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The Express 1908-10-30

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// that which goes inlo peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
Norlh   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
style thai pleases
Ihal are right ai
The Express
Aldermen May, Irwin,Crickmay,
Wheeler, Smith and Braim were
present al Monday evening's session ol the city council. Mayor
Kealy presided.
A letter was read from the special audit committee explaining
the wishes of the committee with
reference to the publication ol the
special auditor's report. This is
to include the entire report, with
all relevant documents, printed in
one publication. The request is
to be acceded to.
Assessor U. W. Elder returned
the assessment roll showing lands
in the city to the value ol $3,583,-
716, and buddings to the value of
$812,060, a total of $4,405,786.
The assessor's census places the
present population at 2,500.
.W. P. Peacey, secretary of the
school board, wrote requesting
that the council accord them a
supplementary giant ol lioo, as
the rooms are so overcrowded that
the employment of in additional
teacher is imperative. Request
J. W. bugler wrote inlorming
the council that the Ferry company
is refusing permission to travel
when a monthly ticket has been
lost. Clerk to communicate with
the ferry company and report.
Aid. Alexander Smith reported
progress with reference to tlie pro
posed joint arrangement between
the city and the district as to
assisting the Horticultural association.    The mailer was laid over.
Hi-solutions were adopted establishing permanent grades on the
lollowing streets: 3rd street, 8th
itreet trom Lonidale avenue lo
131I1 stieet, and 15th street Irom i
St. Andrew's to Kidgway avenue.  I
The Mayor aud Aldermen's in-1
deiunity by-law was giveu its linal;
relding and adopted.
Bylaw No 5, to raise money hr
local improvements ou 15th street,
was given its final reading.
A petition Irom Miurice Gintzburger and others for a six foot
sidewalk on the north side of 15th
street from St. Andrew's to Kidgway avenue, was referred to the
board ol worki.
The secretary ol the fire department wrote, acknowledging with
thanks, receipt of a donation of
$25 toward gymnasium outfit.
The new arc light ordered to be
placed at lhe corner of 14th street
and Mahon avenue, will be placed
at the corner ol 13th instead.
and Mr. Iiu//.a, president of the
local union ol Vancouver.delivered
interesting and encouraging addresses. All young people are
cordially welcomed every Monday
evening at 7.30.
Lynn Creek Notes
G. W. Sugden,who has been up
north lor some weeks, returned to
the valley ibis ui ek anil was heartily welcomed.
What might have been a serious
fire oc. lined at half past ten Monday morning, in one ol J. L.
Cripps' cottages, at present occupied by Smith Bros. One ol the
boys put on a heavy fire in lhe
kitchen stove and went outside lor
a few minutes, and when he returned rond the place abla/.e. An
alarm was sounded anil the neighbors quickly responded. Aq abundance of water was fortunately
available from convenient barrels,
while a small hose was hitched on
to the pipe service. The Uflfle was
soon extinguished, but not before
some damage was done, princ p illy by both smoke and water. The
loss is placed al about $150.
Rev. A. E. lletherington in the
evening. Special music will be
rendered at both services.
On the following Tuesday evening a banquet will be held at the
church, cover's being laid for 110.
Tin tout list, which will be presided over by Rev. Mr. Sanl'ord, is
as lollows: "The King"; ]J"Our
Country," E. S. Knowlton, J. B.
Mathers; song, A. E. Waghorne;
"Our City," Geo. H. Mordcn, Mayor Kealy, Aldermen Braim and
Wheeler; "Our Municipality" P.
C. Cummer, Reeve May and Alex.
Philip; song, Miss Leeson; "Our
Church," W. H. Parkin, M. B.
Martinson, sr., E. W. Leeson, and
Kev. Robl. Milliken; song, C^ E.
The Rains Descended
The exceptionally heavy nature
of the rains that have fallen during
the past few days, is evidenced by
the unusual proportions to which
the Seymour, Lynn, Capilano and
other creeks are swollen. Captain
Goise ol the steamer St. George,
declares that he never saw the
waters ol the Inlet discolored to
the extent to which thev are at I
present. The amount of driftwood
floating about the harbor also bears
testimony to the unusually high
water. At tneCapilanointake.tln
water rose as high as lhe lloor of j
the  bridge, and some anxiety was i
washed away a portion of the bank
upon which one end ol the bridge
Nelson Shield in Schools
The placing of a Nelson shield
in every public school throughout
the province, is the laudable pur
pose for which Rev. E. W. Matthews, D.D., secretary of the
British and Foreign Sailor's Society, is now in conference with the
government at Victoria. The
shield is made out ol copper from
Nelson's ships the Victory and
Fondroyant, and bears a representation of Nelson's flagship as well
as a bust ol the noted admiral, ln
addition to its historical and patriotic value, the shield will be used
as a stimulus to study on the part
of the pupils. Eveiy year the
pupils will shave opportunity to
write an essay on tome subject
pertaining lo the sea, the writer of
thc best essay to have possession
ot the shield for one year. /
Lillooet Trail Petition
J. R. J. Murray, secretary of the
board ol trade, has completed the
thc petition to thc government,
with respect to the opening up ol
Ihe Lillooet trail to the head of Seymour creek. The petition is duly
signed by thc mayor and the clerk
of the city, the reeve and the clerk
'      \    .,' W       -a
'    '     U . ••      t
fc<      I''.'.      -
Big Land Sale
Very little information, beyond
thai already given, is obtainable
with reference to the recent sale ol
walerfrontage by S. Gintzburger.
The property comprises a projection ol the foreshore between Lonsdale Gardens and Moodyville, being block 171. The contour ol the
land ii iuch that the railway right-
of-way, while skirting the north
boundary ol the property, leaves
the entire piece intact, thus adding
to the value. The land lies somewhat high above the water, but can
readily be improved, to advantage
in this respect. The consideration
ol $70,000, while considered some-
wlut below market, is nevertheless
judged to be a good figure, under
existing financial conditions. The
nanus nf the 1 .11. basus are withheld by their express instructions.
The purposes for which the property is to be, used are not made
public, isthc pirns are not yet complete in all particulars, and are
somewhat contingent upon other
developments. It is understood,
however, that when carried into
effect, the concern will prove a
valuable adjunct to the industrial
interests of the city, affording employment to a large staff of employees
Young People's Society
The first regular meeting of the
Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor was held Monday
evening, at 7.30, in St. Andrew's
church. Mr. Knowlei, president,
occupied the chair. An instructive and reminiscent address was
given on the aims and objects ol
the society by Rev. Mr. Gillam.
R. Oscar Boult, preiident of the
Mt. Pleaiant Presbyteriin lociety,
' ?■   ■*■_$'
.■*>.*        V
*■ I*  •■'-.
Felling Timber in British Columbia
School Force Increased
The board of school trustees
have engaged the services ol Miss
Cherrin is teacher lor the new
grade about lo be established in
the Chesterfield avenue school.
Miss Cherrin holds a first class
professional certificate, and received her education in Toronto
and Winnipeg colleges. She has
had eight years experience in Win
nipeg public schools, antl came 10
British Columbia on leave of absence, with the understanding that
at any time upon her return to the
prairie capital, her former position
is ready tor her. The trustees
consider themselves fortunate in
securing a highly qualified teacher
ol extended experience and ol acknowledged success in her vocation.
Methodist Anniversary
The first anniversary services ol
Methodist church, will In held DO
Sunday next, at 11 a.m., antl 7 JO
p.m., with Sund,i\ si hool sei >u I I
it 3.30 p.m. Rev. A. M Sanbud
will preach   iu  the morniug, and
lilt   lor till   I ila l\   "I  llu   slim Itlle
Ii is reported thai the It in p. 'l .i r\
hridffl r<-f. nlly t oinpli'teil across
lhe Seymour has been wished oul,
iln ti.itei nsini; I" the record level
made in ||*i A small bridge
across a creek In", ond Lynn, was
moved some distance oul of its
position. No lurther damage has
been reported to date.
Thc Ireshet consi qui nt upon the
heavy rains this  week did consid-
rrahlt damac..   to   the track ol the
B. C. Electric railway on Lonsdah
ave north, washing out the (racks
between   22nd   and   23rd streets.
