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 tibrnrv '"*(." ""
Local Meetings.
Knightiof Pythian, Every Moii'lnv, S p.m.
Athletic l'lull, First Monday, S p.m.
Young People'* Club, Every Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Horticultural Meeting, Second Wtilncwlay, H p.m.
Firemen1! Practice, Kvery Friday, 7.11(1 p.m.
$\}t Ixpr?
Local Meetings.
♦ting, en rt Monday, I p.m.
ni il MeelijUt, everv Friday, 7-l*'ip,ni.
I'linle, Thirtl I'ii..-.In.', s p in.
11 ni Trade i.t>** alive, I inl Tuesday, i p.m.
Seiiimi Board, I Inl Friday, I f at.
Wedding Bells
Merrily Peal
The regular weekly meeting of
the City Council was held in the
City .'all, Monday evening. Present: Mayor Kialy, and Aldermen
Smith, Cricknay, Irwin, Vheeler,
May and Braim.
The minutes of p nioiis nn eting wen road and approved.
The following list of coniniuni-
ca ions were read and disposed of:
From Walter Owen, requesting
the council to give him the permanent grade ol First street east,
as he intends erecting l two-itoiy
building on lot 8, block 166, U.L.
174. The egi.ieer wa-; instructed
to give Mr. Owen the requrred in-
Mr. J. F. Roberts, of the Northern bank, asking that the council
remove the slumps and logs piU d
between lot 1, block 238. and lhe
street, as he intends ertctmg a
itsidem:e on the lot. He also requested the: council to do an>
blasting that may be required,
in.tier the local improvement b
law. Kelerred to the board of
The Deputy Minister ol Marine
mi Fisheiies wrote informing the
council that the lirackman-Ker
Milling Co. have applied lor a
wal-r lot in Iron! ol lot 14, block
176; D. L. 174, mi which they intend building. Ile ail ed the council il they had any objections, or
if the pro* ed building woti'd in
any way interfere with navigation.
In reply the clerk was instructed
to sta.t hat the council hid no
objec .cms, and saw no reaion why
construction woul interfere ytilb
sh pping.
The North Vancouver Fire De-
pat'ment laid before the council a
few suggestions, and asking the
council to supply some necessary
appliances. The litter stated that
there was no alarm at No. ; fire
hill, and there was no proper way
to dry hose there. The Md ras
almost impassable e'ther ior
horses 'arts or firemen, a- d ',1
cue ol .'ire it would be impossible
to dr N the hose reel along the
street. Equipment was badly
'iccdt"1 at this hall, too.
lhc litter mentioned several
.nicies also needed Ior No. : hall,
a. 1 re. ... Tended the purchase ol
a 36-loot ladder, too feet three-
t,aarter-inch rope, a set of three-
dies, and ruble- coats ind boots.
T'.ie council was asked to fix the
length of shift and rate of pay for
tegular firemen, and also pay for
men who turned out on false
a.trr.i. The letter was relerred
to the tne committee.
The usual bi-monillv accounts
cl thc several deparlm >" were
1-ad and passed.
Relative to the school est inu. ta,
tl e council passed the ordinary
expenditure account, and laid over
the extraordinary expenditure,
■vim •' was asked Ior the purchase
ol school sites and buildings.
Permission was puled Archi-
■ ■ ' . a.l"*y to move ,1..- building
.in the i",pl,inada now rccupicd
ny Mrs. Hogg, onto the adjoining
lot and alleyway, until such time
as the proposed new building was
erected, when it was to bc 111 wd
to the rear of the lot.
Thc engineei's report on I. •
• -a ling of Eleventh street, between Kidf;cway and St. George's
avenues, was read, and after some
'.' .. .i*ii wai laid over for further
cr   liderat'.jti.
Aid. Hi.nm, who has in hand the
wiring bylaw, recommended thei
council to accept the 1907 code,
and gave notice of motion to that
effect, and also that Mr. Parkin
be retained as wiring inspector.
Fawcbtt— Lewis.
Two ol North Vancouver's popular residents were the contracting
parties in a pretty wedding, which
took place at tag Sixth Avenue W.
Mount Pleasant, Wednesday morning, when Mr. Richard Fawcctt
and Miss Leonora Alexandra
Lewis were joined in the holy
bonds of matrimony by the Rev.
B. II. lialderston. After the ceremony a sumptuous wedding breakfast was partaken of at the residence ol Mrs. Crawford, Sixth
Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett
left on the afternoon train on a
honeymoon trip to the Sound cities.
They will take up residence in
North Vancouver on their return.
Mr. Fawcett is connected with the
B.C. Electric in this city.
The Expkkss joins with a host of
friends in wishing the happy couple
every happiness.
Emm— Ckoss.
Of particular interest was the
marriage on Thursday morning at
the residence ol the bride, Lynn
Valley, when William Frewin
Emery led to the altar Lilian Elizabeth Cross, as both parties are
welland lavorablyknown throughout the district. Mr. Nor.:":.
Cross, brother of the bride, and
Mrs. B. Walker assisted in the
duties ol belt man and bridesmaid
The house was elegantly decorated
with (lowers and bunting, and a
large number of Iriends of both
bride and groom gathered to join
in well-wishing. The Wedding
March was rendered by Mr. Norman Cross.
After the wedding breakfast the
couple left for an extended honeymoon down the coast. On their
return they will take up residence
in the city. Mr. Emery is an ex-
alderman, and hai resided on thii
side of the inlet miny years.
Resolution Outlining Approximate Cost, and Suggestions
As to the Most Advisable Course to Pursue.—
Will Be Referred to their Respective Bodies
The first meeting ol the committees appointed by the City and
Munii ipal Councils and the Board
of Trade met in the municipal
office on Thursday afternoon. The
following representatives were
present: City Council, Aldermen
Irwin and Smith; District Couu-
cil, Councillors McNaught and
Nye; Hoard ol Trade, Mr. J. S. J.
Murray. Clerk Alex. I'hilip was
appointed honorary secretary and
Councillor Nye occupied the chair.
Drs. Campbell and Verner were
also present.
Minutes ol previous hospital
meeting were read by the secretary. Full information as to what
had already been done and the
information to hand was given the
The needs of an hospital was
pointed out in a general discussion
which followed, alter which it was
moved by Councillor McNaught
and seconded by Mr. Murray that
thc committee report in favor of the
establishment of an institution for
the treatment of the sick and in
iured of the city and surrounding
district of North Vancouver, and
"That we find the cost of an
an hospital budding to give accommodation lor twelve beds for
patients and other necessary con-
vent-in ics will be about JI6,ooo ;
that   the   furnishings  and equip-
Boxing Contest Draws
Many Spectators
The much-talked of bout between Bob Ritchie, of thc North
Vancouver Athletic Club, and Kid
Howell, of Minneapolis, was
pulled off Wednesday evening belore a crowded house. Prior to
the main event three good pre-
lirlnaries were given. Alex,
iiuiith, jr.; and Stewart Ross^vent
three rounds, as did also Bob
Rowley and J. Stewart, ol the
N. V. A. C. Whyte and Williams,
of the V. A. C, amused thc crowd
in a three-round sparring exhibition.
Ritchie and Howell came next,
.in*, did nothing but spar for a
bt.t.er knowledge of their op
p ment. The first four rounds
wet much tliesani", Ritchie doing
a'1 the .'ggii-Miivc work, and con
tiii'u.ly driving Howell into hit
corner. In the fifth round Howell
op 'iietl up a bit and landed a Im
siit: swings on Ritchie's neck ani
rib'. Howell seemed to be playing strong (or a clinch with one
arm free, in which he showed
cleverness by his long reach.
for the rest ol the fight things
'.-.'! i't mix much, Ritchie doing all
the work, while Howell was kept
busy cm the delencc.
The referee, J. Hewitt, sporting
editor of the Prarinte, gave Ritchie
th'.1 decision; although neither
lighter did no more than the law
a'.o*"cil. Considerable money
changed hand'.,as Howell's formidable aspect gave the impression
Unl Ritchie would hive his hindi
ment  will  cost aboui 111,500, and
that a suitable sm*   central
location can be putchasetl for from
$2,000 to $2,500, making a lnt.il
capital outlay of J!io,ood.
