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'ti#Q '"'•
1 '-.:'" ■■
,,.)■■ ^°6
®lj? Ixprrss
The Christinas number of Thk
Emus* will appear on December
3rd. As our readers are well
aware., it has every evidence of
excellence—best half-tone plates ;
line super calendered paper
sumptuous illustrations, original
articles descriptive ol North Vancouver, as well as new Christinas
stories by the best authors; clean
advertising and a nice make-up.
lt will contain twelve pages.
The Ferry Service.
The  proposal  from  the  ferry
company for a revision of their
agreement, submitted to the council at their special meeting last
week, requires very careful consideration.   The essential feature
of it is the extension of the franchise to a term of thirty years.
Had everything gone smoothly between the public and the company
the difficulty would not have been
so great, as full confidence would
have been established.    But at a
number of points there has been
friction and some one has been at
fault.   Yet no citizen will hesitate
to agree to reasonable concessions
to put the service on the best footing possible.   The placing of the
time schedule and the fares and
freight charges on a proper basis
to promote thc progress ol thi-1
city during all these thirty years
is what must be clearly kept in
view, mid ihe company should alsi
flivo assurances that their boats
•will have Imih comfort and speed,
of which no doubt they will. Sonic
liave suggested that the large boai
might be devoted to freight and
wagon traffic almost entirely, and
that two small, swift boats shook
be put on to serve the passengei
traffic.   This may be too large an
oiiler now, but the  requirement
will not be long delayed.   We are
glad to sec that the council thin!.
Ninth Vancouver should  be the
liniiie porl of the service.   This
cannot well he gainsayed.
Stanley Park Reservoir.
On the 5tli ol July, 1905, at tin
price of i 14,480, Messrs. Boyd &
Clandening secured the contract
lor a second reservoir in Stanley
park, adjoining and to the south
of the old (1894) one. Other
tenders were $19,750, $20,700 and
$31,400. The contractors have
duly completed their work so far
ta it was possible for them to do
ao, but at a considerable loss to
themselves and cost of something
like $20,000. The result is there
to be seen, "a hole in the
ground," ol no value to anybody;
and now, as reported in yesterday's
News-AJvertiter, it will tako at
least another $40,000 to finish
what was originally estimated to
cost only $30,000—complete.
The said reservoir (?) is, probably
the greatest ol the many cnrioiites,
natural and otherwise, to he seen
in the park, big trees, buffaloes
and all the rest, and it ought to be
next summer's leading attraction.
A little advertising should draw
crowds to see it. It has been estimated that it will require about
14,000 cubic yards of earth work
to^finish the banks to the level
originally intended, these lacking
ten feet ol their lull height, and
the trouble is to know when the
stuff is to come from, or what is
known aa a "slight engineering
difficulty." North Vancouver in
its growing time should heed this
lesson ol great waste.—Com.
Chas. W. Uobson, merchant,
aged 54, who passed away at St.
Luke's home on Monday, had
been a guest at Hotel North Vancouver for a long time. He came
to B. C. in 1884' and was well and
favorably known.
Charley Gundcrson, aged 48.
died on Wednesday at the city
hospital. He had been in the
employ ol Mr. P, Larson for
many years, and was unanimously
well liked. The funeral will take
place tomorrow under the auspices
ol the Vancouver lodge of Eagles.
The usual session of the muni-
ipal council was held on Wednesday night, all the members present.
The following routine and other
business was transacted :
Minutes of last three meetings
were read and adopted.
The resignation ol Dr. Dyer,
medical health officer, was read,
stating that he intended leaving
the district. The request was
accepted, and that the doctor be
paid lor the current quarter.
Application was received from
Dr. Truax for the position ol medical health officer, which was considered and finally accepted. j
A letter was read from the
secretary of the school board, ask
ing council to purchase school site
in Lynn Valley from Mr. Fromme.
Authority was given to have deeds
prepared, and that the price, $150,
be paid.
Chief Dick reported that he had
made a successful test of the new
lire hose, at a pressure ol 140
pounds, and that the hose was
A letter was received from
Robert Ward & Company, asking
that a delay be made in appropriating roads required in district lots
265 and 552. D. W. Elder was
present and was heard on this
matter. The reeve explained the
reasons for the course as proposed,
and that it would not in any way
interfere with the proposed subdivision of lot 265.
A communication from R. (j.
Macpherson, M. P., expressing
his willingness to meet the council
regarding bridge matters was read.
It was resolved that a meeting lie
arranged with him lor Monday
next, in the reeve's office in Vancouver.
A letter was read from Sir Wilfred Laurier, acknowledging the
proposed bridge.    Filed.
A. Hodgson asked that a better
sidewalk be laid Oil Twelfth street.
Referred to board of works.
From Barrow Brothers, asking
regarding Lynn creek bridge.
Referred to board of works with
power to act.
Oiler oi J. T. Tucker for work]
of extending road along King
street, in district lot 2026, was
read, and the report of the
engineer thereon was considered.
The report of the latter was
Letter from R. R. Brierton, el
al, asking for light at coiner ot
St. George's road and Fourth
street. Referred to light committee.
Askew & Kennedy, and J. T.
Tucker, contractors, were each
given a month extension of time
to complete contracts.
A petition Irom D. W. Elder, el
al, asking that a number of town
roads be opened up, Dr. Jordan
was heard in support of the
petition. Referred to board ol
works to report at the lirst special
meeting of the council.
A letter was received from R.
Ker Honlgate, regarding the proposed deviation of Keilh road
through district lot 7(14 and (107,
making an alternate proposition
to council. Referred to engitleet
to report on grades.
Several sub-division plans were
submitted and authority was given
to certify them as correct.
Tenders were Opened up and
disposed of as follows : Work 011
St. George's avenue was let tn Win.
Snider at $8oO, and 011 Fifth street
to Askew & Kennedy at $liyo.
The usual financial reports were
read and adopted, authority being
given to pay the bills.
The reeve reported that Mr.
Hamersley was willing to give
deed oi number of alleys in lot 274
on receiving refund of taxes paid
by him on them. Resolved, that
his ofler be accepted with thanks.
The reeve also reported that the
solicitor had not yet been able to
complete the agreement with the
lerry company. Resolved, that a
special meeting of the council be
called for Monday evening nex-t,
and that the ferry company officials
be asked to be present.
Mr. Cleveland,  C.   E.,   report
regarding the  funt-hills load was
submitted and referred to board ol
works fnr consideration,
The councillors' indemnity by
law of $100 for reeve, nnd $75 for
councillors was finally passed.
A by-law to straighten Moody j cln
road in district lot 550, was submitted and passed, subject to reconsideration.
Authority was given the water
committee to order proper supply
ol water pipes for the work on
The council then adjourned lill
Monday next at 7:30 p. 111.
Lynn Valley Notes.
alities numbered amongst her citizens. Of a particularly bright Iind
disposition, with a kind and
thougiillul word for all with whom
he came in contact, either in a
business or social way, the late
James Mitchell was universally
voted a dear and charming old
gentleman, and genuine sorrow
will be felt by a host of friends
and acquaintances at his demise
Horn near Port Stanley, Elgin
county, Ontario, 80 years ago, he,
on the conclusion of his early
business training, identified himself with the development of
Western Canada, spending a considerable time in Manitoba, where
he was interested in grain enterprises and trading on the Great
Lakes. Coming to Victoria 18
years ago, he resided here almost
constantly ever since, acting as
general commission agent.
Mr. Geo. Leitch, who owns the
ten acres immediately north of the
post ollice, is building preparatory
to clearing up his land.
The Hastings Shingle Mill
Company have sent their horses
from the Rice lake camp to the
island to pasture, as for the next
two months they would be of little
use on account of lhe weather.
In the meantime the men are
making roads in order to rush out
the bolts as soon as the rainy
season moderates.
A large consignment ol fruit
tree have arrived in the valley
during the last few days. One man
is reported to have received $200
worth, another $8o, and several Mr. and Mrs. J. Hyde, of Third
more quite a large number, with Street, have moved to point Gray,
more coming. The trees planted, where Mr. Hyde has a large con-
so far, have produced such fine, [tract getting out shingle bolts,
clear fruit that it has given tha
settlers great encouragement ;• tha
Mr. J. Bain, formerly constable
at One Hundred and Fify mile
House, Cariboo, paid a visit to
North Vancouver's old Caribooites.
Miss M. Hamilton, Of Lac La
Hache,  Cariboo, will spend the
winter in North Vancouver.   She
is delighted with Canada's Oak-
Mr. Russell Clark, of Revel-
stoke, is spending a liv, days'
holidays at Ins home here.
C. Mussen is building a rcsi
deuce on the 1 orner ol Nye street
and Lonsdale avenue, Mr. Mus
sen is certainly laboring 1111;!' 1 dii
licultii's, as he is compelled to
pack his lumber three blocks,
owing 10 there being 110 roads.
Mr. and Mrs. Percival l.inhain
(nee Ada Mat 1 arrived inu 'I, In ii
their honeymoon Saturday oven
ing.    They are Mopping in N'l'.i
Vancouver for the winter.
Go to Bates' lor stovt
and crockery.
,li 1
more so as Norlh Vancouver will
have to look mainly to this district
lor its supply of local fruit and
fresh vegetables.
Mr. John Duval has joined in
the spirit of thriftiness, so predominant among all the enterprising ranchers in Lynn Valley. He
has just completed a chicken
house, complete with runs, also
a large pigeon loft, and stocked
same with several pair of fine
homing pigeons. Mr. Duval is
keeping strictly to through-bred
stock, and will make pit game hit
A new daughter arrived on
Wednesday morning at tlie home
of Mi. and Mrs. J. Johnson, of
Fourth street. Mother and child
are doing well.
