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Now 0|>en
w. r. uk«
„;         VsAc
The Welcome Parlor
Mll/tfi *5 Ions-tale Avenue
-|ii£A <?*fe|^,    SOFT DRINKS,   FRUITS,
Candies, Too'ttq*s„ Fancy Groceries & Delicatessen
vu,,,,,,.,,   / eeaa^a^j,    ,  „,,, t    ay, ,*,
Sliort order. Bern-*!
al All Hour.
ORIA, B. c"
The city council met in regular
session Monday evening. Present:
Aldermen Irwin, Wheeler, Braim,
Miy, Crickmay mil Smith. Mayor
Kealy presided. Coiuuiuiiicatiuns
were read is follows: From
Robert L. Docherty, secretary ol
the Horticultural Society, requesting that a hydrant b« placed it the
corner ol Lonsdale and Twenty-
second, and alio that a two inch
water connection be made with the
new pavilion; witer committee
to act. From J. R. J. Murray,
secretary ol the special ludit committee, isking that the tuditon
Kendil & Sewell, be given access
to the city books; received and
filed. From the Missel Dawson,
with reference to the igreement as
to North Vincouver hospital;
hospitil committee to draw agreement and hive it properly executed
From Alexander Philip, C.M.C,
nuking demand, upon the part
of the district council, for piy-
ment of amounts due from the
city. The communicition in full
was is lollows :
"Excerpt from the minute of
meeting of council of the district
of North Vincouver, held on the
ut diy of June, 1908—intenlii:
On the motion of Councillor McNaught, seconded by Councillor
Robson, it wai unanimously resolved IS lollows:
Whereis 1 yeir his now passed
since the city ol North Vancouver
was incorporated and a city council elected;
And whereat hy the act of incorporation, prepaid chiefly hy
those who are responsible for carrying it out, the city became
clurged with i specified proportion ot the dclii of Ihe whole mun
And whereis nf tint proportion
Ihere still remains due lo the North
Vincouver Land St Improvement
Company the sum o( 5400.1, to J.
C. Keith the sum of 5*000, ami to
this corporation, conform to joint
report of city ami district auditors,
the sum nl ,(100,619. 56, less 51 t ■'>
of sinking fund ind iccrued inter
est thereon, which litter sum of
1100,619.49 ls nenly tll borrowed
hy this corponlion from the Bank
nl British North America, ind secured by debenture bonds issued
hy the old niuiin ipahlv, and represents not only the capital sum due
at the dite of incorpontion, but
also a balance of 15341.69 of thr
interest paid by this corponlion
lince tint date.
And whereis the city council
hive nude prolonged ind ineffec*
tuil cllorts to sell the debenture
bonds necessiry to eniblt them to
piv up these imounts due by the
And whereu thii council ii id-
vised thit such failure hai arisen
through the city council plicing
on the market concurrently with
•aid bonds further bonds for a very
large amount, to enable them to
purchase the ferry system now being operited between the city ind
And whereu the city council,
though 1111.1I1I1 to sell their own
bonds, seriously propose to give
the guarantee of the city to a laige
loan (or an industrial purpoie,
which must further prejudice the
tale of bonds to pay off the civic
And whereat the delay in paying
tht uid debt to this corporition is
seriously prejudicing the interesti
of the district ind preventing thii
council (rom carrying out much
needed improvement work, tnd as
this council may be held responii-
ble for permitting this delay to
longer continue:
Therefore this council hereby
resolvei respectfully to intimtte to
the city council thit the uid sums
of principal ind intereit, due to
this corporition by the city, mint
be piid within thirty diyi Irom
this dite, ind thit the diitrict 10I-
icitor be instructed to prepire the
necessiry deeds of conveyince to
the city for delivery 11 toon 11 the
s-ltlfnn nt is mide, ind the clerk
of the council is directed lo fm
want copy of thii resolution to the
city council.
Extncted by Alex. Philip, CM.
Relerred to the finance commit
tee to report. From J. P. Fell,
enclosing dialt agreement and
deed with reference to Ottawa
Alderman May submitted finince
committee's reports as follows :
General, 5620.15; police, 5320.35 ;
school trustees, 5365; all of which
were ordered paid. Aid. Irwin
submitted report of board of works,
shewing accounts totalling f624.-
59, which were ordered piid. Aid.
Smith submitted report ol water
works committee, shewing ic
counts imounting to 1612.24; ordered paid. Aid. Crickmay
submitted the fire and light committee's report, shewing accounts
aggregating 55w; ordered paid.
J. D. Bressey was given permis
sion to cut timber off of St.
George's and St. Andrew's avenues
north of 17th street, at price offered
at last meeting.
Aid. Irwin reported that the
committee ippointed to revise the
engineer's report with reference to
the 3rd streei improvements, his
decided tint improvements opposite the school must be paid out ol
the general fund, md hid nised
thc allowance for work already
done in certain cises from 5250 to
5350 per acre. The city's proportion of the cost wis left unchanged.
Report idopted.
The Mayor suggested that it
would be well to call (or tenders
(or work umler the local improvement by law already authorized.
Aid. Irwin moved that thc City
Engineer call for tenders for im
provements on 3rd, 16th and nth
streets asiuthorized, tenders to be
in by Monday, June 15th. Carried.
The Mayor reported tint certiin
members of the council hid viiited
the cemetery site ind recommend
ed thit 1 piece of ground comprising three r.nd one-fifth icres be
. Iran ,1 it mice Aid. Wheeler
moved tint tenders be called (or
for clearing and griding this tnct,
tenders to be in by Thursday, 11 lh
insl.   Cirried.
Aid. Smith reported tint 1 hy
dnnt is needed it the corner of
ForbesA Keith Roid. Authorized
A plan of tub-division of blocks
34, 341, ind 53 diitrict lot number
500 wu submitted by the North
Vincouver Lind Compiny. Accepted.
Aid. Irwin called attention to
the fact lhat deedi of certiin alleys that were to be received (rom
A. St. G. Himmenley were not
yet lo hind. The city treasurer
was instructed to act.
Bylaw number 40 as to street
signs ind house numbering wu
reid tnd finally adopted.
on the date ol charter extension
in so far as such fyling bears upon
expropriations not completed before the date of chirter extension;
Still further, that expropriation
values   under   original    charters
shall  include taxes and  interest
(rom dite of the plan fyling until
xpropriition value is tendered.
Resolution 3 Be it and it is
hereby resolved by this meeting
of ratepayers in the City of North
Tint the Mayor and Council
of the City o( Nortli Vancouver
be requested to send copies of
these resolutions, or of such other
resolutions as they may deem suitable in the premises, through R.
G. Micpherson, Esq., M. P., to
the minister ol Railways md the
Railway Commission, and that Mr.
Macpherson De requested to urge
the amendment of the Railway
Statute in iccordance therewith.
Resolution 4- Be it and it is
hereby resolved by this meeting
of ratepayers in the City ol North
Tint a parliamentary agent be
engaged, resident at Ottawa, to
watch over railroad legislation in
the interest of North Vancouver
and to act in conjunction with a
standing committee of our citizens, and in event of proposed adverse legislation to adopt such
course as may lie requisite to
postpone action until sin li time
as the City o( North Vancouver
has opportunity o( being heard.
Resolution 5 Be it md it is
hereby resolved hy Ihis meeting
of ntepiyers in the City ol North
Thit the Council of Ihe City of
North Vincouver he requested to
send on,bchall o( the City one of
their number to ict as a delegate
at the coming Convention ol the
Union of Canadian Municipalities
to lh' held in July. 1908, in Medicine Hat, in order to secure if
possible united action in urging
upon the Dominion Government
tli*; pissing ol such amendments
lo the Railway Act is nuy adjust
expropriation considentions is
nearly as may he in accordance
with the spirit and intention of the
foregoing resolutions.
Resolutions Re Railway
Following are the resolutions
idopted it the meeting ol the
witerlront property owners, held
in the city hill, on May 27:—
Resolution 1 Be it tnd it ii
hereby resolved Thit, while ol
the opinion thit thc Vincouver,
Westminister St Yukon Riilwiy
enterprise ihould receive the as
sistince ol the Dominion ind
Provinciil governmentl,
And, while deprcciling obitruc-
tiom ol legilimite railroad enter
Thii meeting of ritcpiyen in
lhe City of North Vincouver
strenuously protcsti against charter extensions embling 1 railway
compiny to tie up continuously
against ill olher development
shoreline ind foreshore on 1 chief
harbour ol Canada it leu thin
mirket values it the dite of chirter extension.
Resolution 2 -Be it tnd it il
hereby resolved by this meeting
of ritepiyeri in the City of North
Thit the Dominion Government
be respectfully urged to imend the
stitute governing expropriitiom
by railways to such lenst that
when a railway charter ii extended
prior to cxpropriition, thc expro-
priition values shall be mirket
values it the dite of the charter
extension, together with tixcs tnd
five per cent interest Irom the
dite ol t baiter extension until the
thc cxpropriition value ii tendered, ind thit to thii end railway
plant 1I11II bt considered 11 fyled
Property Improvements
The North Vincouver Land and
Improvement Compiny ire making steady progress in carrying out
the comprehensive scheme upon
which they ire operating relative
to the laying out ol their large property holdings in the city. As outlined in previous issues of The
Express, this scheme in its entirety comprehends the laying out of a
vast quadrangle having Keith Road
as its base and following Quecns-
bury avenue on the east, 23rd St.,
on the north and Jones avenue on
the west. Included in thc plan are
liberal provisions lot parks and
public breathing spaces at Vic
toria Park, Ottawa Gardens and
several other similir tracts.