The ditch on Iln 1 ,tsi -|i ol l.ons
dale was  expected   lo do MTViofl
lor lh*   entire   volume of surfice
water, but was not equal to the oc*
I casion, the  result   being that the
ba'last  was washed   (rom sndfll
math the  track.    The city work
jmen an imw engaged in installing
I a culvert  across Lonsdale, which
will divert a  portion of the water
lo the west side n| ilu* avenue,thus
ol Mating lhe ililliculty.
It'is  i. purled   ib.it tha hridge
ai ross I.\nn 1 leek, beyond M
1 rille, is in a pn a
. the great vuluint of water haviug
ol thc distin 1, tin pn si,but and
tin  secretary ol the boald ol tride,
with the official seal of each body
dull all.n Ind \\ lulhcr llie petition
ii lo be forwarded through the
nuili or by meant ol 1 deputation,
will be decided at thc meeting ol
tin board of trade executive, on
I uesday next.
Waterworks Extension
The city engineers' department
is engaged on the preparation ol
plans lor the new service reservoir
in connection with the proposed
waterworks extension. The reservoir will contain about three quarters of a million gallons ol witer.
Mams will lie run through district
lots 273 ind 265, ind a distribution
r. servoir will be constructed, to be
located probably at the valve house
on 19th street.
The contract lor cnlargt ment ol
St Antlii w s l'i, sinterian ihurch
will lie let dining next week. I'lini
ami spn ilu alioiik are now ready
and tenth is an inviti d. as prr
advertisement in another column
Apples ler jelly or cooking—12,
15 or 25 pounds for 25c. C. E.
Uan, 15th street.
W. P. Peacey is building a residence on Chesterfield avenue.near
4th itreet, for rental purposes.
The roller skating rink in Larson's pavilion, installed by Booth
I Aitkens.was opened Wednesday
Next Tuesday evening the Young
People's Club will debate "Should
Canada sever her connection with
the British Empire."
The board of school trustees for
the district, will hold its regular
session in the district municipal
hall, this evening at eight o'clock.
Robert Nelson, general contractor, ol this city, is clearing some
lots on 13th street, near Lonsdale
ave., for W. W. Montelius ol Vancouver.
Prol. O'Brien will hold a dancing
class at Noiih Vancouver, in the
Eagles' hall, on Thursday evening
Irom 8 till io, starting next Thursday, November 5.
The B. C. Electric Co. are prepared to go ahead at once with
five milei ol their proposed line to
Point Grey. Rates on the Lulu
Island branch arc to be reduced.
Rev. Father J. N. Sallcs arrived
in the city last week, direct from
Rome, and for the present will be
associated with Rev. Father E.
Peytavin at the local Indian mission.
The BC Electric men are happy
this week, having received notice
of their annual bonus grant from
the company. This year the
cheques amount to $66 7H. Last
>iar ihey were $63.
The regular m-M-tinit ol tbe executive of the board of trade will be
helil ai tin- 1 iti hall 011 Tuesday
evening nexl, 8 o'clock. Important matters will come belore the
meeting and a large attendance ii
The estimate ol the city assessor
D. VV. Elder, lhat the at) s population is now 25oo,will he accepted
as conservative and reliable. I bis
shows very satisfactory growth
since incorporation eight, en
months ago.
The totil assessable propeiiy in
the cit\, according to the assessment roll handed in at Monday's
lession of the council, is now
$4,405,786, as against $3,862,030
last year, an increase lor the year
ol *543.75°*
Mr. Chiilelt, cashier at the local
office ol lhe B. C. E. R Co., look
a run over to Vancouver on Sunday, (or the purpose ol meeting
Mn.Chislettind their little daughter, who hue pist returned Irom
in extended visit   at Indianapolis
C. W. Rigby, iniurance and
financial broker, ol Pender sli" 1
Vincouver, hai rented lhe cottigi
on lit street, Iietween St. George's
ind St Andrew's ivenues, until
recently occupied In F. Gladwin
Mr Kigby took possession on Tuei
John Liwson.olCapilano, wisan
outgoing pusenger on Tuesday.
bound (or Ontario. Mr. Lawson
will be iwiy ibout one month, during which time he will vuit chief))'
Toronto, lnglewood, and Chclten
him, the list named being hit
home town.
The local Oringe lodge will hold
in open meeting on the evening ol
Nov. 5, commencing it 8 o'clock.
Prol. Odium will deliver an address.
Other local talent will lake pirt
Light refreshments will bc served,
ind in enjoyable evening ii expected. All Orangemen and their
Iriendi ire invited.
The fire laddies ire now enjoying 1 portion of their gymnasium
outfit which ii to lie instilled in
the fire hill, ind arrangements are
proceeding lor the formation of in
ithleirc union. A committee wis
lormed on Wednesday evening to
draft rules, modeled liter thoie of
the BC A A.L .ind it is prop"*' 1
to iffiliite with thit  organization
Ed. A. and Mrs Morden irnved
in the ciiy yeiterdiy for the pui
poie ol   making their permanent
home here.     They hid 1 leisurely
and enjoyable trip across Ihe continent, stopping at Sudbury, Winnipeg, Calgary and Banff. Mr.
Morden will at once take up his
duties as manager of Ihe job printing department at Tur: Kxikiss
office. ,
W. Felstead, who has recently
arrived from Manitoba, has rented
the unoccupied office in the Owen
block, beside the office of The
Ban*!*, and will open a shoe
making and repairing establishment. Mr. Felstead has. had long
experience in his line and is a
thoroughly practical man. He will
be ready for business early next
Work at the Wallace shipyards
is progressing in a most satisfactory manner, and it is expected
that early in the new year the company will be in readiness to start
regular operations. During the
week arrangements were made for
the installing of the engine and
boiler. The force of workmen is
already an important factor in the
city's welfare, being increased this
week to 22.
Notwithstanding the fact that an
additional teacher was placed upon
the staff of the Chesterfield avenue
public school at the opening ol
the autumn session.the classrooms
are so crowded thai still another
teacher will lie added immediately.
Both new rooms obtained through
alterations to the building during
the summer holidays will then be
occupied. This is the best index
to the steady growth of the population ol thc city.
Miss A. L. Murcutt, fellow ol
the Royal Scottish Geographical
Society, will deliver a series of four
lactam B**1 week, under the auspices ol the local branch of the W.
C.T.TJ. Ibe lectures will be held
in the Horticultural hall, on Tuesday,   Wednesday,    Thursday  and
I inlay, and lhe subjects will lie:
"Darkest Chicago ami her Waifs,"
■ \n Kw uini; in China," "The Social Problem," "The Head Hunters and   Their  Neighbors."   The
II mn s are all illusiiaicd by ex-
irplionally fine lantern views.
The social entertainment, held
in the Methodist church on Tuesday evening, was a pronounced
-na a.ss, the full capacity ol the
ihiircli (recently enlarged a being
nipiiiid (0 accommodate thc audience. I be pro-gran was provided partly by local tahut and partly
by the Epworth Leagues of Weiley
and ol Central chinch, Vancouver,
ami was of a most enjoyable char*
at ter throughout. Light refreshments were served daring the even-
inn The proceeds wt it* sufficient
toil. Ii.ii all expenses incurred by
llu   . nlargement  ol   the   church.
There wai once a squash—that
Bl w 111 Ihe w. II lilleil garden of
d W. Sugden, in lhc fertile Lynn
valley II is not there now. There
was a squash weighing 53 pounds,
reposing lor stum weeks in the
sunlit window ol Henry Eves &
Co., Lonsdale avenue. It is not
tin I' now, 'I ben was a squash-
it least 1 gcod pmtion of one—lelt
on the table ol (be editor of Tilt:
BsMISSe It is nol there now.
Win 11 Mr. Sugden wants a testimonial as tolhe uui xt .-lit d quality
of Lynn valley vegetables in gem
ral, ind squash in particular, Tin
KlMSSS is prepared to lay ill
Wi listt 1 s I nabiidgiil under tribute to produce iti best superlatives, lor nothing short ol such
will answer the purpose.
A. Earlc Waghorne of Tin Ex
rials   staff,  has rented the house
it the corner ol St. George's ive.
and 1 Keith   Road, owned hy Aid.
Braim, ia anticipation ol the arrival
next week, of Miss Ball, from Loudon,  England, his intended liri.lt
Miss   Ball   has   been teacher ol
icience ind mathematics in Lady
Holly's secondary school lor young
ladies, at  II 1. km v. and lelt Chatham, Onl,  today  for North Van-
couver.having enjoyed a short rest ,
at tint   pai 1, viSNUf at (In  home
ol Mr Waghorne's brolher,Charlie.
