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 Wrtityltgi, AtumUy
Victoria, lie  '
I      :\  a
OCt«-*»      I   ,
C' /
The Nortli Vancouver Atbletit
Club starts out under very favorable circumstances and a good
membership. Its popularity it
growing every day, and in a comparatively short time it will In
one of the best athletic organize
tions in the province,
At present this municipality has
a debt ol £290,000, This monei
was raised to make streets, roads,
bridges nnd the waterworks, which
every one agrees was necessary to
open up the district. In the event
of a railway coming here—which
we are assured will be tlm case
within two years—more puhlii
works must be provided for, and
as the borrowing powers of tht
district are limited, therefore, the
building of the proposal! bridge
across the second narrows, as fai
as North Vancouver is wncerneil,
practically must be left to outsiders.
At New Westminster on Thurs
day several apple growers told u*
that an orchard properly sprayci
will piothii c 1 ureal times as man*
sound and marketable apples a,
an orchard that has not lice,
sprayed. It costs only about ten
■cents a tree to spray apples, the\
say. At the apple show why don'l
they show sprayed and  tinsprayi'd
apples? An exhibition of this
kin I would be a practical objei
lesson that would do apple gn W-
cm a gnal deal ol good. Our
local Horticultural Association
should make a note of ihis.
regular meeting, the council went
into committee of the wh, for
lhe purpose ol discussing various
Tin- municipal council is to be
commended   U r  moving   ,„   tl v
ma'.ter of constructing the  pn
posed combine 1 railway and traffic
bridge across the Second Narrows,
similar to the one at Ntw Westminster.   The V., \V. ..V V. Railway C ,inpany has  a  ch irter t'
build  a railway  northwards  fo,
501 miles,  and conse piently tin
co iipany has prepaietl plans fo
this bridge.   The structure, we ar.
to, I, will cost not less than three-
quarter of   a million   dollars  oi
thereabouts,    This,  however, is
only  a rough estimate.    At am
fate tile outlay will  be enormous,
and, lor a long time, the returns
will   he very  small if it is used
exclusively     for     railway    pur
poses only.    A railway bridge, ol
course, would bo a great boon to
this municipality, as well as Bum
•toy and South Vancouver, and also
to the city of Vancouver.    Whill
this is so, greater and larger benefits would be derived were a combined railway, tramway and traffic
'bridge built.    Therefore, it would
hardly !>*• reasonably expected thai
the extra cost to build the same
should be defrayed by the railwav
•company.   And,  in   the   face ol
these facts, the council did whal
•was right when  it decided Wed
nesday night to memorialize the
Provincial and  Federal   Governments to give the proposed greal
undertaking liberal aid.    In tin
municipalities mentioned are vain-
.able government assets in tin,be.
Hands and mineral deposits.   The
building of this gigantic undertaking would  mean the connecting
link with the railway systems ol
'Southern   British   Columbia and
the   great  transcontinental   railroads.   The   northern portion of
this province once made accessible
hy 1 railway would mean the opening ap of one of the richest and
greatest countries in  the world,
and we speak advisedly when wt
.•say this.   We hope that the dif
ferent   municipalities   will    join
iliands with North Vancouver ami
itndeavor to interest the two gov
u'i'nts in this wink
At the regular meeting of the
North Vancouver Council Wednesday night there were present
Keeve Kealy, and Councillors
May, Allen and Cornish.
Communications were received
as follows:
From Captain Trotter, A. D.
C. to Karl Grey, stating that owing
to numerous engagements in Vancouver His Excellency would In-
unable to visit Nortli Vancouver
this time, but hoped to do so on
his next visit.    Filed,
From Loretiza Reda, asking for
a 12-foot sidewalk on Second
street, leading to his new hotel
which he was about to open.
Referred to board ol works.
From T. A. Nye, stating that be
had understood it was the intention
of the council to construct a reservoir in connection with the watei
system. He offered to sell the
council a ravine suitable for that
purpose situated in blocks 31 and
32, district lot 2046. He asked
that the offer be acted on within
30 days as otherwise he wished to
sub-divide it. His price was
$4,000. Committee to look int,
and report.
From C, E. Keene, stating that
his water service was derived thru
a half-inch pipe lying on lhe surface of the ground, which would
be dozen up with the first hard
irost. He asked whether lie could
depend ou a permanent service.
Water committee.
From the Nor'h Vancouvei
Ferry & Power Company, st it n.
that owing to the i.tct tha: the
ss. North Vancouver was badly in
need of repairs, they cotiid ouli
run'One boat at present, and the
time table submitted was the lies:
they could possibly do. Under
the new schedule tbey would have
live departures insttad of four as
formerly between b:2o a. m. and
louo a. ,11. and this would give
people time to get to their places
ol business. He promised to bring
the complaints made before tin
From |. S. Bain, secretary oi
St. Andrew's church, thanking tin
c iiincil for allowing Iree water to
tne church.
file reeve brought up ibe,
question of memorializing thi
d .minion and provincial govern
mots for the construction of ..
bridge across the Second narrows,
lie suggested that tbe councils ol
the city of Vancouver and the
municipalities of Burnaby and
South Vancouver he asked l"
co-operate with them in tin
matter, and urge upon the governments that such a bridge, if con
■itructed, should be suitable [ul
vehicular and tram as well as railway traffic, and that all railways
should jc allowed to use it.
It was resolved that the cooperation ol the city of Vancouver,
the municipality of Burnaby and
the municipality of South Vancouver, be asked in urging upon
the governments the necessity (01
the erection of such a bridge,
On motion of Councillor May it
was lesolved that Copies of the
memorial be sent to the dominion
and provincial governments and to
the parliinentary representatives
if the district.
Councillor Cornish urged the
advisability     of       having       the
boundaries of the wards of tin
municipality conform with the
areas of the proposed city. Such
a re-arrangement would make the
assessment much easier and
It was resolved to divide up the
municipality with Lonsdale
avenue as a central lint", ward I
to comprise the whole of the
municipality lying west of the city
tnd to a line running north from
Lonsdale avenue; wards II and 111
to lie within the city boundaries
with Lonsdale avenue as a dividing
line; ward (our to comprise that
part of the municipality lying east
of the city and north to a line
running directly nortli from Lonsdale avenue.
It was decided to purchase 1,200
feet of "Keystone" hose for the
lire department.
Mr. K. |. Peck was appointed
watei works foreman at a salary ol
■S75 a month, lie will begin bis
duties on the 16th.
After the adjournment ol   the
Church Notice.
Services will be held as usual in
St, Andrew's church, Sixth street,
on Sunday, at 11 a. ,„. and 7:30
p. 111.
In the morning the Sacrament
of the Lord's Supper will be
dispensed. Members of other
churches are welcome,
In the evening Rev, J. S. Reid,
B. A., of Cedar Cove, will occupy
the pulpit,
Sunday school, 2:30 p. ni.
Christian Endeavor on Wednesday, H o'clock.
On Friday evening at 8 o'clock
a preparatory service will be held
ill the church for those purposing
to celeb,ate the communion. All
such are earnestly requested to
Strangers cordially Welcomed.
Pastor: Rev, J. D. Gillam, M.A.
The Athletic Club.
A general meeting of the Nortli |
Vancouver Athletic Club was held
on Monday night in Burns' hall.
There was a good attendance ami
the proceedings were harmonious
md cull,usi.ia tic, which fact augurs
.veil for the success ot the new
association. A lease of the hall
has been obtained, where the
headquarters in future will be
located. The place will be fixed
ap I'ir the thorough comfort and
enjoyment ol the members, The
hall will be provided with all the
newsp, p is and a library. Th,
paraphernalia for a gymnasium
ivtll also he provided, The clul
has, too, a piano.
The following have become
,,i lllbers of the club : C. Mac
Kenzie, W. A. Greeu, II. VV.
Campbell, J. A. Williams. A. K,
Steacy, C. l. Walker, Iv. Dawson
P. It, Se!,,nit, F. Wheeler, ,,.
Kenshaw, Geo. Phillips, T. K
Chi k, K. L. Wheeler; W. P ,-ru**,
Geo Hawkins, |, U. Brown, !'.
Hicks, K. Inui*,, J. H Williams,
li. Anson, Geo. Bartley, Rev. j.
D, Gillam, Rev, R. Marsilen, 1*.
I). Schiilu, J. A ...ilm, W. I-
liiseiimaii, M. S, McDowell, 11.
pitched. Frank Kealy, Loreu/.a
Reda, E, A, S .ott, R. C. Reeding,
W. A. Dawson.
The officers comprise :   C. MacKenzie,  pli'Milelll;   Ke.x   Dawsi. a.
vice president; W, Green, sec -
tare. Committee li. W. Camp-
bellj I). Anson, Robt, lunis, F.
vVheeler and Geo. Bartley, together with tl, ■ niii. ■ rs.
A dance is being srranged for at
Moodyville by Fred West.
Miss M. Iverson has accepted a
position in the post office here.
E, S. Roberts and John Zimmerman, New York,  were here this
" Considering the troubles I've
had," neatly every married woman
thinks, " I look pretty well."
D.  Ferguson,   London,   Ont.,
was registered at the Hotel  Ninth
Vancouver on Tuesday.
Wm. Botting, Moodyville, is
laid up with a sprained knee, and
under the doctor's care,
Give any one in the country a
book to read, and he puts it aside
to read next winter.
Bates' auction rooms for wash,
stands, toilet sets, rocking chairs,
etc., etc.
Wh, n you lay an egg, don't
cackle too long: get busy and lay
David B. Stevenson and Harry
W. Whyte, Cumberland, came
over on Tuesday. Business is
active there.
a living skeleton, and looked
longingly at the the visitors, who
could do nothing for it. It is a
shame that the owners would be -aa
heartless as to leave their animal
to met t such a horrible death.
The party brought back about 30
There is good sport catching
salmon in the creeks, Though
they will lake the bait, spearing is
indulged iu mosl.
The council resolved to call lor
tenders for a numb, r of roads in
the Lynn valley district, whii I, are
urgently required lo meet the
needs nf the settlers.
When a woman talks about In r
husband she is apt lo say : "lie
is SO jealous: but I never do a
thing to make him jealous,"
On Mon lay one of the high
potential wires on the North Vancouver sitie ul tin Second narrows
gut loose from the insullator,
touched the pole, and burned the
top completely off. The street cars
were temporally put out of c im-
Yesterday being a civic holiday
at Vancouver places ol business
here were closed, and a large
number took in the fair at New
the chiefs visit to their majesties
ast summer,
Tacoma yesterday to be assayed,
Asked about petroleum he said bu
came across traces.
Children are becoming so precocious it is only a question of
time when a nursing baby will
criticise its mother's corset.
When particular care has to be
exerci u d a,, breaking   the   egg,
.•, ;aa,ia- in the Liu hen thinks he
would like to be the cook.
Robert Wheeler, who has been
employed in McMillan'., store for
some tune past, has secured a
position in Monl litis' piano store,
where he commenced work last
Among others wl attended the
fair at NcwWestminster yesterday
were Messrs. C. A, MacKenzie
and T. R, Clark. Ihey report an
unusually line 1 shibitol pumpkins
and other tal lo fin, , „t think
Noith Vancouver cotil have made
a better showing in lairy butter
ami hen fruit.
