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 Local Meetings
( ily i'uii iisl Meeting, even Mnuiliiv, 8 |> in.
IliHii'.il I'uinieil MeallM, emrj Krnluv, 7-16 p.m.
Hniiril of I'mile, Third Tuemla/, 8 p.m.
tiiuiril ot'Traile Kxei-utiv*), I it ul Tuemliii, 8 p.in,
Selioul Whiril, Firat Friday, H p in.
iblftidmmhk ,
;an I o«
■_ Wmnm
Local Martinet.
Knlfhtl > I Pjrtlitaa, Second and Fourtli TueaJar, 8 P*i
Athletic Chili, Kir.i Monday, K p.m.
1 a.lr M*.ea'i* i, wcmI lint (ourlh Thunlajl
Itertieuliiir**-aW-KMR Itt-eun-UtwIneaday, 8 p.m.
Kiremen's" I'rnrliw, Kvtrw Kri-lar, 7.SP p.».
7 .,*."1 l***-*'-™1''*- Twr     x
4-1908 NUMBER ll
Aldermen May, Crickui iy,
Smith, Wheeler and Braim were
present at the meeting of the city
council o i Monday lilt. Actiag
Mayor lium, presided. Council
first sat as coun ol revision on the
local -improvement bylaw, Iietween
Sixteenth and Kidgeway Avenue.
This bylaw was duly declared aj -
proved. The local manager ol
the 11. C. Klectric Railway, Mr
Ihitllniry, wrote, requesting the
approval ol the council of tin
proposed extension ol the stree
railway Irom Twenty-fiist to
Twenty-third slice! and that the
grade he provided. Kxtension
approved and the city engineer instructed to lui ni sli the company
wilh a grade.
William Loutet, city engineer,
reported lhat a number ol septic
tanks throughout the city are not
working properly and lhat the
matter should be given immediate
attention. Tlie medical health
officer wis instructed to procure
a list of the unsatisfactory tanks
from the city engineer and, after
examination, to report to the
council. Aid. Smith here interposed, to the effect lhat the lank
at ibe lire hall was specially constructed for the city and it is the
worst tank within the corporation.
Ailing Mayor Irwin suggested
that it would he well if the health
committee would compile and
issue a circular, giving instructions
as to the proper care ol the
Under reports of special committees, Aid. Smith-reported that
the city solicitor had been consulted with reference to arrangements with the representatives of
the Wallace Shipyards, Limited,
and that he will lorward all information in due course. It was
further reported that grail.ng
down for a distance of ninety leet
will require to lie done at lhe corner ol Sixteenth ttreet and Keith
road, aud other work is also neces
sary.the total estimated cost being
thirty dollars. Ordered that the
street gang be put tt work on the
job at once.
With reference to the tppliif
tion of Mr. Sherwood, that Mali n
avenue lie opened up from Thir-
lei nth street, the city clerk was instructed to write Mr. Sherwood
that, if this application involves
repair! only, the city may be in
a position to act, but if it necest-
ititet nuking a new roid, the
matter must comply with the terms
ul the (tontagc bylaw,
Aid. May again raiseil tlie
question of the relations of the
city with the V. W. & Y., wilh
reli'icuce to llieir rightof-wty, and
the acting Mayor with Alderman
May and the city clerk were appointed a committee to draft a
letter to the local member at
Ottawa, asking fur a copy of tlie
charter ol the V. W. & Y. ly.j
alsu (or information as to the tune
limit of tlie same, and requesting
that the council be duly advised
li.iiil.l steps at any time he taken
si eking an extension of the tune.
Ottawa Gardens were the next
item discussed and, in view of Ihe
urgent necessity that action he
taken to preserve Ihem Irom
serious deterioration, Aid. Mty
gave notice of a motion that they
bc properly cared (or forthwith.
Aid. YVhnhr propounded the
pertinent query, "Why is the
ferry str. North Vancouver tied up
it the wharf instead ol being in
service?" The acting mayor stit
ed thit he was informed that ihe
is undergoing the necessary antaul
overhauling and inspection.
A letter nceived some time ago
from B, Cook, ol Vancouver, was
called from the file. This letter
proposed certain joint privileges
as to the new ferrv slip. The city
clerk was instructed lo reply to
Mr. Cook, to the effect that the
city is not prepared at the present
time to take action in the matter.
Aid. Smith submitted a report of
the interview ol the special committee With Mr. Marpole, respecting tlie late obstructions at the
ferry landing in Vancouver, ai d
recommended that the acting nuy-
oi lie requested to write the lerry
c nnpany, to the effect that the city
cannot tolerate any further intei-
ruptions lo the service;at the same
time impressing upon ihe company
the necessity of their acting witli
energy and dispatch in the completion of the new slip.
The committee appointed to interview William Godfrey, mana
gerol the Hank ut It N A., Vic
couver, willi respect to the pri-
posed elimination of tlie six montl i
reihniption clause from Hie loin
liylaw, repoited thai Mr. Godfrey
advised that the retention of the
clause would either hinder tl e
sale or else mati rially lower tl.e
price procured for debentures. The
committee recommended the elimination of the clause. The cilv
solicitor having prepared a repealing liylaw and a new bylaw in accordance with the recommendation
ol the committee, the repealing liylaw was given its first, second and
third readings, after which the new
bylaw was passed through a like
process. The bylaw to raise fKo,-
ooo was likewise given three readings.
The council decided to hold a
spi i ml meeting on Thursday evening next, (or work on bylaws and
other business. The Trtdes Licensing bylaw wu given its first,
second and third readings. Thit
bylaw provides a licence fee for
billiard saloons, bowling alleys,
rifle galleries, barbershops, merry-
go-rounds, ind swings, etc. Il
prohibits the prosecution of these
trades or businesset on Sunday
ind provides idequlte penalty for
The Wallace Shipyards bylaw
wu moved forward one ttage and
then laid over, in order that mitten of dettil wilh reipect thereto
may be taken up wilh the city
tolicitor and the coropiny.
The special meeting of Ihe city
council lilt night considered several bylaws ind passed them
through llieir leveral stages.
A letter wis read Irom A. Crow-
Hon, cbairniin ol the agricultural
ind mining committee ol the local
Board of Trade, requesting the cooperation of thc council to procure
the opening up of Ihe Lillooet
trail through Lynn and Seymour
valleys. A committee was appointed to draft a letter to be sent
to the provincial government; and
alto to lend every possible assistance to the project.
Miller-Lauder Boxing Contest
A record crowd witnessed in exhibition ol clevrr boxing upon the
part "I Hilly Lauder, of Calgary,
and aal sturdy pluck and staying
qualities upon the part ol the local
man, Driver Miller, at Lirson's
pavilion, on Monday night. Etrly
in the game it became evident
that Miller had no chance to win
the deciiion, ind the tole question
in debate was whether he would
be able to weather the 15 rounds
He proved game to the end, however, and was not by any means
all in when the gong sounded lor
the conclusion of the match.
Both contestants manifested cordial goodwill throughout and the
contest was exceptionally free from
features that so frequently render
them objectionable.
Lauder proved himsell a clever
boxer, although Miller's inability
to attain the standard of Lauder's
work prevented the Calgary lad
Irom extending himsell and showing the best work o( which he is
capable. His ring tactics are ol
high grade; he is tyiick on his feet
and has the faculty of being some
where else when tits opponent
tries to Iind him. There was a
monotonous repetition of methods
of attack, probably due lo the lact
that such as he used were sufficient
for the purpose.
"Happy Jack" Mael'herson wu
referee and promptly awarded the
decision to Lauder, ulnae it cer-
taiuly belonged.
The preliminary bout Iietween
VVdkins and Kennedy was lively.
There was something doing all llu
time.    The  decision was a draw.
Negotiations are now well under
way for a match between Lauder
and Bob Ritchie, early next week.
Pleasant Social Gathering:
It was a merry company thai
gathered on Monday evening, at
the invitation of Mr. and Mrs.
Kingsford Smiili, to celebrate the
advent of lhe firm of Kingsford
Smith & Co. to North Vancouver.
The evening's 1 iiteilainmaul consisted of a bill and supper, being
held in the firm's new building on
the Esplanade. The music was
furnished by Harpur's orchestra,
The hall on the first flat, beaut
ifullv decorated for the occasion,
was used for dancing, and with its
floor space, measuring -17x50 feet,
provided excellent accommodation.
This ball will in future be available
for public purpos s, and will pro
vide excellent facilities for lodges,
entertainments, etc. It is provul
ed with two exits, ante rooms, lav
atones, etc.. and is iii every si nse
a modern hall.
The supper was served in the
store on the ground lloor. Amongst
those present were: Mayor and
Mil. Kealy, Mr.and Mri.Bunbury,
A. K. mil Mrs. Kvans, J. S. ind
Mrs. Feirce, Aid. ind Mrs. J. YV.
