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®lff Ixpreaa
"tm*— Ij
AUG   -mo
Volu 1
NOUTII   V.'NCtll VI'.K,   B.C.,   Aliil'ST  2,   l'JIO
Number l'J
Nearly $50,000 Expenditure Authorised for
School Lands — Drainage By-Law Lost
by Small Majority.
Of   lhe
six money by l.ivv s
tn the elei orate on
,ist live were passed.
or other public    pur
i conveniently locatet
price ol Moo uu acre
lure oi
.md   iiiukin
lure needs a
111   the
an expendi-
ichool kind.*"
provision lot   lu
oi the citj along ed
lines al tli
sehool site
S I'l, too  llll
ic.is.iii.ilde pricei.
The Sihool Board are, there-
fore, to be congratulated on
tlu-ir loreaight In this direction
and .in- congratulating Ihem
selves mti iln i.i. i that ilu\
iiiietl in accord wilh the wish
ts oi the majority "i tin- people
in recommending the purchases
lor park
poses    st
or .ii the
w Iiii Ii  it is now able to  close
Willi lor the new  site.  The I,oil
sd.ile Ave. drainage by law
vi .is, however, acceptable to
the majority aad tome ol the
ratepaytn look a decided oh
jectioa  to  the  manner ol as*
ii'esent  sessiiiiiit   [or   this   work whieh
no doubt bad something to do
with its defeat.     The result ol
the poll w.ts iis follows :
I'urks, EtC,   Purchase Hi-I,aw
to acquire landi in l). I,. 547
.md 171, St 1,1:rn ; tor, 129 . 1
gainst, 1,2; spoiled, 11 ; majority over three Itlllis, 9.
Sihool Sue Purchaae By-Ian
Drastic Measures Suggested in Connection
With Proposed Water Main on Lynn
Valley Koad.
block ioo v.". sJi',f""ii, lor, 156;
againit, 38; spoiled, 6, majority
over three-lilths,  ,'fi.
Seliotil Siu- Purchase Hv l,.iw
block 11-550, Sm,iiiui, lor, na"-.
whiih iln* Board decided against, \j\ tpoiled, 7 ; major
imt   large enough to pro- itv over three-fifths, pi,
School Silt
oi which some 01 tlu I.mils vvill
lie Immediately utilised.     The
sehool situ disposal by-law
passetl authorizes tin eiti lo
sell the preaent site in 1).  I,.
vide   adequate accommodation
(or sehool purposes and conven block ->i;-,-,ir', ll2,loo, for, 1551
1, in is Tin toiitnil nlso 1,mn againit, is; spoiled, 6; major
In (or tome credit In taking ad uv ovei ihree-lifths, \_,
vantage ol tht reiu.uk,title low Sihool Site Disposal By-law,
priu- lor whiih it vv.is aide toi disposal ol hits •) lo in, block
.lupine .1 park ,ut'.i "I nearly 11 .<~\, lot, Isl; againsl lo ;
,W   aires   near to   the he.irl ul spoiled, 6; majority over lime
fifths, J3.
The value of North Vancouver's building construction for
ihe iiioiiili of July, Including
buildings started aad finished
within the month or contracted lor iii that month excatded
the previous month of .lune bj
lie.tth   }10(1,000
the iitv. It is most probable
ih.it the utv vvill Bevel have
another opportunity ol availing
themselves ol an area   suitable short ol three-filths, ii
jalUMlf  ll
_     ilow,   however,  carried   till   th
1.   il
The   lads .im
lionnie ohl Scotland
oat t" the termini oi ih
ii.n a , ,11 hm i.isi S.tturil
teriioou vvluie thev spent .1
most pi-as.uii iinie iii gamta
ami dancing. The cession
u,is iln* annual picnii i Rl
Andrew's and Caledonian So
ciety of Norih Vancouvei and
ihe attendance hurt- evidence
ili.it the t l.nis art Ikvorabl)
liiipressetl wiih iln- conditions
whieh prevail on lhe North side
of lluri.iiil Inlei The 'Minis'
were evei v while 111 1 vultiiie .md
ihose worth] Scott who bad
not the perils iii iioin 01
their sum.nue appropriattd It
lm tht tl.tv Tin le vv.is .111 ih
seine nl kilts, due m. ilollltt to
inanv  ol lhe folk becoming long
tiace accustomed and  adopting    ',,,'[,
lhe "Wavs ol the Wist'' 01 |" I
haps   soine    apprehension     \1.1s
entertained  [or  tht aret  birdt
of the air whieh roam at
in certain stctioni ol tht coun
try. Kowe ti, Ih* lh.it .is 11
in.iv some of the worthy fa
liters ol the iivii household 01
is in.ni i" unin thev ptiiiiii and
lugged anil stt.iiiuii .is il   theii
(run ''VIS itpntmi mi the ttrugglc
The single niiii, .is is shown be
This increase
Purchase By-law, I is remarkable, and needs no
commendable state oi afiairt
which necessarily point to every
branch ol commercial enterprise
in the uu .ind nrroundiag diatrict.
North Vancouver boaata ol
her Ideal reaideatial site and
surely this i.nt has beta borne
out hv the nuiiilier of residences
th.it have lieitl raised dating
llu- past lew months This ean
ii,inllv In- reali/.ed bv the uis
nal observer lillt ill comparison
to ,1 vear or so ago il is (omul
ih.it sn tion after section of the
titv has luen added to materi-
.illv   wilh 11 line class of houses
.nnl the (ails as statetl become
ipparent    Betides these ,t nuni-
1 blocks have been slatted
in the lasl iiionth or so, BO< al
I., iiim in ihe downtown portions of lhe city, bul limiiv
lilmks limii the vv.iterlit.nl, in
dinning lhat capital is becoming satisfied willl the growth
Well e.illlitl Illinois  arltll I
of : tii 1
Following arc tin  vv muds   ol
lhc sporting events
Children, 5 jrtart and under,
,.' yardi  U, UcColl,
Children, s to 7, o" v.nils J
Children, : to 9, 50 eardi  .1
Qnoiting match, m vani    1
I',..i .    mu ,   lindi I   12,  JO vtls
G, Jack,
Hovs' race, undei 15, im vds
I'ar.mi l-'i.wler
t'.uls' race, ander 12, 50 vtK
R,   Mil.e.ni
t'.uls' race, under is, ion vds
Hovs'  wheelbarrow   race,   ij
v.mis and 111111   r.r.int Powler,
Single   1.nlles'  rate.   IOO yds.
Miss fat li 1
Patting  ih lb   shot  .'.nne*
('■rant, pi yardi 15 laet.
Men's race, 100 v.mis   i.imt
Married ladies' race, ^ vl  *
lliursilav ,md since that date
no trine whatever ol his where
abonta has bets ascertained
Up   to  the  time of his disap-
p, 11.nnt  Mr, McCulloUgh nioiii
tti    ,il    (76   Al,\ iii'lcr    itreet,
Vanconver, with another member     o(   llu*   llllll   ||,I'll I'l    .1,0111 s
Uill.111. When lhe latter ■ iini
li ami* i.n Thursday id i.i it week
he  loiiiiil .1   iioic addressed  ti
llilllseli llolli M,Cull"'l..''l tii i'lc
ellect lh.it lhe I.,I'd till elided
tO   do   aw.it   with  lil'ilscH   .llnl
leaving certain busiueti instrw
liotts which he w 1,lied 1 an nil
out.    The poliie wl.   iiiiniciii.i
out. The polite were immediately notified but ap to the arc*
cul 110 trait 1,111 lie lound ol
him. From the wording of tin
Hole il is said that he did not
make .1 definite statement thai
lie contemplated mkide,  how
ever lie has disappeared atul
so [,ir uarch has proven futile
.is lo his location dead or alive
lit  has ,1 wile in llrooklyn,  N
V   and ii is understood that hc
h.is no lamily. He is .ibout 4,s
years "I age and waa mtall; ol
.1 tpiiel anil reserved dis|n*si
NI-.W I'l,I'll lUIIDlNC,
The li      1 . .lull lasl   even-
ill-,' Introduced and passed three
readings lhe monej by laa im
tin- extra ordinary  school   ex
pulses    letoliilliellileil    by     the
Board a.i Sel 1 lruatees, vis.,
the borrowing ol Sio,mm (or the
construction of tbe high sihool
this being the sum over and a-
iiovc the estimate of Ji2',ooc
necessary lo meet the suecetiiul
lender, jt22,ooo,
Polling will take place oa All-
gust 13th along with the Sii
oinl Narrowi Bridge By-lawi,
ami also a by-law lo aUthoriae
the loan ol 110,000 ftir the establishment ol the Pre department on a mole efficient hasis
ami for ihe maintenance of ihe
same. This was read thru
times ami passed,
His Worship presided OVCT the
meeting and then were prttcni
Altl. MiN'eish, Irwin, l'liwTii
and MiKac.
The follow in;; correspond) n i
w.ts le.nl ;
Proin Solicitor Read adviaing
that the facts being .is shown
in the Burton damage case the
City was nut liable,    l'ilid.
From Hank of Hamilton ask
iiig permission to place  an
under  the  ihlewalki   i n    itt
slreel   and   I.ousdale   Ave.   ioi
basement lighting, Thev also
called atteatioa to t stream oi
water flowing through iheir
property which conld wry  cat
ilv    he   piped   into   lhe   streei
drain. This latter mattei w.ts
relaxed to tha Hoard of Works
Willi reference   to   the   areas
it was thought dangtroai to .tl
low prisms to bl plated   in lhe
sidewalk on Iain-wale Ave.   on
Iaccount ol tht gradt .nul ih
iiuaiier w.ts referred to tht mt
soliiitor   lol  an opinion as   lo
the responsibility lot damagaa
l'eitiiissi..ii was granted tloBj
ist street at an annual   nn;
th* citv's foundations, namely, ^y moritfii8 on the new  club
" building i.a Mess,s Uahon, Ul
Messrs. YotlUg .St Wright, COB
Iraetors,   sl.tiled wmk   yestei   oj ft.
l-'lolii     II.    Hose,  seiv.   U,   H
• |C.  U, encloting copy of a re
1,1  •,,1:llll"n *r"u F.irl.md and Pr.'in.i on the Fa.
pi.in.ule east ol l.oiisd.ile Ave
allil llearlv OMOaltt the post
office. The building will li .1
Ir.itne sinii lure Iwo stories   in
thingi ,tre expected toon as a
result   of the Seeolld   Nuliows
bridge construction  which will
bring the waterfront into its
own.    The   value   ol building
construction for the month oi
lulv  w.is Si (6,725 antl lot   tll I
month "i lune previous ii tat
height and vvill lie known ,is lhi
(.'Iub   buildin-;   for   Until.it   the entire  second
will bt an 1 npict
Vancouvei Clnb
nasi an
hv   the   Ninth
The   latl
quarter] a ill be arraa 1 d la
Throwing   hammer
I'.i.mt.   1.7  V.lids   |0  lul.
Men's   long   jump
Grant, 11 leel 1 Inches
rossing     the   1.lint
111.till.   12 i.tids  J  Itct
Married men's race, JJ
~1 handicap  ,1  Bain
• it   le.tst   one ol  lllllll.  1 UUcssci.
hii regreti il leaving hii kilts httjfe;_Mr»t ___md
liehiinl nnd tried lo minium at
brolher to exchange, which, ol
coarse, w.is not pirmiaaablefor
proprieties   s.ike.     During    the
afternoon the president id the
society, Mr   Alex.iiulti   Philip,
.nidicsseti  tin  ,km■*, 1 (tending
them .1 warm welcome ainl Imp
ing that all new arrivals [row   .Highlwd Plug   MarjorieU-
the motherland wonld i-m tht (".V""r *"**
local loU,        lle.Aprtssed   Ins    ,TUg*Jl  war,   ,„a,i„,1 vs    At
MtUfactioa at .ill tht tventt ol tf* Blag".
the  dav enacted  m in pnniiise
ilulv paid ■ compliment to tht PRESENTATION
large   turn..ut   ol   the   vnunget      Mi     Alexander   Philip,  tetir
memberi   of the tocietv,  the ing clerk ol tin diatrict   coun
lads and lasses to whiih in nun cil,  was mad,   lln   recipient   oil
solution passed hv iln executive
.11 ,1 recent met nng-asking  for
an animal subscription.
On  motion ol   Ahl. McNeiih
and Mi Rue lhe lee was ordered
P, A. Allan asked ni
oil    Isl  street  at   the intllil    ol
St. ('.eorges Ave Oii motion
oi Altl. McNeish ami Irwin a
In law   was authori/.ed (or   ll
KASTE1N   vocalist COM ap-to-datt ami modern manner, ,s,a.„|ls|,...,,., „( ,, ,,t,,,\,. ,,lSi
ING provision  being made  loi  bil  u      ,_ Av(.  ___ ,,„.  Wi„,,r
hard and reading rooms, cloak |r,,m („ Mh ttnt. „„■ ,,„
Mr. W. ('.. Arinsiioiig.   l.ati  and retiring rooms as well as M||(.t 1|n||| S(   UuTi,t..>  Au,
tone, spetialisl m voi,,  protiin    tht bar.     Ihe ground lloor will ,n s,   p,^.,  \u
inm  and  Interpretation,    Uie he utilited as two stores.   The1
principal ol vocal department, building ovei all will be
Pittsburg Conservatory ol Hn  ',ml the Ironl elevation will  be
,l„. so designed as to give 11 st lm
Ih-ge ol Musi.,   hu I""-1"" ■""' pi'iuiis,|ii,   appeal
locate in ibis  vuv ante
sn    am
and i"
lliole    ii v 111 lv
, Co
establish hen- a colli is
of iiiiisn     Ui  Anmtroag is nn
.nn 1 ol iiiitnciiii in his splni,
.nul his a111v.1l trill mark , lh
liilcd acquit iiioii io mu a- al cil
iles in dr.alt 1 Vaneouver .aiul
at tin coat! Mr 1), N. Flam
nioiiil of ihis iit- ha*, btea in
loiitspaiiidetiie with Mr.    Arm
HANK 01- H. N. A
As so,,n as iln* new telephone
building mi nth slieel is com
pitted  the   hn.il lir.mili ol   tin
Hank   ,,|   H   N   A   will   extend
ils ipiartets taking in tin    pr.
sent    ollue   ol    Messrs    Klthr
From  the engineei reportin ■
oa   constructing  vitrified pipe
SCWl Is   nil   llll    llllll.lllll    "11     llll
lolli'u ing sin tis A main mi
Forbes Ave, waterfront lo 6th
sin-el, thence along 6th itreet
ia, i'.*ii,is, ilun*i along Forbes
to   lilh  slie I.   llninc   i.istellv
along   15th   -tuit  to Chattel
field  Ave., ihanct along   1 Ins
lllllllll At,, I" |a,t|| l|,|        ,
theme along i-iih itreet to
l,..iisd.ili    \-. 1
|,"llstla|i   Ave,
The engineer registered his objection as tin plan included a
portion oi  iln- park and tha
park road.
City Engineer Hams advised
that according lo t plan ol the
railway grade on l-eil Ave. ami
which was approved by the
council mi May t, 1910, some
ol the truss streets including
uilh slieel and Cumberland
Crescent, 1 cut oi Irom 23 to
.10  ieet  would  be necessitated
Which  WOUld  have  the ellect   of
mining iln [routing property at
and iieai' tin intersection!.
Aid. MiNcish sl renin uisly objected   lo lhe passage   ol    llu
plans oi a portion od 1). I,. 55a
aiiil 265 which brought this
question Into promineoict,
"How an we going to providi
access to tht streets wltll I I 1
foot drop .'"
The engineer further report) I
thai the grade as given to the
street railwav company was
not being followed out and thai
lliev  wilt  making a cut =,   leel
deeper than authorind.
Aid Fowler pointed oul thai
llu- grade given the Ky. Co.
was only temporary and that
the contOU oi the land living
011 lhe suit* lllll a iilt was lie,-
Mr. Henderson, representing
lhe      ratepavers'      toliiliilltee,
wanted to alow ii tha gndt
was riven  the Ky  Co, in op
position to the engineer's advice, The Mav nl answered Uldt
il was.
Aid. Fowler declared thai lhe
engineei wished to give a permanent grade and the inuntll
gave a iMIputWt) 0M,
Altl 11 wm asked whal was
the ililieiellic belwiell lhe grade
as recommended by the engin-
n 1  and lhat given by eolinell.
The cUrk read the engineer s
hliu dattd M.iv Iial to theef-
ini ili.u lie tlnl not approve ol
the B.C.B.E. grade and that h.-
reeoiiiiiiended a gradt ol ,t per
unl. at iln intersections ol
171I1,  uuh and Mh slreets.
Ahl. Irwin In.iim*lined that
Ilns showed thai theft was Utile difierenct btt*retn the two.
I'.ng. Hanes stated that it
was his intention to run the
gradt up to lhe streets lollowing llu- natural miitour ol the
laml ami that he did not intend
io make a tut ol Irom 30 lo 35
Mr.  Henderson asked the engineer   what  would Ik- the   dil-
''   leietiie 111  leel  lulweetl his   n
commi inllil gradt and lhat gfa -
ell llie III   B.ft, Co..
Knginecr "On Cumberland
Crest ent about )0 feet."
Aid livvm asked what was
a It  ;ivtn lhe Kv    Co,
I'.ngmiti    '■About 3.5, p.c."
Aid Irwin "What would the
gradi be iindti vour reiominen-
d.iimn .'"
Engineei    "Aboil 10 p 1
Tin iiiatti 1 ol plans was fin-
allv icltind lo the loumil as
a    whole    lo    look   over    the
lluiiie    along rll.inui in minpaiiv with Un en-
l0   "inl    stlett
'   alld   lipresclllalivt- Irolll
strong  i"t  tornt months  past Um, 1V |1|1(1 ||l(, U[Uy wj|Mnl
Kritlav morning ol
■OHM loktll oi tll
iu whiih he is Inl
at tht municipal
.lohn ('. I.uniei.
successor in ollice,
him in hliu innn am
appropriate len
bv tht
hall      Mt
\li   Philip's
nnveved  lo
in vuv
11 s| lit
ami esteem "I lhe meinbi
ih, '.tan wnii the request   lhat
contributed tlnir bashful blush l-'riduv morning "i a vuv hand
is.   Theprogra111andtli1tl.lv lofflt  toket nl thc high
entertainment wound tip with
merry hop including   all   the
litis and whirls whiih we ml
onlala follow lill ont tytt achi
and (asi inalioii jmus wav Ul
vvitidtiiiicii! So "liuissliil was
the datlic thai the Iilmiil rift's
ed to un,) doWfl within Ihl te
itrictcd period before thi dawn in would I* 1 pi as 1 token ol
■md last evening was turned in their regard ■ handsoint ehoni
to *m adjourned dance whlcl walking   siitk.  gold  mounted
likewise   pi a >v (rl  ,,   slims*.      I1 .md  •iiit.ihli   ,ii;ii'iil  wilh Ml
spoils  ol  the afternoon  wen Phllip'i initial*     Thli   spot
manj   and   raritd  .nul   tach Innaoni expression ol  I will
event was ketiilv contested willi upon tin* p.111 "i his lormet u
loyal Suittli iplrlt     The tug sistants rielded bit   Philip mi
"i wai between tht married and alloved plcasnn and In unliable
single men resolved itsell   Inti lernis he conveyed lo lhi   don
the feature ot the afternoon and ore Ins sincen tppreciatloa  ol
high and Imnl was the laiightei their kindlv  remembrance
ami has loal no opportttniti i«
impress tht tdvantagea ol
North  Vancouvei   as u  ideal
location l'ol  smh ail inslilnliaaii
as Mr Armstrong purposes 1 n
tabliahing wiib tin reault thtt
ih    Armstrong hu announced
that in   will receive pupils  sl
North Vanconvtr on and  aftei i,,,,,,, ,, rl,|,|v
September 1st,     There an fi»
thingi    lli"lt     eartiisllv    to   be
di  imi with   reference   to   lliis
1 ilv than that it s|i"iibl becotm
nixed as ana ol iht nnisi
i.il central ol tht coast and ,: 1
l"' 'iin "I iniisiiiuns ol ll
ibn  nl  Mi   Armstrong will go
.ai to accomplish that objeel
Into the ollue ..I the It C  Tel
il'liolic   Co,      Sillte   its   1i.1l
iii this citv il**
I iht to St   Andicw s
also a sivvei ou Ksplanadc Iroin ,|u. p,. 1 s.ill
lo.ibt s to tasl   side ol St    Ci. |i|,uis
n.   ; l-nsl strut, l-'aaibes      -|-',.    |,,l|,,„inj,
I., St.   P.iitnk's; :ml  itreet, countt  win
I'iiiIh-s to vki feet east   ol S
who stibiiiitled the
"i liriiish Norlh America
lining iis pioneer 'lav* im
pioneer  banking  davs on
North Short  its OM lulin
snt .1 glowing Institution
Ml    1    I    Salsblliv,   III.
situ  manager,  is making
' iisi"ii ,,s a nsiill ,,1 1 ■
panding business which it is im
i'"ssibl. ti handle In lhi   pi
tin   office      The bank  Is al
contemplating building on ili
propertj on the N   K 1
I'll  site, !   .mil   I.ollsilale  Av.
u"i .1 vuv distani date ami '
gtthei  with lhe Hank "I   1!'
iltoti bloik ,11 ii rni
1ll.1litl.il    at
passetl     Kinanee
"=,.  polite I131.23,  siln.ol
1   sl";t*   I Hoard ..I  W.rks,   Jj,-
'""   '''       v.i .'|.   lire ami light. ft7y.)0,
■i1"1  «*'   w'ls  KIVl"        I at.iieiworks   12,74470,     health
unit- ol wmk, ia yeai    s
1     propert)     benefitted     ,\|-j   _c_u ,,,,,,,,,,1 ,|ut |„.