0.   Anderson,    Lynn    Valley,
aged t>7, died at Vane ,uver on
Tuesday.   He was unmarried and
was formerly employed   by   the
Hastings  Mill    Company,   The
'I funeral took place yi - inlay from
Messrs. Centre it Ha,ma's under-
I taking parlors,
lispose     -jome men cou|||n't p.t  a*ong
loeal: without their lodge: the   degree
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^If you have anything to
Chief Joe Capilano will be pre-1 qJ see   Chas.    |',.,tiI   the^^^	
sented   with   pictures   of   King auctioneer,    Th psop    block, | work is absolutely essential to their
Edward and Queen Alexandra by  Lonsdale avenue; prompt returns]. happiness.
their representative in  token   of, satisfaction guaranteed.
mmmmmmmmmmt   •   ■•   1 I    '|-|1(, mt)derii mother   does   so
When a man  is locked out   of I m„ch t0 spare her children it is a
wonder she doesn't think up some
is own house, how he disturbs
the neighbors trying to get in; but
Mr. l'i. J. Peck, the new waterworks foreman, was in the employ j )low qU~ietly a burglar gets in
of the C.   P.   K. lor a number of
veins,    lie   had  charge  ol  the
wale,' s;.sle,n along Ihe line I,",a:
Vancouver to Revelstroke, and
comes highly recommended bj the
C. I'. K. a,Ilia,-, lie and his family
will lake iij* their residence ill
SSrtl, \ am ouvei
I'.irt  Anson   went   fishing
Lynn (*.,. 11. the lirst day of
Evi p. (athei cherishes a secret
resentm, nl hei ause his wife will
forgive their son so much more
than she will forgive him.
Lasl Sun! iy we, k th, re arrived
at the ri sid, nee ol Mr. and M,s.
II. C. Wright : mw daughter
" Harry " n ceived the congrntula-
ol h host "I It.ends.    Mother
tins >">»*   . ,^^^^
-    1 I        .     .     I   ,1    it,    Wii.nrir   allll 1'illld tlulHg   Well.
week, and succeeded  111  landing
LWinty-seven salmon,a total -of 1+3     On Wednesday  1
pounds,   rlsj 'ii    I"!.;-   vai en  ttjnd caused white caps to
trout,  weiguiny  len   and   tlnei- ,,., ,|1C m1h    jl}e ,\,y -.■,,,
quarter poun l>.
•t; that •• funny " look
mve " funny " looking
Evi' 'let
ing people
company ?
       sunshine and ,1  nuiubei  ef iisnli nts
took    1 the 1.1:1  .a New   Westminster.
McQuarrie ami family havi
Foresters' hall   the other nighl,
The young lady   is   a   talented
cu. n ip ia,a .1 r, sidi iia e corner "I
Miss Lawrence, ol Victoria, «»»|,-wt.m :s,C0lul sU„:. and Lons
tendered   a    lecept.on    by    he   d       ^
Is at   Moodvville iu the old
Mt, Weini'ia. . ii ■ 1,11 i.i,,, and
family, recently from Los Angeles,
residence    on
musician   and  an   exceptionallyI |mV(.   taken   up
accomplished violin player,   She  Fourteenth street
w,,^ pres, nted with ., wi II filled |
purse  b*   her  many  friends  in
musical and oilu,, ircles.
Losi L'aib 's I, sell, gold, Uimt
design, nn Sunday, between Lar-
«on's '.-i<:nii Is and Loi gai
dens, mi Esplanadi or Fin 1 street
Ki vani on return to Burn's butchei
Chased By a Bull.
A party oi North Vancouvei
golf players went down to iln
Lynn Creek goll grounds earl)
the other morning, After a verj
successful practice they all sat
town to a light lunch and inci
dentally partook ol .1 small decoction of Bachus' best : While
:h„s comforts liy situated, a real
live huge bull, of ibe Bovida
species, appeared on the scene,
It was a qui sunn which was iha
nn st terrorizi I and surprised
the bull or   the   sporty   bu 1, h
The players ll w in all  directions,
Some hid behind the butts, some
took toll,e creek and others the
woods. In the general scatter the
double-barrelled ha rless loaded
gnu  was  dropped.    On   the  way
back, ol course, they dropped in
to see Charley Met. who 1 '''i'-
ihe hotel, who attended to thi ir
1,eaten comforts and bi ,,1 lliemL capitalist
ou   their   waj   rejoicing,   after 1 spent Tuesday and   Wednesday
promising them  lhat   he  would |lcre, looking over properties,
arrest lhe bull and put  its owner
ill pound,  . "Chailev " bold--, now,
ill.   I'.ei,,'.' an old member of the
-  ■   ill  ivill be er cted be
i.vit-n   tin    ,. pi   ,. di    and   tin
w 1   (ronl,  uast  ol   Walla, 1 -
ship yard.
Mr-.      Lawn      and      her
daughter, ol Vi, toria,   who   are
visiting  friends   at
will return to their home
next wc k.
Tin Moodyville Gun Club, Chas,
Mee, president, will hold a shoot
on Thanksgiving d.iv. al  1
ments are being made lo hold a
scties iif tournam, nts during tin
coming winti r,
Rudol| li II  Askcn, "I Sl  Paul,
and   stock
J. Stew irt, sr., I,.,- goneu on a
trip tn Bn ■■■ ■■ & < luinn's , amp,
on La-ipnio island, lie will be
gom i", two v.'' ks.
|, Kirkpatri, k. the blai I; mith,
and J Granl will pul in the winti 1
at Bre-si v ,v 1 lu in     imp,
Br,   ■ v & ' (ninn Are getting out
11 ur,    loi  ■   ;. ol,     foi  the   B.    (.'.
1 ■ trii Knilwu) Company,
The bi 1 pii, near thi*
li rn  wharf, will 1"  taken awaj
■■ 1. bj  the B   C   I
Railway 1      , 1     [01  ballast,   A
Moodj.,lie.  '•'"':'' '■ ' •  grsde,  high,, than   the
early ' presenl one, will be put ,11 instead
Capilano road since th
has i» en in   bad   conditi
traffi,    A little diti king would 1"
,11 older.
plan of taking their pills for them.
People are very suspicious,
Tell them an improbable story,
and thev will think, on the quiet :
"1 do not believe it; but it may
be so."
The average cirl who is about
tn li t nun 11, tl wi ars all her old
dollies   when   she   COIlieS    down
town, and saves her new togs for
The Occassion.
What is the most mortifying
thing that evei h ippened to you
in all your lid: Confess, now
wasn't it something connected
with youi clothes?
\ North Vai, ouver man is
known as ■• Hindsight Jake," ha
knows so much about an event
after ,1 is a v 1
'I h 1 mncil will shortly be petitioned to lay a -nil-walk along
Keith ri'.i'l. east uf Lonsdale Ave.
This locolit) is rapidly filling up.
A certain plain woman bas ii
handsome husband.   We wonder
sin  properly appreciates him ?
ias become of  Ihe old
p. 1-mi who used lo re-
golf play rs in the province.
About ail a man does is to con
tract and settle bills.
Wedon'l like the word "saucy";
we say it should bo "sassv."
When a married woman eel- a
real nice dress, what an evi nl it
The average woman feels
flattered when a man tries to Ihrl
wiih her.    Why?
William   Conway, S, 1 nt, 1 ntl
thatwehave the best sprinters and |,tree'> neM Lonsdale avenue, ii
ill,   Bi ing an o'' ^^^^^^^
Eagles lodge, h,   ,   well  look, \
aflei  by Doctor Drier, tl,
pi        n.   IB will not 1" allowed
ouj Inr at li as, iwn we, ks,
While Mi  Jai k Waldman and
pany wi re hunting last waek on
Howe,, Island thev * a ai r,
horsi that had I" * n al andoncd In
the Bonanza coppci mine pi  ph
and left i" starve,   It ism . -
Iwo month 1 iini • lhe min,
. 'I ... ' 1 Ih il linn llu pane
bi ,1 1 has been living "ii lhe onl)
Some    men   are   natural
chun li members, while belonging
goes haul with oll,vis.
born ,1'aial'l'        '    . i,, |,,. (ound
the vicinity, vi     lei     ind light
j 1 aj|    "...        the horse wa
On lhe    Iv ith    road,    ni 11
Hi ■ ie, complaint
hi ing ii. id .'.a      ;
nf iln planl ing.
11 , th,  Western
, "ip irnl        li I,   I 1-   bei,
I  1   lhe  pas;
- with ., bad
The pi ,'in situation
from Bjipi .n.i ■ 'im li
en   •• ' ind then mix,
s im, mon
Prcsidi ' ■ 1 1   1
11 uiik I'.e li,  Railway, sa**i thai
system a me in Burrai
inlet,    'I hat's hen .
'I I' paiu ill lout pro j" dors,
headed I     |   F   Dyers,   , Sai
! 0,   ri ,„,,,' il    Iroin    tin
nu,unl.ops I,, the  north   "(   tl ■
■   '      ■  ind     ll"        )8t||      '   ,       I    ..
1:1 .. an h "i' oppei 1 old on     Mi
■ ,as   which   In     a nl   l,
,,|a.|,,.    IH'I      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hr 10 children as the trundle bed
Hash ?
Wi mver saw the pul',re of a
woman that we car, d mu, h for.
li ia tin- real woman that is at-
'.nit live.
Thursday afternoon the town
wa     ractii illy deserted.   Evi tv-
' :ii to llu New Wi stminster
1. ui
A brown -p.inn I dog, belonging
,'i Mi Baglow, the local photographer, was blown oil the top of
tin    Jiiuitinn   block.     Ii   died
Tlmrsd ij
Mrs. J \ Pulton, Eighth
ivenus west, Van, - ei ailed on
i-veral li   •     here on Wedni •-
|l|din|     I     I   1   -I'l I a..
Iv'i'i'" ntaiivea of 1 I oronto
aim nl iron manufactun ra win-
miking over si', - ml  wai. r fn.nt
■us yi ilerday, with a view ol In-
■ •      t ■ pring,
I   App  ■       '  : ,   ibn ■  " mi
I rda   pi ■ ;
•.I v. it-1 Ironl *v iiward li mi Ihe
irst Narrows, lt ia ri ;• ,rti.' that
ic pun hased s, ai res, jusi I
'.la re the old Ni w, 9
vas put on pi, , imi ight, • n
■ .11. ag"    At that til '■
osils w. re ri porti d as being dis
oven -1 then and hem t tin * m-
alVaa   I'lVVtl.
1 '■ ■ ii im- pari  'i '!"   big  lug
...., now '  M01 dj
I   led,   ami
•Unking   has rtcd,   A
1     ,1
south v"Axcuu\ br h. c,
Pu      ii,
a       . . i ..        .'I . I'INti ,',ini|ii„iy
line Dulla
\  '.I.1 t.MS
i.l'.i)!:.," It Alt 11 VA I'M n
taiileir.   Mill.   Tltail   '111)   0"   \ ,-uili'il
nt Modoriile I u.l.
Wli.it  Is   to be al an ' EI'i
lllll     aallialal   1 '
... I .- a       ',- I
iii-it",'1  rii
ag   lie liooii mi  ." '■■, > llli
I!     '
'i I ;. tin iniil, ■
niii c.i ■ iiiii      ■   .   bold ia
■ fill »,   ,
-■. !i a.| ■■■: ng mul i i niii - ov,'    Mill
through :. lei eosoeloth straluor
directly Into this ■ „t, ,	
ihrow ''a" i"i •   ' !" !: pul
'ill   11  „ll   Hie  I'llll   ill  le"
water   Till' I, |i|, tl
carried on tho |ioil Hi i
used !•' hi
Tills mill, nu pull anil clit'txerlulli
■ irn,in r  III sic lllHod  lay steam
or Bin plj lij |ui,   ur Hie p     nnil
lug Bonn  '....'a-' mul sin, net's mi tlio
-'■iv "a '■     for live niiiiiilt"*   A i-ool
III'.'    Ill III,    SllOlJll    la"    111."la'    -a'    ill ll     i,
overflows au li level |u i Mow Hie fiver of ll," ■ an.   'I'll ■ -i 1,01 a. lil I"
materl ill; loin a Ui ■ cosl ol 11 nilk
[■'or the house po liiiim, wo offer ono or
two suggestions , lie us, i „ olliotl ol
using ;, ti'iarl dipper o, n ilgim,v closed
i'.iil    Will,   .1   -iiaalll    lll.ll   lllll    !. ■   a'lltl.l'.l:
llien Uio !"■'!','"I- I'm'- ih" pn I upslil ■
down ni ,i. v " ■ inllil, removes thu
eorkuii'l pours "'a llio reunited union,,,
illlO    till'        ' " a,,      J    i|     |||||    ||
11,i'„sure tl • ia mi ai--.. of wlileli tin*
customer ■ ■• sponsible foi
Duller   iind   Milk
No lit'll'i piickngo fill pro ■      ' ■ lull
ter, to rei iln lis origin ,1 -1  flavor,
lias ever i n devised ihnti tint old
-tone or curllioiiw'iiro Jar,   Whim oov-
arcd wllli It.ii" ii l p. llio Imtter
from Hi" .- r    If Iho luillor a uu Iti be
prcvcalcd from sl king und rising
In Ilia'   :      llll   lll'l it'   J   .I'M,lil  hi'
-lill bettor     kn mii llenl ,' an a- ni
place only a lliiit Hln, nl Iir ver
tlio butt, r ii„i ni ii |iia," nmi iin. jnr
npou Hi" liiilto ; then pn ir an led wns
or pnraflln U| , o nli nplelel}'
waling I a     Stu od  butler
-ini,,,•! lie I mil even n
temperature  ■- possible   I .um ,lunr
I   "Itltl    III    III"   I   lllll'll.
