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 •ov'   _ff
Is Ihal which goes inlo peoples'
homes.     To reach the people of
North   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80                     THE EXPRESS
§l)t IxprfHa
J       Ere, tiled .n a style that pleases
and at prices Ihal are right at
,„„,.*»       The Express
Aldermen Irwin, Wheeler,Smith
and Brain were pit sent at the regular session of the city council on
Monday evening. Mayor Kealy
Council first sat as a court of revision on the proposed sidewalk oil
the north side of Victoria park.
There being no objections, the
matter was passed on to the council for approval and action.
The council then opened ils
Councillor Smith took exception
to an Hem in the minutes ol October 5th.with respect to the motion
lo dispense with the services ol
watei works foreman J. E. I'eck.
The latter portion of the recommendation of the waterworks couiniittee read as follows: "Also that
his 1 l;a'ia in,in Peck's) duties be
herealtei undertaken by his assistant Mr. MacDonald." It was ti>
this clause ihat Aldermen Smith
Objected On mot ion of Aldermen
Wheeler and Irwin, the objectionable clause was struck out aud the
minutes as amended w-ire adopted.
A lettei frmn lhe assistant postmaster geiiei.il lias read, stating
that enquiry will be at once instituted wiili reference to thereipiesi
ol cnuiit il lot ni' (I, .veil postal facilities 111 lhe city     Filed.
City Assessor Elder wrote to the
eflect llul the asaessmcnt roll will
not be raaflfl lor return until October 26th. On motion tlie time lor
its 1 mm was extended accordingly.
The mayor reported the sale of
the city iiond.s lo the amount of
J•) 1,11 *' and iu this connection
observed llial Ibis would pay the
dents ol lite city and enable council to start at once to exd nd the
water svstt m, antl that this would I
be lhe hrst item to occupy the at '
tention ol the council
Aid. llraim took occasion to
observe that r. sidenls ot D. L. 273
had dfilitvd lo him that Aid. Smith
had inhumed them that the (ailure
to extend the waiei si stem through
that vicinity had been due to the
action oi Aldermen Wheeler aud
hraim. He drew attention t8 the
lact that he and Alderman Wheeler
had recommended the extensions
but that the council had not adopted their recommendation.
Accounts as lollows were ordered paid: board nl works, total
I161.10; waterworks committee,
total #71.
A communication from the Dominion printing and advertising
company was submitted by Aid.
Irwin. The company proposed to
print the eity bylaws that are not
iln-ad) published, Iree ol cost to
the city, provided they were accorded the privilege of doing so
with advertisementsattac' ed. The
bylaws are to be distributed Iree
throughout the city, and the company ii to pay the city $15 to defray cost of proof reading. The
proposition was accepted.
Aid. Irwin submitted a report
from tbe special joint committee
appointed to consider the matter
ol assistance to be rendered the
Horticultural association, financially. Thi committee lound that
in all the mm ol 11 293 would bc required to pay pH outstanding liabilities and to make required improvements on the pavilion. The
plan outlined wa< that the district
ihould make a cash donation ol
{90 to equalize grants already
made by the city, and that in addition, the city and the distrn t
should each advance the sum ol
tboo by way ol loan, pending the
appointment of a board ol park
commissioners, and that the committee draw up a plan as to the
formation of such a board. Mayor
Kealy was of opiniou that the city
could not loan civic lunds unless
there was a sinking luml which tin
city does not at present poiaeil.
He further was doubtful ol the
powers ol the city to make grants
to sustain what might be consider
ed a private patk. He suggested
that thc best tolution would be tn
submit the proposition lo the rale
payers at the civic elections, to
purchase the whole propi ny nut-
right lor the putposes ol a public
park.    The mattet was laid over.
Conlratlnr Snubr w.is giaiilrd
an extension ol two weeks lor the
completion ol the work on nth
The mayor reported that the
laying of the sidewalk on 3rd street
will bc commenced on Monday
next, the 2bl\i insl.
Alderman Smith read the draft
agreement between the city and
tlistrict as to interchange of water
service. Laid over in order that
the mayor and aldermen may have
time to read it personally.
The question ot the local improvement petitions now belore
die council was discussed at considerable length. The total work
done at present amounts to $18,000
and there remain $7,000 available*
lor further work. Investigation
shewed that some of these petitions
had been banded in last June and
others several mouths ago, but
that the plans are not yet ready.
The mayor could not understand
why there should be so much delay
in getting at the work. The board
ol works will attend to the expediting ol the matter.
On motion of Alderman Irwin,
seconded by Alderman Hraim, the
request of the civic auditing committee that hitherto unpublished
portion:! ol Ihe special auditors'
report be given the same publicity
that was given those portions already published in Tin: KXMtaa,
was gi uiied. and the documents
ordered published.
Aid. Irwin reported that Mr.
Promt will lay the sidewalk himself, which be requested council at
last session to build to his house.
Local improvement bylaws.num-
bers 2, 3, and 4, lor lOtli. nth
street (roadway), and 1 ith street
(sidewalk), were given their final
reading, and ordered signed.
A petition Irom the board of
trade (0 the provincial government,
requesting that the Lillooet trail
be opened up to the head of Seymour creek was presented, nml
ordered signed by thc mayor and
acting clerk, upon behall of the
city.    Council adjourned.
Tll Exi'kess. His advent marks
one step in the development of
that progressive policy by the
energetic prosecution of which
THI Express intends to keep pace
with the requirements ol North
Vancouver, and to offer the citizens
at all times, the best newspaper,
the most effective advertising me
dium, and the most efficient work*
manshlp in job printing that can be
produced on a sound business
Conservative Rally
A New Citizen
Tin Ga/ki ra, published in Pic-
ton, Ontario, had the lollowing to
say in a recent issue, with reference
to one of lhe citizens of that place
who is about to remove to tins
cilyi "An important commercial
deal was put through within the
past lew days, and as a mult,
Picton will shortly lose one of its
best known and most prominent
townsmen, E. A. Morden. lt has
just been definitely announced
that Mr. Morden has sold bis job
printing plant
Mr. Morden intends pulling up
itakei ai it wen: Irom town, to
seek fresh fields and pastures new.
With Mrs. Morden, he expects to
leave during this month for Hritish
Columbia, where he will make his
home in North Vancouver. His
brother Geo. H. Morden, well
known to many in town, has recently become business manager
ol thc Norlli Vancouver BlIUW
It is understood that Mr. Mordcn
will have charge ol the jeli print
ing department of this newspaper
in the thriving suburb of tin* metropolis of the Pacific coast, and
his lown friends, which are legion,
will hope lor him many bright and
prosperous years.
Thc going away of Mr. Morden
removes a citizen who has meant
much to the town's upbuilding, always having been active where the
wellare ol the town folk was concerned. The Morden family is one
of (he early prominent families ol
the country's history.
In the municipal lile of Picton,
Mi Mnrden lias laken an active
part. He has served several terms,
both as councillor, and as reeve,
showing the high flat— in whu h
he was held by citizens generally.
**' ronl times be had been pressed
to run as mayor as late as last
election, but lie always declined to
accept the highest honor in the
gift ol the ratepayers
To the alwve it is for Tin Express to add that E A Mofdal is
a practical ho"k and job printer,!)!
over 25 years experience and who
is thoroughly conversant wilh all
branches nl the business. He is
expected to arrive in thc city flat!
week and will at once take charge
ol   the job printing department of
The Conservatives of North Vancouver held a very successful rally
in Ihe couiniittee rooms on Wednesday evening, under the chairmanship of W. H. May.
The chairman—who we are all
pleased to know is rapidly recovering rapidly from bis recent accident--briefly outlined the position
of the various candidates on the
matters at issue, and earnestly appealed to all Una North Vancouver citizens to vote for Cowan.
The first speaker was campaign
manager H. H. Watson, who made
some brilliant hits, frequently provoking roars of laughter, and
working the audience up into a
high state of enthusiasm.
A.  J.   Kappele   followed  in an
illuminating address, stating that
I Mr. Cowan was a man who could
j be absolutely trusted.
