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 'ary legis Aisemlitu    *
Subscription,   #1.00
Per Year, Mailed or Delivered
In   Advance
Sk IxprwB
/^ i -v.iHt.ve ^X
?<vnmercial Printable
•Vwiet Prion,
A snd accident occurred Saturday ufteruoou ut the home of
Charles Musson residing at the
head of Lonsdulo nvenue, when
his daughter, Marjoric, aged 14
sustained injuries from un explosion of coal oil which resulted
in her death tit 1:45 on Suuilny
Miss Mni'jorie wns alone in the
house ut the time and wns in the
uot of lighting the fire which, being slow iu starting, the little
girl attempted to hasten hy pouring coul oil ou thc wood.
It appears thut a small sliver
had kindled and immediately the
oil touched the explosion occurred, blowing the stove to atoms
and setting the clothes of the
child on fire. Her agonizing cries
attracted neighbors who came to
her uid. She wus immediately
sent to the hospital hut her injuries were such that death followed.
Funeral took blace on Tuesday
which was well attended.
Windows Broken
As a result of a blast fired by
(leo. Eastman on Saturday, several stores and offices' in the vicinity of First and Second
streets on Lonsdale nvenue suffered considerable damage.
The shot wns put in n large
stump, on the vncaut lot next to
the northeast corner of Lonsdale
avenue and Second street, nhout
11 o'clock on Saturday.
Apparently with but slight
wiiruiug the charge was exploded and the air for over a
block urouud was filled with flying debris and stones. A front
glass was broken in A. R.
Stacey's store, another in the of-
fico of J. Pictin Wurlow, in the
same block, also W. A. Shaw's
store on the opposite corner had
two holes put through the front
windows, and south a few doors
a stone struck tho basebourd ut
tho entrnnce to a vucunt store
und smashed it.
W. II. Muy hud perhaps the
most narrow escape of any. Ho
was wnlking up the street snd
when the explosion occurred was
iu front of the Board of Trade
barbershop and a stone nearly
tho size of u ninu's fist whizzed
past within u few inches of his
head and struck thc window cas
hig on the barbershop, and at the
sumo time breaking a large hole
in the plate glass.
A number of other persons,
while not tictiiiilly hurt, had very
narrow escapes, and were badly
This case on Saturday is not
by any means the only one, that
the residents of North Vancouver ure complaining of. In different sections ot the city blasts
are fired that shake houses and
endanger windowB.
Work on the Lynn creek
bridge will soon be suspended
for the winter. It is found that
tho abutment ut the eastern
end, which wus not wnslied
away in thc recent catastrophe to
the bridge, is not sufficiently
solid to permit of a perumnent
structure being laid over it, although at first it was thought to
be intact. For the winter
months and ns a means of outlet
to those living to the east of
Lynn creek a foot bridge will be
laid over the stream.
Church Notice
Class meeting io a. in,
Morning service at it a,m.
Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B. A.,
Sunday Services — Mass at 8
a. m., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. 111.
Pastor: Rev, E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
st John's the evanoei.ist, seventh
and thirteenth streets.
Holy Communion, 8 a, m.
Morning prayer, 11 a. ni.
Evening prayer, 7.30 p. m.
On the lirst Sunday in the month
there will he a second celebration
ol the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 1:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Service at 3 p. m.
Conducted by Rev. David Long.
All are welcome.
Sunday Services
On Sunday morning the pulpit
ol St. Andrew's church will be
occupied by Rev. Dr. Fraser, of
First church, Vancouver. The
large crowds that fail to hear the
popular preacher eveiy Sunday
evening are testimony to his
power; and make it certain there
will be a splendid congregation to
hear him on Sunday morning.
Mr. Gillam will preach in the
First church in the morning ; but
will occupy bis own pulpit a
Ambition Lodge No. 73
The following programme for
this month has heen prepared by
Ambition Lodge No. 73, Good
Templars. All are cordially invited to attend.
Nov. 11—P. C. T. supplies pro*'
Motto: "Onward and Upward.'
On Tuesday the fine gasoline
launch Echo, valued at about
$4,ooo, and owned by Brandon,
was burned al Larson's wharf.
The lire started early in the afternoon, and upon an alarm being
rung in, G. Nye and T. Prime
promptly ran the reel down Lonsdale avenue to Esplanade where
they were joined hy Firemen S.
Spence and T. Farro, and in a
short lime the hose was brought to
play on the blaze, which was a
particularly fierce one, there being
011 board somo 250 gallons of gaso-
ine. The fire was caused by the
falling of some matches on the
lloor, near the engine, which set
fire to the oil in the disc,
Yesterday Diver Fred Madison
and Capt. Cates' pile driver came
over from Vancouver and raised
the hulk and beached it. She was
lying in about 35 feet of water,
along the west side ol the wharl,
close to the "T" slip.
Shortly alter midnight again this
morning the Echo was again discovered to bc on lire, the origin of
which is a mystery. But it is supposed that the gasoline was never
fully extinguished, and when the
water was out ol the boat that it
again ignited.
A large number turned out, and
it was about 3 a. m. when the fire
fighters and the spectatora wended
their ways homeward.
Great credit is due to the fire
brigade that so promptly turned
out, Thc alarm was rung in by
Police Officer Tarn. In thirty
seconds the lirst man was at the
reel house, and in a minute the
brigade was flying down to the
wharf. By actual time the watt,
was turned on in five minutes,
Those who comprised the team,
and to whom great credit is due
for their active work were : Capt.
P. McDonald ( No. 1 team ), Capt.
Fred Tarn (No. 2 team), Geo.
Carpenter, Steve Spence and officer
Tarn. The origin ol the last lire
is supposed to have been combustion.
Debating Society
The young people of Nortli
Vancouver are invited to St.
Andrew's church on Tuesday evening, November 12th, to form a
literary and debating club. The
organization is not confined to any
or all ol the churches, though the
clergymen of the other denominations arc taking an interest in its
formation. It is hoped this will
fill a long felt need in our city,
and give an opportunity for our
bidding orators and luture city
fathers to test their powers. A
constitution will be submitted for
approval, and the syllabus chosen
for the winter months. Charter
members will be enrolled on Tuesday evening, and the club
thoroughly organized. All interested are welcome.
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Boost our business houses
Mr. Emery Explains
Speaking of the remarks made
by Mr. Sieacy, chairman of the
school board, as appeared in last
week's issue, Mr. Emery said that
he regrets that Mr. Steacy made a
misstatement in saying that he
worked against the school money
by-law. All must realize the
necessity in purchasing sites lor
schools, and no opposition was
raised with reference to the purchase of two sites. The purchase
of lot 2, district lot 273, was, Mr.
Emery stated, as looked upon by
sonic members ol the council as a
poor business proposition, the
price being loo high, compared
with adjoining property, and doubt
as to the ability ol having the
Whole block delivered at $20,000,
as part ol the block hail been sold
to individual owners. "These
matters were discussed," said
Alderman Emery, " but it was not
considered wise to oppose the
recommendations ol the trustees.
The only course open to the
council was to submit the by-law
and obey the wishes ol the people.
The Club Tobacco and Billiard
saloon will open on or about Mont
day next at the store just south ol
Mr. Hickman's office, Lonsdale
avenue. The proprietor intends
having an English billiard table,
and he hopes all those who like
the game will patronize the club.
Mr. Win. McWilliams, second
engineer on the St. George, Ims
severed his conncclion therewith,
and leaves in a few days for Portland. Mr. McWilliams' popularity
has extended to all his acquan*
tances, and his ever smiling coun-
enance will  be missed by all.
Do not fail to take a | leisure
trip through South Africa on
Thursday evening, via St. Andrew's church, starting at H
o'clock. A personally conducted
tour is promised by an eye witness,
in the person ol Geo. McCuaig, ol
Vancouver, who covered the
ground himself. All interested in
the empire should conic and see
this land made memorable by
deeds of heroism in which Camilla
bore her share. For prices, see
advertisement. Tickets can be
had Irom the Sunday school children.
A general meeting ol the congregation ol St. John's church wi
be held next Tuesday evening, at
the rectory, The purpose ol thc
meeting is to elect a lay delegate,
a trustee and two sidesmen.
n'l'cmplcr's  Red  Special is  all
North Vnncouver is still leading in the voting contest, Miss
digit Larson has paced her competitors for some weeks now.
P. Qladwln, contractor n 11.1 Inilhlor,
wlm ims fnr iln* lust ft'tv weeks been
putt in tr up 11 residence fnr Wni, Bailer,
nt the corner of Ctiostcrfield avcone and
Keith road, was taken suddenly ill on
Thursday, He ivns removed t" St. Paul's
hospital, where nn operation lur appendicitis k'iis performed, The operation
was successful nml his condition is m
satisfactory ns can be expected,
\V. T. Dunn, <if the lirm of A. v.
