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 '"']  lit'lVd WT*
i lift1 ' //
,.l .1-*'
J&ArWi    %(+&
Church Notices.
sr.   joiis's  CHURCH,   CORNER   ut
Wiiirsi'Ni'vv IInlv communion
(plain i s ii.iii. Holy communion
(sunn, with sermon) 11130 a.in.
Evutisong on Monday and Tuesday ;it \ p. 111 : cvmisong mi Wednesday inui mi Saturday, with address atji.ui p. in.;- mi Friday at
7:411 p, .11.
At S p, 111, on Wednesday, a
special service A prayer for
Christian unity.
Ai )* p. in on Friday, a practice
for Trinity Sunday.
Every Sunday Mattins, 11
a, m.; evensong and sermon, 7:30
P in.
Sunday school, 10 a. 111.
Nexl Sunday, Trinity Sunday
(Julie mill! Ilm. V COMMUNION
(sung; witli sermon) 11:30 a. 111.
Whitsuntide brings us the Summer Ember week; nnd this year,
ns last year, a special  effort is  to
be made by united prayer for some
ol om greatest needs. And perhaps one of the most obvious
needs ol Christendom is that we
should all have a deeper sense ol
"the great dangers wc are in b)
our unhappy divisions." This,
then, is tin special prayer that wn
purpose oflering nt our High
service on Whitsunday; and it is
with this intention that the special
service of prayer is to be held
silllllll ill' nusly in both places ol
worship in ilns parish, on Wednes*
evening, it 8 o'cl .a'1;, li is
earnest.) hoped, therefore, that
everyone who 1 dii ves O ir Lord's
win Is iiln :it tin ted piayer ;is a
practical force will j iin his with
oiiis, oii Sunday at 11130, or els,
(i 1 Wel e -il iv ,11 one ol the meet-
Hi". .
it is curious that Whitsnnda*.
s!i 111 I Is. 1 il iv on which we
I y a.i,I 11 vv t vestm ms and
hangings whicn liave m irke I the
S.r „t 1 1 dir s and have hulped ns
tn "iiii up uiir hearts" tn th   joy
.a| 11 i: Ivi ei an I .A.'i-i! ',,',1 I.i,iii.
;i 1 I lhat W. shotiM resume lhe
Uoyal red, A" Church's own
1. in munii 'in. 11 un,1 ol hei
la 11.1.    Thi' white,   how 'ver,  re-
A Notable Prize Winner,
Robert Bryce, the popular purser ol the steamer Cassiur, re-
ceived a wire last night nt tlic
Hotel Nortli Vancouver from Mrs.
Bryce, who is nt Portland attending ihe .lo}1 show, informing him
that his pointer. North Vancouver
Queonie, had defeated everything
at tho Portland show, held at the
exposition grounds, competing
against ba of the lie's't pointers.
In nn Chicago, Colorado, California, Washington nnd British
Columbia, First, limit class; fust,
open class; lirst, winner's class;
won Portland cup for best pointer
in the show; won special cup for
the best tion fi'oniBi'itish Columbia;
and as Queenie is only a twelvemonth old pup ii is a great performance.
Naturally "13ob" is in good
spirits, and great credit is due
Mrs. Bryce. She has cared for
and exhibited the great prize
winner in all the shows. A rousing reception by the Vancouvei'
Kennel Club awaits Mrs. Bryce on
her arrival. The Express joins
the many friends nf Mr. and Mrs.
Bryce in extending to them hearty
congratulations for thus honoring
the Ambitious City.
Patronize Home Industry.
0 The Editor of The Express.
Sir—North Vancouver residents
live 'had an object lesson durin**
the past week in the
It's too bad when a doctor is
Dr. Gordon has green peas ready
lor the pot.
Nornion Duperow, Toronto,
paid lhe town a visit on Sunday.
Miss Smart, I'nrtllancy, visited
tlie town on Monday.
W. A. Trott, Mount Brydges,
Ont., was here this week.
John Wold, of Friday Harbor,
arrived in towu on Monday.
_'he real estate business is a
mighty good one—in theory.
Axel Johnson, New Westminster, came over on Monday.
Mrs. Stewart, Hamilton, was a
visitor to North Vancouver this
A scow-load of bay and feed
arrived this week for Brackiuan
& Ker.
About 75 men arc now employed at tlie city waterworks at the
Several now awnings are being
put up for the summer, preparatory to the Slimmer spell.
Geo. C. Fisher, Bellingham,
was a guest at the Hotel North
Vancouver yesterday.
""* «** t,
parture oil   C. C. Fisher and family, New
lie nasi ween in un   "■ i" - -■       — — ,
the pioneer boot and shoe man, Westminster, spent a few pleasani
' ...  .,.„  ..:,:.,..,.c   ..   l,r,,,,-c li,,',. nn Mum lav.
afier  giving
the citizens a
chance of showing their loyalty to
North Vancouvei' by patronizing a
iocal boot and shoe establishment,
had to give up in despair, not to
say disgust. We notice those who
make the greatest blow about
pushing the interest and advancement ot the future city are amongst
1I1 isc who travel across ihe inh 110
hours here on Monday.
The grading, on Second
wesl to the Indian reserve,
ing pushed with rapidity.
is be
^^^^^^^ Vancouver's pinned
shoe man, came over toddy an
stopped u couple of hours.
10 travel across mc mn nu, Russell Clark, C. P, R, trail
purchase what can be had as cheap lispatchur, of Fourth street, hai
and sometimes al a more reason- been transferred to Uevelstoke.
able future in their own lown.   It     ,,   ,. .,    ., ..
, ,B, ,    .   I    Mr. Snider, the contractor,  vvil
would   be.  a  good  "sign  ot   the  ,        ,■   . .    , , . , ...
„ . ■   . have mushed bis work,  on F rs
tunes   io see prospei ous scores in   . , , ,
,., .,,    1-.  ,  ,.i.i street, 11 about a week or tell davs
the "ambitious city, and it should
be the duty and pleasure "I all!   \\'.  L>.   Jones,   the   Brockto
point lighthouse keeper, spent .
.' ■ ia. the white robes ol the
lii-wly-baplized, I >r the vigils ol
Easter   and    Whitsunday    were
naturally regarded as
tunes [or baptism.
ll may be ol interest to note
that ai tii*- Wednesday service the
same readings, the same psalms,
the same hymns and the same line-
id prayer will be used in both
plai1 s
s|\lll STREET.
The usual services will be con
dm led hv llu pastor 1111 Sunday at
11 a. III. und 7: -t<> p. in.
lhe usual Sunday morning
survii t .it 11 a. in. will be con
ducted by Mr. Robert Duncanson,
ol Knox college, Tor into, Ml.
Duncanson has been appointed
sliid'iil missionary Inr the north
Bide ol the inlet lor this summer.
The congregation will be pleased
ta' give him 1 hearty welcome on
Sun lay morning.
In the ■ .' nan:', at 7 p. in, tin
pastor will spi rk on " Iin Lord'i
11 r   an Opportunity and a Duty.'
S   i.i.1    .. hool Ut .'.IO p. III.
'I ili'SI'IVI   a   ,||   Mi las |v VI, |e '., ll.lil.
ll '     a   |0|   |(    Will    l'i'      l  allllllll  tl'll      A
Mi. Duncanson, A lull attendance
1 -1' pn
On WeiiiiimI.iv uveniug Iln
Christian Endeavoi meeting will
give pi,11 e to 1 im • ling "ii "i Inin h
I lllit)   "       I   'if   |||i    III  ,1  tfllle   IU     Uie
ln-ii'iv aii North \ .11 ouvei both
the Episcopal and Pn ibyteriau
iiaaii. hi s will I"' meeting at the
same hour, for the same purpose,
singing the same hymns 111 thu
-anil spirit, li is hoped that all,
the Christian people iu the com
munii) will attend one or other
oi the' lia.ivins on Wednesday ail
8 oclock,
Choir practice on Saturday
evening .11 8 o'clock. All interest
ed m music are invited to be
Paston Rev, J. D. Gillam, M.A,
Work has been started on the
proposi ■! new hotel hi the Capi-
iailO,    Wl   la   I,   ,-   laa   |)l    l    Ull | ll ■   l"|     |,V
Si'pti liilii'l.    ll will   be   ,111   lip-tO
ll 111      ll   .all    111   I",*   l\    ll'SJU a   |
well-wishers to patronize whenever
it is possible local trade, It does
not look encouraging to would-be
residents or investors to see stores
_,      that have been occupied, deserted.
appropriate Yours truly,
N. V.vnc'k. Local Trader.
North Vancouver, B. C, May
31st, iyo6.
lev happy hours in  lown  vester
The initial sidewalk levelling
on First street, lias just been
iu (tout of Lett's real est.iti
Wanted—The Reason Why.
To the Editor of The Expri <s:
Sir,—When our troops were
sent to fight in South Africa tlie
military authorities thought it wise-
to clothe the men in "Khaki," be-
ing the color ol the veldt, iu order
In render them, as nearly as
possible, invisible to tlieir enemies,
and it is also lo be noted thnl out
naval authorities, in like manner
and lor the snme reason, use us
'war-paint," for their ships, a
color that can hardly be delected
Irom thut of the Burrounding ocean
and sky above, Iu North Vancouver, too, our local authorities,
provincial nud municipal, seem to
follow suit aiiil paint their buildings invitible-green so th.it tin y ran
hardly be distinguished Irom tin
wealth ol foliage by wlm h tin y
I are surrounded, especially at this
season of ilu year. But the
question In ra is, why do they dn
so?   Any sensible person would
.iippnse th, y wiiUld l.ltlla I   do   tlic
very opposite, and try in show nil
then magnificant public edifices by
painting them in any othci coloi
by w.iy nl contrast.    Youi - truly,
HiisiNF.v. Enquirer,
North Vancouver, B. C, May 31,
The local gun clu
nn  Monday  night,
On Tuesday Bin Campbell, the
Lonsdale avenue barber, received
a consignment of (our pups from
liis ,mcit in Ireland. They are
Inun Lord Kildare's lamniis stock
nf Irish terriers, known as the
Pride ol Kilkenny. The pedigree
dates from 'way hack in the time
ol Robert Ktniiu'tt. the patriot
Among tin names of the sires und
dams nf the notable breed nre:
Th' Emerald, Brian Boron, Prince
n(   Galloway,   Minister   Queen,
' , il Boy, 'I h" (anions strain
referred in above is not ol tin
historii Kilkenny (eline kind.
John   Kerr,   of   the    custom
bouse, at Vancouver, and family
have taken up their residence on
Fourth street.
held a shoot
 at   Larson'-
butts.    Rex   Dawson   made   llu
highest score: 21 out of 30.
Mr. Haswell, one of the dirtc
tors of the ferry company, will
assume the management of thai
institution, vice Mr. Ramsay, it*-
The clearing and grading, 01
Lonsdale avenue, north nl Twenty
first street, opposite the horticultural grounds, is nearly com
A successful balloon ascension
tool, place last Sunday (rom Firsi
street.    J.
lame day.
The marriage, at Moodyville,
whii h i"nk place yesterday, has
nol 1 'ne "fl yi. Furthermore,
it will imi I" lolcmnizi d, .md Im
g iod reason, why.
Tins morning a couple ol can;!'
ol men working on ihe road lei"i
tie new tram line laid down then
shovi Ib and went on strike lor a
couple of hours.