I    Geo. H. Morden gave an inspiring address, referring to the Asiatic question and better terms, and
giving   a   birdseye view of the in*
tl!< tment against the Laurier government.      His   facts   were  well
marshalled,   and   the   arguments
advanced  by him were absolutely
convincing.      The   speaker  was
splendidly received by the audience
who  cheered   to the echo, and it
was  agreed  on all hands that the
speecli was most effective.
C. E. Hope and others also addressed the meeting, but undoubtedly the sensation of the evening !
was the remarkable disclosures of j
Liberal gralt and mismanagement
in the Yukon, as revealed by Graham Campbell, who has spent
1 t'lisiil, i.iliie time in that territory.
With telling force and substantiated by facts and figures which
he presented, Mr. Campbell told
incident after incident which portrayed in a convincing manner the
maladministration of which the
Laurier government has been
guilty in its conduct of affairs in
the Yukon.
Mr. Graham's address dealt with
tin m.liiipiii.iiu'ii of the voters' lists,
government favoritism toward the
Japanese, the wholesale manner in
w hich mineral lands vere conferred
upon faithful Liberals, the corruption of the civil service, the
maladministration of justice, and
the undesirable character of practically all the men senl into the
Yukon by the government.
The rally was a splendidsucceil
and accomplished much for the
Conservative interests
The musical and literary portion
ol the programme was of an exceptionally good order, and constituted a pleasing diversion.
Joseph Martin was accorded an
ovation upon rising to speak. In
opening he combatted the state
ment of the News Advertiser, that
his policy is one of destructiveness
and lacks constructive features.
The building up of an independent
party, at which he aimed, was certainly of a constructive nature.
Following these remarks, Mr. Martin proceeded to discusa his platform clause by clause, and was
closely followed by his audience
with frequent applause. Three
cheers for Mr. Martin brought the
rgeeting to a close.
Young Peoples' Club
At the regular session of the
Young People's Club, held in St.
Andrew's Presbyterian Church on
Tuesday evening, a very interesting debate was held on thequeition
"Should an electric tramway be
run in Stanley Park?" The affirmative was advocated by C. Baxter,
leader, and K. Simpson and Miss
S. Peers. The negative was cham
pioned by Mr. Garrow, leader, who
was ably supported by J. Kelly
and Miss N. Philip.
Arthur Knowles sustained the
difficult office of critic, and advanced his points in a manner at once
pleasing and forceful. The vote
gave the affirmative the decision
by a majority of two. Vancouver
city council is expected to take
notice, and to govern itself accordingly.
The resignation of the secretary,
Mr. Young, who is returning to his
former home at London, Ont,was
accepted wi.n rcgiel. Mr.Garrow
was then 1 hcled secretary.
An iliu' luted lecture by Rev. R.
J. Wilsoi, pastor of St. Andrew's,
Yaucouvti. is the fixture lor next
Tuesday av< ning. This will be an
open meeting and doubtless one of
exceptional merit. The public is
cordially invited to attend.
Choral Society
A Martin Rally
Joseph Martin, the F.xchisionist
candidate, was greeted hy a good-
sized audience at his meeting on
Wednesday evening, in Larson's
Pavilion. R. J. Fowler OCCUpM
the chair, ami in his opening re
marks complimented Mr. Martin
on the presence of so many ladies
in the audience. He reviewed ilu
work ol the Exclusion League, especially noting the (act that that
work hail been performed in entire
independence ol party affiliations
or animosities of any kind. He
ventured tbc opinion that North
Vancouver electors would desert
partyism and vote lor Joe Martin.
J. E. Wilton, president ol • tlic
League, was the next speaker,
lb handled W. W. B, Mclnnes
and his many promises without
gloves. I le pointed out the inconsistency nf Nir. Mclnnes' position,
111 posing as an exclusions! when
Sir Wilfrid Laurier had declared
lhat exclusion is too radical for
Canada. He discussed tin lliiialu
question, the $5011 bead tax on
t hiflflflfl immigrants, and the I *
mii'iix mission. II* In hi that Mr
Horden had igBOffld tin exclusion
question and hail assented tn tin
ratification of iln lapaaoM treaty
including the immigration clause.
A very promising start was made
on Wednesday night, in the Horticultural hall, when a choral society took definite shape and had a
good steady practice for an hour
and a hall. There were 25 persons
present and lully a dozen more will
probably be forthcoming at next
practice, which will be held in the
Esplanade cale, Ellwood block,
Wednesday evening next, at 8
o'clock. Practice will begin exactly on lime and it is hoped there
will be no late comers. John Alex
ander was appointed conductor,
H. V. Smith honorary secretary,
and an interim committee. Cow-
en's "Rose Maiden" will bc taken
up whenever the copies come to
hand, and all those wishing a copy
and who intend joining the society
are requested to be present next
Wednesday evening. Meantime
some madrigals and part songs will
furnish the material for practice.
Lynn Creek Notes
John Joliannson intendl building
a house on his property, on King
stmt, being lot 5 in the S. E.
quarter of D.L. 5617.
D. V. Campbell will begin at
once to erect a residence on lots
22 to 24, block 19, D.L. 1023, for
personal occupancy.
Harry Holland is erecting a two
story building, for hotel purposes.
It is located on thc pipe line roid,
near the centre of the vail, v.
The new residence of A. P. Allan
is now completed and Mr. Allan
with his family has laken posses-
sum The residence presents a
very attractive appearance.
The G.T P. Coming
Upon returning to Winnipeg
Iron bis westi rn trip, President
Hays, ol the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway,said that the Grand Trunk
would build a line south Irom iti
main line lo Vancouver. There
were many details yet, howfver, to
work out iu connection with it,ind
llu- exact plan- ol the company
could not be made public.
Ofl Thursday, Nov. 5th, J S.
RinkiOalhfl well known auctioneer,
will Imlil an important sale of real
, *i,ile. Among thc lands tn l„
sold are valuable holdings east and
west of the Capilano and on Seymour creek.
The city is calling for tenders,in
this isiue, for certain local improvements.
Apples for jelly or cooking—ra.
15 or 25 pounds for 25c. C. E.
Keens, 15th street.
The next fixture of the North
Vancouver football club is at Westham Island, on November 9th.
The Oddfellows have secured a
large electric sign, which will be
placed over the front of their lodge-
room, on Lonsdale ave.
A large portion of the Hammer-
sley estate, embracing choice inside property in this city, has just
been placed on the market.
Aid. Braim took a parly of hunt
ers up lo Howen Island on Saturday last,   They returned  with
deer and a large number oi grousa
Lost Irish terrier, dark red
color, bitch. Answers to name ol
"Biddy." Lost Tuesday, near
ferry alip. Reward il lelt at this
E. C. Parry, the well-known
plumber, had the misfortune to
break hia collar bone this week
The fracture is mending satisfactorily.
The steam barge Forager
brought in a large cargo ol hay
oats and general produce this
week, for the Brackman-Ker Milling Company.
Postoffice Inspector Greenfield
has notified Postmaster McMillan
that he will visit the city next week
for the purpose of installing mailing boxes throughout the city.
The building occupied by the
Methodist church at the corner ol
4th atreet and St. George's avenue,
has been lengthened 16 feet. Reopening services will be held on
The big transformer at thc
power house.blew out on Monday,
putting the car service out of business lm the iln Strenuous efforts
placed the system in working order
at about ten p.m.
Postmaster McMillan reports
gratifying growth in the several
departments of the local post office, a special feature being the
rapid increase in the demand (or
post office money orders.
The hockey match played at
Brockton Point last Saturday, between mixed teams representing
Vancouver and Norlh Vancouver,
was won by the former, by a icore
of 3 goals to nil. It was a first-
class game.
I. J. Woods, H. C. Wright, W.
Green and Henry Woods enjoyed
a week ead holiday last week, in a
hunting expedition along one ol
the creeks tributary to the North
Arm. They brought back with
them a good sized liear and a deer
Harry Mitchell, local manager
for the Brackman Ker Milling Co
is having lomewhat extensive repairs made to the company's pre-
miaes on Lonsdale avenue, in order
to provide belter (acililu** I 1
handling the steadily growing
W.J.Winn, who waithehol*
del ol extensive realty in thii city,
died in Vancnuver this week ol
pneumonia. A short funeral service was held Monday evening and
the remains were sent east for in
termcnl, al the former home of the
deceased at Lindsay, Ont.
