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 Local Meetings
City Council Meeting, every .Mniuliii, S p m.
Diairici Caaiincii Martin**, everj Friday, Ml p w
board of iiniii*. Thi nl 'I'ut'sila* , il p.m.
Boanl ot Trade Kxecutive, Hi-l   Tuesday, S p.m
Sclion! Hoard, Firat Friday, 8 p.m.
■ ■■■»*..«■■ + . »*.■■>■■■■■.>■.. amnin	
Local Meeting;!.
Kniithta nf I'vil.iii., -eii.ml and fourth Tun.liy, 8 p.m
Athletic chili, l-'ir-i Monday, I p.m.
l.adv Kaooabk I, see li I ami fourili Ttiura taya
llairiiiultii .i  Si.etiii.'. Seeoiiil Wwlueatlay, 8 p.m.
I'ire u'ti Practice, Kvery Friday, 7.30 p.m.
Aid. Iiwm introduced a resolii-; While declaring unequivocally
lion petitioning the council ol the | thnt we are very desirous to ne- -
city of Vancouver to expropriate
The aldermen were all in tlieir
places at llie opening o( Monday's
session of tlie city council. Mayor
Kealv oct iipi.d the chair.
A letter was read fr"in tlie lecre-
tary of the Union ot Canadian
Municipalities, announcing the annual convention at Montreal on
July 15, 16 and 17 next.
A letter tc the mayor ol Nanaimo, extending a cordial invitation
lo tlie mayor and aldermen to be
present at the celebntion of Vic-
I toria Day, on May 25, was accepted with thanks.
A letter from  R.  L.  Docherty,
) secretary of the Horticultural As-
j sociation, requesting the clearing
) of the boulevard and lhe deepcn-
j ing of the ditch in front of the
f horticultural   groundi.    Referred
I to the board o( works to report.
A letter Innn Jamei Fell, stiting
'bis intention of placing on the
market the west portion ol District
Lo*. 553, and expressing his willingness to place the land within
'•lie corporation, provided the
water main ii extended to ihe
property. Referred to the water
^committee to report.
A report from the city auditor to
the effect that he has audited the
books of the Wallace ^Shipyards,
Limited, ind hints is fol-ows:   1.
I'he assets afford excellent security
I'or the amount of debenture bonds
■guaranteed.   1. Tha financial po-
liition of the compiny ia satislrc-
*ory.    3 The earning capacity of
he company is such thit it cm
:«ili provide interest and sinking
11 nl   for   the proposed issue of
lebentures.   An   i emized  state.
i'-ni of assets and liabilities was
eluded in the report.    Accepted,
Report ol the finance committee,
I'ecoiuniendiiig that in connection
•vith the proposed bylaw to raise
17,000,  the city auditor be in.
inn ted to prepare a statement ol
he city finances lor the informa*
ion  ol   the   ratepayers    Report
Report of the waterworks min
lit tee, to the effect that three ap-
j lii.ttinus for water  connections
lad been authorized.    The report
[ .as adopted.
Report from the medical health
I'liii er as lollows: The generil
health ol Ihe city is excellent;
there has been one case ol scarlet
lever and (our ol measles to date;
mt lieu notice! for abatement of
[ uiiances ind two noticel for cloi
' ig of welli hive been lerved; it-
Iiention ii called to the need of
uitable drainage  in   connection
.villi thc septic tanks, and making
penal  mention   of   Third street
I East in this particular.
Aid Mi) moved ind Aid. Bnitn
Seconded that this council notify
ma North Vancouver Ferry and
, l'uwei Compauy that all negotia-
ms for the purchase of the ferry
.y lhe city for the sum ol 1175,000
|are herewith entirely cam idled.
Aid. May observed tint the
Icouncil had done ill within ill
power In do business, and had
tailed, and in hit opinion it wn
now time to withdraw and to give
piivate enterprise 1 chance at
solving the ferry problem.
Moved in amendment by Aid.
And lurther, that this council
deplores and condemns the action
of the Ferry Company in curtailing the ferry service, especially at
this season of the year, and demands an immediate resumption
ol the ball -hourly sei vice, as lieing
absolutely necessary.
In seconding this motion, Aid
Smith explained to the council
that the committee appointed by
the council, upmi llie two occasions on which tliey had alien,led
to meet the directors of tbe Ferry
Company, by appointment, had
been treated by them with what
appeared to be deliberate discoui-
In lurther discussion of the matter, Aid. May declared that should
the council postpone action, the
result would probably be a demand for a public meeting upon
the part of the ratepayers to discuss the matter.
The city lias not yet discharged
its obligations to the district municipality, and these debentures
should first be disposed of.
The ciiy, be said, already has a
considerable debenture debt, and
must shortly assume large expenditures for sewerage, streets and
other necessary works.
In his opinion, thc city is not in
position to proceed with the purchase of th- ferry.
Aid. Irwin, in reply, stated that
there was nothing aew in the arguments advanced by Aid. May,
and inasmuch as the ratepayera
had ratified the purchase, with full
knowledge of conditions, the council should not hastily throw away
civic rights in the premises. He
lurther regretted tint a matter ol
so great importance should be
sprung upon the council without
fair notice. This matter should
first have lieen discussed in committee.
Aid. Crickmiy agreed with the
previous ipeiker. He further had
not much faith in the efforts of
private enterprise as lo ferry laddies, and inssmuch as there is
now au excellent probability of securing tbe resumption of the hall-
hourly service, he considered lhe
time extremely inopportune for the
action proposed.
The mayor had no faith in newspaper reports as to the inauguration of an opposition ferry service,
and tbe couucil cannot pay any attention to such rumors unless
someone definitely submits such a
proposition to the council.
The council would be taking
upon itself a tremendous responsibility in proposing to break off tie
gotiations, and he very strongly
questioned if the council had the
1 i,;lit to cancel (lie negotiations, in
the (ice of the vote of the ratepayer!.
The mayor lurther stated thai
be wai informed Irom credible and
reliable sources tii.it the (erry
company hail paid off Jti7,oooof
liabilities list year, which, of
course, represents  profit lor thc
Aid. May itrongly contended
tint the city would find'it impossible to float thc Ierry debenturei.
The mayor replied that in bis
certain lands for the purpose of
making suitable approaches to the
ferry landing at Vancouver, and
that they also sock to arrange witli
the 11. C. BleCtrk Railway Company to run at It ast one of its car
lilies in Conjunction wilh the ferry
service. Aid. Sm ith seconded the
resolution, which was duly carried.
The feiry couiniittee was appointed to accompany the mayor
to presenl this petition lo tlie
finance committee of tlie Vancnuver city council.
The electric wiring bylaw was
read and adopted.
A deputation representing a system for numbering houses in llie
city was heard. Under this system eacli block comprises ioo
numbers, and each 20 feet would
have its own number. The whole
city would be blocked out, and a
complete map provided the city,
with all tlie numbers indicated as
they will ultimately appear. The
expense is all borne by the individual owners, the entire cost to
each being 50 cents (or numbers
properly attached. The council
was requested to endorse the system, and to lend such moral assist
ance as it can.
Referred to the financial committee to report.
The regular session ol Monday
next was postpoued until the following Thursday.
The public health bylaw was
considered and relerred back for
tailway here, within the shortest
poisible period, thit to which we
object is the perpetual lieing up,
at a ridiculously low figure, of a
arge portion of our valuable waterfront, to a railway that Irom
year to year fails to build a single
mile of railway in the vicinity ami
which gives us no assurance or
guarantee whatever that it will
ever begin construction. It would
be well to take such steps as, while
not placing any unnecessary ob
stacles in the way of the incoming
of a railway, Would yet insist upon
that railway securing local facilities upon a basis fair aud equitable
to all parties.
P. Larson would be delighted lo
see a railway come to tlie ciiy, but
he would not be prepared to mil
his waterfront pmperty at the price
it was held at, five years ago. It
looked to him as if the whole proceedings upon the part ol the railway was a scheme (or speculation.
Aid. Irwin spoke briefly and favored the appointment of a committee to go carefully into the
matter, to draft resolutions anil to
report at an adjourned meeting.
Mr. Mahon moved, seconded by
1'. Larson, that Messrs. Kerr, Irwin, Dick (jr.), Senkler,Drostand
Fleming be a committee to draw
up resolutions and such drafts ol
procedure is may be deemed best
with regard to extensions ol any
charter, and report same at a
meeting to be held in the city hall,
on thc 27th, at 8.30.
Motion carried and the meeting
S. Martin and family left Monday for Snohomish, Waih., where
they will engage in ranching.
A A. Crowston took a run over
to Victoria on Tuesday for a few
days' sojourn in the Capital City.
William Slriplin, recently sp-
poinled on the stiff of Tm Kx-
HISI, has rented a house on Third
street aud will remove to North
Vancouvei next week.
The case ol Selkirk vs. Diplock
came up lor hearing at Vancouver
on I hm day and is still in progress, the case will probably be
terminated on Tuesday next.
C. E. Smitheriiigale, one ol the
proprietors of Thi Expiris, spent
1 few days in Victoria this week,
in attendance at the grand ledge
of the Order of the Knights ol
Mrs. (nu. II. Mm den will receive it ber home, Second street,
east ot St. Andrew's avenue, on
Thursday, the list inst., and on the
second Thursday of each month
.,,"»**.  .,, .*....--  z        .«... ...-j-. --r ,*--     »
Irwin, seconded by Aid.  Smith, I estimation   the  city  is  in  good provide'-
.    .      . _ .... .   u k.      1   Ila t
V. W. & Y. Charter
There was a fair attendance ul
water front property Wednesday
evening. Miyor Kealy, in opening, slated lhat the meeting was
called for the purpose of taking
some action to prevent the V. VV.
& Y. railway from procuring an
extension of their charter without
the eity being duly notified. The
charter gives the railwiy the right
to expropriate a right-of-way along
the city water front at the prices
which were current when tlie plans
were originally filed, and this was
decidedly detrimental te the increase in value of the properties
affected. When tbe charter was
last extended it was done without
any notification so far 11 local interests ire concerned, and In order
to prevent a recurrence of such an
event, it would probably be advisable to employ a solicitor in Ot-
tiwi to watch developments and
to notify local interest! immediately sny move wis made.
Mr. Mahon declared that it was
manifestly unjust that a railway
company should tie allowed lhe
privilege o( expropriating property a number ol years hence at
the price previiling a number ol
years ago. The most elbclive
remedy woultl be lo sicuie au
amendment to the Railway Act;
hut as thii would lie attended will)
dilliculties, it would be well to forward ill resolutions meantime not
only to the government, but also
to the railwiv cumulus on. Any
resolutions passed should be based
on public welfare, as well as upon
private interests, inasmuch as the
entire company ol ratepayers is
vitally interested in railway mat
Mr. Fleming cited an opinion
given by the lite Judge Killam to
the effect that the most effective
argument in resisting a further ex
tension of the chiller would be the
undue delay upon the part of tin
nilwiy in availing itself of tin
privilegei for   which the chartei
Ladies' Auxiliary
The adjourned meeting of the
Ladies' Auxiliary of the Horticultural Society was held in the city
hall on Tuesday evening. There
were present, Mesdames Kealy,
I'hilipi, Nye, Billings, Morden,
Irwin, Lailey, Gibso.i, Woods,
Dick, l'ugjvi, Snd Miss Smith
Mrs. Kealy occupied the c'nir.
