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 ■ I
'X- ' %\
;"    SEP 7-1805    <Z\
•-Aj.jw-.M'J. ' '
NDlil'll VMCOUVBR, li. a, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER I, 11)05.
IB 111 1
'Oinmuntcntioii8—Tax Snle Netted $3,173,19—Otto Se.ni-
isoh's Request—Plunxbing By-law To He Amended—
Barns on Bowicko Street .Must Go—Unsanitary State
of Drain at Foul of Lonsdale Avenue.
Th,' municipal council met in a regular session on Wedncday evening,
Aug. .inili. Reeve Kealy presiding,
and councillors Mordcil, May, Allen
and  Bell present.
and   clerk  to  stay  proceedings  and
report at the next meeting.
Tenders were opened for Ihe Lynn
Valley road. P. A. Allen, $7,300 and
Thomas Storey, $5,880, Mr. Storey
was awarded llie contract.
For improving the Esplanade and
Fourth street, the only tenderer was
Thomas L, Kennedy.   Fourth street,
the Esplanade, $1,500.    Laid
The following correspondence was
disposed of!
From T. I). Townloy, on bcliall of
Mrs. Arthur, who is applying to tlic]?.!-'00
Dominion Government for a grant over,
of the loreshorc in fron(_ol hits 15'
, n I i", block 175, ili-triel lot -'".
The consent "i the council was asked
for.    Referred to Finance Committee.    On recommendation   ol
From Waller Ewcn, asking for a Taylor, barristers, the Plumbing By
-.-j„o nut ol the sinking fund, jhnv will |jC amended,
giving 11s sei-uriiy a mortgage "ii lot
Clerk Philip reported that the re
cut lax sale netted $3,173 19,
the -id, wall, bltrill there would he
nothing rrt.gn by.
Councillor Bell said that the position of the whole matter was so
plain, yet so important, that it was
absolutely necessary l" see to it iliat
the profile ami sidewalk were both
correct,   If the profile does not liar-
iii"in/e will, the sidewalk, which is
alleged, and supposing that but a var-
iation nf -is inches exists, and yoii
lell the architects to go to the profile
,,r sidewalk, the result will be serious
trouble wild 1I10 people,
Councillor Mordcn thought,in that
ease thai llie council should have the
engineer to verify the profile with the
sidewalk. The present sidewalk is
on a line with the permanent grade.
Councillor Hell then moved' that
the Board ol Works
to enquire as lo whether the present
sidewalk oh! Lonsdale avenue harmonized with the profit submitted
hy the engineers, and if not to have
the same modified.
The Horticultural Association is
nothing if im. a progressive ami live
institution.    Tin-   latest!  important
transaction hy llieni is that of Iran--   Ml',.*!
feniin; ilu- option on id acres adjoining the  Alexandra   Horticultural
Ollltds on  Lonsdale avenue, (0 ihe
C, Electric Railway Company. This
line site will be cleared and trans
ferret] into Q recreation grounds and
'fenced by the Company. It will
also lie used as the horticultural
The directors of the Association
have worked hard for ,l,e Society,
and deserve the thanks of the community, and to show how much their
be instructed I services are appreciated lei everyone
attend the show on Saturday, Sept
1 dill. next.
Chairman-A Remarks—The ConstituMoo and By-law*
Adopted—'Ihe Kleciion of Officers—Honorary l'resi-
dent .1. C, Keith and President A. St. 0. Hamorsley—
The Motor Boat Raoo—Entries Now Open.
II. C. Wright, of the Western Corporation, was present and il
attention ol .lie council i
unsanitary condition of
Rclcrred to Finance CoiiinM-
which amendments were left to die waterworks
Committee m report on.
A private wedding took place al
the residence ol Mr. Go'nxnles,   The
thcjciintracling  parlies  being   Miss il,
Goniiajics and Mr. J. I. French.   Mr
f  ihe  "Id   pin
friends of the
This! family were invited, Lunch was serv-
ncar Fourth street I cd with all the nice dainties that the
the very
he open drainIGonzulics, being one
limes oi at Hie loot "i Lonsdale avenue, ncar|neers,   only   intimate
There was a g",„l attendance
Thursday night's public meeting
the municipal hall ." receive the report of the committee preliminary to
forming the North Vancouver Aqua
tic Club,
On motion "f Messrs. Itmilt and
Gibson, Mr. A. I). Diplock was chosen as chairman, ami on motion of
Messrs Wrighl and Nye, Mr. Hell
was selected as secretary.
Chairman Diplock stated thai the
meeting assembled lo receive the
report nl the ennui,,cc .appointed at
a previous meeting to draft rules
etc, lie said that since .he adjourn
menl nf the last meeting, .pi natnci
The Assessment By-law was
Robert Docherty, secretary   North I opted.
Vancouver Horticultural Association,
wrote extending an invitation to -the
council to attend the fair on Sept. id.
Accci i' ,1 with thanks,
From  Deputy Minister ol Marine
islu in i, stating that the coun-
ipplii .ti  i  grant ol water
lot, opposite Bewickc stru-t, was Buly
In   i    I,   cxi in  -  council,    Filed.
The clerk here read it letter from
Geo, King, 7,1 Hastings Street, Vancouver, which had been handed to
the Hoard of W'urks. It was asked
that a roaU.be opened up from Lonsdale to Chesterfield oil Second street.
to lots as 16 an, block mo.
I    Councillor  Hell  suggested  that
lettirs should come before council be-
I ,. ,,. .„   I I la Vi cha and Kuhlifi  ((jrc bejng hamlklll |iy comm|ttM,   i|e
Wring   (' '• >'•   regardingm0VC() ,,,.„ it lu, rcfcrrcrj   t0   ,jlc
ulng ol the hose at Vancouver|Bo|m| of works, which was accord
iniily agreed to
A  .notion  -. ;•    passed    that    111
ii •  id ol al N,,rth Vancouver.   Mo-
ed agreeing to ihe same.
,    \\   T,  ,'ui,,'.    ci'ie i, lli.it   a,    •>  ■■■■'>■■■■■ ;
„ „i hi extended to Malum avenue   agreement hrtwern Mr. McNair and
„       :,„ up,    li wa- decided that 'he corporation be signed and sealed
.„ as  Mi   Piper showed the
council ihai he intended to build on
! i. |-1. i crty, the matter would re-
■n-iii,,.num.   On motion ol
■r P.-ll, however, llie rcqucal
rred t" Ihe Hoard "i Work*.
Mabel Seal wrote asking that Sev
when the lenders have been acccpte
The Hoard ol Works recommend,
that the supposed owners of the vacant Stable! On Bewickc avenue he
notified to remove the same, ol fail-
in,; that they be burnt and removed
by the council. They had been
built years ago and were u.-cd by
luggers' teams.
Councillor Hell thought that hasty
action might he risky and moved I"
insert the words "within Jo days"
inio ihe resolution, which was bcc-
unded by councillor Mordcn and
- ,,i be cleared and graded
Lonsdale to Durham svenues,
■ i ., sidewalk be built along
■,.(,   I.,   Tenth   Strctl It   was
tenders loi tame.
lion    It    Evclcigll,    architects,
iinn that W. I. Thompson
contraci for Ihe construe- 	
two itorcj  building on lots      It  was decided to call  lor ten,!, I'll, block ifij, diatricl loi -71. for grading Chesterfield avenue from
., l.onsdali  avenue      They asked the  Esplanade to Thirteenth street
•    council i" give them the perm-!The mad was now chared.    Also
ancnt grade ol the street    The grade Fifteenth  and  Seventeenth   streets,
Icwall   1 was tlleg   fi mi Chesterfield to Wulllsohn av-
houl '" per cent, and as it 1 Tenders in he in by the joth
oil thai  in easier mule had inst.
|)   J pted, the line was
1     Alio atk permission 1 •
, mncci ihe toll pipe Irom the build
•■ ;h.. boa drain    Laid over
I .ii-.