Mr. Waghorne's little ion,William
\\    iv,who was left wilh r.lativei
m Englind upon his lather's '..lining lo Canada about two *,. us ago,
is likewise coming to grow up with
Noi hi VaHi rn vi i, ll. C.
I'. Iv Smiiiichim.ii.u,  G
, II. MiillllKN,
BuilneM Mgr.
bin*;* ur Siiiscitii'i'itiN :
One year ■       •       I1*11"
six 1 tllis   • • ■        ■''"
I'll r,- ilb-     • • ■'-'•'>
I *,,!,.,I Stalei .inal l*nrei*;n.|l.*MI|'.*r year
1i;i\niim Durut  AmunuHflin—
■.;.. r Inah uwh Insertion.
I   S   :***-* Bt<,—Sl.00 per ineli per
I,,si. imi 11min a Na.rit h  SO .lan-. |S;
111 al.lt*.   ft    |S
ViivimeiMo- 11r-t in-, rtlon, lo
,   mi pel      *    Ml b -ub-a a|in ill ui-er-
11,a|,, ,'„*   la, r illie
PlU.A*.    Vl.'  I -    IN     la"   II     Nl WS   C0l>
1 MS*.     Ill . * ailr |a,*rlilll','*il''la ituierlli 'II *
la. mi. v, i   Ant i i;ii-i.mi.m.-     RalM   ar*
rangwl wet irding lo ipam taken,
inii-i ;,* lu the bandiol the primer by
\\, .1., mIi) fvonlngtoenaurepubllciUon
III tlie IteM   a-Ue.
Nllklll   Y\\a 'U UK.   Ol I.
The information Ihal R< 1»( W.
II. M.u b is sm un il oi Iati. with
ii |. it :at> to the Indian n k rvatiom
upon tins aid* ol tha Inlet, indicate s the ii moval ol somi obata-
cles which have hitherto In en eon-
lidered lormidabla to thi securing
of tin -i lindi lm the public bene*
it It is until ratood by the Indian
population oa the loi al n si rva
tions, that the Indians at Prim 1
Rupert«' (1 paid in esstk their pro
rata ol the price 1, n m .1 bt tin
iiiincnt lor the useivts. Both
Clin I Joe .nul Chiel llarri
Ri a . thai ibeir tribfl
be Willing   lo dispose ol  the ItX a
1 *' rvatiom upon the same basis.
I bl  Indians on tin nul tli sl    al
uu minis ol the Squamiih tribfl,
wlm 11 boldi in all sonu icven 01
eight tbouiand a. res in lb* S hii
llllsll  \.|||.
.,u b is the ilu'ii csi agn
cultural laml.
I In poaitiofl tain n b) tha 1 hit 1 -
I. ll llul to ab-OVI   1 . tli.it were (In
I* ■ r*' 111 ipilaoo u d tb* ii n rvi
wilhui llu- cit) limit* Mid and the
moiny   gum   tin    Indians,   ibai
I 1 -liable theni   lo impt IVB tin
■ 1111-.I1 lands, in build hou* -.
1 I      iiiii   MOUld put (In 111 111 gootl
lm making ilia u.-, It, . . gn
I a        a lll> Is   all a l.lle lll.lt
SU' ll  I   pi*  p      ,'     *.!   Rl   *.    1   |a,    I, |di
' pi'd b) (In  nn mln |s t,| tin
tiibi  inti 1. steil.   11 the inform*.
 I, thai tin   Indian- ai
Prim * Hup n w. 1. ban,iul ovei
llu the sale ol
tin 11 landa, then       rl tinly no
i' MOD why ilu    tmfl prifi
ltd   not bfl li > 'ith d tin
I'ln procuring ol tiu-i landi Im
t      I iblil    lieu, lit ,     a   mall, r o|
IUI Ii , |,i the
lutur. ol        ly and liatrii t, Ihal
tin u ■ I pcniitenl
1 utifiable,
.    pnl 1.1
(b. 1.11/1,.
1 '. pii .   '    1
l.tinls 1        11 b    Ihfll   ' ven
I who ■
to I 'I d< >■ lop
nu nt ol ib, liatrii 11 ss
not v.i il 1*. . iaggi rati I   'II" poi
* lying
populated, throughout eomin   dai idi 1,
ti   .1 blundi 1 so 1
om ns to in abioiut. Ij iin com ila*
bit uilh common inti . gi nie,  In-
'I iMiig um pntl and 1111-
produi Iim , Iho-i  lamls shnulil at -
• 'id.it.• induatrial  eon
inatiula' nn, liahmi nl -.
tl ial   bouses,   llul   w-oiil I
1 ib< ui tha soul.' nt im',
.'   ta. tin   public ll. ,ISI|1
: unity lm the profitable in*
1 largi amounts ol 1 ipi
I li,'   '- . lie where large lllllll
'   ' 1 in.iv earn tin 11
; 1     rblfl      " nun  is  no
tionabh  la the realm
ol natural law than is the perpetU'
ation ol such conditions in the
realm of industry ol commerce,and
amid the whole environment ol a
large, wealthy and populous modern city, lt is likewise evident
that the  welfare oi the Indian!
themselves will not be promoted
by retaining tlnir places of residence in lhe midst of these conditions, which are bound to develop
on all sides of their present location in the course of time.
lhe present Indian population
constitute tha rcpiiNi utaitivcs ol
the original inhabitants ol tins
country, and, as such, an deserving every conaiduation at the
bands ol those wlm haVfl come to
devi lop its fabulous reaoun 11 in
iccordince with modem thought,
but il the government is ictuatad
by light motives in tliu administration oi affaire relative to the Indiana, then removal bom theae local
resents becomei al once inevitable. No rigid and unintelligent
atllic-i. in 1 to outworn pri cepti and
antiquated regulation* ihould be
allowed 10 obstruct lhe government in the puisi ame ol an enlightened polk) in tins inspect.
No undue magnii) mg ol legal tech-
nicalitus sboul.I be allowed by
1 i;1i,*i the dominion or the provincial government 10 stand 111 the
way ol thfl progreflfl of our citizens
ami the trot interesti of the* country, Tlm welfart ol the citixeni is
the lirst conaideration in good gov-
1 iiinn nl, and .ill things else must
In lufficientl} malleable to readily
shape tin iiistltes to this supreme
pui pose. II tbey (ail to tlo so, the
nu t in lound in tbe inefficiency of tin men who govern, not
n the principles upon which constitutional goi' niinent rests.
Ibis is ■ m.uti I ol vital importance. Tin preient is tin tune to
adjuat it. I hia adjuitm. nt can in*
made, if all parties approach the
queition with tba sincere desire to
an a aiiiplish thai end. Thfl time
ai* OpportUM for the inauguration o| 1 movement locall) to open
the subject again with the respect-
ivfl gon ninii ills, with a view to
ilu permanent solution of ihe dif-
Au 1 u ess o| hours ol sunshine.
as compared with neighbouring
t um in 1111 iii, s. is certainly a most
esirable advantage lor any city to
..   partii ularly   Iron)   a residential   point of VlflW,    Sunshine
p',ns suth an import mt pari in
good be.1I1I1 anil spirits ami the
general eiipiMiient of lile, (or both
|*OU0| and old. that it 1 onstitiiles
mil nigh thfl highest desideratum
when oa* is seeking iiii best location lu which to establish his home.