It was decided that July ist
would not be an appropriate sea
son for a bazaar, but it would lie
advisable to substitute another
lorm of entertainment and to plan
for a bazaar during the autumn.
The directors of.thc Horticultural Society adjourned from the
Munii ipal llall lo the City Hall
(or conference with the ladies'
meeting. After c\t. n led discussion and exchange ol ideas it was
oncluded that the ladies appoint
an entertainment committee to act
with a similar committee to bc ap
,iointed by the board of directors
to complete plans for July ist.
The following committee wai
named and duly appointed: Mesdames Kealy, convener, Phillipo,
Fugler, Billings and Woods. The
meeting   adjourned   to  meit on
rut-slay evening next at the municipal ball.
Lynn Valley Notes
J O'Connor and J. N. Bunker
are extending Kilmer road into
their place.
Several nl the residences have
been connected with the water
works sjstem lately.
J. Fromme is building a house-
near tlie pipe line road for the
Rev. W. A. Davis the Presbyter
1 in 11 rgyman, who has charge at
Moody!ilie and Lynn Creek.
I that ai the purchase of the lerry
service and asieti wn duly authorized by the ratepayers by an
overwhelming majority, and as the
1 time limit ol option to purchase
hu not expired, (hit the council
obey the mandate ol the ratcpiy-
en ol North Vancouver, and as
lar as practicable take the necei
ttry Heps to complete thst pur*
1 chise;
financial condition, and would bc
in a better financial position than
any city on the B. C. coast.
Tlie .mn ii<lii,i nt to the motion
was then put and declared carried
on the following division: In lavor—Aldermen Irwin, Crickmay,
Smith and the mayor. Against—
Aldermen May, Wheeler and
J. Balfour Kerr considered lhat
it should be the object of this
movement to impress upon thoie
in authority the great detriment
ihat might iccrua (rom locking up
1 large portion ol tlie vnluable n-
piriin property o( a city bound lo
become a great industrial ind
shipping centre. What we must
mike sure ol, however, is to avoid
such iction is will postpone indef
ioitely  the  coming of 1 railway.
Council and Ferry
A r, port from unofficial sources
is gaming circulation, lo the 'Keel
that matters as between the city
council and Ihe Feiry Company,
bav leafll«d an acute stage, antl
lhat it is the intention of the coun
til to adopt such measures as may
lie necessary to secure Irom tht
l'Yrry Company the fulfilment ol
tlieir agreement to supply a fu
ami legiilai taffy seline.
Incorporation Anniversary
Sunday, the 17th inst, will In
lhe anniversary of lhc incorpora
lion of North Vancouver, thi
official observance ol the.
will bc held Ofl Monday, the meet
iug of the eity council having beet
postponed to Thursday ev.111111
for the purpose.
Subicribe for Thi Exnuss
W. T. Lake, who took up his
residence in this city this week,
has re-opened thc Club poolroom,
on Lonsdale avenue, and purposes
conducting a first-class establishment in all respects.
The Misses Diwson have completed arrangemenrs for the op*n
ing ol their hospital, at the coiner
of Wulffsohn Ave and Fifteenth
slreet, and several patients have
already   entered  the   institution.
A meeting of the ratepayers it
called by advt. in this issue, for
Wednesday evening next, Ihe 20th
Inst., at the city hall, to discusi
tbc Wallace Shipyards bylaw, and
the special loan bylaw to borrow
Tbe case oi the ciown against
Roger Yiiictti), on a charge of
murder committed here last (all,
lell down at the Vancouver issizes
ibis week, because o( lick ol evidence md the prisoner w.s given
liis liberty,
Thf. Kxprkss regrets lhat it is
one day late in going to press this
week. The -delay is due to tlu
fact tint important niM.er tint
imperatively required inseilion in
thii issue could not be finally arranged until r late hour.
The United Wueless Telegraph
Company, Ine, is making application to the minister ol marine
antl fisheries lor ■ lueiice lor
doing 1 iiiiinn I' ial business. Peti
lions to lhat effect are being very
treely si ,,'icd by tlie public.
Hie current number of Weil-
1,'iir,! Ho I is to hand, and is replete
.vith excellent illustrations and lo
al descriptive matter of a highly
nteresting character, lhe stories
are fully up lo (lie standard which
lie migizine 10 consistently
maintains.   The issue as a whole
a deserving of wide t in illation.
The work of 1111111I11 ring tlu
business houses and residences in
lhc city is proceeding at lively.
1'hii is one ol the most sei net able
improvements that could lie niadi
ai the present time. I.very resi-
.lent should have bis premise!
umbered. The M heme isendoised
v tin* council aud is of a |" nuati
ent and comprehensive character,
so that buddings now Dumber*
are numbered for all time.
W. C. Gladwin, nli * 1 new rei
idence on Keith roatl Last is ncai
ing completion, is staled bu ap
pointment   as chief   hie  wardei
under the regulations for the protection ol B. C. foreits. Mr.
Gladwin served is deputy to Fire
Warden McKay last year, and the
latter having resigned, Mr. Gladwin is in line for well earned promotion.
A new mercantile partnership
was formed in the city this week,
J. D. Fusci having disposed of
a one-hall interest in his business
to John McNab, lately Irom Truro,
N. S. The new firm will instal an
up io date plant in the sheet metal
and plumbing lines, and will carry
a full assortment of stoves, grin-
ite ware ind kitchen requisites, in
conjunction with some lines of
The most pretentions dramatic
tion yet essayed by local talent
will be rendered on Wednesday,
June 3rd in Larson's pavilion.
The comedy chosen is "The Private Secretary," and the cait comprises the following well known
residents of North Vancouver:
Messrs W. J. Butler, H.Valentine,
II L. Mcl'herson, H S. Scriven,
Colin F. Jackion, Missel D. C.
Dean Pitt, Betty Cameron and D.
C. Dcin. The proceedi ire in lid
of St. John's Church.
President Mie Kenzie presided
it the meeting of Ihe N. V. Athletic Associition on Mondiy evening. There wn an ittendsnce ol
sb mt forty. The treasurer's report wis adopted. The suggestion
was made thit 1 lacrosse team be
loined antl was well received. The
Dominion Day celebration wai
considered, ind it wis d.emed
advisable that a public meeting be
held to arrange a programme of
field sports. The meeting will
probably be held in the city hall
on Wednesday evening next.
The delay of this issue enable!
Tm Exprkss to chronicle the fact
that the joth birthday anniversary
of P. Lirson wis fittingly observed
this (Fridiy) evening it Hotel
North Vincouver. Fifty guestl
enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, after
which felicitous iddresses of congratulation were made to Mr. Lir-
ion, in the courie of wh ch he w.i
presented with in addr-ss by the
lady guests of the hotel, a chair, a
cigar case, and a pockftbook. Mr.
Larson made an appropriate reply.
The wish of his many friends is
thit he may live to see many more
such occasions.
A. A. Crowston, in his ctpa
city 11 chairmau of the agricultural and mining committee of the
local Board of trade, hai secured
the co-opeiitnn of the city council
and district council in Ihe matter
of the opening up of the old Lillooet trail through Lynn antl Sty*
ni mr   valleys to Sqiiinnsh.    He
s likewise iddresied s letter to
llie Hon. F. Cuter Cotton, requeuing that tlie nutter he brought to
the attention ol the government,
and that action hi taken The
letter refers tn the valuable mining and timber resources to winch
iccess would be given I y improving lhe tia I, there being thirty
mining claims upon which work
his been done, upon some ol
which men ire it preient employ
id the Swayne group, for instince
The fict Is further cited that the
opening up of the trail will give
overland 1 oiiitiiunication with the
lertiliand growing Squamish valley, which ll geographically tub
uiarylo the muiii shore ol ttutuid
THE i:\ri:i:ss
Ni'Kiii Van "i in. II. C,
ii.  i. and il is il..sii..ln,   u..it ,s Jiein   interviewed   s id    K11K
C, )'  BmiTSI kim. mi:.
II Moan v,
l'u IneM M r
The Bxpresi is delivered in Not tli
Vancouvei within a radim of w
blocks ol tlie office. All ou side
this district is placed in Iha post
OHla   *
kaies (il Subscription 1
One 'cil -        J1.00
MV month- .511
1 luce montln ■      ■ *^5
United Sm 1  mil Foreign, li 50
pel 1 ear.
All mbii riptioni niu«i Iw pai I in
.el, 1
Anv  pi i -on   not   i' 11 il nu:  Ibis
papei regularly will ph ise notify
the iilln '*.     No ,' '1" 1 (topped nn
li 1. aotifie I * ai a 1 i*. lettei or card
»5p «i
Non n Vain ouvi a, M o  15. 1908
LOCAL UONl V 1.0 l.Xf.XG
Apropos t 1 the disi u'.'aiiiii nl the
question "I building openliom ia
ami a I mn t the 1 ity, Ittealion is di-
rected lo tin l.n I that l.n limes fur
pun iiiiug 11 liomble loans 1111 i ily
trait} lm building purposes might
reatlj improved.   So far as
can l»' ISO 1I.11111 d. the laige rail
em loan companies an- nol repre
Mated on tins lide of the Inlet, all
such openliom being couilui ted
through .nni tberelore ci Dtrolled
to a gn ai 1 in  li in 1 ' Me it by
Hillside llllll-,  VV 111* ale SOI 111 ' lOM
sinipiiiliv with tbe ileveliipm. ui ot
local mii reili. I Ins round-iboul
method "t getting in touch witli
capital is di 1 idl dlj -It liiiiit'lllal to
progress    in    Ninth    VsnCOIIVi 1
I In ic sre doubth u miny owners
ni 1. .iiu ii ilns 1 ir, whu iviuilil l>i
ptepsti d in ■ 1111 ni dilabls su in
turcs were lhe 1 iii tani e ol a suitable loan 111 nli " '' tibli i" Ihem,
linn again, in many instances,
the man ot limited means wlm
owns a   lot  and  is   able   to   Iniild
onlya three 01 ■ four-roomed house
would In iiiiii ti«» reedy to build a
target anal Io-tti-i home, wi re 1 banned open  t"   hmi  liy   means ol
llllll li  lie might  1 un*, In  waj
ol loan, the Bet essary amount id
The lact is nut lust sight ol, that
lor months past the large loaning
concerns have been curtailing op-
erations, ami following a conservative pottcy, hut alter dm-consul
cralion is made fnr this consideration, the tact I.mains that were
bit  firms in N'uili Vani ouvei to
prtXUn lm ll agent 11 s lor sunn of
these compsnil I, lot al land owners lunild be able to piocun the
assistance ol mm h Isrget amounts
of this Outside capital than has
hitherto been IVlillble, It will
doubtless In Irmly and frankly admitted that this 1 ny has now
reached 1 stag, ol devi 1 tpmeal
that warrants and deniauils i lost r
antl more utitln lory 11 litiomhips
with Sonne wiin 11 can product
lirge amounts of capital lor legitimate building purposes
early as potiibh, first 1 la»i loadi
e ni. s .iial d a.l si,eli other
eadv n.e ins * f Irani t beprnvidid
from tins nly as will bring the
traffic in ,1ns direction, and make
evei) pi .visum I* r placing Ninth
Vancouvei in .In eiiii.ilil puiltioB
lhe trading and social cenlie
for the Capil mo district.