Corporation vs. Ferry Co.; four oar,
senior; Indian rune races; swimming
race..; greasy pole.
The committee asked that officials
(or the regatta be appointed,
On motion of Messrs. Philip and
Hartley, the meeting endorsed, approved and thanked the committee
lor their services and Instructed them
to lake full charge 01 the programme.
which will he pulled off on Saturday,
Sept. 1 frlli.
The course will be from Indian
Mission to the wharf opposite the
North Vancouver hotel. The tide
will be running in, which is in favor
of the regatta.
The motor boat race will be handicapped, and open lo all, The handicaps will be determined before the
nice, and each boat will receive its
handicap in starting. The fastest
boat will start at the scratch. A
cup, valued at $50, will be the properly ol ihe  winner.
Entries may he made with Mr.
Wrighl, of the Western Corporation;
Mr. Egan, the secretary, or at The
Express office, The entry fees will
be 2$ cents.
Committee will meetaipn Tuesday
.-veiling at the office, oi-thc Western
Mr Mo ire, nl Rnm 11 it Ru  ell,
... .in 11, bcliall of
Semlsch,    lie tald   that   his
1. i. 11    jo, mi' ted tome
, in Nor ill Vancouver real e
nnd had »lv       '■    l«d" lh«
When be **'•!- aide.    A few VCirS
h ,1 met with „„ lib 1     ,111
nd all iw, l In. 1 iv • i" v'
,! 11 ■!■. qui ■ tly ' " pi IP'
was sold by the municipality
th.    lime   ol   its   sale, howl vei.
... 1, lonu Irregularities, and a
1 was ided since then the taxes
been accumulating, but Mr. Sent-
■ ... is now in a position to pay up
., 1 . , le. The deed
'. In I never been registered. "If
,    11. property he will be pen-
il  the speaker, therefore
let to past 1 1
ii ck th( properly.    w ,,.
Rccvi   laid Hi 1 ll nilghl be    Councillor May thought that 11 the
to  Initrucl   tin council's soli-. council had competent engineers thej
to lings u illl the ,h0H|,| ,,, ,,. ,,, ii,,. matter,
ighly i" .I.' I into,
lit, Sherwood's   application   thai
, 1 road lor a distance "I about
yon feet ifn Sixteenth street, near
Mai,.-n avenue, be made,   Lett with
the Hoard ol Workl
'I'he communication of Dalton &
Evelclgh was ih, n taken up re lines
n 1... dale avenue,
('.aim ill". Mordcn laid thai li"!-"
,\ i-i, Ii .:'h , mild gel the grade 1 1
ll pri "h- in the office, The prei
.nt sidewalk on profile was the one
adopted, and buildings could follow
cither in salely, "The sidewalk
should I"- Followed," added Council
lor Mordcn,
Reeve    Kealy)    said    that    il
you      say      that      the      sidewalk
ii to hi tlic permanent grade, then
ilu- profile which has been accepted
should he lorn up and destroyed.
Councillor Hell said that if there is
a misunderstanding about the lines
.bey Slioilld he corrected and ihci
sidewalk made |o harmonize with the
profile, "I  the profile with  llie side.-
100 [eel north nf the Esplanade, and
from there il is "pen to the inlet. All
chokes at different distances and
warm weather the stench is al times
Constable Dick in reply to a question "i a councillor corroborated Mr.
Wright's rchtarki and said that he
had been unable tn find the parties
who emptied the filth .herein.
The council will   look   into
Subscription, $1 a year.
made     wishing     the     young had hem added lo the proposed list
every   success  and   happiness ,,( members,  which  repie-intul $j.hi
.through the matrimonial sea ol life in fum|,; a debenturci bad been di
oils o  Idlh is ihnupcd into tl which ...,,,,      ,
.. . -i'i-I       young coupic icavf mr .in nor- pose*] of, which realized the sum i
ihern coaat,  where   Mr.  French  has $.„»,     The amount wauled was $500
.omc line promising gold mines.       ;,,, rtart „.„|,     \|r   MontclillS, who
v. i  a ogod supporter nf clean sport,
contributed one hall and he the other
LATEST CURE FOR CONSUMP- hall inwards the purchase ol a boat
TION. which would be preiented   to   the
chih.     (Applause.)   Mr   A.well King
The New V.uk |'...„i .Graduate It,,,- n, |||(, Vancouver club ulsisted the
pi.al announces what ll believes in be coinmiticc
the discovery ol a new cure Im con     -nil. ,,.,„,ilIV r„„| ,|„, t,.,.,irl ,,f
ittinption,   Tin- new remedy is the lh„ , „,,, ,   .,;,,, mt borough
Juice of raw  table vegetables  |.„   iv „.,„ l]s.. „.....!. ,,„,| „„ motion ol
tames, heeis, carrots, onions, celery M,,,,, Wrign|  , Ny, fmti „„,
and ihe like, procured by grinding
ami squeezing, ., dose being two
onncci alter mi ill The 11 .ti in i
is made thai eleven patients with
i. loped pulmonarj I In i •'
osii have beiii cured, Filly ".her
p iii 11 are .ml under ircalnn I .1 I
-anl i" In- prngrctiing - itislactorily
Write   .idu.|j,i'ing   as   .hough
, ipe ii J ii 10 Iii  believed.
bcUe.  a man advertIsei  tin-
lie .will be able to advertise,
in .sly.
'Iln membership ol
then in. r,« eil lo 'ii
tin- 1 hih wat
Tim miry boat of its kind in British
Columbia is the properly of A. B.
Diplock, captain of the North Van-
uver Aquatic club. It is an Eng-
lilll  racing   four-oared gig,  16    feet
ng, and may be seen at Martin's
A good omen awaits the North
Vancouver Aquatic club, At the
meeting on Thursday night it elected
two pioneer .sporting men lo fill its
important offices. Mr. Keith, honorary president, ami Mr. Hameritey,
president, were both charier members of the Brockton Point chili, and
lave acted on the board ever since
's Inception some  16 years ago.
II   M   Gltchell, of Vancouver, called mi Tbc Expre , Wednesday.
lie's "-luck" on the new lown.
,,f offiacri retultcd it
Accordingly a moti in was pti icd
leaving Ihe matter with the neve
RCCVC   Kealy  said   that   there  was
nothing In itic office to sh iw thai the
idi u ilk was with ih ■ profile,   Were
Th,- danger ol ovcradverlising .«
iiniili less, than that ol under adver
tising..    :
If there's anything in your store
you think people ought I" buy, till
them so and,tell them why.
No man can run a good paper in a
poor lown, Are you helping 10 make
your Iced paper a g I on, •
A merchant' should not think lhat
even hi- l.i'-l  customers arc so laffl-j
iliar with I ■   1 1- and prices that,
iii, y know all aboui it without bcingl   Captain Cnlcs', of North V neon
informed, Ivor, pile driver has arrived In rcpaii
  ' Ihe wll  li.