A striking feature of tin* scheme
is the magnificent boulevird which
ii to flank the property on the
wcit. This boulevird will occupy
Queensbury ivenue Irom Keith
Road on the south to 19th str
tlie north. Its totil width is 346
fert the outer portion of which ire
irringcd lor two vehicular roid
wiyi, eich 66 feel in width, with
concrete sidewalks, the centre strip
of 66 feel is reserved lor slreet cir
ind automobile traffic while tlie
span* on either side of this central
roidwiy ind between it tnd the
outer roidwi)s is occupied by 1
boulevird seventy-font leet in
width in eich instant e and stretching continuously throughout the
entire distance Irom Keith Roid to
19th street, twelve blocks In all.
Tbc total acreage contained in
thc boulevird is forty, ind its cost
complete will be not less than
f90,ooo. When completed it will
confer upon North Vincouver thc
distinction ol hiving within her
corporitc bunts the largest boulevard in thc world. At thc pr. • nl
time there arc two contricts upon
which work is being prosecuted,
one for fifty icrei between 10th
ind 19th streets and one (or thirty-
two icrei between Keith Road ind
12th street. It it expected tint the
clearing will be completed in about
lixty diyi ind the thoroughfire
will then bc reidy lor delivery to
the city. Thc total cost li thc city
of these improvements is approxi
mately only 5'oo per acre and an
aggregate amount o( $8000 will bt
due the company Irom the city
with thc completion ol the present
work. This sum is payable in
fifty year bonds bearing live per
cent, and redeemable at iny time
without notice at par value.
The Company have been energetically pushing thc work of clearing their large acreage preparatory
to offering it to the purchasing
public. A total of 200 acres has
now been thoroughly cleared so
that scarce so much as a root can
anywhere be found, an undertaking which it can readily be understood has involved the expenditure
of a very large sum of money.
The whole plan as adopted by
thc Company and upon which so
much has already been accomplished means much to the welfare
of the city antl its progress cannot
but be of great interest to all public spirited citizens.
Dominion Day
The meeting held on Friday
evening last to arrange for Dominion Day celebration, took hold of
ol the matter energetically and important business was transacted.
President Phillipo occupied the
chair. M. McDowell was appointed secretary and H. R. Heffi-I treasurer of the celebration committee.
As A. J. McMillan, who has been
custodian ol the flags for the past
year, desired to be relieved, Mr.
Sabin wis appointetl to take
charge of the bunting. Upon
motion it was decided to appoint a
general committee of eighteen
members, Irom whom, together
with the officers, there should bt
named six rob committees, and
that the chairmen of these subcommittees with the officers should
constitute a reception and entertainment couiniittee. The following were duly ippointed the general committee: Messrs. Geo. H
Mordcn, Emmcrson, Geo Smith,
I.ailcv, Sal nn. J. N. J. Brown,
MaeKenzie, Tarn, Dr. Campbell,
Martinson, Duke, Chance, Alex.
Smith, jr., Shaw, Carpenter, Bunbury, Stoney and Shepherd. Sub-
coinmittees were constituted as
(ollows: Decoration, Messrs. Sabin
11 h.iiiin.iii), I *nlt v md MacKenzie; field sports, Mirtinson (chair
man),Emmcrson and Tarn; aquatic
sports.J. N. J. Brown (chairman);
finance md idvertising, Geo. II.
Morden (chairman), Phillipo and
Shepherd; transportation,Mr. Hun
bury (chairman); music, Mr,
Chance (chairman.) These com*
tnittees will report progress at a
meeting to be held this Fridiy at
H.30, in the City Hall.
Vote on Bylaws
One hundred and eighty-seven
votes were cast at the polls, (or
and against the bylaws, submitted
Wednesday. As was anticipated,
the 517.000 loan bylaw received
thc sinction of the electors, the
vote standing 117 for, 66 against,
and 4 spoiletl ballots, or a margin
ol four votes over the neceuary
three-fifths majority vote. The
Wallace Shipyards Aid byliw developed 1 wider difference of opinion upon thc part of the property
owners, with the result that it wis
tleleated, the vote stintling 81 tot,
98 against, md one spoiled billot.
Open Air Boxing
On Monday next, June 8, a big
boxing bout is to be held at the
Recreation Park promoted by Van
couver iports. The principi
event il to be a 15-round conteit
between George Piris, boxing in
structor ol the Vancouver Athletic
Club, and Joe Grim, known as the
"Iron man," of Philadelphia. H.
Springer is to be referee. Special
setting is to be erected on the
I'lounds and the contest will tike
place under thc electric light.
New School Site
A meeting ol thc school trustees
ol thc district of North Vancouver
..as hehl Friday evening, the prin
1 ipal business being the securing
of a new school site. A suitable
place wis secured Irom Mr. Eg
gert, being thc west half of block
1, diitrict lot 784, (or which II1250
wai piid. The site is on Lonsdale
avenue and a school will bc erected when the occasion demands.
Two largescows were completed
and launched from the Wallao
shipyards here this week.
Mr. Bostrom, who has a contract
on the G.T. P. construction, went
north Thursday by the Camosun.
David Cantelontook up his resilience last week in the new cottage
recently completed lor him on 4th
Considerable clearing is being
done on the Lonsdale estate, ef
feeling 1 great improvement in
that vicinity.
Chas. M. Kittson, secretary of
S. Gintzburger, Ltd., is erecting a
bungalow on 15th street, near St.
Andrew s Ave. The estimated cost
of which is J1 mo.
I hescliool trustees are planning
an enlargement of the local school,
more room being needed to accommodate the rapidly increasing
number of pupils.
A. M. Ross has taken a lease on
the store on the northwest corner
of 2nd and Lonsdale.and will open
up a lull stock ot gents' furnishings
lud boots md shoes.
J. A. Bierbaum, o( Seattle, arrived in the city today and is a
guest at the Palace Ho'.el. lie is
looking over the situation from an
investment standpoint.
Boy Wanted—A well educated
and industrious boy, desirous ol
learning the printing business, can
obtain steidy work it increising
wages, at The Express Office.
The Lonsdale ave. extension ol
the tramline, out to 23rd itreet, is
bi in:; rapidly constructed. The
line will be a great convenience to
the residents of tint growing section.
Two new hydrants have been instilled this week by Foreman Peck
mil his staff, one idjacent to the
North Vancouver hotel and the
oilier at the corner of Lonsdale and
W. T. Murphy, who has been
conducting a gents' furnishing and
shoe store on Granville street, Vancouver, has leased the corner store
ol thc lloun block in this city and
has removed his stock hither.
Guests at the Pilace Hotel 1 A.
M. Ross, Victoria; G, 0. Smith,
H. T. Evans, J. H. Watson, P.
fejneaus, Vancouver; Mrs. Trav-
ers Justice, Clarkson, Wash.; W.
H. Welbon, New Westminster.
Revising Officer Shepherd presided at tlie on rt of revision for
Richmond electoral district Monday* Five hundred and forty-one
names were added lo the roll, and
41 struck oft because of death or
W. B. Bunbury, local minigcr
ol the B.C.E.R., wis confined to
hit home for several days list week
suffering from 1 severe attack of
grip. His many Iriends were
pleased to see him agiin abb to
diichirge hit duties.
Work is being vigorously proie'
ciited 011 the new addition to the
Palace bold It is to tie built of
11 ment blocks,will be three stones
in height, anil when completed the
hotel will cover ill the ground
Irom the street to the lane.
Thc new tug built il Moody
nib by A. C. M. 1).maid, pai
ticulirs of which were given in
list week's issue, was successfully
launchctl on Satttrdiy evening.
The vcsicl it owned by thc
Hillings Mill people, who hive
decided to call it the Hydra.
G. E. Jorgenson, C.E., led thii
week lor Nicola villcy,it the head
ol a surveying party, ind will several months there surveying crown
lands and coal lands, besides performing other professionil work.
Mr. Jorgemon will return to the
city for 1 short time during the
early part ol July*
Messrs. Wood & Son, the reliable shoe men of 2109 Granville St.,
Vancouver, hive opened in up-to-
date shoe store on Lonsdile ave.,
next to Stcacey's grocery. They
will carry a full line of the best
shoes and iim to give satisfaction.
They will also run a repairing department and all prices will be
lound reisonablc.
Contractor A. G. Tiylor began
operations Thursday Ior the erection of three houses for Benjamin
Gladwin, on 10th itreet, eait of
St. George's ave. They will be
six roomed houses, with stone foundations, piped for furnace and modern in all respects. One of them
will bc occupied by Mr. Gladwin
is a family reiidence.
Thc "old timers" fire brigade of
Vancouver, the originals, purpose
holding their annual banquet at
the Hotel North Vancouver, in
this place, on Wedneidiy, June
rath. It will be the 22nd anniversary of the big fire in Vincouver.
Mr. P. Lirsen wis himsell 1 member of the Old Brigide ind the
comrades and their friendi ire
rtire of a royal welcome.
Kootenay District bas arranged
to erect a building of its own at
the Dominion Fiir at Calgary, for
the display of fruit, minerals and
timber. The building will be
situated next tbe main induitriil
building ind will hive a frontage
of forty feet on the main square ol
the grounds. Such enterprise ii
worthy of emulation and deserves
Jos. Saulter, a well known mining man, wis here Thursdiy.show-
ing magnificent samples of copper
ore, taken from a property he located on Bowen island. The property is on tide water and the vein
lias been cut for over 400 feet up
the hill. The ore carries copper
and gold, with some silver. The
property has just been bonded to
a syndicate of capitalists.