J. P, Nelson, VV. M.' Fri/.cll, G.
C. Fisher, all of Beilinghani,
were here on Monday. Business
is good at Beilinghani.
S. Graham, Blaine, Wash.,
came over on Monday.
Dr. J. VV. Woodley,  Ladner,
registered at the Hotel North Vancouver 011 Monday.
John Graudwater, Manitoba,
was stopping at the Hotel Nortli
Vancouver this week.
C. Hill-Tout and VV. Blakley,
Abbotsford, paid the town a visit
on Tuesday,
The many friends and acqiiinu
tarce- ol Dr. Dyer, health officer,
will regret lo learn ol his leaving
the municipality. Ile has been
lii'iti lor a long time, and always
took an active interest in spoiling
affairs, being the honary secretary
of the boating club. Dr. Truax
will take over llii office as Well as
his local practice. Dr. Dyer will
leave for the Oluiiagan and Siuiil-
kaiueen early next week,
Wamiii. Young lady desires
music pupils. For term-, appl)
hox X.
VV. Sloney, ol Thirteenth street,
has sold his property Ihere to J.
The fruit stand on Lonsdale
avenue, formerly owned by Mr.
Thibldore, has changed hands.
Mr. Hughes, ill Fourteenth
street, has removed to one of his
cottageB on Third street.
i J. Davies and J. N. J. Brown, ol
this place, returned home Thursday from Eagle river, Jervis inlet.
While there they located some fine
timber, some of lhe cedar trees on
the claim attaining the enoiuious
size of ten feet.
G. G. Nye is erecting a photo
studio on Second street. Mr.
Nye will add to his business an
up-to-date picture Iraming department.
Mr. P, Allen had purchased the
Nye cottage on Second street.
A large chicken  hawk, which
had been a torment to poultry* 1
raisers ol   the   Keith   road,  was
killed this week. I
The many friends of Mr. p.
Conway will be pleased to learn ol
his recovery irom au attack of
typhoid lever.
Mr. T. Page, who has been
connected with the Western
Corporation for the past four years,
I.as severed Ins connection with
institution, having secured work
under Mr. Ed. Miinday, as a
E. A. Emerson, ol Moodyville,
returned home from Bute Iulet,
where be lias been residing tor the
past thtee weeks, on Wednesday.
Mr.Squirebriggs, who lias been
111 iu the general hospital, Vancouver, was conveyed lo the residence ol his sister, Mrs. S. D.
Scbultz, corner of Lonsdale
avenue and Nineteenth street,
where he is improving rapidly.
The water main on Fifteenth
street is now iu operation, tin
water having been turned on
Wednesday morning.
The incessant rains ol the pai I
week have inundated portions ol
land up the Lynn arid Capilano
Messrs. Rankin and Ford, the
auctioneers, who will sell tin 0 .
eminent lands west ol the Capilano on the 20th, called at Tin
EXPRESS yesterday. Tiny deny
the rumors that the besl ol tin
lands will go to political favorites
or syndicates. " The poor man
and individual buyer will bave just
as square a deal as any one else,"
said Mr. Rankin. " ll is tin
desire oi the government," he continued, "to give even 1I1.11111 and
inducement to the settler."
Go to Bates' for anything ynu
need in tin furniture line.
Mr. C, Hamilton, ol Tannin,
Dawson, cnnie our yesterday from
Seattle and called  on  his  sister,
Miss Hamilton, whom he had not
seen for sixteen years, His sistei
was greatly surprised and delighted
to meet her broiht r. Mr. Ilnn.il
ton went overland in ihi fit ;\
excitement at Dawson, II. me|
with varied succi ss; later mot ing
on to Tannia. where hi located .1
rieli claim, lie leaves in 'a lew
days for I.ac I.it Hache, 1 1 vi il
his parents,
North Vancouver will hold ils
lirst police invi stigatibu m xtwei k
Subscribe for Tun Express,
\\m ummw mu
k nm CO, LTD,
Commencing Nov, 1, mo6.
«r,.(i(i A'.M,
III. I'l
15 I'. \l.
s |6
"11. In
•,   '
11 .'11
i iw
2 Tui
', 20
10 .•'
HI. '
.' M,
District of North
••'   nil Imu a ■ mln r il..ui tho
imna I- u| |n i|,i rii ■ ia In liavu been In
ilie ilistricl Im "ii" year, 111111U make
lid      HI till',  •.II     l.r   lal'lla,"    I    1
1 I     I In ■ i.i",1  inordi r iai gol llieir
11 im ■   "ii aia,  |ud ii-i ni voters
for 1007.
Alex". I'iiimp,
C. M.O
W. Cook, of Fourteenth street,
is building a cottage.
Harry Mitchell, manager Brack-
,,,an Kin Company, returned this
morning from Victoria, where he
attended the funeral obsequiea ol
his lather, who passed away in
that city "" Monday eveningi at
the age of So years.   The Colonist
says:   in his death Victoria loses] is absolutely
one of the most charming person- true.
Three Indians were up before
Squire Kealy on Tuesday. Two
Were charged Jlo and costs lur being drunk, and one was fined 5'H
and costs for having whiskey on
Ins premises. They netted the
tieasury sonic *S7f*. all told
The present inadequate condition ol the municipal "cooler"
was forcibly III evidence the oilier
day. Five prisoners were on thc
books at one time, and bad two
cells divided between them
Owing to the lack ol beds two
ll 'd to sbep silting  on  a  111.111
Something will have to be done tu
meet tins contingency until propel
quartets are available. It is the
intention to build cells in the new
fireball large enough to adboillo
date such emergencies.
Mr. fico. Owen, duel of Police
of Atlin, is spending his leave ol
absence wilh his wife on First
Street. Mr. Owen has been fnr a
number of years in lhe North and
looks none the worse for the
sojourn. He expccls to be in the
outside for two months.
" Ileal estate continues .active
and the movement is as health}
and robust as ever," say the
The announcement in the daily
papers thai Harry Min hell and
Miss Allen will bo married shortly
unfounded ami un<
Church Notice.
St. .'Nllltlll,\ I'll SIH h , 1 .-.
SIX'lll    III 1 I.
Service will be held in llie cliuri ll
011 Stiuda) as usual al 11 a. ui. and
7:jo  p.   in.     Morning   stibji cl
•• The liarly  Christian '
Evening 1 " Peat • 01 Wat'
Sunday school, 2:30 p. in.
Service al Mood) villi 11
Sunday at 4:30 p, m.
The mid-week service will I"
held ui thu chun h on 1 Inu d iy •
ti o'clock until lurthei notii e,
A t'onlial invitation . . I
Pastor: Rev. I P. Gillam, M..V
iw Bin
lllllll, I'llll-
laughtei   Ifavi   uu lound oul
I vet what 11 waa that pap 1
ol the paper
Mutliei   Yi",.   I I'U'i'-lii another
copy.    I've read il all I
Iin I iu save mj lifi 1   in'l
thing wrong in it.   It's nn
on the vulj »ritj and
buying fun thai are b<
Suiibrcite,    li   I   lold   1   1
millionaire  mi <    ■ '. I
apph ol his eye, whal
■ay I
ap orjud
li    ultil I 11 an    Waterfront
..- tl rO   |.IU'    -   . a
I'tllM    (Hill     L'lllCM.
Throi I I its .in.I lu IHockH iu
hl-lriil 1
cm   Ul   VANCOUVtR,
via, 'i tcrei .11
11 1  1 1WS7,
Ml ill   VANC01MB,
■ ui r. •
, llll!,
M1M0UR cent-,
. [tic ol iill tho
I i'l
Districtof North
mENDER!" ,\l:r INVITI ll fl
'     fiilllllil   lur   llie   Inlli'liliL'
V llll
wiir!;", namely :
I. Grading Esplanade, oasl
lal     Bl
George's i-natl
'.'. iini'li   ■   1 roinnu
I1     '             1'   i'i-     i.r
1 Grading sppn         1    1
-|..ailnr   ll        1
a i|m1 hall, win "■ li
,,   ■
21st Instant.
' II'.
M '
large mirk nf ll"Mr.-i l.t'WN, I mil
lured tor
I  Iiniii-
l'i  . .   1' . '   ■   'i
. in I Flower Seous in
I I  I       -I 'ar     I'llllips,
1 Inula,
1 [ur Kb    limiting.
■   i
nnil lo moel
1 r list nolun
1  '
M .1 III'M;V,
Docs fit
/A' t_ ^  tho skin enjoys,
lariiiemt't   itch.
Mado  fur   men,   w i
J WEB men  uti-l   lit tie    folks,
¥S» in   a ' I yles,
.'   .' -' ' ''■ ■ '
JUL a in oilun^
n i'
I   III'      I
i; on        '      i
Five ThousanJ Dollars Charged For an
Engngeini-rt snd Ter Pel Cent, on
the Fortun- That Accompanies
Union With Title—Agents In Society—Romano; ol Broke: age —No
Fiction, Bu! Rei   I
I    '
tion " ' ■
' '
I.     ,
Ur. "     '
i     . n   ' •
In a care '
fore, al ':'
"' .,        ■
■i     i ot thi
»ltli tl .'• -*°:|-
r]    r
"s-,- >,„ ,--      . , ■ Tr i line
,. .    ■ iv I have
■■' ■.
,-   -.'I
i with me. li       ■
'       VI.! a' '
—      . .   . '   ' »'
peopli    nme   ,-lth
,. ..... .-
nn! always pin
r-    rt that II '
E.pen-,.ve  Hutbsndl
euro a I
■  "
|   ,   . . ■ "    Wt
ire nt pret-
■ a
■  " '
,„ a ■ , town, ''I'1 wains a tltlcA
huabanrl, nnil is willing in sMilc £20,.
(nn :i  ta'iir upnn him, and jive him
f'ait.fi lain.     Iiiii.   ot  eour.-o,  she
nvike.s .' inllil "ii*
Agents In Society.
