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Boating Club.
Last Friday night the Nortli
Vancouver Aquatic Club held iis
second annual meeting, President Diplock presided ami Alex.
Philip acted as secretary pro tern.
Despite the wet night preventing a
number from attending there was
a good turnout of local enthusiasts,
Secretary Egan, who arrived
later in lhe evening, reported having S32 in hand and presented his
report of last year's work, the
I cluli also having a boat. Mis report was received.
J. J. Woods reported for the
boathouse committee.
The bank account was ordered
to be transferred to the local bank.
The following officers were
Honorary President, J. C,
Keith.; ['resident, A. St. G.
Hamersley; First Vice-president,
\V. W. Montelius; Second Vice-
president, P. Larson; Secretary-
treasurer, Ur. Dyer; Captain, J. J.
Woods; Vice-captain, j. N. J.
Committee—Geo. Hartley, H.
Dick, W. T. Elder, Rev. J. W.
Gillam, Harry Young, Chas. Durston, G. B. Williams, II. C.
Wright, ]i. J. Cornish, G. Bon-
On motion it was decided that
anyone paying the $5 annual dues
by tst of May would be remitted
the S5 membership fee. Alter
that date the S10 will be charged,
The colors of the club are blue
and white.
The name oi the club was
changed to the Nurlli Vancouver
Boating Club, instead of Aquatic,
A general discussion ensued on
the good and welfare of tl-'. club,
when Mr. DipiuCn uiieieu me
members the use of his boat in
practices. A vote of thanks was
tendered him for doing so, as also
were ihe retiming officers.
1906," was passed. This road is
immediately on nortli side of the
Vancouver, Westminster tv. Yukon
Railway,   from   intersection   "I
Fourth    Street     and     the     WCSt
boundary of lot 204, to Indian reserve lo east ol lhe city.
Lands and Improvements.
Church Notices.
Clerk Alex, Philip lias completed tiie n*1*' ssnienl roll, 'I he
value "I lands in the City ol North
Vancouver is $1,645,aao, and lhe
improvements amount to $199,860.
Lands and improvements in district lot .73 total 8145,700, Outside the proposed city limits in
the municipality the lands are
valued at $983,847, and the improvements amount to 547,500.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Municipal Council.
The municipal council met in
regular session ou Wednesday
night in ihe 1111111icip.il hall.
Keuve A. E. Kealy presided, and
Co.mcillur.s Moitieii, May, Allen
and Cornish Were presenl.
Mmules ol previous meeting
were read and continued.
Kobt. Blackburn wrote requesting an extension of time 011 his
contract. Lelt to Board ol
James Murray wrote requesting
that drain recently constructed
Irom Mr. Dick's property, across
Lonsdale avenue, be arranged so
as not to empty into private
property. Referred lo Board 0!
Works with power to act.
The Western Corporation wrote
making a proposition to build a
plank road along Seventeenth
street, through lot bin and 615,
commencing at the junction ol
Sutherland avenue and Seventeenth streets and terminating at
the eastern boundary of luj, a
distance of approximately one
mile, for 30 cents a foot; specifications to be the same as the
Lynn valley road    Laid over.
W. H. Davison wrote calling
attention lo the condition of lhe
P'romc road; puncheon enough
was to be allowed to make it
passable, the road to be laid free,
Referred to Councillor Cornish,
Constable Dick reported (or
March that nine road tax receipts
were issued; six head uf stuck impounded; mie  suicide   ami   one
all rest.
The Union of British Columbia
Municipalities sent a lung circular
dealing with proposed municipal
legislation. Referred lo Finance
'Tenders fur opening up St.
George's road, Iruin First to
Third streets, were BS follows:
Jacob J, Miller, $190; Askew &
Kennedy, $250; Marshall it Clark,
jsjtjo (irregular).
Mr. Miller was awarded the
The reports of the various committees were received and adopted,
tbey being of a routine nature,
R. H. Sperling, manager ol the
B. C. Electric Railway Company,
wrote re routes ul electric Hues
and sent a tracing of same. Ou
motion the reeve and clerk were
authorized to sign the map.
•Tbe   Bridge   Road    By-law
.    JOHNS   CHURCH,    CORNER    Ol'
si HEE'l'S.
Holy Week and Easter services,
I906: Ham COMMUNION P.illll
Sunda) [April 8lh), 11:30; Maundy
ITmrsday (April nth) 7i3"i
Easier   Day   at   8   and   11:ju.
Other Sei vices: Palm Sunday
Maitins, 11 a. 111.; Evensong, 7:30
p. in.   Monday—Evensong, 4:30,
liirsilau    Eveusong, 4:30,   Wednesday   Evensong     and      preparation lur HOLY COMMUNION   at
8 o'clock.   Thursday—Evensong
4:30,   Good Friday—Mattins, 10:-
\y, Litany and  Ante-Communion
with   sermon   11.15;   Children's
1 service,    2: jo.     Evensong    and
sermon, H o'clock; Easier Eve—
; Mattins    and    Ante-Communion
17:30: Evensong, 4:30,
On Sundays when there is a
celebration at 11:30, morning
prayer ends as usual with tbe
"Grace ol Our Lord," and the
holy communion service begins
with the lirst hymn, The sermon
is part ol the communion service
as required by tbe Prayer Book
and is, therefore, addressed only
to those who are about to communicate, or tu those intending
communicants who desire tu remain lu tbe end uf the service
anil lu juin the 1'nceuse ul their
prayers with the people's Ottering.
In the earlier Service-Book of
the Church ot England, the four
accounts of the Lord's suffering,
were sung as the Holy Gospel on
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
ie, Durham, New West-1 Friday. They were.sung by three
""■ ministers, the highest voice taking
the words of the Jews or uf th
Apostles, the lowest those of Our
Liml, and the third those of the
Evangelist.    In  the  Prayer-Hook
Sl. M.i 1 lew's story is divided, and
luuiis .uu lesson as well uu Palm
North      Vancouver      Dancing buuda); St, Mark's takes Monday
Academy, in Larson's   Pavilion,   md fiwsday;St. Luke's, Wedues-
011 Tuesday evening,   was,   tin- day an J Thursday; while St. jolin'a
duulitedly, the largest function ul forms the lesson as well as Gus-
its kind ever beltl mi 11 lis side of pui 0.1 Good F'riJay.
the inlet.   Nothing hiving been
left undone, no pains having  been
:. pared by the energetic committee
responsible for ihe brilliant affair,
ensured, from tli" beginning, »ct,'w,S° U,ursda^ l;'"stk' '.*
success. There were present Sl'. ' ''"'s 1accollllt ol ""' "f"
over ninety couples, all arranged I tution of holy communion on lhat
The following are the   guesls
registered at the hotel  this week:
F, W. Jackson, Kamluops.
Donald Graham, Britannia,
Chas. Schnoter, Vancouver.
R. S. Bull,
W. J. McGuigan,       "
Win. McGcer, "
Uils Thorpe, "
Geo. j. Dyke, "
L. II. Barnett, "
J. Jeffs,
H. F. Glassev.
D. W. Morrison,
W. J. Butter,
C. D. Stahlichimidt,   "
C. M. Grant,
J. R. Rock,
H.   P,    Hemming.
E. W. Cunningham, Cariboo
The Masquerade.
The grand  prize   masquerade
ball and supper,  given   by   tin
The   oilier    -New    'Testament
, it ,.*>>,is,ue iiniii Si. John's narrative ol His last discourses  aud
in costumes, symbolising all that
was pretty; from Little Red Riding
Hood to the highly-painted clown.
Later in the evening prizes
were awarded for a wait/, and two-
step, Miss N. Grieve and Mr,
Goodman, of Vancouver, being
the successful  contestants in the
former, while Miss May Wilds and      , ^ Archllis,    ,
Mr, Rex Dawson, of North Van-1,   Cail'erb        consecratcd   _
couver, carried o    the prize lor ... , „ ,,,
,       ' ,,       ,   '   , bishop whose business it should
the two-step.       annus orchestra .   . . .,    v ,.,. ,        ,
.  ,    ' ', ,    ., |,f lu represi 11I tin' English branch
supplied    the    music,    ami     the
supper, which was furnished by
the hotel, blended with lhe general
day. The oilier lessons and
Epistles are prophecies uf or re-
llcctiins on tin Passion, or are
from the Lamentati ms oi Jeremiah over the terrible state resulting Innil iln sins ol Gud's
A 1 Nli.U'K SEX,
At 2 a. in. the dancers
Irom across the inlet
boarded the launch Beaver for
Vancouvei', all thoroughly satisfied
with ihe evening'-- enjoyment.
Presentation. In fire practice
and drill the members of the
Nurth Vancouver fire brigade an
.adept, and in assisting in a function ol conveying to a fellow-mom*
her lhe high esteem in which he
is held by the company they an
equally proficient. On Mondaj
evening it was their pleasant duty,
at the close ol practii >•. to cond 1
thai honor on Mr. ( Inrcm <■ Mai
kenzie, who has been, sim 1 lhe
brigade's inception a loyal and
zealous member T he lad ol tin
arrival at his home last wei I. ol .1
baby girl, who has already lalli n
into the good graces ol the boys
ol the brigade, was consider* il
worthy of something that would
be useful and ornamental, T he
gilt was a beautiful combination
high chair and roi ker, along with
the best wishes of the donors, In
a few well-chosen words Chiel II.
W. Dick expressed the heartj
sentiments of the company, Mr.
Mackenzie made a suitable reply,
the boys snng "For lie's a Jolly
(Iniul Fellow," and the proi ei tl-
ings ol the happy event termi
at the original headquarters of th
I Catholic Church. Bishop Blyth,
therefore, has his work in Jerusalem by the side ol the Eastern aud
Roman representatives. It is his
privilege to he the only bishop in
Christendom whose special mission
is "to tin' lust sheep uf the bouse
of Israel.'' the kinsmen of Out
Blessed Lord: lur the Moslem
government will not allow the
Easterns to endeavor to convert
the Jews. Do English-speaking
people sufficiently consider the
unique opportunity wu have of
In Ipmg the Jews? There is no
nationality in whom the) have
greati 1 1 i'liii' 1' r than tin j havi
in 11*. and whal we are doing [or
iiinn.'   We are as familial  with
iin' 1.111 ui llnil   1 oniii I   ex
:■:,'' amongst u*. that we lorgel
■ iai ui' not?) that their very
punishment, their very diffcri ni es
iioin tun a ita s arc perpetual
. vidences ol "the good Hand ol
OurGod iiponthem." The bishop
writes from Jerusalem undi 1 date
Epiphany, 1 , 6,
Lost,   Irish ..tui   1
Ig,    a iglll
nonths old,   Liberal r
ward   i"
tnyone returning  same
to   this
Columbia, while the Bishop of
Ottawa is one of ibe Episcopal
canons of St. George's Collegiate
Church in Jerusalem,
The headquarters of the mission
are called St. George's 'College,
Jerusalem. Herein are contained
the  bishop's   bouse,    the    clergj
house, and the Collegiate Church
which was consecrated in 1X92,
(a) St. George's Buys' School and
hostel with Ho scholars; (b) St.
Mary's House: a girls' orphanage,
upper school and tree day school,
with about 1411 children; (c) The
nurses' liuuse, with dispensary.
There is also a mission to Jews
at Haifa, on lhe bay of Acre, the
terminus of lhe railway 10 Damascus, and a great Jewish centre.