Alvenslt'hi'ii, Ltd., has received his np*
pniniinciii from the Lieutenant-Governor ns notary public. Mr. Dunn claims
that he is the youngest  innn holding
tins appointment in Vancouver,
Messrs. Sutherland, Slottss, Bcrridge
nml Pope, nil of whom ure Interested in
the Alosknn Perseverance mine nl
.inncnii. have returned to the city from
n Irip norlli. They nre registered nt
the Hotel Vnncouver. During their
visit to Alaska they arranged for in-
arenscl facilities nnd further improvements to their plnnt.
Mr. A. D. Mclnnes, J. P., of Alexander, Cariboo, who was injured on
Oct. 10, by a fnll front 11 street car, bus
gone to tbo Qenaral hospital for treat'
mint, his Injured hnnd liming developed symptoms of blood poisoning. Ho
«ns reported this morning to be dping
The mnny friends of Mr. 1!. (I. Macpherson, M. P., will regret to lonrn
ihat ho is confined to St. Paul's hospital suffering from nervous collapse.
Tlir report from the hospital this afternoon, wns, it is pleasing to relate,
vi'i'v favorable,
Mm. A. Ililisims returned Wednesday
nD-sr a month's visit to Iter brother I"
Alberto. Mrs. Olheon is much Improved
in health nmi I'lijiijeii lur visit thoroughly,
Vili' & llnke, hunt builders, hnve nn
iinler tur n si'ty fool stern wlieeler,
which will im for use nu Kootenay Like.
A remarkable showing ims lieen made
.,f llie Ki'ilh block, corner of Fir-I
street, In the lust few days. The cement foundations tne nearly fintaliod,
mnl ilie frame work will soon be In ovi-
A. A. Orowston, tlic first street rcnl
ottoto briiker, ims completed arrangements for tlie erection of fonr bouses,
wldrli will be situated on Keith rood
between Forbes nnd Dolbrook nvrntie-
Xo doubt Mr, Orowston loesses the Inrush ihm will surely commence shortly
from the territories nnd Is taking stops
not only of Improving bis proporty, hut
also io eliminate the difficulties Ibsl
llioso peoplo will oxpcrlenco with the
iireseni shortage of accommodation,
Mr. uml Mrs: A. Markle were
lhe guests of W. C, Green Insf
On Thursday next a function similar
tn the above will be held under the aus-
pices of tlie Juvenile bodge, nnd tf pos*
slblo, 11 belter lime will Is- provided than
even nn this orcn-ion.
The usual Thursday night's
special meeting of the ciiy council
was held in the city hall last night,
and there were present a full
A plan of sub-division of part 0
block 41, district lol 271 and 547;
was submitted lor approval. The
plans were approved.
The matter ol appointing an
assessment commissioner, under
the frontage tax by-law, submitted
by Alderman Irwin at previous
meeting, was again laid over.
City Treasurer Woods made
application (or an assistant, which
request was referred to a committee of the full council.
Alderman Emery brought up tbe
matter of what was to be done
about the water pipe on the lerry
wharf. There was a stop cock
that shuts the water olf at the approach to the wharf. The pipe,
however, required to be repaired
or renewed. The pipe belonged
to the ferry company, which bas
taken no steps towards repairing
it. Referred to the water committee.
The tender ol A. B. Whittir.g-
liain, for the balance of the platform for the lot line at the new
lire ball, including a culvert, J:o5,
or without the culvert, Ji8o, was
referred to the board of works.
The request of Walter C. Green
for a sidewalk on Keith road, between Chesterfield and Mahon
avenues, which was considered not
to be in accordance with the local
improvement by-law, was referred
to the city solicitor lor advice.
Alderman Jordan wanted to
know about the lircincn not turning oul in ready response Io tlu.
alarm sounded on Tuesday afternoon, to attend the burning of the
steamer Echo at Larson's wharf.
The discussion which followed,
regarding the efficiency of the fire
brigade, resulted in thc council
calling out the department in the
rear ol the city hall as a test. Six
men turned out, and in six minutes
the reel was on Lonsdale avenue,
and in live minutes the water was
turned on at the corner ol the
Esplanade and Lonsdale avenne.
The firemen who answered thc
alarm were: Capt. McDonald,
Carpenter, Farro, G. Nye, S.
Spence, Geo Prime, Sullivan and
A full alien,innee "( the members ol
c district council, witli llcovo Moj
presiding, mel in ihe municipal ball 011
Friday evening
The iniiiiiifi ol ihe previous meeting
lien' laid out fur rending I" the nexl
regular meeting ol llio 1 mil
An application was rcci ived ami r I
it T S Nte, for ibo clonrlug of tbo
road iu from of lots in ond 20, in D, 1,
8020, The letter further slutod that Iho
writer Intended to commence building
operations as suaju ns lhe work wns
completed on snid streei.
It wiih resolved Hint n remuneration ol
S COatS per lineal fr.uU  foot  be paial  la,
residents wishing to cleor (be boulevard in fronl of Ihelr respective properties, provided that such work was sat*
lifnclory lo lhe district engineer,
A letter was rend from to. I'. Barry,
who drew attention lo Iho Impassable
condition ol King street, As work hail
already been storied on this sheet by
ihe dislriel works' gnug ii"' letter wai
A petiiiiui was received from residents
iu 11 I,. 2026, osklng ihnt the grade on
l/onsdnlt avenue, In fronl "f block II In
ihai dislriel, be establish oii in enable the
ownors i" erect a fenco in Ironl "f their
;, Tiii' letter was filed,   The
minister "f marine iiiiii (liberies wrote1
submitting a plan nml foreshore map of
tllC f.ll'l'slaaaf,, of 11. I,. 020, group 2,
Burrard Inlet, for the council's approval.
Clin I tlioso fiit'.'shnre rights be grunted lo
Emmanuel Sclilnmborger, This (orieshoro
takes iu uoarly nil of tho luml surrounding Deep Cove, ivhleli is a viilunlile shel-
ler witli deep water, li was laid over to
iieu meeting,
Mr.    Morrison     mnde    application
llu gli Hoove Mny for the privilege of
culling cord w I nlong ilia, l.ynn valley
rnnil nml mail,, mt offer ,,f "V j,,.,. n,n|
Tin' roquosl  tins grouted,
Reovo May roported his Interview
wilh Mliyor Bethune regarding the district taking over nml   gatcttlng   the
Cnpllomi 1 1. Mr. May slated thai ihe
mayor, on behalf "f liis council, offered
lhe sum .al JljUO 10 llie dislriel nml lhe
dlstricl then 10 inke over the ownership
"I iln' rond ami mnlntnln same thereafter, li was unanimously resolved that
the offer lie accepted, providing that nn
ngi mem satisfactory t*• both councils
he drawn up nml signed,
Ii mis resolved 10 make application to
the provincial government for n grant "f
ihe nngranted crown inmls in the east,
wesl mid nnrth of Grouse mountain,
The highways liylntv tens rend ninl
passed ii- final raiding.
A bylaw for the Indemnification of tbo
reovo nnd ctiiuiclllois for tlieir nttenil-
iini'i' ai the council meetings passed Its
First, second and third readings.
A recouiinondntioii wns mnde t" submit n bylaw to the ratepayers In author-
lito ilm council to sell vermin lands north
of Keith mnd nml wesl «f the Capilano,
It was resolved t" rend ihe bylaw nml
in submit same to the ratepayers on
.Nov. iilllli       The  polling  I" be III  Iwn
points iu tlic district, namely, T. s.
Nye's plnco, nl lhe head nf Lonsdale
avenue, nnd In lhe public school in Lynn
valley. The bylaw passed its ibird rending, li was 11 1h<> resolved i" bold u public
meeting in the municipal hull mi Nov.
iiiih for rhe purpose ni meeting ihe
ratepayers am! discussing the proposed
sal,., ,,f these lands.
A letter Irom the Western Corporation, in linsivei' t<* nlle In Ihein from llie
district,  ill  relet etiee tn the  Sevelllt'l'lllll
street contract, stated thnt wlieu tbe district council returned the plan of D, I
1115, wiili ihe deviation ol Soveuteunlh
■treel made, the Western Corporation
would Ho" lake up ihe mailer nf the
contract nf doming Seventeenth siren,
n.s entered ini" some two or three years
Considerable dlscussjou arose follow*
iug ihe reading nf ihis euiiiuiBulcatloo,
as to whether tin' council had not verbally or morally accepted ihe plan of the
change iu lhe Ipcalloa uf Seventeenth
street, when sneli plan wo'i, nfler con-
lidoration at a previous meeting of the
council, scut buck to the Western Corporation fin somo slight alterations,
Which were made nnd again submitted
for approval, In tin meontimo certain
members of ihe council look the stand
ihnt before such ,1 plan should be passed
ihe Corporation should bo required to
cancel il ntraet for clearing the original Seventeenth street,
Aflor smiie healed discussion Councillor Nye moved "tlmi the plans be
passed provided tho solicitor advised that
Iho contract be ondod hy the registration
,af  lhe   new  plain.  Councillor  Mt'Nnllgllt
seconded the motion.
