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DEC 2.1906
On Wednesday night the municipal council held a special session
to discuss the ferry by-law agreement. The whole proposed lerrj
by-law was again taken up and
thoroughly none into.
A very important change was
made in one of the clauses, by
which the residents ol North Vancouver will he allowed a right-of-
way over the tracks of the V., W,
& Y., when these are laid. In the
old agreement was a clause relating to the renting of the forc-
thore to the ferry company, and it
was discovered that if the agreement carried as it stood the
citizens of Nortli Vancouver womd
have no right-of-way over the
tracks, and would be unable to
have access to property on either
side ol Lonsdale avenue, on the
foreshore. A clause was therefore
inserted that the ferry company be
rented ioo feet of Lonsdale,
avenu , at the foot of the street,
and that the company agrees tn
place no barriers, turnstiles or
oilier obstructions on the wharf at
Lonsdale avenue about 20 feet
from high water mark.
That clause will give the municipality the right tocrois the proposed railway tracks at Lonsdale
avenue up to at least 70 leet south
ol lhe tracks, as no barriers will
be placed ou the wharf within that
distance ol llie railroad company's
The by law as it now appears in
this edition will be voted on on
December 12th, 190(4
and why not our municipality?
The freight rates charged by the
company are excessive, besides,
the ten-cent fare is a hold-up, and
shows you at once what can be
expected of this concern when it
comes to taking advantage. If we
are ever to have a good town we
must have cheap and speedy transportation. The company will also
benefit immensely by carrying
freight and passengers cheaply.
Thanking you for your valuable
space, I remain, yours truly,
Ratepayer for Ten Years,
North Vancouver, li. C, November 28, igoG.
Last evening, just before the
electric lights were turned on in
Hotel North Vancouver, Pete
Larson started walking up and
down the long bar-room, humming
the old inspiring refrain " A hunting, a hunting we will go !" This
unusual activity of Pete attracted
the attention of several of the
guests, who looked and wondered.
In a few minutes  "Bob" Bryce
appeared with a pack of his not-! ""*'*"-u *-!'">
" .   , .North Vancouver, so far as (•■•
able prize-winning dogs, two guoe,|tabli8hing sta|,k, priccs in ,.,,,,
Several  blocks and
Next week the Christmas Ex-
hksss will appear. It will be profusely illustrated and printed on
the best paper. The letter press
is devoted to North Vancouver,
ais well as a liberal supply of
Christmas slories. It will be a
good thing to send to your Iriends.
and Inspector Busby, re the es-
tablishing ol a customs and
bonded warehouse at this port.
The proposition meets with the
hearty approval of our member,
who will do all that he can to
have the same opened here. The
deputy minister and lhe inspector
have been eiiquiring'into the matter and will draw the department's attention to the needs of
making this a customs port.
Reeve Kealy stated to the Van-
couver press yesterday that the
ferry by-law sliould certainly he
carried by the ratepayers of North
Vancouver, and that any who
voted against it would be voting
against the best interests of the
The last two weeks have made a
1 marked epoch in the history  of
Against the Ferry By-law.
To lhe Editor of The Express:
Sir,—Representing as I do the
opinions of a laige number o'
ratepayers, 1 would respectfully
ask permission to use your space
ior this lettar. While we all agree
that wc must have an improved
service, yet we disagree as to the
cost of it. The day is gone when
we should be expected to hand
©vet our pulilic utilities to monopolies. Vancouver City has
borne for years with monopoly
rule, and why should we follow
suit. By voting for the proposed
by-law we sell ourselves body
and soul to the whims of a dull
wilted company. North Vancouver has not the water privileges
of any other of its streets outside
ol Lonsdale avenue. It may be
true that the C. P. R. at the
present ti e controls our ferry
landing at Vancouver, and will
stand by the ferry company in its
fight to capture the thirty-year
Irrachise. But then, is it not
possilile for the municipality
to deal willi another company
to put on another ferry ? A
londing on the oilier side of the
inlet might be procured from the
Great Northern Railway Company
on its waterfront II the municipality retained control ol the
wharl, a landing could be secured
to all vessels bringing cargo to
Nortli Vancouver, and wharfage
fees would, in a shod period, more
than repay the outlay. As it is,
freight coming from the outside
must be reshipped by the ferry
to this port or else secure
another landing on this side of the
inlet, which at present is not
available. The arbitration clause
in the proposed by-law is all right,
as far as il goes. But the regulating of freight and passenger rates
should also be subject to arbitration. In giving out valuable franchises of this kind the federal
government always stipulates lhat
it retains the control of these rates,
of the very latest make, and bags
for game. Pete said: "Well,
Bob, I feel 20 years younger,
my sight is as keen as ever, and
I'll show you the kind of a sport
that comes from Sweden." By
this time all concluded that these
two crack hunters were ofl on a
hard trip for big game of some
kind. It was now just dusk.
They shook hands all round and
had liquid refreshments wiih their
friends. " Good bye, Pete ; good
bye, Bob; wish you luck." Ihey
departed, lhe doors were closed,
and Ihey were gone. They didn't
go very la., howevei only down
as far as the tide thus, near the
Mission. The tide was running
in. the clouds were low, and the
ducks were settling down for lhe
night by the thousand. It was
getting darker and Ihe lime
shorter, ami the ducks must be
got for Sunday's big dinner. Al
once, a llock of real Harrison lake
mallards, numbering about two
dozen, and equally paired oil, came
sailing in in a " V " shaped line.
Instantly, Pete had his trusty gun
lo his shoulder, followed by Bob.
Pete fired first, and down came a
score of fine ones. His parinei
also let go, but Pete says too late.
It was Bob's turn now. When
Pete was recovering the ducks as
lhe dogs were bringing them out ol
the water, Hob brought down an
even dozen of widgeons in one
lliot. Only three shots were fired,
and a buggy load of ducks were
lirought back to the house before
dinner. TlIK EXPRESS was shown
the long rows of game by lhe local
sportsmen,   and   was   presented
with a brace. Bob says Ihnt Pile
■ lid great shouting, but thinks that
his ducks musl have died ol fright.
The leader duck quacked, as if to
say, "we're gone ; it's Pete."
estate  goes,   ^^^^^^^^^^
lots, which have been listed for
sale for a long time, were wiln-
drawn from the market altogether,
while others have been re-listed at
advanced prices. The demand
continues for outside acreage, as
well as close in residenli.il
properly, One party has instructed a local dealer to invest
$50,000 for him. This, together
with lhe many minor transactions,
has stiffened the price of real eslale
The work on the Keith road,
from Sister creek to " Navvy
Jack's" ranche, a distance ol
about two miles, is well advanced,
•10 much so that rigs cau bftdril .1
over it. Contractor Snider is doing
this work.
The water pipes are being laid
on Sutherland avenue, Irom the
main on Nineteenth street to the
Western Corporation's sawmill on
Seventeenth street, a distance of
about Hoo feet.
The executive council of the
board ol trade will meet 0:1 Tuesday evening iu lhe municipal hall.
As this will li- an important session all members are requested to
lie present.
Sam Bowman, of North Vancouver, lately from Nome, will
spend the winter at Winnipeg.
While there he expects to see a
number of his old friends.
"Sam " is well fixed now.
A popular formerly North Vancouver woman', who is married 10
a drunkard, has been offered a
good home here, but she writes
ihal she will slick to her husband
until he dies of the d. l's an
event that is not far off.
Things were lively (or a time
this morning, near Second sn, ,1
and Lonsdale avenue, The hors..
In longing to P. Burns St Company,
1,111 away willi lhe cart (nun lhe
Palace hotel, smashing a wheel
and dragging a JJ-pound weight
after him.
Chas. Durston, ol lives & Dins-
ton, is again confined to the hospital, having a relapse of a severe
The board of works have taken
precautions to protect pedestrians
using the new 13-foot walk on the
east side of Lonsdale avenue,
running up from the wharf, by
putting a railing on the outer side
of the sidewalk, as lar as Second
slreet. The inside of the walk
n 'xt the ruad is being filled up on
an even grade with the sidewalk.
Secretary Irwin, of the board ol
trade, is in receipt of communications Ironi Mr. Macpherson, M
" Eggs, 10 cents a dozen." Immediately every hen got busy, and
the result was plenty of eggs.
Miss M, Hamilton, who has
been residing here for lhe past few
months, returned with her brother,
Colin Hamilton, who has just come
here  from   Dawson,  lo Lake Lac
I.a li lehe. Cariboo, In February Miss Hamilton will go north
with her brother,
S. Loinass, Dawson, is registered at the Hotel North Vancouver,
and will remain here for a short
period. Mr. Loinass is a pioni 11
ol the Frozen North, having been
there for over nineteen years,
He lias large mining and other
interests there, and is very sanguine of the future ol Nortli Vancouver.
G, L. McCleary, (or a short
time resident ol North Vancouver,
when he took sick six weeks ago,
is :tl last showing a decided change
(or the better. He has been con-
lined to bis bed at a friend's home
on Mount Pleasant ever since.
The work on St. George's
avenue of clearing and grading is
well advanced.
The clearing and  grading   on
Fiftli street east, from St. Georgi
to St. David's, has bi • n sl irted.
Second avenue is being graded
and cleared by McLennan and
Cameron, from First slreet norlh.
F. B. Warren, Victoria, was here
this week. He is much impressed
with the rapid progress Norlh
Vaucouvor is making. He also
says that prospects at the Capital
City never looked brighter, Heal
estate has taken an upward tendency there, and by spring business in all lines will be brisk.
Large numbers ol new comers
have arrived from the Northwesl
during the past few months and
several handsome dwellings are in
course of erection.
The waterworks department are
erecting a store and workshops on
Fourth street, next the school-
house, near t! e pound.
The Esplanade, east Irom St.
(i'"i e's avenue to Lonsdale gai -
dens, is being cleared and gradi il
—a much nei ded work.
Askew & K 'i'lie Iv arc at worl
on the bridge, on the Lynn Valle*
road, ai hiss the 1 reek at Fromme's
camp. This bridge is 210 Im I ill
length, and will be finished within
the next ten days.
Fourteenth street fiom Jones to
Bewickc avi n u-, is I eiu; clean il
and graded, liewicke avenue is
also being grade I.
A prominent longing camp man
in this mitnicipaliiy will receive a
car load of horses shoitly Irom
Alberta, ll is said that iln ] will
cost J600 a team on the average,
J. II. I.ab'irn. Portland, an old-
time Cariboo miner, has bei n hue
during ib" pusi wet k, He is in-
ten ntcd in a prospect on Howi
Sound,  the assa\s of  which are
I very promising,
I, Coopi r, Vane utver, will en 11
a • 'aii ige "ii the siinih si.le ol the
Esplanade,    neai   St,   Georgi
avenue, sl ortly, where he and his
family intend to rcsi le.
