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JJk faM
The North Vancouver Horticultural Society held its general meeting last Thursday evening in
municipal hall. President Smith
was in the chair, and despite the
heavy rain there were in attendance
a large number ol ladies and
gentlemen. They decided to ask
the department o( agriculture for
permission to incorporate under
the provisions of the Agricultural
Act, and also to affiliate with the
Farmers' Institute as heretofore.
The question ol building a show
pavilion on the grounds, near
Twenty-first street and Lonsdale
avenue, was brought up, A resolution was put through, covering
this, with only one dissenting
Mr. W. L, Keene explained that
owing to the dust on the grounds
the exhibits shown in thc tent
were considerably damaged, and
if sufficient money can lie raised
in time a new hill would be built
this year, in which the annual
show would he held. The grounds,
too, should be improved.
After due consideration, these
two motions were moved and carried:
" That the directors are hereby
authorized to take immediate steps
towards reconstruction of the
present association and that they
shall apply to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for leave to incorporate under the Agricultural
and Horticultural Act, and that
the Farmers' Institute be affiliated
with the new association, and that
the present board of directors be
the members of the lirst board ol
the new association.
"That this meeting considers it
advisable and desirable to make
use of the grounds ol the society
without any delay and that a pavilion must be erected lor exhibition
purposes, and the grounds made
presentable as far as possible this
season, and in order to accomplish
this work the board of directors
are hereby authorised to borrow a
sum not exceeding $3,000, at not
more than 7 per cent on mortgage
of the society's property."
lt being necessary the membership fee was increased Irom 50
cents to $'., half of which sum will
go to the Horticultural Society
and the olher to the Farmers' Institute.
Hie iiiiii •■:.!". of the evening being disposed uf refreshment! were
served by Mrs. lJunbury, the
M isi        ll ;.ed Miss burns.
Mr. Crickmay and
Mr ive   several   vocal
■ .ms, which were much appreciated. Little Miss Grahamc,
in her Scotch dances, delighted
everyone. Mrs. Crickmay acled
as accompanist. Thus one of
the most successful (unctions ever
held by the society was terminated.
Back Numbers.
An exchange points out that it is
inconstcstably true that had not
some individuals, fired by ambition
to shine, or pushed by a natural
desire to exercise thc superior
talents they possessed, risen above
their fellows, gradually thus creating a higher level ol achievement,
civilization would have remained
at a low stage, and all mankind
have been about alike. There can
be no doubt of the necessity of
men of exceptional ability and
ambition in the present order ol
things, but there is much question
whether the exceptional mac gits
more happiness out of fe than the
,i". ■ .■ igo 01 ■■ doei. A n .11 with
talent and ambition cannol bo con*
teniod. Whether it bo fame,
position, power or money which
he seeks, the time never conies
when he is satisfied or is willing to
pause long enough to quietly
enjoy what be has attained. His
pleasure comes to be in seeking
and getting. Even if he reaches
thc summit of his desires he must
struggle to remain there, for there
are always those climbing up from
below, eager to push him from bis
place, and once he has lost it he
becomes that nnhappiest and most
tragic of beings, a back number.
We see him in every walk of
life. The conqueror on his barren
rock, shorn of all his glory, without consolation in the past or hope
for thc future, the statesman whose
day of power has gone, and who
lives out the remnant of his days
in cold neglect, while his rival
Ik Ids his place, tbe popular author
whose name has been on every lip
and who si.iks back into obscurity
to make way tor some new
favorite; actors, clergymen, athletes, men in every avocation, who
have their little hour of popularity
and prominence, which they vainly
strive to lengthen, and who grow
sour and discontented as it slips
What is more pathetic than a
laded belle who clings to the
memories of her past conquests
and deludes herself into thinking
that her crumbling charms still
have power to laciuate. Jealousy,
bitterness and vain regrets fill her
soul as she sees her admirers desert her and realizes that Imr
scepter has departed.
The average man, on the contrary, pursues the even tenor of
his way, txciting no one's envy,
elbowing no one to get his place,
fairly contented with his lot and
with the pleasures that it brings,
and never having climbed to any
eminence of fame or power, experiences none of the pangs which
those must feel who after long and
weary struggles aud paintul con*
HictS seize some alluring prize
which vanishes as they grasp it.
There is fierce excitement and
exhilaration in the pursuit of the
world's baubles, but the greatest
happiness is lound aloni; life's
quiet byways, where in ii allhh.l
toil, with home and friends unl
books and the never-failing beauty
oi nature in all her van ing atpi.'..,,
the truest contentment and satis*
faction are found. If ,1 man maIio
so lives is nevei looked up to ss «
leader, ueithei is he tli led 01
hated .is an enemy. All ah.." he
hu gained Ik '. lepi lo the 1 nd,
and navi 1 fi oil iiie pi n, il in. Be
who mourn and chad ovei distinction that is past and gone, 01
power and prestige lhat has laded
One preeminence there is that
never palls, lhat excites no envy
and that is never lost, He whose
relation to his fellow men e. one of
unfailing, genial kindliness and
helpfulness, and who never
swerves from lofty standards ol
character and duty, docs not Iall
Irom his high estate. He is never
a back number, and when be
passes on fragrant memories o
what he was blossom from his
What might have proved a lata
accident took place Thursday
afternoon, when Philip Stables,
of the Hotel North Vancouver,
while trying to move a boom of
shingle holts that were lying in
the inlet, lell out of his boat and
was nearly drowned. Mr. H.
Baker rescued him.
Chief and Brigade Re* ign.
Vl a meeting ol the local fire
brigade held on Tuesday, May 7th,
the members decided that they
would resign in a body. President
A. F. Stonor presided, and F.
Johnson acted as secretary. Those
present besides were W.C. Smith,
A. S. Emmerson, Geo. Prime,
R, Wallace and Thos. Prime.
The members discussed the unsatisfactory state of their firefight-
mg apparatus. At the first meeting of thc council this year Chief
Dick sent in a written report
giving details as to what the
brigade needed. But the members
claim that the city fathers did not
act on their suggestions. For the
past two months, they further
poinl out, the new hydrants have
been on the ground, but not put
up, and when the bush fires got
going tbey could not handle them
for lack of water. They also
wanted a hose shed located on
Thirteenth street, thus obviating
the necessity ot hauling the hose
reel up the long hill on Lonsdale
avenue. On Saturday night, when
the brigade was called out, the
chiel tried to get a team to take
the reel up the hill, but could not
get one until a very late hour. The
resignations will take place on the
Chief Dick was asked by The
Express why he resigned his position as chief constable, and he replied "for reasons even worse
than those of the firemen."
This week tl board of works
started the. following work :
A two-foot sidewalk along
Twenty-third street, to lot is,
lilock 215, a distance of 340 luet,
lo Mrs. K11 Hand's bouse.