Support   the   town .and   subscribe <*
for its paper, The Express '   Subscription, $1 a year,
The .1.ii*,
Hon  President   I C Kciili
1*     lent   V. St. G ll.unii-1,■)■
The basis of the work has been thai    First Vice-Prciideni   W W  Mon
I., cure consumption licyond the in  lellus,
clpic.it itagc an "unknown something!   Second Vlci President
musl he found in the diet," The hoi !   Secretary Tn mirci   J
pital's circular announces that "il Is Wll: ' •' "
'. Larson,
fi,    Chit-
It is very forlnna.e lhat the glanders so prevalent among horses at
Vancouver has not reached the Twin
The raffle of a $1.15 Underwood
typewrite! in aid nl Ihe dcjtilule
children, will be held at Hotel Nmih
Vancouver, mi Saturday, September
.'.inl, 1005,    Tickets. 50 cents.    Buy
..in-   The money so rniscd is for »
g I came.
it Macpherson, M, P, will he the
jueii "i honor al the fair on Saitu-
ilay. St|il   loth, when he will nprn'it.
Aim the watering lroaghi*HI lie dtd-
Icated by him
Prof, Brooks niiulc a vrry lUCKSt-
(nl hill 1 aicenilon  last  Saturday
Iron, the grounds o| ihe hotel   The
inl ,,f in. series ,,f engtgemenis will
hi   given   "ii   Sunday,  Seplrnibrr  .1,
believed, moreover, that rlili may
lead to a means by which everybody
may be rendered immune Irom the
deadly tubercle bacilli, ju-i a- vac
dilation safeguards from smallpox,
, I' S It I'icrs, the wharfinger,
I recovering from his illness. It
may be added that be is a Ihient enn-
i,. ttlonatisl In Ihe Japanese lan-
I..muni (minim' I-'.. Il.ciidir- gum,-, having -pent 11 years on the
ion, D, il Dick, 11 C, Wright, D governmental edueitlonal staff In J»p-
S Martin, T Nye, J. J Wvodt, Dr nn as Interpreter.
1 npi hi.   \  D Diplock,
Vice-captain   T Mallcy,
The poundkecper is doing
illi; hllsillliss this week.
Dyer, W. L Boult, W,6, Hell, It. J
II, (', Wright, chairman   ol   the
eiiiiiinilln ,   and- Seen l.uv   I . "1   ri
ported  ■  : P ,|-. and
on ihe following
wen      .' I upon!
Singh ■■ nil rare; double scull rai r,
loin .11   nii'i; loin ".it. SVctieinl ment will be made by The Express,
Considerable lalk is bring iud<i!g»'l
in these days as in-how \\\t volunteer
fire btigailr is progressing    It may
he added thai  no lime It being lost
over ihe organisation "I the (ante.
Winn constable inck has irranged
the little details, etc., due announce-
' 111-. EX^KhSb
A Weekly  Si wspapi i   Published by
Subscription, $l a year
Managing Editor,
tising Manager
As Others See Us.
A   ""Ol'  IMI'RI SSION,
"The world do move" was the
conclusion come to some time ago
by less sophisticated persons than
those natural philosophers, who
Buffered persecution tor promulgating the tin "iy of a diurnal motion on its own axis. There are
man) i ml, :u > - ol its truth, apart
Irom the prools put forward by
us scientists. One of the
lat, -t is the publii ation in North
Vancouver, an ambitious town
near .1"-. it) ol \ a .couver, of Tin:
I    11   , a ."-1.,  in wspaper, lor
LAROll Ml'
i iboi  Day in I inada hai existed wl   !' '' • Printing Com
in  |  latiot, il hn -.I I*    ■ ;  .■   ■■
tin   late Su  John Thumps
premier, in i.le it law,    Tl
gi ,| P\ LiOOrgfj ll.il'tley,
i- i.   ■ I in   first issue is
then print. ,1 mi wi II i ah ndured paper,
ub,ish   prestiinalil) ." "make ,, good im-
pr, ssion," and is profusely illus-
iiiinal play -i-.i-"ii is (rated  with portraits ol persons
indicative of progress, even though associated with that thriving miin-
i, i , , .  , icip.illi. and views ol places and
it lasts only one day out ". the (6s , ■'.     .
Iijects in and around it.   Among
Hut labor has not y,i learned   and the portraits wi rei ignizu those ol
iom'i  I  Id will never learn  The les   "''•• '.'■ nccrs, J  C   Keith nnd A.
.„_ „i ;.. ,..„.„, „„j , i    ,,       i, S: ii   . Hainersley, both of whom
son   'I Us power, and l.almr I lav will -, ,,
pi ssi is more than happv recollec-
ti.-: have its true meaning interpret! I ,j .,. asa ,  ns, tuencc of'their long
until the workers 'cam to pi    in tinection   with   the  fortunes ol
N. itli Vancouver. These fortunes,
men, buildings and scenes prom
nent in North Vancouver. The
make-up of the paper is certainly
creditable to Manager Hartley.
Hereafter it will be issued weekly
on Fridays.—Vatuouver News-Ad-
true and just -hare ol the wealth
they produce. Labor will have it,
rights when it has a muid dcv,
lo appreciate it- opportunities and its
powers Those powers resi ■ Ij n
our educational system, the ha'.lot
box. and loyalty to the men ol capable leader-hip     By the ballot all
monopolies can be levelled.   At pres-
enl the) are created and U|
i many otliei persons
and plat, s, were up and down, for
N nth Vancouvi. mostly down in
tlu past. Tin y are up now, and
th. ,- gentlemen an: up with them.
lictoria Colonist,
mav be rcasnnahli
■ icpci ■ :. (or un-
Noith Vancouver is fortunate.
Already it has two weekly news-
pap, is. The nt wei ol the two is
i b i'l\i'in --. and it is so different
ii m th Herald that residents of
the votes of the people. Until this the''British Columbia Oakland,
truth is rcognized and acted and all interested therein, will feel
no immediate change f,   the better compelled to subscribe for both.
I HI   I.-. i- illy a paper ol
b .. il . and though the following
td then a new era lor lal no! numbers may I"- unable to keep up
come.   All over America en Monday '° ''le standard set by  the  initial
thi. big holiday festival will he ob- !Mi',;,'"""'   "? H'" .welJ-de'
served sut ci ss (oi it, Pruned on
served. Across the hay thousands ol book paper, ew llently illustrated,
men will participate in the demon- containing information calculated
to make all investors  in   North
\ am ouvei  lei I happy, The Ex
'''  PRESS   stalls  out  under  splendid
i : pil • •     GeOrgi     Hartley,    who
made its appearance yesterday,   hi SPORTS
is a neat publication primed ma
dear type on bright paper and pro-!    \ ,„cui pjc„ic party was .„ ,, -ln
iusely illustrated with pictures ol w Nall|lwie ,.„, s.m,rd;iv .„•,,,,„,„;,
at Lynn creek, which was largely attended, everyone enjoying themselves.
A hotly conk-sled game of baseball was played between the Shamrocks and the Rough and Readys.
The score stood 16 to 15 in favor of
the Shamrocks. N. Parker and \V.
Tremble were pitcher and, calcluf
respectively for the Shamrocks, The
greatest number ol runs was made
by Tremble and J. McDonald, Rough
and Readys—pitcher, G. Parker,
catcher, J. Parker. Good run- were
made by P. Smith.
The Shamrocks wish The Express
to state that they challenge any ti am
to meet them on the Lynn creek
100 yards foot race for nun R
Martin. 1st; \V. Nahinnie, and.
