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^islative Asse^
Board 0/ Trade
V> AC I IVI   11(111'
IOR IMI l'l.'0'HIIKIN Ol   IRVUI AND 10*1*11 Kll
1\ EGARDING a live organ!-
F nation lo furthei the inter-
J csts ol trade and coninierce
ii  can truthfully  he  said
that   North Vancouver is  represented b) an association in a man
lier far superior to anv plaee ol a
similar size on the Pai ific coast,
The North Vancouver Board of
Trade came into being on July
J51I1 lasl, and since that time has
accomplished many things, It
was thought at thai time "advisable tn organize an association to
advanci and bring to public attention the many industries and
numerous advantagi -. scenic and
otherwise, ol Nm tli Vancouver."
This dei ision has been amply
justified in more ways than one,
as witness its untiring 1 (forts regarding the si curing ol .1 better
li in -.nne. All realize that
some nn thod must be thought out
lo aid the upbuilding ol this new
Inun. iiiiiI llii.. is the ureat work
In which tin* progn ssive body ol
men is engagi d, Our citizei s
know ihis and join hand- with it
to make ihe Ambitious Ciiy go
aln ad. < Ine great point is kept
sti,niii* in view iii the acquiring
nl the tourist business, and another
is that nf
I \a nl 11 lUIN'i isncsi RIES.
A* 11 gards the importance ol
North Vancouvei Mr, Flumi ri<-lt.
iln Secretary ol the Tourist Association, addressing a recent
meeting nl the hoard, said " lhe
board ol trade ol Ninth Vancouver was ;i verj important institution. Pour rn live years ngo the
sir. its ni the 1 in wi re tilled with
trees and stumps. The munii ipal
council dune admirably in clearing
theni away, and today ihis enterprising cit\ could boast a popu
lation ol 1,500, li had all modern
conveniences such as water'
works, tramways, electric lighting,
power, etc., as well as most excellent streets and mails. These
speak volumes for the Ambitious
Cilv. On all sides there were
permanent and solid structures
going up. As to the scenic attractions, there was no plaee the
town would take a second plaee
in. Vancouver City sends its
tourists over here to see ihem.
We tell the people to nn across
the inlet and see scenery that is
unequalled anywhere. Tlie Tourist
Association had
1 "i\l     1   a.KIVI   111 VI
It had sen. mu .-"'"
35,000 readers, which, ll
mated, was about one-fourth ol the
number of tourists going through
the province in a year, or a quarter
nl 140,000 well-to-do people,
Revelstoki and other interior
towns were also doing good work.
Penticton had sent out a neat
little folder, which was to be had
al the rooms of the association.
The little booklet of North Vancouver was also there, W. V,
Sent:. Superintendent ol Immigration for Alberta and Saskatchewan
had enquired about lumbering in
Ihis pro\ nice, and he the speaker
had sent him that day five do/en
photographs, each showing the industries carried on in mining,
forests, Iruil and fishing, These
were such as the Dominion Government, which was asked to open
up vacant lands, would use.
Bundles of letters have heen sent
to enquiri rs about land, who were
told that lhe only way to get satisfactory pre-emptions wen to 1 ome
and see (or themselves, We
should s.e iii a ihai intending
settlers must not be misled, and
when they COIlie hen- In try and
ki 1 p tinm here and not let theni
go to the mountains, \ central
place should be established (or
the work, where
I lllll    Wl' il.'.ll \|:| ES,
Grown    in    certain     localities,
could be exhibited. In this inspect Ninth Vancouver, with its
Southern exposure, could not he
surpassed, the grapes grown bj
Mrs. Kickam being a prool of this,
ll the council has not done sn
already gel them to move in lhe
matter ol building a tram line to
the Capilano canyon and wai
•■ Mr. Philip Ami to Grouse
•■ Mr, Fluinerfelt   Just so, Mr.
Sherman  had suggested to place LYNN VALLEY
a   10-foot   telescope on   Grouse
Mountain   during   the proposed
fair. When the (air was over it ri^HL beautiful Lynn Valley,
could be left there, and used h\ I which is situated within
visitors. The greatest scenic trip _I_ the municipality ol" North
in the world, he thought, was to Vancouver, just north-east
Grouse Mountain, where in winter "I the proposed city limits, coin-
toboggan slides and ice skating prises about 14,000 acres, Here
rinks could be made, Visitors and are located about 30 families, be-
others could find 110 better sum- sides Froinme's logging camp.
mer resorts than we have in and whereabout joo men are employed,
around our own sister cities. A postoflice has been established
■Talk up your own town, don't there, with Mrs, Sugden as post-
knock it it's the best in the mistress, Also a school, with
world,'" concluded Mr. Flumer Miss M. Whitely as teacher, and
hli, who look his seat amidst ap about 40 pupils. Penetrating into
&/)e Coming City
m 1 ik*. 1 M'vmnin INDUCEMENTS
Following  comprises
llll   MEMHERSHll'
President, A. St. G, Hamersley ; Vice-President, George
J. Phillippo; Treasurer, II. R,
Heffell; Secretary, W. J. Irwin:
A. E, Leah. IL V,. Hick. W. |.
Hick. J. B.Williams, Alex. Philip,
W. II. Campbell, J. R |. Murray,
II. |, Cornish, |. J. Woods. A. S.
Pilings, A. F. Beasley, den. Lill,
[■ Larson. P, A. Allen, S. D,
Sc. 'it/. Henry A. Shaw. W.
N'ir-u . .Lailey, Geo. A.McBain,
.1. Smith, J. C. Williams,
Harry C. Wright, I.
Alex. Smith. 1). II. Whitlow, Geo.
Bartley, J. A. McMillan, A. R.
Steacy, A. McKay |ordan, A. B.
Diplock. 0. Wetzell, James Murray, jr., M. S McDowell. W. A.
Gibson, John S. Main, Thomas
Allan. Frank Wheeler, Greshain
Williams. |. G. Bressey, ('. E.
Robson, S. Gintzburger, E.
Mahmi. C, E, Durston, P, A.
Askew. Thomas L. Kennedy, li. 1'.
Rothwell, L, Reda, G, Brazzone,
II. W. Young, l>. W. Elder, G. V.
StorkeV.T. A. Allan. D. II. Dick.
II. Hia,. M, D„ R, Chance, R,
W. Innis, W. II. Mav. McK.
Urquhart, R. II. Evans, W. J.
Butler, David Simson, Robert
Blackburn, W. L. Boult, C. McKenzie, Henry T. ('. Eves, li W
Spilsbury, Henry J. Robertson,
W, A Russell, |. II. Livingston, 1
F, K.. ley, l.( .Leroux, J. D. (ni-
i.mi. (iin II. Bononiy, | II.
Hrownlee.  ('.   K. Ihili hart.  T,  S.
Brown, F. N. Morgan, I'. VV.
Valleau, F J. Proctor, R. K.
Houlgate, W. li. Bunbury, |as A.
McNair. Tims. S. Nye, I.O.Mills,
Unht. M. Schreidan, Stanley
."viler. Albert llamiltun. R. Mi
Rae, Wm. Hall. Win. I'. Peacey,
Alf. J. Wardell, Humphrey Wil
liams, T. C. Unit, Fred, |ohnson,
II. Mitchell. E. Townsley. Win
A. Bailer,
onl between two ranges ol moun
la ins, whose streams spn .id lei
tilin. the Lynn Valley first became
known nver 311 years ago, The
old Moodyville Sawmill Company
was the lirst on the ground, their
limits extending the whole length
and breadth nl lhe valley. Their
army of choppers picked out the
choicest Iir timbej, which thej
skidded in their mill at Moodyville, on lhe inlet, by the use of
iln- mule and ox. Eventually,
these loins were withdrawn, and
Inr a number nl years this wildei
in s-, was allowed to rei upi 1 an
from the disfiguration caused by
the logger, lim here was inn
valuable a proposition in the way
ol timbei tn leavi in iis sequestered
IIN      11    IRS       Mall
ih. Hasting Shingle Manufacturing Coin pan* acquired these limits
and deposited a large army nl men
nil the frontier ol this limber laud.
gradually hewing their way di epei
and deeper inlo it- recesses,
lea\ ing in their wake"nothing but
IE new Cm nl North Van
couver comprises about .).-
.inn acres, and is distant
from  Vancouvei  Cm  tw nl a
hall miles ,11 ross Burrard   Inlet,
li is carved mil nl the Imgi  rural
watei    1 tage    (or    inaustrial
ptirposi - is immense, ami only ihe building ol .i railway
system, whii h is now proji a ted to
mn northward in connei 1 with ihe
Cn,unl Crunk I'.n ific, a distani e 11
""UK   1\   llll
1 North Vancouver, iJ.i  miles,    \  I'inl';,- across iht
which contains some 32,000 acres Second nariows tn ci ect with
seventeen miles long by  eight Vancouver City is also in contem-
wide.   The city propel only com- plation,   When these  means  ol
nn need    about    three transportation have been carried
years ago, and has now ..m. the new city ol  North Van-
.1 populat il ovei 1 . couver will go ahead in leap- and
51m.     ll   has   its   own bounds,
waterworks,fifteen miles lhe beautilul scenery "I North
ol l|ll"■ 1 - hnd   ten Vancouvei  is mi., ol   us  rich, -t
o(distribution and assets (rom a tourist point .>t vii w,
'"     !     it1': -.   ■''• ii- maguifii. ai si - ,ni,1 nvers,
a eosl nl mn Sin. , ,i,, p ravines,  .sunny  slopes  and
Smne seven miles ol grand and mighlA mountain views
electrii   tramway   have I some day will make it tin tourist
charred   Btumps  and   spraggling been  installed during  ihe   year, ~<Aa ieeing Mecca ol tin   Pacilu
twigs, until today they have cut a ,|Uii   ,.,,„,               ^
swarth two mil. s wide ami imu
miles Im,.,.   Still tlnn- is enough and telephone, besides niplete
timber tn last  many   years  and ferry    service     'Ihi-    splendid
supply ihe greatci portion nl tie  achievement of the Ambitious I ity
Northwest.   Today   there  is   an ,,,„„,,, \„. .,-i,.,n«,1 in an)
average "i  100 1 ords ol shin...a
holts being taken from tin woods
light < oast,
In June lasl the North Van-
couver orchestra wa- formed. C,
McKenzie is president and Tom
(link is iln -. 11. i,m. Under the
able leaih rship nl Robert I Iin 11, e
ihis enterprising aggregation nl
local musicians, numbering ten
paces, will undoubtedly make a
record inr themselves ami help
advi rtise tin lown, lor there is no
I.. Her advertisement (or anv lown
lhan that which a first class band
ni mi hestra i an nne it
iai say nothing ol tin
lumber that is daih
shipped down in the
tlinii. from ih< -.iw
mill in lhe valley,
This null has a I ap
,1.   it)       "I      -al.   I      .',.
i. .1 ..| lumber p. I
diem, wlm h i- trans
potted i" Moody ville,
a distam i ni imu and
a hall miles ill a
flume, thence loaded -i nws and lowi ■!
tn Van VI i.
Now that tin exti nm portion ol
the   land   has  I    shorn  ol    I
mantle, wc must ne. ds turn tn tin ivati
interior, as il wen    I ultivatii -. :    .. .   ,,„,,,, ,|„ u,,,,, |„,
last following i n the heels ol \„
till   It   and  il   is   sad
Nortli Vancouvei i ontains three
' liuri In - ( bun h ol England,
Roman Catholii and I'n sbyterian,
thi'' : Ii rn lioti!-. ilm ' -. hools,
a munii ipal ■ res ol parks
dotli d all mi i ihe town, a pro
posed drivi way 350 feet wide and
mn mid and a quart, 1 in length,
a l< h nt in. Bank nl British
N'hiIi Ann in a, sevi ral slop - and
simps, an..nt liftt'i 11 mill - .it side
ll   first a i.lss
11 over lli•* muni-
\\ iih iln -   unpara 1
1110111      Norlh    \ .nn ouvi 1
musl ultiniat. i,   I me n  gn .11
1 u\
IiiiiIhi on Irom lhc saw mill 1- llu  ambitious 1 m, want than tin opi n
intaki   [01  the North Vancouvei ing up in tin  neai Intnre ol such
■/./;.      -'■
Map ol part ol the townsite ol North
Vain ouvi 1   slu wing  the  routi s ol the
-tn ei railwiit . also the proposed mule ol the
\   \\   ,\ \   Railway, from the bridge terminal
;,i ihe S aal Narrows to its western extremity
on linn.nd inh I
to pn In t. al 1 lun d.ii'.
thai land will li • m wilh ri, h
vi gi lalion   Ah' ady
-I   I   II   I   I    ■      II   I ' N
11 d ilu n and '  • 1
,', a
'       '.. .
I     Norlh   \ bui
1 ,in 1 *.< ■
fi a 1 p.,mi.  road h
lhe camp ill ■ porta
laa n i,e iiiiii    thai '   ■
■;      ... Foi
a more deligl 1 biki
1 |i   among the tail fu and
, edai ii" ■• ii..1  kin tin trail,
01 Ilhl ll"t Willi,  till
natural inclii
th.   path an >
road loi Iln  ri I u
l 1    jn this rich bell i   n i
rapidly   increasing   in
iliu.: willi tin di mand,
. .1 pi 1
a. 1.     la -mall hnlil.
,.,„    incs  ihis   meets   the
heart     '■■   ■    and as
sunn   IS B III
iiii   Second  narrows,
Wi    11, e,   a Kpl cl tl     "
Lynn    Vallej     rival
man', ol tie 1 Idi 1 111
tleim in     1 hn ■ n    1
Vai     iver i   noted loi
I.Mm 1 hi 1, wi nds it tourist lions,   loi   thi
I   1   Its  line
Iitftll sitna-
•   belli ile Iree from I      it
Ihi n.     could     this all 1
Sa   HUN   lillll   I'
A 111'   II    11
Iiii  HIM
a i i \      .11111 .V
lil-l I'll    M lllll US.
Mi. M.iiii. i- is the pioiu el'shoe
maker,  having  bei n  in  husiiu ss
ri a on two years,     lie re
, .1, -' and gellllenu n's boots
nml slim -  with  | ipiiu ** and
the In sl nt • >i   la I "
nlso dm - i iislom work.    Hi-simp
- in \i p, llnrn.   bull In i .hop,
.'..Ila     1      -      -Ull'   \   \H|I.
A  Wn   . .      hip yard      n tin
.......  v- '   ■ I    ol     I       lah
-      ' -'    '   "   ' I , a
.     a
'      '       len.   a     : i   1,,,'gi inibe'l
theil     lill lia re,
I   . '    a    1   thl'el    in   ■ il-nwsl
i «.'  "i   a i, i tion,    Mi
I     '     aid aa',      |    J     -I
■ in
i in
I      I       x    \ III.
I'. Hm a- ,v Co., luili hers, in i d
im   inlrodiii tion   lo   om   n ndi I
i     Mi Ki n   -,   who i- «. II   and
favoiabh known In n . is tin
mamiKi'r.    Mainlt through his nn
lirinii a nmi- ,i in sl < i.i-- bin ii
!    a '   I   'a      a    ;ta|   |i ihl  ai     in   |a '|  1|,
ciiinp Hit - ph mi-' •■ are Im au .1
iii ,ai il.. . onu i nl Lonsdali aa m .
and I'il-l stn a I,
I IM^^^^
111' I
llll    I XI'UI sS ' I
liWI I I IX.. tl'.M I
a  I-I MRS
Ferry Agreement
I N Villi II j! fill' ilm I'riTV hv-lllW it lines lml I ll I'll II
llllll   tin- r.i|il|i;ill\   will   llllVC  exclusive   I'igllts  III'  II
iiiiiiii)|inl\ nf llu* fern service, Oilier privule
i',(iiii|i!iuics mny operate ferries ii ihey choose in ilu
N'llliTII   V IXCllt'VI'ill nu II- il- sll'l'l'l t'lllls  In  llll'
tviili'i'fi'uiil. St. lieorge's, Sl Andrew's, Sl. David's
nvi'iiiii's in iliu ensl nf ilu' wharf ninl Chesli rlii'lil
nml Miiluui nvi'iiiii's, Imlil wesl uf lli ■ tvlnii'f,
Nuirni V ixi'iu vkii in ilu- now agreement wiili
tlm ferry company gets n whole Int- nu iiiiiiiciliuU*
11 uli'-1 n nir sim'\ icn. nml an urliii ml imi clause tu de-
I'iiic I'utlll'l' lillle Sclll'illlll'S,
Tin ferry by-law provides llinl ti new tvlmi'f
shall hi* liuill, tt illi sepan le Walks for pedestrians
;i- well iis roadways for vi'liii'tiliti' trtillic.
This -Imp i- located on   I bird
-.     a   im      strei'i, in ill   M ih ill avi nui'.    Mr.
iix-ini i. ni xi i     Mi-Ci . ..., ii in iking  bm
-ii itt'-i \xa * -ini;i   i'l-. ii- d principally bt the butch-
i | >i mi      els.    I b has In hi in business here
Ini  th.   past six or seven years
I In    .1. iiniml Pn   In- haili I-  has
\\|i   U'VUIMI \ i - |   . , ,     ,
nn leas. .1   In such un  extent
lie i-nlargi      hi-   premisi -
II.     t.    sl|\W.
i- nne nl mn successful real est He
and insurance men. having had a
fi iv wiih experience In the in
-in,ince  business     Ih-   plain    ol
business now is at tl rnei
Lonsdale avenue and Sai mid
-in . I, «In ri In has In en located
-in. •  |nly,  i<> i.    Mi   Shaw is a
In the Matter of the Estate of
lames Johnston Thompson, Deceased.
NOI li'L is IlliKliUY C,l\ KN
that in pursuance "I an ordei mad.'
herein in lhe Supreme Court ol
llritisli Columbia, \\ illinni hostel
I riiompson, nl the City ul Vain ouver, II C, was, mi iln .'|lh dn) 1.1
(Iclober, i'i"''. appoinli d adiuiiiis
li.H I  the eslnte and i Hi i ts nf
|ames   |ohnslon    I I pson,   di
ceased, who died at Sorth \ an
cont'd on tin nilli tint "I S. p
li mln i, iijiib.
i iiven thai all parlii - hat iug any
. 1,nm- against tin said i stall ol
the said de.. .I-, d, musl send m
tlnn claims, dult ta rilied, on or
befon the i-i day ol In hinan.
i |o;. iai tin said William I'osli i
I limiip-iin, .ii iln niin e nl Messrs,
Mi i Si hmi it Harper, . |ij
Pi ndi i -n. el. \ .im mm i. I' i ..
,dn i wiin Ii date lhe i state
will be dealt with bt the said
\\ I osli i I luiiiipson in due
course "I adinini-li,ilimi, having
i. gard unit to a laims sent in prior
to lhe said  i-l day   .'I   pi Inn,in.
Dated   tin-   ;aaih   da\   ol   Nn
vemher,    a
\|a   I'l  IV    Sl    Ili'I    I  .'    l\     II   llll'l    li.
Snlii iini*.  Im   llii   Said   \diuinis     I Ml         , ■  ; |.    - ;.|
l'i ndi i     -ii'' I,    \ ancniu'er,
II   I
and pii'M-in'i..     Ih- 'im.' is in .ii  ' Hi/mi
■ ii   avi
.   ilil -
Wii.ti iiIiiiiii Vancouver getting n* imck up
,". ,,-'        , ,     , ,   ,    ,,1      .iii.l putting un ;i I'eri'v servit i' it* own, ivlik'li
hiuhh n spei ti il ami trustworthy ' '
il surely would do if trallie warranted it.   Thcr
.slat' '"", 	
Notlh '   ' ' ""-■''-"     >' Mi     II    \   SI m has cl   I
1,111,1 ;" llh tin pinneerdrtu Is store,	
■    , "    ' ' "'•   Van Si tr.rl     md     Lonsdah
li, is  '" Here   a   fell   -ii"       '
' Im. heen transuded sin >
ils  incepl |lilv,    i |i
cnnipleti   stock  "I  drvuoods  a   I
I  ■	
.     II ■ ■ :  .  ■ a ; a   ,   . ■   I.   .      mil sei     hai vou can cl  in   VOi.r I
la   isln al   In re,  nun town." is llu   modi st n
'-•■••■    ■ 'i  I i.i,
■• ■ ss i- ted in nl ilai- i ouili mi- lady,
ranee,   real   • slate
i nun ry
I,   luii       \"
llolh  Ui III
isjn nn iin luii |,.  |i	
ilso  handled       ""      :' r,ml1'    "!    ,1"'
I   ■ ■       ■      pal bn .:,.  ■. a,,,,;. |   v    "       '   :   Ims ind 1 niaiit
Ihal o| i [at,   nnd l"    larl   :"1 ::"~"   '"''      Vl -
Ml   •■, ,|   lluse,   'I :h   i ia-l   in   il
-mn-.  a     \h -    I laa'^';'-   n stain lllll
ia In .hln. ill   store,   on   tin
I   pliinadi. whii h was opi n
\pi     ' ■ tli    11      . who
r. liibson i          I"" ""l" M*"'"'!'"*
Ihiucbusini ■""''   l»nitistakni|?.   lull)
men ■      I      hare nl
Mi   li   II
I nlh   in
has ,n Im \i d hen
lill-   llslln;
-a,    ihni  —
Iiii   a   imu    wa . union.
erintendeiii.   K, ,                   :,lhK   ,
I l;el.l
I' ll
.      .  ':    II    ■
.   '
i'i'   ' *
.11'    M '
desl I
iiisition In ■        ery  ci'liire  ol
tuehiu whole
Ih.  Hotel
I is all  I
l„  the slaiidai
I llieir sei
I ,   .     ,'.     a . lirsl
■■',.,,   I
'  ;. niislii inl on iliu ,-oast,
el   iln
Mi.   I'rai      Havi
Mi   I1 II"'
mul   i old ■''
i  . ■ leresl        '   ■ ■ ■   ■ ' '
and , '     ' ii _*>~_*
■    ' ^ritm
i- plenty uf plnci- fnr landing on this side uf llie
Wi. tin new ferry limits, ns per the new
Iiii fern company gets nu inure thnn il is
i-iililli 'I in in the ordinary I'liurse nf liusiness,
A I'n ri KN-vii.ti: fi'iineliise is now held liy the
ferry company, in return for ivhich tin hourly serviee is jjiveii. Il\ extending it for iiliolher lifteen
years, an iininediale half-hour service is inaugurated
Tur presenl are lhe struggling line'* for Nurtli
Vancouver, aud an improved ferry service is badly
needed, According lu the agreenietil now in force
ur enn only insist on hourly lri|is for the nexl
lifteen years. The lirsl lifteen years moans u hu
in N.iiih Vancouver in llu* way of transportation
facilities. The following lifteen years, I HI 8-1 Mil,
the extension time in the new agreement, will see
several ferries und a bridge, besides Irani cars, run
in and from Vancoiiver Oily, If nothing else competition will thru regulate trullic and passenger
Tim; municipality will get rJlOD a month, payable
in intlily, for !K) years, from lhe ferry company for
the lease of Lonsdale avenue. This placed in lhe
bank ni compound inleresl for thai period will
accumulate sulliciciilh lo but out the company's
interests when lhe lime arrives lo make another
S'oit'i n V tv an t in Lt entering inlo a new
agreemi'iil with the fern eutiipiint does nol pre-
vent Vancouver pulling "ii ti ferry. This would
look i"" much like ih" tail wagging llie dog,
Tin. board of Irudo, com posed a> it is of over
• inr   hundred
business   men.
/ '     | ' I I  I  I    I |    101  HARRIS ST.