The harbor is full ol dui ksthcsi
iiiornin ■■
The  natives  al   tho   Indian
mis. ■ ni cannol 1 egin 10 mpply the
m.ir.-.i 1  with  crabs   and   clams.
are being called lot the Clam nectat snd chowder is  in
'high favoi at Vancouver.
Smith Brothers, contractors "I
North   V ouver,   have    almost
completed the new car bams, ncai
A grocer predicts that before I Thirteenth     and     Westminster
Christinas a customer will hand avenm,  Vancouver.   They have
'over 40 nun at work.
Tenders ^^^^^^^^^
erection oi a bridge over the
ravine on Third atrei I, bi IWI 1 tl
St. Andrew's and St. Patrick's
him a d"llar for a dozen "I eggs,
and get only two bits back,
The w iterworks camp at Capi
lano will wind ii]) the work tin n
Mr. and Mrs. 1'ves have gone to. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Seattle on a pleasure trip. They I about ChristmaB, and will romovi
will be back on Monday, [over to the headwaters of Seymour
creek about January 1st,
No wondereggs are high : Mrs.
Duuiont, who lives in the west end
of the municipality, has 375
chickens, and last week her Inns
laid .levin eggs during thc seven
days. Six one day, and five
another, When eggs are high
hens go on strike. At least, thai
is our experii nee, We are told ol
a man at Central Park, who posted
also Deputy Minister MacDougall' this   signup   in   his 1 nop
A general meeting of tho rati ■
payers will be held tonight at tin
Lynn Valley s. 1 1 bouse,    Thi
ferry bj 1tv. 1 ill bi  li        1
J. I. Mi Tavisl   a,1 Scs tl
here mi  VVcdnesday    Mr.   Mi.
Tavisli ■   ' loi on road
work ol wide expi ricm e,
Subscribe for 'I ul Expkkm.
Burrard, New Westminster Boundary Railway and Navigation
'' ll|i|ilil'llliun will lie made In llie
Parliament ol Ciiliuilii, lit llie nexl
session thereof, for an Acl to Incorporate
n Company under I'us nun in ei Hurrard,
IV1 'sin, inster limn'.' .rr Railway A Nmi
nation Company, with power i" com
struct, ei|iii|i, maintain anal operate a
line or I s ol railway, ol standard nr
othergauge, uilli Hleam, eleetrie, gnso-
line nr any ulher kind ol inotivo power,
(ur lhe euiiveyam f passengers anil
height, from a point nr point at in or
near the fu'iliniiiiL' localities:
A,—Commencing at r point mi the
North siale ol FalsuCreak, thence crossing Kiilse Creel; by a bridge, ami running in n  Sniiili   Easterly  direction
through the City of Van iver, Hastings
I'mvnsile uml Iho Municipality nf r*'outh
Vancouver and Burnnby and tho Citv ol
New Westminster i» Iho Fraser River
Bridge, thence North Easterly through
ilm City ol New Westminster, the
Municipality ol Coquitlam to Port
Mouly. thence in 11 Westerly direction
Iii a pnint ul nr near the proposed location uf the Vancouver, Westminster A
Yukon Railway Bridge at Second Narrows, Hurrard Inlel, llienco continuing
Wester!)-through Hastings Townsite lo
plaee of commencement in City ol Vancouver.
B.—From a point at nr near the Pnulh
end ol the proposed Vancouver. Westminster & Yukon Railway Bridge al
Second Narrows, Iiu mini Inlet, thence
runs Kuiil bridge i" 11 polnl North ol
iiie Municipality ol Xnrili Vaucouvor
mi Hn wo Pound, and In a point Norlh
of the Municipality ol Nurtli Vancouver
mi the Nurtli Arm ol Burrard Inlet.
(' —From a point at tlm North end ol
the Fraser diver Bridge 111 New Westminster, thencoacross said bridge (luave
10 cross which will be applied lur to the
Provincial Govornment),thencp Southerly tun point mi the International Boundary, bpt'veonSemiamo Hay and Biuinis. I
li —From a point on tho SouUi ildoof
False Creek, llienco westerly through
the Clly of Vancouver nml ibe Municipality of si,i,i|i Vancouver to a point'
,u ur near Point llrey, ilieme returning
iii a Suiiib Easterly direction hy the
must (cn-luli mule to a point at or near
ilm Norib end nf the Fraser River
bridge iii tbe city nl New Westminster, |
h — Fmm I'nrl Moody easterly to
I'ewilnei mink road, thence following I
tienornlly the .aid trunk ruad through
I'laipi ibi'm, Maple Ki<l):e nml Mission
Muiili'lpalhli's In Save River a,ml 1 ';.■
East h"un1' in ul Mi-sinii Municipality,
All ill llie I'rnvii reel I'.rili.-h I'nllimbi.l.
Aiiil Ineiiii-lrnei, a'aainp. 111 tiiitniiittin!
operate branch lines ninl all liecnswiry
hrldges, roads, ways ami (e-ries, steam-
ililp bnrges nnd vessels, llientr. - and
•■iher place. ,,l amusement, and to 1 ill-
siruei telegraph ninl leleplim e lines 111
connection    with    snld   railway   nml
branches, ami utrniiMi it messages (ur
■■ iiiiii'Teinl 1 urp,., -, nud to charts
nils iln r, lur, mul '" '.'iiier.iieeli'i'lrieily
For Iho siipplv ol light, Iiiiii iiiiiI power,
ml lueii, r inin agreements with nny
brine ur p. hit coll pan)' i"* 'he pur-
..,,.,. ul niii.lining ilm transmission oi
"Icclrii'iiy. nii'l I'l nciplire and Imld
i.M-k in aaila, r companies, and tn acquire
in.I duvoli n uaier power f"r the por-
use ,,' ■jen,th'iiu: olerlrlcily : t" -ell
mil ili.iiiiniia' ii,,' tamo, and to expropriate, buy, hold, ban and sell luml
fur the |>ur|mses of the company nml (ur
other puri laa,'", and to levy and collect
ol train nil persons asillg ami fur llll
fn i.'11 pii'sini*  r saial railway ami
branches ami locnnecl wilhnr miko
Infill Ibernrrniigoinents with rail-
nan . ''.imlil'.it. nr other companies,
and to construct, maintain mnl o|s?rate
lb" salil r i 11 .iv ami branches, ami Ihe
■aid telegraph, telephone nnd 1 ■!"toe
p wor lines across, ninn.' nr upon
streets nr highways nil bin any Mine-
I'lpalltr, -nl.-.-1 in the regulations nf
tlm -niii Municipality: ami In eruss
navlg table rivers "r streams, ami tn
arrange lor tho use "I lirid ■■ - ilicrcfor,
ninl tn 1 annuel with iiiiiI Interchange
I raffle over othor railways, and tu pur-
eli.i-e, lal1 r, leas.'.  ,,r  otherwise
acquire the properly, rights ami Iran-
old I en* other mmnany "r com
.a ■! 1,, |,,isp, ..il ,.r otherwise
alis| 1 'In- mala risking "i .mv pari
thereof,  ami  ("r  ad  oilier  1 -'.in
rights, powers privilegi - 1 0. ai |., \.:,v.
and llinl all..(ibe ahovo works mav be
• , 1. i, r iho general advantage
: Canada.
'11 ni 1: It i.iuiiiv,
For tb" Applicants.
lio. 1,0 Vancouvi r, tins ISth dny "i
Commencing Nov. 1, igofi.
•6.00 A.M.
•11.20 A. M.
"7.(10    "
•7,:'u   "
8.I0   "
8115    "
11.no   "
11.20   "
111 UU    "
10.20    "
10.46   "
11.08    "      .
11,80   "
11.80    "
l'J l.'i 1'. M,
12.85 P. M.
1,00   "
1.20   "
1 15   "
2.08   "
2,80   "
2 80    "
8.1D   "
3.35    "
4,00   "
4.20    "
t.Vt    "
6.08    "
5.80   "
6.50   "
6.15   "
(1.35   "
"Ofl   "'
7.20   "
8 15   "
*8.35   "
9.18    "
9.45    "
10.16   "
10 45    "
•11,16   "
•11.45    "
•Not on Sunday,
District of North
^' all hoUM-holdon (nther thnn tbo
owners ol properly), who hnve been in
ibe district (ur one yenr, must make
declaration before me, on or belore 1st
"( December next. In order to gel their
mum's 011 ibe municipal list ol voters
(or lIHIi.
Am. I'iiii.ii',
C. M. C.
Districtof North
1   ihegonsiruetlon tlt ■■ :■■ •. tamm
nn simIi -it.'i'l, suit l„r Liim ililev.lk on
Taii'.ltli ilri'-i.
S|i,lllrlluliai'«n ti*  luial It Ih. Municipal
Hint, wliertIt-nitlM inuai lie li'ilgeil on nr before 7:.*u»'flni k am llie Mh of licveinber nml.
,-ll.KX. I'IIII.II',
C. M. C.
Muslims   AND   SECDHOUSE.
Largoetflrkof HOME-GROWN Fruit
and Ornamental Trees now matured for
Ibe fall trade.
Nu expense, less or delay nl (uini-
gallon or Inspection.
Headquarters (or Pacific Coast-grown
Harden, Held, nml flower   Seeds  in
BKE SUPPLIES, Spray Tumps,
Whale nil Soap, Greenhouse Thiols,
llul flowers, llulhs (ur Tall planting.
IV,- dn business mi our own grounds—
im nul I" ;niy and nre prepared lo meet
all competition,
I.a 1 me price your lisl before placing
your onler,
Catalogue free.
SOIOWeatminstorRoad, Vancouver, ll.C.
Wholesale and Retail.
is Powell St., Vancouvi r.
BT vmi v i'.miii
Aie and Stout
In tlottl.11 lieu. '111,1 ian..
Ibr l'ui|.,l I'.n uou Co,, ltd.
We will furnish beautiful
Calendars, illustrated with
local landscape!, just the
thing to send away loi a
Chriltmas or New Year's
card. S'res 7'JxS'-^ inches
and    l' |Mi    inches,     Un
view  at   Tm   Express,
Subscription, $ I aVoar (
Corporation nre hereby authorised to
'  '-"—- ''■'  «.»...  Uill
can  not  agree  as to what  the
exigencies oi the times really requires.