F. Stev-ns, J. C. Sabin and S.
Watson were sojourners at Ihe
Perpendicular Farm,Grouse mountain, on Saturday last. Win!'
there they felled a bay tree and
were surprised lo discover a hive
of bees in the tree. The pot t> t
yielded about 25 pounds of choice
cottage is just completed and is a
model ol convenience and of comfort. Mr Hughes intends building
another and larger residence lo the
east of tlie one he now occupies,
to be occupied by himself when
completed as his permanent residence.
Work on the Lynn Valley water
s'slein has been delayed because
of non-arrival ol pipe and fittings.
The entire equipment is now on
(he ground, however,and the work
is going rapidly ahead. The pipe
on the Lonsdale norlh section is
now all in place, and thc test will
be made on Saturday or Monday.
The trench is ready and pipe laying
is proceeding 011 the Lynn valley
The board of trade petition to
the government for a subsidy of
$250,000 for a traffic bridge acrosa
Second Narrows, is now about
completed as to its wording and it
is expected that a copy will be
placed at every polling booth in
Vancouver, North Vancouver,
Richmond and Burnaby, on Monday next, iu order that every elector may have opportunity to place
his name upon lhe petition.
The special auditors' report
will be published in Tin: Exraass
as early as it can be put Into type.
This publication will include the
entire report with all documents
pertaining thereto, with the exception ot the portion! which appeared
in this paper of August 14th last,
copies of which may be obtained
at thc city hall. The report will
appear in one ol the early November issues of Thi Express, bul it
is impossible to give thecxict date
at preient.
The Exi'Riis is in receipt ol a
very attractive pamphlet containing the three letter*, written by F.
C. Wade to the News-Advertiier,
wiih reference to the preferability
of the Canadian flag to the British
ensign, lor use on the dag polea of
our public schools. The book haa
fourteen pages, is printed on high
class paper and constitute! a most
forceful ind convincing presentation ol a subject of real moment,
auch at well deserves wide circulation and careful perusal.
There will bc a reopening of the
Mi tin-din church on Sunday nexl.
Rev. Dr. Robson will preach at
the nun rung sen ic< , ainl the putor
will preach in the evening. On
Tuesday the 27th, at H p.m., the
Epworth leagues of Vancouver
will give an entertainment in the
enlarged church building. The
ladus and bachelors will provide
cake and coffee, and a good time
will be spent over railing the
money to pay for the malt-rial in
the new piece which has been put
into the new church.
The bill arranged for the Grand
theatre all mil a,, km one lhat
will prove exceptionally pleating
to play goera. Manager Lew 11 his
given hit belt attention to arranging the several features with a view
to variety ami effect in accordance
with hi* well known ability to
pleaie the public lo which he
eaten The election returns will
he announced from the stage on
Monday evening, so that patrons
of ihn popular retort will have
tin privilege ol occupying a comfortable teat while Ihey wait lor
Ihe returns and of lieing entertain-
ed in a royal manner in lhc interim
between the rci-ortl.
Enlarging Their Plant
J  J   M.Donald an.lC   M H011I
ter,   proprietors  ol   the  Burrard
Woodworking  Factory,  are   pro-
1 ei ling at once with llu  trectioa
10I a new buielmg and lhe inslalla-
__—————_________,    lion of a greatly improved plant.
The first shipment of skatea for, The str||cturi. Wll| ^      ,„,
the roller skating rmk, to ba MM- ,„„ „„*,,, jn  hpj h,     ,*,„   ,,,,,
ed in  Larsons pavilion    »".ved,W)1| |S1. ,v,n     ,,, „, „„.
yestertlav       I he link will  bfl duly  , |||n(.ry fp        ,,. ,0 woodwork,ng
opened during (be coming   wr-ck. 11B „,-   „„   |,umh„, „  „,,, lnj
thc exact date to Ik* announced
later. Messrs Booth ami Aikiri*-
are the proprietors olthc new venture
Gwynne   Hughes   anil   family
■ l""is. Iiirniiure. |h-iu h work, itair
work, 1 It llit ipfli leal thai the
plant will bc 111 opetation in alioul
•ix weeks Meanwhile, lhe hull-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ifless will be carried on as tun 1.1
have, tins week, innv, d  min ilu ir lore m the smaller building un the
I ntw cottage on ind itreet E.   The saint lot. TIIE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C,
Nokiii Vawcotrvaa, H* C.
(!. K. SiiiriiKiiiMiiii.it, Q. II* Minnies',
Mill Ull      business Mgr.
R tm nr SinsiKiiTiiiN :
(in,* iaar - - tl.JJ
MX Ini.lltllS    • • • all
Three  lllll      * * '-'''
United suite- ind Korfllgn.ll.llOpflrjrflfl*
Tllll'SlllST    Ulial'I.AV    Al)       TIHBMKS'TS—
.r>ll cents par iluii each insertion.
booul Wit ks, Kit'.—|1.IKI per inch (icr
I.isn ami Tumult NuTii'Ks—Ild ilays, |*5;
audajra, |7.'*u.
I.kuii  InuiMiMMi—Firat insertion, 10
oenti par Una; each rabMqoanl inner*
ll..11. ae   ner line.
lUiniv.. Notioh is I.m ii. Kiwi Cm-
ins.,    lu **,nls |ierline,i'ai'h iimerlinn,
I tea run i   Am i iiiiskmksts—ltu(e»  ur*
ninijeil HiTiiri|ln| In -|.iut- laken,
Alleliani'i'siiieiinlrat'l advertisement.!
a: a-l In* in I In* Iiiiii,Is nf the printer bv
Ue.lin-s.lat •eveiiiiigtiieii-iirepublieiiliiiii
ill the llt'M   i--Ila-.
Noriii \'\\itn'MR, Oct. 23, 190s
The iiilnrniation that the sale ol
,<j5,noo ol city waterworks bunds,
effected last Week, will t liable the
council to proceed at once with
extensions to the city .vater system,
will In* gratifying to I laige proportion ni the population, I ben
is a large area ol lhe city whose
inhabitant!  have bun compelled
thus far, Io content themselves
with stub imperlttl service as
could be secured Irom many thou
sands nl Iflfll of quarter inch pipe,
laid in such a manner as to In
easilv   siist eptible to the action of
frost,  with its attendant incon-
vt'iiu'iii 1. The assurance that no
Bflfleeeetar) delay will be permit
ted m the commencement of opoi
ations.   gives   piomise   lhat these
nuatiatai torj  conditioni trill !»
Overcome to I t tinsidi rable i xt.nl
Indue winter has fairly set in. The
proportion ol the .<35,ooo which
will bt available lor the purpOflflfl
of a atcaakna, has nm *, i*t been
arrived at, as tin waleiuniks at
count is intlfbteil to tin gem nil
raw nue nl ibe cilv lm inch i xti n-
sions and n-pairs, as have been
in,ule lor some tune past, ami this
money will lirst have tn be repaid,
win ii the balance ol the $35,000
will represent the Mwaal actuall)
available for waterworks pnrpofll t,
The general plan outlined is tli.it
nine inch mams In* run Irom tin
1 ,th sireit gnat main.down atnetl
running north and south at md r
vals of two or three blm ks, ud
that distribution pipt snl either four
or sis inch tlianictt 1 In nm alnng
all streets running nal ami m sl.
The plat als<, im -hides the construction ol I rest rum Inr storage
purposes, for whu I: 1 lm ation has
been pailly (hosen OH .'1st sin, 1
Bs iptiOB is taken In (his location,
howevi 1, on (he gioiiinl that it
would ni'CfSsiiate 1 xtiii.iii* exia-
vations in the bard pan, whu b
WOUId prnve vi r\ I \pi u-.iv.. ami
it would  then Ion bfl better io lo-
1 it'  thfl ri   'i 'I*  -uilable
ravine wheie miiure li 1 already
p' rlnrim *l pi.u til illy all the excavation thai will he required,   llu
aaact I lioa ol tht n ian ia)
Ihetfllon be sai'l I'   I 1 mi ,m opt n
'piesiioii.   1 iii 1 onitrm tir>n ni iin
system nl wad r lUppI) il a nalK r
nl   superlative   niiporlaiit ■   to [hi
nty. ami itiprogrfld villdoubtlflflfl
1" 1 iind iiipl.il* il with dn *p interest
by the t iti/' ns
two or three trips. S. B, I laniard,
who resides on Scott's ram h, Seymour creek, complains that he is in
constant danger from stray bullets
and that remonstrances with the
offenderi is useless ami mily brooki
insult. On one occasion a bullet
lodged in the end ol his cabin.