"And h '«' iln t n na I m jr mon of tltlf?
v.. i .,   ':   I you, 1 havo my apent*
ln       .        • i: a     mt times  men  ol
IKI ■ ■ directly, lint
it..,.  ,; ■, .-. i ime   Th "•'
!    " | ' a- ulii.-'i bears
ono of "     a'.dosl nn        In tlio throe
■ '   ■ ' „ v.iir. and
' '..■      '.   |    '      ;,-,,,,     tO
a (lOO
■ ;        ■ ry I
'   ■
', ■. ■
, ■ i
i. :■
i ' myself. 1
iai " ' era'.trill
n ■
Of a
:a     '     rther to bind mj tell '
I ivlthln a pertain period (I
I   ■   " ■,    ■      i    un "f money
. ■  U ;     - '''.■'"'       ;;     a
.v moni i - i*11       .      idy m
I ■■  ; .I  "■    ■   ■     Mod to   'ii "i
bed ■   i.t. a       ■ I
Iii. 0| ..    at,,i.|   of  |iru
mi'i' that I - i. ■' ' by any motini
of law or by any othoi process what'
- ..'.-. - attomi i to evade Ihe payment
■if lhe i'l"- •■ meatlone | sums, which I
■ a fair ai    roti oniible pay-
■   ■     for   the   ki : nu   rondor
,-. a,  li   Dati '"
Romance  of   Brokerage.
—' ' ■■   [  OVI '.'"'1   ■
onlInno,    Mi    ''.aa li
 iho   ]
■.        I inlrodn
nr Willi ab
'I     "a iri'lnij   Ili'I
a ml f dowi
.... Tin
1 boon le
n b    i lormfi u     whe
, ai m
romain II
lie n '■■      lo B"
II or
of I nud rn
v. :  i.,'i.iii"i
...ii :    £0i>0 in
■ n
'■|   im .   '   ..       ""   ■        i  '.-.' •
thin ..:■■'
:   .    ■ ,
Ihe  mill
lOll    -       .a     ' -   .a   .. . ' V. '    .i
■. i lor I ' io o
.i,. ,■   a of boil     ■     11 "■
e Inllil y ur li
ii ■■ ' Ihi i
in.i ., "Th- Matrimonial I'uai na i
ftwWonata'e Man-lap    dvcrtlscr," aad
• .,- ; tee
i" uv. ■ I myself. 1 here
by, ar-e,. |o pa;
n of I lulo of nn i a i
rrl..-"   Mi. i  .   ■ .    ■ ■ • 'aa pay '
I snld
■ ■  :
 Ilns ' *•
ly may pn
•: \n : l
1,1        1    ".I     .•    '     ■ ..'      '     '"      '
'ia'       ii     inmodl.
.  ■    . on. the said pi n
h     I and P»!-
and rocovi
Hi]   fill        '    :    a   ■   1   al tl ..
f £ ,10, I '
ild    ■
■   '
.' iv nf 1:
A Letlcr From Canada.
ristlmoity    Ml
'   ■
:    "      11     llll
■ ■
i      Hon      Tht
'  ill l.'lll-
. '
Mddc In C.hibiIb and Sold by ull
'I hia coupon in good for ono ton
ceil I UDtv) Trial Uuttlo uf llio culo*
Dr. Leonhardfs Anti-Pill
a -urn curia fair Kudlgoatton. flllloiH'
tie -. Dyspop.la, CouetipAtloii and
all mini'hm mi-mi! ili'"'ii"aia.
Mailed froe.lna plain pnckairo.pn
i" . .ni ni ii.aim' mul address,  tall
in i aiirn.t iiiii rout ulllctailaliTiH
tin aiutirai line anal send to
Mji-ara falls, UM.
U'.-tO :     '
.     ' 1    ■■■'■'■       , '      '' 'I'l'. -
1 nee    (ol wedding
.   . .ml Ihi n a om . ■  "ii. Tli ■   v ■
:   ■    ■   . ■" ■■   "i   Mr,
.  ■.' ' ■ Vory
my ol ii    clli :>'    '.     i     '   b of '
'.;•'   and   a   certain   Inoomo,
■"■  or :;i' h rs have married
■ ■ iniul. h nn' leas comfortable
■ ' a-, 'ii I io bo, ll Lherlo thoy have
had in* desire, or no opportunity, to
marry, llul tho nilvetil an n now ritlei
In lhe household makes the situation
critical, Actrossos need not apply.
"Thoy come," sny- Mr. Charlesworth,
"bul I don't want thom. It always loads
in awkwardness when iho (act cornea
Another refreshing rcnn.lonee was
that many young women nr- married
through nf- beneficent agency of Mr.
Charloswor . wlthoul ever suspecting
i'. "Their parents consult me," ha- Bald,
"and It is all done so delicately that
Hi" young l.iily knows nothing about
It,  i '■." aaf mv clli nts i.i ;i retir A manu-
• 'ti  ■ ■   ' llti seven daughters. Owing
"a'-s of his wile they live vein.'
"ai'      and keep no society.   Bul the
wants to i     i a. ■ .i . In
te      ho com nils mo, and l arrange
a'      .' aa'.l,'      Ijtjnd    ||      ll   '''  '      1)6-
■ '. it n.i llki ly nan       -ii. I have
ol lhe girls off, and do not
1 ■    pate nny difficulty as In the rest"
Gallery  of  Eligibles.
Mr. Charlesworth  became regretful
'n talking about  Hi        ippolntments
■' h ■ profession,   Some peoplo are so
." ry hard lo pie i se.    lie has on his
!. ioks a widow of ■"■". with Iwo adopted
laughters,        roll off thai she keeps
up it largo place In thc i-miniry, and
ii  ■: rooms in u West-end hotel.
I     a " glvi ii hor nny amount of de-
slr.ibie Introductions, hm m marriage
,   final  'rn':  nf eonlldianoo Mr.
r'!i  unl i ". al a drawer, and
bited  a  hat II il   ol  photographs
from his gallery of etigfhks. The men
were  decidedly   n   good-looking  lot—
hunting in"ii In pink, military officers
n unit urn, naval officers with the axe-
:-'. and naval surgeons with*-
ml It.   Ii happened   but ibis waj an
ii   Ida nl   that amongst  tkem Bio In-
• ■   i-cr recognised an   nrawalnt.-ini-e
f h    own.  The photographa ef ladles
Irom a girl ol IT. with hair
a' ni in." hack, to a handsome matron
■a havi '.* rnnfess to 10.  A
thing alioul some of the plc-
' lad es i ns that ihey were ra-
- failed, and ot n type thai ha? gone
, -.    It  seems that ladles
a prefer their old ph '
h      new ones.
Big Buck Dear In Algonquin Park Affrighted ot Search Light.
Mr. and Mrs, VI, !' Kellett ami Miss
Kellett, of Pittsburg, l'u., wli" aro summering in Canada, encountered a thrill-
'■a:: . xp "i ii." ni lhc Algonquin Nail uini Park nl Ontario, the particulars
if which    ■■,.  . ii     i inched the front.
, !.■ ulde, tliey pad-
lied 1     i Ei-oi    a  ' :  . amp on Cacho
■. . •, ini    : n ■ i.i  ecure, II possible a
a.,.'   .   li .<   n Virginian
in ."■ [eliding oi ■   'i'i roots,
Ml  a.;. I |   tor    ;"     I'll        ' !   tlio  .Mllilll-
■ i :. i. •''      ,.     .   ■ mie along the
S'nthlng il "   'a" silliness
ive tho drip of I     |     lies, and now
: : ■ 'i ih" weird call ol a I ion In
'All  t0   Lllll   .   "!'         aa.vi- Ol    H|l!.isll
. .I  li it i'" bi in ■
party oi      ilograph hunters
i i of i'i" river they
nsclons I ml * dttrk objoi i has
. ■     'i ;hl   hore
i  i        i in all probability oro    thi Ir
I'ihv u Ith bated breath nnd motionless
i a',     they waited.   With the quick
id  ■  ' .;  notion ";  the i xporlen 1
'. 1 ni in  Mr. Kellelt, who mis In the
bow laid down his paddle and turned
Is little searchlight am tho moving ob-
- "   ■' i.ii liy this tlmo was almost under their bow,
Thinking thai ihe deer, which proved
lo he a very largo buck, with a grand
head of li'irns. wns yel some distance.
fiaiiii them, the guide navo one more
silent, snifi stroke of In a lan.lalle. Tho
canoe, which was luckily a steady
chestnut, canvas-covered canoe, darted
forward and up on lhe almost sub-
merged shoulders of ihe deer.
' Like a flash, the buck turned, dazed
by the light, and, securing n toothold
! nn lhe bed of lhe shallow Btream, ralsaid
Himself mil nf the water and plunged
Into Hi- canoe, hall tilling ll nial, water
and mud.
Mrs.  Kellett, who mis In Hi- rnnit
part of lhe canoe, had the lull weight
"i lhe deer's [orequarlers on her lop.
At Hi" same lime Mr, Kellett received
i downward crack on the back of the
i   id fi "ii n lust) pair ol antler*, whloh
knocked him   ul of Hm canoe,
,:m (ho guldi, m ho know his bust-
. drove his paddle Into  tho  mud.
. i  i   - ped ia. steady the canoe. With
a      pt'a    *:i'a'   of   lllillll.    MiSS   ECollOtt
loaned forward and seised the buok by
lhc ii ise, while Mrs. Knllett boat him
'. k with  her clenched list over the
 [ i.i" canoe,       t
The puny missed taking the photo-
graph, bul lhe buck Ui.t his Impression
A Wonderful Bcbolnr,
Antonio  Mnglliilweclil,  tl"'  tamoiM
Florentine sdiolni', was remnrknblo not
null fur the :i iiiii ami variety of his
knowledge-tor lie know nrturntdy
sixty iliifi-iout Inngnages hill also for
Ills iii.e-'-iiiii labors ns a Bludent ntnl
librarian, "He nsmilly pnsscd the
whole nlglil in stud} nml when ex-
' liaustoil nature ili'iiuiuileil real a1 straw
ebalr served for n i-uu li nnd an old
threadbare clunk for n envorH."
