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The Express 1908-12-31

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/; that which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach Ihe people of
North   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
Executed in a idyle lhat pleases
,   ,./-*,/ al mket thai dre righl at
Ah •!*- iS^J
ri.on.iw       Tlie Express
There were present at the regular session ol the city council,
on Monday evening, Aldermen
May, Irwin, Crickmay Smith
and Braim. Mayor Kealy presided.
C. Cross wrote, drawing tht
attention of the council to, the
unsatisfactory condition oi thi
crossing at the corner ol Chest-
erlield ave. antl the Esplanade,
and asking that it lie put in
proper condition. Relerred to
the hoard ol works.
W. Nicholson Lailey wrote,
with reference lo some trees on
lots io, ii and 12, west ot hit
residence on 15th street, ant.
asking that they be removed.
Referred to the hoard of works.
The secretary of the Iward 01
school trustees wrote, advisin-,
the council that the hoard wish
ed to withdraw the liylaw lot
the purchase of lots 2, 3, 8 anti
9, block 206, D.L. 545, as |
school situ, and to proceed witl
the submitting o( a bylaw ti
purchase lots 4 to 16, block 11,
district lot 273. During tin
discussion of this letter, it wai
explained that the withdrawal
was due lo the fact that sinei
the time Ior receiving tender:
had expired, an adjoining pro
jK-rty had been tillered at a lower price. The trustees did no
feel themselves at liberty 10 en
lertain this oiler alter teuriet.
had closed, neither did thev fee,
that it whs wise to submit tin
bylaw for the more expensiv.
tract. They had then-lore de
eided to withdraw the whol.
matter lor the present. Aid
May, chairman ni finance com
mittee, was appointed to eotilet
wilh the board of Vn'ooi trus
tees, as to whether it would noi
be advisable to withdraw botl
bylaws and to submit a com
plete scheme to the ratepayer
at a future date. Meanwhile, i
was thought advisable to plac.
the bylaw (or the purchase o.
lots q to 16, block II, D.I,. 273,
in proper shape lor publication
should the trustees so decide,
and it was accordingly passei
through three readings.
The proposed bylaw, lo au
thorize a loan of >tSooo to th,
Horticultural Association, wa;
then considered. Aid. May was
as strongly in lavor as any 01
lhc aldermen, ol assisting tlu
association, but he did not con
.-.tiler it good business lo proceed with a new loan ol $6000,
when there was still a balance
due the district ol >.'po..., because of a diiln ult \ thai had .1
11 sen in closing the sale ol the
city's bonds.
In the course of the discussion
it appeared lhat the solicitor
for the ptiiihasei ol the bonds,
had called in question lhe powers of thc council under the mu
nicipal clauses act, with relerence to the addition oi ten pet
cenl. for shrinkage, and that 1,
mighl Ik- found necessary to
submit a bylaw to the rau-pav
ers to obviate thc difficulty.
The mayor explained that the
opinion ol the attorney general
had been sought, and it was anticipated that his reply would
dispose of the matter. In any
case, the money was in lhe bank
and thc difficulty could readily
lie overcome.
Alderman Irwin considered
that the main question was,are
these propositions meritorious?
11 so, the council should submit
them to the ratepayers. Tliia
bylaw could be given its three
readings and puliltcalii-n' could
be delayed, il lound necessary
The reading ol the bylaw was
then proceeded with. At the
conclusion ol lhe lirst rciuling,
the point was raised thai it
would be necessary to have an
.I'lonipaiiMtig agreement wiin
the liortiiiilttir.il association, or
a resolution from theni, agreeing to accept the loan The bylaw was laid over lor a Spei 1.1
meeting nf the council, on Wed
uesday alternoon, al live o'clock
in order that this point might
i.e arranged.
On recommendation of Aldcr-
nan irickmay, chairman ol Ut
re and water committee, mt
.rciui-n were (Tattled lull pay
or practise, 10 bc held once in
wo weeks.
1 lie iioard ol   works   rccom-
iciiucu llial uie trail   through
-i.i,.   54b   be  repaired   by   uie
met  gang,   lo  conned   wim
■ oik   now   being   done   by iht
..istrici council.     Aclopleu.
tne recent derangement ol Uie
uect car and elecciic ngiu svs-
cm was uiscusst-U, aim a reso-
.JUon was passed as lollows,
.Inch Hit clerk wa.s insirucleu
0 lorward to the company:
"That Uie attention   01   tin
aanager  ol   the 11. C. hlectiic
cailway Co., Ltd., be called lo
.he lacl that North  Vancouvei
nas been greatly liicoiivenienceii
<y llie turning oil ol ihe   light
.nd power during the past   lew
.iontiis, aiiil lhat under the  re-
ient unlorluiiate circumstances,
ne  council   think   lhat   bet tii
mans (It communication shoiili,
•e instituted Iietween lhe powei
iousc and the .North Yancouvci
uli-statlon, so that North \ an-
ouver may lie assured ol   con
.unions  service.      The  council
votild In- pleased to hear   Iron.
he company, as lo whal  siep.
hey miend taking,  to  obviatt
.hese frequent interruptions."
1 he s|H-cial sessioq ol lhe cit*)
allium last evening was attend*
d by Aldeiincn Alay, Irwin,
a heeler and Smith. Alav.n
.tealy presided.
A plan ol bill-division ■'( lot\
>5 and th, block 124, D.I,. l'\,
000 passed.
K. I.. Docherty, secretary,lor-
iaided a copy ol a resolution
passed by the directors ol llu
Horticultural Association, re-
.ucsling the submission in iheii
-t-hall ol a bylaw lor >booo.
The North' Vancouver Horii-
.ttltural Association Si Farmers
.nstitute aid bylaw was then
lasscd through ils several stag-
s and ordered published.
The matter ol the loan au
ahori/.ed by provincial statute,
is part ol the act Incorporating.
.he city, lor >2.|5,ooo, lo reim-
aitirsc the district Ior moneys
expended within the city Imills,
,vas llien considered. The cilv
.iwctl lhe districi 11245,0011, but
minis issued for Ibis amount
sold Ior Ny cents on the dollar,
iience the cash proceeds an
,122,200 short of llie lull sum
needed. Now the question is,
ivhelhct the provincial slalllle
■•ate power to sell only >»45,ooo
111 bonds, or lo sell sulliclent
iionds to yield 111 1 ash lhat a-
iiiotinl. In order to remove all
uncertainty, the city BolicitO!
advises the patting of a Special
aiylaw to cover this shortage
>1 ,(22,200. A bylaw was ac-
ordingly introduced lor this
mrpose, given ils three read
iijjs and ordered published.
lt then became nciess.u- t.i
repeal the bylaw passed this
van for the sale ol f}9,0Oti
iKinds, under the slalllle referred to above, because that bylaw
comprised the $22,2oo referred
lo, as well as Sl Moo of the de-
lenlures Ior Si-PS,ooo still un-
,old, and to pass another bylaw
to cover the amount of fl6,8oo,
winch was accordingly done.
Aceolinls as lollows were duly
passed. Finance coIiiuiiUit (fen
.-rail total $556.06; poliei mu.
Vi; school S445; board ol work*
total fj6j.6o; waterworhi com
mittee lolal S55H.7H; health
committee total S140; lire and
light iiiiiiiiiiltee total SH
The Riptist Sinid,i\ school
teld tlieir Christmas entertain
uent on Tuesdav evening Tin
oiivctitioli.il tree was in evi
dence, laden wilh its present*
lor the children, oi whom there
was a good atlciidaiice,togellic-r
wilh llieir parctils and Iriends.
A pleasing programme was rendered by members ol lhe school,
111 which all acquitted themselves most creditably,
lhe annual Uirisimas enicr-
■.ainineiii 01 UU .ucuiouisl suii-
aa) school was in in oh lucsuay
aiVSBing, the allenuance was
large, ine cnuicii was usu--
iuiiy decoialcu ana Uie arch
ivas laden wiui picsems lor mc
iinie loik. 111c progiaiiimt
comprised choi uses ny uie
ichool and lniltv lilual seiccuoiis
,.y lhc ciuiilieii, 111 winch all ac-
,'imicti uiemsclvcs 111 a manner
nai lounu ready appreciation
iron lhc audience.
m.   Andrew 1   Presbyterian
oabbaui su,.mi held lhc   usuai
Utriatmai  ntenauunent  lasc
.veiling,      llu-   cahlaia,    "ine
tJUUUnai Gilt," was rendered
u cxccllcnl manner by Uie
Inldreii, who had been laillilul-
y craineu by .Uessrs. knowlcs
old liarrow and Jlrs. Fowler.
-jeo. A. lUcliaiii acted as chair-
11.111 and Miss lidna Hay pleaded at the piano. The clnld-
cn had been asked to bring
'ills, to be handed to the or-
ilianage and to lhe children's
10111c, and then response was
t-ty generous. At Uie close ol
.he proceedings each child   was
given a lug ol mils and caudles.
A collection was taken, in   aui
ol the building liiini.
The children's treat, given by
ihe Friendly Order ol haglcs.on
iW'diicsday alternoon, was a
huge success lor all parlies,
lhe order had   taken   a    greal
teal ol pains lo linn the tree
and to provide a treat lor each
.Iiiid,    wilh    the    result    llial
'princely hospitality" is about
,he only term llial adequaielv
describes the manner 111 winch
iheir youthful visitors were received. Frank v.. . I ones was
master ol ceremonies and with
the aid of his willing corps ol
assistants, the proceedings win
despatched in the mosl orderly
manner, so that without exception every child departed with
happy heart, beaming face and
laden arms. About 200 children received gifts.
The re-opening services at bt.
Andrew's Presbyterian clntrih,
neld last Sunday, were ol a
nighlv interesting character.
Rev. Dr. AlacKai, ol Westminster hall, Vancouver, delivered two inasterlul sermons.
Rev. .1. U. Gillam, pastor ol
lhc church, announced llial the
total cosi ol the Improvements
was ,m .'on, of which >iol,s ban
been provided for by subscriptions. The proceeds ol the day
were of a gratifying nature,but
Ihere are scleral desirable items
to be added to make the building complete, the cost of which
will amount to a lew hundred
dollars. The capacity of uie
church is now double what it
ivas previously, which, with llu
other features to bc added, will
place the congregation in post
tion to cope with the slcadih
growing work on a much more
advantageous basis.
W. H. Parkin, lineman for the
B.C. Electric Ry. to.,met with
a veiv painful accident on Monday, when at work at the cor
lier of Forbes ave. and 13th st.
Al a height of about twenty
leet front the ground he fotin.l
il iiricssarv to fix the safety
strap, and w hen In the acl   81
doing so one fool broke .ivi.iv
from the pole, causing him to
swing round and to fall to the
ground. Hi struck the ground
on the Iial ol his back, landing
on a iiiblile stone, antl nlso on
the tools that are usually car
ried in the belt. Dr. Campbell
was hurriedly summoned ntnl
the injured m,m was conveyed
io lus lii'iiic. Mr. Parkin is
suffering considerable pain at
limes,   but  beyond  the slunk,
bruises, and Uie seen ..baking
up, 110 npp.iuiii uamage has
been done, and ll is sjtpu. U
thai he will make a rap.,, ,.*
J. Ne.t 1 and 1.mult hat a
moved into llieir new residence,
recently creeled.
