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(Jlj? tiyxtn
Municipal Council Meeting.
Routine  Business Was Transacted—Telephone  Company
Will Begin Operations by May 1st—Finance Committee Report re Much Disputed Tender.
The regular bi-monthly meeting
of the municipal council was hel<
on Wednesday  evening.   Reeve
Kealy presided,
anil   Councillors
Allen, Bell, May ami Morden were
present.   Clerk Philip was also in
liis place.
The minutes ot the previous
meeting were read ami adopted.
The following communications
were read and disposed ol:
From property owners of First
street, that the following resolution
was unanimously passed by them:
That the council be roqu-sted to
attend to the building of sidewalk
on First street immediately; that
said sidewalk be laid on that line
and to permanent street grade:
that it be 12 feet wide from Lonsdale avenue east to St. George's
road, and from St. George's road
to St. Andrew's eight feet wide.
From P. A. Allen and 11. D.
Ells, asking for a sidewalk on south
side of First street from Lonsdale
av.niie to the bridge.
Thomas Sheriff wrote asking that
Fifteenth street be opened up from
Jones avenue west.
A. j. Greer wrote asking that
road be opened up through district
lot 597. running east and west from
the Capilano road, ten chaina east.
Referred to new council.
From Belyea & Sou. asking that
a ililch be cut down the south side
,i! Sixteenth street Irom Lonsdale
avenue. Referred to the engineer
to ia port.
A. F. Sutherland wrote re Thos.
S. Nye's lot, -iii-io, being incorporated into new incorporation.
Referred to citizens committee on
D. Maclennan wrote offering to
do citain extension work for road-
May, bridge and wharf at liewicke
aienue. Referred to Board of
Works lodeal with.
Prom Conway & Kaymes, for
i-:,tension of time on their contract.
Time extended one mouth iT'eb-
ruarv 1st).
F10111 H. M. Ramsay, North
Vancouver Ferry & Power Company, limited, advising alterations
for the Christinas season, namely.
On Sunday (Christmas Eve) run
tlie 11:15 p.m. boat from North
Vancouver  as  an  extra   sailing.
From Hope, Graveley & Com
pany, offering council lot 1434,160
acres, for Sio an acre. Deferred
to new council.
From R. V. Winch, president
Robert Ward & Company, limited,
re the matter of changing the present Keith road. Referred to Board
of Works.
From Union of British Columbia
municipalities, thai that body would
meet at an early date, to lay before
the government of the province
certain suggestions for the improvement of legislation, etc. Referred
to finance committee with power.
From R. C. McDonald, Indian
agent re proposed roadway througl
Mission reserve, that S.piaiiiish
Mission Indians are opposed to
same.   Filed.
Amount   below  Western
Corporation  Si40.So
(4) Subsequently Councilloi' Morden ordered from the Rat Portage
Lumber Company 37,000 feet which
was delivered at the same time as
that included in bill tendered (or,
thus making the total quantity delivered ioy,8oo feet. The account
for samt' being as follows:
Rat Portage Lumber Co's
tender for 72,^00 feet $660.00
Price of subsequent 37,000
feet   $368.00
Less Discount      82.24
H. C. Wright asked how much
lumber had been ordered since tbe
last contract of the Rat Portage
Lumber Company.
Councillor Morden said that Mr.
Wright had no right to ask such a
Councillor Bell suggesred thai
Mr. Wright interview the municipal
Mr. Wright said that as he had
not bet n asked for figures recently,
and as be had been told that the
Western Corporation would be
treated fairly in all deals, and that
as eight loads of lumber were being
supplied the municipality, he asked
for llie information.
Councillor Morden—Then win
do you ask when you know how
many loads are being used?
The reeve said that the clerk
would furnish the desired information.
Committee reports which were
of a routine nature were all adopted
as read.
In the health committee's report
re Mr. Hancock's admission to the
old man's home at Kamloops, Dr.
H. Dyer reported lhat the applicant's arm rendered him unfit lor
same, under section 8 of the Provincial Home Act. Left to Health
Municipal Engineer Balmain
submitted bis plan for First street
Amount paid by council.. $945.76
Your committee is glad to be
able to report that upon the above
statement being submitted to the
Western Corporation, Mr. Wright
at once undertook to send a letter
to the council, withdrawing the
misleading statement made by the
Western Corporation, and signed
by-Mr. Henry C. Wright, which
ignored the purchase of the 37,000
feet not included in the bill tendered for, and suggested that the
discrepancy between the amount
of the Rat Portage Lumber Company's tender, viz., $660.00, and
the amount paid the Rat Portage
Lumber Company, $945.76, was
paid up by extra charges for cutting in sliort lengths, towing and
hire of scows. Such, however, is
not the case, as the $945.76 paid
the Rat Portage Lumber Company
for the 109,800 feet included all
charges f. o. b. scow North Vancouver.
composed about four and three
quarter miles to be built forthwith
Then following certain dotted lilies
for proposed extensions, north from
Twenty-first street, 2,Hoo feet, und
from Keith road to Fifteenth street,
3,000 feet, it would bring the pro
posed total to 5 -S14, or nearly six
miles. There was also about 3,500
feet outside the townsite, which
would bring the total to a little
over six miles,
Councillor Bell said that outside
lot 273, which was not in the
municipality, they would scarcely
have live miles.
The reeve said he would like to
see a belt line built.
Councillor Morden figured on
the map with a ruler, and found
lhat they could have a belt line by
turning back at Bewicke avenue
instead ol going out to Capilano
creek, and it would make exactly
live miles within the municipality.
Councillor May said the route
included a big ravine over which
he would ask no company to build
as it would be unreasonable. The
tourist traffic to Capilano would be
the best paying business the com-
Key found,   Apply this office.
Send Inn Christmas Express
Druggist McDowell is now com-
lortably situated in his m w h 1 ie
on First street.
Mr. and Mrs. .('rnickshanks, of
Bellingham, were  guests at the
hotel this week.
Mis. Lake, of Seattle is s|i.ml
ing the festive season at the home
ol her mother, Mrs. (nil.
Messrs. W. and A, Large, of
of Portage la Prairie, were the
guests of Mrs, Hogg on Sunday
Miss Edith Burns has returned
from the Squaniisb, after a pro
longed visit at the home ol her
sister, Mrs. J. C. Gill.
Mr. and Mrs. Perkett, who have
been on an extended tour of
Canada and the Eastern States,
returned home on Saturday last.
Fitted out in rubber boots, rubber coats, helmets and belts, the
pany would have, and they ought North Vancouver lire brigade held
to have it. Al! had agreed to this I its first hose and reel practice
route when tiny met Mr. Sperling, 'Thursday evening,
and it seemed to him that the newj Wwfc h|| ^ „„„„„„„, „„
recommendation was ,„st a scheme., (he ^ ^.^ ^ [() ,k, wm
The reeve said be objected to J „, Ml,  th(, ,„,. ,„ „ ,oaned thc
Councillor May using such terms. I, •    ,   ,    .,    ,,   ,-. „   c      n»:n ::
.... ...', .„ . brigade by the Hastings Saw Mill hye fling to the sky from our fort-
ihe council had never committedL     M|.   „   &  „„,.„ ^ ,,1      rea*onhigh
itself to anything,    lie would be conttac, ,„ tk. l,,,,ctiu|, ,l{  thc Cloud  banners  of  crimson   and
as pleased as anyone to see a line L^ w|])ch wi|, ,|(|  ^^ &J       gold,
to Capilano and Grouse Mountain, thfi „,„„;,,;„,. hill, Und far below where tli
['I wo ol ihe mountain peaks,
adjoirning the municipality, and
lying just to the north, are known
llie world over as The Lions,
sometimes referred to as 'Ihe
Sisters. From the position they
i" cupy th,) overlook the Narrows,
the , nttaiice gate lo Burrard inlet.]
lu the northern sky we couchant
On -ti;,nl by the western seas,
Where the cliffs .haw back Irom
the narrow track
0! ilie tide and the ocean breeze.
Stern and grim on llie mountain's
We crouch in. our cloudy lair,
Behind the veil of the snow-mist
We  are   waiting   and   watching
When the foam  flies fast as the
" 1!'' rides past
Outside ...11 the lolling bay
Our challenge roars on the rocky
At the loot of our ramparts grey,
The waves 1,-treat witli a sullen
I'or they dare not pass us by,
And the Inlet's breast is a dream
of lest
Where the white sails folded lie:
Wi calmly rise on the amber skies
When the sun and the sea have
Ami the giorv tills all the circling
Thai glow in a rainbow mist.
When  the radiance falls on our
granite walls
And the purple peaks unfold
but ai present   traffic  would  he
I closed on these lines (or six months,
and th.-y must consider the Inst
North Vancouvkr, Nov. i9,iqoj. I service to the ratepayers ail the commence hauling raila
nahv in a point on Burrard inlet.
the municipal hall. i      -...■:
Next  week  the  tramway em-1 The stately ships sail through
ployees al New Westminster will For the fair surprise of a city lies
from Bur-
E. Bei,i., Esq., Chairman Finance'year round.
Committee, North Vancouver!   Councillors   Morden   and   Bell
Council: ■'1"t'1 denied that they were in any
\\ 11.1, llie forest giants grew-
She holds the key of an Empire
Vl""i,t '"'■ l,-an8Por< "' Hwhoac'glory has but begun,
municipality,   Construction, it is The nations meet al Vancouver's
expected, will be commenced on;      feet,
improvements. Laid over for spc-
On Christmas day run the ordi-|cial meeting of council on Friday
nary schedule, omitting the 1:15, for Hoard of Works to report.
a: 15, 8:15 and 9:15 p.m. sailings.
Agreed to.
From H. W. Kent, general
superintendent of British Columbia
Telephone Company, limited, advising that his company will undertake to instal a plant at North
Vancouver by May 1st, igob. Referred to Board of Works.
From Deputy Minister of Marine
& Fisheries, acknowledging receipt
of letter re water frontage lands on
street ends.   Filed.
From North Vancouver Land &
Improvement Company, re preservation and protection of the connecting links between the land and
water highways and leasing street
ends. Acknowledged with thanks,
stating that council has no intention of leasing same.
From William A. Bauer, refer
ring to the proposed driveway up
Qiieensbury avenue. Tbe allowance for roadway is only 66 feet,
and that if same is widened it will
be necessary to take in adjoining
land of, say, 50 feet. Referred
back to Mr. Bauer, with the suggestion that he donate same to
Moved by Councillor Bell, seconded by Councillor Allen, that
the scow of rock be put on Lonsdale avenue, and that the balance
be put on the Esplanade,   Carried.
tytewtfem/fo «//{<{{/(
The East and West are one.