- . .
Sunlight Soap is better than
other so.ips. but is best when
us d ni ihe Sunlight way (follow
dii ei lions).
Han! rubbing and boiling arc
things of tin; past in homes
win re Sunlight Soap is used as
Sunlight Soap will not injure
even the daintiest fabric or ihe
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for ihis is because
Sui ilighl Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no injurious chemicals
indeed, nothing but the active.
cleansing, dirt-removing properties of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
liy lhn tleuler frim, wljnui yuu a
liny Niliiliulit Boap if you (luii W
hu) I'uu-eliirciiiiiplninU l_
Suffered Kaetity and  Unahlo to Work for
Days at a Time-Cured Three
Year* Ago by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
. ti
: '    ■.    '
u ri i
i   youi
k Dr. I i)iui
- . (Mult '       :   ■
■ii-i I
n l
in,.;   I ,. ior llii'i'i
■ '    ,
I alinu b a ii in Iniil
, a
i.-mi' il
. ml I,"1,' i
nun' i
■ ill   li hi
'  i|,|   .,;
\\ liy lit- l|ul*   llio Home,
"Ti ■" n i,.nnil" .|i'i'iiiii Smith as
. ,i| wi telilug llio |ioker guino
ui ilm Hull,
"Nn.   '.'   i"
"Wluit'fl tlic mutter -eolil foot';'1
"Xo,   1 iihvnyaj eoiiic oul losor,"
"I never '-nu i"ii I"-1' in my llfo."
•■I kiimv you never snw me, bul I
Inv.   If I Ii.iii|iiii to win n lltttlo In'ro,
my wife suilliuclj Insists on my illvld-
lug my wluiings when 1 go lioine.   If
I |o i   i   •■' ii li' lure "ii the ovlla of
gambling, nnil lhe nexl tiny, In order
■. gel ati'ii, my wlfo runs bill.i ilown
town in llio n ml 1 lost.  If 1 tell
lor I ''nni"oui ju i ""'ii, -in- Inkcshalt
ii,,. -none** lo pivonl mj losing ull 1
i.lll.'.   -ai   I       I llll   1"
.   Tbrory  of  Senantloa   After  II,.
Head I. Bcvcred.
Half iiiiozin physicians were talking
of  ili'iilll.     II   I'li'l   n   HUbJCCt   ll-illllly
ii.iisin lay physl is fan li.-aii ilon, bul
ii.ri' v.. ir discussing it, However, it
w.i- not altogether physical death.
They woro Including the hereafter.
"Well," snld one, "i don't know
uii.'iiiiT there li lo bo .a lien I or
not, uml it docsn'l trouble mo very
much because I'll lake rlim-ccs on it If
1 mn innltc the llfo I Iii" hol iro ii the
I..nil nl llfO ll lllllll '.'il-M IO ill".    Illlt
llnil' ,i on" thing uiiuiii ii ilnn makes
iu" inapft (hero will be another lite, and
iimt ii Hie opportunity I Bhull bavo of
asking somo nf Hm i pi ■ who have
liml iln'ir beads cul oO II Ihoro wns nny
sensation tor a few minutes succeeding
ilm npltatlon, I believe now thai there
is, nml tbnt life remains long enough
tor thc decapitated person to realize
ili.it In- Ims lost his bend, nr, rather,
llml he bus Insl bis body, becauso tlio
licnil Is llio center of thought, nnd, of
course, it Is tbo body that is lost, not
ihr head, Ai least thai Is Hie wny a
mnn with liis bend nil' would bo bound
t'i llilnk of It, 1 fancy there i- uo pain,
be in " ilnn would i-.-i i ui it- -iiin' lime,
nnd if llio exists nt nil alter dceaplts.
lion it would n ii im long enough to
sensi lion of pain, li must
i.a' :i icry queer surl ol fooling, uud, ns
1 ' iy, l hope there is it Iii" In fr
lu i may Inui' a chance to liml mil u
i".i i.aa is nol otberwl *• olnuluuble."
We offer One Hundred Dollars lu-ward
for sin- ca«e ol Catarrh 1 Iint cannot u.
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cun
F.J CHENEY .<■ CO., Toledo, O,
WV. tlie undersigned, have known r\ J.
Cheney for the tasi 15 year., ami bellev.
liim i. Hv honorable In all buslnesi
tranaaclloiia, nnd llnam Inllv able lo carry
-am any obligations mnde by Ms firm.
WoldlnSa Klnnan S Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 1.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tak.n Internally,
lll'll.m    .11..' Ut     a.paa,     llalUll   111 a ■!    II, I,,'-
i.ii-    urfnees of lhe  aysfem.   lestlmon-
lnls Benl tree.    Price, *6c   per   Imitl..
Snlil i.f all Druggists
I'uii, Hull's Family Pills tor' onstlpallon
Montreal's Famous Melons.
In   v le aai  i ,'.   nnd s II of
tii" Southern Slali    In ihe tit ith r ol
.. i i. mel ins Can h ■ to lend.
Illlt   litis   is   lllll   I'llll...1..   .1     ..   Uiaaa ,.,   I,||>
  II I •• suburb ol Muni rent outre-
lllont, u;   i" ,:i''     '.    llul
ol M ■ iii  Royal f Tin 'i'i iai nl a'"' ililini
tl n foi 'ii" growth ol Mia' nu in    An.i
apparently ihe demand fn bul
.i . i. iroaohlng rap d    nn lhc .a a,- locality where Ulli m i m Is grown   Tno
i Im it musl; metal    iro ■ ild m New
Ya.iit :u from 10 in : is 'ii.;' but
'    ■ an mi nn Ion  :<i an n i.'iv
i      : ton     "1  N'a'iv
i ■ i Sl to I      li.'    in Mont-
nl ■ Ou to [On   in ii.
! .      ' I      '  . ■. . .1   ' | f 1| ,    ,i
'   i llii Ir n.n ii '.i the dining-
■iai a',. ry sum.
mer and ihey are i ilrncti A tor
- ■ apt ng   i a. melon a   I    n
i in    the   Isi ot ii..■ i'i-
iliii.ir. 'a. l m, and In flavor 11 cxcj Ii
.    .  i'i ' liei «t   .ii i li .i   It diic-.i
" Iini "ni   will   nlwnys   Im"   mo.I
Humid?" u-li- lli" tun  yiiiing lliiue,
Willi .' \|nr-l.i|l a.l In ivinp , It mill !
nil   Ili'I   lllf."
" \litny-. uu  niiti'l .nltiiii'-: ' 'Till I
III" sltil's mil liil'.'llli'l   UM 11 M'lnll llinl
Hit' ili'inl stnrs crnsli into llie yiiwiiiuv;
lll'.vss iif "I li '" .la,'Inn- lb,' imlil,
ynillie   imu,   .■. 11..   has   kwui'II   In   liar I
llllll     I'd     llllll!!"    I-     lllll,'llllll     I'lU'lllVa'al
Up 'ii in- hi'iirl,
Ono "I   Daliy's  g I   ilai-   11,,-..i,-
llinl your child is thriving und well,
Unity's .sun T:il.l.a'i.   bring  all i I
ill il ia. your child's life, lol Ilm*,
mnl ii Utile ones we'll, and kecp'them
well. Mi- .In- I'.'iIniul. Si Tib des
Cups, Que . -m • "Since giving nlv
Imi" ..ii" Iiniii' imi, Tnl.li'l- she Im'-
lii'i'ii in splendid lieallli. is growing
plumper ever) day nud hns lioniilil'iil
iti-i checks." 'ITit'si' Tabid cute
iii'ii'.i'-iiiiii. alalia', consllpation, simple
ti .■      teething troubles, ami a)l llio
in    ii ml ni- ni little mn'-.   Tbey
ilu imi contain ouo   particle   m   Iho
puis ui- opiates lound in nil   nulli-
icdicincs and mosl liquid prcpar-
iiii"ii-. Tlio Tnblgls fan Im given
niiii ubsolute aotety lo llio babe jusi
Inun. us iu'll a- ih" rlnlil nl advanced yonrs,  Sold b) all i lioine dcnl-
oi.- rn .-"in hi innil ai 'J.'i colli ■ ,i bos
In- writing tlm Dr. Williams' Medicine
L'u . Ilrockvillc, um
Tin- Qu'Appcllo, l.ttiii: Lake mul Sns'
l.iiii'lii'iinn liailiiny ami Sleiinlshiji
ciiinpimj mil apply nl llio noxt -'—
lion ol porlianienl tor nn acl iiuthor-
i'/.ing tlie coinpuny to lenae their line
ii ilm r.N li. and in give tho said
'■ pan) running powers tlicreol
Mnllici Graves' Worm K.itorminnloi
il mil ia'a|ini" ilm help "I nny purgative i lii'iii" t" cuiiiplele Hi" I'm".
iin" ii n nml nml b uvini'i'il.
I,t,l,IK  In ii  l.i-rlnri-.
.lnggshy t'J a, in > I shny, olllsher, is
llii'li   hli    r.luiil. sir.'.'i.    I'.il iii.iii ■
Vi     i i     .>   wi-ii you'd bio d'rect
mo ii in   inun' i" in" 'tciul lecture
there    I'ollc   What!    Am ml a
lecture at Ihb I ■ aai the mornliigl
Juggsliy Ves  Tini-ii- where I hlc -
1 i.ic, an' I'm married   si I
I Iral   Ell*iJ-0l0*-Clilai
Pliny's natural history may be te.
gardml as tin- Oral encyclopedia, ulnce
H contained 30,000 facta cpmplled from
L',000 luiults by inn aullnirs.