Pretcolt, D. II. and Mrs. Fmliy*
son, lh tei and Mrs. Larson, J. J.
ind Mn. Miller, W. A. ind Mn.
Shaw, J. A. ind Mrs. McMillan.
Misses Morrell, Holmes, Bennett,
Maitin, Battles, l.ai.u.a, St. Cl.ui,
and Johnson; and Messrs. McMillan, A. la Ajres, YV. lowiisi iul,
W. Astley, T. C. Calvert, (apt. Sir
I. Wallets, 1\ YV. King, J K
Stevens, Parrott, Duke and Shaw
Dominion Day Prospects
Present indications point to an
exceptional aggregation ol atlrait
ive feature! in connection with the
local celebntion on July ist nexl.
Ibe slogan lias resounded throughout the halls ol the Sons ol Scotland on the lower mainland and
Y'ancouver. Preparations arc well
under way (or a monster gallirring
of the cltns. They ire coming al
least 5000 strong. Norlli Vincouver will In* liken bv Monti, ind
the cittdel will be al Larson'*
grounds aud hill. '•*a]emn Me Im
pune Lincesset" will lie flung wide
on silken limners, gav Gielii
greetingi will mingle with the
skirl ol the pipes, and 1 full pro-
gramme of Caledonian tporti Will
be ditpensed to the iccompini
ment of the 1'ihroch, "Gi'n we gi t
guid weather it will be a bonnie
In addition to the above, the
Horticultural Association is plan
ning the annual exhibition. The
new pavilion will lie thrown open
for the lirst time on this occasion,
and a programme upon au extensive tcale is being arranged.
The Nortli Vancouver Athletic
Association has iu contemplation
Ihe putting on of some events lor
the day, probably in lhe form ol
held sporls, lint tlieir plans are not
yet sufficiently matured loi definite announcement.
It is also understood that tin
Dramatic Society is preparing
"The Private Secretary," i.nd that
it may lie placed en the boanls in
the evening
The probabilities point to the
finesl Celebration, with lhe largest
crowds, that the city has yet
Orpheus Ma!e Voice (hoir
The Orpheus Male Y'oice Choir
ol Vancouver again paid a visit to
the city, on Monday evening,
though on this occasion their pres
ence was not primarily fur the mak
ing of sweet sounds, lint to make
I piisentation to John Alexinder,
the retiring conductor. This was
in lhe form ol an illiiinini < I ail
dress, beautifully executed on vellum, 111 colors and gold, handsomely trained, and signed liy tin* mem
bers ol the choir. YV. P.iddon.thc
president, in making tlie presentation, alluded In the excellent
training which the choir liad re
reived during the three years it
hid been under tlie baton of Mr.
Alexander, and ex press,. I the regret ol tlie cbiiii that pressure ol
other work prevented Mr. Alexander continuing as conductor. Sev
eral glees and solos were snug and
1 convivial evening brought to 1
close with Auld Lang Sync.
Closing Meeting
The closing meeting of the tea-
son of the Young People's Club
was marked by an interesting and
profitihle session on Tuesday
evening. Tlie attendance was
large and the programme of vocal
and instrumental music was thor
ouglily enjoyable. The pending removal Irom the city of Mr and
Mrt. Simpson and Miss Kennedy
called forth exptessions of sincere
legrel. Ail thiee have bn u ,u live
and efficient workers in the choir
and the cluh and tin y will In great
ly missed. Mr. Gillam give a
valedictory address, n in wing the
operations ol 11* cluh, and voiced
tbe universal opinion tlm ibe tei-
son had been one nf most gratifying success. The i-*ssions ul ih.
i'inh will he resumed on I uesday,
Oi I 1st, when a 1 <ainmilt.., wlm h
wal appointed dining lhe session,
will submit m outline lur 1 hr- n
suing s, .is.an
Verdict for Chtlulis Viclmi
The full (uiirt his jiitt hand-
•d ''own a decision in lhe (In luhv
rue, reversing decision ol loWM
court, finding lor llie plaintiffs.
The lull amount of lunipensation
iwaidid ii (.26,500, divided as follows' Robert Bryce, for Ininiell
<io,ooo; as idministralor lor his
wile, IjnOOj (Ijooo to himsell and
J5000 to Mrs Dryer's nuilliei);
J. 0. Benwcll, lor himsell jtiooo;
for the loss of bit ton, {Ijrioo
((11500 lor himself and J1500 lor
Ins wife).
Dein (lhe Cbehalii engineei),
YV J. Crawford, (nr loss o( Ins
son, fajooo |( Appeal was abandon, ,1
and amount cinnnt  be ilinnul)
Clptain House. Jiikki (condi
Notice ol appeil to the privy
council wu given.
A Urge anionnt of mpplies were
sent out with 1 picktrain YVednes-
day, to thc Swiin mining camp.on
Lynn creek.
Commencing this week the C.
P. R. has inaugural' I a double
daily steamer service Irom Van
couver to Victoria.
Owing to the illness ol Trustee
Steacy, last Satin day's meeting ol
the school board was postponed to
await call limn the chair.
A special meeting of the local
Pythian • lodge will lie held next
I'uesday evening. Important business will be brought forward.
James Cowen Gill, ol Cheacka
inns, Squaniish, has been appoint
ed   deputy game   warden  lor Ihe
■ I a im ii district ol Richmond.
Sound teeth are essential to
good health. See adv ol Huston
Dentists in another column. Con
suit   them   mil   minium   1 HI   Kx
Fire destroyed Robinson &
Hai kill's sasli and dooi liilnry in
Vancouver, Monday night,causing
a loss of $30,000, witli |m,ooo insurance.
Tuesday evening the local Pythian lodge C'liileried tlie lank oi
Knight ou three candidates. Two
applications lor membership weie
also received.
Smith Bros, contractors lor th
new   lloitii ull ur il   Society   ball
have  commenced   work   on   tin
building, which is to be completed
the taller part ol June.
Next Tuesday evening the Ladies of the Maccabees will hold tn
At Home at the residence of W.
II. Stoney. An attractive musical
programme has been prepared ind
refreshments will lie served.
The members ol the Nortli Vai •
■ ouver Athletic Cluh desire to
meet the officers of that institution
at Larton's pavilion next Monday
evening at K o'clock. A lull attendance ol members is desired.
A horse attached 10 a delivery
rig ol the B. C Meal Co.. ran
iway on Saturday morning, hi'
course being down Lonsdale av
tn Ihe whaif A collision will
some freight ended Iba run, no
dama:;e mulling
A meeting ol lhe North Yam on
ver Boating Cluh it called (nr next
Tuesday evening at H o'clock in
Ltrson'i bill. It 11 particularly
dr.ue I lhat all nun l>ert ol the
cluh bc preient, it tin re ii urgent
hminaii lo Ih* trinnail-.l
At the regatta, In take phiie on
Saturday afternoon May nth, the
firat a»i nt will h. .lull luiirt; tec-
oud, double .culling, third, pi.1*11
ing louroireil tuSa; fourth, toys'
ian; fifth, lanna* tare I'.iilries
will lie rrren. A up In Ml)' 6.
I In' Sinter irn! YY heeler A Wilson S'-wing Mirhine companies
have opened total offires in the
premises nf Mr Ciidncy, Lonsdale
avenue. Tlie local manager il
P. YY'. Frill', who has been with
tlie cnnipam in Vancouver lor
tome lime.
At the annual meeting ol tlie
Mi tbodist ladies' lid tociety, Mrt.
Wheeler was ehiled piesi lent,
' Mrs Tin k secretary, and Mrs
Urann treasurer Mrs J Device
is in dure* of tin timer commit*
'ee, md Mis Hooper and Mrs
Urann wen ippolated 1 visiting
i.omtnitter lm one month.
A. Nnrtund md K I.iurin,
practical tailors, who, lor tome
ynrs pist have lieen wiih Morgan.
Yam ouver, havr lorntrd a partnership  ind hive established them
selves is fashionable merchant
tailon on First street, wett of
Lonsdale. Mi Nur I und hai tiki a
up hit. residence here and Mr.
Laurin will remove over during
the present month.
A meeting of all the men in
North Vancouver city and diitrict,
who are willing to join a local
volunteer militia company, will bc
held at the district municipal office on Monday evening next, al 8
o'clock. Lieut. Colonel Boullbee,
Adjt. Hiilme and other officers of
the D. C. 0. R., Vancouver, are
expected to be present to give in-
formation ind to further lhe move-
The survey party recently operating in Lynn valley lor the B. C.
Klectric Railway, under the direction of Engineer Sinclair, cimc in
on Monday last, having fulfilled
their instructions, by running preliminary grades 11 fir is the intake of the city water system. Tbc
engineer's report will be tent lo
London lor contidention, whence
lhe final decision will emanate in
due 1 nurse.
