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The Express 1909-01-29

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Is lhat which goes inlo peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
Norlh   Vancouver  advertise in
Phoni 80
\t tWttyXtW
f..r,.ii!,.! in a ./i.V that plans
iind ,11  fill 11   thill  illi   ll.C'it Al
i »n       The Express
Mayor VV. II. May presided at
ihi' regular meeting of tne city
cotinnl Monday evening. There
were present .llderinen McKac,
McNeish, Schult/., Young, uick
and Hraim.
Letters wile read from the
i'ity solicitors as follows: in
lhe matter of claim for damag
pliance   with   the   Request    of
Mayor Douglas.
From VV. 1'. Peacey, secrctan
of the school hoard, advising
that the schoolsitc, the purchase of which the ratepayers
sanctioned, can he had for Sh,
i Hi i on terms, or for ftooj cash
It wa.s decided to take the cash
is upon the pan of A.l'.ileasley a oiler, as Mayor May reported
caused hy turning off the water, I that the debentures would pro-
advising that in the opinion of, bably he sold this week, and il
the solicitor no ground lor dam- they were not, the hank would
ages exists; Hr, Heasley to lie : advance the money. The Unwritten to to this ellect. In the unce committee to act.
matter of the present position j From the same writer, asking
of ferry proceedings, the solid-1 that a six foot hoard walk be
tor and Jos. .Martin were hoth huilt along the Uiesterlield ave.
of the opinion that tlic better j school property, on 4H1 street,
course would he to apply ior a , Hoard of works to act.
mandamus to compel lhe justice From Alexander I'hilip, atl-
to hear the case. They lud| vising the council thai the {Unwritten the previous council to '■ trict wishes to open the road
lliis ellect and had heen waiting ' through D.L'. 599, but mat it
a reply before proceeding with I will lie necessary that VV inch
lhe case. The letter relerrrd to I avenue be o|-ei!cd from Keith
was altaclied and was read, road through D.L, 552, before
Aid. SchulU thought that it, the district will have access to
would lm well to delay proceed- j the roail which thev propose to
ings ior a short time that the open, and asking if the council
result oi the present action for! will open Winch mad as suggc-
dain.igcs by the N. \|. Krry'ted. Board of works to report.
Company against the Motor From Jessie Fowler, request-
Bn.it Company, might be ascer- mg an an light at the corner ol
tained. The city solicitor to lhe Ksplaii.ulc and St. George's
he instructed lo wait (urllm in- arena.' Referred to the lire
struct ions before proceeding.'and light committee.
Another lettei to the ellect lhat From .1. H, Brown, rcipu-st-
thc registrar refuses to register mg a road to his property, lot
lhe dedication of lol A, lilock ,"*, block 22cj, D.J,. Jit a dis-
'10, siibdivittion 271 for a lane, tance of .'|i feet. Board ol
and requires a conveyance oi lhe ' «'nrk* to report,
same. The mayor waa appoint- A pel it ion was presented for
nl a committee with power to a street liglu al the corner ol
act. Ilh   street   and   Lonsdale   ave
A letter Irom the rly audi-   Kclcircd to lire and light com-
inrs,   with   respect   to   certain  nrfttee,
cl.nni made by the distrii l in A letter from thc secretaiv ul
the final adjust ment ol acciiinils lhe II. ('. anti-luhcrciilosis su
Iietween the two nninicipali.ies, cicly, advising ,,| the .nintial
and asking for insl ructions win meeting of governors a. Vic-
ies|x*it to the same lor lhc city toria on Feliniarv 1.1th,
.mounts. A Idler (nun the BMBjaBtiag that the citv
siiliuturs tin,nigh the Iin.nice point a representative to
cuiiiiniilec, advising thai the board on the usual lusis
iiiy is nut liable lor the filed,
.miliums relerred to by the .111- A letter from R, .1 l'eck, re-
ditors The district to In n- viewing the action of last
i|tiested in appoiat a committee wear's council with reference to
tn confer with lhe finance com- Ua position as waterworks lorc-
inittee in the matter. iimi,    complaining   ..[    unfair
A letter Irom T. M. Heard, treatment and the unjust wilh
manager of the N V. Ferry & holding of _% salarv for Nov.
I'uwer Company, to lhe ellect lasl, and requesting the miiiiiil
lllal the oiler relerred to by t<> make a Ihorough iincstiga-
Ald Brain al last week's scs- lion o( the facts, was laid over
sion of the cilv council, as hav- lor coinmiuee of the whole, on
mg been made bv the Motor Thursday evening.
Boat Company, had nol lieen re- An invitation front ccrctarv
cened hy ins company Mad it C, R. Lawson, that the council
lieen   received,   it   wollld   have  attend 111 a body the haggis stip-
la-en ciiiisidered     Letter filed.
Fruin   the   sccrclnrv    ..I    lhe
hoard of tratle, forwarding   a
opi of the resolution adopted
|>er in  the Horticultural  pavi
hou, was accepted wilh thanks
William Morden, on behalf nl
the N   V, howling 1 Iub, re,|iiesl
at the last meeting ol lhe hoard nl | lease ol a portion of Otta-
with reference to the urgent wa gardens for bowling and ten-
need of a sewerage system Ftl ms purposes The gardens had
ed lor future rcfciciuc lieen stilidtvided In.  the original
From Alexander Law, coin- owners, with a view to siuh
plaining ul the datigeriiiis i.m uses and the adi,mlages umibl
dill..11 of Jill street, from Ma-j he available to the public as
hull tta WOStt tO Ma residence, 01 lllcliiliers ol the cluh The
distance ol 250 feet and rei|iiest- j mayor to confer with Messrs
tug .1 ln'.iril walk Board ol Mahon antl Morden antl report.
works to investigate I    C.  QUI,  secretary of the
From .1. II. Iln km.ui coin
planting ol dangerous trees near
his house 011 2..1I1 street Referred tu the board ol wurks
From Mavor Douglas, ul Van
couver,   .nlusiug   the   council
thai the gnverniiieiil has set
Friday, mth, at I I.JO a.m.,lor
the reception ol ihe delefatioa
wilh reference to Scvuiid Nat-
rows bridge, and requesting the
appointment ol representatives
from lhe council. The Rtayot
41I Aid SchulU were appointed
From Mamr Douglas, re-
tpiesling cn-oiieration with ref-
eteliie tu hat Imr improvements
and suggesting the appointment
of a delegation lo pru.ee.l lo
Ottnwn, .md als,. .1 large!)
signed petition In Ik- submitted
through tin* local memlier ll
was dct tiled to seek the t" OB
elation    "f    llir hoard  "I  Hade
and ihe ratepayers' assmIation,
and Ahlctiiiiii Dirk, Young and
McNeish were appointed in cm-
Twin Citv Transportation Con*.
pany, asked the council to .1.
term ne their BoUn wilh reference 'o sevcnlecn feet of I.otis-
dale aiciuie Imntage, BOW used
by the N. V. Ferry Compiin.
lur which thev held no lease
Mr. I'.iil explained that illicit
Lonsdale avenue was f>h leet
wide the fcrrv lease had Iktii
made to unit a purtinn ol this
hh feet, but that subsequent Iv
the avenue had heen widened to
IOO leet, thus adding a strip 17
leel wide lu ea.h side tliereof
No mention was made ol this
strip in the lease and, as the
presuit ItlTJ slip interferes m,,
terialh with the laiiding now
used  b\   lite motor Iki.iIs.    and
the iw in 1. ity Company is <lc-
siiuiis of proceeding al once
with lhe construction oi perm
neill   landings,   Ihei    Would   II
lite iuinnil   tO dei late  then   |m
silion as to the 17 leet llu
lerry committee lo report   on
Thursday evening.
The mayor reported that certain parties were applying for
340 acres of land al Rice lake,
the water rights of which are
owned by the citv. Thev were
willing to enter into an agreement to protect the rights ol
the cit) il their application was
nol opposed. Waterworks committee to report.
The bonrd oi works reciit|i
mended favorably with reference to the city engineer making a trip to Seattle, to inspect
the various civic works iu that
city.     Adopted.a
Alderman Voung stated lhat
it had been intimated to him
that there was a movement on
al Victoria to induce the government to appoint a police
magistrate, under salary, for
this city. He wa.s of opinion
thai Mich an appointment wa*s
inopportune, and was not in
the interests of this city, and
moved that the attorney general be communicaied wim to
that ellect. lt was finally decided that the clerk write the
attorney general, asking whether any such action is contemplated and if so, that the malv
ter he delayed until the city
council is heard from.
lhe watei works committee
recommended that the engineer
be Instructed to have Um pipes
on llth street, from Lonsdale
ave. lo Sl. l,eorge's ave.. lowered U) grade, and that the
pipes he extended a dislam. ,,1
150 feel.   Adopted.
Acting Mayor 0, VV. M-Jvae
occupied lhe chair at the special
meeting of the city council, last
even ing.
Manager A. G. Ferry, of tht
B. C, Kl. Ry. Co., advised   the
conned thnt owing ta the had
weather, lhe men wen* nuahfc
10 coinplele lhe work on which
they were engaged al Second
Narrows on Sundav last, and
llial coiisei|iieiitlv another shut
down for a few hours will be
necessitated on Sunday morning
next. Letter received and tin
thanks of the council to lie con-
mmiI to Manager I'erry, for his
courtesy in notifying the council.
Mis.   .1.   A.   Lehlaiic   wrote
complaining of ■ dangerona tn*,
oppusitc lur residence on Lonsdale,   between   lAth  and   19th
streets, aud asking that 11 In
removed, Board of works to
Uly Treasurer .1. .1. Woods
presented his resignation of the
nlliee 11 In. li he BOW holds, explaining that as it was the in-
lentii 1 ihe finance coi it-
lee to reduce the stall in hin
ollice, ha could not undertake
the responsibilities involved under the altered conditions. Laid
mi the lahle unlil Monday evening next.
•V plan ol subdivision ol lots
1. :. v, block 2,vx, D.L. 54,s,was
submitted ami approved,
The hoard of works was au-
ihuri/.ed In have cut into curd-
wiio.l, by day labor or bv contract, a large tree teienth felled on ltd streei.