The cMeiiMoii ot Keith road
has alreid) linn me itioned, but in
addition ti tins, the ex euaioa ol
the Irani line  at   llie   earliest jus-
fiialnii   dale would   prove   the
remit) effective solution nl ibeprob-
le 11 m 1 whili (following their uni-
nimli     iiuigtlic      policy)     the
bn 1 tins ol Ilm II.C. Kleiliii Kail-
va> Co   will doubtless move  in
I 1   lii,*, ii 11 iii dn, coutse, never*
An |i 11 .appi'ipn it,  attention liom
In inu   and municipal   "powers
h ii I*.*' miglii prove helpful. I ha
,.III, eis and 11 einlit rs  ol   the I l| -
ilano Land liuprovt ment A sm ia-
lion sliould unl bud ll alalia lilt tn
assure llnnis* Ives ul the uudial
goodwill and a-sistanceot Imlil the
muiii* ipa ill and the city ot Nollh
L ipi .uio District
Property owners westol Capilano truck have recently formed an
association under tlie name ol the
(apdano Land Improvement A* 10-
ciation. llie distrid will bc
known as CspilaOO distiict. The
illn 1 is 01 llie association are
Charles Nt Isiui, pn lidenl; G F
Gibson, \i e-president, W. A.
Clark, secretary-treasurer. The as*
sin laiinii is proceeding energetic-
ally with niiasnres looking to the
advanicuieill nl the distiict.    The
municipal   council   Ins   already
Csnmron has been instructed tort*
port on the pi "liable cost of the
construction of a wharf it 1 suitable site. '1 he widening of Keith
road from the terminus ol the tram
line to Poinl Atkinson is also under
discussion, with a view to making
it one of lhe altractive driving
routes nl Hurrard Inlet.
Clothing cleaned,prrsseil.altereil
and repaired,    Pants pressed while
you wait.   A. McRse, Thompson
Block, Lonsdale avenue.
Assistant Postmaster Wbeclei
is at prt sent enjoying a well earned
holiday in the Sound Cities.
f eniie in l!i"iriir IM*i7 mm in-iill il i I
I In ine. 1 ill* MllliliUK linl'lliliii- 1 :c-
aaii'i hI llie dine oi the tllt'orpur*
«li*n "I lhe CIlT nt Nurlli Yai center am 1 aswunt'ii iiiiii it Ims been
learned eipedh-iit in tin* luteresti <>f llie
(ill- nt N"rili Vanci'iiver, and lhe Kali"
payer, and InlllbtiMIl llierent llial h
mini ef  iiei*  lie linrriiiiiil to pa, nil
OUtltindiuil    exlrauriliuiiry   linhililhi*
mnteil anslnii-i-alil.
AMI WIIKliKAS a I'elition Hiyncil
lal* llll* (lllll'rs all  lll'lll*   lllllll   olle-tl'lllll
ol lhe value ol Iiunl Properly la the lily
nf Nurlli Vam inner (an shown I'.i the
llll Itevi.eil Assessiueiil Hull) ha* lie* u
|aii*Niii>'il tu the City Council reqiiffllu-f
them liiiiilrnillicii ll Hv-I.im to r..ise liv
niiv ul hmil Hie film "I Seven'e ll '.'hull-
and (117,000; Hot lan Cr the parens
i.l pin inn off certain cxtraoitlinnri lia-
hililu . exislini! al Iln* iinie nt lhe Incur-
|»>r;ili.m of llie I ilv of North Vnnciii -
LOU RUG, 9 by  It  feet
$2.1 no.   blend's Grocery, a) llornt
Block, Ninth Vancouver.
Six (iiunl Tablet
('i|ms - Tubacco
rm of miti iwoiih
An \dj"iirueil Conrl nl Itevi-ion uill
he held ..11 Tlnir*,].1, lhe Sill ilav ol
May, IHIS, al lhe I r of K o'clock I'. M
ai the t'ily llall, Norih Vancouver, It.
('., for the purpose nt haarlag any and
all eiiinp'iiiilH lU'iiiiml Hie proposed At*
.'.-iha nt or the ac, unify ol Ironl
ni'i* iiienaiiri'inenl-, nr any olher coin
plaint iihieh ilie pinnaelatenasad unit
d'-in* tii make, and iihicli ia by lan
ei'L'lli-llhle hy lhe t'nllrt.
Apw'n.nii'nt ('mi mii.-inner
I'uiilic Notice i-< hereby
given thai 1 mealing nf tha
Ratepayer! will be bcld in
tlm t'itv llall.on Wadnaeday
L'lilb Mny. 1908, at 8 o'clock
p.m., toilisfiiss thf "Wnllticc
Shipyard.- Aitl Hy-Law" ami
"Tin'Special Loan By-Law."
City ('ierk
'Pill*: alli'iiliiin of lhe I .mul. ami Wnrk-
liepiirtiiieiit lulling  U'en iliroiietl
In lhe (ml thnl town loin iii a Iniiii-iti
nainail I'm  Benert, beinx a -iii.ii-
vlalon <>f Lot Mfc Raaas t,Oasst Dl*>
triet, dteSted 011 lhe mainland lietiveen
lhe in..111I1 nl tli-* Skeena Itiver ami
Kaien River and Union Inland, nre In*-
iill! nfforetl tor .ate, il has been ilooniotl
 i-nry In warn tin*  public that tin
said l*.u n-iii* ia uol .ilinili'd at llie ter
mi- "( lhe'iraud Trunk Pnntir Hull
nny, and ia not the tnunnite which is
nuiied jointly hv llie (invernment nt
Urin.b Cailiindiia ami the Brand Trunk
Pacific RiiUav Cnuipiny.
r. 1, it 1.T11N,
t'ki f CommUtiataf aj
l.n ii.lt nmt Hurl.,
Innil' nml H',rl. flnat-tsMSi,
ficlerni, III'.. Slny til, IMS.
Whan you inland building
.VI l.llNs|i.M.K An.
Hiilinli "(Inr, Imimlnlt Arr.J'ite   flmu
.V.   t..
HmtOfetui stilt. Cfaa t'rr.k, It.r
The t nerc'lu iiinn nu nt whii h
has recentl] developed upon tlu
part ol |it*ap. ilv ninii is wesl of tin
Capllllllia.  I*. nl deep mii n * I  I  a  (he
city   of   North    V.iiu inua t      'Ihe
opening up of that desirable hi
tion  develops possibilities whose
value is Ion nr* at to permit nl tlieir
being aeglei inl.   It is ■ itentisl to
the best interests of tin* a ilv llml
thc closest and most i a rdisl N
lationships be Cltlblilbcdlrom the
outset with the new distrii t. It is
readily admitted that  a I oosidi r
able length iif tine must. lapse in*
fore the movement can assume any
lar^e proportions as topdpulltion,
but tie pre* nt is the time tor ai
tion in the shaping ol the futiiie
relationships that are to crys-
tali/e in in p rmiaenl form. Ihe
natural route to and from tin s. a
tion in question is via North Van-
A meeting of the owners of
property on tha water-front,
and all others interested,will
be hold iii the ( ity Hall, on
Wednesday, 27th May, 1906,
it fl 30 p.m..to receive reporl
from cominittee, in regard to
azteniioni of Railway Con*
pany't charter.
City Clerk
' yon want I line thing
worth while,let ns figiirc
oii your wotk.
Our extensive stock of
new wall decorations
enables us to offer a large
variety of up-to-date
treat incuts and special
color schemes. We are
at your service.
Also Paintl, Oils, and
Varnishes of the very
beat makes.
Come in and talk it
StiMpies ond [suns 11 me ismno
\i ii. mmnr & iu
Nurth   Vancouver, H. C.
'uiiiiiiti: Hick
North t'MCM-er
I'honr 37
321 twain. Sl.
Weekli) list-Week tmlieq Hay SSrd
11.6*1        I
tllSO       I
0a*l ii,-, ii|*iiiin
700      | Corner nn Flnt turcat.  Fine bmlnt'ii proipMti.  Thli p'loa lur
I aa li'H 'Ull* aanla
6iKi on  »i*ri', ii.ruy i* e.rfti. willi ali.^v nn. Sp.entaenlh .tn.i.
ss.',     i I.i Irunilimii'i Omni Uiml i.a inilatili Hm- liawol lmai
I Jui, .<*..k nnu i*ni-a.
The Cuskionet Shoe
ISnWIIKRKAH ii aiil In saaar]
lu r.n-i* .un,im'ly In* -ne, ia uu,. iln* hi ii
..I Nine lluiulieil mil San,...a e I nlliir.
uml Tliirti Iiie f, ni*- (IDBIJS) f'.r .In
term nll'ifli Yean Inr llie n*|in 11111*'
nt the iniil loSB ami intere-t tiler una
liereillllller |ar.• vi.I.*. 1.
ANII WIIKUI'lAS  tin*  inh f tin
ll'linle It'ill llilleiil le |iru|ierlv iu I lu-
Hiu*I Cilv nl Nnrlh Vuiii'.'iner, neei.riliii,'
tl tli" lint   Uelinel   A mh.ii I    llnil
111111111111. I" Three Milli* i Three Hiiiiilreil uml KiiiliH'*h ven I Ii..ii*-iii,,I Nino
lliiiiilie.l ainl I'iiiiliiy i|:i:i,s.',n,Mi) Hub
I'll Kit I'l I'l I It K ll..* Mninr mnl Aliler-
ineli nf tin* C'ti nf Norlh Vnnenini r in
t'aaiiiu'il .iH.elllltli'il mill tlie usielll nl
llie KlsetWS uf Iln* 1-11*1 (ilv llllll uli
(iiineill enat'ls us (nllimi* :—
I. li sluiil Ih* liiuliil fnr ll.e Mavrel
tin* (uv nl Nnrth \'iiiienintT ami tin
City (It ii 'nr the |*ur|*i.-e nlnre mil I.
bonus nr raise by ear nl haw fnun anj
permn ni pammi, Imilj ,-t Ix.liei- fi.r|n,*
rule uini may lie willinn I ■ iitliuui'e Iln
sunt'll|'iill llie t'rnlll nf llie llelveiitlliei*
llereillHlliT lllelltilinetl nf llll' t'nr|«ira
linll a mini nf nuiln V inl ext'eeililiL' ill
llie ii|i*,'|. llie .uin nf SeV"lileen Tlmu-
aainl (117.0*00) n.i'lni-M uml In ean-e in,
BSBM t" l>e |i iii'e'l in he 1,11111 nf Mr l.l
Nurtli Aineiiea ut  North  \'iiiie.nii  r |.
tlie , leal I i'l llie I'll! inr llie |,lir|» Pel
nli.'Vt* reeileil.;
I, I). I„iitnr.* I! In uf the Cilv In
llie    llllinillll    of   SeV*llleell    I Ii.uimIii.'
itll.l.llll   illaillir-   ill   till'   'I I.a,la*     1*1 ll     11,
i il In iln* .Kill Han* iiii 11 iii th rl
iii lerni-nl (tie Mniiiii|,.il t'liiii-e- Ael.
in mini-u. mav I"'ilefireil. lml ii"l le-
Iiimi One Tliiiiiiaiiint l|l (Mil Dollan
.a, li. I*, eh nl lhe Ml>l Uiml- i-ImII laa
tlyiinl In lhe mill Mni nr mnl t'ili i le'l
.iiei ll.e 1'ilv t'lerk -hull ulliii li llierel.*
lhe ('nrpnriltti Senl nl lie* .11*1 (lit ..I
Noilh Vanrniner.