I In* biggv tlavsol this week dearly
di ui metrati d the sup' rioritj ol tba
climate Of Ninth Vain "uver in this
reepwt    Thai particular fog ms
* 111 pluniallv b. .ii v and per*
sisient onler, enveloping the south
shore ol tin   Intel m us murk)
Inlds liom iiioiiiing until night
without    lell' I       'lhe laa I thut its
11 ign nn tin' ni'itli si,|e was driven
bat k to tb* nrl* morning snd ths
evening hours, speaks volumes for
tin advantagi on * loi ation wlm b
ilns city 1 ni 'i1* Nor is this an
ta< 1 ptioaal o'' urmes with regard
in ilns partii ular featart ol tin*
, limit* alioul llimaral Inlet. Thfl
writt r rtCtfltl) wai. lu'.l, 111 thfl
• 11     morning, I huge bank ol log
rolling weatward 'lown the Inlet,
widening as it 1 .nue and MMningly
dl ti iiiiiii. I   to  ' nielop the ■ nt ir.
city in its chill) maatte] bat Ot lore
t tnui bed tin sliaiielnu, .sniiu* unseen powi 1 1 .nisi .1 ihe gr.'.ii whiti
1111     1*1 uli" 1 in ils course ami to
t'.oaqt down witli its entire volume
upon the ibvotetl inhabitants of
thi sister 1 ill, on the olher skotl
I is quite chaiaitcristicol t Imi,tin
condition* on the sorth shore, thai
the   lesnleiits ill this citv wlm li****
lew blocks irom ihi water, ss
pi 1 nnt 1* blight innahim ,whas the
Intel is 'iim loped 111 log,an.l while
. ii|oiiug  the  bright .'..uin rays oii
the sun, are able to cast their eyes
ever the great log bank and to set
the smoke from lhe factories on
the other side of the Inlet, with
peculiar effect, emerging from the
dismal depths ol the fog, on its
way skyward.
In the list of the many desirable
advantages which North Vancouvei enjoys from a residential viewpoint, must be included her many
additional hours of grateful sunshine as compared with adjacent
Church Notices
sr John's ink kvancri.ist, seventh
Holy Communion, I a. m.
Morning prayer, 11
hli' ning prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday in the month
ihere will be a second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at it a.m.
R*CtOr: Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual  on  Sunday  by  the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p, in.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock. .
All are welcome.
I'astor: Uev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
niruni sr. ind it, oaoaoi'i
Morning service, nam ; Sunday school, ^130 p. in- j evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
I'reaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 11. 111.
Kev. 13. H. balderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at ;
a. 111., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m ,
Benediction at 3 p. 111.
Pastor: Uev. E. Peytavin, I).
M. 1. V. G.
Service at 11 o'clock a. in in
the Orange hall; Sunday school ,11
the close ol the service.
I'astor :    Uev. David Long.
All are welcome.
For Sale
Strawberry nmaan,7Sc per lOOfNaajton
and Pin ton I
Uasplierry ennea fl.lKl pet 100 (Cuthbert
nml Marlborough!
Red currants, tS.SU a doMB, 6 yrs. old
libiibarli, |] per don..
RADERMACHER, lonsdili It 21st St.
llBvt* vottr trt',*M iiriuii'.l now, .ml your gHrtlcit
rlxeil 'uji    tit inpplj all klntlh ol Inui tt, ,--
ril.t'.,   * t.i nl'* aallil laltlll Ilia lllll  ll.*,'**
Give us k trial onler It will i'ity you.
Thi. U tin* U In plant jour Iruil irwa, IMM,
oulbs, etc.    Our fS.IM ci.llei'tlnli of Bulb, la Hit'
Kit-tiles' I.nitnini K"llii|.   l't"l' it Holt' lo
Nurserymen ami  Lflfldteflfll  Gardens,
Cor. Bad and Lonidlll Ave.
Nnrth Vniifuiiver.
For Fiirniliiro,
House Furnishings and
at Ueasonable Prices,  go to
The North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
smts    snotb    snots
Try getting them from Wood & Son,
The Hi'lialtle hihI 1'rat'lital Sliuenit'ii,
who nii'dtlln wilh no nther trath'H.
$10,000  StOCkS  to Select Irom
by Makers Who Stand by Them.
MEN'S $1.75 to $9.00. WOMEN'S $175 to $6*00.
Boys' Wonders, $1.50 to 2.85.  Girl's Wonders, $1.25 to2.50
Childs', 35 cents and up.
Sole Agents   for   Leckie Boots,    Minister Myles,   Beresford,   Miss
Canada, McCready, Williams' Shoe Co., K Boots and Old Country.
AODRBS8     "WUll C* -MIN     Rr liable *>ho« Store
Neil tli nr ttiStcnccy'i Hr rerti Store
Repairing- Best ol leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & and
TAKE ii.'liee tliat Willinni 11. Rsflflrtl.
'   ulI Tlilintler bin ,uei*ii|'iilinti rnnilier.
intt'iiils tn a|i|ily (nr |ii*riiu-'.iun I" |'iir-
t'luisi' the foUo-Vaflg tlewrbii'il luml.:
CuniinfiifiiiK nl u pofll planted at the
sniiiiieast corner "( lot IMI aad N.w.
corner ol Int SMI, thaaci ttttt to chain*
nmre ur Ichs, (u S.W. .iinicriif lul 1521,
wiuth 30 chains, «*a**t III chain* nmre nr
less, to wet-tern Immulary nf lutLMtit.
nnrlh 30 ilntius, to point fll commence*
PerJiAN ltiU'RnKiii-i, Agent
Dated Snt. Sth, IMS
Located Sept, 5th, ItOS 30*8t
Police Court
A row among some Italian resi
dents occurred on ist street, just
east of Lonsdale ave., on Sunday
■ t. ning last. In the melee two
shots were tnd Irom a gun and a
big rock was thrown.which crashed
through one of the plate glass win
.lows in the Keith block. Mayor
Kealy had the case belore him on
Monday morning. Nick Elda. the
miner of the gun, was fined $25
and costs, or 20 days' hard labor
It would have been much worse
with him but there was no evidence
to show that he actually fired the
• In'ts. Jim Scali, the offender who
threw the rock, wis fined ttocosts
and damages,or one month at hard
When you intend
j.«. nm, nun
59 LONStUI.K Avit.
J. A. Jones and family are removing this week to make their
home on Howe Sound.
II Mill! Ei
Branch O'ritT, tended .I1Y..C1I1'. Nflfll
.Vn SS
Head 0$m a ad IRK k»fl Cmk t\€
Builders and
P. LARSON is prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kinds of Building
Material iii(|uaiititic8to suit
and at reasonable prices.
TKI.Kl'lloSr, No. 2,
Eternity's 25o
Look's Ua
Christ mm' 80s
"per till
j. x. £. m. ^millan
For Boot and Shoe Repairing IN IBTBIKTB UN Mil Kl< T
and Custom VNork   .   .
goto 1HOS. O. MILLS
Pioneer Resident Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., aliove 2t)t\ Street
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
yiuintily Siirvevi.r and Arehiti-i't
FiiI'btu Siam, ''iiKSa*R I/)*mnAUS Av»
I'Iiid  ami  Sfltfltatasliflfl hflfarda
When thinking ol buililiii|- let nt* fttt
au entiniatt'.
ROM! HOOK,    l.ilNSIMl.K AVK.
or I' O Km Tl,  North VtMa***f*fl.
"   MM
N'aiHin ttOOOSfOS
Dominion Subsidy
Proposed Nortli Vancouver
Terminus ol Qrend Trunk
Call nu iin nr write (or lull partit'tilara.
\0rtI1 Vancouver Hardware
To the Citizens of
North  Vancouver
We patronize your home
papers with th* hope that
you will patronize us, HUT
not unless we 1 an i'iii* vou
not only First Class Piano
(Jiialily, HUT also Lower
Prices All we ask ol you
and tins is for our mutual interests- is that you
call  and  see our
Ret our prices and Kasy
Terms, Kecently we publish, ,1 a list ol some Two
Dozen of your Most Pro
minent and Well Known
Citizens who have bought
of us
which is only one ol the
16    different    makes   we
carry in stock.
Hist i-i wii row V* HI 1 hi r 101
Fresh Nilk ileliicrcd Ilailv lo
ill |mrls of lhe I'il)
Leave Orders it Express Office.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  ■   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts ol the city.
30 loaves for 11
5c. per loaf.
i-HONK b       71 Lonsdale Ave
flUKI nntiie llnit Kranein Wllliim
1 CaalWJd, ol Vancouver, B.C.,
(It'iilliiiiHii, latfladl to apply for per-
ini-kion to le»-e the Mla«tfl|dflNnW
l oninii'iitinii at a pout phintt.il m tin,
Nniili tmmfj tiirner ol Hutrifll I'.i
HU, (Iriiiip 1, New Hafltmlfltlfll Ihi-
trirt, tht'iii'i' Koiith along theea.t boundary ol lait 811, Group I, New IVe.tmin-
.ter Dintriil, prntlui'id 27 chains,tlieiii'd
neat :w:ti naiaa, ihenee *eruMdt>
lirt'i'it, tflfll I7.;i:'I'liainn ninrt'iir It'Mto
lltf niirtlii'ii.lirlv I'tnner nl IHmiitt Ut
44", thence nuillieamerlv, eaulerly and
iiorlhcmtterly alflflfl the nortlierlv nhni-a
nf Hurrard Inlet In lhe place nl liepn*
ninii, a-, .111 hi mn v; i.'t ai Tea mure or It*...