The report in last week's iuue
with reference to the Empire Dty
exercises it the public schools,
ini.lverten'ly omitted to sttte that
one of the most pleasing itemi on
the programme wu the presentation of 1 large flag to the school
hy Alderman Irwin. This incident constituted 1 most tppropri-
ate act ompiniment lo the Decision,
thc unfurling of th: flag appealing
in strong terms to the patriotic
instincts of the children. Alderman Irwin's gift embodies in excellent idet and is of permtnent
Messrs. Fyfe St Duke hivt been
producing 1 type of one deiign
yicht, which his been attracting 1
gruit detl of ittention amongst
yachtsmen on both sides ol the
Inlet. The boat is 21 feet over
all, with 1 six ind our hai! lool
beam, and is especially designed
for use on the Inlet. The rr st
notable feature of the craft is the
Ic vt lopment of considerable ipted,
with 1 very light breeze. Mr.
Bunbury ind Dr. Campbell etch
rejoices in the pouession of ont of
ihese yachts ind several local
partiei irt contempliting em
uliting their example.
Dr. ind Mrs Dene van in
amongit the lately arrived residents ol the city, hiving talc* i
up their reiidence nr. Sixth str*
weit. Dr. Denevin wucompe'
to relinquish 1 large practice 1.
the em beciutc of tailing heilt'i,
ind for som. time hu been travelling, with the result tint ht is well
on the wiy toward complete
in overy. Recently he hu mtdt
si -eral Iripi 11 phyiiciin on the
Empreii of India ind hopei tt no
distant dite to be able to resume
practice on terra firmi. Mn
Denevin it likewise 1 duly quit*
iticd phyiiciin of extended experience ind pronounced success.
The ringing of the fire ilirm
called thc fire brigade out tt ibout
len o'clock this morning ind they
made 1 quick run to the ntw build
ing of Elkhorne & Ciine on Lonsdale ivenue, where dense volumei
ol imoke appeared to preiige t
serious conflagration. It wis discovered, however, that a tar pot
in which thc tar was being prepared for the roof hid ciughl fire ind
wis burning furiously. Fortuni-
tcly it wis somewhit removed from
the building, so thit by throwing
witer copiously on the Willi the
tar wu illowed to burn ilielf out
harmleiify. Thc prompt minner
in which the fire liddici reiponded
to thc calls is ciuse of much gratification to the citizens. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
North Vani ouvir, B, C
C    I*     -lllll'ilUSa.tl I .
11.  Mi.KI.IS,
l'u Ineai Mit
The Express is delivered in Notlli
Vincouver within ■ i idiu i ol 12
* Ifii t,   All outiide
pi,11 ed in tbe pott
blaaa k ill the
tins diitrict 1
Kites 0
Dm yi .11
ail'* i uption :
  -        $1 mi
Six months .50
Three inonthi        ■ .25
t niii *| Sl ties  nnl Foreign, Si 50
p. 1 ye 'i
Ail -ui*.1 rlptiout matt l»'
,1 ham '■
aid HI
Ac*  pi rton noi n ' 111 ing thii
)iapi 1 1. c;il.nil will picas- iiaitili
tin 1 Iln . No piper stopped uu
It ss notified cither by b tier or card
■  ■*,
■     '
Nokiii Vim m im.  Juni   5,   1908
The fact that one  hundred ami
eight*.-siv. 11 mil ol a potlible ill
teen luindrcd and seventy seven
votes were cast in tin* polling with
rtspi it to the Inlav.s nn Wednesday, constitutes a strong comment
upon the inti rests the ureal
body of the electors lines not take
in matters of great public moment
wliiib are submitted from Imu* to
time Aflcr the most liberal al
hi'vania bas been mad. fnr those
who wm ibtent Irom the poll',
liti.iiise of 1 iiTiinistaiii es ivbiib
tin y ivctt nol able to control, and
Which constituted a good reason
for such ilm in • tin- stubborn fact
rem.ine. thli to .1 v iv gretl ''Steal
tin extremi ly light vote is due to
laxitv of intereit upon tbe pari "I
the many who might have rated
without considerable inconvtn*
lence    Nevsrthi k si.tht vote as it
staiitls 111:11 be ,u 11 pn d as a reliable evpr. ssiou ol the inatuic
judgment of ili.a portion of the
electorate ib.it bad carefully cnu
lidert ,1 the iMUM involved,    Hail
the uile lu ni    llrgl 1,   llnl,   is   no
siiiiit lent n asin lo 1001 ludi thai
the result Would btvi bet 11 an-,
dill' lent.
The sm 11 ss o| llie spi 1 ial loan
liylaw is probably due in the dt*
-in upon lli. pan ol llu* cl, , torati
to set Ire tbt largetl possible
proportion nl iln- year's rtvi nue
tor expeiiililuit upon nel di d publii
improvtmentt, .md i" **' t  u tin
opeiations carried   011 111  ibis u
I'ln tlcfcat <>l tin' Wallace Ship
l.ilds Aid Inlaw mat I'. .illiiluilcl
t.i t«0 inaill can,, In*.1 1,1 ,*,
strong sentiment again I the principal of bonuiing   ind utrial i mi
> 1 Ills 111 int lorm, and * I olid, lo
,'l ib rp    seal,   I    . Onril Iiiii     III till*
minds ol tbe 1 b 1 lm,in* tlmt ibe
credit ol thi il) in iln money
market hum imi he depleted but
thai 1! must bt conferred and
itrsngthensd bj i wrj n liltblt
■MM Ci rtiinl) il.i 1 'Hi* upon
tin* pall ol llu 1 Hi/, nthip no *., 11
tini'-iil olbt'i linn ii.ii <t| ib, most
cordial good will  toward the la*
1 . inal Iiiiii   must 11, all*, inti n steal in iln r.suit.     iin, poinl 1,111
noi le to 1 :i"ii [I) • mph ial
that goodwill was   stri rywhort 111
1 \ t,it-in a-  ihroughoul   Ihe   entirt
disi iission ol  iln* lituation     I li
Exi'Ki-*     is     but    von 1111;    the
thought nf tlu cili/en lnp.it largt,
in siaimg ihal Ihe  dstire to sn*
siirh an institution established In re
is unanimous, and the hope is universally inleitaiii.il that tb, , m,,
pany may be abb  lo dense means
whereby tins mull may be accomplished 111 tbc mar I nt ur..
Tb' signal siiii 1 -s thai has at*
tt mii I iln* lm al 0 lehratiotinf Dominion Da) l"l two i'.n I past, tn
gethtl wiib the in.uiile.i ,uli.ullage lhat baia a- a ui' I to ll 1 , ily
tb' 1. from in flu way "I idvi rtisi
mint Irom the large 111111 * 1.. r of
visitors   and lhc   lar^t    sums   ol
one) added io In al  circulation,
iinbitie tii make llie occasion one
'il  ten    great   value lo  lhe   city.
Ibe putting 011 of tprogram that
will prove tn tillable to the city
and .iiu*11 iin- to holiday wtken
1 an )b|ei 1 lliat is well worthy the
c unbilled .md in* nty eforl nl all
1 la*'.'•• ol ll.*' 1 iiuiiuunity. Tbe
nan*.pintail.ui coiiipoiics, ihe city
■nd district councils, the local
iiu-ii hauls and tin* citiieui at large
ire ill iiii'it-.itil 111 the promotion
ol iln* uli It ..li.iii In Iln* highest
poinl "I micccss. Inasmuch is
neighboring   cities   have   shewn
<i< 11    di*,p tsiiioii    lo    n liiiquisli
competing celtbraliom in lavor
Ol \ mii Vl it irtiver.il is advisable
tli.it ever) 1 it ml be made to pro
viib   in li au aiinii.il  program as
Will In* lei oglll/i il by Ibnse cities
ei adcqii.ii,* in the puipnse, anil
will thus re;.iin Inr Ninth Vancou
ver undisptilsd pottenion ol this
desirable alvanlagc This can
not be 'Inui* by leaving the prepai
ition ol the program in tb. bsadi
ol a lew or alltrviiig tht matter to
■ livuli- tht local forces Here, us
elsewhere,"union is strength," and
sitiiftctory results from the civic
standpoint call (or the heart! uu*
annuity and co-operation upon thf
part of all parlies. The cebbra
lion in prospect this year bids 'ait
to uphold tbt reputation already
established in all respects. Properly speaking the portion cl the
program lot lhe tlay winch is being
put on liy the city as such, will lie
inmpaisi *| oi (nld sports on llie
athletic grounds and aquatic
spoils on the inlet. In addition to
this, the Horticultural Society will
row npen their new pavilion loi
tht lust Iiiiii*,.ind the occasion will
be celebrated by an tttrai tits pn
gram in the alternonii and evening. The Local (amp ol the Sons
ol Scotland has also in baud pn
paratioiis loi a monster picnic ot
all the camps on tin* lower main-
bind .md Vancouver Island,which,
witli the laige attendance, the
musical b alnr.s and the Caledonian (■.lines, will doubtless prove one
ol the tlm I l.n tors in the lelebra-
11.>ii. Kieiy possible act that can
go to show these visitors that they
ate wilt oui'    bonld be fotthconuug
upon iln pan ol tin* cilitsasaad
tht . ill It lequires only that this
diversified program he marked by
a t nidi, I d s < s tion upon lhe part
"i ail, in 11 mii 1 tlie gnatasl potai
bit BSSittance the one IO tbt other
and thus as tar as pnssible to Welti
tin different parts into a syiumet
inal whole, in order to give a
celebration thai will go on itoord
It ninspii nous loi attractiveness
and sun ess        No individual  pin
imu ot tins program will suit, i tha
slightest detraction becausa of cor
ial assistance rendered to another
portion, but rather the   success of
,11 li will be enliauii'il, ami the
goodlellowihip and eiipiyment nt
the entile day will Ih* greatly pin-
molt tl ihtrtby, Surely il is the
very MMM nl the etcinal Illness
things, that the anniversary ol
lb   bulb nl  I i.iiiiiniitii  imibilera*
1011  sbniibl   be   marked   by   the
llroagtM possil.b* In. al ionle.l.1.1
Church Noticci
-1   |aiiis\ tin msi.H i*i, -hi sm
AMI  11111111 Mil   sIKII IS.