Ailing M.imu  McRae report*
. al   tile  sale ol   lhe  Hew     school
loan debentures al 42, and ac-
11 ind Interest. The mavor or
the ailing in,.m.i were alllllor-
i/ed tu sign a check lor the payment 1.1 S,su7,i, lur the pun base
ol the siliuulsiic sanctioned at
lhe recent cnu (lections,
Aid    McNeish gave lintlce   ol
motion lo amend section fifteen
of the final Improvement bylaw
referring lo the construction of
wagon Hails mil of lhe gcnci.il
incline, in order thai council
may fie empowered lo perform
■ .tt,nn neccssan wotk tiputi the
streets out ul the general fund
The "Sols Uh.i Hal' Wt
\l all.ue Hied" were presuiualili
the guild genu ol Ihe celelita
lion ul the IJOth alltliursaii. ill
the birth oi Bobbie Bill lis, held
in   the   liulllcllltlll.il  hall    last
Monday  evening, hut the peal
ing slogan reaolyed itself inio
lighter strains and less stalely
measures;    thc   martial    tread
transformed itself Into me
rhythmic movement ol the
dance, and the deadly uiislatighi
was reproduced iti the lorm . 1
an impetuous attack upon ll.e
haggis and other appetizing
dishes oi Scotch and outer nationalities. The "beauly unl
the chivalry" of the city w.i
gathered in numbers that taxed
to its utmost the capacity of
the spacious auditorium, which
was very appropriately decora 1-
ed with plaids, Hags and por-
tratts of the great Scottish poet
to whose memory the function
was devoted.
The tables presented a mosl
attractive appearance, and the
bill of fare proved a veritable
cornucopia of good things. Piper Wallace piped in the haggis,
lo lhe merry movement ol
"Butler and Brose," and Chiel
lames Graliame lost in, time in
signalling the fieginning ol the
fray. Dinner dispensed wilh,
the following programme was
rendered and was interspersed
with frequent applause and
cheers: "King, Queen and the
Koval I'ainilv," Rev. .1. Hugh
Hooper; "Burns of Immortal
Memory," in silence, NJBpOnded
10 by J, Alexander; Song, J,
Dodds; "Scotland and AhseiH
Friends," Rev. .1. ]). Gillam ;
Song, Mrs. Simpson; "The Lassies,' R. K. Macnaghten; Sung,
John Alexander; "Canada, Om
Vdopted Counlry," Alexander
I'hilip; Song, ' Mrs. Hicks;
"Scotch Canadians," D.G.Diek;
Song, Iv II. Hoolcv; "Our
City," Reeve .1. V. McNaught;
"Our Municipal District," Kx-
Mayor A. R, Kealv, concluding
with the highland ling, sptee
did]) executed to the a.coinp
iliilnent of the pipes, hy
11 Graliame. The dance which
followed was participated in
.villi enthusiasm and was sits
tained into Iha small hoars.
The   arrangements   were   .at
lied out hv the fulluwing cuiii-
miltee:  James Graliame .,li :
'as. L. D.id.is, c. p; Laweon,
Alex. Fleming, D. I.aitig. VV. T.
Graliame, Alex. Smith, I Gt.i
haute and Geo. Smith. Piper
Wallace, Pianist VV. Rhodes and
Violinist I. Grahanie.
The   delegation   to   interview
the provincial government, with
reference   to   Second     Nations
bridge, went down to the capital yesterday, ami was tu !,.■ re
lived today at 1 I.V" a.m. The
delegation is composed as follows: From the iitv ol Vancou
ver, Mayor Douglas and Aldermen M.Sp.id.len, Mat Millan ami
Crnwe ; Vamiitivcr bonrd ol
trade, President R, II. Heaps
and Secretary Skene, with A.It
Ivrskine; North Vancouver 1 it\,
Mac or VV. II. Mav and .,merman Schult/; Sorth Vancouver
llsllict,  Reeve McNaiiglu    and
Councillora Robson ami G01
hm; North Vatiu.uvct  bonrd "I
trade, President 1)   (',   Duk and
Secretary J. k. J. Unrra.i
Smith Vancouver municipality
Reeve Ponnd; Burnaby municipality, Reeve Byrne. The petition is signed l.v alioul JOOO
■lectors and will fie nrtacnted
hv Mayor Douglas and Mayoi
Tuesday night Noi tli Vancouver lodge, K.1V, cnjuvc.l .1 1 isit
from Grand Chancellor Brown
and Grand Vice Chancellor
Tow nice. There was a large
turnout of members and the
proceedings proved profitable as
well as interesting     The gland
chancellor gave an account   of
Ills visits t"  the Various lodges
in the provinces and slated that
l'\ tliiaiiism was gum iug rapid
1}. the returns for the past six
months being highlv gratifying.
During the evening one applica
tiun for membership was received hv No. 411 and the first rank
"inferred on one candidate.
Alderman McRae is acting as
mayor durtug the absent,! * 1
Mayor W. 11. May, lu V ictoria
Hum.   on iln  27th in I
the v V. Hospital, tht niie ol
G. Nicholson, i.sin streei
ul a sun.
The I.II. 0.1'. |odgt has etu ted
a liaiuisuiiic illuminated sign in
trout ol iheii meeting halt, on
l.niisilale a\e.
The  piledrivel  has  been   at
wurk all week upon the iiiw
wharl for Capt. 1 alee, west o,
t.uiisdaii* ave. sup.
A. I.. .\w, wim has been ill
iur stveral weeks pan! e ith na
attack ol typhoid lever, is imti
well ull the way   toward ii.liial-
Miss    Mills,    I'l    liii     1
'ilii'nl stall, wai In Victoria loi
a lew days tins week, attending
ihe miicT.il   ul   nne   nl   Iiu    n
Inn sale.- A 1,tiinl.ci oi
thoroughbred Barred Bocks and
White Wyandotte Cockerels. Apply II. il. Campbell, B.C, Klectric, Ninth Vancouver,
.  Mr. and Mis. I*. C. Dick will
entertain the members ul  the
local Masonic lodge and
lndj Iriends al Iheii residence,
1st .street east, luinun, „   , .,„
Manager A. G. IYm ol Ihl
"   C  H.  Co.,   lia .   pun
property ou uuh simt ,,*,
peetl lu proceed with  thi   a
,""1   o|   •'   IcsllllIK,    HI   LIU   Ileal
Neil TihmI.ii evenin-j ihi Ua
pie Liil pciliuilnl, ivjii h-,1,1 ns
Ml'1' " thi} -
' ■ llall.    'llie Imi..1 games i     in,
monthly taunametrt will 1,.
1      *
Tl'1' I'oeii.iii rjrd  i
walalled iheii new.-
livers uu Wednesday ,  ,1,',
u'1 "3 be*H .„
8 «0Oal ililell.iiuiniii, xv Iii.ii
W'tsclljoud  I,.   ,,|I  p|,   ,„,
•'■   RMaeU   i'"\,   mayoi   ol
weyhurn,  i„ ,, visiting  at
llu' b°me ui t,. \\   .,„„ Alls
's»l,"l>ii*  i.Miu  talley.    I..
a""mp..nie,| In  .\|,N   |.,,v whn
le a sist.i ,,1 ij,  s„,
Donald I.m,, n.n, n„* ,;,
engineer, acctnnpanied tin tleli
'*■<""" W   the bei I   .a.inuws
bridge,  lo  Victoria  yestcrda)
Mr.lam.1,„i I,.,,, eXt(
embodying strggestions foi
liril|K1' 1 1 timaled  u.
l"U*i   hvel   bridgi   would
about s/.v,'.,»,.
•Tiill.iu shipyards stat ted ai
uve qpcratioaa ilns week, coin
inenting with .. scow. Ii.ii .*
dn/eu importanl contracts   ...
"II hand, allll linn  pi
be a inisi season   The divt   1
practically   throngh   witli
work on the railwaj, and   then
then will I,. Km the ballasting
ni ine ways an 11 —uu
fie in ihapi    ., largi
workmen will )n- emplo
On an,unit ol tin i.a. a that
Bm .1 s. Hindi 1 son was un
avoidant) .1.tained, tin 1, mn
announced (01 1 a< da) 1 .mug
last, h\ the Voung Peopli
dub, dill tta.t lake place. Ml
Alex,unlet    Philip   ami    A.    II.
Stevenson however, provided ■
must mti 11 sting evening,   tin
Intuit!   gnuig   an   .
"Reading" and tin lattai nn
deling selections from Shakes
inal 1
The    Ladles'    Aid   ul  bl.   All
diew's church are bringing m
causing  to  hi   brought, 01   nl
lea •' li im ni-:' ■ il
Ln mg u,'\v. urks lo give a \.
iurin.iii.e in Ibe church % litis
Will    lake    phlCI     "ll     Tl'lll'iln
evening nm   1 * * Van
Illii : ■ .     i.
plained ol terrible
day alii 1 witnessing 1.
by MIcli a * d. inliil iuti]|a,|i\    o|
lllll' llnl        a|l||.        .1,   I
lam thai everyone will enjoj
the lun here,
lhc G. N. K. is buying miiie
land nt \ aiiculiiei.
1 radical.) all tha ptopert)
(routing on uie grand boulevard
I1.1 . iieell snld.
Local nal est,iti men report
.1 growing demand (or local
realty, with mao) sales.
lue Ami) BldoW dancing
.lul. will huhl  llicu  regulal as-
sembl) louigbt, 111 the Raglca'
lull.  '
Iiie   Studio    ul    G.    C.    -\U',
which has been cloned foi some
links past, ij again lit opcla-
111c I., i'.  ...  stale  Hut lue)
pmpoae tuaaing ourraril Intel
UM gliatcsl giaill snipping jiou
a.i  ii.c  I'aiila cuasl.
llie cieitlu  pOWU Wa.s ull ou
 n.'l 1 'in. i" iiie dunging ui
ilie l...li.*l,il,s.,l..n wiles uu.i.ilig
im* becond in arrows,
I'li-snliiit .il.um sacs 111,1', ihe
l .in.11,1.ill    .Nuiltiein  will  assm
uin uml terminals on Burned
mnl ,il  in. cell  .llsl.uu .tale,
im     itlsttiil     1,    adieiusilig
bylaw, expropriating land
...I ilu' proposed D.'p Love
road, connecting wiin east 2isi
Ill .*i III llll s Iiii   thc plllcll.i'.e a.l
iln proposed scboolaitaa in the
cil) wele issued ihis week hy
il.i council, By paying cash lor
tin   property,   the   ratepayers
■i.e Mjo.
11. .1. Robertaon has severed
Ills   lUIIIHltlull    Willi    till     I.     c .
I'd. Ejf, Co, and has cslalillshed
< 11  111   i.iisin.s,    uiiil.t     llie
style ol iin i'.n,.day Electrical
Company, in the Uwen block,
nexl ine Kxpress nil...
