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The Express 1908-10-09

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Is that which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
North   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
<^a 'Vfoio/^
8061 ?l
y ExteuttSiO a style that pleases
%p, aiiixArpj/ces that arc nohtaJ
The Express
Councillors May, Irwin, Crick
may, Wheeler, Smith and Braim
were in attendance at the regular
session ol the city council on Monday evening.
A letter was read Irom Lambert
Bond with reference to thfl proposed road through district lots
373, 372 and 204. He had understood Irom tui' department that
this woik was to be proceeded
with at once, hut up lo llu* present
no steps had been taken. He requested tht* co operation of the
council in securing early action
upon lhe part of (he government.
W. P. Peacey, secretary of the
school board, wrote to the effect
Ihat the department had advised
the board that the deed for the
school site at Moodyville is not in
their possession. The deed for the
Chesterfield avenue school site
Irom the district of North Vancouver to the department, is in
possession of the department and
application has been made by the
superintendent of education lor a
deed conveying the site to (he
local board ol trustees. Received
aud filed.
A letter (rom C. I. Hall,inviting
mayor and councillors to attend
the elocutionary contest to be held
in the horticultural pavilion ou (lie
1 illi inst., under (he auspices ol
the local branch ol the W.C.T.U.,
was accepted with t lanks.
A letter (rom J. B. Bennett, requesting that as nlli street is now
reduced to permanent grade, the
water main be extended eastward
as lhe present service is inadequate
and is susceptible to interruption
Irom (rost. Laid over (or information.
A letter from G. J. 0. Desbarats
deputy minister ol marine and fisheries, wilh reference to (oreihore
at loot of Bewick avenue. Bewick
avenue was originally surveyed loo
leet wide, and the department accordingly conveyed the corresponding ioo leet ol foreshore.
Later the avenue was reduced to
66 feet, with tie result thai the
city now holds 34 leet ol the foreshore which belongs to lot 265.
The department requested that Ihe
city give a quit claim deed (or this
34 (eet. Moved by Alderman May
and seconded by Alderman Braim
that the request bc granted. Carried.
The clerk read a communication
Irom Kendall, Sewell & Co., embodying their reply lo the criticism
of Messrs. Stein & Co., city auditors, upon their report as special
auditors. The matter was relerred
to the finance committee to arrange
a joint meeting with the civic
•pecial audit committee, (0 ascertain whether lhe civic committee
has any further recommendations
to nuke.
A pl.in of sub-division ol a portion of lot 97, D.L. 549. was submitted aud referred back (or additional information.
A plan of sub-division of lots 1
and 6, block 17, D.L. 549, was
submitted and laid over lor lurther
iufoi mation.
The lollowing accounts were ordered paid : finance committee
(general) total $404.10 ; finance
committee (police ac.ount) total
I311.45; finance committee (school
iccount) total $493.00 , board ol
works (general) total 1613.29 ;
board ol works (local improvements) total $5515.00; waterworks
committee total $463.75 ; board of
health total $25.00 ; light and fire
committee total $227.96.
Council resolved itself into com
mittee of the whole.
Waterworks foreman,John Peck
hai intimated his intention of resigning his position and P. Mac-
Donald, at present assistant foreman, will assume the duties of the
At the special meeting of the
council, held last night, all the aldermen were present, with Mayor
Kealy in the chair.
Alex. Philip wrote, to the effect
that the district council accepts
the proposition made with reference to exchange ol water service,
but is ol opinion that some arrangement should be made to allow discretion as to rates in exceptional
instances; water committee 10 act
A plan of a portion of loti 2 to
11, block 97, and ilso of lots 1 to
6, in block 17, eich of which was
laid over at Monday's se-tsion, wi*i
Statutory loan bylaw No. 44, to
niise $41,000 to pay balance due
(he district, was given its final
Local improvement bylaw for
16th street, from St. Andrew's lo
Ridgway ave, was given three
readings, as were also similar bylaws (or nth street, between St.
George's and St. Andrew's aves
(f,ir sidewalk and grading); ami
15th street, between St. Andrew's
and Kidgway.
Plumbing Inspector I. Walden
submit led his report up lo Oct. 8.
The plumbing bylaw is working
satisfactorily; 33 plumbing permits
have been issued and 16 new septic tanks have been installed to
City Clerk Shepherd and City
Engineer Loutet were respectively
granted two weeks holidays to begin on Wednesday next.
Harry Mitchell wrote, offering
the city the use of a horse for his
keep; carried.
Annual  Meeting Held  Last
Tuesday Evening.
The annual meeting of the board
ol tradfl, held 011 Tuesday evening,
was marked by a large attendance
of citizens. The chair was occupied by President Geo. J. Phillipo
and the business was despatched
as expeditiously as was compatible
with its importance. Thefollowing
were noticed amongst those present: G. J. Phillipo, J. R. J. Murray
(secretary), William Morden, A R.
Steacey, W. B. Bunbury, W. D.
Dick, T. Hutchison, Alexander
Law, W. J. Irwin, Alexander
Philip, P. Larson, D. G. Dick, A.
A. Crowston, A. E. Anders, Alexander Smith, Mr. Young, S. D.
Schultz, A. E. Kealy, T. A. Martin,
Jas. Murray, jr., H. A. Shaw, F.
C. Jones, J. S. C. Wood, Isaac
Walden, James Fell, Thomas T.
Thesecrelary reported upon business transacted during the interim
since last meeting.
The applications ol Alexander
Law and T. A. Martin were received.
The secretary made his annua1
report, reviewing the business of
the year and enumerating the several movements with which the board
was connected. These items comprised: The lerry purchase bylaw,
the board of trade year book, the
business directory, better transportation facilities, the opening up of
Lillooet trail,better postal facilities,
the wireless telegraphy depot, local
Dominion Express office, all night
telephone service, N. V. hospital,
reduction of the electric light rates,
establishment of a local land registry office, etc., etc. As prospective
business, the secretary referred to
the establishment of a lerry at First
Narrows, and the matter of the
protection of the public right-of-
way to the waters of the Inlet, commenting 011 the placing of a barrier
across tbe loot of Carrall street, by
the C. P. R.
President Geo. J. Phillipo, in
inakiig his report, briefly reviewed
the work ol the year, emphasizing
certain phases ol the work. Ile
stated that the membership at the
beginning ol the year was 77, received during the year io,resigned
during the year 9; present membership 78. He expressed pleasure
at the large attendance, as it
augured well for the future usefulness of the board. Ile expressed
his thanks to the members lor
their co-operation throughout the
The chairmen ol the respective
committees were then called upon
for a report of the work done and
brief replies were made.
The president appointed as scrutineers, Messrs. J. G. Dick, Win
Morden and A. A. Crowston, and
as auditor in conjunction with
Alexander Philip, G •«. H. Morden.
The election ol officers for the
ensuing year resulted at lollows :
president, J. G. Dick ; first vice-
president, W. J Irwin ; second
vice-president, W. B. Bunbury ;
-reasurer, H. A. Shaw ; secretary,
J. R. J. Murray.
The chairmen ol the respective
committees lor the ensuing year,
are as (ollows : commerce ind
industry, Alexander Philip ; agriculture and mining,A. A.Crowston;
transportation, Thomas T. Nye ;
tourist and immigration, Win.
Morden ; public improvements,
A. E. Anders; publicity and infor-
iiiadon, (jeo. J. Phillipo; finance,
H. R. Heffell ; legislation, S. D.
Schultz ; membership aud grievances, T. A. Martin ; reception
ami entertainment,Geo. H. Morden.
A cordial expression ol appreci-
ation and vote of thanks was
accorded the retiring president (or
his efficient services, and also to
the secretary.
Under new business, Mayor
Kflflll brought up the matter ol
the bridge at the second narrows,
and submitted that the time is opportune for a strongeffort to secure
from the provincial government a
substantial subsidy for the purpose
of making the structure a traffic
bridge as well as a railway bridge.