Slnri'l, un,I Simnr,
■ .1        . lunumts n ': 1,'kor
' ■   mill   Imtil'C   I,nil'
 ■ ion. Tblslsi 'a
'•"11 1    I. a .    a    . 1     [llO
llll '
D0DDS '''/-
Tin' Iii" insurance underwriters ol
\inericu will bold Ihelr noxl i rei
'"ii in T nl".
The; arc Ctirelully Prepared    l'ills
which dissipate   themselves   in   llu
stomach ciinnol I xpoctcd to bnvi
much effect upon ilm intestines, ml,I
i" overcome the coslivem ss Hi" i I-
min" administered musl influence llio
notion nf lli"-'! canals, I'ninu Ico's
Vegetable Pills aro so latulu, under
tlie supervision ol . ipi tl . iimt (ho
-iili-iiiairi' iii them iiitcmled to operate mi the Iati sl - i- retarded In no-
limi   iiniii   tlii'i   pass   through   the
■l.'llllll'll     I"     Ilia'      llllll    HI
The   Xi'ii    York   supreme   ronrl
Itiinckcd   "ut   sevcnly-lh    Hearst
Itct ciiiidldnl    i .mi-" nouiiiinling
IH'tiliuii   hud I ii lllcgnll) i'llls I
Minard's Liniment ior sale everywhere
I'l.'-i.l.'iii I! veil ordered  Sccro-
I.lll Ml't.'illi laa S.lll       I'lillll'l    ''a'     Ul
il pblj Investigate ilm anli Jnprui-
■ "' i-.iiiiiiii'iii mi tiii< I'ai'iiii a.. •
led Sl lie   1)1 trlel tltorncy Sims
"i i hieagn hns   I n   Instructed i"
"   - in which Hi" Sim,.Im,I nil
I'liiupiui) i    a iai "i violating niilj.
i-i i.i'
Tlm Musl I'opnlni IMI   The pill i-
' mo I liupulai ni nil [nnu   ' i ni''I
ini". mnl nf IMI   iln'  i populnr
mn   l'i leo's  Vcgeliiblo  l'ills,  bu-
■ .ni-" Ihey 'I" iilmi ii i   a   mi..,i ihe)
. ni do, nnd   imi pul lorward mi
mi llctitlou* claims i" excellence,
Tliey inv coniplicl nml portable, limy
 iisily laken, they du nol nmiscnte
"i gripe,  I thoy givo rollol In tlie
mosl slubborn cases.
Maidenly Hodcslr,
"Ab my love," sijihi'il the ardent
lover, "if ymi only knew bow in'iuitiful
you orcl"
"Ynu iiiusin'i say that," protested tlie
ilcnr girl. "I don't waul in know."
"Why imi?"
"Uecnuto ll would inrko mc loo con
celled," Catholic Bliuiiliird and Times
Tno Points nf \ leaf.
On one occasion, at a party given hy
Sir .Inbii Mlllnls, Lady Hullo roso u>
play tlm violin, ninn lu her intense
nmiiscnient sho beard I.andsccr ex-
claim: "Good graclousl A woman
playing the nddle!" On tho other hand,
nn old fnsllloiicd  iiiilili'iiinn iiln'ii In*
saw a gcnllemun sii down i" llio planu
contcinpluouslj' renuirkcd, "1 wonder
il llie creature can sow."
Still  Murk, on l Iiinn.
.Tnutlng for sl li mnrks on old ohma
is ofli'ti good i'uii in Itself, iMiiiosI •"•
rry niii |>i""' of tlniivnr" I '■. plains,
plaili'i's. siuicers, etc, slum- ibrec little rough sppts in 're or Kmi.clearly
miirkctl on both siilii», usually uu tho
mnrglu. These spots wero mnde In the
(lriiig b> Um ""'. s''ur oi -Mi-, ih" little tripods i.-.'il i.i'iiu'i'ii iii" plates In
piling Ihein mi in the kill, Tho Ihfeo
point's where Ihe t'lickspiir louclieil Ihe
plate cnlised n dcfecl in Ihoghute. I'n-
im nm.ni'i* strut marks arc not as Bure
»' Bun'riHilce of authenticity ns some
collectoi's hnve supiiosiul, for they ore
um only easy to linltntc, but tbey nre
Kuiii'iiinrs • linperciipllblo on tho old
glliflfordshlro Kiirthcruiurc, they sp-
fa<-:ii- very trequenlly ou modern table-
iviire ul ilie cheaper sort nud so are no
sign of antlqult)*.
Calling Cards
<f Your nurne engraved in grace*
ful Ryne Script on & Copper Plate
will bi furnished by our Stationery
Department for $1.00. "The «upply*
in*; and plate printing of one hundred
Calling Caids will be done for an
adJii.ciui $1.00.
<] The card Mock used ii m^e
ipcqally to our order and is of the
tlm "snappy" tori   that  denotel
^ Our Catalogue containj speci*
meni of engraved Wedding Inviia*
(ions. Society Stationery, Etc.
tlroft Ul afoiiat cerJ and M wiO
ifndyaujttt qf chuif,? cur la>gt i/.'ti*.
tmlrd i atahjtuf (if Jwtlry, buunnari,
Lialhtr (i'«i/j, He,
Almost as Old
As the Hills.
ba. Iicrn on Ibe mrrket for 96 Jems
uid li«- been imini: iMicne.., cul.,
bums, brul.e. .11 Ila.I time. Try 11.
I.'r , Ihrr. liar,a aa nauih *0e. All il.alna.
I. I. J'all',.'a 'I,  & CO , H'.'  ",  HlM, I
i'uii' Waruln-r.
Together ihey were climbing n sloop
mountain path,
"Whal would you tin," slie queried,
"ill should 1.1.nl':"
"I'll cntcb i "ii III my arms anil l.iss
you," In'ivi. "i
"(iel ready," tlio said. Detroit Tribune,
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff,
Practically  all
makers of good clothes
iu Canada use Hewson
TwecJs.  Look for lhe tag
that );ii.i, .ni' . pur* wool.
W   N   U     No.   609 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, Ii. C.
Suffered Over Two Years   Health Wa.*
In a Precarious Condition-Caused
By Pelvic Catarrh.
The  Mrlttari  I,,  ,,,.. s,l,„„li'„.,m.
German Hrboulimisii'i's are snld to
have had much to ilu with tin* victory
of the Germans in tholr laic war with
France, and In tills connection Sir
Henry Itoscoo lolls Ihls Incidonl ol liis
Inspection of ilu* professional school lu
lioticn, Prance: "Among iho usual objects i noted with surprise a Prussian
soldier's helmet, Ou bolfig asked why
he placed ll there tho Bchoolmoster
sl.ili'il IiiiiI il: was picked up in Hi"
streets of Rouen during ilu- Qormnn
Invasion. Ann be added llml It was ol
groat  service  lo him.  fur  when   Ilm
scholars did nut attend to tlieir work
lie useil ti) brill!-' this down ui'..i put it
111 his desl; ami. pointing tn il. Bttyi
'Now, It you do iiiii. iiiitko progress ami
li'iirn properly Ibis will happen In ynu
agalu, Tlie surest way in bring it
upon you Is iii neglecl your studies and
grow up in Ignorauco ami to become, lu-
ferliir In Intellectual training, Tlie
il.-I'lay uf that lii'lini'l.' explained llie
director, 'never tails in bring Um blush
i.i' shame In tlm cheeks uf my students
uud to roiiBo their patriotism and llieir
zeal for ihelr Btudles.1"
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold.
no question about thnt, but—
why go to all tht trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then uf hav ing hlsprescrlptlon
tilled, when yau can step into any
tlnn; sturo in Canada and obtain
n bottle of SHILOH'S CURE
for ,i quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
buttle of SHIL09 will cure you
us quickly?
Why not tin as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians havo
dune for the pasi tliitty-four
years: lot SHILOH beyourdoctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHII.OH will cure ynu, nnd all
druggists lack tipthis statement
with ii positive guarantee,
The next, time you havo a
Cough nr Cold cureit uilli
Mrs. Emma Kleis-ner, 1412 Sixth
Art., Seattle, Wish.. Worthy Treas-
tier Sons of Temperance, writts:
"I .offered over two years with ir-
refiilm and painful periods. My health
was In a very precarious condition and
I wai anxious to find something to restore my  health and strength.
"I wa" very glad to try Peruna and
dolighled to find that it mis doing me
good. I continued to use il a 1 i tt lo
»T»r thr*e months and lound my
troublfs removed.
"I consider it a splendid medicine
and shall never be wLiVout it, taking a
■lose occasionally when I feel run-
.aewn and tired"
Our Hies contain thousands nl testimonials it Inch Dr. Hartman bus received Iran* grateful, happy women
who have been restored to health by
his remedy,  Peruna.
Women Cannot i',ii DlnmondSi
"A lot of women seem in he possosscd
thoJO days nt an nmbltlou lu li'iil'ii Ibe
li.i'li' nl diniiioiid culling." lhc New
York Sun reports ono jeweler as say-
lug, "Every liulc whllo an applicant
for n siiiisliiin us aa apprentice gh."s
us a call. Hut we cUU't llltoi'd to give
thom a trial They can never master
tin' art, In other brunches of tho jewelry Iriule wumen have made some uu-
ipiaililieil suei'i'ssis. Nut one Ol Die's
daughters, from royullj down, 1 should
say. that Isn't an nrtlsl In lhc wearing
ui' dtiimouds, Many are well versed
In ilie tricks of buying ami selling them,
while uiliei's give excellent satisfaction
lu polishing ami preparing them
fnr Uie market. Um when li comes to
the roil cutting of tho stoics they lack
Uie pntlcnee, judginoul nml steadiness
of nervo which loustltulo tho expert's
siuck ia trade."