I'.ii..I L'taih Aii(iia|, I'.is
11 niie iiFinii m\mm
mmm nmm
Dtni.tC NOTICK i. hereby niven tint
' in nit'iirdini't' with tho proviiiom of
the I'llhlic Health Ilv Law, ot the City
nl Nnrth VintinutT, the Municipal
t'litincil have contracted with lhe Medical Health Officer to attend at the City
Hall, Nurlh Vancouver, ou the Unit
Monday nl each month, it the hour ol
II o'clock in tlie forenoon, lor the pur-
pn.e ..I vaecimtiiiK at the ei prime ol
Ibe city, ab |HHir pe-uune; and ill otlien
al 11 i.'i r nun ei|iviiM.
The lather, mother, or perwn hiving
Ihe care, nurture, or cutlody ol every
rlnltl l-nrn in the city, ihill, within
three int.nth. after the birth of audi
child, take or catiae to betaken, the
chilil, In the Medical I'ractitiouer, in it-
tendance at the above appointed place,
lor the piirimw nl being vaccinated; un-
lew the cliild haa 1-een previoualy vaccinated by ."ine leitally t|Ualifled I'racli-
tiiiner,   and    the    vaccination   duly
City Clerk.
Nnrth Vancouver, B.C.i
'.uli July, 1D0K. 21-11
l.l MII Kl*
489441 Bitting Btrwt
Smart Clothes
For Young Men
Trust thi'in for iniiking tlio absolute correct
If you're a "fellow" of judgment and good
taste in dmiini yourself, you'll liave a great
chance to give lli.se qualities in yourself the
fullest exercise this season.
Fit-Reform garments are the best produced
to-day—that's the candid opinion of people
who know it's so when they say it's so—
The new browns and greens nudge us losay
thev are here in all their aristocratic styles
IBO colors, yet at the most coaxing prices you
can imagine.
Here's a chance to be lucky. Huy one of
our Special Suits at
worth double tin money.
333 Hastings St.        Vsncouver M
The following is thel.nal text of
the petition to be presented to the
public for signature, with respect
to i provincial subsidy for the Second Narrows bridge. It was intended by the committee to have
the petition in readiness for signature at thc several political committee rooms, but circumstances
„ interfered with this arrangement.
The petition! will be pliced in
prominent places lor signature,and
at the municipal elections a strong
eflort will be made to secure unanimous signature by the electorate.
This will give time and opportunity for the formation of a monster
petition before the legislature convenes in the new year.
After tbe usual preamble tin* petition proceeds as follows:—
1. A subsidy of $200,000 has
been offered by the parliament of
Canada toward the coustriicliun of
a railway bridge ov r ihe Second
Narrows, connecting Nnrlh Van
couver wiib tbe city id Van'oiii'-i.
and theie is every reason to h**
In te that the construction of tin
bridge may be begun at In earl)
2. In ihe opinion of your pflli*
(ion-en it is of the utmost iuipuii-
ante that instead ol a railwaj
bridge, a combined railway ..a
li.iliu b i Ige should be built, as, it
a railwai luidge were once com
1111-iu 1 tl. the chances of obtaining
a traffic briil;;.' in addition woul
be verv small, mid thereby the development ot Ninth Vancouver
would be retarded and a corresponding lost would be felt over the
whole electoral district, including
*■     the city ol Vancouver.
3. The whole north shore of
Hurrard. Inlet is practically isolated, so lar as commercial and industrial purposes are concerned,as
it is not possible to reach it except
by water.
4. between the First and Second Narrows there is a water
fiont of incalculable value on the
north shore ol Burrard Inlet, for
five miles in extent, fully as valuable at least as the south shore, and
at the present time this valuable
asset is practically lying idle and
the only way to make it available
is by the construction of a traffic
bridge connecting it with the main
5. There is only one available
spot for such a bridge, that is to
say, at (he Second Narrows.
6. 'Ihe rapid development ol
all the country between Hurrard
Inlet and the route ol lhe Grand
Trunk Pacific, makes it very desirable that the south shore of Burrard Inlet, including the city of
Vancouver, should be placed in
close and direct communication
with the north shore.
7. Local works and undertakings, such as foot bridges and
traffic bridges can therefore hardly
be considered a work for the general benefit of Canada, within the
British North America Act.
8. If a railway bridge is constructed at the Second Narrows, it
will monopolize the only available
site for a bridge across the Narrows.
iy If the construction of two
bridges were possible, they would
not only involve an unreasonable
outlay of money, but would be a
double hindrance to navigation
10. Resolutions have been passed by the councils ol the city of
Vancouver and North Vancouver,
and of the municipalities of North
Vancouver, Burnaby and South
Vancouver,urging the construction
of 1 joint iraflit and railway bridge
it the point in question, as i'l
theie municipalities would pirtici
pile in the enormous advantages
which would accrue from the con
struction of such a work.
11. The boirds of trade of Vancouver and North Vancouver have
alio urged the construction ol a
joint bridge.
Your petitioners therefore pray:
That for these and other reasons
you will introduce legislation, at
the next session of the provincial
parliament, to grant a subsidy of
at least $250,000 in aid of a joint
traffic and railway bridge, and thai
the legislation granting the said
subsidy shall provide that all the
railway companies shall have equal
running powers over the said
a*   bridge.
serv.itivi'S captured the seats of
New Westminster, Vancouver and
Victoria, Hon. W, Templeman, a
cabinet minister, being defeated in
the latter place. In this constituency G. H. Cowan, the Conservative candidate, was elected by 1524
majority, VV. W. B. Mclnnes, the
Liberal nominee, coming second.
|oe Martin, the Exclusionist, and
Kingsley, Socialist, lost their deposits. W. Sloan, Liberal, has
been elected by acclamation iu
The election passed off quietly
in this city.the Conservatives heading the poll by a large majority.
In the evening the citizens gather
ed in front of Tuk Bureau office,
where the returns from all points
were bulletined, a direct telephone
service with Vancouver haunt.
Inin anaii|;t'il b\ Manager Hodge.
Miss Marjuro: Lake
at the Grand Theatre, Vancouver.
The current bill at the Grand
Theatre, Vancouver, presents Miss
Marjorie Lake, the ever popular
star of musical comedy, in a new
and delightful piece of laughing
melody and harmony, entitled Ve*
nml and Adonis. A statue of
Adonis was sold to the father of
the hero's sweetheart,and the hero
by a clever substitution ol hinisell
lor the statue succeeds iu keeping
try st with the object ol his aflec-
tions. Tlnir decision to elope
leads to the substitution ol the
Irish ni.in nl a., wink to do duty as
the statue, with fortunate retail
for all but the father and the Irishman. The production is replete
with laughable situations, culminating at times in the sidesplitting
and uproarious. The living inclines, which have been presented
lor the past few weeks, comprising
studies of well known works ol art,
will he continued throughout the
coming week.
Pythian Doings
North Vancouver lodge ol Pythians held their semi-monthly meeting Tuesday night, there being a
large attendance. One candidate
was initiated in the first rank.
Much enthusiasm was evinced in
the building scheme oi the lodge
and an additional {500 worth of
shires were subscribed. It was
decided also among the members
to send a contingent ol about 20 to
Hellinghim on Nov. 18, when a
big Pythian demonstration will he
held. The celebration of the anniversary of the lodge has been postponed to early in January, when
the members will combine the
event with an open installation ol
A delightliil entertainment will
be lhat to be giren in the llorti
cultural hall on November 2nd, by
Ihe Adami liiten. These sisters
are hut 41; and 46 inches in height
respectively, but their programme
which comprises songs, impersonations, Grecian art tableaux, etc.,
ii said to be of exceptional merit.
Dominion Elections
As a remit of the dominion elections, held on Monday.the Liberal
party has been returned to power
for mother five years, with but a
slightly reduced majority from that
held in the last house.