Upon a previous occasion a deputation comprising representatives
of Vancouver city council, North
Vancouver city council and the
district councils ol Burnaby,South
Vancouvi r and North Vancouver,
together with representatives of
the Vancouver and the Nortli Vancouver boards of trade, had met a
full cabinet and had urged the
necessity of such a giant, but the
government had been pleased to
take no favorable action in Ihe
matter. He would now suggest
that a monster petition be prepared and forwarded to the government. The present election campaign afforded a splendid opportunity to procure a large number
of signatures, as doubtless the
political parties would take charge
of the petition forms at their
several committee rooms and canvass for signatures, thus ensuring
a laige representation ol voters
thioughtiiii Vancouver city, ind
Richmond riding. That this
petition be handed to the member
for this constituency, that he may
be able to realize what is the wish
of his constituents in this important matter. The recent 1e1n.uk
of President Hay of the G.T.P.,
that his line intends to come to
Vancouver and that they are not
losing sight of the valuable foreshore on the norlh side of the
Inlet was significant, aud added
another strong reason for lhe early
settlement of all matters pertaining
to the second narrows bridge.
James P. Fell in supporting the
remarks of Mayor Kealy, endorsed
the suggestions made, and called
attention to lhe (act that the situation in the case ol the second 11,11
rows bridge is different to that ol
(he Fraser river bridge. The latter
bridge was directly nnd-r provincial government control, but while
the Dominion government had
made a grant to the set nntl nar
rows bridge, they dul not propose
to exercise governmental control
in any form. Again (he Dominion
government had declined to grant
a sulisitlv lor the Fraser river
bridge, lor the reason that they
had not the power to grant subsidies lor public highways, but
only (or railway bridges. The
grant lor a rai'way bridge is already made in the present instance,
anil there is no reason why the
provincial government shall not
add to that a grant lor traffic
A.l' Antlers was ol opinion that
a deputation would prove no more
effective than a petition. This
had been found to be the case in
England and lie thought it would
obtain here.
Mr. J. G. Dick ri viewed his recent trips to the head of Seymour
creek and from the Lillooet trail
across to the head of Howe Sound
anil declared that the only altcrna*
tive route (or a railway was 75
miles longer than that via Howe
Sound, while the rock work and
engineering difficulties weie just
as gieat. Squamish is the logical
route for the coming railway.
He woulii like to see the Lillooet
trail opened up to the head nl Seymour, even if thc expense had to
lie borne locally, as there is a community ol several bun.Inti miners
in there whose natural source ol
supply is North Vancouver.
W. J Irwin was in line with
what had been sai.l with reference
to the bridge. He also thought it
might bc well to repeat thc request
for the opening up of the Lillooet
trail at the coming session of the
S. D. Schultz moved, J. G. Dick
seconded, and it was unanimously
carried, that Mayor Kealy, James
P. Fell and Thomas T. Nye be a
committee, with power to add to
their number, to prepare a petition
as suggested and to devise the best
means of securing signatures and
of forwarding the same.
Alexander Philip reviewed the
progress of affairs to the present
with respect to the Lillooet trail.
While the government had replied
thit there were uo ivailable funds
for that purpose at present, yet the
department had intimated its willingness to take the matter up again
at 1 later date and had leasonablc
hope that favorable action would
result. The district council is pre-
pired to do its share by extending
the road to the boundary line ol
the district whenever the government is ready to proceed with the
lt was moved by Mayor Kealy,
seconded by Alexander Philip, and
carried that 'he government be approached again at the coming session lor a grant for this purpose.
The matter of improved postal
facilities in the city was discussed
bnt no action was taken.
The meeting then adjourned.
A Social Event
Mrs.Colin F.Jackson was hostess
at a delightful at home at her home
on 15th street, on Tuesday. The
house was very prettily adorned
with flowers. Tea was served by
Mrs. Dr. Pearson, Mrs. E. F.
Dougall, -Mrs. Rev. H. Hooper,
and Mrs. W. M. Murrav. Ice
crcim was served by Mrs. F. A.
Haswell and Mrs. W. H. Malkin.
Among those present were the
following : From Vancouver, Mes*
dames G.H.Cowan, Carry, Dallas,
(iilbert, Gardner-Johnson, Jukes,
King. Mnrray,(Rev.)Owon, (Rev.)
Pentreath, Robinson, J. R. Seymour, Skene, Tytler, Melllnnsh,
Waghorn, Oilman, Houx, Lady
Tupper, J. C. Keilh, (Dr.)Proctor,
de Wolff, Peter, Sulley, Godfrey,
Malkin (Sr), W. H Malkin, P.
Malkin, Boultbee, Alexander, H.
J. Wade, J Senkler, (Dr.) Peir-
son, Weld, Griffin,Fenwick-Smith,
(Aid.) Calland.aud Misses Dallas,
Seymour, R. Seymour, Skene,
Tupper, Gradwell, Erskine, Cambie, deWiilH.Malkin.K'lue.Hi'ant.
Gordon ..ml M. Gordon . from
North Vancouver, Mesdames Bunbury, Cornish, Hoare, Heffell,
Crickmay, Martin, Beasley, Dip-
lock, Rochusen, Pollock, Keene,
Murray, Haycioft, llooley, Green-
Armytige, Cameron, Picton-War-
low, Simson, Duff, Beasley, Spils-
bury, Butler,and Misses Cameron,
Deain* Till, Bui ns. Sweeney, Daw-
son, Dawson, and Stevenson.
Young Peoples' Club.
The annual genera! meeting ol
the Young Peoples' Club was held
in St. Andrew's Church on Tuesday evening last. Rev. Mr. Gillam presided over a large attendance ol young people and over
30 signatures were obtained on the
membership roll. The bylaws ol
the previous year were adopted.
I li ■ lollowing officers were
1 In ted: President, Rev. R. Gillam ; vice-president, Miss Peers ;
secretary-treasurer, Mr. Young ;
executive committee, Miss Nora
Philip, Miss Maggie Phillips, Mr.
Jackson and W. Philip ; social
committee, Mrs. Simpson, Miss
M. Phillips, F. Atkinson and Mr.
Cross. The syllabus prepared by
the committee appointid (or that
purpose was adopted without alteration. Mr. Gillam was appointed to preside at next meeting which
will take the lorm ol "Hat night,"
when Miss McDonald, Mr. Kelly
and Mr. Knowles were appointed
to aniwer all questions asked
through the medium ol "the hat."
Tea and cake served by the ladies
was much enjoyed, and thc usual
votes ol thanks terminated thc
Arthur Sullivan went up the
coast to Valdez Island last week to
locate certain mineral properties,
of which he is in possession of information.
The extension ol Ross road to
Il I. H13 is now completed, with
thc excepts* of the building ol
tevertl culverts.
Simpson & Wight won first
prize lor floral designs atthe Westminster (air.
The h.rry steamer North Vancouver was laid off Thursday and
Friday for an overhauling.
Next Tuesday evening the Conservatives will hold a smoking
concert in their committee rooms,
on Esplanade. Admission is free
and everybody is invited.
Two roadways are being opened
up in D.L. 764, in order to give
access to building sites for Messrs.
Creamer, Anson and Wm. Hux-
table, who inteud building in that
The wooden water pipe in the
city of Vancouver's Seymour creek
system is now all in place and but
a small section of the iron pipe remains to be laid, in order to complete the line.
Mrs. Radermacher, ol this city,
succeeded in capturing three first
prizes for chickens shown al the
New Westminster and Central
Park fairs. The chickens were
white Wyandottes.
The many friends of Mrs.W. P.
Peacey will be pleased to learn
thai the operation which she recently underwent has proved entirely
satisfactory and that she is making
an excellent recovery.
On Sunday evening, at 7.30
o'clock, Rev. Dr. Stevenson, secretary ol the forward movement,
will deliver an address in the North
Vancouver Methodist church, on
Epworth League work.
Roy Sargent enjoyed a very successful fishing trip up Seymour
creek the latter part ol last week.
He returned with forty-five beautiful trout, the largest ol which
measured from 17 to 18 inches in
Wantf.ii to IxcUWft.—<$1275
equity in house and lot, just east
of Westminster avenue, on Harris
street, for North Vancouver acreage, or vacant lots. Full particulars of Frederic Olson, 2 Powell
A partyof the Vancouver Mountaineering Club will make another
attempt tomorrow, to conquer thc
peak at the lit a.l of Lynn valley.
R. M. Mills will lie in charge of
the party,which will come over on
the 2.15 lerry.