One Side nf llir 11.null.
Did you ever meet a stranger who
talked from one slile of his mouth,
usually In nn undertone and with his
eyes wandering while talking? The
mini's in ii ii hit is um an Indication Hint
> he Is weighing his words nr has something Importanl lo loll, II is almost a
sure sign that ho has spent years in
ijall. This manner of (Hiking is acquired in prison, where conversation
among prisoners is prohibited ami
where the men have lo talk out of one
side of their months In order to prevent
the keeper from noticing Hull conversation Is going on. The habit slicks lo
Ihe convicts fur veins nfler ihey get
The Serpent.
The Roman goddess of heallh always bore In her hand n serpenl. The
Serpent was the emblem of .llsiula-
pilis, the deity of,.physicians, ami In
Roman folklore it is said that during
a great pestilence In Homo he appeared In that City iu tho form ol a serpent
and stayed tho plague.
"li-fl  Ilnn,Iiii" I,Inn..
Il wns the belief of Livingstone that
nearly nil linns were "left handed."
lie walcncd theni closely, uud when
tliey  ilc-ireil  in strike II   llcrce blow
they always used the left uaw.
Motor as Political Adjunct.
A good sinry Is tnld In Casseli's
Magazine. Once a Unionist minister
went on a tour throucrh Ireland In company with another lu*n. member, a dis-1
tlngulshed ami representative personage In Hie automnhlle world. Pome-
where about the west iliey chanced on
a vlllace where a meting bad bi-en
convened In relation tn a county council election. Vlolenco appeared tn have
been expected by Hie authorities, and
draft! of the Royal Irish Constabulary
had descended on lite spnt, Hke bless-
ed mnnna from the lien veils for those
that hunirered after peaco.- Certain
ncry speakers from Uie United Irish
League were lo harangue Hip populai-e
against the Saxon garrison, detcstr-l
for what It does to Erin, though Erin
Is nnt so green as Kiln makes oul. They
were especially to denounce the Ito/a!
Irish Constabulary. Hut when thoso
uncomprainilshii- patriots arrived, the
most horrid of spectators confronted
The minister and Ills hon. colleague.
tn Ignorance of thn priiv* crisis, had
been giving the populace, rides In their
motor ear up and down Uio main'
street. In a Ui'.rnm-hljt handsome, anal
sportsmanlike manner the populace
lnul requested that Hie constabulary
simiiiii be allowed an opportunity nt
sharing in ihe diversion, ion. Then
lhe constabulary had craved for an
additional and special favor to the
V'tnng and fair, nf Hie fairer sei.  The1
■ ii-iit that met ilie eyes of tiie patriots
was that of the Royal Irish Cotisiabu-1
l.iry side by lido ulili tlm prettiest of
tlie damsels, careering turn and turn!
about boforo an applauding penpie, In
i Haxain mnl„r car    II was loa.mUOh
fair Mm new arrivals, Their tncatmi wa-
utterly spoilt:   Ihey ciuld not get a1
'.v.-ini mil; but they litughod .niai laughed again.   And the oloquenl Irish representative, wlm had I iiii'iii'v...] i.i ii
spol In nld with liis viu'irniis voice mi'!
mien nun pullinii. i',ui .■, laughed with
l ,.-   beiirllt'st.
iii llie Churns,
"Maiiie and Flossie hnvo settled their
Utile quarrel haven t tliey':"
"Yes. They nmi in ibe dressing
room jusi lii'i'ore Hie performance and
kissed each other."
"Hut somebody told nm they kissed
und made up,"
"Tbey always make iip."-('levclaud
Plain Healer.
Pain Disappears lief  li    No ouo
need suffer pain when tliey have available Dr. Thomas' licleotrlc nil. li
imt in the house when required ii can
i.e procured nt tlm nearest slurc. ns
nil merchants kepp it lor sale,
Rheumatism mul nli bodily pains disappear when il Is ll| piled, lllld BllOuld
ihey ut any time return, experience
ii'iu'ln- the user of the Oil how tn
ili'iil with theni.
Tlie Merchant's club Im- started a
Iiinn ta, make Chicago ono "l Hie mosl
beautilul fpuls in the world.
Bunllglil Soap is better than other
-naps. Iiiii  la besl  when used in llie
Sunllghl «ay. Buy Sunlight Soap
mul fellow directions,
Tlm Pullman company is preparing
I,- lighi the new rate law, holding it
conducts a hotel, not transportation
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
li i- reported thai Maaiunpho, mi
ibe -uiiilieii-i i -i ni Korea, is aboui
in Im converted Into a naval port.
Nearly nil Infants nre more nr less
siiiijcci tn iliniilni'ii iiiiiI such complaints while teething i.Iltl as this
period Ol llieir lives is the ninsl critical, mothers should not be without
„ bottle ol Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. Thi- medicine is u
speclllc lot such complaints and is
highly spoken al by tlioso who have
used It. Tlm proprietors claim it
will cure any cesi ui cholera oi urn-
nit'i complaint.
Riotous   scenes  attended   "Bosb"
Mie iinef - .'linn- i" seise San Prnn-
risco dislriel ntloruey'i "H "ml l	
vii! evi.lei '( boodling Irom going
ia. ii,. grand jury,
Bl   Isidore, P. Q. tug  l"  IWM
Minard's l.inimeiil Co., Limited,
Gentlemen/ I have Irequontl)  I
MINARD'S I.1NIMUNI un.l also prescribe it Im iuy: patients always wilh
th osl gratifying results,   and   I
considei ii llio besl all-round liniinonl
Yr-lii-   hull'
hi;  ,ln<   \li.  SlltlOS,
One nl n 'I'll,,.'.
Women do nol nni— as well as men
do. They lose by aggregation, A. street
car full of women makes walking Bcem
'littractive. A rogluieill uf men is pleas
iug. A regimen I ul women would he
disturbing. Sn thero are somo llowers
Unit, although Individually charming,
do lint liimcli well. Taken 111 large
groups, women a e ohjecll limbic. It Is
us Individuals ur in biuoII squads tlmt
tbey are sn Incomparably interesting,—
A Common  Trouble  Among  Growing
Boys—A  New  Blood Supply  is
Necded-Dr.   Williams'   Pink
Pills   Actually    Make
New Blood.
TIlOI'O ale ll,nils;,lids ni young men
just npproachlng manhood win. have
uu energy, who lire out nt the least
exertion, ami who feel by the time
they have done their day's work a-
thougli the d:i> woro a week leng In
somo ol these cases thero Is n further
sitrn ol warning in the pimples and
disliguring eruptions which break out
on 'he lace, These me certain Bigus
(hni the blood is nut nf order, and
nnli'"' n i- promptly enriched, n
complete brenitdowu, or perhaps consumption may lie the result. All
theso young men Bhould lake Dr
Willimns1 l'ink l'ills. Theso pill.- actually make rich, red blood, clem llio
skin nf pimples uml eruptions, nml
Inun' health, Btrength and energy.
II Is a Im u( proof. Adolpho Rot-
land, St, Jerome, Que., ia a young
inun nl niiie years, ivno soys: "Foi
mini' iiimi a yenr I Buffered Irom general nonkiiess, ami I gradually grew
Western  Exploring Par,/ Find Jamel
Bay Territory Splendid For Development—Excellent  Fur  Season.
An exploring party to the far north
consisting ol l. -arc] ii. Nord, Samuel]
Swansea and II. J. Boo "f Minneapolis,
Minn., anil E, A, Osborne, editor oil The
l-'ovt Francis Times, have jusi returned
from a three months' expedition to
Hudson Bay and the northonsl coast nl
James Hay.
The pany entered tlie Northwi Bt territory ui Missannlile, Ont, aboui the
middle nf May nnd .villi Indian guides
oanoed up the Mlssl 'n River to Mooso
I'lu'iory. mi., hundred uml fifty mlloi
north nf Hie point nf entry In lhe wild-
I'i'iicss, ilny crossed lhe surv y nf Hi"
ilriinil Trunk Pncllle Railway,   From
Mai.  aa   |'.|.'l,,|y   |n,-']    |!|,.v   silll.'ll   MUHil
Hie Btwtherly end nf James Hay. tuucli-
ing al Ruperl House, mnl then follow-
"1 tim northeastern coast to Mast
Main, where Ihey embarked am a perilous canoe voyago ivlth six Indian
guides through tlic cataracts and raplda
a.f Ilm Ka-; Main River. In all 11 port-j
.ik-a's were mnde, varying in distances,
mnl CJ rapid shoots were Indulged In, j
some "f ulila'ii were exciting to tlio■
danger point, fine experience whllo'
shooting a particularly stviift rapids,'
I was faar a time harrowing, The Indian
a In tbe rear of the big 80-foot eunoe
I accidentally caught the blade of his
I paddle In a hidden crevice, where lt
stiu k, and In an Instant the oanoa bad
swerved on a rocky pivot und, dancing
in ihe tumultuous current, begun to
pound severely. At once the six Indians set up a panicky hubbub, all
commanding and Impugnlngeach other
simultaneously. Drifting from the tlrst
danger the boat was carried out of
Its course ami In Immediate joopurdy
"f being whirled over a cataract. The
strength of the crew, however, proved
adequate to resist tho current and
worked ll lo the shore.