Fifteen yards ladies' fool race-
Miss B. Smith, 1st; Miss M. Burns,
Forty yards race—Miss. L, Nahan,
ISt; Mrs. VV. Flora, 2nd.
stratum and a general lus| ensi        :
business  will   lake  place.     W,
the celebration every success
To such an extent has Vancouver spread beyond her boundaries that a .aw "village on the
inlet," as our friend Mr. Macgowan,
M, P. P., would say, has been
established across the rushing
waters ol the lar famed harbor, the
refuge in which "all the shipping
nf the world could find room to
anchor." The new town being
established, the next thing to (ol.
low naturally is the newspaper-
One newspaper being but a dull
thing without an "esteemed contemporary" to act as a tonic or
stimulant, there is always another.
And so The Express of North
Vancouver, George Hartley, managing editor, has been established.
We 'nave just received the first
number of The Express, which,
we presume, has put 011 a litfle
extra style in honor of the day ot
its birth. It is probably not the
intention of the editor 10 continue
lo print bis journal on extra fine
paper all the days of its natural
life, which we trust will be many
nut prosperous, as the first issue
of The Express is a trirle above
the ordinary in appearance. It is
also well tilled with pictures of the
prominent men of the ambitious
town, The centre from which Tin:
Express emanates is apparentl
well supplied with newspapers, bin
then.- is little doubt the paper will
lie able to supply its readers witl
a satisfactory reason for its existence.— Victoria Units.
for A &uick Lightning
Two Lot* on Second Street
for $500
ll  i is tin greatest snap that I have ever offered, and is
only open for a couple ol days.
101 Cordova Street.
The   .N.irtl
Vancouver Specialist    !
"All Hail to the Westward
been idi nun, i with the Van-
The residents ,-1 N rth Van  iuvm i  "vel Pf-'ss for a number of years,
.,„„,,,  . ,      ,   . is the conductor ol the newspaper,
should feci gratified on the formation ,, , ,  ,,,J^lk
ol the Aquatic Club.    I;  - of) 1 I from him, and the newspaper nn-
by good mil capable men, who will   'L''  consideration shows that h,
,, ,,, , ,.   , 1,,       .. intends t 1 give it,    Mi    Hartlev
'   :   11 that the business will be wi-ir, , ,   ,.      „    V
has   so   identified   himself   with
looked after and that   nothing   but North   Va uver   that   he  has
clean and hei hful sport   will   be established oii.ces on the Espla-
tolerated.    There   will   be at least ',Hlk'' ,rom ,h,e «!nd°W8, ol w,"ch
. I,   can   watch No.tli Vancouver
fmir diosi ins ". sports, namely, row- grow    The salutatory follows;
ing, boating, sailing and swimming      ro maki  known   tin    advantages
As 10011 .,- sufli icnt fundi tn     m   '  " ;     :" "; :;,::l-v' ■"
n .. .eral, is the
hand a club house will be erected • •■ .  per.      That
nds of pi rsons di - r-
Air* -iy about 60 have sign       • f ku iwii« 1 ,- ab ml the Twin
Intention    I joining, which, we b,      '"    ' municipality
.   -  'rrl 'Ubtcd,
lievc, is thi  longi : II 1 ol members and in response 10 this demand The
, .      , Express a| pears.
ever procured hereabouts nt the 111      1, will be ou. .im to make The Ex
mation   of   an   athletic club.   This "r?M ,,n "'"I     '   md clean jour.
li- an   - -  will   In   carefully
speaks volumes lor thi future nf the written ,ii*H no attempt will be made
,. ,    .„ to ex iggei te 01 misrepri lent,    To
new association, which will, ere many ,:„ ., « ,u|d „... he wi* or prudent.
years, rank among the ben ol cm      '"  ""'   'i,;' '" •" ln;l " ,0 l>c iM
  that the eyi   rather than
the imai  ..ui.ui.
The pessimist never expects   any-     To th   1 and to the new-
.,,;  , ,      ,    comers aliki    ITti   lixpresi  1 xtendi
thing to turn -ui right, for feai ,:. ..'.,.., .,,„ cur.
Will be fooled     01 cot! ' that  advance-
 hat is due to il   grcal extent,
no such pi iple -ii Ni rth Vai -       brim,   climate,   Iti
1'-. • lethal tl    town    ;
to the home
. and the
idci 'I' ount
'■  " his share, ■ 1 |i,,l.\ in .; u the help
,  • I newspapermen to push
,   ..       it]   I'll ■ is
lllllllit* . lilie  that
;     1 t, 1       t afford to
Support   .he   lown and   subsc.il*   ivcrloo •   II
for in piper, The Express
will be a hummer
A person whi ii   I
will   hold   n-   annual   htii   in
Pa\    -. - :•, Sal 111 iy, Si pt, 16
■1 1        iv 1 r i,, inn.
I in   I..   ■       ■       11 v   North
1 ... ■ ,,i.. tin. in 1  1    ii
1 ppeared to la*, is  in
. '   .      1     ■ , ■ ,
ilii, h, il 11 maintains th,
standard    ol    excellence   which
eral hundred dollars' worth ■• prim    -   ntry into the newspappi
an- being hung ii|       :' !   . ■      ■•       .1 11 nclit to
the municipality in whie 1 it is nub-
prise winners    Everything points tn ljshd .       ,     .   ,   , ,/„„.
8   llM   '■' ■   •- ■«   Ihii   yi ii.   ai pre i  an   u\ iall)   altri, live and
a larger number ol cntrii   h ri been "T to '"      Tl nit-rous nils,
promised than heretofore    in sddL v''!'"v '      ;'«««««.«'?
i-'-lh-i.i and in- articles i!es( r.p-
tion to this splendid little ihow there tiveofthai 1 ing 1 tvn are thoi-
will in- a regatta on the Inlei wihin oughl* interesting      Tin   reader
a stone's throw ol Ihe display    Thi   "' :'":   '    ■        '' ' "f ''"' Pr0
^sn , f .is. ..  .               ',     , Bri *a *,1(l I'1 • ll ' on litems tire
ran ' 1 the pn .■> rami is under the ° •, , .,     ',.
,.,,.,,.                     [ from t , 1 I hi Ex-
■ ' pie*     "I   .he   Nora \ in    .ver ,' ,
.            , . I'Rkss,   which deserves,   and  un-
Aqutdc club and   h, .Id h   Itract.oa ,, ,       ,, tho ,     ,
enounh lor Ihouiindi ol visHo,   ■ - .„, ;   :l   ■ ■-,. ,,        j„ w|,0 .  ,
Ul   ' 1."        the gi     rl       1'.,   ,'....■    i inducted     I't
mittance ol .(   ent. .0 il .
is ihe only , harge made I n a lull
day'- enjoy men I
There has been received at this
office a copy of the first issue ol
the North Vancouver FxPRF.ss, Mr.
Geo. Bartley, managing editor.
The latest addition to tile press
of ihe district is a handsome eight-
page sheet, printed 011 book paper.
The first issue is profusely illus-
traied with cuts of the prominent
men in the growing city opposite.
Vancouver, together with clear
representations ol interesting
is a most creditable weekly paper Sting of the wind in our faces,
and should do woll.—New West- Crunching of hoofs on sand
minster Cotumbiiin,
The executive of the Lewis and
Clark exposition, now being held
at Portland, Oregon, U. S. A., offered a prize of Sioo for the best
poem on "The Trail." Of the
large number submitted in the
co petition, that of a lady was ae
j judged the best. The General
I Press Bureau of the exposition
sent out the following comment:
"Mrs. Lindsley's poem is deemed peculiarly lilting fur the purpose, as it brings out in strong,
snappy language the lilt and swing
of the rider 'hitting the trail' to the
westward, shows forth the development brought about by the
pioneers, and gives due honor to
Lewis and Clarke." The winning
poem follows:
on 14th St., near Lonsdale Avenue.