At the regular weekly meeting
ol the Oddfellows lodge, held last
evening, three candidates were
initiated into the Order. The new
paraphernalia has arrived and it
adds greatly to the appearance of
trie lodgeroom.
J. Warren Bell, manager of the
North Vancouver Lumber Company, is proving himsell an expert
in his line. Contractors are expressing the opinion that the rough
dimension product that the mill is
turning out cannot be surpassed
for evenness.
The last issue ol thc B* C.
Gazette contains notice to the
creditors of the estate of the late
Stewart Mulvey to the eflect that
all claims must be sent lo Mi I'ln r
son St Saunderson, Winnipeg, not
later than October njth, 190H. The
executors are John Henry Mulvey,
teacher, Winnipeg, and Walter
Brown Mulvey,clerk, Loi Angeles.
Thc elocutionary contest, under
the patronage ol the mayor and
aldermen of the city,and the reeve
and council of thc municipality,
takes place in the Horticultural
hall on Thursday next, promptly
it 7.50 p.m. The silver medals
and maple haf souvenirs are on
view this week in the store window
of Sale St Brcwitt, and next week
Templer St Hickman will display]
Ihem in their store.
Thc rigular meeting ol SO. E.
ol North Vancouver was held on
Tuesday evening last. President
Percy King presided over a good
ittendince, which included friends
from Vincouver lodges. Several
new members were initiated and a
number ol applications were handed in lor membership. The secretary, L. Sale, Keith bldck, will be
glaJ to have the names of any
ailabtional Iriends wishing to join.
At the meeting held list evening
in the Municipal hall, it was resolved to take steps to bring together all who are willing to join
a choral society with a view to
organization. The first meeting
will be held in the exhibition llall,
Lonsdale avenue, on Wednesday,
21st inst.,at 8 o'clock p.m. Ladies
and gentlemen interested are invited to be present, and if there is
sufficient attendance, practice will
commence at once.
It has been reported to the city
police that a party of young men,
evidently the worse of liquor.made
themselves particularly obnoxioul
on the ferry boat on Saturday
night last, by their unseemly conduct and profane language. Similar reports have been frequent ol
late, and it is high time that some
effective means were found for
protecting the travelling public,
both ladies and gentlemen, from
such annoyance.
Francis Caulfeild has completed
plans for the sub division of the
west half of D.L. 811. The plans
represent a very artistic piece ol
workmanship in sub-dividing. The
roads follow the contour of the
land and are all opened up, ready
(or travel. There is a park running
diagonally through the centre ol
the property named "The Dale"
and the sea front is likewise reserved for a park, as well as another
section on the west of the property.
Opening services in connection
with the new Baptist church,at the
comer of 2nd street and St George's
avenue, will be held on Sunday.
The pulpit at eleven a. m. and at
7.30 p.m. will be occupied by ministers of that denomination, and it
2.30 p. 111. a meeting will be held
at which the loenl clergy will pre
addresses. On Monday evening
a platform meeting will be held, at
which several able speakers will be
heard. The public is cordially
invited to all these meetings.
R. Dissette, proprietor of the
Empress Hotel, Yonge street,Toronto, arrived in Vancouver on
Wednesday, and will remain for a
month or more, visiting his brothers
Edward Diselte, the well known
contractor and builder of Vancouver, and J. J. Dissette, ol Lynn
creek. Mr. Dissette has considerable capital, for which he is of
opinion that the west offers better
opportunities for investment thin
the east. The probability is that
he will become the holder of considerable local realty during his
The situation with respect to the
present invasion of bears is becoming embarrassing. The man endowed with the normal quantity of
credulity finds himself at the necessity of'crediting each particular
bear with about a score of appearances, or else concluding that there
is a whole battalion of bruins operating throughout the district. The
latest advices from the front areas
follows: Three bears were shot on
Sunday in the district at thc north>
em extremity of Lonsdale avenue.
A party ol hunters north of
Frommc's mill bagged a good
sized bear and sold the carcass,
pelt and all lor nine dollars. A
good sized bear was recently encountered by pedestrians between
Centre road and the Pipe Line
road, Lynn Valley.    Next !
Donald MacLcnnan, the well
known contractor, who is at present engaged on the 3rd street im-
jirtiieineiits, was called upon to
sustain a very sad bereavement, in
thc death of his wife, Margaret
Mary, which occurred at thc (amily
residence, 737 Hamilton street,
Vancouver, on Friday last. Mrs.
McLennan had not been in good
health for some time, but had appeared to be somewhat improved
ol late. Mr. McLennan left home
for his work on Fridiy morning,
leaving his wife in unusually good
health and spirits, and about ten
o'clock received a telephone mes-
nge to thc effect that she had
suffered a very severe attack.
Death occurred before Mr McLennan could reach home. The
funeral was held on Monday, from
(he undertaking parlors ol Green
ll Simpson, Rev. Dr Fnser officiating. Mrs McLennan leaves two
sons and a daughter, the youngest
of whom il iixteen years oi ige, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
Noi ih Vanioi \kk. H. C.
C. K. HiiiriiiKistiii.i, (i. II. Mokihn,
Malinger.      Illinium* Mgr.
The Express is delivered in North
Vancouver within a radius of 13
blocks ol the office. All outside
thii district is placed in the post
Kates of Subscription :
One year •       ti-oo
Six months 50
Three months -      * 35
United States ind Foreign, $1.50
per year.
All subscriptions must be paid in
Any person not receiving this
paper regularly will please notify
the office. No paper stopped un
lets notified either by letter or card
Noam Vtviiirvm, Oi 1.  9,   1908
Great embarrassment is ex
perienced in commercial circles in
North Vincouver because ol the
absence ol through shipping facilities (or freight to this point. All
goods purchased by local firms
Irom outside points are billed to
Vancouver, whence ihey must be
traissh p,ied to this city. I'pon
the arrival of the goods in Vancouver, they must remain ihere until
the mails convey notification lo
the consignee. Having received
notification, the local merchant
must absent himsell Irom his business, he must make a special trip
to Vancouver, release the goods,
procure a dray, lollow the goods
lo the (erry landing antl havt them
re-shipped to North Vancouver
This procedure is vexatious in the
extreme, lt involves delay, annoyance, extra cost ol thc goods laid
down, and loss ol time.
The ultimate result ol these conditions is, that our local merchants
are practically denied access to the
producer,in purchasing their goods
and are perforce committed to
middlemen lor llieir porchflflCfl.
I'ntler normal conditio s. should a
merchant in this cit' wish to purchase dor illustration 1 ■ consignment ol apples, be would ionium
nicate with a Iruil grower at some
interior point and thus purchase
in the cheapest market, to the advantage ol his ciislomeis. Inder
existing conditions, however, he
finds himself so beset bv disabilities
that it is more advantageous, all
things considered, lor him to buy
Irom the wholesale]- anal pay the
higher price.
Tlurc docs not appear to be any
valid reason why the transcontinental railway and other transportation companies should decline
to enter into an arrangema>nt with
the North Vancouver Ferry and
Power Co. Ltd , such as would
permit residents ol the city ol
North Vancouver lo have freight
hilled through Irom all points on
the continent or, lor that matter,
on the globe.
If this city win situated in a
location lar removed Innn central
points,a location diHn nit ol M 1 ess
ind with no oiitsnli 1 mbi i tion but
1 stige line, or MOM • mil primitive nn ans ol transportation, then
conditions such as those to which
relerence is made might be sustained without clem nr. but, situated
as this city is.on the very highway
ol trinsaimrican and transpacific
traffic ; sharing, as Ihis city does,
the same magmfici nt harbor, with
one ol the greatest commercial and
shipping centres ol a continent ;
possessed as this city is of transportation facilities whu h place her
within filtcen minutes of that great
centre, and which mctfflbkol
handling with safety ami expedition
the entire volume ol freight (or a
city many tunes larger than North
Vincouver — under IfcflM condi«,
tions, thc ibsencc of through slop
ping privileges S" ms little short
o( the litter abrogation ol the most
ordinary   business   sense,   and a|
standing reproach to the enterprise
of her citizens, the etfect of which
cannot but be to heavily discount
the importance of this city in the
estimation of the commercial
The establishment ol through
freight arrangements would not
only relieve these conditions,
which must be repugnant to every
loyal citizen, but would open up
possibilities of development which
would mean much to this city, It
is admitted that the volume ol
through business would be small
at first, but the very (act that these
advantages were available would
encourage ami create business,
while the increase ol population
with thc attendant growth of our
mercantile establishments, would
hasten the day when our merchants
would bfl in position to buy direct
from the producer or the manufacturer in carload lots.to the manifest
advantage of all parties and to the
city as such. The necessity for a
local customs office would follow
logically ami many additional advantages would accrue from this
process of development.