'   .    '    llllll' VANCOUVER
Sale of Work
is i>KisB>nim\ nu mil
•MUll SIRItl
On III Mm, 11 tb Inst.
irom ;i o'clock in lhc afternoon
lltlill I   Bll"|iil i">  Hi   I H'lil •>'    \\*\   >•'• li ij
- ."I.., k.
i UNi KIM    l.i'1'til iiii.lMNi-i.i'iiii'ii'   ■
t>U'lllll|l   . s|iii ti'il      Ul lire Ilm
mm \mxm n:i!in
kMil ill.. LTD,
( "iiinnm ne: \"\.  I, I,jul
ii.ui t ti
s.l.'i       "
, n * ti
1,._.,, ..
III    1   I
llllll        "
IS 1.1 1*. tl.
ll.iis   "
ii.m   •■
I2.:i5 I', ti.
1 :'"    "
1 I'l    "
'_': ,i i
1 1.1    "
Inn    "
1    1*1
,    ■    ■■
t     1*1
', ...
ii i.i
; mi
- iis  •
' * 1.',
111.1:1 "
'i   I ,
III 18   "
11.48   "
'   \.a     > |,„
trasses,   ml11i :
mil I     ia    I In**
Ml       I ';i I,     a lllll ('(lllllllll lllll ,j
,,i  lhe li ■ .       ui .mi
I   In tin    |'l    'lielol      •
.   1
|l|l :
'"'  I I* atur.
tlmt   enn   In
1 1'unllv lirst-cinss
eral 11
Mn    ,    . ,    1"' 1   i ;;
in 11    1   rlii*-   pi'i'iilm
■   lure  i'n 1   I"'
I ■ Intra; Kvervlliiiii        ki*j>i
ih  ;
;      ' '     . ' "'i'i
Iiii- unanimously endorsed the
proposed   new
Bp»7"     lerry Lv-lntv.
The voting
lakes place in
Municipal Hull
mi December
II) u
l.l.l.hiri .\ HACiLOW
sll inn
Wi will imni-li licBiitiliil
1 .ii. iuIiii 1, illustrated tvitli
local l.iml-i ,i|n s. inst the
Ilnn:: Iii -1 inl attat for .1
Christina!!   01   Ni it   War's
1 .ml Sines ; ' \si . ill! lies
llllll ll', \l.' llll 111 -. I 111
\ ie\t     il    I 111     Km 11 -s.
SMOKE THE    .     ■
* North Vancouver
I believe. Ihal North Vancouver Ims
nu immense future, and llml ihere
will 1"' inure money made in bind
here ihnii in any oilier section in
llritisli Columbia. I have LOTS
Nli! NAN in Ml parls uf ilm
Townsite li you have LOTS TO
SELL) como lo ine, 1 will Iind
tun purchasers ouicklv.
lill Cordova Mini. Vancouver, 11. C.
VaAi>W****-»\»**>*< aWSA^ArXrWaVa
/  —
It   II, TllnMI'SnN, NljN.uinii
Mi:- S.THOMPSON ill SONS, I'liol'l,
Corner C-irriill and Water   Sis.
*&<a *-~-~     ■ i-.^t^: .
La in.;   Intel)'    exlenala il,    over-
li.inllil anil remodelled it is
now lirsl class in everj detail,
I landsonie Hedrooins,
Mill .I.i*    Linn h  n   Spe. ialty,
11 noon lo i p.m.
Imui ii run ('ninii W'iii-m i
Those Who Do
Wc extend lo yon hearty greetings
and lies! .visiles for tliis Festive
Season, also a • onlial invitation to
visit Vancouver's Newest .mil Largest
Furniture  Sliire,   Wc enn*   ,1 i	
plete stock nl House Furnishings, in
int. we sunpl* everything lor tho
home. We sell loi Cash, or mi
Credit, Wc charge no Interest, and
we give Special mention to nil orders
llnlll \nlll' siill   nl   llie Inlet.
D. A. SMITH, Ltd.
Cor. Granvilleand Dunsiiiuii Sis.
Tlie lilies i||e null  allOlll llllll
what other lii-i class hotels
charge,  Imt are responsible
loi no dull seiisnns.   First-
class   Liquors ami   Cigars.
$1   \   |l\-     INU   Ul'tt Mil'-.
|. m:\iv. I'mii*.
Modern ' 'onvenienccs
I'ir-l Class I! is
Kuro]iean I'liin
Kates -$1.5(1 ui
Cordova and Cambie sis.
Phone 585
iG and
Sole Agi ni Im'
McClary' Ranges
iind Furnaces
lhe lltimillon
Powder Co.
v Hotel
llettveeii Carrall and Abbot Sis.
\\ ines. Liquors and Cigars.
A first-class hotel, thoroughly
na u ,md down in date,
Situated in the centri ol the
si a dat ami upwards,
1, ni'.i .kick, I'
1. A, M'MII.I AN.
The application ol thoroiighl)
modern methods may beascribed as
lhe cause nl the remarkable sai • ess
ol this lending grocer) linsinets,
J, A. McMillan, the proprietor,
who started this vi nliire in M tn h,
1903, 1- a gentleman ol modern
ideas, which he does not In sitale
in pni into prai in ,il n|ia ration
lollowing nnt thai nld, Imi never
lhe less line saying ol |nlin
Raskin's, •■ Advertising is tin ke)
St I      Sll,  ,  |'S    " I I,        ,   ,||||,   -       ,|
large sini k "I groi i ries, prot isions,
Uml, lumps, croi kery, et,.. all
• •I wlm li aie snl.l at reasonalili
rales. In coiiuci lion with iln- reliable institution is the post oflii e,
shop is nn Lonsdale avenue, am
11.mains ihe best equipped shav
ing parlors and bath rooms, as
well as ,1 hootblai k, cigar and
(nli,n 111 stand, I le i- a lii-i i lass
workman ol wide expi rieni i, lia* ■
1111; nni Ki il in .ill lhe large Amir,
i.m • ities, . M.n.Iini; Irom iln
A 1 it 1111. Iii lhe I'ai ilie. Ami what
Dirt don'l know about the husini ss
well, it's nnt worth iln knowing
1.  It, STKACV,
(Inr   nl   mii   most   prospi rous
business • mn em- i- ihal nl A. R,
M. ;n 1. cornel  Sei ond Street and
Lonsdale avenue.   A general gro
Luis* durston. ,.,,lv  al|1)  provision   business   is
This linn ol real estate brokers carried on : (nut is also handled,
started   in   February   last,   .unl From the beginning ol this venture
carries on a growing ami success a very successful trade lias been
Inl  business, operating   in   nal done,  especially   in  cheese  and
estate and insurance,    Loans aie butler, owing to the most reliable
negotiated ami a  general   house ami liberal methors nl Mr. Steacj
agencj   business  is  carried   mi. Tin   stock carried is most coin'
11. T. l'   lives ami ('. I-:.  Durston plete in all details, and prices are
one mav see what constitutes a
first-class ami well-appointed meat
market. The local manager is
Mr, Percy James, a gentleman
possessing a very wide and varied
experience in ilns business.
\\ I 's   I'liii lit  sll 1)10,
George G, Nye is the pioneer
photographer ol North Van, ouver,
ami his new and up-to-date studio
I iin Campbell is  the  pioneer is located on Second street, hull a
barber nl ilm municipality'   His block nil  Lonsdale avenue,   lie
OODYVILLE ma) easil) tin- manager nl tin   mill, becami
be reached b) tin  First lieutenant-governor   nl   iin-   tlm
street tram in a little less province.   Tin   historic   Mood)
than ten minutes Irom ville hotel is still a populai resort
llie Lonsdale avenm wharl,    Ihis and is controlled  by (has.  Mee,
old village was once tile scene ol a ilm pioneer hotelkeeper ol North
great lumber mill which will
again be starli <! up shortly. Seth
Moody, tin founder, Inst his Iiie
Vancouver. Mam a delinjiilul
hniir can be spent in the rural
districts close  in,   Lynn   • rei I.
Bl SlXKSS nml  Semi-Business Lois
ninl lllocks on main tboruiiiili-
i.'iiv-. I'lmii'f'   ||c-ii|i nlinl   Lul- in
nil purls ni il ity.   ylost'-in Ulockn
iiihI Acreage Trad- suitable for profitable subdivision.
Our Ei'ii Mail and Booklet of Nurlh
Vancouver trill I" mailed mt recant nl
hen ct nls for nostaiii.
Irwin & Billings Co.
Phone li. ('or. Lonsdale and Sth St., North Vancouver, B.C.
I'iclttre I'liimiii'i. I'nilrmh nml
/,l|.,.l..('al/l,.V,   '''a/11/11../     llllll     I'.ll'
lttraiti\i, I. il in 11 •.   1 null a
Stllmjitl, >..I'm,11'   In,./.'. Kim
l'i n.i- */,„/.. I.I.'.. I.'/-',
in ilm wreck "| the steamer ami iis flats are close Iw. when
Pacific, off Cape Flattery, in 1875, the hints ol tlm gun club an
Hugh Nelson, who was at one time located,
aie both residi nts here, wid, I) and
favorably known. Tin \ lake a
lie.n interest in the i ity, and have
done not a little in the building up
111   tile   phlCe.
w ll.l.ALI   .V   IdllNSON.
This linn transacts a general
hlacksmitliing btisitn ss, nn hiding
horseshoeing and repairing "I all
kinds, Missis. K. Wallace, im
merl) nl Banff, ami F, |ohnson,
laic "I iln Kootenays, lormed a
partnership in August last, ami
pun hnsed the ahead)' wi ii
established business ami pn mi-' -,
mi First sin ei. we-i a| Lonsdah
avenm . ol   II.   lills,   'I In \   arc
Imtli  ant. rprising    I   i in rjeiii
nnn. ami ivi 11 liked in  lie' i mm
• heap, I lhan at Vann.nv. i Mi.
Steai v tains a verj active interest
in . dm annual affairs, being ,it tin
present time chairman ol tin
si himl board, ami is highl) re
speeied in the community.
I.   li.   I.   Ml RRAt   ,V   a IIMI'AXV,
I In- liim are sue, essors to  I'
VV.  IClclc, .v Company, lounded
Iwo *. .11 ■ ago mi Lonsdale avi nm
A    ven    successful   business   i-
(..lined  mi   in   leal   estate,   loan
rn gotiatii ii-. Inaiisi  .e.n in i. -. eli
Business  • ninn '   hav,    been
establish, ,1 with mam h ading onl
-nh linns,    Mr, Mnrraj himsell is
in iiM resident hen and is a firm
i" in i'i in lhe stabilit) ol lhe new
i\i v i   uin i.i .
i laiming to I" a iii-t i las il
«*!' \ si I  \   l 'AUK
Ale and Stout
In II.nil.--   la.u-  I  I'll-.
llir I'nii.ii 111 iu iiiii Co,, 11,1,
I I  I.    a'.I
VVholesnh  and Kctail
i* Powi II St., Vain ouvi r,
ll«,i  la  M.    I    v. M   .1    I. I.  II,; -   I
-'in Ml. II. A.!   •   tf. lliM'l.H, II A,
WHISMV Mill 1,1/, & II MM 11
lliinisli'i's, Solicitors,
\iillll'irs, Kir.
Ihis li is drug store, situated.Il"d "'"king ■' '\"'uu 1",lmi' u| a11
al the ...i  In il  -in.i .unl ll'il |s liked bi sl b) transients and
Lonsdah avenue, is as well known residents, tin   Palaci  hotel, uml. i
i i/ciis and visitors as ant spot ,1"'  ''''''   proprietorship ol   Mr,
in  i„wn     Mi    Ma Dowell is   tin Lonnzii Kwla, must be allowed to
pi i i drnggisl a,| ih,  place, and I'"*'1 s°me *"'• <1™»K grounds loi
ha- Im,-; la., ii ,, pro nineiit I    in   'I '■"'''■     I'l"" I I
in il    . I '     an !   nciii   " '   'reel, ,-asl ol  I. Iati
im     lb carrii i a very large nn '•'    '       "             ''"   ll'"1" '•
ol the best ill igs, ami lli nil i •                               '
lolaeii,nmi ,u ,,n first chi ! irnishi'd hot,       astii   ol nil the
, ;|| s|,,,,, 1 1 I'l"*' llll III        I hunch
opi in d but ii h .i months,  evei
        ■ ■   ..    ii '      '   ""  ' '■
in v..   iln     piipiilaritj    ni    i
I'eti Larsoi . is llu   pop  pru   •• | n,  ■,.-] |,j   ,,n  vv|
prietoi 'at ilns picluri iquc  easide havi visited Iln placi
n ..ii     Nn pains oi expen i   ,
pan -I in  • ati ring to tin    . nil
iln.s good work, main' nl the views
in tins issue being Ins handiwork,
lit has nu ntl) added anothei
branch to Ins business, that ol
picture framing. A fine colli i tion
nl loi al views and souvenir post
• .nd- are always kepi to choose
li     Mn Nye i- well and favor
abl) known' having been a resident
In re loi ai niimbei ol y, ars,
11 siom i tii.nR,
P 1 luiim. I onsdale avenue,
start, '1 in business here on Sep-
teinliei i |. ia,.>ia. Ile is lhe man
to Iii you nut in a suit nl i lollies
second to none an;where. Mis
pru is an i onsisti nl with workmanship ami materials. Mr.
Dunne has had a long experience,
and i- numbered among B. C.,s
a   ll'll   IN"   llnlll..
Those visiting the Vancouver
wai. rtvorks dam can be ai i omo
dan .1 at this comfortable hostelry,
which is i lei ted on the plateau
overlooking the reservoir. The
large, air) bedrooms and parlors
for tourists cannot be excelled.
Down-to dale in all conveniences,
baths In ing a feature, Asa health
resort this hostelry is not lack in
advantages, D, VV. Kells is the
llll   ll. .11   PROFESSION.
Iii [tine last Messrs. McCrossan,
Schuitz & Harper entered into a
law partiu rship, Then offices are
on I'eiiilei street. I he ollii es al
Norlh Vancouvi i are located in lhe
|mu turn him k. S. ('. Selnili/, ll.
A., is a pioceer ol the Ambitious
City, residing on Lonsdale avenue
Im a number ol years,
m i\. smith & COMPANY,
This firm deal- in business and
residential properties, loans, insurant e, eli. Tln\' have one ol
the besl and most. arefully selected
lists oi real estate hereabouts.
"We do not ask oi advise anyone
to buy propert) that we would not
pun base ourselves," is what the
head ol the firm says.   And ihey
have   that    reputation,   C nn
main Scotland the) started in
busiiii -- In re in November, 1905,
Th. n "iin. - are located in tin
lunction bloi k. Lonsdale avenue,
near the wharf,
n li'- -um  -nmi
I V, Fyke is lhe s. nun bunt and
-In" ih .ih 1 iii \ aim ouver, having
1 itablislu .1 in business llien in lhe
eighth -. win 11 ilu I ■ rniinal 1 il)
was mi in ii- swaddling 1 lothes,
Ml I1) ke is one "I the pro
n iv, business men in the w, st,
always having 1 xplii it Luili in
British * olnuibia, Foi n liabilit)
in husini ss transai lions both he
alid hr 1 h ik- an noted. Win 11
iln \ tell a 1 usiomer that an artii le
is |jood, the) nu an what llu * saj
North Vancouveriti ■•   when   pui
I basing read) i" weal boots or
.|,a,es 1 ould iln nn I" Iter than to
go ia. i". i,,     1,,,   ton . 516, Hast-
Hi 1 I wesl
1    lUDNF.t
II w.i la 1 1 ■ lun,in, when F.
I: 1 1, Im and II Ma) form, 'I a
I■ uin': , ■ nio tin painting
,nnl |a,i|n rhanging busiiii --     I In )
null a shop a,|| |!i- I p .1:1.ele anal
Inl   ,1     ci CC --lul    business.
II ■   :-.|' irlni 1 diipdissolvi tl,
IKRMINI     ■'   ll
I      Si hnoti I.    111,mnl n tun 1    'al
'*>   11 N   *   II11II1II1111   Vmi ut, Mnl  ,
I'.n,., .... luili I
ala.l   iu ■ 'Is   nl   Ins   g||l sts      I I
table ami 1 lerate , liarges make
11 ., desirable pla, e to 1 ntertain iin   I erniiiuis cigar, i   a   trong
Iriends    A line bathing beach and believer in North Vancouver,  nil
beautiful grounds aid surround 'Im- an extensive business here
ings in,,I.e it .,11 e.\ jin-iie objeel fl is cigars an deal I lavanna filled
I'.n 11   im   ph a,- ure   parti,     ami
pii nn ■■    I loating,    fishing    and
hunting may be hnd,    Iln view nl "' ''■   ''"'"' *rm<  IIN '
'I'l, im harbor from tin largi  veranda     This is om "I tin largest meal
1. manniln . nt, comprising moiin-l concernr on the I'acifn 1   a t, and
lain, forest, sea and city, with the 11 plays 11 ver  important part in
passage of the iMiliri    I |i|       that tin  supply ol North  Van '.•>
leaves the porl,    A large dancing staple loods     Ilm  premises   an
pavilion is in connectinn with tlm situated neai the cornel ol   I hnd
Mi.   Cuilm \   taking   ovei    the
vi :i(iii<     Aii kinds ol w
'i i'      ne, im hiding     111
ami   mill 1,u   di 1 01 ll
a aiin.l lain by Mi. 1  idl 1 y, wlm is
1 thoroughly qualili, d and expi n
i   reel, un Lonsdale ive , win n   workman, nu: i:\it:i:ss. viiktii vanciH'ver, u. e
Pf      PLANS
a' use i.i ilii'l iriiiul
liilllll'Vlll'tl nml lil'-
iw'i'ii Two  Lli-i'-
itit* Kuilwiiv l.iiu,-
( VS KI   II VII   M'(l'l_
I mnl ed I i,ilulil*
km 11
Corner Pender and Seymour
Streets,  Vansouver, ll. C.
would do well to consult us
before making an investment.
We can show thc Best Business
or Propositions in
North Vancouver Square Dealing is our Motto   ,<   -A   .<>
For Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits
and Furnishings there is no bettor
place to go in the nest than (LIBB &
STEWART'S, 309 to 315 Hastings
St. West, Vancouver, B. C.   Phone 702
POL1CK INVESTIGATION HimH* case be dismissed ihrough
'        ill   IU l     I I* la I
|   lidward llinl. ill hi- summary,
1  I  a        a   1 H'IU',1      |HI  I'lilie     III    llll i    • •„.
«   a\a<l     V.,lllll      Oil      a . llnlll     |nain|-.
■    iiii niitti • was InM mi      ,.
making it nn uii|'ii asant im nin
MiiihImv  evenine  lasl in the mum- . ,
•ll    till'    wit II."--(-.    Will
'la '     ||| |   ||.   |l Ua   |.        |l|l      Uill . 1,11, .1
1 : implicated,     During   ilu
un  the   I'li.ii.i   Ki i'Vi    l\cal'   and     , , , ,
itddn — -   tin    two   luwvi rs,   ,u
('■lllll,        :     ''i Mill III
.      lllllCS, l'ii||l|i||lll( lit' .1 . ... la  llllll 1  II
Iv'ev, I>.Iin Simps n. "i  \ am nu-1 , , i ■ ,
til'  11       'iV 11       |"  a  lill.II       U.ll.       Willi  ll
u I.    wlm   was   ilttl nil i „    i
li   il .Hi lli ni' mii n sl
pn nil      I u leu ni iln    i, , ,,  i
il in hei ai—i mldi'il.
time "I  iii mil. was
lhe l'u I witness called     I    i   li-ai       ^  sll"rl   ""•"""    between
..     inner In-1 Iln   ,l" nn-niliers (illln cominittei ci 'a
tlie day in (pi ■ !"'  •'"   i'-,ll!:     ■ll1''   uhl,il
iln  . li, aiiiioiini < 'I il .ii il<
When you nre tliinliiiiL; and wondering what
nui can liu\  your uin   [or a Christmas present,
ui Si u \ a ,ii - -in. sonn thing will 1" "i
some use to inn, nnd lhe longer she has it the
ninn' valuable it becomes;  well,   tlii*-  is  r.i-ih
pi,iniM '1
I Ins Sunn I'iuc Large
thai would I"  worth mori  than double In
i HKISTMAS,    ,.
333 Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.
The New Ferry By-law. The Ferry By-law
In the Kiliim ol I in lixi'imss
l'u the lidit I Till Exi'Rl --:
Silt, As tlir time draws neai
Im the vote on the revisi d agree-
nii ni with ihr li in company, ninl
as the terms ol ngreenieiil becomes better known, the beitei
satisfied tlir people arc, It is the
mi\ best that wc could hopi to
secure, thc terms w, re carefully
■ onsidi red by the exi i utive ol lhe
Di \n Sir, As vice-president ol
'If board ol trade, and having
occupied tin chair at meetings ol
the board, relative to I.m agn .
ment, allow nir to slate ihal we
have to the best ol our ability given
mii I" -i mill.,um- to bring about
an ngri'i un nt with the f, rn company.    1 considei ilnn ihe leasing
board ol trade before tin*   were j of Lonsdale avenue for the tern
in .wcriug the main tptcstions
il   Im
ision would 1" reserved
Anvonc who stands Im it will be
linallj adopted In the i oniniittee,
and wet. unanimously indorsi d bj
iln   said ' xi' uinr     I he i oiincil
luii. n years gives lhe ferry , om-
pan) bul little nun, lhan ihal
whii li ilu* havi  ,n pn -, ni    Wi*
also in completing the drafl ol iln gel   .1   new   boat,   ,1   half-lioiirly
by-law,  gave most   careful   con- service,   and   more   often   when  i" man   clause,    Iln occasion demands.    The   iranslei
executive ol the board ol trade, as ol the sl aniei   North  \'anconvei
well as the nienibers of the council, amounts tu hut little, .1- evert one
being property owners In  Ninth knows tlmt tin $100 herewith paid
Vancouver,   should   I"' sufficient lo the municipality loi   iX vears
prool  that the l«-l  interests   ol means that with the interest com-
North Vancouver were well repri- pounded ihal lhe sum paid In  iln
n"'   meeting   llien   adj nl     Dan Martin has led (or Kam- " How many men," we heard n
ivhen    Ile   has   opened .1 man ask today, "nrcin your tpiai
lam       ia ideiny, and will remain let ?'
(here lill I'ebl iar'
Municipal Council
I In Ma Nail Lumber Company
Ila'  regiilai  Meeting  nn  Wed li      havi   started lugging   a
ilti 1    Iransai ting tin      e\\   1 amp,    wi -1    ol    th
■ :   " a Miljlllllll        till UlCadv  11     .Hal'    Imi
1 um ■ 1   liritnai 'mil".  who   was
ni at tin   lime  in  ipies
lion,  wa ml   11111 ni  I
- poriain
1      ' i'    his nun  bcliall,
■ ,    .
■       >ii j Cni-|<iliu nan nl     1
.1.1 lii'leaveuieiit in I .    ,.     ,
11.1I1.1M i.a..", pin I.. (pn.uf (.!•:.    ron
  ighln.    llu ■'       '
Mr.  1 ■ ' ...     Hi wi In  i|,,r,. has lain n u|. n u
1 \\ 1
,. hire, bavin    puri nasi .1 il"
I lllli.l pinp, 11      . 1   Mi     Sl ' "".,   "I I'd
I'' nth    it' el     Mi     Sli '   I
ie I    Sl mind I to their tu v.
isteil that 1
wlm 1 1 I, wi -t
[•'ui \n   A -in.ill valisi     Appb
I  I*   I  Murray & Company, the ,,, lh ,,,,„„,
■ile di ah rs, have r< moved
Inun tin     riiompsuii   block,   lo     Send the Ciirmm.\s Kxprkss lo
.   . 1 11 , in preparing iln- di.iii iii cumpany (luring the term will e
ippositi iiiinni ii'.n hall,  mi  vour   friends,    1 opies,  10   nuts ,    ,             , '                          , ,
In l.iu,   tlnn un.nn sl\  ih ompcnsnti  lhe inuniciiialitv
Ili'I   Sin ' I ''aU h. ,,'.,.      , „ I   \, 11   i» •, • I    ,
believe lhat the welfare ol North loi  the said  boat.    One  ul   the
Vancouver can he besl conserved objections in the fern   bv-law is
In voting [01 tin -.nm' thai tin rights ul mu 1 hildn n are
Yours truly, being given away, In the (rani hise,
I', ti. I'n k. Iiinnswi 1 in this li t nu say llnit ii
Norlh Vancouver,  H.  C,   13,    '*• "' m) "P'nion. tha t present
cemj)(, .  !   5 lime is llnil wlm li 1- opporiunc.