Here are: St. Luke's Church;
hospital and dispensary, with an
English and a native doctor am
nurse; girls' school with about 100
pupils; boys' school, opened in
1894. A mission was also begun
at Cairo in iSijo: Here there is as
yet no church, but a temporary
chapel is tilted up in a hall in the
boys' school, which has 1(10
scholars. There is also a girls
school and a mission bouse.
Once a quarter is published
Bible Land, the organ of the
"Jerusalem and the East Mission,''
which gives a report of the progress of the war, with items of
interest, and articles on the
various difficulties or other aspects
and problems of the work
Canon Cayley, of St. George's
Rectory, Toronto, has kindly consented tu act as Canadian secretary, and the bishop's letter is
peculiarly opportune, as it has
long been the Christian custom to
offer special prayers and alms on
Good Friday for that people,
whose terrible example should
cons itute a most serious subject
of self-examination for us.
Sunday school at 2:30 p. 111.
Service at Moodyville school
house on Sunday evening at 7:31
1. m.
Pastur: Rev. J. D, Gillam, M.A
The School, ia March.
First Division.—Ruby Li
ter Elder, Carmen   Lill,
Pbillippo and John Cates.
Lill obtained over ij5/s.
Following is   the   attendance,
etc., ol both divisions:
Average daily attendance, 5S
average actual attendance, 57113;
pupils attending during the mouth.
67;  greatest   number   of   pupils
present any one day, 65.
It's strange what cold feet some
hotheaded men have got.
Several large transfers in real
estate are reported on the tapis,
R, D, Sawyer, ol  Seattle,   paid
The Exi'ress a visit on Monday.
Miss Alice Armsdorf, ol Tacoma,
is visiting Iriends in  North  \ .111
Sorn,— At North Vancouver,
mi Monday, April and, the wife ol
W. 0, Bell, ul a daughter.
Pay a subscription and send
Tin: Express to some friend who
may be interested in this town.
At present there are eight new
buildings in the course ol 1 rectum,
within the limits of the new city,
W. E, Thompson, owner of the
'Thompson block, on Lonsdale
avenue, has returned from California.
Some women have never had a
row with their husbands in the
house. Tbey go out in the back
yard, there's more room.
Mrs. |. C. Gill, wife of the ex-
reeve, after spending a week
visiting friends lure, returned
home to the Squamish 011 Wednesday.
The roadway on the Esplanade
has been greatly improved of late,
thai part lying between Lonsdale
avenue and the hotel being macadamised,
On Tuesday Messrs. P. A.
Allen, A. R, Steacy, W. P. Pifocy,
W, II. Davison and Peter West-
over were el icted by acclamation
as school trustees pending the
incorporation of the ciiy
Mr. Pat Conway, the genial
clerk at the Hotel North Vancouver, has severed his connection
therewith, and intends launching
out in another line uf business fur
For the past couple of weeks
the residents at Moodyville have
ben inconvenienced by the water
supply. 'The Hume has been
damaged, but a gang of men are
putting it In repai .
Quite a number of delivery rigs
come over Irom Vancouver every
day with merchandise lhat can be
purchased iu the town. This is
not a sapiare deal on our local
Free Lessons,—Children taught
sewing and fancy work; Saturdays, 2 lo 4 p. III.; work lo be soM
111 aid ol Sl. John's Church fund.
Mrs. Heard, comer of Lonsdale
aud Eleventh street.
The Seven Ages.
A little laugh,
A little fun;
A blossom bordered
Way tu run.
A getting tall,
And serious, too;
Ami then the school
To labor through,
'Then blossom bordered
W;i) s of love-
Just two 011 earth
And stats above,
Then to the altarr
Then away
To homely cares
Uf every day.
Then joys untold,
'Then new delight!
A bain crying
In the night.
Then something more
Than parent's glee—
A grandchild
Climbing on your knee.
And then to sleep;
Green sod above;
But life's worth living.
For the love.
Hen's a sigh to those that love mc,
And a smile to those who hate;
And whatever sky's above tne,
Here's a heart lor every fate.
Were't the last drop In the well,
As 1 gasped upon the brink,
Ere my fainting spirit fell
'Tis to thee that I would drink.
— Lord Byron.
There was a young fellow named
Who kissed a girl on the eyelid.
Said she to the lad:
"Your aim's very bad.
Vou should practice awhile,
he did.
Hail to the graduating girl:
She's sweeter, far, than some;
Fur while she speaks, she talks no
And chews no chewing gum.
There is so much bad in the best
of us,
There is so much good in   the
worst of us,
That it scarcely behoves any of us
To talk about the rest ol us.
Second Division—Promoted to
secondprimer: Rudolph Larson,
Ira Williams, Albert Steacy, Carl
Phillips, Wilfred La Penoliere,
Muriel Shaw, Marjory Elder,
Annie Dolan,
Proficiency in Classes Second
primer : Minnie Miller, Amy
First Header : Alma Martin,
Fred La Penoliere,
Second Reader 1 Edith Mills,
Alva Walker, Lucy Phillips.
Deportment 1 Bessie Wheeler
San Jose Scale.
The origin ul the so-called San
|usi' scale is nui certainly known,
but 11 is reasonably sure thai il
was brought from   China   about
illinium ing an \ 1870 on some plants imported bj
I allies Lick and  placed   on   Ins
property in the Santa Clara valley.
By 1KH0 il bad come to he recog-
ul  national; uized as a serious pest and 111 that
and tu the year was found near San Jose, and
in  i' ;    ill    ,' 111 iai luild (oi the
past yi an. and 1 ailing attention to
the new needs  of  the  work.    1 Ie
11 lers to ih" reviva
pirit among tin |ews
ipportunitics it old rs, He points Idesi ribed by Professor Comstock,
nut what would be Ihe probable I who named it itspidiolits permc!
consequence of the arising among ostts,   That name being too hard
tbcin of any great leader, and re   [01 st of us, the pest has become
inds ii* how great would be out known the world ovei .is a* thc
responsibility in the sight of God "San Jose scale," from the place
il tt, fail tu In tn lie toward where it was lirsl lonnil by Pro
guiding  mii .1 movement in the sessor Comstock, verj much to lhe 01 hai
.,!..   ..I   al. .1    . ,,,    1	
\ni!)'iy      lhe disgust ol thu peopli
1 a   1       patrons nl ihis work are and vicinity, who do
n.n bishop .md thf   Bishop   ><l Irom it to any appreciabb
Brackman-Ker     Milling
Coi a.,,. purchased a lot, east
oi the Western Corp iration
property, on the Esplanade,
This will give 511 feet waterfront,
on which the purchasers will build
a wharf,
James Jackson, of Seattle, who
has been here and in Vancouver
lor some time, returned to the
Queen City yesterday, but will return with In*, family to North Vancouver in a fev wn ks, to taki up
his residence here,
Th istrui tion work "I t big
boat has been started in VV il ai 1
shipyard on the Esplanadi,   ff ol
Lonsdale avenue,   lames  I'urdj
ig thu 1 "illl.ii lor,     T In    -"at win 11
completed will measure ij feel
over all. 17 -fool " im h bi am, snd
ij-liiutti im Ii hold.
John  Ham 01 k, an old I   1
miner, oged a.  died  al   North
Vancouvei   lasl    Saturday.   Foi
some yi «rs p isl   he   li.nl   livi tl
at    |tidgc     B0I1 's     iai" h,    "ii
ill.    North   Ann.   and   Was    ttill
known throughout  the   proviuci
Thc   funeral   took   place    from j
Centre 8 II em.A on M 11
j p.  iu , tin   Rev,   Mi    Gillan
ullii i.iting.
Tin,,- house sparrows wi n   ncn
mi tin' T. pi,ni.1 le tin* wi' k,
iln t .in   thi   1 "a ni m   European
Bpe linen, su vi :t al l.ii.i .n llu
Eastern 1 itii • and 11 >b d f 11 th n
vorai ity   and    h 1 mnliiy    I In 1
Will til! 'I'"'   iln      '' ■	
Ini al .in  inserts, a I  .1
I llr
ihal   1 il,   Luiiii nil .1."   bociel
ml   Mill. 1 11',   1111     11   lauiinlt   lo  '."l   rid   "I
egne   them Lielori it i   Ion lab
Owing to the frequency of accidents iu this locality of late, a
wise move would be to have
located at different points on the
outskirts of the town, stretchers
to facilitate the removing of the
injured to the ambulance. At
presenl the system in vogue is
obsolete, and most excruciating to
the injur* 1. Not long ago a most
distressing accident happened at
one ol the camps, the victim having the flesh st raped oil the bone
ul.uie ol his legs lur a considerable
distance, lie bail to undergo the
tortures ul being transported to
tha- ferry on a wagon, while the
injured limb rested on a box.
Several like instances could be
mentioned, but sullicc it to say
that were there Borne appliances
within ii .11 h these pool unfortunates would be relieved ol much
ilfi ring     I hi    ' "st   would    be
 paratively infinestismal, com-
pared with lhe beni his derived,
la t the guild people "f this new
it   look  into  this   all-important
'II.ilia 1.
yes, T in Express is possessed
.1,1 di vii,   Noi "ii'iii the evil spirit
..111; hi's a benzine devil,   "Ink*
11  ipattered" did vou say?   Well,
.'., itomel ue* he's a black devil,
blue devil and red devil,   "Nice?"
,i's, Iiiii he's verj  adverse to the
I red ink on Blue Mon-
lay,   "What does he do?"   Well,
1, k. eps the shotgun loaded that
ive hnve lur Spring poets,   and
teeps the "hell box" clean.   He's
11 sli red quite a lot by amateur
.hu. thc editor to get rid
.I. ti lis llu in lu "go to the devil;"
nd llu .1 he lias ihe time ol his
ih iiying iu ' .plain lo them that
h  ild I" in a placi' farther
' .iu i'n   Florida,   Takin'
t-in thing mi" ' onsidi ration he's
mi as Inui as Ile s inked;  lie's gut
u,um - pol loi iis all. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
\ \V'"kl. Newspaper.   ■   I'ublisheil lit
A'lASS 1'1,'INI.V, Ci pnti)
i ii," I: II !•;   ■ •
ilEOlltllO hai: 11. .1
I.11LT     11 IIIHINS,
A,it":'    n    Maun
III a,    1 ■■ I   \l 111   llll, ,-   |,   I  llll,,, ,-   |aa  Da'-
|a    \ a.,,,'    Ilialat III ,11,11,,.
I      ■ lllll'll  llllll   I III]       ' MI'I" I
■'    1. Ill"   I'l '. ia ' llll'I'S of-
lllll nn,    ui I  ...
Hie mill    In    ni ■ "ii.i-r
ll .i l!H*inn in i.i iiii.in*
i '      . ei| to n* ul
.   ilm.*:' wlm it
'.'  'i"     ui"   ■ illllp lliliu' uio-
'Xpllllll,   I'l   la.ull   Ollt,   I i   I ll."
. |i| iii for oneself when Iho
>is mil lo for Iiiui lit iinollii'i'.