11.11. * 1 lol land lias pUieiiaScU
an ain.mioijiie, lol use lu cu*.
valley, ile couteiiipiaccs man
gin.11 mg a stage set wee liom
die cnu 01 Uie u,tannic.
ihe annual Unisiuius ciiui
lainmeul, in connection Willi
die pin.i.e school, was neld on
iiii*s.uay evening aim uu-w ,1
.un house, a nee was proviu-
tci ior public accoiiiiiiouaiioii
and   was   liberally   pauointeu.
aa.im.i   Clans,   Ul   Uie  pel.sou     01
j. t, i.ic.saiighl, showed lilac
ne hatt not lorgollen his calling.
A musical and lilerary programme 01 merit was reinlereu,
n winch lhe lollowing participated:
Messrs. llucklcy, (Rev) Davis,
,)owus and .1. Neet, Mrs. lluck-
ic-v, Mrs. Allan, Misses lv Neat
i\. Neat, Campbell and Magennis. Games were provided lor
Uiose who wished, and the evening closed with the serving ol
light relreshiiieiits.
The newly elected officers ol
Hurrard Lodge No. 50 A.F. &
A.M., were duly installed 011 the
afternoon of Monday, 28th inst.
by grand lodge officers and
others from Vancouver. The
installation ceremonies were
completed about four o'clock,
after which the visiting brethren and local members-were entertained al a modest little
banquet in the club rooms, at
the Palace Hotel. Following
lliis a immber of members of
Hurrard lodge proceeded to Van
couver, and spent the evening in
that city with members of the
grand lodge.
lhe Nortli Vancouver Hardware Company have had a busy
week 111 moving inlo iheir new
premises, on the Ksplaiiade.onc
door west ol the post ollice.
1 heir growing business demanded better lacnuies, and lhe enlarged capacity,which their *iew
store allords, will give much
better opportunity for thc display oi goods, and will also enable them to carry a larger
range of goods in thc several
lines. Thc public are cordially
invited to drop in and inspect
Uie new home oi the lirm.
The annual meeting of the
lire department was held Tuesdav evening and took the lorm
of a dinner at the Esplanade
cafe. A good programme was
provided and speeches were
made by Mayor Kealy and Aldermen Crickmay, Irwin and
May The following olhcers
were elected for the ensuing
year: Chief, A. S. Kiinncrson;
sub-chief, Thos. Prime; captains
R Tarn and E. C. Parry; sec
retary, (i. Nowers.
August, one of lhe oldest Indians on the coast, who is said
to have attained too years,died
at the Mission this week, and
was buried on Mondav, Rev. K.
Peytavin, officiating, He is
survived liv his wife, whose age
is but a few months less than
was that of her husband, and by
I son, who is ho; a grandson
who is Jo, and a great grand
child ol ti vears ol age.
The line new residence of .I.S
Reid, of Reid .St Crawlcv, Van
couvei vi huh is being built on
sth street, between St.Andrews
and' St Patrick'l avenues, will
be readv Ior the inside finishing
next week.
A. M. Koss vSt Co.   have  assigned to A. 1). Stevenson.
Local merchant! all report   a
satisi.ulory Christmas trade.
The city voters' list was this
week issued from The  Express nine business with plcasurc.and
\\. 11. ihackcr and C. C.
Thornton arc taking a holiday
u ip, ihe one lo visil his olu
iiuiiii* 111 the east, and the ollhir
10 visit lriclids IU lamina and
lAhcr poiuls.     They will   cotu-
A. Wallace had a small lnoloi
launch sink al his shipyurus
during Friilay s gale.
The local olhccs ol lhc B, C.
ivlcciric Co. have been rcmoveu
10 ihe coiner slorc ol the Home
lhc Wallace shipyards lias lhe
material on hanu ior iwo large
.-.cows, work on which will begin in a lew days.
City hngincer Danes lell
.nnu:,.n on Min. 1,1 v last ami
may be expected lo arnve wim
in uie next lew days.
in the advertiseineiil ol lhe
ticket ol the Ratepayers' AsBO
.iation oil the sccolin page, the
name R. McRae should read 0.
rt. McRae.
William Loutet, lormeilv ulv
engineer, has accepted an important appointment with ilu
MIBaa Dyking and lliipio-.c-
uichl Company.
ihe gale 011 Christinas day,
put the molor boat Ic-ny s)s-
ic-lii temporarily oul oi business
and partially demolished Un
landing wharl al Ilns end.
Eric Kricsen, ol 3rd ave. cast,
went up to Van Anda tins week
lor the purpose ol pulling in
two ln.iiiUis work ou a tract ol
land which he owns 111 Ihal vicinity.
Gill buying is practically ovei
and the staple articles thai an
needed can again be had. Look
up our store news in lhc advel
Usc'iiic-nt columns, lor money-
saving information.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. l'erry received lhe sad intelligence, on
Saturday last, ol the unexpected death, alter a briel illness, m
Mrs. Perry s sister, Miss Allau-
son, at her home 111 Winnipeg.
Simpson St Wight have removed to Mr. Livingston's
house* on lytli streei, where
they are to carry on their nursery business on a larger scale.
They will be able lo supply ihe
public this spring with first
class stock.
David Holdsworth of North
Vancouver, and Miss S. Woods,
who has recently arrived Irom
I'.ngland, were muled in marriage on .Monday last, al Vancouver, Rev. Dr. Fraser olbcial-
ing. The happy couple will reside in this city.
Duma forget litis is lhe unlit
ol Hogmanay, when the Scotch
dance and suppct of the Wallau*
camp, Sous ol Scotland, will l.i
held, in the Kaglcs' hall, hs
planade. Grand march at I I*
prompt. All Scotchmen aim
tlieir friends welcome.
Capt. Gosse, ol lhe Ierry St
George, slates that the gale 011
Christinas day was the limcsi
he has seen on the Inlei in Ins
six years ol navigation ihereoti
Throughout   Uie  gale,   howevei,
he succeeded in making all Ins
trips without mishap.
The dangers of thc railwav
1 tossing, leading lo the fern
landing on lhe V.iihouvii snle,
are exemplified bv lhe la.l.l:,..
t. Powell was last week stunk
bv a shunting engine. He had
his shoulder bone broken, and
was othervv ise sevi lelv ml and
Chief of Police Daviei wai the
suipiiseii, bnt highlv  appreda
live,   recipient el 1 Christmas
present, in the lorm ol .1  high
grade nieeiih.nllii pipe Innil thi
members ol his Karl, Unl week
Tlie chief has decided to poet
pone indefinitely  Ins N'i vv   \' .11
nsoliiiioiis vv nh iispe, 1 to t In-
will return 111 aboui live weeks.
lhe Howe Sound, Pemberton,
■« Northern Railway Company
is negotiating wilh llie Indians
at Sqiiainish, lor the purchase
ol a ngiu ol way llllougll llieir
reservation, The Indians have
given their assent to lhc proposition made them and negotiations wilh the department are
under way.
W. Rogers, of lhe local stall
ol llit- li. c_. I'.leclnc Railway
ICO., has been icceivnig lhc congratulations ol Ins comrades 011
tne birth ol a sou and heir.
Airs. Rogers is under llie euici-
eilt care ol the Misses Dawson,
at the North Vancouver hospital, and both mother and child
arc progressing iavorably.
Benjamin Ilmre and Harriet
P. Williams, both ol Vancouver
were united in the bonds ol
holy matrimony, at the home
of A. .1. antl Mrs. Fowler, 20th
streei east, on the evening of
Thursday, December 24th, Rev.
B. Hedley Halderstolie officiating. The bride is a sister oi
Mrs. Fowler. Thc happy couple will reside in Vancouver.
The officers, members and
visitors of Hurrard lodge, No.50
A.F. & A.M , are liberal in
tlieir praise of every feature of
the liatnpict served by the management in the Palace club
rooms, un Monday last. The
clip',nit appointments of the
i|ii.uters, the high class menu,
and the exiellence of the service
all mining in for the highest
Bl I HI Kll
.(initial Mpftt1 Nttt.Rg
Meetings ol lhe ratepayers ol
the District will Ik- held in   the
Disttni Municipal  Office,   i',s-
planade, on  Tuesdav   the   12th
January, at  I   oMock,   P.  M.,
and at the Lynn Valley   Institute Hall on 'i'liuisday, the I
.1.iniiary, al S o'clock P. M , to
receive the reports ol the loun-
,il ami hear landldates foi  (.1
IU order of the Council,
1 The Williams
iMeat Market!
t ...
rivs-a  awav  FREE
Ferry tickkts
ns well hs saving yon
l'i per ivii! nf your
int-iit lulls
—WM Wm
t Choicest Beef Pork, Mut-
t ton, Lamb and Poultry at|
'• Bargain Prices.* _J__j\
,j        every day ind a Free
\ l'.irv Inkct with
each 511c purchase...
Wi k. rp 110 delivery
w,!-*.my no hook-
k . pi 1*. .iiid sell Inr
< -.sli only.
\ Till- 1 \MI Bl V
I        Ilv   i,l   IS   ALL
\     nn. I'.i.m.i it.  .
^ A1 Prtccs are ftorkea in p;ain fiaures -
;\\.ll.iinis ieat lirketl
. .a
' 11 llu-liii*;- St , la.t jt
tVAM'Dl VKK,  -   ll.C I
_ _    _______  _  _ _ _ A.  a —  a,  —  m—K m —a. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
N  'Kill  V \\   Ol VKR.   II.   C.
C   Iv * ni I il Kins., i i.e.  Q, 11. Mniii.Kv,
Maii,.n;i*r.     Btulneti Ugr*
ll ill*- ..I   -I UMlill'lIaa*, :
n,i,*,a*.ir • ■ tl-*1
-ii i illis   - - * 'JJ
Thr-* a Ihi    •       * •-''
i . ,*l Sutaa and ForRlgn,|I.IOpa-ryear
\ 1'. !-.K 11S1M.  BATES
I'm-visr   |ii-ri o    Ai,\ 1:1111 -kmivrs—
■     ia** per mail aaeh lawrtlon,
Ludoi Norn n, lav —f 1.00 per Inch per
Lien im,'l'i ii imu N.irn n—40 dsyi, H;
Kl al.llS,   |7,   -'I
1 HAI   Iiii turiM\i.-l'ir..|   iiicrliuii, |l
 u par im*   Men nbawaesul turn
tl ii. .'.,* p,*r line.
I; n  .*. \ ni. isis I "in Nstri Cot-
i uv*,—hi cent) p.*rliii.',''».ii in-* rli.iii.
, i   Ann nn-Kni Hi— RalM   ur*
r,iiij*"l according t.i ipuca taken,
.\llehanga-tln ooatrscl sdveriii insuti
 -i   be in lli.' Innil.- "I llie priia,. r l.i
\\ l In - l.n . ■ \. ■ l. l:. ■_' t •., ■ ll -i I rt* publii iill I
iii tin* ii.'si law*,
Nokiii  VaHI Ol ■/KB, Dsi .  JI,   lyoS*
lakes a brialliing spell. He
surveys leisurely the ground lulus aire.nlv   nni red      Ile views
critically what remains  to   bt
dune, and in.itk*. out what he
considers will prove lhe best
pathway to follow in teaching
the summit,   Be readjusts his
paik,  tightens his   waist   bell,
looks well to each item of his
accoutrement, and, with i batter grasp ol tin* situation, new
vigor and uew confidence, he
starts afresh for tha mountain
top.   Sii, commercially, it   is
now in order to review the op-
ratioiis   ol   lhe   past   veal,   to
lake slock,  to sll'lke a  balance
sheet, io draw conclusions; then
to look ,ihcni. to gtlage the
inspects, to shape llie course,
Ild U) make I liesll start   with
renewed confidence and energy
lor the year that is to collie.