We  wanl  .1  hall hourly    min. ;
we wanl new hunts, in w  wharvi -
Ferry Bylaw Endorsed,     and new conveniences; therefore,
___, every who has (In inn 1. -t nl
...       ,,    •      , , Nortli Vancuiivei .11 hearl should
I he Inlliiuiin;   li Um   has   heen ,       ,
received bl tin  municipal 1 cil  ",lt' '"' ""   ''J ln*  '""'   [,)l   ll"'
1 iln board nl : progress ol our Ambitious City.
Yours, eli..       ',, |. I'mi 1 ut,1.
(    M   V.
■   I
North  Vancouver,  11,  (..  Inui!" 1 t'lli. 1 , '
Ol it BUSINESS im*      1 imili 11,,
IIV I Im iliil I I'i'lll Iin'III llf 1    I'i
• ■I-    The   i|iiulit_\    "i   utir
•■ni'i t'iirlil 1'i'im-.   Ilon'i \Mii think
ii tviinhl |in\  yon   i"  hiiv   mil'   1 Iruo 1
J.  A. McMillan
North Vancouver, B. c.     Phone 20
il  ihr   Capilnini   mm.   nl    tin
,      '   '       '   ■ .  ' -liis.   -1 1,1
nn   iln
Up    llll-    Ml-I
1(11 ,llll\ ,11 i'l llltin 111
.i     lance I   "|" ■: up tin roads.
Milling,-! II. "a II, ul ii. Hank ..I
ll. N. A     is i       id ll     id ai
nniini enienl Irom llu ■.:■ mul man-
'    ,' 'it ul Monln a  il ii n i cully    '
itlinl llu   ii'iiiui director.     A reporlei  went  into n  Norlh
Mi   II   l\   I'arn i    icciirred -ims   Vuncuuver man's place ul busiiiess
Ile    had   In en   i on  "ihisniurning, und asked     " \\. 11.
liniinii'.lv a dirednr loi ti vears.      how is everylhing?" Tin business
i l I'll l\,l i IXVilX.
\ Norlh Vancouvei girl, who
returned Irom n month's visil in
Victoria yesterday, attended ,|j
l'hnt'9 muni; -min .
I.nil S indir      hi I   n .inn' 1
.ii llu   house nl   Mi   and   Mrs
in.iii    I* pin i
1 Quiet,
i| 1,
im vi i lain v ii sn ipiiet."   Can you
gm    ulna tin husini ss in,in was.
■ tui.ii lim lamina ii : hah) Im)
Mi   v lerson, ulna i. 'an, in,in nl     A correspondent ivritesi   "Om
 an work mi ilu   I;, c,
i     ■ ■     |
ul        [i How cm
 ost of frii ml
li mi v.a nmi la arn Irom n re, i nt
im nir;,i in ilu ii .nh .sn.".- ..I bragging, llnu ofton one I-i.a ol
v.a althy pan ntt nml ol untold
I ,ii tpiii i ii i Motlii i .nni wealth, when lhe whuli faiiiib
v.a ll uuldn'l I     a lot in n ci nn len
" N'Uilll  \  VNl a,I 11 R,  It. C,
In i umbel 5' 190(1
"Tn lhc lldiiiiriihk' llci'vi' ninl ('"innil.
Miini,'i|mllt) nl S'nrtli  Viiiieonver,
In Memorlam.
"Sirs,    I heexei uliv, 1 ount il ol
tin  I nl nl ti.iala at iln  regiihii
monthly 'ting, held in the 1 i      Sincen .mall ilelt regrets in
ill mi  I iiesdny, Hi n'inin 1  . spressi 'I by ila. 1 , Iriends and
|.  i."1'. ih   passi d  llie ni i|iiainl,ini es  ol   1 ninn illui   nul
lollowing resoltilion and instructed Mrs Cornish at lhe In-- ol llieir
llu   ecrctary lo forward to you a | live-year-old    daiightei     Mollie.
copy tin reel : The little girl look sick on Satiir-
"■ Resolved   That the secretary lla) afl"" ' 'lni1 ,llnl '">  Mon*
convey to the reeve and council, day afternoon,  having contracted
ol the municipality, the llianks ol a severe cold,      In. Truax   was
ll" executive of thi board of trade, (;|llc.,|  ;n  ,,,„, ,,;,, ,umhm„   „,
for tin' salislactory   iirrangeinent ,.       .    ...
,,  .,    ', n Inn' Un'  lillle mie s  sli I'l'ini's,
arrived al uuli tin- lerry company, "»'
by their I irable body, inasniiich Mrs. Cornish has been ailing for
us they improved on the arrange- some lime, which adds to the pain-
ment endorsed by the executive ol fulness "I the snd bereavement,
'I'"   bowd  ol   trade,   greatly  in The funeral, which took  pin ,
l,l\ I    the    I  Il'illltv.      We ...    .                            .,
thcrelore tenilei our  thanks  (or ««'n«-'«l»J   '"   » .tain   View
ilnn labors and success on be- cemetery, was private,
l»ill "' lhl' ' licipality, and we The ,,„,,„„,, ,„,„„„  „|  th(.
hereby lender our  siippnii   and .    .       .            .. .
,    t o,,:,i 'iniul  nl    ii.idi,  ,,l    uin 1   Mr.
mii - Im ilm 1 uining out id said
aiiruutncnl ' Cornish is a member,   passed a
>'VV. |. Irwin, vote ol condolence, ns  also did
•■ Si' Rl in V." tin  munii ipal  1 oll il< il,    The  ling
• ■Iln Executive Council ol the was at hall mast at lhe municipal
Hoard ol  I rade, hall during tin obsi ipiics, Cll R1STMAS    N I'M BEK,    DEC EM BER,   ujofi
The North Vancouver B. & B. Kennels
i,, iiiiiiui nil.i.kkx, * t'VMI
FT^HE North Vancouver 11. & ll.
I      Keiiiii'ls were Instituted in No-
1      veinbor, 1005,  by  Hnlicrl  11.
-■-     lli'viv un.l II. G. Hlssett,  Tho
I'xi'cllcni showing inii'le liy somo of the
noted canines la without a parallel iu
America.  Tho dogs ut present In tho
kennels um  vului'il  ul  iiliuiit.  $4,0(10.
Among tho (anions prize winners ure
Nclii, a lliil-i'iinli'il English retriever,
registered hi Canada and England, won
at the grent Crystal I'nlaco show In 1001.
tier record ns n prize-winner is un-
lii'ulen, having iviui ever Iiiii lirsts,
linilliolil Hull, Knglisli   seller,   lust   lu
Champion  Martvyl,  In   this   year's
circuit, Imt wus a good s nd.   How-
ovor, he won Irom Colo's llliii'k l'rlnce nt
the St, Louie ICxposltlon unit nlso won
lirsl ul Neiv York.   Twenty lirsla sliuiil
tu Ills credit.
Ludy Dona, English seller, won lirst
und sei'niiil ul Victoria, il nly time
Queonle, tlie fourteen months old
pointer, carried ofl Lest honors ui tho
sisil, annual Held trials of llio I'. \. tv.
I'. T. Chili ul I.a Cl r, Wusli.   She is
ilm lirsi [.ii]. placed In Held trials in ton
years, nfier winning championship on
tlie lieneli.   Her record stands:
l.n Cannier, 1900—Isl realization
stakes, tlio Inrgesl  in  America :  Im.
|iiainlers, Clip,
Vancouver, inun—Isi, puppy; 1st,
novico; 1st, Iiniii ; 1st, winner Troroy
cup i spocinl cup.
Victoria, IU00—1st, puppy; 1st, Iiniii;
L'iiiI, open; reserve winners, special.
Si'iitile. Iiiiiii 1st, limit; 2nd, open;
Scuttle cup; apodal, reserve winners.
I'ortland—1st, limit; 1st, opon; 1st,
winner Portland nip: three medals (nr
Queonlo is valued ut (1,000, Mr. Ilryco
having refused ((100 fur her.
sir ltlchard, mil brother in Queonle,
is now being trained Inr Hold trials next
Sniiili Carolina Jo Jo, pointer, won hi
South Carolina Held trials.
Suiiih Carolina Buck, pointer, was a
Held trial winner in u Southern circuit.
Beauty, a pi,inter pup, mado u splendid shewing in Hold trials, bolng only
boat hy Quei'llio. She promises tn tic*n
prize winner.
Boll, an imported pointer pup, is lining trained fur Held triiils noxl year,
llurriir.l Colloon, Irish miter spaniel
pup, pruinises great results. This valuable dug saved Mr. linen's life ui the
wreck of the Btoamer Chohalls, She
has never lieen un exhibition,
l'rlnce Rudolph and Princo Henry, a
pair nl utter hound pups, the only specimens in western Canada, When full-
grown am about the size  ul  hi I
In.un,Is and very hardy. They are used
for trailing and running down fugitives.
Whon broken are worth (1,000,
Arthur Hodgson also owns somo line
prize-winning pointers, Nell, u bonul-
iul specimen, jiiBt failed getting a piaco
in lhe British Columbia Held trials this
yenr owing tu hnd handling by an
American trainer, Mr. Hodgson himself is nne uf the host known dug fanciers on tile enlist.
A. E, Crickmay has a line kennel ni
prize-winning ClunihcJ spaniels, pro-
nuhlv the hest in Canada.
Burrard, New Westminster Boundary Railway and Navigation
NORTH Vancouver Is not without
its romantic side. II wns iu
the eariy seventies when Thos.
Ilrldgu squatted on ihe Norlh
side nf I'uirruril Inlet, and pre-empted
[00 acres, now known us lot 271, upon
the wulerlronl, purl uf which is located
tho presenl Hotel Nnrih Vancouver.
It wns hero that Brlilgo cleared abonl
ten iiiTi'siinil hiuli u shack, llu planted
u few applu irees, some ol which mat
yet I"' seen standing : kept somo cows
and supplied milk in (lie men working
ut thn Moodyville mills, olso
lived on the Inlet. Hugh N'olson, afterwards Lieutenant-Governor nf the pro-
viiiei'. wus the manager ut tlm mill.
which was owned hy Wolsh, uf Sun
IIBIDOR wis I'.isr ms I'lti'ii:.
lli- three score of yearn or so told
heavily mi his ctnstltlltlon, becoming
partially paralysed he could now barely
get iirui'iiul ilm houso, Having no ono
living wiili him uml no relatives In this
country, he sent fnr his nephew, Tom
Turner, who wns living on u farm in
England, Turner arrived to take naro
of liis iiiiele. milk llie cows nud in look
alter things in general. They lived together for some liinc.  Brldgocompleted
his title lu tlie IHII acres uud gol il erown
grunt under the luml net, as u pre-
eiiiptiuii. Tumor done nil the wnrk uml
kepi lhe uld ninii.
Bridge was very hot-tempered, und
often used tu no fm Tom. throwing anything he 'I'l get ut him.   Boforo liis
death, howovor, which occurred about
1885, he snial lu Ins nephew: "Tom,
vou have boon u good MV to me. und
anything I hnve when I die belongs tn
von." Thi- was nil that pusseal ns In
the title tu ihe property ns fnr us Tom
knew. Bridge wns believed to have
died iutc-tute. Tlic registrar ol tlie
court nt Victoria, there bolng no
registrar nearer, wus made ofliclal ml-
nifnttrntor, nmi took charge "i tlm
The IHO acres, COWS, -hunk und every-
tniug else belonging to tlio Into Bridge
wns snld fur $'.',nnil In Ciipt. I'uwer, wlm
then was u well-known character on the
inlet, uml kept tlie Moodyville hotel.
Power received a conveyance of tlm hind
lllld nsserted his title tu it.
Turner, relying iiii liis uncle's dying
statement, llinl tlie hind belonged tn
him, laid claim tn ii. ile engaged
Theodore Davlo, a lawyer, who afterwards became Attorney-Goneral und
then Chief Justice "I ihe SupromoCoiirl
nf the provinco, to take up his case,
Davlo took it into ilu iris oii nu application l" lime Turner declared the
owner, reiving un the relationship ol
Turner iiiid Bridge nud lhe dying statement.
Tills was IX 1*W,'.
.ts Vancouver wn- then springing Into
life un.l Importance, tlm proporty was
I oming more valuable, the caso was
taken in ihe siipreini irl ol British
Columbia, nud afterwards mi appoal in
the siipreini irl uf Canada.   Bul in
 h ludginont was given ngainsl Turner
and tiie tltlo remained in Power's possession, us there wus nn writing tn slmw
in corroborate ihe Btatemcnt ns tu
Bridge's declaration.
Tom Turner hmi buried his uncle in u
Inix close behind the shack he hud lived
in, ihere being no comotery. Shortly
alter the decision waa rendered Turner
Iind u ilri'iiin thai his uncle hud mnde u
will, uml thut it hnd heen left in tlie
possession nf n mnn living near Seattle,
nu Puget Sound, llu mado Inquiries,
und witli another ninn minted Spring
went down iu Seattle, made eiii[iiiries
nml lound un uld woman who hud a
hm,die uf papers that had I ii left with
her years before hy n mnn who hud
been living uml hunting mi Burrard
inlet and working al Moodyville. She
looked through the papers, und amongst
thorn lound u will written mi u .sheet ul
note paper, made by Bridge in 1878 und
duly witnessed, Iu tlie will he left the
land uml ull he had In Turn Turner
Tlie woman, when asked whut hud happened in ihe mnn wlm led tlie papers
witll her. Staled llllll he Iind died ill lhe
Seattle hospital, inquiries were made,
nml il wus lound that Ihis man hmi died
Iln runs nsserted suine years ago : (hut
he hud been a sailor by occupation, mul
| that he had left in tiie hospital an nld
Ing thnt lie used in keep. Comparison
with llie handwriting ol tlm will uml
tlm lug showed them tn havo heen
written liy the same man. Tho other
witness tu tlie will had gone to Alaska
ami hud been killed hy the Indians
there. Su Turn Turner hud
I'ni'xn tiik WILL
ihnt entitled him in tlie proper,)-, hut
both witnesses tu it were deud, nnd uu
evidence, sn fnr us he knew, tu show
when tt was made and under what conditions. Ho omployed legal advice and
sinrted outon a new case to substantiate
his title tu the property tlmt he felt
rightfully belonged tu him. lie traced
tho history uf the twu witnesses, cot
prnnf lhat they hnd heen un Burrurd inlet, mnl liml stayed with Brlilgo in liis
shack; thut they Iind beon mi friendly
terms willi him', and liad. after their
visit, talked about tho will. Andaftora
lengthy enquiry and poralatanco in
obtaining prnnf ihat the will wus
t.','inline, uud could lie proved willl ull
ilie logal requirements in such a case.
Instituted fresh proceedings in tlm
supreme court ui victoria to obtain Ids
property. Th ise wns hoard before a
I jury and lasted mer a week.   Tlie his.
Itorynfold mini Brldgo wus thoroughly
gun,- intu.
|    Old timers from Burrard inlet  uml
a Pngol sound gave evidence, and after a
hard light lhe jury decided that the will
hud boon properly made, was perfectly
genuine, iiiiii pave u verdict thai the
proporty belonged In Turner, and nu one
else. The defense accused Turner nl
having concocted the will, did nil they
 ild to discredit and slander liim. Imt
willuiiii success. Having gained his
property, and as tho other sldo was up.
pealing. Turner, being it poor man. and
unnblo to afford heavy costs, decided t"
sell hi- property in Capt. Power, win.
suld ii I..the North Vancouver hnnd &
Improvement  Company.   Many   old-
timers In this day say thill T  Turner
never got u titho uf wlmt he should.
Ile left tho country nnd went back in
C.VrilAXI'K   I'll   I'Al'II.AXn  CANYON
Photo by 0. Wetiel
SpriiiL', wlm hnd I II u  well-kiinwn
character around Vuncuuver uml a
acallawag uf the lirst water, deserted his
wife u lelalive uf Turner, su it wns
suid, nml went tu Smith Africa,   lie mel
nn: kxii or a TIIAITOR
tn his country, being shut us a spy at
Durban by the British,   He wns made
n liglltllOUSO keeper,   reported   In   lhe
Boers the arrival uml numbers uf the
British troops, n ived pay for liis sir,
vices, uml, in time, being found mil
paid the penalty himself.
Capt. I'uwer, who wus a prominent
ligure iii Vuncuuver public nffuirs, went
iinna. viviiirviai,
s.m n\ nn: sin: ol   TOM   iuuiiiik's i'iii:-i:-|i'i'lux
Photo .. ' . .'..-a'
In Ireland mi u Inn, and il wa- -an I al
Iho time that 1 trlbuted Il'u.ihhi to
ilm I'lirimll campaign lunds fm homo
rule. He returned lorashorl lime, hm
afterwards took up his residence in Sow
Vurk, whore hodlod thortly aftorwards,
ninii'.t's imlil
Was disinterred (rum ilm box behind
his house uml burled in  Van, ver
comolory, il Id house was knocked
down, and ull llml is lefi now isa heap
ol stones and bricks to mark ilm place
where the nld mini lived im -a. many
years wiih hi- nephew, and never could
liave dreamt ol ilm future siriie uml
trouble the question of ownership would
cause, un.l llinl nfler all llie chiel nrtors
tiad departed became a fashionable resort fnr visiiurs fmin Vancouver and
lhe   Ineality  nl   nn   annual   butchers'
The Nnrth fm mer band ft Improvement Compnnv purchased the land
Irom Cant, Power and divided ii up.
selling ihe portion where n|.| Bridge
lived in Polo Larson, wlm siurleal ilm
Nurlli Vancouver hotel.   The balance
of tlio property ha-1 n aold in Ini-. ami
has realised many thousands of dollars.
Tlie luml Isnowoi I the mosl Import-
mil purliaiiisuf the city nf North Vancouver.
ril1""'  Nortli  Vancouver Athletic
I      Club wus formed on Soiitenber
I     211th, innil, and is now tlm must
pqpularinstitutton in the municipality.   The cliih moms ure located
nenr the corner of Lonsdnle avenue ami
First street, and aro well equipped, nol
only with a good reading-room,  Imt
with tlm proper paraphernalia fur n
gymnusitiin.     "Mens s.n,. f.i  conior*
".iini"— Be happy and make others
happy—Is the motto of the club, and us
Rev. Mr Marsden, in Ids utile address
before the association recently, said thai
it must he apparent to everyone that
the benollt nf une is lhe benefit uf all,
and that llie yniing men of Ihis place
will make the greatest use possible nf
lim mums, which tliey are now dning.
" Tlie young men of Nurlh Van iver
have organised this association to promote athletic snorts, games uml amuse-
incuts thut will exercise uml develop
the muscles uf the body us well as to
train the mind.
"The basis fnr mutual interest and
attention given tn club matters, therefore, must he strictly straightforward
nml manly.
"To train athletes to contond In manly
exercises requiring physical strength.
" All guinesiiiid -purls ure encouraged
lliul will tend tu make llie members
muscular, robust, vigorous uud strung.
"The diversions ol licit! spurts und
gnmes such us lacrosso, hasehull, football, etc., ure urged uud commended.
" A gymnasium is Installed.
" House games for pastime that will
divert, amuse and make merry are
" A library, a piano nud other mimical
Instruments, ure maintained, Intel-
leciuul contests therefore mav bo indulged in fur the advancement ol the
athletes of debate and the musters of
The following i- :i list ol members:
C. McKenzie, tf. ('. i,reen, tf, B.
Campbell, J. C. Williams, A, H. Steaev,
(i.e. Walker. It. Dawson, P, R.Schiick,
franklin  Wheeler, I..   Ilenshntv,  G.
Philips,   l\   It.   Clark,   It.   I..   Wheeler.
tv. Poguo,G, Hawkins, J. ll. Brown, I'.
Hicks, II. Iiinis. .1. B. Williams, B.
Anson, It. Wheeler, W.I'. la-cumuli, S.
li. Scliults, P. McDonald, Rev. J. I).
Olllam, Hov, R. Marsden,!'. Keeley, II.
Mitchell,M.S. McDowell,I. Walden.J.
Wulduu, I.. Bella, il. Heading, It.
Rowlley, Hr. liver, U. II. Bournes, T,
Stirrutt, ll. A. Scull. It. II. Tw I. II,
Cottell, A, McKay. P. Larson, It, Black,
J. A, McMillan, IV. A. Ulloy, A   I'.
Ben-ley, A. Gibson, C. Anders  It. B
Brere R.T.Campbell,A.8, Billings,
H. Mar ton, T, I.. Kennedy, fl. Smith,
ll. li. Nye, W. ('. Smith C. tf Mee.
Kd, Piers, P. A. Askew, tv. II. Btoney,
tl. t. Russell, P. Dunne, \  Smith, It.
Wall ,.I, Johnson, tf. F. llolg, W, t.
Dawson, I'. Farre, ll C. Wright, Stoner,
W. Snider, Roy J. Stoncy, II l;. Heffell.
Iir. t  McKay Jordan, ,1. G. I'hillipp".
A. I. Davidson, ('. li. Dnrs  G. I.
Jorgenson, It. Chance, ,1. Diimunt
VS there is no belter plan- in
tin  world tn huld aquatic
sports than   on   lim raid
Inlet, tlm North Vancou
j Boating Club  tvas  organized to
: participate in this grand sport, I'oi
boating    every    opportunity    is
offered, and nn tlm inlet and hay
numerous craft maj be seen during
the spring ami summer months.
Many   sailing   yai hts,   gasoline,
I steam  and electric  launches   are
I owned privately, while tlm  boats
'and canoes are ii ii inhered among
I the   hundreds,   Delightful   trips
I may be made across the inlet lo
Vancouver, and up the Nurlh Ann,
where is located Granite halls ami
the generating station oi the H. C.
Power Company, Port Moody, and
(hence westward to Port Atkinson
and Howe Sound, a distance ol
over jo miles. The local club has
held tWO very successful regattas.
It was oii August 30th, last year,
when this spoiling association was
instituted, and since that time it
has grown iu popularity ami
membership beyond the expectations ol the promoters,   The club
has a guild boat-house us well as
several    good    boats.    The    Inst
] nfiicurs were 1 Honary president.
J. C, Keith ; President, VV. W
Montelius; Second Vice-president,
1'. Larson ; Secretary-treasurer, |
E. Clliswell Kgan ; Captain. A, I).
Diplock ; \u e-capiain, T. Mall, y.
The executive committee .. .m-
prised:   K.   Henderson,   IJ.   II
i Dick, II. C. Wright, D, S. Martin,
T. Nm. I   |. W Is, IU    Dyer,
W. L. Boult, W 11 Bell, IL J.
Cornish. Tin year 1906 will lung
be remembered as l„ing the lust
linie the citizens celebrated Dominion Day, when aboui 15,000
people participated in lhe cell lira
ti 111.   the   1 lull's   n g.itla   being   a
greal success,   The olfici is ol the
1 lull im ihi*- mn aie     Honary
President, |  C  Keith 1 President,
A St. (i. Hamcrali j ; Lust \ ii 1
president,   VV.   VV     Montelius.
