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Vplmn$ 10
Nauru Vajmuvrr, BiQ., Pwoay, Jasiwy }8, ml
tfuwlw 4&
W. McNeish Mayor
by Small Majority
All Bylawi Paiwd Exwptinir Wallace Aid Bylaw
For Mw»r
Wm. McNuldh	
A. E. Kealy	
Majority lor McNeijh 17.
For Aldermen:
A.J. Ilenilenoii .606
0. W. Mcltae ..' i'468
w.j.Dit* lm
A. Smith ..., s J..M
R. 0. Bias "/'; 87'.'
• 0. M. Kittson  L ■ Ml
H.I'-. Wright / 353
A. W. Sargent /  2«3
F.W. Kowk /. 848
H-W. Young / m
Win. Knowles ./ 216
G.J Phillippo..../ 21J
A. Philip      /..    ...   193.
Tho first six were elected.
For School Truiteea:
A. G. Perry
J. I). Fraser...
Q. H. Mortlen
H. 15 Watson
P, T
J ease
rp j	
Int three wwip clcelcd.
. 407
... 344
... 84
I or Ferry Director!;
Williams fil'J
P. Lfrauir ...412
J.B. Paise j    383
I). W Reeve 340
T.J Kickham! 336
ftiren.an  304
illlui. I. 264
Ncksot)  249
jrickm^y 222
wjsre elected
Parks   I.onfi   jBylaw - For, 671;
againet, HS, (pfilod, fit.  Curried.
against, 10;
len By-law-Pot, 016;
■filed, 38.  Carried.
Fire Loan RyAw-For, 779 ; ugoiust,
tn, spoiled, %/(lurried.
Wall.., a.    l.o,u llty hm   E.n,    311;
against 483; /|mlcd, 17.  JsOit.
Streets O^ringl By-lfiw-Foi',   i*|
in  spite lil tbi
ihei a hi'in'y vole
againet, 3V ; 'sjwilld, 'A'l.  t'tirriod.
frost touched weather a heavy vote vu recorded al tbo
civic elections in N irtb Vancouver this
year, evory depart lent ol llic city's
administration bail j contested. The
most ini/'iesiing | u the mayoralty
a i.i.i''i uhnh was mii .-'Ii'il to lie on a
very evop basis, pi ivipua to the opening ol Ibe liniiiii..
Tbc new mayor, Hm. MeNeish, bus
been chairman ol t ie Booid ol Works
lor tbe lasl two yi ars, and Mr. Kealy
tbo unaurtWul coimeetaul, is an ex-
mayor and   one   wlio has served lor
several terms on ttf' council.
k number ol new Huces will lie seen
bi the nlil.'iii.iinn taairs. Those ol
last year's council iiim again sought
honors were returnee! with one exception, K. W. Kowler, kOt It wan loll
lor a new candidale.lMr. Henderson,
to lead tbe poll.
Uel year's lerry directors wbo were
candidates, were retorted, wiib but
one exception, (lapt. T.Wickboni, who
was defeated by a small vneruin
Two nw eni one fgjtoer school
trustees have been deefcd to tbe
All u( the bylaw, with W caption ol tbe Wajlace Aid Hy-\* men
The total vote recorded wae\lergor
jhoD on previous years.
Mr. K. P. Bias desires to thank
those oleclon who honored him with
their votes yosturdny and secured his
election as one ol the aldermen of thu
oity (or the coming year.
Hen. II. Morden wishes to sincerely
thank thc 3611 voters who honored him
with their suffrages for thc position of
school trustco (or (ho cily at yesterday's elections. Although not elected
the (ael is duly appreciated that over
one-third of the electors voting cast
their ballots in liis favor.
To the Electors nud Besidcnts ol the
Oity of North Vuncuuver:
1 beg to return my sincere lhanks to
ull who supported uio at the poll yesterday when,! was elected as Alderman Inr the City for lhe prevent
No elioi I shull be upun d on lhc part
of mysoll tu merit the eunfidence ynu
have placed in me,
I um, Ladies und (ieiillemon,
Youre linihl.il>.
(fail iif |hgn|g
William McNeish withes
to express his gratitude lo
those electors v/ho favored
him wilh their votes at the recent civic elections, resulting
in his election as Mayor ol
the city of Noith Vancouver
lor the year 1911.
Mayor MeNeish wan duly sworn
mln the office of chief executive of thia
cily this morning by .1. A. Woods, .1.
1'., whu has swurn in every mayor of
Ihi. eily lo ilnl'1.
The 11. (1. Fruit lirowers' Association opened thoir cunvention in Vie-
toria lust week und were welcomed hy
lhe 1'remier. Commenting nn the
wurk Inr the yenr I'remicr McBride
drew attention to the progress that
hud been mude. A number of expert.
Imd been udded to the stall of Ihe department und lurther extension work
was planned. Twenty i packing
si boots Would lie cilnblishcd ilnoiigh
tie province this yeur. A question us
lii excessive freight und express rates
wus taken up uud referred to the heeA
offices of the railway enmpunies and
railway commission lor redress.
The lollowing officers were elected :
President, R. H. Agur, Summerlund :
vice-president*, W. C. Hickurd, Ver
non; Mcssii' II. M. Palmer, Kamloops, end W. Summers, Uoidon
Ueud. Directorate, Victoria, W, Lum-
mors, iloiiliin lleud, Duncan; Munni-
mo, T. A. Wood, Duncan; tho Gulf
Mend, W. N. Shew, (labriolu Island ;
Lower Mainland, A. Cnswnrlb; Lower
Mainland (Cbjlliwnck and south of the
Fraser), *}, CT^Molealfe, Hammond ;
Lylton lo Kamloops, including Lill-
ooet, H. M.' Palmer, Kamloops; Salmon Arm to Armstrong, F, D. Nicholson, Salmon Arm ; Vernon to Woods
Luke, including 'Ctjldslrcam, W. C.
lliinnl, Vernon ; Kelowna, llknnagnn
Contro und West Bank, T- Vf. Stirling, Rolowno ; 1'iin l.li.n.l lo i'l-nliil
on, 11. H. Agur, Suinmerlond ; Slmil-
knmccii, ■). il. Armstrong, Keremeoi;
KotUe Kiver,- 3, Rooke, ColumWo;
Arrow- and Slocen Lake, T, Abriol,
Neiiueff; Nolaofl and Lower Kootenay, •). Johnston, Nelson; Kaslo mi
Upper Kootenay, •(. W, Cockle, Kaa-
lo; Cfcetou and East Kootenay, Mr.
Scon thie morning la respect to the
defeat of the Walluce Aid By-law Mr.
A. Wulluco, head ol the concern, declined to make any public statement.
Ho, however, wished tq thank those
who supported the Uy-low.
It ji probable that there will be a
recount ol tho votes recorded for t|io
ferry directon in connection with an
alleged difference in the counts of
Capt. Kiekhiim nnd II. W. Roevo. The
luii r was officially recorded aa receiving 316 votes and the former 336. Unofficial counts, however, give Kickbam
a majority. The matter wus brought
to the attention of Returning Officer
Shepherd and he has granted a recount which takes i)|aie ut 3.30 p.m.
A report frum the waterworks intake
is to Iho effect that everything ia o.k
with abundance of water flowing. Last
night wus thc nil.I,aal rei-nrili'd there,
Iho thermometer going dnwn tn only
11 above zero. All the ponde in l.ynn
\ alley aro frozen over ond although
nn nllii'inl work has been henrd Irom
li'ii'e Lake it is taken for granted thnl
if Ibe snow hud not lullin tuo heavy
there will be good safe skating on lha
The thermometer in ij/rlh Vancou
ver has had a .Inilk dning the pust
few days und whiti- /ts registrations
have seemingly benf very low dnwn
they. have not as A matter ol lacl
been so bud alter/ll\ Compared with
the reports from /lie cast the wcuthcr
here is fur from Abe reai winter blasts.
At tho Hotel North Vancouver laat
night HI above zero was recorded and
this morning 14 above.
(Express special coricapondont)
Frommc's mill i. closed down (or an
Mr. Hobt. Brown loll for Cloverdulo
for a visit this week.
Mr. Martin, son-in-law ol Mr. Morrison, has lal.en u bouse in BouleVui c
Mr. P. Westover's mother ie convalescent ."li.'i her mishap. Friends ure
glud to hear the good now..
Tho l.ii.l..' ' Aid of the Melbodiat
church met ot Mra. 0. W. Sugden'a
lust  'Ihmad..y afternoon.
1 Building in Iho Valley is sllll on ili •
boom. A number ol new bouses close
lo ll.islun Boad on the car lino arc
Hearing completion.
j Lynn Volley Presbyterian church i»
almost ready for decorations, In
iei im decorutions are almost complete.
I Plans ure drawn (or two or more
houses to bo erected shortly in Lyn:
View 111 soon oa the roods become
Mrs. Bobcrts' little dougbler,' who
bus beon under tbe doctor's caie
> these two or three weeks, ia reportel
quite herself again,
j Mi-s Von Sclniellenburg haa booked
] passage (or Germany next May and
! intends .lopping over in London to
I attend the coronation.
Tliis Friday evening the Epwortb
League o( Nortb Vancouyef Methodiel
church is -giving en entertainment iu
f.ynn Valley Jnstitute Hall, entitled
"Tbe District School". Admlieion,
I Iree. A small obargc ol W crate lor
relreshnient. to defray expenses will
bb made. All welcome lo come and
have a good laugb.       .--   *
Tbe cheese production of Eastern
Canada this year was valued et twenty million dollara.
Il |f officially announced that %
National Transcontinental line from
Winnipeg to ttoneifin ,wj/l be .WPto1-
od by tbe end 61 im.
The outstnnding feature of tbe day's
votlag ip Vancouver was the victory
of Mayor Taylor, who defeated hi" opponent, Mr- Alexander Morrison, for
the chief magistrate's position by I,-
683 lo 3,899, a majority ol 1,683.
Thc polling in tbe mayoralty contest was as follows i
Ward I	
Ward II	
Ward III ...
Word IV ...
Ward V ....
Ward VI ...
. m
Interest in the district of North Vnncouver will not be so keen this year
on uicount ol tbe majority of tho
council b.i 1.1: elected by accluinalion
including Heeve M.'\nii|:hi. The con
test centers in Wurd 3 where Messrs.
T. S. Nyo nnd if, Loutet ure contesting tbc seat. Voting tukes pluce on
Saturday in the hall near the enrner
un I .nn,.dub. nnd IJuecn street.
.. 81)9
Wurd 1 	
Wurd II 	
Ward' III  HJ7
Wurd IV  4«
Ward V ; , ',... 1(37
Wurd VI  443
Miijorily for Taylor  K83
Spoiled vules in the six wnrd. combined totalled 64.
The voting for aldermen is eontuin-
ed in lhe lollowing table : «
.lames llemsay  VB1
Jonathan Boger.  081
Wallet Hepburn  713
A. 0, Hirscbfiold  ' 313
Messrs. Ili.iii.~iiy and Rogers elected.
Aldermen Crowe aud Campbell elei I-
cd by acclamation.
C. W. Enright ' 467
Tho». Kirkpnlrick  '. 373
H. A. Slowarl        iti
Thos. Mcl/ian  : 166
Henry B. Bird ,!  167
Messrs.    Enright   and    Kirkpatrick
elected. -
Robt. Moepherson  1073
Ceorgc King ....:.        793
C. C. Delbridgc A»3
L, Bubinowiti  370
John Simcson  366
Mows.     Maephcrsun     uud     King
H. H. Stevens ,„;..,,, .....UW
Geo. E. Williamson a 871
William Davis   \... 633
Messrs.    Stevens    and    Williamson
E. B. McMaster 7W
W. S. Cameron ',..!,...'.' 60)
domes White  ««»
J. W. Prescott   413
S. C. Elliott ,  178
Bobt. H. MoOrcgor  Ill1
Tboi. C. Lornoy    76
Messrs    McMaster    and    Cameron
Mr*. .'- H. Keller, cor. St. Andrew', and Hlih, is at homo on
Friduy, Jan. IHm. and every sicoud
and third Friday afterward.
Mr. A. Hib mi and J. ''. WiHinms.
who huve been touring the eust lor
lhe pnst monlh or so ure expected to
return about the middle o| this Wick.
Mrs. .lohn Barclay rclurinil lhc lul-
ter purl uf lust week frum thc middle
west priiviuers where she bus spmt 11
couple ol months nniniig nliitives un.l
Mr.. J. II. liilluin of lliili slnel/lius
been, confined to her room 'during lhe
past week sullering from lhe effects ol
a very bad cold. Wliile showing liglU
of recovery nnw slie is still inn weakened cundiliuii uud inutile lu be mil.
A large pnrly nf Vancouvei
uiotintuin climbers /tiili moweboo
• imppe I In tlii'ii 'iS' I. were in Nurth
Vnncouver SAluAny nlteinoon en
route lo lluni/Yliiuiil.nii. The iu-
elememy of Jot Veulln r ou Sundny
would pievant IheXfnll enjiymenl ol
iln- outing however) uud innke il very
disagreeable if thny Were uiiulil.- lo ob
I uin udeipiule ni'cnmmodiitiuns.
One nl tho lirst burglaries ihul bus
laken plucc iu a busin^-a Imusi1 on the
Norlh Shore uecuinl some time be-
Iwecn closing timariin Siilurduy nighl
and Moiiduy inning in Iho jewelry
store ol A. I.Mood on Lonsdale Ave
where eeeeam was gainid by a icai
window, /ul goods eousisting of
< wnta lies, XiiK's, , hains, razors, etc.,
iimiiunyiig in ull lo about IDOwcic
■AntiiJ   Ibe police are investigating,
the  fuse,  llUl   Up  lo   the  present    line
.no clue.
At the conclusion of the eity councij
meeting on Monday, tbe last gother-
ing of llio 1910 city lathers, Mayor
Muy was tbe recipient ol a handiome
mnlBgiiuy arm chair ai a mark o(
upprecietion of his past services lo
the city. A silver shield with tha lollowing inscription accompanied iba
gilt: "Presented hi Mayor William
II. May, A.D., 1810, by* the City
Council ol Nortb Vancouver, B. C, in
appreciation ol seventeen yens otveX-
uuble public .service. Aldermen V. W.
Fowler, W. J. Irwin, Wm. McNeish,
G, Vi. McBuo, S. D. Schultz aud Ale*.
Speeches by each uf the aldermen
followed the presentation which was
roud by Aid. Irwin. Mayor May', os-
1.limbic worth as a servant ol tba
city wus frocly commented upon. Aa
remurked by ouo ol the speskera there
wu. nue thing thut ibo mayor could
not bu charged with uud that waa a
murk uguiust his integrity.and punctuality iu attending meeting..
In replying Mayor May .aid that
words failed him but be hoped tba
iildcruku would uppioiiato his heartfelt tin,nl.:.. Ho iiuiul that be bad
seen llie old dltiricl iu financial itrait*
mid Innl Imn ell helped to carry tbe
burden when ho did not know tha mo-
uieiit when his personal effect, would
lie seized. Siuce. tbat be had wilnes.-
od tbo dislriet end city grow and progress to its present stalo ol advenoa-
meut. II bis little services were any
good lo Ihe city in future ho declared
ne would willingly volunteer them at
miy time, 01 in connection with Iba
iiipi'.11 in.nt ol the lerry service.
Wnii.- he hud tried to do his duty in
every wuy there were olhori wbo
would be equally capublc to carry on
the wurk. He believed that in the
Inst two years iho city had prospar-
■ .1, more lhan ever belore, It waa
not uny muyor's or alderman's fault
thut Ihe lily's bond, woro now aalL
ing above pur, but the "lata ol dr
cunistumes." Ihere had been soma
troublo over the grades quealiM
ihiough the year, but apart Irom
Ihal there bad been 1 vast amount
ol wurk ui compli.bod und greater than
ibul accomplished by any previous
Up tu Ibe time ol going to press tbe
eouul uu ibo Second Narrowi Bridge
Byluw  was  still  going  on  lo  Vm-
ijijuvcr.     According   lo  an authentic
In a letter lo a friend in this , uy    1.,1,111,1.1 received over tbe long die-
Mr. P. A. Allun, one uf llu- curliest  tuuee phoue  tlie  last indications ware
-ciders on lhe Norlli Shore, uud wbo exceedingly  promising   as In Hspuaa-
is .pending the winter months in California, extol, lhe climule ol tbo Bunny   suulh,   and   iiruund   Lo.   Angeles
whore he is slaying al presinl. There,
ho   slulcs, Ilny huve a line cily   nl
UJll.lini) und iui' niiiking u new   connection   lor   Hnir   waler   system   331)
initial long al   a msl ol *|ii,imn.iK»i.
All streets aie graded lu a   moderule
bench   und  he  stales that be hud   il
from   reliable  authority   lhat   in no
case du Ihey spoil une atreel   lor  Ibe
lii'iielit   of   nnui In r.      In   nn nenim-
"""* I penying  photo   Mr.   Allan  is   shown
••'  _  1 plucking    ripe    oruiiges    fronj    lhe
.181''   branches of a Iree and nil nmiindian
James J. Findlay 	
M. d. Ciaban   	
T. 0. McBrida .,	
H. A. Edgotl  ,	
W. H. Wjl.on    , oil  (x, ,„,„ bumhes nf lhe luxurinnt fi uil
R. 11. Ally o"»   |n hj. ow„ )dirosi^ilugy he snys "I nm
H. E. Almond  366  n„|   hummeiing   iion,   jusi   plucking
Perhapi ibe grealesl surpriw In lhe 1 „rBjfMM ,„t |)M, limtn
election (or lho licence commiasioner.,) 	
waa the number of spojlt voles whiih
totalled to the remarkable figure of
New Westminster returned Mayor!
I .ti. fnr another term and the tame
wa. the case in Victoria where Mayor
Morley secured a substantial lead over
his nearest competitor. Nanaimo elect-.
ed A. E. PI ante a. mayor and Prince'
Rupert Mr, Menson. Jn Rovelstoke J.
H. Homiltou was elected mayor by ac-
eliiiiiiilinii. p. Vi. Sulheiland wa.
denied mayor oi Kelowna, E. F, Pen-
Bet aa rawo ol PwUcton by ^ccloroo-
Hon and Mayor »• .<?■ MiUicson of
Vlsoenit by H»nl.alion.
Sayenty.-ijlW! million bsphtl* ol ihi.
yoar'a wbeat (fop have been
ell lor, leaving an  wthnaioi balance
Ol rixleon  miHion buehel»   in   lot
mar's hands, *
Ex-Mayor May desire. 1 1 n 11-
vey bi. thank, (or lhe munyv
prea-sions of goodwill end ol appreciation of whi'li ho is Iu-i ig
made lhe recipient upon hi* voluntary relirement from public
offiia elite 0 period of .cvpnleeu
ye$f.' continuous service In municipal iilfnii-a. The preaenlation
0' a chair and address by lhe
inembeis ol tbe iiiy Council for
1910 end tbe presentation ol a
gold ''"kel by the employees nf
Nnrlh Vancouver City Ferries
Limiled are especially priaod as
token, of opprniolion and ol
eatetioj by thoae wiib whom he
has stood Is dose relational)!
la hia official capacity.
For llie first time this winter tha
Norlh Shore is iu the grip ol Jack
Frosl a. a imipniiirdJiy 0 (all of about
three inches ol snow. The sudden
arrival of lhc (rost, which undoubtedly 1. the western effects of Ihe cut-
em blizzards, look many householders
uimwiires, and lhe consequent* wu
lhat numerous water pipe, became
bound light wiib Ice. In tbe ligbl-
liss. chilly morning tbe man ol lha
bullae during thr post day or ao hu
Is a'u busy with every healing apparatus trying to do Ihe thawing act. Tha
' a.' iiy of coal haa been lell by thoae
unprovided but citfiugh hu btft obtainable in smell quantities to relieve
the immediate proeiure. Thi eonee-
quenlel troubles at lha (erry dock
wilh thc horse, slipping on the ice aad
snow coaled slips are, ol course, mat:
ler. Ihal nre impossible to prevent.
A .light index ol the coming tread
nl events ia afforded by tho application reei'iiily of tbe AlbertaPaciflo,
Mlevutoi i'o. Lid. 0/ Mgary, hr 1
licenie lo 'urry on builrawi In Brll-
14 Columbia. Tbi. has jusi bM
granted, so Ihal we may ahortly look
'or lhe erection ol elevator, is looe
part ol |b" prov/nee-ln all probability at or near Vancouvar, thn» It la
mentioned lhat ibe company has a
capilal ol • million and a hall at IU
ba.k, the great imporlajai «l Uda
protaading can be easily nndarato^. THR KXPRM
Nmrth'Vahcohvwi, B C
Hii mmitlia <       • .60
..TbraamoiiHn   •      ,        ,t6
Unit*) Rtaten.aiiil F<nmlgn,H..vi|)iTyii»r
■ .'■?MW *»i> Tmn«» NoTioga-St) i|uy», IS
$''■«**». I7.M.
:   Lium, A»»«aTiii»u-Flr»t inaartion, Hi
''.^fMli par line; aaeh aubaequent inner.
' lion, lie. per Hue,
RliiiiHii Nnrioas is 1,(10*1. Nmm Ooi
Dual—10 cents purlinu,usi:li imerl'iiin
Corrator AprawiiatiaNTi— Ratei ar
ranged according to upHim lakcu,
All changes!imOHiraci auvarllsemeiiti
null be In the Hands uf Ilia printer by
Wadnaidayeveiilngtonnmra publication
In lhe nest issue.
'iw'pnMtoW! etsBwInre in thin isatiia.
eummarinw the ronilU ol a yean- pl
notable development,
The inoreaaa in tha number ol property ownmii »• ahown by tbe vpt-
era' list, is ovor thirty per eent. In
1009 there were .1,1131 and thli yeai
8,400 in round tlgiiresi The property,
owned by then ratepayers is itniiipris-
ed by about 90,000 wparata parcels of
—"—*■* 7 ■
NoaiH Vamouvik, Jan. 13,1911
^twmsmmmmmfmmM '
'timim Piipwt AnviiaTi»«ni»Tii-
iyW canta per iiiiiii each Insertion,
Njit^wiplJKi^fOTpariiaoli |ier[Tai!d which l» undentoqd to be equal
to the number ol'pavoala in thn ully
ol Vanconver. These itonm wil) wrve
to give some Idea of tbe immense in
eroase in the amfflinf ol olerloalwork
requlrod in order to Icarry on the hujl
ness with despatch and to keep all
roenrds in proper shape. It alio em
-phaaitaa tlra noceuity ala modTM of;
lieu building (or the munWpalily, providing ample epaod, oonvriient arrangement and proper provisions fnr
safeguarding all records of the district.