We gaze alar to the last faint star
Ere its light in the dawning .li. s,
\:nl a vision breaks ere the morn
To our clear and Steadfast eves,
Like   the   flocking    wings    lhat
autumn brings
fulness, audi, I,,- appropriate, he Whcn ,he BM.gulls gathering 1]V)
has them dressed in new harnesses To their haven  ol  rest on the
and ma!,. , lb,-in haul a brand ni v, harbor's bri B ll
wagon. Shall '.:>'■ ll' els "I iln world sweep
tho new line early in February.
llarrv Fogg Ii " purchased a line
team of horses to replaci the team
he  disposed of a few weeks  ago,
Th,- horses are certainly beauties,
both in regards lo looks and use-
Dear Sir,—With reference to a I scheme.   They were only consider
statement made in a letter of mine j ing the best interests of the rate
Following is the report of finance
committee, re tenders received for
(1) Your committee has to report
that, after hearing the evidence adduced by Councillor Morden and
the Western Corporation, the con-
conclusion arrived at was that the
Western Corporation was seemingly under some misapprehension as
to the description ol a pari of lumber included in the bill tendered
for by the Western Corporation and
the Rat Portage Lumber Company.
(2) The quality of the lumber
supplied by the Rat Portage Lumber Company in filling the bill is
equal to that supplied previously
bv the Western Corporation for
similar purposes.
(3) Tender of Western
Corporation for 72,800
feet was  .... $noo,8o
Tender  of   Rat  Portage
Lumber Co. was.... $660.00
to the public press that your council paid the Rat Portage Lumber
Company $945.76, I beg to state
that you produced proof to me
that the extra amount paid was for
further lumber bought, and at the
same time would call your attention
to the fact that 1 noticed this
amount of $945.76, passed by the
finance committee, and certainly
did not think it could be for extra
lumber, as we had not been asked
to tender for same, hence my remarks.    Yours truly,
Henry C. Wright,
Local Manager
Western Corporation, limited.
It was decided to call for tenders 1
to clear  St,  George's road from
Thud street to Keith road.
The question of tbe ratification 1
of the plans for the route of the
street railway, as agreed upon with
Mr. Sperling, general manager of J
the British Columbia F.lectric Railway Company, last Friday evening, |
then came up.
The reeve reported that the distances to be covered were from
Lonsdale avenue wharf to Twenty-
first street, 7,100 feet; from Lons-
The reeve produced a map pre
pared by himself and Chi. 1 Dick
of the lire department, showing thc
number of houses in the townsite
and their location by dark squares.
It showed 250 houses in the town-
site altogether and these would
nearly all be served by the route
proposed by Councillor Morden,
Councillor Morden's motii 1 « I
"that alter due consideration tin
couni il recommends to Mr. Spi i-
bug that the lollowin ( route i 1
adopted [or the street railway:
From the wharl up Lonsdale avenue to Twenty-fn it 1 tn 11; east
along Third sti't 1 to St. David's
road, thence to 1 Jui 111 bin
nortli to Fifti enth strct 1. a id we 1
along Fifti "niii sir, 11 to Lonsdale
avenue again, The western branch
would run west on Third street lo
liewicke avenue, north along Be>
wicke avenue to Fifteenth street,
and east on Fifteenth Btrect to
Lonsdale avenue again."
The motion was carried, Councillor May voting " Nay."
Councillors Morden and Bell
were appointed to intervii w Mr.
dale avenue to Capilano,   14,600 Sperling  re proposed  changes ol
feet; from Lonsdale avenue to St. I route.
David's  road, 3,200 leet.   This    Council then adjourned,
Among the visitors tn North
Vancouver this week were the
following, registered at the Hotel
North Vancouver 1 Jas. Campbell;
li. Cassidy, jr.; C. McCarthy; R.
Macay ; Mr. and Mrs. Quick-
shanks; Miss N. Barker; M. T.
Payne:   M. Tllllock ; A.  Ji '.. .    ::,
T. Tusson; II. G, Youdall; Wm,
Shaw, T. O.rsan.
Mr. Henry, ..I the Hasting! Saw
Mill Company, has loaned thi
voluntei 1 Im: brigade the bell bi -
to tie Moodyville mill,
which rang out the peal ..I thc
working hour of that mill in days
gone byi I In lire di partment is
having ii plai c 1 in position so ai
to in t as an alarm until theii
pn i" 1   I" II    11.'"      I In     h- II
about   135   ;
should av sleepi
in tl   rn .;. boi
Mr. II 1). Bryce, purser on the
ss Caisiar, has three int' resting
a n. 'itt trip to Sook, ncai Vici 1 1
I I a dog in the act ol
retrii ving fish that an 11,:
II 'ia th  trap .   Tin rt tri
  "nt . that have Iall. n dang, i-
■ I ear thc edge ol the si nw,
an l I ipt'', M irray, thi supcrin
ti'iidetit ol the traps, hai train, d
th -        . black collie,
to grab the fish In Ion  till : Iall
1 ■       ivatcr and plan them ovi 1
with thi rest ol the fish.   It ii Mi
Bi intention  to  havi   tin 1
photi ■ plai' '1 in a lanti rn lensi,
to serve a    1     ilercsl    j exhibit.
Bryci  arc
the Hoti 1 Ninth Van, ouvi 1
The sap that stirs in our mighty
Fi ,1 by tin northern dew.
' mil, d by death, in carven
Shall bud and bloom anew.
Barbaric kings where the bulbul
Shall couch  '11.'alii  thi   polished
\\ host 1 igged li ngth om e siowly
1.    '  :
Down lar Canadian streams,
And deep within 1 ui [on --is dim
'I he spun of beaut) dwi Us,
V. hi I* il    long moss sways thro'
O'i r the foxglove's fairy 1" ii 1
To the dawn sin springs on starry
That  mie   folded   iii  darkness
11 •    "i.i,his th, ti ,■ ol the artist's
1 in- ■,, ■■ ol thc poet's song,
ill the
land twaii
Un On. nt', fragrant •■poil,
Ami 1I1,  golden grain shall flow
ft nh igain
1 who itarvc ind
1   i' 1 ind field Ihi u wealth shall
0 are strong and brave,
. high in Canadian iky
Shall the banner "I Frci dom wave,
\\ '     . nil,   A,iiii   by    Heaven's
At th" pun il ol In 1 -11.11,
Noi iii jo ii,    : ' dan pasi below
Whili her I        [uard thi « ij'
Stem and grim on the mountain')
,\ '    1 ■■ e h 111 nui . l.iiidy lair,
Behind thi veil "I the snow mist
We an   wailing   ami   watching
1 ' i' 1
—Fi 1 Ul r.'.i.
Our Subscription Premium, "A Lively Tussle," is Suitable for framing   I Year, $ I THE EXPRESS   Are Your Nerves
in Health ?
ll. c
, Weekly N'eii iiiqier,       I'ltlilished hy	
iii ixiiis in ix< ,,,,,,; study Here the Indioations of  a   Failing
um' Ktiiitirpi't' Via,- Nervous System.
Miiiinging Editor
A lIllillONN,
Wlvi'iiihing Manager.
r»p,a    11,1,1    irottlilra   or   UU   Owa
III,I,   Ilia lln.Ula.
Perhaps one reason why servants li
Pepys' time were treated ua "one o(
the family" was tlutl Ibey very often
were blood relations, Tbo diarist himself, In tact, engaged Ins own sister
Pauline as Ills servuut, "which alia
promised m- itio could, ami with man;
thanks did weep fur Joy." For all that,
he would not "Id her nil down at tlie
table with nn', which I ilu at lirst that
she nui. not expect it hereafter from
me." 1I,t temper, however, made the
arrangement linposslule,  anil  Pepys
had lu engage soiiii'lHitly else Instead,
"It being a great trouble- to me lhat I
thnuld have a sister uf no 111 a nature
tlt.it I must he forced to spend money
upon a stranger, wbon H might lie bet- [
ter upon her if slie were good for anything."
It Is only wllhlu a century or it
that servants have censed lo lie relation* of the family mid tin* term
"menlnl" has come lo bo considered
derogatory Instead of meaning simply
"within walla"-lntra innenla. In Ihe
•Ul 'l.i.ii all women |'»tiveen twelve
■nd forty and all men between twelve
and siity ■ thout means of subsistence
tould be ' ed by two justices to go
111 "i rice; bonce Hie fact
>■   ■  ■ rrlcd his s, ni
hi lie was t  tremoly likely
,-, ont   ll i'.i' him I" sla-
tloi rrslnud distlni tlons "f
Fl  .   dso explains
il rt
in" and a mo
i 't'viii."
It la surprising what hosts of people
art suffering as the result ot ll ei
I'-'j- .ni :."i I'tuti .'.''.'"in and do not
know the nature of their ailment.
Tiny cannot sleep at nlghtt—nre
restlosa and fidgety In the daytime
-their tempers aro easily Irritated-
little thlngi worry them—they cannot
eoncuntrtte their mlnds.and find ihelr
memories falling—there are spells ot
nervous htadtohe —the digestion ll
Impaired -pains and echei of i neuralgln nature afHlct them—feelings of
dlBcnurage.me.nt and despondency
oome over them at times,and they get
IB the way of looking at the dark side
of things.
If this doioribcs your experience
you will be lntnrusted In Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food, tor this great food cure
r.aii at the very foundation of nerv-
oni troubles and cures In the only natural way, by enriching the blood, revitalizing Ihe wasted nerve colli, aad
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Mrs, J, n. Tardlff. Marlapolls, Man.,
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Dr. Chase's Nerve   Food   niy   health
was In a terribly bad condition. My
dootor told me that 1 was going into
consumption and for nearly throo
years my bowels were so loose and
watery that 1 win continually kept
ivoak and run down, la spite of the
many remedies used I gradually grew
worse and worse- 1 oould scarcely
get about the house and suffered a
groat ileal from bnckache, stomach
and kidney troubles.
"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food proved to
he exactly what I nnuded and by keeping up this treatment for a time I got
so strong and well that I did my own
housework and sometimes worked In
ihe fluids without feeling nny the
worse for It,
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food acts strictly In accordance with the lawi of nature In creating nervo force In the
body, and you enn use It with positive
assuranco that every dose Is at lent
of sumo benefit to you. Prove this
by Doling your increase In weight. 60
cents a box, at all dealers, or Edman-
son, Bates & Co., Toronto.
