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The Express 1905-11-24

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 Uht I^rtHB
Finance Committee to Report
on Lumber Contract.
The municipal council held a
special session on Wednesday
night, to dispose of some urgent
business. Keeve Kealy presided
and there were present Councillors
Morden, May, Allen and Bell,
A letter was received from the
Brackman & Ker Milling Company, asking for permission to
lease 35 feet of waterfront, on the
east side of the ferry wharf. This
company intend to erect a feed
warehouse and landing. Referred
to Councillors May and Allen as to
the space available and policy of
pealing with same.
The road foreman's report re
Jimmy Harry's claim for damages
done his gate was considered. It
was resolved that in view of the!
report the council disavows any
"North Vancouver, B, C.,
"Nov. 22, 1905.
"To the Reeve and Council, Nortli
"Gentlemen,—By desire of chairman of Hoard ol Works, and in reference to a letter from Mr. II. C.
Wright to Tin: Express, I have to
state that there was paid to the Rat
Portage Lumber Company $1)45.7f>
for 109,800 leet ol lumber, and that
the cost of taking delivery of the
whole from the scow was $107.85,
The tenders received were lor only
72,800 feet.   Yours faithfully,
"Alex. Philip, C.M.C."
On motion of Councillors Bell
and Morden, it was resolved to refer the whole matter to the Finance
Committee, to make enquiry aud
meet all parties concerned and
make a report at the next meeting
ol the council.
It was decided to instruct the
engineer to fix the grade and prepare plans and specifications to
build a sidewalk on h'irst street.
To be considered at the next meet"
Views of Correspondents on a
Proposed Change.
I have always been ol Vancouver
City, I remain, yours faithfully,
P. Larson,
North Vancouver, B. C, November 21, HJ05,
The question of locating the
tramway and telephone poles was
taken up for consideration. It
was decided to refer the matter to
the Board of Worki to find out
the practice prevailing at Vancouver in this regard, and also to
cunler with the telephone company thereon.
Tenders were opened (or clearing and grading sides ol Second
and Fourth streets, west from
Lonsdale avenue to Mahon
avenue, and laying sidewalks
thereon.    Tbey were as follows:
Second street Quinn & Dressy,
$8jo; Robert Blackburn, S460.
Fourth street—Quinn & Dressy,
$840; Robert Blackburn, S430.
llotb contracts were awarded to
Mr. Blackburn.
Regarding the lenders for the
proposed extension work on
Second street, it was decided not
to open them, hut to call for new
ones on revised specifications, to
be returnable by Olh of December
The committee on the ferry
I schedule reported that the company had 1:,' •• I to continue the
12:15 boat, and that a passenger
approach at the wharf would he
built early in the spring. Report
Council then adjourned.
Liberals Will Meet.
The North Vancouver Liberal
Association will meet in the Pavilion on Tuesday evening, the 28th.
The business to he transacted will
he the election of officers and arranging a programme (or the winter.
President Dick will preside and
Secretary Livingstone will he in
'lis place. A good attendance is
anticipated. All Liberals are re
quested to attend.
St. Andrew's Church.
The Rev. C. Marion Miirphey,
of San Francisco, will conduct the
services on Sunday and will also
continue his revival meetings for
another week.   All are welcome
Re Victoria Park work: Re
solved—That tenders be called (or
ou an amended specification, to
provide (or the formation of a 30-
foot graded and ditched road on
the south, east and north sides.
The Board of Works reported on
the clearing and grading of Be-
wicke avenue, and also building
two short bridges thereon. It was
to the effect that the engineer he
conferred with as to modifying llie
specifications iu order to reduce
the cost, and to call for new
The Chesterfield Street Bndi
by-law was reconsidered and finally
Clerk Philips submitted a deed
of land from North Vancouver
Land and Improvement Company.
II was resolved that the whole
papers he placed in the hands ol
the solicitor for examination and
History repeats itself. The
world moves on but nothing new.
This week's press dispatches make
known the articles of agreement
that have been signed between an
American wrestler and a Japanese
jiu-jitsu man. "Doth men are to
'wrestle' until either one becomes
unconcious." No stipulations re
gaiiling holds are laid down. Til
jap is allowed to use his jiu-jitsu
holds to the best advantage; th
American to follow whatever mod
he sees lit. The latter is at
present perfecting himself on
new "hold" which means strangulation if he succeeds in placing it
on his opponent, Have you ever
read in the annals of history anything suggestive ol nunc brutality
than this? T
lighters were considered barbari
Don't Change the Name.
Editor ol The Fxpress:
Sir,—As one o( the earliest rate
payers in the municipality, and ol
those who proved their faith in our
grand future by not only investing in reality, but by improving
our property  and   bringing   our
families here, I have been deeply
interested in the agitation which
has recently taken place, not only
to incorporate as a city, but to
change the  name.    I   have   the
most hearty sympathy with every
effort put   forth  to enhance the
prosperity of our town, and think
it would he most advantageous in
every way to incorporate, provided
the limits of the borough were not
too   widely   extended,   and   our
interests entrusted to  good   and
trustworthy men, such as 1  am
BUtt we could   secure.    But   my
main object in troubling you is in
respect to the proposed change ol
name.    In the early days North
Vancouver  was   an   outskirt   of
Vancouver,    precisely  as   South
Vancouver   is    today,    and   we
have shared in the benefits and
good times which came to us all,
as the terminus ol our great continental railway—the C. P. R., and
the  marvellous advantages arising from our grantl harbour.    Then
why should we wish to change the
name ?   Surely llie name of Vancouver should be good 1 Hough for
us, with ihe prefix of North, to
indicate  our   location.   We   are
certainly the offshoot of Vancouver,
and   I  have aluays been  of   the
ipinion that no people should be
ishaiiied of their parent's nanie-
cspecially   when   that   name   is
widely known and respected and
whose credit is good.   The fact
that a few letters have been lost or
delayed is a very small matter in
comparison to the advantages we
derive from our present name, and
1, (or one  beg most emphatically
to protest against a change.   Our
ratepayers, I hope, will not change
the name,  but  one thing  1 can
say,  is  that  so long as I have
anything to do with the hotel 1
Conduct il shall always be known
as the "Hotel North Vancouver.'
Any new name would, to my mind,
he absurd.    Our bonds have been
Change the Name.
Fditor o( The Express:
Sir,—In view of the fact that
part of this municipality is about
to incorporate as a city with the
greater advantages and also greater
responsibilities attendant thereto, 1
think it wise at the present time to
draw attention   to  one question,
which is ol most vital importance,
and which we should weigh well at
the present time, that is the question of a name for the young city.
It should be selected with the greatest care.    It should he distinctive
and hold, well worthy of a great
city, which we all unite in believing
it will become.   The name should
not contain more than seven or
eight letters, ami sliould  not  lie
like the name of any other city or
town  in this vicinity.    It sliould
hear a name essentially its own, so
that confusion in mail matter may
be avoided.    As the name stands
al the present time correspondents
at a distance, who do not understand tbe condition of things hereabouts,   often   neglect   to   write
North," only giving Vancouver
as  the   adtlress,  thereby causing
confusion and delay In the delivery
of mail, and oftentimes the loss of
the mail matter altogether.   Vancouver, South Vancouver, North
Vancouver, Vancouver Island am
Vancouver,   Washington,   are   a
multiplication ol names altogether
unnecessary, ofleii causing serious
loss to our citizens.    I [ere is a case
in point to bear out my argument:
Some time ago we were doing business with a man iu Tacoina, Washington.
on important business, which had
a given time to he completed. The
letter did not arrive, so one of the
members of my family look the
train lor Tacoma, and, 011 reaching
that place, found the letter had
been sent to and returned again
from Vancouver, Washington
The question is an important
one and has two sides, as may
readily he seen on perusal of the
able letter of Mr. Larson in this
issue, who holds that the name
Ninth Vancouver should be retained.
On the other hand the gist of the
argument in favor of a change
may be summed up as follows:
1. Chang.' of name is necessary
to distinguish between Ihe city
and the rural district.
2. To meet the necessities of
the postal service, confusion is
bound to arise and will increase as
the town grows if the name is not
3. To give the place a distin-
tive standing on its own merits,
which in the near future will be
amply sufficient.
4. The change will not prejudice the credit of the council.
Financial men look to (acts not
names. Besides, the over abundant borrowing ol the city o( Vancouver now going on may prejudice the name rather than help it.
5. The best feature of the name
"Durrani" is that it will associate
the proposed new city with the
inlet -known all over the world
long before Vancouver ever existed
-which will he the chief factor in
making it a prosperous place.
the pace. Tin result is a physical
and mental wreck, and a broken
down body is bequeathed to old
age. This is the finale of the
treating system.
Then there is another class;
"That grieve! not ami that never
Stulkl and "tunned, brothers tu the
Temperance vs Intemperance
Hardly a day passes hut some
unfortunate person dies of alcho-
lism. What prompts men to drink
to, excess? and how can the evil be
remedied, has been the problem ol
all ages, anti-daliug even biblical
tunes. Horace writes, "What
does drunkeness not accomplish?
Il discloses secrets; it satisfies
There was a letter due us | hopes and urges even the Unarmed
io battle," Drunkeness is a dis-
ease nl the brain brought on by
using loo much* "booze," to use a
vulgar phrase; in fact, it is "nothing
but voluntary madness." Not on*'
iu ten thousand will go into a drug
store to drink poison, not to say to
kill,  but lor the pleasure of  the
know some are of the opinion that j thing.    Vet the druggist could dis
to retain our present name will
help us financially, evidently thinking that we can do business on the
good name of our sister city, but
every business man knows that our
credit will he determined from our
gross assets, less our liabilities,
and the business capacity of our
citizens. Besides, everyone is convinced that the commercial terminus ol the (irand Trunk P.n iflt
railway, ami Ihatul the Canadian
Northern, will be iu Ninth Van
^^^^^^^^^^^Buver. If we retain the old name
issued as North Vancouver bonds, | ,|„, mitsj,|(, W(>ti,i. „ |„ „,„ |,now
and are probably held all 0V6I lie
world. The deeds for properly in
our municipality all read "in the
municipality ol North Vancouver,"
and these again are held iu the
1'nited Kingdom, United States,
and nio'.t other countries,   Cap
tains Kiniing here on ites rs and
sailing ships hair   photographed
Im ,il conditions, will not think
there arc opportunities for investment, ,i- ii is already il"' terminus
..I ■ railway, bul mil it Ie.   oim
new name,  IUI ll   as   "
and the whole finani iai world will
he in ■ I. in to gel here    We will
find them coming on fool and on -'"'•"'
petise dings just as intoxicating
to the minds of men as alohol-
lt's nol the custom, however, to do
so. Un the oilier hand you find
men frequenting taverns because it
is the fashion. That's the point.