II. Ilm IVIa  I'-*ia.I- -li II I..*.i
n:leria.i al u rm,* i "I eseeeilu,*., live |, r
e nl  i-er aiinuiii. |nvnltle hn I n*nrli irti
t    lur "I NtH'inl.'i ami tli,	
• Hi* .( May iu eiuli ninl even irar ilm
11111 lh.' eiirr. nei "i llie « ill |i I.'i,lur* a
i,r   ilil nf I Ill-Ill       I'l'lTH lalialll   I.* lllllll I.*
i-,| to the ll, I. iilnie It nl. <'iiii|h,is
-i.n.*l In lhe Mn**r mi'i i,,r , ii, I, uml
everv |iaiiiient ,.f inti r,'*i llial nmi he-
em hie, unit iiiih fiirn.ilure mav In*
either written, ^aiiiped, printed nr Iltl*-
4. The -.inl l>,*lmi,|nr.* Ila,ml- iih In
l'riiiii|tal lint lull rent .hull Ihi iiuule
I'livihle either al lhe llaii.k I Ilnn l>
Nnrlh Auierivii ul Nnrth Vuiie,inu*r, Tn
ronln, or  M.'iilreiil. Ciiunilii, nr al Iln*
Unnk  nf  llrili-h   N.irlh  A rieii, Iaiii-
iIoii, Kiiitlmiil, ami Ilia Mbi l*nmi,.hI
.iiiii .hull Ih* in.el* |a.ivnlil.• In ihi* t'ily
at inl.ile nnt leu. II in liilv Year- Irmn
tlie ilnte <11»..>■ whieh thin lli**l,aiu l.ili-
,V There -liml be rnimil mul leiieil
iiiiiiiinlly hv SBariel ISlS mi nil raleulile
HOpHtf in tin* aai,I (ilv ilm mini nl
One Hiiiiilreil ami He ven |i.,Mnr*. ninl
Tlhrli'-live Cent*, (fill ;l.M fnr Ilm pur-
StlSS "I liirmiiiiia Sillkiin I'lli,.l (or llie
|iiii'iiieul of the ."niii ilelH>uluren ami lhe
niiin ul Kafbl Hiiii'lnil ninl lilly I- -m
linllir. for llie nni nieiil nf the I ll ten*.t
al the rale alnreaaiil, In bsSSM 'I i
mull liel.'iiliire. iluniiv lhe eiirrenry
lh.Tt'iaf,mnl llnl in uilitilinn I** nil nllier
rale, lo lie levietl anil eiillii nil iu lhe
niii*l liinlrit't ilurinit llie nhnle eiirrenry
nf tl iiii |i.*lh'iitiir**i* nr any uf llieui.
li Tliin llv-l.aii -Imll ei'iiie into el-
(ett on tlie'tlllli tlay ot Mny, one thou-
-ainl nine hiiiiilreil nml |%M.
7 I'hin lly-bavi mav In' eiteil fnr nil
pime*aH an "Tin* Citv of Nnrlh Vanenii*
bsrlpeeial Leaa li\-\.a*. ihoh."
I'a.neil hv the Coiini'ilou tlm llth tlui
I May. I!«i^
Iteeeivetl Ihn aa.i'iil of the KtsStSfS
ol the Cilv ol N'nitli Viiiiiniiier ul an
Rleellnn hebl fur lhe |iiir|Huo on lhe
 tlay of , A. P. 1IH1H.
Hefiiii-i'lereil liv tlie Cniineil, ami
ttnally ailn|iU-il, ni|ni«l liy llie Mnmr
and Citv Clerk, mul fnleil uilh llie (Uv
Seal on lhe  Jay ul , A. II. inOli.
City of fiorlh Vancouver
I llii-l.au In ennlilr Ihr t'lnynrtitiun of
Ihr I'iUi nl' Surlh l'iiifiiii*-r in rni»?
i.i/ Ml "' ''""i Ihr mnn tf S rrn'rrn
Ihi.ii.ni.I (■ftt.tnMt) h.llnrt mr the
peffSM "/Jin'/'uf of irrlnttl fitritrili-
nur*/ Huh Ultra -jt'ifiiu- nl lhe tlnir nf
UIIKItKA-the total Hevnniipe.illeet*
fl hy Iln* Municipal Cmiiieil nf the
Corporation ol the City nl North  Van*
takk Nonet*: that Um shots i
ii Inu* Cnpy nl the l'raa|»a-ea| llyl.uw
ii|hiii whieh tin* VOta ol llie lllet'tnrn ol
the City of Nnrlh Vancouver uill lie
takrii iiithlii lhe I ilv Hull, Nurlli Vnn
comer, on— lhe
ForWonm With
Tin'er Feet
Oxfords for an easy house shoe; turn
soles, low heel nnd kill ti]i, fur renl
comfort.   Price, $3.50
Bluoln r lnee for street wear; extm
heavy turn aolaa with nititary heel
nml patent tip.
A st\li;**h, ivitt and dressy shue that gives comfort and
wear for $4.50
irll'i ilaistiiiL's Siirt't
Time Table, 19.17
ST. CHlKi.l.
If, (IKllRGF..
•li.im A. M.
•H.20 A. M,
•1, -i.i    "
•;ai ••
MB   "
s ai "
Sill   "
11.00 "
llllll "
tiift "
10 16   "
10.45 "
II.II  "
11.45 "
I'lAh 1'. Hi
1 lit "
12 45 P.M.
146   "
•J.I6   "
2.45   "
LH "
11.45   "
4.16   "
4.45   "
laU    "
6.46   "
IU "
(1.46   "
IM  "
7.46   "
H.I5   "
K.if, "    e
D.I6   "
11.15   "
10.11  "
10 45   "
•ll.HO   "
•II II   "
011 Siiinlm,
70 \ 210
( low Iii uti mill nntl plank roatl ;
It 11 niinuies Iiniii cat ; only $*KK).
Al*ii I (.iv 1 1 icns lor $200;
lerins, in .lown, Jin |ii*r mouth.
House In hi, (1 rooms, all con
vi'iiirni'tis; s|ileiiilii| Slew, Alan
oim lor sale ; $100 i ash Uti tlo
per muiiih.
Inn  |i*'il.ill>   ilertteil  lots  nil  I oustlrile   tienile
$900 each
JAS. GRAHAME & CO.   ' w. balmain
Mukai. DscosAmai
(iaAiNlks     (il.AZlllks     Skins
Orr. 13111 Sraaata
al\ll      IV.IVKHI
t'uaiiliiii Surieii.r ami Areliilt-ct
KniHTii Stbkkt, ''naiaa l.'\*nnii lu
In.I'r.mk: In .11 11. Iiranehe..
Mini.!■ I'l-' ''i .ml lliilr.nllr,
iiHH.it:  ll.ttlviKi.1,   ,*'<l r ami Kir
M.iniiii'T for llie I'oininnri ial
I'rnletiive S,n-ii'ty.
(Iffii'i-:— I'lk-T St., K. or laiMiiALi. j
rarusir. ■-" tmaoBw
tlay of Mny, A. I), im.MwSSS
the hours ol 0 n'elin'k A. M. ami 7
o'clock I'. M,
KctiirniliK Oltieer.
that tlir vote ol lbs Klectnr" nl lhe t'ily
nf Nnrlh Vancouver will he taken nu
"Tlio Special l/iau Ht-Uiv, limn,"
oll , tin tlnv     III
—, A. Da iook, esteeea lbs liniir. ol
111'. lm k A. M. anrl 7 o-i-liM'k I' M., Ami
Ihal «iil.in tlio City llall, Nnrth Van.
iiiiiii r, ninl Ihnt Thnmil Shephenl till
base  »|'|«iiiilttl   Keliiriuii*'   I'll! er lo
lake Ihr vnlo nf Mich  Kleelnri, null iho
muiii 1'iiucr. iu llmt lii'lm I
Ilv nril *r nl llio llaynr:
lllitaH*. SIIU'IIKHIi,
City Clerk
IVOTICK in lierehy |(iieli Hull ill llie
^ lll'lll llieelllll! "' lhe Ituiirtl ol I.i*
feme i'liniiiu.Miiinrit fnr Iho Muiiieipiil*
ity nl Nurtli Vancoarar, I rhall apply
(nr 11  laa,la*    |i,V    fnr   till'   "llll' ill .pitit-
uima, leriueiileil nr Other MqOON fnr llie
.ixteell-rnulll   Inline   hull llllf,   .illialeil
on Seiniour limul  in  li -i.l.l  l.nt 7"-• 1,
(lrnii|i I, Nen \\'.i-tiniii-ii r lii.lriet.
Dated sl Nnrth Vsnenersr, It ('., May
hiIi, nam.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Itelinlile  larielie. at ri'HH'iinlilf  price..
NoBonrS,    No Scale.   Re  Kinnii-iilinn
lo dansfastotb.   Ns wimly igsnti ta
llllliov Villi*     I''IIV 'lirei't   llliil   I!' t   Tree-
,it,.| Senl. thnl |irim.
Kertiliier.. l',ei*Siipplie»,Sprn.i I'linip",
Sprniinn illUirlal, fill Klmver., ele.
Ohio.!   .*.i,ilili"li "I    nur-erv   nn   the
llllillal alial  ill IMtlfll I'lll 'ill
1 'mnlt'irni' iree.
HOU    W«WatMaSJSa    Ifnlll*
J. Ihiiis I Suit. Props.
delivered daily to nil parts
of the City.
I Irtlcrs left nt the Express oflice will he promptly attended to.
Pioneer Bakery
Iniwi't 11 Ksplanatle & First St.
S. W. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Ktesh llteml dnily, 16
loaves for |l; 4 for 'ifc.
(•nke, Pastry, etc.
Daily Dellvrry to All Parts el City
i'n*"**-** I        7' 1-iuKililc Ave
HOa   KnII   IIATi'llINO
I 111 *. In rival, al In l«ai.llr', lh.1 I h.ir
"Iir <,l Hi,* II 1.1 I*. ii- ,.| (lli.t. IVi.iai.tl.. l«
Nnilli I .in *nii. r, l.vim |ia„*li..,*a . tr^h
alt.In I*,.in K u 1. In, in I,iur. Crk Ii,**kIi tl'*r
>. I.ml Un i li.- lal* ii . I*t..' i.| ami unl prlir.
k*, Intrndlai parrlir-m mi .i„ *eii t„i,M.k
il,.in i i*i |h*i„ivI, )lii|i*l-t-tiii*r. t.ffttim
|.r .eiuiiK i'l lal
Km*. It   my Si'tnna   I'm *.l Wy.iiilnlt...
II i« |K| 111.
* i'.ati*i> *i II .mi'tiifi. iihlo.ir.in um
|»l a.Illij* 1,1 U II. VI* Kill tint la., « If, lh
at'.ln .n will I.* .1.1*, In Mtv. n,r p.trnni with
limit* lilnl. noil yf r.
Imirlii'iilli Mn et ami llolhriick avrnne,
Hy K.llli Rota I'm,
North Vmcouvor nmdnunt tn Wp Ix/aa
* — NUMBER 13
Church Notices
Holy Communion, 8 a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the first Sundiy in the month
there will he 1 second celebration
of the Holy Communion at 11 am.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper,
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 1:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday |
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. ]. D. Gillam, M.A.
Morning service, nam.; Sun
day school, 3:30 p. m ; evening
lervice, 7:30 p.m
Prsyer meeting on Wednesdiy
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn   valley  on
alternate Sunday alternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 .1 111
Rev. B. H. Bahi. tston, 11   A.
Sunday Services - Mass at 8
a. m., Sunday school at 2:30 p m.,
Benediction at 3 p m.