The tnnual meeting of tbe Sunday school boird ol the Methodist
church was held on Tuesday evening. The officers ind tetcheri
elected for the year are aa follow*:
Superintendent, Mr. Martinson;
secretin ind librarian, W. H,
Parkin; treasurer, f, B. Kummer;
senior Bible diss teicher, G. H.
Morden; boys' dm, Mitt Clapp;
girlt' diss, Mn. Cribble; intermediate, Mn. Tuek;primiry,Mn.
J. Device.
The necessity of overhauling the
big roltry it the local power house
canted the withdrawal of the car
tei vice it 10 p. m. on Thuraday
last. The rotiry hid been in constant me for upwirdt of two yeirt
and urgently required attention.
The intervening hours from midnight to 61. m. would not hive
been tufficient to get thc micbinc
teady for the early morning r -
and it was considered prelcr
|0 cut iwo hours out of the ai% .
service, so that by dint of working
ian!, the cars might lie on (he run
(or tha early morning traffic. Thii
thoughtful coniidcntion of the
best interetti of the public is one
of thc chief elementi in thc popu-
lirity enjoyd by Ihe local min-
igem ul
Ho pita' Mitt-ra
The hospital committee met on
Tueidiy evening. Coun. Nye pre*
tided, ind there were preient alto
Aid. Irwin, Smith and Crickmay,
Coun. Mi-Naught, M Murriy.Dn.
Campbell and Verner, and Hod.
Sec  I'hilip.
Aid I'm kmay intimated thli thc
littei Diwion hid unted Min
Newmin't home ind proposed
opening in hospital there on May
15th next, ind he wuhrd lo know
whether the councils could mill
the undertaking in my wiy. Thar
were prepared to undertike thc
care of indigent pat mu, under an
■rnngement with thc council!.
I hey would bc ib!e tt thc outlet
to provide iix Ireds (or pttienli.
The propotil wa- carelully con*
tidered hy the committee, ind it
wit retolved to liy the licit before the provincial secretary, to
ncertiin il thc hetpitil would bc
allowed government lid. Aid. Ir>
win ind Coun. Nye were appoint*
■•d a subcommittee to cooler with
the Mistcs Dawtnn 11 to in arrangement that could be recommended to the councili
Thc meeting idjourned. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
iiiH BXritKSS
N' 1 III  \    N. u, IKK.  II.   C.
E   SllllilHilMIAI.K,
li, II    UaUUK*,
I ii 1 pi-s M.r
I In* Etpn Is is drill.nil in No tll
Vint     llll I      *' Itllill    I    l.la-a   ll.*.    of    1 I
hioi kl nf   ll U   nihil*.     All   Hillside
this di ittiet i- placed in Ilia post
Rati s ul Subscription :
leai -       -       fi.oo
"ign. ll-SO
.sin months
I hue monthi -
United Si ii. <   mil
pel 11
11 .plums uiiisi  be paid in
nli on e.
Acj penun not ni■ 11 aiig ilns
pa 11. jularl) will plea*, notify
tlu .'II .' No p.ipi 1 slnnp.-d null s*. notified either b) letter m card
■ rtJaBu
Nuiiiii \'amhi via. M vv 1, 1908
Tne yOUBg manhood ol any city
constitutes one ol the 1 lm ti st as
llu reol. The value ol the
young nun of Norlli Vancouver to
the cit) II sm h eannot lie over-
CStiinat' d. Tlicrclore, any invest*
m nt uiaidi.' ur institution sustained foi lli. b, iiclit ot tlie hoys and
Iln* loiiiig men ol the eity, will be
recognized by all right thinking
citiiens, 11 lieing ol valuable in*
1 irl 10 iln loiiiniuiiilv. ll is man
lh' ill de liable that ihe youth
sli.nl be imbued wilh a spirit ol
true 1" ilu in tIk-ii home cilv.ami
lli.it tin i ihould aspire to aceom
I in* thing lor lier benefit.
Ii thii' ommendablc spirit is io
be eagendi ri I ia Iha youth, it is
' • .ilial thai the buys and lining
men -.hall be < llabled In lllld III
tin :l h 'Hi' low 11. thus'* iqiproved
ai,nil's loi the ontgOiBg ol sur
pin* \ out Iiiui energy that are so
M I'll*-!!. In llnil peruial nl life
I In prollll III In 1 nines Iliu more
ilillii iill nt sa,Inn .:i lion ilu* stand
poinl ut Notth VllKOUVi 1   hei aus •
ol ilu* varied attrai tiom ami tbc
1 'iiiani iHun menti ol the latgei
burg Jul ariuss the 1 ui.t. ami hu
.this i. n leas.in it lii-i, Hues tile
iinin' imperative lli.it the 1 nu lib
In - il Igaintl the iinpov
. iisliuienl ihat 1.  involved in tin*
will, ;, "i ilu ii loyalty In ami
.itt ii linu'iit bu their honi city,
which must lake pl.u I in the youth
if the habit be brand ol looking
h. n lot rn nalivi* pursuits
An\ prai'tu al project thai is nl-
i,uu ed, luuknig lo (he luller play
nl llmsi, iiiilu,111 es Ihal serve to
I th' allegiance of lhe young
p. ipli In their residential city, it
Wiirlhv nl tba II live i-o-operation
of all iili/i.nt.
thcmtclvus h.i.ii*.* lm Norlli Y a.i
couver, on the field ol athletics 01
any where else. Tin ExeKttss is
pleased to learn lhat the North
Vancouver Athletic Club is adopting an energetic policy with reference to tlie approaching season,
and hopes In I.e able to record
many interesting contests, with a
satislactoiy percentage ol victories,
In order that the juniors may receive due encouragement, it might
be in order to suggest that the
churches organize boys' clubs and
inaugurate a num'ier ul friendly
niatihes. I'iii'. Exi'Kiss commends
to the hearty interest and co-operation of the citizens at large any
and every well-advised movement
that may develop along these 01
kindled liim,
Tha intimation conyeved in the
c iliiiuns ul   I ni   Kxi'kis*. in a re
cent utile, to tha ellect   that  the
mi'. Iiuiiii nltunl bin'ding may be
available In the p irp >*• i ol a In*
up "I 1 'lm,im  militia, ind
iiuis' Brigade, opens up
; hii. s iii ii  ihould lie ener*
■    bund   up   by    those
' i<> lake 1 leading
put in   ' ithn "I   tin se   piojerls.
1 he niton i"i outol dooi itbUtH
•   is now al hand. .1 it*I il is *h •
*  lh it   the   name ol   Norlli
y *    a.vi 1 ippwu as protnitnntlj
wiblc in tin* annals ul spurt
1 • 1!    ami this, nul ahiin   In ■
*i| the ailvnlisiiiient that
will thereby accrue lo the city, hut
1 *u n 'ii'in ItTODfl)    I" ' ause ol ils
influence ia 'ngi mining tliat esprit ih* 1 ip in tb*- boyhood and
tht* \oung  manhood ol Iba ciiy,
thai will ml' mily tlnir loyalty and
llu il enthutii im Inr thcil home
* ggendei within than a
ih p i ni '• ul piul' in upholding
lu t ri puiatioti,
I he optimttl is I man who sees
the silver lining of lhc cloud when
the side that confronts him is
black .md threatening. In plain
Engl ilh, lie is a inaii who retains
in unmoved niiitiilence in the
lightness nf tilings, the soundness
of conditions,and the brightness ot
tlu liitine at a time when aulicipn
tions have been disappointed. Re
viisrs have COmc and the iniiiinli
ate outlook is a deep indigo. Then
is an alleged optimist abiu.nl in
the laud who is wonderfully hilar
mils 1.. limes ol prospcri'y. He is
very prOOOUCOd and loud spoken
in liis absolute certainty that the
brigbtelt picture that can lie painted in words is none too roseate lo
properly depict present conditions
and luliiia developments; and yet,
when lhe movement ol altairs begins to slnw down some, when the
inevitable process of adjustment
that bilious a period ot unusual
progress in certain lines begins lo
make itself fell, this necessary
evening up of things is a contingency ihai lie cannot understand.
He veiy quickly subsides, his dis-
comtiMre eaily makes itself appar
ent, and I" hu long he is going
around witli a face like a bottle of
vinegar,and tlie wntds of his mouth
are as bitter as gall. The (act is,
ilu such a man is a human chain
tdenn, whose mental hue is dependent upon immediate circum
stain es and Ins uncertain temper.
lie is tlu- creature of circumstances
a coik on the waves, swirled
about liy every eddy, hustled od at
a tangent by every liderip, blown
aside by the passing breeze, tossed
up and down by every slightest
The optimist finds in trying conditions a favorable opportunity lor
the display of his true qtulilici.