The sidewalk on Lonsdale
avenue to conn, "t Keith road .villi
Eighth street in (rout of block 109.
A three-foot sidewalk, from
Mahon avenue to Mr. Caulfiold's
house, on First street, a distance
of about 400 feet.
Clearing a wagon road along
the centre of Twentieth street,
Irom Lonsdale avenue, to lol   12.
Erecting a shed on Thirteenth
street for the use of the. fire dc-
pai"intent, and io fit up 1 bell.
Firemen Needed.
To the Editor of Tin Express 1
Sir. if 11 lire breaks ou: in
North Vancouver, there is ap
patently but one man, who cor.
Ititutes the whole fire brigade. 10
•■li p it, Should he be nway,
house-hol h rs wi uld be in a imr
«:iy iii lose llieir property. For
my own pari I think il is a disgrace
lo the powers lhat be, that things
are so. Yours truly,
North Vancouver, B.  C,  May
8, 1907.
Dominion Day.
At a meeting ol last year's Dominion Day Celebration Committee
held last night it was unanimoulsy
resolved that "The Keeve be requested lo call a meeting on Tuesday evening, the 14th of May, for
thc purpose of appointing a committee for celebrating Dominion
Day in North Vancouver."
J. Dierssen, charged with selling
liquor lo Indians, came up this
morning (or a hearing. Thc case
was laid over till Monday. The
bail wrs fixed at turn.
The new annex to tbe Hold
Nurtli Vancouver has been completed.
R. H. llryce's famous pointer
" Cjucenie " won every prize in her
class at lhc big kennel show held
last week at Vancouver. He also
won all honors in thc Otter bound
class. These famous dogs, along
with others, are being exhibited at
Seattle this week.
A public meeting will be held
on Monday night to organize a fire
brigade.   Everybody welcome.
Attend the meeting on Tuesday
night to organize the citizens committee for the purpose of celebrating Dominion Day.
It may be some time before the
letters patent for the incorporation
of the City of North Vancouver
are issued. Lieutenant-Governor
Dunsmuir bas gone on a cruise in
his yacht, before attaching his
name to tbe official document and
nobody knows where he is, It is
reported that the department at
Victoria have sent a vessel in pursuit of his whereabouts. His
signature is wanted to several
other governmental papers.
Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Bissett and
daughter, Vancouver, are guests
at the Hotel North Vancouver.
Celebrate Dominion Dny.
On the 24th of Mnj s 1
politau sporting i* gregation
ioregaiher at Brockton Point,
North Vancouver will be represented at thc big tug-ol-war by
teams selected by Chief Harry and
Jimmy Hairy. Other teams will
be made up by Chinese, Japanese
and Hindus. The proceeds will
go to the general hospital. Con.
Jones is the promoter.
AS'an evidence of the activity in
building now going en here, it may
be stated that there is a 'sr^e
amount of lumber being brought
over daily Irom the city. Also the
mills of the Western Corporation
are now running full blast, as well
as McRae's mill on the Esplanade,
The sewers are being extended
al the loot of Lonsdale avenue.
Thc  street  car  line   is  being
double-tracki d, from tho wha I   s
far north as  First  slreet.   This
i'.iil allow lhc First street cars  tol
run to the wharf,
Ex-rei *(• j. C Keith, c ."is; 1 I
the late •' Silen   Smith," fell :.. :>
to  h;s  estate,   to   tiie   -ui 1 unt   .1
Mr. Uru't, a r :eul artii il in
Not tli Vancouver, is arrungini lor
the erection of ,1 two-st iry il ire
on  the  corner < f  Sevi nth and
Mrs. Hogg won every prize lor
black poiiii.-raniiins, her dog Wal.
lace carrying ofl the honors.
Things connected with the approaching local regatta, to bc held
on the 341I1 ol May, are progressing most satisfactorily. Secretary
Hutler says that the different
events will all be well   contested.
A barber shop has been opened
up in the Palace Hotel and is in
keeping with the hotel itself.
J. C. Williams and Walter
Green will leave on Monday for
an extended trip in the interior.
They will go to Vernon where tliey
will saddle their horses and start
the journey into the Okanagan.
On the way they will put in a few
days' bear-hunting ami fishing at
Kamloops lake. Thence they will
depart for the Nicola, arriving in
a month or so at Ashcroft.   Then
ihey will take the eld trail through j
the Pemberton country, arriving
back via the Sqnamish to North
Vancouver about midsummer.
Mr. Atkinson, formerly of San
Francisco, has purchased two lots
on Keith road and Mahon avenue,
and intends building thereon 111
the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. F. 11. Cudney, W,
Nicholson-Lailey and li. Cater, ul
this city, made a trip beyond the
Capilano dam this week. Tbey
report fine trout fishing there,
J. S. Mulborne, of Sydney, N.
S. W., was a visitor here this week.
He left for London, Eng., on
The Nortn Vancouver Athletic
Club will hold its regular meeting
on Monday evening. Important
The local football team are
practising every evening at Victoria park.
A. R. Steacy, chairman of the
school board, has gone on a
month's trip to Ontario.
The Dominion Day celebration
committee, of 1907, will meet tonight in the municipal ball, preparatory to thc holding of a mass
Prof. Rothwell has resigned his
position at the /ancouver Athletic
Club, and will lake things easy
this summer. Ila' will do what he
a  .....   li   pi   notion of atl    ..
At th? Hotels.
Mr. Groundwati r, Mr. Land, E,
Knowlton. J. Knowjton* M.
Knowlton, A. Mi I.i iiuiiii. F.
Ross, Mr, Johnson, Mr. Payne, A,
Davidson, Mr. Tiiiiilnill, Mrs
ih ml' rson, J. St. John, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Rogers, Leo Wilke, Mr,
Goodwin, J. McKay, Mr. Fyfc,
F. Holiday, A. Youdall, Mr. and
Mrs. Godfrey, Mr, Jackson, W,
Baker, Mr. Fraser, D. Mitchell,
Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, F. Elliott,
A. Mathers, A. Donald, R. Mc
(iill, F. Cooke, C. Holtzman, Mr.
Shaw, Mr. Duke, R. Bryce, Mr.
and Mrs. Bissett and daughter,
Coutts, Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson
and family, Mr. Tanner, Mr,
Findlay, Mr. Zellner, Mr. Smith,
J. Henderson, Mr. Baber.
J. Hornby, Geo. Nicholson,
Thos. Brandish, D. !•'. Kennedy,
P. Blakeley, W. H. Parsons, A.
Macpherson, Clarence Redmond,
Geo. P. Redmond, W. Archibald,
Geo. Dickman, D. J. Kennedy, J.
Arbuckle, 11. A. Youdall, W. B.
Sinilh, J. W. Ferguson, Win.