As far north as St. Heorge the party
noted b'g fields of rich timothy nnd
clover hay and prosperous vegetable
Hardens. The greater territory of land
traversed between Mlssanable and
Moose Factory they lound to bo of
i'li soil, thoroughly compatible with
agricultural requirements,
Far up the northeast coast of .fames
Hay, 1100 miles from Uoscol Shoals,
there ihe Hudson Pay steamer Lady
Head was wrecked in 1901, losing her
'SIO.OOO cargo of furs, ibe parly found
ilie "figure head" Of that ship.   Il was
.i beautifully carved, gold-trapped,
uaiodeii image "f a lady, emblematic
■ii' the ship's name. Mr. Osborne brought
Hie figurehead home with blm.
| At Richmond Oulf the party met
with Stephen P, M, Tusker and Mrs.
j Tusker, who. lt Is believed, are In tho
north In the Interest of on eastern
periodical Tlie Tusker pnrty had wlih
them as guide Joseph Iiertlof, who was
mie of Mrs. Hubbard's guides during
her search fnr her husband, who met a
Iraglo denth in lhe nnrih while on tho
famous Hubbard-Wallace Arcilc expe.
allium. The Talkers intended going
nver the Divide, where Ihey woitltl
Strike the Loaf River, explore that and
follow It to Fori Chlmo, where they
expei ted to catch a Hudson Hay sieatn-
er fnr some Atlantic port. The captain
of lhe steamer Discovery, Ihe party
say. opined that Taakora   would   nnt
bucc 1   In   catching a sieaincr  and
would have lo wintor In tho frozen
Heorge r.lson. one of the Wallace-
Hubbard guides, served with the Am-
erlcan-Canadlan party just returned.
Tho parly say ihe Hudson Hay offl.
Dials Informed them Hint Ihls year's
supply nf furs, which reached the northern factors in J'ine exceeded In quantity and quality any catch fnr a number of yeurs. Fishing with line and net
Is reported excell, nt, while whale, whlto
porpolso. seals, polar bears and other
northern game, were sen. The caribou
nr- said lo bo leaving lhe Fust Main
country   and   trekking   to   Labrador,
Healthful, Delicious
and Cleanly Prepared.
Is all PURE TEA and is rapidly taking
the place of Japan Teas.
Packoti   Only,   40o,   80o,    snd   SOo   per   Ib.     At   all   groctr*-.
 ^ll.L.   -   ES—
The   1)0100,
Iii iill tho civilized countries of the
world thirteen Is referred In as being
somohody's "dozen." In America,
Australia, Qroul Britain (present dnyi
nml several other lands Ilia' number is
said in a "baiter's dozen." in Italy ii
Is referred tu ns lhc "cobbler's dozen,"
there bolng a trudlll m Ihni Ihero was
formerly u law which compelled cobblers in put twelve lucks ur nails round
Hm edge of a I' 'aai heel. Finally, when
ilm mills became cheap, a router nail
was driven (or liml;.
so ueiik that I wns nuci'il in abandon
my mul; as n clerk.    My appetite I and the Esquimaux are following them
failed nie, I liml occasional   violent | io their new rendezvous,
headaches, and I began i" Biillei i	
indigestion, I was failing bo rnpidl)
ihat I began ta (ear consumption ivns
Fastening llsell upon nm Our family
ili.rii.i treated mc Imt I did nol gain
under lu- care, I >vas in o very dis-
cournged state when a Iriend Irom
Montreal came t" soj    lie stiong-
|\ advised nm tn try Hr. Williams'
i'Mik   Pill-.   I   did  sn mul  inside nf
Two Esquimaux dogs, three months
old. were broughl back, nnd also a
kayskae (model Imrlt eanne). The party
were fully convln I than with Hie advent of railroad (aellltl is in the sa.uti,.
era eviia in.ties of James Bay, a wonderful country uill he rapidly dovel ip-
■■.I, which mil prove pi ..in. live beyond
tlm most sanguine in.pes ..r the adventurer or capitalist,    The ciiinii"  t"
Epicure's lament,
Nothing new  t.. eal  has been ills- j Sufficient.
covered for.several conturles nut. Th.*'     , , ,        ,
monotony Is not < n 1 to breakfast.    "I havo several   reasons   loi   no
rt is equally, if mu more 10, felt at .wishing i" marry you, alio sen
(inch and dinner. Thore are disgrace haughtily, "In the first place, I do
fully few animals nt t.. oat, nn.i the nol love .vmi. In ilm second place,
oknpl, which Boemed Bent to solve ihe ymi hnvo tm money. In the
ililllcully, Is a bluer disappointment,! "Never milld the rest." he gasped,
because there ore "nly Ihree specimens  a- lie grabbed tlm nld man's lint Iroiu
of him known to exist, and two of these Hm ball rack uml slid nut intu the
ire Huffed.—London Sketch, I night.- Milwaukee Bonlfnol,
three weeks I begnn to leel belter,my James liny is seasonable in cultl- ited
impolite  began   I prove  mnl   I agricultural products, and tho soil and
sub 'li suitable fnr all purl in:
nan bo cleared al a minimum cost,
im iii" ie.nil coast, ii iwover, the long
n nn r had in cun to presage lis coming by Increasing chilly nights ami
days, wiiiia' ilm gloomy hebergi govs
forebodings nf growth, Thi pa ly,
while mi mie of ihelr tours, became Im-
in "ii'l between two giant Icefloes,
I imi fortunately ucceeded In •■ , In |
in lore Hm n.ie began 11 How,
The Anglican Grand Old Man.
''amiii.i I   in.' la   in.- in hi
old inmi   There IS Archbishop liainal,
nf m mtraal, Primate nf tim c
I a'   I   in   i'i | i.   u!,,,   ,,„   s.• |,,    |n
„,' ti.iinili'ii, Bl Vim   celebrated nls ninety tii I bin iday In
,l,,i„,.  headache*  I backache   and  spite of Ml four I ad cloven yean
Um si Inl ailments ol wornon anil  w. Bond Is In «ppearance much young-
1   youuingolth lull' »f. and ho has » remarkably strong and
i, i   dcnlei ni i Heine i m ■ r">"";"" v,,l,'"| """ ">" '""'»' '""« ol
lemod to have a loollng "I now ■	
Illie.    | i llll I til'' pills lllllll I liml
laken len box id I am nou enjoy-
Ing ilm besl ui health I evi i had,
Mv   i'    surprlsod   many   ol   my
I ids iilm began lo regard mo ns
incurable, and 1 strongly advise othei
young men who aro weak In lollou
my oxnmplo ami five Dr, Willis '
l'ink l'ills a (air Irlol."
Thero i- no nr. ter) nboul ilm ruroi
in  William ' l'ink Pills make Tin »
lull- actually  ke rich, rod \,\ I,
which liiiiiv- ami -in'iniil.ui-   "i'i*
..ii nn  I over) nerve In Hm bod)
ihi' ,   Kb; Ha' " pill  oun all common a liimn'   life nnnomln, rheun
'Hi,,   in   Williams'   Medic   Co.,
Ilrockvilio, nni . ui M ''iii   n box
in six boxes mr W.60
Major 'lie*In-, wlm was detailed
mill nim ill tlm artillery regiments al
Vlncennos, From e, has beon Liven
.     , .,., , , " '". aan n.iiii.'ss ,'"imi.tiniuiini; mil
iidepondont   military   co and   ol, „„ „,, lj|r,1|ch|y mi M|ur,nJ ;,
* Incennos, • „ir continued loyalty, esteem am
IT CURKS COUT,nS — hwili the InflimmM iiirfiCaM-
iitrfnirlhciil w-fak throats — puts lhe  ItlOgl in ilie Mroiifje.it
pOBltbla conditio* to icsiit tiie  t. "in/ •*..*■ i uf
tsnadltnwiutlr, f260i llOltlll
The novor-lnlllng medicine, Hollo-
way's Corn C  . reipovo* all kinds
nf   COniS,   lint I,   i'ln .   even   til''    -I
dlfllcull lo I- i" I'liiimii mill land
iln. a onderlul romedy,
T'm I'i.iiiiiiiiii'I l'i- Mail''- anus fan-
imi, Bltuated in il"- Hm' Oberkampl,
Im- I i '!■ 'i "i."l hy lim.   'II"  la
lory nn    mn   ill  Ilm  nin-t   nnia-'* a  '
in  I'lallci'.
Minard'.s Liniment Relieves Neurah
So Sudden
Ivlm   Wero '."ii taken by mirpri o
when Im |na'|a.. . i. deal
Kiln   I hm      ye  '   Win.   I   I,n.i
nol  even  looked   up  hi    llnanclal
landing    ti,;. Bl i" r,
fifty inlitht envy.   II,. sermon mi lili
ninetieth birthday during iin. meeting
"f   Hi.'  lienerul  Sin ,|   :,,   ij,|i!    I.i  •
year, was one of iho foaturos ol tho
gathering. This year a delegation ol
Hie whole of the clergy nf Montreal
waited upnn him, ami presented him
with sn address congratulating him up- ■
m ol,
I ll"- I
voll m, Telegrams an I lulten tvi
colvod irmni nil mer Canndn    II" Is
ono ol Canada's rem irkable men, and j
im oceuplei it position In the i
hearts oi Church pi oph In ( an ids
Born In Canada.
William Dllli i Matthew, ps    ■  tolo
ci it, although n !■ i di tu "i ."■ i v."];
born m B    i 'im. \  li, f. ia  ia,
1871,    He  uaa.  a.In Ml,.]  n|  (ho 1'iilille '
sohooli nt Brooklyn and si John, the
University ol Now iiiniisuia'it nnd Co. i
i ■. ■   .  .■     i in 'i- I
i ho graduated In US     n
Amerl in Mu-
seum nf Nation ii loi -, n fo low ol
tho Now fork Academy ol Bclenoti
uml uf other identlfl ■ organli itloni.
In rollglon he I* an blplio ipsllan; la
puilllcii a liiinucnil.
Perfectly Sale.