Optimism is not an external pose;
it is a confirmed state of mind.
Like the oak,the storm only causes
it to take deeper hold in lhe f inula
menial soundness of things, lt
wears the smile thai won't come
oll, In 1 ause il ktii's above the
log in the perpetual sunshine.
Here's to the Order ol Out and
Oul Oplimiiti! Miy tlieir tribe
increase! Let ill the Occasional
Optimists quahly lor mciibership.
Gleet   lip'
and was administered in tlie emei-
g nc) hospital,by well known phy -
siciai s. In a few hours the fever
begin to abate, and in less than 24
hours the temperature was normal.
The fever chart it said to he a
remarkable ncord, and the recovery has attracted a great deal 1 f
attention from physicians. The
public at large will rejoice at tins
triiiuijih nt science and lhe ovei
coming >>l anotuer highly latal
Yacht Wrecked
The sluriii nl last week tallied
the new yacht, just completed lm
YV. H lluiili'iry.t') break from Ini
mooringt, wilh lhe result that lie
bolt was completely wrecled.
With ch.iiaclerislic energy, M'.
Biinhiitv immediately placed a
duplicateordai with Messrs. 1'jle
& Duke, who Uid ill ■ keel ol t
new yacht 011 Tuesday.
Ur. A. Mackay Jordan is having
built 1 uaM yacht lo that being
coisirin ted tor Mr. Buubiir).
Other citizens are contemplating
pi 1 mg similar orders. It is tht
intention <>f (hose interested 11
yacnling matters to lorm a club, a
1110,1 which will work an import
ant develiipuii nt in local boating
Church Noti.cs
st John's ihi; evanokust, si.vi.n 111
Holy Communion, 8 a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Kvening prayer, 7.30
Ou the first Sunday in the month
ihere will be a second celebration
of (lie Holy Communion at 11 a in
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
-.1 amihkw's ptaaarraaua chumch
Seivices  will  be  conducted  as
usual on  Sunday by  tbe pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. 111.
Service at Moodyville school al
7 3° P* ••■•
Prayer meeting on YVednesday
X o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. I), (iillam, M.A.
lu l.n I, Iln*   1 iti.-' n-.li 1 ji || large
I . ip in nr, a salutary effeci
1 guild opportunity to stand
ip. thiow  up iluii hats  and yell | new antitoxin wu icnt promptly,
Science Conquers  Meningitis
Tlie Trades Unioniit of Wash
ington, DC, recently contiincd
an extended account ol a wonderful cure of spinal meningitis, ef
fected through a serum procured
from Ihe R01 kefeller Institute of
New York.
Thc case was that of the seven
and one-half years old son ol E. C.
R. Humphries, 1227 0 itreet,
Northwest, Washington. The attack was a severe one. Tbe fever
lumped Irom ncrnul lo 105, remained there for five diys.idvinc-
ed to 106, receded lo 10J and 104.
Tlie physicians were it a loss to
diagnose the disease. Specialists
were called in, wilh no beneficial
result The child hovered between
life and death, dissolution being
hourly expected. Meantime an
appeal had heen made to the Rock*
-Iclbr Inttitute.   A supply ol the
HtTHooiar iHiiRi'H, n. w mama
room si. aniist. acoaoa'i
Morning service, nam ; Sun-
lay school, 2:30 p. nr; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on YVednesday
evening it 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B A.
Sunday Services — Mass at 8
a. 111., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction It 3 p. m.
Pistor: Rev. E. Peytivin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
Service it 11 o'clock 1. in in
the Orange hall; Sunday tchool it
the close of the service.
Pistor :   Rev. Divid Long.
All are welcome.
*•' tlie information nl intending
settlere and others, that selection lias
been made uf tlie 11,500,000 acres of land
situated in tlie I'eace River Valley,
Province of llritisli Columbia, granted
lu Um Dominion lioveriiiiient umler tlie
nroviltoni nl Section 7, ol "An Act re-
luting tii the isiiui'i Hallway, tlie Graving I'mil ami Railway tannin of lhe
Province," ami hiicIi Iiunl ia mil open to
entry   under  tin*   I nml   lams of  the
Tlie block M'teiteil isileneribed ns fnl*
lown: lluiiiiiifiichig at a point BW
luili*.-mull nl the I'l'iiee Kiver, nn the
Pjltli Merlitiini, Mug the Kiixleru
boundary ul lhc I'mvinee, thence Wenl
i.'i uiilen uml M.IH I'hainn, theni'i' Nnrth
Jt mllei and H 01 ablins, thenee Knm
75 milen ninl Its.Ivl chain", Ihenee RnOttl
In ilm piinl uf I'liiiuni'iiiTiiieiit,  (nl la ni*
lag the nub Mot-khan, und < inin 1 n*.*
approximately H,t(JU UOW uerei.
Nut ill* in Al'*'lilvrli llml, uilh 11 lien
to (iicilititting ni'llli-iiieiit in llu* Valley-
uf llie IVniT.I'iirmiip nml Pack liner-,
llu* 1.'Iluii mi: h"ll "1 laud forty mill'- in
width, ind ent'inlilig SU mill's nu each
nidi* uf llie l'eaee, Pun-niii mul I'ui'k
liivern   hun been  reserved   tor  actual
ntllcti. lo he inqnlri it by pte-ciunlloii
iiu'v umler lhe l.uinl Ai'l, ancli hunt mil
being open lor snle, leune, lirenne nr
ullierulii'iiatiuii muter the nihil Ai'l ex-
I'ejit liy |irt>-eiii)itiun.
t'nimiieiii'ingut the inlcriuTiioii "Itin
Western hoiinil.irv ol lhe hlork ul laml
neleeteil hi the lluiiiiniiiii linieriiiueiii
with llie ntn Hiver, Ihenee tiillnwiiip
tin* Pence Kiver mil Parsnip River U.
theireoiittiienco with lhe I'm It River,
ami thence following tba fnek Kiver in
tlie point where naid Pack Itiver leaves
Mi'IasmI l.nke, ainl I'Xlt'inhng I'.r a dis-
lillu-i'"I'M null s nil mill side uf Mai i, I
Hivern uml appriiiiniaicly 170 milen in
All Iniiilsoillsiih'llii'Ui',iiiilarns"f Hi,'
lloniiiiioii (luii riuneiit tlrant and tin1
reserve ulmve deneriU'd are u|ien (nr
I'H'Hliuii iiiuler the laws uf tlie I'mvinee
Ailing Chief Cnininissiiitii r
nf I all,'I    ami  U    ' > ■
I nii'l- ami Works l)e|nirliiieiit,
Y'ielorin, Seplt'inlier l.'tlli, llll".
IK you want lomething
different— soiiii'tliing
worth wliiln.k't its figure
on your work.
Our extensive stock of
new wnll decorations
enables us to offer a large
variety of up-to-date
treatments and special
color .-clienii's. We are
at your service.
Also Paints, Oils, and
Varnishes of the very
best makes.
Come in nml talk it
imt M [SUM kf iir Askino
w. 11. mn & iu
North  Vancouver, H. C*
Junctio.i B,o
\OTib V.IHUIU   fl
Will...     )/
Heililj il.i—Hut. 1111.U. Na) li «
111 i„ui„>. |i,
Minn.  11   .
I'll ll
l'* - 'i|' Inn
I   Corner nn Kiml-irt i'i.  I'm) limine.. |aMi|i i:l*.  T ta |i lii* Inr
I     a l**av .lan* aalila
'   iiii iirr.'. I'niiiy i'I'.ri'l. Willi *h«ekun,Scvi-nt«enih sir, 1*1
I    *    fla'llUlli: - a. a    U'l-ll..    II.   a|,|l9   Nllllwltll    llll       I ll'Vl III  I llltlt.
JuHii'iiikii 11 e iini'i1.
The Cushionet Shoe
For Women With
Tender Feot
Oxfords for an easy hints- ihn •; turn
soles, low heel and kid t |>, (ur nul
comfort.   Price, $3.50
Bluobrr law fnr street weiif;exiru
heavy turn soles witli  military heel
and patent tip.
A stylish, neat and dressy shoe that gives comfort and
wear for $4<50
516 Halting* Street
l.l llul Ilh   1   II
lii ft run co., m,
Time Table, in.17
N.   VANl'lll'VIR.
SI'.   1 II1RI1K.
N.   VANUieVI.R.
•ii.110 A. M.
•II 'Jn I.M.
•ii-15   "
•7 L'u   "
UN  "
S2II    "
H.IO   "
11.01)    "
!i.:io "
11.-15 A M
11.45    "
10.15 A.M.
in 15 "
lil. 15   "
1045   "
11.15   "
11.16  "
11.45   "
11.46   "
12.151'. M.
12.151'. M.
12.1,1 I'.M.
12 45 1'. M.