II. DePencier, manager North
Pacific Lumber Company, was n
callci tins week at Tm- Express
"North Vancouver can't help hut
grow," he said.
The earth from lhe excavations
tilled. It took jack Carkeek 9
minutes to net the lirst fall and 7
minutes the second. K. Bryce
made a good referei.
We heard a few men tt lliug fish
stories today. After hearing them
tell alioul a 13-pniinil brook trout
and a JO-foot salt water eel, we
knew that tliey were not reliable
and went on.
Chief Joe Capilano leaves by
lhe sh 'inner ('.ussier for northern
mints ihis evening preparatory to
.1 big celebration by the Indians
upon his departure for England to
see King Edward,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clark, of Fourth
street, left for Scotland on an extended trip on Wednesday.
While away ihey will visit their
old home and meet their daughter,
the wife of the captain of the
Cedarbank, who left here last fail.
A lodge of the I, 0. 0. F. is to
he installed here shortly. Besides
a number of old members seven
have signified their intention of
joining the proposed new lodge.
There is also a movement on foot
to organize an 1. 0. 0. F., M. U.,
The many friends of Robt. L.
Docherty, the popular secretary of
the horticultural society, will re-
;ret to learn ol his severe illness.
Dr. Dyer performed an operation
.111 an abysess on the back of t' e
neck. He is now recovering and
out of danger.
Mr. Wilson, Mission City: was
in town on Wednesday. He was
nne nl the first investors nnd resilient real estate owners in Not th
Vancouver, After being absent
Inr some years, in the Nni'lh-west
Territories, he is thinking of relocating here.
I oil n li iller.in w is f Hind dead
m Ins shai k. iit Ea {le Harbor, mi
1 i.csiliv una ning Coroner Mc
' iuit-m's jury d cuieil thai deall
■:s due tn p.ii .inline hy vv.iiul
aii hoi. Deceased li. I jiist arrived
there loi t.i. seas m's fishing. He
was respected by ail who knew
The Western Corporation h ive
jusi completed n rustic bridgl. 0 1
ilu ii own propel iy, nne ol tlie
m :st picturesque structures ol ii ■
kind in British Columbia, fin-
bridge spans lhe canyon, which is
80 feet deep, oil Seventeenth
street, just past the mill sile. ll
is worth while to take a trip to the
Rev. R, J. McAlpine, Mrs. Mc-
Alpine and S. McAlpine, were
guests at the Hotel Nortli Vancouver this week. Rev, Mr. McAlpine was very much interested
in the town and took occassion to
pay tho residents and those interested in North Vancouver a very
high compliment lor the energy
and activity ihey take in the new
C. E. Hall and son, Win.   Robert- j Just sat  and
sou. J. L, Mitchell, Win.  Wilson, |       word.
|,  Adams,  F,   Bulwer,   W.   A.'
Trott, Chas. E. Netherby,  II.  B,
Metherby, ('. L, Gordon,  R. II.
Hill, J. j. Hinds wife und child,
H. Y. Smith,  11.   Kilgrevv,  Win.
Kihlgrew, A. A.Boak, F, C. Stain,
Miss  C.  Smith,   Mr.    and    Mrs.
Janus Gordon, Miss S. Ke.iys,  A.
IC.   Sheltini,    N.union    Duperow,
Warren   Hastings,    Mrs.    A.   J.
Tolmic, Joe Clark,  J.   I'.   Ander-
snn, J. A.  Perry, j.   M.   Holland.
W. II. Roycott and wife, A. J.
Taylor, wife and child, Mr. ami
Mrs. W. J. Irwin, Edwin Calford
nnd wile, Miss Moore, Miss K.
Cambio, Capt. D. Cambie, D, W.
Baile, W. D. Haywood, Geo. C.
uttered   no  si.igle
Until he gave her  one   on   the
He cried: "Oh, tell me, why don't
you speak?"
And the maiden s
patient sigh:
"Not now. Let's
clouds roll byi"
with  im-
wait   till   the
Garden Calendar For June.
Asparagua cutting tnuat now cease, for
tin- BCUSUtl.
Buans.—A ln"t lowing maybe wade uf
ilvviirf I'reneli,   A suiting may nlso bo
mad- ui runnori,  Watch (nr black Hy
iu bruiuls, and jiineli out the tops when
the Ik-wen begin tu set.
inui, K„........ .   Currota may still he sewn.  To keep
'No; I'm a specialist in '•uff Hi" ".''1 *atur between dm rows with
j gas liquor, 1 part to fi parts ol water.
1 Keep iliu suit cluse.
Celery inny he planted, watering nnd
.....   ...a,*,........,  .ndian nRont, I shading from bud for a faw days. Spray
is here investigating the matter ol 1 with aoaprfte to keep nil the leaf mug-
the  Indians signing the petition got'
for the licensing of a  hotel here, j   <J«-taj.....heridgetvpe, may be
It is stilted that he came here on,   Oniona may Im thinned It large butba
the   suggestion    of    Rev.    Mr. Unwanted.  Thoy ihould be Bale from
' maggot hy this tlmo, hut uu occasional
spraying with Boaprite dues no harm.
Lady. —"Ah,  1   see   you'n
connoisseur in the pie line.''
Idler plate
Mr.   McDonald
His Worship Mayor Buscombe
Petia.—If possible, main-crop varetlei
His Worsmp .Mayor  nuscoiiinei     ■   -r— -■-,  ---.  •-
spent a few pleasant hours with P0'"!, "!■ tf"*L'U°S,1° ''T' 7".
'.     ,  1 '       , ,,, a lugsui liunul nuuiurc.   Superpltoiphat*
Iriends here yesterday.    Of course,   |8 uoua.l.-, and nne ounce to one galloi
'"""""l    '"ie.     Tim     I,*vin,i.-<s I „t „„,,.r i,„iLi,.h 11 i.imhI solution.
Thompson   was
and  in lived back
Numerous instances nm re
ported that some ol oui n sidi nti
deliberately pass ovi ■ local dealers
and go to Vancouver and there
purchase their supplies and
materials at advanced rates. This
is not working in the best interests
Ol the town, let alone  themselves,
and the sooner  it  is  stopped  lhe
better,   II ihis sort ol   business
continues we will have tu  publish
a lew minus.
he dropped into 'fun EXPRESS
ollice. "Why, George, you've
got quite n place hen," he said.
"Eventhe proposed business streets
are ahead of those of early Vancouver—when the sidewalks on
Hastings street were built on
stills,"—which is a fact.
The citizens' incorporation committee held 11 very lengthy session
m Wednesday evening, in the
municipal hall. A report, which
appears elsewhere in Tut: Exi*RI ■ -,
ivas adopted, and will be laid he-
(ore a ratepayers' mass meet iug,
on Mond.y evening. As may be
si mi, it is nf lhe mm. .1 importance, an I evi ry ratupayi r and
resident are urgently requested io
be present. The members ol the
c immittce present were: Reeve
Kealy, Clirk Phillip, Councillors
Morden and Cornish, Messrs.
Th mips.m, Pbillippo, Woods,
Mahon, Hope, Dick nnd Bartley.
he rumor ol a month or BO 1 [0
that Mi. Ramsay, manager ol the
lerry company, had tendered his
resignation has now been con
firmed. He will go into business.
at nn early date, at Vancouver.
Though it may be to his best
interests to do so, the patrons of
the lerry, we feel sure, regret Ins
severing his connection with the
company, While in Ins capacity
us manager he became more than
popular with the public for he
gained their confidence, and held
their highest regaad and 1 ti 1 n.
for the many courtesies shown
them, Tin: Express, with his
North Vancouver Iriends and
tbey are legion—join in wishing
Mr. Ramsay every success in his
new field ol operations.
of wilier 111.ikes 11 guild Solution.
I'ui.itue-.—Continue earthing ns re-
quired. Early varieties should soon be
riiiali for digging; tlierolore, watch lor
the foliage turning color.
Tomatoes may be planted out against
walls, fences or stakes. I)i|t the ground
deeply, Imt do not manure it; sturdy
plants one lout or niie-lialf yard high
will do well without lliiil. Let tho lead-
ini: shouts go up.
Vegetable marrowa mny be planted
■illier in dug pits, or IllOUIldl, ur on the
level il the boil ll fertile.   11 live no old
basket or box at hand tu shade them
iruin tlm sun until thev are Well established.
Winter greens should be planted out
iu sluiw -y weather, ur bo well watered
in and shaded lor a few daya. lt is do-
sirablo to gut them well established be-
I..re July ciimes. I'laut llrussela
sprouts, kale and broccoli Hi leet apart;
2Ioet will suffice for 8avoys, lhe ground
siiniild i«' well manured.
illiglil iimy now i.e putting in un np-
_ i'iiriini'0 on fruit trees. Apply the
remedies given,
When Words Failed.
Uro*)*) vines must nni be nllnwi-d to
get very crowded. Allow just enough
Milage to cover the rool and no more,
liivu air freely from early In iho morn*
lug, and close the house about 4 p. m.
tu bottle Up   sun   heat,   immediately
damping down,  Sewage will help them.
Cireell gooseberries sliould now no
abundant, nml mny he tpithercd, not
■my for the sake ul immediate inrls,
but' lu enable the trull  left on  the
hushes tn swell out well.
Liquid manure mny be used to ereni
advantage on uny young fruit trees thut
ure swelling up 11 heavy crop uf fruit.
Melons mny Iii! tertllued iu ensure a
good Beiiii iruii; ii Is desirable to set all
ilu- Iruil- together,and four ure usually
enough fur each plant, stop the leadtra
when thoy reach the ends ol the (raine.
I'eui lies and plums on walls thut are
very thickly set with fruit may have it
thinned with advantage,
Straw lurries showing fruit must In*
covered with nutting where birds aro
iruuiiiexiiiie. Runners should be re-
moved in tbe case ol plums that are tie-
sired lu levelup ilrongly Inr .11,. tier
year, but mny be taken early Inun fruit-
in.- plants il  not culture  is  to be
l'l.uwr.lis ami OBBAMBXTAl, I'l.ANTH.
ie I'lnl!
mil al, ..^^^^
hi   now   iw
Arum lilies may he planted out,
Auriculas, show ami alplno, may bo
Side bv side in the mom's pan ■   -■     .
I'l. ire|Hiltl',l      ^^^^^
"K"1 ,     , ,      . ,    I    be'l'hng    plunt"   slni
Two figures sat in the early night, established in the garden,
j   Tuberous begoniaa mai be planted out
One was a man   who  was  half I In bedi In tho early lull nl the niuuth
The oth.'i a linn
Manager Heffell, of the Bank ol
,  N, A.,  has a souvenir nl the
S.tn   I'rancisCO disaster.    It il a
<i.H 30 draft, nn the 'Frisco hank
It v 1 11 ui finin In ie .in April u,
a 1 Bl ■! Ha' . li iril " house there on
the 17th. and .1 month Inter,  when
tht   re ai '..ile 1 oolcd oll after the
fire, was taken out anal sunt   back
1 Ine pi' 'diar ilnng was that tlio
pap. 1, originally green, was yellow
when returned,    I he color ol tha
ink vvas um ban 1 '1
Sim may have b
The   following   \v re the guests have nni.
registered at the hotel this week: She silently sat
irinking maid
nd came over tin
grew   bolil
iai ... II
A friendly th
And the mnn
1.night Ins eye.
ih :   a hod .n> arm .nul h
his laa a .