I Inly Coiiiiiiiinion, 8 1. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Bveaing prayer, 7.30
• In the hist Sunday in Iln* month
tinn- will be a second celebration
•>l tin Holy Communion al it a.m.
ReClOl :  Rev.   Hugh Hooper.
Prayei niMting on Wedneidiy
evening ai 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in l.ynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. 111.
Uev. It II. Halderston, H. A.
NOKIII   VIS. ill tIK   1 Allini.lt
Sunday Services — Mass at 9
a. 111,, Sunday school at 2:30 p. 111 ,
Benediction at 3 p. tn.
I'astor: Uev. E. lVytavin, 0
M. I. V. G.
l:\l-il-. I  1 III Ki II,  OKANl.l   HAI.I ,
ItiNslHI I    AlKNI'l.
Service at 11 o'clock a. in m
llu* Orange hall ; Sunday school at
the close nl the sti vice
I'astor :    Key. David Long.
All an* welcome.
A Va'uable Book
The Veai Honk ol lhe Norlli
Vancouver Board > I blade for iln
year 1907 to 1908 is just ofl tht
press and unites a volume ol con
siibralilc tiae, and it sliould prate
ol practical benefit to the city and
distriit. Tht book comprises (14
pages, wilh a panoianiic view ol
the city inserted belore the front
page ami an excellent plan of tin
uly inserted after the last pag..
It is printed on gootl paper, lh.
letter press is of line quality,
antl the illustrations are copious
and high grade. Tht subject mallei (ours a very wide range of
topics, giving useful information
upon practically every subject ol
interest to the inquiring public.
There are also several pages of
carefully tabulated statistics. All
through the Hoard of Trade is to
be congratulated upon the success
of this their initial effort along this
line. Copies ol the Vear Hook may
be obtained Irom the secretary, J
l(. J. Murray, at 25 cents per copy.
It is deserving of a wide circu
Lynn Creek Notes
A. Mel nt vie has jolt completed
leariag iwo tent on his praperty,
lis'nct lot 20,13, and the gromial
s now ready lor the plow.
Tht Iraiiie of the  new building
ning erected by Mr. Froinnie nn
tbt pips hue road, is now in position and the work  will now move
rapidly forward.
J. L Cripps, greatly daring, has
pencil a restaurant on the 1 n -1 ol
tlie pipe liiieio.nl ami   visitors to
.yuu Creek   on   the   .■ s' 1'  freely
showed tlnir appreciation ol the
v iiliiic       He lias chosen a  spot
win le the traveller on a   h.il  day
b els mosl tlie need ol relieshiueiils
and his tl n; pole will  doilblb ss l>.
a welcome sight lo many llitoiigh-
atiit the summer.
I he young son  ol S. J. l'mb, it
bul a tarron etcapt Irom a ■*' rious
a< 11 'till nn Tuesday Tlie lillle
(ellnw, ill playing with Ins school
fellows essayed to 11111 across the
lliun.' whet he 11 ippe.l ami I.II into
llie water I lie strong i in rent
1 .illicit bun oil his leet and was
Carrying hun helplessly along.
Fortunately a  party ol workman
was rinphiyed It the Hiline a litllr*
hrlow th. point at which llu .nci-
ab nl look plat I .111*1 Iht y Wi ie aide
lo 1 ati li the lad and to cxim allium lia.in Ins perilous situation
Services will In* conducted as
usual  on  Sunday  by  the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p m.
I'ray.r meeting on Wednesday
H o'clock.
All are welromc.
I'astor: Kev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
MUIII.1.1ST   I Iimi II,   N.   W,   UOMtl
lol'KIII sl    ANIISI. OMMt'j
Mi'ining service, 11 1. m. ; Sun
day school, 2:30 p. nr | evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Local Meetings
htiiuhlm-l I'vlbiaa. S1...11.I ami I mirth
T11.ta.lav, 1 p.m.
.Athletic Clul.. In.I Mmnlay, K pin.
licit    Ma,, jl»*,*..    ia.-. ..n.i   and   Itairlb
llairli, ulliiral Muting, Kmm4 U'cliiM*
dai s |..in
Hrcinen'. I'ra.lice, every I'ridiy, IM,
1 iiv t'liiiucii MiftiiiK, Monday, h p.m.
In-lnct ('..iiiicil Mcctiiii'.lir.l ami liiini
In.lav., al s |. in.
I'* .ul s| I tinlt*. Third Tuclm , S p.m.
Il'.artliil Trade KSMStlfS,  lir.1 Tnes*
tlay, s p ni,
Sclii.il Hoard, lint I'ridiy, I p.m
IVc.TI'. meet, t li ir. I Weiliicwlay fat
each iiiunlli al I'M |. in .inSI Aiialrea'.
I'rc-lntirian iTuir.li.
Willai'e riniii, Honanl Scutlinil, meets
mood Wciliienlay ami Kniirtb Thursday in K I', hall.
Nnrth Vminiuicr I.ii I, Nn. IHlO.ineela
.c*.and ami fourth Kridiyi in im.iilli.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for I'cspat.h as foi
lows: I jr VltCOUVer and all
points I a. 111., 11 :i5 a. tn., 4:15,
p. m.; (or Lynn creek, 11:15 a. in
Mails an ive : Vancouver and all
points, y:io a. 111., 12:45 111., 5:45
p  in ; Irom l.ynn creek 2 p. in.
Outgoing mails lor l.ynn creel,
alter 11:15 a. 111. should lie delivered at the wicket,
1,1-riucr ni- siihtii visciii viu
I'AKi; MH'll'K Hint I rm..i- William
' I'Hiilleilil, nl lhe t'iti -nl \ inn mn a r
liriiish ('..liiiiiliia, li.'lilli'iinin, inleiub
1.1 apply fnr piTiiu-si .11 1.1 lease llie lul
lowing iImCHM land*.:
I'liinliii-iiriiiH ill 11 pon| planted lit lhc
.■inillicii.terlvcurlier..f l,..t.SII,i>rtiii|. I.
Ne» IVeslininster Hii-tricl, llience Ha.itlI,
*a.   ll a.l Imiiiiiliiiy nl .aid   bul |l
|irt.hiccil L'" IHI chains, tli-*tu*c ue.l ttli.'
chains,  tlieiict'  nurth  llll ■   weal   17',
.Iiiiiii- mure ur ten. lu Iln* nurtli,'list, ill
I'lirnernl liistriet Lot M7, thence mm.lli*
ciii-lerlv,   easterly   nml    nnrllieas erl,*
iilnni! die iinrtberli' rimrt'ol Humid Inlet tn the plucc uf bcjjiunti if, nud f.iii-
Istnlufl sixty-three MM mure nt lent.
Hated this aixtccnth day nl Mac, PKis
Wlii'ti you intend building
j. i. fiome, una
.VI I.llXSDAI.K Avk.
HiMacli O//1V1', /,„ ..,/,./,* Air.,fill/. I'linuf
Ilru.l mine nml Mil, I.i/,,,, t'rr.k, It.f.
SrONtY & CO.,
House and ( lllll < ll
Painting, Decorating,
Papal flanging,
(Jraioing, Sign Writ-
ing, Kaiwmining,  a
little licltirthnn niiist
Wall I'aiier, I'aints,
Vaitiislit's, Oili,Ulan,
Slain, Ai'., ns ahctp as
you run gat any where,
samples m \mm \ \ u Mum
i 11. iii 1 i
North  VntioottviT, II. C.
lUlllll'Ml       llllllll
Will   tfllHUUM'l
Pfcone 37
3211 ...dial. Sl.
eton. 341]
Slllllll  1 l\t ill III'
Hc,kh| llit—WH 1 iiiilnii June uilh
■ I *..*'
Cn Ii
1   1 nr-r nil Klrhl kI reel.   Kino Ijiimih**. prnapMlf,   Tl,l. Jilce lur
, i"iv al.yluiily.
nn  Hi'tf. I'Tiai (• e.ri'il. witli -li,it*k 1*11. Seventeenth me-i'l.
U.i ir..mini,'mi iiiiaiw,, Ila iiunl and wilh Hii* viuwol Inlet
.1   .1 Mink I,   llit |,|'ii>,'.
.j tn 18 inch i"i''
_ ^_^_^_m_m^_m_rm_w_w__wmmwm_m
All the Bssl Canadiin Makes
$4.00 to $9.00
516 Hastings Street
.v>rtii nmm ferry a mn co., ltd.
Time Table, 19J7
it, twotea
sr. Httata.
•li.OO A.M.
•11.20 A. M.
•«46   "
•7.20   "
8.00   "
8.20   "
8.10   "
D.00   "
H.,10   "
9.15    "
10 15   "
10.45   "
11.18   "
11.45   "
12.15 f. M.
