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0' /
Tint Express has undertaken
the task of getting out a twulve-
jiage illustrated edition, printed
on the best calendered paper,
thoroughly up to date in every respect. The letter press and cuts
will he original throughout, am1
the publication will be unique and
a credit in every particular, not
only to the publishers but the
municipality itself- Wc are not
attempting to do this work alone.
We depend upon its success to
the liberality of the btisiuess inch
•of this community as well as
others. We ate pleased to announce, however, that the advertising space is being taken up as
.rapidly as can Ihi expected.
special reference being paid to th
B, C. Telephone Comp ny.
From the tenor of the debates
on the various topics which arose
all the del-gntes seemed to have
the interests of their respective
municipalities at heart, and there
was uo attempt to give a political
complexion to the proceedings
Union of B. C. Municipalities
The Union ol B. C. Municipalities met at Kamloops last
•week. Members irom all parts of
the province were there, North
Vancouver's representative being
Keeve Kealy. There is no gainsaying the benefits such au organization can confer on municipal government, The comparatively rapid growth oi B. C. nitiiii-
-cipalitics is evidence enough of
the importance of such a gathering. Tlie meeting together of thc
mayors, reeves, aldermen and
acouucillors, tvho comprise the convention, must In- o< a great factor
ior municipal advancement.
AiuungKt the business trausaced
was the discussion oi the uetei
system nl selling water. Its ad
vantages were tin- curtailment ol
Ex-reeve Sprott, of Burnaby,
advocated the adoption by the pro-
vincial assembly oi a ditches and
water course* act, along the lines
of the Ontario one. It was the
onlv way tu escape the continual
and expensive litigation which j
accompanied the question of drainage, especially in the low lands ol
t.ie Prasct river districts.
Tlie most iiiipuii.iiit matter,
which is of special interest to all
municipalities, incorporated since
iKi)5, was brought up by Reeve
Kealy. It was the prevention of
municipalities to levy taxes on the
property ol any railroad within
corporate limits The reeve pointed out the peculiar position in
which North Vancouver was
placed, inasmuch that the must
valuable part oi the real estate nl
the municipality would, in all like
liliood, become exempt from local
taxes, He nlso pointed out that a
large amount of land, which had
.reverted to the government, while
nominally liable to taxation, would
be practically worthies-! to tlic
municipality as a sauce ol
revenue, yet being necessarily a
cause ol exp.sse.
The mayor of Greenwood said
ihat one twenty-fifth of the total
area of Greenwood was exempt
under this clause. Oue-ijuarter of
the laud oi Plxenix was taken up
by the two roads, aud was exempt
liom taxation.
Reeve Kealy's motion that the
legislature be aslcd to repeal the
act was passed.
On the other matter brought oiu
by Reeve Kealv. several delegates
pointed »ui »»t thek muniei-
palities were likewise alfeited.
Timber limits thai had practically
denuded the ftm-sts were not taxable, and gcvemiient land which
received manicipai benefits were
also exempt Irom paying » just
share ol the expense of development. It was decided that North
Vancouver should receive the sup-
pint ul the union in its effort to
have some change made which
would recompense the municipalities for the heavy burden laid
upon them by means of these untaxable lauds which, while
-, theoretically taxable, were practically exempt.
A resolution was passed lo
memorillxe the government to
secure to the municipalities the
control ol • their own highways
which bad been filched from them
by  various   corporate   interests,
The march of improvements in
Lynn Valley still goes on. Mr.
Mcltinis   has   been   renovating,
papering and decorating his residence.
The council met in special
session on Wednesday night to
consider a 'eugthy letter regarding
the ferry service. The transportation committee of the hoard of
trade had been negotiating 101
Some time with the lerry company
fur an i'nprovcd vervice, with the
result that lli i executive oi the
board of tr.'ile sent up the new
proposition with its endorsation
for the . ouucil to deal with.
Reeve Kealy presided, and
Councillors Allen,  Cornish,  Ma
The Hastings Shingle Company i and Morden were present.
has sold a fine team oi horses t.i
the Western Corporation.
Mr. Fronime lias been very successful in experimenting growing
potatoes. Off a small patch, which
lie planted in June, he raised 5c
tacks, They are pronounced to
ie equal to those grown at Ash-
There is a good  demand
ncreage property.
The following points are comprised in the company's proposi
tion :
"(1) That the present agreement
between the company and municipality be amended,
"(2) That the right to purchase
by the municipality at the e:i.! of
15 years, from July 23, 11)03 be
extended to 30 years.
"(31 Thai tiie lease at the end
of Lonsdale avenue should be
Mrs. Sugden, the popular post- made (or same period,
mistress of Lynn Valley, enter- j "(4) That permission be given
tained a large number of friends on to sail the steamer North Vancou-
Hallowe'en night, and a.merry time ver.
was passed with song, story, music
and  recitations,  mixed   with   re
freshments—refreshments that to
just " sample" each kind simply
taxed, the capacity ol the ind.-
vidua. The party broke up at a
late hour, wending tlieir way home
with the hope that their hospitable
hostess might soon entertain again.
A Notable Prize Winnrr.
Qiieenie, the fourteenuionths-
aild pointer belonging to R. 11.
Dryce, carried olf besl honors last
week at the sixth annual field
trials of the P. X. W. F, T. Club
at La Conner. Wash. She is the
lirst pup placed in field trials iu
ten yeais, after winning champion-
Inp 011 the bench. Her record
La Con"<*r, 1906—1st, realizi
tion stal es tile largest in America,
is;, pointers, cup.
Vancouver, 1 yo6—1st, puppj '
1st, novice; 1st, limit; 1st, winners
1'roroy cup; special cup.
Victoria, iuoG    1st, puppy; 1st,
limit; 2nd, open ; reserve winners
Seattle, 1906—1st, limit; 2nd
open; Seattle cup; special, reservi
Portland—1st, limit; 1st, open
1st, winner Portland cup; three
medals lor specials.
and a good thing, but he believed
that no company would put on an
improved service, as was wanted,
without it. The boats would be
run at a loss for a long time, The
B. C. Electric Railway Company
hnd a 50-year franchise,
Reeve Kealy said that the municipality wa.s absolutely powerless
lo compel the company to ilo anything. " We are not in as good a
shape as we thought we were when
the agreement was made," added
H's Worship. "Neither is the
company." There had been
negotiations going on (or some
time with another company to
come in, but its proposition was
no better than the one before the
council. The objections now
taken up were all fought out point
by point by most reliable citizens.
Tha request, therefore, of the
board of trade tn submit tlie matter
In the people to vole on be thought
should be granted.
On motion of Councillors Cornish and May, it was decided to
insiruct the solicitor to draw up an
agreement on the basis of the
letter sent to the board uf trade by
the manager of the ferry company.
Tlie reeve spoke about liis trip
in Kamloops, which is printed
elsewhere in this issue.
I'he company agrees to
the following concessions:
"(;) An half-hourly service to
Ik commenced by December I,
19 'ti
'\2> A new boat to be put ou
the run by July 1, 1907.
"(31 The company to have the
right oi selling the steamer North
\ancouviir, and on execution of
agreement the company to pay
$100 monthly for'ife of agreement.
"'4) The poitioli at nd ol
Lonsdale avenue leased to the
company to be '.'* feet wi Ic, from ,vor*J
either western < eastern boundary
ul street, and nol in the middle of
the street as at present. This
...1! give j'f feet Ior the municipality to 1 ■-. The 11. C. Electric
Railway Company will be given
'.ho right to run cars on .he wharf,
The wharf will be wide, id so that
icons mav pass. Walks for
|iedesti'ans will be constructed Oll
each side ol the wltBif;   Waiting
Subscribe for THE EXPRESS.
Go to Bates' for stoves, chairs
and crockery.
A one-plank sidewalk is being
laid from Twenty-first street up to
1). L. 202(1, or Nye's division.
Since the new roof, over the hull
of the big tug, has been erected, a
full gang of ship catpenters arc at
The fillinp-in of tin- Keith rond,
west ol Bewicke avenue, is being
proceeded with as lar as Mosquito
The gun club at Moodyville
now numbers over 30 members,
mill several applications to be
rooms will he huii:, properly lig n ■ s
Died Suddenly.
camp at
John Ferguson, aged 55,
Wednesday night at tli !
Corporation Company's
Nortli Vancouver,   Hi t
ate a hearty meal alter a good
day's work and smoked Iwo cigars,
being apparently in the lust ol
health. At some lime during tin
night he died. Vesteiday morning
,1 post-mortem examination was|
held by Hi Dyer, who found that
death had been due to heart
laillirc.    The deceased  had  been
working at the camp  for two
weeks. Before that lime he had
been employed ai Capt. Magneton's camp al Vanguard Bay. His
remains are held at Messis. Center
St Henna's, pending arrangements
mr ihr funeral,
Captain Lawrence Kickhani ha
returned to his home in Nortli 1
Vancouver alter an absence '
six years iu Southern California.
District lot, No. -50, promises to'
be a very important  section ol 1
North Vancouver.    Tenders have;
been called for slashing ten and |'*
one hall acres there.
1). Ij. Dick, delegate for North
Vancouver, is attending the liberal
convention at Vancouver.
ed and healed al liolh teriimi' Is.
(jj Thai the agreement Will
provide (or nn arbitration board ul
three, consisting of one to be a;>-
|i(iime,l by the municipality ami
one by the company, and the two
so appointed to appoint a third,
iini board shall have jurisdiction
over nil matters relating tn tb
time schedule, or any question or
j dispute at sing oul of lhe interprets ou of il e agreement. Their
decision shall be final."
leave Kealy said that p stringent
arbitration clause was a must im-
portaut part of the proposition.
Coc cill Morden thought that
white the proposals were all right,
thiV   were   too   expensive.    He
I hii'Ju more uf giving away the
idditioual I5*yeai Iranchise than
guiiiing the present concessions.
Iln also Would like to know mote
II out the proposed new Iviat.
11 e lerry service was strictly a
North Vancouver concern, and its
huihail sl Ollld be transacted 00
tins side.
','iaiiiinlliiiCornish -Smi'ii vi' e
compan" absolutely refused togiva
anv more ?
Kneel' Ki-aU  -aid that tin  ^n
■ia nt fgreement, so lar as the
1 iw 1 ol the municipality were
, • 11 wed, shattered ihem to the
f iiniii
Councillor Mav laid tint the
value oi tin- iteamei North Van
t uuver was mi to the municipality.
Couni illur Allen thought there
v.as noi much in the company's
propni ' !•
Reeve ' ily The whole point
...1 '.lie ail itration clause.