* lineal    l,,i       Tbe engin   had   investigated the mai'
ui ret .iiiiiitinlitl that the cilv
pai * ('-."-x> and tht Irontagt
propel »si,.s** ,,| y, ]j |„,
foot,      The report   was r. 1
nl mi motion ol Aid   McNeish ,|„ ,,,„,,' ,,,,„ ,,,i,,|„,,i „m| ,n
*ud Irwin. .un, ii,,ns issiml lot   its  com-
Aid   Irwin aided 11 anv ilm, pletion
ii.nl  Imu   htard from the   .1. - -       -
Iin    1 bathing beach  and
lound   that   at   1 ".si ol S:t>a
the foot ol Chesterfield   Avenm
iilil bt fitted up On motion
— itreet   ami   l.onsdab    \
Ki Wiii  \bi'iiII.itigh. .1 mem city will i„* W(|| provld
lm "i iln  lum ol Campbell   H '""' "I* ''• <1.»t.   b.mkiii
Uill.1   lonlracton ..I thl ci ,""1' each nccupyin   l
n |j   ,ii',t|'|it ma'  a ubttantial balldlng
■'ml  .is to tin propa
tit 11   Ol   thc  iitv  s  w.ila :
llii l.v 1111 v'alhi   road
a   .Teik   replied that he   hit
.ni'i am  communici
I!   tO   lllis   .
A pi*m ol lot la is ,|a, art
1     \ plan ol L.t*   it*,   parlors ol
I)   I.    ' * WU n '■'■ l"!   " cloth
The  body    oi  tlu    Clnllian
wlm   via, di ow nnl  111  the  Inlet
a dav    ..1 1 th,. Van-
"Uivi 1       nh   will  be  l.iniitl   111
tin North Vaii.'aiivit cemetery
tomorrou     Tht   Ittaral
■ ill  || av.   th.   uii'lt Making
llarron  Bro    at 1
is iiii|\i; Ti) UK tl.viK UK I'llK I'TNKST RK8IDRHTU1.
tint" lot on Nti" »tti"t, 100x133 leet, fnr IIIOO;' the miner must Imve
ne,in•,.   We h.u.* tin* mljiiiiiiic.! Inl Iinteil ut |t00,
um* l*.i mi Khm'x itreet, 100x133 teat, at  :....M00
We bave 511 Imt tut Keith road, hkll ■ block frnin ear, (or  f 1:100
.'II feel mi Thirteenth itreet, i'leiire'1, one liliH'k frmii ear, HI     $730
1( vn' wnnl nny "I thi above acl quickly.
i,   I   Vmi..* A. V. Markle
(or. .Sth v lonsdale   Phone 176       Brunch Offlce-lynn Valley
Peers & Boult
Leave N. Van.      Leave Van,
Leave V
Leave N. Va
•6.45 a.m.
7-5"   "
8.50   "
9-45   "
IO.43   "
n.45   "
u.15 p.m
n.45 9~.
1-45  "
J.45  "
3-45   "
4-45   "
5*45   "
M5   "
745   "
8.45   "
9-45   '
10.45   "
•n.45   "
• Mt.l ntt
T.ihle Sllltieit to
*b.2u a.m.
*7,20 "
"8.20 "
IO.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 r '"
115 "
2.15 "
3.15 "
4.15 "
6.15 "
".25 "
8.15 "
9.15 "
m.15 "
11,ij "
12.45 "
changt without
•6.45 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.50 "
9-45 "
10.45 "
n.45 "
12.45 P-m.
J.45 "
2-45 "
3-45 "
445 "
5 45 "
6-15 "
i-45 "
8-45 "
9-45 '
io.45 "
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
I..ninth "Well Vancouver."  Ctpttia Findlay
1 ' nted lot 35 ptuenftn
1 ... *
II..I1 >),<irn Whirl
l,,*.T,*a V.nritu.i*r
Hi,   l.rrn-'   Whirl
7.311 a.m.
I) llll ,1.111.
11 .hi a.111.
13.1111 p.in.
15.on p.m.
17.' 11 p in.
a pan.
I very   ll.l.I   I a, 1 |>l   Sllllll.li
S.oo ,-i.ni.
lo. nn 11.111.
It.00 ,1 III.
14.nn p.111.
iti no p.m.
18.110 p 111
 ailur-lnvi- Only 22.tm p.in.
  "»und«> Schedule 14.on p.m.
  "  22.011 p 111.
Siti|*le Fare 15c        Two Tickets 25c.
tjini kt "-1 I'inli  Irom   Nnrth Vancouver tn tin   district  lievmnl
Ctpiliao Rivei Ltuach "Wctt Vancouver" makes coantc-
lnuis, vmi' 111 I nl, with the ferry steamers from Nortii Van
eoiivir, as pel ibove Khi dule
We operate lhe only padded (uinilute and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
7 I unMinl. Ave.
I'llll**.! - III
Wt in 1 in innoum 1 to the publii * md 1 ipei ullv 10 tba
Inm.. tin*. *.. n( Nnrlh \ .nn iiuvei licit lie Ctpiltno Wel
Wash 1.,iiiiiiiii, unin r l-ir and Weil' j| unit rrnly
lm bntintii Vmi trill imd tbt GRADI ol work doni at the
Wet With l.iiuiilti ioi* tin lusi tbit'i the GRADE yoa
viant Dilcird that with tub, 111 michihery do vmir work.
Its the modern way*
Prion lor  I'.innh Wash ptl Week, \\ 11 With  75 cents.
Rough l'i
■ ti 25
Drop . a ar.l tn I'n.l Oil,, | .nd nur m.n will , .11 f,„ .,,*
I . T.I.I
The value ol llie mineral products nl British ColunjWa tor
the vear 1909, as itaitailied in
the report ui the minister o(
mines just issued, amounts to
S:|, 143,025, «hn li, while it is
less than lhat "I )'>"<> und 1407,
is consider.il'K v.'cili-r than
lhat of anv  previous vear.
The tonnage "I ore mined in
llu- province during the year
1909 exclusive ol coal was :,-
057,713 tons, a dei reuse [rom
iiu- preceding year oi 13,893 or
i.'i per cenl This total ton-
nage was produced by the vm
nnis ilisin,is in the lollowing
proportions: Boundry 71.03 pet
cent., Rowland, 11.53 per cent..
Port Steele '.2a per cent., coasl
diitrict 1.1)3 pet mil*, all ulh
er districts s.:: per nul.
The number ni mines Ironi
whiih shipiiielils wen- niacin- in
HM) w.ts So, and nl ihese milv
s: shipped nunc than ioo ions
ilurini; ihe year, while Imt jj
■hipped in iMtss ui 1,000 tons
each. 01 these latter S were
ill lhe Nelson iiiiiiiii;; division ;
s in the Boundrv diatrict, ,•> in
the Ainsworth division, | in lhe
Slocan distriit, 3 in lhe Coast
dislriel,   .1 iu   tiie Trail   Creek
liaasslaiuli division, : tu th.
Fori Steele division, I in the
Trmit Lake division and i in
ihe Queen Charlotte divudni.
The ipianlities and value ol
lhe mineral product! fur 1909
is given as iolluvvs Gold, placer, S|77,'M"'; gold, lode, JJ8,
:.'| Ot., value {4,934,09*1 , silver, 1,531,742, value, Sl,.'to,
I70 ; lead, 14,396,346 U's*, value, {1,709,359 ; copper, 15,547,-
245 pounds, value S5,9IIH,533 ;
coal, >,Oo6,17'' tons, value {7,
oai,666; coke, 158,703 tons, ta
lue S1.55.v1s; other materials,
value {l,60O,O0O,
The production ft the minerals in lhc stveral mining ills
tricts atul divisions is segregat
ed as lollowi : Cariboo ilislritl
S:i7,i.m, Cassiar district $334,-
198, Rail Kootenai district
{4,766,315, Wesi Kootenai ths
Itrict {5,169,749, I,ill""ii ilislritl (16,676, Vale district, 97,*
7J.X,.'srt, allil Coasl district ill
Ieluding Nanaiiim, Allierni, Cil
' viiipiei, \'n tui 1.1, {6,38o,(Vll.
The total ptiitliiitiiin of minerals iu tin- province Innn 1890
■ lo i*ii«i, Imtli imlusive, is given
las follows
Cnhi, I'l.in 1, {"0,675.103 ;
gold, lode, {55,177,687 ; silver.
{19,850,58ft ; lead, {33,139,
copper, {551871,893 ; >"■'• a'"1
coke, Si..•,.,..(..'t.i ; building
stone, bricks, etc., {9,093,'no ;
other mii.ils, ss.,,.,i..|.i   i,,tal,
A ihal has just l-ccit miiisum
mated win uio .1 Vancouver
syndicate will ntd a htith
making plain "ii suine no
ol tlav lands, iht propertv
of Mr K 1' Waslis, ,,l Notch
llill ranch, Bear Sam-ose  Bat.
II. C.     The plant is to mst in
ihe aeighhorh I "i s |o, uid
is tii have a  tapatlti   "I   15,000
hrnks   pet   tlav Ml       \\ .illl-
dues lml  sell  lhe property,    lml
sets ,i percentage "ii the mater
ials Used
The llaliolil sle.tiiisliip lim   i*
ihe latest i" tiun iln aorthern
British Ctiliiiiilua 11.i.lt between
Victoria and Stewart   At pm
ent   il  has   one small  lici-dilci
under charter, iln i I, Card,
imt Capt. \\   i  Balcon ol ilu
llaliolil Co , slates that   he     is
nuw   negotiating   loi  another
freighter and bj neat spun-; a
pacta   to  h.ivt   "in,  piolialilv
two,   st, ,1111,1 s m|   the  tvpc of tll,'
Cetriana ont Ironi Kngland lot
tin aorthern trade,
Canyon View Hotel
l'.Nti'iisivr Groundl. Higb-clm icrvice at raodtriti rates.
Famil; Roomi en suite with special rates.    HouteGreitl) Enlirged,
Eaiy triil to summit ol   Grouit Mountain,   altitude 3000 leet
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
f111111111111111111111111111 ii 1111111 n h 111 n 1111111111111 "i 11111111
ClL    CT     CM AD  150x137 (eet on  5 th   ::
Dth   Ol.   ODI Ai   Stot; one-half block from   f
^_mt_m_m_m_mmi_mm_mm_m the Queensbury Canine.
View Unsurpassed.   Only $3200, cash $ 1200, balance
6, 12 and 18 months.     Let us show you this property.
Martinson & Co.
Pketu /,-.'* P.O. Bu n
\ 111 ii 111111 m 11111111111111111111111111111111 it 1111111111111111111 i
__S. \-<Lamamm
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
District Lol 550
in iiuiiii i
muiiil VASt m iiii
lor Prices antl Particulars, Apply to
Lio. Liv.
Will 1.1> SAVE MILLION 1)01,-
That   Vain ouvu    will   surety
in* an interested ptrtj  la   —t
building ol ilu Second N.ir- _
rows bridge is evident Irum ■" _
ai iii lc tthnli appeared in  Sat-
ur.lav morning'! Sew* -tdvw «*l" '"'"""■ '" ""PPO 5°."
i,*,i to tl" 'ii"' tliat iln titv noo,ooa gallon* daily, ten is
ol Vancouvtr would iiavi rivei t in*h Bexibk mam wiib short
million  ol dollan in -**  veart|connection*,   J,6r»    [ei     • no,
ihio ; maintenance, llli ul  pipe
not ovei   *   yeai    at J i
vear, lioo,ooo; Interetl
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets Official Agents
il provision wa-. in,pi.   i i    the
Si'vtiu'iir   w alt i    in.nn     to   lit*
Iiul   atross  mi   tin* bridge  m
stead ol bting sul,I,,, i **,,|   .mil 1160,000; total, *;■           K\-
itt'sitli's tin- danger in ilu wain penditure lor -" yeai   un ihi*
si rv it .■         being       itui mi|.till La-is, Si, iv."""; |ii|its ',n   tin
through breakage* which might bridge, two |n-inch   leel
result liom '-hip traflli  inti rial
Ing wilh tlic mam*.      * hi  tabic
ll pu smiili In Ui   II   \|  Hur-
11,11,   lollsllllln;    * fl |„|   (In*
,iii shows tlu it lal ■      •  ■   ol
the mtthodl as [iilliill Suli
ll 11     .ll     ft     • ','
uiainit'tiaini     Ior   111'   "I    mi'*
yearn or mon.   at $.v»    y - -
IKX) ;   Iilllle.I    III   -     M.il
IKHI   I     tOUl     Sl   |S.  a
savin      *
.lean Wolkciisiiin, preiident
ol tin* Hritish Columbia \ Al
,l^ka Railwaj C"., a Xivv  \mk
concern whiih propowi building an Roo-mile railwaj from
Vancouver northerl) via   l.vi
| a,I,     laa     ]*,a||     ( ', a  a , 1 | - C    l_A       «|l|tll
has     hail    two    ii'toiinais.iiiic
partiei   Mi    this   siiiiiiiur  in
a -,i i.   \i   Rice 4 Co., ol
Llli    had  a   1"U ■: Interview
with I'lnuiii UcRride laal wreV
"inhii'ii    hi'* companj'i plain
a   iln   improvement   "l   tIn-
transportation  [acilitiei oi ci n
trai ittitish Columbia. Tht in
icrvitvv is iiiitlcistitiiil tii have
h nl nn definite outcome, It was
csiini,iti'd that the roatl woltli
cost Ilj, ' a  mile   lot  ton
slnit lion
Ani ii lur   large block   which
is now projected lot New West
minster is an apartment  block
toi  Mm   A   \l   Herring, to bt
hitili mi the north rati i ornei
ol Carnarvon and Sivih itreeti
at   ui  estimated  coil   ol   be*
iween s'■* and S.i",	 THE EXPRESS, NORTII  VANCOUVER, B. C.
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   OFFICE: —204 Hastings St.  E., near Empress  Eheatre
The Port of
Authiii- uf "The Hutise oi I
Thouaand Candlei."
(Continued Iroin lust issue)
Lots fronting on the "Boulevard Extension"
Chesterfield Avenue, Mahon Avenue
and Intersecting Streets.
Subdivision of Blocks 203 "A", 204, 204 "A", 213, 213 "A", 226 "A"
240 and 241, in District Lots 544 and 545, City of North Vancouver.
For Flans, Price Lists and Particulars, apply to
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
1 Phone 6286. Corner Pender and Seymour Streeta, Vancouver, B. C. !!
We have several lots (or sale in a choice section o( the City o( North Vancouver on
tOM u( une, two and three years, w th a very small cash payment. The number is
limited and quick action is necessary to obtain one of these lots. No information given
over the phone but particulars will be furnished at our office,	
Branch Office: 4 Lonidale
first street West
I nlirc Change ol I'roiji dnime Monday, Wednesday
and Iriday
\\ t i Itel lu l.ulies ami t liiMieii, ud iisMiu uur patrons
that nothingoffeniive oi objectionable will In shown.
r.'iloiiiuntr.'. at 7.jo antl K.45 I'■■■■■
Saturday   Matinee   it   -'.311   p.n,
Admission 10c
Children 5c
|3.OO   per   ami   up.
Spi i i.il rates lo families anil   to  uvular
In initial >
StCOMD Si m i t.
iinin line, between (leneral Btore anil Holel.
Sidewalk and fine water service on itreel: cloae
iu Church,8cl I,Hall, Butcher 8h ip uml Mill.
Some luts Bleared ready to build on, We (Irmly
believe with the conatruction of the Becond
Narrow* Bridge ihii property ihould double
in value in one vear.
Real I -iii' .unl I'm.im ii] Agenta
In oijjlit monthi lhe Van   Km
' mine,    Silverton,   aai   shipped
16,08(1 tuns u( ore.
Burnaby bus expended appro-
\iin.ttely   $8o,00O  ul   tlie Sl.Su,-
ikhi voted last year by thc rati
payen Uu ruad Improvement,
Tin- coal measures ol tlie
Nui ill Tliiiinpsuii will be   piuv
1 pettetl by ■ tliaiiiuiul 'Irill l'i
Drove   llie   extent ol llie   depuv
' its. Tlu- Canadian Northern
Coal ami Cuke Compaay  ue
I tlie interested parties in ilk- tie
Alphunse QMadttaff. I Duttlt
tanner   ol   umsideialile   repute
.uul with m vears' experience
ill llie lannen business is look-
lag into the propodUoa OJ cs-
Ubllihing a tannery at  New
By 1 vuli ni it tu 1 ihe director! of tin Chilliwack IfTlcal-
iiiial sm tii \ decided againit
Boric racing at the Iall [.iir. ,\|-
ter the declaration was nuuli
two ui tlu- memberi handed In
iluir resignation!, According
to tlu- repuri uf the proceedingi
these Hire nul aeeepted bv tllc
The Abbiitslurd l'usl states
that the HC KK liiieini'ii have
completed their work a.s far as
Huntingdon. The branch line
to Huntingdon is nuw complete and ready for the emu
pany to run their trains mt. It
is altogether likely that a serin-  will  be   "-iven  (hiring  the
month as far us Huntingdon,
that beii| the poiat to which
ihe line is completed.
The   announcement  is made
that contract! have been sillied
it SS li'lephutics along tlit-
West   Arm, 1 tins latilfylng   the
linns uf the ofler made bv  tin
general manager "l the Britiih
Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.,
Geo, II. liaise, when he was in
Nelsmi mi .lime }o, This meani
that 1 telephone line will be
innil  along ihe aim, between
Nelsuii ,unl  I'rut lm
that accentuated bet vault Ii 1 "lincsH Upi
brown hnlr, naught it|i from tier brow
In the fiislikin nf iha enii 'curs of the
century, flashed nul.I In Hinllgllt
Much uf Shirley's girlhood bml IM
■pent In tbr Virginia hills, tvben* Judge
f'lnilH'iiii* Iniil leaf iiuiiilailni'il it refii|,*e
from tbe lieiii nf Washington. l''rom
childhood slu* bml read ihe etili'iiilar of
spring us It Is written ti|iuii tbo land
Scape llself. Iter fingers finiiiil liy In
mlnit the tlrst arbutus. Sho knew
whore white violets shone llrttt ti|ioii
the rough breast of the hlllsliles, ntnl
particular patches of rhododendron
lad for ber the Intimate Interest of pri*
rate gardens.
As Ihe Cliiilinrni-s lingered nt Ihelr
table a short stout ninn espied them
from the ili.u- nml advanced lieamlngly.
"Ah, my dear Slilrley. and Pick! Can
It be possible? 1 heard only by the
merest ehanec that you were here. Put
Switzerland Is tbe real meeting place
of thc world."