And kit 11 'iiiiait maid in ti
And all wns silent except Inr tins.
The lonely ei ho ol lhal a ne 11
pi poi
ushed or she
in   the   sell same
(',.   Cambie,   Si
Crawford, Lewis
Ross,   E,   S
of the new hotel is being dumped i ,'"',",'", , ,"'ui i''.'"'/'','''
on Second street.    A , ulvcrt  will! ^   H"1]0,' J.?1'" W.»ld*  ( '   ' '
be put in, at the creek, on Second   ,lsl",r;'!"' ;"",llv:,K <'. M"T'
-.—.     .....   ..,„c(   „(    1 mK,i:,|,.: Mrs. J- A. Clark, Miss Little, Miss
Center,   Miss   L.    Center,    Mi
street,   just
While the man, who
spoke aloud.
But   waited    am
auntie 1 ' lotll
Mink, Mrs. J, Slink,   Mrs.   I'lott,
The wrestling match last  night  Miss Smart, Rev, K, |.   McAlpine
in the Pavilion was .1 good exhi   and wife,  Mrs   Stewatt, S. Mi
bition of skill and mu   1 '■    \lpine, |amcs Stark, C,  I'. Mc-
,. r.i .1 .1 iaa ttei   liuu      1        all ni. i.  K   Sti wart  and  lamilv,
1 not pnl  in   nn   nppi  1   ■■    'a   0,  Nesbilt,  W.   Nelson,   (i.
However,W Murdockwa   ubsti   Luml, Mrs llurpeu. Mi ami Mra
■ nult started Tliey ihould l»' well
WBlorou In, ami -bailed inr u few days if
- iniav A partially shaded |H>siliuU
■ I,its them well
1 iiitnse- in.iv now have more water,
Csiuiai iia.n lie p anted In Rower beds.
1 .una <ai,s 111.1% I,,- planted In bedi,
allow ins ' iieiii I'.. leel in li way    Tho
•ml should be thoroughly dug baton
1 lanling,
1    a-,   MMl • lini'ii-     Itlllil     lailVe     I lim.
1,11 il 1 ai«.   II iiiiinf-rr.il early Irntn ll-
li, nn 1 ihenca io 7*lnch i«ts,
ilu vmav ii"' iiaiv.'ii. nr 10-Inch pots,
li r. |. .ii. I Irom .!• Ui 5-inch only, 7- or
s.ai.iii mii do I'ri'ss ilie soil very
llruilv ra'iii.al thom,
Dahlia, ma- still Is- planted, ami il
given generoua treatment will thawir
well.  Liquid manure will help them.
lieepa Inaal.-i.iil lur eurwi|(s.   Tb" plaida
: have .1 itrwig itakeaaeb.
I-'*.r-i-.-l *iai -leafs niiiv lae sown l|n,v out
aaf  a|a.,,|S
I , hsla* may he topped again il thev
syllable thou any luclli ation to bocomo itraggly.
The) 111,11 in n puti'd il Decenary.
I'.'   ic.'aal llllll-.   gone   er   gnllll!  nllt   nl
hlmiiii. musl be kept dry  111 order to
|acrni i ol tin i' going in Kit
I'laut houses ihould be ivrlngod twice
(l  .  innil be examined frequently 1
whal an) inn:! w.iil    '"'•' thai ilv does nol gel a  lootholn
 :|i -llli iniiuun ii 1 oiilbh
reel |* ild liave the llowi.a
.   ,       ,        •,       , Aeitiieri'l 111 us ihey enpand.  II seed
Ami st,,, that 111.nl, :i. Wl) a     .11  ■ I;   ,,„,, ,,, , .,, ,,,| ,,,,, rll, il„ plum will
stun il, ."a onl ol lil  un i|iiickl)
I   watched   loi
The cloud
,0(111 ciitne, and auntie 1. lal   til'   '.
olved in act mi the Municipal Clauses bill then bolon
ilti rnative powi i giv. n theni b;
your committee.
' Iwing i" sti an   n pri sentations
■     la      [111 ' llllll. nt    liy
' mimitte
iii  was intro-
. Hon, Mr. i olton, as .1
government inensiin . lo ai 11 leratc
■ ibe 1 ity under
tl '   pn       m • ol llii   Municipal
1 •      HI 1
Alter llii  bill wh ■    ::   luced  .1
I 1 tition
pics. 111.
a th,       11        C.        Mill I
.   ' i a     iipiiny,  i lid   Mr.
|.    li' .. 1: .      ill      11.   .ei   ill'
ground lb it their | ropi rty,   llu
Mood; ville   mill,   v. 1    includ
without    I usenl     fheii
j.pai~:!:a.'. orotlsl)    I :
la A     ,,'    'I     il     .a;  |)l   al. tl      llllll      1
r not 1 : .     ilu' lull fi
fore   tin I       properi
sboul I be led 1 of 1       t;   .ap 1
11 '    '    : ..      'i      in :
el ■                 irgc ol
in  otiations were going
lice  tn the   lust nn li
tu :.' il malts r. llie sub-coi     itl 1
irprised  t.> I. ,ini  thai  1 :i
ja,th Mnn li '.ist ]i tters patent were
ui lu ': in ne - rpoi ite the
. n\ I his v..is ilom owing in a
misunderstanding in the government offices;  iind on . \.n,
ill"  la til !'.  j   111     I      I  I'    lull!.  .  to  !.•
unworkable m suvi ral p.uie 1 Iai
ii .itniii   '.'.a ■■  lie la (on .  :
Hi ' 111 ' fai hat'l Ha' 111 1 HtlCl'lled llllai
till '     'a.ele   lllll .   ClltlCI     ''•!    I '■    ti •
gOVerilllll lit   IU 1 "I'l.
I, .   , ourse laki .'.  .    tl
11 ith .  in .al. ihe mutt, 1
I IlllimUl   aa  llli al    A    IIS,   llllll  tl        1   I
lib I'li'd.    We I
<l|.Ill' llllll       I'l
fori il
. '    ,!'
th' nu a   •
•nit  ili.it
'    : '
"        "1 li,'   !•
lllta   r.   ill'    1 -s   Jill)
' .   now
on ile' statttti hook
1: :    id   tutliorisi     the   lien
tl mil'.: :   .11 ' null' 11   I'
irporati ih' ' ity it .mv linn .
■  -1 h ttfis piili nt.   uml   it
•    sundry provisions to
■ "■ ' t    In      Vaallf       I a ■',( li 111 i 11! | -..       .a
ippll     I.'   '   '        lia'      | 1      ilia
.' '.> ml municipal ai t
After tins in t  was passed  youi
 - ■ did nol nppl)  hat tie
■ n. i . ".,!- nl .if oi ■ i    tiie reasoi
;. ai ilu   ;,:•  lion -lie. all
railwa tin; pi iposi d
:1V urea    '.'.us   not  settle
■ is ' ie "i gn .ai  'Aii' ul   .
.i- tie Mini;, ipal Clauses a t   pro-
n    '1- ipnlilies    in
■ led nfter  1895   -' "II    no1
have   lie    in A   I''    i'■■.
mil      i-rnoi in i nun i   a
•: ■     ettel'S   pal' nt   m.   ■ i
ell ti
is   lb,        || .    llll     ; ■" :.  .i  a '
nidi i   a il tv  [rum   this  a
mittee, ni Irom hi
iiulhorit) li ■ ■ in I
Ilia ' I: '        tl-pilVi'l :
\\ a [iirthi r reso an
o| the opinion ili.it   ■ -
:   nl   North \
-liaaiiial lie delerred until th.  :'  ■
■: : ■ ait   the legislaturi.   win 11
latiotl can In- applied  lor to
give tlm citv right to tax ra Iw
prop. rty.
ni: i iii.in I'Mil.nlis,
S'll'A  /'"AA/'I/.Y
t'lUAHs, i'uii.iff
PL'RO A'l.sr.iru.ix
Till: l-SI'I.ASMil
'     111 V'.ll!
'    |        is when tin     ; ;
CiHl       '   i    -Ul'   I        '.'   II!
'. :. :        " '  llll nil ' rs I'l li i
lisfaclcu ed for in tin
Tlic Weekly Express
$1.(10 a Vcar,
'miiaiiis lli tlic Local Sew THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Take No Risk
With a Cold
Further  Developments   May   Prove   Fatal.
There  is  Cure   For  You   in
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
il- ll-tvllr Kil.tiil ond out • "Mam,"   The Meltin|t CoM„ oetilim lo llr .
Serious   l|,ii-slliin.
Dr, Andrew Wilson writes: "Year by
year the uulijcct of the lost land of
ltrltain crows In Importance, If, ns the
Kt'oioulsts tell us, wo lose annually a
mass of httiil equal to Gibraltar, It may
ll vim i.a ill .la'| I on * cold pass-
IVVII   IK'I [It'll   il    IVOllId   lie
1   .   .. ■■   ||.|   it   lllll
I     . ' a     '.       I'
I |)| .   ■'.  .11 .1     Jaa..
' ii ■. in .a mill,
|troni|it  ini< ins ul  em-
i    .
pnl   ■
■'   ■
'I'    :
try uuiitru    i   croti],
ll il   . - . | .,    |ll        I , I
a-' '     .    ai   |
ne  ol 'ii "
ironl      Int ion u il
iitmi' an . usei of ll    lltroiit, I-i* i.-
('llllll   llllies   llllll   IllllgS   it   litis   lnllile   1.11
aiiviilal.. reputation  loi  reliability.
I'l.-,.-,rn'  tn take, tl oi  nil' and far-
in il
lie i.'lieiail results,   Di    I liasi     Syrup
nt  I,nei..I uml Tlirpelltilll' -liuillil liave
a pin ■■,   every house ti   n    ill
a nil l  - iinptiuu .'ie!  otlier  lutiil
Mr*    li     I     luriici      11
ft'u Inin      I'l    .a ild
hnvi       ed    In     i Iiumi'i
Syrup el   I.i fiirpi   tine lol
A results,
i\. it ties nl • nml liim
:' ly to Inen      p cold on
■  ■
|e    i ||„m . Syrup  i.:  I. ■ nil
Turpentine, '-"' cents n liotl i. nl nil
dealers or Kdinnnson, Huti & Co.,
T a- , ■ To proti i'i i : . . , si imi.
tuti      llio portrait am tun   ol
]> V       11.    I   llllSI!      t| a-    l.ali a    |-    | , l ,i|,t
book author, ni'i  m  evei     lottli
but  « it- Nut a i.ai.,,1 Dor,
Jack Horner of the Christinas pin
really existed, though whether ho do-
nerved thu title of "good boy" Is ex-
j ceedlngly doulitful. Ue wits, however,
a fortunate rogue,
When  Ileury  VIII, suppressed tha
1 monasteries and drove the monks from ,l0 an easy matter to calculate the pe-
thelr nests the title deeds of Uie Abbey Hod It will titko well nigh to nnnl-
of Molls wore demanded by tho com- hilate certain ureas of our country,
I mlssloncrs, The ubiiot of Qlastonbury We ure told thnt on our east coast
determined that he would send thom alone there Is swept away every year
to London, and us llu* documonts were a land mass equal to tin* Island of
very valuable and tho road Infested Helgoland, Tho rnto at w-hlch erosion
with thieves It wns dllllcult to get takes place depends on the nature of
thom to tho metropolis Barely, tlie materials on which tlio waves
Tu accomplish this end he devised a weak their force and vongeanco When
very Ingenious plan, llo ordered a tho materials consist of soft clay grav.
savory pin to bo ininle, i.iul Inside ho cl and chalk the rule of sea Inroad Is
put tin- documents, tho Duost filling a very rapid. Whore we find hard rocks
pie ever Im i, u„,i Intrusted tills dainty the rale of wear and tear is appreciate ii lad named Horner to cany up to ijly lessened. Tho sea, moreover In
London to deliver safely Into tho bandl ,i„iiing V[_ evon h.lrii rock| ,las a
for Whom It was Intended, very distinct plan of Invasion, lt will
Hut the Journey was long nnd tlie undermine fl cliff, for example. It
day cold, and the liny was hungry, and w-|| us0 t||0 a,.ta> lu-tl bowlders ns a
the pie was tempting, and tho chance of kind of marine artillerv, the waves
:   il VWi'ilI'VLII 11. A
I .'. i      papei        I'ulilished liv
Till'; KXI'KKSS 1*111 NT Ml Con
i in ■ I'"liar per Your
ilAll l:\lliT.KV.