Clerk I'hilip said tha' it would
a difficult thing tu  bas.    an
iUllitration clause to decide on the
time schedule   unless you take for
it the population or something.     |
Councillor Allen thought ii the
I'lie superstitious are now aMii
1111 nothing.    Pi acock fcnlluni-
hats in
The boys  and   gills, big
small, were out iu full force on
Hallowe'en on Wednesday night.
No lerioui damage was dune, and
all had a good exciliu*! time:
" is. "|. ol. llie tnoon'l )*»><* I'l'iinii* ;
There up thenlV1''"|,lniv *"''rov(''
Amanij ih*- rocks and itroami
Tui-wrt that night.'
clause   were   put   in 1
it would In all right
ie proposed new agree-
11 opi
djproper sl,',.'
I  submit t
taint to ih
t ouncillor Morden thought then
w.i tore in the extension uf the
Irac  ic
Councillor May said that if these
concessions can be got without the
extra 15years, it would be all right
are ail the r.igv 111 latin s'
North Vane luver.
The road to the Capilano waterworks dam is now WOISC 'Inn
ever. The Keith mad to the rivei
is almost impassable.
The bilds are now rut. thine
for fall hats. The sparrow and
the crow are said to be ver;
popular. Sea gulls Bhould make
a hit here.
The guard rails on the curves
inun Lonsdale avenue to l-'is
street wi st have been laid. Nmv
there is no danget of tars leaving
tlie track.
The new water main has beer
laid on Tenth slreet to Unlu- Waj
avenue, and the work is proceed
ing un fifteenth and Seventeenth
John Lawrence, a shipi arpciltct
.it Moodyville, suffering under a
very Bevi re attai k ol 1 rysipelas,
was compelled to uo 10 his homi
nt Victoria for treatment.
On account ol needed n pairs
the waterworks department lia di
' ideil lo shut ofl the water in llu
in on ii H p in Monday Watei
will i)  .Imt oll fm about two 01
three hours,
t ol Pi 11 v togi tlu't with Supt,
PeiK 1    .he w.i    rk     *'•
tn the  Lynn creek   intaki   on
I Imi' ..iv to make ,1 Bl it ntifil   11
porl on the waterworks,  which
will In made lo the 1 mini il
Contracts will be lei foi two and
three 1 narteri miles ol road ai
Lynn Valley. The work will hi
done on Westovcr, Hastings,
Prommi roads, Centre, Harold
! rei'erirk and I'ellipses iln els,
Tie motion sale of (j. W, Bon
. mi i household cflei ts took plai u
on vVednesda) and was well
ptttonir.ed, Mi and Mi 1
amy were higlll) estimabli r«
dents ni this pin ' loi -I long time,
ami wi regret they an leaving
the place,
The lindgi nt Lonsdale garth u
I'ir 1 Btrei t    bit   been  1 uinpli ted
and planked over, excepting 20
feet nt the wesl end nnd 4.0 fci I in
the east end. The work has I) ''ii
stopped 011 account of lumber.
There are only a few days' work
yet to be done.
Robt. Blackburn bus 1" 1 n on
the prospect liar the past lew days
(or clay in the municipality. In
block 2, 11. L. 547, he foul '
i line samples, which maj be seen at
this ollii". It is the nm si thai we
have mi 11 hereabouts, nnd il taken
up and winked nn mis .1 big tliini;
for the town,
For one wei li the Wi '-urn Cor
poratlon will Bell foi 1 ash one load
of mill wood, Move length, lot $.■
per load delivered, I his has bei 11
reduced *5i pel load owing to a big
supply on hand. I his is a bargain
in the wood line, aim! peoph hi uld
net in ,1 Buppl) while it last . i hi ■
is ilm only place in iln province
that such wood can be had at the
The petition sent by North Vancouver to Vancouver City re the
niililiiie, ol lhe proposed bridge
acioss the Second Narrows, received .1 Bet back temporarily, we
hope, lt wns demanded by Aid.
Williams Ihal notice ol motion be
given lu [ore discussion on it.
There was no nei 1! ol this ai 1 Vi r.
one who reads the papers knew it
was coining before the City C I-
cil for its endorsation. Williams
likes notoriety—no matter how
cheap it is, he must bave it.
There is urgent need oi a revised in.'p for lhe municipality
and we are pleased lu note thai
the North Vancouver Luml &
Improvement Company is preparing one, It is now up to those
sub-dividing blocks into lots to
registel same so they may be
'By t! e size ol ilia' " tendei box"
in tlie munii ipal hall, it is quite
evident lhat, nl least, the members
of the council aie sanguine that
i'inl rs foi p .bin viiil:-. in North
Vancouvei will be receivi a! in gn at
.ii'l,n hi,,,'   .-!, rtlj     Phi I
hold ah ■.' ihii 1 ; 11-he!-.
Nov. 1. !■,' 6
von '
1 lioutFe-l.ol.il
owners nl pn 1 • rl
the tl tri ■
declaration Mom nm
other tlniii the.
■ have I-' ii in
nr, musl
an or Moro Isl
D. G.
1 '.. a.
'.:  visil
■   1 uesda
. Hi vi
s son
l.oi.ii.  wh.
ha   1 la'iii
th in
I; is reported thut th;  \Vi Btcrn
Cl :    ii.'"  I.   '.'.   I   -1'   :'■'    Ull   I   B
:. ui I I iv rchi 1.-' here,
The   ss.   Surrey  returned  on
.  after lit-t sail abroad I
lhe Lonsdah wharf.
A North Vani ouvi 1 young lady.
.1 tryini  1" 1  in w hi I on, a 11
hei cliiiin 1 ow ii looked.   " II"**
' n   ii [111 •" 1 time tin  i.
Well, I can only insl     1      1 11
me ait.   : iggh 'I tiie N. V. \  I
* li musl lie tiie n al thing thi n
laid Hli)
1 ||oi Miui'i n relumed this
tn 11, 11. ,11 ,1 prolog
trip with his 1,1111 ■        I
Canad 1    lie ret irned via  M ml
.   . '-i   I    iis and Loi
Ib   said   tli.11   Neil     ' ';
was ijtiiti good enough loi  him.
Mi. \! aidni mel man]
enquiring   about   thc   Ami ilious
.   irge nuinbi t'i ■■'.
viiil Int' ie xl yi ii
I i •■ M nni, ','■ it l'u.:.!.'.  ■ ■ ■
lishn 'i.i has I inn ■
' a I I     . (a b'
,l I' II'.
Mr. 0. E. 1
• .. :    1.    riic boat is 36
■   •   ■  ■   a        I ha
It   is   beil
■. ■ 1
M irine ga
i"   hipi ■■
'        , i'l' llll : 1
ol ( .1 iki
|i ,. v. nn info I, win
purchasini -■ ill
. ilicB tin ■'     I In ■ should
bewan "I wh il llu > pro]
ing    I' 'i ihii ■' '1 'i .H-- iin 11.um
1 ipality has  ul n 1 eivi d ,1 1 ent in
a,,    . ' '   Opi    II '1   II]
r nc> ■ ' ili*r tu got llieir
mini on ilm municipal list ol voters
u.r 1007.
Aim. Pun ir.
i' \| C
Districtof North
T '
PI a   ; '     i".   1111
lur  1 .•    ■ 'Ik.
■ .in,' y
I. Ti i-i  '
lllll) llVflllll'   tl il II
. .'1 -II.I'l,
11 » v     .,11 nortli
.'. |a. clear and 1" idi   Kilt!    tmel
(ront St  .'■ - - nil 1   Sl. 1 . il 1
. Tn ■ ■'.   r nu 1  * ai- - I'm. ■ . i'i
1   1   '.,'• Iieri' 011 Lonmlile avenm
girt 41 ilu
ml ra .t.i In -'i.a I
20-foot I    I   'ii St,
'ii-i.t.-i''- avi mi'', In ii   1 u-l   ' net tt,
Ki Uli 1 •' 1 '
II, To  ' i".ir   1 1 .in de,   Irom   si
thi 1 •■ -1 .ei i" I ■ unlade uardcus, ami
■I   : ■   ■.
■ri'il, ii- ■'     1
\i. itiiini to be I
I :   .      . .    .
■     init-t
a.    7U|
'     I
1   M.I
'     t
1. siumu iniiiui
l;..iai'i'i. Solifilors,
fMarics, Kit",
MiMKlis   i',ii   SltDHOUSE,
II   iMIMil llW.N !•  11
I inl I, n,  11.11, .1 '.t'i-   in
III I     -1 ITI II
llii    all     h   i|||  .   prOpi   III     I  a,   Va       '
md il       ■  'i
11,111111 palit;     '''.ni    not-      pi n I
•i'ln' 1     \\ I al    •■
nml'l do 1  nol lo I
• ■    mi ni opi ns  up  :i
,1.  ri   ■   V.   ll '   .   .al
ia ■        ' ,11 the line
1   ■
1|||U Wa- '      IU
-*••   *r •        1 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
\ iltl .1 V VXCOUVBlt ll. c,
 r       Pulilislii'il by
f1  iS- PRINTINii C'uni|inni ,
Ull.    Haa||ill'|a,'l   Vl'lll'l
.1.   II    \\   . ',     , Ml'   .,'"!
.I.'ili'a., IJAl'TLM Kdii
But Prevention and Cure Are   Readily  Obtained by the Use of
t'.la-    ' t ri 'J..'   -I in,
I   wlii'll   lia  In  a
11  ll.lll'.l   I    a'
. ;   iilii'ii  In
:    . major or .t
a      I
t .It'll ll*
a      niurti "  li'ti ■ ring    t'i
.lu-   III"  i'llll-
i'l   aal'   111   llllll
■■  .■ a: ' "  '
i    Iai.' po-
■a Inr ii'.iiiii uf
11 ne liim tin.-
" .' .hmi;.   Irom
•    ' a tew
well '. ug to collect or
It . .        ' 'ii, ;.i
linn. | wife's relatives, BC'
'       '1' la.l'ill"--.      la.lllllllli;      Willi
I - ■ nud s'i mi
a,nl -a, fi a   ,!■,. lie Litis time tu
I r.' •   / ■   ii'otulierniit  tbun
tana, ol tlie a if Hi   iu lllons tliu!
iiiii ie ■ ;. ■  ■    i" free Ills men
ilow iii'liitnl liim
-ns n |aroll     a id
feller, bul nni'ii frleuds nre
ll iw   -""ll  III"
widow ■ ' ■   <   That's nil
there nan."-- l'u .