The lolal etpendituro nut nf general loan and general revenue and exclusive ul work dniiw under frnntagu
tan, for the conAructinn nf roads
and bridges during the year wus IHII,-
hhi -'I. This was distributed through-
nut all portloni of the dislriel, wilh
due regard tn the immediate imom
aity nf the wnrk for tho promotion of
actual settlement. The report specifies
the sums expended in tho cast nml in
the west end n( the dislriel as follows;
the sum of $2II,HM.|.| was ex
punded |n Cupilano (Ward I) und Hfl,-
718.HI in Lynn Valley and vicinity
(Ward II). The assessment values in
Wm 1 I were nhout Iwn-thinl. ul the
amniint nf thu assessment value, in
Ward II. iln a sh inly ea| nil able division of etpeiidiliiies, therefore,   without
I a la I, III a     Ha      ||| ,      a        | ,■, | 111 I I <|,ll II I   .,      Wl.nl
I. would have receive fUemi.K) and
Ward II. would have rmvivnl Wfi.WI.-
IX). In dealing with this feature of lhe
tix|ien<litui'u«, lho lepmt aernmpany-
ing the liiiiineiul sliiteiiii'iil dies tha
rapid growth of Lynn Valley run.e-
'iu.nl upon the opening of lho Lynn
Valley ear lino und alsu of 1). L. .Wl
and 111.1..11I "The ox|Mindiliirn in
Ward II. was nrnvwary owing tn lhe
council', policy nf providing muds lor
Innni fide notllers, and in Ibis cunnei
Iiun lhe council havi. adopted a lorm
of agreement and bond whiih all
applicant, fur ruad. uro required tn
enter into, Ihua assuring avary bona
mh' solder of a road, whits nl Ihs
...une lime protecting tbu council from
exploitation by spea ulutors. This system bu proven very -    lul
'llie real estate (including public
park*I owned by the district ia valued at mill.Viii" Mi, Ihe increased value u( which fur Ihs year it enleied al
*|ia,:'-i ''a Thl. I..i'n. uf Ihe .lute
imnl strniigly empba.itcs Uia windnm
upon the pari uf Imih (Will Shine
innni. ipuliln s, ol sa < miiig ul Ilia earliest |Ki.sible date, panels of luml nf
sufficient are. in a. many dlfferenl
Ha. uin an s as muy lie considered ailvii
able, to amply provid. (or public purposes jn thu future, aa accurately a*
lha needs in thai reipect can be fore-
The net pintit carriad lurward fur
lha year ii |la,3M..1fl.
ver, show lor this year an nveh of
»,m,m tms.md't ratal ol tisi,-
fl7S(B00, eompaN with 8,170,950 aorpi
»nd titJI,m,ivO last year.    .
The production ol foil wl»»t islfi,-
^10,600 'bimhele, of ,-PFiiig wham W,-
'91901, nl nuts ,lii;i,'(.|O,(KI0, ol barley
4«,)17,(iffl, „f rye l.Mfl.flOO, of
peas 6,588,100, ol buckwheat 7,»M,-
1HH1, nl mixud grain* 10,ll!!,liIHI, of llus.
3,809,000, of lieuns 1,177,800, at pom
Jni hunt, ing- tAM,7aii,0l)0, uf liumtUUJ
ll,tM}0) nud of turnips nnd   other
Tbe election yesterday of William
MeNeish as mayor ol the oity of North
Vancouvor for the year lllll, murk,
thu 'conclusion of a civ in campaign
whlob wai conspicuous lor thi oloan
manner in which it wg. concluded and
(or the amicable spirit which actuated the Iwo candidates in tlieir personal relationships thruiighout. Iu thu
latter roepucl lho campuign was in
pleasing contrast wiib thu iiersonal-
Hies which so (roa|uuutly croep \inlo
municipal elections and which have
beon apparent in similar campaigns in
other places Ibis year.
It was Iho inevitable ih.it both candidate, cilllld unl lie elected iimloil-
though it wal Mr. Kunly'a lot in Ihis
install.e to poll the smaller number of
voles, be is, nevertheless, lu lie cum
pliiuciiied upon lhe strung und vigur-
oui manner in which his campaign
was prosecuted by hjniscll und his
committee and fur the excellent ml
. dreaiei with which he favored the
elector, from the public platform.
While he tell .hurt of election by forty
eight votes ho has every reaaon (111
lygriililieiiiinn because ol tbe pace whieh
:   bf wa. able tu sel fur his m !■■!
opponent and hecauui of the .olid
body ol HU eleiiiir. whu honored him
' With Hair suffrage.,
j Mayor Willium McNeish bring, lo the
..chief executive chair of thu cily ucoin.
binution of rure poreonul qualiliea, ci
tfa eiperionco and tried ability Which
augurs'well fur hia admini.trallun ol
c|vic affairs uul for lhe pro.|Mrily ul
tbe city umla 1 hi. regime. His master-
lul .iiiiilu,t of hi. mayoralty rom
paign, carried lorward a* 11 was up
on his personal responsibility, without
an organized cwiimilleo or oilier mn
chineiy, shows lhat be po.sos.es lhe
laoulty uf individual initiative and a.-
tion, thul he baa ihu |uiwer to plan
and Oie enorgy lo oieeulu, that he is
a past master in Ihe oxer,ise of tlMli
tact which i. .0 I'Ssiiilinl in Ihose who
■ask ur sustain ulll. ial relationship Inward their fellow dlilena
Maylir McNeiab laeoaads lu the civic
chair al a jugelura in the history .,1
tba dty whiih promieoe broad siiqw
ler the iiiuri'iw.' of lb. best |H>wur.
whidi ha cun bring Ui bear upon lhe
bxportanl Inleiesl. which aro committed to l.n cart. Indication, point
unmistakably tu tbe (act that tlm
year 1011 will witiuw. very iuiporLnl
developments upon ths North Hh.ua
and tha pnli.y lulluwed by ilm muni
cipal siliiniii.liiiiii.il will |>>rov.a imisl
important faclnr in roiiaervisg lbs in
laraaU of the cily and in enabling il
l« overtake all lhe opportunities (or
advantage aud development whi.li Ilia
year will present.
' Now ibat the .lection, are put and
the ardor ol Ihe campaign bu soma
What .ubiided, all parties' will unile
bi wiiblng lor Mayor MoNeieb a term
ol ode. marked by euitaim«l cordial
relationship, with the memberi ol his
Board ol Aldermen and ol mn.plcUom
■waaaia in lhe conduct ol the dvj. Inu-
Imm and tba prnmolion ol tha oily'.
inlemte fn all respect*.
mots 11(1,907,000 bunhiils. The yield ol
hay is IMP7,000 (one, of fodder eoH
3,1161,000   and of sugar, boety   I«i,iifl0
tone, The yield ol wheat, oats nud
bailey thli year in Maniiolm, Saskatchewan nnd Albortn is 077,03I.IHKI I.u,-
heli, eniiipui'i.il with :iiil,'-,7!i,i«Hi bushels last year. ■ ' '■ , ,
.. liompmud wiih lenl yenr thr thIhh
ol field crops in Prince lidwiinl Island
li W,IWH,|lHI tn W,'.1|!1,WK), in    Nova
Henliil Wl,'.'1111,111111 to K.J..',H|.|,lll|ll, ir
New 111.ins whk *IS,IIIHI,IIIIII tn l|8,
lfall,'.iiHi, in giuilH.il |U7,I07,INMI In Ull,
071,000, In Ontario Will ,003,001) In
rJtm,3!IH,IHIil, in Maniiolm ttVi.m.tm)
tp 171,1911,1100, ill Saskatchewan 181,-
188,40(1 lo |U7,077,fillO mid in Allnn tu
110,1183,000 to *'Jfl,7ll,iHHI.
$1Q $30 SUITS
i>l«/     FOR"
The Royal Bank of Canada
Cnpitnl W,QII0,I>00.
Ponorve.i, 17,300,(100,.
'   Totnl Assets f!lfi,(MHI,ll(KI.
A general bunking business
ll'iipsaelid. Saving) nccoiiuls n
S|iei'iiilly. Acciiiinis of firms,
and individual, solicited.
W. RIGKIN0ON,    -
Nnrlh Vuiicoiiver Iiiuniil.
Hunk IIHicc'in N. V. Club lllmk
WANTS you to
know that they
tell the Fineit
Quality Meals at strictly Vancouver Pricei.
Free Delivery to all
parti of the city, and
every article ii tent out
in the belt ponible
style. We guarantee
to give you entire satisfaction, A trial order
will convince you. *P
229 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 16
Tba annual (T/jaiulal lUt*^! 'if
Ilka Piilfict Coti*«jl submitted 4  the
..laU/eytri' mntinn teianiiyl even-
inn, al tthfak lb* pints ui Ion a*
______V sut^ty   ftmtt/lwBw m*t*n   ftBtmBtV   tnemny
A lucent bulletin Issued fiom tin
census olh.e at OlUwe gives lhe lolil
area of Seld crops grown in Canada
this year ai 113,711,01)11 seres, aad Ihs
value nl lha crops as IA07,I8.1,WH,
compared wltb 'MifKfi.bbS acne end e
value ul |A»U,IWil,HSI last year. Wheat
nets sod barley had lasl year a In
Ul ^ea ol II,VI7,U00 acre, with a
value ot SW,)U,mi, end thie year
wiib nu ares.,,I 'HI'mm errae Ike
value is unly l'.Hx,7:i,*>io The d.-
crease in vtlue Is Un.m.illH, whieh
IH,«*,I00 rnoii than ths Aatttaa* lor
all tti etope; and a tower production ol I8,WI,WI bushel, wheat, W,-
tUflOQ builxls oils ud 0,1)81,000
liu.liels barley IhroUgh drnulh and
heat ia Manitoba, diiinlrhcwaa and
Alliens (rom sn area sown greater by
1,8(17,300 seres aerouots tor tkl wholi
Ion. The crops ol rye, pees, liud^-
wfaaal, mi iid gralas and (Its had Ihii
year tn area ol l,7W,Wtt aerie end a
value of W8,7»8,WI, compared wilh
1,417^11 ecru and a value ol IM,-
Wl/Bll lut year. Tbe hoed tnd cultivated aropi, comprising Iweni, com
(sr busking, poltlwi, lumipi snd
«lbir r«wls ind sugar baete bivtlst-
tea ofl ia both ana aad valua, tba
area Ibii yiar b*ing 1,117,417 ejetn
wltb a vatai ol IW/XX/Ml, ronptrod
alih lilBftSi tern eai sm.ivfittn
lm year, feider nape, wbbb in
dadi hiSt eon wiib bay wad do-
I. O. O   tf,     .
North Van..,uvei I mlge, No, H,
maata avary Thurtdty availing, corner
Lontdili Avuiim ind Fint ilreat, it
8 o'clock, Visiting brtthrsn cordially
invile.1 lo iiieiid Ira I'l. I'eeri, N.
0. pH. K. Dontldinn, rae.aec.; ,1. II.
I'illing, I'.U., Pn,....
ii        ' l     ■
Wi tulal tbt
X»Sl«K.nnd Dili,
iiy JKarlaM llitlr
WII l»t tm.iatm ,J U.uul.ilait,,
• ndolln.i «l..it|..ll/clhsa '
Itglhrlr fsiaail Ln.unu I
li|'ii* fnli»liuiyaitv'ic(i|.|.
ariaUH'M A.H i.i. .'
lllll". 1,1 ll'a- ||| t lit, lulll
I la-
rsist UlAiiafk bardin, Vt,:i., hut V. it I
ll''   W.^,0^.1' .ltd H'S. lal,,, fa,.   |,r    -
% I U      Staple a
t|- To clear off the reroaihfeof our fancy
worsted and tweed winter suits we will
give you your choice of any in the store
for $19.00
Thii ii a lemaikable opportunity for aecuWng a high-cl^ts tuit
at a very moderate rale ai the oiiginal piicei of iliesc run ai
high ai $30.00.
By buying one ol these suits now you have mote than half
the winter before you in which to wear it,
Buy Early Before the Beet are Picked Out
A   Sale Starts Saturday
ll.'M15 Lonidale Ave,
North Vancouver
fl„n,i.,rLi|..,     U_'.n\\l.   ' ,0M "' li,r ,il|,: ""J K,il11 RM,1
Queensbury Heights .iohm* nun.r i«„,«M„ i,,.t.
I'lli;i: nbly f I Jno. i.i , ua-h, lruin lire 0 Hint Id ll|i)iillis.
One Block from Lonsdale Ave. J^g,' g
lure.    14110 1 «ili, ft 1 d.sli, tiiila,ni.. uver 1 yeara.
Sixth Street """ ll'"'1' '""" cgr ''fl8,  """''ll: '
11x137 '•■
' li iiiiii li iiunii In-
This is a Miap ul tif^i, 'A canli
•I', O. Ilox ij7
Hlipna 711
North Shore Locators
When buying in North Vancouver call
and inspect our list of moderate     •
priced properties.
No. 8 Lonidale
Phone 123
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
I'llttT ST. VVJiST.
Good Pictures  Good Singing
Good Music
Programme changed Monday,  Wedneiday and Friday,
Adults 10c ,"iB18BB?!* ChUdren 5c
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
The Cash Stores
Fancy I'n-aiiiui'v Bullir in
14 lli. In.v.',   -' -  -  $425
Mum.>' Martini illlui Mili.lir.1
Ayrshire lliun (Jrwiimry
iiiititT,    -   •    :i Km. (100
(JIli'fliB—KilH'gl (hitiuiu,
-2 His 35c
(iriiniaV (iiililcii A|<|■ I■ ---.
8 Iliu, fur   ....   25c.
lalMIHIIIK, pill' llll!!     -    •    20c,
Iiiiiini.nl iSiii|i. in Liii. 25c
(Jlmloe Mixed IVul. |u«r ll»,
A GREAT SNAP on a Sum-
rotmad Ho.ta. on FIFTH ST.t
nMr Lonidale, Small raah pay-
meat.   Ownar mual aall,
i|.;i.|.;i'i«iNK u.
'   'I       ' "
P, 0. UOX IM
Staple and Fycy GreCfriM
Freih and Smoked Meati
lloiiin Mude I'nrk rSausnge,
—per lb., 15c
Oorund Beef -   -perlb'IOc,
Japnii Bice   -   -  6 lbs. 25c.
(JIliviTt- Mill lilllilllll. jll 1
Ib, gliitB jara, I'Hcli -   15c,
Uliulu HiiniB,   per Ib. 20c
lliicuii   Hide,     per   lb- 2k
Nnw l,tiiiiui IVel. 2 Iba.25c.
New Oriing.. IWI, 2 iba. 25c
(luld liuafUril.fi lb. pnl, 7k
Kngliuli Woroeator Kauce,
p»r lml (le -  [Or.
Pout Tiinsli'-s, per pkgfl.   |0c.
No. 1 Wheat, per sack, $2.25
Northern  Hpy Applet, per
bo» $1.25
Fine (looking and Katinf
Applee,   -   •   per boi $125
Quaker Ontt, large fkt* 30c
Our Special Blend of Bulk
Tn, 3 Ik for $1.00
Pure Cattile (Moap,
per bar -tfl
Kanoy Baiaiin (cluilen)
per lb. 2U
B. C, Sugar, 181b. iicka, SJ.00
Wl Save You Monejr       *j
Hickman &
Pbi«      IIHU«d*liAri. u i.mmm mm——«—a
I3Rt 8> Ci
iiiiiiii j .. nu *mm
At Vancouver Pricei.      Sole Agents for North Vancouver.
,...i ■— ttmm
ESPLANADE, ne*t to P, 0,
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 239
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannelettes sold everywhere 15c.
Our price this week only   -   -   IZ2C
Columbia Gramophones
and Records
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue      Phone 114
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when =
Can Supply you wilh
and all
iiouichold Requisite!
at a Lower Price than ■lie-
where.       __
my Mono 1
"Snull Violin aai Quick K.luim"
Phone 184
ami Corn*' Grtnvilli tnd Smylhi
Shipyards, Ltd.
Marin*  and Stannary Engine ainl Boiler Work prompt-
Iv executed.
I' I''|iIiiiiii.  |0)
North Vaneouver
The North
I l.a r now a good
:   laaa'l,     |)f
OKI LINO (V Joint)
nt Bottom Prices.   (
l'roni|it Delivery.
"T~ £
Esplanade, East
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
/ D«aWi m Coal, Brick,
t Suid,   Gravel,   Lime.
Cement   u>4   General
Builders' Supplier.
\AII Orders Promptly
filled md Satisfaction
qiuarsntod. Pricei on
Ofic^; Lousdale, neu City Wbaif
WutivHu i    Fonw'i WM
T,y itio district. mvA\ h»W itl liu.
4 mooting op Ifapdey evening »W »i
w»»" of in inipirnil cbin4"Fi (.hi™
being unly 11 ri'|ioi't from the lli'tinl pl
forks commtttet) to bo passu). This
nv'i'i', lhe members tlisiiprsed with, tit
fiirthur I'.ainiiali'i ni imi nl any •>*'»••'
iWiatu tn lli" Blunting QptnimA
nmvii iloiilitiuil thnt Ilm press liiitl ill
ways Iiuiiii 11 1:111 nl liiaml nf his un'l "I
the coiinril, and he wished tti show
his u[)[i|'ii<itttii)U ol this ii^iiitiiiililii
lorm. Ho uouoidingly yjwlit'J Ihn ro
proHOtltivpa ii|^hijbi North Van
unuviir Club wher|?Tfc« "langibli"
was uilmiiiiiitoi'od/ In a Jhiirt ad-
dross Ilirtii McNaught miid lie nlwuys
bad a soft spot .tor Hmi I'lM, taring
been n "mii" onee'liiiiisiill. Ill hi
<ji 1 jj. to iiiiiiv.n nnu of iho flrsi
liim i-u ho 1 iniii il was tlo pross room
of tho liniiiii! whoro ho always lound a
kind ol Irutoriiitl brolhurliund osluling
between its numbers and a .eunliality
uiii!i|iiiilli'il lo i.iritiuiriii v.lni ttm- in
truihii'wl amongst them. He lioP'd
that tho fi'loml<ihi|i Ihul now oxistutl
woultl long iiiiiliiiHi'. Will) Ihul
handiihiilius wuro lhe tit-dur und emli
It) his ii'npiTti'.u dulies.
At the in. ri .nr ol lho |imi"' "im
misnioners lul.l this wcok iho lollowi
ing io|iort tur Ilm year HUH wiib submitted by t'liio' Davits j Property lost
vuluo U'lU.'ib, uaiovui'iu IM, pianos
of im nn' aa (muni upon ufii't hours b'J,
properly Iiiinui 51, niiii|ilui|ilsytmend
etl In 1160, i.iiiibIuIiIoh' ruptirbr received
lllll, iiii|iii.<HlH .1 u.^ikd 'Jii, idiot lights
(iiuiul mil liiniiiiig iif, polia'o iiuiul
suninioiiHiH 15, wunaiits Hi, arrests
Uliiili; I'JI, nick person! ulli-'iulcil li, lur-
iimy reports llli, pallet miii'l eases
Iiiii l'iui'H n; i-i>,'...1 ma Jlllll.Ill were
imposed und 81'JtH.tlfi Wis eollected,
meals Hi.'ivtitl If) prisoners wete 083 ul
u a»t ol 9117-11). Tin; l'hii'f ivrom
lili'inli'il lirl I it juil iiaai.iiiiiiiiiiliiliiillH, u
scAV0nff|r system, onr mora mun on
llir fonf uud uu inneiise in tlm ofli
tors'  salaries  i''|»id  in  Ihul   puiit "a
ill llal      citleS. I'aa..ml      f|>|,a|l     ||)      I llU   II'
IIIOIIIll   III  illl.'all  WI.'1'B Collected.
Sl. Andrew's I brii-tinii Enduavor
held' iheir annual moating luul Tues-
day sveoiug, when a lull utlei*iiiee ol
nniiili'i» wun present thy icliriiiji
president, Ur. W. Knowles, occupiod
lhe chair unit iu an address outlined
Ihu tta,ili il.iin; during tile punt yinr.
Thi; sueieiy^imuhiid /very suero'isliil
twelve mtuilh»7n'V*>-Ji( l'io worh
hm in.; been tloiil/cd and lhc mem
hen hip and finances Inusoied. Tli.'
officers |i,r the ensuing year uic : I'ru
nidenl, Nr. 11: Hutchison, liy Meln-
motion ; vice-piw-idonl, Mi-n Mnrshull.
hy nn I.'iii.'iiiiiii; convenors ol torn-
mlUoes, Mn ■ Ol.-on, social; Hr. Own
topic; Hr. .Stone,. Lookout ; Ircouiir-
or, Hr. Mn.In II ; sccrotory, Mr. I).
The election uud Installation ol llu<
tifpti'is for the l,.OI- Older of lhi-
city look |i|iia' rccinlly. The Cere
monies were conducted liy Brother It
Mil-hell in lhc K. I'. hull, following
arc lhc new office bearers: H.M , S.
Md hm Ice; D.H., H Fnuest j (hup
lain, I). I'niililiiii; rcc-Scc. I), u,
Ilniin; fin.-mc, C. Wheeler; lieui.,
ll. Kuweett ; llir. ol CcrcinonicH, 0.
Hull; Icflnrer, C. Cron ; first enminil-
(wmoii, .1, ytoncy.
At lbs regular weekly mealing ol
North Vancouver lodge Nu. 55, 1.0.
O.K.   Iiiid i in   Iheir lodge   room    on
I i- "a    il;",'   '' a ' lillll     llf |||hI   Wt'l'lt.        |).   ll.
Ijrnnd Munlcr .1. Curvcr of Vuncouvcr
.■a ' ia 'I by u number of other mem
Ikim, iiMlnlled llic lollowing ofBcem
for Hie ensuing term :
N. 'I.—A. Kennedy.
V. Il.-I). A. Helicon.
Fin. bV.-A. Pilling.
Hie. Sse—'Ihos. Nys.
Treas.-t'lias. Nye.
Wardcn-K. I'cori. •
Coildllclor- A.   la. (Tl'lllelllH.
L. 6. 8.—A. AiniHli'ong.
f'haplin-F. ('ummer.
B.S.N.G.-.J. Kelly.
f,.6.N.q.-A. Horron.
ttJ.y.O.-K. Innis,.
l,.S.V/l.-n. FfcllipB.
I. II.- V. Furrow.
/). rj. -B. Sloniliouic,
Aller the installation ceremonies n
ba|U|Uol wan trjw*'t)y lti!Wt«lh Van-
ijouyor iiinml^TH. ^~v/
/U. -—i  >.
}hm("ici Hlt'l'', LAKE
I'tfAtl Water ('ommiiisionor Duwry
wi(» in the eity Uiis week ond in
itfrnpeny wilh Enginocs Hones visftal
lea Jaske and the lands ndjnrortl in
oMtcelion w|lh tbo city's application
fof wotet rigbts tor a reservoir. He
will report |o ibe gnvannymt nn lb*
fnieipl ol Ihe conlour msp ol Ibat
ideality wbi'li is being compiled by
Epgiuoer Heme *r*d bl» issislwi.
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Cash  Discounts
We have just recently added
a new line of
Maddraw Muslins and
in Oriental effects,
Some pretty cuilain Muslim
the latcbt out [or
Window Drapes & Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll find il hard to beat our
prices, we carry a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterns.
A Big Discount
Off Dinner Sets
This Month
shop um
ie Rugi and
Squarei   *
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpet  for office,
library or den.
Now is the time to choose the
pattern for kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
We lay Linoleum Free.
Wt Cany u
i Selection if
Prices Right
LOT 18, BLOCK 35, D. L. 550
Adjoining Boulevard, facing South, Cleared and dry. Splendid view.
Price, $1125. Termi, $400 caih; balance 6 and 12 monthi. Thii it
below present market value and will' bear strictest investigation.
