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// that which goes into petptet'
homes. To reach the people of
Ntrth   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
vicrottiA i' o
Ulratt, itai, Anmhlii
_m_ umna-! "'*- *  j '    .   .       J^m__t
mi}*- fcxpwas
™   NOV 101908
JTTB prtKting
Executed in a */)7r that pleases
and al prices Ihal are right ai
_m       The Express
At the regular session of the city be required next yeir. Chesterfield
council, on Monday evening, there ivenue school ii overcrowded,
were present Aldermen May, Irwin,  notwithstanding the recent enlarge
Crickmay,   Wheeler  and   Smith;
Mayor Kealy occupied the chair.
The deputy postmaster general
wrote, with relerence to the request
ol the couucil for mail cirrier service, that under the regulations,
such service was obtainable only
by cities having a population of
twelve thousand and showing a
poital revenue ol $10,000 per year
or upwards. As North Vincouver
has a piipulation of only 3000 and
lhe total postal revenue does not
exceed (1181, the department cannot accede to the request. The
mayor leported with refeience to
postal boxes that the matter would
duubtlcss ^satisfactorily irunged.
Alderman Smith submitted 1 report from the joint committee, with
reference to assistance to the Horticultural Association. The resolution adopted by the committee is
is lollows: "Moved by A. E. Kelly,
teconded hy Councillor McNaught,
that tinst tiuiiiiitti e ret online ml the
Horticultural Association to transfer to the city corporation the south-
most three acres of their property,
(or the sum of J6000, subject to the
proviso that the ground would be
usetl by the city lor city park,
library or city hall purposes."
Alderman Wheeler would support
the proposition ol lubmitting the
project to the ratepayers, provided
thestrings were removed, but otherwise he would oppose it. Alder
mm Mty wii in sympathy with the
purpoie, but considered the time
ment, ind at least two additionil
teichers will be required. The
wird school system would probably be idopted, whereby the lower
grades would be conducted in
schools placed throughout Ihe city,
while more advanced grades would
attend at Chesterfield avenue. The
trustees would be glad to negotiate
for a portion of the grounds of the
horticultural association.
The mayor suggested that the
board of school trustee! formulate
a comprehenlive plan and submit
it to the ritepayers at the approaching election!.
A plin of lot 3, block 31, stib-
civision 549, previous!/ ipproved
but not registered, was again approved.
Accounts is lollowi were ordered
piid: Finince committee (general), total, f-,61.70; police, total,
$306.40: I mils, total, J465;
board of wt 'is, general, total,
'3'eM.I' 'ocil improvement, total,
(1830; witeiworks, total, $543.74;
fire and light, total, 1472,7*1;
health, total, J.440.
Minutes  of a  meeting  ol the
the improvement! on that street
were carried out. Amongst thoie
comprising the deputation were
noticed, A. W, Sirgent, D. W.
Elder, A. Gibson, T. J. Smith, T.
0. Mills, J. H. Selkirk, J. Alexander, J. Williimi, F. Tuck ind W.
H. Stoney.
A.W. Sargent stirted the ball
rolling by observing that the street
had palpably been laid out at
bench grade, but it had later been
discovered that thii was in violation of the council'i own resolution, passed sometime igo, to the
effect that gradei on north ind
south streets should be straight
grades, and an effort hid been
made to make the work conform
lo thii resolution, with the result
that it was neither the one nor the
other. He had examined streets
in all the leading citiei of the continent and never saw anything approaching this. The street would
stand if lelt in the present state, as
a monument to the incompetence
of the engineer and all connected
with it. The sidewalk between
Lonsdale and Chesterfield avenues
variea Irom three inches above the
alleyway to si\ inches below Lons-
dale walk. The conduiti are not
conduits, (or water backs up and
Howi across the street. In fact,
the job is a botched job. The
watermain has been allowed to
remiin on the high side of thi
! street near the sewer ind hid been
^______________.      , .sunk in the hard   pin four or five
itiSsfwrkscoaflMttw xwrflfljl^ „, costo{ .pp™;™,^
$3000,   whereas   new pipe   might
inopportune for asking the people
to vote S6000 lor thii particular
purpoie, ai there were olher vary
important nutters requiring mention for which beivy loam would
-be neccisary. a-At thfl un.i .asaio
be could see no objection to giving
the ratepayers an opportunity to
record their votes (or or agiinit.
Mayor Kealv did not comider
$6000 1 very heivy loin, more
particularly ai a very valuible property would be thereby saved.
Aid. Smith stated that the board
of directori of the association were
willing to remove ill restrictions,
sive thit the property be used lor
public purposes. Aid. Irwin wis
ol opinion thit the matter wu ol
sufficient importance to justify iti
submission to the people, ind
Aluernun Crickmay wai of the
ume mind, if the property were to
be icqnired for public purposes.
In reply to 1 question by Aid.
Wheeler, the miyor stited tint the
board of directors would hive power to convey the property to the
city for public purposes, but if not
used for such purpoie it would revert to the city. A motion wii
pissed to the effect, thit the boird
of directors be notified thit if the
objectionable reitrictiom ire removed ind the stipulation mad*
that the property it to be used for
public purpose!, council will refer
the nutter to the people tt the
Jinuiry election!.
A. K. Steicy, chiirman ol the
ichool boird, addressed the council with relerence to Moodyville
ichool nutters, John Hendry
strenuoutly objecli to the ichool
tix of II700, which he is called
upon to pay as owner of the
Moodyville townsite. The actual
cosl of the school is only |66o per
annum, and of this the government pays $45 per month, so thit
there is 1 totil of $1240 per yeir
riiied, with which to piy $660
actual expenses. Mr. Hendry will
be under the necessity of charging ground rent it the rate of f 25
per month unlesi hii school tix ii
adjusted to his satisfaction. The
mayor could not tee how the rite
could be lowered in Mr. Hendry's
livor, because surrounding property piid the ume rite, ind any
special conceitiont to one would
ciuse complicitiom which would
endinger the entire issessment.
As (or the ground rent, it wis
figured out tint 1 debenture loan
involving the raising of I no per
year, or ten dollars per month,
would duplicate the property, io
that tt$ per month is entirely un-
Mr. Steicy directed the attention of council to the fad lhat one
or two additional ichool titei will
recommending as follows : That
tenden be celled for quotations on
10,000 feet of 4-inch and jooo feet
of eight inch, wooden Hive pipe ;
tint Isaac Walden be ippointed
superintendent of the city waterworks system, at 1 salary ol I40
per month; that P. McDonald be
appointed foreman in charge of
construction work. The report
was finally adopted with amendments, eliminating the 3000 feet of
8-inch pipe and ipecifying that the
superintendent it to be under tbe
general direction oi  the  citv   rn
Aid. Smith read the proposed
petition to the provincial government, with relerence to the .y a
blishment of a land registry office
In the city. The memorial cites
lhe following points: 1. It is desirable iu the city's interests that
all such buiineu be transacted at
home. 1. The fees on business
now done for this city ind diitrict
amount to over f.800 per month,
and will steadily increase. 3 The
renuiv.'l of the Vancouver offices
to Georgia street will work a hardship upon residents of this side of
the Inlet, making matters even
more inconvenient than they are
now. 4. Facilities lor the regii-
tration of birthi, nurriiges and
deaths would prore a greit convenience and siring of time for
local ie .iili-nis s The opening
ol a registry office would lead to
the holding of county court and
small debts court on this side,
which is a very desirable development.
Aid. Irwin idded thit the registry office would sive to our citizen!
quite I500 per month, in time and
expense running to and fro to Vin
couver for the transaction of inch
business The memorial wis id-
opted, the miyor to iffix his signature on belull of the city.
Tenden were opened as follows:
For griding 8th itreet, from Loni-
tlile ivenue to 13th street, Askew,
Kennedy St McLennan, (1670; A.
Morrison, S3481; A. Farro, J2905;
K. Nelson, $1405. For 8th itreet
sidewalk: Atkew, Kennedy St McLennan, J474, John McEwen,
I374.50; A. Morritan, J585; R.
Ni Is,hi f (mi For Victoril I'ark
sub*walk Askew, Kennedy tnd
McLcnnin, I108; John McEwen,
$62.50; F. M. Breney, (64.75.
The board recommended that the
lowest tender in each case be ic
cepted, namely: For 8th street
grading, Robert Nelson; for 8th
streei sidewalk, John McEwen; lor
Victoril Park sidewalk, John McEwen.