The young Americans greeted the
newcomer cordially    A waiter placed
a chair for bltn and took bis bat Arthur Slngletoa was an American,
though he li nl lived abroad so long as
to have losi bis Identity with any particular city or state of his native land.
lie had been uu attache of tho American embassy at London for many
years Administrations changed and
Bmliiis-iiaia.rs came and went, but Slu*
fleimi wet never molested. It was Bald
that he kept his position on the score
of bis wide acquaintance, he knew every one, and be was a great peddler of
gossip, particularly about people In
high station.
The children of Hilton Claiborne
were not to be overlooked. He would
Impress himself upon them, as was his
wiy, tor be was sincerely social by In-
etlnct and would go far to do a kind
ness for people he really liked.
"Ah mel Vou have arrived opportunely, Miss Claiborne. There'o inys
I tery In tbe air—the great Stroebcl ls
here—under this very roof and ln a
dreadfully bad humor. He ls a dangerous man- a very dangerous man,
but falling fast I'oor Austria! Count
Ferdinand von Stroebel can have no
successor. He's only a sort of bold-
over from thc nineteenth century, and
with him and his emperor out of tbe
way-wbat? For my part 1 see only
dark days ahead." And he concluded
with a little sigh that Implied eruiu
bllng thrones and falling dynasties.
Tha reader of tho Neue Frele Prosso,
preparing to leave his table, tore from
tbe newspaper nn article that seemed
to have attracted blm, placed lt In his
cardcase and walked toward the door.
The eyes of Arthur Singleton lighted
ln recognition, and tbe attache, mutter
Ing an apology to thc Clalbornes, ad
dressed tbe youn-g gentleman cordially.
"Why, Armltage, of.all men!" and be
rose, still facing the Clalbornes with
an air of embracing the young Amerl
cans In his greetings. lie never like!
to lose an auditor, .and he woultl In no
circumstances mlss-n chance lo display
tbe wide circumference of his acquaint
"Shirley-Miss ClnUxiroe-allow ni"
to present Mr. Armltage." The young
army oflicer nntl Armltage t|ien shook
bands, and the three men stood foi a
moment, detained, It seemed, by Un
old attache, who had no IMimenl
for the next hour or two nml mealed
tbc idea of being-left alone.
"One nlwnys meets Annllagc!" de
clared Singleton. "He knows our
America as wall as we do- and tery
well liiihs'il-far an Englishman "
Armltage Itowcd grit,*.\
"Vmi iniiki' lt liecOHSurjA for int- I"
disavow any ullt-glnnee to the power*
that rule Ureal llrltnln I'm really I
fulr sort of American. I have '"""'
limes lnhl New York people nil nl.nU
Colorado, Montana. New Mexico!"
Ills vok-o nnd manner weie il i
a gentleman. Ills color, as Shirley
Clalliorue now observed, wns llml of
an outdoors man. She was familiar
witli It In soldiers nntl ■OM and
knew that Ittestlflod to I vigorous and
wholesome life.
"(if course you're not English"' M
claimed Singleton, annoyed U bl li
incinlieroi], or thought he (Ud. that Ar
milage hail on some oilier occasion
initle the same protest.
"I'm really getting MOSJtlvf ibool
It." snkl Annttiige. more I" tl* CUH
barm than to Hightail   "8ui nan
we all ho from RnmiewiicrP? ll II ■
nichindioly n plight to !«• a VU Willi
out n country'."'
The mockery In his -lone ww helled
ky ti«i' | ....I humor in his ttee   B
eyes  caught   Shirley's  pas-ilnglv.  atn!
she smiled at blm.   It s it'll I mit"
rnl. n perfectly lnc-titnNc thing lo d"
She liked the kind Menace willi
which he suffered the tiitM-lo of Ariluu
Singleton, whom some *M IW ' ' vl
sti lnlerniitkin.il lure. Tho wens main's
dignity was only nn wrjamtot "I Wil
respert His ippnetaflen-of the em i
pr'ii'rletlcs resulting rroin. this CUMl
IntrMtirtlnti to honmlf miai'tier broth*
wss iwrfeet.   He  wss  nln-:t.l>   witl
drawing   A waiter hm! Mewed Mm
*l'h Ma dlsi-Ttrdi-ilra-nrsiiiner. ind  '
milage took It nnd Idly dropped It on a
"Ilnte you heard the news. Mini
tagc? Tbe Austrian sphinx Is ben in
this teiv house!" whispered Singleton
lmpi-i"*- lively.
"Vis; lo lie sure, Count von Strocbti
ll bfie, but he will probably not re
muiii long The Alps will soon be snfo
again. I am glntl 1" liate Ml ymi "
lie bowed lo the Clalbornes Inclusively, nodded In response to Sliiglelon's
promise in look him up later ind left
When Shirley iiiiiI Iht brother re., i
ed their ii'iiiiiioii silling roo, i. Iikk
Clatborni laughingly bell ui' tin -py
of Hit- Neue I'ri'le li'essi" wl.. \rinl
tnge bid call nsiali* nt their ; able.
"Now tte sliall know!" be declared
unfolding lhe newspaper.
"Kliotv Whit, I'll IT
"At least what our Mend without .,
counlry Is so liiten      I In."
lie opened tin- ":.. r, from which
half a eoliiinn leu'. ' t lorn, noted the
date, rang tlio I I ;,,nl ordered ll copy
of ibe sail. * ii '. When It wal
brought he op* nl It, found the place,
laughed Iniiiili nud passed the sheet
over Iai his sister.
"(lh. Shirley. Shirley! This Is almost
too much!" lie cried, watching her II
ber eyes swept Hie article. She tiinicil
away In escape Ills MM nud after a
glance three lOWl 9a paper In disgust. The article dealt in detail with
Aiisii-0-IIiiiigaiinn llnaiiees nnd fairly
tiiisiloil with figures nml snge con-
elusions based upon them.
■isn't thut the worst!" exclaimed
Shirley, smiling ruefully.
"He's certainly n romantic figure
ready to your hand. Probably n bank
clork who makes European finance his
"He Isn't an Englishman, nt any rate
He repudiated the Idea with scorn."
"Well, your Mr. Armltage didn't
scorn so awfully exelled It mooting
Singleton, but he seemed rutber snli>
fietl with your appearance, to put II
mildly. 1 wonder If lie Innl arranged
wilh Singleton to pass by In that pine
ly Incideiilal  wny. Just for the ptlt
liege of Kinking your icqnalataaeor
"Don't be foolish, Web It's uiil.c-
cninlng on olllcer and a geiilleinan
Hut If you Bhould see Mr Singleton
"Yes-not If I see hliu Inti" ejn.u
Inled linlliorne.
"Well, you might nsk Inin "b" Mr
Armltnge Is.    It would be nmu-ing
nntl sntisfylng-lo know."
Enter In Ihe day the old all n he Ml
upon Cliilbornc In Ibe HB0kln| i i
and stopped to discuss | rep m Hint a
"Magi was Impending lu the V M
lean state departuieni titaiit-* . nl
Washlnglon did imt Iroillile (Ungleton
who was sure of his leiniii* lie Hid
as much, and after some further talk
tinlboriic remarked:
"Your friend Armilage serins I good
"Oh, yes: a capital talker and thor
oughly well posied iu atT.ilrs."
"Yes;   be   seoiucd   Inleri'slin*;      Dl
you Impi-en to know where lie lius
wlleti lie's nt Inline?"
"I/ird bless you, boy, | dnu't knott
anyltiing almiil AnnHa:.-!"!" spluili'i"!
Singlelon. witli llieeiii|ilins|s su thrown
ns to Imply that of Wane ll nny othei
brunch of human l.nnulodge be would
be foiiKil abundant!) qualified to an*
swi'i* i|llesliuns.
"But you Introduced us lo lil tis my
sister and me    I assumed"■-
"My dear Claiborne, I'm always In
traducing people! It's my hiislut-s *g
Introduce people Arinilngc Is all right
lie's nlttnys nrotllul eu'l't it here If
tlined willi bii.t In 1'aiis. and I've rare
ly seen a man order a lienor dinner."
lug There nre Tniiiiiuriable things one
wuuld like to ■ ■"me luick for from mid-
ocean, Hftfl "■' ii" tariff."
"iiiere's Ibe tvlivii'ss," said Shirley.
'lit nine ve shall Ite able to commit
nur iftMtbOttfhtl I" It* Hut lost views
enn liaitllt bo innii:t:,etl lhat way. After 1 get home I shnll think of scores of
things I slnniM like to sec again thnt
photofnpbi ii"ii'i tfte."
Armltnge hail been the subject of so
much Jesting belW Hick nud her-
self that It seeni'il sliange to be bilking to him. His face brightened pleasantly when he spoke. Ills eyes were
payee thli sin- had mockingly described lliem for ker brother's lieneflt
tba da] liefore. Ills manner was gravely courteous, anal slie did not nt all believe that he li.td failliiwed her about
Armltage wns nnitre All a Jeweler's
shop wus hardly the place for extended
conversation with a young woman
w iioin he scarcely knew, but he lingered In the Joy of Inuring this American girl's voice, n•! I what slie said In
terested hliu immensely. He had seen
her lirst 111 Paris a few months before
at au exhibition of buttle paintings.
lie had t I Upon her standing quite
alone before "High Title at Ucttys-
burg," the pklure of tlio your, and he
had noli-'l the QBleh mounting of color
to her cheeks as the splendid movement of ihe painting—Its irde* and fire
-took holil ol her. Be saw her ngnln
In liorenee. ntnl it wit^ from there lhat
ho had deliberate!} followed the Clalbornes.
Ills own plans were now quite unsettled by bis Interview wttk Vea stroebcl.   He fullj expected Chauvenet In
Ooneva.   iii II hud apparently Is-en
on cordial leiius wlih the ClallH.rnes.
autl as lie luel seen.i'il lo lie master of
his own liine it was wholly possible
llml he weald appear liefore the Clalbornes left tb'iieva. It was uow (he
second day after Von Stroebers depnr-
lure, and Armilage began to feel uneasy.
* lie stood with Slilrley quite near the
simp leer, Tlie carriage drove np.
and DM Calll-orno came up to them
nt once and bowed lo Arinilngc.
"There Is great news. Count l-'er-
(llnnnd von StPsitel wus murdered In
his railway cnrrlnge lit'tweon here nml
Yioiiii:i iiiet found blm dead at Innsbruck Uils morning."
I "Is It possible! Are you quite sure
hc was munli'ml':"
It wns Arinilnge who asked the question.   He spoke In n lone quite mst-
)  I,
Chapter HI <
iiuik man
HE second day thereafter
Shirley Chilliorne went
Into ■ Jeweler's on Ihe
Hi*.mil ijinii to purchase
n trinket that had caught
her eye while she waited tee i'nk.
who had gone off In their Htlta|i I"
Ibe poslolllee lo send some telegrams
It was a small shop und lite ti Witt)
afternoon, when few people were about.
A man who had preceded her was
looking nt watches and secmid tapt)
absorbed In this occupation. She li.ai'l
his Inquiries as to quality ami pita
and know that It was Armilagt's lata
before she recognized bis lull figure
She made her purchase qui'kit* ami
wis about to leave the shop when he
turned toward her, and she bimtd
"Good afternoon, Miss (iallsirni1
Theso are very templing bazaars, aren't
they? If the abominable tariff laws of
America did nol give us pause"-
I He bent above her, hat In band, smli
Ing. He had concluded the pudM
of a watch, which the shopkeeper was
now wrapping In u box.
"I bave Just purchased a little re
meinbranoo for my ranch foreman out
In Montana, mnl liefore 1 cnu pla*" It
In his hands It must be examined mid
appraised and all the pleasure ,,f Dm
gift destroyed by tbe custom officers
In New York. I hope you ere a gotsl
hnngftef, Miss Claiborne."
"I'd like lo lie.   Woinen arc st,.
to blTt I knack at the bu*.ine*.•*., I• iit
my falhcr Is so pntriotic that bo makes
me declare everything."
"Putrlollim will carry onn far. but 1
object both to lieing taxed and lo the
alternative of corrupting lhe gentlemen
who He In wait at the receipt of ens
"Of course (he answer Is ihnt Amer
leans should buy at home," replied
Shirley. 8he received her change, an I
Armltnge placed his nxall package In
his pocket.
"My brother expected to meet me
here. H* ran off with our csrrlnge."
■TJslrt. ■  explslned.
Th-ae lut en-andi eaa always iry
"/ hope vou are I pood imi-uyi'a-r, ill*
ler of fact nud colorless, so tlial Shirley looked at him lu surprise, but lhe
saw that lie was very grate, and then
inslanlly some bidden feeling flashed
In liis eye*.
"There Is i.o doubt of lt It was an
aim. iotis crime. The count was un old
in.in and feeble when we saw blm tho
olher dny. lie wasn't fair game for
an assassin," slid tiullKirue.
"No; he di'Miti'il a better fate," re-
mauled Armilage
lie was n grand old man," said
Shirley us Ihey left the shop aud walked toward tlie carriage. "Father admired him greatly, lt Is terrible to
think of bis lieing murdered."
"Yes; he was a _ wise nnil useful
mnn," iilisortnl Armltage, sllll grave.
"Ho wns one of the great men of bis
His tone wus imt that of one who
discusses i usiuill) a bit of news of tbe
hour, and Caplaln Claiborne paused a
iiiiiiuetil :u ll rriage door, curious
as to wlnn Ariuiiige might say further.
"And now we ahull see"- began the
jouiig American.
"We sliml M Joliinii Wilhelm die of
old age wiiiilu u few years at most
.md then i Inirles Utuls. bis son, wlll
be the emperor king In his place, and
If he should go lieiii I without heirs bis
cousin I'rainls tumid rule ln lhc house
of his fm her, and Prancls ls corrupt
and worthless and quite necessary to
Ibe plans of destiny for Ihe divine order of kings."
John Armltage stood beside the csrrlnge qniii' eri"i. Iiis Iial and stick and
gloves in Ids right hand, bis left thrust
lighll.t inlo tlic side pi. ket of till coat
"A queer devil," observed Claiborne
i- tiny drove nway. "A solemn cos-
it'iner nntl not cheerful enough to
make n gi.id drummer. Hy what singular di in* i* did hv find you In that
simp?" '
"I told him, dearest brother, If I
must make the humiliatingdtactatore "
"I shouldn't hnve believed It! I
hardly thought you would carry It so
"And while nc may be a salesmsn
of Imltmlaiu cut glass he has expen
site  tataa"
•I "rd help us he hasn't been buying taaii a wab'liT'
"Va  bl was latishlng himself on i
wiiMi fnr the foreman of his ranch In
Montana "
ii     phi  Vou're chaffing"
"NM    lu    lhe    lenst.     He    pald-l
r-ooMn'l twig i."!ng a e Ih *     ' * I
tr.ins.a illy paid   "ti francs
f,,i n v aii. b to glte I" Ibe foreman of
li    n.i 11   toll    In
II I   \    lb ,|, ihe ot It b.
(To bl eullllUlk'd) FOUR
North Van* m 11
li. f.
Hue t.air. tl MA
Publishi : i ui ulayi and Fridays by
NoVm Siiuki  Phi it, Limiikii
lllll.1   aa|     -I   Ml ■|(||'||*i\
inuillis. *'tilt*. Three intiiitlif, Hi
United Smiili illll I "i'ij.rii, |1.M per year
,\. 1 \.-1 i-: 11.- rUtfi vtill  imiteil un application.
Tlie K\|.i ■- i- levotud toihe Intereati ol tin north Short ol Burrard Inlet
ncluaieelj      I' ' atltutei am advertu>ii,|| ineiliiiin ol etctpUonal film Ibr
reach inn '":111'-'"'1-"' and effective mai r thi population ol North Vincouver
Citj and I'i.-iriii. Kvery effort li made 10gtva Mwtiaeri tha motl aattofaotory
All ,*l,;ii.L".*-1 no.1*1 lulvertineuienti ihould be It theprintera lunula not
later than I0« 111 Monday and 5 p.m. Wednaadiyta ennui Inaertloo in the
ftill.iwiiii! laaue,
N in h Van <* ri I,   B, C.
THK lDM.wvi.l) CAS1
A1 -1.i• s 1 2,   nno
ul dealing through firms ol  ti
  putation aiul thai  in each in
Tlu  •",,",, "' ll11' provincial Lance _ ,,,,„* deicription of thc
'"";,nl   '"  turning   down iK,i]lu ,,,„,,! und,i-ii.-goiiatnui
application ol iheowncraoi .Ml,M ,„ ,,,[nu-,,\
lhe      subdivision      km uv 11      as I    T|u.   Mf   ,Al.uls„l     |,v     ,|H
Idylwyld", to s,*i aside there- ,,||1IU1| u| lh, diltricl in  Ulis
lusal oi the council ol the dis   „„, n, „  mm,|,,, ,,,- ,,,,,,.  in
trict of North Vancouver, to
accept the pi.ms submitted bj
them, marki u very impoi taut
development in lhe relalivi
righta ol |uaa|.inv ownen on
thc "tn- hand and council
boards on lhi tin r relative 10
propert) suhdivisi -us
Plans were siiltiiiiii i|   tu   tin
district   council some monthi
ago  hv   tin   owners ul    li
wvltl shuw in; a subdivision   ol
tin- propert). but upon inqnii ■
tlie  council   refused  to certili
the plant, 1 hit ilv because ii w.i *
shuw 11 that lhe pi-oposed strei 1
running cast and went eai 1 li tl
grade  that rendered them  lm
pussible.     Negotiations    areri
carried on in iwecn  lhi on ncrs
and the taiiiiii il tot   "iiu   liuie,
but  without result    Linallv   tin
owneri decided to av.nl   theni
selves u|    their  li; III   "I   appi I
tu tlie Siuviv..1 r.in,ral undei
lhe Muniiipal Clauses Ail, in
the endeavor In overcome iln
barrier created bv lhi refusal ol
the niinii il iu accept tlu plans
Tlu .11 in ni a,|„ration• was
according!) transferred to Vii
toria .nul thither all parties
j lurneyed   to lav iheii n pn 1
ive piisiliutls lieiuli   lln     "Vi in
ment. Tin enqnin was nl a
must thorough natun through
uiu, the Interests u the owners
being cared [or In Mr. Geo II
Cowan, Tin objections taken
Li tin disiint wm rabmitted
in detail b) Reeve UcNaughl
at wli.ise sug| estion the government   appointed a
;. Mr .Linn-. l' Garden C.
E., ex M l' r . lai pcraonall) lu
spett the propert) and lo report "li all inatlti*. pill.unin
lu tin- 1,1st Tin result ol the
iiu|iiiiv w.r. thai lhi ■
mini gave il d' ision, suitain
ing the a.inui ol the tlis
iriei lutitiiil in refusing lo  ai
it pt   the plans
This retail is ol great  calm
in a general  wav     li will tit
ti 1   partiei who are about   io
rabdividi   propert)   Irom   pro
.a,din    10 ui.ikt   lalei   a,n  ih.
itanccs is  iiiiist commendable
and complete.)  gives lhc lie   to
iln suggestion lhat they were
in  am way  seeking by  either
positive   or   negative   liielhuds,
in Further the ichemea ol  reck
ii***, I stcts.   It is tu In- hup
ul that tin- government will favorably cuiisithr iln- adviia-
luliiv ui conferring upon die*
trict niiitiiils, vu enlarged
powers in tin- matter ol dealing
w iiii plan* ol .iilidivisitiii. It is
true thai let lllc eiilllieils lie
level     mi i.lllllulls    Hie)     l.ll'liul
hope iu protect  unwarj buyers
igainst   the   consequence!    ol
their own discretion!, but   at
tin* same lime there is a   glt.U
deal   "I    preventive   Influence
thai conld be exerciaed  by  the
councils which would in a gen
. ral vi.iv regulate  the  chatw
ler ul the rarioua subdivision
ithi uns  whiih   are    launch* I
iiaiiu iiim* ii. time.
'I'htie are must  enconragin
ihai Nortli Vancouver it
ing tin Board ul Ahlernieii ,,1
Vancouver in a position in
which the [raining oi a by-law
for tlie contributing ol two
hundred and lilt? Uiousand dollars low.ml the mst of the
comtruction ol the bridge will
be recognized hi lhe ratepayeri
as a sound business propoiition
ami  will  receive emphatic en-
diii-satiuii In llll 1,ilepayers at
the pules. The Board appears
to have been somewhat reticent
as to taking hold   ol   the bridge
proposition bul it is reason
able tu hope ili,it the mw light
in which iln matter now stands
will Induce ihem to take earlv
action in the matter, The dii
um ui North Wun "iiv er has
spoken wilh excellent effect,
the litv ol North Vancouver
will acquit heraclf no less creditably un August nib. and
promptness npon the pan  oi
the other   municipalities   inn 1
esled   WOUld   glcallv    assisl    In
moving the whole projet 1 alotq
to successlul consummation
Nelson M.inf g Co.