A Weekly Newspiipet.   i   Published by
Subscription—One Dollar per year
George Baktuy,
J.  II. Williams,
ratepayers   are to
hied on the revise
we  think  that tin
be   cotlgratll'
terms ol tin
arranged  be
Districtof North
instructions ur approaches con* I shall ho determined hv arbitration as uurpunuiuu , ,	
'   '--'••" .....a..i,..(.,n,nruviileil,ami the Company execute und deliver the necessary Hill
'       if Sale tu carry out such transfer 1
■ ns determined
a and after the
IS   now
id  the cor
lween   th
Let every ratepayer turn out and
ote Ior the by-law when the time
nines—the second Wednesday in
)i Celllliol.
,,,i uilli the said wharf, inchiiliiin hereinbeforepro*
i       sdhe Buhinilledtoiiml^llnuiinliiui    ;;
  . J'.! h'S., .1.4 '1- "■"" haS&a 1- |-ali.«l » «»
To M_- ih. *^\_t&i&L>____$___zg_i
of  an Agricment   With
ih) 'llie Company
nml coven-
As may he seen elsewhere in
this edition the voting on the hy
law to authorize the execution ol
an agreement wiih the North Vancouver Kerry nud Power Company
regarding ihe lerry service to Vancouver will take place 011 Wedues-
day, the nth ol December next.
For aOlong time past the ellorls
ol   lhc   hoard of trade   and  the
municipal council have been hem
on procuring a better ferry service. While the proposed agreement may not be all that is to be
desired, yet it is a ureal improve*
ment over tlie one new in existence. 1
ST.     JOHN
To our mind the right course . „
to pursue, so lar as the people are
concerned, would have been lor
North Vancouver und Vancouver to
jointly operate the service. Bul,
as things stand, thu would be impossible. Then, keeping in view
the procunug of au improved service, the next best course to tol-
low is to make the very best bar
gain possible with the company
now holding the franchise.
It must he remembered that the
C. P. R. has the entire control ol
Vancouver's waterfront, and the
only avnilahle ferry landing on the
other side ol the inlet is that now
enjoyed by the (my company, ll
the proposed by-law is defeated,
the company will still be in a position lo operate its line of boats
just as it pleases till the expiration ol the present agreement
The company is also in a Itirthet
position to build a landing on the
side on its own waterfront.
As to tin- integrity and ability ol
the gentlemen   who  dialled   iln
new agreement, so Inr as the intei
ests  ol the ral, payers arc   con
cerned, uu one will dispute.    Till
amended    proposition     providi
that the company will not erect it
turnstiles and barriers al lhe whal
Bearer the shore than 10 feel Iron,
high   water mark, thus   allowing
the public Iree ingress and egress
to and Irom Lonsdah:  avenue  t'
the watei Ilollt oll either Side ol till
It secures a hall-hourly servici
all the yell round, and the company expei 1  lo begin  that   next
It provides that the offices ol
the company will he located here,
and that one, ut least, of tin
boats will tie up here. To secun
Ihis and give space enough tin
Company gets a lease of the whoh
IfOntage ol Lonsdale avenue.
Residents will have the privi
lege ol cheaper fares and cheipui
freight charges, They have vu
lually u ihiee-uiiil-uue-lhird-ceiii
fare,  which  means   a great ilea,
lor local families,
I'r*e passes are offered to induce seniors lo 1:01111 111 and erect
lubtUMill houses.
Vim lime schedule is removed
(mm the sphere yl controvert
and will Im subject to nrbitiatun
if lhc company and the couin 1
Church Notice.
IT, ANHUI'.w's I'lll'.MIYII'.UI.'N Cllt'KcTI
Service will be held in tlic church
>n Sunday as usual at 11 a. 111. and
7:30 p. 111. The evening subject
will be "The Building of God's
Sunday school, 2:30 p 111.
The mid-week service will be
held in the church on Thursday at
8 p. 111.
The service in Moodyville school
Sunday at 7:30 p. 111., will be conducted by Mr. Fraser.
On Sunday week, the yth inst.,
the second anniversary of the
church will be celebrated. Full
particulars will be found in next
week's issue.
A cordial invitation is given U
Pastor: Rev, J. D, Gillam, M.A
thc    North    Vancouver nuts that thu mild wharl and approje.
111c twin Vancouver ,|IU||i)Uutautlluiutit strength, and suitable in nil respects (ur the reasonable
requirements of the pedestrians ami
vehicular Irallic thereon,
I i 1 The l' pany further ugrces that
iI will not erect its lurtistiluH nml hurries mi ihe said wharf nearer lhe shore
than 11 line drnwil from n point un Ibe
prolongation ui lhe westerly line nf
Lonsdale uv, line, southerly tweiltv leet
(rum high wuler murk, nml run ill ng ut
righl wigles ucross said whurf, il" -,'"«..
Ferry & Power Company, Limited, Regarding
the Ferry Service to Vancouver.
una] 1,1 Hit Can|i,irnlli,ll ul tlm DIHrllM
'1 Nortli Viuii'iiuvi!! lu I'tinni'il ll-ROIIltllOI
uilli Hie U.S..ni ul Uwclucloniif Iliu iniil Ul»-
irlet ilulv oliinlnuil) ns (ulluWH:
I Aiuli'iilti Is tii'ii'1,1 given in n.n It tvi' mnl
lllurk nt llie sni'l l'i,i|ii,,,iil„u to'llgll mul ilfllx
'Im CorporateSuul lu mnl give deliver; m llie
-.a..inl parly lliumln minimi, ul mi tiiiltinturu
or Agruiuiieni belwoeu tin' Coriinratluii imu llu<
Nurlli Viiiuanilviii Kerr) .V Power Colnl'iliy,
l.linilt'il, lu cuiii'i'l pri'-uiill; ''Nisiins' Agree-
IlliUlt- Willi tin- sniil C'unl'iiny, nn I lui-uuu In.
in inui- tirrmina'tiiinis, fur thi* carrying nut o:
he Fairy Survli'u lietivi'i'ii Nurlli Vtiuiauivi'i
ninl \ miviiuvi-i city, mnl loi ulli,! |,ur|'u.si". ull
in lie extent ami tt|iun tliu lenus, ntnl in llie
iiiHiiuur act f..rili iuu(aiiin ui Indi'iiinru, tvlituli
la inniuxi'il (in a aelii'ilulu tu Oils lly-law, ninl
lull nil uu llie net nml dui'il ul llie aunl Corpora-
,l„,li„g lodgora nod survants, In I
eluding resilient householders tritium
(nmiltex, ut lhc rate ut ine Holla
(*l 00) Ior thirty trips, stich tickets 0 im
uottranslorablcand subject to forfeiture
I Improperly used, . .
Commutation ticket-, giving twonti
trlus ..ne dollar; ami lor single lares,
mi' cents. An*' pornou erecting a
dwelling house in North Vancouver
within the „ next live yen", 0
th,- value ui llftecn hundred dollar* or
muvnr.ls nml being n bona tide refldi'lll
,|mll receive a free puss lur one '•'»■'
1    -„ , „,.,„ hereto unmixed,' nml I fruin tholuto of the cunipletli I Id
^.iTlmMi.^lliunhewbllrf.'m'.eill,(welling house.
,1 lhe lorushiiro north
no luiesu.'i.  if lhe Bilid line,
ih   Oomputiv wilt at all liiuos during
•1 mi.. (..,„',
Freight un I iuods.—Passengers to be
.a   v,..„,  allowed li 1 curry one hundred pounds ol
bis agreement allow tbe public free goods free, t.. be bundled entirely h;
ingress uml egress mer mnl ucruss tbe themselves, and nlso bicycles and baby
Hume lo uny «harl or dock now erected carriages. Uooda under l,two pounds,
,r which may hereafter be erected ten cents per 1(10 pounds; 1,000 pounds
rn. ibe foreshore uu either side ol bolls- und upwards, IJ1.60 per lun ; coutoilts ol
dale avenue. londee! wagons or othor vehicles, one
And it Ib further agreed between the half ahiivo rales for goods,
pn-'ie- thai the L'orporalon shall not| Provided that morchants and trailer
ubslriicl ur permit said pirlinn nl the j carrying nn business ill prein ses il
wharl nurih uf ihe said liim to be North Vancouver and shipping frelgh
obstructed bo as in any way lo impede* In small iiircels, aggregating in om
die terry service, nud Ihnt such portion month 1,000 pound! or upmirds, shall
.il ibe wharl nnd approaches shall be 1 be ontltled lu receive the bonolll nf tin
maintained hy llio Corporation and the' i.oiiu pound rule herolnboforu provided
L.tmnlo—Sheen und nigs,  IC cenl:
,. cii.,,1 lor nil purpose!
,-erFterry ay-law, IW'."
i on Uie :s li m's i'1 •*'"■
Tills Uy-lnn limy
as Iliu "Nurlli Vanci.a
I'nsslnl liy Iliu C.llll
...nil, r 1900.
Itai-i'ivi.l ilie Ha-i'lit nf Un' Electors, nt mi
k-cltull'iir iliv i'iir|aiiM', lit'l.l un tlui     Uny ul
, l'.l.*.
It,,,-, ..si, . il'.I ny  llu- C.iiui'll,  un.l   liluilli
..al.ij.inl ninl -i^iicil l.y lhc Reeve mul l.Ttnk.
.un. .-.-.,l<-; mln tin i:,ii(,ur,,ti' Sen! on llu*
dn; „l       , l'.w'i.
(First Sundav
Andrew's day.
Sunday, Dec. 2.
111    Advent!    Holy
1, plain 1 ii a. 111.
Morning prayer, 11 a. 111.
Evening prayer, 7:30 p. m
Wednesday — Evensong,
p. 111.
Friday—Evensong and practii
7:30 p. in.
Alter this Sunday it is proposed
lo change   lhe   time   of   Sundav
hool hack again from 10 a m,
to 2.50 p. m., nt any i.ite during
ilie winter, ll is hoped thnt the
change will enable several old
teachers and pupils who found
difficulties in llie earlier hour to
resume their places amongst us.
.ind also that many more may he
able to help lorward Ihe worl,
which is so necessary to-day.
ear ul
Social Hop.
'Pills Indenture,niiide thu	
■    day uf      in the )
a..ir l.nnl, I 'Oii, between .he I'orpa
"i llie lii-iriiT .if Naarih Vain
hereinafter rolorri'il luns "Thedrpura
1100 " uf lhe lirst part and lhe .Wil
Vancouver Terry uml I'uwer Company
Limited, ht'ivnuiii, 1 culled " lhe Colli
puny," of the scuml purl.
tVllKllSAa, bv uu indenture dated ilu
Jllrd day of July, VMI. be'ween lhe
parties hereto, ibe said Corporation
loused to the said Oui.pany Ibo terry
-lennier known us the " Surth Vancouver," nml a portion "1 the f reshoro nf
Hurrard Iulet, at the font of Un-dalc
avenue in said municipality, illiil lhe
-ai.I eutiipnny ilg>cud lo operate a ferry
,. nice between tliu Ciiy of Vancouver
and North Vancouver un the terms uud
I'liiulitiuii' Si'l "ill in said indenture.
