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Libraty Ut* *'«»>*'
Local Meetings.
Ci.ly Council Meeting, every Monday, 8 p.m.
Diatrict Council Meeting, every Friday, 7*15 p.m.
Board of Trade, Third Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Board of Trade Executive, I imt Tueaday, 8 p.m.
School Board, Firat Friday, 8 p.m.
rtaMiid i'yiii
al Meetings.
md und Fourth Monday, 8 p.m
inliiy, S pin.
Jvery Ttiiwliiv, 8 p.m.
llm-McultiiHal Mei'liii*jJ>ei*inul Weilnemlay,8 p.m.
l'irtnu'ii'B Practice, lyery Friday, 7.111) p.m
Mayor Kealy Asks
One Month's Holiday
All llie members of the Council
were present at Monday nighl's
meeting. Considerable business
was transacted ol a routine natuie.
A court ol i s un ol the council was held tu unsi It r ifci p ti-
tion ior grading Eie.-jnlu sti*..!,
and tile special aseessmenl lor Ot
ttwa gardens.
Only one communication was on
the docket. C. Cook, ol Vancouver, wrote in connection with the
proposed (erry wharl there. •Aldermen Irwin and Smith and the
city engineer compose t committee
to take the matter tip with Mr.
The finance committee recommended adoption ol the decision
ol the police commistioners relative to the vacation of the rooms
upstaira in the oity hall by A.
Brimlcombe. The committee
further recommended that Mr.
Brimacombe be retained as caretaker, nre warden and pound-
keeper.  The report was accepted.
In the beard ol works report ap*
peared a letter from Jas. P. Fell,
with reference to the closing ol
McKay road by the city. The letter stated that this would work
hardship .on Mr. FeH't property
in D. L. JI1 The letter was relerred back to the board ol works.
The fire and light committee recommended that the chief be instructed to demolish the old bell
tower at the rear of the city hall,
and also that the caretaker of fire
hall No. t be required to attend all
the litrs with the brigade. Fire
Warden Brimacombe to remain in
the hall in the absence of the caretaker. He was appointed pound-
keeper at a salary of tbo per
month. He ii to vacate the rooms
in the city hall immediately.
D. G. Dick was appointed to act
ai the city arbitrator on the matter of the expropriation property
on St. Dai ids avenue, which wai
valued at fcjoo, but rejected by the
The principal ditcusiion of tht
evening arose over the application
of Thk Expiess lor a water connection on First itreet for the
water moter which has been used
by them since their advent in
town. The present connection il
a mn int li pipe, but thii pipe il
found to be too small to develop
the required power for the motor.
It was Ihe intention to replace the
pipe by a three-inch one in order
to give a greater volume of water
at the nozzle. The water committee did not deem it advisable to
grant the request, as at preient
there wai only a four-inch water*
num on First street, and it was
their opinion that such I connection would affect the preient tup-
ply on that itreet.
Aid. Irwin taked thc committee
to recomider its decision. He
stated that below Fifth itreet the
pretiure of witer ii too great
when all the pipci are cloied, and
that water wai going to waste
right along. " Hu the committee
ascertained the Maximum of water
which can be supplied bytheprei
ent pipes, the approximate amount
which ii being uied, and the iur
plui which ii going to wute ?"
asked Aid Irwin.
Aid. Smith stated that he did
not see how they were going to arrive at that.
The mayor stated that there wu
any amount of water going to
waite it the preient time, and
itated that he would like the en
gineer to slate what tha capacity
of the pipe is from the top of the
hill to the outlet,
The engineer replied thit the
capacity is 2,362 gallons, or roughly
100 gallons for 236 houses.
Further discussed, the feeling
was that a one-inch nozzle on tin-
pipe would not use too much
water, but engineer Loutet pointed
out that the amount of water tliey
would get through a one-inch
nozzle Irom a three-inch pipe
would be the full capacity of tlie
tluee inch pipe. The stream at
the nozzle might be smaller, but
the velocity would be much greater
Uid the same quantity of water
Thit information gave a totally
different aspect on the question—
10 much so that the council decided cot to grant the application,
and adopted unanimously the
committee's report.
just prior to closing the mayor
was granted a leave of absence for
one month by request, and Aid.
Irwin wis unanimously elected
mayor pro tern.
A Busy Night For
Municipal Council
Real estate is drying up.
Sa. Forager doe.ked here this
Several North Vancouverite!
took in the horse show last week.
Mrs. C. K. McLean, ol Kilmun,
Scotland, visited at the residence
of Aid. Alex. Smith this week, on
her way to Honolulu, via SS.
Moana to-day.
Smith Bros, have been awarded
the contract for the erection of the
Horticultural hall on their gronds,
Twenty lirst street The building
will be a large one, I 80x60 feet,
handsome in design and commodious in apportments, and suitable for concerts, exhibitions, etc.
Mr. and Mn. H. T. C. Eves returned Wedueidiy eveniag from a
tour of the Sound cities, Portland
and 'Frisco.
Suffering from an internal can
cer, Mrs. Anderson, of Lynn Valley, was taken to the general
hospital tHis week.
The Hritish Colun 'til
Railway  Co.   yesterday  ai
the contract (or the proposed  '\
tension ol the New Weatmiaitei
car shops to W   W   Focreitei
Th-i entire cost of the work will
be in lhc neighborhood of fao,QOO,
and  it  is  thought that the additional facilities provided will n -
tult in doubling the output of the
Louit Mero is the ntme of thc
man who mtde the placet strike on
Findlay river. He wu grubstaked
by Fernie men.
The B. C. Gatette was established in 1863, and has never
printed anything but ads. Colonel
Wolfenden has been Queen and
King'i printer since i860.
An illustration of the growing
importance of shipping on this
coast is noticed in a recent issue of
the San Francisco Commercial
Newt. In the lists of shipping
bound for the various coait ports,
with one exception, British Co-
lumbii ports are the only porti
showing an increase in tonmge
over last year. Portland it the
city which has a large increase, but
in their cast the growth is not so
regular and consistent as is that of
the British Columbia ports. The
record of tonnage to British Columbia ports this year at compared with the three previoui
yean is u loliowi: List week,
1908, 25,583 tons; last week, 1907,
11,005 Ions; last week, 1906, 19,-
453 tons; list week, 1905, 13,276
All the members of the District
Municipal Council wen: present
at Fritlay nighl's meeting shortly
after opening up.
A communication was read from
W. S. Hugo, complaining of the
impassable condition of Queen
street, and stating that he had a
quantity of rock which the council
might use for making roads. The
letter was referred to the board of
woiks with power to act
J. P. Fell's plan of subdivision
of the west half of I >. L. 552 was
laid on the table, and asking the
council to approve of same. Mr.
Bridgeman appeared on behalf of
Mr. Fell, and explained the minor
details. He stated that the proposed road of the engineer's runs
close to the edge of a bench, and
if it were built the usual width
would be half in the air. The
road which Mr. Fell proposes
building as per the plans is 80
feet, north of the present surveyed
road, and will be 80 feet wide instead of 66 feet, with suitable
ditches on either side, and would
run from the city boundary to the
western boundary of 552. The
road would be as good as existing
one and Mr. Fell will clear an 80*
foot right-of-way the whole distance. Work will be started forthwith. The council, after considerable discussion,approved of the
plant, and agreed to give a quitclaim to Mr. Fell as soon as the
engineer had approved of the
work when completed.
Medical Health Officer Dr.
Campbell handed in his report
on the water and supply in Lynn
valley, as several residents had
complained of the pollution of the
water in the flume. The report
atated that the water in the flume
complained of was good, but that
the Rice lake flume was not fit lor
use. He advised that steps be
taken to provide good wrier or
protect the flume against Japanese
using same for sewerage purposes.
After going thoroughly into the
.   tin  eoun.il iai I 11 I id ii*
I *  ,ltl   0    1 81 t    H   "i"*   I '
•   .    Ir -ll ,'      .1"     tlu. 1    M  I
".r.   Bridg ' iv   mar     ■' ptk 1
a   III*
rv-sideie e, 1 il utad on in* north-1
e.tst num t nl :-lithorl.ii.ti ai'enue|
md   Eighth  street, in D. I* 553. j
The clerk was instructed to ask
Mr. Fell to consent to join lhe
proposed water area for the passed
portion of his plan.