" We Iind fm ther that the cost
ol maintaining the hospital, il
fully occupied, would be about
|boo per month, and wt* estimate
that this could bt1 met as follows:
Ouvernuieiit Aid (Iraut     fain
Tramient I'atieiita    2IK)
Yearly ami Monthly Suli.cri|ili(iini
;Pul>lic and Private] .    M
Total |ht Month    turn
'** We recommend that the sum
of $5,000 be raised by public and
private subscriptions, and that the
city and district niiinicipaliin■
pledge themselves for the balance.
" Further, we recommend that
the above be carried out by an
hospital society, to be organized
under the provisions of the
Hospital Aiil Act, and that steps
be taken without delay to have a
District Hospital Society formed.
It was decided that the representative committee bring ibis
matter up at the lirst meeting ol
their respective bodies, and urge
upon them the great necessity for
an hospital.
The meeting then adjourned to
meet again at the call of the
On Sunday over too pcopla
crossed the suspension bridge
over the first canyon on the Capilano river.
The Wallace ship yards have
again resumed operations, after
being closed down since tht first
of the year. Several scows are to
be built, and it is expected that a
large force of men will be constantly employed.
The city treasurer has his hands
full these days. The time lor the
rebate on water rates lapses on
the toth. If you have not already
paid, save 10 per cent, by paying
before that date.
The North Vancouver Home
l'i rnishers is the name of a in w
concern opening up in the Home
blo.k, Lonsdale avenue, about
March   ist.     They   will   handle
furniture, crockery and carpets.
You might as well try to reach
t' '* orb of day by walking on a
Mini"-.mi as to attempt to reach
Ihi: llftM readers by advertising in any other medium.
The members and Iriends ol the
Horticultural Association are in
vited to attend a lecture on "Poultry," given by the President, Mr
Alex. Smith, at his residence,
Filth Street, Wednesday evening
next, the 12th inst. A good attendance is rcipicsti d
A bylaw for the expropriation ol
certain property (or the widening
ol St. David's Avenue at the corner ol First Street is being advertised iu this issue.
For the clean way the affair ivas
conducted tlie athletic club officers
deserve great credit, there beu.g
not one instance of that which h. 1
characterized matches in other
A twenty-six foot motor launch
is being constructed by Fyfe, &
Duke lor the Canadian Fairbanks
Co., to be used as a demonstrating
Dr. A.' McKay Jordan paid
North Vancouver a Hying visit
this week. The doctor has opened
a branch of his optical business in
The local Conservative Club
have tendered an invitation to Sir
Charles Hibbert Tuppcr and Mr.
C. E. Tisdall to give an address in
the K.P. hall on the i*jth inst.
Should these gentlemen accept the
invitation, the local members will
bc sure to hear something good, as
liotli speakers are well-known orators. The meeting will be foi the
members ind their Iriends only.
Wheeldon's Shingle Mill will in
future be known as the North Vancouver Shingle Mill, having been
purchased by Mr. W. II. Stubbs,
of this place. The presenl proprietor intends running the mill to
Iln lull capacity, and deal in cordwood, shinglci, etc.
Forty nine years ago Ihis month
Kev. Dr. Robson arrived on lliis
coast as one of a company ol the
lirst Methodist Missionaries to
liriiish Columbia. The doctor is
a lilly inner, and is never more
interesting than when telling reminiscences ol the early days. The
honored veteran has many thrill
nig stories lo tell ol the days when
in the intern>r might was right, and
the trip from Vancouver Island to
the mainland was made in 1 tow
boat. In celebration ol lhe .pjlli anniversary ol his arrival in tins country, arrangements hav. Un-n Bade
wilh Dr. Kolison to deliver a lecture in the Methodist Church lit ie
on Tuesday evening, Feb. nth,
at 8 o'clock. The subject will be
"Tales of the Early Days in liriiish Columbia."
Lots of Fun at
Firemen's Concert.
Friday evening laal will lung be
remembered by Ihoee who attended the concert giu-n by tin   Nnrlh
Vancouver Pile   Department in
their new hall, known as ine hall,
No. 1. It also dedicated the opening ol the hall.
When chairman, Ihs Worship
tin* Mayor, took iln* 1I1.111, llu
seating capacity WH l*>uud none
too large. In opening the cei
monies His Worship eulogised the
members ol the brigade and (li
citizens generally on the splendid
hall now being opened, lie nada
I resume of the st'-ps t li.it bad Inn
taken to bring tins alioul, the good
to become of it, and the general
scheme of a complete Infighting
system as has been laid out bv the
Council, and which will, Irom time
to time, be materially added to as
occasion warrants.
Tlie program, which was a
lengthy one, showed that the bo\
had expended much time and work
in getting such a splendid array ot
talent, and consisted ol instiiiiucn
tal -leli 1 lions, songs recitations,
comic skits, ininsln Is, etc. Probably the most unique character of
the evening waaamdheeded niggrr
who in local puns and witty songs
amused the audience in proper
style. The recitations ol Mrs. llall
were well delivered, while the
songs of Dr. Anthony were encored
repeatedly Mr. Bert. Perry, tin-
ever I illy local tinker, sut.'..!-.'
lu lifting above Ins head two 250
pound weights, which feat brought
forth loud applause. The w.nglils
•were alterwards carried o(( the plat
(orm hy his six year uid son. On
being applauded back to the footlights Mr. Perry ^ot oil some very
funny ruses of a local character,
which were also well received.
Mrs. Lawson rendered "Killarncv"
which brought forth the many rich
notes in a most pleasing form.
Messrs. Gardner and Salmon gave
recitations ami songs that were
well rendered. Mayor Kealy also
gave a song in Ins usual old-time
musical expression. The proceeds
go towards the forming ol a gym
nasium for the firemen.
Wireless Station
Being Ratified
Band of Thieves
Rounded Up
On Thursday the provincial
police arrested thru' boys who
arc thought to have been implicated in the robbery ol several
villas on the North Ann of the
inlet as well as olle
When arretted Frank Williams,
the leader ol the band, shown!
light, antl alter ai. eMOUB.M last
ing sevcial minutes, was hand-
ciilli d and taken to the t It] goal.
Along with Williams arc two othei
young nien. And Ward and
The police also lound a ipianlitv
of blankets and much household
peraphenialia I" io v. .1  to  havi
been stolen.
Counterfeit live dollar bank
notes are ill circulation. Tiny
an a |>liotograpliit reproduction of
the Quebec bank notes. II you
ever see a V take ■ good look at
one. The] in , iln mt as scarce as
hen's teeth tin se days.
The \otlllg People's Club will
hold another oi their debates on
Tin sdav evening Wt The subject for dis. iission is: "On
Miiiiii ipal Ownership."
Mr. W. (ireniway, son of ex-
Premier (iteeiiwav, ol Manitola,
accompanied by Mrs. (ireenway,
ill guest ol Mr. A. K Steacy.
Somi    v, 1. I.**   ago   mention  was
111.11'   ol tin   1,1, 1 tli.it ,1 wirciess
station w tiulii ihortl) be opened
up in \,mii Vancouver. The
United Wireleii Telegraph Co.
negotiated with thi Citjf Council
loi a siiii,ililc site, wlm Ii was
granted, the location being Vic.
toiLi I'.ilk. In 1 ouvi isalion with
Mr. P. ('. Young, the special
fiacal igenl ol Ihe compan]  bu
\aiilh Vain OUVer, iv lean.I that
that the delay in tin em turn of
the station, whii li tin \ said would
In eii 1 li 1 forthwith, was no  I,mlt
o( tin* wiitltss company.    Per-
mission lor same from lhe Dominion Government was afterward
I mini to In* nettissaiv, which also
has to be ratified by the iapi nil
authorities in Downing sited. A
spei ial leplest'lllalive of  the C0I11-
I'.in. had lo go to London (or the
purpose, which takes considerable
i*in ami Mr. Young minims us
lhat just as soon as the necessary
agreement! are drawn up and
signed work will be rushed to
Thi: Kxpatis, tl a year.
Edgar E. Pr. ihoner, of Sidnjy,
B. C, is registered at the Palacs
1 he !• sul, nts ol the Valley had
two da)'!1 skating on the pond this
Companion Court Braeaide, I.
I). P. will hold its annual ball and
■Upper in the Oddfellows hall,
Mount Pleasant, on Wednesday
evening, Fobiuary 26th, Several
from this side intend to be there.
The stork visi-Utl lhe home of
Aid. W. J. Irwin on Tuesday
morning and presented Mr. and
Mrs. Irwin with a nine-pound girl.