I,. '  a    '    „f   (he    \,■.'   V.ik
I'aaa.llal   a   i     ||.|!||,    | 'I '- . ,-    lh.il    ||l"     |-
aility  Iiinn  kidney ii:
an  Ih"  im,
lllil'lll'.  all   DII   "    a
" ilreililfiill) pnillfIt 1 [i
'    irevclileil
lie iliei mnl i" ih"   a •    ■    .    • .
a  .
I ling and tlio use i f
■ ■     i   . '    l»'    avoided,
us cun besl Im
,. pi   in  -.-mid '
ill    I'i    i Im ■■      Kid ■
1 hu it r.aia" n "ni   which   li'inl   '"
I       .       •■  lisilllll)   lis
■ in ii torpid livi and thoro
,  .      a ...     I.     .      |
. 1.1 indigestion before tlio kid-
aa     a   [|ij|   ;i,,,|    .|]r||   , ;J |,,| ,;, .]|,     ;,[a|..-r, ,-
i       -!, .   Beauty,    high-colored
niii".   pniiiful,   Bcnltling   urination,
a 111   llllll",   I'll'.
Mr  ,Iiiui". ,1   Jinison, Olds, Allii.,
I  havo Iii  troubled considerably  wilh Inme buck,  which   I
-ii|i|ni" came Irom ileriingen
iii" I i'lil";,,., nnd I linvc never been
nbli' ''   llliil il iii'i ni llllll im-   in
|l|'l,||l||l !'.!!.',' I        ,
In. i ! ii "'    Ki.lii"'. i.ia
I'lll * lil'fl  ia",'     |||||.   .     in     Hi,
ini inirnlioi    la ■
'    '   I     llli-    I hi",    llllll    Hi    llll"
veil     I  ■ :.  inil il  nnu
 divine  ivlmluver.   I   [eel
a ■        mid ihis   I il
 la'li  I   lee in   i"-
a   I     llll-    at,',   Hl'llt     ||1|.||-
\l J       I'      ilfllinslnn,   I'.i'lllaal
Mn      nil       "I have been n grei I
■'-   trouble   nn i
i-eil In. I'h.i'.'' Kidnoy-T.ivi i
Pill    ivilh   very  nnirltod   hem III,   i
loo ii.ih'Ii im Ihl   incdi
a'llla'    IIS    il       ' ■ llll ll    I"    h0    ll all
I ri'lll ' I ..!'   ''I     IU)'     a'.'l    a   ,"
li     ('huso      Kidney l.ivcr    l'ills
■ '   a .I'm.",   kidney me i
I "  nl  their  dire 'I
ib netl  notion  a n   llio  livci
 I kidiu} ■•   This has been proven
'i  i   " is nml
lOll     a||    ,.;|. •..     Of     III"     lal   lll"l-
■ i " '. 2a cents n li"x, m
Kdtniinson,  llnl
I   a'llll'HI :
Tr-ia window Curtain.
Oil"  tPajriT-.  *!i*nitliiir..
Eii reinui'l  iii" lan
es ul' im
estrai i liulnry  nud
other J mosl
uie i
'.'!  hnve
■ .   ■
l be found 111 ib-
.  a  '      '."ll'
a'-VI'  illl'l
ram, hut I      n   a    .(theni would I"1
' . i   :. .   tup-hog,
. 1.10111.
ouch ii.' ' Ii   il ii*        I ' II
Of II  -li' 1   .'   ■• .la.'
'   .     lie        ihcaring,
mi  -in'   .a      a    '.  ii ke the word
ruck.   .''> ■     li . "■   i" ■    ■ in nne part
I'li'.V   III".'11   11
ie- k of mutton, th" bones ol a tie I
horse, n i   . i  n, a liltoh 'ii
.; i lis nl i .mi. a row li
in a river, i fo tl i pal iviii'. ii rut, a
gap n i i"- ." a ■. ui I, to pour off
liquor, in stack, Thene arc the unusual
II.".,  I   '..    .      all    "I"    '     a."   a,  |„'|,   [11 '1"
common   l'outh's' , npan ou.
ii," in nu-.
ini" '     • history,
a< f,i ■ i    we nre iwurc   l Is unique
' - "'iini. liai ing no
hi Hi" l.'ul'-ll six-
I   1-   l'"" ;ll  -  II-  UlOt'0.    la
IS 'IU" .....
■ ■     •■ " cau
" mi'i
liieh Is worili
Is vu -Hi' more
a IV    •       I    ll  Ml   I.   llllll   lll.lt
'.   " .a :    ..'    II
... in if the
■     ,   ■   HOW   I IllP'il
lliun ever before In
ll   •■      ai rani'
I a.r "iiinn
, :
a     .     a ,        Ni'.l
11,"    I.I'. Ill     1    ■        ■     ■   . ..
I of lhe
: ' ts
■   ■
tl r I ii I n ia 11 y  ii  \\ua I 'nr I-■■ nml Not A" Evenl 'Mini Hiivi-il Dim to Take a
I ..,   ll,i,iiiiit-iil. Trip  In   lliirtilif.
The ronl purpii f the whitlow cur-     li""    " ' e men who believe
lain is to rcgul.lo the inniiuiit ot light   "" let up for n moment the
admitted lo lhe iiu    nml n eiirtnln sai   ivli  i I will go lo Binnsli.  Espe-
arranged lliul ll eiiniuil Im drawn hack Ihls -" n tl Ills own husl
ward mul  forwurd til  will is but n "'        When his wife wiiuleil llllll to
.    ,ry.    li   wus not -'    ■ i .   ' -1 'I it real i." ■   ■
■ lb iitii.y Unit '    - P'l nwi :■  -"in tlio
..:.,,        out res ml i" ''        *'ny. If I were lo   lay awny
sl:    wee     there's    ling  what
, of Uie middle "■ '     ; I'liei    :■". i li :.-i be there ull
uee  sin.ply lhe    me."
or i.i;,.s. ' I'l '-." In Europe,   In
:    ■   «1:1."in       ' :   di-k, - I mill slelt, too,
n-j-lml,,I I I llf la'lei! till him oil liis
mat us |      nf i '   ol lhe I"      -: !'"";- " n " ;i ;i"'l didn't lei
)'    |l|   ai," i.aali ll gOl    hill a.    laa   !,       a.'  - „   l"|'   |jllll   _
a [imi in     The day cnnie fi r la s retiiru to bar
... |||o ' a Ild    llO   I ll    flU   111"   ulli"".
ivouliln I'luins nro All lhe wnj iiou       u li - mind dune-
...... ISO '       Haa'   Wl'l't'U   III
.,   ■ curtain*, business lliiil won il groel him.   Ue
■ia  r„ - a'. ' •!'•   eii ■ i ihe .-i.i t'i' demoralized,
■     uess gone i" pieces, the cob
■ a,:   ilocill'lll I      .   clUSS   Ol ivchs thick on llio order hooks nud an
: i     ,     ■■ nf gloom iin: g iii4 ovor nil which
, ; ui I,, ,!,. could ia' dispelled only lay his irlum-
,. i     iii'iini :,,,  , . :! a i entrance,    li" (uncled  himself
daw eiirnilns.   In ..!' lhe i sl rooms I'h'klng the business oul ol the niiiv
.... ;|| ,,1,'i, ,,'n .""I pulling ii on in feel ngnln,
 nnd eiulira-      Hut did he?   Nol ipillo.
Mires ,,( ilm lore decorated lio entered the ollice. The buy was
wlih . '.a'" i.liifh proves lliul Ihey Ihere uml looked up nl him as though
„,.,,, „.,, .. , ,i h, cur- wondering If lhc boss wore uol n Hindus,  in i..    i would i." e'lliili- He I'll hue,   The cal rubbed ngainsl
n ■ ia. . p. .. mill ' nny Impo inu c I' m '|V -11" always did,   His desk wus
lows were imt so trail opened us usual, nnd on It was no pile
,  , :. pit*0- what "f nuill. lhe .na",iuiil.iiii.il ol nil these
' ens i innil weeks, The clerks were nl Ihelr places
of tin   niii ulli con- | * usunl.   In fact, nulhlug was appai--
... of lhe invi'iil dlsiisiei- Ihnt lie had
. 11. nf cinir ". lliiil curtains '"■."' '"I; hu illy nnj one  icd to
a iw 111 .: he li aal hci .. Ilwuy,
i a,-   mul luvi'i •• prove tho     II' n m miont, hreathli
■     '.   ■ ..,',.,,.      I  ...a:'.'    1        .      'I   : .  'iill   ..111'  ef   his
,.    ' . ,,f   windows im'   lo Iiiiii iiiiiI usk ubout souieth iis.
. mln, I :,. Iho tell liim u lint had
I'g.iiileil its   . '      n. They IiiiiI been irons-
ul ||.. ■: ii. r.ii tu • '   ns   though   be
ii i> i. engi mess li 'I I " llu'i'i' -imswrt' ng n
uml simp a   :. a,, i        ... reports from travel-
. '.■ 'i ",i '      ihem oul iignlu-
iiici'i . .   or   i'i hlhids, li puriieuliil' world uf
his  liii-iiii i      ue  mi  Jusi   na
.. ia In h il been Ihere nil llio lime,
It il-   I.,   llu-   r.'.inattnrlli. II"   Ill'ilVI'll al   slllll    II   Sigh 0(  lllll li!
rally known that liy,    In M'tecn minutes he had lolo-
rhr Story ol lhe I'mij-it In Hn«.lnl'»
"lltitti' lu Egltto,"
Tlic sublime prayer "f tho Hebrews,
when preparing to cross the Ited sen,
Is, perhnps, m •■ ol the most solemn
ami iii.i.i" Hi'iaiiy grand compositions
that e.ui he found iu Iho choral repertory, yet, ni ii." Mime time, simple to
i .1" ree, Tli - wus uu afterthought
iaf ih" composer und was not Introduced until iii" second season of tho
production Ot*' Me. e In Egltto" al .Naples.