THE M'.W   VI'iAK.
The major divisions which
mark lhe span "f the normal
Innn.ui lm- are doabUeaa menial
and have to do with the pur-
posei which engage  the  posses
sor's time, i.unities and energies.     To these the lllciiiallli.il
divisions oi ume, which are oi
din.irih observed, are ol second-
arj  importance,    The artisan
I.ns down Ins work at evening.
in conformity with the diurnal
division oi time, inu he resumes
ii  the aeit  morning at  the
poinl ot interruption, and so
continues Irom day to dav tiulii
the work is finished. The completion id the purpose on which
lie is engaged,  notwithstanding
time's mechanical divisions   is
the goal Inward wincli Ins iniinl
is   steadlasllv    set.     The satin*
may be said, with even greato
aptneSB,    With   reference to the
author, the artist, tha sciential,
the inventor, who becomee   so
engrossed in the menial process
is in whiih he is engaged lhat
tlu mechanical divisions into
which the lime al his disposal
{alls, become vexatious, and he
ignores thcill lo lhe last limit
ol  Ills powers ol  cilduraliic,    III
Ins absorption in Ins work.
Nevertheless,   these   nieihain
ial divisions are not  of all al
biiiarv character. Tlm bml
their genesis in lhc physical
slimline ol iln universe.   They
an- the product ol thom laws bj
which our planet is governed.
They fii into the requirement!
oi man's own nature anil have
lasting beUfita to bestow .....
mv aid ior their proper observance,    'i In days, thc months,
llie seasons, the veals, ale seg
Hunts ol llu* universal older ol
ii "in a commercial point oi
view    Whal ol the passing   ovei
than iiu- "bi ven to the iii vi ■
I In  Insl dav  oi .l.uiii.u v.  i |*..,
does iiiii diiler materiall) from
lhe last daj of December, 190M
Tin ending ol .1 yeai doee oat
mark the conclusion oi the pur-
pa .sis which have occupied   lis
'lining that veal.    Just luiallse
a Ken \eat Ims .onu,  we do
tlOt fold Up and lile aw.iv    p. |
in.iiutiili thc operations ..! ific
ild year, as wc do the records
'.■ completed commercial Irani
II lion *     Liu s puiposes are in
dependent ol the calendar, The
unfinished «a,tk ,.1 ilu* old viat
will i.i carried to completion
during iln Niw \ 1 ,.i
There are many considerations which poinl to a splendid
record during 1909 for liriiish
Columbia ia general, and for
North Vain ouver in particular,
Thc marked improvement! in
financial circUe ia general; the
indication! Oi I general revival
ol iradc wiih thc coming
spring; the present resumption
"i activities in lumbering circles, wiih improved pricea ior
lumber product!; tha operation!
now progressing in mining section! in this district; lhe uniiiis-
lahcablc signs of confidence in
ilie local situation, recent 1\
manifest by great banking in-
ititUtioni; the establishment ol
additional final industrial in-
ititutions, with accompanying
pay rolls; the increased inquiry
h]   outside capital l"i  real    cs-
late Investment in city and district; the extension ol the city
waterworhi lyitem; the probable installation of a sewage
system; the establishment ol a
gai plant; the possibility ill the
beginning ol bridge and railwaj
OOastntCtion, These and other
.onsiilii.iliotis all..r.l good reason whv citizens of North Vancouver should view the future
wilh bright  atiliiipalions.   and
with firm confidence in the as
Mirc.l destitiv ..I bolli litv and
l'.lam Prey, who operates the
Monoline machine for the Semi
Weekly Okanagali, Vernon,made
The Express 1 friendly call on
Saturday last.
Your Life
in tbe
Insurance Co.
1 Mil (I
The Kxpress extendi to   all
members of its   constituency,
oiili.il wishes lor a happy and
prosperous New Yi.u.aliil hopes
lo be a helplul lactor ill promo-
Uiig the same.
Commercial   1 ipedieni)   has
.n led .1 placi ol greal Impoi
lance to tins period, which .fi
notes  the  annual  division   ol
time.    H   is akm  lo .1 much
needed renting plan. on 1 haul
mountain climb,   Theiravclln
Saturday, January ltitli, 1909
for Councillor
in Ward Iwo
'(•TICK in hereby (liventhat iln*Firm
Sitting n! the Court nf RevLinn to
r,*v ine the MMaWBSIll Roll us prepare.I
l.v tin- A.»."*s..r of the City ..I norlh
Vancouver for lhe vear lH'id, will lie held
In Iha City llall, Nnrth Vaii.'imver, B C
.11 M'.n.luy, the Iti. day of January, IHO)*
.11 I ..Yli.ckp.ni.
Hated nt Nortli Vainoiiiier thi* 30ih
day il November, 1908.
Cilv Clerk
The Plumbing and
Sanitary Work
for the
Lynn Valley Hotel
is being done by thc
well known
11.   KNIGHT,
of Lonsdale Avenue
District of North Vancouver
TIIK lii.triet Council invites Tenders
' fur Hie da lowin*- Road Machinery,
1. ConiiK.nnil Steam 10 Ton Ruad
Roller, vvith scarifier attached,
2. Hand Truck lor fuel, oil and tool
i* ii'I.t li.r Roller.
:l. Watering Cart with distribution
|.i|H*and suction hose.
4. Triiv'.lliiii! Van ami tm, traction
im*;..ni*..f I.mr laaiis i*ii|.h.ity.
5. Portulili- i.'iii|.'llli.l tox)tle kiiii|.i'iii*: mull..n Stotiebrc-aker, with ht.iiis,
* I,vating and InnilioK machinery.
6. Klei-lri.' Mi.ii.r-, vtith licit an.l Ml
..tin. Iiiiiiiii- for driving* the Hon. break. -
er, Ot:
7. Air iimi pressor ol sullicicnt capacity to -ii|*|'K air for driving tlm-,* piicn-
inatietU iih'Ii drills. An air richer
of HI culm- feet capacity will, necessary
..aiiniili.ui. and |iils-s ami tlir.i- IM leel
I. nc-ili- ..I iirni.'iir.'.l **4 inch Im-c suit-
al.i.- f..r tl.e pressure.
- three i-iillivam or Little ..mnl
ll'., k m ineli drills«ilh tri-iols, weighti
nn,I, ..inpl.-le set of drill, each.
V. A Murphy Air Hammer Rock
hnll. with ' "inpl.'ti* .ailtlil.
>l», ilii.ili.ui. »n.l lull in. Unci nnu l,.r
Tenden nn .an Is' I.ad on application ta,
Mr lioiiiild Catiii-rini, the liistriet Kn-
.*iiiii*f, nii'l sealed Tender- mark.*.)
" lender. f"r U,,a.l Machinery" must Is'
in al Ilm In.lnct Munii i|»l Ollic.*, Ls-
|.laiia.l<>. North Vano.iiicr, m.l later
than 12o'clock, noon, on the Wh day
of January, 1WUB.
at*******  ♦ ..+O0- **>-*>H>m<>iH>*+<*<*<>*0>^
Thursday, January I4tb, 1909
Thi dii) of Sorth  \'iiinoiii,r Rulijitiyrrn' Asinriulmn
solicits foot lolf nml inn rat for the following cun-
G. E. KIKdl N.M \
li.il I stini**-*, »d S C. Inal Su,,.,„,
'I'll.'SK 2H28
K.llwsj., Brl.lKi*.. ttslor Power.. K.lliu.l,**,
Sii|ierlni*.iiil,*tii .* ut rnn.lructlon, Mspi, Tovui-
-il,*., Minn,k I'l'ilin., Huli-llivii.il.ll..ele.
"ll H.atlnt*. 8t. W.,   •  ■   VANCOt'V'KR  I  ('. \
m Hirnimrc,
House Furnishing iimi
at Reaaoaable Piices, go to
The Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
ii in BUM i.iissn.i.k v I,
NortH Vancouver
Certificated Surgical, Medical and
Maternity Nurses
Nurses Suit Out on Application
For  terms  apply  at   the Hospital
Cor. 15lh Street t St, Andrew's Ave.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  -   Proprietor
l-'resli Bread daily delivered
to all parts of tlie city.
20 loaves for ti
5C per loaf.
PHOHI 8        71 Lonsdale Ave
Wallpapers,    I'ainls,    Varnishes,
etc., etc., etc.
117 Lonadlle Avenue
When you intend building
j. *. fioiie, nun
Ml LilN.-DAI.K Ave.
Hmurl, tljln-i; fminlnle Are.,t'ily. Plmnc
So 36
Ileal Ofiet nml Mill, l.ynn Cr** II. f
snots   snots
AT YOUR DOOR, AT Wood k so.N's. «h„ an
lie It *li.il'l * and Prai-tical Siioemen of this eity ami
ini'ildle willi no other trades.
$10,000 Mocks to Select from
s ,|.. Aajt-iil. (,,r The Lerkle Boot-, Tli- Hen-f(on1,   Ml., ('mills,   M.Crf.dy.   Tin* ttllll.m.
Ml... , a, ,    llu* K, ll„,i »   „,..! n..| 1 ...in ,yM..a*      .1 Ir. .1. >I..|.|... ni ;..ai ...
NIK       WQQD ^ >()S
tillable Mior Store
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Neil d, nr to Stracey'i llr crtu *'lor*
Repairing—Best of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & 2nd
Christmas Traits, etc.
Only Ihe very best should satisfy you
foi your Christmas Cake and Puddings.
He know good goods and won't handle
low grade stuff.	
Our prices are righl, and you aie sure
lo be pleased tf rou buv at	
Eor Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. O. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave , above 2nd Street
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
Quantity Surveyor and Arihlleet
Fourth Sti-iht, ^tn-nni Lokidali Av»
I'lans    uml    S|«'i'itieations    Prepared.
When thinking(rf luiililinx let us give
1111 I'-liiiinle.
R0RNE BLOCK,    I.onsd.u.e AVE-
nr I'.I). |M "-'.  Ill'll Vinrimvtr.
North Vancouver
Transfer -«8£««"
Cartage, Removals,
Parcel Delivery,
UN      IIKAHllNAHI.lt      1 1  UM-
Telephone 70.        Night Calls 13.
Builders and
P. LARSON il  propawl to
Lime, ftrick,
Sand, Cement
And all kinds of Building
Mtti'i'ial iii(|ii:iiititii>8to suit
and at n-asonalilt' prices.
General Contractor
l.i.ii.l Clearinu, Stump nnd Rock
r,lii.|iii)I. Extra .-are near houses.
All damages made (noil.
• Mil HI.   W'Mat or I ...... I   Ir
H. t). Box il
ltrill.ll' NOTICE is lierthy idren that
* in ari'.irilaiue villi the provisions.il
the I'uhlie Health Hi-Law, ol the City
ol North Vancouver, Ihe Mnnleipal
ii'iinril have iimtraet.il wilh Ihe M,.Ileal IIculili miner t.. annul at the City
llall. North tanci nver, on the First
Monday of .a.-l. inotilh, at the hour ol
II o'clock in the lorenoon, lor the |.ur-
|.«- ul vaccinalintr it the iSflMN ol
the eity, all |xior |«*r»ms;an.l all others
ai their nun i-apenso.