Paul Langley, who some time
ago resitted on. lliis side of the
inlei, but Intel in Vancouver, bar
disappeared, and, although a
diligent March has been made Ior
him, nothing hai been seen or
heard of lum situ, the lirst of the
week. While he and his wife
resided here the latter made a disappearance but iiuucl up in the
 1 te of a few d.i
The lollowing were registered at
the Hotel Ninth Vancouver thii
II riioiii.is, S. Htyanl, G.
J. Rsjmer, Vancouver; John Hrmt,
1'iglc Haibor: Fred. Elliott, II.
II. King, J. Watson. Vancouver.
Messrs.  Sale ami Dennett pro-
"pcniiig up a stationery line
in tin- mar (uluie.    Tiny will he
;  iu  lhe  1 Ionic block, on
Looadale avenue.
Two uses of timber stealing is
lik< I) to oi'uipv ilm attention of
ilu unlit in a lew days,   lot *
linn-  past  the  police   have been
witching thr opt ration of certain
individuals, who hav  become 10
tii li.m  disr* galaled  Irctpi-
nil Wlnnings.    On Itafad
to have been committed in Lynn
Valley ami the Othei al Point
licv. |. P. lb n I-1 1 ive an
i isiiiu livi ami mn reeling lecture
in lore tin   young Peopll '1 Club
on " A K.-iiul'lr Through Wonderland," wlm li 11 lali d in a thrilling
manner many personal experiences
in his travels in main parts of the
Mi  I'n .1 p. 1 [low, "I the photo*
giaphi' I,tin id ElHol'l i Paglow,
i- making a lour ol lhe I 1.1st citii s
in ilu inti icsts of the photographic
bus 11. ss. During In
Mr. Elliott is attending to the
slinlio, which will he found optt*
The ExfRtss Pkintino Company,
Nor ih, Vancouver, B. C
|   b. Williams, Manager.
The Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radius of 11
blocks ol the office. All outside
this district is placed in the post
Kates of Subscription :
One year        -       •       fi.oo
Six months     -      - .50
Three months ■       • .25
United States and Foreign, $1.50
per year.
All subscriptions must be paid in
Any person not receiving this
paper regularly will please notily
the office. No paper stopped un
less notilied either by letter or card
" The Hisjhest liter, ise ofCharity
is Charity Towards the Uit.hartl
We are glad to see that the
hospital committee have lost no
time, alter its reorganization, in
getting down to solid business.
Ol course the work done in December last paved the way for
this, and lhe intervening time
gave a chance to carefully consider the line to be followed.
Some may think that au outlay
of Jio.ooo is a large sum (or our
present actual requirements. It
may be so, but if a well equipped
institution can not be provided for
Um money, no one can seriously
advise the establishment ol either
a temporary or' ill-eipiippetl place.
Twelve beds lor male and leniale
patients, including some private-
wards, does not eeem a large provision to make foi a population of
4,000 now, and which Is rapidly
It is estimated that about 1,000
men are engaged in busy tun* s m
work ol a more or less dangerous
character.     No  one  is   exempt
The following is the personnel
of the office-bearers lor the ensuing year:
Chiel, John Alexander; Chieftain, Jas. Grahame; Financial
Secretary, J. li. Bennett; Treasurer, G. Smith; Marshal, A. A.
Crowston; Standard Hearer, P.
Stewart; Senior Guard, Mr. White;
Junior Guard, W. C. Smith;
Physician, Dr. Verner.
The regular meeting night is the
lliird Monday in each month in the
K. P. hall. There are fifteen new
members to bc initiated at the
next meeting, which convenes on
the 17th next.
Poultry Notes
" I guess," said Mr. Subbiibs,
"I'll have to give a big dinner.''
'■ What for ?" asked her husband.
" It's the only excuse I can think
of to burrow back those fineplltel
1 loaned to Mrs. Naybor."
"Charity begins at home," remarked Titedad to the b ggar.
"That so?" replied the medicant.
"S'posen you ask me up to your
house for dinner then?"
Irom danger of  lickness or   accident, and if even a lew lives are get into the basket.
In selecting eggs for hatching
purposes make choice, first, of all
eggs available from lhc i-year-old
and over hens. Iho*: will hatch | Jan' 7th' "J"s
larger chicks, haidicr, and chicks
ol speedier growth. Pullet eggs
may hatch well an.l grow well, but
the rule runs the other way. If
one does not have enough eggs
from the other hens, naturally, on
the (arm, anyway, we are hound to
make up the deficiency with pullet
eggs. Give each hen, as iu ai as
posssible, eggs of uniform
size. As a rule they hatch more
evenly. Eggs too long at each end;
eggs ol oversize, as well as under
size for the breed; crooked eggs
eggs too flat at the sides; too rough
shelled; eggs mottled with white
spots or corrugated do not put
under the hen. But eggs with
brown spots will hatch, although
it was once thought useless to
bother with this kind. — B. C.
Poultry mm
The hen oftenest in mischief is
frequently the best layer iii the
No man can raise poultry and
produce eggs at so low a cost as
the farmer.
Put a few tobacco stems in the
nest ol the selling hen. It will
drive away the lice.
II your chickens need charcoal,
burn com for them. It is the best
for the purpose.
You can losea valuable customer
by allowing just one bad egg lo
George Hartley has this day, bv
mutual consent, retired (rom the
Kxpress Printing Co. All debts
due to said firm ''ill be collected
by the company, and all liabilities
ol said concern will be assumed by
The Express Printing Co.
J. II. Williams, Manager.
North Vancnuver,
14th February, at 8 p.m.
The   funniest   gathering   North
Vancouver has ever seen will be
open  to  the   public  at  a  small
cost in the lorm of a
the   inturniatiiin   ui   Intending
iteitlera ami others, llult selection him
heen made ut the :! (00,000 acres uf land
situated in the 1'cact' Kiver Valley
I'rmini'i' uf llritisli Columbia, (ranted
tii ihe Dominion Uowument under the
|irnvisiiiiis "I Sei'liiin 7, uf " An Act re*
luting tu the Inland Railway, the lirnv*
in); Duck mul Railway Louis uf the
Province," and such land la not open to
entry ander the Laud Lewi uf the
riie block felf'teil lidmribed ns fnl*
lows:  I'liiiiiiii'tii'inu ni ■ polnl   HM
miles Kiiinh "I llie rciicc Itiver, till the
190th Meridian, liciiiK tin* Batten
hniinilary of lhe I'nivinei', Ihenee West
75 mllei and ns.iii chaini, thence North
72 miles and 86 08 chains, ihenee Hast
i'i inilt'H uml llS.l',1 chains, thence Smith
to the point ol wmmanaowant, Wlow-
inntlie lihIi Meridian, nml containing
upnroilmately 3,800 000 aci*-e.
Nutice iH Al'mi linen Unit, tiith n view
i*i facllltetiiii Hi'tili.'ini'iit in Ike Vellejn
nl the Pence, I'liriaiiip and I'nck Riven,
the lifllowlug hell "I lit ml lurty iiiiIch in
ttiillh, and extending 10 inilt'H iiii each
Kiih' ol lhe 1'eiiee, I'iir-uiin nntl I'nck
Uivem    lllis  heen   reserved   lor   lletnnl
settlers, tn be acquired liy preemption
,,i,i\- miliar the IjiiuI Act, such hind nnt
Inui*.' "it'll (<>r lala, lease, lifeline or
nther iilieiiiilii'ii niuler the said Act except liy |ire*eiii|iliiiii.
I'liin'nii'iiciniiiil tlie intersection nf the
We-lern hiiiiiuhiry "I the liluili uf land
-.lilted liv llu1 I'luininiiiii tioveriinient
With the I'l'iicc* Kiver, Ihenee following
the Pence IIM and Parsi.il> Hiver tu
theirI'linlliieiicf with the Pack  Hiver
m.l tliciiiv luiinttiii** Um Pee* Kiver tn
the point there nld Pack Wear teevei
Mel.iH.tl Lake, and extending f'*r a distance nt '.'II null- mi t ndi  side nt miid
Rivera and approximate!) 170 miles in
All hinds Hillside lli'' Imiiud.iries ot llu
Dominion Qownnent Ureal ami tlie
reserve nltuvu ihwrihed are open (nr
location miller the Inns of llie Province
Acting <'l iei t'liinllii-iiiiii r
nl L.iii.l- nii'l Wurks.
