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 r ^^•%KK%,vTWVi*V?%^i*H**»'v*t'v
means reaching the people
in their homes.    The Express does that.
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,1, *I,*X**!"I"I"!**I"»**!**X**X**Xf*X**X**X* j
At the regular session of thc
city council, Monday evening,
tlhe Ottawa delegation submitted a supplemental report, with
reference to the letter received
hy the city council from Geo.
H. Cowan, M.P., relative to tin-
work of the delegation at the
capital, which letter was referred to the delegation by the
council. Before reading tint-
manuscript, .1. Balfour Ker explained that Aid. McNeish was
not in quite the same position
as the other two members oi
the delegation with reference to
the letter of Mr. Cowan, inasmuch as Mr. McNeish explained
to the delegation previous tc
the preparing of the supplementary report that Mr. Cowan had
expressed to him his conviction
that, as legislative representative for this constituency, he
ought to write a letter ol explanation to the city council,
and that the letter had been
read to him (Aid. McNeish) after it was written. In a sense,
therefore, the supplementary report is the deliverance of two-
thirds of the delegation.
Mr.   Cowan's  letter  was   as
Thomas Shepherd, Esq.,
City Clerk,
North   Vancouver,   B. C.
Dear Sir,—The dav before yesterday, the delegation, composed  of  Messrs.   Ker,   McNeisl-
Dick and McNaught, had a long
conference with Wm.   McNeill,
representing the railway   company, in the presence of Ralph
■smith  and  myself.     Mr.   McNeill was  frank   in   admitting
that the land values should lie
those of the date ol the charter
extension,and that his compan
sliould build ten miles   within
two years, connecting  the  two
cities.      In   reference   to   the
bridge, we had not, when I left
the conference, reached an agreement.    My position was that
the construction of the bridge
should be such as would support
thc structure  to be used,   not
only for railway, but also   (or
tram, vehicular and  pedestrian
trallic,   and   that   these   three
matters,   viz:  thc land  values,
the construction of ten miles,
and the character ol the bri,,.i
should be incorporated into an
agreement between the railway
company and North Vancouver,
and that this agreement  should
be  incorporated  into  and   become part ol and a condition of
the  extension  act,   which   the
company is now a-pplving   for. ____________
Mr. McNeill did not, when 1 left val.ues' th.e construction
thc conferenco, seem opposed to
this.    At noon, however, I had
to leave, to attend a conference
between   the   government    and
thc Vancouver delegation.     On
my return I met the delegation,
who informed me that an agreement had been reached to insert
into  the  bill   now  belore   the
house, a clause in the words  ,,|
the enclosure.
Pursonally, I would have preferred if your delegation, bnort
reaching an agreement with  llu-
company, had lurther confcrris
wilh myself and with VOW so
licitor here, Mr. Bethuiic.     Mv
tactical point in insisting on an
agreement between the company
and North Vancouver, was   to
prevent any further extension in
the future without the consent
of North Vancouver.    However,
the bridge difficulty
made  it   difficult   to  get
Gentlemen,-Said delegation,
consisting of W. Ill N'cish, I). 0,
Dick and ,1. B, Ker, in the matter of the letter from George II
Cowan, M.P., to Thomas Shepherd, city clerk, North Vancouver, dated Ottawa, sth March,
1909, met at noon on the 2hth
inst., and the letter received by
J. B. Ker from the city clerk,
covering Mr. Cowan's letter was
read to the delegation. It was
a surprise to two-thirds of the
delegation, but Mr. -McNeish
very frankly stated at once that
Mr. Cowan had dictated this
letter in his presence while in
Ottawa, and that it had appeared to him to be a correct statement of matters. The undersigned Dick and Ker, however,
do not agree altogether with
this view of the matter. It is
endeavored to indicate correctly any of the differences ol
opinion in this report. Mr.Cowan's letter is taken seriatim by
First sentence. "The dav before yesterday the delegation,
composed of Messrs. Ker, McNeish, Dick and McNaught, had
a long conference with William
McNeill, representing the tai
way company, in the preecnci oi
Ralph Smith and myself"
In reference to this, Mr. Mi-
Naught was not, % as you are
aware, of the delegation, llnil
came along with it to the conference with Messrs. Rtilph
Smith and W. McNeill. This
conference with Ralph Smith
took place by request ol the
minister ol railways, antl as regards Mr. McNeill's presence
that wa.s arranged by special
desire of Ralph Smith, who was
in charge ol the bill.
Second sentence. "Mr. Mi
Neill was frank in admitting
that thc land values should be
those of the date of the charu-i
extension, and that his company should build ten miles
within two years,connecting iln
two cities." Re this, the delegation told Mr. McNeill what
the city's resolutions were. Hi*
reply was that he thought them
very reasonable, and his words
ahout expropriation values wen
"There is a grievance ihere," or
"That is a grievance."
Fourth sentence. "Mv position was that the construe inn
ol thc bridge should be smli ni
would support the structure tu
bc used, not only for a railwai
but also for tram, vehicular ami
pedestrian traffic,and thai llu-si
three   matters, viz.,   the   land
--^-^--mm^  I   ten
miles, and the character ul tin
bridge, should be Incorporated
into an agreement between llu
railway company and Nurtli
Vancouver, and that this agreement should be Incorporated m
to and become part of and a
condition of the extension act
which the company is now applying for. Mr. McNeill did
not, when I lefl the conference
seem opposed to this." In reporting on the litter part of
this letter we ask miititil t,
note that wc do so in nu othei
j spirit and with no other vieu
than that Mr. Cowan is a na
tleman of trained mind, talent
and integrity, and when we differ from him, all diflwenm an
stated in accordance with   this
attend to a Vancouver matter
in connection with mother department of government.
Mr. Cowan's first contention
was that the bridge shuulil lie a
joint trallic and railroad bridge.
That such bridge should be built
Ker staled, wa.s lhe desire oi all
concerned, but alsu that iln- de-
mud made upon the minister
ul railways try the cilv, th.it .1
guarantee uf the itatine ul ,1
penalty, should be attached to
the railway company, if it foil'
ed to build ten miles in two
years, Including the bridge, was
not consistent with the lenglln
negotiations which would be necessary if lhe linances wete nun
to be searched lor in order to
get the joint bridge constructed,
Ker mentioned, however, that
Mr. Jeffrey, secretary of the V.
w. k Y. Ry. Co., had informed
him a year ago that the foundations of the bridge would be sufficient to carry a joint bridge
for railroad and traffic purposes
either by overhead or lateral
structure. Mr. McNeill then
said that), owing to thc North
Vancouver agitatioo, the detailed plans sent in to the dominion
government by the railway coinpanv had, or showed foundations sufficient to support   the
'Iiu city council held ,1 special
mix 1 iug last evening lor the
purpoM ol consulting wiih tlie
liuliiiTs ul the former ,tru strei t
contract, in order to wind it up
preparatory to letting a new
k >ii 11,ul under the muddied
plans. Mayor May presnleil anu
.Vim 1 iiii-ii McKae, bcliult/, Alc-
Ni-isii ami \oung were present.
vi'iiii.utm- Kennedy itated nnu
tin contractor! thought   tin.
slii'iilil lie allowed >ll,.Suo Upon
Un ninii,id price, llie records
■bowed that the original contrail price was >U,o45 and Uiat
.Min lii extras had been allowed, nuking $12,375 m all. A
report ol uie iormer city engineer was produced, estimating
the work done to October 31S1
last at jn,000, which report
was accepted by last year's
council, lhe contractors stated that they had worked ior
two weeks or more alter tnai
dale, during which time they
had done auout >7oo worth 01
work, lor which they were offering lo accept $580. In view 01
all lhe l.uts, it was moved in
Aid. McNeish, seconded by Alu.
Voung, and carried unanimous
*•* •*• *** *»* *** •♦* ••**•* •*• *•**•**•* ••• *•* **• ****•**•* *•* *♦* •»* ••• *•*'
••■»• %**•••«• •»**•***•*♦**•*••**i•*•*•**••'••***•••••••*•*•^
Junior Girls' Branch Children's entertainment, Horticultural hall, April 141I1. Tkheti
loc. Doors open 7 o'clock
Don't miss this.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ly, that the oiler oi the contrac-
traffie bridge, either overhead or tor to take $11,500 and to re-
^^^^^ lease ihe city from the contrail
position.     Two-thirds   of   thi
delegation,    however,   did    nut
. .    .        understand at the lime   uf   tin
might ha^ fonft,rcnce that Mr. Cowan's po-
sitlon was, that he desired thai
fffijT  '  Wantd       Y°U",aIl hii views as stated be   in*
laitiliuy, .       corporated in an agreement be
UKU. H. LOWAIN   tween t})e dty of North v im.m|.
The enclosure referred to in
the letter, read hs follows: "Nothing herein contained shall be
deemed to extend the time BM
limited fur the construction and
completion of the main line
ver and the railway compan]
and that he desired such agreement to be incorporated in mt
of parliament No. 58, extending
the time for four branch lines
of said railroad.    Your delega
railway authorized by 1 Edward tion,  however,  at  once  admit
VH, R7'" jthat, as Mr. Cowan savs,   litis
  a was his position, it was to, al
The supplementary report of though we take It that his pod-
UN delegation, dealing with the'tion had not been fullv develop-
above, was as follows: led before he was called out to
lateral ^^^^^^^^^^^
Mr. Cowan argued strongh
and with persistence that tin
railwai company should 111,iki
an agreement with Nortli Vancouver city; that it, the railwa-.
company, would give up tlu
$200,000 bonus voted by the do
minion government il the bridgi
were not finished by a certain
time (we think the time mentioned was Iwo years). This
point wc think Mr. Cowan hei
forgotten lo mention in his let
ter, and with relerence to Mr.
McNcish's believing at tin- tiun
the letter was dictated that il
was ;■ 'nir resume of what bad
takut place, we ivuiild sav lli.il
the afternoon had been one ol
strain, that the delegates wen
so engrossed in the conference
thai it was easy lo lake ,1 partial report for a complete one,
antl not easy, owing to the heat
and fatigue gem-rated by llu*
conference, to state things at
once as succinctly, or even u
correctly, as could have been
done had the matter itood ova
and thc statement been revised
Mr. Cowan's statement, thai
Mr. McNeill did not, whin lu
left the conference, seem oppo
ed to all these points which Mr
Cowan refers to being incorporated 111 an agreement and in tin
act, was not  evident  lo   twu
thirds of the delegation. Hon
ever this may be, to gel ani
agreement between lhe railwa
company and the dty, which
would forfeit {200,000 of dominion bonus conditional on non-
construction of the bridge in
two years, and which woultl oblige the railway company to
pay the values at the dale oi
extension ol time for branches
named in net N0.5B, would hai,
inquired e vote of the railwa)
lompatiy's shareholders m tlnn
pruMes, and a u tit till atul seal
iii  agreement   between  tin    illv
.md the railway compuy,  be
i.iitsi' nu telegraphic igreement
wuuld have insured llu- forfeit-
un ul the $200,000 and would
have stood in court in leaped
uf higher expropriation values
Yunr delegation was nut ea-
tliuii/iil to w-att sevitai weeki
in Ottawa un the ill,nut* ul git
ting stiih .ni igreement   madi
between the citv nnd the railway COmMay, bul they were
sent to Ottawa to prevent extension of time for lhe main
line oi the V. W. k V Railway,
except   ,it   rvlrnsluti   values;    tu
get the railway ad ol Canada
amended, and to get I penal! 1
put on ior non-construction in
two years, if possible, if main
line time were extended. Hv
getting the main line excltidul
(rum being morally covered In
the act No. 58, which extendi*!
thr time lor the branches, raw
delegation seitired the lift
thing they had to sunn at 01-
l.iwa      The setuitd thing   ihii
bu accepted. The records also
show that the contractors have
already received {7885 on the
contract,leaving {361s due theni
under this arrangement.
Korth Vancouver investors
will tm doubt be interested in
learning lhat some choice city
lut*. ,,if yet obtainable at {1
e.uh and up. This is prrfhably
tin last opportunity of securing
large lots m the city oi North
Vancouver at such a trilling
cost .unl mi easy terms. The
well knuwn local firm ol Irwin
\ Hillings Co., Ltd., is now
placing on the mnrket, for the
lirst time, a choice selection of
luls in the Harbor View tract,
.uid those desirous of reaping
good prulits on a small but
^.ile nm itffiMt should immediately take advantage ol this op
|auitiituti before it is too late.
The sale ol choice city lots,
si/.e so x 145 each, in the liar*
boi \ tew tract, at prices ranging from {17.S each and up, on
Ml} terms, loinmences on Monday, April Mii, at lo o'clock
a.in., at the office of Irwin &
Hillings Co., Ltd.
The   Lum
held   a
iiunl mg Wednesday night ill thi
Institute hall. Mr. Nye, the
pi, siiliut, was in the chair. J.
Al U111.il spuki* un the greatest
ew ut 111 English history, and
Keeve McNaught and T. S.Nye
gave palHutu addresses. Miss
.v.it, Messrs Holland, Kirk-
laml, Smith, I'nderwood and
Lawrence contributed songs 11
U <<t lh gave a recitation, ami
Uin   kirkland s   instrumental
1 • appreciated.    Mr. (Man
Wood acted as accompanist
(Concluded on last page,
i.ikc ii.'tiu lh.it thirty dais
altel dale, I intend to apph lu
1-   S, llitssei, Superintendent ol
Provincial Police, lor a tunslcr
ul lhe license ol the Moult\illi
H<>tal, held by uu, In I "in
Booth of North Vancouver, m
tin Province ui Hritish Culuin*
bi.1.   The Moodyville Bote! is
siUulul  at   Muiidwille,  ull   lot
Ko   .''/*. group om, Niw Westminster district.
Dated at   Moodyville, n* C
this   luth  dai   ul   Marih,  A 1)
Signed, ANNIE II   LEE
Wanted.—To lease, small cottage, not loo lar Irom car, lu
young couple. Piece ol laud
lor garden desirable. Apply,
Cotuge, Express.
The sale of Lonsdale gardens,
made this week ior >75,ooo, was
put through by W. J. Dick, li
is said to be the record sale 111
local real estate circles.