Harpur, Mrs. Ed. Ilarpur, Burt
Rhine. 11. If. Harder, Chas.
Boynton, W. I). Baber, F. G.
Gladwin, Peter Sole, A. Vargas,
E, T, Petoskey.
\    A    I 011,  n
the Protective Agency, has opened
an office on First slreet, east of
Lonsd-iie avenue, where a general.
brokerage business will be carried
on. Insurance in all its branches, I
placer and hydraulic mining and
timber propositions will be |
handled. We bespeak for Mr.
Crowslon a successful business.
A Few Definitions
" Invisible blue" is well
to be a  policeman  " when   constabulary duty's to be done,     . '
his  imii'i ,'.i.i"""  ; -      a-    ;,n   ■' •'
spot is mosl urgentl) wanted.
" Invisible   green"   is   N   ,; I
Vam '.ii-
"a".     I,'      [fl      '    ii.
1 ini .11 tun ' ;iitem   toi
on the fi
""  ''   |||        ■      ,M I a
tl .    pi |" '.d    i.ev,     vlelhod  I
tabernacle ■• ill be win n i 111 iteria
lowing ih*  ...
j- ij li  ■! : by Messrs   .'■'■ 1   ..
ant]    Icacj   Di   I. .
Ben ' ti ; 'i.i his . truci .1
1 in in   1 11,  Irom   Hi ivi n  an I
Any mon •'
ROOM  10 (.HOW.
Little Forest, in the country lor
the first time, was watching grandmother fill cans with new milk.
" Why do you lill them 'way lo
the top, grandma ?" he asked.
" I should think you would have
to leave some room lor the cream
to rise."
The lady in black pointed toward thc sky. " My husband,"
she sighed, "is up there. But be
is looking down. 1'erph.ips he
sees ill thai we do,"
" How long has he been dead,
ma'am ?" we inquired gently.
Willi a frown she answered :
" Dead ? He isn't dead. He's
an aeronaut."
Mr. Waitei Gn en, ol North
Vancouver, wh ... - en v :: tl 1
Vancouver World since thi 1
management    look    hold,     haa
severed his connection  with that
journal, much to the regret oi all
connected with th   esl
Mr, Gr. 1 n i'tten Is to   i] ■
months on a ca
I'.n k iripfo tl      '   '
their appn
un   ryin
eve   of   I rith    a
ind    a    go 1
■,      en, tl    ifl 1
■    "
its v
ou ha*
iiaai be ill iwcd to i"'   *.. .    in
id g      rill.   Tl
both its in
1 ■ ■> ognizing Iho appi
such a procoi ding.
•• Theii go "I 'Vii... have taken
the comreie limn oi this presentation. The st.iifs now .11k your
acceptance ol same."
It may be also added that
Walter was first engaged at the
Proviuet ollice iu Mr. Tayloi 1 .1
pailment, and when that gentleman touk charge ol the management ol the World, Mr. Green also
joined lhe staff. Mr. Taylor in
recognition ol his sen u.1 pre*
sented him wilh a diamond   ring'
" Has your wife commented
house cleaning yet ? "
" I believe so. I tasted soap in
the butter and kerosene in the
coffee this morning. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
niii. Is fur
& CO.
KoSied Oats
Slay and Feed
'JU-rv.ii.i.'viu.iinvc.' a,.—
Milling Co.
Hairy Miti hi li. loi al mana ■ r,
Lonsdah A' i nue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irani
Sutton's Sa eds, always on hand
No Se.        :    ■ I'll       1
Na, (,'llla,	
Ioties .ii ■ I 'riiii'a'r-.
linn Sll|i|ilii s, i,  -|ar.iiin.'
Material, Cm I Inner    a
:. ".wry on llu .   I
llritisli (    ... I iti     '.■■ ii'i".
\ ',   '   '1 VI.L". it,c.
1'. }-.—II your ■    nil- ilo imi
handle mj ii, pre*
pay llll)' pai Ms, i
garden Bernl ipur*   tented
itock) i" ■
i'rial col*
lei I   a,
Tl Sill II! .    ill UllXfi
"   I uanla
thiril Sir
i ad . hi
leetIn »i ■ I.  .
',. ■    .
teiiiler lie.
■ '
...r.'   ..1   \|
corner I
Vtiicoiivi-i A
Farrier-Sergranl Ji % I'iiIci
■   M.ti
Sixth ■ ii   I
' .ai..   Illll-I    1,1.
II, ll   :       tl
Sixth Street,   Mil: ill   \ AXCUl'VKR
rpi.N I'll.-  v.ll.l.   I I    i:i i"|.ivi;|i
-•-   up lo Mum
liy I ler-im
i" ■. i   \\ .,
a ...
Vane ivi-r, ll. (J.
Vllilll    VAM "IVI II ll   '
llm-lim       mi
"I     lllll     '"'
;. I.a
•linn.  Ilrl .■•■ i 'I tld«.
Aiff( '1  Mi Donald, ol Victoria,
was ii gui -i .ii :;:■ Palace hotel on
Mi  .iiial Mis   A.   A,   Cn     ton,
f \     ii i. wi n   vi iiiii    lis nils
■ week     riioy returned to
"  ■       Wednesday,
\       | ill mil.     I  nuill e,
Ii'l        I   III    I  i>>.a   1   N 0 T t ll   VOU*
litis wei k
■li i   Ma Inm .  Smith Van
'      !      iial 1'    'a      1        ,1        llviil^
11   I Ml i, I",  il:;;,   .   II,   C.
I ind A J     , St, Paul, wen"
i       ered at tl ■• rth Van*
a .'   I     llliS    '.'a'   I   i, . 1   111   ',"    ft'Cl*!        'I'"
ighti 'I with the Ambitious City.
li Warn n, \ ii toria, w is
on Moinl iy, 11" returni d
"ii \\. .iin sday.
hi  W, Drown, Pi "i ia, III.,  nnd
II, II. lllll.  S; itt| art   (3 rinany,
■.a i   ii'!.,: ■ :       . •: .  ' lotel North
,i       i '■
Cha| le ol  Mr   R.
I    in. i H        ef d
■    i    ! :.   Sask.,   is
hei      ■■ i.   Mrs.   G.   |.
ip i, fhird stri ■ t
: . pioneer blnck-
hop bas changed bauds lor
tii    -.iiii a' 'i-i im epl   •
hn   Express is pleai d  ta' an
nouni'     ihni    the     well-known
Farrier-Sergeant Vates 1ms
taki n   over   the   well-i stablished
"i   [olinsoii S Wallace,
All   Kiinl-  ol   carriage   building,
ii n ml smithing
.. rk  will   In K,   II.
1 oii, ol Sixth 'in ut, brother to
' tracior Tarn, is lhe managi r.