Councillor Holism rod nn amend-
iiii'tii which was m<i seconded,
The reeve then refustsl to put the motion and nuked if the chair ehotild bo
sustained, lie was voted out by n throo
I., nni' vote, Councillor Robson tins then
voted to sol ns chairman pro tern, He
aim rofueod lo pul lhe motion, .ind was
voted out, Couneollor Davidson then
lo,,k 1 In- ohalr ''inl put Ibo motion,
which WHS curried.
Th,' council tiii'ii adjourned.
FOUND.- A grey parakettc, Apply to W. T. Grahame, Lonsdale
Fur Sale.—Two suites of bedroom furniture, dining and kitcken
tables, cook stove, heater, baby
carriage, chairs, carpels, etc, En-
(]itirc Alexander & Townsley.
Wanted— Dressmaking by the
day. Terms, Hi.75 per diem. Miss
S. Gibbard, North Vancouver.
Lost—A greyhound
Tin: Express office.
Return to
Visit Tempter's store and enquire about his Red Special,
'Twill no doubt pay you.
Tin. Exi'Ri.ss, li a year. The Norvan Nlnstrels.
The   Seconal   of   a   series   of
monthly entertainments, in aid of
St.  John's  church,   North  Van-
E Warlock   Victoria, manage., couver, given at Larson's pavil.-jn
ofh;v;i;i„l,vwin,C„„ip;inv,|t„i Tuesday List •"■^
id ,he City a visit yesterday.    He | success, almost 25o being P"
E, Warlock, Victoria, manager
r\*    a    J_x   _£        Ilands, and to offer them for sale by
UlSiriCl OT auction, or by private treaty, on
terms ol payment that  will en-
NorthVancouverco,uage ^i*Zl^
is stopping nt tin' Palace hotel.
I." .. A pocket book, contain*
.    ■' o    Return to tbisoffii e,
Capt. L. Kickhani met with a
painful accident yesterday. He
was working in liis garden, when
he accidentally fell and sprained
his shoulder, The captain is now
doing nicely under the dot t r't
1\ Bennett, of Brandon, Mnn.,
son of Mr, E. Bennett, ol the
Palace hotel, is visiting his father,
The steamer Comox arrived at
Larson's wharl this morning, and
took freight and passengers, instead of the burned Echo doing
Read rempler's ad and remi rn*
ber what is on next week.
Mrs. Neave and child, of Calgary, are stopping at the 1'alacc
L, J. Flanning, of Bellingham,
paid the city a visit yesterday.
The Crnelty to Animals Society
should take cognizance ol the fact
thai the inhumanity treatment displayed by some drivejs of overloaded teams coming from the
other side of tlic inlet, and going
up Lonsdale avenus is little less
than criniinal. Tina poor brutes
tug and work and suffer the tor
lures of the lash beyond description,
Carl Wolf, the will known dry
goods man ol this city, will shortly
enlarge his business, and take
into h : i partner,
S. 1. Mcrrett, Winnipeg, is
sojourning here and is stopping at
the Palace hotel.
Capt. and Mrs. 1 a In I n have
returned Ironl their recent trip.
M;    |. A. French, ol Toi nto,
ib visiting :;
' Chas, 1. Mi". tin p |
prii toi   ': thc
lelt li) t a : i expi ■ i Medicine Hat, Bel ri In returns he
will organize an .V ria ol ila- Era
tern.il Older ol I.
Mi. E, Ro :■ i, wil
an stopping at the Pal
Read I ■ i ph r'sad lortl
The lust half of the programm
consisted ol a play, verj creditablj
put mi. all the performers being
local amateurs, The success ol
the performance and the arrange*
ment of the scenery being dm to
Mr, Butler, Messrs. Williams
and Diplock took their parts pat
ticularlj well.
The second part wa   given by
he    Norvan    minstrel      Uteat
redi. is due Mr*  A. >■  Eyana
Mr Cleveland) lor having trained
ih, troupi   oadi irably in such a
Irt time,   Mr. F™1.^^:
spirited singing ol  "My bin
High   Bom   Lady,     ;«used  enthusiastic applausi  and earned
well merited encore,    lhe othei
,0l0i,tt    were:    Messrs.    A.     K*
Evans, Young, Kealy and Jackson,
The amusing and never failing by*
play  0|   Bones  (Mr.   Bunbury)
caused much merriment.
At a meeting ol the church com-
mjttee, the following evening, a
hearty vute ol thanks was passed
t0 the four instrumentalists from
Vancouver, who so kindly gave
a NOKTIl ) BYLAW, 1905,
Will-Ith;AS, mi the (nh day of
December, 1905, the Lynn Creek
ll ',11 {north) By-law, 10,05, was
passed, appropriating for road purposes, inter alia, the lands her
malm descril ■'
courage mc ,.„,..,
persons who may become actual
settlers on the lands.
THEREFORE, be it enacted bj
the Reeve and Council ol tbe Cor-
poration of the District ol North
Vancouver, in council assembled
(with the assent til the electors ol
the district duly obtained), ns follows, viz, :
i, It shall be lawful for tin
council to sell any ol the herein
In imi' rei itt'd hinds, and that
either in sn lions, as at pn sent
sub-divided, or in town, suburban
oracrcagclots (after procuring, at
thc' xpenso of the corporation, *a
survey and plan of sub-division of
j the same), by public roup, after
■   ....   il,,,  ,-nnnt'i]
alierui'M.,,..,,. ■     '
AND, WHEREAS, it has been|8llch »«vertiscment as the council
lound that the lands hereinafter J1'*11 *Km sufficient, or by private
described are not suited for road A:AW' ;" s,uh l,ncc '" Pnces'
purposes, and that roads are imt "") "Pon s,lfh terms nnd con-
meantime, and are not likely soon lltl01,s Bs '" ,1"' <""1"'11 slia"
to be required through the district k''"' sufficient, »■■*- the counc
lot after mentioned. 'm:,-v   l,roviJe    and    ^rCl'
Two ItouiCi  pint turret (tint I,Initio; tenli, 119.
Fivi'-miini tioiitetiti Clit'stiartli'1'l nveiine I % I'urll
Iiuiiii buy.
Stitnll C'lliaitcottdJloot lot on Tlilrtfctitli street;
(riilll l.aillaaillil* RVCtntf, 11 iiltfKltlll.
Klltli Btrootiuiieol the n-si specQISllom to rlo.e in ,
K geituiuti una)) on I.iis'iile ttvianue, 60x183a betwi
nml St .tames atteet.
Km' mt,'., l.ynn Villo--; Itniiso, out Itousui, two ncrca
li'ticcil. nml in [mil mnl r'tilabliia; iltsielHt
I'iii',' iiu'luileK Intnitnri', chicken*, etc
;   Four itital aaiielliitil iii'reion Killhimal; iplendlb ..*n •
Hit hay; oloil tn cult water; llirri yeiri lo pity bnlimee
I ii'.mhii   EsTATt, D, L. its
$115;   CASH,   lion
m\\ mmm ferrv & power co., ltd,
Summer Time Table, 1907
lot alter iiitnuiuui.,,, ^__^
AND, WHEREAS, the ownerl1111 l""e °r P»ces may
of the said District Lot has asked Payabl° by instalments, spread
the Council to repeal the said By* ovet ;l P"""1 "'' exceeding three
law, so lar aa the expropriation 0f years, with such rate ol interest on
the said hereinafter described lands tl,c ll"Paid balances as the council
is concerned, and it is right and mB>' determine,
proper to do so. -■ Upon payment ol the agn
I'HEREFORE, the Reeve and ":>  P"« "( ">e, sa,ld 1;l,1,is'   '
Council ol the Corporation ol the corporation, by the hands of their
• v, ._.,.   i;„„„n„v.r   •„ ' reeve and clerk, shall seal with the
District of North  Vancouver,
purchased and paid for, whic
deeds shall contain all the tisu
uistnci o, -.,, --- ...i corporate seal,' and execute and
a    ..   „ 1 council assembled, hereby repeals ,      respective   pur-
       -. "- f° ^1T»PS^"M£     St'loedsol hnd lolhelan.
their services and who aided so        ,       in so far as the said By*
much to th< success o  the cnu,*    «;  JJ;     and establishes and
tainmcnl.   A vote 0   thanks *» pnU,s  upon,  expro   jnd neceB8Rry clauses.       .
also   passed   m   all   who    ^TP^ Jj takes, with a view to        TWs By-law may be cited fo
making, preserving and ..sing as  ^ „  ..n,  Sale   0,
public roads or highways, all and ]s B  ,RW| igo7,
Angular .hose  certain  tracts or . *    .... -
parcels  of  land   and   premises,
situate, lying and being  ...