Tenders wanted for moviii,
pile ol cement blocks, now lying
in rear of Palace Hotel, to Ottawa gardens. Apply 1. a
atepheus, Hotel Nortli Vancouver.
Operations were begun Ihis
week lor enlarging int grauu-
sUinl and constructing tin- new
bleachers on the local .tiMiiu
grounds. When computed nu
stand will accoinmoUaii- nu
and the bleachers 1500 people.
E. A. Morden, one of the pro
prietors ol Tbe Express, 11,1.
leased a house on 5th slreel
east. His hoUM-lioltl elicits .11
rived ou Monday ol this week,
alter a record run ol only loui-
teen days irom 1'iclou, Ontariu.
The sale ol choice city lots,
sue 50 x 145 each, in lue U*"
bor View tract, at pruts tang
mg from {17 t.uli ami up. *.
easy terms, toiiiiiiciius Honda}.
rVpril 51I1, al 10 o'clock, a.m.,
at the ollice oi Irwin \ Hillings
Co., Ltd.
Lost. — A gold watch M
Lonsdale avenue, IkIw.i.i ljth
street and the lerry .\l,.ui
Hunting case, lady's sue, engraved Hack and Ironl. 1-unlit
will be liberally rewarded b)
leaving at Express ollice, 01 at
589 Granville street, Vain .um-'
A week of evangelistic sen in
will  |h- held   in   the   Mellludtst
church,   beginning   uu   Monde)
llie   5IJ1   inst Allaligiiiunts
have been made tu li.m .111 nil
dress e.uh  evening  In   .1    local
lllinistel  ut   Iai mall     Tin   Hint
nigs will lie 111 iharge   ul   the
pastor Rev. II   II   Hal.lt iMuti
Contractor George Skim, un
street east, had the miufortUM
to sustain  a  p.iiiilul accident
early this week. While at work
on a building al Agassi/, being
erected by himsiL' ami p.iilmi
a pfont hrote, precipitating Mr
Skene between twu jofotl      lb
struck Ileavilv un his li.uk ami
side, but loriiin.itch beyond tin
shock and bruises, nu injnu
was done A week's list mil
ttiinoiv all ill elicits.
Next  Friday will he Oood    Perry matters will be discus-
Flidav   ami   will   lie   geiuralli   sul at a iiiecttug of the ratepay-
uliseiu-tl as a holiday, I ers, 111 Laisuii's pavilion, Wed-
The loial lodge ul Oi.iligemi 11   "I'siLii  evening next,
will  hold  a   basket   soti.il    audi     Tllc OdtUelloWl will pal.ule lu
dance in the Eagles' hall,   i.s    the Presbyterian church on   the
plaltade, uli thi evening of April |afternoon ol Sunday,   April 18,
at 3,311.    Rev. Mr, Gillam will
An auspicious event in entertainment uriles will transpire
111 the rendition of the "Temple
of Fame," by over sixty participants in the Horticultural hall
ou the evening oi Friday, the
ibth inst.
G. Shepherd, who has been residing in the city since he came
down from the north last autumn, returned to River's Inlet
by this evening's boat, to take
charge of the Good Hope cannery.
Tenders invited for clearing
and grading two acres, namely,
the westerly 2yo 4-5 leet of
block 60 (13th street). The
lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. R. E. Macnaghten, Box 118, North Vancouver.
For careless shooting on the
Capilauo road, a young man
from Vancouver appeared belore
Kin. McNaught on Wednesday.
As this was the second case for
infraction of the firearms re-
situ tu ms bylaw, and thc reeve
had declare! his intention of
strictly enforcing tbe same, the
accused was lined {10 and costs.
Waller Owen is leaving here
on the 8th inr his old home in
Atlin, where he will resume his
uld duties. For thc past two
yens In- has been nmneitcd hem
with the realty business of D.
G. Dick, and during lli,it time
has in.ult 1 large number of
friends. Mrs. Owen and family
will follow lo Atlin about June
1, ninn tin* condition of  the
Hails will bc more favorable
lm it.ivelliiig. Tlieir removal
from North Vancouver is sincerely regretted by their numerals iriends.
I In   alhlilii  gruiiuds ptuiiust
i" in- tin- sum- ui in.iiiv gather
Ingl   during   Ihe   seasuit.     Ar-
<■<'•<) mis ate lieing made lor
.1 regular p; "gramme nf athkth
im nls, ihe result ol Wh ui wt
In- lu all,act large CTOWdj !iO|t.
Judging Irmn iln- iipnliii
wilh whiih llu lust ,. - ticket!
have been djipowd "i, ilu 1 lubi
ren's entertainment, to In- |i\u
In lhe St. John's juiiiur j,. K
branch ol tin \\ A , nl tlu llnr
ticultural hall, mi Wnln '.
April i|lh, will Ik- well patroe
i/.ed. The ihildn-n certain, deserve incotiragcnicnl The] Iiim
worketl hard at 1 heir pn
gramuii and an bcfll npun
making It a pie v 1 .1 to t In> 1
who attend
A movement is on fool lo m-
troduic the celebratiun ul  Mai
'i.n at Ninth Vancouver,    \
at preseni contemplated,   Ihi
plan uiiiiprises a speu.il i.uit.i
ta, to be sung bv Irnvs and girl
chosen Irmn the publii M I*
a maypole dance: the irowtiiuj
ol the May (Jueen, etc.  Tin
cbration is intended lor all thi
hoys and girls ol the cilv    Tin
credit lor setting the movement
i-i operation, is due Mrs   Hall,
loth strut eail.
The joint aiheriising toinmii-
lee lultl .1 um ting on riiursil.n
alternoon, al Which saline 1011-
tltisiuns inn hn.ill\ arrived at.
The iliiisimis thus lar reached
M lo iiiilliutls ui aditilising anas lollows. 1. To lake spate ill
tile lultlel lo In Issued III the
Valiiuiiui luUllst alld lliloriua-
iion liutciu, lor iiiiuUuun al
the    St.illh    exposition,    spate
nut tu ttceed iu nisi, >ioo.   2.
lu issue $0,000 inliii 1 s, daacrip.
mu ui North v.iiiiniiicr  u,,
ami     diatrict,   lor   circulation
iiiulli  111 \ .ui. ..inu .lining the
■ \| lion   i'he folder will cuii-
stsl ul six lulds     Hit enure 111-
sitii mil in occupied bj 1 loin-
luiiiii map ul tlic nil   ainl   thc
tllsllli I,   lUilabl]   lllilexiil     atul
showing itreeti end roadi, pnh
iu buildings, botela, etc., traaa-
inn, canyona, indnatrial plants,
1 ne revel 1 sub will U o*>
illplul I'l a I'a.tl pagt ami lilt
oiiiii pagts, him.lining sun,il
CBtl ol focal utus, bul in.mil,
I1II11I Willi tilt slalelllclllS ol
• Itllig out till .lill.llll.lglS
ol Nurlh \ .uiuilliil lil all Its
I t 1 lu * u| lull page
ur hall p.igi  .uUillisiiiunt...   |fl
run in ilu Vancouver dail) pi
|kis      Tin sum ol {boo   l
pi.unl  al   llli   dlspiisal    ul    l»le
la.iiuiiiiiii appointed to control
this le.iliite. Othei alu itt.ing
r.\|niliciit.*, stith as exhibits,
laiigt lulliiliuiis ui inns ior
pubii! placet, tti , are umln
tuiisidei. ition.
lt is BOW  pi" Mi.ilh   assured
that 5s"<i will be given hv   the
uunnl aad bj thi itetrM
council reepectivw let elver*
Using putpost*.      the H    C.  I'.I
Ry. Co. has donated |loo An
active canvai   lm   donation!
will In st.ut a i by the iKi.ird of
trade publu 11'. ami Humiliation
H'.iiuiiitiu iiixl week. s
Not a 'I \ ll OL'VI r, li   C,
-MIIIIKItlMaM I   ,\  Ml Ut I 'I: N
ll til.* a,|   ■ l la-a UPTIOS
One "air
sis riiontln  ■
'llir.'.-iii.iiila-     • ■'-'•>
1'niii'i ■ a.a*   aiii-i l*uri*i.'ii.tl.*'iii|'i-ryt-iir
\h, I KIISI.M.   mn-
I'lax-ii rt   Diari tt   iDVUtTUMi tut
* aa ll in-irliuii.
I \   *[   a I -     I   11 |l   all rj*)!  llll'l,   |al*r
lliul  II
l.lMa   Ilia   11 M II KK NllTICO—SO illll.. tfh
I   . ,;   iDfMTIalSil - Firil   ni'i rliun, 1'
..-i.i-1.,-r liii . each lubaMqMni Intar
tiun. ie. per Una
Rl   *!* .'*   ■    KOTICII    ll    1 aaltl     N'Ktt'   i'aal
i ii-,*,— In ,1'in*- |ii*rlnn*.i'iii*li in-* rtlon
I iiMiin i   Ant. "rTltlMI "Ml     ll.ilu.   air
ranged ai*. irilinj tu -, .an* i.il.i'ii,
i      * (i -.ii coutracl :iali-,'rii.i*ini*iii*
 i i'a* in in,, li.ni'i. ..i il.i* printer b*
IVedn *-*l-it a I'i'iiliiglaeiiaiirupublii itioi
niiii.* n \t Imm,
Nnklli VaHi aii '■ I R. Al'RII.  2, 190
The official report ol the Ottawa delegation, as rabmitted
to the combined meeting oi the
iiti council and board ol tradi
aind puiilislieil verbatim In laat
week's issin ni The lvvpless.
dealt   111  a  iDtiipleliilislti   111,111
iht uuh iln net results accom
pllslled,    lllll    llinssailli    iiinil-
ted ani relerence to the laboi
which devolved upon the com*
mittee in preparing their msi
iur ihe frequent and important
Intel tlews whiih were had.
WInn   all   is   ii.nsitliiiil, 11  In*
coma i|Uiu evident ilui tlu
uw tl.ns spent In the delegation in iln capital win- iiiiiii
wil) strumous.
With lili 1 nne  to ll.u.si*   111.it
iiis which pertain etdaaivel)
to North Vancouver, the delega
tiun was cqnatiUUed ior two
purpoaca. iln Ont problem to
be dealt with had relerence to
tin- application bj the V, W. ,\
\ Ki mt a charter extension,
i"i ilnn branch inns.
Tin delegation was inatrucled
tu itpiisitii ii, Un government
that n ilns proponed extension
could Lt construed lo coniei
ui) right, legal or moral, to i
lUlTliu   1 v'tiis    ol    th,     , ..111
pan) I  that lit   l,n   ilnn    in,,in
Inn-, upon its ,\pui nexl yeai
1 hen tin iiiiiiists .,1 Sorth Van
t.nm 1 ihould in protected  in
lhe ill.t 111.all ..1 a ilatisi- rc-UUil
iiig ,1 guaranlea that at hast
lm milts ol 1.uin,u , 1,miiiit
mg \ ancouvei and North \ an
couver, ihould in eonstruclo
within iw.. ii.us nmi, iiu h»i,
ol suth extension Tin inns
tigaiioni .'i tin dckgalioa i
Ottawi tudiiiili unit I,, mn
imu tin opinion that thi   ei
-    Ull"     lot    ."llStllllllllj
tin branch inns irarried with i
an implied ngiu tu in.nu im
extension, when md.  wai   n
i|unia|     ii,, iogen< 1 ol iln ai
gunnnls advanced  In   iht  tlilt
gaii ni ia apparent Irom the it
stilt attained, At th, instant
.<i iln government, a coulcrtm
was arranged btatweca tin deli
n .onl iln  lipusiiit.am ,
On   V.   W.   a*,   \.   kt.   Co      all
im compan) agreed in tin u
■ertion oi a clause, iiiiniiiil
relinquishing any ipeclal riajh
llCt    lal,   ,,|   ,||,HI,,    I,,,    ||,,,1
lim consUttction tlmt might i
implied in .rn 1 itcniioc i,,r th.
l.i,on Ini,.
While ll mat  la,  In Id Inal,  ,.
making 'his concaaaioa, th*
waj compan)  manileated tba
H'lll    M llll ll    IS    till
p.ni   "i  valor,  n   li  perhap
in ait 1   the 111.uk   to   sat    thai
Hns iniiiili,,1 it- attiludt up*
ilnn pari ilge
wort in i" operation wnii   tin
nortk the luiilntaiii
ol mutual mii ia it       1-ni   Un
lime being, the matter oi .m extemion lor the main line is din-
posed ol. Tin- whole matter
will have in in- iiinsitleied on
lis nil-ills upon the expirt ol
tin- charter, and il is sale tii
sat that the interests of North
Vancouver will be properly ri
presented on that occasion,
Tin second purpoie ol thc de-
legatiou, bad relerence to prices
lo In- paid lm   land   when    the
railwa) wished lo expropriate,
The   deleg.illoll   Was   instructed
in lectin .1 pi nt iso in the ellect
1 li.i 1 the compan) should pa,
current pines, plus intereit,etc,
I'lie aglet lllllll all It ill ,it  allot 1
ii.nl tin- iiu-ii ol leaving  the
ih,uti 1 mt.111 loi lhe ruiiaitiilci
a.i its tiun. bo wuh reapect to
expropriation, Um railway company siill enjoys iuch righti .is
rn-1 e uaiiiiimi nt ihe charter in
uarmoay arith the railw.it ,ut
This L>) uu means unpins
ilui the railway van expropriate -Nui111 Vancouver watei'iroili
at talues current lue years ag 1
Under the railway acl, the
board ol railway commissioners
Becomes a (actor in the problem
and il is held that any sum
putt 11 is uuililiiii by iwo illusions ol Un- loniinission—0111
Uliilel Ule ilialiiiiatislnp ol
.iii.igi Kill.nn, some iwo vais
ago, and one under lhe elixir*
iiiuiislnp ol Judge Alalia', a "i.n
one month ago. lhe.se a .I.*:.ins
1 leant stale lllal .1 ItlUWl)
1 mnl'.nit    shall lul  lie anuweii
iu semie expropriation  riguit,
Hold   sin.li   rights   in   a net.uin
during the lite ul tha charter'!
ami iheii proceed io exerdsi
them al prevlOUl valuations,
iiiiiii tin iiiartii I.. ,,'Ijuui 11 ex-
piu.    ll is understood that the
railway   department concurrea
ill the justice ul ilns position,
.iini that lhe lllal lei will be
taken up with Judge ilabet
wlmi ihe coiumiasion ivturius i*.