Cream tl, il , ■ nl ,1ns dm nm I, skin,
tnllk and la lo  - olil a III foiu,    S n or
'Id lauf ta it,     ,   ,,„, , iiiui     || hum
'" taken from   lie ,burn uml i,..;>ia.,i
ny placing ,li" hi i ni ,i pan ol lio a
■ -r and is iu ', iliu d, ■ isi ii in
re a luii
A   lilt,Int-— "in,  II,,,,,,,-   '
Mllll   :..:-.    iii   iiii,I.   so
nnd should   ,'■• largely till
honor     -' ■       mlugi
....        .,  ..
a   ■
ti luili ii
I,i<  n roimttk.s  iiii
llnn.lt  -tilt, I'm,.
'    I
|i Is Used
a to hnvo il nil
.In-    I ' I'l llll" Uill,.
ii  .
' ' I
■       I
II a
I     '
.1       ',.,'1
■ r, Jr.
Ill llll"'
Kite ■   ,i ml in I
a I
lliilllil   ||
apt itinn
, hero  ire i
when if conn
i   ■. -i I
.in ,    hoti a' in a gnoil ' ■ n
enn afford it   llul  ■
',ia-,|  , o|| , ii   If
Tli"   •
III "I   ■   I.a   a,
,■   I
I       Of       SiV       IU '   III ,.
-•   ■   .
I laa      ■    infllll'F-,
I     I
a"   hi
I    I1. >!   a
" '
I      '
-inpin. nt Product. From Cowl Kept
hi the Owner'* Lou.
Dairy products aru loo abundant and
pr uos imi low for tin* man with the
nvei'iigo cow. She is no longer nn
ucouomlc factor, Uverybody agrees
thai if a, third or half of the cows could
ne culled oul there would b I
"niii, wlih lhe remainder.   Wli) 1   Ue
cause ili",i  produce enough to bring
ilovvii the cosl of production to u profit
;   , t,    a lie | real surplus ol
a-aalV    111 a II |',.  ', S    1 .'. i 11 \'    COini'S    I'i'llll,    COWS
ill! ■ ure kopl nl i I wucd by farm-
orn who do nol or w II nol oxei- Ise
Iln Ir bi i.m- Biitllclcmly lo Uud a> .1 thai
fuel, urlii'ius Ila ird'  Dairymini.
li inilry ,11" ds, tin        1    need,
:i siuie uf knowl, dgo 11 ' 1- where-
h) wn ' .an produce ns, us iniieh milk
products :i- we do today, tor Instance,
with li.ill tho number ol cows,   The
true   ,1 In |  ' r 'il nt   ' ould
lie in Induce tin- furmi'i' to keep half
Iho number if cows und 1 * leo as good
on, IV III -in. li cows i, would be dlfH-
cull ,-' carry the |irlce ol lhc produi 1
so low thai tlit'iT would nol be;, good
prolll In il Right thero lies tli" secret
nf economic productlou uud prolit.
For uinny yeara to coaie Ihere will be
ii wiile open Held right hero lor tho
breeder ol line dairy cattle to supply
those formers who waul flrsi class
cows, possibly lo breed lo a dual purpose sire ," raise veals. Hn-U of nil
othor considerations lie- tho necessity
io breed a kind of cow that enn make
it prolll for hor owaer oven with low
prices for her products,
1 n«a practice,
A buttermakei' from a neighboring
creamery w.is In the Dairyman office
the other day, and aald to us: "1 wish
.von would sny something that would
lioi'suade my patrons from allowing
tholr night's milk to sinml in ,1 stubi'.>
nil night." We expressed cioat surprise, inui said it could not be that
Ihere wero many farmers In Ihls en-
lightened day who would ho guilty of
so dlrly ,1 practice ns ihnt. To our astonishment, li" snail 1 Ti li t 0,1 Investigation l>" had found Hint more than half
uf ihem wero doing jusi thai thing. Wo
Inquired as to whal kind of mon hia
patrons wor,,. Da] Ihey road? Wore
thoy Intelligent mon'.' Wo nskisl him
why ill. y did It His answer was, "Ho-
cause tboy begrudged tho labor of
taking II Inlo the kitchen." It Is very
hard to get some patrons of a creamery
,ai see how responsible ihey are for
iho good flavor and dual price iho hut-
tor is to bring. If thoy could BC8 It,
Ihey would ho different kind of mon,
and Im,idle their milk, cream nml cows
rnsiij different than thoy tl 1 Hoard's
Copyright, Mil, by W. II, C11 Iwi
There was such exollomonl In Four j
Corners as had nol  boon known In
iii.,1 small setllomenl for mnny „ day,
Tlio quail uu Hi" , oniish estate were
[i;-.i,"i-i"il by (lie game laws from April
to September nnd liy Dawson, Iho
gainekcepei', al all limes, yel oue Mny
morning found Dun O'Connor In the j
1'oi'iiisli preserves with 11 brace of
quail ni his boll whereupon Dawsoa,
summoning tho sheriff from Wludsor
Bend, had promptly arrested O'Connor
and jailed blm,
sn li n ibins had never happened boforo In tho history ol Four Corners,
and public fooling run high. A crowd
li nl gathered al Ihe one -inr" Ihe plaoe
boasled, and their muttered threats
Anally merged Into open dotlanoo.
"l lieortl thai Dawson hnd kinder gol
his cyo on a couple inure 0' the boys,"
hinted old main l' or on,
A ruffianly looking fellow loaning
against the counter looked up wiih „
heavy scowl,
"He'd lie,ter look '*„! the ho.vs don't
got tholr eyes on him first," he growled
"A few liinls more or loss ain't nolh-
ln' lo niako a fuss over nohow," put iu
a tall, lank follow behind Iho slovo.
"He's gol lo look for a liltle shool-
In'," mumbled old man Piorson.
The hard fared fellow against tlio
coiinler straightened up ami moved
slowly toward the door.   "Ho might 's
1,a,.11.iii, nnu Bolter ral.
Wiih reference lo quantity it would
be correct to say thai among the strictly dairy breeds Holstolns rank lirst,
Ayrshlres second, Guernseys third and
Jerseys fourth. If there is n difference
In ilie quantity ol tho production from
Oiicrnseys ii Is caused by tho large
relative size of tho Guernseys, With
reference lo butter fal In iho milk Jer-
..'.'.- stand first Ihal i- ,n sny if thoro
i- any difference in thc richness ol Jer.
-"V and Guernsey milk Ayrshlrea
como third and Holstelns fourth. The
same differences obtain between tbo
high grades of the breeds ef all these,
hm nol qulto lo ,ii" -a  extent -
Auu'i'i. an Agriculturist.
Points on Feeding
^ .—.[.
"Growing tho full ration"  I used to
drenm ol lhat,   No« 1 an>   1
doa'l know,   Willi -j 1 ■ aru silage,
mljed llmolhy ill, I red clover,
early cull eow|iens and soy bona and
crimson , lover hays and ■ un d 1 urn : - >.
grinding If needed, II wn
 I ould build ,, ral Ion lo (lie In lo
.., the dairy qii ens, bul win
lo I    I   11..ill"     '■   I   llllll   111"
yield nl the pall uol ro
lo always shov
would pay for sonic of Ih ■ ,"■-, mill
u   1'  vi..- , 1 lli.U
flip Ever iirmi. I.,,,1
MY t line the      ' -    •
 a-, nt supply of 1
food for Ha-- w nl,
uf drought,  s.i.. 1
will keep for
hnvo fed It I
new," 1
,ly lo tes-'l
ni any I
A flood 1,rn,mi
A : I ml Ion lor 111
hoy, Hire' po       of wheal Mm
d« of 00 '
linseed meal. 1 rd 1    In M* Spin	
MI1.-1, |he CoW l.ntil.a liter III." IVln't'.
every tin
1 shrinkage tl
0,  ivhen Ih" pusl   - i
I 1 lli- ail  II
.a:,.I |1U)  a ; ,
. i , ,.  1 -..   on ronllzo
per ,11 re loi I
corn or gree. alfalfa?  Wh n     w 1
look over :' e * Ih li
at tlm 11, a 1 ' ia ti inlly sponl
koe| ,.- 'ii- com . a.r Hi,, corn bod
spent in Hi - ■ ng tbo corn
0 ' 10 tl" co - I " green corn, al-
 ■■ ia- the
i" 11 llts .f mar-
Of I v'ra food
iiinn If held and ol 1 lo thc local grain
dealer, and not a, /t that, bul it will
keep up ila- flow a,r mill, ami will In-
""ai " the piroQtn red from dairy-
dry feed ind winter,
tmiiii.'i, I., 1 iherilltf,
ng I    . i iundi aaf :. 1 r
ro onl    d to very Itbcr il
■ni ought nol in ii" expc led
'  1 1 '   to lill up
1 '■,'"
"„,sr,   iii!«   iioli.v,   UIst!"   SAin i
won look for It; It's comln' lo him," ho
tiaid menacingly as bo slouched bcavlly
Irom tbo room.
Tlio rougher element of Four 1 'orners
woro used lo depending upon tlieir ritlo.
to oko out an existence, mease, enough
ut host, mid iu tho lifetime of old Mr.
1 Cornish, tho former owner of th" greal
estate, their depredations haul been
practically unchecked, bul now n new
order of things prevailed, t >i.i Mr. ,'or
nlsh was dead, and the villagers regarded Uio son who linal succeeded hira
wiili suspicion anal tlir- gamekeeper ho
had appointed with sullen haired,
'Die villagers wen- not alono in their
disapproval of Dawson,
"Vmi aro making n mistake In appointing liim." iii" doctor's daughter
haul declared, her brown eyes resting
o„ ihe Iall young man beside hor.
"I don'l see why," Holier, Cornish
hnd returned stubbornly,   "Something
, ,a, ho done to preserve llio game.
These follows are „ lawless set. .shooting In scus-ni and onl and ruining Iho
pros, ri •■ Bi d, 1" his rolea rung determinedly  "il is n,y properly."
"Yes," she admitted, "nnd yel thoy
havo bo lillle it il m'l icom qulto fair
,li"y sh'iillil liav" 110 rights."
"i'.n, I'm v. llilng ih, v should do a
certain araounl of hunting," he pro
le-ieil, "only Ihey iini-i observe Hie
■ 1,no law-, ami Ihey musl also r.'.ili/.e
thai ii is my properly, nol ihe
■ ho they know yon will allow lliom
a certain amount "f game?"