Man i  ngE
.1. iii'lii; tillillDNS,
'I.'     II   '
Wash oilcloths
and linoleums with
warm waier and
Sunlight Soap, rinse clean and wipe
dry.    The colors will be preserved
and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps fade the colors and
injure the surface. Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves
oilcloths and linoleums.
Sunlight Soap washes clothes white without injury to the most
delicate fabrics, or lo the hands, for it contains nothing that can
injure either clothes or hands.
detection was small,
seizing them and burling them against
So the boy broke off n piece of tin ||1C wlm.   Thc undermined cliff top.
pie and beheld a parchment within, He plea over nnd falls, nnd Uie waves
pulled It forth, Innocent enough, won- play around thc dotachod mass until it
dcring baivv It could havo found Its way worn away.  Sometimes the attack as-
there tied up In pastry, und arrived In mimes u different guise.   Tbe waves
ging near the ruins of a castle TD
Dauphlne, In a locality which had long
been known as the (llant's held, nt till
depth "f eighteen feet discovered a
brick iiniii thirty feet bins, twelve
feet wide and eight feet high, on which
was a gray stone, wilh tho words
"Theotobochus Ilex" cut thereon.
When tho tomb was opened they found
a human skoloton, entire, twenty-flvi
and one-half feet long, ten feet wldt
across the shoulders nnd live feet deep
from tlie breastbone to the back. Tbt
teeth were each about the lal/.e of an
ox's foot, uud his athiu bone uiuasun.l
The parcel was delivered, but tbe
title deeds of Mills abbey were missing-
Tho fact was that Jack had them In
heat against a cliff and tunnel it
through, leaving thus n natural archway such us the locality around Torquay Illustrates very aptly. Then In
lime the top of the arch falls In, and
his pocket.    These wero tho juiciest the outer side appears as the lono sea
plums In tho pie.   Croat was tbo rnge stack or pillar.   This In duo season la
of the commissioners nnd heavy the also worn down by degrees until It ap-
vong n'e they dealt out to the monks, pears ns thc tangle covered rock over
i      Master Juek Homer kept his which the waves arc ever breaking.
secret, ond when poaceablo times were
restored he claimed the estates and received them.
Element. Tlmt Oo to llnlce Dp Ihe
Ordinary iinninn Doing,
A person weighing about HID pounds   thirty-six miles, ciitlals on nn average
Is inaili! up of the following cleineuts:
"To be convinced of tho iinmeiiso
loss of land for which the sea Is responsible one has only to consult geological works and ordnance survey records. Take the case of Yorkshire, for
example. Professor Phillips said that
the rate nt which the cliffs recede from
Bridlington to Spurn, it distance of
trill. 'rmllKirtmrlHfi. (if <l(ia> Thnn.nnd
Year.   .*.»<>   Were   All   Hrmliraialila-
I'r.il I     Ila-,,—   lltr    a.loan.    ..!
.Aiieiini Qrcset ivnal nomc,,
Tint iho liiiiiinii raco has degem r
aia l ,:i ilu as well na longav iy is a
a ■ ■., attested liy various nutborl-
t es   .\ prominent Wash ugl in
a baa iiui'Ie a In'" study of
a    d ' .    ( 1' I
.   .    ..':.ag the : I' ir
is. wl ii ■.iiiieli him mosl in :lio<e vu«l
•  .if  the coulcnts  of  tbs
ii   .'nt   groveyarda   was   tha
lite "t Hi. a.
■'. n..... if more u. •■:■■::. n.
: of d -in iho
who lived l,'*" l yoni
a nulls! "i'i.'' ' pen air
■ then m rogue snd l  •
iports !■:■•-."
Thcii' nro lerei il rai ■■' of g   il -
mentioned lu the lllblo, am.I Ihe Greek
and Roman historians have t"
many einmplaa w a lo .how
that th. a   ; I hu-
■  mil;  tvers by uo niei i - i st ono
pel   . '' Ihe
Thua it Is i'i
ir M. . ■■ a l'i' ll-
.::.l a
.    all with yourulf.-Fra    ■■
i.   \ ■   ■
lust, were bul
I , ■ id I
■ :
ropurt em
'    I '
Oxygen  .
Kitra ^' ti
Near Jlnrgorlno, In Sicily, In 1518,
was found a giant thirty feet high,
Ills held was the she of a hogshead,
and nu li of Ills teeth weighed live
Near Palermo, In the valley of Ma- Gusc-
gara, In Sii'lly, a skeleton of a glnnt
thirty feet long wns found lu the yenr
lei-; nnd another thirty-three feet high
in 1550, Sivei'iil of tlio gigantic bones
of the lattor subject an- still preserved
by private persona lu Italy.
The Athenians found thirty-two famous skeletons, ono thirty-four aud
■ootber thirty-six feet In height.
.\t Taitie, In Bohemia, In T.'S, was
founal u skeleton (he head of which
could scarcely bo encompassed by the
arms of two men together and whose
legs, which niv tat ill preserved lu tho
caatlo of lhe city, wero twenty-six fuel
Tii- celebrated English scientist, Sir
Hans SI nine, whe treated the mntter
very learnedly, does not doubt tht
foots shove narrated, but thinks tho
Tounils. Poun'A
 SS.M C.'irlion  11.01
 11.00 Calcium  3..'C
 3.50 Phosphorus  l.tj*
.20 Potasaluin  10
  Smlliim  II
.IAS   Magnesium  Ill
Iron    0!
two yards and a quarter yearly. Estimated for thirty-six tulles of coast,
tho total amount of loss Is about thirty
acres.   Further  calculated,   the   loss
, ,,       a,
l.oo Siiiiiiuir .. .ai 6'"1''' ""' "or|uun conquest amounts to
one mile In breadth nnd more than two
miles since York, the old Ehoracuin,
was occupied by tlio Humans.
"In old Yorkshire maps there nro
files of towns marked ns Auburn,
llarthurn and Hyde. Today these sites
are represented by sand banks. Near
Hornsea there was a street called
Hornsea   Heck,   which has   long ago
been swallowed up. Ravcnspur, or
Ravcnsburgb, a rival as a port to Hull,
was well known lu 1332, for Edward
Haldol and tho English barons sailed
from It to Invade Scotland. In 1300
Henry IV. landed here to adjust matters with ltlchard II. Now imt u trace
of Davcnspur remains."
Solids   U.iO
Tlie gaseous elements exist In our
body In ll state of very great condensation, since under ordinary conditions
of temperature und prossuro eighty.
eight pounds of oxygen would occupy
a volume of mure Hum 1,000 cubic feet
and fourteen pounds of hydrogen ono
of 2,000 cubic fiit. The above mentioned elements forming tin Infinite
variety of compounds and constantly
undergoing chemical transformation go
to make up the human body, which Is
in (I enlistillil  stale uf decay 1111(1 rclio-
Vatiaall.     'Mils,    |,a,VVaaVer,   JS   Half    il | > | >l 1 Tl'111
to the eye, and one of the great enigmas of animal life Is thc permanence
of form maintained despite the contin
ual change of substance.  This chango
*?* ffta1^ Is so rapid that, according to the cal-
eillalloiis   of   l.iebig.   Molesi h rtt   and
or other animals. Hut il 1ms been well
i'l   Unit, while elejilailllls' bones
iii.iy be shown fur Hi'se uf giants to
superficial observers, this enn never
■ •• upon suck distinguished mint-
o testified in many cnsoi
fa, tho mammoth bones being unmistakably human.
other eminent physiologists, tho greater part »>f the material of the i...,i_v is
renewed every twenty or thirty days
and imi. as generally assumed, oul)'
ouee in seven yenra,
Nervous Folks nml 111,-t.
As a rule, suit meat Is not adapted to
Bo patient with every ono, but abort   the rctjulromcnts of nervous peoplo a*
nutritious Juices go Into file brine to
a greal extent   Pish of all kinds Is
n.ynni a. n Coding Tool, good for ihein.   Raw eggs, contrary to
A Jet a i from a blow-   the common opinion, oro uot its dlgosll-
pii'" is ii". Ily employed to  bio as Uiose Hint hnvo I i well cooked,
■ irmi, Iron tula    and small  Good bread, swecl butter and lean
. lio mi iiiniie is a    ostns harp  moot nro tlio bi t food for tho nerves,
by a saw,   In   Peoplo troubled  with Insomnia and
ti  '  Is difficulty was  nervous starting from sleep and sonsa-
unb red    cl      r tho i tl of II i-  [loin of falling aim often i urcd by
ting tho spread  limiting themselves 11 o did of milk
nt the i-'' beyond the boi1-  nlono for a tlmo, An adult should tako
' a. cut. In ihe process as now  „ pint at u meal and tako four meals
'    Itwobl i employed,  a day,   Peoplo wlih weakened norves
I   li   ■"'  i. |i i" • ' ,. ■ Hy a larger quantity of
iiinn" ■       . i,.,.. v,i oao nerves and
and   at Iho | ■ ' .i I- hi be   brains are sll mg   ll aids Ihod gosllon
i    ■ fills Is I ■'•-,.': j ||   idublo  and
11 ad Jot, i     posctl of pure  looms to have a dli-ccl toi i olli t
a a
A TrlHliile l)lu,„n,i,l,
Probably In no other part of the
United States, otcept In East Elver-
pool, 0., Is there a baseball diamond
from which It is possible to bat a ball
Into any one of llii'ee slates. Such :i
Condition actually exists nt tbo
grounds which have been leased for
the Klondike club ihere. The diamond
Is laid out on n lot which Is known us
"Slate Lino corner." If n batsman
makes n hit over third base the ball
win he s,.„t Into West Virginia, Should
n foul tip result tho catcher would
have to chase the ball Inlo Pennsylvania, If n straight drive or n bunt la
made the ball will bowl Inlo the slate
uf Ohio, Taking advantage nf this
freak of natuie, llie Klondike club la
going lo advertise tho fact that Ils
chili will play ball In three states simultaneously.
■  •   ■
,.  ' a
: .'ia,
In Hu*
nl wlthoul riio I        'I
1 «,'„.,     Waal,!-.