The respective bylaws establishing permanent grades on 3rd, 8th
ind 16th streets, were given their
final reading.
have been bought and laid on the
south side of the street at much
less cost. The contractors .were
not to blame but the board of
works must be expected to stand
between those who pay and incompetency upon the part of the engineer. This pipe will sooner or
later have to be replaced by new
pipe on the other tide of the street,
lor the reason that seepage will inevitably find its way iuto the joints
ind render the witer unfit   for ule
Third Street Protest
A stitmg deputation of 3rd street
property owneri waited on the city
council in apecia1 leuion,   I	
day evening, ind   entered   itrong
proteit against the manner in which
was an outrage that property owners should be expected to pay for
in h blunders upon the part ol any
in official position. When the
blunder with regard to the grades
was discovered, instead of trying
to remedy tbe matter by means ol
an "easement" ku a short distance,
tne grades should have been altered throughout the entire blocks,
without respect to cost. At present they are not in conformity
with any recognized system of
John Alexander took strong exception to the condition ol the side
walk between Lonsdale and Chesterfield avenues. It was not level
but a succession ol rises and falls.
Evidently, when the alterations had
been made in the grade at the
street intersections,no corresponding alterations had been made inr
the boull'vaitl and sidewalk specifications. He would like some definite assurance from the council,
to the effect that these serious defect! would be remedied. If that
were not provided, he wished to
point out that the property owners
have effective Jegtl remedy, as essential error had been made, in
proceeding on the basis of bench
gradei at streei intersections. Two
hundred and fifty dollars wis to
have been the city's total contribu
tion to the work for street intersec
tions, but he was informed by the
contractors thit more thin this
imount hid been spent on t tingle
intersection. How il the balance
to be arranged'
William Morden was of opinion
thit the greit mistake was with
the engineer. Resolutions had
been passed by the council governing the gradei on north and south
itreeti and these had been ignored.
Had those resolutions been observed there would have been no
trouble. Property owners on Third
itreet had an opportunity to make
a splendid street and they are willing to pay for it, but when they
did piv for it, they wanted the
work properly done and they had
the right to look to the council to
lee that such was the case.
T. J. Smith took exception to the
lowering of the waterpipe in ils
present location and at such great
cosSj and wanted to know who
would be expected to pay for it.
The mayor gave it at his opinion
that it was a necessary part ol the
improvements, lor which the ratepayers had petitioned and that they
would be expected to pay.
John Alexander took the position that had the grades been properly laid originally, this work
would not have been necessary,
tnd that lurther, it wis ol no advantage to the property owneri and
that it therefore could not be charged to them.
Jesse Williams liked, whit hai
tha blunder coil 3rd itnet ? If the
gride had been properly carried
out, then the waterpipe would not
have had to be moved and other
expenses would hive been ivoided
thit in ill could not be computed
at lets than 1(5000. No sensible
board would ever have built such
a street and he considered it a disgrace to the council.
D. W. Elder, 1. H. Selkirk,
Alex. Gibson and others spoke
briefly on different features of the
Miyor Kealy had that morning
noted the condition ol the sidewalk
previous to learning that the deputation proposed to wait on the
council, and had then decided to
aid certain questions ol the engineer. As to the blunder at street
intersections, when it was discovered he wai most astonished to
learn that it had been made, because council had a very heated
debate at the time the resolutions
were paised, and the engineer himsell had advocated straight grades
on north and south streets. The
difficulty hid been considered by
the board of works, whose recom
mendation that the return be made
to straight gndei by means of
easements had heen adopted. With
proper instructions, he was of opinion that the other objectionable
features could have been overcome.
Certainly the ratepayers must have
satisfaction and council would
thresh tin matter out until it was
understood and rectified.
Aid. Irwin made several helpful
explanations ol the engineering
difficulties attending the work,
which explained some of the features to which objection had been
Aldermen May,Smith,and CncW
may nude brief comment on the
Engineer Loutet hid adopted
practically a bench gride it intersections, became my more than a
three per cent gride it these points
would render the block paving of
Third street impracticable, on account of horses and wagons skidding. The straight grade makes too
heavy a grade at these points on
this basil. The penontl references he would piss over without
comment. The minor complaints
would tike care of themselves and
as soon as the weather would permit the entire work would be completed.
Sacred Recital
The first of a series of monthly
sacred recitals to' be given by St.
John's choir, will be held in the
church on Tuesday evening, at 8
o'clock. There will be no admission charge, but an offertory will
he taken for the congregationa!
funds. The following is the programme:
Organ prelude, "Prayer," from
Cavalleria Rusticana, Mascigni.by
J. Alexander; song, "Invocation,"
Mireno, by C. H. Hooley; song,
"Angels Ever Bright ind Kiir,"
Handel, by Mrs. Allan; quartette,
"Lead Kindly Light," Dudley
Buck, by Messrs Smith, Choyce,
Alexander and James; song, "O,
Rett in the Lord," Mendeluohn,
by Mn. Hewitt; long. "Resignation," Lindiay, by C. H. Hooley;
song, "O Divine Redeemer," Gounod, by Miss Cameron; song, "II
With All Your Hearts," Men
delssohn, by H. V. Smith; song
"There ii a Green Hill,Far Away,"
Gounod, by Mrt. Allan; long,
"My God ind Father," Manton,
by Mrt. Hewitt; quartette, "Softly
Now the Light of Day," Weber,
by Messrs. Smith, Choyce, James
and Alexander.
World's Greatest Shows, live
different nationalities. First-class
performers, L a r 10 n's pavilion.
Nov. 10.
C. N. Hewitt returned to town
last week from an extended visit lu
hit old home in Ontario. During
hii absence Mr. Hewitt sojourned
chiefly in Toronto and Hamilton,
The board of trade his invited
Elliot S. Rowe, mu.ager ol the
Vancouver Tourist & Information
Bureau, to give an address before
the board at the regular meeting
on the 24th inst.
The severe storm of Monday
night washed away the telephone
cable at the Second Narrows, so
that communication with Vancouver by this means was cut off.
Considerable difficulty was experienced in locating the cable and the
line was out of business several
Coming.—World's Greatest
Shows—Larson's pavilion, Tuesday evening, Nov. 10.
The boys at the firehall are deliberating the advisability of putting on a boxing or wrestling tournament sometime during the winter months. There is a lot of good
miterial within reach lor amateur
exhibitions of a high order, and an
opportunity presents itself to encourage clean sport on these lines
to advintage.
The manuscript of the special
auditor's report is now all in type
at Thi Express Office. It had
been hoped to put the publication
in the hands of the public with thit
issue, but the proof reading and
press work will necessitate delay.
The report will be in readiness lor
Ths 'MB ll Tlj FatfMf' on F''"
The Youug People's Club, at
their seition on Tuesday evening,
will wrestle intellectually with the
important problem, "Should Canada Sever Her Connection with
Great Britain" ? The affirmative
will be attempted by Messrs. Gillam and Glrrow, while the negative will be maintained by Messrs.
Knowles and Shepherd.
Singing,tlant ing,toineilians,eli .
in Larson's pavilion, Nov. 10.
The Choral Society practice,
held at the Esplanade cafe on Wednesday evening, was well attended
and some effective work wai accomplished. The weather conditions which have prevailed of late
have not been favorable and the
attendance of sopranos has suffered somewhat, but the adverse conditions cannot long prevail. The
"prospects are very favorable lor
the building up ol a society which
will be heard to advantage belore
the season closes. There is room
at the present time for a number
ol reliable soprano voices. Any
member ol the society will be
pleased to hear (rom those who
wish to unite therewith.
On Wednesday evening the rite
of holy matrimony wat celebnted
between Arthur Earle Waghorne,
of North Vancouver, and Mirah
Sylvia Ball, recently ol Hackney,
London, Eng., from which place
the bride arrived in the city on
Wednesday morning. The ceremony wis performed at the residence of Geo. H. and Mrs. Morden, 325 Second street cist, Rev.
B. Hedley Balderstone, pastor ol
the Methodist church, officiating
The happy couple have taken up
their residence at the corner of
Kiith road ind St. George's ivenue. Mr. Waghorne has been a
member ol The Expriss Mail for
six months past, and the heirtiest
good wishes  are extended to him
ie, whose merits is a clever boxer
are well known locally, will mix
things up for a while with Williamson, another local devotee of the
nanly art, who shows excellent
.lass. * It is expected that there
will be an exhibition of club swinging and other features of merit.