Robert Cornish nhook his head, "Nol
ya-i Dawson adi Ised cutting Ihem off
short until they learn lo reallito Iln es
(ate is private properly When Ihey
understand shooting 1* a privilege, nol
a right, Ihey will s1*" loss trouble,"
Molly shook her head doubtfully,
"1 know Ihem boiler limit you do."
sho saldi "They nro lawless and Ignorant but  ihoro  is more g 1  In
thom lhan you believe, uml Da 1
Isn'l Iho mnn lo deal with thcra,   1
wish ynu would talk lo Ihem yourself," slio wenl on.
'Ihere was n brio! Silence,
"I will if you wish," li" .1.1 Impul-
Blvely, "I will do ii tomorrow."
Bul on He' morrow two unforeseen
H,lugs happened, Holier, , ornlsh wns
called suddenly nway on nn urgent
business Irop nml Dan O'Coanor bagged Iho quail
I, wn- Hi" evening nfler UlO e-a'llod, J
discussion  „l  lhe store llinl   Molly,
ro, ptcd by nn nnusiiul of
I. -Me- 11. ss, cro   il Hie room lo Iho
low and, 1 h pp ng nui on lhe ve-
il 1, wander, d down Inlo the ,.   - III
rdw   Bol-crl 1 - nilsh would 1 k
Dial night, bul ol course it wus no
vogue hopo of meeting hln, thai lirl atoned her eyes or l"'l her through lhe
I*  - 'a, || a  rond  ,i ido 1  hi 0   Jay
I iho lull m, 11 '■■ erhead
"II st, M ■-  Moll) 1
:tlu' Blaftcd rtolentlj aa a iiiull, uo
kempt figure crept flironpli Ihe hedge
and .slopped short in her path,
"Don't go 011. miss," said Iho hoy,
with iiuieli excitement. "Don't! They
are wai,in' ler 1 law sou below, an'
maybe Ihey mini,, do ye some I,arm."
"Walling? For whal'.' To shoot
Iii ui V asked the girl lireiithleasly.
"Ve-. miss,   The wugon has gono la
Windsor Hood io meet I  an' when
il comes liiick well, they're waillu',
miss, down in Iho hollow."
"Hut ll Isn'l Dawson Ihe wagon has
gone hi meet," suld Molly In a horrl-
lied wliisp'r.   "I, Is Mr. 1 ornlsh."
"I guess il won', innke 110 dlfforonco
to Ihem, miss, wlielbor It's Dawson or
llie muster himself, I hey'ro bent on
The boy dai'leil Itii'oiigh Iho hedge.
leaving llie girl, while aud lioiTltlod, in
ihe middle of the road.   For 11 mo
,110,1,   slie stood as  i,   -II,lined.    Then
her 111 iini leaped riotously to the
chance of escape, "II 1 can reach Iho
Windsor mad Uirougli Ihe cross path,"
slie thoughl desperately, "I mny bo in
She turned Ihrougl, u broken sap In
Ihe hedge, lulo a lleld beside lhc road,
and. in king lulo 11 quick run, rushed
through Hie wei 'ir.i-s mio tlm ihlckct,
ei or u high huuli, lulo a tangle of
blackberry hu I •■ . whose thorns
"lu,"lieil 1,1 In',1 1 iii dies.-, through
nno,hor gup. uei i«s a wall, whoso
stones slipped ami slid under her feet.
on again, lightly, swiftly, through ,1
plowed tield. across 11 ditch, over a
marsh where her slippered fee, sunk
deep In thc soil, ivl sod, slid onward,
will, a passionate thankfulness iu hor
hearl us she board tho distant ring of
horses' hoofs.
could slie reach him?
"Hubert! Holier!!" she eried desperately.
Tite sounds came nearer, A light
►Olid cart swung swiftly toward hor.
"Itobcrtl" she eried again. Then, as
n lull young uinu in lhe carl pulled up
I,is horses sharply, slie sunk, spent and
breathless, beside lhe Windsor rond.
, . . a . . .
Tlio exeltemenl had largely boon a
matter ot misunderstanding, and when
young Cornish bad explained bis plan
of sharing ibo game, and. furthermore,
had refused lo prosecute lhe ringleaders of Ibe disturb;,nee, Four Corners
was with him lo a man.
Ii Is bard to say which of his two
nexl moves bis marriage to Molly or
his appointment ol Dan O'Connor to
the position iif gamekeeper evoked
the more admiration.
"Fuel, UV 'em belli', so to speak, a
stroke 0' genius," mumbled old nian
The Sen ,1 Ootid NrlRlibor tt, Min.
Let us be thankful lhat wo have not
got lo send the sou to school ami leach
it to llilnk. Tlie sense of rosll'ulnoss It
gives us as wo contemplate il conies
a good deal. I suspect, from our feeling
Ihal bore is one powerful and active
creature that we have uot got 10 Inun.
It Will lake care Of itself, and WO call
tako euro of ourselves and ne, bolher
about it. It will never want 10 vote,
never lilnuie u- for misrule, never
shame us with evidences "f our selfishness and nogloei. lies,less as i, is, turbulent and untamable, it is a comfortable neighbor, as neighbors go, Really,
is ihere nnythlng else on lhe earth that
takes euro of ii-oli"' The mounlulns
havo foresl (ires and need land laws
and game laws, lhe very air may be
polluted wiili siiiiiko and smells. Hie
cataracts are water power and can bo
stolen, thc fores,s me merchandise, ihe
plums nre real estate, bul the sen Is ,i"i
properly, not perishuble. md damageable, it is Ibo mie tiling Hint hulks
greed and laughs al abuse—tbe 0110
thing whereof there is enough lo go
around, and In which no successful effort 1 d bo feared loelnlm a monopoly. I-!. S. Mai'liu iu Harper's Magazine.
i:,it Unlit Pood it. Core Insomnia.
Dr, Dabbs advises up to prefer light
food to drugs during all attack ol insomnia and points out that 111 some
eases night food Is necessary, in spito
of the foci lhat the bod) rcqnlroa no
feeding when In au Inactive stale, lie
thinks thai this nlgbl food may Induce
sloop, particularly in Ihe early days ol
training, when a man has been forced
lo givo up numb of whal hns 1 1
hitherto surplus food, lie gives Ihe
preference to liquid food. "Always,"
he writes, "after excessive fatigue,
where, ns in nn overridden horse, the
blood becomes loxle (poisonous), let
your hrsi food bo bland, light, warm
liquid f I  \nr\ wenk lea, milk and
warm water, ilnn. weak soup or m'-io-
ly copious drafts ol warm wator. 8eo
ttmt Iho kidneys ami -kin u.l freely lie-
fore taxing Iho stomach (0 digest, And
when you sleep ,.,s you will, nnd all
too -011111 a-.l, mu." friend lo wake you
and feed you every few hours. Vou
in,iiiii i-i e Bleep Inlo sheer debility." -
T. I'.'s Weekly.
Oieeding Piles
Entirely Cured
When Doctor's Trcatmont   and  Surgeon's
Knife Failed Cure Was Effected by
Dr.  Chase's  Ointment.
ll i- now universally concoilctl that
Dr. Chase's Olntmoiil i- the most ef.
feetivu ti'ontinenl obtainable [ur ov-
ery form 0, piles,
For the lii-fii,li,  ol persons who    ill"
neciistomoil lo look upon bleeding piles
:,- Incurable excepl by surgical opor-
ui mn no quote tho letter ol a young
school teacher, who, after frightful
oxperionei, undergoing an oporntion
which i.hI" I, was cured positively by
Dr, Clin ,o's Ointment,
This statement «us given by Mr.
I,opine with llio idea of helping others
ivho have im, ye, beon   so   fortunnlo
lis to lieur 0,  Dr. Chaise's Ointment.
Mr, Arthur [.opine, soliool it her,
liiaaiaiia   Hill. Musltokll, On,.,   writes:
"I 11111 taking the lilii'ily oi informing you thai tor two years 1   suffered
from blooding piles, nml lost ouch day
about bull a cup of blood, la, -, Bummer 1 wenl Io llio Ottawa Oenoial
Hospital in I"- opi rated on, and was
iindoi' iln- i ti flits iai" ni chloroform for
ono hour. I'm' ailniiii two months I
was hotter. Inn my uld trouble ,1-
,111,u-l, iiiid again I lost much blood.
Hue ol my aliifihi - told mo I would
have to undergo an opera,ion, bul I
would not consent,
"My In,her. propriotor ol the  lllell-
lieu Hotel, Ottnwn, advised   tn use
Dr, Clinso's Ointment, nml inn hoses
oiirod      I did mil lose uny  blood
nftoi beginning this treatment', and I
I,live every leal-oil lo believe thn, UlO
euro is 11 periiiiiiieii, one, I (ll'llfccflll-
ly roeoniiiieml Dr. Clinso's Ointiaoilt
us tho lies, treatment in il 0 world for
bleeding piles "
Dr. Cl '.-   Ointment,   flfl cents a
has,   at   nil   dealers,   or   lid 180,1,
Hates A- Co., Toronto,
The coloring principle of tbe madder nffoets oven Iho bones of animals
that devour the plant.
Tin- Tnilnr Wasp.
The tailor wasp, when needing a
pioee of leaf to line ils nest, always
cuts iis pattern i„ an eiact circle.
Tlioso wasps havo often been watched, bnt liave never boon known to
mistake tho size, to cut the pattern
over again or to spoil a loaf.
The sundew is an Insectivorous
il.iwer, attracting its prey by globules of viscous matter and boldiug
fast the captured Insect by drawing
lis petals over the body.
Arab COItUmoii
Thoro Is no record of the costumes
nf lhe Syrian Arabs having changed
during the period covered by human
history either as regards mule or female dross or adornment Saving only
fur his firearms there Is no reason to
believe that the Bedouin of the desert
does uot clothe and adorn himself exactly us lie did iu lio days of the
out Mexican Bivords.
The Mexican sword, In use among
Hie aborigines at Iho coming nt the
Spaniards, was modeled otter the uobo
0' the sawlisli.
"I'm- Ant I.ion,
Tlie pitfall, much used in Africa
and South America as a means of
catching largo game, Is uu Imitation
of the device employed by tbe nut
Hon to ontrap bis prey. This curiou-i
insect digs a comical bole in Uie sand
nnd lies In wait at llio hol loin. When
an Incautious ant approaches too near
tlie top the sand gives way and ho
slides down inlo tbo jaws of bis
Hut Calendared 1'iprr.
"Hot calendared" paper is made by
passing iho finished product between
hot rollers, which iron Hie paper ami
give 11 finish and polish lhat can ho
secured In no other way.
eiiiiut reach the ..-'ii of tha tllBtnaa.
I'liliirrh Is 11 liloaa.l ur const,lutlonal illa-
eaiO, anal lu order to cure tt yoo molt
lake Intern,a ■. ,-...,'.- Hall'* Catarrh
Cure Is taken Internally, anil acta directly on the blond anal murium aurTaca..
Ilall'a I'Hlurrh Cure la not a 'iiiack medicine. It waa [ircBorlbetl by one of tha
beat physicians In llu- country for yeara
and la a ragujar prescription. It la compost d of tin' heat tonic, knnwo. combined with the beat lilouil purlflera. acting directly on the mncoua aurfacea.
Tin perfect combination of the two In-
RTiaillenls la wlmt produce, such wonderful results In curlns Cutarrh. Hind for
testlmonliila free. ..
R J. CHENEY ft CO.,  Props..  Toledo, 0.
Sold In-  IMlSKlsts, price TRc.
Takl llull'a Family Tllla tor con-tlpatloa
A   llllicklierl-a-  - „ e, i ai lllnn.
In s.ui.e of tho southern counties of
England queer superatltlons arc cur-
ronl aim,11 oaiinu blackberries aflor
Michaelmas day, Tho country people
say Ihal on Michaelmas eve the old
gentleman "plants his cloven foot" oa
all the blackberries as yet unguiliored.
