0, li:Mj, 7:1», 7:311, H:(K), S:;,0, 11.1)0,
0:30, 10:00, 10:30, ll 00, 11:80, 12:00.
I'lililtY—1:20 |i, in , 1:40, 2',H). 2:20, 2:10, 8:00, 3:20, 8:10, 4:00, 4:20, 4:10,
5:00, 5:20, 5l4U, 11:1X1. 0:20, 11:41), 7:00,7:20, 7:40, HAb, H:i6, 0:15, 0:45, 10:15,
10:15, 11:16, 11:15, 12:15.
,,   ,   ,. , .,    ,.        , ,, Si suiv.«—l.'ur.-- -url (ruin Alexandra lark at 8:10, mnl Culltli-ilt uilli llii'8::W
R. J. Quinn, of the lim, of Bres- (l,rrv
Thin tim-.- table In -nlijccl lo alli'ralion.
sev & Quinn, arrived from Las-
quiio Island, and will shortly ship
there teams o( horses.
Mrs. J. Davis left for Sechelt,
where she will spend a fortnight
anion'; Iriends.
, , ,   ,,     ,       Vou will nml ItitM-a** Hi vour
Miss L.  uonzelvas, Ol  render lim ini.. u-lairu■.-ini.tuK«.>■ -"■•■i
Vi.  lt.   lll'NIIIIKV.
Harbor, lias been visiting in North
Vancouver. She says: l'"or angling
Pender Hatbot has no equals; one
Chicagoite caught eighty fish om
afternoon during a six week's holi
y there, Mr. Gonzalvas is erecting an hotel at Pender Harbor
which will no doubt he appreciated
IV the large number of tourists
H. A. S1UW
Real Estate and Insurance
iiniit.Ki' tu ,*>j(jmc prices, and in some ciwi
eheaper than ciiy.
who spend the  summer
along the coast.
R, H. Bryce is seriously ill at St.
Paul's hospital.
Constable Hriniacombc has sent
in his resignation to the council.
The wliya and wherefores lor this
will be investigated by the reeve
before acceptance.
]olm Mahon, ol the firm of
Mahon, McFarlane & Mai,cm. was
hne to day, He is very sanguine
of the future ol this town, lie
will return 10 London next month.
Preston Wright, a plasterer,
who arrived here this week from
Winnipeg, inui went to work on
the new Palace hoti I, had the
misfortune lo get Ins eye burned
with lime, He will be laid „p lor
a few days Dr, Dyer attended
the injured optic.
Mr. I.. C. Thibideau, ol this
plhce, succeeded In bringing home
a large black bear, which he killed
last evening near Westminster
with a n long.
An arc light should be placed
on birst street, near Lonsdale
gardens, where ihe bridge will be
Vi,' president Phillips and Secretary Irwin ol the board ol trade
will act with lhe council in the
reception   ol   Governor-General
Gray lure next week.
Some boys when thev are with
garls are perfect fools, and don't
know bow to behave. Same way
with some men.
P, Larson, Prop.
AM   RFATTIF NotarV|>ublic- ^ei,eral Auctionee
• '"• DL^I » IL |M  turl)ov„  sreet,   Vancouver,  B.   C
Ile sells »i rooms or private house or buys outright all
classes nf household goods »r bankrupt ntoi-kn lor can,
lie has some of tin finest business and waterfront property In North
Vancouver. Bee him at once ll!wu think of picking up property In
this soctloni Be wise, UI'Y NCfw, and vou will make money. :: ::
J. A. McMILLAN, the E»|>lan*de


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