Alderman A. E. Crickmay, chairman of the fire and water committee will occupy the chair. The
proceeds of the entertainment will
prove very helpful in carrying out
plans for adding to the efficiency
ol the department, and the citizens should take advantage ol this
opportunity to express their active
interest in the firemen tnd their
Egyptian Necromancers, etc., in
Larson's pavilion, Nov. 10.
Anniversary Banquet
The first anniversary banquet of
the Methodist church, held on
Tuesday evening, was in every way
a conspicuous success. The building presented a most attractive appearance, wilh five tables burdeneflV
with appetizing dainties and more
substantial food, and prettily decorated with fruit and flowers. The
attendance was large, practically
every one ol the chairs being occupied.
After full justice had been done
to the excellent repast the toast
list was proceeded with, the pastor, B. Hedley Balderstone, acting
as toast master, in the unavoidable
absence of Rev. A. M. Sanford, ol
Vancouver, who wai to have pre-
sided. The toast list was 11 lollows The King, responded to by
singing the National Anthem; Our
Country, proposed by E. S, Knowl-
to*\rf").,'trc!arKe, 01 'Vancouver^
Our City, proposed by Geo. H.
Morden,and responded to by Mayor Kealy and Alderman V. Wheeler; Our Municipality, proposed by
F. li Crummer, ami responded to
by Reeve W. H May; Our Church
proposed by VV. H. Parkin and responded to by Messrs. M. B. Martinson, sr., E. W. Leeson, Vancouver, and Rev. Kobt. Milliken, pat-
torof Wealey Church, Vancouver.
A toast to the pastor, Rev. B.
Hedley Balderston, was proposed
in a neat speech by Rev. A. M.
Sanftud, who arrived late in the
evening, and enthusiastically responded to by singing, "For He's
1 Jolly Good Fellow," ind three
rousing cheers, with a tiger. The
speeches ol the evening were ill
excellent. They were brief, pointed, witty and were thoroughly enjoyed by the entire gathering. The
several musical items ol the programme are deseiving special mention. ' Miss Lesson, C. E. Smith-
eringale and A. Earle Waghorne
were the participants, and the appreciation of tbe audience was expressed in a hearty encore in eich
instance. The function wn one
of high order in every portion of it
ind such occasions are certain to
exert a beneficial influence upon
the institution by which Ihey are
given, ai well ai taking their place
as helpful factors in the social life
of the city,
Ernest Rogers and Lydia Agnes
McEwan, both of Vancouver, were
united in marriage on Wednesday,
at the residence ol the bride'i mother, 1062 Haro itreet. The ceremony wis performed by Rev. J.
Simpson, pastor of the First Congregational church. The bride
was given away by her brother-in
law, L. A. Bailey. Mr. and Mrs.
Rogers will tike 1 two weeks' trip
to the south and, upon returning,
will nuke their permanent reiidence in North Vincouver.
Lynn Geek Notes
The heavy rains and rush of
waters caused a break in tht llunie,
putting it out of business.
Hallowe'en pranks were much in
evidence Saturday night, not the
least of which was the hiding of
carts and wheelbarrows in the hush,
much to the disgust ol the owners.
About 180 feet was carried iwiy
out ol the flume in the Lynn valley,
ind his estimable wife, lor future' by the heavy storms this week, and
happiness and prosperity.- I a cut fifteen feet was made under
The smoker Concert, which is lo
1 the Keith road, near Reeve May'a
residence, undermining one of the
girders but not seriously.
A narrow escape from deith was
experienced by Gladys Kirkland
on Saturday. A hurst she waa
< riding bolted in thc vicinity of the
S. & M. store tnd threw her off.
She hung on to thc lines and waa
Iragged a  distance ol 50 yardi or
be given by the fire department in
the fire hall on Monday evening,
gives every promise of affording an
excellent evening's entertiinment.
The arrangements for the program
ire not yet finally made, but a
collection of firit diss features it
assured.     There will be severil
vocal and instrumental selection!. ^	
Rod Renshtwe, chtmpion light'10, when she let go. Beyond the
weight wrestler of the Picific cottt! inevittble bruises ind scralchet the
will be seen in tction with John-: young lady escaped serious injury,
ion, ol Vincouver, tnd Bob Ritch-1 but it wai a close shave THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Nin ni Yanh'i van, li. C.
r i,. SmithihkoalIi 8. ll. Moanw,
MiDifflr,     BuilneM K|r,
K I IKS..I'M iisikii-tion:
One year *       *       M-JJ
,-ix montlit -       *       '      ',,r
Three monthi    -        ■ ■'-'
Polled Snilc- ami l'iiri*igu,fl..r>(l|»,ryeiir
Mi.'IKI'ISIM.   11 \ ll.S
Tiiis-ii.M  Ditrui   Anvaantanflflia—
,-„i, elite pet ineli each in-ertinii.
|,,i,a,   NOTICH, i:i'.--|l.i«i I'er ineli |.*r
| ,.    t\i. I'nincK NotlCIS   illl'laii-. l'i.
I,,,,i \ iriiim   lo-t intflrtlon, 10
l-Uli'l pel Mat I. lUbll a|llelll llll-.T-
li ic I" r line.
Bunimi Nurica* n Lot it Nm C**i*
, M\.     |0 . . aal- |a.*rllllt...*lt.*ll iltaerlii'll.
I ,,Mi:ta i   AliVIITIimiKtl -   Unlet  ur*
rangi-d aeeordina, toipaet taken,
Ml eh ingeiln eiiiiiriii'l ailvertiwiiieiilK
,i,h-i i... in ihi handle!the printer bj
Wedm-adl) at. *iiiii*;l. ieii-iiri'|iublii'iiliiii:
In the neat Inn*.
Nokiii Vakcoiwk, Nov. b. [got
Now (hat the term of oflice for
tin* preient council is drawing toward it- ti'se, aiiil thfl time is approaching when thf fllflctoratfl wil
bt laillcil upon to app iial tbc snt
cessors of the present aldermen,
public interett is nflturtlly turning in that direction and possibilities are being diw nued as to thfl
pertonnel ol tha incoming mayor
and council, This is i matter of
Vital importance to  the  citizens,
ami particularly al tins juncture is
it deairable thai tin- elector! act
*iflfll] .nnl with the best interests
ol thc city alone in view.    The I'm
aicial situation   has  at  times ap
p *.u tl none too satisfactory during
the past m ai.  bul  gradually   the
position "I affairs  has   improved
until now then is every ptotpi ct
lhat the inci.iiiing council will Iind
thtmifllvefl in a very   satisfactory
position in this regard.     Tin dfl>
bentiire debt has been  finally ar-
very shortly will   bfl)   lor  much
needed extensions   to thfl   until
works system, the I ip nditun lias
been kept well withm the n ipi i
live appropriations inaih to the
several committees, ami altogether
the financial situation is good, lt
is imperative lhat the council lor
iijoij be ' iln imt in the millet ol
civic finances, lor the reaaon that
the policy followed m ilns regard
in thfl iiiiine.li.ile liilurt  will  twill
an inestimable influence U|   the
future welfare of thfl city, I In ic
aie ci\ic works, such as | . waj I
I] Item, which demand early attention, and which will 'require large
sums of money snd skilful handling,
lt is contended by loan, that thc
inst of adminialration is noi so
econiiniii.il   a*, it might be un.lir
pn suit irrangementa, ami ii it
'b lirable thai il w count il 11
well poi-t.l in dm, mat*- i. so ihal
while c\a i\ pouibli ii nm. i ss.m
eapenditun in ilns regud be
avouled, ,ii ilu- lani i ,in . the 11||.
iieiuy 011 i   i iff I-i nut impaired,
Possible llilwi) *|i vi .i.pin. nts In-
lore thi eml of i *oc.(| | inaddfld
i'. -ni win the i li i loratt should
sa i.ili tai. lully th-   |» raonw i oi
those who will ad iiii i tb. ,,.,,
again throughout the. ot g yut
In order thai thii matti i smj bt
placed luii.i. tin i it i toratt in good
(nni ami iii an intflUigiblc manner,
Ths Exi i i hai pflrtonallj Inti r
viewed proapi i live camlidatei lm
mayoralty and aldcimaiiii honor!