Councillor McNaught, in walking
along one of the main ruadsof Lynn
creek, came upon several imu with
guns, who were about to lire at a
mark which they bail set up, Said
mark was in direct line with a
dwelling In which a family was residing.
A marksman on a recent Sunday,
took Ins station in front of Councillor Nve's houae and proceeded
lo dispense leaden missies Irom a
rille in the direction ol Foreman
Bvfl'l lesidence. lt is luiderstood
that one ol lhe missies passed
through the leg ol Mi Kva's lions'is.    Ile   was  induced  10  tlesist
iipnn tin energetic remomtrancci
1 i ouncillor Nye ami Mi.   Eva,
One of the conductors on the tram*
line faiiimlliiuisf If ii'tlti-i ■proximity
to whistling bullets ai',1  w,is com-
pelled to take refuge behind ■ a dai
tree, at which thfl invisible marksman pun nil' .1 to din barge bullets
at the rata ol several per minute.
The conductor, while unable lo
It ave bis retieal without risking bis
life, was Initiinatcl, able tO Iapprise
those   women   and  children    who
coming to the tar, of their danger
and thus avert a casualty. Such
lacts as these are surely sufficient
to convince the citi/ens ihat some
at linn is nciessaiv.
thai the destruction of these domestic birds has much to do with
the increase of those parasites
which work harm to fruit and vegetable. They are ol tame habits
ami fly trustfully about our streets
and houses, to thfl delight of those
who have learned to appreciate
these little creatures at their true
worth. As such, they are deserving our protection in their helplessness. The practice referred to is
one of unqualified cru.:lty and an-
genders tendem ins toward wanton
destructiveness which should bfl
promptly and effectively checked,
in the interests of the characters ol
the hoys themselves. Friends ol
llust* birds are complaining that
the bird* are being harassed ami
killed in and about the city in ibis
manner, and It is well that prompt
measures should be taken to put a
stop to thfl practise.
I b< imminent danger wlm I,
menaces travallfln and laaidenlt
throughout lh* dittrii t (ran i an -
1 fl* us,* nl lire.irius, upon (be pari
nf irresponsible partial, appears to
1 ■• ceding even more serious as (be
' MM advances On a n■■ 1 nt
Sunda) Council loi Davideoo count-
ad hftv Iwo guns at a givefl point
Bfl I.)nn valley road, within the
of nne and one-hall hours
( hi another SiindayM\ty guns were
counted coming ofl thfl birv boat in
The suggestion made by Councillor Robfloo, at tin lul meeting
of the districi council, that the
provincial statutes be Ifflflndfld to
pfot ule lm lhe issuance ol lio Iflfll
to carry guns, Is uniting with a
great ileal ol favorable COOMKMI
amongst devotees of the chase.
There is I 1 iiiiMibi.ilai weight ol
opinion, however, in lavor ol a
provincial instead nl a municipal
lu ense. .\ munii ipal Ikenaa would
cover only the particular municipality lor wlm Ii il was i-muiI. ami
a great deal ol   inconvenience
WOUld be involved, as mil as expense, win a huntsman compelled
tO set me  a   separate   lio use  for
1 .itb municipality in which he
might wish to enjoy a da\'s hunt
mu. A provim ial lio use would
aiinuiplisli every purpose that is
to be served and would give tlie
holder the rangt of the entire pro-
win, tor Ins operations.
I be bo use idea has a very great
tb al in ils lavor. The mist In, I
lhat is done is confined, in pin ti
cally all instances, to nresponsible
pai lu s, who really ought not lo be
allow 'I 11. use firearms 1111.1. r 1 millions in whiih thflffl is a possibility of harm to the public I b'
in use law could hematic lo cover
such cases hi placing tin age limit
al, say. sixteen yt ais. ami In, sm li
other qualifications as might tic
deemed wise. The revenue dfltiv*
id llnlll tins smut e .Wanl.I bfl con-
sideiable and might I usi I Inr
the sustaining nl a uinie a llli unt
game waldeu -'lilt' . whu h iniihl
be math    eminentl,  uselul in thc
I'lntt 11 it game ibi.nigliollt the
prOViflO       Nol    onl\     wiiail.l    (In
talet) ni tin publii  be promoted,
bul llu interests ol (bote 1 il
who hmi   1 njoymi ut through  rod
ami iciill    would   bi   | .,:is, rod  b)
(In aim ndnu nt ol   thfl ItfltUM as
Church Notices
Holy Communion, K a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will bfl a second celebration
of the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. 111.
Service at Moodyville school al
7:30 p. 111.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
K o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev.' J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Morning service, nam ; Sunday school, 2:30 p. nr; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
I'naching in Lynn valley bfl
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
1i a. in.
R*T. H. II. Haldeiston, B. A.
N.iKIII   \ IN! nl MR   1 Mil.II It
Sunday Services—Mass al 9
a. m., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Iii-ui-diction at 3 p. m.
I'astor: Rev. li. I'eytavin, 0.
M. I. V. (,.
Service at 11 o'clock a. in in
the Orange hall: Sunday school at
lhc close of the service
I'astor :   Rev. David Long.
All are welcome.
For Sale
Strawberry runners,7*'ir |>er Hill (Milei tin
ami Paxtiin)
Raipberry oanea 11.60 per 100 (Cutbbcrl
• iind Marlborough).
Ketl currants, |2.Sn a Ooien, 6yra. old
Rhubarb, ft ner tin/.
RADERMACHER, Lonsdale l21st St.
11 h v < * youi liTi's pruned DO* . tnd y Hi' K«i",','ii
iixi'il up   Wi- iQppl] nli klodioi fruit trees,
rcsi'N, slimlis nml i.iiiiiuii'titiil tNM.
Give uk h I rial onler 11 wlil pal ymi.
Thli li lhe min' in p)*nt rour frull treei, rou -*
mill.., fi.-.    nm ^.oOoollertlon nf Hull., ll III,
ffWtPt* Imrjfttill Kollltj     |lri)|. 11 Utile |-i
Niirsi-rvnit'ii ami   LftUdWMM   Qtrdeilfti
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Nurlh Viinrntivi'r.
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The Norlh Vancouver
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H'HINK 111.01'K I.ONSIIU.K A' I'
(TAKE nntiii'thul Wllllani 11. Rnberl**.
' nlTliiiiiiler Bajr,ocrtipetloii rancher,
Intends m apply lor perniiawtoti in inir-
chaaa iba lollowing ileseri'ietl land.:
CoainiflRClflg nl :i poel planted ait I**
untilheast corner of l"l I.V.'I ami N.W.
e.irnir of Int Ml, llienet* m*-l (0 chaini
inure nr le*i-, In S.W, ...rneriif I.a I.V.'I,
smith .'ill chains, ea-t m rhaln. mora or
letjn, to tventern  Imnniliirv ul lotW91,
nnrlh Ull chains, In I'niiit uli nance-
Wil.1.1AM ll. R0BERT8
Per,Iran Bocaoaoia, Agent
Daletl Ltant.tth, MM
Loeatfld Sept. Sib, l'His ::n*si
The hitch which had OCCUITi '. in
'be progress of affairs relative to
the superslriictiire ol the Seymour
1 reek bridge, has lieen overcome,
and the M. J. Patterson company
wired yesterday to the eflect that
actual maniilactiireof tbestet lunrk
has now commenced. The difli-
culty perlainetl to inability to make
s.iiislaclory arrangements wilh re*
■ I"' 1 to the duty on the superstructure, hut il is understood that
au amicable adjustment has been
When you intend building
.1,«. mm., himb
A li IXf /■/'/  II.IllIT
Thai pernicious practice in which
Ihoiinhlless bins are prone lo allow   themielvet, ol  ibooting  ai
harmless   I,mis. null   as   robins,
■parrots*, meadon larks, < t<..with
* al.ipulls or an tuns, i- tun that
sliould be given no tolerance what
ef 1 by paienls antl by local au
iborilies, Nnl only are Ihese lunls
not game birds in SB] M BSS 0\ the
term, but lh0*f an ol llu gmalesl
In mht in tlu th strut lion of (mil j
and garden p. sis. Authorities in I
tin 1 uialii rs are ol tin   opinion I
Piflfll 11",  Niibtii VafleoflVfli
"    lll'l'.'.   V-vnirvaa
Dominion  Subsidy
Proposed North  Vnncoiiycr
ri't'iiiiiius of liriind Trunk
Call nn 11* fir* rile lur (nil pirliculari.