Water Connections. A Good Buy
The call mines, strong and Insistent,
1 lut of the West, oh, hark!
Follow ihroiiiih ball the sun and trai
Biased by L mis and Clark 1"
On with the blanket and paddle, '
Rfdfl like the devil posiesied,
■lies and buildings in the neigh- Bwlftonthewayby nlghUndday,
I'linod' Altogether Till   BxPRESS      II" the trail to tl,e ^t:
Subscription, $1 a ycir.
A Nl *i   PI 1 ; 1. ,iil"S.
I       rsl ol N irth \ nni ■ it
er's in- i.n paper, I HE liXPREss,
Thi first issue of The Express,
published at North Vancouver, B.
C, arrived at our oilice this week
Im: lixpREss  is   a   six-column,
eight-pate paper, ably edited, ll
is printed on heavy hcok paper,
and .s profusely illustrated with
half-tones. From a typographical
standpoint it is the peer ol any
olbei publication in Hie province.
-Grand Forks Sun.
North Vancouver has now made a
line start with about 1.500 residents tu
become the great Twin City ol the
Pacific co 1st, It has a lirst-cl.e,. m id
cm hotel and excellent picnic grounds.
public |nrk, livery stable*, rest lurants,
barber shop, drug -lure, grocery and
provition stores, hay and iced sup
plies, biiU'her iflop, bake thop, hoard
ing houses, etc., dry goodl store, hard
ware store, blacksmith shop, real cs-
late offices, po»i office, churches,
-.'', ml, etc
Steamboat business 1- being citato-
li-hed on the waterfront, tin ben In
the world Besides the lerry company's u I1.1111 ., winch are doing a
I      1 I  1;il   1  11 l' wharij-
irsi "i ■ ompietion snd will alio
he well piii. in,',d. 1 Ithcr indtiitrics
an- contemplated, An assembly hall,
11 lilabl, for public meetings anil en
tcrtainments, is built, and street
grtlding and laying ol sidewalks being
urged forward. The townsite has the
necessaries ami comforts of life, with
total absence of objectionable associations, and ,1 i- growing.
When the 6-year-old was taken in
t,i see the new baby, he exclaimed:
"Oh, mamma, it hasn't any teeth.
Oh, mamma,  it hasn't  any  hair!"
Then, clasping his hands in distress
h, cried. "Somebody lias cheated
US.    It's an old baby."
Rome was not built in a day; nor
tin, sou build your business with
nni -n .ill a l, but constant advertising in this paper will greatly benefit
i„ur business prospects.
What'ei betide, pause not, hut ride
Straight to the promised hind.
Whiteness of sails, on the ocean.
Gleaming of gold in the iiills.
Ijlury of grain on the harvest wain.
Curling of smoke from the mills.
Off with Ihe saddle and blanket,
Kindle ,,ur hcarthfirW -park;
Here's "All Hail to the Westward Tra
Biased hv Lenin and Clark!"
Is ii glofiovs summer !■■ vir-
age—quenching and satisfying. Remember there's ho
other "j'nt at good"—insist
mi in ttiit'i liainiet ; ; : ■ :
'acific Bottling Works
Support   the   town  and   subscribe
for its paper, The Express.
Subscription, $1 a year.
Recently Mr. Waddillgton, a well
known undertaker ol Accrington,
Eng., received word lo take the measure ol a shroud for a certain Mrs.
Hidden of Huncoat, who had died
in the morning. When he reached
flic house and started to take the
measurement lie thought he taw
signs of life in .he body. After some
time of hard labor he brought the
woman hack to life, it is never ton
late to do good. Try an "ad.
The Express; it will pu. life in y in
Favorite Tooth Powder
Cleanses and Heautijies
On  r   |
Imparts nici mlor
to Breath.
I'nt, j, aiitiii Id ,  iijnl
McDowell'* Drag Store
North \jniot..,
For Real Estate
:    Call and see
Loasdale Avenue.
He is right on the ground and
nukes   a   specialty  ol  North
Vancouver i>ru|iertie«.
lor some of the fiii'-st butiiicsF
property in the Townsite, also
residence properly nnd acreage
111 all I'lirm ul Hie suburbs.
Now ia the time tu buj and
is the man to buy Iroui.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Audlloi s.
Real talale *uinls.
I'lunihiim 111,1 in,.,„„ii
nay.Caltli andChtektn
I ecd
Lumber and all kinds, of Aulldln<| Material.
Lands Cleared and Bulldlnft trccted,
Contractors and \aiu,iior».
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
and the
for $ 1.50 a year. [•HE EX1 i i.
In a conparitively short time
North Vancouver has started to
grow and, mushroom like, scores
of residences are springing up all
over the townsite. Their architecture is modern, and are furnished with all the comforts and
convenioncea of modern houses.
The townsite is all that could be
desiree, audit is doubtful if a more
beautiful and picturesque location
can be found on the continent. In
> the  back ground to the north a
i' niag.iilieie.it view of Mount Cruwn
[,4,280 fees above sea level), the
1" ..I, of which is snow-capped
Mount Baker (10,700 feet) an extinct, or perhaps only latent, volcano, in the State of Washington,
to the south, may be seen distintly
0.1 a bright day. Then across the
inlet the city ol Vancouver lies in
full sight to the Twin City.
Nature has done much to make the
site a most desirable location for
the startinp; ol a great city. As
the drainage facilties are excelled
municipal improvements can easily
be made that will insure satisfactory conditions. The surface of
the ground is gently undulating,
and is rapidly being cleared of the
timber. Desirable building lots
can be procured at reasonable
p.ices. Already many residents of
Vancouver are taking advantage of
these conditions and the prospects
ate that in a very short time a large
number doing business across the
inlet will take up their residence
'1 lure. The country in the vicinity
of Nortli Voncouver presents
strong attractions to those desiring
small holdings, which may also be
han at a noniini.il figure. It is
estimated that ten acres set out in
fiuit trees, say, 100 to the acre,
will yield to the investor in a very
tn* years $3,000 annually, as there
is .: constant growing demand foi
at Vancouver, and elsewhere close
B by, Tue climate of Hurrard inlet
i- delightful and that of the new
town is recoiled to be at least two
wieks earlier than that of the ter-
in in iai City. 'I his is accounted for
li;. the Coast range ol mountains of
t north shelterieg the munici-
pility from the northern winds.
le "1 it is a good location for a
i. homes.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 1.—[Special.]—Fire broke out
on the waterfront this afternoon and destroyed the 0., R.
& N. and Pacific Coast elevator docks in less than an
hour. A general alarm brought all the fire apparatus in
the city to the scene. The flames have spread across the
river to the plant of the Eastern and Western Lumber
Company. The fire is still burning fiercely. The loss at
present is over $200,000.
St. Johns, Ore., Sept. 1.—A fire here this morning
destroyed two sawmills, with lumber yards, doing $80,000
damage; insurance $31,000.
The town of Hamilton, Montana, has a marshal who
evidently does not intend to permit that place to go to the
dogs. We find in the Western News, of Hamilton, the following warning, which, as we hope the inhabitants of that
town have discovered ere this, speaks for itself;
All persons owning dogs and do
not pay the game by the 15th of August will be killed.
Jas. lliuiuNH, Marshal.
Flatterers are clever mind-readers.  They tell vain
women exactly what they think,
There isn't a department store on earth large enough
to supply everything a woman wants, so Eays a cynic.