'I      d gn
I, JI    f iiiiii; of sulphur,   II   '  to
S,il|.li,li    Until.   I'or   UlieiMKlHlam,
Sulphur lint    nro of rnluo In rheumatism,    'III li"  t ib ■  |IO II f l!   of
'.I v into n pnsto v. ■;	
ful of i   I wal    nnd lol it
remain fur ten minutes, Then I,
■n of wntcr,  To Ihls add ono
Tht Proftttlonil Beggar.
dwell    SeUllilin,    the    lleW   Cilltaar    of
London Punch, has studied all Bolts of
odd things, Among others be has devoted much attention to the protest "an-
nl beggar, for whose Ingenuity ho bns
Immense admiration, Ho tells of n
woman beggar who, with her seven-
year-old girl, was admitted to tha
inn r an English aristocrat As tha
tv. a u i led In the Iiiii! Ibe mother was
hoard to say, "What will y.ui say
whon you como Into tho drawing room
Where   lhe   e itOBS   Is':"     The   elllM,
smiling, whispered In reply: "I know,
in pul mi n beautiful, i"*t look and
bu'.-l out: 'oh, inothci'1 Is Ihis heaven V"
Our llu.l llr (nrrfnl In l.ermiinr,
ii.ii ..in punishment tor loso uuije ty
fulls especially heavy upon tho soldier,
it anything that can bo twisted
■lightly In refer e to a certain an
. i- ni . iho I   ling point in a anltnblo vi isol
i ut I.   'i   erpiMil, O., I- H i and keep       -1 ir Ion minutes,  Now
I It Is n    • transfer to the bath, nnd ndd two gal-   gust and imperial porsonago It gooi
I Ions of hot water,  L'so when pleasant-   hard with liim. A prlvato was recently
"   |y worm,   Keep fr  lhe fine, us tho   drummed "lit uf llie nrmy and senteiie-
. - Ihi
li  la.,ilea"
'J hem Is.
i Ivvo bnndi'il awordl
l .   ||U   Bpl'ollllCU   aaf   llll
| |   ■
'     II
i ibji'ct who musl
I ' ' ''
,     .
I ■ ■ •     I   '. ll :i
1,1 10 ' .,1
.,' • '   ■ " ;     '  i lo
, .1
■   ■ -.,
. Of
,  ,   ,' : 'of
; u
a till
•   Itiil   wen     '                           le, | .,•  lea of sulphur, etc., are Intensely
lerlstlc, irritutlug to tho eyi I,
I, decedent, i No, I        •  -	
i Hilda n Salt,
I, I          i    ■                 ly, The ind faced man, with the small,
i -quaro valise, Inspected tho woman of
Midi   s ei ■       :• ' II ii.. houso ii moment nnd then turned
i of i i*i nu.iy from tho kitchen door.
o belter spelleri "it nln't no uso arskln' you If you've
■   lo.lu; uol any corns that need ciirln', inniii,"
c<l taa sa-vi'ii years' Imprisonment for
ni.ving to ii comrndo that tho kaiser
Blglll have slowed down the train ill
which be was traveling in order lo sea
the salUtO "f the soldiers who were
lining the route,
I'ruis-'  I.uiiii   *,.■-(..
A nul'i:
'   '
he said.  "I i i'i sae iis you're vveariu'
il s tin-  .". i"" large."
-■<'um.. in," rcpllod tii" matron,
■ii..  Cast Midi in,,,.
Mrs.   II.' pci i.   The}'   enn't   punish
i       y too severely.   No one   I mid
1   ■   o nny sympathy for Uio i        lio
ll    ■     II"        II 'At. ke  wlfu too n,uny.   Mr  I |.-m-
bis llml i  peck-The iai.a. Mnrlnl  Uo you think
•   i.i, aiiM bo soul ii Jail?
I'rrll. ol Hi*' CllmlltM.
While climbing in tho New Zealand
Alp! a inun of tlie name of Low slipped on a snow COIlloIr und fell till be
■truck a reel;, dislocating an ankle and
lacerating n knee, l-'or four days lio
crawled over broken Ico nml moraine,
half the time ill a severe BnOWStonn,
lliil ut last made a bivouac under tlm
shelter Of a rue!;. He lived ten days
on ono day's food, lie wa* then ns
to Mure French llrlrr.
From   Bordeaux,   Franco,   l'niied
Stales Consul Murphy reports that ihe
Fitilim, supply of wiiit is known us French
Bin (on tlie All   ■ Did you   brier root Is practically exhausted, Tbs
.,   V  ■
observe the      I  •     lo if II I  ■ mt
mnn nt dim.' :'.•   II"  I bt
a II a stownwiiy,
The nnu wli I ll mils in I 'it
'unit MUOd lo be thrown lu the i,li.idt,
product, which formerly enmo fr the
department uf  the  LandcS and  from
n.'ir the frontier In tho Pyrenees, la
now obtained In Bi otlnn I exclusively,
The  pipes nre  nianuUclurud  ut  Bt
Common t„ All specie, iiiiii Baaonllnl
tn Their llilsti'iu'e.
A fish just taken from lhe water, if
handled, la found to be slippery and
coated with slime. All Ashes, Iho
meanest and the noblest, kllllllsb and
shark, shad, salmon und trout, wear
this slime. They could not exist without It.
The slime is secreted usually In n
continuous series of duels, wiili numerous openings arranged in a Hue extending nl mg ilie side uf the lish. Soma
Ales tinvc- nno lino on It side, BOU10
have live or six. The lines may be
plainly visible, and In boiuo cases np-
pear I i bo a marking on tho lish. Moro
often tbey ure nol observable nl nil,
Some llshea store ihis Bccretlon in pores
distributed over Iho whole surface of
the li idy, tho larger number, however,
In pores iu lateral lines. There are
also pores fur the seerellun of nillcus.
or slim-.', in the lish's head,
The bIIiiic Is exuded through tho dl
vlsl us In [ween ll o Bellies to the miter
pari of ihe body, over which li spreads,
forming a sort A outer skin ur cover
ing. transput-cut and having elasticity
ami tenacity and often considerable
body, li would nol bo remarkable for
a fair Blsed fish, say a lish of two
pounds weight, iii have a coaling of
slime ii thirty-second of nn huh In
thickness, Fishes vary greally In llu.'
amount of slime which they Becretc,
The eel will suggest Itself us one that
Is very slimy.
The lish's slimy coaling reduces its
frletlou when In motion nnd helps to
Increase Ils speed, lt aids In protecting llio scales from Injury, being of
sullieient substance tO serve in BOIUO
measure as n cushion, The slimy
covering mokes the lists hard to b ild
un I s, enables if the mure readily to
escape from Its enemies, It l< some-
lit a ■ repugiuinl to "ther Dalies, which
aro repelled by Ila o lor, li is tho slime
from the Hallos bundled Hint mokes Iho
angler "smell dshy," us the expression
A must Important function of tho
null's slimy oontlug is to protocl II
iruil the nttneks of fungus, a t nn of
plant life found In all waters, salt and
fresh, Including the purest,  The allmo
euvers   the  elllif'e  eM.'I'.a.r   sllll.i f
tie' ii-h. Including iho tins.   Fungus
ilues mil attach tn lhe slime, but If the
Hah were lo be Injured so that Ihere
was upon it somo s|«at uncovered by
li" slime lipou Hint spnt somo m null'
fragment uf fuugus, s" small as in lie
scarcely nu"''' than visible, would be
led ;o,   Onco lodged ihe fungus I. reproduced very fast,
r 'a on .-times recover from attacks nf fuugus, imt much moro ofton
I '   I    Ot,    'Hie fUllgUS ill-i'l '""s ll"'
llimnllon is sa't up. and lhe
,. i,e,| bocotuoi practically u
lore,   Wnll lis continued growth ihe
fun.us ii,.!', cover ihe side nf the lish
ine! exlei.il ovet the gills und im.ill;
kill ii
Mllrlll   111   I III,,..
Chinese wi iters claim Ihnt the mill-
ration nf wheal wm imi.,.in,.-.l into
the Celestial empire by the Bmporor
Shiniiung "Ann years before Christ.
Tl,,- .'aci-iiur llnl,)'. Hat.
Aii average child measures about
nineteen nnd il half inches nt birth If
a buy .md half an Inch less If a girl. A
child Increases more rapidly in length
during flu' first week than nl any sub-
loqilClll period, and should gain nn
llnil during lhe first mouth of Its life.
The lliiesl Hour is not the must nutritious, for, whllo lt contains tho must
starch, tha albuminoids and oilier nutrition. ., lemonts uro almost lacking.
The I'rlntars' lllble,
The "Printers' Ulblo" Is so called he-
cause it contains a curious typogrnpb.
leal error In tho one hundred and six.
ly flrsi verse of the Due Hundred and
Nineteenth I'salm, which is mndo to
rend. "Printers have persecuted me
without a cause," Instead of "pr ai es."
..outine Bicycle News.
A travelling salesman in the employ
nf a large bicycle mnnurncturer In
Philadelphia wns obliged to go on n
business trip Into lhe Wesl about the
time an Interesting domestic evenl
was expected. The salesman desired
bis Bister to wire blm results, according in a formula s thing like this:
—If a liny. ".Mini's safely arrived;" If
a girl, "i..niy's siiiefy arrived,"
io the nstonlshmoni and chagrin
of the father-elect he had been gono
imi a few days when he received tlio
ti logrnm containing bul one word,
' Tiindein,"—Llpplncott's. *
livery delicate baby starts lifo with
a serious handicap, Even a triviul
illness is apt to inl Fatally, and tlio
mother is kept in a state ol i onatanl
dread. Dubya Own Tnhlota have dono
nmre than any oilier medicine to innko
weal; sickly children well and Btrong.
They give tho mother n fooling oi
security, as through their use she sees
ber deiieate child developing healthily.
Mrs, S. M. I.alllane. Eastern Harbor,
N. s . sny., -i'i, ti, i|,,. ago "i fifteen
months my baby wns weak and sickly
and ui thnl nee could not walk.     It
was  then   thul    I   begUII    mill",    llalhv's
(iiiii Tuhteta, nnd tho chango they
wrought in lur condition was surpris-
in^.   she begun to gei strong at *u	
inui hu- ever since I n   u   perfectly
well child." Every mother wlm vnluea
tllO   lienhhnl hei HttloOIIO   sllOllId   keep
n Imx ol llnby'a Own Tnhlota in tlio
houso,   Sold hv nil medicine dealers,
in by maul ui -'" ii ni- ii Imx from Tlio
llr. Williams .Medicine (n, Brock-
villo, Onl.
'Thai's nn he," remarked the man
"Wllilt's   tin lie:"   i|ilellell   tl ill,'!'
"This paragraph to ,ia elfocl 'I.i'
'", i-e in. n me more often tviong thnn
tun!- nro right,' " answered i! oother.
L'liicn   ' N' ie.
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
Iln ai window ni ii London dentist's
appears ile anno enient, "Teeth ex-
trncted with en nl  pnit - "   He offers
Must  dentists'  advertise.
.   I,.,  truthful.   New   York
II lias Many   Oflli       3 foro   He'
Gorman soldier Btnris on n Ion   i
im inns hla feel with tnllow, inr his
lirsl care is tn keep his feel ill good
condition, If he knew thnl Dr,
i:, i, riiH- mi would bo nf
much better service lie would throw
nway ins lallow nnd pack a tow hotel ml tn his knapsack. There
is nothing m.e H.