Se, mul \ n' president, P, Larson 1
Sei ni,in tn usurer,    I Ir,    Dyei
Cnptain, J   I   Woods. Vii 1 1 ap
lain, |. N. j   Brown    lixei uiivc
1 mn unit, e    inu.   Hartley,    II
In.k. VV   D   Elder, Ret    |   D
(iillam,   II   V c.  C   Durston,
I   I    Williams.    11   c   Wright
li   I < ornish, G  llonaim
application will he made tn the
Parliament of Canada, at llio next
session thereof, for an Act to Incorporate
u Compauy under lhe name of Hurrard,
WcMiiiinsicr II111111, itv Railway & Navigation Company, with power n. construct, equip, maintain uml operate a
line ur lines of railway, of standard ..r
other gauge, with stoam, electric, gasoline or any other kind of motive power,
for ihe convoynnco of passengers and
freight, from ii point nr polnl al In nr
nenr ilm following localities:
A.—Commencing nl a point mi the
Nurlh sidei.i lal-.' Creek, thence cross-
ing false Creek bj u bridge, und running in 11 Sonlh Masterly direction
through the City of Vancouver, Hastings
Tnwilsile lllld the Mlinlclpillitt "I Smith
t ancouver ami Durnnhy mnl ihe City nf
New Westminster lo llio Fraser River
Bridge, thence Nnrth Easterly through
tho City ul New Westminster, llie
Municipality of Couuitlani lo Port
Moody, ilieiiee In 11 Westerly direction
Ion point 111 nr nenr tho jt..jh.-.-.I location of ihe V ouver, Westminster .t
Vukmi Rnllwa.t Bridge at Second Narrows, Burrard Inlet, ihei ntlnuing
Westerly through Hastings Townsite to
place of commence nt in City of Vancouver.
II.—I nun a point al nr nenr lhe Smith
end ol the proposed Vancouver, West*
minsier ,v Viikon Hallway Bridge at
Sei I Narrows, Burrard Inlet, llienco
ucrnss said bridge to 11 poinl North "f
the Municipality ol Nnrth Vancouver
nil HnWe Solind. lllld   In   n   pnilll    Nurtli
iif ihe Municipality ol North Vancouver
on the Nurtli Ariu'of Hurrur.l Inlet.
C—From u point al llio Nortli end ol
the Fraser River Brldgo al New Westminster, ihunceaernsssaid brldgo (leave
In cm-s which will bo applied fnr to lhe
Provincial Goveriimciitj,ihcnco Southerly ton poinl mi tin- International Boundary, betweenSemiamo Buy nud Sumas.
li —From a puiut mi the Smith side of
False Creek, thence westerly through
ihe Ciiy of Vancouver and the Municipality ol South Vancouver to n polnl
at ur nenr Poinl Grey, thence returning
in u South .-.utterly direction by ihe
moil feasible mule in n polnl al ur near
lhe   Norlh   end   of   the   Fraser   Itiver
bridge In the City of New Westminster.
hi.—From  Porl   M ly easterly lo
Dowdncy Iriiuk rond, thence lollowing
generally tho suid trunk rond through
Cnipiiiliini. Maple Ridge and Mission
Municipalities In Slavo Itiver and Iho
Fust hinii,dary nf Mission Municipality.
All III tlm Province ol British Columbia,
And to construct, equip, maintain and
operate branch lines nud ull necessary
iiridges. roads, ways ami ferries, steamship barges and vessels, theatres mid
other plac f amusement, nnd i" cmi-
strnct telegraph and telephone lines in
connection wiih snid railway and
branches, and u transmit messages l"r
commercial purposes, uud in charge
lulls therefor, uml lo generate electricity
fur the supply nf light, heal and power,
and to enter Into agreements with uny
1 electric nr power company fur ilm pur-
1 f obtaining ilm transmission nf
electricity, mid tu Rcipilro uud hold
slock in other companies, and toacipdro
and develop water power fur the purpose ol generating electricity : lo sell
and distribute the snme, and lo expropriate, buy, hold, lease und toll hind
Inr Ilm |iur| sol Ihocumpany uud fur
other puri'iiscs, ami tu levy uml collect
loll Irom nil persons using ami fur all
freight |'.i--ini! "iir -uid railway uml
branches, and loeonneel with or make
Irallic or other arrangomonla villi rail-
war, steamboat, or other companies,
and I nstrurt, maintain ami operate
llie -aid railway uml branches, ami the
said telegraph, telephone und electric
power Imi" across, along nr upon
streets or highways within any Municipality, -iihjei't in i|,i< regulations "f
tlm snid Municipality! and I" cross
navlgalablo rivers nr streams, uml to
arrange (nr the use ol bridges therefor,
ami tn emu 1 wiih ami Interchange
irallic over other railways, and to pur-
chase, lake nver, lease, or otherwise
acquire lhe properly, rights and Iran-
chlscs of any other company or com
panics, nml io lea-e. sell >.r otherwise
dispo f llu- undertaking or any purl
thereof, ami for all other necessary
rights, power- privileges in Hint bcliall!
ami llml all uf lhe abuvc work- mat lie
declared I" Ihi for Iho general advantage
nl Cnnnda
Tl'I'I'lUI It lillll'IIV.
I or the tppllcanls
Dated nl Vancoiiver, this loth da) 11
MUM lilts   AM)   SI I lllllll M.
Urge -i"'1. nl IIOMI GROWN Iruil
in il (Irn ntnl I '•. - 1 iv, in.(lured for
tin Is   trade
So . i|« 1.-.'  li is ir li ») "(  1 .iini-
.'.lll.all   or 11.-|'. I'l loll
Hcnilqtiarli rs fm I'm llli Const-grown
liardeii   Field, s      Flower   Seoul   In
- .,-..11.
Ill 1    -1 iti 11 -    -,..'.    I'm
tt hale llll  s, up,   lireei        e   Plant
Cut I lowers, Bulbs foi la
We do business nil     rot,
no unl I" i'.n and af'- pn 1
1.1 ,,,.■ price your I
row -' li
Catalogue iree.
ti  1 ill SHY,
' I'nad.V:
cr, II.C
I...SSI.II.1:   IVI'.l K.   -.nuill   I'AMCOI'VI II
lllllll ll (US
Barrister, Solicitor, Mar), f.|r'
1 10s Block, K '■" " *'■
& _&
its. I
,...«A_ ^"-(i   |    W-
\   ™*    '/   /r
S2*55^ -s ■ 'W    *>*/ *u>jL  -
^_U¥t^>" till.    /   */     ;r>.
It I Were Santa Claus
I lu- Editor of this paper solicited from .1 number nf Canadian newspaper men Ihe favor of .1 symposium "ii "What 1 would ti" II 1 were Santa Claus,"
and is indebted foi the following:
On- ''.hen we are renin I I rd     lilor*
'■'■■■ I10111 Ih
■    " ■ '
Sm um will
and nol  ill lhc niilleniuni due tl
ni;.nnd mil unlil ll a ie.|.In,
I il        t'liiversi will liis I'encc li
interi'i 1 He] ecu in  ill 11      llu
a marked liy the I
|e 1 lail'l shall lead I hem      A
  |ieaei       tin tl      lie hand, llie In
tbei '       ililart ainK'nninii a. call
t. thut i    ■ ' '     l'i    ■
the priori      	
a    ; ■ . .,   ,   ■      ■;,.,, enjoy-
ith ourselves
Viri ■     ■       I if wi    ■        ■      h, ll   : ■   ■       ■ . ■■
rryii      ■:■   ■ '; ■ ,. : '. lallnil
alt ' ' .,....,..',..       I,   „i    ... j]
The Greatest of These
lifi  -
It 1 make life wm
It i ',.'■■    1'iiitli. l|o|,e        I
Tin Im ai 1-1    111 ".. re Santa ' Im- I '  1 •    11c to ll ink for one
lii'lir. I* "" | ' . '. a I      ■ '•    ■ .;       llul to I ike Up the
I'lltllc  ''I   life  Ullll   , !,- , ■' | a ; |  ,',, ',  ,' ; . , |,., | |, ,,.   |||  ,  ||,u|j|t, ' ideill,
K1 mi Mm k iiii I' a    If I were Santa t'laus, 1 ivoiildii'l mean old guy
.a- tn give lhc rich ■    Idrei        i ul lhe good things.
' 'la        *
Tmill The ii'ui-i Simla ( I.m- would give man power to seek his truest
happh es: Ih ivoiild nol tiki llu ra i; ligy| liim ill teni ll i eii from the
(ace ul Truth, lml '.'.a".ild give man's inner eyes more desire In pierce llml veil.
* *   *
1. ■ "   Hi STnUnvn    If I were Simla t'liui   I'd   well, how do 1 know what
I    ould 'laa-   Hm it seems iia me that fur unc lliing, I'd cither lake Anli-1'nt
:■:       un . hi ■ ■ lieing,' larger    Yes, I'd do lhat;  1 wmililn i be a
human soaai hroom And ihen. I think I'd try to guard ihe sei rei of my life a
liltli I etter,   Now, speaking jusi as nivself ainl nm .a- Santa Clausal all, one
pleasant n    llccliiu   of mv'ehildli i has been the thought of thai
ru|\ poly old fellow, Imsily engaged stulling mv stocking with g lies, and 1
'all '."" ii .vnsn'i .ni nlliigetlier pleasanl awakening when I commenced to
■    thei     cd lu keeii a certain bureau drawer locked the two
befuri i'hristmas    Snw, " if 1 were Santa t'laus," hut whal's the use!
I  :- nol uml never "ill he, so there vmi arc    Hut, unvlimv, " il I were Santa
a        '
lixi im' M w- Sm i,
IVoiild givi .a l.r.'a r li ;lil l" ninii,
Tli.i' he inighl rise Io higher lliings,
He-piie the prick ol' I'oiiline's stings,
And hve as Clod has said he can,
Would give tn mnn a wider love,
Thai he inighl feel his fellu a'.- wni
I'Apaiid In- soul and strive to know
The wealth uf Truth thai lies above
* *   *
A Dm ami i    I would lirsl desire that belief in thai g 1 old deity, if 1 might so
ci,l| Iiii ul! increase rather than diminish as al presenl il seems lu be
dning Iv -alii i children lieli i in him mure; I would hnve theni dream
m,.v. In uitifiil dreams ahniii him; I would have the parents encourage
the kiddies m dream more alioul him, so llml in alter years the memory
ninn empts to he g I sn that Santa Onus should nut forget us,
ivmild liemie nl lhe st rouges   links liinding us in ilie pasl    I would wish (or
untiling belter lhan
llinl all children would
have the same luippv
days l loking for "Id
Kris (Cringle and his
■ ■■ . rowd aai fnys
ll Luial- us slrnilgi It
:.. life, ibis wonderful
licliel in a wholehearted -.nut. :' a
li ■ . in ilns work-
I     .'"ill.
Mom   run.niii ■.        I
lliink, ii 1 were Santa
t'laus, I should make
.  .'.'    of   trips
i' li risl n .a    Hve; 1
'.'.a,ilia I sll 1' -1 11 u t e
nd visil
lien 1 ■  mil lie
reindeer and visil .tli
l'u ■'. I gin     I      uld
llllll Ihere is l    '    '
il i  kinder-
rten than in a ki -
n.l    Then I thi      1
. : ,    ,'.' .; ;.. -    .        a"
11   ■ ' Id
make them
lime i
c lirsl
li      ''     I) el-ill. coll. Iileak. raw N     i lier da\    Tin
mall       it rimiped ini|
ilhered leaves    The
iiall over I'm n I    fnr dm
■   ;    ■ re'ii"! ligiiled    Tl ere .'..a- nu n
I'he long sli -:: llu'
Suililctilv ll-.e nmi I tin sound
pproaching feel'ai ri ndez-
\ umin,.ut ninn 'I       Kditm     I nud face In fan      I ur a
I ■
II . : bee, U I'     i M-i1ii.iiu.-i Aii
ne cm
Santa t'laus;
r slarleil and a fmwi      '■ I
I am nol Iv m in. thou knmvesl
. ■    ■
■; c litis'-" cried llu       ■ ■   ■
I ai'   i.a
...     m| spoke ii "    :
re I Kris Kringli I'hellharkei
ne and I mincemeat of .all
Hotel North Vancouver.
Ferry Service Every ll<ill Hour lo .mil from Ihis Hotel
toVancovver, P. Larson, Prop,
Sill I    Al.i SI'S   I a IK
Comox Steam and Blacksmith's Coal and Coke
(linn:   5-a. IIAS'I 1M.S ST KIWI  WEST.
Til I I'lldM -:     200,   Jin  \ NI > i|in
Large Cleared Lots
$300 and $350
Each. Easy Terms
1.1 'II II h   Ll Mill lit
Cor. Pender and Seymour .Sis., Vancouver, ll. C.
Birt  Campbell's   Barber Sbo|>
I.- iho place for lu gal 1111 up-tu-doti* haircut and shave
Designer and Builder ol YACHTS AND LAUNCHES ol all
kind-. Tin, Llii and Row Boats, Ship Joinp.rv, Spars and
Scows. Satisfaction guaranteed. Gasoline Launches a Specialty CHRISTMAS   NUMBER,   DECEMBER,   1906,
Dora Lamb
WAS twenty years ago this Christmas, 1 was then confidential secretary lo Colonel I)
II.' was perhaps forty-five or fifty, cold and i|iiiot, ihoiijjli always courieous ami just
There was something aliout him 1 feared, pitied, dreaded, loved,
Wo had just loft a small lown in Ontario. It was storming and wo iverc nearly
an hour late. Everybody seemed a littlo put out, The Colonol himself was unusiialiv
anxious, as ho wanted to hook aam- car onto the Imperial Limited ai North Hav.
Wv were headed for Vancouver where the Colonel had a deal on that involved
several millions, lie always spoke 10 me of his business transactions, bm aai himself,
hi- likes ur ilislikes, jaays air sorrows, he never spoke, ami vu never knew,
Wc hail left ihe Ontario town but half an hour when ilie bralceman passed '1 rough
I., hang out his tail-lights,   As he went forward again ho spoke lo tlio porter, who immediately went out .ni ihe rear platform and returned in a moment with a peculiar
looking parcel, which he handed m me.
" Wh.ii' .lul you get it, Gcorgo?" 1 asked,
" The lai'iika'inaiii just told me there was somothing mn mi tho platform, sn 1 broughl ii in "
Ai ihai moment the Colonel camo oul "I his room,   1 handod liim the parcel, and told him whal
I ki on of it.
Plots, wrecks. l:aiMu|as, dynamite and many other calamities ran through my mind. The Colonel,
however, calme I me considerably by showing no Bigns ol fear, or even interest lie look thc parcei
and deliberately untied Iho shoelace. As he -lipiaeal the string ofl wo saw faint pencil marks, .onl in
half print, half script, was lhe name," Dora Lamb, Vancouver."
I'he Colonel hesitated now, though after a moment began i" unwrap ihe parcel,   1 was wailing
breathlessly when George, who was peeping ..ver the Colonels -limililer, exclaimed," Naineo' .le - i
l.aiu-al, Sell!'' anil the Colonel hell up the funniest looking something in the shape of a 'kail, wiih a
piece "i foolscap folded many limes and lied t" ns nock. In the same writing again was written the
name, " lima Lamb " A new, strange look came int.. the Colonel's face, ihat of mingled surprise,
pleasure ami interest,
" This musl bo a Christmas gift for ymi. George," lie said,   " Shall we open il I"
"I think you bolter finish the job, Sell,   said Georgo,
The Colonel look the letter from the doll's neck, ..pencil it and handed ii t" mc. then turned and
gazed mil at the -imm     I saw lhc Idler was written by a little child, ami as s 1 a- 1 ...iil-l wade
through ii, I began;
" Hear Dura: 1 am going i" send ymi this doll I'm- ymir Christmas, Ils iln-ss is made mil nf
Mamma's old silk shawl, I have tried two times tn put llie doll mi the train, but tlie men drive me
fruin lhe ears, sn I thought I would write ihis letter ami pin it to the doll ami try again, ami if vmi
ever iliil got thc doll ymi would know that I scut it.    1 am su lonesome, -Edith.
1 looked at the Colonel as I finished, He was still staring mn of the window, George dropped
liis mouth together ami slipped down the aisle towards ihe kitchen.
The Colonel turned when he was gone, look his handkerchief from his pocket, wiped twu I.i;.
tears from his eyes, ami in my surprise made un elTi.rl lu hide liis feelings.
" ljia.1 nut thought before, thai little ones bail heartaches, too," lie said, reaching fur the letter.
After dinner lhe Colonel instructed me tn wire Dubbs, uf the Pinkorton Detective Agency at
Vancouver, i" meet us Tuesday morning.    I went .mt with the telegram, the Colonel went to his
room, ami I iliil nut sec him again until breakfast, as we were 1111111111; intu Winnipeg, iwo hmirs late.
IaISs^i ;y'i
-   ./.-^— „•   ,T, -5;
I give
rJkWS: 3^L-^A'C._4a  Ji	
Before   the   train
I ud fairly stopped a
man "f unusual ap-
Iennince opened the
door of our car, looked about, caught sight
of the Colonel, then
walked   straight   10
the tablc.shook hands
with   Imn  and   sal
" Your telegram,' he said, " was repeated to
meal Winnipeg.   Vou will nol be able to leave here
until n oj to-morrow morning "   With tlijs he shoi
a quick glance al me. and the Colonel explained thai
1 wa- his secretary nnd knew even-thing   This
sur| rised mc considernl l\    1 could nbi see whj he
should need a detective lor the Vancouver business
We were now switched off oil a sale track ami
.ill was ';iii'''    Mr  linl.l - squared around lo the
Colonel, run In- fingers i>'vi.-iha-r. rested I.i- hands
mi the table, -inila.-.I pleasantly, and laid
'■Will. Colonel!"
" In a moment." said the Colonel, leaving the
lablo and going t" hi- maam | ,,..,1,] ,,,,,,|,
believe mv eves when ka' relumed wel, t|„. doll and
•li'- letter I was inclined lo laugh, but recalled tic
hit!.' uf ihe nighl before
" I wanl," -..i.i kc h,imlmi,. ik,. ,lo|| ami the
letter lo Mr Dubbs, "I .find Dora!'anal
i  er   '1   I-   '1"11   .ili'I   llll-   la  "a  1'
Mr Dubbs laughed ..-he looked the doll over.
Then, is': .      he l  i
" Hi" letter will exi lam n alti t ," the
Dubbs unfolded the foolscap, scanned ii quick-
then read ii la. himself,   1 had thougl i il  •
nothing short of a triple murder ■ t- -,„kn .
train would rouse tl..' feelings i'i ., cold-Id led
all', a   'I
He folded the paper, sunk his head a na''' I and
-aid in a '."i'" mil ut quavers ami semi
" Poor lillle dear!  | "ur lillle dear!"
" Tl '■ brakeman ah covered ti a  parcel," -.,ia|
'lal. |0| ■ I        "1   '   .,      '..    la "   a a |,  ,,,,,   ,   | (  . (
lieei pul "ii tl 'ii'    T' ii minuti   befon   i
fur thai station I wnsoul "ii the piatfon
the blizzard    There was nothing there ti a ■
Dubbs opened tin I iin ami mumbled
hall aloud: " I'.dith Lamb, motl erdead, -iter I >, .r,,
in Vancouver " Then, turning lo the! olonel told him
lid ke I .i< 1. .a' noon In I. ss than an hour,
however, he returned ami said lhat a man in 'lair
service al Q had known 'he famil) nl l.aml.-
well Prom tin- man he learned that the mother
had (nine (ruin thc Hast with a Mi ■'
■ I : family, ami from llieir lium.' ■.,. ■ ■ ,,n:. .1 ■■
i 1 .nl'   Lninii tl.a' Ex| n ■ Agi nl al (i i!., re
were two children, Edilh perlia] even, nnd Dora,
nm mure lhan four. The father got in with a bad
I"' 'lost his | tin ■   In.    nd finally
sorted liis family. Hi- wife, a refined little woman, had a ] ri* te cl mg ci ildrcn At
ilu- -In ..innil a comfortable livjn*  toriicrseil and
ihe children until he wasl    ei   id     i •
and hi- family had gone Easl again, ami then
ii.> tu take ike children when the motl cr 'lml.
Tl' operator's wife at (J        took tlm elder girl until a homi :l<l lie foun I
lur lur   Tin' I'ltlo om ont I   Vai     iver I   ! istcr
" I will wire tlic uperaiur at[Q ai i 11 il        lie may tell
thine, "I Dora and thi aui I.   You do not leave til
i.i- ■ all tl al i- possible to Iind oul .a' Q
i> rnedii   ml ll i I  '  in '1 told Iln i A
lla'l.l      ■      I'l'll '
rtrii iilful.   When wc i      rd Vai
mi'i I.-. ., ',..,ii very unlike I)
ner    Ik li M 'I ■ ' ol nclthat D iarsofii
car.   They knew nui
| licen sent totlic "I'hildrei
Two hours later we wen
said, I ' ■  I,
t"    'Ik. nf strange, Im her
lie had been iincui
" Tell I
.■' irk ta,.ni wl.., a ill taki
■ rl, ■ ii
In n short t imi ineback.l
lulcui     ci     ngli iti   :  I   ■ lohi
md fora  "       ■ eColonel
Dnral Doi
I | .'..':'.;.    . ..- .. .'
i'i;:-'' fell in lorrci her       i fin
1 a Imu I folded hei gi tit ly in I I soon thc lillle om
" If she isnfi
ill " en the teni
: '   ■ V,   •
ivcro her friei       I'he teal     ere lliosi
never count
A  'I'a.  'a  |    '.' failed II' '  1   "     ' '   '   1  ;   | '       •'..',     ''..'.'   a   •
the hotel.   K ccured and i -."i c sent foi    I'or live Im
'1 iM ilept and seal i      The Colonel                      I Ihi
" la'' l*.er ■ ■    IIthc                   ■           !■    ..■,-'
lien slu ll ill I
W! en slu '                   ■   nd l     ■             lhc next roni      r .
Colonel '.di' ll           ml hci           rdoll      I I lil             i> ■
nt ■ I to lhc bed wilh hci
■  '   . a ■    ■  ,      ,. ■    .
The iliK'tm        righl ■ ■ r
ith her l ■ cu for Editl
'ke I'l 	
'a  ' ■   I,
Is  being   I diked About
till iimt llritisli Columbia
We must vacate our presenl <jiiniin- [anuary ist.
Nl   W      |'| \Naa-       V N 1 l     I l|  a,\N-
,'lil    IIE1XU   -"I I'   A.1   S"  MORI
Conn and scli cl your instrument and we will al" llu
lhe MiiHii|csl nnd alrcrtils lhc
in British Columbia
410 Hastings St.
I.. I.   U'Kl.i II
(■in. Managi r, \ ii toria, B.C.
Wholesale und Retail
lb adquarti i-
\ U TOK1A, lb C
Sniil IS'. St ill ll li
me greet
,i i.. i.ii-       1.1 iji
Loqcjers and
Conlrat tors.
I' li A i lieu, So-lli! CHRISTMAS XUMIIKk    DECEMBER,   i'io(>.
Will imi
In the nui        tvli.'iM'il I iid irii
■     ■    iri|      In
id! liiudi'd
| a   . .a     .
tin-al A     " l     ■
TII URE arc few subjects thai have been  more
'   written upon nnd iess understood lhan that ol
■     To follow the dictates of some, this
ii stead ,,f being the ussatiger of pain, be
■' i    inirce ol every im onveniencp    Such
nisi   hy expecting too mm h frnm friendship,
■ , 'mnection, nnd by drawing the hands
■ l,",;■■!  break ihem.   Almost all nur
ml ■.... i - riti •    ire nl thi   kind;  On'*'
mii. ii- in friendship, which wc Iind it impns-
tain I., the lasl        ll        i      eeteiier
ler proper n   ilatim    i heir meal
red it ilde nr um I       I'erliiin, tin
t null      I ile llli    iriuc is by li King il.