"       ■     in lilo  ll, wlm i'"iii*i''l i a
■  ■"   'ii   ■   *. nro
khiinu n( llio :i il ni. They nro
't iiur r.innilt'. life. They
,  power ns ill ■ northern mil;
•   ■   Irength, liy lighting every in.-li
'•  >   .- u|i I'lniii Hi" acorn with
■li r ■.   . nl   i''i'i|"-.*i.    II   Is   Hi.'  Iinrd
■ il Hi" self 'null' in.in |-o(a
, i ■ - : :. _■". in i'l"* ill* ami mn' ll
ilni'i for liiinsi'ir in Ui" world dial de-
"'"'* him.
Sonic   employees  hnvo  a   prldo  in
klui! i"r ii ureal ii'-iiliiiiim.  Their
ilcntltj i* ill ii pleases llioni, Ilm Isn't
■ i   .      ,'ii im,nn'** nf your own,
.vliiili Rlvt-s ynu I'l'-i'ili'in nml Bcopo lo
li-tai":     nr imllvl luulllj and to be
r-' if. Iii'tloi' limn being n |iei'|iaa|iial
ii lilul ni, where you
il" cos in il "I I of n vast
if |i'i-iii i| responsibility Is
ml   "I'laiaar. a powerful
an-', r   Siiiiii'lnui's young iviun
■ii win, imi-o I n bmtighl up in luxury
nni wlm   it" known a ilhliig uf work
' nly thrown upon their own
"- mii'i ■ in ilm loss uf properly or
li 'i oven lo support Iholr onci*
ralihj   paivnta ilevelup  romarkahlo
ttli uml personal power,   Young
"ini"! * surprise every-
■ nil I I i.l)  left  In curry am
■'- bu in"-'- nn.liileal.  They
" mul potvci which im nno
"   '   ■■ I lllrty pOSSOSSIll.
!\    *  ■ r l.ii nf ".lul wo i'liii do un
til ui' nro put tn Un. U'sl hy some gront
fin, rgeiu-y or Ireiueu Inns responsible
'•" fi'i'i in ii ive nro cut off
111   I.'-"Ilia IW   allll   11111*1   al.'
1 I'.-'iinii'if upon tiursclvoH wo can
|| tlic force of desperation.
I'ln' '      ■■ '..ih working for others
* il limping of ibe Individuality—
lie lack of opportunity to expand nlong
irlgln.il nml progressive lines  I in-"
'"T a.i milking ,i inlslnko anal appro-
i li i ive ' ike loo greal risks arc
.: Hy liiiinpi'ring Iho ox live, Iho
• .  i! i .'uml  facilities.  Su.-
Iilli'ii   lllll'.   i:.),li (lain.
t" ■ ■ I   lo   III"   Isl I Ii'l   of
 i lhe eour.se over
■ ' it, " miliii'l
II   lb.'   [Inst all   lla'l'
■ lhe i'.n"'.' i'"
i hi ni imcil i"
■  ,        unlives used In
io   m ll    ■  sheep iu the
■    ii'iilail
Tb"  ■ ',  I'np'ii   nil
II     ■      .    .   ■
'i ol ■:
 let'     llul
I  toii'l        iriielei
ml  ii iiily '' ip'n  1:11
;■      IL: HI   I    :'     ll       ll   I.   *
II lo       III' .:'. ' ■'     :
"M.-n* 'I      I ".'li
l niter!" i*     lhe i, 'a
I'up'n lllll   |ra
lil'illlil I .: <l  I.lla'I
nil n lllloll,
Ckftngos In PluniiiKe Thnt Are l'u.-
Bllnu I" Hu- Novice.
Mosl every ono in America Is acquainted wiili ill" B ildflncb, but many
peoplo kuow ihe bird lay the name of
"i";. ,■ I. rd, on account nf Hs bright
yell in co i. 'I'liin.'ii is a very appropriate n line, ii, ih" lii'igbl yellow of
tin.in.!;.', vinu in breeding plumage, is
. .. lied ""M.  Tlie female gold-
more modestly dressed limn
her mute, 'Ilm cli mgos ia plumage of
nt'o f it luti resting and to
tl,,■ ii .v.,.... puzzling,   Until
ti." Btudi'i i becomes ncijunluted with
t!:- bh-aj . may wonder why Im sees
in uinli * during lhe whiter. The truth
HlOtl it'll" Of Mlppusoil
jilin ... of both
*, \",  i. bird hu    : usauuicd
in Hi" pi .-a :a*u* i ... ;.  : liy by tbe end
Of   Od      '    ,   a   plUIUIlgO   rl"-'.'l.V   I't'.-it'lll-
■ ■ ail ihe !■ mil.' nml young
in:.! of il.'' year. Tbe male retains this
li . | .-.. ii:.- until Into in February, ttli'Mi one '.ui notice a gradual
change taking place in name of tbe
birds, 'ibis renewal uf feathers is ue-
tlvelj coutlnued through March und
April, nnd by Uio 1st uf May our ro-
splendent bird is *vii!i in again, Tlm
song period with tin- mala goldfinch
fiiiiiinuijs ns long us be wears his gold
mi'i black livery, tor ii commences us
early us the middle nf March und cuds
late la August. OoldUncbes ure very
clonal; in their habits und bathe frequently. Their nests uro exquisite
pieces uf bird architecture, the Inside
I i"tl  wiili  the softest  plaut
down. Tlie mother bird is llio builder,
ber handsome consort during the uest
building time devoting most of his efforts tu tiuglug tu cheer Ins Industrious
I.liu-uln'.   riPU.uiit   I.llll,.   I aia-i i lev.
Willi " i "nl Heaver,
When Lincoln tta* on Ins ivay to as-
sum.' iho otlla'a* of president tbo tralu
vu- delayed ut Freedom, Tu., by aa
accident lo u freight train that was a
lil i It- way ahead, Lincoln wus accompanied by Major Sumnor nml Colonel
Elmei Ellsworth A tho celebrated rogl-
meni of touaves. Neither Major Sumner nor Colonel Ellsworth was tail; nnd
as thi*y Bloo.l beside Lincoln on iho roar
platl irm while he inualo his ntldross
iii".v looked shirt.T thnn they really
wore.   At tbo close of Lincoln's short
np 1. ,i coal heaver called out, "Abo,
thoy - ij ynu ure Ilm tallest man In tho
United States, hut I don't believe you
are uny tailor thnn I um." Lincoln replied, "i''im.. up hero und lot us moos.
ure." Tlie coal hcavor pressed bis wuy
through tli" I'Mtvi] nnd climbed on tbe
platform, where Lincoln nnd ho stood
back t" bock. Turning to Colonel Ellsworth, Lincoln said, "Which Is the tall.
- .!■; Ellsworth, being so much
lliortel could imt tell, sailm climbed on
iii" guard nil and, putting In* li nul
across the top of the heads of tbe two
men, mil, "1 believe they aro exactly
i'." *.::." height." Then Lincoln uud
the ' ti' heaver turned uround and
faced a.nh other. Tin. crowd sliouti'd
loudly when Lincoln look tho black,
sool I of tlm coal heaver In his und
gn* 0 a hearty handshuko t'i the man
wh" it i- hi pur in height—Thomas
H. Tibbies in Su -*. Mngntlne.
Tht- Fiddler Cl-.ll In \\ liiler Oimrlar.
Iii winter, when ihe surface of iho
grouud in whii 1. ll Is ii i -i-tcnieil to
me fi '."ii nr covered
wnll i.a Uio fiddler i rob bores deep
i - lb  mud "i sand ami stays until
■   ; im I'la.-it rn- mini fiddler fuirly
tbo I I inks nlong Iho
...   It boron in, usually horl-
nnd ii ii.:.:■ I"' n* far as six
nr eight feel from ih" face nf the bank,
and tln-ii down Into Uio mud at various
It gl'tS  below lie* level of
P.- i de, ivbla h rises nail falls through
■i luml, in tint fiddler crab's
burrow,   There are myriads of the
t *.t honeycomb
that soiut'l ines under iho
added n ■ gbl of li e g.Hhered upuu the
i"p ut it the bank breaks dowu.
li,,   i ullla-llall,
■   if the ml
,.,| |,j  Iho II
aaf ||   .,'
'  ||| uv   H II
ll     leprl       ll
nl   ii
:   '
II    i    in      ,
Till*   Word     'It',111'."
' I
,'. .:.
The I
lend of "I
i ■   ■•     . t
A i>ii»r,<„i mil.
!■ -. n western merchant, wont
i   '        i City to 1 ny ■; Is, Some 'jf
Iheso ho shlppi II   no ahead of bis
; ■-        ' .  '
■ of her wits    Tin
'      : brink ni l
i ■ : endenvoi
Ing ' a i i  r of a big h '*:,
:'    ' 11" 1. . ,.      l'u- legend,
"lllll I
yourself nnil Vnnr Neighbor,
■1 | nm nig mop
■ •    i
!,. m I have to
gooil-i      ■   Nt ii :■ 'i ity in
..... 67,
pn     | ' .■ (hi -'.ill.   " it
i ; ' ;.■   ,: i inay.-Stovei*
Hi,'   II.map  ol   Alilnia.lil,'..
■' In Hie
■ ■    : ',.-.
In Iho ' ■ '    . 10(1
Ho lea]
I ni Ii a I All imt Hit' tSxplnnnllon.
v i . ei.
ii that there i I       I to
In I
A lllllllil'
:   l
t I don't know
al .
Mr. S. A. Cnssidy 0: Ottawa, Permanently Cured After Years of Suffer
ing by the Great Canadian Kidney
Ottnwn, Oni.. .March 20, fSpocinll.
While nil Cniuiilii knows   llml Dodd's
Kidney l'ills nro Hm stnndni'il if It
I.,;- nil Kidney complaints, ii n ay surprise *nnil' |i"iplf in   know limy  euro
,i, 1,   extreme im-"- ns   Sim:" in   ilm
Kidneys,   Vol thnl i* ii'luit thoy hnvo
right I oro in Ottnwn.
Mr. S   \   i'n  ilt. ilu' man enn.I.
.1' known   proprietor of   Um
Iln.,i In,ii'l on Motcnlf street, nnd in
un interview lie -:u*: "My friend* nil
know Hint  I hnvo boon n    martyr   t..
Sinn,, in th" Kidneys Inr years.   Tin"
know  thai   !n",i:!f. consultillg the lae*l
doctors in ih" city nml trying evert'
medicine I could think nt, I was un-
nble in gel bettor,
"Somo Iini" n :.i n Iii 1   lnlil   ti.f
Dodd's Kidney Till* would euro mo,
As n Inst mart I tried (lieni, nnil
they hnve ouivtl me.
'■! could mil immune moro sovero
suffering I linn mie endures who Im*
Stone in ilm Kidneys, nml I fool the
groutes! gratitude in Dodd's Kidney
If the disease i* of *lio kidneys or
from Iln' Ki'liift*. Dodd's Kidney
l'ills ttill cure it.
nttok Collecting MinlnfN..
The Insensate craving uf book col-
ectore i* Illustrated in the ease uf Raw-
llnsoii, an English bibliomaniac who
would buy u hook though he liml tweu
ly copies of it. lie lived und died
amoug bundles und piles of buuks euv-
I'li'al wilh dust ami cobwebs, Tlie Spectator meutlous two eulleeturs whuse
covetousuoss increased with tlieir collection,
Mr. Holier, the brother of the bishop,
bought nil that eaino in his way, ly
cartlonds und shiplnmls and In whole
libraries, on which lu some cases bo
net,'i' east bis eye...
nf a similar disposition was the famous Antonio Mtigliubeeobl, wlm is
said tn havo lived aan titles und Indexes
and whoso very pillow wus il folio.