Two applications were made for
water on the Froinnie road.
In view ol thc proposed water
area coming into existence thc
council thought it advisable to
ascertain the water connections
that would be required for some
time to come, and have instructed
an advertisement! to be inserted
asking residents wanting water to
make application.
Reeve May, for some time past,
has been bored by some silly persons b\ a question which was pui
potted to have been given by the
council. Thc question was that
the clerk, when writing the government re the proposed bridge
across the Second narrows, stated
that the District Council wanted a
combined vehicular and railway
bridge, or none at all, Under the
heading ol enquiry, thc clerk read
a copy of the communication referred to, but failed to come across
thc objectionable paragraph.
Councillor McNaught thought
that a spur should be put on the
whip to get the bridge committee
in motion and make the bridge a
Councillor T. S. Nye registered
his objection to letting the contract for the new Lynn creek
bridge before passing a by-law to
borrow the money. The other
councillors did not view the contract in that light, and explained
to Mr. Nye tlie fat* that the money
market was not suited for such
purposes, and especially a sum so
small, and that the amount could
be taken from the general revenue
fund, and afterward a loan could
be put through for the putpose.
The clerk read the list of water
records, which have been obtained,
aa follows: Lynn creek, 274
inches; Mosquite creek, 50 inches;
an unnamed creek, 1 inches, and
three smaller creeks, 4 inches. On
thc Lynn creek the cost was
$55.75, and the others J15.75, at
an annual renal of $8. This gives
a total of 15,000 gallons per day.
District lot 615 has been included in the proposed water area.
The clerk stated that the necessary papers for the road machinery
by-law had been prepared and
ready to submit to the ratepayers.
It was decided to let this matter
stand over for some time.
Councillor McNaught reported
on the meeting held in Vancouvei
re the invitation to the American
The approval of the services ol
Miss Lillie Peers, as stenographer
and assistant clerk, was given by
the council, vice Miss Smith resigned, at a salary of J45 per
The council received the thanks
of the reporters when Reeve May
announced that there would be
supplied a special brand new
table (and cushioned chairs) for
their own special use. This tills
a long-felt want.
The council then went into committee.
Arbitrators Sitting
On Two Local Questons
Shall the City of North Vancouver or thc District Municipality
have control of the city's poles
paiiing thi W *'i the muni*
'•ipal.ty, iod wlut diwiioa oi last
van - ferrv re-l.r. il ny, |0 to
1 .'er?
Tlieae q ■   W      •  I    aa   I ue-
day rabaittad to arbteatiota witli
Mlgittrafc A'ex.ni ler and Mr. II.
St 1 .-Irr, K. C, ai tin* .ululratoi-
iu the latter'* piiv.Hi: ollite, tin
congested courthouse affording BO
available room.
The uin -iinii*. arise out of the
incorporation last May, then, lieing
the only outstanding dillcn
thc first being the chief. In this
iln niiinlclpalit) set ks full control
with the light to remove poles that
may obstruct, while the city seeks
to retain its present control.
The ferry account is a matter ol
I625, which the municipality
claims as its share of the rent falling due last July. The city's reply is that this was included in the
adjustment. The evidence Tuesday was brief. Mr. A. D. Taylor,
K. C, appeared (or the city, and
Mr. W. E. Burns for the municipality.
Hon. W. J. Bowser has issued
in pamphlet lorm his speech on the
Natal Acl, and Duncan Ross, M.
!'., has done likewise with hii
speech on the Oriental question,
both excellent readings for persons
who have plenty of time and are
not particular aa to how English
is thrown together. Now, if John
Oliver would issue a pamphlet on
pneumatics, hot and cold, the
country might be considered politically sale during thc summer
months—Greenwood Ledge.
Provincial court ol revision is
called for Monday, June ist.
Regular meeting of the school
board this evening.
The assessment lor the pfaual
year of the municipality of North
Vancoiiver is $4,127,229.
Mrs. C. McKenzie and daughter
leave next week for Mrs. Mc-
Kenzk's home in Truro, N. S.,
where she will spend the summer.
QFor being drunk and disorderly
a Vancouver man named Benson
was fined $10 and costs Thursday morning in the police court
Messrs. Kingslord-Smith have
had their name and business
painted on a sign board on the
wharf. They will shortly open
up here.
Mr. Jno. Green, an experienced
dairyman, is this week opening up
in his business in North Vancouver, where there is a good opening.    See his ad. elsewhere.
Next week 1111 Express will
move into its new premises on
First street east, known as the
Owen block. The office will be
more spacious than the old one,
besides having a greater amount of
A large representation of the
Sons of Scotland attended thc
social and dance held under the
auspices of the S. 0. S., Lord of
Isles Camp, Vancouver, last evening. A most enjoyable time was
indulged in by all present.
The long-felt want of a hospital
for North Vancouver will be
aealized shortly, when three
graduate nurses will open a
private hospital for the general
In in lit of the two municipalities.
They will also be in a position to
supply nurses for outside parties.
A   very   pleasant   evening was
given by the resident hremen at
No. 1  fir,- lull   111  the  shape of a
progressive whist party, on 11
1 •   1
. Kiuei I' Smith, F ftai'
sell, G* RiiifaU, C. Ros*. \. iYj.
den,   aad   Itessri.   S    Ra
Uartiaaoa, K. Pruer, B, Wilson.
.1. A   I. 'ii. Sullivan and A
S.   Emerson.    Atler   the   various
games jit rafaaab-
ments were served and tin
were awarded, the winners lu ing
Mrs. Ron Miss F. Raaaatt, Ml M
Martinson and  Mr   A. A   Price,
Mn. Rost acted as chaperonc and
Mt. Stewat,' .loss ol M. I,
Mi. I'ndi iiti I .nn, "I I
wood, England, ind Miss Mse
Phillips, ol llrockvil!.. Oii, Mii
well known resilmls of Nnrth
Vancouver, were united in marriage at St. Paul's Church on Wni
nesday afternoon by Rev. J. H.
Underhill. The bride was given
away by her uncle, Mt. F. W.
Phillips, an.l was attended by Mist
E. Golightly. Mr A. Emerson
acted as groomsman. After thc
ceremony a lunch was tendered the
bridal party at the home of Mr. and
F. W. Phillips, Seymour Street.
The bridegroom's present tn the
bride wu a handsome engraved
gold braclet, to the hndetmiid 1
handsome moonstone ring, and to
the groomsman gold and pearl pin. |
The office slaH of the llarliiril
street branch of thc 11 C, E K
present! 'I the iiniple with a silvi r
cake stand. Mr. and Mrs. Tarn
are spending their honeymoon on
the Sound, on ther return they
will reside in this city.
W'lMin Uoar.lci.v Apply to
Mrs. J. T. Spence, Second street
To Rl n: Wi II liiinished house
with all iiindi in conveniences.
Apply, Cotner First street and
Chesterfield avenue.
The prt vi ncial voters list closei
on Monday. About sixty names
have lieen added thereto this week.
Mrs. A. Va Gatdner, of Fourth
street, intends leaving shortly on
a tour of tlie old country, extending over a period of four months.
The new local offices of the B.
C. Electric Railway Co. will be
situated iu the-Mtirnc block. The
fixtures are this week lieing in*
The poundkeeper, canine catcher, etc., etc., is busy these days
gathering in the tagless dogs.
Already the latter are beginning
to recognize him, (or as soon as
Mr. Brimacombe appears around
a corner all the dogs to yelp and
A London (Ontario) Old Boys'
Association his lieen formed in
Vancouver. Mr. J. D. Donald it
chairman, and Mr. W. W. Stro-
yan secretary. Thc next meeting
will be held Monday, April 6th, at
the store of Tuck * Company, 18
Cordova street. All London boys
are requested to be present.
Rev. J. P. Westman, assisted
by Principal Sparling, will deliver
an illustrated lecture on Ireland
in the Methodist church, on Monday, April 6th This lecture was
given in Mt. Pleasant to an enthusiastic audience of about 600
people on tlie " 17th of Ireland.''
