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®lf? £xpr?Ba
Coun. Morden Reports on the
Lumber Contract—Other
Important Business Dis
The regular meeting of the
municipal council was held on
Wednesday night, with Reeve A.
E. Kealv presiding. Councillors
Morden, May, Bell and Allen were
also present. The following communications were read and disposed of:
Geo. J. Phillippo wrote requesting the opening up of St. Andrew's
street to the lane, back of his
premises. Referred to Board of
Jas. N. J. Urown, et al.,
petitioning to have Jones avenue
opened to Mahon avenue. Referred to Hoard of Works.
Nortli   Vancouvrr   Land   and
Improvement Company, acknow
edging letter, re the expropriation
J. C Williams requesting that proceedings   at   the   termination
east side ol Durham avenue, lying i of Chesterfield avenue.    ■>-'•—"<
Reeves' Convention, Hatzie, B,
C, askiug if council has any
questions or proposed amendments
to bring before the coming annual
session of that bodv.   Laid over.
Williams, Hoare & Company,
offering lot 999, on Lynn creek,
for waterworks purposes. It
contains 320 acres at $20—$6,400.
It was decided to ask owners to
submit lowest figures, and to give
one month's option on same.
D. G, Macdonell, on behalf of
Jimmy Harry, asked lor compeii
sation (or a broken gate,
foreman to report.
R. V. Winch, president Robert
Ward Company, limited, asking
to change route of Keith road
through block 365. Left to
councillors May and Allen to report at next meeting.
From Department of Marine
and Fisheries, re granting of foreshore privileges to T. L. Kennedy,
lots 1 and 3, block 175, district lot
274.   Filed.
lictweee Fourteenth and Fifteenth
streets be cleared. Referred to
Hoard uf Works.
Robert Blackburn, asking for an
extension of time to finish his contract   Granted.
Ingram & Edwards, enclosing
bill fur lamps and supplies, and
installing same. Finance Coui-
A. D. Nye, applying for road
approach to his lions,-, lots 14 and
Ij,  block   (57.  division lot   171.
li ,ard ol Works.
Alex Smith, et nl, pelitiooine I"
have Second street opened np,
and sidewalks laid from Mahon
avenue.    Hoard of Works.
Douglas Cteigllton, lecretary
of tin* British Columbia Telephone
(nullum, limited, asking council
to designate the number ot lect
from the property line on each
street where poles arc to be erected, liy mutual agreement with
the British Columbia Electric Rail
way Company, the telephone com
|i,inv arc to take the south and
the east sides of each street, the
British Columbia Electric Railway
Company taking opposite sides.
Laid over for special meeting,
A. J. Woodburn, asking (or a
sidewalk 011 the Keith road, west
ol Chesterfield avenue, to blocks 64
and 63, district lot 271. Board ol
Brackmen-Kerr Milling Com-
pans, limited, re wharfagefacititics.
Laid over.
Edith J. Stevens, requesting the
opening up ol Lonsdale avenue
from the present terminus as far
north as block 22, the distance being 10 chains.   Board of Worka.
C. W. Nassau, ct al., asking
council to open up Lonsdale
avenue as far as block P.. and
King street, is lar as lol 6. Board
of works.
to Committee.
Dr. Carroll addressed the
council at length regarding tin-
opening of the road through tin-
towmite of Capilano. The proposed road would be three mile-.
long, with an easy grade ol about
five per cent. The present road is
over ten per cent. There would
be a great deal of travel over the
new road, as this is the
only pleasure resort locality above
sea level near thecity, being 417 led
above the level ol the sea. The
doctor also stated that the land for
the road would cost the council
practically nothing, say a nominal
tee of 30 cents or %i. Referred to
councillors Bell and Morden to report.
Tenders were opined as follows
Making Esplanade road: W. L,
Cameron, Ji, 100; W. Ryan,  $350.
W. Ryan's tender was accepted.
Bewicke avenue road way.
Murray & Glendenning, $1,491.5°;
W. Snider, 11,515; A. C. McKenzie,
1,775; R. Blackburn (informal 1
fl.bjo. Awarded to Murray A:
The clerk stated that Messrs
Cameron & Stewart, contractois
(or clearing Victoria Park, could
not take up the work. Resolved
to remit them their deposit and
refer the matter of re letting the
contract to the Board ol Works.
The rcporrs of the Board ol
Works and Finance Committee
were of a routine nature, and were
accepted and filed.
The clerk read the following report of Councillor Morden re the
lumber contract and Mr. Wright's
"Noam Vancouvkk, B. C,
"Nov. 14, 1905.
"The Reeve and Council,  North
nicnts are right, why did he not
mention the fact?
"The Western Corporation had
exactly the same chance as the
Rat Portage Company, because the
Western Corporation had supplied
Contractor Blackburn with culls
that were perfectly satisfactory,
and they bought the culls from the
Rat Portage Company.
"The Western Corporation
claim had they gotten a fair chance
with other firms, they could have
met the price. Now, 72,800 feet,
less 21,000 feet, equals 51,800 feet,
at Su per thousand—the price
their quotation was estimated at—
would cost £369.80. Now, if they
could have met the price, they
would have to supply the 21,000
feet of culls for the difference between the price 1 paid, or $640-
.20 and (569.80, which would be
$70,40, or $3.35 per thousand.
"The 21,000 feet of culls were
taken from the same pile of lumber, and is the same quality of
lumber the Western Corporation
supplied to Contractor Blackburn,
for which they charged him, in the
neighborhood of It 1 per thousand;
and it looks to me as though Mr.
Wright was sore because he did
not make the same profit out of
the municipality as he did out of
Mr. Blackburn.
"While I am in this council, 1
intend to look after the tax-payers'
interests, and look after the
business of the municipality the
same as though it was my own,
whether it suits certain people or
not; and 1 am sure every member
of this council, and every taxpayer will uphold me in the stand
1 have taken.
"I am prepared to buy from Mr.
Wright 50,000 feel of culls, the
same quality as 1 bought from the
Rat l'ortage Company, and give
him ("d 71 per thousand, or double
the price he would have gotten,
had had he met the Rat Portage-
price, and give him a chance to get
even,    "Yours truly,
" VvM, Mokiikn."
Mrs. Ruth Kickhani, re replant
ing of trees 011 Sixth street, corner
0 S'ctiiid and Chesterfield avenue.
Agreed to.
H. M. Ramsay, Secretary-
treasurer, North Vancouver Ferry
Company, enclosing winter
Resolved—That providing the
12:15 boat is retained, and the
lerry St. Gcurge is allowed to take
the 6:1 j run, ibis council approves
01 the time tabic.   Carried.
Resolved   That    the     council
again urge the provision of a separate approach for passengers, at
the wharl, otherwise serious accidents may result, thus entailing
loss tu the company, particularly
now that the gate keeper has been
withdrawn.   Carried.
J. A. Cath'-riviiiid. and secretary
"Genii* lueii, Iii reply ic
letter Irom Mr. Wright, ol thi
Western Corporation, dated Oil
31, 1 claim that the figures tin
council have in hand provi
that the said company were uukitu:
Councillor Bell —It does not
cover the whole bill of lumber?
Councillor Morden—Only the
lumber in dispute,
Ou motion of Councillors May
and Allen the council endorsed Mr.
Morden's action.
Mr. Morden to misquote facts, I
might mention that the cheque
paid to the Rat Portage Lumber
Company was for $945.76, perhaps
this is accounted for when the following letter is taken into consideration:
"Vancouver, B. C,
"Nov. 6, 1905.
"H, C.  Wright, Esq.,   Western
Corporation,   North Vancouver:
"Dkar Sir,—We are in receipt
of your favor of even date with reference to the lumber we supplied
the North Vancouver municipality.
In reply we beg to say that besides
the regular price we charged for
this material, they were to pay extra for cutting in short lengths,
and alo for towing of scow.
"Yours truly,
"Thi. Rat Portage LUMBER Co.,
Limited, Dominion Charter,
"J. F. BoYD, for Local Manager.
Our price included extra (or cutting in short lengths, which is ti
per thousand feet, also for towage
tsnd scow hire.
Thanking you in anticipation
for publishing this letter, I remain,
yours faithfully,
Henry C. Wright.
North Vancouver, B. C, Nov.
17, 1905.
Banquetted by His Friends and
Fellow-Townsmetvon the
Eve of His Visit to Merry
Editor Tut Exrasss:
Dear Sir,—As the North Vancouver council at Wednesday
night's meeting have adopted
Councillor Morden's report without giving me a chance to reply,
and as there arc always two sides
to every question, 1 am forced to
ask you for space in the columns
of your paper to refute said report.
Mr. Morden's figures and statements are absurd ou the face of
them. As our letter of October
31st distinctly stated that we were
quoting on merchantable lumber,
hence it is obvious that difference
of price cuts no figure when parties are tendering on different articles.
I absolutely deny Mr. Morden's
statement that 1 asked him if the
lumber supplied to Contractor
Blackburn was satisfactory, and,
in proving this, might state that,
believing I had bought all the
cheaper grade lumber at the Rat
Portage Lumber Company's yards,
1 then went to 1'.. H. Heaps Company's, ami ordered 20,0110 feet of
inibcr at a higher price in order
in lill Contractor Blackburn's contract.
The bill for the lumber Mr
Morden originally handed to Mr.
A. B. Diplock, who tells me that
a good profit  out   of   the   said! in reply to his query as to whether
municipality, 1 culls would be allowed, slated that
"Their quotation for 72,800 fcctl no culls wen- permissible
of lumber was IH00.80,  and the     Ergo the Western Corporation,
price I bought the 72,800 feet nl
lumber for waa *J66o.oo, less a discount of 3 per cent., making the
cost $640.30, roughly, $160 less
Mr. Wright's quotation.
"Ml. Wright never suggested to
me, that part of the lumber might
be cull; he did ask me if llie Inui
bet supplied by the Western Cor
poration to Contractor Blackburn
was satisfactory, aud I said it
was, Merchantable lumber was
never mentioned in any convir
limited, were not given the same
chance as the other tenderers.
What Mr. Morden's reason was
(or this is best known to himself.
Editor The Express:
Sir,—I have to thank you for
your very full report of my remarks
on the subject of Co-operation.
Your epitome of the main practical
suggestion may be misunderstood,
however, and 1 ask your kind indulgence to give it in another form,
as 1 do attach some importance to
the possibilities through its adoption: (1) 1 suggested that wc cooperate 111 the nursery business,
and hire an expert to grow the tree
plants we need, for every purpose
in view. (2) I called attention
to our cemetery reserve ol seventy
acres—a location in every way
suitable for cemetery purposes- -
and suggested that from 10 lo 20
acres be improved for future use
as a cemetery; but two acres ol ibis
would be ample burial ground for
several years, and the balance of
the improved ground could be
used for the nursery, and in some
form the co-operators could pay
rent for it. {}) That after one,
two or three years, the co-operators receive their plants for fruits,
shrubs, or shade treee, at cost;
and these will be in the best (orm
for use. In the near future from
$2,000 to $3,000 will be spent here
lor Iruit trees and plants alone
every year. (4) That part ot the
nursery be devoted to the growth
ol plants ol hardwood trees, to be
planted out in the district on
corporation property, or on government reserves, (or which payments would be received. (5) That
the first area planted out with hardwood trees of different sorts should
be the remainder of the cemetery
reserve, in order to beautify it, as
well as utilize it. (6) After 20
years these hardwoods would begin to yield substantial returns in
different ways, but il they are
planted where water sliould be
conserved, they will be ol great
value in that connection in five
years. By all means lot us cooperate for any present useful
purpose that can be devised, but
iln future also has claims upon us
particularly as we arc engaged
ai foundation work.