Real I'Utate Agenti.     Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Britiih Columbia Branch '»iti<>■
•1 lioiieduli; Avo., Nortii Vancouver
llll (iiivuriiiiient-tSl.., Victoria
Hi.mi'li Offices) in Kurope:
Ilm Iin, (Iermany
London, England
Paris, France
ciminitTsii ur
tiik Hlbffifi HAW mis
Ca.llilnili'.l Siii|/ir il, Mi-aliml Sllll
• I   Muleruity Nursss
Kursss tssl Bst ss WIciUm
lur tt'rniB s|i|ily ut tlio l|ns|ilt«l
litli stii'it Kssl-
All liew houses sliould lit pip-
eii for ((as ii| orr)*r to save thf
heavy expenditure for ihis convenience at a later date.
i'^ni, Kpetiticatlous, KsHniat^
Pi 0. Boi 97, hftflh Vawotivcr
Hot Points
For the Man
Ucre's a chance lo pltsst lhi
Quilt al once a ryio "HOT
■J"en days trial, free for sikniK.
pleasure and tomfuri on ironing day.
Qnly iron on market guaranteed for iwo yean.
|iivc»t no*, it will please htr.
N'«i. ulsin ind economical.
1"ry one now snd be convinced.
B, C. Electric Railwav Company, Ltd.
50 lonsdale Avapue.
i  i, ■       '   i ii
Qf/ieral Cpntfactor
l^iid (llfsrins, Sluiiip and Bock
lll.ihnp. Ultra eitp neu hotiitu.
411 ilsmsdss «s4« tjioi.
y.Ufri.nrtrirtitr *>»'**!**
.n.J •!., W..I .,r l.o,..0-l»
E*p«rt on flttfAtus and all
411 Work (iuennlmi
Cmm V'iimtk St. aaf Utkon k» mmt~  vAWtyyvttK,- Ui"W
". i ""■""
H'liBgi.,1 n'i«" ■■ ifeg
Autumn nnd Winter Suits for womeq in
a grmt-TungH »f wu'lurin both {iUlh arid"
novelty fabric*, including siz«a frum 32 to
6tt,  Bpociftlly attractive»,Wiiig for women
of avarnge ligures at $20.00, $25.00, $28.00
and $32,00.
Important offering oH oata for women;
itylea particularly suitable to coast climate.
Tne offering represents a remarkable com-
filotit range in wanted fabrics and shades.
iiiiiiilmllv smartmotltlsare shown al$12.60,
$15.00, $18.50 mid $22.50.
(Hiuiiii! collection of Fuia of every »le-
airuble kind. A particularly noteworthy
offering in hiiihII Mink .stoles at $17.50,
$21.50, $36.50 to $47.50. Higher priced
pieces in splendid assortments.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phoae 3541
"J. "..
Vancouver Busloeaa Directory
219 Pender atreet, Vancuuver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and I'ender Sts.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath houae in Britiah Co-
Wa sura where others fail,
iatislariiim guaranteed or nu
fWf. Plain b.ili., electric Imih
slower baths, massage for bo
if, aralp and face ; electro ther
apeutlc batha a specially.
Graduate of Berlin, Germain
Business Institute
J36 Haatinga St. W.
Canada's GrMtMt W.st.rn 6cheal
I   J. Spun(, BA, ■ -Manager
Bushes* College
li.ln Seymour st., Vancouver
Day achoul open all   the  year
round.   Night school commune
ei September Sth.
I'l'lllllANUNT 1I11K WAVE
Evury lady lungs lu hm. wavy tim.
It is bow williio tba rteih ol avary
aaa. For nuns yean cul h.ir haa lam
permanently wavsd, but tti* pioatw.il
bad to undergo ww loo mm lur il
to be applied to bair oo tb. haai,
but now stimiis tiat discovered a en
tbod by wbicb Ihs hair ua ba wend
williout injury to h.ir or snip. Tk
wave will nol wash out .nal dan|>
weather will not af!..t it. Tbs pro
cess leaves the bair soil and wavy. It
haS    lli'i'lllli'    I Ilk    lUgi     ill    I'tli.,      |-»
don aiid all lh. larg. cili*. ol tka
State., Special rates lor one awash.
Any iiilni'iiinlinn regarding lh. wori
will In gladly gissa to My lsdies »bo
will call or writ* to
721 l'liide'r Slnel.
Groceriea and Provieiona
Wl.iilr.a], Md  Retail
uii Hastinga St. (downetaire)
Delivery Tuesdaya and Fridaya
Minimi unit min
Sign and Price liarkara
io Fairfield Bid.      Font Ijeji
Yorksliiro Gianni* k
Sci'iirJliiis Corporation lid
440 Seymour Stmt
R. Kerr Honlgate - - - Manager
'*  1   —' .       .     g
campaign Adnata
Speaking at a Meeting ia I arena's
Pavilion ca Taetday eveaiag in hia
iatarala ior Ike auyoral wat of this
c^y Arnold B. Kenly went on rccon
aa lavoriag tha ral.Ui haMct ol a
incinerator lor tka disposal oi garbage.
Siara Um dosing of tka temporary
dnaaping groaai m Ulh atiwt it bal
baa lound dificnlt to find . suitable
location iur Ikia pnpoea. Coniin
W ifclaiart ka wae in lavnr ol
acquiring a new city ball .ita tq replace Um psesort one whidi would
aoaa ha lound too iloaely ct owded
with Um induairie. ol tka eity aad
also eilce ior no—at uai olher muni
opal pupoaee.
Aidcrasaa ttHeim. alao • randidala,
wa., ia spite oi intenancee made, in accord silk carrying all work possible
through the aiatar Maths, He re
Wmttmhj taieht maaider.tiiin ol improved unilatioa and the di-poaal of
ganrnga.   . Tha   lolloviag   que-tinm
Canadian Detective Bureau 1—
Offices everywhere
Vancouver Office:     K Umpire Hlock
SB Hastings st. wesl. l'lione 'i'ill)
General Superintendent
All North Vancouver people aat al
Kit lur Flack Block" or Haatinga street, opposite the new
Post Ollice. Leonard .sella hia
Ua by the pound.
We operate llie only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the cily. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
a   -    1 luoslalt Avr.
KIIOM -        . |4|
I. II darted will yon to tba attest
oi your ability, ea'orce Um lava relative to the ofattnanat al Um Lord's
Day, plans Hfaaesd lo aall liquors
aad to aobal via?
1 Woald yoa lavor a change ia our
City lienor Bylaw compelling the bars
to ■ la -- al 10 o'clock on 'Saturday
rvtaini*. Iks team aa ia Vancouver 1 ■
Woald yoa lavor fk.aging Ssction
13 ia psassat Cily Uqaor Bylaw wbicb
reid, u lolloas: The pseeadiag e»-
lioa shall aol apply to or prevailt any
practising duaurt or diaggiat duly
aaihorued aader aay act in loroe in
lake province, to dispense msdi< ines,
truss ketfaag, having or niiin/ liquor
ior sMadirisal purport*, but no such
ule Aall be made is packages oi
aeon thaa oi ounce, at a liase under
a itrtificale oi a ngulend andidnal
To maiora iiih Section ft. Hart 1
oi the l"rovmcial liqaor itt whidi
read, thus: Any ihiaii.l or driiggi-n
duly rcgMer.d aad entitled lo carry
oa banawaa under aad by virtue nl
any art ui the la^ialalive Aaaamiily
oi Ike I'lwin ol Bntinh Co'smbie,
suy heaep, have aad vend li ,uor ia tne
rosne oi hia barineia, lml lor .tri. I
ly BMadiaaiaal |^iij>.«e. oaly, sod U|i-
m preacripiiuo. liua ngi.t«red medical prsctiticMr, aad ia accordan.-e
vith lha term, oi each pttaoiplfOtia.
To. No. I. Mr. kealy i.jJied in the
No. 1 He would aol commit him
erH vithoat int iavattigsiiag tlie ci
utiag madiiioiis aad Uw probable tl
No. 3. Hc did not believe ia a dru<-
gi»l or aay peraw that ie aol a li-
ceaaad koidtr tapmUf bq»*r unlc.
they have s ortitcat* from a medical
|.i« un. t I
AU. tcSruh aaid lo No. I lhat he
woald, il elected a* that all Um lave
ni Ike diy were carried into <€■■■ 1.
He wm ana cuauuttal u to Sn. 3,
Mir.iig thai aosM eossidaraii-a
ihould be gives to inv.tied aapital.
Foe No. I. ha waa aol iha matt uiod
M Ir  Kealy.
At the roadanoa oi Iheir lamaiia,
which sen to la lhe bul rulili.
.UlrsenU inaa Ike fiatlmm ia (he
campaign, both caadidalae ali.Kjk
haaads aad eapnaaed a pleaaure that
Ihe ciMieat had Uea carried in in
tawch s ineadly miiil wilhuot r.t.r
tan to pmuaahtiie.
I'aadiijate* ior hrsy roausis-i'M-
er. ay.Au aim,, ll, howatver, ...U-d
wiih lha caadsdalaa lor echool uu.
Ice to provide the MaMliooal lea-
turn ol lhe aertiag.
Ir. Toaag, who ia lhe aotilractiir on
ihe North ljumaiait ukool, rharacter-
ued Ir. H. B. ffataoa'a oiticuau aa
to lauliy coaaunctoa aad Um alle-
galioa tkal he, Ir. Voaag, beorftted
to thr lata* oi fMXW by Um substita
lioa of .loac lar pnwed Uith ior lhe
auUrial ia the valla oi tha baaeaianl,
a. lai* sllcranoa. Ir. Walaoo in a
baglby aAAnaa puialsd out a number
ol ddecte ke loaad is Ike ooaatruc-
liots aad ar.hibrrtaral design oi the
high whwil. Thia vaa couateraclei
by report, iross Ihe trartcts aad olher
raodadatee who had rialed Um build
iag aad aasde sa iaajMrtiaa. Ir. Wal
i also bmmV .rft.in net.in.nl.
Ihal thc liaajtosaiy echbol ia Um Sir
vrawia faloek at North I oasdele vas
aaeaailary aad badly lyhiad In.
las Slaagr nad the aaadu— htaltti
uki'i nfiwt aa tk build ag to the
efect Ihal he coald not tad any caaae
lor aaapisial Mlher ia Ihe sanitary
coadiliofa or Ihe heating <rf Ike daw
roans ia the Blsnaeoa Uacfc.
Othwanaakenaa ahool Iraatag caa-
didale. ven 0. H. lordaa, A. 0.
tiny, J. D. Fiaav, and ior iarry
tt—minmma, Capt. Kakhaas, P.
I*rw., A. ¥. Onakmay, C. f. Jan.-
aoa, Capt. U IrWllaa, i. B. Paine,
D. V. -me aal Inm WillUma.
■ayor lay piieaaid.
Op Wednesday jtltarhopn \ horso belonging ta 1'. Burns k
frighuaod at soma chil'dw
ing at th\raer at Mh
Andrew's Avl^jio. and
Andrew's in t
Icilriint.     At
street, however, a
terrupted the flip
cart and it at A lelt pll
Ilia pots,  )sni|a the
feet and St,
down St.
fo ol thu  waul   First
■B. polo   in-
igress ol the
up against
down on the ferry wlnuf wluno it
waa captured. A broken spring was
about the intent ol the injiiritm to the
butdier cart.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will ba made under Part V.
ol the "Water Act, 1909." to obtain
a licence In tho Municipality ol North
Vanoouver. in New Westminster (now
Vancouver) district.
(a) Tba name, address and occupation ol the applicant—Harvey Hadden,
Vancouver, capitalist.      -
(II lor mining purposes) Free Miner'.
Certificate No.
(b) Tba name ol tha lake, stream
or eouroe (il unnamed, the description
ia) Tha stream travsrsing the waster
ly boundary oi District lot IB (between survey rwgs SM and 37) approximately 1400 faet (rom the northwest
corner post of said lot,
(a) ine point of diversion A point
at or near ths westerly boundary ol
0. L. 7oD.
(d) The quantity ol water applied
lor (in cubic feet per itcond)—Ono ouble toot per second.
(e) Tbe character ol the proposed
worka-Pipes to be laid lor the purpose of carrying wafer to ths applicant^ bouse and to other points
throughout said lot 762.
(1) Tbs premises on which the wa
lar u to be uud (describe earns)—
Throughout .aid D. I.. 763.
(gj The purposes tor which Ihs water is to bs used—Domestic and agricultural.
(b) II (or irrigation describe the
land to ba irrigated, giving acreaga-
(i) ll the water is to be used (or
power or mining purposes describe the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and thc
difference in altitude between point nf
diver.ion and point of return—
(j)   Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by the propo.-cd works
(k) This notice was posted nn the
12th day ul December, 1910 and application will be made to the Commissioner on the 20th day ol January,
(I)  Give tbs names and addressee of
aay riparian proprietors  or licensees
who or whose lands ars likely to be
elected by ths proposed works, tither
above or below the outlet—None.
(Signature! HABVEV HADDEN,
Can Davis, Marshall, MacNeil! A
(P. 0. Address)  Vancouver,  B. C.
9mm Um & DOOH FACTORY, foot of St. Georp
IVaaolfcit a trial Md on your Orders small or large
NOTICE ia hereby given tbat an application will be mads under Part V.
ol the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain
a licence in the Municipality ol North
Vancouver, New Weetminslsr (now
Vancouver) district,
(a) The name, addrsas and occupa-
liiin ol tha applicant-Han ey Hadden,
Vancouver, A. C„ capiialiat.
l II ior mining purpose*) Free Minor's Certificate No.
(b), The name ol the lake, stream
or source (il unnamed, the description
ie)—Tbe stream travsrsing tbe westerly boundary ol said district lut 762
between survey iicgs (20 and 21) approximately 3360 feet from the north
wast corner post of said lut.
(c) lho point of diversion—A point
al or near the westerly boundary ul
aaid lot.
(d) The quantity nf water applied
lor t in cubic feet per second)—One cu
bio loot pn second.
I.I. The character of the proposed
work* 1'ip.s lo be laid for Ihe pur
pose of carrying water to the appli
twit's house and to other points
throughout said distiict lul 762,
(I) The prsmisss on which ths water ia to bo uaed (describe sams)-
'lliriiughoui said District Lot 762.
(gj The purposes lor wbicb ths wafer is to be used—Domestic and agriculture.
(b) If for irrjgatian describe the
land intended to be iirigaleal, giving
(i) If the water is to ba used for
power or mining purposes describe tha
place where the water it to he returned to Mme natural channel, and tbe
difference in altitude boi ween point of
diversion and point ol return.   . —
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by tho proposed worka—
(k) This notice was posted oo Uie
13th day of December, 1910, end application will lie made to Ihe Commie-
aionar on ths 99th day of January,
(I) Give ths names and addresses ol
aay riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose landa are likely to be
affected by the proposed worka, either
above or below lhe outlet—Nona.
(Signature)    HABVEY HADDEN,
Can Davis,  Marshall,  MacN.Ill
A Pugh.
(P. 0. Addraas) Vancouver, B. 0.
NhU-Oae cable loot par second ia
equivalent to 86.71 miners' inches.
am. coal t sufnr co.
ars maw tnty to fll
Why pay WW.00 fof rough unnloaritd Lots wlien W« MR a«ll fan
the very best cloarad tuts without u hi mm on lliem, lovtil as a table
and Into grass.' linen euliii'iilcl (of ten yeiim, situated on ('antra
Road, boing the best Howl nu the Nnrth 1-dmi'o and one blook from
ths Car Line, School, Church awl Store; Imve city writer, elsctris
light end telephone.
Price $31Ul to HOO each. Terms (100 cash, balance 4, 13 and 11
months. Those lots will bring at least in onr estimation 100 per
cent, profit on tho amount invested within six months, my quick,
thsy.aro going laat.
M/hV and BUUN4
P. 0. Box 172 North Vancoiiver
Rolled Oats Wliolu Wheal Flour     Rice Flour
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour        Pearl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
Rolled Wheat Rye Flour Canadian Wheat Flahea
Ask your Grocer for ft, fy R, Brand. "'B Standard of Quality
Wholesale from ,
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
Small House-EasyTerms
Queensbury Heights
Thrco-rrtom house—40 ft.  lol—Ilcnuti-
ful location.
Bargain Lot—Victoria l'ark 46 ft. lut
double frontage, easy terms.
Collage Homo, Twentieth street—33 ll.
-»ot, lour moms and basement v it i
furnace, price moderate, one third
, Cameron & Co.
Insuraiiee ul all kinds plaeed
Loans arranged
117 Firit Street Eait
A. Campbell Hope
358 Ut Street Eait
Phone Ella
General Contracting
Escavsling, Clearing Grading, ele.
Eilian.lt. Chsa.
Ktilb  Hood, rut of St. Gtorit'i Artauf,  tr
P.O.Box 134
Hails:   ti.un   per   ami   up.    Special rales to families
ami   to regular   hoarders	
Skcond SimT. .■   -   -   -   NOKTH   VANCOUVEI*. li. C.
HantSmuiBi sti Mirkmitfeiu
Al Alan. GiUon's OU Slead
IB Hk Street East North Vancouver
Phone 37?
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed Inr 35 passengers
Time tahlk
II..Il>l.iiin Wlisil
,          1 vu > Wen 1 mi |il (under
l.a ■»!. .   I.lll laUVtl
Clly K'nlw' ivii.,1
7.30 a.m.
8.00 a.m.
ij go a.m.
10.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
i3.oo a.m.
13.00 p.m.
14.00 u.m.
15.00 p.m.
16.00 p.m,
17.00 pin.               *
18.00 p.m
.32.00 p.m.
.14.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m a      "            ,'..,
.a a. 00 p.m.
SiafU Para 16c.      Two Tickets ific.
Quickest route from Norlh Vancouver to tlic district beyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connections, without fail, with the ferry steamers from North Vancouver, aa per aliove schedule.
•IL3Q "
Leave N. Van.     Leave Van.
"6.20 a.W, '6.45 a.ui.
•7.20 " '8.00 "
•&.20 " '8,50 "
9.20 " 9.45 »'
,0'5 " IP.45 "
IMI " 11.45 "
12.15 P«. 11.4s p.m.
'    i-H " 1.4S "
M5 " 2.45 «
3'5 " 3-45  "
4->5  " 4.45  "
tint TeMe aehjsot to change aitlieut aotloe. THt^MfB^^a^ft-V^gQUV^U, *. c
l l Lil'. .i'l
DwtH-fel el North Vtwcwvar
A BfrtyWln a^hprtw lbs fmm
ml «l lh» wprk til Uee\ liSBfpva-
Mi m .«ww w way nl
-  nl  Jmprpvemmiia Debentures
ap p| 18(100 tp provide port
the post pf carrying out Uie sum
work, and In assuss iind levy 'the
Liieiil Improvement rate pr tax required, to provide (ur tlie paymer'
pl fly ijitereBt apd jo aecumuln
lliMilg Iipuii m pay nd the
'      I
'    ' *
WIIKItKAS l|)e Ly"" Vulley Road
Local Improvement lly-l.aw, 11)10, was
passetl by ihe Council o| the District
pf North Vancouver IP provido lor ascertaining the land tn bo benefitted,-
Bud ths proportion of benefit received
y such lands Irom tho proposed wid-
ming, clearing, grading and ioulavaid-
Ig 'bat part of.the lyun Volley
' atl, estending from tbe Kust lioun
ry ill tha Pity nl1 North Vuncuuver
the Bridge across the Hustings
Inek t" « uniform width ul 80 (set
apd macadamising to a width uf 311
le«t along the south side ol the Tram-
Way nn said inuil, and thn upropiia-
tion ol hinds nsccssary whore not already available for suid purpose.
AND   WUEHKAS it was recital  in
S|n Bll-Law that tbs estimated cosl
sain improvement work waa llii,
1)00, that the Council had agreed to
expend from the. general funds ol thn
Municipality lhe' sum ol W,000, anil
ibe balance nl 16000 musl be ruised by
Loan on the Security of a Local Assessment to provide for carrying oul
tbe Improvement nl tbe said Bead.
AND WIIEHEAS. by said Local Improvement By-Law if is provided thai
the lands to be benefitted by tbe rar'
rying out nl the ssid Iraprovenunt ol
tha said Lynn Valloy Boad aie the
lands having a frontage on the said
Lynn Valley Boad so ler tf
jl ja to be improved, end lhat the
extent tti which such lands arc lieuc
fitted is in proportion to tbc length
of frontage ol such Iunds rcspe liicli
Ironting upon said llniul.
ANI) WIIEHEAS a Petition has bee,
received by the Couiieil dated as tn
sadh signature und signed by the re
gislcrcil aiid assessed nwncra holding
more than tbroe fifths of tho frontage
pl ths Inuil to be so I,en.tin,,I a.
shown by the registered maps thirro!
end being a taiaioriiy in number ol the
persons shown liy the lost revised as
ssssuient Boll nt the Muiiicipalily to
be the owners of the lands afiected by
this By-lew and the owners iil more
tban mu' Imll in value ol such lands
asking that the said improvement ul
the Lynn Valloy Hoad bc mumi oul
as a Local Improvcmml; und thelitis sum ol 18,000 be ruisod by Deben
r Bonds to be issued on the Socur
nl l.ni'iil Improvement rules, lo be
levied according to the said Irnntag
basis nn the said lands tn l,e benefit
ted as aloreaaid.
AND WIIEHEAS thc unmunt ol dobl
wbicb this By-Law is int. mini lo
create is H.IHHI, end tbc nam... is heini.
■ milled ty provide a lund in p.rt loi
lho improvement, ol Ihs suid Lynn
Valley Boad under Local Improvemiul
AND WHEKEAS Ibo amount lo b,
raised annually by Special Hale lor
paying the debt and inlorest undei
this By-Law is 11511, being 163 for
Sinking Fund and tlm lor inlorest.
AND WHEKEAS lhe value n| th,
whole land and improvement or real
property rateable under ibis ll; I uv
according to tbe last revisod tutae
menl Boll ol the Districi is Ml,181 :
AND WIIEHEAS the debt is created
on Ihe Naa an itv ol lhc Spot in) li,i.
settled and levied by this Mil aw, un <
it is guaranteed by thc credit ol  the
whole Muiiicipnlily.
ths lti.-v.- and Couucil ul thc Curp.ir.i
tion of the District of Ninth Vancou
ver in Council assembled Iwi.b lhc ns
sent ol tho electors of lhc «.aid Ills
trict) as lollows. vis.:   '
I. Authority -Is hereby givin tbu
Council to carry out thc work ol I u
cat Improvement of tbc said Lynn
Valley Boad as Inline dcsctilaJ, all
es Local Improvement under and by
virtus ol the said Lynn Valley Boad
Local Improvement By-Law, [S10.
' 9. It ahall be lawful lor lbs Coun
cil to raise by way of Imn liom any
person or persons, tody or todies ooi-
ppinUi iiiiilw Debeuturca ty he issnnf
ns lui .iiiiiiiii pi uviik'd, a sun of ie.nicy iiot exceeding iu wbolo lhe sum ol
IsOOO, end lo cause lhe same to be
paid into the Bank ol British North
America to the credit ol the said
Corporation for the purpo s above ter
8. Debenture Bonds 'it lhc Corporation to be deeiguntal "The Lynn Vai
ley Boad Local Improvement Debenture Bonds" io an amuunt nol exceeding the said sum nl 18000 ip whole
may be issued by tlic Hi-evc and the
Claris ol the Corporation in trims ol
the Municipal Clauise An and Aels
amending lhc same and nf this By
Law in suns as may be mi uin d, bul
not far nn ne lhan 11.000 eudi. Em-b
ul the said Debentures shell bu signed 1
hy tha said Hcew and Cl rk sa 1
sealed with the Seal ol Ibe Corporation.