Goodfellowillip and conviviality
are the prune factors that induce
men lo foregather at the bar,
Ilu.    liny    talk    freely    to   one
another, reviewing perhaps ihe
business or day's work, indulge in
a general gossip, as it were, ami
the flowing bowl is passed around.
Tune thus goes merrily on, each
one in turn treatingi till ilu hour
arrivui im ilie evening meal.
I In treating s\stciu has bi 1 omi
.nn ni iln established things in
■.innn, nml ii nipti men, out ul
1 .nni' i" drink mora than they
• •il,. rwisi would. I bus iln- pace
the lust hearted men thai
■ ■I hv. J, 111 ih.' 1 oitrse ol .1 lew
those without homes and very little
money. Of course they are human,
and, too, seek comfort and joy in
tbe always inviting barroom. They,
in time, also lose self respect, because tbey have not the money to
pay lor ihe liquor they crave for.
Thus it goes.
In most cases the frequentors of
saloons are men of the world who
have experienced enough of real
life to be case-hardened, and, like
Dyrou, "men and the world so
much they hate, they care not
when they quit the scene." You
can see despair written in their
The drink evil must be remedied,
say the temperance advocates.
Why don't these tipplers give up
their habits, become respectable
and go to church? Large numbers
of them do, especially business
men, but they attend only for policy's sake. The others see them,
and say to themselves "no thanks,
not with us."
Why don't the homeless young
men join the V. M. C. A.? For
sundry reasons, As a rule the
members of the Y. M. C. A. are
those who were brought up from
boyhood within the pale of the
church and were taught from their
youth up to look upon life from
an entirely different standpoint.
Strangers who go among them, although ever so welcome, do not
care to have the flashlight of enquiry thrown on their past lives, so
far as social standing is concerned,
for the simple reason it would condemn them in the eyes of religionists, and they would be marked as
unreliable, though perfectly honest
in their every-day lives. And thus
the outcast young men seek more
congenial channels to pass away
their idle hours,
11 the curse ol strong drink is to
be n moved, a counter attraction
must take the place of the saloon
in society. Whatever it may be,
it must be non-sectarian and conducted on broad, tolerant principles. The home must be made
Every man who has a chance
at all wants to own a home if he
can allord it, not a den ol troubles
that perchance make him go to the
Education and a full enjoyment
of the home life will practically
end intemperance.
tt'.i'li.i' k, by railway and bj 11	
years,   becomi   slaves to    King
Spanish   bull-! «ur townsite and sent descriptions boat, each one striving to get hci ^^^^^
'of our lands ami improvements to fin*, s„ ti„-v nun get in mi iln Alcohol
Alter supper
The applications for the water-
frontage of the street ends was left
to the Finance Committee to deal
Councillor Morden called attention to Mr. II. C. Wright's lelter
in the press, regarding the lumber
supplied by the Rat Portage Lum
ber Company and also read the
following letter from the clerk
the Mexican Alamo was appalling,' friends in, I may say. aver) 1 uuiiirv, ^ ^roiiml floor with their investments.
but what of this wrestling match? and we are only just beginning to „ Burrard" is a name thai everj
Let us see. in the Spanish and reap the advantages of this work,
Mexican arenas we see men array-|«nd the distribution of maps, pained against the angry bull. The man
is armed with such devices as will
give him the better end ol the
struggle. In New York we hear
of two men coming together, to
struggle in each other's grips until
one or the other becomes unconscious. Which game, we would
ask, has the most symptoms ol
humanity? If left for us to decide
we would unhesitatingly say the
I'll  met'er iu   ihe   cellar- The
gas man.
phlets, pictures and newspapers
which have been cin ulatcd in every
lerhaps a   cold
meal hy the tune the lords   are
school-childknows,whohaiBtudied|f"dyforit, they assemble at the
geography, so let US give the young I l°dgMi or political meetings,  etc
city a  new name !   And wc  will
build a now city ol --hi Ii dimensions
civilized country on the globe by am| Bp|0ndoi thai all ih* earth wil
the Tourist Association of Vancoti-,„,,„,,,, tvjl|, u. „, ,„ir gn aim IS,
ver and others.    My opinion is that 1 D. G. DlCK,
any change of name now would be     North Van, ouver, B. C, Novem
most disastrous mul depreciate our. ber, 24, ijoj
property to such an extent that
do not care to estimate a figure, bul
certainly it would be ,1 bad day lor
us when any sut li chant;.' WBl
made, Trusting 110change will be
made in the nanu . bul thai we ihal
Re Changing Name.
The  result  ol   ihe   plebiscite
recently taken hv 'I m   Expi is
showed thai the vote stood almost
two to one in laVOI   ol   1 hanging
rlow'd Mm get ilat lump on
nun In .ul Pete, so soon arter your
weddiu' day?
l'i ie Walli oiie oh dfiii shoes
111,1 It und'. lim w Im link was a
tiise shoe,
Winn the evening's work is done
in,lead ol going home, as tin y
should, tbey again indulge till
maybe it's midnight, Next day
Ihey are in many cases unlit lor
work, ami, a'- yean roll on, drink
tells on them; they lose their grip,
and finally find nothing else lo
employ their time at, except
talking ol the good old times
in tb. saloons, and how prosperous
the) 'nn ■ w i'
11,. 11 old l' "in associate.] have
■-V ja !!=♦*
always he proud to be residonta in them  ol this town, preference separate vei    And in order to
the "City of North Vancouver," »s I g given to that ol "Burrard."'find new 11 they musl still go
Your Surprise
tthea -mi vrr th*
Christmas Express
U/be Christmas Express will promulgate North Vancouver THE EXPRESS
Mil in \ \M'i)i'\'|i;i! u, C,
N  v i'i|i,'i'       I': iiiui]  lb;
ll'lfliSS I'lilNTlXtl G'onipiuiy
(iti" Dull ir pet Ccit'
: Kditoi
ng ,Vui i
Tlilrty Languages Now Spoken on the
Streets of V,        log   W nk For
Canada lo  ,'ty.
insl    if   ll IvIIIXvll
..  .1     I   I   i!  ..f II I! unelvil-
i ■ i villi Hit     ".l'i
i.   ' -
I iii'*l
:       i ;   II       'In; n      111
.      II ll. K. Welsh
Ii      sncio      Mi iVi I '
liy  liei'ii  iii 0
,        ,     |icltll     '''."li   ll'o 'III)
;        ..■.    |. .I...:.,
i Van ouver, anil
.  iiilicl'eil   Hi"   i'n  "I
,. ,iic,.nic,:..I 11-i year
■ m in   ill the Uilil"  i.-.-'i-
' ,   . 11    This n irked Iho
Hun frnui the  tltl linithii" ird ri
language   for tho luvsetu, at least,
"''f ciiurse," lie iiiltiiiiiiil, "ive recognize licit ICngllsh is tic great Innguago
nf commerce mi,I civlllmitlon, imi  ilie
country nni.-; pass lliriiilgli llie   rioly-
i- r ,i" : .in "im be reached.
i   rk iti lit" i"ily-
Iriii   lllun "
11"  l'i C:   letl   II. ,;i   it mi"" "US' i nil -
Ill'.V ill III    Kll   klllCi       "ll l'"l' "Veil Eng-
li-h nml |,'ri ""li i" iiMi'ii ft'"" tlnil liny
viiih ih" natives,
1, ol   '"ill', wns n phase "f I'l'ii-
I u in.iik of iln- I'lil regime,"
i.. i 'i: urn : :• i "ci. English
Th" liniiiiii iviti-ls is id "tif chief work
It i- ni" Itliiroi. '. im Asiatic foreign-
'iv- wli" nr" .-.■ 111i11:.- Into Hun country in
such large numbers Mini ive inn i work
"il.    Alnl thill  is ii  Im; ll'lll'li."
You cannot be expected lo U- - jiith in Shiloh'i
v ' ,i i.iiii,'ii"ii Cute, tlic Lung Tonic, u a cms for
('ul'li, Coughi and nil (Jjteatri >i tho nir pauagei.
if you luve not hied it. W* hava faitli in il, and
to cotivincR yuu lhat it will cure you we auaianloe
ll, If it doctn'l cuie you ilmiti von nothing. If
il duel it caili yuu 25c, That i fair. Try it
lis, cutr.1 .msnil laouundl -I tlie m",l oUlinila
cue., ami Welti, nut liriil-telnl.ythat it will cute
any Cult),, 'lluoat ol Lima llouble. II we
did nut lielirve tlii, we would lint Guaiaiil*Q il
abtolutrlv a. wedo. Shiluli U, had an unbtnlan
lacotil nl 1I1CCM for lliifly I'.atl. ll ba, Hood
every |xiuiblele>lwiiliiiutl.iluie. N" t Ihal oiool
ol ill curative ptoiiettiei.   iuttbe.