In British  Columbia  the Con-
Wc fjilii-it the lm m nrs* of M iinifmturem,
Eng-inrrtaind other* who rfulixr the aiM-vblt-
ity ot having their Patent bttfineu trtinwctfl
hy Hxperta. Preliminary advic-efrr-p. Chnw
moderate. Our Inventor's AdvlwrMntitixin re-
qneiL MariotlftMarinn, KeK'd., N'wV.irkl.ife
fori" M.mlreal' *nd W**Mmrloo DC. UJM
The \. M. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's |>o|>ul<ir Men's 6 Boys' Store
Fall Goods arriving every day, and we are now in a position
to save our customers money on all lines of Boots and Shoes,
Men's Furnishings, Clothing and Rubber Goods.
ihi* week we offer the working men a mat anap in heavy working boota, Ihe regular price ia |:i..'Ki I pair, the Koaa price while they
laat ia t-.l">.   Ynu want to come quick aa Ihey will not laat long.
II) .It./en bnva' solid biuther Old Country made boota, worth (2.50
and $2.76 a p.nr. the Roaa price $1 60 a pair.
■ paira nu'n'a One Dingola Kid iltnc-, gut*, v»''it> at 14.60 a pair,
the Rtiaa price fll.UO a pair.
Fur yunr winter underwear, come direct tn ua, we t„**ry a (nil line
of lhe very lieal niakera' gondii,llie celebrated I'cuinaiia and Wolilejr
niakt'H In all ai'.ea.
Wt nfler nver 100 paira men's 13.00 tweetl panta, well made and
nicely Huiahed, at l'J ihi a pair.
See our stock of Men's ind Boys' Gloves and Mitts for the fall.
Save your money by coming direct to
IV 1. II. IlllSS Co., m Wale hemic
ill reel    fruin    the    niiiie.
I'h iinir unlcra now and
aveiirc your iiuitcr'a i*iipply.
Urge "la'iiuicnu uill arrive
s in a lew Sara, Prion right.
barge   aupply  t.f   Vi OOD
niinii*. un hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
l.lrinio\H UNTO. IIIMI.H I
V nil WK i> hereby given that I ahall.
*■' nn Monday, the liml tlay ol Ninein-
Iht, 1908, at thi* hoar Oaf 10 o'clock in the
loreflflflfla at the City llall. S'trth Via-
turner, 11..'., hold a Court of Reviaion,
d.r lhe piirpMiae of hearing and determining any and all objection, tn ihe retention of any name or natnl'B "ii the
regialer ol votera for the above named
Electoral Matrtflt
Dated  at  Nortli  Vancouver,  B. C,
August .".(th, 1908.
llegiatrir ol Volera
Richmond Electoral Diatrict.
n.v. f isri Co.
Cor. Looadalean-d 8th Bt,
IVANS f. Ml IB, P.upv
All kinds ol Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked F'ish a specialty.
Also Butter, Egjs.md Vegetables.
Our aim ia to pleaie our cuatomera aa
to goods and prices. U't ub have your
City Clerk's Oflice,
26th September, 1908
•It Ml IP41 till HON-* ACT
BiajKIration of   Persons Inlltlfd  lo
Vote is Householders
PUBLIC Notice ia hereby given that
' all pcraont entitled to vote is
lltiiiHehofilera ami tleairing lo have their
RM halti iehrmct
infectious diseases
' KIED that all caaea ol inlectintia.
contagion-* or epidemic .liwasc, ol a
character dingeroua to public health,
11111.1 be reported to the Medical Health
Citv Clerk.
City Hall, North Vancouver, B.C.
July »lh, 1008. 2WI
naiiieaentereilon llie Voters'List of tht
I ilvof North Vancouver.lortheyear 1900
must mike an.l cause to be delivered to
ths Ciiy Clerk,before 12 o'clock noon, on
Saturdiy the 31st day of October, 1908,
a statutory declaration in the lorm prescribed by law. Copies of iuch declaration mav be obtained on application to
lhe City Clerk.
"Houieholder," shall eitcnd to and
include every person who holds and oc*
nplafl a dwelling, tenement, hotel or
boarding houae, or anypirtor portion
of I dwelling, tenement, hotel.or boarding home within s municipality, who
his paid directly to the municipalit!
rale-, taxes or lees o( not len than twn
'12) dollars during lhe current year.''
5-61 City Clerk
^VssVi.mifI ...i.i«i.i.......i(.....l...ilii^
m^afl» Wfl now have a complete   5>
line of standard 8*
In all the leading popular
makes including
L. C Smith
Our pi ices too arc just
right. We also carry a
lull   line   nf ammunition.
Drop in ami let us show
you the latest tiling iu the
above lines.
Paine& McMillan
,'*J Corner lonsd.de Ave. and lint St. Phone 12
wmmmmM mtmrn tw^mmh
Hotel North Vancouver.
T :«&#•
Ferry Service Every Half Hour to and from Thi:. Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
i.rAviN« vAitcfli
■ifiil Mali and Insurant
late tltitt professor,
McGtll University, Afonlreal
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, North Vancouver
We sre now prepared to
take orders for MILL FIR
WOOD, cut to HI in. lengths
already for tlie stove. A load
contains about half a cord.
Price if 2 par load on or hefore
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered without cash, as we
cannot afford to pay a collector at this price. All ordan
will receive prompt attention
Rolled Oat*
Haij and feed
Fine, healthy Tomato ami
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
•(UK) A.M.
■Ml "
8.00 "
8.40 "
9.110   "
10.14 "
11.15 "
12.15 P.M.
1.16   "
11.15   "
lift "
4.16 "
5.16 •'
8.15 "
7.15 "
8 16 "
9.15 "
10.16 "
9.45 A.M.
10.45    "
11.45    "
12.4ft I'M.
1.46   "
Ml  "
3.45   "
4.45   "
Ml "
11.45   "
lUVINt NOflrit VANCOtVri
•11.20 A.M. 	
•7.20 " 	
8.20 "
9.00 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12,15 I'.M.
1.45 "
2.45 "
3.45 «
4.45 "
6.45 "
(1.45 "
7.45 "
8.45 "
9.45 "
1045 "
•11.45 "
10.15 A.M.
11.16 "
12.15 I'.M.
1.15  "
2.15   "
3.15   "
4.15 -
Ml  "
(1.15   "
7.16 "
•Xol nn Sundav
BIM II KMMIII) lllllll   OS Till COASI
Hatm: 11.50 I'KI!
Njri'i-ial fata hi Mbi ami Ih'Kiilar Boarder*
lliilMiiiiir fern OOUtetiafl In ami fnun Viinrnuvcr. lint and cold
water in every Ifloak Kitnrn rail Mln In every room, liarlier
■Imp in etiiini'i'tl'Ui.
toon jmiKi, .... NORTH Vancouver, B. c.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars leave tin Ferry Landing brQuflflfllbtiry Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street aiit| Keith Koad as follows : 6:15
a.m., b:45a. 111., 7:15 a. 111., 7:45 a. 111., 8:1J a. m., 9 a. ro. 9:40 a. ni.,
10:10 a. 111., Add 111:25 a. 111., cars W|H IwVfl Oiiccnsluiry avenue,
Twenty lirsl and Lonsdale avenue, ami Winch Itreet and Keith Roatl
at live minutes te Iln* hour and twenty live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street ami Qtteenabury avenue, Twenty first
strict antl Lonsdale avenue, Winch strict and Keith Roatl as lollows:
6 a. m., 6:55 a. in., 7:20 a. 111 , l:oj a. tn,, N45 a.m., 9:30 a.m.
Alter i) jn a. m. 1,11s leave the Firry Landing al ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
J^P   All boats Sifl met by thc cars.
New Advertisements
Local Improvements—City
Tendon wanted—Aim. La*
S|ia*i'i.ll |.l*it*es-,l. ,1. Ma'Aleara*
Watch li.-t - Apply al Ihii dIBm
. Lake Co,—Grand Theatre
Pupil* (,.r dincing*- l'raai, O'Brien
I. ui- A Lake Cu    Grind Theatre
int-iit i irl*
liy,the '/th,is Thanksgiving
a. tin* Kings birth-
lady I
ricndi ol iln- Eaglet
giving an entertain-
\l iiitiutb.
Cit) i lerk Thomn Shepherd
returned to ihe eity oa Mondiy,
,iii< i .1 two wei ks holiday al Cap-
Th. (1*1 Ir llmts heltl their regit*
bn v.* kl) meeting last night,when
lour ' indidati i wi re given ihi it
third degree.