It   For"       I   (tie   8 ■„«',',,.
llrllKltl.  "I  i:.i>t,>„,,.'.
■       i,   ha   a
In It i'i
you nre i A: llie ll
I " I thai
I' ill nvel
in I dr.i
e i
'Hi,' Doctor In iln- Duel,
A ineillclll mail in Franco was asked
to l ■■ ] :•■" iii .,i n duel in bis profea-
-lonitl capacity, lie got up early, traveled sum,- iii:,'-:. "ilninod" llio swords
nnd inliilsteri'il to li i cit* 11, who was
illghtly wounded. When both honor
ind wound were healed l"' looked tor
Ills fees an l sent in a l ill for $10, The
ed Hi I     wife, who
I    a told that li iwt en men
, which
■ ..    ■ ■ nui "
r.  Ni   '.'■:■ the
, ,. icrs tl e
t with
Ing ih,
, :-
, lit
i ...
rlt '  ''
I !."i i ir weary
Vrthur Stan.
Wood r
n,t,'l.  lo llttiilLI, I'nlr..
, rcui
■ . '     . .
•   ■ ■'. iilli   and
Al I of I
,., ■ In ■'
i   ..-
i . i 'i.      •  i.i
,*    •
i -.
, I'lli'iain*.    n.'iuiili
tlile |
r. II.   K,   I
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Years Odors he Used the Great
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s with iho son-
to work from the effects ol D
and Kidney Complaint.   He
tchea and |
.■.nd iftei
irable,   It
to use Dodd's
Pills.  I     la
I but  1  lay  ho  Is
.id at work lob-
that if iho
Ih ■ Kldnoya or fi m lie
Kidnoy Pills will curt
Rnullpni, or nni known
i' from Si. \ ■  t is tl
tiwful   dis 'll i'l    s'"i,,.'ili ng   en'!,-in,,'.
lesion,    II is a •        ill
tor, nit.,, i ng niitlnni
HOgllgeilt „f a :.■:!,1!ill.— 11 III  ihe ll      -.1
, ' • uf life, aii il,.,i Fi mie nnil Hug
laird gain. I ■ ■ . ng In the crn
indei was leprosy, ami ,,f nil Unit tlie?
look leprosy was thc onlj Hi ng tl ul
n malned with Ihera In olden : me*
every man laboring under the dlscnsi
v. i. ,t; prisoned like i llili'f 11
Moth holes nnd Ihe mildew on ivnlli
Wi i" l" III red to be tl ffii'ts of lep
''R-nuU-   P'l tltlm-r-Nn      Retlllt-"—■
-tlm    am
. ■ ■ , in '.l.'i
■     , ■    '        Ih Ann
CL    '  '
The * '
i 'h , ,,,,i ',, :   ■ for
■   ■    :     ■   till     at'   ol
four million tons n year
tVo \ II ' tho World,
In lur "vry man
■ •■     i fundi  i„'r-
■   ■   fin   rerylhli    on • nrlh inlmnto
1    n mil   li     Ei Iilnii   i ■     a
in    • ■' Hit 'ni don "i Dr Thorn-
.: , imi and
' i r ire
ip and nil nffi
T. F. Wc'.iJJIGAN & C<>.
Re..!'. ii}',.:, Ins ir.inoe
anil      I8P ! CojiirnU ilo i
' i:;,i
v. no n *or, r. c.
■innn-   Wrl.an   < raltlr.
I'l "   IHII    ■   '  III " "f  the  llert'l".. in
est I tall, ll
■  'or beef ur
' ■ "l i  '
 u'k inn
'■ ' .11! i   iiiii
> guided by re
I ll" i,   -
I"".', iii       ■ . • mdai • on Island*,
-  ni lor in    Ben nn
nenrlng Iai : i in lell timt fact by res
sou ul' depOl U of dew on the nisei.
A girl is never going lo go very far
wrong who Is a good chum of her fa
tlier and brothers.
'ihere Is a family In every neighborhood which furnishes amusement for
the rest and doesn't know It.
Every ono has had more happy days
In his life than wretched ours, hut how
he lets the wretched ones stand out!
There are so many operations of lute
that a mau can become distinguished
hy arriving iu heaven all In one piece.
One great trouble In life is that the
paths for going wrong are planted so
prctl * with flowers nt the beginning
...    .. ill-   d  ' .! lo person
will boast that iii least i. ■ Is sincere,
but that Is no eicu t for being dis
Three things you never discover lill
there Is dentil In the house: Tl ■
uess of the neighbors, the way tliui
drags uud bow loud the clock tickii.
lucreaalug Popularity *>( Aruerlcu
Hoi Weather lirinka,
Another American invasion of the old
world is reported from London, where
the popularisation of the American
soda water fountain and1 American
Iced drinks Is going on rapidly. Ten
years ago a soda fountain In England
was a rarity. Now they are to be found
everywhere, though, alas, the American girl who (locks to London In greater numbers every spring for the "sea-
sou" rather scorns ttie English substitute for tlie refreshing Broadway oasis.
'I'he average London Boda fountain Is
! a rather primitive marble cabinet, such
us lu America has long since been rclc-
| gated tu the crossroads country store
for the refreshment of the summer
t boarder and the occasional native. Its
. product in comparison Willi the flziy
. mixture sold on Broadway Is as primitive as tlie old fashioned fountain Itself. Except ut one or two large confectioners' and chemists' shops In the
Strand, tho average London fountain
boasts of only one fruit flavor, lemon
squash, In addition to ginger beer, ginger ule aud kaola tonic. Tlic glass of
soda containing a lump of lee cream is
much sought for by American travelers
In Loudon, but Is still unfamiliar to tht
native palate,
The American Ice cream saloon It
still In Its Infancy In the llritisli motrop-
1 olis, but ull tea nnd "quick luach"
rooms and most reslnurauts, ercn tf
the better class, have placards oa thetr
windows announcing Ices, Tho Loa-
don "Ice" Is a tiny bit of cream or
real "Ice," as wo know It, wilh fruit
flavoring.   A plntu of Delmonlco let
j cream would seem like a fcitst la
Itself to tlie Londoner, who pays 13
cents for what looks no more thai
a tablespooul'iil to an American. Icei
in the better class of London restaurants are hardly larger than a walnut.
Along with the Increasing popularity
of the soda fountain In London go t
corresponding Increase In the consumption of mineral waters at hotels aud
clubs and a decrease In tho use of alcoholic beverages.- New York Tribune,
ii,ii.i,.' A Corn Cure Is the nn II
line i" remove all kinds of coma i ad
wans, an I oi     , osts the small sum
:• live cents.
A V,t I.ttiiKtti.ue Method.
If u person bus, as thc .'ells say,
"only one Bide 1" Ins tongue" and
wishes io .1,1,1 to his resources in the
mailer oi lung . i ;c ii nilghl be well
fur li.nt to appl) lo an olil man In
Scotland, whose methods of Instruction
are simple, They nre described in
"i       ■ i   Scotl : d' by Mr. Sinclair.
A lady visiting In tho north of Scot-
get suine Idea of the
uployed nn old native to
glie hci        ii    '    laugu "■■ .,
The S.'i ti- ii liml: ilie i: hie tor llie
i. - ■ at th   hi
i- '   ' ■ ■       . l ■
"Now, uia'iini, I'll i,      lids to * "i
in the lim lit. ii". .* iii'll set ! ■
how ii «
Willi   BI
iwnrd the
v iii il ,■ '....I of every • Inu i   11
loudly road the r vi rsos and
paused to which the effect,   Then he
-aid iii ii lone ,,f deep convlcl on:
".Now, uia'iini, if you'll tuko your
owi II bli I Hun i" thai chapter and
rend it In English you'll soo it's Just
the sell
ll Id man was much Biirprlscdthat
il,,- lady did not cuutluue her lessons.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Whenl li going oul over Ihe Can
nndlnn Northern railway at the rate
of alioul live trains dally.
Something Mure Than a Purgative.
Tn purge is ihe only effect of many
pills now mi the market. Parmolee's
Vi-gelnhlc Pills aro more 'ban n purg-
aiive They strengthen Iho Btomncli,
where other pills weaken It, They
i leans,' the blood by regulating the
In, i Mill kidneys, and they stimulate
v here other pill eompoundB doprosa,
Nothing of an Injurious nature, uaed
for mere pnrgollve powers, enters lute their composition,
s,,ni,' nf the Indian wnmon havo n
n ry palhotlc on lom When nn Indian girl dies her molhi r often sub-
'■'limes ;i joll im t'',' Insl child, She
ihi empty cradle with feathers
arranged In the form nf a chll'. and
'   "i     thla aboill BS she did her chilil
crooning lo u and caressing it, Some.
limes. Instead ,,f doing ihls, she Hob
iho clnlhos, toys, nnd other nrilclos
belonging lo the Utile „no to iho
, radio bonrd nnd cnrrles ll as she originally did her child
John T, Morffnn.
Ono of the most wonderful men In
the United Slates .senate is John T,
Morgan of Alabama. He Is eighty-one
years old, and two years from this Hint
he will complete thirty years' continuous service in the senate, 1 .tiring the
rei'i'iit short session lie spoke for more
than four hours for two successive
days. Tlie physical effort of speaking
for four hours on one day Is more Ihau
many senators care to attempt Oi
every foreign Eiibject he knows all
there Is to know and bus the knowledge
at command without reference books
or ,i 'luteins. No other man knows so
much ubout the Isthmian canal, Onct
some one asked how lung he could talk.
"It depends upon tho subject," be re>
I'lit'd.    "if it  were  a  matter that I
thoroughly understand l could talk for
two or three days. If It were a mutter
I knew nothing about I could talk for
iwj or throo weeks,"—Argonaut
Ater nnd lli-nln Work.
The belief of   Sir James  Cl'iolitOB-
Browns that brain workers acbleri
llieir best work in later middle ago ll
i easily irlruied by glancing at ihe careers of a few of tho grand old mei
who are still With us, many of whom
nro as busy us lu their younger days,
Lord Roberts at Bcventy-three is still
worth £5,000 a year to tho nation at
one uf our Imperial defenders, Lord
Kelvin at eighty one nitty siarllo us
wilh fiinher generalizations on tht
., li i.e. of Bclcncc, Sir William Hoggins ai tho 6,ti;.e age siih explores lu-
lersiellar span's, while llie activity of
iho octogenarian Duke of Rutland und
Lord Weniyss Is as effective ns ever ll
preserving the privileges of our old no-.
blllty .-London Chronicle
iruer peer
Is a glorious beverage quenching and satisfying,
Remember there's no oilier " just ns good " -insist mi getting Rainier.