In   Whipple, long Bishop ol Minnesota, was iilimit in   Imlil   religious
services near an  Indian village, in
un nf Ilm  it.'sli'iii  -tale-, ninl  before
going i" the place ol meeting asked
the chief, who was In- host, whether
it was snfe (or liim to leave his effects
unguarded in tho lodge. "Plentj
sale." grunted tho red inun. "No
ulnie inaii in ii hundred mile- Irom
hero."- Woman's  Homo Companion.
Don't Get Wet!
will keep you dry u
they ire the product of
tlie best materials ind
•eventy yein' experience in p..in .ui Hiring.
•^JWDcJ    A. J. TOWER CO.
!«ada&fr*(l Bo5lon'U-SA-
'JWBHtf"       I'."'.!-. I'a.
farm) nml FARM IlKM' (married or
Bliiffle] Prom besl ^otch Agricultural
Districts,    None supplied wltfiout iatia<
fnrt'T.v  reforenctjs, Ball  now,  Nov ber
Tcruii or Spring. Standard wages expected. Mall wants nml wages offered direct
Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Note address for hitun' UB6i 06 many nntiHtlrd
farmers now enquiring for additional belt),
■/w-jS'I V^ J]   y°un8s|er
'.if^&^JvfiV        lliinlti o(
•WtM^mt'in......   his stoclc-
^W^*^",r       ingti
W\' V              And when isn't
_C\-:c'''    Iir tearing here anil
HrVl _^\     llie.e in liis rougli-
jL  *£&     and-tumlile playing 1
ffl!fc&\  Dominion
fflSf    Brand
jv\   Stockings
IPlX^l    outwear two pain
<a|E    Ut   ul ordinary stocking!
n     *&     a"^arf oonifort"
J_       yt  able   and   well-
vL\  ,'-. 2^ slnipeu.
Bj. Jusi try them,
Look lor the
't-g that telli"—on
nnu HILU
Ha^.1 a-.
Mav a , a,,w.
every pair.         io
The Footweai Question
Answered- j
<&%   t\     Western
. I ^
Stolen Pleosure
The children will show you
the merits of Mooney's biscuits
if you give them ihe dunce.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
have  mnde  themselves   fan   ll
ill over Canada in a very sliort
time.    Crisp,   inviting,   t a s I y .
DiiTcrent from ?ny olhcr
you have eve/ eaten.
Say T"loop.ey's" lo your grocer,
For Northwest
Winter Wear
there is  no other Underwear like
Warm enough to defy the
most severe blizzard
•yet not too heavy for
Made in all weights and
M/es for all climaits and
figures. a
I.'imM on knta| Slanlltld's.
After Labor, Recreation
Travil  li Ihi  Acmi  •!
Willi    )UII    I'...'     •-'.!.    thi
btlt In «'('. l :;■ ia' ■■ in'oil,
and i.l.ijr, and um tha
r.iemrilon ratal tlili nlntar
in avory direct But,
South and Unl Mnn your
waiitfl known to any Canada
Ian Northern igint, who **lll
bo gla.l io Inn -n Ihl lullail
Inlormition, oi writ*
Traffic  M.rt.gir,     Wlnnipig.
W   N   U      Nt.   t>09 l'J IK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER. B. C.
BLOCK   109
Four 50-foot lots, inn
of them ;i cornet lot, in us
Park ami Inlet, with a
magnil'u ii 11 uninterrupted
view.  .
Prici   lor  all,   83,5"' ■
..... in
if a in n 1   2!i%
-mj    _\*%   \W9   l_t   ni*tJ
" I supposo," saiil the reporter, " that it is true that
ynu inti nil tu build to Vancouver also?"
"Vmi may depend upon it," said Mr. Hays, "we
will have tu nmi'' to Vancouver sometime."
Tlnn.' being im location to be had in Vancouver, it
is self-evident thut Nurtli Vancouver will be the terminal.
Tin' Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Railway now
have survey parties nut making permanent lowiions fur
ilu it road t" the nortli,
llie car-burns ami headquarters nf tlic B. C. Electric
Hnil'-a> Compan) arc located in District Lot 273.
Rolled Oat*
Hm] and feed
iheBraekman Ker
Millinq Co.
Harry Miti '• ■   »■• ■ t,
Sll Bl
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
161 Cordova Street.
Rainier Beer^>
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying.   Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, Ei. C.
I,        la
R. Kerr Houlgate, Manager
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we are prepared to deliver all kintla of
Vancouver City l'riees. Call and see for yourselves.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Fine,   In iltlij   foinato  and
I       . '.' I" '.11  llllll!
.a Iiaml.
liiirrisU'i', iinlifiior.! i.,.n, Etc.
III..Ml- .: 1     . a. 1
111 lllll 11 DH Nil
IM 0 liflMtl IN. uH
General Commission and Insurance
Agents, Loans Negotiated, Etc . .
We have a Nu. 1 List ol tlic bust Business and Residents! Lots
Jld'RIDiS.lili, Si ...1.7. ti llilil'i.l   'illlt' market.   Also a niiinbt-rW fiue, LoU, size 50x11a leet, beauli-
lulh located, within a lew minutes walk of the t ar line, tlial will In
Hire inonej makers lor you, Price, $1.15 lor corners and (too tor
inside lots.   Terms Mo down, and $10 a month; no interest,
We also have ionic very choice Acreage, in 1 and 2J0) acre
ilocks. Tin' acre Lots are just the ihini; lur beautiful home sites;
iv. ol water, etc., unsurpassed, The a W acre Blocks can't bo beat
■ ai market gardening, fruit culture or poultry raising) close to the
•   : 1 ml :n llu' district and handy to the market.   See us about
..lil I       I'M    S.lllll'.
II you want to dispose ol your property, and your prices are
 ; sell it lur you, anil we can rent your house.
la   intending buyers:   We Have the Properties, and Ought
In li,' Able to Suit Vou.
nn k Mi    -    . "     1 1 ii ; -■ I'
■,      .   «   11.1  I'M    ll .1
Inrrislm, Solirilors,
linlnrirs, Hit.
1        ■ imvcr,  !<■
■    ■       11   ■  , ■
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Ai.k.vandih Paiik—U.0t a. 111.. 11:85, 11:48, T:t>r>, 7:35, 7,411, S:ltl, H-.'ln, S:50,
B:1U, iiiiin, '.imi, 10:10, 10:80, 10:30, 11:10, 11:80, 11)50, r.'ilu, 111:80, l2:Su.
I''.:iiiiv-ii I.". 11. 111., 11:85, lii'li), 7:15', 7:85, SilK), Si'.tl, 8:10, H:U0, U.-20. Ui-10,
10:00, 10:20, 10:40, 11:00, 11:20, 11:40, 12:00, 12:20, 12.40, It00p,m.
Auiiasiiiia I'aiik -1:10p.  1:80, 1:50, 'J:I0, 8-80, 2:5U, 8:10, J-,80, 3l50,
i'ln, 1 ;n, 4:50, 5:10, 5:80, 5:li0 11:10, II: 0, ll:50, 7:10, 7:3ii, H-.O11, HiltO, 9:00,
ii ::iii. 10:00, 10:30, 11 uu, 11:80, 12.-00.
I'mmv—1:20 |>. in , 1:40, 2:00,2:20, '.':4U, 8:00, 8:20, 3:411. 4:00, 4:20, 4:4U,
'iiiui. 5:20, 5:40, Il:u0, 0:20, 0:40, 7:00,7:20, 7:40, H:lo, 8; 16, 9:16, 11*41., 10:15,
10:48, 11:15, 11:46, 13:16,
Thli llmu table is subject lo alteration.
IV. It. llrsniiRT.
UPPORI I'MTY I I   I    I firsl
1        . I I     :. Ill,
I 'David
1.   ■ 1.
J  II' •
VICES, ill
Ml ' ' '     '  i
ta lil Loiisdn
a   ,  , III  -, I
1 'iirni'i Lonstlnlo Ave, ond I'iftli St,
a \
||     Sl'I.L" ,S   Ipi     '   I   III.Ull  III   I
lil.illa ||t •.   111   llli I    I ol III I :.      A -li' roll,   (iti '
Hell       1 '   ■  1       nul, Trai Ui uu h , \'am
iin,. 1, Cora I ...i-.ai.ii-* Uc and I iplanodoi San Hi Vancouver, B, I.
Men's and Women's Made in Box'
Calf, Velour Call and Vicn Kid
All with ViscolUcd Waterprool
Solus A thoroii|*hly reli.ib],
luml (ut it rainy day,   .   .
Prices:  $4,50, $5, $5.50, $(>.
51I1 Hastings St. \Y , Vancouver,
Real Estate and Insurance
Quarter-acre  lots,   J150;   15
down, (to a month ; no interest,
(JWl 111 aiaal a»I   ,ll.l     OU   I.II   |«l   HI
Cltiarcil Luis,  one block from      tour o..n w* a.   Von win 1- ,ur.
Uri.Ucl lltaa,   llllla       ptfCaV   1.11'Hia   1""
car, "1300.
1 om.T Sri nnil And lonsd.lr, Mlttlll .AVCOliUB,
■■   '    •        ' "i.  ■' •, .. ■   '.'r.'.';.''-.'',-."-'W'J
RATHtHH.' day.
Hpi'il.l a.u, tta l.iai'.iia.
anal rtialll I'O.riltra.
Wholesale and Retail.
in Powell Si., Vancouver,
6T||  Siihsrription, $1 a War
7^.^*1     ^|e aD(i jtout
Bay Cream
(20 Ounce Tins)
J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade
III     11. .'II.'a      Ha   .aa.    llllll    |,ir.l,
Ih' Roi|al Rii »Iiiii Co., ltd.
Si'siiAVa—Cara mart Irom Alexandra imrk al H:lu, ami ouiinrct villi lltoHilW      I I


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