I'Sh ,\\ IDE,  Bad  m
N. V.l.iiuti:i;   Co.'l Mu 1
N. NELSON, Priwictm
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
Six room Modern House on 3rd Streei Weit,
Prioe 13,650; third cash, balanoe 6 uml 12,
THIRD STREET EAST—50 ft. lot, $2200, I-:', cash, (i-12
PbOtl*   R   lOTth    I'llll.*,'IHl*l I ■!'*  MM   Vlll|.*laU|,*|*
Office Houn 9 i,m. W8.S0 p.m.   Open Evenlnw by ippolntment
After office houn, i hone Llll
John Swanson
Stone Foundations
Chimney Building
Villi■ •-:
Hotel North Vancouver
MUM iv.. lid.
Lomdili   \ enue,
at Pi rn   Land
Ai.l,   KINDS  OF
Wt ll!«H  llllll.ll.'   Hi"'   I'.'ll'.itillL'   HI
H    all,     t   Iik   V I.
d.A K * l.i. k.ii Chop,
Mt,'i-' Beet srn|a..
tljrer'i Poultry Spice.
Leet' Lice Killer.
Wheal in'«"unt'li-
Bold in uuv iiiinui ■
liu'   I',,*-!   Sllllllllrr    >|.Ml*
mi Un* mirket,
The can sre now running pas) our new sub-division.
located lorou the street from tlm Lynn Valley stun-.
A few lota still selling at lhe original prioe.
We bave alio a remarkable Une rob-
diviiion, facing on the extemion oi the
which we are offering now al reasonable pricei,
9 Lonsdale Avenue. l'lione 155.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Ncrili Wiuei'iiti-r mnl Vancouvei Kutitei managed, Renti collected
tin udsnliiirii.iiiProperty, Builneii ChuoM
Aereii*.-.*. Siii'-I ly'idoni, Agreement! ol  filei dbcoantid
1 uui ol Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
[•ELEPHONB 8a P. 0. BOX n*i
Tlie |n',,|,|e iiiiv.i
liillllil   il   mil   lit
Illl   N.V. I ISH MUikll
lhi.|,*r Sen M.inii.-'iiieiil.
I'll,* , li-al|'i-l  llll'l  llHl   I'lalie  ill  lOWO
in.nni"  another movement   In [nraiiklmli ol [mh ud imoked flih,
real estate cin le. and there art i
lllll   Will   III'   llllllllll, l.lllll-     "|l|na|
uiniiiis lui luiviis to seiiiii
holding! wlliise merit is tlliis-
s.iil. ililt .nnl iv huh will nn *
libit retain large |iruiit-~ np< n
the invest iiiiiii Realty lirms
uliitli li,niille unh legitimate
uui .munis are lo In found on
everj hand and then is i ui.t
i.i al ileiu.nul lli.it .iu elieiiivt
■-t"l> In* placed npon the open
tiuiis ui anj ..tu* who would In
anj u,iv lower Uu lUmlard ur
I., .im tie-in Impoie upon lis
il-* penmaded bnyen.
VAM HI \ Ivl-: AM) THE
The |U"lial'llltv   tai   the lilv 111
Vancouvei   ultimately  arriving
wiih a suliM.inti.il contribution
laaw.iiii the comtruction ol Sei
mul  Narrowi bridgi has  bn n
* :* nlv sinii;'i in mil through
ilu- striking eitiuiatci in.ule Kv
Hi     I'.ui vi. II    consulting t ii; iu
i i hai i dty, ihowing  thi
"iiliri-, ivl'*. v.•_■• 'l.il'li - auul Iruil.
I. O. (>   I'.
Nuiih Y.iiiiuiiin  I.ui!;'!',   Nu.
55, iinets i vuv Thin sii.iv even
ing, corner l.uiisilale avenue and
Firit streei, at B o'clock. Visit
inn brethren cordialli inv iiul to
attend,    Irt  E.   Peers, N G , ;
K  K  Donaldson, Rd Sec. ; .1
11. Pilling, IT.   lm i .
assumption  thai thej can   get Vancouver would eflect a savins
tlnn   plant through mmehon ol  ■  round million dollan In
it  will Increase thi moral  in ihe   coat ol the construction
iiiiiii.i-  .nnl value "i tin "* ui. ,.imi  tin   maintenance   ol   her
cil's certification and it will en Seymour   rivei   watei    matoi
,ti,li    tuiiiiiils    to   i.ii,"   i.i,. through   being  abb to  nit)
slalitls iu liillin   againit  "vvilil- theni    .nn,■■    tin   Inlit  nil    llic
i,it   subdivisions    To a  con bridge instead ol undei tbewa
■iderable  extent   It will   placi ten ol the Narrowi   Thin was
councili in poiition lo protect
•in publii Hum imposition up-
llll   till    part    "I    lllaa   I    nh*
thodi .ii.  n*• ti. ,t...   irup
It   i    i «.ti edingly unforti
ainl ab.. v. iv loolii h that unn
alltl    vv,.nun   will Iii   liii     into
making  inveittuenti ol   theii
money  in tlu   most h iphuzard
vi,iv tin.,ii, ii  persons whu  art  on
ntti i   Iran * i   to ihein  ami In
the     |nilil!.I I   n|    prtlp( i I ,      a,|
which ilnv   ui  in, propii
.iiul iiii* iii ihe [act aai the i.n i
lll.lt     tlllll'     aTl       I'l'lHV      |||     |,,lll,*a|
ever) reason lo Indie1 ■    bt li re
Hr, r.uiwi ii   ailed aiientloq to
this  vi 11  :;i,' in - ..tii . iinsiders
inm that ilu Van
'   '   Ul   '  I      WOlllll     III      Inllil   I     IU     l.'Vaal
'isi.itilt.il assist
.iim ridgi i ai ui ie ol
the     niuli in. ilile      .nlv,iii-
wliii ii ivi 11    I. '..w    up
Vancouver     and     upon
ih.     inin,     harboi     lun    a
until.      businesslike
I - lllll    illl.in*'I
in   Hum .ni e\ii,ii ■.unin    tti
■i* im-    unl   ul  hi; h  i
lion   iu lln   I'ii-uii-.s wlm   im,!
iit consulted      Reaionabli pre
one  In wlloltl llie   t.itip.iv
its ui \ mcouvei hive leaned
iu look wiili confidence, loi ad
vn.   .iini  j'lii.i.m.i   in in,liters ol
u  iu  real i tat   buying greal nrnm. nl lo tht city,  can
would 1., advisability j not luu  havi lhi ,..,   of pUi ' Warehouse
on. r.- ymi tfii' i" -i
Quality nnd price
on all
antl riruiiinii ii>l tlic
ECONom niis
to give beal iati«fao-
Give ti-1 trial
Grocer and Hutiher
Phont ;"    Mt .1 i
iii Lonidih A
I. K. lll'lll!. i.       ii'in sa-l.ii,
Wc It ive -*. ct i.il good I 'I- lien- do *   I '
a itt iiimii ..-I ! pro| -   **' f.i' li'
D. L. 204
■   * . :,. i-.i anct '' and i - monthi     11" si' ire lot i li vv thivs
« /»,t   q,        ,   \    iod 6o ft   lot within 3 ihoit blocki ol
iOtn tMrCCt     iin     in uiv   ill  cleired, .*v   .<(""
e n.il. balance 6 and 11 months.
Ql it a  I ,     ilood doubli "'ni' '* 1001147 11,
ueensbury Heights ^
■ 6, ij and is months,   Ilns is cheip
,, . -uhi'ii 1 an '  1 1 iwoi
1*. a I'siti* Sp   i.ih-is        15 I.tm* lib Ave I'liaiiii* 70
1.1, li
Mill l.l
r'tirnil' '
Hot Points
For the Man
JJ, 11 1 1 1 him '■ tu I'lctsi   the
Aiili r ;it im, ■   I   I'jtu '■ HH 1
T, n diyi trial, ii'"1 lot liking,
pi, inun ind comlort on iron-
ing diy,
Anil   ium "ii   in.irkt t fll UU<
ia, al lm two vears.
Invtst BOW, it   will |ilease lier.
N,,tt. clean ind economical.
Tn on nmv Ud I"' 1 "livinieil
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
S() Lonsdale Avenue
111111111111H1111111111111111111IIIII11 I'l 1111111 i ItWWWHH^ t
Have You
seen our new Subdivi  *) jj
sion in Lynn Valley      •
l'lione    198
North Vaniouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers 111 ( oal, Bfi L
Sand, Gravel, 1 nne,
(Ynirnt   .unl   Ca  tai
Balden Sun
All   Ordei     Pn
I    id ind
Gnaranted    I'rin
Olficc: 1 .on-d,ili-. IMI I   v W'li.ul
I 'im       W'Ii.ii'
DITUATED right al tbe Car Terminui. Thii is the greatMt op-
~^ portunily for inveatnionl ever offered on thii side of tin InK-t,
Already, loti purchased of ui lait week have bean wld it 1 prolit
ol $250 |"t lot, and the original purchawr suld too loon it t-'1^'-
There inuil of necvuity be 1 buiy busineu centre in I.vnn valley
un.l ui necpusitv it will be located at thia point. Ymi know what
that will ini'iiii. Ir! ih ihow ymi over the property before they
are all goue. PHONE 215 for appointment. Offlce on the groundl.
14 loiudflie Avrnue
;;    HEAD OFFICE 1532 tli mville m ■■ s THO.Ml'SON, Local Manager,   | 'HE KXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER, B. C.
1!V LAW N't)
A  BY-LAW   m
Corporation oi
the   litv
the Second Narrowi oi Burrard
Inlet liom .1 point in the Muni
cipality of Hutu il y to a point
in   the District ol North   \ ,,n
u uver and ihe comtruction ui
mii..i le railwaj works to ,.m-
i n.at tiun vv nh the railway
si sii ms nu the southern ihore
ol Burrard Inlet and lor the
a petting up .nul development of
the Northern Shore < f Butt rd
Inlet :
AND WHEREAS lhc whole
iii saitl works arc so
situate       >o     l|      to       mt
in   the   taid   City  oi   ts'ort i
North    Viiiietiiivii-   lo    en tea	
into and execute an agreement Vancouver nnd the (   rj  i tlo
with the linn,ml  lulu   Tunnel and Bridge Companj   l<'
lhe |illiih,ise ol shares ill   Ult
capital    stoik    ul   llie    saitl
Companj *
WHEREAS  tht  Burrard In
'Kt Tumid ami Bridge Companj
has   been   ine itporated   loT IU
pnrpoit ol iiuistriiuiti'i a joint
trallic and railway i ridge ac-
iuss ihe Second Narrowi ol
Burrard inlet from t point  In
ims   agreed   to   purchaae One
Thousand i li oo) jharei oi 11 -
Hundred i:Sit to. on) Dollars each
ill lhe Capital sttik nl the saitl
Company i
AND WHEREAS the pat'va
Int oi  ihe laid iharci is  Ont
Hundred Thouiand Jia , oo
Dollars :
THEREFORE, tlu Companj
hereby  agreei to allot lo  the
Corporation and  tht Corpon
tion inreby igreei to nbtcril t
'or   and   purchaae (ruin   tht
Vancouver to raise by waj
of loan lhe sum ol One Hun
ilivil Thousand ($100,0 0) Do]
lan lor tht purchaae oi .shares
in   tht   eapital  stuck  of   the
Hurrard    Inlet   Tunnel    and
Bridgt Company,
WHEREA8 it is desir.ilile to
borrow tht sum oi fioo,ooo for
the     purpose     oi    purchasing
,,   ^    , .        |     shares  in the  capital stuck   of
,. .   su I ijcet   alwavs    to    lln Lt, , ,,„,.,.,,.,-   ,.,   r,,„,.ai
,..,,i„„ ,,„   ,i,,l ,l,*i*,* oniiii.nl     ,1 , ■    i ii tne Uin l.n U    lllll'l    llillllel
idling up ami tliviltipinciil   ji | u,nus ,,| ,\K _\cl ,,[ Incurpora    __-l{, _ _
""■ Ai'iuMpaiiiv ci Huiiuhy to ;,;, ;;-;\ ^^'fhoua^td (ioi
.ipo.nl,,, iht'DislniltilN  t.,1  ___£   -,*   ^ Hmulud   ^
Vancouver-and the conatru t*on
ol .siiilalili- railway wnrks lo
give connection with railwav
svsteins on the southern   skuic
of Burrard lnU-t and for tm
Dollan   c.nli    in the   capital
stock of the Company a1   an
lot llie said priu* ol One   IInil
tired Thousand fioo,tioo.oo) Dol*
eer   lo take   the vile   iif   sllili
Electors with the usual powers
in  ihat  liehall.
By Order oi the Council,
Wm. ll. HAY,
Citv Clerk.
A HV LAW to enable lhe   Cot
poration oi tht City oi North
llu-   northern shore oi   Hun.ml
Inlet :
AND WHEREAS it iiexpedi
eiii  thai  the saitl Corporation
du slllisit'ilic lul   shales   lit   lh.
saitl Companj
THEREFORE tht  Municipil
Council   ul   lhe Corp..rale n   ol
the City of  North Vancouvei
(with the anient of the elector. llv   ,lU„.  lhl.  __u  d   ,,,
oftheCity of North Vancouver ,,NMm ,,, {]w yeutcnant Gover                      .   _  _
ll,lK   obtalnid) anncta as   lol ta Council to tht  By-U« ,"',l''s,!r> * order to do ao to
l°»«:       „           ,,,  , authorizing the  execution   ,, '^'-,,Iu-i, uns ,af the l„r,„,r
(«)  __** Uayor «nd Clctk   J „1K .____\u   _,,„■ ation for .In sum „f Ont Hun
the said Corporation are   here- ^ „,   {W]i.y  ^£   (||i,u,-,, tod   ^OUa«d_(|ioo,000)  Do]
exchange  therefor  tie
Iltl  11.al e
tion  uf  lhe lum i,inv and   the ...,,  „*,.,,•„,...,.  _ _ nu _
,,            |    »i             i  ,       _,\ AND   WIIl-.Rl'.AS   a petition
A iinli ilia      (.Luis, s   Au     and , ,,   , , ,. ,,,        ,         l
,'      , ,       , .   ,,    , , si ned hv the owneri ut   more
Amending Acta and to he foi- t|,„, ,„„: „mll „, „_«* „, nal
luw.ii.cuutln.tins   naiiiclv: ,„,,,,,,*,, ,„ UlL, cily ,lf   Nonll
(/)      1'^   'iiiiotint „( the   par Viim.n.i*.i.r         s|imui
__**_<*  "'     -"'1^'-  ■"•" but   r,vised  assessment    rull)
"■ '"" •"" i^'11,1;:,"   ";' i,,,s i,i,„ p„.se„t,*,i t„ uu-1-„„„
&**■?   i" tens u   the   AU  u, Jsl.
1 Incorporation ol tl.e Com- doce ____ _ « ^
AND   WHEREAS   it will   le
by authorized lo -1 u on 1 ehali
ni the Corporation and to aflit
ilu- Corporate Seal to t certain
Indenture oi Agreement  made
iniiv.en the Burrard Inlc.  Tun*
nul Bridge Compani oi tht
m    ——————————
uiie  pan, ami ihe Corporation
ol the Ciiv ui North Vancouvei
ol llu- other pail. H'pv . I whieh
saul agreement is hereto ap
pendetl aa Schedule "A" ; uu-
t hi .iit \ im the Corporation t
iiiiii miu and aglet to ill lh
provitioni thereol being hen j
12)   This   Hvlaw    shall '
into   upeialiuu   uii the tlate   of
iis receiving tht antnt ol U t
Lieutenant Govtrnoi in Council
liv Onhr in Council to ihat d
The vv.aiks ol (he Com
panv must 1 e commenced with
in tin montha Iron the date oi
the assent    ol     the  l.iilltill.illl
I'.uvetll"1   in    Cottncil  as    above
llll'lltlulleil     and       said     I rid  e
ii.usi bt completed and reaoj
for traffic and a railway ton
n,iun.; with tin Short line ol
the Citv oi North \ .ni . uver,
alsu completed I efow ihe In] it
ul three veils iioin the   dale ol
iln aaaent ol Uu Ucutetu nl
Governor in Council, md a i ill
mi to observe such time limits
•-hail render tins By l iw  void
and  ul  liu elicit.
(,||   This   Bj law may a I
td [or all purpoaei as tlic "Bur
raid Inlu   Tunnel   .mil   Bridgt
antl   in     ^^^^^
Coinpanv  shall issue
deliver]   to the Corporation  * I
the certificate for said  sh (is
i ill   tin  i ipi |1  ,lmk in a
iii bc approved by the toliritors
lor iln- Cor] "i,inun.
(a!  The Mayor lor tht time
being sh ill i e et officio i nt   I
the iliiei'."is oi the Compan
in addition  to tht num! er 11
director! authoring lv tht '
Incorporatii g the i ompi ny and
shall have ll.e    ,r |i   i:  111   , pi i
vileget and powen is iht other
directors ol tht i ompany and
ihe Companj shall accept such
\|,iv*.i at i directoi ol the
Companj to li ng as tht Corporation is the owner ol ilic
said shales.
The Company agreei
ih.it it will within un liiuiiih
from ih, dati ol the ai ■■• m ol
ihe Lieutenant Governi r in
Council to saitl Hv L.ivv commence the W' rk ol conati ictin |
the    Mid     I I nl  e    and    |u ■
therewith as speedily as possi
lars as hereinafter provided,
which is the amount of dai t
Intended to bt i rented  by this
Hv Law ; the proceeds uf said
debenture! to he applied as
hereinaftei s< i ont ■
AND WIIKKKAS for Uw payment   of iiitiicst uli the lichen
lines propoaed to be lathed until i   this By-law and fur mating a linking fund for iht* | aj
imnl ol the same when due it
will bt necessary to raise hy
special rate in addition to all
olher rates iu each year during ilie currency ui tht said di
I , ill ill cs,  the sum uf $5,6j
w hereof S-,,  is to ba  r.iisul
annually lur payment ol inter- \
est during tht currency of tin
saitl debenturei, and poJS.oa  is
lo be raised annuallv   for   the
purpoie ol creating a linking
iniul lot payment oi the debt
secured by ih  mid del enturei
AND WHEREAS in order to
raise   the   said  yearly   sum   Ol
, o.' fur interest and   sin!
in   lund au equal   special   rat
and  will  have  the   uid I°" the dollar will be required to I
bridge comphtcd aud readj fo '"   tO_tA on all Uu.'rateable
,,„l „, Hwaj I'lint'tit. P^Pert) in the aaid Citj :
with tin ih 'ie line d the Citj     AND WHEREAS the amount
a,i North Vancouver alto com ol the wliule rateable real pro
pleted before the enpin "I three pertj In the uid City, accord
,.,,,i., I,, in th  date 'i iheaald ing  to tht  List revised enseal
uaent ol the Lieutenant Govcr- ment roll thereof, is Sr.o.'.v^i
not in Council to said By lan      ANI) WHEREAS tht ion
IN    WITNESS   WHfaREQl gati   oi the esisting debenture
tin- partiei hereto have lure debt of tin Corporation (except I
unto   caused  their   Corporate [or works of local improvement
C pan?    Sham    ^F,emw,t Sealt to be t   ted tha day and and   fur   ichool purpoaei)   la
Purchaae Hv l iw, 1910,
Paaaed hv thc Council oa tht
15th daj ui  lulv. A li  1 110.
Received the assent ,,[ tht tl
eiluls   at   au election   held   uii
ilu- day "i
A.l)., 1910,
Kl   aaallSlllltlll     .lllll     lltl.l 1 1 \      [Ml
ul by Uu- Council ol tha I ot
poration tins dav 11
A.D. 1910,
Rvfcrti-tl   lo in lhe   'Hurrard
lulu   Tu,uul .md Bridge   Com
panv   Shares    Agli cliiciil    l'ur-
th i <   Hv law,  loin."