Lands and Works Department.
Victoria, September liith, IW,
iri'Miu ilium; Mill or lh n\tt;
VIII'll'K |s||i:i,'LI'.V i.l \ IN THAT
**'    at the nexl t Iini; "I lhe Beard
a.l l.iieii-e f i-**iai|icr- lor the I'ilv
ut Norlli Vancouver, I shall apply hi a
retail license (or llie -ule uf spirillum-,
leriueiileil nml ullur li.|iiors iu bottle,
for llll |iri sen kmiHii n- hit li, Mock 7,
H. L. IM, on I s'lnle avenue.
V IL Stiioiii,
Mated  at   North   V.iiii.iincr,   ll   t'*,
December 10, MV.
laved   by prompt   treatment the
outlay is warranted.
The proposal to raise one-hall
ol the lund by subscription it a
very prudent one, and every
property owner, as well as every
citizen, should (eel that the cause
ii his own. Hospital facilities are
a necessity- almost as urgent as
schools and churches Ior a residential, as well as for an industrial
location. The councils represent
many who cither cannot or will
not subscribe, hence there is
ample justification Ior a liberal
subscription being made by theni
end they havt ample statutory
power to give it.
Thc recommendations ol the
committee will come before the
Disttict Council at llieir meeting
Ilns mainf ""' Cl,v Council
will consider it on Monday evt n-
ing, and tht Hoard of Tradi will
meet on Tuesday to receive the
report of their representatives.
We may therefore hope lor very
prompt action to give effect to
the recommendations which were
made with inch heirty unanimity
by the committee alter full deliberation.
Colonize your young cbicjts in
the orchard. It will be good Ior
them and thc trees.
Handy nests arc a comfort to
the hens and a great convenience
to the egg gatherer.
Experiments show that the yearling hen lays \o per cent, more
eggs Mian the hen two years old.
When you arc directed to provide good (ood (or your chickens,
it means to give them a variety of
sound, wholesome (ood.
The quaintest dresses ami hiinior
will be l.n tin iiiiiini* lot tin*
All men and maidens,  bachelors
and dames, the youth of ilns
last i i'iiiimi.
B. C "Gazette"
Comi Dni anh All.
Under Auspices of the Ladies'
Aid of St. Andrew's Church
Proceeds to go to the Building
Admission, 50c
.School Children, 25c
Sons ol Scotland
Organize Over Here
Twenty-two MBbetl wen* al
the organization meeting o| Wal-
lace Camp, Sons nl tkotland,
which wis duly constituted im l
^' the iiiideritiKned Hint fourteen ilnys
fruin this date I will, uiileni ullurttise
arranged, lay luild In ami clmin niie
home that unit left nl my place mint1
four month* and inure ago. Owner may
rl.iiiu -kiih* hi* paying for ila keep nud
tills, ililvertiselnelll.
>• ti ir Creek.
Haled this llnl dny of .Isnuiiri, IM
MlilTOFoRUqioil IMM
*v'    at  tlie ineeliiiK uf the   llonul   ol
Kieeiwiiig Owilllladl—I for the City nf
Nurtli Vnncouver. In lie held mi the
-ennui W,,lii.-*l.,t of March. 1MB, I
sluiil applv for :i licence fur lite mile uf
spirituous, leriueiileil or other li'|tiurs in
dottle, lor the prankm known ll the
middle simp or -lure in the Kilruv Mur*
H.iii block, situate on lol l>, -nh dit iMiui
ol lots liliiiiil IH, hlock IH, district lul
'.Tl, ill tin1 I'ity ul North Vancouver,
t'. H. Hickman
Dated at  North Vaiinmicr Hie 5th
ilnv of Dmmbtr, 1907.
Imu lum lltHl, Ninth Vancouver.
1 Phone 31
321 Cordon SI. VuCMiver.
1 Phone 3411
Wekki.v List, Week Eniuni; Fehkuary 15111.
Mie 1 :i 1 vmui vie
Price t'ltitt lieicrliMlnn
l.UMI      I       450      I    l.**!iaili'.** .venue, l.ul IS, lllaick JIfi. 1). 1.. r-4H, ipinrter acre
t'leareil. gimteil, leiict'il.  A veiy Hue lul lui llie miuuy.
WS      |       '.HN      |   Tlm in mii iiiirei    E.nj-l. nil. lor balance.   I.**i ih,l lu, Jn
| leel Inun l..*i|.itale rn.'line
300 7*'i     I   Beautifully .liiiauil acre tiluck ln I) I., llll], la.K a mile
1        Irtuu Kngll.li Bay, uverlookiuif Stanley I'urk ami bay.
All tlie best Canadian makes.
Nine to 18-inch tops.
PRICKS, $4.00 to $9.00
616 Hastings Street
Time Tnble, 19.17
■  II   I'JIK
•li.UOA. M
•ll.'JOA. M.
*ti.45   "
•7.21)   "
S.UO    "
8.20   "
H.40   "
H.00   "
'.I'M)   "
9.46 A.M.
D.45   "
10.15 A.M.
IU 15   "
10.45   "
10.4ft   "
11.15    "
ll.i.'i   "
11.45   "
11.45   "
12.15 I'.M.
1'.' I.'i 1'. M.
llll P.M.
12.45 1'. K.
1.16   "
I.II   "
1 I.'i   "
14ft   "
2.15   "
Ul "
2.4ft   "
2.4ft   "
3.15   "
11.45   "
3.45   "
4.15    "
I.II "
4.15   "
4.45   "
6.15   '
ft. 15   "
Ml "
5.4ft   "
ii 15   '•
111   "
Ml   "
11.45  "
7.16   "
7.'J."i   "
7.45  "
LU   "
K.45   "
».I5  "
9.45  "
int.*. "
IU45  "
•ll.:tti "
•11.16  "
jt  Ull
Among llie appointments announced in the Gazette arc tlie following :
Thos. Slifphi id, o( the City o(
Noith Vancouver, to he a registrar
ot votes lor the Richmond electoral
ihstrict, in the place ol Sidney Ash
Hotelier, rescind.
To he commissioners (or taking
affidavits in the supreme court ol
Richmond electoral district: William Nicholson Lailcy, Dugald
Henderson, John Bertram Hen-
nett, Julius Martin Fromine, Geo.
Jckyle Phillippo, Walter Owen.
John W. Manley, ail ol thc city ol J
Nortli Vancouver
-General learning
maim fh i,i<|i iir una
1' at the next ineelinit uf the Heard
l.it't'iiit1 t'uniiiiui-iiiiiera ior the t'ily ul
North Viiiiiuiiier. 1 hIiiiII apply fur a
retail lici'ii* lur the mile uf Hnirilnoini,
lernii'iiteil nml nther li.*uor*. iu Imttle,
lor the iirt'inutea known n- Iota 1(1 nml
11, hliK*k li'a'i, ditlricl ml 271. mi Iimt
Htreet, erected IHIIIIMm to ulnii- iind
H|Ht'ilii'atiiiiin In lie mihniillttl fur lhe
a|i|irtivnl nl "ni*l boaei, nil in the Htiial
(,'ili uf Nurlh Vaniuiiver, ll.C.
Wtt. II  Smith.
Iinteil nt North *'Hniiiuver, II. I'., Nu
vt'inlier H, 1907
70 x 240
Close to saw mill and plank road;
ten minutes liom car; only $300.
Also a lew i 4 acres lor $200;
terms, to down, |tio per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, all conveniences ; splendid view. Also
one lor sale; SS00 cash ami llio
per month.
l«o nerleula cleared tots on lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
iiriiiriTiin foil i im m; i.lrf\Hi:
*■' at the next meet inu "t I'1" Ilnnnl
nf l.ii'eiin* ('.aiiiiiua-i.*ii. r- lor lhe t'ily
ol Nnrlh \»niiiiiti*r. I .hull n|i|ily fur
an betel licence (or tin* -ule i.f «',iriiiinii«,
(eruienieil or nther llqtuin, h.r tlie Iti
r'Miin (ninn* liinlalniK, inu.iini un the
Si yiimiir mail, iu tl i wl net lot 791, itrunp
rne, New We.tmiiiiitir iliitlriet.
.Inns Mrlaati.
Iinteil nt Nnrth  v.'nu'"'iver,  II. C,
Jannarv I" MMM,
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Kelinlile i arid inn at reannnalile prit'en.