, .        re, niitki     ' ililuilc <>i minds
: ,     ■ nielimeii diversity nf pui nil
ill : • II the i'l     ■     ';       rise frni   il       lenderm        idci
■    '    ■ ■. - , ■  i|,|; Iind 'la.'ii heart! lill al
I nature fnr eael    ther, when the;   ii n
n|v in pui    t nl • lirlh nr n laxatinii.
I •   ■  a ' ,.   ■   Hli, .. dc-hi nl Iiiii nr    lhc lllnllli'lll
ils real inline, and iissiunes
.  .   , ■ .:     a niion    |-"roin
re Iind ll i    Iin reguliirl     ndi rtakc
■   ■ Iind iii| di    ■ iiendl)
.....   .,.;,      i      That  circle ol  beings,
..,.,'.     ■  . •        ■.: li     ' ever
frjeiidl      -       ecretly  uish lhc terms of their
iineel   n re nearly ei|iiul;  and, where the;
.       , •', ■    ■ virtue are prepared tn reservi
. :   |Ti. linns foi llieir patron mil; in lhe linur
a   declim     li' -casing the obligations which
ire laid  upon such  minds   only increases llieir
■     |),i ■, feel llien elvi    uniihli  to repay the
..,.".,.•! ,:,■ ,1. hi   .md their bankrupt hearts
., ,. lar, ir resentment ai the hand that is
In.|ehed mil   ' "    "■' ' ■'" and relief
Ti   iiinus v.,i- ., man whn thnught lhat every
.1       ',, i„ briiughl from riches; and, aa- he '.,
,   ed nf great v tidlli and liad il mind naturally
rmed fm     '   '■   ; ■  i' "1 ' 'i '" gather a. a iri le nl
|„    . ■   md linn    Anion); tl"' number "I
| js ,;,..■ ,|i ■ '       .- Musidnriis, null a mind i isl
el nni less |at'aainl than lu- |ialrmi
Ip      ...     huwevei    vi re   uch a- fnreed
I   ■!.. ■.: I ullices ■ -r" In- sii| erinr, .nni
ii   .li diiily iinimig a number -: nil 11 ■
ill, 11'lielils iind pmleslalinns of friendship
!'. ,   h, 'i,, usual cniirse nf the world, 11 thimglu
iirudent I       ' i     bm, v lul' 1"' :-■'*' ' i' i stccni.
\k J
Ull   ilisilppi illll.
lhe reset
n I'lilisirued
ndird, ill lhe iiiimiini
rid il Wherever M
ngratiful i   ■
I ii I; und   'ill la,.'I
lldi'pelldenei      Ila
iiiiidilel     I'l.
■ ...
■     Ml. ...    .1       .   '. .
lie a ci'iiiiiriuii under tlie famous John, who headed
n particular |wrt of lhc Jewish malcontents
I-'i'miii tins moment, their i.thht love ua- »■ >ii
verled nit" the iii"-i inveterate enmity ihey
attached themselves t" opposite faetions, ami
sought each other's lives in the conflict "'' adverse
I'inl* In tin- niiinner they cmiliiiued for inure
than tun years, vowing mutual revenge, and animated with an uncniiiiuerable spiril 'af aversion
A; length, however, ihal parly of lhe Jews, to which
ihe imam soldier livlongcii, joining willi the Unmans,
it became victorious, .and drove John wilh all his
adherents int,, the temple. Ilistorv ha- given ii-
niaare than "in- picture ni the drendfill coilllagnttioil
' I ui-erl, i 'li' ^ Tin- Roman -..1-Inr- were
gathered araauml ii. the whole
temple wus in flames; alidlllnii-
sands aiire seen amidsl thnn
within its saered circuit, It
wasin thi- -itttaii"ti uf lliings,
■'' .,'   'i.a   HOW   Slltt'l'SSflll '.a'lllli't'
-..- his ta nmt friend, upon the
■ '. ■ a an- of lhe lligliesl
iiauer, tonkin-; around with
hurror, and inst ready Im be
consumed with Haines All
rn er tenderness now
relurnedi he snw the ninn of
l.i- bosom nisi gi "i.1 • 11 crish
ami uiliiblc t" '.'till-'.ind lhe
iinpiilse, lie ran, s| rending lu-
arms, and cried in Ins
in.ii.I t.. leap down from the
lop, ,,ml l.lld safely with lliiil.
Tl., centurion from uhovc
heard and oheyedl and cast-
, It from the I' :
■ ii to It- fellow-soldier's
■'ll   fell   .1   s.i.'til.aa'   01
ihe spot.   "lie being crushed
:aa dentil la\ th,    . ■
i     nnd   tin
■ ■. .
I la   ked   und
|i in ".a- ■ : a ned ra
musical :
■    nl ■ ■        carl
t" llie hi   ■
.   re not imfi'l
l .
ndcriii     '
I     ■ 11   i
1' ■  ||i  ilu- Lord  'I ifi II.'
ie|f;!  ".    «hd
in elToi
■     I!
■ ;:■   ■  ■
|| ' ■ ■ i lifi
i Hi      I
■    neti dooi
ii" man Imt it      I'
.    did)
Illlt   OUI
.   a     .
• . ■      ■
■ I'savi
/ ii
ib    ei
iri,      ill I.-' fr
l'  , mol
II in the nnu    '        '     '■"" '
I' -I,, Jesus, il      uld imi
ild forgel
\n •!.  :   •■   ■    earl happy bei till i   |i
n i nre in liearl    bill    llll     I
'    Spiril nil
■ I I..      111,1 II    ' 'I
" roughi
III lllllll.  tha'
nlaced in I linn to try to do right, thai
• •  . . mel,'I        '  ■   '   f' '
|i        leiiioiislrnled lhc I
a .. ... ' ' '
I Vi       ever ol
I iruc livii ■
er fall
■   ■
I lei in
■: ■ liiiiiii i> ihi
binned Mi ....',.■
"Absolutely thc Best"
Tea, Coffee, Slices
 and Extract*	
Sold by all Good Grocers
I'lll''.      Dl'K        HAK       Win Kl'KllIll)
ninl everything new in I'ancy Slippers
Pyke's Shoe Store
510 Hastings SI. M.
We have pleasure tn advising iln residents ol Sorth
Vancouvei  il'.'i w,   can deliuer, until furlher  notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths. $1.75
Ihreo      "       "       "       " 4.73
fash On Delivi rj
CAPITAL, S4.S66.666. RESERVE, Jj.141.333
Head Ollice iii Cm,el,1. Montn nl
II. Siikkman, General Managi r: J. El msi.v,Supt. cl Branches
Branches in llritisli Columbia Ashcrolt, Greenwood,
llcilli*. Kaslo, li'iis-l.iinl. Trail Sub llrnncln, Vancouver,
Vi, toria, I Min, .ms. and Dawson, \  I
Savings Dopartmint  Deposit- received from Sl 00 upwards
■  Interest at highest current rates and compounded twice a year
Office, Cor.Lonsdale Ive. and Esplanade, North Vancouver, B. (.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
mil  I UU.I.   SOUTH \ IM'Ol vi;i;
li.Kv.iMin, I'.mih  ii uli ,i ii.   'a Ull, 'a i'i, ; n'i r lit : |,1, - ni, - in. -.-....
    ID I"   IU ■"   I" BO, III". II :l". II 'n'. IMu. 15 iltl, |« ■'"'.
' |||,  || '.::.'-   aa.l      -    '.'I,     «     |0,   'I   OU,   II   .'".    H    111,
),,,», i".',,. i" in ii nn. :i lu. ii in ill nn. i:' ai rj iii. i nn |i iii,
\11 * imiii' I'aiik   i i» p, in.. I :m, I '»'. :' 10, : HO, :' IM, ll in   I iu
 I"   ll   ". •• .'.". 7 I". 7 IIU, s nn, s .;,,. 	
'Iilil.    |l       I"     ll'.    II   till,    |l    IIU.     I.'   "  '
1 itiiin   i •.'■' p, in., l rn. :■ "" 8 :'" a rn. : "". .; :". :; rn, i in. 1:20, i m,
■    ..   I'"      ,    1 11    '     J",   'a    I"     7   ""    7   .''I,   7    III,   S    |g,   S    |-,,   a,.|',     ,,    ,-,     J,,   |.-,
lu iv ii ID lit:,. I'M,",,
m Mm- lar- -l.irl Ir  llcxalnlril plirh ,tl s;ln, ati'l I'lillHCCl "illi lli.- -
Tin- time ini'ie I- -iii'j'i'i i" alteration
IV,   II.   Ill Mlliuv.
Rainier Beer^>
Is :i glorious bi'vurngi—quenching mnl
stltinfyilig    Kmiii'iiilu'i' tlii'Vc'- i ilmr
ju-l :i- gooil"—insist mi gi'Uilig l.nitiii'i'.
We a nt tv lhe Largest and
Best Stock nl
Vail Pa|>er
Wa- guarantee all uur work
to be First-class.
We will be pleased to go
lo Norlh Vani ouvi r and give
vou an estimate on your
papering i nnd will bring
sample books il you wish,
but prefer Inn inn you call at
our store, which is located at
ftOft Pender
One Block Wesl ol Postoftice
Oppositi Theatre.
Raits $3.50 Per 0,,>
ami Upwards
All Modern Convi nieni i s.
Ibis Hotel has been lalelj
renovated, plat ing it on the
list nt ih, best in the i ity.
Fice 'bus meets all trains,
|\-l I'l    IN    llll
tl ill
I In-  Christmas   he   has
taken up Ins quarters for llu
lll-l   l i Ilia    111   llie   llistorj   "I
ihe future gn nt i ity, at llu
and hr expri ssed In- wondel
,ll    ill'     I   Ut'  Ij'l"'      ail     Ml      .I'll
Mi-   Shaw   in   eslabli
-tu b a splendid litlli  eslali
lishincni so i arlj in tin
l.ll.t  . itj   I -mill   In   emu     llllll
one rivalling  ii- bu: brothel
across tin inlet     Befon ib
parting "it Ins iiiiiiiu * ' .1-1,
li.   n in,llln .1 that It slluillil bi
the pleastin   ol imt.
wishing i ui" 'i ol  lhe little
i iij in purchase tin ii
Pioneer Dry Goods Store
Cm. second and lonsdai,
: - -lit  IMI 111 I ill
,' I; (JROWTII I- • "'
u I I'll III.VI UP TUB I '
Vancouver  Steveston CHRISTMAS   NUMBER,   DECEMBER,   mon
nr-,,        r\ . p    |        \\7'1 1   friend, tlm plniiiiKrapherand llu  I eddinc fnliling eols, eamp ils and provision
I   nP   I    PP Cat-TV fit IHII   nt   tllP   WlH in alls '  ■ : md  ill small uuunlilies,
That (I     tin    .:   ronl down without savine ' eimd ,, ,.     , ,••.,.•■,
* t fnr at bitnieil luili' fnr pleasure ma)
Thai 'I.e.                      dnwn witlioul sn villi;     enuil ,,                     ,.     ,           ,        ,
iliefnresl i. -11.   tin             ere             ai ,      IVrsnusvis.ling I aniula fur a hniiedluiie fnr pleasure may
Vflei    pperlhi"    II turned in beneath their porl "    villi th™ such ijunslisl,inR inekle. lets, enn,pw|ui|,ment,
Idnnvsilvon tin '' ,k l""U"" ,'"'w'1"" etc.. as tliey mav require for
l'i    ■ :   ■ -. friend heard a Inu sniffle, aiul cocked on r for '    '   '" nse, upon report.iir siinie lo the eustoms olicer at port
•I a,,' timber               ml fat,  lu» bete black  beai >'f ™trv. itepusilui--with linn a sum ol niuney eipial to the duty,
■     ■ i      I,', and b*  la' heard another snillle, that was snl'jertio a refund of llus amount if the nrliees arc expffiedmhin
tile noise a | uppv makes from a baskel. on his ; t I r,s "',"""" '"'       ' '"'" ■     ""'"'"''''"' '," ''I'"'1  !' ""• '""" ,'"
  t anadn where a customs olllcer is sliitioned. wliere llie same rcgula-
bepreserveii hi ils primitive        " Wlial's'tlie iniilter, Imv-want lo go horn, lions as the above must he complieil with
phi i           \,    the linv answereil, heroicallv, " but   ah   [was   ,u-i ,    KeWdc guides nin he recum  nl AlKonquin Park,   llieir
nre lhe city- thinking |    ,- nice it would he if mother   was   was here." charges are S^5o T" day, ivluch includes canoe.   Iwn guides and
romp nnd        ti,.. ,„„„ .,,1,1 ,,„ihini,. a„d bv and bv. wilh a long, quivering one ranoc. Si.j   ner day    Guides provide llieir own tents and
md along llu i.'....i-...,    m i... ..,„„i„™l u, ihe Park must he annroved hv
hen I'm tliii kii
and l.oiigl'ell
... |   .
il'lne—   fur a- .a plaee ol
- -■ bov innu'
st renins
ll     Iln
railwa*   inleri'Sl
■    ;.   Grand
speeiall; ' in|
er a nd I he li sl
...    hm i I, I,,',,-.. da; I.!.'■ lliiil i- worth ., year
ll*  ' to ■' kid
Vmi there are lots ol -".a'n davs left, for and yours, lor mc
,, ,.    | and mine; and there is lhe Park, iind lhe lish are there.   And there
'      ,1 VI   :    iin are made known, are still the singing birds and the running streams, the wild rose,
I.M .a    the river and the sweet i I rain to remind us ol home
'   | rslnnn Oil halfd [here is na' gelling noi    lieehng   no aulomobilnig in Algoii
;,   . ■    |  . .-     ml Montreal, and only a , :,■, bul there are hundreds ol miles o slreani-hnked lakes iha
.....      „ \ew York. I I'itlsbui       .' ',■ through a veritable wilderness where heallli and happim
ll', doni       roostl       md in reach ol lhe rich and the poor alike,    [here arc
no fashionable hotels, no pink leas, nor Gen   ]    ■
      I,"- ..'. farmei     ll    el    pitable homes are gi«Hl to sei
mmmmmm me lumen and tired after ii daj in lhe tangled wild
inih'in"^lml'U:7imrbv,^'ilhr'|ntig.'quiveri.ig I'l"' '•"""'• ?,! ;' >'''' "">':   >'»""'M"'"*"'*' ""■'• """
■al nveV ana] fell tisleep, dividing his dreams"  l,,,unkl',s    A" P",U'S employed in lhe lark must he approved by
i'lnteuileiu. and secure license at a cost "I ^t .oo each,
the -ii|ennteuiieiu, anal secure license at .i i
nil'  Ml'SKOKA i ihni v
Few summer rcsorls in America have grown in favor in.are
re seliled. t
e for thesi
Malm know ihal
:      ■ ; a ,     ' 	
...,'. ■    ',   .' 'I,
:'   :      lil    il
lhe I'l      '   ■
lantial " Skin Tax '
I'eu   siiiimier ies"ns ,,, .m,.,    ...
rapidly than lias the Muskoka County The " Royal Muskoka"
Hotel is a modem summer hotel, imu (our years old, and contains
all ilie attributes found in a lirst-elnss resort, li has accommodations for three hundred guests, and ..iters sun es aal rooms with hath,
Imt and old water m everv room, and i- lighted by electricity.
Sun.iti,! i feel above the level of lie sea, in llie iniil-t aaf a
romantic and primeval world, it- attractions for those desiring a
tli. i' removed from the lustlc and hurtle of city life are many,
^  and ,i place where rest and recreation is found for tlioso wearv of
Zgn:'aii.Tiire!i'after iidavin iiie lan'gled wild. llu' ""l "'« '"'sV lift','    '! ." ''"' Lf Mli !"'"'„ '"I"'!'!""1' ».ntl "<osl,
There are no fashionable Auri'hes. Inu God's cathedral   the comfortable sinnmer hotel m   i til the eonvenienees o
foresl    is alwavsoi'i'ii; there arc sermons in tin   torn     long I      "' "P-l'-date city hotel, with a cuisine of the highest order ol
rills and vou have all ihe singing birds n ling In        font  .'xcellenro. tli.m,ui*.il* equipped boa   liven', including rowhoals,
eiiiioi'S sailboats, and gasoline launehes    the beautiful situation
I'nfael re inanv. mailv tliinj ,| ■',     K",..l \bt*lml,,." ,t- -;>.,. m..-.,u,l i;i'.i,e.„l ,a,'a,|a„n„a„-,
,..,,,. ,11 lend ta. inspire anticipalio.,   nl the pi    ml, ;   nrl   as its
it basking in llu Ipi pieluresqiie red low'ers. geannng  hn.ugli lhe     -led gnvi, of the
he tw'iligl.i   red deer fcedinc on lhe lib ■     '■     ■ I ;'    ,"    '.' '   '    . ".     '  "    ;,   ; .'£ 0,'ln.rl°:
.... I,,, walks in and, about the grounds „ llu    kuvul Muskoka
re singh | ■" '   '    and charming, an. lead to mosl e*  utsil,   | its in the
drop. li "    ' ,' ."' Pjne and Udsai      lhe grounds i    ei  in area
called "' »'ie hundre,  and thirty acres      he fori.alio, ,- r , „„d
;',V-;" ;     " Lakeland." holdii       wired    f rivei    n,l lliousai re is no oiv land.   Infect in,n,un,lyfr.mi hay fever is assured,
innil   i    pci I llieloverofsohliidehasnoditlieult! nitin.lmg     , i ksmwhicli
nmi Iden ■ I.   ll ■ '    l™,maY'?> ''■' ; "V ,   •"|U-,lM
■    ■                       ......                 ..... , ..         Ihetahe -"f.i" ... Iln dmiii, room ,   ;                aiiiahli'
ll will clear vur i ■       ■    '       '   '   ."     "    :: "nlwl   ml' ™|Uisileh damn silver and
ilaina        I he room is ol pi porlioi      ill limhcred rool
Iti ept wild, for Nairn                         i                       '     .  :"i'"'"''  ' enlwlyencirclc
■..'.,■....             .,...'. it.    lhe whole machinery of ilu   alle a manger is well oiled with
■   ■ the .'I ev'elletii and vigilant i   i igement, anal tin- „f ji-,.|f is
ui  wai ■ ai.e■.' tin     K "' Muskoka'     ■  ■ il i   uninier home
I'ai nl                  ml         "" :' '; .'"     "   ill nntside ivnnis looking (.1.1 upon forest,
lhe Gi || lake, or island      ni'i      I) ■    polished il s and pretty rug-
... wilh cnmfortabli   md tppropi                       Iln    veel   mcll ol
I'-rmni HulTal" i.r Niagara 1 i Detroit   [be pine and th. soothing n      tin trees lull one to dream-
i                     mil W                    .       : ■ :   ■ inglil  and eharnui            Breel I    ■ :i       rising in the
.......                                   , ..                           inornii       I':    i . i -                                luxumnts] ircelam
I'ortllu, Ull all eoi.venie.iies of lhe private 1   ■
H re rm       :      ■ .  a, i mid
..      ' . - ■ Grand Ti
erNiagai   Ki   ■ Scotia
a  .      .     . ., .... .       :, ,,..
(jivision     ■ . a,- ■ ;■  -      r Algonquin P
I'.a  engers I'l ...                i,          Portland and
put     un       ■ ■      iiiterinediatestatioi rneeeil          ii    nc, Gnu    frui    Kail
v ■          ml il       mm llnsiiin ai
' : ■  ''   '     Ji the Nev liii| 1 ml |mini       llostnii and Maine, t'enlral Vernioiii
r connecl Montreal and 0
thence to Al  Pal        the Ottawa Di         Gnuul Trunk
Id Rail
Five httla' pigeons i en In -I on lhe barn i    I
tt'ali Iiii    ,: ■     rn in the hi n vnrd Ih low
' laa., arnuiiil the ivhile ,.,i i- hiding,
l|aa|al||-   !,,  ,.,:,1|   * 1,,!,1   |f   ,|,'\VI1   ll',  \    sll.>llll|   gO
All of ii sudden 1 o|ien my wh
Willi ai whiz and a burr ll gone
Pussy darts oil round ihe house in ti twinkling,
And lhe lit tit whili mil up .all the c"rn!
Ilitgi u,      I
Christmas, it i- said rated in the \e,ir 08 hut
iimt.   For hours logether he would Raihvav Svsiei , ;,„,,„|      ' , Christian
I tlu*        To,,, Iln M ritii ' l'i    ii '-'     I Trunk il rs 1 tei   en - -H-' ■'* ■'
Intercolonial via Mnnireal. nnd pnweed     er tl        Uval
'        '   ,      ,, |) ■ ribed ll.,,re„.-Hle     -
..... .1     I,,,,.   1.   a... i „. r,,.,,,,     Vnir.-,    roll aim li" tlmliehts nl ' I n
Every evening n thru                               Gi main  no though s nl Christ.
lhe Smtioii New York, fnr I Uin        hcrcconm I      oul .that does nol
.     ,,.. mvelleri        heart»ftin    iltl, II   nlln   mm   Dn\ it   i
v "    ' Ml''r"l»'li' l,n| '"             .. „ ,,   ,. . ,.
^^^^^^^H               BAOOAisi iu\-in your ciivinininenl    Do noi
I  .                                |iers. singlv or in |  rlii    liuntii ithout,   Imi   look   "i'1'"1
 ii i.'»'i  ':     '       ""''.'" ''':'
iieaehfulliii'ket.aiidonel andri 1 '     lml  ni llie pn ill
.... .,|| |,un,||, ,   ■      i gel     Broil Rid '
.,;., 1 it
I the
■    iin Pari
' Are vmi looking I'or a
ili'sinible place Lo innke
your liiiim''.'
' If sn. 1 cnu help ymi
ninl direct you w'nero lo
go : Having travelled
over a goodly portion ol
tlm prairies, being an
ux-memberof tlic Northwest Mounted Police and
having landed at the
western terminus of tlic
Canadian Pacific Railway, I am now residing
tn North Vancouver, und
consider il the California
uf Canada.
' rieauiii'iillv situated,
magnificent summers,
mild winters, ami the
mountain scenery and
locution am so beautifully situated that I shall
' North Vancouver is a
new city, just across llie
harbor from Vancouver,
connected by ferry and
expected will, in lhe near
future, be connected by
rail. Tlu* landing is in
ilm center of each city
and il takes twelve lo
fifteen minutes lo make
the passage by ferry,
Wc have our nun Water Sys-
ti iu. sparkling and pure, com
ing Iiinn the canyons ol the
surrounding mountains, We
have an I'lie, nil Cai System,
I'.ll a Ilia    | .ightillg,    |n|   sll, , Is
and Inuii, s : T, la |,In,in Colli
niiinication, Churches nnil
Si Iannis, in I,n i everything
ih.a goes to make up ,i meat
i in Strong Hoard ol Trade
just organized with ovi i
charter, '1 nn tubers. Good
Sin s [or Manufacturing
Plants, Deep Watei I'rontage
' Tlm town being situated ou a southerly slope
we frequently have sunshine in winter when
such is noi the case in
' Aiv inn looking to invest money in lhe West?
' 11 so, buy your ticket
and come direct, and invest your money and
make your homo in
North Vancouver.
' I liave been oprat-
ing, more or loss, on
ihis coast,  since   18110.
ll will be a pleasure for
lilt' In know thai what I
am now writing will be
tlm means of aiding any
person   in   selecting  a
WlSr 1 itioll.