Nm ih  \ ancouvei has reason
tu in gtalllied at tin  slliiessliil
outcome oi this eflort made
upon her own initiative, ana
carried ihruugh wklj  bj  ho
UWII   ellolls, and 11 sliuUltl    go
lai 10 engender within the north
short* iiii-iiisiiip a siunly   sell
uh.iim .unl readincai  loi   in
dependent action upon  important HXal Issues.
The   ml   lesult ol the ellorls
im haiiiaii improvements upon
Burrard Inlet, whkh was in
charge ol i combined delegation
liiinniaied in tin- Vancouver representatives, appears lo hate
uini au acquiescence upon iln
p.m ot iin government in .m
npiiiiiiii that tin Firat harrow*
ollglll   to   In    W lllllllll,   lllll     Willi
.1 laiiispn Hulls anseint ul ant delimit nasuraacc as lo when iht
Wulla will In   lllulil taki 11
(ll K  A\M\ l-.KMIi'\
Willi   lllis  issue     lhe    I'.xpliss
iniil*. upon its mi uml year, an
<iii   tin   I'l 1 si iit  management
1 lu   nal  lias Imu uiie ol sliatlt
ind gratifying pragma, i'he
proprietor! have endeavored lo
gilt then Insl si'ltlns lu al.
ill pal tint tits ol  llli   lillslin ,*..    n
a i.aiisiiinin.us manner,     lhe
policy ol the paper has been 1 1
manliest at all linns ,1 spun of
health) optimism with respect
lu   all   Iracal   inteli sis.    ami    a
swnpailniii ami appreciative
attitude   toward   every  move*
iiniii and mg.un/.iin.11 wlinli
was siiuiiii\ endeavoring tu ac*
tuinplisli sunn thing lui tin .ul-
tainiiinnl ol Iln   uly   Ol   tlis-
ttii 1 ui Korth Vancouver in any
n ipect,    in adminiatering tin
news tiiliiinn.s ol the papei iln
aim has Inin tu make i.n 11 is-
slli  a lllll and anlllali retuld nl
all that has transpired thai
mighl in- ui Interact to aaj
portion ul tin iim muni 1 \    su
thai ll COttU Confident!)  In said
"The history ol North Vancouver is written in the liles ol Tin
Express, whatever you wish to
know, you will find it there."
The great value oi sneli records
to the community will be ap
predated by every Intelligent
From lime to iinie many en
inui aging expressions ol appn
elation have been received, ol
the ellolls  pul  lorili  lo  maki
ihe papei a helplul l.ulor in iln
commercial, social, ami norai
uie ol tin- community, ami an
asset ol leal \alue lo llie ilu
aiid the dlstrnt. Al limes
these expressions have been Verbal, while 111 very many lust,lines   Ihey   have   taken    Iln
more tangible—but not nacei
sarily more sincere-lorm ol
patronage, by  way  ol advertis
mg, job printing or rabecrtp
lions, every item ol wlnih.laigi
or small, materially assists lm
prosperity ol the business aim
lurlhers lhe purpose ul making
llie paper a credit tu the nuru
shore and a powetlul laclor 11
promoting the development ui
the city and district.
For each and all ol these   IX
pressions ol appreciation, ami
lor the general sentiment 01
friendly interest manliest upon
the part oi the residents an
the properly owners at large,
1 In- Kxpress desires lo convey
sun eii* thanks. Whatever progress has been madii, ami wii.u
ever   increase   ol   value lo tin
community The Expreee may
bate attained during tlie pasi
year, is due to a very largi 1 1
teiil to the kindly assistant 1
thus rendered.
ll is particularly grainy ing to
Hole tin- ihoughtlul manner in
which those whu are an arc   .ai
Interesting items ul news, hate
remembered The Lxpress by reporting the same lur publication. The usefulness ul lhe
paper would be- greatly inhumed il rcsideti'.s generally Would
bear this matter iu niinii atul
si inl in by telephone, or "tint
means, such, news items as may
cunie lo their attention, ilns
routes} would be highly appreciated.
lu  lacing   ihe coming    i al *
The lvvpless  bases lis ,1111    ipa
lions oi luture- success primarily upon the coniidciicc, lhe goodwill, uml the cordial co-opera*
lion which il has the lioini lo
■Joy at the hands ol the citizens and the property owners ol
the city and the dislriel. B)
following unilorinly a progres-
site and enterprising puint, tin
paper hope* to keep will a
breast, ur perhaps sunitwh.it
ahead ol, tin- movement "i al-
l.ms on  lhe nurlh shore,   and
io tart a itaady, sale, and po
lent liiiluciiiT im advancement
along  .ill   lines       While i"lisis
lastly 1 ii'li.inning 10 lerve ull
local interests, il is as uiinu
thai sufficient lalll tide ttill ,U
all tunes be allowed bn  I if ex
iiiise ui thai Independence  ol
thought  ami nl at twu win ll is
the vita] principle ol genuine
strength   and   sustained    a,tlui
usee in .un pnbiit organ.
The locus ul events appi irs lo
In right lm a prosperous year
lor all North Vancouvei Intel
ests,  and ill llu- I'cili/atioli    ol
tin universal anticipation! entertained in  ibis  regard, The
Express hopes at once to i il *
and to participate.
llll HI
Piitivr   :!7,
"   net,
Nun ill Vam
Vim ui vi I
Six rooms: modi rn
throughout, i-lninn-
ingly situateil mi
Victoria Park, for
$1000, PRICE
$3700. Balance to
The statements ol Reeve Ut
Naught made Irom the magistrate's eh,iir 011 Sliiunl,it lasl,
with relerence lo ins intention
to rigidly enforce lhe lirearuis
restriction! bylaw, ihoa that,
as iimi uiagiitrate ul the district, he is llllly sel-iu   in    lilt
gravity ol lhc lituation,   Ihis
linn and timely   tt.'llilng, COUl
mj; as .11 does at Un opening 01
im- seasuii, im 1 in traversing
oi tin- highway! ud crow
ru,nls iit large numben oi vim
uis and resident!, tt ni tloubties:
exert a reatraining intlucnce U|
on llluse tt Iiu ale LUC'iincU IO 1 i.s
careless use ui uresrms, and Un
probability ol numerous mini
lions ol Un- by latt ttill thereby
in greatly Iceeened, It is to in
hoped that n will not be 1.
s.nt lo inflict the penalty, m
order to secure complete compliance willl the law , liill ill case
such should be necessary, u is
evident from lhc tenor ol  tin
reeve's remarks that tht lining
arm ol.ibe laa will bt exeii,*
to iis utmoat lo protect resi
dents and others Irom accident
ul    i.isllallt    ilulli   tins   sullin.
The exercise ol ordinal} common stllse Is all thai is Huts
salt   to COttVinCe those who i.il
iv hie.inns that iniiisiriininate
sliuuting is allugt iin 1    1 useless,
and likewise dangerous in tin
The Prize
for March
Do you Iiiiiii the duplicate lOUnoni beating one ol the niiiii-
lieis lu low II so tun .ne entitled ta an elegant iiii) piece china
iiiiiiiii set. Ui nn iiiiii 1 11 tun do not bml your number among
the list this month, reserve your coupons, gather what thon*
you can, you are jmt aa likely lo win neat mouth oa ilns
month's coupon as uol
(6878 31910 ui |S 36663 .-uM-n*
As^ 3<>439 1*57 4755S  . &&
Every hilt s.nk ui Royal Maud.ml Flour contains a numbered coupon entitling the holder to a chance io win one ol ten
beautilul and costly china dinner sets that are given away
monthly to the users ol this lamoui bread Sour, Bave your
coupons, make an effort to gather all you can—you will liml
tuin number among the list one of these days. The winning
numbers will appeal In this space the lirsl issue ol each month.
*   * ■ ••f*0*«>*<>fO-**H<'>*>+<>*0-*^
\ Dainty   -Chinawere Given  free
during   ili-iiiniisliittioii oi    \ ii-l"ii     t'rn--
mid Hrown Lkrriei Coffea, Ma roll 26tli
to Itt it h.   t'iill nnil lample tlieie il le    A
|i: ,-l,:.*r ui I'itln r ci mee arith n n premium in - lii- aware,
tf  *   McMiLLAN'S   tf *
The Set
of Dishes
givi    lasl  in mth t»»i
bv   Mis.   I..    1 ■■ '' 1 I, ii'lb
• •n.i   tut.   Thi   *
this month will be te band
in .11. w il 1
r ,   K,.i.i : . iu
Sive    il nponi   ind
Uatili  the paper-  lor   the
lm kt numbers.
Yi hi m it Gi cervl Irdei will
ba satisfhi lil you
place n with ui
iini -1 1 11 "a
I  I   .1     la     I    I    *
pel |',ll Iflgr,
Isl Inl ,\ 1. •■ ■ :
l.iili-tllll" Avi- :  Sti   -
I luildi: ifl
nd   K| * * i.*'*.ei" -   Prepared.
tt heu Uin klu| ■ 1 1'iiil'imt li*i 11- |bi
an i-llai III, '
in km nun ii.   i.nNsii.ii.i*: avk
nr I ii Il.'i tl  Sol li t. ..iiiiifi
[or liii'iiiliiiT.
Wm Fiiriiisliiii^'s iimi
at EtaaeoaaMe I'i ices, go to
Ihi' Nnrlh Vancouver
Iiunii- 1 urnisht-i s
ii* ui i'i'" k        waai 1 ■ .1 1.
Builders & Con radors
Lunil er will never beohfap*
, r.   Gel in on the ground
Hoor.   Hnilil now
1   itnr latin K1I1-
.l'i"l  li.«*rn ,2 iiiiiI  Iniiiili
Diplock Wrighl
I7lh Slreel,    nlh \  ttO
Hofin viiii ouvei Oiinf. 59 ions me; Pnone 36
In a.   Cl-tH-at, B.C.
• ;,\t « i.l LINQTOK fiaal
. I ir.. l    iri.in    lli''    nib""
I'l,in* t* nr attain um »;)
an. \i.ur «inli*r'« *n|,|ilt
iii .i li .i  I   -.  I'n*
i„ -nl   WOOD
.ill-.' v on li iw   ....
\a.; ;l,   \ .'IH until
Telephone No 2.
If you know any
Pleaae tell him that NORDBM
1- the unit  Norwefiae news-
pap) I piibli-bed in Canada.
Ever)    lliiiisday.      Kegular
rate, |i jo ]»t nar.
BUI 500 siib-i uin is only tl »
f .11 Write at oner and toil
ttill i;i-t a whole year's subsi riplt 11 ibis low rate.
Sample COpil I nulled to ir.y
.nlilit-ss — to  one   or   more.
Writ bit i"
MIKHIS   I" 111 IMUV,   CO.,
|imi'ii-i Hi  l.ninl"!'
Sliiii.J  ■
Kiniihing l.umbt r
etc, i'ir*
lur prio -1 rt1 rinlit,
give you 11 figure uny* ui
Lnnilifi' I'ill
full    lllllll
\& c.hea|)
JBulkflnfl Lot
jui l iii the t'ltv
mils.  IUO1I8S feet,
down nml $28
pur quarter; internal
•ix per Mnt.
* Houses for Rent or Salt •
.11 rs.ior   tint   CitV O
all over the City
mi iiii 1 nui uin ol our high
poii latest Improved Drop-
head Bearing Machines. Wc
can recommend Ihein to our
customers, and a ten years'
guarantee goes arith e.uh
machine. Conic in and
pass your opinion on it, and
if you realh Heel a imiehine
you won't hesitate Ior   an   ,_
f dll   t'VCI      lilt    *-*!'? W
• mmWm_ 2   Inatant
1 A. SMITH & Co. j n.     _-___
I   laas-iat,,; tv,:   !Pai«e *  McMta
I • ,-.„.,,.        „ nmsttll    lhe Pioneer Hardware
BMW l'li, Htti f
Previous to the formal opening ol lhe city council .session,
.Holiday evening, the Ottawa
detention   submitted  a supple
mental report, with relerence to
llie letter li'oin Geo. 11. Cowan,
M.l'., lo the council, which was
t tlet red to the delegation at
last Monday's session. The
report wns read by J. Hallu'Ji
Ker ami will bu lound verL' 'nn
iu another column, Alter hearing the report, tin. council passed ii vute ol tlianks lo the d< \t
g.iiniii, and also a motion 'lis-
iiiaigiug them irom lurti.i-t
Council having been called iu
onler,  the lollowing coinmuni
cations were lead: rrom Hui.
J. 1'. Mabee, duel ol the   rail
way loiiniiissiou, conveying regrets   that   the  return  ol   thi
commiiaioa Irom Victoria anu
their departure tor Nelson was
so hurried, that ihey were  unable to arrange lor a visit   to
North  Vancouver,  but express-
nig the desire to visit this siu
ol the Inlet upon their return to
the coasl in a short time.   Let
let liled and clerk to reply,   .
limatiiig that llie council   wtL
be pleased to receive tllc   commission at anv lillle.
From W. J. Butler, to the ei
feci ihal a plallorm is being
built on the roadway, at the
end ol the Keith road tramline,
evidently as a lloor lor a len.
and requesting thai same In
ordered moved back to tlu
stroel line; board of works ami
engineer to report.
From k. Iv Macnaghten,  re
qWOtillg that 13th slreel be
opened up, Irmn Lonsdale to
Sl, George'i avenue, tu give
an ess tu Ills resident e, as well
as tu scleral ulliers in the satin
locality; board ol works to acl
From A. J. 1'iclon-Warlow,
asking ior a twelve loot sidewalk along .'.'ml slreet past the
recreation parjc; rehrreo to tlu
board o! works.