Aso, Win.nt.is, by un induiituredntcd
the Iti 11 tl 1 d.iv ol Jail' airy, IIIUI, beliveeii
iln- puriics hereto, (bo Bilid corpornlion
sublet lu lie' slid (' puny t1 u lieeliBi'
and power gn nlcd in il ibe snld (nr
piiriillon on ihe P.'lh diiv ni December,
IIIUH, l.y II . .Majesty 'lhe King, lull,.a
rijlil nl iln- Pruiliiceof llritl-ji ('.. uin-
bin, lo innke ii-e nud ph n ferry Nervl
The Athletic Club will give another delightful dance iii Athletic
hall on Friday evening, Dec. 1
he  invitations will he  out on
licsday,  and lhe affair promises
to lie 0111 of the besl of the series
ol club functions  of  tlie  season.
I'he committee comprises Messrs.
I    R. (lark. W.  C. Green,  hex
Dawson and R, I.. Wheeler.
Aninuils—Sheep und pigs, 16 cents
each single, 25 cents return ; burses uml
cuiile, each -ii cents single, 35 cents
return; one horse ami vehicle (unloaded) 25 cents single, 111 cents return ;
iwo horses and vehicle (unloaded) 35
cents single, 55 cents return. Row
hunts "is cents each wuy. Live stuck
may bo received nl owner's risk only.
The above fares fnr vchiclir include tlm
driver, Reduced rales Inr vehicles
owned by residents of Nurlh Vancouver
can he arranged with the company,
The uhnve rules Bhall Include nil landing und wlinrlngo dues.
Tho reeve, tho members ol the council,   the   clerk,  tr, usurer,    engineer,
medical health olllcer, the foreman uf
lhe waterworks and the constables of
the cur|siraiiou shall he entitled tu free
passage Oll lhe ferry hunts.
have AM) to iiiii.u .    In llie I'Vi'iil of lhe present inunici-
use term or grunt unto the pn ity of Sorth Vancouver helngdlvided
(ruin ihe coming iniui into two municipalities by die incur-
[.oration ul a portion thereof intu a
.-ity  or  uthcrwisc. lhe   snme iillicers
uf the twu municipalities shuil be untitled lu free passage ull the ferry bunts
us provided in the next preceding
7. liy wuy of rent for the foreshore
hereby demised nnd fur lhe rights un.l
privileges hereby grunted, lhe i'niii| any
shall pay lo the Corpornlion ihe mini ol
mie hundred dollars  (limn 11 11 th
each nml every month during couth nation of this ngrci'iii-nt, the lirsl payment lo be due und payable on the lirst
ii'diiig lhe enn ing
'limit uml there-
Company jointly,
3, Tin' Company Bhall provide the
necessary wharf for lhe landing ul the
ierrysleainers in lhe City ot Vancouver,
and the provisions of Bub-Bcctions 0, f,
g nnd h, of paragraph iwo i-i of ibis
ngrconii nt shall apply tn such wharl,
lhe approaches thereto, uml lhe build-
inns ihereon.
l. The mid Corporation, in consideration ui the premises and subject lu nil
lhe covenants, terms and conditions
herein sel (nrlh, hereby lubletB lu lhe
Compiiuv ull thai license, righl, power
and privilege grained to it, lhe said cur-
unriltiflll, 1111 ler Ibe grant (mill His
Mujest, lhe King, dated the 12th day nf
lieceiniii r, hm:;, iu operate 11 ferry ser-
lice us aforesaid (ur the rmldueof tlm
lerm nf tiiiivn yeara mentioned in said
liirilllt, save nml excepl the lasl three
I-lavs of sniil term, To have ash To nul
I llio mid li ^^mmm
I anii! company  _
force ol this agreement and durl g im-
residue uf the term of years aforesaid,
snve snd except the lust lliree ilnys
I hereof.
(ill 111 the event ol the said license
being determined or becoming void at
nny lime, lhe present agreement, so far
ns llie siili-lnise of said license, right,
power and privilege Is concerned, shall
■a'iiie void
l>) It shall nml may be lawful lo uml
... ihe snid Goinpuiiy Irom time to
lime nml ut ull limes her. aider during
-nil 1,thi o( Iiu
slue tn , ,1,,., •>...	
15. The Company nIioU he bound to
maintain a regular service oil Ihe said
ferry, us provided hy paragraph live (fi)
nl this Indenture ut ull -cumins, unless
proved of by the Council of lhe Corporis
lluii of North Vancoiiver, before the construction ol tho sniil "tcniiior is commenced.
ll. After tho now steamer referred to
In tbe lust preceding paragraph  bus
been put In operation and run sntis-
fncturily to Lloyd'sslirveyoroii suid ferry
service fur u period of lourtcen days, Iho
Corporation agrees Iii iriuisfer the snid
steamer "Norlh  Vancouver" to tho
said Company as its absolute property,
in be used us the said Company may
alotcriiiimyit'snld by il und the proceeds
applied by snid Compiiuv as it mny see
lit, mid Ilm Reeve and Clerk of the said
prevented   by   strikes   ur    stress    of
weather, and. failing the imilhlouuiico
of  such  service  the Council   uf   the
Corporation may at once, without notice
lu tim Company, nml nl the Company's
expense, place 011 lhe ferry route such
-tciinibuut service as may at the time
ho available, and c iilinue the   sunie
unlil lhe Cniupnny's service is resumed,
nml in ilm event ni ine Company holing fur u period uf ten ilnys, unless prevented hy strikes, stress ul weiither or
mutters ovor which the Company hns
uu control to resume such service nr he-
coming Insolvent, then their right to
(moraleBilid terry service nod the leusu
ul said luresbuie (milling nil I.oiisiIaIi'
avenue uud all whurves thereon shnll
ipso facto cease ami determine mid he.
como mill lllld void, hut subject »lwu\s
10 ihe righis nf ibe Corporation fnr
compensation fur such ditluro and for
breach of contract, uml also subject to
compensation n. ibe Compnny n» hen-
Inbelore provided,  The Company shall
' u—.i.i 1
if liquidated
iha-lesi'loe of tin- sue   " ""  ■ -   - 1  ■-— ,
j.-,, .ears, exempting the last Ihrcedays, ,p,v,,(ihe niuiitli	
.|,.r,„l. P'uivuhh  amlipiiel!*  to |ius-|intofurcnf thisanf>
'1 I"'.'- .'  ■  .
se.-s and enjoy Ibe rights ami privileges
grunt d by Um snid hereinbefore recited
grunt, Ami ihe suld company hereby
covenants uml ago as wiih ilm Corpornlion thnl it shall and will Irom lime 1
aileron the lir-l day nl each sileeei ding
month, Theenrpuriilion sluiil have llu
right nl re-culri  mr iioii-paynu nl .,;
The Cum puny shnll, until the suld
[,,, Hive, delend nnd keen harmleu Hit a,  h, r 11 i-nni   •       . |
^a.reenu'iii.usuer se and   indemnify   >'»'   sui.l   Corp, ml mi   , aioenl I be HVIC.  h" «» *U,     W    I
'■"tw     W„s,:*,,:Sr  WmwHi. ?o ' amiion 'Snntolthe rlul.lt >$l^*^M
U,'tt" in ' sialeration of the premise,-11UIV „|?„ rehiling thereto. , ilulv 1'll.v all (.roll lUUn ull sill    polUAO
luiiied, agreed to CttllCc
exirliug iigreementB and to enter Into
new unreemeiit, us herein sel forth, "
lorlelt and pay by way ol lii|
damages, to the Corporation In thu
public interest the sum of live dollnrs
IJ6.0U) for each Irip provided by
the time schedule omitted to be
made by thom during the term
of this agreement unless such irip is
prevented by strikes, accident or stun
of weather or oilier mailers over which
ihe company has nn control, and Inability to procure by charter nnollier
hunt, uml thnl over uml above any loss
lhat may be sustained by private persons,
Iii. In llio even I ol nny dispute urising
between ilm purtlui h'eroto us to tlie
Interpretation <>i ibis agreement, tbo
same shall he submitted to arbitrators
uml determined hy thorn,
17. In addition to i|*,.'siions ot Interpretation ihe following matters shnll uo
settled by arbitration i
(11) Change! in the ferry' routes and
tlmo schedulers provided m Biib-sectlou
oof paragraph live (.ii of ihis agreement,
(b) Tbe amount to Iv paid bv the
Corporation to the Company should the
Corporation mi ilm tormlnntion of ibis
Agreement exorcise the option provided
in paragraph Ion llfl)ul this agreement,
(ei An* iirliitMiiino hereunder shell
llesllhjil'l l<< Ibe pluvl-ioilS ui tile Alhi-
irntiuii Act ol Uri'i-b Colombia,
Is. lu llu- wenl "I dm I'ltJ ol North
Vui.eiuiV'r beii g r rnied 0111 of lhe presenl municipality or purl then of all tho
righ's ni tins l'i r|» rulinii under this
Agrcclm-lit shnll v.»l in lhe snid lily ol
Nurlh Vancouver mi Ibe latter'- nssiini-
ing ihe iiblig.iiiuii- uf ilm Corporation
le iiiiudi r. mii'; wb. reur "turpi ruliun"
is lis.'l iu this Am. nu nt llie Words lhe
" lily ef > niiii Vancouver" shall bo-
I.i The li'inii' port n| Iho Imt*
stcuiiiLTs 11ml llu* It* ml ollice of thin coma
puny -'"i'l 1 siii.|j.i,,.,i nud wain*
luiiied ill Nurlli VkIWOIlVi
20 lb. Alhi "i'iUIII Ii ,,,,.,lil<niial and
shall nidi cine iialu (nice nu Iliu Com.