An Editor'* *' pii   Why ilidn'l  vmi
retaliate whei thnl nllnw atruck you
'I didn'l l.nnii imu. mul ii is our
rule iiiii iii pn' an i ni'i nt ion  to mini i letters."   The llolieiulnn,
i!ut the Great Consumptive Preventative brought tlcolili and Happiness to his liome
' Our dortof vaul (hen wa< no rwt> fo\
my wiic ii both ber tunj,'*! wrre iffected/
uvs Mr   L. Hi Waller, of Pearl Slrerl,
Brockvlllft, Ont, "Il wait a snd .' ,\-t>-
poinlmrtit lo us both, just Itftrtlng nut in
Ifa only married a short tltna.  Bul i1 ifor^
die had finished the lirsl bottle ol I'syrVira
the pitifi in her lungl quickly Went awi.y,
and after taking liX bottles Mrs. Walter
wai a new creiUife and perfectly well
That is jmt ont of the many farnil-ri
into whlcfi Peychlfle has brought hope,
health uml happiness. It is a living prool
that Psychine runs Consumption. Rut
lon'l wait lor Consumption. Cure your
LaOrlppO] your Coughi your Broncnltlii
your Catarrh, or your Pneumonia with the
remedv* that never finis—
For the (Hfiurj-.
if you wont your pot canary to fing
liis host nml imk Lis proUlMt, food liim
■ -iiy wlih hard  boiled cggi
(Pmoina-I Si kt-n)
50c. Per Bottle
Ln.K«r iilio. II .«•■:. $2   (ill (J-uRifl.ti,
■.I wiili crnckor 11'' Tl *• SUOCUM. Limited, Tororitt*.
I'liiiiiia-   I'aa ii ii uive Iiiiii mora limn ii
Ui  il ■ ful ol Um iiiiAl.iim ui ii tliu*.
A Well-Known J. P. Is Cured of Kidney Trouble of Long Standing by
Dodd's Kidney Pills,
lunula, Ont., May 81— (Special.)—
Inen Is no ono more widely known
and highly respected in Uils section
of the country than Win. Bell, Esq,,
J. P., ami the statement he makes below concerning  liis oure by Dodd's
Kidney l'ills hoars weight nml Carries
conviction with It,
"For more lhan a year I was a But-
forer from kidney trouble," .Mr. Bel
Bays. "Always lu palu anil nl times
tin' agouy would become unendurable
ami I was practically unable to attend
In any nl my duties, I doctnro I wilh
several local physlclnns and Irled
every menus to gel cured, bul wlthoul
sue ss,   Ai   Insl   l   was Induced lo
give Dodd's Kidney l'ills a trial. I have
the Mri-;ii -si pleasure In slating thai
they drove nway tho pains entirely
and restored me lo my old tlmo lienltii
and strength, 1 am sun' I owe this
eutlrely to Dodd's Kidnoy Pills,"
Some Hope.
Two reports come from Europe
which afford boiuo hope for victims
of cancer, Dr, Jacobs, ol llrussols, ii
suid to hnvo provoil that tlio (fondly
disease is of bncterinl origin nnd he
oliiiins to have discovorcd tlio laws
governing the offectivo use of a cancer
scrum dorivod from tlic miorobo it-
self. Tlio principle would bo like tlmt
ol vaccination iu smallpox. In a scries
ul experiments conducted at Edinburgh University, under tho auspices
of fiio Cnrnogio trust for higlior education in Sootland, thocvidenco seems to
indicate thai cancer may bo sncccssl
ly treated by inoculation with a try-
sin solution, However, since the experiments were with mice, nut men,
no dclillito conclusion can lie based oa
the ii-is iiiiule.—l.iis Angolos Express,
A Successful Medicino.—Everyone
wishes in he successful iii any undertaking in which bo may engage, it is
therefore, extremely gratifying in the
proprietors of Parrnelee's Vegetable
Pills to know lhat their efforts In
compound a medicine which would
prove a blessing to mankind have
been successful beyond their expectations. The endorsatlon of these
Pills hy the public Is a guarantee Hint
a |illl has been produced which will
fuliii everything claimed for lt.
t think of the flih I must eat In Lent,
Of flounders and salmon and sole,
Ami I wonder IE I shall bo content
Willi n diet like this as tt whole.
I haven't a doubt dint haddock nnd shad
And turbot and whiting and trout
When eaten occasionally aren't so Dad,
Whllo oysters uio tasty wlih stout.
A bloater Is roo<1 for a mnrnlnn bite
Or n utile flaked cod wiib rice,
A lobster's (he thing for a dev'llsh night,
A herrlnn for luncheon Is nice.
And there's n reward for cullnir this food,
Ro the penance won't be In vatn.
It's universally said to ho good
Fur greatly Increasing the brain,
To nurture the mutter Hint's known a»
Shall be my earnest endeavor,
So tlmt whon wo arrive at ISas'.er day,
Why, sluin't i bo awfully clever?
-La Toucho Hancock hi Now York Press
A Swede ami an Irishman were out
walking together whon a storm came
up. Tlio rain fell violently. Thoy took
refuge under a tree,
Tbe tree for aliuilt  fifteen minutes
made a good rofugo. Then it began
to leak. The cold rain .hops began to
fall down tbe Irishman's neck ami be
began tu complain.
''Oh. never mind." said tlic Swede,
"thero are plenty ui trees. As soon as
this une is net through we'll pi iiiuler
Their Complete Hame Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
for Limited Period Only.
A handsome Illustrated treatise,
glvlni; full descrlpiion of Rheumatism
nnd Paralysis, with Instructions for a
Complete home euro, describing tho
most successful treatment In ths
world, recommen led by tho Ministry
nnd endorsed by medical men. This
highly Instructive book was written by
\V, H. Venn, a gentleinan who has
ninde ii special study of these disease
The preface Is by a graduate of the
University ol Wurtsburg, Scud postal
to-day nml you will receive the book
free by return,—Address, Tlio Veno
Drug Company, 24 King Street West,
Might as Well Sleep.
a Juryman wenl to sleep tho oilier
ciiy during the closing sp i, of one
ui the counsol in the case In an English court, The Judge had him awuk-
cned nml Btrongly rebuked him. "My
im-1," said the Juror, "I wns under tho
Impression thai I wus swum to givo
;, verdict according to the evidence,
nol according to the speeches.
Sunllghl Snip Is heller tbun other
soaps, bill ia- In .-i when used lu lhe
Sunllghl way. Buy Bunllghl Boap
and follow directions
Twain Admires Hill.
Mark Twain has Immense admiration lor James J. lllll, ibe railroad
magnate,  Bald the liui 'isl recently;
" more are two mon of renl gonitis in
nits country. Tbey bogon life on tho
ii.'i i. io Hi. Mi dppl stonmbonts
One ni them Is .1. .1. Hill, Lol some
future historian ol the lilglu sl capo
city  ie the other."  A   i reryhodj
knows, Marl, I egail llll own career
as a Mississippi pilot,
dpe-l tl.l- I'lirllnir.
Evn-I hear that they doped nt midnight by a dark moon.
Edna-Yes, and her Intkar detected
tho elopement and ran utter thom with
n whip.
Eva—Qraclousl And did he catch
Edna-Ob, lie wasn't trying to catch
them, Ue was merely trying to speed
St. Vitus Dance, Neuralgia and Headaches Common Among School
St, Vitus dunce is u disease that is
bocoming inure and more frequent
among school ohildr u. Voting peoplo tiro tlie nerves with study and the
nerves cry out. Sometimes tbe
trouble takes the form ol neuralgia,
headache, nervous exhaustion, weakness ut' llie limbs and muscles, ami
what wc call "being run down, In
othor esses .*-t. Vitus dance is the result, and the sufforor frequently loses
all control ol the limbs, which keep up
a constant jorking mul twitching.
There is  only  one  way  to cure  this
trouble—through he hi I which feeds
and Btrongthons the nerves. Ami Dr,
Williams' Pink Pillsare tin-only medicino thut can make tlic new rich, red
blood that feeds the nerves and
Btrongthons every part nf tlic body.
'I'lie cose ul L*Tossio Dnau. ol' Crowlnud,
Onl.. provos the value nt Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Mrs. Dean says:
"A couple ul years ago my daughter
Flossie mis t'ongcroiisTy afflicted with
Si. Vitus dance. She became so norv-
mis that alter a time wo could nut let
ber >oe even lior ti'ieiiik Sue could
iiiii pick up ii dish, lace her sliues. in
make uny movement tu help herself
Shu bad grown thill and very pule
and as she hail heen .rented by severs
dootors, without hem-tit. I Feared -In
would nui recover, A friond advised
me tu give ber Dr. Williams' l'ink
Pills, and utter she had used n coupl
of bows I could si-e that tbey Mer
liolptng lier. We gave ber nino boxei
iu all, and by that tlmo slie was perfectly well, ami every symptom ei the
trouble bad passed awny ami she is
inm ii strong, well dovelopod girl"
If yunr growing children arc weak
ur nervous, ii they are pale ami thin
lack appetite nr complain ui headache
or backache give thom I) . Williams'
I'.nav l'ills mul see how spo alily llio
rich, red blood theso pills make will
transform thom into  bright,   active,
robust   buys  and  girls,     Villi  (all   got
those pills from any modicino doaleror
by innil ui -"ail cms a box or six Imx,
inr ijAMi by writing The Dr. William
Medicino Co.. Brockvillo, Out.
When you plan your meals you
never think of bread, yet you always
have it, and if it is left off the table
it is the lirst thing that is missed.
You can live without bread, hut
you can live without any other
food with Ic-s hardship—think along
these lines and the absolute necessity
of bread comes home to you.
And because it is a necessity, itJ
quality should be the best^quiilty in
brc.nl dcpendl largely upon the flour.
Royal Household Flour
has convinced the women of Canada
that it is the best for pastry as well
as for bread.
Try Ogilvie's Royal Household.
Your grocer recommends it, because
it gives such good results.
Ogilvic Flour Mills Co., Lid.
"Ogilvie's Pamlt fur a faiok." contains 130 pica's of excellent recipes,
Borne novor published before, You?
in. .a clean ull you how tosctit PliEU
A European Deer Story.
Stories of deer with vain barrels or
water pails on their heads are common
enough among Maine ami Adirondack
guides, but n is lift for Europe to
coniii to the lore wilh a variant. Some
huntsmen near Innsbruck came upon
a Btng wilh a ladder mi lis antlers,
in spile of this handicap, It made off
nt great speed mi seeing the men. leap
in^ hedges mid dashing through the
undergrowth us if quite unimpeded,
lis mad career wus slopped, however,
when Ihe ends of tho ladder caught
between two trees, lis struggles
were so frantic at tbe approach of the
huntsman's 'h>-; thai it broke "if pan
of its millers, and thus freed, niado
good ..s escape. The ladder proved
io belong to a farmer, who had left
it Btanding ngainsl om' of Ms haystacks. While stealing the bay, the
slag bad evidently upset Ihe ladder,
which hud thus become fixed on Its
horns, ,.ulcu goes lo prove thai
honesty is the lust policy—even for
Btag8,—Springfield Republican,
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
Gladstone's Grandson Rises.
William Qlynne Charles Gladstone,
grandson of lhe ureal commoner mnl
heir to the Hnwarden estate, has been
elected secretary ol the Oxford Union
Society, u position which his Illustrious grandfather occupied 70 years
ago, Voting .Mr. Qaldstone comes nf
nge in two or three months, ami will
then enter in'" possession of Howard-
en estate, which has i n managed
during his minority  by  his  uncles,
Herbert nnd Henry Gladstone,
Hnvo you tried Hollow-ay's Corn
Cure? It has no equal for removing
these troublesome excresences ns
many have testified who have tried it.