\\ a" In .a- ik for thc na w cone, rn a
id'i ral loi .il patron
. nia, [oi I in  Express.
I ii    la\   John  Shields,   ol
llu Ashcroft W'.iti rworks & Elec
. paid lhe town
1     ll'i turned to llu
potai irict   on   \V( dm sday.
\\ hili here In rei ibly sur-
ly ol
om peuple.   IL was wall n
ip 'I by  a
ilk maid, who asked him
to hold i ■ while   she  d(
[ivi ri ; the bovine extract around
tin : ii i   10   ha r    customi rs.
! , |ohn (omplii al with
thi ;        t.   H
tin i" :          : ' ;
"        .'    .    "...
■I aptain   Jinks.
!'.    vendor of
tin . \u.ii i kindly offen "I
hill       ickel  [i'.il, a,
:: it th    Palace, I for his
ii !\ |..Iiu thanked  her lor
hi i . and   nggestcd ihal
, . iti   ihis  sum  i"  the
a.\: hai i.   ork so
icd on in the Vnibitious
i ■
I.       Paii
I leavi
['0 I
\', A :
: ig     Vpply •■ I
I.   '   U
papei    bctwi       I
I.i I1
Chiel Ice Soiourna
"   "
In I ill,   \    I .
iiiiilpuk,        wi 'at with I.
i meeting w
ind up  ol  nil  ll
' I
i I over lo 1
on \\ i:
CAl ITAL, S.t,H66,666, RESERVE, $2,141,333
I lead Office in Cm uia, Montreal,
II. S111.1 .1 in, General Managei   I. Ei.msi.v, Supt. ol Branches
Hranchi s in Rritish Co 1 11 bia    \sln i"!'.. 1 in enwood,
1 islo  Rosslund,  Tri Branch), 1* mcoiivi r,
. and l '"a", a    'a T.
ivinrji   '., ■ i.-tin .-nt Dapoiit        Ived from      i!) upwerds
Interest nt hlqheat cumint rati", .-nd compound   I (wire a y nr
ill,a    1 ii. 1 iiistlalo *\ve. and tspliinado, North Viutcuuvcr,B. Ca
couver s
B~t!_t Si  .      . , ; . . -t~uSm
■-1 \0    ':
Cls*'"- filllA   Wi ih of North Vancouver
' Vij-jWlHJ   •■ or Clients    .    .
a        , ■ il to call at oui olli •■. 01
. .     with ; il nlars
as to prices and ti rms.
We can guaranti a ■       il prii ■    are .   I t,
and we nre given sole
Give this  youi  imu 1 I 1 ti 1   il you
wish .'i 11 propi rty tra donned to
Cornel' Lonsdnlt! Ave. ami Fifth St.
NoliTll vam'iii vkk
Sell Your Real Estate-Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mori rages al Good Interest.   ,   .
To  See,  it  You   Wish   to Buy   in
N&rth Vancouver	
1 : ■ il   Hli" i.,
I'HONI   6
Men's $4 Shoes
I.     i      ■ i lined,
doubli &4.00
.... S4.00
! I   13
'... i
Spri ■   I
• w,
i \ ,
Ale and Moui
I'all   ,'Ha' I. ll    I	
iiii Royal Brewing Co., I Id,
_wmmMe—wr. Jim., uvrvx.. laaraisut ^Ki?.;t~—m
ii nil'-mm store
IVo   ' "i
1  ■
lllllll'  .
Mn-. II   A. Shaw
Lomdile Ave .   -    N. VANOOUVER
1 believe thnt North Vancouvei'has
mi immense future, and that there
will In" more money made in land
hero lliun in any other section in
Uritish Columbia, 1 have IQVd
rOliS SALt in nil parts of the
rownsite, ll you have 1Mb i®
•M'.Ll, como to me, I will liml
you purchasers quickly,
161 Cordova Sirtet- Vancouver, ft. C.     '
Rainier Beer^^>
Is a glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying, Remember there's uo other
"just us good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, H. C.
Lonsdale Avenue car line I'riee $2,400; $250 down,
balance $20 per month. Alsu the remaining I-I
Acre on Seventeenth Street, jmur Queensbury
ear line. ' I'riee, $200; $20 down, $10 per month;
no interest.
Don'l (nil i" cull "ii tho Westom Corporation! I.hnitod, hcloro
deciding mi nny donl. Wo have our own |iroiHisition lo put
hi-Ioro viaii.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Owing to change ut lhc ferry time schedule following will
l"'ii;-i  SiKlil.l
Leaving Queensbury Avenue at 5:30 a. in., 6:30 a. m., 7:55
and live minutes to the hour until 10:55 p, in.
Leaviug  Keith Road and Forbes Avenue at 6:00 n. ni.,
7:00,   11.   in.,   ts:jj,   nnd   J5   ininutea  past  thc  hour
until 11.25 p, in.
Lonsi ale Avenue
Cars will run every no minutes.
All bouts arc met by thc cars.
Hotel North Vancouver,
Up*tO '1 lie
1 ]n r
I lay
nnd up.
S|" 1 ial
Rates im
I'lllllilli s
Ki gular
Ha,,||l|l   IS
I erry Service l vory ll-ill Hour i<> and Irom Ihis Hold
toVancoi ver. P, Larson« Prop.
detail, il     '  I Apply,
Tm  I".   11
li you are going to 'Hill I)
IVI' "ill
1 MOM   .
Plans, If*.,   prepared  lor any
st>lo house.   Isiiniiiics liirni'.licil
111 III Hill
BIH-ULHS     bthSt.-West
BUY IT AT McMILLAN'S, and he ready and
He's Coming  Sure.
^1.60 per Day
ivn I'l'
■ tr. rot
M"i:ilil.  RaTKB   Hi
I' isn
Rkoui.aii BoAitDHna
iu ". <:."iK-ti/iBH ■.•c»f*Xj.-i.rtriiu*at-it'iDi»sc*y*vjnt*i;»-i!
REDA  t*  aVNDKISS,  Pro|iilc I or s
Hcnteil lliroughoiil with
strain   tlol   uml   cold
iiiii.'i" in evory room : ■
hi.'"Mi Street,   ■   •
Tho Imr is comldorcd lo
laa. ns iiii, aa any on lhe
Const, its stock 1- rcpli'to
North Vancouver, B, C.
A Weekly Newspaper   Published hy
Subscription, $i a year.
"Git Up and Git."
It Ims boon most truly snld, " "I'is iiiii
iii rank, nor wealth,
Nur itnta, lml in gil up nnd nil, that
makes mil" nun groat."
Tin' rich, ill" prior, tha high, the low,
could imi havo mudo our City grow,
Had nol i billed tho brain, lhe wit,
n goodly share ol nil up and git.