Pastor:   Rev   K. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V  I
Service it 11 o'clock 1. m in
the Orange hall ; Sunday school at
the chise nl tin* service
Pastor :    Rev, Pavid Long
All are welcome.
' EVANiilll-in   sim* 1 *
will be held it Orange hai
Sunday evening at 7:311 o'clock,
All are welcome. Conn* and
bring a friend.
M——■—.^—»———■..   ■■*■■■ ir.    **.*•*..   .   m   —-M   ■■!!■■   ■ -—■ ■ —« —
at 2:30 P. M.
Under instructions we are offering hv
on ahove dale, the btlum "f iha MDtantl
of one house in the West Iind, Vancuiivi r.
removed for convenience of siilc |o our
North Vancouver ollice; alio a varied as-
Mirtliietlt of choice nnd eh -rant 11 n-i hold
Guoda and Email
No Reserve
No Reserve
Furniture compriiing Oak  Dresser.  Sulelmail.  Van
Table, hvaiitilulltipholitrred Dining Knom Suite. Aiisttalian
Ned I edar Uphtil**irtfil Parlm Suite ol 5 pieces 1 original co»t
$3001, Kootenay  Range, Tables  ami   ItVfngeratnr. splendid
Brasi antl Inui Betlsteails, Kilthta  I'teii-aik etc. etc. itt
haflMliHaKBflK. oompers'
kinqsford Smith b Co,
iWUK wn «« w ui nm m. wm
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close lor despatch as (01
lows:   Far  Vancouver   and   -li
points 8 a. in .  11:13 *   m ■ 4'-1**
p. m.; (or Lynn creek, 11:15 a. *•*•■
Mails arrive 1 Vancouver and ill
points, 9.10a.m., 11:45m, 5:45
p. m.; Irom Lynn creek 1 p. 111
Outgoing mails (or Lynn creek
alter 11:15 •• "• ihould be delivered it the wicket.
Fish Depot Moves On
Hirbor Muter Ciptain MeLeod
of Vancouver has scored a diplomatic victory in his successful ne '
gotiitinni for the removil ol the
unsightly,unsanitary ind unsavory
Japanese fish depot (rom the vi
cimtv  of   the   new   ferry   slip*
Through the H'""l offices nt Japanese  ConMil Yuli. the  fishermen
hive ill igrri-il to tske tlieir de
pirlure lor othet  locations tiel.n.
Monday   next, when  Vincoiiver's
BillingsRjte will tie no M
N. V. Horticultural Society
A prite will t>e tillered lor tbe
1 belt ilesi^nnl |'Un for tbe liyinit
nut fl the ground*, nl the Uexindra
t latalens. These plani mint In in
liv Mai  iti    >|i'tificitions at thr
itti I the president,  A Smith.
Junction Block, l.onsdile avenue
The Dominion Exhibition to he
held StCalfaTjr, Alia , June iijth t"
July 9th. primuses to lie ol ex-
lepimnil interest The pro*
grimiin* ronipriU'Siiian-, attrattn ■
features, nunv ot tshiili ate petti*
liarlv typkal nl the mnl.llr west
Ailei|uate arraneniienls ate len t
male lo ictiiinmoilatei Urge mini-
t>er ol viaiton sl    lilllN's llll r.VANi.ElKl, SWI.N1H
Holy Communion, 8 a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Lvening prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday in tin* month
there will bc a second celebration
o( the Holy Communion at 11 a m.
Hector :  Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
si. AM'Kt.iv-. ptaaavraaus 1 avaca
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor,
Sunday school, 1.30 p m.
Servic* at Moodwille school at
Vjup m.
Priyet meeting on Wsdasaday
a o'clock.
All  are Well nine.
Pistor Rat ] D GiUaa, M.A,
mi rttoDiti 1 hum it, n. tr, coitus
MiiKiii n isiisi, oaoaoa'i
Mairuiiiu s, mee, 11 ,1 m j Sun
diy school, 1:30 p. 111 . sveniog
service, 7 30 p 111 ^^^^~
Prayer meeting 00 Wednesday
eVI num at 7 JO o'i lm k
Pn at bnii;   :n  I.vim   nils]   tO
iiti rnsti Sun Is) ifb mooti
S11111I..V si ii   l it Moodyville at
11 .1 in
far, B* II  H.iil.i-ti.n, B  A.
st.nni raxcotrvti ■ itmoii
IM'US   Ml-sl'is.
Sunday    Si r vn e.       M;iss   It 8
a in.. Sunday mhool al atjo p ■
Hi in ilu lum at 3 |i  in
l'.e-t'ir     Kev    B, I'evlavin, 0.
M. 1. V. S
iiiiii-i * in vi ii, oi iaoi hm i,
Ins-mil   iiiM'i.
"st im .    ||    I |    ii'. 'nil k    .1.   Ill     III
ilu i Irani p hsll; Sunday si ||,„,| ,,t
the close ',|   the si |\ ii |
I'.isiur .    Kev. David Long.        ,
An tri in Ii onn
' IVAM0111*11*   IISVK I .
wil'*   lac  held   at   (Irani;'   I. *
Sund iy i clock
All   are   welcome     Conn     and
bring i !r
at 7:30 P. M.
Cniler instruction- ».* ,,>■ -it*'" ='"
mii   hw. ....
on above dale, the balance of the contents
llf Olle linllse ill tlie V\ est I'.lnl, YailCuilwr.
reiiioveil fur convenience uf sale tn our
Nurth Vanoouvtt offloe; also a varied a>-
■orttnent uf oboioa and elfgatil II' utfhold
t itki<is and .'".flirts.
No Reserve No Reserve
Furniture comprising Oak Dresser, Sideboard, Fancy (tali
Table, besutifulfupholitered Dining Room Suits, Australian
Ked Cedar Upholstered Pwlot Suite nl 5 pieces I original cost
|joo . Kootenay Range, Tables ami Reirigerstor, splendid
Brass and Iron Bedsteidi, Kitchen Utensils, etc.. etc.. etc.
so enatd um »i cro: erv ware.
kingsford Smith £» Co
mm m wme. m w hour mr, wm
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close Ior despatch li foi-
lows:   1'jr  Vancouvei   and
points 8 a. m., Iltl] a. ir
Ip m.; (or Lynn creek, 11:15 a  11
Mails arrive : Vancouver ind ill
1 points,  9:10a.m., !2:t; m , 545
p. m.; from Lynn cnek 1 p. m.
1   Outgoing mails for I,).in 1 , '•<
alter 11:15 *■*■  "'   s' "■'■'l| be de*
llivercd at the wicket
Fish Depot MtHa. On
Harbor Master Captain MeLeod
of Vancouver has K and • diplo
matic victory in his successful nc- '
gotiationa for the removal of   the
unsightly,unsanitary nd unsavory
Japanese hsh depot Irom  the vi
cinity   of    the   ntt:  terry    slip.
Through the good oiVicet ol Japan-
1 ise   Consul Yada, *V   ushermt n
have all agreed to nA<- their tie
parture (or other  lui.iions before
Monday   next, when   Vancouver's
Billingsgate will lm. no iivriv
N. V. Horticulture c"iety
A prise will be    !.red lit the
I betM designed plan  for the layint!
j nut of the ground.-of the Uexandra
darili-ns.    These plans iihibI be in
1 by Mav 36.   SpM.ifications at thr
a,tin,. o( the president,  A Smith.
I unction Block. Lonsdall avenue.
The Dominion lixbibition tr. be
held at Calgary, Atn . |une 211th to
|nly 9th, promises 1 be o( ex-
leplional intcresi Ths programme comprises manv attractive
features, many of which are peculiarly typical of the middle west.
Adequate arrangements are being
made to accommodate a bu se number of visitors IBE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER B. ft
The following list of buildings
in couise of erection or just com
pleted in North Vancouver, lias
been specially prepared for Tur.
Express, and is lhe result of per*
lonal canvass. While the list cannot claim to be absolutely exhaustive as to the number of buildings,
nor precisely exact at to values, it
is thoroughly reliable (or practical
purposes.   The present list is as
lullm. s I
McMillan   & Larson,  Ei-
plinade t 3.500
James lilsrood, BipUnade   j.ooo
J. C. Keith, LonsJale and
First street  ao.ooo
William Morden, Lonsdale
ind Eighth street      8,000
Wilter Owen, First street.    3,500
Elkhornc&CJaint,Lonsdale   4,500
J. P. Fell, Keith road W.. 2,500
William   McNeish,   Keith
•old W    6,000
St.   Piul's  School,  Keith
roid W '•   1,000
D. W. Reeve, Thirteenth
itreet W	
A.   H.    Brem,    Twelfth
itreet W       800
Jimei Wilson, Jones and
Fourteenth    i,aoo
Win Russell, Keith road. 400
Win. Knowles, Fourteenth
itleet     1,100
D. P.  Henry, Fourteenth
itreet     i,9°o
C.  H.  Spillsbury, Eighth
itreet  1,500
Thomas Nve, Lonsdale... i,8oo
C. H. Roberts, Lonsdile.. 3,000
E. L. Kinder, Chesterfield 4,0110
W. Bailey, Chesterfield... 7,000
J. K. Divis, Thirteenth... 500
J. McKissock, Thirteenth. 8H0
I P, Burns, Tenth itreet.. 1,000
Wm. Hay, Sixth street— 3,100
K. Cowan, Tenth street... 3,6uo
A. N. Olher, Tenth street. 3,000
Geo. Dennis, Keith roid E. 3,000
T. C. Hut, St, Andrew's.. 1,800
W.C. Gladwin, Keith roatl a,ouo
W. Glenn, Filth street E.. 1,500
J. Tellord, Filth slreet E. 500
John Device, St. Andrew's 430
Frank Bressey, Fifth street 51 0
A. N. Giffen, Fifth street
andSt. David  1,210
R. Wheaton, Sixth street E 1,800
George   Lawrence,   Sixth
atreet E  1,100
D. Scanlan, Fourth street. 1,000
T. C Parker, Third street
E (two houses)  1,600
John Stuirt, Alder street.. 500
Alexander Law (a houiei),
Keith rosd  4,100
Cspt. Pybus, First avenue- 1,200
A- Grint (3 houses), Sec
ond sin-ei E     5'500
G urge* Ilutlon, Fiist street
in*.l Si. Andrsw'i    1,000
The Exprkss would be pleased
to be informed from time to time,
by agency firm0, contractors or
others, with respect to all building
operations in progress or contemplation. It is manifestly in the
interests of the city that property
owners at home and abroad ar.d
the general public should be kept
fully informed as to the growth
and progress ol lhe cily.
I Mi 11. Kl 1!
IlllKNK   111,01'K
FREES   One box of
Witch  Haze 1   Toilet
Soap  with  each 50c
purchase uf
$23.01) Reward
lur thf arrest ani .-onviction n( party nr
parties wlm are ;, aring ilown my real
tstste Men*.
.1   I). WOI.t'KU,
llltl,  KSTATI
Font of lonsdale, near ivharf.
FOR bXlt
2") or 30 1'nii's of Homer
Pigeona. Splendid strain.
60o. a pair.   Apply—
a. A. WITH
Lynn Creek P.O. 13-41
North Vancouver Hospital
coNnniTicn by
rUMt-flT.V lu »20 per treek.