Arrangements   lur   th.   I«ix
a'U.u,  to lie given hy tlie local
• 11 im  brigades, in IBs
hail, i<ii  lia  cm mug   ol
f'Milan   lllh,   at.    pi.needing
ii'iiil). invitations are
nun available and all signs are
(Minting lo ,1 must   successful
. lla. II,llllllllllt,
...iii.ig.i V,. 'I hum,is is making tin 1 ..1 possible progress m
iln 1...alia, nl llu* A,'I III 1.1,1-
iuiimi    Light,    Heat    ,\     l.js
r.'wu Compan) the incorporation ui in.  compan)  is now
well adv..inc.1 ami will U> cumin a (en days, when iur-
ihn il.uI..pit.cms will he toads
"i .1 practical natnit
I mlu llie auspices "I **>"iis ol
l-.ngi.lll'l Hun lit   ^uili l) ,  a  Imx
aim dance will be mid on
I m Am) , I'iii. .'11,1, III I'.agles'
Hall, I'.splaiiadc. In. ilaimns
...11   1 1   unt.unci  llnlll  lhe mm
■ I' King, k. 11. lain,
K   i   Lawrence, V\. vv.ifinslev,
II Uuith and I,    I   bah
boon uncertaint) appears ta
■ 111 lhc tiiimls ..I the
hou 1 movers as to just white
the house in nc st,uniing in the
sit.it at iln* corner "l ind
tnd Bt. George's avenue
-.liuufil ultiumtel) In- located,
Meantime iln  sttn-i  has   hmi
rile. In.ilh liluikul lul llpwatds
"I a  W>. k
Arrangeiiunis are 'Hing made
in holding .1 publii meeting Ia
ol I ni loenl option movement, in the Orange hall, mi
ihe evening ol Thursday, Feb-
in.n\ nth. Ii Is . ipected thai
i'liiiiitlnlit  s|K*al.i is  li"in    V.111-
...IIMI     will    ifillM'l     ,1.1'lt.SSl'S,
..ml .1 short mils'.al programme
will ils.. be rendered
William dimming ol New
Westminster,   has   boughl   the
slmk of Hn    V    M    Kuss Co.,
inl   will open  .1   hist   1 lass   rs-
Iilmiil, dialing m gent's
Iiii iiishin; s, I is ,,iid slim ,, in
• ire i.'iiii.tl\ occupied 1>\
I 'innge,   Immediately   aa-
Ig 1'   Hut ns' meat  market,
.ii Lonsdah ..Mime.   Mr. Camming hai   hid mam   Mats'   , \
1   III lhc lilies he BfOpoSei
Ml.  ..ll.l  is a  dei nh il    a.
ipnsitiuii tn tin* iiitsituss circles
iii North Vancouver.
Nokiii Van> 01 van, B. C.
batsb oe Busscsiinns;
Oneii'i.r ■ • Hajjjj
Sii in .1.ll.s   - - -        ■■''_'
Throe moathi    -       • ■•*'
United sihU-n mnl l*'urt'inii,tl.aW per year
ADVKRTISINl.   K \ I'l >
50 cents i"*r Ineli eadi luwrtloii.
Ueei Roness, Ete.-ll.00 -or Inch par
Use iii. Ti'ii'Kii Nani' n  Bday» I*;
mi .laiyi*, 17.ail.
I.Mm. Abtsstisisii   Iii-i Insertion, 10
itatsper Him*; ssclt lubaeqii nl naer-
lii.n.ftc pel lim-
i:«aiiim. Num !■' is '"' " Vt"* ''"'*
iii\h- |il,*,'iii- |wrll ae la ai.a rl	
Oman awssnssasm   Raha si
raiiKfl secordlng t" ipsiw laaaB,
All,'liiiiii;i'.nia'"iiir.iii ill* ru-.'i I
iiiii.t l». in th.' Iiandaol ti.e prln.i*r b;
\\'.*.ll|. s.lm- <-Va-li IllUl.a au-nr.- ).ll l.ll.ill Ilil
ii. th.' seal Issna,
NOKIII    \   VS. 'H  1 I «.    | IN     ia,,      \l)Hj
The extensive desin manifest
upon tile part ol pp.p. I tj "unci's, lor the establishment "I
permanent grades and the construction nl permanent roads,
suggests the desirability ui the
lurinaiioii ..I a comprehensive
plan lor lhc systems tii prose*
ctitiun ..( the work "I road con-
struciinti l.v the city There
are suiiieivli.il over lift) nmi'
miles ul mads ivitlttu the city
liiuiis, ..I tthtili twenty-three
miles haw lieen improved wore
nr less, Inu iii which "iih   very
lew miles ian  In* said  lu In    in
any sense permanently linprov*
ed.   Tlnn   arc  therefore   liftj
miles   ■>!    I Is   iiln.li     must
sooner or biter he constrw led
in accordance erith uhkK rn ideas
ul permanent road building In
the nature oi things, ihii work
should proceed from lhc centre
outward, and conseu,urnlh. hj
taking the whole tuattel nndei
review and lonnulating a il«ti-
mie line "I action, rerj greal
advantages i.m be secured ior
the iin as tu econoiuj, ex|N*di
lion ami efficiency in this nn
portant ii..rk.
I-i.i iln proper earn mg on .d
operations, ,,ti adequate equip
incut mil In* Indispensable, .md
large quantities ol main lal mil
In- required, and ti is manifest
h desirable that these items be
under the direct n«tut ship and
COBtrol ul the iiti
The piidilem ul a sufficient
nud ah\.i\s available supply ol
crushed n.ik ..I a suitable character, is a most important one
III mad construction The alii,ige lu,iilll ai.l ••.clli i   I..111   In t
wide, requires approximately
lj6o yards ..i , rushed n.i k pel
Adjacent municipalities an
understood m pay about om
and one-ball dollars pel cubit
yard for ihis mat. rial, where il
Is   bOUghl   llnlll   ulllsllli    pn| I ;.
Al  lllis tale, the lost tll iltlslicil
rnik   lu   the  uti   al   lh.   iial.i
iruiil would  l.i  >j;|i. pu  mil.
Hauling  would  cosl   probulil*
lilti .mis |iei \ ml in  i.i.In i..ii
In  contrast  with  ilns  high
ligure,    iiiiii.iuiis   management
mil   supply   a   sufficient   and
Stead)   supply at  a li.ii Iluii    ,.|
this tost, and will bestow very
desirable colateral  advantagi rt
It Is aiklluw ledged hi itigiiini ,
lhat the very lust gt.ult <,| roch
iur ru.nl purppses is n presented
in muh material as the granite
slnttes and  liultlders mth uhuh
this luwnsitc   abounds     I ins
11),iliil,il dues li"t n i|inie tu In
ijuarriul ami iiutild requin in.
preliminary treatment, in mud
the breaking ul tin largi buuld
(is to a st/e suitahle lul  . in  li
mg    lt is already distributed
ami WOUld ensl little Inr haul
illg, aiiil as nue cubic cud ul
erusheal    ruck    weighs    tu     the
neighborhood ul *2,*.oo pounds,
this is a ier\ material item.
Property ounars who wish   tu
i hai  lhe itottSS (rum their hits
under present conditions are put
tii inconvenience ami expense la
disposing nl the same. Hv plac
ing  Itself in   position   lu make
use nl ihls material, the  city
could alluw  property owners tii
pl.iie   the   stones   ull   lite   liuiile
i,ml This Muiilil doubtless be
,in  inducement   tu owners   tn
ileal then luts, gn Illg lhe iill
a Iiuiiii Unproved appearance.
A link iiusher, ivhich would
lake a mck measuring iu by 'I
in.lies, and with a minimum Ca*
pacil) u| Irom ten to lilleeu
tons     |»i     llnlll,     lilted     with
11 iu ks ami easily transportable
llulli plan* lu place, would cosl
iliolll ftqoo laid down. A road
roller ..I suitable sixe and
weight, fitted with a scarifier
ami other equipment complete,
uuulil ensl laid down aliotit Sl
pi", ul a total insl Inl' a lirst-
ilass, up-to-date ruad making
plain ul S.s.i"". The made!
would  muie  the  crusher  Imm
um  position tu another,   ami
COUld likewise lie used fur motor
purposes lor operating the
crusher, The crusher could thus
In- moved about, wherever mad
work inighl lie in progress, and
a supply ui material manufat
lured in clone proximity to the
work, ami in such lm.iiimi that
the haul  would be both short
.unl iiuiiii grade. Tu uvercolile
lhc ulijecliun that tlie mader
might lie required for rolling
purposes, and nni always be
conveniently available when re-
quired n. operate the crusher,
considerable   supplies  ul   roch
mighl   lie irushed  at   opportune
tunes ,.t different location   m
the   city   lo   ait    as   a   resellc
suppli iui thuse seasons win ii
the roller would m.i be available, Otherwise a portable engine luiild readily he acquired
iu attend the crusher ionium
ally.   A i,itiiul computation ol
lhe lust leads tu lhe conclusion
ihat the un ii.itid procure a
supply nl superior crushed mck
li\    lllis   means,    at   not   mole
than iiiii ictus per cubk yard
di liiiied. When this prne is
contrasted   with    the   purchase
price ui hum <>n, ami caw hnll
dull,its lu lm, dull,ils delivered
ii is quite evident thnl a  very
few Utiles ul slreet i ..Its! I IH I li ill
WOUM pai lhe entire cost ul the
ruad making plant ami plan
tlic cite in ,i |.usiiiHii ..I im-
iiuiise advantage from a  pecu
ni.in   standpoint   as well as in
other particulars    It is eatima
ted that there is sufficient loOSC
rock "ti tin* luwnsitc in supply
all tin crushed roch thai would
fie required lur much ihe greater
portion, il not practically all.
lhc mileage Wllhlll the cilv limits, Inti meantime lhc mailer ul
I quarry Biighl consistently l>c
considered ami a suitable loca*
llutl  SCI lircil  *il   till   liasi.n.ilile
I'liii aiiii terms
Whii. these WOUld appear lu
be the salient pnltils id lile problem ,,| citj road making, there
are mam minor features of ad-
\,mt,ige in the plan outlined,
which will suggest themselves
upon consideration, all of wfiici
tend lu the conclusion that the
scheme is both feasible antl
The attention oi the citiseni
at large sliould lie directed  to
llie [act that the Canadian government scheme for old age annuities is now complete, and
applicants may procure forms
ui application al the post olh-
ccs. ihe plan plumbs a method whereby by small payments,
al slated periods, altv one who
lu.n so desire may secure alt
annuity ior the remainder of his
or her life. An annuity of not
less than ta • ,,.*■ u.lir am| |lot
mure than Shu., p,., u.al* *•„„,> |K.
purchased, lt is provided by
statute that this annuity can
nut he seised hy any process at
law; it cannol he forfeited; il
is Inalienable. An annuity mav
Ik- contracted for at live' vcus
"1 age, hut nunc will Ik- paid
short of J5 years of age, unless
on account of disablement. Payments for any amounts as low
as .'.s cents psr week will be If
celled, ur larger amounts either
monthly, quarterly or \carlv.