puny giving iniieii notice lo the
Council of its maillnesi t" carry mu il.u
Siiiue, nml uu a,t, b lintice lielllg yiveli il
shnll Immedliiis'.y i'iiIiiu Iiii"effect,
21. I'rnvided thai iu lhe event ol tho
Conipnuy imt giving such notice ou ur
before the lirst day nf July next. IHII7
lid   ul
', use
the execution of  lhe present j    (,., The  Corpornlion  ahull,   0
■la.reeinenl ihe Mihl  iiiduliluro o( the expirut'oii ol Ibo term of such m
:,'r,l,l   lli,ii,',.i'.io,;,a„.la,iil,e;iil,d!.y:,ll,|,iv lor u r, wul thereof, am   on
] niiiirv, ID04. betw en lhe partiea shnll a ohtnlnina such renewal, wi I BUlHe tno
b". cancelled and doclared ul an .end | same to llie Company on the same U* ms
the pnlTcl s'us they bi'Ci in
be M'eiius therefur will, the Corpora
SU.'ll  pOIII'l  Or I O'liin- la,1-   ,.,„,   ....
due, iiiid lodge then this Agrci'inml shnll bu null
■■ '   —■> -I ■■■■ I... ,1  ,.tt,„.t    aaiaal
ibe r
II. In the
risim_' 1.
same m the Company on the same terms 1,1-Mnii lo 'I'"1 *",;"""';
and conditions us hereinbefore provided. | pelisuliull IS  leci IVi'U
vent of  loss  or damage
il .lennier fnr which 1 1-
uler suid   in
t 1
not want to offend for the sake of L|l0 |iri,IMi  .
p,,,,;,  and  quietness.     In some | covonanis and.conditions by th
ll is positively torture to have to' from ilm dny of tho coining into lorco I „n,| conditions us iiereiuueiure in..,...«.. | pi.,,,.,,,,,,,	
I; to some peopie, whom you do |"'the prcwuit agreement, 5. Tho Company shall maintain a surance pulley or policies, tho Corpora-
'.'...-,      ,:    1. I l.,'t..ri..,ruti;.u 111 .•..iiki,h'rat.,,,,.,i' ri.wulnr u.rry ^.^.j,.,. |,,,„,,,„  North tion shall contribute Biich conpensatloiiB
  ----' '*— ":"' -,f \'ancuuver I or such less sum us inuv he necesstirv
buiiii: I ruvuimuui   ....   .. ,..,,  towards the cosl ul replacing, relitiing
cases one iiiigui jii.-a. •..   trv to Company to he paid,  perloriiied  audi ■■     -       "- >■ 1
walk   on   eggs   without cracking olwerveJ. Iciiscb lo tho Com puny the
•,.,„ f,'rrV '"''':" ''I'"? U,,thc    ,N"r"' X"";,ne ,,«re,„»„"r ,,.1- - ,    ___
eiuiver   ami nil iip Ipuiuil, gen   and ,    ,  |irovUls|, shall Iw direct between steamihl)
--'-- KI... ('ili'!,l,.slr„l,',l
:ases one might jusi ns wal
follows: I U'Watl'ia-	
iul The regular ferry service ns pro-'and repairing lhe suid Steamship,mid
video for in ihis agreement, or as may that nfter the   worth   of  repairing
bu hereinafter lixcl by arbitration ns or replacing  is completed, uud nnj
■■''■•■' I ■•........bin   hi.   replacing    Iliu   on'o|
hem. e„„v,.r"ii,,,l„ll c.|iilpineni, gear ami|j;orSl       ,      ,,   ,     „,,|„,,,,:
When a lawyer says,   "I don'l !;'"': ,,7,' .'.■".-.'k"'.'.'^"!..'""!   iom tt«  Ihohnnsdalo avenue wharl and the City destroye, shall bo theproperty of the
trymycaseii/theU rs/' IT^WMl^^ 	
■■'      a       g extra boats to and. from the|   |u. On theternilnailim uf this Agree,
ry my case in ..... ■■' "7-'   *   .:;=      ,  ,  „• iird duv ol July, HUH. subject       ,j,n, oxtru bouts to and  from  tho     m. . In the tern, nation ul Ihis Agree-
, means he knows public sen.,.   ; ,1|i.,i!:i|;lltl,m.1ll.ri.iM.1h1.r ,„e,,ii ■.!. g','| uVsdal" avei.no wharf via other „,,,„ i,, la, (tin r i e s,„,,mr ,h-
and   tin- tacts are against     .,  n   ,■„,..,„,„,.,„ nM, len-eB tn tho „■..„ ,„„• ..r.-v.-nt the Compiiiiy from tertul Imi tlureol uii the ileiauii o
Co .panvtheforeshor i Burrard Inlet J^X *llh «» Council ol tho Cor- the C mny ... niamtain ,,, g,.»l an
»l ,i„, (out ill  I diile avenim, one ,,orM,m for such extra boiitB landing Uilli lent ferry service as pruii.ai  u
Thos Fisher, wh" hns heen in i,,,;,,!,-,.,!  inn leet hi width, as utiowis it miliiu hi tlie Muiiicliwllty .itlis-r limn parugrapb ttve t5, ol this  '«>''"• '
"' C()11S, |()lll|„. plan ber.:., imoexed and limn "ti j |',j„,|„|,. a,v,'„ue wliuri wilboiil culling i to lllllll or enml'1*'   «"1'   "»'  l"rl1"' '"
nent   and   the tacts are against     ., ,|(   ^„t,,„M\„„ also louses to tho     ;,,„ |,„r provont the Compiiiiy tr  termimillMi nur  un no .........
Company the for., Burrard Inlet, «i« .III. the Council of tho Cor-; ,|„. (.' ,«,,y ... nudntata M»™  -;
'" L|  ,|„. (out ill   I dule  avenim.  ouo  ,„irM,„u (or such exlra boats  landing ! ,.|||, mnl ferry service us   prun.al   U
Thos  Fisher, who has heen in i,,,,,,!,-,.,!   inu  leet In width, as shown \ltl „„!„(, In tho .Muulclnalltv other than paragraph Hve 15, ol this   ;"'''"'''
the limber business he co.s, -t^ «l It - ^.*m ^^^tm HZ to
since   I88J,   called   on   Im   I'A   ^"l'„" A>,,, "l,o 33rd da!- uf Jnlv. 11)08",    Vn"|,', re   Iroquonl   service is ,H,werund»piionoltboCor|Hir.itlo	
PKR8S yesterday,    He is alioul  '° inbluut to Hi-' pruvMoiiH uml llinluillons u„r | ,„ „, i|s,,l  by nrbilriition as only tu rasume the opernl bonni-n
,lilk, ;, cruise ol certain  timber , i,lu,,„| i, lollowing paragraphs; ,»,„,„ pn.vi.lo.l for. the following shall lorry  senme  ihen.se Iwi u i^
,,-...! ..„r.,   nnrt   ,.(   lhe I      .. i The O.iuiiuiiv shall on 11.:- a.'r   |.. the t llie scliedulo 1 .      .     .    Coiiipaiii > righ s uml pin ii g. .ii    in
lands iii the  western  part of  ll
municipality, and will he gone lor
a  week.
ivill locate
In  all  probability he
here shortly.
Never let a Iriend know that
.ou know lie is deceiving you, unless you want to lose him,
Ihere is a restaurant at Vancouver, when you order two eggs
ried on one side, will re lhe up-to-
lale waiter calls out to the cook :
'Two white wings | sunny side
iip I"
Here's a compliment for the
.vidows; Mrs. John |. Ingnlls says
that they make lhc best wives.
n) Thu Compiiiiy shnll un ihls ngr  i",''i7'! Vi,,.'..' «].n..lini,.. -       i!Vrr>
in,ui   eninlmr lino Inri'i. i,,ril,,i ill,  n.n i'"-'1"'  time ICltedU 0 . (• puny's rights un.l privileges  lerol
" ii        a, |,mm,,  v     !«    i    lb) During tho winter months, that Is ,1,,11'in, Handy cense and delermlno,
,,-,,.     I, 'in, ,r'"" "'" IM iA) "' °,Mm '" ll"• 30t,h  but  III rehase and n .ire ilm
, ■    r ,  .v I,    ,,   ,,,!,  i'lB-v "( A',ril  |H?|V0' " "•"• rlv '"'"' boats and .bur,",,, iVuis he
■'      , m  , .Hi.     f.r ,1,      .  ,H.-ivi..- -Lull l.-i.-i.. f*-,.n, .-=,.1. t.r* - L.M-Jiny i.. il..- f y, and'all interesl
noiessar,   ainiiouiiioaiiun  luriim.a. -a     . i.,i.,r ii,.,„ r.-i*. ,.   n.   ,n„   !,„  ■■ .    .,                     i                    ,    .
, ;„,„',[ ,„,„„,,„„,. i u„, .„,, I.,, J ""' "i"r nm" ''-1'1 a. m. .inu ne maim „. Company   ini have in nny wh.ir or
VeolelU'.'UI passi'iiut'ls ami Hie llie   ,_|„^|   ,,„,,i   -.ir,,,  ,,,     „„l„.lun    „,„i   ,      ,.      .'    ,- ■,,,   .
.  I..i „,i"... ,.„i,i,.|„, ,,„ i .,? tainan until mop. in, inclusive, ami J Inntllisii for terry purposes, lUiiUhatal n
--''  ' '" """'"■.' until UlpHeoto bo llxed by arbllratl under
the term- ol paragraph 17 hereof,
II. The Compiiiiy shall pay to the
|Corpornlion on the termination uf this
Agreement tbo sun. of eight hundred
dollars (f800), being the value nf the slip
on the ninth shore ul Durrani Inlet, be-
longing in the Corporation, us already
lixed hv arbitration.
II'. The Arbitrators shall determine
lll'-ll   a,,,-    ,      . ltd
void and of no fores m.d effect, and lhe
AgreelimiitB oi the third day of July,
llllll, und the ninth dny of January.
WlH. between the parlies hereto sbti'll
remain in force, und the rights and
obligations of lhe parties shall nol he
effected in nny way by ibis Agreement,
In lhe event ol ibe Company not
exercising the option to enter Into this
agreement provldod lur ns above, and
the same becoming in consequence void
iimlof no effect uud the Company sgrees
lopay nnd reimburse lo Iho Corporation
ad thu expenses Incurred by it iu con.
me,imi wiih the presenl Agreement.