Wattl Mrntll ler dny.
roan.r Kill-t'iuli Slnfl. ,1 tl..in...lm      IMI
Merchant lailors
(late with Morgan, Vancouver)
Styla, Kit and Workmanship
. . .PRICE! RIGHT. . •
First Street, one hall block west of
Lonsdale ave.
r acres in the CITY OK NORTH VAN-
000VKK. For t|K*t'itteatioiu and particular! apply
Corner Ilaslinga and Homer Streets.
citv iif mirtii mmm
rpKNIiKKSare ilnileil anil will lie re
ceived by tlie\unileralgneil until 5
ti'i'li.'li p.m., tm TnVaday, the Ltith in*t,
for tin work ul properly maintaining
Ottawa tiarileim anil their e-quipinenl,
•lllrun tlie ifltr   I'llll
I'llll |iarticiilaia tan Ih* obtained on
duplication to—
city clerk
ilv llall, Nortli Vancouver, Mav  Ulli,
iwott. IMI
lUDum &
Ileal Estate and Insuraiifr
Large Cabinet
Grand and
Upright Pianos
That we are selling
at the low price of
ONLY $375.00
Warranted   lor   five years.    Full
Metal  l'lates,   Double   Repeating
Action, Pure, Sweet Tone,  Com
bined with Great Power.
mWO   KINK  '.Hi,,   AMI  II.',   IOIYI
■**■   Cock., iiiatetl to lii|*li-*|.iiiiii(! liens
kn |t.N "nil t'2 par II,    Clciir I'L'ir-
aanteagsd   A Is* breedttri fur sale.
II. llAIlKltMAClll-.H,
21st street and l.uiutlale aveiiue.
Civil lnqiimr and R. f. I..a Sartrior
'rati*! ■»»
Hiiilatat- lia ■!*.*. IV.I., Power., Ksi  *
Sujif rtiilniHlriu . ul I'l.nairiioiliin. Mnpa, Town
aitt., Mining Clalma,sii, 11iTi.ia.na,eu*
Ml llutllli. 91. IV.,
kill Vancouver Hardware
Company, lid.
Garden Tools
Lawn Mowers
Poultry Setting
House ('leaning BafHtlttel
Paints and Oils
llttiltlers' Hardware
Worth Seeing'
Fool 01 lonsdale Ive.
Terms, $10 eath; hai. $10 a month
This is only one sample.    We sell
sixteen makes ol Upright I'lano*.
4JM41 Hasting Street
r«*idiiii-ri l.arottl Pimm Hume
Get the Habit
LIFE—Thi Sun Life Assurance
Company of Canada.
EIRti The I'hiem.t Assurance Co.
of London, England.
and Surety C».
62 and 64 Cordova Street
boots \\w shoes
The famous "Hull" Shoes for
men, $500,
Summer Suits from $K00.
Men's lialbriggun Undanratt
25c up.
Everything for Men al llight
Special dale
Dining Room Tables, $8.75, *io, $11, regular Jy 50, M50, < 13 5«
Pirlor Tiblcs, Jt.35, U, ty   regulir J1.50, H<aji *3 75
Dresser md Stiml. »i4 50, $18.50, up to ^40, worth lull is much
No. 1 and 2, Home Block, Lonsdale Ave.
For Furniture and House Furnishings
VOTICE ia I't-rvbv given that wiled
"■' Mitten uill ho rcceivnl bv lbs
Hon. tlm Chief I'oniniiminner, at tlm
at tin* l.iuial- ami Wurka l>i'|iartini'ut,
Viotnr H, ll|l till iiuiiii un Manilla.)*, J unt*
lit, l'J'is, fruin mn 'wri-oii wlm may tie-
sire lu obtain Ipseiil licence. umltT llu*
provision! ol awtiitn 67 uf the "l-antl
Act,' fur tlie |'iir|.i'-i' uf cutliiiK timtitir
from tlie bUe*t*~| iloacrilieil lamia:—
Nn. I. l'i uu iiii'ii.-iuK at the MHilli-wral
■llll "f linliau Itt-sayrve on Acton
Suiinil, Coatit liiitrift, Range 1; thenee
suulli along aln* .hurt' tu tin* nurtli-t*a.l
ruriirr "f Tiiiilvr l.iri'iit'e ia,4Ht>; lliflire
■•uiiili II) chain* tu the nnrlh lim* of
limber Licence l*MH| tliciicu eail
ahotit HU chl In tu tiie weal Iini- nf 1'ini-
Iht Licence J.'i,till; llMMI nurlh uliiill
lit)t'liaiiia; tlniu-e weal about an chain.
10 llii' Miiilh-wciil turner of Timber I.i
MMI '.'Vii"; thence »f»t to (Joint ot
Na. ff (aiiniiiencing at a |><>it |ilauteil
mi ||». ikon uf TH HM IjiK""ii. Coa.t
Hnlritl, Range 1. at llu* nurlli *,tl •■■>'■
i,.*r ol TimlHT Licence 'il»'.H lo Ihl
nurlli -cut corner; tlu-ni'i' wmtli almnl
Al chain, to the norlli line til Tuiler li
.once   14,401   thence   emat   i.l.mt   Sll
chain. In the line ul Timbi-r I.ii te 14,-
taVl; lliiuii*** nortli about HU chaini;
Ihenee neat al.nit 1:11 ch.in. tu tlie
►dure0 Tii-Hna Ijik"""; tln'i"'' i"'iitli
■uMi-rli almiK laliurv tu |Kiint ul i"ln*
Tlie compelilnr .>ll.rini; tlie Innlu-.l
1.1.I1 Imnui »ill he fiilitli"! teipSTll li-
aa'iin*. .-.aicrliiK O" In1"1-, rei.'-iiaililf
annually (or» lerm of tmentjr-one vcara.
Emli tender must lie siMrraaeil Is tlie
Hmi. tliu Cliii'l OeMsWsSW of Unit"
ami Work., mriin ly «*«letl and marketl
' IVinler lur TiinlnT l.iielii'eii," Hid
niii.t lie ai'cumpiiiiiil liy two marketl
clu-qoen, one clietjiie beini lor |2SU, the
amount ol ths tir.i tear's n-nial, and
oilier Inr the iinniiiit ol honua temlerrtl
All t li«|iiea reniiin. lo lie |iaya'.ile lo
llir onler nt llie Chiel Comniu.«ionrr ol
I amis and Worki, tt |>ar, al Victoria,
K. J. H'l.TOS,
Vhi f t'limiiii'tiniitr nf
I nnili tail W,rrkt,
l.nwli nwt ll'mI. liftatrtiMfnt.
Vnltma, B.C.. Apt il.'?(», Ht».
First of all we ask ijou to
vkwcorrect styles, flt-ttc-
jonn sets the fashions. . .
What ab|)ears in the fit-Reform Wardrobe is accebfed
without question by Canada's well dressed men . ..
Let us show you seme of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
V IC III Hit Bit   llll  H0N11
Rolled Oats
Hai) and feed
Fine, lieilthv Tomato MM
Caulifliiwer Flint*, gtnivn from
SaKOB'l Sti-ils, always un hand
mr Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale   A'-rnur,
it Ferry Landini*
Hltt]   Mltthill, Itital ui.iiM^i I
Priceless Asset
A fiml art ul Tt-rth rontrihiitr {rntlr to onr'l hnlth and
li.*|.I'lhi ►■* They aiiil iiiuch tu llir appearance and more to
Xevlt-t'l ii lh. only cuuae (or Dm Imu ol Teeth. Come to
u. Mill Mure it ia too late.
ri *o oi b riicia     Ttirv Ntvia i iiAsat
lull VI o(   lerlh	
■ridgework, |wr loolh
liolit Crown.   	
Sold I illltm*
Plallna rilllna).
I.SS u|>
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. H. BAKI R, 1 onsullinq Dentist
407 Hastings St., W., Vancouver
HOURS  9 . m lo 6 p m.
I.  preparijl   to il" all kimli "I mirk
rlesrisf. psbblit, Msapbi or rock
hlmtinit.   I "rk tl kf tlie ilay or liy
Kilrn ran* taken ill hliatini near
liuii-ea ami all ilamnil ule |o"d.
A'lilre.H. Sit mi'i .Heel W , ne.r l-oli.*
ilali* aMiine. ur I', ll. llul II, Nortli
Vaiicuiiver. M
Singer antl Wheeler 4 Wilton
Agency, North Vincouver,
(mice. Kill. Mr. I'uilney, l/ui»lale Ave.
Mitliiiiea nl'l in inatalment plan
Marliinen tur rent
Marline aupplie.
See na lor vnir Rm in*! M dine traiila
(llrlte— New Ihonipwii Blotk,
l.'iii.ilale avenm.
Keiiileiilial wurk I apecillty.
I'.I). Hoi.'U
North Vancouver, B. C.
1, llflB
Villi.., mil .lii|a*/ii, fyriiiturit
•S'lofr, "^c« onil Bar h'ijlurt,
t!epmnii|i in All llrini lu*«
Ti.ii.I HI  IV . Itt. I'le-alnAtM .11*1 UDKti
Oppolll. lehool
£^*Mml order.given prompt attention
niavaa an.iin »an loiiaiiAi.s
lf,in>i- ittfH the Ininkiufl
stock of Wolf, liiclund&Cn.,
Thomfion III". I. are selling the
snme at tmt Alt thu unson'i
tinodt,    ci'mfiittnr   SHIRTS.
Thli li I :-'■ nuinc Falf nml
the ,-tnfk mual badiapoaad
uf at once.
till n.lei Given on All
Hints ol Llectrksl Wsit
Cor. Lonsdale and Srcond St
Arcountinti,    Auditors   General
Commission Broken
Rett fttite Afenli
« w sii. iwi. m.
New Advertisements
kiuu-i.'ti lallk #Bo.
I a   ail ct    A.  '. I'  W Kl low.
I     II. .|.llll       Ml«*l-  I'alllaJll.
.a.a:       ..nnl.
1    ,        II, LII   -Mia       I        1     I,llll
I *.al      1,   ' a*  ll
I* i ,. Hwilttl  '''it' 'im'' I*
a    V.a.     |rfl 'I
*    Hi   I '
Han,i m I i mint ' ii
it m- li.i* i'ini*   il 'iiiciili'ii'il loel
H    .nil
i lull im *i i: ■■'!!   *' i   Lake
Kiirni'iiii.   I. I *
la : a|*a
Tlic ladies ol Ni ith \ a n ou\ r
are rc<|u sti il to in * 1.»- n r m;en ent
so ihsl iln i i .rn a»ti nl ia, irt
nuiiilii'is it Hi. irtfi"*: in In
in the munii mc1 office tm Tuesday at H p.in, to filially arrange ll s
proceed! iki iu ilm n « llurlicul*
turul Pavil ni un July ist.
.       ||   a|,l|  M.'al  .V   I"
I'l.llll    Ila*III
urt, nioderitclt iimdud tellers un
I ■ nertl pnh a iulei-Ml uill In
I in I'm. Ki
I ;     i.i ism ■- ray r   | mi   lo
I I   ill* lip a,I all- .*    i*       I Mil,  llllll
.*, i,„. righl '.*■ lunula ii*- a il*i-i iiniii'*
Trip to Soap Like
tlm l'i*.**- an I I ii"ii*!- in \nrth Van-
As pei pi miisi I drop you *i In
:.   I   wiil  n\ tn ac-
luiini lam mill nn whereabouts,
vim know, v.i  led North Van-
iiiui i mi the slternoon "I May 3,
iking the train it \inionW on
1 i.i' ii Nortl 1 rn railroad.
iVcri'.-icl   I Everett fi minutes late
I icht ilnlc linn , but ib ittlaa boat
lml a hall lot the ssrt
Inuiiil train Irom S, iitle over the
I ailnrn.   When at last the
lie,uv train did pull ia tolbede| ot
Mill ill lluif rullniiin Cars so
I a .v.il* il wiih pissengers,
lh 11 iti 1 ttiiit\ minutes nl n>ental
lml pbyiiciil atruggle lor Pull*
|n,in 1'. iilis, nc had t" 11\t* lip till'
lit to linn v, ilh more money than
1 had. lot ita n tin ordinary tips
|ii<. times multipied failed to bria|
llie ilusVi;■ t.i. "I portei I" realize
|lial we VI 11: »l 11 111111 li in need ol
Pullman berth ' uin is m ra |et*
linfbertha, bul it whal price I do
put know. However,we were com.