At.KX. Pllll.il',
North Vancouver, B, C, Nov.
15, 1905.
A very enjoyable evening was
spent on Thursday night, by ihe
member;, nl the Western Corporation Club. President S. Martin
occupied the chiir. Songs and
recitations were given by Messrs.
T. Prime, Geo. Prime, H. Page,
H. Westbrook, C. Cortell, C.
Mr. Morden's remarks as to mylDurston, H. C. Wright and T. j good things said oi Mr. Hamersley,
feeling sore are rally too childish Adamson.   This club was formedjHe hoped thai all the ipeechea
to notice, but when he makes such | by the employee! ol  the  Western
remarks he should stick to (acts,    Corporation some five weeks ago,
Our price fu Mr. Blackburn was [and the members meet frequently,
not $11 per thousand as staled by'Tin rooms are open every night
on Second street, west ol Lonadal
Last Friday evening, Mr. A. St.
G. Hamersley was tendered a complimentary banquet, by his friends
and fellow-townsmen. It was
held in the Nortli Vancouver
Hotel, on tha eve of his departure
for the Old Country, where he and
his family will spend their Christmas holidays, returning in about
two months.
Among those present were:
Reeve Arnold B. Kealy, Councillors W. Morden, E. Bell and W.
H. May, Ex-Aid. John McDowell,
Alex. Philip (municipal clerk),
W. Godfrey (manager Bank B. N.
A.j, H, M. Ramsay (secretary
ferry company), D. G. Dick,
Capt. C. H. Cates, H. E. Kayll,
A. M. Beattie, J. Waldon, S.
Gintzburger, Robt. W. Dick, B.
J. Cornish, P. W. Pugb, R
lnnis, T. G. Mitchell, D. C. Irwin,
C. Piers,, W, A. Russell, G. E.
Macdonald, J. Slater, J. W.
Hughes, W. J. Dick, J. J. Woods
and Geo. Hartley.
Keeve Kealy was toast master.
He said they had gathered to do
honor lo llie guest of the evening.
He was going to England for a
time. All wished him an enjoyable visit and a safe return to the
coining grand city ol Nortli Vancouver. A few years ago, Mr.
lauiersley realized that this was
^oing to he a great town, and
helped to lay before the people the
vast possibilities of one of Ihe
most charming places on the Pacific Coast. The position he held
in Vancouver helped him to be
useful in that respect. The
speaker closed by saying that
North Vancouver was a land of
sunshine, aud jokingly added that
Vancouver was a land ol fog.
Mr. Godfrey was pleased to join
in the farewell supper, and echoed
the remarks of the chairman. It
was owing to the fact what Mr
Hamersley had done that prompted
the directors to open a bank here.
Keeve Kealy then read regrets
for the non-attendance of Aid
Gardiner-Johnson, Bit-Mayor Di
McGuigan, A. B. Diplock, Jas. F.
Garden, M. P. P., J. D. Scott and
Councillor Bell in a few well
chosen remarks thanked Mr,
Hamersley lor what he hail done
tu up-build North Vancouver.
Capt.  Cates said bis long   relationship with   Mr.   Hamersley
had been a happy one.
Jas. Slain Bang "When I.ile   ll
a Journej
Geo 1. Mai donald wai pleased
that North Vancouver, ur Burrard,
lllOWed its appreciation tu Ml
Hamersley loi what he had done.
Ill  had sal al   llie   Hrofton   Point
Athletic Club board with Mr,
Hamersley loi a number ol years,
and ll he tool, the same interest ill
North VanCOUYI r as lie did in club
affairs he certainly would be a
valuable citizen lo any community.
1 Applause. |
1). G. Dick said amen lo all the
Mr Mordcn, but was $10.50 dc
livcred. And 1 think every ratepayer will agree with me that the
sation between us, and if you will! word delmred represents a conoid-
look over Mr. Wright's lender youi erable outlay, when the horrible
will  find  he docs not  say   what state of  the roads   is taken  into
class of lumber he will supply at consideration,
the price quoted.    If   Ins   state-      In addition to this attempt of
west 01 Lonaaaie
avenue, where games ol 1 hi 1 ki ra,
cards, etc., are indulged in.
A checker Inurnment will take
place at the club ruuins on Thursday night, when all the members
are asked to take part in same lor
a prize donated by the committee
would be cut abort, and that
would have an opportunity to s.i)
good bye to our esteemed lellow
townsman before he lelt on Ins
long voyage with Ins family, to his
old home in Weiiy England.
Mr. Ryall sang, "There's Another, a Sister ami a Brother"
Mr. Sargent, J 1) Cornish, A.
M. Beattie, j 0, Pugh, Councilor Morden, Alex. Philip, all made
very interesting speeches, testifying to the high esteem iu which
Mr. Hamersley was held by the
On rising Mr. Hamersley was
given a hearty reception. He
mentioned that one or two things
said, went home to him. They
were said by men who had been
associated with him, and who remembered not a little of the work
he had done lor Vancouver, lie
did not have a voice in the direction of public alfairs then', but
only gave the best advice that he
could. Taken back to the early
days in Vancouver, he remembered
the same energy, the same belief
as shown then, displayed here
now The same spirit and enterprise that made Vancouver would
build Nortli Vancouver. Some
may say that this was too optimistic a view, The future of this
place was brighter than it had
been for Vancouver in 1889. His
dealings In Lonsdale had been
gratifying, for there was not one
solitary person who bought a lot
there ev.r repented for doing so.
Everyone who had invested a dollar there got two or three back for
so doing, This fact was the best
advertising agent North Vancouver
ever had. The social side of life
and sport were infinitely better
than stern officialdom to build
up a community. To build
Nortli Vancouver as she ought
to be money was nothing compared with good fellowship, manliness and the love ol sport. Were
all brought up in a manly way
they could play the game and
play it well. If we can in our
little community infuse manliness
of sport and square dealing wc
would be helping the empire as a
whole. This was one of the
greatest empire ports. North
Vancouver is bound to grow. Its
natural geographical position gave
it prestige, so only sit tight and be
content. In closing his very delightful address he referred in feeling terms to the sense of duty
shown by the every day plodder at
home and said, "Let us be loyal
to our empire and ourselves."
Chorus: " Will He N'ac Come
Back Again?"
Jas. Slater also sang, " Rule
S. Gintzburger and Councillor
May spoke entertainingly as old
timers of 19 years standing.
H. E. Kayll sang, "What Will
Be the Consequence?'' Por an
encore: " Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill,"
After II. M, Ramsay and T. G.
Mitchell had spoken, Mr. Hamersley sang by request, " John Peel,"
Mr. Kayll accompanist,
J. J. Woods said he walked in
here 25 years ago with a pack on
his back.
Capt. Cates told one ol his inimitable stories, ol which he hai
no end.
After Mine Host Larson had
spoken and several mure songs
and happy talks hail been gone
through with the gathering sang,
" Auld Lang Syne" and dispersed.
The young man J. R. Gillis,
having diphtheria,is not from North
Vancouver as reported, but South
The ss, Comosun was mud
banked 011 Sunday on Ihe l.vnn
creek Hats, so that her crew could
ilean her bottom, The Union
Steamship Company still 1 ling to
primitive methodi, ami don'l have
tu depend upon a dry dock.
Yourwll for e top> of the
Christmas Express
1,   r*M    \jftur 1 nti'iii,   nil'j  fr,v.ii ini j    sn*        * 1 i* ■      ■ ■ 11 * * *. ■    * 11      111,-1      jihi* ■■■    auunivii     \w    •■■*■    -™i->--*-i-'|*-i   *»•*■*!'•••■ —  ••-*•••-••»—   —/           ---• ■ ■
Talk to your Friends about getting 15he Christmas Express THE EXPRESS
.     NT'W.sp      ■ ■'  M: lieil bj
I il'   i \TUKSS I1 IINI'IXU '' pan*
n iin > ilu. ir pin \ >ii
.-     i.i. i
il, >i
the: dreamers,
ii.   Making Their  t'Ulnii- Practical
I I.■ -r   l.lii"vi .1 N i-««.
, ,   ill iilllll'll Of ''un
..,ii   ii.ii ',. 're itnuwn:
,'.   ,' ■ i i: ; .i ii ili'i'iiiueil ul
, mil I ,     i     , ■   IICI'IMH  lim
I'rol    ■'    i   - ''I! 'i '.   It'll
il ', • dreamed uf lie- possibilities ol
ross    - I"' He' toll'-
llli.tii Hilt- ■ ii i.i ll il .ll'.'.llm'l
tbi "■ i* i- ii i way for w.mi
en io tin ;!."n lowing; u Itoln'rl Fultotl
li u| nul dreamed iln1  Ihe * lornioul
il up Hi" Hudson, IlllllOllgl) III"
world iluubled nml mie uleil him; il all
who iti." i*lveil Hu' world a
i ii by cmaiii l|inliiiK ii ii Irudgory
tliroilgli llieir dreaming mul lllsi ovcry
uf it thousand iimi'llorallng appliances
nlld Invent inns, ciVillKlllloll WUIllil If ill
its infancy today
'Hi, how much wc utvo lo tho 'It".mi
el'Sl    UUI  llli  III"-' I Ik*  imi'l"  Hi""'
earns i radical    The) lucod tlioin
tu fi alitlos lief 'i" Hi"' were of nny
use i ;■! mi dreaming go uu building
your nir ensiles, lei Ilu* Imagination
have fret* wings lu -."ii into tlie unknown, bill come in. I; ivlth lotuellilng
Make i  ilrpiiins practical
rt.,Lu,- or they will lie worthless, -
in  nn Swetl M irdon In Su ■ ess Muga
Tlie  Si,i   i ii lii>r  (,-tn   I'nrt   Will.
nml iii'iil.ic.. it-. (Irirana
 ii.iis which lull   - a we tu iy i tl," II'" hole-
,, tei  , i   iiii'ii from
■. resemblance In the   i   inbi'i   V* lien
lllllelll'll by .tu otll'IU*, ll
mil ii|i mil light, Inn by n
sudden iiiui"iii"iii ii '"   is its   '""li.