The incoming of a transcont
nental railway, would solve this
whole problem at once, it is true,
but that niiich-tobe-dt'sired advent
is yet in the future, whereas uiiiih
can be accomplished meantime liy
the immediate inception ol through
freight facilities, and then, when
the railway arrives, North Vancouver will hnd hersell in possession
of competitive through freight sys-
tims, the advantages ol which are
The interests of this city will be
best served by the prr curing of
through shipping privileges at the
earliest possible date.
Carelessness in the use ol firearms, upon lhe part of those who
traverse the district ior hunting
purposes, is becoming so manifest
as to constitute a menace to the
safety, if i.ot lo the life of the
general public upon the common
highway. It was subject of coin-'
mint at the last meeting ol the
district council, that iu several
instances stray bullets have
whistled by, in dangerous proximity, to the persons ol travellers
on the roads throughout the municipality. From individual sunn 11
similar complaints are heard. This
is 1 matter to which too early attention cannot be given. It should
not be necessary to wait until a
bullet lodges in the body of some
pedestrian, in order to awaken the
public mind to the realmss ol the
danger. The district council has
already put forth a commendable
effort to saleguard the public in its
bylaw to regulate the use of fire
arms throughout the district, but
it Is a debatable question whether
the presence ol the law on the
statute books is exerting any d
terrent influence upon transgressors. Residents in the Fraser
river delta were troubled with a
similar menace, but it is uudei*
stood that they ban sum tiled in
eradicating the practice, by means
ol individual property holders
posting trespass notices upon their
farms. Unfortunately, the prist im ol such large tracts ol wiltl
lands as are lound in North Vancouver district, renders a like
nnu ily unavailable.   Nevertheless
some sort of prohibitive legislation
might have the effect of instilling
becoming instincts of caution into
the minds of huntsmen. Sunday
appears to bt* the tlay on whit li
this danger assumes its greatest
proportions, for (he reason that
there are much larger numbers
strolling and driving upon the
roads and trails throughout the
district. The prohibition of hunting or ol carrying a loaded wuapon
for the purjioses of hunting or
shooting in the district on Sunday,
might prove a measure' whose significance would not be niisundei-
stootl ami whose (fleet would be to
relieve the public from a very
serious menace to life and limb.
Mrs. J. II Pilling, 10th street,
who has been visiting Iriends in
Holland, for the put month, is
expected to return home in about
a week.
Hm.  vi'iii tri'cs I" iiiii"! uow, mnl y ur i;n*.i  n
Itvd ap   Wl mi|.|.Iv nl' kni'lmii fiuutaVt
ram- ibrutN ami oratm-raltl irta*.
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AI.Gtll Unitmih, Montreal
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ChlM llie (nllinviiii; ili'sniVil lands:
( niiiiiit'iirin*.' al a poM planted nl Ihl
-"iillii'ttsl turner ol lot IUI mul N.W.
corner nf lol MN, tlieoo- ttml -W i-hiini
limn* or le*-, I" S.W. iiirntTiil Ini Ittl,
1041th DO 1 lialln-, ensl |lli'liilili*i limn* nr
km, to iii'dtern Imiui'hiry nf lot Ml.
north ,10 rliiiins, In |Hiiut iili'uliiiiieiiei-
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Material inqntntitiMtO suit
ami ul ri'tisonulili' pri© t.
TI-.I..-.TIK>NK Nu. 'J
Tr-dc M«RH(
Copyrights 4c.
Anion* 1.1111(111 a .ketch tnd 'p-trlpll *n m.y
qulrklf Mcertilo i„ir opinion ffM wlira. - ul
Intention I.pr<>**»M.pan.iit.bl'a. Caamniimli*..
tiaan..iMotlrt'"iiiiJi'"tl.il. KAHOBOM on I'.iniu
jettl Itea. OMe.t .ttt-iii-r iLYMMa-lafMIMta-,
Pfttenu Uken lliruucb llutin I Co, recttlrt
H<>rul lullcc, williout oli.rve, UlllaO
When ymi intend building
hmi    Ifi     SnlTIt   VaKCHIVKR
"   '.wi, Vuntvaa
Dominion Subsidy
PnpOMd North  Vancouvor
.Vriiiiniii of Urand Trunk
C»ll 011 111 nr write Inr lull inrtii nlar*.
Scientific American,
A hudtomelr Uliiitrated weekly. Lmtr-i cir-
nilitloo of any icleminc Journal 'i*™,* for
Uaiuda,|3.7Sa ]rMr,p*-»t*tt« pn-patd, (Mil by
Ul Dffwidealen.
mUNII ft Oifi""—t- Nm York
Bnndl UOrt*. nr)l, Wultlu-ji,*'*. D. C
H LONsliAI.K Av«.
Ili-iiiiclitl0.il-,; l.moilalr Arr.,f'itii. 1'rnmr
\o N
llrailnt)iirii,nl Hill,  I.mot CNrfl, II V
[AKK NllTH'K (Iiiii (lieCuiin.-iliifthe
' OofpfaTfltloflol llio City tii .Nnrth Van-
riiinir iiitt'inltt to  1 lalriift thf   l.'ful
ImiCtWfllMl -i't mil ill thi" m-lii',|iil,-;i|i-
|K'iiritit' l»'ln« ninl Intflfldl In MM Iln'
liiiata i-ti-t. ,.r 11 |i(irlinn lln*ri*tif, flpoi Iln'
roatl |ir"|»rli lifiii'tili"! Iherelijf lr,uitiii|!
Mibfltuflfl llirri'iiii  mnl In-Ill linlili* lur
.t--i*--llir,il  tlllTfffir.
I MtflflMfllibofliai tbt luml" linlili'
uml |ini|Kim*il In !»' ipucltlljr MMMnl (nr
tin* "aiil iin|iriivt'ini'iil Hinl llu* nmi (
thi' mviur- lh. nnl, .11 (ur a. (In* MflN
mu In* ii.«i'i*rlaiiii"l (nun tin* lu.t ri'viin-il
1*-'—ini'iit mil mnl utlirruiMr, i» no*
lill''l  tll    lilt'    ailliai'    nl     thfl      iMMMMaflt
('iiinini*i.iiiiii'rmitl in n|K'n Im ImflM turn
ilurinii nlliii' uflfllfl,
Tin' Mrlietllllt' Ih'Iiiii* iIiiiivh thfl '"ti-
iunti-1! t'li.t uf tin- iuipriivi'iiit'iit mnl tin*
|ini|Hirtinti tn lii' pratrldflfl mil "I llir
KflllTlll llllltlll n( tin' titv.
A ii'tirt n( ri'vi"inii uill Iw ln-liI in thfl
Cilv Mali, Nortli Vmirmnt'r, II.C . on
(In* llltli tlay of (li'l.ili'T, l!HW, 111 iln<
li'iiimf I 'iVIiK'k pin, tor llio |'tir|aaiN'
n( bafllfltag any I'linipliiiiil" tinaiin-l lhe
proponi'il Mflflflntaflfltli nr thfl MdirtCJ,
olllit' li'iilai*.''* iiiiii.iiri'iiii'iil., nr .nn
aillirr t'liniplmiilii which thfl pMKtfll 01-
ti*ri*"ii*'l Ml I" ni.iki' ainl tthirl, 1- In
law nfflhaflUl hv Iln' Cmirt.
AtM-mmi'iil ('miiiiiia«i.ini*r.
Nnrtli Vain inner, 11 C.