The lather, mother, or person hai iii»
Ihe care, nurture, or cu.tisly ol OtOSf
child Isirn iu Uie ciiy, shall, t-ithin
three n.ontha after the hirth ol such
child, take or cause to lie tnki 11, the
child, to the Medical I'raclitioiier, in attendance at the above ap|«.mleil place
lor the purpose of la-inx vaccitiateil, unless Ihe chihl lias been previously 1 ani-
nalcil by aome hvallr ,|iialiliiil Practitioner, and tlie vaivinalinn duly
certi Iliil.
City Clerk.
Nortli Vancouver, B.C.,
llth July, l'»i- 31*11
i-i-i  Uavor;
11.1 Aldermen;
l-  u. rOWLEl
\\    MiNHISIl
K. M.RAI-;
s i) scini.T/
Fm School Trustee     W. P. PBACEY,
Vote thc Pull Ticket
J ♦
4   •>  ♦ >• at*  *********  *■■** *  *■ *■ *"*
is a present reality.
Scluiiiul. lt is .'|'i
wii— ol Ke-jent sire
is liruiider tli.in 1'ntt-
Rl lllll and Vienna.
Grand Boulevard ol
finest residential ave
sired lor home sites,
that the demand for
entails high values.
lt is ilc.ircd and hum Iiiui-; planted under direction ol Mr.
leet wider ill,ill GtOffll street, Vatuotivel, several limes tin
el, London, ol the Newskv rrospeet in St. Petersburg, lt
r den I.iii.lni in Berlin, and lhan lhe celeliraled avenues ol
lis width of t^h feel intistitutes it emphatically THK
all Anierii.in lilies ,ind ensures it:, early reeognilioli as the
nue in Canada, which must make ils frontage grcatlv de-
Gi-iii-ral i-x|ierience ol other cities ol the world shows
lots in the vicinity of parks or pufilic pleasanci-s nalur.illv
Lots in Six BlocKs Facing on the Boulevard
Price.* «nd Full Particular* can be had from
Mahon, McFarland & Mahon
Cor. Seymour 6 Pender St*,, Vancouver ^upplwrntt ta Slf? Bepraa
BY-LAW NO. 3ft
J22,200 by debentures in   order |lars each, except one tvlifili may
to make up the said amount of jbe for two hundred (ftto) dol-
{245,000. lars.     Each of thc said Bunds
AND     WHKRKAS     doubts I shall   be   signed   by   the   said
to enable the City of Norlh Vancouver I* raise by way of loan
Ihe sum tf $22,200, for the purpose tf paying off the balance
still unpaid of Ihe sum of $24$, ■
000, being tk/ amount assumed
by Ihe Cm of the Debenture
Debt of tht District Municipality
tf Norlh Vancouver, referred to
in Section ij of Ihe Norlh Vancouver Incorporation Act, 1006,
as amended iy the sVorlh Vancouver Incorporation Act Am-
tndmcnt Acl, ioof,
WHEREAS on the 13th day
ol May, 1407, the City ol North
Vancouver was incorporated by
Letters Patent issued by the
Lieutenant Governor in Council
by virtue of the "North Van-]
couver City Incorporation Acti
1906" and the "North Vancouver City Incorporation Act A-
incndment Act 10417."
ANI) WHEREAS by the here-l
inhelore recited North Vancou-j
ver City Incorjioration Act A-
iiiendment Act 1907 (Section
111 it is provided that it shall
In- lawful lor the Council of the
City by a Bv-law or By-laws to
fie passed (without anv pet it tun
and williout the previous assent
ol the electors) at any lime or
times and in one or more stuns
it ,1 time to borrow upon the
credit al the City at large the
stun ul Two hundred and forty-
live thousand lS24,S,ooo) dollars
fit debentures, lieing the priipur
tion ol the debt of the Corporation ol the District of North
Vancouver taken over and assumed by the Citv under the!
Agreement (Schedule "A") to
the said Incorporation Act 1,1ml
therein referred to in live ileiiis)
and under the Agreement
1 Schedule "A", lo the said
North Vancouver City Incor-
|inintKin Act Amendment Ait
1407, and al stiilt rate or rales
ul interest not greater th.iit tin
|ar lent as iln Council m.i\ sec
lil, and such debentures ahall bt
issued under tile lorill.illtlis mil
tinned in tin "Muniiip.il ClaBl
■ a Ait" s,im* bi provided in the
.nd ltiii.r|iur,iti..ti Ait and    A
iiietiiltiient  Ait. .ind iii.ii  lie lor
.1 period not exceeding  Piltj
Yens from their dale
AM) WHKRKAS the C.un.il
..( ihe Mid Cltj h.is in antboi
lud Bi lawi BVtfcoritcd the is
sue nl ililicntiites to the amount
a.l |] I*...km. lor the purpose ol
payitlg "ll tlif said defil, which
'lilunttiles h.ive lieell disposed
ol nl a r.ile BIiiiii h.is rc.ili/i'd
the sum ol %m,Wt.
wi) whereas it is bom
<in to fiorrow .1 further sum ol
have arisen as to the power of
the Council to authorize the issue of the said amount of debentures without the consent of
the ratepayers.
AND WHEREAS a petition
signed by the owners ol more
than one tenth fl-10) the value
of real property in the City has
lieen presented to the City
Council requesting them to introduce a By-law to authorize
them to borrow the sum of
$22,200 by debentures to make
up thc said sum of $245,000 a-
AND WHEREAS it will be
necessarv to raise annually by
a special rate the sum ol One
hundred and forty-five dollars
and forty-live cents (J145.45)
for the term of Fifty Years
for tht- repayment of the
said loan us hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS it will be
necessary to raise- annually by
special rate the sum ol Eleven |
hundred and ten dollars ($lllo)|
Mayor and City Clerk, and the
City Clerk shall attach thereunto the Corporate Seal of the
said City of North Vancouver.
3. The Debentures shall
bear Interest at the rate of five
per cent, per annum, payable
quarterly on the
day of the
day of the
day of and the
day of in each and
every year during the currency
of the said Debentures or anv of
them. There shall be attached
to the Debentures Couimns signed by the Mayor only lor each
and every payment of Interest
that may become due, and such
signature may Ik- either written
stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said Debentures as
Principal and Interest may
made payable at the   Bank
British   North    America,
'INorth Vancouver, Toronto,
Montreal, Canada,   or  at
Bank of British Ninth America
,  London, England, and the  said
(or the navmenl of the interest '      *      Ltt  1 1
?J     '  ■    , , _, principal   sum   shall   Ik-   made
at the rate ol five per cent   *r '      _* ,. .
:a     ...„   „t pavable by the Citv at a   date
annum   on   lue   said   sum   ol r ; , .     /,      __,    ..        ,
-. _ , ,      .       not ater than rtltv \ears Inun
Twentv-two thousand two hun-' ,   _. .. I .,     ..   ,
.    , ,i , , ,, the date upon which this Bv-law
dred  $22,200  dollars. ■    ,       „  *
,     takes elleit
AND Tll I EKE AS   the value
bove is a true Copy oi the Proposed By-law, upon which Unvote of the Electors of the Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver will be taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, on Thursday, the 14th day
ol January, AD. 1909, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A.M
and 7 o'clock P.M.
Keturning Ollicer.
of the whole rateable property
of the said City of North Vancouver according to the last revised assessment roll amounts
to three million three hundred
and eightv seven thousand nine
hundred anil eightv 'St.tH;,-
i|Koi dollars.
AND    WHEREAS   lhc   said
Citv ol North   Valiiouver   has
5. There shall In- raised and
levied annually by a special
rate on ull rateable land or improvements or real pro|Krtv in
the said Clt\ the stun of One
hundred and tott)-live dollars
and fairly -livi- cents 1J145.45)
for the purpose of forming a sinking Iiunl l"r the
pavinellt ol the said Debentures,
and lhe sum id Eleven hundred
at present a dcbciilnre debt   a-   (|1(, M ,<,,„,, u_m *„r   ,,„.
mounting to 1)11,000,
THEREFORE the Municipal
Council ol the   Citv   "I   North
Valiiouver eti.uls as I0U0WI
I     It shall  be lawful for tile
p.ivmeiil ol llu Inluist ,,l the
laic alotesanl to lieioini due
..it sinh Debetttiites .luting the
iiirreit.v tlurcif. and that in
addition  to  all  oilier  rates    lo
BV GIVEN that the vote oi
the Electors of the City of
North Vancouver will lie taken
on Thursday, the 14th day of
January, AD. 1909, Iietween
the hours of 9 o'clock A.M. and
7 o'clock P.M. on the "City ol
North Vancouver Statutory
Loan By-law No. 6 190-H," and
that within the City Hall,
North Vancouver, and that
Thomas Shepherd has heen appointed Returning Officer to
take the vote of such Electors
with the usual powers in thai
By order of the Council,
Citv Clerk
District or forth Vancouver
Revision of Voters' List,
The Council will meet in
the District Munici|ial Office
Ks|ilana(lc, on Monday, 4th
January m-xt. at ,'t o'clock p.
m.. to revine thc Voters' list
for 1909.
Mavor   ol   llie    Cit)     ol    North   be  levied  and   Collected    III    tile
Valiiouver and 'lie In*,   link vani Cilj during tin  whole mr*
(or the  |iurp"M   aioraaid  to nacj of tht b*w Dahftim or
IxirroH  or raise b\  Bra) ol loan  anv ..I tliein
Irom   .mv   |icrson   or   peTBOM,     h.   This It-, |,,w shall com 111-
l.oil'  or iw.dics corporate, who to Most oo tht
Bit]   In  Milling to advance   the dav  ..I line
same upon the in dlt ol the de-   thousand nine htllnliid ami
bintiires hereinafter mentioned    7.  This lh law mav Ik cited
ol the Corporation, I SIIUI of [or all pltrposis as The Cit)
iiiniin not exceeding 111 lhe .,1 Nortli Vaiinmm St itutory
whole lhe sum of TwtBt) two |,,,an llv-l.iw So I, |«08
tli.aiis.it"! tWO limnlied [fjl,M0) Passed bv the Cotnnil on llnil.dial's, and i" ...use the satin Thirtieth dav nl December, A I)
to  Ih-   placed   in   lhe H.mk ol  i,..s
lliitish     North     Ameriia,    at     Kcu-ivcd   lhc   assent   ol   the
North   Vaimilivi-r  to  the iredit   Electors ol   the Citv   oi    North
ol the City Inr the purpose   a-  Y,,n,,,m.t  al  an  Elciltoii   held
bine recited, and   such   iii'.ntes |gf tkt SWpOMOB Un
shall Ih* used for lhat   purpose ,i,,v ,,| \ |) ,  i*-nH
only Keioitstditcd b\   th.   Council
2.   Dcbetiiiires nl the Cit) to ud lin..ll\ adopted, lined   h)
the   anioiint     ol     Twciitv two tin- Mavor .m.l 1 i'i  Clert   and
thousand tfO lllindred (ftt,)00)  sealed with   the   Cit)    Seal   on
dollars in  the « bole 111,,\ be ||    the dav "I
sued  bv   lhe   said    Mav01     and  A I)   l"o<l
I'llv  Clert Hi tetiii'. nf the Mil*
niupal Clauses .\,t. in sinus as
mav  be   di sired,   but   nol   less
Mnl* M« C-i-rt-1 I Inti*. MI.