Come along and celebrate St.
Patrick's Dav over again and enjoy a good laugh. "A merry heart
dortli good like a medicine."
The members of the Young Peo.
plc'i Club have arranged for 1
clearing life, which takes place
next Saturday afternoon, when the
lot adjacent to St. Andrew's church
■mi • pro-
I del a
,ili .i.m*-  i.itiuii 1  fur  all kinds of
l tint the  club  nieni-
I   indulge   in.    lt   wu
I lh.it on Miscellaneoul
night, which is on the 31st of this
mouth, the club will ad.ipt a club
. suitable to the association.
Tlie North Vancouver Football
club held a smoker in the Pavilion
Wl dnetdajf   night,   and llie
thing that was missing was the
crowd A good program had been
pp put I,   I D and
|.i|i. 1 nii'vi'l. mi'. 1> i( no musician,
BM ai ran ill' 1 with at the
last m ii.'iii li nul it impossible to
attend. Besides singing and an instrumental selection by Master
Pert Grossc, their were two lively
Imxing bouts, and a good exhibition
of wrestling between Renshaw and
Kinsley. It is rather discouraging
to those getting up entertainments
lor the simple reason that residents
show an utter disngaul foi tin ir
success, no nutter how good the
program or fur what cause. Amateur athletic sports ire healthful,
elevating and harmless and it is
the duty of every good citi
encourage thcii practice. Money
is required to tarn tli' ni on. and
ilu".. entertainments an' gotten up
with the idea of defraying necessary expenses in ci'iui'lium therewith, but if llu ti 1- nul enough
interest mniilesi'il by the people
Kiiierilly these sports arc bound tq
NIK hXlMtl>S
Tm. Rxmu PatinriHO Cowamy,
Nokiii VaKCOI "kk. 11. C.
li. Whii\m- Maoagar,
The Raprcu i« tlaUvutad la Noiih
Vanctnivir within ■ rad us pi w
blocks of the ollice* All outside
this diitrict is placed ia the post
Kates nl Subeciiptioo i
Dm year *       *       l-M*
Six months     -      - *5°
Three months ■      ■ ****5
United States   unl   I' it ''*',*>. si J8
per year.
All Sllbstl'pt'ons must I"' paid ill
atlvam i,
Any pataon not tac rving thii
paper rt gularlv will plaaM n"til\
the oflice. No paper itopped tin-
leu notified either by letter oi card
We recently announced thai Mi
G. A. Love had acquired the in
terest in the business formerly ball
by Geo. Baitley, and would assume editorial charge during this
month, when it was expected that
he and Mr. J. B. Williams would
continue the business of The Express Printing Co. Owing to circumstances which have since
transpired, however, it becomes
necessary for us to announce that
these parties have transferred tlieir
entire interests to Missis. Sinilli-
ingale and Morden, who, as the
proprietors, will assume charge
on April ist. It might not bt nut
of place to mention in this connection that the present owners
retire from llir business with some
regret on account of the great confidence tiny bate in the brilliant
future awaiting the City of North
Vancouver and its paper. At the
same time they introduce the in w
ownere with every let ling of satisfaction, believing that these
gentlemen are ennneiiili litti d to
serve the interests ul tlieir constituents in lhe i Dfl It* t if  I   plO-
grcssivi MWipapi t. iil.n h. in their
hands, shall -upon larger and
broadir lints 1,, dm a i rt dii 10
this i iti
Mr.   Cliailes   E.   Smithin
who at pn s' nt operates a   I
plant in Vancouver, ia a pn
printer   and   piurn,iii-t   '■!
year- ■,   who bl
(mn l<i I.m | bei 1 will:
ml "I the  lit  pap
li i.  suet, --.lulu   conducti'1 pub
Ul   -'.I   Hi' ia*
Mi   i,. :      H
In ell Idl saillle y .ils   llltll   I
tninion li.i ia ,.,1)1, „| Van-
i ..ui' r,  and ratiouil)
lllll   SOU]'      1*1111   I  I   iiti       '  \|"  IU 111 i
and a lung training iu bterarv w<uk
of a g' ie i * i.i "im s to
Ins poaition wall * |uippt •! i
The ni w |i|iipi|i|ots are I;. iil|,<
men of the Ingle st tharai I i
wc bespeak for tin in a hi Ut) in 1
come Irom tha dtiiem ol N"rtli
Vincouver, as they i "in. to johl
in thc great work ol building up
this beautiful young city.
Mr.   J.   It, Williams, who has
been identified with im   I
lince  its  fiiiinilali'ii. and Ins,  in
hii  experience  with  the   p
made  many warm bunds ip this
community, particular!) daaircato
take this oppOrtaalt] Oi thanking
the citizens gemrallv lan tin
kindly encouragement and gen-
erous support accorded him Inun
time to tuna, often atdai Itung
and discouraging conditions.
Interest ng Lecture
on Ch.ii.es Dickers
I'inlei ila auspices ol the Young
People1! Club ol this city, Principal Iliu ns, ol the Provincial
, ii       liool    at   Vancouver,
1 ii.a rs i    uu     lii.s.aj     eve:.-
li.      lul    .1   li'Ullli*   Uli   " Chillies
Ibckeiis. ' to I   good   sued   Itldl-
I . ■■ inti i' sl ol the atldii in i
,u the i.m j* . il ih .um strong
is tin ii. .a iin graat noveliit still
retains i,puii the readers ot the
following gi aeration ior with
deep ii.u.is4i tht) (•allowed the
cloaii :•.'. lecturer iu liis pui n.n.ils
ui iin' iii aud times and character
ul this graat master uf hctiun,
whu leii such a profound imprei-
siun uu lis a(;e.
Added ialereil ims lent tu tl.e
subject in this case because ul ll.e
fact llial Mi. iJuiiis had tujoytd
P tional icquaintance with thickens, and su was able to speak null
the wai in admiring interest uf a
partooal Iriaod and bung Lit
audicnci mlu a cluser aud nio.e
lyopathetic ralatioii to h,s subject than is ordinarily the case.
Charlei Dickatu was born in the
year iba, and his early life was
spent under the adverse condition
ol puverty. lt seems his fallier
was a suldier in the peninsular war
and upon his discharge returned
iii'iiii- in the midst of times of depression, soon to hnd himself in
the grip of debt, which resulted
in his being cast into prison, whan
he spent several years. In tl.e
meantime his son Charles produced his first gnat novel, entitled " Pickwiik," from the pio*
niii- ol the sale of which he
set nnil Ins lather's release. Alttr
a long, bard struggle (nr u i .In, |
tion, tin Inline wiilei had -i iiiii tl
a position as parliamentary reporter for the London Thut, and
it is said thatfrequetitly when news
for Ins paper was lacking he would
provide short sloii, s, which in ie
produii.l inub i the non tie plume
••An I'ncomniercial Trnvelln."
!!■■ ui to attract lhe
aiti iiliou ol his emplouT and the
public on an omit erf tin ir tnirki d
tiultiicis of the abiiilv which
■ii ii lo brniR him f.iiiu .nul
("rtiuie As a man. Dii Iteai
o( a bighitruag aanroM tamper-
ment, and livul i itrenuoui lifi,
hastening hinisi 11 finally <
early   grai rwork.
dm ol ilu- marki •! faatm * oi bis
all I., did
or wroi , w.is a |■■
■ >i pn . • ia or ihai *  il . bj tort,
I nn ai iln  i ii.i I minion <
publi ■ lid t" iaar aside with rath.
Ic,    band Iln   ilnn ■.       .:  sham
.in I   i aui.    which,    bk'    a    ibnk
iiianll'    bit    met    Iln    lile   ol   the
pi "ph      r ndi rn. Mill  ail In
'i .    ll"   -' li I  In iiialaliiin ol liulh
"     ' *l**lni-
naleil tl.i ul ' lias iibiih
linn bed a n ipOOlJVl  i bold in   the
,. all   "I  Iln    I'.ngbsb   (MOpk   .mil
made his work such a supiiin.