I gestlvo ipptll'illlls mnl  fur
Iy  nil   Its    llie ll   i"     mil   Hell   sill,inl*
ts : iily up lo iiIiiiiihI uuthilig. When.
however, Ihe daugei 11 pasl, the mil
nnil cotnnii'Ui"• i" i'i'|ili  iii (ails'
1 litis vol iiii iiii. ptirttil wlih,
mnl in u -bui't lim" lb" rt 11 i111 il Is us
feet i ■ cut ii was
Dr, ilolinsl kepi i In wild' for
i long ■   ■   itul niii* ilnj it" lu- ■! I"
. I ||1>    1'   '    V  lll'l III"   i'1'i'lllHf"    111
consequi'in I*  i '■! 'i i InV' il " •  mil
I up, but  when lite ll il"l   vv.'t
I, mgo I ill '. if.im. were rcpro-
ilueoil, Although Hi" Hiilnuil l.< not
eaten In Europe, il is n fuvu li * 111
ih" Chinese, mul llie fishing fumix nn
III  |111rI  nf III" unlit.'   ■    •'' III"
ci it   Thou mul  ul mi.. ne nnuuiilly
llshlllg i  -1. it,.-,   n Ihe urn
mills nn- eiilleil    l.'in.li.ii 'I it II   •
liver lllaaallaBetl  l"v->»  H I,,-,, Tlicr
It.-ncli   II, •   riiiliilclr
i        Hi    l,.i     led mini nr
!• |i       i   ...   t
ill     tl      I Its Ul
ii      I   tt'll   -",   III.IV
nml I'n". that in lb" i' -   ' ■  '
it      I Wit
i      ,ii       '       limit!
r «ii        ii '      '    ■
llllfalliil i ' i
U.llllllllllllt   HUllli'l lil
. i   il   ■■:,, I, Is lu l
Hie l'i       '111   III
,    I'ltiild f|   i
lu Hustings, Noli., doubtless
■ *ii
,     .,■ ||   (o   llll.llll   HIU'illI
i iLi.ru
T. F. McGUlGAN & Co.
Real >..•!...!«, Insurance
and Qeneral Commission
lb,.,tl.  Is.ll
Citrner Iln I i     nml   It
Vancouver, B. c.
proinlnouee in Omaha, And uiit on the
prairie mi* sciilli't'cil hamlets In which
many Boi'lilll)' IllllblllollS J'OUIIg girls
ami imii!i"i"i l,ml. toward Hastings as
.i soi ill Mecca li nil reminds one of
llie li'iiiislntl ni of Omitr's lines. "Till
mi (ho si illy lop of heaven's Bliilr clear
,.,..,1 i luoiii'.l und laughed- anil climb-
oil in 1111111".*' .lutm iii'isben Walker la
Won Ilia llct.
A hotel proprietor Ifi Haltlmori tells
an amusing story, In which llie main
llgui'i' i- .in old genlloiiuiu well known
lo lie wtilli rs ia Ihe holds of Ihe Hon-
.    il city for bi- aversion to the
mi" evening Hi" "lil gpntlomnn, having Hit died in- ditii  tvai preparing
lu civ Hi" hotel whi'ii ihe darky who
I,.nl   nerved   li in   bowed   and   laid,
vmi vci'j much, sab"
\\ lt.it   llie delH-l'  are ,VOU  IllilllkillS
i      . ilt inuiided the old fel-
Ion   "l haven l given you anything,
"Dnl's nd it, boss," responded Iho
wiiiiii   ■ i b"i No. in"'"ceiiis dul you
IVillll.lll 1 tip 111".'
Itciiilimnill ,1 ntl lltirllle,
Through   il Ighteeiitti   eontury
Dutch painters, like thoso of oilier
ciiniiifics. lunicil tu Italy fur Inspiration. Iteiuhl'iltidl's ntat'n'ls of light
wore forgotten or condemned by Ig-
ii'irmii erllli», bis portraits that search
linn the souls of Ills iiihjeets, despised
for their "laborious, ignorant diligence."
II" was neglected, while Mui'lllo con-
tinned i" lii'iiiiiiinliiiily admired, Sow,
however, Murill" is esteemed less high
Iy, mnl Iteiiibraiidl has l n restored to
lila place among tho giants, St. Nicholas
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured W. J.
Dixon's Rheumatism.
He was so bad he had to use a Stick
to walk and Could not
Laoe his Shoe.
Bni'wlck, Ont., Nov. G, —(Special),
—rTllOSQ cold, wei fall dayi are full of
Ahoumatism nml nothing can be
more timely 'ban newa of nn effectual
cure uf iltai curio of ilie Canadian
climate. Such ii cure William John
Dixon "f 'his place la certain ho 1ms
illsciivi-roil In Dodd's Kidney Pills,
"1 bail nn iii'acii of typhoid fever,"
snys Ml   lilxcui. "and after I gol uvcr
ii RheumatbJin sal In, l had pains In
my back and In my rlghl hip so had
1 bad in use n slick i" walk and hail
nn  nforl  In sleeping,   1 could no
more than dross or undress myself
for nearly two months, and for throe
woeks I eniild inn lace my i Ighl shoo
or inn my rlghi leg nn my lofl knee
"Acting nn my brother's udvlce l
began io use Dodd's Kidney Pllls.and
afiar lulling three boxes I was able in
walk around and do my work, Now
I am well and I recommend anyone
who bus Itheumiillsin to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
New York, Oct, 26,—Apparently
suffering from hydrophobia—aha was
blLicn by a dog thirteen years ago—
Amanda Jones aged 27, was taken
from her homo to a hospital, and she
will probably be sent to Belleviio
for further observation ns one of the
musl extraordinary eases in tbo experience of the phyBlclnns,
According to her family, the pa-
ilonl when 11 years old, was bitten
on both hands by a dog, but tbo
wounds were cauterized and no ill-
effects appeared until lust Juno, whan
she suddenly developed nil Iho usual
symptoms of hydrophobia, nnd became su liiilcin Ihal iln1 combined
slrongili nf four men would hardly
siillici' iii keep her In reatmlnt,
sic ri covered from ihls ullnclt nml
was in good benllli mull n iveolt nun
' when   iho   spell recurred,   Removed
in n  liosplinl she iipptti'cnlly recovered,   Inn    Stiiiiliiy   niglii   ihe   same
sytiipl s appeared,   Foaming nl llio
mouth and barking Hive n dog, iho
young woman rushed aboui the npni'l
moms, wrecking furniture and al
loniptlng in Injure unyono who up
|ir lied bet'. She was only controlled by the use of opiates.
if physlclnns aro pnailod by llio
case Tbey nro Incllnod lo bollovo
Hun iii" iiisi'.isc s ii kind nf epileptic
ii.*''' iIn, Itself ni rare occurrnco,
Suflered   for   Ten   Years,   Cured   By
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Tallin* Hair,
flair nearly always begins In full
in "tt" of two places nt the templet
nml where ii is parted If a noil parting in- given, Iln* eld one will bo afforded a "ban"" of recovering Itself,
provided, of course, thai proper measure.*, be employed, 'llie chief reason
for hnlr falling oul where II Is parted
a ns in li" Ihe strain Ihal Is I I'oilgbl
to boar by i h mnl brush,
I* i.lil   IVurr,,
No large, geuorous soul was ever a
won      Calmness, serenity, i    r* nml
;."v o ni""' through life rhythmical
iy, without Im or ft*l. nf "biii'i"l"i'is
III   of  greatness ami true m
S'    i   ■ .M.i;.i/.iiii).
Some incii vvnii, iti-i enough to keep
Every "it" wants always lo be able
to work, but mil always lo have to
if vmi don't Ilk*! ",'fi.iiii persons, how
i.m hate i" hear llielf i i.-.i ratllel
lien   ■ in gu Ihal you are talking
tm. iiiui b  when your listener trlas to
pilll inl.ii  llniii yiil.
After a man passes Dftj II Is Impos
-iiii" for ban I" gel up any ellllltislnsin
iiUoiil anything hut his troubles
liver notice how tho big llles avoid
i': papei .• li t- tic same with llio real-
■ ii   Tli".* ar I'b'tii Cllllghl
foil can follow d
■ culling mil a shirt, bul there
re im il ■" i "'i- ihal ..in be followed
Kiieei'ssfullj in managing a ninn. Some
lew b" i- nol bi." a ei! r a shirt.
Ili'lnnm  III	
Pur,vi of whom
ninny ninth* ng slur * - an tnlil, n i   ■
' II d   water, Mass. ami II
was while I ■ ug there Hint thu
""iii'fi'il which is rohllod be-
low. It lllusl       I    linlilliiiil coolness
11 mie nlghl b} Ins
' •■ .,
wore Inn Ihe house. Tl
pul "i. lib iln     ig gown i ml went
11. bill lie found
to open a
irll back j ifl
'lb- im, i     uekt i Hi" door
I |i Ih all I    nilghl
II d "i i upon iii. : v. j   ymi Id ni!"
pp. 1'0'IUlOlll '      ' ||
Hi. I".I   Mini
"I ilnn't I ' '      m till
■  I"
uf tin- i  i' l-'entliered l»l,ai,it-
aula "I Xl'H Zetland.
Alining iln- I'l'iiiln 1'i'tl Inhabitants ot
Now Zealand Ihere is a bird called the
parson bird, or mi. li is about tbe
size and shape nf il blackbird, but has
a pair of dellcnto while tufls at Its
throat and is a glossy dark green otherwise, which looks black In Ihe sunlight. It can he luiiglu to crow, to
Bpeak, in whistle tunes, and besides
iliesc tricks it has a repertory which
Is not often equaled by any other
feathered songster, ,\i vespers it has a
nule like llie lull of n bell oi tho clear
li.ab mile uf uu organ, ll can iiimic
every bird in the bush to perfectldn; il
Will break off in tho middle of an ox-
tpilslte melody and Indulge iu a strange
tiimlley uf sounds which nre Impossible
to describe, bill If ymi can illumine "llio
combination of a cough, a laugh, a
siic"/.c. with lite Bllllishlllg nf a pulie nf
glass," it will be some approach lo the
The tin nests twiii' nr thrice a year
and has large families, Like the other
birds of New Zealand, it seems to he
unconscious of danger from man, II Is
a pity thai llie birds of litis island are
becoming -ii scarce, for they speak to
us of ii iiii!" when naiiirc was harmless, when tho makes, tigers and fal-
eouadld nul exist.
Tlie lie, anil lli-r I'.KKe.
Tbe eggs nf a scavenger hen are not
tli in in* eaten, My attention was called In ibis a null,ber of years ago, A
lady said she could uol cat o
she wanted sunflower eggs, I told Iut
we had tb" best eggs in the country,
I'lii the saitl that nn old German at
homo fed bis , |,i.-i,,, s ou sunflower
seeds and thai the eggs were remarkably sivcci. Sniiie nf Ihe eggs were sent
for, and ibis wns fuund lo be Inn*.
Eggs "'"'laiuli tl*i inn tnl," of tbe naiore
ui the food which lias been catvn.—
I'Vuihorod Life. I. Ion,
*.\ ii in tin- ii,,%,,„r.