Homier, mid 'l.n beM n- J
.. 11.-1 ..11 iii.»|i.r»te iiiclu.ivc Y
1, rm*   Iln •. I....I will re-, p'li Y
a,n Moadai   Itt   lltS), MS), J.
k Iii.ii*.' «l."iiii-l.i|. will Iw*ol- X
Imd nt i:».t«*r (ar r..in|«'tilii.n A
*,.|,r. y
than dm thousand ($1,000) dnl-
JAM  SIITH1-;  Ihal   lhe   .1-
Real Estate Brokers
U. al  aunt* I".
UfM 10.
l/»tti (innleil   lot Leaf "r Slmrl
I'rrii.l. nl I! * rr MM
III Lonsdale Avenue §nppktMtt t0 ©Ij? Expras
$22,200 by debentures in onler Jars each, except niie which ni.iv
In make up thc said amount of Ibe for two hundred (Jjoo) doi-
$245,1100. . l.i is      l'i,iiii iif tin- suid llninls
AND    WHKRKAS    doubts fbell  be signed  by  the said
have arisen as to the power of Ittyw and Cilv Clerk, and the
the Council to authorize the is- Citv Clerk shall attach theieun-
sue of the said amount of  de-1**0  --1"-'  Corporate  Seal  of the
to enable Ihe Cilv of North Van-
.ouver la raise by wai 0/ loan
the turn tf $22,200, for Ihe pui
pose of paying off the balance
'till unpaid of the sum of fijj, ■
.mo, being Ihe amount astumed
by the   Cth   of the Debenture
Debt of the Distri, I Mum, ifalitt "1> tlu s'1"
,,.,.„ ,      ,,   foresaid.
of .\ nrlh I ancouvtr, referred to
in Section ij of the Norlh Van-
tttom Incorporation Act, 100(1,
lentures without the consent of
the ratepayers.
AND WIIKKKAS a petition
signed liy the owners of more
than one tenth (I-lo) the value
of real property in the City has
Ihtii presented to the City
Covad! requeatiag them to in-
tiiultiie 1 By-law to authorize
liiini to borrow lhe sum ol
$22,200 b) delieiiltires to make
slim of $245,000   a-
AN1) WHKRKAS it will be
necessary to raise annually by j
.1 special rate llu- Mi of One
tt amended by ibe North -*'«"-) hundrt-d and forty-live dollars
couver Incorporation Act Am-i_nA forty-live cents I $145.45)
endment Ait, 1007. j for   the  term   of   Fifty  Years
for the repayment ol the
said loan as hereinafter mentioned.
ANI) WHKRKAS it will   be
iHuss.irv to raise aniiuallv   bv
WHKRKAS on the i.uh day
nl May, 11-07, the Cilv ol North
V.iiiuiuvcr was incorporated by
la-tiers I'atenl issued by the
Lieutenant Governor in Council
by virtue ol the North Van-
1 miter Citv Itiinrporaliiin Act
■.'n't," and lhe "Norlli Vain oilier Citv Incorporation Acl A-
iiicllillliclll Ait 1407."
AND WHKRKAS bv ihehere-
inhefore recited North Vancoti-
ur CitJ Iiiiorporation Ail A-
inciidiiutil Ail 14117 (Section
111 it is provided that it shall
In lawful lor the Council ol the
Cilv lit a By-law or lt\ >lawi tn
In passed 1 without anv petition
.mil with.,nt tin* pn \ inns .iss.tit
nl the iiei tors 1 .it ,in\ tint or
uini'* .onl in one or more sums
it ,1 tunc in borrow upon the
ircdtl "l tin Cilv al large the
inn >>i Tu.. hundred and  l<.rt\
said City of North Vancouver.
J.     The     Debentures     shall
bear Interest at the rate of live
per cent,   per  annum,   payable
quarterly on the
day of the
day of the
day of and the
day of in each and
every year during the currency
of the said Debentures or any of
them. There shall be attached
to the Debentures Coupons signed hy the Mayor only for each
and every payment of Interest
that may become due, antl such
signature may be either written
stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said Debentures as to
Principal and Interest may be
made payable at UM Hank of
Hritish North America, at
North Vancouver, Toronto,   or
hove is a true Copy of the Proposed By-law, upon which tin
vote of the Klectors of the Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver tvill be taken within
the City Hall, Nortli Vancouver, on Thursday, the 14th day
of January, A.D. 1909, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A.M.
and 7 o'clock P.M.
Keturning Otlicer
Montreal, Canada,   or  at   thc
spina   rale the sum ol    Kleveni,,    ,     , „ ... ,   v'    .    .
, I    ,    ,      ."      ...       ,,..    ,  Hank of British North America
London, Kngland, and the  said
principal   sum   shall   be   made
hundred and ten dollars ($lllo
for lhe payment of the interest
at the rate of five per u-nt   per
'•,       ..      r pavable by lhc Citv at a   date
annum   on   me   said    stun    ol r ■ ,        \.      ....  • ..        .
. i.l      • not later than Fiftv tears from
lweittv-two thousand two hundred (|JI,]ao) dollars.
ANI)  WHKRKAS    lhe   value
of ilu whole rateable property
of the said City of North V.in-
1.niii'l .uuiriliiig to the last reused assessment roll aliiolinls
to three million three hundred
.nnl eight! seven ilioiis.uiil nine
hundred and eighty 'S;.*v;.
980) doll.its
ANI)   WHKRKAS  the  said
City ol North   Vancouver  lias
the date upon which this By-law
takes ellect.
] 5. There shall be raised and
levied annually by a special
rate on all rateable land or impri ivcinenis or real property in
the saitl Citv the sunt of One
bundled and lofty-five dollars
and forty-live* cents ($145.45)
lot the purpose of forming a sinking Iiunl lor the
|i.iMiii'ltt of the said Debentures,
and the sum of Klcvcn hundred
,iini leii (Sl 1 io) dollars for the
payment ol the Interest at the
i.iti aforaaid, to become due
on such Debentures during the
currency thereof, and that in
■dditiM to all other rates to
be levied and   collected   in   the
BY GIVKN that the vote of
the Klectors of the City of
North Vancouver will be taken
on Thursday, the 14th day of
January, A.D. 1909, between
the hours of 9 o'clock A.M. and
7 o'clock P.M. on the "City of
North Vancouver Statutory
Loan By-law No. 6 190N," and
that within the City Hall,
North Vancouver, and that
Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Returning Officer to
take the vote of such Klectors
with the usual powers in that
By order of the Council,
Citv Clerk
liistriet of North Vancouver
Revision of Voters' List,
at present .1 debenture debl   a-
live thousand 1 149,1a lollan "lounung to Swi.	
bv debenture!, being the propof     THKRKFORK the Municipal
'ion ..1 tin-dil.i ol the Corpora Council of the   CitJ    "i   North
lion of the l):striit  ..I   North Vancouver euuti aa lollowi;
Vancouver taken ovei  and as     1    it shall bt lawful loi ihe
-iniinl by the City endet   tbe Mayor "I the  Cit)   ol   North
Agreement (Schedule "A")   lo Vancouver and the Cit)   Clerk said City during the whole mr-
the mid Incorporation Act  end lot  thc  purpoie  aforettaid   to|rency of the said Debentures or
iliiiuti referred t" In live itemi) borrow or rain bj waj ol loan any ol them.
imi   under    the    Agreement irmn ,in\   perm  or persons,]   6.  This By-law shall come in-
I Schedule  "A")  to  the   mid i body, or bodice corporate, who to ellect on the
N'orih  Vancouver Citj   Incor maj hi willing t" advance the day of One
potation A.t Amendment   Acl same upon ibe credit ol the di   ibouaand nine hundred and
imi ,ii rack rate ot  rates bentara hereinafter mentioned    7.   This By-law mav be cited
til int.-r.'sl not greater than Iim ,,l   tin-  Corporation,  a   stun  of for all purposes as  "The   City j
percent i» the Council may sei -none)   nol   exceeding  In  the of North Vancouver Statutory
it, .unl rack debenture, shall be whole  the stun of Twentj two i.oan Hy-law No. 6 190H.
issued under tht formalities con ibouiand two hundred (S3],200)    Passed by the Council on the;
1,11111,1 in tin   'Munii ipal Claus
a ■ a. t ' • .1 ■      pi    Ided in the
..n.i liuorpor.ii 1011 Ait and    \
inendiuent ,V 1   and maj be i"i
.1  period  ii"i   exceeding  Kiftj of the City for the purpoie
'*. .ii , it*.in ih. Ir date
\mi WHKRKAS iln I
hi said Citj hu bj inthoi onlj
•wl li* laws authorized the is-    j,   Debentures "I tin Citj to
lebenturei lo the amount the   amount    ol    Twentj two the Mayor and City Clerk aai
mt iaar tht purpoie  "i thousand two hundred  s 0) lealed with the Citv Seal
Ihi    lid iii'i   ivhich dollan In the whole maj be is  the
.1. i„ ninii".  havi   been  disposed sued bt the   said   kfavoi    and
oi ,ai ,1 rati ahicl   a u r. ilited Cit! Clerk in terms "f the Municipal 1 lm '    Ail. in s'i'i|s 'ls
AND WHKRKAS it U necei mat bi   desired,  lam   nol   less
to borrow h lurthei ram ol than One thousand (ft.ooo) dol-
The Council will meet in
the District Municipal Office
Blpltnsdt, on Monday, 4tli
January next, at II o'clock p.
m.. to revise the Voters' List
for 1909.
dollars, and i" i.nisc the same Thirtieth day of December, .1 11 I
to i'i   placed  In  the Bank ol n*oR.
Hritish   North    America,   al    Received  the aaeent  "I   the
North Vancouver to the credit Klecton of the Citv ol   Sorth
1  Vancouver .it an Kection held
bow recited, aad stub  moniei [or the purpoie on tbt
mini shall In uied lm thai   purpose ,i,,v „[ ,\ ))., 1908,
Reconsidered by lhe Council
.ml final.) adopted, ligned   bj
• •• •vvv
Milt*, Riv Charles E. Butler. Ml.
Rnsrilem ntnl ilny boyi re-
c.'iv.'.l mi niii'li-ratt- Inclailve
IdTM. Tlic (..'lint.l will ri*-. p *ti
..11 M..inlay, Jan. Ulli, UM.
A hoOM K&olwlhlp will lii-uf*
l.r.-.l nt tinnier I'ir "iini'i'titiini
hv boarden,
day of
A I)   1909
TAKB NOTICK thai the
imm k
Real I sliilt Brokers
1111  AND riRt INMIRANCr
LOCtt  a.,.*. 1     l"H
thi: it. 1. riwuiEiT iim 1
sunns ro.
LOMI llranteil  (nr L00| Of Slmrt
Periods Ht S1.., per .'.'lit.
Editor Express: i
Sir, In reply to S. Gintzhur-
ger'l letter in your last issue,
in which he seems to think that
the sites offered by him loi
school purposes, are the only
ones worth considering, and
since the school board did nol
select them they acted inconsistently, the board all wish to
stale that ill advertising foi
sites in 273 or 550, the boaro
did so with the object of receiving oilers, in dillerent part:
of the vicinity named, from different people, thc most suitabli
of which they intended to select;
and not, as Mr. Gintzburger ap
pears to suppose, of giving hin
solely an Opportunity of unloading his blk. 165, D.L. 550 on to
lhe school board for $19,000, a;
he tried to a year ago, for $1001
The site the board did select-
lots 0 to 16 inclusive, in blk. 11,
D.L. 273—they consider to b,
the Iiest situated property, ani.
the most suitable offer inade.fo.
the purpose required, in that vicinity, as it is bounded by thrc
In direct contradiction of Mt.