Birth R.itc In French,
Ti,"  birth     liitlstios   ul   Monttenl,
lusi 1,1'cn p ill   lie i sliould
ilellghl  Hi" lieiii'l nf I'l'cslilenl  Roose-
vi ll.     Tic ne im lill li ' il      tor    tli"
•■■v. ■. i "li   ye rs  up  In mil  Including
iln- year 1901 wa per 1 i o[ ll„
popiilu'lon, Tli" r in "I'lui birth
j ' II    pi r  1........   ih.ii  of the
Imllt      i -.. ilini or tiie I'i'ii-
lestniits, ."Ml.   In iin,  section "I Hi"
i "pul iiii.ii n   least there Is no n	
i ule ilc, London, England, hail in 1901
u i ni.. nf :n." per 1,000: til isgow, 81.7;
x.vv V"ik. !2.7; Paris, lil i; llerlln,
20,7; St. Petershurg, 25.5; Sydney,
Madrid, •':" -'. The I'rencli-Cunn-
dliuis rn' Montreal lead Hi" world in the
matter "f obeying th,. biblical command in "ll" fruitful nnil multiply nnd
'ime'io'the'ie'w'Wii   i  I   ] i "m'il | rc"len,!ih ""-' "in"''
pplii. j wl    the |t ilyglol problem in
: •  llihle, "i- I < II
I Into mill   iiii-iiiigt'S altogeth-l
"Of I " -. nearly
,.,!.,.„ ,-■ .,n,,M ind  :l "I'li-voll'iu-s Ineretise,    In last years
Growth of Winnipeg.
Tli** building ivinni itl Winnipeg is
greater than ever.   Compared with the
tntal figures i'"i' pri'Vlnun years it shown
■B1!1 laitnuaKi's am
i   . .. ,i   *i   onlai i'i    Two
I nint'i     i   'i   litem    were
first i iiti'ti ur printed form
■ i rl
Hum il        >    y m i' -
I , .    ■ .      .    -    "
■'i'i m to know
.   .     ,  i   .',     i'   Rupert's
; iho Cree
;  *   I       II" has .ion-'
or, in .
lliiiuaii It'tti-i    I
i .!.- marks   In-
1   * Inngiiiigt'.
■ ill our I
:.     ■> ■'    i-; nol   ;i
" .    | ;    .
■,   ■    - | |   R0|   Ml"
... ,i      in    ;■ * (lent   in
* Vi> John
■ >       ii     ■.-   lu i Ian-
* iur    >.  ■ ■
,   :
■ i .    ■  ■
■   - ■ n ■      's U is Uu>
;■ i.      ,     ■ ' i
\', ■■   '.     ill:       ■      .
■ ■       longuc, whl      i
I' ■       ■ '. I IV"!
[   bi*   IL   Hu
I      i
.Mr   U"*i li ■■ h
■ *   i    : .
,     il i
ii .i in* that al
I  -     ..,..       ,   .
if oi
■■    ii   I. i  i "i    .
i  I
'     ■     '
,i       iH'iu!
■ I .1 ' '  I
■ I
md Iti i! ilun
■  ■
'   ,     HIP oltj
■ .
I •]
■ ,
■ •■      ■ if the
• i i.' t  .
he medium
roi "i l several millions were represented by Hu' new (', I'. li. lerml Lin
Kuton block, the gas works Improve-
men : and othrr large structure   Tin re
nre ovi r 1,2011 more buildings this yenr
■ ui lasi year, Inn the n njorlty
are n   ilenees,    Tlie   report,
whicli speaks fur itself, Ih ns follows:—
■i    IVrml'tiy 1.7I1S; building . 2,268;
, ■   (9,nB1-"50.
I'ermlis, 2,Tfil; bulldin        39;
. .     ...,■,...
iifnuiiii in lli' nunv triiuniinittiol I lions >-' • I...
Iitc<l Shiloh ami l-ttn cure-l. Mil, Atchii Tiylai,
Au-ili, IV, wiilui: ■-
"I Ij-mgtil ft bollta nl Shiloh'i Coniumplinn Cu«
•nd Found it very btnehciil, I htvo two chiltliin
«'.! i -■ I** I a trtrilile cough, I give than
evtrylhina I Cll'l',l ■'i-1" "'* l "' '-"V -"' n" '""ll"
until one rvniing my huilunt) l m'.-A t boideof
SIiiIdIi. We give il lo the thililrcn wlito ther
went to IhkI, and lliey ilrnt ill night,    ll . .m-l
tliem eunpwtelfi I «K«LI alwiyi keep ii in tha
Itouie." 6o»
25c. wilh mi.iantm wlinrvrl BWdiBBa ia MM,
The BiKRP.I  Shell..
The blpKl'sl shells me found on tl
large barrier reef nf (lie Indlnn oeenn,
l.:'iii) miles lout;, enst of Australia,
Here tlie monsters cotno up on tlie
rocks, whii'h nre nbuost Inaccessible,
nml grow In weigh nver 1)00 pounds,
The Sraltbsonlnn has one of llieae bivalves in its collection wlllcll stninls
over three feet high, 11 lins u saw tooth
edge mnl Inside u largo muscle scar,
The unlives s: I in ns much I'eiii' of
iliein ns they do nf n mad eleiihant,
miti many traditions nre common
among them nf how arms and legs
have been bitten off.
IM.  Way  In  M'lliel,  Ha  Walla  Wer.
llpcurn 1,'tl  liy liitllntiN.
Tli.iiismiiis uf arrows shot hy bauds
of Indians for possibly centuries pro-
initio I'l'om n assure sevet'til hundred
I'eet long III 111'' I'OcliJ' Willis of Arrow
canyon, about twentj' miles from the
i crossing of the Sail l.nke railroad ovoi
the Monpon river, says the Los Angeles
At a point ivliei'e Hie perpendicular
wall of the canyon Juts out about aiu
fee!   above   III.'   "illiyiill   lied   ll   thill,
Buulcellko lissui'e runs In Ihe rock, Sue-
lessive genei'iillons of Indlaiis have
gone io ihe place nt regular Intervals
I I slmi their gnyly bi'fouthorod arrows upward, foi'iulng a fi'luged Benrf
iuiii|iie ill ils oililiiy. The arrows are
su Uilch that little room is left for
more, mnl owing to tin' position of Uio
Dssuro ni a helghl .a' hiki feel ami under ihe shelving wall ihe relics, protected from Hie weather, bavo sluek
wlii'i'" iln'.v were driven in uncouiitod
years ago.
Already relic hunters an' visiting ihe
plnco ami despoiling ii of lis treasures
hy shooting the arrows oul with revolvers nnd i'llies. In the sands of the bed
of tin- canyon many arrowheads of
various Blzcs und shapes nre found
burled, It Is believed ihai tlie Indians
visiied this spot in connection with
some rite, Crude, strange figure! have
been cut liy ihem iu the fair of Ihe rock
OEYLON TEA is guaranteed to be absolutely
pure and of incomparable value.
Bold only In load packages at 40c, 50c, and 60c per Ib.
By all Grooori.
Hlghoit Award, St. Louis, 1004.
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps Out Cold.
Write for Samples and Prices
TBBS & PERSSE, Limited, Agents, Winnipeg.
Wife Talked B-ck.
! In' I"' ni'.-  ' nil ' Hi.i   [  nnd
dull 1 will n.n In ret. ai -iiii"
It'll     t'tinti'lU'teil  hy  my  wli".
'".  I >\ .1. .1   Wnll.
'   knon     i I    .1    Wall   hail
I saloon   ".ni brew-
. in m    '1 niltl in- Wall.
—Ad*     i'i Xaiiiuni'i, ll. I'., l'i-"" Tress.
Hi" p
fell   *i
|n I"
llll ill
Von Stan's Pineapple tablets.—
il pcleneo hy nceldenl tl "."nil
itciii-y el tho plneiippl*' as ;i tuiiia-
i' si.niiiii'li troubles. Tli> hnmi'1181
tint" nf C-ogetublc i.. - j - s- i, i ".iii-
I in Hi" 'run It mi iijiiinst
.|"S|I"1|S||||"   ll'llll'lh    111   "IIMS   "f   ilvs-
t nml Inillgestlon     In ill i after
iiniii win euro iitnst chronic cases.
ti box. H5 cents.—3*
The Demon, Dyspepsia.—In  olden
limes ii was a popular belief thai demons moved Invisibly through iho
anihii'iii nir, seeking to enter Into
men ami trouble them. At the preB-
•-in tiny tho demon, dyspepsia, is al
largo in the siinio way, seeking habitation in those who hy careless or uu-
wise living Invite him, At onco he
enters n man It Is dlllleitlt in dislodge
him,    lie I hill lilltls himself so pnsses-
si'il should know ihai ii valient friend
tu dn battle ftir him wlih ihe unseen
im' is I'linni'iee's Vegetable Pills,
which nre over ready for iho trial.
The  Vice til  tilli-itrsa.
iif all vices in which youug men ho-
come slaves Idleiu ss is liy tin menus iho
least. II is u vi™ easily eoiilructed in
youth inui hard In throw nil' in man-
hood or old age.  Unfortunately ii is
ii"i generally looked ii| as an evil in
tl use ihal drinking, gambling und
debauchery nre evils, yei iis Inllueuco
Is im l"-~ certain in breaking down
character and sapping ami in-
lelleclual strength,
Molls li> Sk-'i-nckft.
Perhaps tho mosl unusual way of
delivering mails is ihal adopted for
one of llie Islands nf the Tonga group
in ihe Pacific, "lu re Ihe danger of
approaching Inshore rcndei's ii necessary for Ihe mail sleiilut I' I" IIS0 a sliy-
rocket as u postmun,
Dissection of human bodies hy med-
leal siuileuis has been pructlcctl sluct
II, U. ii-'i.
Minord's Liniment   Cures Distemper.
T. F. flcSU-iG/lN A Co.
Rsitl Hiiat?, Cnsuivnc*;
ami Bansral Cointiiission
.i   ;
■ I i, O, C.
When Yon On In Work Take 1ll<*
Whole ilitn i» Hi,. Tusk.
Italy fresh, spontaneous work really
"'iiiins. If you have in drive yourself
tn your i.i-i,, if you have i" drug your
sell in your work every morning because nf eshatisled vitality, if you i"»l
'  ;i 'I "i' worn mil, if il" re i- i his-
llelty in your step or movements, your
wni'li will pui ike "f your weakness.