I ii" opera ilnn. us ii'iiv, terminated
wiih Hi" p• ngo uf Iho lta-,i sen hy
ihi i i'liellti ; imi. although the audi-
l iaa'l '■    11    1"   , .all,I-    I'll   'villi   till'   lllllsic,
thoy Invariable Biilutcd lhe piissago ol
llie   Hci  i".'   Wlttl   peals  Ol   I lUglltOr,
ii it-1 n: in ».uu ni skill uf tlie machinist nml scone pointer, who contrived
to reutlor this portion ol tho nlTiilr bu-
pcrblj ridiculous nnd broughl down
tiie iiiiiiiia aiiiiil uproarious mirth,
Rossini exhibited his usual Indifference, bill POOl' Tullela, iho poet, was
driven nearly crusty by this unwelcome termination of his literary labors nu l Intensely chngrlned nt the
Idea uf so sai'i'i'il a subject exeiling
laughter. This lasted ihrougliout Iho
lirst season; tho next il wus repro-
i duced wiili similar brilliant success
(on Hi" lirst night), (or tlie music, and
similar laughter al the end of the opera. The next day, while Rossini was
Indulging In his usual habit of lying
in lied uml gosslplug with u room full
uf ii'ii'iiiis, In rushed Tottoln, In n most
excited stale, crying out:
"Kvivn. 1 have saved Iho third act!"
"How?" asked Rossini lazily.
"Why," replied Tottoln, "I have
written n prayer for tho Hebrews boforo crossing the droadtul lied sea,
mid 1 did il ull in one lia,in."
"Well," said ItOBSilll, "if it has taken
you an hour to write lids prayer I will
engngo lo make Ihe music for It lu a
quarter of the time. Here, give me
pen uml ink," saying which he jumped
out ol iii'd, und in ten minutes ho bad
composed tin1 music without lhe uid
iif ii piano nud whllo his frleuds were
laughing uml talking around him.
'ilm-. owing to uie blundering Ignorance ol il stage eiirpenler uud scene
painter, the world is indebted for tho
most sublime pregllloro ever penned.
Night came, The audience prepared
lo laugh iis usual when Hie Red sea
scene came, but when thc new prayer
commenced deilthy silence prevailed,
every noto was listened to with nipt
attention, mu) on ils conclusion the
entire atidlcuco ruse en masse and
11 red (or sevorul minutes, nor did
tliey ever again luugh at the passage
ef die Red sen.
In Budtng n nnil f»r the food consuming power nt I'liaii family it was
assumed as generally Irue that—
Husbands cousumo a like amount of
The wife consumes no per cent ns
much us the husband,
A child from eleven lo fourteen years
nf ngo consu s 00 per cent us much
luml as the husband,
A child from -even to ten years of
nge consumes 73 per cenl as much (ood
us tiie husband,
A a bilil from four to six years
;',it -oap, nn:
Wash oilcloths
tir.c linoleums with
warm water and
clean ar
ht N  g _j. %_J     dry.   The colors will be preser
fc_J^s*  ^ **    |  and the surface unharmed,
Common mrs fade the colors and
injure the surface. Sunlight -cap cleans, freshens and preserves
oilcloths and linoleums,
Sunlight Soap washes clothes white without injury to the most
delicate fabrics, or to the hands, lor it c:r.tains nothing that can
injure either clothes or hands.
Sunlight Soap is be .cr
than oilier snaps, but is best
when use.1, in the Sunlight
way (follow directions),
" liy p;-J wn!
or so; t water,
i "i":- l'i liticiun I don'l think
I'll littvo u I it "i Iroubl' in getting
icliirncd ng iiu,     I." li In ii cusilj  1
■. i-'-i 11 i la'in. ii ii,-ii ib,- people
' Liii'dl.t Itiu'u in" ul all,
I rust) II 'in iiiniiii lint tliiii'- Hi.'
ilinlc trouble,    Tha' | pie    h'm
II   III    .'."ll    ll'a I
111 ,1 li, Kellogg's l>j icnlery Cordial i- pioptiied liaini ilrugs known I i
iin' profession u thoroughly reliable
"i lie cure ni cholera, dysentery,
.. Hiliiii'ii. griping pains uml summer
uiiiplnints. It Im- I ii used success'
ill.   I'.    ihe   medical    praclitiou-
:- (nr ii number ol years with grnti-
ing results.   II  iiiffcring Irom nny
-iiiiiiiiei' eomplaiiil it is jusi the medicine llml uill cure you.   Try n bottle    11 sells lot 25 cents,
\| - M.'s i uiii'iii" im much tried
i ,i servant who hnd the luibil ol
■i Hiding :u 'ni'i wiih lia'i mouth op-
:.    I 'lie ilu   .  II-  III"  IIIIII'I   lliiil" I  lip-
ii table, her mouth was "pen ns us-
1  nl. i ml her mistress, giving her n
wore look, suld  "Mnry, your mouth
open."    " ■   in,,." icjilied Mary,
I opened it."
Minard's Liniment for sale cvt.ywhcr
\ city yu'ii..' ludy, on n visil lo a
'■.iiiii y inn'i. una- nui -ed by lhc
iiiiii'l, miti tAteiit ni llie slock l,i I'l
ul ihe' villac,' -i  One 'In*, in satis!) In i i'inl i-uy -he asked tli" clerk
ii ih j liml ll.owniug.   II" bI I aii
lier i' sceoivl, then wenl off mul
ii okeil under lhc counters nnd on lhe
j.,.It,.. I',"-,uiii; I,,, came hnel und
uid: "Xo, M'ss, we ain't '.r"i nono.
We ""' hlaekit' an' we gol bltiin' an'
ive go uliiliii bul ii" nin'l gol u lu'
n' hi'tiMiin' in ilu* store."
"Ah.-"' iiaiiie-si'il ilia' penitent
mini, "in n moment ui iveukuess I
stole n caiii" 1 of bi".- lillings." "In
a unci.ciu m weakness!" exclaimed
'he judge, "tloodness, inun: wluil
tvniild ynu have laken il you hnd
i ielil"al in ii moment when you fell
-lll'lll    "      .llli'i',  .
There ure   thousands   of   inotln rs
Ihroiighiiiil Ciiiindii nh" have no lies-
it tit son in   snying   llinl    Iho   g 1
lienltl enii *a ,i h. llieir litllo "ii"- Is
"iiiiu'li ,iii" in lie judicious ii-" ol
baby's nmi Tablets, And there nre
many mothers wlm dn nol hei il li   o
HI)    llllll    Ul    Ilia'   i'llll.'ill    po Is    III"
Tahiti- Imve saved u hiiby life. Mrs.
Will. I'',.lllll. Sl. liollOl Ii'l". tjlle..
n;        "I  laa 1 s llml  llllll) '.-   ilnn
, Talila'i- saved in) bub) - lite, When
I Hrsl began giving Ihcni In liim ne
tins so badly constipated thnl the
bowels could mil* I"' moved hy in-
ii'i'imn. mul be siilii'ieil terribly, Aflor He lirsl 'In* I -uu ii marked
change, mul in less than n week tho
trouble was entirely removed, und he
Im- since enjoyed the besl of health."
V.aii cun gel Ruby's Utiii Tuiileis
iiniii yuu druggist m by mail nl Uo
.■"ni- a box iietn ih" Hi. Williams'
Medicine Company, lirockvillc, Ont,
The mul ilnled nnd (rojoii bodiei ol
lour Alpine tourists have boon found
mi 1'1,'iu \" c glacier in,., Gencvn,
.-'.iii/t'ilini'i nt"! eliding 50 leel
down an icy slope, lhe part)' fell 'J.iuo
leel sheer to the glneier, ever) hone
in the bodies being broken.
Sunllghl Snap is better than nllier
0f' soups, Iiiii is besl when used in the
nge consumes -in per cent us much (ood j *">Hf'Jf »"/.•    , ""'v S"""B"1 Soap
i   ,    , uu   in uiv d roc una.
as the husband, '
A "liild nf three years or uudcr consumes 1,1 per cent us much I'inl as ihe
Children ol (Kteeii years ol age and
over ure considered us adults so funis
ihe consumption ol (ood is concerned.
-llu-teii Transcript.
a pennyworth of lli.'
-af  a   nf-
Ill,  llllll  so!
iii-hiil i any es
lent,    li   emisi .iis  thnt
very snuill miiinmis of ibis lordly slock
Quite   I a
II    111    '    I'   II" I II
differ iii silence"
ou get
I        \ngli
i  sll
■''''''• __WB
U      'I    '    "ni
OUt'       _
,■ ■ ■■
-Jdliieo, tui iiiiiiii'-J by )juiu'*u deilef,
a- (or n
I "i be »nuill ae-
In      i Im  ■:.! mailers make '
■    ".. Vork
          I, i.Ill niii.''  l-liit „i   Hi,    lii-l,   I.,.,■!.
•le'liuilght In tiialti'up >'uiiiiI sums, hm      Is  Hr. In II;
do i                          i           i.a  ,■       ' i   nature.
of 1                                    i. i   .         ■              a • hundred
IIS n( llll  lllllll
liiini  11
a,       . .    .
,..      ■
(     »,„.  , "   a
| ,     , I'll    ll '   ■        II
i ■      -   ' uu ymi lie
a a' I        ' a
■     " ii sudden
I hi pieces," i ho ludy h'Hiu tt Will cry.
r ■   . i Imi,' nud
...... ny,
i. „ i.i    I   " : ' tim I.illdoil
llttiil.1'). mill  I'nlei-..
Iii order lo prove lis power of ills-
criminating between colors tho sclen-
tisi imlil made Boinc Interesting tests
upon ii monkey, Lio c.lorcd some
sweets wiili u certain colored dye and
some hitter Biibslunees wills Hint ol
another color,   A (lor n few attempts
il." i key learned iu leave without
even tnsilug llioso nrllcles nf food colored wiih ih" dye which Indicated bit-
\ n.n i. bv holding mii for nlxly
hnurs sccui'il ii mistrial iu llie ease
I a iiimi choigcd unit criminal as-
-null. He i • I'lnnicil Iii- iitiiiiul" on
he ground thnl the prisonet wns n
ignrelte (lend, nnd Ihereliiro nol re-
■i.ain-iiil". 'uu! iiiiii tb" goveri ul
illowed cignretles i" be sold,
For Inflammation ol thc Kycs. Am-
ong ih- mnny pood qualities which
I'linnelee's Vegctnblo  Tills   possess,
besides rcgulnling tli" tligestiv g-
nns, is llieir elllcucy in reducing in-
ili inti (Iho eye.-,   li has called
forth nuiii* letters of recommendation
inun those who were afflicted with
this complaint nnd found a cute in
tlio pills. Tbey iifleel the tui v.'
ecu lies iiii'l lhe blood In n surprisingly active way, and the result is ul-
 -i um linicly seen.
"I have iiniliinj.' bul praise foi our
Hell   lllilll-l"'
-laa I mil   "il ivlien the plate emne
Hnvo  imi Hied  ll'.lliiiiuy'-  CornI
i'.ue?   H Im- ii pinl lor removing
ilie-i'   troublesome   exeresclices    ns
inmn' Imi" Instilled ivho have tried
"    ' I
Minard's Liniment Cures DandrufT.