From the ciiy engineer, recommending that a sln-d be
erected at the Brehall, ami likewise a leii' board ol works lo
Prom  W. Bailey, requeitii
that  tin- water tervke pipes
connecting with his reaideso i»
lowered  beneath  the bed ul    .in
adjacent creek, ei protection a
gainst Irust, and that the work
bo dune at mice; relerred lu lhe
water committee,
Flulll the same, elliluslllg bill
iur coat uf repairing damagi
done lo lelice by street loltlract-
ors grading Nth street; iiigineei
to report
A petition li"111 residents III
the viunili, asking that ttcst-
ll.llll  avenue  be upeiled up Irulll
22nd iu 13rd street; board   ul
wurks to act.
From E. G. litaihull .nul   (I
Batler, requeuing taa' 1  s"'1'
walk be HUd un lhe east side ul
Lullsdalc avenue, belli cell i;lh
ami   1Mb   streets;   relerred    It*
board ol worhi.
Frmii tin- fiupliiiers' liability
Corporation, with respect tu re
newel "i policy; relerred t>
board ol wmks ami waterworhi
l-iuiii ilu   Hutu]  Hunt Trans
puliation Compan), tu the el
leil lhat the lin.it ul a .nt* ul Iln
ini-nilieis had been sei/.ed tllide.
i-xi'illliuii, ami asking mumi
tu iiei ise smut* un*.ms ul ivlli-l
Tin- iu,nm   reported  that   h
had tullslllltil suliiiliiis, am
thev    adllsetl    thai,    111    mlisi
i|inme ul iiu* defeat ol the in
•enmity bylaw recently   votei
llpull,   lllll    tulllil   Hut    see   all
method bv which the utv mul
pav the lulls The litter w.i
Iiii.ilh referred to the buanl D
trade, with the suggestnm tli*
Ihii illttil,ile .1 sllbsillpllull .1
lining the citi/.etis.
Messrs.   Wilsuti,   Benhlei   I
llloiitiilii-ld,   sulliilnls,   sllblllltl
advlci upon poinli relerred,  .1
follows. 1. Citi funds coul
not be used to pav lhe expiiis.
ol forming a joint sluck   com
pany. The company must i«
formed bj Individuali and  th
iitv can buv shares. 2. Thf
distiii I lould not invest 111 ,
cii-p.irini'i'.ship with the citv il
1 municipally owned and opi
iiled business. 1 The distrii
iiiiild piinli.isi* shares in I Join
sluck company, as well as tli
citv, for ferrv purposes. 4. Tin
city has no power to elnct com
liiissiutiers to manage the ferry
service. 5. Under the act, a
board ol control might be ap-
pofoted to manage all or any
portion (the lerry foi instance)
of the city's business, b. Directors ul lhe joint slock 10111-
pany cannot be elected by popular vote, but by the vote of the
city's representative as holding
the majority of shares. 7. Directors must be shareholders, to
numb) r  designated  by   articles
aaaociatioa, k. The liability of the city will be limited to
the amount of slock actually
held by the city, but if operated
as municipal concern, liability
in case oi accident would be
without limit,     Matter laid
uur until Thursday e-img
From Jar. ei Grant, applying
for posil ..n ol city teamster;
ro.ul foreman to acl.
The tt-ndei ol E. J. leek, lor
laving sidewalk al $2.i)o per
thousand leet, was accepted; as
was also the tender of Paint k
McMillan lor woodpipe; of Let-
sun .S. Hiiipec, for castings, and
of the North Vancouver Hard*
ware Company, lor gatevalvea,
The health committee reeoiu-
mi-niled that the ciL\ c nincil
subset ibe for membership In th"
anti-luberculosis society, provided the linance committee approved the S..1.11'.   Adopuc-d.
Aid. Voung, as telephont
committee,   reported    progress.
Tin- telephone company are now
making extensile improvciiic itis
to 1'i-ir line, which will give
-.iilt '.niter service. They are
. 1 .u w tiling to lower the lull
I ■• .teen Vancouver and Nurth
c-nci- 1 treat in her imitation ol
B small girl, whu had discovered a dead eat. 'Ilus was as en
cute lu Kipling's ballad of east
aiid west;    while    Miss   Annie
Jones was heard to beat advantage in "The Stowaway," given
as au encore to "Love the Pedlar." To allcinpl to pick the
best of the men soloists would
be invidious, lor J. Waddcll, in
"The Toilers," W. 0. Jones, in
"The Village Hlacksiuilli," (an
alternative another to tin- anar*
teltt- in the second part), and
B.< Evans, in "Lead Kindly
Light,'' were all worth going lo
heat. The singing of lhe Na-
tioaal Anthem 111 parts bv tin*
party, lull a splendid imprei
sion 011 lhe minds of the audience, as ihey lelt the hall.
With the lew slight laltlts cor-
iviled, it should be a'treat lo
hear them again at a later date,
Mayor Mav calls a meeting ol
ratepayers for Wednesday evening next, in Larson's paviliun,
to discuss the method of ferry
The Merry Widow club held
one of tlieir assemblies last
Friday night.
\ in.outer if lhe people wish it.
Ai.itn.ian Voung has cousulud
tin* liiiilniiiiiiii and finds them
unanimously in favor oi reduction. He expects to lie able to
hau lhc rate changed Irom ten
1 tuts 1' r three mint es, to two
centi for live :. niuus.and hopes
tu induce tlu company to run a
new cable of twclv'.' wires.
Council thank' AM ''oilttg for
his eflotta an., referred the mat/
ter back lo him, to be carried
t   coinpl< timi.
Aid. M. Km- in reporting for
ilu* aiivi'ilising committee, re
qneltl I an expression ol upinion
il ti' the ptoposen r'lalit of
Sti', foi advertising purposes
ii ti rt il lo linance ciiiiniiitUe
with power tu act.
Aid. S.in'lt/. iili'iTcd tu tiie
propose'! band concerts during
the sitniiiu months, and Aid
McRae and himself were Of
pointed a committee with re
in ;n thereto.
'I ninl si it-el coatractori  will
bt ie I'.-.i-s'ed tu meet the round
u, i'l "'v '1.1 evening, to Snail-
adjust oulsi iliding matters re-
I , mg llu-ilu.
1   law No  ftf lu nj'i'iil local
Improvement debenture Inlaws
N*-:    2,  1,  |, nnd J, be a'lse   of
defective    recitak   was   read
three .hues, at-1 other Inlaws
in iu- .-,( * lai'in wen- likewise
.atlirit the btuin-M ol Manuf-rturtm
Kn,. ■<*;■*,.mi ollifr. v. i., rr*ii;*ae I le.tlvi-uibil*
■ nl' iviaf their Pitent MalaeM transacted
'j-1 rp-rta, Pre lit**-'wryadvicetret. Charge.
1 ■-Kl.Ttte. Our Ifiventor'l Advl-crscntiapinrc-
•at MitrionftMirton, X-ir-tl., KwVork Ule
laa.- ■li.iiiie.i .ml -cimim,*] Dr. U«v*>
ior Hoot end Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Hoot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., opp. City Hall
We .ire trying to make
this stun- ;i eredit to tin-
West Knil. Help us oul
by giving us a share of
vour trade.
I'.r. K.illinitl l:,th *•!. I'limif M
North Vancouver
Transfer co,,;r
r. .Itta-MCa
Cartaye, Removnlw,
Parcel Delivery,
ON      l.l. l- INABI-K    TMMMtB
OFFICE:  lM.MiJ.lfl llf
Telephone 70.        Night Cull.) 13.
'Ittesdiv i.iiiie and wi-nt, so
iln 1 lie Welsh M ile Voice l'.irtv;
Hj ilsu did lhe rain, Imt not
tin expected audience at the
l.or'.iiilMiril hall. The runu-H
could   not   lie  called   IlKt'canful _^^^—■,-
slalidpoiiit, ^fl      R*   TRDHWN^H,
eepling   lllal   purl   ul    il.     all | ^}tW^   CoPYmoMTiAc.
'Ih-i -   v I'leh  1 e Iruiii        .,     .ir^l^rcr^^K^
mu it.   lhe   promoters   worn .' rffi^pHa	
I1.1 ■.' 1 * havt lieen justilicd in
^1 n through the programme.
A. n **r\ um* knows a sparse
niltl line 1 uiiluies 1" indifferent
pel lul 111,line, and purh.ips tllis
Wi s the ease last Tiie-.d,i\ ,
the   irtis'es sang a:   il ilishe.trt-
"i.l.     Nut  that  there Was   nu
in. nt   •! , ...veil—there e 1 lalttly
w.' all . uiigli Imt it lacked
11 ..ii'lhing, aiid thai sotre-
tlia ig was probably ihe Inipi a-'
t"ui ol a crowded iiuilding. Tlic
ni.i'.i' choir sang well, dtspl .yin*|
,i' iilv above the average and
.I ij-i credit to their painstaking lotulllltor. Thei an* wil
li.ti.,;iced, with good UM !, anil
hav, a line ,ill.uk and ile.in
Inn .ii. Their I.i ul t s can lie sunt
ineil np easilv, siuh us one m
two 1 ts predoitiinaling in the
lirsl   li   urs,    atistng llial    pari
tu in   uo prominent, ami   the
lolling down to the suit passages nnisi lie insisted iipun. Thev
were heard lu lhe best advantage in the well ktiuwn "Culn-
r.ulcs in Anns," a piece will rehearse! mid memorized,
The  IWO ladies each  received
villiferous   encores,    ntnl    Miss
Traill certainly gave tk uudi-
a*lt'if'r- —
..»a 0)*iart .»i>i,rf fof ■>*,.       _
' Jlta*.i'l UM lliniu.ll Muiii ■ '
aprMI I otic*, without okaf**. In Hit
..1*1.1*7 TOT WaniniafP**^!"-
• ia.o tl,r..u.ti Mm 11 * I"* ratalta
_. .ala-4, wtO-out (*>•*•■■. In IM
Scitiflfie »W.
"-C-nnMataTMa-tf, L>n*-*t< Clf-
f iu, ■nni- -"nn- *c 'i.fm. Ira
fiat,, m~. » -anf-ald.   NM fr
«•"-** New York
r m. w jbiMioo. D c.
{The Grand Boulevard!
I  and Viclnitt)  j
)     NORTH   VANCOUVER,   B.  C.     !
The gardening ul the entire area ol thf Honlc-
vard is now completed,      The planting ol the 24
X        spacious lilocks is practically linished.
Complete maps and plans with price lists will
be ready in about two weekti.
Meantime lots are being sold and those desiring
to secure a selection (rom the lull property,   may
X        obtain information now.
! Mahon, Mcfarland & Mahon
Comer Seymour & Pender Streets
I       Vancouver,       -       ■       B. C.
.Xa•M-w••w••^,:••^•M•,w•♦x••MM>•^•^ iyyi~y.~y^M'<»yA»y&M4"yy,,M"^^^
WaterMotor for Sale i'mhkkllas bepaimd! j. w. balmain
  fiw. (Iliil, ele.   Keyfillini civil  kmiinkkh
llpp. I'alnre lintel     •    Swnnd utrfel E Qiimiliiy Surveyur mil Arrhltrrl
j.  w. Taylor- NORTH  VANCOUVKR.
Offers nre   wanted for  a
powerful Water Motor imd 1
certain amount of ,.i,.ing British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Sninc may  lie  in.«pectrd nt
the oflice of—
Cirs leave the Ferry Lmiding lerQnaraibnTy Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch streei and Kt-ilh Koatl as follows : 6:tj
I.m,', 6:45 1. 111., 7:13 a. tii., 7:45 a, in , 1*115 a. in,. 9 a. m. 9.40 1. 111 ,
10:10 a. Oa, After 10:25 *■ m-, >**,i's Wl" leaee Quei-nsbury avenue,
l'wi'iili lirsl and [xaidkle avenue, and Winch street and Keilh Koad
nt five minutes to th-- liuitr and Iwenlv five mi*iiiti--s past the hour.
Cars leave Niueli-i nth streei and IJiicensliiiry airnne, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale aivnne. Wim 1) street ami Keith Koad as lollowi:
6a. 111., 6:55 4 in.', |idi in., 8:05 a. in., 8:45 a. in., 9:30 a.m.
After 9:30 a. in. cars liave tin* Ferrv Landing at Irn minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
R-itcp-iycrs' Mreting
A   pulilio Mirlinp u( the
Ritep.iveri! of   I In-   Cite of
Norili Vancouver will he
held in Larson's I'nvilion, on
WclifMlay, April 7th, it 8
o'clock p.iii.. for tho purpoie
of diecoaehg lhc pyateni of
emit r 1' and other mattcfi
pertaining lo tlic Kerry Service.
Mm \ or
PaKK M'l'l('Ktln.tllii*l't,iiii.il.il tin-
' 1 a.r 1 - i.ili. 11 ill llii* 1 ityill Nurlli Vim.
run ver inl.'iiilit tu MM iStnl lin>
imrlialii r..n-tniiieil) the mirk ur h.-al
lunar,.- rn.nl m'l nut 111 tin* «,-lic<lillf-|'*
|.*iirlllK MM lllll illtell'l. I" •*«••«" III"
iiimi rim. ur t pnrtinn tlirn'ul. MM llu'
real }>ro|. r11 ln-in-Hnil 1 li.-r.-l.i lr..iiiiii|(
ur .'.iinin*- ilieh-uii   ami liulil lialili- lur
.l--i -Ululll llll-n-lur.
A -ihi ill .la.aa. ni|* ||„* lamia ||, 1.;.-
.nnl pr '|*t*n.tl lu lav .|.i'itillv tattmtt Inr
ihr -nil iiii|aruieiiii*iii mnl li.i* mum - ul
llu"u,:ir« iliiTi'fil. .ii lar ».llu' .iinir
ill .' .- 1 r • i. 111 a -a 1 Irulll till' In.l ri*iin*il
.i-."MH) ml mil aud   "lliurnna.*, 1. im
lili.'l in ilu*  utli I   ilu'   I ul
I'uiiiinl.. '..mil 1- .<|-,-n f.,r in.|,,', tiun
■' UT' 1.^  a,l||,,*  llnlir.