\orlli fancouver Hardware
i'i.iii|iaii). Lid.
Hi-iinrli 0|/i'it, l.tiitmliite Arc.,Villi, l'lmur
Sn .It.
Ilrail tnji, -e n ,„l Mill. I.mm fuel, lit'
Builder-s and
P, LARSON is prepsrsd to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And nil kinds of Building
Mutorial in quantities to suit
and nt reasonsble prioes,
To ths Citisons of
North  Vnncouver
We  patroni/e \11111  linnic
papers tvith tht hope that
ytm will patronize Dl, BUI
not unless ire can nice \ou
imt onlv Pir»l Clin Piano
(liiabli. BU I'    al:-ail."»' 1
1'rici's     All ui* ask ol you
anil this is lm our mutual  iatefesti   li tli.it jron
call   mul   st'    mir
get  our   pntt-s   ami   Baa]
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lisln tl I lisi nl sunn: Two
I)ij/i*ii ol your Most I'm
ininent anil Well-Known
Citiaeni who have bought
ol us
which is onlv one ol llu*
1(1 tblli nni makes we
carry in stock.
111 IIR till
Mimjs     snin.>     snoi.s
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$10,000   Stock**   to Selecl from
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MEN'S $1.75 to$900. WOMEN'S $175 to $600.
Boys' Wonders, $1.50 lo 2.85.  Girl's Wonders, $1.25 to2.50
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Ramsay's 26o 1
Look's    85o 1 per tin
Christies' 80o-
J. Xt t5» M. Mi MILLAN
For Root and Shoe Repairing
and Custom V ork   .   .   .
jo to THOS. O. mills
Pioneei Reiidenl Horn Maker
1..ans,lab* Ave., above .mil Sti tit
ai the A. M. Ko*'- Shoe Store.
(iii.iuiiiy BflrvfljrW and Architect
l-'i.l'IITII   Sl'ltKKT. '"i:\KU   l.llN'ltll.M.K  A\k'
NORTH V.\Nt'0l'\'l'l!.
I'l.in-   and   Hpeclflcalloni   Prepared.
IVbt'ii thinking ol Iniil.linn h't ni glv»
an >--ti 11.ul.-.
or I'd. Ilaa\ '.2.  Forth Vhihiiiiiit.
In sli ililli ili'livii'i'il Haih In
nil imrls of llir I'il)
TAKK ntitii'i' llial I'raniis Williani
' I'liiilieilil, uf Viiin'uiH'i'r, B.C.,
Gentleman. Intend! to apply lm an*-*
iiiispi.ni Iii least. 1 In* fnl liming dflHnnd
Ciiiiiiiit'iieiii'.' ui a punt planted al llie
Stiulli KiKUerly inrner ol lli-iriet l.nt
Kll, (lruii|i 1, New  Ht'flniiiuiler Hi.*
(rie(, llieiit'e -muiii uluiii* tin t lioun-
tlary uf Lot Sll, (Ir.ni|i I, Neil lli-lniin-
iter Diitrict, produced -■' 1 -Iinin-, tlu'iii'e
tiesl :lll :1I I'luiins, Ihenet' in.rlli "illile*
■.'reel*,   ne.t 1 IMS fliaiiis llinri' ur lew In
tin* flrflthmlflrli in rr r.l lii.iilit U,t
147, tlietii'i' suiilliftiiiti'rly, natarli ..-il
iiiirlliea-terly llflflfl the liurtlit'rlv »liori*
nf Barren] Inlet to the plner nllit'iiiii*
nmu, containing i^i aerca mutt nr lew.
Dated Hth Auguit, Iikw
Ililli'   llllllll   liM'liriUhT
Leave Onli rs at Kxpress Oflice.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
In li Bread daily delivered
to all pails nl (he city.
so loaves for $i
5c. per loaf.
mow B        71 Lonsdale Ave
1)1 T.I.IC NOTICE is herein- niven that
' in accordance with the provialona ol
lhe Public Iballli lly-Uw, ol tha Cilv
nl Nurth Vaaconvar, the Municipal
Council hare contnetcd villi the Radical Health Officer to atltad nttiie City
Half, X,,rlli Vniii'niiver, nn Hie 1'ir.l
Muiiihiyiil aflch iii'Hitli, ill llie lintir iif
II ii'iIihI, in llie fnreiuinii, lur the pur-
|...sei.i racdnadni at IbeeiBanai nf
I the city, ab pnur |M*r»iiis ;iui'l all otlierj
ai tlieir inui Kpeaaa.
Tlie lallur, nml lier.'iir IflMfl having
ll.e 1 aire, niirliire, or iimlmly nl every
child Imrn iu the eity, uluiii, within
three   liinntliH nller llie   birth uf Mich
child, take or mm m batflflfla, Ihe
child, t" the Me'lieal I'rai'tilioner, in ill-
tendance al tbe abate appointed place,
fnr tlie purpose ill lieinn vaccinated; unless llie cltilil has been previouMv vacci-
iinteil by KMM 1,'trnlly ipuililieil I'rucli*
tiuiier, mid Hie viicciiialiun duly
Ciiy Clerk.
.Nurlli Viiiii'tiuvcr, II.C,
!Mh July, ISM, 21-tl
Grand Conservative
At tbe Committee Rooms on
SATURDAY, October 24, 8 p.m.
foci oi Lonsdale me.
imp* jj
139-441 Hasting Btreet
Hon. C. Wilson, K. C.
Vote for Cowan and Justice for the West
Councillors Robson, Nye, Davidson and McNaught were present
at the regular session ol the district council, on Friday evening
last. Reeve May was absent on
account ol the accident which bfl*
fel him on Tuesday previous, antl
Councillor Robson was appointed
to the chair.
J. K. J. Murray, secretary of the
board ol trade, wrote, requesting
the co-operation ol the council in
a joint petition to the government,
lor the opening of the Lillooet
trail to the bead of Seymour creek;
request mated, reeve and clerk to
sign petition for the district.
11. V. Campbell wrote, requesting the council to open up the
roadway to lots 22*23 ■""' 24, blk.
19, U.L. 2023, as he intends building at once; board of works to acf?
John Johnston wrote,asking that
King street be opened up to lot 5,
in tlie S. K. one quarter of U.L.
5617,1s he intends liuililing; board
of works to act.
T. A. Osier wrote, asking what
hail been done toward opening up
a road through U.L. 950; council
willing 10 make a grant of Jioo.re-
sidents to do the work and engineer to prepare specifications.
Alexander Smith, president of
the I lm hi uli in.il Society, interviewed the council with reference
10 financial assistance, in order to
enable lhe association to negotiate
the remaiuiu*-, outstanding indebtedness on the pavilion, amounting
to J648. Councillors Kobson, McNaught and Davidson were appointed a committee to confer with
the board ol directors of the association and to make recommendations.
The question ol a joint board ol
park commissioners as between the
ciiy ,111*1 the district, was discussed,
but it did not commend itself to
the council. Councillor Davidson
obs n..I that the district had no
par.- in support and it was time
enough to arrange for their upkeep
when they obtained them. The
distiict had no jurisdiction over
thc city parks aud could not exercise any on a pai k board. The
city li.ni ail the parka and their1! la
the obligation to maintain them.
Councilloi Kobson suggested ihat
tin citjl and the distiict arrange to
each pay a lair quota ol the expense of maintaining Alexandra
Gardens, as a It nipnary adjustment of the matter.
Citv Clerk Shepherd wrote, to
the effect that the suggestions of
the district, aa to an agieement for
interchange of water st imu, win*
satisfactory, and lhat Aid. Smith
had hern appointed to attend to
the preparation of the agreement.