TAKE NOTICE thai thi ■
hull   is  |   tllle  inpv   ul   the  I'l"
posed  Hv  law,   tpon    wlmll    lilt*
vote ol tin Blecton ol the All!
nicipalitj ui tin City oi
-.•tho      rur-<-<u-!---n»     .      i      V.ltliullVcr will lie  tak'il within
THIS   INDENTURE   made „„. cu   „,.,   N,,llh Vi1Ui„
*■ J***0]  v,r,    H.   C,   ,„,     Saturdav,
,-    ,    .„    ,,,, m _\l,     tht Tliir.ec.ith  day oi   \n u
f Our Lord One ThousandaNlnc A „  „„„,,,,„,,„,„ hour ,,
luck a in   and 7 o'clock
Hundred tnd Ten, BETWEI N
uilpiiraletl as a  Kailwav    V Otll
panv  by spit id A-1 "f the I'.ir-
liaiiunt ul Cl in, nh i,
I hereinafter   relcileil  I
ihe "Company" |
Of lhe One  I'.u t
CORPORATION     OP     Till;
(hereinafter referred lo as the
uf the Other Part
WHEREA8 tht Companj hai
veirlnt a'" i vvntt n iai|   ami  ,1ms   nut  exceed,
The Corporate Beal   ol  the twenty per cent, of thc ataeaaad
Hurrard    laid    Tunnel    and value cd  thc real property in
Bridge Company wu hereunto the City, according to ue last
allixed in ilu presence of: revised    a:* e sment    roll,    oi
The   Corporatt Seal  a.f  ilu* lUiich n.iiia * i ilu- principal anal
Corporation   oi   tht   > Itj   ol Intereal li la arrear i
North Vanconver was hereunto \u\\ THEREPORE the Alu
affixed in the prtttM   I nicipal Council oi the City ol
—— Nuiih Vancouvei  ell.nts as lul
ii   It ihal] lie lawlul i<>r ilu
Mayoi   'f   llie   City   and    the
i itj  Clerk to borrow ur rain
liv   wav  a,| lu in fi"in ally   p i
sun or persons, l ody ur I odie
i urp rate, who may I e w Ilm
iu    ult.nne   the • aliie   oil    the
, redil "i the th-ienturei herein
aiter mentioned, any una o
tn mi v not exceeding In thi
whole the 'i.iii if $100,1 uo lor
the purpoae mentioned herein,
.ml In cause .inv  niinii er ul d(
'" ninii -  to be lliaide uill  lattl ev
a eding   in value in llie   whole
lhe sum ul  {.] i»., i.nh sink
del inline to le lot a slim
leaa than fi,i oo a r a> aquli
lent  e.\|iit.ssetl   in poundi
luii- ol tin- United Kingdoi
On  i   Britain and Ireland,  at
i  vtlni ol It Se io ilu- pound
l it wiin sterling :   all  such  debentures
ish North  America at North
Vancouver, Toronto or   Hon
Canada, or at the uid
i       in the City of   Loiida'ii,
Kiii'l mil,   at   par   ol txch It  *
and hall bear interest at the
rate oi live per centum ptr as
mun, payable half yearly on the
Lusi dav of Pebruarj an I thi
Pint day of August in each
and every year during the currency thereof, and siuh del an
uiu. -hall have attached to
iii'iii couponi ior payment ol
Interest, which said couponi
shall l ear tha signature of the
saul Mayor, either written,
stamp,d, printed 01 lithi j^raph-
I'll     llltlt - all.
-i   During the whulc term of
the currency ol the said dt i
liii't s a special rate ull the dol
lar   shall  lie  levied  allll   raiseil
each year In addition to .ill
other i.ites un all the rateable
real property In the City wifli-
cicnt to pay the interest upon
lhe said del tut litis and  lo ere
*itt i siiikiiij* fund lor the payment oi the principal thereof
when due, inbject to any rid
or enactment   reepecting   the
n.i in.-. Such special rate shall
he inserted in the Collector's
Rull or Kulls and shall be payable to and collected by the
said Curpuratiun in the .s.niie
w,i\ as other rates in the said
Roll ur Rolls, save as hereinafter provided,
(4) In order lo provide L r
the rates set out in   paragraph
III, allil mbjeCt .IS aforesaid,
there shall be raised annually by special rale during the
currency of tin* said debentures
the   slllfl  iif   $5,ui ii  to    provide
for the payment of interest
thereon, and the sum oi $655.03
t.i provide for the repayment of
the principa] tlm em.
(5) The proceed! 1 I the sak-
ul the saitl debenturei sh.ill ba
applied as lollowi .md not otherwise :
(a) In payment of the cottl
ul the passing of ihis By-law
and all expenses connected with
ind the issue and sale of lhe
di■lieiiluies therein leleircd to
the saitl loan.
(li) in recouping the said
Corporation foi such sums as
mav he expended hereunder he
line ihe proceedt oi the sale of
the said dclientuies Itcmine 1-
tei To complete the payment
ior the shares in the laid Company as al ove Sit lillt.
ib)  All nioiievs ariaing '*ui
oi the annual special r.tle lun
Inbefon provided for sinking
fund shall bt inveslul ly the
Coundl ol said Corporation
iroin time to time a.s the law
a;) Nu rebate shall he ll
lowed on tht taxt to 11 levit 1
under this Hy-law.
is 1 This By law shall take
ellect on the Fifteenth daj ol
August, nno, and nuiv be cil
cd for all purpoaei as the "Bur
raid Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Companj Shafts i'unh 1 w U>aa
Hv  law   I'llu."
Tin-- Hv law si.ill I" lv«
the assent oi the eltctort U the
s.iid Corporation in the man
mr required by law, 1 efme the
final patiing thtrtof,
Pasted   Lv   the council
25th daj "i .lulv, miu.
Received   the  .*   enl
I l,t la.is iiti the
dav ..(
Reconsidered     and
i in 1.pen Council,
in the Mayor .mil City
ami  tht Corporate B
etl llie
dav "f i'ii"
'",.1.*    aa|    *,l|ih    fJltCtOl   "   Willi      till'
usual powers in that bt
Hi order oi the Council,
\\m. I!   WAY,
Citv Clerk,
The idea uf a pt 1111.11 1 1 .
lair 111 I'rinee Kupert his ' en
taken huhl ol ven lie,t '■ liv
the citizens.
Tin* Qrti nm ol thi new fc-n
steamer "New   Delta" between
Lailiiai     ami    ,     'i.IkIi     VU
made leullllv . ae in tv   boat
li .ih ml ;aa   ,   long and was
pllt     till     tilt    i'lll   by    Caplaill
l'.h w *n*i I.*   accommodate   the
imount ui buiiness  lhat
is liuw being handled on tins
and enjoyed (or sufiered * an existence, either temporary ur
permanent, nol one h.is equal
leil the Waltham, either in cap
iial, equipment, variety oi product, ot in magnitude of pto
duct. But it is not to bt as
suih,tl that the pre eminence ol
iln Waltham product resides In
its magnitude   alone by  any
means ; the matter uf quality
has lung lieen a distinguished
feature ol Iti product, It is
probable thai in no factory i 1
the world hai automatic ma-
1 hun rv reached a higher ttate
than iii the factor} ol the Wal-
them Watch Companj * The consecutive   numbering   oi    their
watch     liiuveiiunls    has   now
reached into 17,00
When ii  is conaidtred   that
those are the li.nits oi une fac-
loiv alone 1 the largest in the
world, to he wire) ii is nut
strange that the question is 1 f-
ttti asked : "When- do all th"
watches go .'"
A revision ol the sm \l\ . ol
the V. V. 1 B, lint in tht Hope
mountains is bring conducted
by 1 panv oi engineeri. Mr.
.1. ,1. Iliil, chairman oi the
Great Northern Railwav H iard
has issued instruction! irom Sl
Paul   that  the grades musl   lie
still furthei reduced belore contracts for conatruction will be
Captain I.e HI,me, who is
jusi down lioiu the north, ri
purts that wurk on the new
Al.nkeii/ie \- Mann wharl is bt
lag pushed ahead as laat at 101
silde. This wharl will extend
mit a  mile aiid a quarti i and
un il  will he Imill  lituikiis lor
tlie ure which will be thi
STOR\  in-  THE WALTIl.wi
ol thi
ll   in tl
u , 1
THOMAS sin.nn
1 in Chrk and Returning Oi
TAKP', NOTICE  that iln- »■
boVt is a 11 lie inpv 'I ill' I a"
posed liv law, upon whiih
lhe vute ol  llie EltCtori ol
Vliiniupalilv     u[   the    Citv    ol
North Vancouver will be taken
I'lthin ihe city hall, North
\ ancouver, B. C, on Saturday,
the Thirteenth tlav oi August,
\ I) , i|iu, Iietween lln humid 4 o'cluck a.111.  alld 7 o'clock
p. ill
(in Link .md Returning 01
lu t r
luen  Incorporated,   Intu alii,
lor Uu- purpose id undirtakin    North  Vancouvei
the construction ol 1 bint tn   that    Thomas   Shephei
that      II"      taala      u|     ft
,,,    ,,1 iha i itj ..1 North
,ouver vvill in taken nn thi i.uh
daj   "i   luguit, in* l 11 c>j 1 t- .1      it \i
lhe houn ol locka.n.    ■ "hall be tigned by the sal
- nviock pui   mi  "The Bur yor and inv Clerk  ind
;,,,!  inlet Tunnel and   Bridgi with  the Baal oi the Corpora
Companj    Shares    Agreement tion,
4>ureitasi   Hvlaw   i'ini."   and    (j)  The said debentun
llmi   within   the   Ciiv    llall beat date the Lirsi da] 11   l«
B. C,   and      1   1 no, .md shall he made
has i". ild.   thi   Lirsi   dav 1 f An
ii„   and railwaj bridge acroai been appointed Returning Oll   gust, i960, at the Ba«i oi Brit
given that the vutt oi tht
"ts ul (he   litv u|  North   V.m
couver will  bt takm on   thi
1 uh dai oi August, mi".  I"
1 wei 11 tin houn ol o "'lot 1. -1
in   and ;- o'clock p.m, "ii "Tlu
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and I
Companj Sharet Purchati ;
Hv law  1,, 1.,,'' and thai -
ilu- Citv   Hall, North \ ■
vei, H C .  and  that   Th
Shepherd   hat  been  appointed
Returning Officer lo take ih<
Ahollt tilt Veal I850 ,1 voting
watch up.tiiei ol Host' 11 named Aaron L. Deanlson, succeed
etl in inlei est ing a I w other
men in a sthenic ior lhe manu-
l.uiuic "i varioni p.irts ol
w.itt Ins bj ipecially dtaigned
machines, to be so caroullj
cuiisiniittal as to he capable 01
producing Luge nuinl ers id
pieces sii uniform In dimensions
as to be practicall} Interchan e
aide.    The experimental   and
pit'liiiiin.'iv   veurk oi the un lei
taking was done in e portion ol
the I).iv is dock fat tin v at R01
bury, ii"W 1 part ni tot city ol
Boston, A model was adopted,
.1 nw ipecial inutilities mad .
md a uw- hundred (ratchet
turned oui during tht yeai
1850 to 1854, During the' f.i!!
ni the latter vear, the business
was iiiiived iu Waltham where
a number oi acres .,1 , larm
land had 1 een secured, and ■
group "i l.n ton buildingi
been erected which occupied  .1
portion oi the site ul   lilt    pi 11
tin  enormous lactorj   "a   the
Waltham Watch Companj
Thin \ 1 ,ns ul wort tun ph t.
ly exhausted  the  financial rr-
suiiiies uf tht vtiiing  lump.nn,
and, in 1*3;, tne bnrincaa urant
Into the li.tnds ui  a receiver
The vear  |8jJ is known in   lus-
lul V as llu   vear ol the lllll. el
sal panic in iln United E ti 1
Notwithstanding  the nnivtrial
hiisiuess depression then 1 lis
mg Mr. Puiiiiins embarked hii
iiiiiii    Capital   ill   this   altuiasl
forlorn enterprise, and lot  the
II. utilillg     ("111   vears    lab
Incessantly, not i.nlv to pn
■..iit absolute lnss oj ki ontin
investment, bnt to put the in
tun 111 condition to mannfai
mn* watches at a profit, 11
ia'.II    .IS    IlllsillfSS    ihoUld    fa V.Vl'.
in i860 came the war "i thi
ion, which teemed tt liisi
I"    in    tht   death    li|"W    nl lhe
In apes and endtavon whuh had
siislainetl him tluiiiig llie pie
v Iottl dart ages.
Hm     unanticipated    n
1,nne   frum llu     sutnee    whii h
had threatened   defeat,   1
in w .ind iinluii so 11 demand 1
watches catnt from tfct s 1 It
in iln Union Army, and f..r iei
eral yean thereafter the   la<
ton iiittiasid   its productlvi
in ss.   liv   means nf IttqUl Ilt
tientt nf buildings and thi
11 ol Improved mai hinet
it   v.illeli
The original product ol tlu
11 ■ ni, tad to wati h
■ in * "i oily one kind ot
I l'.,  )a si/e full plate   lim
ih I The  la. tory al   tll.   |'l'
mt iinie produce!   nun nfler
I '        .ttill   111  l.etvveen    OU
an 1 two hundred gradei   and
a ilnn •
in ilu entire number "f watch
Which liave ho tl luili
Yuu   Wi'll   .Never   Have   II   as
Lung as Vmi Have I)\s-
.Illst ,ts lullg as mil have dvspepsia vour lood will not pr»i-
perij digeat, and the nutritions
elein* Ills iu the food will llul he
e\n.nted or al s'l'iied, and i'u-
poveriahed or water) blood will
Tins 11 ndition mav not he
apparent at lirst, but it will
come inst as suil* as the sun
will rise again.
•* anal h ailment, including all forms ol in-iigostinn,
can lu- promptly cured Lv using
Ui " na tablets, a scientific
treatment nnsurpassed
It siups fermentation, bricking   nl   vas,   and last.'   iii sulir
ti od almoit at once
The mighty power dI Mi u na
1.1 Invigoi 'i an I n itore 1 lie
stomal h to pel tei I condition is
known everywhere
Ml o na     cures    hv     building
up  in    banishing   the   cants.
Lor linn pei .ph 11 is a gnat
flesh liuililtr, because it causes
the   itomach t" give mure ami
purer nutrition to the dood, It
tuns ae 1 and cat Mikncss and
vuiuiiing n( pregnancy almost
immediately. The Lonsdale
Pharmacy aella kit-o-tta lor so
centi 1 huge boi, and guarantees ii to tiiii a.i money back.
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs ud Colds, or
■aooi-y kick.   Sold and guirintud by
The Lonsdale l'haiiiucv
New   Westininsicr Land   Disum, diitrict ul New Westmin
ni    Take notice that Thomas
Tod Leith iii Vanconver, li. C,
,a,iup. 11 in 11. 1 anther, intends to
applv fur piTinissiuii tu pur-
ihase the lulluwing described
landl AbOSt MO acres communing al a pott planted on
the nut the.ist turner ol lot :,-
(30, theme sulltll 80 chains,
thenee 1.1st tn.77 chains to
ihore "I IIur.se Shuc Lake,
thence al *ng thon ol lake in a
northwi iteni directioa t" P"int
nl commencement.
l'u William |).,l/icl Duke,
lum   .'.'lul,   I |I0 2t\
North Vancouver
Wt supply SI OVI WOOD any
length rctjuircd.
Id inch len-jlh, S2.75. per load
('ordwood, $4.50 per cord
1'iaei pi hi Iiii ry
P. 0.  HoX I36
Trj.dc Mam*
.... CopvmoMTt *c
A pf tint" «*nillni I .kMPh uul --aarrlp-tl.af! tmatf
Uf, .If 11a 11 ft. 1' »h*h« KB
aa ||,.P.* art",i«lallat"liy  ("lanti-anlPft*
I '■lOROOt "ti 1-ua.tita
"a",l Itrm. Ul la-Pt »,*r*a. f fa,r .p^mlli* 1-aaU.U.
I'.t.'i.ll l.kiil llan.u.ll Haia 11 h las. nodn
a)a.rla*l atiUt, WlttlOOl l'li.*f.. Ill Ila*
Scientific America
A hun-i* mu j Ulu«irni.-l w,, t]f, tavtwH rir-
•nilnttnn < f »ny «lt»n "«" J-mnwl iKina fnr
1 *u.-tit*. I .?*)■* row-1*-*<««« int-iwi.t.   M4 if
ll 1. ■*.   leMM
MUNM S Co.»8f,"«—»New York
IK.    '1 0«Ho», *> t ft. V' . alilMtua. u.0, SIX
lt\   LAW  Ml   i 1
Citj Clerk, and the CU3 Clerk ton ol the Citi ol North Van
shall affix the Corporate Beal couver will In laken on Satur
d the saitl Citi "l North Van- day, the Thirteenth Day ol Au
A   BV I.AW   i
a"in cr.
I.   The delientures shall  bear
'   the  Fifteenth dav ol An
i i,   lulu, .unl shall bear Interest  at the rati   ol five   pel
fin.  per annum  payable  hall
.early on lhe Fifteenth day ol
February and lhe Fifteenth da)
an   Augusl in  each and   everj
year during lhe currency ol the
authorise   the Baid debentures oi any of them.
i  Un* City   ui There sliall in attached  to the
by debenture! coupons signed by
the Mavur unl) foi culi anil
even payment "I internal that
nia) Jietuiiie due, and inch lig
nature  ma)   be either mit len
>       menl ''inl i"t" providing slumped, printed or lithograph
iln sum wiih iiu lighting ap   cd
North Vancouver to raise
wa', a.i loan thc sum ol Si".
,1,1"."al    |ll|      lilt*    |Ulr|IUSC    ll{       |S"
lulilishing  i  permanent   lue
P iratiis
i    Tin said debenture! a* to
l iip.il and  inteiist  mai bt
WHKRKAS  it ii deemed ex   m ni,   payable al the   Iknk  ol
nt  in lhe interest  ol llu  Hritish    North    America    al
Cit) lhat belter Fire protection North   Vancouver,  I'or.mlu  oi
in* provided In priimotin     ■     Montreal,   Canada,    u .*'   UK
i iMi■ imi"  .unl maintaining   .1 saul Rank in the Cilv ul  I,on
■  Fire Brigade   and llial don,   Kngland,  it  law m  ex
such  brigade  be provided with change, and the sai'l   principal
a miai   and  improved   fire sum shall he made payablt   h)
ap] ..1.uns th,   Citi    11 11 dale  imi   late
ili,ui  fifty veiirs liuin tin   dati
the Bv-Lan   takes
tllet 1
5, During the whole term 0
ihe currenty ol the saitl deben
lures a ipecial rate uu the dol
■ lar shall lie levied and  raisei
1,ns    as    In it 111.ilitr    pro\ nled
which  is  tin* niiiotint  oi thc
debt t'* l*t created In ihis   Bj
l,.iw   iln   procevils aai tin*   saiil
debentures to In- applied lo tlu
said imi |'"S' and lo rm other.
ul the City ol   North   Vam m
ur duly  obtained) enaei
follow! :
gUSt,   A.   I),   ml".   Iietween    llie       |,    [\   _$_] ]„■  [uwiul  [ol
hours ol 4 o'clock a.m.   and 7 Mayor ol  the Cit)   ol   Norlli
o'clock p.m  mi "Tlu Fire  Bri» Vancouver md the Cit)   Clerl
trade    Kstulili Iiiiiiiii    By I,aw lor   lhc   purpose   aloresaid   Ui
miu," an.i ihal within thi
Citv Hall, North Vancouver,
B, C, and that Thoinaa Slu,
Innl h.is been appointed Re
turning Ollicei lo lake the vote
o[ siuli Klectors with the usual
powers iu thai behalf,
B) order ol ihe Council,
Win. 11. HAY,
lin Clerk,
IIV I.AW  Ml. ui
WH  IVHKHKAH   in   unin
■11   1 .        ,       UP'tll    W llllll
illl"   ll    Will   In*   llfil'S'.ll \       la,
nsiie debentures ol lhe Corpoi
ation ui the I it) ul North Van
a iiivei"   lor  Ihe sum  ol   Ten
Thouaand     1S10, 1)     Dul
1 ui li  year  in addition   i" al
other rales uu all the rateablt
real   propert)  in the cil)   an
sufficient   i"  pav   the  intereit
ii|tun   iln s.ml debenture! and
iu create a linking [mul lor tin
AND WHKRKAS 11 petition payment ol the principal then
signed  l>\ lhe ownei   ol   inor< nn when due, subject to any act
1I1,ut mn* imili a 1 mi the value oi   enactment   respecting   Uu
a,1 real propert) in lln citi   ai   ami     Such ipecial rate shall
shown  b)   the lasl revised   ai   lie  inserted   in   iht*   collector's
lesiment   mill   has lieen    pn   roll oi mils ami shall lie  pai
stiiteil  ta. the Council request   able lo and collected  bj   tin
in;,  lium  iaa  introduce .1   B)    .ml Corporation in the   sann
Law to authorisi them to  bor   way as other rates In the s.ml
run the sun, ul $10,0011 lor lhi roll 01 rolla, save as hereinal
purpoM   "i  assisting   the  Fin ler provided
Brigade   in  the manner al*ov
set lorth.