Gintzburgcr's statement that
the lane cannot be closed as i,
now is and made to run up 01.
one side of thc piece selected,tlu
board would refer him to thei.
present site on Chesterfield ave.,
where the same has been done,
and if any further evidence i.-
wanting, we would refer him n.
anyone else interested, to tlu
municipal clauses acl, par. 16b,
sec.50,which should satisfy any:
• 'i'ii- oii-posing of a publu
street or highway, or any po.-
tion thereol whenever decmtii
necessary, in exchangc-for adja
cent or contiguous lands expropriated ior the purpose ol
improving, widening, straightening, or diverting any publii
street or highway, and to execute deeds lor properly sn ex
W ith regard to the other sites
ollcrcd by Mr. Gintzburger, lots
1 to 5, hlk. 29, D.L. 548, the
board considered tbdt one too
near our present school, and also ,1 bad shaped piece.
The third one, the whole ol
subdivision A, in blk. 33, D. L.
549"55°i it away front any centre ol population, and ol no use
to the school board compared
with other sites offered.
The board would like it under
stood that it is their desire to
u-preseiil the whole of the
people of the city of Nortli Van
i.iuver, to the best of tlieir abil
ily, without favor to anyone,
and it is also pleated to inform
Air. Gintzburger, and all interested, lhat there is nothing secret in the allairs ol the board.
Were .Mr. G int/.burger a resident oi Norlh Vancouver, he
would perhaps know that tlieir
meetings are held in a room in
Chesterfield ave. school, and arc-
open to auvonc.
W. i'. PEACEY,
North Van. School Board.
J.ivailafile   ior   local    purposes.
j'Now tlujt a more,..permanent
system must be installed, it is
hoped that the company, wtj.
tlieir usual enterprise, will pui
111 supports of such a nature is
to protect their local patrols
and the city from a repcliti&i
of the inconvenience and lots
that necessarilv WCOtuptuA
such inlerruuUoiis, A .sines ol
lattice steel poles 011 suitali
foundations would give the required stability at that particular point.
The three oil transformer!,
which have done service up to
the present at the local sub-station of thc B.C. electric railway
are this week being replaced by
three air blast transformers,ol
a capacity of 125 K. W. each.
This change will   prevent   any
T&e 3UST wl
Ask yoar-finocER for it,
r. A. BUI IB, Pro|n It-tor
All Undi of Fresh Fi-.li delivered daily
Smoked  li-h   a   specialty.   Poultrv,
Knifai anil Veiietables.
Our aim is lii please our t'tntnniers as
to goods and prices.
Lonedtle Ave A 8th St.
.'HONK 84
recurrence of int rmi|*l inns of
the seiviie due to llie burning
oul oi the tiMiisfHnm-rs, which
happened i-j.1 limes lieentise al
lhe oil e.iUhing lire, ami will
ntlianvi.se improve the ellicielicy
oi the service.
\\> solicit ihe business of Mnnufucturt i1*
Kn(Hmrri and other* wiiu rwilntl tlitadvisaliil
iiy ' f h.iving1 their I'a tent bti- •ir^.i trtr.wctcd
iy KtperU. Preliminaryadvk*f.-re, cWjtc
; I! Tttf* Ourln-icotor'c A-ivlttr .tut i.-> n i
■imt. MnrionftManm, PrfT'd., New York I.iie
l.i."  MoHlrril   tnnlHuBhii.-.-tpo  DO.   Uii
Removal Sale
is removing to the store
next  to the  I'ostottice.
Special stock reducing prices on
kill Vancouvor Hardware
Company. Ltd.
Ml 01 MM UK.
M.inil*." r
An Electric
Table Lamp
l-hrtilaia. Traw. from Mr to II HI f «li.
Ini|ia**ill I'ir )>.'i'.irt.limuUS*, loll p*r twirl,
i,.i.i.i i i.ui». I'.iini r.Ti... >*u* »'>.* tut. tod
79c. ana la
liil I in**.;.., frta.li at loweit priors.
Tatl'l'* Ii,'.,.r.li,iui.ai.'*.'lilty.
Nurserymen and I-aiiilscawi Gardeeent
Our. "Kind and lonwiale Ave. •
Norlh Vancouver.
Hulk Ms,
Trees, Hants
Catttljaue fne
M. J. tltNRY
3010 Weit-frtrit-r Road
direct from the minea.
Plaee your onleri now and
secure your winter'* supply.
Urge aliiumenta will arrive
in » lew Java. Prien ri|ilit
Large supply of WOOD
alivava on hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. a.
VOTICK ia lierehv given tlmt l~*U»
*' I'liealimi will be made In the Legi •
lalive Awt-nil'ly nl llie Provini-e of Bri
iall Columhia, at its next tension, lur an
Act t.. ine,,r|..rule a company willi p
*er to build, construct, maintain ami
iperalea line of railway of itaniliir.l
;iwg.'. to be ,a|a,*r:iiral hy sti am, cliitri*
■ ity, ur am- other power, for the earning ol freight, pissengers, and PXpresi*:
—Oommeiiring at a point at or near tin*
City of Vancouver; thence northerly,
following the valley ol Seminar ( mi
to llie water-shed north of l.ocl, l.oniiinil.
md thtnee via lhe valley ol lhe I mini .
Kiver to the Nortli Arm nl Burrard Inlet, uilh power to extend northerly to
and through the Pemberton Jlead.m.,
and to build a branch line via Ihe Vullii
of Furry (reek lo the aliore of Hone
•louiid, and also any other short branches that may be needed io mines in tli.'
vicinity ol the main line of railway ainl
us branches; with power Toeonstriiei
an.l operate telegraph and ti-lepliom*
dues for the pur|xiees ol III business,
ami for the public; wilh power to own,
uie and operate water-powers convenient to the ri.aa.l for railway and other
purposes, and with such other power.
nd privileges which are in-ually grant-
tl lo rail * ay compaiiii-s.
Dated at Vancouver, B.C., December
l.'Uli, I IK is.
in-lit Solii-idir forth.* Apph. antl
Tin- North Vancouver Express
i "im n to hand litis tveek in a
inmli improved form, ila- type
having lx.--.it set liy tin- nionolinc
recently installed liy the proprietors. The Express inonoliiii-
is tlie first type composing jua-
iliine tn i;ii mi llie north side of
Uur ird Inlet, hence its instal-
1,iii*'it marks a new cpuch in the
atlva.iceuient of the auifiitioits
city, which we hope will ever
continue until llie greatest expectations ol ils progressive cil -
i/itts are fully realized.—Mount
rie.isatil Advocate.
The gale ul wind,which sprang
up on Friday afternoon last,
played havoc with the poles
which hitherto carried the B.C.
electric wires across the Inlet
al the Second Narrows. The
I wn high poles were broken in
two alioul midway between the
"tier and their tops, and four
oilier poles were thrown down.
Temporary repairs were effected
soon as possible, but it was
Monday evening before either
electric   light   or   power   was
District Municipality
I.Aims and liiKTianas.-Ill eolilpll*
a%e with the requeste ol a large number nl Ratepayers in tha District Municipality ol North Vanoouver, I have run-
willed to my nomination as .audi.lute
for Reeve at the forthcoming rlacBoa to
be held on Saturday, January tilth. Hum
Fully aware nl the iiii-M.rlniia-a* «.f the
duties involved, and after tlia* iu,.*-t > Hr, -
lul consideration of tl.e essential re*
iiuiremeniaati.l QMliAMtloni nr.v-.-nry
lor au eHiciuiil Klisutive ol this great
Miinii'ip.ilili. lh*aW-dltonl ami cmiacien*
lions work necessary in keeping fully informed as to the municipal requlraeienls
i,f the settlers in the various parts am I
»just and impartial ailministraiinn con-
ferring to the fullest ]sissible extent tin*
benefits ol law and order, coupled will.
a prudent and progressive policy ral. ii*
lat.-d to heat promote the welfare ami
prosperity of tho entire Municipality: 1
t.ave pleasure in assuring yuu tliat I
know ol nn reason why I cannot .llu i
.•niiv serve your public interests with
zeal and integrity.
My experience gained in public servile
in this Municipality and Cltjr, during
lhe last three terms, as Councillor ol
the District Municipality and Alderman
in the City, tngetlier with Hoard ol
Trade wnrk fnr a longer linn- and an indisputably honorable and sueeesslnl business career nf 20 vears' .tanding.slioiilil
leml lo prove my fitness for this ini|-or-
Unt offlce.
It elected, I shall use my utmost endeavor to |H-rfnriii my duties in a manner that will prnve worthy nl your highest appreciation.
Earnestly soliciting your itilfiieiice and
vote, I remain,
Your Obedient Servant.
or an Adjustable Read
iie: Lamp will make an
Xmas Gift
that everybody will appreciate.
We carry a select stock of these at
thc very lowest prices.
When making vour list remem
ber that—
Electric laundry  Irons
and Curling Irons
are excellent Christmas Kilts*
livery hoy wants
i Pocket   flash   Light
See Ul In lure mhi purchase
in Vancouver or elsewhere.
Norvan Electric Co.
6b LQNSOAI !■'  \\fi
Pianos • • •
at Bargains
Some at hall real value.
We are taking many good
pianos in IXchlDfe Ior the
iln greatest mechanical player
on earth
Sonic of tliese used pianos
are as **i*od as the day they
left the factory.
To reduce this stock we have
selected a niiinfi, r ul bargains,
beautiful upright pianos lor
$800   $223   $230
warranted In be -jood as new
$6, $7, $A fipr month
U9-441 Hutiogi Street
What would be nicor to buy your wif
nfejfor a        ;
than one of our beautiful
McClary's Kootenay
without a doubt  the  very best Canadian Knngo
$2odown and $lo per month
Paine& McMillan
Comer leu-dele Ave. and lirst St Hum 12
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Peed
Fine, healthy tomato tnd
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, Sorth VeMoevw
We are now prepared to
tako order* for MILL FIR
H'HOI), cut to 16 in. length*
already fur the atove A load
contain* about half a cord.
Price $2 per load on or before
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered withoutciah.u we
cannot afford to pay a colleo
tor nt thi* price. All order*
tvill receive prompt attention
trariN. VANcetvre
•0.00 A.M.
•7.00 "
8.00 "
8.10 •'
»,30 "
10.15 "
11.11 "
12.16 P.M.
1.18 "
2.1li "
3.1ft "
1.18 "
5.16 •'
fl.lft *
7.» "
815 "
0.16 -
10.15  "
•8.10 A.M.