In ibis issue Robert Wanl ftCo,
■ne calling lm leaden lot the
building ol tooo I. el ol roadwiy in
diatrii t bl
(In rhinkigiving day, the local
lootball i Iub will play a u heduled
in tl, li mill Wl Itham Island team,
oii tin' Unci's ground.
Il i- lh, mii ution ol the lire lui
gfldl to liolal a smoking concert in
Larson's pavilion, oii iln* evening
ol Thanksgiving day.
1 In*   s.i. i.iineiit   ol   the Lord's
luppei  will   be  dispensed during
tin*    morning   seme,   at IN. An
draw'i  IV ibyterian   chun li   on
Will the
lady's gun
i Mi
Hie   h uti'i nal   order ol   Baglel
thi il i   (ulat meetings on tin*
lecond   a:* I fourth Wedneidayi in
the    ih      The) meet iii Iheii
ball on ile Esplanade,
'Iln* i ilv is i ailing ft*i tendt is in
Ibis a ,i. . [i i iIm iiiiistrutlii'ii ol
a    twelve   la" t   sub-walk,  on  the
smiili tide "I i -t itreet,(rom Chea*
nrtn hi io si A .tin ws avenue,
Mi-, ll  M. Hums bas been ill
I  r s. |...si, nl what il .tas
il inst le.ti. .1 might al. vi lop into
i ,-phoid ii ver, 1 ul ii now gre itly
improvi ! and ia rap II) re ivi i ng
bei health.
Engineer Loutel retrrned on
Mondaj   evening Irom * ial cn-
' .t.ti.i. two w.*i ks lojourn .it
Shiwnigan Lake, \ mi o * i li
land lb ipeaki in ihi highest
ti r ol tie ph aiun s *: hit holiday.
ed and a doctor hastily summoned,
when the wound received proper
attention. 1 he cut is healing rapid!) and he will be about again in
,i da) in two.
The illustrated lei ture given by
lu\ K. I, Wilson of Vancouver,
before the Young People1! Club,
on Tueiday evening lasl, was well
at ' ntleil and proved a ran treat.
The lecturer tioalt it length will
halt and went wry minutely over
the city ol Koine, io the delight
his bearers. Mr. Wilson very
kindly intimated bis willingneai to
return at some future date, to com
pit ti iln* lour ol Europe, an offer
nl whii li the dub will be very glad
to take advantage,
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for despatch as follows: I il Vancouver and all
points $ a, in., Ilil] a. in., 5:45
p. m.; bu Lynn creek, 11:15 a. 111
Mails irrivfl : Vsacouvn and all
points, 1,10 a. m., 13:45 m., 5:45
p. 111.; liom Lynn creek 2 p. 111.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
alter 11:15 a. 111. should be de*
livered at the wicket.
up a
lady who pick*
mt tai   walcll
011 Lonidale ivenue,
return same lo Mi  Na u \
M      llaaVWdl.
General Contractor
Land Clearing, stump aad Bock
Btaatiag. Batm can' near houm,
Ul damages made iinnd.
I'. M I'l.l'V M at NT
■nd -si.. \\ .--.< ,,r 1.
I'll     lla.S    II
■ i.s.l,, 1,
POR alteratloni ami ;t,1.111i..1 ih tn Rt,
'     Andrew'- rresliyleriiin eluireli.
I'hin- ind -|ieiilieiiliiins may In* seen
in il. A. McBaln'i "Hire, Loonili ave.,
11 hen* tenden are tn be delivered, i'i
later than Tues'lay, :ir,l Nm . ut I p.m.
Tin* manager! '1" nol Und UieiniilvM
tn u,*ee|.t llie I,,tlest nr nnv telnler.
AI.KX. LAW, Architect.
60  YEARS'
TRAnc Man-il
CoevRiGHTS 4c.
Antnna ..tiding ■ .ka-*trh and de.-Ttnll.sn m«a*
qtllrklr tu, ,Tt.,!,i ititr i>i<tnli.ii 'run fin-tli.r tut
lit.i'iallnn I. IT..!,.' i.|"a*a,ntnhli*.  Cinimuntr..
ii.iin.irictirrai.it,1, ati.,1. HANDBOOK un hatFLtu
-a-i.t li**". 1111*'al uenrr for .,*,-urtiijpalratta*.
]'i,t..iiii tutu ttaraai.iii jiui.it a co. train
tptrlalaatkt, without c;...-ci*, lu Ui«
'I It. tin. 1 . mployt I ii thi \\ al
la. 1 ihipjjuis. \.st. rdaj ab*."ei
1 d a large am Imr embedded in the
grav'.   sum*    diatince oul  Iiiiiii
■ ill*.       It had ' t : I' Btlj   I'tfll
lust  [rom   • 'me tailing n uel in
lie  .la-, s nf long I
1.      I        li.llllsf.il. I.    thfl    whole
li  ii  dflfllfll ol  W .io 1 sti, it,
\ 1  - removing to ilns. ity
thii «•' k with Ins limily, .md will
I* in    the   line   I" I   l' lidi I.a '*
just completi tl mi In- proper!) mi
2tti\   sll. et,    easl   nl St, Audi' w'l
avi 111'
I In  watei sen'. . ol lie 1   '
pUl    lllll       '    ! I    Oil
iwjni    i"  ibe ii' mi ilu
' I.vim Vai     road l» 1 1 irokeo by
: ■.   11 . irroaa it,
l      t* ■ a. .1
1 ...ip
, |*ll.uie   Iliu
pal   mil I'l    1 iillllllI-.-.Hill
Iv'. p.1 1 , . * I*   a *:* * i*     earl) aeal
Ma-tir   I  Mtr     m,  ..ii ol
M  I* Uartimon,   nt itreet, nnt
Willi    a   disagn a ,ili,    ,,, u.lenl tin
I ■      I it  la  t      IL   v. 1, engaged iu
a I  Willi Ills |l|.llllll win n
b]    Malta   ntraiis (be i ross-Ciil Iflfl
a| |||(]  till   tli ill 1 .lllll* III . OU
ta* t with Ins right I' g. on. nl them
|i ep 1111 iliofl ami unfor
tun Hi Ij p11.11 tiirmg in artery. The
limb wai at om ■ tied tightly .md
I lomewhal arrest-
Scientific Mean.
A haHMw'im'ijr Mii-tnt.-,! w«i>kly. Lnn»wt w-
iiUiicii nf »ny KieniMe Jximnt. Ttrmi for
I an*.I«ts I ■.*'»» f««,|»"-im*»' i>t."i,;V Md W
.11 mjnixk'nliri.
MUNN & Co.8,!,B'—-^ New York
SPECIAL PRICES IN      .      .
This is one of our leading lines including sheets and sheetings,
pillow cases and pillow cottons, bleached and unbleached cottons,
cambrics, long cloths, table linens, curtain muslins, crettonnes,
art satteens, white, navy and grey flannels, flannelettes, towels
and towelings, cotton shirtings, etc., etc.
Here you will find a collection of the best values obtainable on
the Pacific coast, end remember that every article in our store is
Ue Apron Gingham, with or withiiiit border, lOin li!l,c
He Art Salteen, 3:'in     16c
lAc While Klinnelettei 12.4c
Tulile Oil Olothl, very wide     25c
H-4 While I'utlon Sheeting    26c
42in. Circular Pillow Cotton    20c
llliin. White Cotton   *     He
Menu heavy sll wnolncki   Ms
Men'*. flflflM lined underwear, |mt garment    5oc
Men's all wool, heavy underwear, per tiurnient    85c
See our stock of Overalls, Smocks, Socks, Braces, Shirts, Gloves,
etc., our values cannot be equalled.
North Vancouver Hospital
oaraflfliflfl nr
TKUMS—SI7.51) Ui |2U |,cr week
City patllatl |l per day
\11r-e- sent nut nn a|i|ilii*iitinn.
i*.,:in r 1 *tli -tr.'t'l mnl IVtilflaolin
Inqiatrr  and  I C. lml   Sumiaw
Vittisr X'*
11.Iln.)'-. Illl,l«ei, WMfll P'".rr«. K.llm.ltl
- ,|, 1 ai* 11,1, in*,,,! t'oii.tritt nutl, M.|»., Town
-tli**, Hlnlll ' U1111-. siitiliiviaii.ii-.rti*.
sll ll.Miiiit* St. «'.,
kind, of M
nr" f	
-i'iii und Antii|iii' h'uriii-
inre. -lure, (iilitv. Hunk ami  Bar Kit
lure..   Kt'i'iiiriug iii all ith hrant'liei.