with tht lollowing rt ulis: Mayoi
Ki .ily, upon |.. mg ask' tl lo state
untitle toward pc-etible i ■ i li i
tion, replied "Von may siaie
plainly anddeflnitel} that 1 will bs
a candidal! loi tba mayoralty ol
North Vancouvei al th* approai i
ing civic elections.    Many DOS) III
But miai t itiaani bavi i iki al me ta
allow my name to   go   befon   tin
iltctorate,   TMsnqiMsl will not
tain lorn ol a rtquiaition, I
I bavi i o opposed to that
tin lii"'] nl  pi K iduK,   but   I   Inn,
decided, ilteri iralulcouiderition,
to itandfoi soothi 11- rmasmi
Alderman  W, 11   May,   upon
intimation that it was reported that
ie was in the field for the in,i\or-
ally, stated: "That is not quite
correct. It is true that 1 have
ba i ii approached  by many rate
payers with lhe request that I allow myself to be nominated for
Ihe mayoralty. In but, 1 was
thus approached lasl year, but at
thai time positively declined, consenting, however, lo si.nul Ior
alderman. During the present
m .0 I have continually received
saauraact oi support, ii I would
run for thfl mayoralty, and of late
llin- has mt leased to a persistent
uigiiig. Mt reply lias been, and
still is, thai I would not allow myself to be placet! in nomination lor
the mayoralty, ttnleas tangible
pmol is provided Ihal such is the
wish ol a large body ol ratepayers.
I would like to have i n at sl thi
board of aldermen in the next
count il, bul 1 have no ainbiliuns
toward the mayor's position
111.wi \er. il a tuitsblfl requisition
wt ia pn m nh d. 1 mold consider
the mailer.''
■Uderinaii li win has lieen spoken
to by a iiuinl'i i of influential citi
zens to permit his nomination as a
candidate lor mayor. His business, however, requires clofli amplication, so that in is ttroogly
disinclined 10 consider even alder-
manic honors thii year, much less
10 ttk tin niayoially. He ct i
tainly would not consider the pro*
position, should Mayor Kelly de
cub* to s.-.k it-t lection. On the
other hand, lie ami bis clients are
intended in North Vancouver pro
p. rty tn thfl extent of half a million
ol dollar*, ami sliould an exigency
arise in whicli there would be reason lo believe that public intereits
would be seiM'tl by his canJida-
liire In would consider the matter
A. V le ai-ley, when informed
that In was suggested as a possible candidate lor the chief tnagis
trait, denied   the   soft   impeach
ment, stating that be bail  always
wwi'i'Mla^i'iMiiilyval'do Ntgra
A- lor thfl council, he had not
given the matter strkxii thought
and tlui uol know just what the
probabilities w, ra.
Win. Morden promptly and pos
itively declared that he would not
i nn nam tin suggflfltion lor either
iln- t oiiniil or the mayoralty. Pre
vitnis endeavor in this direction
bad not piiv.ii mii i t"*-*liil ami lu
would have nothing to dn with
civic ullices, but would content
himsell with looking sit*! his
large local inti rants, in ihe cap*.
i ily iif a |unate titi/.i n.
Aid. Smith   bad   puMlivrly   tl.
dined to coosidsi tin* mayoralty
ami hail not yet decided   whflthel
be wuulal b, available lor lhe al-
biiiiaiiit bo.ml. l'i.mi Iln- tmu'iif
Mr.Smith's conversation, however,
it might bfl gathered that the pro-
bability is thai   bfl will    be in    the
running ior saotbfli i rm as al.b i
Ahi. Wbflik r is \i i oi itn< trtain
mind,     lb has no strong  deiin
lot   11<IIIlii.iiui  humus,   with    then
attendant reiponflibililH t, but pre*
!• i I" b SVI Ihl mall. I in abetaiit I
lot tin   pies, ut
Aid  Braim has been out nl town
In the week, Imt il is   und'i
that he has   i ipfflflfll I   Ininsell as
veiy doubtful o(  his olb ring   bun
sill for ii- i li i lion.
Aid  Crickmay. upon  being in
tervii ned. was not prepared to
express himsell   positively at pn
There appears to bfl every proha-
ility that the ratepayers will have
an aggregation of excellent mater
ial Irom which to select the administrators of civic affairs for igoij.
The amount of damage suffered
u Vancouver as a result of the
itorm of Monday night, brings to
light the (act that North Vancouver escaped with very light penal-
tt indeed. Notwithstanding the
fact that the watershed tributary to
Vancouver streets is comparatively
mall, the damage reported is assuming large proportions. The
sewage system proved inadequate
to carry off the volume of water
ind, as a consequence, the cellars
of many leading business houses
were flooded, with serious results.
Chief among these is the Woodward departmental stores, where
the damage reaches |io,ooo, and
the Columbia brewery, where a
like amount is reported. In the
residential sections ol the city the
washing out of trenches and other
more or less alarming occurrences,
kept the population in a state of
high excitement. It is reported
that in Fairview, where new pipes
had just been laid on Granville
street and lhe trenches filled in, the
rushing water tore thc filling out
and lelt the pipe exposed. When
Nortli Vancouver citizens consider
the immense watershed whose waters pouring down in torrents must
be cared lor by the streams on this
sitli' ol the Inlet, assisted by the
drams of the city, they mint at
once conclude that the damage ac-
tilling Irom the storm was comparatively small. In fact there is
every probability that the harm
done would have been practically
nil, but for Ihe fact that the month
ol the culverts on Lonsdale avenue
became choked with cobble stones,
thus forcing; the water into the
street, where deep ruts were made
in the roadbed. The entire damage was   repaired   by   the itreet
„„„„..:. . in nil, a.1 .!-•■-
For Sale
Strawlwrry runner.,Tan' |ter 100 (Magtmn
anil l'iixlniil
llimpberry eanes |1.(X) per 100(Culhlttrl
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Red eurruiit-i, 1380 a dozen, 5 yrs. old
Rhubarb, |1 per don.
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House Furnishings and
at Reasonable Prices, go to
The North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
11,'KSK 111.01'K I.IINSIIAI.K AVE,
mwnrHiisTKiuii district
TAKE notice that William 11. Roberts,
of Thunder bay .occupation rant-her,
intend! to apply inr ptnMflfllfla to pur*
Cham' the loBttWUMJ described lauds:
Coniiuencini at a |to»t planted at tin
tnnthi-Mt corner ol lot 1521 and N.W.
forner ol lot Ml. thence went *H) chaiiiH
more or MM, to B.W. nirnerol lot 1521,
south 30 chain.., eaat 40 chains more or
leas, to western ttouiuliry of lot 2491.
norlh 30 chains, to point ol commencement.
Per Juan Hoirusoi-,, Agent
Dated Sent. (Hli, IW
Located Sept. 5th, 1WR 30-St
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close lor despatch at (ollows : 1' jr Vancouver ind all
points N a. in., 11:15 a. 111., 5:45
p. ni.; (or Lynn creek, 11:151. m.
M.nls arrive : Vincouver and ill
poind, ij 10 a. in., 12:45111,5:45
p, in : (rom Lynn creek 1 p. ni.
Ootgoia| nails lor Lynn creek
idler 11:15 a. 111. should he delivered at the wicket.
1'it'parations are now under way
lor the second ol the leries til the
elm utii.nar\ contests, umler iln*
luipictt ol the local branch ol the
W C.T.U It is thedeiireol the
union lo hold the contest early in
DflO iiiiii r Anv boys or girls be*
tween the flftfl ol thirteen and six
(ecu, who wish lo enter the con*
lest, should forward their names
antl addresses to Mrs. C. I. Ha
mth street, an soon as possible.
When you intend building
11 lira 1111.
j. 1. miK. mint
Branch Hffie*, l.uiudale AtcCiti). Phnne
Head lUjictt,nl Mill, l.unn Creek, fl. l
Ii Wi
Pion V, Noith fumskos
MM'i,    Vaici-i'Tii
Dominion  Subsidy
Builders and
P. LARSON is  prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kinds of Building
Material in (inutilities to suit
and at reasonable prices.
Proposed Nortli Vsncouver
Terminus of (irand Trunk
suit     III wimltl 11111 be .uin ise lolI'iiII nn ui or write lor lull partiinUra.