Aflor tills dale. Sept. 20, It Is unlm-ky
lo pick or oal tbo fruit. Thc dale upon
Which lhe di'vil puis Ids foot down
ngainsl blackberry puling varies In different districts, lu soino ii Is ns lale
nt Oct. 10, hy which time one would
njlurally suppose thero were no blackberries left to slump out. llnl llio story
of  his  prohibition   Is   told   lu   many
places.  Urea, misfortune, slcki - or
doulli will surely follow disobedience lo
hii orders, iini why his Satanic majesty should concern himself so particularly about blackberries when so
many greater mn Iters might bo a I lo
claim his ittonl ,n, none of ,he itorloe
stales-,   it may be lhat ho 1
blnckbi nies ioo healthy ami wishes lo
hunt the C011SUU41I10U.
Mrs, .lohii Cuddy, Killnloo Station,
On, . -a,t-. "My haliy was -o Hourly
• einl thai I had lo place my ear oloao
lo hi- iiiea.-t to know thai he was
breathing, II" was in this condition
when I lirst Bavo him Unity's Own
Tablet*, uml I hardly dared hopo that
they would save him, Ilm thoy helped
him almost al once, nnd soon 111111I0
hmi 11 well child, lie is now tm, yenis
"Id nnd 111 e It- lorty-fivo pounds ami
ha- never knew II a  -111,    dnV    -ihee     I
iii'sl gave lim tin Tablets,'1 Unity's
Own Tablets cure constipation, indie.-
e-liiui. diarrhoea, toothing troubles,
break up colds, expel worms mid givo
little    -   nnturnl   healthy   sleep.
And the mother 1ms a guarantee that
'his medicino contoins uo opiate or
poisonous soothing -lull     Sold hv ull
 heme denlei|i 01 sent   liy   mail nl
'-'"' 1, box hy writing tho Dr. Williams
Mi  .iiiii,■ Co ,   llliiel.ville.  Ollt,
Effect of Writing on the  Eyesight of
Certain hj p r lonslllvc parents have
^ uttered emphatic prot, iti b, cause iho
i education  coi Iti if the  London
t'oiiniv Council im. removed from Its
r It Ulna list ■- vcral series ol up-
rlghl writing copybooks.
They declare lhat ihh notion will
en longer th, oyestghl "f tho children,
nnd thoy base the statement on a ro-
; ri that .'■', per cent, "f the alhn 'nts
afflicting French , hlldron nro caused
by tho sloping system of writing.
But Trof. Male dm MoMardy. Ihe
famous oculist, floes not agree With this
"Pinion. The direction of lhe writing Is
■f no hnportanco ns i iiL. as there is
plenty of control, Tho willing ol a
'.1,1,0 p"iieii on a slate is vi ry dangerous, Black Ink mi white paper Is p 1,
white Ink 0,1 black paper Would bo best
of nil.
"It must no, im forgotten thai the
i'i.linn,in of the education committee
la Sir William Collins, who Is nn
oculist, nmi he would lanotlon nothing
v* hleh would In anyway he harmful to
iii" s'Kht aif tho children.
"All teachers, sliould remember that
writing With 11,1" pens Is a. source of
danger. The thicker tho itroke tho
greater tho contrast,
"Short sight Is not ns harmless a
e ainplalnt as 11 Is popularly believed
in lie. It Is caused by lhe stretching
of tbe coals of young eyeballs so that
those tend ta* heenmi. moro nnd moro
lemon-shaped Instead ol apple-shoped,
ns In the normal eye, or orange-shapc'l,
us in thn long-sighted eye iif tho earlier
mm. Short slghl Is often the begin-
ning "f many nf tlic most irremediable
and blinding lormi of eye dogenei'.itl in,
"Tha eniiso of much of the short
sight of praient-doy children la lhat
they nm cmdoinnrai to thread beads,
learn flno Blltobing, fold pap'", and
oilier klndergnrton abominations,
"Th" unchanging ranga of vision and
ivaiin of contrast cnuse nil tho mischief."
lhe yellow -up of „ tree of Sia,I*
■ il ii"- gamboge, The natives eatcu
111" tap in eiii'oanut shi'lU
('ana ia hu- the Inrgesl  In,  lock ill
tho world, „, I'eterhoro.
Minard's Liniment Cures Hums, etc.
Canada ha.- a ne ", Iln Inrgesl canal
locks in Iho world al ,1" S, 0.
I   Canada will have lhe Inngosl bridge
Bpan hi the world al Qiiehte.
To Those ol Sedentary Occupation.
—Mon who follow sedentary occupations, which deprive them ol fresh air
Intl.! oxoroiso, oro more prune to His-
ordora of the livei nud   kidneys  thnn
tllOSO wild lean!  at,i\e. nlll i""i     lives.
The former will   inui   in   hirmoloo'a
Vegetable I'llls n restorative   wlthoul
question the mosl ofllcneious   on   the
j markot,   They ure oasily procurable,
oa-ily lake,,, ne,    1 spoditiolisly,    nul
they are surprisingly cheap considering their excellence,
Cumin has tl 1 richest nickel, corundum, asbestos and rohall mines in
tho world,
I   Cnundn has Iliu lar ■• -1 line smelter
in Iho World, at Frank, B.C.
I Tims. .Siiliin of Kgllnton snysi "1
have I'omiiveil It'll corns from my feet
:with llolhiwiiy'- t aain i ure." Rendor,
go tllOll and do likewise.
' Canada liar lhe lliickesl known
looal seam, 17 lol, nl (h 1 rum, N.s.
Quality in Spoons,
Knives and forks
LJIGHEST t-11-.liiy tni loweit
11.. - ir. combined in Pitted
Silverwire from Ditmood H.lliown
Specitl .neuron It died 10 tht
following pa.art for heivy quality
in a richly pl.10 pattern thai remindl
one of old-lime family itcrlmg ware.
Tea Spooni    • t3.00 dag,
DenaTi Forki or
Spoooi   -   - 5.00 tloz.
Deuert Knivti • 4.',..1 A 1
HV tt«A*t*mrtqwd fotqftkarjt
mr Uigw....i"-"J '"'--a-*
Dear Mother
Your little intra are n conitant care ia
Fait and Wiuin wwther.     i'Kev will
catch cold.   Do you know about Shiloh'i I
Cowumntion Cure, tlio Lung Tonic, tnd j
Vt'lmt it Ut done (or 10 many?   It u uid ,
to be llie only reliable icmedy for ill
diieaiei ol the iir insures in children.
It it absolutely luirmlcw and pleasant !o ■
take. IlisguarnnleedtocureoryouTmoney I
it returned.   The price ii 25c. per bottle,
and all dealers in medicine tell 314
Till, KHU-dy ihould 'or. in oveiy llouv.-hr.ld,
~»Vo saw her sofi body weighed down
With lis splendor of raiment, ami
Theso things shall she wear as a
Theso. weur, lor her purity's sake!"
In crimson wo robed lier and white:
Fine linen ivo bought lier ond gold;
M'o slii'llered hor heart from the night;
We muffled her brcaal Irom tho cold.
For a softness iind beauty denied
Tho dust or our emptier days;
"We crept to ber tliea In our pride,
And u mockery met our gaso,
For with nil the white ralmeat ihs
With all Iho sofl life she might live,
She eried through her roses once more;
"Is Ibis . . . Uils the most you can
"Since I wait, being a woman one-
For I ho s.ilace of anguish and fears;
Demanding my birthright, to mourn.
And  my gift, of great  sorrow,  and
—Arthur Stringer,
'I'lie   rltlnr.e   I'm.
The Chinese pen from time Immemorial has boon a brush made of some
soft hnlr und used lo paint Ihe enrious-
.y formed loiters of lhc Chlneso alphabet
Cnrtorhall, Nll.l.
.M mud's l.itiiuien, Co., Limited.
Dear Sirs: Whllo in tlio country
las, slimmer I was badly bitten hy
mosquitoes, so badly that I thought I
would lie disfigured for a couple ol
weeks. 1 tins atlvist-d lo try your liniment to allay ihe irritation, ami tlnl
.so. Tho eliet't wns moro thnn I ox-
pooted, a it'ii applications oomplotoly
curing the irritation, and provoking
the Idles Irom becoming sore. MIN-
ARD'S LINIMENT i- also a good ort-
iele ,0 keep oil the ni0Sf|Uit(H>8.
Yours truly,
Timothy lleuly Ims praised l'resldenl
Roosevell (or advocating Bimplllled
Cnnnda has lhe largost grain elevator ,11 the world, ill I'iiiI Arthur;
capacity, 7 million bushels.
Canada ha- Iho greatest water now-
ei- oi ant country in the world,
A Sure Cure for lleiuliieho. - llilions
lie.nliielie. to wiiieli women ure mure
subject than men. becomes so nettle
in some subjects thai they uie utterly
prostrated, The stomach refuses food,
ninl there is a constant ami distressing
effort to freo the stonuiell Irom llie
bile which has become unduly secreted
there. I'annelee's Vegetable l'ills
Uro a speedy alterative nml in neutralising the elects of tin. intruding
Inlo relieves Iho pressure on lli,,
nerves thnl COUSO the Ilea.In. he. Try
Gallon wus originally a pitcher or
Jar, no mutter of wlmt size.
Eat rlne. Like nonbnn,.
Our North American Indians cat
the seeds of many plants, parching
'.hem, then grinding them nnd making ihem into gruel, Their loudness
for tho seeds of sonic pines Is well
known, (hose "pinions" being lo them
what BUgar plums arc to us..
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Sure and Warm.
Antlsoptlc  lneihoiis  „re  becoming
popular with the country barbers In
England.   A man droppod into a vll-
lagO shop tlio other day uml was
shaved. Then came it wash by a
apongo whoso odor suggested tbo
morgue. The victim's fnco was burned
like lire. "Whal on earth have you cot
on Unit Sponge?" 1,0 ileinandeil.   "All,"
answered the vlllagor proudly, waving
the sponge In the air. "That's carbolic
achL   It's so sal'o!"
For Lung
Ayer'i Cherry Pectoral certainly cures coughs, colds,
bronchltls.consumption. And
it certainly strengthens weak
throats and weak lungs.
There can be no mistake about
this. You know It is true. And
your own doctor will say so.
- Mr mil. t»T h.il . tml'il. r.n-h.  I tried
,--'i .tlm* I "..aa ,I la.at of bill In ,.,n □,,,11
1 irf-d Ay-r"! I'h.iry r-ettiT.l. Th. lla.t
til-til ll- WM b.tt-r. At.it ll. Ill- Ini|ir.i. .1
5Ull,   ll.   WM    P.HM11*   "u... "      11  aa.   S. J,
nm.- Allon, 111.
a.,a,>     a, .■■  -^aa-wpawaa^^aa—
Mae. I,,-J. 0 Ajar Co., Low.ll. Ha
AU. ■..u/atann-.r. of
ULI O mm v;:,a,R.
The Varied  Peril, of Vii inn,inn oa
lit,;  Viikon lllver.
Getting on ti mind bar is a part of tbo
Yukon programme, and wo reached
this act early iu llio ,,1'loruooii of tbo I
lirst  day.    The  river  is  constantly
changing, and u now channel Is made
each year,  All aloatnon carry hugo '
poles, known us shears, or soinotlmos
lulled "ships' logs."  When n sand bar
Is struck the polo Is dropped oft the I
side uml stands upright In Ilm sand,
A pulley Is altneliod at lhe lop. tlie
englno is started ami Iho boat lilted
and swung forward six or olgllt tect.