1. The said Dobeutuic Honda, ihall j
bear Interest al a rale not esieedine
Ave per rent, per annum payable hall
yearly on the nr.t day ol Februery
and the first day ol August
In aaeh and every year during the currency of ths said debentures ,Uf any
of them There shall lit attached to
the Debenture floods. Coupons signed
by us Heeve (or eat* and every pay-
ft ol intereal that may become due
such signature may be either
Irn or stamped.
The said Debenlure Bonds ea to
dpal and Interest sbsM be psya-
Ue el tbc District Muniiipal Hall la
North Vnncouver, II. C., nml tbe said
principal sun shall be made payalile
by Ihs Corporation al a data not lol
W map filly years from the first day
tlWstmty, l»».
a. For the purpose oi loiming a
sinking fund (or jmynwnt ol said Debentures at maturity, and I'n payment ol the Intereal thereon as it be-
oomes due, amounting, aaid Sinking
fund and interest togelhrr, lo llta.
tahace ia hereby assessed and levied
over'and above all oiler ratea and
taxes  tha annual stuns snt oupoule
aoa     s
aim     i     l
3Q33 63 and 68 13
3033      64
3033 61
3033 60
3033 66
3033 66
8166.06     463.00
'ibo said Lynn Valley Hoad Local
Improvement Hate or Tax shall bu
una is hereby levied and charged annually for tbo period ol lilly yours us
u lien or charge puyuble nlong with
and in addition to and us funning
part of tbo imuii.il real estate taxes
payable for and out of tbo suid respective properties lo thu said Corporation.-
But it is hereby provided ibat iu
tbo event of any o( said proper!Is-
charged with suid Lynn Valley Hoad
I .mul Improvement rule, bo.ng uow or
li.'ieulki subdivided, then the said
inlu (ball also be piopoitionutely subdivided und settled uicording to tlio
lronlage ol cuch part or lot abutting
on said Lyun Valley Bout!, and thc
subdivision ■ ol tbc land ihull hi) so
made that us lur us possible no pai!
or lot abutting will huve u less depth
iinin one hundred und twenty Iiei
back (rom such Irunluge, und on such
subdivision being so made und approved ol by iei iiiiiiiii' uuthorized by
tbe i'oninii lor the rgislraiion olthe
map or plau thereof, tbeu the said
fi outage rate shall bc a charge only
ou sucb parts ur lots ubul ting on suid
slieet, und tbc romuindcr of tlio suid
properties so subdivided lil any) shnll
be freed and released Imm tho said
rate as a charge or lion.
7. The debt hereby creuted is created on the Security of the suid Lynn
Valley Boad I... ul Improvcmint Bate,
settled end levied as berynbcforo provided, nml it is guaranteed by the Municipality at large.
b.   lliis By-Law uny bc cited for ull
?mi"! i-H aa "Tho l.yi n Valley Hoad
.inul Improvement Loop Hi l.nw,
lOIO." and shall muiic inin effect on
tbe ist day ol February, mil
Passed by the Council on tbe 37th
day ot December, 1010.
Keceived the assent of Ule Electors
al an flection held on the
day ol Hill.
Kaaiiiisideied ond linn ly adopted by
Ike Council and signed  by tho  Beeve
and i'h 11- and scaled with the Corporate Seal on the duy uf
TAKE NOTICE that the above i.k
true copy ol lhc proposed Hy-law upon »hiiii Uie vote of tbe Municipality
will be taken within lhc poling i.l >
cvs at the Lynn Valley Institute
Hall, the i'Iiiiiiii Hull at the corner ol Lousdolc Avenue end Qui en
Streei and at Hollyburn, Wist Capilano, all in the Distiict ol North
Vancouver, on Saturday, the I fib duy
ol January, 1611, between Uie boars ol
8 o'clock a.n. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Kelurniiig Ofiinr.
PUBLIC NOTICP is hereby given
that tbe vole <>l the Electon ol tbo Dis j
trict ol North Vuin ouver will he tak-1
en on "The Lynn Volley Hoad loni
Impruvemenl Loan Bylaw, 1010," on '
Saturday, lhe llth any ol .Innunry, j
lllll, betwien lhe houn of 0 o'clock
a.m. end 1 o'clock p.m. wilhin Uic following polling places, vit. I 'lhe Lynn I
Valloy lixlilufc Hall, Uie CbUicii
Hnll at lhc corner of l/m»dule Avenue
and tiuccn Slreel and at Hollyliurn,
West repilano, all in the D'strlct ol
Norlh Vancouver, and lhat John O.
Parmer J;o» beea appointed returning
officer to take the voles of imh B'cc
tors, wiib Uie usuel powers in   lhat
lOpfi VkMb'U,
Pitfrii* «f Pfarth Vwwwsr
k PV-14W lo anlbprire W»,»wiw
put of iha wnrk nl Um improve.
wont of Dndlpy BwhI, »nd rs\*m
by way of f,pca| Ippfflyiiffipnl p»-
benturas lha »m «f T«f Thousand
Dollars (^Q,pPQ) to prpvide  part
pf lhe cost ol tm'm ml ft"
said work, 'imd Ir bsbcsh and levy
111ii I .oi'ii 1 11niiii.ciiiin:111. rate or Tax
menl dl the intyrost, und to   ac-
\    cumulate a sinking fund to pay oil
\ lha said Debentures.
WI1EK1US the Dudley Boad 1-ocal-
Impi^emept By-Law. Mill, wus passed by the Couucil of the District of
North VapuoHvor to provide Ior ascertaining the lend to lie benolittod,
and ine proportion of benefit received
by smh lauds from tho proposed
clearing, grading and boulovurding to
its lul) width of the Dudley Boad being tho road reserve along the centre
of District., Lot 690, 'iroup Ono, New
Westminster District, Ironi the north
ond ql said Distinct Lot to tbe south
boundary of Hluck 33 of said District
Lot, and thenco eastward tti tbc east
boiuidury ol aald Districi Lot. and
iheiicu along the .west boundaries ol
Blocks 17, 18 and 10 of District Lol
598 ol said group, and ihonce alung
the north and oust boundaries ol
Hlock 36, and tho cast boundaries,ol
Blocks 36 and 34, and the south boundaries ol Blocks 69 and 70, ull of said
District Lot 598 to the north end ol
Fell Avenue in the Cityty NorthVancouver.
A.M) WHEKEAS it was recited in
said By-Law tbat the estimatod cost
of said Improvement Worh wus Twelve
Thousand Pivo Hundred Dollars,
(913,600), lhat the Council bud a-
greed to expend Irom the general funds
of tbo Municipality tbc sum of Twu
Thousand Five Hundred .Dollars Hi.
600.00), and, tbc balance ol Ten Thousand Dollars,' ($10,1)00.1)0) must be
raised by loan on thc security ol a
local assessment lo provido for currying put tbo improvement ol tho suid
AND WHEKEAS by suid Locul Im
provement By-Law it is.provided that
tbe lands to bo bonelitlcd by lho carrying out of the Buid Improvement ol
the said Dudley Uoud arc the lands
having a frontage on the suid Dudley
Boad so far as it is lo lie Improved,
and tbat the extciit to whiih such
lands are benefitted is in proportion
to tbc length of frontage of such
lands respectively fronting upon suid
AND WIIEHEAS a Petition bus been
received by the Council anted us to
.■inli signature and signed by the registered and assessed owners holding
more lliun ihice-liflbs ol the lronlage
of the laud lo be so benefitted, us
shown by the register! d tnups thereol
and being a mujority in number ol the
persons shown by llic last levies! As
sis-.ni.nl Holl ol the Municipality to
be the owners ol lauds affecloJ by this
Ily l.nw and the owners ol more tbun
one-hull in value ul sueh lands unking
thul Ihe said improvement of tlie Hud-
ley Koud he curried oul us a Locul
Improvement, aud thnt the sum oi
Ten Thousand Dollais («ln,000| be
raised by Debenture Bond to be
issued on lhc security ol Local lm
provemeul rules lo be levied nt'eordin
In the suid I, i mi ate busis in tbc said
lands lo be benefitted as afaiicsaid.
AND WHEBEAS thc unouutoldebt
which this By-Law is intended lo
create is Ten 'Ihousnud Dollnrs liln,
UUD), uud the some is being created
to provide u fund in part for tbe im
provcmcnl nl the suid Dudley Houd
under Local Imnrovemciil' Ilnn.
AM) WHEKEAS thc amount to be
raised annually by speeinl rato ful
paying the debt uud interest under
this By-l.aw is Five Hundred uud Bbt-
ty Six Dollurs itfttili.OOj, being tlifi.UO
ior sinking fuud und 1600 for inter
jnil) WHEKEAS the value ol lhc
wholo laud and improvement or real
properly rateable under this HyLuw,
according to lhc lust revised Assess-
ment Hull of the District is Twoutv-
Six Thousand Three Hundred Ninety
Eight Dolliits ((36,398.00).
AND WHEBEAS thc debt is created ou the security of the special rates
settled und levied by this By-Law,
and it is guuruulccd by tbo credit o)
Ihe whole. Municipality.
I HI'.KI'IHIKE bo it enacted by the
Keeve aud Council ol lhe Coi poration
ol tbc Dislriel ul North Vuncuuver in
Council assembled (with the nssenl ol
tbo Electors ol the suid District) as
lollows, vii.:
1. Authority is hereby given tbe
Couucil to carry out the work ni Local Improvement ol Ibo said Dudley
Houd. us belore described, all ae Local
Impii'iiinii'iit uuder and by virtue of
the iiul Dudley Koad Local Improvement By-Law, Iliin.
3. It shall bc lawful for Uic Council to ini'.' by way of loan from auy
person or persons, body or bodies corporate under Debentures to be issued
as hereinafter providi d, a sum of money nol excluding in whole tbe sum of
Ten Thousand Dollais (110,000) and
to cause the same to be paid into
the Bonk of llritisli North America to
tht credit ol tho said Corporation lor
thc pui pose above recited,
i. Debenture Bonds or the Corporation to bc designated, '"lhe Dudley
Boad Local Improvement Debenture
Bonds" to an amount not exceeding
tho ssid sum ol Ten Thousand Dollars (1)0,000.1)0) in whole may be issued by tbc Heeve and Ihe (lerk ol
tbc Corporation in tornu of the Municipal Clauses Act and Acts amending the same, and of this By-Law in
sums as nay be required, but not for
more than One Thousand Dollars
(11,0(10) each. Fa<b of lho said Debentures shull be siincd by thc said
Keeve and Clerk and sound with (hc
Seal  ul the Corporation.
4, The said Debenlure Bonds shall
bear interest at a rate not sscrcdinu
Ave per cenl. Per annum, payable
half yearly on tho 1st day of February and ine |et day of August in eaob
and every year during the currency of
lho aaid Debentures or anv of .then.
There shall be odashed to the Debenture Bonds, Coupons signed  by   thi
e lot t   '
5. The spd Dsbepluffi RonJs as tt)
principal and intwest shall be pay-
kbla at the Pi'lrirt Mnnjdpa} Hull In
Nortli Vancouver, p, C, and the said
.principal suni shall be rnnw> myubis
by |Be -Porporaliop' pt, V diltp not
laler lh»l) Mty 5W« h«ffi H'B Ul i*v
of February, lllll.
th-jPflir lho purposp pt (Arming a
sinking fund (flf payment of snid Debentures nl. maturity and for payment
31 ttie interest lln-i■.>n as ifa 'becomes
.ik. nmpunting, snid Sinking Fund
-and Interest together, .to eim, ■ titers
is hereby assessed and levied ovep and
nlime iill other rates and taxes the
aiiiuiiil sums sot opposite the proper
tics hereafter described to be kllpwp
as thn "Dudley Hood I/ical Improvement Hate" which sums shall lie pay
able out of and frpni tho said properties respectively, vjz.:
Description pf Property.
- lc
203.7 ft.
203.7 ll.
203.7 ll.
203.7 It.
203.7 It.
370 It.
iitiii.ii It
366.3 ft
837.3 ft.
W7.3 ft.
160 It.
160 It.
31)0.8 ft.
377.(1 It.
14.73 j
11.711 j
16.30 i
14.73 ,
14.73 I
6.70 j
16.86 1
13.07 ;
18.30 1
Until January Tfa bt we will §§!! fa
M'.llll UO
The said Diullev Hoad Loral Improvement Hate or Vu.v nhnll be und is
hereby levied nnd 1 bulged annually
for the period of lilly yours us u lien
or charge puyuble uloiin with and In
addition to, nud uh loiiiiing pait ol
the annual real eslale luxes payable
for and out uf llic said rcspc. tivc
properties  lo the said Corporation.
llul it is hereby provided lhat iu
lhe event of any of said proper
ties charged with naid Diidliy
Hoad loeal Improvement rale,
being now or hen after subdivided, then lhc suid rule
laall also be proportionately subdivided und iiii,l according to |be
fronliigc of each part or lot abutting
on said Dudley Houd nnd the subdivision of lhe land shall be mi made Ihul
us fur ns possible no purl or lot 11
bulling will have a tins depth lhan
one bundled and twenty ia I lack
from sm h frontage and 1 n such subdivision being so maul' nn.l npproU'.l
of by eertilicale authorized liy lhc
Council for Ibe registration of tbe
map or plnn theiol, th'ii llic said
inuil,! 1 rale -hall he a , Inn 1 inly
on such purls or lnls nhulliuL un s.i I
-iiaai, and ihi' remainder <f the aald
tirnperiics so subdivided Iff any) phnll
ie freed uud released from tbc said
rate ns 11 churge or lien.
7. The debt hereby created is created on Ihe veiiirily of the snid Dudley
Koad Local Improvement Hale, settl-,
tad und levied as beieinlnforc provided,
und it is guaranteed by  the  Muuiii- '
pality ut large.
8. This Bv-law muy bc cited lur all
p..up...'.'a as "Tbe Dudley Hoad Loral
Improvement Loan lly-l.aw, 1010,"
und shull come into effect ou the fiist
duy ol February, 1011.
I'a -iil by Ibe Council m Ike37th
day of December, 1010.
Heccived lho oshciiI of lhc   Electors
ut an Ml i-i tion held on lho
dav of 1011.
lie niisiilci'cd and linally udoplfil by
the Council and siiiin d bv lhe Heeve
and 1'lmI. and sciilcd uiih Ibe Corporate Soul on Ihe dav
of                        1011.
TAKE NOTICK ihul ihe.ubovo is 0
true copy of Uie proposed fly-Law up ,
on which llie vole 01 lhc Municipality
will bc taken within lhe polling 11I11
cos al Ihe Lynn Vullcy Inslitule Hull,
Ibe chm 1 h Hull nl lhe corner of
I.nn.dale Avenue and Queen Act.
and al Hollyburn, West Caiiilano. ,
all in  thc lli ni'i  of Norlh Vancou-
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H«ovc (or Mi ind svwy psyincot
JuUrcsl  tb»t may become due,   snd
inch »ijrn»lure may be either   wni-
tw or tkmpi- \
vet, on   Siiiiiiilny. (lie lllli day   ot
■IllllUlliy.    IUII,    laal,'.,all     ||.,.    I a.l ,.|
II ii'i Iiu-i, ii in aud 7 "'' li'i 1 p.m.
llal HI llllll..     Ullll ■  I
FUlil.lt) NOTICK, ia l.i'iii.y niven
Hint the vote nl llic Klcitor. ul the
District ol North Vancouver will he
taken on "The Dudley llii.nl Loco) Improvement l,oan By-Law, 1910,"   on
Saturday, the llth day ol Ji >
lllll, bei with the nours til 9 o'cluck
am. and 7 o'eloek p.m. within the
[pillowing polling plni'cn, vir. '■ The
I.vnn Valley lii.lilnlc Hall, ths
Cliuri'li Hull ol tlic corner of I Onsilnlc
Avenue and Queen Strtet. anil at Ilaal
lyliiirii, Vest I'liiiiliiiiH, all in lln lln
triit ol Norlh Vancouver, and that
John n. Farmer has been appobiWd
returning oflicer lu lake lhe Vnli'« ol
audi electors with tie usual power, in
that belinll.
By order ql the Ooupcil,
^ fm. y. HcNil'Oin,
Kleilor.   ol   lhe   Hi iml    jl   No Hi
I nun  iiii'l    tt.anl   3.
Tbc record ol pust .trvicts "B the
i a,nm il j. mi ia leu n'C. I alu a rr-
■■nli nt ol llic ward,   II you Is'iivo   I
nii'l    be   a    ■'Hiuiiii'   rcpr.t'til ilivc
mut  youi1 ballot   on Halurdiiy, ...m
uary IIH.. IUM Im
iai UW8. tt. NVK.
 ' ■ ——T—1—~J"m_m
Wing, Court liuuae, V»nc«i|vor.
yKAI.KI) TKNDKttfcl, su(ierscrihcil
"Tender lor Wing, Court-bouse, Vancouver," will be received by Iho Honourable lho Minj.icr ol 1'uWii Work.,
up tu and including Thursday, tbe
2nd day of Ksbriiery, IVII, lur the
erection and rutnideliun of an addition lo Ibe cour(hnu«o at Vaucuuv,.r,
Drawings, Hpoiifionliams, '
and Koran nl Tender inly In «t*n at
tbo o|Bt# nl tlio I'rovintiiaJ Timber Inspector, Vancouver, B. (_. ipi al
Ihe Depariiiiini ,.| |',iWJc Work., J'w
liiiiii'iil ilutlibng., Vit'luiio, 11   0,
■■ ' ..AUttt
Intending tenderers can, by   apjJjf-
ing   to   Ihe undtuiigncd, obtain  oM'
nipy nl llio drawing, and out   tnpy
nl  llw ■apiailiiniioin  lm   ibe sum t^
i«.'iii) lim (US) dullars.
Km li lender mutt ba ai«impi-iiud liy :
an accepted bank ohaiqus or ttrllfr»ul
ol   ilrpn.it on a cfcarlered back    W
Canada,  mada payable  lo  lbs Hon.
Ihe Mini.ler ol Public Works,   lo» fn
turn equal  tu five (() per cant, ol his
lender, wbicb .ball bt lorlellcd il wm
party tendering deolins to snttr  inti) j
iiatiirui't wben called upon lo do
Ibe t-hetyiea or oarUflcalea ol t
ol  unsuccessful   ttnderrn  will bt |
turned to them upon the estrutlnifj
tlu contract.
Tht tuctt-siful ttndurer ahaU fa.
a bond of a guarantee company
Wactury to Ihs Ifinitttr ol
Forks, equal to twenty (») par i
ol Ihe contract amount, for tht
fullilmeiil of lhe contrail.
Tender, will pol be ooneidortd
lass maris out oo tka lotmt
•ignod wilh the actual signature«
Umderor,   and  enolo.cd  in lit
opet turnittfed.
The lowe.1 ur any t«^«r pfek
es.arily aciepled,
i. o. Mm*,
I'ublic Works
larlrotmt ol I'ubllo Wurks,
Jcloria, ll. (.'., {lb .January, 'tm
To the Electors of the District of North Vancouver:
Upip anp QbntUmeni-
-—- . ■ a ■ a a f , .
Wl have pleasure in submitting herewith the Annual Financial Statement for the year 1910.
'.,:■   A* will b* seen from the accounls, the bulk of the expenditure has again been il) respect of roads and I
| tstM of $60,800.24 having been spent under this head alone.
. Owing'to the rapid settlement of Lynn Valley, fallowing the opening of the Lynn Valley cariine and in Dislriel Lil
553, during the past year the expenditure of Ward II. is about double that of Ward I., while the assessment of Waid I.
it about two-thirds of that of Ward II. The eapenditure in Ward II. was n««M»ry owing to the Council's policy of providbf
foads for bona fide settlers, and in this connection the Council have adopted a form of agreement and bond whkh al
^applicants for roads are required to enter into, thus assuring every bona fiJ«= settler of a road, while at the same lime protecting ibe Council from exploitation by speculators.   This system has proved very successful.
Puring the year upwards of 10 miles of new roads have been opened, while considerable repairs have been elected to
Capilano Bridge, and heavy expenditure was necessary in order to keep Lynn Creek in its course.
1 During the year we have entertained several prominent men and organizations with s view to impressing upon lh<m lh«
claims of the norlh shore of Burrard Inlet. We regret that it wat found impossible lo arrange for a visil by Sii Wilfred
Laurier to North Vancouver during his stay at the Pacific Coast, but we took steps by means of a deputation aad addles*
lo bring before him the needs of this diitrict. An arrangement was alio made by the Reeve under which the Praia wa*
taken for a Irip along the north shore to the Second Narrowi, when he expreued himself ai being much impressed with i«
possibilities of Norlh Vsncouver.
The growth of the District ii shown'by the fsct lhat there are upwards of 5,300 names on the voters' lists tins yeai,
ai compared with 3,631 tail year snd 2,050 in 1909.
Ths position of matters with regard to the Second Narrows Bridge is now well known, and we are assured dul actual
construction wiH be commenced at an early date by the Burrard Inlet Tunnel & Bridge Company. In the month of July
last the Electors sanctioned the raising of a loan of $250,000 lo enable the District to take up lhat amount of stock in the
bridge company. Theie bondi have not yet been sold, ai the company were not in immediate need of the money, sad il
WM not therefore advisable to raiie the money and io become liable for intereit before it became necessary to do w.
In anticipation of the coming of the Second Narrowi Bridge, teveral large industries are now locating in our midst
Notable among these ii a large, modern lawmill, now in course of erection at Roche Point, and the Imperial Cu Shipbuilding k Dry Dock Corporation's dry dock in the lame locality for which a substantial iubiid/ hai been granted by lhe
Dominion Government, while investigations are now being made into the suitability of another pari of the District's foKshwe
for dockage purposes.
The satisfactory state of the credit of the District can be judged, however, from the fad that during lh* month ot
December we were able lo sell $30,000 Lynn Valley 5 per cent, waler bondi al par net, an excellent price for a null issue
in a poor market.
The immediate opening of the eitension of (he Capilano cariine will do much to develop that part of the District, aael
the Council anticipate a heavy demand for roads in that locality in the near future.
Al the coming elections you will be asked to vole on By-laws to enable the railing of the following loans;
Lynn Valley Road Local Improvement -Loan $ 8,000
Lynn Valley Road Loan (General) '..:  8,000
Dudley Road Local Improvement Loan , 10,000
Street! Loan  35,000
Sidewalk! Loan  15,000
Municipal Hall Loan  10,000
Keith Road West Loan (General)...,  50,000
The Grit two of these loans are for the purpose of improving the Lynn Valley Road from lhe Cily boundary to tka
Hastings Creek Bridge. In view of lhe fact that this road will be a main trunk road to the Lynn and Seymour Valleys, il
is proposed to provide one-half the cost oul of geotral fund.
The Dudley Road Loan is to provide four lifilis of the coit of constructing that road and ii lo be ie«ured upon s frontage rate. Thii improvement hai long been aiked for and il will open up a diitrict which ii sure lo be settled as ioou as lhe
Capilano cariine extemion ii opened.
The Streets and Sidcwalki Loans are being railed lo assist the Genersl Revenue in the large calls anticipated fos roads
and sidewalks in the year 1911.
In view of the fact thai neighboring municipalities are raising large sums for these objects, it ii felt that the Diitricl et
North Vancouver mutt put ilielf in a position to offer settlers facilities at least equal to those to be obtained is adjacent
disltii Is. The amount of the propoied loam hu been made ai small ai possible, ai il it anticipated that there will be a substantial increase of revenue on this year's assessment.