Province of British Columbia
he District of New Westi
land in Croup One, being   i im
I posed of parts of Lot 998, more lei,   nd sigl*
1    ■   ■   •  described as bifth anil        .     ( , ,,),.;
Riley's Come to Town
Passed by th
"."a ll
011 the
Tin' dogs do lurk, tho children bIiic,
For Riley's come to town
In nriiiaar great in renoun
A ivarrior hohl and uncrowned king
I- Itiloy,
lt was on Tttes 1 iy that North
Vancouver's only Riley  Jennings
(colored i, done a stunt that will
go down in local annals as oni   "1
the by-plays of the day.   It was
Guy Fawk< s day, and In   '
himsell up as a warrior ol  500
yi ars ago, wearing the well known
: that agi. whii h is the
propi rty ol R, II. Ikyi e, who intends it (or the British museum,
Tin Ri yal Norvan Minstrel show
was to be on the boards that even-,
ing,   and   he   was   pla irded   to southeast
advertise that successful amad .
perl rmancc.   It   1 ertainly    was
•"■ flt8t day of November, IW
tin       ..   '.-.1 ,,, l„- iln-  e ecti
st any 01 i*,uv. .,,
Assented to by the electors of
the district at an election on the
day of November, 1907.
Reconsidered and finally adop*
particularly""-"3^^^^^^ ■' alul 5calctl on lhp
Sixth  Roads in said  Hy law,   in ^^^^^
follows, viz.; I /VKE Ni 11 ICE that the above
I'n ni. Commencing at th' north* ;s a „,K. copv 0| tlu. propOBed By-
west corner post "I s,i;.l Lot ,.' |aW| „pon Vvhich the vote of thc
Ihencc easterly along the north municipality will bc taken at Coun-
boundary of said Lot 998, :.-.; ■, *Sye-a i,,,,.,., Lonsdale
loot more or less to thc west Vvenuc, and at the Public School
boundarj if Road No, 1 (in said House, Lyni Valley, on Wednes-
V\ law described), and having ,1 day, tin 1 ll day ol November,
width of 66 feet to the south ol >aa.        | .,   . k ., m   t0 7
rthbi '.mdary of Lot , 18, and all ,.', ■ .: ,,. m
within Lol 998, an•',
S xnt.   Commencing
$4 MEN'S $4 SHOES   $4
comer    post    ll
4,.,,    thence     north rlj    ■
the enst  boundary ol said
Air.   ■  '
M C. and Returning Officer
The death ol Mis Mi 11 n dd,
I iltl:  tri ■".   the I le ol
Mr. John Mi Donald, ol Bruce >'.
Dodd 1 led away on Saturday
la t, Dn lei easi I had bei n ail-
1 lor somi time, Sla.' eaves
to 11 besidos hci bus*
band .1 lit! 1 11 ghter,
1  i
perioiniaiivv. _______     _____________ ________
well advertised bj Riley, w'hopar-j '(s   '■' l"   ! "'   "";"    "   lev?'
aded the streets ol ilns cit) and 10 then rl idaryol said Lot     ^OTK E1S HEREBY GIVEN
: en went over to Vancouver, 198, and ha     ; a width of 61  :■ t that thi Vote of the  Elecloi     I
He  went  through   Chinatown to the west of said east boundary ■/,,,  L>tstrici oi North \"ancouvcr
.'.   . a baseball bat and doing °ILot 19 , and all .vithi     id Lot wjh be taken on "The Sa    ol
' '-•' --■m-.nt oil998- excepting that part   1  parts Lands By-law, 1907,   on Wcdnes*
which are described in said Road   j.,,. I:, ■  \ vember,
v"' 1. *n said By-law ,„i;   ,,,       o'clock a. 11    to  ,
But the said By law.insolat as ,,-.,, , u p   11     at the
not hereby expressly repealed, is p, . ,*,, Coun-
hereby confirmed, and shall remain ..,;;,,    ■,
in lull force and ellect, y,,.,,.   ,,      lh( j
Passed bj  tin  council on the Lynn Valley, „;;,! that Alexander
lniiilli day ol October, t , ^^^^■l*a****lll.li^W.„„„iBloft return-
Reconsidered and I : ptcd
by the com,cil. and - .■ ■ :    y the
Reeve ami ( ani.. dc I with
the corporate seal on tl e  eigh-
ii iiiiii day ol Oct   ei 190;
Aha   Phi ip,      Wm 11  Mav,
1. M. C. Reeve.
We claim to carry the lies
of this popular priced
lhc city,
Box   Call   Lin
Sole, Goodyear Weltec
Vevut Calf, Gun Metal C
Fine Dongola, single or
slip soles.    All Goodyear '
Neat Dressy Boots.
'■*■       "^
^^^^^^ ALL AT $4.00
.  —  •a.  ,-.,.-1*.       XX,
■I ■■ ll
... ,,.! 1... i"
a iin* 1
Selections from thc Poets.
■     r" U'tu*
all he I
"Wo ton
I , ■     1 .
Whllo :   ' i.a.
rcl   '   ■
We can't lor 0 ccrtalutj ti
Wh.it 1. rth i' . ■.     it .   11 Monday
llul, at It   ' '     ;|in the s •■
i el ui all hi  inlmpi 1 on Sunday "
" Whul:       ■. . ■    , t v,i' -train
1 . hat ■    .1. ■
What tin 1 the rein
U'l'inav .' .' 1 .   at
Abroad we f-• r'; i'i lo -• I
For fear thc) .'   ■
But, ol course, they can   1,, -iill at
Ai,,! get dismally drunk
ju'l,*'' Supreme Court, i
'a  la  ;,.      '     a | I '
Wtl  . . 1.    .'   ■    i'-. Edldburgli
ii;iv    L'   a  ii.ia,,-'"	
B act, to the merriment 0
th, laps, Chinese, whites and
Hindoos, who Performed
pl   ession   ol   a.ooo.   lol.ci
OfficerMttnro thought (lure was
another riot in sight, and
np courage ola soldier,
Kili-v.   The policeman was asked
Syl« did i"" »hM " "     'nd
replied, What   WU   the   UK,   " ll
Js togged out ;
WhenRilej arrived at thc Kings
boarding! se, re I.e put up
lera night and was accommodated
with the soft side ola plan   1   I
oal ol bread,   th;   >treets wee
packed,   and as Iv   entered the
halls ol justice the tn.lorn.e   ob
., ,  stared in wonder an
',  ,,,,1 at the "monster,   1
1 ,, ia.,1.1 .:. bold print
back with lhc following not
„Look uu loi Votti   Chickens,
in'i .*"•' ... 1
i«n   -,: ,n:VcJ;
,  ming there was a broad
^ ..When   did   you  gel   tbcsi
, 1   ,      magistrate,
lh,   .'    .       '   »■
|    "    1I1      Mi  1  :
'- rt   Vancouver.
,    , or you
; •,, and in luture I
you to keep those things
M^"ffTV "id ^
,,. with a smile
the I ni'AI. AGENCY is at tin* corner ol U
LVIlll  »«(i**)i  "	
Philip has been appomti 1 re urn
.    fficcr. 1 'I" ■•••'•", •l*':
electors,    •■ '"  'aual powers in
.,    .'..di'ii'i.     a
The  Head  mii.'"
I'A NY i> in Vnni'iiiivcr.    .^	
avenue and Second Btroet.
Vour !■': "'tiv maj ini on burned down tomorrow, but ihonsgaltflt
You '.in, * p * milder 0 nights 11 you are protected, iwi drop yourself or 1
in mv',tine .unl he happy,
tn EMPLOYER.-! LIABILITY POLICY Removes the last element
rtalnty n» to whal It costs to run yout business,
I aim ,ti yunr service lor anv kind ol insurant
it un*
District of
1   I'l I'd.H'
A   1
_\        ,1  » t -i   I.... i.*r- "i lhe l'i-iri I ul Sortl   1   (UNI 1
NOrthV-rinf hllVPr v '' nvi-r will ke )<ol*l In the District
UUI tll T Ull VASUYKI   -,,,. .,m.
*      ■ ■.ni nt
s u'elock 1 ■
.-,tli'..ll..tt,l* liylaw, 1907.
Al.Hl. I'llll 1,
1   M 1
Real Ksi.ito-A Few Good Buys.
A. J. picton-Warlow
Insurance and Realty Broker
nl* l.ONS
N'ikiii Vancouver
A Tri|) Through
Soath 4frica
t'nait'r the Ritldanco el
Vam  ll    '
Splendid pictures shown b)
clectrii lantern,
Auspices St.  Andrew's Sunday
WHEREAS, tin Corporation 0
tl .• Dlstricl "I N rth vam ouver,
af.   , ,''i,?' alia, thclolli wing lands,
ititated  within   the   District  ol
North \ ant ouvi r, viz,
District Lots j   . • ■*. Bt6,817,
...;."-■.  tl     ,   IU I     a 1 1 ,.
1151, 1532.   The *''st hall
ol 11 L. 78 ■',    The west    1    1
il D L, 793    I'he east 1     icrei
300 acres ol D, I,
naif ci D 1.
n I Bl k il. in I». I..
593, and . ■ 1 in D, L. B8t,
and Uli" '„ 5, in D 1. ; ,|, an 1
tha snial land: .nc ni t n [uircd (or
1 orporate pur|
AND.   WHEREAS,  it   is   de
S,'ii,l tu your or It 1- ii"«  . if I'n
i,r.i'iii ui Clear In.