Foster Wan Culled (he Edgar AlUn
ro,- ut Music,
Stephen Collins Poster, the most popular of American suns writers uud
composers, bus been called the Edgar
Allan Poe of music. Like l'oe, he was
a goulus. Ho came of Virginia parentage, received n food education nnd died
lu Now York Jan. 13, ISM, lu the
height of his funic, a penniless wanderer, lie wns born lu Pittsburg July 4,
Uo learned easily, and after receiving private lessons In music nnd drawing taught himself to play on the
flageolet; guitar and banjo, lie nlso devoted several years to the voice nnd
piano. Then he turned bis attention to
composing songs and dialect ballads
and dialect songs. At tlio nge of seventeen, while employed In Louisville, Ky.,
he published the serenade "Open Thy
Lattice, Love," which was Instantly
successful. Then followed "Uncle Nod,"
"0 Susannah," which were sung by a
niliistrel troupe, and Stephen Poster became famous far nnd wide,"
Marrying, In ISI I, Jennie McDowell,
he came to New York, where lu rapid
succession ho supplliM Ids publishers
with Bongs which became famous-
"01.1 Kentucky Home," "Massa's In De
Cold, Cold Ground," "Old Dog Tray,"
"Willie, We Have Missed You" and
"Sweet Ellen llayne." Hut tho soug
that is best known lu many lands Is
"The Suwance River," for which Christie's minstrels gave liim at the beginning %'S. In addition he received royalties on Its sale of over half a million
copies nnd the honor of knowing that
eminent lingers like Jenny Uud sang
lt to applauding thousands,
Ills Inst song, a negro melody. "Old
Black Joe," Is still a favorite. A fourth
of his 1.10 songs were In negro dialoet,
among which were "Xcllle Illy," "Sell
Wus a Lady" and "Natiey Tile."
silk inseoli,
Silk Is produced by more than ;ilO
Insects, though very few of these are
of any practical value to mankind,
Of its Absolute Purity and Delicious Flavor
At   all   groosra.
Lead    Packets   Only,   40c,    60c,   and   60c   per   Ib.
Highest Award St. Louis 1904.
"aVImllriK  "Iliu lien."
To wind "Big Ben," the clock In the
tower of tho Ik u<e of parliament.
Westminster, Englnud, two men uro
engaged for four hours during three
afternoons of inch week, the Chime
bell occupying live hours, the hour bell
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
M. Albert Dossier, a French artisl
and soverol friends narrowly escaped
death while autoiuobiling iii Northern
Then tell him about Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Tell him
how it cured your hard cou-jh.
Tell him why you always keep
If in the house. Tell him (o
ask his doctor about it. Doctors use a great deal of it for
throat end lung troubles.
"1 kill a i-ttIH. **M ■ml Wft^IS!
Kid    ii i. MjrMl» *"■'' """IT,""1
nir,. s ink.	
AIM -.•nu/Mlur'Ho'
BneofAjM'j Mi^SStlS
hMtan raeonn.  Bantu MMW
Mr. Seliwarts had jusi taken pi no*
lion ol  the little bonk shop which 111
had purchased with the idea that then
would bo an ideal occupation fur liim,
permitting him to -it around mid
smoke his long pipe nil the time, lli
first patron-nr would-be patron- 01
the firsl morning ol IA odvonl as i
bamk doalor wus n young ivon.nn who
ivanto I in get a book dealing with aro-
tie romance,
"(l I morning"   she said,   "havo
you got 'Frosoil Dog Talcs' A
"Vut! I.mly, diss ii not a Chinos)
"Hut yuu don't understand mo, I
"1 never heard uf Irosen dog taila
yet.    Mappo dey  are  -oinodiiig dose
rilling! hoolo- eats, Hut nod ho*
lady, nod hero. IA-. i^ n book itoro.1
"Well, probably ynu dn nol ipiito
understand me. I wanted to gol on <
book th.it hud storloa dI the north in
It,   I'orhnp* yuu have 'l'ardnors' I"'
"Nu. iiia'am. lime i-s nobody ill
di- Mure liiit myself, Bchmiul vantod
an tui,.' Iiiiii, hut 1 wouldn't let bim in
uu il. nut
Lint tho young woman un* lilirry-
Ing out,   Cleveland Loader,
A Carefully Proparod PII " i
tlmo ond attention wore expended In
lhe experimenting with the Ingn dl
outs ihai entor Into tho con i on
of r.ii'iii'lo,a Vogotnblo Pills hot
ii,.'I were broughl to lhe ilate In
winch thoy wero flrsi offore I to tin
public Whatever other pills nun be
Parmelee's Vegetable . ms nre tho ro
soli nf much oxporl study, and all per
sons Buttering from dyspepsia or dis-
ordered liver and kidneys tuny confl-
dentiy accept them us being what thoy
are represented o bo.
Why lie ll.-1 .oa al.
Tho French Baron Rothschild once
had In his service a valet nanieil Al-
pluinse, lirst class, but an acknowledged "red." 'Ihis vnlot olilaln.il permission once n week to attend the
meetings of his Socialist lodge. Kml-
denly the Imron noticed lhat AlphoniO
no longer desired this off night iiinl. Inquiring into the cause, was Informed
that the valet's late Socialist colleagues
had worked out a calculation that If
all the wealth of Prance wen* divided
eipmlly per capita each Individual
would he the possessor of 2,000 francs.
"Monsieur," said Alpl so, with dig.
nlty, "I resigned.  1 have 6,000 francs!"
Ivnn ll,n Terrltilr.
Ivan II, of Bussln wus known ns tlio
Terrible from tbo barbarous chancier
of tlie warfare bo male upon Ihe surrounding miIkalis anal Iho severity with
Which he deall with rebellious subjects.
Salt was first boiled In this country
at Syracuse, N. Y., In 1 TM".
The "Ilnr I'.film. Ilituat.**
Tlio first book primed In the limits
of the I'tilled Slates was the "Bay
I'siilins lluok," Which wns Issued in
Cambridge, Mass.. In UilO. BpOOltDNII
of this publication nro extremely r.irt
and command wry i a urico.
The efficacy ol Bickle'a Anti-Con-
Bumptlvo Syrup in curing coughs and
colds and arresting Inflammation ol
the lungs, ci'ii be established by hundreds uf testimonials inun all sort!
and conditions of me.- It is a standard remedy in these u ment* nn I ail
affections of tho throat and lungs, li
is highly recommended by n
vendors, because they know nnd appreciate its value as a curative.
When lack ol appetite it ctuitd hy I
overeating, take lieecham'i Pills
to relieve the feeling ol heaviness.
When a sick stomach takes away
til desire lor food, use Beecham's
Filll, They invariably tone the di-1
gestion and
Sold Everywhere.    Iu boxes 25 cents,
The revolutionary courl nl justice
has officially announced thnl rather
(lul  lias 'been executed for treason.
$100 REWARD $100.
Thi rfaden of tbli ptptr trill bi pltindtfl Inn
Hint then Int leut ou drndtwl dlwutUwl mImm
hut been iblo to '''in- la nil Iti lUgn, ami tlmt Ii
Cilurrli.   Dltl'l I'l.t.-irrh l'ur« 1* thi (niljf poi.tUi
run* nnw known to i - t- • I ■ il (rtti rn i., blink
11- iu « ron -. r.-j, i,.- •, r-ifiMitU'
tlOBlt  Ui'iittm tit.    II , I'll   r   Al.  .     :.-  i» turn Dili.
whmIv, letlng .I *..n> di fin' Mom hti-l n.'i..*!.»
• :....; thnl • . .    >!■-■[-. ini thi ii >nf
ittiin nt ih  ■ ,■ ■ . i ,' pntitrtnftb
pi ■ Una up th ti ■ tui "fi -iii-i H*- -i ■ .■ i  ' IJ
m 'Ill-nil m «..rk. The prt'priiton I -.■■  mura
iViii I'i iti cm ■■ • i ■ thai ti ■ ■-", 11 bi ■>' ti
iir-i iMMnr-.fi.mn- naeihit it kill to oar*, ■"••nd
fur liitnl t«l
id Imi I'..'. CHE.NBV 1 Co.. ToMo, 0.
Bo] i I*' Ann -,* ''"'■
Tako Uill'i Um.l; niii for COuitlpfttlOl.
wnen Hemlttlnrj by Post, use
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Best and Cheapest
8y6tem  of   Sending   Money  to  any
Place in the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purcbanr i» Riven a receipt, and n
order or cheque 1e LOST or DK3-
TKUYEI), tho amount'will be promptly REFUNDED. No red tape. For
full Information and ratei call on
] Local ajienti.
Liku   This
'I'll,.   I'l-lali'll'V   Ol    I'M!"'    1*011   Wi,-,',-
ii, II, iiiii has liooli -.'..I'li.'al I..* llii' I-"-
In-,, for stolen -ilvi'uwire.
Tho Author «l "Wuvcrlea-."
There Is still at looit une mnn living
Of those who know Sir Wnlter Si'ott In
fqilto of tho foot thnt lhe novelist tiled
In 1832. This la Qoorge Croal of Edinburgh, Mr. Cronl Is tlio only living |ier-
tuin who nm lionst thnt In* wns proMOt
nt the releliriileil dinner In lse.7 In tlio
assembly rooms of Edinburgh when Sir
Wnlter ileelnreil for Ihe lirst time thnt
lio wan the author of tho "W'nverley"
novels. This dinner wns held In tlm
Inst weelc of l'elirunry seventy nine
yenrs agOi "I enn," snys Mr, Cronl,
"ri'iiieiiiliiT Sinn's words I'.viielly, m
tliey were utli'i'i'il ns li,. ro-i|toiii|i'd to
11,a' toast of liis lienllh, nnd run ns follows: -I nm tbo sole nml undivided author of "Wini'i'ii'v."' The crowd of
iiini'i's ri-fi-iv.-.i ih" itatomont with Uio
groatoit eiiiiiiKiii-'in, rlilng on tnaaio,
nml I tbougbl tbo roof would coma off,
Uu-}' cheered su."
Tlio power of fnilnne Is CODfOMOtt
onl*- by tlio tnliornblo, for Uio happy
ItnpUtO nil Ihelr stii'L.'Sii to prudento
aud merit-Swift. ^^^^H
Ask lor Minnrd's nnd take no other
Cold Wulir r,,r Siir.lnnl Wrl.l.
A llmplo uml ellii'iii'luiis renie'ly fur
a ipmlMll wrist Is to lot wuter run upon It every morning for some minutes,
Luttlin-* lhe wrist us low beneath Ibe
mouth of the top ns possible, no Unit
tbe wnler mny bave a good fall, Afier
this bus been done bandage ll tightly,
lotting ihe bandage remain until ibe
next nMutlon. The sprain Will be reduced In a **w 'Invs.	
Could Bland Another,
A commercial traveler lolls the fail
lowing of ii liuie nodal gaUierlng In
eautorn Ontario;
"Dinner wns u lillle bile. A guest
asked the bostesi t.< piny somoUilng.
Bolting herself ill the piiiiin, lhe good
woman executed a Chopin nocturne
with precision. Bhe Dnlibcd, and Uicro
wns sllll nn Interval of waiting to he
brld ' I in the grim silence she turned
to nu old gentleman on her rlghl mnl
'ii'l. 'Would you Ilka a sonnta In ■
'i.iiiier','' lie gave a start of surprise
ninl plo(ieU"0. 'Why, yes. thniilA' bo
mill. 'I liml u i oii|li. mi my wny here,
hut 1 think 1 could stnud another.'"