.iiiuilier   dim   .is   ,ilth iiiihii,   but
iln i' i|'|" ip 1 in be a probability
nf nne ni mon  additional  candi
tl.it' ■ Inun practically the sjiu.
set lion nf  llie   1 ity ,is   himself, in
which 1,1st   it mifhl  be advisable
lor lum tn n me Ihs ileciiion
will be 1 iiiitinKint 011 luture de*
Thu liiilin s ul setei.tl other pru-
inui' nt t itui'ii- Inivt been men
tinned in   tnnn. I Inn   with the in*
coming 1 ninii il. but  1  1 I
it not in  position at  pnsflol  tii
"'a^ onris sMtisa known, h qi lonsdale Ave.       TeKOMne n
Virili Vancouver Uurdware
Company, Ltd.
To the Citizens of
North  Vancouver
Wc pitronize your home
papers with the In ipe that
you will patronize us, BUT
not unlets we can give you
not only Fust Class Piano
Quality, lll'l -alsoLower
Pricei. All we atk ol you
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get our prices and Easy
Terms. Recently wc pub-
lithed a list ol some Two
Dozen of your Most Prominent and Well Known
Citizens who have bought
of us
which is only one ol the
16 different makes we
carry in stock.
iim «m»iihimi »mmii m
■ 1 oii-oi
WOOD & SON are the Relmbli'tijiil l'-uctii'id Shoe-
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$10,000  StOCkft   to Select From
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go to THOS. O. MILLS
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C1V11.    1   N'.INKKW
yuantily Surveyor antl Architect
Fourth Stkbiit, -"oknbii Uinsualb Avi
Cor. Lonsdale and .Hth St.
ivans e. hub. Piop*.
Pima    nnd    Specilicatioii"!    PlflflKfli.
When thinking «l building let us give
sn enliniiile.
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all pans of IhH ih
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N.V. NSI1 CO.,
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts ol the city.
20 loaves lor *-i
5C. per loaf.
i'iiiink 8        71 Lonsdale Ave    |
rmi'ir mm ItttBW
pi'HI.IC NOTICE in hereby given that
in uoiitrtlant't' with the pmviaiona ol
the I'ublic Health Hi*Uw, ol tin I'in*
nf Norlh Vancouver, the Municipal
Council liaveconlraclrtl with lhe Metli*
ial Health Officer lo attend at the Cilv
llall, North Vaiicomcr, un the Kiriit
Monday sl each innntli, it tin* hnnr n(
11 o'clock in the lorcnooii, lor the pnr-
|i.i»eof vaccinating at MtflMfllfl nl
ilie eity, al> poor pcrauns;anil all others
at their 1.hii expense.
The father, inuthcr, or |icri*on having
the cure, nurture, or eu.lody ol every
child tnirn in the city, -lull, within
three intinllm alter tlie birth ol audi
child, tike or caime to lie taken, the
child, tn the Medical I'nii litioner, in attendance at the above appointed plaee,
(or the Mfl nl being vaccinated ; un*
leaa the child ban lieen previoiialy vaccinated by anine legally qualilied 'Practitioner,   and    the   vaccination   duly
City Clerk.
Norlh Vancouver, B.C.,
'■nh July, HUH. _M
Cl'.i-lll BmUd| Street
Smart Clothes
For Young' Men
Trust them for making the absolute correct
If you're a "fellow" of judgment and good
tHste in dressing yourself, you'll have a great
chance to give these qualities in yourself the
fullest exercise this season.
Fit-Reform garments are the best produced
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Here's a chance to be lucky. Huy one of
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worth double the money.
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
J. W. Balmain, civil engineer,
has favored The Express with the
diagram of an idea he has formulated of making Chesterfield avenue
the main business thoroughfare of
the city. He maintains that the
grade ol Lousdile avenue is such
that it can never be made a success for business houses, aud that
it should bc maintained strictly as
a residential centre.
In his dralted plan Mr. Balmain
sets forth that Lonsdale avenue
carries a grade ol 8.7 per cent, to
Keith road,ant) 7.6 per cent, grade
thence to 8th street. The elevation at the intersection of Keith
road is placed at 168 feet and at
8th street 314 feet. To give a 7
per cent, grade from the ferry slip
straight through to 8th street, Mr,
Balmain maintains would necessi
tate a deep cut Irom Keith road to
8th, which, ol course, Would militate adversely against all fronting
Chesterfield avenue, however,
Mj. Balmain holds, naturally lends
itselt to lhe idea of the main tImr
onghlare up the bill from the water-
Iront. While it is at present only
80 leet wide, yet it would an easy
matter to acquire an additional 10
leet on each side of the avenue,
thus bringing it up to 100 leet, the
same width as Lonsdale. The
levels al the intersection ol Chesterfield aud 8th are set at 178 feet,
as against J14 feet at the intersec*
ti 111 of Lonsdale and 8th, and ion
leet at Chesterfield and i]th as
against 1 \\ at Lonsdale and 13th.
These levels will readily give a
uuili.1 ui grade ot 7 per cent, from
the waterfront to the bench lands
at the top of the hill. At the wt
terfront Chesterfield avenue could
be eitended so n to permit a
whirl to be built, at which ill
heavy businesi could be handled.
At the same lime it is an understood thing that the proposed railroad will have its stttion at the
loot ol Chesterfield.
From the intersection of 8th ami
Chesterfield,Mr. Bilmtin hu figured out ili.it distribution could be
made to all parti of the bench land
it very eisy grtdei, tuch 114.5
per cenl. eistward on 8th, 7 per
cent, eist on nth, etc. Sttrting
from 8th he would tecoaiiuend
that i In si. in. id be eatended
ttnight through, joining Lonidale
■ at 15th itreet. Thit would give
eity tcceti to Kecreition Firk, 11
well 11 affording a connection lor 1
mtin thoroughfire out to Lynn
Valley. Mr. Balmain believet that
future growth of the city will warrant hit idea being placed into execution it once, ind (hit the bett
interesti of every section of the
city would be idvinced by tdopt-
ing hit plan. The preient lerry
whirl need not be ibandoned, but
could be used for ordinary traffic,
while thc proposed one it Chesterfield could bfl made the nuin artery ol the city. The cost of carry
ing out the plan is tuggetted, the
author holds, would be but slight,
while the commensurate benefits
would be far-reaching and letting
occasion for a very appropriate incident in St. Andrew's Presbyterian church, on Saturday evening
last. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bain
have been prominent and valued
workers in the church for some
years past and their departure is
sincerely regretted. Their many
friends in the congregation could
not allow them to remove without
at least some.token of the universal esteem in which they are held,
and some recognition of appreciation of their helpful and faithful
services to tbe church. The Ladies
Aid Society, with which Mrs. Bain
was prominently connected, presented her with a lovely hand painted vase, accompanied by an address, read by Mrs. J. D, Gillam.
Mrs. G. A. McBain made the presentation, the gift being received
by Mr. Bain, in the unavoidable
absence ol Mrs. Bain. The Sunday scho"!, of which Mr. Bain was
superintendent,presented bin with
a handsome Russia leather Bible,
in connection with which G. A.
McBain read an appropriate address. Mr. Bain replied in a reminiscent vein, recalling the many
pleasant features of the associations which Mrs. Bain and himself
had been privileged to enjoy with
their cc-laborers in the cause. He
expressed the sincere appreciation
of himsell and Mrs. Bain of the regard in which they were held by
the congregation, and assured llu m
that the beautilul gifts would be
treasured as a tangible expression
of that regard.
The A. M. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's t>o|>ular MenSfr Boy VS lore
Tht Floods Came
Hallowe'en Party
E. L. and Mrt. Kiddc give a
most delightful party to a number
oi their Iriendi on Saturday even
ing lut. Tne occtsion wn mirked by special Hallowe'en leaturet,
which were decidedly origintl ind
which greatly enhanced tbe enjoyment ol the evening. The gueiti,
at they arrived, were met at thc
door by 1 veritable witch ol the
proverbiil diminutive proportion!,
and dreiied in strictly conventional style, who preiented to each a
nut shell, which, upon being open
ed, wit lound to contiin 1 miitivi
upon which wai written thit per
.ims lortune. The table wai very
prettily deconted with lernt, ir*
tiitictlly irrtnged, lurmounted by
randies, while the centre piece
compriied 1 large pumpkin, oul ol
which the traditional iacei hid
been cirved. When the undies
were lighted and the pumpkin
limp thone forth in ill hit glory,
the eflect wit unique. Eich gueit
lound it hit or her plate 1 diinty
cird, upon which wtiinicribcd the
name ol a vegetible, by which
ntme the poiiettor wu known
throughout the evening. Thn
medley of vegetiblei culminated in
a "root houie," which cretted 1
greit deil ol tmuicment. Thoae
preient were Mr. tnd Mrt. Fowler
Mr. MicKty, Mr. ind Mn. Ennit,
Mib uini McMillan. Mrs. Chance,
Min Boa, Mr. ind Mn. Burnt.