In lh il tn do ihe perpendii ulai h t
ny sitting up in nur seal- the whole
We I,in  tjtroofh tin* Canada
KOOBtaini alinut 2 p 111. hy way n'
uu Hill's llit. i- uilh liinnt I, sh,ai;
1 altii whit li ws n-ai bed the bead
vatt is nl the W* lutein-.* river. 1
liiii'ih* ai and crooked stream, mi
Jnher si,|, ni whose banks ws -"in.
nscovund  sniil  fiuii  orchirdi
lml is we ih ii-inli-.l Iln* eastern
lopi n| (he (' iscades m* lin,l the
lilley   pi Imllt    wide ling   with
krge and well eusd loi orcbardi
ll apple, p .ir,iiial p".i< h 11 . 1
Ali'iUI I a. in. we ri*.ia li tin* 1 'a 1
liien.. nt iln* Wa 11 iichce with tbe
tolumbia riser, ami abonl Inui
lul* *  1'iilln.i aluivii the villey Wc
lml tin* taiwn Wen.iti hce. the pride
|l the st.ii,* ,| Wisbiofton, as a
rail  |mn a| a, un   I belists
is th t iwn nhn h m mm
I ut beta .I' idi' 'I in 1 orapetition
ith nttii 1 inui growing distrii 1 ia
I .11 'in*l llu I'.n iin Cuast uu
iii in 11/17. when ilu* province nl
British ( nliiiili.i 1 .un..1 nil ilu*
am. K Li si 1111 ing tin tun largest
1   '  * .il tlli'al  |ai|lll <'villiill|t>Il lull
Vaoooovei laat var lt w.is bm
liat mie nt the state ol Wai
Ixhilutot in 1 In autilull) n 11 i
Ipi ■ 1 h n uli 11 'i tin*' ipri
li 11 'mu man sn time in hii life
|ui*t  t In   Waterloo, aad 1h.1t
people   in   Washington ami
lllecnn ll ul this \, ,11 m, t ||,, ,r
IN'atetl'i'i lit iln n it li rn it to the
liltritt   "I Wcn.ili 1 11     ;is   11, ver
aingdefi iii il ui a eihibitii
lest I'tli''     \\ In 11 I sat 111 tin * it)
■ill in V  iiivtr ami listen' d in
Iial Wi'Mtilm trmt unnv ike
|ni 1 ' Hi" a with all the grace
Ind compiered competitor, I just
fcoiight  tn BiySsU   that   il  takis
Going ?
for   House
There is onlv
purchase, i"
on u lii, h tin* v tent the •".lectors of tlio' 'i. The 0OBl| am is nl*o In emi-lnirl
tali of North vaiicuiiver nil* he taken ' a plan: lor repiiiriini mnl hinlilnv a el
with 11 iln* city Iluii. Norlli yancuiiver, J \es-i*l» aid aim n machine aim , t e
on , ih, iIhv nl Mav, cul in itt"l co t ivlur'i'l if impr *\in.   ely
4. II. 1MB, Int it en I III! In uira ol V o'clock  |11,11. II.
a I nml', ,.'clo k i'il. ;     ,,    l'|„. ,..„,||, miti „;itrei*Hiift*r ll**
TIIOUA- SIIKI'III UII,        '."i.Hriii'linn   ii"l   "I'lii'iuenl   of   -ni
II t„l*i*iii)(()llieer.      »'" k» I" Prt'li'le al  I rill  tlie Hlllli 11
  jtlu.n.i tali fur i.rkln   nt|ltsl li
..   'h    cul in.*   lui ei   liu-in .|  al   i-aiil
ft 111 it: mi tii 1*: 1* n 1:1; i:kv ui v i- n ' u.,i t -
llllll lhe v.aleiaf the Kll'CtnH til lhe eily
nl Norlh \iiiiciiier mil he 111 ken on
"llie  Mali, cu MiipyanU Aid Hy-I.iiw,
Term., one-Ion: lh cm h; luilinc*, li, 12 aid 18 month.
ot —
one lilnci' to
ynu are a eare-
eooiiomteal shopper.
have the largest stork
iif House Furnishings in
the city, anil our prices arc
unanimously tcknowledg--
ed to ba tho must rensotia-
hie to lie had.
Wc sell for cash
or easy payments
Comer Granville antl Duns*
nnir streets, Vanouvor, II.C
llit day
» n 1108, hot« cell the lioura
111'.I 0 cloak A.M. !l"ll 7 o'clock P.M , un.l
llnil iiilhi 1 iln* tilt lliill, Nortli Vancouver, ami llml Thulium slu pheril haa
lieen ii|i|t.iiiiled Returning Itttii'er lo
hike llie v*.If of lUch  Kleclnrs *ith the
musl posifi in ihni ha' un
Hy order of the I'uimcil
AUN'lll.l) B. KK.AI.Y,
TuiitiAM lliirniin,
cilv clerk.
Illlt* Mil 11 I'.I M Ti.it.l,- a mi iliiplieali"
the iliti of Mav, IIK-H
WAI.I.Al'i* WIPYAIM, Limited,
lhi*r.*ii,iill* r culled lhe tliiiiipiinii
of the One Purl
THK iTTY OK NOItlll yAM'tll'*
Ihereinnfler calhd iheCilv,
ol lhe Other Pan'
HII Kit HAS tlie ('.iiiipiiiiv hns
U'lii incnrpiiriiled under tlie "I'om-
piuieia let, IK'17," (or the purpose of
earriiiiif i>n itHirnla lhe Imaim-tu. of
-hip hiiililii>|r.
AN I) Wit KllK IS mihgenuciit Ic
ils iiictirpi.riilini, lhe coinpiiny Inn- heen I plunt.
carr.int: nu such liinouemi in ihe I'ilv nl ninl il"' niulerliiiinii of lh
Viinci'tiier, I'.riii-li Colinnhia, nnd also
111 llie t iti «( North Viini'ouver.
AN ll WH KUKAS llie company is
desirous of eitendlnf iis hualniai m
North viiiii'iiuvcr aforesaid in lhe manner hereinafter nienlioneil and for that
piir|i<ife il is iicce-sary for the company
to borrow bomj
ANH W II K I! K A I the Conipsnv
lias reipiesleil the Council of the t'ily
to trranl nil Is lbs anid eninp-ny liy
Ituiraiiti'einii llie pnyiiieul ofdclioiiinres
of the ci.iiipiinv fnr 1111 uniniinl nul If
ceedlra KiflyTliiiu-'niid (|5ll,l)00) Hollam
1 lie*cinipnnv a'n wreiii e '"mi
lh * Minor or mn'of lie ni'iuli'ia f tht
Citv i-'Uticil, elecli'il hv lhe e'Unci . to
ccciipy a |kisili*iii on ils Knurl of l'i
5 The company iurllcr tyrac- iimt
the vt'orks to he euinlriiiiled as iiiuresniil
snail he n'lien in nil respect. Ihe pri ler-
VttVe over llieir nurk iu Vancouver, it
hfini' tl"' t'ompiiiii's iiiteiilinn to eventually close mil lis liii-iness in Viiui'oll-
ver and ciiiitinuc lo curry on exclusively
its builneM Sl Nnrth vancoiiver
li. The Dchcnlurcs In he is-ued liy
lhe i'"iii|i:iiii ure In bl r.*piitiilile in
Ivvciitv-I'no venr-, a yearly rfiikilll hind
olone lli'illsilnil hrce liliudrnl illl'lsev-
enly-one tlnllnr- and fort,' cent. ($!,•
171.401 heiuf priniiled In mwl llie muiic
nn thilr maturity. Such .Inklui (und
to he placed to it iptelsl account iii a
hunk ut North vniicoucer. Il lieiin* in-
.1 r-uiiil, Inmeur, that lie sinki g
filiul, or uny pari Iln reel, n Uh tlie e,*n-
-cnl nf lhe fill council ol Nnrlh van
couver mav Im invnted in Uorl|S|SIOi
sonie ttllnr iippr*i\e I <>[ -.ecnritv.
7 The *|t| |i*hoiitui..'*' ut" In U*st-
eiired on nil iln' prni rlv uml h«s,.|» ot
tin* i* iiiip.'inv ul "nrlli v'nc uver, in*
cliii!ina; il- pr. .cnl -ile. I. iim '..In -even
(7) in tiie've 112) incln-ivt-, in l!h.*k om
liiiinlivil uud • -ventv-six ll'll in His-
trici Inl Imi hiiiiilreil and sevt'iily-fiiiir
~t) Slid till wnler (nnil iiiiiI fonshiiri'
ri/ht" iii*.'i*ther uilli lhe nhole of the
miichiii' rv nnd olher properly
I llij-l.air 'n rnalitr thr Cnrf rilion tf
:ln Villi nf Snrlli PaMMWr loi/rtiiil
niii In lh, Wallnrr Shiyiiadn, l.iimir.l,
I.i/ .iiuirntilreimj l-'rl-rnlH'tt nf the iniil
('..m/w y In thr rjltnl 0/|50,UIM.
WUBEKAf Ihl IVallnce Shipyards,
l.liiiileii, hun-repremnli'il lo lhe M11-
iiicip.h Council uf the t'ily nl Nortli
Van, timer 11 at (lie aaid Company pro*
|«»n- tii erect murine naya and aliip*
irardioa Iks prssstsss alreatli* neeneM
in lhe *,iiiill'oiii|iaiivin IheOiii of North
\ um "il va r mnl in lapsed on llie said
in trine hum-uml-hipiards tlie sum of
sl least |:il.i«m Ami also to ti'iiip a
plant for r,*r.ur- In -leel rhipB and to
expend |11 i»«i**n m.<|,tiii^ ami hnve entered mlu ai. uiireeDitiil uilli tlicfitt* of
V*rlh V111 cuter priividini! mitral 11 (or
lh,* cni-ii , lion of .uch iiinrine WSTI
iind ship* irdl and tlia*ulliiiiiit.* truimler
ol tlie eilire ship hiiiMiug liii-incssitf
I (''*in|iuni to the City ol North
Yumi'iivr nml the employment ol a
tiled iiniiilier of emploveea Ihere.