Clerk I'hilip laid on the table a
draft agreement lor consideration
of thc council.
Sidney Edward Barnard, who
reiides on Scott's ranch, Seymour
creek, addrt scd tbe council, complaining of the danger that menaces local residents because of
careless use ol firearms hy outsiders who frequent that vicinity for
jiunting purposes. Any remonstrance is met with a grulf rejoinder. He requested, at the suggestion ol the clerk, that he be
appointed special constable for the
district, in order that he might
have special authorities for dealing
with lhe offenders. It was moved
by Coun. McNaught and Nye that
Mr. Hainanl bc appointed special
constable, without salary; carried.
Considerable discussion followed with reference lo the serious
condition ol affairs due to extreme
carelessness in the use ol firearms,
and it was unanimously agreed
that some ellective steps should be
taken immediately. The plan outlined was the appointment of special constables, without salary, for
Capilano, Lynn creek, the north
end ol Lonsdale, and other sec
tioni ol the district. Coun. Kobson observed that the best solution
ol the difficulty, as a permanent
solution, would be to have the
municipalities act amended to empower the municipalities to issue
licenses lor the use of firearms
therein. The harm was all done
'by irresponsible parties, and responsible parties who are fond of
hunting should be protected in the
reasonable gratification of their th
Apian ol subdivision ol D.L
556 was submitted by James P.
Fell; adopted with suggestions.
An amended plan ol subdivision
ol U.L. 7H3 bru. A. (iordoti,named Siiaibi'iiidiui was submitted
and approved.
A plan ol subdivision ol the west
portion ol U. L. 624 was relerred
back lor amendment, lo comply
wilh the statutes.
A plan showing the continuation
I of 21st street through U.L. 2008,
I" join that street at its eastern
boundary. The acceptance of this
plan involves the reconveyance of
a 33 foot roadway allowance hitherto made antl duly registered, but
which will be rendered useless b)
this new road. The clerk to investigate as to the best method to
follow in carrying out this arrangement and report.
The clerk reported that an amicable arrangement had been arrived
at between Mrs. Clements and
owners of adjoining property, with
reference to a plan of subdivision
submitted at last session, and that
the plans were now ready lor ap
Accounts were ordered paid as
follows: Board of works, 11311.90;
waterworks, $957.20; waterworks
contractor, (970.
The district engineer was em
powered to carry out the repairs on
yueen street, requested by Mr.
The A. M. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's |)<>|>ulm Men's &Boy»' Store
Horticultural Association
On Monday evening the members of tbe Horticultural Association had the pleasure of listening
to two very instructive, addresses
from Miss Rose, of Guelph, and
Mr. Brydon, fruitgrower, Saanich,
who were sent by the department
of agriculture.
Miss Rose look as her theme the
work of Women's institutes in Ontario, where there was an enrolled
membership of 12,000. The scope
and character ol Ihe work done
there was most useful, along the
lines of domestic economy and
care of the family. It was the desire ol the agricultural department
here to have such institutes organized and she hoped to see one in
North Vancouver.
Mr. Brydon's subject was the
planting and culture of the fruit
tree—a theme upon which he can
speak from an excellent experience.
His suggestions were all practical
and easy to put to use in orchard
work. He very highly commended
the work ol the fruit inspector and
his strenuous efforts to get rid of
fruit pests,which cause such losses
in the orchards, and he asked lhat
all support tb'S work by attention
lo their own tit is.
Vie* I'resideut Nye presided
over a very appreciative meeting
.unl, at the close, on motion of
Coun. McNaught, a very hearts
vote ol thanks was given to the
s pea ken.
Building Good Roads
J. S. IVarce, acting architect lor
the I'acific cable board, returned
Monday Irom Ins annual tour ol
inspection. Mr. Fearce's itinerary
was rather extensive.covering Victoria, Nanaimo, Alberni, Banfield
(the Facific station of the company), Brackendale, Sechelt,Welcome Fass, Jervis Inlet, back to
Welcome Fass, and home per ss.
Comox. Mr. Pearce found the
cable iu excellent condition at all
points and everything giving most
satislactory service. While at
Banfield ihe cable station received
wireless messages (rom Tatoosh,
Carmanagh,and two other stations.
Mr. Fearce is strong in his praiaa
ol the excellent roads which the
government is building on Vancouver Island. The trunk road between Alberni and Nanaimo is a
splendid piece ol road building,affording an excellent roadway, 66
leet wide, and protected on either
side by a slashed bell 60 leet wide.
The road between Banfield and
Fachena is also in good shape.
Mr. Fearce describes the life saving station at Banfield 11 being
well equipped anil in first-class
condition. Ihe life boat is "I tin-
very best order. He is strongly ol
the opinion, however, that life
rockets should be served out to the
station at once.
To Kkni'.-Oii Second strei 1,
a six roomed house, with bath,
toilet,electric light; chicken house;
150 loot lot; BIN garden. Elder
Murray Co.
J. C. Sabin,representing Messrs.
Stevens Sons& Co.,Toronto,surgi-
cal instrumenls.druggists supplies,
etc., made a short visit to Victoria
this week.
Real Estate ami lnsiiraiin
fate at ml professor,
Sic Gill Uiiivcrsiti. Al01111 eai
Fall Goods arriving every day, and wc are now in a position
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1(1 do*H lii'vs' nihil leather Old Countrv made boots, worth |2.50
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II pairs men's line Ihngiila Kid shoce, good value at $4.60 a pair,
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n( the very best makers' grinds,the celebrated I'cniiiana anil Wnliley
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The 1. II. IIIISS Co., m lunAIr imm
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secure your winter's supply.
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Large supply tt WOOD
always on hand    ....
Hotel Norlh Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
V OT1CK is hereby giten Hint I shall,
*■>' on Monday, the tad da;, nf Nntein
1st, ISOS, at llii- hour ol 100 clock in Ibe
forenoon, nt the City llall. N..rlli Vancouver, ll.l'., hold I I'tiiirl nl UciiMim.
(ur the purpose ol hearing and darter
mining uny anil all objections to the re-
leiitiiinnl any MM or names on the
refilterei voters for the above naincd
Electoral District.
Mad   at   Nortli   Vancouver,   B.C.,
August Mb, 11108.
Uegislrar ol Voters
Richmond Hlect ml DUtliet.
Cor. LoDsdiletnd 8th St.
All kinds of Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specialty.
Also Butter, Eggs, and Vegetables.
Our aim is to please our customers us
in gi.«ls iimt price-.    Let ua havejour
n.v. n&n coM
City Clerk's Office.
25th September, I1I0N
Ml Ml (I'M  II ll llON.»i ACT
Riqlslrallon of   Persons Intltlfd  to
Vote at tlouscholdrr*
I'llll,!!'   HEILTII   HHlltHM
PUBLIC Notice is hereby given that
' all |*i*t-i*ii* entitled to vote as
I In—lintllll and desiring lo have llieir
namesentered on thfl Vetera'List"! the
Cityol North VancoiiiTr.fnrtlii' vear 190!)
must make ami cause to be delivered to
thi* Cbv Clerk,before 12 o'clock noun, on
Saturday the :il-l .lay of Octolier, 1WK,
I statutory declaration in the lurm pre-
a nl nl by law. Copies nl audi deelara*
lion, mav In' olitaiiiisl on apiilifition to
the City Clerk.
  "Ilomeliolder," ahall extend to ami
TIIK. PUBLIC AUK HEREBY lOTI' include every person who holds and in-
PIID tint   all  fltM ol   infections, euplti  a  dwelling, tent Bt, flfltflj  M
coutiigioii.-  or  epidemic  ili-ease,  •■( a '. biunling house, or any part or |«irtinn
character danferooi tn imbHc keflltl
musl be reported to Um Medical Health
( in* Clerk.
Ci'v llall, Norlli Vancouver, Il.i;
l a dwelling, leaaaiaat, in.tei.nr board'
iiig Imti-e within a municipality, who
ha. paitl directly to the Bflflidpalil]
rales, taxes or fees (fl not leia than two
(|J) dullirs during llu- current year."
July llth, 1II0S.
City Clerk
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7lh Street, Norlh Vancouver
\\\' nn' now prepeied to
tnke orders tor MILL Kill
Wt iod, cut to in in. lengths
already for tlm stove .V load
contains about half a cord.