Farewell Presentations
Thedepirture of J  S. and Mil
Bain, to reiide in Vancouver, wai
"At no time during thirty years
has the downpour been so continuous, so prolonged, and so heavy ai
within the past seven days." Such
is the verdict of one of "the oldest
inhabitants," with reference to the
recent rains. The steady, almost
unbroken, downpour has at times
increased, until the water appeared to descend in sheets, while
along (he hilltops the heaviest
storms can only be described as
literal cloudbursts. The Capilano
has reached a height hitherto unknown, having swept over the
bridge at the upper intake, the
floor of which is twenty feet above
average high water level. Lynn
creek is likewise swollen, until its
waters make a mad mountain torrent. I be new bridge has uot
been in any way affected,howover,
by the flood!. The storm reiched
iti culmination on Tuesday about
1.30 a.m., when, to use the words
of an actual witness "things seemed lo be thrown wide open and the
waters just poured down out of the
sky." Lonsdale avenue was left in
a nther dilapidated condition as a
result. The rushing waters carried cobblestones and large rocks
down thr sluice bines, which blocked the mouths ol the culverts at
the street intersections, thus forcing the water out upon the roadway, where they wore deep ruts,
washing the roadway down the
hill, and carrying large rocks with
them in their uncontrolable fury,
The high water records made by
the creeks in 1906 bave been broken in  practically ever) instance.
Fall Goods arriving every day, and we are now in a position
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Men's Furnishings, Clothing and Rubber Goods.
This week we offer the working men a ureat snap in heavy working boots, the regular price is $3.50 a pair, the Rons price while tbey
lasl ia |:'.(K).   You want to come quick as they will not last long.
10 dn/.i'ii Imvs' solid leather Old Country made boots, worth |2.60
and (2.75 a pair, the Ross price $1 50 a pair.
■ paira men's fine Dongola Kid IflOK, good value at $4.60 a pair,
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For your winter underwear, come direct to us, we carry a full line
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We offer over 100 pairs men's $3.00 tweetl pants, well made and
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See our stock of Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mitts for the fall.
Save your money by coming direct to
The k. IROSS Co., 209 Lonsdale Avenue
^sismmus bWiiNiiiimimi. AhnhmiW-
Service at 11 o'cloc*' a. m in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close of the service.
Pastor :   Rev. David Long.
All are welcome.
We nul iei t the busineu of Manufacturers,
Kngineert and others who realUe the advisability of hiring their Patent business transacted
hy KxperU. Preliwinary advice tree. Charges
moderate. Our Inventor's Adviser tat upon re-
rj'ieiL Marion ft Marion, Reg*d., New York l^ife
»..■'' Montreal • *Dd w-uhlnirtoa DC.UjM,
direct Irom the mines.
I'lace your orders now and
secure your winter's supply.
I .arm* shipments will in 'ive
in a few uays. Prices rigi.'.
Urge supply ot WOOD
always on hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
We now have a complete
line of standard
In all the leading popular
makes including
L. C. Smith
too are just
also carry a
Our prices
right. We
lull  line  ol
Drop in and let us show
you llu latest thing in the
above lines.
2        Corner lonsdale Ave. and lint St. Phone 12
wmmmmm mmmm mmmm
Church Notices
Holy Communion, 8 1. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the lu st Sunday in the month
there will be 1 lecond celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
IT. ANDIIW'I patiaVTF.RIAN ' lll'l. II
Servicei will be conducted as
uiml on Sundiy by the pastor.
Sunday ichool, 1:30 p. in
Service it Moodyville ichool it
7:30 p. m.
Priyer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Paitor: R*-v J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Mt 1 iinin-1   1 Ml ILH,  N.  W. I'ORNIK
rouKTit sr. ani)it. Croatia's
Morning tervice, 11 1. m.; Sundiy ichool, 2:30 p. ni'i evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'un 1 meeting on Wedneidiy
evening it 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoom.
Sunday ichool it Moodyville al
11 *i in
Rev. B. H. Bildcrston, B. A.
Sundiy Services — Man at 9
a. in . Sunday ichool at 1:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peylavin, 0.
M. I. V. G.
PAKE NOTICE that the Council ol the
' Cor|Hiration ol tbe City ol North Vancouver intends to construct the I-ocal
Improvement set out in the schedule ap-
|ieariug below and intends to assess the
Snal cost, or a portion thereof, upon the
real property lient'fitt'tl thereby Iriintiiip
or abutting ihereon and held liable for
■uam'.siiiciit therefor.
A statement showing the Iiunl" liable
and proposed to Iw specially assessed for
lhe sniil improvement and the names ol
the owners tliereof, so far as the same
can U* iiHcertainetl from the last reviseil
assessment roll anil otherwise, ie now
tiled in thfl office ol Ihe Assessment
Commissioner and is open lor inspection
during office hours.
The schedule below shows the estimated cost of the improvement and the
|.r..pi>rtioii to be provided out ol the
general funtls of the citv.
A court ol revision will lie held in the
Citv llall, North Vancouver, B.C., ou
U.m.liii. 2Sn) day of November, 1908, at
hour of 8 o'clock p.m., lor the purpose
of hearing any complaints against the
proianaed assessments, or the accuracy
nf the frontage measurements, or any
other complaint! which the persons in*
lereslisl MBI to make and which is by
law cogniaable by the Court.
Assessment Commissioner.
North Vancnuver, B.C.,
,10th October, 190H
I'roposed Estimated   Estimate
Improvement total cost citytopay
Uying oC.ll!' sidewalk,
on south side ot First
street,between Chester-
Uilli and St. Andrew'i
Avenues .81
per It.
60  YEARS-
Tmoc Manae
Art roe* NaVtlni at.kaMrb ant tmatawat mat
tastalf MMrt-ain mtr opinion me *MUi« u
InT.tiilno }• Droit.Mr p-u-w'iMfaCoini'Miil-**.
Hon..inotlrft'titWfa.tial. HaNDBOOK on Puwu
MM Ir*** ll).l«t •f.ni-r (or .n-orliii pumi«.
aStawU takao tbrawh Mmm A Co. main
a-WCjlllMlal-1, Without Okam, IB thi
A tundtoin.i'i Uliutniddt.Hti*r. U~mn,.
onlultio ul ur KUnilflc loanuL Torm. rm
UatMMijaat.timaia tmau. Sou at
■" ^ ,,,
I'llilJl   HKUTH   IH-nHTIM
iwrwis diseases
Hotel North Vancouver.
* ' *****™ ■** A
North Vancouver
1 im d
ti.oo per
and upj
Rates for
Ferry Service tvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
KIEU that a
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
17th Street, Nortli Vancouver
contagious or epidemic di-vase, ol 1
character tlaugcrniis to public health,
must Im* reported to the Medical Henltli
Citv Clerk.
City llall, Nnrlh Vancouver, B.C.
July llth, IMIH, 21-tf
We are now prepared to
take orders for MILL FIR
WOOD, cut to 16 in. lengths
already for the stove. A load
contains about half a cord.
Price $2 per load on or before
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered without cash, as wc
cannot afford to pay a collector at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
Rolled Oats
Hai) and feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hind
ii* Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local BMflflflU
•0.46 "
8.00 "
8.40 •'
».:» ■
10.15 "
11.18 "
12.15 P.M.
i.m ••
till •"
$.16   "
4.15 "
5.16 ■'
6.15 "
7.15 "
816 "
0.16 "
10.15 "
lt.45 A.M.
10.15    "
11 Ah    "
ItAb I' M.
1.16    "
2.45 "
.1.18 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
Ml  "
lUMNI NltlM llsiOHIt
" '.-IA.M.