William the Conqueror ou lauding In
England Is reported lo Imvo made a
fill " sti j' ns his i lunched thu sand
nml lu have fallen nil Ids face.  A murmur arose, mnl vmi's "I'ieil, "Heaven
a bad     nl" bul u  	
r: ng, -.iiii without confusion or lies!*
Inl    "Whal is ih,. matter*1   What
i"" you wondi '■. g nt]   l Im  ted
ib:- ground villi my bands, nnd, by
i    i   [htm    "i tin I, so fur us it ex
t. ,1 Iy ■•'- -  .  .
Moxarl *■ and slight    lbs
f.ii" wns very ih ;   anil pale, and his
i o", always | it ut, became much
more so from ll   uxtrenu euiui lutluti
of ins later yei
Xeiiiiilglii Is llie king of lurliiivrs,
A tingling of III" lender skin, a slurp
sudden stab from some angry nervo;
i li.-ii plorclng paroxysms of pain—
ibai's neuralgln. The cause of the
iioublo is disiii'iii'i'i'd nerves due to
iliin wnlory .bipod. The euro is Dr.
Williams' I'jiil; I'llls, which make
new, rich iM blood; and thus sooth
ami sliengthOn tho disordered norvcB
and cure 'iiciii'nlgia. Among Ihe
llionsnnila who have proven thnl Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills euro neuralgln is
Mrs. It, i'. Johnson, of Simpson's Con
net. N, S. Mrs. Johnson says: "For
upwards of ten years I was a sufferer
i from ilu- awful pains of neuralgia,
Over-exertion or tho loasl exposure lo
i cold v nvi would sol inn nearly wild
wlih torture. I doctored with two
physicians, bul Ihey did nol euro mo.
I then nii'l  several  ndvoi'Usd  mod-
iellles,    lal 11    tolllltl    111)    lielli'lil.    The
trouble continued at Intervals Ihal
niad" life miserable, until six ov eiglii
monihs aao-wiii'ti :r relntlon ol mluo
hvoiighl mo n box of Dr, Williams'
I'inli Pills ami urged mo iii ny them
I used ibis box ami Ihen gol n half
iin/i a more, nnd by Iho llmo I had
used litem all 'race of Iho trouble had
disappeared, and us I have nol since
had ihe slightest atlnck I feel safe
in saying ihal Iho cure is porman-
em." Mis. Johnson la ono uf the
hesl known Indies Iii Iho section In
which she resides, nnd is a promlncnl
worker In Ihe Congregational church,
Naturally her family and friends arc
ejolclns "'■' her euro, ami Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have made many
warm friends In ihai Bectlon us a re
salt of thi i- good work.
It is  because  Dr.   Williams' Pink
Pills   make    new.    wnrm,    blood
the; have such gronl power to euro
Thoy nslilvi'ly cure rheum-
.I'isiu, s*'ia'i"a. noiiralgln,  St.  Vilus
daiieo, partial iiaralyals,  kidney  and
liver iintilil.'s. anaemia, nnd Iho ail-
■ nni ivhleh women alone suf-
for,   Tho purchaser musl be careful
'   i ihe full iiniii". "Hr. Willi t   ' Pink Pills for Pnlo P do," is
printed mi llio wriippei around each
'■iv    Sold by all medicine dealers or
nni by t et ul ia box, nr six
hnxi    im   ti JO, bv  whins lb" I'*
Wllllallll-'   IP liilii't   I'...    Ill'ockvlllo,
Sin,clt  llccr r„n-alH.
Tliora arc over IUO dot i forosti In
Beotlnnd, having an una of nearly
2,000,0(10 icroi,
Dear Mother
Your little un" nf a <miHint cut m
Fill nnd Wintet wmiI.t. I'hcv will
tilth coll Do you know ibout hfiiloh'i
Connimption Cure, tlif Lum "ooki »nd
what it nil <1W (m to m,my )   It n uid
10 be the only telllblfl r«n«ly for ill
tlueatei ol the nr i ■ ">.-• 10 rhildrei.
tt 11 nliolulrly lurmlr-ii tml [ituunt to
uk*-. It 11 piarsntted to ruie 01 ywi! money
11 leturned. The price 11 2V. per Uttlt,
iti'l nil 'lulen in medicine kII ]i«
Th), ttmt?'!,' ihoulj \se. in tvety jwgtlhejgi
Wl.nl Ha-  f\r round al sun,.*
Tin iportlni atiin.in.in of
m   , mien 1  b ghland home, are ilius
■    ...I up: 'lb" Mtcnl uf Huh ihooi
Inn is ai 1 80,000 acraa, ot which
nli,ut   10,000   IcrM   are   iiiniir,   tl.OUO
bio and 4,001 rol W'")'l.  Sa
I, ,  irod io BOO i'i'"" rtouic, "2 stnss,
bui ki, i- r loer, i" - '!''■
i.i." i;   b •   parlrldgoa,   phen am-,
mipe, woodcock, Imrei, rnbb I and
wilil fowl may ho expected, Then is
fa r sal ii ami lea Iroilt llshbis In
aholil llfteen miles of the Uvellx ami
'.•,,,1,1 trotil Dslilng hi l-"'hs Mlgilalo,
l a.".:.in. i nrs nml Bulillic, W.'sii'iln-
I'nlnhnl In Ihe nnnilii t
'   :
nf India.
Their Complete Home Cure
Post Free to Renders of this paper.
For Limited Period Only
\ handsome llluslrntod I realise,
slving full description of Rhoiima-
* I - in ami r.ii'.ilvsls. wiih Instnicllnns
for n pnmplelo home cure, dcscrlhlna
tli" mosl sin I'"--fnl iii'iiiiiii'iii in tho
world, recommended hy the mlnlslry
 i endorsed by medical men.  This
bi-lilv   in ii'li'tiv    I I,   wns   wiilieii
bv \V. II V. im. n 'aml. man who has
made a special sunk nf thOBO 'li ions
ns Tb*' profnee Is by a sradualo of
Iho I'nlvoi i" "i Uiiii/iiiiia Bond
i", inl *■ ,.|i,v ami ynu will receive tho
hmdi free by  return    tddn      11
V  In ne  Co., 'Ji  King si   West.
'I ni"
The || -in. .' ni   Bitroponn  crowns
i    tbe  Sin'" i  ""ii nl   Hi".il   lll'llltill.
which win mm!'  im Qui i n Vie .1
Mil -ii Ii weighs i.niy two pounds
and bovoii ii'inci", its value is tilun.-
    11 nnrmons   snpphlro  enme
I'limi   lb"   llgllOl   "I   I'Mwat'il   III"  ('"ll-
fi     1    in :h" Pope'i tronauro houso,
■ ii  mi. 1 niiiiib which aro valued nt
C I     OllO Of llii'ltl was ill" nil'l
nf N'npiiieon in Plus vii, ami contains
ill" In-, .t .-nn 1.1 lil in iho world. The
other, ib" glfl oi Queon Isabella, of
Spain, 10 Plus Id. weighs llll,'" lbs.,
allil Is worth Cl	
Rainier Beer
ii                   'ii
hu                       hi-: 1-
1   Pacific
Bottling   Wor
Vancouver- B. C.
 ri-n-riMirr —— ■■■
linn mnl Hi.- I ol* er.r.
Sir William llaiiisay, Iho gwl I'm-
lUh seleiitlst, mi hi: "All our progrcil
sue u the III i' Sir Isiuii Nowloti has
m,1 fnlsllled Ihe saying of Ihal great
man Hint wo nro inn children, pit l;-
Im; up here and ilien* 11 i oblile from '
the shore of kniitvloilKo, while a wli 1I0
unknown  mi alreichos 111  "ur
\,iii, nit .in im more certain
than ihai wc are lust iK'glnnliig 10
learn Ihlim nf Ihe tvniiilt 1* uf iho
v 11  1   11  ,1   |i " .I   0 11 id 1 .    " und
)%        . being'
Tiled  11 .   'I nl..
IP,I ha old Itoxloj fur
"Yes ll lb!
Old I	
"Ilcl II I
"I'.i, bill he Was 11," Hulls," i
Thus.  Woodcock of  11 it 111 111 Oil, who
w.i  ■ orod by 11 Btng, tiled from his lu-
^i PILLS /
Oeylon Tea has a deliciousness all its own.
Sold only in lead paokata at 40, 50 & 60c per Ib. by all grooera-
Hlghest Award, St. Louis, 1904.
Who Gets the Most
Out of Life?
Not the wealthiest, not the most learned, nor the idler—bul the
man who has good health and works for ins living. This truth is
trite, but not trivial.
Every man should RU.-ird his health as his must valuable possession.   The more so because health is easier to retain than regain.
Keep your grip on health by regular exercise, reasonable care
in eating and requisite sleep. Take Ueechain's Pills occasionally,
to tone the stomach and keep the liver and bowels'in good working
order.  And don't worry.
Observe these simple rules and you will agree that the one who
gets the most from life is
The Man Who Uses
Prapareil only by Ihe Proprietor, Tlioma- l|--chim, St. Helms, Lanca-hlre, Inn.
5iilil everywhere In Canada and.ll. S. America.   In fur, a- cents.
An eleven-year-old boy .niuned Har-
rlsOlihus never missed nn attendance
nl Waverbrldge School, nea,i' \\'lgton,
Cumberland,England,for Baven yours.,
Living a mile from tho scliool, the
siniiiy lad has daily tramped there
und buck, in nil Boris of weather, over
bIiico be was four years old, mid has
by Ibis means unversed 'in.t''noun-
Her Heart like a   Polluted , Spring.—
Mra. James Srltlw. Pelie islui'i.  Ohf„
alj'Sl "I was fnl Ave voiir* iifnieled Willi
wltb dyspepsia, constlpaliop, heart disease mnl nervous prostration. 1 enred
tbt- ii.ini ifoniiif, with Dr. Aanew's euro
for ll,.- Heart, ami Ihe nther ailments
vanished like mist. Had relief lu ■half
an hour after the Hisi dose.'VS,
In  the Course  nf Time  slrltta ninf
Ills,- In   lli.lwinter,        '      '
Dog ilnys begin, necoi-dlng (0 the tra-
liiinus ui boyhood iu certain pans *<t
the L'nlted Stales, when the grhou
-' inn, aljjiio, begins 1.0 nfipcar uu the
Blirfitco "i iln- l.ilvcs and i-iVci's, 'I'ben
ii is supposed to be unsafe to go In
swlmnilug. Ami ii is then Hint, according tn ihe tradition of.many ndtills
.is well as of boys, dogs most frc'iucpt-
Iy a" mill.   All innitiiis and riiccji uf
rJllintl ai api'iu'ciiily hare had a period during ih" summer known as dog
dais when ninny maladies were supposed I" I minim,  l-ht Iho madness
nt dugs, Hydrophobia, wits never associated vi ib don days by iho 1 loins,
|i"a days afi' a rulher ludcllnltc period, iicconllng lo Ihls 1:1 u scum rule,
but there Is u disagreement of authorities ns iii ii lieu dog days really do begin ami end. According to the diction-
ii'.v, "dun days nre part of. the year
aboui the lime of Iho heliacal rising of
Hie dog slur, Sii'ins" thnl Is, when the
dog sini' rises in I'liiijiuii'iiiui ivilfi Iho
sun or ;t^ nearly In conjunction as may
be observed. Vnrious tlntea from duly
.1 lo Aug, 1"> have been assigned for
ihe beginning of dog dnys, and ihey
are given various duration! of from
ibifiv lo fifty days,
It seems to have been from the heliacal riling of Sii'ins Unit tho ancients
must commonly reckoned the dug days,
Thus ni ihe present time dug days
would begin duly ,'t ami will end Aug.