•7.J0 "
8.J0 "
».0O "
8.45 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
1.46 "
1.46 "
J.46 "
4.45 "
6.46 "
6.45 "
7.46 "
8.46 '<
9.48 "
10.46 "
•11.46 "
•Not on Sunday
ar»T ritsiMite rt.irt tN THC CCAftT
Ram: 11.50 PER
8pw.il bin le ftn\\m lie! Rrfilir l«rti«ni
Hall-hour lerry connection to and from Vancouver. Hot and coM
water in erery room. Return call tmlla in every room. Barber
ilmp in connection.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing lor Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as lollows; 6:15
i.m,, 6:45 a. 111., 7:15 a. m , 7:45 a. 111 , 8:15 t. m., 9 a. ni. 9:40 a. in.,
loito a.m., Alter 1015 a. nt , cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
streei and Lonsdah- avenue, Winch street and Keith Road as follows :
6a. m., 653 a. m , 7:20 a.m., 8:05 a. nt , H45 a.m. ,9:30 a.m.
After 9130 1. m. cars leave thc Ferry Landing at ten minutes past thc
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
J_T"   All boats are met bv the cars.
The Seymour Hotel
Lrcelee en 8-nimo-ir Hpt Hm.
quarlrr mllr from wkerf.
This is a first-class hotel,
and ia now open to tht
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections Irom North
Vincouver for Vehicles.
rriiir huutr hu.kti.eit
' Hin tbst all eaasa ol Inlwtioni.
a a.iii»k-i..u. or epidemic rliaeue, ol I
.hum,nr rlan|eroua to public health,
nnw be reported to the Medical Health
M cer.
City Clerk.
City llall. North Vaacoaver, B.C.
Juljr Ittli, 1(08. 21-tl /'6
' S
New Advertisements
I A   I
■ .    la'
B        *   .
I.''.     U.ll"
For councillor- I'a re*   Kirn:
I' .    . notici    I' itricl i* uii.'il
Life iiiMiraii,*'*    I Idi I  Hurray Co,
Court of K* a iiii i    i'a-ir ci Council
st..I.,lm- -* l;      f. A   Bulla
lisirirt «f Xorlh 1'iMnra
'      ii..* I **   i *r- vl i .a* Uill .ilili ii
S'urtlt   i snoon it, tlm   I   r, |,.*r.
i*r.*- nre ol the i      ' il  tli
Ullllil I   'I      I     III.   .al
Ivvniii        Q i, North Vii
*  * .1. * lill  Hllllli l|*;l,lli, ..ll
Mondd>, llth ,liinnar>, 190'
at I:'
il * iiiil'I" r-• ai.- tu I* i tin
*l      ii'.il C cil * - li * >*  ind Cow -
cillon, ..ii*l eli .-in.. i*i** i" i ■   - lorepn
i Irn--
[a*. -
I     '    l*.lll*ll*l.ll* -  ill-.   .    I*    :
■I ... lula-k-rll.'
In  tm. i .'.. r-   ol   till    Mi,    '  | il Iv :
prorjoeer anil -"'.i I* r .iia i .hill l>'"l'
livurt-tl t" ii... Returning "ilia*, i
tun.. I'l'Uivii the did til thii no
I *i" ..Vl.,, k J,.in. OU  tl.'* 'l.n "I i mil'
II .11       Allll,'1     • *.* :*' I    |«   1 l'l*ill.
ii* MM ri   -i;  '   a nl on
Saturday.0th January, 190*1
i.. i„., » u„* I,.11r- aa* im.*  *. lark ii.n
hi.'i -* i '* a" It p.I
hi ih.   -hi.i  ii.ii.   ■■ .     !        * *'ii.*r '
','   *   Sin a i..,, i ;
il l.i !. i ■ I. -   i,-inui.' ii.i.i.
...ll   Mlllli   Ipllltl ,  'ai lllll. ||. OT
I- r. i| nr..|   i
liim- II nreontintrly.
:;    .', a    -llllll I
; i. nu.
■■: l,,*.*n i.a. |hr till
I       ilua thi ,l.i. "i i.i- in a**** ii mi tli
HIT III   llll    a
i.ili * * i Iind a.r rest pn
mtiaii, the Mi.nii'i,
I: * , **:  :*,'.*   linn li
i  r.. i
■ 1 -- ii i**l *r."
un.l i..
II.'XI  pi
tion, tl
llll   ''I
fr, .t,i tlie Cl
.   Il.tlllll   til,*    it
..ii thi
li r. I.
ui. I
* in ll
»||.|.**    *
trict. .lull   •*    ,i
'I .
:.':ii * ... > *, V" i    t
. ll)   VI ITI IT thfl r.-, .1 -a II U*ll t ail
.'*. aili'l Interest tliereon M lierelmlter menllonid.
AM' uill lil \- ii..  nli I thi
■, ol Ihe -nul i'iii
,n*,*«.r.iiii^ I     I ** *aa*: i* ii*-* a! a--. —rti.nl
to thi     '..ail on llir.-e bun*
Ir. .1 an I nighl**' -i*ii*ii iiiaiii«iui'l nine
niiiaira.l.i! a    .!, i   |3,SS. 980] doiiira,
Till l:i ft lil iha* MunicipilCoeneil
.1  the t'..r|«. rati., iii .f tlie City of Nortli
\ .in.*..in. r enactiai follow!:
I [l -ii.iil he lawful lor the Minor
ui I t uv Clerk, lor the purpoie iron-
■lid to : **ir*a» or niie l.y way "I Inun
iri'in any |" rs.m <.r pen ni, body "r
*odi. - * orpurite, alio nun be willing I"
eh.un*.* llii' i ... lhe ernlil ol the
■ -  I. ra mud. r mentioned ..I
I.a* Corporation. .1 iiiiii ol money not
i. ilia   whole Hn Mini,,(-ix
li ai ain.l -.*i.*ii hundred  t'.,"Ul)! dollar!
.111.1   to   * .mi'i    Hie   Ualne I" l»* [il.,.'I'll inj
the Bank * i llriti.h Nunli Ami-rlci ll
(orth ■' inc. uver to the cred t "I tin*
n , . . the pur|*tM above recited.
f    I' 'a* lure  I li nl the i'itv I.
i thouiand ievi n hun-
r. ill Ihe » hull iii.i.'
hi  ihe .aid M.i'* r ai 'I Ctti
i'*rk. ,n turpi! "I In • .MunicipalClIMtl
\*:. in .unit a- uini be 'le-ireil, hut not
■ii-iiinl II.ikiu. dollar.
il,*ii.  ■ X.'.'l'l       ill.Iiii    null'    lie   lol
■ 'ii** -an I I' i- -Intll la
in .aid Mayor and Cit) Clerk
nnl  lli*   i it)   Clerk -Iniil attaeli then-
into il * i * rp irate feul ol the laid Cot*
I !'**li* iiliire Boiiil* ihlll bear
uier.-i ut ilia rite ni tin* per rent per
tiiiitim. |iiiyailal,* laiili-yearli mi Iba
dij ol iod the
lay ..i in ,'iuii nii'U-ven
>*ar 'lnriii|i tin- currein'y ..f the iai.!
INI or anv "f ll.. in.
i1  I ■ ilt:ii'li,*'lt*i the 1'i-l.cii-
.**-.  .  *..|* *!,.*   awn. al   i.y  tii.
chln.l every ] ayBen
' iL.ii   nil)   l'*'iiii'" ilue, ami
ii.-'. liynalnrc IM)  Ih* eitl. r arittet,
.inui', .1. printed nr lithographed.
4.   Tl I Del* iiinn* lliuul* as l
irlneip aa i'i** utereal ml) be nm li* pin
tthi Rank ol BrltWi Sorth Ann-V-
.*..   lit   Sorth    Vi.ll.'a'lllaT.    laai'.aail,,,   nr
I 'i        i .i..iilai.  ,,r ill  the Ban I . I
'   Imerii i, London, Kin.
r - option, and iha nhl
.riiii'lpal - in -Imll i» in.ul.* payable It)
City (   rporil "ii ai a dm nol Inter
■   r 'in il"* dite ii|i.ie
* ■ ink ■-■ clfe, l.
n     '■ ' ■    ra M .1 md Li,.'1
- ' i.,l i.n. on ill r.it. •
In the -a.rl cit; lhe min
n ind ninelj centi
ii ■-■  * I tormli a ai
tl ■    I'.nnielit  "( the
- ind lhe mm 1 thne
■ p  -,i.     |: ■.'.  Jollir.
.f ila- ■ I   ii, n »l ni the
.      .llie iill .Iiei'
„*i*l.rr.*|i. I ili.T.'.lf,
- r.   . - * .   *■ .*  i.**l
'     -.; I. iti .liiriiiK th
• tl.' am.I DehMtun*!
la |.ff,,(*|
II Ilia* 'i.il   ,,j
7.   I iy be cited I >r al
'*    i n\ a.i Sorth \lllll'.'II*
ai     Hi ai    ||.a,   **
ii* ii ■ ii ih.- rn. nty.
•■ r, i'K'-
I III III till   i .*■. ti.r- ei
i .,' .Ill . lie-
aa tin*
i,d in,
I;    naidered at A Dually idopted by
the t * I br Ihe Mavor ind
i in ' ..ai.al iiiiii the City
A.li. IUCH
PHONE   93  j   .
A few suggestions in useful and. dainty
Above all buy useful artieles and at the right price
Children's Handkerchiefs with and without lace
6 for      , 25c.
Ladies' lace edge Handkerchiefs 3 for  25c.
Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchiefs, 10c. 15c.
20c. 25c. and    35c.
Ladies' Taffeta silk Hells 25c and 50c.
Lace Collars in cream and white, special  20c.
Lace and Chiflon Collars, MC, each and up.
Ribbons in silk and satin all colors, 2 yards for 5c.
aud up
l'errin's guaranteed gloves for Ladies, all sues
and shades I.tJ
Ladies white and cream silk and lace waists
for evening wear, special prices from  I.50
Gent's white silk Handkerchiefs, 25c. and  hoc,
Gent's white Initial Handkerchiefs, each  25c
Gent's white Initial Handkerchiefs, per box     .V-c.
Gent's leather and limka lined gloves  1.25
Gent's Umbrellas, gloria silk 11J
'   (OTICB tli.it tl
I 1 * -I ,n. upon
*,i   the
Mnrti, I i   North \:in-
■ ik. 11 a I thin tli • City
II.'I, S. n'i Vincoon r, on Tharadav,
1 a I, bi
a k a.tii ami 7
I* 111.
ii' inrnlnf 1 ifflcer,
,*,„!,, r 11 i».,nr  I I'l HI l''N"l i' B la hereby given thli
. nun an ""  n''l'T-"'  IM I'itt oi
■XI I 4.   Pi ill 115, '    "ia    Ih*   taken   1,11
„.„ _ uui.      I      "ll)   'iaa -It", .l.n* ..1 Jaiiiiarv,.\.|l.
I ll.l ......J   l> I (I. 1 ,      -   a      I
'1 ll ' 1.... j r - ■ -t ''... lot k ., tn.
*:. iia.* I ill ,.l  N.,rtli
tin Pit!   I..an  I'.i-I.aii
ami ilnt  within Iht Citv Hill,
Sortl   Van. ■ *. r, ind thei Tliomai
Xhepherd hai bi en i:*i    ..'..I ll.'liiuiinn
ol -aiu-li Blecton
■ • In thil behalf.
lii .*rl. r  ij   ie 1  .1111.1 .
('fly Clerk.
of the very reasonable prices asked for Birks'
Sterling Silver Goods:
FIRST:—The presenl low price of silver bullion,
SECOND:-The fact that nearly all our silver
stock is manufactured in our own factory—one of
the largest in Canada—back in Montreal.
A Birks  Sterling Silver Toilet Set
to lady or gentleman, makes a wonderfully acceptable and practical present for Christmas.