Tlm old bibliomaniac lived In a kind uf
i'lll l-   inmli'   nf   piles   anil   masses   nf
I ks, with hardly any room for his
 king nr fnr the wooden crndlo lined
with pamphlets which he slung lie-
uvi'fii his shelves for a bed. He died
in iti I. in bis eighty-second year, dirty, rugged nml us happy us u king.—
London Stiindnrd.
Tin- tlrliclii "I SiiKiir.
Sugar has boon known since the dawn
if history, hut nut In nil countries, The
Chinese appear to have delighted their
pillules wilh sugar for more Hum 3,000
years, ami il was known III linlla our-
Her Hiiin iii Europe, being made from
a Juicy i d or enne, one of Alexander ibe Great's generals carried Biigar
in Or 'o in Iho yenr 323 It. <'., ns sir
Walter Itnloigh somo 2,000 years later
carried tobacco from Virginia lo England, Bul even so Into as 130 A, D,
sugar was siill a rarity In Grei ■- i lio
I'.iiuiiiis physician Gnlcn u*'''l it ns n
: ir certain iniilndlcs, Itecent
experiments show thnl sugar has ro-
mnrknhle sustaining power when eaten
by llu.se undergoing grenl fiitlgtie, The
luventlon nf Hm iir*i process fir refin-
■■ i* ascribed t" tin1 Arabs, mul
i Venetian merchnut is biiIiI tn hue
ptirelnised the secret from them and
Introduced ilm process in Sicily,   The
ol siigiir wns first practiced in
ingluud .iiiaiiu Itla'll,
Tin1 Word "llntv."
"Row" Is one nf ihe many word!
itlii.-li are rising tn respectability wilh
advancing age. Todd's edition of John-
aii's dictionary il -.'Ti ilenonn 1 ii as
"i very low expression."   Since it up
noni'9 in have been * nslonally written
' rniie" iilmiil il century :n:a> BOmo have
a' shed in iini ii* origin in the French
rnim."   Todd Identifies it with Iho
older "iiii'''" n drunken bout, big
drinking ula** nr big drink. In which
i o thnl ""i'l several times occurs In
shakespiiire,    llnndel   olisi'rves Hint
Hi" kin.' il"ih wnk" tonight nml takes
i.- roil "."  "How" i: supposed lo be a
u pilar funned  from "muse,"
. I'm a plural, ns "pen" far
■■hirry"    from    "slmi'iis,"
' from "cherls."   Hut It seems
-iii'l'ifi' 11 explain "row" ns shorl fur
"' I" >iuiv," uu excellent word for
Qni-ir lli'llfl.   Ilnn,I  (Iir Tarn.
Tlm fern was aupposed in iced auily
mi si. John's Might ninl thus to p u ii
Ihoso singular properties far which It
hnd become almost snored,  The gatli*
".'in;: "f Iln' I I mis 1 ■■ -1.•-..-.I to t... nt-
loii'lcd with considerable danger, l'o-
vet in his "Pandemonium," published
in Msi, says: "Much discourse bath
1 n niii'iit gathering  nf  fern s 1
(which Is looked upon us a moglcal
i ".i'i mi ilm nielli nf midsummer's ovo,
m.'" I remember I was lold "f ono who
went In gnlher il. ami lhe spirits tthisk-
aal hy his cars like bullets nnd some-
Iruck hi- bat uml other parts of
hi I' .ily. Ill line, though lie nppre-
bended Im liml gut n quantity of It
"ll   it   III   pnpCrS   Ullal   |ail\   hi*.
.'". v. imu im g,t limn" h" found all
• mpty, llul mosl probable ihl       Int-
' Hint f tbo di vii's
'u:' in, as well as ilm fact
i   :, Imt ing ouco cnsmired : i
un obedience i. his ml"*, ha in ij with
■  oblige ilmui t, : irlctei
I 'tie"
The 'ifiit ltr.itl.rtr.
"IP''  too menu fi ' n,"
"Vi i, If iin y | In',! bl
'    11 ,i
TUr Time When Women i'ir.* Ap-
iti'im-ti nu il,.- ciiuiinI, stave.
In the motliods nf producing plays
1'i'pys' period of plnygolng wns coeval
wiih ninny innsi liiipoi'titiil Innovations
which seriaiusiy nil"' psl tlm presentation of Shakespeare on Um ntngo, The
ehlef wns lhe BUbsIldltloil nf wnineii
for buys lu femulc roles, Inning Um
lirsi few iiiniiilit nf Pepys' Ibeiitrlcal
experience boys were siill taking tlm
worn u's parts.  Thai Hm practice *nr-
vivi'il in llio first days nf Charles ll.'s
reign wc know from 'Im well worn nn-
ccdoto that whon ilm king Benl bohlntl
the scoues In liiqiilro why tho piny nf
"ll.iiuli't," which I." Inui coi io to s"",
was sn Into in common ing lie wns nn-
stvi'ieil that the queen was not yet
shared,   Hut In tl penlng month nf
li'a'ii, within live months of his first
visit to n theater, th" reign nf Um hoys
ended. On .Inn. i'. nf that year Pepys
writes Hint bo "first saw women come
upon the stage." Nexl night he makes
entry of n boy's performance "f a woman's part, nnd thnl is the final record
of boy9 masquerading as women In
the English llienter. I believe 'he practice now survives nowhero except In
Japan. This mode of representation
bns always been a great puzslo to students of Ellznlieilnin drama, ll Is
difficult to Iningiiie what boys In
Shakespeare's day, if ihey were anything like boys of our own day. made
of sinli parts ns Lady Moebotll or
Cleopatra, Before, however, Pepys
saw Shakespeare's wank on the stage
the usurpation of the boys was over.
!t wus after the Restoration, too, that
scenery, rich eosiunio and scenic machinery became, lo Pepys' delight, regular features of the theater, When
the diarist snw "Hamlet'' "done with
scones" for the first time bo was most
favorably Impressed, Musical accompaniment was known to prerestorn-
tion days, but the orchestra wns now
fair the first tlmo placed on Hie floor of
the houso In front of the stage instead
of in n side gallery. The musical accompaniment of plays developed very
rapidly, nnd the methods of opera were
applied to tunny of Bhnkcspoare's
pieces, notably to "The Tempest" nnd
"Mscbcth,"—From "Pepys ond Shake-
Bpenro," by Sidney Lee, lu Fortnightly
Tlaiw soon we learn that the nvemgo
man's bark Is about all Ibero Is lo blm,
When people say nut thing good about
you, over notice what a few nro present /
We nil nf us claim lo be natural, but
wo ull of us know that the only time
when wc nro not putting on Is when
wo nro asleep.
Somehow Iho hundred dollnrs some
oUier niun bus always looks larger nnd
ns It It should go further ibun the hundred dollnrs you have,
Thero nro not ninny sights more depriving iiinn to meet u farmer's wagon on n country roud going out from
town with a coffin In It
When a ninn says he got up nine
times wlih the baby six nights In succession It means thnt one night be
woko U[i uud beard his wife g^t up.
Loss of Power
To Digest Pood
Among tho First indications of Exhausted
Nerves—the Guro is
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Tin' iiin-i Impoi'tnnl function of the
ar ',,ns a.i iln- body i* tho digestion
in I ii limitation nl food, and in Hub
pn "■ i* consumed on enormous
ipiiinlity nf nervous onorgy.
I Uio resnll ilm moment disorders
ii tlm nerves misc. digestion is im-
pniri'd und i In- very snurce ol health,
slri'iiglli ami vitality interfered wilh.
I., provcnl pht-ii'iil bankruptcy tho
in i item um*!  he l"iilt    up by
n i ido aid, such ns the   use nl   Dr,
i A >'     Na-it-" 1'' I, a    preparation
ii i I iai iln' very oleinonts of nn-
i in- nl.n h go in form now blood and
nerve cells.
Hi . le.   lids   restorative   Influenco
nil     the     tihnle    system,   Dr.     Chase's
\.' \c I'."iil has iiii immediate and
all cri cllci'l on Hie digestive system.
li stimulates the nerves nl lasto and
induces a good Iimt ol saliva to aid
aii . lion, li I'M'iia* the '.'lands of llio
sinimii'li iiiiil produces a plentiful Blip-
ply ni tl -aia- digestive fluids,    II
sharpens thu appetite nml arouses
Especially ivliero   nppotito uud   the
ability to digest have diminished) ns
in nervous oxlinustlon, anaemia, dm
result oi sickness, overwork, or worry,
Dr, ('Ini*!''* Nerve l''ood i* hy nil odds
the tiiiisi effectivo treatment thai can
possibly he obtained,
ll ensures good digestion, regular
healthful net inn nl tho liver, kidneys
and botvt'ls mul tlm building up nml
revitalizing ol the tvholo svstetn.
Mrs. Ocorgo Fuller, Lnkolnnd,Man,,
writesi "I nm very glad to bo able to
■'nil' i'inl I hnve received great benefit Irom tin' use of Dr. Clinso's Norvo
Food, li ha* enroll mo of nervous
liondnclio from which 1 used to bo a
great siilli'ier, ami I mil no loilgol'
troubled with twitching of ihe norvoa
in the arms and Ices thai I used to
Im * i' n* soon ns I tteni to bed, I nm
grateful for this euro nnd *liall nl-
wuvs recommend Dr, Clinso's Nerve
Food tn nnyouo sufforing a* I did."
Dr, Clinso's Nerve Food, SOcts, a
Imx. at nil dealers, or Eilmnnson,
Hates ,V Co., Toronto. The pun rait
and sigiintiiro of Dr. A. \V, Clioso,
l lie famous receipt book author, nro on
ovorv bos,
Tlie lir.'t'iimimi i.i'ikIn, Followed by
iin- lion, uml tlie ii'ii Deer,
Tbo following Interesting letter concerning the relative speed of unbinds
appeared In the London Fields
'iho fastest animal wo hnvo Is the
greyhound. Tbe next nro the race
bono, Ibe red deer and the hare, and
then comes the good, big, bold dog
fox, which Is a Hue galloper on good
going. In comparison wilh any ot
tbe ubove tbo fastest foxhound on
sound Hal turf Is ns slow ns u man
mowing grass fnr haymaking. Hut If
you radically alter tho trial ground the
nbevo does not hold good, Fur Instance.
on rough clods, whether melted or not,
u bare cannot run ut all; hence sho generally tukes cure not to go there, ninl
Where greyhounds ure kept she habitually lies In her form near llio fringe of
a rough fallow Hint whon coursed she
mny quickly be on good going. Wlih
Bueh Itutg, powerful bind legs n bare
cun beat anything up ii steep hill,  a
foxhound cuu easily beat any horse
over deep clay plow, because the horso
weighs U9 much as twelve bounds nnd
therefore sinks deeply, In sing hunting the rod deer tires earlier thnn Ihe
blood hunter, though the Imrso may not
be faster, but gnat consideration must
' be made for tbe discretion of n good
horseman, who avoids exhausting deep
ground which the deer plods through,
A run of eight miles within the hour
In either of the three wet wintry
months would leave llio body of tbo
Held behind, but It would he easy to a
riding man on n galloping horse when
the March winds have dried tho country und the obstacles nre only ordinary.