Automobiling may be the poetry of motion until the
machine breaks down—then it is blank verse.
Belfast Clothing House
Their Stores are Crammed Full of Bargains
in Men's Wear. Everything Going for the
Next    Two    Weeks    at    Bisj;     Reductions.
42 Cordova St. and 245 Carrall St.
No, Cordelia, the woman who is most admired isn't
necessarily the most admirable woman.
Good nature doesn't care where the laugh is, but is
apt to get it on the other fellow.
A depot agent may be pardoned for try to rise beyond
his station.
No one has ventured to suggest that woman wants but
little here below.
One great improvement on the unloaded gun is possible. It should be made to only shoot holes into the
smart Aleck who fires it off just to scare people.
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,!
Loans, Farms, Etc,
Timber Limits.
l'ropeaty for sain all over the City
Suburbs and North Vancouver.
Office : 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
Merchant Tailors, late of Victoria
or the present.    Large New Stock of choice Summer and Fall Suitings.   Latest Styles.    Fit Guaranteed.
100 Hastings Street West, Corner Abbott.
Tender* Wanted
Smb. Street
The consumption <)f gunpowder has ceased in Asia,
hut the balance will be maintained by the opening of tli
shooting season to-morrow in America.— Victoria Times,
"He can't rind a girl to please him."
"Is he hard to suit?''
•'Well, he works in a sugar factory."
"Are the fish biting this morning?"
"No. but the mosquitoes are.'
i Stacey (*i Hain, a new firm
ol grocers, will open up business
on Tuesday next. Mr Stacey is
an old tinier in the country, and
[i i v. ,, ral years conducted a gro-
i, i\ business in Tort Hammond
and later in Vancouver on Powell
street, Mr, Bain has had a lengthy
experience in the line lie is now
enb ring, in Winnipeg. Both the
above gentlemen have invested
111, i.illy in North Vancouver real
i tate, It is a pleasure to chron-
|i thil addition to the industries
i: North Vancouver, and Tin:
i    w ishea the new tirm every
Nothing can be worse than a woman scorned unltss it
is two women scorned both after the man at the same time.
Though a lady's garments may be a poem the bill for
them is the dreariest kind of prose.
Twenty years from now these will be called the "good
old times.''
: -i,    me ol influi nc*  i r
■ mdi i r. .in Sue/ via Thibet
lo the Vane>tsee valley and
l' ilian port*; and its frontier,
i hincM sesbosrd faces, and by
,. unmeaiured possibilities, and by all
,'.vantages, and wilh all the cor-
•v ol federal interests importunes
(or the establishment of target
l,".incss   relathns.    The   appeal   la
by Japan; and the federal and
.    :: idonal traffic   thus   offered   to
Canada is ol phenomenal value.    It
jhould be at   mice   evident   that, if
Quia and Japan be valuable fields nf
trade to England, they should be nf
greater relative value to Canada,
.,   ,li i- not half England's   distance
To look prosperous is one thing and to {eel prosperous
is quite another.
Stationers ate about the only persons who ean keep
diaries the entire year.
Many men can hear the ring of a silver dollar farther
than that of n church bell.
Lots ':   J
,                 V
ii   ,-.
1    ,::
Lot! Sell at from $75.00 to $150.00 on terms.
This is a good buy. The site cannot be excelled in the
Municipality, a lull view, rot only of the Municipality it-
sell, but the whole ol the Inlet and English Bay can be
viewed Irom this point.   Apply to
T. H. NYE, Queens & Lonsdale
T« i Ivti ft* Invited far lot"  1  mil -'. H
lllON , 111 nbuteilmtfri-Ui     111**"  ire D" MM"
dMMtblt loMoi r»Mtul rI i ir| "• In Sorth
VttlC'UV.r.     bnrll   I'll CODUIUI fXH.il)  Utlfl
»rre I\o ihjatiM enroer liwily 911 U-v\ (run
llie c ntf r al [<onwl»ta itvuui w III !* ilrtet,
ii' ■»    i point iln- train cartar* 'orun
p, .    |)ric*MI    ■   -  iV' I. ;.■ ,, Will [ll]
ii ft ».r-'i   i rvttn • *.;.'  right I
tv\% UUy ur nil Wii't- r»    AiMr* >4
I i li.. P«t Office boj;-.
District of
Dominion  Exhibition
September 27 to October 7, 1903
Under the Auipicel of the Royal Agricultural and Industrial Society
New Westminster, B. C.
Stupendous and comprehensive array of Exhibits representing
the resources ol all Canada.
$100,000 Msia
The Council lnvitai Tenders lor the
lollnwiof **crl>, tli.
F.ir clearing and grabbing First etreet
andparuuicl rfleulaw .Seventh Lnlarqcd Grounds, New rlcindsome and Spacious Buildings
atru't and Fifteenth Ureal, conform to •   «
ipteltlcitlonatobeliadatUiaMunicipal rtiiuinnycuis hvtotc '   d i *
()H,ei.. WORLDS C1IAMP10NS1111' EVENTS in Rowing and Lacrosse,
Tetid«ra to ba depoaltod at the Muni-       Horse Racing, Broncho "Butting," Military parades and Exercises
dpal Hall not luirr than HRb Bept«m<
Annual Exhibition
Saturday, September 16th
At the Pavillion
bar current, at TJjOp.m
URQ] I.IM. "i
IVhnlnali* and Rati
One bad advertisement will kill a
business man's prospect*. Try The;
Express—it's good advertising.
i   *    i — I
Kl'.ihl. I'lU'H.
Solum -li: ii
Royal City Hotel
FALCR k SEELV, Pr..|w.
Manufacturing Jeweler 4 lugraver.
p. u.SuiUS.    It] iu.Uhi Stn«i Wml
Ipwtal munilon given 'o Ihe Haklll out ul i
l,..rl.,,rl    ami   in  tint   JnWltT,   ■»(|   HepBlrlTlK ol  nil   ilMCtlpllom.
„„ ihe Chinese naroors, ami in tiiu>| ff,lcll j,,..,,,,!,,, „, aniiM M«h«niei. r>. bsuim, in< »tfomB«niioo io, in
>l|n. inn! altlnittl I'lirnliliiid un Application,,	
(Ull UR01RS RICI I* I WOMf t »«0 CASJfU.        	
'   llluhi"! pdra «ll(ivi.(l lot old OoW Hid Sllrlt
Lo.lce Jewel., Medtll, Cliltm.. ell.   I St*.
.:.. should not North Vsncou-
:ome the great trade centre of
Cboice.t Hr.ul. of WiDii, Liquor, in 1
Cl|tn.   I'.im. II l»r .In
Kterlthlni np-to-atu, Die Iioih tl
id icfomni,
i (peiI to rate st an enter
..- man you should get
:  thi!  valuable  advertising
Subscription, $1 a year,
Siilisrriiitiuiis. Dill) $1.
Ask for
Rainier Beer
|-T *-,.'■» ■ « ■' OK HO til Irs'. Vil.
t'»**a» Or'ti"' ai J UW| r-» tuM
TWtrtrrTU>l riAttlCI 1iuh«l rif.r-a-"
* o4 la-H ikibli l \i<>to. (■ f l'M f| ,l
.-. ral-iUhlli'T All I i«i-Mi r-T,f4fBtnl
HANIMOOK 1KIS F.M'tl.nietrryU.ini Tl!'