' If you conic direct lo
tliu (,oast communicate
with or coll (.ii inc.
' 1 live in North Vancouver, and have my
Offlce in tlif Molsons
Hank Building, Vancouver, "Our Lady of Christmas"
^^ I UT NOW is llio oxpectod evening, Aft,
|j I too long, iii'veriheless, for our impniion
t^_ I fallen, llu1 slurs begin to
".# I shine, bi tho room, growing
darker ami darker, tno children gather, Father holds
tne on his knees. 1 can siill
leel his cliin lightly touch my
head, carossing mo while ii
pricks jusi a lillle. And nur
questions! Why isn't mother
in llio room! Is sho making
a call on our elderly neighbor,
ns happened last year at this
1Will she miss lhe dear Christmas
.. again! It would bo a pity.
Suddenly a boll sounds in llio corridor
and seems iu draw near. 'I'lie door is
mysteriously opened. Veiled and silent,
ilie celestial visitor enters, bearing, as n
torch, till' deaf little llie
linch nne of us says his prayer.    I Hi.
llioso little prayers, sn shorl and simpjol
1 nm beginning lo say ihem again,
live i" grow old, I shall end by not I
any others.   The dear  I,inly listen
them.   Then she spoke,her
VOico sweet willi lhe eehnes
of another world,
Anal as  mysteriously
as she had como the white
figure   withdrew,
leaving    in   our
souls,  for wooks,
a trail nf light.
I.aler,   on   a
similair day, when
r lhe
lber dnv
i;lit havi
1 have been told that the sounding-line has never been able to measure Ihe
depth of cc . i lakes. Perhaps because tho line was nol long enough. But
ini])!; u'er, isnne abvss whose depth no van measure,    Ilns abyss
■i,„l   ,,'t   , ll is\vi.dll. ns eubl ami clu'ei'iess ns si..,,,- lleic.iliir I'vennijis. ll "s
Simfli Lilt
Wee Bullies
Bubics short and babies iall.
Rallies big and babies small,
HltH'-eyeii babies, babies fair,
Hrnwii-eyi'd babies with lots of hair,
liahics sn liny they can't su up,
liabies thai drink from a silver cup,
llabies that eon and babies that creep,
Babies that only enn oal ami sleep,
Babies thai laugh and babies thai talk,
Babies quite big enough lo walk,
Dimpled lingers and dimpled feel,
Whal in llie world is half sn sweel
As babies Ihal jump, laugh, cry and crawl,
Ivul, sleep, talk, walk, creep, < and all
Wee Babies:
!■::.„■ Field.
The' Day's Work
Each morning is a fresh
beginning     Wo are. ns it
were,  inst  beginning  life.
We have it entirely in our
own hands.   And when ihe
morning with its
fresh     beginning
eomos, all vi'ster-
,,    _,   .lavs   Bhould   be
y^   veslerdays,   with
0 which    we     have
nothing   i"    do.
Sufficient is it lo
know   that     the
Lots in D. L. 273
Now on the Market
The Last Chance you will get
to Buy in
North Vancouver
Townsite at Bedrock Prices
The G. T. P. and what Mr Hays says:
"I suppose," snid llie reporter, "thai it i- Iruo tlmt
vou intend to build to Vancouver nlso'.'"
"You may depend upon it," suid Mr Ilnys. "we
will have to come to Vancouver sometime."
There being no location to I"' hail in Vancouver, it
is self-evident thai NORTH VANCOUVER will bo the
The Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon Railway now have
SURVEY PARTIES out making permanent LOCATIONS Im
their mad to the norlh.
Electric Railway Company are located in District Lot 273,
HAI I'ERS *•■!'
I   l|     a .    I   I    -      IS
I .    n   '.,11
,,:,!      mi'     nn
■vel    °
all  llr
1,1 l.,ab ihroiieh
 ,l;;." a       1 ,y-
thecten  11
my bei     :
when the iree; el ";'"„.,,,
,;,,,,,,,i iu- 10 the absent, in o"
aafy    ;reKt.^'rare:-i'-s
iffigj &__ . j    ■'"
fore, mat   *"" '-: .■ ,
...;,!''" I   '""
lime und ci ei
I   a,]
Thi     i
rcnll    11 1'nrncsl  and II
r. Bu
even iho lie, if ho
I       ■      " '
like hi Ic to cornea little
next 1    •    ■ '1 'ill nearer tin
nr Int ei lien it licciinv    the natural ':
in lovi
' ' ■, ...'...■       ....
him.   Thev aid him nt every
hi  wuy,
firs. 1 ■■     ■       ; ■,,'.',...    1
','..■'.• )■■..'.. r in the wnrl I hai     r il islhal
Mt-.! ia. nil ■■ :  after
The Palace Hotel
Lml s/\ Ri ua, Prop
Irand New. Model Strict    I'irst-l
','.     '    ' ■ I       !
HATKS   Sl--"**1 I'EU l>AY ASH I I'
Dining w ■    1
I Kill  I Hai
1! t      I
Conncitlon        I'npulai Brand i ol I
Ih I ■ loci . Im        . Mi rcha ;
Stored and Wi ..  laki 11 1 in
Campbell's  Storaqe   and Warehouse
72 iu Hamilton si.   Phone 711
M    ■
ill tl 1:1: IN
III SI   \M) llll M'lSI
Tel  39J 670 Gmnvillo Sf
Real Estate, Insurance,
General Commission
Timlier Limits
I'M'IIITEII, ll. i
1 ■   I [OTEL
Ol    I 1 I'lei
* il I.N
\i.\\ AND NKill I
Reci'iith    this   plai i   has
l„','ll mil   !' 1.
di lied    li is nnu most mod-
mn in '-.• i   d, i,nl
lllll l!"M    i,i6,i
5 * I lasl ngs Sin ■ I
European I 'Win
Rolled Oats
Hay and Feed
\ii okih us
1)11 IVI KM)
nn Braekman Ker
Miillinci Co.
I   ■  dull A vi nui
I      , ■ : .'        a
(   lllllllllaV.I  I     I ' "1
CMiWI.V, thickly, i.i- Ij   fall lhe sua     ila like lhe
O Sl'il    HI l||     111    ''a,      ll'. \ ' ]■      '
ill I !..■ bl'a 111 I' I'll
hey fall upn      ' l    i'p| i
llll r llflel        ' i' fea 111". ila,I.a -
' . ■ I chil
rl.   'I ■ n.leiif ulii
■ ri      aessiifih
III ir sun a '■
I III,   Vtl'a
• ' lie snl
I r K'lii.el'.i I
lil        ..11 ship's
ml    he I
I '    ' Mure
leal y J iiiii re eh ; heir
.... try u| mi i'inli til
lli    • ■
I in.dd
II sln.,\    ni mm I is Imu em
Ih mt ii'l! l'i a
lleil ke eolll
hen (limr. bi
relrell ' '   '■ a Idh a
■    irni'.ly hci ■ '
  1       ■ '■   '■ ■'. ■!   hull     ■■
iir sinkii air' . luck
Hint ■   ' '   ' i un I*     It"
me ni'ire slnul
I ||        '.•.'..■
i, r,iniul I'lie hi
tidint! ill the
nn    The iviml fri'slii-iis. ;u
mll'l il'.aiaps
■   ,:' I md, mid
ihilliii)! uiml he .'..ill-
Inn       I'ln' i     'ti'   "ill and round,
■     nnd musinij
i' i,|,len tiine, I lander inlo.,
| '  :   ■    .
....        | fill
■       . ■     . ■ '....
. ■    ■ ■ he iui'imI        ll
ei lu.ii
II the dlM.'il : ■
I I lea wi
I II pi it :
.    ... . . red spiral
:• uie.
■   ei tin
II      '.'
is I
Sql a'p'-T^SlfS
a^;ia.s.5aE£ 58 6
,\\\v Uajjiii '.nl llii j. \,X l\i-n__lk__\M-i \Jxiii_!im_k-..i fai
n ^T*ir* ^■~ir"~»,,iif>,rr^'-",,n^in'r*'"nrirrr''n-:'
,! , . .   .„-.,,-,"   |(
« ■"^ifTnr'r'.'nrr'—."'"tit'"'-
Vmi will find
Suitable und
I'si'ful Things in
every Department
[or Christmas
('nine iii and com
pare our Mer-
cliandiseand prices
with others, and
vmi will liml out
and  be convinced
From "On Being in Love" KlirtzS  CUjarS
Yi ll"\T, bt't'ii ill InW, nf i-niirsi'!    If imt, ynu've |>„t i
■•a ,mn,     l.'.ve is like tlie measles; ivenll have i• • j»i•
■   ■     a    Alsnliki ll a' measles, ive lake t only unci'  (Im
need never be . fruit] nl I'u'clii i" il a seeiind time    Th,
iiKiii ivlni bus liml t a.iti -roiiiit, ihe musl dnngeruu-i pltieei
ml pla;    lie i ird;   rieks ni h perfei   sufe'.y
I le can pienii in -hnd*  ' Is, rumble  hrnueji leaf, aisles
il li' a', r nn in,    .   a .,■'.."., ,;,  I ,■ .mi ,■'     He fears
. ipiiet I'liumi ■ nre than he vvnuld hisnivn a lub
lie can '"ii'.aa: ii ni. [sir *   n-andmvn lhe Rhine    lleeaii,
n uv he las: a ure in'm lie very i.'iwsnf lhe
ll     Ilia .ni keep his hind llirough
irl ■ 1     md res nl i r vurds in a
Im ■      '.,!.' ia" I i in, iiuire las'.inji   I mi .
nlil     lb      n In ■       lijjl      ■ alk ndo-vi, sivi'el
iligh: pull iinini-'i  In sombre rushes
lit- cul . ■ I oul dm .'i'i'. -a I',.mi'i'
ri,hint   lieini!     igli    . ii ■ dnv n n sli|>'
pel    ■ i.hniu I dii ..     lie ,..!! Innk inn
' ■ :        lie iis. ens In the  in II vnii'i - Wl sails
red helm I1 .1 ips ivhi .■ Iiniids in his. bul
ri, " I,ulli" lik, fnree holds him I iiiinil m their
' '■    lire
r siel iiii     fill nl spends
hearl     Luw's hundmuidt
friend      Ki   : i      and Admiration, ana!
llti ■ il    ■   ' : - li '   npi'll fnr,  hut their
inl mas,el is royal pi  .!•■■. |mvs Inu one
ml leparts  Welike.ueiherish ivenrewry.wry fond
,v never love again    A man's heat", is a firework
in ils lime li.isiie- heiivemviird    Mi teor liki
"!-., iiinmeiit. .nni lights with its glory the .vliol,
inrlil beneath    Then   i c night "t nur sordid ,''inm,m
place life closes it around i     ami lhe burnt-olll ease.
■ |liii<i bm 1.  ii I'arih, In   useless ,ia<l imeured for, slowl;
snioitlderii lies    Once. breaking loose from our
prison Imiids. ve dure, ns mutiny "I'l I'rumctlieus dared,
;.a scale tin' Olympian iiioimi, and snnich from Phichus'
I e lire of lhe reals      HulipV lllOSC ivlll), hastening
down nguin e'er i '!;■ i oul can kindle their earthly ulliirs
.,t ils lliiine hove is ton pure n light to hum long union);
lhe unisnmi'liases thnl »e brent he, bin before il is choked
mil "a r,.I' use iii in torch lo ignite Ihe cozy fire of nlTcc
lion Anil, alter all. ihe warming glow is more suite,1 I"
"iir cold little buck |>arlor aai ., world than e- the burning
pn   1" .'    I., aa diiiulil b,   '■ cestui lire of snme mighty
VilSt    (III 1. till    1  a'l'ta     I-   till
a.       \:i.. 'i"ii will liiini ' heerily when
llieki !■ 'i mil     Affection is a
n In '."I ir In In A..',  .nrl I" piled up even
.  •    draw  nigh    ni'i men ami
ith their thin hands i lns| aal  the
litile children ian in- lie fi ml   iln  friend and
' i  I. "11 I'l      I''      il l'i' a'   l|     a   ..   '
I  ■    ■ ]  I..;. ii" . iiii ir noses ut ihe
b ,1      I.. ■        heap llu indm     ii|mti that lire
■ ir gent Ic pre-Mires ol
■he hand       - ilei'd     I'uii il
• .    ml forbi iiraiii u    Vou can
lei 11 1'iv .ami the rain fall unheeded then, l"r your
: ' .t'li mil be  Harm
.nni lhe
roiu 'I  i    ■ ill
||       :   ,
a  I"'!   I
All,     til"   a
I'll','      llll-l  Hi   I
I. lllll'll
l"aa|ls||        '!.,'. I,'  '
 ll       laa.ll"
■ ■    liill mil
■ ' 'a
'   '       '
Have stood tin lest [or 30 YEARS in competition with
llritisli Columbia, Eastern nnd Imported Cigars and an
in greater demand than ever,   We turnout more Cigars
than anv ntlm (acton in li. I'.    Olil Ira.Inm brands are
Made liv iiii'iii Lul' 'r iii
Kim/.'- l'i ,'rl'iuiii
Fiiiinr,', Vrtlll ,-iiver. II ('
C. L. BEHNSEN, Proprietor
Fruit and
We    have   suitable   land,
ii.iili fm cultivation, al
SiO lo $150 per acre, mi
ens\ terms, short distam e
sniiih ni Vancouver, Investments in City Property
paying limn 'i in 1 -' per
nnt. Correspondente in
vii. .1.
C. S. Douglas & Co.
Established 188,1
•512 Hasting hi. W., Vancouver, B.C.
For a Nice Xmas Box qet bim a
Small Box of
I   ciniiK Si in Boxes 0110 onu ,5 nn oi youi m m K_J THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 11. C,
A Weekly Newspapei, I'uhlislieil hy the
Subscription—One Dollar per year
Ghorge I'iarii i:v, Editor,
|, ll Williams, Manager,
No season, no lestival compares
with, nor has made a deeper impression upon our minds and heart,
than Christinas with all iis joys.
Throughout the yeai we may lor
get the nhl home and even
lorget the days ol nur youth. Yet,
when Christmas comes it brings
back nld recollections and associations, which will never lade limn
oui memories. As i,on is drawn
towards llie magnet, so does the
nhl home and the old Iriends lar
awaj draw us at this season ol
Christinastide, Happy are Ihej
who can turn homeward on that
day, and affectionately embrace
luml mother and lather, sist, r or
brothel and loving Iriends, Blessed are those whose hearts beat
warm on Christinas, and who love
to see all round them happj and
merry, Blessed are they who nol
null love to see smiling fliers and
joyous hearts, but who also know
Imu to make their neighbors con
tented and cheerful, The best and
greatest nl nil the gills given to
mankind is the heart full of love,
This is wealth which none ran
give   or   lake   from    us.   How
 asuieless  is  the  influence  ol
sm Im heart,   li makes everything
around happy,  us il the angels
have come again singing
•■ Goon Wn i Towards Mi v"
The question of transportation
hv rail is the all-absorbing topic ol
the luuir in ilns province, Without In tta i means lor travel and
traffic the gnat fertile valleys and
prolific terraces, oi benches, which
abound throughout British Co
liitnbia. would remain in thell
virgin state. To average citizens
that dwell heir on ilm Coast, the
interioi ol ibis province is as little
known as lhe Antarctic regions,
lli,' business men, loo, show as
little regard or aptitude Im tlie
development ol the interior as
they did foi the outfitting ol
parlies to the north in the Klondike stampede in 1897, I'lie. sil
down, play whist nr idle awaj their
time, and wait lor prospectors or
railroad promoters to file into their
offices or corridors ol hotels, to
siinw   nun; wares,
and  explain   their  scheni s,   or
proffer advice in respect to lhe
possibilities ol the interior.
The pioneers remember the
strenuous times when the building
nl tin Canadian Pacific Railway
went through, But the road was
built, nevertheless. However, the
southern portion ol this province
dors not include lhe whole arm ol
undeveloped British Columbia.
Not by any means, There is the
greal interior to th 1 north of Hurrard inlet -sections as prolific in
agriculture nnd stock-raising as
the beautiful Okanagan, and as
rich in mineral as any mining
country in the world, This
marvelous territory is  neglected
Inr the
tt IM   nl   \  RAM ROAD.
These sn lions are Cariboo and its
adjacent territory to the north ; the
Cliilcotin, with the mosl pi rfeel
stock-raising    district    in    tins
province! lhe Lill it and Pembi 1
inn Meadows. Phese are nanus
to conjure with, everyone ol them,
ami the lucky tiller, herdsman and
miner who, in the past found it u
hardship lo pay *.'.. to 3 rents a
pound, and often twice ns much,
will have his dream realised by the
construction "I the Vancouver,
Westminster & Yukon Railroad,
K. (i. Macpherson, M, I'., snid
Bome time ago that " ns all mails
lead lo Rome, so all roads building today in this province will be
tributary to Burrard inlet," and
Iroin North Vancouver all British
Columbia roads must eventually
I UK  V. W. &   V.
will open up thc fertile Squamish
Valley,   at  the  bead  ol   Howe
sound. To reach ibis point the
proposed road will run from the
Second narrows, along the shore
line ol the inlet, via Point Atkinson, the si south-westerly point
nl ilm municipality. From Point
Atkinson to the Squamish the land
is heavily timbered in places ami
nl mineral formation in other parts,
as evidenced by the Britannia
group nl mines, which is nne ul
the richest mining properties in
ibe district. Around Green hike
there is a considerable area ol
meadow laud ns well as timber,
null \ I M II 1.
aimul n.i cms, is gonil meadow
land suitable Iiii settlement On
Green river, liieveii-mile i nek.
there are splendid waler powers
that iiia\ he developed. The
Pemberton Meadows hnve an area
ol .pi.iinn acres practically the
whole nl which is suitable for
agriculture, Stock is abb- to run
oul the whole year round,
To sum up, the section ol
country between Nortli Vancouver
and Lillooet, and adjoining valleys,
will furnish, conservatively estimated, at least 20,000 acres ol
agricultural land, besides large
tracts ol timber now held bj
private parlies, Greta Valley,
Pemberton Meadows, Clear Creek
ami Anderson Creek valleys,
llllll   I    llaa.iailil    ICRI S
of agricultural land, As a mineral
territory tin prospects are very
encouraging, but undeveloped.
Along the Fraser river to Qttes
nrl! is a distance ol about 182
miles, The Praser river is the
gnat water course ol the province,
lt is 780 inilrs in length, and
among other streams which it
iii. in s are the Lillooet and Cliilcotin rivers.
The Lillooel district contains
nliiuil 10,300,000 aires ll is
largely .1 pastoral country, but in
lhe southern portion ol ii fruitgrowing is making good progress.
Irrigation is necessary in man)
plai a s. iwing to the dryness ol the
climate, and is accompanied by
sm 1 ess when vei n has be, n tried,
In the *icinit) of the
1.Kim.1 rivi 1;
important metalifi rous deposits
have been discovered and give
promise n| 1 onsiderable devi lop-
niint. Tin same ma\ In said ol
Sealmi Lake, and along Bonaparte
liver placet deposits have been
1 a Min:: 11 turns foi yi ars. The
Bridgi rivei district is noted lor
big game, and throughout the distrii 1 fishing and shooting is good,
Norlh "I  I.1I1 1 Ins  the gnat
alisu ii 1 n| i annuo, which contains
1)6,350,000 ,11 n s. Much has been
said nml written ubout the smith
em portion ol ihis ri< h gold mining 1 oiintry, imi iln- north, rn half
nl u has In .11 but very imperfectly
explored, and the information regarding 11 1- luml' 'I I he central
portion a iu ii pn s, iA,. ut the
lll'|isii\'s   ||'\   COMI'AXI
in earl) days, ami In ii are loi ated
boils St. Mil., od, Stuart and St
|,lines. In iin vicinity ol Alex
andra, 'One liundri d-and fifty mile
I louse.   Soda  in' I,   and al the
IllOllth "I   the   Iblesll' ll  Ilia ]   ll.a |,
are 11 iiuinbi 1 nl line rant lies pro-
aim mg grain, vegetables ami cattle. A roll, 1 mill is opi rati d here,
and ai Soda Cr, 11, a grist mill is
run. The Qucsnell basin is very
rich in minerals, espi 1 ially . opper,
nnd  coal  and timber.     IT n  an
also about J 00 miles  iif  tiuilii 1
nl gnnd quality,
(lllllll, ra lies   In   the   SOUthwcSt
ul Cariboo, and contains large dis.
un is ol pastoral and agrii nltiirul
lands, especially in the Black
water  and   Nechaco  valh \ s,   in
which are 1 ontained ovi 1 i,oo 1,	
acres ol grazing land ami rich
1 iv i-i bottoms.
rv«    .    • r _ I       «•    llir 1 Blructloim or approaches con-1 shall hu determined by arbitration us Corpurntlon uro Imrubj authorised to
lIlM firt Hi North  iwctwl uith Iho mid wharf, Including I hereinbefore proviili'd.u'iid thu C pnnv execute ami deliver the ,-.-..---:, r>  I'.iil
■ /nil U ivi IWI tail  Hie Kraiti»t. bIiii'I ho aubniitied lu nnd, shall niiiintaiu the servieo ns ilelurinlued ol Nile to curry out Bitch trunstor.
... 1 ...'.„ .1.   I     1-.   'im... ,•  .a..,11 1...  I........1  ...
Ilie grilim*. Hllll'l ne Miiiiiimeu  in iiiiii . snail iiiiiiiiiaiu ine-i'i \ii e us m hi i'"ii'" „>  a......... 	
approved bv tho Council ul tho mill bv mid arbitration, (mm ami nfler lhc     15. The Company shall bo bound to
iliito llxod bv the arbitrators therolor, maintain u regular serviee nn the said
II, The maximum tares for passenger ferry, na provided hj paragraph live (8)
aial rail's for Ireighl to In* charged h) ul ihi- liiilenluro nl all wanna lasi
the l' paiiv shall be na follow* :       ' proved ol In iha- Ci ell of the Corpora-
laii-  and   Passengers   -   Monthl) liuii „( North Vancouver, bnfore the i -
tickets, for Nurlh Vancouver resident's atruclion ul iln- mild steamer la
lhe Ferry Service to Vancouver.
' Council "i i!ii'('"ti"'i','ti,'ii aai iii<> Dl.irii'i
il   Naai'lh   Valid,uvt'i   ill    Council   il"l',l,l'l'
Ilia '   a|lll\ OUUlUUll] 'l- UlllOWl a
I. .llltli.'IU, is hi'll'li, gll'OlltU tie lll'OVIl Hill]
rii'tk I'i iiie .ni'i Corporation loslgn mi,I nlHi
Ilm Corporntu Seiil I I -flru ili'llvorj lo the
 Hal |i|llh  Ilia'IVill   llalllla'a|.   >>t   llll   I ll'lt'll Uill'
"i Agruu ni bi'lwoeli llio Cur|>uritlluii mi'i llio
Sorlli Viiucouvoi 1',1'iy >v I'mviir r.,i„|,iui.v,
l.iiniii'ii, in cancel present))' existing Agree-
iiniii- mill ilie mi ill Cuinpnny, iiiiiI lovliliir in-
10 HOW tlll'alllUa'llli'UI-   I"*   'Ila'   i'llll,ill,:   .Ull   nl'
lltu la na Servieo botivoeti Sorlli Viui'-ouver
Hill] Villli'iillViT I'll.,', llinl Inr lillllT ],lll'|iii>t'\ 'ill
to bo uxtont and upon tin- lorinii, mil in Uio
inmiiioi -i'i lortli in ti form ei ludeiituru, ivlilcli
IsannoxailHiH scliwlulo to litis Hj-!,,,,, hihI
ilnn iillui Uie mi mi'i ilui'd iif tin' -nhl Corporation,
II, Tin- It, am,  J I in-'l  fair nil  |ilir|MM'.