•fi,,. jpirii ol gll up and git, tho
|'i t Inui Is "iill lis i'l,
In tli  it lolled tho loi-ests1 giants-
cedar,  Iir nnil Douglas pines—lor
homos and driven; ihis cleared tho
Thni Our City might bo born today.
(iii up and git, laid water mains, Installed our lights, and  will  our
drains, nur Electric ears, thoy run
on lime, fair
Gil up and gil Is in tholr line,
Tho Ferry I nh, well, my Lord, fit up
nml (lit: full ovirboard, a resque
Ihey dill try In mnke, (ili'I '-'it up
and nil drowned
In the wake.
Ymir Worship,  Aldermen,  Treasurer
mnl Clerk the duties
Involved, you "ill uol shirk the iiilant
Ambitions City,
Fur ii must be clothed and led, with nil
Up llllll git,
1*. S.—If   my    ('nrne.'ie   spelling
does'nl tit,
Remember, dear reader, I'm living y't.
—Siiisini iiiiii.
NorthVancouver, ll.C,May 1, 1907.
A Puff.
Mr. George 13 irtl iy, ibe enter*
prisin : editoi "I tbe North Vancouver Exi'Ri ss, Ims iustalled an
up-to-date steam press, which will
be running about May ist, The
ExPRKSS establishment has been
enlarged, and a large quantity ol
new type, ;i new cutter, and much
modern machinery bus in addition
In en si cured bj Mr, Bartley, who
has 'ii. .n iiniii in the greal luture
ol the town which will hen ' ity belore many **< eks, A spei i d sou
venir edition ol The 1£xi*ri s will
be published on the occasiou ol
the incorporation,— Netos-Advtr
A Challenge.
Rod Renshnw, ol Ninth Vancouver, the lightweight champion
wrestler ol British Columbia, has
been i halli ng 'I by Robt, Morton,
of Nanaimo, to u contest lor tin
championship. The- challenge
w,is issued through Mr, Geo. Gray,
" cretarj ol lhe Nanaimo Athlctii
Club, and was addressed lo the
Bporting editor "I the Province,
It rends as follows :
"Dear Sir. I In reby chnlli nge
Rodney Rensliaw, on behall ol
Kolii, Morion, of the Nanaimo
Athletii Club, to wn stle (or the
amateur championship ol the
province. Yours truly,
(ii". linn,
Sec'y. N.A.C."
Science Refuted.
"(li ologisls," he muttered, "pul
iln"  world's age  at  500
II  inei 11 i
" How 'I" tin v in count, iln ii.
lot tin" fi mi.. . 0,000 yi .ir nhl |oki s da) io .I.i', ,i|'|" .11 -"
And wilh n hollow laugh the
hu 1 isl    lot   such     hi"    was
modernised n Pliicnician epigram
by substilutiug (01 tin" word
"1 hariot" tho word " automobile."
Church Notice.
si. ANDRI W's III -l'i ll".l;i.'s i IIURI II
six 1 it 8TREI 1.
Si 1 vices will be conducted as
usual 011 Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p, m.
Service at Moodyville school ai
7:.!" y. 111.
1 • ■ ■ 1 meeting on Thursday al
**   la'l   llll   k,
All in- welcome.
I     or: Rev, 1.1). Gillam, M.A
HU    INUI i'l 1.  SNUIIBED,
Belle   I'm   10  Borry   I   !oi ot
about your dance lasl week.
Nell—Why, weren't you there?
The regular bi-monthly meeting
ol the municipal council was held
in the municipal hull on Monday
night. Reeve Kealy was in the
chair, and there were present
Councillors Jordan, Irwin, May
and Emory.
Alter routine work communications were disposed ol as
J. \Y. Balmain re plan rack to
cost *ajo, for the engineer's office,
[,'i|i Ila ll   laa lan.llal III   Will lis.
R, T. Blackburn wanted tlie
sidewalk on Niuteenth Btreet extended wesi 10 Mahon avenue, und
about 30 (ni north on said avenue.
Hoard ol works.
('. R, Hickman asked that the
roiid on Twentieth street to lot 23,
sub-division 2 and 3, part of lots
,| anil 5. block 6, district lot 548
unl 549.    Hoard of works.
Jas. Cnulfield asked fair the extension ol the sidewalk on First
street lo comer ol Forbes avenue,
Mrs. Alex. Hill wrote that two
tic..-, standing on property owned
by Mi. kivm . adjoining her home,
greatly endangered the lives of
hersell and family, and asked that
the council have theni removed,
as Mr. Keane had taken no slops
towards doing so, although repeated requests had been sent to
him. The clerk was instructed 10
send Mr. Keene a copy of Mrs.
Hill's letter, and also advise the
lady that Mr. Keene was thc person
in take action against il a further
request in the matter was not complied with.
I). G, I'ick's resignation Irom
the p isition of chief of the fire and
police department, written under
date of April irjth, and to take
effect May 6th, as soon as arrangements can be made for a successor
10 Mr. Dick, was accepted.
J. Kirkland asked tor a two-foot
sidewalk, irom corner Lonsdale
avenue to lot 12, block 215. a distance ol 340 feet,   Laid over.
W. Morden asked [or the extension northward of the one sidewalk on the east side of Lonsdale
avenue to Eighth street, Irom the
end of the present walk, in the
centre ol block 109, cross ng over
Eighth street, tu connect with
walk on lib v< nth street; also Ior
permission to build a sceptic tank,
I'he first request was laid over and
the second granted.
lion. Carter-Cotton ackuow*
li gi il receipt of a letter re lhe
road from Moodyville and the
bridge across Lynn creek. He
stated that the inatti r had been referred to ihe chief commissioner
of lands and works, with a request lhat tlie same be considered
as promptly as possible. Mr.
Cotton also requesti d that the
commissioner advise the council ol
his decision.
From Arthur L. de Martiguy,
as-isiiint private secretary to Sir
Wilfred Lauricr, saving he had n
ccived a memorial irom the reeve
uin! council and Corporation of the
District of Nm tli Vancouver, regarding the construction of a combined traffic, tramway and railway
bridge across the Second narrows
of Burrard inlet, and had referred
the same to iha- ii. partment ol
railways lor consideration.
An invitation to the reeve and
council to he present ot the
general meeting ol the North Vancouver Horticultural Association
on Ma* oth, was rei a ived, and the
clerk instructed to write the
is   1 ation bi ccpting with thanks.
Mi irs, Holdsworth, Stonor &
>i -aii wrote to iha" council n qui it*
ing one wi 1 k's extension ol tune
on ilnn l.on dale avenue and King
In ■ t     a "Ml.n I.     OWing     to     llii:
difficult} m obtaining labor,
1 Iranti a
lhe Ninth Vancouver Horti
( ulturol Association asked foi  the
11 11   ll Iha" ni'iiiii ipal hall 1 lianiln is
mi iln" evening ol May 9th.