L'.lr.l Sh|i(i'|iiIiit, IM
si iir.ni'i k mum
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Iniprovoiiii'nt tntalni-t  ri'ytiipay
Eitonitinii oi (our (mil
fiilfvialkoii Norlh tiAr
nt Vii'lorial'urk Ea.l,
a ilislaiict i.( *1.i0 bflt. liWi.lW !22.(K)
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North  VancoiiviT
Wfl patronize your home
pflpetl willi thfl liopt- tliat
youwillpatroni/c us. HI I
not unit ss \n* ian 14H' Mm
not only lust Class 1'iano
Ouality, BUT   ilea Lew r
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call   and   Nfl   our
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Iiu-i n o( your Most Prominent anil Will Known
Citizens who have |ioii|*ht
of us
whit h is Only out ol llnil) ilildrenl makes wt*
carry in stock.
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.Wil if nr InSitniri/f tlr rrrn Sture
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Repairing   Bad of toflthet and worluntnihip,   COR. Lonsdale 12nd
Rtmtay'i ~2'k )
Lock's    26o 1 per tin
J. X, if M. iVIcMILLAN
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Full utiu'k nf Kri'.li ami Cur.il Meita
an I l-i*h 1.1'jtt. Almi Pairv I'rt.liii'K
ami Kn-h VMtflUffl.
OKIII'.KS HKI.IVKKKI) to all |,art»
ul tliv valh'.v.
CIVIL   I v.lM'lll
(Jn.oiliiy Survi*yi.r anil An liitt-i-t
I'nl'KTII STHKirr, ''llKSIta LoflflflaUJ .*v»
I'lana     I    KpflflUflflllflM    PrtflflffldL
H'lit'li thinking nf liinMm*;  l,*l   ua give
an I'.tiiuati*.
IIIHINK Itl.iK'K.     l.i)NSI)Al.K AVK.
or I' 0. Ho*. *.'.  s„rih V.11,ii'ti-*!
SLYM01K l Rl I k.
f'rivli U ili'liurcd Ilailv lo
all imraMif llie I'il)
TAKK notiiv that Krumia William
1 CaullHlil. of VaiH'inivi'r, HI'.,
(it'iillfiiian, i 11 tan.In tn a|t|'ly fm Mfa
nii'.i'iii In I, a-i' Iht' Mint] iii<* ilt-M-rilii'ii
Ciiiiinii'iitiiiK al a |«i»l plflflM at the
Smiili Kimlirly I'orni'r ni DiHlrirt l^it
Kll, Olflflfl 1. Nf« \\t'.liniit.ifr Ilia-
Iritt, thiiu'f -niiith aliinu (lit- i-ri-it lainn-
tlary nl bit 111, Gnni|i I, Neit Wf.tinin-
Dm Hi-trin. |an«lni*,i| | rhllfll Mlflflflfl
ni'.l HM i-hiiin., Ilia-iice nnrlh IHItli'-
lliwa, «.-nt 17.112 chaini iiinri* or li'»« In
iln1 iii.rihtii.ti'rli■ rmm*r n( Hi.iiit'i Lu
117, llii'iiii' j'lllllii'a.lrrly. eaali-rlv antl
uoriht'ii-lt-rli 11111111.' ihf niirlhtrlv .hurt*
nf llurr.i'l Inh'l 1,1 tin* |tlat'i'i,( In'cin-
Blflfl, Onalllulpi lill an M iimri' or li'na.
I'ali- I llllll itfljflflt, 1INIM
riRI.H   BE.ll.TH   iii:nin.Bi:\T
Leave Orders at Knprcss Office.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker, ■  Proprietor
l'"resh Un ad daily delivered
lo all parts ol the city.
]o loaves for .<i
5c. per loaf.
i'ini-,' n        71 Lonsdilc Ave
BI'III.H NOTICK 1-htrt'lty j-ivi'ii that
il* aii'iir.Uiii'i' ti ilh thi- pnn iaioiiK of
thfl I'lihlif liialtli lly-Uw, nl llir I'itv
ol Nurlh Vaiiiiiiurr, Ihr Muuitipal
Cniini'il hair iimi rat'tfl uilh llir Mtili-
i*al lli'iillliil*lii'i'rl,,allrinl at thr City
Hall Nnrth Vauti nver, nn Ihr Kir.I
Mun.Iai ..( rat h month, at thr hour ol
II n'i*!,. k in thr f.irrni.in, (or thr pur-
|i*.,*,if vaiviiialiiiK at wfltlflflflflfl nf
1 In* ril 1, al> |«.ar imtmiiii;ami all other*
al tlifir intu rj|*rn»«a.
Thr father, mother, or permit having
tin* run', iniriiirr, or i-o-ti-.lv nf every
ilnl.l I.trn in Ihr i'ity, .hall, within
thm niianlh. after tlie hirlh ol audi
child, taku or rani* to betaken, the
1 lulil, In the Mrtlnal l'rai'titi"nt*r, in at-
ti'iiilancrat llu'al.ni' ap|aiintwl place
Inr the PflrPaW "I lieiiiK vai'i'iliatetl; nn-
lew the child haa lieeii previonaly vaeei-
naletl hy MM legally ipialilit-il I'racli-
tininr, anal thr vaccination 'Inlv
City Clerk.
North Vani'iiiiver, B.C.,
!Mh July, HUH. 2l-t(
Conservative Party
North Vancouver
Geo. II. Cowan
Will address a Public Meeting
The Old Schoolhouse
— Lynn Valley
Tonight, Friday, Oct. 9th
Chair Iflkrn Pioni|illi) at A |>.m.
Ci'.i-ill (fating sti.t-t
Tuesday night a Smoking Concert in the
Committee Rooms, Esplanade
Councillois McNaught, Nye and
Davidson were present at the session ol the District Council held
on Friday evening last. Keeve
May occupied the chair.
A letter from  F. W Caulfeild
requesting   that   council   remove
about 25 cubic yards of rock from
the road known as l'icadillv, in his
new sub-division ol D.L. In, was
referred to the engineer to act.    A
letter conveying an invitation to
the  council,  Irom the W.C.T.U.,
to attend the elocutionary contest
to be held in  the   Horticultural
Hall on October 15th, was leceiv-
ed and iflfitl tion   accepted with
thanks.   A h iter Irom F. Dresser,
offering to sell council lot 22,block
1, D.L. 785, lor the sum ol J6oo,
was received.     Clerk to reply that
the property is not now required
A petition from Messrs. A. Campbell,   S.   Probert,  B. Caliphronas
and  Wm.   Burrill,  asking for (he
laying  of  a walir main on Dove •
court road, was referred to the engineer to report.      A  letter read
from \V. S. Hugo, asking forcer-
tain  repairs  to yueen street, and
agreeing  to supply stone and one
man,   if council  will do the rat,
Referred to the hoard of works to
report.    J. S. lv'ankiu lurwartled a
map of lands owned by the government, west ot theC.apiliino.showing
roads which the government intends to construct.    Received and
filed.     A letter was read from the
clerk of the city council to the
effect that the city is prepared to
arrange lor an interchange of water
supply on the following basis: each
to pay the other ten cents per one
hundred cubic feet of water ; district to charge the same rate as the
city fur water service ; minimum
rate to be nine dollars per year,
less discount ol M per cent ; each
party to lay its own pipes ; water
supply to be regulated by meter ;
accounts to be adjusted monthly.
Referred  back to the special committee for final arrangement. Jack
Loutet addressed the council with
reference to the   road along the
Capilano through  D.L.  601 and
607.      If the  road  allowance  in
widening the road is taken equally
Irom both sides of   the   present
roadway,  it will leave insufficient
land between the roadway ajd the
l'ver (or building purposes.     Mr.
Loutet therefore requested that the
allowance (or widening the road be
taken all upon the east side of the
present roadway.    Kngineer to re»
A plan ol sub-division of D.L.
594,submitted by Mr. Burnett,was
laid over until next meeting lor
certain adjustments.
A plan ol sub-division of the
east one-half of D L. 7H3, submit,
ted by G. A. Gordon was approved
with slight alterations, to which
Mr. Gordon agreed.
A plan of sub division ol the
west one-half of lot 12, D.L. 193,
submitted by MacKenzie Urquart,
was approved on condition that
provision be made for alleys at
the rear of lots.
A plan of subdivision ol D.L.
811, submitted by Mr. Caulfeild
was approved.
Accounts as follows were ordered paid : finance committee, total
$572.56 ; board of works committee f 104(1 no ; water works committee $3469.75.