HS UlO''Nortli Vlllla aallVaT I'a'irj'   llylllll,   UN  ,"
|*||   I'}   UlO I'OUIICll   Ul|   111''  i-   ll   all!,  ail  Nia-
,,,Iiiii I   Iiiui;
ItoOl'lVl'll   llll' ..—.-HI nl  111.'   Kla'i'laus, ill  nil
I'K'iiiiiii Inr llio pnrpoio, liolil mi tho    iIhj aaf
, UNO,
Itoconililored ny llie Council, uml Dually
mlni'te'l mnl signed ny tlie Iti'i'vu nml Clerk,
aim m'iiIi'i mill Un' Curporato Sent ian the
alny nf , 11X10,
ITIII.I nlla   I'll 111.  I
lies nil tile WeSl   s|,|i   ill    thf    I'Tllset
river, between Soda < reek ami
Cliilcotin ii*' i, .imi is about 40
nubs sipiaii. ll is but sparsely
settled, the 1 ounlr) I" ing pi im 1
p.ilk adapted in stock raising.
Ai ihr present time Ireighl
teams, with bun In leu biiises
eai b. air the imK 111 ,111s ol   traiis-
portation tn ihe. wonderful
Like all mails projei ted rei entlj
Inl   llllll -I   I 1,lllllll,III.   ibe \ am nu
mi. Westmiiister & Vukon is in
have branches in develop the valleys on its llanks besides opening
up ibe northern interioi ail ihis
province. It mav be added that
President John Hendry, iu the
(ace nl all saaits oi opposition, has
-in 1 eedi al in having ibe lirst se,
tion nl ibis road built it   New
Westminstei  in Vani ouver,    His
able assistants in ihm great work
are Vice-president CO, Wh Ken
ilen,   Managing   Dircctoi   A.   IT
Woods and Sei n tarj James |ef-
'Pills Indenture, made ihe
1    day "f       in the yenr ol
nur Lord, lUCtl, between the Corporation
nf ilie District of North Vancouver,
hereinafter rolerredto as "ThoCorpora
liim "nf the lir.-i purl and llie Nurlh
Vancouver Kerry aud I'awor Oonipntiy
Limited, hereinafter ended " ihe t'.,n 1 -
pnnv," of the si ml part.
\v'ui:iii:is. hv au Indunturo dated iln
23rd day of .Inly, 1803, between the
parlies herein, ilm saiil Corporation
leiiseil In lhe saiil Company lhe lerry
steamer known as lhe " North Vancouver," ntnl a I'i'riiiiii "I lhe iiri'slmre ni
Hnrrnrd Inlet, nl the foot of I sdnlo
aveiuie in saial iniiiiieipiilily. ami ilm
sniil company ugi I toopurutt*a ferry
service between the City ol Vancouver
ami North Vancouver un tlielerma ami
I'l'llalill'all- Mil Olil  ill   S;|ii| Ill'll'lUlir,
Ami. U'uiiuias. In im liiilenturedntoil
(lie ninth dny ul January, ItKH, between
the parties hereto, ihe suid cor|mratioi
-ubli'i l" ilm -ai'l Company lhe licensi
ami power grunted In il lhe saiil Inr
piiriilinnnii lhe l-'lh .lav ol  ill Illher,
IUU3, hy Mi- Majesty the Khi|i, ill the
ri'.'hi aai ilm l'i'a,\iiii'e ,,i llritisli I'ulnni-
nia. in make n-e ami pii a ferry service
between Nurlli Vancouver anil lhe City
nf Vancouver,
Ami,  iViimikak, ihe saiil coinpniiy
Iiiiii- 1 n operating a furry service a-
ii'orcsuid under lb,' sai.I tuo agreements ,
Ami. iVumm.m, lhe parlies have, sub-
Joel I'l ihe provisions hi'roinaltur contained, agreed in cancel ilm -ai'l two
eclating agreements ami lo enter inin 11
ne« .i.'rea'iia.'iii. 1- herein set forth, nml
mi ihe lorma iiiid I'limliiiuii- hereinafter
\"i\,   llll-     lUnKKUXNT   '.Vll\l--i,ill
that, in 1 Ideralion nf ilm premises
anal nf ilm execution ol ilm presenl
agreement ihe -ai'l Indenture "i ihe
23rd dn) of July. lun:;.ami of the Ulli day
January, 1001, between in.' |.:,r,la - -hail
In- cancelled ami declared al au end
(nun Ilm,lay ,,i the c ing inin lurcc
aai ihe proscnl agreoliu nt,
]. Tho Corpornlion iu coiisiderati i
the    pri'llli-i'-    ami    nf    llie     pay lliellls.
covonauta ami condltloni hy ilm said
CoilipiUIV  In  he   |'.li'l,   perfurmcl   ami
observed, lease- in Um Company the
tern !■ ii known a- tlm " Nurlh' Vancouver" ninl all equipment, gear and
plant used in connection therewith, fnr
a peril i In make up iu all thirty vears,
fr - 23rd day ul July, 1003, na ly.
up lu ilm 23rd day nf .Inly, 1033, subject
to the '■ uulltloiia hereinafter mentioned,
•_'. lim c.,r|'airnii"ii also lea-ea In tlm
Companv tho foreshore on Hurrard Inlet
.11 tl    fool "f  Lmi-'laih' avenue, 	
hundred (100 feel in width, an shown
nn Ih' plan hereto annexed ami thereon
colon I green for a like peri".! ..( mini
year-, from Ilm IMrd 'lay "I .Inly, 1003,
subjci' n. ilm provision* and limitation!
conlnhii'd In lim lollowing paragraphs:
ml The Company -hall nn tin- .i.m.. .
infill a im; int" lurcc furlhullli pro-
i I ie extend ami Improve the wlinrl
nlrcnilj ranslrueleil bj il "ti lhc -ai'l
inre-hnr.'. ami shnll |.r..\ i.].- Ihercoii nil
  a Ill Illllell   Inr III.   i.a|,.
I'l'lllelie, ,f passengers ami lhe laiulillg
,| ,,.,.'.      mnl   it li,',   vehicles ami  the
inl.,.i'h   ■   ol   if' III '   from   Ilm   fern-
laa,.llll   li   Company -hall mi ihi- ngr	
imiit i, ■ ami! inl" force forthwith  pru
  'I    Ua        . 1) S-1 T < I.' I    pr"|a,'r   .11 llll* NH' ll'-   ■ 4
walks I r lhe Ingreas nml egn
pedealri maun ilm wharf anil:.t• t*r■ ■-* liw
llierel I iil-n provide s,'|iarnle lip-
proiiclii ■ inr ilm Ingress ami egn -- nl
•hiriilnr Irnllie.
no Tl," Compan) shall 1 .r-.\j.I.■ guard
chains il tlm end "I ilm wharves ami
nii ii -mt.ilm walliiig-rumn, projmrly
llghteil liv electric lid,I an,I heated (nr
tin' ii- A lerry posaengera
nl 'lie' Cotnniun sluiil give lo tlie
UrltlshColuinhln Kfcclric llnilway ('mm
I nt ii v, ur any other coin pnin running
iriim enra Iii the Miinlclpnlitv. ihe light
ta, run llieir curs mi in saiil wharf, pro-
Corporation heforc any wurk is begun hy
lim Company thereon,
ill The said wlinrl ami all ilm buildings, approaches, ways nml nppiirtcn-
aneea therowlth shall he niaiulaluoil 1"
the Culupilliy in a L'naiil alnlo '•! repair
  ami ellii'ii'iiey during  lhe  leiln nf this
To  Authorize  the  Execution     (g) The aald wharl ami approaches
, . ivr'.i   ahull he properlv lighted nnd kept clean,
Ol   .in  Agreement   With     (hj ti„. Cum'-muy agrees ami coven-
iU«     M«-,U     lf.„.n.„i.. iintatluit the said wharf iiiiiI uppriMclioa
the   North    Vancouver (|u||1, i>nlUru.ul „r,.ril,1|,.li|l„i >nil.
Ferry  &  Power   Com- »blu'":l" u'^"'!'{, '"r ";' rousonubii*
reqiilri'ini'iils  nl  ilm  peiteatrluna nml
pany, Limited, Regarding vehicular irallic ther	
; i i Tlie I' pany further agrees llllll
il uill not eriel Its'turnstiles ami barriers nu ilm sai'l wharf i rer lie allure
thnn n lim' drawn (ruin n point mi Hm
prolongation nl ilm westerly line uf
Lonsdale avenue, luiitherly twenty feel
from high »aier mark, ami r dug at
.■   right anglos across said wharf, as ahuwn
.uliilii.,,..,. (ii,,',.]",.„„."i, Id    "II tho Mid pan her.", annexed, 111.
as I,, lhat |,,,rli"ii "I the wlllirl erected
mi tlic loroahoro north of il"' -ai'l I	
ih   C pan* will al all ii a (luring
Ibis agreement nlluM ilm public free
ingress and egresa over and across the
-nine in uny « hurl or dock hum erected
nr which 'may hereafter ho erected
mi the fori'sbiiri'iiii eitlmr siile nl Inn-
Ami ii is further tigree.l bolween ll
parties that tin' Curporaloii Bhall not
"hsiruel nr perinil saial pi ni if tin'
wharl north of ilm -aial line in he
obstructed so aa in any way in Impede
the ferry service, and llinl such portion
ol ilm "Inui ami approaches sluiil he
maintained by the Corporation ami the
t'i,mpany jointly,
3, The Company shall provide ihe
nei'i'ssary wllttlf Inr the landing "I tin'
ferry steamers in ilm Ciiy of Vancouver,
ami tlm provisions of sub-sections c, f,
v. ami h, nf paragraph Iwo [2 "f this
ngreenieiil shall apply 1" such viliari,
the approaches Iherelo, ami ilm build-
inns thereon.
i. The sai'l Corporation, in cunsiileru-
li.aii ol the premises ami subject I" nil
Ibe covenants, terms ami enmlili'iiis
herein sei forth, hereby sublets lu ihe
Company all that license, rinhi, power
unit privilege grunted I" It, the Bold corporation, under the grant  Ir   Mis
Slnjest, the King, dated the 12th day ol
December, 1003, i,> operntuo ferry s.t-
vice as aforesaid for the residue ol the
lorin of lifteen yeara inentlonud In -niii
grunt, saie and excepl the last three
days of sai'l term, ro iiavb ami to iiolii
the said license term or grant unto the
■aid conuiany from the coining Into
force of lids ngreenieiil ami durh •' lhe
residue ul tho term of years aforesaid,
save ami except the Insl three 'lavs
ui In the event of the -ami license
being determined nr becoming void at
any time, the present agreement, ->• iur
as Um aiih-lettse ol snld license, right,
imMrr ami privilege Is concerned, shall
bei void
ihl ll -hall ninl iiuiy be lliwtlll In ami
for the sai'l Coin pany from time m
lime nml at all li s hereafter during
tlm residue of the sai'l term "i lltleen
(in yours, excepting the IubI three ilnys
thereof, peaceably ami quietly t" possess ami i'iij"( the rights ami privileges
granted by ilie snial hereinbefore recited
grant. Ami ilm Bidd cuinpnny hereby
coveiinnte and ngrees i, ith ihe Cor|ium-
li.m ihai ii shall ami Mill from lime m
time ami al all lim.- liercnflcr ■ liinuvr
llie    Sllill    lerill    "i    lifleell     ii'l      nall-
grani'il, oiiaerve, perform and keep all
ilm provisiuns, condilions nml ubligi'
lions in ibe -niii hereinbefore "veiled
grant,  ami wliich  lienccforlh mi ilm
Comiuiny's pan oilghl to I baerved,
perloriued ami kepi, ami shall ami Mill
imin lime In lime ami at all times hereafter -.!"■. defend and keen barnilesi
ami lliilemnll) lie -ai'l **aari.<>r:i 1 i>an
from mnl luminal nil and uli niniiiier of
actions, claims nml ileiunnda whataia'ver
fur. ami nu a unl "I Ilm Willie ur III
any wise relating thereto.
ie llie Corporation Bhall, on tlm
expiration nf ilm term "i such liceiiBe
apply (nr a renewal thereof, nml mi
obtaining bucIi renewal, uill sub-let the
same to the Conipnny-on the siune terms
and cundlliona a- herehilH'fore pruviileil,
.',. Tlm Conipnny shall maintain a
regular ferry service between Nnrth
Vancouver and the City "f Vancouver
ns follows:
■ui The regular ierry aervlee a- pr"-
iiih"l inr in thi- iigreemelit, or na may
he bereinulier liseil by arbitration i-
liereiu provided, -hull he illrecl between
the Lunsiliileavenue wharl nml the City
"i Vancouver, Thisprovlsiiiiii however,
■hall imi prevcnl iln- Company from
running extra boats in ami Irom ilm
-ai'l l.'iiisilnle avenue wlinrl via other
points, nor prelum ilm Compan) Irom
arranging wilh the Council nf ilm Cur-
, .ralllaan   fnr   sliell estm  I'mlls   landing
al    |a,a|||t-  III   |||0   ,M U ll ii'l | HI 111 I   OlIllT lllllll
l.iii,s,lule avenue wlinrl without calling
llaa T.'.ll
I nm a more freipionl sen me i-
agreed lo nr ti v.-1 hy arbilratii ia lis
herein pruviileil inr. ihe following shall
he ilm lium schedule :
in  During thi' whiter i lbs ll it a
frOIII Ilm 1-1 'In* nf lleliiher la.
onlv, iMn ilii'lars.
family tickets to be purchased ai Iho
C pan'v's iiiliee, only I'm'any member
nf families in, \ nneoiivor, uol in-
hiding lodgora uml servaiiis, lml in-
chilling resiileiil houseliolilora ivilhoiil
ian.iln-, ai lim rale ni  One  Hollar
'I nui inr tlilrt) trips, such tickets to he
mil transferable uml Btibjeel t" forfeiture
f [i'upro|ierly uaed.
C nl tii i. .ii llckola,  giving IMeiilv
tripS,     laalllll",    lllaal  |aa|'   .-ill'.'ll' fari'S,
ten cents, Anv person creeling a
dwelling house in Nortli Vancouver
within tin' nexl liv years, "i
the value ol lifteen hundred dollars '>r
upwards ami being a bona tide rosldonl
shall receive ll tree pn- (ur ''in- year
Irom tlm 'laie uf ilm completion of bis
dwelling house.
Krciglil mi lloods,- I'llBseugera lu he
allowed to carry one hundred pounds ol
g I- Iree, to be handled entirely by
ilmiii-K. s, iiiid nl-" bicycles and iinh)
carriages,   li Is under' I.U0U pounds,
t. ii ci ni- pur inn pounds; I.  i ids
and upwards, |1.50 per ton; contents ol
loaded wagons or other vehicles,  •■
hall nbnve rale- lor g is
Provided that merchiinls ami traders
carrying on business in prom sea In
North Vancouver and Bhippihu frelglil
in small parcels, aggregating iu une
inoiilh l.niiii puun is nr upniirds shall
he entitled tu receive lhc beiielll of Ilm
1,000 pmiinl rale here nbeforo provided,
Animals —SI p and pigs,  16 cents
each single. L'.'i eetits return: horses ami
cnttie,  h "u cents siugii   36 ci uts
reliiru;   nne  horau  ami  vehicle  (un-
inadcii) 2S cents Bingle, I ila return ;
Iwo horses ami vehicle (unloadcdl Ila
cents siti'.'le. 65 cents return. How
bunts "■'' coins each May. Live stock
may be received at owner's risk only.
The above lares for vehicle* Include the
driver, Uedueod ran- for vehicles
owned by reaiilents ol Nortli Vancouver
can he arranged with th mpany.
The illume rules shall include nil Iniul-
ing nml wharfage ahm-
i'lm reeie, lhe llietlihers nf   Ihe   COI11I-
cil, ihe clerk, Ir'itsiirer, engineer,
medical health olllcer, the loreniuii aai
ilm waterworks and the constables ol
il, irporation shall be entitled in free
liassage on the ferry bnni-
In ilmev. ni of ilm presenl municipality nf Nnrih VancouverIxilngdivided
inin two municipalities hy iln- menr-
purntion nf n portion tliereof into .i
city "r otherwise, ilm same nil'mer-
nf lhe two iiinnii'ipnlilies sluiil be entitled in free puasng the ferry bonis
as provided iu ilm next preceding
",. Ily May ni rent (nr ilm foreshore
herein demised and fur lhe rights a,ml
privileges herein granted, lhe ('iiinpnn>
■hall pay in tin- Corporation lhc bu i
ono hundred dollars  i*lnn   a month
I'lieli ami every month during i liiiuu-
tion of this agreement, llie lir-i pay-
tii,-iii i<> lie due nml payable on ilm lirsl
da, <>i ilm month succeeding tliecoming
inin force nl thi- ngreenieiil und there-
illterou iln- lir-t dan a,i ench succeeding
month, Tlm cor|Hiratlon -hail have ihe
right "I re-enlr) inr iinn-payiuenl "i
s  riu* Cuinpiiny shall, nuill ih'' said
■learner " Nortli Vai iver" i- Inken
mer by il a- liereilinfler provided.>ii uml uphold ilm said stuauii r
her liuii'liinery ami her whole i rjllip-
ni,'tit ami L-ear ei every kind n goo 1.
efficient nud serviccubli condillon, and
■hail l.eep iin- aamo Insure,! ngainsl loss
aar lllllllll'.''       la,   Ipe,  HCClllOlll   OT  -I'TIII    "!'
any oilier marine ri-k in the (nil
nu ,1 of l»r liiBlirahlu  value in lhe
allll.a   of   lhe sill,I I'nrpnrnllnU. In ll'llOlll
uny loss -hall he payable, nml shall
lialge ilm pnliey nr pnliei i Insurance
wltll lb" -aiil ('.'rp'ir.ili'iti. ami sham
'lull pay all premiums oil -na':. nolle) aai
|,"lien - a- they befoni ''hi", ami lodge
ilm r ipi- tin rei"i miiIi iln Corporation.
II, tu il vonl nl I'i— nr dnmage
arising i" snid steamer i"r wldch com-
liensatiun i- rec IvihI under Insurance pnliey nr pniiries, iln   Cnrpairn-
tiOII shall enlltril'llte SUCll i'iill|i'la-.l!l,>li-
air audi less -um a- inn, he m '■.
towards tin' cosl "f replacing, refitting
nml repairing Ibo suid steamship, nml
thai alter ilm worth nf repairing
'•r replacing   is completed, uml  any
(leanishin    -"    replacing     tl	
destroyed slmil l« the propi rl) "I tlm
('orjHirntinii, Imt subject tn ilm enn
aliii..ii".l Hu- Agreement.
in iin the termination aai ii.i. Vgree-
men! liy lapsoof iii r ilm - r determination thereof mi tlm default m
ilu' ('"mi i lo maintain a g I nml
i'liii mni ini, service a- provided b)
paragraph five IS "i iiu- Indenture, "r
tn (uliil aar comply with lhe U'rms nf
Iln- Igreemellt, llien ll -hull Iw in tlm
p"Mer and uplloll "i Ilm i "r|" nil
■al,I,    ta.    |,'-     tl |«TUlill||S    llf
(err, serviee Iheinselves, wlieli tlm
i ..iii|iain\ - rights ami privileges lierein
hall immediate!) a eiiae .mA uoterinlni.
I.lll     ,li-aa     I'a    |a  ,fl  !   ,|-.      ,|||a|    ||. , |,| jr.'    ,1
il Alter the new steamer referred to
iu ilm hot preceding paragraph has
been pui in operation ami run satisfactorily taa Lloyd'sstirvcyoron snid ierry
service im' ii pa'riaaal of iaaiirleet, days, the
Corporation ngn es taa transfer the said
steamer " North Vancouver" lo ihe
-unl Company us Its absolute properly,
in In-Usui iis lhe .-aiil Company mny
determine,orsold by ii nml ilm pr,,,' Is
applied by -aid Cuinpnny as it mny see
III. ami llie ileevo nml Clerk ni Ilm' snial
prevented hv Btrlkes or -ire.-- nf
weather, nml. failing ilm maintenance
"I    sneli   service   lhe   t'ullllell    aal    Ilm
i orporalion may in once, without notice
i" ilm Cumpaiiy, ami at ilm Company's
a'\p. n-e place "ii tin' ferry route such
aleanibuill serwiv a- may al Ilm lime
he available, ami c nlintie ihe same
until tlm Company's service ia resumed,
ami iii il uml nf tin- Company fall-
iu^ Im' n periaa.l ni len ilnys, unless pre-
vented hy Birlki - stress "t weather or
nnitlers nver itliich lhe Company bus
i,—nti il t" resume such service or becoming insolvent, then their right to
uperntesuid terry service ami lhe lease
.a sai.l taare.-lii're fronting mi LonfldAle
avenim uml all wharves thereon shnll
ipso facto celiac ami determine and be-
come mill ami void, lml subject always
i.. the rights "i ilm Corporation fur
I'umpeiisiiliuii for -mii failure uml fur
breach ni conlrnet, ami also subject to
I'liinpensuliuii n, the Company us hen-
Inlwfure pruvlded.   I he C puny shall
forfeit nml pay by way of liquidated
damages, to ilm Corporation in ilm
public interest Ilm sum ,,( live dullurs
♦•',.un   (.ar   each   irip  provided    by
the   II clledul, illeil     In     he
made by ihem during the term
nt this ngreenieiil unless bucIi Irip is
prevented h) Btrlkes, accident or stress
"I ncather or oilier matters mer which
the cumpnii) has no control, und In.
iibilily na [ami ure by liuirier another
boat, uud thut i,ver uml above llll)' less
ihai may he sustained by private persons,
III, Inth,'event of amy dispute arising
between the parties hereto ns ta the
Interpretation of ibis agreement, the
-nmi' shall be submitted to arbitrators
and determined by them.
17. In ml,lill,,n tn ,i«msti,,iis ol inler-
pretatlon the following matters shall no
Bottled In arbitration!
In) Changes iu lhe (iTry mules unit
tiniosehiihue.ns provided iu Bub-section
e,,( paragraph live t.'i) of this agreement.
lb) The amount i" !»• paid In the
Corporation i" the Company Bhould the
Corporation mi ilm termination of this
Agreement exercise the option provided
in paragraph len Un, nl this agreement.
tin Am arbitration hereunder Bhall
he Bllhjl'Cl I" Ilm ni tile Arlli-
Irntlon Ait "i Hritlflh Colombia.
Is. In Um event "( Hm City ol North
v.i uv. i being l'.n,.i-,l oul ol ilm present luniilcipnlity nr part tliereof nil the
righla "f iln- Corporation under this
Agreelui nt ahull veBl In the said City uf
Nurlh Vuimiiuver mi lhe hitter'- assuming ilm obligations ni the Corporation
hen under, a ml wherever "Corporation"
i- used in iln- Agri'i'iucnl the wonlfl tlm
■ Cit) "i Sorlli Vnneouver" shall be
In   Ih.'   h    porl   "I   Um    ferry
atciiinersami tlm Imu,I office m this com-
. I„- eatalilished n ul main-
tuined in Nurlh Vancouver,
L'u  Thi- ,gl ni i- I'lui'liliiiiiul and
■bull niii, ii tm'nil" li-ree on ibe Company itiuiic written notice i" ihe
Coiiiu i, "i it- readiness tn carry mil ilm
same, ui.,i on -nh notice Iwing given ii
shall iinnmdintsly come into effect,
'.'I. I'ruvided llml iu ilm event ni tho
Company nol gi'iug bucIi notice nn or
More tlm lir-t da, ■■( .Inly next, 1007.
then iln- Agreen enl -hull be null ami
void uml n( im (nne and effect, ami the
\greo nl- "i tlm third day of .Inly,
i'"t. .md tlm ninth day uf January,
IIHll, hei ween tlm puttie- herein -hall
n tn.tin in fori •'. nnd ilm rights and
tinti! "i tlm parties Bhall nol I.e
effected in nil) way hy llh- Agreement.