Sill M SS
Sp* aklilg   o(   Iln    tviiiii-  o(  to*
'lay th,  lactam pointed   out that
"iilt those who based  Iheii creations   upon   such   a   foundation
could  hope for any real or ultimate success.    As illustrating tbe
iui|i|.  ii itute ol the man, Dickens
ie pn  i, I that  upon his death no
moaning should ba worn by his
Iiu mis,   ami that In* In buried in
'im i i luiiiii vani.    Only in
'    t"   the  lala (.linen   Vu
torit .i,r* Ins bod] hii'.llv mtetn d
in Wi iiiiin-i' i Abb., and over
Inin was plan al tin ini|i i* l,n* I he
ia i I  biiiisell  milt, n lot a (riend,
Lord, Ki ap l lii Mi morj (Ira i'
lhesp,akerwas||, .i 1111 v think, d
l"i In- inspiring h*. nm anil i
North N'ancoiivi r audience will be
lalifhti <l  to welcome Imu again
Church Notices
rr John's llll'. KVANiiKl 1ST, IEVIHTH
Holy Coinniiinion, H a. m.
Morning prayer, n
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the lirst Sunday in the month
tin ra will In 11 si'ionil calibration
il the Holy Communion at 11 am
Hector :  Kev.  Hugh Hooper.
-.1X111 SIKH.I.
Sett ins will be conducted as
usual on  Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday scboBI, 2:30 p. in.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. 111.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
i o'clock.
All lia welcome.
Pastor: Uev. J. 1). Gillam, M.A.
Morning service, 11 a. m ; Sunday school, 2:30 p- nr; evening
service. 7.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening ai A o'clock.
Kn. li. H. Balderston, 13. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at 8
a. BL, Sunday school at 3:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peytavin, 0.
li I. V. S.
Service at 11 o'clock a. in. in
the Orange hall; Sunday school at
the close of thc service.
Pastor :   Kev. David Long.
All are welcome.
insiiiiisin   IIIVKtl
will  be  held   at  Oiange   hall  on
i) evening at 7:30 o'clock,
Ml are welcome. Come and
bring I ti itin).
lui  1 xi'Rtss, (tt a year.
■ i*r lala—Fertility Qaataateed
• *<p«ngled Hamburg*, Ohio 8
I **r I'.. .  'a. flood I inrr-i, not I BlttaWt,
nothing •. U'lii ihein    1 'i   dollartper
Pure vYhlti wtan.lotttt, tr	
".nu, aaii,. dollar pel Slteta   I
.  nre.1 tO lay, M*veiily-liie
centi per lifteen
I '.ailtiellth slreet .III,I  ,1    i,|  ,. '„ iHelllle.
Nurlh \iiiieiiui, r
VOTICK. >s Hl'diKllY (1IVKN, I'llll
■"   the   iiiiuriniitiou   'if   Intending
Wltlen llll'l iilhels, Unit seli'i'linn hits
lieen niHile ut llie S,MU,000 aereH nf Iiunl
-ilu.Unl in lhe l'eiii'e liiver Valley.
I'miinee "1 llritisli rnliiinhiii, granted
tn the Dominion Uovornment umler the
pruvliiona ot Hectlno 7, uf "An Ael r*
t.i 1 inu In the Inland Railway, the tiniv*
ini;  llnil* mid  Hallway   binds  uf  the
Provlnee," ami inch Innil is iiui often to
entry  umler  tht   bund   l.iiivs nf  iln'
llie i.i**. I, 1-elei led Is dMcrlbtd lis f"l*
tiiwt:  Commencing iit ii point   38,'g
miles siiiiili uf tht Peace Itiver, ofl lhe
120th  Meridian,  being  the   laatero
I>,hiu.lary uf the Province, thence We*
in miles lllld UK.I'll Chaini, Ihi'lll'e Nurlh
;:'uiiles and 1151111 rhiiins, thence Kant
i'.'i miles mul liS.lit eliHius, tlieiiet* Smith
lo the point ol I'mnineiii'i'ini'iit, billowing the P-iMh Meridian, mul euntaialni
approximately 8,600 000 aerti,
SutlOB is .ll'suliivell llllll, with ll view
in facilltathif seiileineiii iu tht Vallevi
uf tin'l't'iier, I'ursnip and Pack Rivers,
the billowing hell "i luml forty miles ill
Width, nml extending 10 mllei OO ench
siili' ut thu Peaec, Panola iiiiiI Pack
Iiiii ai hli lieen reserved for ai'tnnl
settlers, tu U' nci|uii'e.l  h;   pre-eniiition
 y uiuler lhe l.uinl Ael, sueh liintl nut
lieing OJMI fur snhl, lease, lieense ur
nther alienation under the said Act ex-
i'e|it liy |ire*t'in|iii'iii.
I'.iiiiiui'iii'iiigatthe intersection uf tht'
Western liniinilari nf the liloi'k of land
-**l,*ited hi llu* liuininiun lloierninent
with tht i'eat'e Hiver, Ihenee following
the IVace Hiver and Parsnip Hiver to
their confluence vtith the Pack Hiver,
nutl thence billowing llie Puck Kiver lo
the point where said Pack Hiver leaves
'lel.isKi Lake, ind uttoadlaa fur a dis*
tmiee nf :'ll mill's nn eai'li side uf snid
Kiiers ninl appruxltrmlely 170 milen in
All lands outniile the boundaries of the
Diiiiiinion liiivernineiit (Irant ami the
reserve al'uvt' described nre open lor
liK'alinn under lhe laws ol the Province.
W. J. BtlWSl'.H.
AeliiiH diet fnininiHsiont'r
ol Lauds and Wurks.
Uinls and Works liepartinent,
Victoria, 8eptetnl*er llth, 11HI7.
Dllli   I.U'KNll'>   I'OH   1IKJK   AIM*
now Da* aad Parable at tin* Cttj
Hull, tin .imi alter unfa im rt.
All th-fl llnlli'ensed lllll   be   lilkell   pus-
ses-inn nl ami ale-trmed.
Tii'itns SiiKi'iii'mi, l ily t lerk.
North Vancouver, B.O , fcb.*, IM
irruciTNi m utOM u< net
Vlillt'K ISllKllllllYlllVK.N THAI
■••■'   at tin* next netting uf tin* Board
ol l.it'i'iisi' I'liiiiiiii-siniiers (ur Iln* I ill
of Nurlh Vaiu-niiier, I shall apply Inr a
retail lleeuse f.T thi Mb "I s|.iritii"ii-.
fiTiueiilial ami nther liipinri) III Inittle,
lor the prt'inisi'-. knnitn n- lot H. bluek 7,
|l,   |.. Ml   00   I     . - i '. '   .llel.lle.
A   I
(Mid    »I     Nnflll     Vl.'„a. I,,.        I     I    ,
. '''7
lu.itlitin tllallI,
Nortli Um on ei
Phona- 37
321 Cordova St.
Phone 3492
V.:«:kl;j lisi—Week tndlncj A\n\\ 4th
PltM i!ft*-h OewTipiloii
-ii. K]      I       Olio      I Oil ure, vnrlly c'eiuv-l, willi Hmok tm, Svventevnih AfHt.
MO Mi      i Wxl'-O I m KiUoi nth *in*i*t. (Hcinj jnif, luiifrt \ » w ;
I rl«art>d,Kriki1e<l; tWO-room n%btnj Hlt-BO-*, MraiMty,
6T5      |    (.'hkIi      | Lot on rii-i'iiml Slnvt went of Muhou Avenue,   Hecuri' this
I very Cheap Property.
All llio liost Caiiiulian makes.
Nino lo 18-inch tops.
PRICKS, $4.00 to $9.00
516 Hastings Street
Time Table, 19J7
ST. i.H'Ki.l*.         N
IT,     EOlOli.
•li.00 A. M.
•ti20A. M.
•li.45    "
•?»   "
8.U0   "
, t
820   "
8.40   "      ,
»*)    "
H.30   "
9.46 A.M.
9.45    "
10.16 A.M.
10.15   "
10.46   "
10.46   "
11.15    "
11.16   "
11.46   "
11.46   "
12.15 P.M.
12.16 P. M.
lltf P.M.