District Engineer Cameron reported as follows: the entire
trenching will soon be completed
(or the Lynn valley system. A
portion of the pipe is now in place
and when the pipe laying is finished, the pipe will be lelt exposed
until a test covering a w hol ■ night,
hai been made under lull pressure.
One pipe had been tested to a
pressure of 160 pounds with satis**
factory results, whereas the heaviest
pressure will not exceed 130 Ibs.in
the operation ol the system. The
extension ol Ross road has proven
a difficult piece of work, but it is
now completed with the exception
of putting in several culverts.
Good progress is being made on
the abutments and the approaches
lor Seymour creek bridge, and the
work in these respects is ncaring
completion. Capilano bridge has
been given a thorough coating
with tar, in preparation lor the
winter season.
A motion was passed to the
effect that the assessor make up
the tax roll for the levy ol 1909,
from the ist to the 30th of Noveni-
b r, and thit the roll bc made re.
turnable on December iKih.
Councillor McNaught called the
attention ol council to the fict that
the district was now reaching 1
stage of development at which an
equipment ol road making machinery is greatly needed, and ai
the finances ol the district are in 1
'condition to warrant the expen*
diture, he would move that the
j engineer be instructed to procure
I and submit prices and rrcumnien-
Idatois with relerence to load
I making machinery.   Cirried,
Councillor Ny • siatril that he
cmsidered it advisable that action
bfl taken, looking to the selection
of a si'e for a municipal hall, within the confines of the district. No
action was taken.
The matter of purchasing the
site occupied by St. John's school,
for the purpose of higher education,
as a joint undertaking between the
district and the city was broached,
aud as it is a question that primarily concerns the school boaids.the
matter was left for their initiative.
Councillor Nye gave notice of
motion to clu nge the meeting
night of the council.
The \. M. ROSS Co.
North Vancouver's (uvular Men's £»Boy»'Slore
Shooting Accident
Fred Ilopwood ol Vancouver,
was the victim ol an unfortunate
shooting accident in Capilano on
Sunday last. With a few companions he came over for a day's
hunting and took th Keilh road
tram. After leaving the car the
party climbed the sl iti road leading
up the hill, turned aside before
reaching the top of the hill and
later made another turn toward
the creek. Here Mr. Hopwood
declared Ins intention ol having
S mu thing lo eat. Two logs crossing each other offered a convenient
resting place. Sitting upon the
upper log, he placed the butt of
his gnu on the lower log ami leaned
the gun against the upper log. B)
mine means the gun slipped and
i 1 sliding over the lower log the
hammer was raised. I he jar in
striking the ground evidently cans
ed the hammer to Iall, discharging
the gun, with the result that the
charge of buckshot entered Ml.
Hopwood's thigh about mulwai
between the knee and lhe hip. (lis
companions tore up portions ol
their clothing and succeeded in
somewhat st. u.idling the flow of
blood. The local police station
was notified,and doctors Campbell
and Verner were immediately summoned. The sufferer was carefullj
convened to the 11 am anil theme
acioss lo Burrard sanitarium. The
wound is an ugly one but not
necessarily dangerous.
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la.I ia $2.00.   You want to cmne quick ax thev will not la.t long.
10 doieii boys' .olid leather Old Country made booti, worth $2.50
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'i'i pairs men's Hue Dmgola Kid shoes, gtHsl value al $4.50 a pair,
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nf the very besl makers' gonds.the celebrated I'riiriiana and Wnlsley
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our stock of Men's and Boys' Gloves and Mitts for the fall.
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all thinking
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to 1 iif. Lxi'Ri.ss, (1
For Sale
Strawberry runner.,7.V |.*r IlKMMagonii
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ainl MarlhnMugh:
Red currant", $2 5n adoien, Jyn. old
Rhubarb, $1 imt ilea.
RADERMACHER, lonsdale I 21it St.
n.v. nan co.
Cor. Lonsdale and Htli St.
IVANS f- Ml IB. PhiK
y,  7  and  q  o'clock
\ OTK'K ia hrrebv given thai I shall,
>' „ii Mmiilav, the 2nd tlay ul Nmeiii-
1st, IW, at the hourol lOo'rloek in lhe
forenoon, at the City llall. North Van-
.■inner. II."'., hold a Court nl lfl*rlflNfl,
!„r ihe piir|«ise ol hearuiK and determining any ami all objections to the retention of any name or names on the
register ol voter* for lhe above named
Electoral Mltrttt
Hated  at  North   Vancouver,   11. ('.,
August M. IW8.
Hi'iiislrar ol Voters
Richmond Fleet Tai District.
^\._/ _** **'
/uy&.^i* &&■
eet <** mh6t'
these days how
we arc going to
keep warm during the fall and
We have the
solution in
Thirty Different Kind*
of Heating Moves
They are all made hy MoClary ami nothing more need be said. We
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Paine& McMillan
<*.        Cornir Lonsdale Ave. and First St. Phone 12
mn mmm rait * power ol ltd., tide table, \w
ii.ii tOtmt 1.1 1 I. lata! W...W
K.llH.-r,. Irldft., Water Power*, ICllin.lta.
' Mti't-rtiiiriiili'it. *■ nl i ,,ii.i r iiei um. M.|". Town-
■Up., MidIdi t'i.int., Suit IUtn.it>**,,. ele
IM ll.-inia. ttt. *..
ii bui ni.ii.TH m\m\\i
All kinds of Fresh Fish delivered daily. Smoked Fish a specialty.
Also Butter, Kggs, and Vegetables.
Our aim ia to please our customers as
to goods ami prices.    I..I ua have your
n.v. eish co.,
City Clerk's (Hit,,
2Mb SeplemlsT, IKON
Rfijl*.! radon of   Prrtont I nt It Ir d  I.
Vote tt tlouti-holda-rt
lll'lll.IC Notice is hereby given lhat
*■ all iiersons entitled to vote as
Householders and desiring to have their
names entered on the Votera' I.ilt ol the
Citynf Nnrth Vanroiiver.lorthe year IBM
mutt make and cause to lie delivered to
thn City Clerk,before 12 o'cloek noon, on
Saturday the :il-t day of October, 11108,
a statutory derlaratimi in the form prescribed by law. Copies nl such alt'flara-
linns mav hr nblaiiied on apulication to
the City Clork.
"llomeholder," shall extern! In and
include every perron who holds and nc*
cu pier a dwellinn. tenement, hotel or
boarding boiim', nr anv part or portion
of a dwelling, tMMn-tnt, Inlei,nr l.iard*
ing hnnse within a municipality, who
has paid directly tn lhe municipalitv
rater, taxes or let*. "( not has than two
13) dollars during the current vear "
5*6t City Clrrk
I FIKP that all rases ol infectious,
tniitaginus or epidemic <li**eane, nt a
character dangerous to Dflblk health,
must bl lipHafld In lhe Hiatal Health
Citv Clerk.
ii'i llall, North Vancouver, B.C.
July 9th, 1908. *»*"
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street. North Vtwcouver
We are now mptltd l"
take orders for MILL FIR
WOOD, rut to U"» in. lengths
already for the stove A load
contains about half a cord.
Price $2 per load on or before
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered without cash, as we1
cannot afford to pay a collec-,
tor at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
direct Irom the niinea.
Place your ordera now and
secure your winter's supply
I urge shipment" uill arrive
in a lew days. Trices right
Urge supply ol JFOOD
alwayi on hand
•ii.Ul A.M.
•H.45 "
H.OO "
8.40 "
9.110 "
10.15 "
11.16 "
12.15 I'M.
1.15 "
2.15 "
3.15 "
4.15 "
5.15 "
6.15 "
7.15 "
S15 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
•11.110 "
9.45 A.M.
10.46    "
1145    "
12.45 I'.M.
1.46 "
2.45    "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
(i.45   "
llttlvb SORIII VANCfltlVtfl
•6.20 A.M.
•7.20   "
8.20 "
9.00 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12.45 I'.M.
1.45 "
2.45 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
6.45 "
7.45 "
8.46 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
•11.45 "
10.15 A.M.
11 15   "
12.15 P.M.
1.15 '•
2.15 "
3.15 "
4.15 '•
5.15   "
6.15 "
7.16 "
•Not on Sunday
i - **
AN l'l'*T()*|iATK
lain-   11.50 PER
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
Rolled Oats
Haij and Teed
li 18111!