Including l,".'iil expenses, printing uml
expeiisesnf subuiiithiiilhi' necessary by-
luw lo the electors,
Is ivn\i:ssrn cm ui the snld Corpora*
Imi in d ilm snid Company have nfllxed
tin Ir corporate seals the day ami \ ur
iifotcsn Id,
Signed, sealed a Ith the)
Corporate icnlsol tlio Cur- •
IHirallun and Company uml 1
delivered in he presence ol
proitcltcs for Iliu ingress uud egress ol
vehicular Irn Hie.
ic) The Company shnll procldo guard
chains ill the end nl the wharves Slid
creel a suitable waiting-room, properly
lighted by electric light and healed for
Um use ni ferry passengers
ul  The Company shall give in the
,„,.  -________^__ British Columbia Kloetric Railway Com-
iroi urabie in Kent municipality    |!'""''' "r ,nl ,,,'"'r «""»"»>' ""'"hip
l. ,, ,'       -,    ' Irani car. in the Muiiicipulilv. the light
(Agassiz), lie says that the lorm, their curs on to said whurf, pro-
tubers grown there aqual the tided such compiiiiy shall llrit enter In-
\shcroft article. I to an agrownont w'lih Iho I'erri Com-
\pany satis'iictorv to it protecting il Irom
,,( wagons iiiui other vehicles un.l the tliuruuftur an hourly service until IJ
unloading of freight fr he  ferry L ;__;
bnut«.   I   (cl During tho suinmor months, thai
lie ThoC puny shall oll Ilns agree-1       '     ,,„, |,t a.lv „( Mnv to tin
nmnt i ing Into force lorthwltli pro- '• ■     •
ceed to construct proper approaches or
milks (or the ingress and egress of
pedestrians oii the wharl ami approaches
llu'rein, nnd nlso prnvi.le separate ap
ii'hlsivu _________
hn . il miner months, th:
ir  iq ,  . ll
|ir"'' IhiyufVei'teniber.' a hull-hourly service
■hall  I"
A prominent North Vaneouverite
ous bought up nil the   potatoes
|  W, Edwards, P, Mav and W,
Kidder, Portland, culled on Tin
■Aiur.ss yesterday, Thev spent a
lew happy hours in thc town.
I'""* "'■ .- -   -.
any liability alilcli the I erry Compan;
might incur by roii-nn of allowing cars
10 run nn suid uluirf.
(e) All plans for tl instruction oi
Improvement of ii.e .aid wharf or any of
from each terminus not
Inter than iiilfi a, in uml bu maintained
until ll! o'clock p. in. Inclusive
(d/ Tlminsl bout leaving the City ol
Vancouver ill nigh I shall In nil cases hi
V„, ni era  n.gn snail iu un ™-= "■        », me .,, ,,..,„""•■ 	
tl,,l ii   ui he hunsdals iivcnim wharf t|,u value of Iho Coninany's Btcnmors
1,'r Uu' night, nnd leavo North Vancou. J „,„, other property, uh mr a going ferry
I ii,.., c.i|ij ..[ iha- propoitxt Hy-lsw n|.nn
.illicit tlm vuli' nl tlic Munlcl|inllly will ba
ink™. Wilkin tin Muilcl|»l ,...), Nm.,. V»a.
ca-iviT.onV/sdnenlsy,the 12th Uny otDecomi
liaT, I'.mfl, iiniari'i'ii ilm lunirs ul ti o'clock a. in,
nn.nu'cluak p. in.
Itilurulni o nicer.
Oil  Ibe
.'oucerii. without iilli.wing nnytlnng lor
Icrrlago privileges or righis of franchise
or license or goodwill, but only for the
ver mil Inter lliun li: 11        	
dally half-hour's service.
(el No alteration iu the time schedule
shall bo mado win i tlio consonl ofIpUmViidmatarlsiluouln ut...
Um l oliuoll o the ( urpuralinn, und the;   1;l. T|„, Company shall i r before
Corporation shall have the right to call tho lirsl day aai Keptomber, 1007, coin-
upon tbo Coinpatiy, and lhc Company | „|oleiy c(1„fn 8m| |m, in npuratlon on
..hull have the right  lu cull upnii the
Corporation nl Interval! ol not less thnn
twelve im,ulli- lu make such changes in
lhe route" ami lhe lime lahle of the lerry
service as I be exigencies of the Irnllic
may fruin lime to time renuire.
Um said ferry service, iu lieu of the snid
lieamcr "Nurlh Vuncuuver," a sum
worthy and thoroughly ufllelml double-
ended piissenger (erry steniner, capable
of currying three hundred passengers,
iiiid of n minimum speed oi  less
I) In the eient of the Company isol than thirteen knots per hour, the same
agreeing to the changes required by the to be Imlil In accordance with plans
Corporation, ur vice versa, the qiiestoln (ami design.- to bu submitted to ami ap.
1 llml Ilil' vnlo "I Hi" Klcclotl ol llu
hlitrlat ol Nortli Vancouvei will bo laken ou
Ilm Nurll. Vaucouvor Kerry tlj-law, IM, uu
Wcliicsiiiiy, tliu UU, ii'iy "l nociunbor.llM, In-
lKeoiitlniliourioUs.ni.«aill o'clock p. in.,
,,,,,1 nmi ui,lun Iho Municipal hall, Nortli
v mcuvoi llliaUlosimloi I'UIHp lisi boon
-pointed Itoturnloj Officer lo lako the yoWol
-in ,i olpcta.ru llllll Uio ii"'"'11",vm" '" """ ™
lull, Hy ordor ol llio Council,
ARsm.ii i:. K««,v, licevi'.
S. Gintzburger
The North Vancouver
161 Cordova Street
Lots for
LOIS IN D. L 273
•' I suppose," said the reporter, " that it is true that
you intend tu build to Vancouver also?"
"You may depend upon it," said Mr. Hays, *'\vc
will have tu conic to Vancouver sometime."
There being no location to be had in Vancouver, it
is self-evident that Norlh Vancouver will in, the terminal.
The Vdncouver, Westminster and Yukon Railway now
have survey parties out making permanent locations lur
their road to the nurlh.
The car-barns and headquarters of the B. C. Electric
Roihvay Company arc located in District Lot 273.
R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
E ec ion of Officers and
Enthusiastic Turnout.
The   annual   meeting   of   the
North Vancouver Liberal Association convened in Larson's pavilion
on Tuesday evening.   There was
a large and representative gathering of liberals, as well as others
resident in this district  present,
ami when the roll was opened all
submitted their names.   The proceedings were most unanimous and
liarmonous.    Retiring    President
P. G. Dick called the meeting to
order.   The  secretary   read   the
minutes of the last regular meeting, and also thu special meeting
called liy the president some few
weeks ago.   Those iu  attendance
(lieu got down to business, when
the  election   of  officers  Ior  tlic
ensuing year resulted in tlie follow
ing    members    being    chosen:
Honorary President, li. (i.   Mac
pberson, M, P.; President, (i. J
Phillippo;   Vice-president,   Alex
Smith ; Secretary, F, W. Templar
Executive officers- W,   J.   Dick.Mll)on
\V. J. Irwin, 1)   "   "-'■
McMillan, W
Williams,   T.   Sl
Clark, A. Gibson,
Froinnie, P. Allen
The executive
vention as soon as the proper
number of voters on the list had
been ascertained,
The meeting moved  a  hearty
vote  of   thanks  to   the   retiring
officers, followed by applause.
Mr. D. G. Dick briclly outlined
.     the good work done by the association during tlie year, uml expressed
the wish thai it would llourisli and
become not only a representative! royalty,
organization ot the people,  but| powet are the
one thnt  would mak
when  lhe   propel
tiie chairman, On rising he was
heartily applauded. Mi. Gilchrist
.covered un inspiring address,
ilie believed ihal there r.ould he
great   difficulty   at   the  coining
'elections lo get a number ol voters
who were new-comers to take an
interest  in  lliein,   as   they   were
appurenuy 100 busy, owing to tlie
pteai ut general prospulity ol Uie
province, and were apt lu regard
things with indifference. Tlie next
election would he the most important since the confederation.
Keller terms will not he the most
important subject to lie dealt willl.
I'linsh Columbia is nn empire in
itself, (Applause.) The province
will be fairly well opened up bj
iwo hues of railways, the C. P. U.
mid the G. T. P., and also the proposed Canadian Northern and V.,
W.&Y. (Applause.) The legislature will lu
llie districts
" What have we to open up
there? Large tracts of country
with valuable assets
milted the terms of British
Columbia as just. The grounds
upon which the contention arose ut
Ottawa were that ihis province ,s
1 most difficult one to govern ;
ihat we pay more per capita tax
.hail eastern provinces, nnd the
public improvements were much
more expensive 111,111 any ut the
oilier provinces.
As we are today the people of
ibis   province    are,  lhe   speaker
,1,1011, h , better ofl than those ol ll e
oilier provinces,   There is more
I money in lircilalion, and consequently we   can   buy   more  and
'handle  more   money.   His   own
view was that we are better to
.-.tuy the wny we are.    There must
lie a finality to confederation, and
in due course nil   things  would
come    right.    It      makes     no
difference to the taxpayers whether
■ -i-i — .1,.
* ci'..an ■■ 1   ...» .
''     .    .' °      iiiuerence«,,,,.. ,„»,.
,e required to ope,, up L (0 ,ta   .ovinci(ll or ib
1 lying between these j min'io^ government.    The present
tux is, perhaps, just as great as
nny time   iu   the   future   ol   the
: .    r, Icountry,   We would be expected
. , ""    '   to pav us much into tiie dominion
'^.^Itreasury,   lt would be as well io
lhe C I', li. of about Hoo.oooj
acres, ns wi II as the disposing of
government lands by auction iu
this municipality; which had twice
been sold, ihe municipality receiving no luxes, yet were
expected to keep up the roads.
lie wns at a loss tu Iind woids
il al could adequately express the
situation, So convincing were the
remarks ol Mr. I'hilip, who hnd]
always been a lile-long liberal, and
,11 lhe present lime nn enthusiastic|
supporter ol His Majesty's loyal
opposition, that his hearers agreed
with him in total accord that such,
au aggregation ns sat on the
treasury bunches at Victoria should
he ousted from power ut the first
opportunity.   Mr. Philip took his
seal amid loud applause.
In conclusion tlie meeting
moved a hearty vote ol thanks to
Mr. Gilchrist nnd Dr. Wilson, and
the usual iinaniimous expression ol
endorsation ol and the confidence
in the provincial opposition leader,
J. A. Macdonald.
The meeting then adjourned-
District of North
sniil the speaker.	
ul the most valuable products ol'."''"""'     .1   .1  •.
, ,      ,   .1   ,-   . .,   1   1        let matters take their course
todav.    lu tlie Lust the hind wus      , „,,   , ,   , ...    ... „ „, ,•„
1   'j  1 11 ..  1 11 "Whut had ine present legis-
cleared 0 a I limber regardless ol., ,      .      -,,,   .   J,.    .„   .7 .
, ,.     , ,    , , Mature done ?,   asked the speaker,
lie    ul,in.    < h'ii     am    aud    i.k j   .,., ,      ,     ,
, .    .      , .    . ! "Ihere are  no   normal   schools.