"I ■ lasi   i i-in-.-   nl   I r"   in
lire i Mi-. II in, .-liiii'liim in tb"
ll'laa.l        iai      l'||,'      I 11 II 11 ll |l 1 "I       l|ll|l'l
mi. tnii'iiin," replied iii"   servn
ler tuslliu; substunces and seined at "('nn'l loll ivhellio'r she's nl I  ni
,'    upon   llioso   which   Indicated  mil nil I gil n look at ye.   li ye hav
Varying theexporlmenls siiBl-   i ini'! on lhe side o' yet nose, -lie
clelilI) he ■nuild Uml lhe iniml.iT dis-    in '
lied nil ihe different colors read-
liy, s.ne mil,! iiiiii; blue.  Many     ug"
iniiol  dlstlngulsli dark   blue
ll'ailll    hi,I. I,    llllll    "Ull    lllillll'l II    lilstlU-
gu -li ihis et ilm- tutor lhan all others,
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
■Vift '
"Oh," sin- said, "your conduct Is
enough lo mull i nngel weep!"
"1 don't Bee y Iieihllug u tear," he
I'l'iiirieil, iiiiiI his ready wit saved th*
Tell a woman her face is hei fortune
an.! sh" is complimented.   11 hi   m   a
inun llinl Ins 11 k i- hi- mosl viiliinl'l ■
ai  an,.I I.,  i- llliely in gel mad.   I'lil
..lei Ui'iiiid-lIiTiild,
To Escape it Ail.
(to | ali.'iil leaving lhe le-
Have "in gol  nil  your Ihlngs
I n't il. re Bomelhing you left'-
I'.iin'iii   Well, I've gol  cveiything
■  pi   HU    n|l| Ill'liV.   llll    I I ".   -a.Ul"
i Is, n i • lyptia,   toe iind a
pi ( in* I'.'ickl  -" I "in-    I in
luck).   I'neillc Monlhl)
Ibut I
a "i  ii
|'| '    ■     a , I'lllil
_t   '
_A llnrd Htaoti
OhlO,    Vila*.     I
^^^^ Its tine of ynliv mi.    "Us It tvnn
Robes iilf fir.
ttobcsplerro ol lhc I'rench  revolution,  the  iii.ill  wlm  was iloslllled  to
ili'lnil"    I'l.line    Willi    III I,    11.1-    Illlt ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
long ia.ia.ic  his ii'ijiihii  a-a r iif     ITse il"   -nl". plonsanl and effeel
power began ono ot lhc  I      nui-  mil worm   killer,   Mother   Grave
on- op Is ol capital la'in iiiueiit.! Wni'iii. Mxli-rminiitiir: uulhiiig ei|Uiils
Willie   In    tins     I ||    ill   Oh ■ III'I    aull'O-
enlo ui liis unlive Arms lie threw up
: nno:
ii  bottle  an"!  lake  II
h ■ ., ■
'■■'■','      'i ... ij    '
■ nfler j
up .nui il : i very slow and
Io,  snl
ll ii p ind
is llko a good
l.t,ml,,II   \\ enii,er,
l|        a
'      '
0 pn
II     1'   a|."|l:
.     '       I'l   I.
r you I
>1111lii'-lil  because nf Iii-
lion  ni ihi-  iniil, oi pcnulty.    Ami I
In i iiinn hi- slur wa- in iln    '"iul
llinl    ||C   ll'alalll    I lil 1 .1IIUIU' I   ill"   UllllOlUll
iissembl) i" prove "llml lhc piinlsh.
meill nf death Is cssenilnlly imjnsl,
llml ii ims ne tendency lo i-epresa
crimes mid thnl II multiplies offeiiBoi
much moro than II diminishes them,"
M ll,   llr  W III.
Aui ■ Mam There's n run on nn-
Oilier bank, 'lu-i look ni IIiobc tleposl-
t-ii— crnwillng in   The fools!   I lint's
whal i ". money tight,   The n hole
crowd  luniid be carried off lo a limn-
llO I '        I'liellil    v '0 c
youi ' ni remain, 1 presume?
\ .        Mn ,   im or l hi*"' i nny
(mnl   n llml hank.
' Wli '  (Ihl you gel "ill Of llllll  will
cnseV"    i.i'al ii " lll'sl Inwyei
inndred ami llfty I    isnntl
do replied  II n I    itvycr
"flood i "mil sum, eh':"
A cashier in the Qunnclal district of
New Viiil.. ou being advised hy his
physician tu tnkc a mention not long
ago, wrote ihe agent of n Soiiih Amer-
lean sleampsliip line ns follows: "As I
mn thinking of taking a trip to South
America, please miiiso me immediate
ly with particulars relative to rates, accommodations, ami so on, to und from
the various ports usually visited by
I iiii'ists nt this season of the year."
Tlie answer Cumo by special delivery,
marked private and conDdentlal, "Ono
nf our steamers will "nil for Valparaiso
next Wodnesdayi shorlcst and quick'
est wny out of tlio country."
 AND ■
COLITAiRE and Three-
^ Stone Diamond Rings are
the mosl favored of all finger
adornments - especially as
engagement tokens.
In bolh styles Diamond
Hall has particularly attractive values at $25.00, $50.00
and $10000.
These would cost you
considerably more were we
not Canada's largest importing gem-dealers.
/)„'' ll, n /aattn/ rnrd milt Ii'l- .'.'71
tr.i.i wn lim1' chargt our ttrft ittut.
twt eii catalogue,
"Ya'-'.  lie'S n  clglll' lllillllliilcllll'iT llllll
yet lie never smokes,"
■ i -li, yi
"Why, he iiiiii mc some ii igo llml
l,e never smoked In his life."
"Thnl ii,i- before he begun lo ml-
verllse.  lie inun.I Iii- mi Ivcrllsc-
"Yes: '"U I Ihoughl lhe old ra»a lefi   incuts so alluring llml ho Just Blurted
rn  lliun ih.it." ' In."
Dsar Mother
Your little on« are a comtanl cart in
Fall and Winter weather.    They will I
catch cold.   Do you know about Shiloh'i '
Consumption Curr, the Lung Tonic, and |
what it fm done Ior so many ?   It ii said
lo Le the only tsliftbla remedy {or all
disease* of ihe air pqiMgM in children.
It is absolutely harmless and plttUtlt to
take. It ii guaranteed to cute or your money
is returned.   The prica is 25c. per bottle,
end ull dealers in medicine sell 314
Tim remedy .«lionl.l !■
ie in evrry Iiiiush
ii. Ail tii it I imt'. Over  solid  i.unilirt
I'm' I'liriiilliit'.
If tho nrl uf veneering were not the
extcnslvo nrl II is today, it woulil be
Impossible (or any but llio compara'
tlvolji few wlm havo 11 ''mill supply ol ,0™™ |J| ™_*_ ,r
the almighty dollar to possess nuy Duo
articles of furniture ut ull. Voneerlng
is uot 11 new art, but tiie eiillei
American cabinetmakers, although
using 11 in snme extent, preferred as
;i rule lhe solid wood furniture,
Today hardwood tree.-, such as the
oak, walnut nml ash, havo been mado
more valuable by the Invention of veneering uillcblnory which will enable
the logs to ho slleeil up Inlo layers of
uniform thickness of less thnn one-
twentieth ot an Inch. Iu the old days
this process was nil by baud uud was
u slow uml ai'iiuoiis undertaking,
Tlio advantages of veneered wood
nre that It will not crack, swell nor
warp in the changes from hot to cold
weather, and In tho ease of doors, for
Instance, it makes them lighter uud
more easily handled.
Tor our lini"*l pieces of furniture
the heait of .mii. walnut or ash is
Used, and it inui lie seen how much
one of these tree- is worth, Cut Into
thin slices, it will give hundreds of
leel of veneer. A large uiiliuit tree,
for Instance, will be mado Into a largo
amount of veneer and Is sought by expert woodsmen, found in the heart
of the woods or on some lonely farm,
it Is bought by lhe agent working
(or the interests of a veneering company, and ten times ns much is paid
for It to Its owner ns would bo for
ordinary lumber,
The process Includes llie cutting and
trimming of the tree, sawing luto logs
ol eonvculcnt lengths uud (hen the
cooking of llioso logs, They are boiled
until soft uud pliable In a vat of hot
water or steam, They arc then sent
to the veneering machines, where they
are sliced or sawed Inlo pieces front
one-tenth to ouc-thirliclh of an inch
lu thickness, of absolutely the snme
IhioUiicss nil over. Their soft, pliable
condition prevents them from cracking or breaking.
'I'he cabinet workers then apply
theso slices to the articles ol furniture, gluing Ihem ou with tin grain
' running in opposite directions and with
no Joinings visible. Instead of milking n weaker article the surfure Is
really toughened and hardened by this
crossgraiu work, nnd It mny nlso be
polished to a higher luster than tho
solid wood—llrooklyn Eagle.
Hep   lliisliniiil'i   limit..
"James, dear, will you bring mo up
a scuttle of coal from (be cellar!" said
n busy wile.
"Tlint's just lhe way wilh you," snld
.Tallies, with 11 frown, ns ho put down
bis Iniul; nud rose from the armchair.
"Just the wny wilh me?"
"Vesl" he snapped. "As soon us ymi
see ine enjoying myself ymi hnvo something or other fur me tu do. Didn't
you sco I was absorbed in my reading!"
"Well, dear, I will do It,myself."
"Yes, und lull everybody, your mother especially, that you hnve to carry
your own coal up from tho cellar,
No, I'll do It,  I.el me mark my plaee."
Sii lie marked tho plaeo In the book
nt which ha hud ceased rending, nud
when he wenl down io tho cellar, grumbling nil Iho wuy, she picked up Iho
volume nml lound ll was a love story
nnd lhat llio passago ho had been ab-
"My darling, when you lire my wlfo
1 will shield and protect yon from every care. Tho winds of heavens shall
not visit your fine too roughly; those
pi'elly hands shall never be soiled by
menial lasts; your wish shall ho my
law; your happiness"—
Just then ho reappeared mid, drop-
ping the scuttle upon the Door, said;
"There's your coal! tiivo uie my
*iim nmi 111. I'Qnllaiei."