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton'r Seeds, always on hand
ihr Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
a!   I a tr,
Harry Mid hell, local manager
N|n>fial Rales In Families ami Regular Hoarder*
Hall-hour (erry connection to and (rom Vancouver. Hot and cold
water in every room. Return call bells in every room. Barber
simp ill I'minei'tinn.
boon JtttIT,   -   -   *   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave the Fan; Landing for QtMMubm Avenue, Twenty-lint
street and Lonstlale, Winch street and Keith Road as (ollows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 1. m., 8:15 a* m., 9 a. m. 9:40 1. m.,
10:10 a. B., Alter 10.35 a. m., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty lirst and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch streei and Keith Road
at ti vt ■minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch slreet and Keith Koad as followi:
6a. m., 6:55 a. m., 7:20 a. 111., 8:05 a. tn., 8:45 a.m., 9:30 i.m.
Alter 9:30 1. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes put the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
rj~=   All boats are met by the cars.
We mlidl \ht buvtirw of ManuUctureni,
rn^*iiiff»»ti*l oilier* who ri-nlire Ihe ailviiahil-
i'y < I hnviog Ihr Ir 1'Alrtit tmMiir-*t tunimrlH
I y FtperU. Pieliminiry idvire f r*r. Chir|[e«
nodmt*, Our Imentor'i Advltrr wnt upon re.
ti-KiL MurionA Murim, Vr-'A., N>w V..rk I,i(e
In'-  Motiiinfll" »ud W«tilnwlo»  DC  U*J-
General Contractor
Und Clearing, Stump and Rock
Blasting. Kitra care near houaw.
All dnm»|ies made good.
(11(1  ISI  .   Wa-aal  1,1 I .. ,,,a,ala>'r
I'D   Box II
M i Kill *"t	
all kinds ol KWflfl ami Antit|iie Kurrti-
ture, Sture. iillit'e, Hank and Bar Fii*
lure.    Hepairing in all its branches.
1*1 Third It. «'., II.I. rhi*.ler*eltl »ntl Lossilili
(ii*l*.,.ii, flchool
MAII.OKI'KKS given prompt atlenti'in
North Vancouver
i mis I. itiliMls
Cartaue, RemovnlH,
Parcel Delivery,
DN       III    tva\.lllll IKK Mt<t
Telephone 70.        Night Calls 13,'
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
No Borers. No Scale. No Fumigation
to damage stock. No windv agents to
annoy ynu. Buy direct anil get Trees
and Seeds that grow.
r'ertiliiers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraving Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
OhVst established nursery on thi
mainlHiiil nl British CotflfltMl
Catalogue Iree.
MRSIKilS AND smmoisis.
suio Wimmnai Road.
New Advertisements
Notice— Siiiipsnn !t Wight
Meet ini;—Conservative party
Sinhi Munii*- Mi Millan Bros,
Tenders wanted—W, Montelius
Warmer Betiding—J.J.McAlccco
An important conference respecting the rrincfl Rupert towmite In -
tween C. M Hajs. president ol
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway,
ind Km, I'"* J* I'tilton, c.hit'l loni-
inisMoiier nl Kinds ami works, took
place at the Hotel Vancouver on
Saturday. Various members of
the pre-.iilfnti.il party, including
D'Arcv Tali, miitinl solicitor ol
the railway, partii iji.tt' tl
At its conclusion it wns announced that the sab* of lots al tin* new
railway tn minus will not take
place until next spring. No definite tlate bas been fixed, The
railway company, it was intimated
by one ol its ollicials, hopes ere
long to announce llu* dfltflill nl thfl
method ol disposing of tin* lots
embraced in the towiisite.ainethaxl
in which it is expected the provincial government will cooperate in
carrying out.
Alter Mr Hays had diipotfld nl
a number ol callers it was ilu announced that the building ol the
proposed Grand Trunk Pacifil
branch line from Fort GflOTgl ifl
central Hritish Columbia to Vancouver will bfl uiiilt'itaken sooner
than liital been originally contemplated. Sumyon will be placi d
in the kid next spring. Although
no arrangement had been made to
acquire the charter rights ol tin V.
W.tftY. railway held by John Hendry and afltoctatta.it was intimated
that virtually the HUM rOUtfl will
be utilized
"Alter our drive around the city
ycsleril.iv.wT win num* impressed
than f.ti with the necessity ol
building into \ am ■ mu er as soon
is possible. This magic city is
wonderful ami ire hope to contribute in tin* future to its blither
upbuilding." said an official who is
close tu l'i. snltiit lla\s. "Of
course we shall enter Vancouver,
but the view ol tin* loteflbore ol
North Vancouver, seen Irom alar,
il is true, was nut lost sight of,"
be addttl lignifii antl)
Mr. Hays aiiil part) mat lied the
coast from Kdnionton mi Friday
They sailed Saturdat nighl lot
Prince Kupert on the Prioccn
May. They will spin I OM mt k
in the north. Making Prince Uu
pert their headquarter-., it is proposed to make a trip up the Ski ma
river as far as Kitsalas canyon to
inspect thc* railwa\ conitruction
now in prcgti ss
"Alter a trip by rail om mir
main line as Iai wist as Haiti,
river bridge, we drove overland to
Edmonton belon* inspecting the
route to a point about seventy-five
miles west of Edmonton,"Hid Mr.
Hays to the Province shoitly after
his arrival. "We wen amazed at
grain growing possibilities of the
entire region we traversed. Contracts for the building of a section
no unlet west of Edmonton, to
Wolft nver, are now being carried
out at a very satisfactory rate, and
within thirty 'lays tin company
will ask for bids foi building an
additional aoo miles beyond. This
will bring us well over tin* Yellow*
head pass into liriiish Cslumbia.
"Simultaneously tenders for constructing an additional hundred
miles to a point in the Hulklev
valley beyond KueltM will also
be called lor. It is proposed to
rush construction with all possible
ipecd. In order I" t ompU with
our contract with tin dominion
government we bopt to have ,,||
rail communication between the
head ol llu* gn at lakes ami Prince
Kupert well within the next three
years. Wfl realize lhe important*
ol attacking tins Inn undertaking
by starting work in thfl interior ol
British Columbia rflthef than by
constructing the Iini Irom thfl Pacific coast and tin prairies. The
question will be decided alter a
conference with thfl provincial
government. Thfl mflritioi various
routes from tin mam line of the
C. P K. and vii which nun ami
supplies can bfl shipped lu to the
central interior in now in our
Conservative Meeting
Larson's pavilion was filled on
Wednesday evening with l itizens,
to hear Geo. II Cowan I hairman
Steacey presided. J. J. Mil tr antl
Lambert Hotiilgav. short iddn Mfll
nnl Wm. Moon* sang tin Const r
vilive campugn song
Mr. Cowin   was  received with
tremendous and sustained applause. In his opening lemarks
he expressed his appreciation of
the presence of so many ladies.
Proceeding he declared that North
Vancouver is Canada in miniature
as to the problems which press
upon her. These problems involve questions uf local,provincial,
national, and even international
concern. Such conditions demand
an honest citizenship.a courageous
citizenship, and an intelligent
Hurrard Inlet will make one of
the finest harbors in the world, ln
C-rdet to do this,the harbor must be
nationalized. Not merely the Vancouver water frontage, but the entire Inlet,including Nurth Ann anil
English bay must be made a
national port. Mr. Horden is
definitely committed tu (Ins plan,
and has pioiniseil thai flVOTlblfl
consideration will bfl given as soon
as a practicable scheme can be
di vised
For  commercial   purposes   the
boundary between Vancouver and
Norlh Vancouver should beaonibi-
Ifltfld. Tin-re is but one way to do
this, namely, by a suitable bridge
ll second narrows. That bridge
must be such as will not inti'ibn*
with navigation. lt must be a
railway bridge and open to all
railways ; an electric tramway
bridge and open to all companies ;
a traffic bridge both vehicular and
pedestrian. Engineers id viae that
it will bfl possible to so construct
a bridge at second narrows, that a
second bridgt would bflCOBM a
practical impossibility, because of
the immense cost. How exceedingly important that this bridge
when built shall bfl capable of
accommodating the entire traffic
lm many years to come.