The Municipal Hall Loan ii for lhe purpoie of enabling lhe Diitricl lo have a hall and officei of iti own. The Consul
look the opportunity in ils last Annual .Statement of impressing upon the Ratepayers the urgent neceuity for adequate ofatt
acacommodalion owing to the rapid growth of the District, and in view of the fact thai iuch growth hu been more than num-
tsiaed il ii now absolutely imperative thai belter accommodation bc provided.
When it is remembered lhat we are paying an amount equal lo 4/j per cent, per annum on a loan of $10,000 for a
building in which ihere is no safe accommodation for the books and records of tite Diitrict and in which the office room u
now totally inadequate for the requiremenli of the itaff, any delay in securing a building of our own would be almost criminal.
The last loan of $50,000 is a loan lo aid oul of General Fund in lhe deviation and improvement of Keith Road from
Capilano River to Whitecliffe Cily . It is proposed to spend lhe sum of $200,000 on this work, out of which the Government have promised $50,000 towards the cost of rock-culling involved in lhe if heme, ll had been hoped to submit a Bylaw at this election lo raise the remaining $100,000 on a local improveemnl loan, but although the owners of fotu-hfth* of
the land lo bear the local improvement rate have petitioned for the By-law, considerable difficulty is being encountered n
obtaining the signatures of a majority in number of the owneri ai required by the Municipal Clauici Ad, in view of lh* faet
thst the whole of the Diitricl well of the Capilano ii involved and nol merely the landi fronting on the propoied improvement, and the owneri are located all over lhe world. ILfTorls are being made lo gel a sperial acl or some modification ol
the existing Acl to meet this difficulty, and meantime the Council deemed it advisable to raise their pari of lhe cosl, which,
wilh the assistance promised by the Government, ihould enable substantial progress lo be maile with thc work.   ' \
We feel sure lhat the Diitricl can congratulate itself upon a time of unprecedented progrcti during the year T9l0, and
we are confident thai thii ii bul the beginning of an era of great prosperity.
We have the honour to be, ladies and gentlemen,
_C«p«alMP of the Dufafict of North Vancouver fof Year to Decembtf *
 ,       --   ^  i-
■ '.«••
OSce Furniture f    nj) 69 Credit Balance at 31-12-09  J 2MB It
Baal Eatale (including l'ark Lands)   1187(7(0 Debenture*, Statutory Loans   'MBit
Arrear. ti Tuxes, 1908 und prior     218(69 D*iwnturea, Lynn  Valley Vieler Uien   WWUU
Amara of Taxes, im      _w _ ifcbeniufo,,   jfoflj,   Unadale   IxksI   Improvement
,*JW*rs of Tase., 1^0 ...... ., „.;    «>2ai7 II              Uen   MW W
Board of Work. I'laut     106)7 SD Debentures, I'eutre lloud Local Improvement   I two TBt tt
Bchool Site, and Improvementi      8C07 66 . Debenturei, Bast Capilano Waler.District Loan ... IWftt *•
Quarry Property  .,     6860 III Sinking Fund  ,.  *7S 14
Amount (lua from Government,   llollyliurn Wharf...    6000 00 Lynn Volley Waler Account Balance  ,  1MB M
Amount Due from Bciars. Kail a llo|h., Philip Boad    1200 00 Sehool Account Balance ,.,  7t~ M
Aocounta Bweivablt         % 00 Tax Sal* Hurplui, 1901  Mt fl
Lynn Valley Waterworks Account  a    97103 19 Tas Sale, Surplus 1908   MIH
Vmt Cspilano Waterworks Atcount  ,     2878 62 Tax Sale Surplus 1909   174 It
Bank of B. N. A- Savings Bupk Sinking Fund      3733 96 Tax Sale Surplua I'JIU   IMI S»
Bank of B. N. A, Lynn Valley Water Savings Ao- Halancc Due Trreaurer     M M
f>~l f.       108 74 Bank of It. N. A. Lynn Valley Water Account  JIM »
fkmk ol B. N. A. Eaat Capilano Wnler Savings Ac- Bank of II. N. A. General Account    'tm* B
«°unt    11821 21 Crudil Balance from I'roBt and Losa Account   1MB IB
I224640«i ttmmm
North Vancouver, B. C, January 6th, 1911
Osaisal Utm —i ,  I 80000 00
Atmat bilaunw* «■ above     370 00
Srntk lamdJe Lotal la«m>v.t*usi Uas  10230 80
hsswasi tm Hume '_ _ —.  }79 20
tamed laiiura* ...    102 20
Csaln Bauut Laaoal laBpuHuaent Loaa  7363 60
Hnasnaa uu abuse ..........   ..       _. ..„  ' 186 40
tnnmi li—ra* _'■_  73 64
tan Caymmi Va—t Caasutractioa Loan  1(000 00
—ami laienat  „ .._  lib 00
Isssssawiiii, IMi   (1863 70
lasiiiaaaaarta, IMH ' ,   .,  (139 06
Imi inn—nli, Uiii nail pe—t     2(113 80
mmi Taa Bnuuur „.  (90 00
Hold limit**. -_ —.   3(0 00
hassaaS _   Wf 47
Vtlut Coal _ ; -«_    t  3 75
StiMKniaoaj Haai Fcut , _.  380 00
Tan Sab, IW*. faalaaine ._.   34»1 (0
Sub4t Bunnfte „    26 87
laaaiafuil Cw—e ee—ti - i _.  (0 72
Conrtraaan* tifaimt (or Stbotia  -  1149 96
Bal—ca dm Tsuuaaair J     94 83
Baat 'af BL X. Jt. Gtawnal Account       9S34 12
siiakmi Fan! —,  „„   1884 14
Lyiai fa%-? Water aVmaoue  680 89
Uiu. iSaktmft Aouuunt)    M  (00 (10
Certified Correct
Injprest Coupons   M
Sinking Fund • •	
Discount on Bonds	
Interest Coupons   	
Intereut Coupons	
Sinking Fund  -	
Interest Coupons  ,..
Sinking Fund  v	
Intcreat Coupons 	
, Sinking Fund	
Discount on Bonds *.
Interest Coupons 	
Sinking Fund  ••■■
Bslance dus Tressurer 311209 	
Furniture and Fixtures	
Nortb   Lonsdale  Local   Improvement
Centre Boad Local Improvement Con-
, iall Ulli,ill 	
East  Capilano  Water  District  Conatruction 	
East Capilano Water Diatrict Service
Boad Tax Coninu'ssions	
Electiona Account	
Office Bent, Light and Telepbons	
Olliee Sslarica 	
Indemnities  '•	
Special Granta (Schedule 1) 	
Insurance ••■•-,	
Health Account «, -	
Luw Account ,..
Advertising Stationery	
Aaacsaor's Fees	
Auditors' Free .'.	
Boanl of Worka Plant 	
Surveys .'.	
School Account  .'.	
Engineers' Salaries 	
Bdads    and    Bridges    Construction
^     (Schedule 3) 	
Lynn    Valley    Water   Construction
Forcmens' Salaries  <■<
Quarry Account    J.	
Tax Sale, 1909 	
General Expennca 	
Firo Fighting Account  ,	
Second   ' Narrowa    Bridgt     Sundry
Constables ■	
School Property	
Beal Estate	
Fees for Agrccipont Imperial Cu Co...
Bank of B. N. A. East CapilUo Saving! Account 	
Bank of B. N. A. Savings Bank Sinking Fund	
Bank of B. N. A. Lynn Valley Water
Account  , 	
Bank of B. N. A. Lynn Valley Water
(Saving! Account)	
13!  C
M t
61 tl
I .
* 1
1162629 64
Corporation of lhe Diitrict of North Vancouver for the Year to December 31 it; 9
UM***M    S SSI Ittt I
Coapuas, Geosral Loans    I    9(3 00
laltasS tuaa—-, Eaat (apilano Water LoaA       1039 (3
' Xarlb liaadbli   Local Improvement  Conatruction
AtaMart mm a    U!»7 04
l —tn load Looal laaprovamtsit Construction Actual' - «...    mi 00
Imt faaJaan Watar Itutnot Beyenue Account         (7 99
OatUm t-mmt .        IU 06 -
tm*, mmt. lijht aad TAekoaa       Wl (8
I7B0 00
8197 36
1100 00
1(0 00
4(0 00
39(3 00
1181 97
466 00
4(6 00
13(9 06
3366 46
1680 66
(4600 24
68(3 00
18363 33
tUfama Fees
fono-tn'e Baishet 	
aad futtce Coart Exptsuea
aa Boaad al tosfc* Plant .
tffadal linmta 	
Gensral Bal*  4 «8» 00
School Bate     9900 00
Prsmium 00 Bonds        1711)
Accrued Interest        101 20
Premium on Bonds       1J»,«
Aocrutd Interetl        78 a*
Koad Tax Bsvesut .
^^ »»•    www    ,	
Hotal Ucensss	
Intereit Account  M„
Folic* Court	
Sub-Division Plan Feci  ,
Municipal Camp Board	
Sundry Beceipta  t
Increased Value of Beal E*t*l*	
tU nyhiisM kmnal •—	
Hmomi fanvmi Bridg* Expen*e Account
kmmmi Tamt m Baal rUUle..........
kdtatti—my aai SUtiootry 	
GameUt Mwmwam ......... _,	
amimmfa tZ—aUact—O 	
Hifc 11 ill   Vmrut f-riTiriis ...
Balsfia CaoUt It, lalaae* Shwt
—. .      1)34(89 03
*\$ 1
I  Special Grants tlty.tf ,„...   I
Tuberculosis Society  ,,.,,.
Hall Expenses  King   J!dw»wi"Vlt 'Memorial
Servico , ,, .,...	
Doininion' Day Celebration ....
y. I). 0. Municipalities ,.„„,,. ..,
North Vancouvtr Horee Show ..
Entertaining Arctic llroihcihniid
tl Heads' tnd Bridget Construction
Ward I
Keith Boad Wost ,	
Capilano Ro*d ,.,.
Hudson Boad  ,	
Philip Avenue	
Hopo Boad 	
Marr Boad 	
Gordon Itnod |	
Queen Stroot 	
Nye Street West .'....
Hollyburn Boad	
I'l'i'i'livinw   A i .1111111  	
Boad in D. L. 897	
lioveriiiiient   Hnnd   	
Capilano Bridgo 	
Barrott Slrcat  .
Boad in D. L. fiOl-7 T........ ,	
Dudley Boad  	
Boad to Knys	
Crown i'ni'i.   Bridga and ('lenring
Koad to lliii'ie 	
St. .lames St, Wost    .'.	
lliillybtira  Wliail 	
Boad in D. L. 811   	
Boad in D. L. 1068 ...	
%   '    Koad in D- L. MW	
Taylor Boad  ,
Stackhouac Trail	
Chesterfield Avenue  ...,
Keith Road liridgo	
Road in D. Li 784 .'.,..	
ll.niil Ensl. of D. 1, Hllll and 1074
Hoaijuito Creek Buad	
Farmer Boad  ■■	
Trail to Larson's Ranch 	
McNair Boad 	
Sbaro of General Ilurdware, etc,'..
36 4)1
■8*0 00-
Pettf Road  IU 40
Municipal Ha|i Site ■•-, •  ,..- W 81
Rice Lake Jto.<| ,,  3386 U
Pastjngs Presk Bridge  81 00
Eighty Stttat ,,,„   ,.„ ik-dt-
Kilwcr jStmt   48 88
Centre Rpad I  16063 31
Seymour Bridge  8ii0 do
Eleventh (Strtet  MB 66
Hofqld Hnad ,  ?36 10
Tenth Strut* .,  IM 80
fwtoytF Bo»d  13 64
Bo«s Hoad   '....' .,',„  ,  »66 86
Blapk Hood  MOO 00
\%% Street...  «80
Hendry Avepue   .'..,».. IW 33
Lillooet Boad .-.  703 33
Dempsey, Hulpli ti Underwood Streets   1897 80
Deep Cove Boad  68 60
D. L. 863 and 863, clearing (or sidewalks ... 163 66
St. Andrew's Avenue   .'..'.'. 380 86
Turner's pond, D. L- 30(13   106 86
Crawford's Rood, D. L. 863 .....  388 30
Tenth Street aud Hendry Avenue   33 60
Cook's Mill Entrance   6 30
Allnn Bond 1  346 40
Felling Trees  80 90
DavidBon Boad   71 40
Roads in D. L. 863 and 863   16? 66
St, David's Avenue  , 36 80
I'leil.'iia.'li  Road (west ol Frommo Boad) ... 806 31
Harold Boad (east ol Lynn Vulley Road)... 300 00
Harold Road (East ol Frommo Hoad)   K0 00
Lynn VaJley Trail   68 30
Boulovard ng D. L. 663  ,  104 66
Sbaro ot General Hardware, etc   1030 43
psyineut qf interest tbat uhal) become
due, ami such signatures may bo
either written qr stamped.
4. The »8id. Debenture Bonds as to
principal and inter, st shull be payable
at the District Municipal Olliee, North
Vancouver, 11. C. and the suid priu
eipul sum shall be made payable In
tlie Cornqraiiqii at a date not |atoi'
than 60 years from the 1st day
ol February Iflll.
fi. 'J'licrij s|;all Be
und levied
Nortli America tq the Wfi»  fif
Corporation fqr tne pnrppse 'ffi*
(iii'ii nurrotod. H^^M
3. Debenture flpnds pl the Pqrppw:
tion to the amount ol 160,000 in m
whole m>y be issued by the Reeve and
Clerk ql the Corporation in terms of
the Municipal Clauses Act ip sum. ss
may bo desired, but pot lor mqrs than
Jl,}00D each. '_ Eoejt' fll. ygj3
lute Bonds
sa|d Rcbvo ant —_..
iii'uled with the Seal ol tbt
tion. ' "™
„,, .........
3647 00
1687 00
684 46
606 411
1818 00
68 06
1KJ>7 0*
8067 00
3373 63
118 60
166 06
668 68
8780 00
1100 00
466 1)0
1436 80
3166 48
460 00
150 00
1687 60
1117 81
60800 34
11663 78
1861 0U
4460 01
8870 78
384 88
4i 1 on
110 60
4637 0U
3633 M
76 00
1811 14
MW 14
llll 81
106 74
sum'j ni
.   H0 M
'  86090
60 73
»    16 37
16388 97
138 00
10 00
36 00
60 00
I    681 «
Ward II
Keith Boad Easl 	
King Street East 	
Nye Street Eaat 	
Fuses Slreet East ...
Lynn Valley Roud ...
Frommc Rond 	
Fromme's Pole Line
Sl. Georgt'e Avenue
l.ynn Bridge 	
Dovercourt Hoad 	
Frederick Road 	
Iloakini Road 	
Suisei Strtet 	
Sutherland Avenue ...
Il.iiini  Ruad  1	
cinui'li  Boad 	
Total Wards 1 and 3	
NOTE-OI tho above sum 16,300 lias
bo paid by tbo Government und
and is, therefore, included us an
net expenditure of 164,600.34.
Capital Account
Construction, 1908 I 1338!
Construction, 1909     13187
Construction, MM    11,663
10748 111
mm 34
30063 14
..I    330 96
..     1186 88
487 16
..    1606 46
860 76
667 89
3 7H
161 08
.'(Wil 11
W it
837 48
1M4 06
.. a   <08 So
10 61)
„    3t600l
      K,l 31
Waterworks Loaa
Bank -Account Debit Bulance ...
Hovcnuo Account
Totul Loan Rote Levied, 19011 1 1657
Total Loon Rate Levied, 1910 1957
Water Rales, 1908        37
Water Hates, 1908   331
Waler Riles, MM     I;
Accrued  Interest    ■ Sale    ol
Bonds   .....,-  .369
be,n agreed   to
privnto owners,
asset, leaving   a
—       37193 39
30HD0 00
7193 39
30 3!l
annually by a special rute on nil the
property in the District the sum of
-.luii lor the purpose ol lm mmi: a Sink-
ing I'nnil for tne payment of said Debentures when tbey liueonii! due, and
tho sum °f 1600 for the puymeul
of tbo inlorest at the rale uforpauitl tti
becqmo due on such debentures during
the currency tliereof, apd that in addition to all other rotes i(\ be levied
ond collected in tbe said District during the whole currency ol the said Do
bentures or any of thom.
6. The Council o( the Corjloruliun
lor tbo time being may at any time
purchase the whole or nnv of tbe Debentures to bo issued under Ibis By-
Law provided thoy givo to tbo holder 0
holders Iheieol at least sis mouths' notice ol their intention to purchuse Ihu
H111111.-, aud pay in addition to lhe par
value thereof and the accrued interest
thereon to the date ol purehiise, u premium or bonus ul one year's interest
on bucIi pur value ur suih less sum
as may bc agreed 111x111 with' tliu bolder ur in illlel:. 1 Iin rut, und nil such Debentures so purchased shnll I e forthwith cancelled and destroyed and no
re-issue of Debentures shull lake lilun'
or be made in consequence of smli repurchase and the suid Debentures shall
contain on their fine u provision authorising repurchase us heroin provided lot.
7. lliis lly-l.aw niny bo cited fm
all pui (nn 0. as "Tbe llunicipul Hull
Loan Kr-lBW, MM."
8. Tins By-LnW "hall como into oiled op llie i.-t day of February, IUII
I'ussed by the I oiineil on llie 37tli
doy of December, MI0.
Received tlie assent of Hie Electon
at un election licld on llie
dav of Mil.
I ■'. ■' ■" 1: ■ aalii nl und tin. Ily ndopled iiiiiI
signed by the lliev,• uud t li rk an.1
sealed ou the dny ol
TAKK NOTICK that the above is 11
true copy ol the proposed Bv.Luw upon whiih (he vole of the Municipality
will bo i.'i. n within the polling nlu
ces al Ihe Lynn Vulley Institute Hull.
I'lie Church Hull al the corner oi
Lonsdale ,\■..■ni.' aud Queen Slnel
und at Hollyburn, West Cupilano, ull
in tbe Dislriel ol North Vuncuuver, on
Saturday, Hie Hin duy of .lummy
Mil, between lhc hours of 11 o'clock
n.m, und tNt/eloekip.m.
8. The said Debonturo Bonds shall
boar interest at a rote nni eiuetdlnf
five per cent nor annwn, poyablyiilf
yen rly on tho 1st day ot Keren
and on ilm first day' ql September
iu each and every year during tbo cur
I'l'imy ol said Doqontures or any fll
them. There shall be attached to the
Debonturo Bonds Coupons signed n
the Roevo only for each and every
payment ol interest tbat shall become
duo, and such signatures may bt ef."
tlii'i written or stomped.
4, Tho said Debenture Bonds as tfl
principal ami interest shall be poyoble
ut thu District Municipal Office, North
Vuncuuver, B. C, und tbo said principal sum shall bo mode payable Iw
tha  Onninrnll.,..   »•   -   •>-'-  -
 -••;—  »v niiiaiu pnyoqiL   „
}['», Corporation ut a date not  later
II. I ni i.m.   Utile, r
Paid    Interest    and   Sinking
Vll »<■
rent   and   Sinking
1910     1697
District of North Vancouver
A BY-LAW to cnobls tbe Corporation
ol Ibe District ol Nortb Vancouver
to raist by way of loan tbu sum ol
18,000 lor tho purpom ul aasisting
tu impruve Lynn Valley Ruad,
WHEREAS a I'oliliun dated as to
each signature and ugned by tbc own-
on ol mon than one hull in value ol
tho raal property in tho District ul
Nortb Vaucouvor, aa shown by tbe
lost nvjjtd Asscaemcn). Rull, has btun
Presented lo Ibo I oum-il ul ths solu
Min 1 rsqueiling them tu introduce
and pass a By-Low lo authorit* thorn
to borrow lbs sum ol 18,000 (or thu
purpose ol as.iiling to grade and ma-
uialiiini.-e the Lynn Valley Boad Irom
the limits ol tbe City of North Vancouvar to lla.tingi I'reek Badge.
AND WHEREAS it will bt oeccaiery
to raist annually by .pecial rata the
turn ol 1461 (or   tbt term  ol fifty
veai. (or ths tepayiiii'iil ul tbe laid
luan and (or interest thereon at tbe
rate ul five per cent., aa hereinafter
pruvidtd :
AND WHEREAS Iht valua oi Iht
whole rateable proporty in tho laid
Diitrict according to tht laat rovlicd
A.Ki'Miinnt Rull amount, to 16,313,
Ui -
A.M) WHEREAS tbt aygrcgoit ol
tht, Debenture Debt oi the Mu
nicipality (cinpl for works ol In
eel improvement) including lho loan
hereby authorized amounti tu 1441,
THEREFORE ibe Hi tie and Coun.
cil ol the Corporation of Tht District
■J North Viiiii'iaUMi, in Coundl ai-
wmbled (with llie anient of the Elt.-l-
ora duly oblaintd) do faenby enact a.
lollowi, vis.:
I. ll ihall be lawlul lor lhi Council
(or lho purpott alorotaid to l>ti «
or raise hy way ol loan Irom any
peraon or persons, body or belie ■ eot1
poraU, who may bo- willing to ad
vopec tht tame upon tht crtdit i|l the
Debenturei bcrrinallrr piovidi-d lor ol
this Corporation a ium or sums of
money not escroding in the whole the
sum of l8/)0ft, ani to cause the seme
lo be placid in the Rank ol Bribuh
Norlh Amirica, in North Vancouver,
to the credit ol tht Corporation lor
the purposei before narrated.
3. Debenture Honda ol Ihe Corpora-
tioo to Iht amount t,t 19,0110 in tht
whole may be isttud by (hi Reeve and
Clerk of iht Corporation is terra of
tht Municipil Clauses Act in lunu as
may be desired, but not lor more
than 11,000 each. Vetk ol nid
Dtbenlu/e Bonda ofaoll ht ngned by
suid Reeve and (lerk aud ihall be
sealed wiib tbe Soal of tho Corporation.
3. Tbo said Debenture Bonds shall
bear inleiesl ol 0 rale not cxci cling
fivt) per cunt, per annum, puyuble
Imll iiiiiii on the first day of February- ond on lhe first day ol
August in each and every
year during lho currency ol the iaid
Debenturei or nny uf them. There
.Imll bo attached to tbo Debenture
Bunds coupons signed by the Hieve
only lor tucb and every payment ul interest that shall become due, and audi
•ignaturo may be either written ur
1 tamped..
4. Tbe iaid Debonturo Bondi ai tu
principal and intereit shall be pay
able ot (bo Diitrict Municipal Ollice,
North Vancuuver, B. ('./and the laid
principal ium iball lit made payable
by the Corporation nt a date not
later than filly ycora Irom the fir.t
day ol February, Mil.
6. There ahall be raiaed and levied
iiiiiiniilly by a special rate on all tbu
niiiiiiiii' land or real property in the
District ths sum ol Vii lot Iht purpose ol lm iiiiiig a sinking (und for the
piiyineiii of iaid ilelieiilm.. when tbey
bet.t>me due and the sum ul UUH Int
the payment ol llu interest at tbs
rate aloreaaid to become duo on iuch
Dubcnluic. during tht currency itirrc-
ul, tnd that in addition lo all other
rattt to be levied and collected fu tho
.aid Diitrict during the whole currency ol the iaid lleben turei or any
ol them.