' The "gniius" marks tho freeman nml
tho man of genuine, unpretending culture nud civilization. Your snob and
your savage abhor it. In Mesopotamia
the wild bnslil biizoul; wears a belt; In
Yucatan tho Indian wears a girdle of
shark's teeth; In Sjouegambla the
shameless cannibal spoils a gunny sack;
1 In Atlantic City some years buck the
dudes used to wear sashes. Hut Und n
ninn who when he throws off his cout
to beciln his daily toll lays hare a pair
ui heavy sky blue galluses and you'll
llml a man who pays his way lu the
world, loves his wife, roars his children In the fear ot Ibe Lord nnd voles
the straight ticket. The "gallits" Is
useful, It Is graceful, uud properly
adorned with hand painted Bowers and
brass buckles It Is beautiful. To bo
ashamed of it, to conceal It or lo abandon It for a somber leather holt Is to
I fall In 1111 essential of true manhood
and Hy lu (he face of (ate.—Baltimore
.■'■    ■ • !
Getting I.lcl.cil I'm' Prliiulnle,
Meeting a newsboy whose face was
scarred with scratches nnd looked like
n map of smiie great railroad centqr, a
reporter asked the youngster what the
itiiiltoi' was.  "Roller -i''i." disrespect-1
in! of my sister; said he'd bet she wus \
cross eyed, and I Balled lu."
"is your sister cross eyed?" asked
the reporter,
"Hain't ii'il im sister," waa tbo reply,   "It was ilie principle of the thing'
what 1 gut licked tor."- Philadelphia I
North American.
Over Japan Teas Is so pronounced ihat tea
cs'itics have nothing hut praise for it on a
teapot infusion
Mde, Joseph Beaudoin, 59 Hue St. Ill
i.n i. Quebec, I'. ')., run., writes:
"l'i'.nmi is wonderful [or Indigestion,
I cul whatever 1 want and uo longer
i'i i-i any oppression.
"Having had dyspepsia for a long
time and having tried various other
remedies, I decided to try Peruna
and with the fourth bottle of it I was
perfectly cured.
"For this reason I recommend it to
all those ivllo are Buffering with that
i "IM.' malady, dyspepsia.
"I hope that all who Bre aflllcled In
Ihis ivuy will lake l'eninn ns I did."
'I'lie experience of Mde. Beaudoln
ai.'M tu i.a. -iiilieient proof to anyoiiti ol
1 > value "f Peruna in oasei ol catarrhal dyspepsia. II you Buffer from stom-
i -1, catarrh In nny ol i'i various forms,
a, I. run i n fin1 trial, avi laluiii iu tin
meantime nil bucIi Indiscretions In diet
a- iviilil lend in ri i nd i cun . and
you will soon be rewarded by normal
np 'i'lil" and healthy dig'-Hun.
inr Unicorn,
The unicorn was one of the fabled
monsters of antiquity, lt was, according lo a summary of thc opinions of
several of iho old time writers, a beast
about the size of u common horse, but
with very short legs. The people of the
middle ages believed 111 the existence
of three kinds of unicorns—tho niiignill-
l cent while unicorn, which had a purple
' (ucc and blue eyes and a single horn a
yard lu lenglh; the eglisscrlon, which
resembled n gigantic deer and had a
very sharp horn growing from thc middle of the forehead, and lhe monoceros,
or common tiulooru. Thc white unicorn's horn wus of three different colors— white at the lower part, black ns
ebony In the middle mul red at the
point. Common unicorns were said to
I have hail horns about eighteen Inches
I In lenglh. but so strong lhat Ihey could
easily kin nn elephant
Au Tlxiu-i'lnienl.
"Where nre you going, Michael,
Tho new oiiiee hoy was (ound sitting
In his chilli', wiih tho telephone trims-
miller In his lap,
"Whal in the world ure you doing?"
ll- l.a'il lhe boSS,
"A fellow called up n lillle while
ago," replied llie future head of tho
Ilnn, "and told mc to hold (lie phone
lill he called again." - l.lppliicott's
Trntti''.   Sl'IINlllti'itr...
German goods go where British
goods might, but do not, Here is a
case, The Itiisslnn jollier, not being u
men I eater, Ims nol much muscle and
cannot use a henry hammer. So he
buys and uses the Hernial! light bummer made for liim. while be has nu
use (or the heavier oue of Kuglisli
make,—Loudon I'ost.
CtYLOi-J GR££faj TEA
Every Leaf is uncolored. and undoctored
and of Virgin Purity.
Packets    Only,    40c,   50c,   and    60e.    per    rb.   At   all   Grocers.
Nothing enn cause i  pnin un,|
more distress than piles.
Ointments and 1 il treatments mny
relieve Iiiii cannot cure.
Dr. Leonlinrdt's Hoin-Roid is guaranteed In i ure nny eu.-e ol piles.
II II -Ui'iil tloesn'l cure yuu, you
gel your money buck,
Kein-Roid is a tablet taken Internally, thus removing the cause.
•I.mi rn all dealers, or The Wilson-
Kyle Co., Limited, Niagara Falls,
um. 23
foreign News.
\ I i\. iii'iul paper tells the pathetic
-i"ii ui one A., uini is compelled lo
prow a benl'I to ward ofl pneumonia
iiiui other ills, Tlie woman with whom
he Im- lull i in love, however, declines t" marry him unless he will
ilnn''. "What " nska our contemporary, "should A. do?" The nii-iii'i
seems m.-j i Keep the bi ai I nnd cul
tlie woman,
SO      V,V offer One lliuulreil Dollars P.i-wart!
I for nny case uf Catarrh that eaiinot lie
lUietl hy Halls ruianli Cure,
'•Apothecary's;  wlfo  got  sick  last F. J. CHENEY 4 CO,, Toledo, 0,
night." j    We, the unilei'sinneil. hav. known V. J.
"Doctor been Ihere vol''" Cheney for the lam IG yeara, ami believe
■JOLioruconinue.tci. i |||m ptl.re(.tly |umoraU|,, ,„ „n tueintea
Wo.   I found a prescription In the   Iraniac'lons, ami iluum laiiy oi'le lo carry
street when I was iu lown, and I'm
going to bave that made up nnd try It."
-iTlcgcude Blatter,
A (.'lllllliiii.  Sentinel.
It was the small brother of pretty
Margaret who opened the front door
lu response to Mr. Ooodycnr's ring,
mid his fiiee tool; on u singularly alert
expression as he surveyed the caller.
"No, sho Isn't lu," said Margaret's;
mil uny ' I'l.suii' : a  made by his (km.
Welding. Kllitiau & Marvin,
Wholeaule DiugglBta, Toledo, O.
Hull's Cui.ni cure ii taken Internally,
acting already upon tlie blood nnd muc-
oui suilacea of '.lie system.   T-mtlnion-
Inls .tent free.     Price,  "&c.    per    bottle.
Bold bv all  bruiltlt"
Tali. llall's Family Pills for Constipation
Making It Clear.
i'aa mtry editors, like all otl ei i,
hnvo In bo scrupulously careful about
the nni ui'iiey of their news.   We note
Are-arc you Sir. Iliiinliur;'/' ll'";1 co rec,H°" '" "'" '""'I'."";1"'"
said Ihe young man; "I aml^^^TS^S^
If you believe III fortune telling anybody can fool you.
After some people have done their
duly Ihey act us If they eipcct people
to cheer.
If you arc disagreeable, people
will bate you. There are no exceptions
to this rule.
When n man Is compelled to make
an effort to be good niilurod, he should
bco ti doctor ut once.
livery man  Is occasionally against
Clock   in-i'i iiilliina.
In former times it was tlie custom ol
clockmnkers to Inscribe on the dial
plates of their clocks quaint verses,
one of the most common being the following:
I serve thee here with nil my mlitlit
To tell the hours by day, by nlBht.
Therefore example lake hy mc
To serve thy God ns I servo thee.
Another  favorite  Inscription  was
"Tempiis Fngit." or "Time Fllos," nud
thereby hangs a tale.   A well kti.uvn
Mr. Goodyear,   lioes ihnt make any
difference about ber being at homo'.'"
And he looked searehiiigly at the hoy.
"Course not," said Hobby Indignantly,    "I  don't tell stories,  nor Margaret doesn't.   But If you'd been Mr.I leges   i< uoi'd he n helpless thin
Hamlin 1 was to tell something about I"1 tliey liuve them just llio eunio."
her coming home and get 10 cents r( j
I did It right and didn't toll Iho wrong Baltimore, Mil, Nov, 11,'li'im.
•i ; mistake Unit waa made ubout her
pning in I'i.i'i as lhe parly of fci■ ■ n• I—
ei I nut mi'loistand thai her son ivns
im in ui '.hat plui.'. uml ii -lie does
imi allow everybody their own privi-
one. I need that money, and so, you
sco, 1 didn't want to moke any ml*
take,   Ooodby."—Youth's Companion.
'li  ird's 1 -iiiiiin-lit
Sirs   I came aci
this proposition: lie can't afford to,   English clockmakcr who nourished to-
nud he can't afford not to.
If the attention of those you are talking to wanders frequently, that Is a
sign that you arc not talking well and
are talking too much.
Sonic people think tliey arc ull right
If they don't steal. Hut there lire many
olher things you must do, If you wuut
to stand well with your neighbors.—
Atchison Qlnbo,
ward the close of the Inst century, on
being asked by a customor whether a
certain clock wns of homo manufacture,
replied; "Oh. certainly, Don't you sen
the n.inie, slr-Titninnr, Puglt? 1 often
hnvo his clocks through my hands."
\ Clear Healthy Skin.   Eruption
nl the skin iiiiiI tho bloielies which
bli iiii.-h beauty nre the result ol im-
i' uu blootl caused hy unhealthy action ol tin: liver   und    kidneys,   In
'■ mg tin- unhealthy action nml
restoring the organs l" their normal
condition, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
uill nt lhe same lime clean ie llie
in ii il. and the blotches nntl orup-
linns mil disappear without leaving
nny trace,
lli|tlii inner.
The Friend-Was Mrs. Ilevlwnile
pleased wilh her portrait!
The Artist—Oll ye* I managed to
make her rcsemblo what »t
used lo look like,   llrooklyn Life.
Tlie Circle Count*')
The oddest shaped county among the
thousands which go In make up lhe j
separate divisions of the various states j
Is Warren county, Teim.  It lies almost
exactly hi the geographical center of '.
tbc slate nnd Is aboui us near n perfect
circle ns any division of hind could   ,
,,,   .       I .*
'!Ic Spnnisl mt in   longer asks
llu con rl tn Impose n death Bentenco
mi Senor Kerrer, director ol thei I-
• hi school rn Unrcolonn, loi liis con-
i."i tion with llio ntii'iiipi mi tlio life
■a King \li"ii-" Insl Mny. hid will be
'liml mill linprisoiimeiil loi     teen
We are all kindled and pill out. We
die dully. Nature thai begot us ox-
pels ii-. nnd ii better nnd safer place
is uroi iilcd for us.   Seueca.