II. Sii'ins Is ihe brightest slur lu Iho
heavens, ami It was easy to associate
the mutual heal of the brlgbtaal itar
iind nf Ihe sun With Ihe hottest and
mosl unkindly period of tbo year. Hip-
p."Tiii.K (4bo it. r.i declared Hie dug
.litis in in- the mosl unhealthy part of
iho summer.
Dog days are continually dropping
further back In 11 nlcndar.. Nmv
Ihey nn' twelve tin** behind the schedule In which Ihey belli III the pcrloil of
ihe phnrnohs, In llmo Slrltfs tnaj rlso
in iim deiiii of winter. The Bgyptlnna
maintained that ihe first Indication of
llie rise of Ihe Mb' luiil; place on tho
morning of llio longest day, when, ns
Ihey said, lite sun and Sotllll iSiilusi
rose together. Tbey attributed the rise
of the river entirely 10 tho great heat
gcncrnletl by litis star in conjunction
with Ihe sun.
Slrlus I- situated in the mouth of the
constellation Cnnli Major (the "great
tlog"|, Tbe Latin name of. dug days
was "dies eaniciibifis," ami from this
climes tho term "canicular yenr,"
which was known aiming the Egyptians nnd Kihitipiniis. ll was computed
from one heliacal rlsljig nf Slrliii io
Iho ni'M und cnnslsletl ordinarily of
ilil.'t days, every fourth your having I'.tHl
.1:1 vs.
'ihe RtpUnntlon,
"iiii. mi, she isti 1 going to accept
"What are your friends saying
about you? That your gray
ibair makes you look oldr
And yet, you are not forty I
Postpone this looking  old.
Hair Vigor
Use Ayer's Hair Vigor and
restore to your gray hair all
the deep, dark, rich color of
early life.  Then be satisfied.
*..i'. 11.ir vi,.t re,to-ed Ilia nalaral
cnlor to nt, ,!».  hair, and 1 »m ii.m,
Sieaied. nli ail rnolalm rer.lt.1*
I n, I. J. Vanubcxe, Haohanla-llla, tl, 1
(l oo i bottle, -.o.aTiaoo..
Dark Hair
Stanfield's Unshrinkable Underwear is planned ami knitted
especially for Northwest winters.
It defies the worst blftcard that
comes down from tlie Klontlyke
—keeps ynu snug and warm, no
matter how low the thermometer
is soft, silky Nova Scotia wool
—with the shrink taken out,
It il knitted in all , im lo
comfortably fit every figure—
and holds iti shape, uo matter
how often washed.
Every garment is guaranteed
absolutely unahrinkable,
Tlicii,   why   does   she   t mirage
"Why, lieiaiist' Ihere Isn't any om
else Iii emnlll'llge,"
When a iiniii s""lvt* your ndvlco he
i.illy wuuls your praise. -Cheater*
nuiU,   ».
A Helle nf 1SIII.
In tearing down llie old COIirtllOIIBU
nt l,ako*Vllhige, Ark., to make room
[ -fin' a new Btl'Ueltlt'o a relic of BOIHC Interest was discovered. In mi old bulbil
bos an election ticket used Nov. 0,
ism, was found, The ticket rends,
"l-'or I'l'i'si'lcui. .IciTci'snii Davis ofMll-
slsslppl; for vice prosldciitl Alexander
| ii stoiiheni of <i 'glu; (or olccton,
ivhvnnl Cross of Ilempitead, David
i Walker of Washington, John It. Hump-,
t r Bradley, W. C, Hovlni of hide-
piiiilctice, \V. \V. Maiisllelil uf l'Tanlt-
Hit: fur congress, Third district, A. II.
■ in land of Pulaski," Jmlgo Maiisllelil
of Kriiiiklln is said lo be the only survivor of tlioso uaiiied with him ou this
\jcL»K       *> ....       ^ THE EXPRESS
^-r Trrmm*..
"An, how 1 love to hoar your daughter slug!" said Archie as he waited In
the parlor. "She's practicing her exercises now; Isn't she'! What a beautiful
"Xo," replied the mamma scornfully,
".she has hud the sure tbroal for three
days.   She's taking a gargle."
, I'nl ln„,',1.
A servant girl bad been sent on an
errand, On returning she said io her
mistress, "Oh, nia'ain, thorn's been a
young man follnwiug me." Mlstl'tiss -
Oh, Indeed! Rerrniil Mrl Yes, mn'nin,
I kiiuw he was a following me, because he kept looking iirniiinl In sou If
1 was coming.
Painful, Fatal
Kidney DI
Calls for Immediate and Active Treatment
Kidney disease—marked by buck- Captain Wm, Smith, a veteran ot
ache, pains In the lhiiba, scanty, dark the Crimean War, living at Revel-
colored urine, pufflness about the „ „, cail tosU,y
eves, t rnpsical swelling and gradual ' /.,,«-„>.
loss of (lash-Is always to he dreaded to the benefit dorlvod from Dr.( liases
both on account of tho Buffering It Kidney-Liver Pills. For years I was
emails and because of iis fatality.    |„ sufferer from  kidnoy disease, and
The kidneys and liver share aliko cotl](- g6t n0 relief for It. Tho doctor
the I'l'spiinsibiliiy of filtering poisons, examined me and analyzed ir. urine
from iho blood, and ii is therefore ami told me that I hud chronic ills
necessary to regulate both these nr- oaae „■ the kidneys.   As his inodioina
Curiosity sail-fled.
A woman cycled up to a butcher's
shop nnd went in wilh a smiling face.
"I want you to cut me off twenty-flve
pounds ot beef, please," she said. The
butcher was Incredulous, "Twenty-live
pounds?"  "Yes, please." It was a big
job, and when he bad finished he asked
her whether she would take It or have
It sent linnie. "Oh, 1 don't want to buy
j it," she explained.  "YOU sec, my due-
j tor tells me I  have lost Iwcnly-llvo
I pounds of flesh through cycling, and 1
wanted to see what it looked like In a
i lump. Thank yuu so much."
Tu,-I   ttiNiver.
"A woman's bonnel would nol enst
much If ii ivasn'i i'ir tlie trimming,"
snld Ilia miserly biislmnd.
"Neither would a man's whiskers,"
answered his wife.
Blucot'lty is die face
dissimulation is th" inn
llll'  soul,
Minard's  Liniment   Cures  Distemper.
Six million pounds of adulterated
and harmful foods were destroyed by
Ilu* Health Dopnrtmenl of New York
In Ihe lasi lwelv months.
gans In order to effect a cure of kidney disease,
This (act accounts for Ihe extraordinary success of Dr. Chaae'a Kid-
ney-l.ivei- Pills, which is Iho only
treatment obtainable having a direct
ami combined aollon on tho liver and '
For years evidence bus been piling
up which goes to prove thai Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills have positively cured obstinate and complicated cases of kidney disease which
dolled physicians and ordinary kidney medicines.
Nor Is ibis to he wondered al when
It is remembered that Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills aro Iho result ot
llie long ami varied experience of the
grew American physician nnd author
-Dr. A. W. Chase.
and I old mo that 1 hud chronic dis-
Chase's Kiiliiey-I.lver I'llls and was
benefitted so much thai I kept on taking iliiun iinlll I can say lhat 1 am
perfectly cured. 1 lold the doelor
I was cured, bill he would not believe
me until he examined my urine again.
Aflor doing so he staled that 1 hud no
trace of kidney disease left. 1 have
recommended Dr, Chase's medicines
to many people."
Kidney disease is not. to be neglec-
led. It Is far too serious to ho allowed lo develop. You can profit by
the experience of thousands of your
fellow-citizens and obtain prompt relief, us well as thorough and lasting
cure, hy the use of Dr, Chase's Kidney Liver I'llls. One pill a dose, 25
cents a box, at all dealers, or Edman-
son, limes & Co., Toronto.
Aii old Scotch lady who had no relish
fur modern church music was expressing her dislike of lite singing of an mi
them In her own church one day, when
il neighbor said: "Why, Hull Is a very
old anthem! David sang that anthem
to Saul." To ibis Ihe old lady replied:
"Wool, wcel! 1 noo (or tbo lirst time l
understan' why Saul threw his javelin ; it
at David when llie lad snug for him.1
Cholera und all summer complaints
are so quick in their action thnl the
cohl hand of death ia upon the Victims before Ihey nro aware thai danger is near. If attacked do not delay
iu gelling the propel' medicine. Try
a dose of Dr. .1. D. Killing's Dysentery
Cordial, and you will get. Immediate
relief. It nets with wonderful rapidity and never falls lo affect u cure.
II ought lo lie a pleasure lo look
forward to baby' awakening, He
should awaken bright, smiling and
full of fun, refreshed by sleep and
ready for a good lime, How many
parents dread their child's voice, because they know when ho awakes he
will cry and fret and keep everyone
on the move until    he    falls   asleep
again from sheer exhaustion,   These i
crying fits make the lite of the Inexperienced mother a torment, And yel i
baby is nol crying for the fun of the |
thing   there   is   so thing   wrong
ihoiigh the mother may nol see anything alls ihe child Try Baby's
Own Tablets in cases of Ihls kliul,'
ami wo venture lo say baby will
wake up happy und smiling—nil altogether different child, Here is proof
from Mrs. John S. Sutherland, miss
Held, N.s, who sais: ".\iy baby was
terribly cross, ami often kept me
awoke half the nlghi before 1 gol
llaby's Own Tablets for Iter, Since
legan   giving her the Tablels, she
is perfectly well, sleeps soundly  nil
night,    1  wnkes   up   bright   and
fresh   in   ihe   miii'iiing."Dnhy's   Own;
Tabli'ls are a safe medicine for children of nil agos,   They cannni  do
anything   bul   good.   You   can   gel
them from the druggist, or by mall
at   25  cents a   box   by writing   The
Dr. Wllllama' Medicine Co,  Brook-
vlllo, Out
Itch. Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch on human or animals, cured
in 30 ir|inutes by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
Audacity stands In Hie place of ancestors l« those who are not well born.
-Lucas (Move.
A luhg, slow friendship Is the best;
a lung, alow epmlty the deadliest.—
Seton Mi'i-i'lman.
Amting the quieter satisfactions of
life must be ranked In B high place the
peace of a man Who has made up his
mind   Anthony Hope,
Many men have ability, few have
gi'iilus, but fewer still bavo character.
Character Is the rarest thing In England. -John olivet' llobhes.