•7.. "
8.20    '
H.OO "
H.45 "
10.45 "
11.48 "
1.46 "
2.48 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
6.46 "
B.44 "
7.46 "
8.48 "
9.48 "
10.46 "
•11.48 "
10.15 A.M.
li U   "
12.15 P.M.
I U   "
•.Vol on Sunday
rim iirmmiid moiii os
mi roi.M
Rath: 1150 I'KK
Spiil Knits lo Families and ll* milar Btiardirs
llalMiniir lerry .,>riin*ali.ni In aui Irmn Vancouver,   llnl ami cold
nalir in every ri.nu.   Return tail MU in every ruoni.   Barber
.It.ip lu ...iin.*. ii.ii
Sn una jTflflir,   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Can have lhe l'errs Landing lor Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
itreet ind Lonsdale, Winch street ind Keith Road as lollows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. ni., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 a. m., ttlj a. Bt, 9 1. m. 9:40 a. ni.,
10:101.111, Alter 10:35 1. m., can will leave Qfljmibiy avium,
Twenty-first antl Lonsdah avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes lo Ibe hour and twenty five minutes past thc hour.
C»n leive Nineteenth street and (jueensbury avenue, Twenty first
street and Lonsdale avenm . Wim li strict antl Keith Roitl as lollows :
61. 111., 655 a. 111., 7:10 a. tn., H 05 a. in, S 45 a. in , 1) jn a.m.
Alter 930 a. in tars leav. tin l'i rry Landing at len minutes past the
hour ind twenty minutes to the hour.
All boats art- mil bv ll THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
New Advertisements
Tei—Rldg* iyi
'.,   * I tj Hon
Blinkiti  J.J, MiAliTit*
Ne» production—Grand Thafltra
Real Ntate* Alinnder A T,.uii-I.*y
N. V. Huapltal—Tbi Hum Dawn.
Notice ol i lin-f— liiili'|'iiii*r»' A*flt>
Thanksgiving bargains-S, V.Htni
1 lu- fin! m*Mtin| ul thfl execu-
tive a.f the board ol trade was In-ltl
on 1 ii* -.lu evening, ia the coun-
ei] tlnnil" r. Then* was a large
attl ml.imr uf iiit-iiil'i*is. Thfl pre
lidenl, D, G, Dick, occupied the
i lun. Routine business having
In. n diipon tl nf, nn extended dii-
cuaaion took place as to the important matii is which li« within ihe
perapectivi ol thfl board lor the
coming year, which called forth
n vi i,ii noteworthy ip—chei, The
pi. si Imt. in his inaugural addreu
nnl call ■ ratroipcctivi glance
over the past:
"Wfl lm vi* only to carry our mem
ories hack sunn three or four years,
to thfl time when the site of our
beautiful city was markfld bj hw
Iracei ol civilization, sa\r that
lound in the raluie lelt Iroaa tin*
Chopper's IM and the logger's skid
rta.nl. Although nature bad planted on this, the north shore ul Bur-
i ai. liili t. thii unexcelled beauty
sput. with iti llie and deep salt
water harbor lo the south, antl its
maaaiva mountain ranges to [in-
north, tin* topi graph) of the intervening ipa ■ wu "I such a nature
a- to make it motl desirous as a
sit' lm ,t largi i ity. Hut although
iii mj li nl looked on this location
with admiration, it mmd to still
w.ut for tin* bauds oi the men of
tins generation to take hold and
bflW "ill ol llu- w.'o.ls those homes
that wfl now si. sn plentiful, from
tflflt laa wflfll ami Irom north to
loath, Wfl are here, in the most
ftvortd spot ol tin most lavored
place in this wida dominion. We
pofllflfli i i hin.it.* mlerior to none,
ami a location lUDflTKX to many, il
nut to alt. We have a harbor,
who* ip.uity and  loca
tion, is a lufficient guarantee that
il will aliens do nine-tenths of the
■hipping true ol the dominion oii
in ratlin coasl; and, as a radio nl centre, none otb* i i u i nt
hope to compete. No railroad
i rowing thi i ontment north of the
Columbia river can afford to remain long, at any gTflfll distance.
Irom our tluurs.     lu vn n ul these
great advantagei and poaiibilitiet
what manner of DAD Ought Wt to
bt I   In. xpreaaing mj opinion in
this inost vital subp*i1. I In hive I
am   si t.,mbm; lb.*   s. ninn. nts oi
tun .mt In ii* t ght, that it ba*
coma ns as a bond ol  tradi to
lend our assistant • to .ill and every
iimi* Hiking which will tend to thfl
building up ol our city and the uplifting ami hainiuni/ing nl its citizens. Wfl believe that every man,
woman .unl child ia tins wide
world is. \|in inl io owt tin ii brsi
allegiance to their own bom*, su
mat u be with the people ol Nuili
Vancouvi r, bur, although, wado
not wish in ut] w,n i" uin idvao*
lagt- iif utliers, we   tlu  wish every
i itin n to comidfli that than inst
thought ihould  bfl ihflil luune city
Niilb \ ■ ta i     II wt* as one
man pull logl thi r loi thfl OBI and
lh*    aim    lltle, tin I'   :   BO i uinbi-
naii.aii o * in nmi i.m. ■   which can
lOllg   ttltl     1 Ull      a,'   ,    ,    .I,,,*|,1, ,i     , |
'..ris.    I h :    u   n mj thingi wt
i,light .lu to i..;, i t ity, but tin
om- must important abort all
nilu is ii ,i im ,ms ui ti,in* pa,nation
b) railroad with Iha outtidt world,
-u that im aniol mgii si and agn 11
fm mannfai tun 1 ood ma) bi u
compliahi tl without Iranahippiag.
\\ In ii Wfl gfll   lhat, all the   h'ssi i
. thiag • will naturally coma t"
us. Manufacturing ami ihipping
induitriei will lint mir wati riront,
ami palatial homes will skirt our
mountain msis Tin* railroad
britlgi across the Second Narrows
is thfl Inst st. |, toward this j^rr.it
undertaking, and il wc tlo nol i
iia,it t ovi tad priaa within the
nasi M.-ar, ii  will ba I" i uiflfl wi
IN nut united in uur ellorts to se
cup it. II that bridg* is not well
nnl'i t.unslriit tiun. bflfOTfl the
ii' 'I annual BU a tjfl| ol our boanl
Ol tradi Wfl t'llisclvis an tin* p.n
la* who hlVfl nol l*i * U Imr to the
hist inti la ll "I Nm lli Vast ouver,
ami ll ll hi nul bmll as stated,
tin l« will In* no room lor any of us
|0   sllllt   till*   |l  S|a.||l*,lla||||\    ll|]
t.lli' r -liniilil. is      Wfl, thfl pa opli
oi North  Vancouver, will m tha
i ilpnts        I lake il that the board
ol lia.h- i- inteii.lt .1 as a  means ol
I 101.    10 tin t ily   council, in
advaoi ing whati vai mnn to beol
general interest and spei ial Wl Hare
tO all its citizens. Just so sure as
every part of tbe human frame is
siisuiptiblfl to pain from injury
tlone li) its most intimate parts, so
is it with every member ol a community who 'receives an injury,
Whither mentally, physically or financially. Their iiiislorliine will
be lelt by all others with whom
thoy come in contact. So may
our every eflort bfl lent in building
up antl unifying the general interests ami welfare of every citizen of
this our beautiful city, to an extent
that future generations who know
us not, may be prompted to enthusiastically exclaim: 'Truly the God
of peace and prosperity, was with
theni.' "
Tin- president's address called
out an able and animated discussion upon important topics, such
as. iln Lillooet trail, Second Narrows bridge, street car extension
into the district, extension of elcc-
tlic power poles into the districi
lor lighting purposes, the reduction ol strict car fares in the city
bv the introduction of thfl white
ticket system, and kindred topics.
.Among those who participated in
the discussion were W. J. Irwin,
Alexander I'hilip, J. — J. Muiray,
S. I). Schultz, A. Shaw, Thomas
N\e. Alex,imler Martin, William
Moitlen Thfl several matters were
referred to tbe respective standing
committee's fur action.
I'he proposetl memorial to the
government for the establishment
of a land registry office in the city
was relerred back to the commit
tee for amendment, when the proposition will be pushed vigorously.