Make il :l rule IO go In JOIII' Work every morning fresh und vigorous, Von
cannot afford tn lake hold of ii:" task
upon which youi' life's success res;s
wiili Hie ii|". of y ■ lingers   Vim ran
nol afford to bring only a (Miction of
yourself in your ivork, Vmi wnni in go
in ii :i whole in tl ti, fresh, Btrong nml
Vigorous, s" Unit il will Im s|
mi-. ii"i forced; buoyant, nol heavy.
Vou want in n" lo your work with creative energy ami originality possessed
nf ii sirong, powerful Individuality, If
you go i.' ii iv Hi laded faeullles ami n
sense nf lassitude aflei' a night's ills l>
inui ir In-- nl sloop, il Wli!     '
Iti r    Bvoryllihig j iu iln  will
hear Hie  |ni| a nf woakiicss,  ami
n i success ur sal.-l.. lion .n
w. il.m—.
I I'll where a grral nillllj |"'i-
;       1 i   i. '1   lll'lllglllg .ill  ul   Iln in-
In tin     11 a,    The man  win*
iiii i low fll I'llh all ill        laud
n ana In- Ideals lugging, with
l nml uiiciTliilii si' i'.
will never pi'taliiee uiiytbiiig  worth
'.'.   , ■     SlICCCHS,
iini Catching Convlots.
The central prisou nf Itnngun N so
overrun wilh nils ihal a prisoner is re
milted one day's Imprisonment for
every rat lie kills.
General Scott's Tohncco,
The packing nf liilinei'ii in iiii".H was
brought nbeml by lienernl s ■ at during
his cilllipalgll in Mexico ami mill" pop
ul:ir hy him, lie could ii"i I. i Ills
chewing tobacco lu that  11
'pi', mi'i a New York t"i»:i"
"i'iti-1 eoncelveil Ihe i '"ll nf i lleklllg ii
»u tinfoil, with desired results.
The Backache Static may ba Just lhat
Incipient    form    "I kidney    ilisnisa
which,   If   neglected, Kill   I vclop Into
stubborn in.a dlt' it ler   Hint
will toko lonit i' -li"'". if.'ti   "in in "tire.
I'm! 1   neglect   til' ll
I.,,   must  Im lilluus "i II               .     in
:,' .■      i Kidiii ■ '"in" s'i'i'ti ilie ache In
mix lioura .in I curt IS
rite I nurse nl Snnly   mnl   tlie   sv.lein
ill  'l'1-llltllll'l.
Tl lucallon given In th" sol o ils of
i nml is in many respt is uinm
I'oliipl'ohelislve nml pi'ilt'tli'ill tliilll Hint
uttered in nil' ciiiTicttlllllls, Tlie
I'm' liistiitiee, are liillgltl nol only lo
rend mnl write mnl spell, bul tn conk,
in wash, rn sew, says iin. ii,ni-"],.'i per,
In addition in being Inilncd for ihe duties nf honiemakbig mnl liousekcep I g,
each girl is taught some useful irnib*.
Many of ihe pupils nro thiiighlers "f
t'h'li |iiii'i'ius. ami ihero is im; i l Itell.
hood nf Ihelr ever Inn Ing i" enrn Ihelr
own living, hut Ihe pali'i'iial g iveru-
inoiil lakes Ih" view ihal every nielli-
1.1' nf society sh mill m.-is. r . alt IP
iy i i he self su|i|iorlliig even Ihungli
iln- i,""e -iiy in exerel •• Ihal ability
sh niltl never arise.   No expe
i" n ■■■:it'".l i |iilp|ilng Hi" schools  I
 I im' Hie tenclilng of domestic -., lenee.
Tin' boys, Iin. have nol I n neglected In Hie swi-s system nf din it I "':
Physical culture anil innnniil ;
Iin re i roml    ' pii" ■ in ii"' ' .
i I  ery liny mi leaving Ihe |illli-
lie -"il i '1        I' ' . ■      ..   Ills  "W ||
.i ■        re :
.      The hard heitiled lax-
-    vviilll   In   so,,   s ,■.,..   ;,•!,!I,I   i .r
ll".V.    Tliel    ilelliallil   I
. for nf i li ii cj pay shall bo
practical mnl useful in after life. Aie
they mil iii;;.!';
That's too bad I We had noticed it was looking pretty
thin and faded of late, but
naturally did not like to speak
of it. By the nay, Ayer's
Hair Vigor is a regular hair
grower, a perfect hair restorer. It keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
a I rvh -rail leijaalnlril with Ay-r'» OMr
Vim, and I Ilk. II ta,, itnirh. I would p.iio-
rlall, i.i "em .nn It .. an <iir-ll.nt ilrenlni
ler die tialr, Iteapltti It ."It .ml ituoollt, ana
pr-vrtilUvi, Hi. Ii.n fr.nn at ibe
and.."-MiHwa Inin, Veedum, Mlclt.
Mad. i . - '' Iyer Co., Low.U, M ...
AIM maniu.ctu.rer. ot
7    sii'siriBiLU.
IfTtf/f O   llll k't*  I'l CTOl'll
I know MINARD'8 I.INT.MKNT will
hi.' Dlplherln.
l-'nlloue,!  Her lnsti-itellona.
Mrs. N. wns giving instructions In lier
lieu- servant: "Heforo removing the
soup plates, Mary, always ask each
person If ho or she would like any
"Very good, madam."
Next day Mary, respectfully bowing
tn one of ihe miesis, inquired, "Would"  ,|„', nortromeily on earth,
thogentl en like some more soupi"        Norway, Me.      JOS. A. SNOW
"Yes, please."
"There Isn't any left."
JOHN n. iii>rTii.i.n:i;
l-'i'.'tlt'll   VI!' ' ■"
cure Croup.
rail" Island,
I know MlNAUirs MNIMENT I-
Hie Iteii--„cliiu Hfaanj-o He lleeclT-
eil   11,ee iiii   tei'lileiil.
DUrlllg   li.e Hill''  ll led IIS t'llillll
States consul in (ilnsgow Bret Harte
.:,■:       -I .1   .| iv 's   -[...: I
Willi Hit' nun. mnl il was during one of
his shooting exetll'sliius Hint the faiinius
'.   ■     n author mei with an accident
ive dlsilgured 1  tor
H" reiniiliiilci' of his lite, ins face bo-
i Iho recoil of mi
I gllll      .      III Ml. I.v Hie il'"
im . s„i,i prevented him from belug
al'".ii ll  urri'iiii' to his
friend,   T.   lilgnr   Peinherl **iio
" leiiei' in his "Tribute 11 Hrel
Itnrle"), Hie novelist conchidi * Ills lei
n-r by telling "i an i n.n .ui; effort
which was mail" to console Iiiui ou ac
''mint t'f llie Itccidt'llt,
"Mlieii Ihe BUrgi "I ivns stitching ine
together," he wrote, 'Hie sun of tho
hui ". a boy nf iwelvo, came timidly
i    .■ .I »>r "f my room:
"i.ii Mr, Urol llnrlo n's all right,'
i  ii.- killed iho hare."1
Variety in
Scarf Pins
Variety in scarf pins
is almost a bobby with
the average man.
And good taste need not
mean eatnvagance at
Diamond Hall, where
then are tasteful pins
in solid gold at $1.15—
ai well a a solitaire diamond ones at  $150.00.
A first favorite is a pin
in fox-head design of
solid gold—(lull finish
with ruby eyes. And
postpaid it is yours for
 -LIMITED    ——-
TOBONTO   -   01ST.
I'lll-  mill   Until.
When pigs carry si taw In their
motilha or when ihey run grunting
li itne, rain Is tit hunt,
A sunt un ''real*.
Prnotlcnil*, in ll 1 g t* known of the
"•ri.' r if mie "f the most prosperous
'.   ill   Kllglnilll,   III"   Sllelllelil
Telegraph, li was started lu June,
is.'."'. *i. a stranger, appeared
in SI eiiieltl win 11 the Crimean war was
at Its la Ight, arranged with a local
printer to stnrt a dully paper, bought
it nul, looked after H for ten days mid
thou disappeared forever.
The Word "illr."
The wold "city" wns not used In
England until after the Reformation,
before which time the metropolis was
known as Londouhurg,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Von me n ii espoi Hti io accept nil
of your Invllntl	
'j.' 1 ilk nt* when it is plain the
fi     .    .. ■ . ti
U'e  Wish  we "illiil  have 1
t    "i    .       , 1 pie tliinl. they are
'mr pitnl ' meill 'i-'d 1.1 hang on n
1 ',1 behind ii"' . en djor, Where
did yours used i" I migl
,\" 1,1,iiiei how inli ii. .. "''"iilial any
1. .ni he '. he "im never hu     In-
ilepeiiileiil us a hired girl.
All 11 :.i 1" pie '"iin rn he look-
.1 : tot 1 i" .in; "ill le '."Hi".: 1 eople
v il fiiolisliiit'ss about il.eiii.
Occiisluniilly a bilks nf "always
ivulllllig In iln IVlltlt's i' -la." ns if he
III UlL'lll   he   Innl   a   ninn ipoly   ".,   Ine
|-t---   -.r■.-
aSnier Beer
■ ; ei   I.      '
9   Pa
io   EJot
111 n g
rsy>r 11 —■
Vjincii'iv.:!', B. C.
Pnsalnu el iln- "it,tiie,"
Tl.e "'.".iin:,imin" i" i es to l*»-
' " " Unci in Hie I tilled NlntiM.
11."  "nil 0" i' i" f 'II'« llie I . Ih
Un' Indian nnil ihe linn   "
■■I il if ler a- >■  . .. .'I
i ' i i .'.