This process is repeated until llio vessel Is do,,,' of tiie bar.  During Iho
jumping nlV process tho pnasougors are a
sent aft lu order lo lift Iho bow. When
somebody stupidly asked the captain '
bow long wo woro golug I" Btoy at
this point ho answered, "Anywhere
from nn hour lo a week," We weru
IllCky iu being flisl for only Iwo hours,
'lhe Selkirk, which followed „ day
Inter, spout iho entire night on tlic
s„»,o obstruction. Soundings wero taken with a gaudily painted pole, which i
luggestcd a Pom-lb ol July pole vaulting
exhibition, Tho man who did Iho mens-
tiring bail a slugaoug way ot Bpeaklng,
ami he constantly drawled, "Two feet
- iwo iiiid a half—throo foot—nn bottom-four feet," until wo were in deep
I.alo In tin* afternoon we reached
Lake I.a Barge, Hero lhc lee was from
ten lo olghtcen Inches thick and spread
from shore to shore like a groat held
of snow. Wo pushed on, while the
sharp ice pounded savagely against tin*
bull, which wus built ol Inch and a half
plunks. It scraped and out the sides
of the boat uml buckled uud formed
Utile Ice mountains over tho lake. We
ran slower nnd slower until, alter out-
lint- through live miles, the captain decided that we could go uo farther In
safely, so Ibe Caaea tied up at nn uninhabited Island to wait until the sun
and wind should cause the Ice to break,
The niosi|iilloes welcomed us and cnnie
aboard hy the thousand. Some ot tho
passengers rushed ashore nnd built a
bugo lire out of old loss In order to
protect themselves from llie posts; others climbed to the top of a hl'l and sat
In u row like so many owls. All tiny
Sunday wo waited. The crew carried
loss aboard and built an ice plow for
tlie boot. After Iwenty-four hours' delay we cast off and wont Into the lee.
Thc river Is tur,nous and muddy, uml
In many places the current runs nlno
miles nu hour. Narrow gorges arc entered, and at Five Finger rapids wo
were treated lo the sensation of running thc rapids between rucks scarcely
twice llie width of our boat apart. This
place Is considered extremely dangerous, and boats coming up the river, In
order to avoid being dashed against
tlie rocks, pick up a cable taatcned on
shore for that purpose and by winding
It around the capstan pull tbemsclvea
up (ho rapids.—Mrs. C. li. Miller la
Leslie's Weekly.
iledrocl. Price*.
The proprietor of u Iloston hotel snys
Unit a week or two ago a dusty, tired
looking person from Nashua, N, IL,
presented himself at Iho desk of tho
hotel, stating that ho doslrod a room.
"I'vo et my supper „,,' sluiil bo oft
boforo breakfast," said be gravely to
the dork. "Now, what would be your
lowest price for „ room lo sleep In';"
"Ono dollar If you leave ut ll o'clock
uniiori'ow morning," ivas the reply.
"Well-er—wouldn't half u dollar
mako lt jest aboui right?" domanded
the wayfarer, producing n battered
llfty cent piece. "Vou see, I'm all OX-
cited up Iravolln', an' I don't expect to
sleep niore'ii half tho tiuio I'm lu
thoro."—Harpor's Weekly.
H"in.-   Clever   Suaing.   Takta   a'-.om
Month, uf Unties.
Mamma—You have bee,, very naughty
today. Tommy,
Tommy—Shucks!  I could have been
twice us naughty if I bad wanted to,
One day small Kin,or was glvei) 0
portion of tripe for lunch prepared according to tho Spanish method,
"Ugh!" bo exclaimed after instinjr It.
"Ain't we got U'lhii,' to cat but this
nhl sour hath towel, mamma!"
of the popularity of
I nilmii'ti-sii.e,
A cortaln doctor of divinity was accustomed to slip down a side aisle a,
Ihe conclusion of bis service and bo at
tho door of exit to greet the people us
ihey passed oul. lie wus especially
cordial to strangers,
Ono Sunday he e.vloiuled Ids band to
a young Hernia,1 woman, who lu an-
swor to his Inquiry said she lived In a
cortaln suburb. Tlio minister then told I
her ho would like to cull and see ber '
somo tlmo, whereupon the girl, with a
blush, stammered:
"l'lease, sir, I've got a youag man!"
—I.ippiucolt's Magazine
I.Iltle Elsie—Mamma, how much do
people pay „ poum! for bablos?
Mamma BllblOH arc not Bold by tbe
pound, my deal.".
Little Klsie -Then why do tliey ul-
ways weigh thom as soon aa thev are
Teacher (junior grammar class) —
.loi'.nuy, what goudcr is "phonograph?"
Johnny— Fomluluo goudcr,
Teacher—Xo, no; It's neuter.
Johnny—Well, It ought lo be feminine, 'cnuse it repeals everything It
bears.-Chieago News.
No Adulteration No Impurities
No Coloring Matter
Lead    Packet!    Only,    40c,    50c,   snd    60c.    per    n>.   At   all   Grocerj,
Never Qetl ny.
"I always bate to pass un lee cream
saloon when I'm walking With my
"When I'm out with my girl I've
neve,' happened to pass one."
"That's Btrango, How do you unin-
nj.'o It?"
"I don't manage It: she does. She always Insists upon goiug iu."—Catholic
Standard and Times.
Ills Slanrii llelurl.
One day as Pat halted at the top of
tho river b„uk a man famous for his
Inqulslttvoncss   stopped   nmi   asked.
"How loin liave you hauled water lor
the village, my good man'.'''   "Tia
years, sor." "Ah, how many loads do
you take in u day':" "From liu to fifteen, sor."  "Ah. yes; now 1 have thc
problem for you. How much water ut I
this rale have you hauled in all, sir':" I
The driver of the wotorlng cart Jerked j
his thumb backward toward the river
and replied, "All tbo water you don't ;
seo  thero   now,   sor."—Philadelphia '
Bating Carelessly
frequently causes Itomach tfOllb.es, but careful eating will never
right them. When your itORIIch is out of condition, it nreds help
that nn (nnd can supply. It must bt thoroughly cleansed, settled
and Mrcngthened.   1'ood never does this.
•rt th« greatest itomach medicine human skill ever compounded.
Don't ittempt to cure your itomach by dieting. You will hall
•larva »nd get little benefit. Give Beecham'l Pilli a chance and you
will agiin know lhe pleasure* nl a sound digestion. Appetite will
relurn mil the itomach sgain work without any iliicotnlort. '1 he skin
will clear, the lace plump out, while people will remark "How well
you're looking."   These arc facts, not fancies,   Prove it yourself.
1'rap.r.il onl; bj Tlinra.a [l.ctli.in. St. Helen.. I.e.. alilrr, Enfl.ni*.
aold by aU Drufgl.L '" Canada and U. S. Am.rlca.    In boi.a 25 caili
Hmi tne rutin.
Mrs. Ilornbeak (In tin* midst of her
reading)—Mercy Bakes allvol   Hero is
uu Item alioul it Burgeon over at Rig-
gervlllo I'oiuovin' un epithelioma from
a man's ilp.
.•'armor  Ilornbeak - Well,  I  sh'u'il
judge it was about time for people to
unit using such long words when It re-
qulrea a doctor to git 'om out—Puck.
Not a Lonfer.
"Mr, Sehirk," said bis wife's mother sternly, "Mary tells me that you
wou't help her at all; that you won't
even hold the baby."
"That   ain't   so,"   replied   Sehirk.
"Why, I held it for her quito a loog j
while lust evening."
"Indeed?  How long?"
"Why long enough for her to go
down cellar an' git a scuttle o' coal."—
Philadelphia Press.
Tlio Vnril  Men.tire.
Tho present legal yard was Institnt-
ed iu England i„ ITufi
We Iiiivii no hesitation in saying
thai Dr. J. D. Kellogg'a Dyw nt < i.
( niilial is ivithout   douhl   'a
mo lid ver introduced   Foi    dyn,
tery, diarrhoea, oholcra and all sun
nni' complaints, .-en Bickness, ote    II
promptly givos roliol and aovoi
,n elfec,   n   positive   cure.    I
Should never ho IvitllOIlt a liilt,lo llliell
their cldldron aro toothing.
Kniitt i.-.ii..' nml a ii Un in C ti i.
"A woman should regard her husband as a man of superior knowledge
and sound Judgment," remarked the
earnest uud sincere woman.
"Yes," answered vomit* Mrs. Tor-
kins, "but It's hard to do it when the
races arc In town,"—Washington Star.
The f'rcnllnn.
The  orthodox   Hebrews  dale  from
lhe creation, which event thoy plnco
In the year II. 0. 3700.
t rii-hlne. it Clerk.
Ho was rather carelessly dressed, yet
auy one who Is at ull an observer
could have seen at a glance that hia
clothes wore of excellent material und
bad evidently been made by it good tailor. Hut the clerk iu lhe bat simp wns
young, nnd be stood by watching the I
customer pull over an assortment of ,
colored hatbands until be struck one |
that caught his fancy. "I'll take this '
one," he suld, bunding it lo tho clerk,   j
"That's the Now York Yacht club eol-
Ors," remurked tho clerk, us If Hint ;
settled the question. The customer
looked at blm sharply and repented his
statement that bo would take Iho blue
and red and while baud lie bold In bis
"But you don'l want that," protested
thc dork. "That's only worn by members of the New York Yacht dub,"
"I'm one. Just put It ou my bat,
souuy," said tho man dryly. The clerk
willed at once,—Xew i'ork Press,
Tile  Ih,-,■  nf .lerlelio.
The rose of Jorlcho Is also called
the resurrection plant from the fact
ihat, uftcr being apparently dead and
dried, it may bo revived nnd mado
tu bloom by placing it lu a bowl of
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Tiki .Much For ller.
Miss Qabblc—Miss Passay is getting
better, I'm told.
Miss Ivtiox-Ycs. I really believe she
was soared back Io life. She probably
realized If she died her exact ago
would ho published In the papers.-
Philadelphia Ledger.
Nolhlii' in.In'
Jack-1 proposed lo Miss Straight-
lace the other evening, and she Insisted on my giving up drinking, smoking
und OUtomoblllng ou Sundays.
Jack-So I gave up the Idea of marrying her.—Chicago News.
The Power of Gasoline.
In the lesis recently mado over country roads between New York and New
Haven to deter,,,ine how far two gallons of gasoline are capable of driving
an automobile sixty live machines of
many sizes und types wore used. Tlio
best performance was liy u four cylinder machine ot twelve horsepower,
which run eighty-seven miles, Another machine of tho same make and
siune pattern ran only llfty eight miles.
Tlie Iron Age points out thai a weight
of 1,600 pounds was moved eighty-
seven miles on two pounds ol gasoline,
which means u Ion mile for half a
Tlic   whaling
Mother (Irnvi l.xtori
iuo when pui
' eonseeiil
wheal heltl in ihe nni Id,
I,   ''a lie Mil   '"-   I'lionl     Men
... . .        ml exercises
ng will lli, i lion
i'-   I trio Oil
irieni .a
; . '
id  fusion* it is wi
i1   r,
The Sh i|i'-a t tittecrl.
The Captain (ol tho Ililarlai-Thla Is
my five hundredth trip across the Atlantic.
The Theatrical Manager (absently)—
Dot's ii pretty fair run. Yot nre you
going to (If away free for soufenirs';-
Hln Vacation,
Wiggles- When do you lake your vacation this year?
Wagglos-I don't know exactly, My
nil" hasn't decided.yd just when sho
will go away.—Somen,Ho Journal.
"Now, boys." said llio teacher, "can
you tell mo Hie most difficult thing to
acquire In autolngi"
"Tlie nitlol" came a chorus of yells.—
Milwaukee Sentinel,
Miss   ki
■    Ki ..   [nnlci
■ixt,' n mill -, ill IV .   .
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Keep the bowels regular with Ayer'e
Pills and  thua hasten  recovery.