12.45 P, M.
1.15  "
1.45   "
2.15  "
2.45   "
3.15  "
3.45   "
4.15   "
4.45   "
•   5.15   "
5.45   "
11.15   "
(1.46   "
7.25   "
7.45   "
8.15   "
8.45   "
9.15   "
9.45   "
10.15   "
10 45   "
•ii.:w "
•11.45   "
Nnl nn Siinilay.
70 x 240
Close to saw mill antl plank road ;
ten minutes liom tar; only $100.
Abo a lew i 4 acres lor $200;
terms, in. down, tio |ier month.
House to let, d mums, all con
venieiices ; splendid \icw. Also
OM bu i.ib*; $100 cisb and $lo
per month.
Many Climb Mountains
Lilt Sunday 33 m* mbi 1 of the
Alpine Cluh, recently orKanircd
in connection with tho Vancouver
Athletic Clnli, nude a siicccs-dul
*isunl nl OrOMI Mountain, Rain-
ii|; an elevation of 5000 (cet above
ca bvel Two ladies were in the
party, which was under ebtffl ol
J J. Trorey. 'Ihe tint) purposes
11.1 k 1 ni; an ascent ol Crown
iii.iiiitaiin as its next outing.
Tin laiMMi ti 1 yeir.
Large Cabinet
Grand and
Upright Pianos
That wc are selling
at the low |iricc of
ONLY $375.00
Warranted   lor   live years.    Full
Metal  I'lates,   Double  Repealing
Action, Pure, Sweet Tone,  Combined with Great Power.
l«n pcileitli  ilctieil lots nn I ii.isil.ile  lien...'
$900 each
Mtnut Di.t.iiAiiiRs
Gkainkks    Gi.a/ikks    Shins
Oi'i1. 13m Stmkt,
l.al-R.M II     III .11  Ila lir.lli-lli-
UiaiNI.'    I'l..-.'I .11.1 llt.lr.llll.'.
ima.u     ll.ritviH.tl. 1 M t .u.l Kir,
Milliliter fnr Ibe ('iiuiiii.*rtiill
I'mleclivc Soei.'lv.
Illiee: —Kl But St., K. iir  LlStBa\taB.I
(|iiinililiy Surietur unit Arclutcct
1ITI.H Villi; r«li I HIIIII! MM
VnlllT. ia herein uiicn tlmi nl Km
*' Mil ineelinu nl llie llniiril nl l.i*
cenc,, t'niiiiuiia.i.iticr. fnr llie Municipal*
ily i,l Nurtli Vaiicniiicr, I -bull apply
Inr a In.tei licen-e f..r ll.e ante ul .pirii-
uini., feriui'iitcd ur nllicr llqton fnr Ibe
• uleeii*rt.iiu  Inline  balMInf,  -lliuili-l
t.n Seynuiiir It I. in liiulricl IxilTIH,
tiriillp I, Rm WcHtinin-lcr lii.lricl.
JllllN MclNMS
I'lilcd ill Nurlh Viiiic.'incr, ll.l'., May
sili, paw.
rWaOaf, $10 cash: bill, fto a month
This is only one sample.    We sell
•sixteen makes ol t'pright Pianos
|,'!!I-I41 HmUd| Street
IW'imrr I tmftO I'iinn llotllt
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Hcliiible varieties at ream.liable price
Nn Bonn.   No Scale.   Nn KiniiiKiilinii
la.  il.llll.l'.'C  -lia I, Nil    Hi llll V     ,la*a*llt*.    Ill
annoy yon.   Ilny direct ami foi Trees
hikI Isms tlmi itrnw.
Kerlili-crii, Rm Supplies, Spray I'ninp.,
Spriviny Mileriiil, Cut nOtWI, etc.
(Ibleat MlsUitlltd nursery 1111 tlie
mainland nf llritisli Columbia.
OttSlngM free.
,*I1(K)   Wkstminstiii  Uiiaii.
Koran Itsmt, Oosrat Lommij Av«
Mill votvOBm
J. lllll is .V Still, I'l'i'iis.
delivered dailv to ill parts
(if till'City.
Ordan left nt tlie KipreM of-
lice will lie prompt*
Iv iittiiiileil to.
Pioneer Bakery
between Ksplanade St First Sl.
S. W. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh HitikI daily, 16
loaves for6li 4 for2')C.
Cake, Pastry, etc.
Daily Delivery to All Parts of City
mom 8        71 Lonsdale Ave
For Furniture,
House Furnishing mid
At  Reasonable Pines,   |*o to
lhc Norlh Vancouver
Home Furnishers
A Handsome Bridge
Atntrrr Y*Hcwvsm
Loryley ~ ll'llllams    £i>gln*era
IVoncouvret B.C
This bridge is being erected by the district council of North Vincouver and ii of slreel. The con-
trictors for the steel work of this bridge, Messrs. Langley aud Williams, have notified the council o( the
delivery of the steel, and that the work ol erectio i will be begun forthwith.
The bridge consists ol three spans—one. 90 feet, and two of 73^ feet, on concrete abutments antl
piers. The concrete work ol all but the east abutment was finished last fall, and a temporary foot bridge
was thrown across. A month ago lhe old wooden truss, which was badly decayed, was removed and the
work ol piling for (otindation ind building the east abutment was put in hand, to be in readiness Ior the
Heel superstructure.
The work llready done has stood the winter and spring freshets well and the further work in the bed
of the creek will mike it more stable and prevent Hoods from breaking through on the western side.
The steel work is of the low fruss rivetted pattern, with wooden joisting and decking, resting on
steel floor beims. The clear width is 16 feet and the bridge is capable ol carrying aji 18 ton street car,
the weight of the present cars being between eight and nine tons loaded.
The whole work should be completed in .-.bout six weeks. This bridge and another over the Seymour creek will supply 1 much felt want in the eastern part of the district.
North Vancouver Hospital.
In the establishment of a local
hospital 1 very preising problem
his been solved for the city and
distric'. A representative of The
Express piid 1 visit to the institution ind was kindly shewn through
by the nurse in chirge. The location it the corner ol 15th street
ind St. Andrew's ivenue is very
desirable for the purpose, being
quiet ind otherwise suited for
those who are convalescing liter
illness. The building, while not
built for hospitil purposes, is
nevertheless well designed to an
iwer ill present requiremenis
The rooms are ill spacious snd
liry ind commind in excellent
view while the bug'* venndlh on
the second floor is sn ideil spot
lor the hours ol returning strength.
There is iccommodition at the
present time for six patients ind
this can very readily be increised
to twelve should occasion arise.
With the Misses Diwson the institution his certsinly fallen into
capable hands. The three sisters
ire ill trained professional nurses
of extended experience, one being
1 miternity nurse, graduated at
Queen Charlotte's hospital, London, Kngland, and the other two
graduated at the Hull infirmity.
In iddition to this, one of the sisters is a duly registered nurse, giving additional prestige and assur
ince of pi.n 11. al knowledge and
ability, while thirteen years of continual engagement in the profession has given them a familiarity
with the general run ol caies such
is cannot but Ih* of the greatest
benefit, lo those who may have occasion to  1 nt   themselves to
their care. The city and district
councils have cause for gntifici-
tion in the lact that they hive succeeded in effecting such 1 hippy
solution of whit bid llir to be 1
iblln uli problem. The cordiil
good will and the hearty support
nl the public ii now ill tint is required in order to give per man -
ence and luccess to the institution.
He wss 40 yeirs old,   19 ol which
he hid spent in these pirti.
Developmtnt Started
On Tuesdaythe B. C. American
Mining St Development Co. sent
out a huge stock of supplies to
the Bank of Vancouver group of
mineral claims.at the head ol Seymour creek, development of which
will he pushed all summer. The
supplies were sent in by way of
Howe Sound,and a number of men
were sent along to do the packing.
Had the Lillooet trail been opened
through from here, the supplies
would have been purchased irom
local merchants, distributing much
Guests at Hotel North Vancouver: M. G. Wheeler and wife,
Nelson; E. Benard and wife, E. K.
Vogler, E. R. Thomas, I. N. Hii-
lis, C. E. Hall, Dr. W. Moody and
wife, Dr. Ford and wife, Baron
von Bodenhauser, H, Bambrick,
Vancouver; P, A. Hutchinson,
Montreal; A. Jackson, Rossland;
Mr. Bostrom, Prince Rupert; Dr.
G. Clemens and wife, Germany.
Mrs. E. Godfrey, who has been
a guest at Hotel Nortli Vancouver,
departed this week for England
where she will make her permanent
Eagles to Organize
An lerie ol the Fnternil Order
of .Eagles will be instituted here on
Wedneidiy evening next, June to.
Thc chirter list his heen numerously signed, the majority of the
signers intending to be initisted
the first night. Many brethren
will be over from Vancouver to assist in the work. The paraphernalia for the new aerie his irrived
ind deposited in the Larson-Mc-
Millan ball, which is being fitted
up is 1 meeting plice.
Dominion Day Celebration
The levenl committees appointed llit Friday evening to completi
arrangements (or the civic celebration on Dominion Diy, hive been
miking satisfactory progress, with
the result lhat the programme is
now rounding into num. From
present indications the events will
Iall into three departments, viz.,
aquatic spoils on llie waterlront.
firemen'i events on and street. he
tween Lomdile snd St. Andrew's;
snd field spoils, including proh.i
bit s basibsll or s Iscrossc milch
on lhc Athletic grounds. The el
fort is being made to illocite the
plicei Ior holding thc sevcnl portions ol the progrim and to irrangr
matteri genenlly 10 tint ill the
interests involved will receive due
considention. Thc general committee mtets this evening in the
city hsll when reports will lie received ind mitten pushed for
wird 11 (ir 11 possible.