Villi lat'luilllll' l.'I'Ul .Imu- III' ' "ti-
mat i iii'l ul Iln- llii|.rmi'iiii'iil .unl llu*
,1 n,.irliiMi   tu   l«-   |,r,'tI,luii mil ulllii'
l« 11 thI Innn. ul ibe iin
1 man *>i weWlmi aiil In ln-i'1 m tin*
Olil Hill,  Nurl'i   I Hi.,uin,*r    III' , ..11
11 im. 1 .'ii,iti. ui An ii. inli'i, nt Un
liuiiruf HuVliH'l |* in . I.*r llu* |iiir|.»,.
ul lu'iiriiiit lay ,*"u*|.i,iuit- ai|iniii*i ii,.,
)iru,.i-,*tl tmmm"'-. ur tin- aeCMriry
I'l iln* Irunt'.iit'' im .i*iiri*iui'iil.. "r ,1* 1*
nllit-rrn;n|ilaliiln tilinli tin- |.-r>"ii> in*
lrri"i.*il ili.iri* lu iiutlii' and itliit'li i> In
lan a-tatnlMWf I" l'"- '"'irl
nii)MA> KlIKI'HKRn
A.-i'.iniii'iil ('iiiiii)ii.iiiunir.
Nurlli Vani'iiiiviT. BC,
mill Mwli, n«m
.rlli.nl 11 ki 11 khtii ru:
|'ru|.-l,<il I.*iiiiiiiI>*'I    l'..liliuti*
liii|iruvi'iiii'iil lulali-iut   aili*tu|,*iy
(|| l'1'Mriiii*. irrit.liiiu
in; nml Iii»r."lii'"i-IHK
.'Irtl strwl, Innn M ihni
Annua lu Si  ImWi
Atmm ur.tKi.'t  |ll,l4Mg
(I.a     ||,*In, Mil*  .1*1**1 .all.
uu iiiillli -I*ti Hml 1 1 * ina
I,'  s,,^,,!!!    un   ...111I1
llth „| :ir,| Mtml be-
ttt.Tii Mahun ami Kt
Dtvid'a .tifiiuM        tlir-0    tyMM1
X£tT   All boats are met by the cirs.
Having Your Teeth Fixed
was, at one time, a very painful operation. With MM
it is still painful. Not 00, however, at tlie lioston Drnt-
i\ts We h.ivr all the latest equipment known lo the
modern dentist.     ll is more like
A Pleasure tu bave Vour It t Ih fixed
bv mir dentists beiause ihey are all expi-riniinl men. We
make no ili.nge lor examining your Ireth and would be
pleased to look thnn over at any time.
uudoni i'Kit*i:s THi-.Y mtvui change
Fall sel ol teeth    $8.i«)
Uridge work, prr looth   .s.oo
('.old imwiis       J,00
OoU lillinj*s         Mat up
Hntina lillings        I .mi
l-lxtraiting       50
The Boston Dentists, Ltd.,
Dr. A. R. Baker, Consul lino. Dentist
407 Hastings Street West, Valiiouver
Hours w .1.111. to b p in. Phone 2220 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
BllOrt,    Illaaal.T.llfh     ttaarall'll    il'lI'TS   Oll
Id in .i*. aai lii'ii.-ral iiiiii ie iiitorwt Hill Iii
||inlilisliiil iii I in   Km-hiim
Na, I'liiiiiiiiiiiii'iiii.n publlalied iicept
lover liguaturt aii itrlur,
1'llH   K.VI'KI.-S la* ,11 11" illlt   ri*s|ii'IISllili*
li'T tlic npiiiiniiH iif riirri'H|>iin<li'i>lK. ami
RMerVM Iln- rinlat to ti-rniiiiiili- u ilisrun*
Imou in niiv nun*
Editoi Hipitss
Sir, Hating read thi disvur*
isive and tut learned diaierta
Ition on the above, published in
|iln Netts-Ailtit'lisii u| S.ilm
lav, Uarch loth, together arith
IDonald Caineron'i reply thereto
ol the same dale. 1 beg leave to
■aay that I thoroughly ndorm
nli Mr. Cameron has said as be
ling perfectly correct,
An iuinie oi practical knowledge iruin actual experience in
j mat ten oi ilns kind, is nm lh I
Ikundredweight of mere academ-
lie, dilettante utterance nn  the
Iparl of pt'ilagugiies ami pe.la.'ls,
[presuming to speak with .iiiih-
lority on things whici He in
jtirelv beyond their ken air!
(comprehension--the case la-re.
I Anil so, In queationing this
Iwriter's extraordinary and In
Ilailv misleading slatJtit-tl'i , i
I mean to oppose them by solid
Ifacts alone, and tails "are
hlels lhat \iinna ding an' il.uir-
|lia be disptltit."
The Bathing Beach Bogej
I I'llll hall I tenllltt ago, tin
lllurgh ol l'ortobi-llo.Miillutliian.
IScotland, (watering plan lot
I Edinburgh, the capital), lituat-
|ed  alung  a   line   broad   land)
bathing beach, a mik long, m-
latallad, lor the first time la its
Ihiitory, i complete and tlmr-
utigh   "combined   lyiteiu"   ol
I senirage, hating ils main intercepting   brick   tiilttits carried
alung  Upper  side ol said lii.nil
cast and Wesl, litllv llall a mill
I e.uh way,to deliver their "crude
sewage'    hum tl   ol   iniirsi*    at
times tuth rainwater, directl)
into lhe Firth ol Forth, b] call
lrmi pipes, emptying at loi water  spring  tides,    the   exitellli
tulal range there being m leet.
All   til's   tilt llnlll   the   slightest
I inconvenience to bathers, harm
to the beach uscli, or injur] lo
till*   Nullll   sta
All   Kxpvrt   Opinion    lb lur.
beginning lhe ttulk ol tin    I
I Miuragi si Iiiiiii', ihe burgh l. u-
unipal ciiiiinil though) ll   td-
vtsable to submit the uin'It
proposal, tor his dn isioii upon
it, to a gentleman, ilnn conaid
eitd lo be the Very hlglnst lit
iiig authority oa tins ipecial
subjeci, the late Jamca New-
lands, .MICE., municipal engineer oi Liverpool, England
llu- engineer employed bj uirgh
niuiitil bring tlu iati .lulin Pat-
erson, ui Edinburgh,
Air. Neit lands reported lavoi
.ibll    ul    tin-    sihiilie,    allil    llll
work iiii'lei mv own inpervi
Mon was proceeded with and
carried out my latiifactorilt,
reoalta being as itatcd abovi,
allil   tin   lilllgll's   one   and "111)
gie.it natural earn I, iti pre< luu*-
bathing  beech,   was preaerved
iiiilul,iti and int.ut
Tin "Combined Byatcm    on
a   i.iigt   M .ib      T"  tin   m*st    ,,|
Portobello, along ilu muiii In
tulal. sttitihis lul six mills
the siaw.iid    liuiiiiil.il t      a      nt
mt ui Edinburgh and *** i, * i'
Burgh an l.titli. tlmi aggrvgati
population being about  ;
il and iignl.u ii ■
tin   I'.iinin iiu  b,iihia,:
just mentioned
About um ball ul th. i
piuduit ol ilns large ..iinin ini
it is (or was, nn I ipeak now
ui /. n.n*. ago) alter being mil
i/nl im irrigation pnrpoaea,ani|
partial!) purified bj ijt.ii mcani
Oil  llli   I 111 till'. . "lam* tion Wl il
kli. .XX il i  t 'l.ilgilltilini   Miadutt ..
»r   Sittagt Farm,' ol
in iiii ii in, allowed in itin nml
the Black Hocks, Wth, at level
oi low water springs, direct!)
ink) the estUiii'V, 111 pteilsilt
the same manner as has alrenit
been described for Portobello,
mul with exactly the same results.
This scheme, popularly know n
as "Thc Water ol I.eilh Sewn
age," buili corporationi (1863)
united in promoting as a joint
undertaking, which wai figured
would siTfc iis Intended pur
poac loi ,1 period ol 25 yeara, to
be renewed or duplicated al the
expiry ol that term, as haa at
Hull)   now   belli  doUC  oll  iili-u
lically ibe sunn* Inns and cow
iiniii .sense principle! ai ia  iln
lirsl ltislaine.
The Aim.ne to Piiblii   lb,ilih
Bogey.- One (act which I   mm
deslle lo illl'ii t particular at
U'tllioll tO is, that while ellgag
ed  i,.is assist,nil   lu   Alissls  Da
vid and Thomas Stevenson, tt,
I.C.I-;., Edinburgh) upon tin
work oi ihe preliminary lurveyi
(or the required act ol parka
lllllll, 1 was called Upon tO Havel through, nispn 1, and report
upon  ihe condition  oi  tome*
where about ten miles ol tributary sewer ililtilt.s, all ol which
were lound to be constructed ol
suiiinl sulid niasutiiy, many ol
them  over u (eel   high   in   ilu
ileal, ami including lluise ol a
large    portion    Ol    till*.*    "New
Town" ot Edinburgh; said sitters having been built at the
tune ul lhe laying out ol tin
townaite, or, during the latto
hall of the I'Sth century; aad
strange though il mat appeal
to soiiic um creduloiu people,
I did not thereby contract an)
-t Iiiulli    disease," elli iilinliTcil
iiu'iutii and pestilent vapoun,"
"deadly organimu," dead cat!
and dugs, or othei "petrifying
matter," (only sonic live and
health)   looking   rata)   thing!
whii It exist  only  ill  the  healed
.md fertile imagination ol this
ingenious    and    accompliihed
writer, and ale mm put [oi
ward by llllll in order tu siale
lhe public and serve a puipusc
111 su doing, nu, as the late
Abraham Lincoln has it, "You
1,111 luul suiiii people all tin
utile" 11 so minded,
Another large Combined Syi
tem.—The citj "i Aberdeen
Sioilatii , has 1 population  ol
about   l8o,0O0,   and   KWCTI    di
rectly into thc North Sea,which
is not appreciably aflo ted then
by.    In 1880, however, when 1
was requeeted by lhe late Wil
ham   llmiltoii,   U.I.C.E.,   cit)
mrveyor, to examine into and
report to Inm upon the entire.
llien existing, sewerage ststcin
ol that Ot) , 111 Mew ul iiiiilein
ed, which is. that ward-politics,
or   poli.tica   ol   any   kind,   are
platt'd improvement! and exten
sinus, the uinialls emptied right
into tin tix 11 Dee, and harboai
ileal    Its   month,   lillt   without
serious  inconvenience  or  nun*
.nne treated  in  uitiM-i-tit-iiir
Mi    ex,imin.iliuii    nl     111,mt
miles  ul   these . sewtts,    glalllli
and 1.1 iik, oi ancient and recent
iiiiistriictlun,    was   alliiust    an
exact repetition ol int previoui
[1863) ' iperience ol ihe same
kind in Edinburgh as 1 ruli
lots u( gotiil wholeeouic Ireafe aii
lute and there I small gas
leak I alld little or BO sediment,
ilu- latter, nail). bi lag confined
iu mn  sput  onl).  where tin
l'lauiilec   mam    mink    outfall
illltill     had     been     llll     iluwii
half   wat   and   Battened   out,
to    allow     <>l      llu      tails      ul
llli-     great      North     "I     Suit
laud I.illlt,it   [fright  sl.nl|,ui lie
mg laid i" grade ovei the Ion
our tin   milt
ui .1
beach in front. Finding "   a.*m
Wat     lu    li,..:     the    Iiiii.
iwa Uo wed up and dliappi
II nnu  ainl In  itii
Tin glial btUk ol the nihil
hall, hunt hi thai Hum 1,111I1
and  tin   north) Hi    .ili'I   Wl
portion "i Edinburgh including
almoat tin wholi   Ni 1 Town,
* 1 ■ *  * ■ ■ I    '   "      I        Ipfl    lull',   main
nilitit ptlttg     ' wel     a1   Ut    six
nub n lung, carrying   crudi
iu i.uii' combined  with
leod water, aiid emptying ai
red lop "i laid main icwei   At
another  point,  ami  Iui   nnu
i|llllt   iiiii'.lililable  dlsl.nni .   tilt
t illiiint Irani (igsi.m's , iii it ijvi
soap alld tail.lit  I.n lul t . exli.ilt<l
a peculiar, pungent, bm nol al
together oflenilvi odour, erhlh
a gliast COating inti ltd the
surlau   ui  iln   Inn k  walls ami
invert "i ibe icwer, making tin
latter '.uiinwli.it slippttt lu
walk Upon.     Willi llnst  two ex-
ii|iiiuiis, however, both reailil)
accounted lor, atul the lasl n.iin
id lieing in nu ttav detrimental,
, tilltlllllg 1 Iai   Wis [OUnd  to be
111 good taiai. 1 nnl condition.
Health) Communitiei in mote
reaped! than um      Aberdeen
Edinburgh  and  I.eilll,   all    nn
atul un ilu 1.11 u.isi like Vancouver, and mwuhI as 1 have
endeavored    to   describi    an
sliuwtl,    bv    llli'    lllusl     till,ibll
sialisms, tu tank amongil the
utt   Iii .illlllt   t   and  lllusl   ulU
brioui 11 uins ui population in
tin civilised world; but perhapi
'In     mu.t    llul,1M1     lail    abutlt
Ihi 111 still remain, tu be record
never allowed to Interfere with,
or enter into tins purely engineering question.
The corporationi are composed ol public-spirited business
men and iili/,cns ol standing,
possessed ul average, or perhaps superior, intelligence,
willingly tbt utt both tune and
talent gratis tu the wurk ol the
publii seivite, Willi a single eve
to lhe good and prosperity   ol
ilu tt hole t it ii community, Ami
lint Nihil, as the proper agents
l.l a,llif lllll plllllll WUlks, Ill-
la.lllllg large money expendi'
nm, unit  un- musl qualified,
capable ami tellable nun lhat
can  be  bad    l.n    that    puipusc,
ami Uu natural coniequeneei
follow, in economy with efficiency, good work and latisfac-
tioll, stub as WOUld be Un i.isu
here also, given the like conditions.
ln tins connection ilns writer
proceeda to ull us ol Toronto
ami ui ins experience! canoeing
iipun lake (bit,uiu. along the
ihorei ul it bull be s,its "al all
siasulis ale lu be cliioutiliircd
aires ul Boating I.inal leluse."