The Eiffel Tower,
"An    Immense    nail    disgracefully
transiting the sky"  Is (he effective i
description of llio  Klil'cl fewer with
which u band of UOSthOllCS liave started a crusade against tlio offending j
structure,    'ihey   have   consecrated
themselves to preserving and Increasing the beauty of Paris and cry loudly
for the destruction of the ridiculous
eyesore as their lirst effort In tlmt direction. The Rlffol lower was originally regarded as a great wondor,
Monk. n« .liiltiMitililll.l,,
The monks of St. Bernard, In (ho
Alps, aro soon to appear ns anion,ohil-
Ists, Thoy have received permission
to run automobiles hctwoon tho hospices of Grand St, Bcrnhnrd and Sim-
iiinn nmi iiiiiim d'Ossoln ninl Aosta,
I'he i hutiffciira, " ill be chosen from tho
monks   ,li selves,   who   will   wear
•awls   I...i.,;.hi Mull,
Me Won 11 r.
Sh" Last nlglll I dreamed of n most
liom,iii'iii woman,
lie Kaiiicr ii coincidence, i dronro-
ed ol yuu. too, last night.--Pittsburg
Ml,ii tiller, luml.
Do Rlter—Wouldn't ynu like lo read
Ihls new book of niine?
[Candor No, thank you,
Do Rlter—It's Cloverloy'a latest novel, i just bought i,
Kandor-Ob, lot's have it. I thought
you meant you wrote It.—Catholic
Standard and Times,
i iti'-nia calendar.
Caesar's reformation of the calendar
was really made by Soslgencs, II. C. 40,
l   Still  liiiinlrt. M^
"Tlioso moonshiners are very quiet
while 11n .v ure giving 11,0 alarm aliuiit
the approach ol Uio rovenno officers."
"Sort of ti siill alarm, eh?" Chicago
New I,
*i I.e?  nml One,
"Why, Tommy." exclaimed tho Sun'
day scl I teacher re| tchfully, "you
don't even seen, to I.now what the liable Isl"
"Oil. yes, I llnl" replied TnlllUiy.  "It's
llie thing ynu press autllinu leaves In."
a-.Minneapolis Journal.
Kind I.udy (visiting llio J„il|-I un-
ilor-i.inil It was your lovo for liquor
Unit broughl you here.
.Ilmjain Jake   Don'l youse believe It,
mn',,,,,. liis is do Ins' pla n cut' I'd
come to of I wuz lookln' for a driuk.—
Chicago News.
Illuminating Discourse on the Proportions of True Character.
The necessity ol both beauty and
strength In life, ami lhc Imperfectl ■„ ol
life when either ol these qualities la
lacking, were the central thoughts nf an
interesting and impressive ^.-rt.i'»n by
Rev. Prof, wilier. ,,f s.m Fiaiiii.-i". at
st. Andrew's Church, Toronto, on a recent Sunday. The thoughts of ths f^r-
mon wero suggested by tho building ol
Iho pillars In the porch of Solomon's
temple, ns described In the seventh
chapter of lirst Kings, part of lhe
twenty-second verse, reading, "And up-
iii the top "f the pillars wais Illy work."
"In those pillars strength waa i",'i«'al
by bounty, and tli" useful ended In the
gracef-il,'1 said lhe speak.;. "Those were
the horolo days of labor; ilie curse of
all our work to-day Is tha, we have
lust tlie Idea of Uml In It, The highest'
conception ol religion Is Iho getting "(
i, Into lowly things, aui work lalthtully
thine Is worship. In "iir day Here Is
great desire for lb*' Illy work without
lhe pillars; thousands ,A men would
like tn have tbe virtues m' tlieir fmlieis,
imt they havo noi their lat'liers' faith,
These are Ibo days In which many
want llie beauty without the work ol
puiiing iu ihe solid foundation."
"Tlie decay nf principles to-day," con-
tinued Mr. Wlher, "la alarming to all
hut the flippant. I wondor what wo
would do if we had the slave question
t.t si-ttle to-day Wo sing. 'Onward.
Christian Soldiers,' but much ol our
singing nf that hymn Is a mockery.
This is a genera,Inn which yield
■ • "ila iighi as air. Tins age tolerates
ral glous life, hm tho religious man la
im, mppoai d in give "Ni'i'a islon to his
c invlotlons."
Dealing with the other side ol tha
siiiijca''. that is, thai strength alone I*
nni siiiliiiciit, the I'll- it'll, r pointed out
i,i ii nature shaped Itself to loveliness,
.md that beauty was Inwrought In all
Its patterns. Tha world owod much to
th ■ Purltars, bul a higher type ol nun
was be who put bis zeal into lorce with
lerness, aenlh ness and  reflni men;.
s rno mi n wero si nsclenl   i      ,-
Ihey exhibited diabolical qualities, and
somo  iiiisaiie-s  ni n  conducted  their
i un        i ily that, In iplts
ol tholr honesty, nobody   mi"   them.
re were   i no      i , pie whom we
want ed lo "mei'l In heaven," bul  did
il   . mi t .  i. ry ..'■■ ai on ■ i
'. be ni,.'- In Iif.' wn'
i   in ngainsl Chrlsl as wo ol
a ., the prcnehcr,    Chrlsl
combined st, 'nglh and be luty, aa'., ll
was f"" the people rff ,, day lo tollow
ii       .....
a, ..r ihe same nge,  - me ol
ia an had   howed gri at strength, nud
the  others   strength   combined   **,*),
h ei".   .'. ■; ■ a I jhty with
a mid hnd convulsed n conlln-
i .   .-   ."ii., bi ai mighty with
hli pen and had lound "s rmons   In
b ok   a the running brook i and
:    ■: '      ■       ling "  111  l*VI   S ipoll   ''.'a
nt hnd bi en hurled d iwn, bu, In
. at B  i,     . id been wreath-
rs, , a i.i had ai ,■ iw.
■ ''nl an, 11 a.'nmi Inti lloet, am., had
e,   bu, Un i.in had In-
hi beauty  f «'na:!i
lie    'a'  I    'la-
i in- i reek War.
'Hie ilre.i. war began May *>, 1S30,
nml ended Sept, :;',. iv,7. Tho total
n,I,i,he nf iinii wlm served while
Hi" trouble Insled wns IIUIS,
Boy's Daring Fea*.
Oil"    llf    Ul.'    lints    a,I     I 11111,11,>    Sl'llOOl
accomplished .i dnr in: fenl recently.
Without Uu aii, nf  ',nm.r.il appll-
anees ■- nny kind ho climbed to the
lop nt iln. eplre uf Oundle Church, 250
feel high.  •
The ,. >y climbed hy the aid of the
stone i' ,ie,s. nr projections, on   the
steeple, ami i" piovo lie had accomplished ihe r.ai he lied his handkerchief
tn ihe in ather vane,
Twenty year- ago another pupil of
tho sdi'i ■, n.n 1 Bailey—now a well-
Known doctor—climbed the steeplo and
lied his bootlace ," ,lie vane.
When li" cnnie tlmt n Ic received a
s.ninil thrashing anil a sovereign from
Mr. Mamie, the henilmasler,
J; steel !:
W iVaTraTl PE C     '
Improved nnd unimproved, l'artloa
having far,us fnr sale can Iind ready
purehoeers by writing liumodtutcly,
stating full particulars, e,e.
OS Tribune  Bldg.,       Winnipeg, Man.
f dodd's\
Versatile Voutt..
"That new clerk of ynurs ll rallior
versatile, isn't lie':" said Ibe drummer.
"That's what," replied the village
merchant, "lie makes three or four
different kinds ol a fool ol himself
evory dny,"—Detroit Trlbuno.
ilie Human Slomaeh,
The human atom n h i- provided with
four "i.i,-: ih The external, or pen
iniieail: ij, the muscular, which regulates ihe mei ban a, movements nf tim
organ when churning llio lood; 131 Iho
-nhmticous, or cellular; id llio mucous
membrane, which secretes the gnsti If
There ij no satisfacuci keener'
thsnbc«*| dry end comforttible
when out in tht hardest atomv
^^^^^^    m CK'fctM.WWllati
wall find ju<t lhe Underwear vou
wanl   right tuc end nshl weight
Hol ilie itenl Thine,
"Hid you enjoy your lost huney.-
moon?" asked tiie Inrpilsltlvo friend,
"Hoik Hi llostl, ks!" rejoined
tho ox-widow. "Why. II was a rogulur
giiiiiise   iiiiii   wai   aif,nr." Chicago
\   I Inline III!   An,iter.
"Where's a { I plai " to go for a
su,inner outing?"
"iiii. I guess you'll i t about the
same   wherever  yon   gol"- Cleveland
riuin Doalor,
This brand on a suit or
piece of tweed guarantee*
rUKii wool ,,
Made in uzei to petfodrjr dl
every msn -»nd in llie right
weights (or every Canadian
dim.ilo liom I In il.it to the
Guunntcf J ;„;a'',:  i.i la, too.
Ait your denier for
Nx       STANFIELD'S.   m >-S
w   N   i   No      i THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 13. C.
Real Estate
We have enquiries (or good
Business anal liesaalenliitl
prnpertv. I.isl yours with
ns. We iln the business,
Consult  us hcinre buying.
Junction Block
North Vancouver.
SMOKETHE    -ao.
Large stock nl HOME-GROWN Friiil
nml,,niaiineiii.il Trees now matured for
the fall mule.
Nn uxpt'ttsi', loss nr delay of fumigation ur Inspection
iieailqnartors lor P u-itlc Const-grown
Garden, Held, ami flower Seeds in
BEE st'l'l'l.ll's. Snray Pumps,
Whale Oil S-ntip, Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Klnwurs, Bulbs f,,r I'iiII planting.
Wu do business on utir own ground—
nn rent t iy ami are prepared to meet
all compel   .1
I.e: me price your Hal before placing
yunr, rder,
CallllllgUO free.
JQIOWestmiiiBtorUoad, Vancouver, B.C.
Rolled Oats
Haij and Teed
DM IVi (->!»
■WW — ——
MillaiK) Co.
Hurry Mitchell, local manager,
t.onsilalr Avenue.
District of North
Till': COUNCIL  invites  tenders  I'or
'    tho following works,
1. hurt-in ban king pari of Keilh road,
between Bowiuku avenue and iMosipii,..
J. Por clearing, grubbing and grallim.
approaches toCapilaui, bridge,
.,. Inr clearing, grubbing mill gradill-j
levin,im, ul Keilh raaiid near .lulin Kay's
I, Im clearing and grunhiiig pipe
Irack on Sutherland avenue, (run,
Seventeenth tu Nilltl'l'lltll -,,'i'Cs.
;i. Fair clearing, urobilin", uml grading
nver um miles ui mad- in Lynn valley.
Alii'uiilairin lu "pecltlcittlnliB to lie lliul
III the Municipal hall.   Seuled louder-,
uilli dnpiislla ist he in ai ihe Mum
cipul luili by 7:i;o p, in  the 17,h
Ai,,:\. I'nii.ir,
t'. M.C.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cailliflowcl Hints, grown Inun
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand.
mw\ & mn.ii co,
Co.MMF.NL'lNli OciOHEK  I, Hjp6.
vise.i van
7:05     ...
. II-.45
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary, Etc.
Tiievi-nN mora, snull Van ivvan.B.B,
Uro. K Me m- \ u *   I.. L B.|B u
St lll'lll. II. A 1 A   W  111. UK, ,1  A
itCKNisu, Mitii,i/. iV miii'ii:
Biirrislers, Soliritors,
Sintarifs, t,ii'.
Oners  II. S   A.  „'n , nil, I'm i  uvi -    ll '
Jnii.'ii ', liim.. '•   lli V.tniiuvel
HTANI.lCY  l'Ala-1,
Ale and Stout
111  ll.tlli-i.   l*»|-« 11,1,1   |,ii's.
lhe I'niiail Hict,inn Co,, Lid.