Direct from the Manufacturers
This week bus been marked in ratfltviflt week ut tlie BflW store. The
arrival ol an immense shipment nf blinkiti ln'ing tha iptclal line to which
we would draw your attention tor the coining week. We hnve theni in all
makes anil 1ri7.es, weights and qualities, Innn the very low prices up to the
Uncut bath wool, lt will pay vou tn inspect uur stock. We tlnn't make yon
pay a jobber's profit, we buy direct from the factory.
tiOiTH inch, Fine White Wool Blankets, heavy weight,  per pair..
.MixTl inch Finer Quality, Single Ileal Sim-, lillis., our price   "
liilxaiL' inch, barge White Wool Blankets, extra heavy, special
7'.'xSI ineli, same as above, larger ami heavier, per pair	
tkSxSL' inch, Pure All Wool Blanket, lull 7ll)s., nur price, per pair. . 6.85
M(M ineli, Pure All Wool Blanket, Kxtia Fine Wool, 7lbs. per pair 7.00
"OxSli inch, Kilts., same grade as above, Pure All Wool, price, " 8.00
liflxHii ineh, libs., Fine Wool Blank-*!, per pair   7.00
IT I meeting of a number of ratepayers
•* ol thfl tlty, held Thursday tVflfllng,
it was unanimously agreed In form 11
RatflBflfflft' AsHiH'iatinn, and a general
meeting of all iuterent.il, who wish to
become taembfllfl, is to be held lu the
furniturellflffl of Mr. Nicnli.-, on 3rd
-treei west, on Thursday, the 12th inst.,
at H p.m
Fatality at Capilano
Norman Matheson, a popular
employee ol the Vancouver waterworks department, met bis death
at tin upper intake ol water system M the Capilano on Tuesday
afternoon. He, with Superintendent Matlson, was engaged clearing out a jam of logs that bail been
brought down by the swollen
stream. Iloth were on a large tree
cutting it away, when it broke in
Iwo by the force ol the current,
throwing both men into the water.
Madson succeeded in crawling out.
but poor Matheson fell bfltflfflfll
the logs and was struck on the'
head by one of them as he fell, in
dieting a fatal wound, as he was
dead when lifted from the water a
few moments later. Word wai
sent to Vancouver ind arrangements made to bring the bod*'
down.' An inquest was held in
North Vancouver Wednesday afternoon, and a verdict brought in
according to the lacts.
Deceased hailed Irom the Mari
time provinces, but bad been in
Vancouver Irom the early days.
He bail one brothel tin re Matiic-
s.'ii was a greal favorite and en
joyed* large circle of acqiiintanccs.
lb* was a member of Vancouver
lodge Nft 3, Kingbls ul 1 ythias.
and his sudden death cast a gloom
of sadness over his fellow mem
hers. The l'ythia is took ehargl
of the remains and accorded them
every respect due to a loved ami
honored brother.
The Seymour Hotel
located on teijniour Pi|>e   line,
quarter mill  from wharf.
Kin 11 tali
ill kinds nl Mission ami Antique Furniture, Store, Olliee, Hunk ami llnr Fixtures.   Repairing iu nil its braoehflt,
173 Thiol St. \V„ Bel. l'hf.H'rla'1,1 ami I/.nsiltile
li|'l"'-il. rtilinul
MAIL OKI >KKS given prompt attention
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open to the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections from North
Vancouver for Vehicles.
Real   Estate Brokers
llll  ISO lift INHJIANH
I'll 11    lUI.t.  laa.
THE It. I. PEIM.1EW 1.0U k
mm ro.
Loans liranteil  (nr l/ing or Short
IVri.-li al H, per flflfli
121  Lonsdale Avenue
l'u my Iriends and patrons
in Nortli Vancouver:
old resident of North Vancouver
and take care of
Keineniber always, il you consult Dr. Jordan, such consultation
will cost you nothing.
Should glasses be required, the
glasses will be right and so will
tin* price.
334 Hastings Street W.
AskyoHrfiBOGER for it.
North Vancouver
l 111 IS r. .HI laSIIS
I*. i,|„*,. Inr
Cartage, Removals,
Parcel Delivery,
ON      mC.VHHNAMI.lt     TKRMK
Telephone 71). Night Calls 13.
bull-Sized Iron  Bedstead, complete with extra strong
spring ami cotton top mattress  $11 50
Dresser ami Stand, Hritish Plata Mirror, 14x24     I3-75
Dresser anil Stand         '       16x20     18.00
Combos $5*50,    8.50 and   10.50
Morris Chair, solid oak Iraine, highly polished, covered
111 green Verona     '5*50
Comlortahlc Oak Hockers, it      **50
A 1 uiml Chair,  Miitahlc (or bedroom,  dining  room or
Kitchen, at          75c
Also Chairs at fl.00, (1 25, ]t 1.75, ti.00 and up.
•he North Vancouver Home Furnishers
34  and 36  Home Block Lonsdale Avenue
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
No borers. NnSeide. Xo Kuinigitlinii
to.lanittge stink. No windy llgi'llts t'i
annoy you. buy iliret't mnl net Trees
ami Seeds tlmt pow,
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Materiitl, I'ut Flowers, etc.
Oltlest established nursery ou the
mainland of Hriti.-h Columbia.
Catalogue free.
M KM Kll S AN0 M I lllllll SI S.
3010    \V KHT.MIMSTI.il    llllAD,
HEALED TERDKB8 nnp-opriatel y
'    marked tvill be received by the nti-
denja 1 up till S o'clock p.111.1111 Monday. M  Novi'inlier, IM,  IM the fol-
Itnrlni Lasal  iBnaoWDflnti to bi ear-
Heal mil inllie City of Nortli Vancouver:
in having a ifo'ii sidewalk on Um
north Mt nf bust Vielurin Park fnr M
feet or thereby.
(2; Clearing ami grading Stli street
frnin Lonsdale .Ivenue t" llltlt Slreet,
anil laying  a (i-!ool siilewiilk on  North
Uranings, speiiii'iili'iiis and general
eoiitlitioiis olei.iilrit. I IDU I"' MM and
obtiiineil In- Intending offerers mi anil
after Moiii'liiv, Mth October, IMI, at
the nlliee of llie City Clerk nr I ity Kn-
Iflfll teiiiler In lie airoiiipiiiiii'il by a
marketl Dbeqn pud   U)8 per Mflt. a.l
the lender, and the KtceflHflll tenderer
must proviile an ippmvfld RUI'llltW f'.r
the satiifaetory eiiiiipletioii of the work.
Thfl chflqtMfl ol thi iiiiBiu'i't'ssfiii ton*
dcrers trill be returned  to thei the
execution ollhe contract.
Th,. lowest or nny tender not Mtflfla
sarilv acceptetl.
.1. .1. WOODS.
lOtlni Cilv Clerk.
City llall, North Vanrniivcr, ll.C,
Friday, J8rd Oct. IM.
Terms, one-fourth cash; balance, ft, 12 aad 18 months
: m
8       gaT^kl.^-
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P. (I. HOX 38ft.
Week Commencing MONDAY,  November 9th
An Kntire New Production, presenting Ior Ihe lirst time in Vancouver
The IrreMiMe Cnniediaua, and
Uti* MM lHina with Henry Vt. Savage
Popular   I'riccs Three Shows Daily:   3, 7, and 9 o'clock
Nine Thousand (9000) Lineal feet of Road
h D.L. 553, North Vancouver.
Kor 1*1 ans ami BpeoiflcatioDi apply
Cur. Hutingl ami Hoincr Street, Vancouver.
IMI  l.giMav  .nil  I. f. lawd   Siit.fl.r
ll.im*.)*i, Hrldii'i, tt'aler I'owtri, Kiilm.'-i,
Nupcrlniriiilt'iii'uiil iiin.lriirtlon.M.i'.,Town.
*lit*», Mining t'lHiui...-tui, nivi-li'tn,ele.
811 lltuillnj. 81. W.,   .   *   VANCOUVKR. B.C.
General Contractor
Liiini Clearing, Sliiiup and Rock
Blasting. Extra cure near liouaei.
All damages iniitle good.
mil rtl.   \Ve»t of Liiiml-lt
l> 11   Mux i.
NortH Vancouver
cnNliciTKii nr
Certillcateil Surgical, Metlieid and
Maternity RflKM
Nurses Sent Out on application
Inr  terms apply  at  the Hospital
Cor. lTilh Street A St. Andrew's Ave.
with is nn


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