1 du uui pii'suiiic to disptltv
what lliis ver.uious gentleman
prolcsses tu have seen there, but
ttnlllil like tu ask linn, whal all
that has lo dn with us, wilh
uur liltiill iii'l tide and the npni
sea right in front ut us.' Is not
that quite a difieteut proposition.'
\\b\ talk arrant nonsense like
llial here.'    Who ever nnl with
",uus ul Boating faecal refuae"
anywhere ia tidal watera?  Ami
win  ihould we hate to Ily   to
ihai denier reuort and forlorn
hope the "Septic Tank," which
mav  be ami   diillbtless   Is,    llu
n.iin 1 tiling lm placet so unfortunate.) situ,iteil as Toronto, Exeter, ttancheeter, Slui
inld, ami other inland communitiei which have been named, as
having tm option save recourse
in tins acknowledged.1)' imperfect, tinsntisl,uini t, .unl who!
ly tim,line method oi trying
In   suite   their   difficult   sewage
problem Hut win should wt
bother about what dote not
even remotely concern us
Nnt    Wesiniinstei   and    the
Ki.imi   titer,  a case ill  poinl
Smile  1; years agn, nui  neighbor! ni tin "Royal Ciiy" were
worked up into .1 state ol panic
by the sudden advent in their
midst, ni another talie prophet,
who actuall)   [tightened  Ihem
into tin bilni that, wm tlnn
sm,ige emptied into their noble
river, lhe aalniOU lishing and
canning induatry, "ti which the)
so iniiili depend, would be forever ruined. One writer, however, "Aipnla," in lhe Colum
biaii 01 thai day, undertook tt
undeceive them, and this is
what In s.i iti   "Westminster has
.1 population "i S,ooo, ami pro
pmiMii,iiih 110 i.niidoii,  England, 1 sli.mill give .Iho.iKK)
Ions ul  sewage per tint
l-'tasei   has .1  disilialge Ol
'it's."io miliums ol gallons,
The lirst annual ball of North
Vancouver lodge No. .pi, K. ol
P., wai held in the Horticultural hall, mi the evening oi March
31, and wa.s a pronounced success 111 every way. A large-
number of people were in at-
who j tendance, including numerous
'visitors from Vancouver. The
Committee hnd made capable arrangements Inr lite affair,   am,
the result wai ihai everyone
had   n   thoroughly   enjoyable
lime. Special laic cars were
provided, as well as a late ferry
lo Vancouver. The Hour was
in excellent condition, while the
music, by Hal-put's orchestra,
Was the besl obtainable. Ke-
lieshuielits were seitcil ill the
The committee in charge oi
the affair wen*. .1. R. Badger
chairman ; II. Iv Keiil, sec-
retary; Percy Booth, S. II. Walker, \\. F. Haig. The proceedi
will be devoted towards buyn.
an niinii lor tlie third 1.111k
Schultz & Harper, with whom
he has been associated lor a
term of years, and has become
the senior member ol the inui
of Schultz k Arnold, Ins partner being A. S. Arnold, who until recently was connected with
the linn of Bowser, Ki-ul &
Wallbridge. The ollues .il llie
new firm are situated in rooms
104 and 105, Crown building,
No. 615 Pender .street.
His Worship Mayor Mat mi
preside at the ilay da) Cekbru
lions in Horticultural groutnis.
Good progress is being made.
All girls who ian sing an*   in
vited to help in ihe cantata.   \
give the
if  young   ladie
maypole dull.
A tt.liable deal in North Vancouver realty this week, is the
purchase ol Lonsdale gardens lit
.1. C. Keith, from the North
Vancouver Ferry & Power Coinpanv, Limited, for the sum ol
>;-,,ooi>. Thai men oi means,
who ate already owners of tei.
large 11,uis oi North Vancouver realty, stand read) lo invest
such large amounta oi money
lor   the   purpose   ol   nut easing
iheir holding!, is a character!*-
tn [nature oi local really conditions, and one which must
exert a potent inlluciice m engendering confidence therein upon the part oi the inventing
North Vancouver Livery
First Class Light Kigs     Tallyno
It-i'lini'i'lt-, .*n«t nf Uuudalt  Phone IW
Home Hlock Lonsdale
rMoKjH Vainu)Uvep,
I'n.M'l a"! Ill   1IY
Cerilliialiil Surgical, Medical and
Mmi-ruiiv Ntimes
Nurses Sunt Out on Application
I'm-  liim**  apply   at   tbo UoBpital
Cur. I.itli sir.'i'i,; St. Andrew1-) Ave.
Wallpipan,    Paintl,    Varnishes,
etc.. 1 tt.. etc.
117 Lonidale Avenue
bib Ashcroft Banne  'jc
2 large St. Cli.nKs' Cream...25c
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh Urea.I d.nlt delivi red
to all parts ul the citv.
ao loaves for $■
51. pel loal
t'liiixt h        ;i l.iuisd.tli Ati-
lu tin houae ol luminous, on
Thut sii,it lasl, 111 response to a
ipieslinii bv Sir. Burrill, Hon.
Win, I'aternott, minister of customs, brought down interesting X
inform.ilion wilh relerence tolj
the ipi,unities of Iruit imported '&
inlo Hritish Columbia irom the
I'nittd Slates lasl year, as follows     Pruuee aad plums (un-
pitUd) 7St|.sJJlb, value Sls.hlo;
gin 11 apples 13863 barrels,value
">'*.777 ; blackberries, raspln-r-
rics, strawberries, etc., 8l,792tt)
value $9,957; peachee, 571,50381,
value S:4,Mho; plums,   |.'t,rioolb,
Mist*, liv Chartis I Butt*. Ml.
value Sl7,.'7lt.
was fl6l,794.
The lolal value
une g,iiinn nl si'tt.ige t" 17,050,
10] g.illntis nl actual discharge
ol lhe river. * * All the sew.igt
that Westminster uill produce,
lot .1 hundred tens to come,
tumid not I llu liim 1 1 disturb
the sioin.ith ul the tl.iinliist lish
that sunns, in I,ut. it would bt
niiiiilt unrecognizable."
1  l|n  lllal   klllllt   tt 111 ll   III    a Al|lll
l.i a pn Ins iiguiis, but tlui look
to uu* in in correct, .nnl I pi 1
luili  agree with Imu ia   his
1 uiuInsi,,11,   .t)i<1 ui, altel   ill
uh.it li tin greal Praaei Itself,
ultimate.)  iwallowed   up   .nul
Inst    Within    llll    lllisnlll     1,1      'hi
still greater, tidal, gull ol Oeoi
And wb.it lli.il alao, "ilil
pared with the volume .unl nu
mcn-iit)   i'i  iln    Inconceivably
t.i ' u Imle gbiln 111. ling,nu*,111
betninl.' Ami again, what the
utii 1 It iiisigniiu.ini sew.ige production oi the lilt 1.1 vancouvei 111 couipariaon, 01 contra 11.
uuh .mt ol tin se, unit, m .1
ih..11 ..imi yean from uow? win!
lli.it . ,111 be though! nl, or spnk
hi ..I   a,nh   111   stub   terms  ,is
inniiasmpti"  and   "iniinitisi
Ittal"   inn   .is   these   tliiius.iinl
f.u    ippeai  when viewed   in
llki   *   nip.il isnli  U iill   the .nulls
ol Uli mitt    HI'', 1)     1 .nn, eli.
I   \\   I! A I.MA IN.
\sst„.  Insl. I'.i;   1 1S7.M
lh Vancouver, B.C.,
■Mb Uarch, I•■•
Tin   li*.nnt  1.ix n*.tins   loi
\ .III. niltl I      illsll |l I     \t ill
bi     ind nexl wiek.
1). McColl has commenced the
erection of a residence on
Church road.
Next Sunday the lirst Sunday
sihool will be held in the new
Anglican church.
.1. H. Bullock and wile are
rejoicing over the arrival of a
■•• -ng son at their home.
W. Pinnell has bought out
llr Hutler's Interact in the Lynn
valley dairy, taking possession
on April 1." Mr. and Mrs. Pinnell will reside in the valley.
A fatality occurred in the C,
P.R, yards at Vancouver,  on
S.i 1 unlay night last, whereby
.111 Indian, named Charles Steps
itsnling on the local reserve,
lost his life. It .ippi.its lb.it
he had made his w.iv from lhe
uurfront to a point oppnsiii
Iln premises ol tin- (old storage
minpany, "li (ion- .iveinie, and
in attempting to truss the track
1" fori an approaching train,was
slunk by a yard engine and killed instantly.
A wedding occurred at St.
I- hit's church last Fridav alternoon, when Miss E Watkinson,
of Vancouver, was united to
Christopher Brown, of this city.
Rev, Mr. lloojx-r was the officiating clergviuaji Mr. and Mrs
Hinwn will reside nt Crocker
\ new legal firm, o( intu* 1
- North Vancouver residents,
haa been lormed in Vancouver
S 1). Sihull/. (hiiitmai) "f thi
[erry committer ol the local
cornel!, has eevered bis connec>
ti ni with thc lirm nf McCrossan
BoW li*r. nml 'In  I..ts r.'-
a.lt.'.l     **il    11.   **l*  I   il.       IIH'lllMll.
(iTins.  Hit* mIi. -.1 tuil r. ..p. 1
1.11 M.n.Uy. .bm. mii. tana.
A Ii'iim' H-bolifibip w.ll bp"t-
dri'l hi I'.:,»ia*r d*r conpetlllnii
bv li-'iir.l.r-
iinns \\\mB
Fur llii' S|iri
I a*,l itork, ft't'ilii fur farm,
-.-unli'ii, lium, or ■■• ni-i-rx:ila>ry.
(r, in  b*||   nr.ntir.   111   Enflwd,
llolliui.l.  Ir.imi*. Dnited suii*.
mail Iiunl atottttt,
tloME i.iitiwx   1 urn and
I I'l'iili-rr*. Bm  BappHw, Snrny
I'liiiil*.   Sprtjf    M.tti'riil.,   Wire
K,*l"'lli'.'   :ll|a|   (illf«. lllll   KlnwiTH
)''i*,i  I'tilalnyitc Vote
iitliii*.   (ircenhoufM   mul   tsot
Hi   -,    mlu U',-liniii«tfr Himil
l.iiuiiuu r, B.C.
Builders and
P, l,.\l.s<'N is  preparei
lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
Ami all kinds nf Building
Material in quantities to suit
' it riii-nialili' prioee.
II II rilONK Nn. 2,
Don'l ciiy to') iniit-li
from 11- before buvii
for jroni Hardware, Qtl prices
*,     Wi- will lave vou mourn-.
Wc handle Hardware ,ind Builders' Supplies
ol every descriptioiMnd our Goods are all thc
best Standard Grades.*   j*   >*   j*    ■*   .*
WA   l.lii, r lr,*i* tn .tin I'.irl i*l tin ('in
Mm imt inn mi'i iimi "ni I
|a*r ..ur (I.iihI-    Uur llpHH
\u ci iii t ta-r tiliiit  "llnr rt-|iri»i*iit«*
11 «i in m.i.i' I** i**'i, i-.-i "in fttsts
lllll.-l.    HI*   > .III *ati* lull.     t\ .   a
Wi tut'' >..ii thf I'fiii'iii.
rhti nM-MJin uuwiu mm, lu.
,, imi.*,. it-inui .mt i'...*i*i Tilitilmiii'  No 88
II  II |IIHIIII       .MJ.   OO
II-' vmi urn in ni'itl ol any Lodge
Stationery) itwh ai By-Lnwa,
I,, iter llt-.uk Envelopea, etc., nr
if vnn reqtrire BiUheida, BUta-
menta, Ppogrnmmea, InvitaUona,
Wadding Cabinata, Paraphleta,
Bookleta, Receipte, Pwtera,
Dodgere, Mlnne,
the printing line,
in tu tin- office.
I,,* fn-t-clu" mi'
or anything in
Hnd your order
Tin* work will
ilm pricee will
J. C. McNah, the travelling
freight agent ot the C.P.R.,wns
in the city on Monday, in consultation with a committee ol
the board of trade, relative to
the possibility of arrangin-
with his company for the transfer of freight cars on barges a*
cross thc Inlet. Mr. KcNab
went carefully over the ground
and   likewise   considered   such
statistics as thc committee aru
prepared to submit, and tlu-
matter wa.s left in abcvaitce
pending the procuring of further
data. The chief dilliculty in
the way of the scheme appears
to be the fact that facilities
could not be provided at the
Lonsdale avenue wharf, and
consequently I suitable wharf
would have to be built on some
other site. Thc company is
favorably disposed toward the
project if details could bc arranged.
A special meeting of the executive committee of the board
of trade was held on Tuesday
evening. The letter irom the
Motor Boat Transportation Co.
referred to the board by the city
council, was given careful consideration and was finally referred to the meeting of ratepayers, to be called by the mayor for Wednesday evening, April
7th, for the further consideration of ferry matters. The publicity and information couiniittee was constituted as follows:
Geo. H. Morden, chairman; D.
G. Dick, A. Philip, A. S. Billings, T. A. Martin, A. G. Perry, Alex. Smith and J. K. J
Murray, with power to add to'
their number. The proposition
to pass a resolution favoring
the immediate construction bv
the V. W. & Y. Ry. of a railway bridge at Second Narrows,
with substructures sufficient for
the accommodation of a trallic
bridge, was considered, but no
recommendation was made.
A. Philip read the drait ol a
resolution favoring the appoin'
ment of a harbor commission
for the north shore of Burrard
Inlet, which he will move at
the general meeting of thi
board on Tuesday evening next.
per, of Mt. Pleasant. Several
papers and remarks relating to
the topic were contributed bt
different members. Refresh
ments were then served bv tin
hosts, and a variety programme
rendered by members of both
societies, brought a very enjoyable gathering to a closi-. Thost*
who took part were: Solo, Mi.-
Libble; recitation, Mr. Boull
and others from Mt. Pleasant;
quartette, Messrs. Brenton, II.
Hutchison, W. Philip and T.