Granti 'I.
Mi ■ -is. Kennedy & Astki w asked
for, ni'i wei' granted, one month's
. \ia naion "I im"" in 1 niiipli ie work
on iln- Hoskins ainl Wi stovi 1
n "1
The reports 0f the financi a om
mittee, hoard of works, health, lire
and water committees wen    1
: ipted.
Sub-divisions were accepted as
Tlie lots in ill'"  block,   betWi 1 n
Eighteenth nnd Nim teenth streets,
Wl I iH'in Cbcsti rfield to Mahon
avenues; and   hats  In Iw.'. 11   Nin-
ir. nth Bin ei . w. si "I Chesti rl a Id,
to Mahon :i".i : lies : .onl haa ■
I"/,    51    ,Ili'I     )0,    ail  ,||i,  1    ll.l
itj nt th'" pipe I.''
The   I"      '
and .1 temporary 55,000 loan 1.
law was passed.
Contracts were awarded as
, follows:
To clear and grade Sixth sin et,
(nun Chesterfield avenue to
stn it: A ■aia'w & Kenned;. $2,
100 : Chas, Anderson, 51,715.251
H. McLennan, Si,6001 W. Snider,
{1,6901 Anthony Farrow, $2,300,
Mr. McLennan was awarded the
To lay sidewalks o-.i parts of
Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets
and Jones'avenue : A, (!. Wllitti-
comb, $1,0201 Askew & Kennedy,
$1,050. Mr, Whitticombe got tin
The question of allowing thi
campers free use ol thc w iter laps
wasjirought up.   In pri Mon- *' .11 ■
tlio 1 who ' .imped in iiie vicinity
"I North Vancouver have obtained
their water supply either from the
numerous creeks which run into
the inlet or from the water laps on
private property, It was pointed
out that the place had assumed
such large proportions that the
streams referred to are becoming
more or less polluted, and therefore it is not desirable that campers
use ile- water. On the other
hand, the careless way ill which
these pleasure-seekers have heretofore used the tap- of private
citizens makes it objectionable
that the city continue so to do
without receiving any remuneration. Last year some attempt was
made to collect 50 cents from each
camper using taps, but considerable difficulty was experienced in
collecting the fee, The matter
was finally laid over without any
action being taken.
The council then adjourned.
New Additions to the North
Vancouver School.
The board of school trust. 1 s ol
Norlh Vancouver hnve accepted
the plans for alterations and additions to the school on the cornel"
of Chesterfield avenue and Third
strei t. as prepared hy Architect W.
The new addition will be placed
to tbc south ol the present building, and will consist of Iwo huge
and well lighted class rooms,
wash rooms, cloak rooms and Iwo
teachers' rooms,
Tin main entrance will be in the
centre ol the building on either
side of lhe same, and will be of
generous width nnd easy access
and exit.
There will be a lull size stone
basement under the new addition,
which will contain separate boys'
and girls' lavatories, which will he
well lighted and ventilated, as well
as a large and well arranged
furnace room ; special attention is
being paid to the healing and
ventilation of the building.
Tile outside appearance will be
unique Irom an artistic standpoint;
there will he a neatly arranged li
towei ovei the main entrain ■. ai I
two large towers on the Third
street elevation, the whole of which
grouped will make a very presentable appi aiiaiiice. being quite an
improvi mi nt on the existing building.
The plans are so arranged thai
tin: ohl building may be taki n
down and rearranged ill the future
williout disturbing the new addition, In tin course ol ;i i'«
days the working drawini
specifications will be completed,
when lenders will !>'■ called ;■ r,
He Was Glad To.
1.niii. r   Burbank,    the   plant
wizard,   has   demonstrated   how
1 h  .   ol   t : II
have .lilt* i' nt '"ii'' ts on nppli -,
that the saim   is
I       -       illustration   hr  i' II   oi   1 good
fellow who had a Bhn
I   l||l"      lllallllllli:       .Ut'   I        .1!    '.
roundly she drovi   him ti
without hi1' breakfast,   Whili "'i
lie. way down h 1 n in ■> ill ■
1",       lla.ilal     .1       ■ Willi.a'
ale puti witli lhe 1 hikIiii i"i i'   11
ing lur hue    Ai length bIu
11 Is there a gentleman in this cat
who   will   stand   up   and   sei
a-xlailv insulted .'"    Th'" .
man whose nature hail bei 11 spoiled
ro ' . igerly.   " Vcs madam,' iai"
'■aid. " I will."
A  CON ll-.I'MI"".
'Iln teachei was drillini liorfn 1
grade mi ihe punctuation mark..
They 1 Bnn loan 1 xclainatio  ,
" What is thi. I" asked lhe
teai li' 1
No reply
Ah' 1 some thought Earnest answered   "A long period."
Bits of Byplay.
Nl I .Hal   SAW  lil a.
"Di . ou mail mj letli r, Mary?"
asked her mistress. "It was an
important one- you know."
"Vis, mum, indeed 1 did."
"llul why have you liroiight back
the two cents I gave you (or the
"Sure, 1 didn't have to use it,
mum," replied Mary. "I slipped
lb' ia iter into th' box whiu nobody liikin'."
a 1 HANI E,
" I should like 10 marry youi
d;a ighter."
■ Can i on make it convenient tai
marry In r to-day ?"
'• Why I ■ 1 shall be so delighted I   May I-■er--'
■■ Von 11 a thi" look has told us
our family is loo large, and perhaps
if ,011 take my daughter at once the
cook may be induced to remain
with us."
win ur. Ill  was WRONG.
Euclid has just announced thai
tin part (ould not be greater than
the whole.
" Evidently," they cried, " be
has never had an auto repaired."
In the face of this there W( re
those wliai persisted in calling
mathematics an exact science.
■■ Horrible stuff to print in the
newspapers, isn't it ?"
•■ 1 presume it is. What are
you reading it for ? "
"Do you Iind it more economical
to do your own cooking ?"
" Yes, indeed. My husband
doesn't eat half as much now as
he did."
" Punctuality," said the octogenarian, " is the thief of time. A
punctual man all my life, 1 believe
I have wasted quite twelve years
waiting for people.
Maailier's looking worried lately—
Father's getting rich ;'
All hi- risk-ini' paying nr.'iitly,
sister's lai.akiut rather stalely,
inu nur waie- uill -in.11 bo doubled,
Mother's looking badly troubled—
Father's gelling rich.
Sleiiii.' niial 10011 musl follow—
Father's letting rich ;
We'll lun.' iv uilli in uliieli I" William
Mother's clu .-ks nre getting hollo* ;
Long ivo'vc diligently sought ii—
Nun- they'll oak us how ive got it—
lather's getting rich.
ol i   ink BLOOD.