AND WHKRKAS i"i tin i"
ment ol inti rest on lhe di i >. 11
un is proposed lo Ik is-mul un
der ilns Bi Law. and toi 1 real
ing ,1 link'in   [und lot lhe 1 ai
iu In uiilii iu provide lol
iln* raits sti ..ut iii paragraph
,mil suliieti as aforesaid,
ih, 1, shall lie rained annuallj
liv ipecial rate during llu- tlir
:a 11, t ,,i the saul debentures tin
Slllll       III     Ss"   a.  "aa     (ll     | 11 I I , |l|l
ment oi ilu iaid delientures ,1"' payment "l interest Ihcreon
when due, 11 will I., nccessarj and the stun ol *•-* -1 to pro
I,, ran*, b) special rate in w vide Ior thc repayment ol tin
dition i" all othei rates each principal thereol.
vear during thc currenc) ol 7- The proceeds ol iln- mid
siuh debentures,   lhe sum   ol debentures shall l„* applied   ai
U,  wheit.ai  mi  is i Hows, and n .1 otherwin ;
1., raised ,num..Ih loi payment a) >>' payment "I lhe coat
,,1 interest .lium tin currenci ol the passing ol tins B) Un
ni s.ml iltl.niiiii, , .iini *i.s si and lhe issue and sale of the
ii I,, i„ mj ,,1 annually [or the debentures therein referred lo
purpoae ol creating a sinking and all expense! connected with
titiitl lor pavinent ol the debt she said loan
secured bj the said delientures, ■> '" recouping the saul
the same being made pavable in Corporation lm such sums a.
niiv Mats iruiii the .I.ui have been expended hereundei
j,,,,,, until tin   proceed! "I the   ule
.WD WHEREAS m order lo ol lhc »id debenture! becomei
..,1 ,   thi    aid   vearl)   sum  ..( available,
1 1 ■ c    To tarn  uiu  the |iuip"s,
[01 interest .uu! sm. in
iiiiiii   aii equal  special rati   on
ol   litis    IU  Law   as  aliove   Wt
ilu il*all.it will lie required to lie ... * •       ,„   .
1 .: ,   ..  .,, ., !. .ui.   ...,i All monevs arising "iit ol
levied "ii all lhe rateable real
propert) in lhe s.ml citi ;
WD WHEREAS ilu   whole
, ite,ilili   real  propi rl)   in the
s.ml Cil) according lo the last
reviied assessment  roll  it -
borrow or raise 1,*, wav ol loan
iiaain any person or person*,
bod) rn- bodies corporal', ivhu
:nav lie willino I,, advance lhc
same ii|iuii the credit ol
bentures hereinafter mentioned
*ii the corporation, a ium of
iiiuiicv   nut  exceeding   in   lhe
whole  tin-   sum "I * "" 'iiu'
In cause llu- sain, lo I', placed
in the Hank "l Brilisll North
America at North Vancouver,
to ih, credit ol iln cit) i"i 'I"
put pose above re, ited, and such
mumi". shall in used i"i that
purpose mill.
2. Debentures nl lln citj not
excei ding In amount lhc sum ol
Ten Thousand sM, ..,,, [j,,|
l,n . ma) ix is mi 'I bj 1 ' aid
\l,nut ,unl Cit) Clerk in term!
nl tht Muniii|mI 1 lan
iu sinus as mat 11 di ii etl, laiii
nut   less   lhan  One   'I Iioin an
aSi.t  Dollars each,   Each ol
tin   .aid   delientures  shall    be
1 ned In ihe said Uayoi   and
I ai\ Clerk, and lhe Citj   Clerk
\ BV I.AW I., enable  lhe Coi   na\\  -llllN ,lu Corporate  Seal
, ,.    ,■*,      1 v  ,.,,, ul lhe saitl lilt a,1 North   \   11
poration ol the 1 m ol North
Vancouver to raise bj wav l y lT|i(, 1,(,],,mn,(.s ,,,,,„ ,,,,,,
aai 1...an iln* siiiii ol fto,oa) mite the Fifteenth Dav ..I A*.
[01 Stliii.il I'urp • gust,   iui", .iini shall 1 n.11    11
mii at ihe rati nl five 111
t.ni per annum payable hall
vearl) "ii iln Fifteenth Da) ol
I a inu nt ,mil ilu Fifteenth da)
l''""1 '"' ntitnu "i addition n| A.,„„„, ,„ ulih „„, ,.,,n
■'' »°*3  ;"i,m"1 '" '"<*'   _\   ,,,„*,,„,„,   "|M ,,„,,,„, ,,,  u,e
iltasetl    iMlau.iluiaiv    , xp.lti I      ..„, ,,,:„,„ „,,.., „   „n   „|  ,|ieln
11   Hi*,* shall he attached lo  thi
tleltellt tiles   uillpi.lls   signed   Itv
ih, Mayor onl) [ot e.uh and
ever) puviucnt ol inli rt it lh it
mai become due, and inch si-;
nature ma) be cllhei written,
stamped, pi inled 01 lilho [raph
I    The s.ml debenture! ai t"
principal and interest   mav   he
WD IVHKRKAS tin* said es   „-ad< payable  at tht   Bank   ol
ti le was laid before the mu   British    Norlh    America    .11
nicipal council ol thi said Cit) North   Vancouver, Toronto or
North   Vancouver, and  was ^ontrvat,  I anada,  ui   at   the
lulv   considered   hi   lhe   saiil m\_\ \\__\_ ,„ ,|„ 1 ,n ,.|   *(0n
don l.n.:1 at par ol > \.In ie 1
and iln said principal sum
shall Ih* tn.ule payable In the
iiu at a dati imi Intel   than
mit vears limn iln dale  upon
villitll lllis I'.v  l.aw   1 1  ,
iiiuiu   ■ . whoh uini  ol
the 1111 iliu v a.i th,    iid del en
'lie 1'iist day ol August, A. 1).
Received  the asseni  ol   lhe
electon o[  the eity ol   North
Vancouver   at an election   (01
lhe purpoae on ihe
day of
Reconsidered  by the   Council
A. 1). i'lln.
and linallv adopted, signed b\
the Mayor and Citv Clerk anil
sealed with lhc Corporate Seal
un the il,". ui
A.D.  mn'.
Shipyards, lid.
B      ll  IHIa.Ll  I'S. . ,
Mirine ind Stationary Kn-
gineind B 1 \Xm\ promptly executed.
Telephone 1113
North Vancouver
TAKE  NOTICE lhat the a
bove is a true copy ol lhe pro
posefl   IUI.au   upuii whuh   lhi   '    ■ "'                  "™~m~mmm
vote ul the Klectors ol the  lit  La _ «->>,«.! _- T—tr\
t_*g*£___ *_ VANCOUVER
Thirteenth daj ol August, AD
miu,   between  the hours ol  '1
n'i link a.in. and • u't lock p.m,
Cit) Clerk and Returning 01
;.'.TTi.r. dcg
IVHKRKAS tin Board ol
I'm.ins ul North Vancouvei
Citv School Distriii have  pre
sthtii I building iu I,, 1 in iul uu
Blink 206, 11 I. -;-, *t*. l"l
lows, ii/.
Estimated coat "i mw Khool
K01 ih l.onsdale, il \ 1.111
Amount   allowed  in original
estimate [01 same, $1.-, ,i 11
Sum iii|iiiinl ia. complete lhc
milding, $10,000.00,
PUBLIC  NOTICE  is herehi      ., —"-:*-"~:~:
ttivcu ihat ih. i. .  il ih. ile Ij            \Jx___ll
tors ol the Cil) of North Van TROTTING and PACING
coiivei i'ill be taken on Satur	
daj the Thirteenth da\ ol   An   *  EVENTS    •   • .    . .
gnat,   A.l).   1910, between   lhi
'"."JV19 °,cL0C.^tm«ard, August ISA lo August
"   a  la,,],     I     HI ,,1|     '     I  h,        S(  ll'   "1  * ■ ■
2.0th inclusive
l',i 11.1. .1 il 1 m.ir\ l',x| eiiditure
I ' all I'.i   Ll w   \'..    .',  lulu," allil
ihai   within  ihe 1 iii    Hull. Tu«*l«v, i»i in*' ■'■' ii
lloun I'.it " „ ii 11 Sir \\ il'ml l.iiiirier
uill di dia*:ii.* ili * Vaiut mer I ihlbitiun
Nurlh   V incouvt 1.   B, C,
ih.n Thomai Shepherd has beei i'.r',',.,,i *,,„,                |„*■''!*",',('ii',','.
iippointcd  Reluming Oflici 1   to 1 It li
t.l'aC    tile   VOte "I   '*lnll  iiuiul \ ;r..u t,,',*|a|.,ai, nil; l„* :,.|,,|,.r,,l <ir
with iln* usual powers iii   thai "'■'" ■'    "                ' "":''|la-
','i'','11   ,         ,           ., Band- 0! Mu*i.-—Decorated Streets
1.'. ordei "i ihe council,
S|.ei'ial rati • on nil r.iiltiiit- iiiiiI si* .1111-
Wii:    II.   MAV, i.a .,1-irnin ill puintl,
■*y°r' .'AMES HOY, M«r.«gcr,
THOMAS SHEPHERD, V.ncouv.r                                    B.r.
Citi Clerk.
ninii and ilie saitl sum above
mentioned was linall) rejected
and diiapproved b) lhe said
Council un the .'Mii dai ol .1 uly
I'll" ;
AND WII I'.iil I'. \S 111. Malta
ul  llie till   has sitlie  lllc  it "
iimi   and disapproval  ol   tin-
s.iitl estimate to wii  on   lhc turei a special rate   n
Kith dai "i lull, tiun, received lar shall  bc levied und 1
lium the seiretan ul th.      1 aclt  ysoi   in additi n  lo   all
Board   ol  Sthuul   liu*.ins   a othei ratei on all llu     1 abl.
written  request   thai the  saitl real   propert) In llu  ***     and
Mayor    submit    im   the   as sullicient    i"  pa) lit    intereit
sent   ui   tin   Klectori  In   theIupon the mid dehentun   and to
in.innil" prescribed  In   Section create 1 sinkin lhi
ISN "i  ih, "Municipal   Clauses payment ol the principal there
A.i" .1 Ilv I.m authorizing the ol when due, subject to any act
proponed expendilure and il ne or   enactinenl   reipecting    the
1 ess,uv iiii i.usitio "i the mon same    Siuh special rati
its required to defrai the saint In-  inserted   in   lhi rolkctoi ■•
iipun  iln credit "i iln  Uuniii roll or rolls and shall be pai
l\   iin
u     No  I'l'.itt   shall  !„■  .,'.l..v
''  Monthi special raten lobe le-
ale nl  lln    1 xistini!   thin iillili
,l'1"   "'   '• rporatlon   is |()   T,lls „  , 1W ,,,,,,;  llkl.
>54<*,W *CI'P' I'TWorksol i|]m)    n )hi   ,.,„,,„,,, ,jH>   ,,,
local   unpi" 1.uu in    .nul    i"i u „.,   ^  |,  ,,,,,,
'■'I I  P«rpt  * .  nl which non< |(    •,-,,,., ,u , ,IU lug, a, ,;,
"i the principal and Interest is (i|  )nl. M  1M1I,„,.,S ,,*.   "Thi
in ■""•" 1 nt ,,1 North \.ui."ii'.i   i ut
THIIi'l l-uh'l* ih.   Municipa ,,,,„„,,   i,,,,,,!,,!,,,,,,,, *|, i,,„
Council  "i tin 1 orporation  ol (
lh.   tin   <|| North   Vancouvei     ,,,,,.,• ,„ lh| (iimu , ,,„ ,,„
(wilh tin asseni * 1 lhi   clectol • , n ,    pa,   nl   \„,,,M     ,,,„,
,,i th, t I'*, ol North \ incouvei .
, ,      , ,        1     ,    ,            1 1 Received   tin   .issetit    "I    the
1 Uh   obtained   .11   '     as    i"l ..     .
1 ..' 1    . 1   1 1.   t iti ..I North
T D -li-.U i" lawful lor the V»«"""W ■"  »" 'l"""»   ,"1
Uavoi   -I   the  .in   "i   Sortl. Iu'purpon on th
Vancouvei   and  lh. I it;  I lerk '!'".'
lui-  tin*  purpose  *ti**ii mid    to
borrow 01 raisi In wai nl loan
.      .uu   uia 1 .!•!..piiil, ilgned  in
lulll     .111   pel si ,11 ul       11 I  nils, 1
limit  „r bodies eonHirat,    «l... ""  "■""> '""! ' ''l  Ul,k   '"'
mav be willing to advam.   th. ttoM with Hu Corporate 8«J
saiiieup,,., il,,' credit ol llll di   "" "" W
la, mines in nm.uii 1  mentioned "'
a,1 tin Corp iration,  b  ium  ol
inaaiM   not   aMiiilm:-    111   the      SOTH K rfl 1 MH I(IKS
wholi  tin   ■ '"a '   ' '"nl
to can ' Iht same lo 1" placed TAKU NOTK V, lhat the a
in ilu   Hank ol  Drlti h North ' py ol lhi pro-
America at N nh Vuncotu rln posed Hi Lan upon which ilu
thi * redil ul thi cili [01 lhi voti nf tin l',lecton ol the M"
purpo * iti ■'   ind ■ nch im ip ilil) ol ihr Cil) ol Nurlli
\,mail ,. nin |„ ,,,1,1, within
iln   ' a     Hall, North Vancou
p.iliiv able In and colli 1
AND WHEREAS 11 is 11.1 -ml Corporation In thi
ih.   annual  special  rate hen- s.m   that lhe said mone)    it waj aa othei ralci in thi aaid
inl 1,    provided  lor   .iitkin]  rained upon ilu  credit  ol  the roll or rolls, erelnal
luml  shall  be  miesieil In   tite Mmmip.ilit 1 1" provided
council   ui   saitl   ."iimi.in* 1     IND WHKRKAS tin Council    ta   in ordei   1* provid   1 1
Irom iiim in lime .is the  law has authorized  the lubminiion the tales net oul ia pai
1.1 ilus Hi law i,a ih< elector     ,   and  mbject   *is afon
WD WIIKKKAS i,,i iln pai there ahall   be  railed annuulh
imm ui intereit on the deben bj special rate durini  tlu  cur
lures proponed to b. issued un renc) ol lhc s.ml debvnluri   the
■in ilus Hi I,an  .mil [01 tn.it sum     •        ■ provid.
ui**  1 linking [und loi the pai payuunt ol interest ihen
imnl   ul   ilu   s.ml    debenture! tin   sum   ol tbyil to   pi
wH.ti ilm   it will I" in"   ot, i"i iiii l' pavuienl ol 'I"   prln
I., raise In ipecial rale in  an clpal thereol
dition to all othei   raleaearh    ;   Tin proceeds ol lh.
n.n   iluiino   the  enrrencj    ol debenture!   hall he applied   as
smli   iiei"innil■    tin   siitn  'ii i,,||uw     imi not utherwiw
I. »h"*"1 v   '  '   '"   '"'       .    In pavuienl "I lh.
raised annually lm tlu payuunt ,,,   ,\„. |MI   ,,,.   , , ,|„,, „, | ,„
vied uiniii ihis Hi l.aw
isf Circuit
Alberni, Sept. 11 and 15,
Nanaimo, Sept   IIS and 17.
Islands, Sept   .'i*
ColllOX, Sepl.   '.' all*!   'i
Cowichan, Sept. ij and 14
\'u 1 "i 1.1, Sept, 37 to Oct   1.
N  A S. Saanich, Oct, 7 an.l I
:ml Circuit
1      ,11 tlalll. Sept.   20.
Chilliwack, Sept. 10, 11, 2:.
M iple Ridge, Sept, il and 22,
Mis nm, Sept. 2,V
1/. Sept   1; and 1
inl Circuit
Nicol 1, Sept. IJ and 11.
Vernon, Sept, 15, ifi and 17.
Kelowna, Sept   10 and :i.
Annitrong, Sept   ." and ty
Salniaiii Ann. S, pi    .'*, aiul : i
Kamloopi, Sept    \ 1
Snmiiieilaiitl, Oil,  r aiul Is.
11li Circuit
North Vancouver, Sept, u, 10,
!..uliia r, Sept   2J .iiul 24,
Siuiti, Sept, .'7.
call   In,  Sipt       s
Ivburnc, Sepi   .-ai .111.1 iaa.
Mii Circuit
l iMiili.iuk, Sept. ij .an
Nelson, Sepl   ,s.  m ind ,".
K     I ind, Oct. IJ .imi [8,
Kalso, tM   io and 21,
ALL ..lo'DS OF
New WiSim Sewil| Machine,
in gnod ccnJilion, for  •   $8.00
Bet* omplcte Irom $5.00 up
New Matlirg • - 10c a yard
All-Feathers Pillows $1.50 a pair
Furniture and
Crockery Store
70 Lonsdale Ave.
,,i   Intereal   durii
and  ilu   1   ne and salt ol  tin
Reconsidered In tin Council
inutile,  shall  I"   11 "I  i"i that
purpo .1 uuh.
lii In ninn 1 ol the Cili ii"'
mi   I'.  t     "ii  Saturdav,  the
, viiialin   in amount tlu  .111.1 nl Thirteenth dai   1  Vngust,   A
T, 11   Thouiand     N             Dol li    icji    Is innn iln  houn  "I
i.u , ma;   hi   I  iued hi  thi    lid '1 n clock a 111   and ; n'i loch p
Mavoi and ('i''* Cli rk in u ;** * m.
ul th,   Municipal 1            Vet, NIOMAS SHKPHRRD,
in sinm, as mat 1*1 di ii"! iiul Citj Clert ind Returning (•(-
imi   less  than  nm   Tli"ii ind
Dollan 111 li     I'.ai h.'' 	
th,    *.,|,|  debenture! shall   h, rriu.H   NOTH V       herebj
1 I,", iin   .ml Mavoi   .uul given thai thi voti ol the Klei
1,11,1   ,,i  iaid ilela-nlurcs,  and ^hnilun-s  llierein  referred   In
Kl V Is '" '■' '" "' unnuall) ,m,i _\\ , v .„„,*,n,l with
i"i   Uw pui| ' in '"ii" .1 ,|„. s.ml loan
sinking iniul i'i payn a      ,,    ,„   M n||]i|1,    ,-„.   „y
debt si.iuitl bj -In   «id ** Lcti   Corporation  lot such sums  as
inrea,   the mnn   1.111.;   mule |MV1.  1,,,,,  ,X|„„,|,,| hereunder
payable in fill) years Iroiii  llie mU\ ,\„   ,,, 1. ,, ,|„   S,,|,
duie hercol n| ,|1(. s,,,,| , 1,i,,ti 1 nt.    iituims
WD UIII'.KI' VS m ordei i" nvailabh    .
raUe  lhe  sai.l  yearlj   su ■(„ ,,MM ,„„ ,h, |mrl„IH.
x-'" 'i Utt Intcn ii and  inking ,,(  t|,is  Bi l.aw as above  aet
Iniul, an equal   ; 11 lal 1 iti   on ,,,,1
lhe dollar will Is ni|ulnil 'a. in g _\\ mo1M.\t ,,,, „, oul
levied a.n all llu niteabli real ,,, ,|„* tnnual ipecial rate hen
propertj In llu    iid uti ; inbelore  provided  li •     Inkin
AND WHKRKAS tin whole fund shall he invested hv lhe
i.iii.1 l.li real pi-pail', in ilie (Minnil ui .ml corporation
■.aui tin accordii ., 1 i,ll|n tlmi i" tiun ai thi   km
,, > 1 ,*|   issessim in rull is  *     rllret li
14.00; ,|,   Nu feli.iii   shall It ullna
AND Wlll'l-'i '* .   "I on  iln special rati    to  he
,.,,1,    ,,|    lln   , |j ,1      levied llti'l'i   Ill's Hi   Law
Deft    ul   tin   corpt r.nioi    1.    10   This Bj \At   shall
s^,,, |,,i   ,, icept (1 ,,| i'ini   .ui iln Fifteenth  D.n  nl
l,„ai    Improvement     n |   1,.,   Vngust, A I)   mi"
s,li.,u| purpo ■ none    ll.   Thin B) U« ma) '" ;'
,,l nu* pim, ipal .unl |s nl  im" all  purposes  as  "The
,„ ,,,,,.,1 1 in    "i    Sorth     Vancouvei
THKRKFORK  iln   luniiip-il Hch'01 1    Kxtraordinan   I
l',,until   "i il"  ' .1 'Inui'   I."*"1    "j '"'"    N'
Panned b) lhe 1 ouacil un
Arc You
Royal Standard
Flour ?
llie  I'itv   "l   North \ un  uvei  mi
wiih tin   iss.iu nl thi a |,  inn     1
If not you are not using the best
Thc sale ol KOVAI. STANDARD FLOUR is incrcas-
111,' in*rn' rapidly lli.ui lhat u( any otha flour on the market.