The nationalization of the haibor
includes the widening of lirst narrows, dredging of False creek.con
struction of dry-docks, a dredging
plant, mat bine shops, and many
other itt ms. The return ol Mr.
Borden would soon see active steps
taken for the improvement of the
harbor, The harbor lines should
belong not to any corporation, but
to harbor comniissioneis, for the
people, empowered to build and
operate wharves, antl to administer
affairs in the interests of the
The prist nee of an alien Oriental
race cannot assist us in working
out  these great problems.      This
must bfl done by those* ol Caucasian
blood.      It   was a fatal day when
oui doors wen- thrown open to the
Asiatic   influx,   and   the problem
would project itsel/into sin i'. tl
ing generations.    The history ol
tins   Asiatic   immigration  was as
lollows:   In tStj5 the Conservative
government    refused   to   become
party to the Anglo-Japanese treatv
unless   empowered   to   deal with
Japanese   immigration  as Canada
might desire.    In l8y6 the Liberal
party took oflice.     In October the
Japanese agreed toconcedeCanada
control of Japanese immigration
Sir   Wilfred   Laurier declined to
avail himsell of those powers and
the Japanese  began io pour in, in
thousands.    Repeated representations were made to the government
bul to no avail.     In 1903 the consul general of Japan in Vancouver,
advised Laurier ol his readiness to
concede  the right ol the government   to   control   this influx, but
about this time the G.T. P. railway
scheme was devised as an election
t ry.   on  th* strength of which the
Liberals were returned to power.
In   1005   thfl  government cabled
London asking lo be made a party
to the Japanese treaty.    The colonial secretary cabled back "What
about Japanese laborers antl iirti
zans;   do  you want to keep them
out?"     September, 1905, the got
einur-gencral   cabled   Iglifl   thai
Laurier was pressing that Canada
be made parti t 1 lhe treaty.    Col-
onial-st 1 it tin 1 ablcdagam "What
about my cable ol July 14th?"  On
September   25th   the government
n plied, finally ralinqniahing th
right to contiol Japanese immigration. That was a black day lor
Canada. The treaty was ratlin tl
in January, 1907. ami by October
1st, Hi25 Japanese hail arrived ia
Canada The Lemieux mission
hat! dont nothing but to show that
tin* control of ilns vital matter had
been handed over to Tokio.
The position of Mr. Horden is
lhat if there is really a modus
vivendi and the slightest breach
has occurred tin rein, that will
oblige bis party to abrogate the
treaty antl to pass a law that will
protect tin- citizens of Canada, lit*
was luthorisfld to state this.
Iln* I.1I11 ral park bad changed
Hit: larilf 10 the detriment ol H ('.
Ini rise then is no duty on the
im por ution of those gooai that m
blVi tow 11,thus allowing American
umbarmca to shut us out ol our
egitimate market, the North West
Warmer Bedding
That is what you want, and when s the use of resurrecting thorn*
ild blankets that were worn thin a yeai ago, when you can buy
new ones for so little at the new storer' I" dlowing are a few
leaders in flannelette and wool blankets, comioriers ami spreads.
Terms, unc-fuurth rush ; Im,a...*.*, II, 12 aad 18 months
Flannelette Blankets
10*4 best quality nhlainable, in eotion blankets, urey uml it hit.*
regularly snld (nr ll.Uour price (1.00
lllielier priees MTordiuK d* UM.
Wool Blankets
These are K'hiiI •flfgfl double bed iiie,whlU "rool blanket*',heavy
■flight, IpMfll price |4.25
Cotton HM rmiil'irlers,idleolnrs."'iv Jin-.lieuu* ttei(,|it,spei*iitl || HS
White Spreads
11-4 Mereelles. inerteriseil, im dressing, Knnil pattern, l*MclaJ    |I50
ll-4 finer i|iinlitv. mercerised, speeial (j'J.UO
Smaller -izes ul Inner pruts.
Wfl have only mentioned I IflW leaders
out ol thfl many v.nifties kepi in stock
* 7W"
>    s
'■    0
'•    j
•    a'
I    ">,„,
provinces, bt't there are heavy
duties on every thing that B. C.
must buy. British Columbia contains 3 per cent of the population
of the dominion, but she sustains
i* per cent of thc costol confederation. She should therefore have
y per cent of the hem-tits whereas
she gels but one per cent, ln 1903
the interprovincial trade amoiintci!
to $315,000,000,'dl which B.C. got
J3,ooo,ooo;now that trade reaches
$400,000,000, of which B.C. still
gets about one per cent.
The fact that the cost ol loca
administration, is higher iu B.C.
than in the other provinces, constitutes a distinct money claim
against the dominion, lie hat
investigated this ami conti'inle.
that B.C. isenlitledtotbree b'lirtlis
ol a million dollars annually in per
petuity. The conference of the
premiers bad admitted the claim
and the Laurier government bail
sought to dispose of it at 1100,000
per year for ten years. Mr Borden
declares "1 will right the wrongs
of B.C. IIyou have this claim
will pay it." He had been upbraided on the floor ol the house
by Hon. I'isherand Laurier for this
Referring tothecorruption which
is rift- in tliegnvrrnment Mr. Cowan
declared that one of ils worst 1 tints
is that it familiarizes the yoiinj
mind with crime in high   places.
Mr. Boribn's return would be
not only a great political but likewise a greal moral triumph, draft
comes out ol the pocket of the
woikmginan who must pay the
enormous  sums  handed  uver
arty (avoritM and middlemen,
appealed to the workingman to do
his duty toward purifying public
lile bv  returning  Mr. Borden on
Od  2blh.
This was a crucial time in which
every right minded citizen should
forget parly consideration and
study only the best interests ol
this constituency andol Canada
At the conclusion ol MrCowans
address, W. J. lrwinaskeda si ms
of questions with reference lo Mr.
Cowan's altitude toward Sflcond
Narrows bridge, the incoming ol
the C.N.Ky. and the O.T.I' Ry.,
the railway to Fort George, and a
post oflice building to Nortli Van-
1 outer, all ol which Mr. Cowan
answered to the gratification of thfl
W.CT.U. Programme
The lollowing is the programme
at the Elocutionary Contest, mi
Thursday mext, in thfl Horticultural hall:
Oveltlire -  Mis    Kilt hu-seil
Solo - Miss Millard
(biarlettt    Messrs McColl,Smith,
Alexander and James
Violin Solo - Miss Maddams
Address - Miss Emily lltatlu 1
(   niest • No 1 In the Kegs
No i Result ol Treating
No 3 In the Leigh Valley Train
No 4 The Political Panda
No 5 The Sisters on Strike
No 6 Sand
Solo   Miss Cameron
Address • Mrs. Watson
I luet-MissesCockburtuV Armstrong
Kesult of Contest ami  awai I ol
medal by thfl Judges
Quartette - Messrs McColl,Smith,
Alexander and James
The Liberals will hold a big
meeting in the Vancouver I Ipi ia
House, Saturday night, W. B, H.
Mclnnes being lhe principal
W. J. Bowser ami (i II. Cowflfl
will atldress a Consi'i valive mass
meeting in thc Opera House, Vai
couver, Monday night.
Dr. j4.MacKay Jordan
To my Irictuk ami palrons
in Ninth Vam ouvi 1
old resident ol North Vancouver
and take care ol
Remember always, if you consult Dr. Jordan, such consultation
will cost you nothing.
SbOaM glasses be required, the
glasses will be right and so will
the price.
334 Hastings  Street W.
Smart Clothes
For Young' Men
Trust tlicin for iiuikin^ tho absolute correct
id v lea.
If you're a "follow" of judgment and good
fusti in dressing yourself, you'll have a great
ohlDM to give lliese qOatllUM in yourself the
fullest exercise this season.
Kil-Kcforin garment* are thc bent produced
to-day—that's the candid opinion of people
who know it's so when they say it's so—
The new browns and greens nudge us to say
thev are here iu all tlieir aristocratic stylus
ami colors, yet at the most coaxing prices you
can imagine.
Here's a chance to be lucky. Huy one of
our Special Suits at
worth double the money*
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver


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