A man of forty BUy pay arrears in a lump sum and begin
as al iu years uf age, ut anv
age desired. No deductions al
all are made for expenses, as
these are all borne by the government, As illustrations ol
the cost ,tn.| results: "A man
beginning at :.. years of age,
and paying -\S cents per week
until   he   is  f*i   wars   uf  age,
w nuill receive (tiu.qi pet annum lor the remainder nf his
life. A man beginning iit Vs.and
paving IJ cents per week until
lm, would receive Ji.SI.4o |kt annum  lor the remainder of   his
lile   Kor a boy of 15, H caah
pavment ol fjoo will secure lor
him al S.S wars an anntittv of
$.>:<> ho |H-r .iiiiiinii for the remainder ..f his life " Anv in*
formation desired mav lie obtained  l.i   forwarding parties-
liars as to age, etc., to tin- su-
'petintetidenl at Ottawa, S T
lllastedu,  ami  buuklels iii.ii    be
Iobtained from local poattnasl-
jers. This plan marks an important departure on tin* part
i"i a government io enable every
'iii/eti tu make adequate ami
entail) provision for old age,
and will undoubtedly create a
deep and widely extended illlel est.
Ailona Studio,  Hastings and
H er Sis, nnder O'Brien hall.
Cabinet photographs Si so  |ht
do/cii and up
Your Life
in tbe
Insurance Co.
Ill llllll tl
Miyor tt. II. May will be
Found at hie ottos in tin- Citj
Hall, each 'lay (exospting
Sn ih Jay > lii'twi'i'ii tlie boon
all 10 .1 in  iimi l'J in
Removal Sale
ii rtnorini to tin- itore
nexl  tu tin- I'oatofflce,
spinal siuck inducing priceeon
\<>\\ IS IHI IIMI   10 BUY
Virtli 1 annul wt Hantaan1
r«iii|iaiiY, Mil.
Foot of lonsdoie ive       Teiepnone 88
General Contractor
l.nii.1 Oleariii*},   Sluin|, and Rock
IllaatiSf. Kxtru inn* ni-'ir Iioiim**-.
.Ml al.i in.iv* - mad>a ■.■"•"I.
.-...I-,..    U'HI 1,1 I ......I    la.*
P. ()   Box ..
Simpson & Wight
n ii b a t e i n t n
llhil Strbkt Wm, Ni.ktii V'Avo.mit
Treul, **;liriili-i,|(i,.cF,lli,ni.rii.i.' Plai
S|.rn in*;, I'n.ning. Iiunl,*.. laid 1,1
"Iprajdm uml I'riiniiiK ilioilld In*.I..
Ir. in mm I.. March,   tttt »> at MM*.
North Vancouver
Transfer ***___**
J V> oft' .i   11
Cartage, Removals,
Parcel pelivery,
ON      la-KAHUNA 111. K    TKHMn   *
Telephone 7.., Night Calis It.
Fur Fiirniliirr,
Ilmisr Flll'llisllill^ Mill
at Reasonable  Prices, (0 lo
lhe Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
ll'-RNK III.'.' K               LOMIMU .1   ' .
Pioneer Baker>
>. H. Walker,  •   Propriety
Push Bread dail) dsliviml
In all parts ol the 1 ilv.
30 loaves for 11
5c. pet loat.
I'H'isi ,S 71 l.unsilali   Vie
Vll'I'K'K I* itt-rrliy given llial Map
*•'   I'li.'iiii.ui will ba iiiiiii>* imll.* I.* gi>*
lulii.' A.-.'ii.l.ly.il lhe I'ri.iiiie.'.il Km-
-li Colombia, illtiMSt < aim, tm a.
I.'I In In.*..r|..rate a ei.iii|.any mil, |«,*
tier tn In.ll.l, .'..iiHlrml, n-alntaln an,
,.|ktiiIpii line ... rnilu 1 1.1 .1,111,lar.
';i»«.*. 1,11*onretad l.y r-:>..,,<. eliiiri
ill, ur hiiv ..lli.T |«,m-r, l.,r tli. rain
laa ..I (fright, paaaisia***, ..ml ex|ir.*..
r.'ii.iiieii.'iii*' tit a poinl al <>r near tin
City ui Vanentiier; llienee inirilieru.
i.>ll<m-iii|i the valley nl Se*n..i.ir Crei'l
t..the niiter-.liid n.'.rtl...I I...I. I omond,
mil lh.'lire via llie valley nf llu* Indian
lliier to the North Arm ni Burrurd In-
let. uilh |.ani*r tn .'llci.il 11..r1111 ■ r 1. tu
.1.(1 Ihrullk'li the PeinlnTluii Mia.li.ii>.,
unl to hi.ilil a liruiuh line via the Vallei
"1 Kurry I nrk lo the nhore nl Host
sound, nml |hn any "llnr abort hran-
.li.-*. llial may In*n...I.'I luinim*. in ilu
ii. initv ..I lh.* main line uf railuuy ami
it. I.ran.I.e. ; tiith |»mer liiruiintrui'1
in.l o|.cral>. t.*l.*^r.t|.l. and t,'li'|ilu>i,i
linen iur lhe WUftm tt it. I.11.111.-■*,
an.l inr llie |iuhli.'; with |«m.*r lum.n.
11*. ami n|H*rale naler-|.uii.T.- ...1.lenient tu the  mad f..r railiiay ami ..llu*.
psnaaaa,iSal with nth "ther peaart
ili'I |Tuil.***i*. * Ineli are  ll-llallli i;raiit-
■"I in rail*a* eosipaaJaa
llatul ill Vaneomer, B.I'., DeieinlKT
Uilh. I'"'*.
I. C.W.lUK.
I'"'! S.aln*il**r f,,r iln< \|.pli.aiil-
l*n vou wan 1
•Building Lot?;
• :
i    just iii the Cilv l,i-    •
• mils.  100x132 feet,   e
e   f •
• fruin ej
I    82(K).()() j
e •
0 fj.'i down mul ?:'•"> •
i par quarter; intsreel J
• six per emit. e
:      —      ?
a Houses for Rent or Sale •
• all over the City      •
t A. SMrrH & Co. I
l,(>NS|»,M,F .WH.    ;
I-l '.'I ||....**,*  I'laaall.   L'J BJ
$250.00 IN
•iim \\\.a Cvcry Month Mutely Free Willi
Royal Standard Hour
I'A ct\ ,|y lli sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving our
nulls coiilains a numbered coupon. On the last day of each
1 in ui I li iu numbers will be drawn and published in the first
issiir ui litis paper following. To each one holding the duplicates of these numbers, we will, upon return to us of coupon,
deliver free of all charges to anv address, a HANDSOME
CHINA DINNKR SKT of 109 pieces, value J25.
Full particulars on the back of each coupon. BEGIN
RBHEMBB1 wc guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
lo be the purest, sweetest and most wholesome bread flour
on lhe market.
Manufactured only by
■ ROCKRIKS ^^ 'r~^~
"™,'!'s MCMILLAN'S
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Can leave tlie Ferry Lasdis|j for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-finI
in.l aud Lonsdsls, Winch Uriel and Keith Road as follows 1 6:15
,1 in., '1:41 a. tn.. 7:15 a. 111., 7:15 a. in., K: 15 a in., g a. 111 9:40 a. in ,
10:10 a. 111., Alter io:ij a. ni , can will leave Queensbury aienue,
Tm nu lust and l.uusiUlt nveiine, nnd VV inch street and Keith Road
il lii. a,amines tu the liutir and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Can loses Nineteenth street and CJueenslmry avenue, Twenty-first
luii nnl luiwlale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows:
1 a  in.. 0:55 a in..  7:M .1 ni ,  Imj   »•  ni., (1:45 a.m., 9:30 a.m.
! It el i) 1 > .1   in  cars laa*a the F. rrv 1.an.lum at  (en minutes past lhe
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
|jgf*   All buats are met by the cars.
bim iiBN.MtiB nsirifSN inr csabt
AN ll'TO-l'ATK
Ilim: |1.S0 I'ER
S|irn,il Rain I* Families md Regular BoaHers
llull-l.11.1r lerry connection to and Iroui Vancnuver. Hot and cold
naler in every room. Return call boll' in every room. Barber
.li"l' in i-onnection.
SauHH  .iiKiKi.   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
iilllll ll\l III 111 IIMI k nm CO., LTD., TIDE TAILS* IMI
iuiim, us.onii
•Hin) A.M.
•TIKI    "
•7.20   "
H.OO   "
8.20   "
S.40   "
9.00   "
'.i.m ••
9.I5  "
Wall     "
10.411   "
II 15   "
ll«  "
i.ta -
U.46 I'M
1.4ft   "
:'.l.'i  "
245  "
111  "
3.45  "
I.II  "
. II  -
4.46   "
5.46   »
u.l.'i  "
A.4A   "
1 ■  "
7.45  "
1.11  "
8.45   "
li.l),   ■'
9.46   "
10.1ft   "
10.45  "
•11.45  "
on Sunday
When yuu intend luiiltlinp
Hrtnek   Oftfi  h l.iiniiliilt  Are., t'ily.
llr.   ,    \,a   N
;/.ml otjii-e nnd Mill,  /,,.,ui frrrlt, II. C
direct from the ninii-..
Place your ordem now and
wcure your winter'i inpply.
Large nbinmenta aiil arrive
in a lew day.. Price« right.
Urge -ii|.|i|y of WOOD
al*av« on hand    ....
Hotel Norlh Vancouver
Telephone No. a. fttpplattttnit ta (% lExpraa
There was a large attendance
of ratepayers at the public 'sulliciently satisfactory to en
meeting, held Tuesday evening, able him to guarantee his prin
for the consideration of lerry jcipals what thev required. All
matters. A notable feature of!decisions as to boats, etc,,
the meeting was the presence of would remain open until tin
a delegation (10111 the board of company is properly organized,
directors ul the K. V Ferry aV 1'. Rochussen was opposed to
Power Co., comprising .1. 0. .private ownership ol the ferry.