Price l||,'2]>erlo!idonor before
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered without cash, as wc
ca ti not afford to pay a collector at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
II11 Ui HI
Rolled Oat*
Haij ond Feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
( iiilitbiwer l'lants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on band
Milling Co.
Lonsdah   Awnue.
at Ferry  Landing
Marry Mitt lull, local ■flBtfl i
^mmm ywwwwwwwww www wwww|
We now have a complete
line of standard
In all the leading popular
makes including
L. C. Smith
Our prices too are just
right. We also carry a
full   line  of ammunition.
Drop in and let us show
you the latest thing in the
above lines.
I Paine&McMillan
5        Corner lonsdale Ave. and First St.   i Phone 12 £
wmmmm mmmm- }\mKmmmmm
NOT mmm mini t mm co.. ith.. tike unit, iinin
•11.45 "
8.00 "
H.40   "
IJS •■
10.15 "
11.16 "
till P.M,
1.16  "
2.11.   "
8.16  "
4.15  "
5.15   •'
(1.15   "
7.15   "
8 15   "
9.15 "
10.15 "
'' IS I.M.
lU.l.'i     ••
11.45   "
1J.45 I'M.
I. I.'i    "
...'.46   "
IU.*.   "
4.45   "
Ml  •■
itAviNiNflam VANCMivr*
.    "(1.20 A.M.
•7.80 "
8.30 "
11.00 "
0.45 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
1.46 "
2.46 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
«.46 "
7. I.'i "
8.45 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
•11.46 "
10.15 A.M.
11.11 "
12.15 P.M.
I In "
2.15 "
3.15 "
4.15 '•
6.15 "
H.I5 "
7.15   "
•Not tin Sundav
aiai 11 iimsiiid iioiii on rm ceit-i
Kin-   IIMI I'KK
S|m-ri.il KiilcN Iii Families mnl Uvular rkiriln*
llall*li..nr (erry i-iinnct-tinn tu and (ruin Vancouver. Hut ami cold
onler in every room. Return call l-elli in every room. Barber
.Imp In ci'iiiiei'tinn.
Sl.lilNO   .1IKIU,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars lata* tin l-Yin Landing lur Qnaaaab-an Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonfldfllfl, Wim h Mietl antl Keilh Road as lollowi : 6:15
a.m., 6:43 a. m., 7:15 tt m., 7:45 a. m , M: 15 a. ni., 9 a. ni. 9:40 a. 111.,
10:10 a in, After 10 JJ a. in, CSIS will leave (Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first ami Los dels HOOOnt, ainl Wiiuh street and Keilh Road
at live minutes to tin hour and twenty live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth strei t .unl Oiicensbury avenue, Twenty first
sin ' I and Lonsdale avenue, Wim h street and Keilh Road as (ollows :
61. ni, 6: j j a. in., 7 jo a 111 , Soj a. in., rt:4j a. ni, 9:30 a.m.
Aftt r / (ti ,1 in < .ii*- leaf tin I'Yrry Landing al ten 111 mules past the
hour and twenty iiiinui. i to the hour.
__"   All boats are un t bv tlu* cirs.
(Jcnernl Contractor
■». 9frww"iiyl
■ lairi-ta. ■ '
rllifaatala-ahll- |        IU«.llll|(.   Ultra c»l*e hear li'iune..
Wr -..lift! II
Ftl^liiraia.lidntl ' > *
II)     I  I,,alll( Ha, il   la.    II
I , I a'-nl..   l'i     "iii.i)r«i1-*l
tno.lri.le. Our In.i-fil'a*'. Advl'
iiti-il M.il"ti*M.'l   1 '- I.'I'    K M I'l. 11 V M K N T      AilM
I.M7 M,.,i.~i .^»..i,i*..i.« ur v_> ,,„, M,   vv#«, ,,, _„„__
aii iiaiin«i*e. iiia.ii' aaei-
I        '   -       II    —     II
all kbi'l. "I Mi--i.ui nnd Anti'i'ie I ""i'ln.,  store, "iii"'* Bflflli a"'1 Bfl* f'1-
tun*-.   RepfllrlflS in all ita brum In*..
171 Thlrtl SI Wa, (l'i iliiii'iflrlil >na l/inwl.ir
• It. Nl.,.,1
MAIl.dlil'KK- iini'ii |.r..m|tl attention
North Vancouver
ret iir. m *.v>-.
Cartaget Removatai
Parcel I sellveryi
0IHC1   IU Mi. ■  HIIIII
lcleph"iie7o.        Night Call* 13.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Bailable varirtiea at reaaonalile *nfl
lio Bonn. S( Snlfl N» l'iiniiK»(i'>n
t*. iLiiiunti' i|t« k. Vn windy taenia to
.mi'i "aii. Ilur three! ami net Tri-en
nn,I -a,,|a iimi |*r,,»
Kertilirer.,|l<*<'Su|i|ibi'..S|iray I'ump-i,
Hpravlni Maierul. t'ui rlflflW, ele.
(ildi'.t ifUMinhnl niirwry un tlie
tnainlaii'l ul llnti.li ('"lumbia.
I .tlui.Vile Ine.
SOIll  Wnrraisami   Ii'in.
New Advertisements
Tinder. « an ted—Clly
A notion  ,i* lm S. Rankin
Rally   Cuniervallva Party
Don loii   Ipply thli offlce
Apple! 1**1' -alle— l'. K. Kel'lle
ll.i-ieri -|iecuil*i~.l. .1. Mi-Aleeee
'Hi.* (iirl Iron Parle- Qrand Theatre
Unl. - ,ii, i ihol L'un-   Paine A McMlb
Lynn Valley Schoolhouse
Editoi oi I in Bxratui
Su.    What in known as the old
ol   houH at I.Mm Valley is a
building  which  was erected  by
private  subscription lor the con
\, nil n,, ..I tin n -.nit ills n: holding un etin (it i tc.
K, i, iit,*, tlu I iiiiiii native:; held
,i un , nn*. in this ball, aud a da)
ur iv." alt' iwards Mr. J. V. Mc-
Nauelit placed a paper ill my
li.tii.N. which piirportetl to bc a
imi foi Si iu that maatUaf,
As ii,a , luirge bad ever been
in.el* i i meetingi iu that hall, 1
natural!] required his authority for
: a,, ii i. money, but iaitead
Mi Mi Naught threatened that unless the .inuiiint was paid,be would
throw il up al the patty. As I am
informed that this threat has been
carried out, I feel bound to make
public tlie tact that Mi. McNaught
lias no authority to collect any
none) in this regard. In proof of
this I --.iiluiiit the lollowing
We. tin* undersigned trustees of
the school board ol the municipal
ity of North Vancouver, in the
province ol Hritish Columbia,
hereby Mil uinly declare that Mr.
J. V. Ma Naught has uo luthorit)
inun tin- ichool board ol the mu
nicipalit) ol North Vancouver, m
as lar as wt* know Inun any QthflT
properly coaitituted publii body,
to collect money 01 nuke any
i har^e whatever, lm tin* use ol the
building in Lum \ allay, former!)
ia;. ,| b) ilu si Iniul board lor
educational   purposes.      And  we
make  ibis solemn dciluialion Con*
itiouily believing the same in
be true, ami knowing that it has
the HUH fOTOC .md etlect as il
m.l.le   ninl. I   Oflth and by viitne ol
the Canada Evidence At t. 1893.
Sign, tl. I in*-. S. Nu
l   W  Nii-.is
II.   TllnMlsliN
I have onli tu ia) in torn loaiofl
that the Conicrvative parti is al*
wayi read) t" diachaigi . *,. n jual
nl ligation, but tn itrongl-  0
l.i Iiiiiii; held lip fof any aillouill.
l.aiuetet imall, bi I I) man. wliat-
rwr  bis position, publii 01 Other-
wiaa, nut) be.   I ani,iir,)*ourobed-
il lit -eiv.lllt.
I'i k. i K1 v 1..
Si * 1. tar) N.V. Conaervativfl km .