1.15   "
1 15   "
1.IJ   "
1.45   "
2.15   "
'.'.15   "
2.46   "
2.45   "
3.15   "
3.15   "
1I.45   "
11.45   "
4.15   "
1,1*1   "
4.45   "
4.45  "
5.16   '
5.15   "
5.45   "
5.15   "
fi.16   "
11.15   "
li 15   "
11.46   "
7.16   "
7i5   "
7.45   "
H.I5  "
K.4.%   "
W.IS   "
0.45   "
10.15   "
10 45   "
•H.ltO   "
•11.45   "
A nn Siiniliv.
70 v 240
Cloae In Min mill ami plank roail;
tin in 111 ii(i.s lium rat; only $300.
.YImi ii Inv l | .iiici lor $200;
t. ims, iu 'lown, tio pur month.
II.niv in let, (i moms, all con*
vi'iiii'in us ; iplriulid viuw. Also
om* Inr s.il. ; $V)9 tank anil lad
pur moiiili.
Iwo prrfrrlly cleared lots on lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
will lie held it Orange hall on
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
All are welcome. Come and
tiring a friend.
When you intend building
lllllllll llli 1.1
J. 1. nuiim:. iinin
llranrh Oftrt, htmlalt Att.ANtti. I'himr
Ini "Jlii-f nml SMI, l.yoii Creel, R. C.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for i'e9pitch is follows : I'-ir Vancouver md all
points H 1. in , 11:15 1. ni., 4:15
p. m.; Ior l.ynn creek, 11:15 1. m.
Mails arrive : Vincouver and ill
points, 9101. m., 13:45 in., 5:45
p. m.; from Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
after it 15 1. m. ihould be delivered it the wicket.
Ihi Exrif.ss, (1 1 yeir.
K((Ki Inr Salo—Fertility liiiaraiiU-ril.
Silver 8pan||l-Hl llrtiiihiir*i.,illiinSlr«iii.
lor Beinty, taod Layeri, MM Sittvri,
nothing to l»*«l ilnnn Two dullam p»*r
fllleen. Purf While YVymilnttei, from
good itriin, one ilnllur per fltlecn.
Vmini ilu-1- lur ule.
IV. lltll.llSYVllUTII,
Knnrteenlli ilwl mnl Di'lhriirk .ininii',
Nnrlh Y'anroiivi-r.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
lielinhli' rariatln il wmiiiiIiU ftkm.
RO llnror.. No Snil,'. Nn I'liniiiiiilion
to iliininm* **l"ik. No wiii'ly ttgrnWaa
iinniiv mn. H,iv .lira-it mnl gi*t Tr«*.
uml Midi tlmt |fnv,
KiTlili-i'm, Iby .-*ii|i|ilifi*,'*'|iriy l'niii|i.,
Spraying r'"''i«l, I 'ut twtwn, OW,
(Illicit ■ i"'*:i- ' iinr-vry mi iln*
maiiilniiil nl lm,*        iliiinli.i.
1 u.ll..•,*'..* Iri'i'.
MM VamnMaa lata.
mn vmcNiTii imiky
J, Hitiii* IS11, Pro|is.
delivered dailv to all parts
of the City.
Ordan left ittlraKxpnM office will he |iriiin|it-
ly attended to.
IsalK.-'K     In ill 11. tir.nrlipa,
Ml-ai!«*      i'l...*i lllll Itlilr.llllr,
imi.!:  Hinli-iwl, * M r .nil Kir.
Miniger (nr tin* Conimerclil
I'rolerliiT Smii'ty.
OSiiie:—I'llST 1-T., K. or LonSatU.
I'Kll.KII   IN
All) UM
General Teaming
(Ml llHti'hi'r..    Highly  reinm-
mi'iiihil hy mir ril-liainiTI.
IOmU.4 McCI'Alli,
21131 Wi.tiiiiniliT ive.,
IV'tHi'iii 7th mil 8th,
Vain*, uver, B.C.
1 ling
j Ihivi'vmir ilur.h'ii I nal nut now. All
■iiorl»iilili'»igiii< inniln Ki|iert pruning,
CnnliioiKl ih'livi'reil a..\ grilling mnl hinliliu? Iruil M All
I.hi'l- ot ir,*,*- iiiiiI -ii'l. ..ii|i|iii,*il it the
Imu..I priri'..
(iood Dry      ^^^^^^^
iilierc in the rity tor 14.00 n oont
Orilen nolirili'il.
Kniirlh Slroi'l, ktMNH  LmMlll an.l
CbHtortM me.   l'lioneo".
Mukai. DacoaaTOM
Gkainf.ks    Guittll    SlOMI
Ol'.   I 31 H  SlKKKI.
Illl'll lllll SIMPSON,
Cur   St   i.nrgc'i Am. mil Tenth St.
Nurlh viin'"iiviir.
'I'lIK    I'NIiKKSKiNI'.ll    IS     PKK*
1'iiriil lu ih. nil k inin ol ('.Inuring,
liriihhing mnl Slumping liy lontrRrt,
1'llll.lf 1IHANCA,
Kir.1 vlri'et YVeit,
The members of the Agricultural
Association met it the district
municipal office last Fridiy even
ing, to tike action on the matter
of the directorate. Geo. J. Phil*
ippo was again appointed chairman.
The tecretiry reid i communication from ill lhe members ol tin*
board, resigning their officei. On
motion of Mr. Philip, seconded h>
Mr. Corniih, it wai unanimously
resolved jo ask tll the directois l<
reconsider llieir decision and withdraw ill-n iesi|*nations. This thei
declined to do.
The iiiei iinu llien proceeded tn
elect a new board, with the following result: President, Aid. Smith,
re-elected; vice preiident, Coun.
T. S. Nye, lormerly a director;
directors, A. A. Crowston, A. Unt*
ton, J. Snodgriss, G. J. Philippo,
ind A. Philip.
It wis resolved to ask the tecretiry, K. L. Docherty, to retain office, the matter being finally refer
red to the director! to appoint a
permanent secretary. A vote ol
thanks was tendered the retiring
directors for the excellent services
they hid rendered the society while
in office.
Alter i vote of thinki to the
chiirman, the meeting adjourned.
After the meeting o( the association, the directors met, with Aid.
Smith in the chair ind ill the
members preient. The directors
asked Mr. Docherty to continue to
hold the office of lecretiry-lrei
Hirer, ind this he agreed to do.
Architect Lniley laid on the ta
lile four unopened tenders he hid
received Ior the erection of the
new pavilion,aud these were open
ed by tlie secretary. They were
ai (ollows: Lumber, etc., Diplock-
Wright Lumber Co., ft396; John
McEwan,work ind sundries,! 170,4
M, II. Martinson, same, I1550:
Smith Bros., same, f 1675.
The director! had the spin iln a
tiom adopted by the late board
read over to them, md they received from secretiry reports as to
former tenders.
In view of tlie urgency ind importance of the work, it was unanimously resolved to appoint Messn
Nye, Crowston ind Philip to meet
Smitli Bros, ind the Diplock-
Wright Co., with 1 view to closing
with their tenders, ind adjusting
an agreement, ind the ume gentlemen were appointed 1 standing
building committee.
The board the adjourned, to
meet the following Tuesday.
Horticultural Board Meeting:
The newly appointed board of
directors of the Horticultural Society held their first meeting on
Tuesdiy evening list. The president, Alexander Smith, occupied
the chiir. There were preient
Messrs. Pliillipo, Crowston, Philip, Nye, Snodgriss, Williams and
Docherty (secretiry). Duly eie
cuted igreements 11 between the
utociition and the Diplock-
Wright Lumber Co. for Inmber, and
between the association ind Smith
Broi. lor Ihe comtruction ol lhe
aew pavilion were submitted, ind
the secretiry wn instructed to iffii
the sell thereto.
Mr. Philip submitted l statement
of the preient condition ol finances,
ind alio a carefully prepared estimate of obligations that will ariie
in the near luture. The actual
cub on hind ii $2,075; amount
of contnets, $3,071; deficit, $96.
The additional requirements will
include architect's fee, painting
and plumbing, furnishing, improvement o( grounds, intereit,
ciretaki-i's liliry, ind lundriei,
making I totil of ibout $2000,
which ihould be provided is eirly
11 possible. As in initiil effort
towird this end, it wu decided
thit arrangements be nude for in
opening celebntion 00 1 grind
ictle oa July tit. Minn.Crowston,
Phillip., ami .v.. w.ii H|'pi'inii'd
a com UlltM 10 arrange a prn-
-jrainiiK* nl * pii: is, etc , for the
day. A ladies' auxiliary was also
decideJ upon and a meeting of
the ladies is to be called (or Tttei
day, May 5th, to confer with the
board in the matter.