Pacific   Bottling  Works
Vancouver, B. C.
Imperial Maple Syrup
lik your dealer lor Impoplal Maple Syrup.  Do net allow him to substitute
an Infoi'lnr artlele bioauil It It oheoptr.
Iloltla Two I i.slit,,,,..
in charge of one uf lite Pennsylvania railroad trains (hat run from
southern Delaware Into l'bllndi'lphia
is Isaac Thomas Porkor, He is die
conductor, and hu is lieutenant governor of Delaware ami quartermaster gen.
erul of the national guard of thut commonwealth.    In  the thirty-live years
Qenoral Parker has acted us conductor
of Delaware Irains he has become uc-
qualnted with nearly every ono lu llio
| stnto.  The   lieutenant  governorahlp
pays no salary, nnd ils functions do
> not prevent Ihe railroad man from run-
i ning Ills train, New York Tribune,
\r*» Type Dl Anrhnr.
Experiments   have   recently   been
ins,I,, at Trlest with a new type of an-
hot known us the Langsloii, from tlie
name of lite Inventor. In connection
wilh ilie anchor is a tube and pump
connected with the ship, und water is
pumped into ihe I'll"1 till the anchor
has reached bottom, descending at tho
rate of twelve foot per inliiule. Some
time ufler It hail had time to "grip" a
steamer with engines of ftOO horsepoW-
er could not drag It—London Qlobo,
Tf-ui'liltiK till,,,I  Hah lu Bee,
Iii the bopo of teaching blind lish to
see sumo interesting experiments nro
being carried out at tho New Yurk
aquarium,    A   large  consignment of
blind lish has been n Ivetl there from
llio Mammoth cave of Kentucky, uml
Mr. Siiencor, director of the aquarium
lish linlchcry, expects that under his
eare Ihe blind lish will lo time evolve
eyes  1 see like other flab.   The lish
nre unlives of Echo river, the deepest
siiblerriinean stream in Ute world,
llnialnn leans.
Over 2,000,000 Icous, tht tiered
iningeq po universal}- venerated by or-
thodox Russians, nro manufactured In
Russia every year. The making of
these figures it one of the largest
household Industries of central ltussln.
lll'-a Water Ink.
Writing with rice water, te be rendered visible by the application of io-
dine, was practiced successfully In the
correspondence wilh lolalabad In the
first African war. Tho letter was con-
",il"d Iii n quill. On opening It n small
inper was unfolded, ou which np-
tearcd tho single word "Iodine." Tin
angle liquid was applied, and there-
'.iiii appeared nn liuportuut dispatch
I'l.iu Sir Robert Sale.
Betttr without a Stomach llinn wllti
ont that's c"t a constant "ttitu ' to It
Hr. Von Sem's Pineapple Tablets HI
iii*t- the digestive orient, l.ei on en
loy the ki„k1 things ,,f hfo and lea - 11
bad effect!. Carry Ui.-ni with you in
your veil pocket—lill ill box, ai, cenis.
no*v Bon-rows Were Cnniclit,
la nn old '■I'tico hook published In
I'liglaiid in I'-.'n ii|i| red the follow-
ng formula for the lessening of tho
': "'1    ,'■ BOhlO 1' CB nl wine
ami hi'inloi k lulce, temper thorn to
■ [i n quantity of wheat
therein for the space of one night, Thet
idtit i' the same In a spot where tho
Irda res it*l i" feed, an 1 when Ihey
have eaten Iherenf il ey will ill ip down
. I ':: ink, Tm nni' I I
not be used ,,r ihere tv II I e a di n ter
he I     s ne | i „
fnlrn tht. taAlllbler'B Pnrndlae,
Modern rain, musl be a sort of gambler's paradise, Judging from some
,'aels which 1 recently had from a
friend who litis been Investigating the
subject.  In one of Ihe principal streets
near Mohammed ah square u gentleman who knows the town well poluted
out over twenty lirst floors over the
shops with tlie names of burs upon
them, every one ot which he knew to
be n gambling hell, nnd u police olliclnl
admitted to the Investigator lhat the
lown was full of such places. The police do not scein (o be at fault. Thoy
raid the places from time to time, but
the offenders, nearly ull foreigners and
mostly Hioii.s, are protected by their
consuls and lei off lightly nnd return lo
Iho business the nest day. I should
: iin- business is chiefly carried en for foreigners ns well ns by
th,'in. There i- a sorl of cosmopolitanism alxiiit gambling, nnd Its votaries
are drawn from all comers of the
earth hy the seem of ih" game. But
tills soeius lo be one respect ill which
Kgypt has not Improved under llrlllsh
Infliientc,   London Truih.
"My Heart was Thumping My Lira
Out." Is the nny Mrt, It II. Wright, „l
Broclrvlllt, it-tt, describes her ";rr-rlnit
frnm Bmoibcring, nutttring nnd palpitation. After trying mtny remedies witli,
out b-ni-llt -I- I"iil-t, „f Dr Aan-w •
Ctira fnr tb» 11,.ut restored li*r t<> po ,
(art h-nltl' Tht tint doit (tvt Blmorl
liiilinl r-llef. nnd In • day iuir.ii- i
cra-,,1 nlioa'-thur,
The President .1 Sl.lv- to C.-Urrli. -
I). T, Sample, I'renldenl „r Pompb-'l In-
siiilment Company, .Vaihlngton, Pa.,
»rlii,, " I',., ,. urn I wot alllletid with
Chronic Cntnrrh. ftemedlei nnd iteai-
iit. tn by si" i.iiist- only i tve mt ttm«
lief until 1 was Induced to use
br. Agnen s Catarrhal Powder, It «**'•
almost it. -.. en fie f."   t>u cents,
llritlai-a nml  lliiiupa.
I'«e hoi water for bruises and bumpi
ever) n e and when the skin is
broken llrsl n ballr ,vith clean water
It a mild iln-
liifeclnni biico as a l per cenl solution
i Salves nn,l lolloai
whose con uown art
nut io be misled.
The   British   .Museum   Library   In-
■ the avornge rale "f ono
hundred volumes a day
Min.ird's Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Ke. i oi iite Bnnkt .Nni.
nol ,.t i iini t of llii-
ish Unburn i. ai:,i isi a perfecl rcpre-
.. in mini.Unit' el  a  boa "tie
Mrs. Vnnderblll possi       n cnl for
which she paid tho sum ol A'    I
Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches. Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured
in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never falls. At all druggists
A largo addition Is lo be made t.)
Ihe retail stores nf the Ihi,I   hi'. Hay
Co. in Vancouver.
British  Columbia   produces over
mie million Imis nf coal a year.
Per  the  Overworked -Whal   aro
llie cans, s of despondency ami in. l.ui-
choly? \ disordered liver Is "no
cause and a prime one A disordered
liver means n dlsordi red stomach,
and a dlsordi ri il Stomach means ills-
turbnnce "( ihe nervous system.
This billies the whole body Into sub-
Joel Ion nn,I the victim feds sick nil
ovor   Pnrmelee's Vegetable nils are
a i, COgnltOd remedy In Ihls slate and
relief will follow Ihelr use
Tbe Qreek i olonlts,
The Creek colonies, commercial rather (ban military iu character, soon became Independent of the mother country. The Unman colonies remained In
the closest possible connection, being
governed from Home through mllltury
One and a half nilllloiiB havo boon
giieu by Carnegie to Canadian lib-
Minard't  Liniment  curet  Garget  In
Canada has 100 nillllnn  acres ot
grating land In iho west,
Dnitlnnd'i cir.e,
netting has become the curse nf England. Tha Neapolitan passion for tho
lottery is nothing compared with the
English burse racing fever, to which
sovereigns, lords, members of parliament, workmen, ladles, old men and
children  st uml,    It  Is  t  c/'uilinl
frenzy.  Milan BlCOb
Clothes washed by Sunlight Soap
are cleaner and whiter than if washed
in any oihcr way.
Chemicals in soap may remove the
dirt bul always injure the fabric.
Sunlight Soap will not injure
nka^the most d&inly lace or the
hands lhat tse it because it is
absolutely pure and contains no
injurious chemicils.
Sunlight Sea-- should always
bn used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary.
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soap, but is best when
used in ihe Sunlight way.
Equally good with hard cr
soft water
$\ flflft RWABD wli ki p«M
J,l*ui* |0 ,nT futnn MO
provra Hint Simll"lit Beap ennlnlna
any liiliirlotia rheinlcaU or auy form
t,f a„nlt,'-atlon. .
I... i liiolli'ia I Inii.'l. Toronto I
The Seliool   Aar.
In Switzerland, which shares wilh
•cothintl the distinction of being the
best educated country In Ihe world, the
earliest school age Is seven.
Color,  uml  llent,
It Is n well known sclentltlc fact that
dark colors absorb heat and purt with
It much more rapidly lhan light ones,
a truth that we un. constantly proving
tn domesllc mutters, for If hot water
bt poured Into two vessels, thc one
While mid Hut other black, the water
In the latter will cool before Hie other,
n b     -   ,   n, . .,      a  .     .      Bll   lloa,,ltt»ltl>   ll   Only   H.fHIlleil   by
Qru-somo Burial Plan, of the Parsttl ...A.      .
Hi-  toui'teay,
of Bombay-Erected 300 Feet        ,    n%   mfK,M   ,,hal.a(,u,ri8t|c   „f   t|,e
Above Level of the Soa. Irish   peasuuls,   according   to   Frank
High above Bombay, on  the (reesl , Matliew, In "Ireland," Is un old fash-
nnd most ulry spot of tho city nnd IWO - loned courtesy.   They are all sure, he
isserts, thut Ihey nre descended from
feet above tho level of the si a. Is sit
uated the most peculiar cemotery In
tho world—the burial place of tho Par-
sees,   It Is called Iho Tower of Sllenoe,
These Towers of Silence are found
everywhere In Persia, where the corpse,
placed under the open sky, is dried by
the sun and dissolved by the rain. Hu
in linmbay, where the burial place Is
limited und where death and misery Invite vuliures In greatest numbers, the
dissolution is considerably hastened by
these carrion enters
The tower itself consists uf n stone
chiefs, and their milliners are ruled accordingly.
Take shelter In any hut on the mountains, and you will be greeted ns If Its
Inmates hud heen longing lo see you.