WhoBteajl licajIs slcals stalls, where-
fiire it behooves woman lb look that
the luck lie strong anil Iho key bung
high,—I''. Marlon Crawford.
Any fool ekn get a notion, it needs
training .lo drive a   thing  through-
trnlnlug ami conviction; nut rushing
after Iho lirst  fancy.
liiiimi'lniil   Ollli'lnl".
Whether the ohToors mentioned by
Mr, Whintoii in his "History of An-
iriui" (New Hampshire) regarded llieir
position Bcriously nnd lived up io their
iiii.nil dignity is nut told. It Is certain
that the small buys would have hailed
llie   opportunity    Of   exercising   such
functions with glee mnl would have
discharged their duties with vigor and
In 1703 the lown of Antrim officially
appointed three responsible persons to
llll Ihe position of dog pollers,  ll was
' their duly to sil near the meeting house
door and lo pell, drive away or cane
I any dugs thnt dared io enter the sacred cilllicc    Iu  the official records
of Ihe town are found voles of subsequent years, continuing tho vocntlou
, uf Ihe dog pollers.
I   one might question which would
■ make the  most  disturbance In  ihe
j church, the chance dog ur tho pellets
lu ihe exercise of their official duties.
Swedish .school children,
guidance ol ihelr teachei
plant about 00,00(1 trees.
under the
s, initially
Fiifonrnf-lns: Iln.
Stationer—What do you do wilh all
the lead pencils you buy, Mr. Smith?
You average about three a (lay. Mr,
Bmlth-Ob, that's all right. My wife is
taking   whittling   lessons.
Canada bus forests which, al the
present rate ut consumption of Umber for paper, wli supply llie world
with paper pulp tor SIO yours.
If the world were blrdlBBB, n naturalist declares, man could nol Inhabit It after nine years, In spile nf all
the sprays and poisons Hint could be
manufactured for ihe destruction of
Insects.   The Inseels and slugs would
simply eat all the crops aad orchard!
and crops In thai lime.
Few enterprises of great labor or
hazard would be undertaken If we bad
not the power of magnifying the advantages we expect from them.-John-
A Cine for Cosilveness. —Costive-
itess coines from the refusal of tho
excretory organs io perform their duties regularly from contributing causes, usually disordered digestion. I'm-
melee's Vegetable Pills, prepared on
Bclenltflc prlncple, are so compounded Hint certain Ingredients In them
pass through the siomaeh and net upon the bowels so as to remove their
torpor and arouse them to proper action. .Many thousands nro prepared
in bear testimony to their power In
ibis respect,
Dear Blrs,—Within tha past year
I know of three fatty tumors on tha
head having been removed by the application of MINARD'S LINIMENT
without any surgical   operation   and
(here is no Indication ot a return,
CAPT. w. a. I'll r
Clifton, X. li, Qondola Kerry.
Statp n( niiln. nty ot Toledo,
i,u.as County, , af-    .
Prank .1. Cheney nukes oath that ha i
Is senior  partner  nf  tha  ilrm of F. J. i
Cheney ,1 Co., *l"inc business In the City
nf Toledo, County and suite aforesaid,
nn,l that sulil llrm will pay th.- sum "f I
ONE) HUNDRED   DOLLARS   for   each
and every case of Catarrh that rminc-t
in.  'tiled  by   llie use nf Hall's t'atiinh
Sworn lo before nn- and subscribed In
my presence, this Cth dnv of December, ,
A 1) me,
iSml.i A. W. at.EASON,
Nolan' Public. I
Hulls Catarrh Curs Is taken Internally I
■ ' muo-
v —~-^«^^ vlj iittiii. v iiinrrii .. tire in iinn-n itii<>iniiii>
>}—^~"""*-   V nml arts directly on llie blend ami mile-
_L^J~     —p< "ti"   lllrfaeel   of the symwii.   Bend loi
/*!T-—-—U. testimonial! free.
-v*'l^>—_ N F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, 0.
 There is only one cure for
It. "PsvcwNS" Is tho greatest
remedy in the world for all forms of
pulmonary trouble. Scores of people in Canada attest this fact.
" Psvciune" slands without a rival
as a permanent and absolute euro
for Consumption and lung diseases.
It reaches the sore spots, heals the
decayed tissue, destroys the tabor-
cle germs, creats rich blood, I ones
up the whole system, and cleanses
from all impurities.
Sunday   In   Heligoland   begins nni
Saturday al fl p.m., when the church !
bell is tolled, nnd continued (ill tho
same hour on Sunday.   Formerly no ■
vessel could leave port between these
A statistician assorts thai one per.
sn mint nf twenty was a pauper fifty
years ago, ami ono in every 7"" a
criminal, Now onlv > i.e lu thirty six
depends nn tho Btato and one In ill""
Is coniiiiliied for trial
A Veteran's Story,—George Lewis, of
Sliiiniiikln. 1'a.. writes: "1 mil clitliiy
yens of age. 1 have been troubled With
Catarrh for fifty veins, and hi my llmo
have nsfd a ureal many catarrh euros,
bul never hmi any relief until I used lu
Asncw'a Catarrhal Powder, One box
ein ed me completely,"  Dii coins.—H
Official figures show Ihal there are
17,000,1 children in Russia between
the ages of bIx and sixteen who are
not guding any education,
Helpless as a Daby. S,„nl, American
Rheumatic Cure strlftes Ihe root ol Ihl
ailment and strikes It <iut.-k. ll W,
Wright, in Daniel street, Brockvllli,
i**tu , for twelve years n ireal lUfferer
from iii. tun.iii-in couldn't wash him-
aelf. fe.il himself oi dress hlmsell After using six bottles was able lo im lo
work, anil says; "I think pain llll It'll
me itutvci'."—26
Sold by nil Iiitc'isis. Tie
T.iku llall'a l-'anilly I'llls for cut-ilpa-
The Escurlnl, Spain's royal palnco,
two colleges, three chapter houses,
contains a cathedra), a monastery,
three libraries, and nearly 3,000
npnrlmonta in iiddlilnn.
lu S'nilire's Storehouse tin
Cures. —Medical oxporlments
shown conclusively ihai there are
medlclnnl virtues In even ordinary
plants growing up around us which
give them n value thai cannot he ea-
ilmaietl. li Is held hy sumo thai nature provides a cure for every disease
which neglect and Ignorance have
visited upon num. However, Ihls
may be. ll Is well known ihal. I'liini-
olec'i Vegetable Pills, distilled from
roots ami herbs arc a sovereign n m-
ady in curing all disorders of Indigestion.
I'sc the safe, pleaaanl and effectual
i worm killer, Mother Craves' Worm
Exterminator; nothing equals It, Pro.
can a bottle and take u home,
nglneer declares thai 50,000
ie now *in tbe work with mnchln-
which n led  10,000 parsons a
yenra ago,
DR. T. A. SLOOUM, Limited
1T> King 81 ft.      Toronto, Canada
Statistics published In Spain suit.
thai during 1904, nearly IS,  hulls
were killed In hull fights, The bulls
I killed aboui 10,000 horses. Tim best
aiiil musl valuable bulls for tbe ur i
are raised on the vast estates of the
Duke uf VoragUa, In Andalusia, who
has made ll fortune mil of ihls bus-
Mound's Liniment Cures Colds, etc,
is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically made.
Every step in its manu-
facture is watched by an
expert chemist.
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and the wear of
rubbing which common*
soaps require in washing
Your money n inn led by
lbs dealer flora whom you buy
'"mil-11 Soap If you And any uum
far complaint.
Lever Brutrnri Llr-llaJ. Toronto
a Vienna society has i n formed
lo aid persons Willi short nii'ininles.
A caul Is issued, upon which the purchaser writes the date ol an oagagO
nn lit inui posls ll It, Ihe society's ol-
liee.   My tho Ural post on the day ol
ills engagement ihe card is received
hi ihe piiiion, who is thus reminded
ot his engagement
The Keeiey Cure
Offers to the self respecting
ihe   caalast   und   simplest
ne i lc"I of snapping Ihe chains
ot '
Tho remedies build up Ihl
whole system and remove all
craving for drink or drugs.
Write us for tho plain facts.
133 Osborne St., Fort Rouge,
Under the Nerve  Laih.    Tlie (mini-,.
ami lormenl of the victim  rv„iia
pro ' nd is dt Idlity no nn,
'■'ti' t'si.ii ■ estimate wh i Ins n„i i.-n
llliil.l  the until.
leas human f.» s   M   vYTIIIam*
VVf ll    Hilt       VV  ,.   fll|    '
wreck   mv iHitllei ...  South   i
Nervine worked a miracle, and Ida duo.
ti rmed n   2|
In 'In
li la
The most curlOIIS V""".alil"
world is the iiiiill". since
neither routs, stoni. flowers, It
nor c Is.   In soiii" places dogs mnl
jplgs are trained lo dig for It, the nni
nniis being guided by ihelr sense ol
A 1 "M  rnainui.
Among the lu*l  customs of marry
England is thai of the milkmaids' pro-
Ceaslott.    It was a  May day "Inert--
in."   The manner of their going was
ss follows: They borrowed a great
qnanllly of silver plate—not slum
plate, real gold plate dishes, butter
boats, cream Jug*, tankards, eie. They
built up the plate round an obelisk,
crowning (he whole With a ten urn.
They arranged thi melt showy dowers
•f tht season between and about Hit
This  obellak  win  carried   hy  two
chairman in gold laced bus and f"i
lowed by a troop nf handsome milk-
maids drc'sotl iu pink nml Id [owns,
"drawn through tin |...- s.,-t holes,"
whatever thai means, wlih I. gh heoled
limes, mob caps, lappets ol i on
their shoulders, noicgayi In Ihelr bosoms and lint "WofHngti a I Is" cot
ercil with ribbons ,\ Adilli
first lu a sky blue coal nnd hai adorned
wlih rlbboni The pro* cailon Hopped
before the dour- ..( tin- ciutoiners und
tho milkmaids danced   London Queen.
better for
you—nothing more
ihin i
meal   of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Mooney'i Bocim- are tn evenly
balanced, wholesome, nourishing
food, equally good for young and
old. Made from Canada i fines*
wheal flour, nch cream ind pure
butter. Baked by the Moont-y
baker in the Mooney way.
Say ' Mooney V lo /our grocer.
<£No t™& to natf
'Minard's   Liniment  Cures Garget
in France, oul of ovory 100 Inhabit
inns. 123 ai" old people of more than
no veins, as agalnal 71 in England
and 7n iii Oormany.       ,
, Boa ,
B   GRAIN Ph30aai
Canadian Co-oporatlve Co. Ltd.
John MoVlcir, Mgr.
Oomttil««l<in Mi'i. Inviit. tti.l dtttlltlt ill
Intnl. i'l IIKUS I ' ...iilinnt. ...Ili-IHii.
W,ltt -.lion- nr elm
lllllna.  3.IU   Muliihii'  Blor.lt,
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Dipthcna
Th* Willful Ka-ngiro*.