Competitive plans are t > be in
vited for laying out the grounds a:
a whole, and in honorarium ol $25
is itt.iclied t) the plans deemed
the beat. Messrs. Nye and Crow
ston were appointed a committee
to confer with Hon. Carter Cotton,
with a view 10 procuring a grant
(rom tlie p vincial government
for associatiiii purposes.
At tlie suggc-tion ol the board,
the president undertook to approach the city council as to the
deepening of the ditch for drainage
and alio 11 to boulevirdiug the
itreet contiguous to the ground.
The boird will meet weekly, on
1'iiesday evening. Ior the present.
Struck Ile
A great pulpit orator, in referring to the well worn topic of
lengthy sermons, is reported lo
have said: "If a preacher cannot
strike oil in half an hour, lie is
either a poor preacher or he is Inning with a mighty poor gimlet."
This method o( striking oil lias
been (ar outdone by the happy
method followed by a church 11
Petenville, Mont. This church
owns 1 Jot in the "Cabbage Patch"
oil districi. The congregition went
into the oil boring business, witli
the result th.it a few days ago, al a
distance of 50 feet from thechtircli
building, a gusher was struck that
proceeded to band out oil it the
rite ol 1200 barreli or more per
diy. The congregation had to gel
busy caring for the oil and, inci
dentally, no Sunday service! could
be held. The net result will be
thit a troublesome church delil
will be wiped oul, lhe pastor will
be paid his back salary ind probably get 1 raise, and an ample sum
will be laid by for future needs.
Notwithstanding   this   illui'ious
ixnnple, it is presumed that local
churchei will continue to bore for
oil alter the old fishioned and well
tried method.
Vancouver mountain climbers
are erecting a shelter cabin alongside lhe trail up Grouse mountain.
$25.00 Reward
lor the srn it anil conviction 01 parly nr
partii'H 11 ho are tearing down my real
estate -i-tns.
it IAI. Km-.in
Foot ol Lnniilale, near wharf.
tied., Pullet-, Thiirinighhreil.
I) McGCtra.
511 llllh avenue,
Ml. I'leaaiint  B.C.
^^^^ FOR 1908 AUK
no* Due and I'mable at the Itilv
Hall, tin ami alter March 1'ith 1 exi
All ilnga unlicensed will Im 1-ken poi-
sea.ion nl imt ileslroved.
Thomas Sinmum, I'ity Clerk.
Nortli Vancouver, II. 0 , tab, 28, IHU8
Singer and Wheeler & Wilson
Agency, North  Vancouver,
Office! wilh Mr, Ciutney, LOMdlh Ave.
Midlines 10I1I on instalment plan
Machines for rent
Machine supplies
See in (or your Sewing Machine wants
Merchant Tailors
(lite with Morgan, Vancouver)
Style, Fit and Workmanship
. . .PRICES RIGHT. . .
Firat Street, one hall block west ol
Lonsdale ive.
Special dale
Dining Room Tablet, I8.75, fio, %\ 1, regular f)50, J11.50, $13.50
Parlor Tables, J1.35, $2, ty,   regular (1.50, *J.J5, >3 75
Dresser and Stand. ,114.50, $18.50, up to J40, worth hall as much
No. 1 and 2, Hornti Hlock, Lonsdale Ave.
For Furniture and House Furnishings
Priceless Asset
A food Mt ol Teetli contribute greatly to one's health ami
liippinrsi. They add much lo tin appearance and more to
tha iligeiiiiui.
Neglect ii the onlv rauie (or the low ol Teeth. Come to
ai NOW belore ll ii too late.
ar*• am puna     1 nrv Ntvtt cihnoi
fad ftel of leelh       H.M
artdfewart, Mr Tealk        s.oo
MCnwii         l.oaj
ieMmilD-ji        I.m at
Hat Imi rilllo-ai         I.00
l-tractl-if lo
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. RAKER, Consulting Dentist
40? Hastings M., W., Vancouver
HOORS   »«m  I08 p m
Prion. 222B
Xorlh humra ll.snlw.irr
OMpilf, Ltd.
Garden Tools
Lawn Mowtrt
Poultry Netting
House Cleaning Rtqu-ilikl
Paints and Uils
llailders' Hardware
fool 01 Mie Ave.
60 YIAItr
^^_^__     CofWnoHT»*a.
A nrono >«n *ln| • ik-Ml ul iMorlPtlra mat
lnlr.lv -uo.rl.lti our opinion pee wn.ili.r an
Invention I. rraili.tlr iiaoainl.Iiiii Innimonli**.
u*>iiiairiot!yc*'iiii.i!'iai!.a. HANDBOOK on I'.i.nu
wni IrM. nl.1a«t Bar.ncr lor aiK-unnl l"avli*»ifc
Patauta talon liinau.il Muian A I'a   —
■fKtaliuMa. vlttiooi cia**i*6. In thi
Scientific American
A hantlKim-tlr Uliutratad weakly. t«ntMt etr>
llaUoa of any aetatulfio Journal,   lun.ii for
"   1ffiafNr,poala«apn|Mad.   Md bj
»»"—'New York
81, Wutlmloo. I), c.
Roiled Oats
Hai) and Teed
Fine, healthy Ton. ito and
Cmlitlnwei Plants, grown from
Suttnn's Seeds, always on hand
ibeBrackman Ker
Milling Co.
I.a,nil.il.   Avenue,
at Ferry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manner
till I HI lli
Proposed Local Improvement
A    CM. ul llie Oily ol Norlli V oil
ier intend, to loii.triiei the laml Improvement! net out in llie .ehe.lule ap*
l»nriii*( l>i*lim, nnd intend- to MM a
portion o( lhe lllllll font tliiTi-.il ii|i"ii
the real |irii|n>rtv la-neUlleil therein,
IroiitiiiK tar iihiilliiiK thereon, Md held
hai lile lor .1-1.Min, 111 Ihendor.
A .liti'iiiinl .liiminu ll.* Iniul- liiil'li*
and pl*o|»*i*eil lo l«> a|**villlly iii.wMi.il
lor Ihe .niii ini|.riiii in'nl. nml the
name, ol Iheinviier*. iheniil, ho (nr n.
the .ami' run Im- A->r**rtiiiuril Irom Ihe
1.11*1 reiimul ii.m*.«iiii oi roll and ■■!Ii,*r-
ul-e, 1-li'il Hied ill lhe iiltllT ol llll*
Annenamelit ('omioii-iooer, and in o|m*ii
(or iiii|Helinn ilurini* olllee hour..
The lehedule MM aliotm the i**ili*
lllltlil i*'*l of the llii|iroieliielill nnil
the pro|Hirlii'll lo lie provided iilll I'l the
Ifeneral Iiunl. nl the nlv, if nny.
A ('milt ol Kevi.i.iii uill Ik* held on
Ihe t»enlj-«'ieiilhilay of April. IIIIIK.nl
lhe Innr of 7:1111 p. lui in the Ciiy Hnll,
Nortli Vmu'iiner, 11 ('., for lhe pur*
l»*.'iil heminK any natpUlattl nirniii.t
mMWMalMMMfltl ortheaeeiiriiey
of (ronlaiie nieiiiiireriirnl., or mil other
eomplainta wliiilithe |***r.nii* inlerei-hil
MM lo MM nml whiili 1- In tan
eouniznlile hy the eoiirt.
AmmmK OotnaWoMTa
Norlh Viiiicoiiver, II. ('., M.inli 3lth,
l'r*a|Hi*, .1 llia|.,,.l.*lii* la'
l-llmal'it   l.allm.lf
Inl.I i'o.I    a ity lo
I. (leariiiir, Imiili-vinliiiK
nml   unialiiiK of   I hint 112,000
Sl , lK*l*ren M:,h,,ii nii-l
Si,   Darld'i ai'eiine.,
and hiviiiK ot nix-loot
.ideiinlk on wmth .nh'
ol .aiiil atreet
I'li'.rinK, irrnilinit and
ilrniiuiiK of Hiilei'iith
M,. U'l St Amlreii'i
and lli.l/eiiiai Avetmca    $1,-1*00
N.B.—The Court ol Keviiion on Third
Street l/vat Ini|.r"venient will Ik* helil
on the 7th dav ol Mny, I'l*, at 7:30
o'clock p. in., it the city lull.
Worth Seeing;
First of all we ask ijou to
vkwcorrect atylfs. fit-Reform aeta the fashions. . .
What ab|>ears in the Fit-Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Can
ada'i well dressed men . ..
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
WOR 111 ll'll Bl I   lilt HOMY
For Sale
VN i'st.ililisliii.1 (ii'iioral Store in a thriving Coast Town.
Location unexcelled, premiaea modern
Tlie Stock is in excellent condition and
tlie coniiertion is of the most desirable character
l'uroliuscr may l»uy the premiaea if deair-
etl, or otlicnvise a lease will be given at mod-
erati' rt'titnl.