12.46 r. M.
1.16   "
1.15   "-
1.46   "
1.46   "
2.15   "
(Ul "
2.46   "
2.45   "
3.15   "
ll.i.'i   "
3.46  "
3.46   "
4.15   "
4.15   "
4.46  "
4.45   "
5.15   '
;,.l.',   "
5.45   "
5.45   "
B.15    "
11.15   "
tl.45  "
6.45   "
7.16   "
:::, -
7.45  "
8.15   "
8.46   "
9.15   "
9.46   "
111.15   "
10.46   "
•11.311   "
•11.45  "
ot on
70 x 240
Closi' to saw mill ind plank road ;
ten iiiiiiuii s (torn car; only $300.
Also a few 1-4 nan's (or $200;
terms, lo^ down, $to per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, all mn
veniences; splendid view. Also
one lor sale; $509 cash and tin
per month.
.irri,iiiiiiiw;,i:U'tiiii. min.
Iho perfectly cleared lots oa lonsdale Avenue
$900 each
S. Walker. Pro;i.
fresh Br^ad Daily
III Inki-lsloi $1.00, -I tori lb
HI Km,I a n|   l.n,nl and  I'mlli
Pfiknnt lo III Paris of Clly
Ptl'IM A
Vui,  I 18 III i i  ", ■ *     S
•**'   al iln1
I.i.*. ia-...: i alttlooen I
Nurlh v.u ."iniT. in !«• )■■■ i on the
Moond Wi 'In.** It) ■*   M *
- iii ■ • in* **i
ipirltm -. n "i    ■ "I "i "il 'i li'
- i1 *■
III ta 1.1 a - H lllll   Kill*0*    Mof*
•Jim block, til aa.     ii oi I1 Mb illvltlon
I llll'l I'l
;TI,iii'     ' H'T*
0 li ll'«it*-
m mmm im mm.
For thf F.irm, Garden, Ltwn
or Conservatory
*,, || n rt,   ■*■ -   ' ■   No I nn*
*" wludi it-;, i.in in
luii I .il   NaTlla  \ nn "it*r  Ha I,.,. ,|.r.*,|   :ai,|  i„.|  Tr.^.-
il.u aai Dacembtr, '.'aii I un.l m-edt llial unm'.
!   I ' iipiilatajlprajr l'ini,|»,
~ i ,*-|,r*i ' i ul Fl".i'i-, i'ii'
im!ii.ii.\ini; I.;*;!mi i.iii:\if:
.ti ti,.* aeal Mellaf "i il"' Itnnnl
.*i l.iiini * I aaniiiini.ii'ii"r*. lur tbt 1'ilv
ol Nonii yaaeeaw, I .ii»il niiply l«r
an ln'i'l In a*na i* lur iln* «nl,■"( «|iirilniiii«,
Iitihi'iiIhI at other llqaort, f"r thi ih
mat fi-tuni* linililinit, nliiHli.il iiii the
Heymnnr road, in di-lrii-t Int "id, -troiip
roe. New Wentniintler dislriil.
.Imiv Milssit.
|i»t«i nt Nurth faaamtVi % C
Jtnusry 10, IW)K.
1 PATRICK and W. I). McKarland,
at Nurlli yiiiiruiiiiT, orriipatinn timl«*r-
nii'ti, Intend I" Apply (nr a -pedal
limber Hat net over Im (ullnwinir de.*
irihail Iiiiiii.
i    * ini'iirin.' Ht il |'aa«t plinl, 'I Imntv
i20i chaini ran "(thtv. w. teraer m
T.I. 77.1.1, llotham S.inil, I lu*iiii'sunlli
*"i hl'IiIt all.una. llii nri' ,i'.t UMsiatyi
i Iiniii", llii'i.i'* nurlli inn (nni' hundred)
i lisin.. Ilii'iiii'i'S.t I'l I'Tlyl rliHini tn
tht WMt line ol nii'l T. l..'?X\, ihenee
Snitli t»cutv (10) chelae, them**- eA»t
nlniiR iiiiiilli ilm* uf I I,. 7753 Ui |mlnl ot
iiamnii niTiiiiiil.
KmtrtTKii k A MiKariaso,
Nnrlh  V'Aiiinniar, It. I'., March 20,
lie mlvertiteil IH24.M.
Cl.il tlflMW Ml LI.M tarxtw
'jiinsi nia
R.llaa.Ta llrnlfr.. IV.liT I'oMer.. Kaum.li*.,
Mii(.iuit, t, I* ii*. i.| r.,nalriirllnn, tUp-, Town
ill... II Hint tl.lm-. i ilfliirialim., «ic
III ll.alln,. SI. W ,
ash Ninii;, riiii.tc
Is.rsisin    In .11 lia bttatfett,
Mi*.|*!*.     I'l.i.'l .ii'l lli'lr.iillr,
lis.IS     ll.i-lsi.iil, • ,al r .liil fir.
Manager fnr tin' ('niiiini'rt'ial
I'riali'iliu* *■*. I'll
rOltlci':-KiatT St., t, or LoMBaU,
a,i Brltttli (uliiniliiii,
pie In
MUMIIIIN  IM) Ml 1111(11 MS.
ninn u'iMiiivsTiK Beta.
VAM'iit \KH,H.C.
li*n.i«ir.ui i'llii*■   I' t'lnliii'v's
I'niiii Sliup, K»|iliiiiK'li*.
Niikiii  V.isiin ni,  H.  C.
TIIK    I \|i|,l:-*H,Nl |i   ||    PKK*
I .niii in <lu iiti kinds nf Clearing,
liriihhlntt ami Sliiiiiplng hv iniilrait.
I'llll IP ItHANl l,
I'ir.t strea'i W,tl.
North Vanenuver.
Maiaa is
ANII   Hi"
General learning
Onod Dry   Cortlaootl delivi-ftil  nny
where in thuiti fair Illitl « mnl.
Otilero sdllrila-.l.
Fourlh flreet, Iietween Un-dsle and
ChMterlleld ave.   Plinni' 67.
Cu*.in . ami Parmamiu
Ml'Kll    |)H im.llllHS
Grainkks    Gi.aziirs    Shins
Ore. 131 ii SiKilT.
Come in and sec » hit yon can get In
our city. We can ctimparo favorably
with any store ol mir tint on the Mil
OiirCmekeryainl lilassware IVpart*
ment is now readi"! fur ins|ieelitin, alto
sn rlf-isnt line of Jeselry.
All we ask is, dn not gn to Vancouver
Inr anything in nur line till ynu have
paid tn a visit. Be loyal to North Vtn-
IJiitntliir Stirvrynr md Arrhiliii
KntiiTM Strhitt. 'nssta IxiaiRAi.t Avi
BY-LAW No. 7
Lately passed by the City Council is uf such importance to a
the citizens that we publish below those sections dealing with lhe licensing of dogs :
3. Any person in the possession of a dog or bitch, or any person harbouring or allowing the same to remain about his bouse or premises, shall be considered for the purposes of this Bylaw the owner thereof.
4. Every person within the limits of the City who is the owner, possessor
or harbourer of a dog or bitch over the age of six months shall pun nn* such
dog or bitch to be licensed, taxed, numbered, described and registered, and
such license shall entitle such person to own, possess or harbour such dog or
bitch up to ttye lirst day of February of the succeeding year, while such person
continues to own, possess or harbour such dog or bitch, procure the same to In*
licensed, taxed, iiuiiiiiiied, described and registered for the then current year,
and shall cause such dog or bitch to wear around its neck a collar of metal or
leather to which shall be attached a metal check to be supplied free, on which
s'ull be inscribed the letters "N. V. U. T." (Nortli Vancouver Dog Tax) and
li ;nres indicating the year for which such tax has been paid, and a number cor*
respond im witli ' number under which for the time being such dog or bitch is
ii^istcivil iii the Books of the Inspector of Licenses, and every such person
shall pay (or such License the sum of $2.00 for a dog and $3.00 for a bitch.