Ci Tbt Council ol tht Corporation
tot tht time being may at any tiun..
purchait tht wholt or any of tlie lit-
Unlui'ci lo bt iiiued under thit By-
Law provided tiny give to Iht holder
or li"lalii( thereol at least sis
months' notice of iheir intention tii
purchaae the same, and pay in addition to the par voluo then ol ond the
III   ■   Ml.'al        jll|l|l   a    I I 1,.   1 .. ,] I        111       iht '' H • ''
of purine.*, * pri aims or bonui of
one ycar'i interest on iueb par value
or .'uh less ium oi may bc ogrced upon wilh the holder or holder, thereof,
and oll iuch Delieiilurei io purchased
shell bt forthwith cancelled and de
tlroytd and no re-lsaus shall take
place in con.e<|Uent^ of such repurchase and lhe .aid Debenture! shall
contain on their /not a provision authorising repurchase as bonis provided lor.
7. This By-Law may be citod lot et\
nurpoiee f "The Lynn Valley Road
Loan By-Uw 1910.'' .
8. Thia By-Law shall coma bto tion  tht firit day ol Ftbruary,
i'n■ nl by tbc Council on lho 37th
duy uf December, MM.
Received thc oismt uf llie Elector.
' ot an liln linn held on the
jdavul 1811.
Hi', nnia nli -ii'd and linally adopted by
the Council and signed by the Roove
ond Clerk and scaled with ibo Corporate seal on the day
of                                   Mil.
TAKE NOTICE that the abonsji a
truo copy of tbe proposed By-Lawup-
on which the vute ul tho olunicipnlity
will   bo   token   within   the   pulling
Slocei at lho Lynn Valley lualitule
iall, The Church Hail at the corner
ol Lonsdale Avenue and yuu u Street,
end at Hollyburn, West Copilano, all
in the District ol North Vancouver on
Saturday, tho Mth duy of January,
Mil, between tbe hours of '.< o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE ii hereby given
lhat the vote ol tho Electon of the
Diitrict ol Nortb Vancouver will be
taken on "Tbc Lynn Valloy Road
Lonii By-Law, 1010," on Suturday.
iho 14th day ol .Innunry, Mil, between the hours of 9 u'tluck o.m. ond
7 o'clock p.m. within the following
polling places, vii,: The Lynn Valley
liiaiiii.il Hall, the cinui'li llall tt
the corner ol Lonsdale Avenue aad
Queen Street, ond at Hollyburn. West
Capilano, all In tbe Diitrict ol North
Vancouver, and that John G, Farmer
hai been appointed returning officer to
take tho votoi ol iuch Electors, with
the uiual powera in tbat behall.
By order ol thc Couucil,
I  m,.a bi
33114 mi
1   l'8'J M
owueis ol more Hum oue huh in vul <u
of the nil propei ly in lio li'ilie, ol
Norlb Vancouver, • us shflAn I'V the
last ii'ii nl A .a.'.'.n,a ni Holl, Inis I ron
presented to the Cuiiu.il of ibo sad
District requesting Hum lai ii.Kuduoc
und pass e Bylaw lo anliiori/o Iiun
to borrow tho sum uf -'I'1, l;;-! for the
purpose of providing funds to mut a
Municipal Hull nod Offices nd cvitud-
PUBLIC NOTICE   is hereby    then
ihul  lhe vole ol Hie Elm-lore   ol lln-
DMrict nl Vi'i'l'. '  "c    'ill   '
I liken oll "The Municipal  Hull    Loan
on   Su
nIui day,    Hn
clock p.in. within Hu' lollowing poll
iiig places, viz.: The I.vnn Volley In
.llluie Hull, the Chimb Hnll 11 iini hit nf | am lllile   I Va Illla'    I llll I U e
Slnel aid ul lbi vl u i, ' ,1 ' n,
iliino. all in lhe dlstricl ol Na ril
Vniieiiii i'i. md thnl •!. hn II. F inn
lml   '..
ui .il
..lh ,
in I |,
,f iln
ing    and    laying
in.iiiiiil Ihem:
out   lee   |n.und.
Districi of Norlli Vincouver
A BY-LAW to enable the Corporation
of tho District ol Nortii Vancouver]
to raiie by way of loan Hie ium
of 110,000 for the purpoie of erecting o Municipal llall and Offices.
WHKREA8 t Petition doted aa to
each elgoaturo  ond aignod   by   tbo
AND WHEREAS it will be ncceismy
to inin. annually by special line the
sum ol 166(1 lor the term ol fifty year,
for tho rcpuymout of Hit said loan
and for intereit thereon at the tots
nl In i' per .-iii ai hereinafter pro
vldetTN. >
AND WHEREAS tbc value ol tbe
wholo rateable- properly in tbo aaid
Diitrict according rii tho lait rcviecd
Asscumenl Roll amounts to 16,213,
646' .'
AND  WHEREAS   the  aggregate ol
tbe    lla ba ia I llie   Drill   of   tllC   iMnii   l|aal
ity (ema>|>t fur wurks ul local im
pruvemenl) including the loau hcroby
authorized amount! lo 1443,000;
THEREFORE the Reeve and Council
ol the CorporuUon of lhe District ol
Nortb Vancouvor, in Cuuncil asicm-
bled (wiib tlio aeaciil uf tbe EJeclor.
ol the Diitrict'duly obtained) do here
by enact ai follows, vis.:
1. It iball be lawlul for the Council
for tbe purpoio ofoicinid lo borrow or
rain' by way of loan Ir nn any peraon or pei soil, body or bodiei corporate, wbo may bo willing lo advance the same upon the credit of the
Debenlurcs hereinafter provided for of
this Corporation a ium or lumi ol
money nul exceeding in tho whole lho
ium ol 110,000, ana to causo the same
to bc pieced in the Bank nf Briliah
Nortb Ameiien in Norlb Vancouvtr,
to tho credit of tbe Corporation (or
Ihe purpose aforesaid.
3. Debonturo Bonds of the Curporo-
tion to the amount of 110,000 in Ib'e
wholo may be issued by lho Reovo and
Clerk ol the Curpurotion in terma of
the Municipal Clause. Act hi sums ai
may be desired, but not exceeding II ,-
000 each. Each nl said Debenture
Bonds shall bo signed bv the said
Reovo and Clerk and ahall be sealed
with the Seal of tbe Corporation.
3. lie said Debonturo Bonds .boll
bear inlorest at a rato noi eioceding
five per cenl. por annum, rayable
half-yearly on the l»t day of Febtliory
and on (he )at -day pl August
in each and every year during tne currency ol the aald Debentures or any
of them. There ihall be attached to
Ike Debonturo Bondi Couponi signed
by the Roove only lor each tnd every
i'l i   nn
■f  -i li   I'..   ,„.
- :n Hint I'cimll
District of Norlh Viincouvir
A HVI.AW tu iinibli' ihe Corporation
of the l)i-tilit of North Vancouver to raise by way ol loan the
suui of .-.'a" '"in tu ussist iu tho im
pruvemenl ul Keith Hund.  \
WHEREAS   a Petition dated al lo
I each signuluio and sinned by lhe owners of iiniii- lium one half in talui ol
j the  real  propcity   iu   tbc Distiiit ol
I North   yancouver,  us  shown by  the
lust lev!■ id A .".■ ■ in.nt Roll, In beau
tiiesinii'd to Ihe Council ol tho suid
lislrict requesting them- tu introduce
uud   pas.   a   By-Law   tu   ouiboriie
I iinin lu burrow lhc sum of I60,0t)0 to
pruvide funds lo assist iu currying uut
the wurk ul cuustrucliiig a macadaiu-
lij ih ni'ii .a i (und 11, rl Bridges  uml
I cuncrcle substructures) exlenuiiig from
tho East boult uf the Capilano Rivei
west to Hone Shoe Bay in While (bfl
Cily, aloug lhe Keith ltoad ai doW-
nleil all within the Dislriel ol Norlb
Vaneouver i
AND WHEREAS it will be nccu.ury
to raise annually by special ralo the
ium ol S'l.t,'lH for lhe term of llfty
yean fur lhe repayment of lhe Hid
loan aad for intereit Jliorcou at tbe
rote of live per cenl. oi hereinafter
provided ;
AND WHEREAS Ibo 'voluo ol the
wholo raloable property in lhe iaid
District, according to tho Imi reviled
Aaieiimcnt Holl ii 16,313,616;
AND WHEREAS tho aggregate of
tho Debenlure Debt ol tho Municipality fexcept lor worki of local improvement) including lhc loan hereby
authorized amounts lo 1443,000.
THEREFORE lite Reeve and Council
of iln' i'i,i|naiiiiiini of Ihe Diitrict of
North Vancouvor. in Council amein-
bled, hereby enact oi lollowi, vi/. :
1. ft .ball lie lawful lor lhe Cuuncil for the purpoie ntorcvaid to bor
row or raiie by way ol loon 'rom nuy
porioo or peimiiis, body tur oodlei cor
porote, who may be willing lo nd
vnnco thc same upon Ihe credit of lln-
Debenlure. hcreinofier provided fof of
ibis Corporation o ium or sums ol
money nbl exceeding in the whole the
sum of 160,000, ond to cause lhe tamo
to bo placed In ths Dank ei  Briti.h
...    . ,-,.-, a. ..vm    an    a.    UillU    IIOl     ISI
thut   60 yoara   from   tho lit day
March lllll.
5. There shall bo raised and levied
uunuully by a special rato on all toll
ruleablo land or real property in tbs
District the sum ol tfm lor tho pur-
poso ol I..lining u Sinking Fund lor
the payment of said Debenturei whon
the)' become due, and die sum of 18,-
6011 lor the payment of tbe interest at
the rale afonsaid to become due pa
such debentures during the curreno'
thereof, hnd thut in addition to
other rates to be luviod and oolleou
l.iu the said District during tbe whole
urrency of tho said dobenturea or any
of thom.
6. Thi.' Council ol tbe Corporation
for the time boing may at any time
pm' Ini"' tho wIiuli.- or auy ol tlie Delia iiiiinis in be issued under this By-
Law provided they give to tht holder
or holders thereof ul least six milnlhi
notice of their intention to purchait
Ihu niii'', ninl puy in addition to tbt
par mini' iini.■■■( and ths accrued in-
lenst iln ia a.n tu the dnlu nl pur-
cbate, ii premium ur bonus ol ons
year's interest ou such par value
or such less sum os may lie agreed
upon with llio holder or holders therr
oi, und all such Dcbeuturct io purchased shull be forthwith cancelled
and destroyed und no reissue ul Dl-
bentures shull take place or be moat
in consequence ot such repurchatt md
lhe said Debentures shall contain oo
Iheir face a provision authorizing rt-
purchaie ns herein provided for.
. This By-Lo» may be cited tot
ull puinoses as the Keith Road (weit)
Loan By-Law, 1910."
'- ibis Ily Law shall coint into tiled un tlic ist doy ul March, 101).
i'ussed by the Council ou thl iVth
day of December, IUII).
Received   the na. ml ol tbt Klectori
nt uu I'llia lion held ou ibe
.1.,., of 1811.
lla an jdi'icd nnd tin,aliv adopted by
tin: Council nud signed by tbe Reeve
anl Clu.I. ...,d .ai..,I uiih ihu Corporate Seal ou the doy ol
a.1.1.. j ...... ut-  i in  uliMiiICi  op
NOltiD  \ AM'Oli'VER
TAKE NOTICE- ihnt the above iit
inn eo|i) oa the i-u. ii ed Ilv Law upun which thc vote ol Ihe Municipality
will ba> taken within the pulling placei
nl the Linn Vullcy Institute Hal).
tin t Imi ii Hull at the coimr ol
I in,-il..le Avenue and ijuc.n Strati,
mnl ut lloll) bum, Weil Capilano, ill
in llie District ol Norlh Vancouvtr,
mi Suiurduy, lhe 1Kb day ol Janu-
ui,v, 11)11, between the hours ol 9 o'clock  u in. and 7 u'tluck p.m.
Returning Oilier.
PUBLIC NOTICE it hereby gtvu
llml the vole ul Ibe Klectori of Ihf
District of Nurtb Vancuuver will be
i-il.. n un "Tbc Keith Buad West Loon
liylaw, 1910," on Saturday, ths 14th
duy of January, 1911, betwets Iht
hours of 9 o'clock a.m. tnd 7 o'eloek
p.m. within ibo following polling fb-
t-cs, vii,: Tbe Lynn Volley Instilutt
Hall, Ihe Oiurch Hall at tht corner ol Lonsdale Avtuue end Queto
Slieel, uud ut llollibuin, Welt Cap-
limn.. all in thc Diatrict ol Nurth Van-
couver, und Ihnt -lobn Q. Farmer bai
l.< ia appointed returning oBier to
take Ibe volti ol audi Electon, wilh
lhe uiunl poweii in that behalf.
By order ol tho Council.
JNO. Y. N.-N'AI iiill',
•      Clerk.
NOTICE ii hereby given Ihot the
(louncil ol lhe City of Norlh Vancouver hove appointed Thuriday tht Hod
day of February, 1811, ot the bourol
3 ai'. lock in Iht afternoon ot tbt oity
boll, Norlh Vancouver, II. C, at thf
time and place lor hearing complolnti
againit Iht t.ieiamtint for thl year
1811 oi made by lh' assessor.
Any person complaining against lbs
aueiimonl muil give rolice in writing
to thn assessor ot the ground ol hu
complaint at least Ion days belors lha
dale ol ths first sitting ol iu Court"
ol Reviaion.
Dated ai Norlh Vewoarer, R. 0.,
Dec. 9lh, 1810.
City Clerk.
I • Utt     owtf'mWHi    «V*%*#*     T«nWWT»»|,   «■    Vl
North Vancouver City
iiiiiii.iii.il ui i'».ii   i—■—■—t        .     . 4^-
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550;.now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from 1 to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through Thii Property.
For Raw, Price List and Particular!, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. w.i*.
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets.
Vancouver, B. C,
Phone 6266 .
-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-l H-l IH+H-H-H-IH-H Ml ll K'H-H-H4
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write i Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
* ASSETS! $94,900,000
Suli. Agent
A|r..m.ul. end Conti.ct. drewn        .,. . r -, Gaaaral
af avary d«criplioa ntOM   | J/       Cw^,^
Our gigantic January clearance sale commences on SATURDAY MORNING
Money Savers in Every Line
The Clothing Man
33 Hading* St. East Vancouver
Diatrict of North Vancouver
A BY-I.AW tu wtahfa ilm ('urpnratiuii
ul  till!   Ill .11 I. I   111  Niirlh   \ HI..'■lini'l
tu ruine  by wiw ul Iiiiiii   the mum
uf IH.'i,i»m (ur blruil purpose*.
Hill 1(1 A.^    il  il   iKiii.nl    expedient
bil     liM     taiUlll.il     llf     lllll     I ',U|laal,ll    Ull     uf
Ue  lli.iu. i   ut  Nurlli Vancouver  tu
raioe liy way uf luen the nuiil  uf llli,
MM      lU    l»        l'»|,l llall',1      ill ' tllU    lll.l III Ir,
.ace .nd diminution ul 1,1., ,1-.
AMI Will'Kt AS tl,,. „„„„„, 1 ,,| Uie
uid alalu uini Ii llu.. lly-l.aw ie in-
IiiiiIkI tu 1 ri'iili' i. the miiil turn uf
t36,UMJ .ml tbe a.lij.'i«.ii which lbi.'
•aid di l.l in . >.-;.i.-.l i> the inuinteu-
mi',   and   ...... im, imn   of   1...1., an
III"" -a,ill
AND HHEBEAH H will be neoeesary
to r.ine ,an...mily liy t|wclal nitc the
Utlal num, ol II9S0 fur the li Tin ul bt)
year, (ur lha repayment nl the sai.l
luan and in iniil 111 8 p.i rant, ae
hereafter provided.
ANII VtllMKHA.S the value of tbe
whole rateable pro|urly in tin.1 laid
llMii.t, aacunliliK lo the last revine!
.uuMinenl roll amount, lo tfi,'ll-t,Ul>,
AND WllI'lllllAS tlu ain'i.,...!.- ul
tlie I klun I mr deljt ol (be Munitipiil-
ity (nri-pt lur wurk. ol Iin nl im
|ii.iwi.i.ii|| ini'luiltnit 11 a.- luan hereby
nulli,miiA,  .......ui.t. to lllll.ll'HI.
TIIKUKFOBK the Heeve ond Coun-
iil ol the I'urpuraiiuii oi the Uiniii. I
ol Nortb Vancouver ia rounril asm-m
lilul (with tbe aaaent nf the Eleitor.
ol tbe lli-i 11.1 duly obtained) du here
by inm t a* follow. :
I. It dull lie lawlul (or lhi' t'oun-
iil lur Ibe purl**' alurt'«aid to borrow or raiM liy way uf Loan Irum
any penon or pemomi, body ur liu I-
ue corporate who may li>. willing tu
advance Uie Mme upuj Ihe credit nl
tlia dilmiliira. ol thi. Corporaii.«
henafitet provided lor a «uni ur
.uml a nf nuuia.y not eaueeding
ia tin- whole lhe .um ol $8(1,-
000, and id cauw the enme lo bc
placed in Uu Bank oi llnti-A ISoitli
Aiaerica to Ilia crailtail .he Corpora-
lina (or tbe'puipoH eforenaid.
I, Debenture Bond, uf th. Corporatioa to tlie amount nf BV**) in the
whole may be iaeued liy the Have anil
Clerk oi Ul. Corporation in term, ol
Ida Muniiipal 'iainw Ait in eume an
auy be deirfrtd, but no .ingle Debenture dull be for a greater .um I bun
tl/KW. Kacfa ol 'fid Debenture Bonda
•ball be owned by llu eeid U/cvi> mul
Clert and .bull lie ualed wilh tbo
acal ol Uie Corporation.
I. T)U taid Debenlure BubiIu shnll
bear intereal el a rata not anffltlna
ti par cent, per emmm pnynlil" ball
jsserly on tie let day ol Vdmety
tut Ike let day ol AukuhI in aacb
aad every year during the cuneicy ul
leaii DebanUifr. or any "i t'em,
Theft elioll be otlaclwd to Uu Detail-
ture lloild..Cpupnui ait/ifi by tbi
Hmye only tnl-*sj» and eveiy pay-
aseat ot inters* t**ts#e)l hf<>nit f»
aai mck litmwn iNLhe eiihar
written or eUmped
I. The uid Debenture Bowie
aa bo principal and intere.l be pay
able at Uu  Diatrict Municipal Office,
H#H4I'BWW^ Vanewar, B,,0„ endibe tM
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~   * ' principal smn snail ba maw nayMtw
by' the poriiorattpn at a mm nnl
later than (si) yearn trm w 1st day
ol February, Wl,
B, There shall be n\t*A »l)4 levied
annually by a spadst rate pa all rateable luni) ur real property ip tlie liistriet tho unin ol Jlilill for lho purpneo
ul forming a Slinking nm |pr
the puymmit of miiil Pelientwas when
(Imy Iwoopie due, upi tlm sunt ul *1,-
7MI fur the piiyiimnt u( the iulisrimt al
lho rale nftiresuid lu Imeulllo   dpa UP
»iicli dabBiitpim ilni'liiy iliu uiii'ni|)iiv
thereof and thut jn inliliiiun to all
utlia.r ratea to be levied und pnllent-
od in tha eald Histrk-t daring   the
Whole I'liri'i'iu-y ol the nuid llnliiiiiliirui.
or any «f t|iopi.
fi. The r.i.in. il nf tlm (Inrporntiuii
tur the lime Mug limy at any tiniu
[lunhimo the wljale or any ul tlie Da-
in n 1 iii'u.i in lm imiiii'il undor this Byluw |n'.i'. ..l.'al tli.-. nli.' lo the Im.i Ir.
ur ii..idi'i.; 1 iiui'i'.ii at ii'in.' tl montha'
notice nf their intention to piiruliiisi:
the .a.inia. und pay in addition to .the
par value tliofoiif mid the accrued interetl tl.....'..ii to (ho d«te nl pprchuio
a proiiriiipi or bonne nl hw year's in-
toreat on muli pur vnluu nr mils tin-
sum no may lie ngruoil ii|<in with the
llulll.'.'    Iir    ll.ll.l.'.'aa    ll.CTl'lll,      llllll      all
mii'li debentures eu |i.u.l n..d il.vll he
forthwith .'.in.'.'llrd uml destroyed and
no . a'.;. ... ul debentures shall take
place nr be mudo in cuiisei|Uonco at
such .i'i.....liiia... and the snid dohon-
tui'cs shull a'liiiiiiin up their dice a provision iniil..u'i.'iii|! in puri-hnsa .ui tu rain provided fnr.
7. This Ily I,inv mny he cited ior all
purposes as "The directs l.onp Bylaw, 11)10."
ti. This lly-l.aw shall cuipe into af-
lect op tho 1st day nl February 11)11.,
I'ussed by thu Council on the 37th
day of December, llllll. .,
Il.a.'.iivi'.l the tn-;-. ni of the  Elm tori-
at an Election held np the
day ol lllll. r"
Reconsidered an:l finally ndopled by
iln Wiuiii'il unit .'.iiiiia'al by the neve
unl .li'ik and m'.iI.iI wilh lhe Cnrpiir-
alu Seal un lho day
nf IUII. '
V The aald Prtnwt»w Vfais ahall
bear intent at a rata not ewwinii
5 pep pent, per annum pwahl? m« i
yearly on the 1st day ol Panrnary
and the let day pI A»k'm»I. »b wh aiid
ovury year during the cuirepcy of said
llebenturos or any ol tlientr There
shall bo attached to the Pcbontiiro
Bonds 1111111111113 stoned by the Beuvo
only lor mb and uvoiy peymanl ol
interest thai shall become diia, and
such signature may ba either wptiaii
or stamped. '
4. The said llehontPre Bonds >al.gll
Nlllflil VANCOllVliii
TAKE MIT I I'l'. Ihul Hie ulmvo 1 u
Irtiu i'ii|.y uf tl... |ua,|„. ■ al lly-i.uw up
mi which the vole of the Mmiicipulily
will he taken within lhc polling pluc >
..1 the l.ynn Vulley In-t it nl.- Hall .
lite ('Iiun h Hull at the corner ul
l.oiii'lulu Avenue und (Jmeii slriet und
ul llullyhoru, Wu4 Cuiiilnnu, all in
tliu dislriel of Ni iih Vane uv.r, on
K.iturduy, tl.e I'll, duv ol .'an', ry,
IUII, between lhe liuurs of U o'cluck
u.m. und 7 u'cluck p.m.
lla lllll.ill;;   Hilar. 1.
I'Ulli.lC NOTICE is h.ra'iy uivon
li.nl the vute ol lho Eleetnrs of the
Ilislrict uf Nortii Vuncuuver will he
taken up "The iStreols l.oun By-Law,
inin." on Saturday, Iho llth duy ol
■lunuury, IUII, between the huura of
U o'clock n.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.,
within the followiii|r pollinu |:lucc»,
vi/. : The l.ynn Vulley Institute llall.
the ('luii.h Hull ut Iho corner ol
I.... .I..I,' Avenue und i/uein Street,
and at llollyhiirn, West Caliilano, all
in the district of Nnrlh Vancouver,
and tlmt .lohn 'I. Funnel' haa lam
appuinled returning nfiicor tu lake
lho vuli— uf smh Electors, with the
usual powers in that hi half.