Tht :i.' ■■ i ..- i *i..,
flf thli Itorg b« qnltt true)
Could not b* mad« to bat hi him In tit*
Mi snld he n*v«r y»t
Raw waitr qulla fcon-tt—
Tht it';e P-..-L' i' ..I. uindi him ihnkt and
H!i mother mid: "Abiurd!
You'n a ninny, on my wordt
Whflt well bud  Junglt oniturt would
art io?
Tbt llltlt 'Ir-phi-inti
Ai<i it,Ad io hiivo tin channt;
Thtlr I'.i'h la y.*\ a frolic, ai you know,
"Tht llltlt t'lt'i.n v apt
Doil not try to *irnpt
Whin thiQHtttiid with told nattr and tht
Th« hlppopotatnuiu
ben l mtk« iu< h iwful Cumm
Nor tht JiK'i.ir n*ir On Hull Mtlli pi
"Thi Rilld  nh»ill»nt ytrt
Wetltd ' I   ' '       ' •<tr h«fk
Ntr Ion th« r)ii*in t-liio-ronrtr-horaa,
And thf buliy «ro Odlll
Wliv, thi water makM him imllt,
•d  h*  taku   hli  dully  pluntfM  wi  ol
«urm "
i . ... r   Talbot to It. M. ...-iai.
rhat Watch,
Mow  is it?
Perhaps your titnepieoe
has not been giving complete satisfaatioa of lata.
Ni ether utabtiaaV
■aenl in Canada il .a
veil equipped far watck
leedi u it DUnau4
Halt, with IU raoaaidy
enlarf-ed facilltlea—
and tta half century of*
A wooden bos in which
to mail your watch to us
will be sent yuu free ou
There is Only One Eclectrlc on -
Whon uu niilcl", he ii medicine or
anything else, becomes popular, imi
imioiis Invariably spring up lo tli rivi
Indvnnlagcs from Iho original, which
ihoy ihemsolves could never win nn
ihelr own i ns   Imitations of Hr
riii'ti'.i ' ih let trie mi have been anm
    .   lull    Itelel    BUCCOSSflll,        Those
who know ihe genu are nol pul on ib ttonr, aotl eipt< illy U It to tbt era-
'""   'l"""1"1   ""    Ing ami tht refulgent Indian mnon U
  ihlniiig ilonn ui  i.iii. If ih* night
Ilnllnik TrSTtHll  In  India la Balk
i ..mil"... mili 0 forlable,
"Nowhlrt else In the world," ssys
Dr. frauds K. riark In Krerybody's
Mnga-lue, "Is Imi."' k ii.neiiiig niciiin-
fnrlahh* and bo i"iiiiii"ii, |truhahly, is
In some parts of Imllt. The htndy Is
often lilted up In nry comforlabls
Ityla, Still, tlioilgh III! -| tug* might tit
Impravaa, ihe comparaUvil*) slow pin
of the men uinkc, iiiem leM hiibnrlanl
to one's roaifuri
"The patient h'lle while oxen trot
along tl s rate of three or four uillet
with n    ibstUuii
real thing.
'a little
of Beef,
/-Vrmour's is the bcSt, to
hot water —and you
have a cup of beef tea
that tones up the syslera
better than any medicine. All dmggifts and
grocers sell
Extract of Beef.
■moil immD,
*i»iiF Tu.ipa
ll kltvla aU , - ■•!..
, The hair Of rabbits and other mil
mal in rtusiln is converted Into
bowla, dishes and plalea, which ar*'
val I for ihelr strength, durabllli)
ami lightness.  The n
liar   in   ii-i'i'.nam"   in   varnished
luU|lt Boap li batUr ttian ether Kl-*,
bit ll lilt whin mill In tha lenlu-h: way,
Btmliglit loap and follow dinc'ioni.
I34-I3U   YONlllv ST,
IV|". ..a the ' ."-w Meld.
I There wa» a lervant prohlem In thi
H'Veiileeiith century, hut It waa sulvi-d
hi a mi.'Ii and ready fDshlon. I'epys
records on April V2, IdOT, that lie ninn
bome, "saw my door and hatch open,
left so by Ltice, our cook maid, Willi li
so vcied nit that l did give her a kit it
In our entry ami offered I blow at bet."
Two day- afterward (Lord'i day)
Pepya writes Iblli "Took out my wife
mnl Ihe IWO M'l'iTS and two of our
maids, Darker and Juno, nml over lie
water <o the Jamaica noun, i
in i r lias before, llul Ihere the slrln
did run for Wlgcri over the bowling
green, and Iheri with much pleasure
■petit utile, nml sol " I«U « was not
Ibi re, bul ih" other tnattto **eit treated
n- iiieiniii'i" of iim fatally.
w   n  o tv.-neio
liigah'1 are flue l| Md Ull Irak-rant
jasmine la blooming n thi bedgrrt)wa,
you think Ihal India la not tn far re
mined from li'   I -e aflor all.
"Hut, after a nlk-ltt of net In,el.
when imi cons out In the bWld light
of disillusioning di* upon a collection
of lllihy mud cabins m,.| in Ihe naked
rhlhlrcD, hungry ami fan,,-Led. tin
gaunt ipeoten Of men Ut) women
munrhlnit Ihe 111 DOked grain dealt
out to them by R* neroui imnds-ln too
much of a liuri.v ,mi to cook Ike food
which thty crave you revise jnnropinion and iiniii' ui' * our tela* ait In In
In famine lime, It nearer '*ie Isfltai
tbsn tuy other Country In Iln win Id."
■all I p Tor It,
"I>0   ynu   i. | ,    '   r    l„ie,   twenty
yeara ago WI a.il Ml mooul Cht nlsht
I'* ii, i lakel I bad m* bead on your
'  I fur tu hour apuki tut s
' Yea.  and  It  hat  never  happened
I gain since,"
in- Owa W«v.
"Do yon ever lime youi own wsyr
laki-,1 the Ml,        i,. If ri   IIIVI
"To' 1" ■'" .a Mi Mecktoa 'Some
tltn" I hav r own   -v iv.  but  hot
<"' ' m i i ii. ,■." i rerycare*
fully Mfin I ui.ike up ut* uiiiul."
of Red
Cures Coughs
ORAV'9 SVRIT ilotw thai eni tblat,
tad doit II will. Iti no "can-ill," bat
a CURB lor ill Uirual ind lung troobeta
I'.I'M Hop! tht itrllillng tu kle - taku
away lliiiamiria   -- " • ind brail tin
laroal   md i OkM COOOBI i<> tuy
n, red.
HetM Ihl leu eCeclire \*cttw h It
pltaMDt to take.
2'tcn. Itottl*. THE   EXPRESS
D. S. Martin
Designer and Builder of
Yachts and Launches
oi all kinds.
lug, life and Row Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Scows
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Quotations given on application.
Gasoline launches n Specialty.
Norh Vancouver.
M. A. Russell
The tb-to-date Grocer
Complete line of
Groceries, Tobaccos
lit. Ave, t.i-i Lonsdale Ave.,
North Vancouver
Pacific Wood
JullN McKlKSOCK, Prop.
Beit Fir Cordwood, 111 and I-' in, ♦'l.tHi
per load.
Belt Alder and I'ir, mixed, 10 and 12 in.
t'.'T', per load,
Beat Fir Cordwood, 4 fl, |4.7.f) per load.
Beat Alder Cordwocd, 4 ft, 14.00 per load
1365 Westminster Ave.   Phone 1269
Districtof North
Householder* in iln- lllstrlct (not
ipialiii"'! ler enrolment a- Property
owner.) who have been reaidenl in the
Hiitrlcl Im 12 months may Ihj enrolled on
neii Municipal Voten' Mat, il ihey
make the necenary Statutory Jlcclar.
atlon before mo on or before l»i "f l'i"
crinbi'r licit.
"lliH-atiioi.iiiiui" shall extend i" and,
include every peraoii iilet   hold-   and
occupies a dwelling, tenement, holol or
boardlng-lionse, or any pun or portion
of a dwelling, tt'iiiiiii'iil, liolel or boarding liouav within a iniiulcl|itllty, whu
ha- |islil illrw in 1.1 till niiini'ipalily
tan-, or fees "( nol less than two
dollars, during the currant ywr.
District of North
I . . i ilii'li invil". lender- tor llie
following '"irk-
i t t-aring and grading part ol
rlewlcki avenue, and bulliling two
lliorl llrblgi - Iln" ti
'.'.   Clearing   nnd   uuiliii,.'   -ilu   "1
Ha I   III ,1      fl,   -tr.-.-lH,   Well   Imiii
l.tili'dai" SVl'lllle I" Mlboli avs llll    SI il
laying ildewalkt therein
i li iii,.-. iirading aid  planking
|.nrl "I i-i snadt*
-i" IflcalilonIm .hole w*,rkiiidlornii
, i 1.1| • 'he Muulrl|*l
Hall, »I,, r.   .. ind i.-icli'i t-	
,, ..-. || ,i |,. in. on thu Ittb "I
N'ih mil' r nirrciii.
r M r
Mi- Mar)   I mil i ioiii ol Onto-
tin.,..! Mi uu th"
wher* ilioui        lifi
■   ■■    ,-■    .    tat In ml Irom in
Sj'imu. (nine. Idaho I ail  Decern
It-t    I-i: .   ii      leailin
v.Iii.-re.iiii ii. .' nl ' ■■ tliankliill.  re
CIV. '1 it'll I"' II leil
A regular olil Kuak- -A sponge.
The many friends of Dan Olson
will lcaru with regrot of his severe
A large number of men arc now
employed at Frome's camp, in the
additional construction of a flume.
Mr. ami Mrs. Elder arrived
home on Saturday irom their
honeymoon, having visited Seattle
and titlicr cities.
Miss Silvrie La Roue who con-
iraiieil pneumonia, und is now at
St. Paul's Hospital, is gradual!)
W. I). Duke, who was stopping
For youi Fall und Winter Suits gt
to Fongotin's, First-Class Tailors,
ioo Hastings St, I'.., Vancouver.
K. L. Borden, the leader of the
opposition in the House of Commons, seems to have lost all political ambition, since his defeat in
Halifax, in tint lust Dominion
elections, Rumor has it that discord is rampant in the Conservative ranks, and that their lender is
up agnitist a hard proposition in
keeping down a general uprising.
During tlie debate on the Autonomy Hill, Mr. Borden's eloquence
was devoid ol enthusiasm, while
his followers seemed to luck discipline.    'Iln: big guns ol llie Tory
at the Hotel Vancouver, left fori   '     '
the interior gold  tields ol  British  I"1-''' ll;lVl'   buen   caus,n«    lk',r
J, J, Godfrey is expected to return Irom England early next
week. He has been absent from
tin- Coast since last April.
Jan. Kirkpatrick is all smiles
these days. He has been presented with a brand new baby, a
girl. Mother and child are doing
There is a line bowling alley at
the 1 Intel North Vancouver. It is
a good place lor a party of gentlemen anil ladies to spend the even-
The neighbors say that tbey
greatly miss the bray of Pete
Larson's pet every morning, and
over-sleeping themselves. A town
bell is needed.