IliO'iWla at4 Ml l«al*%t». Wlllllimt II
Will Tar, tin* t 'i»l I FllWf ".'« '
tp-'iM.*! tuf-wfli. ••>! ' "UiutlM "(Wl
ttHftaofltrt rtti ' •<:■..*!■ r(       ,1 ' f-o«,
H. B. W1LLS0N & CO. Jttn
. 7i! f itmi im<i.   rammin i .
ROYAL IKI^II GUARDS and other famous bands.
IGRAND WATER CARNIVAL   Parade ol Fraser River Fishing
M. Warships, Indian War Canoes, etc.
Fleet, Patrol Hoats,
Pot all information writi W, H. KEARY, Secretary and manager,
y w Wi itminsti i. B. I
SubscTiption, •>!.
THE EXPRESS I iii.   I'AiKl.N.
===== BROKERS =====
"Do You Want a Home?"
We have some of the Choicest
Lots which.,we oftcr at very low
prices.    Come and be convinced
130 Cordova St.
Tht btsl Tmiiorial irortdoni nl llie
Pioneer Barber Shop
Opposite  ll.i'il North  I'ihicuiiw.
Saturday, Sept. t6th, is date ol
North Vancouver's big fall show.
Mrs. C.  Bowdcn paid  Mrs. W
Conway a visit during the week.
Victor Murray, Vancouver, wai
|the guest ul \V. P. Hogg mi Moii-
L, Page, ol Nanaimo, is visititi
his sister Mrs, J. Davis, on  'I hil
CLEAR HAVANA FILLED   teenth street,
Miss Hums and Mrs. Flora, ol
ii  ■ Mount  Pleasant, were visitors to
ai,        b     ■ j Moodyville during the week.
fv ^iClf^lH    Miss i"ul M,s' Su'wari'"'Knl
' '  ^* «•'Ml >L» U « son street, Vancouver, spent sev
eral days visiting Mrs. Naban.
Miss A. Hamilton, ol Moodyville, has left fui' Victoria oil ,
prolonged \isit to her aunt.
Mrs, \V. Kcnsbaw and In r son
Jack returned from Belliiigliain al
trl   II tWO    Week's    visit    Willi    11 i.i
of Vm u
['nil iv, n           ■'           i and ,- ill \innn(i    The    I'spn       i i w ■'  j i
t the I     I il '             ,'ilfriil  P, iii.iK'ii', a
wool!:    Al      ' [tie chap, nil   will some day
Scotland;  J.   II.   Iluiiti r,   S in   I I ill in  ll     world,    The
ci i a; J lines li, lilkins,  \   Roi . II said    lo   him,
Iln fir,  M ij ir Lynch    ll ;            I        n, ynu'n   not bifi
1 i          I   Dyke, \ incnuver;   Aii| ■■     l'"u  won't
Al ' i   Marshallinwn, Iowa; Thon as
Transformation Scenes
North Vancouver
Dealers In
General Bnrtnw, Oils, Paints,
Tinners ami Plumbers.
Aacnts fur
tPust Begun.
1,000 Acres o| Primeval forest to be Swc|>l
Away Ri) GlQantic Steam Engines.
Tlic Vnnoouvoi', Westminster& Yukon Railway, sanctioned by tho Dominion Authorities in connect land and
ocean highways, and make the North slier,! a shipping
The B. C Electric Railway Co., to supply Btroel cars,
light and power.
Prosperity bathos the town like Bunlight—Progress
continuous. Watch North Vnncouvor,jj advance It wi"
be the kinetiscope of the Coast.
Official Agents for all the original townsite lands.
(1,000 actW38till left.)
Nabon, McFarland <£» Malum
5-11 Hastings Stout, Vancouver, B.C.
W.   William, who has poultryI    Plent) ol grouse may   b(   Seep
yards on Fourteenth street, will hi the vicinity ol the foothills ol
shortly leave for the United States G,toma ""'""'v"''   T''r i!'*.'^
where he   will  make  bin   future J1"™*""   m"  havc :i >"">" Uil"
home.   His many friends will re- whenuheoseason opuns.
gret his leaving, j. \\ j.  urown has just com
,,   m     , i       , ,  i plrti'il   Kx i'(iiiui'illor   I'.   Allen's
On .Mond.'iv a niiinliei of people ' , ■ ,   ■
„....•,. i i      u ,,'   i i,   ,   cottage, wlo.li is n vcrv ostenta
amveil Irom hellmijliaii: ami I ml     . ,.. .   ,,
Misses Emily ami Lizzie Nahnn,
tious ornament to I'irst Blreet, Mr
1>. ('. Dick, They went away well
land who were shown the town bvi.,.
lemiile our wiirthv school leu, li
llliri'hn's Well kllOH'll Clianecllor "' Moodyville, paid ll.nzie aHyiuK
Sl'l'i'l HlillUe.1 r's''  during the forepart ol  tin-
p ''  I Week.
We toll ami deliver booiIh rheapor     Two good freight sheds are Ionian Vanconvor firms can. .,.,, i ,
v ,   ,,                          , ,,   cated at the lerry wharves, anil ar<
.Net,—Our cxprcsa wagon meets the I                ,       '
1:00 ami 5:30 p.m. boats. well   patnonizeil   by   the   local
 business men as well as others.
Vi j\y/"i/ \ i ] \' IA [>     Things are all bestir again at
AJM^UU  > Jil.V die Mongolian bungalow on Fun
Street,    The inhabitants have r
turned ftom the canneries,
satisfied that  the  tiiture of  ^ | er, now occupies the now hous.
town is assured, Some will return
at an early date. '   Subscription, Si a year.
Christian, l.utnby, ll. l'; Mrs, Hay
idsnn, St. Paul; Mrs Lor/p-li '
c.'iiv. I' Nicholson, City; .1. .1. Good-
fr,,-, III inn v, I, il inl; \ Dawson,
Vaiicntivi r, Mr. Robinson, Miss Hob
in-ill, Tm,,u|,>:. Ar.iiii' ftrowtl, .1.
Wynne, VV, McEwan, Mr. :■' Mi
'.l I ritirr, Vani uver; J. William
n | ' i llntti ester, \i iss.,
V. S   \ ; I   \" I n   -I   nd v  e, \ in
'i   i  can'I
'    II buy  H I- I10|   In h     .      '.".
Ill    iid: "Well, mister
I'll hny n horn win n 1    II
erf and '■" i ten cents, nnd hotku nil
ih inl      hitioti    i     ri
Ill ' ■ l   ml & Im-
1       eiiiy, Limited, are the
rouver;  Mi     I , wis  Iliad  and  chi .                   .».,.,
i       m        i m      ,      ,      ■     . "'         Ihe townsite of N        Van
" ii,  Mr, an I Mrs. Don das I „.,,,,.,
,,....                   , rt winch
"'""'   '•   '       '    :' ':      "' '   "• i he now offered lo the public in
I    I'   M 1,'l.ii'in,    l.ilplr    Looghocd,
Mrs, Crcighton, Vain ver.
I nn, ' i|  in I upwards, Many
'   hai    ilreaily been    .11, and many
people in.- live on the I iwnsite   The
number nf acreage hi n ks with com
lliamlhifi '" « is n ittn Hy limited, and
Only |hc rich have fences   round
their farms in Japan.   The Japanese the carl                •■ will, nf course,
do not III,  i     pare the   ipiarc i 11 gi I the cl  iccr   locations,   Test  the
i I nee would take up,    li a bordericorrectness of this and cheek the eal-
round n ii. Id is lie. ssary, it i   math culati ms     Do tint lo e the op   .
of mulberry   trees,   the   leaves         , and remember it is a!way  hct-
lli '   in       id [oi             rn r I   buy before a boom starl .They
:     id that ig      i acres, that woul ' • lp ;  u with every informati in
■I '■'■'• be taken  up with fcnci i ll     pnwei             n now gel into
tin   u   d,    Vmi arc n : ■■        with an           II .• in at
11    t of j air mom y in a Iven ■■ l.ejl rock prices    Tin plac.  Is going
in I'lti Express    You make money ihetiil,   nd the sh   eliue will yet be
" V> industries.