Stock will invoice about $3,500 and the
turnover is at the rate of |25,000 per year.
Kur detailed iniormation, apply—
Box 31, Express Of fice
North Vancouver
I*  |*rr|.nri..|  to ilu nl I kin*l- nl m>rk
i Iriirin*.'. 1'rnliliiii**, .liiiupiiiK or   ri.li
liln-lui|t.   H uric iiimi* i'i iln- ilny or hv
.■milnn I.
I iiiai  iiiri' t ik in  in lilmtiim mir
liiail*.,**- Ainl all ilaliim*.'!* Iiuiiii' (*i..1.
Aililri..., S.ri.iiil .ili*,*i W , wm l*"H»*
iluii' ill-inn', ur I', ll Il.i 11, North
VanroitviT 5*8
flWn   UNK  ill',,   ANII M   lnIM
laarl,., iiaaili.l lo lii|.'li*n*i.riii|* tirim
Kkiii ll.'iil aiiil |'J i»*r IV    t'lr.ir '■••■•.
i'irhaii|*i'il.   A Im liniili'r. (m Mir
i.'ift ma i an.! lata lalaafWM
vs ih c»si
main »»i»n »<n uwhali
IliHin; »*ttfkt thr hiitkrufit
stork of /IV//, Ka/tmd or* Co.,
Thomfton Motl), art selling the
same at ,:ot. All thit union't
tioo.li. .nm/"mnt: SfffRTS,
Thin is a §NNliM sale nnd
tlie stock must be disposed
of at once.
iinin'--Ni*w Ikaaaaat Hnki
I jiiimIhIi* nvt-iiiii*.
Itralili'iitial mirk I a|*riiltv.
I*, (i. iuix li
Nortli Vani-ooiriT, B.C.
M Itn/mai aet t 1. aaal Wmi.
Killanf., Ilrl,la», ILln P„ai,rr, l.llmalf,
.ii|.*riiilMi.l«i*i> "I nm.lt.lrlli.il. Mar* Tmn.
• II,'.. Minlni II. un" Hail. Ilirlal.ma,.lr
HI ll..iaii<a II. W .
VAIlOlIVia. I. C.
(iti-Mlea Given on Ml
Kirida ot Electrical Work
Cor Lonsdale and Second St
Accounlanti,    Awlitors   General
( iiuiiiiissiuii Hroken
Real rilalt Afiali
mi H hi. mm. li
New Advertisements
$25 reward—J. 1> \Voiler
Priceless asset* Boatoa lentils
Hardware iuppliei-tl. Walden.
Sewing michinei—I1. W. rntl.
Auction lllc—Kingnloril  Smiili
& Co
Lonidale ave Iota   Irwin a Uii
Merchant  tailori—Norlund &
n i K products   Bracktnaa *.v
Kir Milling Co.
Special lata—North Vancouver
lloun' I'urniilieri.
Clotliiiig 1 li-ined.pr ■■ssr'l.altcrt'il
nnd npairad, Panti pnnadwhita
vmi wail A. McRat, Thompson
Mock, Lonidale ivenue,
BhOTt, ni'iali*r.iti*lv iiuiili'il  letter" un
iiuur-iif pnaral pabllcIntHaa will ba
published iu hu. KiPiaa
Tim Kipimi li in nu wiiv mpomlble
t.ir th-'"ji"ii hi. ul riirri'ap'iiiili'iit-i. ami
reMTTN till iiiilu lu ti*rmiimli' a dlHtl*
.lull At lllll   llllll*.
Our Beautiful Location
I   >  111'*   L Ll"! *'f    III K   till*! Kill   '
Sir, I have beta 1 Impiem visitor tu \ nui growing city lately ami
have tin n inu li impretawd liy its
advaatigei ind beautiful location,
ami tlir mi bright proep*,s it
has lur 1 protperoua future.
rVmong niiii t tilings, it has struck
im thai Nortli Vancouvri ;nnl its
■ah 11 -a, li 1 ins • ol thi'ir adapt-
ibilitj to that purpota, an to*
gethei ih slim ai in becona tha ptaa*
sun* i.saaii ,1,1,1 playaground ol
tin* r.iin.ii 1 hilrl ilistrict.
Nortli Vancouver, with its beau*
tiful sontlii-in ilop to the Intat,
and its long stretch ol water front-
1(0, I1.1*. mu-1 excellent sites lot
pulilic paiks, while tin outlying
districts, hark towards the mountains, have iiianv points n( nnexcel*
ml baaatjf just waiting [01 tha a*
talilisliment of accoinoilalions and
travelling facilities, when tiny will
become the must popiil.it ud Iiest
patronized resorts, in this part ol
the country.
Vancouver is simply itching Inr
breathing spots of this kind. All
other nl,is nl .my si/ror standing
wtiatevrr have their local pleasure
resorts, ami we all knew how well
patronized they are liy both residents and tourists Hut wtiat has
Vancouver and the surrounding
districts got at present- Simply
Stanley Park and nothing else.
Than is no denying llie fact that
those parts ol Stiata] I'.itk, which
are not COVand by unpenetrable
iinilerliiii-.il anal jungle, have many
natural btaat) spots, the eipial ol
wlm ti it weald i»' hmi in hmi. Imt
tha gnattt part "I thai park is ia
acceuihle, ami llir points of inter
cit md baanly which in reached
b\ mads and palh*. Ul inaniti sn
(at awai  from tin* entrance to the
1 nl,   ll it.   unli -.v  lam-  is a  Nf)
1 ipnnt't ainl  in llu-  pink of
1 iindilinn.  In* will 11 il  I c .ililr   in
reach thea unless ha hina a conveyance, and tlie majority ol pee>
pic are not ihle In 1 n|ov such lux
lines as lueiy tigs and inlomobilel
vt'ry nil' n Wa ill ■ ',]<>-, ,1 gnml
walk mi' I in a While, bul Wl nh*
|Ci t to I'i'iiig Inn ,*|  mi., ,1  ||an>
thon 1.1.   1 \a ry imi' thai an want
to get a hill' in 11 .iiinn aad ml
(rom tba itiitus ami cam I'l nur
evi ndai lives.
To Nniiii \ .up ouvi 1  and  its
lurrnilli'lings wa nni I Innk lol relief.     It lias |ha Inn st lm .ilions lo
•elect fiom, ami its people ihould
sec that the heal  ip *i    in 1 un
1   1 tur ilu* parpen mentioned,
.rid that idvaut.ige sluuild be
taken nl tin* splendid uppuilunilies
!>''' n d, 'lui' lu I In |'l ",
)ust willing and longing lor places
ol tins kind for MMCWhon In g".
But b'lore our dream in this
respect can be lealuid, the menu
jof transpoilation bttWiOB the two
liities musl   be  improved,    Aside
from "riding on a rail," the pres*
'mt lerry Mitvice il oul) an excuse
(or rt nn an., 11 ii asportation. Re?
1 nuiv I ipent the greater part of
nn alteration gi ning to and from
Not I Li Va   IOII.M
I do n.'l undi r*-t:md why the
1, iii nts mul business men of your
city will tolerate such a condition
of alfaiis. This lerry service is retarding lh" growth of North Vancouver  aud   is   iiijiiiing  business
there generally,    Bnaincnboaen
and people will not locate there
tn the attest that they would
otherwise, when tba city is practi
idly isolated
Whii N.ulli Vancouver needs
ia al lean a twenty minute ferry
sen iei-, and good boats shotili
In* put on tin* run between tlie
twnciiiis initead ol thon at prcs
ent in use.    Yours truly,
Vancouvei, April 20,
l,v"- BN,i'™"" L.IBI..N1N    nil     v,ai;m;ii   TO
t'liKiiii ly Surveyor and Architect    !     '■"'■ '   r.* ,*:*,„.,, 1 *...,
' i 'i' iIiiiiii " 1! ii! 1 iii 1 inu I' nl ■' ■
I'lil'KTU  SlIIKUT, ','llllNKIl  LOMUU  Kit    i'lnl ill killall ul   v.l  '., .ft' 111 111'   I'llllllll'l
SORTH   VANCOUVKR. ' 1 .r.,* i.i. .1 tl.e. n.! he clu lor carry.
in*: tuny iilri.ii* ■ u it r,
fill    I'allll.-ll  lli'S   T   *IHS   |il*|*    l|*.a«   bating
i'lo**il iitehi-tl in tlm iiaiiic*. anil Hm*
mn' iulllid placing olwiaeli'i in . i In r ol
ila* Water Channali "ill Iw proiaottUida
Pioneer Bakery
between Kiplanade & Pini Si.