Drowned in False Creek
Fred Elliott, 1 reiident of this
plice, wm drowned in Filse Creek,
vsncouver, inst at the loot ol Burrard street last Friday. Deceased
had accidentally fallen into the
witer ind hit body w« recovered
shortly liter. A little while belore
his drsth he had been talking to
Capt. Cites, ind the litter put off
in 1 liunch ind assisted in bringing sihorc the body. Mr. Elliott
wss I shipwright by trade ind
leivei two brothers in Vinconver.
haiUDTUMM. mirked "Tender!
■*■» lor Clearinir and l.railinn," will be
received bv tlie underlined up tt. ,S
u'cluck P.M. on Thuntiiy. the llth
diy ol June, IWOH, (or tin* clearing ami
trading ol 3 1*11 icrra on tin South*
Kd.lcrl) corner ol ILL. Ili'-Xl lo be tiled
Inr cemetery purpoaea.
I 'muiii**-, ipecifliialinua and general
rtui.lil.oni t,| oulract may be aeen tiy
intending offerer. ..n ami alter Mcmlav,
Ith iiiit., it the office of Ihe City Clerk
or the City Engineer.
The loweit or any   tender not  neeei*
CU ill   Kia.*|*l,*a|
City Clerk.
Citv Hall, North Vanetaiver,
June 4th, Pais.
Beg to announce that they
have purchased the Drug
Store at the Corner of Cambie
and Cordova Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
This store is conveniently
situated for passengers by the
N. Vancouver lerry and we
hope (or a share ol your busi-
Have your doctor phone
your prescription to us and
we will have it ready when
you go to the (erry.
Have your parcels sent
here lor you, we will take care
of them till you call.
One of the proprietors always in the store.
'The Obliijiiiij Druggists"
Cur. I'lirdovt aiiilCainbic St*.
Vanc.iiner,   B.C.
WITH t'S Kin;
Ural Malf and Insurance
LIFE—The Sun Life Assurance
Company of Canada.
FIRE--The Fhtenix Assurance Ca.
of London, England.
and Surely Co.
North Vancouver Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Garden Tools
Lawn Movers
Poultry Netting
House Cleaning Requisites
Paints and Oils
Builders' Hardware
Foot di Mie foe.
TKSI'BK- hiK TIM BO 1.1.1111
vnTICK I. hereby |lvrn IHtl *<*-l.*.l leader.
N    mill* ..■l.*ll* *i Ll  UU* Haa"   Ul.   '   ll Ll I'aalll
mini.mer «i ibr Mm), mil Wtnk. I>i*|.«m
meat, Vlclorli. up I" noon on Wc.lnn.li:*.
July lil, IKK, Irom euy i*r.un »hu may ile.lre
in nl,i.m « .imlil limber llieme, ana.I,* the
pro.iiiom.,1 Sk-cllon *',J ollbc Un.t Act lor
llu* 1'iiriK,*,. i.l t'tillini* limber from the follow
lug *1*"' iii-'i land.:
itiuimt'Dt-liiK .1. t-t'-i |*1.nie*l .1 llu* nurlli-
e.-l rornor ul latM, Srw Wclmlmler Ma
Inrl: ihenee wt'.l.i-ii'litln.tolbeiioiilhr-jl
turner of LolJ.ll'. thence uorlh 87 eb.ln. lo
llu* .oiuh we.l corner ol Ul l.~: ihenee rut
■ tl ill.in- to the north v.0.1 corner ol Lat
I,.J* .ilu nu -.ulli Viiluln.lo Ua IVJlt; lt.el.ee
well I* **> chain, lo Un *.*.; (hence north 11.80
a lum. lo Mill ol commencement.
Tba competitor offering ibe hlgbeit raah
U.nui will bt entitled lo a .peclil Umber
In rnaet*.it,-ring the llmll, renewibla iiiiinlli
lor itern, ol 1 taenl* nun*   ean.
K«rh tender mini l«* «ddn*M«d lo thr Hon.
Ibe cine! iiiiiiiiu.-iiaiiiT i<l Undi ind Wurkt.
Vniorli. wenrely ivile.1 >nd mirkid "Trmlei
lur Timber l.lrenM," an.' mu.tlir irniinp.nlr.1
by two mirked <*be<|.ir., OM cheaiur bring lor
II ill no, ibr iinonni of Ihe flr«i yrir'. rental*
ami lhe oilier lor ibe imnitnl ul l.inu. ten,
Allfhe-iuc. mln la l*>* pwjible to the or-
de of ibi Chiel I'oinn.i.aiatiiiT ol Uud. ind
W, rki, «l par it VIcIiti.
Chiel Commla.i Mil Und. ind Work.,
I..111- .nd Work. Iiepurluieril
v. tortav 1.1 ,Huh M.y.won* "•«•
•2l-.AI.KI> TEN UK Its  ■]
" lia irt. *l    will laa*   recite.!
ui. to fi.it* luck I'. Mun Mnn*
lay, Tlie l.'illi ,1a i nl June, IUOH, lor the
ler»i|n-ail up to fi..,clu. k 1
owing   l'-.i   Improvement! to  he
rarrii.l out in the City ol   Xortli   Vancouver.
1. I'l.'iirniK and grading of tilth alreet
between St. Andrew'i ind Itidgeway
Aienue, M50 Iwi thenhy.
2. Hearing and grading of llth
•trout, between St. (ieorge's and Ridge-
way Avriiiii"; alio laying Ofoot lidewalk
baWNM 11..*-.* two pointi, 14713 Iwt or
there, hy.
:l. Clearing ami grading nlprd atn-at
Ih'IWWH Malum anil St. Ilivid'i Ave-
mica, 4500 feci or thereby.
4. Uying It-loot -idcwalk on .'Ir.i
-.treei l-etwwn Mahon and St. Ilavid'i
Iiraningf, apeelflritiona ami general
condition! ol contract may 1st awn or
obtained by intending offerer! on and
liter Mnn.lac Wli inal., it the offlce of
the City Clerk or City Enginwr.
Eacli tender mint lie accompanied by
• markad cheque equal to 8 per rent N
the amount nl tlie tender mil the mc-
cn'tiil tenderer mint provide in apprised jtuarantw tur the Hatisfactory
completion ol Die work.
The cheque! ol MMttMaM tenderer,
will tn returned tn lliein upon Ihe ei-
edition >.| thi> contnet.
The loweit or my tender not neen-
•irilv accepted.
t'ily Clerk.
City Hill, North Vancou nr, B.C.
June Ith, IV08.
62 and U Cordova Street
The famous "Hub" Shoos for
men, $5.00.
Summer  Suits  from $8.00
Men's balliriggan UddtrWMf
25c up.
Everything for Men at Right
P«»ed Oats
Hai] and Feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Flints, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
I imited.
at Ferry
Worth Seeing'
First of all we ask t|ou to
view correct styles. Fit-Reform sets the fashions.. .
What ab|>ears io the Fit-Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Canada's well dressed men ...
Let us show you some of the many
new Suits and Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
-•OBIIt DOt Bil  lilt HONI*.
Priceless Asset
A flood act nl Teclli cnnlrihnte ureallj to one'i health and
h«|>|iinen«. They add much to llie appearance antl more to
the <lineal inn.
Neirlc-i 11 lh,* mily cnunc lor the luati ol Teeth. Come to
ua NOW belore it ia tno late.
bud ot* Piictft      mi. ni>ib rn*N«i
lullSilof lerlh        H.oo
BrldrjeHOil,, per looth         I.M
•sldCrowni        I.M
Oold rtlllna)!     I.MIl|l
Nitlni rtlllngi               i.m
l-atrKlinf S.
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKER, Consulting Dentist
407 Hastings St., W., Vancouver
HOURS   3am  lo 8 p m.
I. |*r.*|*air.**l tu .1.. all kind. •>( a.irk
rleariiiK. Kriil-hiiiit, -l'""!'"'*' "' ' ''-
lila-.tini:. W.ark limit' by the day nr by
Kitri fire taken in lila.lina n.ar
linn..*" and all dainaiie mad.' *."-* I
A'lalrc.a, Sccui.l .ll.*i*l W ,MrLm-
dale luciini*. .,r f. II. H-.x II, UAk
Vaiiniiitir 6-H
inlic*   New I lium*,..,ii Bltxk,
I "ii-l.il.* avenue.
K'-i.biitialwork a«|«.-ialtr.
IV tl. Hox I'l
N'rll, Vancouver, B.C.
Sinner and Win. hi .V Wilson
Agency, Norlh Vanrouv. i
P. H. IHIIM. iiiui HMMML
I illice. taltli Mr. t'li'lncy, IniiMlalc At.
Machine. «<,|,| „m  ni.lal .1 |,l..n
M.n Luc ■ lur rent        '
M-chllir .ll|.|.llc.
S*r ui I'.ryiiiir'-etaiii'' \i M i.me trinta
i. inui. mar m
25c per pound Fine Flivor,
in Item or (iround
M !i)l Sic M£
(, Upkoisierer
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
ttiRMaa HMI in i.os»n«i.i
Woll, Knglund Co. bankrupt
stock is on sale at cost Wc
have a lew mattresses ind pillows also at wholesale prices.
Our dressmaking department
is now able to handle ill orders in luture, at pi ices which
will compare lavorahlv with
Vancouver estibli-dini.nti.   .
We ire selling our slock ol crockery antl glisswan ofl at a reduction
being hampered for room
It*....'),..ni'.r  of Million  and   Anltout
Furniture Slim, 0/fi«- nnd Bur r'ultattl
Rejnlring in All Branrht-a
iti ritirt at. w nn cim.rliia tori i.,m*i.i.
ll|'|»»ll« arho.,1
f^Mail nrderainteii |.Min|it attention
CownUKTi *«.