^u.t  Mll-e-t-  It I -at It f   Out,
"Never suppress a Bnccse," said the
trained nurse to the young Woman who
had Jusi performed thnt pollto net. "It
Is n great strain on nil tho nerves nnd
blood vessels of the bend, ns it throws
nil the action to the back of the heud
Instead of lotting It como out of the
mouth safely and naturally, The unusual uud liiini strain mi a littio blood
vessel that may bo weak Is likely to
burst ll nnd cause instniit death, A
loud sneeze does net sound vary nice,
but lt Is u safe llilng to do every time."
BoilQht YcsUriHy-Cur-d To-diy.—
Sir-. D.O. Hurt, of 26 Broadway, New
York, lays: "1 mn .uiiulsA unit dclls'it-
ral at th.- a-liniisc Inr thi- better tn mr
case In ono .lav from tlm ns« of Or. Ag-
ncw'l Oiliirrlnil i'ow.ler. It worlird Ilk.
mimic-there's no excuse lor a per.on
■ulferlni pnln with ild« remedy muut
reach.  6i) conta.—j.
In llritisli Columbia the dry season
alTcotwl tho   output oi   placer   gold,
TIlO  Vllk'Ul oulltilllleil    to  lllll  nil.  llllll
mil .in *i until under more fnvorublo
conditions tho   pormnncnl   forms   of
mining lower grade   I ies ol   gravel
aro fully ostonlishod,   British Coluiii-
: bii ami Ontario, *iu"' il e tlevclopn nul
I of niini'ig at Cobalt, ure now orodil il
j iiith 08 per liml. of the   silver   pro-
hiecd in Canada.
Hut,nil,,,, IIucl.l><lii>rrr>
On tho island of Hawaii nre great
thickets of tbo obolo, or Hawaiian hue-
kloborrylVncclulUin rctlculntum), which
the natives consider sacred te Pelo, the
goddess who is supposed to preside
over tbo famous crater of Kllauen, .ml
which, together with white pigs nnd
chickens, ure thrown by them Into the
boiling red lake during an eruption to
appease Ibe wrath nf tbe aggressive
dame nnd thus cause the rivers of I.i vu
to cense flowing on tlieir destructive
COUrsO, These berries grow In ''lusters
on low bushes right ou die very brink
nf tho brimstone beds und nro so numerous that n bushel may bo easily
gathered In half nn hour, In opponr-
uui'o ihey somewhat rosotnblo n cron-
berry, and the flavor ts pleasantly siig-
gestlvo of gropes.
Tongh Rnllnir.
Those who have partaken nf peacock
declare thnl gorgeous bird to bo decidedly lough eating, whllo H Is said of
il.'• swan liml ihe fact of Its ever having been ii familiar dish speaks highly
In favor of ancient fSiigllull cutlery,
Moreover, it should uol be forgotten
Hint nlu'ii bustards' uml boors' heads
were ns conim s ilrlolm uml saddles now are Ihere were scarcely any
vegetables to cat with them,
Tli*- IIIkIi l'rlt'.. nl llVtlln 111 I a.   liieil
s.'itl.'il li*, Doom.
During tbe last years of lhe eight-
with century tbe price of grain In ling-
' land wus very high, So much flout
was used ns hair powder that nu attempt wus made in chock lis uso,  a
1 k,  "At  the S.l'ii uf the  llnrber's
Pole," contains u copy of n document
Issued by the "mayor. Justices uml
principal Inhabitants" of Ureal Yarmouth, recommending Hie disuse uf
hulr powder for n lime,
"We flatter ourselves," tbey said in
1 ibis proclamation, which was i**ucai in
January, 1705, "ihe military will not
hesitate to.adopl It, being fully convinced tlm! appearances ore nl nil limes io
bo sn. rlli.tal to tlie pul.ha' weal nnd
lhat In doing Ibis tbey really do good.
Jan, '.'7,1705."
!    In lhe following April n parly of gen-
, tlemeii nt Wnburii abbey entered Into
mi . .. igcmcnt to forfeit n certain
sum of i icy If nny of them wore
their hair lle.l or powdered within a
' certain period,
Nevertheless Uio Tories regarded with
distrust persons who <ii.i not use hair
powder, Bo late as 1820 n certain
Major Cox of Derby, an excellent T"iy,
declined i.i allow Ids son lo become •
pupil nf n well known clerical tutor,
fur the reason Ihal the clorgytnan did
nut powder and ihat tm wore hi* hnlr
short, w hlch suggested thut he must b.
ii dangerous i* vol il  nlit
Tho merits ot Dickie's AntlCon-
Biimptlvc Syrup us a Biire remedy for
coughs and colds nro attested by
scon s who know iis putter in p
uhnnst instant relief when the thro ll
Ib sue witii coughing uml ilm whola
pulmonary region disordered iu con-
sequi in" A Iiniii'' rn' ihi* world.
famed Byrup will save doctor's bills,
ami n greal ileal of 'uttering, Price 25
c 'ins. nl all denlors
No one knows wheu Zoroaster wns
born. The dates given vary between
GOO nnd 0,000 years It. 0.
"lilt   ll i.i. !   it.' h U| a X|ll '
can loll corns ciinsi   Pain
tti'h your bum   on, pain with them
.'■:   pn :. n ih   .in,
'.'.ini use II.ill.i .
rum i
\,-rt   III, r.-.
Dealer In Antiques  llcro arc two
very rare i t
i IT-Whul ll I' a A lAtnry?
"They wi by C luinbus."
"Wlinil  Hat 'ii'i* woreu't luvcnted
In Columbus' lime."
"I i.i.'.w.  That's what makes them
Ml 'an-'"
Heart DI..... Rrlla-vet! In SO Mlnul.i.
|aa   Agnews I'm" f"i Hi" Mean slv.e
"ii.t  i.l!t,f In nil -a*.a uf mirsnlc or
III. '        a.'I  I     .|aa t.lllV     a ffa a t <.     I,    eMt%,      It    1.
n peerlMi remedy fur Palpitation, Bhorta
Itl'M   aat   H" alll    ■ III.llllll   Spell.,   a"«t«
in la-fi ■1.1,   nut nil symptoms "I s Die
l'a.l.1    IP.til      Ull"    iln..   a'a.livlllCl'i.—II
You cannot be n^cled to havo laiih .1
ShiinrVi Connumplion Cu'e. tho I. una
Tonic, ti a cure (or Coldi, Cousin ond ull
flisciici nf tlio air pisiagn, if ymi hava
Hot lrir*(! il. Wo havi (,.i!li in it, ami wa
i i. 1.'.'■ ■ it. Ii il doem'l cure ymi it coiti
you nothing. If it don it cuiti you 23c.
llmt's fair. Try it ttniiy,
Sliilult liai currd many llnuttml! ol tha
tnoit oliMinatc rat"H, and we do not fioitatt
•0 wy ll.at it will cura any Gild, Cough,
Thiti.it nr Lun;j Iroul.lc. Ii we did nol
wlirvr (his we would not guataniee it.
Shiloh li.ii Iini nn unbroken record of
•uccfjs foe thirty yean.   It Im itooj
•vay [lossiblclcil without fuiluic.  Further
ll lound in the m.iny teitimoniah of th .-j
who hive Iri^l Sliilon and h^n cured.
IMi^. Aithie Taylor, A«,.ph, P.i., writes) -
" I I'niijlil n 1- till 11 SMUl'l C inxm\i'^r\ Cm
anil l-'inl il >"iy brn-'fii ill.   11 ifllWd * ^\'Af\
and Wry l<\ 1 n latrflita cwih.    I |i« lhan
fvi-ivt1   i\     „\\ i,i -I, l n'.'vii ■ ■     ■ •.
Urlil < iit r -iiinn my lniil*nn<l Ikhib il <• l*'>lllf «
Shil .li. \\ a Hive il ti tin r'nMfn wlrn irrny
wnt h I-I.mnl tli'y llnl ill tiij.l. li - ■*•)
WR| * I Bplllavi    I llnil ilwi/i licp il in l'i*
kdUK." tuj
lit   wiili .n.i. .'- wt .'a-.r nialnim i| . Ij,
Marriage in laolland,
Even for a man In nililrCM a woman
n< I1I1 ivi''. either by writing ur bjr
-I ii. nml fur her io rciponil In lhe
Mtno tcrmi conniltuloj ttiarrlago in
Pcollntiil,  Any mie who hai over md
Wllkle ColllU»' BOVCl, "Man nml Wlfo,"
will reiiii'ini" r Ihere a CttlO in iiaiint
'ibe heroluo Bond* a note to the hero,
algulng hcnelf "Your Wife." no la
*iini' 1 i.'iy cnrclcM and Indifferent to
write bis reply on tbo back "f her own
loiter nnd ilgni himself "Your llu.-
band." This note, crumpled up mul
loaned nsldo ni of no vnluo, falls Into
tbo hands ef nn 1111 s* rupulou' person,
iiiui. in levy bileknaii on tiie hero,
keeps ;i ai l protlm "-i 11 a* evldenci
nf ninrrlngp. Nn oilier form bad been
gone through, and yet Ihe couple were
tnai'iii'il  l'i: illy.
11, li. I IT"... I.n'li'l.
,.,,,'.        ,   ,   et tired of doln|
i,.,"    • I ono
a.\\',.;' 1 do thou'/"
"i       .. ;' 1."
a 1 body benltl
heart whole inJ d
uuo u.ll   Blinnioui.
tiip Uri.il niiii..
Tho TlheUni, trhoeo religion li a roi-
nipt tyi f Buddhism, p"*<o«i Iho ln^
got! Bible in iho vjoiiti, Oiling si"j rt*
III,,''!. __^__
lOllilll llie • nn.
Ooe.in   deplhl   nn*   n-tciliilnrd   by
I., plummet aunk from a fbip.
■ii... luml lead, weighing eight or nlue
pounds, I- ii*'-i in iliallow wntcr*; th.
deep 10a lend welglll from twenty Ore
lo ihirty ponndl,
Mnrlon Drldgo, C  n   il
I   In !   MINARD'S  l-IN'l
MKNT durh ■ i'    .
. 1 for
bore, an 1 nnipn iilnniihl) ihi hi *i sel
I r "i 1II Hi ii' i' in klndi "I llnl-
NI'll.  1 .':   1   ON,
Milt  Mora..
fllm-What mnl   11 a I  I; 'o ml*
(ruble?  Her Why, do i look        i
Mi     11 ■    Yi 11 you I • k at :f youi
worst enemy bad )n«t been happily
mnrrlcd,   Her mi. It'i ever io n.n 'i
worse than that  She hat j
happily divorced.
jfr^»..aflitir*m »«^"a"t'*a»'t"a-«"a"a"a"*'**»
A Series of Articles Describing their lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
Managing Editor ol the Calgary Herald.
Qamott Clay Porter is a Kentucklnn
by birth and a Canadian by adoption
The combination is a fortunate one, if
unusual, nnd tho result bus been the
publication of one of the brightest
unil most up-to-date newspapers in
Western Canada, "Tho Calgary Herald." Qametl Clay Porter is generally
referred to ns Colonol Porter—as
much on account probably of the state
ol which he is n son ns because of the
tact thai lie ivns n mombor ol tho military stuff ol tho Governor, A gentle-
mnn with tho noino Gnrnett Clay Porter—and ii Kontuokian—hat n traditional right to tho titlo of Colonel
and the world admits it.