ANIi WIIKIiKtS it L- expedient to
Kr 1 tit uilli, the .aid Coiiipuiiy aa re*
*in. -liil
IIIKIil KoltK tlie Mnyor and Alder-
nuii ot tl,,* Citv nl North vaneouver in
I ..um il :i--.milled  uilh the assent ol
ll led' m of the .aid City iluly oh*
Immdi einicl us followa:—
I. 11 .hall !»• lawful lor the Council
a.l lh,* Citv of Norlh vnncouver loonier
nl*. uu .iitreeninnl wilh lhe Wallace
Snipyirds, I.iinilcI, In ivlnrli lhe aaid
1 1'.im n.'ri'i* 111 .*. ni - i.l.r.il 1. .1, of the
(Hi k'uiraiileeiiiK payment ul IleUn-
lure. to Ihi i-"iiea| In* tin, aaid Company
i**r;in nmi.mil not SXOaWdinf tUjUUO to
forthwith after dtapesal ol such iMieu*
lures liy the Compant 1 niislrml ami
etpiip marine ways and -hipyards in the
C1I1 ol North \11nc011ver on the premise, presvnlli i.*cu|iieil hy lhe (aid
Compaoi ami I*. ei|ieiii| au amount ol
il If nl ll-i.nnn in s.i Unfl and to
111.unl tin and 1,iterate aaiil marine way*
.111 I shipyards eoiiliiiiinuslv. emploi my
n>*l I- -- lhan lifty einployeea.
:'.   It .hull Is* laiiifnl  for the  Mamr
ol lhe « ilv and the Ciiy ( terk ou ll
* V, * lltiMI   ol   lilt* '.lid a-ireclllellt hv III
.1*1   Wallace  Shipiarila,   Limited,   lo
fMTMlM Iln* iiayiil'iil of tlie t.iinls lu
d hy tim aaid Ciiiupiinv (or an
una.nnl unl exct-ediiiK |.'iil,il»l, said
KUaranl"" lo h ■ tiv.n In nay ol a aepn-
rale la ,inl „r Knuraiilee ur liy emlorac-
uient mi the luml. mi to l«* is.uetl liy
lilt ■unl t'oiiipliiy. The -.ml taunt ur
fii'laar-ciucni tn he 1 iei iiiod liv the Ml-
to' ami City Clerk nml the coriairate
-eii ol lhe Cilv tn he nttaclied thereto.
Tliia llv-l.iw shall come into effect a.n
ibS HU) *l«l 'tl Mail, I'.DN,
Ihii. Hyl.xw I" Is* cited for all pur-
1-  lh" "Wallace Sliipvanli, l.ini*
lied, Ai.l tiv-Lnw, liios."
I'a-s.sl In* lheC..iincil on the llth illy
"I Mav. IND
The inonevi to la' rcnliietl frnin
the-n'e of the Mid Psbaalum rhall lie
ile|i..-i|iil to n -pisinl iiecoiint ill lhe
Hunk nf Hritish .Nnrlh America, ST nm
n'her hank nt N'or'h vnncouver, nnd
shall li * used ami ipplled onlv in and
townrilallie I'liii-iriiciiiinniiil ei|ni|'ii enl
nl tlieworksufore-uil, and ull i'lii|iies
lh, refer sinned joinlli  hy the Wu luce
Shipvartla. ni.l till represeiituliveoi the
iiniii' il
fl.   The cninpuny ni>n*e to la-vin lhe
work nf ciisT'iciion of the -aid marine
ways nnl man hinc almps within thirty
itlava alter ihs Dfbeslnni have  U'en
for the purpoee of e,,alill,i|* tl.e fi.n.-l (|i>, ,| „, „,,, („   rn(w| nit|, ,	
pany to I.arrow he ronl nnumnt and the Mri„,.i„, ,,„nli „.-,.      , tK|    , ||(„
( oniiril ot lhe ( ily have tfNSU to sule  |sv
mil 11 l!vLaw to lhe mlepaveri st the I    ,
7,    to
SlX7EEAfTH   Sr.
161 Cordova street, Vancouver, B. C.
r.ti. nol Ml,
cilv aiitlinrir.iiii; tta iimuliiu: of snd. ai.l
to ttie conipniiv hy the citv irtinrnntee-
in** p.ymi'iit ol the .nld delH'ntures upon the exisiilitin liy the company ol the
pri-eiil .'ureeniont.
AMI WH KUKAS the coinpant
hliapproiiclicd tin* Council of iln ('Mi
willl a pro|M»i inn lo Iinie 'lie Ci y
Siiarantee   i*nvinent  of   lielauitures ol
iheCniiipanvni.tto exi 1 the sum nil    •*'■    ""' '""'I'"" "cree to pat-all the
|su,uno, lor the purpose of snsUlns ita rV:'""? I,L'"
• ni|ianv lo Uirrow aa d money ind lhe
Council have nuieed in piirtmanoc ol ll
HI. The fatmpnnv nirree llial within
three months after llie completion of
the musl ruction and ispiipmert of the
said murine win*, and mncliine piiofl
they uill .'inplm at least -i'l men in and
nlaiut the snid itorks and that seventy*
tile (T'li |a'r cent. o( tIn* nien so cm-
ployed shall Ih' residents at Xortli Vancouver.
.  I
pSWWI Vcslel Ul Ihem hv -tntiUe to
U'laraiilee pnyment nf said Hi l»*ntnr «
il|mii tlieexi*ciition of this Agreement
NOW Till'1 AliltKKMKNT Wil
NKSSKTII that iu ciisi.1.tui 1011 of the
I ity iiiiataiiteeiiiK pnyiiieul of said deli-
e.itures iu manner hereinafter mentioned lhe Company n-jree with the City
ill manner fnlloitini*,, lhat ta to sny :—
1. The entire priateils to he n-alitetl
hy the Company (rom the aale nl the
•aid llels'iiliires shall la* n-.il in the
conslruclnm ami eiiiiipuienl of marine
ways ami nun line shop- ul Nnrlh van-
comer. The snid MaWM ways are lo
have a capni'ily nl ll'-iX) Puis dead weight
and are t<> Ihi it rullicient drnuitlit to
take tare ol all the local cna-liui! ver*
tela, lliet.lliiial.il coat ot ihe sai he-
iii{ approximalcly tlie sum of (.14,000.
in c* niieclimi wilh tliia tnat-
in* linlini* the siihini.-iini ol the
 —art Itvl.nw lo the Ha'epayera ol
lhe .Ilv.
IN \yiTNK.SS Will ItKOI*' lhe par-
lies hereto have InTeiliilii.td their hands
nnd aeuls, the it iv ami year first alaive
lhe Ci'r|iornte Seall
nt lhe Wallace Ship*
varda, l.imiteil, was '■        [atAl.j
hereunto aflixctl in | (N*d I
the preseiice ol     I  A   WALLACE,
Mannifinit I 'ar.. ior
(MO t"rl)
John Kiniiau..   K. I. WALLACE,
The Corporate Seal
yf the City ul Norlh
Vancouver was
hereunto altixfl ill
Ita presence ol        )
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
iiitish North America
One of Can id i's Strongest Financial Institutions
loi.it A.se s over $50,000,000
This Hank has a record behind it o( nearly three quarters
of l century of successful banking in Canida, with
issits increasing every year until tliey now exceed
|t 50,1x10,000.
Money Advanced nn reasonable terms- Drafts bought and
snhl -Monet Orders and /.ff,'V*'! of Credit isaued payable
in the leadini* cities in the world.
farmers' and froit Growers' requirements will lie given
Special attention.
0H.ce:  Cor. lonsdale Ave. and Uplanade, North Vancouver, B. I.
II.  R. Ilium, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Fcrrv Landing foi Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
itreet antl LtHOlfalo, Winch slreet and Keith Rood aa follows ! 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a, 111., 7n5 a. m., K:i5 a. ni., t) 1. ni. 9:40 1. ni.,
lotto a. 111., Alter 10:15 a. ni., cats will have yiiernsbury avenue,
Twenty hr-l and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to lhe hour ami iw. uly live minutes past the hour.
Can hive Nineteenth slreet and tjiieenslnil V avenue, Twentv first
strei 1 .nul Lonsd ile avenue. Winch street nul Keith Koad is follows;
b.i. in.. (1 55 a 111. 71.1a in. S 1,5 a in, I14J a ni.gjo a. ni,
All. 1 a, pi , 1 in i.,i-,h.na tin I'', ru l.aiidiuo ,il li 11 minutes past the
hour ami twt nl\ niiuules |0 the htuir
Xj&*    All luials are met ll)  tin* 1,11*
Aii evi'ryiliiy bargain
Ground While You   ail
j. Xa £> m. McMillan
Comet Itaplamla ami Loatdalo Avenue
Hotel North Vancouver.
Iteeeivisl Ihe Iswul ol tlie Klectnis ol
Communal ,|,r t'Uv „l North Vancouver at an elet-
linn  held (or lhe purpura'nn the	
■hiv.'f , A. II IUU*.
Iliroii.idernl In the Council, aiRneil
hi tie* Mayor ami ind finally idoptett
(ilv Clerk, inui «ealiil  witli the city
NM 011 the diy nl , A.D,
leli ,il tli.ni it 1] *•    deli ,it  nu (hi
litlli'lieiiitil nali'iiis
We   I* ITI     WciMti In *     In luml
nl s|"' 1 ni. t iln s,in*i md Mgi
liusli |*i * 11 iii'l 11 .nh Evphrati at
IJ I    in   uin n   vi   In.ak stage
|*1 'lilies  In  (his    |': *   *     l|a.
loan sanitarium
I Will Hive \n111ny 1111,n ssinns n|
I I>   I.    DliK
Sib.am   Sanitatiuui,    I phrita,
fl       May 5.
Pioneer Hardware
I'limit* IS I. WAFDFN   l.iins'liilcA'rirstStK
Sole Agents for McClary's Stoma, Ranges, I-'iirnacrs,
Sherwin iV Williams' lamous Paints.
Just tirtiveil—Our st'ii'iin's delivery of Paitita, Var-
tiishi's, etc., from l?l :')0 par gallon up.
t'p to-date
ti 00 per
ind up
Kates for
Refu lor
Ferry Service f very Hdli Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Earson, Prop.
now beinq extendid lo 23rd Street
SIM   I I BMMltD I10III    ON   llll   t tlKSl
■ in i.   ■rn   »        , > i    n« i    ai a ,   i  i
TOt'ltlS'l' HKSllUT
Hatm: ft Ml nt
i\KK MH'ICK THAT the ibo-e ll
a true rnpy nl the IV.^aieil Hy-lxjw up-
S|Kt:.! RalcN In FiiiiiilioK uml lli'jnilnr Ronrrlers
lliill-liniir lerry cnnnectlnn tn nul Irom Vnneoiiver. lint ami cnltl
uiitfr in every nniin. Itetnrn call Ik'IIii iu inry n.iin. Itarlrr
*ln'|i iu i'iiiini'i*ii"n*
Si.as,  jtaaiT,   •   •   •   •   NOKTIl   VANCOUVEK, B. C.
! have tlm lole Igeney ami instructions to m||
at lirst on.-t. the unsulil lots in City Block
228, lying between Lonadale Arenoe, Cheetorfleld
Avi'inio, 23rd nml 24th Btreeta,
Lonsdale Ave. Lots, on/if fllT'i each
I'hi'slrrlirldand Wrsttrti Are.hits only f22,r>
77','A* l/S— One foojrtk cash, halance within
10 month*
Thill l/'l« »r.' psHlj lleSNd nnd the OOrltno ntm heiiiy ejlrn.led
uill i ii.ii ri' a liaiiilmiuii' i>rialit
We liave al." a larae li«l nl |,r,|« r|i,*. in nil purl, ut llie Clly, Hid
•t'lltil au liit**|H*,*lii.ii n( nur li.t it vmi Mn In pnrrlm*..
Apply nilliuiil ililay to—
Cor. Inn-addle Avenue snd tilth St., Norlh Vincouver, B.C.
nutraon is


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