.   in    Iho  "h'l "I
iii "|ni •: .it" i,. ul    ■ -   :
■■  .    i, hi >  ■ ij  i" i
• i i*
III  fuel
and i i gnlil I
i i
i. i>;> In II
ll I
Iml iill i  i .  mil Ihe
. 1 from I..; lull iii.i."!.
liner   Hie   t'nilltH,-   SiirKetm   VtlpeM
Treated n i;ree Patient,
Tho famoiii surgeon Velpcnii was
visited one .lay nt ins house during ii e
cousultntlon hour hy a mnniuli re-
ii'twiteii i'ir his closeness, Velpenu in
formed the innrquli mi oporui	
Wns nrgeitt mid Unit the fee would
amount to 4,000 fram* At Ihls tho
marquis mndo a wry face ami left, a
fortnlghl Inter hr. Velpenu, while making his rounds lu ihe Hospital tie In
Charlie, his attention attracted
iw a face Hint seemed familiar i" him,
in mi ver tu his Inquiry it was stated
that Hie palli'itl wns u fooluinn nf ti
iiohi ii iii the Faubourg si. Uoi
main. The lurgcos found that his
caso resembled in ovcry particular tbe
stiliH'Wlnit mie for which Ihe
marquis had consulted him n fortnight
previously,   lie  refrained,  hoivovu.,
from milking nny comuicull,
Three whs nfier the operation,
when Hie patient litis "llOUt Iii he discharged, iir. Velpenu cnllctl him aside
iiii i • m'.'I I  "Monsieur, I am *"*■
tren "Iy ilniiei'i'il ami pleased 11 bavo
In mi nitle in ."i, 1 ynu 1 here l", how
ev. 1. 11 sin til fiiriniiliiy wlih nh -ii
y 01 will have 1 before I 1 an
s mi j mi' " "it   Hint I      011 v. ill have
1.1 sign a 1' i'i ' fur I.i -' 'i i" - iii "0
Inili ni Hie 111 ' lireail nf
l ne'   lllell ll 'He   p 1-
1 ,      1   [t Iii 1   "Vmi, -I .| 1
whal yon lil bo :i ll.'
ilucliii'i "bill i.i'
will   1,1' IW
IllWplllli Illlt
Ul cOUni l">) in..: lull Paul.
"1'svtniNi;" posst'ssfs pcculinr
pruptTiics that .'ut promptly
in gaining llio mastery out
tliis disease. One element al once clievks tbe ffver,
another the chills. Tlic tiijliliu'ss across tho chest, the
heavy breathing ami hoarseness, is reinovetl by another
element, Its Ionic properties renew the Btrength, ami
make rich hiootl, the ctMii^h disappears, the 'inticoiis" is
carried away, the wheezing ceases, and after a short treatment ninety per cent, of patients are cured for all ti 111 e.
The tlisease seldom returns after you have begun the
" PsYCHISE11 treatment.
Win. Ciii-l, Km*., YVinni|i.:. Man., writes:
"I have used P8YCHIXK ami it 1ms simply worked
Mtiiiilii's f,,i' nn, previous in tnklttj; it I stiffercd im' years with
Chronii in-iu Imi-. I could lmrtllj wnll- ttpstnira tlirottRli sliortness of
in,lib. r could not do anything, ns die slightesl exertion exhausted
ire. [ sjiciit liuudreds of do lars In dociors, mil in no mail. I am a
1 .iini, 1 in 11,,iK. .nul bill my trouble originally i" ilu- business I am
: hi,   1 ilium,! say enough in pi liseof rsvcil I Mi."-
The Dr. T, A, Slocum, Limitod,   ■   179 King Street West, Toronto THE EXPRESS
Bradstreet's Report of Present Conditions Throughout the Dominion.
New York. —Bradstreet's today
trade Is nver in Camilla nnd wholesalers now await tlie effects ot cold
weather upon the retail trade. In
tho west ihls stimulation hits already
occurred und more roportB come from
the Northwest, British Columbia and,
portions nf Ontario, The movemonl
of grain In the wosl Is heavy, limited
in fact, only hy the Insufficiency of
transportation facllltlos. .\i Montreal
wholesale trade Is nctlvo and retail
business Is still a little backward bill
miles fur spring delivery are of good
value. Toronto reports an nctlvo
trade with holiday goods, Dairy pro.
duels ami lions ate lower. Winnipeg
reports trade good', shipments large,
holiday dry goods in demand and
hardwaro acllvo, In British Columbia lumber and mining are octlve and
trade is good,
Do Nol Delay,—Do nol lol n cold nr
rough fasten Upon ynu as It will If
neglected. Dr, Thomas' Ecleclric oil
will break up n roll ,i,f. cure n *-*. ,i:u,
nnd shiuilil lie resorted to nl once
when the llrsi symptoms appear, li
can be disguised so llnil any minions-
nni taste ii may have will bo Imperceptible in the delicate, Try It mid
be convinced. *
"What Aro   Piles?"
You  May Ask.
Dr. Chase's Ointment
all tha accompanying pain, ex
The llehlng, burning sensations ofiwllh uu uu, mw............ ..
the foellnr-s of P™*-6 aid risk, as the only cure for
piles, lias given way before Ihe extraordinary success of Dr, Chase's Ointment,  which  has  demonstrated   Its
In ihnnsimils of cusos where
piles or hemorrhoids,
uneasiness and  discomfort,  and  the
loes of blood, are familiar lo many
who may nol know the niiino or nature of their nllmont.
Piles are small tumors, which form
al Ihe intoning of Ihe rectum, anil aro
described ns Itching, bleeding or protruding, according in the symptom
thnt is most prominent,
The cause of greatest suffering is
the Intense Itching, which is an al
power   —
operations have failed. ^^^^
Mr. F. Morln, St. Euitache, Man.,
writes:— "I suffered from piles for
nineteen years and though 1 Irlod u
groat ninny remedies could not obtain
n cure. The doctor told mo ll was
necessary   to undergo an   operation.
"A friend advised mo to try Dr
Filling Up Western Canada.
Settlers are pouring Into llio country al Iho rale of .several hundred
thousand a year, says Iho New York
Globe, many of Ihom being American
farmers who have pulled up stakes ill
home because uf ilu* boil
' oppoi'tun
lllos across the border.   It Is
„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„„,_        pro-
therefore, thai the region bet-
ween Winnipeg and the Rocky Mountains will within a generation or two
be Inhabited by many millions of pros-,
porous ami energetic men and women 'W safe.
mainly nf Anglo-Saxon  blood,   What.	
purl will Ibis great granary play Inl Suit Rneum. Tetter. Eciem.i. —These
Iho liistni'v of the British Empire drati-osslng akin dlaenacs relieved by on«
and „f the world! asks the tendon WjM ^Jt^^Tff ''"
llnies.   The answer Iii Ihls question'j,ls   Go
Importance to the
nitisl constant symptom, while the Chase's Ointment and though 1 had
greatoBl danger arises from loss of no confidence iu It I bought three
blood, Yuu can scurcoly Imagine one boxes Dud begun to uso it. Ono box
In greater misery than the victim of of this ointment mailo a thorough
a severe case of piles. euro.   I gave what I had loft to a
By reason of Its remarkably sooth* friend of mine who was nearly as bad
Ing effect Dr. Chase's Ointment brings as I was nnd It made a perfect cure."
almost Instant relief from the dread-1 Do not mako tbo mistake of drop-
ful itching, ll heals the ulcers, slops plug this treatment as soon as the
the loss of blood, and makes a thor-1 itching storm. Make the cure lasting
ough cure of this obstinate and loath- 'by persistent use, Dr. Chase's Olnt-
sumo disease. inont, 00 cents a box, at all dealers,
Tho old Idea of a surgical operation ] or Kdmausou, Bates & Co., Toronto.
\VI,iili|lillK   I  iillttll.
Whooping cough Is more Infectious
before the whoop develops Hum It Is
afterward. Children who have been exposed to the disease and have n slight
cough should be isolated for several
days lest tbey eoiiuiiunieiitu It lu other
children,  it may begin at nny time
! during three weeks after exposure.
i When this time has passed without the
symptoms appearing tha child is prob-
Bobby's Essay on Advertising.
(By   William   P.   Kirk   In   Hearst's
Chicago American.)
Advertising Is whare you go to a
newspaper or hill board or suniwliare
& tell the wurld to como around &
soo you. .11 pays to advertise, bee-1
kiius lliiiro has always been lots of It j
' .lone, it begun lu the garden of Eden,
the snail! dldenl start It either, Adam
started It. he felt lonely so he went!
& put an ml sumwhare, I doant know
iho naiin of the paper & the ad Bed
Mlddel Aigeil Gentleman Wishes to
.Mt'i'i  Iteiiiit'il Woman of Means, ob-
ji't'i Matrimony & Eve saw the nd fi
sod Well, here I am, 1 seen yuie ml
in the paper.
Iheu the snail; calm along & put a
sine on (he tree of nollege, Ihe sine
sod Right ihls Way to the Information bureau, eel a apple & (ill Wise.
then Adam ami Eve both anserod the
nd fi here wo all are, advertising our-1
All live creechei'fl advertise, boosts
fi biiiils ti everything, when a mule
is good & kind all day long he Is jest
ndvertisiug for a sucker to cum noer
his hind heels, when a peacock gits
imi in the sun and walks around n
is advertising lis tine feathers, eeven
Hie Ashes advertise, I once herd of a
pickerel thai pul an ad In the paper,
for a room male bul the pickerel gol
caught  bel'oiir il'iyhody niisered  the
Is   of oven more
United siaios.
for all ..
iihIiiii,   Wlllvesliiiiii'.   says
inn.' I was disfigured with Tetter
on my liuti'ls.   Dr,   Agnow's   Ulnttnuiit
cured It."  as cents.—Si
i of ails
Have ymi tried Holloway's Corn
Cure? II has no equal for removing
these troublesome excrosencos ns
many have testified who have tried it.
llitlr I'li-tialta,
The hair of rabbits and other nni-
noils in Russia is converted Into howls,
  ' dishes ami plates, which nro valued
is estimated Hun the casualties i •„,. their strength, durability nnd light-
5,11110, mostly among Iho .lews
tlie riming al Odessa totalled   n,,ss    •"■•,„ articles are similar In appearance to varnished leather.
One hundred nnd twenty Newfoundland naval reservists   embarked on!