There is nothing particularly belli
coso ubout Colonol Portor's nppeor
.•iin,.. noithor does ho boar tho out
ward nud visible sinus of tho Kontiick*
Colonel nf anecdote. Ho may have i
suspicion ol the suit .southern ilrntvl in
bis s| ch nnd nt limes the niiisli'iinl
nets ol manner of tho doscondant ol
tho owners of Blnvo-mannod plantations, but he doesn't require n moustache nnd ohln-whiskor, a sonilircru,
uml n fondness for mint juleps to be
almost iiiii'oiisi'iiiusly addressed as Colonel. Without these attributes, the
hall-marks ut oonvontional beliof, Clur-
nett Clay Porter, editor of n paper
published In Inr off western Canada
is reoognitod, greeted, and made
friends with n* Colonol Porter, ol the
Calgary Herald.    This  rely   shows
thnt liiis "Colonel" business is not
limited to one Stnto of the American
Union, or morely u local peculiarity of
the people, li GamoH Clay Portoi
should ever nllmv hit probably deep
religious conviction- to break looso to
the exieiit thnt would make liim icek
Hie pulpit a* a menus of expounding
them, thoro i* very little doubt that
he WOllId be kliottll ill llie eviilicelical
religious world   a* il lonuoiil   nnd
picas ||,'v. Col. i niter. The title "I
Colonol sorl ol rounds liim off.
Colonel I'lnicr tta* Iiniii iu Kentucky
more years ago than In* beardless
face ami youthful   onorgy   proclaim,
He lia'i'iin  mnstcr   printer nt   the
ago oi fourteen, so young, in int. thai
lie  belief'"!   licit   lie  lllld  lillle   Inr  llll-
othor profession He ivenl to college
nml altohvnrdi Incidentally bccnioo a
lawyer mnl was enrolled ns mi attor-
net 11 iliia Si.ii.' ni Kentucky.
The iiiture editor ol tho Calgary
Herald bud. howorer, absorbed printer's ink inln lu* system and llie disci*.' a,i jouriinlistn i- incurable.
lie began lu* journolistio career nn
dor a renowned Fellow-colonel, alto u
Kontuckian, Colonel Henry IVnttorson,
of tho l.iuiistillc Courier-Journal, one
ol the most powerful nowtpapo' odit-
an- iu ilm United Sintcs.
Whether i* tin* iliiil  thoro nn* not
room   ellaaileli    Inr   I tin   lillntiels.   even
iiii ii iventitcky paper or llml Colonel
Porter's   ttroug   personality    sought
Ineali*  i'I   iiilt mn I'lnenl   oil     individual
Inn* ni In* nun il hi::, in whether
it    tins   llllll    the   latent    llial'eliiiiiiii.ni
which liml guided him into jnurnaliim
ili'iinimli'il nu outlet, i* difficult to
say.      iaol      lair     ICV-OrnI      villi*     lie
  |a'aa|    I HI pi ll I 11 lit        | III-11 11,11 s       llll    till-
oditoria mid rcnortonnl staffs nl lend*
inu pnpert iu Kansas City, Chicago,
0 Omnlin, Sun Franoisoo, nnil the City
J j of Moxico, und other large centres
nnd wont through the experiences
customary under tlm circumstances, of
editing country weeklies in various
parts of tlic united S'.nles.
During iliis time ho formed n professional connection with tbc New
York Sun mnl ilm Associated Press,
and ivns their a credited correspondent
on several important assignments,
Col. Porter's bright, swinging stylo,
oombinod with his acute newspaper
instinct uml ability to cover the noivs,
brought liim recognition ns n clover
special writer an he contributed many
stories In such well known periodicals
ami magazines ns McCluro's, Carter's
and tho Windsor, nnd A the greal
story syndicates ol the Cnited Sin''*.
in which his special abilities wero
noticeable In the news character ol I.i*
lu [900 Col, I'nrlei' onmo to Canada
and nccopted n position a* special
ttriii'i' nn ilie Toronto World, His engagement ml the World, nil'1 ol iln.'
brightest pnpors in Canada, tins a distinct event ill the nowspnper lifo ol
Canada, and somo of Ins work mi*
tho best newspaper "stuff" that bus
ever unpen red in tho dnily service ol n
Canadian newspaper. Among tho articles ol special interesl wero tboso on
Goldwin Smith nnd J. J. Hill, for
which he travelled half noross tho continent ami comnjotcd in lour days, the
Wnustend wreck on tho Grand Trunk
Railway, nnd the riots at Smilt Stc.
Mario ' Col. Porter spem three .veins
in Toronto, holding n leading position
in the journalistic Hold and becoming
enamored of Canadian lifo, Canadia
institutions mnl Canadian possibilitici
In l'.lll.'l, possessed ttith tno beliof
thai tho future ol Cnnadn lay largely
in tho progressive West, ho accepted
tho position nl managing editor ol tbe
Calgary Herald,
In tho two yours   and n hnlf   thnt
Colonel Porter bus 1 n editor of tin
Herald he lias become n prominent Ine-
tor in the social nml liiisincs* lifo of
Calgary nnd in the political situation
in the young p ovinco of Alberta.
Clever, (puck, and adaptable, lie hm
readily adapted himself to Western
Canadian conditions, A ready writer
of distinct desoriptivo ability, a linn
believer iii the greatness of tho Canadian West, n naturalised Canadian
of public spirit mid progressive ideas
mid above everything a thorough, all
round nouspapor man. Col. Porter is
u man nl consequence in the political
uml material progress of the young
province lie Iin* aaoptod n* Inline.
.JO.iA'U b. paid io .ity
p.r.on alto prttvea thai
Sunli|,!il Seitp CaltlLina any
Injuries!, chemical, or au,
Ui ni ot adull.r.tioa.
"Bouoht my LU. for 3! Cent.."—This
was ono mini's wny of initilnn It when
he had been pronounced inourable from
chronic dyspeptlo. "Il was a living
death to ine until I tried Dr. Von Stan's
Pineapple Tablet.. Thanks to thorn today I am will, anil I nil my friends I
bought my Ills for 86 ci-ntt." It In .
Explorer—Dut have .you liml any experience that would tend to lit you foi
Uio hardships of an nrctic expedition?
Would Be Member of I'lirly-IIiivo II
Why, 1 lived two winters In nn apart-
ment house where I wus nt odds with
the Joultor.-Juilge.
"Did Mrs. Ogtnmug's husband leave
her well provided for'/"
"Ho left her fnbiliously rich."
"How do you know';"
"I seo by the btlt'st society news she
la to bo married again."—Houston Post
I'nlntliiir I'lie...
Mm. Pnlnter—I seo the left side of
the face Is usually considered by nrllsts
to ho more beautiful than tho right.
Mr. Painter—But n lot of you women
seem to think both sides should bl
imintcd.-Yonkers Btntosmen,
Does Your
Heart Beat
Yes. 100,000 tlmcj each day.
Does il send out good blood
or bad blond ? You know, for
good blond Is good health;
bad blood, bad health. And
you know precisely what to
take for bad blood —Ayer'i
Sirsaparilla. Doctors havo
endorsed It for CO years.
On. fr.aiii.nt r.n.. nf lt.il talataaa*.tt. iln., l.h
ll.ar.   Till, (jri.aluaa*» r.iii,llpiOlaan   I ol.a„.,,.
aultilanaa.. tr.lli.n at- n—t linai tla. t, ,*a,
Inai.aal. f l,*„ . r.mu,*al limit Hi. 1,-Nlr .ally
aa laatiir. Iial.nl.al K''-r Ilia. taoa.li ..pad,
wilh Afar'. I'l.li. II?.r l>lill.  All >-i -aal.l.
Nowadays ui*" mot hers do mat .1,.-.
their children nitli harsh griping castor oil or purgatives, nor do they ivi
thorn piai-iiiinii* opiates in tbe form ol
so-callcil soothing medicines, Dairy's
Hun Tablets lake tho place ol the
Lu I  nml dangerous   i In im *  mul
tha mother bus tlie word ol a govern.
incut i lyst tlmt ilie Tablet! ire nh
'Int'lv safe, Baby'i Own Tablets
euii' indigestion, constipation, colic,
toothing troubles, diarrhoea, simple
fovori  I other little ills ol childhood, An occasional dose uill. keep
children tt,.||. Mn, ||. |.; [,0ng,
Poachland, B.C., says I " I hnve
laiiiiul Baby's dun Tablets unsurpassed
for teething troubles, breaking up
colds, re Im iin; lever*, ami other ill*.
mul thoy iiinke n child sloop naturally,
I now always keen them io the house."
Ask im the Tablets nl your druggist
an- ynu caii a.,.| thorn by mail from the
Dr, Willi s'   Medicine Co,,   Brock-
ville. Out., nt Hi cents a box.
is better than other soap*
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals,
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manu'
facture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your money refunded by
the duler from whom you a*aujr
Sunlight Sep if yeu find any cam.
he complaint
Uvw Broih.n l.lmii.J Toronto
Seventy persons were killed nod   lu
jureil in a landslide nt l'clropolis, liio
H«d»bf 9,0. ti" Ot., I • ■•*»;.._
Alio itikuun«uriri ef
)    lUIIVMCt
The WI.e Tramp.
Tramp—I'lonie, ma'am, couldn't you
■pan men llnl" ■
UooiekcepoN Qo right nivny frmn
hero or I'll call tho dog, you luzv.
dirty -
Tramp- Yes, nia'am; that'! what I
was about to remark.   I'm travel slain
ed from my long journey, and I wanted to ask If you couldn't spare tno a
little soup?
Housekeeper- -Snap?    Boapl    Mercy
on  mol    Is tbo world coining lo an
eml'I   Walk right In, sir, uml slay I
dinner,   you're more than welcome-
New York Weekly.
hy local applications, ns ih,.v cannot
rencii in,, diseased portion ol tha ear
There I. only one way In cure tlenlii"..
nml Hmi u by constitutional rcmedl..
Deafness Is caused by nn InHnru.-.l con
illil'in ef ih. mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube. Winn thin tulle Is Inflam.!
Iiillniiiiiiiitien can be laken out uml Hit
luiiiliiK. nml when It Is entirely closed
Deafness Is the result, nml unless Hi
Inllnmuinihin enn he Inlteii cut mil ihii
ml" i. stored to Its nnrmnl onilltlnn
hearing win be destroyed forever: nin
en.." oul of ten sre ,-nn.e.| by Catarrh
which la nialhliiK hut nn Innnined cam
dltlon "f tic nu us surfaces,
We ttill up-,, n,ie llonalrH fiollnrs for
any ens" of Iipafnessiraiou'd bv Catarrh)
Ihal '■•.' ' cured bv Hull's I'rnnnii
Cur,..   Bi ii I for circular, free.
P.J. CHENEY .*.- CO., Toledo, 0
floM bv Druggists   TSe.
Tikit Hill's Family Pills for i-cn.iljtatlon
Antl-Semitio pomphleti havo heen
widely distributed in I'oltann, llu*-iu
linard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
A horse abattoir i* to be constructed
al a cosl iai $43,000, at Nurcmburg,
Their Complete Home Cure.
Post Free to Readers of This Piper
for Limited Period Only.