Stovoleng rcd.,|
a    ' a |4.60
I   V2I0
ClOSt to saw mill and plank road;
ten minutes Irom i-.ir; crly $300.
Also a lew 1 i acres lor S200;
t' rms, i" ' down, Sm per month.
Ilniise to let, fi rooms, all con*
avenienses; splendid view. Also
one lur sale; $500 cash and Uo
per month.
„,„ perfectly cleared lots en lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
ill). L
• .si,,    The east
Cor. 83rd Si usilnlo Ave,
f0T\ ■ ' '• Wal Imn'i" Iniril
ware ■ '
Plan,, lie,  prepared lor «ny
llylahOUM.  iMiiin-lcslurnishcl
sirable tu s •
1     ■■   :
IAS,  it   is   de-1    	
le some ol iai I registi n i at iln Palace Hotel.
BUIOIHS     Olil St., Wesl
We Do
Printind (
■fHE express, north Vancouver, b. c.
North Vancouver, 13. C.
A Wcokly Newspaper,  Published hy
Tiie Expbrss Printing Company
Subscription, (1,00
llnitt'il States ami Foreign, Jl.BO
Btrletly in Advance
The tliitlj lutirtli ainiunl reporl nl S.
V. Wooioit, the nijialriir Bfiifritl, under the
Births, Ui'itlliH un.l Mtirringi's Regulttlen
Art. nl the iv.ivliiaii nl British Columbia,
hei been Issued, Hie period ooieroi being
Uhe ji'ur ending December 31, 19(iii. A«
llie ml ilm'" nol »|i|>ly m peraoM who em
Iniliana, witliin tliu mi'itiiiiiK ol tlie set ot
■the Iiuiiiliiinii intrliiinii'iit respecting Indians,
lilin report does not Includs such pinoiu.
The returns «tiow Hie registration ol 3,470
fcirtlu, 1,17* ilenths, end 1,587 msrrlsgss,
fair the .vur 1000, Sgllnit 2,127 liirtlis,
1,009 deaths, nnd l,S8J marrlagog lor lhe
venr 190!.
The lollowing table will slin«- tbe In
rri'iis.' or decrease (us the case mny lie)
In lhc different ilistrirls. tho niiiiiln'r ol
registered births In Hie yeun ended Decern'
Iter 31, 1905, ami December Sl, 1900:
Districts, 1005. 1900. In. De.
Ko, 1—Victoria, ele... 868 'ilil .. 43
So. J—Nanaimo, etc.. 885 '213 .. 13
No. 8-Now Went., ele llll 80S 14 ••
No,    -I-Villa
-Clinton, i'io	
N„ li-l.illnni't, ele. . . 290
Sn.   7-Oorlboo, etc, .. 290
No. 11—Kamloops, etc	
Noi   it,   9.   and   15-
Kiinti'iiuy. etc ttOr,
iNn. 10—Cassiar, eli*. .. 80
;No. 18—Vancouver, etc, 78B
'No. 13—I'aiiinix, etc. .. 55
Jto. ll-Chllllvvitrk,   et.-.   83
Total- 2127 2170 117
Total  decrease        71
Ineresso    *•■'
Tite following talilc win "how (lis
ereaae or deerfase taa lhe itttsc in.*.*,' bi<) la
(he ditferi'tit districts lietwi-en the number
ni reglstorod mirrligtis in ths ysirs ended
11,'iamiair 81, IMS, nnd December at, toon.
Districts, 199.1. 199H. In. De.
Ko   1— Victoria, it*...
Jto   3—Klnntmoi its...
Ko.  3-Ni'w Wost., etc,
Ko.   4-Villi*,  etc	
No    5—Clinton, etc.  ..
N.,    0—lailli'i't,  elr.   ..
No.    7—I'trilmii, eta'.   . .
No. li—Kamloops, etc,
No-.   K.   9.   and   15—
Kootenay, etc	
ISo. l'i -Cussinr.  etc,   ..
N„  t3—Vancouver,  etc
No. 18—Gomes,  et"*.   ..
,\„   ii   Chilliwack, i'i'*.
;,*i7 ami
...    31
■ Tnt.il decrease 	
lllaTl'Uai" H3.*»     . .
Tin- rfollowtng   lailal'    will   show   lhe   In-
inui" nr ila'ar-aw (as tin' in'i' may b''l in
tli,* ilii:it-*rtt districts between tin' ntimli'-r
of  regttlored  dtatiii  In  (In-  y.nrs ended
December 8t, 1005, and D nber 81,1S06I
District!, 19115. 1900. In   Hi*,
eli*.  . 831    391    7U    ..
3—Naiiminiii.   nt
9—New. West.
I-Vat'',   I'tr	
5—Clinton, etc	
ej—Lillooet, ti,-. .. nm
If—Cariboo, etc	
li—'ttUmloops,  ele
Noi   8.  ■'.   uml
i, ,..i. i ■■.  etc
No. 10—Cassiar, eli
Nn. 13—Vancouver,
'Nn. i3— ColUOX, rl,'
„\0   ll-l'hilliwaiak,
r fifth   	
Total St'"""    • •
251 338
10 .'.
:\i 030
29 38
10 31
1003 IIJS 800
*    Tin* following abatrait fhowi the fames
. if deith by elaaaeai
Olua l-anuotlo diseases   150
Olssa 'j-i'iiniiiititlonil    820
Olsss   i   1 al     »f
Clau'4—Dweloptssnta-I  *■■ •*'*
Cliaa 5—Violent deiths   80.,
. s.'ll detenei   18
Nntair.il   Closes   	
Tnt.l       I"*
Tlmre were 4 dellhl liy titurtlir, (4 by
,nl, id,', mnl 1 by l«g«l mflUloo, Tho
total il. niiii by acctdeul md negligence mm
870, mud'' tip n« follows!
Found drowned      4
Hie'Irli'  shook            3
Found ili'.-nl	
Accidentally  drowned
leldrntalll  icalded    ...
Accidental)] .tint 	
.   \, ,i,l,t,l.illv   Inirnt     ,.,,
. tcldenlally killed    	
Incidentally   kilted  nn  rnilway   ..
Uccldenlally killed in mine  	
Uceldenttll) killed l.y falling Irff
\rt,l,t,i.ilK killed in -iiwiniii 	
iiann,',l   1 i   ,,|iinni    	
I'.      .'k    	
Bhl      '' lllll ii.jnrii'a	
Mia      -i wound 	
(Itlliaha      ' ol akttll   	
Frsetnrs    it ►pine         9
Suld,, nil,an       tiloiinn   	
llininiiti'  ii      il il"thl
Other aceldew    'cnial
l'nlinnint. ICclli      	
I'lnninini' p.iiaitnlng
Vila lui*' nl nfck  ..       .
Rhnrk  nflfr  opiration
Othei  aa'ai'liiiia
'e  for  Ibe  death
(Hal  IE'1 win rtipofltlb      *ay 40.   Tuber
of 9 venom, and icnlle df,      *, 178 d-atha.
culnr dlafaaei are rhartral wit.      ,
'. |,nu»'1
Tlie steady hulldlng uf ilivi'iiin ftorlli
l< mil ahatllig iii tlm l"n-t iii irr,
Vancouver, several iim' largi houses ,.
In ilm lii-i stages nf completion, ninoi,
Edmonton, November a,—ti>c fur*
tinileia from Hit* North returned to the
city soiiii.' tlmo ago mul now another
kinii rn' frontiersman is coming in.
Throughout tin1 imst Bummer a number
nf timber Booking nnd surveying par*
lira have boon coursing Hit.' big country west of hero, thin aide nf the Itnck-
10a, iin.l, after from throo to four
months of roughing It, nro getting
hack to tho linuiits of mnn, with slot'*
los of uiiusttnl hardship, nnd tho satisfaction of having looated new riches
in nature's undeveloped domains. Thoy
li'll of tilings In the country lo tlio
wisi thnt bid well to mnke tin Interesting chapter In tho tuturo of
Western Canadian Industry.
ll Is it oountry of new nnd Immense
wealth ihni ilea between Edmonton
ntnl tlie Hookies, We hnve before refer*
rod i" Um new farming country opening up along tho Pembina, where settlers have ulrettily homostoaded lu
Inrge numbers, mttl where the Grand
Trunk rneitle will go shortly. Hut
heynttil there even, Whore there Is ns
yet no settlement, In a region that hns
been absolutely unknown, snvo to the
Indians und halfbroeds, nnd tut occasional adventurer, there nre prospects of the richest and most abundant
promise. In tt very few years there
will he a sltunpeile to the northern
foothills thnt will rival the Klondike
rush and thn Inflow to thc southern
plains, nnd when lhe railways route*,
there will be doings in thul northern
corner of tho further West.