17;* Tlttt.l st «'.. Hut. 1 iit.ii'rttHil nnl Uni'Llr
()|.|H,.|1**  S,  li.H.I
\l \l I.11KI1KKS liiveii |irnni|it attftitii.il
lUtuii-h liffli 0. K. K SU W_-liliulluii. 1) 0.
rlKK NOTICE thai the Council ol tbe
Corporation ol the 1 It) ol North Van-
.■..mer Intendi to eonitmn the Local
hni.1.1. iinni -,*t ,.ui in iln* tchadaleap.
p.-111111:' l.**l*m an.l Intdlldl I" MM III**
liiial a*,.1 *,r a |nirli.iii llu n*i.(, iiji.hi llu*
real |*r**|»*rit l.eitelile.l I hereby Iron ting
ir al'iitinig ihereiin   nml held liuiile for
a--' --Infill llierefnr.
\ -tali'llli'llt |i|lOWtl*g ill"   1:111.1-. liltlllf
■ I |ir"|.iise.l I" lie fpeeiulli IMMflld f'.r
iln* mid Inipnire ni un.l iln- naaM ..I
lli.* ...tin r- Ihere..!. ».. Iai a- Ihl i-.ilni
i all be ,i-.*.*rlaiiie.l Ira,in llu* lai-t ret lied
mm -iiunl n.ll and  otherwiie, i. mm
lil..I in ih li." ol ih"   Imm ni
iiiiiii--n.il.■..ui I i- open (.a Inspection
aim* liouri.
I * le*.I'lli*   las'lotl    slu.lt-    till*   Nt].
mat,,I . *. I ..I ll.e lliipriiveliielit llll,I lite
|.r..|...rii..n I" l»* provided mil ol ll..-
general Inn.I- nl llteeitv.
A . .tirt .,1 revision uill lie I,.I'l in tin*
rut llall. Serili Vancouver, B.C., na
Mon.Iai. SSnl day ol Novemlnr, IINS, al
I... i r ..I s ,,', |.., k |, in , lor Hn* iiiirpiw
,,( I., .inn.' tiiiv e..ii.|.laint- Igtlofll Hit'
|iri.|...-'*l ,t--e--io.iils, "i llu accuracy
..I ih.* Irontaae iflaremt nu a.r aaj
oilier eolllp lllllll" llllllll III'   |i. I— .11-   III*
i.*re-l.*.l di -ir. |.. ti. ikt .unl uin* I i- l*t
lan * ".oi .".idl.* I*t llu* I •■•irt.
\ -i—t-in.iii Conimiiiioner.
Nortl Vi mr, I'* C ,
Mth October, ISOS
- i 11. in i nun i> i"
pngNflfld I'.-iiinuie'l   btlmate
Iniproveroinl       total ooit cttjrtflpflj
l.aitlllg ail If   "lilellulk,
on -..niii M'l.* "i Hi*
-ir. el.betweenCbefltaW.
li, .1   ind  Bl   Aii'lrew'.
At "len- **'il
per ft,    |UMO
Nine Thousand (9000) Lineal feet of Road
In D.I. 333, Norfb Vancouver.
lan- nml opacifications apply
Cur. Hastings and Hornet
Itreet, Vancouver
11*1 YOUR
^V*-v du. .&£ 4e4cU oe*&
/omia/ -otA tf' Ay/AuuJet.
The Seymour Hotel
JOHN McINNlS, l'rop.
lociled on Se-jntour Plt« Line,
uuai lii nilli from wharf.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open to the
general public. Good
accommodation and
lervice guaranteed
Koad connections Irom North
Vancouver (or Vehicles
North Vancouver
li oantj-r
Cartnj-je, Removals,
Parcel Delivery,
ON     in   i-ii\*iii I.      i i um*-
me 70.        Night (alls 13
Dr. .4. Mac Kay Jordan
To my Inentls and patroni
in North Vancouver:
old resident ol North Vincouver
ami take care ol
ll. member always, if you consult Dr. Jordan, such consultation
will cost you nothing.
Should gbSSSS bfl ret|uired, the
classes will be nclil and so will
thfl price.
334 Hastings Street W.
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Kflia-avt.lt- innetlf. Ut rea,a..inil>le prlee..
Nn It-iN-rn.     Nn Stule     Nn   I tiinik..iti..it
1,1 .l.tiim**!* .imk. Nn iiiii'Ii MM |r
Minn) ynu. lint .lire.t aii.ii ict Ir.e-
.iii*l MaMI tlmt |trim
leriibwr., l'ti'Sii|i|,lie.,S|ir»*' I'umi-i,
S|ir»ium Malt-rial, lul H.,«.*r-. ,|.*
lll'le.l t.lnl'li.liiil nnraeri tm Iln*
iniilliliin.l nl llriti.l. r.illlllllila.
I 'alul'*|Elli' Iree
30111  W-mrtilMTU  Hutu.
i AI.KI'
TEKDRRS  •iiiini|iriati'l y
eii In*
inarkiil nlli be rit'i-iv
1 llir nn-
Terms, une-luurth eu.-li; balance, li, 12 aid 18 monthi
x   i"-
1     2
1      9
<      0
'      S
'    a
•    s
1      »_*
Sixteenth st.
161 Cordova Sin ft, Vancouver, 5. C.
P. 0. BOX MS,
 Week of November 1	
and big company in
SPECIAL EEATIRE another big week of
Three Shows Daily:    3, 7, and 9 o'clock
South, I «i.%l <tnd
Cor. lonidale Avenue and I if t ti St ,  Norlh Vancouver, B.C.
• ler-mneil 1111 lill b n't lurk p.in. nn M»n
day, 2nd IfltflUflflT, MS, f"r thr lol
lowing I*i'il lni|irtivfnu'iilia tn In nr
rlttl out in the I'ity ol North Vmnouvpr
111   l.atniL' a 1 1  ftidewtlk  on llii*
north Mth' nl l.a.l Victoria 1'irk (nr .t'.'.'i
left or tliereliy.
I"*    I learn,I*   lllll   liraallllB -Ha  -Ireet
(nun lainwbtle Avenue tn l.llh Mrefl.
ainl ImitiK • a-tfld .i,le»»lk mi North
|ir.i»ui|r., .pit llii alii'ii. ami i;eiieral
lonililion. of i*t,nlr»ii nuiv In* wen and
iiblainul In inlenilinii flflflm mi and
alter Monday MhOfltflbflr, Khih. m
llientliee el the Cilv Clerk or I Hi Kn-
Karh leinler to In* it i'"tii|.aiiiiil by a
in»rki-il eliei|in'  iqflfll  InSWanl "(
lhe lender, ami the RMMflfllal tflfldflffll
uni.| |irovitle an IffMOIfld iitintaiilee fnri
the .»ti»(ae("ry Iflfllfllflnlfl tl (lie mirk.
I'lie ihe>|lle. n( (lie   llll.llii ea.lul   ten*
derern will be reliirneil tn them un the
I'lefiilia.n ill the I'Hilrail.
The Inwe.t or any tender not nei'e**
.1   .1   Uin ills,
Aflllflf Clli Clerk.
Citv llall, North Vanronvir, B.C.,
Kritliy, XltA Oct. IW*.
North Vancouver
Real Estate
Diitrict Lot 547. 72 Lots, 50-loot ind upwards. Close to
cir line on grided roid. Bewicke Avenue. City water and
electric light.
Diitrict Lot tVm One and five icrc pirceli. About hill 1
mile from cir terminus Mickiy Koad now opened up to near
the property:
One-Third in Cnh. No lurther payment for I-'ivi Yeirs.
Interest H7 per cenl. By 1913 the ibove property will have
doubled in value.
East and Weil Halves ol Lot 1039.   On Keilh Koad.
Lot N16. 165 nvel divided into five acre parcels. The water
works toad intersects the properties. A r.ubsidyhas already been
granted towards the erection ol a bridge across the Second
Nirrows.    Buy early belore ffe developments take place.
TERMS-One tliird cash, balance 1 and a yean.
John vV. Rankin,
Phone 472 514 Pender St.


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