There are WHOM I il is »u|icrii)r in (|uality to all others; it is
a home indu-try and deserves vour patronage.
The winning numbers for July are:
99089    95127    76G09    87067
85544  55292
80427    89399    90211    75635 THE EXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER, B. C.
Bakerfield, Cal., July 31st., 1910
To The Canadian Sunset Oil Co.,
319 Pender St,, Vanoouver
Eight inch casing in number one well, Lady Washington lease,
safely landed at 1700 feet.  Started drilling again Sunday noon.
Made twenty-nine feet in eleven hours. Everything progressing satisfactorily, Four big wells just came in on neighboring leases.
We simply cannot miss big oil.
(signed) NELSON G. FOSTER.
The Canadian Sunset Oil Company, will be producing and marketing; its product within the next
few weeks. When this occurs the
corporation shares now selling at
fifty cents each, will be worth one
dollar and upwards in the open
market. If you want any of these
shares at current prices you will
have to hurry.
John N. Redmond (Pres. of the Royal Loan and Trust Co., Ltd.), President
L. D. Taylor (Mayor of Vancouver), Vice-president
Nelson G. Foster (Pres. Royal Business Exchange), Treasurer K10I1T
Dry  Goods  and
Gen is Furnishing
Corner lonsdale and Second.     Phone 255
1 o demonstrate thai our prices are as low as Vancouver,
we have decided for one week only tn sell the (ew
lelt, values lo
$2.75 and $3.00, lm
N.B.— Our (all stock is now arriving.   Watch this space.
r. McMillan & co.
54 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 197
PO. Box 155
•»%%%x%%%%*»-»*%%%%%»%»».    *%•%»»»%»%%■***.**%**•**»*
Buy at the
And Save Money
We positively guarantee all our groceries to be the highest
in quality and lowest in price.
You may do well elsewhere but you will do belter by buying
a larger loaf ol better bread (rom us.
Also by buying
at our parlor
carry a large supply ol all kinds at the lowest prices.
Highlands Potatoes $1.00 |K-r sack.
New Potatoes, 9 lbs. 23 cents.
Best J. & M. Coffee, fresh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a grade at 25 cents,
Indian and Ceylon Tea, ) lbs. $1.00, also all standard grades.
Besl Creamery Builer, i lbs. $1.00, also cheaper grade.
Fancy Apples.
Oranges all sizes from 20c. up to 50c. per doz., guaranteed
not touched by Imsi, and sweet ana juicy.
Large assnrlmenl of Knglish Candies imported and domestic
from 15c. up lo 50c.
New Laid Eggs daily, 40c. -kt dozen.
Fresh Biscuits, large assortment, 10c. to 25c. per pound.
lit,im u6 Iiii Diiuiki
All Kinds of I it sl. Vi -m l.ihlis
and I mils in Sntviii.
LONSDALE AVENUE. Near 23rd Street,
North Vancouver. I CM phone
Tin- Steamer Uinsdale, uliith In i
niinii nl Ksquimalt ilus week K°"
ti  ih,,
and   will   us   stittii   .is |iii*.silili
discharge lur * nr j^t. .unl -mi   tn
X. un nin 11 in l*',iil ,t lu. t quad
nit nf i-.i.iin ,nul UhiiImi   uhiih
I-*   ll.llllll''.   l"l    Iltl     Sill'   is    Hull
■li i barging wati i  pipi at  Be
Preliminary        development
nml. i* iii progress "ii ,i inun
'I        |'l ' a|'H IH     *        III        llll'       |1C\V
camp mi iln Bayonne, i.iiiilu- Bayonne property
itself, according to lames
I'.i,ml. ilu   well kniiMii   minir
Tin r..i'**iiin li i.m ii ii'ii
hours liuin Sheep treek In trail
.nul lui ih.ise uh., an ,,n lool
ni In iilillf ii i ,**n.iiiiiiiI In
in.nn lhat Sheep creek .illnnls
tin easiest approach I" the
nm camp
Tin- memorable strike nl thc
miners ol the anthracite coeJ
rc-jinns iu iiih: "I, "lieu coal
had in In- imported Irom Europe tn meet lhe urgent demands
and snhl in Canadian citlei lor
Su in Si.s a ion, insi brought
ilu* people "I this country to a
realising sense "I iheir dependence mi a ii-ii uw men (nr one
nl tlu* greatest necessities nf
modern lid-. Foi Canadians the
situation was tin more stringent because one nl our chief
sources oi lml supply was located in a i'iiii-;ii country,
Since thai nun' ilu- attention
nl llit* thinking and leading
public li.is imu attracted more
iliau ever before in ilu- pent deposits nl llif uiiiiiiil as .i pn
tcnii.il source nl luel supply,
ilu- extent ami Importaince ol
which Inui' nnt even begun in
lie realised,
Twn main [actors have Iwen
Instrumental iu bringing about
a revival nl Interest in pent,
One has Inin ihf Increase in
prices nl fuel, particularly ol
anthracite inal, in regions at a
disi.inn remote from tht- mines,
Thf ntluT has been the great
striili-s made iu ilu development nl gas producers and uas
engines, and iu the use in these
ol low grades nf lml* Lignite
and Ion  gradei "I coal have
luili used, and, though nnl   hi
ilii-rin commercially successlul
in ihis country, peat in iln- nus
producers has proved a good
business proposition in Kurope
Tlu- lirst tnonght wilh regard
In pnt is ils list* ,ts lml (or
domestic purposes, .is when
pinpiili  prepared ii makei   t
JJOOll    llnl    llif,    lllllllS    wilh     a
long, clear Bane, and makes
im clinkers. Ii is aba as clean
in handle as wood and although
liulkv, lieiii in Weight, ll kill
tilts ctsili, and win n the
draughts are properly control!
nl and the grate and fire bos
rinhtlv adapted to the tad ii
makei a durable fire, lis iheo
ltiu.il heating value is between
that o( good wni'il and good
coal, imt because "I the small
wash iu ash, clinkers, cinders
and smoke its real value is
doubtless near, il not equal, i"
ilui til iii.iiii kinds ni coal In
us,-  ai   present   fnr dotnesiii
Foi inainil.ii lilt Hi;; antl DOWl I
purposes, lulu uis in peat
in this Kiuntii foresee i great
future, and point i" lhi i
ihieveineiils in Kurope, where
10,000,000 inns 1.1 peat liu 1 *< t
it*.nh produced Speaking recently   I'lnl     llus    A.    D.llls,
peat expert nl ihe United Bl it
es geological survej, said ■
"In Northern Kurope peat   is
being converted into lml .uul
powei a.i-. .unl Usui inr ilu
generation nl electricity iu
small planls located at '.lie
suit *. nl peat deposits, just a •
nin engineers in Aim i ica an
beginning to discus ilu- pui i
luhn nl locating large electrii
power si,iii,,iis ,n ,,,,ii mines
where coal and the mine ws ■ c
tall at  h.isl ill pail  Ik- used."
"(Inly   those   who   keep    in
iniiih uuh tin progress that Is
being made In ilu development
I tin us,* i.i iln* gu engine tan
realise thai al iln* present lime
a revolution is going on in the
methods "I utilising fuels oi .ill
kinds, anil llial llu- gas prmlut
er ami producer gas ettgitu ari
uii.uuh displacing ihf sit,un
boiler and engine in many lines
ol indusin " "It is in tin
piiiilimr and ihf ;us tn,nn
thai mosl hop lit- ini peat lot
power today.
Tht* use i.| Beat  as ,i soiiiit* n>
energy nui lead in new dis
iiiiiiiiii.ns ,,i business activity
in the mar luiun Sunn a,| ih,
lusi .in.1 most valuable peal de
posits aif lm .iini iu sections
which are todaj wilderness lar
whiih tiiiiiiirii.w mai In* hives
nl Industry, Tims In Alum
which sends enormous qnanti
lies nl iron nrt* in iiu- Pennsylvania smiilii■* ii is estimated
ilui ilu* pcai ilipaasiis located
right alongside iln ore bedi arc
siiiiiiietit to melt ilu wlmli ni
thf nrt-. Onl.nm mai |}QebeC,
whiih buy tun $20,000,000
Wofth   (if mai Iinin llic Iiiilul
Slates annnalli, have i (tensive
|if,it  lilies.     Along  llu    luu*   ol
tin*  National  Transcontinental
railwav there art- known in eX-
ist vast deposits -In ' lm in
MM   cases   lm    nun      milei
Four bogs within *> ■     miles
,,i Ottawa fxaiuuiiti ia iiven
iinin expert! an i itlmated tn
contain ovei i . ■ ,.i
II is csliiu.Hid llul ih,  I nil
id States exclusive ol   v.. ka,
lus ii,.""' sqaar< im:
hogs, averaging  mm   i*,     _
depth, iimi thai these contain
128,000 inns nl Iiul per square
mile [or each foot in depth, or
a total nl nearly 13,000,000,000
Inns, worth al I3 a Inu up*
pi oxiuiatert      '39,000,000,000.
The extent and value nl Canada's   peal  bogs  Irnin existing
Information cannot be even
guessed .11, Inu il is salt m as-
sert ihat they exceed those ni
tin- United Slate .
Some Idea nf ilu- possibili les
may be gained from the estimate ihat a tract iii id acres nl
peat  averaging nine (tti   deep
should yield 50,000 tons oi lml,
nr enough to supply one inin
difil families (nr twenty Sic
years allowing 20 Ions per uw
mini in each lamil). Tlu* same
peat deposit nl 28 acres woultl
(iiiuish a liuniil.uluring ot dei
nit lighting or power plant "I
inn h. p. iiNinn su.uu engines
wiih (nil ini more lhan lortv
vears ol inn len hour davs, allowing eight pounds ni fuel
per li. p. developed, Thf [uel tl
used iii a suitable uas produce!
lo generate ihf same amount ol
power would last nearly too
The  approaching   convention
ni the American Peat  Society
nl whiih Dr.  Eugene I la.uul
Dominion Director of Mines,  is
president, ami Mr. Julius Bot
iiiiilu,   nl   Kingsbridge,    Hen
\a,ik city, secretary, to be held
in Ottawa nn July 25-27,   .vill
bring together many experts In
peat manufacture, and may  in
expected to n-suli in some net*
miiiniiatiiiii ni value nl iln  'a
ji-it  ol peat utilisation  reach
mg iln* public.
Wheezer or Sneezer
Have Vmi lit,ml ni Hyomel foi
Catarrh, Asthma and  Ra]
11 you wliff/f or sneeze, hawk
ni spit, siiullle or blow, stum
thing is Iht- mailer wilh llu
membrane ol your respirator]
tract, and mu need llvomn.
Ami mu need Hyouu 1 because
ii mil tun* mu ni .mi catarrh
al or Inflammatory condition
that exists,
li isn't a siniii.uli medicine,
nr sprav, m douche, but a un
pleasant, healing, antiseptii
balsam, from tin cucalpytus
[orests nl Australia Vou
im.iihf lliis balsamii ail
through a small, hard rultlni
inli.ihr, ami il reaches tit n
nook, cornet ami crevici ol
iln- membrane, ami promptly
kills ilu- catarrh * * ruis.
The l.oiistlali* Ph.1'iiu, \   will
sell   Mill   a    Compli tt   llyi uiu
pronounced  High <> mr-   outfit
fin   Si mi "ii the iii'iiu 1    back
"I have been 1 victi 1 1.1
tarrh   for   mam  monthi. tin
glands   around  1111   eyes   and
nose being ion   and swollen
My head  felt  dull snd stuflj
Pains in iln front and back ol
nn In.ul, also across 1111   1 yi
wen  frequent ami l had iron
lile in breathing,   especially at
ninhi when trying i" rest      1
hail doctored but not no reliel
until after using Hvoinei, This
relieved mi- in thc iirsl iwcnt)
inin hniiis ami iii hss than Iwo
weeks I w.is pr.u lil alii    cured
I 1.uiniii give too iniitli  1
I,, Hyomel."   Mrs, Man Phil
ips. Mi MiNait Si , Hamilton,
tim. '
Cures Dyspepsia.
Youi money luck II il don'l. Givci lm-
mrdiile r-lnf Irom hcittburn, tour itonv
icli, ilomich diil-m ind lick hcidicht.
SO cinti 1 !»•{- boi tl
Tin- Lonsdale I'lur na v
Beautiful thingi sre always attractive, slwsys
fashionable, always sppreciati d.
A beauty that never Isdes is possessed by fine
CUT GLASS such as \mi will Iind in our crystal
room. Have you evei noticed those myriad beams
of light, ihat dart Innn the glass in our window and
in our show mom. This radiance is 1 sun- indies
tion of perfection, it tells of deep, true, regulal flitting ami (lawlessness.
all lint's of tins ware we strive to ob sin the
tur nm patrons, then lore, wlnn you buj glass
besl f
.11 '• BIRKS'' you
best in.innl,11 tun d,
in,iv 1* 1 sssun d you bave lha
Ws sre showing .1 stock ol the mosl masaivi. es
quisitely'cut vases snd hsndsome electric lamps
ever brought into Vancouver,
!* Diamond Merchants and |ewellers
■t2 lien. K. Trnrev, 1 ,     *        or" *n    c
w Miun-ninn Hi-fi-tin- Hastings w uranville 3ts.
We Are Prepared to Consider lhe
Purchasing of Agreements of Sale.
II la-onsdale-Avenue
Ll    l',n\ 50
■avaai u mm   t—m—a ■"•■
CLAVKR1K ft  ARC AM) have ,,ii opened oa Imi
Street, East, in up b
where the pdblc will U- sun- to find i pod nd (ren
ment ol Gtoceries and Provisions, luit- .u.l \ egetah.cs 111
season.   <j Mr. Arcand
(,11 the last eight years.
Wl      V. llll     P.     I   alli'll  ai|    \  ,1111 OllVI-r
Hall   l.lniK   Intlll
*.* * 'in*
Subdivision ol Lot 6, Block is. District Lol I1
in 1 im p'.. It. to a lane snd ire b< ing sail.I .is lollows
Facing on 17th Street
Facing on 18th Street
i.ish, balance 6, 12.
■   ■   $850.00
-   -   $800.00
snd -it nii'iiilis
Ri al Ettite unl liisin.iaii 1 Brol
120 Second Street East.
Nnrth Vanconver Hoard ol
Tradi meets ihs third Tneadaj
ai 1.iiii month, at S o'clock p.
in., in tin board room. City
llall. BsaCtttivi mt, ts ilie first
Tuesdav od each month. W, J,
Irwin, |tresii|ini ; J, (',. Pun
t*r, sfUTlaii
Recreation Grounds
ji.i sirwi. NUrtii 1'iawaiin
1,1ml (irniiml- (..r Snndsjf School
Picnii-.. Ledn Pit sit   ind nil kinds
ol Ailili'iic l-'i'-iti".   Orsnd Btsnd
Mating capselt* lol 9000
fat 1 ■iiKiu.'fiiifiilii sml MtM ain.l «|«.ci;il
r.ili ■ a,n I.Trt irn.l cars, -,
II K IH W.'l'l. s,,... Rorth Vt
iik .1 1 I i      1 n 1 n ■ • I
Phons 170 P.O. Box llKi
And You can make a big saving hy taking advantage
ol the LOW PRICES     Here arc a (ew ol them.
3x6, .ui'l
10only IRON BEDSTEADS insist   pi
] li, worth tt 25.   Jul) Price
6 only DRESSERS with Britiih Bevelled Mirrors,
10114, in Euly Bog. Finiih worth I14  Jul) Price,
6 silt DRESSERS Goldi a Finish with 1 p. 1 mirroi
nmili Su 50,   Jnli Price	
FOLDING BOOKI V. 1 S   irth Ifjo   Jnlj Pri
00 CAB rS J 6 "n ValiH 1.   Jul) Pric«
' $2.65
$3.50, $3.75
128   Lonsdale   Avenue THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
nn ani I marketl living in
(uel ami belter biking results.
ll.e "CHANCELLOR "not
Olil) does ils work BETTER
Iiiit AT LESS COST than
other Ranges..
\\ r caii demonstrate to you
the wholi Superior Chin*
cellor principal of economy
ami i Hit it-ucy in ten miniiles.
ls it uol worth thai nuuli
ol yunr linn- right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
Apply  6th  Street  West  (Behind Catholic Church)
(irau.l.iit Birmingham General Hoipiti), Eagland.
We Sell Anything, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurance.
Howard & Matbeisoo
16 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 220
mmiy . .ww-** . *   —
Wmrr   ...—
?• r
mi^Bim>   m
I it, i i lui h t nun s
with ihe posa «»inn "l .1 banh hook
is sann, thing iiiii iii In* tli spin I
im   .n.illii   itlnii  mn:
phi-pi l I-
,\ ii ink n 'i i tt'IM
at ■   HIS. V   \   .11   in   I., I   lll.lt
• ii i I, in- wun ilm | '.*• fall l'u k
u|ii n in nu instinct ol i mi !■•• bi )
i lot Dolln t. II si ui m a, onnt,
C. G. HEAVEN. Agmi.
Norih \ ■!
M,. tt
Head Ollice:
Real Estate     Loans     Insurance
P.O. BOX 51 • PHONE 110
M t■■ *• -1 [fOUUgt mi I.vnn ViiIIpv ('nrlinc tg>
oallenl buaiuesi site; high nml drv nnd oo tfittl
gndl : oloM tu new Miiuici|iiil Hull    I'rict-d fur
((nick uli   MW ouh, iiiilaiici' 6 ind LSnonlhi,
Price $1250.00
Pianoforte Un w s Bnnnestei A K A U
Organ Hi   T  u   \\,n,i
Violin \ii  i. ii.iiit-s, l.v.mi
Mngtag Mi i'uii Rdmondi
Vl"lM1 tello Hn ct.,,, ii.tniiii;- Pratt
*"""' III     I.    ll.lllts.   i. \   n \i
Klnte Mr I. Davies, I. V li M
I l;.KMS   MODI UA 11
North Vancouver Piano Co. " 'ftK'J
Tin- following appointments
appear in the current Gatette;
Wm. Linton "t (inv Creek
ami Wm. Morrison of Discovery
to In- justices of the peace.
Herbert Sprague of the City
ol Victoria, to be a clerk in the
office of the lecretary oi the
provincial board of health.
Winnifred Maniwaring Johnson to bc u stenographer in the
office   of   the secretary   of   the
provincial board <>f health.