This will not be due to the fact that
you seem prosperous; Indeed, you
would be even more graciously welcomed If you were In rags. Nor Is (heir
courtesy only exhibited when they lire
hosts. Once when 1 was exploring the
wall thirty feet high, forming a circle   Burren of (Tare a ragged old woman
about 300 feet in diameter—a roofless
tower. The floor, made of cement, is
nn Inclined phi tic, terminating In a
deep and wldo well, It Is divided Inlo
three concentric circles, within Which
Cucumbers and melons are forbidden fruit lo many persons so constituted that the least. Indulgence Is lol- are standing side by side the low. open
lowed by attacks nf cholera, dysen- sarcophagi, These circles nre connect-
tery, griping, etc. Those persons nro ed by wldo drain gutters, lending to the
not aware I hat they can Indulge lo wall In ilia oentre of the building, Tlie
tholr heart's content If they have on men ore Inld In ihe inner, tlic women
hand n bottle of Dr. J. D. Kollog's lr* U'e middle und children In the In-
Dysonlery Cordial, a medicine that ner m i>
will give lmmodlnle relief, and Is a
sure euro for all summer complaints.
The whole inner construction reminds
one of the Inside of a classical amphitheatre, only that In this tower    tin
leated by the wayside accosted uiy
equally ragged driver. "Excuse me,,
Sir," the said, "but did you happen to
meet t lotf on the road'/ Heed then,
mn'arn," said he, bowing respectfully,
"and I'm sorry I did not." "Who was
she?" I asked him when we had driven
out of her hearing, " 'Heed then, and I
don't know," suld he. " "ITs some poor
Boul tbit bis lost her loaf nnd will he
golu' to bed hungry tonight." On another occasion an aged man, chid In
kt.ee breeches and a swallowtail coat,
Snll Flail In Vnplei.
Snlt lish Ihal has been well soaked Is
carried through Ihe streets of Naples
on lillle donkey drays, each piece of
perhaps twolve Inches long ami four
wide, doubled together, mid 111 the fukl
Is slin k ti spray of brlghl glllillowers.
Each piece is entirely separated from
any other,
TIcmI  Sonlrlpa.
In the army Of lite Haitian republic
chairs are provided for the use of sentries when on ilu'"
■•win of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
u mat, ni' will surely dustruy the sense
If imllt and cotuplolely ilai-Hiige llie
whole sysloin when entering 11 llitoiik-li
the mucous surfaces. Such artlofui
ihould never be used except on pit'S-
orlptlons from reputable ptivslciitns, as
the dam.iiie they will do is tenfold lo lli. i ed It down the wall, where tlv
players—the corpses and the vultures-
occupy the place of the spectators,
while the centre—the arena—is occupied by the wall, fifty feet in diameter.
Having entered the iron door lending
into the tower, the khandlas Immediately strip Iho corpse of all clothing, for
Zoroaster has said, "Naked thou contest inlo tlie world, and naked shall
thou depart therefrom." The body Is
then placed In one of the vacant sarcophagi.
In a few minutes the places is covered With vultures, which Is ihe fours*
of on hour devour every vestlgo of
flesh on the fresh corpse, while the
blood finds Its way through the drain
canals down into the wall. The skeleton only remains, as smoothly picked
as though it had been cleaned In tht
chnmbers of an anatomical institution
In a few weeks the burning rays of
tho sun and the heavy rains have dissolved the skeleton and piecemeal work-
_  uddressed me as 1 was climbing u path
In t'oiiiii'iiiiiis. "1 um ihlnkln', sir,"
Bald he, "that you nre Mr. John llluke."
"Well, sir," sold 1, "you are thinking
wrong." "Well, sir," he answered solemnly, "sayt 1 to myself us I saw you
come up the side, that Is Mr. John
Rhike, and If 'Us not, says 1 to myself,
'tis a fine upslhaiulln' young inun he Is,
whoever he Is." Now I mil convinced
that he knew I was a stranger, bul was
not that a charming way to suggest
thnt 1 should sil beside him on the low
ferny wall and discuss the ways of tlie
. i
The Chatham Incubator and
Brooder has created a New Era
in Poultry Raising.
The setting Hen as a Batcher
has been proven a Commercial
THE SETTING HEN-Herfailures     T.    n,olL„m |1..nl.«iA.  ,_j
have discouraged many a poultry raiser.      Ihe Lhatham Incubator  and
You can make money        Brooder has always proved a
ralslnd chicks in the rlijht   Money Maker,
way—lots ol It. '        __     '
No one ilotitit* that then li money In raising   » f i.il.i   Plniacnnl ,..,,! Praflf.
chlAini with n noon Incubator and Ilrooder.     "■ U_m, I leasflnl OIIU I rOIII*
Uieri ol tho I'liathamlnoubatoraid Ilrood*- able liuslliess 101* Women
have all nmdo iiiotior-  If you allll oungtotht    „ ,, . . _ . «..       a a
oldld-stliatvoilc«iinu™.«.*ulljrunai,oiiltrr     Many women are to-day rnnklnf an Inde- Pvp-v Farmer Should
blUlntll ii.Iiikthi lien u a batch-r, wo would Pendont llvini and putting by nioniy every £,cr*  * «•«•*=»  "•*«**
likt hirtuton Willi you. month riljlu.- poultry with a Chatham Iucu- Raise rOUllry
In tho lirst pluoa, wo can prove to you that tutor. ,,.       ._
your actual cnith Iota in igin, which thi90 houi     Any woman with -.Utile lelnuro Uml at her . Almoit -my farmer kMM """*. MJ™JI
ihould lay during thi lime »ou kttD them dU-insial can, without any previoul uptrltnot he knows lialtltwi'inu "rial   an «■!-■
hatching and brooding, will bo oiough to pay or without a cent ot cash, begin tho poultry In lliibuilnoiii, even wlwii lotting II. i«eoi-ia
for a I'halhiun Incubator and Ilrooder In Sro buaiuosi and umko iiioiity right from tbo start. *>,' ItMlf, ew farm-in aro aivt.ro ol: no*mua
or ill hatchc, to lay nothing whativcr of the     p.rh,„, T011 haie a friend who Is ilolnc io ffi'' "•,losl"» f_f, *nr gl il ,gi SKJ3II
largar and Utter result- atlaincd by tht um I('n",hwI,7,,^c ™, the,faineio „Sywho "'V'°"u" t,",,l",f,"," lu luch a way ai tt unit
of tho Chatham Incubator and Brooder. ^WS&^-lffSB toS »u° "* ™un,°" '  '"~ "'"
II you allow a hon lo sot, you loso ot Icait prucd by tho enie and rapidity nith which Ihl oemmiralu
eight weeks of laying Ithroa weeks hatching proflta caruo tu them. clf,,N _f in
^J££&1^!tes&L&£^ right start,   .'ou must boi-in right   You can  by installing.-       ,     ,,--
three doiin egg*.   l.otthe Chatham IncubaWr „*,.       k, ony c„„siaBr»ble money ai a With such a machine you can begin htUhtlf
on tin hatching, while tbo bou goci on laying po„„ry roiMr with hon( M hatchers.   You on a largo scalo at any time.
•Si*- must have a good Incubator and Brooder, hut You cau only get om orop off your filial l|
Our No. S Incubator will hatch asmanyeggi this means in the ordinary way an investment a year, but with a Chatham Incubator aal
-- twenty sitting hints, and do It better.  Now, which, perhaps you are not prepared lo make llroodor and ordinary attention, you can ruaf
«0. I-1M E||i
lo. J- HO Egg*
success his encouraged many to maks .
more money than they ever thought
possible oui of chicks. >
hire li a 'questiou in arithmetic :-
If you keep 2.1 hens from laying
for 8 ive-ki, how much ensn do
vou lose if each lien weald halo
laid 3 down eggs, nnd igg. are
worth I.i ocnts pur dozoal    Alls
Just now, and this Is Juit whore our special obloktal from early Arm
offer cornel in.
If you are in earnest, wi will set you up In
tho poultry bu.iiicM without a cent of cash
down.   If wi were not sure that tho Chatham
ur until Wlnttr alt
have a crop every month.  Think of It I
'.t'liio a few farmers hare dlscovired tut
thc,   ' ... ......
ere Is money In tho poultry business and liitt
und this branch of farming so prntltabli tail
  ...to noi sure inai mo i nainaiu  -"•■■-—•- -.—■-• -* —•• a ..- •,, - ,' -wr
19.C0.  Incubator and Brooder la tho host and that    '"» ''",• SfflHSHH FA'.effl
Therefore, whon tin Chatham Incubator It with it and a reaionabli amount of effort en  '•ftHgWjW^JjPW Sj,   J',' , mM
halchnigllmnumber -I tgntTtt .Wlut, bin, wi*___«_^__mH_Tt' "' dSoltUnt'o?agrSl i«I ol tXTeVl tSS
SraaT^a^^'^l^K^i^'IrlWa^ffl "^ led,;e to ral«i ehickeul wilh a I'hntliim lnOS.
bator and Brooder.
lyod ymi can possibly derive from them, | |„K p|,,Cos of bone,, me further illssolv-
■till Catarrh Cure, manufactured    by i
T. 3. C'lnney & Co., Toledo, 0„ cintllnl
nt mltc.ity. tttid la taken lntcrnully. uol-
tat dlroctly upon the blood und iiiuooui
lurficn of tl,,- system. In buying Hull's
Catarrh Cure l,e sure you get the genu-
tni. Il Is token Internally and madi in
Tolido, tiiiio, by I", J. Cntnty & Co.
Tfillmonlals tree.
Sold by Druggltta. 1'rlci Too. per bot-
Takl Hill'i Family mil for constlpt-
A ttncen'i Cold Car,.,
"You hnvo n cold, eh,-" snld tho phy-
ilclitn.   "Well, BU|i|ioso I give you the
Mine prescription thai  Queen Elizabeth used'/"
lie took down an ancient folio.
Dr, William Uullcyn's pros n ptlon
for a cold, which Qu i Ellznbcth UBCd
rll her life, was this," In, saltl.