North \ incouvcr, ()■ 1
their own eitimation, tin* memberi
ot the council. 'Ilu* surf and certain knowledge that Mr. Wa'lei *
ttas aiixitius in have thfl sen il .sul
iineol their number.hn ipparentl)
1 nu* a .1 tin in to   value tin- services
ol tin* mayor ami m\ aldermen al
the sum nt two thousand live hundred dollars per .iiiniiin.
Well. 1 suppose we OUgbl to follow the bail ol othi 1 American
cities ami tlnir out an honorarium
to nur civic legislator. Then Wfl
can look down with pit) upon Old
Country mayors anil aldermen,who
strange to say will fight strum-
onsl)'for the mere honor of being
members ol a cilv i oiincil.
Wn 1 hm KflOWl 11
North Vancouver, Oct. 22.
North Vancouver Hospital
tuNnnTi.ii uv
I lib: Missb.s DAWSON
TBKM8—117*40 to ISO per weal
Cilv patient! |l per .lay
Nur-e. Kent mil  *n apnlifi'tiuli.
t'.aritiT I'.lli .tr.'t'l .ml Wi
A.y..i, /.', jKtc, .vi// *,*^
/*..</... amttffi
„   .■    .-'  ,-■,!, f  A// /'*~'e *U
Civil  Inqini-ri  and  R   I. land Sufmor
'1-110HK »
Hull-Any*.. Ill,-I*;.'-., \\ah-r l'..rt.r\ lillBttW,
Sii|.(-riiiti 11.1, ii* .* <>l r.'ii.iruili.ili, Mhj.*. I'mvii-
ri-Wi Hiiiii 1 'inn-. •- ib DItIiIob-MU•
•II  ll«*HMK. K, w ,
The Seymour Hotel
In, .iini on >.i|iiiaiiu   Pipe  Hoc,
tut it 1,1 milt from wharf.
This is a lirsi-class hotel,
ami is now open to the
general public,   (mud
11 a ommodation and
service guaranteed
ROad   fOlla]* *  llllaaS   (|*ll|II   N'l'llll
Vancouvei lm \ ehii lea,
Re Wallace Shipyards
Editoi 01 I hi Kxrai *
Sir,     Mi.  Wallac< doubtlen
knew not the Innot In    was a tt ||
iug wli.n. in  au avil hour, In' set
.es upon lhe 1 "inu il ami
hi to incorporate  us genius
will, thfl board ol dim ton ol thi
Shipyards. Ltd.    While,
bower, r. the ratapayen 1 ould nol
ua, to oblige Mi U all u *
and alio* sonic ol llu  niemlii is o|
1      :n.1 il io .111 a p ii 1 is board
I to have
,o\ eii* 1 in ilu wa) ol railing, in
NUIK I.    in   1 "Sii. 'i  KlKS
I m, \|. iMl'b'dM Ml.Ms
Ul M KH    TI.M'I I.-   .i|.|ar..|,rui(eli
trka*l mil lie I* *   Iv. I It) llie nn
a in mi Mon*
.'nil November, IMM, l"r Iha Inl*
lowfag laical   I IIU r* .t ■ lit, nt- I" le  ..ir
thai I Nerlli Vaneuuier
II I..i* Idee ilk ..11 Hn*
\ ia 1.*rui I'ark i**r NS
1* ' I "r lli-ri'hy.
(Ij  Clearing mnl iradiai Itli -in. 1
1 'iiisai.il.   Avflfl i« i" 1 nia Streei
aiel ll*dn|  a '*-(.-.t lideWllll ..11   N..rll.
hraniiui.,-|,"iiti.uii* ns .nnl general
rundii * In ma lad
*.* t| i.v Intending umren on nnd
■Iter M a.• 1.1.    J'.ili October,  IW, *n
II Iliee.if llie I Itt   ('Ink nr  (lit   Kll*
1 1 I, lender In be IccofllpaaW by a
.1 eheqae 1 i|nal '** 5per cent. ,,f
1    lender, aad lhe lucce-ralnl leaden r
a     la am approved louantei fnr
■ -1.1* 1..rt rompletlon n) Un- -tnrk.
, l|,*.|lla*. nl Ull   llll"'l   ae.aflll    lentil i! ba ri'iurin**! te ii,. in ..n ta*
■   i,.*e.*iitrml.
I lie lowaal or .mt   t'li'ler nut  nnei-
,1. .1. WOODS,
i.inik't'in Clerk,
l Hv Hall. Nortl B.C.,
li.l.i:,.'.lr*l(J'l. 1
llllll is Knl;
Dr.A.MacKay Jordan
I S B) lii. mis nml p.iirmis
iu North Vsmouti r:
obi  resident ol Nurtli  Vancouver
and take enn of
1 —
li, niemlii r alwavs,  if you consult Hr. Jordan, such consultation
will cost you DOtbinf,
Should glean 1 bs n tftitoo\ tbt
glaaai 1 wil be right ami »o will
llu* pi
334 Hastings  Street W.
For the Boys and Girls
Temtfl, iini'-fiiurth ca-li; hu.nj.ci*, li, 12 and IH month*
This week special iiltentiun ll being directed lu boys' nml |;irlk' linden
Tin-is in I nur slroiiK department!*', and tlie viilnen   lie nfler arc unap
peoaehable bacauii w« bfl} din*, i from thfl manufacturer*.
BOYS' AND GIRLS' stockings
Ilnys'  Extra  Heavy, Ribbed, All Wnnl,  Knitted Hflflfl, all si/ft",
extra value, per pair
Ilm-' Kxira Heavy, Ribbed Cotton lliiw	
. a irl.' All Wunl I'lain Caahnicrt' Hum'      	
Ilirls' Tin ('iislinieri', All Wnnl     	
K'vs'N.nV .Iiwvh, All Pure Uia.al, all sizes,   7.V. to
I'.ats' Natt .ler-evs, Heavier Weight, Kxtra Special    tfflto
children'* Fleece l.iueil Undent! ir, ipeclal price, per gtmefll
Ituis' Shellaii.t Wnnl Shirts ami Drawers, ipeclal, par garment
buys' iirniTK, per pair	
Another larger ante, .101111;  	
Home ol Musical Comedy
MONDAY, OCT. 26th ''"""".v Comadians
The Girl
From Paris
Needs to keep in touch wilh what is going
on  in  the  City        : :       :       :       :
llwaya givflfl tin latest, tin* tulU-st and the
best informatiain from a North Vancouver
point ol \ie\, V,iii oofhl to subscribe for
The Express. Enclose one dollar in an
envelope with \ our address ami we will do
North Vancouver
Real Estate
THIRS., 5th NOVEMBER, 1908
Diatrict Lot 547.      72 Lots, 50-fool ami upwards      Close to
car line on graded road.    Bewicke Avenue,    City water and
Diatrict Lot 600     Oneandfiv. acn parcela.    About half a
iiii.t* (mm t ar tiiiiiiniis.    Mack,it Road now opened up to m at
the propi in
(im Third iii Cash.     No further payment lm  Piv* Yeara.
Interest at 7 par ent    H\ 1913 tb* abovt proparty ivill havt
ilinibleil m value,
I     I ami Wflfll ilalves of Lol 1031;.    On Keith Koad.
Lot ri:b.    165 acres divided into five acn panels.    Tin* waler
worka road internets tha proparti**, A nubaidy lias already been
grintfld   towards tba araction  of a  bridg* across thi  Second
Narrows,    liny early In Inn (be dflVelopncntl lake place.
TERMS -One thirtl cash, balance 1 ami 2 years.
Bernard's Famous Living
Pictures of Art
."> Shows Daily
'■'1. ' and ti o'clock
Phone 472
John S. Rankin,
514 Pender St.
111 I
Smart Clothes
For Young Men
Trust tiicin for making tht absolute oomel
st\ Its.
If you're n "fellow" of judgment nnd good
last* in dressing yourself, you'll bave a great
chance to give these qualities in yuaiMU tlie
fullc.-t exercise this season.
Kit-Hcfoi'in garments arc ths beat produced
to-diiv—that's theeandid opinion of ptopk
who know it's so when they MJf It's so—
The new browns and greens nudge ns tn sn
thev .'iiv here in all their sristooratio style'ii
snd colors, yet al the must coaxing priotMvon
can imagine,
Merc's a chance In he lucky. Ilny one of
our Special Suits at
worth double tha money.
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver


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