"    akSKllO    P0SSilll'V  k''   Tl"' l'il'1'1''   W'""1'1   '"'  I'"1'
feet but for (ho fact that there Is a
sliml Stretch of lhe nurllieru boundary
line which follows ii small sll'cnm fnr
n short distance It Is bounded by (.'nil-
nun, Dekalb, Coffee, ilriiiuly, Van llu-
rcn mnl White counties,
Because we mike medicines
for tliem. We give them lhe
formula for Aycr's Cherry
Pectoral, and they prescribe it
for coughs, colds, bronchitis,
consumpiion. They trust It.
Then you can afford to trust
it.  Sold for over 60 years.
" Ainr1! nie-r- P-litOI»* ll . a -an.a,, «j].|
, ".aa, iai ba In " "r hem.. I It.,, ui.il. mnl
-"ill ef It fur li.ld eeuirll, Uld oaytda, Mvd I
Iiiiaw Hiatal I I| I.atrflai i-.-alliala a It I*. I a-.it.
nil la-numm."- tt lee lilchly."- MARS £.
i "Htr., Uyd. t'.rli, M.ll.
..lOllf V.....II of
i      ' ill-'I'lUIIIA
Reserve llml..
Every ono hns n itlcitl how, when n
large branch of a tree is cul o i n ill
branches will shunt mu around Iho
stump, These branches aro from the
rosorvo buds, of which nil Irees havo a
great number at every porll in ol tholr
surfaco, Undor ordluury clrcuinslnncos
those novor como lo maturity, but when
the tree Is wounded or cut off ur loses
sniiie of Its branches the reserve buds
nt once como Into piny nud rciieiv the
ller Sel ie.
Mrs, lie SlyU- lie never gave her
nny part of his wages, but spent It till
In a nearby saloon. Mrs. Qunbusta—
now moan! Mrs. lie Style-But he
gives her every cent now.  Mrs. dun.
bustiv—She's reformed bits, eh? Mrs,
Do Style—No. hut she rims tlie saloon.
—.New York Times.
I'-ni.e Doctrine,
School Examlnor- wimt is ilie mean
lug of falsa doctrine? Schoolboy-'
Please, sir, It's when Iho doctor given
the wrong sluff lo tho people who are
lick,—Christian Register,
i inui.!. Hfllrlnony,
All Ihe way our driver hud been very
chatty. He told us how he li.nl a lioscn
Ills wife,    lie -.1 .1    "TborO Was -nine
talk of her in tbo village. My aunt's
nephew spoke to me of ber, bill I
never saw her lill the day before we
were engaged. When I beard of her, I
went lo the puhiuii]   man ol s| h -
who always arranges llioso things. I
gave him ." marks (or her. Sim liked
what she heard ol ine, nnd she gnvo
blm, us she was bound, n white shirt
Then I iliouglii I would sco her, so we
nrranged (o mcol nl church ut 1,'nni
kleml, nnd we Hem ihere, and it wns
nil right. Wc gel mi together," "VI*
glieltl'S.of I Mills. Ila l."
I'lgnre   II   lllll
A man bad sixty duclw for sale ami
ii viiied tiii'iu luto two lois of thirty
"ach. One loi was io Im disposed ol
at three tor Sl iiiiii Iho other nt 'wo
for Sl. In his absence bis clerk Bold
the sixty ducks nt live (or $2, n
Ihe sum or $21, If sold accord lo
Instructions one purchaser would havo
gol thirty ducks for $15 nnd ll Ihet
thirty for $10, making $28 fm Iho lot
What became of Iho missing dollar!
bottle -I
n.md- ol one ol llio sludonl - at the
I'n.v.'i.-iiy of .Miiiylaiul. and 1 i he-
ue. -.1 kind a- i" ini me uso ii loi a
very h ul sprnin, which I obtained In
training lor lool races, and i" say
Mini ii helped mo would be putting
ii very mildly, and I therefore nsk il
■.mi would hi im' know ol one "I
your agents thai i cln e I to llnlti-
ia ■ a, ihni | ni.'iy obtain .-"in" "I
ii. Thanking you in advance I re-
main, Yours tiul-.
W, c.'MaiTK.W.
ii Sl   Paul Sire I
Cm" Oliver Typewriter Co.,
P.S.   Kindly nnswci nl o
Only a Trifle Gone.
Tl li'' r ol n paper in    ■ h it
Indiana declares ll to be a Incl llinl
ai ".- il"  reporter on uu  I..
sheet, in tli "';il.re ii'" murilei ol a
mnn in uu rdjocoiil town, win 'I his
paper a   lollou
"Murderer evidentlj  In   o '   ol
hi ,    Luckily Junes liml tleim itcd
nil 'ii- I I- in Iho Imlil, tl
, Uml Im I" ' notliins Imi his
ill      " Ml'   ''   '
Wonderful Winer. Thnl I'.-niit  Er.
fit llllllg    I iat't    lllii'iitinl.'r.
Illerapolls Is a sli'iingc ruined city
of Asia Mill if.   ll was I i ithoil
200 11, C. in..! aa ' of lhe |
has   In mi   hurl  I   hy   Iho   pi . fj ing
win. ( h 'i  . prliigs    Tiie country
round lllorap ills Is 11 lay lulosled with
brigands. .\ l ucler who visited the
place ninii".' nn armed guard of Turkish
Boldlcrs -.ii-! "The leinporaluro ot tho
springs Is ihni of it very warm both
uml while hm there is nol n truce uf
that petrifying clement which renders
lhe wiilcrs so remarkable nfter they
have cooled and causes theni lo turn tn
stone every olijecl Ihey encounter after
very Bllglil humors oii, Tlm Brimming I
bath ii-ill i- iil.iaa.i llfty feel lo ■■ Ixly ■
foot Iii length ami in many places from
twelve to fifteen feel deep, nnd Is today
alniosl ns it was in Unman times. The
opportunity to lake a natural hol bath
was nol l isl up ui ilm writer. The
floor and sides aud steps arc of white
marble nnd lhe depth varies to -nil lite
convei nee of lhc swimmer, S uue
great upheaval has brought do\i n lhc
marble columns which once di cornleil
tho sides of Iho hiilh nnd ihey li irosii
It in pi.'UHv-ajiv a,  , dor, sou c i
Intact, others broken lul i iniiiiy fi  . '
"in." of ib" e iliiiun i fallen
across lhe bnili thai Its ha c - c ip i.ic i
while its Blunting lop shines gleaming
white beneslh the water al n depth nf
BOiUe It'll feel. Oii Ihls Ci min i o cnu
lio wlih olio's bead mil of water aud it
Is nol posslhlo in Imagine n bath enjoyable under more ideal conditions,
The water Hows out ol Iho basin In
many lillle rivulets ami a few hundred
yards from Ils boum begins to devi lop
its petrifying inline. As ll cools Ms
bed becomes white wilh if hard, chalky
substance uml no living llilng ur plant
can n -it Its stony grip The grasses
and leaves which fall Into Hs deadly
waters llml their grave upon lis surface uud the llowera which dip their
heads inio the siren ins turn luto pelrl-
lied Images ol themselves, counterfeiting nature In Btone, even i" Ihelr slender petals,
"Th" (all rrmn Iho lop uf the cliff j
Into the valley Is iu sumo eases abrupt
and sleep und in others griulii.il.   In
(ho InUcr a succession of basins Im*
been fori I descending Ihe slopes in
ever diminishing size, us Iho waters
in their il nl hav .-crOowed from
one rim to another. Stalactites depend
from the top ol Iho cliff, nml formations llko g;; mile la" hives glimmer In
the sun. Seen (ram a distance, the
very -niters nppenr to hnve I.• ---ti
caught and turned lo rock us they
flowed aud noiseless waterfalls of
Btone lake tl," •, ne i,r (bo HqUcJ element."-Chi. .ig . sows,
ller Love,
"I'n rou call your husband Honey?"
'■\o l call blm I'lcklo."
"Ilixiti gracious, doesn't Unit liiuko
hltn mail'.'"
"Xo. Ile knows I detesl honey, tin 1
every woman loves pickles,"—Houston
"Your son won n prize for oratory
while ho was In college, I believe.
What Is lie doing now?" "He coi a
Job In the union depot announcing the
i'i pan ure of thc ttalns,"—Chicago
roc '   ,'  * mt.T Aibi *-
MJrV       ..'i,-i'LIM|TEO
">■•       WINNIPEG
Frirt.ci.l'r iti nikeri of ("tl
doUttl in CinittJi use HEWSOIt
TWB8D8, Luuk fnr the Ug tlitt
guiuuteci PURS U'OOI,.       Ti
lit 51 OF 1 ill
Ku »tood for the &EJT
durinj  seventy .yean of
Increailnj »les.
Remember this when/ou v-ant water"
proof oiled costs, suits, hats, or horse
foods for all kinds of wet work.
MajA-wintpmc*mB-f. in
rout* tmusijut -0.U.U-toionio cau
'IiiiiI   Proves   ll    I
ia.- ■ i" tlmoninl ono i
 i l'i. Thomn    i
in tlio Ironl nl "i
iighs, colds iind 'li . "
-I'nai'iiy organs, i   a Irinl i
.•mrntwmumJl A cruel Btory runs on wheels, and
Ay.*'. P«le grtatly eld th. Chtrrv ! every hand oils the whoolv as tl>cy run
PaWtoral In broaklng up • cold,   _0l^,
\.» *n»ii.i'ii-»\
"Tin. Klizalietlian mil la likely (o return," su 1.1 Mii 'J waddles, ;  i
from the fashion papci sho
"If lie di"".'' i" ponded I'ii Tiv.itl-
dies, with energy, "you Bet ibo 'log »»
him. ijo vou boar?"
■ i • ■
ric Oil
i '
imi i...111.1 tl vi '■ Ign   euu
■  i to be.  then il mn) I ■ re ■
led n- useless, and all llinl In    been
.niii in Iti  i" .
i  '1 lul,
The distinguished alienist looked
worried. "No," he sold to tho reporter,
"I ean i give you a i 'i' ii."ii ;'■* to the
sanity "i the pi mer." ' But surely
vmi have considered the ca o?" "It
Isn'l ilmi." repl ci Iho nllenlsti "but,
you see, cm li lo I.. M'lil tne n re-
minor, nnd ns llioso nro Ibe same
H i in of course, In temporary
ih.niii."  Philadelphia i •
im ui.