;       . re being in ule
II    Im
!•:. A. Dueki'lif.rlil, MauKgcr,
HATS lil.Ol Ivl.l)
Mrs. Godfrey, ol Vancouver.
I while walking along Third stn et,
one ol the planks slippi d from uu-
tier Inl del, and severely strained
her ankle.
  The advertising signs ol sevei '
CAPS MA UK TO OHDEH    Vancouvei business firms are erei
ted at the lorry wharves,   Sim,
the advent ol   I'm   I'Aidi .; tli; '
.paper should be m'adi the incdiiitii
lur advertisements,
333 Cnroblu St., Vnncouvi r, II C.
P.O, B0116O
I'liine 357
I l.e lurry company lias extended
the muni ipal waterworks system
to llie wharves at loot of Li
avenue, pipes being put in lor tin
convenient e ol tin steanu rs, North
Vancouver and St. George.
The work "I vi ne. ring the new
bloi I, nl Malum, Mi Farland &
Malion, at ilie 1 orni i ol the Esplanade ami Lonsdale avi mie, hat
! ;oiiimuin - ,1
It i'. propu ' ■! thai the !
now used li) Wh irlii gi i  In rs ti
1 all lie I : in, 11,. a be plan 1!
II ex III I ilion at lb,, lair, as tin
1 t teli pho I the town,
Tin  15   11    has the first gold
li to 1 in town    1 his work
of an was done by Si [iiwriti i
Hodgson, the piom ci sign man nl
Vancouver. He is now resideni
of North Vancouver.
Capt. C. and Mrs, Catcs and
family returned froin Uellinghani
on Tin sday, where they had been
enjoying a few holidays. He 1 ays
business there is quiet, and thai
all soils of enquiries tire In ing
n.nl' ri ganling N.oitli Voiiconvi r.
Mi'. W. P, Hogg, ol the Espla
undo, has in her possession an In'
dian scalping knife, whii li she ha ■
had for the pasl  21  years,    1 i,
party who presented lici  with il
had il  fin   I. 11  years.    Tl ,
liim teen  noli In s   or 1 tits  Oil   il
,, , n ,    ,.    1 , n  handle, denoting  Hie ninnbi 1  til
112 lllMW SI, W„»nnCOIIVCr,II.C,|scnlpscapliiri I by the warrior who
/' 'i ' used 11
Driller ol
Oil, Gas and Arteiiciii Water
11  it ''   1- ncliei 11 illametor,   All
Mur1   • ar int.i.'l
:iil   11 m, :,. st.. Viincoilver, II r
M. A. Russell
The l|)todalt Grocer
C plvtulineol
Groceries, Tobaccos
lit. Avt„ last loiiMlole Vvc
Norlb Vancouver
Mann fad or in'j -hinlrr,
Vuimond Seller and Kngravt
Where Mountain and Soajlioro Meet.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard Inlet,
unlit the City of Vancouver fifteen minnlcsuway
by ferry, Thi holt I embodies i tv ry convt nit nee
wilhlivcry in connection,    tiutes$2petd&y.
Hold North Vancouver
P. lurson, Proprietor,
In ihi.i the mti     ■     i   lecidcd i
liuilil a watcrn irl      'stem,    chic!
1     '•'"V '':        '' ■'      I .   '   . praeti   lly
.,:';'':l;,|:' '       ' II       ■       fir.   back of the
[he first I
was .,  ,,     I ' ■ wij  »«
id    'I'l.r course is up Lonsdale        ' '' r,,ad brl<l«1'3'
'":; ':  ; "        l)n ThnralayTT^ Larson, prop-
Ireel, tl i nci  I,   tin   : iwi   i- .,,..,. ,,    ,
.-,,,(,,,   ..Vl,r    ,,,,i
I c>'.  tn tin   mi        |  i   ,.;,
!.,.    ,,,,.,'.  .,   '     ,..    ,
...... |   rock fi '■'   " ' " ""' fn'r>'
'    ,.,,■'•    :  the basin it it oVIn      he hi     Ihe
■ il    tn    .      ",'. in   lanl.   ■ ' ' tcep, tin  tide beiiuf   ^"
i • an   u i':     The  ba in  i   S " ■.   ml     N '   i        horses oil the
l by ta feel     ii    n miles     i >m   Infi   mj   vorid I   ;   i   i      vy load
■ .    .  ■       t but were still
ui   ,vitl   i block '»
r ll :    heels, win n the v i
.    lipped n(     ". ■ , ' w. re it nut
, won    have crusl   I
Ilu  •■       ■   lelay of
:         cat i scitc
' ,  i i\,, bi con        tiled "■
I ; .; h    I   i     i .,
fed, the prcs>ii        i ■       ilitcd I
..   tin
■   ■
■ ■
'    ' ' (' i
■;■ and \  I'   i       .  '
.■ ■ ■   i • -.    i     Cmui
■    " I Hell,
,■   '.   \   Wil
nisliii .■   tin (l   '
..     ; . from t'
: - ll c fiui-h.
11 was v   .
the council to  I .  «
'., III,   ;    in    . ".    .,
point nf * ■      :
"n:l  prnr."   I   pipi       !l   '
,1     ■  •
' :
will have |      i li an
i ■
: pi   n( i
Suppcrt  ilc  town   ml  subscribe
lot Ii; pa] vi. The E press,
-    -   .
,  tit     '
Mi-Mi, ;.,./.,,■/. ■,,;. o,,rt
/iniWem limit    Order,
Jul 'ii,,,,,; \lnnt i,,.'/, .[. i,i-ii..,/
ii«| i/i»jM/cA,
High-Class Ladies1 and Men's Tailors
101) Hastings St. j^t. turner Coltimhiii Ave.
We Make Ihe Finest Cloth in Ik t.lihi at Ilu
fun. -i Prices, '''   '
iiiui rc|mlriiiit, I nml made
!• • nnd
r WW     .:  I ., I
nf light i    ilriiin, rudxiriiiH
a '|«', all.'.    All Work . i..l,-
aiitMil    ::    ::   ::    :;    ::
Hand Loaded Shells to Order
F7ishitig Tnck'c  nnd Cutlery
v.     roOSIIKK  HI Cordova W
Vancouver) B.C.
* -
White '- Bin don
Uou   ■ '.!('i': niul  Stationors
'I I.I.I llliA'l.  IT'!
The Old "Cos."
1.1, Mil, l'r«|i.
'. '     I I.I I I' Ul.-I'
V.\Ns. IUVUU, li. c,
—   -I', i B8SORS hi
Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants
Van   "ii   I   i'.      - >     .     r 0. Box toa
Wo handle uothiiig lint good goods, and u
arc ready to compare pes Willi any grocer,
Why pay 25c. (or Chloride "1 Linn '..hen you can buy
it hero (or 151. |" 1 tin.
Royal Crown Soap, 6 Bai   I 1
II1. el Oil Toil* t Snap, pi r In toi.
Tomatoes, 2 tin   Im    ji
1 tiling in iv and [01  luni b ot picnics,
Melrose I al
j. a. McMillan
Comer Lonsdale .md i s|)itiua(!p


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