Hutchison ; recitation, Miss
Hall, from North Vancouver.
Next Monday is consecration
meeting. The topic is lo In-
taken by II. Hutchison,.nul Miss
Hall is to occupy the chair.
Monday, April ,sth is the last
day upon which applications
will be received for placing
names upon the voters' list for
Richmond riding.
The Orange soiictv are arranging for a concert and dance,
A young man, hailing from
Vancouver, was arrested in the
district on Thursday last, for
shooting along the roadside on
Keith road west. He appeared
before Reeve McNaught on Saturday, charged with an infraction of the lircarms restriction
bylaw. In consideration of the
lact that this was the first arrest under thc bylaw, and that
thc accused pleaded ignorance
of thc statute, he was allowed
his liberty alter being warned.
Reeve McNaught stated that in
future thc bylaw will be rigidly
enforced, as promisuious Mooting constitutes a serious dangi.
to residents and lo tourists
who may be travelling throughout the district. He fuitlitt
stated lhat the council had .ippointed six Modal cimst.iiiii's,
resident in dlllcrent sections ol
thc district, for the express purpose ol putting a slop lo this
foolish .nul il.tngt tutis prut lite.
aloseph Filieur, who was ,ir-
resled for stabbing I). Rcnsluii,
a local resident, with a kink ■
lew days ago, came up for trial
before Judge Grant al Valiiouver, receiving his siiili-nie on
Tuesday. He was given three
years in the penitentiary at
hard labor. In sentencing the
prisoner the judge said: "I think
PII send you away to the penitentiary for three years. The
charge tw which you pleaded
guilty is a very serious one,anil
an examination ol vour record
shows that you arc ol a rathei
pugnacious disposition."
The Christian Entlc.it i mis ol
St Andrew's church, Nortli
Vancouver, visited the Mount
Pleasant (Vancouver) society on
Monday evening. The topic
"Inasmuch" home mission hospital work, was led by Mr. Pi
The Lonsdale
Freeh Tomatoei.Oucunr
bers, Radishis, Rhubarb
Btnuntis from Ul per dojen
H. ROBINSON  «•«••"'">
nil l.uii.iliili-  Ave
ISaletv Depoiil Boxes io Rent Safety Deposit Boxes lo Hint. I
I      al-    —T  ' '" iaaaa»aa«*'.^Ma».   *J*)
[III lil
Ao*»a« Exocitor, Trustee, Liquidator   Receivers «nd Aiilgni.el
Ccuit boradi li-cun'
i  0
Paiil   uu   dtp-Kill,   cii'l"
la .ii r iinii'» y.'inly.
Past Booka Inure
I'. S  Il.titNAKI), (.'h.ii-'iinn
lli'N   K t'.UiTi'.l. till lD.t.l Imu I  l'*..,.iiiu*
I* J, P.GIBMOS  M.in.i wt I.G -• UN-AKiGIIT,  tor;
in.am ill' Uauiuui Block, eornur KuImoii ind Groin lile
P.O.   BOX Wl I'll.a.l*     aMI
Safclv Depi'sil  H"Xes to Helil.  Safely Deposit lioxes to Ii'iiil.
Board <»i" Trade
I. O. (). v.
North Vancouver Board ofj North Vancouver Lodge No.
Trade nieels lhe tlnnl Tuesilnv M, meets every Thursday i-w-n-
ol each month, at 8 o'clock p. ing, corner Lonsdale avenue and
m.,  in the board room,  City First streei, ai I o'clock, Visit
Hall. Executive meets the lirst
Ttiesil.iv of each month. D. 0.
Dick. President; J. R. J. Murray, Secretary.
[ttg brethren cor liitlly invited to
attend. A. L. Clements, NG.,
Thos. S. Nye, Rec.-sec; .1. H.
Pilling, Fin.-Sec.
Raiis :
,** ■ n.i per and up.
Special rales to families and   to regular
a a    .11*1.   I,	
SicOND Sun i.
-   -   .NOUTII   VANCOUVER, B. C.
< teneral Contract ir
I.mnl Clearing, Dtump •"■  I
UlMtiaif. Kmrii tun' na'ir lioilaia*.
All iliniat«t mini.- good.
IC M I'l.n V M n N   I'      A ll K Sl. V
j,,,i «t. tvt«i ,,r taooad  i.
I'll    II,ax   ll
||f    """j*""
all kind, ui Miaaluu ami Antn-ue Kurni-
luia*. -ia.a,*, niii,*,., Iiunl, ami liar Fix-
I** a* mi iu au iti. hrani'liea.
' . Hai i ii.null,lil .ml Lun.tHla
oj.|Ki,in ei'ljwji
M A11. i 'li I iK li s liivii pri nn pi attention
VANCOUVER Business and Professional Directory
r 1
I Pianos ... |
aI Bargains
Somi- at half real value.
We nre Inking many Rood
piiBoa ia exchinfi Inr tin*
BtLL   U'lft\OI A
tlu pr■ *.it< ».t mchanical player
on earth.
Some of these us, .1 pi,n.n.
are as nno.! II tin ilu they
lelt the factory.
To reduce thititock mhivi
■elected .i niiiiil',1 ni bargaiui,
l.eaiililnl upinjlil I'nii'is lor
$200   $225   $230
warranted to he Rood as new.
$0- $7, $8 |)«t month
City Auditors
North Vancouvei
516 Pender street
Chartered Accountants and
Vancouver, B. C.
Victoria, B. C.
Seatlle, Wash
Phone 1923       P.O. Drawer jt&
163 Cordova street west
is lhe only auctioneer who will
pay spot cash belore the sale is
biy Hastings Street West,
The City Loan Company, Stcrl- Keep your eye oa
ing block, 74 Hastings it St., JJ^ST   VANCOUVER
P. G0RL1CH, (Graduate)
CHIROPODIST. Corus.bunions,
sore feet, etc.   cured.       Many
years practice in London, Eng.
Room 54 Davis Chambers
615 Hastings Streei Wesl
Hours: y to 12 a.m., 1 to 6 p.m.
Successor to Dr. Dalby
Phone 978
il*.„l„   .. U.    II*.II.    II.     ...    .      a.l      jl...I...*.
lllll I*, 0,14)1 ..lp*t*.-,  .*.la|.ira    I 1 . I lj.ll*,  .I.M
I*. 1 ......n pi,,,., ii; , u„ii i'Iiii Ul
lai-lifclll, Ixiu B 1I1.-1, ..lllllll,   Hi'*in*,   al
I am
    For particulars apply to
u Batarieii ptupnupwiiii.il .iti,   MOKDl'.N   &  TllUK.MUN
l'lione S15     440 Homer Street
Electric bine-printing, limiting,
tracing, city maps.
Crowe k Wilson Ui.uiilnis, 441
Seymour street l'lione lobo
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms 3 and 4 bilks' llall, Cor.
Robson and  Granville Streets.
luikMliii' iiUdl'ilUKT &
MtHUM luljlOliitlOll LIU.
440 Seymour Street
12-34 Imperial Block
Cor. Pender and Seymour Sis.
P.O. Drawer 1116     Phone 2444
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Notary
Public. Member ill the bars
of British Coluiiilii.i and (Jue*
bee. Room 9 Empire Building, 603 Hastings st. west
Vancouver, B.C,     Phone 4106
;Barristers,   Solicitors,   Count
amirs, eli.
Rooms 104-103 Crown; Building
611 Pender St tu 1
S.I).Shun/ A.T.Arnold
Pull ran<\e of Sutton's
famous Seeds
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Teed
Kallethe's Bath
Comer Homei and Pender Sts
53 Cordova Slreet,
Preacriptioa Spccialiet
Plume 1053
The milt pl.ni in B. C 11 Inn
work is doiiv entirely to customer's s.itisl.uTion.
CLEANING works. A Inglii
Proprietor, Phoni- 7511. Club
r.iles a specially. ]6] Seymour.
All Instruments.      Phoue 2530
R. Kerr Houlgate Manager
fl eai MO MAN is
teacher ol Violin, Mandolin,
Banjo, Autoharp, Zither, will
give twenty private lessons
lor t~. Further information
at Cowan's up-to-date Music
Store, 608 Westminstei ave.
Luinli or Dinner 25c.
Short orders at ull hours
57 Hastings Slreet West,
,,.„,.   All North Vancouver   people
-   eat al
M. W. WAIT! Si CO., LTD.
J58 1.1.1111 lib Slreel
^^^^^^ LEONARD'S
M11111 Mack block or Halt-
l'i.urns      Talking Machine! *    _** bUx^  ouuomic   the  new
3 Water St. l'lione 3059
Furnished to iinplnurs Ircc ol
charge. Phone Of write tush
orders at our expense.
('nn rhill'l llailet I'l.iki s tin-
latest breakfast loud. Try a
package:   15c	
ih. Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale  Avpiine.
at Ferry Leading
Harry Mitchell, local DlOlfU.
The uuh   llp-to-d.itf .nul ult*
.ilile  b.itll   lliilise   in   llllllsh  Co
\le   nm   ttln ie   others   fail.
S.lllsl,llllllll      gll.ll.llltllil     III     tin
p.it    Pbia li.ilhs, elutilt baths.
slum 11 b.iihs, ntaaeagi for built , M .tip .1 mi lace; wi ten 1 In 1
.ipeiilii  lintlis ,1 speiially.
Gradaate ol Berlin, Germany
Business Institute
wt, Baatiaga St. w.
Canala'a QreaUtt Waattrn School
R. .1. Sprott, BA.,-- Manager
l-'.irin   and   Ornamental   Gates
(.illicit  Atihes,  Flower  Stands
11 C. ANCHOR 1-l.M I-; I.. Lm
,-13 Piiiiler Btreet,
VAM oi \i-;r, ll  C.
^^^^   Mnsit Goods   ^^^^
The oldest tiiusii boUM ill 11. C.
i Post liiini.       Leonard sells bil
lea by the pound.
MARTEL'S studio
in Hastings Street tit
The best equipped *,ludio oil tht
coasl. l'lmiie 3328
SAFES, ul bargain pruei,
l'lione 2447.
picture 1 Maar.ii,. .
We  have   the   la)gist   slink    01
omiNK M-aoHINtS
7y 1 l.i.iiitille Sl.
mouldings in B.(  to ta-lui n.nn   ,\|,,,h,.,;i;\;u7uVa'ii dealers  Ul
so when tun »aat framing ,„„„ ^-^ -y^ ulld ^mha
ilnap ami  Mill gel  out   piKis
BAILEY BRUJ CU. L 1 D„ mourn
,,|,a i.iantiiit ami i.\a Cordova	
.ll.nnines tented by  the week or
Phoue 1487
Compan\ UNITED
688 Carrall btrael
l.ioienes and Pioiisions
Wholesale alld Rclail      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nh Iliistings Sl. (dotmatala)   The ll. C. Mills
Delivery Titesil.it| and Ftnlnys  Tnnbei .mil Trading Co.'s
Patented Sectional Buildings
.iliiluiiii.il    Opt ia,    Vaudevtlll
aiid Drama
Program dunged every Monday
Any uml 111 lhe house IOC.
.i'i Hastings Strut West,
II ils   , li.i ind   and   blocked at1
the sign nl the Hat
Englilh practical watchmaker;
Established 1889
Specialty,  rcpaiting
Imr il'f lliirlioii Tiiiil l'u iiii-
Pitnian'i Boiineai College,
632 634 iS^h Siyniotir Street,
The Alexandra   ^1 GratiMlle st
Scalp treatment hi all kinds oi
•1   (lul.Inn's hair cutinig
Facial Mavap      Hatnicariai
ll.iirilressing 2.S-.S"
Shampooing 50.        Phone 1000
Till-. PROPRIETORS OF  llll.|
312 Carrall Street
01 Jon PRINTING    PHONE      window shadis
Nn. a,, north VANCOUVER1 Nortli Vanconew Katimataa . .
for PABTICUUBS ""' (l,'hmv (ru'	
I w BOWES k CO.,
^'—~m—m—m——mmmmm———m \\.,mn.,i , ul ivindnw shade!
™™"""™<tm——mmm—mm—mm Robson It.
amamt—~'—-mttmmmmm-mmmml\'\],,r,e H43 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C,
-   imii , Billing!
llairn-ia'i*-   N-liiill/, .1 Ariual.l
i .mi: a,   \. v. Hardwire Oo
l*r.-'* tomitOM—The I -'In''-
Di      low—Hinkin 1 HinHni
- ,- .- * ol He, a. .    thnn* Mee
p ,  i-   Wm. Milling Co,
Km* |*;i.rr-' 'a 11 ling-  M.itaar IflV
Ui-I Imt- in ,- n -Elder Mnrriit- In
Aii, nu.hi   l.t nn Valley Lumber Co,
Seltini *        irmle-W.C Kliennun
Supplemental y Report of
Oltaw.1 Delegation
Continued [rom page nne i
hai 1*1 mi mi   alteration ol tin
railway   act   ol   Canada   wns
promiaed   by   the   minister   ol
railways as sunn as Judge Ma
lue's uiiiiii to Ottawa,       The
lllllll pint isliilt, llial nl pcn.illi
un the railway, is being conaid
.nil Iit  lhe Illllllsler of lallw.ils
ami is being .niiii iiti, we believe, generally, by the railwaj
Re tin- lasi paragraph oi Mr.
Cowaa'i letter reading as foi-'
lows; "Peraonally, l would
have preferred tl your delegation before reaching .mt apt*
meln ttiili uie company bad
lun lu i conferred with mysell
ami ttiili your soliitti'i uere,
Mr. IU llunie.    Mt tactical poinl
in insistm-; mi an agreement be
twa in tin company and North
Vancouver, was to prevent an)
lurilui i xitnsiiiii in the luture
without   the  inltsellt  of    Nnrlh
Vancouver, However,the bridge
difficulty inighl have maili n
ilniiiuli to get tin agreement 1
ivanted."     The delegation  diu
■Ot lliiilel:stand lt their lllliclliili
lo lake Mr. Cowan's ailtln    iu
the mailer regarding which the]
wni si in io Ottawa, because
they had definite initructiona
iinin ihe iitv. Aii Cowan'i
telegram "i i8th February   in
D. (j. Al.it.shall, Vancouver,) c.ul
"Preecnt lull taken alone harmless However, others coming.