Ily urder nl lhe Council,
District of North Vdncouver
A IO I.AW ui enable lhe Curpuraliun
ul Uie District,0) Nortii Vancouver
lo raise by way ol loan lhc sum
of .-I0.11..11 tn be esponded in thc
I'UIIBll'lla tillll of lal. ■,.. li... in tuid
WIIKUI'lAS it is deemed cipedient
by the Cuuncil uf the Curpnrutiun ql
Iliu Dislriet uf North Vancouver to
raise by wuy of loan Iho sum ot $15,-
000 lu be ..'.| eniliil in tho construction nf sidewalks in Ihe District,
, AMI WHEKEAS the amount of the
■Ii'iil which this H> Inw is intended to
create is the said sum ul $111,000 and
tho object fur which the miid ddbt is
create! is the cunslructiu|i 'of side
walks us .ah,ic.iid,
AND WHI.HI1AS it wiU |io necessary lo raise unpuully by special rule
ths 1..Ul sum ul DHU.IIO fur the term
uf ISO yours lur lho repayment ol the
suid lunii and inlercsl at 6 i"'.' cent,
as hereinafter provided,
AMI WHEltllAS lh. value of Uu
whole rateable property in Iho eald
Dislriel, according to tne last revised
Asses.menl   Hull  uiiiuii|ils  tu SJifli'i.-
SM.   I
AN)) WIIEHEAS the ogliregaU ol
tli.. IMi.nt.ii,.. Dil.l of the Municipal
ily (emepl du works of local im-
provement) including the hum hereby
...11I10.i/wi inn,,.11.1« to f H.'I.UOH.
TIIEKEEOItl'l the ileeva and Coun
cil of the Corporation ol the llislii. I
uf Nurth Vancouver in Council as
si'iiilili'd (with the usual oi the Gleet
nrs of lhe Dislriel duly oU'aiuad) do
heifliy enact us lollows: /
I, It .hull be lawful lur the 'oun
nil lor Ibe purpose slorceuid to hot-
row or inlm by way of l.oun Irom
any person Or persons, body of boil
iet a a,11,,,, 1111. who may be willing to
advance iln- seine upon tbe credit of
tho Debentures iif lliis Corporation,
hereinafter provided fur a sup or
■•'iiaiii nt ni'.ney not eicccling in the
whnle the sum uf $Hi,0H0 ninl lo I'uiisi'
Uie ennie U> be nlucp) bi t^s Ksnk nl
llnlish Nortii America to the credit
ui the Corporation (or tbe purpioae
3. Debenture Bonds of Uie Corpora
lion to tl» nniiniiil of SlnJDnll jn the
whole (nay be issued by the Beove and
Clerk of the Corporation in terms ol
lhe 'Municipal Claused AU in sums as
nay be desired, but no ainitle )W»n-
tur. sii.ll bo f«r a pnalbr sum than
"1,000. Each ol uid Debenlure
loads  shall  be signed by Ike said
km wl Clark aud snail be aselea
ariUi Ite Onl ul tlie Corporation.
ter tn bettlm mitt sslA lipwf or
tn nioke sueh olhar oridw |» tb'>pr
mises as rosy ba just and tqujtiihle.
P4TKP tbii.Mtli iny pt mmhur,
1910, . /
B. Ii. BEID,
Solicitor for wld, my, of Mb
■ ■ 174
uiiiu '^ the'tiistriet Munieipal .office.
North Vancouver, B. C, and the said
principal sum shall he made payable
by the Curpuriititm at a dnto not
later thnn 80 years (mm the le' duy
ol February, 101}.
fi. There shall be raised and levied
nnnunlly by u speeinl rata on all rateable land or real proporty in tho Pis-
triot the sum o| fOO-OO for the purpose of (orming 11 linking (und foi
the payment pl said llobonturos when
they becopio duo, and the sum ol $780.-
IK) In* the paynjent, o| tho interest at
the rule afuresaiil to become due opj
siinh ll. 'haul. 111 ■.. ilm ii. !• the a'lii'.'ui ■■
iheienf mnl that in addition to all
ni her rates to be levied and collected
in tho said Dislriel during the wliule
1 inleticy ol llio snid Delientures or
..ny ol them-
6. The Council nf tho Cprporatiop
lor the time being muy at any time
iiprchuso the wholo or uny of tha De-
llolicniuroe If) no issued under this By-
l.aw provided thny llive lo tho bolder
or hiildurs thermif ut least fi months'
notice nf thejr. intention tij purchase
tho miiul' and pay in addition to lho
par vuiuo thereol nud the accrued interest thereon to thc dute ol pun base
a premium ur bonus of one year's internet im such pur vulue or such less
sum as msy be agreed upon with the
holder or holders thereol, nnd all Such
Debentures sn purchased shall ba forthwith cancelled and destroyed apd n 1
rn-issiie nl Debentures shall take place
or be mude in ennseipience of such re-
purchase und tho suid Delentiires
shull .amitnin mi their lace .. provision
uiilhori/iiijf re purchase us herein pro
vided fur.
7. This lly-i.uw may bo cited for
nil purpnses as "Tho Sidewalks Euan
By-Jauw, lUlO."
8. This Ilv I uv, shall come inlo el
leet op the Ist day nl February.
i'ussed liy the Cofihril on the 37th
day of December, 1010.
Deceived ll.e .... ml  of the Eleotnrs
at an Election held on thc
day of   . 1911.
Reconsidered and film Ily adopled by
tho Council und signed by tho Beevc
and Clerk and scaled with thc Corporate Seal on the day ol
TAKE NOTICE thut the nbove is „
true copy of lhc proposed IU I uv. upon which tho vole of the Municipality
will be taken within thc polling plnco.
ut thu l.ynn Valley Institute Hull:
the Church Hull at the corner ol
I .ui .lull' Avenue und Queen Street,
and at Hollyburn, West Capilano, all
in the District ul Nurlli Vuncuuver un
Saturday, the llth duy uf .lunuary,
lllll, between the hnurs uf 8 o'clock
a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.
Returning 1 Ml..1.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby uiven
thut the vote of the Electors uf tho
Districi ul North Vuncuuver will bs
taken on "The Sidewalks l.oun By
l.nw, ium," un Saturday, tho llth
duy of .lunuary, IUII, between the
h"i.. u uf 11 o'clook u.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., wilhin the following polling plu
ccs, vi/.: Tho l.ynn Vulley Institute
Hull, the Church Hull ut the cornor
of Lonsdale Avenue and (Jin™ streei
und at Hollyburn, West ('apiliino, all
in the Distnci of Nurlh    Vum ouver,
NQTJP$ VhjJFBby tUvei} that the
partnership mthertp enisling betwesp
Simon (I, Kelb mid ths undersigned,
undor the namo nnd sty|n "Worth
Vancouver Woodyard" has bac» dia-
iolyod- AIT monies due tba said firm
are payable to the undersigned.
(Signed) H. mlWt, .,.;
N.V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer And Decorator
-II kinds 01 Hlislon .eni ttjfau fuiallurs
Slu.,a, Olliee. Ili.uk tad B.r Fluuiei.   He|i»lr-
i»i( |n .11 lu bfsnehtf.
Picture Fuming.     Pnrultnra Sbiregs.
173 THIRP 3TRE6T, W,
MAM, IIKIIKRB llftp mpmal tlltalloll
1 '      ..
and   that <lohu 0, Farmer haa
uiipuiuted   returning   officer to
Ine vole uf smli  Eleclure, with
usual powers in Ihul behall.
By order uf Ihe Council,
.1NO. V. McNAlKiHT,
IN  THE MATTER ul the Water Act
and Amending Act and
IN THE MATTER ol license No., i'l
granted lo ths Corporation al the
Distiict ol Nortb Vauoouvar for
.300 inches ol water to be taken
(rum l.ynn Creek, dated tha 80th
-    August, 1(01.
NOTICE is hereby giv-mi tbat the
City - ol Nortb Vancnuver being the
nwner and ticensce under tba said II-
cciioo by viinie n| the North Vancouvar City Incorporation Act, lll'lll, will
apply to B. A. Fletcher, Esq., Wntcr
Commissioner (or New Westminster,
11. C., un Wednesday (be first day of
March, IVII, at the hour ol eleven
o'clock in ths forenoon or so soon
ll.eieiifler at counsel c.n lie buard lor
an older aipaniiing tka sold Hi .use by
substituting therein aa license, tba
name ol thf C)ty g| Nortb Vancouver
in place Ol tba Corporation of Uia Distiict of North Vancouver, and lor
adding to the words defining thf point
ol diversion ths words "apd ft »
point on l.ynn Creek either on IM
rest, Oroup 1, Now ynmlwm Pi*
trjat or M-IW, «ro»p \. UewfAsf
ibinater District at or near tbe boundary between tlia aali J-ota" or, fn
lhc alternative, (qf ta otdat amending (he Rcenw origlaally granted apportioning (he waUr W b* t»hon from
l,ynn Craek under aald licNMs Ho-il
Iietween tba'point tt diversion as fcl
out in /te original Rcepa. and a pAp
nl divetiiop ol Jjyib Creek i,hcr op.
IM m, Oraup l; If** Waal#ainsler
irlitfiei Of IM 1863, OftiM »/ ' N»»
feaimm-t Diatrict, pi ot em: Ifrc
bowWary b»t*a«s said Uie or,to is
«Ue two or w>re llmm lor Iks' wa-
.  .
p(s9qwtwV pip'yimffwwy
LOW SEA, Proprietor
r ■      1
IIa.m. InH p.m.
First-class Meals 35c i
Commutation Tickets, ai meals
Romps (or Kent at moderate rates
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, dote to Fort
40 acre tracks, 111 per acre
$50, cash and $10 per month
Enquire or write
218 Second Street Eut
The A. Farro
126 2nd St Weat
When you deal at the A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly whit
you ask (or at right price. : :
Special Attention!
We carry a complete line of
Hanbury & Evans Bred gt lor ♦1.00
We Could
Paper the World
from our stock ol new wall
papers, so it seem*. Every day'
some new designs arrives, IO
fjll the vscaircy of (hose closed
Handwme Wall Papen
a v here in end It ss variety. Just
idl our salesman (or what room
you wsnt Ilia pipar, and he
will «how you just IW pafMfS
you are looking for.
. *
- '   To choose from our stock is
i plmm & ptiw prist ii
M? IrOfiSjililt      - Pho»«lW W™P*""'   JJWWWWWJ..... u.
THE WU'Wttto, iNUftjW V4iVWUWVfeM,'^ ~
■ ,_*,
....    . ..  A.  .    .   A.  .   .    .   .    -   -   -    Slllllll tll
Canadian financiers, Ltd. jj
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
,  .'l. a
End &f Lynn Valley Cariine
" ancouver
End of Lynn Valley
632 Granville St. Vai
■ •
14 Lon^ Avwue;      -      J. P, CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
Branch Officei        • » s
Main Officei \
Foreign Office:   Glasgow, Scotland.
Llaili I   1aala.fM>..liafs.l.sfi.Tttts.fitla.!»TMl»I..Ti
,.,   a-,-,,— .a.i.    mUmmUm ■■ ■   I ~.— — .■—.■■■■    il. 1,.^— i. ■  -■■  . i— — —!  ■   i IBS - B ■■     .i.i—..
50 ft. lot near Lonsdale Ave.   Price $2100
Cash $800.       :-:        Balance reasonable.
J-icfiBsss (iftvs limn trtnM tfl the
Mlnfillg fftrft-pfOYJiicitij opujpufties:
Business Systilms, bead olllco, Turnn-
to, capital, 1850,0(111; Campbell ¥unu-
fypfili'ijllj Cp„ lictitl pffipe,. Mpnti'eul,
capital, 876,000; Crnig, Pnwup Co.,
bend flffioo, Toronto, capital, |ao,(ioq;
Crescent Manijfectu,yiflg Co., hcud dims, Montreal, cnmtal K00,000; Pix-
on Wilson, I.td., Iieat) office,' I'oroqtq,
capital nl «4(l.l)0n"; n   V  nii..l,„lf.Mr|
Martinson & Co.
li.  lAIS'SI)AI.I<]   AVKWK
Plume i;j. I'. O. Ilox p
D. L. 555, West Vancouver.
There are still a few speciallyjuie lots fur sale iii this sub-division, must uf them
65x133 feet, some larger. The most westerly part uf the property recently put on thc
market includes lb waterfront lots with a wattrfrontage of 59 feet and an average
depth of ]]0 feet. The lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly heath, and there are
many fine old trees which-add greatly to their beauty. We have thc verdict of many
who have bought there that nowhere on the whole Pacific Coast is there a more beautiful spot than "DUNDAKAV15" mid most people who look over the property buy
some of it. There are several summer houses already built on the beach lots, and others will he built in the spring.
Call in and get a price list and make an appointment wiih us to take you out and
shov you thc property.   You will enj»y a visit to "DUNDARAVK".
The prices are from S325 lo $825 per lot, and Ihe terms are easy, one-fifth cash,
and the balance over two years.  .The waterfront lols are {4,500.
121 Lonsdale Avenue
Co. head pffjcp at Berlin, Ont., papi-
tui, J|60,000 i Hall Hatch Knitting
Co., heat) office, Hamilton, Opt., cue,-
ital ol 140,000; J, Palmer and Spn,
head office, Montrcul, capital oltSUH),-
000;) KriiK Bros. Co., head office,
Chosley, Opt-, capital of •3(H},000;
■''.a.'..'I Ti, 1,1,1. heat) pffice at Fetor-
borp; Ont., capitis) ol UD.uDl); Smith
Hnii,'iiinni i'n., Toronto, with a capital ot $76,000; Standard Paint Co.,
Montreal, with a capital ol 8160,000.
Certificates- ol incorporation have
been granted to the IoIIqwIiik B. C.
Companies : A. Q. Langley .' Co. capital ol 860,000 ; Albion Brokerage Co.,
('anada Truatco Co., cupitu! ol $250,-
IHM ; I'oimtuiiH Gold Mines, capital of
8360,0(10; Cranbrook Sawmill Co.,
capital of 860,000; Delta Tclcphoni.'
Co., capital of 820,000 f Klltins. Bros.,
capital of 880,000 | Oomiuion Development Syndicato, capital of £100,000 ;
(ircenwood Bink, cnpitnl of 810,000,
Mulct-, Ward ii Co., cnpitnl of IIM,:
000; Interior Lumber Co., cnpitnl of
$311,0110; Iowu Lumber nntl Timber
Co., capital of 8350,1100; Kyux Navigation Co., copitnl ol 836,0110 ; North
Vnncouver Trust Co., capital pf $36,-
0(10; North Vancouver Cnrtnge Co.,
capital of 830,000 ; Pncilic Trading Co.
capital of 860,000; Vuncoiivcr-Nonai-
mo' ('mil Mining Co., inpilnl of tl,-
000,000; Vnncouver Conservatory of
Music, capitul of $100,000; Victoria
Building und Investment Co., capital
pi 81(10,000 ; Vicioriu'l'lioiiiis Hrwinir
Co., cnpitnl of 8300,0110; Western
I'lm,' liln aa mid Importing Co., enpi
lul ol $68,000: Win. Mnnleith tt Po.,
capital of 811,000 j Young Mm'* Chi is-
tiun Assn. of Vernon.
Extru-iirovineiiil companies . lliul
have been registered ure: Eflcyclo-
puctliu' Britannia Co., Iieud office, Chicago, with a capital of $600,000 ; I lb-
by, McNeill and l.'ibby, head "H, ,■ ul
Chicago, capital of 8100,000; Stimp-
son Computing Scale po., iu'iid office
al glkhart, U.S.A., capital ol 1100,-
000 ; Stiidebokcr Bros., Co. bind office, Portland, with it capital of $400,-
000 i I'nion Fibre Co., hend olliio ul
Winona, U.S.A., capital pf $800,1)00 ;
Wiiginglun Tug nnd Barge Co., bend
office at Seatlle, wiib a. capital of
Wnler records have been applied Ior
as follows: 11. L. DcBeeli, for a rcc
ird  on   Shultletvorth   Creek ; Fcdero-
ion Iiiiiini Salmon Canning Co.,  for
i ie "iil on Nuns Hurbor crick;   W.
Thompson,   for   a   record   on   Sugar
Notice is given by the cily of Nurlli
/iineouver lo amend llieir wnler license.
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
Subdiviiion of Portion of Districi Loti 601 and 607, North Vancouver
Municipality.    At Terminui of B. C. Electric Cariine.
Phone 6286. Corner Pender and eymour Street!, Vancouver.
C. lia-
The current Issue ol the B.
wits to hand contain* ths
iny appoinlni'.i'l«I
Tti bs commissioners lor taking itili-
daviti in ths suurema cpurt;
Yala  Electoral   District-'-Ersnk   |l.
Nat'llonald of Harri»os Hot SpHuits.
CfMbrook    Elcrtoral    Diitii<(   Vii
liail Allan Kollinr, I'. Wen Iluii.
.J.anee Bates, John Beid, .1. 11.   Na
llonald, Viank Scott, Joaspb 11. Hall,
Homer afonsa, Ijyron St. Clair, .John
Benson, Richard A. Mcllnc. Win. It,
Stuart, Thomas Sowcrbutti, ulf of
Cranbrook. al, A. 1'. McDonald, .lohn
Stewart, Thomas. Butei, (indium
Cruiluhanks, Norman W. llurdctte, all
of  Moylc.    Alexander   Hondorson, of
J ull Biver Ealls. Hurry W. Brow of
i„.la,«,J,ay. Oljl a^lnplti, Wyc'iBe.
(tils Hanson, Wu»u. Albert Watts,
VieltibUrg, J'clcr Lund, W,ir,lr„i, Dan
Howe, A!b*rl Matllor, Mnryavjlle, Isaac
Baslw,   itayaoh, Samuel MuC*rtuey,
Wm. ./. Noble, Yabk, Edward Cpville,
Aliieiiii Klcitorui Diitrict—Joseph
l.l",ii Davis, Edward Frost, Leonard
Prank, Alberni.
Chilliwuck Electoral Dlstrict-Wonel
■Intin 'lliomas, Percy Travis, Chilli-
wnek ; 4. B. Clark, Now Westminster.
Coiiiox Ehcloral DHricMtoailcs 1
Allen, Whololown.
Is given of the assignment of
■lanjes A. Haillic of I'ort llemfnondi
lutoW manufacturer.
On January lml, there wns born lo
tho wife of Mr. H. M. Ellis nl Quceni
bury House, The Boulevard, a   daugl
A Literary Colu
Somewhat About Hooks
and Writers
"The most interesting political bi
gruphy i na al ol lute 'is tbo life ol
Bcnjuuiin Disrucli, Earl of Beaeona-
field." So say the reviews whiih ure
lo hand und judging by the excerpts
from the book, tho slalcmciit ia well
wurruiitcd. due is sorry not to have
hud as yd the opportunity of read
ing volume number one which treats
of llic subject up to Disraeli's thirty-
fourth year.
The iiiiiiiiiiilaa Irom which the biography has been compiled woro left
by Disraeli to Lord Howton und Mr.
W. /•'. Moneypenny has outclassed his
previous achievements by Ihis bis latest work, which is praisid as o model
political biography.
Tho miiil.-a published letvnlly in u
Vancouvor contemporary on the contents of tho provincial library ware
vory interesting and it would be a
change from electioneering meetings to
bear Mr. Schofield, the provincial librarian, lecture on Iho treasures which
aro houses at Victoria. There is a
potential world force in tho development of the resources of llio province
of British Colombia nnd thc old volumes treating of the experiences of
thc Ant explorers and pioneers in the
country will in tho Inline be of inestimable value to historical writers,
who Will bless " the spirit which
prompted the collection ol these rare
and curious books. We may close
with Thomaa Cnrlyle's musings upyn
history, "Consider history with ths
beginnings of it stretching dimly inlo
Ihe remote time; emerging darkly put
of tho myatorious olernlly; lho hue
opic poem and universal divine swjp-
imt —,*—ri^-.^—r*mr*vn.vu»nir.i, aitncwai
*§ Areliablo'timiipiecH iij-llm houm always givas
si}c!) wn astfiirtince of dqiiii-stio ciuileiitnient
that iVP deein it our duty to direct-ilie-fiiblip
utitid lift our stock ul'1 »n{nn'iur clocks, Vlijtih
aco real njodeif of modern ■ perfectiup. |8r
closely du v/n keep in touch wilh tlie realty
of production that we cnji readily ftirimli any
Article in this line. At the present ni0ii)P|)|»
we are showing many high grade French Mpye?
ments, in handsome beautifully modeled cases,
which will give the purchaser entire satisfap-
tion under any conditions.
Every clock is carefully tested anil regulated
before leaving mir store, from where tliey are
delivered to tlie purchaser's home liy competent
men who understand ;ii|d will explain the most
intricate movement.
There is safety in buying a clock at Birks.
Managing !>ircci*      Hastings & Granville Sts. '
_   When you deal at the I.onsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at thc right price.
Ifl   Special attention paid to prescriptions and lamily
recipes.       -       -  !■> -      .-       -      •
_   Wc carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 29      A j, TYSUNi ,.,„.,.      Cor. Lonsdale k 8tb
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial, profits
Phone 24 P. O. Box 50
NOKIII VAM tli.Vlll, B. C.
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. a good Tea 1.50
5 lbi. Ji better Tea 1.75
bi. of tbe besl Tea    -      -      -      -      -        2.00
Corner First Street and St, George
120 Second Street Eail Telephone 240
Convenience to Nortb Vancouver Merchants
Bu; la Your Own Town. Yaw O   trs M—ai
Wanted at Once
Listings of Boulevard lots in D. L
550 direct Irom owners. Immed*
iate remits if rightly priced.   :::   ,\\
Pierce & Hall
i 0W8SWRJ) AO. Wl\lWe\
a the wants and tlio offering* o.'
at tooal advertising,
,  ,       BAW
Single Iiisort. iQu por lino    , -
i Week, 74c per lino per inssrtfou
, Bm Monthi Bo pot jinn pw insertion
\NTKfr-An  styeiM^ NWorjr"
FOlarlr,   Apply, Bos aai North Van-
'POWVer, l^l-l
Annuo) mooting ol tbs HortMHursl
Association will, bo held on Tuesday,
January ?ttb, at 8 p.m-, Horticultural B>|), Anmiol mportiond o)oot)onof
officers, H, Snow, Secretary, •   84-1
WANTRB-An onorgetlp ogont to r»-
prea-iiiil Tlio Canadian Kailway Accident Iiianrunra Company in North
Viiiiiiinvci',   Liberal etimmissitins and
-,l,.   .jinny  glunll   III   lament  whft    fall
WANTKJWlood live local agent for
!)(iadlng tire insurance roinpnny. ■   Apply Boom 411 I.oo Block, Vancouver.
, Stouographer,    experienced,    would
^'ittoud ollicos tlay or evening.   Transcriptions und copying done nt home.
Margaret Hnycruft, Mth Hi., W.
.'■   WANTKU-A, youth for the business
office   ol   (lie Kxpress.   Must hnve   u
Working    knowledge    of    ohnrthuud,
typewriting nnd bookkeeping. A resident ol Nortii Vnncouver pnleirod. A
'"permanent position with good pros-
-.pet'tti lor the right young man. Apply
I in person mornings.
bring lm .lua-.'-.  F. tl. Hurt k Co, Ltd
I'roviiii'iul Agents, New Wostmii'stnt'-
Pleasant Fields
of_Holy Writ
Huve lor my daily range
Among the pleasant Ileitis of Holy Writ
I might despair —Topny on
Diitrict Cow*
ff VHRpwMM    PWIWVr n'
Owing to tfco |»ot tb»t with the e%-
iioptlon of Wnrd 8 tho reeve end councillors for the other lit n words in tho
district munioipality woro olootod by
acclumiitiou and also tii -ihu lad that
Boovo McNaught wu absent in Vam
lumpi sddruuaiioj a limiting in the ill-
WANTED-Wo hiivs numerous impiir-
(os lor North Vancouver property. As
we hove dscided to give North Vanoouver special attention list your pro-
port)! with us ond i:1'1 results. British
American Trust Cp. Ltd., Carter Cut-
ton Building.