AnTwuwnlltn aitomiMI—iiiiH ■«»
IKl'-tir M-*rt41ll t,nr fiplnlna fn* VMIMT I*
^<ttl MM »nlao««aWj* la lb
SckHtine Kmm
a aaaiaamatt UlHtnUal ntllT, tawtml •*
-iUaoatOar manna, ),«>*<avl tarwftm
tia___l_ltai, MUM Kt-afaaM.   Ml If
New Advertisements
Teiidin fnr alearini—City
Niilicent milting—F, <>. oi I'at'l' I
Furniture, ite.—Home Fan liken
Ta nairr- lor local linproveiw uti—Cilj
Tlitobllgtngdrugglitr- Mi I'a ffeel'.rcn
& William*
Short, uiaa.l.-r.ilclf nuraleal   Mien llll
lOp   '   -   <ai    *.'■ * 1 I . ' C . 11   |lllll!ll*   illl'T,*-!     ttill      III'
published in I'm. Bxeii at,
Tun Kirmi in iii im nay reaponiiblc
lar tii ■ ipinltiill ail t*or**ai|*undelitl| nml
r,*WIM'- 111'* righl I" tiTllllllalla* 11 'laa ll.l ll lllll llllll'.
The Ferry Qucslioi
|,a in, Biiitoi "i I in Exn i
Sir,   li is ,in ill nnil ili.it blowi
BOllod} gOdd,     As :i U.talil   n| III'
ambiti ms i iii. 1 lm* in i' nd* i mi
thanki in ilu- li rr\ compan) Iw
making thingi io iinplenuni in
the inhabit mis "l N.uih Vancnii*
ver th.it lome nf them ire compelled tn patrouixe lot al trade in
■pite ul iln maelvi i, iod al the
sum. iini'  iln- laid ill wiml won't
blow long,M the influx ol lesidcnts
will ceaie, iod Ihow ilready In re
Will be getting 100 disgusted In
stay and su we will Infer in tin
.nd, W'a I mi, lan ul vat inn tn thi
B. C. Electric Railwaj I o. Ltd.,
as the only nlveri ul tin* preienl
outrageoui litnation,  Youri truly,
PlONtll  I KADI '
Capt. I "vims h.is givi u the contract lm tin' ' i'' lion nl ;i Hfond
cottai;' ",i i I sti. 11,. ist iit Lon-.-
dale an The cotta.;. will In* ;i
duplicate "i lie* one li i colly I mn
plrted liii tin- adjoining Int.  **
Tin '1' tailed deacription nl the
new I.wm i reek bridge, winch ip-
pean in this iiaue, was kindly prepared lm l'i I'-mi wi by I > l'*iiii
. i*m,' ngim ci I 'i ilm diitrii i num
n ipality, while iln- ai
cutis loaned by tba II.C Mining
Each a
riie I; (' Mining Km hinge and
I [ineering N* wi lm May is in
hand.   A i     p   wuali llu I iti I
.m.l i ,n* lully tiimi'ilcalili si tiption
nl I'm.11 Kupi ii -iii.l lie adjoining
iiiiinin conttituteiiln leadii
tm., wlnl.■ iln wholi   I nt pagi s i
.tn-1. pleii wiih live in un i "i i' ,n
nnlit and nil' n
The   stall   nl iln     uly   hall   il
swelled in unwont. *l |i"|'"iii.i
ilia >,,    il.U  ,  l!  I   I  Igll   tta.    .1.1,llllllll  Ol
M,sm,  I    S   lain., i. K   R   W.la
si.*i an liil. Aii .ian i |mi-m nia
IlliSilt   llli    llllll III    Iv 11*1.ill. Si •
ell a ( " .   , lull, I' d   ,i il int-..
who , ■ I   upon tin    iinie*
pi iiii.'ni ludil aal iii< i iii's hooka,
Tin l>i|ilui k Wrighl I.ninii. i
Co., has In ii. I wilj • ugaged mak-
111K shi| nls ill    IiiiiiIi. r   In Van*
i ouvi r lot -.min inui paal 111
Thutsday ,i  ibipmenl  ol s**.,,,,,,
leet was   maili    .nnl   un    Ml
m\t a ibipmenl ol 150,000 ibinglci
and 3n.11.111 fi ■ I 'I luiiiln 1 will go
I. iw.ird. hai t ■ I* h .is these
should 111- 1 mil.i* turs In KM
that tie In. .il  mill    11*    nm 11   j>
pottnniti tn Irl mi linull t lulls (nr
lm ,tl buildingi In' n   nrdi 1   ,n
placed with Dutiidi litms.
Secretary. His habit of [orgetting
in tike with Imu his complete
wardrobe, ind hii 1 onfiding inn0
cence in rrgird to his diet, kept
the audit in '* in continuil llUghti r.
Miss D,' Ueau Pitt, 11 the land-
lad] . and 1 i'i 1. 1 companion tn
Mr*. Mu. il: nd 1 daughti 1. ihowed
il '11 led :,il nt in her imperioni'
iim s, i*i* tu st ,* 'I peppery "1*1
um 1   haa ,1   India, it..- ' ipitill)
pi.im 'I   I.i Colin I''   I dl klOU,   ami
lh*   l.lin   1* 1 .  ol   the   I* 1  slreel
tailor, trying i" gel mi in tin
"nppi 1 1 ruit" i-i noi iety, were
immingly  porti iyi 'I  ov (i.   ll
\\ ,11:,me .     Mil  (    I    j 11 k'.iill, lis
,1 ipimlcr, witli st g partial!] [01
ip aila*-;   Mi-** ('.iiii. imi.   as tin* yi
11. intu Kdith  M.n a.ni I.   \V. J
llu ler, III i'i|ili*l.i lm*;  ,is llli*   Ki t
K li Spalding; ll 1* McPheraon,
.1- ih" young in.in ah ul lown and
111 plien   nl  Mi   Mariland; P, 1.
.,*. ,1 1 .*.n.n*    tuire, and
11 :*'. 1 Itnnkl ,ai .1 writ scry r,
n* en h and ill '"iin 11 niiv i'n
pi iiei
coined) w.is
City Fire Byl.iw
I'he full tl \t ol   1 liuie 14 o| the
1 lh hie bylaw, I" win, Ii tin* alien
tion I'l propi 111 ni' aa i*. n.i-1 a I Ict I
* * k'a i-.in * 1 ■ .is lollowi ■
All Inu rn pan * s ui l.in.I ni
ground, within ;i 1 i'ini-- nl i"n
hundre 1 leel Irom mj building,
111-11,1 * f no ut m * 1. ilread] 1 ni
-irn ii d, ni ttndet . mir-* ol con
.inu imu. -lull in 11, .iied and k. pi
tle.tl nl nil 1 miil'ii libh 111 iiill.iin
,il.li* null iial,  -in li ,i- dead nr lal
len tract, drj Inns, stumps, under
brush, ami rabbiih nl U] aad 'ill
kinds: .m.l upon .1 I* * * ipi nl .1
writli 11 report Iinin the nwini,
agent, lessee,    or   teOinl nl   su. h
Imilli ig, 1 ompliining of prnbabli
dangi 1 luml fire, hei ante of smli
c nuliiisii je ni mil imabh   matei
ial, lilualed within lhe radim nlmve
im iilimii il,  it sh,ill In   lhc .Ini) ill
thi  count il, d lathafii .1 that mi 1.
a 11, in 1 in** ,1 notice to
lie sent tn tile hist   kunwil   .1.!'Ira SS
■ccording t" the un itmcnl roll nt
tbc niiii ni year, nt nihi rwi '. "i
ill.' owner, owm i-, agi ui-. oi
|< --. - nl -mii Ini- in pan all ol
land ni ground, notifying tin in
ihni sm li dangi i . m-k ,*ni.l thai,
I y, illim -ut h length id lilin alii,c. Im ip i ih< d   hi ilu  tniini il,
nil 11   l. OWUI I-.   Igl III- a I    |.
- i - *.i mi li |' in' li "i ini- ni land
■I ground tailed lo have n movi d
be cau*   ol  hm h dangcf,  tin*
 ii il in.ii mil, i iln ii* <
vork 'Imi' ni'i the ownei ot oa
l< is -lull |'.n lhe i n-is, , lurgi .
nnl   iA|'ciises   and    tin-    nileie-l
llu |. >.n I lhc -,,1111,   nut In    I.
..vi H I al   tin suit i.l llie   city in
III V Ili'f I llllipi I.lll J IITI* ttlt ll.'ll
Tht Ot lhe I in -i in*'I,n i
nl jotmah to make it-
app, atano in In ,i| |„ riodii il i ii
Imt   it   will   im!  be liy any
un .in*,  tin* I* .1 '  I    i mi
t' iiip ii.ii * i Iiiiiii' niniihcts
plo thi i iod nd » I by
iln- iiiilul aflorl A wt 11 wml n
lliil exit Iiiulli il iiiii Hi d .uin le
nil lli,   si hO ll    ' I  '*■  ■*• *ll    llu
I  I' ii i'       > '   adilorial
liiitl' i i- Imi' I] ■. ind
the iboil itorii -. "i wbii h ii.* i*
an- i- iod ' nb t
Uining      \:l *: ■ ther,the ma:
is .I. Mrving hi" r.il patronage
Selkbkvs Western Corporation
Tin l''.\i ni-- li.i-lu eii nqueated
l'i .ih I .uini. -"luilnr l.n tin
d. lendanta, to insert tin lollowi i|
,is ,in i x.n I sl.ili in, nt nf the pn
i is- ol   m ill, nuill ill iln*  case ol
Si Iknk v- iln* Weatara Corpora
inui  "llu mggeatioa nl ,i wttle
in. nt iu lip    i .1-.    , .mi.   limn the
plaintitfi iounael, at the tin-.* nl
iln* plaintifi'i i use, tin* plaintifl
Si iknk dfli ting to wilbdraa .ill
imputationi ol Intnl.   The <h I. n
danls then nlteied In lull llu Illlel! -lun s whit h tin* plaintiff bad
paid lm. .md   wlm h the imiipany
maintiini I  w >! lull  ralw,
I In- was dona bj Mr.Diploi k,who
"The Private S:cr«tary."