Nn llurem. Nu Sale. Nn Kinni((atiiin
t" I uii.ii'e "im I No windy n.-ont*. i,.
aiiliny ynu. Ilny itirei't nml get Tree*'
nml Seed- thut urow.
Kerlili-erit, BMleMllM, Spray I'unipa,
Sprnnnu Mnleiinl. tut Kluvter-, elf.
uiileni e.l.il'h.lii'l imr-ery mi the
mainland of Britllh ('"lumhia.
t'alalnjue ln*e
nun and si i lium ms.
3100    WmTHIMtTIK    K'l.tll.
Teniimrnry (lll'iet*   K. Ciidney'i
laiuil sliuii, Kaplaiiadt'.
Noriii Vaniouvkk, B.  C.
TIIK    rNHKliSlilNKIl   IS    ]'HK-
piiriil tu do all kinila ol Clearing,
(iriihhiiiK ami Slumpinn hy cmitracl.
rim.ii' muica,
« Kirat Street IVeiit,
North Vancouver.
Drivtf Miller is now alter Kid
Howell, and diallenged liim to I
bout on this side ol thc inlet in tbe
was luliite Miller was on a bout
With Ritchie some lew weeks ago,
in winch tin latter got the decison.
Mill, r is a hard hitler, and could
prohahly stand  Howell in his cor
night hy Dislriel Deputy Grand ner the same as Ritchie did Wed
Chiel Vert and other officers* nisday evening.
tthere in the eity Inr fl.00 a cord.
Orders aulititetl.
Found Street, Iietween bm-ilnlii nnd
CliDftertieltl live.   Phonal?,
GlAINF.RS       Gl.AZIF.KS       SlUNS
Ol'l'.   IJIH   SlKFI l
llall  l.ql.wr   ..il  «. (. I...   S.r.r.g,
'rii'isa Wt
Railway, HrM(n<, Water l'"iti*ra. K.llm.U'.
mi|H<rlnn'ii'l> ii"* ol I'ain.triKtlon, M«i'., Tumi
.Hi'., Mln I iir i 1.1 in*. Snt, I ini.i.,ii*.r ii-
ail llMtln." SI. W ,   .   -   VlN'fiil'VKIt. B O
us lOTiRl rntiii:   *
Is.raaaen In .H lu i.i.n, i,..
Uraiau: I't.in ami lli.lr.nil..
,1-mra     llail. aaa.l, i ,.,| , i„*| Kir.
Manaiierfur the Oonnmelel
.  rrnt'i-titi Bodaty.
Office:—Fih«t St., K. or LomaU.
Any parcels unsold may
1 lituinedby private treaty
for a few days at my oflice.
514 l'ender St.      Phone 472
Come in and nee « hat yon ran get in
our city. We tan compare favorahlT
with any -torn ol our aiae on the Pacific
Our CnaltiTV and (ilaaaware Department ia nn't  ready fnr inapei'tiun, alao    ^
an elegant linetif Jewelry.
All we ask ia, do nnt gn tu Vancouver
fur anything in Nf line till yon have
paid ua a vii.it. Be loyal to North Vancnuver. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Conservative Association
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the North
Vancouver Conservative Cluh was
held on Tuesday evening in the
Knights of Pythias hall. The
president, A. R. Steacy, occupied
the chair, and Secretary Thomas
Shepherd fulfilled the office of
secretary for the evening.
ln opening the meeting the president regretted the fact that the attendance was not as large as might
have been expected owing to the
other counter attractions. The
membership, which numbered over
thirty, was being added to, and it
was essential that the members
pay up their arrears, as the success of the club largely depended
upon that.
The election of officers was first
on the list, which resulted in the
lollowing being elected:
President—A. K. Steacy.
Vice-president—A. S. Hruce.
Secretary - treasurer — Thomas
Executive Committee—J. M*
Duval, W. J. Gladwin, A. Kennedy, C. McKenzie.
The secretary was instructed lo
make inquiries regarding the obtaining a complete list ol the voters for Richmond riding.
The secretary was instructed to
extend a hearty invitation to Sir
Charles HibDert Tupperto address
the organization at a date to be
subsequently arranged.
Thc following were recommended to the local lagislature for the
appointment as commissioners for
takine affidavits: E. A. Peers, A.
Kennedy, A. S. Hruce, II. E.
Rett, H. W. Fuller, W. H. Smith,
F. G. Gladwyn, J. G. Bressy.
Alter considcralde discussion the
meeting adjourned.
BY-LAW NO. 22.
About two inches of snow fell
on Monday in the Capilano Valley, above the old waterworks dam.
There were about ij degreei ol
frost there, and thin ice covered
the reservoir! of the Vancouver
City waterworks.
Alea. C. Noble, a fisherman for
66 years at New Haven, Midlothian, Scotland, bul now of
Keefer street, Vancouver, was a
visitor in the city on Sunday.
Though up in years he is still hale
and hearty.
"It is a pity that the banks just
now are not like scandal." "What
do you mean by that?" "Scandal,
you know, always gets currency."
"It's hard to lose the savings of
a lifetime." "Oh, not so hard. I
know of a dozen men with schemes
that you could go into,"
To tosi a coin lor ollice
Ia daizling to all evei ;
Roth financier and statesman
The action typifies.
" I've just been thinking." said
Willieboy. "Thinking what?" demanded Silliman, to whom the idea
Williehoy's thinking w 'S somewhat
disconcerting. "That in Adams's
case it must have been a real re-leaf
to change his clothes," said Willie-
The farm journal scz ye kin cure
a cow ol kickin' by ketchin' holt
ol her leg while in the act. That's
right. An' ye kin cure a bee o'
itingin,' too, by ketchin' holt of
her iting while in the id.
A milliner says that every
woman who ever tried on a
hat in her store first said by way
of preparation: "My hair isn't fixed
You are always hearing people
talk about a jolly good time. Did
you ever have one? They are quite
If all the people in the world
ihould igree to sympathize with a
certain man at a certain hour, they
could not cure hii headache.
A word that we dislike very much
is thit word "natural," when uied
by women in deir.ribing the appearance of a corpie.
"What'l the matter, Algy ?"
"Why, dash it all, that big girl
over yonder, don't ye know, she
asked me if I had a powder rag
with me !"
"John, they don't ever sell dress
goods in wall street, do they?,,
"Gracious,  child, what put such
an absurd idea in your head?"
The commuter handed the
brakeman a live-cent cigar. "Say,
George," he said, "why docs the
ngine always let off such a heartrending howl just as we pass Long
Oak ? " George shook his head
sadly. "Ah," said he, "it was
here that the engineer, poor fellow,
first met his wife."
No man can be contented who
has too much time to think of the
things that don't suit him.
An Atchison man issocrosi and
stingy with his wife that when she
tries to get him to give her a dollar
she calls it "working the growler."
When everything else fails to
furnish talk the neighbors can
always think of some mother too
indulgent, and some stepmother
too impatient.
When a man marries a woman
for her money the people applaud
when she ties it so tight he can't
touch it, and then can't reconcile
such sense with the folly she showed in marrying him.
The young husband looked up,
a little dubiously from the household accounts. "By the way," he
asked, "how are you getting on,
love, with the new grocer?" "Oh,
delightfully," the bride replied.
"He is the most generous man1
Do you know, Harold, whenever I
order a two-pound steak, he sends
me one weighing four pounds at
The firm of Hill & Miller, proprietor! of the Princess woodyard,
have become involved in financial
difficulties. Since the latter part
of December up to a few days ago
they were clearing land for the
North Vancouver Land and Improvement Co., and also hauling
cordwood Irom the cleared districi.
They have become heavily indebted to several North Vancouver firms, and this week appeared
on the list in the small debts court
in Vancouver. An adjournment
to the nth was granted, when the
severil accounts against the firm
will be heard. It is claimed by
Miller that Hill was not authorized
to do any contracting on this side
of the inlet, and hence the trouble.
II.   '
Mr. Bert Campbell has moved
down to his ranch in the Lynn
B. Carson and wile, of Seattle,
Wash., are guests at the Palace
For Sai.i—Good cow. Apply
to T. II. Nye, corner Lonsdale
and Queen street.
You may think you are modest
ai a Dower, but probably your
neighbors ny you have nerve to
When a man is as polite to men
ai to women he is entitled to be
known as a gentleman.