Detain delegation pending de*
ti lopmenta."
Tin- i.iiht,it committee ul tin
uii/etis replied in this through
Aii. M.iishail. "North Vancou
tii citi ciiiisiilets exteniion ol
lime for branch lines advertiaed
morall)   unpins eztenaioti   ol
Hilar in,un  Illlt        TIliTeloli    li
ipitsi*. 111.11111); iieini i .mt eaten
sinus granted.
Kelt tlay, Feb. loth, Messrs
Clntsli-r, Bethune -\- l.arumutli
Wired .Uissis Dat is, Marshall
iV    Ma, Neill.    "Han    iiillli llnl
Cowan     Dn imi think \.iiin'ii
til.    Westminstei    alld   VoukoU
liill aflecta North Vancouvei
Burrard Weatnunatcr, Bound
,ut  Navigation Company lull
ask!!!),'    1 \tt IISliiU    ttill.     ,aal| ll I III
11..ii lm.— railway mentioned,
Chaptel   si\tt   eight   itatutrt
linnlii 11     t'i II   appeals   set lulls
Vancouvei Weitminiter lull hke-
J\   llial,I   lit \t   link        II     tolll
client! still think adviaable  i"
send oppoiing  delegation   t.i.
graph, aad we shall endeavoi
havi -*|"' ill 'lit fixed lot heal
iH "
Tu llu* iln i ill/in s railw.n
committee rt plied, through Ut
Uarahall, thai lhe citj ol Nortl
Vancouvei deiired i In ,n in;
ithi ii tin application loi i itcn
siun ol linn  lut  I.lain lies ol ihl
V. \\. \  \    Railwa;    iboiili
up .onl iH-gging Ui i lm
it. On .Iati fii
id loi ion nl,ration "l su.li ap
pii.all..11 Lt ih, V \\ tk \ ll
nrdei ih.it tin di legation migh
* in 'lint Youi 'lilt*);.liim
n i ' *   On.nt.,    n
"i'l*** ition i" iiii opinion   am
.i'lil.*     I   III  i "Wall and .Messrs
Bethum .\ Larmt-ulh
■t    Ind.Iin-;   along    ml
' -1    Uai ihall \ Mai
Null    thai   tin*  extension   "
I'*; lir.intlits ttiuiiil i.i,n.i
*   * xteniion nf tunc*  i.
iu.nu Inn      Tint nmt i., on.
.|'|iu*iiinii iu Mr   Cum
Ha lain di legalioi
ing 'la tt I'.pnniiis" i's,,  I,
tin  i *uti quoted).
lli..'   youi   'i' ii | --"ii    wfi
iwtrui liom Irnin  ij,
Iltl       ' ■ 'al -.hlllll''
■   '-.Ham  tin  advice   "'
men   whu   opposed   Unit
Ottawa,  and  had  l.ul
ihe net.)    itt nl   ilnn
ii"  Wa   did nol   -nn
lion al  ill ther
llllll addition t" this, we  in. t
thai   ''In,'   Ml
wai I'.nvti-iii'   wiih
your city's, interests in the premises, Mr. Bethune was not
conversant with them. It took
your delegation probably an
liour, as previously slated, to
acquaint Mr. Bethune with conditions, and none oi your delegation lell lhat there was anything that Mr. Bethune could*
ilu which would assist in the
matter, They mpectfully diilcr
Irom Mr. Cowan, therefore, as
to the desirability oi consulting
As to the amendment to the
.ict.   The amendment to the act
ttas lint suggest ed by Ml. McNeill, but by one ol your delegate!, ami ttas telegraphed  bj
All.   McNeill at  Ici'llcsl  ol    the
lelegatei to Ins direct*orate,who
Contented tu it belore it was inserted ill  the acl.      From    the
Vancouvei   Province ol March
I Uh, it appears that lhe minister ol lailttats has had,   ot    is
hating, Un- railway act of {Can-
ul.i amended lince your delega-
llull lell Ottawa, to the ellect
thai only tWO teat's are allowed
lor companies after fyling llien
plans oi impropriation to take
jut titles lor lands expropriated. H is evident that vour delegation, insofar as railway
matten are concerned, hai got
everything it was mt i> Ottawa lo get.
ln lonclusion, We dia) add
lhat Ralph Smith assured us
that if such an agreement   as
ttas proponed by Mi. Cowan
were inserted in the railway *■■ t
n would not pass lhe railway
committee, and your delegation
is ol the same opinion, Alter
the whole matter was finished
All. McNeill, unsolicited, slated
also that had such au agreement been incorporated in  the
ad, it wollld have uimi slrtlck
mt aiid lhe act .lould have
passed williout lt. We believe
this is a correct nnd truihiul
itatemcat oi the mutter, .md
our only rcgrcta in ihe niuiUi
are that Mr. Cow an shu-jlvl have
lell slighted by OUI not Idling
him ol lllis alii.'.lillneiil lo the
act belore we gol it agiY'.'d lo;
and secondly, '.iial lie ihould
hate Kll n right lu unite ate
whal lu Ins ji.lg'i.i'ii must hate
appeared dele liil action on tl.e
palt ol your delegation.      ic  !s
nit.un that your delegation
gol what it was sent to gel ia
iailtt.it matters. It, is nut
certain that ilny  would  have
got It ll ihey had adopted   any
other course than thev adopted,
1). G. DICK
Tin* (ongoing simple sl.lli-
niiut ui i.nis as your delegate!
su   thelll,   bates altogether  ll'i-
t\pl.mm! wlit a member o!
parliament ol ability and pro-
bit] ihould write tu the cilv
what hj t inu,illv a polllv letter
ui itricturi upon tin .ution ol
delegate! wlm have suitessiullt
ilulle whal lile l Wtlf selll lu do.
Iln   leasmi  lhat   this   was   nut
explained l»j us was, that   we
lllsellis did  lint   liliililsl,iliil 11
Since wiiting ihe report, however, a has dawned on us thai
lhc lllluli   l.s .susuplibli*   ul    lhe
lulluiuiig du, nI,lium     The delegation explained tu Al■  Con
.rn, im city'a grievance!,   but,
II ph tiuilslt staled, appeal lo
halt   omitted gltmg  llllll  tuples
ui iin tni s reaolutioni Mi
Cowan thought i-iidint.lt   ihat
llu best tt.n ol 11 dressing the
glli t IH tO gel   all  ngiu
iiiiiii between ilu citj .md   iln
I.iilttat   itiinpalii.  .ind  llnil    lo
incorporate thai agreement iu
tin .itt <>i parliament extending
Illni   foi   bl.llllll  lilies.
Tin nu s reaolutioni did aol
authorial the delegate! doing
ihis.    By one resolution,   the
ilt legates   wn.    bound   tO   uigi
tin dominion governmt nl to a*
tuiinl the lailtt.n .ut "i Cana
da. Bt another resolution, the
iiiitgatis were bound i" urge
ilu- dominion government tn
protect tin i Ity againil delat.
in requiring a guarantee II
nnu mii intended loi main
Inn* com true tion, As amending iln iailtt.it ai t ol Can.nl.i,
proti.ts   the   tilt   against    all
railroadi, it is battel than  an
agin llli lit  Willi  the V    W    ,\*   A .
Wt lu. llllllll lllllllll Olllt pril-
la a I   iln   illv   against   .'lu    mil
|aa.|a| I   Ultlll ItlK.If.    ii    tilt    I Ilt
had   made   all   agli'elllellt    with
tin* railway company. ihat n
piupiiailiuii    values   should   lie
Ladies' while cotton vests, lmig and short sleeves, i Ior 25c
Ladies' white cotton vests, long and sliort sleeves, each,..151
Ladies' white cotton vests, long and sliort sleeves, each...20C
l.aiiliis' white cotton vests, long and short sleeves, each...25c
All the more expensive lines in finer qualities in stock.
Ladies' cotton hose ill black, lan and white, l$C,aoc and 1JC
Ladies' line open work hose in black, I.m and white IJC
Ladies' best Lisle hose, plain and open     J5C and 50C
Wc hate a large assortment nl men's underwear in Ha|hng
gan, merino, (int* wool and up to the highest quality silk mixtures at the lowest possible prices.
J. J. McAL
nt- pnvcBi _
Under Market Value
in D. L. 273
Lois t.| and 15, Block 8, Double Corner for flfoo
I-3 cash
Luis 14 and 2o, Block 10, Double Corner for %\i*fl
1-3 cash.
Lots  21   and   22,  Block   12,   l-'ilth   Street,   $i,V>o
1-2 cash.
Lots   13  and   l.|,  Block   |J,  Double Cornet,    5l,s""
|«3 cash.
Luis 14, 211, 21 and 22, Block II, Fifth Street S".V
each, 1-3 cash.
Luis  Jn and  II,  Illnik   nl,  Fourth Street,   fljoo
1 3 cash.
These ure way below market price! and will noi go
begging very long.
IG3 Cordova Street, \ nnt ouver, Ji. C.
r. 0. BOX 3Hfl
Via mlicit a trin 1 I ninn jmgr nnlt-r**
tallies al extension date, the]
city might bc worse od than under the minister of railway's ,1-
niendment to the general railway acl, which seems to be that
a railway must buy in two
years from date of plan-lvling.
or presumably pay current values at expropriation.
A meeting ol ratepayers, lo
discuss the method ol control
for the Ierry, is called by Mayor
Mav, in Larson's pavilion, on
Wednesday evening next, the 7th
i '
,    - r • iiiiii 1.'uf
a iti-nwHlmi
llUlla-]   «
Wil UTIIU:ii FEKKT llll THU IIM   '
I Mils
VtNi ol UK NO   \ IS. in t 1 It
•ft.ni) A.M.
•114.1 "
1.00 "
s.iu •'
11. Hu "
111.15 "
ll.l.-i -
I ia "
Uti "
Halt "
1.15 "
.', || -
1,11 "
I N "
s |. "
111.-I   '
10.IS "
•II llu
*7.i:ii "
SL',1 "
Sl.lll "
11.1.) "
mii "
n it ••
11 is P.M
1 it ■
I,;. "
1.41 "
l.li "
.VIS -
I..4S "
IM "
s  la "
■ K -
1IUS '■
•ii.is -
1.r avis
•7 IS A M
•MB "
•Htm "
10.15 -
till tl   '•
Hll-tf r M.
145 "
J 45 "
4 45 "
5.45 "
n.15 "
NO. t t\, OUVII
•8.411 "
"MO "
10.11  "
11.15 -
ttllll PM.
II 1.15 "
-.' 15 "
11.15 "
I.II -
5,15 "
., IS "
7 II "
•Nut nil  Sllllil*tl
*t     II   Slllallm. llllll
■ 11 fl
TlioriniDlilin-il Wl.in- WvhiiiIi.ii,*;
all (jiiiiriiiili'iil; f2 per m-IIih^I
II i*gp. ll-.i Rri.HlIni lli'lill
Tht   Model   Poultry  Yards
W  l\ KbKNMAN, PRiil'.
Cur. Uill & Jul I*.  At**..  N.V* nf
Htinkin & Harding
Gamers I lens
North Vancouver,   -   B.C.
P.i.l MN   IM loii«4-lr  «<r
llppo.il. Sir'Ca'tlrec.ra Slor.
U. L- 550
50ft bv UJft lots, to be delivered CL1-A K I-I) AN IM'. KA11
RD. A 66ft street divides the
block instead of an alley. Bach
lot extends from street to slreel
Nos. 1 and 2 together Sif-oo
4 to 11 each     67s
13 anil 13 together ,., 1590
14 and is together... iBjo
ih to :.) each    800
Terms: $200 rash per lot.
Balance '„ yearly lor J n.n
al 7 per cent.
\lfxandrr   fr  TovmtIpii
Till- TI.MK I'llll.K sur.i! 1 r in CHANGE U |"HOUT KOTICB
Stale of Choioe CITV LOTS
in the batitiiul ' I lurl or
View " Trart.
and ii|i   l.isi) h 1 ms
—Mnl'i tnd Particular! i>d application k
Irwin c Billings Co.. Ltd.
cr lomuaaiakn u IMU        ta II taamatat 111.
I High Class
I Dentistry
I havi opened a nodarn, iip-iodaie Dental
(lilin-, in tin- Pal an Hotel, in iln*- city, when
will Ik- liiiind iM ihe lateal ippllancrt an.i d
rkae Inr earryini mi ,1 High Clan Dtntal l'tai
tin-. All Murk iinin- in thli ofici li covered bj
n Protective Onaraatee, |ivln| tlu people ol this
utt .111 opporttiiuit of having their wart done ,tl
lu mu'. nml ,iKu ,it Vancouver priceo,
Note the Prices
I'llll   Sll.  ill   let III S^   lip
('told (.'iiitvns     S^ up
HridgiMuik     fj 1
Cold  Fillings              |l up
Allot  Fillings          Si up
l-'.xtt.n ling (p.uiilissi     . .  v-c
Consultation     Free
Examination    Free
DR,   A.   .VI.   LOWE
Hours 9 a.111. lo (> p in
Uuh the spi mg mine-, the demand lm light-
ii 11u.lt■ tn.H,    Our ilispl.it ,s iiuiisii.'ilt .11
-,i,i* ti-.v.      The t.nn-ii is [real, including
lhe tilt liml,   nml   tailing iu mighl I 1 ,1
line   liit'l'lllii  in ,1 pure iiunl Cishlller,.   The
pints I  •' .lie ihe lowed knuMli
Double   iii'.d Fieiiih llalbiigg.in  ,-.ic
Open  liusli "         i>=ic
Very fine Urrlno, plain and lamy itripe 651
And ,1 gnat many others \iliith ton will ah
iii in\  dlspl.iv iiniiluit, up lo  I.S5
Onleis   keep coining ill lor sllils.     Uiinelliber
il takes 3 \ueks lo gel'one ol these suits, so
Mm should Order now   .md  have  it   ready
when spring opens    516 lo $.;•■
iiniii-' Furniihinge      Booti mil Bho«     Clothing


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