Ihroe British cruisers which   are detailed fin' a lengthy voyage.
Some persons luive periodical attacks of Canaiialn cholera, dysentery
or diarrhoea, and have in use great
precautions to avoid the disease,
Change of water, cooking, and green
fruit, Is sure to bring on Iho attneks,
To such persons wo would recommend Dr. .1. li. Kollos/s Dysentery
Cordial as being the best medicine In
the market for all summer complaints.
If a few   droits   are taken   In   water
when the symptoms are noticed no
further trouble win be experienced.
Where Freshness Counts.
Among the manifold advantages of
newspaper advertising over niher
forms, then' is one which the promo-
tors of competing mediums uf publicity can never hope (o overcome. The
newspaper establishes chain lightning
communication between producers
uml distributors ou the one hand uud
consumers on tha other, ii Is'Mohn-
ny on the spoi." ii carries business
news iii the people within twenty-four
hours after iho copy is written, n
dues away with the necessity of cold
storngo preparation, And freshness.
counts for us much In business announcements us ll ikies In Iho dissemination Of Ihe news Of Ihe day.
it Is n recognised fact thai babies
—and Indeed all children—need a medicine ot ihelr own. Medical men
know, too, ihai most baby medicines
do more harm than good—-thnl moBi
of them conlnln poisonous opinies,
thnl drug children Into quietness
without curing ihelr little ills. Baby's
own Tablets Is u modern medicino
in" bnbles and young children, and Is
.sold under a guarantee to contain no
opiate or harmful drug, n cures Btr>
much, bowel afci teething troubles,
and by Its natural, healthy action promoted sleep ami repose,     It makes
liitle lines well and keeps Ihein well.
Mrs. W. I-I. Ansell, Ayt'i's Plat, Qua,
says :  "I would advls" every mother
with sick or fretful children i" use
Unity's Own Tuhels.      They are the
mosl satisfactory medicine I have
ovor nied, ami almost magical In their
offi'cis." Ynu can gei the Tablets
from any medicine dealor or by mall
ai IS cents a box bv writing tho Dr,
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockvllle,
Made to Fit
Made to Wear
You will never have Comfort and Satisfaction and Wearing Qualities In
your Working Clothes until you wear
"King of the Road" Brand
A Itia.l of sorrow doesn't   wear line
bo much as a swarm ol annoyance,
Blatant Ohio. I'm iilTi'l.-l...
I.iirn.t'iiiiiili. a*.
Frank.!. Chant] mahaa ' dial h« u wnior partner of tin- linn nf I' .1. fin na k I'... <l"lit. Im.!'
new. In ll,.'t'n. nt l'.'l.-1... I'.'iint. hiiI Hlnl.. alnn,
■al.l. mi I .ml linn will |*< ttm .11 1 USE
lli'Sliiiin litil.l.tus inr acli awl .'...ri natal
,'i.t.iMl, tlixt iniiluit Ui nil."l I',' tin. DM nl ILU'.
I'.niti  HUM. .1   I III Ml
Hanrn to l.l.ri. 1111- nni .nU.r'l.'l In tie pit-tltl
Ihl. till ilniul I nilrr, it.II   I-i'
,s,„l .1   IV   t.l.ltwtS.
Ni.'iii. I'nlillo.
llnil'. I'nlnrrh I'nrn I. Inki-i, llltlpnlll  nni «-1*
dlt.Mllv   Mil   til- .Ll... I    I   II  -Hill. •« III th..,.-
urn. html t"t ii -tiii'.n .a- ti- ■
I    .1   1 III \)\  A IM., TolDdftO.
go]'!.«nil nroq
1.1. Hull. I11111II, I
|'. to, t 1 '' ' "
The Woril '-.lliirlklalir,.**
'Ilu- word jlliriklsbu comes from three
Jupniicse roots, Jln-rlkl-shs, meaning
1.  ji.'iitch 111.111. power, carriage, but
ii is nut of Japanese origin, so recently us 1870 ib" Inconvenience of the
si nv, lumbering two wheeled carts
turned Hie thoughts of English real.
ilenis iu the case wlih which rite hardy
11 lives eould propel a lightly construct'
i' I vehicle, nnd ouo was Invented, soino
say by u missionary, others by n news-
paper proprietor's sun. liver since then
Un* heavy carts have been entirely dis-
pcuscd wlih,
llio grate men of history were all
advertisers,   alexander Hie graie put
a ml in ihe pa(pet' saying Wanted,
nioar wui'lds lo conquer but only 2
men .'insured the ad fc Ihey were both
opium feends, they sod thny knew
whine thare was a also patch of worlds but Ihay wudenl tell. Napoleon
beleeved in ails, ho went lo Russia in
iho mlddel of the winlor & kept G
press agents working day apd nlte
Bending sniff to llie imam papers a-
bout how Iho hoys was standing Iho
trip thoy dldent slanil It vary well.
thare was a feller naimed Mark
Antony who had a lino sloar in Rome
& he went lo Egypt & while lie was
gone his wife gol mud at the editor of
of Hie Rome paper & she look nul Iho
big ad Ihal Mister Antony always hud
in about stoar fi when Mark got back
liis biznoss was al gone to the had
Tlliare lire three kinds
I good ads
II poor ails.
3  press nlgonls.
Hie best ads are In newspapers £•
sheet cars & magazines. Ihe poor ads
are on fences oul In Ihe country &
are everywhere, when a press nlgent
does prllly line work & gels a raise
from $2,Pni) io $5,000 a yeer, he Is
Hi i Publicity Promonter & has n
oflls hoy thai tells you In git out, you
cant see Hie man llll to-morrow,
Hie newspnper thai has the biggest
circulation gits the most ads & and
the mosl niuiiny
papers hav,  „., ,
loll Iho truth aboui how many cople
of eeeli edition go III press.      if you
donnl think ihey teil.the truth go .t
count Hie papers yureself,
Hie shoo! cars have Inls of funny
mis, thny are good reding when you
an' on yuie way lo Yonkers or sum-
whare, I saw one ihe other day thai
sod Hie skin has 20,873,421 pores ti
when you washed wlih lhat kind of
soup all the pores fell grateful, that
shows bow hard ii is lo ilie ads, think
of the | r feller thnl  rote Ihal ad
slopping lo COtinl all Ihe pores of Ills
skin, ii must Inui' look him unite a
while I guess- then sum of Ihe ads In
llie cars are very nlee poelry. Ihe
grille poets wbii come to New York
siari In rlteing aboui ihe fleecy
clouds Ihal llll Iho ambient air fi al
last they work up to lino Bubjecks like
ilivss shields and scrubbing snap,
sum day I urn going in rite a advertising verse myself ti send il to a
pickle maker hut I stippos ■ i will have
io mill my pay lu pickles.
Huns all i know aboui advertising,
li ulni as much as I thought I know
when I bogan ibis essay.
all Ihe de-
most ads &■ und
for them, so all Ihe
is in a class by itself.
Flour that gives half nourishment ami
double work to digest is not good flour.
Cheap and inferior flour gives the
digestive organs double work and
half pay—inferior flours contain indigestible -waste—
—this waste must first be overcome
by nature,—that means extra digestive work.
Indigestibles destroy the nutriment
of flour, therefore poor flour gives
more work and less nutriment to the
* Royal Household Flour is in a class
by itself—it is the only really pure
flour—and it is pure because it is
purified and sterilized by electricity.
—it is the most easily digested and
most nourishing because it is absolutely pure,
,1- The moment a woman puts her
I hands into "Royal Household" she
knows it is a finer flour than she ever
used before.
Udj'l or Gcnl'l
LVn<) ui mot nun ind utulrm »"*l m till r*wn r«n <-■ *•-•-■---.
Uinlni* ia fllntf* un) 111 Tl.tmblM jOur IIOJ puorni  HMdi oi il*
TUty  ire   l*ri* .tit'ilir   •n»m«ll»ii   m   iiWuta,   ml   •mUtmt»4   will.
. i |wrr»l n*
il Aluminium.
/u¥n * fflmqk? "'.-I l.wk,' ilc.    lUj kit l.,;li i-   ....
[(r^^sfll    WE TRUST Y0U N0 "0NEY required.
*WJ**?5#^        7«»n, or utLet ol Hlgh-clui Jawallory, «l,« I, um km «,.a it.ii.tnir ,Ut
k\ JOV   Ll.*-- *
jars, or uiliar FriMRUof Hl(h-clm Jawallary,
QDLO A 00., No, 2, Ihi Watch Houtt, Diltm«r« Crowont, London, W., Cn|linC
Your Hair?
And doing nothing to keep it ? liml
wuiueii tike thick, ho»rj; long,
liuuriant hair. Don't youP Then
um Hull's Vogetable Sicilian Hair
U»new,'r. You ■'!».• what hair you
li ti i n n d 1,-ot in, im at the Mime bins.
Pr>, tti. .-:-..:, and i. .'. i . . . :. .1.
Ul'i'KIMill.M'S \i\Y~ llriiini, a tw-libiowt
"r av a,.r, >.,.. k   ll I' llll 111 ii  v.aliit- N. H
Tlie Csar hns granted
iiimiils of llio Finns.
WI,,. Tlif,it
"Did yon lltti-li your shopping today,
m.v iifiir'.'" asks iin' i i' i husband.
"Yon, I tliiitk so," anpwcn tbo (runt-
Ing niff.
"You iiiinii ior
"Yos. I don't linoir, tliourh. You
soo, I wont I.i get my hut mul tlicri-
Mt'i'i' to miiiiy nml nil uf llti'iii no prut
Iy liml I gol llv,. t,r tlti'iu."
"I'TvoV  Why did you do lliutl"
'I-ri'iilly-l mint liuvc lost raj
"in thnt case, why get a bat nt nil?"