S. W. Wtilker,  ■   Pff)prielor
Fresh   lii'i'inl   dn ily,   [(]
loavti for $1; 4 for 25c,
t'nki . I'llsln, elf.
i nn-  **ii*-i mrtli .,i* la; bul i " * 8, 15 nml 18 months
lhe directors ot the lloiticiiltti
ral Association respectfully invite
the ladies of North Vancouver ciiy
and distrut to meet them in ihe
hall ou next Tuesday, May 51I1. at
3 o'clock p, in*, with a view to
giving theni co-operation with an
exhibition and sale of work oa ilu*
opening day. Full particulars
will be laid before the meeting.   It
is ol the utmost importance thai
all tlie ladles who are able to as
sist in any way, lie present.
Ai.KXANtiiK Smith, 1'res
II  lllpM   ft    IWlitol'il
IMI m~*
Ua Iinin Ural
Agrnrini-Sit.i l.ifr Arm m rr l'u. nf tun-
ml.,; I'huri.ii .tljui'iliii'' l'u. ui l.iintltin,
Em). * b'trr); I.m, Imt tittnintittr nml
.Irvi'il-nl li.tumiiir Co. (./' l.miilon.Enii.
I'rrftcliiiii I'tmrrrlr lllia-it.
with rs for
Going ?
fnr Housi' FnrnisliiiiL's
There is only MM place to
purchase, if vouarr a cartful, economical shopper.
We hnve the largest stock
of Houso Furnishings in
tlm city, nnd our prices are
unanimously MkoowUdg.
eii to he the most reusotia-
hie to lie hntl.
We sell for cash
or easy payments
D. A. SMITH & Co.
Comer Grinville and Duns
inuir ttteets, Vincouvn, 1! f.
Semi   in   yunr  onleri   no*  fur Iiry
ii iitii-Ciii I'li'iir I'ir.
Movi length*, per curd, deliver*!..14110
1'ar.lnaKi.l,   I'll-llaS, 'l|'li ,*I!|V||. .    .      |4.(XI
Daily Mmy to All  P.irts ol (in  M).   I   $HINQLE$
riii'Ni* S il.i -1.1.1,.   Immediate delivery,
Aii overv-liiv ■■iiniain
wiiou corf ti
IRISH KOASHU   25C per lb.   VIKV ft\l riAVOR
Ground Whili' Von W«til
j. Xa & m. McMillan
Conn r Eiplan.ule and Lonsdale Aveinie
Pioneer Hardware
l'hi.lle  12
I. WAIOCN   I. usilalt .', I'ii-t St i;
BUILDERR' si'l'i'l.il'.s
tinm:i:>a IM.l'MUERS
Sole Agents (or McClaty'i Stove-i, Kangn, Purnacea,
Sberwin ,.   W ilia 11111' U noui Paiula
J11-1 arrived—Our n-irot ■- delivery 11 Paiula, Vnr-
Dllhaa, etc., fftii * I i*0 per L'nl nn up,
Bl<il ItBMMIln MOIII   ON  Iltl     Hl'l
 -1   .I.a II  I I Mi
is UP ro I'Vi'i*:
Ilm.. |I.M I'KU
Spffiiil Rales U bmmt mi'i Ufim iMS^ffl
lliillliiiur li*rri- .-i.iitii-, -li.ui tn am I IrtJOl V.uir.'in r.    It"! :in*l rnlil
miter in every rem   li'-mru call l«*ll" in WilJ   tveta.   ltiirl.T
■h**|l   ill   I'l'lltll'lliiall.
StniM ,-iKiKi,   ....   NORTH  VANtOUVBR, li. C.
at Two |>.m.
Un ler inatruotioni w nre offering by
Public Auction
nt our
on iihnve ilnte, the eontMltl ol MM I10UM in
the Wm) Bad ol Vnncouver, removed for
convenient'!' of ule to ouf N"iih Vancouvei
offloe; ileo i varied aiaortnenl ol choice and
aleganl Hottwhold Uoodi and I'.t'b cte.
Pomlture compriiing Oak Dreeeet, Sidnboanl, Kancj   la*
hlis iii Oak ami Mihi   un. Kockera, beautilul npholitered
Dinina Room Suite, Atiatraliaa tied Cedar llpholitemd Pai
lor Suite ol mi ] inal coatl3°°)i Koolenaj Kim;.
Talilen, nnd Ri Inu' rati r. iplondid lua-'* .inal nmi Bed ill idi,
Kitchen Uu naila, Hom i h
tbc rir.sl Sale In Norlb Vancouutr by
Esplanade, Nnrth Vancouvi r. and
111 limn 1 81. Vancouver
* j
i   *m
\_ s _
!      4
'_ <£ J
\    rT_7
S/xrEEi/TH sr.
■ --——v——LIMIT!' C"
161 Cordova Mrecti Vancouver*-- B. C.
imi in\
1836     "THE BArX OF      1908
lliull Iiiii III H
Oai 0    '1:1 id l's S!rj:i?2>t Financial Institutions
Iniil f.s* 1 iiii'i SH.000,000
1      il    11 I   it.    ll I  *     a    |.       al        I'-llM.!    ll    ''I     illHtll      I llll'l'  l]l 1,1T t''l 1
a.:    a   ,    ni,in   nl   RUecemlul   hllilti*H   III    I lllllllll,    Willi
ill' I. ,IMIr;    I'll I',     \i *ll      ll..*l     lll'*_\      1,1111     I || 11* 1
Hum*)   A.b iiii ***il  "'i   ii i -un.il li    I'm*     P'.il/i  loii^hl   md
vil*l    1/      i1 ■*    in Cretin mned |*ayable
ill     ||| a     I    a ,    .   II IU     lh llllllll.
Iiiiini'i*.'  rtnil   'nil   lirmi:'!'.'   i quin*mrntl   Drill   hi    ninn
-|i i' '1   illi
Otrre:   for. lon-'.ile Ue.   nul I >*|)l indite, Norlh  V.'.iunuur, P. t.
II      R,    llllllll.    M    :a i    . 1
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Lt(l.
i ,ii   I. .in* tin Fi ii i I. ii,,I in*; ini din r.iburj Ave nn-. Tan ntv-lirst
il I      ,ii.*. Wiuji -ii.  i md Krilh Koad aa (oUoan: 6:1 j
i -i ,, I   | , .i. i .. ;  i , *   ui , V15 a   in . '1 1. in  ').41' a. III.,
10:10 1   ,    ,     \'i, 1 i.i*'.       aa , cat     »ill   1''iv   '.hn 1 Ilslmn   awniit,
iln avenue, and Winch atreet ud Keith Road
,1 live 11 1 nl -1 ■ ih* h mi 111 in   iti tin mini it'"* past the hour.
Can li ive N11 li' nth -;<•'' i ind Que iiihury tvenne, Twenty first
tip 11 and Laontd ih avenm . \\ ln**el onl Ka ith Road as [nllowi
11   111. i* *,', 1   in.,   ;  ' I,   *-"1   a    in..   R-.4J   a   ill., ij 30  i«. iiiiii * ai*. I .1 1    . * I.in.Inn: it ii n mionlei peel ibn
hour and Iv.' nl, llliuilli - lu llie honi
pg in iin 1 I'l ihi ■ 11
Hotel North Vancouver.
l it and
Inur sl
Ip todate
Iti.00 piT
•and ii|i
li lies 101
Paw il iei
.    an I
tlm I rs
lurry ic..  c lv.«ry II ill Hiiur lo ii.nl Irom Ihis Hotel
to Vtin.ouver. I'. Iiirson, Prop.
now lelni) pxlintltd lo 23id Street
I', hnve the Mil* agency and inatraolii nn to lell
nt liiHl c'i-t, llu nii-iilil lots in City Block
'Jln, lying hitivien' l/inwlale -\vonue, Cln*aterfleld
Avenue, '•.'•'.nI awl 2ith streets.
I.onsliilt I    /      nly -^-u'i niih
cl,, 1, "I,i<l,ni,l Wai ni An l.'iUiihiii $226
to S'J'iO rat-It.
/'/./,'1/V—"nr *,,''.'    ',   rn,1,. Iiii'tim-f iilliin
III   IIIHIltlt.1
*i* I nt" are pii
uill in.uri' n luiti.lf.aaii>
We haveilri'iilir
ell an In'i ii"ii ut
Apply i>iii'"ui 1I1)iy ui
'Hai'.i' li.l. are pirlli 1'. nr* .1 anil Iheeirlliienea Ii  nn ixtni.il it
inniri' n liiiiiil.iuiii* |if}ilil
We lime at.' a larva it<i nl nr,perll-« in ill |,nrii ut iha Cilv, anil
'       ll    HI   ili'I Hull  "I |ll   I**   '     III    l*
limiN & BILLINGS Ca, limited
Cor. Innsiliilp titaue nml lilih M , No.tli Vnnt mer, BT.
lll.l.l'lliiM   II


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