5. The Inspector of Licenses shall not register any such dog or bitch unless the person applying to have the same registered shall have paid the Tax
imposetl by this Bylaw and shall produce the receipt of the Treasurer therefor.
5a. Provided hereby that where any person owns five or more dogs he
shall be held to own a kennel, and in such event his annual license fee shall be
the sum of Ten Dollars for such kennel, and on payment of that fee he shall
receive a metal check for each dog or bitch over six months of age in the said
kennel belonging to him,
6. It shall be the duty of the Inspector of Licenses to keep a book in
which shall be recorded the names of the owners of every dog or bitch registered under the provisions of this By-law, the date of such registration, the description of tlie dog, the registration number and the amount of Tax paid.
7. No person shall suffer or permit any dog or bitch of which he or she is
the owner, possessor or harbourer to run at large within the City unless such
dog or bitc'i shall have around its neck the collar and metal check mentioned
herein and inscribed as herein provided, and any dog or bitch running at large
without such collar and metal check shall be liable to be impounded and be disposed of as provided by this By-law. v
8. Any person guilty of removing a collar or metal check from a licensed
dog or bitch shall be subject to the penalties of this By-law.
9. Any Police Constable, Pound-keeper or other person authorized for the
purpose by the Mayor, Police Magistrate or Chief of Police may seize any dog
or bitch running at Inrge, elsewhere than on the premises of the owner, possessor or harborer of same, not having on such collar with metal check attached
thereto, and such Police Constable or olher person shall forthwith after making
such seizure deliver such dog or bitch to the Pound-keeper, to receive such dog
or bitch, and retain for forty-eight hours, supplying it with water and food in
the meantime, and if such dog or bitch is not reclaimed within such time it
shall be the duty of the Pound-keeper to kill such dog or bitch or sell same
and deliver the proceeds thereof to the City Treasurer, who shall pay all expenses incurred in and about the seizure, maintenance and sale of such dog or
to. The owner of any bitch jn heat, who shall suffer or permit the same to
run at large while in that condition shall be subject to the penalties of this
11. There shall he established in the City by resolution of the Council, a
Pound for Dogs erected in the City, and thc owner, possessor or harbourer of
any dog or bitch impounded under section 9 hereof may reclaim same on application to the Pound-keeper and on proof of ownership and on payment of the
City Tax, if not already paid, and the expenses incurred in impounding the dog
or bitch.
11. When 1 complaint has been entered before the Pound-keeper or other
authorized person against a dog or bitch on account of its ferocity or any disease
while running at large, he shall immediately request tbe owner of said dog or
bitch to destroy it or keep it in close confinement under chain, and it. case of
no compliance by said owner or owners, or in case of a second complaint before
either of them, the said Pound-keeper or other authorized person is hereby
authorized to seize said dog or bitch and impound him or her for fotty-eight
hours, and unless removed by said owner or owners and destroyed or chained
up and the expenses, including a pound fee of fa.00, paid on or before the expiration of said time the said Pound-keeper is herehv an] iwered to destroy
said dog or bitch and deliver the sum obtain' I. il 111}   ti   11       il    I taatiret
who shall pay all laaa aad aspauaa connect I
Kroin a Corri'mmndent.
Mr. Parke made a llying trip to
this camp, during which timt In
bought and bonded saveral claims
near Jedway. He returned to
Vincouver by the steamer Amur
on the 10th inst., but will return
to make his headquarters here this
summer. He will open lhe Bafb
Tree property, which hat one nf
the best showings to be lound in
thii icction of the islands.
A. Ikeda has ore in all four tunnels of hit claims and a small
stringer of free milling quart*
running $1,700 to the ton. The
ore in his lower tunnel is also
gradually growing wider.
Mr. Mack Young has a fine
showing on his property on Carpenter Bay, a few miles Irom here.
Thus. Daykin has some fine
showings in Collison' Bay. He also
has interests in Jedway with
Mr. McPhee, thc new manager of
the Jedway hotel.
Jedway has a first-class hotel
under the above management, also
a sawmill with a capacitj' of thirty
thousand feet per day, also a store
well supplied with miners and
loggers supplies. Mr. L.T.Watson, who is interested in thc store
sawmill and hotel, and is also act
ing as mayor of the town.
The Sweed property,  40 miles
north,  it being opented by Mr.
Wolllsohn, with S. Girle in 1.   -
Every shot is showing belt r Ota.
Mi ,.   N
and Johnson have a tine showing
in a claim at Sewell iniet, do miles.
Messrs. Stephens and Sullivan
have bonded two claims to Mr.
Parke for a good sum, the cash
payment being fa,500.
The boys at Jedway have lately
organized the Jedway Club, with
Mr. Parke as president. They
were entertained by Mr. McPhee
on the tith intt.
The islands have some fine showings on Dean river, Messrs. Esmond, French and Watson have
recently found good scams in this
Jedway had its first law mil—
W. L. Nestell vs, II. liiky-re-
itaking thc Ink Pot mineral claim
in Herriott Harbor. The charge
was perjury and lasted for six
days, during which Judge Manson
used up a whole pot of inkj
Riley won the case.
There is quite a building boom
on and houses are scarce. Many
people are living in tents. This
is one of the best harbors on thi
coast. The new fish boat Chicago,
Captain Joyce, late of the New
England, and the Celestial Empiic
wero in port and we entertained
the 11' us and encouraged lium lu
call. There is an American company about to start a whaling sta-
tio 1 ,i   I     1  'i ■'   i', 11 tat . '1'
v'.,' '.     '
lulled I,tic wheicby we shall ham
connection with the iniiiiilaiiil.
-*■ (inrk., mnii*.i i" high mrln| heai
Krai fl.SO ami \)'l ttt It.    OMartgl
Mavaapda a ii'u It Im tor aUa,
'i\-l itrtft ami l/iimlale avenue
*'   Ktiln, Pallet**, Thoroughbred.
li. MoGU.ua,
.vi mii n\ i-inii'.
Mt. rii'i-iint it. c
North Vniironvpr t.iind liistriet, Dittrlcl
of Ntw iVtttaiutar.
Tuit tin* iimt 1, --iviTi Beam, al
Viiin'iiniiT, It. ('., nivni'iilii'ii miner, intend to apply dn ;i in-* 1 il 1 Ins llctnM
out Iln* following 'limrilifl l;ni*l*
('"iiiiiH'iiiiiii*ui 11 |aaa-i planted011 tm*
Himtli niali. ot l.viiii Valley lininl, iiltont
forty [tOlahaloitMl of H, Joha'iCol-
lege mnl wlj'tiiiiiiu .lolin n.uiTi,'.
liiini, tlitnet north tkhtr [Mlehiiof,
thence nal tight; (80) chalne, 1!	
in t*ii;i.tv a
Ini, lolin' 1
balm, to the polnl ol commencement
I'oiiliiininit fit hundred mnl (orii   MQ
.11 ra - inui**' or I,—
Dated Jamiurv Till, Inu-*.
Proposed Local Improvement
* OH, of the City al Norlli Vaui-oa
ver Intends to coimtruot the l/«al In,*
liroit'ini'iitfl set out in lhe ti'lnilule nil-curing below, mid intend. to ih-wmi i
imrtiou ol tlie final nut there*a( upon
the real |iro|ierlv benititteil therein,
fronting nr aliuttiug thereon, and held
liai'le (ur RuteMinent therilnr.
A  Mtatl'IIH'Ilt lllOWillg ||i,.   |1|M|.   lj*,|.|,.
nial MNHd to he specially Mmd
lor lhe mill iniprnieni *nl« and the
names ot I Kuwait diereol, au lar aa
the -iiiui* i'iiii iK-a-i'iTiaiin-d from the
laat revised IMHMMat roll ami "llicr-
iii.e, 1. now filed in the ollhv nf Iln
Atatatment Commissioner, and is open
for in»|H't'tion during nlliee houn.
The aeliediile below .*in.tts the enti*
mated ensl uf the iinprinenii'iiti anil
the |>ni|i**rii,a|i to !» provided out ol the
general Iniul. ol the eity, if am*.