A l.ui; and laabionable audi-
ence ass. mbh d m Laraon i Pat!
lion Wedm - Ir.  nighl to wilm -,
the iiiilul pi ilmnianie nl tin In-
n i| num dy. "The Private s. i n
tary," by I I fl II known
local ani.it' ui •      I'he K MM)
gOOdi lll'l  HI  »il W    i'l the    IlllSlllt.l
IlilltV   I   I      Ji,       hall      Ii'l    .1      111'   all!    <    a
I" rtormui a,  tha Mati   in
ments wi n highly creditablt   11 *
liiii'lental B1UI.I  w.is p!,iyul b]    I
All \ |i i,   I  Love, violim; and
Mil. Alexander, piano, and wan
greatly i njoyi d
It won
one aa inr mon than another, I i
all gay  an I II' III Bl n lldl iin '   I
palta, but lie   Imiinl as ' n   I
provraiof Ihi lun, i uily loll I
II  A. Scriven,  u -Tha Privati
P. (). i<:.
i aadi.1 ii".  i"r InilJ ition lain
ih" N"rlla Vl ii' r tune "I lli.
I r n* nn   ini* r "i  Ragha, Kill
laiii.ll. ul.   ti-.1  thli llicy lill
l»* required lo g.-t tli«*ir Mnlli it
'..iinin l'.i|*r. lur Miinlir-
■ lui, lillaal  ..ui  ..n ..r Mori the
loth iu-i Ippttention wan a u
Iw obtained ll «-il li.-r Doctor
Campbi 117 ..r |ii.''.iir Vcrni'r'.nl*
Kindt) pay llie imt .ni'i
.1 1' ttamt, .IciiiigTrca.iirer
fills A. II I .
Dm!) i.rand Pmidenl
Have for the exchange of the fifteen
lharei a lot in North Vancnuver.
ninl iln allotment to Mr. Selkirk
"f the unpaid shares was cancelled.
I he lollowing is a copy ol the
memorandum of settlement which
wil filed in the supreme court: —
"The pi iiniiif hereby withdraw!
ill charge! nr imputations of fraud
nr frail liilent misrepresentations
nr emu ■ :i 1 m a - ii is, as set for tli in
the Itati nii'iit nf claim in this ac*
inui. ni otherwise. It is agrei i
thai tie action shall be rjeitared
tattled out nf court, each party
paying ilnir own costs."
North Vancouver Hospital
/ HUMS -I17.6II lu $21) ytr week.
Ward /'uliiiili |l ptrtlay.
i aaiii... Kiliwnlli Slreet -.nil Wollrwhn      18-41
Civil  liiqmwr  «nd   B. C. load  Unwt
KhIIwhj>, HridKi'K, Witter Poweri, Estlmat"
iu[wr1it«id«D0t «>( i niiNtuit ti.ui, Mspg,T'mm
ItH, Mm*iii- I'ltiiin-, >iili liivlniniif.t'li:
(Terminal of Keith
Roatl Cur Line. . .)
Ice Cream, Fi uit
Cindy, Tobacco
Canned Goods
Etc., Etc., Etc.
n.n Tea is imported din 11
Iinin llu I isui.i'la plitntatinti
in Ceylon, ami is a Uini*! ii
Orange l'ekoe ol high ipiality
Our IteCre.nii is iiiadeli'Hii
t iiinn Bverything we
stuck is ol ihele'St.    .    .   .
I'iiiiic |nriia- inliriHl Inr.   llriler. ieni
in- mall or led at the Lomdali Iw.
I "in;!'* itill In* |,ri....|illy  and
t.irclully iiltcniled to.
iir! tin- ll.ii.ii
mi lliiilnia m. w„
VAH000TU, B 0
Going ?
fur BoHM Furnishings.
Then is only oui' plaMO to
purbbue, if you art- a oare-
ful, economical shopper.
Wi' have the largest stock
of House Furnishings in
tin' city, and our nrices aro
unanimously acknowlcdg-
cil to be the most reasonable to be bad.
Wc sell for cash
or easy payments
Comer Granville ami Dana-
muir streets, Vancouver, B.C
TaTin-a, ■ iie-f uilli 1111-I1; l.iilii.ce. li, I? aid 18 months
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, R. C.
i', ti. mix sm,
An everyday bargain
wriou COPf EE
Ground While You   ait
j. \t £> n. McMillan
Corner Etplaaade and Looadale Ai. nue
Pioneer Hardware
|»hone IJ I. WAEDFN   Lonadile I Kirst St.E
S.ita- Aj-rnts (.11 Mi Clary's Stoves, RaOfta, 1'urnaces,
Sin 1 win iV Williams' (anions Paints.
J Ull arrived—<Uir WMon'l delivery of Paints, V:ir-
nishes. itr.. from j^l M per gallon up.
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
Britisli Nulii America
One of Canadi's StroneeU Financial Institutions
Total Audi over $50,000,000
Sittings Accounts jivaa apecial attention A deposit ol ti
or upwards starts a Savinics Account, on which the
lit", h«t cuii.nl i.ii. nl  Inliicst is I'.iid or added to tile
Principal every tbroa uontha.   D-npoaita may he with-
drawn ai anv tinie willitiut notice.
Joint Mcounts m.iv ba npciittl in thc name ol two persons,
so lhat either may deposit ur withdraw funds, making
a very convenient  hum hi aixnunt.
Il.iukiii.i  by M.iil.    People  livio| at a   distance  may  send
in   deposits   ur   withdraw   cash   hy   mail.    Write   (or
(Mllie:   Cor. lonsdale Ave. nnd Isplnni-ide, North Vancouver, B. C.
II. It.  lliun i, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Can laav* lhe Fern Landing lor Queenibury Aveaoe, Tiyentv-first
itreet ami Lonidale, Winch ilreel and Keilh Road aa lollowi: 6:15
.1 111,, (1:4s a. in., 7:15 a. 111., 7: |S ■«■ ui., 8:15.0 in., i; a. in. 9:411 a. m.,
io:iu a in. After 10:15 a m., can will have Queenahnry avenue,
l'u, nt\ ln**i and Looadale avenue, and Winch sin-.t and Keith Koail
it live ininiilrs to the Inun and twenty live minutes past tlie hour.
Ciis leave Nineteenth itreti andQneenabunavanao, Twenty-first
itiw 1 ami Lonidale avenue, Wim h Mreel aad K.-ith Koad as lottoen 1
1:1 m.,6:551 in, 7:, N.115 a. 111., S:45 n* in*,9:30 i.m.
Altei ty.y a. in. tars leave the Perry Landing at ten minutes past tin
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
|*»'   All I11i.1i- at.- met hy tha t.ns
BIM ItfMMllO IIOIII   ON   llll   lO\M
AN I'l'-TotiATK
Tot Iti***I' RKMORT
Ratw: H.S0 I'KK
IpuW Rales In Fimilifii and Kc«rnlar Biiartlm
ll«ll-li"iir ferrt OMmNn to m.l Irom V»neouvt*r.   lint ind cold
»aler in eyery nmin.   Iletiirn 01II lieiii in livery rnnm.   IlirU'r
-l|a.|a    HI    riinlMI'tlllll
Bacon mm, - ■ ■ - north Vancouver, b. c.
•nit-.      Ainlitnts     din, lal
tial Itlilr 'rn "ia
K-l I IMI'll, NCIITII \ \S11H 1 |.|;
Nl e,l 1 to keep in touch with what is going
on in tlic City :       ■      ■      •
llwayi gives the latest, the fullest and the
I 1 mfiiriiutiiiii liom a Nortli Vancouver
poinl of mcw. You ought to siihscrihc for
The Express. Enclose one dollar in an
envelope with your address and we will do
tl.e rest. SUBSCRIBE  TODAY.
Hotel North Vancouver.
I  p l" date
$].oo per
and up
Rates for
Ferry Service fvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
and instructions to sell
CUaivd Lots, f*().xl.">!i, in Mock Wl, on Kourtconth
and Fifteenth Streets, at $500 and $525 each; corners, $600 each.   EASY TERMS.
Two cleared lots, 00x167 each, south front on
Ninth street, at $650 each.   Easy terms.
Also a few choice lots on Victoria l'ark West.
Lonsdale Ave. lot, Iietween 2nd and llnl streets,
only $3200.   Terms.
Sixth street lots in Block 117, $500 each.  Terms,
A good list of Lots in all |>arls of the <'ity, at
prices from $20(1 each nnd up.
Wanted (rom Ottnim lint"! ol jtn.nl clnne-iii Lots Hint Ulllllie    We licentiate mien
if llie price, are riitlil.
Cor. lonsdale Avenue .mil I ifth St., North V'enio'ivpr, B C.
Till.I rilDNE 15


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