Lava may bo blown Into opaque bol
tics ol   i"   . 'mi'  lightness,  and  the
ha nh -r >" • ii aii iiiuiii'iil green
glass "i hall lhe welglil ami double the
slreu-ili nl' rn.tin,ny glass, llnl il ll
flni niii. yi ■    i.i. :i volcano
pour- mu ii- own spi'clul brand of
nuill".a inl.vl ire, a ii" iblo in walk
on, lain  i,ui i ll  i.. Idlng precli us
pllllllla '-.   a IHO,      I .11   I,   I.I."
.i ■        di iiuder Iho louch
of ilnn*,
li ' fy,
111 tic- fortllo plains of Sicily
Indent i.ln...
Iii ibe Shul' collection at UlO 11      I
mu em     a i iho ii osl i lent
i •■  r ire I lasts the d.iie n(
which "im ho . :■   ■      n Ij ii'.'ii    ,i
:- '    ■  ■ , . , -
iu I uf Una vii - .-iiiii di
misii. 'I I ul i» to sny, ill i i'i "-I ni   li
in.ij  !■" i '   ii more
1,1   i,vi      i; i   ginm it
wm, ii sl ihat the nrl
w«   far fro l.undoii rclograpu
Minard's Liniment Relitvei Ni
r*.»ii n I a-i I n sr.
Ailor I can't piny nil three of the
parts you have assigned to mc In Ihis
melodrama, atanagoi Why not? Actor- Because in the Unit act two of
tlS'in engage In a light, and the third
ruahes In and separate! Ihem.
" Dominion
nntml" Slock*
inpi are nudo
for real hoys—
most of their
"Dominion Brand"
mr Itllit'.nlnf the 'titinctat, loogha
•itiiHiiu est British Yarns mal
are strongest mil
toughest  when   the
Wl ald.'.t.
Wc guarantee ihe
wear ol every pair bura
ii. - this libel,
I'l V Mill.,
line fcollngl n ih aid vigor or reason
ire In lhe situation of the tttrema
'eather of a peacock's tall, draiggtii;: In
bt*luml    I ii lei-.
A i Iini. Doctor,
llocl lliliig h   Iho  malter
nli'i nui, I    . v mind Isn per-
I in;
I foil .'I ll'Olll  III"   ' i
' I     III    llul IllO I "''ill.nr i
n ai   . 1.1 • .... a. i   iiiiii ,' mi my
None Is i" he ileoiued free who bus
not purffi ■ '■ .a and. I''-lhago-
i'"** .   . .
A Sweet Breath
i       ■ c, and it can
i red by thi I
la      '
not lorget I
!    Pills
I   Sold liierywlitre.    In boxes 2j tcini
After Labor, Recreation
Trtvil  il llir Acme ol
Rn reilion.
When   ; a i   ■    i •■  lhe
best   In  I
uud .ni.
■ ii
a    a     ,. I
South and
mint* known I
mii Northern agent,
bo glad t" Ion.
I    Manager,    Wlnnlpi
BLOCK  109
Four 50-loot Kits, inin
of tin-in a comer lot, (at es
I'ark anal Inlet, with a
magnificicnt uninterrupted
view.   :i    ::    :;    ::    ::     :
Price  lur  all,   S3,5m'.
Apply to
. L 273
•' I suppose,'1 said the reporter, " that it is true that
ymi intend to build to Vancouver nlso?"
"Vou may depend upon it,'' said Mr. llavs. "we
will have to come to Vancouver sometime."
There bene, no location to be had iu Vancouver, it
is self-evident that North Vancouver will be the terminal.
Hie Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Riiil.viiy now
have survey parties out making pcrmuncnt locations lor
their mail to the north,
The car-barns and headquarters ol the B C. Electric
Railway Compan) are located in District Lot 373,
BLOCK  33,   DISTRICT   LOT   550.
The  NorUi   Vancouver Specialist
101 Cordova Street.
t Rainier Beer
Is a glorious beverage—quenohing and
satisfying.  Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Rolled Oat *
Hai) and Feed
ii.e Rrackmaiv fter
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdah Avenue,
llllOl I il   111
R. Kerr Hou'.gate, Manager
Western Corporation, Ltd,
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver we arc prepared to deliver all kinda of
Vancouver City Prices, Call and see for yourselves.
412 llastinqs Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
British Columbia tlectric Railway Co., Ltd.
ri.i:.\Ni\ ..  I'lll -si\'
Fine, healthy Tomato mul
Cauliflower Plants, ("town Irum
Siiiiun's Seeds, always on hand.
ItRI'AlltlNII AM' MAIlKTuUlli).. .
Enport Conveyancing! lu...
Vi. .1. l!*WIN,
m\\ f> BiLUNGS.
\ M
We hnve rented 'V-ry house listed wiili us, and
have for lhe Insl few weeks been turning numerous customers nway.
\\'i' have orders from over fifty rt*.-pon ihii
ti'imiii- for houses of from four lo seven rooms,
with modern conven'ii'tiees, nl rentals from $I.j lo
| $.5(1 per month: also several houses with from u
j i'i twelve roomi wanti d, ul rentuls from <■" tu ■•""
]n r inonth, If you have n house for rent or sale,
tileuso notify us immediali I;.
Also wtiutcd i'l" '■ 'ii I"''   I'h cl   nnd iicrei ne
nl  i. iisonahlc I'M''' *.   We 1 ave cash customers
( wiih ovi i Jiii   i" 1"' invi 'ti rl in Nurtli Van-
.■HUM i propi ii't. nml ii you wi li lo innke u ensh
■ ul,- :u rijihi fithoul delay, yuu are w\\\t I
, .| tu list with us immediately.
Your', truly,
Corner Loi   I     \ve and I'iuli St.
General Commission and Insurance
Agents, Loans Negotiated, Etc . .
We have h No, t List ol thc hest Business and Kesidental Lots
hi ih.' market,   Also n niniiliei of lim- Lots, size 511x122 (eet, lu-anti-
lull) locatiil, within n lew minutes walk ol the ear line,'thut will be
■ n . makers iur yon.   Price, Swj (ur corners and Stoo [01
iaii-.   Terms f 10 down, und fi" a month; no interest,
Wi   also Imi'' some verj choice Acreage, in 1 nnd ixA acre
I 1 Its    Iln' acre Lots an- just the tiling lor ln'iuitiin! home sites;
■ i"« "1 water, etc., unsurpassed,   The j;4 acre Blocks can't be beat
iur uiiiil.'i giinleniiii,', fruit culture or poultry raising; close to the
besl 1',!.! in ih.i iii.trim mnl handy to tin; market.   Sun us about
1,1 a , im same.
If lam want tu dispose ol your property, and your prices are
1 glit, uu .,111 sell it (or ynu, and we can runt your house.
To intending buyers 1   We Have the Properties! and Ought
I'o I'm  Al" iu Mnt You.
EVES & DDRST0N, Props.
Men's titul Women's Made in Box
Cull, Velour (dlf and Vim Kid
.Ml wiih \ i.a uli.nl Wat, rprool
Soles,   A thoroughly reliable
boot l>ii a 1.uny day	
Prices: $4.50, $5, $5.50, ,S6.
51C Hustings St. W.i Vancouvi 1
Ai.nx.isniti Pai'K—11:05 a.m., 11:26, lli-tfl, 7:1)5, Vi'.'.'i. ~,.v,. s-ll), S'l'.n a-.mi
Illlt, USUI, '.'i.'iil, imlil. 10:110, lUiiii, U.lii, Iiniii, lii.tii. l-i-lu, 13:30. ISslltl.   '
I'i'iiiiv—ii:l5 ii. in., 11:85, i'uVi, Til.'i, Tiit.'t, sum. Sil'ii, s iu ii'im ii-"o it-40
'10:00, liiiL'tl, 10:10, 11:00, ll:2t', lliiil. 13:110, ISifll, IMU, l:lHl|i,m.    '
I il" |i in.. I inu. 1 i.'m, 'Mu. -.';:;u. 3:50, Kiln, K:.H0, H:.M).
i. 5:8u, .''iiu II lu. II: 0, i.i.Mi, Mil, ;..iu. K:0u, Si;;0, li uu
uu. 11:80, 15:00,
I '-'ii |i, in , 1 iiu, 3:00, 2:30, 3:10, 8:00, 8:20, 3:10. -HM 4:2(1 I'lll
'.niii. 5:5ii, .niii, '■! :30, 11:10, ":00,":20, 7:10, 8:15, 8:15 0:1.5 11-45 lo■ lo"
li'i-l.'i, llii:. I1H5, 13:15,
gnmwit—Can -ian from Alexandra |'»rk at8:10, uml I'uniui'l with tln.tj-.fi0
Thiii iiiui' lulili' t* .-uliji'i't tu itlteriilluii,
IV. H. Itt'MlllllV.
H.A. Sl^W       MRS. H.A.SHAW
Real Estate and Insurance       mm »«* goous siohe.
l^^^^-XT*™**'" Samt prices, and in some cases
clit aiier lhan city.
I'. Larson, Prop.
| 1        ,     ',! '. 6,61 It'l'.SI   UV  I.     -   '.'   |t.'a a
11"., I Oflfic     I     uia, Montrea
II. StiWuan, tu mu .il Mar,.iv i   I I.i msi i',Supi ol l'u.ui. ii. ,
|,Mali  .. |l     I   Ollllllllill        A-ll' lull.     1,1''
i mil   ['rail 'Su   Branch    ' •    mvei
i, Y.'l
i tt
Office, Cofa Lonsdale Ue and Uplnnmle, Nurlh r'tin-.oiiver, B. C.
...rirn    :--  ,/,    "GO TO B1RT CAMPBELL'S ^*>
NEW ARRIVALS 0Y8™EAPNoDTCUM Barber Shop and BaLh Rooms
Wholesale and Retail.
18 Powell St., Vancouver.
Subscript ion, $1 a War
Good Work.      Good Shine.      Good Baths.
Boy Cream
NiANi.i-YPA*--*       iJcLiiorL I   Wilt AIVI
Saul imi l.lll.'-l  ll'.,;,- .. j    _, , **    *—~ "    l^T   ■«■     ■ ^^  I    »   fc—f    llll
ITfc    5\ilBUfcir STOUT (20 Ounce Tins)
r. DUNNE  ;:;i;,,::,;;:.:;;;. I      2 for 25 cents.
Lonsdale avenue. ™ "" J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade


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