A timber cruiser who was sent out
f"iir months ago by one of the largest
Drltlsh Columbia lumber concerns, re-
titnii'il to this City iiii Ills way out last
week. Hn tuts spent thc Summer In
tlm country ulottg the Athabasca nnd
Wapiti Rivers, tlnautgh to the mountains, iniil us fnr norlli ns the Wapiti
runs. There was bolides himself, only
ono Ii) the party, mnl the two hmi it
precarious times cutting their wuy
through it country of bush nnd forest
debris; mid ngnlnst tlie annoying disadvantages of iiii unusually hmi Bum-
tni't'. I'm- week nfter week they en-
countered Hm most mlsorable of woa-
llter, mnl this, added io ihe customary
difficulties of timber cruising In n forest wiiil*'iin""*. iiiai,i,' their experiences
moro than ordinarily memorable, once
limy cnnie very nenr lo starvation, and
not one",  hut  many  Hints,
fletporate battles with Hie tangles of
wasted Jungle, For thousands nt An)
i.iim have gone In flros wli,,-*' origin
is n mystery. \ tract "f country for
Uv hundred miles between the head
waters of the Athabasca nmi the Wapiti i- utterly waste, standing to-day
In stumps nnd nuked deadnesi where
onca wns tlm tlni-at ot Spruce, Tims.
nol only Ims n ureal Industrial tragedy
taken place i" ilm lusting loss of
I'.intiiln, bin Hm wny of ihe traveller
Is mado sn iiuiiii tite harder, nml n
day's Journey through the waste and
fallen is painfully slow.
Iiut iieyuiiii. towards tim Rockies, is
still n gri-iii trnct nf standing timber,
The fires rnn oui bolore they got there,
and enough good spruce Is In Ils virgin vigor lo make lumbering In iho
northern foothills n highly proOtnblo
snd'thlurlng business. This particular
cruiser ainkod out n tract "I twenty
square miles, from which lm estimates
his company will cut 850,000 I'"'' "I
lumber, As soon as tho railway gets
within reach ol the country, lumbering
uu ibis iiu't will bt 'iiiiiiin in "I. and
meanwhile dues of IllB per squnro
null* p.*r year will be paid i" the Qov*
other pnrlles (hm wero out through
ill,  Bum r In counlry nenrer IMnioii*
ton. but beyond the present settle-
ineni, ami whose mission w.i- one i'l
general oiplorlng nml prospecting, nil
r i> gn.ii variety "f natural res cos,
i,, part "f nm Pembina country there
is abundant raw material lor pulp
manufacturing, nml beyond urn llllmlt*
abl ail Holds. Mm I belli and deposits
or aluminum dny nm found, and other
mineral resources that nro not merely
local, Inti nm distributed over n wlih*
re,„ii i.t country. Tlm * "ail Is [..ip
ticularly promising, nnd thi Indication!
seem to hn Hint ihls Wholo counlry
north nml west nf Hilmnnlnn, Inlo the
mountains nnd away up Into lite hln-
terbiml. Is n grent, deep ctinl bed,
Which nre Mr. MrNiilr'a tm Sixth street,
Aid. Smith's mt Fifth ilrwt, Wm.
llnilny'K. comer (V-terflrM nml Keilh
read, N'orth Vancouver 1-and mul lm*
pri'vi'iiinnt Co., iii oiinwa Hardens, (1.
A. MoBdln'l on I-miatlnle nvnnim, two
linusm. These hnil'lilics ranee In rnnt
ffitt |8900 (" IT-500,
Tlm firsl situs of -time III Hie .i'lnily
•of Vancouver nimhi lt« appearand
Thursdny on o leak |t«l behind Grouse
mountain ond ou the Llgn«,        .
Itnai.iei   i.iae-e there   me humorous
others scattered nil over the city.  Four
vjaai sited dwellings hove lately sprung
y IV l„ 2(18, which is i-itinilc'l nt
"■'      aaatat- IWmlntM "I tlm U, I'* ele
trie llli
<«,' iDtek  will contain eight
|,,,ti..lnl.' nveiine mul
T,^;ii iwminui "i
Tlm   n
stores Iron. 7.v ..!,<■ „   Tlie lea I
running )^-   Vi, ,lills (l1ll,,.!v t„,„ .,*-
il,.. corner ot,   1 „,.,*„llk ,< ,•„ i. wi,..
.mnil l.y Hie It' m ^ „„, ,„
isve temporal      '      ,jftice_
D. tl, Dick's mi
Will Further Investigate.
tUftt tM ijo'iilnlon (Jiivernmcnt la
. ' , '-ml|ii*d tu hnve the imtiil-
fully iel"" ■ thoroughly luvestl-
gratlon question        .. ^ pt,omtft
gttted  ls   ovhlenccd   b) - „ 1U!W
uctlon of the Cabinet In issumb
Royal Commission cm powering Mr,
W, L, Mackenzie King, c. M, (j., Deputy Minister of Labor, to hold un
Inquiry Into tho mattor, One week
ago to-day Important facts having a
bearing on ilm question were brought
to light hy Mr, King, who is conducting the investigation Into tho losses
BUstalnod by the Japanese residents,
und he ni once communicated theso
to thc Prime Minister, At a meeting
f the Cabinet held on Monday an
Order-Iii-Ciiuiicll wats passed nnd It
was assented to Tuesday by the Gov-
Mr. King received n wlm ol night
(rom Ottawa Informing htm of nis
appointment,   The telegram follows:
"In view of tho unfortunate occurrences which have tnken placo In
British Columbia ns n result ot tho
largely Increased Influx ol Oriental
laborers Into lhat Provinco, Mr. W,
I. Mackenzlo King. C. M. u., Deputy
Minister of Labor, is appointed Commissioner under the Inquiries Act,
chapter 104 of the Revised Statutes of
Canada, to conduct nn Inquiry Into
tho methods by which the snld Orl-
entttl laborers have been Induced to
emigrate to Canada during (he present year,"
Mr. King was Informed that tho
commission will he mailed Wednesday
by the Secretary of State. While the
fact thai the commission has been
issued Is sufficient authority for Mr.
King to proceed with the Inquiry Immediately, he stated thnt he
would conclude tho present In-
qulry Into the tosses of Hm Japanese
population before entering 'upon the
duties of the new commission. Mc
expect! that ho will have his report
prepared for the Government by tho
end of lhc week. In his report he
will recommend ns to tho amounts
which should be paid to the claimants.
"I might sny,' smie.l Mr, King.
"that this new commission
is not confined io Japanese Immigrants only, hut to all Oriental Immigration, My Instructions are that tho
Government desires to havo the question fully investigated and i purpose
making the Inquiry us searching and
complete as possible."
Conservative Covention
Is   of
A convention of the Conservatives of
liriiish Columbia will lm held In Vnn-
couver on November Dilnil and (3rd.
The object nf the convention Is lo forin
tv Provincial Association and tho decision to call It wns taken on the occasion ol it. L Borden's visit to the Province,
At that time Mr, norden nui representatives of the executives of the
Conservative Associations of tin Coast,
delegates from Victoria, Vancouver,
New Westminster, North Vancouvor
nn,I Nnu.iim, assembling In the Terminal City for thnt purpose. A ront-
iniiii,* composed of Premier McBride,
O, il, Barnard, president of the Vie-
tnri.'i Conservative Association; t'. M.
Woodward, president of lhc Conservative Association or Vancouver, nnd J.
l>. I  president of the Conn rt ttlve
Association "f New Westminster
appointed to arrange tbo dctal
tho convention,
Accordingly the committee mot mid
fa-nt out s circular letter to the varl.
ous Conservative organisations
throughout tho Province, Informing
them ol the steps tlmi had been tokon,
nii.i requesting them to appoint dole-
gates to Un nvintlnn.   Thc basis of
t.'l'i'. s.iit.itiiin In Hi iv ni."it is as
laa   I0WS1
Every Consorvallvo membor nt the
Legislature Is ontttlcd to attend, nnd
each Provincial  istituency Is entitled to send ten delegates In r.»|.o,*t
t,f each ni'iiii" i 'I" led by ii lo lhe
Loi .1 Legislature,
Tim delegates oro to b I  t by
tn, organised Conservative ''tubs or
\ ■  .. lotions  in    "li constituency, or
ui.. rt  tub or omoi latlon      a ex*
Istem ". t" i" elm ted nl n public meeting convened by tho Con • rvatlve
Thi n.l.liislnn tu "f the represi lotion of iim dlltcronl portions ol nny
ruling is lo be settled by the party
within Hint rl.lliig. Deles
not be rt prest nteJ by pi -y. "nd all
musl i" duly accredited In writing
timinr the hand ol Hie president or
chairman "i the ' tub, As ■" latlon or
inni'iing appointing Ihem.
Tin* ,*ii,,nisinsm with who 'i the proposition wm received by l! i '' » l
associations Is the belt niignry of the
■ucceii which Is bound lo attend lhc
convention, The replies io the t Ircular
letter all expreii grent iitlifocl on al
Hi,, propnsul, and the convention promises to be of gr.ni Interest,
A number of prominent speaker!
win be present to address tho mi * ting
Including Premier McBride, Premier
ilohiin, of Manitoba, un.l Hon !' Q.
llnultnln, of Rnglnn.