•i 1:1.. .mi
I xpert Conveyancing, tic,
\». i. iimi*.
IW Nn need in a.-.i in VnncniiviT lor
inch wnrk when i, .an bu -n siltlslac-
tnrilv <l.mt' hero.
•          luii:,
       . 5:30
S .,|
that has been put up this summer
without being compelled to hear
about it.
A recent dispatch from Winnipeg states that more $5 bills are
wanted in Western Canada. Yes,
wc know where a few more ones
and twos could be used to advantage,
The tri 1 of bin bonfires of huge
piles nl slumps at Dawson's camp,
Tenth street and St. David's road,
last night, lowered far above the
tops of the highest trees, nnd iho
reflection therefrom in the sky was
bi 111 ai New Westminster, and lor
mill around tlio drifts of lurid
smoke rising from the tides ol
mis, gave the whole spot ta' le a
distinctive Pompeiinn pyrotechnic
appearance. The flames blended
with thi ' lectric lights and reflected themselves in tho waters of the
Tin y tell of a North Vancouver
girl who put a corn cure on ber
Inci one night in mistake lor cold
1 n am, and was scared to death
for several days afterward tor bar
her nose would come out.
It is reported that President
Hays, of the G. T. P., has purchased four blocks of land from
the Lonsdale estate west ol the
Mission, for railway terminal
facilities probably aboui 3201*
acres.   Six   weeks  will   tell  tlie|*
274:   LOT 21,  BLOCK   152   FOR
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
Kil Cordova Sired.
■*- ♦^♦■^'•■^♦.•♦-.-♦^♦.-♦-.♦^^-•■^-♦^♦^-•♦-♦r♦ -(-♦-S--»'-;--#-----*'--H**-:K-*-^*'ii^**-C-'^-t? ♦
♦ '
I Rainier Beer
When „ good woman conlesses
her sins,  her husband listens lo
, please her: hu knows he will not
he 11 anj ihing interesting.
Fred West has returned home
t a m,ii lyville, after being abseni
a couph "I  iibs up the coast in
 Tin di trussing feature ol most
HIP V l\I M )L'    ' """"'"''"'   's ''''" ''"' mother uf
J  \_\_\ \ ) Vil\\*>    tin  girl involved is sympathetic
and approveSt
'pi'MU'.H-  Wli.1.   UK IIKCEIVEIi
1   bj Mr.J.W. II am, .;r 11 Ni.rib
Vancouver, fur i-xcavuimu 'I h t- on
fiiruci'  nl   l.iiii-ihilc   iiieiiiie  nnd   ibe
I'lUiis and   |«'cil|i iliinis nmj be nh-
,.Hln  , ail lliek'- rclll '-,. t   ulliie.al' .ran;
Mr I Inr no
Lnwi'st uranv lontlcr mil no,
AND MAHKI'i. UltllKII  i„r,.|„,.,|.
■) fl]     Tenders oWcd nl il p. in,, on Si jiti'iii-
HI.KAN'INO,   I'llKSSlN'tl
(Ji.   li, r'J'.'lh, I'.'Un.
;        Wi- liave !•",ii*'I' very hmiiw lis-lon ivnli us,and
j have for ilm Insl few ivi-uks beon turning iiumur-
ou- customers nwav.
e   IlllVr  nl'llt
r- from ovor fifty rpsiiunsilili'
' tenants for housi's ol rrom four to seven rooms,
with modern convenienees, at rentals from $ir> to
$3(1 iwr month; also several houses will, from seven
to twelve rooms wanted, at rentals from $30 to s.'n
pur inopi!
vou have a house for rent or
J iilvase notify us immediately.
Also wanted elose-in lots, blocks and acreape,
i at reasonable |irici s,   \\'<   have cash customers
I with over JoH.OO*), to be invested in  North Van-
J oouver |iro|)erly, and if you wish to make a cash
j gale nl rijiht |>rici %, without delay, yuu ure ri i|tiest
ml to list with 11   immediately.
I        Yours truly,
j Corner Lonsdale Ave, und I'iftli St,
(",; 11 \i., >4 -i.,,'" KKSKUVE, 83,043,,
He,ul nmu oi Canada, M nun 1
II      .. u, 1, General Mauagei   | Elm lv,S ipi of Brandus
Bunches i„ liritiali Columbia   Ashcroft, Greenwood,
ti . land, Trail   ittli Utancb), Vancouvi t,
Vie*.t',i Duu        .hi 1 Dawson, Y T
Savin gi li'i'.u" t   Uepoaiti vi Hi ■ 11 :
Oiri.p, (tir.liiiiadrtif Kit, Kid Ispi.inndi', Wih Vancouver,B, 1
\ Scattei y, bank nl B. X \„
is 1 1 ate, ,,1 lhe i a 1; hen Man-
a. ei , leffi II i ■ taking a vacation
an three \v<. i.s holiday.
We an i asj to net along with,
a. a rule, but we ",o straight up
in ibe alt when a drilliki-ll man
i nines around, and tells us .-hat
we uugbl tai do.
1 In prii' of milk has I een
: ii etl tot ii ci nls ,i quart, straight.
Tins is the winter schedule.
Intending builders nnd investors
■ ' iti ,1 il the) arc unable to co
iln ,i.| wiih their proposed
.um tm. - on ;n' .'imi ol scarcity
'i n and mnti rial.
A party ol i astern capitalists ar,
ii idering tlm proposition ol
.,.uini. a!,,,' liMinl on the North
\rin uf the inh i I'lie claj then
is pronounced to be superior to
th ii mi llu north side ol the inlet,
Hiri i amp s li. tin local barber,
has   a   grsl ' lass    -bop.    besides
baths,   I'ltiui.i.'.i home industry.
( A and I' | ihnson, ol Hope.
a i'     a i   ni [lot. 1 North Van
hum i m r rtl iy
Mllllil ip a   I i. allin t 1  J. Woods
■.inn first i'ii.c .ii llu  New Weal-
ter lair I , tin 1" si a oll a lion
ui gladii Iai in'.t bu pan iii i. and
'"i ,, tors i ill' oh rs), The
i a.utest was kl' !.. I'll  N'.'illi Vall-
. ouvei gol tin lionon Mi \^ ootlt
il ii a .ini ited tomatoes, but lost
bet ,ni" liehadn , enough vai I tiei
Tin wharl bas Iii en wired fo
lei,, i lighting, whii h wi are in
formed will I"' turn, d on ■
as lhe eh i tri, ian i an pul ou the
globes Lasl ni| iai a small girl
was in lhc act ol walking i A llu
wharl when she waa promptly
si i/eil by |nhii VVorlhington, „
young man Inun Vani ouvi t
Sonu in, ,i liave so,' w privileges j
in tin avi rage home, thai the sign
"I'oi   Ladies   Only"   would   bi
ippropii iti 'an llu  Ironl il ,oi ol
llu house
i,        •' ...
tIn   ' llin|
I a   I
, ti [mil
tale, however, as i; takes that time
,o commiinicnle with the owners
in England,
■■Hi's ,i bird" is considered a
compliment, and '.here are a good
many nice things about birds,
One is: When old birds tench
their young lo fly, the young birds
flv nil, choose a mate, build ,i nest
of their own. and nevei take their
family bad; home on kin visits.
tin in Bates' for stoves, chairs
and crockery.
A country editor once said:
"Running a newspaper is like
chasing an antelope; the longer
you run it the further you get behind."
Subscribe for The Express,
Another new hotel building will
he .i. a ted at the south-east corner
ul First street ami Lonsdale
iiveniie on the property ol J. W.
IL me,
The water pipe is being extended
Iron, Capt, Seal's pl.ee, ou Tenth
slreet, t" kidgeway avenue,
The limbers for lhe new First
siieit bridge, near Lonsdale
gardens, are being delivered, nnd
wi rk will be start) d next week.
|, W. Wyatt, Portland, will|
build six dwelling houses on his
property on Keith road, between
s, George and St. Andrew's
avenues, next sprint;. Tin
uncertainty in the weather ,s the
reason given not to build till then.
Fine brick clay has been discovered on Carl Nan's property,
in ,i k .(,, district lol nm. near
Km,i,nic's camp, in the Lynn
Messr-. Irwin & Billings nporl
several real estate transfers limine
the week.
The offices nl Messrs. Irwin &
Hillings, corner Sixth and Lonsdale avenue, have been extended.
Their business is daily growing,
nnd ilu v are a very reliable and
trustworthy firm. Mr. Irwin,
besides being a, notary public, is
also the popular Becrctarj ol the
bo.uil nl trade
Is a glorious bevornge—quenching and
satisfying.   Remember there's no other
"just us good"—insist tm getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation a sawmill in North
Vancouver ive are prepared to deliver nil kinda of
Vancouver City Prices. Cull aud see for yourselves. •
412 Ha$tinqs Street West, Vancouver, R. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway (!o.,Ltd.
1*1 M i: T.M'.I.I'.-N! IMI I VANCOUVER
Ai.i-VAvnnt hint—11:115 a, in., .1*811, 11:45, 7:„V TiUS, 7:45, 8:10, 8:30, s .Ml,,
'i 10, .1:110, '■' Ml, In.in, lUiSU, 10:511, 11:10, 11:30, 11:50. 12:10, I.' 80, ll'-fttl.
i'minv—il:16n. nt., H:ll5, il:5B 7:15, 7::)6, H:iM), Kt'Jii, siiu, hum, Ii-Su, li:III,
10:00, I0:80, Imlil. 11:00, ll'.tM, 11:411, 18:00, I'ifM, 12:40, Itli0|i in.
An iitinn I',ia. -1:1(1 p. in,, 1:30, I:'.,.. 2:10, 2:30, 2:5u, 3:10, 3:30, 3 Rll,
lim, 1:30, , 50, fi 10, 5:3ii, 6: 0 I III, il: 0, 11:60, 7:10, i :thi, S:0J, 8:30, li OH,
■i::ii, 10:00, 10:30, 1100, 11:30, 12 IW.
IV,'in   l :'.';i |i in . I III, 2 00,2:20, 3:40, 3:00, 3:20, 3:10, 4:00, 4:30, 1:40,
.'nui,. 6:20, 6:40, 1:20, ii:40, 7:00,7:20, 7:40, H:ln, S:lfi, H:16, H:46, 10:16,
10:45, 11:15 11:45, 18:15,
iMi.iv.— far.- -inn Ir mi Ali-xiiiulrii |nirli ,it 8:10, and laniiifct **iili tln'8:IW
'I'lli- lime liilili' i.- -itlijei'l Imlil, rillinn,
W.    II,    llt'XHUIaV.
H. A. S!!AW       MRS. H. A. SHAW
lleol Estate .md Insurance       pm'•" m mm SI0RI ■
urmli'.iuiKu in ,s'„(„f priccx, and in 80171(1 ea.iiit
Ynu will ami II un ii ,t ,
■ t in-1 i-i.irifioniii; my itenl.
clittijier than city.
I ms Of f ICE
I *. Larson, Prop.
AM  Pi7 ATTIF Notary Public. General Auctionec
. IYI. UL/\ I I IL ,67 cof(|0va fcMt, Vancoiivef, B. C
ll,--iu ni riiniiii. ur private liouie or bnya ontrlglil all
I I.I--I'     aaf   illlllM  l|Olll  jjOlXll lU   I Ul 11 li T * I} • 1   llOCkl  im I'MH,
lie Iim -iinie iif tin- lineKi hualneH and walerlrnnl proporty In Nnrtli
Viiiie.'iiver.   See liim nt nine il nm iliiuknl picking ll|l |ar"|l,TLy ill
till*-ittlun.   Bowllt'i BUY MlW, iiiiiI vu ivill niiilti'iniini'v. :: ::
Buy Cream
(20 Ounce Tins)
2  FOR 25 CENTS.
J. A, McMlllAN, the E*|)!anade


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