A Court of Revision will be' held on
ll.i' iweiity-aeventhdavtil April, HHlS.at
lhe In ur of 7:30 p. 111.,'in llie Citv Hull,
Nortli Vtiiniuier, 11. ('., for the purpose of hearing uny I'Minpliiintaagainat
the |Tii|va**eila.'i'.iwiiieiit[., or the accur.11 y
of fromiige mea-iir* no in-, or anv Other
I'ouipluinta whii h llu* pr-NOM inn n-te.|
iletire 1.1 make, ami whii'h i. in I.m
cigniiable by the court.
Aatessiiieiil ('"iiiiiiis.i.iner.
Norlh Vancouver, H. C., .March SMth,
K.tlmai',1 Ultimate
liiitl mil  1 i't lo
No. Priipowil ImproTemi'iu |..y
I. I iiiiring, I'liiileiiiriling
and  grading of  Third H'.'.WK)   (260
St., betwteii Mnli,,111111.1
St.    Iioviils   avenues,
and  laying of nix-fool
Mah'uulk mi suiitli aide
nl s.inl atreet	
'1. Clearing, grading and
draining of Sixteenth
it. lift. St   Amlrew'i
and Hiilgeway Avenuei.   f 1,400    |*0
Coi.liaclor and
IIoum    Builder
16tb Street West
I lun on liiiiiil 11 large sii|iply ol Cement
Blockl, in.ule (nun fresh miler Hand.
Siiiiiplin nnu   lie  seen   ill   Ihe   new
I'elnelll  r,*-i,l,me ou Sen,Inl street  tail.
Siaeot btookllaie,
I'nll particular! run Ih* had from the
WeHirii Corporation "Mice, or write to
Norlh Vaiii'oiiver, B. C
Estimates Given on All
Kinds ol Electrical Work
Cor. Lonsdale and Second St
60  YEARS'
CowniOKTt 4c.
Ann-M Mmjtnf a akXrb ma dMOtptmi -at
qnloiir ucruin our opinion tne whtthur u
Kilt Ir^. CM-**** ..'i-liry lur .a-runucMIMI
—lukat uraub Mmm k Co. no
l-U-Hill tu«o tbroojt .......
VkUImHm, wnbootoiiaTw, In tht
Scientific American.
a higdaomtlt liluitiilal waoUy. Urmtar.
nlitlon ol!«r Kloiitlllii Jounul. Twin, lor
qui^n.!!rat«v,pt>aumpn|iaiit Mim
tll DtwMe4leim,       ,
Come end
See Our
-*   NO.  9   >
Lonsdale Avenue
()|a|io'.it,* Ciiy Hall
ill! i I ti.
Corner of Fourteenth and Bewick Avenue
Six Rooms, Btthroom, Klectric Light, Water.
Accountants,    Auditors   Genenl
Commission Brokers
Ri.ii ttlalc *.». nt%
Tii.trimii ll IIM
Owners will build Comliincil Residence and Store it present
terminus o( Keith road car line, in D. L. 265. Prospective tenants
please apply for particulars to
Corner Masting* and Homer
Or any ol tl": Real Estate Officei in North Vincouver
Rolled Oats
Iai) and feed
Milling, Co.
Harry Miti In II, lot ll ni.-inatfcr,
Lonsdale Avenue.
I* nn',   healthy   Tomato   and
Cauliiliiwit Planta, ffatra Irra
Sutton's Si Tils, always on hand. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, R. C.
. ii. balance, 11, in sail h noatlti
•' s/xrEtE/vrn sr,
ii rZ
<       J
'      -0
•   s
'.     6
>    a
•    3
it   «>«.■
total t>l the inveittnenti is £,<),-
000 lower than .1 year ago. B lis
I receivable ami loani on lacuriiy
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P.O. in»x M.
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One of Canadi's Strongest Financial Institutions
Total Assets over $30,000,000
Savings Accounts uivm special attention A deposit of ti
or upwaYds starts a Savings Account, on which the
highest current rate of lataraat is paid or added to the
Principal oven tlinv month*-. Deposits may bc withdrawn at any time without notice.
Joint Accounts may 1" opened in the name ot two persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, making
a very convenient form of account.
Banking bv Mail.- l'eoplc living at a  distance may  send
in deposits  or  withdraw  cash  by   mail.   Write   for
Office:  Cor. lonsdale Ave. and Isplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
II. H. Hk.hi11, Maaagar.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars li ui the Ft rrv Landim: for (Jm er.-luirv Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Looadale, Winch itroet ami Iv ith Koad ns follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a, m., 7:15 11. 111., 7:45 a. in., 1-1:15 ■> ••'■> 9 ■*•• "•• 9:4° •*•• *•!
10:10 a. 111., Mter 10:25 a. m., cars will leave <>ii" n*.hnry iii'iun.
Twenty-tirst and Lonidala avcniie, and Won li Itraal and Keith Koad
at five minutes to tin* luur ami twenty five minutes past the hour.
Cars have Nineteenth street indQnaeaiburvavanoa,Twanty-fim
Street and Lonsdale avenue, Wim li streei and Keith Koad as follows :
6 a. 111., 6:30 a. 111., 7 a. 111., 7:30 a. 111., I a. 111., S:45 a. in., 9:15 a. m.,
9:55 a. in., io:.'5,i in.   Alt, r ij:,.i .1  111. 1 ars I'ii. iln* Ferry Landing
at ten minutes put lhe tin Imu] ind twi ntv minutes to the hour.
[MJP   All boats ,ir.   111. t In  the ears.
Motel North Vancouver.
Up tO il lli
Kan li
Iilnnil up
i  ii' *
.in l
ferry Serviic I very Hall Hour (0 -mil from  Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
'I'** ilie Editor nl Tin: I *, ami
Dial Sia, 11 In ■ inui;* i refer.
'im'* to iln* dictionary to which roj
fust l< tier ihaiie Iiiiii, Ratapayi r
a lih Nnrth Vancouver Ntt"), can
(Hd am expri tsion ol mini chau •
ig ani imiisi* mii. 1 thin Hmi
■I ii in * 1.'i.ra in debate, then n ■
maim in repl)  onl* the obvinui
lllggefctiejll   tii.it    he    ill in*;,-   lis
l.i lion ii)     I hough Hi s 1 .in • be
as bad an um it In* tui ken n oul I
*liall u mam 1 s advocate it iill all
the tn :   *    iiiiprilalian vt iln
ige ihal I i.m 1 innn.mil.
1  llaj Illlt kllailt   llial;■p.ilels'llllllle,
unl, ,i|*aiii li.,in my tnt.il lack of
iiiiiii si in it, 1 have no intention
il Ut ihl: I" III i rtain it, as I ha\e
no wish to introduce any personal
element iuio a purely academic
ItKUIliOB, Ol course 1 shall
neither step into the limelight
with liim or undertake a defence
of slot machines, which 1 may
parenthetically observe, seem admirably constructed with a view
ol defending themselves, or any
other form of gambling, such as
1 Iiuiiii loiteries and the majority
nt real Mtata tranaactiooa. Thau
inailtis me not germane to the
point 1 railed, and I do not propose to have them foisted upon
As my door is never locked when
1 am doing business I am sorry
that Ratepayer deems it necessan
to undertake what must, I feel
sure, though I speak in ignorance
of the exact nature of tins operi-
tion, be the j a ntnl facial contor-
tion of " cocking his eye."
So far as 1 ant concerned ihis
discussion is ended, and if il has
any tendency to curb the employ*
ment of vituperation in place ol
aigiiment, the time will COSH
i*. lien Ratepayer will bimiell
thank mc for having embarked
upon it. Till then I remain at
bis service, and always, Mr.
liditor, at yours.
A.   J.   I'l   ION WlKI.OW.
Nortli Vancouver, March 11, '08.
1 id other iccounti show a  da*
"I  ,/, l.Sai,ouo, antl premises,
al or the trioifer of £20,000 from
tin.*  profits   show   a   decrease ol
£yojj.   The actual nat profits
loi   11) 1(1 weie  /,'i29,oi6, and for
■' rl-   ,L' 22.hi),  hhowing a   de*
create 11 .'0,399.