Scott, VV. R. Meredith and T. The people were in lavor ol
II, Heard, manager. 1 municipal ownership.    It   was
Mayor VV. II. May was ap-ieven possible lhat a free ferr
pointed chairman and iu a few might be considered advisable,
pointsd remarks emphasized the such as are operated in New
vital nature ol the ferry ques-1 Zealand and in certain localities
lion, designating il the pivot iin Kngland. This would require
upon which turned the residen-|a tax rate lor ferry maintcn-
tial and commercial future of I ance, hut on the other hand it
this city and district. w-ould enhance the value of pro-
.1. C. Gill, being called upon, pcrly and greatly increase the
referred to the unsalislaciory population. Certainly two ferry
relationships for sometime ex- companies could not survive
istiitg between the city and the and now was the time for the
N. V. Kerrv Coinpanv.   He re- councils to take vigorous action
pany to accord them at all the city and district. J. The ferry company and report to
times, a majority representa- company to sell ilu- entire as- the meeting. The report ulti-
tion on the board of directors, sets lo the city wiili or without malcly submitted was as fol-
Since Saturday last, when ihe Lonsdale [aniens, .il a price lows Subject lu the approval
shares had first lieen offered tic and upon terms to be agreed up- of the shareholders, thc (err\
public,  the  response  had been j on.   Mr. Scott intimated company 1. will lease the busi-
his delegation would lie prcpar- ness exclusive ol Lonsdale gar-
ed to confer with a committee
from the meeting and go more
fully into these several propositions. He staled thai lhe company would probablv lie willing
lo accept iiti bunds in payment.
Colin F. Jackson, in an effective address, emphasized the
imperative necessilv of adjusting this vital matter of ,1 (erry
service; lhe desire of the uti/cn-*
to deal fairh l.v the old company; the certainly that an adequate  Ierry   service,    pro|>erly
dens, lor a term ol three or live
\eats, with the option of purchase, the rental to comprise
lhe prepayment of an amount
to lie agreed upon lor depreciation, together with h |*er cent,
per annum on 5So,ooo. II purchased, the price to la* $So,ooo
less such sums as might have
heen paid for depreciation; 2.
Will continue lo operate any
service desired by the citv, upon
any feasible plan that will give
the shareholders a dependable
dividend ol 6 per cent;   V   Will
managed, could Ih- made to pay; j sell the company's assets, in-
the desirability ol treating 'a- eluding Lonsdale Gardens, lor
long the lines suggested In Mr. I the amount of the pal*, up capi-
viewed the lerry proposition
from its inception, slating that
the payment ol dividends was
nol the original plan upon
which the service was inaugurated, and this idea would nut
harmunize with the benefits
which this citv wished tu secure
from such a service. Previous
to taking up the Twin City
Transportation Company project, he had secured an option
un the Motor Boat Transportation Coinpanv Irmn  Mr. Bun
and   make   the   Iiest   possible
terms for purchase.
.1. 0. Scott, spokesman for
lhc delegation from the directors of the X. V. Ferry I Power
Company, briefly reviewed the
circumstances which led to the
formation ol that coinpanv,and
the inducing ol eastern capitalists to invest their inonci 111
the lerrv as a commercial pro-
pusiliuii. At ils inception, lhe
service provided was generally
Scott, now lhat lhe old ...m
pany had shown a disposition
to deal fairly bv the city; the
advantages ol municipal ownership, and the necessity ol encouraging the new company, if
the oid coinpanv should prove
J, Balfour Ker emiinerated
the advantages ul municipal
ownership, as follows: A private coinpanv i* in dulv bound
tai ol lhe company, plus interest at the rate ol six per cent,
per annum Ir.uu the dale ol the
investment ol this capital,
I about 4 years) or exclusive of
I...ns,I.il.* gardens for $80,000.
In response to this report, the
lulluwing resolution was unani-
nioiish adopled: "That this
meeting ol ratepayers ol North
Vatiiiiiiver thanks the directors
ol the North Vaniouvc:   Ferrv
service;   thi
could   lie   o|MTated   under   the
form of a joint stock company
in   order   lo   protect   ihe  citv
admitted to lie in advance of
bury, and had gone personallyIthe times, but year alter year
to the home ol one of the di- had elapsed with no prolits, un-
rcctors of the N. V. Kerry & til the eastern shareholders had
Power Coinpanv, and through grown tired. Doubtless were
him had made to that company | they on the ground mure BtH
the ptopusitiun that, if the old would be produced, l.ul at such
ferry company would enter into'great distance it was dilbctilt to. from undue harrassment upon
an agreement with the cilv of |enable them to understand the the part of ilaimaiils l..r dam*
Nurth Vancouver, guaranteeing situation.    Mr.  Scott observed 1 ages front accidtnl.   He p..nl .1
that an error had been math, in well deserved tribute lu VV |
that the directors had not met iBiinbuiv ami the motor scrvni*
thc ralepaurs occasionally as .declaring Ihal thev should I.e
drawn. This proposition had .at thc present meeting. HeIindemnified and held hfermlssi
not even met with the courtesy- j emphasized thc necessity of lhe'with rcspcil to lhe set lice lhat
of a reply.   He then proceeded,ratepayers,   ol   whom   he   ars* | they had so opportBBslj  |i»BB
to make dividends |,,i shart-hol- • -'"*er Company, I.imited.lor
ders. but not s,, a muni.ipality; 1 -bcir picscnic and (or the pro-
tin* nly and disltiit could hold; positions outlined, and resolves
permanent!) I central landing that it h desirable ihat the ler-
un llu- Vaiiiuiiver shore, andjrv serene he, in mie lorm or
could not he displaced OT moved'ainuhcr. under innirol ol the
about; all profits uuild go haik,"^ and distriit ol North Van-
nto lhe business lo improve the miner, and ap rated lor the
municipal   service
.1 satisfactory ferrv service, thc
UotOI Transportation Company's 1 Trice would be   w-ith-
with the organisation of the
Twin Citv Transportation Company, which is now duly ihnr-
dcntlv of lhe east.   The direct-
tersll, and had approached cap-]ors were willing to do all pos
its] with the project.   Ile came
to the meeting to get information and wished to know 'f
the people of North Vancouver
reallv want an improved ferry
scrviic, SMl will thev accord it
their support. If so. he could
guarantee the requisite capital
over nnd above lhat whii'i
might la- provided bv citizens
llienisclves in purchasing shares
Although the people of Norlh
Vaiiiuiiver might own only a
minority ol the shares, it was
lhe intention of the new   cotn-
une, working together.  The ser-1 the citv    lie also highlv   10111
vice must ne built up indept-n- intended .1. C. QUI, Bl I most ■
ftcient man to conduct  thc affairs of I new I'.mpaliv.
1 R. .1. Murray 1.1II0I ittSfl
tion I" lhe fail llul lhe ills
trnl was ilu'ih interest..!, as
well as the dty, and should be
lutisultcil lie NggSBtad that
the citv, the disi rill   llu N   V
siblc within rstBOB, and ill harmony with iheir duly lo the
shareholdtrs ol the ferrv coinpanv. Ile tlnn submitted in
writing an outline of lines ..long
which   negotiations   might   be
carried on, as follows:   1. The  Fern  Co .   sad lhe Twin t'ttv
ferrv company to base tu   ihc|Co, should ...tiler lofether and
city the ferrv service and I.utis-jdevise sunn* plan ol adjustment
dale gardens lur a term ul three'    Several numbers "I tin* audi
or five years, at a price and tip-jence t<>"k nsTl hi 'hi disCBSsk*
on terms to bl agreed upon    1. as | result ..1 ivbiib the   chnh
The leriV company to continue [appointed     Aldermen   Si hull/..
the lial(-hourlv senile bv tin .ins MiN'eish  and   Voting   lo .onler
of an   equitable   subsidy    Irom with the  delegation   from   the the near fittiit
benefit .d the ritiswa; and further, that tin un .md the district confer jointly with the di-
reitors ol the N   V   Ferrv   ,
I'm-1 r Company, erhh a view to
the ultimate pun base ul such ol
their assets as BM) Bl u.nsidir
ed desirable, upon reasonable
terms,  and  that  the result    ol
sitih conference he reported to
a public meeting ol ratepayers,
one week II. in l...l,.i. and llll
ther, that failing ,,n agreement
ti|M.ii reasonable terms, lhe iit\
and district councils proud
promptly lo assist substantially, 111 the loimation nl a new
min; ..in . I..I the OpsrstiOfl of
all elluienl lein scniic wilh a
provision lor ultimate purchase.
W. A. Dewar and family will
move over (r..ni Yatiioiiver tomorrow and will take up their
residence in their new home just
completed on  ith street,  tn
tween Chesterfield and    Mahon
The Oddfellows nUtOMplltl
holding a publi.   At Home   in §upplm?ttt ta Sfj? JExprw
1 pany to accord them at all lhc city and district. $, The ferry company and report to
tunes, a majority nprcscnia- company to .sell ihe entire as- the meeling. The report ulti-
tion on lhe board ol directors, sets lo the city willi or without lnatcly submitted was as fol-
Since Saturday last, when lhc I.on.sdalc gardt ns, at a price lows: Subject to the approval
shares had lirsl la-en ollered lie and upon terms to be agreed up- of the shareholders, lhe (erry
There was a large attendance public, the response had been 011. Mr. Scott Intimated company I. will lease lhc busiiii   ratepayers   al    the   public siiHicientli satisfactory    lo  cu- Ins delegation would he prcpar- ness exclusive of Lonsdale gar-
iiiceling, held Tuesday evening,! able him to guarantee his prill- ed lo confer with a committee
lor  lhe  consideration  ul  lerry cipals what thev requited     All from the meeting and go  more
matters, A notable feature ol decisions as tu buals, etc.,
the toasting was the prcsctuc of would remain open until th:
a delegation (rou the board of company is properly organized
directors ol lhe N. V totit) I P. Koihusscn was opposed tu
Power Co., loinprising .1. I'., private ownership ol lhe (erry
Scott, VI R. Meredith and T. The people were in lavor ol
M. Heard, manager municipal ownership,    lt   was
Mayor vv. 11   Ka] arss ap- even possible that a Iree (err
pointed chairman and iu a few might be considered advisable,
pi.unci remarks emphasised the such as are operated in New
vital nature of lhe inn  ques-  Zealand aid in certain dualities
tion, designating ll ths pivot in England, This would require
upon whiili tin ned the residett- I tax rate   lor   (erty iiiainlcn-
ual and commercial luture   ol aaoe, but aa the other hand it
tins iiti ailil distil.I would eiiliattic the value of pro
.!. C. Uill, laing called Upon, pertv  and gtcath  imrease    the
referred   to   the   im-alislailon  population,   Certainly two ferrv
relationships d.r sometime ex- companies conld nut  survive,
isiing betWSBB thi uu and the sad BM  was the liiiie lor   the
N. V. Ferrv Company,   Re n- councils to tahs vigorous action
viewed the ictiv proposition and make the lu'st possible
(rom its Inception, stating thnt terms (or purchase,
the payment ol dividends was .1. Q, Bcott, spokesman for
not the original plas upon'the delegation Irom the direct-
which the service was Inangurs "rs ol the N. V. Ferry & Power
led, and this idea would not Company, briefly reviewed the
harmonise with ilu benefits dreeanstsnees which led to the
which thisutv wished to sei un- forniaiiuti ol thai company,and
(rum such 1 Min..     Previous the Inducing <d eastern capital
to taking up (lie Twin litv IstS to invest their inuiiei in
Transport at ton Company pro lhe Iciry as a coiiiiiiercial project, be had set tired an oplioit position Al ils Inception, llu*
011 the Motor Boat Transports' sen ice provided was generally
lion Compnnv (rou Mr. Bun- admitted lo lie in adiatne ol
bun, and had gone person.ilh the limes, but vear alter year
to the liotiu  ui one ol the   di    bad elapsed with no profits, un
lully into these several propositions. He staled that lhe coinpanv would probably bc willing
io accept city bonds in payment.