Came in   or tlie general c earing, .....       , 1 .1     1 .. 1        1
1      ..   ' B ,  , ,   7 jllicv have pnssed the  burden  ol
a imlil todav llie east  has  to   00k  ,,       ,     ,   '       ...   ,„ ,;,• ,    „,
1 ,     , , 1 .• 1     the schools upon the localities-and
e sew here or her supplj' 0 timber.  ,.   • 1; „. 1     1    ,,    ,   1
I,,.. 1 ''.■,, their llinill ob ect has been lo evade
\\ here has she to ^^^^^m      ~~~r~
\ British   Columbia
To Appreciate the Lands
Necessary for Straightening a Part of Lynn Valley
Road, and to Provide for
Canting Deed to Recon-
vty Lands To Be Exchanged.
.. II. Dick, J. A-
p, Peacey, J. C.
Sherwood, J. C.
Philip, Mr.
IOC   CXUCliaiaa.   - — -• . W|)u
npowered to appoint the required 1
"mber of delegates to the con* >T
00k but lo
^_^^^^^^^^ (Applause.
We will not lie required tu call
our other many resources.
Our watei power is conceded to be
the best 011 lhe continent, and the
greatest development ever known
to the province will take place
within the next ten years.   We
need men al  the  head  ol  alia,is
who are  capable  and   thorough ,
iness men.   (Applause.)
'he work of the present legis
lature has been barren.   (Shame. |
Whole tracts ol country have been
given   to   railway   corporations
absolutely  fur   nothing.   Large
quantities of valuable timber have
been alienated within lhe last year,
and no adequate value has been
received  therelor.    In  lact,  it is plauded.
almost  impossible   to  raise   the iai
The timber and water,
main  sources  ol
itheir work ns much as possible.'
1 Loud applause.)
I)r. Wilson, ol Edmonton, who
was nlso presenl, wns called upon
and mnde a lew hopeful remarks,
lie said he came Irom the Hon
Prank Olivet's constituency, and
perhaps wns in as close touch willi
(hat gentleman as any other person in that locality, and could]
I vouch for the good work being
done by the greal liberal party.
Ex'reeve Gill voiced the sentiments ol the previous speakers,
and hoped for the desired changes
nl Victoria.
Alex.    Philip   was    the    last
I speaker,   On rising he was  ap-
In a masterly way. with
;.i dash of appropriate sarcasm, he
rediculed the conduct ol the present provincial administration, and
Bank of B. N. A.
Tha savings department of the
Hank ol II. N. A. is one of the
special features of this ureal In,uncial institution. Everybody should
>ay by a few dollars for n rainy
day. Deposits are received in
amounts Irom Si up, Encourage
the hoys and girls to thriftiness
nud advise them to open au ai -
count of (heir own.
I why should they be in
nointed sentences brought  be-
iW feltl revenue am. W)^^ "rfvaUIforePhi. hearer, the alleged corrupt
ci 1  l'Umh" ll"  (App|au8e) P™t'cu>   '
Relation, was called upon   j
mow departments
1Bi (Applause.) Reference
ide in scathing terms to tin
While Mrs. Sugden, the postmistress at Lynn Valley, was
driving home with the mail Irom
North Vancouver last week, she
narrowly escaped being killed.
On the ruad, near St. John's
school, she had just drove past a
huge tree which fell across lhe
road, when the horse shied and
jumped into the ditch, dragging
the buggy with him. and (ell down
with (right. Fortunately, nobody
was hurt. Such recklessness must
be condemned in the strongest
On Wednesday C. A. Lindsay
brought over three teams of work
horses lor road work hi ti . also I-.
Smith and the Western (.01 pui.
tion one each.
" Valley Ruad m deflnod by "Lynn
Valley Rom] liy.law, 1903," whlcb extendi
Korlberly Irom Buvuntouuth street tu Nine-
tucutb ulrefli, nnd tt right nuglei to Boventoenlh
Btroet, will form pnrt ol Moody Aveuue
u lilrli Iiu been regiatervd as » Road through
blatrlcl U>t&5Q,bui Um centra line of aald part
Ol tin- LyiiD V ii I Icy lt<m<l Ik distant 21 foCt Known,..► froin tiir cellire <<i tho teat ol -aid Uoody
Avenuu,atid it Is deemed desirable to straighten 1
tho snld Avouue.
Th ere fore, bo li hereby enacted by Ibo Reovo
and Council at tbo Corporation ol the Dlatrlol
ol North Vancouver In Council eatembied ai
lul tows, namely i
1. Knr tin' purpose ol HraixliUMilux out tin'
nldMoody Avonuo,solar as II (onus pari ol
tho Lynn Valloy Road, and ol oponlnf, making,
using and pre orvlug asa |»rl ol aald I'ubtlc
Highway known as Lynn Valley Road, tbo said
Corporation onieri upon, oiproprlatM and
takea AU and Singular that parcel oi irea ol
land -itii.-.i<' in, iin>i pari ol Dlatrlol Ut MO, in
th.' Municipality ol North Vancouver, Province
ni Brlllah Columbia, mure particular!)  de
scribed as (ollowi, namely. Commencing all
Iho point of Intersection of Hie production of]
tho Westerly Boundary "I Uoody Avenue, tu [
reglatend, with tbo North Boundary of ibo
I.) uu valley Komi, Ihanco Northerly awl in
the aamo straight lino with tho *»id Woatarl)
Boundary, 001 loot more or leu, to « i-uim on
tie Booth Boundary ol the mid Nineteenth
Btroet, aa registered, distant MO feel from tbo
point of Intersection ol tho Kant Boundary ol
.st. Andrew's Avenue with the *al>i Bouth
Boundary, thence Kastorly along tho Bouth tide
ol Nltioteenth Strcel 21 feel more or Ion, to the
Woat Boundary ol Ihe Lynn Valley Road;
thenooSoutheri) along the *ald Weal Boundarj
oi tin* Lynn Valley Road 001 feel more or loss to
the point ol which mid Boundary deflects to
the West; thence Westerly along the North
Boundary ol the Lynn Valley Road 21 leel more
or lens to tin' polnl oi commencement) said
parcel telng strip ol land 21 leet in wi.iiii
added to the West aide ol aforesaid imriimi ul
thf Lynn Valley Ruad,as shown colored blue
on plan deposited In tbi I.mul Itoglstry Office
in Vancouvei and numbered
3 In exchange lor the parcel or area ol land
ptclBedand i.^j.iu^iiBttti iu Ktvtlon one litre-. ]
of, tho said coriHir.itlon hereby stopn up ai a
Road ur Btreet, or pert thereof, All aud
singiiinr tlmt parcel or area uf Land cituMe in
nnd forming p-ut of uld I'lstrict tot UO, more
particularly deaorlbod as follows, namely:
Commencing at no Imi i""i pluut^l oa (be
Bast stdo ot tbe Lyon Valley Ruad, at a point
dlitant (rom the North-weal conorof Riork tt,
a* shown un a n.n deposited  lu the Land
Regliiry Ofllee In Vancouver ami registered ai
Plan Number It70on tbe foliuwlngcNinM and
dUlanceii N. (*> deg. !tT mln. K, along the
North Boundary of sal.l Block ami tbe pro-
ductiofi thereof iff! feet, thence n n «t«n tl
mm. W.fifi feel; thence from the ttoe pniut U
eommoucementK.SSdog. SI mln. W »i (*•<*
more or len to an Iron poet planted | thence &.
Mdeg.87 mln. W.31 feel; thence 8. 31 deg. H
min. K. wi feet; thence S « deg. n min. k. 11
feet more or leu to point ul commencement,
md nld tooonlatn one^tblrd (HI of au acre be
the nmo more or Iph, as hhowtii-olorFd red ua
Plan do poll tod In the Land Ki-gtstry Offlce and
And authority la hereby Kiten to diapoae ol
andtoeXOOUtt and deliver iK'cd uf Und nf
laid lul mentioned panel or area ni land to
the Nurlh Van ouver Land A linprovemcn
Company, Limited, In BXChangt and as a roil-
il erulloii fur the parcel or area uf land ox*
proprlatad by Section i d tbls By-law, for the
purpose of straightening said Btreet or Road,
and Huh Deed nlmll hi' executed by lhc Keeve
and Clork, and soated wltb the carporate Heat
■il tbo Corporation,
I, This Bylaw may W Bltad for all |»ir|Mncs
aa tbe " Moody Avenue By-law, 1800."
Passed by the Council oa tbe Seventh day of
November, 1906.
Reconstderod by thc   Council and  finally
adopted on the Twenty iin»i day of Uovamber,
Al RI I'llll ir. AKKOtD K. KRAI.V,
CMC Keeve.
District of North
I loi lhe potliton DlCtriUknttlhiWtlu
worki iQlakii ntrrli mm pNltitkda H.i.r'
Wi per IiK'litli    A]'|'lt<Hll"lta 1.1 Iw In by 'a.*)
i>. in., on 6th DtcMabtrnul.
AUI  Pltll.ll-,    i
O.K. C,
nmu it ii. smith
llnrrislif, Solirilor, \nlnry, Kir.
TlloMlaoN HliMK. Ni'RTIl VaVl'il'VKK, B. (I.
illc K M'   li'.".s, MA. I. L. It.; 9. II
B. Java 12 II. A : A  W.llaHl'd. 11. A.
Hu iris!.'i\ Nuliriliirs,
aViliirh, filr.
iiinar- h N   *   BulldlDi, Vmcounr. ,u*
juuiM.au Biocki ''"tm v.uu.uvcr. TITE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, R. C.
BLOCK   109
Four 50-loot lots, one
ol them a corner I":, (ai es
Park and Inlet, with a
inagniiicii nt uninterrupted
view.   ::    ::    ::    ::    II    :i
Im  all,   $3,500 ;
Apply to
Wanti 1'. Young lady desires
music pupils. For terms, apply
box X, The Excess.
Lo 1.    Paii "f gold-rimmed eye
lasses, lietween First street and
he   wharl,    Lonsdale    avenue.
Pin.'ui please return to ihis ollice.
I'm \n   A small valise.   Apply
;it thi*. ollice.
I'',ni I,' - . Commodious house
on First street, with nice gnnh 11
and outhouses . claa>a' to wharf:
Sao.   Apply], K. I  Murraj & Co,
Fni< K'im Small n>u,i};", near
a.li.nl. ,vi pa 1 month, Apply J.