The little boy was reading a
" Blood and (lore Library " and
smoking a cigar.
"What are you going to bi
when   you   grow   up .'"   we saui
JOI      ■   i,  "11 pll.lti  '"
•' Nix," he retorted, " pirates is
lemons tin Be i
"What then?
"A chaffeur,"the lad hi
'• I la,el .1 •; ii a ;• rday,"
■ a (Tm ae.i Ii t:. i i arrii r, as In
warmed his. old blue hands.   " I
n ith ti *   rave,
" It   was a small   wi. Bill '■! im
mortelles in  a  pasteboard  bos
Love, Woodlawn I
: Smith ni"'
I       '  ■     I  tiim     I  I..el
that leiin ten mi in   i
but 1 never thought to make a de-
livery to one of the tombs.
" lining in 1 found the Love
grave easily, I brushed the snow
oil lhe mound with my bag, and
taking lhe wreath Irom its box I
laid il on thi' bright green grass.
" I consider that the strangest
experience ol my fourteen years'
lill", i.11.1. AND THE FISH.
A huge flounder was recently
netted oil Atlantic Ciiy that had
ih skeleton ol a gull fastened to
us back. Plainly the g'ull had
attacked a lish ion big Im it, and
had sunk its talons so deep that it
could not withdraw them,
It had drowned, and liy degu es
it had become a skeleton, 'lhe
flounder, unable to free itself, had
I" rhaps carried its ghastly burden
Im vears.
If you run against the bed post
in the dark, and get a black eye,
it looks as bad as a black eye received in a fight.
k n\\\l CO., LTD.
•0.20 A.M.
•il.OOA. M.
•7.20   "
•6.45   "
s '
B.00   "
9.45  "
11.15   "
10.45  "
10.1.1   "
11.46  "
11.1.1   "
12.45 P. M.
1.46  "
1.1,1   "
2.45  "
2.1,1   "
3.46  "
8.15  "
-1.45   "
1.11    "
0.46  "
11.11    "
7.1.1   "
7.21   "
8,46  "
8.16  "
0.46  "
U.ll    "
10.45  "
10.15   "
•ll.i.'i "
•11,80   "
10.16 A.M.
u.ll A.M.
ll.i.'i "
in. 1.1   "
12.15 1'. M.
11.11  "
1.15 P.M.
12.46 P.M.
8.15 "
2.45   "
4.15  "
3.45   "
5.15  "
1.1.1   "
li.14  "
6.45   "
7.10  "
0.45   "
* Not on
1 CATIONS lor the position "I Con-
-liihle ul llu- District. Salary, (so i„.r
month. Applications, nilli miilnhlc
references, t" U* in ut the Municipal
Hull liy 7:80 p. m., on the 20th Instant.
KM. Piiii.ii-,
C. M. C.
"■ willing in assist In organising ■
Volunteer I ire Dvrmrtmi ut ol nm di-
m in.ii 1.." arranged, will In
In id in tin- Municipal HaH, on M-.i.-
day, ik'" 18th Instant, ■':   -
p.m., I lor with 1 lie  (.'nilliril  on
Auk. I'iiii.ii',
Insurance   In all it> Branchee.
Ma'.av,    Pltcor and Hydraulic
Timber    Hardwood Cedar and Fir.
MuNAGiit ron thi Commikciu
Pnortctivt Aginc-
Oltlcel Flrat St., £ ol Lonadala Ava.
Capilano Eotel
i ■  .ml m idi        lording .iii  lhe
i... ration sm*
I    ,        mated   Im   people
wishing im cxbiliaraling i imolc, beautiful mountain
nn and sho I
mmm ol Mount '
ilu I..
I    a
,||    I','   WM '     ■     ' Ml'!      /     1*111    ,
'     I
allowin n m
RATES:   $3.50 t<> -$3-00 Per Ibi.v
HPUUIAI.   UATttB   T    . .wtii.n -.   am*   ui'-'  UAH
II. .   . I. HI    WH
1111 in. INK     .   Nl IRTH   \ AN*--' 11 vi k
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Without Damage
to Buildings
Cai 1. ok Address
JONKS AND  I till St.
Civil Inqim-er unit II. f, land Sulci or
'I'lM'Si: '.'-.'8
Hiiil'.iiiyi, RridgCI, Win. r PoiroH, I      uniin,
*"l" i.iiicii'i   Ciiuilruotlon,  M»pi   ol
rp«      ■-. I'i'iii-ial Mimtic Cluloil, Hi ii'iirlnti
ot HuMivlilom,
IM Haitian 81, \\„ ■ ■ vamoivkii. 11, c.
civil.   BNOINSBR
Plan-. Quantities, Levels
Superintendence ol Construction
Fooatn STasitT, Cobnss Lo.vsdub Ave,
'Phone 3.
North Vancouver, 13.  C.
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
done.   See
Sixni Street
Painiirs ash PapERHANOKRI
Grainirs    Glaziers    Skins
Our ia.u Ii.ii" an here;
.mr Spring Woolluni nr..
hero.  Oui i 1.ry*
thing thcroln i- ii' ■*. brigni
anil choertul, Out price*
■re rif 1
Patricnii*.- Home Indualry
lii.'ii*a.v |lu*ci, ■ LOXSDAI1. Wi:.
1 >i p 1 im 'i 1 s 1 n 111 c 1
l"l|.a".|    Ml
.     ||
1    1. ndi . 'l N..Ii.f.
I!    "".       .   SI
60   YE* II1
Timor Munis
Copvnu.iiTs 4c.
•  ■■"" American,
VIUNH &Cc.^"-J—NewYcrk
' mm or* ■■ ■ 1"' ■• Wrtaita* l).e. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Legion oi Frontiersmen Form
Local Command.
On 1 I ru irj tin i jih, i .
Si ■ ' . f St ite Ior Wm ia i ig
1 gii n ol Frontiersmen
as a purely private organi iti a:.
which in linn ot war could be
used as  an   inti '    corps,
scouts,' tc, to tl    !■    .il  forces.
1.        i was I ight lor
ward bj Rogei l'"i <. It, wh" is
thi : tindi i ol the li... m, and a
formed., with
the Right lion, the Earl i I in
I.i e, ■ ■ chairman, Among tin
general couni il aire such men as
the Right Hon. the Earl ol Mi nth,
tl i.. bt Hon, the Earl ol litis*
low, Admiral 11 S. II. Prince
Louis ol Battenberg, Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle, K. B., M. 1).:
Ridi i Haggard, Esq,; the Hon. J.