Colin   F. Jackson,   in an el-
lectivc address,  emphasized  the
Imperative necessity ol adjusting ibis vital matter ol a ferry
smiic; the desire oi the liti/.cns
dens, for a term ol three or live
years, with the Option of purchase, the rental to comprise
the prepayment of an amount
to be agreed upon lor depreciation, together wilh h per cent,
per annum on SSo.ooo. If pur-
1 based, the price to be $Ko,ooo
less such stuns as inighl   have
been paid tor depredation;   2.
Will continue to operate any
service desired bv the ciiy, upon
to deal lairlv  by the old coin- any feasible plan lhat will give
pany; the certainty that an aid- the   shareholders  a   dependable
quate  ferry   service,   proper!) dividend of 6 per cent;   J. Will
managed, could lie made to pav, sell the company's assets,    in
llie desirability of treating .1
long the lines suggested by Mr.
Siolt now thai lhc old company had shown a disposition
to deal fairlv bv lhe cilv; the
advantages ol municipal ownership, and the necessity  of   en-
cluding Lonsdale Gardens, Ior
the aiinuiiil of the pai,. up capital of the 1 ompany, plus interest al the rate of six per cent,
per annum from lhe date of Uie
Investment of this capital,
(about 4 years 1 or exclusive of
ii.ur.iguig the new company, il Lonsdale gardens ior $80,000,
the old company should   prove     In response to this report, the
Impracticable, lollowing resolution waa uaani-
,1.  Pallour   Ker   enumerated mottsly   adopted:    "That   this
tin   advantages  of  municipal meeting oi ratepayers oi North
ownership, as [..Hows: A pri- Vancouver thanks the directors
vale company is iu dulv bound'"' the North Valiiouver Ferry
lo make dividends loi lhatchol-l-1 Power Cumpaiiy, Limited,fur
their presence and fur the  pro
positions outlined, and resolves
that ii is desirable that the fcr-
ders, but not so .1 ninnidpslity;
iln . ItV and distriit could bold
permanent!) 1 central landing
on   the   Vam ouver   shore,   and!"   service be,  in  one  lorm or
conld not he diaplsced or moved another, under control of the
about; all profits lottld go back |'ity and district nf North Van-
into the business to improve UM|«mver< and operated    lor    the
rectors "1 the V v. fcrrj   I til the eastern ihsriholders hadlairirr; the muniiipal service benefit oi the dtiwns; and fur
Coinpanv,  and  through grown   tired.    Doubtless   were could   be   operated   nndei    the "u-r, that the cilv and the dis-
1 trict confer jointly with thc directors ..I the N.  V.  Ferry   ,
Power Compan;. with a view to
the ultimate ptitibase ol such of
Iheir assets as may be consider
ed desirable, upon reasonable
terms, and that the result of
siiih conference bc reported to
a publii meeting of ratepayers,
one week iroin to.h.i; and lurther, that (ailing an agreement
upon reasonable terms, the city
and district councils proceed
promptly to assist substantially, in the formation of a new
.ompany, lor the operation of
an efficient (erry service wilh a
provision for ultimate purchase.
him had made to thai company the) OB tin ground more money 'form 01 1 joint stock company
the proposition thnt, if the oM would he produced, but ,,t each lis order to protect ihe dtj
(ei 11 company would enter int.. great distance ll wasdilhuilt lo.frn.ii undue harrassiiunt upon
sn agreement with the 1 ilv of enable them to understand tin .the part ul claimants fur dalll-
Nortll Van...uur. glial.milling situati.in. Mr Siutt observed ages hum aui.lent. lie paid a
., latisfacton lim service, the thai an ctrot had been lil.ide. in'well id served tribute lo W. B.
Motor Traiispurtation Com- that the . lire, tors had not met I Banbury and the motor service,
mii* s -.mi 1 would be willi- the ratepayers occasionally  si declsriug thnl the) shonld  be
drawn      This  proposition   had at   the  present   meeting        Re  indemnified  and held  harmless
n..i eves met niih ihe .ottrtesy emphasised the Bseeasity ol the with respsct to the service thst
..( a reply, He then proceeded ratepayers, ol whom he was
wuh the organisation oi the one, working together, Tin sir
Twin City Transportation Com- rtee must hs built ap indepen-
pany, which is now dulv ihar-Idently "1 the east.   The direct-
lend, and had Stlproached CUp- OH were willing to do all posit.il with the project Be came liWe within reason, ami m ban
I., iii, meeting to get Informs- nwmj with their dun to ihe
tion and wished to know ;f shareholdi rs ol the fun mm
tin people oi North Vam..uver pane. Ile llien submitted ill
really wnnl sn improved tern writing aa outline oi lines slong
-.nne. and will they accord fl *■*■•■■'■'   negotiations might he
tlnir SBpporl 11 so be uaibl .airicd 00, as (ulluws * Tin
guarantee   lhe  requisite  iapit.il  dm   lolnpaliv  tO base lo   the
..vet and sbnvi thai whlt't dtv the ferry service aad Lons
might be provided by dtiaeni dak gardens (or n tarn of three
theniselves in pUTchssing shares   or live years, al a priie and up   elKI took Ball in 'In discussion
Vllhongh  tht   people "I   North Ion terms to be Bgned upon    '   ,.s ., result of which the   chair
Valiiouver might own unlv aIThe ferrv compan) to continue appointed   Aldermen  SchulU,
minority "( the shares, it was|thehe!l-hour.* service bi mean* McNdah and Toting toconfer
thev hnd so opportunely given
the iitv. He also highly commended .1. C, (.ill. as a most efficient man to conduct the affairs ol a new coinpanv.
I. K. J. Murray culled attention to the fact that the din-
triit was closely interested, as
well as iln  iitv. ..ml should be
consulted,    He mggestsd thai
the iitv, the district, the N V
Ferry Co.. and the Twin Citv
Co . should confer tot'etlier and
devise some plan of adjustment
Several members ol the audi
IIIMM'llll      "P      un        'Mill'',      ■•              -  - '- , .
the intention ol the new com-1 of sn equltsbfe subsidy  Irom with Um Wegstloa (rum  ths tne near iniurc
W. A. DsWST and family will
tiiuve over (rom Vancouver tomorrow and will take up their
residence in their new home just
completed on 4th street, in*
twim Chesterfield and    Malum
The Oddfelluws cuiilcinplale
holding a public At  Hume    in THE EXPRESS. NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The government of Canada
will have one of the largest exhibit buildings at the Alaska-
Yukon-l'acific exposition.
Canada's exhibit at the A.-Y.
P. exposition, will be the most
comprehensive ever undertaken
by the Canadian government in
connection with a world's fair.
One of the finest views on the
grounds ol the A.-Y.-P. exposition will be from the verandas
of the Canada building, which
overlooks two lakes and three
mountain ranges.
The Yukon territory will have
a display at the A.-Y.-P. exposition typical of the Northland.
Canadian breeders ol .blooded
stock will have a big part in
live stock show at the A.-Y.-P.
The mineral resources of Hritish Columbia will lie lully
shown at the A.-Y.-P. exposition.
Canada's building at the A.-
Y.-P. exposition will be ready
to receive exhibits by May i.
The government of Canada
will have its building at the A.-
Y.-P. exposition completed and
ready to receive exhibits by the
latter part of April, thirty days
in advance ol the opening day.
With the possible exception of
the state of Washington, Canada will have the most complete
display ol agricultural and horticultural products exhibited at
the 1909 lair. Recent advices
received hy the exposition management from the Canadian exposition commissioner, states
lhat the work of collecting and
assembling the exhibit ol thc
government of Canada has been
under wav for several months,
and it will lie the most elaborate and comprehensive display
ever undertaken by the Canadian government at any exposition. In the exhibit partuulat
attention is given to the agricultural resources of the country, and both Hritish Columbia
and Beaten Canada will be fully represented in the display.
ln addition lo lhe exhibit ol
the Canadian government the
Canadian Pai iln Railway will
have a building and exhibit al
the exposition.
As British Columbia is directly adjacent to the exposition
lhe exhibit from this section ol
Canada will furnish the largei
portion of the exhibit. lhe
mineral resources of Hritish
Columbia will bc fully exploited and there will' lie an exhibit
ol every known mineral lound
in this section.
Canada will also make a comprehensive display ol its dairying nnd will lie a strong conien-
dor in the exposition live stock
show. Thc exposition management has appropriated Si on,one
lor premiums in this department and blooded slock irom
all parls of the Vnitcd Slates
and Canada will lie shown. Already a number ol the lies!
known breeders ol Canada have
made applications lo enter
stock. ihe live stock show
opens September 27 and closes
October 9. This late date was
arranged in order to allow Iwo
ol the larger circuits to close in
Seattle during thc exposition.
The wireless telephone will lie
demonstrated on the grounds ol
the A.-Y.-P. exposition. On
Klondike circle, neur the main
entrance, will Ik- built a rustii
tower iimi leet in height at the
base oi which will bc an exhibit
hall lor wireless apparatus invented to the date ol the opening uf the exhibition.