"Takes nutmegges, the root cnlleil
rtornlkc, which llio apothecaries have;
BOtwall, gntangnll,  stlkc, long popper, the bark ot pomecltronc, of melon,
of sace, liaitel. liiarjoi'iiiu, dill, spik-
nanl, wood of nloes, ctilicbc, rnrdanion
(cnlh',1 grayncs of pnrntllsc), larrndt-r,
penlroynlls, the bone of rt hart's heart
grnteil, cut nnil Btnmpctl, ami beat your
Bplcea gross]; In n mortar. Put in
antborgrlce and musk, of each half a
drain. Distil tills In n Blmple aqua
vilae. made wilh strong ale, in n serpentine. To toll llie virtue of this
water tistilnsl cold, phlogino, dropsy,
heaviness of nilml, coming of melnu-
choly, I cannot well nt the prescut, for
It Is too great."
ed in a mixture of lime and sulphur,
wlilln the blood and fluids nre strained
through a heavy layer of coal and sand
and enter the uml, lil, il ground of Ihe
Parsees ns pure v. ;. i
It Is claimed, that this mode of burial Is tho most cleanly of nil methods
and, from tht standpoint of hygiene.
the most safe. Certainly as It Is practiced in tho land ot lis origin, where
Ihe forces of nature—sun nnd rain—
perforin tho entire operation, It does
not appear nt all horrible,
Dr. Gr.ice'i Autograph.
Dr. TV*. G. Grace, the most famout
cricketer In England, probably has
Riven his autograph ns often as any
other celebrity, At a match no* long
uro he wrote his name In the notebook  "re various corps lie garde, and llie
line an Aniei'leiln llifnnie n Man of
Marl, it, Hnilla,
Andrew D. While's lirst diplomatic
experience was aa an attache tit St.
Petersburg at the time of the Crimean
war. Tlie war brought to ltussla
many American adventurers. "Ono
man who came out villi superb plans,"
Mr. Wlilte says, "brought n iniliila
colonel's commission and the full uniform of i major general. At first he
hesitated to clothe himself in all his
glory, und therefore went Ibrouuli u
process of evolution, beginning tirst
with part of his uniform, uiul then
nd.lini; more ns his courage rose.
"During this process le became the
standing Joke of St. Petersburg, but
later, when he hail emerged in full and
final splendor, he became a man of
mark; Indeed, so much so lhat serious
dilllenlties arose.   Throughout the city
16.01*. bosiile, I'hiiim'ing for yunr profit chicks
by tin wholesale, and bolog ready to dii tho
-nu thing ui ur i,; an tbo mouictii each hatch
Is off.
Don't you think, therefore, that It pays to
{flip tho lions laving and let thi Cuatbum
lncubator do tho hatching!
Then uro ituay other reasons why thi
Chatham lticubuloi autl Brooder outclasses
tin setting lien.
The hen sets when sho Is ready. The Chatham Incuh.-.lor la always ready. By planning
to take off a hatch at the rlgtt time, you may
have plenty of broilers to soil when broilers
an scarce and prices at the top notch. If you
depend on tho hen, your i-hlclis will grow to
brotlers just when every other hen's clucks aro
being mark-led, and when the price la not so
The hen Is a careless mother, often leading her
clilckaniiiongit«etgra<-s bulhtt,andluplacn
uhere rats wn oonflioata her young.
Thi Chath.1,11 Brooder bohtive. itself, li a
pirfict motbtF ami very rarely loses t ohick,
udu not Infuted with lice.
Altogether, thcrn is alboltitely no reasonabli
reason for continuing the u,e ot a hen as a
pitcher and every reason why you ihould
tlavi a Clintliatn Incubator and Brooder.
Wo are making a very iintclal offer, which
It .,111 pay you lo investigate.
Small Trcmlses Sufficient
For Poultry Raising.
we win snip NOW   .
I   ',
.    TO YOUR STATION    f"
You Pay us no Cash
Till Alter 1906 Harvest
.. If so, you are Krefctty mil-
taken. Your wifa or (1j.ukliter('11" -UUM {•
ttis machino Ami look after tlie clikkem without ii.;sffi. ,Mj* with li.e.r regular huuiihuia
lint lei.
Thi market It always good and prlcH an
nivir loir. The demand ii always in excau o|
the lupplr and at corUin timet of tli* year y ai
.. lirinj v...
broilers when the supply ii very low and tbt
prices accordingly high. ThU you could MTU
do with lienn as hatch-Tit.
We know that then) 11 money In the poaltrt
bitsiness for every fanner who willffo about ft
right. All you have to do Is to pet a Chathafe
IticuhAtnr ami Brooder and Rtart IU Hut p*h
Imps yon Are not prepared just now to •;§c(J
t »i..'.■■:.-:)■. I. ■ is why wo make the ipcoltl
Otter. '
We know thf ro Is money in raising chlokMfc
Wo know llie ,..''...,.u lucuuator til
Rro'i'l-r lias no oqual.
Wo know tliat ivlth any rcaaoaabii effort M
your part, you ctinnoi but maki muniy out it
Uii Chatham Incubator and Drootler.
We know that w, tun.le a similar offer lul
year and that in ci cry CAM the puymenli win
mot cheerfully and promptly, and that io many
rases money ivns i,ccoinp.iniod by letters it*
pri>.'tiig satisfaction.
      Thore'fore. wo have no hesitation In tnaklaf
Of ootirsi, if yon ban lots of room, io mnob    "(lintlomin-Tour No 1 Incubator Is all thtl prtpontlon to every btinest, earnest nui
Iai better, but many a man and nniiiii ri,bL  i tm pert„eii, utll'td with It. _WU1 ::r„»iomJ,n,w,i° ^Vl'!!.!.","1.'.1.?«#!E.P8l
11. M.
of a little irlrl A couple of tveokt Inter, niueli io Ills surprise, the same llltlt
lady thyly sidled up to lilm wlih thc
:■■ - ..iy documents nml the request
f"r his autograph. "But I cave It to
you only ii tow days ago," laughingly
said tlie vet mil "iiii." eaine ihe nn-
twor, "I changed Dint one fer two blah-
ops." Dr. Grace laught d heartily us
h" replied, "Well, my dear, If a crick-
oter is worth two blsliiips I don't believe I oiiciu to give you another autograph, Hut your nalvotte Is so dell-
elinia I supposo I must. So then you
I wns cured »l terrible lumbago by
RKV. WM, IlllOW.N.
I   was   cured nf a bail ease nf earache by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I was cured of sensltlvo lungs by
English Women Botanist-,
Thc Linnaean Society of London, an
organisation of botanists, now ndmlta
iv,mien to full membership iirent nrl-
talrt litis numerous distinguished women botanists, mnro than are to be
. f'iilti.1 in America. Mrs. EVirqutaarton 'r'
1 the woman Who obtained for her sen1
; the heimr of membership In the l.lnnae-
| tn Society, She herself Is a distinguish'
ed botanist nnd imcroscoplsl. Eleven
women uro members of tiie bonnlsts'
I society, One of them is ihe Duchess
I of Bedford. She is an expert in natural
i history a.i well as In botany
SHU another distinguished one of ihe
eleven Is Miss Ethel Sargent, who has
made a mlcroscoplo study of vegetable
cells. Mls.s .Margaret Benson Is examiner In botany of tlie University of
seiuiiiel on duty before eneli of these,
while allowed merely to present arms
to nn olllcer of lower rank, must,
whenever lie catches sight ..f a general officer, call out tlie entire guard
to present arms, with llie lu'titlng of
"Hero our American was a source of
much difficulty, for whenever nny sentinel caught sight of his gorgeous
epaulets lu the distance ihe guard was
Instantly culled, arms were presented
ami drums beaten, much to tho delight of our friend, but even more to
the dlsguit nf tl." generals of the litis-
elan army nml to llio troops, who thus
rendered absurd homage nnd found
themselves taking part In soiiieiliing
like a bit of comic opera."—Exchange,
cirrylnf ot, a successful ami l rolltabll nouitry *„
builneii In a small city or town lot. Anyone " ,'
with a fair sired stabli or shed and a imatl
rtra can raise poultry profitably.
But to make money quickly, yon must til  :.
i-Hr from tht old Ideiohrrltf todobuilntit tbreo halcbn lt.b.Fumno.I'ltlUilllo.Unt'
wnll satllniT hens as hatcherl.   You must tit t     Gentlemen,-I had never sceo aa Incubator
.'hailian, I,,,,.!,i'or and ilrooder. not!) I received yours.  1 was pleased and stir
a larger ono from you licit year,
. ,,,v.. .1,. Lindsay,Out."
"Uontlomen,-! think both Incubator and
Brooder is all right.   1 got ".' per cent, out of
prollll wilb a imall cxpendituri of tuml tti
This really means that we will set yon it la
the poultry business k, that you cau nut
money right from tho start, without aiklu to
a single cent from run until after l'.M) htrftlL
If we know of a fairer offer, *ve wouldtaaYkl \\
Write us a post card with your cams I
TO enable e verytmdy to get a fair start In tht prised lo git ever 80 per cent,, and tin ehickinl address, and we will send you full nai
rllbt way In the poultry business, wi mail an all strong and healthy. A child could well al our beautifully illustrated b
a vary special offer which it U worth you- operate maohlni lucoeaifuily. Jat, DAT, Rath- to make money uut ot chicks," Writ!
well, Man.'
to Chatham,
Wi can supply yon qnlolily from onr distributing warehonsn at Calgary, Brandon, R-glna, Winnipeg, New Westminster, B.C., Mitt-Ml,
Hallfui. Chatham.  Factorlei al t in t u.u. OXT., and DsmoiT, Me n. ill
Let m quota you prices on a good Fanning Mill op good Farm jjjjjj
a arr-j^. r- m I ail aiasiwiiwi.  ,,    ,     SalSIf
finite)-,, IVnniylvnnil.
Tht deed for what Is now eastern
Pennsylvania, Riven by (he Duke of
York to William I'l'iin, Is for the term
ef 10,000 years nt r, shillings rent.
An (IrK.i.. Grlndtr l.lirr.
Orgnn grinders In Vervlcrs, it.
in by law compelled lo appear over;
morning before Ihe police superintend
ent uml piny their instruments, Tie
orgniis which cbtliico to bo nut uf tun.
must be set in order before a license li
piny ou the siiwis will be granted,
Skull Worship,
•cky, In his "History of tho Eighteenth Century," shows us that   skull
worship, strange us it may sctin, was
nlniost the only form of devotion In the
upper circles of France Just prior to I
tho revolution.   A skull llluinlna'ed byi
tapers, garlanded with gay ribbons and!
adorned with pearls mlsht then commonly bo found In a devout lady's boudoir.   Its pet name ivns La Hells Mig-
non, lilt pretty darling, nnd tlie fair
dovotco was wont lo sprnd a part of,
every day In prayer ami meditation be.
fur It.   Tho Queen of Louis XV
An old Bnclltk I!.-.Iln,l.
"Greoiisleeves" Is » good old Knglith
ballad and tunc mentioned by Bbake
spenre in tbo "Mcrrj wives of Wind-
s„r" mul has been n farorlte since the
latter part of the sixteenth century.