Certilicates  of Incorporation
have heen granted as follows :
Bevan. Gore k Elliott, limited,
capitalj 1350,000 iu ioo shares
ill f 1,000 each, and    150,000   of
Si tilth ; Northern Britiih Columbia Development Company.
capital, (35,000 iu slimes of
S:.s ; Worswick Pacing Co.,
capital, $350,000 in shares ol
(35 ; West Const Fishing and
Curing Co., capital $50,000, in
shares of Sloo ; Mount Hros.,
limited, capital, $35,000 in
shares of Sloo ; Bute Inlet
I,antl   Co.. capital, $100,000 in
shares of Si ; International Underwriter! corporation, capital
1350,000, in shares of Sl" ; Ashman Coal Mines, limited, capilal, Si,ono,000 in shares of Si:
the Coinox Sawmill Co., capital, .V.s,nnil in shares of $100 j
St. Patrick1! Hall Co, limited,
Capital Slu,000 in shares of Sio;
M. M. StepheU .Sr Co., limited,
Capital $50,000 in shares of
Sinn; Vancouver Artificial
Slum* X" Brick Co., capital,
95,000 ill shares til $10 (the object is staled to lie to acquire
knowledge of lhe secret processes aiid formula held by George
lv MiCully 1111 llu* lertns   ol an
agreement between him and .1
Ross  Archibald,  and lo cany
00 lllc business of liianufailiir-
Ing artificial stone and brick
iii Vancouver); Tuckev & Co.,
limited, capilal, S.So.ooo, in
shares of Si ; Fanners' Lumber Uanulacturing Co., capital,
$100,000 in shares of Sm ] Electric Water Beater Co., capital
$100,000 iu shares of $100; Ot-
uriail Uining .^   Development
Co., capital, $100,000 in shares
ill Sl j Ila/eltou Nine-mile Min-
iii}; Co., capilal, $1,000,000 in
sh.ms iif $1 ; ibe Penticton
Herald Printing .St PttMiahing
Co., capita] $10,000 in shares ol
The lollowing have la-en licensed *is extra-provincial companies
The Princeton Coal  1 Laml
Co.. head ollue, I.olldoll, Kll);.;
capital, tWO hundred tholl-
sanil   pounds   in   shares nl   OM
pound; attorney, Brneat War
it-rinan, Princeton, B, C.
'nine Rupert Coal Fields,
limited, head office, Montreal,
capital, $5,000,000; attorney,
11    0     LaWaOB,  Victoria.
The 11 Market Co., head ollue, Winnipeg, capital, $35,000;
attorney, l-\ C Lawtf, barrister, l'l-rnie.
Tlie GlaifOW Assurance Co.,
head ollice, Glaagow, St oil.nul.
capital,   one  hundred thousand
pounds, di shales ..I  one |)olllld,
.iiiiiiiii\s, A. 8, Tregent and
u  s Holland, Vanconver,
The. Western Supple and
Equipment Ct.., liniiu-d,  capl
i.il   $50,000 ; head ollice,   l.clh-
bridge. Alia , attorney, W. P.
Ogllvie, soliiitor, Vancouvtr,
I'leuInr Mii1111f.11 unin-; Co.,
head   ollue,    TnltUlt",     cupil.ll.
$350,000 ; attorney, i> G  ini
shall,  barristei .11 lan ,  Yallco'l-
.1 Urine Tayna, limited, head
..ilui-,    Granby,  (Juc. ; capital,
S 11 a. a.a H X a  j    ntt i UIlCV ,    RolHTt      N
I'lhnsion,  lobatiiiiiist.  Vancoii-
Noliii is- giv« thai tin- name
01 tin-   WriHiard llo '  Publishing   Co   is thanked to  Man ll
Man Publishing t'n
't 111II11H1111 i IIM1111
■I »'H'M-II M
Hi,  iinri-.iil  issue ol the Hrit
ish Columbia Gtmtti coin.tins
.1 piaitlaniiitioii bv the I.itU'ii
aal ('•nii-riior-in-Cmincil    nun
111,  inlo lone and ellect a.s (rom
ilu- ist ol November next Ibe
1 il imms Regulation At I ad
opted bv the leni.slattire on  the
mill ol March lut by tin- pru
iisimis ol which  it  is lu-realti-r
to bl obligatory noon collier}
prom ii-ttais ii, provide at all
COal  mints ai|i'(|ii.Lle and strut
li modern mom apparatus
supplementing  the reacm iti
U'tlis iiiiiI  trained trews provid
"I in the government at thfte
"f the 1 hnf toal tninine, unites
in the provinci.
Tin   in;;,   irew workini m\
Mu   new  bridgi .11 t"ss llii   Sal
unin lii-i  .it Salmi, mil. ill I
k 11  d.ns have the  piling all
'driven |oi   the Wort
About Your
Printing Orders
No. 80
This is the
Easiest Way
Q We will design your office
stationery, or anything you need
in printing, then submit proofs
and guarantee satisfaction.
(J Large increase in plant enables us to do this.   ::   ::   ::
Give us a chance
to make good.
$1.00 per year     Foreign $2.00
i4»»444^l4^^44»»>l|||||llllllllllinilMlllllllllllllllli: HIM TEN
locus tin   wanl
o| current loi
Rlnglf 1
i Wi  ,
lint' M..111
R. Bennett
lhi erection ol
Bewick Ave.
n.t". t
t  slll.il
I IliiUNl- (ill
ui Wyllie li.i-- commenced
ilu- erection ol two fine residences mi bis property, 14th
sireet, between Uahon uml
I ones,
1''.   .1
King,  contractor,   is
arrangements for  the
(instruction ol two houses  mi
Ui   streei   between  Lonsdale
iiul Chesterfield Avenue*.
Ur. .1. l'. Wood, sun nl .1. l'\
0, C, Wood, ilu- siiin'iii.in, is n
ati\in*" ilu* congralulatiom ol
lus hit mis mi ibe arrival rt
tenth ni liis limiie nu St. Deo
rge's Ave ni ,1 daughter, Ha
ilur ,uul daughter aie reported
.I In* progressing  ven   lavor
VV.II. Sunny
.1   ll*aaalV
I'l IK
lal Isl
Sin.ill     Sale,
Jl Sl.Ilia,Ml  I \
and    I.iiiisil.ii,
Superior furnished shack on
Keith Kn*nl i.n lui' i"i *■ 1
month. Apply North V,muiii
ver School .ai Hush l.uiisilale
Ave i'ii
\\ AN 11-11
gebra and (ii
nstnicior in  Al
.in, iit,  two even
in^s per uuk, Bos I), Kxpresi
housework  bv
the   ll*,111.     Appl)
streei .nul Si. Ai
l.i\ m
WAN il'.l)   Tw.
trade in machim
\\. 1 ;_*. • paid i'i sin*111 Imply   Wallace Slnpy .nils 1,1
ln.\s 1,, learn
shop,   Good
There wen- [our entries tor
Saturday's dinghy race over
ilie North Vancouver course,
The race was sailed niuler very
i.ivni.iiaii w ..iiiui conditions
.mil resulted in another win ior
iln* We Two which no* lends
iln standing nl tin- boats by .1
substantial margin, Tlu- winner succeeded in making the
* ontesl lni.k rather one sided bj
crossing iln- home mark over
s minutea ahead nf iis nearest
contestant, The others [ollow
til in varying distancei apart,
while  lhe   l-Te.l  brought    Up  lhe
ii.n  10 minutea behind iln- Wi
Two.   The} crossed the linish
ill;; lint- as lollows: We Two, '
.the,ill nl .luiubo,   lllllll". I llllll
iius ,ilu,nl ni Rthel .nnl I'Tci
S'j minutea behind Bthel Tlu
dinghies in order in conform in
ihe restricted class must nui
innn in ilu- following regnla
ui.ns length 11 feet nr under,
latum measurements minimum
I.. 1, .ul .nn 1 |n sq, yards
1.1 under .nnl planking not less
ih.in -, ni au imll. The rating
is figured as 5 points lm   win
ning a late,   1 |uiillts (nr snt'inl
place ainl .' points for ird plan
These   iln Iinie   an   cxlt.i   point
iai    even   start.    Tin-   races
musl stall  by   I p III   antl lilllsh
by ,**, p.m.  otherwise it is de
il.treil in. race,   Tin standing "f
tin  1 Is ii, date is    We Tm.',
,'i points | Jumbo, io paints;
Ethel, •! points; I'h a,
l !•;    llml     lhe
I orporation oi
the City nl Nortli Vancouver in
lends in construct .is a wmk ol
local Improvement the laying
nl a common sewer for carr)
iug awav sewage and sewn con
nections i" each lot mi thnl
pari nl   Lonsdale Ave, between
I llll slreel  ,iliil   iMll streei  nil
del subsection ll • section I il
nf the Municipal Clanaea Acl
and intends lu assess the [inal
tnsi thereol upmi the real pro
pert) fronting oi abutting
thereon, and lo be benefitted
thereby, and ihal .1 slatnnen
showing the lands liable to p.n
the said assessment and 'ha
nanus ni ihe owners thereof,   *
l.n  as 1,ill be .rn 11.until   lliili
the last revised assessment roll
is now "ii lib in the oflice nl
iln* clerk ni iln munieipalit)
and is open for inspection dur
inj; oflice hours.
The estimated  coat   oi   the
wmk is Sn,.nam nl wHi*.li Si.htiu
is to he provided ont  ol   the
general   fnndi  "I   the   Muni
Ciu Clerk
Nurtli Vancouver, B, C,
August md, uii".
Villi?    II  Mill  "a in ' V.i   I   111  ll**slSl
la*! ||1S1    tall     lllllllll    llllll   S,   1,1   1
r ,* ,,,[ 1, a,    ■ a<' iiiiiii our
In*.;   s|i , I,
NOT III-:     llllll    lhe
tlu- Corporation nl
ul Korth  Vancouvei
construct as a work
improvement, la)   a
WANTED  Sm,.ii   bu)    wiih
g I  references,   i*»i   hardware
store, Appl) I, U Prasei
Hantaan in, North Vancouver,
Council nl
the   Citv
intends to
ul     I
combined main ami common si
wer uu l'nibis Avenue from thi
waterfront lo ISth street, Ihenci
easterly    along    I.lll    slieel     to
I**,ilus ,\t,', thence northerh
.iluii"'. Forbes Avenue to 15th
street, thence enaterli alonj
i,th sin-el in Chesterlield Ave
thence northerly along Chesti 1
field Ave to luili street, thenci
points.Ieasterly along  luth  street   U
l.mistlale Ave , lllellte lim lln I K
Ave,  i"
A voung
111    Ul*   1
Mis    1)
,.11  lm
LOST    Small   whiti   puppj
with   blatk   laiil mi   July   .'Mil.
rl..1 -i   communicate   with 0,
Kemp Brown   r  0   Box IJ,J.
A meeting ol the North Arm
lamptis w.is held lasl Satin
tlav al llu tamp ul Mr. II. Hm
iiu,   \\ II.uuk, when il   was
arranged to huhl a regatta nnd
water spoi Is al Woodlands on
Saturda) afternoon and evening, August mth. A large
working committee was an
pointed to arrange the  details
and it  is lln   wish ul those   ill
terested in the project  thai  1
1 1 turnout "I the Nurth Vnn
couvei lm.iis ami yachts will bt
on hand un thai dale to pain
tip.ttt in the events. The pro
gram will conclude with an
..p. 11 ,,ii dance in the evening,
lack Loutet aiul N. Lonndale
The memberi ul the provln-
Elder Muii.tt Co. fin Insuranci n.il  [oreatty  commiaaion   will
_____________________ hold a meeting in Victoria  mi
August  1 sih lu complete their
. report.
We will  bu-.   -.1   a \,b ,11  ,* VOW
stoved,   lui 1    imi bom enold
;  aaiaals     |a.|     |p(l|     a.tsll. Tttl* 1   I
;n Lonsdale Avi     Phone   iS|,
IV    II       I'     >
Route Boys Wanted
Corporation of the Diitrict of
North Vancouver
lenders are muled
aring  ud gradlnj
Wt   an   in und   ol   ii llabli
buys   i*,   deliver   lh*     I •
within tin cit> limit
in person al thi 1- spi      Oll'u
(ur  tin-
part   ol
be   seen
Corporation of the Diitrict of
North Vancouver
trick Road, l.ynn
Specifications   may
and I'.ims ni tender obtained at
iln    ibsliiil   office,   h'.spluliade,
North  Vancouver,  whin  ten
rh i. wil, in if Ived up to j
p in. on |ih August nexi.     iui
JOHN G  1 -AKMl'.K, C.M.C
Tenders  are invited   ior   lhi
layin leet of 8
Inch watei main Inun lhi pus
.in North 1,"ii'il."* ntake in
1) i. *s- ■* *i poinl mi the
Mosquito Creek in I)       a  \t
Plans and spi
be  situ and  lender lorm
i.iinitl al iln* distrii i    rice, K
planadi   S'oi lh Vani ouvei  Ten
litis, marki 'I    I,"ii ulali   w atei
jnd   ection)'   to hi  ii:
in. mi nli August,
NOTE  The   letting   ol   the
contract  will he contingent up
,,n ni mat Kr th iiiiiii uniil the
lhi proposed   Lvnn
Valll V.a'.l       Wialks      B)   1*IW
I0HN 0  1- A KM VM. I ,M C
Ttiiilirs in Invited by Nnrth
Vancouvei City Board "I
Sth""l Ti iislees lor erection ol
two roomed building In Bnat
Knd   C.eneral Works).
Plans and specifii .itiniis mat
be obtained fr. .tn secretar) to
Trustees, with whom tenders
an to it Iod- nl imi later lhan
Thursday, the iih dav ol Au-
na it, sealed and endorsed
"Tender loi Rail Knd Sthuul."
The  Invest   01  .Hit   "lift    imi
Set It I,in ,
.'ml Sinn  b'.asl,
,     r. 0 Itux i;s
slreel,   ami (h) mininmi   *
■ HI lhe   Kspl.ill.ule   llulll   I'm lies
Ave. 1" casl suit "I Si   ("im
, l's Ate , nil Pint sllti I lliilll
I't.llus  Ave    10 easl   sill,   ol Sl
Patrick's Attune, on Second
sireei lium Forbes Ave, i" a
point S"" feet eaat ol si \n
dri'W's Ave and on Third strei 1
from Forbes Ave. to east side
ni Si Andrew'i Ave . under
subsection (21) section iffh m
lhe Muniiipal Clauses Ail and
intends 1" assess the final    ins
iln ii iii upmi ihe n.il propert)
Ironting or abutting lhi reoa
and to be benefitted thereby,
and that a statement showing
ilu- lands liable i" pa) iln said
assessment   ami   the  names  nl
tin* ownen thereof, so far ai
tan in* ascertained from llu
last revised assessment roll is
now mi lib in iln office "l iln
vlt-rk nl ihe Munieipalit) and it
open for inspection dnrin* ol
Ine hiiiirs
The   estimated  msi   ,.|   tin
wurk i*. |   ' I whii b *-;
immi is lu be p!"V idol "Ill  "I llli
general Iunds "i iln  Municipal
tilt   Clerk
Nurth Vancouver, it. C.
Angnat nd, 1910
"Can" Paints
Fm tnit-ol .linns "i  i	
doors painting ami paint gives
p. 111 I I  S.lllsl.ll llllll.
iiur 11111 p.iini-* mike homes
look Iresh an*l in it Colon
[ail and durable.
Stoney <& Co.
I 17 I.nils,pile, 1 hol a     I I'l
If You're 411 For Lawn
Garden Tools of all Kinds are here in
Great Variety and at Must Reasonable
Our I .uu s nl
Are the Best and Wc Guarantee  lli'iii I" tl" thi* Wotk.
paine & McMillan
The Pioneer 1 laidware North Vancouver
Tenders are Invited tor clearing .nnl grading I'hilip Avenm
extension Iietween Distrii I l.i
,,' ami '<■), North Vancouvei
Plans, profiles anil
linllS   tll.la    Ill    sea 11   ,lllll
I. mh I    *l*i.mii il  at   the
'.pei llu.I
("lllis  "I
Esplanade, \,'Hii   Van
I llltlt Is
next, ihe
p in.
In   be
nh ul
iiiHN C,   FARMER, C W X
Application*: fur iln* position
i Assessor in iln District t*
Nni ih Vancouver [or iln ye i
lulu will be received by lhe i u
dersigned up nil . p m "ii ilu
It li daj "I Ann l, mm lh
limits uill consist ni pi*
Iimi ami emnph lion aai Assess
ment K < -11 foi nbovi Di Irii i
(cumprising as msi in uv "
parcels of land in an nl.um
yy ilh lhe prol isiotlS "I the Mu
nit ipal Clauses Acl Applies
linns io state remuneration i>
pei inl
JOHN ('.   FARMER, C M ■
Korth Vancouver,
Tile iilluial losses through the
recent   bush  fires  in R  I   i
mount in Si,""",""",  li is sul -
islaeturv to note thai In tlu-
principal parts nl ilu* interior
there wh practically no loas
ut anv merchantable tinibi i al
though i large numbel rrl in
cipient lires started in various
Vie si* mii' sgenti bate
Tlie "iiiy iiiainiii.il iii'.t
thai )iliii*i*!".i i'inli ji avi ii. -■
il lh*>) il" mil nntl i\|*>, •
Try ;t |a.ii'
Ami li'Tiai
*. j
i',*lli,,„lt  'a
lor S.lr I,,*
(ia m's Clothing
Clnl.lien's I Shoes,
I   .t*lll  S',   .Uill
Applications will li n
by    llli    llllili Isl^llill   Up   111:
tlt'lk   p.III.   "II    llaiiul.it .   llu
ili-,  a,i   August,  I'll",   fin the
position "i Fire Chiei   11 the
I lu **i Sorth Vancouvei s.ii
.u\    ■ pii ss,, |„r month Ap
pin,Mil    I., stall   expel ii llu    ill i
liulgi li limoniala,
Cii\ Chrk.
Our business is now practically on I cash ba
sis. This enablus us to |*ivc our customers llu-
same Iiiiii class goods we have alwavs handled
at verv much better prices lhan can bc obtained
Irom stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and pin
j. a. & m. McMillan
Crowds  Hocked  i" iin*  [ruit
building al Winnipi       *, "ial
lair all lasl  yy,, I. ad i|h
beautiful displays Iroin  Btitiih
Columbii gardens
"The Iruil unin In
Columbia,"  stated \\
Webster, o| tin depH
agriculture ol   ihai
wlm is  in  thai  *
"is developing  i-
boundi   'lli- dun uu
cxei'ss   "I    'In    i
i'n" A
men'   of
* ,n*e.
all |
is I ir  in
'■ |'ply
\\ Imi ta ihe iiiiii has been iv*
hibiieil \i Iia ilui iii Canada, lhe
I mini States nt in Britain, it
has net 11 In, n In .iliu, and ill
manj cases gold medals h,i\i
anu awarded In competition
wilh tin- other frull districts "l
the Dominion ll is estimated
that  then* will lu* between s""
and    i,i   tail",nls   of  Iruil
shipped Irmn the Kootena)
Vallej iiunii, iiu coming sea
sun, and pn puralioti * are bi Ing
math' bl tin   railwai  ipani
tn handle  the  Iruil n   ne
direct   Iroin  thc orchards
(in iln   whole ilu  fruit
dust i \ "i British Columbia,
presenl  ill lis llll,nut ,  must
eniisitli red to be of tin reatesl
promise    W here the propi i im
ili,ail-. Ii.im linn followed, ui
siiiiablt ili itrii is, ilie Indusin
is .hi unqualified success  Theft
Hi*,  ..I  mill *i ,  '"llie disiritts n|
the provime which are hi i lei
idapted lo nun growim   than
are Other parts.
II you want to sell your Property, fill in Hank space and
Mail to
NAME  ...
l.l tu I-.
"This British Columbia inhibit  will cu i" Bmndon, Re
m.i. Medicine Hat, Edmonton,
Toronto and london, Ont, Twu
a.nl,,a,Is will  be stilt  principal
K   ii,,iii  Vancouver  Isl,uul   lo
England and will be exhibited
at  various placet, windin
lit   th.    loyal   Horticulture
mon, where the <U-
culturc  hopi
SIIUW        all       I.'
In lake ,iiiiiiiii r liieil,il .is   they
hate   be. tl   successful    ill il'i'.i
[or  sevi i il  years pasl      Thi *
*.h"U   is  "pell   In  all   the  colon
ies nl tin   Empire, and is Uie
up largi j  J its kiiul lnhl in  l'i,


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