A hnmlsnmn Illustrated trentlse,
living lull description of Hheunintlsm
and Paralyili, with Initruotloni for
a complete borne cum, describing the
most successful treatment In the
world, recommended by thi Ministry
and endorsed by medical mon. This
highly Instructive book was written
by W. II. Veno, a (inllemin wlm has
made a Iplclll study of Uu'H" dlloal
OS.    Tho iireliico Is by n graduate ol
ihe Unlvinlty of   Wurtiburg,   Bend
nosiui to-day and you win receive th.
bonk Tree by return.—Address. Thi
.'ono lirug Company, 21 King Street.
'.Vost Toronto.
A young stockbroker who always
trie* I'l appear buiy nnd pro per iui
wi'iit out fair inviiiii'. leaving on in.
oin imu' a cird neatly mnrkodi
"Will bo back in an Imur."
On bis return bo found thai lomi
invloui rnai bad Inscribed under
Ilea lb:
"What for':'' London Tit Hits.
.1  lllitlomnf.
"Why do yon tench your children to
reolto uml ilngr
"Well," iniwered tho practical wo-
Iiinn, "thero lias to In- lOfflO wny nl
starting i p" who onmo to t.„ ynu
and forgi i when It'i Una io go home,"
—WaUlilngl 'ii Star,
Kennebec was Uie nearest approach
tlie whiles could make to Uie pronunciation of tin.nn in.,ppiohke, "the place
of ions water."
The Use of Quinine.
People win. Buffer with the liver and
who get run down iu nerve strength
Bometlmes complain that quinine dues
them no good, says u physician, The
reasou Is this: When quinine pusses
Into tbe Intestine it is acted on by tbe
bile nud forms with It a salt that Is
soluble only In a great excess of bile,
bo It passes out of Ibe system without
entering tbe blood nt nil, To prevent
Uiis billons persons ought to clear out
the bile by a good liver pill or a saline
purgative before lhe quinine Is taken.
r.vc.i when Uio liver is not affected lt
Is always best to tnke .such medicines
before using quinine,
If You Value Your Health
Ceylon Natural GREEN Tea in place of the
adulterated teas of Japan.
Packets    Only,    40c,   50c,   and    60c.    per    Ih,   At   all   Grocers.
Tite Earth and Mnn Compared,
If It were possible for a man to con-
strict a globo SHO feel lu li.Alit-niucb
la'** iiinn twice lhe helgbl of tbe Washington in inniuent—nnd io place upon
any ]i aril.ni of ils SUI'fni 0 nil iitom OUO
four tbousaud three hundred and eightieth <>f iiii Inch lu diameter nnd oue
one hundred nud twentieth of nn Inch
lu height ii would correctly denote thi
proportions man bean to the gigantic
globe upon which be standi,
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills  Make Rich,
Red.   Health-Giving   Blood.
Cold winter mouths, enforcing close
conliiioment in over-heated) badly ventilated rooms—in the homo, in the
hop, nnd in tho school—sap tho vitality oi the strongest, Tho blood be-
cniiit's otoggod with impurities, the
liver sluggish, the kidneys wonkened,
sleep i* nut restful—you awake just
as tired ns when yuu wont to bed]
vou aro low-spirited, perhaps hove
headaoho and blotchy skin—tlmt is the
condition ol thousands ol people every
spring, It ciimes to all unless the
blood is fortified by o good tonic—by
Dr. Williams' I'inli l'ills, These pills
not only banish this feeling but thev
guard againsl the moro sorions ailments tvliicli usually follow—rl mutism, nervous debility, anaemia, indigestion nnd kidney trouble, Dr. William-*' l'ink I'ill* are an ideal spring
medicine, Every doso makes new,
rich, red blood, Every drop of new
blood helps to Btrongthen the overworked nerves. Overcome" weakness
nml drill's the germs of disease from
tho body. A thorough treatment
gives ynu vim mul energy to resist the
torrid heat ol tho coming summer.
Mr. Mink A. Meiiso, Sluice Point,
.VS., says: "I was sn completely run
iloivn that I could bnnllv work. I decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
n* I liml heard them highly spoken of,
mul a few hoses worked a great
chango iu my condition, I inn again
feeling as ivoll ond string a* ever I
did iind can recommend the pills to all
ivcnli people."
It is n mistake tn take purgative"
in the spring. Nature cull* bar a nied-
ieino to build up the wasted force—
purgatives only woaken. It i* a medicine to net on the blood, not one to
act on the bowols, which is necessary.
Dr, Williams Pink Pills nre n blond
medicino—they mnko pure, rich, red
lalaiml. aiiil strengthen over.v organ of
tho body. Snld by medicine dealers
or by mail at 60 cents a box or six
boxes for $2.50 from the Dr, Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Only,    40c,   50c,   snd    60c.    per
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904,
Grand Prize Competition
OR    -*H,ooo   IH   COLO
1 athalleit nf aliaa-h  a. olti.r to   th.   Ilttltlatiaal   ...
enna tb. li,r,|ai,t uaiinljor of -aili.irllitiona aliirinu IU* te
In til-lit Ion to tl ■ ■ ■• ; i f.i- ') '■* m i ■ v    otbon    E><*ry mm pat i tor otn win our
A i'i"h i'OiiiiiiImIiiii will bi niton on iniry lllbwrtptlon UUu, ».ury uu* bmm -.ild foi
kli or lior work.
THE BUSY MAN'S HAQAZtHt !■ Wlllk* ftM Other, Iti ™..t*iU« m ,. rirrful Hlortlon from
ttio hn-t tUt IpPWN lu thtltMdlni pabllUtfOBi Ol tl.* w»rl I It i* j-'jIili-huJ '» th* projint-
ton ill Tin. I'm.,i Im, QroMr, H»nli»iin> mil Uelftl, rminlinii Mi*, I, n.*rj, Th» l>rj OowU
Hiftiti mil tiihi-r lUMiunl i*Bl'»r«   on<l wbo sir- OsDftdft'l li-iling Milil.-hi-n.
Kuh-i'j.j' .. u. not diftlnull to iii'iirt' i Uuk ulirk in Uutino took I |l OM ""'k lt>
writing to hm fnunli,
"THE lU'SY MAN'S 11AOAZ1M ll thi '■*.•' 1 lintt i««r hul th* pl^urt of rtmllnf."
8. ... Y-vxn, Rtllltr y.*riiiiin KnUrfriM.
Pin 1 [ni-tiil for p»rtli'uUr« of compitltlon lo our Deirmt oHVi. DO IT NOW. It ».») miti
a llorloui nimta^i In .,-..r ouruir.
•nd Councils who own
Municipal Tolophonot.
rqr .aiantltlda of No. 1? fl.l.'al IVIr. from IW I—.
110 Ion lota .1 th. low |.t.. a of 1 l!o p.tlb. ..oil
Tlnnlpo..  Appl;
B. 6HRAQQE,  iiinnip...
aooUo rap.
Hlall.-t prlr. p.lal for aorap inalali.
Mill... coa an.I Lor*, bnlr. railitvr*. r
Tlin Inmrrection in German   south-
tvi'st Africa lur. t   Germany $160,-
000,0110 up to (Into,
SI'mllea of'llip Vprnnpolar.
"Sayllll" I'xi'lalnii'il tlio girl at the
handkerchief counter,
"Wotimntter now?" askotl the girl at
tho ribbon counter,
"Alntchooglttln uuftcct?"
"Wojjaskin thotfur?"
"Vooralookluklna thin,"
"Yartoo. Bottcrllcklllor back hair.
Beunimln flown,"
"Qultchcrrubbcrln, Mlnejcroan bis."
Hilt sin- llxitl her bad; linlf.
"Jevvergltcherforcbun told?"
"Yeh—wumertwleo. Ever gltcboon?"
"Yi'b. Ootolojiib'f"
"Erdkltimith mylnso, Cumtroo!"
"Lykiizuut. Lotcboono Ut tloos."
"Sayji'ii.   Juno  lvittt'iibills  kei-pln-
"Aivka mottl"
"S-ti'oo lima Htiiniiineor."
"Sallrlght Yooli'i'niliniit lt -oonuff.
Sayji'ii, canchooketch on"—
•sny, thoro, ynu Kiris:" Interrupted
the floorwalker, who boppened along
nt Uils moment "Ho bock to your cut-
tomcril"—Chicago Tribune,
Tin Pall of Rheumatic Palm.—Wi.il
a suffaiar tlnal.at permanent n lla-f In aucn
a merltorloua medicine n- s..tnh Amerl-
can Hh.-uiiiiiil,- Cure, lutiv gln.l lie I. te
tell It. CW.Mayhew, ol Thameivllle,
Ont., catiililn't walk atr fet'al lilintclf for
nionttia—four yurfl agi three baittlea ol
thi. great remedy ctir.il him—not a pala
•luce—lan't that encouraging for rheumatic '-'..fr. mi-    *:
Will!   Iln(».
Tlio spoil of llio wild oat sr-r-nis to b»
indued with a sort of life of Its own.
Wild oats, when held In tho band, -till
move about In u manner that itrongly
lUggettl the motions of tho lurvuu of
certain insects.
Sis hundred Mnceiloninns have lofl
Belgrade t,.. tho Lnited StntoH,
Minard's  Liniment  Cuics   Dandruff..
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns,   etc.
Illusion revolutionaries   arc nsking
in Tokio im |i.iiiii*-i"!i   i" nubliali
daily new ipnper al N'ngnsuki.
.; Over a Quarter of a Century
A Wldo Sphere of Uiofulnc      T ■
consumption of Dr, Thomas' Eclccii'lc
in   islanil,   off tho coasl of IMI lma Kr'm" '" ^'"M l|r°l	
Ecundor, South America, nbo N In Notwlthilnndlng the fncl thai ll In*
cats,   every   ono   of which la black. """ heen on tlio ninrkel for over thlr
llieso ai.mini- live in Iho crovlcei nl ,*"'"' yinri, Hi |irospoi'lty i
the   lava   formnllon near tlio coasl   n! cver. "'"' llH' dcmnlnil for II  in
mnl sitbslsl by laii'lilm-, lish nud crabb thnl period has very greatly Im n
Instead of rats nnd mice.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cub
an Itch on Human or animals cured
n 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never tails. At ill druggllll,
li I* benoDcliil In all countries, anal
wherever Introduced fresh supplies
are conslnnti] asked for,
Tin' tjorcriiindil of Voneim-li   ha*
'i-l'.-i i"i ' able   nrvico   Irom Venei-
ol Tiiniihiil.
pp.1 i- .prentling a*o rapidly in
:n Penis iliai n pania
am nr.; the populnco.
wc have successfully treated ncrvoui
diseases caused by Drink and Oruaji.
I ,000  cures  Is  our record,   Wi
•peak truly and say that failure to
obtain ii euro by tho Keeley Treatment Is ii failure "f the man nnj uot
our iiii'ih'ils.   Send  for facts.
Address In cnnllilenco
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg,
linard'i Liniment lor sale everywhere
Railroads mil protest I   Iho
■"' m i'i.11 ed bj tin l i i'ni
.i   ll.n i'n.