We men are accused of so much
that sometimes wefeir some of us
miy be guilty.
citv (if mirth mmm
A By-law to Expropriate Real
Property for the Widening
of St. David's Avenue at
Corner of First Slreet.
forty (IO) chaini east ol St. John'* Cul*
live and adjoining John lllaverie's
claim, tlienea north eighty (8U| chains,
limine went eixhty (K0) chains, thence
•ouili eightv (80) chains, Ihenee east (811)
chains, to tilt* point of fummeiireinent,
containing nix hundred and lofty HilUl
111're*. Iiii an* * i  leu,
Siuuur Bum,
Dated January 7th, 1908.
" uf the City ol Nortli Vancnuver
proposes to widen a portion of St.
David's avenue, at tlie corner of First
street, an aa to provide sullicient width
at the corner ol said street lor the
ordinary traffic and the line! ol thu
British t'liluinlii.i Klectric Railway
Company, Limited, antl lor the pafpOM
of audi widening it ia necessary and
convenient to exanpropriate certain real
pru|ierty hereinafter described in the
City of North Vancouver, and to enter
upon and take and uie the name.
NOW, IHKKKFOKF., the Municipal
Council ol the City ol North Vancouver
enacts M lollowa:
1. si David'aavenueshall lie widened
at the corner ol First street, and the
land rti'iuri'il therefor shall lie expropriated in tlie maimer hereinafter aet
!. There ii hereby expropriated, and
there ahull be nitered upon, broken lip
and taken and used lor the pur|K>ae
ait aiich widening of the atieet, the following land : l.ol Seventeen (17) in
Block One Hundred and Fifty-two
'152), in District Lot Two Hundred and
Seventy-four (274), being of triangular
shape, and bounded on one tide by St.
David'i avenue, on which it measures
84*) leet. On another side by First
Street on which it measurei 4fi (eel,
and tin the remaining aide hy lot
l.ightefii Im, in mnl Block One Hun
dred and Kilty-two 11521, on which it
measure! 71..'Hi feet, which aaid piece or
parcel uf land an expmpialed ia mure
particularly ilintiu ti|iuii a map or plan
prepared bv the citv engineer and dated
the 18lh dav ol November, 1907, and
filed in hia mli.-c at theCilr Hall, North
Vancouver, aforesaid, and thereon
colored red.
The description in this By-law of the
laid laml expropriated ia intended lo
agree with the plan, but in case of
variance the deecription on the said
plan ahall prevail.
Thnt By-law (or all purpoaea may be
ei ted ai "The St. David'a Avenue
Widening Impropriation By-law, 1908."
Passed the Municipal Council the
twenty-seventh day of January, A. D.
Reconsidered, adnpted ami finally
panned bv tlie Council nn the third day
ol February, A. D, 1908.
thomas mn
Citv Clerk.
North Vancouver Und District, Diltriet
ol New Westminster.
Take notice that I, John Claverie, of
Vancouver, B. C„ occupation miner, intend to apply lor a atiecial mining license
over lhe following described lands:
('mi.iiieiieini* »l a post planted on lhe
south side ol Lynn Valley Ruad, about
forty (40) chains east of St. .lulin's College, thence north eighty (80) chains,
thence west eiglit]U80) chains, tluiue
south eighty (HU) cliains. thence east Jo)
chains, to (lie point ol commencement,
containing six hundred and Itirty (1140)
acrei mure or leaa
John I'i.avkkik.
Dated January 7th, 1908.
Any nne having a gotxl farm (nraale in
Western Canada may find a cash buyer
by writing at once, giving prico and
description, to
llevaai Co-oniATivi OtUtMt,
23-c Minneapolis, Minnesota.
North Vancouver Uml District, District
ol New Westminster.
Take notice that I, "ivert Helium, i.l
Vancouver, II ('., occupation miner, intend to apply for a special mining UeWM
over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
ninth side ol Lynn Valley Road, ahoul
|J mes Whiiconib Riley in tlieCentury
I'm geltin old—I know-
It seems su long ago,
Ko long since John was here!
lie went ao young—our Jim
's as old now most as him,
Close on to thirty year'!
I know I'm gittin' old—
I know it by lhe cold,
From time 'al lirst frost Hies,
Seems like—since John was here—
Winters is mure severe ,
And ttinlar I de-spiae!
And vet, it seems, some days,
John's here uilh liis mid a ays
Comes soon-like (nun the corn-
Field, callin' " Mother" at
Me—like lie tailed me that
Kven 'fore Jim waa bom!
When Jim come—(La! how good
Waa all the iieighorhood !—
And Doctor'—when I lieerd
Him joke John, kind o' low,
Anil aay: Yea, (oiks could go—
"Pa'1 needn't be feared!)
When Jim come—John layi—'e—
A-hi'iidiii' over me
And baby iu the bed—
And jea us three, ri.ya'e,
"tuir little family!''
Anil ihal was all he aaid.
And cried jes like a child!—
Kissed me again, and smiled,
'Cauae I waa cryin', too.
And hen-1 am again
Aeryin', same as then-
Vet happy through and through.
The old home 's mnat in mind
And joys long left behind!
Jim's little h'istin'crawl
A truss the Door to wbert
Julio set a-rockin there!
I'm gettin' old—that'a all!
I'm Kenia' uld   im dniihi'
Healthy as all git-out!
But, strangest thing I tlo, '
I cry so eaay now—
Iry jea anyhow
Thu fool tears wants me to!
cut Jim he wont be lold
At" Mother's" gettin' old!
Hugged mo, he did, and smiled
This morning, and bragged "shore"
He loved me even more
Then iihen he was a child
That's his way; but ef .lolin
Was here now, lookin'on,
He'd ahorely know and see;
"But, '.Mother,' " s'pect he'd say,
'S'pose you air gettin'gray,
Y ou're younger yet than me?"
I'm gittin old,—becanae
Our young days, like they was,
Keepe comin'back—so clear,
'At little Jim. once more,
Cornea h'iatin' 'orost the floor
Fer John'a old melon' cheer!
Oh. beautiful'—to be
Agittin'old like me'
lley, Jim! Come iu mm, .lim!
Your lupper'i reatly, dear!
(How much more, every vear,
Ite looks and acts like him) I
Send  in  your  urders  nuw  lur Dry
lireen-t'ul Clear Fir.
Sltivc lengths, per curd, deliverisl .$6.50
Cordwood, lengths, delivered fLiHI
In stock.   Inimediute delivery.
Shingle Mill
Oor.aM St. ami Lonsdale Ave.
£^"|j*itti* urders al Waldrun's hardware store.
Corner of Fourteenth and Bewick Avenue
JUST  tllMPl.ITF.il
Six Rooms, Bathroom, Klectric Light, Water.
For prices ami particulars apply
Corner Hasting* and Homer
R. S. HANNA, Auctioneer,
will SF.I.l. HY AUCTION nn
Saturday, Ftb* 8th, at 1:15 p.m.
the full.utinc not sis und chattel- Miing*
ini; lo .Mrs. Fred I.a Pcnuiierc, Secmid
1 Iron lletlsteud willi springs and mat -
tress, 1 llcatiu*- Stove, 1 Dresser, I Set*,
tiuiial Itonki'ioie, ll Chairs, 1 Small Table
and other articles.
Terms Caeh. F. Wh«bi.«k, llailiR
Ex |)rew
Mnv hiiml I hiriji1 supply "I Cement
Blocks, made Inun Irish water Mild.
Samples mav Iw seen al the new
iviuent ii*.i.|a*iii*i. iiii Scciiinl -treel east.
si-eui bloetalsM,
Full particulars can lat had from the
Western Cur|«iratioii iillice, nr write to
Nortli Vancouver, B. C
Estimates Given on All
Kinds ol I leetric.il Work
Cor Lonsdale and Second St
60   YEARS-
IH I ill Bi.
the Court ul lleviiiun, to heur Ap-
peals against the Assessment ot Lands
ur Itiipnvciueiits iiiiiile hi the Assessur
ul this Diatrict. will he held in the District Municipal nlliee iu Nurth Vancouver, .ui .Mnnilav, the lUtb dav nl February, 1D0H, at I! o'clock p. m'., and ihnt
notice ol all Apm-als mu.-l Is* made to
me at least ten dais previous la the laid
ALEX. Hlll.ll', I". M.C
Accountants,   'Auditors    General
Commission Brokers
leal (slate Agenti
Tatsi'iuiM HHIfiS
Have your Harden laid out now. All
siirts ul designs made. KXMTt pruning,
aratting ami hiiJduig Iruil trees. Aii
kinds ot tree, ami seeds supplied at the
lowest prin *
Cor. St. OHM'l Ave. and Tenth St.