Wireless telephones will ibe installed on the grounds and
daily demonstrations made by
the United Wireless company,
A daily ncwspa**cr, containing
news received by wireless and
messages froifl vessels at sea,
•mill be published al the fair.
The wireless equipment will lie
installed on the top ol a blty
loot pole to stand on the tower
giving the wireless station a
height of 150 feet from the
Near the top of this pole will
bc a series of lubes and, as messages are being sent out from
the station, there will be a kaleidoscopic cHect produced by
the electricity passing through
the varied colored globes.
At the present time the company has a station at Vancouver, where the wireless telephone is being perfected. The
wireless 'phone was used to
some extent on the warships
during the cruise of thc Atlantic fleet to Seattle and experiments are now being made in
New York.
The address on sewerage systems, given by District i.ngin
eer Donald Cameron, before Onboard of trade last week, was
of a highly instructive and interesting nature and proved exceptionally helpful lo all who
were in attendance, as did the
subsequent discussion of this
important question. In his
opening remarks, Mr. Cameron
briefly traced the development
of sewerage systems, with the
several attempts to dispose ol
the sewage, by utilizing it in
some Way, all of which latter
had proven failures. It was at
the point where the sewage was
to be disposed of that the septic
tank was designed to come in.
It was designed to receive the
discharge from the sewers at
the outlet, and to promote the
purification process, and was
particularly valuable where adjacent waters were required for
pufblic use.
There were two systems of
sewerage, generally known as
the separate system and the
combined system. The separate
system is designed to provide
for only sewage proper, and has
been adopted in some instances
where the sewage must be disposed ol by pumping. A one-
quarter inch rainlall in twenty-
four hours is equal to trom
seven to ten times the ordinary 1
flow of sewage, therefore this!
system is never a success, as
lutside water finds its way in
despite all precautions. The
combined system is the one]
usually in vogue and would bc i
the right system for North 1 an- \
couver, It is designed to carry
.Way all sewage, antl also a
large portion of surface water
from roofs, yards and streets. I
The configuration ol the ground
in this city is so ideal, that an
excellent sewerage sysiem can
lie installed at a minimum cost.,
The installation of a sewerage
is usually the result of some
•pidemic or similar calamity.
Authorities move with proverbial slowness and when spurred
lo action by prevalent illness,
ihey sometimes act hastily and
the result is costly and unsatisfactory.
A comprehensive system Ior
North Vancouver should be outlined at once. Purification
works would probably not he
required in this city. The principle upon which the septic tank
operates, is the separation ol
ihe solids in the sewage, breaking them down by bacterial action, and reducing them to an
humus, followed by their gradual discharge. Thc trunk sewers at North Vancouver might
safely discharge into the sea,
lhe outlets being so formed that
none of lhe solids could make
their appearance on the sur-!
face; while septic tanks could he ;
so arranged that with every
fall ol the tide, a certain quantity ol humus, which is of a
aoii odorous nature, would In-
carried away. This process
would be economical and Iree ol
pflcKS, At the same lime, an
ultimate point should lie select-1
ed, and all outlets of sewers j
laid at such a level as will pu-
mit ol their being converged a 11
this point. In time it may be
necessary to go fartlier aw.n
and to convey the sewage outside the First Narrows, but
that time is far remote.
lt should he home in mind
that the flow of sewage is not
uniform. Thc great consumption of water takes place during nine hours ol each day.
During the night there is practically no consumption ol water
but beginning at 6 a.m. it
steadily increases, reaching its
maximum at 12 noon, when it
is three times as great as the
average. The sewers must bc
ol sullicient capacity to carry
this maximum flow. In addition to this, .Key must also be
capable ol carrying ofl the first
flush of every storm, when the
remainder can be taken care of
by means of storm overflows.
As to the best form of sewer
they would be better made on
the ground and might be of
either vitrified pipe or stoneware. Il is most essential that
the) be made absolutely watertight. Concrete pipes aie now
made which satisfy all requirements. They can bc made right
on the ground and perfectly watertight, while the cost is decidedly reasonable. There is no
evidence to show that concrete
pipe will disintegrate, excepting
under circumstances in which
any sort of pipe would do so
The present Norlh Vancouver
system is really a cess pit sysiem and not a septic tank system. The tanks arc too large,
as they should be only of sufli-
cienl dimensions to accommodate aboui Ihrci-lourths of the
daily How at one time. If larger
over scptiiism lakes place and
a nuisance results.
Wt solicit the business of Maouftdorers,
Ki^H.ir-rraindothen who ml m the idrlMbil*
v'i f luring their Pntcnt bu  iif-M truimrttd
!vi:xperU,  Picliir'ntryadvi^frn.  Chuff*
1 la&nftfc Ourlnvcntor'i Advitcrfcntiipon t--
at M.irfon& Marion, ftevU, Krw York yr€
\1**i.t..n1    nixl Wa«liii,„l„B   DC   UU
North Vancouver
...n 1-rerun it
Cerlilii'iiti-il eanfaji Medical and
Maiernitr Suraei
Hum Sail Out mi Appfcitton
tot tm.in apply   nt  tl.e Hnipittl
O.r. IMIi'.StreetA St. Audrew'a Ave.
Builders ond
P. LARSON ii  prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kinds uf Hiiildinp
Mnli rinl 111 i|U:iiititi.s lo suit
tnd III iviisoimi'lr priccc
Milt*, Riv Cluthi E. taOtt, Ml,
Bi*irlrr* anil day Imya re-
reived •'" Math-nil i.wluaiva
'   li-nii-. llu- n.'l.'..I uill re-o|«an
j ..11 M1...I111. .Lm. nth, mnn.
, A limn"' •eli'i'a'.liip will be id-
, lenil at Ivi.ier In I'l.tiipetitinn
•    l'i l,*.,.r.l,*r..
.X-X-W-v-l-s-v^-I-^-fr^i ii«<
Rolled Oats
Haij and feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
CeuliAuwci Plant*, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ik. Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Terry  Landing
Hairy Mitchell, local tnanager.
CKH laflmr aa* S C. laat lantrtv
thiihi wa
R.l.,,.'y«, HrlilfM, Witer P..w.i., K.Umll-i
8ii|MTiiiipinl<*n,*«i»l Cun.truciloa M.|<\ Town
•IUI, Mini,,- f'l.lra.. SiiblllTHI"!..,...'
IM Ht.ilnn tl. * .
Ask yoar6nocEB for it
Plana   and   Hpeciflralinna   Prepared.
When thinking ol building let ua give
an e.timali'
Or P.O. Hoi 7J,  Norlli V.nr.in**.,
r. A. BUUte, ProHrlflnr
Allkltnl-iil FreahFiali delivered Maily
Smoked  ti-.li  a  ipeeialtr.   Poultry,
Eggl and Vegelaklea.
Our aim ii to pleaie our Cuatomeri at
to goodi and pricm.
Cor. Lonsdale Ave A 8th St.
Air Tight
  '      ' a
WE have a full lim- of ilu-
above, in all liana nml nt
nil prices.
You cun buy a Deal little
which is plenty good enough to
see you through thp cold simp.
Just use the teleplioitf. We
do the rest.
I Paine&McMillan I
Phone 11        m'
JJ Corner Loesdsl. A»e.7aad First St.
Business and Professional Director!)
is the only auctioneer who will
pay spot cash before the sale is
The Alexandra. 589 Granville st
Scalp treatment for all kinds ol
disease. Children's hair catting.
Facial Massage.      Manicuring.
Hairdressing 25-50
Shampooing 50.        Phone 1000
,*H2 Carrall streei
Established 1889
Repairing a specialty
Hats  cleaned   and  blocked at
the sign ol the Hat
Kallethe's Bath
Comer Homer and Pender Sis.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath house in British Co*
We cure where others Iai!
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage lor body, scalp and lace; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate ol Berlin, Germany
Mechanical    Opera,   Vaudeville
and Drams
Program changed everv Monday
Any seat in.the house inc.
58 Hastings Street West,
Successor to Dr. Dalliy
033 HASTINGS ST. Wkbf,
Phone 978
5*1 Cordova Street,
Prescription Specialist
Phone 1053
1'.1 im-rie*. and Provisions
Wholesale and Rel.nl
ilh Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridavs
619 Hastings Street West,
Farm   and  Ornamental   Gales
Garden Arehes, Flower Si.ui.ls
IA}, Pender Street,
Keep vour e\e on
Fur particulars apph 1.1
Phone H15     410 limner Street
Securities Corporation liil,
4.|n Sniimui Sii< 11
R. Km Houlgats        \l.linger
■ '.
MATTEL'S STUDIO!   TU)     , - , vt -
u: Hastings M^W„t, -;*....,,„,.,..,,   „,„, ,„,,„,
The Iiest equipped studio on llie  ,.,,. Mlll„    lll(|  -.,,,,„ ,.||  ,,„*„
coast. Phone ujs ,l( bnpprfncl .1. sight.
„ , . Dr   King is iln    highest   an
r« exiellent photographs   and (honU „, (U     ,,, ,„ *• ,„.,,,.,
s.itisfailion go to the
Cor. Carrall and Cordova Sis
Fan-illy Group, ant Baby Ploturfa a
Saacialty Cakinat r*noloa S3 up
F  GORL1CH, (Graduate)
CHIROPODIST  Corns.bunions,
sore feet, etc.   cured.       Many
years practice in London, Eng
Room 54 Davis Chambers
615 Hastings Street West
Hours: 9 to 12 a.m., 1 to 6 p.m
Prof. JOS. B. NURNBERGER   fcl'ROSNll. HllllTZ k HtRPl.R
Vancouver Opera House NOTARIES, ETC.
Rooms ,t and 4 Elks' Hall, Cor. Ijj-^ Imperial Block
Robson and Granville Strrets.|Cor   Pender and Sevmour Sis
All Instruments.      Phone 2530I P.O. Drawer 1116     Phone 2444
All kinds of optical repairing
iu i.KASVlU.l'. BTREET,
Ur, Ilaslings Sl    \\
K. .1   Spn.lt, H.A .
Maaagei      .1 R Cunningham
Se.   Ti. .1
get llir Inglii ll  I'anl position!
Pitman's BusinfN College,
Mi ft.M i-i'- s.vtiioin Street,
ni'ii, a..
a,,..  .
tlir* I
I'll •>>.
 i the "Burns" sup
net anal  il.ui.i*   Motidai   night
i.ii  will kind
I'   leavi   '' C   H. I,.him.it's of*
ilala  iivj,
' . LWI TNffiXUI
k< .il i a la It:- Brokers
un ivi> net WMMANCI
in:; ii. r. kiusutuim
XlflMK IM.
|i i  I-.* I nnu "!' ' hast
* i-enl,
Lonsdale Avtiiue
u *
i-;i.i.* n
rile I l.l.