'2". In il vent "i ihe Cum pany not
exercising il ptinn tn miter Into this
o.-r.iiiii'ii, provided inr u- above, uml
the same la'cotnliif in conseipienee void
nndiil nu effect and ilm Company agrees
ta. |.a, an.I reimburse i" ilm Corporation
a'l it,,, ex|s ,,-• - ne urinal l.y ii iii connection with ilm pr nt  Agreement,
including legal ex|wiiiefl, printing ami
i'X|K'iisi ,ul submitting the nccossar) by-
Ian to lhe electors,
K miims- nn Usui the -unl Corpora.
lion uml ihe - nd Cuuipnii) liuie affixed
Ihelr cnr|Kiratc seals tl"' day and year
iHllf I.     -   a a.|    Wltll   Mil' ,
r,,r|aaar.ii, seals ol ilm I or-
uid ,   inpniiy and *
da'liier.,1 tta In- preseni f
hi*   "I   IprlllliehlBlvo,   u   I I I-I  ilirll   [,.rrj   |,,ul-  ami  th, ir w|llij ul     la
I' iiglngln th" i pan). and aili li
rviee -hall begin from eai I, lerminii
imi Inter tlinti "l'i a in, mid I," maintained until M'i p.  u-l"   nml
tint,alter un hourly service until IU
P in Inclusive.
I' aruiL' ilm slimmer inniilbs, thai
i- Irom tlm l-t dn* ol Ma) i" ilm SOtli
11  of Si |itonibcr, a lit   Imu	
".■in  fr sl  terminus  imi
luier Uu  I.'i u, ia, mul !" inaiiitn I
imlil II' o'clock i' rn  inclusive
i-i   I'he lasl leaving tlic , ll   "t
Vancouver al nlghl -hall in ai
lied up al ilm la nsilide avenue wlinrl
lur ilm night, ui il leave Nnrlli Vai I-
ver mu later t1 an Hi L'i n. in. mi tlm
luii, hull-hour's,
,,■  \,, alterntiun In the llmo sebclule
 C puny may have In anv wharl  i  ELECTORS   Oh    NOR I H
lauding t"t lerry purinwa, and I
piiee I" la' llxed  In' I
ilm term- nt paragrupli 17 lu i   I
11  Tim Company shnll paj t" tlm
i ■ n-'Mii ii iln' tern i,.iin,ii ,.( this
\.   "   I'llU   111      till'    -lllll      aal      a   |g|||      1| I, |,' I, ■  •!
ilullnrs <sim , being tl   i due ol tin slip
un Hu nh shore 11 II irrnnl Inlet, Iw-
'" lie' l .a    ralioll,  a- iilreadv
livi hv urblirail i
i '.'■ Arbili ilora shall delcrnih i
Iln- mine uf i ie I  p.ii.'. - Iteami "
ami "ther pr,  «rn. ai- !■ .r a going fi ri
concern, wil mill allowing anyth i
ferriage pi     egesoi rights aai franchise
lor llien-" ar goodwill, lml onlv mr Um
'|*\hl.   S'alla  I     lllll     llll      llinVl    I-    A
I       Ol,..   ...| !    I'a   ia,,    i||a,.||
,,ia|aii iin, ,. ■. nl in.  Municipal!')! mil In
'uini a,, ..ta    , Hull) l|itl im.I, North Van
« i . thu i.'tti ila] ol Di ■ in
h  nn "1 ' ^  "   III.
, |. in
li\   I'm tr
Relurnln* ""
hull Im imi'l' wilhonl Um coiiseiil "i ,,[.,,,, ;,i,  material ei|ulpineiil
the Council nl lli" Corporation, and th"     i:l  pi„ ,■ ,„„„ shall on
Corporatliilishnll luive ilm ris'hl In enll|t|l(, ||r., ,|;„ ,,f -,.|,i,,, i„,
i,.,,!, the Company, ami lhc Cumpaiiy ,,1,., |„|p aM,| put ,,, o|wniliuii mi
,. .hull hnve lhe righl l" call u|  ih.' ,|„   „ | |-,.rrv. gcrvice, |„ Iii n ol lhe -ami
vldedsuc pany shall flrsi enterV Coriajrallon at liitervals of notless II .        .   '.\,,rli,   v.„ ver," a  lea
..,.,„   ,„,. ill «iil, ihe l",rv Com- twelve monllia In niake such changes ill a„rthy and thoroughly elllclcnl double
pan, .atlslactorvtoltproteclingittrnm lhe rouU-i ami the tlnialibleof llio hm onded passcnijor ferry stei r, capabl,   '     ,;   ..
uiiv'llabllitv wlileh the Kerry I iwny ■wvli-o iu tl ilgenel t the Irallic 0f carrying three liundrcl passenget
might h rb) ren I allowing carB "liiv lr ' lo time wpilre, mil nl a i t I  ol In
i.a run a.n wharf. i   Iii ii," on nl ol lhc Company nol than thirteen knots per hour, tl," sumo
,., \|| plana for the .-..,,s^tr.n-i,-,n or agreeing tu the changes required I" th" to Iw bulll in nccnrdmico with  plans
Improvement ol the -.nal wharf or any "I Corporation, ,,r vlco versa, llio qncs  nml designs in he submitted to and ap.
priil,li \... i i- IIKHBBY aiVKH
I tlmt ' ■ r«li "i llie I■:■■ '^i- ol thi
IHntrli [nf I i mro -^ I fflll bo in**' u "ii
iin- \ .1, ouvei Kerry Hy i«». l"   on
VV.-iii laj  tlic i.!ili'liiy ol IK'COI
! ■ .1- .*l IlK   III   nli'l 7  O'clock    .     l'i
■ 'hui tii.'  Mui
UhHl Ui ui I i I'h lip hMboeii
lutKiiik' Ofl     '- tiki nf rote ol
llll III* :. '.lml I,,'.
I     Ij      I,., .,
Ai i \   I'lll. li   i    Mi. THE  EXPRESS, NOKTIl VANCOUVER, R. C.
I. 'a.
I   1  ';   Tt
,:  f        /    L
hn    ll    i      I ..• Rail*
Com |        I Ilil   11
5) Sti Iti    i it'i'l  I hn . Si |lti
lint . ■       iliead of I
H\   -|'t ii ..:   about   -' ,
line « i||   |n u|„ imed      :
pan) has also in il tu uli  trii
is lieii I by tin
More Houses Needed.
\t   till      pi' s, 111    I      till I.     .11,
lindiiig dail)
ill    Ninth    Vain hum t
j thai .in   lun . il  in n sidi   on  the
h   aai iln   ml, i.     ['his,
il tin   .,1' at ipies
tuilis nt  lim  Iniul   |(i|   nm   i ill  ' Iis
:■ am-     v. iill.     II      ll        ,l:l'i
possible to In ii -a  those indlisirioiis
ll   ll       ,1       llOllll       it "
tlic  busiiii ss  a um
I In ie is an inn ,1, in.nul
ti   i        and en iv  ila\
i-'i'i,' tui:-
Ferry By-Law
i un piirii    in made with ilns
p|      'i ,        mit'   that "l'i" l in   view     I'lie   Ambitious
Van, ' i  '
In in Nurtli Win
ol H rrard ink'l,   ihen   I'm watei
I'",.   '    '   : avllicll         ill ,'!  "I" d  al
I.., Iii nu .'.ni ul ih,
ivoi niter served
City is todav nil, ring liearl)  one
I pel cent, more |insilimis
to il       ' cil     lis a  M.ii
a fill' yclll       a        ,, iii  Millies- a
'   ■' rowth   nli mu   ibis   lino, |
Iln   tramway   si sti ;n.   in rn   nu
pinvi nu nls ami muni puis otherI
I'inl, ssol I la nn Dnimnioiid
sageh said ibni ilm liisi building
that should Im ci' clod in any city i
was a i Ihii, b. The Presbyterians,
along with ilm Unglish Church,
have ii t" limn credit that the)
i ni U laid tlm foundations nl their
a,nt," in ilm history nl N,ntli
Van, "it*' i.    In il" spring nl 19031
a iiii-siaiti was stalled  in a shack,
mi the em imt nl Lonsdale avenue
ami Thirteenth street, where the
residence ol Mr. Curtis now stands,
Mi. Walter Nichol, Ih A., llien a
student nl Knox college, had tlm
privilege nt beginning ilm work,
which included Lynn Valley. Lake
Beautilul (now I..iln' Buntzen),
and Cedar Inn .    lie  was   sue-
iva      '         "              r  tli ■       ■ - "i trade and  1 omnia n,
Nurl                          I'he hiine ol re its ipiota ol 1 mployi • -.
this ■ pany is v other m w  	
.   j ih.11 li a   I; would lain up I- -nh ;,, 1
(1     "( oinpaii)  finish, al  ils .      tunil    (loi led.
two-i              i||ai          ler   1 1 1.' :. whal   is  nrgi nth   liei ded
-is,,            ■      isl   ul   tin   'iiniii ,11.   liiinsi -  ni  ,. asonalile
pillity.       ll    Ilia ill'll s   ih"    Illllgl'Sl '               ill   |llotS   i'l   gl
wan 1    t llu     ..i.i,:! ning n.nposi s, im work
nn 1   ■                       engthi   cul nn 'a .1: 1,an ia ntals,    I li re is
throui                          I crn lib ,1   nrolitnhh'   ihm slmeiil   inr   in-
(    pi liiini   iind
Hum 1     ■   thousand hor.s,
; .   |" il. and this
' iillforillillg   t"   thesi     1
[nir, nieiits.   As prop, in is 1 nm
I- n.iiiM Uia asonabli. llieri should
1       llisi       'aa     at    i' a-t    v I    til
pplyillg   llu*    t reeled 111 \t m .11
niinslei     also pi I   light       \,  ,iM.  Woodward  departn
ami pnwci     As st.,I..I. this e|     |   Hastings   ami
Hi a 1-.    Mm   '.'. '   1.'     a
ti) buy 'N       pi' - '.I-  11
■ ■     i' pared,   .11   1
inui h        r thrill I I nl si
iln I     the     W'cstcl
1   ■ .It
e ' ll'la.
e-|n , tfl 11-
I     Is     tl'  a a  S
I' ilm id    I I
In ta.i' that tin   11
' I      '       ' I-    a I
iicii'ssl      ' ■    ' turpi
1 ■
■ 1 ■
l-~^*^    **        -—: = '
I'inli 1 < iiieil
'       ,' . 1 :     a .
: peel.     Tin ; , how  to   I
.     II. Spi'l 1'-, lai'in   bul
'Al;! '      'i   11,1   ie        .1:1 ■ .1 ■ well
liiH 1
.._-- -.   _ ..v.MR'^.,1' '. .1.
1    ; r "   _ --•*# -   •■■'•■'
' 111 tlie lu'si intovosts nl'
iln' municipality, nml I'm'
uu improved ferry service, tlie inuiiicipulcotin-
cil mi'i ilm bonrd nf trade
for -'Hun months pnsi
liave jointly lieen nepi
titilinj! wiih the fern
' Tin' re-nil nf tliUM' negotiations have heen ent*
Ini'liuil iii ,1 hv-law appearing elsewhere in this
edition, which every rule*
payer and citizen should
read and study,
' II ihey doso il will Im
Caiiiiikii with \ I.akhk
M uoiiity Niat Wkdnes-
' Everyone inlercsted
-liuiilil keep in view lhc
procuringol nn improved
service nl 11 fair cost lo
the people uml 11 direel
liciielil i" lhe municipality.
' An improvi'1 and fast
Feri'V service means ihnt
hundreds of families will
ni iiiicn become residents
in North Vancouver, und
wlm in nun will contribute their share in lim
revenue "i the corpora-
I lull
' Tlm by-law, shorn "i
n"^ni verbiage, proviih s:
nt ilm wharf will Im
placed 20 feet mil frmn
high wat,'i'. This secures egress uml ingress i" lhe waterfront,
'  As  Immkiuati   ll\i.i-
llui in \ SlKVHT..
' Company's Oi'i h i
ni Norlh Vancouvi 1
• ('ui' \ri 11 Kaiiks
' i'mi ti'Kii KiiKloin
'   I'llKK TllAXSI'OHTAI   iN
stantial   houses,     ml
,\i:i;iti;\i loN  to  -■  ' ■
future lime schetl
if iiecessarv.
r?\ .1 /   ^.iiiini'iitii.
'.'-''."V   :'    "   &
•£*,:,  ";. .,-
kj mm.
I'm further particulars see adver-
All are welcome
Pnstor: Kev, I. U, Gillam, M.A,
s|.      liiHN s     , III |;i ||     , (IUXI 1;     ni
1:11,III v\n 1 lliiil 1 1 \ 1II STRKI I*.
Sunday, I lee, n. (Second Sunday in Advent 1 Sung with sermon, 11 ..i" n. 111,
Morning prayer, 11:30 a, in.
livening prayi r, 7:30 p, in.
Wednesday Evensong, 4:13
p. m,
Friday Ev, nsong and pra, lice,
7:30 p, in.
Oscar Brown & Co.
Among lhe lending commercial
houses rn \ ancouver, ll C, is that
ol Osi ,,i Brown ,v Coinpnny, 1 0111-
niissiou 111111 hauls and whoh sale
It is with pride thai **' nm 1 n*
aided tn poinl in ,1 growing iiianu-
[actnriug, contracting ami building
concern ns well as reliable nal
estate dealers, These are just the
institutions that should Im lost, md.
This pioneer linn, though nnu
paritivelj young, is a vigorous
1 un rprise, win, h , n long will
i.tnk among tlm l'i si nl lis sort in
the whole Northwest. Tlie Wesl
1 in Corporation has nui wilh ilm
IIIOSI em nut,mini; sin , ess iiiii slip-
puii. iiiiiI has clearly ih monstrated lis Ilia 11,11. Is IIIIISl I" I'' 1,1'lleil
1 wiili in ail) control 1 work done in
iln 11   line,     A  largi   saw   null.
• biiimsiu ami foreign which turns out lumber enough tn
I.II I. s|/|, I |il 1 tl |\.  \.  V. MIs-liiN.
ifi'il, il Iii Mi, now hi ■ S. Hltim-
bergi 1   ilm congn gaiion nuniliei
illR ill lllis tune live ni six, I'll, Ii
allei. K', v. J, M. Mi l.e,,,l. 1I1,
mi, 1 i'le.u lu 1 aai Wesliuinsl, 1
presbytery, innl, charge nl tin
field 1'he pn s. ul si Iniul
lieen i mil.  though mill   ball ol  tl
was use    Permission    was
grant     in  use  ilm  school   [01
mil.:      -   '-• nu 1 .    .unl    In ii     Inl
man)   a   daj   iln   1 ongn gation
gatlll 11 il.    Steps   wa t.    taken   In
secure permanent   pn 111 is, s, ami
tin ilm ' Ims on Sixth sin, 1 were
-'. nn ai. in days when real estale
■.un nut mi us presi ni footing
I'lie (bun li wa- ,111 leal, ami two
.nan ago lllis month iin congregation nii'M d min iis own hum,
Mi. Mi I.i ml wa- , ompelled hj ni
health i" r, liiupiish the work ; ami
ih. present pastor, lie*. |. ih
iiill.iiu. was appointed. Willi the
-will increase nl population the
Inin b grew, ami iln stations at
' ■ .kn (ni.  1 now .hi indepi intent
I barge) nnd Grand View, had in
!' ■ \. red, as tin th mantis mi ibe
tn 1 ■! attention ol ilu pa i, 1
grew mon imperativi. In Man li.
r.«.>s- iln ■ "'t~n gaiion w.i-1,nu. '
wilh n nn ml" rship nl nine, an I
'.nne (hen  In-  nu n a-' d  to tl
II lllll<t-1    nl    |,        I In      U'liiilii 1
'1.. in: . rn. luiwi mi. iini s mat  ,u 1
■ .1.    n pn si ni il ' inti resti d ii
lhe wi'ilnn nl ilm 1 bun li. as lie r,
an man' adherents,
I ||i            .iiinn- .at :tu- 1 lain ii
ri   pn  1   ml    "an r ii-e
mines'.,    numbly,    Iln     Sunday
.I,   al   wlm b   tn,    ill'
Im.   ,1 mosl  i' 11 le  :  tl        1   111,ill.
\..i -i . a uv. rlook 1 ' work ol
the l.nIn     win, Ii lie   1,  I :, ml   lb.
di In on iin 1 bun li In   a.' :, ,Imu 11
Ihal et. ilu   m -is, in
'       |)l   a   I    |a,   III     ||.   I      It I      till,111
1 ml lilinb II Iln |i t |s a
prophec)   "I  tin   I nl ui •      and   il
Ilia)   I"    Inb ulli  exp   led ihal
lhe progn ss ill  ilu   pa :   I- Inn   ,1
pri   11 - ni iln future, ai'l that Sl
\tialmw''' 1 him b. with ,'   111 1
1 ent outlook in ilm 1 il]    will I"
1 mile iln spiritual bm I mi in
. rcasing brotherhood in < hrist,
Church Notice.
-1.  isuki M's ITI   a \ II 1 n\ 1 mi <
nm -nn 1 1.
S|a.  a  a  ||   ,,UI||l.l  t    .ll •  l\i' US  Wl
la,   llllll nil S l.n.  I ll ' ' ml" I (i'l
Ilm   |i|a nclll 1   Wi      be III *   J   M
Millar, M. A . "i"
Spi a inl    iving ofloring lo
.11 oil the '1' ■ 1 "it ih*' church.
Sinel.iv si Iiniii, .:: V 1'   01.
Sen ci   in   I '.un Valla v  in   lb'
'    M     lyville   at
e   tu.
\   il. . 1 tvork, suppi t 'imi' mi
It   nu    I III   a|.,v   111   llu    1 Inin b
nn . I   Willi   tin    l.n al    li'tnan.l.   is
opernti 'I In 11. Sm Ii insiiiiilisns
am most ib suable addition to iin hie ol Sorth \ .nu onvel
I ■ . , -I pnssilile pii' a rn in.nh'
mi ail kinds "I luinlii 1 .nul build-
ipplies.    Ih.   '■'-. ni'1 rials, as well as in pluml,.
1111; aud linsillitllillg 1 In * "lip
p|-    \\ ■ Ilington   1 onl, a ordwood,
:■ h Ulnpll    alnl    Ii h phi.11.     pules.
shingle bolts, .unl 1 leal land ami
1 1,11 Inni.lin^s Im  iln 11  patron
I In  \\ I'-ii in Corporation,   Ltd.,
alsu .,, is .is general ai couutants,
nni 1 state ,',, al, rn.
md insurant 1 agents,  Tlu volume
I'he linn devoti '■ all its
i^n - ami aita iiiiun • M lusivel)
mils ami v. getabb sand snlieits
isiglllllt'llts "I satin \ am .mva 1
Hi; a   seaport   it   lines   ..|„ , mi
IVarollOIlM s    ale    l.n .lli .i     al     I'a,
Wai. t   'n it, ilm ii ii phone mini
be, is s , ,    md llu   postoflii e lm\
I-    |",       Ml      Urowil   Ills!
lished t'  ■ now [anions an,I popu
lar iimt tiiuon sonn   eight vears
ago.    I     premisi - and lacilili
i"i Im    ing Iruits an   nneipialled ,,, business iranwicU'd is eiionnous
mi tin   I a, iii. coasl    Mi   Hrown and rcpiires th, strict nlieiil
is mi'   I tin ba si known husini ss .i hm;
men in t      pro\ ill a . « ,.| is intel
■sled iii various otln 1 1 nti rprises,
■ui he,I a.iies prai ticallj his win li
mail) patrons, win, iu
him im  vears.    lion, -i .IimIiii^s
nl assistiinls, • am-
um   ever)   week   between Si ,700
•    ■ I iu   \\i iti 1    1 01
poration is ahsoliiti I) n imi      1   I
i'ime'slridirto'thi'hilerests'oi'the Irustxvortlij in all its'dealings, and
linn wl,,, I, bears Ins ,,, ,    Ills l"««neM entrusted to 11 will re
,,,.,,'1  1 wl.,1-   ol ilm «*'"  ' ,'.;"'Inl   '""    i:"""l"
Imsiness   is   b'Munl   queslion,  as    ''' "«""       ' l"|-   "ll"|   '"''^   ''"
i    '     t.s,,,,..I m in his conlidcnci   and   g I  will "I   a
( j0ft|, Ul,|, largi     numbei   ..1    clients   and
pall.'in.  ..nul    lis    nn mln t -    ale
and prompt .leliven have been the ll:
k,i  nni'   ol  ll,,' s,„, 10    11    '    ln,K""   llh,     "'•   I'";"1',"1
.imi  managing directol   is  A.  In
Hrown A Conipnny,   I in I'm i i --
1 nni, lids ni ' 111
wishing in ■!" business in ilns Iin,
!■■ (jive Iln in ,1 Ilia'.
The Lonely Gr.ive.
«       . i, a,.1   hn   I \   ,1   -
11,1   .  • |„„,|| "lit   ,' ll   '. I.I 11   llj.
llll,I..   n ..     ,   ,|i,|ll|   I II
.1 alii'lnrliis
1.nile ll llllll -liml.'.
I ,, . ,1 a|H,| nmi l,,',| III! irllhll Ll,."!ii.
1      .   uui'i) nre 11 iiiit ,,„f*iH|i,iti'..!
V  ... I .11.1 111
mv (olid iiiiiI hci
le llll   tn,,.' ..I mi llllll   a
I' ploi k-    Tlm .Iin . I"is an
Ki    th      \\      W.   Mollll iill-.    C
Sarel   ami    \    I1    I.iilm.
. . 1  tan   n \   b   Im nl)   am
('. Wrighl is Im al mail.1    1
Bank ol B N. A
I be  saunas  i|| |i,lliun nl   n|   lhe
Hank  ill  H. N. A.  is  1 1   ilm
ipi a iai features nl ilns ureal litiaii-
eial institution, livi tybod) should
iai In a 1, n dollnrs lol a I.nm
la) Deposits are in 1 im d in
. in «, .1      amounts Irom >i up,   Uncuurngc
"imi'' III  n'i. i-niiiia .        ||ie   Iini-   and   girls t" llit illnu ss
1 ' """I"" 1 Ii-'li-rlui -|."i, H|1j m|vi8(  ,!„,„  ,,, ,,.„ „  ,,„  ,„
II     'I.,.a.a  I',    lalllllalll'-    111 U 11 .
,  I l.rl, I tins """" "' ,i"'" "H"
a ■
lill'ls   I I V  II \
I    I, lllll a i.-ii tlm.
la I   '|||,,,| ll"',,   .
opi ii. .1 Iii- slon . mi I'inl    in ' I.
in    |ul\    ts|   last      He   deals   in
■ - in.    lobui...    |"|"       ' "ii   minims,   toll   dunks,
'I,.It! . |        .|
... t.i.,«. '■    •'"'". i'tml "Hi; i provisions,
in c,, mi'iaii.. -ii mi'i, Mn Uingren is an "hi i here
ah .ail-, and is  a  tpiii I   ami   una
"i"""1' ssiinnm.: gentleman    lie wi 11 tic-
I lllll   Uill,'   III .11   III'lllll       ' llll
..tu- Ilm sii|i|inii ill all ami sun
'    ll."   ll    I     .   I'a     a  t,||..|.   |'a.
.In p. i "ii ■
ai '. in |, us  I'ltull ,,, -i i   KIM I I in, lllll, I'""'


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