Tlie iiino Is much ol.ler than the wordl,
probably ns old us the days of Henry
VIII. It is also known as "The Black-
smith" nml "Tbe Brewer" nnd was a
greal favorite with Ihe cavaliers. A
modified version is found In the "Heg-
gars' Opera." The nine Is .still siiiik to
"Christmas cornea but once a yenr"
nml many oilier tongs of lite sniiic
rliythui or with ilie burden "Which nobody can deny."
The Keeley Cure
Ask the lawyers, Ihe physicians, tho
congressmen, tho clergymen, the
clerks, Iho lionk-kccpcrs, tlie skilled
mechanics who hav« patronised us
and you Will liml lhat the Keeley
treatment Is nil nnd more thnu Is
claimed for It. nnd that It Is the
"stitch" a drinking man needs to save
property, reputation, family, sanity
ami even life Itself.
Write today, now, nnd get the noc-
ossary Information ubout It.
133 Osborne St., Fort Rouge,
Innhght Soap li bitter thin other loan*,
but il belt when used in the Sunlight wty.
Rot Sunlight Soip aud follow direction!.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TERS & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
much addicted to this, and Um skull be>
foro which slie prayed wns snld to be
that of Ninon do .'Kudos, the noted
eourt beauty, around Whom (lined Cardinal Rlohelltu, the grout Condo, and
La ltoeli' foueaulil
In tha „""iu.' Free stale.
At nn examination tor admission te
the Itrltlsb Military college nt Sandhurst ninny candidates lu nnsiver to t
question about hydrogen wrote thnt
Ihe gas was nol found In the Orangt
lii.er Colony. This pnssled the ex-
Stnlner, who told the story to an tinny
Coach. The Conch, after lliinking
was' awlillo, snld:   "I hnve It.   1 remember
-ti.: ..'•■* n I ;>»
I II Thlml
• tiK  ,IHiltiJ
t,U\4   i»» all: it »■-•   llii  '■■    If'iHii.i MM*  •**
bl.ti iO«r l«M ^.uttrmi   -• It ••. U*il AlwtWjlfc
ui»Ui IB Rill*
Am ui Nmu'iui
* ktntk.'" 0*4 Ui*,
l.t, *M lltH Hlb.llV
NU Ue M wM«Ul M • ••■>» »*•», «»»lM t\M tlt«i«U*t. «liffc fer*W«
M *lii ttiJ Mi »' •*••   » » "*»f*  » |U#"Jll«l HIU **ttk, it
j mii »i *Uir rtmnii at I!l<h-ilkil Jt'^tlltiy, ffltvUk j»i M* nC*M
Q0LD k 00., No.!, Tkt rVitc*. Htvtt, '-Huun OrMMnt Undwi, I.,
%)U<i   ll   fchiin   tui   •tibttntd   -iti   tit  li|1l |*W
IU, Ut HibiM ui MuftliM U.n i.a, iilwr tiiUim mii *
Impressing the fact on a number of
my pupils that hydrogen does not ne-
cut iu Hie free slate."
Minnrd's Liniment   Cures   Diptheria.
In 1903 Canada exported 57 per
cent, of the products of her paper
and pulp mills, chiefly to the United
Canada's   public
tended by 1,128,632
aro   at-
Cash or Cure
11 Shiloh'i CannimptieB Cue l.il, to ew»
you Celt! or Coia-i, you fit Uck ill yn
pud In- k.   You no ami ol • Cm «
till Cash.
II it Wlia't I lllll cur., this of ■ Keula!
not bt nidi,
Cu uytKauj be lib*}
II you lure, i Cold, Cough, M uy ,uaaus
cl tho Tit foal. Lungs of Air P.augaa, by
25c per bottle,    All delleis gmnilei it
Mechanically Correct.
"Miss Keeter," said the teacher ol
the class In longllsh literature,
is il sonnet?"
"A sonnet," answered the girl with on it.
tho umbrageous pompadour, "is a piece
ot poetry that goes, 'Heart, love, dov«,
Part, art, glove, aliove, smnrt, gold, llll,
eyes, hold, still, prize,' nt thi ends of
the lines and almost any kind of wordB
to (111 In Iho rest of It,"
"You will remain after school, Miss
Is  Yunr.  Itiimiil
A subscriber who complained to tho
pul Usher that Ills paper Witt "damp"
received the reply from Iho patient and
whal   l"iig suffering editor thut perhaps It
win lieeaiise Ihere will io n.ueh "due"
A,to,Iter   Vleit,
Mrs, McSplurge   When I go nut with
Ihls lovely new frtnk people will think
I've heen shopping in I'tirl*.   Mr. Me
Bplurge  Maybe tbov'll ll ink I've heen
the teacher said, with a frown, cracking u safe,
"und complete that sonnet by tilling
lu with the necessary words."
A Queer Thing About July.
How wt came to pronounoe July as
wn do now With the nee,nt on tht second syllable Is one of the unsolved toys-
I tertes of speech. Named, of course, after Julius Coosar, it should really be,
pronounced to rhyme with "duly," and
so our forefathers actually did pro-
iiiiiiii'" It, Spenser, f,,r Instance, ha*
the "Then cainu hoi July beyilng Ilk*
to flr"." and even so lata ns Johnson's
Mine tho accent was still on the "Ju."
tt Is one of many words which would
startle these ancestors of ours spoken
as wo speak lie in now --Lyndon Chronicle.
A Puttie,
lie Here's n pun-Jo for ynu Rht-
I.i'l's have It, lie (live ;. '."ii.iii n
bunch of photographs to exiiin no, ln-
oliitling ono of ber own, which one will
ilie look at tlie longest, uml why)
HOW Ttiolli   In  en   lllll  **<|,T.
"Then he tl n't nnd lhat 'all tbe
Werlil loves n lover';'"
1 Sol exactly, ills experience li ihtt
nil ihe world guvs u lover."
'is   sold   OB   tli.s   su ine
generous plan-KnUro
Biitlsfnct imi nr money
refunded - but """■
no other Tea Is «"
"gnnernusly" rlcn In
quality and fiam'in.'»
Gold Standard Tea.
"t'.iiaiaiii""! ih" Best."
To prove li   Try It.
3(  in and 50 i ' • "'r
Hi.   All Uro
Pedantry and taste are us Ineooillt-
ent ns gnyety ind melancholy,' I.tn
Made to Fit
Made i,,Wear
You will ntvtr htvt Comfort ind 8at-
lilictlon ind Wttrlng Qualltlet In
your Working Cloth** until you wit,
"Kliiu of the Road" Brani
W    IM    U    No.    B63
And now as
—to —
Diamonds I
It is not without reason
that Canada's largest
Jewelry house should b#
known as Diamond Hall
All over the Contk
nrut Ihisstnrris fiLmom
aa {fivinjr unequalled
(luinoM 1 valuer A
prrmtnent buying sltit
at An,-.''*! 'l.tin ensurec
idvai-tagtoui purehu-
iny, ami cur CUtlontTI
r«oeivcthc pricfl bcnedl
A Diamond Iliill guarantee maansan absolutclj
perfect stone.
- ,     UHITEI)	
D. S. Martin
Dunlgner nnil Builder ol
Yachts and Launches
of nli kinds,
Tut), Life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Quotations given on application.
Gasoline I nunches ,i Speiiiilt*.
You do not require
a special charterto
but) North Vancouver |>ro|)erty- Just
consult   ::    ::    ::
The Bank Block,
North Vancouver.
Christmas Time,
Don't forget Christmas!
'Twas the night hefore Christmas.
Santa Clans will arrive in North
Vancouver Monday morning, December 231I1.
Hall Interett in, a gnoil-imyiiin Hsli
lliisini"- in Vancouver. Excellent
reasons for Belling. Splewllil opportunity i.ir nn Investmenl "i moileriite
proportions, Well established trade
connections, etc. Apply in writing.
Box lilt), Exi'ltRss OlBce.
Nurlli Vancouver, II. C.
Pacific Wood
Beat Fir Cordwood, 16 and 12 in, $11.00
per loud.
Best Aider nn.l I'ir, mixed, 16 and 1- 111,
\i 7"> per load.
Best I'ir Cordwood, I il. \\,ih per Intnl.
Boat Alder Cordwood, 1 It, (4.U0 per loitd
1565 Westminster Ave.   Phone 1269
Mrs, Mary Anderson, of Onto-
nogan, Mich., desires lo learn the
whereabouts of her sun Frank
Nell, lie was lasl heard from in
Spring drove, Idaho, last December, Information leading to his
whereabouts will be thankfully received and rewarded.
Real Estate, Milling,Insurance,
Loans,  Farms,  Etc.,
Timber Limits.
Property fur sale all over the City
Suburbs and North Vancouver.
Office : 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
Roman Art
For reproducing pictures upon any
material, wood, cloth, silk, China, etc.,
and (or removing "tains from the clothing,   By mail, L'„-.   Agents wanted,
Ofllco, So. 7, Manitoba llouso,
Vancouver, 11. t'.
just Opened
Rranch ofliee of the Interstate Intro-
due igSo   "'
Matrimonial Register. IOt.
I'.0, Box K'i'.t;, Vancouver, B.C.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66*132 FT.
Iron, JSO to st*.'. per tot.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Oiiocns & Lonsdale
Christmas Novelties
I havca Compl. to Lineot Games
an,' Me, hanical Toyi for the Child*
reii. Also a Line ol Fancy Collars,
li.lis and llaii'lk' rchicls fur the
( hri tin . Ti idi 'A' , "i show
you better than we nni tell ymi in
ii. -  mall space,
I: - Littli Store is Over-Stocked
with Christina-, Bargains.
I )ry < roods
IN   NitliTII   VANA)IVKit
I louses to Rent
cau on W.P.Hogg
TH'O 1)00118  *. KM   rHK KIl'JtKBBi
B3T See %■ Before Buying.