R. |, Murray iV Co.
Rolled ©ats
Haij and Feed
—n—M,' sa—
it., BrackmaR-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Min In 11. local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato a'nd
Cauliflower Plants, grow 11 Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
In the Matter of the Estate oi
fames Johnston Thomp
son, Deceased
that in pursuance ol an order made
herein in lhe Supreme Court "I
British Columbia, William Fostei
I'hompson, of the City ol V im ou.
ver, II. C, was, on the t\i\t day of
th toher, i'ii''i. appointed administrator of the estate and effects ol
James |ohnston Thompson, de-
1 used, who died at Norlh Vancouver 011 tlic igtll day of September, I 116
'.(liven that all patties having an)
claims against the said estate ol
the said deceased, must send in
their claims, duly verilicd, on 01
before the 1st day * 1 February,
1907, to tho said William Fosti 1
Thompson, at tl"- office of Messrs
McCrossan, Scliullz & Harper, 530
nder street, Vancouver, P. P..
after which date the said estate
will he .Halt willi by the said
William Foster Tin inpson in due
course nl administration, having
regard only to claims sent iu prioi
to the said 1st day of February,
Dated this 30th day of November, 1906.
Mi CliiasviN, SCHM.TZ A ll,M;ri'i;,
Solicitors lor. the  Said  .Administrator.    Ollice-,      32-34,  539
pen Pr    street,   Vancouver,
B. C.
llU'HH'   PCIICH   K   "     la la'll    a||l|   ili'I "!■' 'l'||
m«yniilcklj "•"■:    la  ■■■ 11' ■ i"' i'l  lli
,|   ,i||  HIV lia',.     I-   I'lll.    '■•,     |.    a-ll'ial'll'.     lllllll'
.11.11.   ...a.an-   ->. i..: I' llll I.     HANI'
'aainh ,,., |>|   i'lll. ..'Ill If'     'Ii'l   'I   nl!- I.. *    W
pHlL'llfl. I'Htl-Ill'        laak.ll       II.I..111.1
Ull    , A  On   ncclvil   '1' 'I..1  llllllliii "all	
. ImrKU Ill llll.'
" Scientific American"
1        mmrly II m -Mr-I •wli:    l.irne-1il'
lirmil,  Twin*,.' '
viaur l.a.ir 11.11.i:la..<l   .-..I   li) aal, ia. " toiler.
,'.1 llriauu..?. S.'V, Y'tra.
The meeting that tool: place ill
ilie municipal hall on Monday
night to form a ratepayers association did not come oll. There wen
sixteen present, however, but d(
Contractor Snider has been
awarded the contract to build the
approaches on both ends of Capilano bridge ou tliu Keith road.
He will also   open up the road
cided to foregather again at the westward from the bridge to Sister
■all of the chair. j creek.
Remember the 'Xmas edition, James D, McNiven, M.P.P. (or
I Victoria, spent a  few  hours Iti
Complaint is made by iln
settlers that so tar Lynn creek
bridge, on Keith road, has noi ve:
been put in repair. It washed
away about ten months ago.
North   \ an ouver   on   Tnesda
Mr.    McNiven   called   on   Tin
Express and was well pleased at
the advancement  the  Ambitious
City is in iking,
K. II. Bryce returned Wcdncs-     The bridge on First street, ovei
l.iv from a sojourn to Harrison the ravine at Lonsdale gardens;
lias    been   completed   and   tin
danger lights removed.
I..'. ^|niin;s and Sound cities.
The required improvements at
the foot ol Lonsdale avenue are     The four-foot sidewalk on  1'if
being made.   The filling in ol the tconth street,  trom  Lonsdale to
 'I. "ii .1 parallel wilh the  new St.   Andrew's  avenue,   has   been
sidewalk on ihe east side ol the completed.
atl'Cet, is almost complete.I.
The police committee will hold
K.   |.   Miti bell,   druggist    at an   adjourned meeting  on Mon-
Pinchei   creek,   Alberta,,  ami   a .lay   night   to  invettigite  , the
rothei  in Hairy Mitchell  here, charges against Constable Uick.
has arrived home after his recent    .
.•isil 1 1 North Vancouver and the
The city of Vancouver has heen mii it>c* nn ivtimi * t
.bscua-ed from North VancouverjCULARS PRINiED Al
nearly every morning by [ogduring TfJJJ EXPRFSS
he past week, i
llouseli ilil Elfects, Bagqnqs Merchandise, fixtures, Etc.
Stored ..n.i Well Taken Core ol at
Mil an 111
724-726 Hamilton St. Phone 731
Mon?v Advanced on Warehouse Receipts
BLOCK   33,   DISIIIICI   LOI   530.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
Ilil Cordova Street.
+»4>+*+,4*m**:+*i*m*,+*-!>i-# ■;■♦•: ♦•!•♦ ■i>+>-i***.*:,$
I Rainier Beer^>
♦ la n glorious beverage—quenching and
♦ satisfying.   Remember there's no  n\\vr
♦ "inst as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
<j>. Vancouver, B. C.                   |
0PPOHTUN11 V i" secure Clioii    I            Lots at first
i osl in 1 tistrii i Lol ;. ;. on Sei om nl    !•' th,
Fifth, Si ".   ind  Sl-vi nth  str.  Is,   Iv ith rou I,   St.
i ■    I, Ridgcway,   M ly. 11 thciland
and Henrj avi nm , in ly of H. C   KI i trii   Ka « i;
. mi. i , ai .1 in. .at N mln i i i\ . VV. & V i.  Kailwaj
Kight-of-Way, and Proposed Docks and VVharvi
PRICES, $280
and upwai I ; ea ) leruu    Onl. i n   fifth i i i  low n  1  Iai  i
in iwo yeai
■ i
Goo I harg dns in H Lots on I       lal.   ivenue
and main thoroui lifare i  S ilnn   in Home Sin   and Vcrea ■
I   • '.' ith 1     lor Q    I. Sale.
Corner LoiiBilnlc Ave uml i'n'ili St.
Our CHRISTMAS NrMHF.lt which
appears next Friday will bo u reminder of
lio- annual festival of good will among men,
This edition will bo tho means of advertising tlic municipality and iis great resources abroad.
It will infuse even larger hopes and
more sustained courage into lhe hunts and
minds of nur citizens.
We have pleasure in advising the residents of Nortli
Vancouver that we can deliuer, until further notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths, $1.75
Three      "      "      "      "        4.75
Cash On Delivery.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
UkxiNiiii., Park—11:05 n. in., U:25, 11:45, 7:06, 7:25, 7:45, 8:10, B.-80, R:50,
MO, I).-80, 9:50, 10:10, 10:80, 10:10, 11:10, 11.80, 11:50, 12:10, 12:80, 12:50.
I'l'iniY-ii Km. in., 0:35, 0:55, 7:15, 7:85, 8:00, 8:20, 8:40, 0:00, 9i20, 0:40,
10:00, 10:20, 10:10, 11:00, 1I:2U, 11:10, l'.':00, 12:1*0, 12:40, I'.UOp.ni.
Ai.i.v.-vi.ih Park -1:10 ii. m„ 1:80, l:5'l, 2:10, 2:80, 2:6U, 8:10, 3:30, 8:50, i
1:10 1-30, I 50, 5:10, 6:80, 5:.-0 ll 10, (I: I), 0:50, 7:10, 7:80, 8:00, 8:80, »;00, 1
11:30, 10:00, 10:80, II ihi. 11:30, 12:00.
I ni:i   i.'jo p in. l-iii, 2:00,2:20, 2:40, 3:00, 8:20, 3:40, 1:00, 4:20, 4:40,
-, .... 5:20, 5:10, *  ' :20, il:40, 7:00,7:20, 7:10, 8:11, 8: 5, 0:15, 9:40, 10:15,
10:45, 11:18  11:15, 12:15.
Si vi..is- Curt; Fttirl Irom Alexandra park iii S:10, ami i iicel willi lln'SillU'i
Till-tillli'tail.'.'i-Miliji'i't l'i..il'T.lli .11. \\. II. r.I'MlllllV.
119 llll III
General Commission and Insurance
Agents, loans Negotiated! Etc . .
We have a No, i List ol the best llnsiin ss and Rcsidcntal LotB
nn the iii ilk. t.   Also fl number ol line Lots, size 50x122 feet, beauti
iiall',  Im nli il. within a few minutes walk ol the 1 ar line, that will be
sure money-makers lor you,   Price, ,-*u5 fnr corners and |ttoo foi
li lots,    terms $10down, and fjo a month; 110 interest,
\\.  also have sunn' vi rv choice Acreage, in 1 and .:', acre
blocks,   Tin acri  Lots are jusi thc thing for beautiful hoiiu    ti
ii « "I water, etc., unsurpassed,   Tin .'', acn Blocks 'thi heal
Inr huh hi 1 gardening, Iruil cnllun ur potiltrj rnising; closi lo the
b : road in llu district and handy to the market. Sei us about
11 .    for 1
ll you wanl 10 dispose ol your property, and your prices are
right, wo can   ell ii loi you, and we 1 an rent your house.
To intending huyorsi   Wi  Have tin  Properties, and Ought
Able lo Suit you,
81 OUL f
Call in and see what you van
(.eii Estate and Insurance
Quarter acre  lots,  >;yi \   15
lown, Ski h month ; no interest.
t 1 lared Lol , one ulock li nl     „,., ,., vout own tmvll    you
ear, S300,
(ani'r Sr.ond ond louMa, MMM MUCMMI.
will be surprised how much
parcel-carrying you can save.
Hotel .North Vancouver.
CAPITAL, fi.M.'a.".'.. RESERVE, 82,141,333
lleaal 11(1. c in Canada, M mlreal,
II. Sn .1 man. Gem 1 - 11   I. I Supt, 11 Brain In g
Brani In s in British ' ' 11 hia \ I 1 ift, 1 na 1 nwood,
Hediey, Kaslo, liossland, Trail ('Still Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Daw on, V.T.
Sevlnge Department  Deposit! received from $1 OO upwards
II Interest at hlqh'-sl ourrent rates and compounded twice a year
Wire, CofaLongdate *Vvo. and Esplnnado, Sorth Vancouver,D, C.
Men's and Women's Made in Box
Calf, Vilour Calf and Vica hid
All with Viscolized Waterprool
Soles. A thoroughly reli iblo
boot (nr a rainy day.      .   .   ,
Prices:  SI.50, $5, $5.50, $6.
51!' HMtingi Si, W., Vancouver,
/r      '   ^■__&_r.£**n;10'^F
J: \.-:'   r.ini'— ■•~'.~~Z?~r-'
Bff.fr]!j ii-1"  :"
P. LARSON, \'liri[\
Bay Cream
(20 Ounce Tins)
2  FOR 25 CENTS.
J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade
BV si'lisi'llllil'.'ii FOR


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