Nurlli Vancouver.
CIVIL    I    .'.IMI* It
lluantiiiy Surveyor and Architect
Foi'btii STiiarT, ('ainssii l.oisim.i Ava
iisnti.i Av
Ill Of
mllK COt'KT 0V REVISION, (in
■*• the District Vulers' Lilt, will meet
inllie Diatrict Municipal nlliee, Nurtli
Vancouver, nn Saturday, the I Ith ol
January, U"lh, at 2 o'clock p. in.
Trim Mams
CoPYRioHie 4c.
Anjmii* ..tiding a ikrt rh and dsaertptioii nty
Itili-alr ascertain cur ei'liilni trwa wbatri.r ao
luieiiiwiti i. priittBt.lr puaaiit.SHL \'omn*iiiiili*a.
lli.nislrltnlre.inOile.ilUL KaNOBOM tm l'U*UU
•i-nt Inafl. IiMmi ..■i'ln*, lur .pnirilltr MUnta.
I'atflitl Ul.n tlanmi'h MltiiQ A l'u. rtMlf*
tftetalaatltt, ttttliamt cli.mia, in Uia
Scientific American.
A bsnalnnitilr Ulmtral**! wiwklr.  Urti-rt ctr-
.-iil.tlim nt my M-laiitinu Journal. Term, tot
('wad*, lia • 7«r. pmuao prapsld.   Md tt
Come and
See Our
> NO. 9 >
Lonsdale Avenue
Opposite City llall
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Teed
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue,
Pint, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, f*rown (rom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Terms, uiii'-fiiiirth ca-li ; balance, B, 1" and 18 months
; ~m~
'     i     J
>  a
.   I       4
< ! '
$ __
7 "j* -
a- s / I   Ca* at
•*    S/XTEENTH   S7
Mil Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
imi. iiu\ m,
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One ol Canada's Strongest Financial Institutions
lolal Uses over $50,000,000
This Hank has a record behind it ol nearly three quarters
of a century ol successful banking in Canada, with
assets increasing every year until they now exceed
$50,01 10,000.
Monev Advanced oa reasonable terms— Ihnfls bought and
Mild—Monet th.itr, ;in,| Lttltrs of Cr,;/il issued payable
in the leading cities in the world.
tanners' and fruit Growers' n i|itireiiients will bt given
special attention.
(Mine:   I'or. lonsdale Ave. and Isplanade, Norlh Vancouver, II. C.
II.  K.  IIiiiiii. Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Perry Landing lorQueenibury Avenue, Twenty-Aral
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Uoad as follows : 6:15
a.111,, (145 a. in., 7:15 a. in., 7:45 a. ni., Bit J a. in., 9 a. ni. 9:40 a. in.,
10:10 a. 111, Alter 10:15 ta in., cm will leave Qinembllty avenue,
Twenty-tint and Lonadale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Roatl
at livi* inii.iites to lhe hour and twenty live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queenibun avenue, Twenty first
.street ind l.onsilaile avenue. Winch street Uld Keith Koad as follows :
6a. 111., (1:30 a. in., 7 a. 111., 7:30 a. tn., H a. in.. 1^:45 a. in., 9:15 a. in.,
9:55 a. in., 10 25 a. ni. Alter ij |0 L 111. 1 ars leave the P'erry Landing
.it ten minutes past the the liom ,uul tin nty minutes to the hour.
MP   All boats an- met by tin  cats.
Hotel North Vancouver.
Up to-datr
It' *:
J2.00 per
and up
liules lul
I'annli' ■
Boardi 1
terry Service I very II•• If Hour lo and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^>
l> ;i gloriotu lieverage—qaenohioi nml
Mtiifyiug. Remember tlnn - no othei
"psi u § I" —iii-ist mi getUog Rainier
Vn 1 iot nt ver, B. C.
tier Ib.
Corner I %|>'*»i»«i<t«- and Longdate Avenue
I"t, lh.- K.litnr:
Why should not our aldermen
receive remuneration for their sir-
\ icts to the city!   Is it reiionible
to   expect   poor   nun to tin ftriat
deal nf hard worlr lor the city, extending over fifty-two weeks in llu
yeai, to devote all the time mul
thought necessary to the adequate
discharge of the responsible duties
devolving upon them as city coun
cillora and not receive one dollai
in 1 oiiipi'iisaitioii ? If tome of them
object that they ire Ml poor, It t
tin in still have a salary. Tin n
will be 110 law ag.iinsl u turning
llu- iiiiiniiiit four fold In Iln* board
"i worki 01 io ilm park committee
II tin* sum ol llie duty ot an aldt-i
man be In make one or two llowei \
speeches   pi r   yeai    to   ,1    publii
gathering ol his [riendi and pay
one or Iwn visits on siiiiiniii allii
noons to our gaideiis, pinks ami
public Iniililings, then let ns run
tinut- the old system o| nn pay,
because there is no work. Hut if,
Mr. Editor, 0111 aldermen in It
sponsible lot tlm working out oi
old by-laws and the introduction
ol new ones; II tlu-y are lo pio*
perly direct our Iin* ami light department, take reasonable siipi tin
tendance ol nur waterworks, do
their work properly as Ikennecom-
niinioneri ind police commiuioB
ers, make proper arrangements
in connetlinn with the but' s\s
tern, wisely expend the niniui
raisetl by laxes and Ilh ol d< ben
tuns, etc., etc., then I claim thai
ill   all   reasnn   lliev  DUghl   10  have
saiiiii* monetary consideration in
return for long and artlunus libor,
Where did tins idea nl   having llu
uvic repitsini.itivis work without
laluy come from? Has it nnt
been imported bom tha old world?
And is it not 1 relic o( the nl*!
aristocratic form ol government
Tins old-world ipiril wbii h cliimi
for the lavnretl lew I monopoly
of all wisdom and good judgment
antl tight to govern, ami takes |.< 1
grantetl that laboring nun and
mechanics, et al, are in the woiltl
.is the servant! of the high
born ami should pQMeM llu ir
souls in patience, and should go
about with llieir llCM e.utliu.inl
and hold no opinio is except such
a in handetl down to ihein. 1
claim, sir, that "the man with the
hoe" may make gnml .ilih mien—
witness Chi is. 1'oley, a quondam
miner, of Kossl.ind— but our pies*
ent system practically shuts him
out. A common objection mile t..
paying aldermen is that it would
put the got eminent nl our cities
intn the hands of prnlessional
polilia ans One mtghl n pi) that
the piesent plan tends tu put the
ciiy government into the bands of
men who have an ax to grind.
One argument is worth as much is
the olher, and neither is unilli
much. Trust the people to cbooM
the light man.   One might make
tin point, however, that our pros.
ent s\sl' in nl wn 11 ■ i;ialis tends
to put the govrrnmi ut ol   young
u* sli in inun*. min ill, li,mils ill
1* il ' state men, ht-i line , n 11 if 1
ical estate man 1 * pOM he mat not
inti tfel'' with his business as I
t, al 1 st.de agent     II tin buiineil
M It) III    li.ltult ll (lll'l   In UK II  nl  l.IK
11 1 iipalinil prihaps it 1 aiuld mil
I" in belli I hands, lot Unit I* *i
i' "*s his 'lit'in lor Ihe pnsition, antl
the interests ul Iln* real estate
man arc to a consnli'iable eai'ill
the inter sis ul the city. Hut why
should we continue a lytti 111
tiluili Mitually abuts oi't many
othei worthy mm from 1 place un
the city const 11.     Mosl u| us ,,rt*
Md) I" 1 Hln ist* piellt In 1 li tite
at Is nl .thli inian daring lilt 11 li nu
n| oltii i*. Aii we not a littll unre-
aumahlc ami sume*'hat l.n king in
gnml   la* le 10   i Mlu i/.'*   an   |   || ,
m.tn  who.  perfaapa,   hu   mrda
some bliindeis ur has neglected lo
do some work that might ba con
'.ulere.l   as   |,i,,|i, r|j   I" longi l|  lo
Ins ollice, became, loriooth, he
may iiave been compellld to UM a
part of liis time that was iieeili il
111 Ins wotk for the city in providing for the wants of his own family?
I al" not claim ihal it is impossible
to Iind men who will govern our
ciiy without monetary reward, but
I tin claim that an alderman sometimes slights Ins work, partly
because his private finances aie in
such shape that lie cannot donate
as much time to the city as his
niiii 1* demands. A monetary consideration Iiii sn vii i* will not lake
the public spirit onl ol our ilder*
II icii. Will 11 nnt 1,itbei, by ihow.
ing ippn 1 iition of their service on
tin  pari nl iln 1 itilena, make them
[eel tin 11  n rpomibility the mine
and If.It! tin in In be  mure 1 llu fnl
III **i 11 ii e, ind, in case nf I repn-
tentative, who is a pout man, iha
com pi ns.it 11 hi will iiialn' ii 1 lillle
fm hmi lu sent* Ins city as he
would wish. I In si* considerations,
a l'i I in 1I1 ■ important tut that
hiving a h uonabla ulirj .11
1,11 had to the oflice of city councillor, would greatly 1 ilargt ibe
field Inun which aldermen could
be chosen, leatls nu* tn Conclude
that as 1 matin ol guild principle
and guild pnln V Wr ought tn pay
our aldernien.