The i' si u.   luml has bean in-
i  1 isril   Oi £\ 1 .1 00, besides de-
clariug   Iha   u *ual   dividend   ol
p l    II   pel    Cl all.       A   llaillllS   ol    llie
I per lent., 01 about ^4,000 was
grand tl the stall as au appit cia
Hull Ol then t tin 11 uev j jf_,n,un
were tamed loiuaul 10 lo llie new
account, as against /.nj.Oiti loi
tjuO. The hilly paid capital now
is ,£1,000,000 and the reserve
fund ,£480,000. Deposits and
current accounts, ,£4,181,037
13s 8d.
End ot the Quest
Harbor View Tract
City Lots
Size 50 x 145
PRICK:   %11'i.OQ   AND   UP
The mint eeiitmlly located tuid hen Inti in the City ol Nortli
Vuneiiiiver fnr Ihe |irii'i\
llu mil (ail '.11 make your "elei'linii willmul delay ninl** you
cun I'liri'luiKi* al in-I ei ml.   Mm uill *Kiii he raiseil.
Further particulars, 11111* nnd price Halt liiriiiiliml tree oil
ii|>|jlii'atiuii lu
Cor. 1 onsdale Avenue aad Fifth St, North Vancouver, B.C.
Bank of B. N* A.
In Healthy Condition
The seventy-set ood yearly report of thi' Hank of liriiish Ni rth
America, which wm n id al the
"t that institution on
Han h tnl. slum*, .1 hi llth;
of buiinen, although Ihi n 1
ih** i' a-* i*i m.l. -in 1 in ulation 'I
Mils payable and
liabilities, a .1*   ri 1,110c
We've taw the grandjoori* ol the glol e,
My wile Melutalile ami me,
From Knotliia in her ermine rolw,
To Greece a-tlreamiu' hy the nea;
We've «aw a Zulu and 11 Cr.ar,
Wi'ie riil in rieltyahuwii and -hli
W'.'ie travelled near and traveled (ar,
HlM 1 etruek iiii and we got rich.
Now mind you I'm not running down
My natiie state of Ioway,
Ami Jayville in an neat a town
As you 11111I1I Hud in many t day;
Ami yet, compared 11 llli Inrrin parta,
It'i pint a pin point on tlm map
Ami mighty buek'arda in ilm arts,
Keliiiiil livjinke'   Thu lieallien Jupl
To Norlli Vancouver we have conic,
We see il ii.lvertn-eil 10 much,
Ani here ii* where we'll .lay Ily glim,
Kor don't thi- elinmle beat ilm Dutch I
You've l'"! Iln- uiiiniitHiiiH ami thfl sen,
You've gut  llie .-hiiwer.lr.ipti and the
ller.'H Switzerland and Italy,
Ami here's il year of .mint limiM.
My wife Mel,liable, sai- sine
" Ihatl iiiiiI nn nieer place nu earth,
llighl Inn* i- ii here we tiii|<hler lie
Within the Iiimi "' I'iriiiiie. hirlh.
I'm lir.i ..I r.a.iiiiin', here we'll re.-l,
|a>r liere nil nil ilia in lilriln Inliili*,
W*\    M *• I .Iliu* lilllui.eia.-tl,
Where  spam  nml  Norwai■'§ jmiiia'
S i here we lie, ami here we'll ill)*
.. ihi- 1,1 in- fii.-iti.* shore,
W   ie -ai'l feod-b*~l tn hmuy,
11,'r hiizi.iraU M -n.ill feel no mure,
Weie siruik ii ru li, n U*au the oil,
We've loiunl I In* liiini ol our denire,
The imt u ol rent ami happi lull,
Where siiulijlil  1- the  hearthstone!
tn * . -.t'lni'l.
at.li iibmmiid nam on inr ioam
Rath: (1.60 I'KK
Special Rales to \m'.m and R^nlar Roardm
HalMiour lerry eonneetlon to and Irom Vancouver. Hot mil cold
water in every room. Return call belli In every room. Barber
-Imp In connection.
Saoon mm, .... north Vancouver, b. c.
Semi iu your orderi now lor Pry
llreen-Ciit Olear Kir.
Simta h-ngthii. |mt mnl, dpliren-d  (5 80
I'nriUnnd, lenglha, drlivrrrd..  .   tliO
III aliH'k.   Immediate tlelivi*ry.
Shingle Milt
tor.'.'Ird Sl. and I "u-l.i!" Are.
(^1.,-iiie iinter, at Waldron'l hard
ware ttoru.
Rainier Beer^>
Is :i gloriooi beverage—queMhing nnd
Mtiafying,   Etemember tbert'i no otttw
"jttHt us "nud"—insist on getting Kiiiniir.
Va net ni ver, H. C.
An*"lie  ii ,  ,,|  i'i ro
^_^_^_^_^—^_^—^^^^^   Milk < 1 ll>
a- Mas pointed out bj thei hainnan |» imi*
liv tin  un i* n ni   l      Mil tt AM) *)t>| A'l
'"'"• • ' ,,..,.,
cial itringeocy, wen to I •■ -,  ■     nni,-. i«fi at thli odii
,u"l al. i ill * | portnnitii      h ni1-
||   high   ittc".   ol   inl*
nd other ip n ia
.  i
* i an Mjuitalant ol 53
ja. 1 1 ol <>i tin i> iiniin diiti Ka*
I11I1I11 v    Cnsh  ,it   call  .unl   shoit
ootioe shnu^ ,1 .leu. us, n| /'757,-i
Inn ■-.•.in. nis ihoa ilu  liil-
towing cbaafaa,   In the interim!
I m I a 11 te sheet lo Jinn* 19th the sum
of *£6,o6o had 'mn tahaa Irom
tin |iitilits of tliu ball year with
tlm object of writing down our
holding of Consuls to S3, at which
fkgOfa tbey now stantl in the balance sheet. Dominion of Canada
bonds show an increase of /J12,
boo, and now stand at ^157,000,
with t)7 as the book cast. Other
securities have decreased/15,00c.
Tha liook cost is lower than the
current  marki t  'imitation.    The
^ taution their children nl llu ilaniter
and ol ilamaiie ilone in putting luinlileia
ami tll kindaol |trhii|r in the ihaniiel
imiviileil ilirniinhiiiittlii' city lor ram*
int away nirlare water.
The I1mli-.I1 iniwreanla are now heinit
iln.tlr watched by lhe palii-a, and anv
nne liiiiiiil plaeiui{ ilwlach*. in ill her ol
the Water Cliamirl. will In* priwrculrd.
Anyone hai inu a itm.l larm Inr tale in
We.ieru Cauuila mtv llml aeaah buyer
by writing at once, liiiiin prioe  and
ile*H'rl|ill"li. Iit
lii an,- CooMattiiaOoawar,
23-c Uinaenpolli, MlnaHBta.
Ihn.. 1 .iiri'iinli'ii laid "ilt BOW,   AH
OLI) TltlMV   INt'l liiini.-   IND      Mill" 1 .uri.iiMen un.l mn 11.
IVI"  Iltl, her-     I m. PorUoldetigntmide,   Einert pruning
>>»flfli'>,j   ,,i,l   liml,lillL*  fruit Iree..    Al
mended hy mir 1 UtOO> I
k'rufiing   unl liu'l'lini! Iruil tr.e..   All
kiii'l" "I ir nii'l .nil" mippliiil at the
l'nu"<i pricea.
KIOHARD slMI',-ii\'.
2331 Weftiiiiii.lir tn.,
VancoUier, B. 11,   *-'l,r' st' Otontet Ave. nnd Tenth St.
Nortu ytncoiiver.
Taoden wantad lor Cleariaf and (iradini? about 1,760 feeto1
roatl in Diatrid Lot 552, North Vancouver.
S|iei iiii.iiions and particulars Innn
Corner Ila'-tinRs antl Homer Strt'fts, Vancouver
Or District Muniupil Office, Nortli Vancouver.
Whole Coffee
■Around While Too Walt
j. x. & Ha McMillan
Corner E»|>UiMde and I on»dal< Avenue


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