Accountant wiih highest relcrmces
snd praclicul a\\.orients) desires Sever-
Sl  SOts  nl  books  ill   Kol'lll   Vancouver.
Spi''iul attention given lo syaleihl/ing
and taking off sliitoniunts. IIiiI.iihv
sheets nnd prolit aiul lues no omit
, Collections ol any description ban
died.     Apply  Ilox   .1.  .1.,    KspifHs
Office. a;-in
I'loni In it   housekeeping
2nd street Kutt.
Na'wly (iirnislicd rooms to rent Iroin
af>*J per week und up, also hoard il
desired or niculs tvillioiil rooms. Apply Mrs.  Cornish, '-'fit first Btroet,
HALL    KOB   RENT Por   private
dances in alapiincse Tua I!unions,
Norlh Vancouver. Bteam hoatod.
Apply, Ooo. Phillips, 10th si, east,
Cooking Appl. -  60 pounds lor jl.lHI
tu clear.   I'.  15. Keane, I61I1   slroet.
fOB SAI.K-Four-loot W.ioti,  W.6U
pet cord. Phono llll oflice or UI'J b.fia.-
H111111111 und Sulliii. 3'1
fOB SAMv-Suap iu Iruit mul pud
try mii'li, two miles Irom I am,la'.
M.a' ncros partly denied und planted
lo Iruil, good lioiiaa', barn nnd chiekeu
houses.  It. .1. Smyth, Lmigley, II. C
OWNKIIS II you huve 11 aheup ltd
lor ubout tIMl 011 Loiisilulc A unite,
let us hear Iron yuu. We have a buyer. C. B. Voung, la.1 LohsiIuU Ate.
Phone Llll. 17 I
JjOST-Oii Buss Koad, Lyun- Valley,
J wit'- purse wiih two ould pii-ceiianil
money. Howard, Express Ulliee or
l.ynn Vulhy general .ture,
J.  I.a,in a I   and Norlb  I ■ n 'l.l.
Klder Murray Co. In. iii.>irun<>'.
Haw filing ami 'ienerul Grinding,
The Hail Caravan Workshop, Kaplan
ade. 6'1
first Quarter.   Lesson   III |   alunuury
Ity, Kill I a Chronicles xv:l-IS.
AHA'H (10(111 KKKIN IN ,ll!l)AU
Tlie Uible delight,- In picture its heroes in lhe net uud utlitude ol prayer.
Abel b-' nl.' his altar, Noah in Ararat,
Moses' bunds uplifted against Aniidek,
Daniel ut his window in llubylun, Peter 011 the house-lop, Paul iu the
street "S!ruight,"-lew of many instances I AnK>ng them ull, the pic-
line of Asn is second to none in effc t-
ivencss. * " ' This third king ol
.luduli, in spite ol his descent und environment, proves himsell noble, heroic, plaUs, Instead of being elicited by
the leiideni'ii's of h's times, lie chunges
ihtlSO lellilelicics. Ile huri-1* like 0 D>"
rhino upon the seals and em|)lems ol
Idolatry. They nre luiii low. He coin-
inuiids .liuluh lo seek the Lord, nud'
lhe kingdom is <|i.i.'l before him. Hi
looks well la, his i|e|i.iiii>, biiihliiig for
liess cities and mobilizing all nrmy.
' * • ll would seem that Ids piety
nnil prudence "ni'i' In hnve been bei
ler rewarded. Hut hardly hud his ex-
i client refoi ms lit nil effeeloil, before
llit' iiiviiu iiih' nrmy ol a great
world-power InVStdad his territory. Ile
aaiiihl nol be ignorant of the leurlul
odds niMiia -i him. He did not besi-
luiii. He Itsl his unity in psrsoi to
the fronl. Ile chose Ihe-tiehl olbullle
to llie besl possible advantage. Having lirsl dune all thut military genius
nnilli suggest, he then bail re. nurse to
lhat trustiest weupoa, prayer, • * •
A liner lorm ot |- iyer, in case of nn
lioiuil peril, cnu ia.nally Iw imnginub
l'.i i'I. comprehensive, iiiiporlunule, il
prevailed. The Lord smuke Iho I'lhi
opiiius.   They ilaal
Two lessons'ol lhe ipmrler uiu fnun
I In amble, I,, Hebrew MH. the books
uro one, and entitled '"Aels ol rhc
Buys." lho Creek and Latin title i-
"Thiiigs Oinilliil," und lho books nre
iuii.-iili'ii'il ..ii|iplriiianliil. Tliu viewpoint is thai ol lhe Uvilc. • • •
We have billowed lhe i-lliiilil of He-
blew In i.n; in the channel ol the
kingdom ol Israel, ll tuns Iwo hun
llnil uml lilly >."H, lien fulls into the
oblivion ol uu exile Ironi which there
is no return. We now retrace our
steps lo follow lhe suine slnnm as il
Hows in the channel ol the kingdom ol
.luiliih,  '  *  '    The character ol A«'n
is    lllllllll ullll'.       Hi.    |anl      lie
Ision, |uniiin'i' piiiyerbdiaess, mnki
him un Ideal ruler. ' ' ' Haredil)
rounU for much, bul not lor etui)
thing. A -a was gooil in spile nl bi<
lather uud grandfather.
TVI'KWItriTNIJ All daises ot Work
eiscuUd with accuracy, innlne.-s sml
despatch. Harrow *. Campbell, 2nd
strtet east. it.
Wa will buy or uneliaugt your it'ivas,
rasgae and houachold goods lor spot
ouh. Turner's, 'in I..,,,..|,.[. Avenus.
PboM IM.    P.O. Boi 213
Boonw 10 and 11, I'wder Chassberi,
Kt Pender Btroet W.       phone M6I
Bus,  rur-  ).on»dela  Ave   an.l
Knd ttreel, North Vancouvar.
SKAU'I) TKNDKIW will Iw r-aaiv.d
by the undersigned uol il 6 p.m. ou
TWedey, .lanuaiy IVth, IVII, I.., llu,
tiaaruig and grulMng ol frommc
Boad, northwiiiils fiom Doron Boad
lie e*sl boundary of II |„ ISSll,
•sd ol a road in I), L. 'illll, iu ae
mtianot with (Ihe spwtflcalti« and
fian U> bs seen at this ofias.
fhi loweat or any t'nl,r not neSrt-
•Ss^y eoeevtvl.
,   i. II. IDA'.)U)\y-,,
llislii'l    KfllOII'I'l
Innuuiy 11, IUII I'titnesis ttill lit
Chuiacieis of Uible Ifpflssnt idsas<
MuSel, luw ; ll.,'.|.|. piiiise ; Sol..moil,
ci .1.aiii. Paul, /eni; John, love. K»-
ample in 'iml's wuy of tea.lung Mln
Imni is pre einineolly the •■». i. |»'iii- • ol
lullll. Ily lui ih he served Col's purpose lo mate ii mw iiniiuii. Ile Im
licved lhe aumwive culls divine and
olieyed ihnn, Wlnn al lasl be cross-
a.l llit. Kupbral's he h-■ Mill, ill' He
luen "one who bui iroinnl." Thu'
by luili he Is''nine Ibe finder ■! lhe
"promi-iil bind," lhe founder ol the
Hebrew nation,'the lorcfulher of 'tf'
North teteoUm, ll
70, Jwiuary, 1911
in l IH' l Of NOBTB vam nt \ KK
NOTICK is li.iiby gives ihal Ihs
Court ol Beviiion ol District kmn-
nvel Bull will Aieet lo Uis District
Muniiipal Office, North Vancouver, On
Tucudny, the Mil) day nl Pebruary,
IVII at ) o'rloilt p.m. whon all complaints and n\n*it)i tft'wA assess.
aunts will be eoflsidwed.
least lea days faiore Ihs said dels,
and sueh notice meal act lottb the
ground of' eossplaint.
Divan under my bead Ihls Uh
d»y at jmeety, IVII.
el complaints and  ap|»al»
be   given   to tabs   Aaaeuor   al
i <'i i'.i    of the ■ ■•' i ii i,  ; Vaa in, l   Nor
rows llridge bylgw, Ibo annual mooting hold Wiitiii'a.iliiy for t|iu submission
of tlio year's repoi i Wns |>i i-nmll-
brlel and scarcely utteiidetl. This fact,
iu comparison with lornior years
shows roiiclusivoly lhat tbo work
of the pin.i your in the municipality
hnu been sntisfuctiiry tn tbu iiinjuiiiy
of thu ratepayers.
Coun. Hi nli mini opened the meel-
ing with his refeienco In thc reeve's
absence. As chniriiini) of the Hnaiicu
committee ho roforretl to the printed
statement of Ihu district's itfluirs,
which appears in full in nnolhor part
of this issue. Hn miiilu particular
ne niinii tif lhe paragraph whoroin was
nn me,i,i'al Ihu nour establishment of
(wo Inrge industries on lho Norlli
Hhora, While lhc imperiul Cm1 Hhip
biiihliiig and II. II. Corp. bud mil
coiiiinenci d operutiniis yet. Tbby.)iuda
inu ■■ grant Irom tin- Dominion .government which wus proof of thoir sin-
" ni' Hpmiul nieutioii wns mude
of tlie severnl inoiiey liyluwn whi<b
will bo voted upon ou Hulurdny aiul
which aggregule »lM,imil. Tboy wcio
for sidewalks, niuds and a municipul
hull. In regard to the taller he had
buard il niintioili-d unofficially llml
Ihere   wus   sume   dissent   at    North
Lou-dule iii regard to the location. He
Wanted to say in thia< ifsjioel llinl it
would always n inin ils vnluc. II Ike
bylaw is .I. i.■..t..| it will in.nn llinl
n building will huve lu In- leased in
Nuiih Vancuuver at a cosl of over
UW) a mouth while tbi) or W) would
cover inleiesl und sinking luml lor a
building- us piuposid. During lhe
wlinli! of lasl year he suid llie wuids
bad never enlend inlo lhe distribution of the iiupiovemenls nud moneys
and the whole district hud la-en con-
stdsmd in Hs entirety, He Iio|hs1
llial IUII council Would follow lllis
Councillor Thus. A. Allan, chairman
ol the Hoard ot Works, believed tbul
taking Ibo year lUlll us u whole a
great deui ol work hud been uct'om-
plished. The opening up ol roads
und aiding settlement hud lieen the
principle followed ull through. Tliis
year he anticipated (but there would
be bllill nboiil III miles ol sidewalks
unit Iietween 'HI und 3A miles ol new
11,nils These lul ler would include
the Keith, the new government road,
llicp Cove road and a number ol
shorter muds undei locul improve
J. Ka Wurd, a'liiididnie rloet foi
*Wurd ii observed lhat dining Ibe pnst
raven yenrs lie hud become closely
acquainted with every portion ot the
district, lie gate llie insurance thut
he would use every eflort in hi- cup
aii) us coiiiia-illor lu I'l",i "I- tlic interests nf tlie district.
<l. Luiilel, aiiiiilid.iii- lur Wurd 11
hud nullum., bul praise for tbe IUIH
iuiini il. Tbey muy have mude mis
lakes but on lhe whole Iheir work hns
la"'l,   S|tl iffucloi)'.        It   llll.l   lll'i'll     SUg"
ajc-l'al llml it wus regretlabh' Ihul
there sliould be contest ill wnrd :i
when all lhe oilier wards were returning tha-ir rtprwnlalivci by anlumu-
lion. He lielievetl in u ronlesl for thc
reason thut il nutted uu interest ill
Ihe ilffuiri o| Ibe place. As lo Ibe lu
lure work be wus strongly in luvnr of
widening lhe Capilano roud in onl i-1
pillion o( lhe tourist travel. A line
ihoruughlaru in ihnt siiliou of lhe
municipality would draw len times lho
■uiiai-iiai ol tourist travel as in former
yenrs. He nlso favored Ike BMUMtt*
inn up of Noilh l.on-dule mul InpiL
ue', by a ini' n.ili nuid Mr. llutel
tbouglil il wus loo early lo etetl i
in hmi i| >.i I hnll ul the prcicnl lime
Many id Ibe. pio|ierty owners lived
eitlnr nl Vaneouver ur Norlh Vancou
ver and il was a buidsbip am tlnm lo
lima |a, Irani uwuy oul intu lln'dis
triel tt, do business. Ileplying to
this Coun. Ilridgmen said il wus essential Ihal the diilri' I should Imve u
hunii'  lor   lite   slotage   ol   i hue iy
aiid tor Ibe preHcrvati'to td its lee-
oid- wh 'h under lhe present cinum
■lames wert bit oul without pioltc
ii'.n owing to the Imi ol sale room.
ll wan also ahvirubls to have |iei,ple
go .mi into Hie district for Ihe purpose! ol advertising Ibe plure. If thu
offices are io Nortii Vearouver ihey
never get to we lhe pleasing environment*   ol  lhc   iii'lnli ipnlil)       He   .I'
■ lund luin-i'll in ac.'ord witli llirann
■ liii'linn ol a high level road ihiough
fiom Capila»', to Heymour.
Mr, T. 8, Nye, aundidate lor ward
S, spoke briefly in support ol his can-
didature. He wee well known ttimntiti
ttit dislriel, having arrvrd un the
council More end his record was
known. As lo the building of a niu
oia-ipal ball he ret-ognjud lhat it wai
very iaipiirlant thai the dlsUiet
should have a home.of this Und for
the safe guarding art ile records.
t'oUnHm Thompeon ol tart I kt- hm d C-Wi.
dored that North I^wdnlo and ^ynn
Valley h»d received the bulk ol lost
year's ospenditures, but ho ApimowM-
' god that thoy had the population to
warrant the improvements asked lor,
Coun, 'i"'111 Lawson for ward a said
thot thorolwsB a very hoppy andcon-
tentod community to tbo west of the
Cupilano mul thoy had pot complained a grout doul during tlm past your
and thorn' wyro so many requests from
Norlh l-iinSiluhi aiij
Lniiliduh..   and  Lynn   VUHuy
reea-iieil   attiiitioii   that   thgro
Wi|S little iimi-'io look fin- work.   Ho
reinurkott,   however,   tlmt   tliis   your
I horn woultl be more work 'I',11"   ami
improvements   L-  in thn west end
than hurotoforu,
'I In'i a' wero ie'v i|iirai inm. asktx) con-
corning the report ami the niootjng ad-
joiirneil ht nn outly hour.
I.0HHK8   fp   CANADA
THK It. H.
•Slutislics   mude  public   show   that
losses by Uro in Ibo I'uited Htutes nnd
Panada >» i1"11 wnototad to *-,;,i,
17ll,lKlll or over «:|I|,IIUII,I1(HI more limn
th'i limes in I'.ni'.i lliai'i'iiilier looses
were eseepliolinlly liciivy,'ngurcgutillg
ttLMH^g,!. There were III) liros during Iho your, whiah inin-eil „ diiinagc
ol ii'iim,in il or more, nnd in ton Ibe
laii excuoded »l,IHm,WHI ench. In
only Iwo inviiwliiig yeurs have lhe
lire los-os I)'on honvier lhan iu liiitl,
ono being Ibe your of tbo t'bia'ugo lire,
the olher the Hun I'ruiicisco. federal
und .-iiuli' ollicials say thai thu majority of these losses are proveiiluble. lu
spite of Ibe increasing losses It is
slated lliul lhe average rate of Iiie
ill -iiinmi- shows 11 li'll,i, liail iu I'JHI
II,'I,irn,. of the protiiniul limber It'
piiilmenl for the Iiunl month of IlllV
show uggregute revenue's ot Sl>'.l,i||l,
Jll, I,, which, us im,ml receipts Irom
limber licence- lor binds we>t of Ibo
i'io-cihIc. are largely conlribiitory, 01
ihesi.. liceiises 7lli Were issued, proline
ing u re.eiiue nf *|M,!|il. Past ol
ibo Cuseudes, a>l li i-nns vers Issued
liming lleiimber, prodiicing {-'iii,UI.'-.-
atl', innl- a license trull-far tecs a-
llioiinti.il to tl,lll'l; pennllii'S, |l,itifi ;
aU timl piospi.'ciiug licences, S-'i.-
.'.Ml; a onl pri,spelling license Iransleis,
f'.'-'i'i uud miscellaneous re.eipls, SI mi
ave ju?t received the
above direct from the manufacturer. They come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we beljeve that
you will agree with u*
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found—50c to $3
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
■1 "
A uiai il service Iietween the eity
ol New Westminster uml Chilliwack
bus ha. i cslublished. ' The inui) louves
Westminster for Chilliwack by thcti
p.m. car daily. The Innil.- from Phil-
liwnck ure received nt 11.SO p.m..
The eoniru'l for the Vancouver Island suction of tbi' Canadian Northern lluilwuy bus keen uworded lo Mi-
ihuel Iiiiiiii A Co., tin' i'inli int pria a>
Iming Vf-fllP).
llu' lii-t sc ii. in ,1 lhe island division is ieliiicil to. ll exiendstrom
ilii null-kins ol Victoria lo aSnuke.
The contract prim is evidently placed
on the engineers' estimates, lhe tender
being us [Ht spe' ili' al ions for Ihe
.liii. ia i i kind, ol roUplry encountered.
i mi
The Business of INKSTER & WAI$. Re^ "
Estate Brokers, 219 Lonsdale Atelm^ffoilh Vancouver, will, in luture, be known as lhe NORTH
II ED. The Directors of the new Company are
Joseph D. Inkster, J. Eadcs Ward and jaames Chapman. '
The Norlh Vancouver Trust Company will be
Agents.'for Inkster, Ward fit Company, Limited, of
■ J'
(TAI. "I'.in'.'i
(.inly 1st, rnui
Province ol llrilitb Colunibiu,
No. :MA (1UIU)
I AMl-.S    lllllll' It I NiN    COMl'ANY"
iLIUl'IKD) in aulhuriuid and liueiutul   <•
to cany on btuiueiu wilhiu tbe 1'ro-
viiiie ol Hi iti-n Columbiu, uud to cur-11'reoh N■ ■« L'' I I'- v .
ry out or effect uli or ony .,1 ibo db
j" i- ol tbe i ompan) lo wbicb thei.
gialalive uulboiity of lite Ugisluluu
of Hritish Columbia extends.
The |ie»d olfice ol Ibe Company is
siluete el IM William street, Mon
Ileal, ijin In-
The head ollice ol tba Compaay in
ibis province is siluale at (ho City of
Vancouver, and (heeler 11. Haa Neil1,
banisiei ul luw, who e eddreisle 616
Hastings strut, Vaucouvsr, oloroeaid,
is Ihe attorney for ths Conpuny.
The „moimt of eapitkl of ths Com-
I'm.)' is Seven 11 mi'li a.l and Kilty
I hoiisuud Dollms, divbled into uev-
■ nl) live hundred share*
'11VKN under my hand and
Seal ol Ollice al Victoria,
(L. H.) I'rovinee ol Hritish Columbiu,
thii niuetwntb dav of Decern-
tier, one tbousunu nine bun'
dred aud ten.
1). WHl'i'KSIDK.
liegislra, o| Joint Sioek Companiea.
Ths objecte lor ivhich ibis Comfony
baa Issen eetublished and licensed are :
The manufacturing, buying, telling,
trading and dealing in saws, buriied
wire, lead pi|ie, had shot, lead traps,
white lead, putty, wised paints, colours, varnish, plumlien', tinsmiths'
und anw mills auppliee, toolt, uten-
sila, liouseholil furniture, stoves, bard-
ware gOtidf, aad all kinde of auppliea
for windmills, dealers, faniuua and
Ths munufurluring, producing, buy-
relling.  ira.linu end dealing   in
ing, Nellmg, trariinu end Healing in
iron, steel, lead, nitlel and other mot
ala and oroe of evory description,
- To acquire shares, dsbenluras and
securities of oilier companies as the
consideration for goods, wares and
mercbandlss sold to out* enmmnfa
tki ordinary course ol business, the
operations d ths iaid Compaay to
In carried on throughout ihe {Demia-
Dost .1. H It. i'nll..'. fresh rousted ID
cents  por   lb.   Also very good at
3«r per lb.
'Policy's Tea, 3 Ib. tin 86 centa,   alio
all sliiml,nil graih-s  at  '10 and 'lb
centa package
Creamery Ituttcr 3 lbi lor tl.
''le.imci) Duller, II Ib, bus tl.'iO.
Knatein Tub Butter, 26c Ib.
A li... 11 u I',.,.in i lu <>'<i' !1 lbs, 36 cents
AH kiwis of domestic and imported
nlmsss "i lowest market price.
New California Figs 3 lbs Kc
Dales, new awl besl 3 lbs. we.
Kaiiins, Curxonts 3 lbs.   28.
Lily While and Maple Leal Maple Syrup, 2 lb. 6 lb end 10 Ib. tin el
II cents per lb.
1 Silver 'lloss and Corn Slant) in   Ib
pack and tins ',      6c lb-
36 and Hh do/.
mii. dais.
II Dread Tickets (Oc
Large assortment ol imported and local Cnmlies from lllc package up.
Walnut Chocolate, Van. made 26c Ib.
Also liv h, (i. II., W'cliDs high grade
Cboeolule, regular HUrlb. al Ilk Hi.
|UU boxes Iiest Novel Oranges al 16c doe.
or 12 76 box, all sir.es.
I,. twins,      16c dot.
Ureal bargain In Apples Imni, |l to 12
a box.
t'olotoes, Itmiarark.
All kinds ol dried and green wyclslihs
al lowest market prices.
All kinds of Nuls,      20c II, lllie. 36r
Knglish snd local Iruit cake alio Bin
cult and Crackers   •
Pure Cream Soda, 3 Ib. tin (or 26c.
SALADS, l'OKK and HEANS, etc.
pertaining to a fint doM lun
Fnul- ol nil description of beat quality
and lowi Sl prices.
J. A.&M.
' *sia
Our Special
Cash :::
D   \ L's • •'
Bargajns f •
m      For only twelve
11  dollars we will
supply the following list      ',
of groceries,   The
goods are from our regular stock and we expect to win customers
on their quality.
Kucb purtbosir of 12.60 secure* n
ticket (or a drawing for a rniddeniial lot
Ui the city of Porl Angela*, Wsab.
65 Lon«dflle Aye.
Phoae )M tm WWerr
One A ib. sack Voml Standard thnt
One   IS lb.   aa.i   H.   C.  Oruulaled
One 109 Ib. aack B. C Vauum
3 Ib. our .pedal Weed Cartas Tea
3 Ib.  wbol. roast or (reek   grand
lowu»b>pe   Creeeasry
10 Mr.  Easteni
Two I Ib. Un* Coledyk. Bk. Powder
Pour 4 Ib. ban B. C. Soap
On* t Ib. package B. C.   Waebiaf
Twelve Ibe. Ko. I Ut*
One gallon lis B. C. Syrup
Figure Uai* out witk prieee yookari
bssfo paying
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