Rales r,ir Writers,
Frederick IV, Howard said ihnt whon
lif Oral started in m newspaper wort
Tliiirliiw tVi'iil said l'i Iii id : "I will give
yon livo roll's to begin with, first
never write ntiythlng without "omodolV
nlto point mul purpose! seeotid, wbeu
.von bavo wrflten It, lake your pen nnd
do ovor it tu ioo how in my words and
ni'iiliiii'i's you fun strike out nn I how
touch yon will ilu'i'i'itv Itnprovo ibe sr-
Sntilli;lit Smfi Ii better then other uipi,
bat )• be,t u 11 n in tbe Sunlight vty,
Buy Suiilin!ii Boap t.i.,1 follow ditecUona
1  >   In Sprlllnir,
"An Cogllih professor visited this
country I ton years ng i," said s Now
York iiii'nliiiiil,  "uud the lirnt thing
which uiiin.tid in. iittiiiiiiiii was lbs
s|iidiiiig of the inn ti 'whisky' lu uu ml-
Virtlsotaont Which WHS K*'iieroiisly nml
promlneotly dlsploved from innny
points of vsntago, The prufi"i"or was
icciisioineii lo spoil it 'whiskey.'
"Ho did not, however, question the
correctness of iho spoiling, hut wns
CUrlOUS to Know  why llio iidu'rtlsor
preferred tht shorter word,
•"llie business man received Ids In-
qiilrt'r politely uud In nuswer to tha
professor's question snld:
'"I lur method uf spelling BinkeS un-
necessary tho Illumination of nn extra
letter iu our electric signs.'"
Ot what value Is your
opinion on packet teai,
|( you have  not tried
the acme ol perfection
Deifne'i ol 12 Yean' standing.—Pro-
trni'ifd  Catarrh   prod ia   deafnesa in
tunny caaes, Capt. Ben. Connor, of
Toronto, I'linnilu. iv.i* deaf for 1- yenra
from Catarrh, All treatmenta failed lo
relieve. Dr. Agnow'a Catarrhal Powder
gave iiiui relief in one day, and In a very
■hurt while tlif dcafneaa Ifft liltn wiilr---
ly.   It will tin in, much fur ynu.   6l)c—33
Canadian Co-up':rntivQ Co. Ltd-
John M.Vu'.'ir. Mgr.
rnmmlMlnn M. i. Ii.mi- mnl'f. In all tlllAlN   t'«n.linitifnt.«'llclv*i,
Write i' ni ...ii- ii- lur imtniil.ii..
Ollliio, 300' Block, Winnipeg
rn,,e Horn.
Caps Ilorn ivtiii so named hy Spon-
ten, a Uillrh Btillor, who first "doubled
It," from the MUM of his blrtli|>luce,
I l'i", ue, i vllliige ou the Zuyder Zee.
rin,itm Cardl,
Plnylng card* nro known to h" of
eastern orlrrln. hut whon or hy whom
thoy wore tirsl lutrotluced cuuuot now
he ascertained. It Is, however, toloru-
bly cortnln Hint thoy orlKinatoil In Arabia and were broiiBht Into Europe during Hu.' CrusadeSi
lilnnt- uf IllatOff.
Turnor, tho uaturallst, declare! that
ho once saw upon tho coast of Brasll
a moo of gigantic savages whoso uv-
crago bclgbi was ovor ten feet, sumo
Individuals exceeding twelve nml a hnlf
fpol. M. Tbovot of franco In his do-
nt'ilptlon of America, which wns pull-
llshod In Parle In 1BT5, auys ihnt he
was otii'i' present when tho skeleton of
a Souih American savage eleven feet
nnd two Inches in height wns disinterred. Tbo Cblncso hnvo a record of
■fit nil glints between twelve nnd six.
ii'i'ii feel in bclgbi which hnvo lived in
iiif Flowery Kingdom within tbo lust
.imi years,   Josepbui mentions u Jew
lim mis ton foot two Inches, ind
I'liny wns well acquainted with iln-
bath, tbo Arabian giant, who wns nine
feet mm' Inches in height Coming
down to modern times, wo find that
John Miililii'i'ui. vim lived In tb*' time
of James i„ wm ulno feet three Inches
mul Inui n'l seventeen Inches long
hy eight and a half broad. Murphy,
ono of tho celchrnted trio of Irish
Hiunis (Charles Byrno und O'Brien ho-
ing tho other two), wns eight feet too
Inches nml O'Brien two Inches tailor.
FARM  .WANTED.-Wish   lo   buy
farm in wheal growing suction of
Cnuada. Soil musl bo Drsl clan.
line description nnd low'"-1 im li
price.  Address P.O. box 000, Bt. Paul
Tho 8lt'iinishl|i RoiOdllO luul 0 hud
llmo making Baull Bte, Mario from
Port Arthur, owing to her cargo of
grain shitting in a dangerous extent
Th'. Kci'ey Cure
Ask the lawyers, tho t', the
congressmen, the clorgymen, tho
clerks, tha book-keepers, the skilled
mechanics who havo patronise! tu
and you will find that tha Kesley
treatment la all and mors thai ll
claimed  for It, nnd   lhat  It  li  th*
"itltch" a drinking man i. !■ to sav*
proporly, roputailon, family, sialty
and even life Itnolf.
Write today, now, und got the ne*-
ensury Information about it,
133 Oiborno St., Fort Hut-go,
Wi'iiiwiutii Conservatlr
Mi. E, n. suiiih for Hu
M iiiiinlniitod
Aller Hi,. Hone' mnnn,
We musl ir.'' lo I. ep up ii|'|i"'ir-
ii i, i stippn e i',i il id' '"um our
fr pints lo km    Ihnt our l lins
be r Inn Oh, no, I
care i" havollit        Hint I
luiiuns havo li" :i i' .ii ."i.
Orey'i Syrup lo keep Ihe children ulf fi"in
CROCP.   It  dUolrei the tl... v I
i.   i     ' i-.'l. up e cold —end i i .. i :. CUUGIIS,
Gray's Syrupof Red SpruceGuni
*     ll-flrlln Ihetionle.   A Mllle of,,i,euieilr la vnur lieat    *S*
;i    ■■ "  n .......1.1 *    •-   ■  '  -■! i, ,■',' .'I-,. ..   i
S'ih.IIt f...l ler III Ihroet end luttf uucblei - for
>'.   151 >•■ l-'ll'e.
Qambetta and gnnoleon'a rnrirait.
When  Qambetta,  accompanied  hy
Jules l'livii', arrived in tbe hull of the
Hotel (lo viile, whore bo WIS officially
(o rend tho proclamation Of Iho llilrd
Crouch republic, tho crowd which followed iho two '!• putles caught Hight of
n line portrait nf Napoleon III. hanging
on a wnll. Thoy promptly took it down
uml wei'ii about i" smash it io phvoi
when Qambetta Intorvenod, Turning
tho inirit'iiit to ih" wnll, be said; "My
friends, wo have pul up with tho original fur twenty yt are, Lol us bo con-
t"iii imi.iv in turn i i faco iu tbo wall,
li i. all i." di ■
W    IN    U    No,    559
Sunlight Soap is better than
oihcr soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boiling are
things of the past in home-
where Sunlight Soap is used as
Sunlight Soap will not injure
even the daintiest fabric cr the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for this is becaust
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no Injurioui chemicals
— indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removing proper.
ties of soap lhat is nothing but
Equally good with hard m
soft vvatcr.
tn thi ileftllf whom Iftl
I it BoaUfal Ins if you rind
any cuifl fur complslnt. ill
lrun UHi'iiiriis iiiiiitii, TORO-iTO Mil'   KXI-liKSS
D. S. Martin
Ih -;•■  mi 1 liulldorof
Yachts and Launches
of nil kitnls.
For vottr Fall and Winter Suits go
ltiq, life and How Boats,
Ship Joinery, Spars
and Sconvs
Satisfaction (Inaranlooil.
("untatlons given un application,
(■dsoline I mini lies a Specialty,
Norh Vancouver.
M. A. Russell
The L|)-to-date Grocer
Complete line ol
Groceries, Tobaccos
1st. Ave, tast Lonsdale Ave.,
North Vancouver
Pacific Wood
Best Fir Cordwood, 111 and 12 in, (3.00
per luwl.
Beit Alder uud I'ir, mixed, 16 and 12 in.
fl! To pur loud.
Best Kir Cordwood, 4 It, 1-1.75 per load,
liest Abler Cordwood, 1 per loud
1565 Westminster Ave.   Phone 1269
Hull interest in n good-paying Pish
BusinesH In Vaiii'imvur, Excellunl
reasons for selling. Splendid opportunity lor un investment nl inuileratc
proportions. Well estiibllsheil i rude
connections, etc. Apply in writing
Box 010, Kxphkss Olllve.
Nurlli Vancouver, II. ('.
District of North
A Meeting of Rntepavors will be bold
in llie Municipal Half, un Friday, llio
■MUi instant, al 7:80 p.m., to roivivi'the
report uf the Committee on Iiici pur-
atiou of ii City.
By onlorof tho Committee,
Mrs. M.*i. And* rson, ol Unto-
noifaii, Mich., desires to learn the
when nbouts ol hut son Frank
Niii. 11*,' was last heard from in
Sprint*, Grove, Idaho, last Deci m
ber, Information leading to his
whereahouts will !»■ thankfully re-
ceivt tl uml rewarded,
paid the town a
of   Vii toria,
Hying visit this
Spend time anil iiuUH v  ,"ii!iu' tn Vim-
comer lor u In ymi ran gel at city
prices right here nl holm* '
I'n ' I, -•' re
I.iuimIiiIi' inui 2nd -i    Xiirtl \'t
Roman Art
I"* ri'pro i1 linliirt'i,   VV I, I'llillll, I'l
nul lor romoviiiii -i iini Iro   ll
me.   |',v mail,:' i.     \ j■ ■ t,* - minti1*!.
inlu'e, Nn 7. Miiiiil'i'i. II ,
V    !'  I
It is alleged that the waterfront
on the otherside ol the inlet is
overrun with nils.
C. T. Moore came over from
Blaine, Wash, Business is reported good nt Blaine,
Col, Tracey, ol Vancouver, has
lie.ui busy surveying lots on First
street this week,
George Iv Powell, of Victoria,
was ;i guest at the Hotel North
Vancouver this week.