JA that application will he made to
the Legislative Assembly of llritisli
Columbia ut its next session lor an Act
m Incorporate the Inhabitants ul the
tract nl land in the Vancouver District,
comprising the following lots, namely;
Two hundred anil sixty-live (205), Two
hundred and Beventy-one (271), Two
hundred nnd Bcventy-f.mr (iTl), Five
hundred ami forty-four (-">44>. Five hundred 1111,1 forty-live (.345,', Flvo hundred
uml forty-six (Mii), Five hundred und
forty-seven (617), Five hundred und
lorty-eight (MS), Five hundred uml
forty-nine (Mil), Five hundred nnd
liltj (650), tlie easterly portion ol Five
hundred and llftytwo (.'..Wi, being tho
portion lying to the nurlli uf said lot
two hundred uml sixty-live I'.'ti5), and
containing about One hundred and Lilly
(151)] acres, and lot Six hundred und
sixteen 11118), in llroup One (1| New
IVestiniusler (now Vancouver; District,
now forming part ol tho Municipality 01
the District ul Nortli Vancouver, uud
the portion of lot Two hundred and
seventy-two (272) (known us Moody*
ville;, iiml lol Two hundred und Seventy"
three (2711, ill suid tlrollp One, us a
eurpcraliiiii under tin. inline of  "The
City "I North Vancouver," uud tu muke
urovhion for the division of the eii-t-
1111; a,.-.elf uml liabilities ol tlic Cnrpor-
niiiiiinftlie District of North Vancouver,
between the new City nl Nurlli Van-
couver uml the remaining porliuii uf llie
said District Municipality, and f„r oilier
purpose) uud for n special charter for
"The City of North Nancouvcr" granting to the Council of the said City
an,,ni,; oilier things power t,, puss bv-
laws (Or (intrr n/ia) any of the purposes
or any of the objects following:
To provide a Ward system or other
BVStem ,,i Division of tlie Cfty; to pro-
nl" under certain conditions for the
inclusion of mrtlier outlying Districts
in the City limits; to limit uml define
localities, in which particular trades or
businesses may ho carried on, to
regulate trades .,r buslneSBCSS und
iln- times oi closing stores or
-hops, nml to provide (or Sun,lay
closing; to prohibit or regulate trad-
ing In- pedlars, bankers, and petty
chapmen; to erect public wharves and
imp>t,e and collect tolls for the use
titer,lol; to purchase, construct and
operate gas, uud electric lighting ami
powor and telephone systems; to administer oaths and examine witnesses
under "nth hi civic Inquiries; to enter
into contracts exteuding over a period
of years; to borrow money lor specific
purposes, giving as socurUy the undertaking and guarantee ol the City; to
make provision |,,r the placing of tele-
phone, electric ami other wires underground; tn provide a fund fur the tilt-
surnnce of civic buildings and property,
and a dm,I (,,r tbe superannuation ol
Municipal officials and employees; t,,
licence clubs; to prohibit slaughter
houses within the City or to prohibit
nnd rcgulnto existing slaughter houses
and .'".v sheds or stables which may, in
thoopltilonot the Council, bo a ntiisaiico;
lo regtilatn ami prohibit il ruction,
rem,mil mid the repairing ol buildings
ami the pulling down of buildings
ereeted, removed or repaired ill contra-
volition of any by-law; to charge
property owners with Iho cost of sewers
running past or adjoining their premises
bv way "i 11 rental; to regulate tbe subdivision of City hits; to iniike provision
(nr tit,, qualification ..I colors; the mode
of electing to civil offices, and the conduct „l elections, and to deal with disputed elections and offences at elections,
und corrupt practices; to provide |,,r the
compulsory ejectment "I persons having
unlawfully encroached upon the streets
"r roadways; to provide lor acqualsitlon
"I additional water sheds ami means of
Increasing ihe water supply; lo provide
ier the acquisition of railway" ami tramway- wholly or partially running within
tho City ami also to provide lor nichl
other amondmentSi powers mid authorities n»inuv be necessary or expedient
for the public welfare and the govern*
meill ol the saitl "The City ol North
Solicitors lor Applicants.
IUtbd the 5th day of December, 1005,
It is a sign of the most extreme
old age if one exhibits guod sense
in Christmas buying.
Along about nuon on Christinas
day, everyone is cross who is old
enough to have sense to be.
As a rule, men don't want anything lor Christmas, and ihey are
the only Oi,A wi 1 . what they
As Christmas approaches the
men of the family feel as limp as a
dull that has had a hemorrhage of
The men arc receiving their lirst
Christmas gifts; Their wives are
giving them a handsome assortment ol hints.
This is what we are all doing
now: We look at a list in one
hand, a little money in the other,
and then sigh.
Join the Christinas trot; Anyone
who tries to stem popular opinion
at this season is likely to be run
over by toy express wagons.
About all that we hope for Christmas is that the woman who cooks
our Christmas dinner will have been
loo busy to make cranberry jelly.
At Christmas play, and make good
For Christmas comes but once a
year. — Tusser.
If a child believes in Santa Clatis,
don't tell him that there is no such
person unless ynu want his mother
to hate you worse than she hates
her husband's kin.
It's real heroism to smoke the
"nice" Christmas cigar especially
selected by a woman for the occasion. "To waft thee Irom distraction," as it were.
There isn't anything a boy plays
with that will make ol him a picture as pretty as a little girl makes
with her doll, and be suffers a similar handicap when grown up.
A man is taxed so heavily to buy
presents fur his wile's kin that she
lightens the burden by refusing to
tax him to buy any for his own, but
somehow he doesn't appreciate it.
The women should remember
that along about the first of January, when the Christmas bills
come in, tlie men are not going to
be soothed as easily as a dull that
shuts its eyes when put down.
If a woman remembers all her
husband's kill, and all of her own
kin, anil lite, n i i, she is still
shy her share of the Christinas
Spirit unless she buys something
for the preacher, the doctor and
the milkman.
This is the size present that all
This is, perhaps, the size they
will receive:
Fur pur Fall and Winter Suits gt
to FongOltn's, First-Class Tailors,
too Hastings St. !■'.., Vancouver.
Some of the aldermen of Vancouver evidently are trying to blame
the city engineer for the present
bad state of the streets there. Ill
the face of the tact that the Terminal City is supposed to have a
"business men's" council, to say
the least, such actions and tactics
are mean and contemptible, This
aggregation now in power, during
their term of office just closing,
caused the resignations of three ul
the most honorable, painstaking
and competent city ollicials thai
ever served a civic board, on
trumped-up charges of inefficiency,
The council has proved itsell incompetent as a " business" proposition, and in order to shift
responsibility blame the new engineer for the present unsatisfactory
state of the streets. Aid. Williams,
in his usual cheap style, says thai
"the engineer does not understand
this climate," and Aid. Baxter says
that "our engineer is a chicaco as
far as this city is concerned," We
believe that there does not live the
engineer who could satisfy the gang
controlling the civic affairs of Vancouver.
Christmas is becoming a joke
even to the short story writers of
the Christmas numbers of the
magazines. Mary Wilkins Freeman has written a Christmas story
in the December number of Harper's Monthly, which she calls
"The Pink Shawls," and a very
nice old maid, who is fund of knitting, knits her friends pink shawls
for Christinas presents, She is a
good looking old maid and pink is
becoming to her, but she never
gets time to knit a pink shawl for
herself. She frequently Bays before
her friends that she would love to
have a pink shawl, and on llie
Christmas which is in the story,
she receives eight. She knits her
shawls with an odd little stitch,
and as one after another of her
pink shawls arrive she discovers
that she has knit every one of them
herself, ller friends have passed
the pink shawls she has given lliein
for Christinas presents from one
person to another until finally eigiit
of then) come back to her. Every
woman who reads the story will
think, down in the bottom of her
heart: "That story was drawn
from life."
The Result.
Following is the result ol the poll
taken on Friday, December 15th:
For Incorporation  132
Against Incorporation     05
Majority   (>7
Under Special Charter   107
Under Municipal Clauses Act.    77
Majority   30
Burrard     31
NorthVancouver  104
Majority 133
In Two Countries.
In China spurious coin may be
lawfully manufactured when ii is
intended to be placed in the coffins
Of the tletd. The Chinese believe
that the bad coins make the dead
just as happy as good coins would.
This is in China, but in B. C. yuu
become happy while on earth if
you advertise in Tut; EXPRESS,
the increase in wealth was otic-
seventh greater than the increase
in population, and a few of these
people were advertisers in The
Express. Be included in the next
The Electric Tramway Will
Traverse the Whole of
D. L. 273 in Two
Don't delay to pick out your lot if you
want a choice selection. The lots are all
laige, and prices from $180,00 lo $300.00,
on very easy terms,
163 Cordova Street.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
Selling Agents foa the Yorkshire Sec. & Guarantee Corp.
Are Sweet and Delicious.
have no Equal
Mir Sale at
McDowells Drag Store
North Vancouver.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
\i 1 ■ouiil.iiils, Vudlloi ■-.      Plumbing end Tinsmith-     tlay, Celtic and Chicken
I'.jl IsliiU  tut nt v Ing. reed
I umber nml ell kinds of Building Material Contractors and Valuators.
Wc have an Immense amount of CorUwoodJon hand,   Place your orders with
us for Ihe winter.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Just Arrived ___0
Large Stock of New hill and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
mo iio-stiii-,.. si. «. i mi Aiii.011
Hotel North Vancouver
North Vancouver, B. C.
The Only Seaside Resort at Vancouver
Splendidly situated, overlooking Hurrard Inlet,
wilh Ihe Cityof Vancouver fifteen minvles away
lit/ fi raj.    The Imtt I embodies eet ry emti't iliencc
with livery in connection.    Rales $2 per day.
Bowling Alley in connection for ladies and
P. Larson, Proprietor.
iN bUiLdiNg be sUre aNd HaVe tHe
pL^E Wired so as to be ready- TO
connect o>i ou'r Wire Next spring
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
AM   RFATTIF ^otary |)"t)lic* G'-ncral Auctioneer
, IYI. DL/V I  1 IL „)7   tordov„   Sreet,   Vancouver,   B.   C,
lleicllaal roonit or private I ie or btiyi outright nil
clnilCl "I lioiinoliold good" "r lull,lirtljat "locks (nr 1'iu.li.
He iin« »..ine ..I tin- rtneat iiusini^H anil tMter/ront property In Nortli
Vancouver. Heo him nt once il vmi think of ploklng up property in
till*-OCtlon,   llf wifi', ltl'Y NOW, anil yuu uill make money. :: ::
A complete line ol new lull anil
Winter Suitings have just arrived nt
Innqnun's, lailor*,, 100 Haeting*, E„
corner Columbia Ave., Vancouver.
Xmas Goods
Sue our selection of Christmas goods anil get our prices
before buying elsewhere. The quality is the best, and prices
ar.' right.
Fresh Dates, Naval Oranges, Jap Oranges, Fancy Ap*
pics, Smyrna Figs, Spanish Clusiur Raisins, Almond Nuts,
walnuts, G. B. Chocolates, Indian Chutney, C. 13. Pickles,
Olives, Fancy Hisctiits, Etc.
J. A. McMillan


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