Minard's Mnlmi nt Co., 1,
Yarmouth, N B
ii, ntlenicn:- In Jan iai       , Frun
els l.oclnro, one ol tl - mi n
by in", working In the iutnbi
had u in"' full on him crushing liim
fearfully, Ho wa i, whi tt fom I
mi n slod anil   taken   home,   where
gravo i" ii I for hi ■
recovery, his hips being ba Hy bruised
uml his hull turn.d black I
ribs in llli feel   Wo used Mi:, UID'8
i.iM'iK.vi" on i in frei
tbo pain nni will tl
„nines ho wns completely cured and
niiii- in i.niiii lo hi- .."■
Elgin Bond, l/lslet Co., Que.
lUrHlvB)   OSB PACKET has
Fold by all Druggtstsand Oenenl stnrci
anil liy mull.
Photography by Telegraph,
Mm It Inti " i '
in u lecture uu. n by Dr, Korn In VI
iiinn. on  the  a
jrapliy from n
i'\|ii'iiiii"iits have shown in,       i ib
Ini'     i  portrali noa
:u minutes to 30 mini     for I   i
a.      ' ovei  bun In il   ol miles,   it
nol likely iimt llii   ■
often ii" uso I   for   ;
grnphs, bin  ii i- oqiinllj cabli
iai ih.. production ol   I ■■. I u     do. u
ii' nis.   ski 'ele i,   etc.  Tin
wblcli Is now ir..'. able lot public use,
la expected to I  con       :'''   ■ i
vie,, in ihe pn ss and for the en la ul
llrr.,,1   ill  tl   Hal.|.ll.l.
I'ntient (lo pretty nurse)—Will you
bo n.y wlfo when I rocoverl
Pretty Niirw Certainly,
Patient Then yon love mn?
Pretty Nurso nh.no. That's merely
n pari of the treatment I niu-i keep
my patients cheerful, I pram., ed lb i
morning io run ow iy with a married
in in who bad lo.-t both bis legsr-Ma-
nllu Amelia nn.
Attuchod to any Gnrmont It a
llillil'lllili a-    Ol
anil (.noil Wearing Qualltiss
Whon Buying OVERALLS,
£oo thnt i .nli nrtlo*o Im.ih . a
laliol llko ubuvo
Insist on Getting
"King of the Road" / •■•.ml
Anil Tako no Othor
Physician said She Might Drop Dead
at any time.
"The Doctor Aid
me i hmi heart ills-
ease nn i wus liuhis
to drop on the Ktreot
at uny time," snys
Mm. Robert Eaton,
of Dufferln, Out.
"I wns afraid to
draw my breath, It
pained me ho. i wm
nervous, short of
^^^^^^^ br.'iilh, h.nl dl**l-
Mrs. Robt. Eaton 00SS, lOSS of nppet-
!■ ■■inn: and sinking spells, and
I could nm sh' p,
"Sometltnos I would hnve a lie
down in keep from falling, My hands
and fi el would seem lo go to nloop
and n sort "i numbness would con-ai
nil ovor me,
"I ,'   - n using Pr. I.eonlinr'H's AMI-
imi   i'i ..ni iii" start i Improved,  I
■ trongi i. look hatter, nnd
altogether AnU-PHI hns made a now
wi in of in*.
"I um ' mini', a II   1
Aa. dcalors or the Wllson-Fyle ro.,
Limited, Nliitpirn Pulls. Out.        COI
Good News,
"Hiirrnhl" ei. lalinod  Mr.   Plunnley.
"I see thcy'vi passed u law whii li requires nil Wlroi to be put under
"Well," replied bis wife, "why
ihould Unit innke yon no Jubilant?"
"Why shouldn't 111   Unit Includes
Stnry Ellen's piano.   Then- ure wires
In that"—Catholic Utnndnrd and Times.
Soap I
A Iliu,ml Bl..1.1 at.
Johnson-1 HU you regain your health
completely on your tropical tour?
Tomson -Vcsi completely.
Johnson—What wus tbo nature of
your Illness?
Tomson why, i reduced myself to a
nervous wreck making money enough
to tute the trip. -Detroit l'rei Press.
liralmloi ..I »h.'l".
K.m'ftua tlir'woll.l -i-ri (ol lanUlant.
lM-,cl..n..*s„iim,lr.l.r.*y a.1-Uyaltif
.1 hum.. Aaa„|,frlnrta,lS.-iilillwh..ii-d
"poanl.l"il«a .« fM I. lu bnt*,
Maypole Soap
lair |a,,  C,a|a,a— IT fo, Ill.fk     AU dftlCfl
.al   V. 1,    llBMhl.HT IV  I".  Miallllf.l.   ^
Tub Hew llnon.
The new moon coming between 3 nud
I p. m. niotini cbangrablo weather in
summer uml in wlulor fair and ploas-
aut weather,
I.,llllll'    I.  -..I.  a  a,,
In mediaeval lb ■•*, when Hi" Ootblc
style of an      dure | roi a led, women
' nptly I"' a lllleal QotlllC
! Tbo tall coni     ■    a nf
[    fllllj     I'alir    feet    III
height, wiili veils depending, were in
A .,:, Ill,' ensiles and lollalis
of Uie day.
hu jlcod for ths BC5T
dunnf  «v»nV ytui 4
Inmounf salts.
RwiHnb-r this wh-n/ou v»nt mttf
proof oilnl cotts. suits Sals, or horis
joodi for til kind) of wtt mork.
W   N   U No.   586 rni:   i:\rki;
Real [state
IV ■ la.ivi' a i;a; iir ns for
ll1.   i.a -a .1,1    11- ■ ilenlinl
property, i i-t v..ur- \iitb
11-            We -;aa      [lli      Ml-ilia-V
x 3en This Beauti
A.smith*'-co'ij ful Land?
II Not, Vou Sliould and
Join)ion Block
North Vancouver
r ■ n r.'!#.-*}.,
Golfed Oats
Haij and feed
Miilinn Co.
Harry Mid hell, I
Lonsil il
: la-altl to
^Sa» .*»** 'm st?tV'-*a fo
U', ' '.a •■«•)!•/ i'n/' .'ar detection and convic-
of partii    who  an   drslroying my
ll Sortll |V'//I'a/O/'a   /'.
The  North   Voncouver Specialist
l(>l Cordova Sl reel.
Western C^oration, Ltd.
[laving in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we nro |>ri'|)nretl to deliver nil kinda of
Vancouver City Prices, Call nnd sue for yourselves,
412 L*1;i;>lin»'s Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
R.Kerr He Igate, Manager
•.■!-'    '     !" et Vancouver, B. C.
'     nu     Try I'liein nml Be Convinced.
ALL ! UK KS.   At      . ....
McDowell's Drug Store
+ ♦,-♦•! ->•) ♦+.♦*♦*♦■)•♦ 1 * ' <1 *••' » 1 <■ K* I «'• ♦T*'l'*'H«i'»'a ♦ ' '*
.•   DEER—*>
Is ;i silnrious ii ■', ■ ia.'—i;iieucliiii|; and
-111   -       I.. . .■ I   ' ,;  I)   1'    ll a I'l ':■    I'n     llllllT
i mi a '.i.i.'.' l; niii'i'.
- 1   \M .1   Y   I   ,11/1,
Ale and Stout
In   II. Mir--    I.--    I Jliraa
lhe Royal i'.i  '.in; Co., I Id.
Hv   ! .*Vr"       "      ■' n.'   "-
.•■;.. i-
r ..'. I   0 . "''' '''" '   '    '"'■'   a
nr I'n . <• n rin-i ul the
i      ■■ i i"I the wiliI L'il!  »f a
'iii,.'*,, *
IUl '   " -.:   ., ■     ■ -  ,  ■ ; .      6- i- ^-i-*-:-<>-i-* ■*>-!•» l-*-!-a*>-!-t-'-*-l-.X
. -Ill.UI 	
PA'J ,        10TTLING   V ORKS J
Vnncouver, 11. C. £
■ ■    '
A, ■        , ......     ... .,    I,, un,|   ||,.,
To Property Gwnrrs , ,    ., s„r,i, \;..„ ...v. -
' .,.,       - '"." An    .... ... Sorlli Van. m m,
SCOIVI-.K      u ■ :' Diytri,. I.*i
i... - Hi iln uv.      „...,'.,..            ,, .
•1 1 1    llll
i iw ■
I'l.M '
all INC      II
III--     1
Dislriel of .kill Vanrouvfi
misiti in nriLim
1      \Y 1 1 i
N"!";: ir ■ '. ifl Billings
... ..     i
n leel I nn
i  ■
. . — -*'
'      '   ,
7"   3. Ai,.lll,u.ii. in furtl,.-r cerliiv llml
■      ■
1 '      wi;     i
i  "      '  •
i   .-,      ■
.     ■        .    .    ,.
I' Power I
Dislriel of .kill laiieoiiii
ii ejsi jiniiT.
^^^^^H-iuii) llie IH-irnt Muni-
»}. ;iT    i   .'   '     *
'•'''i'"11"' "      IU
llllll    I
,    nl.,.,      fi
;,.,Mn,', I
•' tiiiieniiiutl
District of North
■ ■ in th
Vancouver.      xlzcziA^: ■
1 U'.-lvc  llllll   Ira in ila.   ilnli
: '      .
I llll       1 fill
■ ' -
■   ■
i.t, einuiil*. wer.i mill
i   Vnn '    .   In-
l'..ii'aliin- ISthiln\ nl May, l'"'
t. CAM I'lil ..I  III I'I'll .
i . I.airson, I 'f>|
viilii'Um \i. i|ni-n (a
. *
i • • ' ' ,.
 I    i   ,,i-i,i ol.'   H in I I ll
»iilil.   lay in .Inn.-. IU - ,    • i
Dal    '     " . ivi .
' ■ .  , '
i ■ ' ' '
, r. Mi "ui "
', III   | llU'lall
'        ~ '   	
I     i
a In I ' .a
:ct5?ae light
•   -    - - - ...     - ...  . —MM
i I'mvur Ms.
i limit
illtu   I ||   HI «. BO .i ■ to IVi ''I
■  iln  null when
•       1         [0|        Ha"   I,llll'll
aaat.at.nf asayial  .- -a«*M -JarM'm.a.aBMaW
\ot<irv Public, General Aucticnoe
a    ' i
■  i i.'
'      .    ' 'a    lOlfll    ''.'
Hinty, r than city,
Weill Isl,ih' mill |,i .in,mc
11)7  Cordova   Sreel,   Vancouver,   I).  C
-      • |,l   |„  a,... ,  -  I......    .,a.r„.|,t   ;|||
,  i.f i. ■>, . ia--,-1.". ai- ur liaiikriipi niwlu li/ri'iicli,
■ ■   i' i• ri.(..■ rtv iii North
ii u up property iu
.| 'i*. mul   , I a 111 in..ki' innnuy, :: ::
,, ■   |   ,,.„,.|„!„ Ur.  in I Ispluililllc, "-'i'lll i.iiiiiniM'r.ll
N   V'NrnUVMl
Vorld renovned Biscuits nude by Carr &Co..
Cirll        ily 25Ci P«f Poi|n^
J. A. McMILUN, Ihe Esplanade


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