Dan Martin has opened his
dancing classes, in Morden's hall.
1 lirv are being well attended.
Tuesday and Friday evenings.
P, A, Allen bus sold his cottage
on First street to u Victorian, and
is erecting a new ono on the
adjoining lot.
Among those who called on Tin.
Exi'KKSS this week were; Messrs.
Robt, Todd and John McLaren, of
Jack Cameron, the teamster,
who was kicked in the leg hy a
horse some lew weeks ago, has
assumed work again, looking none
the worse for his indisposition.
K. W. Leeson, of Baker, Cava-
nagh & Leeson, Vancouver, has
purchased seven lots on the south
side of Third street, west of Lonsdale avenue.
Lots in the locality, described,
on the water front on the south, to
Third street ou the north, ami the
Mission on the west, and Moodyville on the east, are being Ireely
sold these thus.
The fury company have received
this week their usual consignment
of coal, and are liusilv engaged in
transferring it Irom thu scows to
their wharl here. There is aboui
joo tons in this shipment.
The hank ol 1). N. A. are this
week having a concrete basement
Imilt for their vault, which will be
placed iu position iu their new
office building as soon as the mixture becomes dry enough,
Miss Carrie Wheeler, daughter
ol Mr. F, Wheeler, Keith road,
who has lieen seriously ill the
former part ol the week, suffering
from pneumonia, is, we are pleased
to learn, Oil the road lo complete
The Wi stem Corporation have
i worl on tin new college to be erected by Trinity church.
The college, when completed, will
be a handsome addition to North
Vancouver, and will he commodious
as well as ornamental.
II. F. Baker, who is in the
employ of the C. P. 1<- at Savo*
nas. was in Nottli Yam ouvet llie
earl) part ol the wi ek, visiting a
relative ol his, Miss liwllyn, of the
municipal hall stall, lie bit on
Wi'dncsdii) (oi Vii toria, where he
will hsii li'luit returning home.
ioo Hastings
.  First-Class   Tailors
St. A'., Vancouver,
\{.   II.   Hrvi'e,   purser ol   the
steamer Cassiar, brought down on
Thursday the  largest  nnd finest
panther skin ill the province.    It
A. O, bfiil. of Seattle, was in was shot in the Queen Charlotte
town this week.   The Queen City islands and measures nine feet,
I Mr.  Bryce is stopping at Hotel
Nortli  Vancouver  and  is jusily
iroud ol his trophy.
North Vancouver
Ferry and Power
cc    sr. Giou.Gr and
ii booming,
Harry Fogg lias disposed of his
line team ol grays to an admirer
who happened along. We understand it is Mr, Fogg's intention to
purchase another outfit immediately.
| as Francis, A. Cabeley and A.
Johnson, miners, of Washington,
have returned from a week's prospecting tour in the mountains
north of the town. They have
taken some line specimens ol
quarts to be assayed.
An Indian child, three years old
by the name of Nohow, ol Moodyville, had the misfortune on
Wednesday afternoon to sever the
first two lingers of his lelt hand,
while playing with an an. I)r.
Dyer was summoned and immediately left for the child's home
where the lingers were dressed.
It is with regret that we learn of
the intended removal ol Mr. Piers
from the ferry wharl here. Mr.
Piers has long been connected
with this blanch of tlie company's
business, and has made many
friends, We may console ourselves in the hope of his being replaced here again next spring.
The new real estate firm,
Fraser & Gibbons, of 512 Cordova
street W., Vancouver, are open for
business with a carefully selected
list of houses and lots in Vancouver and North Vancouver.
Tiny are Real Estate, Insurance,
Printing and Advertising Agents,
and are Ihe Vancouver agents for
Tin: Exi'KKSS. Give them a trial
and ymi will benefit by it.
A shack on First street caught
lire on Monday night, ami before
the lire was extinguished considerable damage had been dune,
principally to the roof. Coincident with the blaze the North
Vancouver volunteer lire brigade
was holding an organization meet- j
ing in the municipal hall. As
there is, at present, no immediate
communication in case of fire, the
boys were quite taken by surprise
when informed of the OCCUrance
after the blaze had been extinguished, some ol lliein being
disappointed in not getting an
opportunity to try the new hose
and reel which they had lately received.
The North Vancouvei' Fire Department have issued invitations
im tlit'it first annual ball, which
takes place at the Pavilion here,
ou Monday evening, December 4.
The buys arc indefatigable iu their
efforts to make this event a success and have engaged llarpur's
orchestra lor the occassion. A
late boat has also been secured for
the accommodation of tin guests. L .,,.   norT
Mis.   Kealy,   Mis.   Clarke and |OU, OU, 00*1 Otf T I .
Mrs. ('.ham e   have   kindly   coll
Commencing Novemiier 20, 11)05.
I.KAVK Va.ncouvbbi
01,0.601 iS 11. 8,9.10, 10,10, 11.10,
11. in; 12,16, 1.16, 2.16, 3 16, 4.15,
4,15,0.15,11, 7.15, 8.16, 0.16! 10.15,
ami 11.56 1 p. iu, Nitinii Vancoi'veii:
0.20 1, 7.110 1, 8.80, 0.80 HI.W iv,
11,80 11. in: 12.40, 1.40, 2,40, 8,40,
4.41), 6.40, 11.40, 7.40, 8.40, 11.40 iv
uml 11.80 1 p. iu. MoODWItilKI
7.1011.111. uml 0.45 p. in. daily, except Sundays, n.45 p. in. (uiily) on
EXPLANATION—1, not on Sundays, ii, culls ut Moodyville. iv,
10.30 011 Sundays,
NOTE-TI10 SS. Nil 11 Til VANCOUVER takes the 0 mul 0.60 a, in.
anil tbo0,16 to 11.15 p. in. nailingUi mul
tbo SS. ST, lil'.OUiiK all the others.
Bailing*  lu  Lonsdale  Gardens  nre
tlisi'iiiiiinui'tl until further notice.
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
$25.00 PER ACHE.
163 Cordova Street.
The  Nortli  Vancouver Specialist
Are Sweet and Delicious
Have no Equal
For Sale at
McDowell'* Drag Store
North Vancouver,
Western Corporation, Ltd.
piper & co.
Real Estate, Mining,Insurance,
Loans,  Farms,  Etc,
Timber Limits.
Property fur suit; all ovor the City
Suburbs anil Ninth Vancouver.
Office: 404 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
Houses to Rent
call on\V. P. Hogg
run noons ii'Ksr 'run BXI'HKH.
Mr Sen Mo Bcforo Buying,
Lots for Sale
Just Opened
I'imiiiIi ill 1 lie' In1' rjtule Intro
during Society.
Matrimonial Register, 10c
I'. 11, Hun !■'.'". Vatieuiiriir, II. t\
I'liiuii nun
Emil Guenther
llll.'i -'reel.
Vancouver, B. C.
senti't! to act as chaperons which
will, iii 111) small uii'XMiii. iln much
In <li.1 w tin    bull   tn   ii   sin i.-isliil
 Itision,   Tin (iranil Man It is
Would il not In '|'iii'  in "!'!• 1 tl" first event on llie well selected
fni   tin    um pulity   to   open pronram, ami is called [01   8130
negotiations  with  tin    prop iseil  '
in v. ti lepliom; company, having in
view  the  early  connection   with
V.iin nni' 1 ? The pi' sent monopoly  seemed to he   bluffing   In
their ret ml proposals,
The gradation work on Lonsdale
avium ou tlif lirow ol the lull il
now in lull swing, and, judging
Irom present appearances, there
will certainly he a lot ol work thine
ne  the   sin el  is Hiinpli It il     In
places there ii t ol neailj loin
f..I in the roadwaj'i while a th iin
1. being laid thai will maieriallj
assist io 1 arry nil the Biipuilliions
water that ma) lodge on the pro
pcrty situati '1 on the level laml at 1
the top ol the lull.
I nun JHII to SI Ml I"''  Ul.
2 Acre Block on Corner
fronting Lonsdale Ave.,
$700 Cash.
Queens ii Lonsdale
* complete line nl new  hill anil
Winter Suitings hive just arrived at
Fongoun's, tailors, 100 Hastings 1..
1 tuner (tilniiiliiu \i r., * .uu 11111 ri
Oppotll 1 Poll
Room .10, I'rntlcr Block
to 7iJO p. m.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing and Tinsmith-     Nay, Cattle and Chicken
Real Estate Agents. In*. Feed
Lumber and all kinds 0/ Building Material. Contractors and Valuators.
He have an Immense amount of Cordivood on hand.   Place your orders with
us for the winter.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B. C.
A   M   RFATTIF NolarV Pubjjc* General Auctioneer
__________^___    '67  Cordova  Sreet,   Vancouver,  B.   C.
lie "HI-al ruouiB ur |irivato lmine ur linys outright all
clauses of luiiiM'ltiil.l "mills ur hankrapl u'loi'ks (ur rusli,
lie Im- -mini uf tin- litu'si luisiiii'ss mul iriitorfrnnl property in Nnrllt
Vancouver. Sue hhn lit ulu'v If yuu lliinknf picking up |iru|ierty In
this,-I'liiiin.   Ili'iti-i-, lll'Y NOW, uml vmi uill mnku niuilev. :; ::
Just Arrived _^>
Large Stock of New Pall and Winter Goods
for Suits, Pants and Overcoats.
llll) Htistingt St. «. C irn-r Abbott
An Ideal
Summer Resort
Where Mountain and Seashore Meet.
Splendidly situated, overlooking Burrard Inlet,
with the City of Vancouver fifteen minutes away
by ferry. The hole! embodies every convenience
villi livery in connection.     Rules $2 per day.
Hotel  North Vancouver
P. Larson, Proprietor.
iN bUiLdiNg be sUre aNd HaVe jHe
PLace Wired so as to be ready to
connect oN oUr Wire Next spring
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
$1.00 per Sack.
J. A. McMillan


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