Master Walter Elder, a son of
Mr. Elder, the real estate agent,
arrived home from Scotland on
Friday, He intends taking up his
residence with his [ather on Fourth
The numerous applications being made every meeting to tin
council to open up roads and build
sidewalks in all parts ol the municipality, prove that this is North
Vancouver's growing time.
leader no end of trouble lately, and
it is surmised that Mr. Borden
will shortly retire from the head of
the party, The Grand Trunk
Pacific Hill was another instance
of the utter failure ol the opposition to debate the points laid
down in the contract, and consequently the bill was passed without the opposition that otherwise
would have been made had there
been n systematic and business-like
argument set forth, Good, old
staunch Conservatives throughout
the Dominion have become alienated lo their part) since the
sessional indemnities were passed
by tlic House last session, without
any material opposition on tin- part
of their representatives, and, taking
it all ill nil, the only relief will lie
in llie formation ol a new Conservative party, with a newly-
outlined policy, and having at the
head men who will have dauntless
courage to contend their policy
with vigor and unanimity. What
is needed is another Sir John.
Josh Hillings once said, "Before
you can have an boniest horse race
von muit have an honest human
race."    There    is lots   nf    horse.
sense   in   that   statement.   The
On Thursday, Pete Larson received six brace of ducks and n
deer, and Capt. Stevens (Moodyville) six brace oi ducks, Irom Mr.
Lions, ol Van Alula, the best
hunting and fishing grounds on present industrial system is not
the Coast. ideal.    It is ilu-aim ol  thousands
of earnest men to make u so. But
after all, the progress that is to lie
made in this direction shall lie determined by ihe greal masses of
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
Fine steamers St, George
North Vancouver avullabh
Surrey und
fur exeur-
sinus ut moderate rates,
SS,"Sl, George"
Commencing .luiuim 1st, 1IH)5.
N. V„ L. fl.
It.111.       H.lll.
nut)  Dally,ex Blind*.*/!, North..
11.211.    .
I'lint'iinvi-r only,
T.ui  Daily,ex Sunday-,Nortli
Vancouver only.
non liitlly, N. Vancouver and.,
1,110...,  8,'iO
9.in .Dally, Nurlli Vancouver
in,in bully, North Vancouver  .
III III     |I0.1.'i
n in Daily, Nurlli Vancouver
i.m.       ii.in.
IJ.la S-lutil'iv,Siiniliiy anil	
12.10,... 15.15
holiday* only, !iorlh Van
couver and I.. Uunliiii*.
1,1'  Daily, N. Viitii'iitiviTuulv
i.m ..
■> i.i  Itiiilv, N, Vancouver ami.
'1.10...,   2IS
I.iiiis.1alc (iarili'im.
:l 15 Daily, N. * luii'uuvitrtiiilv .
11.411 ...
■I.l.'i   Daily, N. Vinn'iitivi'rniilv .
4.111...   4.45
fi l'i  Itiulv. North Vitni'iiiiver .
ii.ij Daily, Nurlli Vancouver.
11.40....  C.45
inui Lou-daleUardontt,
7,16 .Dally,N. liiiiiintivuronly,,
8.15..haily, North Vancouver..,
8.40....   8.40
inui l-nut'liilc Gardens,
9,1.1 Unity, w. Vancouveroniy .
Ill.l'i   Dailv, N. Viiiicniiv-friiiilv .
ll.i.'i Dally, BXceut Sunday-	
Minion!! Sundays    Il0.ll3a.iii.
Note—All the steamers ci
II at l.ons-
dale Hardens on Saturdays,
except U.00,
7.00,11,10nnd II.lun.iii.. 1.
T.l.i. S.l-i, ll.i.'i, 10.15,11.IB f
iu.; uud on
Sunilitys, ull except tbo 0,10
indll.lt) n
m., mul 7.16,8.15,0.15,10.11
p.in. boats.
H, M. HAMS.'-,
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans, Farms, Etc.,
Timber Limits.
Property lur sale all over the City
Suburbs and Nortli Vancouver.
Office: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. G
Tom Smith, commonly known
as the "Powder Man," who has
been in the employ ol the Western Corporation, has severed bis
connection with that company, and
has also sold his place to Mr. II.
Burns. Mr. Smith will leave in a
leu dais loi his old home at
W. Nye, ,\. Sullivan and J, N.
J. Brown made an ascent of Goat
Mountain last Sunday. There was
no snow ou the summit, ami the
weather was as a summer day.
Die barometer at Grouse Mountain, in the Tourist Association
ihack ihere; indicated bo degrees
u the sun.
the people, 'llie question nl
Ileadership is important, bul mure
important still is the problem ol
the everyday man. Any organization that influences him I ir ihe
better, is helping to bring in the
golden nee [or which all good men
are lonejnu;-
Just Opened
it ,,.   .', an rn iti Intro'
Matrimonial hVt|isicr, lOi.
P.O.Hm I     , •       ii    , i; I
St. Andrew's Church.
ITle usual services will be held
in St. Andrew's church, Sixth
Ircet, Ninth Vancouver, on Sun
Ih. Preacher will Im the Rev
C Marion Murphcy, "1 San l*'ran
i isi ii, who will llio wise conduct
.. rvici ■ every i vi ning during the
weed in Ihe clnm li at B p. Iii.
Morning Services al n a  m
and Ki, inn- Si lie e ,tl ,  i'i p   III,
Sunday St ho*! il i \n p ni
A i tii'l'.ii invitation is * \i, n I, ,|
In .ill.
Hotel North Vancouver.
ng iiifsts ii gisten I
in.: tie- week
W  I). I Ink- ami part)' of twelve,
Vi. im i
i n , -v. Iiou, \ ,rn nuvcr.
J h Oraiier,
\V. Ilaiiuiti n.
I. i    IMVi  :•       "
Miss Nevi
Miss Hendry,       "
Alex. MeN.nr,        "
J Mi I'ni" inh,     "
T Mi I 'in uutli,    "
Siiiilieil Wallace, "
I, Mi Donough,    "
11  li, "i
S Wallace,
Living -I'tii' Hi imp i.
Juatii . iii,',:, Vit t uia.
in i    Powell,
li Ci. ' Ij  K C . "	
A complete line nl new  lull unit
It ii easy for a woman i Winter Suitings havo just arrived al
up with a rival if the rival      iln  Fongoun,s, Tailors, 100 Hastings EM
h i nit"! * i Columbia Ave* i Vancouver
Most persons have an idea that
all pieces ol wall-paper are necessarily of one length. American
papers used most in Canada, run
eight yards to the piece. Those
from France and Germany measure
niii. yards, while the Kiiolish rolls
measure eight yards. Then, ol
coiiise, there's the repeat. On
-mil. nl ilu- in w papi r- wilh the
• figure ibis is next to nothing, and "ii '"in'' others, notably
thai long tailed bird pattern, d a
lot over the figure is required (or
,■ ti i' length ii means a loss ni five
(nl un in iy strip pul on a wall,
I lu .I, livcrii • "I  new autoino-
1 i -     I il   I'inli Will   lie    IllHtll     llllllll
■ nt,,ri than heretofore Januarj
t has been deli rinined upon as llie
tune to begin actual deliverii "I
new models, Already sonic "I the
manufacturers have their 1906
models finished, and many will
Imve tin 11 * 'lim line now i' .di
I In 11,1/e im new automobiles
1 ut, n ,n iiiuung thosi witn must
lie in tin fashion is similar In  that
ol the up-tii date I'n *' 11,is.
N'.im I)    kiiin'.,   nni' h    iiliiiiit
v.iiiu, ;i cxi ept babies and the dry
'.""liK 1 ll li.
I   .nni ii 'im 1  iii tlic house,
I in 1 .
"Sure sii;  don'l  yci   u 1
shin nl his I. iiigin' mi di- line,
Houses to Rent
call on W.P.Hogg
nvn lit Kilts tt'BBT TIIK KXPKKttS,
I3T Sm Me Before Buying.
Lots for Sale
50,60,66*132 FT.
Iron, V*n to SI50 per lol.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
T. S. NYE,
Queens & Lonsdale
Phone mill
Emit Guenther
1018 11 nro M reel,
Vancouver, B. C.
Spent! time ami money K"iin! lo Vancouver (or 10ml" i"ii can get ut city
prlet'K ri^ltl lure ill li'ilne '.'
►ins. ri a. sruw
I in iniiiil* More,
bonmlaloand2ml st.. North Vancouver
Roman Art
For reproducing picture* upon nny
iiiaiirnii. wood, cloth, silk, China, etc.,
nml fur removing stains from Hie cloth.
iin;.  liv mail, 'Joe  Agenti wanted,
Olllco, No, 7, Manitoba House,
Vancouver, II. ('
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
J25.00 PER ACRE,
163 Cordova Street.
Tlie  North  Vancouver Specialist
Arc Sweet and Delicious.
Ilave no Equal
for Sale at
McDowell's Drag Store
North Vancouver.
Western Corporation, Ltd,
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing and llnsmllk-     It.y.C.ttk andChlcaco
Real Estate Agents. In*. feed
Lumbir and all kinds o| Building Material. Centraclori and Vahiatwi.
We have an hum* use amount of Cordwood*on hand.  Place year erdcri will*
us. for the winter.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, b. C.
A   M   RFATTIF Notary Public, General Auctioneer
 167  Cordova   Sreet,   Vancouver,   B.   C
He fell- tit r""iiii-' r |irivata ImUlt* or Imya untricltt nil
I'ltlURl'h ol llollH'linlll (total* or llllllltrn|il ftockf lor ruih.
real estate
lie Itiis -nine ill tlic lineal I'lbiness nml ivillnrfrnill |iro|mrty in Nurlli
Viiiiciiivi-r. .'■ei' liim ni in,,-,- it urn think of plrkliuj il|i |'irn|M*rty In
tbli ueellon.  He wlae, HIV SOW, ami ymi nil! Inaku hiulivy, 11 ::
Just Arrived,
Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
for Suitit, Pants and Overcoats.
100 ll-Minqt, St. **. Ci
An Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain nnd Seashore Meet.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Rurratd Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry, 'fhe hotiI embodies every convenience
with livery in connection.     Rates $2 per day.
Hotel .North  Vancouver
P, I iirsnn, Proprietor.
iH bUiLdiNg be sUre aNd H^e tHe
pL/\ce Wired so as to be ready to
connect oN oUr Wire Next spriNo
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
I'll in, Iti in the ct'lhu Th"
ens man.
lltiivM vmi gel ihii lump on
your head l'ete, su suon niter your
wi iliim' da)'
l'i ii Wiili, one uh dem shoes
inn friends threw lor luek was a
'nt so shoe
Cleaned Currants, .'I pounds for 1-.V.
Iluntlty ,(• Palmer's ,!//'.'•'.•'/ Vtisniits, 20c. per lb,
J. A. McMillan


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