Yours truly,
Ninth Vancouver, H.C.,
I'tli. sll', i<|oH
Church Notices
HI ni*i|i|*l   rlirm 11,   N,   W, niKNi N
nu Kin si   wiisi. t.mum's
Horning lervice, 11 ■ m ; Sun
l.n st hool, i.y p. in- | evening
■erviie, 7:311 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednaadaj
evi ning ll B o'i lot k
Kev. It. II. BalderrtM, H. A.
Sola III   \ Wi all I I I;   I  lllllll ll
Sunday Services — Mass al 8
a. in., Sundav school at 2:30 f.111,
ll. iinin lum at 3 p. m.
1'aslnr : Kev. \'.. l'evtavin, 0.
M. I. V   S.
si |ims'-1111 iviNi.iiisi, imm
Holy Communion, H a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On lhe lirst Sunday in the month
theft will In a'Stiniiil ifli-bration
nf tlu Hol) Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector; Kev. Hugh Hoopar.
si.  iVIUU.W's I'Klsltl IIKIIV 1 IIUKi ||
St 1 \ices will In* Conducted as
usual on Sunday   by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. in.
S. nu * al Moodyville school at
7:30 p. in.
i'ra'cr uniting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All aie wt It min .
I'astor: fa-l   J   D  l.ill.im. W.I
IIAI'llsl  t III Kl 11,  lll'IM.I   IIM I ,
uiNioai 1  tn m 1
Si nn < at 11 in link a. 111. in
iheOtangi hall. Sundav st hool at
the 1 lose ill  ll.e s, n 1, 1
I'astoi .    Kn   Davtd Long.
All an wt It nnu
I ', 1M.I I I .11'      -I I  ,1-  I   ,
will   lie   held   ll   Orangl   hall   mi
Sunday   cv inn:    ||   ; 3.1  o'clock
All   .ne   web nmi.    Com    am
liinig a fin ml.
"Sn tin 1 iti/i ns of Blgll l.v*
ha\e formed I liter,irv club?" aaid
tin tourist In the (at Wi st, " Vou
In 1 m lia,.. paid,' i' plied Amber
I'iii, pi'tn.ll.    '   \11.l ll 1   Iha linest
literary club Ihinidi of Chk
* * I l>.i t -"■'    'Wi   1 ihoald H)
io. Why,the niemli, rs an   nnt al
lowt tl tn carry inalhiag but magazine revolver!.'
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 145
. PRICE:   %I7o.OO   AND   UP
TEIIMS:   li I'ASIh HAI. I.V(7,',«, l.l ASH M MONTHS
The must centrally lorateil and best lull in the City ol Nortli
Viincuiiver lor the price.
Hn imt (nil to make your jelecliun without ilelny «'   ) yon
enn pmahaN at fir.-t enst.    I'rieea will noon he rai-it'il.
Kurlher |iartitiilars, iiiaps nntl price lints Inrniilietl  Iree on
ipplicatlen tu
Cor. lonsdale Avenue and Fifth Sl, North Vancouver, B.C.
TKl.Kl'lltlSK 15
I!ati«: 11.50 1'Kli
N|irri,il lliiti's In Fiiiiiilii's ami lli^nlur Itnitrtlrrs
lliilf-liniir ferry e'liiiieetiiin tn ami Irmn Vancouver, lint antl cold
water in fiery NM. l.'i'lurn fall IicIIn iu every mum. Harber
sliu|i in ftiiineeiii'ii.
SiniMi .tiki-ii,   ....  NORTH  VANCOUVER, It. C
Area of Canada.
Three hiintlreil inilhoii (joo.ooo,
000) acres is the latest estimate ol
the forest area of Canada. This
u.is given recently by Dr. H. Ba
lit now, I Van nf the Faculty ol
Poraatry ia tha Univenity ol Toronto.    Dr. Feme* was for tears
head ol lhe fotcsltt Work ol the
United States, and is regarded as
mu* ol llie besl authorities Ml I01-
i-iry ami timber on this continent.
Dr. FefBOW said : " If we look at
tins vast forrst area from the manufacturer's point of view, from the
standpoint of inpplii I for the arts
aud iniliisltits, of its commercial
value, ami study merely the gcog
repay ami nature of the counlry in
the buht of the reports on the more
m MM outlying parts ol the same,
we will come to the conclusion
that three hundred million acres,
and pi ili,i|ts l.ss, will cover fully
the commercially valuable timber
land area, actual ami potential, or
not 'iniili more than one-hall ol
the commercial forest area ol the
United Stales."
At one tinit eicht bundled million acres was the generally ac-
c |'li d 1 sinuate ol the timl'i 1 i.iinl
ol Canada. Mr. I\ 11. Campbell,
Superintendent ol l'otistiylor Ibe
Dominion Qovernineiit, was not
quite su pessimistic in a recent
estimate. Speaking al a loreslry
convention held in Yarmouth, N.S.
he calculated the forest area of the
Dominion at about 535,000,000
acres, divided as lollows :
llritisli Columbia tXj nullum
lilaniliiba,Sas!,alt hewan
,\ Alia . aiidiinorgan-
i*. .1 territorial    .   ite
Onlano   411      "
Qw I"'   im    "
Ni w HiuiisHit k     JU 11
Nm.1 Siutia         5      "
l.n .ik at it .is »i may, oni thing
■ ' m • < b .11. and lhat is ihal, on
luilliei knowledge, Canada's "inexhaustible'' Ion sis ami foreal
areas aie shrinking, and that this
country does nut possess the wealth
that it was nnu thought that she
did I In moral is plain I it must
In ( aiiul.t s .Inti in look carefully
after what she has and carefully
pn si ive it, and als.i nijtke pro-
vilio 1 lhat  llu M Ml 's shall  h.* sn
■ iiiiiliini their eliililreii »(the ilanner
ami ul 'In innne rlune in jmt t in tr boeliler.
•ml all kiml. ul iriirlmire >u the eliaiinel
nri'M.li .1 llimuitliniil tin* nty lur carry*
ini.' attny Mirfai'f water.
Tlie d«'lii*li misi reantB are nuti ln'iiiL1
eloaalj rntehod hy the*t*oli**i, ami inr
one (.ninii ItlaeiliiriilinlileleH in   tillurol
llie \\ ah r ('liiiiiiiel*t ttill In* |iri»eeillnl
Any mie having a grnal (arm fnr sale in
Wealeru l.ui.i.lii may lunlicn.li buyer
>>y viriiiiiK at ontv, iiiiii| pricn antl
alencni'li'in, tn
Hi 1 taa On wiini Clmriai.
2:l*c Miiuieai'uliK, MiiuieanU.
Semi   in  yiuir  uriler.  una   for  I »ry
ttntui t 11 Clear Fir.
P^,^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^— .t<ltive leligtlin. |»*r mill, ileliveretl   f.i .'ill
handled thai a future supply ofjoeHmod, lm*glhi,tWtvend.
timber from the same areas Clli be
obtained.    Ami this means tin* in
traduction at toraatrji managenu nt
ol ihese timberlandi
In «lm It.    Imnii'iJi.ttf ilt'livrry.
Shingle Mill
( ... .'.'Irii SI. ami l.on.iUle Ave.
tfsWi' »ve tinlfra nl Waldron'i hardware itort.


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