We have some lots left in this Orlgh-
Subdivision.   Call and see us, and
buy before they are all none.
The Electric Tram runs
right through this property
It is bound to be an important addition
in the near future
Easy Ten?)*
For Prices and Maps, apply
ill JIB (lllfiffl
440   SEYMO U K   S T R E E T
u. KKHir iiori.UATi:, MANAGER
with os run
Hlbb M. 4. DOtlNER
Experienced nittilc teacher, graduate nf
Conservatory nf Music, I'uriii, France,
ttill give leajona every Saturday after
noon at Nortli Vancouver, Studio, Mn.
Anderson's. Thirteenth str.ti't, corner
Chesterfield avenue, iu*ji lo Olmrcli ol
Knglsnd. For particulars aiiply
MISS M  A. I'lillNKI;,
Vancouver, It. C,
General ilellvory,
•   iii
T1IK ST'ilit; I'lll Hl'AI.ITV IS
Groceries and
Mi- Clapn ii prepared t" receive n
limited number ol Pupils, between Uie
ages "I i*ii tn > * I twelve years, at hor rei*
don 11 First street east. Will Vancouver. B.G.
Information regarding terms, hours,
i.tt'., uill In* lurniihed on application,
Accountants,   Auditors   General
Commission Hrokers
Krai Islale Munis
SLI    ~
TiLiraoxi 1121c:'
Temporary Olllco   I Gudney's
I'alnt Shop, Ksplanade
North Vancouvrr, li   C,
Iilil   t B..|.,, * ■' r    IU*)    R.   (.   I-lata!    -ju,,,,,,,
'1 ttoxi M
Uallami'- llnl.'." Wltll PsWIlt, Kalltnilll,
*'il*,'iini,'iil,lii,, ,,l iviiatturtloli. Mapi, lown*
•l!**>. .Milling Culmi, -1I1 lllllllunMlc.
•II llmtlnii Bt, W., . •  VANCOUVER, B. C
Wo havo )u-t rocoivod .1 shipment ol
iir-t-.l.i-H Apitles, 1 Bistingol Nortliern
Bpye, llnldwlns and Kings, Noil week
n price mny !»• lut'l am these Kini* Dating
applos which mil mako ii hard lur ymi!
luv'i't n l»'s unless you are one nl the
tir-t.  Romombor uoxl woek,
A- Iaar l'lltltla,,'-, 100 Ul Brtt,    Wo liaVO
the quality al ■ riiiM price,
Call and no wand take advantage ol
Tbe Store of Qualiti)
and Ki^ht Price*
Corner 8th St. nnd lonsdale Ave.
civil.   BNOINB1 w
Plans, Quantitloa, Levoli
Buperlnt loni t C tructiun
I'.,! Ill'll —i t; l.l i. CoRNIR l."'.-mi i: Avi'
Mali, llr Williscrof t
Spi'ciiil attention given t'i lingering
and tone produt li m,
Studio   * nil cottage, Sguth Be?.
cnteontli, Unsdalo East
ESxcavation work Iini started on the
now Homo block, i" he ireetitl nn tho
corner ol Ihe Bsplanmlc »i ;. I. ' ''
nva'iiur wiili it Irontago ol WO feci on
t/uKilnitt. Tli« building will rest on
t'l'iucut plors.
1 INK in H. I. (63, Nortli Vancouvor,
Specifications itit*i particulars Irom
Cor. Halting! and Homei Sti,,
Vmicourcr, 11. C
Hav i hand a large supply "I Cemi nl
Blocks, mado Irom (resh water sand.
: an pii - i i" scon nt tli" *.'*.(
cement reiidence on Second street tail
BUool blocka8x10,
lull particulars can bo liad Iron, the
Western Corporation office, or write to
North Vancouver, II. C
Rolled Oats
Mai) and Feed
I...I Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Pltnti, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
Torms, one-fourth cash, balance 6,12 nnd \i months.
a 1""
I            t
>    a	
*          /,!
1      ,5"
j &__
3    to/M,
District of
161 Cordova SI reel, Vancouver, B* C.
I'.n. BOX 386,
NE ol the oldest hanks doing Imsiness in
this country.
.'iii Branclios in Canada nml (lit1 United Slates,
A general banking business transacted,
Mmil'V OrdeW Issued payable anywhere
Canada, United States or Great Britain,
Drafts bought and sold,
Prompt attention given to collections.
anJ  upwards
three months.
-Deposits oU i. oo
Interest   paid  every
Olliie, lor. Lonsdale Ave. and I spantide, Norlh Vancouver,
II.  I,. Iiti 11 i.i., Manager,
B. t.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Cars leave the Ferry Landing lor Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street und Lonsdale, Winch slreet and Keith Road as follows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a, in., 7:15 a. in., 7:45 a, in., 8:15 a, in., 9 a. tn. 9:40 a. tn.,
10:10 a, ra.1 Alter 10:15 a. m., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street ami Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth strci I and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
streei and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows:
Oa. in . 6:30 a. 111., 7 a, m., 7:30 a. 111., 8 a. 111., 8:45 a. 111., 9:15 a. in.,
9:55 a. in., 10:25 a. 111. After 9:40 a, 111. cars leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past thc the hour and twenty minutes to the hour,
1t~f'   All boats are met by the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
,■ .■■■HM-:"
a .-4-.
■ NONt A VANctt6rVcfi*PV«lllre?.-N'
J2.00 pet
ami up
Rates Ior
I wry Serviie
to Vancouver.
very lldll Hour to tind from Ihis Hotel
P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^-
Is ;i glorious bovorngo—quonohing ami
satisfying, Remember there's no othor
"just as good"—insisl on getting Rainier.
incouver, H. C.
II you wish to be thoroughly pleased with Coffee, try our
Fresh Ground Hrown Urtrics.   Cash customers net coupons,
Corner E»|>laoade and Lonsdale Avenue
Reeve and Council ol the Corporation cl lhe District of North Vancouver, in Council assembled, as
follows, viz, I
i. For the purpose ol establish
ing, opening, mailing and preserving a highway, to be known as the
" I'age Koad," lhe corporation
hereby, under authority ol Section
511, Subsection (142) ol llie Muni
cipal Clauses Act, enters upon,
expropriates, and takes, all ami
singular that tract or area ol land
sixty-six feet in width, in the District ol North Vancouver and Province ol British Columbia, the
centre line of which is particiilaih
described as follows: Comment
ing at the northwest corner post
ol District Lot 555, Group One,
New Westminster District, and
thence east along the nortli hound
ary of Distiict Lot 555, to the
southeast comer post of District
Lot 815 ol said Group One, a dis
tance of 1848 feet more or less,
and thence south along a line
parallel to the east boundary ol
District Lot 555 to ll e foreshore,
a distance of 2904 feet more or
less, and containing five ami four
tilths acres or thereby ol District
Lot 555, and one and two-fifths
acres or thereby ol District Lot
1. For the purpose ol establishing, opening, making and preserv*
ing a highway, to be known as-thc
"Clements  Koad" the Corpora
lion hereby, under authority aforesaid,   enters   upon,   expropriates
ami takes, all and singular that
tract  or  area of  land, sixty-six
leel in width, in the said districi
and province, the centre line ol
which is particularly described as
follows, viz.:   Commencing at a
point on the east boundary line
and norlh thirty-three feet from
the southeast corner post ol the
three-acre lot of land in District
Lot 593,  Group One, which belongs to Dr.  Drier,  and   thence
from said point east and parallc
to the north bouudary ol District
Lot 593,  a distance ol 820 leet,
thence south 46   30' east, a distance ol 3S0 feet, thence south to
the south boundary ol District Lot
593, a distance ol 290 feet, more
or less, and thence south along a
ne parallel to the east boundary
ol District Lot 594, Group One,
,1 distance ol 660 leet to a point,
ami thence west along a line parallel to thc south boundary ol District Lot 594 to the centre ol the
present travelled road,  known as
the Capilano Road, a distance ol
1565 leet more or b ss, and containing said area, three and onc-Iourth
acres more or less oi District Lot
594, and two and eleven twenty-
tilths acres ol Disltict Lot 593.
3   For thc purpose ol establishing, opening, making ami preserving as a highway, to be known
as "Koss Road," the corporation
hereby, under authority aforesaid,
enters   upon,   expropriates   and
takes, all and singular that tract or
area ol land sixty-six I. et in width,
situated in lhe said district and
province, the centre line ol which
is particularly desi ribod as (ollows,
viz.:  Commencing at the south-
! west comet of Districi Lot 2087,
Group One, and thence along the
stiiiih boundary ol Blocks 16, 15,
i.|, 13, 12,  11,   10 and t) ol said
District Lot to the southeast corner of said District Lot 2087, a
distance ul 1,440leel nunc or less,
and (2) Commencing at lhe northeast comer ol District Lot 832 ol
said group, and thence south along
the east boundary ol said D. L.