H. Turner, agent-general fur
Briti ih t olumbis,
Thi re .ire now members of the
legion in all British colonies, In
South Africa there are several
i I    oca] command lormed in
Vancouver is the last in Canada,
Mi W. Nicholson-Lsilej was the
first man t    j iiu  the  legion  in
cr,  and  given   the
iion   as   Hon.    brigading
.■:■: ': I : Vam     'ei ind distrii i,
and with the assistance ol Maurice
. !■'. K. li. S., he got to-
gethei sufficient members to form
a command.   A general mei tin]
was culled iu the pallors ol the
li tei Vancouver to elect ofli ers,
etc. Mr. Mnurici Marsden wei
eli ted lii uteliant ft
and Mr. F, Shank , ergeanl
major, W. Nichol I.. iley re
t.nni: g ihe positii n ol oi [anizing
officer, and also being ai ting
I   :: i masti r   and   psj*inasti r,
Mr.  Woodworth, bei on ini   .,rs
mu uii mber, it was decided
thai ll i retarj be instructed to
sa e the officers ol iln Sixth Duke
■: i inaught's i iwn Rifles, with
nn idea ol attaching the legion io
thi r< giment on field days.
/| ' mlion oj Frontiersmen : The
term " frontiersmen" includes
men trained and qualified by
previous completed military service, or by working hunting or
fighting in wild countries, or al
sea. who, lor various reasons, do
not or cannot si rve in the existing
military forces of the empire, and
who are not prepared, by reason
of temperament or vocation to
submit themselves to the ordinary
routine of military dicipline, except in time ol war.
The local command has now
about 6o members, and is in-
en asing all thi time. Time are
about 25 tu jo members up-
country, who have received written
instriu lions liom Lieutenant Mars
den to send all the information
they possibly can as to the general
lav ol the country in which they
reside, with distances from point
t - point, iliu irati al by sketches
wl ii" possible, and information 1
as to available supplies and
horses and mules ob-'
1 iii a:, , which information
1 1 -1 and filed by the
ofli the local command, and
would In "I great value in time of
ting with every
. a,, ment, and men Irom all
pari    ":ia- ■; pin- arc becoming
mi nn n who have (ought
and worki d in the wilderness, and
the outskirts uf civilization. It is
iln- inti ntion tu approach the Dominion government with the idea
of being recognized as a military
lama , having tlie support of
several members ol the provincial
government and being recognized
by the imperial government there
should be no difficulty in gelling
recognition from the Dominion
The meetings of the local command will be held in the club
rooms of lhe United Service Club,
in the Fairfield building, which
club was formed by members of
lhc Veterans' Association, the
South African Campaigners and
the Li gion ol Frontiersmen, and
has now over 100 members. It
has very comfortable quarters with
canteen, etc.
To be eligible to become a
member of the club a person must
have served or be serving in any
branch of the imperial forces,
Anyone desiring further information in connection with the
Legion ol Frontiersmen or the
United Service Club can obtain
full particulars (rom \V. Nichol-
son-Lsiley, Maurice M. Marsden,
F. K. G. S., secretary of the club,
and ii eligible, may be elected to
\\';is Printed on Our Xewiy-Installed
Wharfdale Cylender Frews.
The Chinese have a perfume
made ol water lilies that costs $8
a drop.
St. Petersburg holds the highest
death rate among the world's
Whalebone, 100 years ago,
brought S125 a ton. A ton ol it
now is worth $15,000.
To met t some people gives you
the strange, creeping feeling you
experience after taking a pill.
Nothing makes a man so happy
as to collect a liad debt or secure
an increase il his salary.
The smallest coin in circulation
is  the   Maltese  grain, a bronze
tl if ;i pencil top, and
worth one-sixth ol a cent,
Call and You Will Be Convinced
■*-' I shall apply to the licensing !>• ar-l
uf the District Municipality of Nortli
Vancouver i'i it- tn-\t moating for a
hotel license inr premises known ai Lot
F, In Hie Sub-dlvlslon nl Lot 871, (.roup
1, New Westminster District, registered
in the Land Reglstery Office at the Ciiy
ia[ Vancouver.
Dated May Oth, 1007.
Is Now In  q   Position  to Turn  Out
Any Close of Printing, Ka 1 imi nu
in ^*i/(.- from a Milk Ticket
to 0 Colored Circus Poster
Letterheads Billheads
Statements        Envelopes
and  all other kinds of Office Stock
In  Hull there is a street called
Laud  uf Green  Ginger,  and in
tei   anotln r   calh 'I   Holy
Bones.    II" se are said to bc tii'"
pn • lest street names in thc world,: Dl Rj If Mr F | INIT
1 p . 'aii' ii cinch
onanytliii thai 1 .1 vc tod right;
il anyoi'. el ie bus it, it is a Bpei "al
. and most unfair,
Oil or belore lsth ol May, at 12 innn,
accompanied by certified cheque Iur live
per cent, ol amount ol lender, ninilc
payable to Clerk ol Municipal Council,
us security f"r entering into contract.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Honky-ian i*i Curtis,
Office!  Meltons   Hank   Chamber!,
Vancouver, Ii. 0.
Everj wile is ol tho secret
opinin that il ilie were to tell the
plain truth about her husband, the
other women would mob him.
II vou neglect your own affairs,
wl do you imagine will look alter
them ?
Palace Hotel
Barber Shop
In response i" the wishes of a number
of citizens' mi'i ratepayers, I hereby call
ii public mooting, lo be held in the
Municipal Hull ou
ilT s r. N,
lor the purpose ol considering tbo od'
visabilitv 01 holding 0 citizen*' celebration "ii Domllllon Hav, July 1st mist
A. E. Krai.v,
Sorth Vancouver, 11, C, May 10th,
I Council for Olearlng and (ira.liiiK
800 feot ol road along Twenty-first street,
ensl Inun I.onsdiile Hvenui'.
Specifications can he had at the Municipal Hull, whore sealed tenders, with
deposit cheques, musl bo lodged belore
s o'clock p. in. on 20th Instant.
Al.BX. I*III 1.11*,
CM. ('.
a erection of» Flro Hall for Municipality "I Nurlh Vancouver, l'lansi
ami Specifications to he soon at Architect' j office, tendees to be In thoir hands
"There's a reason for everything,
said a dry guods merchant
There's even a reason for odd
prices—J! 1.1 J, $4.99, {3.24, and so
un. The reason ior then prices is
that they keep the palron wailing
lor change, and while he waits he
looks around, seeing, two to one,
something else that he wants to
buy. Odd prices, causing the
customer to examine the stock, are
responsible (or some 15 or 20 per
cent of each day's sales."
Love may make the world go
'round, but jealousy can keep it
pretty active.
iiuM''. i'.n
Lonsdale Avenue,
near comer of Pint street
Beautiful Cleared Lots
$900 each
Modem House on Third Street, all conveniences, hot and cold wator, hnth,
 cloctric light ___———
$1000 cash
Tho rest easy payments. Hall block oait of Lonsdale


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