Ki   i
endi ivoii t: 'in
ill,   ,'    IU      I    ■
till       I,
|"    *     ' .        1,1 ,|
temporal il
lot    llll    *
Iii lOUlph
dai ti,   i   ,
till      ll!
llll I .
tnl al
Man <:
plain *'i  i"    Hia
inn,; to
A num in. In.l
III;'    ,   ;
liislrfrl of .Virlli Ifuawiiw
Court o| RevUiun
i OTIi     i- lierel.)  itlven thai Dm
■   .,I |i   i    , ,    ,.| ||„, |.i.*n,*| o|
liver   ii ill   lie   liel.l in llie
Olliee,  I   |* .inli'i'',
ii   ,M* ii,l:i., il.,* Hi
.     'ii., al L' o'.'loek p.m.,
-   \-*.—ii . nt Rail,
.iini- and appeali
-ai . III!   lllllll*.   l.y tl...
. ■ i  app nl  i..u.l he
■ nl   * *- limn i, n dm *.
I'.i i  | .,   i   illl.T iln  *'.'ll 'llll-
al IA   i'llll.II'.
.    Ml
Clearing Price*
for Saturday and all week
35c, Ladies' underwear, shirts and drawers,
winter iveighi, -mee     13c
l.se. and 50c. Ladies' underwear, sale price  35c
Ladies' underwear, white and natural, sale price 50c
i.jj Ladies' natural wool vests, sale price  93c
,lje. Ladies black cashmere hose, sale price  >jc
Infants' shirts at sale prices
Men'SjShetland wool shirts and drawers, regu
larly sold at 751 , In ilear     Joe
1,00 Mens ribbed underwear, sale price   73c
Men's best all Brool sltiris and drawers, beavj
weight, sale priee     .....1.83
i.-w Hesther knii sinks, sale price        131
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson Selling Machines and
aeeessories sold here
for sale in thi'
Wr rs|nci«illi| r< commi nil
Lm 111, block iiiii,
Lots l's, 29, 80, block HIT,
Lots   8, !i, Ki.ll, 18,
I:;. 11.16, in, block Kill,
at |17i'i() each
al 11860 each
at $1800 .'iich
HUMS-One-quarter rub; balance ipraad over
I pariud of three years, at 7 per cent.
sell 1.1!
a'    .1
hm un
I f. 1
Mis. JarleyS
SI.   .'Dii.W *.
Presbyterian' hurch
feb'y 4th
'r for II
■a        '
. D
'a  l.'< *,,* ami Conn-
in ol lli* Dialriel
I Vl ' T,  III   t'nllneil ll-*" In-
I,   I a   *, ***** ol * Mabflahliif,
— nini! n hiyli.
iwn * -    I be l''*'*i' i'ii*
• • n» r i'i..ii  herein nmli r
lion *.". mid * i-iion ll IS)
' \.l,   elltilh
Hi - mil lain - Ai.l AMI
a- o.a.** orai*N "( Inn.l.
i .   I   i**rlu.i.  nl
l'.- net a.'.' iii l,in
' -'l . In tin I'i*—
■ -.  I  nn r md I'.
, I.   ilia IIT,' ii. (
al * polnl "ii ilie ii'i-t
.   '.ml s.   I,. |
■a a'li tia-l .   mer nf -i.i.l
*i *l then.'.'   imrlli i., illfrtn  It
. • li-nine,- nf in
: A t ne.  nnrth  In.l'**
lie) a ilia.
*  i * '.  ■  in* r.* ut I, ■ «, in ihe
. in. *   il lm*   n I .ii.lriel Inl,
:   r< *1 'in   ;i   n.:l|i  or
H * .1 in the land ing.
Iti ol \ an.,.i,v«-r an.l
el   trai(htanln|
li mil rough Tu,*. li•
li i-l 1.1 •.'ihis, ii„> cr*
■ I      I'.a.llll    **i     *   ,*-
143  and(III  "I
.*. '     III* -    lel    ■■llt.T.' ll| DII
i. • .ii .1 ink.*- ll.l.   IM)
 i land alxtt i.* i
' ■   :: . .if.Ii.ii    *    -.,,,.1    ;||„|  ..iylil
'. .a.. ...iht. |.r..v-
'     La        a   I,||*,*|	
al ai (mini in Ihe
■ -•■ * i *!..'. in' sa
, minut! * hi -i nl
■ i **'  I i tn,
* il.a'n... run-
in. uti. u,**.| i,
-  I*   ;i
II    *n •.;   |ii.-iri.*l
.1   I *i**i,ii I ir t
•'  md in r**bj .*x-
*   lo. labll-h op. n,
'I *    -.III"' aa-   |nrl l,|
1 '('a   ,  ||a,||   I       l.l
tl a
\| r* H^ii.li.1
,n    i- h.r.l.v
*    '    a        ll.l'    lllll,-I-     Ol
li I'lei ni.* un.l .1.-
Ill,    Hyr, ih"  aid  nil
II   Svi   "i dwell* a,i   North
fAU   AM'
iiimi- ..I
|i '   IDS par
i* via
i ' ., ft ral
* *l map ..f
il: in-  li.l :mhw,
111        I    llaa       r* ... I
i   .* .I.ir.-.l l.lu.. I
.. I. ir..I In
:   il i-i .,i Twentlath
* uiatered >>■■> l>
mii*i along tin-'
north boundary
. ind  rod bin	
* relerred lo,
■ ta lm** in*.*ii
* Hi,***   in  llu*
* i .in*!;- numbered tSbl
• ■'.,**i lor ill
* 11,** Highway* I iproprlt-
* '
I'* i  ||,,,, ii,,. 90thdi;
ItiH'i.n   I.'i il l.v ihe Coltnell mnl Iiunl*
, ...I   i*.   r * Rem nn.I
i> lhe i-orpurata mI
■ IN"      1 MaVU'l.lll'.
ai.ia run.ic.
Quantity Siirvi'Vi.r mnl irrliit.rt
north vaNcouVkr.
lor Boot and Shoe Repairinq
•ind f iistom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. O, mii.i.s
Pioneer Uesident Hoi.t Mski i
Lonsdsle Ave., above 2nd Street    I
it the A. M. Ross Slice Store.
163 Cnrduva Mi it-1. Vancouver, B. C.
i'.o. mix :tsr.,
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Slreel, Norlh Vancouver
under lhe ausptci ■ uf the X. V Volunteer
Fire Brigade, to Iw held in Eagla'i Hull,
mi thf evening of February llth, 1908.
Admission hy invitiition, which may he
nlil.liiini from lhe li'iiiiiiilti'i'.
Kxlra I nr. .ifta-r the Dance.
*»♦*♦•♦•♦•♦ ♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦ 9AAA*v*v^lMAl*^-VA^^lV^-^AA a.n-w-a-v-v-wv-w-^a-vnv*.**
Tl        W '' t 4 *
Wallpaper*-,   l'.iinis,    Vsrnisht
etc., etc., 1 Ic.
117 l-onsdale Avenue
i lhe Williams !
I h.aii.    JO
ill'C    MHIV
U'l'llMI'l'll   t'i    .
t   I
; /vvw
tMeat Market! j REAL ESTATE DEpt.
take orders for MILL FIR
WOOD, cul to 16 in. lengths
ilreidy for the itove A load
ooutaini aboui Iial I R^nord,
Price |2pet load on or before
delivery, I'oeitively no vood
delivered without oath, ai are
i-iiiiiioi ifiordto |i;iv ;i collector ;it thii price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
111 Ki! inn nn
I Dependable
I Pianos • . .
at Bargains
Sons .il hall leal value.
We ate taking many good
pianns in nchsnge lot tin-
ihegrestesl MKhsnii *il plsyi 1
mi earth.
Some ol tin ie UU .1 piano**
are as good as the day they
lelt the Isi t"i\.
To rsduce this slot I, ni bsvs
lelecttd a nnniliei ol bsrgsins,
Iii .intiliil upright pianos lor
$200   $225   $250
warranted tu lie Komi as mw.
$6, $7, $A l>n month
gives   away   FREE   '* i
FERRV   fHKK'ls   j
ns well ai savins vmi   1
. •       .
15 per cenl ol your   ♦
^    meat hills. 1
la; .
t Choicest Bed Pork, Mutt
I ton, Latnb and Piultry *' +
• Bargain Prices.* .*■*■*>
i Very da\ and a l'ni
Fun   ink.*!   with
. lllll   S"l   piin ll Ise...
We keep in. deliver)
wsions, bo bookkeepers, ami sell for
. ash onlv.
THE (ASH   BUYER   I, 1- TS   A
VI Prices ore JHorkeo in Pon
iiiiiis llml iiiiiii
II rlaVtls|i St., I lal
iVANCOUVER   -   in
♦. ♦ .+ay*.i+<ty* * .*.*. -M'-fiH-
For  Bah—(The larg.**!  list to t-hooso  fr» in,
Lots anil  Blocks in ull pattad tin'city.
ami District.   Ihiueea on ibnII cunh pay-
nii'iit.   Ai-t'i'BBja iii i'ity and district.
S|n'i-ial opportunities fur investment now. I*i*t
\ our bargains with ns for i-uwk sale.
Houses, Flats ami Stores—a good si-k-ction at
reaaouable rentals.
Wc have ipplicatione foe teveral loans on the
besl flrsi mortgage security In anma of $600
to $10,000. Intend 7,8 ft 9 |> c. por unun.
Irwin in Billings Co.,
0m l.i.nnd.li Av,* .u.tsiliSi,       Xoii i Y........I.. lie.
i;i',)-ill HaatingaStrei
Tire  Sale  Announcement
It nil
|nv iiil-ii lm,' lloiia.-fiirni-liing  I'mvliaserA to wait for our
gigantic sale of Smoke Damaged Qooda
! $95,000      Stock io Clear in Thirty Days      $95,000
i lur entire Stock, including Oarpate, Curtains,
Draperies, furniture, Reda, Badding Stoves,
Ranges, Crockery, Linoleum, etc., must goin
in tin- specified lima.
tNotbfiig will lie shown tillopaniagol Sale, giving all *t fair ehanaa,
.Sale   Commences  on   riondaij, fcbruary   6th | '
D. A. SMITH, Ltd.,
Corner of Granville  <&  Dunsmuir Streets, Vancouver i


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