832 to the  southwest  corner  ol
liistriet Lot 813 ol saidGoupOne,
a distance ol 1557 (eel more or
less, and containing said area ol
land, two and (inc-loiirth acres ol
Iii'ii! in and along the cast and
nurlh Bides ol   D.  L. 833, 1 83-
tOOth acres ol land in anil along
the west and nortli sides ol D. L.
813, and aj-I00th parts o| an acre
iu and along the south side ol each
of Works 9, in, 11, |3, 13, 14, 15
and ifi ol saiil I). L. 3087.
4. For the purpose of straightening the Keith Koad through blocks
5, fi, 9 and in ol I). I,. (107, and ol
establishing, opening, making and
preserving as part ol the highway,
known as " Keith Road," the corporation hereby, under authority
ol sub-sections (141) ind (168) ol
Section 50 of the Municipal
Clauses Act enters upon, expropriates and takes, all and singular
lhat tract or area ol land sixty-six
leet in width within the district
aud province aforesaid, the centre
line of which is particularly
described as follows, viz.: Commencing at a point on tbe nortli
boundary ol District Lot 764,
in thc centre of the toad; registered on the map of the subdivision ol said D. L. 764, as
" Farmer Road," and thence due
north, through and parallel to the
east boundary of Klock 5, oil). L.
fio7, to the north boundary ol said
Block 5, a distance of 594 feet or
thereby, and thence west along the
said north boundary to the south-
wesl corner of Block 9 of said D. L.
607, a distance of 225 feet or thereby, and thence along the west
boundary ol said Block 9 to the
northwest comer thereof, a distance of 728 feet or thereby along
the north boundary ol Block 10 oi
said D. L, 607 to the Capilano
Koad, a distance ot 135 feet or
thereby, and containing said des-
scribedmadwav 1 i.aoth acres in
Block 5, 1.40 nl au acre in Block
ii, 31.5utlis ol an acre in Block 9,
63.iooths of an acre in Block to;
and (1.50th of an acre in Block 13
all ol D. L. (107.
5. In exchange lor  lhe   lands
hereinbefore expropriated through
saitl Blocks 5, 9 and 10 of D. L,
lm'/,authority is hereby given to the
corporation,  by the hands ol their
Reeve and Clerk,   (1) To execute
and deliver to Robert  Kerr Iloul-
gate,  Robert  S.   Batterson,   and
Edmund S. Sheppard, a deed ol
land ol all and singular that part
of  the   present   travelled   road
known as " Keilh Road," situated
in Blocks 4 and 5 of D. L, 607 ,so
(ar as not included in the arcades
cribed in Section 4 of this By-law
and, (2) To execute and deliver to
James Cooper Keilh a deed of lan
of all anil singular that part ol the
present travelled road,  known as
" Keith Road," situated in Block
10, ol D. L. 607, solar as not included in  the area described in
section 4 ol this By-law, and  (3),
respect lhat part ol Graveley st.
and Farmer slreet, in District Lot
(14, have been duly registered and
edicated as public highways, with
consent of the Keeve and Council,
In exchange lor and to take the
place of lhat part til the present
travelled  road,  known   as   Keith
Road, P.lid also the original located
road,   known  as the  old   Keith
Road, so lar as they ate within lhe
hounds of D. L. 764, with a view
to straightening thr   said   Keith
Road,  power is hejeby given to
the corporation by the hands ol
the Reeve and  Clerk,  to execu te
and deliver to Charles E. Robson,
as owner ol  I). L. 764, a quit
claim deed of that part  ot  the
present travelled Keith Ruad, also
that part ol the old Keith Road,
so  far as  they  are within the
bounds of said 1). L, 764, save and
except such parts of said present
travelled road, as are embraced in
the roads shown in the registered
map ol said I). L 764.
6. This By-law may be cited for
all purposes as "The Highways
Appropriation By-law, 1907."
Passed by the Council on the
18th day ol October, 1907.
Reconsidered   and   finally  adopted,  and signed and scaled on
the ist day of November, 1907.
Ai.ex. Philip,     Wm. H. Mav,
C. M. C. Reeve
IUtbs: (1.50 PER
Special Rates to Families and Regular Boarders
Hall-hour terry connection to anil Irom Vancouver.  Hot and oold
wuler iu every room.   Iletnrn cull holla in evory room.
Liinshai.k Aveniik- Between Fourth and Fiftli streets, cleared
lot, sine 25x130 feet, to a ao.foot alley. Ptice J2000. Terms one-third
cash, balance (1 and 12 months,
Fifty-loot lot in same block (routing on Lonsdale avenue. I'riee
$4000.   Similar terms.
Chesterfield Avenue—Near Fifteenth street, lot 60x150 feet,
Price 1S550.   Terms one-third cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
Fourth Street and Qdeensiiurv Avenue—Double comer on car
line, magnilicenl situation.   Price $2100.   Terms to be arranged.
Two Cleared Lots on Fourteenth Street—Clos? to St.'Andrew's avenue, size 50x157 each.   Price $450 each.    Easy terms."
Firm Street—Between Lonsdale and St. George's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each.   Price $900,   Easy terms.
Lonsdale Avenue—Lot 50x120, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. I'riee S900. Terms one-third cash, balance 6 and 12
Finn Street- One block (rom Queensbury avenue, two south
front lots, 50x137 each, to a 20-foot alley. Price $550 each. Terms
one-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months,
Sixth Street—In block 8, 150 leet (rom Queensbury avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a 20-Ioot alley, south front. Price (600 each.
Terms one-fourth cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
We have also a large list cf properties in all parts of the city,
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, and can ofler you
the best bargains and the choicest locations obtainable anywhere.
Correspondence solicited, or better still, call and see us and let
us show you what we have to offer.
Corner Lonsdalo Ave. and Fifth St.
Capilano Hotel
Everything new and modern, affording all the
luxuries ol a metropolitan hostlery. Elevation 500
feet above sea level. Ideally situated Ior people
wishing an exhiliarating climate, beautiful mountain
scenery and climbing, and good fishing and shooting.
A lew hours from the summit ol Mount Crown ami
the Lions.
Tally-ho meets car connecting with 9:15 Ierry,
at liewicke avenue, returning between 6 and 7 p.m.,
calling at the two canyons and the suspension bridge,
allowing time (01 inspection.
RATES :   $2.50 to $3.00 Per Day
8HBCIAL,   KATltS   TO   KAMll^lKB   AND    Hid it'I. All
Imtluc Western Jubilee ontertalnod tor
friends on Thursday loot al a mnl enjoyable consort, supper anil (limrc. Nol*
withstanding tlic else of tint Itall it hub
parked to its utmost capacity, und llie
proceeding! wore a tourcool much I'U'iin-
ura to nil uini participated therein. The
min itt woe commenced tvitli 11 brio! addict* lit till' ill,llllll.HI, llio. lt. [tvliiiul,
ami HiiiKinlcd ol tlic lolliiiting lU'iiii-
Sun*,' (humorous), Uro. RatolKfoi kudu,
llio. Jacket if citation (humorous), Uro.
JoIiiiuoii; cornet nolo, Iliu. Su'.ciii* recitation (liiiinoKiiiel, "Llmburgor Chooso,"
Uro. Williams] piano wlo, Uro, il. J.
Brunt) long, "Jolly Sailor," Uro. Cooler; Instrumental solo, Um. Harris] ttong,
"Soldlora ol the .litem," Major Brown,
with cornet obltgetoi  song,  "Quoon'a
llllwilt," Uro. IV. Wi llitivtin.
,\   HIIII'lllllUlH   rOpOOl    'Villa   pi UVillltl   ll)
the "iiiii lio.vf" ol tlic lotluc to whloh
ample justice won done, after which
dancing was indulged in till midnight,
whon the gathering broke up with tbe
tinging ni tlic Notional Anthem,
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
or Kalsomining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Sixth Strbbt
I rom France, Holland and Ja|>aD,
I'uliiilili' varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilisers, Hen Supplies, Spray I'uinpe,
Spraying Material, Cut Klowers, ate.
Oldest established nursery ou the
mainland of llritisli Columbia.
Catalogue free.
The goat lm.- arrived nt its Ktnll i"
K of I', hull
Time .-ti I Brother lt. Fii.tvsclt iiii
Baturdny when a Inrge coudgntnent o4
Initiating  |i'iiii|iliii'iiiili>i univod In the
city i oiltilod  Iii Ilie K.  of  1'*  lodB''
Painters and Papekiianccrs
Mural Decorators
Gkainers    Glaziers    Skins
Oi'P. 13TH Street.
Come lu mul sen what you can get in
our city, Wo can compan lavorably
with any storu nl nur she un the Pacific
coast .
Our Crockory and Glassware Department is now roady Ior inspection, also
on elegant line ol Jewelry.
All wo ask is, do not go to Vancouver
for anything in our lino till you havo
paid us a visit. Ilo loyal to North Vancouver.


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