BunllRhl Sim:, i   i" ■'' i Hint other
soapi, bill i   : - iin the
Sunllghl   ■ ■■   Soap
ninl   follow   'lil. -
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
and consider
\ lai'a'a Bttncl i'l War-
fall'   anal   I.   '• '    .      ,' 'I .'"      V .al.ii 1,
lihl  Iltl ll ,1  I' llii
Sure  cure  for  Ui ■. Gil
i ■ linen an
siibjecl than mon, boi	
in some * ibjerts thin limy arc
'a-i    .ill      le
utterly prom it. d,   Tin
: ' id, nml tin i" Is
ind   tllitri
tomncli liiini bill
 Inly  soei P
■ ■
It", ami   in   ncilll lilting  ll ■  • ie Ctl
if   111"
lllch en il.*.'
i ■   Inche.   Try tl ■ I
Hfti-r.liiir Tilings,
"A i in'i 1,mil for health," sold tin
' er, "ll i 'i etfndu led on (hi
usual ml . ol ■       for lie iicveritarti
It uutll Iii Buds ii u al-
"■' Ij  i iu down,1   i'. ro American,
" It I. twelve yean since Pay. hint currd
me of gallatping consumption," Thi
•p-.-ika-r mn Mr. A, K. Miiinlair.l, >ix leal
Iall, and looking just whii hi i. n lu.ky
healthy farmer. He umks hi. ovtn farm
near MsgneUwsn, Onl.
" I csughl my cold working». > Drimin
on the C.P.R." he continued,   "I hid
nilihi atveais, chills and fever and frequent.
ly coughed up pieces of my lungs.   I wn.
,   sinking last an,| iiiu doctors laid there
WAS no hope ler me. Two nienllih trctt.
nii'iil of Psychine pul me right nn my feel
nnd I have had no return of lung trouble
lim '•.''
If Mr. Mumford had started to take
Psychine when ho first caugiil cold he
would hate saved himselfa lol ol anxiety
■nd suffering, Psychine cures all lung
[roubles by killing llii germs—the roots ol
1 he   llflaarl  I . eilnlna*.
'! I i     ono thing
■   '  ■
ll''   I     I   ,! Sika-a-ai]
50c. Per Bottle
A   r,   .-    t«|t«*    fl    'i'lil   tl     llll   (Ir H|' ., '«' u.  |   "
Oil, T, A, SIOCUM, Limited, Toronto, I
li ma<Jr of the br*t
■*.:- '.'rlj '  ' '   ',
Klnniton Man Telle How He Sutlers*
and How He Was Released.
"Fnr years a mar
tyr," Is how ('has,
li. Powell, nf 101
Raglan Btreet, Mil
stun, blglni hit
story. "A mnrtyi
tn chronlo conitl*
patlon, but now I am
fr""   from   It   Ull'l    -"JI
through  the use of
Chas. H.Powell  Dr   i.e uhardt'iAnil*
' 1  -      Induced to try AnM I'lll bj
tho  as
patlon bj
and Inui laken I   I     a
i    i 'i bul wl Ich iiiielo ml
■  in in ttor. '
I mo I ■        ■;.
rhi        I'jiu ro,
■  Niagara Falli, Ont,        601
W N U No, 5?8 rill'    I.M'KI' A*
Real Estate
Wa- have enquiries loi
Business   nml    Iii
prnpertv.     I.isl  youi
11*.      We   ila,    ,:..     ' '.
Coiisull   ii-   liefnn   Imtiii
Junction Block
North Vancouver,
PI     f
teenth Street
foiled Oats
Hay and Feed
in*. ——— I1V a, ■ M
Milling Co,
Harry Miti In I nagei
Lim idalu Avenue.
Sole "n>ci.l -. I or
Sutton & Sons'
til tf%W* ^^aS^fl-O
/ have In en instructed In sell a few
pieces of 2 uml3 acres 1// prices which
will insure good profits by subdividing.   These pints tin all within Illlt St.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
llii Cordova Street.
rlv rti\ E> I ■' *fi 5*■ P Bl 8"
Only the best and finest lines kept
in stock, including STEELE BRIGGS',
1). ,\l. FERRY'S, and W. RENNIE'S.
Your Choice at
McDowell's Drug Store.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing and flnsmllh-     tlay.tdtlle andChtckci»
Real fitill Agents. Ini). Feed
I umber nml nil kinds of Bnilillnj Material, Contractors and Valuators.
Me have an Immense amount uf Cordwood nn hand,  Place your orders with
us for llu winter.
412 !1iit--tincjs Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
400 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
E. S.iit
M, s V
ti yi i
To 5>ro||)tr!ij Owners
i\ki urn
Formal and Landscape
Gardening, General
Draughting and
Blue Printing.
.   P
llll.I.If     Nii'llt I'.    IS     II..KF.11,
I iliiil ilieOiurl .ai ltevisii.ii "i
l  i- I'l-llid '.til  lll'il ill tin    M .
(iWM.It'S   WISHING    III       liiill, Nortli Vuiieouver, oil M lay, lhe
UlSI'OSl   Ol   LOTS,      ;"' ''"I "' M",v' l'""' :" l;;" !'■ "'
Iny person having I'ninpliiint or npin'iil
IlLOCKS    OU     Al  iii    'A. llnil,.' ;l..;llli-l lil.' .\*-e*-lli.'ill- lliinle.
U.E    REQUESTED   TO      imirt uivc inc. iiotino In writins. «tniliin
  tlii'tirnlltli   ill   eiiliiluilllll, lint   lei!  lllllll
PLACE     SAME     Willi     Li. lim lieluro the said ilute.
Aii t. I'inl.ie.
Irwin & B.!!incjs
i   rnrr I   I   lal   mil 5th St.,
.  ■       IViT
I.ni" " ilm only iii' thnl has no
l      ■ r
SMOKE THE a.-.*.
II n  m.iii I In • a   [a tv   drinks
nlwaj     know   where   to
.   '   :     llli'.
Same prices, a,itl^iu some cu s     Alt; <.!)(. Sloul
flu., a  '	
II, iti' you ivei imtii - al  that  the
man who boasts 1* alv* iyi  waiting
■ 'in.   In : if llllll   il   boost?
ITANI  1  V   I ■ A I.'
I,,  a 1 ,111,   .   1., .   . nnil  I.11-..
lhe l!ni|.il Un ninn Co., I III,
Rciil Estate and Insi rani e
Vou will I In vinu
ad   llila
ant di al
I'l        [ til lill ill   tllill
I .illHIT     Nn,     jllttt     lllllll:;     ill
■   1 -11iii      1
lor  seasick in I
! remedy is to sl Ir;
Simmer T-nn begins Wt-dnes-
day, April Attn O.iy boys, ihurs-
aey, 26th, ot 9 a m.
ut a 1 isc* lebi   .
Tli. boi k beer season is on ta, a
A grocery store will be opened
ai Frame's Camp,
Tlie Moodyville Baseball Club
are prepared to meet nil-comers.
M \. Russell, i'i First street, i*
turning one-hall of his store into a
tv -in,1.mi.   The seating 1 apai it)
ttill lit: 25.
OU' Olscn, a prominent miner
and business man uf Dawson, was
.1 guest ni tlie Hotel North Van
couver this week.
Elijah Solomon, a Ceylon merchant mi his way in Europe, paid
North Vum ouver a visit yesterday.
lie i" i\' s i"i ilm east on Sunday.
Ralph Williamson, who was
I' ■ ntlj injured bj .1 Iall .11 tin
St. |ohii's School, liais Irli tlm
hospital and went to his home al
Llirl Campbell, our popular ton-
-iiiial artist, is tpiick to ri 10 [nisi
ih" needs ol the public, He lia*
iTil'il ,1 'lim ibining stand to his
shop, '1 he stand is most ci rtainl'
.1 creditable one, and will lill b
long I'll want.
The provim iai govi rnment, as
pi 1 I, ©Union iii thu house, agreed
into    ilium li il	
-. 1.Iii,iiinn ■ "in. method that will
iaiua.lt  the condition ol  certain
private slaughter houses endangi
ing tie health ol the coinmunit;.
Tlm  attendance  at  tin- Boys'
1 Rainier Beer^-   1
♦ Is 11 glorious lifviTiiL'!1—■ iiut'iii'liiiiL' mul _.
-p a                  I                               a                                               ar
♦ siitisfiiiij;.   Iiniii lnln'i' ilu re's no other
♦ ''just ns guoil"—insist mi getting li. inicr.
♦ Vancouver, !.. C.
♦ «+<■"■< '-i-*-! ♦•i-4,-1-*-)-*-! ■«.-'. <>:-o-i-vj.---o-;. .m-*»;-<>-!-*-i-«v-i-♦+♦*♦*«$
fi ' ___^^!SSSSSr\
6 T
biK,fl _MkM
_?\   ft." : mm; -v       -' ■. l'V
1-   ...    .A:...   '
■     •
CAP I I   '  A    A     	
1     1 la, M   m   il
II. Slll.l M IN, GeilL-l ! iSlipl. i:[ ll
Hi I
Vi      :
\sl|l|a   '
lil I.        Via
Olliia', Cor.Iimsiiiiii We, .nn! Isplnniiilc, Norlh Vancouver, II,1.
linl   , ami  S01 tli  \ an Brigadi  a um 1 rl Iai 1 evi ning was
ill im nrporati   as a 1 it) not   as    large  as  the  cominitti
. ,11. expected, Imt lliose that did attend
were nol at all disappointed as the
■■    ,,v,:   1  , ,      ,   ,,.,,„ ih"  varied prograiiiino was well
belter,   it'll    ,' ., ,1 "'n'1""1     l^ve Kealy presided,
'   lirink.    I'he in v. 1 1 1     \y,.  u,,„m lil,„ ,,, know   |,0\v
In panilliiic system is n 1   11 [a loi |ollfl l( is going to be before tin
1,1 Hm people. fireball towi 1. at lhe back ol  the
municipal  hull,  is going   in   be
:    "Twi nty loin'ami in. finished  nnd   painted?   Al    tin
iher tiiaki  ' .'i :ii pn si nt time,   in   its   nnlinishi il
-   '   nhn." condition, it is an eyesore lo the
. in    ' public.
Common l'u linnbei u Hi" Van
iiiiivii   nulls  is rpioti I nt S1 -j a
;l"   iudgi   An.I   ir-   foi  thousand.    Flooring, ceiling and
■ '    I  i"''1 him wi   ivi n   liding, Hm -. ..in. s 11. and under,
'-:  I"i  il"| ■■  and   In   ji-.;    upci ..Tit     selected,     S37,
ii'      I Un.' sn in   n    Dn.ssetl riills, A.1    ll inst* 1 xtra
I  Nm   ""' i:*" .."Mm ■ ' [01   baiilagi'.     North   Vancouvei
1 Imu my Ini" in chips,      needs .1 li « stwniills,
P. Larson, I *rop.
1 fsl bUiLdiNo be sUre aNd \\\\Ie jHe
pL/\ce Wired so a,s to be rea.dY TO
connect 0 ! oilri Wire Next spriNo
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
Notary Public, General Auctionce.
I(i7 Cordova Steel,   Vuncouver, 11. C
Hi' uitllii 111 r s nr prlvnla Iioubo nr liiiyi outright nil
.■l;i.*r* nl hnuui'liolil ■• I* nr linnlirii|il s'lni'lis (nr colli,
Ila' Im* -nnil. nt tin. iini'*i Im in"-.* ami iiati'H'rniit proporty In N'nrili
Vniitiiiiivi'r, See him nt on™ 11 ynu think ul pinking up property In
thli auction.   Ilowiau, HUY NOW, nud you uill inuku 1 uy, :': ::
Crockery Ware
I'iKsT   MKAKIX'H KNiil.lsll CHINA
J. A. NcMILLAN, the Esplanade


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