We are showing a iii.ignilicient range of these
goods, in scroll, lli.ral and art lioveau designs,with
polished or French grey finish. These are sold in
individual pieces, or in complete sets, the latter
- being in handsome leather cases, containing from
two to twenty articles. A beautilul gift to anv
A specially attractive selection of sterling mounted military brushes for gentlemen; alsu some nice
shaving sets in these goods. Any man would be
proud to own them.
An endless variety of other suggestions fur appropriate Christmas gifts.
GEO. E. TROREY, HtnigingDirector
lo en 1
Cilt    '    '-
■     ■ .
ttrUEBI 1* 11   B
■ '
■ '
1 ..imi 111.1 borroK a i* m it ■ iTnlit a.l tl..*
. ■     ■ lim, tl
II llelre.l   H.700] I'
t ,1 lye
; in** Inin I'* I
INI) WHEU ur.-
•Iillll   '     ■ I live
|>er   * ' * I'
Inr.*. .Imll 1
\MI   Will   IH    IK   a
: thm hiiii'lr'-l.... !-.*... igl.t
1     .ii1,..n  "/   lilt
I    lo raiie
. Iln mm nf ft
. *    .     ll a     J     a,   1..II,,   .,(
11  O.r S.- I*  Vmtermttr
II    a    I *,.../ ,|«„.,*,.,',in ni,,/ h'ni-
III 1:1 IS a p. iiii'.n, >lgned In the
owneri >.|  inure 11... 1, nne tentl
.' ;,. rn in tha City
lill 1.*. tbi ir.t "iincil,
ll      I'llra'all.l il    11 1  - I JI ll
th. m I        * 'I   "«   ib>* 'lllll "f
'* r (be pnn
ui to the
Hnrtirnlturil Aaaocl*
III      1 ,..e * I-   lli-'llille tll • lialMe
tlieiu i ' iln rj. Iilai Kietiiigon
il.   ,.nal Qroundi an I
i" lurtln r Impmvi their proporty,
ttill Kl IK the Mid North Vaiiiijni*
ver HurtWalllUMl A.»ueialiun ninl Far*
in. rs' 1 in-Ill uleli.'l.ltlieir ElhlbitlOMOB.
la,| i.ne . 1   hJoek tim Iminlreil ami HTM ]
iJ07) iliitrift lot five hunilre.1 nml lortj -
in,*  i.'it.'i . within the limits "I the t'iiy
i.i N..rlli Vancnuver.
WHKRKAS the naid Innn mil lies,-
rated lay a Hr-t LtOftmi in lavr el the
titv l'..rp..rati.in tu he icraiit.it by tin*
-aiil .\-.ia'iati..n an.l [mutate over lot l.
..I block M of U.L 515 nl tin* saiil eity.
utneli iniirl^nni- Hill euntaiii the u-iial
eovenisti ami inobll|iUon mi the part
aal the -,.i,l .\a*,eiati..ii anil Iin-tilute In
pay the Cilv Oorperettofl the iiiinnr
|nmi IICe-Miri   taa  |iMili.|e ll'lirll   till* ill*
lere.t anil fiukitiK luml un the saiil loan.
WIIKKKAS it mil be ueeiwary tn
rain iniuiiillv l.y i*|K'.'ial rale, il m.i
pr.viil. .1 an.l paid hy the .ai.l A>-'« in*
lia,n ami In-titiite the mini uf I i l'i '(**
the term nf lilly year. f..r llu-repayment
,.i the .aid l"an and intere*a| tin*r. M
hereiiiafter ineiiti..iie.l.
WIIKKKAS the value ol Iheiihole
raleahle pnipertv of the said I ity ol
Norlh Vaiicuiiver ai-cnnling to lhe last
revised anseasmeiit mil uinuinil* to|3,-
WHEKKAS the eai.l City of North
Vain...mer  has at present a Delientiire
Debt itnoantiof to (311^00,
rilKKKKUKKlhe Munieipal Council
ul the City of North Vaiieoiiv, r enarta
a> f.illoia:
(I) It .hall he laalul (nr the Mayor
"f the Citv ..( North Vancouver and
the City Clerk (or the parpen aforesaid to liorriiw or raise hi nay ol
loan Irom any person or person..
body or lin.|ici. corporate ul*.. may
la* vllllog to advance the same upon the credit of the .lel.'iitiir.* lier.iii
alter lin.ntioni'.l nl the Corpoi-Blioa,•
sum of money r.ot I'xi.tliinu in tin
«li"le lhe Sinn of fii.UIKI ami i.. .aii-e
the same In le placed in the llanli ,.f
Hrilisli North America at Norlh Vancouver 10 the ere.lit of tl.e Civ lor the
|*iirp"S.' ahaave rented
l2i lleheiitnre. of the Ciiy lo the
nuio.iiit of Jii.Omi in llu* whole mav bl
issued by the aai.l Ma'ur lml City Clerk
in t'Tlii. of the Munii'ipiil Clunsei Act
in iiiina as mav lie desired, Imt not lm
lliun ll.lKlleacil. Kncliol lhe said I), -
Itnlur.'s ahull lie ai|tlied hv tl.e .aid
Mayor ami City Clerk, and the City
Clerk ahall attach thereuntil tin I ir*
p.arale Seal ol the aaid Ciiy of Sortl.
(il) The debenturei shall hear interest al the rale ol 5 per cent |ser annum,
pui -iiiiii* half yearly on the diy oi
ami the .lay of
iu each and every year diiriiK the eur*
r.nrv ..( ihe sai.l'lehentnr.s nr any ol
theni. There shall be attache I to the
Debenture!. cuU|*ons signed hv lhe
Mayor only for each and every payment
"f iiileresi that may hecnin.* due, and
■Deb signature may la'either written,
ItimpM, printed "r lithographed.
Ill The said lleheiitures both as to
principal ami inter.*.! mav lie made
payahle at the Hank ol UNA. II North
vifnei.in.r. Toronto, or Montreal, Canal... aaral Ihe Hank of II N.A , l.oii'l	
Kiiglan.l, at holder's option, ami the
■lid prim ipal sll ill (hall lie made MJ
niii.- by tin- City at a dale not later than
lilly vears frnin lhe date ii|«.n which
tins by-law takes tfleet.
|M There shall la- raised si. 1 levin I
annually hy a s|N*i*i:il rate on ail rut, -
able land or improvements in the said
Citv, the sum ..I l.l'.i.lu Inr ihl
puriKist' of forming a Sinking lund l,,r
the payment of lhe said delKurures an i
the sum uf |:;nn«i (or the payment
of the interest at the rate aforesaid, I,.
I.ecoini* due on su. h ilebeiitu rt during
lhe currency thereof In addition to all
other rates io lie levied and eli.. t.sl in
the said City .luring the whole currency
i.f the saial licheiiinres or any ol llieni.
;B) This hy-law shall cume intoefl.*. I
on the dav of A.D,
l") This hy-laa may la' cit.-d Inr all
purpose! as the "Norlh Vancouver Horticultural Ass.a'iatioti and Farmers' Institute Aid Hy*l.iiw, IM08."
1'aise.l hv the Council on lhe Thirti*
eih day of 'December. A.D. MM.
deceived ll.e intent of flic Klectori of
the City of North Vancouver at an ehi ■
tion hei'l for tl.e pur|».seon the
day of A.D. MM.
Keconsiilcrcl by the Council and
liiiahy adopted, sign..I by the Mayor
ami City Clerk and sealed uill. the City
Seal on the dav of
A.D- MU!).
TAKE NOT1U-; that the a-
Imvc is li true Copy nf the Proposed Hv-law, upon which the
vote ol tin Klectors u[ the Munii ipality ol the City ul North
Vanuiini'i will be taken within
the City Hall, Nnrth V.itiiou-
ver, mi Thiirsdav, lhe l |th da\
uf January, A.I). W*', lutween
the hours of g o'clock .1 in and
; u'lluik p.in.
Returning Olhicr
BY OIVBM that the vote ol
the   Blecton   of   the   City  ol
Nurth Yuiiuitiwr will be taken
on Thursday, the 1 |lh dav ol
January, A.I). iqos, between
the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. ,nnl
7 o'clock pin , mi the "Nortli
Vancouver Horticultural Assn-
cialintt and Farmer's_ Institute
Aid By-la* I9081" .imi llial
within the City Hall, Nut tli
Vancouver, and that TbotBtU
Shcplu-ril   has   been    appointed
Retnrain| Officer to take the
vote ol suih Blecton with the
Usual power- ill that lieliall.
Hv order ol the Council,
M.i \ur
City Clerk
for sale in tlie   ,
We f»|)f(-ialii| rt-commend
LoU46, 47,48, block 1B6,
Uli 22, 88, 29, 80, block J87,
Lots 8, I, 5, ii, B, 10,11,12,
15, 14, li, 10, block 168,
nt #1750 each
at if 1250 each
at $1500 each
TERMS—One-quarter cash; balance Ipretd over
11 period of three years, nt 7 per cent.
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
r. o. box .w.
You Can't
You've *i.rot to look at—live with—
ami be sucinble wilh your suit. You
mav M well have lhc best vniir liionev
will buy
A I'lt-Hefoi'in Suit hie all the latest kinks of fashion,—see theni.
Our Overcoats at
Are Corker*
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
Mail Orders nml BkmpltN on ipfilication
to our numerous Clients ami Krietuls
at Home ami abroad
IMfnl presents to your wile, husband, !>ov,    or
girl, or as a personal investment with increasing val-
tiis .is tin- m.us roll liy insuring large prolits,   and
may lie the milieus ol a home, provision for old age or
fortune—in anv case a wise and sale investment.
SO    LOTS  IN  inr CITY
within one Mock >>l   Lonsdale avenue car line,
lie.uililtillv situated
Price* $883 to $883 each
Tl-'.KMS >:> tn $tfi i.tsli,   li.il.une   east   iiintilhly   or
i|tt,iilerly payments, spread over l', lo 2 vears.
Call at our office .it nine ,nnl nuke \mir seleition
or il tinalile lo iall si-nd vniir Irieiid
If dislaitce prevents your vailing send us your
ehei|ue or liionev order with instruetiolis to select lor
Vuiirs trulv,
Cor. lonsdale Avenue and tilth St ,  North Vancouver,  B.C.
Tenders for (krin<r M\ \
/HlNTIttCTOIIS nr.' Ii.vili'.l Inlfiiiliar
fdlflf   ^,a'|"t'"',"'"
„„ ,„ M.,r, jimiary 2n.l. VSM. ' *   nmMW  UI,U ,'U»,UIU,      ^^^
il.'ariiin thf I' MM iialj'.iiiinil l'«|'i- „|| kjn,|. 0I .\lm.l"ti un.l Aiitiipie Kurni-
lmi*,.,l,.«,l -it.* t.i ...mii . tare, RU-re,Oflce. Buk and Hir Fix*
gprrlfleailo-ii. nap, mil cnndllinniol  tl|,,,.    n,.p»irir,|i in nllllr. Iirmirhei.
iinlr.,*. and -.nderlitf ai ottee ..I-      , _ nw g| ^^ **#* ...*i Imm
IRWIN i BILURtM t'n.l.Ti..
Norlh Vani'i.iiv.r, ll.C.
6|.p.'.ll. Kchnoll
MAILoKliKKsniven fSSSOft attentiun


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